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THE T H E | January 2017 | Volume 70 — No.3







2017 International Champion Quartet



January 2017 • Volume 70 — No.3

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2017 International Board of Directors Election Results 34 2017 Las Vegas Registration

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On The Cover 2017 International Champion Quartet Frenzy (L to R): Anne Downton (baritone); Judy Pozsgay (bass); Nikki Blackmer (lead); and Melissa Pope (tenor). Jon Read Photography.



The International Education Symposium is back and big!




January 2017 | T HEPI T CH P IP E


2016 International Competition at a Glance

THEPITCHPIPE January 2017 | Volume 70 — No.3

Sweet Adelines International A worldwide women's singing organization committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through opportunities in education, performance and competition.


Chorus Champion: Rönninge Show Chorus

Quartet Champion: Frenzy

Harmony Classic Division A Champion: Carpe Diem Chorus

Harmony Classic Division AA Champion: Pearls of the Sound Chorus

Chorus Top 10:

2nd Place: Rich-Tone Chorus 3rd Place: Harborlites Chorus 4th Place: Skyline Chorus 5th Place: Christchurch City Chorus 6th Place: Pride of Portland Chorus 7th Place: Song of Atlanta Chorus 8th Place: City of Lakes Chorus 9th Place: The Woodlands Show Chorus 10th Place: Buffalo Gateway Chorus Most Entertaining Chorus: Christchurch City Chorus

Quartet Top 10:

2nd Place: Windsor 3rd Place: Lustre 4th Place: Finesse 5th Place: ClassRing 6th Place: Spritzer 7th Place: GQ 8th Place: HEAT 9th Place: Milli Blink 10th Place: Glamour Most Entertaining Quartet: Frenzy International Novice Quartet: Neon Lights

Harmony Classic Division A: 2nd Place: Vocal Dimension Chorus 3rd Place: Sound Celebration Chorus 4th Place: Vocal Motion! Chorus 5th Place: Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus

Harmony Classic Division AA: 2nd Place: Great Lakes Chorus 3rd Place: Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus 4th Place: Springfield Metro Chorus 5th Place: Pacific Sound Chorus

2016 Harmony Achievement Award: Metro Nashville Chorus


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E


Kay Todd, PhD, CAE Chief Executive Officer Tammy Talbot Chief Operating Officer Richard Huenefeld Chief Financial Officer Tamatha Goad Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Darling Managing Editor Anna Alvring • Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl • Joan Boutilier Martha Clemons • Valerie Clowes • Frenzy Darlene Friend • Peggy Gram • Liz Hardcastle • Patsy Meiser Joey Minshall • Carole Persinger • Rӧnninge Maggie Ryan • "the BUZZ" • The Ladies Contributors Ben Larscheid Graphic Designer Joey Bertsch • Bronwyn Clark • Jeanie Fath • Claire Gardiner Jon Read Photography • Lauren Stark Photography Lauren Stark Advertising 918.622.1444 • INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017 Paula Davis, International President Marcia Pinvidic, Immediate Past President Patty Cobb Baker, President-Elect Joan Boutilier, Secretary Jeanne d’Arc (JD) Crowe, Treasurer Thérèse Antonini Anne Cargill Jennifer Cooke Peggy Gram Cammi MacKinlay Carole Persinger Renée Porzel EDUCATION DIRECTION COMMITTEE Marcia Pinvidic, Chair Joan Boutilier Corinna Garriock Carole Persinger Kim Vaughn EDITORIAL REVIEW BOARD Patty Cobb Baker Joan Boutilier Jocosa Bruce Sharon Cartwright Cammi MacKinlay ______________________________________ Sweet Adelines International members receive The Pitch Pipe as a benefit of their membership. Additional annual subscriptions are available for $12/year U.S.A. or $24/year outside U.S.A. SUBSCRIPTION REQUESTS & ADDRESS CHANGES: The Pitch Pipe 9110 S. Toledo Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137 U.S.A. Telephone 918.622.1444 • Toll-free 800.992.7464 Fax 918.665.0894 • Office hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) Direct all correspondence, editorial copy, and photographs to: Communications Department; Deadlines are 60 days prior to publication. Not all submissions will be published. ______________________________________ THE PITCH PIPE (ISSN 0882-214X) (USPS 603-060) is published quarterly: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 by Sweet Adelines International, Periodicals paid at Tulsa, OK U.S.A. and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to THE PITCH PIPE 9110 S. Toledo Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137 U.S.A. Canadian Post Agreement Number: 1453408 Send Canadian change of address information and blocks of undeliverable copies to: P.O. Box 1051, Fort Erie, ON L2A 6C7 Canada Entire contents are copyright © 2017 by Sweet Adelines International. All rights reserved.


THE GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING “The important things in life aren’t things.”


id you have a great holiday season? With the busyness and fun of convention and holidays behind us, it is always beneficial to reflect and remember the joy, the fun and the love that happens in those last few months of the year. What was the best part of it all? What had the biggest impact on you? Not surprisingly, it often isn’t the gifts or the great food that we hold dear – it is the joy on our children’s or grandchildren’s faces or the love we experience when we are with friends and family. It’s the people in our lives that have the biggest impact on us. Whether it is a chance meeting at a performance or a longstanding relationship, the gifts of love, encouragement, support and joy we receive from others are the gifts that keep on giving in our lives. Now that the new year has begun, are you giving gifts of thoughtfulness and appreciation to your friends and family? Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned have come from someone who took a moment to share something that encouraged me, challenged me, or just shared with me their gratitude for something that made a difference for them. How will we inspire our quartet or fellow riser buddies to learn more, reach higher and trust more? How will we mentor that

Song of Seattle Chorus, Region #13, at their first contest appearance in May 2016, where they earned the regional Audience Choice Award.

future leader who has great potential, but is fearful to step out and begin that growth journey? The answers lie more with sharing authentic encouragement, appreciation and applause than any lesson plan or motivational speech we can devise. Many of us doubt that we really make that much difference to those around us, don’t we? Yet, don’t we stand a little taller when someone tells us, “You had such feeling in the chorus of that song – it touched me” or “I loved the thought you shared – it helped me understand!”? Often, we may not even remember saying it, but the person receiving your “gift” is inspired, motivated or changed because you shared a quick message of encouragement or appreciation. We may still have challenges to face, but hearing that someone noticed us being successful gives us fuel to continue the journey. Being specific with your words of appreciation and honestly encouraging others is the gift that we can give anytime and will be felt throughout the year. I am so grateful for the many people who have made a difference in my life because they spoke messages of truth, encouragement and support. If you can believe it, I’ve grown from believing that “I don’t do administration!” to embracing and loving being president of an international organization! Change and growth are

more easily accepted and propelled when someone shares their caring observations and encouragement. Who knows? Your words today may change someone’s experience now and in their future! Now that’s an amazing gift! As you prepare for regional contest this year, I hope these kinds of “gifts” will be showered throughout our organization! I can’t wait to see and hear the beautiful impact you will make on your fellow singers and the audience. Plus, that on-going support, encouragement and joy that results from these “gifts” will be a magnet for women everywhere who are hungry to be in a place of mutual support, encouragement and growth. As James Taylor sings, “Shower the people you love with love.” I can’t wait to see all of our happy members singing! In harmony,

Paula Davis

International President

Touchstone Quartet (L to R): Robin Osborn, tenor; Debra Aungst, lead; Sydney Thompson, baritone; Paula Davis, bass. So happy together!

January 2017 | T HEPI T CH P IP E



August 2-6, 2017 • University of Maryland, College Park, Md., U.S.A. Registration opens January 9, 2017 Upcoming Music Education and Competition Opportunities!

IES IS BETTER THAN EVER Four days of music education taught by Deke Sharon, pioneer of the contemporary a cappella style and vocal producer for the Pitch Perfect movies; Tom Carter, author of “Choral Charisma;” 2004 Champion Quartet “the BUZZ” and the Sweet Adelines International Faculty.

August 2-6, 2017

MIXED HARMONY QUARTET CONTEST Sweet Adelines is hosting its first-ever mixed harmony quartet competition. Grab a couple of gals and a couple of guys and sing some barbershop! Registration capped at 10 quartets.

August 4, 2017

RISING STAR QUARTET CONTEST Encourages women age 25 and younger to develop mastery in their singing technique and experience singing four-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style. Registration capped at 20 quartets.

August 5, 2017


SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL WELCOMES NEW CEO KAY TODD, PHD, CAE “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”



ay Todd, an executive with more than 20 years of experience in national nonprofit and association management, was named CEO by the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors in September. Tammy Talbot, who acted as interim CEO during the search process, has returned to her position as chief operating officer. In taking the helm, Todd expressed her pleasure in joining an organization with a rich history and a mission to simultaneously promote musical excellence and empower women in song and in life. The Melinda Gates quote is one she believes is particularly pertinent to Sweet Adelines. “The more I learn about our organization, the more I realize how passionate members are about supporting one another and creating lifelong bonds through music, which is such a personal and uplifting way to communicate,” Todd said. “Women’s voices are celebrated in this organization, both literally and in practice.” International President Paula Davis noted the value of Todd’s business management background to future Sweet Adelines’ initiatives. “Kay has years of executive experience and we’re thrilled she’s bringing that strength, depth and leadership to us,” Davis said. “Her expertise in association work is a tremendous asset as we implement our strategic plan and realize an exciting future focusing on membership growth, new partnerships and expanded services.” Davis also praised Talbot for managing the CEO’s responsibilities – in addition to her own COO duties – during the national search process. “We are extremely fortunate that Tammy was graciously willing and able to step into the CEO role during the interim period,” Davis said. “Under her leadership, our business and services remained smooth, steady and purposeful.” Todd, a former national nonprofit consultant, has held executive positions with a number of organizations, including the American Nurse Practitioner Foundation and the American Lung Association. Her experience spans all aspects of association

management, including strategic planning, fundraising, governance, technology application, education, coalition building and member engagement. She is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), a designation of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Todd is an ardent writer, both professionally and personally. She has authored a book on CEO evaluation, as well as magazine and journal articles, and selected poems in two books of poetry. She has been an officer, board member or active community volunteer leader with a long list of nonprofits, including Women in Communications, the YWCA’s Women’s Resource Center, Sister Cities International and the National Organization of Veteran Nurses. Todd has been rapidly immersed in all things Sweet Adelines. Her first major organizational event was the whirlwind of the international convention in Las Vegas, just a few weeks into the job. “For me, convention was an ideal starting point,” Todd said. “It was an opportunity to see the whole organization in action and to gain a foundational sense of just how important the mission of education, competition and performance really is to our members.” Todd said over the course of the next year, with direction from the board, she will focus initially on these key business areas: • Assessing customer service infrastructure and delivery • Organizational readiness for outreach to new funding avenues • Proactive team-building with staff and volunteers • Member engagement to enrich retention and organizational viability Since she has joined the staff, Todd said one word – joyful – often comes to mind in describing what she has observed about Sweet Adelines. “It’s clear our members love what they do. The joy in their faces simply translates to anyone seeing or hearing them sing and interact. What a wonderful group to be associated with!” she said.

