The Overtone Visionaries Report - Spring 2024

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November 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024

Donor Impact Directors Scholarship

Meg Mahoney A long-time donor to Sweet Adelines International, Meg Mahoney recently made a generous gift to help fund the Scholarship for Directors of Small and Midsize Choruses. Meg has sung baritone with Pride of Baltimore, Buffalo Gateway, Spirit of the Gulf, and her current chorus, Toast of Tampa, but her introduction to barbershop music came from hearing the small Minot Chorus when she was growing up in North Dakota (USA). Meg says providing these directors with time and resources for education through the Scholarship is a great way to support small and midsize choruses, who often don’t have the funding of larger ensembles.

“One need only look at any Sweet Adelines chorus and analyze what it takes to make a rehearsal happen every week to realize how many hands are involved…I value that feeling of contributing to the team and doing my part as I see all the people around me doing their part. But another reason I want to contribute is out of gratitude for the things that I have gained in my own life through Sweet Adelines – not only the musical training, but, just like everyone says, the wonderful relationships and friendships and the sense of community.”

Jamy Claire Archer was among the first cohort of directors to receive the Sweet Adelines International Scholarship for Directors of Small and Midsized Choruses. An almost 15-year member of the organization, Jamy Claire directs Heart of Columbia Chorus and sings with Song of Atlanta Chorus, both in Region 14. She says the education provided by the scholarship has far-reaching effects, as directors bring everything they learn to their choruses.

“[A small chorus has] the same responsibilities as a large chorus, but we have fewer people to accomplish those things, so every member has more responsibility, on and off the risers. From a financial standpoint, we have to be extra financially conscious and fiscally responsible with everybody’s money. Education is a pillar of Sweet Adelines, and the scholarship for directors of small and midsized choruses really does allow for members of small choruses to have access to high-quality education through their director.”


