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FROM THE PUBLISHER Congratulations on your engagement! The Pink Bride magazine is better than ever with more helpful content and inspirational pictures that will jump start your own wedding ideas! And we’ve even made our entire magazine accessible online at so you are able to electronically access your favorite businesses with a click of your mouse. Our hope is to provide you with a variety of local, dedicated and talented wedding professionals who take pride in their businesses and whose goal is to help you create your own fantasy wedding (Hint: Check out our Wedding Resources guide in the back to quickly guide you to the perfect wedding pros). If you do contact one of our listed wedding professionals, be sure to mention that their feature in The Pink Bride Knoxville Magazine is what led you to them! Now, I know what might be running through your mind. The giddiness of the engagement party is starting to wear off, and thoughts of actually planning your wedding—dress shopping, cake tasting, choosing a photographer, etc.—are beginning to bombard you left and right. But keep in mind two very important decisions that will either help or hinder your wedding planning process. First things first—decide on a budget. Nearly every other to-do is affected by your set amount of funds! Being wise about what to spend and knowing your limitations from the get-go is extremely important in order to avoid post-wedding stress.

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Once creating a financial plan, figure out whether or not this leaves room for a wedding planner. They are familiar with the wedding professionals in the market and have worked at many of the reception facilities. A wedding planner’s know-how can help keep you within your budget and keep you calm on your big day! With all the time and money involved with your wedding, a professional wedding planner can guide you through the decisions and details with grace and ease. At the very least, consider hiring a day-of planner to help coordinate the many details of the wedding day. And don’t forget to attend the next Pink Bridal Show! This is a great way for brides and businesses to unite and build an unforgettable wedding experience. Bring friends and family with you to join in on the fun and aid in your decision-making process. From caterers and photographers to photobooths, we’ve got it all covered. The Pink Bridal Show is for any bride situated at any stage of her planning process; don’t miss out on this incredibly helpful and exciting experience! And yes bring your Groom. What are you waiting for? Start planning your wedding by the turn of a page. Read the articles. Get advice. Find Ideas. Have a great wedding experience!


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Lindsay Struebing & Trevor Cox September 1, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jennie Andrews Photography

~ Co n grat s to

our ~

Cover Con


Winners - P H OTO G RA P H


J e n n ie A n d r e Y w P hotography s

Lindsay Struebing & Trevor Cox 09.01.12 Love Story: We met at the Downtown Grill and Brewery in Knoxville. Trevor admits to having an uncharacteristic surge of courage that prompted him to approach a strange girl, but we sure are glad he did! Our first date was 2 weeks later at Nama, just down the street. He proposed about a year later at the end of a weekend getaway to Asheville, NC. Much to my surprise, he had been carrying around the ring box all weekend, nervously waiting for the right moment. Finally it came, after a hike to an unnamed mountain top in the Craggy Gardens area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I couldn’t have been happier! Wedding Planning: We were engaged just over 9 months. I hired a “day of” planner - about 3-4 months before the wedding, when I knew I couldn’t take care of all the small details myself. The most important thing to me was to create an enjoyable and memorable wedding experience for our guests. We didn’t really have a theme, but I knew I wanted an elegant lace dress and tried to integrate lace details into the relatively simple decor. I wore ivory/ champagne, the girls wore plum, the guys wore charcoal gray, and the flowers were white, blush pink, and lavender. Wedding Day: I admit I was pretty stressed and nervous on our day, but tried my best to maintain a cool and calm exterior. The most memorable moments for me include Trevor’s reaction to our first look at Morningside Park (He laughed and cried!), walking down the aisle, taking pictures in front of the church while Jennie crouched in the middle of Central Street and dodged cars for a good shot (She’s dedicated!), my dad’s surprise speech at the reception, and the many dance-offs and sing-alongs later in the night. I’m lucky that everything went, for the most part, according to plan. Marriage Advice: The best advice I can give to a bride is to try your best not to obsess over having everything absolutely perfect. Your wedding might not look exactly like pictures you see, but if it’s uniquely you, your guests will appreciate the day to the fullest – no matter how much it costs. To future grooms -- you can never offer to help too much. At least pretend to be interested in the process, and offer honest opinions when asked.

Behind the Story

Photographer Jennie Andrews Photography Florist Lisa Foster Formalwear Savvi Music/Entertainment PatrickMichael Weddings

Saree Parkinson & Bradley Pudvan 05.12.12

Amanda Greene & Mark Goodman 09.16.12

Sarah Mikels & Jack Harrington 10.06.12

Star Noir Studio

Dixie Pixel

Bryan Allen Photography

Megan Seigler & Daniel Prather 06.23.12

Haley Chapman & Dan McManigal 09.29.12

Elizabeth Kane & Doug Wylie 05.26.12

Jewels Photography

Sheila Hannus, Photographer

Jennie Andrews Photography

Heather Bowie & Steven Champion 09.01.12

Whitney Jennings & Brandon Hill 07.07.12

Marley & Thomas Whitmer 09.22.12

Sabrina Lafon Photography

Bledsoe Photography

Waldorf Photographic Art

Congratulations To all of these Knoxville couples

“What an awesome experience! Planning a fun bachelorette party isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and this takes the hassle away! There are enough options to please everyone’s tastes. The bride will never forget how much fun we all had, thanks to Bachelorette Nashville!! Thanks for a great time!” - Jennifer P. Knoxville, TN

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Amanda Wilson & Logan McNulty 05.05.12

Amanda Wilson & Logan McNulty

Wedding Planning: Everyone really did what they could to help plan our wedding. My parents all pitched in on looking and collecting elements that I could use, from peach crates to bottles and jars. My little brother also found an old jar jackpot on our property and dug them all up for me. I was living in GA during our engagement, and Logan was in TN, so a lot of what I did was research on the computer, and Logan would go check things out for me. He was a great sport. We looked through venues together, but they just weren’t quite what we were looking for. But then, he met with Kevin at Trillium Springs and knew it was the place, so we booked there, and I trusted him...he has good taste...obviously. He also met with Jennie and was blown away with her talent, and she sweetly referred us to most of our other vendors. I planned everything from GA, so it was sort of done in stages and a lot through email, but all our vendors were amazing to work with. We had Brenda and Lisa come in the last month to help organize all the vendors and schedule the day and they did a great took a lot of stress off of me the last month as well as being in another state. The most important thing about our wedding was that everyone had a great time. We were so grateful for all of the relationships represented there and the role they played in our lives, and we wanted them to feel that. When people asked our vision, I think we mostly said fun, relaxed, and outdoors! We wanted a rustic, beautiful setting, and Trillium Springs was just perfect; it’s very rustic and natural. Our job is seasonal, so we had a lot of time to work on decor for the wedding. We wanted people to dress casual and know they would enjoy themselves. I handpicked cotton off a farm we hunt on in GA to incorporate into the flowers and the is my favorite plant and Samantha did an amazing job incorporating it. Wedding Day: The sweetest part of the day to me was the chapel Logan built. We wanted an outdoor wedding, but wanted it to feel like the “sanctuary” it is. Logan is an incredible carpenter, so I asked him to build a pulpit for our Pastor to stand at, or maybe a cross... so he surprised me the day before the wedding with this enormous, beautiful chapel that he designed and built himself. It was such a labor of love and one of my favorite details of the day.

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Ceremony & Reception Location Trillium Springs Photographer Jennie Andrews Photography Florist Mulberries Floral Design

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Is wedding advice coming at you from every angle? Determine what’s fact and what’s fiction by debunking these common wedding myths.


IT’S NOT REALLY A WEDDING IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW TRADITION. The first person to buck tradition and wear white was Queen Victoria (that’s right...brides have not always worn white). This is now taken for granted as standard attire as is a wedding cake, first dance, bouquet toss and something blue. A wedding simply requires an officiant, license and witness. The celebration of said wedding should be an expression of the couple’s personalities, and sometimes breaking the rules leads to new traditions that are a better fit than those of past generations.


The Bride’s parents pay for wedding and reception; groom’s parents pay for rehearsal dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mom and Dad still footed the bill? Not so with modern weddings. This myth goes out the window, as at least a third of wedding costs are now covered by the couple themselves. Families today are pooling their resources and then, together, determining how funds are spent for all related events.


Thank-you notes can be sent by email.



While email is the preferred way of communication for many a message, it is generally frowned upon when thanking your wedding guests. Hand written thank-you notes are far from outdated, and though tedious to a generation of texters, it must be done. Appreciate this dying art, and take the time to communicate as your grandparents would. Years later, a friend will dig out your hand written note, carefully saved. Not your email.

This myth dates back to the days of old, when daughters were literal property of their fathers, and a wedding was merely a business deal for Dad to expand his fortunes through the sale of his daughter. While the tradition still sticks to this day, I doubt very much that modern brides would describe themselves as part of dad’s estate. Your aisle escort should be a person that played a significant and supportive role in your path to finding true love.


WEDDING LUCK (AND MARRIAGE) DEPENDS ON A SIXPENCE, SPIDERS AND SUPERSTITIONS. Here’s the thing about luck... it all depends on the belief that wearing a certain color, carrying a token or changing your behavior will shift future events to their preferred outcome. Luck is mostly used as a way to counter those things completely out of our control and has often been a way of explaining the unexplained. If only making it through the first year of marriage was as easy as saving the top tier of your cake. Make your own luck with careful planning, professional vendors and a positive attitude.


Vendors will always give a discount if you ask.


If you can’t foot the bar bill, offer a cash bar.

Wedding vendors are not Mexican bazaars where you haggle the best possible deal. While a vendor may run a promotion, expecting to get a discount because you’re a bride is like expecting your doctor to run a special because you’re a patient. This doesn’t make long-term business sense. Instead, plan to attend a local bridal show for show-only specials or giveaways, and be honest about your budget and vision with wedding vendors. Professionals will work with brides to find creative ways to stretch your buck and meet their bottom line.

Cash bars are T-A-C-K-Y... as well as anything else on your wedding day that require your guests to pony up cash. Remember these are the same dearly loved friends and family that bought a special outfit, traveled across the country, paid for a hotel room and bought you a gift for your wedding. During the wedding day, guests’ wallets should stay in back pockets and purses. Tactful Solution: If you are set on offering liquor at your wedding but fear the cost, consider a limited bar with only wine and beer (better yet keg beer, often costing half as much per serving as bottled).



Brides on a budget save big with DIY Projects.


Wedding Day is the Bride’s Day.

With the vastness of today’s World Wide Web, the likelihood of finding a bargain can make DIY more costly than one thinks. This is even more apparent when your inner crafter is not well-matched to make DIY magic (but Martha Stewart made it look so easy!). And remember, time is money, even if it is your time. Be realistic about how much time will need to be dedicated to DIY projects, particularly in the last few weeks leading up to wedding day (when the to-do list is never ending and you’d rather be with your family). If the budget is stretched thin, it might make more sense to skip it all together.

While you and your groom are certainly the guests of honor, a bride with her sights set on making wedding day entirely about her is likely to be labeled a bridezilla. Weddings are as much about the happy couple and their new life together as it is a celebration for all the related family members. Instead, find ways to celebrate your family or close friends and their traditions with your new love and the traditions in store for years to come. This ensures your guests feel part of a truly special event.

Your bridal party must have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Today’s bride has thrown out all the rules when it comes to bridal parties. With your closest friends and family by your side on wedding day, trying to stay in the box of specific numbers or even genders just doesn’t work. Nowadays, your maid of honor is now your man of honor, pooches are playing ring bearer and dancing to the altar is what makes wedding ceremonies personal, memorable and unique.

To find more articles like this one, go to Our blog is updated daily with advice, inspiration and real weddings!

Lindsay Taylor & Jason Phillips October 12, 2012 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Sheila Hannus, Photographer

Lindsay Taylor & Jason Phillips 10.12.12 love story: Jason and I have known each other since being classmates at Farragut Middle School. Although we went to different high schools and lost touch, we reconnected a few Halloweens ago. It all just seemed to fall into place! Wedding Details: Our goal was for the day to feel intimate, classic and warm. Jason and I wanted it in the fall, our favorite time of year in East Tennessee. There’s so much to be said for getting married in a garden with the changing leaves in the background! Our colors incorporated fall as well, with chocolate brown and plum being the primary shades with touches of gold, cream and burnt orange for dimension. In order to put our vision in motion, we decided that the set up needed to feel welcoming and open. Instead of round tables, we opted for long rectangular ones to encourage guests to mingle and meet new people. Candles were used throughout the venue to achieve a warm, natural glow. All Occasions provided cream linens on most of the tables, with the head table and detail tables draped with lace. Combined with the flowers and lanterns, the decor made our vision come to life! Our memory table honored our family members who couldn’t be with us on our day and was draped with the special detail of handmade quilts that Lindsay’s grandmother crafted. For our guest book, we decided to incorporate our nicknames for each other to make it personal. We’ve said that we are each other’s missing”puzzle piece,” so we asked guests to sign blank pieces so that we could later assemble and display in our home. We had so many funny, heartfelt and entertaining answers that we will be able to treasure forever! Being Tennessee natives, we wanted to mix some of our favorite southern foods from our childhood with a modern twist. Rex at Abner’s Attic did a great job of understanding what we were hoping for and making it happen! From the martini salad bar, the smoked gouda mac and cheese, spinach parmesan and sweet potato biscuits to everything in between, we couldn’t have been happier with our catering. Guests loved it as well! We spent time making some of the decor ourselves, including detail on the candles and lanterns. I have some really crafty friends/ bridesmaids (especially Ms. Rachel Dzialo!) who were so helpful, spending late nights making signs, aisle markers and the cake topper. It really does take an incredible team to get it done!

Behind the Story

Photographer Sheila Hannus, Photographer Wedding Planner Paige McKinnon, The Reserve at Bluebird Hill Caterer Abner’s Attic Ceremony & Reception Location The Reserve at Bluebird Hill Rentals and Decor All Occasions Party Rentals

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I could have danced through the night!

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Sharon Moyers & Marty Bell 07.29.12

Amber Butler & Ryan Bradley 09.08.12

Erin Franklin & Shawn Lehner 11.10.12

Jewels Photography

Dixie Pixel

Star Noir Studio

Amanda Rowland & Jonathan Hampel 06.09.12

Nicole Jordan & Brandon Lay 09.14.12

Alicia Vance & Chris Hilger 09.08.12

Jennie Andrews Photography

Bryan Allen Photography

Your Reflections

Logan & Colin Hadaway 07.28.12

Meghan Riffey & Matthew Hart 06.02.12

Allison Brown & Chris Wood 07.07.12

Waldorf Photographic Art

Bledsoe Photography

Sabrina Lafon Photography

Congratulations To all of these Knoxville couples

Rachel Christensen & Zac Stephens 05.18.12

Love Story: Zac and I met in high school at Faith Promise Church’s Student Ministry. As teens, we weren’t exactly huge fans of one another. As we began college, we had an opportunity to do some campus ministry at Pellissippi State Community College, and that is where it all began. After about eight months of talking and getting to know one another, we quickly realized that “just friends” was not in our future. I longed for a man who lived like Jesus and wasn’t afraid to take the lead. Zac is that and so much more. Wedding Details: Zac and I were engaged for one year exactly. We were surrounded by family and friends who helped to donate time and money to make our wedding day beautiful. Aside from a few books and lists I found online, everything was organized by myself and then put into action by my bridesmaids, the groom’s family, my family, my church family, and friends. We couldn’t have done it without them. The theme for my wedding was simple. I wanted things to be classic. My and Zac’s hearts were for people to walk away from the event knowing that above all, we wanted to honor the Lord with our lives! My favorite color is navy blue, and Zac’s is lime green - so we used those two colors as our color scheme. We had Zac’s dad, Dr. Chris Stephens, help design the ceremony with the Gospel as one of the first things we did. We wrote our own vows! We chose to leave things pretty plain, choosing to do more accents then going all out and overwhelming the spaces we had. Having our wedding outdoors was a huge help, considering the landscape is plenty of decoration enough. Zac’s uncle made a cross that hung behind us as we were married, too. Wedding Advice: Choose three things you’re unwilling to budge on when planning your wedding and let everything else be a compromise. Remember, at the end of the day, as long as you’re married, then it doesn’t matter if your hair gets messed up, if the flowers aren’t right, or if a groomsman wears the wrong pants.

Rachel Christensen & Zac Stephens

Behind the Story

Photographer Bledsoe Photography

Autumn Townson & Eric Lambert September 29, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Your Reflections

Autumn Townson & Eric Lambert 09.29.12 LOVE STORY: Mutual friends of ours tried to set us up. We started texting and talking on the phone. The first night of talking on the phone, we talked for hours. After that conversation, we knew we wanted to meet. So, we set up a double date with our friends to go ice skating. Then two day before the date, our friends had a family emergency come up, and they could not go. We decided we would still go out to eat and ice skating. We had an amazing first date. Ever since the first date, Eric has been my superman. We are the perfect match for each other because we both love our kids, and our family is very important to us. Eric popped the question while we had our kids on a vacation in Nashville at the Gaylord Hotel. It was very romantic because he included our kids, which was very special to me. WEDDING PLANNING: We were engaged for a little over a year. Family and friends helped out a lot in the wedding planning process. The most important thing about our wedding to us was that we wanted to include our kids in the ceremony. I knew I wanted to have a fall, country rustic wedding. We used burnt orange and crimson as our color. WEDDING DAY: September 29, 2012, was one of the best days ever. I was a little worried because right as it was time to go outside to take pictures, it started to rain. Luckily, it only rained for about five minutes. So then, when we went outside to take the pictures, it was beautiful. The ceremony was wonderful. During the ceremony, Eric was so nervous when he was supposed to say “I do” that he said “yes” instead. The whole congregation laughed. The reception was a great party, and everyone danced the night away. We also loved our photographer, Tonya. She was a blast to work with and took amazing pictures. For the groomsmen, we bought superhero shirts and wanted to take a picture of them all in their shirts, with the girls ripping off their button-down shirts. Tonya captured the feeling wonderfully. WEDDING ADVICE: Do not stress the small stuff while planning your wedding. It will all come together the day of your wedding.

