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Foreigner arrested for ‘begging’ in Central

Ukrainian man Mykola Chornyi, 30, pictured after his arrest by the Tourist Police on Sunday. He was fined B3,000 and released – it is still not clear if he is actually deaf. Photo: Phuket Tourist Police

Claire Connell & Wiparatana NaThalang


he ‘deaf’ Ukrainian man arrested after using Angry Birds keychains to solicit “donations” from customers at Central Festival Phuket on Saturday (February 15) has been fined B3,000 and released. Wichit Police Lieutenant Som-

boon Malai told The Phuket News that Mykola Chornyi, 30, had been fined B1,000 for disturbing customers and B2,000 for failing to provide his passport when arrested. He was arrested on Sunday night at Central Festival by the Phuket Tourist Police, after he was videoed by a Phuket News reader on Saturday entering restaurants and dropping small cards on the tables saying he

was deaf and asking customers to buy Angry Birds keychains for B100 – or to make a donation. A few minutes later he walked back collecting the keychains, cards and any donations that had been left. Pol Maj Urumporn Koondejsumrit, head of the Tourist Police was alerted and Chornyi was arrested the following day at the mall. It is still not known whether



Chornyi is deaf or not. He showed a document on his phone which apparently was meant to prove he was deaf, but this was written in Ukrainian. He also pointed to his ear, indicating he was deaf, Maj Urumporn said. Lt Somboon sent the photos of the document to the Ukrainian Embassy in Bangkok for staff there to translate and confirm its authenticity, and he is still waiting to hear back.



Local woman heads for roof of the world



New Phuket FC column is launched!

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Phuket suffering from acute shortage of skilled labour > page 4

‘Deaf’ Ukrainian held for illegally begging

Continued from page 1. The Phuket News has learnt that in Russia and other Eastern European countries people often pose as deaf people and do a similar thing on public transport such as buses or trains. They put down small cards saying they are deaf, along with small souvenirs and collect up any donations. Chornyi has since been released. On Sunday, Central Festival issued a statement quoting its Vice President Property Management and General Manager, Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree. “No one is allowed to distribute or offer for sale products and services anywhere on the premises without prior notice and approval from Central Festival Phuket (CFP) management,” Ms Wilaiporn said. “The individuals concerned

Wilaiporn Pirimanaaree: No sales without permission. did not request permission and were not authorised by CFP to operate at the mall. We have taken steps to immediately stamp out any further incidents of this nature. We have tightened security and placed notices around the mall. “All tenants are being advised on how to deal with anyone caught soliciting donations, and we will collect evidence of any offenders so details can be handed over to local police

if necessary. “We ask that anyone who encounters such a situation while visiting Central Festival Phuket inform security immediately.” In December, photographs and video footage were sent to The Phuket News by readers who saw foreigners doing the same thing in Kata and Patong. One female foreigner was spotted at Swensen’s at Kata Beach, while a male foreigner was seen at a restaurant on Patong Beach. Thai law states that if foreigners are collecting funds on behalf of a charity, the charity must be a licensed Thai foundation and the foreigner must have a work permit. If they are not with a registered Thai charity then they are begging, which is illegal. See Opinion page 10.

‘Filthy water’ reads the banner people in Samkong have hung over Klong Bang Yai.

Noodle plant ‘is source of stink’ T

he smell was back again in Samkong this week, and Phuket Governor Maitri Inthusut and a group of worthies went once again to the Samkong Bridge over Klong Bang Yai to check the air. That part of the klong was the subject of a clean-up drive in May last year after residents complained of the suffocating stench. The banks of the klong were cleaned to assist water flow, and the Governor led others in flinging balls of effective microbes into the klong and spraying the water with Enzyme Ionic Plasma to combat the reek. It worked. For a while. But on Tuesday (February 18), in answer to a rising chorus of complaints, and a banner strung across the klong exclaiming “Filthy Water”, the Governor, accompanied by Paiboon Upatising, President of the Provincial Administration Organisation (OrBorJor); Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansuppapana; Rassada Mayor Phudit Raksarat and

others, went looking for the source of the stench. One source, they discovered, was the Kanom Jeen noodle factory on Soi Panieng, about three kilometres away, which has been dumping untreated wastewater into a waterway that connects to Klong Bang Yai. After finishing his investigation, Gov Maitri said, “I have ordered the relevant officers to start work urgently on solving this.” First, he said, the noodle factory must build an overflow dam to stop untreated wastewater going into the canal. He also ordered the establishment of five committees, each comprising three local people, one from Rassada Municipality and one from the local office of the Industry Ministry. These committees would monitor wastewater disposal in the area and carry out unannounced spot checks. Mr Paiboon said the OrBorJor would pay for dredging Klong Bang Yai behind the Butterfly and Insect Garden to

clear out weeds and waste, to allow the water to flow more smoothly. A spokesperson for the Kanom Jeen factory said, “We are ready to follow the advice of the Governor in building an overflow dam. We are also happy to allow government officers to carry out inspections at any time.” Mayor Phudit said that a plan put forward last May to build a wastewater treatment plant for the Soi Panieng area proved impossible to carry out because the land for it could not be obtained, nor could the budget. So now Rassada Municipality plans a variety of smaller-scale basic solutions including soakaway tanks, dilution of fluid in the canal using untreated water, adding oxygen to the water, and clearing of vegetation from the watercourses leading into Klong Bang Yai. Mayor Phudit said these ideas would be put into practice in the coming couple of weeks. Suthicha Sirirat






Phuketians join run on bank R

ipples from the government’s disastrous rice-pledging scheme washed over Phuket on Monday (February 17) when depositors in the state-owned Government Savings Bank (GSB) joined a national run on the bank, pulling out billions of baht in a matter of hours. Across the nation depositors withdrew at least B30 billion from the bank on Monday after learning that the GSB was lending B5 billion that day to another state-owned bank, the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC). The BAAC was planning to use the loan to pay angry farmers owed money by the government. Stunned by the withdrawals, and by threats of industrial action from the GSB staff trade union, the bank frantically recalled the loan. In Phuket, before the Uturn, GSB ran out of cash after paying out B10 million and had to issue cashier’s cheques. On Monday mor ning, Yadaporn Sriphat, manager of the main Phuket GSB branch, said that an “unusual” number of people had been withdrawing their deposits.

“Normally we have B10 million in cash to cover withdrawals, but a lot of people have been coming to withdraw money since this morning. “About 50 or 60 people withdrew anything from B1,000 to B2 million each. We had to give some people cashier’s cheques instead of cash.” She stressed that the bank is stable, but some people’s confidence had been affected by what they had seen on television and these people “insisted on withdrawing their deposits”. “There are 13 branches in Phuket, and we have B6 billion in our Phuket head office. Even if money is loaned to the BAAC, there will definitely be no impact on the bank’s capital. “But if people want to withdraw their money or close their accounts, the bank will do as they request, in compliance with banking laws.” Ironically, transactions at the BAAC’s Phuket branch were normal as people arrived to be met by a sign saying, “The BAAC will definitely not use people’s deposits to pay for the rice-pledging project.” The manager, Sitthiporn

Depositors queue up at a branch of the Government Savings Bank on Monday to take their money out of the bank. Petnui, said “Only about 1 per cent of our customers came to close their accounts. We made it quite clear that customers’ deposits will not be used to pay for the rice-pledging project.” That’s because the money to be paid from farmers was coming from the GSB – which is why that bank’s depositors were so nervous. On Tuesday, former PM Somchai Wongsawat and other leaders of the Pheu Thai Party

French tourist threatens shop staff with scissors A FRENCH NATIONAL, named as Lahkim Riad, 38, from France, was arrested on Saturday afternoon (February 15) after threatening a 7-Eleven employee and running off with B2,000. The employee, Sunisa Minlamai, who works at the 7-Eleven on Sirirat Rd in Patong, called police to tell them that a tourist had come into the store and used scissors to threaten her, stealing B2,000. When police arrived a few minutes later they found Ms Sunisa and he colleague Sauwarat Muckchok shaking with fear in the store. Ms Sunisa explained that she was checking stock on the shelves when a tourist came in and told her that he wanted to return the cell phone he had bought on the Thursday (February 13) for B1,200. It did not work, he said, and he wanted his money back. She told him that she did not have the authority to refund his money, and asked him to wait for the shop’s manager. The tourist left the store, then came back a minute later, she said, and walked straight to one of the shelves where @thephuketnews

Lakhim Riad is escorted by a police officer after his arrest. he grabbed a pair of scissors, which he then used to threaten her. Terrified, she gave him B2,000. He then walked out

and rode away on a Honda Click motorcycle. Ms Sunisa managed to get the number of the motorbike and gave this to police. Pol Maj Suthichai Theinpoa ordered a check of CCTV footage, and alerted other officers to keep a lookout for the bike. Police soon located the suspect at Lucky Mansion in Patong and arrested him. After the man’s arrest Ms Sunisa identified him as the man who had threatened her. Police are now looking for the scissors as evidence in the case they are building against the Frenchman. Eakkapop Thongtub

deposited millions of baht in an effort to instil confidence in depositors. But it was like spitting into a hurricane. The same day, another B40 billion in deposits was withdrawn from the GSB. The Bangkok Post quoted the bank’s president Worawit Chailimpamontri as saying on Monday, “We did not underestimate the situation but we may have wrongly estimated the impacts because we did

not expect online speculation would have a real effect on the bank.” He also explained that the B5-billion loan to the BAAC was a normal inter-bank transaction and added – somewhat disingenuously, given that millions of depositors knew exactly what the loan was for – that the GSB did not know how the BAAC would spend the sum. On Tuesday Worawit, re-

alising what a monumental blunder the loan to the BAAC was, fell on his sword. He admitted that his position was untenable, with people suspecting he was a tool of the caretaker government. He gave 30 days’ notice of his resignation. An estimated 1 million farmers are owed money by the government and at least seven, overwhelmed by debts they were unable to pay because they had not received payment from the state, have committed suicide. The rice-pledging scheme, originally devised by the Pheu Thai Party as a way to garner votes, was very successful in achieving that. But now it is backfiring in a big way. The farmers appear not to blame the banks or the depositors for the continuing non-payment of money owed. They blame the caretaker government. On Monday caretaker Finance Minister Kittirat Na Ranong was shown on TV fleeing angry farmers who hurled abuse and water bottles at him. Suthicha Sirirat, with additional reporting by Thai PBS and the Bangkok Post





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Musician Phuket suffering from given all by acute labour shortage clear hospital



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hile other parts of the world are suffering from unemployment, Phuket has the opposite problem – a shortage of labour. Opening a job fair at Phuket Rajabhat University recently, Governor Maitri Inthusut said, “Economic growth has increased labour demand in Phuket. There are more than 4,000 jobs available, of 700 different types.” He said that some 20 per cent of those jobs were expected to be filled by the end of the job fair, while employers in another 15 per cent of cases would have to wait to hear from successful applicants. Most of the jobs are, predictably, in hotels and other

Job-seekers check out the thousands of jobs on offer. tourism businesses, along with real estate, retail and wholsale businesses. Gov Maitri said, “There are enough job positions for people who want to work in Phuket. Candidates who cannot apply for a job at the job fair can

apply at the Phuket Provincial Employment Office.” He said that the rate of unemployment among people registered as living in Phuket was just 1.39 per cent – and that included Phuket people who were working elsewhere

in the country. Most economists define “full employment” as meaning that two to three per cent of the working-age population do not have jobs. The Governor noted, too, that the once-contentious B300 casual day wage – slammed as ruinous by many employers when it was proposed by the government of PM Yingluck Shinawatra – no longer seems to be an issue. “The biggest labour shortage now is in construction and public utilities. There is no problem with the B300 labour rate in Phuket because [employers] are offering higher rates than that just to attract workers.” Local employees can plainly demand good money, for now, at least. On the horizon, however, is the competition for jobs that will come with the formation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) at the end of next year, when labour mobility will see people from the nine other Asean member-countries competing with Thais for jobs in Thailand. Suthicha Sirirat

FILIPINO JAZZ PIANIST Jeffrey Sevilla has been released from hospital after a serious asthma attack, with friends successfully raising around B50,000 to help pay the bill at Mission Hospital. Mr Sevilla went to Mission Hospital on February 1 when he had trouble breathing and was immediately taken to intensive care and put on a ventilator. He has suffered from asthma since childhood. Mr Sevilla, 46, is not insured so close friend and fellow musician Mari Okawa and business partner Thidaporn “Kae” Mongkronkaew set up a fund for donations to help him. The money poured in, with around B50,000 being donated in a couple of weeks. Mr Sevilla was released from hospital on Wednesday (February 5) and paid the remaining B10,000 owed on the bill, and said he was very thankful for all the support. He has been given medication and will return to the hospital soon for another checkup.

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5 plan to run in Phuket senate poll t least five candidates are expected to run for election to Phuket’s elected senatorial seat. The names have not been revealed but the poll will take place on March 30, with advanced polling taking place a week before. The winner will replace Thanyarat Achariyachai, the current senator, who – along with other elected senators around the country – completes her six-year term on March 1. Kittipong Tiengkunakrit, Phuket Election Commission Director, said that registration of candidates will take place at Phuket Community Hall, near Provincial Hall, from March 4 to 8. Surathin Lienudom, leader of the Phuket Patriotic Rebels, an offshoot of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee which blocked


The plan envisages water being pumped from Chieowlan Reservoir in Surat Thani. Photo: Troxx

Big water pipe plan aired THE REGIONAL WATER Supply Department (RWSD) hosted a first public hearing on February 13 to put forward its proposal to pipe water to Phuket from the Chieowlan Reservoir in Surat Thani, as a solution for the island’s chronic water shortages. Public relations expert Yong y ut Peu ng wong yat explained, “Economic and tourism growth in southern provinces, especially Surat Thani, Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket may result in a short-


age of water for consumption. “To meet future demand, the RWSD has devised a plan to solve shortages of water for the next 20 years.” The study period for the project will take about 14 months, he said. “We will try to cause the least possible disruption to people’s lives [during the laying of the pipeline],” he added. The meeting was chaired by Parkpoom Intarasuwan, Phuket District Officer. Explaining the project were representatives of SD Con

Corporation and Progress Technology Consultant Ltd; Pisak Chollayuth, Phuket Regional Water Supply Manager; and representatives of the RWSD. Listening to the plans was a sparce collection of community leaders and local people from Maikhao, Thepkrasattri, Srisoonthorn, Thalang, Koh Kaew, Rassada, Kathu and Phuket City, all of which are likely to be affected by the construction of the pipeline. Suthicha Sirirat

Senator Thanyarat Achariyachai (left) completes her sixyear term at the end of this month. earlier parliamentary elections, told The Phuket News,“We will not block registration [for the senatorial election]. These are good people. “But if anyone connected to the [Pheu Thai Party] ap-

plies we will block them.” Bans on alcohol sales can be expected from 6pm on March 22 to midnight on March 23 and again from 6pm on March 29 to midnight on March 30. Suthicha Sirirat





Young thugs leap into lake to escape police TWO 18-YEAR-OLDS WERE arrested last Thursday (February 13) around 3pm after assaulting a man from Phang Nga and damaging the door of a room before jumping into a lake in a bid to escape capture by police. Police said they were patrolling the area around Soi Panieng in the Rassada area when they came across three men fighting in a rented room. In the room they found Chaiyut Siriboon, 18, and Weerasak Bangrouy, 18, who had allegedly attacked 21-yearold Thinnakorn Suwan, originally from Phang Nga. Police said Chaiyut and Weerasak also used a knife to damage the door to the room, before warning Thinnakorn to “watch himself”. The pair managed to flee from police and drove their motorbike to a lake, near to the Kanom Jean Factory in Rassada. On the way to the lake, more police were alerted by their suspicious behaviour and gave chase as well. Police searched around the lake for around one hour and still couldn’t find them, but did

Chris Gibson of the British Council: ‘Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.’

Meeting looks at research opportunities The two 18-year-olds sit on the police station floor after their arrest. find a home made Thai gun and a bullet. They then used a dinghy and eventually found the two suspects in the water, clinging onto a vine. Both men told police they had the gun because Weera-

sak’s girlfriend had asked him to assault her ex-boyfriend, Thinnakorn. Chaiyut and Weerasak were arrested on assault and weapons charges. Eakkapop Thongtub

Wiparatana NaThalang


he British Council and the Thailand Research Fund met in Phuket late last week, to search for business entrepreneurs to help support and get involved with a research and innovation programme for Thai university students. The ‘Triple Helix’ approach aims at connecting academia with industry and the government, allowing students at Thai universities the opportunity to get practical research experience. The two-day conference on February 13 and 14 was held at the Pullman Phuket Arcadia on Naithon Beach, and consisted of presentations about suc-

cess stories, knowledge, and best practices when it comes to linking the industrial and academic sectors. The conference looked at the opportunities and challenges in using findings from research for the benefit of the community, society, and the national economy. Talks centered around the ‘Triple Helix’ approach and explored how researchers can work with industry and the government to find innovative ways to collaborate. The conference also highlighted how universities can use research networks and partnerships with industry to enhance research capacity and innovation for social and economic growth.

The Director of the British Council of Thailand, Chris Gibson, said this was the eighth year that the British Council had worked together with Thailand organisations. “We have research links with the Thailand Research Fund. We are meeting here to discuss and exchange ideas to enhance education.” He explained how students at Swansea University in the UK had been involved in work on Rolls-Royce engines for the new A350 Airbus, on steel, glass, solar technology and plastics. “Success is not final,” he concluded. “Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” Caroline Chipperfield, Deputy Director Education of British Council, said the British Council wanted to support and promote the connection between universities, industries and the government with the ‘Triple Helix’ approach. She said that examples of the research fields in which Thai students had worked included allergen vaccines to protect against the effects of house dust mites, milk with high melatonin, natural vinegar made from corn, carpet products, rice milling, enzymes to dissolve laminated paper (allowing it to be recycled) as well as work at the Thailand Science Park, she said. Professor Dr Patarapong Intarakumnerd said, “From my experience in Japan, its technological capabilities have been successful in bringing together local firms, industries, universities and governments. We should try and do the same in Thailand using the Japanese model, and connect all three together.” thephuketnews





Students from the Prince of Songkla Phuket Campus present their trash bins and signs at the beaches last week. Tourist Police help the Chinese couple after the snatch.

Tourists robbed of cash, tickets and passports


Chinese couple were the victims of a bag snatch in Thalang on Sunday (February 16), as thieves escaped with passports, B2,000, Chinese Yuan in cash and air tickets. When police arrived to the scene near Phuket Bike Resort in Thepkrassatri area, they found He Ting Ting, 29, and her partner Gu Jun Fang, 30, visibly upset and shaken. The couple told police that they had left the resort to shop at the


Baan Don Market. While they were walking there, a thin man with an afro hairstyle riding a motorbike came close to Miss He and snatched her handbag from her hand, before driving away. Inside were the passports, cash and six air tickets. The two tourists were taken to Thalang Police Station to be put in touch with the tourist police who would help sort new passports, and the police investigation continues. Eakkapop Thongtub

Creativity to combat cigarette butt trash ON FEBRUARY 10 AND 11, AROUND 80 students from the Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus’s Faculty of International Studies and Faculty of Technology and Environment presented cigarette butt bins and signs they had designed to representatives at Kamala and Nai Thon beaches. This activity originates from a concern

about rubbish on the beach, especially cigarette butts. Using the networks that developed from a SEEK workshop on “Developing a Sustainable Phuket” in January at Prince of Songkla University, the conversation turned into real action. The team started with Claudine Nagiah who lives at Layan Beach, Debra Mierczak

who is an environmental enthusiast and Chantinee Boonchai, a lecturer at Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus (PSU Phuket). They conducted workshops with students to show them the problems and asked them to come up with ideas to raise awareness of cigarette butts problems through creative bin and sign designs.

Bike found, but mum still missing

Missing: Kanya Yungnoo.

A PH U K ET M A N H AS appealed for sightings of his missing mother after her motorbike was found near a lake in Baan Layan. Kanya Yungnoo, 47, went missing on January 21 at around 8pm, after leaving home alone on her motorbike. Family members, including

her son Somrak Pansakul, then filed a report with Cherng Talay police when she did not return home. On Sunday (February 16) Cherng Talay police found a motorbike parked next to a lake in Baan Layan, Soi 1, in Cherng Talay, and Mr Somrak confirmed the bike belonged

to his mother. Specialist divers then began to search the lake and nearby area, but found nothing. If anyone has seen Mrs Kanya, they can contact Mr Somrak on 097-627-5925 or contact the Cherng Talay Police Station on 076-324-086. Eakkapop Thongtub





Phuket flights cancelled after Indo volcano blows T

wo Virgin Australia flights from Perth to Phuket were cancelled on Friday (February 14) due to a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported. Virgin Australia cancelled all flights to Bali, Phuket, Christmas Island and Cocos Island after an eruption atop Mount Kelud in Indonesia closed three international airports and darkened skies across a large swath of the country’s most densely populated island, Java. At least 10 Virgin Australia flights were cancelled, including flights from Denpasar to Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Four inbound flights from Bali to Australia were also grounded. An additional two flights between Perth and Phuket were cancelled, reports said. “For safety reasons, we can’t fly within 100 nautical miles of an ash cloud so that’s why we’ve had to cancel them,” a Virgin Australia spokeswoman told the newspaper.