Director Scholarship Recipients

Alana Butikofer

Idaho Falls A Cappella Chorus, #8

Alex Charlton

Nelson Bays Harmony Chorus, #35

Allison Lynskey Potomac Harmony Chorus, #25

Anna-Lisa Glad Bella Voce Chorus, #8

Annette Gary Pride of West Texas Show Chorus, #23

Annette Lambrecht

Windsong Chorus and High Plains Harmony Chorus, #8

Brooke Dufton

Festival Sounds Chorus, #2

Carol Ludwig

Delmarva Chorus, #19

Carolyn Currington Faultline Chorus, #35

Claire Gardiner

Vienna-Falls Chorus, #14

Danil Biba

Harmony North Chorus, #16

Dawn Krones

Sooner Sensations Show Chorus, #25

Debbie Scott Queen Charlotte Chorus, #14

Denise Brinkerhoff Vista Hills Chorus, #21

Diane Warner Eastside Harmony Chorus, #16

Drew Osterhout Pride of Portland Chorus, #13

Elvera Collier Peace Arch Chorus, #26

Hannah Barton

The Heartland Singers Chorus, #16

Hanna-Märtha Bergström Baltic Harmony Chorus, #32

Iris Christ Show Notes A Cappella Chorus, #9

Janelle Peck Coeur d’Alene Chorus, #13

Janice Caravan

Desert Sounds A Cappella+ Chorus, #26

Jennifer Hunter Saratoga Soundtrack, #15

Jennifer Jones Voices in Harmony Chorus, #17


Director Scholarship Recipients

Jenny Harris

The Annapolis Blend Chorus, #19

Joan Borden

Orangeville Show Chorus, #16

Karen Phillips

Tulsa Metro Sound Chorus, #25

Karen Randall

Lincolnaire Chorus, #5

Karla Callaway

Texas Harmony Chorus, #10

Kim Wonders

Metro Nashville Chorus, #4

Kimberly Graham

Vocal Matrix Chorus, #14

Laurel Peterson

Riverport Chorus, #3

Leslie Dalton

Vocal Connection Chorus, #21

Lindsay Chartier

Note-Ably North Texas Chorus, #25

Lora Wright

The Heart of Illinois Chorus, #3

Lori Jo Whitehaus

Vocal Harmonix Chorus, #19

Lucy Heinkel

Rolling Hills Chorus, #13

Marge Zimmerman

Vermillion Valley Show Chorus, #3

Megan Argall

Acapella Express Chorus, #6

Melynnie Williams

Wichita Chorus, #25

Michael Giddens

Harmony Hills Chorus, #4

Mike Elliot

Spirit of Spokane Chorus, #13

Monica Tautkus

Agoura Hills Harmony Chorus, #11

Patty Pennycook

Pacific Empire Chorus, #12

Sandy Salsbury

Northern Blend Chorus, #2

Sherry Barron

Baton Rouge Chorus, #10

Sherry Berkley

River Bend Chorus, #17

Sherry Stanton

Capital Accord Chorus, #19

Sheryl Brook

Hearts of Harmony Chorus, #26

Twilla Duvall

Heart of Missouri Chorus, #5

Valerie Taylor

Vocal Dimension Chorus, #31


On International Women’s Day, March 8, Sweet Adelines International launched the “In Honor Of” Program. Supporters were invited to make a gift to honor a Sweet Adeline who has positively impacted their lives. Generous donors stepped up to recognize role models, mentors, directors, singers, and friends by contributing to the organization that brings them together in song.

Gifts made between February 27-March 31, 2024 designated with an honoree were part of the program. Eligible funds for donation included Education, Scholarship, Young Singers, and Greatest Need. Honorees were recognized on the Sweet Adelines International website in a special virtual celebration. The program resulted in 70 honorees, raising over $10,000.

To see the honorees and read the heartfelt tributes, visit


Dear Donors,

What a remarkable year it has been for Sweet Adelines! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for your unwavering support throughout fiscal year 2023/2024. Together, we have achieved extraordinary milestones.

Your generosity has far exceeded our expectations, allowing us to surpass our philanthropic goals. Your contributions have directly impacted our members by funding 51 scholarships for Small to Mid-sized directors, spearheading the launch of our innovative Learning Management System, supporting an Academic Scholarship, and providing grants for youth outreach. Your influence is both deep and tangible.

The messages we have received through the In Honor Of program have been truly touching, showcasing the bonds and friendships forged through our shared love of singing. Sweet Adelines has always been more than just about the music—it is about the connections and support systems that blossom through our harmonies.

Your commitment, whether through your time, talent, or financial support, is deeply cherished. Your steadfast backing enables our organization to flourish and leave a lasting musical legacy for future generations of singers.

As we embark on new initiatives guided by our fresh strategic plan, we are filled with excitement for the journey ahead knowing that together we can create lasting change and make a meaningful difference. Because of you, our legacy continues.

With sincere appreciation,

Thank you for your generosity and support of our vision. Together we see the future!

The following is a list of donors who contributed between November 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024.

Education Fund

Anonymous Donor

Aucello, Ann

Barry, Anita

Berardinelli, Beverly

Bonin, Karen

Chaney, Alyson

Clark, Diane

Clements, Linda Collins, Claire Collins, John

Cox, Reggie

Crary, Shara

Crowe, Jeanne d ‘Arc (JD)

Davis, Paula

Delargey, Martha

Delude, Jo

Denman, Marguerite

Devos, Sharon

Diana, Juliet

Diaz-Fares, Erin

Dickinson, Sheri

Dunphy, Patricia

Edwards, Anne Farrell, Alycen

Fethke, Denise

Freeman, Audra

Galle, Karen

Gibson, Wendy

Hawkins, Darice

Hewitt, Dawn

Jernigan, Sabra

Jet Cities Chapter

Johnsen, Susan

Kemp, Eileen

Kinney, Rosaleen

Kinney, Erin

Klemz, Nancy

Klier, Pam

Kudela, Mary Lou

Kutner, Tonna Lake, LeAnn

Langmeier, Janet

Lucas, Pat

Lukas, Karren

Martinez, Sheila

Mason, Debra

Matthews, Karen

McCallum, Jamie

McCurdy, Elizabeth

Meyer, Jan


Education Fund (Cont.)