Behind the Story

Photographer Your Reflections Cake Gigi’s Cupcakes Formalwear Savvi Formalwear Rentals and Decor Anderson Rentals Photo Booth Your Reflections

how to

Choose Your Bridesmaids Wisely

This no-drama guide will help you quit stressing over which ladies to choose for your bridal party!

“Why did I ever ask her to be a bridesmaid? She’s insane!” I cannot tell you how often I have heard these words from brides a month or two before their wedding. For whatever reason – be it number of attendants on the groom’s side, stress, or guilty association – some brides twist themselves in knots over which girls to choose for bridesmaids or (gasp!) the Maid of Honor. In a haste to make everyone who thinks she should be part of your bridal party happy, you ask ladies you really do not know well. Before you know it, you have a small army of attendants you rarely see until just before the wedding. Not cool! Every decision you make about your attendants can have a resounding effect on the moods surrounding the festivities both before and during your wedding day. Keep the following quick tips in mind before popping the big question to your girls!

1. Choose a friend or family member who will take being your bridesmaid seriously.

This means she will try to move her schedule around to help with your DIY tasks when she can, will listen to you rant about your wedding woes (but will stop you before you go over the edge!), and will even help plan your bridal shower. Then, she will actually commit to being at the shower. Make sure the lady you ask is tons of fun and would be willing to cut-up to relieve your stress - but she truly must be dependable, too. If someone you have in mind tends to RSVP to your get-togethers or parties and then doesn’t come, and you learn about the other party she went to instead via photos on Facebook, she is likely not bridesmaid material…no matter how fun she can make a party (if she actually arrives).

2. Choose attendants you can see yourself having strong friendships with well into the future.

Harsh as it sounds, asking ladies you do not expect to continue

friendships with after you are married ultimately dates your wedding. Honor your closest friends and family with this role – not the girls in your best friend’s group with whom you rarely spoke.

3. You do not have to have the same number of attendants on both sides.

So what if your groom has five guys, and you only chose four girls? It is really not that big of an issue. Leave your number where it is if it means you might ask someone you will regret choosing later. Keep in mind that having more maids means more bouquets, more bridal party gifts, and more miscellaneous costs, too.

4. Scared that choosing a Maid of Honor will hurt someone else’s feelings?

Do not be. The other ladies should understand that it is not necessarily a game of favorites. (Okay…maybe it is. Just a little.) If feelings do get hurt, let your other maids know that you chose your MOH for her planning and visionary abilities. You probably also chose her for her ability to nip drama in the bud before it starts, which is a must with almost any group of girls in a high-stress situation! The day is about you, and your MOH will be with you more than anyone else throughout the day. In other words, it is okay to have favorites here.

5. Think of the bottom line in the end!

Getting married is one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Cherish it with the ladies who have made your journey more meaningful because they have been a part of it! When it comes to choosing your attendants, I always say to think before you ask. Sleep on it. Chat with your future hubby about it. In the end, only pick the girls you are closest to. After all, if you are close to someone, you likely already know if she is “insane,” and you can save yourself the unpleasant surprise of finding out later! by Pink Lady Andrea

For every bride and every style, All Occasion Catering has the perfect menu and presentation for your wedding. From classic sophistication to rustic elegance, every detail will be customized for your dream day.

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Fabulous Bridal Show Inspiration

Photos by Dani Rose Photography, courtesy of Allison Gaddis of Live, Laugh, Love Weddings.

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PINK BRIDAL SHOW August 18, 2013* Knoxville Convention Center

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Jamie Mitchell & TJ Giles 09.22.12 Love story: We have been acquaintances for years and had mutual friends, but we never really knew each other. We were both living in Nashville, and we started talking, but not dating. We kept in contact for months and finally met for a lunch that ended up lasting 4 hours! We have been together since. We dated for about 10 months before he proposed. He says that he had a sweet and romantic plan....but he proposed on a Thursday after work in the living room instead. I thought he was joking. I don’t know if I believe anything about this plan. It was right before Halloween, which is my favorite holiday! We have a great relationship because we do not take ourselves too seriously, and we have the same ideas for our life.

Jamie Mitchell & TJGiles

Wedding Planning: We were engaged for 11 months. It took two or three months to settle on a date for the wedding. We are incredibly indecisive. We did not hire a planner, but I did purchase a wedding planning book that guided the timeline and listed everything that is necessary. Hiring a great photographer was the most important thing for me. I wanted to have all the moments captured so we could have them forever. His most important part of the wedding was making sure we were both on time for the wedding events and all of the guests had a great time. I always had an image of my wedding in my mind, and this was not it. I changed everything about what I wanted. We picked the date and just started listing ideas. It just fell together. We tried to be very laid back about the whole process, and it worked. I left most things up to the experts, and it could not have turned out any better. We wanted a rustic/preppy theme. We decided on navy, green, and burlap to incorporate both of our personalities. I enlisted help from a couple of my aunts to decorate the rehearsal dinner. We did most of the rehearsal dinner decorations with burlap and mason jars. I would have to say a special thank you to Sam Franklin and Sherry for all of their help. I had no clue what I wanted for decorations or flowers, and they assisted me with every decision. I loved everything about the decorations. Advice: The best advice we can give another couple planning a wedding is to just relax. We did not stress about any aspects...other than being on time, and it was so fun. We opened the bar 3045 minutes prior to the ceremony and immediately after. People seemed to enjoy the drinks before the ceremony, and we had a large crowd stay for the majority of the reception.

Behind the Story

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Ashley Burnett & Brian Bledsoe 07.28.12 Wedding Day: Brian and I decided to see each other before the wedding. That was such a beautiful moment. I thought I was walking too fast. He said I took forever. There were photographers and videographers around us, but when he turned around there was no one but the two of us. I tried, but failed in my attempt not to cry. Seeing each other on our wedding day was one of the happiest moments of our lives. Brian and I also asked the Waldorf team to quickly create a ‘same day edit’ video for us to show our guests at the reception. Steve was able to edit footage all the way up to our vows and put this in a 3-minute video. It was truly incredible! Everyone loved the video when we played it at the reception, and it was one of our favorite parts of the day!

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Wedding Planning: Brian and I were engaged for 7 months. We really did not experience any problems during the planning process as things just fell into place. It was a lot of hard work, don’t get us wrong. We were busy for the 7 months, but we didn’t need any additional time. We wanted to marry each other, and there was no venue or project that was more important than saying ‘I do’ as soon as we could. While planning our wedding, we splurged when it came to photography and videography. We decided those were important enough that we wanted the best, so we had Perry, Christy, and Steve from Waldorf Photographic Art lead the team in capturing our wedding day. We had roughly 175 family and friends share in our day. We wanted a beautiful and relaxed wedding where we and our guests would have fun. Rustic suited our personalities and theme. We were married at my home church, in Crossville. Our colors were navy with aqua accent…two colors that were not so ‘girly,’ but I managed to throw in pink as much as I could! An extra item we added to the rustic feel of the night were lights called Fairy Berries. These marble-sized balls individually light up in soft twinkles. They looked like lightning bugs! We used them in the centerpieces and they made the barn feel even more magical. I give Brian the praise for making our wedding memorable to all the children that were there. Brian suggested a bounce house to keep the kids entertained. A bounce house at a wedding! Awesome! That was a huge hit with the kids and adults.

Ashley Burnett & Brian Bledsoe

Behind the Story

Photographer Perry Smyre/Waldorf Photographic Art Videographer Waldorf Photographic Art - Waldorf Cinema

Yellow & Cream Elegance [ Wedding Inspiration ]

- Floral Design by Always in Bloom, Photography by John Black Photography -

Amber Greaves & Clayton Barhorst | April 28, 2012 Flowers: Hydrangeas, Orchids, Peonies, Cream and Soft Yellow Roses Floral Design: Amber and Clayton chose a modern, traditional theme for their wedding flowers. Open romantic garden roses in butter yellow and cream, lush full hydrangeas and white orchids created stunning handtied bouquets and centerpieces. The church was decorated with large scale pieces in the same light colors to contrast against the dark wood. The reception tables were adorned with beautiful linens, favors, votive candles and silver frames, each with printed name cards. Tall, oversized silver candelabras with fresh flowers were distributed around the ballroom and paired with low, round centerpieces to create a gorgeous candle lite reception.

Always in Bloom



Holding back is a thing of the past A new smile lets you bloom If you’re uncomfortable with your teeth, you could be holding back who you really are. But Invisalign’s clear, customdesigned aligners can be an inconspicuous and removable way to get a beautiful new smile. Many complex cases that once required braces can be treated with Invisalign, often in about a year. So check with an experienced Invisalign provider to see if it’s right for you. And let the real you bloom with a new smile. STRAIGHT TEETH ARE WITHIN REACH. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Dr. Michael Beeler Certified Invisalign Doctor 515 Bethel Road • Clinton, TN 37716


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Betsy Beeler & Harlow Sumerford September 22, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Waldorf Photographic Art

Betsy Beeler & Harlow Sumerford 09.22.12 Love Story: We met when Harlow came to work for Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (Where I already worked). We went out for dinner and drinks after work during the first few weeks of working together. Well, this turned into 6 hours of having a great time and talking about anything and everything. Although I had promised myself I would never consider dating my co-worker, when Harlow pulled the brazen move of kissing me (and not even after a real first date), something I would have considered a turn off with most, I knew I was already smitten. We were inseparable from the get go. Wedding Day: Our wedding day was everything I could have imagined and more! We had several unexpected things happen before, but we just had to laugh and carry on. Three weeks before the wedding, Harlow and I were playing softball when I fell and tore all of the ligaments in my foot. Cue, my pity party for about an hour when I realized heels were looking like they were out of the question, and I thought a wheelchair might be my mode of transportation down the aisle. After some physical therapy, I was able to wrap my foot up and make it down the aisle. No, I wasn’t in “cute” shoes, but I could walk, and more importantly, DANCE! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a sap when it comes to sentimental moments. I have even been known to get teary eyed at weddings where I was just a date and didn’t even know the couple. What really got me was when Harlow became emotional during our ceremony. Beforehand, I kept joking with him that “I wanted tears,” but he surprised me! The entire day was absolutely everything I could have dreamed of! I had so much fun that I think I was laughing the entire time, especially when Harlow’s fraternity brother was flipping my friend around on the dance floor. She was literally upside down…the pictures are hysterical! (Although I think she was mortified, ha!) Wedding Details: We were engaged for 5 1/2 months. Everyone thought we were crazy to try and get everything done that quickly, but we just couldn’t imagine being engaged for a year plus. The quote from one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally comes to mind: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” I love anything gold, and my favorite color has always been green. I originally wanted to be married during Christmas time with all of the wreaths etc, but nothing was available, and I wasn’t going to wait one more minute than I had to marry the man of my dreams. I always have loved fall, and think the colors are great!

Behind the Story Photographer Waldorf Photographic Art Florist Always in Bloom Cake Rosa’s Catering Rentals and Decor All Occasions Party Rentals

Tents • Tables • Chairs • Linens • China


Decor • Furniture • Flooring • Event Design

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Amanda Hackworth & Patrick Boshers June 2, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Amanda Hackworth & Patrick Boshers 06.02.12

Wedding Details: We were engaged for 17 months, and we did hire a planner. I honestly didn’t think I would ever hire a planner, but I am SO thankful I did. When we started planning, I started stressing. We wanted an outdoor venue, laid back, but with a country chic feel. We definitely tried to think about our wedding from the perspective of the guest. Our photographer, Katherine, had an extra photographer help her with our wedding to create a photo-booth for guests to take photos in. Patrick and I actually made all the foam props for the booth and got all the props together. We also had a slideshow that our DJ and wedding planner put together for us that played throughout the reception. We tried to keep it light and casual with the tan suits that the guys wore, and with the chiffon dresses the bridesmaids wore. We also used a lot of baby’s breath and hydrangeas. Our colors were light sky blue, light green, ivory, and tan. Wedding Day: Nothing could have prepared me for my wedding day; not the hundreds of movies I have watched, not the 17 months of planning, not even the thousands of daydreams I have had about it. It was so surreal. I couldn’t believe that it had arrived after all the planning, all the time, all the money, all the stress, and finally it was the day. It flew by so incredibly fast, yet I remember every moment. Our wedding day was the best day of my life thus far. As stressed out as I thought I would be, I can honestly say that I did not have a worry in the world on that day, other than making it down the aisle to marry my best friend.

Behind the Story

Photographer Katherine Birkbeck Photography Formalwear Meridian Formal Wear Music/Entertainment PatrickMichael Weddings Rentals and Decor Anderson Rental, Inc.,

Tuxedo ( Suit Styles for Each Body Type

by Pink Lady Andrea Make sure your man looks just as stunning as you do on your wedding day! Read on for style tips for each body type from Ben Dobson, Operations Director at Savvi Formalwear in Knoxville, TN.

Height Tall

Body Type






You can wear just about any style, but be aware of the lengths of jacket sleeves and pant legs. The shoulder pads in your jacket will add bulk without looking too boxy.

Ask your tuxedo specialist about the “fitted look,” which will highlight your trim physique, while the shoulder pads in the jacket will add just enough bulk to your look.

Avoid styles that seem to “hang” on your frame, and look for jackets with two or three buttons that begin lower, rather than higher. Your tuxedo specialist will tailor it to your physique so that you look your best.

Again, you can wear any style! Always watch the length on your jacket sleeves and pant legs.

Any style in any color will work for this physique. The most popular currently is the two-button notch lapel tuxedo in black.

Two low-sitting buttons on a jacket and a vest will elongate your frame.

If you are largest around your midsection, move away from cummerbunds, which draw attention to this area. Consider the more popular option instead – a vest! Go for a onebutton jacket, and streamline your look by avoiding thick, layered materials. Choose a long tie rather than bow tie as well.

Again, if you are largest around the middle, avoid the cummerbund. A vest will draw the eye up, rather than to any bulk you may have in the midsection. A one-button jacket works for this body type. Long ties work best for this frame, rather than bow ties.

Do not go for thick fabrics that add to your size. Look for a jacket with one button that sits low. Opt out of the cummerbund and choose a vest instead. This makes you seem taller and slimmer. Opt for a long tie, rather than bow tie.

Reader Q&A:

Local grooms ask formalwear questions, and Ben has the answers!

Q : “Some jackets have so many buttons. Do I have to button them all?” Evan - Knoxville, TN A : Buttoning only the top button of your jacket is considered appropriate. Q : “What button count works best?” Alex - Oak Ridge, TN A : Generally, jackets with one button work best with bulkier physiques, two buttons look good on average body types, and two or more buttons work for taller people.

Q : “Does it matter who does the alterations on my tuxedo or suit?” Carl - Farragut, TN A : Absolutely. Similar to having a wedding dress altered, not having a professional alter a tuxedo or suit can literally butcher the final product. Choose a reputable shop for your wedding day needs!

Q : “How do I know the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?” Julius - Knoxville, TN A : A tuxedo will have the presence of satin on the lapels, buttons, pockets, and in a stripe down the pant leg. A suit does not have satin components and normally has plastic buttons.


We’ve got your c olor!


All Tuxed

os Kept In


$ 40 off each Tuxedo / Suit Rental

2 for 1 Norwegian Cruise Line Offer

(excludes budget collection) Expires 7-31-13

See store for details, While supplies last

Windsor Square 865.531.9998 • Knoxville Center 865.544.1515 115 North Seven Oaks Drive • 3001 Knoxville Center Drive locations from coast to coast


Free Gr ooms Tux Pr ogram

Six Steps to

Choosing the Wedding Cake Dig in to the perfect wedding cake on your big day by following these simple steps! by Pink Lady Andrea


Always, always, always do cake tastings!


Look around at different styles and designs, and have an idea of how you want your cake to look before you meet with your baker to nail down a design.

A cake can look beautiful and still taste horrible. Taste each baker’s cake prior to placing a deposit!

Have two or three ideas available to discuss, and see what his or her opinion is on the best style and design for your guest count.


Be aware of food allergies.


Know how many guests are planning to attend.


Choose the shape of each tier next, or decide upon a design from step two.

Do you or your future hubby have a food allergy of some sort? Be sure to tell your baker about any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have before going further.

Once you have your guest count, your baker can tell you how many tiers your cake should have. If you want to save the top tier, you may need an additional or larger tier.

Your baker may provide multiple options for tier shapes if you would like to build a custom look, or you can begin discussing what you love about the designs you found.


Choose your cake flavors, fillings, and icing! Keep in mind that your baker may suggest using fondant for certain cake designs or outdoor weddings. This could change how much your cake costs as well as the way your cake tastes, so be aware of this before moving forward. Once that is settled, choose which flavor, filling, and icing combo is just perfect for you!