Indonesian airport personnel inspect an aircraft covered in volcanic ash at Yogyakarta airport, about 200 kilometres west of Mount Kelud in East Java province after the volcano erupted on February 14. Photo: AFP/Ninoy “Guests will be re-accommodated to the next available flight accordingly.” In addition to the airport closures, three people died and over 200,000 people were ordered to evacuate when Mount Kelud – considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes on Java – spewed red-hot ash and rocks high into the air late Thursday night (February 13), just hours after officials raised

the alert status. Villagers in eastern Java described the terror of volcanic materials raining down on their homes, while AFP correspondents at the scene saw residents covered in grey dust fleeing in cars and on motorbikes towards evacuation centres. A man and a woman, both elderly, were crushed to death after volcanic material that had blanketed rooftops caused

their homes in the sub-district of Malang to cave in, National Disaster Mitigation Agency Spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said, while another elderly man died from inhaling the ash. Dian Julihadi, 32, from Blitar district, said: “It was like fireworks. There was a loud bang and bright red lights shot up into the air.” Nugroho confirmed the materials were still raining down on villages within a radius of 15 km from the volcano on Friday (February 14), but said that some activities were resuming “as normal.” Roughly 200,000 people were ordered to evacuate, though some families ignored the orders and others have returned home, with just over 75,000 now in temporary shel-

ters, Nugroho said. The ash blanketed eastern Javanese cities forcing seven airports to close, including those in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang and Bandung, which serve international flights, officials said, while grounded planes were seen covered in the dust. “All flights to those airports have been cancelled, and other flights, including some between Australia and Indonesia, have been rerouted,” Transport Ministry director general of aviation Herry Bakti said, adding it was “too dangerous to fly” near the plume. Australian airline Qantas postponed Friday (February 14) flights between Jakarta and Sydney to Saturday (February 15), while Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific cancelled or postponed flights to Surabaya, a popular destination for golfing tourists. Air Asia said 21 flights were affected in total, including three between Indonesian and Malaysia, and several flights over Java that were cancelled. “The ashes could … compromise the safety and performance of the aircraft, such as (causing) permanent damage to the engine,” Air Asia said in a statement, adding that visibility was also a concern. The 1,731m Mount Kelud has claimed more than 15,000 lives since the year 1500. Additional reporting by AFP


Bar-dancing Swede dies in headlong fall A Swedish tourist, named as Lars Gunnar Roland Hasselberg, 58, died on Tuesday morning (February 18) after a fall while dancing on a bar in the Otop Market area in Patong. Officers were told that the Swede had been drinking at the Dar and Daniel bar just after midnight with friends and had climbed up on the bar and started dancing. Mr Hasselberg stumbled and fell head-first onto the concrete floor, dying instantly.


Elderly pedestrian killed in hit-and-run A 76-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s died in a hitand-run on Sunday (February 16) around 7.30pm while crossing a dark part of Srisoonthorn Road in Cherng Talay. The woman, named as Praneet Prateep Na Thalang, was killed instantly and the motorbike driver fled the scene.


Bank guard dies in bike-pickup smash A 28-year-old man hurrying on his Kawasaki 150 motorbike died on Monday night (February 17) after he swerved to avoid a tour bus and slammed into a pick-up truck coming the other way on Chao Fah City Rd. Vitthaya Rattanachaikul, a bank security guard, died instantly when he smashed into the front of the pickup, driven by an Austrian expat whose name was not released.


Burmese killed in bike smash A Burmese man died and his friend was left badly injured after the motorbike they were riding on crashed into a small bridge on the side of Paklok Road on Wednesday (February 12) around 10.40pm. The two men were understood to be speeding.


Phuket lawyers hold bowling fundraiser Some of the island’s top lawyers held a bowling competition at CS Bowling to raise money for a special activities day at Wichit Songkram Temple, held on Thursday (February 20). Reports by Eakkapop Thongtub and Suthicha Sirirat thephuketnews





116 couples wed Rajabhat University holds fair on Valentine’s Day for AEC A Family has a lucky escape as pole falls

A PHUKET FAMILY EScaped unharmed when an electricity pole fell on their house at 2.30am on Tuesday (February 18), after a pick-up truck crashed. The homeowner told police that he and his family were asleep at the time in their Damrong Rd house – which also doubles as a grocery store – when they heard “a big bang” outside, and the electricity went off. They came outside and saw the driver of a pick-up standing nearby his vehicle, which had crashed into an power pole, dislodging another pole which fell on the roof of their house and damaged it. Eakkapop Thongtub


total of 116 couples were officially married on Valentine’s Day at the Phuket Muang District Office on Friday (February 14), as couples across the island celebrated the special international day of love. District Office Chief Parkpoom Intarasuwan said there were always a lot of couples who signed up to register their marriage on Valentine’s Day every year, but this year was extra special because it was Makha Bucha Day as well – an important Buddhist holiday. “So we set up a special area for the registration, along with help from the government offices, private businesses and other representatives.” After they were officially married, the happy couples were given gifts sponsored by private businesses and village chiefs. “One man, Thongchan Aeksing, aged 61, and his wife, Thongsod Charlie, 51, have lived together for more than 10 years and came to register

A happy couple get their marriage certificate at Muang District Office on Valentine’s Day. their marriage today because it is a holiday, Makha Bucha Day, and Valentine’s Day,” Mr Parkpoom said. Waree Pengkarn, 35, and

his wife Nutthachon Suksai, 31, said they were wed two years ago but decided to officially register their marriage on Friday because it was a

special holiday. People also gathered at the Kathu and Thalang District Offices to register marriages. Suthicha Sirirat

RAJABHAT UNIVERsity in Phuket held a special event on Thursday (February 13) to prepare students for the upcoming Asean Economic Community (AEC) which is planned to be introduced in 2015. Chaired by Rajabhat University Chancellor Professor Dr Prapa Kaye, the event attracted many teachers, students, special guests, and other representatives from several institutes in Phuket. There were academic exhibitions, cultural displays, national dress on display, folk singing, question and answers, and a fair. The AEC will be introduced in 2015, and will allow residents of the 10 Asean countries to freely travel and work within the region. In addition, a number of agreements covering free trade in services, air travel, investment and goods will come into full effect. Suthicha Sirirat

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SIMON OSTHEIMER Managing Editor From Hong Kong; a decade’s experience as editor of magazines and newspapers in Shanghai (City Weekend, that’s Shanghai), Beijing (tbjhome, Urbane), Hong Kong (Time Out Hong Kong), Kuala Lumpur (Vision KL), Bangkok (Bangkok 101) and Phuket. Contributor to Esquire, Fah Thai, Tiger Tales, Conde Nast Traveler, Silkroad, Vacations & Travel, Travel & Leisure, Voyeur, SCMP, CNN, Surface, Dwell and others.

ALASDAIR FORBES Executive Editor 087 884 9964 From the UK; 40 years as a journalist and editor on magazines and newspapers in the UK, Middle East, Hong Kong and Thailand: Cheshire Observer, Chester Chronicle, Saudi Gazette, Gulf Mirror, Gulf Construction, Gulf News, Hongkong Standard, Asian Business (Editor) and Phuket Gazette (Managing Editor for seven years).

CLAIRE CONNELL News Editor From New Zealand; BA (English) from University of Otago; Diploma in Journalism from the University of Canterbury. Five years’ experience at Gisborne Herald and Marlborough Express.


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20 rescued as thir d dive b oat sinks off Phuket Phuket bar-dancing Swede dies in fall Are Russians really rude? Fr e n c h t o u r i s t threatens Phuket s h o p a s s i s t a nt with scissors Phuket ‘deaf’ foreigner scammer named as Ukrainian man Foreigner caught posing as deaf person for ‘donations’ arrested by Phuket Tourist Police Chinese tourists robbed of pass ports, cash and air tickets in bag snatch Phuket public holiday marks Makha Bucha Day Phuket visa run firm owner denies driver theft story Phuket bank guard dies in bike-pickup smash

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Phuket’s chain gang?


he news this week that Ukrainian man Mykola Chornyi was arrested after using Angry Birds keychains to solicit “donations” from customers at Central Festival prompted strong reaction from our readers. Chornyi is one of a group of several foreigners who have been spotted in various locations around the island over recent months. The foreigners come into a restaurant, place small cards on the tables explaining that they are deaf and asking customers to buy the keychains for B100 – or to make a donation. The majority of feedback from this story was from foreigners also living in Phuket who were appalled that a foreigner was doing this. The Tourist Police who arrested him are unsure if Chornyi is deaf or not. He

showed the Tourist Police a document on his phone which apparently was meant to prove he was deaf, but this was written in Ukrainian. He also pointed to his ear, indicating he was deaf. The document has been sent to the Ukrainian Embassy for translation, but even then it is difficult to confirm its authenticity. There are other factors too – one woman seen doing the same thing in Kata was also spotted talking on the phone. The Phuket News has also learnt that in Russia and other Eastern European countries people often pose as deaf people and do a similar thing on public transport such as buses or trains. But whether Chornyi is deaf or not isn’t the main point: what he has been doing is illegal. It’s also preying on people’s

goodwill and diverting funds that might otherwise go to genuine charities. Let’s hope Chornyi’s arrest will set a precedent, but whether it will deter other people involved in similar scams seems doubtful given the size of the fines. Why the police chose not to prosecute Chornyi for fraud or working without a work permit is not known. That might have been a way to get him kicked out of the country and unable to return – something which might have been a stronger deterrent to others involved in the game. But for now Chornyi has been released back into the Phuket community. Whether he goes back to his “job” is unknown, but there will no doubt be angry people keeping an eye out for him.

Life Editor


From the UK; Masters Degree in Journalism, Kingston University. Five years’ experience at Groove Magazine, Metropolis, The Western Telegraph, The Mirror and Phuket Post.

J. P. MESTANZA Sport Editor From USA; Degree in Journalism and Media Studies, from Rutgers University. Three years experience at The Jersey Journal, Sports Page Magazine, and My9 News.

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Troubled waters One of the most valuable assets Thailand has is its own people. Having cruised around Thailand since 2006, we have enjoyed honesty, warmth and friendship. Last week, the ugly side visited us, as reported in many news articles relating to “taxi,tuk tuk and jet-ski mafia”. A new one can be added. After dropping anchor at Kata Beach a paraflying speedboat sped out to our catamaran and did many doughnuts, repeatedly, and aggressively close. It was not so much a warning, but an attack. We were the only yacht moored in Kata at the time. The driver yelled at and abused us for anchoring there. Being shocked at their stand over tactics, we refused on principle to move. To further intimidate us they backed their boat up dangerously close, raising the motor to get the maximum spray. They revved the engine sending ‘rooster tails’ of water into the boat through windows, hatches, portholes

and the open door. They then repositioned their boat many times to flood and offend as much as possible. For over 30 minutes they continued their aggressive harassment with both doughnuts drenching and abuse. As they threatened to shift our boat, leaving it unattended to meet the Karon Police on shore was not an option. Every year, we moor in the same southern end position, being mindful of the circles they need to fly the paras on. This leaves the whole bay free. Unhappy Cruiser

Protect Patong The single most important piece of business in Patong must be maintenance of the beach. Tourists are noting it’s dirty and has a bad smell, which comes from the sewers emptying into the river that then empties into the bay. There needs to also be a capacity on people – endless development of every type of hotel is just jamming more and more people into a crowded resort that is losing its appeal.

The city, streets and buildings are poorly maintained and disappointing. It’s all about selling, selling, selling, but if you don’t look after the asset there will be nobody coming here anymore to sell to. Stop building and focus on maintaining what you have. Tim Devlin

False alarm You published a rather misleading article, “German dies of Viagra overdose”, in your February 14 edition. First, as you point out in the article, the suspicious drug is not Viagra itself, but a generic Thai substitute, Kamagra. Second, while the police may suspect the man died of a drug overdose, the cause of the man’s death is still unknown and there is not even any evidence that the man had taken the drug. Finally, I am one of that group of elder gentlemen who takes erectile dysfunction medicine. What I surely don’t need is a false alarm raised as to the safety of those medications. Patrick Mattimore

Listen to locals [Re. Search resumes for seven Japanese divers missing near Bali] If a local, the Indonesian guy, says swim for it, you’d better listen. Especially in the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, these guys are diving before they can walk – they know what they are talking about! Jimbo

Real French? [Re. French tourist threatens Phuket shop assistant with scissors] I write to you from France, and I can tell you what most people here think about that kind of “French”. We have our everyday life spoiled by those type of guys who hate real French people, meaning those who are not from Arab or African origins. We know perfectly your kind of speech, and have to suffer for the incredible stupidity of your point of view. Robert Drubert

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Yingluck faces charges as clashes leave four dead Aidan Jones


hailand’s embattled premier will be charged with neglect of duty, anti-graft officials said Tuesday, as clashes between police and opposition protesters left four dead and dozens wounded in central Bangkok. The National Anti-Corruption Commission said that if found guilty of the accusations – which relate to a controversial rice subsidy scheme – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra could be removed from office. The announcement came hours after gunfire and explosions shook an area of the city’s historic district just a short walk away from major tourist attractions, as riot police moved to clear sites of protest rallies. A policeman was shot dead and three civilians were killed, according to the Erawan emergency centre, while 64 others were injured. Police said 24 of its officers were among those hurt. It was unclear who fired the

An anti-government protester strips down to his underwear and taunts police after security forces fired tear gas at protesters during their retreat from a failed effort to retake Phan Fah Bridge in Bangkok on Tuesday, February 18. Photo: AFP/KC Ortiz fatal shots but a government spokeswoman said police used only rubber bullets and not live ammunition. The protesters have staged more than three months of mass street rallies demanding Yingluck’s resignation, occupying major state buildings and preventing civil servants

going to work. Police launched another operation to reclaim besieged government buildings and clear rally sites in the capital Tuesday, tearing through razor wire and sandbag barricades. They met fierce resistance from protesters and were eventually forced to retreat amid

Hugging world record broken in Pattaya 26 COUPLES BROKE THE current Guinness World Record for hugging last Friday to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! organised the event, which began on Thursday afternoon with 31 couples. Slowly the


numbers decreased throughout the night until 26 couples were left. A decision was made to stop the attempt at 26 hours 26 minutes and 26 seconds which broke the current record last broken in March 2013 in London, England where a

couple continuously hugged for 25 hours 22 minutes 36 seconds. The couples will share prize money of B300,000 and each couple were presented with diamond rings to mark their achievement. Pattaya One

volleys of gunfire. “The government cannot work here anymore,” a spokesman for the protesters, Akanat Promphan, said from a rally site near Yingluck’s headquarters which the police failed to seize back. “The will of the people is still strong. The government

is trapped. It has no way forward,” he added. Bemused tourists caught up in the chaos were seen taking photos of the aftermath of the clashes near the backpacker haven of Khaosan Road. “I heard there were political problems in Thailand but I came anyway,” said Jerome Dennehy, 45, from Ireland. “It’s not good to see but this is one part of Bangkok, in a country of millions. It won’t stop my holiday.” Around 150 opposition demonstrators were arrested at a different rally site at an energy ministry complex in the capital on charges of violating a state of emergency – the first mass detentions during the current protests began. Thailand has been periodically rocked by mass demonstrations staged by rival protest groups since a military coup in 2006 that ousted thenpremier Thaksin Shinawatra – Yingluck’s brother. Fifteen people have died and hundreds have been injured in political violence linked to the latest round of rallies. AFP


North ups efforts to beat drought Northern Royal Rainmaking Centre chief Anuphap Phawawattananuson said yesterday the agency is conducting rainmaking activities twice a day in the northern provinces of Phrae, Nan, Lamphun, Lampang, Tak, Chiang Rai, Uttaradit and Sukhothai. A new rainmaking command centre will be officially launched on March 1. Five aircraft will be used for cloudseeding. Bangkok Post


Dam activists slam charges

Activists who fought construction of the Pak Mun Dam in Ubon Ratchathani have accused local police of trying to unfairly prosecute them for their opposition. The controversial dam was built in 1994, but its construction was met with vocal objections. Paijit Silalak, leader of Ban Pak Mun Wisdom Centre, said villagers who had led protests received notices from police last week asking them to report. Bangkok Post



Probe following student deaths South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Tuesday called for a full investigation into the collapse of a student-packed auditorium near the southern city of Gyeongju that killed at least 10 people and injured more than 100. More than 560 college students participating in a freshman orientation were believed to have been in the building when the roof caved in on Monday night.


Man tries to feed himself to tigers A man in China survived an unsuccessful attempt to feed himself to a pair of Bengal tigers and is being treated for depression, a Chinese newspaper reported Tuesday. According to the Chengdu Business Daily, Yang Jinhai, 27, climbed a tree and jumped into the tigers’ enclosure on Sunday at the Chengdu Zoo in southwest China. As stunned visitors watched, Yang “performed exaggerated movements” as he spent 20 minutes trying to tempt the tigers to eat him.



China pillages Africa just like old colonialists: Jane Goodall Christophe Beaudufe


hina is exploiting Africa’s resources just like European colonisers did, with disastrous effects for the environment, acclaimed primatologist Jane Goodall has told AFP. On the eve of her 80th birthday, the fiery British wildlife crusader is whizzing across the world giving a series of lectures on the threats to our planet. And the rising world power’s involvement on the continent especially raises alarms when it comes to her beloved chimpanzees and wildlife habitats. During the last decade China has been investing heavily in African natural resources, developing mines, oil wells and running related construction companies. Activists accuse Chinese firms of paying little attention to the environmental impact of their race for resources. “In Africa, China is merely doing what the colonialist did. They want raw materials for their economic growth, just as the colonialists were going into Africa and taking the natural resources, leaving people poorer,” she told AFP

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi shakes hands with Senegal’s Culture Minister Abdou Azize Mbaye on January 11, 2014 in Dakar during a visit to Senegal’s Chinese-funded national theatre. Photo: AFP/Seyllou in an interview in Johannesburg. The stakes for the environment may even be larger this time round, she warns. “China is bigger, and the technology has improved... It is a disaster.” Other than massive investment in Africa’s mines, China is also a big market for elephant tusks and rhino horn, which has driven poaching of

these animals to alarming heights. But Goodall, who rose to fame through her ground-breaking research on chimpanzees in Tanzania, is optimistic. “I do believe China is changing,” she said, citing as one example Beijing’s recent destruction of illegal ivory stockpiles. “I think 10 years ago, even with

international pressure, we would never have had an ivory crush. But they have,” she added. “I think 10 years ago the government would never have banned shark fin soup on official occasions. But they have.” Her organisation Roots and Shoots, founded over two decades ago to instil conservation values in children, has also become involved in China. “We work with hundreds of Chinese children, and they are not different from children we work with here. They all love nature, they love animals, they want to help, there’s no difference because they’re Chinese,” she said. Young people’s enthusiasm to change the world is a major reason to hope, for this lady with seemingly inexhaustible energy who can still keep an auditorium hanging on her words for more than an hour. “These young people will become the next parents, the next teachers, the next lawyers, the next business people and the next politicians, some of them.” “The biggest problem is that people understand but don’t know what to do,” she said. “We still have a small window of time to change things.” AFP

North Korea atrocities exposed DEFECTORS AND ACTIVists welcomed Tuesday a UNmandated inquiry’s searing indictment of gross human rights abuses in North Korea, but analysts questioned the international community’s ability to act on its recommendations. Pyongyang’s grim rights record has already been well documented by specialist monitors. But the size, breadth and detail of the report compiled by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on North Korea – and the UN imprimatur it carries – set it apart. Kim Young-Soon, one of the many defectors who provided harrowing testimony to the COI, said she was grateful to the commission for recording the “nightmares we went through” for posterity. “North Korea has not and will never admit the existence of prison camps and this report won’t change anything overnight,” Kim told AFP. “But that does not mean sitting back and doing nothing. We need to keep collecting testimony so that

someday it can be used as undisputed evidence to punish those behind the atrocities,” she added. Now 77, Kim was a wellconnected member of the North Korean elite in 1970, when she was suddenly dragged off to a labour camp as part of a purge of people who knew about the thenfuture leader Kim Jong-Il’s affair with a married actress. So began a nine-year ordeal in what Kim described to the COI as “the most hellish place in the world” where inmates worked from dawn to dusk, supplementing starvation rations with anything they could catch, including snakes, salamanders and rats. Family contacts managed to get Kim released in 1979. In 2001, she bribed her way across the border with China and eventually made it to Seoul in 2003, where she works as a dance teacher and lectures on life in North Korea. “My heart still aches and I still wake up at night sweating just thinking about the prison camp I was in and

family members I lost,” she said Tuesday. The COI report detailed murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence in North Korea, which chairman Michael Kirby said carried echoes of the Nazi Holocaust. A key conclusion was that many of the violations “constitute crimes against humanity”. Hong Soon-Kyung, a defector who now heads the Seoul-based Committee for the Democratization of North Korea, told AFP that no report could truly reflect the brutality of the regime in the North. Although the COI’s findings were nothing new to those working on North Korean rights issues, Hong said their publication was a “very meaningful step” with a UN mandate that would help pressure Pyongyang and its few backers. North Korea refused to cooperate with the commission, claiming its evidence was “fabricated” by “hostile” forces. AFP





Florida village becomes refuge for sex offenders Guillaume Meyer


eep in the swamps of southern Florida, Miracle Village lies miles away from the nearest town, surrounded by sugar cane fields. Nearby, the irrigation canals are swarming with alligators. While the name suggests an idyllic rural getaway, the former plantation near Pahokee now is almost exclusively home to men who spent time in prison for sex crimes. “Between 115 and 120 sex offenders live here at the moment,” says Pat Powers, a Miracle Village resident and its executive director. A burly man in his 60s, Powers spent 12 years in prison for molesting a minor under the age of 16. He now attends weekly therapy sessions and works tirelessly to maintain the community’s church with its mouldy ceilings, a result of the unyielding heat and humidity, even in winter.


Miracle Village residents and registered sex offenders David Woods (R) and Matthew Richey (L) fixing electric wiring in a house for future residents of the community in Florida. Some 100 sex offenders live at Miracle Village. Photo: AFP/Guillaume Meyer Until the 1960s, sugar cane workers from the Caribbean used to live there for part of the year. Then mechanisation took over, meaning sugar companies needed far fewer workers, and the plantation fell into disrepair. Powers remembers the

area being “completely ratinfested” when Christian nonprofit organisation Matthew 25 Ministries started using it to house sex offenders in 2009. Today, the lawns are wellkept and most of the houses are either renovated or in the process of being refurbished by residents.

“Nobody is forced to live here,” Powers explains. But for most, Miracle Village was the only choice. Finding a place to live after prison proved to be an almost insurmountable challenge for Powers, as Florida law forbids any sex offender from living within 1,000 feet

(about 300 metres) of a school, playground or park. And even after offenders find homes that meets all residency requirements, landlords often refuse to rent to them. As a result, hundreds of sex offenders in Florida are believed to be homeless, living under bridges or in the wilderness. But residency requirements are not the only impediments to starting a new life. Each US state runs a website that allows any citizen to view the address and personal information of anyone ever convicted of a sex crime. This makes finding a job particularly hard, and even daily trips to the supermarket can become a hassle. “You go to a store, WalMart, or you go grocery shopping, and as soon as you walk in, there is a bulletin board, and it’s got your picture on it. Somebody sees you – next thing you know, you’ve got cops all over you. Everywhere you go, you are harassed,” says resident David Woods. AFP


Ethiopian co-pilot hijacks plane The co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane hijacked his aircraft Monday and forced it to land in Geneva so he could seek asylum. The Ethiopian locked himself in the cockpit when the captain went to the bathroom during flight ET-702 from Addis Ababa, which had been due to fly to Rome. He was swiftly arrested in Geneva after scaling down a rope out of the cockpit window.