Newman, Patricia

O’Brien, Emily

O’Malley, Berni

Orton, Lisa

Pinvidic, Marcia

Plaat, Nancy

Prete, Janet

Pyeatt, Ann

Rothberg, Diane

Saul, Nancy

Schoenlank, Jean

Scott, Susan

Standerfer, Ann

Starr, Julie

Tallsjo, Annika

Terry and Darren Hurst Legacy Foundation

Thomas, Lloyd-Ellen

Walaszek, Mary

Wellborn, Nancy

Welsh, Eileen

Greatest Need Fund

Anonymous Donor

Amodeo, Adele

Anthony, Missy

Antonini, Thérèse

Arntzen, Susan

Ash, Debra

Aucello, Ann

Barford, Jean

Barlow, Mary Ann

Berenberg, Lynn

Bezeau, Karen

Boehme, Meg

Bond, Caroline

Bosma, Marcia

Boyer, Sharon

Brinkman, Amy

Brust, Carol

Burroughs, Kathryne

Burstein, Barbara

Burton, Jill

Carovillano, Patricia

Carr, Amy

Cartwright, Sharon

Casey, Leslie

Cetel, Shelley

Chalmers, Lee

Chowning, Jeanne

Chrispell, Cindy

Christopher, Carol

Collins, Claire

Croy, Kathleen

Cushman, Barbara

Darrow, Brandy

Devine, Sean

DeVine, Alice

Douglas, Nancy

Dow, Kathy

Dreyer, Lori

Dugan, Susan

Ellinger, Dori Ann

Elliott, Diane

Ellison, Vera

Emert, Debora

Ferenc, Deb

Field, Carol

Frantz, Becky

Freeman, Audra

French, Rosanne

Frey, Cathy

Friedmeyer, Marjorie Galle, Karen

Giarmo, Janet

Girard, M. Eileen

Gove, Ruth Gray, Betty Hall, Terri

Harmony Travel

Hartke, Debby

Healey, Carolyn

Heinsman, Patricia

Hubel, Judy

Ivey, Marion

Johnson, Jody

Kallman, Daniel

Karpinsky, Sylvia

Katz, Judy

Koehnlein, Denise

Kudela, Mary Lou

Latch, Diana

Lee, Heather

Lehman, Charles

Lim-Zembower, Melinda

Longmuir, Laura

Lucas, Pat

Lunman, Gene and Joan

MacCaskill, Jan

MacDonald, Leslie

Mack, Barbara

Mann, Suzanne

Marlowe, Donna

Mary Byers Inc.