Porsha Kimble & Curtis Adams

Porsha Kimble & Curtis Adams 06.02.12

Behind the Story

LOVE STORY: Curtis and I actually met in a very non-traditional scenario. I was out on the lake with some friends and family, and I was involved in a boating accident! (Don’t worry, I’m okay!) But, I lost consciousness and fell into the water. Curtis then jumped into the water to keep me from going under. He quickly got me back to dry land, where I was immediately rushed to UT Hospital. After that summer, I started high school. Then Curtis, whom I had never met, informed me that I owed him for saving me from drowning! Needless to say, after that I started repaying him whenever I could! Never would I have thought that my high school love would be mine forever! WEDDING DETAILS: We wanted a super casual, vintage, rustic, country vibe! (It’s a lot to want, we know!) And of course, the DIY projects with all our friends and family helped make our big day unforgettable! Instead of spending a hefty amount on all those extravagant details, we saved up and invested in an amazing photographer and videographer! Do something for yourself and invest in what’s important to you! We are so happy we did! WEDDING DAY: Everything went much smoother than we thought it would. There seemed to be no stress, no worry, and no cares in the world! I had a good laugh because all my lovely bridesmaids were more stressed than me! But surprisingly, no tears at all! WEDDING ADVICE: Best advice we could give? Plan everything together! Brides, include your hubby in the entire planning process. Let your man feel wanted and needed through this entire event. Don’t tell them they’re fine as long as they show up! Doing this will make it even more special to see everything come together on the big day, especially knowing that you both planned the entire event!

Cinematography Nicholas & Keaton

Weddings...The Pink Way!

June 9, 2012

Deborah Tayman & Edward Hibbert, Jr. Ceremony & Reception by Whitestone

Deborah Tayman & Edward Hibbert, Jr. 06.09.12 Love story: Eddie and I first met when we were 6 years old in transition class. We went to school together our whole lives, but we never really knew each other until after we both graduated. Eddie and I graduated from Karns in 2005. We met back up at The Rush fitness center 3 years later (in 2008). At first, we didn’t realize that we had had a class together when we were younger, but then we got to talking and realized that we have been beside each other our whole lives. I recognized his name and he recognized my face. Instantly, we became best friends. We would stay up pretty much all night just talking or playing basketball together at the gym. Two and a half years later, we got engaged at Biltmore Estate. It was set up for Christmas, and it was beautiful. My dad videotaped the whole proposal! It didn’t take us long after we got engaged to get all our plans together. We both knew that we were each other’s destiny! Wedding Details: Eddie and I were engaged for a year and a half, which gave us enough time to save up for our dream wedding. My mom and dad were definitely the biggest help we had beside Deneise Lane at Whitestone. I began my planning process by finding out what Eddie wanted and then tying in what I wanted as well. We both wanted a fun wedding that everyone would remember. We both love super hero movies and stories, so we knew we wanted a superhero themed wedding. The hardest part of the planning would definitely be the music. I wanted the music to be absolutely perfect. The lyrics and the beat had to match exactly what I wanted and that was challenging. One feature that I loved the most was our vintage blue mason jars with beautiful pink garden roses. Our colors were pink and blue. The pink really popped against the blue. I wanted to incorporate blue because we were getting married right by the lake, and I wanted to bring in the beauty of the lake to our design. I chose roses because they are a romantic flower. I also chose peonies because it carried on the “lacy” look that the roses gave as well. I wanted the flowers to tie in with my dress, and my dress had a lace overlay that I think fit in perfectly with the flowers I chose. Wedding Day: Overall our wedding day went over perfectly. It did sprinkle a little when we were taking family pictures, but not a whole lot. I did not plan for how heavy my dress was. It weighed me down so much, but it did not stop me from dancing and having the best day of my life. One very memorable moment and the only time I cried is when the bells rang right before I walked down the aisle with my dad to the love of my life. As soon as they opened the doors and I saw my groom at the end of the aisle tears began to fall, because this was the one and only moment I have waited for my whole life, to walk down the aisle with my dad to my Prince Charming.

Behind the Story Ceremony & Reception Whitestone Wedding Planner Deneise Lane, Whitestone Florist Melissa Timm Florals Caterer Whitestone Transportation Whitestone- Carriage Videographer Whitestone Rentals and Decor Whitestone Officiant/ Minister Paul Cowell, Whitestone

Bridal Registry [ G&G provides beautiful complimentary wrapping & delivery for all registered brides ]

“Date Night at Home with Hermes” - Brittany Greene & Whitfield Bailey, September 8, 2012 • “Happily Ever After” - Laura DiStefano & Andrew Brittingham, January 12, 2013 • “I Do, Me Too” - Rachael Hale & Blaine Wedekind, September 29, 2012 • “Casual Dinner for Two” - Leigh Stevens & Darin White, October 27, 2012 • “Let’s Entertain ” - Mo Wright & Stefen Rutherford, March 23, 2013

Pictures Feature: Tableware by Hermes, Juliska, Vietri, Herend. Linens by Anichini, Kim Seybert, Bella Notte, Matteo, Anakasa. Accessories by Baccarat, Jan Barboglio, Janus Et Cie. Pillows by Designers Guild & art by Carylon Killebrew. Photography by Caroline Trotter

G&G Interiors Cherokee Plaza in Bearden 5508 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 For Appointments contact Emily Harper 865-212-5639 or G&G Interiors has a full line of fine furnishings, lighting & linens, but you may not know that G&G also has a bridal registry with an amazing variety of china, bedding & tableware. G&G’s brides and grooms have picked fabulous registry items, which are shown above, with each of the couples gorgeously dressed in white!

Photography by: Ann Webber Photography

Tellico Village Yacht Club

Romance on the water.

Rehearsal dinner, Ceremony & Reception in one convenient location.




This section was created to help you choose a reception site for your big day. When you are trying to decide what place is best for your event, keep in mind that every facility has different advantages. You can use the following pages to compare and contrast the benefits of different venues. Once you have narrowed the facilities down make sure you visit them. Take time to sample some of their food and take a tour of the facility. Make sure the place you choose fits all your needs. Many of these facilities can also accommodate your rehearsal dinner or other party needs

bleak house

VF Photography


Barn Event Center of the Smokies

At the Barn Event Center you can expect to find an exceptional venue with an excellent Chef and the very best service around. While we take care of the details you can enjoy your guests and have some of the most unique pictures taken in our award winning gardens. The Barn staff can help you put together a wedding plan that is “Uniquely Yours” and bring to life the wedding of your dreams.

Bleak House is an 1858 antebellum Italianate style mansion located on Kingston Pike. Our gardens are the premier location for ceremonies, while receptions can be accommodated either in the gardens or in the house. The gardens host up to 350 guests, and the house can entertain up to 150 guests as well as 50 guests on the patio. The 3.5 acres of gardens feature handcrafted stonework, including a wisteria covered arbor, multiple balconies, ponds, fountains, and a gazebo. Rooms that can be used in the house include the bridal suite, groom’s room, large dining, room, small dining room, assembly room, solarium, bathrooms, and kitchen. Plentiful parking is provided with a traffic/security guard onsite.

7264 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN 37 882 865.448.3812

3148 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 865.522.2371

Wedding & Reception Locations

Historic Capitol Theatre

Calhoun’s Banquets & Copper Cellar Catering

400 Neyland Drive, Knoxville, TN 865.673.3399

The Historic Capitol Theatre is the most sensational event facility in the Smoky Mountain region. Built in 1923, the Capitol was downtown Maryville’s largest and most popular entertainment venue. Today the newly renovated dinner theater accommodates banquets, mixers and performances. A performance stage, movie screen, dance floor, and modern light and sound provide for memorable entertainment in a nostalgic yet glamorous art deco setting. Amenities include a coffeeshop, art gallery, full catering and concession services, complete wedding and reception packages, handicap accessibility and free parking. Ask about our Cinemagic dance package. Let us roll out the red carpet, and put your name in lights! 127 West Broadway Maryville TN 37801 865.980.1966

Historic Ramsey House


Waldorf Photographic Art

A wedding is hospitality of the highest order. As a grand celebration and reflection of your personal style, it’s important to choose the right professionals to make your vision a reality. Our mission is to combine our expertise with your dreams to create a unique, stress free and totally individual event. Offering panoramic views of the Tennessee River and wraparound decking, the casually elegant banquet rooms can accommodate large receptions or intimate dinners. Our kitchen offers food fare from Calhoun’s, Copper Cellar and Chesapeake’s. It would be our distinct pleasure to be of service to you.

Our beautiful historic home sits on 100+ private country acres. There are trees, gardens, and meadows surrounded by wooded areas that make a lovely back drop for your event. We offer a small indoor area that holds 80 to 100 people and a vast outdoor venue that has unlimited space. There is convenient on-site, free parking, public restrooms, kitchen facilities, and a quaint cottage for the bride and groom to enjoy separate preparation areas. Our country setting and home provide a lovely background for photos of your special day. Best of all our prices are affordable. 2614 Thorn Grove Knoxville, TN 37914 865.546.0745

The Reserve at Bluebird Hill is a brand new state of the art facility on a 75 acre horse farm with views of the Smoky Mountians. We are located 1/4 mile west of Farragut. The new facility is 5,500 square feet with a fireplace indoors and a beautiful covered porch outside with a large stone fireplace. We invite you to come and tour our elegant event center and beautiful gardens perfect for receptions and weddings. Our staff will make your special day “An Affair to Remember”.

1411 Midway Road., Lenoir City, TN 865.680.8099

Wedding & Reception Locations

RT Lodge

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

RT Lodge is exclusively yours for the weekend of your celebration. Imagine one location for guest accommodations, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid’s brunch, a special ceremony, and exquisite reception. The Lodge is the ideal backdrop for spending time with family and friends during this once-in-a-lifetime event. You won’t be subjected to frantically scrambling from location to location; with 60 guest rooms, an array of dining rooms, elegant common areas, outdoor leisure space, and a range of ceremony and reception options, the Lodge is the ideal setting for your special time.

In search of the ideal setting for your wedding events? Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience by hosting your event in one of our private dining rooms. At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, we treat every event with the utmost care and attention. Our team works with every bride, ensuring that each celebration stays true to her taste and budget. Creating a personalized menu of traditional steak house fare or a modern twist on the classics, then add in handcrafted cocktails, homemade sides and fabulous desserts for a delicious finishing touch. With private dining rooms that accommodate parties up to 120 guest, Ruth’s Chris Steak House makes the perfect backdrop to any special occasion.

1406 Wilkinson Pike Maryville, TN 37803 865.981.9800

950 Volunteer Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN 37915 (865) 546-4696

Tellico Village Yacht Club

The Lily Barn, LLC

The Yacht Club is situated on a beautiful peninsula overlooking panoramic Tellico Lake. The 20,400 square-foot building includes a lounge, dining area, loft and gallery levels. The brick faced, three level building has large expanses of glass facing the lake. A landscaped patio and boardwalk surround the shorline. Imagine having your wedding and reception at one convenient location. It all starts here. Call us today!!

Beautiful rustic farm set in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Our outside gazebo is graciously flanked by mountains, a pond and a field of lilies and makes a great formal wedding site. Just through a grassy field awaits a covered pavilion with tables and chairs for the perfect laid back reception/party and delicious food by Miss Lily’s Catering. We also offer photography, florals, and tasty wedding cakes as well as honeymoon cabins!

Let us help you begin planning your happily ever after......

100 Sequoyah Rd 865.458.4363

Wedding & Reception Locations

1116 Carr’s Creek Road, Townsend, Tennessee 37882 865.448.9895

Trillium Springs

Valley View Lodge, located in Townsend, Tennessee, is nestled along the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Surrounded by mountains and forests with only the chatter of squirrels or the trill of songbirds to interrupt the solitude, Valley View prides itself for the beauty of its grounds. Our two outdoor pools and indoor pool with Jacuzzis and waterfalls create the feeling of a romantic oasis, and a variety of rooms and suites are just a sampling of the luxurious amenities furnished by Valley View Lodge. We offer the perfect setting for your special event. Spacious, flexible meeting, wedding, reception and party facilities with breakout rooms for groups ranging from 25 to 600. Our new facility, the Lodge at Valley View, is perfect for weddings and receptions!

Trillium Springs is set alongside a peaceful mountain spring which makes its way from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Bordering the National Park for more than 600 feet, Trillium Springs is very secluded but also easily accessible. The main hall is an open air facility with incredible views of the valley. Our huge stone fireplace is perfect for those cool fall nights. The Honeymoon cabin which is only accessible by our log bridge over the mountain spring is a prefect getaway. There are also 3 other private cabins onsite for family and friends. Along with the hall guests have access to our large field area with seasonal wildflowers for outdoor services and photo shoots. Our sister property The Lodge @ Valley View is only 10 minutes away if you should need more guest rooms for your event.

7726 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend 800.292.4844 or 865.448.2237

4149 Wears Vally Road. Sevierville, TN 37862 800.292.4844 or 865.809.7544


Whitestone country inn

Imagine a ceremony at sunset followed by a cruise on a luxury yacht. Many brides are looking for a venue that is unique and romantic for their wedding event, and that is exactly what you will find onboard this luxury yacht. A wedding can be the most significant and stressful moment in a couple’s life, and the Volunteer Princess Wedding Coordinators can help to make that beautiful beginning possible and stressfree. The panoramic backdrop of water, nature, skyline and sunsets will heighten the beauty of the wedding ceremony. We offer sumptuous cuisine and luxurious interior together with gracious service. Whether you choose a large or intimate gathering, we’ll create a wedding memory for you to treasure forever. Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, Day After Celebration, and Wedding shower/Bridal Luncheon packages are available. 956 Volunteer Landing Ln. Knoxville, TN 865.541.4556

When booking a wedding location, perfection means Whitestone Country Inn. The Lion & Lamb Reception Hall, located adjacent to the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, is nestled amongst East Tennessee’s beautiful mountains, lakes and rolling hillsides. Inside this grand Victorian building, you will find the charm of an elegant banquet room equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Your Whitestone wedding coordinator will help you choose from among the many extra services available to create the wedding of your dreams. Complete catering services, Hansom carriage rides, luxurious honeymoon suite, relaxing massage therapist and many other special touches make planning your wedding at Whitestone an enjoyable experience.

Waldorf Photographic Art

The Lodge at valley view

1200 Paint Rock Road, Kingston, TN 37763 1.888.247.2464

Wedding & Reception Locations

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

h.m.w. photography

Wedding Professionals, Your Company Listing Could Be Here! An elegant and unique setting, overlooking downtown Knoxville, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame evokes an ambiance perfectly suited for wedding celebrations. Our rotunda area offers a sweeping staircase, panoramic view, and a wraparound balcony where guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown. The atmosphere of the Hall of Fame is one of elegance, and will leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime. The Hall is available to provide that little something extra for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and showers.

700 Hall of Fame Drive, Knoxville, TN 37915 865.633.9000

Weddings...The Pink Way!

Wedding & Reception Locations

Knoxville Wedding & Reception Locations

Barn Event Center of The Smokies 865.448.3812

room capacity

price range per person

outside catering permitted

outside reception area

overnight guest rooms

facility rental fee

ceremony site available

valet parking

30 to 220

$7.95 to $24.95







150 indoor 300+ outdoor








Calhoun’s Banquets & Copper Cellar Catering 865.673.3399


$12.95 to $30.00







Historic Capitol Theatre 865.980.1966

20 to 300

$5 to $100







Historic Ramsey House 865-546-0745

100 indoor, unlimited outdoor








Reserve at Bluebird Hill 865.680.8099

300 to 500








RT Lodge 865.981.9800

100 to 400

$45.00 to $100







Ruth’s Chris Steak House 865.546.4696

10 to 120








Tellico Village Yacht Club 865-458-4363

50 to 250

$10 to $40







Lily Barn 865.448.9432 or 865.448.9895

200 at farm

$11.00 to $60.00







The Lodge at Valley View 800.292.4844 or 865.448.2237









Trillium Springs 800.292.4844 or 865.448.2237









Volunteer Princess Cruises 865.541.4556


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10 to 300








Bleak House 865.250.0882

Whitestone Country Inn 1.888.247.2464 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame 865.633.9000

Kristina Everett & Jon Killebrew 11.17.12

Melissa Atkins & Seth Fox 05.12.12

Adrienne Wiest & Will Pearson 08.09.13

Bryan Allen Photography

Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Dixie Pixel

Kalie Wilkinson & Jeremy Sands 06.21.13

Molly & Daniel Stabley 10.06.12

Jennifer Morgan & Norman Carlson 10.13.12

Bledsoe Photography

Waldorf Photographic Art

Sheila Hannus, Photographer

Stephanie Borden & Jeremy Wallace 06.02.12

Melissa Weihe & Kevin Art 10.13.12

Ashley Phillips & Ryan Coppock 09.29.12

Jewels Photography

Jennie Andrews Photography

Sabrina Lafon Photography

Congratulations To all of these Knoxville couples

Lara Olstad & Samuel Jernigen

Lara Olstad & Samuel Jernigen 10.20.12

Behind the Story

Love Story: We met more than 10 years ago in Cincinnati, OH, where we participated in the same group (medieval recreation), but it wasn’t until much later when we both had moved to other places that we reconnected over FB, phone, and eventually a trip back to Cincinnati. We got engaged in Colorado at a dinosaur museum, after a perfect day that also involved ice cream and then a winery. We even got a staged proposal picture with a T-Rex! Wedding Details: The most important thing to me was having as many of our friends there as we could, and hosting everyone for the weekend. The vision was a beautiful fall wedding and a weekend spent with our families and friends. I love dressing up (and also pajama pants), so the idea was for a very relaxed timeframe and dress code where we would all dress up for the wedding, and the rest of the time just relax at the cabin – pool, hot tub, board games, movies, eating, and drinking. The fall leaves made for a prettier backdrop than anything else! Colors were ivory, black, and red. Wedding Day: Rather than a day, we did a weekend! Our friends came from all over, and most stayed at the very large cabin with us, so the celebration started Friday evening. Some people arrived on Saturday just for the ceremony and the party. The most memorable moments were probably when we dropped the ring during the ceremony! Or the impromptu receiving line so we could greet everyone. Or maybe how fast everyone changed back out of their dress clothes into comfy ones for the party. Or the “fancy drinks” menu with customized names our friend and bartender created.