Queen hosts British film royalty Queen Elizabeth II hosted the cream of British cinema at Buckingham Palace on Monday, a day after her grandson starred at the Bafta’s. Guests included director Mike Leigh, actors Roger Moore, Joan Collins and Alan Rickman. Director Steve McQueen, whose latest film 12 Years a Slave won best film at Sunday’s awards, was also present along with John Hurt, Michael Sheen, Ralph Fiennes, and Angela Lansbury.




Britcham opens business centre by UK embassy he new British Business Centre in Bangkok was officially opened by Mark Kent, British Ambassador to Thailand and Greg Watkins, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) on February 11. The British Business Centre, on Wireless Rd close to the embassy, will be “an unrivalled resource for UK [small and medium-sized enterprises] SMEs seeking to do business in Thailand,” an announcement from the Embassy said. “The opening of the British Business Centre marks a stepchange in the support available to UK SMEs exploring the Thai market.” In addition to providing a base for visiting UK companies to host meetings and deliver presentations, the Centre will also offer British companies access to support and advice from BCCT staff and the 500plus members of the British Chamber. Speaking via video, Lord


Livingston, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, congratulated the BCCT on the opening. “Britain already has a close relationship with Thailand,” he said. “This centre will help deepen that relationship. We’re aiming together to double bilateral trade. “This is a good opportunity for British companies to expand their operations in Thailand, and indeed to use Bangkok as a base for Southeast Asia more generally. “Thanks to the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand for the hard work and vision in creating it.” British Ambassador Mark Kent said, “Last month [January] in Davos [at the World Economic Forum] Prime Minister [David Cameron] set out his vision on how we can encourage more British SMEs to do business overseas. “In his speech he restated his commitment to working in partnership with Chambers of Commerce so that these SMEs

got the full range of support they needed to succeed in markets such as Thailand. “The BCCT has embraced this initiative from the very outset, and I am delighted that we are able to celebrate the opening of the British Business Centre this evening.” Greg Watkins, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand, said, “I am delighted that the BCCT is at the forefront of this important initiative to further enhance the support available to UK SMEs seeking to explore this high growth market. “The British Business Centre will give UK companies a cost-effective in-country physical resource. “It will also facilitate faster access to the information and expertise necessary to achieving business success in Thailand. To contact the new centre, call the BCCT at 02 651 5350 or email The centre is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Big C set to launch into e-commerce

Thousands visit the Similans every day in the high season.

Phang Nga ports to get major overhaul THE MARINE DEPARTment said on Friday (February 14) that it plans to launch a major overhaul of two ports that are the main gateways in Phang Nga province for the Similan and Surin Islands. Sornsak Sansombat, the department’s director-general, announced the plan after holding a public hearing with local people and authorities, tourism operators and other stakeholders to listen to their opinions and suggestions on planned improvements of the Thap Lamu Port and Kuraburi Port. Thap Lamu serves the Sim-

ilan Islands while the Kuraburi Port serves the Surin Islands. The improvements are needed as the ports were becoming dilapidated and very crowded, Mr Sornsak said, and to meet increasing demand. Mr Sornsak said the department had hired experts from Khon Kaen University to conduct a feasibility study to ensure the economic, engineering and environmental suitability of the new facilities. The study also aims to promote sustainable tourism for the islands off Phang Nga. Bangkok Post

BIG C SUPERCENTER PLC, the operator of Big C hypermarkets, is diversifying into e-commerce and is due to provide service within Asean in the coming weeks. The company has formed a partnership with Cdiscount, an e-commerce operator in France, and Casino Vietnam. It has spent B110 million on an e-commerce site to be launched in Thailand and Viet­ nam under the Cdiscount brand. Big C will benefit from Cdiscount’s decade of expertise in e-commerce as well as the retail know-how from Casino Vietnam, the company said in a statement. Big C and Casino Vietnam are both part of Casino Group, a French hypermarket chain. Cdiscount is also a Casino Group subsidiary. “We see a lot of opportunities in e-commerce in Thailand, which is worth B130 billion, and the number of pure operators is still small,” said the statement. Big C’s e-commerce will also build on a large assortment of low-priced products, a comprehensive store network allowing a multichannel strategy and marketing tailored to local tastes. Bangkok Post

Jetstar introduces Dreamliner on Melbourne-Phuket route JETSTAR HAS INTRODUCed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on some flights between Melbourne in Australia and Phuket. The budget airline began offering one weekly return service between Melbourne and Phuket on its 787 from February 9, and from March 30 will serve all three weekly return services with Dreamliners. All three weekly return services between Sydney and Phuket are currently serviced by 787s. Jetstar Australia and New Zealand CEO David Hall said,

“We’re delighted to be offering this game-changing aircraft on services to some of our most popular long haul leisure destinations,” Mr Hall said. “Our crew are telling us customers are really impressed by the onboard experience with many commenting on the larger windows and spacious feel in the cabin. “It’s a testament to the hard work and professionalism of our team that we’ve been able to launch four new 787 routes in the first 50 days of international operations.”

The 787 is claimed to be the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft, resulting in significant savings for airlines using it. The aircraft had teething problems, however, when the lithium batteries used in the 787 caught fire on a number of occasions, resulting in fleets in the US and Japan being grounded. Although the cause of the battery failures has not been definitively identified, extra precautions against fire have been taken, and the grounded aircraft are flying again.





Nok Air, PG big buyers at Singapore Air Show A

t the Singapore Air Show, which ended on Sunday (February 16), Thai airlines were buying aircraft as if they were worried supplies were about to run out any day. Nok Air agreed to acquire 15 Boeing B737 family singleaisle jets worth US$1.45 billion (B40 billion), then went to the Bombardier stand nearby and signed a firm order for two Q400 NextGen turboprop airliners worth US$63 million (B1.9bn) with options for an additional two and purchase rights on four others which, if realised, would put a further US$195 million (B5.8bn) hole in the airline’s wallet Bangkok Airways, meanwhile, signed a firm order for six ATR 72-600 aircraft with two options, valued at almost US$200 million (B6bn). Nok Air will work with Boeing to finalise details to turn the “commitment” announced at the Air Show, into an order contract. The agreement for eight next generation 737-800s and seven 737 MAX 8s will mark the airline’s first direct order with Boeing; up to now Nok Air has leased aircraft. It operates a fleet of 14 relatively new B737-800s, each with 189 seats in a one-class configuration, sourced from several international lessors. Nok Air Chief Executive Patee Sarasin described the commitment as a major step in its growth strategy. “The B737 is the backbone of our fleet and will continue to be in the future,” said Mr Patee. Neither Nok Air nor Boeing said when a firm order could be finalised, nor have delivery dates been announced. Nok Air will be the first

While Nok Air was snapping up Boeing 737s and Bombardier Q400s (above), Bangkok Airways was buying ATR 72-600s (below) to replace its current fleet.

airline in Thailand to operate the 737 MAX, the latest version of the best-selling family of B737 jets now under development, boasting better fuel efficiency and improved capabilities. These new Boeing 737 airplanes are expected to replace leased aircraft and provide incremental capacities to support Nok Air’s expanding frequencies and route networks. Nok Air is predominantly a domestic carrier – it operates international services only to neighbouring Myanmar – but it intends to add more shorthaul international routes and expand into the medium/long-

haul sector in the second half of this year through a new 51:49 joint venture carrier with Singapore Airlines’ long-haul low-cost carrier Scoot, known as NokScoot. Nok’s order for the 86-passenger Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprop airliners is aimed more at the domestic market, particularly provincial connections. “Nok Air strives to offer to all the freedom to fly as a convenient and affordable means of transportation,” said CEO Patee. “With an unmatched balance of speed, payload, low maintenance costs and superior

comfort, the Q400 NextGen aircraft will allow us to operate more efficiently as we enhance service on current routes and expand to new destinations. “This flexibility will make point-to-point regional air service more accessible forThai people, in addition to stimulating provincial economic growth.” Meanwhile, Bangkok Airways, which has been operating ATR aircraft for two decades and currently has eight ATR 72-500s, placed an order to replace them with the new ATR 72-600s, which offer greater passenger comfort. The first of the six aircraft

will be delivered at the end of 2014, with four to be delivered in 2015 and the sixth to be delivered in 2016. There are currently more than 270 ATR aircraft in operation in Asia Pacific, flying the colours of 50 airlines. ATR has taken orders for more than 320 aircraft from airlines in Asia Pacific since 2005, a figure that accounts for two-thirds of total sales of regional aircraft with less than 90 seats in the region. Commenting on the new contract, Capt Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, President of Bangkok Airways, said, “The arrival of these new ATR 72-600 aircraft is the logical continuation of a long-standing partnership that has achieved excellent results over time. “The ATRs are an integral part of our airline’s identity and of our services to the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. We are looking forward to the arrival of our new ATRs, as they will allow us to offer even more comfortable flying conditions to our customers.” Nok Air and Bangkok Airways were by no means the only Asian airlines flashing cheque books at the air show. VietJet signed a deal for 63 Airbus A320s with a sticker price of US$6.4 billion (B190bn) and Air Costa of India ordered 50 Embraer jets worth US$2.9 billion (B85bn). The show ended with sales totalling some US$32 billion (B950bn). US aircraft maker Boeing believes more is to come. It predicts that over the coming 20 years the region’s airlines will need an additional 12,820 aircraft valued at US$1.9 trillion (B55 trillion), representing 36 per cent of the world’s new airplane deliveries.

Thailand No 5 for Google honeymoon searches THAILAND IS NO 5 IN the world when it comes to Google searches by people seeking romantic settings for their honeymoons. In the Google rankings, Thailand came fifth after New Zealand, Cancun in Mexico, The Maldives and Bali. The kingdom ranked ahead of Belize, St. Lucia, Tahiti, the Caribbean and Croatia. The kingdom’s ranking, which placed it firmly in the top five international destinations in 2013 searched via Google, was confirmed in an article published on Fodor’s Travel, one of the USA’s leading travel websites. ran an article called The World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2014, which read in part, “Thailand is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a mix of activities, from city excursions and nightlife, to mountain trekking, beach-combing and shopping in modern malls as well as outdoor food and flower markets.” Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said, “This is great news for the Thai tourism industry. And this is on a website [] that processed nearly six billion searches a day in 2013.” The growth in the number of private luxury pool villas available in many parts of the kingdom is one of the factors that make Thailand so alluring for couples, the TAT said in a press release. Such accommodation allows for absolute privacy, comfort and style – “the perfect honeymoon atmosphere”.




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THE BIG LIST Bizarro’lympics So what if the weather in Sochi is hotter than expected? Things could always be worse....

Marathon men: The marathon during the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri was memorable in that organisers had no idea how to stage it. The track was a connection of dusty roads that sizzled in 32-degree heat. Cars were allowed to drive alongside the runners, and only one water station – a well – was available. American Fred Lorz “won” the race until he admitted on the podium that he’d hitched a ride at mile 12. Eventual winner Thomas Hicks later admitted that passers-by gave him a mix of eggs, brandy and strychnine so he could finish. Cuban runner Felix Carvajal de Soto, a mail carrier with no marathon experience who ran in street clothes, stopped to ask for directions, and also raided an apple orchard. Stella the fella?: Stella Walsh, who won a gold medal at the 1932 Olympics for the United States, was shot and killed in a botched arm robbery in 1980. After her death, an autopsy revealed that Stella had male genitals. Further investigation led authorities to discover that Stella – who held 20 world records upon her death – was born Stanislawa Walasiewiczowna in Poland and suffered from mosaicism, a condition where both male and female chromosomes were present. Years before, following Stella’s attempted 100 metre gold medal defense in the 1936 Olympics, a Polish journalist had accused her of being a man. Hinds’ sight: During the 1924 Olympics in Paris, American sharpshooter Sidney Hinds was closing in on a perfect score in the ‘free rifle three position team’ event. Half way through the competition, a confrontation took place between a nearby Bulgarian sharpshooter and an Olympic official. The Bulgarian accidentally dropped his rifle, which went off and shot Hinds in the foot. Despite the injury, the future American general shot-away to a perfect 50 score and won gold for the Americans in the event. Rise and shine: Organisers of the 1912 Olympics in Sweden were unable to build a suitable facility for cycling and planned to cancel the event. Upon hearing the news, British officials protested and demanded a road race take place instead, forcing the Swedes to reluctantly accept. The outdoor road-course was over six times the length of the average Olympics road race. Still, the real problem was that the 10-hour race started at 2am. The dangerous conditions caused two casualties: a Russian rider who plunged into a ditch and a Swedish racer who was hit by a car shortly after the start and dragged along the road. Bloody waters: In the lead up to the 1956 Olympics, the Soviet Union invaded Hungary. During the water polo event, the Soviets met the Hungarians. Tension marked the entire event, as both captains refused to shake hands before it got underway. The Hungarians verbally harassed their opponents throughout the match. Things became so heated that Hungarian captain Ervin Zador was hit in the eye by a Soviet player with one minute left in the match. Hungary won the match and later won gold in the final. The entire Hungarian team later sought asylum in the West rather than return to live under the new Soviet regime.



Norwegian 10-year-old takes sister on joy ride A 10-year-old Norwegian boy took his toddler sister for a joy ride in the family car, ending up in a snowy ditch posing as a dwarf, police and media reports said last week. The children had travelled around ten kilometres towards their grandmother’s house when a snowplow driver saw the automatic car stuck in a ditch on a quiet country road in southeast Norway, according to the police, who were informed at around 6am.

“This seems to have happened on an impulse. He woke up at night, his sister was also awake and he decided to take her for a ride,” said a local police officer. According to reports, the boy told the snowplow driver that they were on their way to their grandmother’s house about 30 km away. He later told another snowplow operator that he was a dwarf and had wound up in the ditch when making

a hasty U-turn to go home for his driving licence. The young boy and his 18-monthold sister, who was sitting on the passenger seat without a seat belt, were unharmed and cheerful when they were found. “He asked for help to tow his vehicle so they could continue their journey,” the officer said. Police returned the children safely to their parents. AFP

Sochi skiers strip to shorts to keep cool CROSS-COUNTRY SKIERS MORE used to wearing hats and thermals last Friday (February 14) stripped down to the bare minimum to stay cool as temperatures remained hot at the Sochi Olympics. The tough men’s 15 km classic time trial saw apparel not usually associated with skiing, with many competitors donning T-shirts instead of the normal long-sleeves while others even bared their legs. Norway’s Chris Andre Jespersen took the highly unusual step of wearing shorts as well as a T-Shirt, cutting a dashing figure in the snow with his bright red outfit and bare legs. Temperatures at the Laura centre where the cross country events are held rose to 12 degrees Celsius. However, organisers have expressed confidence that there is more than enough snow in place and the warm weather should not impact the race timetable for the Games.

Meanwhile, high temperatures forced several freestyle skiing training sessions to be cancelled or rescheduled at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. With the temperature reaching 15 degrees Celsius, the International Ski

Is this man 17 or 41? AMID CONTROVERSY surrounding the age of Italian football club Lazio’s 17-yearold Cameroonian forward Joseph Minala, the Italian football club has threatened legal action against anyone who continues to question whether the player is actually in his forties. “These false statements have been attributed to me by people who do not know and for whom I reserve every action of damage,” Minala said last week. The player, who was signed to Lazio last year, was called up to the first team to play

against Roma two weeks ago and has had to swat away the allegations that come from his older appearance. Minala has since deleted his Facebook profile and took down photos on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. “From now on, [the club] announced that it will take any action aimed at ending such behaviour out of respect for the fans and the player, while reserving the right to take action against anybody responsible [for such behaviour] to defend the good name of the club and the footballer,” a statement from Lazio read.

Federation (FIS) cancelled the first ski cross training. “Given the high temperatures and thermal stress on the ski cross course, it is not wise to train today,” said FIS Race director Joseph Fitzgerald. AFP

1 in 4 Americans unaware that Earth circles the Sun AMERICANS ARE ENthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out last Friday (February 14). The sur vey included more than 2,200 people in the United States and was conducted by the National Science Foundation. Nine questions about physical and biological science were on the quiz, and the average score – 6.5 correct – was barely a passing

grade. Just 74 perc ent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, according to the results and fewer than half (48 per cent) knew that human beings evolved from earlier species of animals. One in three said science should get more funding from the government. Nearly 90 per cent said the benefits of science outweigh any dangers, and about the same number expressed interest in learning about medical discoveries. AFP thephuketnews




Local woman heads to Mount Everest



North Korea’s new Mac inspired OS


Inspired sketching workshop showcases Old Town > page 2

A look at Phuket’s historic Thai Hua Museum, by artist Koay Shao Peng.





Phuket: A sketch in time Anthika Muangrod

The main point of this sketching activity was to push Phuket to have more art activities. We are in a town that has culture but we lack arts. I want to be the one who starts this, so that other people can continue this in the future

Clockwise from top: Khoo Cheang Jin’s ‘Phuket Old House’ watercolour; ‘Lively Chinese Shrine’ by Koay Shao Peng; the signature style of Ch’ng Kiah Kiean.


picture is worth a thousand words. For me, this statement always rings true. One painting can describe itself without long descriptive texts, drawing the viewer’s emotion without uttering a word. Drawing is not only reserved for an artist. Drawing is fun. Drawing is thinking. Drawing makes you interesting. And all you need to start are a piece of paper and a pencil. The Sketchwalk Workshop was recently held by The Attitude Club in collaboration with Saturdays Condominium, Phuket Thai Hua Museum, Phuket City Municipality and Urban Sketcher Phuket group. It is a part of the Phuket Old Town Impression Sketchwalk exhibition 2014, which is being held until February 28 at the Phuket Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Road in the heart of historic Phuket Town. Three international artists from Penang, Malaysia were invited to the exhibition, along with more than 20 well-known artists from Bangkok and Phuket. The artists were asked to go around Phuket’s Old Town to paint pictures that would then go on display. The resulting works included scenes such as the old Chinese temples, the unique SinoColonial architecture, the many food stalls, and so on. “This project is part of the Phuket Old Town 2014 Festival,” said Kawee Tansukatanon, deputy mayor of Phuket. “We contacted the Urban Sketcher Phuket group to help us pass on knowledge and emotions about Phuket’s old buildings and the town’s lifestyle, both in the past and present.” According to CEO of The Attitude Club, Weerachai Panwerapaiboon, “The main

point of this sketching activity was to push Phuket to have more art activities. We are in a town that has culture but we lack arts. I want to be the one who starts this activity, so that other people can continue this in the future.” “Sketching is simple and easy to do, and you don’t need to prepare a lot of things. You can do it anywhere and at any time you want,” he added, “If you try to do a serious artwork like what we see in an artist’s studio, that is like something else because it’s all about skill. However, sketching doesn’t necessarily require a lot of foundation or skill, you just have to like it, you have to have that passion.” A large group of locals attended the morning activity, with the artists teaching how to sketch a picture. After the lecture, everybody was invited to paint and learn from artists’ painting demonstrations. “Inspiration is a good thing but art is not all about inspiration,” said Koay Shao Peng, one of the visiting Malaysian artists. “To me, the most important thing is skill and technique because people need foundations [on which] to build their inspiration.” Koay suggests watercolour as the best way for beginners to start learning. He says that the technique is very convenient as the paint dries fast, while the equipment – brushes, paper – are easy to carry around. The artist, who has more than 5,000 paintings in his home, then introduced the idea of colour theory. The human eye can see at least 7 million colours, which affect our feelings and sensibility. “Because a picture must have a feeling,” explains Koay, “One should learn about the atmosphere of the whole picture. Many peo-

ple like to use too many colours in a painting. But you should understand how to use them or else it will mess up everything. You can notice that most artists use few colours.” Also at the Sketchwalk Workshop was Koay’s fellow Penang-based artist Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, who was surrounded by a sea of people before I managed to catch his attention for quick chat about his art. Ch’ng, a trained architect who also goes by the nickname KK, uses self-made sharpened sticks from tree branches and twigs, which he dips in ink. He is known for his sketches of heritage buildings. “I think urban sketching is something really fun to do,” says KK, “As we are all connected in this world. Last year I was invited to Barcelona to do a demonstration like this and I made a lot of friends.” The last Malaysian artist I spoke with was Khoo Cheang Jin, the leader of the visiting group from Penang. He explained to me that drawing can be easy for everybody, but you just have to practice. “You have to start doing something. Begin from a simple idea, then get a pencil and paper and draw something. Even while you’re waiting for your lunch to come, you can start drawing a picture.” The global Urban Sketcher network consists of people who love drawing living in 30 cities around the world. In Thailand, this list includes Bangkok and Phuket. The local group – search Facebook for ‘Urban Sketcher Phuket’ – plan to meet every weekend in the Old Town to sketch and share ideas. Writing this story did raise one quandary for me though. If one picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps I should have drawn something instead of writing this?