Maybury, Vickie

McAlexander, Ann

McDermott, Marian

Middleton Family Fund

Mitchell, Priscilla

Montgomery, Sarah

Morrison, Joanne

Mulligan, Janet

Neben, Gail

Nevins, Betty

North by Northwest Region 13

O’Brien, Emily

Ogasawara, Frances

Oyama, Charlene

Pardis, Shelly

Parke, Karen

Parkell, Phyllis

Peck, Janelle

Peters, Debra

Peterson, Lynda

Porzel, Renée

Ramey, Al

Reiter, Elizabeth

Rightor, Linda

Ringer, Sarah

Rippetoe, Leah

Roberts, Evelyn

Rubino, Jan

Salley, Valerie

Sancrainte, Mary

Schmidt, Jacquelyn

Schultz, Laura

Schwarz, Katherine

Schwenk, Suzann

Segard, Christine

Selmi, Connie

Sherman, Judith

Shoemaker, Jo

Sieb, Sheryl

Sieloff, Meagan

Sims, Michele

Smith, Susan

Sprigings, Ginny

Steve, Julia


Strakowsky, Lenore

Strenge, Rebecca

Stromsoe, Carol

Swanston, Helen

Talbot, Tammy

Teed, Mary

Thomas, Lloyd-Ellen

Thompson, Susan

Thompson, Jennifer

Thomson, Denise

Thuman, Olga

Towne, Kathryn

Triola, Karen

Twardosky, Doris

Velardo, Kirsten

Vetri Reynolds, Virginia

Walker, Joyce

Warner, Diane

Weaks, Joni

Whyte, Janet

Wiles, Carolyn

Wiseman, Jennifer

Wolf, Rose

Wolff, Jane

Worthington, Frances

Young, Margretta

Youngquist, Julia

Zink, Carol

Scholarship Fund

Anonymous Donor

Allen, Linda

Andrews, Kim

Archer, Rebecca

Bernard, Karen

Brown, Laura

Brust, Carol

Cousino, JoAnne

Cowan, Kelly

Curlee, Sheryl

Davis, Blair

DeCook, Rebecca

Dee, Diane

DiSunno, Peggy

Dow, Kathy

Drake, Pamela

Early, Robin

Engel, Pamela

Estes, Katy

Ford, Joan Clare

Freeman, Audra

Galbreath, Leslie

Galle, Karen

Gregg, Diana

Hager, Elizabeth (Beth)

Hartke, Debby

Hass, Andrea

Hayes, Annie (Setsuko)

Haynie, Kathy

Heins, Mary Jo

Herdahl, Karen

Hewitt, Dawn

Hone, Jennifer

Honig, Kimberly

Hoppes, Cherron

Horgan, Melody

Johnsen, Susan

Nash Jones, Patsy

Kerrigan, Debra

Klier, Pam

Krall, Jane

Krening, Hannah

Loomis, Lizzie

Louden, Barbara

Lucas, Pat

Lyttle, Mary

Mahoney, Meg

Marlow, Shirley

Martinez Foster, Jennifer

McCann, Mary Pat

McKenzie, Carol

Meyer, Jan

Mickle, Robin

Miller, Gayle

Miner, Rachel

Mitchell, Peggy

Munnell, Cindy

Newton, Gayle

Nordeng, Melinda

Norder, Amy

Peart, Christine

Peterson, Nancy


Ridout, Karen

Rothberg, Diane

Scott, Wanza

Scyphers, Susan

Shavit, Inbar

Simon, Karyn

Smith, Susan

Staats, Beverly

Temperante, Christina

Ten Eyck, Marcia

Thomas, Lloyd-Ellen

Traynor, Kathleen

VanHecke, Rosalyn

Wadsley, Cindy

Walz, Patricia

Wescott, Dee

Whitmore, Susan

Wilson, Vivian

Windey, Judy

Zetterower, Sheri

Young Singers Fund

Adam, Heidi

Barrett, Michelle

Bucholtz, Cathy

Buehler, Stephanie

Carmen Miller Group

Coffman, Shirley

Cordero, Amy

Curl, Nancy

DiFederico, Jacquie

Estabrook, Jonathan

Farrell, Alycen

Freeman, Audra

Galle, Karen

Garland, Fran

Gem City Chapter

Grand Rapids Chapter

Guyse, Jeanne

Guzman, Beth

Hanamura, Marbeth

Harvie, Marilyn

Hebert, Kathy

Heuser, Teresa

Higgins, Jennifer

Huffman, Molly

Hughes, Shelly and Gehrke, Mike

Jacksonville Harmony Chapter

Johnson, Dana

Johnson, Stacey

Kaplan, Eva

Kaufmann, Dottie

Kiser, Margaret

Konke, Lenore


Lakeshore Audiovisual Inc

Lombillo, Nicole

Lovejoy, Marti

Lucken, Kathleen

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Meyer, Jan

Miller, Deborah

Monroe, Charity

Moses, Elaine

O’Brien, Emily

Peck, Janelle

Pride of Portland Chapter

Reid, Christy

Reigel, Patricia

Richard, Carol

Rolling Hills Chapter

Romig, Lynette

Savarese, Margaret

Scheel, Kathy

Seivert, Jennifer

Spence, Annie

Spirit of Harmony Chapter

Spirit of the Gulf Chapter

Spirit of the Midwest Region 5

Stromfeld, Jodi

Swift, Nancy

Teeters, Jill

Ten Eyck, Marcia Thomas, Lloyd-Ellen

Watkins, Beth

Welch, JoEllyn

Williams, Lori Willis, Majorie Wilson, Vivian Wolf, Rose

Nancy Bergman Legacy Society Members • November 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024

Katherine Roberts Greatest Need Fund

Nancy Klemz Greatest Need Fund

This report reflects donors who made a contribution November 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. If we missed your name, we extend our sincere apologies. Please reach out to so we can be sure to include you in the next publication.

Thank You!


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