January 2017 | T HEPI T CH P IP E


The Lowdown on The Ladies The gracious and joyful 2016 Rising Star Champion Quartet

The Ladies (L-R): Kimberly Newcomb, Ashley Brockman, Caroline Hunt and Quincie Smith.


special closeness, both in harmony and in friendship, defines The Ladies, the 2016 Rising Star Champion Quartet. College connections, a bit of luck and a love of music led them to form a new quartet and embark on what they call “an awesome journey.” The Ladies all hail from Texas and include Quincie Smith (tenor), 25, a juice bar manager, yoga instructor and personal chef; Ashley Brockman (bass), 22, a senior in choral music education at the University of North Texas; Kimberly Newcomb, 23, a middle school choir director; and Caroline Hunt, who is also 23 and a middle school choir director. Smith has the deepest barbershop roots. After “singing from the audience” regularly during her brother’s quartet rehearsals, “they told me to go join the women’s Lone Star Chorus and so, at the age of 10, I did!” Smith remembers. She was later active in Young Women in Harmony quartets as was Newcomb, who fell in love with barbershop after hearing 1986 champion quartet Ambiance and attending an Austin Harmony rehearsal. “I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this.” Newcomb remembers. “I still can’t get enough barbershop in my life!” Brockman grew up in a karaoke-singing family and knew early on she wanted to be a choir director. At the University of North Texas, she was introduced to barbershop by Newcomb and Hunt, through their mixed harmony quartet, Sincerity. “Barbershop is the newest of my musical hobbies and I love it!” she said. Hunt also grew up in a musical family and became a barbershop fan in college, when she sang in Sincerity with Newcomb. She later competed with BinG! and admitted, “I’ve been hooked on


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

barbershop ever since!” All The Ladies said the barbershop singing experience has significantly raised their musical knowledge and skills. “I’m a huge fan of vocal jazz and barbershop has really helped my blend, tuning, interpretation, expression of lyrics and horizontal listening,” Hunt explained. “I love learning from multiple genres to add colors to my creative palette!” “Barbershop has really helped develop my aural skills,” Newcomb added. “My sight reading skills have improved, as has my understanding of performance as a full body experience, instead of just what you sound like. Barbershop has molded me as a musician and a teacher.” The Ladies agreed that the musical experience, competition, traveling and working with three other musicians has been the experience of a lifetime. “It’s amazing the friendships, connections and amount of laughter that’s come to my life through music. I think it’s an art everyone should be involved with in some capacity,” Smith said. “Music truly brings people together from all cultures and backgrounds,” Hunt added. “I feel so fortunate to have barbershop in my life because it's shown me what true openness and compassion looks like all over the world. We all work hard to create something greater than ourselves.” “Barbershop creates a wonderful and strong community. Not only is it fun, the relationships are incredibly supporting and uplifting,” noted Brockman. “I’m thankful and lucky to have these friendships blossom from this quartet,” Newcomb said. “Each of these ladies holds a special place in my heart. They are the most calm and understanding people I know and I’m so excited to have shared this experience with such wonderful people.”

2017 International Board of Directors Election Results


he election of four members to the International Board of Directors of Sweet Adelines International concluded Dec. 7, at 3 p.m. Central time. Elected to a three-year term were Paula Davis, Song of Seattle Chorus, Region #13; Cammi MacKinlay, Lions Gate Chorus, Region #26; Renée Porzel, Melodeers Chorus, Region #3; and Mary Rhea, O.K. City Chorus, Region #25. Their terms begin May 1, 2017. The International Board also appointed two members to serve one-year terms beginning on the same day. The appointees are Sharon Cartwright, Northern Beaches Chorus, Region #34 and Jeanne d’Arc (JD) Crowe, Canadian Showtime Chorus, Region #16. SA President Paula Davis said that participation in the 2016 election stood at 93.5 percent, higher than the participation recorded in the 2015 election. This year, eight regions achieved 100 percent chapter vote participation: Border Lakes Region #2; Midwest Harmony Region #3; Spirit of the Midwest Region #5; Sequoia Pacifica Region #11; North by Northwest Region #13; Greater NY/NJ Region #15; Lake Ontario Region #16; and Southern Cross Region #34.










The International Sales Department is offering these discounted merchandise kits to all of our regions! You’ll get great deals on educational and novelty products to sell and ramp up your fundraising at regional competitions. We are offering bulk quantities of merchandise at a discount, but supplies are very limited. Check out these exclusive items, which were big hits at convention.

Contact International Sales for a complete inventory list and discount details. Email or call toll-free at 877-545-5441.

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





The Pitch Pipe: How did it all get started? BUZZ: We were all members of the Coronet Club so we already knew, admired and respected each other, and were excited to try our voices together. In January 2003, we met for the first time, sang a few songs and discussed long-distance quartetting. We filled out a quartet questionnaire that covered topics like individual time commitments, music preferences and (most importantly) favorite foods. Basically, we fell in love! While trying our very first song, probably duetting, we heard a “buzz,” an overtone, a ring. Debbie said, “Did you hear the buzz?” And our name was born! PP: What do you consider your most memorable performance? BUZZ: This may sound sappy but whenever we sing together is our favorite moment. Whether it’s a chapter show, the final show of a music school, a clinic with a chorus, a benefit concert, a youth camp, or even in the recording studio – they are all memorable! We are so grateful for the many Sweet Adeline chapters and regions we have visited. We have also performed and taught at LABBS, Holland Harmony, Harmony Brigades, BinG, and BHS. We love sharing harmony, while always striving to represent Sweet Adelines in the very best way possible. PP: You are teaching at the 2017 International Education Symposium (IES). Give us a sneak peek! BUZZ: We are so excited about IES! The quartets taking our Breakthrough Acceleration Camp will be coached on topics like: taking a song from paper to performance; running effective quartet rehearsals; conquering stage fright; putting your best performance on stage; the impact of the physical on the vocal, and more – like how not to “turn on each other!” This track will be for full quartets, individual quartet members or anyone interested in quartetting.


January 2017 | T H EP I TC H P I P E


PP: What words of advice do you have for existing quartets or those wishing to quartet in the future? BUZZ: In putting together a quartet there are so many factors to consider. Think about vocal skill levels, as well as the desire to keep improving, matching commitment levels and personalities that blend as well as the voices do. It’s so important to keep your mission in mind and always treat your quartet sisters with respect. Cherish your time together and enjoy the ride! We certainly have, and would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey. PP: What do you plan to do following your 2018 retirement? BUZZ: We will all be staying busy with barbershop. Debbie will continue to spend her summers as clinician for barbershop youth camps. Jeannie is active as associate director for Harmony Celebration Chorus (Region #15) and a busy coach. Nancy is on the Coronet Club board and is also a popular coach. Karen is a

master faculty member, coaching and teaching all over the world. Of course, retired or not, we will remain best of friends and still get together to buzz as often as possible. Two more years to go! We look forward to making more memories with friends old and new during that time. We hope to see you at IES, your upcoming regional event or chapter show. PP: Why do you think “the BUZZ” has been so successful? BUZZ: That’s a humbling question. We made it our mission to “move” audiences and so music selection and dedication to good singing is very important to us. We have four personalities that work extremely well together – grounded in trust and respect. We stayed loyal to our choruses and regions. We only accepted one “gig” per month because our families, churches and careers are very important to us. We are continually grateful to our supportive husbands. Visit "the BUZZ" at or on Facebook: the BUZZ Queens.


January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





hen I was invited to write for The Pitch Pipe about barbershop arranging, I teeter-tottered a bit with how to offer some useful information without presenting myself as an expert. While I've certainly learned some things over the years (40 or so, shockingly) about arranging, as well as because of arranging, I wouldn't call myself an expert. I'm a learner and the learning never ends. Here then are some learnings from Joey. If some of these ideas are helpful or thought-provoking for others, please enjoy! The art of barbershop arranging is a continual act of collaboration. Although you may sit quietly, alone with your keyboard and focused on task, understand that you are engaged in a creative, collaborative venture with and for other people.

“Let yourself be confused. Let yourself be filled with wonder. Trust your acquired skills, and then, ramp them up. Experiment. Play. Be brave.” COLLABORATE WITH THE FOUNDATIONS OF 'BARBERSHOP STYLE' Respect and honor barbershop's arranging foundations. Study other arrangers' work – both “old” and “new” barbershop. Listen to recordings from earlier times, along with new releases. Understand and appreciate how arrangements, singers' abilities, and the artistic vision, values and preferences of barbershop performers – and Sweet Adelines International itself – have evolved over time. Know “the rules” about what constitutes strong barbershop. Develop discernment about when and how to bend or break those rules. When you bend or break them, know exactly what you intended and be able to explain it to a performer.

COLLABORATE WITH THE COMPOSER Honor the song you're translating into barbershop; understand its style and origins. Be as true as possible, as true as is reasonable, to both the original and the barbershop style. Develop discernment about how possible and reasonable that is, and keep learning more about it, forever. Think about lyrical content and song history in particular. Is the message of the song one that you as the arranger want to showcase? Is it engaging and appropriate for all our members, all our audiences?


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

COLLABORATE AND INTUIT Embrace the process of partnering your skills, experience and creative juices with someone else's vision for a song, assisting that vision in coming to life. Discover what the director's or quartet's mission is, what their greater purpose is in choosing a particular song. Bring all of you, all of what you have learned and what you love about music and singing (and life!), to that partnership. Understand and intuit the emotions that move through the music. Understand what is being communicated by the specific


combination of melody, lyric, harmonization and rhythm patterns. Know that you are both artist and technical advisor in assisting communication to unfold effectively. Let the emotions in the song's story lead you through the development of the chart. Get better at playing the piano, so you can play arrangements expressively. Your notation software's playback feature can't do that. Hear, see and feel the performanceto-be in your imagination.