Moments of Motherhood exhibition opens


he Gallery Café by Pinky, in the heart of Old Town Phuket, is moving to its new location on Yaowarat Road. As it transitions to its new location, Gallery Café brings us ‘Moments of Motherhood’, a mixed media art collection by Filipino-Canadian artist Paulina Constancia (pictured right). Paulina integrates scrap fabric and add-ons to her paintings on canvas to symbolise the moments mother and child

share everyday. She says, “It’s these little moments that matter; it’s these moments that we remember.” The M.O.M. Collection has been exhibited in Indonesia, Japan and now Thailand, with upcoming shows in Singapore (April), the Philippines (May) and Malaysia (TBC). Paulina Constancia is an artist-poet who shares her art and poetry wherever life takes her. Her art has been described

as naive, sincere, witty and whimsical. A permanent collection of the artist’s works can be viewed at the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art in Cebu, Philippines (, while the artist’s website is The opening of Paulina Constancia’s Moments of Motherhood exhibition at Gallery Café by Pinky’s new location at 19 Yaowarat Road, is on Monday, February 24 at 6:30pm. The show runs until February 27. thephuketnews



Conquering the mountains Claire Connell


ust three months ago, Phuket woman Mayura “Nany” Namarasa decided to take on the ultimate challenge: to start climbing the hills on the island in preparation for an epic 14 day alpine trek to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas. Mayura and her boyfriend Kevin Mansfield will leave on Thursday (February 27) and return on March 16, which will include the two week trek. The couple fly to Kathmandu, Nepal, before flying to Lukla in the country’s north-east. Two other Phuket people – George Lindsay and Al Alnor – will also be on the same trip, which the group are doing through the adventure tourism company that Kevin works for, Unforgettable Adventures. In preparation for the 120-km-hike, 28 year-old Mayura has been jungle trekking in the hills in Kamala wearing her pack to increase her fitness, hiking for three hours a day, as well as visiting the gym to increase her leg muscles. Despite being of rather small physique, she’s determined she will succeed in her dream to get to Base Camp, and have a view of the highest mountain in the world. “I can do it – 100 per cent,” she says with a big smile. When asked about how she will handle the temperatures, which will be as low as -15 degrees Celsius, she says, “That’s a good question. I worry about it a little bit. But if you have the right

clothes and you’re fit, you’ll be fine.” Once the group fly to Lukla, they will then trek up the Dudh Kosi Valley, which is surrounded by the Thamserku and Kusum Kanguru peaks. Then it’s a steep climb to Namche Bazaar, before having a rest day. Passing villages and monasteries, the next stop is Tengboche, located high on a ridge where a 360-degree panorama awaits, with views of Everest, the Lhotse Nuptse Wall, Ama Dablam and Kantega. The group will then arrive at Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar (5,555 metres above sea level), a viewpoint recognised as the best vantage point to see the spectacular Mount Everest, before they return to Lukla and fly back to Phuket. The idea for the trip first came to Mayura when she was looking at some of the tours Kevin’s company offered. She spotted the Base Camp trip and asked if she could join one. “He said no [at first],” Mayura explains, “He didn’t think I could do it. He told me once I start training then I can come, so I started the next day – I wanted to show him I can. “I also want to show Thai women that they can do this too, even if they think their bodies aren’t strong enough, or they are worried about travelling overseas.” There is a concern about altitude sickness, as the highest Mayura has trekked will be 500 metres above sea level. In Nepal, the group will be going to a height of 5,600 metres above sea level. However, Kevin says this is avoidable

High winds above Khumbuche and Nuptse: One of the lookout points on the trek. Photo: Kevin Mansfield


Mayura “Nany” Namarasa is set to leave Phuket next Thursday for the 14 day trek to Everest Base Camp. if the group have rest days to allow the body to adjust. They will be hiking around four to six hours every day, except for the final day which is an eight hour climb – unbelievably, on this day the group only walk a total of four kilometres. The good news is that Nepalese porters will carry the majority of the gear, so the trekkers will only be required to carry a day pack. Kevin, who is the business development manager for Australian-based Unforgettable Adventures, says Mayura’s

fitness will be fine for the trip, and the two are likely to be some of the fittest in the group. “She’s got the right mental attitude too, and that’s more important than fitness,” Kevin says. Maruya says, “My friends said to me, ‘You’re such a little girl, are you crazy? It will be so cold.’ But that’s why I want to go. It’s a big mountain, and it’s hard to make this dream come true. “I am a little girl, but I’ve been training very hard. I want to be able to tell my friends, ‘See, you can do this too’. I’m very excited about it.”




Chilean professor visits


isiting Professor of Immunology, Marcela Hermoso Ramello, presented her research on innate epithelial immunology to an enthusiastic group of year 12 and year 13 Biology students at British International School Phuket (BISP) on Friday 14 February. Head of the Science Faculty at BISP, Mr Iain Richardson said, “This was a great opportunity for our students to hear from someone working at the cutting edge of biological research.” Professor Hermoso is based at The University of Chile in Santiago, but is part of a collaborative international research project which includes Sirirat Hospital and Mahidol University in Bangkok. BISP Year 12 student Worravut Boonyasit, who aims to study medicine, said, ““I was amazed by the ... depth of knowledge required by research scientists.”

Students enjoy a trip to the bakery


ear 1 students from Kajonkiet International School Phuket (KIS) have been working very hard for the last two weeks on a unit in Literacy. They are learning to retell events that have happened in their lives with specific details to keep the audience interested, making sure to include the Five Ws: who, what, where, when, and why. The unit got under way with students interviewing each other about what they did on the weekend, asking questions to get more information, and then retelling what their partner did to the class. The children loved talking about their lives and learning to add details to their ‘recounts’ of events. It created a sense of pride in them and excitement for the audience listening and reading. What better way to finish off a unit about recounting special events than to take a trip to the local bakery, which happened on Thursday, February 6. The students had a chance to watch the whole process of how bread is made, help make tasty muffins by adding chocolate chips, and were able to pretend to be bakers themselves while playing with their own bit of coloured dough. The following few days were spent looking at a PowerPoint of the day and retelling their favourite

events orally and in writing. Overall, the trip to the bakery was not only educational but also helped to create a wonderful new memory for students to retell to family and friends. Here’s what a few students had to say about the day using details: “I liked making the muffins best because they tasted so good.” – Yan. “I liked the playdough because it was fun to touch.” – Prada.

Travelling songwriter brings music to school


arasamuth Phuket School were pleased to welcome Tom Tafejian to their school for one month. Tom is a singer-songwriter from the US who is on a worldwide project to teach and inspire young people to express themselves through song writing. He is currently working with groups of students from P4 to M2 for one month. They will then perform their own song in front of 800 students and their parents. Tom is also working with kindergarten students in the school, as he goes from class to class with his guitar and a few songs to get the kids singing, dancing, learning more English and just having fun through music. “It has been really great working with the students at Darasamuth so far,” says Tom, “They are certainly a musical bunch. In the first few classes we worked on composing rhythms, writing lyrics, and improving the unity of our sound as a group. In the following couple of weeks, each class will be working on a couple of songs to perform on February 27.” Tom’s trip is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, where people are able to donate money to help him realise his goal of sharing music and inspiring budding musicians. “Thailand is my first stop on a tour of eight different countries around the world, teaching music workshops and documenting student music in each country,” he says. “After working with Darasamuth, I will fly to India to partner with a school in Darjeeling, then to two schools in the Middle East, Africa, and South America before returning to the US. The whole trip will take about 10 months.” For more information, visit



When sex meets stress Kanokporn Chanasongkram

Those who cannot achieve a proper erection and/or maintain it long enough for a mutual and satisfying sexual relationship should admit to suffering from ED, which can happen to both old and young men – particularly those with diabetes



ebruary – the month of love – prompts many couples to attempt to rekindle their relationship in the bedroom, but it also poses potential problems, especially for men, whose libido and prowess are often scrutinised, whilst lovemaking. “St Valentine’s Day is always an excellent opportunity to show how much you care about the one you love. That day can also often prove quite stressful to men with erectile dysfunction (ED) as a failure to achieve a proper erection may result in a loss of confidence, a feeling of failure or even a loss of a desire to have sex with their partners, who may consequently feel unloved and abandoned,” noted Bangkok General Hospital’s urologist Dr Somboon Leungwattanakij. Dr Somboon believes that ED may even wreck a marriage, and therefore, believes it is incredibly important to urgently seek medical advice, rather than neglect symptoms. “Those who cannot achieve a proper erection and/ or maintain it long enough for a mutual and satisfying sexual relationship should admit to suffering from ED, which can happen to both old and young men – particularly those with diabetes,” he said. Assessment of virility can be made by the Erection Hardness Score (EHS), which grades from one to four according to the sexual organ’s hardness for penetration. Those at Grade 1 are afflicted with severe ED, Grade 2 moderate ED and Grade 3 mild ED. Grade 4 is the optimum level, defined as when the penis is completely hard and rigid to achieve mutual satisfaction. The Ideal Sex in Asia Survey 2010 found that four in five men and women prefer quality to quantity for the ideal intimate relationship, with erection

A demonstration of the Erection Hardness Score (EHS). hardness identified as a major factor in determining the quality of sex. In addition, Grade 4 men were found to have better self-esteem and were less susceptible to chronic illnesses when compared to those at the lower grades. Conducted in 10 countries, the survey involved 3,282 respondents between the ages of 31 and 74. “In Asia, ED has yet to receive proper attention because Asian culture views it as a shameful matter. As a result, Asian men usually keep the problem to themselves while trying to seek treatment in the wrong way like searching the internet for information or ordering drugs online without a doctor’s prescription,” said Pfizer’s medical consultant, Dr Chitrakarn Mitisubin, who also warned of the dangers of self-medication. Bangkok Post

HEALTH 5 IN BRIEF Drugs, no sea for castaway

Salvadoran castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga, still in hospital after his 13-month Pacific odyssey, will need antidepressants and anxiety medication, doctors said Monday. Due to Alvarenga’s fear of the sea, which medics earlier linked with possible post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), his family also will be asked to him away from the water when he is eventually released from San Rafael hospital in Santa Tecla, near the capital.

Social contact, key to long life

Social contact and regular exercise are key to aging well and living a longer life, according to newly presented research. In fact, feeling extremely lonely can increase an older person’s chances of premature death by 14 per cent, an impact nearly as strong as that of a disadvantaged socioeconomic status, according to a psychology professor at the University of Chicago.








Craft foam at bath time LET’S PLAY

Yvon van Kesteren


here are endless possibilities what you can create with craft foam; costumes, hats, cards, decorations, bags, bracelets and much more. There is craft foam in different (ready cut) shapes, sizes and colours. By buying craft foam sheets you can cut the foam any way you want. The foam is flexible which makes it easy to cut and bend. Another great thing about craft foam is, that if it gets wet, it sticks to tiles and to other foam. Therefore it is great material to create bathtub play activities from.


Age: From 1 year up What you need:

Craft foam sheets in different colours Scissors Pencil Sharpie (optional)




First plan what you want to make. You can cut out a lot of shapes like circles, squares and triangles and the kids can use them to build structures, like they do with Lego. Another cool thing to do is to create a play world, like a farm, ocean or city. Once you have decided what you are going to make, draw your shape(s) on the foam with a pencil and cut it out. If you are not a good drawer you can print some pictures from internet, cut them out and trace them onto the foam sheets. Add some features onto the foam with a sharpie. Before you start, first test on some left-over foam if your sharpie is suited and if it is waterproof. Involve older kids in the creative process and let them help with cutting the craft foam.


Give the craft foam to the kids and let them free play with it. Make the foam wet, and stick it onto the wall or bath tub. Foam on foam also sticks to each other, it floats and sticks to your body. Open-ended activities are great for your kids as they give them a sense of control, and spark their creativity.


Originally from The Netherlands, Phuket-based Yvon van Kesteren is the mother of two girls.



Make bath tub games, like domino or tic tac toe. For the really young ones create some easy puzzles, where they have to match the same coloured puzzle pieces together. Make some funny or monster faces. Cut out a face and different styles of hair, eyes, hats and so on, and let the kids decorate the face. Don’t have a bath and still want to do this activity? Give your child a little cup with water and a paint brush to make the foam wet and let them stick it to the windows.

Clean up:

The foam can be used over again and will stay in good condition for a long period. Let the foam dry after each play session and store it so the kids can play with it some other time.


We all need to wash our kids on a daily basis. So why not make this daily task a bit more fun and even incorporate some learning into it?

A great way of doing that is to create a monthly special bath session that is built around the season you are in, for example Christmas, Easter, fall, summer, or birthday. You can simply colour the water in the bath by adding a few drops of food colouring, throw in some bubbles, and cut some craft foam in seasonal shapes and you will have a good base for an activity. For more great kids’ craft ideas, visit:


THEPHUKETNEWS.COM FRIDAY, 21,2014 2014 List your restaurant here: call 076 612 550 or email FRIDAY, FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 21,





Bodega & Grill

Irish Times

Navrang Mahal

Trisara Seafood

A rustic, homely atmosphere serving North and South Indian dishes, freshly prepared by hereditary chefs and served in brass Katoris in the Royal Mughal style of bygone Emperors of India. Many mouth-watering dishes prepared exactly to your liking. Open from 12.30pm - 3pm and 6.30pm 11pm daily. Karon Sea Sand Resorts & Spa, Karon Beach. Also in Patong Soi Bangla. 076 286 464

The first truly world-class destination seafood dining experience on Phuket. A private entrance leads guests either to an outdoor, beachfront deck or to the cool, relaxed interior. The menu is a balance between local and imported seafood prepared and served in a Mediterranean way. Dinner 7pm-10.30pm. Trisara, 076 310 100.

Bodega & Grill is situated on a picturesque patio by the lagoon. The restaurant serves premium char-grilled steaks and seafood from a wood-fired oven, as well as authentic homemade pastas, risottos and paellas. Bodega’s generous steaks are available in portions of up to 1.2 kilogram. Angsana Laguna Phuket, Cherngtalay; 076 324 101

The only Irish owned and managed Irish Pub in Phuket. A real Irish Pub at the heart of Phuket’s world famous nightlife. In this traditionally styled Irish pub you will find a very warm welcome from the Management and their fantastic staff. All your favourite Irish food and beverages. Jungceylon, Patong Beach;

Ceramic Kitchen Mom Tri’s Villa Royale


RE KÁ TA Beach Club


Enjoy fine dining with panoramic sea views in sensually indulgent setting. Delicious Thai and European creations are served on the open-air terrace. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is the winner of the Wine Spectators Award of Excellence. Situated on the only road into to Kata Noi Beach. Reservations recommended. momtriphuket .com; 076 333 568

Enjoy a unique dining and shopping experience at Ceramic Kitchen. We offer a wide range of beverages as well as the chance to shop for ceramic after your lunch or dinner, while every Sunday we do a traditional roast all day. We’re also experts for special events, wedding ceremonies, staff parties, birthday parties and more. 185/5 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Rd., T. Srisoonthorn, Thalang district. 076 272151-2, 082 153 3163


Connoisseurs of fine cuisine can revel in Acqua’s experiential concept. The Acqua restaurant experience promises to deliver only the freshest of ingredients, sourced from only the best producers both local and international. Taste explosions from the portfolio of Chef Alessandro Frau, of both traditional & contemporary are offered. Kalim Bay-Patong, 076 618 127

The beachfront restaurant off­ers modern innovative cuisine with a strong focus on seafood. In the evening RE KÁ TA transforms with Kata’s magical sunsets and cool sounds along with the delicious drinks and tapas, right on the beach. Open daily 6.30am-11pm; Kata Beach (next to Boathouse);, rekata, 076 330 421

Baan Kalim Restaurant & Seafood KEE Sky Lounge


La Boucherie

La Boucherie is a French steakhouse located on Soi Sansabai in Patong, next to Jungceylon and just a short walk from Bangla road. You’ll find a varied menu of wonderful and reasonably priced food that includes perfectly cooked steaks and dishes from France, all with friendly and efficient service that guarantees you a very pleasant and satisfying experience. Open daily 11am-5am. 076 344 581.

“A World of Fusion Awaits You !” Trendy rooftop dining, drinking and dancing venues with Patong Bay view. Serving up an eclectic mix of tasty east-meets-west tapas, appetizers, and a colourful new vibe on the rooftop with light and sound from in-house Live Band. Enjoy our trendy new fusion finger food influenced by cooking styles from around the world alongside your main course, or simply relax with some Eurasian tapas and sip sundowners from our new selection of creative cocktails. Open 5.30PM- Midnight, Contact us: The KEE Resort & Spa, Phuket Tel.076 335 888

Great food and people you know! Authentic Italian cuisine in Nai Harn area. Three different dining areas, cocktail lounge, children’s play area, Delicatessen, live music....DaVinci is not just a meal, it is an experience of taste, atmosphere and more. Restaurant open daily 5pm-11.30pm; Deli open 11am-6pm; Sunday close; Naiharn 076 289 574.


Start your evening with delicious food and fine wine. Pick the perfect spot to take in stunning views of Patong bay, as the evening breeze surrounds you. Relax and enjoy live music to make your evening into that truly wonderful and unforgettable dining experience. Open daily 11am-Midnight. Patong;;, 076 618 125

THAI Baan Aroi Restaurant

Breeze Restaurant Panache Restaurant

Phuket’s most exciting new restaurant is situated on the waterfront at Cape Yamu. Chef Cheryl Johnson is providing diners with her innovative modern French interpretations of local ingredients. Open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner, and from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch. Our menus change frequently. Cape Yamu, Paklok, 081 271 2320

Tre by Double Pool Villas

An array of culinary experiences is offered to tempt and intrigue in Tre - the exclusive contemporary French Vietnamese restaurant set among the superb surroundings of the DoublePool Villas. Tre’s signatures dishes include scallops and green apples and tartar with pan-fried foie gras. Banyan Tree Phuket, Cherngtalay;

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our creative and innovative cuisine. Open daily from 7.00 am till 11.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

The Bistro Restaurant

A menu of modern Mediterranean influences created by Chef Luca to tantalize the senses in a modern ambience. Offering everything from fresh seafood pastas to simple good pizzas. An impressive selection of well priced beverages and stunning sea views complete the experience. Open daily for lunch or dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala Beach; 076 302 000

Offers authentic Thai cuisine, showcasing traditional local flavours with the freshest, finest and healthiest ingredients. This restaurant is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open daily from 11.00 am till 9.00 pm. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas,

JAPANESE Talung Thai Tamarind Restaurant

Find all the Italian traditions in one location, and savor and experience the real Mama style dishes serving only the traditional taste of Italia. The Bistro is at Impiana Resort Patong Phuket. Happy Hours 50 per cent off for selected beverages, soft drinks, juices from 3pm-5pm & 10pm11pm daily. Open 3pm-12am. Impiana Resort Patong Phuket, Patong Beach, 076 340 138.

To complement an already distinctive cuisine, Tamarind is bringing to the island high quality authentic Japanese cuisine, courtesy of Master Chef Shiraishi. Gracing our Japanese menu will be fresh sushi, sashimi, healthy salads, yakitori and tempura and much more. Tamarind is your ultimate destination to savour the best Japanese cuisine in Phuket. Cherngtalay;

The restaurant has a stunning sunset location, offering views of the Andaman Sea. The menu of southern Thai specialties and true local dishes, are not seen on many other restaurant menus in Phuket. Chill with a cocktail from our award wining mixologist at sunset and then relax with authentic Thai cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Paresa Resort, Kamala; 076 302 000 thephuketnews



History discovered in staple Thailand meal


New menu at Village Bakery

Above left, Cappuccino Finger Toast, and right, Egg Angsana, are two of the new signature menu items.


esidents in Cherng Talay now have a new hotspot for breakfast, after a new menu was recently launched at the Village Bakery, located in Canal Village in the middle of Laguna. Breakfast runs from 8am to 11am daily, and includes the signature menu item of Cappuccino Finger Toast, consisting of four French toast sticks, stuffed with Chef Mirko’s signature orange cappuccino filling and topped with cinnamon sugar and vanilla icing (B320). Another signature dish is the Egg Angsana; two poached eggs with Scot-


tish smoked salmon served on a bagel and topped with red Spanish onions, capers and Chef Mirko’s signature cream cheese hollandaise sauce, priced at B390. The third recommended signature dish is the Wagyu Steak and Eggs, consisting of grilled Australian beef sirloin topped with a fried egg and served with hash brown potato and grilled tomatoes for B540. Also on the menu is pancakes, omelet, eggs Benedict, plus fruit, cereal and natural yoghurt. For more details phone 076 324 101. Village Bakery is open daily 8am to 5pm.

here are few Thai dishes more famous than pad Thai, and the more popular it gets, the more questions it invites. Before it achieved this celebrity, pad Thai was just another dish on the menu. All people wanted to know was where they could get a good plateful. Today there are many more questions. Where did pad Thai come from? Who invented it? Many answers have been proposed, but since there is no concrete evidence to support any of them, the questions still stand. One answer that is often heard is that pad Thai comes from Vietnam, where it is known as pho sao. The Vietnamese made this dish during the Ayutthaya period and much later, during World War II, the Thais adapted it and called it pad Thai. But there is another answer that others prefer, which is that pad Thai came into being during Field Marshal Plaek Phibulsonggram’s first stint as prime minister, between 1938 and 1944. The idea was to get Thais to eat noodles, as the economic situation in the country was very bad during the war years. The cost of rice noodles was low, and since they were filling and were eaten with vegetables, bean sprouts and pork, they made a sat-

isfying and highly nutritious meal. They were just the food for the situation at the time. There is one more interesting fact relating to pad Thai and its origins. The noodles used to make it are sen Chan, a type of rice noodle made in Chanthaburi province. This choice is strange, because pad Thai uses wet or fresh noodles, while sen Chan is dried and chewy in texture. The Chanthaburi factory that produces it is small and its output is low, just enough to meet the local need for Chanthaburi noodles made with beef and a type of small crab. As for pad Thai, I believe that it is a Chinese dish. All of its ingredients are Chinese, from the sen lek (small rice noodles) to the bean sprouts, tofu, pickled condiments, pounded peanuts, small dried shrimp, duck eggs and Chinese celery leaves. The only really Thai ingredient is the pounded dried chillies. So, the questions people ask about the history of pad Thai are still with us and are unlikely every to be answered accurately. But other questions – what was old-fashioned pad Thai like, what will its future be like, and how will it end up – are less likely to be asked, because these days nobody really seems to care. Bangkok Post


Anthika Muangrod

Garage owner and 4x4 enthusiast Kanoksak ‘Ko’ Kamnerd first raced when he was just 11.



or Kanoksak ‘Ko’ Kamnerd, 19, owner of the War 4x4 shop in Kathu, the sedan cars that can be seen everywhere on Phuket’s roads hold no particular interest – for him, only a 4x4 monster truck will do. His own monster truck (pictured) is a modified Mazda Familia fitted with a Toyota D4D 2500 cc engine and 36 inch Trimax tires. The olive drab body fits well with the Mitsubishi Triton tail lights, while Ko has a comfortable ride thanks to the Profender choke. The power train allows all four wheels to receive torque from the engine, which means you can get through all kinds of rough terrain. “To have something like this, you have to be crazy enough – 4x4 vehicles are crazy, terrifying, fun, and challenging,” Ko says with



