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BOATMEN BLOCK BEACH Long-tail boat operators stand behind a barbed wire fence they erected where the footpath meets Freedom Beach. They want tourists to come in their boats, not by walking in.

EXCLUSIVE Anthika Muangrod


ong-tailed boat operators have blocked the path down to Freedom Beach, meaning visitors can no longer access the beach on foot, and instead are

forced to take a longtail. The operators are quite clear: they don’t want people walking down to the largest beach on Phuket that is untouched by development. They want them to pay for the boat ride from Patong Beach, and they don’t care about the legalities. Their livelihood, they say, is at stake. An expatriate, who preferred not to be named, walked down to the

beach with two other foreigners and two Thais on Sunday (February 16). As he reported to The Phuket News, they had no problem walking down the hill above the beach, ownership of which is claimed by a Phuket individual. But when they got down to the bottom, they were faced with a new barbed wire fence. Standing on the other side of the



fence were three Thai boat operators. “They were standing there shouting ‘Go back! You can’t go onto the beach!’ “All three had an aggressive posture and they didn’t want us there. They kept saying that we must go to Patong and take a boat from there. “We were just one metre from the sand,” he told The Phuket News.




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Customs does U-turn over rules for foreignflag yacht stays in Phuket > page 5

Longtail blockade of Freedom Beach highlights wider issues Continued from page 1. “My friend is Thai and tried to bargain with them but nothing worked as we were clearly not wanted on ‘their beach’.” The party thought the final few metres were public land but after 5-10 minutes of pointless arguing they gave up and headed back up the hill. “At the top of the hill was the ‘land owner’s’ caretaker. He had no problem with us walking down through the land to get to the beach. He was a very nice, understanding Thai who knew about the longtail people and referred to them them as ‘boat mafia’. “We felt sorry for him as it seemed he was under pressure from the longtail operators to keep people from using the foot path to gain access to Freedom Beach. “It was clear that the boat people only want paying customers to go there on their transport [boats from Patong] and by no other means,” he added. The Phuket News visited the beach on Friday (February 21). There are two paths down to the beach. One is closed

“rich people” who have managed to grab the land, opening paths and allowing tourists to walk down the beach. The longtail boat men believe that the land cannot and should not be owned by individuals. One said, “We would like to see the beach and the hillside stay natural forever.” They have a point; in May 2012 the Parliamentary Committee for Anti-Corruption and Misconduct ruled that a chanote deed for 65 rai of land bordering Freedom Beach had been issued “through illegal process” and petitioned the Land Department to rescind the deed, with the land reverting to public ownership. Yet it appears that has not happened and the land still has an “owner”. Freedom Beach. Patong’s longtail boat men want to preserve their monopoly on carrying people there. with an ominous sign stating, “Tourist Warning! Be careful of the people who doesn’t own this land to collect the entry fee to Freedom Beach. This land is private property. Not allow to pass this land to the Freedom Beach. The invasion is criminal, any violation will

be prosecuted according to the law.” The other way to go down the beach, however, is still open, apart from the longtail guards at the very bottom. On Friday morning, the longtail operators said, someone had come at 8:30 am and

removed the barbed wire. No one seemed to know who these people were, but the longtail operators were visibly offended. The Phuket News called the person who claims to own the land but she refused to comment. One of the boatmen said,

“The land to the Freedom Beach in the past used to be overgrown, steep land that no one could walk through. “As time passed, however, people built paths down the hill and started charging entry fees for people who wanted to go down that way.” In fact, the group who contacted The Phuket News about the path being wired off and guarded said that they were never asked for money before they walked down the path to the shore. FISHERMEN’S LAMENT But whether there is a charge or not, the boatmen argue, “We lose revenue. We used to be the only way for people to get to the beach.” The boat men, members of the Patong Longtail Boat Association, told The Phuket News that their ancestors had fished the waters off the island’s west coast for at least 100 years. But as tourism developed and Patong boomed, wastewater draining from the swelling town polluted the waters and reduced fish catches to unsustainable levels. So the boatmen had to switch to providing water taxi services for tourists. Now they fear that the only beach not accessible from the land – and therefore their main source of income – is going to be opened up to everybody because of

BILLIONS AT STAKE Big money is at stake. Two years ago the 65 rai was offered for sale at B60 million a rai, or about B4 billion for the lot. This makes the boatmen resentful – and worried. They remain convinced that even if the land owners are rich enough not to bother about charging entry fees, the gatekeepers may see an opportunity for enhancing their own income. “My ancestors were working here for a long, long time,” said one. “Now, investors come and take advantage from the entry fee business. So how will we eat now? You have to understand our point of view.” The boat operators admitted that they know it’s wrong to block the path with barbed wire, but point out that they carry passengers to the beach only from December to March – the high season. From April to November the heavy seas of the southwest monsoon are too rough for them to set out to sea. In those months, they say, the “investors” can make money from fees charged for using the paths through their land. Ironically, although the action of the boatmen is illegal, it may also be the only thing keeping the issue in the public eye and slowing an insidious land grab that could result in the one remaining large pristine beach on the island being blighted by development. thephuketnews





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British tourist injured in jet-ski smash pays B200k for damage Claire Connell

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British man is thankful he’s alive after he crashed a jet-ski into a speedboat while on holiday on the island, and ended up having to fork out B200,000 to settle the bill. David Rimmer, a journalist from Hertford, England, is now extending a warning to other tourists looking at hiring jetskis: Only do it if you know what you’re doing. Mr Rimmer hired a jet-ski on February 9 while at Patong Beach, but he quickly got into trouble. “From memory, I set off and the machine seemed to stop and start before accelerating. I then rode a straight line for about 300 yards before I turned around. The problems then started … and I headed toward the shore,” he told The Phuket News. “My main aim was to avoid people and I ended up crashing into a speedboat. [It was] mainly me losing control. I do not know for sure if it was malfunctioning.” Helped by two nurses from Australia, a shocked Mr Rimmer suffered severe bruised ribs, a sprained left ankle, a gash on his right calf, and bruises on his right leg. “There were lots of people crowding around and I was in no fit state to talk to anybody. I cannot remember things very well but I do remember a police

David Rimmer: 'The most important thing is I didn’t kill anyone or hurt anyone'. Photo: Steve Weemes, Herts and Essex Newspapers Ltd person being very officious. “After a delay of about an hour I was taken to what I presume was Patong Hospital. I was there for about 90 minutes before being taken to the police station.” Negotiation took place between Mr Rimmer and the jet-ski and boat owners over compensation for the damage. At first, Mr Rimmer said he was asked to pay B250,000, but this was reduced to B200,000. The British Embassy in Bangkok were called, but Mr Rimmer said that “nothing much could be done”. “I was not aware of any other problems faced by British tourists regarding jet-skis, and if I was, I would not have done it. Only do it if you are proficient. “The most important thing

is I didn’t kill anyone or hurt anyone and I lived to tell the tale. You shouldn’t do sports unless you are very adept, and I’m not. It’s a lesson learnt,” Mr Rimmer was quoted as saying in his home newspaper, the Hertfordshire Mercury. “[It gave me a] sense of perspective,” he added. “There are many people far worse off than me, and I am still alive. But I [do] not have money to go overseas now for quite a few years.” A spokeswoman for the British Embassy told The Phuket News, “We can confirm that we were contacted by Mr Rimmer’s friend on February 10, however due to data protection legislation we are unable to share the details of that conversation.” She said the Foreign Office

travel advice for Thailand gives the following advice about hiring a jet ski: “If you rent jet-skis or water sports equipment, satisfy yourself that adequate safety precautions are in place. Rent only from reputable, licensed and insured operators, thoroughly check for damage before use and insist on training. “Don’t hand over your passport as a guarantee against returning a jet-ski. Unscrupulous owners have been known to hold on to passports against claimed damage to the jet-ski.” A guide issued by the Embassy, titled ‘Support for British nationals abroad: a guide’, says the Embassy “cannot get involved in private disputes over property, employment, commercial or other matters because we are in no position to judge the facts and have no jurisdiction overseas to resolve such matters,” the spokeswoman said. Phuket-based British Honorary Consul Martin Carpenter told The Phuket News he did not know about the incident until he was alerted to the story in the Hertfordshire Mercury. Kathu Police, who cover the Patong area, said they were not involved in the negotiation process, which they said took place on the beach, and were unable to provide details of the case. The Tourist Police, also based in Patong, were also unable to provide details when contacted by The Phuket News.

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HEALTH OFFICIALS RECEIVED a scare when the alert went out from Bangkok on Monday (February 24) that a group of Taiwanese tourists on their way to Phuket might be suffering from a recently identified strain of bird ’flu, H7N9. H7N9 first emerged with two cases in China last year. By November, 45 deaths had been recorded in China. There were also been two cases reported in Taiwan. Happily, tests and three days of observation in Phuket convinced doctors that the tourists were suffering from a

conventional ’flu strain, and not bird ’flu. The alarm was raised by Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok, which notified authorities it was treating a member of a 70-strong tour group from Taiwan for ’flu, which doctors suspected might be H7N9. Another 30 or so people in the group, which landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1 am, began to show symptoms – coughing, runny noses and fevers – but nevertheless flew out to Phuket nine hours later. Samitivej contacted the Phuket Public

Health Office, urging it to check the tourists when they reached Phuket. Soon after landing they were taken to Vachira Hospital. Twenty five were ill and exhausted and were admitted to various hospitals. On Thursday morning (February 20) at 10am, a member of the Vachira staff, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that after tests and careful monitoring of the patients’ signs, it had been concluded that none were suffering from bird ’flu. Eakkapop Thongtub

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Etihad to start Abu Dhabi-Phuket flights Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will expand its network in South East Asia with the launch of a nonstop daily service between Abu Dhabi and Phuket. The new route will launch on October 26 using Airbus A330-200 aircraft with 22 business class seats and 240 in economy.


UK tourist ‘died of coronary’ - inquest A British tourist died from a heart attack while swimming at Karon Beach in November last year, an inquest in the UK heard. Edward Joseph Brookes, 63, of Ludlow, was on holiday in Phuket when he was pulled from the sea, apparently drowned. The inquest heard that an autopsy showed Mr Brookes died from reflex cardiac arrest caused by immersion in seawater. Shropshire Star


Maid caught with stolen goods A maid working for a member of the Phuket Provincial Council was arrested on Sunday (February 23) after fleeing to Bangkok with jewellery and cash she had stolen from her employer. Pol ic e fo u n d t h a t Madtudda Lobsri, 33, had boarded a bus to Bangkok. After the bus was stopped by police on the outskirts of Bangkok, Madtudda was arrested and the stolen goods recovered. Eakkapop Thongtub


Ladyboy stole tourist’s iPad Kathu police arrested a ladyboy around 2am on Sunday (February 23) for stealing a tourist’s iPad. Police said the tourist reported that his iPad had been stolen by Aiyakan Daengprapan, age 20. The police found and arrested the ladyboy, and returned the iPad. Eakkapop Thongtub thephuketnews




Turn-around in rules for Phuket yachties Wiparatana NaThalang


Fabio Milan, pictured in his hotel room with the drugs.

Italian expat caught with meth in Patong ITALIAN EXPAT FABIO Milan, 35, was caught with crystal methamphetamine, one methamphetamine pill and marijuana in a hotel room in Patong on Monday (February 17) around 5.30pm. Milan was staying at a hotel on Pisitkoranee Road, Patong, when around seven Kathu police officers raided the place after a tip off. Inside the hotel room they found a stunned Milan, who was shocked to see the police but didn’t put up a fight. Police found eight bags of ya ice (crystal

methamphetamine) weighing a total of 8.52 grams, 6.97 grams of marijuana and one ya ba (methamphetamine) pill. Kathu Police Captain Sinchai Thawanpiyayo told The Phuket News, “Ya ice is the type of drug that we find is most common in the Patong area. It’s a big problem here. Other types of drugs are not as popular as ya ice.” Police charged Milan with possession of crystal methamphetamine and marijuana with intent to sell, and possession of methamphetamine.

Police charge driver over death of Finnish tourist THE DRIVER OF A CAR that crashed into and killed a Finnish pedestrian around 1am on Saturday morning (February 22), has been arrested and charged with careless driving causing death. A policeman from Kamala Police told The Phuket News that Suparerk Theppabut, 24, had co-operated with police. “He was bailed, but in about two months when we finish collecting all the evidence, he will be called to the court.” Robin Straka, 25, of Finland, was crossing Kamala’s main road when he was hit by a car, being driven by Suparerk. He was on holiday with his girlfriend at the time.

He was taken to Patong Hospital with serious injuries and later died. The Finnish Embassy has been informed of the death. Paul Edden, team leader for the Kamala Police Volunteers, said witnesses told him when he arrived at the scene that Mr Straka was crossing the main road in Kamala to go to the ATM at Tesco Lotus. When he walked back across the road, he was hit by a car. “[Mr Straka] was wearing a white shirt, the road was well-illuminated, and there was little traffic. The car should have avoided him with ease,” Mr Edden said.


he rules applying to yachts anchoring in Phuket waters for any length of time have been rolled back after a reaction of pure horror from yacht and marina owners. Before December 26 last year, foreign-registered yachts could be kept in Phuket for up to six months but on that date the Customs Department brought in a new rule that owners or skippers must “reregister” their boats every two months during the six months. Now, that rule has been dropped. However, more changes to the rules may be on the way, says Nunthita Sirikup, Director of the Phuket Customs Department, after she has consulted with other relevant government departments. For now, the rules state that a foreign-flagged yacht may be kept in Phuket waters for up to six months. A relaxation of the rules means this period may be extended by four months by applying to the Phuket Customs Office and a further two months by application to the Southern Region Customs Director, Prayuk Maneechot, who is based in Songkhla, overseeing all 17 custom offices in the south. These extensions, she

Nunthita Sirikup, Director of the Phuket Customs Department, says the new rules have now been dropped. stressed, will be given only in cases of special need. She added, “The total maximum duration is not more than one year, though we might be able to allow an extension beyond one year in cases of dire necessity.” Mrs Nunthita told The Phuket News, “The reason we changed to two months previously, was that the Customs Department [in Bangkok] made the mistake of issuing the new rules based on the need to curb smuggling of cars. “When the two-month rule was issued, I did not know they were going to do this. I had to chase the problem all

the way up to Rakop Srisuppaaod, the Director-General in Bangkok, to approve reverting to the old six-month yacht stay rules. “Now we are using the same law but adjusting some of the basic rules to suit the needs of boat owners or captains, but we need time to correct some of the other rules so that they are the same countrywide. “I would like to see the Phuket Customs Department become the centre for administration of the customs regulations applying to boats. This is under consideration [in Bangkok].” Apart from the ability to get extensions of stay for a

boat, Mrs Nunthita explained other changes that have now been brought in that should gladden the hearts of yachties. “The old rule linking the length of stay for a boat with the owner or captain’s personal permit to stay in Thailand has been cancelled.” Previously a boat was not allowed to be kept in Thai waters after the owner of captain’s permit to stay expired. Both boat and owner had to leave together. But, Mrs Nunthita stressed, “The boat stay is temporary only. It is not permanent. If you want the boat to stay here permanently without any problem, you should register your boat under the Thai flag.” Asked about the fees, she told The Phuket News, “There is no charge to extend the stay of a boat. However, if the boat ‘overstays’, people should understand that the old fine of B500 a day has been increased to B1,000 per day, up to a maximum of B10,000. “The fee for processing the departure of a boat is B200 on the weekday or B800 at the weekend. Most foreigners come on Monday to do it.” She admitted that the introduction of the two-month reporting rule had caused a flight of boats from Phuket. “About 20 per cent of the foreign-registered boats left in the eight weeks it took us to get the two-month rule rescinded on February 19.”

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Six tourists hurt as speedboats collide A

hotel shuttle boat carrying 10 people sank after it was hit on Sunday afternoon (February 23) by a fully-loaded speedboat off Ao Nang, Krabi. Six foreign tourists were injured. Pol Capt Sophon Khongthong of Krabi Police said officers received a call at 3:30 pm. When they arrived at the scene they found the badly damaged speedboat Chainath Nam Chok 8, owned by Barracudas Co, half-sunk close to the shore. There was no sign of the hotel boat, belonging to the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi. Two of the injured tourists were hurt seriously enough to be taken to Krabi Hospital. They were named as Jens Jorgen Andersen, 27, from Denmark, received chest injuries while his four-year-old son Anton, suffered leg injuries. Speedboat driver Sorrasit Haempithak told police he was on the way from Phi Phi to Ao Nang at high speed with 27 passengers on board.

The Centara boat, driven by Anant Khaothong, came out from the pier at Noppharat Tara, taking 10 hotel guests and crew to Pai Plong Bay, the site of the resort, which is difficult to reach by land. As he motored parallel to Ao Nang beach, the Barracudas speedboat T-boned the Centara boat, sending it to the bottom. Chaos ensued as the Centara guests floundered in the sea and were joined by passengers from the speedboat, which was also taking on water fast. Luckily the collision was close to the beach where it was seen by many people. The alarm was raised and a patrol boat from the Krabi Marine Department was quickly on the scene, rescuing all. While the wreck of the hotel boat was marked so that no one else collides with it until arrangements can be made to salvage it, police took Sorrasit and Anant to the police station to see if they can figure out who was to blame. Suthicha Sirirat

The speedboat Chainath Nam Chok 8 wallows in the shallows, half sunk after the collision.


Massive anti-drug sweep nets 62 PHUKET GOVERNOR Maitri Inthusut led 180 officers in a successful mega-raid on two communities in Phuket Town, searching particularly for drug addicts and users. Sixty two people were arrested. The raid, on Thursday (February 20) began with a briefing by the governor. “According to the Win Drug Land Power Plan Phuket, 2014, we will set up checkpoints, then seal off and search the community, especially parts that are known to be drug epidemic areas in Phuket Town.” The task force set up road blocks on the intersection For the checkpoints for two communities, we divided into four checkpoints. The first was at the intersection close to Phuket Provincial Hospital, the second checkpoint at the entrance to Saphan Ruampoonphol 2 Community entrance, a third on Sri Suthat Rd and the fourth

at the traffic lights at the entrance to Rassada housing estate. Each was manned by 25 officers equipped to search for drugs and to carry out urine tests for drug consumption. These road blocks tested more than 700 people for drug use, of whom 57 tested positive. Meanwhile another 20 plainclothes police targeted homes suspected of involvement with drugs. In one house they raided they actually found some teenagers smoking crystal methamphetamine (ya ice). Those arrested who had no prior record of drug use were enrolled in the Matrix Programme, an intensive outpatient course devised in the US 30 years ago, which has proven effective in treating methamphetamine and cocaine addiction. Those found to have previous drug-related convictions were arrested and will face the court. Suthicha Sirirat

Phuket expat killed when car flips, rolls FRENCH EXPAT JULIE Humbert, 30, was killed instantly when she crashed her car into a motorbike and then the median strip on Thepkrassatri Road in northern Phuket around 5am on Thursday morning (February 20). Motorbike rider Patra Deebukkam, 44, told police she was riding her motorbike when she was crashed into by a car. She f lew off the bike onto the road, but the car dragged her bike before crashing into the median strip near Mae Ju’s souvenir shop, around 5am. The car flipped and rolled several times, killing Ms Humbert, who was driving. Nawa Pintu, from Thalang Hospital, told The Phuket News that the French Embassy had been informed. Ms Humbert’s family has arrived in Phuket and a memorial service was held at Nai Yang Beach over the weekend. Ms Humber t lived in Phuket and worked in the yachting industry. Former employer Galileo Yachting posted on its Facebook page

Phuket resident Julie Humbert, originally from France, was killed instantly in the horrifying car crash. last week, “It is with great sadness the we hear about the death of Julie Humbert. Julie was a former employee of Galileo Yachting, she held the role of Stewardess Training

Instructor. Staff and former students send their deepest sympathy to her family and friends. Rest in Peace Julie.” Eakkapop Thongtub and Claire Connell thephuketnews




Chinese visitor injured in tuk-tuk A FEMALE CHINESE tourist suffered a broken arm and cut on her face after a tuk-tuk flipped twice in Cherng Talay after braking quickly and swerving to avoid a dog. Three tourists were inside the tuk-tuk when it flipped outside the Pasak 7-Eleven branch, around 2am on Thursday (February 20). Chinese woman Jiu Cheng, 57, suffered a broken right arm and a cut to her face, and was taken to Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The t uk-t uk driver Pipek Pimpitak, 42, told police he picked up the three Chinese tourists from the Kaewkong Mansion in Patong to take them to the Phuket International Airport when he crashed. Pimpitak was taken to Cherng Talay Police Station where he was charged with careless driving causing injury, and also for having an unregistered tuk-tuk. Eakkapop Thongtub

Hooters restaurant coming to Phuket Alasdair Forbes


ooters of America on Wednesday (February 19) announced a development agreement with an international franchisee to open three genuine Hooters restaurants in Thailand over the next three years, the first being in Patong. The Patong franchisee is Destination Resorts, owner of the building on Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd that houses a hotel currently being renovated and due to reopen as a dusitD2 in April. The building also houses the island’s Hard Rock Café. The Hooters, it is understood, will open alongside Hard Rock in the first week of June. Peter Lucas, Executive VP of Destination Resorts, confirmed that Destination is also the franchisee for the other two Hooters, but said, “We don’t want to reveal the locations just yet.” Hooters is best known internationally for its female

Hooters girls (though not these ones) will be serving chicken wings in Patong from June. staff, chosen for their larger than normal chests and tiny shorts. The press release from Hooters of America does mention “beautiful Hooters Girls” but chooses rather to dwell on the outlet’s “iconic brand and dining”, offering “the brand’s world-famous chicken wings.” “The Thailand presence is the latest in international ex-

pansions announced for Hooters. In the last three months Hooters has celebrated grand openings in Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, El Salvador, China and Brazil. “Overall growth plans include development of more than 150 new Hooters locations worldwide over the next five years.”

It goes on to explain, “The Hooters locations in Thailand will feature the contemporary design elements that Hooters introduced in 2013 with the remodeled Hooters of Kirby, Texas. Hooters of Phuket will feature a beach oasis theme with a large outdoor patio and seating for more than 150 guests.”

Snatch-and-run duo caught POLICE IN PATONG ON Tuesday morning (February 25) arrested two young men for snatching a bag from a tourist in front of Patong Hospital on Monday evening. The bag contained cash and an HTC smartphone. The snatchers’ victim was able to give police good descriptions of them. The two were riding a white Honda motorbike; the driver was wearing a cream-coloured jacket while his par tner was wearing jeans with a T-shirt with the

number 9 on the back of it. Using the descriptions, police were able to track their route after the robbery by studying CCTV footage. They saw them turn into Soi Cable, off Phrabaramee Rd in Patong. When police arrived in the soi they were spotted by the duo who escaped into a nearby bush area, leaving behind the motorbike with the green bag, snatched from their victim, still in the basket. Police persisted in their

search and at 1.30am on Tuesday finally cornered and arrested the two on the road near the Baramee Resotel. The snatchers were identified as Piyachai Chaisiha, 20, from Mahasarakam province, and Thammanoon Prangthong, 20, from Phuket. They admitted the theft and were charged. Police also recovered other stolen bags from the two men, indicating that they had been making a career of snatch-and-go thefts. Eakkapop Thongtub

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Ukrainian expat falls to his death A UK R AI NIAN EXPAT died after falling off the fifth floor of his condo building around 1am on February 23, and police have said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Police told The Phuket News that Oleg Volkov, 27, had forgotten his keys to the room and climbed down the fifth floor to try and reach the balcony of his room, before falling to his death. Kraison Pakaree, an investigator with Phuket Police, said before the accident he was hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend. “When they arrived at the condominium, they continued to hang out a bit more. Then he and his girlfriend went to the room, and realised they had forgotten the key. “There was no officer to ask for a spare, so the man decided to go to the fifth floor and try to climb down the outside of the building, while his girlfriend waited outside the room. “The witnesses and the security guard saw the same thing, so we conclude that this was an accident.” Eakkapop Thongtub





Airport staffers oppose purchase of rice bonds P

huket Airport employees, backed by their trade union, on Thursday (February 20) joined other airport employees around the country dressing in black and reading out a declaration opposing a proposal that the airport’s owner, Airports of Thailand (AOT), should buy government bonds to help pay farmers demanding money from the collapsing rice pledging scheme. The action chaos in the banking sector earlier in the week when the Government Housing Bank extended a loan to help fund the scheme, and then, horrified, did a U-turn when withdrawals by depositors sparked a run on the bank. On Thursday at the Airport office building, more than 50 black-clad employees holding a sign saying “AOT Against Government Bond” urged their bosses not to buy the bonds – basically a loan. Wutthikrai Matsuwan, Security Senior Officer, read out a statement. “We oppose the administration policy to use

The banner says it all for the staff of Phuket International Airport. [AOT] money to buy government bonds. “It may effect the liquidity of AOT and become a sensitive matter at this time. We have issued this statement to inform [union] members so that they know their standpoint on this matter.” The Phuket demonstration was part of national action that included employees of

AOT at the company’s other airports – Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Chiang Mai, Mae Fa Luang and Haad Yai. At the AOT head office at Don Muang, some 500 black-clad staff turned out to oppose the bond purchase. Their fears that the company might become embroiled in the rice pledging mess were, it turns out, unfounded.

The Bangkok Post reports that Caretaker Finance Minister Kittirat Na-Ranong approached AOT to buy government bonds but the request was rejected. AOT chairman Sqn Ldr Sita Divari explained on Thursday that Mr Kittiratt offered a 2.6 per cent interest rate for the bond purchase. AOT turned down the deal because the rate was lower than the 3-4

per cent return AOT would get from depositing money with commercial banks. “AoT is a state-owned enterprise, therefore it has to consider all offers from the administration as an act of cooperation with the government. If the deals go against the organisation’s policy, I will turn it down. “Most of the staff oppose buying the bonds, so I rejected the purchase,’” Sqn Ldr Sita said. “I confirm that the organisation will not spend a single baht on government bonds.” He went further: by way of apology to the staff for even considering buying bonds, he said that AOT will include staff in the investment decision-making process, asking employees to elect one representative to join members of the executive in managing liquidity. It is not yet clear what other state enterprises have been approached by the Finance Minister to buy bonds. Suthicha Sirirat


Kusoldharm Rescue President re-elected The Board of the Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation, the island’s biggest ambulance and rescue service, re-elected Benjawan Tampanuwat as president on February 18 for a second four-year term. The Board noted that the Foundation has funds of B74 million after her first four years in office. She said that she is preparing to use some of this money to increase personnel and equipment to improve service to the public.