COLLABORATE WITH PERFORMERS Help singers be successful. Help directors and coaches understand your musical ideas. Write clean, legible, accurate and singable charts. Spell chords correctly. Make note of horizontal enharmonics, melody transfers, lead-over-tenor voicings. Use courtesy accidentals. Remember that singers need to breathe: Use rests with specific note values, especially in uptunes and tempo ballads. When you've finished with the chart, doublecheck vertically, and sing each horizontal part line, assessing how well your design works in both directions. Remember that you have had many hours and many repetitions to “get” the movement of that complex, challenging vocal line. Try to experience it as the singer, as if for the first time. Will it really work, in real life, on the risers? Use good musical judgement about including ultra-gymnastic interval leaps and unusual, unexpected chord movement. Understand the relationship between what

you've written, the singer's vocal and performance skills, and the rehearsal time required to make those ideas come to life. Be open to making changes to accommodate performers' skill levels.

BE A PARTNER IN BARBERSHOP EVOLUTION Participate whole-heartedly in moving the art form forward. Or preserving it. Or both. Listen. Learn. Connect with other arrangers. Connect with judges – especially music judges – and with coaches, directors, singers and composers. We are all partners in the ongoing evolution of our beloved art form. Ask questions and invite conversation. Let yourself be confused. Let yourself be filled with wonder. Trust your acquired skills and then, ramp them up. Experiment. Play. Be brave. Pour your heart and soul and positive intention into every chart you create. Accept and embrace that what you understood and believed yesterday can change with new information received today. You are an arranger. Celebrate with pride and gratitude your ability to help others make magic. Know the power of all music, and this music in particular, to change lives. To uplift. To inform. To inspire. To express the full range of human being-ness. To connect people, all the people. Be open. Be humble. Be the shiniest version of you. Keep on learning. Keep on arranging.

“Accept and embrace that what you understood and believed yesterday can change with new information received today.” Minshall is a 42-year member of Sweet Adelines, and a Master Director and Certified Music Arranger. She is a lifetime member of Westcoast Harmony, a multiple regional winner and 2012 Harmony Classic Division AA chorus champion. She is currently directors’ coordinator for the Region #26 management team. January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES Sweet Adelines International’s 70th annual convention is now history. As always, it was a whirlwind week of lasting memories, A+ education classes and monumental vocal performances. Some 6,000 Sweet Adelines, representing the United States, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Japan, Scotland and Sweden gathered in Las Vegas for the prestigious competition. More than 40 quartets and 40 choruses, totaling 3,200plus singers, rocked the international stage. For six days we were the epicenter of the barbershop world, said International President Paula Davis. The wildly popular live webcast extended the harmonic thrills to thousands of viewers around the world. Sweet Adelines fans everywhere could also follow the daily action, as well as the big, little and behind-the-scenes stories that blanketed social media.


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

We even harmonized for the media. LoveNotes, the 2014 international champion quartet, appeared on the Las Vegas CBS affiliate’s morning show. LoveNotes, 2015 International Champion Quartet Bling! and members of the Spirit of the Gulf Chorus also sang and celebrated anchor Steve Doocy’s 60th birthday during an early morning segment of the national “Fox & Friends” TV program. Convention education sessions included popular quartet and chorus classes, led by 2014 International Champion Quartet Bling! and the 2016 champion Scottsdale Chorus. Regional Management Team leaders enjoyed a day-long L.E.A.P. session (learn, engage, apply, perform). On the following pages, relive the glitz and glamour of our 70th convention, as we joined, on stage and in homes around the world via the webcast, to harmonize the world!

Canadian tenor Lana Clowes and the Velvetones, circa 1965.

Valerie Clowes, accepting posthumous honors for her mother from SA President, Paula Davis.

A SONG OF CHANGE AND HOPE In her state of the organization address, International President Paula Davis noted new initiatives, including a concerted rededication to organizational diversity and inclusivity – a call that drew several standing ovations from the audience. Fifty years ago this year, Davis said Sweet Adelines reversed bylaws wording added in 1958 to formally deny membership to women of color. This “color bar” blocked at least one young mother – Canadian tenor Lana Clowes – from finding a home on our risers. Clowes wanted to get back to singing, which she hadn’t done since university. The weekly rehearsals were her “me” time. In May 1966, Sweet Adelines removed the color bar wording. “It’s been said that fear makes strangers of those who would be friends,” Davis told the audience. “For Lana and all the unknown others we didn’t have the privilege to know, we today acknowledge our past and embrace our future as a symbol of real change and hope. We rededicate our efforts to welcome all women who love to sing, regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, physical ability, socio-economic class or creed.” Davis presented Clowes with a posthumous lifetime membership and memorial award, which was accepted by her daughter Valerie, now assistant director of Ontario Heartland Chorus, Region #16. “This painful past is out in the full light of day now and it is here to teach us, not haunt us,” said Valerie Clowes, who also received a standing ovation. “Lana would be glad for this honor, acknowledging what was a very real, messy time for her and the entire Ottawa chapter. The honors you’ve given my mother stand for Sweet Adelines stepping forward and owning our rightful place in conversations…about all kinds of inclusion. “Barbershoppers already have the skills galore to do this,” Clowes added. “Every week our choruses welcome all sorts of diverse voices in making some of the most heart-stopping music known to humanity. So what now? My suggestion is to reach out to someone different – really reach out – because one new friendship at a time, we can truly harmonize the world.”

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



a s s e V g a L By Frenzy

Frenzy • 1st Place and Most Entertaining Quartet

Recipients of the Coronet Club's Joni Bescos Trophy Melissa Pope, Tenor, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Nikki Blackmer, Lead, Master Director, a cappella Joy Chorus, Region #13 Anne Downton, Baritone, Master Director, Westcoast Harmony Chorus, Region #26 Judy Pozsgay, Bass, a cappella Joy Chorus, Region #13 and Chapter-at-Large, Region #26 SCORE: 2799 SEMIFINALS SONGS: It’s You (Rund); Lover Come Back to Me (Giallombardo) FINALS SONGS: Help!; I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (Like I’m Loving You) (D. Wright); Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Morris); I’m A Middle-Aged Woman (Gentry); I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General (parody) (Minshall) Baritone Blues (Liles); Hero (Minshall); Holding Out For A Hero (Minshall).

With beautiful voices and a wildly creative “Dear Diva” set, Frenzy takes Las Vegas


he 2017 International Quartet Champion is – Frenzy! Seven words we will never forget! Our journey to the top has been six years in the making. Frenzy was formed in 2010 and immediately took second place in the Region #26 competition. In 2011, Anne joined and we placed first in Region #13. From there we went to Houston, taking eighth place and winning the International Novice Quartet award. Judy joined us in 2012, helping us take fourth place in Denver. Finally, Melissa joined in 2013. We placed seventh in Hawaii that year, and then moved into the fifth and second spots in 2014 and 2015. Among the four of us, we have a combined 72 years in Sweet Adelines International; we’ve sung in 16 competitive quartets; and we’ve placed in the top 10 quartets 35 times. We want to acknowledge the original members of Frenzy: Elvera Collier, Lisa Hood and Kay Keating. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us! Frenzy rehearses once or twice a month in Kenmore, Wash. Anne drives nearly three hours from Surrey, Canada, while Judy travels an hour north from Burien, Wash. Nikki and Melissa live only a few minutes away from the “Frenzy Wing,” in the home of Nikki’s parents, Jim and Arlene Blackmer. They spoil us. They


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

feed us, clean up after us and even give us our own Wi-Fi network and guestbook! We are incredibly grateful to the Blackmers for everything they have done for us over the last six years. After Las Vegas 2015, we brainstormed how to top the “light up” dress we used in our performance that year. The natural evolution was a tear-away, so we approached our costumer extraordinaire, Nancy Cornwell. As always, she replied, “Why not?” After many prototypes, fittings, an extra dress and several layers, we added lights to the “Super Diva” shield on Nikki’s dress. Why not? This year’s package started out with the premise of Dear Diva giving advice and evolved into a super-hero finish – saving lives with one Diva solution at a time! We selected our songs on this theme, keeping in mind that we wanted a feature song for each Frenzy member. We personalized existing arrangements of Help!, Baritone Blues and Middle-Aged Woman to fit our theme and time limit. After canvassing her mommy friends for toddler-isms, Melissa wrote the lyrics for Mommy Of A Toddler (I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General) and wove in phrases like, “Don’t lick the cat!” and “I don’t know how he did it but my phone is set to Portuguese.”

Even divas appreciate Significant Others: (Top, L-R): Anne and Pat Downton; Judy Pozsgay and Chris Rimple; Nikki Blackmer and Travis Tabares; Melissa and Jeremiah Pope.

Group Hug: “One of our favorite photos,” said Downton, although she’s not in it. Joey Minshall, our arranger-on-speed-dial, arranged Hero, Holding Out For A Hero and Mommy Of A Toddler, ensuring that every song in our finals package worked for us. At the end of August, we replaced one of our package songs with Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You as a diva-feature. We are so thankful to Alex Morris for arranging this in record time! Much credit goes to our bass, Judy, the creative genius behind our packages. While we all work to make the script come alive, Judy invests hours brainstorming, scripting, staging choreographing and “Frenzifying.” Of course, our Diva Nikki brings it all to life brilliantly with her comedic flair! Frenzy is honored to have received the Most Entertaining Quartet award three times in our six international appearances. Receiving it this year made our win even more special! We gratefully acknowledge this year’s coaches: Peggy Gram, Brian Barford, Renée Porzel, Carole Persinger and Brett Littlefield. Special thanks to Jean Barford, our main coach for the last three years. Jean made us believe this dream was possible and gave us the tools we needed to succeed. The foundation of our beautiful crowns features three rows of jewels. We all agree that those rows represent Jean’s three years working with us.

Vibrant voices and unmistakable stage appeal has led Frenzy to several Top 10 Quartet finishes and three Most Entertaining Quartet titles. The four women have a combined 72 years in Sweet Adelines International.

We also thank our choruses, a cappella Joy and Westcoast Harmony, along with our Regions #13 and #26, for their neverending support. Finally, we thank our families and significant others: Chris, Jeremiah, Pat and Travis, for supporting us as we worked to achieve our dream. We are forever thankful for your love and for your support of our insane schedules. We are excited to represent Sweet Adelines International as this year’s quartet champions! We’ve already got several shows and schools on our calendar for 2017 and 2018, and of course, we’ll be in College Park, Md, for the International Education Symposium in August! Rest assured – the Diva will make an appearance next year in Las Vegas, and for many years to come! To call this a dream come true is an understatement. We are so thankful to Sweet Adelines for the opportunities for learning and personal growth that we have received over the years, and we are excited about the journeys ahead, for each of us individually and as Frenzy. We are Sweet Adelines!