Phuket’s 4x4 battleground passion, “Driving a four-wheel vehicle means I can go anywhere I want – up the mountain to see ocean fog, across a river, or just to impress a girl. And of course, go racing!” He has been learning about cars and engines since he was 12 years-old, while he first raced when he was just 11. “My passion for 4x4 cars started when I attended a race. The steering wheel was too heavy for me to control, but the chance to be in control of such a large vehicle was my inspiration to try.” In January 2014, Kanoksak entered the Ao Nang Offroad International 2014, a competitive event in which about 40 cars took part, where he won first place in the Open category. However, he’s not just a racer, he is also a businessman running his own garage, War 4x4, which was inherited from his dad. “I started learning about cars from my

father. When I saw that it could make me money, I started doing it on my own. I sell off-road spare parts and car decorations, plus I’m kept busy with maintenance, fixing, and designing off-road vehicles for those who interested in having a more special car,” he says. Ko takes his 4x4 out regularly with the Kathu Off-Road group, which gets together to drive, head away on camping trips, and share information. “Not only do they look cool, four wheel vehicles are also practical – they can carry a ton of heavy stuffs, get through flooding, or through difficult terrain.” For more information about four-wheeled vehicles and monster trucks, contact Kanoksak ‘Ko’ Kamnerd on 089-729-7208, info@, or via his company website:

City maintains its form


he Honda City was always a great all-round saloon in the Thai B-segment even if it wasn’t without flaws. Special thanks must also be given to Toyota which really didn’t put much effort in making its Vios arch-rival a class threat. And when Toyota refurbished the Vios with just a new body shell last year, Honda must have sat back and relished its own City to still be a better car, which, without doubt, it was. So how much better can the new City, launched late last month in Thailand, be in the light of such unfazed commitment from its most crucial opponent? For a start, you might be expecting Honda to take things casually with the fourth-gen City. Actually, it hasn’t, but nor has Honda gone flat out in making the City a thorough winner in its class. Among the list of positive attributes are, for a start, the packaging itself. With a 50mm increase in wheelbase length, the City seemingly has the most commodious levels of passenger room in its segment. There are plenty of cubby holes, too. And now that some other cars like the Ford Fiesta have foldable rear seats, the City has followed suit. But what many people could be missing in the previous City are rear backrests that can recline for more comfort. If you can overlook this, the City has quite a nice cabin that’s well

made and uses higher quality materials. The touch-screen functions on the centre console add a sense of modernity to an ergonomically sound fascia design. The interior is quite well-equipped with features including individual auxiliary sockets. And if you opt for the range-topping SV+ version as tested here, you get things like cruise control, parking camera system, stability and traction control, cabinfilling airbags and three proper head restraints at the rear. Of course, there’s a price to pay for the SV+, which retails at B749,000. If you scale lower down the range, airbags and other safety gear like rear head restraints start to disappear. If your budget can really stretch to more than what B-segment Ecocars like the Mitsubishi Attrage and Nissan Almera ask for, it’s highly recommended to go for the City SV+ since airbags can certainly save lives. And that’s exactly why the new City can be recommended to buyers who are willing to sacrifice some driving performance and settle for something comfier, roomier yet with reasonably good performance. And, crucially, it’s backed by a brand with reputable after-sales service. The new City may not be an outright winner its class. But for select competitors that Honda takes seriously, it is certainly more worthy than all of them. Bangkok Post thephuketnews



Where four rivers combine Karnjana Karnjanatawey

When I was young, I remember people around me spoke only Chinese. Our historical records also show that five groups of Chinese-speaking people settled here and they were Teochew, Hainanese, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien

Clockwise from top left: A view of Nakhon Sawan from Wat Chulamanee; sunset over the fork in the rivers; this two-storey wooden house once belonged to Maj Kuang Apaiwong, the fourth prime minister of Thailand and the founder of the Democrat Party. All photos: Bangkok Post



akhon Sawan is where the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan rivers merge to form the majestic Chao Phraya River. To highlight the origin of the River of Kings, Nakhon Sawan Municipality will invest B118 million to create a 29m-high sculpture of the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan rivers. This new sculpture will also help in promoting tourism in the area and will be the new landmark of the town, said Mayor Jittahkasem Nirojthanarat. The idea was initiated by Chomrom Rak Tonnam Chao Phraya, or the Protecting Chao Phraya Origin Club, founded by local businessman Santi Kunawong and friends. They want the people of Nakhon Sawan to be proud of what they have and to entice travellers to spend time in the province. “Though the area where the new landmark will be constructed is always flooded during the monsoons, it is the only place where the Chao Phraya River begins. Hence, the landmark will be constructed there,” said Jittahkasem. It is a combination of four curved lines representing the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan rivers that merge to form the Chao Phraya. Next to the sculpture will be a 15m-tall statue of Chao Mae Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy) on a 2m raised platform. Under the statue will be an underground exhibition hall displaying the history of Nakhon Sawan. The project is expected to be completed in 2016, said the mayor, adding that the municipality will also offer ferry services from the fresh market to the park. In addition, the municipality will join hands with the Protecting Chao Phraya Origin Club to promote attractions in various local communities. “Nakhon Sawan is not only a gateway to the North, but has historical, cultural and natural attractions,” said club president Santi. Santi said tourists should start with a visit to Paknam Pho Historical Museum, on the fifth floor of Fairyland department store, the oldest in the city. Nakhon Sawan has been home to Chinese immigrants since the reign of King Rama III. A majority of them were traders, one of them being his grandfather,

said Santi. During the reign of King Rama IV, Nakhon Sawan was a trading hub between the North and Central Plains. Popular products were rice, logs, animals and plants. Shophouses were built along the river banks and most of them had their nameboards written in Chinese. “When I was young, I remember people around me spoke only Chinese. Our historical records also show that five groups of Chinese-speaking people settled here and they were Teochew, Hainanese, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien. “Nakhon Sawan is home to the third-largest Chinese community af-

ter Bangkok and Phuket,” Santi said. Therefore, Nakhon Sawan always hosts one of the country’s largest festivals to celebrate Chinese New Year. A few old Chinese shrines still remain today, as well as old wooden houses of high-profile people like the fourth prime minister Khuang Aphaiwong (1902-1968). Nakhon Sawan is also home to one of the largest freshwater lakes – Bung Boraphet, covering an area of about 212 sqm. The swamp is also a popular birdwatching site. “We hope to put Nakhon Sawan on the tourism radar and not just be a bypass to the North,” added Santi. Bangkok Post




IN BRIEF Game developer to receive honour

David Cage, lead developer of the highly popular game Beyond: Two Souls, will be the first French game maker to receive Légion d’Honneur, or the Legion of Honour, the country’s highest decoration. French ministers will present the medal to Cage on March 14. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel were previously honoured by the country with the Order of Arts and Letters, though Cage will be the first to receive the Legion of Honour. Beyond: Two Souls is a highly cinematic, storydriven game that used motion capture technology for actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafore, both protagonists in the game.

Thai Bitcoin site set to resume operations

The Bank of Thailand has made an about-face regarding the Kingdom’s largest Bitcoin exchange,, and allowed them to resume operations.Back in August, regulators ruled that Bitcoin – an internet currency created through a network of computers – was not approved as a currency and banned all Bitcoin transactions in the country. The new ruling comes with restrictions, as Bitcoin can be traded in Thailand as long as they are converted to and from Thai baht. The bank says there are no plans to expand laws to regulate the currency.


Red Star rises in East D

J.P. Mestanza


Byron Noel

The OS is also reportedly full of restrictive and monitoring code, so it is a little more like Apple than Apple may care to admit. Besides taking legal action against prospective ‘complimentors,’ Apple is also quite wellknown for its ironlike grip over development and media

Nike’s Power Laces coming

Remember in Back to the Future II, when Marty McFly put on his high-top Nike’s that self-tightened? Nike designer Tinker Hatfield revealed that they will release the real thing in 2015 which coincidentally is the same year Mcfly flew back to in the 1989 film. Can we have hoverboards now please?

Clockwise from top: Kim JongUn at his desk; screen shot of Red Star OS; Apple communism.


hile the Windows, Android and Apple battle rages around the globe, it has been brought to an abrupt halt in the most unlikely of places – North Korea. As the hermit nation creeps ever so slowly towards technological advancement, it has made one thing clear: Windows is out, and Mac is in. North Korea has a long history of copying Microsoft’s Windows for its PCs, but their latest offering has dumped the traditional Windows OS and instead copied the Mac OS X look and feel (See Microsoft, even Kim Jong-Un hates the Metro tiles in Windows 8). The aptly named Red Star OS, you have to admit it’s kind of catchy, has been created using Linux (the same system that Steam OS is created on), and resembles an earlier version of OS X. They say that being copied is the highest compliment one can receive, but massive legal battles between Samsung and Apple have shown Steve Job’s company to be a poor recipient of such comments. Still, I can’t imagine Apple doing much about it. That is, unless Apple’s reps would enjoy an extended stay in a labour camp. Besides the basic look and feel of an earlier OS X, Red Star OS is not exactly designed with freedom and creativity in mind. There is no supporting app store, so consumers are stuck with basic apps, office software, and email. A media player with open-source software, Wine is also included by default. This is presumably because Wine is pretty much the only way to run Windows software on Linux, which also tells us that Microsoft

hasn’t lost favour completely. The OS is also reportedly full of restrictive and monitoring code, so it is a little more like Apple than Apple may care to admit. Besides taking legal action against prospective ‘complimentors,’ Apple is also quite well-known for its iron-like grip over development and media releases relating to its products. Still, that’s about where the similarities end. The change in Red Star OS’ appearance likely stems from Kim Jong-Un’s personal use of Apple products. The odd picture of him at his desk with an iMac is testament to how popular Apple products have become, but more importantly, it is another tiny indication that North Korea is slowly opening up to the outside world. While we all wait for Korean unification (brought on by Apple and Dennis Rodman, of course) the iCommies among us can revel in the fact that while Windows, Android and Apple continue to do battle worldwide, a winner has already been declared in one country. Complaints/comments can be given in person to: Executioner, 1600 No Freedom Avenue, ‘Greatest City on Earth’ Pyongyang, The Always Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.



Kidou Senshi Gundam: Extreme VS



Battlefield 4 (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC


Easilydo (Assistant)

iOS, Android


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Xbox One, PS4


Pokemon X and Y



PolyFauna (Game)

iOS, Android


The Wolf Among Us



Grand Theft Auto V (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


Chideo (Charity/ Entertainment)



Call of Duty: Ghosts

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC


Fifa 14

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Vita


#Pop, (Multimedia)




Xbox 360, PC

10 Diablo III

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC


Themer (Customisation)


espite its throwback look, Minecraft is one of the most rewarding games on the market today. In true indie fashion, Minecraft is almost completely reliant on its own community – gamers have to scour the internet for help, and its success has been almost entirely dependent on word-ofmouth. There is always one more thing to do, another item to recover, something new to explore. However, with no goal or end, it could be frustrating for first-timers as it does not offer tutorials within the game. Still, the hefty learning-curve only enhances the experience as unlimited possibilities gives gamers a chance to be creative. Users live off the land, making their own food, shelter and weapons in an attempt to survive, requiring tons of exploration for resources in this vast, imaginatively-created world. There is no better feeling than being master of your surroundings, and Minecraft provides that opportunity in spades. While Survival Mode is the best for single-players, the Multi-Player Mode enhances the experience – though it is difficult to set up and navigate (extra software is required). Every session becomes an adventure and each challenge is enjoyable as gamers can scour the surface or head underground to acquire resources. Minecraft stimulates creativity despite its simple aesthetic and format. It’s one of the surprise hits of the last year, and after you’ve played it there is little wonder why.

Which game would you like us to review? Let us know at thephuketnews



IN BRIEF Tupac Shakur biopic planned


Nice shot, try again FILM REVIEW J.P. Mestanza

Predictable as it is, RoboCop is still an enjoyable flick with a few down sides, not least of which include cookie-cutter action sequences that could have easily been in any of the films from the past five years.

Starring: Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, and Jennifer Ehle Director: Jose Padilha Running time: 118 minutes


etter than expected, the new RoboCop is visually adult and smarter than most would have thought but still falls rather short on the liveliness and bloody-mess that made the first one such a cult classic. However, one thing remains clear: Detroit, as a setting, is consistently crime-ridden enough to make a real RoboCop a potential necessity. Director Jose Padilha, who cut his teeth making the Elite Squad urban-action films set in Brazil, was a solid choice to help reboot the franchise. The PG-13 rating still seemed to have dampened his style, which begged for more gore and less “clean” violence, especially with the amount of hard-edged camera angles and gritty scenery. The film starts out similar to the original, with a news broadcast that is satirical of what current American news has become. Here we see Samuel L. Jackson in a terrible wig tell us about how great these robots can help police civilians and save lives. This newscast becomes our Greek chorus, leading the audience along plot beats and providing convenient explanations of who the key players are. Unlike the original, however, detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) does not die in order to become RoboCop – he is still alive when the evil OmniCorp comes to make him the first in what they hope will become a long line of half human, half robot officers of the law. The audience goes along for the ride and discovers the corporation’s sinister plot. Predictable as it is, RoboCop is still an enjoyable flick with a few down sides, not least of which include cookie-cutter action sequences that could have easily been in any of the films from the past five years. The emotional center (and best performance) comes from Gary Oldman, who plays Dr Dennett Norton, the scientist responsible for creating RoboCop. Both remorseful and understanding, Oldman hits the right notes in almost every scene, a polar opposite to Mi-

SFX Coliseum Phuket (Central Festival)

The Legend of Hercules (3D/T) The Legend of Hercules (E) Robocop (E) Robocop (G/E) Robocop (T) Tai Hong Tai Hian (T) Time Line Jod Mai Kwam Song Jam (T) The Wolf of Wall Street (E)


13:10, 17:30 11:15, 15:20, 19:40, 22:25 12:10, 14:40, 17:10, 19:40, 22:10 13:00, 15:30, 18:00, 20:30 11:20, 12:30, 13:50, 16:20, 18:50, 20:35, 21:20 12:00, 14:20, 16:40 11:00, 13:45, 15:05, 16:03, 17:50, 19:15, 22:00 19:00, 21:45

John Singleton, who directed Boyz N The Hood, is set to write, produce and direct the long-awaited biopic of rapper and actor Tupac Shakur. The film was originally planned with Antoine Fuqua to direct back in 2010, though he later dropped out of the project in 2012. The new film is said to capture Shakur’s rise to popularity until his death in 1996 following a boxing match in Las Vegas. Singleton worked with Shakur on Poetic Justice in 1993, which also starred Janet Jackson.

Sacha Baron Cohen reveals next film project Set for a July 2015 release, Grimsby will be comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s next project, reports indicated last week. The film will follow a British black-ops agent who goes on the run with his football-hooligan brother, both played by Cohen. Along with Borat partner Peter Baynham, Cohen co-wrote the script and is set to begin filming in the coming months. Louis Leterrier, who worked on the first two Transporter films, is set to direct the film.

No surprises at BAFTAs

chael Keaton (OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars) who is stiff and detached, in a non-evil sort of way, as the film’s antagonist Where as the first film eliminated the element of Murphy’s family, this incarnation embraced it with the same one-dimensional path one would expect a remake to take. Several times, Clara Murphy (Abbie Cornish) is seen as the distrustful entity to the corporation’s ambitions, but that is about as far as it goes. This is a step back from the original where Murphy’s partner – a strong female protagonist – displays courage and fierce loyalty in the face of danger. Cornish does her best to become more than a plot point with well-acted scenes, but ultimately she is placed in a necessary and predictable role. There will be many who will criticise this film just because it’s a remake of a cult classic. Still, it’s important to note that, while there are certainly elements that could have made this version of the 80’s action film better, it’s ultimately more interesting than it could have been. The film clearly sets up potential sequels. Luckily, this movie won’t be hard to top.

12 Years a Slave won the award for Best Film at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards last week. The film’s star, Chiwetel Ejiofor, also took home the Best Actor award while Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for Blue Jasmine. Gravity won Best British Film as Alfonso Cuaron won for Best Director. The Best Supporting Actor award went to Barkhad Abdi for his portrayal of a Somali pirate in Captain Phillips while Jennifer Lawrence of American Hustle won Best Supporting Actress.




The Lego Movie




About Last Night








The Monuments Men




Endless Love




Ride Along




Winter’s Tale








Lone Survivor





10 That Awkward Moment

SFC Jungceylon Phuket (Patong) Her (E) I, Frankenstein (3D/E) The Legend of Hercules (3D/E) Lone Survivor (E) Robocop (E) Tai Hong Tai Hian (T) Time Line Jod Mai Kwam Song Jam (T) The Wolf of Wall Street (E)


21:45 12:50, 17:20 12:15, 14:30, 16:45, 19:00, 21:15 12:30, 18:35 12:20, 14:50, 17:20, 19:50, 22:15 15:00, 19:25 12:45, 15:30, 18:15, 21:00 15:05, 21:10

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or call the cinemas directly: SFX Coliseum Phuket 076-209000 and SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076-600-555.




Phuket Pride week returns Over the past two years we raised over B500,000 for Phuket LGBT and HIV charities, and we hope that this year we will achieve our target of raising B1million


huket Loves You Club have announced Phuket Pride Week 2014 will run from April 20 to April 27. Events will be held across Phuket and are open to anyone. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, straight or undecided, Phuket Loves You Club invites everyone to join together. The parade will be colourful as always, and everyone watching is encouraged to join the end of the parade, and follow it to Loma Park on the beach for a ‘Party in the Park’ stage event. This will include international DJs, live shows and bands, and stalls which will be fun and family-friendly. The final details for all the week’s events has not yet been published but will include: Official Pride Week launch party and pool party at CC Hideaway: Dance to great DJs and swim, enjoy a buffet, plus see a cabaret show. Plus the launch of DAW (Donate And Win) 2014 and crazy fun bingo. Beach volleyball tournament: A competition for teams of six people, with all teams playing each other on a points basis, leading to a final knock-out for the final. There are bar and food facilities available on the beach, with chairs for easy viewing. Gay Day Out island trip to Raya Island: A special for Phuket Pride Week 2014, this gay day cruise to Raya Island promises to be a day to remember. Sunset beach party at Iguana Beach: Swim, dance, eat and party on a private beach and enjoy the Phuket sunset. Gala dinner evening: This will be held at a large hotel in Phuket (venue to be announced soon). The evening will include a luxury buffet dinner, shows and a grand charity auction. Grand Parade through the streets of Patong: This parade will have floats and street entertainment from gay- and gay-friendly venues and organ-

One of the main events of Phuket Pride Week is the impressive parade down Patong’s beach road. isations from all over Phuket, with fantastic costumes and music. Party in the Park at Loma Park on the beach: The stage will have entertainment from live local bands, international DJs, shows and guest appearances from local performers. All around the park there will be booths and stalls offering food, drinks, fun, games and sexual health information. Pride Closing Tea Dance party in Soi Paradise: Music from Kiss Bar, dancing and partying in the street in the daytime warmth and sunshine and a BBQ from Bistro Restaurant. Donate And Win (DAW) Grand Draw will be

held during the afternoon. Phuket Loves You Club Chairman Ian Philips said this was the third year that the group had organised Phuket Pride Week, revealing that this year’s theme is, ‘Celebrating who we are’. “Over the past two years we raised over B500,000 for Phuket LGBT and HIV charities, and we hope that this year we will achieve our target of raising B1million.” For more details visit phuket-pride. org or their Facebook page “Pridein phuket”. The Phuket News and Class Act Media are sponsors of this event.

Taylor Swift to perform in Bangkok


even time Grammy winner and American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has announced she will bring her Red Tour to Southeast Asia this year and will perform in Bangkok on June 9. Her concert will take place at the Impact Arena.

The Asian dates of Taylor Swift’s tour include: June 4: Jakarta, Indonesia MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium) June 6: Manila, Philippines Mall of Asia Arena

June 9: Bangkok, Thailand Impact Arena June 11: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil June 12: Singapore, Singapore Indoor Stadium Tickets for the Bangkok concert are priced at B,2000 upwards and go on sale on March 1 via the telephone hotline at 02 262 3838 and online at General ticketing information will be available at and

Free MTV concert in Udon Thani


TV Exit, in collaboration with MTV Thailand, will host a live concert in Udon Thani on March 15 to educate young people about the dangers of human trafficking. Thailand’s Slot Machine and MILD, and Lao rockers Cells and Kai Overdance, will be joined by top acts from around Southeast Asia. MTV Exit Director Matt Love said, “Once again, we are breaking ground in our approach to educating young people about human trafficking. We are going straight to the source – to a region where young people are targeted by human traffickers every day. “By combining music with information, ‘MTV Exit Live in Udon Thani’ will equip concertgoers with concrete actions they can take to stay safe from traffickers.”

The lead singer of Slot Machine, Karinyawat Durongjirakan, said the group were excited to be partnering with MTV Exit for the fourth time, continuing the fight against human trafficking. “Music is a powerful tool, and when we hit the stage in Udon Thani on March 15, people are going to learn the hard facts they need to protect themselves and their families from being trafficked.” Asean Secretary-General Le Luong Minh said human trafficking is one of the most prevalent transnational crimes, not only in Asean but in the world. MTV Exit Live in Udon Thani takes place at the Udon Thani Football Stadium on March 15. Gates open at 5pm. To pre-register for free tickets, visit the website: thephuketnews



Watcharin Rodnit does a live art demonstration.

ART ON SHOW There was a great turnout of people at the Abstract Art Duo exhibition at Patong’s Jungceylon last week, featuring works from artists Watcharin Rodnit and Anuwat Sirirattanajit. Photos: Por

Anuwat Sirirattanajit.

Watcharin Rodnit and Anuwat Sirirattanajit.

Mark Alviar from Bangkok Hospital Phuket, IBAP member Quintin, Ian B. Jamieson and IBAP treasurer Denny Bowman. Nicha and Lisa from Bangkok Hospital Phuket, IBAP President James Firth (standing) and Al.

AUSSIE STUNTMAN SPEAKS IN PHUKET Goetz and Richard Valentine. @thephuketnews

Alan McAllister from Tile It and Nathan Jamieson, Ian’s son.