Plane diverted for heart-attack man

An AirAsia X flight from Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, to Kuala Lumpur had to divert to Phuket on Thursday evening (February 20) when a passenger suffered a severe heart attack. AirAsia X f light 171 promptly diverted to Phuket, landing at 8:39pm. Mr Jamaludin was taken off and rushed to Thalang Hospital where, despite strenuous efforts, he later died. Eakkapop Thongtub


Songkhla meth smuggler arrested Police at the Tah Chat Chai checkpoint on Sunday (February 23) caught a drug dealer from Songkhla trying to smuggle 395 methamphetamine pills into Phuket. Teerayut Malihom, 34, admitted that he had bought tyhe pills in Songkhla for B59,250, or B150 a pill, and was due to deliver them to a man he knew only as Fad, in the Koh Siray area. Eakkapop Thongtub

CHALONG Police cordon off the campaign truck after the shooting.

Hired gunmen murder Phang Nga politician A CANDIDATE IN UPCOMing elections for Lamgan City Council in Tai Muang, Phang Nga, and his driver were assassinated on February 18 while campaigning for votes. Phang Nga police went to the scene after receiving an emergency call and found a Chevrolet pick-up truck with a dead body inside. The dead man was identified as Sophon Kaosoo, 50, a Lamgan Pattana Party candidate in the elections, due to take place on March 2. Witnesses said that Mr Sophon was riding in the passen-

ger seat of the truck, which had been mounted with campaign posters and a sound system in the bed. Driving was 40-yearold Adisorn Raksajan. They were overtaken by a car with no number plates that had been following behind. As the car overtook a gunman opened fire from it, putting at least nine bullets through the windscreen and hitting both men. Mr Sophon died immediately. Mr Adisorn was rushed towards the nearest hospital but died on the way. Suthicha Sirirat

Drunk driver causes domino crash A drunk Russian driver caused chaos outside Home Pro on Chao Fah West Road around 5.30pm on Tuesday (February 18), when he rearended another car, causing a four-car domino style crash. Police said the crash was caused by Yuri Lozhkin’s carelessness, and the fact that he was drunk.


German woman dies in fall down stairs A 73-year-old German woman, Margret Auguste, was found dead on Friday evening (February 21) around 7.30pm after falling down the stairs in her Naithon house and suffering head wounds. Eakkapop Thongtub thephuketnews




Tourists shocked by black mud at beach T

ourists on Karon Beach were shocked on Tuesday (February 25) to come across a stream of black, reeking water snaking across the beach from Nong Harn pond. Local people promptly reported the problem to local politician Winai Chidchiao. Hurrying to the spot, he too was shocked. Usually, waste water is contained in the pond before being treated and then released, but Mr Winai said he thought that “some establishment” had dumped untreated waste into the Nong Harn pond which had overflowed, with the foul water leaking onto the beach. On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Maitri Inthusut visited the site with the Deputy Mayor of Karon, the head of the Phuket Office of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Regional Director of the Environment, Dr Pornsri Puthanarak, to see what could be done to rectify the problem. From the investigation, the team found that the area is the spot that receives water from Nong Harn pond. The water is draining naturally to the beach. The water in the pond is black so it makes the

A local points to the black mud found streaming into Karon Beach on Tuesday. beach dirty. Usually, tourists don’t swim in the area but go away for 50-100 meters from the spot. But on Tuesday, a lot of tourists were at the beach. “The cause of the spoiled water drained into the sea is from the collection of dirt and dust in the pond making the pond spoiled. A check by technicians from the Regional Environment Office showed that the biological oxygen demand (BOD) rate – a measure of pollution – was still within legal limits. The water turned black because water pouring from

Nong Harn into a smaller pond at a faster rate than usual had stirred up mud settled in the bottom of the smaller pond, releasing it into the stream flowing across the beach. By the afternoon, the Governor said, “The water is much clearer now and can be used for washing one’s face. There is no smell. Tourists can be sure that there’s no problem at the beach now.” “I have ordered Karon Municipality to dig Nong Harn deeper and remove the black mud from it. I will make sure that we find out who is draining wastewater into the pond.

Two Algerians arrested for stealing tourist’s handbag TWO ALGERIAN MEN were arrested in Patong on Thursday night (February 20) for stealing a foreign woman’s bag on Koh Samui several days earlier. The owner of Srinuan Thai Food in Koh Samui posted security camera footage on


Facebook of the crime, to try and help locate the two criminals. Kathu police said that after a tip-off from Samui, they managed to track the two men down in Loma Park, Patong. The two men, named as

Mourad Hadj-Benreeig, 32, and Abdelkadir Hablal, 28, admitted they were the people in the video and that they did steal the woman’s bag. They were arrested, and police also discovered they had been overstaying as well. Eakkapop Thongtub

“We will check them all to see if they have an oil trap before the water drains into the pond and that they are following environmental regulations. “I have also ordered the Regional Environment Office to continue checking the water regularly. “At the moment, Karon municipality has a wastewater treatment plant that can handle 6,000 cubic meters a

day. In high season, however, the number of tourists means the wastewater going into it goes up more than 8,000 cubic meters. “Karon Municipality is now asking for B350 million to build one more wastewater treatment plant to handle the extra load,” he added. Dr Por nsri said, “We checked the sea water [close to the black water outflow] at Karon Beach and found that the BOD rate is not over the limit. “But what people saw today made them think that was polluted. That’s all.” Gov Maitri’s reaction was swift as he tried to head off a repetition of the incident three years ago when a TV documentary was aired in Germany highlighting polluted water pouring onto three of Phuket’s beaches – Patong, Kata and Karon. The problem was rectified and the TV people and the island’s honorary consuls invited to see the results. Suthicha Sirirat


Chinese snappers arrested IMMIGRATION POlice arrested four Chinese photographers for working illegally after a raid on Friday (February 21) on the Love Iceland Wedding Studio, which specialised in photographs of couples from China getting married. Pol Col Sunjai Chokkayaikit, Superintendent of Phuket Immigration led the team, who arrested the two Chinese men, Shi Liang, 29, and Tian Zhuang, 21, and two Chinese women, Peng Xianrong, 29, and Deng Lijuan, 26, for working without work permits. Shi admitted to police that he was the partner of the company and office manager. Tien and Peng both admitted to working as photographers for B20,000 a month, while Deng admitted to having joined the company two days earlier as a make-up artist, also for a salary of B20,000 a month. Suthicha Sirirat

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Drunk Russian causes four car domino crash Finnish pedestrian hit by car dies of injuries Ladyboy arrested for stealing tourist’s iPad Italian expat caught with ya ice, ya ba and weed Two Algerians arrested in Phuket for stealing tourist’s handbag Phuket police turn down bribe from French criminal No suspicious circumstances in Ukrainian balcony fall death Hooters restaurant coming to Phuket Phuket bar-dancing Swede dies in fall Brit tourist injured, pays 200k after jet-ski smash

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EDITORIAL Cloud over Freedom Beach


hose who have taken the trouble to visit Freedom Beach will tell you how delightful it is. Classic “white powdery” sand, emerald sea and only the most basic of commercial activity. This is what the beaches were like 35 years ago, when tourism on Phuket was in its infancy. But, as our Page 1 story relates, there are dark clouds building over Freedom Beach. As in so many other parts of the island, the conflicting interests of different groups are rubbing up against each other, and irritation and aggression are growing. Before, Freedom Beach was impossible to reach by land unless you were prepared for a long and sweaty slog through dense forest. Far easier by far was the longtail boat ride from Patong. But now one of those who

claim to own the land abutting the beach (their claims are contested by a variety of government bodies who assert the land belongs to the state) has cleared a path down to the beach. The boatmen, accustomed to making a living from bringing tourists to the beach, see this path as a threat. At the moment it’s not a big threat. But it’s the foot in the door, so the boatmen have been mounting guard at the bottom of the path and turning back people walking down. What they are doing is undoubtedly illegal, whether the land is private or public. They know this and they don’t care. They’ll go on doing it anyway, and the number of people walking down is so small that their interests can safely be ignored by officialdom. But consider this: If the boatmen were not doing this, no

one would notice that the forest, despite official declarations that it is public land, is still occupied by individuals who say they “own” it. Who want to sell it for billions of baht. The “owners” must have been encouraged by a recent proposal to drive a scenic “green road” through the forest (and then discouraged when the plan was condemned in a public hearing). These individuals stand to make huge fortunes if they stick to their claims (and they do have papers issued by genuine government officials). They will play a waiting game until the climate is more favourable. Then they will move forward again with their plans. The boatmen, for entirely selfish motives, may coincidentally be holding up those plans and doing Phuket’s environment a favour. For now, anyway.

Life Editor


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Giving a hoot [Re. Hooters restaurant coming to Phuket] I just read the Hooters article in The Phuket News. I believe they wanted to open one here in Phuket way back in the mists of time (15 years, maybe?) but had some trouble recruiting Thai ladies with appendages large enough. Nowadays that’d be no problem due to the advent of plastic boobs. Also, one other thing that has always stuck in my craw is the expression ‘Sino-Portuguese’. WTF? The Portuguese got out of here as soon as they could and certainly didn’t leave any architectural legacy. ‘Sino-Colonial’ would be more fitting as the tin baron mansions are copied from Penang – houses that had British architects and design. Sam Wilko

Free advice [Re. Phuket lady helps crosscultural couples] I could open an advice consultancy too.

I married a Thai girl and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It eats away at you and if you’re not careful can consume your every thought. If anyone ever thinks its easy, and come straight from a foreign country thinking they understand Thai girls, believe me, you don’t. I have been married seven years now, and its all rosy, perfect in fact... but it’s not without an uphill struggle. Andy

Rice waste [Re. Scholars: ‘Rice bonds’ a non-starter] You mean to tell me that buying rice at inflated prices, and incurring more national debt, wasn’t a good idea to begin with? Byron Will-Noel

Show of hands [Re. Plane diverts to Phuket after passenger has heart attack] After Mr Jamaludin was taken to hospital the aircraft took off again for KL?... Did the captain put that to the vote? The Clown

Justice needed [Re. Foreigner seriously injured in Phuket after being hit by car in Kamala] I hope that the poor guy recovers fully, looks like he was caught on the road while not paying complete attention. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this will be. Regardless of what else it could be, it would be at least dangerous and reckless driving that you would hope has some substantial penalty involved. However, punishment is never equal to the suffering of those wronged. Tyson Horsewell

Who’s rude? [Re. Phuket: Are Russians really rude?] What’s ruder, smiling all the time when you don’t mean it, or only smiling when you do? Is giggling at someone’s stubbed toe or other pains polite? Because I find that Thai habit infinitely ruder than a stern expression. I find Russians to be just

fine when they visit my business; they aren’t the aggressive internet bullies that are so often encountered on the Thai-based discussion forums. They also don’t seem to flock to Thailand en mass to take advantage of cheap prostitution (or procure servile-minded wives), which facilitate (IMO) unfair foreigner rules regarding visas and business. ChristyS

Pay attention [Re. Finnish pedestrian hit by car dies of injuries in Phuket hospital] Many foreign pedestrians don’t pay enough attention to traffic driving on the left hand side of the road. It’s surprising this is the first fatality we’ve read about. Geoffphuket

Bike tragedy [Re. Phuket bank guard dies in bike-pickup smash] A sad reminder you just can’t open up these big bikes safely almost anywhere on Phuket. Joe Blazy

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Divided nation faces warnings of civil war Boonradom Chitradon

hailand risks sliding into civil war after a wave of political violence in which 22 people have been killed, officials warned Tuesday as the unrest claimed the life of a fourth child. Near-daily gun and grenade attacks in protest-hit Bangkok have raised concerns that a nearly four-month-old political crisis is entering a dangerous new phase with both sides refusing to back down. More than 700 people have been wounded since demonstrators took to the streets for rolling rallies aimed at ousting Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and ending the political dominance of her billionaire family. A five-year-old girl died of her wounds Tuesday after gunmen sprayed bullets at an opposition rally in eastern Thailand over the weekend – the second child killed in the attack.


An armed policeman observes the demonstration by anti-government protestors near the Government House building in Bangkok on February 14. Photo: AFP/Manjunath Kiran On Sunday a four-year-old boy and his sister, 6, were among three victims killed by a grenade blast at a protest site in an upscale Bangkok shopping district. The head of Thailand’s equivalent of the FBI warned Tuesday that the situation may “escalate into civil war”. Department of Special Investigation chief Tarit Pengdith

urged “restraint and patience” on both sides of the political divide, during a televised address by officials handling the security response to the crisis. His comments echoed a similar warning from the head of the coup-prone army. “Absolutely, there will be civil war if all sides do not respect rules,” General Prayut Chan-O-Cha wrote

Yingluck ‘presidential’ poster is slammed A POSTER WITH MESsages of support for caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been slammed by internet users for its wrong grammar, typos and a ‘presidential’ blunder. A message in English declared, “You are my idol don’t be worry for anything Everything will be OK I love you My President” and another said “Flighting”. Photos of the premier posing with a group of women in front of the poster were previously posted on Ms Yingluck’s Facebook page, but they were later removed after many netizens commented on the several mistakes in the messages. On, a poster by the name natalet said the person who made the poster should be blamed, not the prime minister, adding that many Thais are not proficient in English communication. Another commenter, Non, said, “The Thai society has lots of intellectuals and gurus who like to say that @thephuketnews

The poster, made by the Thai Women Empowerment Fund, was put up at a One Tambon One Product centre in Saraburi, where Ms Yingluck visited on Monday. Photo: Bangkok Post others are stupid. I guess they see themselves as very smart people. No wonder why our country is under-developing because we talk more than we act.” On Mthai webboard, a commenter who went by the name RedShawShank said the

prime minister was probably planning to take a “flight” to Dubai. Ms Yingluck’s brother, former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, is commonly known as a “Man in Dubai”, a reference to his base in exile. Bangkok Post

in an SMS to AFP. “The military will do everything for the country and the people... not for a particular side,” he added. Protest and government leaders bear “responsibility for the losses”, Prayut wrote, a day after warning in a rare televised speech that the country risks “collapse” unless it pulls back from the brink.

Government supporters have accused opposition demonstrators of trying to incite the military to seize power, in a country which has seen 18 successful or attempted coups since 1932, but so far the army has remained largely above the fray. Thailand has been bitterly divided since a bloodless coup by the military in 2006 ousted Yingluck’s elder brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, as prime minister, unleashing years of political instability. The latest unrest is the deadliest since more than 90 people died during protests by “Red Shirts” in 2010 that sparked street clashes and a bloody military crackdown. Concerns are mounting that the Red Shirts could return to the streets of Bangkok to defend the government, bringing the risk of clashes between rival protesters. Gunfire rang out early Tuesday near a rally camp in a Bangkok park occupied by demonstrators. AFP


Navy disputes ties with ex-Seals Three former Naval Special Warfare Command (Seal) officers arrested in Rayong have no ties to the unit, says its chief Rear Adm Winai Klom-in. He said as the three are former Seals, they no longer have any links with the navy. The men said they had been hired to guard influential figures visiting the eastern province. Bangkok Post


Reds rally against ‘PDRC singer’

A small group of red-shirts gathered at a restaurant in Chiang Mai on Monday forcing the cancellation of a performance by a proPeople’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) singer. Singer and actor Pongsak “Aof” Rattanaphong was scheduled to perform on Monday night, nut 12 people led by red-shirt and popular local radio host Kanyapak Maneechak went to voice their opposition to the singer at the venue before the show. Bangkok Post




Reunion provides answers to lifetime of questions Kim Dong-Hyun


im Se-Rin always knew it would be impossible to get all the answers to more than 60 years’ worth of questions in just 12 hours. But he got the ones he needed. Kim, 85, was one of 82 elderly South Koreans who returned Saturday from a bittersweet, emotionally fraught reunion with North Korean relatives from whom they have been separated since the 1950-53 Korean War. With tens of thousands of South Korans wait-listed for one of the rare gatherings, Kim was all too aware of how lucky he was to be selected. But the meeting with his younger sister, now 80, had still filled him with trepidation. “There were just so many things I wanted and needed to know,” Kim said after his return in his daughter’s home in Bucheon, west of Seoul. The first son of an affluent

Park Yang-Kon (R) of South Korea bids farewell to his brother Park Yang-Soo (L) of North Korea as he prepares to depart the North Korean resort area of Mount Kumgang on the third and final day of the first group of family reunion between North and South Korea on February 22, 2014. North and South Korean families held a final farewell after they were reunited for the first time since war divided them 60 years ago. Photo: AFP/Yonhap farming family in the North Korean county of Hwangju, he had left his hometown in December 1950 at the height of the Korean War to join the South Korean army. That he went without tell-

ing his parents, his brother or his two sisters became a source of life-long guilt and regret, that he hoped he could partly excise by meeting his sister. Although the reunion in a North Korean mountain

resort was tagged as a threeday event, the time officially allotted for the divided family members to meet totalled just 12 hours. “I peppered her with questions,” Kim said. “About her

life, when our parents passed away, about my younger brother...” It was only at the time Kim was selected that he discovered for the first time his younger sister was now the only living member of his immediate family. “She told me my brother went to medical school and worked in Pyongyang Central Hospital for a long time before he died. “He was seven years younger than me. I feel so sad that he passed away before me,” he said. Like many who crossed to the South, Kim often fretted over his family’s well-being, especially because, as landowners, they would have been likely targets for class struggle in the communist North. “The most important thing for my father was to know what happened to the family during the war and how they lived for years afterwards,” said Kim’s daughter, Kim Young-Soon, who accompanied him to the reunion. AFP


US says media murders are ‘deeply troubling’ The United States views the killing of journalists in the Philippines as “deeply troubling”, its ambassador said Monday, adding his voice to growing criticism from watchdog groups. “Attempts to silence journalists are deeply troubling and not acceptable,” Philip Goldberg told reporters.


Man dies after being covered in molten metal A Japanese plant worker has died after 13 tonnes of molten metal were tipped all over him, police said Monday. Kazuki Tada, 23, was working Saturday morning beneath a huge bucket containing an alloy that had been heated to around 1,300 degrees Celsius at a Nippon Denko plant in southwestern Japan. The bucket, which was suspended in mid air, overbalanced, pouring the molten metal on Tada.





Swedish wolf hunt stand-off heightens national tensions Guillaume Meyer


armers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban which they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience. “I think we could live with some wolves, but not as many as there are now. They’re getting too close to people,” Elsa Lund Magnussen told AFP at her small sheep farm and abattoir outside Karlstad in south-central Sweden. She pointed through the driving snow to a wooded area a stone’s throw from her traditional red wooden house and sheds. “A wolf killed a moose calf just over there a week ago,” she said, shaking her head. “When you know a wolf can turn up on your land anytime, it changes your whole quality of life. You don’t dare let your dogs out in the yard ... and people say you need to take a rifle when you walk in the forest!” Wolf hunting is a sensitive

This picture shows a hunter walking as he attends a wolf hunt near Kristinehamn. Farmers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban which they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience. Photo: AFP/Olivier Morin issue in Sweden, as in other European countries where the carnivores were re-introduced in recent decades and enjoy protected status under EU conservation laws. The European Commission threatened the Nordic country with legal action in 2013 over a planned cull, later stopped by a Stockholm court. Then the wolf conflict worsened in January when the court blocked another planned cull of 30 wolves following an appeal by environmental groups

on the grounds that it violated EU law. Now only strictly limited “protective hunts” are allowed in the event of wolves killing livestock or posing a clear threat. The ruling came just a month after the government unveiled a new wildlife policy allowing the wolf population to be culled down to 270 from the current level of about 400. “Sweden has never had so many large predators as now,” Environment Minister Lena

Ek said at the launch of the report, which said the country had a viable wolf population that needed curbing to “take into account people who live and work in areas with a concentration of predators”. Environmentalists rejected that claim, calling it a political decision taken on shaky scientific grounds. Their legal victory has angered many small farmers like Lund Magnussen who point to rising numbers of sheep attacked by wolves across the

country – up from 292 in 2008 to 411 in 2012. “I’m not a wolf hater, but if my animals are attacked by wolves I will lose a lot of money and it could put me out of business,” she said, adding that totally fencing off wolves is impossible and far too costly. Another group who say they are paying too high a price for protecting wolves are Sweden’s hunters – about 500 of whom live in this part of Vaarmland county, including Gunnar Gloeersen, who organises the local hunt outside Karlstad. “Of course wolves have to eat too, but the question is how much?” he asked. Gloeersen – who is also the national hunters’ association spokesman on predators – said wolves are decimating game stocks and injuring hunting dogs, which are essential for tracking moose over large areas. “There’s a limit to how much you can torment people. Dead wolves are going to start showing up,” he said with a shrug. AFP


Rare, polio-like disease found in California children A rare, polio-like syndrome that has no known cure has emerged in a small number of children in California, US researchers said Sunday. Five cases of sudden onset paralysis were described by Stanford University experts at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting in Philadelphia.


Australia hails ‘progress’ towards elections in Fiji Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Monday welcomed progress towards long-awaited elections in Fiji and said it was time for the two countries to rebuild relations. The South Pacific nation has been subjected to widespread international restrictions since military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama seized power in a 2006 coup and reneged on promises to hold elections in 2009.

West and Russia square off over crisis-hit Ukraine Dmitry Zaks

W ESTER N POW ERS A N D RUSSI A squared off over crisis-hit Ukraine as a top EU envoy prepared to fly to Kiev on Monday to buttress its new leaders’ tilt away from Moscow. Russia’s fury at the breakneck pace of change in the ex-Soviet nation that saw president Viktor Yanukovych ousted following a week of carnage was on full display with Moscow’s recall of its Kiev ambassador and freeze of its US$15-billion Ukrainian bailout loan. Both the United States and Britain warned

Russian President Vladimir Putin not to even consider using force to regain sway over a neighbour he views as vital to his efforts to build an economic – and possibly even military – counterweight to the West. Resurgent opposition leaders in parliament meanwhile prepared on Monday to cobble together a new cabinet after dismantling the last vestiges of a Yanukovych regime that many in the nation of 46 million viewed as both inept and corrupt. The country’s new prosecutors opened criminal probes into top security officials – most of them in hiding since Saturday. AFP

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Open daily from 11h30 - 23h00

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Call for nominations for 2014 Thailand Property Awards NOW IN THEIR 9TH YEAR, the Thailand Property Awards celebrate the best of the best in the country’s real estate sector and offer an unrivalled showcase of Thailand’s most impressive residential, commercial and hotel developments. “With a strict and transparent judging system overseen by BDO Advisory that includes site inspections for all shortlisted projects, the awards assist in promoting quality construction, architecture and interior design, as well as recognising the top property professionals in the kingdom,” said Terry Blackburn, CEO of Ensign Media, the awards organiser. This year Thailand is one of three countries hosting its own country specific Property Awards, the other two being Malaysia and the Philippines. The winners in the Condo, Housing and Developer categories will then go on to compete at the South East Asia Property Awards alongside developers and projects from Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, which will all have direct entries to their country’s categories. This year also sees a consolidation of the core awards

categories for consistency across all the regional events, with real estate services no longer featured on the list. “This also presents us with the opportunity to include the highest quality judges on the panels without any conflict of interest,” added Blackburn. Nominations are sought from all sectors of Thailand’s real estate industry – developers, agents, architects, interior designers, construction companies, suppliers – and also from the general public. Companies and projects must be nominated by a third party and no points are awarded in the nomination process. Being nominated for an award in a category for which the company is eligible simply ensures entry into the judging stage. The Thailand Property Awards Gala Dinner and awards presentation ceremony will be held at Conrad Bangkok Hotel on September 11. To nominate a developer, real estate project or outstanding design, visit the awards website at asiaproperty The Phuket News is a media partner in the awards.



Sansiri slashes condo plans, blames turmoil S ansiri Plc, the giant Bangkok-based property developer that has been so active in Phuket recently, plans to launch only nine new condominiums worth a combined B17.6 billion this year, blaming the low number largely on the country’s political instability. It is still going ahead, however, with announced projects in Phuket, such as The Base Downtown near Central Festival, almost completed, where it held a press briefing on February 19. Senior executive vicepresident Uthai Uthaisangsuk said prolonged political protests have hit the property sector hard, as indicated by a significant drop in site visits by prospective condo buyers. Last year, Sansiri launched 29 condo projects worth a combined B42 billion – more than three times the number planned for this year. “Last year, the company was able to make sales at a satisfactory level thanks to extensive condominium development in Bangkok and the provinces,” Mr Uthai said.