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


TOP 10

Q UA R T E TS Windsor • 2nd Place Kimberly Newcomb, Ashley Espinoza, Lexi Moroni, Jenny Allen REGION: #5, #9, #25, Rich-Tone Chorus, Toast of Tampa Show Chorus, Chapter-at-Large SCORE: 2727 SEMIFINALS SONGS: What’ll I Do (Waesche, Craig); I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Baby (Harrington) FINALS SONGS: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (D. Wright); When I Fall In Love (D. Wright); Hey Daddy (Bergman); Johnny One Note (Bock)

Lustre • 3rd Place Kathryn Morrical, Lori Crouter, Lori Dreyer, Jennifer Harris REGION: #19, Capital Accord Chorus, Harbor City Music Company Chorus SCORE: 2714 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Lulu’s Back In Town (Arns); What Kind Of Fool Am I (Keller) FINALS SONGS: The Moment I Saw Your Eyes (Liles); If I Had My Way (Harrington); Nobody Does It Like Me (Gellert); Being Alive (Gellert)

Finesse • 4th Place

Helen Owen, Beth Brimmicombe, Tanya Jenkins, Nicky Salt REGION: #31, Chapter-at-Large SCORE: 2659 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Oh! Look At Me Now (A. Dale); It’s You (Rund) FINALS SONGS: Strike Up The Band (D. Wright); Bandstand In Central Park (Bergman), Classic Capers (Palmer, Brimmicombe); Buglers Holiday (Albrecht)

ClassRing • 5th Place

Michaela Slamka-Johnston, Heather Krones, Mary Duncan, Hailey Parks REGION: #5, #9, #19, Spirit of the Gulf Chorus, Pride of Baltimore Chorus, Kansas City Chorus SCORE: 2651 SEMIFINALS SONGS: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/Love Medley (Bergman); Blame It On My Youth (Graham) FINALS SONGS: I’m Shootin High (McAlexander); Time After Time (D. Wright); Touch The Sky (Parks); Climb Every Mountain (Bock)


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Spritzer • 6th Place

Joan Boutilier, Susann McKinley, Hannah Barton, Sharon Demy REGION: #3, #16, River City Sound Chorus, North Metro Chorus SCORE: 2649 SEMIFINALS SONGS: How Many Hearts (Arns); In The Wee Small Hours (Arns) FINALS SONGS: Here And Now (Minshall); Two Tickets To Georgia/Sentimental Gentlemen Medley (Volk, Pernet); Party’s Over (Jamison); Let’s Live It up! (A. Dale)

GQ • 7th Place

Amanda McNutt, Katie Gillis, Alexandra Hauger, Katie Macdonald REGION: #19, Dundalk Chorus, Harbor City Music Company Chorus SCORE: 2527 SEMIFINALS SONGS: If I Had My Way (Harrington); Always True To You In My Fashion (McAlexander) FINALS SONGS: Baby Can Dance (A. Dale); There Are Worse Things I Could Do (McAlexander); Almost There (Parody) (A. Dale); How Great Thou Art (GQ)

HEAT • 8th Place

Michelle Hunget, Susan Ives, Sandi Wright, Donna Kready REGION: #5, Kansas City Chorus, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus, St. Louis Harmony Chorus SCORE: 2520 SEMIFINALS SONGS: This Can’t Be Love (D. Wright); Time After Time (D. Wright) FINALS SONGS: Heatwave (D. Wright); Come Rain Or Come Shine (Lund); It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing (D. Wright); If I Ruled The World (Clancy)

Milli Blink • 9th Place

Hillevi Martinsson Billinger, Annika Krook, Maria Fabiansson, Susanna Berndts REGION: #32, Rönninge Show Chorus SCORE: 2498 SEMIFINALS SONGS: When I Fall In Love (D. Wright); Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (D. Wright) FINALS SONGS: Short People (Krigström, Milli Blink); Tall Girls Club (Parody) (Nasto, Harrington); I’m All Grown Up (Parody) (Ringmasters Quartet); I Am What I Am (Krigström)

Glamour • 10th Place

Stacey St. John, Deidra Ekins, Dominique Parsons, Gretchen Holloway REGION: #4, Capital City Chorus, Chapter-at-Large, Scioto Valley Chorus SCORE: 2472 SEMIFINALS SONGS: If I Love Again (Hopkins); Red Hot (Bergman) FINALS SONGS: I Love Being Here With You (A. Dale); When I Fall In Love (D. Wright); (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Sharon, Raugh, Grimmer); Almost Like Being In Love (Harrington)

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


Zing Went the Strings of Our Hearts It was a breathtaking performance and a standing ovation for the Rönninge Show Chorus (RSC), the 2017 International Champion Chorus. This vocal powerhouse stunned with precision choreography, complete with ”string” props. With a score of 3098 (out of a perfect 3200), Rönninge received the highest percentage of points ever in international competition. At The Pitch Pipe November deadline, their performance had garnered more than 40,000 views on YouTube.

Rönninge Show Chorus

REGION: #32, Rönninge, Sweden • Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl and Anna Alvring, directors SCORE: 3098 SEMIFINALS SONGS: I Have Dreamed (D. Wright); Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (D. Wright) FINALS SONGS: Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart (D. Wright); I Hope I Get It; Music And The Mirror (D. Wright); Who Am I Anyway; What I Did For Love (D. Wright); Dance Ten Looks Three; One Singular Sensation (D. Wright)


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

The Pitch Pipe: How did it feel to be named international champion chorus? RSC: It felt both fantastic and magical – a feeling of complete happiness! Rich-Tones and Harborlites (2nd and 3rd place choruses) have been our role models for years. Standing in between the representatives for those two fantastic choruses was quite overwhelming. Actually, our feelings were between heart attack and run-away panic! After the semifinals we were so satisfied with the result. We had done our absolute best and said that if anyone is better, then they are welcome to teach us! However, between the semifinals and the finals, many chorus members got ill, so the finals became a brilliant display of mental strength and what you can do when you are fully prepared. It was a true struggle, although it didn’t come across to the audience, apparently. We were not convinced at all that we had made it and were all nervous wrecks. We are extremely proud to have succeeded. PP: How did you select the music and choreography for competition? RSC: We chose “A Chorus Line” with the idea of building a theme around What I Did For Love, our newest contest ballad. We are blessed to have David Wright as our arranger, so we could tailor a complete theme around the chosen songs. We struggled around the “glue” a bit since the most natural thing would have been to end with What I Did For Love, but that would have been too challenging on the stamina. It´s a privilege to brainstorm and play with such talented soloists and presenters in the chorus, since most ideas are possible if you strengthen your belief-system and are blessed with a fantastic team. Jan Alexandersson, our choreographer and visual coach, is absolutely phenomenal, with ideas that are over the moon, and we love him for that. Both directors represent strong complementary skills in their specific areas, which gives talented singers the chance to be the best. PP: How do you prepare mentally and physically when you travel so far, with so many singers?

RSC: We gradually increased the time and effort we spent on mental preparation and relaxation during our rehearsals, as we have found this extremely helpful both in preparing for the competition week and as a tool during the actual week. When we gathered on Sunday for our first Las Vegas rehearsal, we were like race horses, focused and ready to go. We have found the relaxation part of our mental/physical preparation equally important as the “visualizing success” part and are convinced that relaxed bodies and minds are optimal for free voice delivery and a harmonized performance. We also leaned on experience from others who had participated in Las Vegas last year. We shared advice, including tips on how to cope with the very special and quite demanding environment of the MGM Grand. PP: What does Sweet Adelines – and the chance to perform on the international stage – mean to you? RSC: To perform with SA members in the audience gives us the very rare opportunity and truly rewarding experience of sharing the joy of our music with peers who understand – like no other audience – what it takes to take the barbershop art form to this level. And of course, to receive that concrete feedback that our amazingly skilled judges can give provides us with a tool for continued growth and development that is very valuable. Additionally, thanks to the webcast and YouTube videos, Sweet Adelines allowed us to share our performance globally. Not many people in Sweden know about barbershop singing and the exposure drew a lot of attention from Swedish media, which has opened many more eyes to barbershop – the female version – and what we do. We received so much coverage we added a newsroom to our website. The feeling of being part of something much bigger also puts the international competition in perspective. Meeting the very loving, warm and supportive Sweet Adelines in all the other choruses was very touching and inspiring. Let's continue to harmonize the world. Thank you Sweet Adelines International and all singers – past, present and future – all around the globe. PP: Are there certain ideals and people that you credit for your success?

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


RSC: We believe our chorus success is founded on three legs: • Our chorus structure, in terms of voice quality, has been persistently and skillfully built by the musical leadership and we have a great administrative foundation through our various committees. • The excellent “tailor made” arrangements from David Wright. •The extraordinary visual inspiration and coaching from Jan Alexandersson. Our external coaches over the recent years, Peggy Gram, Sandi Wright, Doug Harrington and Sharon Babb, have been instrumental to our success. One of the strengths in our musical leadership is the follow-up plans after our coaching sessions. That is an absolutely necessary routine for a chorus living on the other side of the ocean!

RSC: We have been describing our core values with three words: joy (glädje), entirety (helhet) and drill (drill). It’s very useful to have these words to put things in context and remind ourselves of what our agreement and objective is. We work hard and, as a chorus, we’ve learned that if we keep these values in mind, it’s much easier to get to where we want to be. The chorus has a common understanding and once that is in place, we can work even harder.

RSC was founded in 1983, and has more than 155 members, ages 19-80. Las Vegas 2016 was its 10th international competition; nine chorus members have participated in every one. The chorus is part of Nordic Light Region #32, which was established in 1997 and now has 900 barbershop singers, 18 choruses and 28 registered quartets.

PP: Does RSC subscribe to a set of core values that help define you and set expectations for yourselves?