Stuntman Ian B. Jamieson was the guest speaker at the International Business Association of Phuket get together on February 14 at A2 Resort. On April 9, Jamieson will attempt one of his most daring stunts to date at Surakul Stadium.




FINE FOOD IN OLD TOWN The new Phuket Old-Time Square food centre, located next to the old bus station on Phang Nga Road in Phuket Town, was officially opened on February 14. The food centre specialises in local Phuket food, including many recipes which have been passed down through generations. See:


DAY OF LOVE Many happy couples, including Adrian Chia and Geogina Chay from Singapore (above), celebrated a special Valentine’s Day at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket on February 14.

Antoine Melon (front row on white motorbike), general manager of Trisara, recently gave 450 safety helmets to his staff to keep them safe during their daily commute to the resort. This internal CSR initiative aims to protect staff members given the increasing number of motorcycle and scooter accidents recorded in Phuket during the past year.




A GRAND OPENING La Bodega tapas bar in Jungceylon was officially opened on February 15. It is owned by Thomas and Sarah Corley, pictured below left:

Sarah Corley, Thomas Corley and Thomas’s wife Mile.

Tony Bellens (far right) with partner Yupa (far left) and friend.

A WARM WELCOME Andreas Korf, left, General Manager of Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket, welcomes HE Marat Yessenbayev, right, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Thailand during his stay at the resort.


The Andaman Wine Club and BB&B held their monthly wine tasting get together at the ‘On the Roof’ rooftop bar at Novotel Kamala Beach last Thursday night.

Joey, Annabel and Bonnie.

VALENTINE’S SPECIAL Guests at Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day concert and dinner on February 14. @thephuketnews

LOVE AT XANA BEACH CLUB Xana Beach Club’s Love on the Beach party was held on February 15, featuring London’s Ministry of Sound DJ Shane Patrick.


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RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic Sport Fishing Tournament Offshore The Similan Islands

25 th

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.

Huge cash and other prizes to be won!!

57 hours of non -stop fishing!

Huge media coverage!

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!

Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing



Live Music and BBQ in an “Outback Aussie Bar” setting. Phuket’s best Home Made Flame Grilled Aussie Burgers, Aussie Steak special’s, sizzling BBQ Ribs, Spit Roast Kebabs, Red Snapper Fish n Chips, Live Sports shown on 2 Big Screen LED TV’S, Free Pool Table, and More! Relax in an open air family friendly atmosphere with friendly staff, Great Food and frosty cold ones on ice from Australia & Thailand. Featuring “Moody Blues” Live on SUN, WED AND FRI From 9pm till Late at “Phuket’s House of the Blues - ROADHOUSE!”. 085 655 9008.

rine Biological Centre, the 3rd Area Naval Command and the Royal Thai Navy for ongoing sea turtle conservation programmes. The donation for tickets is 2,000 baht. Each ticket includes one turtle release voucher, two alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, an evening of fun activities and a 15% voucher for XANA’s Seafood BBQ Buffet (buffet starts at 6pm). FYI - Kids under 12 dine free (one child per paying adult). Tickets can be purchased at XANA or any hotel front desk within Laguna from Monday 10th February. Any questions please contact us. Turtles will be released at 5.30pm. XANA Beach Club, Bangtao Beach, Laguna, annabel@


Live Seafood & Jazz Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree 4 Regions of Thailand Market Stroll through a lively Thai Market with art & craft stalls and enjoy fresh seafood and local delights, accompanied by authentic Thai Khim performances. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting 18:00, for THB 1,250 NET only. Baan Talay is the Thai signature restaurant of Angsana Laguna Phuket and situated on Bang Tao Beach behind XANA Beach Club. Angsana Laguna Phuket - Bang Tao Bay , Email : fbcoordinator-lagunaphuket@angsana. com , 076 324 101.

Join Banyan Tree’s indulgent LIVE Seafood Sunday brunch featuring lots of LIVE Canadian Lobsters, Tiger prawns, freshly shucked Oysters, Wagyu rump and Foie Gras. Meander from one live cooking station to the next, and don’t forget to leave room for cheese and dessert. With live Jazz music and a kids club, starting at B2,500++ per person including free flow of selected beverages. Advance bookings are highly recommended. Contact 076 372 400.


Sunday Roast Pork@Expat Hotel

Sunday Roast Pork or Beef Dinner Every Sunday 2pm onwards Expat Hotel, Soi Taipan, Patong B290. See

Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi

Indian Curry Night on Fridays Come to Navrang Mahal in Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for an authentic Indian Feast every Friday in Karon Beach. Try out our delicious naans, mutton vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal makhini, butter chicken, samosas, lassis and many more mouth-watering dishes. For only 499/- nett and special reduced prices on drinks.

Pool Competition at Expat Hotel

Pool Competition at 9pm. Expat Sports Bar, Soi Taipan, Patong.

XANA with Attica Beach Club is the host partner for Laguna Phuket’s 20th Sunset Sea Turtle Release

Proceeds will be donated to the Phuket Ma-

It will happen every Saturday night throughout the year. Num Noi Singpatong, the head trainer and owner of Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym in Patong Beach, will be launching an elite fight series in Patong Boxing Stadium (Sai Nam Yen). Visit the official website at www.patong

Sunday Brunch at Sails, Hilton Enjoy our lavish international buffet with friends and family each Sunday at Sails! Our live band sets the mood for a relaxing afternoon with delicious food, live cooking stations, refreshing drinks and good company. Balloon artists entertain the little ones with face painting and kid activities. 12pm - 3 pm. B1,400++ per adult, B700++ per child (Ages 5-12). 076 396 433.

The Good Shepherd Merchandise Shop Open Every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Plaza Del Mar, Laguna (Behind Bake). Time: 10am to 1pm every Wednesday and 9am to noon every Saturday. We have a wide and wonderful selection of handicrafts such as toys, greeting cards, ornaments, lanterns, bags, purses and many more. You can also find exquisite arts and craft created by local residents. Pre-loved items include books, clothes and toys. Handicraft items are made by the disadvantaged members of society that The Good Shepherd strives to empower. All proceeds go directly to The Good Shepherd mission. See

Traditional Sunday Roast Angus O’Tool’s Karon Beach Lunch or dinner served from 2pm. Your choice of either roast beef, chicken, loin of pork or leg of lamb served with roast and boiled potatoes, three fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Only B320 per person which includes a free glass of house red or white. Opposite Centara Karon Resort. See

Phuket Walking Street Phuket Walking Street, “Laad Yai” is a Village & Community Development Potential Project (SML) of the “Old Phuket Town Community” in Laad Yai, Phuket Town. The visitors can enjoy the Old Phuket Town atmosphere which benefits the local economic growth in the Old Phuket Town community. Open every Sunday from 16.00 - 22.00Hrs. For more info visit or contact : 089 474 5253.

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Thai market night Experience an authentic taste of Thailand and simple a wide variety of dishes prepared fresh for you. Market night price is weight of chosen items every Monday at Ban Aroi from 6.30 - 9.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

BBQ All You Can Eat at Shakers Mondays and Thursdays. BBQ all you can eat: pork, chicken, beef, prawns, fish and squid with salad buffet, cold and hot sauces, garlic bread, baked potatoes, potato salad and more for B325 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

List your event at

held between 25 - 27th February “offshore” from the beautiful Similan Islands. Renowned as Thailand’s ‘premium sport fishing area’ some 70 miles N/West of Chalong Bay, Phuket. The Prize monies offered are the largest in Asia. The boats normally cruise up the day before. Making for a very enjoyable 4 days in one of Thailand’s most sought after destinations. There is still a number of game fishing boats available, to join the tournament or get information contact

Half Chicken Spit Roast

TUE FEB 25 - THU FEB 27 RBFC Thailand 2014 Classic

BBQ Ribs All You Can Eat

Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok

Wednesdays and Fridays. BBQ ribs all you can eat with salad buffet and potato salad for B295 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton is set to return to Thailand for Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok 2014 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on 2 March, 2014. The rock god will be delighting fans with his catalogue of classic songs including Change the World, Layla, I Shot the Sherriff, Sunshine of Your Love, Blue Eyes Blue and many more. Clapton’s Thai fans can witness the return of the guitar god in Eric Clapton Live in Bangkok 2014 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on 2 March, 2014. Ticket prices are 2,500/3,500/4,500 and 6,000 Baht and are available from January 12, 2014 at all Thaiticketmajor outlets. For more information, log onto www.thai and

Offshore The Similan Islands

27 th February 2014

Proudly organised by the Rawai Beach Fishing Club, (RBFC) Phuket, Thailand.

Huge cash and other prizes to be won!! RBFC THAILAND 2014

“Classic” Sport Fishing Tournament will be 57 hours of non -stop fishing!

Huge media coverage!

For further details please contact Warren Crowe or Andy Bright m Warren tel: +66 (0) 812604291 Andy tel: +66 (0) 862739948 Website:

Enjoy flame-grilled steak, cooked to perfection and served with fresh selections from our buffet BBQ night THB 1,190++ per person. Free children under 7 and half price for 7 to 12 yrs old every Wednesday at Panache from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.

Prizes include fishing trips, tackle, limited edition prints, and much more!


Rawai Beach Fishing Club is an official Sponsor Club of the International Game Fishing Association. RBFC supports recreational fishing

back for Triathlon (swim + bike + run) on 8th March 2014. We are dedicated to providing more excitement and competition for those athletes who are based in Asia, love the sport of triathlon, and have the heart to race and pursue achievement. Age group from 6-18 years old and adult. The race will be started at 8.00 am. Entry fee 1,500THB for individual and Team. For Thanyapura members is 1,200THB for individual and Team. To register call 076-336000 or . Visit thanyapura. com for more information.


Phuket Wake Park The place for outdoor activities for the whole family. Ring winch for water skiing and wake-boarding. Reversible winch and coaching services for beginners. Restaurant, swimming pool, massage, fitness equipment and mini-hotel with 28 rooms. All this at Phuket Wake Park! Open from 7:30 to 22:00 every day.


FRIDAY FEB 28 Moe’s Jazz Trio


Sport Fishing Tournament 25 th



BBQ Steak night

Tuesdays and Saturdays: Half chicken spit roast with french fries, salad buffet, potato salad & gravy sauce for B225 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Thanyapura. Free entry •The Revolution of Aesthetics presented by world renown Prof. Dr. Michael Klentze •Aesthetic Giveaways & Prizes •Demonstrations & Trials •Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed •Question & Answers with Prof. Dr. Michael Klentze Please RSVP to Thanyapura Health Tel: +66 (0)76 336 000 Ext. 5080 Email: ihc@


Bioreset Stem Cell Activation | Botulinum Toxin (Botox) | Filler Injections Laser Therapy | Microdermabrasion | Infusion | Skincare. Date: 28th of February, 2014. Time; 18:00- 19:30. Location: The View at

Thanyapura Superkidz The Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ is coming

Every Night Jazz at Boathouse, Special 4 courses Jazz set dinner on Friday nights. Ticket price THB1,500++. To make a reservation Tel:076-330-015-7 or e-mail:fb@




Crossword by Myles Mellor & Sally York Across

1. STNDRD. What are the next two letters in the series? 2. Where does the “Morris” in Morris dancing come from? 3. What does Koh Kaew (where Boat Lagoon is) mean? 4. What links Port Said with Port Tawfiq? 5. Formic acid is used in the sting of what kind of insect? Answers below right.


1. Founder of PLF 6. Time out? 10. Morrison and Cramer 14. It was founded in 1909 15. Burgeon 16. Berry touted as medicinal 17. Home-builders association? 20. Skeleton parts 21. Laurels 22. Asportation, e.g. 25. Marshal 26. Aggregation 30. To boot 32. Succulent plant 35. Benign tumor 41. Extortionist? 43. Ranges 44. 1992 Christopher Reid movie 45. Bibliographic abbr. 47. Kid 48. Group of eight 53. Rice 56. Involuntary response 58. Entry 63. Grimm duo?

66. Bladed weapon 67. Descendant of Hezekiah 68. Harden 69. 1990 World Series champs 70. Mug variety 71. In a pen

Down 1. Hill dwellers 2. Thai currency 3. Plain 4. Maple genus 5. Done for 6. Special effects: Abbr. 7. Food scrap 8. Sacred songs 9. Some punches 10. Quipster 11. Less cordial 12. Fruit residue 13. Cream puff 18. ___-di-dah 19. Pilot’s announcement, for short 23. All ___ 24. Train part 26. Normal prefix 27. Astringent

28. ___ jellies 29. Cap 31. Guisado cooker 33. Chow checker 34. It may follow something 36. “___ De-Lovely” 37. Head-turner 38. Thumbs-up 39. Jagger 40. Penny, perhaps 42. In a bad way 46. Plant native to South America 48. Catchall category 49. ___ myrtle 50. Shaded 51. Vaulted recesses 52. Expire 54. Make a sharp turn 55. Large amounts 57. Blind segment 59. Copper 60. Case 61. Dehydrated 62. Winter toy 64. Kan. neighbor 65. Like some humor

Solutions to last week’s puzzles:

Answers to this week’s Pop Quiz: 1. TH (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th); 2. Moorish; 3. Crystal Island; 4. The Suez Canal; 5. Ants.




of the week

Percentage of the world’s entire commercial wood supply that is used by Ikea.


Number of people who can get high on an ounce of LSD.


Number of years ago that the first blue eyes appeared in humans.


Number of ways, according to mathematicians, that one can tie a necktie.

This gorgeous kitty’s name is Fah, meaning sky in Thai. She’s 3 months old and loves to play – her favourite things are boxes, hide and seek, and jumping on sleeping humans. She’s a little rascal, but her owner Bex adores her!

Source: Uberfacts

Want to see your pet here? Email photos to

This week in history ■■ February 21, 1245

Thomas, the first known Bishop of Finland, is allowed to resign after confessing to forgery and torturing a man to death. ■■ February 22, 2006 In the UK’s biggest robbery, six men steal £53m (about B2.65 billion) in cash from a security depot. ■■ February 23, 1836 The Battle of the Alamo, between Mexican troops and “Texians” begins in San Antonio, Texas. ■■ February 24, 1826 The first Anglo-Burmese War ends with victory for Britain, though at a huge price in manpower and finances. ■■ February 25, 1986 The People’s Power Revolution forces Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos to flee into exile after 20 years in power. ■■ February 26, 1909 A Visit to the Seaside, the world’s first colour process movie, is shown in London. ■■ February 27, 1964 The Italian government asks for international help to prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over. Source: Wikipedia







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PROPERTY FOR RENT Kalim Sea View, Freehold Condo for Sale/Rent: B11.9 ACG Cricket Ground:

5 Rai raw land behind ACG clubhouse on long lease for compatible sporting facility.

M 2 min walk to beach, big balcony & sunset view, 180 Sqm, 2 Ensuite Bed rooms, big living space. 089 617 2312, - Search V146.

GOLF villa at Loch Palm: Nice Villa For Sale: 4 Bedroom/4Bathroom detached villa on 164Sq.Wah with swimming pool. Superb location between ChalongPhuket Town. 9.75 Million Baht. Call for appointment to view. 9.75 MB , Person : George , Email : 089 868 5143.

GOLF villa at with pool on 8th hole green. Luxury 3 bedrooms with en-suites. 12 month lease. Avail 1st March. THB 55000 per month plus bond. Call Tim 0858942268, Email

Upper f loor 10 m showroom frontage floor area 10 0 s m w i t h a i r/c o n s . C o nt a c t Khun Siriporn 081 691 0213, sirip orn@islandfurniture - phuket.c om,

Amazing sea view pool villa: 4 bed,4 bath,beautifully furnished villa, great ocean views. Cape Yamu area, only 10 mins from BIS/PIA. Large pool, garden, very private estate. 80000/ mth. 086 279 6283; kdesmond59@

2 Bed villa with lovely garden, koi pond, pool with sala/ 3rd bed and seaview. Fully furnished, True visions on 42" screen, WiFi, new ACs. Private, quiet area but near all amenities. Call 086 279 6283.

Furnished Modern 3Bed/3.5Bath V illa, Pr ivate G arden, Po ol & Garage. 5 min to Ao Po Grand Marina & Mission Hills Golf Course, 10 min to Thanyapura Contact 0818935270 (En/Fr), srdupouy@, 081 893 5270

bathroom, Chanote (Freehold), Land area 402.80M2 Living area 208 M2. Luxurious one-storey villa offers privacy and features your own garden and pool to enjoy the ambiance of outdoor tropical living. Fully furnished, large kitchen with built-in basin, stove, and cabinets. Private and Peaceful area. 9.9MB., Phone 087 877 2320.

units fully furnished, parking fully fitted teak kitchens. Granite tops Western baths, sat.TV&internet included. Masterbed with ensuite bath starting 20,000/m longterm. No party people. 084 840 1262, north8east98@yahoo. com.

Three bedroom, one bathroom, lock up garage, carport, on 1/2 Rai of land, 10 min from, P.I.A, beach and airport. Contact 081 892 4804 for more information.

OCEAN VIEW VILLA FOR RENT: Large 5/6, 6 bathroom villa, large gym, pool, spa & more, Best views, Close to schools, Fully furnished, Min. 12 mths. For sale 48M Baht or Rent 165K per month. visit: w w B165K , Mark Bloxwich, Mai Promwong, 56/4 M.4 Baan Para, Paklock, Thalang, Phuket,; mai@, 083 392 0077 or 081 956 2014.

Share Seaview Villa Phuket: Offer to Share Quiet and NOW AVAILABLE!!:

1,2,3,4 bedroom different private pool villas for RENT in Naiharn-Rawai., start from 15000 baht/month. (Holiday rental, Short-Long term) Please contact: 087 877 2320 En, 084 854 9889 Th.

Beautiful Villa 550sqm. Land 2,400 sqm. with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, maid's room, laundry room, home of f ice, Western kitchen. Large mature garden, garage for 2 cars Price B32 million. Call 081 978 5181.

Bougainvillea Pool Villa Phuket: Discover the happiness Condo in Marina:

Last 1 Studio of The Cleat condo (Phase 1) in Krabi Boat Lagoon, low-rise waterfront Condo built around the lagoon with Mangrove, Sea and Marina view and full facilities. Call +66(0)76 238 948.

Freehold 2 bed villa in Laguna: Laguna Residences,

Patong shophouse for Rent: Patong 2Shophouse low rent.Can make business,also very good location for restaurant and massage.2nd floor fully furnished as 2 bedroom apartment w 2baths.Includes furniture.Big kitchen and living area. Sidd , Email:, 084 189 7696.



Kata Beach Apartment Sea Views: Western 1,2&3 bedroom

House for rent: Seaview Pool Villa for Rent:

Rawai Pool Villa For Sale:

The Cour tyard:

Safe SEAVIEW VILLA PHUKET Rent out self-contained, furnished living & sleeping sections. I am German, recently widowed and looking for a Female live-in companion over 50.

Amazing sea view pool villa: 4 bed,4 bath,beautifully furnished villa, great ocean views. Cape Yamu area, only 10 mins from BIS/PIA . Large pool,garden, very private estate. 80000/mth. 0862796283;

Outrigger, 2 bedroom END unit villa. FREEHOLD title!With lifetime golf membership in Laguna Golf Club and privilage card with 50% discount in Laguna restaurants and spa. Fully Furnished! Selling price : 12.950.000,- Baht Please call 080 041 4464 or email : Rental1386@

of living the way a local Phuketian does in a highly pleasurable, private atmosphere close to Bang-Tao beach. Create wonderful memories in these modern Sino-Portuguese villas. More details at, 081 646 1233.

AO POR SEAVIEW LAND: 1.5 Rai cleared, tiered land with constructed, drained access road from “Beach Road”. Chanote. 400m from Ao Por Grand Marina. Building will have 270 degree view of islands and Krabi. B10,000,000, 082 277 5971.

Villa on 1 rai reduced now18MB: Private big 4 bed-


Luxury Villa for Rent: Magnificent 4 bedroom pool villa on the west coast of Phuket, above prestigious Kata Beach. Exceptional opulence throughout. Long & short term rental. Enquiries on 087 283 8884 or 080 690 5248.

room Villa near mission hills golf with guest house and maids quarter. All ensuite bathrooms. big swimming pool 8x12M, garage for 2 cars, koi ponds, European kitchen, 2x home cinema etc (price was 25MB!!) 083 643 8384.




...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

PANORAMIC SEA VIEW L AND: Spec t ac ular view of Phang Nga Bay, James Bond and Phi Phi Islands. Road access, underground utilities. 4.5 km from Heroine Monument. 1.99 Rai at 5.9MB per rai. Chanote title. 089 473 8338,

Plots for sale in Rawai:

FOR SALE. 3 plots of 250-300 sq.m each in Rawai suitable for building villas. In a quiet street and good location. Can be sold all together or separately. Contact Izzy 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Body: House for sale: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......


...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Cherntalay area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 air con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Online upgrades:

Website link B199

Print upgrades:

Extra lines B99

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DEADLINE: MONDAY 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) FOR THAT WEEKS ISSUE Hand this in at agent shops, our office or fax: 076 612 553 @thephuketnews

Kamala Boutique Resort: This boutique resor t business which c onsists of 5 individual villas. The resort is fully occupied presently with long-term rentals offering excellent rental income with very little maintenance. The resort land plot totals 2,080 sqm with a built up area of 750 sqm. There are 3 villas, 200 sqm each with 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 1 villa with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 1 villa with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Each villa is open plan living & dining area and an open plan western style kitchen. Storage room, office room, air-cons, satellite TV, telephone line and Internet. This is an ideal investment for the nearly retired or retired couple whom wish to enjoy life with a monthly income. There is also a beautiful 20-meter common pool for all residents to enjoy and relax in the beautiful landscaped gardens. Remote controlled gated security and car parking. 076 279 280.

Sale Patong Guesthouse 出 售巴东宾馆: First spacious&clean guesthouse downhill in Patong. 36MB. Close to the main road to Patong beach. 由业主提供公寓巴东 由业主,宾馆在巴 东。全装修的二十五间客房,36 意泰珠。 靠近巴东海滩。Ramon0856-44-9344

Land for sale: 2 rai of land in the South of Phuket. Unique location on the hills between Naiharn and Rawai, 5 mins from the beach. Panoramic view on Chalong bay and Naiharn. Easy access via private road, reputable neighborhood (German village), tropical forest. Ready project for a 3 storey villa. 3200 sq. m. Call Svetlana 086 743 4657 or Alexander +7 926 914 5555,;, Price : 18.5 million for 1 rai .