Uthai Uthaisangsuk at The Base Downtown in Phuket: Planning more expansion into areas outside Bangkok. “More importantly, the company also succeeded in expanding its customer base to foreigners, particularly for The Deck-Patong, where foreigners make up 75 per cent of buyers.” Part of that change was attributed to the launch of a “Rental for the Holidays”

programme by subsidiary Plus Property that offers long-term rental services to foreigners. Mr Uthai said the company’s condo development plan will this year focus on the “urban slow living” concept under the Haus brand while expanding the popular The

Base and dcondo brands. Next month, Sansiri will introduce its first condo project of the year, Nyx, worth B3 billion. The project, near Wong Wian Yai skytrain station in Bangkok, offers 853 units with a starting price of B2.49 million. Mr Uthai said the company also plans to expand its condo development into new locations such as Phitsanulok and Chon Buri’s Si Racha district. This year, Sansiri has set a target for its condo presales at B15.6 billion, down by 47.1 per cent from 2013 presales. Overall, Sansiri plans to develop 19 new projects worth a combined B33.3 billion this year, about half of last year’s number, with a 29 per cent decrease in presales, citing rising concern over political instability. President Srettha Thavisin said earlier that the conservative business plan was based on the political crisis ending within six months. If it lasts longer than that, the company will stall some of the planned projects. Bangkok Post

Pebble Pools in big push into Phuket SPONSORED PEBBLE POOLS CO LTD recently moved its operation from Bangkok to Phuket to bring an innovative and superior swimming pool surfacing product to the Thai market. Pebble Pools manager Steve Derkland explains the aesthetic and financial benefits of using the company’s products. “It’s a lot prettier than tiles because you don’t have the grout lines, and it’s also safer because it’s a non-slip surface. “When you look into one of our pools it is the same as when you look out into the ocean; it looks blue or green, that’s the reflection of the sun in the water. “That’s what our product does, it gives your pool water a natural colour. It is a completely different experience from swimming in a tiled pool.” The products used by Pebble Pools are mostly imported direct from the US, where Pebble Technology sources high quality naturally tumbled stones – typically from river

The Pebble Pools coating is smooth with no grout lines and reflects the colour of the sky. beds and beaches – which are then mixed with cement, water and additives. The mixture is then sprayed onto the pool surface to create an even, smooth finish. The product comes in 10 different colours to achieve the look the customer wants. The coating process takes only one or two days and the resultant finish is likely to long outlast tiles and other common pool surfaces – it also comes with a five-year warranty “There are pools done with

this [Pebble Technology] that are 12 years old and look as good as they did the day they were finished. Once you’ve done it, there is no more downtime. That’s why it’s so great for resorts,” he said. “Some of our most recent jobs can be viewed by visiting us, or have a look at the Aspasia Hotel in Kata. We are currently doing several private residences in Patong and Rawai. For more information see the website: or call 089 277 3314 thephuketnews


Chiang Mai people ‘don’t like Chinese’ – survey THE RESULTS FROM AN online survey from the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at Chiang Mai University shows that most Chiang Mai people don’t like Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists have been pouring into the northern province, propelled partly by having seen the Chinese film Lost in Thailand, much of which was shot in Chiang Mai. The ISR collected data by posting an online questionnaire and inviting Facebook users to complete it between February 4 and 10. The survey drew 2,220 responses. These revealed that the majority regarded Chinese tourists as “a nuisance to the community”. Chinese people were seen as being not respectful at tourist attractions including public and official places and the Chiangmai University campus. ISR researcher Korawan Sangkhakorn said the aim was to monitor people’s reactions to the massive boom in Chinese tourists. In 2009, some 700,000 Chinese came to Thailand. By last year the number had soared to 4.7 million. NNT




Distressed property to go under hammer T

he Legal Execution Department (LED), which organises auctions of financially-distressed property, much of it with unpaid bank loans, will hold auctions of some large Phuket properties over the coming months. Ut Utthanon, Deputy Director of the LED, which is part of the Ministry of Justice, said that some good bargains will be on offer, with some properties valued at B5 million being offered at starting bids as low as B2 million. A variety of properties are for auction, ranging from condominiums to seaview villas. Anyone – Thai or foreign – may bid on the properties. This is the fourth round of sales organised in six provinces, Mr Ut explained. “We have previously had successful auctions in Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket. We have held auctions in all these locations because they are attractive to investors “Phuket is a famous tour-

A sala and overgrown pool at the Peninsula Estate development in Pa Khlok, abandoned a decade ago but still in good condition, and now to be put up for auction. ist place that receives a lot of tourists every year, which has fuelled property development and driven up prices. “We have properties in town, near the beach, next to the shore, and on mountainsides with seaview. We have apartments, hotels, villas and resorts as well. This is a good

opportunity for investors who want to invest in the tourism business.” He explained that the LED has responsibility for about B100 billion in properties. It is gradually resolving the problems, sometimes through auctions, but also through brokering compromises on debts,

through debt restructuring and through legal reconciliation. Samnao Suwannasampan, Director of the Phuket branch of the LED said, “We will be putting seven properties up for auction soon.” They are:  The troubled 69-unit Chalong Bay View apartments, valued at B278 million;

 39 buildings on 69 rai of land, valued at B509 million;  The abandoned Peninsula Estate on the east coast of the island, looking out over Phang Nga Bay. The part-completed development, with a hotel and 12 villas, is estimated to be worth B224 million;  Buildings on 29 rai of land valued at B233 million;  Chanote-title land of 16.5 rai and 36 bungalows in Rassada, just outside Phuket Town and valued at B181 million;  2.5 rai in Talad Yai, Phuket Town, with 14 buildings, estimated at B61.9 million; and   A classic Thai-design seaview house in Cherng Talay, estimated value B46 million. “These seven lots should be attractive to many investors,” Mr Samnao said. “I expect them all to be sold within the year.” A list of properties to go under the hammer can be seen in the LED website at asset. (Thai language only). Suthicha Sirirat


THE BIG LIST ...of big fruit You can be sure that none of this stuff will be easy to hide. Unless, of course, it all ends up in your belly.

Jack of all trades: Though it is native to India and found throughout Southeast Asia, the heaviest jackfruit in the world was actually grown in Hawaii. Weighing a whopping 34.6 kg with a circumference of 121.28 cm, the jackfruit was grown by George and Margaret Schattauer. This is significant since jackfruit is known as the heaviest tree-borne fruit in the world. We don’t recommend playing dodgeball with the thing. Cabbage patch: Alaska is home to many things: snow, isolation, and good farms. That’s how Wasilla (famously home to former politician Sarah Palin) resident Steve Hubacek was able to grow the biggest green cabbage in history. Guinness World Record observers were able to confirm the size of the 57 kg cabbage, which measures 58.4 cm across with leaves that span 1.5 m. The cabbage beat the previous world record, which was set in 1989 in Wales, by only 1 kg. The new record was set in 2009 at the Alaska State Fair. Carving history: Though numerous farmers have claimed to have grown the world’s largest pumpkin over the years, the current record-holder is a 921.7 kg orange monstrosity from Napa Valley in the US. Tim Mathison, a local gardener and lumber salesman, presented his pumpkin during the Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off in California in October last year. The record won the 56-year-old about US$30,000 in prize money. “I was surprised. I didn’t think it was going to go that heavy,” an elated Mathison told local press. Oh sweet lord: With a weight of over 11.3 kg, Khalil Semhat’s sweet potato is considered by many to be the world’s heaviest sweet potato. The farmer dug up the sweet potato at his home in Tyre, a city in southern Lebanon. The 56-year-old told local media that the vegetable was so heavy, he had to have a friend help him dig the thing out of the ground. “I didn’t use chemicals at all,” he said, “I’ve been working the land since I was a boy and it’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that.” Water this: The 159 kg watermelon that was presented at the 2013 Pumpkin and Fall Festival in Ohio was big enough to be declared the world’s biggest. Chris Kent, an accountant from Tennessee, grew the giant fruit that beat the previous holder – an Italian watermelon grown in 2012 – by over 19.2 kg. The seeds of this particular fruit have been said to have sold for up to US$40 (B1,250) for a pack of three to four. Still, Kent readily admitted that the flesh of the fruit is “a little more coarse and it’s not as sweet.”



‘Lost’ Big Mango found in Australia T

he “theft” of a threestor y, seven-tonne mango statue in northern Australia was revealed last week to be an elaborate publicity stunt by a fast-food chain. The disappearance of the Big Mango, a towering fibreglass likeness of the fruit which is abundant in its hometown of Bowen, made international headlines and a Facebook page was set up to help find it. But a chicken restaurant chain has said it was responsible for “borrowing” the tourist attraction. “The disappearance of Bowen’s Big Mango has generated quite a lot of attention over the last day or so, and we confess Nando’s was behind moving the three storey high,

ten tonne tourist attraction,” it said on its website. “Nando’s would like to thank the people of Bowen for being good sports about us ‘borrowing’ their beautiful mango.” The chain said the reason for the stunt would be revealed

soon and that the mango would be put back in place. The famous fruit, which was unveiled in 2002 as a kitschy tourist attraction, appeared to have been harvested in an ambitious raid by thieves armed with heavy machinery and cranes.

But suspicions were raised when police said they were not investigating. A caller to ABC radio said the mango was lying in the bush behind the information centre where it usually sits. “They’ve laid it over on its side on a couple of tractor tyres by the look of it and covered all that end that’s facing Bowen with big, long tree branches and shade cloths so nobody can see it,” he said. “It’s a pretty hard thing to hide.” There are giant fruits all over Australia, including the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the Big Strawberry and multiple Big Apples and Oranges. There are also giant fishes, a lobster, penguin, kangaroo, koalas, and even a giant cask of wine. AFP

China’s soldiers too fat for outdated tanks

Thousands come out for half-naked festival QUICK, WHAT HAS 9,000 half-naked men fighting for wooden sticks? Though it sounds like a bad joke, Hadaka Matsuri is an annual festival in Japan that sees thousands of participants a year, all men. But wait, there’s more. With only a loincloth to cover their genitalia, the men all grapple one another for control of a pair of lucky sticks. A priest throws the 20 cmlong sticks into the half-naked mob as they climb atop one another for them. Once in their hands, participants are sup-

pose to get them upright into a wooden box in order to be blessed for a whole year with happiness and good fortune. The Half-Naked Festival, as it is also known, takes place on the third Saturday of every February in the Saidaiji Temple in the Japanese city of Okayama. For 500 years, the annual celebration has commenced with a “purification” ceremony in a cold fountain. At midnight, with the lights turned off, all men shout “Wasshoi! Wasshoi!” ( which translates to “heave ho!”) to mark the beginning of the festivities.

CHINESE SOLDIERS have become so much taller and fatter in recent years that they often find themselves cramped in tanks designed three decades ago, state media reported. A survey found that People’s Liberation Army troopers were on average two cm (0.8 inches) taller and five cm (two inches) fatter around the waist than 20 years ago, the military’s official PLA Daily reported last week. As a result, it is harder for soldiers to squeeze into a tank designed for smaller personnel 30 years ago. Rifle stocks are also too short for some, limiting their accuracy. The findings of the survey, which began in 2009 and included more than 20,000 soldiers, suggested an upgrade to the military’s

equipment was necessary, the newspaper said, citing Ding Songtao, head of the poll project. Obesity rates have almost doubled in China since 1980, according to a recent report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a London-based think tank. The rise was attributed to diets changing with incomes rising, it said, and lifestyle becoming increasingly sedentary. AFP

Maggots removed from woman’s head WHEN ROCHELLE HARRIS returned from her trip to Peru, she couldn’t stop the buzzing in her head. At first the Briton assumed the noise was an ear infection, but a trip to the doctor revealed that she was playing host to maggots that were feasting on her brain. “I was very scared. Were they in my brain?” she told

reporters. After a failed attempt to remove the unwelcome guests using olive oil, doctors surgically removed eight maggots from inside her ear. “Its was the longest few hours I have ever had to wait... I could still feel them and hear them. Knowing what those scratching sounds were just made it all the worse,” she said. thephuketnews




BIS students mark school Book Week


The busy life of a Tourist Police officer


JUNGLE SPIRIT A remarkable eco-camp off Phang Nga > page 10

Nai and Kareem of Koh Ra Beach Camp love their island paradise.





During Book Week, BISP students of all ages come to school dressed as their favourite book character.

Famous authors to visit BISP


iving on an island such as Phuket, international school students are exposed to many opportunities including sports, diving and unique cultural festivals. But students, their parents and teachers do not always have the opportunity to meet with published writers. During Book Week, to be held March 10 to 14, British International School Phuket (BISP) will host American author, journalist and photographer Richard Sobol. Sobol is constantly circling the globe looking for stories relating to wildlife, international cultures and the conservation of the environment. A second author, Gail Clarke, who spends her time living between Italy and Phuket, will again visit BISP

for this year’s Book Week. Clarke’s books, also featuring her illustrations, are based on the theme of migration and animals that cover huge distances every year. During their one week visit to BISP, the authors will talk to the students and share stories with them. Inviting professional authors to spend a week at BISP, gives students valuable primary immersion with ‘literacy’. Head of Libraries at BISP, Ms Monica Morscheck says, “Author visits offer enhanced curriculum experiences; they are role models for the reading and writing process, and help students realise that writing is an important skill that all students can develop; that the power of the written and spoken word can even be

life changing. “Authors inspire the learning community to write, as everyone has a story but the challenge is putting it on paper. At BISP, the visiting authors are celebrated as superstars!” As part of their Book Week, BISP will host a parent morning tea and meet the author session. Anyone in the Phuket community is welcome to attend this session at 10.40am on Friday, March 14 in the Secondary Library. Sobol’s and Clarke’s books may be pre-ordered from the BISP Primary or Secondary Library. For more information contact BISP Head of Libraries Monica Morscheck on 076 335 555 or send an email to:

Into the cosmos

Mikaela Griffith


tanding in a pitch-black room, visitors lean in to examine a glowing glass box. A thousand tiny, glittering particles danced before their eyes, swirling through the air, twinkling quietly. Immediately, we’re taken over by the desire to fall right through the prism and into the mesmerising world of Japanese artist Eiji Sumi’s new installation, Quark. To s o me t he n a me sounds like a large, exotic bird, or completely made-up. But no, quarks are fundamental particles that build up matter, and Eiji Sumi’s Quark is an enchanting site-specific installation that allows the

viewer to experience the beauty of these particles in an intriguing union of light, science and art. Sumi began forming the idea for Quark nearly two years ago. Inspired by the way dust looks when caught in light, he started to investigate the phenomenon of particles, and in particular, quarks. Typically used in motion graphics, isolated quarks are the smallest known units of matter and so are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye. Sumi took this as a challenge, and set about f inding a way to represent the particles in an installation. The exhibition, on view now at H Gallery in Bangkok, features three glass str uc tu res conta i n i ng

particles that appear like reflective dust, suspended in the air by an automated system. According to Sumi, “each piece has a different character”. Through the force of a fan or spinning water, the particles swirl in intricate patterns at varying speeds. Projections of light and laser beams illuminate the microscopic cosmos to the viewer, creating a hypnotising experience of the infinite. Sumi says he is very pleased with the f inal result, and hopes to expand Quark to even greater scales in the future. Bangkok Post Quark is on view at H Gallery Project Space in Bangkok until March 2. thephuketnews



Man in uniform Prapaporn Jitmaneeyaphan

Helping tourists in these cases has made me happy because they are safe, however, sometimes we are pranked when tourists call us and lie that something has happened to them

From top: Tourist Police Captain Urumporn Koondejsumrit in his office in Phuket Town; promotional materials for the 1155 hotline.



hen Pol Capt Urumporn Koondejsumrit was young, he dreamed of being an engineer. That is, until he realised the life of a police officer was exactly what he was looking for. “I know that you have to make a lot of sacrifices to be a policeman,” Capt Urumporn says, “My parents would have liked me to become a soldier, as my mother was a soldier as well.” After completing his studies at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School in Nakhon Nayok province, just northeast of Bangkok, he began his career in Phuket at the Crime Suppression Department but was later moved to the Tourist Police due to his command of the English language. Capt Urumporn holds a Master of Science degree from Sam Houston State University in the US. One of the biggest parts of his day-to-day job is working with the foreign tourist police volunteers, many of whom possess previous law enforcement experience and are largely British or American. “These foreign volunteers have a skill better than common interpreters because they normally understand related laws and how our system works,” he says, “We always work together and never leave them to work outside alone to prevent conflicts.” At the moment, there is only one tourist police station in Phuket Town, with an additional counter service on Soi Bangla in Patong. The department is responsible for assisting tourists and preventing or solving any conflicts that may arise during their stay.

“If you ask me, ‘Do I have fun doing this job?’, I say yes,” says Capt Urumporn, though he admits that sometimes he misses the different work done by officers at the Crime Suppression Department. Capt Urumporn says that many cases involve lost tourists, some in the forest, others out on the streets. Such as the case of Hungarian Farkas Gyula, a middle-aged man believed to be suffering from dementia who was found lost and disoriented in Kamala in early January, and then turned up barefoot on a street in Phuket Town later that month. He was recently sent back to his family in Switzerland. “Helping tourists in these cases has made me happy because they are safe,” he says, “However, sometimes we are pranked when tourists call us and lie that something

has happened to them.” This may be a reason why the biggest complaint about tourist police officers, according to Capt Urumporn, is that they take too long to arrive on the scene. It’s a common sticking point with police around the world, though in Phuket they try to combat this with a timetable they call the ‘tourist’s clock.’ “For example, we know that in the morning tourists like to go to the beach, they visit Patong at night, and so on, so we can set our officers to stand by where they are most needed,” Capt Urumporn says. Despite the ups and downs, Capt Urumporn says he loves his job and is glad he did not become a soldier. “I think being a soldier is good, but I like to meet people outside the fence of a military camp.”




The importance of safety THE WAY I SEE IT

Richard Thézé

Intrinsic motivation is when you want to do something. Extrinsic motivation is when somebody else tries to make you do something. Psychologists have found that intrinsic motivation is generally more effective at driving behaviour

Richard Thézé is Lead Teacher Secondary English at Headstart International School, Phuket.


love being a teacher, and am approaching the end of my seventeenth year in the profession. One of the reasons I like my job so much is that it seems to be in a constant state of flux. The fast-paced world that we live in requires that teachers change to keep up with it. It also obliges us to continue to learn new and more efficient ways of facilitating our students’ acquisition of the knowledge they need to face the challenges their generation will inherit. Within my first year as a teacher, I had already reached the conclusion that there is much more to teaching than simply having a good knowledge of one’s subject. In making people, teachers have to be able to deal with all the aspects of the people our students already are when they join us. For example, there are many aspects of their lives outside school that affect their behaviour inside school as well as how they learn and for this reason, responsible institutions must be prepared to educate on these issues because, as educators, we have a duty of care to our students as well as to our colleagues. According to comments made in 2013 by the Phuket Provincial Police Commander Major General Choti Chavaviwat, the fatality rate of motorcyclists in Phuket is as high as 15 people per day. A further 33 to 35 are injured daily in road accidents in the province. A study from the Accident Research Centre, Asian Institute of Technology says: “Loss of life due to motorcycle crash injuries has been a major problem in Thailand. Head injuries due to motorcycle accidents are the main cause of death or disability.” A nationwide survey conducted in 2011 by the Thai Roads Foundation revealed the obvious: only 53 per cent of riders and 25 per cent of passengers of motorised two-wheeled vehicles wore safety helmets. Indeed, encouraging motorcycle riders and pillion passengers to wear helmets is considered by agencies, both inside and outside of Thailand, to be the most important action to reduce the appalling casualty rate. In fact, it is thought that a good quality mo-

torcycle helmet can reduce the risk of death by around 40 per cent and the risk of severe head injury by around 70 per cent. The law in Thailand is very clear regarding the obligation of riders and passengers to wear crash helmets. The Land and Traffic Act B.E. 2522 (1979), Section 122 stipulates: “The rider and the passenger of a motorcycle shall wear a motorcycle helmet. Whilst there are provisions under this section for monks and members of other religions, there is no lawful reason for the majority of people not to wear a crash helmet when driving a motor cycle or travelling as a pillion passenger. Yet, the law is widely flaunted across the island and the country. It is not unusual, for example, to see two, three or even four small passengers on one motorcycle, with nobody wearing a helmet. This is a particularly common sight near many schools. Just last year, president of the Thai Roads Foundation, Danai Ruangsorn, said: “Just 7 per cent [of children on motorcycles] wear a helmet.” The figures speak for themselves and have been widely published in Thai newspapers, but clearly the awful statistics are an insufficient deterrent to riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Although Headstart has a strict school policy that requires all students and members of staff to wear a safety helmet when entering and leaving the school premises, we cannot influence what happens away from the school. Or can we? Understanding what motivates students to behave in certain ways is the first step towards encouraging them to behave in the ways that we want them to, because it is that motivation that energises, directs, and sustains their behaviour. In short, motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is when you want to do something. Extrinsic motivation is when somebody else tries to make you do something. Psychologists have found that intrinsic motivation is generally more effective at driving behaviour. We know that it is a hesitance

to wear safety helmets that contributes to serious injury during motorcycle accidents among teenagers. They take risks because they do not feel that they will get into an accident and they do not contemplate the probability of a serious life threatening injury, disability or even death. It is this flawed mindset that puts them in the direct path of a motorcycle accident. However, we have seen from the statistics that the extrinsic motivator in the form of fines and the threat of prosecution do not work because they do not consistently motivate our children to wear a safety helmet. Road safety is not an attractive or appealing topic for students. Furthermore, there is a perception that it is simply not cool to wear a safety helmet. Overcoming these obstacles to educating our children to wear something that could potentially save their lives is critical. Understanding what motivates them to make the right choice is the key. As we have seen, intrinsic motivation is the internal desire to behave in a certain way. Intrinsic motivation works best in this situation because, among other things, it affords a person choice over what they do. Moreover, choosing to wear a safety helmet is the safe thing to do, the morally right thing to do and is altruistic in that it satisfies the desire to maximise the welfare of others. These are important factors that help to promote consistent intrinsic motivation. Embrace Life – a short British film about the importance of wearing seat belts, found that encouraging young people to reflect on what is important and to acknowledge the precious nature of their lives was a powerful way of engaging them in a personalised effort to be safer on the road. We can learn from this and apply the lesson to encouraging motor cycle safety. Nobody feels comfortable discussing mortality, particularly with children, but a reluctance to discuss the possible consequences of not wearing a safety helmet puts young riders at exceptional risk.

Student named best speller in Thailand


J Grosvenor, a ten year-old student in P4 in the English Programme at Darasamuth Phuket School won first place in a national spelling competition in Bangkok. He won first place in the Phuket round, then first place again in the southern provinces round, and completed his hat trick by ranking first in the country. AJ achieved the same position last year, in the P1-P3 group. This year it was much more difficult as it was the P4-P6 group, so there were much older children for him to compete against. He managed a score of 85 per cent and said that the word that caused him most difficulty was ‘poignant’. His teachers had been preparing him with a new list of words to practise each week, so he now has an incredible vocabulary. “Each time I passed him in the school, I would test him with a

difficult word with an irregular spelling, and he never failed to impress me. He works so hard and is an inspirational student for our school and the whole of Phuket,” said Stephen Brady, Darasamuth Phuket School Head of English Programme. AJ was given a gold medal at the competition which took place in Bangkok on February 19. “We were waiting excitedly for the phone call at school and were so proud when we heard the news of his achievement,” says Stephen. “He has taken it all in his stride and appears to think it’s not such a big deal to be the best speller in his age group in the whole country. “His English teacher, Andy Dawson, from the UK, is now working hard on developing new challenges for AJ, to ensure he is pushed to the best of his ability. And AJ is certainly up for the challenge!”

Happy Darasamuth Phuket School student AJ Grosvenor is now ‘Thailand’s best speller’. thephuketnews



IN BRIEF Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to ADHD Acetaminophen, a common pain reliever considered safe for pregnant women, has been linked for the first time to an increased risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children, said a study Monday. Mor e st ud ie s a r e needed to confirm the findings, but experts said the research points to a new potential cause for the worldwide rise in cases of ADHD.

Toothbrush gives you a mouthful The world’s first smart toothbrush was unveiled Monday, allowing you to improve your dental hygiene while sharing the results online with your dentist or to impress your friends. Shown off on the opening day of the four-day World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, the brush is connected by Bluetooth wireless technology to your smartphone, and thus to the network.

Hospital hosts cancer conf


he Oncology Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket successfully hosted Phuket’s first Cancer Care Conference with over 100 participating medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, further reaffirming its academic leadership in the region. Bangkok Hospital Phuket, in association with the Thai Breast Disease Society and Vachira Phuket Hospital organised the national Cancer Care Conference from February 21 to 23 at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket and Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Prof Dr Tanaphon Maipang, SecretaryGeneral to the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand and Chairman of the Thai body of cancer surgeons, presided over the opening ceremony, while Dr. Kongkiat Kespechara, CEO of Bangkok Hospital Phuket, delivered a welcome speech to all participants. As to the objectives of this conference, Dr. Kongkiat Kespechara noted that Bangkok Hospital Phuket had accorded the utmost importance to sharpening the medical and nursing body of knowledge through constant research and studies of medical diagnoses and treatments, along with the use of everchanging technology. This has given birth to the Cancer Care Conference, which was held in cooperation with a comprehensive subspecialities panel representing the most distinguished universities and hospitals nationwide. There have been seminars and upbeat exchange of knowledge and experience among those in charge of cancer patient care, along with a live surgery demonstration of breast

Centre, Prof Dr Tanaphon Maipang, Secretary-General of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand; second from right, Dr Kongkiat Kespechara, CEO of Bangkok Hospital Phuket; far right, Dr Attawut Chuathong, Director of the Oncology Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. More than 100 professionals attended the conference. cancer by a panel of breast and endocrine surgeons from Ramathibodi Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University. The event aimed to increase academic knowledge about cancer care for those doctors, nurses and related medical professionals for further application in their respective areas in the betterment of cancer patient care. The conference attendance was impressive and amounted to more than one hundred from throughout the country. Dr Kongkiat added that cancer has become increasingly threatening worldwide, including Thailand. It is a silent health threat common among working-age and senior people, and has been one of the foremost causes of global mortality for over a decade. Latest statistics from the World Health

Don’t sit down! From left, English writer A. A. Milne (1882-1956) and Daniel D. Pratt, former US Senator.