Rönninge Show Chorus Annika Ahlén Elizabeth All Christine Alveblad Anna Alvring Therése Bark Pernebrink Kethy Benedek Evis Bergenlöv Anna-Märtha Bergfeldt Ingrid Bergman Emma Berquist Cecilia Björzén Katarina Blix Lundqvist Petra Blixt Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl Pia Brandt Maria Brannius Kirsten Braun Yvonne Brinck Kerstin Brindbergs Annika Christensen Carina Dahlgren Cecilia Danieslsson Ayla De Paepe Annika Dellås Gill Doller Lovisa Edenberg Falkhed Anita Edlund Karin Edstrand Birgitta Eén-Sternå Malin Ek Barbro Ekholm Anna Eriksson Annika Erlandsson Asa Fagerström Marie Flink Lena Gernandt


Catrin Gidén Frida Glitterstam Sara Glitterstam Maria Gräntz Catharina Gröndahl Eva Gullberg Annika Gullberg Anette Gunnarsson Ingela Hagberg Ann Hagerman Matilda Hagerman Marianne Hammarlid Gabriella Hansson Ewa Hemberg Marie Henriksson Jalonen Josefin Hero Helena Hjertén Birgitta Holfve Maria Homman Sara Hårdén Mimmi Hårdeman Sofia Häägg Karin Innings Mona-Lisa Johannesson Anna Johansson Anette Johnsson Catrin Junestrand Inger Junvik Ewa Charlotta Karlsson Louse Key-Hedberg Susanne Kihlblom Ann Kvist Eva Larsson Susanne Larsson Lise-Lotte Liljedal Helena Lindberg

January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Matilda Lindgren Jennie Lindgren Karin Ljung Camilla Ljung Eva Losman Ragnå Ylva Lovén Liz Lundkvist Maria Lunell Carin Ländström Emma Ländström Eva Löthberg Marie Magnusson Cleòpatra Marcateus Laura Elena Mardones Maja Marklund Elisabeth Mellin Cecilia Moberg Annette Molander Karin Mörtberg Gunilla Mörtberg Lena Mörth Therese Neidenmark Lisa Nellåker Cajsa Nellåker Emma Nellåker Gunilla Nilsson Johanna Nilsson Annelie Norburg Jonsson Connie Norhdahl Cim Nordström Ulla Nyman Elisabeth Ollesdotter Helen Olsson Maria Ovesson Astrid Palmér Eva Pauli

Paula Penttinen Annika Persson Anna-Lena Rickardsson Elisabeth Rolf Naima Roos Meyer Malin Samuelsson Eva Sandberg Eva Sandström Sofia Sjöberg Linda Sjöblom Berit Skarberg Wrebo Eva Stahl Anna-Greta Strömberg Christina Strömback Maria Stålarw Kate Sullivan Ewa Sundström Camilla Sundström Birgitta Svensk Ann-Louise Svensson Karin Tarre Olthoff Pernilla Thaysen Johanna Thorell Lena Toyer Eva Trillcott Monika Ustarbowska Gerd Wallin Malin Westin Ingela Wikström Karin Winblad Lisbeth Virta Anette Öberg Frida Öhman Anna Öhman

TOP 10


Rich-Tone Chorus • 2nd Place

REGION #25 • Richardson, Texas, Dale Syverson, director • SCORE: 2983 SEMIFINALS SONGS: The Masquerade Is Over (Waesche); Hot Town Strutters Ball (Minshall); FINALS SONGS: Heartbreaker (Nystrom); Cell Block Tango Part 1 (Bartholomew); Rolling In The Deep (Bartholomew); Cell Block Tango Part II (Bartholomew); I’ll Be Easy To Find (Minshall); Cell Block Tango Part III (Bartholomew)

Harborlites Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION #21 • Huntington, Calif., Pam Pieson, director • SCORE: 2875 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Cuddle Up A Little Closer (Hine); Young And Foolish (Bescos) FINALS SONGS: Tonight (Giallombardo); The Trolley Song (D. Wright); Hey There (D. Wright); Don’t Rain On My Parade (Hine)

Skyline Chorus • 4th Place

REGION #8 • Denver, Colo., Vickie Maybury, director • SCORE: 2852

SEMIFINALS SONGS: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (C. Hine); Strike Up The Band (D. Wright) FINALS SONGS: Feeling Good (Harrington); The Very Thought Of You (Reimnitz); Too Darn Hot (Reimnitz)

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E


TOP 10


Christchurch City Chorus • 5th Place

REGION #35 • Christchurch, New Zealand, Virginia Humphrey-Taylor, director • SCORE: 2803 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Once Upon A Time (J. Dale); Ain’t He Sweet/Yes Sir, That’s My Baby Medley (C. Hine) FINALS SONGS: Will It Be Me This Time (Diamond); One (Craig); Bohemian Rhapsody (Rochefort); Let Yourself Go (D. Wright); Medley: Shall We Dance (B. Beck); Charleston and It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing (B. Beck); Let’s Twist Again and Thriller (B. Beck); Poi E (Hoy); Bang Bang (Heller); Gotta Dance Medley (Lloyd)

Pride of Portland Chorus • 6th Place

REGION #13 • Portland, Ore., Ryan Heller, director • SCORE: 2777 SEMIFINALS SONGS: If I Had My Way (C. Hine); Strike Up The Band/Everybody Step Medley (A. Dale) FINALS SONGS: SING (Kahn); Birth Of The Blues (Heller); I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine (Bergman); Bridge Over Troubled Water (Bram)

Song of Atlanta Chorus • 7th Place

REGION #14 • Atlanta, Ga., Becki Hine, director • SCORE: 2689 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Sweet Georgia Brown (Minshall); If I Had My Way (C. Hine) FINALS SONGS: All That Jazz (C. Hine); Cell Block Tango (Keller); Nowadays (C. Hine)


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

City of Lakes Chorus • 8th Place

REGION #6 • Minneapolis, Minn., Scott Kvigne, director • SCORE: 2615

SEMIFINALS SONGS: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (Bescos); Crybaby/So Long, Dearie (Hill, Bergman) FINALS SONGS: Hail To The Chief (Ziegler); Undecided (Grimmer); Sufferin' Til Suffrage (Grimmer); If I Can Dream (Armstrong)

The Woodlands Show Chorus • 9th Place

REGION #10 • The Woodlands, Texas, Betty Clipman, director • SCORE: 2579 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Love Letters Straight From Your Heart (Arns); I’m Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover/It’s A Good Day (Arns) FINALS SONGS: Back In Business (L. Wright); Time After Time (Arns); Lulu’s Back In Town (Arns); Respect (L. Wright)

Buffalo Gateway Chorus • 10th Place

REGION #16 • Buffalo, N.Y., Diane Porsch, director • SCORE: 2543 SEMIFINALS SONGS: Time After Time (Arns); When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along (Volk) FINALS SONGS: I Get Around (L. Wright); My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms (D. Wright); Happy Together (L. Wright); Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In (L. Wright)

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Carpe Diem Chorus • Division A Champion Chorus REGION: #11 • Santa Barbara, Calif. • Mary Ashford, director • SCORE: 1296 SONGS: Magic To Do (L. Wright); Music And The Mirror (Wydra); Seize The Day (Shaw); This Is My Night (Bergman); Defying Gravity (L. Wright)

Vocal Dimension Chorus • 2nd Place

REGION: #31 • Redhill, Surrey, England • Valerie Taylor, director • SCORE: 1244 SONGS: Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Minshall); I Never Knew/I’m Getting Married Medley (Craig, King);

Somewhere (Lippincott); Medley: Big Girls Don’t Cry (Zwicker); Don’t Rain On My Parade (Harrington); I’m A Believer (Volk); Medley (Minshall)


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Sound Celebration Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION: #5 • Springfield, Ill. • Terry Ludwig, director • SCORE: 1157 SONGS: We’re In The Money/Stayin’ Alive Medley (Nightingale/Arns/Ludwig); Ballin’ The Jack (Coffman); There’ll Be Some Changes Made (Craig)

Vocal Motion! Chorus • 4th Place

REGION: #26 • Calgary, Alberta, Canada • Caroline Richards, director • SCORE: 1099

SONGS: Girl On Fire (Minshall); Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Giallombardo); I See Fire (Kellas, Minshall); We Are Young/Brighter Than The Sun Medley (Prietto, Minshall)

Gainesville Harmony Show Chorus • 5th Place

REGION: #9 • Gainesville, Fla. • Chanda Morris and Diane Sherley, directors • SCORE: 1004 SONGS: Fit As A Fiddle (Diamond); Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (Alsbury); Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Speta); Happy (L. Wright)

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Pearls of the Sound Chorus • Division AA Champion Chorus and Most Entertaining Chorus REGION: #32 • Helsingborg, Sweden • Anna Rosenberg and Rasmus Krigström, directors • SCORE: 1399 SONGS: Wonka’s Welcome Song (Krigström); I’ve Got The Music In Me (Krigström); Pure Imagination (Clancy); Love Letters (Delehanty); Candyman (Paulson)

Great Lakes Chorus • 2nd Place

REGION: #2 • Sterling Heights, Mich. • Sylvia Karpinsky, director • SCORE: 1228 SONGS: Fame (Wallace); Holding Out For A Hero (Minshall); Sing Me That Song (L. Wright); Roar (Gain)


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus • 3rd Place

REGION: #17 • Pittsburgh, Pa., David Wallace, director • SCORE: 1199 SONGS: Little Girl (Wallace); Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Sharon); Empty Nest; Ain’t Misbehavin’ ;

When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Bye Bye Blackbird Medley (Wallace); Who I Am (Giallombardo)

Springfield Metro Chorus • 4th Place

REGION: #25 • Springfield, Mo., John Stockstill, director • SCORE: 1176 SONGS: Little Patch Of Heaven (A. Dale); A Little Less Conversation (D. Wright); Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (A. Dale); Hit The Road, Jack (Gentry); A Little Patch of Heaven (A. Dale)

Pacific Sound Chorus • 5th Place

REGION: #13 • Bellevue, Wash. • Susan Kegley director • SCORE: 1137

SONGS: Monster Mash (Payne); Runnin’ Wild (Waesche); Toys R Us Kid (Kegley); Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Medley (Hamblet); Smile (Gentry); Accentuate The Positive (B. Beck)

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Congratulations to Most Entertaining Quartet, Frenzy; Most Entertaining Chorus, Christchurch City; and Harmony Classic Most Entertaining Chorus, Pearls of the Sound Frenzy took divadom to new heights in 2016, with laugh-out-loud parodies and some creative costuming. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun – the quartet or the audience! Christchurch City Chorus sang and danced into

audience hearts with a dynamic package that combined show tunes, rock music and a Michael Jackson moment. Who knew barbershop went so well with the flamenco, the Charleston, a little ballet and the twist?