Photographer Star Noir Studio

Brooke Fullington & Joe Boggs July 21, 2012


Brooke Fullington & Joe Boggs 07.21.12 Love Story: Joe and I met during graduate school at East Tennessee State University and dated for a little over a year before we got engaged. He “proposed” on December 10, 2010, but initially, he didn’t even ask me the question! He handed me the ring box and slipped the ring on my finger. I don’t even think I said, “Yes!” I was so surprised and so happy, I just hugged and kissed him. About thirty minutes later, he said, “Umm, so does this mean we’re engaged?” I laughed and said, “Well you’re the one who does the asking, so are we engaged?” He laughed too and said, “Yes! Now let’s call everyone!” Little did I know that I was in for a bigger surprise. The next weekend, Joe came over to my house, went out on the deck, and plugged in the Christmas lights. When I followed him out there, he made me give my ring to him. Confused, I handed it over. He told me that he hadn’t done it “right.” Still not knowing what was happening, I asked, “Did what right?” He said, “When you ask someone to marry you, you’re actually supposed to ASK her a question.” He, then, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This time I made sure I said, “Yes!” Wedding Details: Joe and I were engaged for a year and a half before we got married. We enlisted the help of our friends and families to help make our day so special. Our wedding was definitely a group effort! I am a certified wedding planner, so I planned the wedding start to finish! When we got engaged, we sat down and talked about what would be most important to each of us about the wedding besides marrying each other, of course. I said the most important things to me were photography and videography because when all is said and done, that’s what you have left. His was simple! He said he wanted great food! Joe and I both really enjoy the outdoors, so we knew we wanted to have an outdoor wedding. When I found Still Hallow Farm, I knew that was EXACTLY where it needed to be. It was like my dream wedding vision came to life! We wanted a classy, yet casual wedding. We used blush, ivory, and stone gray. When I found my dress, I knew that it was “the one” before I even put it on! Being an art teacher and a wedding planner, I knew I wanted to put an artistic spin on our wedding.

Behind the Story

Photographer Dixie Pixel Formalwear Savvi Formalwear Ceremony & Reception Location Still Hollow Farm Videographer Milestone Pictures Rentals and Decor All Occasion Party Rentals

Sarah McCall & Stephen Fortney December 31, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jennie Andrews Photography

Sarah McCall & Stephen Fortney 12.31.11

The Proposal: After dating four and a half years, Stephen decided it was time to pop the question. It was the night before my graduation from graduate school, and Stephen had planned a dinner with our families. Stephen picked me up and was a nervous wreck. He started asking me about the weather, of all topics, and his hands were dripping sweat. He drove me down by the lake on Cherokee Boulevard and told me he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with anyone else. He got down on one knee, and I jumped up and down screaming “Yes!” After the proposal, we enjoyed dinner with our families and returned back to my house for a surprise party with all of our friends! Wedding Details: The biggest thing we wanted for our guests was to have a good time! With our wedding being New Year’s Eve, we knew if anything, we wanted to throw a good party. With both of us being athletes in college, many of our friends were from out of town. By planning the event on New Year’s, it allowed many of our friends to make the trip! Our venue had a lot to do with the theme of the night. In the planning we knew we wanted to select a venue that was personal. We both love Tennessee athletics and it was where Stephen had really talked to me for the first time. We thought if we were to throw a party, what better place. I wanted the theme to be classic, yet festive. We were able to incorporate New Year’s by providing party attire, a champagne toast, and a personalized countdown. Our colors were black and gold with metallic accents (and just a touch of orange for the groomsmen at our reception!). I had many great ideas for the reception but had some great help from Jennie Andrews and Lisa Foster, on how to best implement my vision.

Behind the Story

Photographer Jennie Andrews Photography Florist Lisa Foster Floral Designs

Katie Schelin & Joseph Masterson 08.24.11

Susan Gamble & Greg Barker 07.28.12

Kara Jones & Chris Sylvia 05.26.13

Star Noir Studio

Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Dixie Pixel

Kelli Andrews & Alex Heins 09.29.12

Brittany Baird & Nick Reveiz 07.07.12

Tina McNear & Charles Bates 09.29.12

Jennie Andrews Photography

Bryan Allen Photography

Jewels Photography

Katie Bean & Michael Atchley 04.07.12

Kristin Jewell & David Bottoms 10.06.12

Mia Upton & Joseph Sullivan 10.20.12

Sheila Hannus, Photographer

Your Reflections

Sabrina Lafon Photography

Congratulations To all of these Knoxville couples

How to Choose Your Floral Theme

Photography by Ruel, Jo photo, Hope photography, Brittany Connor, Be still my heart, New creations

with Melissa Timm Designs

The decisions regarding your wedding flowers can transform your venue and entire day into the celebration of your dreams. Few other décor elements offer a more powerful ability to charm guests, change an area without looking overdone, or tie spaces together. Flowers create a cohesive design and theme for your whole day.



How do you go about choosing your floral theme? Melissa with Knoxville floral design studio Melissa Timm Designs suggests that each bride follow three quick steps. First, consider your ideal color palette. Are you opting for pastels and creams, or would you rather have vibrant pops of color throughout your day? Melissa will be able to direct you to the perfect flower selections to translate your dream into a reality. Second, ask yourself how you want to feel during your celebration. Different flowers, arrangements, and styles all


have the ability to express emotion differently. Do you want


to feel hopelessly romantic? Whimsical? Joyous? Classic and traditional? This is a big part of how Melissa will help you choose the perfect wedding flowers and arrangements. Third, think outside the bud. You don’t have to limit yourself strictly to flowers within your design. Consider using charms, lockets, pearl hat pins, branches, burlap, buttons, brooches, or even feathers. Melissa loves to translate aspects of your personality and likes into each design to make your day reflect who you are as individuals – and as a couple.


Melissa Timm Designs Full service wedding and event floral design Suite 119 B, 8078 Kingston Pike, Knoxville,TN 37919

(865) 399-4916




Why Melissa Timm Designs? Melissa has been designing floral masterpieces for over 20 years. She spent the past four years as a lead wedding and event designer with Whitestone Country Inn and recently decided to make her floral event designing services her focus with Melissa Timm Designs. Her personable yet professional attitude and amazing design abilities will make her the perfect choice for your once-in-a-lifetime. Contact Melissa today for a free consultation to discuss making your dream wedding into a reality!

Silk Rentals

RIDGE Greenhouse & Florist Family Owned and Operated

865-483-1116 148 Louisiana Avenue Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Exquisitely designed fresh flowers to fit any style or occasion

{Budget Minded Tip} Consider renting silk flowers for a fraction of the price of fresh. Visit us today to see our wide selection!

Fresh Flowers

Tiffany Burnett & Justin Phillips September 8, 2012 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Sabrina Lafon Photography

Tiffany Burnett & Justin Phillips 09.08.12

The proposal: On June 8, 2011, Justin finally got all his ducks in a row and was ready to ask Tiffany to marry him. It was hot that day, and he wanted to get family pictures done at the Gristmill. Unknowingly, Tiffany agreed because she is always up for pictures, at least of Landon. With Ashley (one of the Maids of Honor) hiding in the bushes and Vanessa (Tiffany’s Cousin) with camera in hand to catch it all in action, he snuck the ring on Landon’s shoe and waited until it caught Tiffany’s eye. When it did, he dropped down to one knee, got the ring, and asked for her hand. Tiffany said YES! Wedding Planning: The most important thing about the wedding was the food, and I wanted good pictures. I wanted to have great food for the wedding and going with the country theme, we had pulled beef with brown gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and a salad. Yum, yum, country cookin’! My photographer was something that I had spent a long time looking for. I had used Sabrina numerous times before, and she did an amazing job. I always wanted an outdoor country wedding. Growing up on a farm, I always thought it would be cool to have a barn in my wedding pictures. So, when Justin asked me, we set out looking for the perfect barn. After looking at 159 locations, we finally came across a private residence that was willing to let us share our day with them on their farm. The location was breathtaking with all the rolling hills, beautiful river overlook, federal style home, slave house designed garage… it exceeded my expectations from the start. From there, we went with the Love, Laughter, and Country Charm theme I had always envisioned. Our colors were Coral, Burlap, and Barn Wood with a lot of natural accessories. It was all hands on deck when we finally got the vision for the decor laid out. Wedding Advice: Remember that this day is about you and your soon-to-be husband, so plan it together and make decisions together, too. Justin and I picked out and agreed on everything but a few things we had to work out. The planning process is brutal because there is so much to do, but really, pick the things that mean the most to you, and follow your gut.

Behind the Story

Photographer Sabrina Lafon Photography Florist Samuel Franklin Florist

Sarah Mikels & Jonathan Harrington 10.06.12

Wedding day: The day was peaceful, and I wasn’t nervous at all – I was excited. I couldn’t wait to get down that aisle and marry Jack! When the bridal party and I arrived at Bluebird, I was in awe. Everything was exactly like I had hoped it would be. The flowers, the linens, cake – everything was perfect. I am so grateful for all the exceptional work by our vendors to bring our vision to life. The reception was so much fun! I will never forget my sweet dad singing “My Girl” to me. Our wedding coordinators at Bluebird were so sweet and made everything run smoothly. We had our guests light sparklers for our exit, which was lovely... until I realized one had broken off and burned two holes in the lace on my dress! At the time, it was upsetting, but now we look back and laugh. Definitely a story for the grandkids!

Sarah Mikels & Jonathan Harrington

Wedding details: Jack and I wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as individuals and who we are as a couple. We used our home states of Tennessee and New York as inspiration for our vision: The Big Apple meets the Big Orange. Jack is a Frank Sinatra enthusiast, so we decided on a black-tie optional wedding and splurged on an open bar and a cigar bar. I didn’t expect the cigar bar to be such a success, but everyone loved it. Our colors were navy and ivory with accents of pale pink and peach. I wanted the reception to have a warm, candlelit feel, so we chose champagne pintuck linens with white votives surrounding our wrought iron centerpieces created by Lisa Foster. The bridesmaids wore floor-length Bill Levkoff gowns and carried pink and ivory bouquets. In the end, guests only remember if they had a good time, so we wanted to give that to them as a thank you for being a part of our lives and our big day. The last thing I was adamant about was having fantastic pictures. They last forever, after all. Having known him since I was eight years old, Bryan Allen was the obvious choice. He was so much fun to work with, and his photographs are exquisite.

Behind the Story

Ceremony & Reception Location The Reserve at Bluebird Hill Photographer Bryan Allen Photography Florist Lisa Foster Designs, Caterer All Occasion Catering Videographer Bryan Allen Videography Rentals and Decor All Occasion Party Rentals

Planning Feature

A Perfect Day! 865.622.2093

Advice from A Perfect Day!:

For a timeless wedding unlike anyone else’s, choose classic styles, colors that inspire you, and details that tell the story of your relationship. Erinn Morgan & Matt Pittman Their Style When Erinn first met with A Perfect Day!, she described her style as “traditional with a twist.” Her wedding day choices of classic attire and elegant decor provided the “traditional,” while her modern pewter and orange colors scheme provided the “twist.” Their Story Since Erinn & Matt met in medical school & finished their residencies just a few months before their wedding, their careers are a big part of their story. In their Save the Date video by Waldorf Cinema, Dr. Morgan prescribed marriage for a lovesick Dr. Pittman. For the wedding, Erinn designed custom Rx pads so guests could prescribe well wishes for the couple before placing them in a vintage doctor’s bag. At the reception, vintage family wedding photos and heirloom wedding invitations were displayed on the gift table. Erinn & Matt are coffee lovers, so guests were treated to a late night coffee bar, complete with donuts and coffee sleeves personalized by Erinn. Erinn and Matt carried their classic style and color scheme to the end of the evening, driving away in a vintage silver Rolls Royce.

Planner Sonya Scott, A Perfect Day!, Flowers Samuel Franklin Photography Waldorf Photographic Art Rentals All Occasions Party Rentals A Perfect Wedding day works with many Knoxville area wedding professionals to help you plan your perfect day!


Steps To The Best Wedding Celebration Ever

by Pink Lady Andrea

If you dream of throwing the wedding of the decade, plan an event that focuses on honoring your guests throughout the evening. Follow the ten great tips below to planning a celebration your guests with thank you for later – and talk about for years to come!

1. Welcome your guests in style.

Besides stepping into a cozy, clean hotel room after a long day driving or flying to your wedding location, give your guests fashionable treats to make them feel more at home – and welcome! Include everything from local snacks and bottled water to area maps and information on local attractions. They’ll love relaxing with these treats before the festivities!

2. Choose an interesting locale.

Get expressive with where you tie the knot. This can be anywhere from your local zoo to even a museum or gallery nearby. Don’t limit your celebration to traditional venues! Guests will love the unique characteristics of your day because of the one-of-a-kind feel of the location.

3. Keep guests comfortable.

If you’re having an outdoor celebration during summer months, install fans to keep guests cool, and consider fan programs as wedding favors. If it’s during the winter, install heaters to keep the space warm and serve warm drinks. Rest rooms should be nearby no matter where your event is, and you should keep a check on the air conditioning and heat if your venue is indoors. The point is to never let your guests become uncomfortable!

4. Involve them in the ceremony.

Kick off the ceremony with a signature beverage as guests arrive, and allow them to sip and chat before the processional begins. This is a surefire way to break the ice and drum up conversations that will last throughout the evening. Not sure what to serve? A cool, refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) during warm months would be great, and good, old-fashioned hot chocolate would be wonderful during the cooler months. You can also ask guests to give you advice for wedded bliss as you start your new life together.

5. The transition from ceremony to reception should be quick.

Let’s face it: if guests have to travel more than 30 minutes between your ceremony and reception site, or if they have to wait that long for your arrival to begin celebrating, they won’t really be in the partying mood by the time the reception starts. Choose venues that are near each other for your ceremony and reception, and cater your timeline to making sure your guests are entertained.

6. Let your guests make a grand entrance.

Treat them to a rock-star arrival by having each guest ushered into the reception hall with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and lively music. This makes them feel like a true part of the celebration and sets a vibrant tone for the rest of the evening!

7. Keep them interested with a full itinerary.

The party should never hit a lull where guests sneakily start checking their watches. Make sure you’ve got plenty lined up for their entertainment by dispersing special dances, speeches, and toasts throughout the evening. Also consider having a photo booth near for guests to enjoy! Constantly change things up, rather than having long stretches of time with the same activity.

8. Food and beverages are the key to a great celebration.

People tend to chat more and feel more comfortable when food and drinks are involved, so make sure you foster that great sense of welcome and hospitality by ensuring that they always have something to snack on and drink throughout the evening. Ask your caterer to provide servers who will mingle with the guests, refreshing plates and drinks regularly.

9. Dance the night away with great entertainment. One of the biggest details of throwing the celebration of a lifetime depends upon your entertainment choice – meaning your band or DJ. This is so much more than just playing music! A professional band or DJ will be able to read the crowd and play music that will either get them up and dancing or relax them. If you want your guests talking about your celebration for years, put some work into finding the perfect entertainment choice!

10. Plan the after-party!

Give your more party-friendly crowd somewhere to take their dancing shoes after the big exit at the reception. Plan an after-party! This can be at a nearby locale, and food, beverages, and entertainment should be in ample supply. Just make sure that you have important numbers handy in case you need to call someone a cab or need to get in touch with someone fast!