Lots of sitting is dangerous for older adults: new study


pending too much time sitting may be particularly dangerous for people over 60, regardless of how much they exercise, according to a US study out Wednesday. The odds of being disabled doubled for each additional hour of sedentary time in seniors, said the research in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. For instance, “if there are two 65-year-old women, one sedentary for 12 hours a day and another sedentary for 13 hours a day, the second one is 50 per cent more likely to be disabled,” explained a statement from @thephuketnews

the research team at Northwestern University. Disability was defined as being limited in basic activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, getting in and out of bed and walking across a room. The study was based on a sample of 2,286 adults aged 60 and older from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Because it only observed the participants at one moment in time, the could not conclusively show whether the sedentary behavior actually caused the disability. Lead researcher Doro-

thy Dunlop, professor of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, has a longterm study underway to look and cause and effect. She said she was surprised to see that being sedentary was almost as strongly correlated with disability as was the lack of moderate vigorous activity, such as walking. “It means older adults need to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting, whether in front of the TV or at the computer, regardless of their participation in moderate or vigorous activity,” she said. AFP

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is part of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) group, the largest hospital network in Southeast Asia. It opened in 1995 and has now fully attained a tertiary care level supported by a broad range of medical subspecialities and cutting-edge technology, as well as guaranteed by Thailand’s HA standards and JCI International accreditation from USA. As one of its key missions, the hospital has continuously promoted medical research and academic activities related to medical and nursing services so that it will eventually become a ‘Medical Center of Choice in the ASEAN Community by 2015’. For more information, visit

Organization (WHO) show that by 2030 cancer patients will increase to 21.4 million. By then, knowledge and expertise sharing among relevant medical professionals will be of vital importance in more effective screenings, diagnosis and healing for timely cancer treatment and a better quality of life. Dr Attawut Chuathong, Director of the Oncology Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket emphasised the full readiness of medical service and technology to provide state-ofthe-art cancer screenings and diagnosis, treatment, operations, and chemotherapy through a dedicated multi-disciplinary approach from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, and cancer genetics specialists over the course of treatment.





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Finding friends in February SOI DOG STORIES

Owned and stray dogs are sterilised and vaccinated for free at these Phuket Town clinics, so take your dog along and help humanely reduce Phuket’s dog population

Above, Puddleby is available for adoption. Right, John Dalley with Seattle and Tucson.

Sterilisation clinic plans for 2014

Soi Dog’s mobile sterilisation clinic is in Chalong until the middle of March, at a school and then at the office of the chief of a village. On January 7, Soi Dog held a meeting with officials from Mueang and Vichit, which encompasses Phuket Town, the most densely populated part of Phuket. The meeting was held because these municipalities saw the effectiveness of the previous sterilisation clinics in Phuket Town but have found that a number of dogs remain unsterilised. At the meeting, it was agreed that follow up sterilisation clinics will be held in Phuket Town before the implementation of stage two of the sterilisation programme. The sterilisation clinics will now work at two locations in Vichit in the second half of March, and three sites in Mueang from late April to the middle of May. Phase two of the sterilisation program will then commence in June when the mobile clinic returns to Mai Khao Or Bor Tor, the starting point of this programme in 2012. All Or Bor Tors in Phuket will be revisited to sterilise every dog possible and we plan to have completed the second phase of this programme by end 2014/early 2015. Both owned and stray dogs are sterilised and fully vaccinated for free at these clinics, so if you live in the Phuket Town area, bring your dog along and help us to humanely reduce Phuket’s dog population. Please bring owned dogs between 9 am and 10 am. Dogs are also sterilised for free Monday to Friday

go to Wat Para. One of the monks came hurrying over to John and pointed out two tiny puppies laying on a footpath. At first John thought they were dead as they were not moving, but on picking them up found they were still alive but extremely weak. They had been dumped at the temple the night before without their mother. The puppies, named Seattle and Tucson after the Greater Good visitors, were rushed to the clinic where they received emergency care. It was touch and go for Seattle and Tucson for a few weeks, but they eventually grew into robust, playful, cheeky little puppies. Their luck has now changed for the better and they are both off to new homes in the USA soon, and guess where they are going... Seattle!

at our centre in Mai Khao. Please call 081 788 4222 for details.

Dumped puppies find new home

Back in November, Soi Dog Foundation was host to people from Greater Good, an organisation who has helped fundraise to build shelters in Buriram, which house the dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. After showing visitors from Greater Good our mobile clinic down in Patong, a request was made to visit some temple dogs. The plan was to visit Wat Ban Don, which was on the route back, but for some reason John Dalley [CEO of Soi Dog] felt strongly that he should take quite a large detour and


Cyndaquil is a female cat aged 9 months old who has been at the Soi Dog Foundation shelter most of her life. She arrived at the shelter in Phuket having been abandoned at just a few weeks old, and she would not have survived on her own. Cyndaquil is the perfect balance between cheeky and playful while still being affectionate and loving. Cyndaquil would make the perfect addition to any cat loving home. Cyndaquil is at the shelter in Phuket, and can easily be adopted locally. If you’re interested in adopting please phone the shelter on 081 788 4222 or email @thephuketnews

Puddleby looking for a new family

Puddleby arrived at our shelter in September 2012 having been found shivering with cold, very hungry and wet. She was dumped with her three siblings in a gully at a local temple when they were only 4 weeks old and they would not have been able to survive much longer on their own. Puddleby is now nearly 18 months old, and has grown into a stunning dog. She is affectionate and loving, and can still be a little shy, but once you gain her trust she is all yours. She has a beautiful shiny coat, and stunning colouring. Puddleby is at our shelter in Phuket, and can easily be adopted locally. Visit for more information.


THEPHUKETNEWS.COM FRIDAY, 28,2014 2014 List your restaurant here: call 076 612 550 or email FRIDAY, FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 28,





Bodega & Grill

Irish Times

Navrang Mahal

Trisara Seafood

A rustic, homely atmosphere serving North and South Indian dishes, freshly prepared by hereditary chefs and served in brass Katoris in the Royal Mughal style of bygone Emperors of India. Many mouth-watering dishes prepared exactly to your liking. Open from 12.30pm - 3pm and 6.30pm 11pm daily. Karon Sea Sand Resorts & Spa, Karon Beach. Also in Patong Soi Bangla. 076 286 464

The first truly world-class destination seafood dining experience on Phuket. A private entrance leads guests either to an outdoor, beachfront deck or to the cool, relaxed interior. The menu is a balance between local and imported seafood prepared and served in a Mediterranean way. Dinner 7pm-10.30pm. Trisara, 076 310 100.

Bodega & Grill is situated on a picturesque patio by the lagoon. The restaurant serves premium char-grilled steaks and seafood from a wood-fired oven, as well as authentic homemade pastas, risottos and paellas. Bodega’s generous steaks are available in portions of up to 1.2 kilogram. Angsana Laguna Phuket, Cherngtalay; 076 324 101

The only Irish owned and managed Irish Pub in Phuket. A real Irish Pub at the heart of Phuket’s world famous nightlife. In this traditionally styled Irish pub you will find a very warm welcome from the Management and their fantastic staff. All your favourite Irish food and beverages. Jungceylon, Patong Beach;

Ceramic Kitchen Mom Tri’s Villa Royale


RE KÁ TA Beach Club


Enjoy fine dining with panoramic sea views in sensually indulgent setting. Delicious Thai and European creations are served on the open-air terrace. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is the winner of the Wine Spectators Award of Excellence. Situated on the only road into to Kata Noi Beach. Reservations recommended. momtriphuket .com; 076 333 568

Enjoy a unique dining and shopping experience at Ceramic Kitchen. We offer a wide range of beverages as well as the chance to shop for ceramic after your lunch or dinner, while every Sunday we do a traditional roast all day. We’re also experts for special events, wedding ceremonies, staff parties, birthday parties and more. 185/5 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Rd., T. Srisoonthorn, Thalang district. 076 272151-2, 082 153 3163


Connoisseurs of fine cuisine can revel in Acqua’s experiential concept. The Acqua restaurant experience promises to deliver only the freshest of ingredients, sourced from only the best producers both local and international. Taste explosions from the portfolio of Chef Alessandro Frau, of both traditional & contemporary are offered. Kalim Bay-Patong, 076 618 127

The beachfront restaurant off­ers modern innovative cuisine with a strong focus on seafood. In the evening RE KÁ TA transforms with Kata’s magical sunsets and cool sounds along with the delicious drinks and tapas, right on the beach. Open daily 6.30am-11pm; Kata Beach (next to Boathouse);, rekata, 076 330 421

Baan Kalim Restaurant & Seafood KEE Sky Lounge


La Boucherie

La Boucherie is a French steakhouse located on Soi Sansabai in Patong, next to Jungceylon and just a short walk from Bangla road. You’ll find a varied menu of wonderful and reasonably priced food that includes perfectly cooked steaks and dishes from France, all with friendly and efficient service that guarantees you a very pleasant and satisfying experience. Open daily 11am-5am. 076 344 581.

“A World of Fusion Awaits You !” Trendy rooftop dining, drinking and dancing venues with Patong Bay view. Serving up an eclectic mix of tasty east-meets-west tapas, appetizers, and a colourful new vibe on the rooftop with light and sound from in-house Live Band. Enjoy our trendy new fusion finger food influenced by cooking styles from around the world alongside your main course, or simply relax with some Eurasian tapas and sip sundowners from our new selection of creative cocktails. Open 5.30PM- Midnight, Contact us: The KEE Resort & Spa, Phuket Tel.076 335 888

Great food and people you know! Authentic Italian cuisine in Nai Harn area. Three different dining areas, cocktail lounge, children’s play area, Delicatessen, live music....DaVinci is not just a meal, it is an experience of taste, atmosphere and more. Restaurant open daily 5pm-11.30pm; Deli open 11am-6pm; Sunday close; Naiharn 076 289 574.


Start your evening with delicious food and fine wine. Pick the perfect spot to take in stunning views of Patong bay, as the evening breeze surrounds you. Relax and enjoy live music to make your evening into that truly wonderful and unforgettable dining experience. Open daily 11am-Midnight. Patong;;, 076 618 125

THAI Baan Aroi Restaurant

Breeze Restaurant Panache Restaurant

Phuket’s most exciting new restaurant is situated on the waterfront at Cape Yamu. Chef Cheryl Johnson is providing diners with her innovative modern French interpretations of local ingredients. Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, and from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch. Our menus change frequently. Cape Yamu, Paklok, 081 271 2320

Tre by Double Pool Villas

An array of culinary experiences is offered to tempt and intrigue in Tre - the exclusive contemporary French Vietnamese restaurant set among the superb surroundings of the DoublePool Villas. Tre’s signatures dishes include scallops and green apples and tartar with pan-fried foie gras. Banyan Tree Phuket, Cherngtalay;

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our creative and innovative cuisine. Open daily from 7.00 am till 11.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

The Bistro Restaurant

A menu of modern Mediterranean influences created by Chef Luca to tantalize the senses in a modern ambience. Offering everything from fresh seafood pastas to simple good pizzas. An impressive selection of well priced beverages and stunning sea views complete the experience. Open daily for lunch or dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala Beach; 076 302 000

Offers authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing traditional local flavours with the freshest, finest and healthiest ingredients. This restaurant is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open daily from 11.00 am till 9.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

JAPANESE Talung Thai Tamarind Restaurant

Find all the Italian traditions in one location, and savor and experience the real Mama style dishes serving only the traditional taste of Italia. The Bistro is at Impiana Resort Patong Phuket. Happy Hours 50 per cent off for selected beverages, soft drinks, juices from 3pm-5pm & 10pm11pm daily. Open 3pm-12am. Impiana Resort Patong Phuket, Patong Beach, 076 340 138.

To complement an already distinctive cuisine, Tamarind is bringing to the island high quality authentic Japanese cuisine, courtesy of Master Chef Shiraishi. Gracing our Japanese menu will be fresh sushi, sashimi, healthy salads, yakitori and tempura and much more. Tamarind is your ultimate destination to savour the best Japanese cuisine in Phuket. Cherngtalay;

The restaurant has a stunning sunset location, offering views of the Andaman Sea. The menu of southern Thai specialties and true local dishes, are not seen on many other restaurant menus in Phuket. Chill with a cocktail from our award wining mixologist at sunset and then relax with authentic Thai cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala; 076 302 000 thephuketnews



Isaan comes alive at iZaab J.P. Mestanza

A great start to a dinner at iZaab should always include yum pla dook foo – Thai crispy fish with green mango salad. An unassuming starter that doesn’t look like much at first glance, but packs a crispy punch with savoury flavours

Clockwise from top left, deep fried snapper with mango salad; yum pla dook foo; and inside the restaurant in Cherng Talay.


pon walking into iZaab Isaan Restaurant in Cherng Talay, the bright colours and tasty smells overwhelm the senses. There’s a bit of playfulness with the restaurant, from the décor to the kid’s room and even the tweaks in the food. While it is an Isaan restaurant at it’s core, complete with the spiciness and flavours that precedes the northeast region’s reputation, iZaab is not afraid to offer something more, something a tad different to customers. One difference is the glasses of grape juice they offer – almost always Cabernet Sauvignon which goes down great with the flavours. “The basic idea is to serve Isaan food in a nice environment, a comfortable setting,” said Lin Prachakrich who opened the restaurant a few years back along with her husband Miguel Kirjon when it was known as Gitano Restaurant and Love. The two took only two weeks to transform the beloved Mexican-inspired eatery into a fully-fledged Isaan restaurant. While some of the quirks remain, like the bright colours and the kid’s play area, the menu is typically Thai with a few outside-the-box choices, like their German sausage and tasty lemonsoda. A great start to a dinner at iZaab should always include yum pla dook foo – Thai crispy fish with green mango salad. An unassuming starter that doesn’t look like much at first glance, but packs a crispy punch with savoury flavours. The crispiness comes from the catfish, which is first grilled then deep-fried, and comes with a refreshing mango salad that balances out the tastes. Also on tap are the northern and Isaan sausages. Both are stuffed with rice and pork, the difference between the two is the slight curry taste of the northern

Samui prepares for food fest


oh Samui’s top restaurants and chefs are set to serve a one-ofa-kind dining experience next month. A dozen restaurants will offer fivecourse fine dining Champagne dinners daily from March 1 to 31 to celebrate the fourth “Fine Dining Festival”. This is one of the few “joint forces” events on the island, which caters genuinely to tourism and is designed to promote Samui as a holiday destination via its culinary heaven of top restaurants. It’s also a rare chance for gourmands to experience exclusive and original fine dining at great value, as it features a superb selection of individual menus from each participat@thephuketnews

ing restaurant and an elite line-up of chefs every evening. Each menu consists of a starter, a fish course, sorbet, a meat course and dessert. It is priced at B7,500 for two people, including a bottle of Champagne Lombard. Participating restaurants include Amber (InterContinental), Beach Republic, Dining on the Rocks (Six Senses), Full Moon (Anantara Bophut), Kan Sak Thong (Melati Resort), Le Jaroen (The Scent Hotel), Ochos (Akaryn), Orgasmic, Rockpool (Kanda Resort), Saffron (Banyan Tree), Sala Samui, Tawann (Renaissance) and Tree Tops (Anantara Lawana). Bangkok Post For more information visit samui

variety. The Isaan sausage is a bit more on the sour side and is highly recommended. “We wanted to give people a choice between the two since many foreigners also love curry,” Lin said. Next up was the tom saab, a variation of tom yum, the difference being that the former has dry powdered chili and pork rib. The dish is slightly sour, a bit salty, but a great change of pace and is chock full of vegetables and meat. We had to make room for the deepfried snapper, served with a mango salad – the two go perfect together in a similar way as the catfish starter. Despite its crispiness, the dish is light and perfect for a party of two to four people.

The snapper also comes grilled, served with a tamarind and seafood sauce. Despite the plump belly that was protruding out of my shirt, there was one more thing on tap: jim jum. This is Isaan’s answer to the hot pot, where everything from eggs to fresh seafood, coriander, and vegetables are thrown into a steaming pot heated by charcoal underneath. Though similar to a soup, diners can use their chopsticks to grab what they want from the pot much like a fondue. The restaurant offers beef and chicken varieties for the jim jum, though the island offers some fresh seafood and is highly recommended.




Koh Ra: Treasure island Claire Connell

Clockwise from top, the tents on Koh Ra; Nai, left, and Kareem; and the tented area near the beach. Opposite page, clockwise from top, a map showing the isolated location of Koh Ra; a view out to the beach; and a hornbill, a common sight at the eco-camp in Phang Nga.


he story about the 10-metre-long Burmese python that had recently eaten a pet dog is being told at the worst possible time. We are already on a longtail boat, heading for remote Koh Ra island off the coast of Kuraburi in Phang Nga, and there is no turning back now – no way to escape. As tour guides Sunai “Nai” Leesakul and Pairote “Kareem” Matte recount the tale of the massive python being caught, it’s all getting a bit too much for us city girls, causing us to nervously glance at each other as if to say, ‘This story isn’t real, right?’. But both Nai and Kareem say it definitely happened, although admit the story might have been exaggerated in repeated telling (a later check on Wikipedia says that Burmese pythons only grow to five metres in length). After all, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, right? Laughing it off, the guides eventually convince us that we’ll be safe on Koh Ra, and won’t be eaten by

any snakes. Besides, that particular one was killed by the dog’s owner – there are even photographs somewhere to prove it I’m told. As we head out to the Andaman Sea, passing lush mangroves, we are instantly relaxed by the fresh sea breeze. Truth be told, the minute you jump on a longtail anywhere in Thailand there’s a real sense of freedom and possibility. After a couple of stops along the way due to some windy weather, we arrive at Koh Ra in the late afternoon, just in time to catch a gorgeous sunset from the longtail. We park the boat and it’s about a 15-minute walk through the bush before we reach what will be our home for the night, the Koh Ra Beach Camp, on Ao Son beach, on the west side of Koh Ra. On the east side live 15 Sea Gypsy families. There used to be far more, but many moved to the mainland after the 2004 tsunami. When we arrive at the beach camp, it’s pretty easy to think ‘Is this it?’. There really isn’t much to it – tents are set up and there’s a main “living” area where the delicious Thai food is prepared and served family style. Apart from that it’s just you, the beach, the jungle and pythons. Don’t even think of

checking your email or updating Facebook, you won’t get any reception out here. The Koh Ra Beach Camp was built by Nai over the last couple of years, and in 2013 finally welcomed its first guests. Nai’s cousin owns the land, and offered it to Nai as a new project. So after 13 years of being a tour guide, the Khao Lak native decided to start up his own tour company, Green Andaman Travel, and hired his best mate Kareem, then working as a freelance tourist guide, to help him, and they started trips to Koh Ra. These days, Nai is pretty proud of their efforts in setting up the camp. “Two years ago this was a jungle, a real jungle,” he says, gesturing wide with his arms. “It took a lot of people to clear it [the space for the tents]. It really is an amazing place, and it’s a real botanical place too, with monkeys and hornbills and deer. “My first time here I saw a talking myna. Usually you only see those in cages, so it was really amazing. The tourists love it. One couple, they booked three days and two nights, and they didn’t want to leave. They ended up staying two more nights.”




Activities available include jungle trekking with Kareem, who is the beach camp manager, as well as snorkelling and kayaking, plus bird watching, swimming and fishing. Kareem, known by most as “the jungle man” because of his love of nature, lives fulltime at the camp. But despite his love for the jungle and anything creepy-crawly-like, it wasn’t always that way. Kareem recalls a time around 20 years ago when he was working for the Highways Department in Khao Yai, central Thailand. “I was working in the forest for years, building a road. But back then, I didn’t really like being in the jungle. I remember I was afraid. “One time I saw a great hornbill bird, it flew past me going ‘woosh, woosh’. I was alone and I was so shocked – I thought ‘What is that sound’ and it was in the dark too. But now when I see the hornbills, I love them. I think they are so special, and they are my favourite bird.” Kareem has many favourite animals, including many that can be seen on Koh Ra. For nature lovers, the island offers up a bounty of wildlife. There’s the sambar deer, wild boars, hornbills, the Asian palm civet, mynas, and plenty of snakes and lizards. Kareem’s beloved great hornbill, the oriental pied hornbill and the common hill myna are frequent sightings. For those who are interested in learning more about the wildlife on Koh


Ra, Kareem’s speciality are his nature walks. These are a real eye opener for most – especially sheltered urbanites like us – and it’s on these treks that you are really exposed to Kareem’s knowledge about life on the island. “I love going to the jungle, and I love reading information about it too. I love to take tourists inside to learn about the trees, the animals and the environmental eco-system,” he explains. “Koh Ra gets around 4,000 mm of rain per year – more than Phuket. There’s a tropical ecosystem here. It’s humid – around 70 to 80 per cent in the jungle – but dry near the beach.” Kareem explains that the sambar deer is the biggest found in Thailand. “I’ve seen some footprints around here, behind the camp,” he says. “Maybe there are three or four adults around, and two or three children, but it could be more. One time we saw one down on the beach, it was licking the salt.” There are also sea turtles – the hawksbill and the olive ridley – which nest on the island from around October until March, with the eggs hatching about April or May. “Just last week we were fishing on the rocks and I saw one [a turtle], it was about as big as this table,” he says, gesturing to the one we’re sitting around, eagerly listening to his nature tales. And what about that Burmese python? Kareem is nonchalant as he explains. “It’s pretty common, but you can’t see it everywhere. They’re active during the night-time, but they haven’t attacked people here. When you get to the jungle you’ve got to respect it – you can’t be a hero. You just have to watch what’s going on. “If people come here and they see a cobra, they’re lucky. Usually they are only seen in the jungle.” Lucky is one word to describe it I suppose, and Kareem laughs as he sees the looks on our faces. Fortunately, he explains that the beach camp isn’t a

popular spot for snakes because they “can’t slither along the sand very easily” – that’s a relief. Kareem lives at the beach camp, heading back to Khao Lak once a month for a taste of civilisation, but he’s always happy to return to the quiet island. “I feel like I’m home here. It’s quiet and there’s lots of nature around, I love it. Every noise here is very calming for me. From the shouting cicadas to the big waves, it’s all calming.” Fellow tour guide Nai agrees: “I just wanted to do a few tents, I never wanted to do too much. I was working as a musician in one or two bars in Khao Lak, and two years ago, I thought okay, I’ll stop playing, then I’ll have more time. And then I created this all.” “A lot of people need to escape and relax in a natural place. Here, you can hear the sound of the sea and the nature. We sit around, talking, sharing experiences and taking photos.”

January and February are the best months to visit, when the weather is good and the sea is flat, and it’s not too hot inside the tents, which are set around 20 metres back from the beach. At the moment there are solar cell lights and oil lamps, but in the future Nai wants the place to be completely eco-friendly only using green energy. There’s enough space for 16 tents in the camp, each accommodating two people, plus a large four person family tent. The tents were purchased in Bangkok, and then Nai and Kareem built a wooden roof over the top of each one, to keep out the rain. “I have many ideas. I want to do many things here, but it takes time,” Nai explains. “The best bit is that there’s nothing here, that’s why it’s my favourite place. Fifteen years ago I went to Khao Sok and there were not many tourists. It was calm and beautiful, and there were many monkeys and wild pigs. Now hundreds of people come in large groups.” “It’s hard to find a place like this,” he says, looking around the area and toward the sea, which is flat as a lake this early in the morning. “But when you find it, you must protect it. I want to invite people who love nature to come down here, and they will find that this place is a real paradise.” Green Andaman Travel currently offer two packages to visit Koh Ra. The two days, one night package starts at B2,900 per adult. The three days, two nights package starts at B4,800 per adult. Both leave from Khao Lak and include meals. For more details visit or email info@




IN BRIEF 24 star in new Mortal Kombat

It’s no secret that Kiefer Sutherland is lending his voic for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but the actor is also part of another iconic franchise. “I did Mortal Kombat, and that’s such a huge game, but its so not like Metal Gear,” Sutherland said last week. He confirmed that he completed work in Mortal Kombat “pretty quickly compared to Metal Gear,” but did not specify his role in the game.

Mozilla, China and the new US$25 phone

Mozilla is partnering with Chinese company Spreadtrum for a new lowcost Firefox OS-powered smartphone that they plan to sell for US$25 (B750). The Chinese-made SC6821 is the cheapest entry-level chipset on the market, and made especially for the phone. The smartphone is said to feature a 3.5 inch touchscreen with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels (same as the iPhone 3GS), Bluetooth, 2-megapixel rear camera, wi-fi, and app support. A release date not been unveiled.

Twitter used in Venezuela armed standoff

When retired Venezuelan army general Angel Vivas tweeted last week that protesters could knock down police on motorbikes with transparent wire, President Nicolas Maduro sent security forces to arrest the 57-year-old. But Vivas, donning a flak jacket and carrying an assault rifle, resisted arrest and even tweeted out that “Cuban and Venezuelan henchmen, along with criminal groups are arriving at my house.” Neighbours live-tweeted the stand-off as protesters came to the aid of the retired general and he was not taken into custody.

Thai protests have begun to affect more than just the government.

Protests sway Thai telcos


he ongoing anti-government protests that have rocked Bangkok have also created some interesting shifts within the country’s telecommunications industry, with Dtac especially looking to pull away from the competition. In the last few weeks, protesters have pushed for boycotts of AIS – one of the country’s big three telecommunication companies – because it was founded by former prime minister and business mogul Thaksin Shinawatra. Reports show that the number of people that have dumped their AIS service last week alone has reached 1,400 - twice the norm - and most have switched to Dtac or True Move H, the other two big telco companies. Despite a statement from Wichian Mektrakarn, CEO of AIS, that confirmed Thaksin sold all his shares in the company back in 2006, it is unclear whether that will stop people from cancelling their service with AIS. Dtac, however, have begun a massive push to grab those subscribers through several means. One of which includes helping rice farmers, who have been at the centre of the rice buyback scheme

promoted by the unpopular government. Many farmers have claimed they were never paid by the government for their rice, with at least two farmers allegedly having committed suicide for lack of payments. Dtac has launched a new print of its prepaid calling cards to promote their Farmer Info app, which provides free agro-related information like selling prices. The company has also partnered with Rakbankerd and others to promote e-commerce and mobile financial services to the agricultural industry. All of this comes amid rumours that True Move H is also connected to the Shinawatra family, though that connection has never been confirmed. Still, the landscape of Thailand’s tech industry – at least in the telecommunications sector – seems to be molding itself to the tune of the ongoing protests. Time will tell whether there will still be a big three.