Pearls of the Sound went beyond “sweet” in a joypacked performance, with a nod to Willy Wonka and the Candyman, plus a rousing rendition of I’ve Got The Music In Me. Beautiful voices and striking choreography, on and in front of the risers, made this performance an irresistible treat.

Bravissimo! Congratulations to these simply splendid Sweet Adelines for living and giving to our mission through extraordinary contributions to education, competition and performance. These awards were presented during the Las Vegas convention.

Christchurch City Chorus

International Novice Quartet Award: Neon Lights, Region #19, Pikesville, Md.

2016 Ann Gooch Award:

Carole Macintyre, Perth Harmony Chorus, Region #34

National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Award:

Jana Gutenson, Scottsdale Chorus, Region #21

Canadian Music Educators Association (CMEA) Award:

Patti Thorpe, Westcoast Harmony Chorus, Region #26

Harmony Achievement Award: Metro Nashville Chorus, Region #5

ASCAP Chorus Trophy:

Pearls of the Sound Chorus


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl and Anna Alvring, directors, Rönninge Show Chorus, Region #32

Sweet Adelines Light Up the International Stage: World Harmony Chorus (top left); Patti Thorpe and the Young Women in Harmony Festival Chorus (top right); Neon Lights’ Elaine Davy, Amanda Miller, Marianna Gellert and Ashley Conway capture the International Novice Quartet Award; three choruses own their wow power.

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





A convention recap from the Queens of Harmony. By Liz Hardcastle

hat do Queens of Harmony do during International? We’re everywhere, appearing on TV and radio, coaching, competing, judging, rehearsing, emceeing, hugging and weeping! (No sleeping!) The Coronet Club’s huge annual reception for competing quartets, Queen’s Court in Harmony Boutique, Coronet Clubhouse, backstage support and meetings fill the week! Plus – there was the awesome 2016 Coronet Club Show, Takin’ It to the Street! In their pre-show interview, Speed of Sound (2016) charmed webcast audiences while divulging some “secrets” – like who designs their gorgeous gowns! (Hint: Think, “Project Runway”!) On stage, their new song Sister Act affirmed that every Sweet Adeline is part of “one terrific sister act!” During the show, amazing tribute-videos celebrated iconic anniversaries: 60th – Junior Misses (1956); 50th – Piper-ettes (1966); 40th – High Society (1976); 30th – Ambiance (1986); 25th – Swing Street (1991). The incredible Coronet Chorus featured Queen-directors Sandy Marron, Karen Breidert, Kerry Denino, Jean Barford, Kim Vaughn and Dale Syverson. Wow! Cameo performances from Spotlight (2006) and SALT (2007) were “supercharged”! LoveNotes honored Ambiance, performing

The Coronet Club capped off a week of convention activities with its star-studded annual show. (From top left, clockwise): Cameo performances included 2007 Champion Quartet SALT and 2006 Champion Quartet Spotlight. Ambiance and LoveNotes, 1986 and 2013 champions respectively, sang the tag for Rhapsody In New York.


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

their iconic Rhapsody In New York (debuted in 1988). A standing ovation engulfed the quartets as Ambiance joined LoveNotes to sing the tag! Martini’s (2012) Cheer Up Charlie touched every heart. Maxx Factor’s (2011) tight harmonies rocked the house and "the Buzz" (2004) was “beeyond” awesome! Bling!’s (2015) exuberant performance was captivating! Sadly, the Four Bettys (2008) missed sharing their retirement set. Cori was whisked away on show day to the hospital and spent her evening in a different kind of spotlight. However, all is well now! ‘SING OFF!’ all-stars, Street Corner Symphony (SCS), “bopped” classic and “rocked” contemporary genres, from Down On The Corner to Uptown Funk. Now for Las Vegas 2017. “Grand Illusion” will feature guest performers, BHS 2009 Quartet Champions, Crossroads, Queen quartets and the chorus. It will be a grand, magical evening, just for you! Tickets will be available at And be sure to follow the Coronet Club on Facebook.

Hardcastle, lead of Ambiance (1986) and a member of the Sound Celebration Chapter, Region #5, was emcee of the Coronet Club Show.

2017 presents

bringing her Emcee Magic!


A WOMAN OF HARMONY, HEART AND HUMOR A tribute to Carole Persinger, 2016 Lifetime Achievement Honoree. By Maggie Ryan


arole Persinger will tell you she dwells in reality. She sees things as they are, tells it like it is, laughs when it’s funny and loves without fear. But she’s also a believer; she sees what isn’t there and hears what isn’t said. She can size you up and dress you down, the choice is up to you. When you engage Carole Persinger, you get the whole woman, warts and all, and what she wants from you is the same thing. Be your best you, and let’s see if she can help make you even better. Chances are, she can. She has been there, done that, performed, judged, created and administered since she walked into her first chapter at age 18 in Xenia, Ohio, in 1960. Her list of accomplishments spans the organization, from 12 regional quartet golds and a sixth-place international quartet finish to multiple top-20 finishes during her nearly 20 years at the helm of Pacific Sound Chorus, Region #13, from which she retired as a Master 700 Director in 2006. She has served 46 years as an expression judge and judge specialist (the judge of the judges). And she has served countless hours on the International Board of Directors, rising to international president in 2002. She currently serves on IBOD’s Education Direction and Nominating committees. That’s exhausting, but it’s just the resume. The Carole known and admired across Sweet Adelines International is a coach, mentor and talent scout without peer. Even without knowing her personally, every Sweet Adeline has been blessed by Carole’s vision. “She is always looking forward,” said past International President Renée Porzel. “When someone is in a leadership role, she is always looking down the line for the next leader. She always has her eye open.” She has recruited countless leaders into roles at every level of SA, from committee members to presidents and, most recently, new CEO Kay Todd. “I look for talent in people,” Persinger said. “I listen to how they talk about our organization, and I look for a servant’s heart.” She is equally revered by her colleagues in the judging pit. “She loves this art form beyond anything,” noted fellow expression judge Karen Sweeters. “She’s a really funny woman, that


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

side-of-the-mouth kind of humor. And she’s such a family person. She really does care. She really appreciates a feeling of home. I think Sweet Adelines is, for her, a kind of home.” Porzel, a showmanship judge and judge specialist moderator, described working alongside Persinger with a bit of awe. “Sitting next to her in the pit is so impressive,” Porzel said. “She’s just the core of the program. She understands every aspect of her category, analyzes in real time, her scoring is accurate and her comments – combined with her scores – are the ultimate educational tool for contestants. Every sentence is designed to educate.” Her heart and her humor are qualities Persinger wears on her sleeve at all times. A coaching day will find you cajoled, praised, surprised and maybe a little scolded. “Well c’mon you guys …” is a common refrain. She hears it all, every bit of it. “When I bring her in, I love what she does,” says Melodeers Master 700 Director Jim Arns. “She’s a blast to work with. She has a deep-seated, slightly tilted sense of humor, and I love how she plays with the music. She finds ways to bring out the emotion of the music and make the moment come alive. “She has influenced the way I arrange,” Arns added. “I arrange now with a heightened awareness of the performance in mind, thanks to Carole. She has a unique way of hearing things that I don’t, that a lot of people don’t.” That ear for emotion in a song is just as acute when it comes to the people in her life, primarily husband Larry, whom she married in 2013, and her children, Chris Kirkpatrick and Shannon Lyson, and grandsons Matthew and Michael. Her Sweet Adelines relationships are vast and deeply loyal. “Everyone knows she is funny, smart and talented,” said Porzel. “but my life has been impacted by her because she’s a straight shooter and she’s a wonderful mentor. Her ability to cultivate and spot talent has affected so many lives.” Longtime friend Kathy Carmody echoed that sentiment. “I’ve known Carole for nearly 50 years, beginning in Region #13. Our families have become close, lifelong friends. She has continually enhanced my life not only as my loving friend but as my extraordinary teacher and inspired chorus coach.” Added International President Paula Davis: “I value her wisdom


Carole’s World: The family sense of humor at play during Carole and Larry’s wedding. (top). Carole’s children, Shannon and Chris (left). Hubey, age 2, actually runs the Persinger household, Carole admitted.

and insight so highly and I love her for so many reasons – her heart and passion for service, her positive approach, her wonderful sense of humor. Her heart fills and elevates everything she does!” That heart was tested in 2015, on the day before Thanksgiving, when Persinger learned she had ovarian cancer. In that frightening moment, she grasped her husband’s hands, looked him in the eye and said, “It’s going to be OK.” A little over a year later, after surgery and multiple treatments, she stands in complete remission. Her doctor credits Persinger’s attitude with much of her recovery. “I gave it up to God,” she recalled. “I didn’t lie awake at night and wonder ‘Why me,’ I didn’t cry about it, didn’t analyze it. I talked with my doctor about what I was supposed to do and went

on with my life.” There they are, the Midwestern roots of this plain-spoken, subversively funny woman. She is at once something extraordinary and someone you feel you’ve known all your life. Because really, you have. She’s you, just pull up a chair and ask her. Then sit back and enjoy the time of your life. Guaranteed, she will.

Ryan is a member of the Greater Harrisburg Chorus, Region #19, and a longtime Pitch Pipe contributor. January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E






Sweet Adelines International

71 ANNUAL st

CONVENTION & COMPETITION OCTOBER 9-14, 2017 MGM Grand Hotel and Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.



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Housing Opens: March 27, 2017 Housing Closes: August 31, 2017 $174 SINGLE BEDDED ROOM PER NIGHT PLUS TAX* $189 DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM PER NIGHT PLUS TAX* *RATES ABOVE INCLUDE AN MGM REQUIRED RESORT FEE. RESORT AMENITIES INCLUDE: • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access • Daily newspaper available for pickup • $15 beverage credit per room per stay applicable at any MGM Grand owned bar or lounge • Complimentary printing of boarding passes, copies and faxes up to 5 pages • Unlimited local and toll-free telephone calls • Complimentary daily access to the cardio fitness room


Registration is CURRENTLY OPEN for the 2017 Las Vegas International Convention & Competition. Visit for information on how to register. Early registration prices are available until April 14, 2017.



International Chorus Competitor All Events - $175

International Chorus Competitor All Events - $225

International Quartet Competitor All Events - $175

International Quartet Competitor All Events

Convention Assistant All Events- $100

(Ends July 7 for Quartets only) - $225

Member All Events- $175

Convention Assistant All Events - $125

Non-Member All Events - $190

Member All Events - $225

Youth Member or Youth Non-Member All Events - $115

Non-Member All Events - $240

ENDS APRIL 14, 2017


Youth Member or Youth Non-Member All Events - $140

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Celebrating 50 and 60 Year-Membership Milestones Thank you for your loyal, lovely, long-time voices.