To w n h o u s e f o r s a l e , Chalong: Townhouse for sale in Office/Shop for Rent: Ground Floor space with excellent positioning on Chalong Pier Road.For more information, please call 081 416 4177 or 076 381 341, Chalong , Email : marketing@

a residential complex Ananda Garden Hill, Chalong, near HomePro. Total area of 150 sqm, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 balconies, 2 bathrooms, study, box for car parking,full furnished,, 091 805 3725.




List your classified now at

Urg e n t 2 N ew A p a r tments For Sale: Because

of divorce URGENT RE-SALE 2 brand new apartments. Welcome real buyers No agents. Call on +66 (0) 87 269 2274, Chrismar.

For Sale 2 villas with this view

3 Gorgeous Lots, Clean Titles: For sale or long lease.

2 lots on island-beachfront (bungalow-/housing-estate) and 1 big mainland-mountain property all in very quiet, safe, well maintained locations near Krabi. 089 291 4671.

3 Bed Pool Villa Pa Khlok:

Situated at Ao Por, 2 modern contemporary villas. Infinity pool, 3 bedrooms, 4 bahtrooms, study, large living area, terrace and covered parking for 2 cars. Priced from 24 MB.,

3 Beds, 2 Bath 6x3m pool. Full aircon and funishings. Ready for occupation and rental. Secure estate, private parking. 6km from Heroines monument. Close to PIA, BCS and shops. 081 737 0722.

Beachfront Condo in Cape Panwa: Two floors 282 sq. m of

Sea View Off Plan Condominiums: 65m2 Condominium. 1

living space with stunning views. 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms + Study + large kitchen. Fully furnished. Communal 40m pool 5 steps away. Beach 15 steps! 091 876 2330.

Sin g l e H o u se Sp e c i a l Price Rent/Sale: Nice house

Bedroom, 1 En Suite Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Pool, Large Balcony and Terrace Space, Parking. Excellent investment opportunity.

Patong Condo for sale: A nice foreign freehold condominium for sale in Patong is located in a recently complete development of one & two bedrooms condominiums. Located on the fourth floor of a total of five. 080 052 8082.

fully furnished with teakwood furniture, ready to move in. 240 sqm. 4 bed 4 bath, close to Kathu waterfall and market. Near Loch Palms, major stores, BIS and KIS. B45,000 per month. Call Oranwan 086 883 3169. THB 26,000,000. Only 300 m. from Kata Beach. 236.25 sqm. 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. For more information call K.Chavarin 089 911 8833/081 866 9253 or email:

Luxury Villa in Chalong: Perfect condition, 660 sqm on 3 levels, 1,600 sqm land, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool 12.5m x 6m with jacuzzi, large sala, double garage. Top quality construction. Reduced price: B25.5 million 086 271 3260 or 086 273 4149.

Nice resort 8 house with pool: Nice resort 8 houses with

G re at inve st m e nt o p p o r tunit y i n P a t o n g . I h a v e 2 N E W LY RENOVATED c ondos in same complex near Simon Cabaret. Both condos fully funished + free hold. Condo no.1 4th floor studio unit 50sqm already rented out. Condo no.2 just funished renovation 3rd floor 1 bedroom 50sqm every thing brand new. This one never use and could be your residence plus earn income from other condo.Complex has huge pool + garden and 24 hrs. security. I want 5 MB for both. Eng 085 471 9246 Thai 087 621 3405.

pool 6 house is two bedrom kitchen private laundry place 2 house is t h r e e b e d r o m k i tc h e n p r i vate laundry Aircon in all romms. Fully funitures 5 Min from Chalong circle about 2 rai land Price reduced from 28 milj, B24,500,000 ,Hakan, Chafa road, , 085 789 1773 .

Land Plot for Sale: Chanote title at Cherng Talay / Pasak7 (Phuket - Surin Beach area) Phone 090 487 8084. Email: utaipan@

Beautiful Karon Villa:

Freehold House for sale:

Building 3 storey for sale:

Patong Free Hold Condo:


Modern open living villa has it all, fully furnished, private secure estate close to beach. Enjoy the private salt water pool and undercover parking, 3 large bedrooms freehold investment. 081 719 4688.

Freehold house for sale in estate in Cherng Talay. Land 735m2, floor area 230m2, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. Many upgrades incl new carport included. Price B11 million. Call 083 509 8797 for info or viewing.

3 & 4 Bed Pool Villas:

Laguna / Layan. Luxur y pr ivate pool villas in secure development. Available now. All beds ensuite. Fully furnished. Rental programme available. B12-20 million. Contact owner: 085 549 7110.

2 Pool Villas next to PIA:

Ready to move in, villa 1 on 1,100 sqm. land, for sale B15.9 mil and villa 2 on 2,20 0 sqm. land, for sale B19.9 mil. Brand new, each with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 12 metre swimming pool, guest bungalow with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Perfectly located in a development with underground e l e c t r i c i t y a n d s e c u r i t y, o n l y 80 0 metres from Mission Hills golf course, less than 10 mins to airpor t, Phuket International Ac ademy and Ao Por Grand Marina. Call 081 343 0777. Email:

Nai Harn Baan Bua: When only

Home Office Near Thanyapura: New 2-storey home

the best will do!!!!4 bed/pool villa in Phukets best kept gated community.410 villa.812 land.Overlooking lagoon.Beautiful.Ph: 0812704291. or Price 22.5 MB.

office near Academy for sale, 280 sq metres, Chanote title, 2 beds 3 baths, nature mountain view. Main street, multiple entrances and exits. 10 minutes to Airport. Only B4.95 million. Call: 086 948 2294.

Land Close to Thanyapura/PIA: Half Rai 1.3MB, 1

Rai is 2.5 MB, total 3 Rai of Land, Mountain View, Chanote, 3 Mins drive to Thanyapura/PIA School, 15 Mins to Airport. Contact Marisa 084 305 6667 or marisar1978@

Rawai Soi Saliga Land for Sale: Land for sale, Soi Saliga

Rawai - 1 rai plus 81 T/W. Telephone 089 645 5049.

LUXURY 3 BR IN 4 STAR R E S O R T: 3 b e d r o o m 4


4 s e p a r a t e b u i l d i n g s w i t h 11 dif ferent c ustom maid ro oms, restaurant /cafeteria in a sweet and idyllic sanctuar y for the sense. Surrounded by lush green mountains and tropical forest. The Resort is an oasis of natural beauty and only a couple of minutes walking to beautiful Naiharn beach! Location Soi Naya PRICE 33.3 MB, o l i ve r @ t h u r m a n n g r o u p.c o m , 087 877 2320.

bathroom, Land area 580 m2., Spacious living quarter’s feature open plan living & dining areas, a fully equipped, open-concept gourmet kitchen. The Villa comes fully furnished, Contemporary and expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces are offered, private pool. Services as Restaurant, Gym, Spa ,Maintenance ,Security and Maid. 19.8 MB, oliver@thurmanngroup. com, 087 877 2320.

Two parcels of superior land 11 rai. Inc seaview. Main road frontage. Ideal for resor t or condominiums. B150 M . N e g o t i a b l e . ( T h a i ) 0 81 3 7 0 8114 or (Ger) 081 892 1108. Email:

Land & House Park, Chalong: Villa for sale, 4 Bedrooms,

Seaview Land Patong:

250m road frontage near Bypass: 16 rai next to Phumundra,

behind Premium Outlet. 250m road frontage, 300m deep. Sloping upwards, starting at 15m and ending at 65m above sea level. 6M/rai. Contact owner direct at 081 893 6630.

3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Fully furnished and equipped, Garden 240 SQM. B6.8 M Tel. 083 394 4536(Eng) /084 443 5389(Thai/Eng)

Villa with Pool for Sale: Freehold 3/4 Bedroom Villa. 3 Air Con. 4k. to Ao Makarm Beach. 10x5m pool with 4th bedroom / office on other side. Plot size 104Sq Wah. 416Sqm. Reasonable offers. Call 089 831 4703/084 304 6723.

Rawai Seaview Condo for sale: Seaview condo, freehold,

Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. 29.5 MB. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Guesthouse for Lease in Patong: 12 rooms, good location Nanai Road.9 year lease: very low rent,strong starting, easy to manage and good return on investment. Price 1MLN. Take this opportunity. Thamad17@yahoo. com. 089 728 4005.

For Sale-Beachfront land@ Naka: 2 rai of absolutely amazing

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 120sqm. B7.8 million, fully furnished. For more pictures and information please contact:

beachfron. A few minutes by boat to Phuket. Facing west to the sunset and views of Phuket. Contact: 086 278 8300 or Danai 090 1700 429.


Large 3 Bedroom house in mature estate offering high security. (Option to build 4th bedroom)Located in a peacefull no thru road, min’s from beach. Recently renovate, available for immed move in. Chanote title, Price 12.5 MB Call 087 078 9707 Email:

Kamala Pool Villa: Sales Down Payment Dcondo Mine: 7th floor. with

pool & lake view. Fully furnished, near Kajonkiet International School, Tesco Lotus, Big C. 10 mins to Patong. Move in Mar 2014. Only B99k. Contact: 081 694 4144, 081 307 7247, email:

Land & House for sale: 2.5 rai (N.S.-3 K document) near Kathu waterfall. 2 houses, 1 small house & 2 pools, big garage. 3 way Entrance. B28 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

room, 4 bath room, 2 livingroom, 1 dinningroom, 1 kitchen (american style), 1 garage (2 cars), 1 swimming pool (10x4), 1 bed room for a maid, 1 bath room for a maid, Internet, Security 24/24, Sea view and jungle view, Total sqm 556.92, Total land sqm 581,4.24MB, a.p e ll e gr in o2810 @ gm ai l.c o m, 084 241 3387.

Family resort for sale.:

MODERN HOUSE IN KATA: Designed house, modern look, 4 bedroom, big dinnerplace, kitchen, pool, sauna, washerroom, elevator ,close to Kata Beach, quiet area. Contact Cookie for more info 088 450 0463.

Beautiful lakeview family resort in quiet area.4 apartments with each 2 bedrooms fully furnished, land include 1600sqm, company and license include, swimmingp ool, 2 garage, automatic gate and very private estate.More details please c o nt ac t 0 8 8 3 912 2 6 5 (Engli sh speaking). krisverstricht@hotmail. com.






List your classified now at

House for Sale - Chalong:

Quiet stand alone villa, 3 bed, 2 - 5 star baths, 5 aircon, full furn, garden dining lush green, 50 Wah, quality new paint, excellent condition, B3.5 million, firm. Contact: peterb@inter, 084 843 3492.

The Aqua pool villa-sales/ rent: In Land & House Park Phuket

(Manthana Zone) Land area = 440 sqm. Home area = 300 sqm. 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 1 living room and kitchen 1 swimming pool (3m*10m) out door jacuzzi and pavilion Sales: from 1112.8MB. Rent: from 85,000 - 120,000 B/Month. 088 751 2389.

PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT. 25 year lease for sale. Well situated in fast developing and sought after area close to Laguna. Some fixed rent applies. Contact 087 884 0644 for more info.

2 Rai, Cherngtalay: Cheapest Seaview land for Sale: Panorama view of sea view

Hou se on Th e Co r n er for Sale: Quiet location and

only 500m from the main road. Thepkrasattri, Heroines Monument. 70sqw x 280sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 b at h r o o m s, b i g li v i n g r o o m with open-plan kitchen (9x9m),1 separated kitchen, carpark for 3 cars and a small storehouse, 2 aircons, cable TV, 1 phone line TT&T. Price: 2.7 MB. including furnitures. Must See!, 081 607 8000.

golf course view mountain view land for sale. Near Mission Hills Golf course. 6 rai chanote title. B3 million per rai. 087 675 9555, email: pee_bang56@

Beach Land on Koh Yao Yai: Price Reduced, 4beds Villa: RAWAI PRIME LAND PLOTS: Adjacent to Mangosteen Resort, quiet residential area. 3 different sizes: 1-1-86.5 rai - 11.80 MB 2-0-87.5 rai 16.64 MB 3-0-35.5 rai - 22.50 MB Best land and best price in the area. Quick sale, price negotiable.081 536 5846.

Comfor table 4 bedrooms villa, plus maid room. Approx. 450Sq.M building, corner plot, energy saving, management ser vice available for investor.Located in secured gate community, near British International school.

Resort for Sale: Resort 2 rai, with

chanote. 22 double villas with kitchens, large pool and big coconut garden with own well. Restaurant and bar with satellite TV and Adsl. Opened for 15 years, with lots of repeat customers, parking, quiet. 086 940 1860.

Patong Tower for Sale:

And for rent. Sea view and mountain views. Freehold from 64 to 448 sq metres. Phone no: 080 692 6114. Email: orsoreal

Sea-View Chalong-Residence: Dream pool villa with 5

bedrooms all with ensuite on 1 rai of land. Big hall, office, maid’s room. Brand-new construction opposite Wat Chalong on the way up to the hill. A huge 685 sq.m of living area, fully furnished. Modern Europeandesigned kitchen. Big sea view pool terraces incl sala and attractive bar area. Security alarm system. Selling price on request. By owner directly. Call 085 654 4011 or 089 404 0737. Email:

Sales - down payment 250,000 B D Condo Mine Phuket Town by Sansiri. Finished in March 2014.Corner room on the 7th floor with nice view. 2 Bedrooms Call:089 159 3239.

Sales - D Condo Mine:

D E TA C H E D O R S E M I DETACHED: Large detached 4

Bed.4 Bath 2 en suite, 4 air con. OR 2 adjoining semi-detached. Live in one, Rent one ? Water storage with pumps. Secure Parking. Quite Soi. All in Excellent condition. B3.5M. 082 738 3007.

House and Business for sale: 3 storey, 5 bedrooms, good

location, off road parking, busy road. Contact Thai 084 630 6920, English 082 534 7410,,

Khao Sok, 25+ rai, B400,000 per rai: 25 rai, 3 ngan in Khao Sok, Klong Sok district. B400,000 per rai. Close to Khao Sok National Park entrance. PNSS3 title, to be upgraded to Chanote soon. Phone 081 693 2759.


Land for Sale: 400m from Naiyang Beach. 3 Rai 1 Tarangwah. 6.5MB per Rai. Call 087 091 8331 or email chiangmaibeltrade@hotmail. com for more information.

Seaview Land For Sale: Land located right in the heart of Chalong with panorama view of Chalong pier. Close to a number of sandy beaches; Naihan Rawai Kata and Karon. Easy access to major depar tment stores. Surrounded by public facilities including education institutes and hospitals. You will benefit from a perfect location that's rapidly increasing in value. 3 rai and 1 Ngan with Chanote title. Call 087 278 7206, 089 215 5041 e -mail: kubesjoy@

New House for Sales low price than Project, Phanason Villages at Bang Joe for 50 Sqm, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Free contract. Contact: 089 729 9503.

New House for Sales:

Mai Khao Prime Location Land: I will sell my piece of land

6.26 rai direct beachfront, power, water, road, unobstructed views, chanote title, white sand, peaceful. Only 5.8 mil baht per rai. Doesn't get much better than this! Beautiful beach land. 081 649 3557.

next to the new tourist attraction in Mai Khao. Perfect for investment in future like shops, guesthouse. Please email for mobile number and more details.

Patong Apartment Reduced Price: Condo 4 years old. Swimming

FOR SALE Penthouse in Rawai: 360 panoramic breathtak-

pool, security 24/7, cafeteria. Studio 46sqm fully furnished. Freehold for foreigners. Price: 2.6MLN. Urgent sale, no agent. Tel: 089 728 4005. Email:

ing views of Chalong Bay, mountain views and Big Buddha. Two bedrooms, 310 sq.m of spacious living area and balconies. Contact Izzy 0862788300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

PAT O N G c o n d o s f o r sale: Beautiful, modern Condos/

Apartments, furnished, best/quiet locations, garden, s-pool, from 36-67sq metre, sea-city-mountain views, from B2,375. Call 087 819 2162 or

Luxury 3 Bed Villa For Sale:

This luxury three bedroom home is located in a secure estate with security and office. It is only five minutes from Bangtao Beach and Laguna Phuket including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and 20 minutes from Blue Canyon Country Club and Phuket International Airport. The villa comes fully furnished with luxury leather lounge suites and quality furniture, all bedding, kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. For details and inspection, see www. or contact graham@ or call 081 897 0225.

3 Bdrm House for sale Thalang: House for sale. 3 bed and

Villa and farmland for sale:

2 baths, large living and dining room, 4 X aircons, 2 X car ports and garage. House 7 yrs 1 owner , well maintained with 135sqm living area. Land Chanote 92tw. 3.5MB 081 737 3116.

A big beautiful house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully furnished. Located in stunning panoramic hilltop scenery in Takuapa, Phang Nga, covering an area of 127 rai. Surrounded by fertile farmland with fruit trees. Price 96MB. Contact K. Peerawat: 08 4 308 8484. Email: peerawat002@hot

Three floor villa for sale: New house for sale: At Siri Village, Pa Khlok, 2 flrs, 3 beds, 2 shower rms, kitchen, living & dining area, garden, car park, 2 aircons, unstair curtains, 1 furnished bedroom. 3.8MB Contact Kirana 088 760 6083.

Pool Villa Rawai: 4 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom European style single storey house with self contained guest house and pool in Rawai on 736m2 plot. Large master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobe. Modern western style kitchen with granite tops, built-ins throughout. Established 7 years. Plenty of outdoor living area with several verandahs and under cover car park, air-conditioning in all bedrooms and lounge. Situated about 2km from Chalong circle in a quiet lane 1km from Viset Road. House & Guest house 180 sqm Land area 736sqm (184TW). 3 bedrooms Master ensuite, 4 Bathrooms 7x3.5m salt water pool. Electric gate. Well water. Concrete road access. Call 087 891 9349.

House for sale: Baan Manik area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 aic con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

Brand new three floor villa on Phuket, near Villa Market. Glass elevator, swimming pool, ocean view. 700 sq. m. Freehold contract available. Current price: 13m THB. Please call Alexander 080 521 0736.

12 Rai Chanote to sell: One of the last pieces of beautiful sea view land between Ao Makham and Ao Yon Road. Infrastructure done B210 million. Call 081 917 0377, 10am-5pm.

Luxury Condo Rent / Sale:

Seaview Townhouse Patong: Bet ween the c it y and

the jungle at the northern edge of Patong. 70m alt. 10mn walk to the beach. 4 storey + 290 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet. 4 aircon, partly furnished. Email:

Budget Bungalows:

Two Bungalows in Chalong.2-3 bedrooms.Close to all amenities. One has room for a pool,the other is like a rain forest. From only 2,300,000 Baht.Ph:0812704291. Email:

2 B e d r o o m , L- r o o m a n d f u l l y equipped kitchen, 160 -212sqm. Very high standard with a nice view. Big balcony, swimming pool, gym. Location: Kathu, 10 min. Patong Beach, 5 min. Phuket Town and all department stores and international hospitals. Rent Long term: B45,000 – B63,50 0 Buy: B8,50 0,0 0 0 – B11,500,000. Contact 086 268 7901 or send e-mail to: condophuket@



List your classified now at


House in Phuket Town / Samkong 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms Beautiful Naiharn Pool Villa:

New Luxury Villa For Sale: Lu xu r i o u s G o l f V i l l a @ Laguna Village: MUST BE SOLD ! Surplus to family invest needs. 3-bed, plus maid's qtrs. This home has been lovingly cared for. Leasehold/freehold. BVI status. POA. Ph 082 810 4184,



3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, private swimming pool (12 metre). House area of 600 sq.m., land 1.5 rai (2400 sq metre). Located on the shore of the ocean on the Koh Kho Khao, Phang-nga. larion2555@ 084 226 4574.

Modern Family House for sale: Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa in

Secure private hillside by Naiharn Beach. Quality furnished throughout. 3 big bedrooms, office, 4 baths, 230 sm plus carport etc. 1050 sm land. New condition. 15x4.6 m pool. Freehold. Nice. Only 17.5MB. Contact 089 727 5407,

Rawai. 160sqm indoor. 400sqm outdoor. Shared swimming pool. Modern villa renovated in 2011-2012. Fully furnished. For more info: phuketvilla

Conveniently located 5 minutes from all amenities including both international hospitals, Central Festival, international schools and the centre of town. Selling due to relocation. Priced to sell at 4.3 M THB including 4 air cons and all modern style furniture. Nothing more to spend. Contact (English): 084 768 0536 or (Thai): 085 888 0502

Apartment on Golf Course:

Hot Price Sale- PuriAnda Villas: New Pool Villa in Rawai 2 Bed/3 Bath, Built-In & Partial fur. Private pool & jacuzzi, sala, 50 0 beach Price 7.9 mil.Baht with Chanote title Tel.081 691 3029, E: kris.

Seaview 1 BDRM New Condo Patong: Stunning seaview,

4 plots (3 connecting, 1 separate) 1km north of Airport, along the road to MaiKhao Beach. Sea view towards south east. NorSor3Gor. 4.5 Rai in total. B4 million per Rai. Contact owner: 081 893 6630.

SeaView near Airport:

city view 1 bdrm condo on hill 500m from Patong beach. Fitness centre, roof top pool, security, car park, freehold. Only B4,400,000. Keith 084 628 3430,

Investment Proper t y for sale!: New, modern waterfront townhome at the Boat Lagoon for sale. Rented out long term at B570,000 per year. 3 bed/4 bath, 2 balconies, terrace at canal, 6 m berth in front of house. 250 sqm living space. Top condition. Luxury finishings. Brokers welcome. B9.9 million. 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 5204 (Thai/English).

Donsak Beachfront Land 3 Rai: 67 metres absolute beach

frontage, fully infrastructured, ready to build. Close to ferry going to Koh Samui. Chanote title. 4.5 MB for all. Email:

Land area 500m2, House area 164m2. 3 bed, 4 bath, fully furnished, aircon in all rooms, fans, Internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, independent water supply wells. Finish work December 2012. B8.5 million. Call 088 838 3242.