Facebook spends $19bn on new toy


he purchase of Whatsapp for a reported US$19 billion (B619 billion) turned a lot of heads last week, and the purchase could have potential ramifications in Thailand. Facebook is not just buying Whatsapp’s 450 million monthly users. It’s a big number for sure, but other messaging apps – including Line and Wechat – also have hundreds of millions of users. Instead, the ‘Social Network’ is paying US$19 billion (B619 billion) for the app’s heavy user-activity. Think about this: In January, more than 18 billion messages were sent through the Whatsapp network. Compare

that to the 19 billion messages sent via SMS around the world – a number that includes all major phone carriers on earth, combined. Here’s another number: Facebook acquired Instagram for US$1 billion in 2012, which had only 30 million accounts at the time. For many industry observers, the purchase of Whatsapp is

Facebook’s way of controlling the instant-messaging market, as Facebook Messenger is currently the second biggest messaging app while Skype (owned by Microsoft) is a distant third. Rumours are swirling that Google’s failed bid to previously buy Whatsapp will spur them to purchase a lesser-used app such as Snapchat (which already rebuked a US$3 billion offer from Facebook), with the Japanese Line (over 20 million users in Thailand) and China’s Wechat (over 12 million Thais) already in the mix. With millions of Thai users, Google may become a big player in one fell swoop if they decide to buy out any of these three apps, and they may need to with Google Plus still proving to be unpopular.



Dragon Quest Monsters 2



Fifa 14

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Vita


Flying Cyrus (Game)

iOS, Android


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Xbox One, PS4


Battlefield 4 (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC


Clear (To-do list)



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Xbox 360, PS3


Pokemon X and Y



Howl (Contact list)

iOS, Android


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC


Grand Theft Auto V (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Untapped (Social)



Kidou Senshi Gundam: Extreme VS


10 The LEGO Movie Videogame

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Wii U


Boppl (Menus)

iOS, Android

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII GAME REVIEW J.P. Mestanza


he conclusion of the Final Fantasy XIII series, Lightning Returns is a revamped version of the previous two games, but lacks a lot of the luster that makes the Final Fantasy franchise so lovable. The gameplay, which was a big sticking point in the last two versions, has been completely overhauled to be more action-oriented, but to be honest the ability to change outfits and the visuals are just about the only things great about this game. The user plays as Lightning, a key character from the previous editions, in a race against time since it is up to the gamer to save the world from doom. The player can add time onto the clock through side missions and completed quests, though XP points are not earned through combat. The game encourages the user to experiment, but at the cost of precious time. A sense of urgency moves the story along as Lightning attempts to bring closure to relationships, though these episodes only serve to enhance the character’s cold nature. The combat templates, called Schemata, are a welcome addition, each with its own outfits, weapons, attacks and distinct attributes. Lightning can carry three at a time, deploying them for specific villains. W h i l e L i gh t n i n g Returns is certainly a serviceable game with beautiful visuals, it’s not the same Final Fantasy we’ve come to know and love. No heart, all go, and little emotions makes this a stinker.

Which game would you like us to review? Let us know at thephuketnews



IN BRIEF J-Law to star in East of Eden Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games director Gary Ross are set to take on an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s 1913 novel East of Eden, which was famously filmed in 1955 starring James Dean. This version of the story will differ from the 1955 film and will focus on the matriarchal figure played by Lawrence with a script that will also be penned by Ross. The project has been in limbo since 2004 when Ron Howard was set to take over before it fell apart. There is no official start date to filming.

Console wars set for big screen Seth Rogan and writing partner Adam Goldberg have penned a deal with Sony Pictures to adapt a forthcoming non-fiction book on the video game console war of the early 1990s. The duo are set to co-write and co-direct the film, which will be based on the book Console Wars, being released later this year. The book and film will tell the story of the battle for market dominance between Sega and Nintendo. It has not been confirmed whether Rogan will also appear on screen.


Complete disaster FILM REVIEW J.P. Mestanza

Starring: Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland, Jessica Lucas, Adewale AkinnuoyeAgbaje, Jared Harris, and Carrie-Anne Moss Director: Paul W.S. Anderson Running time: 105 minutes

The Raid coming in English An English-language remake of the highly-popular Indonesian action film The Raid has been put forward with Patrick Hughes set to direct. Hughes, who is currently directing The Expendables 3, has hired Brad Ingleby (Out of the Furnace) to put together a draft of the script based on the original. Liam and Chris Hemsworth are rumoured to be attached to the film, though it has not been confirmed. The original film was released in 2011.

SFX Coliseum Phuket (Central Festival) The Monuments Men (E) Pompeii (E) Pompeii (G/E) Pompeii (T) RoboCop (E) RoboCop (T) Time Line Jod Mai Kwam Song Ja (T)

12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 14:05, 16:20, 18:35, 20:50 14:45, 17:00, 19:15, 21:30 13:25, 15:40, 17:55, 20:10, 22:25 12:20, 14:50, 17:20, 19:50, 22:20 11:20, 13:50, 16:20, 18:50, 21:20 11:30, 13:55, 16:40, 19:25, 22:05

SFC Jungceylon Phuket (Patong) The Legend of Hercules (3D/E) The Monuments Men (E) Pompeii (3D/E) RoboCop (E) That Awkward Moment (E) Time Line Jod Mai Kwam Song Jam (T) The Wolf of Wall Street (E)

12:50 ,15:00, 19:20 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 12:30, 14:50, 17:30, 19:45, 22:00 12:10, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40, 22:05 17:15, 21:30 12:45, 15:30, 18:15 21:00

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information c annot be guaranteed. For up - to - date information, visit s f c i n e m a c i t y. c o m , o r c a l l t h e c i n e m a s d i r e c t l y : S F X C o l i s e u m P h u k e t 076 - 2 0 9 - 0 0 0 a n d S F C J u n g c e y l o n P h u k e t 076 - 6 0 0 - 5 5 5 .




aul W.S. Anderson’s (Resident Evil) adaptation of Pompeii, set during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is an action-epic that fancies itself as the next Gladiator, though it’s more akin to Titanic. The story begins with a five-year-old protagonist named Milo, who witnesses the destruction of his tribe before being sold into slavery. He then, naturally, comes up through the ranks over the years (the older Milo is played by Kit Harington) as a fearsome gladiator, and is brought to the big leagues – the resort city of Pompeii. Here he meets a high-born woman (Emily Browning), gets some lashings, and has a showdown with the region’s most feared gladiator – Atticus (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje). All the while, he is reminded constantly about his status as a slave and has to fight off enemies at every turn. Some elements of history seep into the story as Rome, just prior to the eruption, annexed Pompeii much to the chagrin of the local population. This doesn’t sit well with evil local Senator Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland). And that pretty high-born woman Milo likes so much? Corvus likes her too.




The Lego Movie




3 Days to Kill












The Monuments Men




About Last Night




Ride Along








Endless Love




Winter’s Tale



Thankfully, a volcano is about to erupt and engulf the entire city, which is about as much as the audience can hope for after the disappointing first half. Throughout the film, Anderson reminds the audience of the inevitable with small quakes, cracks in the walls, and impressive close-up shots from atop Vesuvius’ crater. Several times, the volcano becomes a topic for on-screen discussion, though nobody seems overly concerned. The love story that unfolds during the second and third acts seems almost forced, as our lovers only see each other for a few moments. As powerful as those scenes may be, they are awkwardly incongruent. By the time the volcano erupts though, so too does the boredom, and a completely different movie emerges. This second film is not necessarily “five-star worthy”, but it is impressive and entertaining. Audiences will feel engulfed by the eruption as it puts a different perspective on a population that was eviscerated within a 24-hour period, and essentially burned, buried, and drowned alive. Despite this, however, the names Milo and Cassia might as well be changed to Jack and Rose. This time though, everyone goes down with the ship.




Nikki Beach to hold grand opening


ikki Beach Worldwide opened the doors to Nikki Beach Phuket with incredible success on January 29, and will be holding a Grand Opening White Party on March 7. Nikki Beach Phuket, a beach club & restaurant, is the brand’s 10th permanent location in the world and second location in Thailand. Located on the west coast of Phuket, along the shores of Layan Beach, Bangtao, the venue exudes unprecedented views of the Andaman Sea. Modeled after the same stylish and contemporary look and feel as all of the brand’s locations around the world, Nikki Beach Phuket is adorned in plush, allwhite sun beds, chic drapery and their trademark teepees located throughout the property. Guests are able to spend their days and evenings indulging in cocktails, endless champagne and an extensive menu of dishes featuring signature tastes and spices representative of all the countries Nikki Beach is located, including delicious salads, creative sushi

lounge, is located on the second floor of the main building and is able to accommodate up to 70 guests for private events, dinners & celebrations and also includes a deck that can accommodate an additional 60 guests. “Phuket has always been on our priority list of great locations for Nikki Beach and with five successful years in Koh Samui, the opening of Nikki Beach Phuket is a great accomplishment for our growing brand. We are so proud to have opened our second location in Thailand. The beaches (in Thailand) are magnificent,” says Jack Penrod, Founder and Owner of Nikki Beach Worldwide. “We look forward to continuing to welcome both our loyal and new customers to experience the amazing cuisine, service and ambiance found at all our Nikki Beach locations around the world at Nikki Beach Phuket.”

Nikki Beach Phuket will hold its grand opening “White Party” on March 7, at the venue at Layan Beach. rolls, original seafood entrees and slowroasted free-range rotisserie chicken. The oceanfront beach club and res-

taurant includes a pool, indoor and outdoor dining options, opium beds and four bars. Nikki Privé, the brand’s ultra-VIP

Nikki Beach Phuket, 62/11 Moo 6 Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket. Email: Tel: 076-681-161.; Facebook: Nikki Beach Phuket

Youth Talent Competiton returns

O Siska took out last year’s title in the competition.

From left, last year’s runner up Sammy Thacker, second runner-up Victoria Margo, and winner Siska Greene.

WEEKDAYS ‘Wake Up’ with Dave and Kirsty

n Friday, March 28, the Youth Talent Competition returns again to Phuket, this time at the new Boat Avenue shopping complex in Cherng Talay. The competition starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm. Contestants will be judged by a panel, while the prize money is the same as last year with cash prizes of B5,000 for the winner, B3,000 for second place and B2,000 for third place. There is a B500 entry fee and the competition is limited to only 30 contestants, so hurry and get your entries in early. The organisers of the competition, Phuket Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA) and Siobhan’s Music Studio (SMS), have made minor changes to the competition, which is aimed at young singers and musicians on the island. Gary Crause from PAPA said, “This year we are limiting the competition to solo performers. They can sing to backing music, sing and play an instru-

SATURDAYS 7 - 11am

‘Weekend Breakfast’ (Last Man Standing) with Sam Clarke

11am - Noon

‘Lounge @ Live’ with Donna Toon

10am - Noon

‘Afternoons’ with Callie

Noon - 3pm

‘Saturday Lunchbox’ with Garry Holden

Noon - 3pm

3 - 7pm

‘Club Classics’ with Sean Bell

7 - 8pm (Mon to Thur)

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau

7 - 10pm (Fri)

Phuket’s Best Music Mix

8pm - 7am

‘Saturday Sounds’ ‘Saturday Night Fever’

for the Youth Talent Contest and the Battle of the Young Bands, to be held later in the year. In recent months PIADS have aligned themselves strongly with the support of young artists in Phuket, first through their agreement with Legend Music in the creation of PAPA, which provides the school with one of the strongest extracurricular music, drama and dance programmes available on the island, and now through their commitment to the youth talent competitions. The new host for this competition is the Friday Night Market at Boat Avenue in Cherng Talay.

Youth Talent Competition Date: Friday, March 28 Time: 6pm to 9pm Venue: Friday Night Market at Boat Avenue/ Villa Market in Cherngtalay Entry fee: B500 Send entries to or enter at PAPA, SMS or Legend Music.

SUNDAYS 8 - 10am

‘The Power Hour’

‘Drive on Live’ with Jason Wilder

ment, or play a solo part on an instrument.” The organisers have again teamed up with Class Act Media, parent company of The Phuket News, as their preferred media partner, and the Phuket International Academy Day School (PIADS) have come on board as the main prize sponsors. Boat Lagoon were very keen to host the event at their new commercial shopping complex Boat Avenue, and the Friday Market has been set as the host of this competition. “We started these competitions because is so much young musical talent on the island, but there was not much in the way of avenues for them to showcase their talents,” Gary said. “But it would be impossible for us to make competitions like this one and the Battle of the Young Bands an annual event without the support of sponsors.” New sponsors to the event are PIADS, which have partnered with the organisers to sponsor the prize money

‘Weekend Breakfast’ (Last Man Standing) with Sam Clarke

8 - 10am

‘Sunday Brunch’ with Jason Wilder

10am - Noon

‘Asia Pop 40’ with Dom Lau

Noon - 3pm

3 - 6pm

‘Mellow Moments’ with Andy Saunders

3 - 5pm

‘The Chill Factor’ with Colin Hanslip

5 - 7pm

6pm - Midnight

‘The Sunday Chill’

7pm - Midnight





GRAND OPENING ACE Xclusive held its soft opening at Jungceylon from February 20 to 26.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S A happy couple celebrated Valentine’s Day at La Gritta at Amari Phuket.

H.E. Adm. M.L.Usni Pramoj.

Colin “illy” Hill, Mickey Curtis, Jimmy Fame and Avid “Snakeman” Munthe.

ARTS ON SHOW IN KATA From left, M.L. Tri Devakul, Chantal Socie, GM of Villa Royale Khun Adisak and Boathouse GM Marie-Laure Fleury enjoy the Baan Kata Arts Fest classical music concert, held on February 18 at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale.

A JAMMING GOOD TIME On February 20 at the ‘Rockin’ Rockfish’, Colin Hill and Jimmy Fame were joined by a 75-year-old music legend – Japanese actor, singer and TV celebrity Mickey Curtis. A pivotal figure in Japanese popular music, Mickey is considered one of the three big Japanese names in rock music, helping to popularise the genre in the 1950s where he began as a rockabilly singer. Every Thursday at Rockfish restaurant in Kamala singer Jimmy Fame hosts an evening of music. thephuketnews



PHUKET STUDENTS MAKE A SPLASH IN MAI KHAO Around 70 students from Baan Maikhao School Phuket enjoyed a party on Friday (February 21), held at Splash Jungle Water Park by Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket. The event was part of the resort’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme.

GRAND OPENING NIGHT Two Chefs officially opened their new Kamala branch on February 21.

BABY TURTLES SET FREE Around 90 baby turtles were released at Angsana Laguna Phuket on Friday (February 21) as part of the 20th annual Laguna Phuket Sea Turtle Release. More than B200,000 was raised.

SPREADING THE MESSAGE The Phuket Loves You Club has produced T-shirts with the “safe sex” message on them, and they will be worn by staff working in Soi Paradise in Patong every Friday evening. The group hope this will send a powerful message to visitors that those in the soi, and in wider Phuket, are committed to promoting safe sex. @thephuketnews

Maxim, Tatiana, Marsha, Elza and Ira enjoy the night.


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28 Join the Beauty Revolution at Thanyapura

Thanyapura Health and world renowned Prof. Dr. Michael Klentze invites you to join us for the launch of our innovative Aesthetics program at Thanyapura. Learn from Prof. Dr. Michael Klentze the rejuvenation secrets of modern medicine, including the use of stem cells, and how Aesthetic medicine is being revolutionized. Win a chance to receive giveaways and prizes, while experiencing complimentary trials and demonstrations. STEM CELL THERAPY | BOTOX |FILLER | LASER THERAPY |MICRODERMABRASION | INFUSION | SKINCARE Date; Friday the 28th of February, 2014. Time; 18:00- 19:30 Location; The View at Thanyapura. Free entry. Please RSVP to Thanyapura Health. Tel: +66 (0)76 336 000 Ext. 5080.

List your event at

such as toys, greeting cards, ornaments, lanterns, bags, purses and many more. You can also find exquisite arts and craft created by local residents. Pre-loved items include books, clothes and toys. Handicraft items are made by the disadvantaged members of society that The Good Shepherd strives to empower. All proceeds go directly to The Good Shepherd mission. See

BBQ at Expat Hotel

Time 8pm, Expat Sports Bar, Expat Hotel, Soi Taipan, Patong. www.expatsports

Pool Competition at Expat Hotel

Pool Competition at 9pm. Expat Sports Bar, Soi Taipan, Patong.

Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi

Indian Curry Night on Fridays Come to Navrang Mahal in Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for an authentic Indian Feast every Friday in Karon Beach. Try out our delicious naans, mutton vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal makhini, butter chicken, samosas, lassis and many more mouth-watering dishes. For only 499/- nett and special reduced prices on drinks.


Beach behind XANA Beach Club. Angsana Laguna Phuket - Bang Tao Bay , Email : fbcoordinator-lagunaphuket@angsana. com , 076 324 101.


Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton is set to return to Thailand for Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok 2014 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on 2 March, 2014. The rock god will be delighting fans with his catalogue of classic songs including Change the World, Layla, I Shot the Sherriff, Sunshine of Your Love, Blue Eyes Blue and many more. Clapton’s Thai fans can witness the return of the guitar god in Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok 2014 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on 2 March, 2014. Ticket prices are 2,500/3,500/4,500 and 6,000 Baht and are available from January 12, 2014 at all Thaiticketmajor outlets. For more information, log onto www.thai and

Lunch or dinner served from 2pm. Your choice of either roast beef, chicken, loin of pork or leg of lamb served with roast and boiled potatoes, three fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Only B320 per person which includes a free glass of house red or white. Opposite Centara Karon Resort. See

Every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Plaza Del Mar, Laguna (Behind Bake). Time: 10am to 1pm every Wednesday and 9am to noon every Saturday. We have a wide and wonderful selection of handicrafts

Phuket Walking Street, “Laad Yai” is a Village & Community Development Potential Project (SML) of the “Old Phuket Town Community” in Laad Yai, Phuket Town. The visitors can enjoy the Old Phuket Town atmosphere which benefit to the local economic growth in the Old Phuket Town community. Open every Sunday from 16.00 - 22.00Hrs. For more info visit facebook. com/phuketwalkingstreet or contact : 089 474 5253.

daily event updates on

4 Regions of Thailand Market The Good Shepherd Merchandise Shop Open

Join Banyan Tree’s indulgent LIVE Seafood Sunday brunch featuring lots of LIVE Canadian Lobsters, Tiger prawns, freshly shucked Oysters, Wagyu rump and Foie Gras. Meander from one live cooking station to the next, and don’t forget to leave room for cheese and dessert. With live Jazz music and a kids club, starting at B2,500++ per person including free flow of selected beverages. Advance bookings are highly recommended. Contact 076 372 400.

Phuket Walking Street

Traditional Sunday Roast Angus O’Tool’s Karon Beach

Stroll through a lively Thai Market with art & craft stalls and enjoy fresh seafood and local delights, accompanied by authentic Thai Khim performances. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting 18:00, for THB 1,250 NET only. Baan Talay is the Thai signature restaurant of Angsana Laguna Phuket and situated on Bang Tao

friends and family each Sunday at Sails! Our live band sets the mood for a relaxing afternoon with delicious food, live cooking stations, refreshing drinks and good company. Balloon artists entertain the little ones with face painting and kid activities. 12pm - 3 pm. B1,400++ per adult, B700++ per child (Ages 5-12). 076 396 433.

Live Seafood & Jazz Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree

It will happen every Saturday night throughout the year. Num Noi Singpatong, the head trainer and owner of Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym in Patong Beach, will be launching an elite fight series in Patong Boxing Stadium (Sai Nam Yen). Visit the official website at www.patong



Sunday Brunch at Sails, Hilton Enjoy our lavish international buffet with thephuketnews



List your event at


from 6-18 years old and adult. The race will be started at 8.00 am. Entry fee 1,500THB for individual and Team. For Thanyapura members is 1,200THB for individual and Team. To register call 076-336000 or . Visit thanyapura. com for more information.



BBQ Ribs All You Can Eat Wednesdays and Fridays. BBQ ribs all you can eat with salad buffet and potato salad for B295 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Thai market night

Pretty in Pink

Experience an authentic taste of Thailand and simple a wide variety of dishes prepared fresh for you. Market night price is weight of chosen items every Monday at Ban Aroi from 6.30 - 9.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

BBQ Steak night

BBQ All You Can Eat at Shakers Mondays and Thursdays. BBQ all you can eat: pork, chicken, beef, prawns, fish and squid with salad buffet, cold and hot sauces, garlic bread, baked potatoes, potato salad and more for B325 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Battle of the Young Bands 2014

Enjoy flame-grilled steak, cooked to perfection and served with fresh selections from our buffet BBQ night THB 1,190++ per person. Free children under 7 and half price for 7 to 12 yrs old every Wednesday at Panache from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

To celebrate International Women’s Day The Pavilions goes pink for an afternoon of eye candies and treats! Enjoy a healthy dose of retail therapy and the opportunity to discover the newest collection of resort inspired apparel and jewelry by pink lotus during our unique take on afternoon tea, complete with “pink” cocktails! Join us at The Plantation Bar on Saturday the 8th of March from 2.00 until 5.00 pm for an afternoon of high tea & shopping at 600 THB++ per person inclusive of free flow. Contact: Simona Chimenti, The Pavilions, Phuket,



Battle of the Young Bands event is coming back again on 4th May 2014 at Hard Rock Cafe’ Phuket. The competition starts from 3.00pm. - 7.00pm. The winner will get 25,000THB cash!!! To join the competition / for more information please contact info@


Phuket Wake Park The place for outdoor activities for the whole family. Ring winch for water skiing and wake-boarding. Reversible winch and coaching services for beginners. Restaurant, swimming pool, massage, fitness equipment and mini-hotel with 28 rooms. All this at Phuket Wake Park! Open from 7:30 to 22:00 every day.

TUESDAY MARCH 4 The Youth Talent Competition Thanyapura Superkidz Half Chicken Spit Roast Tuesdays and Saturdays: Half chicken spit roast with french fries, salad buffet, potato salad & gravy sauce for B225 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.


The Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ is coming back for Triathlon (swim + bike + run) on 8th March 2014. We are dedicated to providing more excitement and competition for those athletes who are based in Asia, love the sport of triathlon, and have the heart to race and pursue achievement. Age group

The Youth Talent Competition is being held again on Friday 28th of March at Boat Avenue shopping complex in Cherngtalay. The competition starts at 6.00pm and runs until 9.00pm. Cash prizes of THB 5,000 for the winner, THB 3,000 for 2nd place and THB 2,000 for 3rd place. There is a THB 500 entry fee and the competition is limited to only 30 contestants, so hurry and get your entries in early.

Moe’s Jazz Trio Every Night Jazz at Boathouse, Special 4 courses Jazz set dinner on Friday nights. Ticket price THB1,500++. To make a reservation Tel:076-330-015-7 or e-mail:fb@




Crossword by Myles Mellor & Sally York 54. Encourage 57. Cameos, e.g. 59. Hollywood 1. Dovetail honcho 5. Ankh feature 63. Havens 9. Sweetly, in music 64. Prefix for 14. Montreal player scoliosis 15. Retin-A treats it 65. Intention 16. New Jersey county 66. “We’re #1!” e.g. 17. Turturro and 67. Hose woe Bacon, e.g. 68. Copper 20. Ancient horn 21. Horse handler Down 22. Dance, e.g. 1. Centers of activity 23. Elephant grp. 2. Give a pep talk 25. Bivalve shells 3. Ancient military 29. “Enter” and “left” hub 33. Can you dig it? 4. Phone, slangily 34. Clumsy boats 5. Fond du ___ 35. Tags 6. Marine mollusks 36. Legal org. 7. Addition column 38. Govt. agency 8. Chipper 39. Layer 9. Lecturers 40. Back 10. Sovereign’s 41. Berry privilege 43. Gasteyer of “Mean 11. “Seinfeld” uncle Girls” 12. One for the road 45. Camera chief 13. Dash widths 51. Synagogue singer 18. Bit 52. Cousin of an 19. “Wellaway!” ostrich 24. Catullus composition 53. Bar order Across

1. Giga, Tera, Peta. What’s the next in the series? 2. What does the Phuket tambon name “Mai Khao” mean? 3. Who said, “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 4. In which year was the first email sent (via ARPANET)? 5. Which shellfish is usually used to produce fresh water pearls? Answers below right.


26. Churn 27. May event, for short 28. Bubblehead 30. ___ few rounds 31. Call 32. It’s full of periods 36. “Tosca” tune 37. Beethoven’s birthplace 38. Blubber 39. Twaddle 40. TV monitor? 41. Love devotee 42. Freight 43. Coat part 44. Pacific island 46. Short musical pieces 47. Swiss canton 48. Binary compound 49. Big roll 50. Move audience members 55. Fish caught in pots 56. Beasts of burden 58. Suffix with psych59. Blubber 60. Central truth 61. Can. neighbor 62. Minor player

Solutions to last week’s puzzles:

Answers to this week’s Pop Quiz: 1. Exa; 2. White Wood; 3. Actress Mae West; 4. 1971; 5. Freshwater mussels.