60-Year Member Awards

Suzanne Arabian, Member-at-Large, Region #45 Kay Argue, Member-at-Large, Region #45 Iris Cokeroft, Goldcoast Chapter, Region #9 Helen Davis, Grand Harmony Chapter, Region #2 Lois Dye, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Delores Godwin, Member-at-Large, Region #45 Anita Gohl, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Marian Hoffman, Chapter-at-Large, Region #5 Ann Neess, Cincinnati Sound Chapter, Region #45 Helen Pike, Chapter-at-Large, Region #12 Edna Racicot, North Metro Chapter, Region #16 Helen Ryan, Chapter-at-Large, Region #5 Janice Stauffer, Member-at-Large, Region #45 Hazel Tabar, Racine Sweet Adelines Chapter, Region #3 Bette Templeton, Toast of Tampa, Region #9 Maureen Wickstrom, Member-at-Large, Region #45

50-Year Member Awards Dolly Baker, A Cappella Electric Chapter, Region #8 Gail Barrena, L.A. South Towns Show Chapter, Region #11 Linda Brown, Capitaland Chapter, Region #15 Lou Burgess-Schroff, Golden Sands Chapter, Region #11 Karen Carter, Pacific Sound Chapter, Region #13 Carolyn Chappell, Vienna-Falls Chapter, Region #14 Marian Davenport, Wichita Chapter, Region #25 Evelyn Doyle, Coastline Show Chapter, Region #1 Rita Drake, North Metro Chapter, Region #16 Nancy Field, Greenville in Harmony Chapter, Region #14 Bobbette Gantz, Verdugo Hills Chapter, Region #11 Mary Haller, Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chapter, Region #5 Patricia Hawes, Crosstown Harmony Chapter, Region #3 Carolyn Hays, Memphis City Sound Chapter, Region #25 Carolyn Healey, Cincinnati Sound Chapter, Region #4 Dorothy Hirt, Vienna-Falls Chapter, Region #14 Christine Hoinacki, Harmony on the Sound Chapter, Region #1 Sandy Ilgenfritz, Greater Harrisburg Chapter, Region #19 Elsie Jussel, Harmony Northwest Chapter, Region #13 Lorelei Kerschbaum, Midwest Crossroad Chapter, Region #3 Fran Laplante, Bay Area Showcase Chapter, #12 Jeanne Lundberg, Fenton Lakes Chapter, Region #2 Elvira Machuk, Assiniboine Chapter, Region #6 Sheila Martinez, Kansas City Chapter, Region #5 Ozzi Mask, Potomac Harmony Chapter, Region #14 Margaret Monaco, Carousel Harmony Chapter, Region #15 Charlotte Nelson, Sounds of Harmony Chapter, Region #21 Doris Ofstedahl, Verdugo Hills Chapter, Region #11


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

Gerry Papageorge, Golden Sands Chapter, Region #11 Kim Patrick-Miernicki, Pacific Horizon Chapter, Region #11 Carolyn Plumb, Zumbro Valley Chapter, Region #6 Ruth Ramey, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Evelyn Roberts, Member-at-Large, Region #45 Marilyn Rogers, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Josephine Russ, Skyline Harmony Chapter, Region #14 Mary Schetne, Chapter-at-Large, Region #21 Patricia Schurman, Chapter-at-Large, Region #12 Marsha Shaw, Scottsdale Chapter, Region #21 Sandra Shaw, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Zona Snyder, Agoura Hills Harmony Chapter, Region #11 Jean Snyder, Chinook Winds Show Chapter, Region #26 Lucille Summy, Harmony Central Chapter, Region #5 Joyce White, Chapter-at-Large, Region #13 Ruth Worsley, Member-at-Large, Region #45


Learnings from the Directors' Seminar in New Orleans By Joan Boutilier


eaching, leading and caring is what directors do every week when they stand in front of their choruses. Yet not all new directors step into their positions with training in music education or have an innate ability to lead singers. Equally challenging is sustaining the joy, energy and creativity for directing over many years. All directors, novice or experienced, will tell you that they are as hungry for education as their singers. They are always on the lookout for new ways to say old things, fresh ideas to spark their creative juices and networking opportunities with peers. When directors and assistant directors come together as students to become better teachers, leaders and caregivers, the feeling is as electric as a Mardi Gras parade! In fact, that’s exactly what happened last August at the Directors' Seminar in lively New Orleans, La.! The Education Direction Committee (EDC) had a bold, clear vision for this seminar: a school at which directors of all levels and chorus sizes could fill their buckets through handson, experiential learning and go home feeling energized, inspired and empowered. My seminar co-chair, Mary Rhea (O.K. City Chorus, #25), and I saw the vision crystallize when Dr. Jim Henry agreed to be the featured faculty. He is the music department chair and choral studies director at the University of Missouri-St. Louis – and sings bass in Crossroads, BHS international quartet champions (2009). As expected, his content and delivery were spectacular! Sophie Radcliffe, co-director of Aberdeen Chorus, Region #31, found Henry’s “It’s my fault” concept particularly helpful. “As directors, we need to make sure that we are being clear in what we want from our choruses. If my chorus comes in late at the start of song, whose fault is it? It’s mine. What

could I do differently to ensure that we are together?” she explained. To cover all directing levels, classes included a “lab setting,” with attendees divided into groups according to the level at which their choruses currently sing. Each group rotated through five classes, each taught by an expert in a specific area, engaging in discussion and activities customized for them, and allowing them the opportunity to network with each other and focus on moving singers to the next level. Interestingly, the groups were divided almost exactly evenly according to level, with the overall attendance being about 60 percent and 40 percent scoring above and below the B level, respectively. Topics included Effective Conducting, with Henry; Balance, Blend and Unity, with Sandy Marron; Trap Shooting and Music Selection, with Tori Postma and Analytical Listening, with Mary Rhea. I taught Vocal Skills. Crescent City Chorus, under the direction of Mary Beth McMurray, enthusiastically volunteered to be our demo chorus. They participated in elective classes on riser placement, interpretation, synchronization and performance packaging, so directors could see theoretical concepts emerge in a chorus setting. Teach, lead, care — three seemingly simple words to which directors dedicate themselves every day. I’m proud to say our vision for the seminar was met – new ideas, inspiration, motivation and empowerment. It was a remarkable way to help directors be the very best they can be! Boutilier is secretary of the International Board of Directors; a member and director liaison of the EDC; an international faculty member; certified sound judge; tenor of the 2007 international quartet champions, Four Bettys; and master director of River City Sound Chorus, #3.

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E






August 2-6, 2017 University of Maryland, College Park, Md., U.S.A. Registration opens Jan. 9, 2017 The 2017 International Education Symposium (IES) will be epic. It’s a musical mashup of faculty stars, challenging curriculum, pop up choruses, TED-style Talks, legend-making competition and brand-new musical experiences that will make IES 2017 the biggest and best ever. Wait, there’s more. IES, set for Aug. 2-6, at the University of Maryland, College Park, Md. (U.S.) will be “bookended” by three other not-tobe-missed events: the 2017 Rising Star Contest; our first-ever Mixed Harmony Quartet Contest; and specialized Regional Management Team training. That’s right – five days of non-stop barbershop.




January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E

RMT Training: Aug. 1-2 (Tues., Wed.) IES: Aug. 2-6 (Wed.-Sun.) Mixed Harmony Quartet Contest: Aug. 4 (Fri.) Rising Star Quartet Contest: Aug. 5 (Sat.)

THE EDUCATION EQUATION IES 2017 will feature a wealth of in-depth, specialized classes. Attendees will be able to design their own education based on their interests. Many of the classes will be taught by distinguished Sweet Adelines International faculty, with multiple areas of focus, including judging, directing and arranging. An exciting new offering at IES will be inspirational crash courses, modeled after TED Talks. Our “DOC Talks – Jumping Jigawatts of Fast-Paced Brain Food” will include 20-minute talks to motivate and inform. You won’t want to miss these brief but unforgettable talks by brilliant barbershoppers.



Our “headliner” IES guest faculty members really need no introduction – but we’re singing their praises anyway! You won’t want to miss Deke Sharon, dubbed a “one-man a cappella revolution” by The Boston Globe, and Tom Carter, veteran coach, chorus master and author of the best-selling book, “Choral Charisma.” Also starring 2004 International Quartet Champions, "the BUZZ" and other Sweet Adelines faculty with an amazing assortment of courses.

Double Quartet Contests: Twice the Fun Registration for the 2017 Rising Star Quartet Contest and the first-ever Mixed Harmony Quartet Contest will open alongside IES on Jan. 9, 2017. Registration information and contest rules coming soon!

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E



FACULTY DEKE SHARON Producer, arranger, author and vocal orchestrator, Sharon’s passionate musical influence is truly harmonizing the world. A performer since age 8, he’s widely regarded as the “father of contemporary a cappella,” who developed the dense vocal-instrumental sound while in college. Among his best known contributions: producing the worldwide show, “The Sing Off,” and serving as arranger, on-site musical director and vocal producer for the wildly popular movies, “Pitch Perfect” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” Sharon is now vocal orchestrator for Broadway's first a cappella musical, “In Transit.” He is also the art form’s most prolific arranger, having arranged more than 2,000 songs. Some of these were part of winning packages performed at the Sweet Adelines International 2016 competition in Las Vegas. Sharon will be leading IES’s Music in the Morning, teaching classes on the history and heart of a cappella – and emceeing The Rising Star and Mixed Harmony Quartet contests.

TOM CARTER A masterful, musical leader and mentor, Carter has been helping singers create engaging experiences for themselves and their audiences for more than 30 years. A former singer with the San Jose State University Choraliers, he delves deeply into concepts and instructional strategies for superior experiential rehearsals and performances. He is a lover of barbershop and advocate of infusing the art form with what he terms, “authentic expression.” Carter explores psychobiological principles that occur as thoughts are transformed from neurochemical reactions in our brains to facial, physical and vocal expression and how to maximize the mind/body connection into truly moving music. Carter will also lead a Music in the Morning session and teach breakout sessions on singing with expression.