ClassicVideography wedding specialist

The Highest Quality at Affordable Prices

Since 1994 Multiple Digital Cameras Hi-Tech Editing and Copying Beautiful Combination of Technology, Art and Creativity Unobtrusive Videography 8-12 Hours Coverage

Contact DeWayne Arp at

865.458.4934 or

DVD or VHS Picture Montages Dressing Room Scenes Rehearsal and Dinner Demo Available Member of WEVA

ClassicVideography wedding specialist

August 25, 2012

Sarah Jessee & Sam Ferguson Ceremony & Reception Location RT Lodge

Sarah Jessee & Sam Ferguson 08.25.12 wedding Details: Sam and I were engaged for 2 1/2 months. We knew we wanted to get married and I felt like with school, my schedule was pretty full. I knew I had a gap in August and then not again until late December or May after graduation, but we had dated so long and were definitely sure about wanting to get married, so August became the obvious choice. I went to look at a few venues, but after seeing the RT Lodge there were no other close contenders. Ellis was our wedding lady, and thankfully she came along with the RT Lodge...she planned our wedding...I only sent her a few opinions and preferences, but really, I didn’t do a thing! Ellis was my only planning tool, and she was a lifesaver. I didn’t have to worry about anything, because she’d already thought of everything! The most important thing about my wedding was marrying Sam...ha! And having my family there. The place was an added bonus, but the intimacy and the people made it the best wedding ever. It was truly everything I ever wanted and more. It was perfect. The vision was to get married outdoors in a beautiful woodsy area with family...and the RT Lodge totally made it possible. Since we planned everything so last minute, I didn’t have much in mind to do as far as being crafty. I work part time as a RN at the hospital and am also in school full time to become a nurse practitioner, so that alone keeps me busy. Planning wedding details was not too high on the priority list. My only thoughts were I wanted lots of beautiful pictures which I got from Natalie and Dan from Watson Studios (they were super awesome to work with). The girls wore navy blue dresses, boys wore gray with a bit of blue in their ties, and the flowers were green, white, and light blue....simple! I ordered a few things off (hair pieces- cream flowers, our sam and sarah wedding sign, and our ferguson blocks). Wedding day: Every part of the day was perfect...the girls in the wedding and my parents spent the night at the RT Lodge the night before which was wonderful! So we woke up there and I went on a walk with my sister-in-law first thing around the property. Breakfast was served at the lodge, which was awesome!!! Then the bridesmaids and I went to get our hair done. Back at the Lodge the cake arrived and the flowers and I got to put a little of my input in who and where all that was arranged, which was fun. The Lodge provided food in the afternoon for arriving guests to snack on until the ceremony. Then it was time to get ready, take lots of pictures and get married!! I laughed a lot, but can’t remember what at specifically. Didn’t cry at all...I was super happy and excited and just enjoyed every moment! Sam and I did a ‘first look’ before the ceremony, but walking down the aisle to my husband to be with my dad was awesome...every girl dreams of that and for it to finally be me was just incredible. I kept thinking, does he really want to marry me? is this real? Wow. The whole day was completely relaxing, and enjoyable. Every part of it was stress free and wonderful.

Behind the Story

Ceremony & Reception Location RT Lodge Photographer Watson-Studios Wedding Planner RT Lodge- Ellis Funderburk Florist Mulberries Floral Design Caterer RT Lodge

Devon Branham & John Reinhardt 06.23.12

Devon Branham & John Reinhardt

Love Story: John and I met through a mutual friend while we were both attending the University of Tennessee. We dated for a year and a half before we graduated together. I stayed in Knoxville for a year of graduate school, while John commissioned into the Air Force and moved to North Carolina. While John was in San Antonio, Texas, for a few months of training, I went to visit him. John took me out to dinner on the Riverwalk to celebrate our two year anniversary. After dinner, we walked over to the Alamo where he got down on one knee and proposed. My father still jokes about the fact that we will always “Remember the Alamo.” Shortly after, John was stationed back in North Carolina. We spent the next six months driving the seven hours back and forth between Tennesse and North Carolina each weekend to see each other until I could finish my Master’s degree. Finally, I graduated and was able to reunite with John for our wedding. Wedding Planning: John and I were engaged for six and a half months. This was a wonderful but difficult time for us because we spent the majority of our engagement apart while he was stationed in North Carolina and I was finishing up my Master’s degree at the University of Tennessee. Planning the wedding while in school was tough. My mom helped me immensely. My parents live in Mississippi, so she was also very far away from me. Despite the distance, she was able to be apart of every step of the planning process. She visited me in Knoxville several times and was also part of planning sessions by phone. The wedding planning services provided by our venue, the Volunteer Princess, also helped to make planning much simpler for me. Nikki LeMasurier coordinated my meetings with my florist, officiant, and DJ. The Volunteer Princess also catered the event. Our choice in venue truly made our planning process enjoyable. My favorite color has always been pink, so I was determined to have my bridesmaids wear pink. I also wanted to choose a color for the bridesmaids that would complement the blue of John’s Air Force uniform. I love the beach, so I also wanted to bring a tropical element to the wedding. I chose very vibrant, tropical flowers in pink, yellow, and purple to use for my bouquet, as well as for the decor. Wedding Day: Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. John and I loved cruising down the Tennessee River which runs right by the campus of the University of Tennessee where we first met. Being able to take pictures and spend time out on the deck of the boat was wonderful. Many of our guests traveled a long distance to come to our wedding, so it was great having the opportunity to reunite with family and friends. We also enjoyed being able to share with them the town and school where John and I have made so many memories together.

Behind the Story

Ceremony & Reception Location Volunteer Princess Wedding Planner Nikki LeMasurier, Volunteer Princess Caterer Volunteer Princess

For a stress free wedding day Plan it with Love Having spent months planning your wedding day, frantically running errands, attending appointments and making decisions, many couples spend their wedding day worrying whether everything will go according to plan -- that's where we come in. Our primary mission of Plan It With Love is to take your worry away!

Photos Courtesy of Bryan Allen Photography and JoPhoto

865.216.8253 • •

Hannah Moore & Timothy Johnson 06.09.12 Love Story: We were set up on a blind date! My supervisor had worked with Tim a few years back and when she realized we were both single, she gave him my number. She swears she’s going to retire from match making with her perfect record!

Hannah Moore & Timothy Johnson

Tim proposed to me on Easter in the most adorable way possible. He had set up an Easter egg hunt in his backyard. I was completely stunned when I opened a golden egg and found a beautiful engagement ring inside! Wedding Details: We were engaged for a little over a year. We actually got married on June 9th, 2012 and our first (blind!) date was on June 9th, 2010, so it was a very special day. Our theme was “Shabby Chic” and we brought it to life with a hand-picked collect of antique books, hand-cut burlap centerpieces, vintage mason jars with flowers and candles and old medicine bottles for bud vases. We were able to save some time and money because we took advantage of an all inclusive package. It was a dream come true for a bride because we got the best vendors without having to interview everyone in Knoxville and nearly everything was taken care of in the package. I “splurged” on my dress but it was worth it! It was exactly what I had dreamed of when I pictured my wedding day. Wedding Day: Our wedding day was surprisingly smooth. I actually had to go to Hallmark the morning of to find a guest book (one detail I had missed) and they couldn’t believe I was so calm on my wedding day- out shopping! My bridesmaids were brilliant and calm. I didn’t tear up until I saw my Daddy looking so handsome in his tuxedo. I believe the cutest moment of the wedding was probably when the flower girl, my adorable three year-old niece, dropped the flower petals into the fountain instead of on the ground. Our photographer, Katherine Birkbeck, was absolutely amazing! She was sweet, kind, energetic, put everyone at ease, went with the flow. She made everyone feel so comfortable and she wasn’t intrusive at all. We didn’t realize how many great shots she got until we saw them. It was like she was everywhere at once! She was a dream. My favorite moment she captured was when she snuck Tim and I away after it got dark and we took some beautiful pictures by the fountains. It was sprinkling just a little bit so it looked like it there was glitter all around us.

~ Congrats to our ~ Cover Contest

Behind the Story


Photography Katherine Birkbeck Photography Florist Always in Bloom Caterer All Occasion Catering Cake All Occasion Catering Invitations & Calligraphy Personally Yours

As Unique as the Bride Let Gigi’s Cupcakes create a one-of-a-kind gourmet cupcake arrangement that will truly capture the beauty of your day. Whether it’s a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner or the big day itself, we offer a large variety of boutique cupcakes from which to choose. We can create the perfect complement to your special event. It’s no wonder more and more brides are now saying “I do”to Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Turkey Creek (Knoxville)

11665 Parkside Drive • Knoxville, TN 37934 • Tel: 865.675.1980 Mon-Thurs: 8:30am-8pm; Fri-Sat: 8:30am-9pm; Sun: 12-6pm : Gigi’s Cupcakes - Knoxville, TN

Rebecca Schmid & Andrew Childress 06.09.12

Love story: We met when Rebecca made a stop through Arkansas during a road trip out west. She stopped through for a visit with friends who ended up playing the role of match maker. It was out of the blue, and caught both of us by surprise. We both seem to pick up where the other leaves off. Not so much with completing sentences, but if one of us is weak in an area, it is typically a strength for the other. We balance each other, and have a lot of fun with whatever we are doing. The question was popped on top of Bluff Mountain, where we had spent time together previously. There was a candlelit dinner, wine, flowers, and candles lining the trail to the overlook. What I said and how I asked is a blur, but I will always remember her answer, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Rebecca Schmid & Andrew Childress

Wedding Details: We were engaged for about 8 months. We did not hire a wedding planner, but several family members and friends lent their expertise to help everything go smoothly. The most important thing to us about our wedding was simply the fact that we would finally be together, since it was a long-distance relationship. We wanted a peacock theme, with an antique and vintage feel. We used an old painted door and a few props for a backdrop, and our photo album is now full of unforgettable polaroid shots. Our colors were a mix of everything from emerald green and royal blues, to bright yellows and reds. It was a well-balanced color scheme. Wedding Day: The funniest parts of our ceremony came from sound system malfunctions while our pastor was speaking. The sound system would blank out from time to time, usually at the most inopportune moments, and made for a lot of good laughs. Unfortunately, this all happened because of a bit of a lack of planning on our parts in the sound department. We opted to do a “First Look” with our photographers, and caused some tears to fall, as well as when Rebecca’s father gave her away at the altar.

Behind the Story

Cinematography Nicholas & Keaton Rentals and Decor All Occasions Party Rental,

Flowers Forever Inc Preserve your bridal bouquet for generations to come!

Oval Frames • Rectangle Frames • Shadowboxes Keepsake Boxes • and More!

Bridal Gown Preservation also Available

Meghan Lederer • 865-385-0882 Peggy Lowe • 901-496-1707

Four Need-to-Know Tips for Your Bridal Portrait Session by Pink Lady Andrea [ Show off your dress and your attitude with our advice! ]

1. Take inspiration from other bridal sessions you have seen, but never attempt to copy them. The whole idea is to express who you are at an important time in your life. Do something that is uniquely you!

2. It is fun to be trendy, but it is safest to shoot for timeless. Consider subtle additions, like vibrant shoes in a color you have always loved or a location you used to play in as a child.

3. Hold your breath – you do not have to wear your dress! If jeans and a t-shirt define you much more than your wedding dress, incorporate them in the bridal session.

4. Incorporate only things you love. If you do not ride a motorcycle, fix cars, or go sailing, why would you have your photos taken on a bike, under a greasy car, or on a boat? Again, each bride is unique. Let your portrait capture that! Never do something merely to make a point or because others may like it. Satisfy yourself above all!

Melanie Holt & Brian Holdridge

Melanie Holt & Brian Holdridge 10.06.12

Behind the Story

The Proposal: Brian’s proposal was perfect, although his original “well thought plan” didn’t go quite like he wanted it (i.e. Christmas lights around porch, wine, and a long description of his unconditional love)! He still made it a night I will never forget by simply going down on one knee in the living room while I was in my PJs, glass of milk in my hand, and telling me he couldn’t imagine his life without me. Wedding Details: Our vision was rustic and relaxing. I love the mountains in the fall with the leaves changing colors and the cooler weather. I had always envisioned an outdoor wedding in the fall…even if it was only 6 months to plan I was going to get it done! Our colors were chocolate brown and teal. I love the oranges, yellows, and reds in fall colors, so we used that as well. The groomsmen wore brown tuxedos with paisley teal vests and ties. The bridesmaids wore brown tea length strapless dresses, and the junior bridesmaid wore a teal one-shoulder dress.

Ceremony & Reception Location The Lodge at Valley View

Katie Schrank & Paul Wright 10.11.12

Magan & Austin Eldridge 08.12.12

Ashton Huber & Yash Dravid 11.16.12

Star Noir Studio

Waldorf Photographic Art

Your Reflections

Tara Vanosdale & Corey Goin 09.23.12

Anne Davies & Doran McKnight 06.30.12

Rachel Christensen & Zac Stephens 05.18.12

Sheila Hannus, Photographer

Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Bledsoe Photography

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Jamie Sims & Umberto Marconi 07.07.12

Heather Bunch & Doyle Hudson 04.21.12

Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Your Reflections

Congratulations To all of these Knoxville couples

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KELLEY ROBINSON & CHRIS BELMONT 09.24.11 LOVE STORY: Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here! Your wedding story can be featured here!

Kelley Robinson & Chris Belmont

Behind the Story

Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here Wedding Professionals Here

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Joni Farrar & Daniel Mayville

Joni Farrar & Daniel Mayville 06.16.12

Behind the Story

Love story: Daniel is best friends with my sis’s husband, and we met through them at a get together. We are, for the most part, total opposites, but we balance each other out nicely. Dan is funny and constantly keeps me entertained. We have lots of fun together. He can be a real romantic. The night he asked me to marry him, we went to eat at the melting pot and then went back to my sister’s. He had the entire deck covered with candles. It was the sweetest thing ever! He had my brother-in-law put Beyonce’s ‘Put a Ring On It’ on, and we had champagne. Wedding Details: We were engaged for 6 months. Daniel and I really love to entertain. It was so important to us that our wedding was fun for our guests as well as us. We wanted a calm, fun, family get together kind of atmosphere, and I think we had just that. I really wanted our wedding to have a vintage feel and just be simple so it didn’t take away from the beauty of the mansion. My mother and I decided on simple tables. My Granny helped me with rustic-looking flowers, and my Aunt placed my cake on a huge cut of natural wood. We basically let the mansion do the rest. We got married under a really old, huge tree in the front, and my mom and sis surprised me with lanterns they put together and hung that were absolutely perfect for our ceremony. Wedding Day: Our wedding was awesome! Everything was perfect, and we had a blast. I’m pretty sure our guests did too! I was so happy that I didn’t even get emotional. It was really just perfect.

Photographer Bledsoe Photography Rentals and Decor All Occasions Party Rentals

The Lodge AT VALLEY VIEW On the peaceful side of the Smokies...

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Don’t Say This During Wedding Planning! “Sounds good, whatever you think.”

If it only mattered what your bride thought, than she wouldn’t take the time to ask you for an opinion. Contrary to popular culture, most brides desperately want their groom more involved with the wedding planning. While there will be some aspects that you have less of any opinion than others, it is important to not fall mute for a majority of the major decisions. After all, a wedding is the first step in your new life together, and I’m betting you want to have a say in that.

“How much?!”

Constant criticism of how much is being spent really takes the fun out of planning a wedding for all parties involved, particularly your bride. Instead, map out a budget that you can both agree on for the wedding so you both have a clear understanding of how much money is being spent where. Financial woes are the number-one precursor for divorce; start off on the right foot.

“I’m really whipped... I just want to chill. Can all this planning stuff wait?”

Let me clarify... grooms get a hall-pass on this statement a couple times. By the third, fourth, every time we ask for help and you respond with another excuse to postpone, our patience wears thin. Brides see a mountain of work ahead of them when it comes to all the details of a wedding. From decor to family drama to slimming down for our dream dress, we see our own sacrifice everywhere and need you to pitch in. After all, the wedding is for the both of us.

“Didn’t I mention that? I must have forgotten.”

It is important that both bride and groom are kept in each other’s loop regarding the wedding, guests’ travel plans and Mom’s sudden one-eighty considering her help with the rehearsal dinner. A wedding can be a logistical nightmare, and “forgetting” to mention vital details can derail a timeline and add a lot of undue stress to your bride. When you have new wedding information, make a point to share this with your fiancé, pronto. I’m betting there’s an app for that...

“This really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want to help.”

Agreed, tying ribbons around hundreds of wedding programs or filling custom seed packets for favors may not be your cup of tea. But your bride is excited and loves the details that make your day personal and heartfelt, including those that are somewhat time-consuming. And when you love a person you do things that are not important to you because they matter to the person who matters most to you.

Tara Vanosdale & Corey Goin

Tara Vanosdale & Corey Goin 09.23.12

Behind the Story

Love story: We met in 2005 at Faith Promise Church, dated for 6 years and engaged for a year and a half. Our engagement began with a proposal at the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. Wedding Details: We wanted a more contemporary feel to our wedding, so we did a “Bling” theme. Our colors were red, silver, black and white. We used very few flowers and more diamond and crystal decor. Since we own Music in Motion a Mobile DJ & Lighting company we used all of our own Uplighting for a splash of red color wash. Being in the wedding industry as DJs for the past 7 years together we’ve experienced the excitement and sentiment of hundreds of weddings but never for ourselves... I must say, it was wonderful being on the other side of the planning process. We enjoyed every moment of our wedding although it went by in a flash, the standout moments were the things that we’ve done for so many of our clients and getting to experience it for ourselves, like the custom grand entrance and the surprise fireworks and sparklers departure! Wedding Advice: Make sure your “3 F’s” are covered... Facility, Food & Fun! Those are the three things that people remember the most other than the dress and ceremony... Get a great venue, good food and fun entertainment! We look forward to growing our businesses and traveling together! After being together for 7 years, we’re surprised that it really gets better after marriage, it really has!

Photographer Sheila Hannus, Photographer Wedding Planner Deneise Lane, Whiteston Florist Melissa Timm Designs Caterer Whitestone Cake The Bakery Formalwear Savvi Formalwear Ceremony & Reception Location Whitestone Rentals and Decor Melissa Timm Designs



to Make the Most


of Bridal Shows

You’re engaged, and now it is time to start planning… With so many things to see and vendors to talk to, wedding shows can be overwhelming and feel a bit like, well, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Savvy brides see through the chaos and make the most of what bridal shows have to offer by way of inspiration, advice and vendor giveaways. With these 7 tips, you can too!