Number of people killed in an average year in Russia by falling icicles


Average number of times people fall in love before finally getting married


The money you would get if you could sell your body for the usable chemicals it contains


Number of people bitten by New Yorkers compared with the number bitten by sharks Source: Uberfacts

Hello, I’m Chico. I’m looking for someone to adopt me. I’m a gentle soul who would like nothing more than someone to give me a place to call home, where I can get lots of love and attention. I’m a male, and weigh around 10kg. I’m fully vaccinated and sterilized, and ready to go walking with you every day on the beach. Doggie Heaven rescues dogs who are injured, ill or neglected and gives them what they need to recover. With the combination of good food, the right medicine, lots of love and time to rest, they find themselves recovered and ready to enjoy life again. Then we do our best to find them suitable loving homes. If you are interested to know more, give us a call on 084-877-3566. For more information visit

This week in history ■■ February 28, 202 BC

Liu Bang is crowned Emperor Gaozu of Han, initiating four centuries of Han Dynasty rule over China. ■■ March 1, 1998 Titanic becomes the first film to gross over US$1 billion (B30 billion) worldwide. ■■ March 2, 1882 Queen Victoria narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by Roderick McLean in Windsor, apparently because of a curt reply from the palace to a poem he sent to her. ■■ March 3, 2005 Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane non-stop around the world solo without refueling. ■■ March 4, 1351 Prince U-Thong is crowned King Ramathibodi, the first king of Ayutthaya. ■■ March 5, 1946 Winston Churchill coins the phrase “Iron Curtain” in a speech in Missouri. ■■ March 6, 1882 Bayer registers “Aspirin” as a trademark. Source: Wikipedia







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PROPERTY FOR RENT Kalim Sea View, Freehold Condo for Sale/Rent: B11.9 ACG Cricket Ground:

5 Rai raw land behind ACG clubhouse on long lease for compatible sporting facility.

M 2 min walk to beach, big balcony & sunset view, 180 Sqm, 2 Ensuite Bed rooms, big living space. 089 617 2312, - Search V146.

Rawai Pool Villa For Sale:

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Upper f loor 10 m showroom frontage floor area 10 0 s m w i t h a i r/c o n s . C o nt a c t Khun Siriporn 081 691 0213, sirip orn@islandfurniture - phuket.c om,

NEW FURNISHED 3 BED VILLA: Brand New Fully Furnished Modern 3Bed/3.5Bath V illa, Pr ivate G arden, Po ol & Garage. 5 min to Ao Po Grand Marina & Mission Hills Golf Course, 10 min to Thanyapura Contact 0818935270 (En/Fr), srdupouy@, 081 893 5270

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bathroom, Chanote (Freehold), Land area 402.80M2 Living area 208 M2. Luxurious one-storey villa offers privacy and features your own garden and pool to enjoy the ambiance of outdoor tropical living. Fully furnished, large kitchen with built-in basin, stove, and cabinets. Private and Peaceful area. 9.9MB., Phone 087 877 2320.

Beautiful Villa 550sqm. Land 2,400 sqm. with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, maid's room, laundry room, home of f ice, Western kitchen. Large mature garden, garage for 2 cars Price B32 million. Call 081 978 5181.

GOLF villa at Loch Palm: GOLF villa at with pool on 8th hole green. Luxury 3 bedrooms with en-suites. 12 month lease. Avail 1st March. THB 55000 per month plus bond. Call Tim 0858942268, Email

House for rent:

Three bedroom, one bathroom, lock up garage, carport, on 1/2 Rai of land, 10 min from, P.I.A, beach and airport. Contact 081 892 4804 for more information.


Kata Beach Apartment Sea Views: Western 1,2&3 bedroom

units fully furnished, parking fully fitted teak kitchens. Granite tops Western baths, sat.TV&internet included. Masterbed with ensuite bath starting 20,000/m longterm. No party people. 084 840 1262, north8east98@yahoo. com.

Villa for Rent:

Cheng Talay area Large 5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom set in 1.2 Rai gated garden with double carport and private pool / sala area. Long or short term rentals. B90,000 Per Month 076 272 177.

Bougainvillea Pool Villa Phuket: Discover the happiness Condo in Marina: OCEAN VIEW VILLA FOR RENT: Large 5/6 bedroom, 6 bathroom villa, large gym, pool, spa & more, Best views, Close to schools, Fully furnished, Min. 12 mths. For sale 48M Baht or Rent 165K per month. visit: 165K, Mark Bloxwich, Mai Promwong, 56/4 M.4 Baan Para, Paklock, Thalang, Phuket,; mai@bizbiotech. com, 083 392 0077 or 081 956 2014.

Last 1 Studio of The Cleat condo (Phase 1) in Krabi Boat Lagoon, low-rise waterfront Condo built around the lagoon with Mangrove, Sea and Marina view and full facilities. Call +66(0)76 238 948.

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Office/Shop for Rent: Ground Floor space with excellent positioning on Chalong Pier Road.For more information, please call 081 416 4177 or 076 381 341, Chalong, Email : marketing@

Outrigger, 2 bedroom END unit villa. FREEHOLD title!With lifetime golf membership in Laguna Golf Club and privilage card with 50% discount in Laguna restaurants and spa. Fully Furnished! Selling price : 12.950.000,- Baht Please call 080 041 4464 or email : Rental1386@

1.5 Rai cleared, tiered land with constructed, drained access road from “Beach Road”. Chanote. 400m from Ao Por Grand Marina. Building will have 270 degree view of islands and Krabi. B10,000,000, 082 277 5971.



PANORAMIC SEA VIEW L AND: Spec t ac ular view of

L a n d f o r s a l e s - M i s si o n Heights: 2 Plots of land for sales in Mission Heights.900 Square meters 1.5 MB. and 1,050 Square meters 1.75 MB. Gated community, ready to be built.1.5 MB & 1.75 MB, picharly@, 087 060 8400.



Villa on 1 rai reduced now18MB: Private big 4 bedroom Villa near mission hills golf with guest house and maids quarter. All ensuite bathrooms. big swimming pool 8x12M, garage for 2 cars, koi ponds, European kitchen, 2x home cinema etc (price was 25MB!!) 083 643 8384.

Phang Nga Bay, James Bond and Phi Phi Islands. Road access, underground utilities. 4.5 km from Heroine Monument. 1.99 Rai at 5.9MB per rai. Chanote title. 089 473 8338,

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Plots for sale in Rawai:

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Body: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......


...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

N i c e V i l l a Fo r S a l e: 4 4 Bedroom/4Bathroom detached villa on 164Sq.Wah with swimming pool. Superb location between ChalongPhuket Town. 9.75 Million Baht. Call for appointment to view. Call 093 609 6411. 9.75 MB. George, glinsay47@, 089 868 5143.

FOR SALE. 3 plots of 250-300 sq.m each in Rawai suitable for building villas. In a quiet street and good location. Can be sold all together or separately. Contact Izzy 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Online upgrades:

Website link B199

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DEADLINE: MONDAY 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) FOR THAT WEEKS ISSUE Hand this in at agent shops, our office or fax: 076 612 553 @thephuketnews

Kamala Boutique Resort: This boutique resor t business which c onsists of 5 individual villas. The resort is fully occupied presently with long-term rentals offering excellent rental income with very little maintenance. The resort land plot totals 2,080 sqm with a built up area of 750 sqm. There are 3 villas, 200 sqm each with 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 1 villa with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 1 villa with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Each villa is open plan living & dining area and an open plan western style kitchen. Storage room, office room, air-cons, satellite TV, telephone line and Internet. This is an ideal investment for the nearly retired or retired couple whom wish to enjoy life with a monthly income. There is also a beautiful 20-meter common pool for all residents to enjoy and relax in the beautiful landscaped gardens. Remote controlled gated security and car parking. 076 279 280.

House for sale in Boat Lagoon: House for sale in Boat

Land for sale: 2 rai of land in the South of Phuket. Unique location on the hills between Naiharn and Rawai, 5 mins from the beach. Panoramic view on Chalong bay and Naiharn. Easy access via private road, reputable neighborhood (German village), tropical forest. Ready project for a 3 storey villa. 3200 sq. m. Call Svetlana 086 743 4657 or Alexander +7 926 914 5555,;, Price : 18.5 million for 1 rai .

Lagoon. Free hold 2 separated apartments. 6.2 MB.,, 087 060 8400.

To w n h o u s e f o r s a l e , Chalong: Townhouse for sale in House for sale:

Cherntalay area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 air con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

a residential complex Ananda Garden Hill, Chalong, near HomePro. Total area of 150 sqm, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 balconies, 2 bathrooms, study, box for car parking,full furnished,, 091 805 3725.




List your classified now at

Urg e n t 2 N ew A p a r tments For Sale: Because

of divorce URGENT RE-SALE 2 brand new apartments. Welcome real buyers No agents. Call on +66 (0) 87 269 2274, Chrismar.

For Sale 2 villas with this view

3 Gorgeous Lots, Clean Titles: For sale or long lease.

2 lots on island-beachfront (bungalow-/housing-estate) and 1 big mainland-mountain property all in very quiet, safe, well maintained locations near Krabi. 089 291 4671.

3 Bed Pool Villa Pa Khlok:

Situated at Ao Por, 2 modern contemporary villas. Infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 4 bahtrooms, study, large living area, terrace and covered parking for 2 cars. Priced from 24 MB.,

3 Beds, 2 Bath 6x3m pool. Full aircon and funishings. Ready for occupation and rental. Secure estate, private parking. 6km from Heroines monument. Close to PIA, BCS and shops. 081 737 0722.

Beachfront Condo in Cape Panwa: Two floors 282 sq. m of

Sea View Off Plan Condominiums: 65m2 Condominium. 1

living space with stunning views. 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms + Study + large kitchen. Fully furnished. Communal 40m pool 5 steps away. Beach 15 steps! 091 876 2330.

Sin g l e H o u se Sp e c i a l Price Rent/Sale: Nice house

Bedroom, 1 En Suite Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Pool, Large Balcony and Terrace Space, Parking. Excellent investment opportunity.

Patong Condo for sale: A nice foreign freehold condominium for sale in Patong is located in a recently complete development of one & two bedrooms condominiums. Located on the fourth floor of a total of five. 080 052 8082.

fully furnished with teakwood furniture, ready to move in. 240 sqm. 4 bed 4 bath, close to Kathu waterfall and market. Near Loch Palms, major stores, BIS and KIS. B45,000 per month. Call Oranwan 086 883 3169. THB 26,000,000. Only 300 m. from Kata Beach. 236.25 sqm. 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. For more information call K.Chavarin 089 911 8833/081 866 9253 or email:

Luxury Villa in Chalong: Perfect condition, 660 sqm on 3 levels, 1,600 sqm land, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool 12.5m x 6m with jacuzzi, large sala, double garage. Top quality construction. Reduced price: B25.5 million 086 271 3260 or 086 273 4149.

Nice resort 8 house with pool: Nice resort 8 houses with

G re at inve st m e nt o p p o r tunit y i n P a t o n g . I h a v e 2 N E W LY RENOVATED c ondos in same complex near Simon Cabaret. Both condos fully funished + free hold. Condo no.1 4th floor studio unit 50sqm already rented out. Condo no.2 just funished renovation 3rd floor 1 bedroom 50sqm every thing brand new. This one never use and could be your residence plus earn income from other condo.Complex has huge pool + garden and 24 hrs. security. I want 5 MB for both. Eng 085 471 9246 Thai 087 621 3405.

pool 6 house is two bedrom kitchen private laundry place 2 house is t h r e e b e d r o m k i tc h e n p r i vate laundry Aircon in all romms. Fully funitures 5 Min from Chalong circle about 2 rai land Price reduced from 28 milj, B24,500,000 ,Hakan, Chafa road, , 085 789 1773 .

Land Plot for Sale: Chanote title at Cherng Talay / Pasak7 (Phuket - Surin Beach area) Phone 090 487 8084. Email: utaipan@

Beautiful Karon Villa:

Freehold House for sale:

Building 3 storey for sale:

Patong Free Hold Condo:


Modern open living villa has it all, fully furnished, private secure estate close to beach. Enjoy the private salt water pool and undercover parking, 3 large bedrooms freehold investment. 081 719 4688.

Freehold house for sale in estate in Cherng Talay. Land 735m2, floor area 230m2, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. Many upgrades incl new carport included. Price B11 million. Call 083 509 8797 for info or viewing.

3 & 4 Bed Pool Villas:

Laguna / Layan. Luxur y pr ivate pool villas in secure development. Available now. All beds ensuite. Fully furnished. Rental programme available. B12-20 million. Contact owner: 085 549 7110.

2 Pool Villas next to PIA:

Ready to move in, villa 1 on 1,100 sqm. land, for sale B15.9 mil and villa 2 on 2,20 0 sqm. land, for sale B19.9 mil. Brand new, each with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 12 metre swimming pool, guest bungalow with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Perfectly located in a development with underground e l e c t r i c i t y a n d s e c u r i t y, o n l y 80 0 metres from Mission Hills golf course, less than 10 mins to airpor t, Phuket International Ac ademy and Ao Por Grand Marina. Call 081 343 0777. Email:

Nai Harn Baan Bua: When only

Home Office Near Thanyapura: New 2-storey home

the best will do!!!!4 bed/pool villa in Phukets best kept gated community.410 villa.812 land.Overlooking lagoon.Beautiful.Ph: 0812704291. or Price 22.5 MB.

office near Academy for sale, 280 sq metres, Chanote title, 2 beds 3 baths, nature mountain view. Main street, multiple entrances and exits. 10 minutes to Airport. Only B4.95 million. Call: 086 948 2294.

Land Close to Thanyapura/PIA: Half Rai 1.3MB, 1

Rai is 2.5 MB, total 3 Rai of Land, Mountain View, Chanote, 3 Mins drive to Thanyapura/PIA School, 15 Mins to Airport. Contact Marisa 084 305 6667 or marisar1978@

Rawai Soi Saliga Land for Sale: Land for sale, Soi Saliga

Rawai - 1 rai plus 81 T/W. Telephone 089 645 5049.

LUXURY 3 BR IN 4 STAR R E S O R T: 3 b e d r o o m 4


4 s e p a r a t e b u i l d i n g s w i t h 11 dif ferent c ustom maid ro oms, restaurant /cafeteria in a sweet and idyllic sanctuar y for the sense. Surrounded by lush green mountains and tropical forest. The Resort is an oasis of natural beauty and only a couple of minutes walking to beautiful Naiharn beach! Location Soi Naya PRICE 33.3 MB, o l i ve r @ t h u r m a n n g r o u p.c o m , 087 877 2320.

bathroom, Land area 580 m2., Spacious living quarter’s feature open plan living & dining areas, a fully equipped, open-concept gourmet kitchen. The Villa comes fully furnished, Contemporary and expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces are offered, private pool. Services as Restaurant, Gym, Spa ,Maintenance ,Security and Maid. 19.8 MB, oliver@thurmanngroup. com, 087 877 2320.

Two parcels of superior land 11 rai. Inc seaview. Main road frontage. Ideal for resor t or condominiums. B150 M . N e g o t i a b l e . ( T h a i ) 0 81 3 7 0 8114 or (Ger) 081 892 1108. Email:

Land & House Park, Chalong: Villa for sale, 4 Bedrooms,

Seaview Land Patong:

250m road frontage near Bypass: 16 rai next to Phumundra,

behind Premium Outlet. 250m road frontage, 300m deep. Sloping upwards, starting at 15m and ending at 65m above sea level. 6M/rai. Contact owner direct at 081 893 6630.

3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Fully furnished and equipped, Garden 240 SQM. B6.8 M Tel. 083 394 4536(Eng) /084 443 5389(Thai/Eng)

Villa with Pool for Sale: Freehold 3/4 Bedroom Villa. 3 Air Con. 4k. to Ao Makarm Beach. 10x5m pool with 4th bedroom / office on other side. Plot size 104Sq Wah. 416Sqm. Reasonable offers. Call 089 831 4703/084 304 6723.

Rawai Seaview Condo for sale: Seaview condo, freehold,

Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. 29.5 MB. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Guesthouse for Lease in Patong: 12 rooms, good location Nanai Road.9 year lease: very low rent,strong starting, easy to manage and good return on investment. Price 1MLN. Take this opportunity. Thamad17@yahoo. com. 089 728 4005.

For Sale-Beachfront land@ Naka: 2 rai of absolutely amazing

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 120sqm. B7.8 million, fully furnished. For more pictures and information please contact:

beachfron. A few minutes by boat to Phuket. Facing west to the sunset and views of Phuket. Contact: 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 1700 429.


Large 3 Bedroom house in mature estate offering high security. (Option to build 4th bedroom)Located in a peacefull no thru road, min’s from beach. Recently renovate, available for immed move in. Chanote title, Price 12.5 MB Call 087 078 9707 Email:

Kamala Pool Villa: Sales Down Payment Dcondo Mine: 7th floor. with

pool & lake view. Fully furnished, near Kajonkiet International School, Tesco Lotus, Big C. 10 mins to Patong. Move in Mar 2014. Only B99k. Contact: 081 694 4144, 081 307 7247, email:

Land & House for sale: 2.5 rai (N.S.-3 K document) near Kathu waterfall. 2 houses, 1 small house & 2 pools, big garage. 3 way Entrance. B28 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

room, 4 bath room, 2 livingroom, 1 dinningroom, 1 kitchen (american style), 1 garage (2 cars), 1 swimming pool (10x4), 1 bed room for a maid, 1 bath room for a maid, Internet, Security 24/24, Sea view and jungle view, Total sqm 556.92, Total land sqm 581,4.24MB, a.p e ll e gr in o2810 @ gm ai l.c o m, 084 241 3387.

Family resort for sale.:

MODERN HOUSE IN KATA: Designed house, modern look, 4 bedroom, big dinnerplace, kitchen, pool, sauna, washerroom, elevator ,close to Kata Beach, quiet area. Contact Cookie for more info 088 450 0463.

Beautiful lakeview family resort in quiet area.4 apartments with each 2 bedrooms fully furnished, land include 1600sqm, company and license include, swimmingp ool, 2 garage, automatic gate and very private estate.More details please c o nt ac t 0 8 8 3 912 2 6 5 (Engli sh speaking). krisverstricht@hotmail. com.






List your classified now at PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT.

Hou se on Th e Cor n er for Sale: Quiet location and

Pool Villa Mission Heights: 5 year old fantastic

bungalow style (no stairs) pool villa in a small gated community 1,2km from mission hill golf club 6km to PIA, 3bed 3 1/2 bath, huge living room, large saltwater swimming pool, newly planted garden, 2 car carport, 2 telefon lines, fiberoptic internet, price 12mill./13mill. or 15mill. depending on your needs. 12MB,, 087 060 8400

only 500m from the main road. Thepkrasattri, Heroines Monument. 70sqw x 280sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 b at h r o o m s, b i g li v i n g r o o m with open-plan kitchen (9x9m),1 separated kitchen, carpark for 3 cars and a small storehouse, 2 aircons, cable TV, 1 phone line TT&T. Price: 2.7 MB. including furnitures. Must See!, 081 607 8000.

House for Sale - Chalong:

Quiet stand alone villa, 3 bed, 2 - 5 star baths, 5 aircon, full furn, garden dining lush green, 50 Wah, quality new paint, excellent condition, B3.5 million, firm. Contact: peterb@inter, 084 843 3492.

25 year lease for sale. Well situated in fast developing and sought after area close to Laguna. Some fixed rent applies. Contact 087 884 0644 for more info.

The Aqua pool villa-sales/ rent: In Land & House Park Phuket

(Manthana Zone) Land area = 440 sqm. Home area = 300 sqm. 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 1 living room and kitchen 1 swimming pool (3m*10m) out door jacuzzi and pavilion Sales: from 1112.8MB. Rent: from 85,000 - 120,000 B/Month. 088 751 2389.

2 Rai, Cherngtalay: Cheapest Seaview land for Sale: Panorama view of sea view

golf course view mountain view land for sale. Near Mission Hills Golf course. 6 rai chanote title. B3 million per rai. 087 675 9555, email: pee_bang56@

Land for Sale: 400m from Naiyang Beach. 3 Rai 1 Tarangwah. 6.5MB per Rai. Call 087 091 8331 or email chiangmaibeltrade@hotmail. com for more information.

Resort for Sale: Resort 2 rai, with

chanote. 22 double villas with kitchens, large pool and big coconut garden with own well. Restaurant and bar with satellite TV and Adsl. Opened for 15 years, with lots of repeat customers, parking, quiet. 086 940 1860.

Patong Tower for Sale:

And for rent. Sea view and mountain views. Freehold from 64 to 448 sq metres. Phone no: 080 692 6114. Email: orsoreal

D E TA C H E D O R S E M I DETACHED: Large detached 4

Bed.4 Bath 2 en suite, 4 air con. OR 2 adjoining semi-detached. Live in one, Rent one ? Water storage with pumps. Secure Parking. Quite Soi. All in Excellent condition. B3.5M. 082 738 3007.

House and Business for sale: 3 storey, 5 bedrooms, good

location, off road parking, busy road. Contact Thai 084 630 6920, English 082 534 7410,,

Khao Sok, 25+ rai, B400,000 per rai: 25 rai, 3 ngan in Khao Sok, Klong Sok district. B400,000 per rai. Close to Khao Sok National Park entrance. PNSS3 title, to be upgraded to Chanote soon. Phone 081 693 2759.


Beach Land on Koh Yao Yai: Price Reduced, 4beds Villa: RAWAI PRIME LAND PLOTS: Adjacent to Mangosteen Resort, quiet residential area. 3 different sizes: 1-1-86.5 rai - 11.80 MB 2-0-87.5 rai 16.64 MB 3-0-35.5 rai - 22.50 MB Best land and best price in the area. Quick sale, price negotiable.081 536 5846.

Sea-View Chalong-Residence: Dream pool villa with 5

bedrooms all with ensuite on 1 rai of land. Big hall, office, maid’s room. Brand-new construction opposite Wat Chalong on the way up to the hill. A huge 685 sq.m of living area, fully furnished. Modern Europeandesigned kitchen. Big sea view pool terraces incl sala and attractive bar area. Security alarm system. Selling price on request. By owner directly. Call 085 654 4011 or 089 404 0737. Email:

Sales - down payment 250,000 B D Condo Mine Phuket Town by Sansiri. Finished in March 2014.Corner room on the 7th floor with nice view. 2 Bedrooms Call:089 159 3239.

Sales - D Condo Mine:

Seaview Land For Sale: Land located right in the heart of Chalong with panorama view of Chalong pier. Close to a number of sandy beaches; Naihan Rawai Kata and Karon. Easy access to major depar tment stores. Surrounded by public facilities including education institutes and hospitals. You will benefit from a perfect location that's rapidly increasing in value. 3 rai and 1 Ngan with Chanote title. Call 087 278 7206, 089 215 5041 e -mail: kubesjoy@

New House for Sales low price than Project, Phanason Villages at Bang Joe for 50 Sqm, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Free contract. Contact: 089 729 9503.

New House for Sales:

Comfor table 4 bedrooms villa, plus maid room. Approx. 450Sq.M building, corner plot, energy saving, management ser vice available for investor.Located in secured gate community, near British International school.

Mai Khao Prime Location Land: I will sell my piece of land

6.26 rai direct beachfront, power, water, road, unobstructed views, chanote title, white sand, peaceful. Only 5.8 mil baht per rai. Doesn't get much better than this! Beautiful beach land. 081 649 3557.

next to the new tourist attraction in Mai Khao. Perfect for investment in future like shops, guesthouse. Please email for mobile number and more details.

Patong Apartment Reduced Price: Condo 4 years old. Swimming

FOR SALE Penthouse in Rawai: 360 panoramic breathtak-

pool, security 24/7, cafeteria. Studio 46sqm fully furnished. Freehold for foreigners. Price: 2.6MLN. Urgent sale, no agent. Tel: 089 728 4005. Email:

ing views of Chalong Bay, mountain views and Big Buddha. Two bedrooms, 310 sq.m of spacious living area and balconies. Contact Izzy 0862788300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

PAT O N G c o n d o s f o r sale: Beautiful, modern Condos/

Apartments, furnished, best/quiet locations, garden, s-pool, from 36-67sq metre, sea-city-mountain views, from B2,375. Call 087 819 2162 or

Luxury 3 Bed Villa For Sale:

This luxury three bedroom home is located in a secure estate with security and office. It is only five minutes from Bangtao Beach and Laguna Phuket including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and 20 minutes from Blue Canyon Country Club and Phuket International Airport. The villa comes fully furnished with luxury leather lounge suites and quality furniture, all bedding, kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. For details and inspection, see www. or contact graham@ or call 081 897 0225.

3 Bdrm House for sale Thalang: House for sale. 3 bed and

Villa and farmland for sale:

2 baths, large living and dining room, 4 X aircons, 2 X car ports and garage. House 7 yrs 1 owner , well maintained with 135sqm living area. Land Chanote 92tw. 3.5MB 081 737 3116.

A big beautiful house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully furnished. Located in stunning panoramic hilltop scenery in Takuapa, Phang Nga, covering an area of 127 rai. Surrounded by fertile farmland with fruit trees. Price 96MB. Contact K. Peerawat: 08 4 308 8484. Email: peerawat002@hot

Three floor villa for sale: New house for sale: At Siri Village, Pa Khlok, 2 flrs, 3 beds, 2 shower rms, kitchen, living & dining area, garden, car park, 2 aircons, unstair curtains, 1 furnished bedroom. 3.8MB Contact Kirana 088 760 6083.

Pool Villa Rawai: 4 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom European style single storey house with self contained guest house and pool in Rawai on 736m2 plot. Large master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobe. Modern western style kitchen with granite tops, built-ins throughout. Established 7 years. Plenty of outdoor living area with several verandahs and under cover car park, air-conditioning in all bedrooms and lounge. Situated about 2km from Chalong circle in a quiet lane 1km from Viset Road. House & Guest house 180 sqm Land area 736sqm (184TW). 3 bedrooms Master ensuite, 4 Bathrooms 7x3.5m salt water pool. Electric gate. Well water. Concrete road access. Call 087 891 9349.

House for sale: Baan Manik area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 aic con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

Brand new three floor villa on Phuket, near Villa Market. Glass elevator, swimming pool, ocean view. 700 sq. m. Freehold contract available. Current price: 13m THB. Please call Alexander 080 521 0736.

12 Rai Chanote to sell: One of the last pieces of beautiful sea view land between Ao Makham and Ao Yon Road. Infrastructure done B210 million. Call 081 917 0377, 10am-5pm.