"the BUZZ" Sweet Adelines’ longest-standing active champion quartet, "the BUZZ," will lead a Breakthrough Acceleration Camp during IES 2017. Crowned in 2004, "the BUZZ" joins only a handful of other quartets who have won the first time they sang together at the international level. Together, they represent decades of barbershop excellence and experience singing all over the world. During IES, they will coach and share topics on performance, effective rehearsals, conquering stage fright and much more. These lessons are perfect for full quartets, individual quartet members or those who are interested in quartetting.

SO WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LEARN? Led by an all-star cast of guest and Sweet Adelines faculty, IES course content will range from practical chapter management to the intricacies of artistry and performance. Here are just a few class titles: Einstein’s Ears: Analytical Listening for Coaches; Polishing Your DeLorean: The Power-Packed Performance; Great Mysteries of the Expression Category; Branding and Out of This World Marketing Tools; Acting Techniques for Singers; The Gravitational Pull of Emotion: The Artistry and the Power; SMART Strategies for Choruses and Quartets; IT Solutions and E-Learning Tools; and The Inspirational Leader.



January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E

NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE ONLINE VIEWING: THE JUDGING CATEGORY DESCRIPTION BOOK What makes a brilliant barbershop performance that thrills both singer and audience? The elements that define the artistry of barbershop harmony are detailed in Sweet Adelines’ Judging Category Description Book. Now this classic book of standards is available to view online at no charge. It’s a great way to study the standards by yourself or with your chorus or quartet. Enjoy easy access to information on the four judging categories and their requirements.

Visit the Education Center of the Members Area of

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E





By Patsy Meiser, Chapter-at-Large, Region #14

h my! A wildlife and cultural sightseeing excursion inspired a group of traveling Sweet Adelines to host what I think might be the first barbershop workshop for choruses in the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa. The trip was almost two years in the making and stemmed from a Facebook friendship I formed with a Soweto chorus director. The gathering included a concert, emceed by Mark Jansen van Rensburg, with a South African association of barbershop singers. The applause and whistles from the concert audience filled us with such joy and after the performance, hugs, emails and contact details were happily exchanged. Mark pledged to continue to mentor the Soweto choruses and build on the barbershop skills demonstrated during the workshop. We continued on, singing at other stops and marveling at this exotic continent. We can’t wait to visit again in 2019.

WHEN BARBERSHOP MET GOSPEL By Darlene Friend Jacksonville Harmony Chapter, Region #9


e discovered double the joyous harmony while performing “Barbershop Meets Gospel” with the Regency Church Choir in Jacksonville, Fla. The choir was so talented and, fittingly, the pastor sang lead in a college barbershop quartet. It was a rousing evening. Each chorus battled for audience approval via their own musical style, while a roaring combined-choir finale earned a standing ovation. Sharing the stage with a gospel choir was unforgettable as the music brought us new friends and fans and proved that music is a language that can connect cultures, races and religions.


January 2017 | TH EP I TCH P I P E



s I’ve gotten older, I hear more and more people around me say, “If I die, then I’ll…” when talking about legacy giving. Hearing that, I suppose my advanced years prove what my dad always told me: “Your viewpoint is determined by your standpoint.” When my first husband and I divorced, I took responsibility for the financial well-being of my family, my daughters and myself very seriously. Through a benefit plan offered at my job, I was able to get a life insurance policy on myself for $50,000, with a rider on each of my daughters. I had the premium deducted from my pay each month, so I didn’t really notice the small reduction in my take-home pay. I paid on the policy from 1994 to 2015 and it built a cash value. When my daughters aged out of eligibility as my dependents, I changed the policy beneficiary to Sweet Adelines International. It’s a way of paying forward for all Sweet Adelines has done for me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not received all the opportunities, education, skill building and support that I have from this fabulous organization. It’s more than just paying dues. If you look at our financial

statements, you see what portion of our total budget is paid out of member dues. We try our best to keep the cost of dues low, and generate non-dues revenue, so that the cost of belonging to the organization is reachable for many more women. Paying my dues gives me the opportunity to go to my chorus rehearsal every week to perform; to compete at regional and national competitions; to enjoy greatly reduced prices on music and other items at international sales; and to access many educational opportunities at regional and international levels. Stop and think for a minute. What is it you get in the world today for the annual cost of our dues? If we are realistic, we start to understand it takes much more to fund the organization we have grown to love so much.

Gram is a member of the International Board of Directors; past international president; a Lifetime Achievement awardee; master director; international faculty member; certified showmanship judge; showmanship judge specialist; two-time international quartet champion.

Give to a Lasting Legacy One of Sweet Adelines International’s lasting legacies is how it changes lives and empowers women through a sisterhood founded on the power of music. Your tax-deductible contributions enrich our community and help women find their voices – on the risers and in daily life. Planned giving, as discussed in the story above, is one of many valuable options. Together, we are harmonizing the world. Help extend our reach. Consider giving today through one of these many worthy programs: The Overtone Society, The Young Singers Foundation, Young Women in Harmony, the legacy brick program and the annual convention webcast.

For details, please visit

January 2017 | T HEPI T C H P IP E




Shimmering turquoise tunic with black sequin trim (Medium - 6x), hand washable/line dry, from Satin Stitches of Minneapolis, Minn. Sixty costumes at $55 each, with material for 12 additional tunics, S&H separate. See website for sale flyer: costume.



For Sale: 130 Dazzling purple dresses with beaded collar; knee-length; sweetheart neckline; princess seams; 3/4 sleeves; full skirt finished with horsehair hem. Sizes XS to 4X. Asking $50 each plus shipping. Dangling beaded earrings included. Visit for more information.

WHY DO YOU SING? There are at least as many reasons as there are Sweet Adelines members. We know you have many reasons, inspiring ideas, considered viewpoints and learnings to share.

MEMBER CARDS ARE IN THE MAIL AGAIN Sweet Adelines now mails new member cards to chapter officers who want to use them in local ceremonies to welcome new members. In the past, cards were available online to download and print, which allowed new members to print their own card.

So talk it up on our new blog, “Why I Sing.”The blog will be live soon, with editorial tips and posting details. Be thinking of perspectives and topics to share and watch social media, newsletters and The Pitch Pipe for the latest updates.


However, many of you told us you missed being able to present cards directly to new members, making them feel special and personally welcomed into the chapter.

Facebook: SweetAdelinesIntl

Member cards are now mailed monthly to chapter officers; for those who can’t wait to see their name in print, the online option is still available.

Instagram: SweetAdsIntl

Twitter: @SweetAdsIntl Pinterest: SweetAdsIntl

For more information, contact

PITCH PIPE ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, contact the editor at For a complete list of guidelines, visit:


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—as of Nov. 1, 2016


Megan Argall

Acappella Xpress, Region #6

Advanced to Certified Director Birgit Andersen Bay Area Showcase, Region #12

Bonnie Massey

Seattle Shores, Region #13

Carole Singleton

Toast of Tampa, Region #9

Gina Baker

Toast of Tampa, Region #9

Kim Higdon

Jacksonville Harmony, Region #9

Megan Argall

Acappella Xpress, Region #6

Margaret (Peggy) English Scenic City, Region #4

Advanced to Master 700 Virginia Humphrey-Taylor Christchurch City, Region #35

INTERNATIONAL JUDGING PROGRAM Awarded Emerita Status Marsha Fulton

White Sails A Cappella, Region #26

IN MEMORY Marcia Adams,

— Aug. 1-Oct. 31, 2016

Greater Richmond Chorus, Region #14

Dolly Baker,

A Cappella Electric Chorus, Region #8

Theresa Balog,

Greater Harmony Chorus, Region #17

Kacki Brown,

Southern Star Chorus, Region #8

Gwenda Chapman,

Orangeville Chorus, Region #16

Gwen Cockburn,

Chapter-at-Large, Region #16

Toni Fargo,

Potomac Harmony Chapter, Region #14

Carol Grimmer,

Minnesota Valley Chorus, Region #6

Michaella Groman-Hansel,

Song of the Pines Chorus, Region #21

Kira Heston,

Greater Harmony Chorus, Region #17

Maggie Hood,

Hervey Bay Seabelle Singers, Region #34

Cheri Laumann,

Pride of Baltimore Chorus, Region #19

Joan Lister,

Platinum Show Chorus, Region #9

Laura Parker,

Sound Harmony Chorus, Region #13

Joyce Rimmer,

Seattle Shores Chorus, Region #13

Phoebe Thrush,

CORRECTION Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus

The songs performed by Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus, Region #17, as a 2017 Wildcard Chorus, were incorrectly listed in the October 2016 Pitch Pipe. The chorus performed Little Girl (Wallace) and South Rampart Street Parade (Wright).


Norma Standard, Sounds of Harmony Chapter, Region #21

Lois Walker,

North Metro Chorus, Region #16

Gianna Miller,

Capital Accord Chapter, Region #19

We regret the error.

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For additional information regarding the January 2017 Global Open House, email or call membership at 800.992.7464 or 918.622.1444.


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COMPETITION DATES AND DEADLINES Important: The paperwork for new and renewing quartets must be submitted and processed before they may register for competition. New quartets or renewals received after Jan. 15, 2017, will be charged additional registration fees.



















Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/6/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/21/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 5/5/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/13/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/7/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/22/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 5/6/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/20/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/5/2017


January 2017 | TH EP I TC H P I P E
















Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/20/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/7/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 4/21/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 2/27/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/21/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/8/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 4/22/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/6/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/22/2017 REGION



Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/13/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/28/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 5/12/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/20/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/14/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/29/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 5/13/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/27/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/12/2017




Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/23/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/7/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 3/24/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 1/30/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/24/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/8/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 3/25/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/9/2016 International 30-Day Mailing: 2/22/2017



Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/6/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/21/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 4/7/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 2/13/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/7/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/22/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 4/8/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/23/2016 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/8/2017 REGION










Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/30/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/14/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 3/31/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 2/6/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 1/31/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 2/15/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 4/1/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 12/16/2016 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/1/2017 REGION















Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/27/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/14/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 4/28/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/6/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 2/28/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 3/15/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 4/29/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 1/13/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 3/29/2017 REGION






Quartet Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/20/2017 Quartet Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 4/4/2017 Quartet Contest Date: 5/19/2017 Order of Appearance Draw (55 Days): 3/27/2017 Chorus Entry Deadline (60 Days): 3/21/2017 Chorus Late Entry Deadline (45 Days): 4/5/2017 Chorus Contest Date: 5/20/2017 Competition Packet Emailing (105 days): 2/3/2017 International 30-Day Mailing: 4/19/2017



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