Come prepared. The boy scouts were on to something here… Make sure you have the essentials. Have a pen to take notes and sign up for all the wedding day give-aways. Better yet, pre-print mailing labels with your name, phone number, email and wedding date to save a ton of time. Also, remember to bring your camera to capture all the wedding inspiration on display… vendors are putting their best decorating foot forward and you will want to remember everything you saw.


Don’t eat (a lot!) before you come. Weddings have food, and so do wedding shows. Caterers and bakers use this opportunity to showcase great samples of their food, so hold off on lunch & come hungry!


Leave the little ones at home. Children have small attention spans and even with all the cake samples will quickly lose interest becoming dead weight. It is distracting to have fussy or bored children (or adults!) in your party while you are walking the show floor and trying to talk with vendors. Think carefully about who will join you on wedding show day.


Do your homework. It’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the services you are still seeking, what questions to ask and who is exhibiting at the show. This helps to maximize the time you have at each booth which can sometimes be limited with busy shows and popular vendors. Having other details, such as your wedding date or budget mapped out, are also helpful… You don’t want to fall in love with a vendor only to find out that they are booked on your wedding date or out of your price range.


Come ready to make a deal. Many of the vendors will offer show-only discounts and specials for brides ready to book. If you have done your research and have your checkbook in hand, the savings will add up fast. Keep in mind that vendors are not as busy during the fashion show, so if you have your dress, use this time to talk one-on-one.


These boots are made for comfort. Remember the show floor is big with lots of walking, so leave the heels for later that night and wear comfy shoes!


FREE tickets! Many local vendors are given free show tickets to hand out to perspective brides that they would like to personally invite to the show. If you plan to set up meetings with vendors before the show, make sure to ask if they will have a booth, and you just may get free tickets.

Don’t miss the Knoxville Pink Bridal Show! Visit for more details.

Ainslee Szalai & Ryan Boswell October 6, 2012 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jewels Photography

Ainslee Szalai & Ryan Boswell 10.06.12 Love Story: Ryan and I met working at Bama Fever Tiger Pride, and honestly, it was love at first sight. I still remember texting my friend and saying, “New guy is SO cute, he’s gonna be mine.” I love the fact that we bring out each other’s weirdness. We are both completely goofy people, and we honestly bring out the best in each other. I couldn’t imagine living life any other way than this – living it out with my best friend. Ryan popped the question on the golf course (it’s a place where we love to go together). I was sitting in the cart, on the third hole of Robert Trent Jones in Opelika, AL, playing on Facebook while Ryan was hitting the ball. He asked me to come make his final put for him, and when the ball went in the hole, I looked down to see a ring box in the hole too! Wedding Details: We were engaged just over a year, which in my opinion, was the perfect amount of time! I did the majority of the planning throughout the year, and at the end, Ryan and my Maid of Honor Meaghen helped a lot. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter what colors I chose, what music was played, or who showed up…all that mattered was that Ryan and I walked away married. I wanted a quaint, contemporary wedding with a few traditional elements tossed in. By selecting Lambeau Field for our venue, I knew that our wedding would be far from traditional, so I wanted to make sure and incorporate some traditional elements. I also knew that there would be a lot of green and gold around, so I chose marine blue and silver for our colors. One special element of our wedding was that we had an empty chair next to my father, for my late mother. Every member of the wedding party, including myself and Ryan, laid a flower down in the chair in memory of her. It was an incredibly sweet and meaningful moment. Big Day: Honestly, everything went perfectly...and I’m not just saying that! Everyone was on time (even the guys!), and everything ran smoothly. I think a part of that can be contributed to how well everything was organized by the event staff and me. I honestly hope I never forget any of it – it was the most amazing day of my life so far. I will never forget the feeling of walking down the aisle, how badly my legs were shaking because I was trying not to cry, how thankful I was for Pastor Ron’s sense of humor to stop me from crying, and how when I finally couldn’t hold my tears any longer, Ryan was right there with a tissue in his pocket.

Behind the Story

Photographer Jewels Photography Ceremony & Reception Location Lambeau Field

Emily Kelley& Jared Mullins

Emily Kelley& Jared Mullins 08.18.12

Behind the Story

Love story: I had just moved to Oak Ridge, TN, and Jared was one of the first people I met during our sophomore year in high school. He told me he saw me walking down the stairs, and he said I was just beautiful. He was very shy around me at first. I actually saw him at the movies one night, and he had his mom follow me (he couldn’t drive yet, ha) to a red light to see if I would go play mini golf with him. The rest is history! He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He treats everyone with respect. We have the same sense of humor, too. We’re both dorks! Ha, ha. Proposal: I came home from work one night, sick as a dog, and I found rose petals leading into the living room. I saw him and our dog on one knee with “Will you marry me?” in rose petals. Needless to say, I totally forgot about being sick as a dog! He had cooked me dinner, and it was just amazing! Love him. Wedding Details : We were engaged for 6 months. My mom was on it right from the time I told her we were engaged. Emailing people, bridal shows, everything! I couldn’t have done it without her, my mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, Ashley. They all kept me going! My colors were gray, yellow, and turquoise. I had my girls wear handmade turquoise jewelry that a lady in Hawaii made. They were just gorgeous with the gray dresses and the yellow flowers. Sam Franklin did an amazing job decorating the ceremony and reception areas. It took my breath away when I saw it. Wedding Day: I was so nervous waiting to walk down the aisle, and my dad was cracking jokes the whole time to calm my nerves. I’m so glad he did that, or I might have passed out! I love our bridal party. They are all our really good friends, and I couldn’t have imagined it without them. They made the day, and they made the reception a complete blast! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or danced that much in my life. Our photographer, Tara, was just amazing to work with. She is the most down-to-earth person ever, and made us feel at complete ease.

Florist Samuel Franklin Photographer Dixie Pixel Invitations & Calligraphy Paper Paraphernalia Music/Entertainment Special Notes featuring Ogle Entertainment Rentals and Decor All Occasion Party Rentals

Regina King & Andrew Renfro September 22, 2012 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Dixie Pixel

Regina King & Andrew Renfro 09.22.12 The Proposal: On July 4th, Andy and I went bike riding in Cades Cove, and he suggested we take a break in the Primitive Baptist Church; it is my favorite place on the loop. Inside, I began looking through all the Bibles that had been donated by couples that marry in the chapel – I turned to show him one, and there he was – down on one knee and holding the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. All I remember of that moment is crying and saying ‘yes’ over and over... Wedding Details: I realized that Andy and I are a hodgepodge of contradicting tastes, and no one theme was going to be uniquely us – so we became our own theme. Our planning guideline was: if it isn’t personal to us, it doesn’t make the cut. The first week of planning was a nightmare. The wedding date went from March to May to February, and the location changed daily. So in the end we decided not only small, but incredibly intimate. We invited twelve family members and four friends to share our joy. After that was decided, we couldn’t see a reason to wait – we settled on September 22nd, giving us two months to plan. Since the weather would be nice in September, we booked the same chapel where Andy proposed to me for the ceremony. My mother agreed to make my dress, and I agreed to let her imagination and inspiration create the style. The only ‘must-have’ on my list was the photography, so the first call I made was to Tara Kneiser of Dixie Pixel – I have followed and loved her work for years, and I am incredibly lucky that she was available for our short-notice wedding. In fact, the only ‘breakdown’ I had was when she told me she had just opened her availability for that weekend – I sat on the couch next to Andy and just sobbed. Since she was the only person, outside of Andy, that I wanted at my wedding, it was a dream come true. Next I went to Sharon Deaver at Wallace Paper Co. for invitations, and she went through a number of books with me until I found just the right style. My sister is a big fan of The Sweetery and pointed me towards Cheryl McMillan. I told her I was carrying white hydrangeas down the aisle and that a lavender hydrangea was on my invitations, and she showed me an example of what she could do while keeping the serving size at the minimum. The result was a cake perfectly sized and incredibly beautiful – I didn’t even want to cut it at the reception! Oh, and the reception went above and beyond helping me prepare. They served hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in the courtyard for the arriving guests, and the meal and presentation at dinner was beyond anything I expected.

Behind the Story

Photographer Dixie Pixel Florist Echelon Florist Cake The Perfect Ending at The Sweetery

Wedding DressforStyles each body type Your wedding day is about celebrating the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, so be sure to wear the dress of your dreams for the occasion! Discover the best style suggestions for your body type here.

by Pink Lady Andrea

Body Type

Gown Suggestion


Try a mermaid or trumpet silhouette. Both help you seem curvier and make your bust and hips look more proportioned. If you really enjoy the idea of a ball gown, try that too! It will capitalize on your small waist and create a more pronounced hip.


Find a dress with an open neckline – ideally a strapless sweetheart. Do not opt for sleeves or a cover over your arms. Look for a dress with ruching that comes to a point, as this separates the bust and the hip perfectly.

Small Bust

Look for a gown with a sweetheart neckline and ruching at the top. This creates volume where you need it most.


Play down your bust by avoiding straight necklines. Rather, choose a sweetheart neckline or a scooped neckline. Opt for a modified A-line dress with beads and detailing further down the dress to avoid drawing more attention up top.


Seek a design with minimal frills that accents your long lines. An Empire dress can do just that. The dress will pull in right at or just below your natural waist.


The fit and flair cut with a sweetheart neckline will be flattering on you. Keep in mind while shopping that a higher waist creates the illusion of a longer torso. Embellishments are great for this body type, but they should be small and clustered mainly at the top of the dress.

Pear Shape

A gown with thick straps or a one-shoulder look will help pull the eye away from your hips. A flowing gown with a natural waist will also help conceal this area.

Apple Shape

Seek out dresses with lots of ruching all over to create shape. A V-neck is slimming and draws the eye up, rather than across, too.

No matter what dress style you choose in the end, all that matters is how you feel in it. Keep an open mind to conflicting opinions, but do not let yourself lose focus in the midst of them. Your opinion matters most! Follow your professional’s suggestions as you try on different styles, and ultimately choose the dress you feel the most beautiful and confident in as you look in the mirror. Regardless of your body type, if you are happy and confident on your wedding day, you will be gorgeous!

Is it time to plan your wedding in the Knoxville area?

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us h t i w t c e n n o C for the best in


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fabric draping • specialty lighting 855.488.LUMA |

Mona Thakkar & Shamir Patel July 28, 2012 Ceremony & Recpetion Location Castleton Farms

Mona Thakkar & Shamir Patel 07.28.12 Love story: Shamir and I are both lawyers, so we actually crossed paths a few times before we actually “met” at our common friend’s wedding in Cincinatti. I drove down to the wedding with a friend from Chicago, and he flew in from Washington, D.C. We both got to the hotel a little bit early, and he held the door open for me as I was unloading the car and heading to the hotel room. There was definitely an immediate “spark,” and we ended up keeping in touch after the wedding. He flew out to Chicago a month later for our “first date.” The rest is history. Wedding Details: We were engaged 9 months before we got married. I was planning the wedding from long distance (Washington, D.C.), so we had a relatively short amount of time. I went back and forth on hiring a planner, and ultimately decided against it, in large part because Darla Walker at Castleton Farms is a great resource, and I knew that we’d be well taken care of the day of the wedding. I was going for a simple but elegant look for our wedding and reception. I truly felt that the venue provided such a lovely setting on its own, that I didn’t want the décor to take away from the venue. Hindu weddings tend to be colorful and ornate, and I definitely wanted to incorporate important Hindu and Indian elements, but I did not want anything to be over-the-top. The portico in the Carriage House Gardens served as the perfect mandap (central to the Hindu wedding), and the gardens were the perfect natural setting for our Hindu ceremony. I pulled a number of pictures from the Internet and our vendors - AOPR and Samuel Franklin - were able to bring it to life. Since our ceremony was in the morning, and our reception was in the evening, I used warm colors (orange, fuschia, and purple) for the ceremony, and cool colors (blue and purple) for the reception. I wanted one color throughout the day (purple). Wedding Day: Our wedding day was just wonderful. I remember feeling much calmer than I thought I would be. Shamir and I took “first look” photos pretty early in the morning; it was a beautiful, sunny day; and the setting - Castleton Farms - just provided such a peaceful, beautiful setting that I knew it was going to be a great day - and a great life together.

Behind the Story Ceremony Location Castleton Farms - Carriage House Gardens Reception Location Castleton Farms - Tented Pavillion Photographer Waldorf Photography Wedding Planner Darla Walker - Castleton Farms Florist Samuel Franklin Caterer All Occasion Catering Rentals and Decor All Occasions Party Rentals


DIY Wedding:

assume you will save money Not all DIY projects will put your wedding budget in the black. Project costs can quickly add up as mistakes and miscalculations have you purchasing extra supplies and especially if you end up throwing in the towel and hiring a pro at the last minute. In the end, it can be cheaper and easier to work with a professional from the get-go, saving you the hassle, time and wasted money.

be realistic about your craftiness keep in mind you are responsible for setup (and clean-up) After spending weeks creating personal favors, programs and menu cards, these items must move from living room to wedding venue. I can’t tell you how many exhausted DIYers come wedding week are stuck setting out and cleaning up these projects on wedding day. But you don’t have to be. Give yourself a break, and see if your wedding planner, caterer or venue staff can take over the set-up (and clean up!). Most will be more than happy to help, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your wedding.

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart. With ethereal precision, she makes even the most tedious and complicated of crafts appear effortlessly mundane and obvious. I have learned that I am no Martha... none of us are. Find DIY success by being realistic about your crafting skills (and available time). With so many other things to worry about on wedding day, aspiring to be a professional shouldn’t be one of them.

try something for the first time Procrastinate The second most common mistake (after assuming you’re a crafting goddess) is waiting until the last minute. Case and point, it took me almost 8 months to stop thinking about refinishing my desk and getting to it. And I am still contemplating changing out the drawer pulls. Decoupaging hundreds of tiny votives placecards seems easy enough. Until you are wrist-deep in white goop, pulling all-nighters leading up to wedding day while you second guess the finished look. Assume all wedding-related crafting will take much longer than expected. Worse-case scenario, you can still hand things off to the pros if finishing looks unlikely.

I catch myself saying all the time, “Well, that looks easy enough!” Of course I needed 40 grit sandpaper, not 80! Yeah... so I don’t even know the real difference between 40, 80 or under what circumstances they are most appropriate. While I have no problem bumbling through trial-and-error projects, likely never to see the light of day, weddings are different. Under immense stress to figure out how all this wedding planning works, learning a new skill within the same timeline can be overwhelming. Save yourself the stress and hand off first-time projects to professionals.

Have a Wedding

King and Queen fit for a

A magnificent wedding experience awaits you in Kingsport, Tennessee. Your dream wedding will become reality at one of our many unique area venues – no matter what style or budget you have in mind for your special day.


The Ki ng o f Weddi ng s For more information, contact: Kingsport Convention and Visitors BureauSM 1-800-743-5282 • FREE Tennessee Vacation Guide or 1-800-GO-2-TENN Photography by Byington Photography

September 1, 2012

Charissa Barbro & Phil Kingsley PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bryan Allen Photography

Charissa Barbro & Phil Kingsley 09.01.12

The Proposal: Phil proposed to me at the top of the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago on December 22nd, 2011. To throw me off and ensure that the engagement was a surprise, Phil wrapped a present with a wake-boarding boat brochure inside and had me open it before the proposal. He said, “Merry Christmas Honey...I bought us a boat!” Phil wanted to be “boat people”...while Charissa wanted to be “married people” first. Charissa acted as if she was excited about the gift, but in reality was wondering why Phil spent her engagement ring money on a boat. Once Phil knew she had no idea about the proposal, the surprise began...and she said yes! Wedding Planning: Phil and I were engaged for about 8 months. We decided to take on the task of planning on our own. We tried as hard as possible not to stress the small things and the things we could not control. When I began the planning process, I knew I wanted the colors to be black, white, and jade. I also knew I wanted lilies. My florist made the centerpieces for 20 dinner tables. To save money, the bridal party table cylinders were filled with the bouquets from the ceremony. Under each centerpiece was a piece of jade fabric I purchased in bulk.

Behind the Story

Photographer Bryan Allen Photography Music/Entertainment Special Notes featuring Ogle Entertainment Rentals and Decor All Occasion Party Rentals

Nathalie Spencer & Ryan Sweeney 09.09.12

Nathalie Spencer & Ryan Sweeney

Love Story: I had first seen Ryan online when I was surfing a social networking site called MySpace for classmates. We e-mailed back and forth for a couple months, almost every evening, before he jokingly stated he didn’t think I was a stalker and he would give me HIS number. We text for another week or two before our first actual “date.” The first time we officially met in person was while I was camping with my family at Beech Fork State Park. So, he actually met my mom on our first date! We talked by the campfire all evening long and into the early morning hours. Later that evening, he called and asked if we could watch a movie. We have been inseparable ever since! Wedding Day: Our big day went so fast, it was almost a blur! I had to get up early to go get my hair done at a salon in Gatlinburg, TN. This took longer than expected, so I was already running behind. I had to call Ryan with a list of stuff to get at the cabin to bring to the wedding site. When I met Ryan at the site, we found out that he had forgotten the flower girl petals, so he had to drive back to the cabin (20 minutes away and 45 minutes till the wedding). After that, we had to get ready. We had purchased presents for each other to open right before the wedding. We were getting ready in two separate buildings, so we had the packages hand-delivered to each other by a member of the wedding party. I was opening mine and didn’t think anything of the packaging since I figured he had gone to the same jewelry store to get my present as I had his. Turns out, the packages had accidentally got switched around and I opened his and vice versa! We got the packages switched back after much laughing. After that, we had to take golf carts to our ceremony site because it was in the woods. I didn’t realize until I arrived at the site that I had forgotten my handwritten vows in the room I had gotten ready in. Thankfully, my coordinator was close by, so I told her as I walked past her to go down the aisle. She got my vows to me right as Ryan finished his. I didn’t cry until I started reading my vows. I guess it didn’t hit me until at that moment that I was finally marrying my best friend and it was real! I couldn’t pick one special moment that day that was the most memorable. It was all very special to both of us and we were blessed to have loved ones and friends that were able to join us in our special day. It was perferct in its own way! Wedding Details: My theme of course was country casual. We wanted everyone to be comfortable so we told everyone not to dress up! The wedding party wore boots (of course), the girls wore tutu dresses, and the guys wore vests. Most of the decor consisted of mason jars and candles! Our colors were pale blues, greens, and pinks.