Luxury Condo Rent / Sale:

Seaview Townhouse Patong: Bet ween the c it y and

the jungle at the northern edge of Patong. 70m alt. 10mn walk to the beach. 4 storey + 290 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet. 4 aircon, partly furnished. Email:

Budget Bungalows:

Two Bungalows in Chalong.2-3 bedrooms.Close to all amenities. One has room for a pool,the other is like a rain forest. From only 2,300,000 Baht.Ph:0812704291. Email:

2 B e d r o o m , L- r o o m a n d f u l l y equipped kitchen, 160 -212sqm. Very high standard with a nice view. Big balcony, swimming pool, gym. Location: Kathu, 10 min. Patong Beach, 5 min. Phuket Town and all department stores and international hospitals. Rent Long term: B45,000 – B63,50 0 Buy: B8,50 0,0 0 0 – B11,500,000. Contact 086 268 7901 or send e-mail to: condophuket@



List your classified now at


House in Phuket Town / Samkong 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms Beautiful Naiharn Pool Villa:

New Luxury Villa For Sale: Lu xu r i o u s G o l f V i l l a @ Laguna Village: MUST BE SOLD ! Surplus to family invest needs. 3-bed, plus maid's qtrs. This home has been lovingly cared for. Leasehold/freehold. BVI status. POA. Ph 082 810 4184,



3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, private swimming pool (12 metre). House area of 600 sq.m., land 1.5 rai (2400 sq metre). Located on the shore of the ocean on the Koh Kho Khao, Phang-nga. larion2555@ 084 226 4574.

Modern Family House for sale: Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa in

Secure private hillside by Naiharn Beach. Quality furnished throughout. 3 big bedrooms, office, 4 baths, 230 sm plus carport etc. 1050 sm land. New condition. 15x4.6 m pool. Freehold. Nice. Only 17.5MB. Contact 089 727 5407,

Rawai. 160sqm indoor. 400sqm outdoor. Shared swimming pool. Modern villa renovated in 2011-2012. Fully furnished. For more info: phuketvilla

Conveniently located 5 minutes from all amenities including both international hospitals, Central Festival, international schools and the centre of town. Selling due to relocation. Priced to sell at 4.3 M THB including 4 air cons and all modern style furniture. Nothing more to spend. Contact (English): 084 768 0536 or (Thai): 085 888 0502

Apartment on Golf Course:

Hot Price Sale- PuriAnda Villas: New Pool Villa in Rawai 2 Bed/3 Bath, Built-In & Partial fur. Private pool & jacuzzi, sala, 50 0 beach Price 7.9 mil.Baht with Chanote title Tel.081 691 3029, E: kris.

Seaview 1 BDRM New Condo Patong: Stunning seaview,

4 plots (3 connecting, 1 separate) 1km north of Airport, along the road to MaiKhao Beach. Sea view towards south east. NorSor3Gor. 4.5 Rai in total. B4 million per Rai. Contact owner: 081 893 6630.

SeaView near Airport:

city view 1 bdrm condo on hill 500m from Patong beach. Fitness centre, roof top pool, security, car park, freehold. Only B4,400,000. Keith 084 628 3430,

Investment Proper t y for sale!: New, modern waterfront townhome at the Boat Lagoon for sale. Rented out long term at B570,000 per year. 3 bed/4 bath, 2 balconies, terrace at canal, 6 m berth in front of house. 250 sqm living space. Top condition. Luxury finishings. Brokers welcome. B9.9 million. 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 5204 (Thai/English).

Donsak Beachfront Land 3 Rai: 67 metres absolute beach

frontage, fully infrastructured, ready to build. Close to ferry going to Koh Samui. Chanote title. 4.5 MB for all. Email:

Land area 500m2, House area 164m2. 3 bed, 4 bath, fully furnished, aircon in all rooms, fans, Internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, independent water supply wells. Finish work December 2012. B8.5 million. Call 088 838 3242.

Free Hold Condo For Sale:

43 Sq. Free hold. 1 balcony (Great view). 1 bed room. 1 living room. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet.Swimming pool. Gym. Automated door lock and key card. Call 080 040 9077.

Serenity near the Beach,Chumpon: 210 sq.M

160m2 Private Pool Villa. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom (3 En Suite), Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Large Balconies & Terrace, Carport. Freehold, Chanote title. 2 minutes from beach! See proper

Sea-View Contemporary Pool Villla: Located near Phuket

town. L and: 8 5 5 sq.m. H ouse: 650sq.m. Furnished. 3 beds, 2 offices, 2 staff quarters, 1 free room. 2 Parkings. Price B38 mill.Tel: 081 895 3628 E-mail:

Reduced for Quick Sale:

Studio condo at The Point near Lotus, Big C, Central. Fully furnished. Great views 6th floor. Cost B2.8M. Reduced to B2.25M. Call 087 889 3838 or 081 370 8114. Email:

contemporary 2 story house,pool.400 M. to ThungWualen.Situated in a green belt of jungle,palm plantations,10 mins walk to the beach No traf fic jams.Chanote title.Total 2648 sq.M., Email :, Phone : 083- 391 4405.

3 Bedroom Pool Villa, Rawai:

Home For Sale By Owner:

One level 3 Bdr,2 Bath,fully equipped kitchen, set in private, secure surroundings and conveniently located as it’s just a 5 minutes drive to the BIS international school.Community Pool. Email : robert.anthony.krause@gmail. com, 084 851 9795.

Sea View Land for Sale:

Ao-Yon, 13.5 rai, chanode title.10m/ rai.Call Siri 089 649 9939, email:

Mission Heights:

Golf View, Kathu. Tastefully renovated large (83m2) apartment in Phuket Country Club. Golf view. 1 bed but easily converted to 2. Store, large Western kitchen and all furniture included. Ideal (holiday) home. Contact 081 273 7326, Email: keith

Furnished House for Sale Phuket Villa 5: 3 bedroom

furnished house near Kajonkiet School. Secure area, Cul De Sac. Nic e gardens, t wo bathrooms. B3.5M negotiable. Call 081 370 8114 (Thai) 087 889 3838 (Eng),

Sea View Land for Sale: Ao Makham. 5.5 rai, B10 million per rai. Contact Siriporn 089 649 9939, email:

1.5 Rai Private Land Cape Yamu: 1.5 Rai flat land at Cape

Yamu. 2 x 0.75 Rai adjoining plots. OrBorTor road access to quiet end of soi location. Sale direct from the owner. B3.75 Million per rai negotiable. Call 081 087 9237.

Condo At The Heights, Kata: Immaculate 2-bed foreign-

freehold unit in award-winning project. 195 sqm, sea view, near gym & pool. Quality furnishing throughout. Designer kitchen with utility-store.

Beaut iful L and L aguna Cher ngt alay: Chanote t it le, yellow zoned, save area. Nearly 4 rai, direct from owner. Subdivided i n 6 p l o t s e a c h c a . 1, 0 0 0 s q m . ready to build. Only 7.5 MB per rai. K hun Chanc hira, 0 81 3 67 76 8 3.

Laguna/Layan Beach Luxury 13M Salt-Water Pool Villa For Sale (Or Rent): Three large

bedrooms with bathrooms in tastefully re-decorated bungalow set in mature garden plot of 550m2 within secure development for ownership and/or investment. B15.5 million. Email:

Land for Sale Cherngtalay:

Ocean Front Villa for Sale:

206.4 sqm, Chanote title in Phanason residence(next to Makro). 1 min to Central festival, 5 min to town. Call 084 061 4314, 076 393 965.

Land for sale:

Happy Home Apartment for sale: Nice apartment, fully

furnished at Rawai. The apar tment is set in a private compound with pool. It is located only 5 minutes from beach and convenient to Phuket Town. Only B15 million. Tel: 081 893 2165 www.happyho

Luxury brand new villa, fully furnished and ready to move in, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with infinity 10 metre long swimming pool and truly beautiful sea view. Located in a small development, only 50 metres from the sea and 3 mins from Ao Po Grand Marina. For sale B19.9 million or for long term rent B150,000 per month. Call 081 343 0777, email: montha_phuket@

Spac ious one bed room apar tment with ocean view, nor th of Patong. Floor area 96m2 internal and 72m2 terrace including water feature with sala and jacuz zi. Per fect bachelor pad with rental income. Email for info: bart

For sale:

Pool villa for sale or rent:

Beautiful 2,400sqm (1.5RAI) Chanote titled land plot in Pasak 8, located on the highest point of a gentle slope. Quiet and safe area. Only 8.5MB. Agents welcome. Phuketlandvilla@, 089 875 9609.

Absolute Beachfront:Set on the beachfront, the ff villa offers uninterrupted sea and island views of the south east coast of Phuket. Situated between two 5 star resorts: Vijitt and EVASON near Laem Kanoi. 081 480 3834, http://www.

Beautiful Karon Villa: Stunning,

safe, secure estate villa , close to beach, crystal clear salt water pool 3 large bedrooms, modern open living, fully furnished, freehold, everything done – enjoy the lifestyle. Phone 081 719 4688 Email :

Hillside setting. Luxurious 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom pool villa for sale or rent. Sale 20M Baht. Rent Low season Daily 6k, Weekly 36k, Monthly 80k. High season Daily 7k, Weekly 42k, Monthly 100k. One complete year 85k per month. Call 087 078 6379.

Royal Kamala Condo-Sale & Rent: In Kamala. Freehold 1, 2, 3 Bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, fitness, security guard, parking. Ready to move. 085-368-3009, salesdirector@

Rawai Beachfront Pool Villa for Rent/Sale: Rawai

Beach front pool villa for sale. 3 bedrooms, furnished. Contact Siriporn on 089 649 9939.

Absolute Beach Front Land: Songkla district near new

deep sea port. 4.5 Rai divided into 7 Chanote plots. Reluctant sale. B4.9M the lot. Email: jmic chia@ or call 087 276 0529.

Condominium for SALE in Patong: Freehold title, Studio type,

32 sqm. of the living area, Furnished, 1 Bathroom, Fitted kitchen with dining area, Swimming pool, Restaurant. Call 083 103 3801 (English and Thai).






List your classified now at le sa t en g r U

RPM Owner Direct

East Coast Sea View Land

Unique luxury condo 2 bed, 2 bath, 155sqm. Foreign FREE HOLD. Recent architect remodel. New Jacuzzi. Views to lake, mountain, marina, pool etc. Completely furnished to very high standard. Motivated owner leaving.

Total 1.5 rai (2,450sq metre) on gently sloping land with sea view of Phang Nga Bay. 2 separate Chanote titles each about 1,200 sq metres (4.5 and 5.5M), or will sell as one lot. Underground services. 081 273 7326, email:

Our customers are wanting to BUY your condo, house, villa or business. Please contact Tina - 082 423 0043 or

Reduced by 600,000B. ONLY 16.9MB. Contact Brian (Owner) 089 054 4354, +632 906 435 7146, Alan 087 999 6174, See for complete details.

LUXURY 5 BED HOUSE IN LAGUNA Wonderful 5 bed house over looking the lake & Golf course in Laguna. Sale: Reduced to: 31.5 M / Rent: 190,000 P/M. Call Mick: 0848186045 - Email: or


Must see! Great 4bd villa: Truly exceptional 4 bd villa on the 1900 sqm land, surrounded by jungle. 10x5 m pool must see! 10 min drive to Tanyapura and to Naithon Beach. Great lovely home for large families! 084 060 7050, buy/1999-east-residential-for-sale.

Rawai Great Buying: Lovely

house with 2 bedrooms or separate SC flat downstairs.Well ventilated with natural light in pristine condition.Distant sea views.4,995,000 Baht. Warren Crowe 081 270 4291 or

Patong Loft Condo: Beautiful Beachfront Land: Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa: Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa For Sale/Rent,3 bed rooms,area 1 rai call Siriporn 089 649 9939,email: siri_phuket

Absolute beach front land only 4 to 5 hours from Phuket. Why pay 30-50 million baht per Rai when you can have the best from B1.1 to B2.9 Million Baht per Rai!!! Email: thailandmls@

Makes a good condo deal now. 1-bedroom, fully furnished, 67 sqm living area. Only B2.99 mil. Big swimming pool. Normal price B3.7 mil. Call 089 872 6895. Email:

Land for Sale - Khao Lak: A beautiful 402 rai land with 860 meters of beach front in Khao Lak,Phang Nga,Chanote Title,sale all land. Ru/ En translator Call:088-7652203,0813707289,

World Class Sea Views: Land For Sale: Mission Hills. 3/4 of rai in small community, very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B2.5M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Paklok Land Only B7,999/ Sqwah: Only B7,999/Sq wah at

Paklok, Chanote, Mountain View, 200m from main road, 11 km from monument and 4 km to Mission Hill. Interested or want a larger size? CALL 084 305 6667, email: mari

4 Bedroom British Colonial style house, Cape Yamu, Phuket. Amazing views spanning over 100km, as far as Krabi. Price reduced from B35 to B28 million. 086 279 6283, email:

Apartment for sale in Patong: Apartment for SALE in Ocean Front Land: 7 rai with 185 metres of sea frontage. Water, electricity, road and boat access, located 800 metres from Yacht Haven marina, perfect site for small beach front development. For quick sale only B5 million per rai. Tel 081 343 0777 Email: montha_phuket@


Patong; 50 sqm of the living area, seaview /mountain view, furnished, Pool, 24hr security, for SALE B2.8M - B3.3M. Contact 083 103 3801, 081 415 7774. 45 Sq.m Freehold. 2 balconies (great view). 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet. Cable TV. Laundry. Fresh market. Swimming pool. Gym. Restaurant. Call 080 040 9077.

URGENT!! SEAVIEW LAND 12 Million Baht 081 8937027

Waterfront Villa in Boatlagoon: Modern style spacious town-

Inexpensive land plots on East coast of Phuket for sale, 0.3 - 5 rai, some with a sea view (Bang Pae, Pa Klok, Yamu Hills). Direct sale by owner. 095 068 1672, 080 271 6484.

back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 meters. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

Mission Hills. One rai. Very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B3.4M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Freehold Condo For Sale:

house. 3 large beds/4 baths. 250 Sqm. one office area and 2 balconies. One private birth for a boat up to 6 meters behind the house. freehold/leasehold. B9.9 million. Call 082 493 8526. Email:


2,200 Land, Nai Harn -12,9 min: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the

Land for Sale:

R AWAI VILLA: BARGAIN PR I CE: S p a c i o u s p r o p e r t y i n

Superb Ocean View Lux Penthouse: B148,000 per sqm, 288 sqm of heaven. Plunge pool, 3 bed, 4 bath overlooking perfect panoramic ocean views. Beach shops, fabulous restaurants, nightlife all a 3 minute walk. B42,624,000. Contact: 088 761 4030 or

1,000sqm garden. Private 9x4m pool. Three large beds, all a/c and en suite. Big Western kitchen. Plus guest house. Furnished. Private access. Price cut for quick sale. 13,500,000, alangath@, 087 273 0141.



t en



Urgent Sale: 6 rai

Hilltop Land for sale, near Mission Hills golf club, was B4.2 million per rai now only B2.99 million per rai, full chanote, water/ elec. sea/mountain views. 087 978 5804 (Eng).

2,200 Land, Nai Harn -B10.9 million for Sale: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 metres. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.


Phuket Country Club Condos: 3 Only Luxury Contemporary

Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Hill Land for Sale: Very nice location hill land by the Bangwat Dam, total 60 rai, 96,000 square metre. Contact: Attapong 081 892 0610 (Thai), Jantiwa 081 890 8268 (Eng). e-mail: jantiwa_ j@

Condos, 1 per floor C/W lift. Located on the 15th fairway 275 M3 per floor total.Common Pool and Sundeck. Underground parking 1/unit, Floor 3 show unit complete Floors 1&2 are unfinished, waiting for owners choice of flooring and kitchens. Could still develop into one very large private home. Floors 1&2 could be offices star ting from B10 million. Or B32 million for project Partial financing available. Info contact 084 840 1262,

Great Investment Opportunity: Completed show house and infrastructure seven further plots for development. 1.5km from Mission Hills Golf Club. Please call 087 888 1761 (Aom) for details.

7th Floor Suites (Hotel) Building For Sale Kata Beach Center 9 apar tments and a 300 sqm Penthouse on the roof plus fully equipped restaurant and pool with terrace are free of rent and now available. Price total 38 million Baht (9.50.000.euro) include chanote and Thai company. For serious interest email: for RUSSIAN; Ms. Oxana Email:


Very Spacious European From Owner: Villa in peaceNai Harn Pool Villa For Sale: land area 336 sqm land,158 sqm interior floor, fully fitted Western kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilet/shower, 9x3 m pool, tropical fruit garden, chanote title, modern open design, fully furnished, 50 inch TV. B7,950,000, vankets@, 085 473 7812 .

ful place in Rawai. Large living area and terrace. 3 bedrooms, 4 aircon, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet. Western kitchen, garage, laundry, beautiful garden, swimming pool. 612 sqm plot, chanote title. Price B9.5 million. Contact Tanya 083 506 8345,

Yacht View Freehold RPM Condo: Gorgeous Yacht Views

Zion Proper ty CO., Ltd.:

from Living, Dining, Master & Ferrari Sail Covered Patio. 2Bed 2Bath 194sqm 19.9MB Best views in Royal Phuket Marina Tel 0848519795 or 084 308 3113

Whether you are selling, buying or renting we offer a wide selection of high quality properties, land and businesses located in the south of Thailand. Please contact us for further information. Call 080 087 1772. See





















Specialized in large commercial and small residential cooling & heating systems.

076 319406-8 086 4702026-7







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Native English Teacher N e e d ex p e r i e n c e d p r e s c h o o l teacher, 10 -14 children. Star t i m m e d i a t e l y, C h a l o n g , 4 0 hour a week. Send resume to

Business Development Executive: We are searching

S w i s s S e r vi c e / Pho n e Operator: Swiss Ser vice / Telephone Operator .Good level of English. Ability to work under pressure. Good in communication and organisation. Responsible and reliable. Minimum one year experience. Contact: HR Department, email: Humanresources.phuket@ or call 076 303 000.

for Thai nationals to fill our position as Area Business Development Executive to manage our list of customers in Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak. Applicants should be fluent in English and have previous sales experience in Horeca. Must own a vehicle for business travel within the region. K.Jongjit, K.Michael and K.Sarah,, 026 785 188-90.

FREELANCE WEB / SEO / EDITING: Do you require up-dates/ SEO to your site, blog or Open Cart? Also: s-engine/RSS/Blog submissions - PDF/Photo flip shows - Web Photo Video’s etc. Email: mr.m.hopkins@

Design Manager - The Design Manager liaises with the design team with regard to coordination and quality, takes a leading role with the contractor design team and gets involved in site-based decisions affecting specifications and build.

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

Site Architect - Ensure that the design is delivered by the contractor and is responsible for dealing with any on-site design problems.

The Job:  

The applicants must have: Excellent knowledge of Windows Server 2008 and networking systems Good Knowledge of PHP, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, XML, MySQL  Good knowledge of website CMS  Good knowledge of English (spoken and written)  Experience of minimum 1 year in a similar job  

We offer: Good salary Monday – Friday (8.30am – 6pm)  Friendly work environment  Excellent progress opportunity and job security  

If you are professional & enthusiastic person, this is an excellent opportunity to advance in a growing & innovative media business in Phuket

Interested candidates are invited to apply online at

Class Act Media Co., Ltd. 99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 Fax: 076 612 553

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

TV PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Phuket News TV, a division of Class Act Media, is looking for a new member of staff who wants to learn everything about the production of video material - camerawork, video editing, studio and live recording. You will be part of a small, dynamic team and will be an important contributor to the weekly content from Phuket News TV. Previous industry experience is not necessary. But it is important to have an interest in digital broadcasting, video production and telling stories through the medium of video. Experience with shooting video material and digital editing software would be an advantage. Phuket News TV use Sony HD cameras and edit primarily on the Apple platform with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Use Social Media to Help Dogs and Cats in Need!: Soi Dog Foundation, the fastest growing animal welfare organization in Southeast Asia, seeks a Social Media Officer to take the lead in our Facebook page. Responsibilities include creating and publishing content on Facebook for supporting Soi Dog’s fund raising, adoptions and public awareness programs. The position requires excellent creative writing skills, strong computer skills including video and photographic content creation and a strong empathy for animals. This is a full time position at Soi Dog’s animal shelter in Mai Khao, Phuket, Thailand. A visa and work permit will be arranged. Please send a CV and a cover letter that explains why you are qualified to:

HR,, 076 617 763.

Fr e e l a n c e G r a p hi c s Designer: Looking for Freelance Graphics Designer for occasional projects using Photo shop, In Design and Illustrator programmes. Contact Simone on or call 083 596 0018.

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER We are currently recruiting for a graphic designer to join our team to handle the layout of our publications, including online.

The job:

View Condominium Female 2035, Job description: Promote, contact, PR to prospective customers on our booth, Coordinate with recruiter, Collaborate with team, Language: English and Russian or English and Chinese. Call 081 666 6622, 086 439 9996. Email:,


We b D eve l o p e r

G enkan Creative is looking to expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality Minimum 3 years’ experience working in Web Development Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Minimum 2 years’ experience working with Wordpress Knowledge of SEO a plus Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop a plus Knowledge of Facebook Apps a plus Expected Salary between 25,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV to

GHOST WRITER WANTED: Experience and CV Resident Phuket Apply

Graphic Designer wanted Genkan Creative is looking to expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality 3 years’ experience in Web graphic design Knowledge of HTML & CSS Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Knowledge of Wordpress a plus Expected Salary between 20,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV & Portfolio to

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

THAI REPORTER The Phuket News is looking for a Thai reporter to join the news desk. This is an exciting position that offers

● Designing advertisements for clients ● Layout of our The Phuket News and other publications ● All artwork and graphic design work related to production

The successful candidate must:

Applicants must have:

● Be a Thai national

● Excellent skills with InDesign, Photoshop, In Copy and other graphic design software ● Min. 1 year experience in designing and layout of newspapers or magazines ● Good English (written and spoken)

We offer: ● Competitive salary ● Friendly work environment ● Excellent progress opportunity and job security

Interested candidates are invited to apply online at

Interested candidates are invited to apply online at

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 Fax: 076 612 553

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 Fax: 076 612 553


PR & Mar keting - The View: PR & Marketing at The

national financial advisors required for south east asia finance and sales experience a huge advantage please send your CV and contact details to: info@pp-intl. com

Schedule and Program Manager The Program and Schedule Manager will be responsible for managing the program-wide planning/ scheduling activities.

IT SUPPORT Maintain our Dell in-house server and network Programming for our website  Maintain & develop new features on the website  General IT support & maintenance for 50 users

DMG Thailand is hiring Development Management Group Co., Ltd. is looking for the best candidates to join our successful team on a high profile hotel development project in Phuket. Thai Nationals with relevant construction experience desired. We have the following positions open:

Au pair Qualifications: ·Bachelor’s degree + qualified teacher status. ·Accredited qualifications for working with young children. ·First language English speaker, plus the ability to teach other language . ·Expected to play at least 2 musical instruments. ·Between 35 to 47 years old, Female Experience: ·Minimum 7 years experience as Private Tutor. ·Minimum 3 years teaching experience preferably as a qualifiedteacher. Rationale: ·The purpose is to support the family in personal growth and development of the children. ·The focused on the manners, etiquette, well being and educational progress of the children. ·The post will have a significant influence on the children’s personality development and always ensure their well-being. Pls contact Carol 081 978 0090 or email me carolgarciastudio@

great career prospects for the right candidate

● Have a hunger for the news ● Be a proficient photographer ● Have a willingness to learn ● Have good English writing skills ● Be willing to work to deadlines ● Be a strong communicator Interested candidates are invited to apply online at

Class Act Media Co., Ltd. 99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 Fax: 076 612 553






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BOATS & YACHTS Luxury Yacht for Sale: For sale 2002 Bertram 510 Flybridge luxury yacht. Reduced to only USD675,000. Contact Marcus on marcus@leema

2 2 m . I n d o n e s i a n Pi n i s i Ketch: Licensed and registered in

Boat Sales and Charters:

Thailand. She is in good condition and currently working as a snorkel and sunset tour boat. For sale or long-term rental. Price negotiable for quick sale.

Want to build or charter your own boat to get out among Phuket’s many islands for fishing or pleasure? Then please contact the experts on 081 270 4291 or go to www.

End of 2013 - New Yacht Sale: Dehler 29 - 2 Cabin - THB New Varianta 37:

Max Value – Min Price 37’ yacht built by Hanse and designed by Judel/Vrolijk at a 32’ price. Performance 2/3 Cabin Layout. Base Price €74,900 ex Fact 0813701995

3,5000,000; Hanse 325 Max - 2 Cabin - THB 4,000,000; Varianta 37 - 3 Cabin - THB 4,950,000. Prices include many options and Delivery to Phuket. Contact: -, 081 370 1995. Inq,

LIV Aboard For Sale: Compressors and tanks also available. Please contact Joe : 087 891 8912 joe@

Glass bottom Looker 320 Glass bottom cruise boat for sale. Length 9.5m, beam 3.7, passenger capacity 22, speed up to 40 knots, dural/composite hull. Engine Mercruiser 320 hp. Fuel tank for 150 l, consumption 50 l, consumption 50 l / 100 km. Front transparent windshield, bottom glass 3x2 m, hydrofoil, toilet + shower, navigation. Built in 2011, excellent condition. Sell for 9MB or barter for villa/apartment.

Yacht sale 36-ft Searay: A very good condition with bedding for 5, air-con, generator, kitchenette, BBQ grill, twin propulsion, Mercruiser 5.0L bravo III DTS, raymarine chartplotter, GPS and depth sounder. B4.5 million. Call 089 647 5204. NEW ZODIAC 420 YACHTLINE: SPECIAL OFSELLING YOUR BOAT?: With high season just around the corner, now is the right time to get her listed, are always looking for new listings,big or small, power or sail, contact Alan Giles. 084 842 6146.

FER FROM MAX MARINE ASIA – A great sporty RIB, designed as a tender/people carrier for a larger vessel of approximately 70 feet. A smooth, fast ride guaranteed from the world’s most famous inflatable boat brand. -Hypalon tubes -Honda 50hp EFI 4 Stroke outboard -Boat cover FOR SALE AT 750,000 THB Contact Craig Murphy on 081-9700583 Or, Paul Stamp on 08-40 60 70 20

J e t s k i s & Tr a i l e r 600,000THB: Two 3 person jet skis, fully maintained & just fully repainted and serviced. Refurbished stainless frame trailer included with trailer jack and hand winches.082 282 6947 Dan (Thai/English).

Crownline 320 LS 50 kts B o w r i d : Ve r y f a s t - n i c e s p o r t boat,2x350 MPI engines, year 2009, like new, lifetime hull warantty, only 100 working engine hours, Thai flag, tax payed. Only 3M THB, Airberth 0,5 M THB seperately.

40FT Steel Cutter Sloop: Ready to cruise.Centrecockpit. Safe, strong German design.New Sails, 44HP Yanmar Engine, 6 Berths, solar, wind generator, BBQ, dinghy&outboard. AUD$90K. 085 3780 498,

Kawasaki 750Sxi Jet Ski Pro: Stand up. Trick conversion kit, R&D ride plate, Race bars with finger throttle, Hydro-turf floor mat with foot-holds, Very reliable, fast, and great fun. Very good condition. B150,000. Contact:

Boat for sale: Boat for sale at Ao Yon Bay (Cape Panwa, Phuket). Boat has two engines 140 cc yamaha. 13+ 2 per persons. Price:550. 000B. Phone number : 083 637 9704 Thai/Eng and 081 894 9967.






List your classified now at BOATS & YACHTS

Steppa Fiberglass 32 feet Flybridge two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. Ideal for diving and tours. B850,000. Call 081 894 2124.

Speed Boat For Sale:



Company for sale - Owner retiring Well known 12 year established company specializing in sales and rental of containers, site/sales offices, Porta Loos as well as Self Storage. Customer base includes Tesco Lotus, Laguna, Marriot, Boat Lagoon and many more. Enormous potential for expansion and export. A conservative value of company assets exceed 11MB which is included in the sale price of 14MB. Call Gordon 081 892 4804, www.

 20 YEAR PROFITABLE OPERATION  50 MB PLUS TURNOVER 2012 CALANDAR YEAR 44’ Yacht - 8 berth layout with two bathrooms, B&G instruments and many options with Delivery to Phuket. THB 6,950,000,,, 081 370 1995.


New Varianta 44’: CONTACT PETER: PHONE: 0848433492 Boutique Guesthouse & Bar: Boutique Guesthouse, Bar /

A new premium Hanse with Sail Away options included - less than THB 4,500,000 in Phuket 0813701995, Person : Inq, inq@, 081 370 1995.

Hanse 325 Max 2014:


Boat: Swedish impor ted Buster XL maid by aluminum 2 scow, Suzuki 4 stroke outboard Engine used only 200hrs, Brenderup-trailer + wakeboard + all needed accessories. Car: Mitsubishi Triton 4 wheel, only 6 years old. Boat and Car sells as a package or separate. For more information please contact: 087-8772320 or E-mail: oliver@, B1,350,000.

H Y PA LO N D I N GY 3 . 3 M:

Brand-new with UV cover and storage cover, pump, oars, kits. Only B110,000 Email: 089 971 0278, Eddie.

P r i v a t e L u x u r y Ya c h t Char ters: Luxur y day & over-

Bertram 505 Conver for sale:

Launched in 1989 this long range sport fishing vessel is powered by 2 Hino Marine 360hp V8 Turbo . The interior is fully air-conditioned and features a saloon, three cabins and a galley. Price : 7,000,000 THB , Stefano, info@, 087 834 5293 .

night yacht char ters with crew & chef on board. Rates from 64,000 b a h t p e r d a y. Te l . 0 8 9 9 710 2 7 8 ,

45ft. 4 cabins. Volvo D- 4 IPS 300. Genset. Aircon. “Bose” surround. Raymarine. Low hours. Fully loaded. Fast and economical. As new. Bargain. Only 339,000 euros. Email: 089 971 0278, Eddie.

A steal for a quick sale:

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Emotions swell as ‘One Point’ returns MATCH PREVIEW Kazira Hans

S HEALTHY AND HAPPY With more than 800 runners participating in the Phuket International Hospital Run For Health charity event last Sunday (February 23), the Thalangbased Born Free to Run club was able to continue their strong form in local competition. The club’s Head Coach, Ricky Ponthip, won second place in his age group, while the entire team won 10 trophies in total.

Ney Fabiano goal secures home win FOOTBALL BRAZILIAN STRIKER Ney Fabiano scored the only goal of the match to give Phuket FC their first win of the 2014 Yamaha League-1 season against Pattaya United at Surakul Stadium last Sunday (February 23). After missing a penalty earlier in the match, the Brazilian was able to make up for it by heading in the game winner from an Anusak Laosangthai cross in the second half. The Ronins were then able to stem off late attacks from Pattaya United as Phuket goalkeeper Adisak Doungsri made several impressive saves to secure victory in front of a home crowd of over 6,000. “It’s a good start for us,” said Head Coach Stefano “Teco’ Cugurra, “I think if we had a little bit better finishing we could have put two or three past Pattaya, but 1-0 is enough for us today.”


The win comes after an undefeated pre-season campaign, in which they drew against Thai Premier League side Chonburi FC, a team that will compete in the AFC Champions League this year. “I think we had good preparation. This was important because we have 17 new players, so sometimes it takes time for them to know each other,” Teco said, “[The players] have good tactical understanding so I’m happy about that.” Next, The Ronins will play their first match in the 2014 Toyota League Cup against TPL-side Sisaket FC on March 1 at Surakul Stadium, kicking off at 6pm. See Preview, right.

aturday’s (March 1) match-up with Sisaket FC in the first round of the 2014 Toyota League Cup will see the return to the island of Coach Paniphol Kerdyam, known among many disappointed Phuket FC fans as “Tu One Point”. This time, Phuket’s former coach brings his new Thai Premier League team from the northeast, Sisaket FC “The Kouprey,” hoping to advance to the next round in one of the most important prizes in Thai football, second only to the FA Cup. Phuket fans blamed “Coach Tu” for the failure of Phuket FC in 2013, despite the huge money injected into the team. Allegations of corruption during his second-rate half-season led to his resignation. The intrigue was enough for Phuket FC Chairman Pamuke Atchariyachai to urge fans to come out to the stadium in a statement on Facebook. “I think this game on March 1 will be brutal,” the statement read, “the pressure will fall on ‘Coach Tu’ who disappointed Phuket fans. It will be mixed emotion that day for him [Paniphol]. I hope very much that our fans will

Former Phuket FC coach Paniphol Kerdyam will make his return to the island when he leads Sisaket FC tomorrow. welcome him and show him courtesy.” Many fans have wondered how Coach Tu could get a job with a Thai Premier League team. The usual Paniphol defensive line is set-up deep in their half, which was apparent from his first game last weekend when the four defenders rarely moved 35 yards from their own goal. Sisaket plays a 4-2-3-1 game with a defensive midfield that can pull back to defense. He has a very strong

Ghanaian-Spanish centre back who had four years training at Liverpool, Godwin Antwi, who he has paired up with former Phuket FC player, Chatchai Mokkasem. Coach Tu will play a safe game in midfield, but if the zone gets penetrated expect Sisaket to collapse into an eightman defense. But this typical safe style is also Coach Tu’s downfall, as a deep defense means less chance to attack, and increases the likelihood of a draw.

We saw Phuket’s former Brazilian striker Dudu lie deep to find the ball, because the midfield under Coach Tu couldn’t get it goalwards to his position. When Dudu finally did get the ball, he couldn’t get up to the goal. Sisaket’s Alberto Manteca might just end up facing the same ordeal. For Phuket FC, this could be the first game where defender Tales Dos Santos has a big impact, as his presence will free-up fellow centerback Yusuke Sato to cover for leftbacker Sakareya Kolae if he pushes forward. Coach Tu’s game is on the ground, as he depends on skill players to tear through defenses as his team’s long balls are not accurate. By shutting down Sisaket’s ground game and forcing them to span out to the wings with crosses from both sides, and with Tales strong at the back, it will be a tall order for Paniphol to take much from the game. Since this is a knock-out match, Paniphol might surprise us all by not relying on his usual tactics and going on the offensive, but somehow that seems unlikely. This is much more than just a cup game for both teams. The stakes are high, the pressure will be tremendous, and by Saturday afternoon, the emotions will be running at their highest. Kaze’s prediction: Phuket FC 1-0 Sisaket FC




From left: Manish Sadarangi top scored for Laguna with 74 runs; an ICC batsman is clean bowled! Photos: Michael Way

Laguna make it five in a row CRICKET


aguna have started to pull away from the rest of the Jones Lang LaSalle Cricket League teams with their win over ICC this past Sunday (February 23) at the Alan Cooke Ground. Batting first, Laguna got off to a great start, with openers Manish Sadarangani and Darren Shaw putting on 74 runs before Shaw was bowled looking to push the run-rate along in the 18th over. Sameer Khan and Sada-

rangani then put on a further 52 runs before Kahn was trapped in front lbw at the start of the 28th over with the score on 130-3. Captain Stuart Reading then joined Sadarangani and accelerated the run-rate with a further 32 run partnership in the next 3 overs before Sadarangani was dismissed. Reading was out 15 runs later falling victim to a solid catch by Ravi Naik. Nadeem Yuoseff and Roly Cooper (8 not out) added a further 16 runs from the last few overs, and Laguna finished

a score of 193 for the loss of 6 wickets. Pick of the bowlers for ICC were Syed Hussain (3 for 42) and Iqbal Malik (2 for 26). After the break, with a required run-rate of 5.5 per over, ICC could not afford to get off to a slow start. With the score at 23, Abdul Salam joined captain Anand Chand at the crease and hit some powerful shots until he was caught in the 13th over with the score on 54. Shortly thereafter, Sam Ali captured the important wicket of Chand, clean bowled. ICC then lost a further wicket in the following over,

and with 5 wickets down for 79, Laguna were in the ascendency. Basheer Pir and Ravi Naik (25 not out) showed some resistance to take the score along to 100 until Pir was bowled. With ICC running out of batsmen, a match-winning performance would be required by Naik and Surender Kumar. They managed to put on a 41 run partnership until Kumar was run-out from a direct hit from backward point by Manish Sadarangani in the 30th over with the score on 141-7. Laguna then made short work of the last remaining

Jones Lang LaSalle Cricket League Team













































batsmen and bowled out ICC for 150 to claim victory. Pick of the bowlers for Laguna were Sameer Khan (4 for 27) and Sam Ali (3 for 35). Next Sunday (March 2) sees Patong seeking to register

Bonus Total

their first win of the season when they take on the in-form Thalang team. Play starts at 10 am at the Alan Cooke Ground in Thalang. For more information, visit

Vagabonds unlucky in Bangkok final RUGBY Pat Cotter

T H E 2 014 BA N G KO K International Rugby Tens Tournament looked like it was going to be a big step up in quality for the Phuket Vagabonds, and the players were relishing the prospect of testing their skills against top opposition After walking away with two wins and one loss in the “‘group of death,” the Vagabonds played a tough bowl match against Gakushi Ruggers from Japan and went through to the semi-final with

a 14-5 victory. Next up were the Bangkok Southerners who had beaten some top opposition of their own to reach the semis. Scores by Matthew Thomson and captain Daryyn Mathee put the Phuketians up 10-0 and through to the final against Nippon Oval of Japan. In the final, relentless pressure from the Vagabonds eventually led to a score by Graham Gallow to take a 5-0 lead, which quickly turned to 12-0. But the heat started to take its toll on the Vagabonds and, with five minutes to go, the Oval players scored in the corner for a 12-5 ball game.

With only seconds, left it looked like the Vagabonds would hold out, but the Oval forwards played the ball on the ground as the scr um wiggled its way to even the score. After almost a full five minutes of extra time, the Nippon fly half spotted an overlap on the far side of the pitch and the ball was spun wide for them to get the golden score and win 17-12. After the heartbreaking loss, the Vagabonds walked away runners-up in the Bowl category. Next up, the team will play in the Pattaya 10s Tournament on May 3-4. thephuketnews




Outrigger serves up new Tennis Center TENNIS


he completion of renovations at the Tennis Center at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort in Cherngtalay has been met with a sigh of relief by local enthusiasts, as the March 1 Tennis Open Day looms. On the weekend of February 15-16, the courts hosted a 72-person tennis tournament that included amateur players from recreational clubs and hotels across the island, all of whom took advantage of the high-end surfaces that the resort has implemented. “We really wanted to be in a position to offer great activities as a family resort so we took the steps to renovate completely,” said Outrigger Laguna General Nanager Tony Pedroni, “we have a great facility and, to maximise its potential, we thought we should also bring in some professional coaching.” To that end, the outdoor and indoor courts will be

RBFC reel in tournament FISHING Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort’s new Director of Tennis, Briton James Corin, flashes some moves on the resort’s newly renovated Tennis Center in Cherngtalay. overseen by longtime tennis coach James Corin, who has eight years of experience teaching the game to players all over the world, including Dubai and in the Caribbean. T he Br iton has been steadily working to build up the programme at Outrigger, which is open to all ages and skill levels, with an eye toward the March 1 Tennis Open Day. “With our facilities here and the kind of programme we want to run, we are build-

ing momentum,” said Corin. The indoor court has been especially spruced up with a new surface: Courtflex. The surface is designed to be much less strenuous on the muscle joints. “It’s nice, particularly for our older guests, said Pedroni, “we didn’t want to have a hard concrete surface, we wanted it to be fun and easy to play on.” Local tennis players have the chance to check out Out-

Young races to double podium in strong finish MOTORSPORT PH U K ET-BASED Australian racing driver Dylan Young produced the best performance of his 2013-2014 MRF Challenge Formula 2000 campaign by blitzing a double podium finish in the final round of the championship held from February 14-16 at the MMRT Circuit in Chennai, India. Despite engine failures that forced him to start from 14th place, the 24-year-old jumped nine places to finish 5th in Saturday’s (February 22) second race. The top six finish was enough to earn him a spot in the third race of the day. He placed 3rd in that race, ahead of eventual MRF Challenge Championship winner Tio Ellinas. The final day of action saw Young finish in 5th place once again, granting him a berth in the final race of the championship on Sunday (February 23). After falling to 4th early on, the Australian persevered and finished a strong 3rd to @thephuketnews

Dylan Young (left), poses with Rupert Svendsen-Cook (centre) and Harry Tincknell (right) on the podium last week. secure his second podium of the round in the final race, ahead of former Formula 1 driver Narain Karthikeyan who was a guest driver for the final round. “It was an awesome feeling when I crossed the line as there’s been so many people that have supported me this season and the result is just as much for them as it is for me,” he said. Young is now in a rush

against time to take up some offers to race in Europe for the 2014 season, including from Formula 1 junior teams. “I’m thrilled to have delivered on what I’ve been saying all along that if we could find the backers to do the full season then I believed in myself fully to get onto the podium and now I’ve lived up to that,” Young said. For more information, visit

rigger Laguna’s new Tennis Center at their Tennis Open Day tomorrow (Saturday, March 1) being held from 4pm to 7pm. Several tennis coaches from Singapore will be on hand to show guests how to serve, volley, and play like a pro. Kids activities will also be taking place, in addition to raffles and a BBQ. For more information, visit laguna-phuket-beach-resort

TODAY (FEBRUA RY 28) local fishing enthusiasts will weigh their final catch in the RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic Sport Fishing Tournament. The best fishermen in the region have competed in the waters surrounding the Similan Islands, 70 nautical miles northwest of Phuket. The Rawai Beach Fishing Club organises the annual tournament and prize monies for the winners of this 57-hour competition.

Competitors cast their lines on Tuesday (February 25) with the final having taken place yesterday (February 27). The winners of the tournament will be announced at an awards dinner at Kan Eang @ Pier restaurant in Chalong tonight (February 28) from 6:30pm to 11:30pm. Guest tickets are available for B1,000. Class Act Media is a proud sponsor of the RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic Sport Fishing Tournament. For more information, visit rawaibeachfishingclub. com.





Arsenal, Man City stay hot on Chelsea’s tail





rsenal and Manchester City replied in kind after John Terry scored an injury-time winner against Everton to preserve Chelsea’s position as Premier League leaders last Saturday (February 22). Chelsea’s victory momentarily gave them a four-point lead at the summit, but Arsenal closed the gap to a point by overwhelming Sunderland 4-1 and City are three points back with a game in hand after edging Stoke City 1-0. Arsenal had been dealt a dispiriting 2-0 defeat by Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Wednesday (February 19) and they reacted in style by outclassing thirdbottom Sunderland at the Emirates Stadium. Left on the bench against Bayern, Olivier Giroud was restored to the starting lineup to face Sunderland and the

The overall competition winner receives 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort in a Premium Suite with Private Pool, buffet breakfast for 2, Sheraton Club Lounge benefit, and 1 dinner at Malati or Gecko’s restaurant for 2, overall value B61,400. The monthly competition winner for February 2014 will receive a B3,000 voucher to spend at Walkabout Sports Bar Karon Beach. FEBRUARY STANDINGS 1. sam3838 2. tim at acorn 3. Clare Bolzon 4. Keefers Kathu 5. Campanil 6. celticpride 7. Gracie 8. jwiegand 9. NEIL 10. Russell

Chelsea’s English defender John Terry lunges toward the ball as Everton’s US goalkeeper Tim Howard fails to make the save leading to the winning goal. Photo: AFP/Ben Stansall Frenchman responded with a brace of goals in the first 31 minutes. The former Montpellier man also played a role in the glorious move that led to Tomas Rosicky chipping in

Arsenal’s third goal before half-time, with Laurent Koscielny heading home a fourth in the 57th minute. “After playing for so long with 10 men in a difficult game in mid-week against Bayern

Munich, it was good to win today,” said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. City also tasted Champions League disappointment in midweek (February 19), losing 2-0 at home to Barcelona, and their return to winning ways was not quite as straightforward as Arsenal’s. Manuel Pellegrini’s side toiled in front of goal against Stoke at the Etihad Stadium and there was a sense of relief when Yaya Toure broke the deadlock from Aleksandar Kolarov’s cut-back in the 70th minute. “They were defending with 10 players in their box,” said City manager Pellegrini.”I thought we controlled the game and it was a matter of time before we scored.” Earlier, Terry’s last-gasp winner allowed Chelsea to hold onto top spot as they snatched a 1-0 victory against Everton at Stamford Bridge. With Everton goalkeeper

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Tim Howard in sparkling form, Chelsea looked set to drop points until Terry marked his return to the team after a three-game absence by toeing home a Frank Lampard free-kick in the 93rd minute. “When you score in minute 90-something, you could speak about being lucky, but the reality is that the boys chased it,” said Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Terry’s strike was a bitter blow for an enterprising Everton side, who squandered an opportunity to close the eight-point gap that currently separates them from fourthplace Liverpool. Manchester United capitalised by stealing into sixth place – ahead of Everton on goal difference, albeit having played a game more – with a 2-0 success at Crystal Palace. Robin van Persie opened the scoring at Selhurst Park with a 62nd-minute penalty after Marouane Chamakh tripped Patrice Evra just inside the Palace area. Wayne Rooney doubled United’s lead six minutes later,

OVERALL STANDINGS 1. celticpride 2. jwiegand 3. sam3838 4. NEIL 5. Kathu Bandit 6. MRB 7. sami 8. zestrealestate 9. scottkip 10. tim at acorn

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celebrating his new five-year contract and marking his 300th league appearance for the club by slamming a half-volley into the top-right corner. Meanwhile, Felix Magath saw victory snatched from his grasp in his first game as Fulham manager after a 1-1 draw at West Bromwich Albion. Fulham were on course to climb off the foot of the table thanks to Ashkan Dejagah’s 28th-minute goal, only for Matej Vydra to plunder an 86th-minute equaliser with a shot that squirmed past Maarten Stekelenburg. Vydra’s goal meant that Cardiff City remained second from bottom after they were crushed 4-0 at home by Hull City, who prevailed through a Nikica Jelavic brace and strikes from Tom Huddlestone and Nikica Jelavic. Hull are now six points above the relegation zone and West Ham United are a point better off in 10th place after goals from Matt Jarvis, Carlton Cole and Kevin Nolan set up a 3-1 win at home to Southampton. AFP

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Lucky number seven KAZE’S FREEKICK Kazira Hans


t one point during last weekend’s game, Phuket FC had seven booked men on the pitch. The last 20 minutes of the game saw Pattaya United players repeatedly break through Phuket FC’s offside trap because all four Phuket defenders – Sakareya, Sato, Samsem and Pyne Soe – were already on a yellow card and one clumsy challenge could have sent any of them off for an early shower.

Despite the eventual 1-0 home win, irritated Phuket fans felt that the referee had favoured Pattaya United throughout the game. At the final whistle, as the four referees were escorted by security staff through the tunnel, many fans rushed over to the entrance to give them a piece of their mind. You may have your own suspicions too. Eakartit was flagged offside early in the game even when he had sprinted from behind the Pattaya defense line. A nother time he was nearly clear through on goal but was tackled by the last Pattaya defender before he

could shoot, a clear violent foul that deserved a red card – but instead the referee just booked the defender, gave a yellow, and let him off the hook. A referee’s possible inclination to favour certain teams over others is nothing new. Even the mighty Chelsea, according to their manager José Mourinho, have experienced this over the years. The direction of this discussion is heading to whether what happened last weekend at Surakul was just a bad case of refereeing or something more, but I can’t say what I don’t know, or without any proof.

Some claim that referee errors add to the flavour of a football game, creating the heated emotions and controversy that the sport thrives on. Others feel that refs are just a bunch of normal guys, trying to keep an eye on everything at once, while running the length of a football field for 90 minutes. Certainly both arguements may be true, but referees are also trained professionals, and it is their responsibility to perform and uphold the standards, not to favour one team over another. Do you agree? Email Kaze at

Seven Phuket players were shown yellow on Sunday.

Frenchman Bohic looks to improve on recent title win in China MUAY THAI

Rafael Bohic trains at Singpatong Sitnumnoi gym.

EVEN AFTER FIGHTING two straight Muay Thai bouts last Saturday (February 22) in China, French fighter and Phuket stalwart Rafael Bohic looks refreshed. The 22-year-old took home the 67 kg Max China belt in a four-man tournament, earning a shot at the promotion’s overall title in Las Vegas this December. “I like fight sports and in Muay Thai you can do everything,” the soft spoken Bohic says, “I want to learn every-

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Friday, February 28 816, 118



Rugby Union

Super XV

Crusaders v. Chiefs



Rugby Union

Super XV

Cheetahs v. Bulls




Rugby Union

Six Nations

Wales v. France

816, 118



Rugby Union

Super XV

Crusaders v. Chiefs



Rugby Union

Super XV

Cheetahs v. Bulls



Rugby Union

Six Nations

Wales v. France


Saturday, March 1 814



Rugby Union

French Top 14

Bordeaux v. Clermont

816, 118



Rugby Union

Super XV

Chiefs v. Highlanders



Rugby Union

Super XV

Waratahs v. Reds Western Force v. Brumbies



Rugby Union

Super XV



Rugby Union

Super XV

Bulls v. Lions




Aussie Rules


GWS Giants v. St. Kilda

810, SS4





Fulham v. Chelsea





Southampton v. Liverpool






QPR v. Leeds





Hull v. Newcastle






Stoke v. Arsenal






Everton v. West Ham





3rd Test, Day 1

South Africa v. Australia

Sunday, March 2 118



Rugby Union

Aviva Premiership

Newcastle v. Leicester






Swansea v. Crystal Palace

810, SS4





Tottenham v. Cardiff





League Cup Final

Man City v. Sunderland





3rd Test, Day 2

South Africa v. Australia





Asia Cup

India v. Pakistan


thing in standup [fighting].” In the 18 months that Bohic has called Singpatong Sitnumnoi Muay Thai gym his home, he has gained invaluable experience through 22 fights. His trainer, Numnoi, says he knew early on that the young Frenchman would be better than most. “He learned quickly. After more fights, I want him to fight for the Lumpinee belt. Many people in the world say they champions, but I don’t care. I want him a champion in Lumpinee,” he says. This is a big reason why, after just five fights, Numnoi

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Run 1462: Saturday, March 1, at 4pm Hares: Jungle Balls & B*** Plug Directions: Chao Fa West, up past the old l’Estaminet.

From the north, drive 500m past Wat Chalong and turn right up Soi Klum Yang at the PTT station (HHH). From the south drive 2.4km north from Chalong Circle and turn left just past the PTT station (HHH). Go 1.9km up the hill until the blacktop runs out, then carry on for another 500m. Do not stop at the old laager site (where all the quad bikes are), carry on for 200-300m.

Bus Pick-up: Kamala: 14:30; Patong: 15:00 More info:

booked Bohic – who started training at age 17 – an undercard fight at the famed Lumpinee Stadium in August 2012, a bout he won via TKO. Since then, he won an eight-man tournament at Bangla Stadium in Patong, and even went the distance with legendary fighter Saenchai in June of last year. He’s also the cur rent 147-pound (66.6 kg) WMC Champion, which he won in a bout at Bangla Stadium in April last year. Numnoi admits that he does not count Bohic’s 16 professional fights in France

as part of his record – only the 22 that have almost all taken place in Thailand. Still, the 35 hours of training within a six-day week has gotten Bohic mentally and physically prepared for more fights. No less than 24 hours after arriving back from China, the Frenchman already had a fight scheduled on March 15 to prepare for a tournament at the new Nakok Stadium in Chalong in April. “No time to rest. It’s a dream to fight at Lumpinee. I’m very happy at the moment,” he says.


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