Behind the Story

Photographer Star Noir Studio Wedding Planner Lesley Livingston of Sampsons Hollow Ceremony & Reception Location Sampsons Hollow

Woes of the Web

a bride 's tell-all

Oh, the thrill of online shopping. People’s thriftiness or tight budgets allow them to get lured in by the ultra-slashed prices on popular websites. But when it comes to shopping for a wedding gown online, Christina Tompkins learned the risks the hard way when her wedding dress dreams turned into nightmares. The Right One: My fiancé and I were engaged in September 2011, and we set a date for September 2 of the following year. I thought this would give me plenty of time to make wedding plans. I soon began to search for a wedding dress. After looking through a few magazines, I fell in love with an Allure Couture dress that a bridal store close by actually carried. A little later, I was shopping online and I came across some other dresses that I’d seen in magazines at a fraction of the original cost. This made me curious to see if my dream dress was also available online at a discounted price.

The Wrong Dress

The Wrong One: Eventually, I found an online vendor who offered my dress—same exact picture from magazines, totally different price. At $235, my fiancé insisted that we take the chance and order it. So I submitted my order, but after a few weeks and no dress, I started to worry. I quickly assured myself and considered it a normal timeframe for a dress coming all the way from China. Soon after, I came home to find a very small, thin package on my doorstep. Inside, I found a dress nothing like the one I had fallen in love with weeks earlier. It was obvious that the dress was cheaply made. I immediately went to the bridal store where my dream dress was held and compared the two dresses. The elaborate, beaded bodice I admired on the original dress was replaced by one with gaudy, silver sequins. The original bottom was an intricate embroidery of hand-made flowers, while my online dress had white flowers actually safety-pinned onto the train! I was so shocked and heartbroken, but luckily I gave myself enough time for mishaps. I was going to try and make it a DIY project; in fact, I tried to sew on sequins myself! In the end, I contacted the company in China and asked for my money back which was eventually, and luckily, refunded to me. I recently found another dress by Maggie Sottero that I purchased—in the store this time!—without having to deal with hefty price tags or risky transactions! Her Advice: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of bidding websites that present your dream dress with the same photos but have a distinctly different price. You get what you pay for—cheap price, cheap dress. Something as important as your wedding gown should be purchased in-store; you are able to have a concrete visual of what you are spending your money on. Go with the dress you give your heart to (even if your more frugal fiancé tries to convince you otherwise!). Do not spoil it by trying to find a better deal because, more than likely, you won’t find one worthy of your purchase. Be wary of dresses made in a foreign country like China. Being so far away from the manufacturer is never a good thing, and you probably won’t get the detail you are hoping for. Not all online wedding purchases are off-limits, though. I actually purchased my wedding shoes and several bridal party favors online with no hassle. For a bride whose dress is low on her wedding totem pole, she might not have to take as many precautions. However, all brides should do their homework before making such a costly purchase.

THe Right Dress





Sound Force

YOUR WEDDING • 800.529.9278

Maggie Goodwin & Matthew Fillmore May 26, 2012

Ceremony & Reception Venue & Florist The Lily Barn

Maggie Goodwin & Matthew Fillmore 05.26.12 Love story: Matthew and I started dating when we were sophomores in high school. He went to Vanderbilt, and I went to the University of Tennessee for college, so we began dating long distance. We dated on and off throughout college, but I always knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my live with Matthew. After he graduated, he was commissioned as an Officer in the Navy and immediately went on deployment. He came home that year right after Christmas, and we started talking about our long-term plans together. We went home to his sister and friend’s wedding at the end of September, 2011. The day after, I was sitting in my parent’s yard on a swing when he pulled up and sat beside me. He told me how much he loved me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. The Big Day: Our wedding day seemed to be the hottest day of the year. It was close to 100 degrees outside! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Our wedding theme was a vintage/military wedding since Matthew serves in the Navy. I trusted my mother and her friends to decorate and do all the finishing touches. My mother just let me enjoy the day! When my dad walked me down the aisle, I was overcome with tears of joy. It was just beautiful. Luckily, the yellow lilies had just started blooming, and the walkway was lined with them. The gazebo was covered with ivy, baby’s breath, and a chandelier. My bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets were of pink and cream roses, yellow spray roses, and white and pink peonies. The yellow lilies on the walkway made the yellow in the bouquets just pop out! The wedding was followed with cocktails at the cantilever barn, the tables were decorated with hydrangeas, and our guests were able to stroll through the beautiful gardens at The Lily Barn. We had a vintage chest set up with our families’ wedding pictures, pictures of us dating in high school and college, and my bridesmaids and me growing up together. It was such a nice touch! We also had an area set up for our guests to give us marriage advice, and we used a vintage trunk for our gift table, which was adorned with my grandfather’s World War II Navy hat and my mother’s wedding veil. To top off the display, we had our engagement pictures strung on the trunk lid. The reception was under thousands of lights in the pavilion! It started with our entrance. The groomsmen lined up in two columns with raised swords to form an arch. Every time we came forward, they lowered the swords and exclaimed, “The price for passage is a kiss!” We were able to get through, and Matthew’s best man tapped me on the behind with his sword and exclaimed, “Welcome to the Navy!” The tables were decorated by my mother and friends and family. They used vintage lanterns, birdcages, pearls, antique doilies, and each table was covered in lace. A lot of the vintage pieces belong to our families.

Behind the Story Ceremony & Reception Venue & Florist The Lily Barn Photographer Bob Franklin Films Catering Miss Lily’s Cafe and Catering

- Wedding Resources Are you looking for photographer? Just need a connection to caterer or florist? Find local wedding vendors quickly by searching through alphabetized categories of popular wedding elements.

Bridal Registry



The Country Inn & Suites Knoxville at Cedar Bluff As you prepare for your big day, let our team take care of your out-of-town wedding guests at Cedar Bluff’s newest hotel. Wedding-friendly packages include a customized hotel reservation web-page, group rates including free hot breakfast, refrigerators & microwaves in every room and complimentary suite with separate living room.



“Happily ever after” starts with dreaming about your new life together, today. Belk makes it easy to register for everything you’ll need. Receive a $25 gift card when you create a qualified in-store registry, plus a 10% completion discount after your wedding. Create your registry in store or at


Bachelorette Parties


G&G Interiors


Whether your bachelorette party is classy or trashy, Bachelorette Nashville has a bachelorette party package, and bachelorette party ideas for you and your bride to be!

G&G offers a diverse line of furniture to satisfy the most formal setting or a casual environment. We pride ourselves on offering quality pieces with style and understated elegance that are unique to the Knoxville area. Our bridal registry includes lines like Juliska, Vietri, Arte Italica, Match, etc. We also have specialty lines like Hermes and Alberto Pinto.



Beauty & Health Aura Med Spa


Glass Bazaar Gifts


Aura Med Spa at Heartland is Knoxville’s premier location for spa and cosmetic medical services. We proudly host some of the area’s finest practitioners and offer medical grade solutions with medical grade results.

Glass Bazaar offers a wide variety of dinnerware, serveware, and gifts to accommodate any bride. We have a highly trained staff to assist the bride in making selections. Our online bridal registry, FREE gift wrap and FREE local delivery, as well as shipping anywhere in the U.S. are a part of our personal service.



Cakes Masterpiece Smiles, P.C.


Gigi’s Cupcakes


If you’re uncomfortable with your teeth, you could be holding back who you really are. But Invisalign’s clear, custom-designed aligners can be an inconspicuous and removable way to get a beautiful new smile. Many complex cases that once required braces can be treated with Invisalign, often in about a year. So check with an experienced Invisalign provider to see if it’s right for you. And let the real you bloom with a new smile.

Modern. Traditional. Eclectic. We’ll create an arrangement of cupcakes that will capture the flavor of your wedding, whatever your style happens to be. From traditional favorites like Wedding Cake and Champagne to unique combinations such as Amaretto Amore and Raspberries & Cream, they are perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and Groom’s Cupcakes. We offer complimentary private tastings upon request.



The Bakery, Home of Elegant Touch Catering

The Barn Event Center of the Smokies

You will notice that we are much more than a bakery or a caterer. We’re about you. We want your event to go as you planned, smoothly and memorably. Part of that will be what you ask us to do and we promise that it will be as if you, yourself, were preparing every item and every dish.


Our Chef Mike Blair can create a memorable meal that will delight your guests. Whether you come to our place or we come to yours, Chef Mike can accommodate your culinary needs.

This is who we are, we are......about you.


The Perfect Ending

Calhoun’s Banquets & Copper Cellar Catering

Traditional. Contemporary. Elegant. Whimsical. Your wedding cake should reflect your unique style. Together with our delicious cakes, and one of a kind, handmade gumpaste flowers, “The Perfect Ending” will create a centerpiece for your reception that will complete your special day. Every wedding deserves ‘the perfect ending’.




Our off-premise catering brings the Copper Cellar quality and Calhoun’s favorites to the area’s premier wedding venues, lovely gardens and intimate home settings, to create a wedding experience that is unique, stress free and totally YOU. We’ve proudly served East Tennessee’s catering needs for 30 years, and it would be our distinct pleasure to be of service to you and your families.


Catering Abner’s Attic


As a custom caterer we work with our customers to make their occasion unique. We have been in business for 30 years in East Tennessee and believe that service and presentation are as important a part of the special event as the made from scratch food and beverages we prepare.


All Occasion Catering


Want your wedding to be wonderful? Then call All Occasion Catering, Knoxville’s premiere caterer. For more than 15 years, we have been providing outstanding service for events ranging from 20 to 7,000 guests. With our impeccable presentation and mouth-watering menus, All Occasion Catering will turn your dream event into a deliciously perfect reality.


Dead End BBQ Catering


Gibson Girls Southern Goodies at Adelaide’s Make beautiful memories here at our authentic Civil War Era plantation house filled with history and Southern event venue we call Adelaide’s. Whether you are looking for a wedding cake, flowers, rehearsal dinner or a place for Sunday brunch to a full event or wedding venue we would love to assist you in creating your special day. Call our events coordinator for your tour or cake tasting!


Rosa’s Catering and Cakes We have been staying true to Chef Rosa’s dream of providing each client with a tailor-made menu and cake that tastes phenomenal is beautifully presented, and served with care for over 40 years. Our chefs, servers, and cake designer consistently provide the tried and true and the new and bold, while insisting on the highest top quality. Rosa’s is a name East Tennessee can trust. We can customize any event or any cake to fit your budget. Call for a free estimate.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House


Dead End BBQ Catering is like having a national awardwinning barbecue team right in your back yard. That’s where we started, as a neighborhood club, honing our skills, refining our recipes, and winning awards at national competitions. Now we’re honored to be Knoxville’s choice for Hometown Favorite BBQ and we would be more than honored to share the best with you & your guests on your special day. Whatever the size or style of event you have in mind, just let us know, and we will make it special.

In search of the ideal setting for your wedding event? Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience by hosting your event in our private dining space. At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, we treat every event with the utmost care and attention. Our team works with every bride, ensuring that each celebration stays true to your tastes and budget.



Catering Cont...


Miss Lily’s Catering

Always in Bloom, LLC


Indulge your guests to a culinary treat with Miss Lily’s Catering services. Whether you are looking for heavy hors d’ oeuvre’s, sit down dinners, down home BBQ or bridal cakes, exquisite cuisine and outstanding service won’t go unnoticed at your wedding reception with Miss Lily’s taking care of your guests. We cater onsite at the Lily Barn and offsite. Miss Lily’s is the perfect environment for bridal teas, showers, and rehearsal dinners. Call and book today!

Always in Bloom


With over 40 years of combined floral design experience, let the designers at Always in Bloom provide beautifully arranged fresh floral arrangements for your wedding and special events! Call today for your complimentary consultation~




Consultant Plan It With Love

Echelon Florist


Full-service wedding directing and coordinating services available from experienced professional certified bridal consultant. For a stress-free wedding day - leave the details to us!

Echelon Florist & Gifts is your Knoxville, Tennessee full service florist and custom floral design specialists. Echelon Florist has been serving Knoxville since 1995 and are family owned and operated. Because all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why we always go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect.



Destination Weddings Dancing Bear Lodge and Restaurant

Lisa Foster Floral Design 52

When you step through the doors of Lisa Foster Floral Design, you immediately experience a warm, friendly and pleasant environment--from the staff of designers to the overall ambiance of the European floral design influence. Located on top of Bearden Hill, Lisa Foster Floral Design is a full-service floral studio specializing in weddings. We pride ourselves in the ability to work with any budget for any occasion. Floral consultations are always free, call to make your appointment today.

Dancing Bear Lodge & Restaurant, the premier destination wedding location in the Smokies, creates an environment perfectly suited for celebrating your wedding day. From the first moment you check-in to the closing of your ceremony, we are there to help you and your family customize and execute a moment that you will cherish forever.



Flower Preservation Flowers Forever Inc.

Melissa Timm Designs


Melissa Timm Designs offers breathtaking floral creations that make all of your wedding design dreams come true. With over 20 years of experience, Melissa’s personable yet professional attitude and amazing design abilities make her the perfect choice for your once-in-a-lifetime. Take the first step towards the wedding of your dreams with Melissa Timm Designs. Call today for a free consultation!

With their state-of-the-art freeze-drying system they are able to preserve your floral arrangement so you may enjoy it for generations to come. Choose from a variety of frames, keepsakes to personalize your frame. Life-long memories start with them. Call Meghan Lederer at 865385-0882 or Peggy Lowe at 901-496-1707.


Wall Flowers

Wall Flowers



Melissa Timm Designs


Mulberries Floral Design


We specialize in preserving and framing your wedding bouquet. We also do custom watercolor sketches of your wedding gown. Both are personalized art pieces for your home, as well as heirlooms.

Specializing in exquisite floral artistry for exceptional events, the professionals at Mulberries create fabulous flowers unique to each customer’s vision. From small intimate parties to large weddings, we can accommodate most budgets and design aesthetics. Design studio located in Maryville. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.



Petree’s Flowers, Inc. Inside Front Cover Petree’s Flowers, Inc. prides itself on having a friendly staff who makes every visit to Petree’s a pleasant one. Petree’s Flowers, Inc. has been family-owned and operated since 1938. Come let our creative designers be a part of any occasion or special event! With two premiere locations serving all of Knoxville and surrounding areas, we specialize in making floral wedding dreams come true... Let us bring your special day into an affordable reality.


Personally Yours Invitation experts. Successful in business over 30 years. Offer engraved, printed and monogrammed items. Specialize in bridal gifts and groomsmen’s gifts. Offer exciting new styles of jewelry, purses and other fashionable items. Tons of customized gifts available.


Music & Entertainment Ridge Greenhouse and Florist


Ridge Greenhouse and Florist is a family owned and operated business serving Oak Ridge, Knoxville and surrounding area brides for more than 30 years. We offer fresh and silk flower options for every bride with any budget. Let us add our creative floral touch to your special day and visit our greenhouse that abounds with beautiful blooming and green plants for purchase and rent. Call today for a free consultation with our wedding specialists.

PatrickMichael Weddings Disc Jockey Entertainment and Master of Ceremonies . . . For A Lifetime Of Memories. We help engaged couples have the best wedding reception ever! Much more than just music, sound and lights. Wedding Wire - “Bride’s Choice 2012 Award”


Erin Browne Photography

Samuel Franklin’s Floral & Home



Piano, Organ, and Keyboard Music by Craig A. Hurst

Samuel Franklins located in the old historic post office in Clinton Tn is a Floral & Decor company with a rich history, being in business now for over 25 years. Offering the latest styles and trends in the wedding industry today, the staff of 8 are well known far & wide for being the best in wedding floral design! Come see why so many travel so far to have Sam and his wonderful staff design incredible flowers for you!

Add an elegant touch to your special function with live music.



Choose from traditional, classical, or contemporary music as well as jazz standards. Craig will work with you well before your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right music for your celebration or function.

Honeymoon AAA Travel Honeymoon Experts

Sound Force 68

Offering an extensive range of travel planning services. Book your honeymoon with AAA Travel and receive FREE luggage, with a minimum purchase. Also, don’t forget to ask how you can put your honeymoon on your gift registry!



Established in 1992, Sound Force is built on customer service and backed by years of experience. Known for producing fun events with attention to detail, we thoughtfully plan with you to ensure that everything is just as you imagine. Services offered: DJ, Emcee, Photo Booth, Specialty Lighting, Fabric Draping, Event Decor. We welcome the opportunity to celebrate your wedding day with you!


Invitations & Calligraphy Paper Paraphernalia

Sound Revue

Serving brides for 33 years with invitations from Crane, William Arthur, Vera Wang, Dauphine Press, Smock and many more. For a lasting first impression of your big day start with invitations from Paper Paraphernalia. Custom work is our specialty. We look forward to making your bridal experience memorable.

You’re planning a wedding that is different from any that has come before it. For one thing, your music will be different....because you’re different. Sound Revue DJs offers a vast selection of the most loved music ever created. Our DJs are trained entertainers who know how to deliver the amount of energy right for your day. Everything we do is customized for you. This your day. This is your party. Your entertainment will be perfect in our hands.




Music & Entertainment Cont... Special Notes Entertainment Agency

Brittany Toomey Photography 11

Special Notes provides entertainment services for ceremonies and weddings in and around Knoxville, TN. Our specialty is to find the perfect entertainment for your event. Please call us for a consultation and we can provide you with the entertainment you need. We provide the following Musician and Entertainment Services: Knoxville’s Most Requested DJ services, Karaoke, Live Bands from all over the Southeast, String duos, trios and quartets, Harpists, Violinists, Pianists, Guitarists, Brass Ensembles, Jazz Bands and more.


”By the time you are done shooting with Brittany, you will certainly have made a new friend. She values getting to know her brides and the families she works with so that their personalities can shine in her photographs. Not only does she capture the happy couple’s own personal style, she also is sure to get every last detail from the lace in the wedding gown to the look in the groom’s eyes. Her attention to detail insures that everything about your special day is captured for eternity. Any bride is certain to be moved when looking back at their photographs as they are able to relive every moment and every wonderful emotion of their wedding day.” BT Bride- Renee Huskey


Photography Be Still My Heart Films Vintage southern style documentary photography and cinematic videography.Covering the East TN area.Over 15 years of experience.


Bledsoe Photography


Bryan Allen Photography Inside Back Cover Bryan’s signature look is fresh and modern. His stunning imagery has a unique contemporary edge with influences from his award-winning commercial, celebrity, and fashion work. Bryan’s upbeat, positive, and lighthearted personality is a delightful addition to your wedding day experience. Bryan’s mantra is . . . “Remarkable Images . . . Ridiculous Fun” . . . and he means it!


Candace Wilson Photographer

Not your mother’s wedding photographer! Bledsoe Photography offers customizable packages, modern art, and memories for a lifetime. Specializing in weddings, engagement, bridal and boudoir photography.

Every bride and groom is unique in their own way. I enjoy creating a custom experience for each couple. I, also, love to get to know my couples and becoming their friend. I’m there to capture your beautiful day with a smile, with a mixture of photojournalism and traditional photography



Bob Franklin Photography

Dixie Pixel

I feel very fortunate to get up every morning and work at something that has become a passion for me. For 20ys I’ve been traveling the country in the wedding profession. I would love to meet you and hear about what you have planned for your big day. Congratulations!

So much more than looking at the camera and smiling.




Brittany Conner Photography

Jennie Andrews Photography

It’s all in the details! Brittany specializes in capturing all the romance, excitement, love, and special moments of your wedding day. Check it out for yourself!

I am so lucky to have the ability to capture with my camera the beauty, joy, humor and love that happen in fleeting moments. I love what I do and I feel fortunate that I get to not only know the spirit of each person I photograph, but I also get to help tell the stories of their life’s greatest moments. I would love the opportunity to help tell your story.




Jewels Photography


My goal is to make clients feel comfortable with a warm, calm, easy going and unobtrusive nature in order to achieve candid, relaxed portraits. Jewels Photography is full of life and love, your photos tell stories and freeze moments we all want to remember. Worldwide travel available. I would love to talk with you about your special day. Contact today and let me help make your day unforgettable.


Overbay Photography At Overbay Photography, we know that you have planned every last detail to make your wedding day dreams a reality. We also know that the images of that day are meant to last for a lifetime. Our job is to make sure each moment is preserved for you through timeless imagery. We consider it a privilege to capture the joy of your special day and ensure that you have memories to cherish as you live happily ever after.


Katherine Birkbeck Photography 3

Sabrina Lafon Photography

Emotional Photography with Creative Flair.

Your love, your story. Sabrina loves to capture unscripted, real life moments, along with all the unique details that make your wedding day “yours.”



Knox Wedding Photo + Video



Sheila Hannus, Photographer


“Get More” from your wedding experience and “Give More” to those in need too! The premier choice for couples deserving the best quality of service, products, and innovation that vastly improves the local or destination wedding experience! Call or visit the website to learn how your investment saves kids’ lives in Haiti!

When shooting any type of session I bring as many creative ideas as I can and ensure my clients vision is brought to life, and that’s before a shoot even starts! My clients hire me because they expect beautiful images, but they WANT a piece of art.



Leah Bullard Photography Leah’s ability to capture the moment through her blended style is what makes her the highly sought after wedding photographer that she has become. Along with years of experience and a well-rounded knowledge base in art, Leah is able to tell clear and heart-felt stories of your special day with imagery that is both artistically modern and tastefully eclectic. Leah and her team would feel honored to capture this time in your life... as well as the memories to come.


Star Noir Studio


We believe that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe. We think that quirky, home-grown and handmade are more valuable than mass-produced. We craft memories for people who enjoy being different, and we give them the warm and fuzzies by providing them with future family heirlooms.


MJ Photography

Tammy Miller Photography

Photography is about capturing emotion in every photograph.

Tammy Miller Photography specializes in capturing the important moments of your special day. We shoot weddings, engagements, bridal, and so much more. If you are looking for affordable, reliable and charismatic professionals, please keep us in mind.




Photography Cont... Bleak House

Art is our passion. We photograph with an artistic eye, always relying on the fundamentals of light and composition. Our goal is to unobtrusively capture the authenticity of moments as they naturally unfold. Our images are classic and timeless. We don’t try to imitate trends that are here today, gone tomorrow, which in the end would date your images and your album. Recipients of the “Bride’s Choice Awards” for 2011, 2012 and 2013 from Martha Stewart’s Wedding Wire.



Waldorf Photographic Art Back Cover

Dan & Natalie Watson are a married team of photographers who specialize in creating beautiful, spirited, candid wedding day imagery. Classically trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Dan and Natalie both have Master’s degrees in photography and have been working as professional photographers for over 12 years now. From real moments to styled details to relaxed portraits, Dan and Natalie are devoted photographers who want their clients to fall in love with their photos.


Capitol Theatre




We offer an experience that you won’t forget! From the consultation to delivering your final products we want you to feel as if you are our only client. We want to take the time to get to know both our bride and groom so when your wedding day arrives we can capture it in a unique way. We say that our clients are clients for life because we truly work as hard on building a relationship as we do on creating beautiful art work for them. If you want to have a personal connection with your photographer and have an amazing fun experience then you should check us out!


A wedding is hospitality of the highest order. As a grand celebration and reflection of your personal style, it’s important to choose the right professionals to make your vision a reality. Offering panoramic views of the Tennessee River and wraparound decking, the casually elegant banquet rooms can accommodate large receptions or intimate dinners.

Your Reflections

Bleak House is an 1858 antebellum Italianate style mansion located on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Its rustic Roman-inspired gardens extend almost 3.5 acres down to the Tennessee River. The property features five terraces as well as multiple ponds, fountains, and balconies. Indoor and outdoor space is available for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Calhoun’s Banquets & Copper Cellar Catering





The newly renovated Historic Capitol Theatre is a glamorous full-service venue that hosts both ceremony and receptions. Elegant art deco style and vintage ambiance of silver swirled tables, star curtain, crystal chandelier, and most state of the art dance floor and DJ services in Knoxville.The most sensational event facility in the region.


Receptions & Wedding Sites All Occasion Catering


Want your wedding to be wonderful? Then call All Occasion Catering, Knoxville’s premiere caterer. For more than 15 years, we have been providing outstanding service for events ranging from 20 to 7,000 guests. With our impeccable presentation and mouth-watering menus, All Occasion Catering will turn your dream event into a deliciously perfect reality.


Paul Miller Photo

Barn Event Center of the Smokies

Castleton Farms


Situated on 108 acres of rolling hillside with lovely mountain views, the Manor offers 4 beautifully, decorated guest rooms, 2 parlors and the family great room all of which is at the disposal of our bridal party during their events. Scattered about the two gardens you can find pavilions, sculptures and flowers, which emit a feeling of grandeur that all Castleton’s guest enjoy. The gardens are lit at night with white party lights that make it feel as if you are dancing amongst the stars.


Embassy Suites Knoxville West 16

The Barn Event Center of the Smokies is a unique venue that represents East Tennessee heritage. It is a beautiful Cantilever Barn that offers an atmosphere that can be described as “Country Elegance”. You can have your Ceremony outdoor next to our award winning gardens or inside in the beautiful LeConte Room with gorgous hardwood floors and special effect lighting.


The Embassy Suites is just minutes from Turkey Creek Shopping District. The perfect location to celebrate your storybook wedding. Just say YES, relax and enjoy our two rooms suites, a complimentary cooked to order breakfast buffet, with drinks and hors de oeuvres each evening, leaving the rest to us. Congratulations!


Historic Ramsey House


Sampson’s Hollow

Built in 1797 the historic house provides a lovely backdrop for any event. With 100 acres including heirloom gardens, wooded areas and open spaces this beautiful property is ideal for weddings and receptions of any size. We offer a private cottage with bath for the bride, free parking & public restrooms.

Simply southern, gracefully adorned and charmingly romantic…this is Sampson’s Hollow. Our venue provides a panoramic location for any special event, especially when looking for a farm and outdoor country landscape. Our signature services and individually customized packages offer so many possibilities to each unique bride. To speak to an experienced consultant, please call and schedule your appointment for a tour.



Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau

Still Hollow Farm 109

Still Hollow Farm provides an enchanting site for your beautiful and memorable wedding and reception. A woodland path, hand crafted footbridge, or a picturesque pasture provide a natural setting for photographs and lasting memories of your wedding. Surrounded by historic buildings of the 1800’s farm, the granary and adjoining pavilion offer your guests a relaxing atmosphere for the reception as they enjoy views from Meadow Creek to the Nolichucky River. All inclusive wedding and reception packages are available.


Meadhaven On The Lake

Tellico Village Yacht Club

Historic Meadhaven was built in 1851 before the civil war. Resting in a beautiful cove in Louisville, TN, Meadhaven displays a spectacular view overlooking the Tennessee River. Meadhaven offers three different venues to complete your wedding dreams. Whether you choose our rustic woods, pastel orchard or the majestic lake for your background, Meadhaven will delight your guests and provide a picture perfect wedding day.

It all starts here. We are passionate about delivering superior food and service and take pride in achieving this. The Yacht club is situated on a beautiful peninsula overlooking Panoramic Tellico Lake. Imagine having your wedding and reception in one convenient location. We are dedicated to making your wedding day a memorable event.



Reserve at Bluebird Hill


Studio H

Kingsport, Tennessee -- where a unique and memorable wedding experience awaits you. It’s the perfect location for your special day, and we’ll help your dream wedding become a reality. Have a wedding fit for a king and queen in Kingsport, the King of Weddings. Visit us at and



The Reserve at Bluebird Hill is a brand new state of the art facility on a 75 acre horse farm with views of the Smoky Mountians. We are located 1/4 mile west of Farragut. The new facility is 5,500 square feet with a fireplace indoors and a beautiful covered porch outside with a large stone fireplace. We invite you to come and tour our elegant event center and beautiful gardens perfect for receptions and weddings. Our staff will make your special day “An Affair to Remember”.


RT Lodge



The Lily Barn, LLC


Full service wedding company, offering event venues for all budgets,a beautiful rustic farm and a quaint chapel, catering, cakes, florals, honeymoon cabins and florals. Located in Townsend, Tn, near the Smoky Mountains, this rustic destination wedding venue can be formal or informal, but always a great wedding and reception site.


The Lodge at Valley View


The Lodge is exclusively yours for the weekend of your celebration. Imagine one location for guest accommodations, rehearsal dinner, a special ceremony, and exquisite reception. With 60 guest rooms, dining rooms, elegant common areas, outdoor leisure space, and a range of ceremony and reception options, the Lodge is the ideal setting for your special time.

The Lodge at Valley View offers the perfect setting for your special event. Spacious, flexible meeting, wedding, reception and party facilities with breakout rooms for groups ranging from 25 to 600. Our new facility, the Lodge at Valley View, is perfect for weddings and receptions!



Receptions & Wedding Sites Cont... 91

All Occasions Party Rentals 36-37

Trillium Springs is set along side a peaceful mountain spring which makes its way from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The main hall is an open air facility with incredible views of the valley. Along with the hall guest have access to our large field area with seasonal wildflowers for outdoor services and photo shoots. Our sister property The Lodge @ Valley View is only 10 min. away if you should need more guest rooms for your event.

All Occasions Party Rentals is East Tennessee’s premier wedding rentals source, providing the finest service, quality, and products for every event. You deserve the very best, and All Occasions delivers top-notch service with unparalleled access to the products you need. Our staff is the most highly trained in the business and work together to make your Knoxville wedding truly memorable.



Trillium Springs

Volunteer Princess Cruises

Anderson Rental Inc.



The luxury yacht Volunteer Princess provides both a unique and romantic setting for all Wedding Events. Whether you hold your Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, or Bridal Shower onboard, the panoramic backdrop of water, nature, skyline and sunsets will heighten the beauty of the event. The best Wedding Events are on the water!

Anderson Rental offers quality products and superior service to make your vision reality. Rustic to traditionalour unique inventory can make your event one of a kind. Indoor or outdoor, ceremony to reception we can help you design a perfect event. Please come visit our showroom.



Whitestone Country Inn

Photography by Ruel

Rentals & DÉcor


Luma Designs


Whitestone Inn specializes in romantic facilities and attentive services to make your wedding day simply perfect, with everything you need in one fabulous location. Our 200 seat Chapel of the Good Shepherd, heartshaped courtyard gazebo and accompanying Lion & Lamb Banquet Hall overlook spectacular Watts Bar Lake. This majestic setting is unparalleled for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Luma Designs provides expert fabric draping and specialty lighting services for exceptional atmosphere. Romantic sophistication can be created in almost any event space, tent or outdoor setting. Contact us today to discuss your dreams!



Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Ridge Greenhouse and Florist 38


Whether limited by season or budget, fresh flowers aren’t always practical. Visit Ridge Greenhouse and Florist to see our exquisite line of rental silk wedding bouquets and arrangements. Because every bride is different, we have a large variety of bouquets and colors to choose from. If the thought of using silk flowers for your wedding makes you cringe, then you havn’t seen ours! Call for a free consultation today with our wedding specialists.

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is the perfect location for your special day. With our sweeping staircase, panoramic view of downtown Knoxville, and elegant and unique setting, the Hall is that little something extra to make your day unforgettable.


fabric draping • specialty lighting 855.488.LUMA |


Rehearsal Dinner Ruth’s Chris Steak House


White Table

In search of the ideal setting for your wedding event? Treat your guests to an unforgettable experience by hosting your event in our private dining space. At Ruth’s Chris Steak House, we treat every event with the utmost care and attention. Our team works with every bride, ensuring that each celebration stays true to your tastes and budget.

White Table offers specialty linens & chair cover rentals to enhance any affair with creativity and sophistication. Our team of linen specialists will guide you through our wide variety of colors, textures and designs. Let us help you create an eye catching tablescape that suits your taste and personal style for a memorable event.




Waldorf Photographic Art

The Bridal Suite


Milestone Pictures


Are you ready to plan your wedding, but don’t know where to start? We can help. Connect with Knoxville’s finest wedding professionals in one convenient location. We’re your free one stop shop for all your wedding planning needs. Wedding professionals pay a flat fee to belong, so you don’t have to pay! Contact us today to get your wedding planning on track.

Not your traditional wedding video. Milestone Pictures produces HD, cinematic style wedding films that tell the story of your wedding unlike anything you’ve seen before.



Tuxedo Meridian Formal Wear




Experience the Meridian Formal Wear Difference. Visit our website, download our free app, or drop by one of our 3 locations in the Knoxville area. Browse our tuxedo styles for the best names in men’s formal wear. Brides – Yes, We Have Your Color! Largest selection in Tennessee! Committed to your satisfaction.

Not your average video guys. Passionate, epic, edgy and fun wedding cinematography.



Savvi Formalwear


Savvi Formalwear is the premier provider of formalwear for the discerning bride and groom. Savvi has a local inventory of tuxedos/suits for a Free Groom’s try on. Savvi also carries all the latest colors of accessories to match any bridesmaid dress. Two great Knoxville locations Windsor Square 865 531 9998 and Knoxville Center 865 544 1515.



Classic Videography


DeWayne Arp, one of the very best in the area. He has the latest digital equipment & is a heck of a nice guy, too.

Knox Wedding Photo + Video


“Get More” from your wedding experience and “Give More” to those in need too! The premier choice for couples deserving the best quality of service, products, and innovation that vastly improves the local or destination wedding experience! Call or visit the website to learn how your investment saves kids’ lives in Haiti!


Wedding Professionals, Your Company Listing Could Be Here!



Weddings...The Pink Way!

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