Free Hold Condo For Sale:

43 Sq. Free hold. 1 balcony (Great view). 1 bed room. 1 living room. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet.Swimming pool. Gym. Automated door lock and key card. Call 080 040 9077.

Serenity near the Beach,Chumpon: 210 sq.M

160m2 Private Pool Villa. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom (3 En Suite), Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Large Balconies & Terrace, Carport. Freehold, Chanote title. 2 minutes from beach! See proper

Sea-View Contemporary Pool Villla: Located near Phuket

town. L and: 8 5 5 sq.m. H ouse: 650sq.m. Furnished. 3 beds, 2 offices, 2 staff quarters, 1 free room. 2 Parkings. Price B38 mill.Tel: 081 895 3628 E-mail:

Reduced for Quick Sale:

Studio condo at The Point near Lotus, Big C, Central. Fully furnished. Great views 6th floor. Cost B2.8M. Reduced to B2.25M. Call 087 889 3838 or 081 370 8114. Email:

contemporary 2 story house,pool.400 M. to ThungWualen.Situated in a green belt of jungle,palm plantations,10 mins walk to the beach No traf fic jams.Chanote title.Total 2648 sq.M., Email :, Phone : 083- 391 4405.

3 Bedroom Pool Villa, Rawai:

Home For Sale By Owner:

One level 3 Bdr,2 Bath,fully equipped kitchen, set in private, secure surroundings and conveniently located as it’s just a 5 minutes drive to the BIS international school.Community Pool. Email : robert.anthony.krause@gmail. com, 084 851 9795.

Sea View Land for Sale:

Ao-Yon, 13.5 rai, chanode title.10m/ rai.Call Siri 089 649 9939, email:

Mission Heights:

Golf View, Kathu. Tastefully renovated large (83m2) apartment in Phuket Country Club. Golf view. 1 bed but easily converted to 2. Store, large Western kitchen and all furniture included. Ideal (holiday) home. Contact 081 273 7326, Email: keith

Furnished House for Sale Phuket Villa 5: 3 bedroom

furnished house near Kajonkiet School. Secure area, Cul De Sac. Nic e gardens, t wo bathrooms. B3.5M negotiable. Call 081 370 8114 (Thai) 087 889 3838 (Eng),

Sea View Land for Sale: Ao Makham. 5.5 rai, B10 million per rai. Contact Siriporn 089 649 9939, email:

1.5 Rai Private Land Cape Yamu: 1.5 Rai flat land at Cape

Yamu. 2 x 0.75 Rai adjoining plots. OrBorTor road access to quiet end of soi location. Sale direct from the owner. B3.75 Million per rai negotiable. Call 081 087 9237.

Condo At The Heights, Kata: Immaculate 2-bed foreign-

freehold unit in award-winning project. 195 sqm, sea view, near gym & pool. Quality furnishing throughout. Designer kitchen with utility-store.

Beaut iful L and L aguna Cher ngt alay: Chanote t it le, yellow zoned, save area. Nearly 4 rai, direct from owner. Subdivided i n 6 p l o t s e a c h c a . 1, 0 0 0 s q m . ready to build. Only 7.5 MB per rai. K hun Chanc hira, 0 81 3 67 76 8 3.

Laguna/Layan Beach Luxury 13M Salt-Water Pool Villa For Sale (Or Rent): Three large

bedrooms with bathrooms in tastefully re-decorated bungalow set in mature garden plot of 550m2 within secure development for ownership and/or investment. B15.5 million. Email:

Land for Sale Cherngtalay:

Ocean Front Villa for Sale:

206.4 sqm, Chanote title in Phanason residence(next to Makro). 1 min to Central festival, 5 min to town. Call 084 061 4314, 076 393 965.

Land for sale:

Happy Home Apartment for sale: Nice apartment, fully

furnished at Rawai. The apar tment is set in a private compound with pool. It is located only 5 minutes from beach and convenient to Phuket Town. Only B15 million. Tel: 081 893 2165 www.happyho

Luxury brand new villa, fully furnished and ready to move in, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with infinity 10 metre long swimming pool and truly beautiful sea view. Located in a small development, only 50 metres from the sea and 3 mins from Ao Po Grand Marina. For sale B19.9 million or for long term rent B150,000 per month. Call 081 343 0777, email: montha_phuket@

Spac ious one bed room apar tment with ocean view, nor th of Patong. Floor area 96m2 internal and 72m2 terrace including water feature with sala and jacuz zi. Per fect bachelor pad with rental income. Email for info: bart

For sale:

Pool villa for sale or rent:

Beautiful 2,400sqm (1.5RAI) Chanote titled land plot in Pasak 8, located on the highest point of a gentle slope. Quiet and safe area. Only 8.5MB. Agents welcome. Phuketlandvilla@, 089 875 9609.

Absolute Beachfront:Set on the beachfront, the ff villa offers uninterrupted sea and island views of the south east coast of Phuket. Situated between two 5 star resorts: Vijitt and EVASON near Laem Kanoi. 081 480 3834, http://www.

Beautiful Karon Villa: Stunning,

safe, secure estate villa , close to beach, crystal clear salt water pool 3 large bedrooms, modern open living, fully furnished, freehold, everything done – enjoy the lifestyle. Phone 081 719 4688 Email :

Hillside setting. Luxurious 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom pool villa for sale or rent. Sale 20M Baht. Rent Low season Daily 6k, Weekly 36k, Monthly 80k. High season Daily 7k, Weekly 42k, Monthly 100k. One complete year 85k per month. Call 087 078 6379.

Royal Kamala Condo-Sale & Rent: In Kamala. Freehold 1, 2, 3 Bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, fitness, security guard, parking. Ready to move. 085-368-3009, salesdirector@

Rawai Beachfront Pool Villa for Rent/Sale: Rawai

Beach front pool villa for sale. 3 bedrooms, furnished. Contact Siriporn on 089 649 9939.

Absolute Beach Front Land: Songkla district near new

deep sea port. 4.5 Rai divided into 7 Chanote plots. Reluctant sale. B4.9M the lot. Email: jmic chia@ or call 087 276 0529.

Condominium for SALE in Patong: Freehold title, Studio type,

32 sqm. of the living area, Furnished, 1 Bathroom, Fitted kitchen with dining area, Swimming pool, Restaurant. Call 083 103 3801 (English and Thai).






List your classified now at ale s t en g r U

RPM Owner Direct Unique luxury condo 2 bed, 2 bath, 155sqm. Foreign FREE HOLD. Recent architect remodel. New Jacuzzi. Views to lake, mountain, marina, pool etc. Completely furnished to very high standard. Motivated owner leaving.

Reduced by 600,000B. ONLY 16.9MB. Contact Brian (Owner) 089 054 4354, +632 906 435 7146, Alan 087 999 6174, See for complete details.


Our customers are wanting to BUY your condo, house, villa or business. Please contact Tina - 082 423 0043 or East Coast Sea View Land

Rawai Great Buying: Lovely Must see! Great 4bd villa: Truly exceptional 4 bd villa on the 1900 sqm land, surrounded by jungle. 10x5 m pool must see! 10 min drive to Tanyapura and to Naithon Beach. Great lovely home for large families! 084 060 7050, buy/1999-east-residential-for-sale.

house with 2 bedrooms or separate SC flat downstairs.Well ventilated with natural light in pristine condition.Distant sea views.4,995,000 Baht. Warren Crowe 081 270 4291 or


Total 1.5 rai (2,450sq metre) on gently sloping land with sea view of Phang Nga Bay.

Wonderful 5 bed house over looking the lake & Golf course in Laguna. Sale: Reduced to: 31.5 M / Rent: 190,000 P/M. Call Mick: 0848186045 - Email: or

2 separate Chanote titles each about 1,200 sq metres (4.5 and 5.5M), or will sell as one lot. Underground services. 081 273 7326, email:

Beautiful Beachfront Land: World Class Sea Views: 4 Bedroom British Colonial style house, Cape Yamu, Phuket. Amazing views spanning over 100km, as far as Krabi. Price reduced from B35 to B28 million. 086 279 6283, email:

Land For Sale: Mission Hills. 3/4 of rai in small community, very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B2.5M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Waterfront Villa in Boatlagoon: Modern style spacious townhouse. 3 large beds/4 baths. 250 Sqm. one office area and 2 balconies. One private birth for a boat up to 6 meters behind the house. freehold/leasehold. B9.9 million. Call 082 493 8526. Email:


Paklok Land Only B7,999/ Sqwah: Only B7,999/Sq wah at

Paklok, Chanote, Mountain View, 200m from main road, 11 km from monument and 4 km to Mission Hill. Interested or want a larger size? CALL 084 305 6667, email: mari

2,200 Land, Nai Harn -B10.9 million for Sale: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 metres. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

2,200 Land, Nai Harn -12,9 min: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 meters. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

Hill Land for Sale: Very nice location hill land by the Bangwat Dam, total 60 rai, 96,000 square metre. Contact: Attapong 081 892 0610 (Thai), Jantiwa 081 890 8268 (Eng). e-mail: jantiwa_ j@

Modern Villa in Marina:

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Land for Sale - Khao Lak: A beautiful 402 rai land with 860 meters of beach front in Khao Lak,Phang Nga,Chanote Title,sale all land. Ru/ En translator Call:088-7652203,0813707289,

7th Floor Suites (Hotel) Building For Sale Kata Beach Center 9 apar tments and a 300 sqm Penthouse on the roof plus fully equipped restaurant and pool with terrace are free of rent and now available. Price total 38 million Baht (9.50.000.euro) include chanote and Thai company. For serious interest email: for RUSSIAN; Ms. Oxana Email:


Ocean Front Land: 7 rai with 185 metres of sea frontage. Water, electricity, road and boat access, located 800 metres from Yacht Haven marina, perfect site for small beach front development. For quick sale only B5 million per rai. Tel 081 343 0777 Email: montha_phuket@

Phuket Country Club Condos: 3 Only Luxury Contemporary

Condos, 1 per floor C/W lift. Located on the 15th fairway 275 M3 per floor total.Common Pool and Sundeck. Underground parking 1/unit, Floor 3 show unit complete Floors 1&2 are unfinished, waiting for owners choice of flooring and kitchens. Could still develop into one very large private home. Floors 1&2 could be offices star ting from B10 million. Or B32 million for project Partial financing available. Info contact 084 840 1262,

Nai Harn Pool Villa For Sale: land area 336 sqm land,158 sqm interior floor, fully fitted Western kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilet/shower, 9x3 m pool, tropical fruit garden, chanote title, modern open design, fully furnished, 50 inch TV. B7,950,000, vankets@, 085 473 7812 .

Land for Sale:

Mission Hills. One rai. Very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B3.4M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Patong Loft Condo:

Makes a good condo deal now. 1-bedroom, fully furnished, 67 sqm living area. Only B2.99 mil. Big swimming pool. Normal price B3.7 mil. Call 089 872 6895. Email:

Apartment for sale in Patong: Apartment for SALE in

Pool Villa Mission Heights: 5 year old fantastic

bungalow style (no stairs) pool villa in a small gated community 1,2km from mission hill golf club 6km to PIA, 3bed 3 1/2 bath, huge living room, large saltwater swimming pool, newly planted garden, 2 car carport, 2 telefon lines, fiberoptic internet, price 12mill./13mill. or 15mill. depending on your needs. 12MB,, 087 060 8400

Patong; 50 sqm of the living area, seaview /mountain view, furnished, Pool, 24hr security, for SALE B2.8M - B3.3M. Contact 083 103 3801, 081 415 7774.

Very Spacious European From Owner: Villa in peaceFreehold Condo For Sale:

R AWAI VILLA: BARGAIN PR I CE: S p a c i o u s p r o p e r t y i n 1,000sqm garden. Private 9x4m pool. Three large beds, all a/c and en suite. Big Western kitchen. Plus guest house. Furnished. Private access. Price cut for quick sale. 13,500,000, alangath@, 087 273 0141.

Absolute beach front land only 4 to 5 hours from Phuket. Why pay 30-50 million baht per Rai when you can have the best from B1.1 to B2.9 Million Baht per Rai!!! Email: thailandmls@

45 Sq.m Freehold. 2 balconies (great view). 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet. Cable TV. Laundry. Fresh market. Swimming pool. Gym. Restaurant. Call 080 040 9077.

ful place in Rawai. Large living area and terrace. 3 bedrooms, 4 aircon, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet. Western kitchen, garage, laundry, beautiful garden, swimming pool. 612 sqm plot, chanote title. Price B9.5 million. Contact Tanya 083 506 8345,


Superb Ocean View Lux Penthouse: B148,000 per sqm, 288 sqm of heaven. Plunge pool, 3 bed, 4 bath overlooking perfect panoramic ocean views. Beach shops, fabulous restaurants, nightlife all a 3 minute walk. B42,624,000. Contact: 088 761 4030 or

Great Investment Opportunity: Completed show house and infrastructure seven further plots for development. 1.5km from Mission Hills Golf Club. Please call 087 888 1761 (Aom) for details.

INEXPENSIVE LAND PLOTS: Inexpensive land plots on East coast of Phuket for sale, 0.3 - 5 rai, some with a sea view (Bang Pae, Pa Klok, Yamu Hills). Direct sale by owner. 095 068 1672, 080 271 6484.



le sa

Urgent Sale: 6 rai Hilltop Land for sale, near Mission Hills golf club, was B4.2 million per rai now only B2.99 million per rai, full chanote, water/ elec. sea/mountain views. 087 978 5804 (Eng).

Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa: Chalong Beach Front Pool Villa For Sale/Rent,3 bed rooms,area 1 rai call Siriporn 089 649 9939,email: siri_phuket


Yacht View Freehold RPM Condo: Gorgeous Yacht Views

Zion Proper ty CO., Ltd.:

from Living, Dining, Master & Ferrari Sail Covered Patio. 2Bed 2Bath 194sqm 19.9MB Best views in Royal Phuket Marina Tel 0848519795 or 084 308 3113

Whether you are selling, buying or renting we offer a wide selection of high quality properties, land and businesses located in the south of Thailand. Please contact us for further information. Call 080 087 1772. See





















Specialized in large commercial and small residential cooling & heating systems.

076 319406-8 086 4702026-7







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We b D eve l o p e r

G enkan Creative is looking to expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality Minimum 3 years’ experience working in Web Development Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Minimum 2 years’ experience working with Wordpress Knowledge of SEO a plus Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop a plus Knowledge of Facebook Apps a plus Expected Salary between 25,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV to

Graphic Designer wanted Genkan Creative is looking to

expand its international team. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly creative individual to work with our international team creating world class web applications. Candidates are expected to have the following experience; Thai Nationality 3 years’ experience in Web graphic design Knowledge of HTML & CSS Knowledge of graphic design tools. E.g Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Knowledge of Wordpress a plus Expected Salary between 20,000 – 30,000 THB depending on experience. Candidates should send their CV & Portfolio to

Native English Teacher

Fr e e l a n c e G r a p hi c s Designer: Looking for Freelance Graphics Designer for occasional projects using Photo shop, In Design and Illustrator programmes. Contact Simone on or call 083 596 0018.

GHOST WRITER WANTED: Experience and CV Resident Phuket Apply

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

TV PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Phuket News TV, a division of Class Act Media, is looking for a new member of staff who wants to learn everything about the production of video material - camerawork, video editing, studio and live recording. You will be part of a small, dynamic team and will be an important contributor to the weekly content from Phuket News TV. Previous industry experience is not necessary. But it is important to have an interest in digital broadcasting, video production and telling stories through the medium of video. Experience with shooting video material and digital editing software would be an advantage. Phuket News TV use Sony HD cameras and edit primarily on the Apple platform with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553


N e e d ex p e r i e nc e d p r e s c h o o l teacher, 10 -14 children. Star t i m m e d i a t e l y, C h a l o n g , 4 0 hour a week. Send resume to

Marketing Executive wanted Art House is hiring - Marketing Executive, working at the booth in Central. Thai female, good command of English. We pay basic salary + commission + bonus. Call Alexandr 089 594 6888,


DMG Thailand is hiring Development Management Group is a Project Management Company with a long and successful history in Phuket. We are expanding our team and looking for candidates with a track record of success.The positions will be located in Phuket and Thai Nationals are desired. The positions require good command of spoken and written English.

S w i s s S e r vic e / Phon e Operator: Swiss Ser vice / Telephone Operator .Good level of English. Ability to work under pressure. Good in communication and organisation. Responsible and reliable. Minimum one year experience. Contact: HR Department, email: Humanresources.phuket@ or call 076 303 000.

M&E Engin e er M ec hanic al & Elec tr ic al Engineer to handle inspection, testing, and design review on a new construction project.Will coordinate with designers and contractors for the successful completion of the project. Contracts Manager The suc c essf ul c andidate will have a proven track record of successful contracts work in a construction environment. Administrative Assistant Solid skills with MS Office and previous construction experience is a plus. Tel: 076-617763. Email: hr@

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER We are currently recruiting for a graphic designer to join our team to handle the layout of our publications, including online.

The job:

FREELANCE WEB / SEO / EDITING: Do you require up-dates/ SEO to your site, blog or Open Cart? Also: s-engine/RSS/Blog submissions - PDF/Photo flip shows - Web Photo Video’s etc. Email: mr.m.hopkins@

national financial advisors required for south east asia finance and sales experience a huge advantage please send your CV and contact details to: info@pp-intl. com

Au pair Qualifications: ·Bachelor’s degree + qualified teacher status. ·Accredited qualifications for working with young children. ·First language English speaker, plus the ability to teach other language . ·Expected to play at least 2 musical instruments. ·Between 35 to 47 years old, Female Experience: ·Minimum 7 years experience as Private Tutor. ·Minimum 3 years teaching experience preferably as a qualifiedteacher. Rationale: ·The purpose is to support the family in personal growth and development of the children. ·The focused on the manners, etiquette, well being and educational progress of the children. ·The post will have a significant influence on the children’s personality development and always ensure their well-being. Pls contact Carol 081 978 0090 or email me carolgarciastudio@

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

Thai Reporter Wanted The Phuket News is looking for a Thai reporter to join the news desk. This is an exciting position that offers

● Designing advertisements for clients ● Layout of our The Phuket News and other publications ● All artwork and graphic design work related to production

The successful candidate must:

Applicants must have:

● Be a Thai national

● Excellent skills with InDesign, Photoshop, In Copy and other graphic design software ● Min. 1 year experience in designing and layout of newspapers or magazines ● Good English (written and spoken)

We offer: ● Competitive salary ● Friendly work environment ● Excellent progress opportunity and job security Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553

great career prospects for the right candidate

● Have a hunger for the news ● Be a proficient photographer ● Have a willingness to learn ● Have good English writing skills ● Be willing to work to deadlines ● Be a strong communicator Interested candidates are invited to send application with full resume in English indicating qualifications, experience, expected salary with recent photo via email to or fax your resume to 076-612-553

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553






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BOATS & YACHTS Luxury Yacht for Sale: For sale 2002 Bertram 510 Flybridge luxury yacht. Reduced to only USD675,000. Contact Marcus on marcus@leema

2 2 m . I n d o n e s i a n Pi n i s i Ketch: Licensed and registered in

Boat Sales and Charters:

Thailand. She is in good condition and currently working as a snorkel and sunset tour boat. For sale or long-term rental. Price negotiable for quick sale.

Want to build or charter your own boat to get out among Phuket’s many islands for fishing or pleasure? Then please contact the experts on 081 270 4291 or go to www.

End of 2013 - New Yacht Sale: Dehler 29 - 2 Cabin - THB New Varianta 37:

Max Value – Min Price 37’ yacht built by Hanse and designed by Judel/Vrolijk at a 32’ price. Performance 2/3 Cabin Layout. Base Price €74,900 ex Fact 0813701995

3,5000,000; Hanse 325 Max - 2 Cabin - THB 4,000,000; Varianta 37 - 3 Cabin - THB 4,950,000. Prices include many options and Delivery to Phuket. Contact: -, 081 370 1995. Inq,

LIV Aboard For Sale: Compressors and tanks also available. Please contact Joe : 087 891 8912 joe@

Glass bottom Looker 320 Glass bottom cruise boat for sale. Length 9.5m, beam 3.7, passenger capacity 22, speed up to 40 knots, dural/composite hull. Engine Mercruiser 320 hp. Fuel tank for 150 l, consumption 50 l, consumption 50 l / 100 km. Front transparent windshield, bottom glass 3x2 m, hydrofoil, toilet + shower, navigation. Built in 2011, excellent condition. Sell for 9MB or barter for villa/apartment.

Yacht sale 36-ft Searay: A very good condition with bedding for 5, air-con, generator, kitchenette, BBQ grill, twin propulsion, Mercruiser 5.0L bravo III DTS, raymarine chartplotter, GPS and depth sounder. B4.5 million. Call 089 647 5204. NEW ZODIAC 420 YACHTLINE: SPECIAL OFSELLING YOUR BOAT?: With high season just around the corner, now is the right time to get her listed, are always looking for new listings,big or small, power or sail, contact Alan Giles. 084 842 6146.

FER FROM MAX MARINE ASIA – A great sporty RIB, designed as a tender/people carrier for a larger vessel of approximately 70 feet. A smooth, fast ride guaranteed from the world’s most famous inflatable boat brand. -Hypalon tubes -Honda 50hp EFI 4 Stroke outboard -Boat cover FOR SALE AT 750,000 THB Contact Craig Murphy on 081-9700583 Or, Paul Stamp on 08-40 60 70 20

J e t s k i s & Tr a i l e r 600,000THB: Two 3 person jet skis, fully maintained & just fully repainted and serviced. Refurbished stainless frame trailer included with trailer jack and hand winches.082 282 6947 Dan (Thai/English).

Crownline 320 LS 50 kts B o w r i d : Ve r y f a s t - n i c e s p o r t boat,2x350 MPI engines, year 2009, like new, lifetime hull warantty, only 100 working engine hours, Thai flag, tax payed. Only 3M THB, Airberth 0,5 M THB seperately.

40FT Steel Cutter Sloop: Ready to cruise.Centrecockpit. Safe, strong German design.New Sails, 44HP Yanmar Engine, 6 Berths, solar, wind generator, BBQ, dinghy&outboard. AUD$90K. 085 3780 498,

Kawasaki 750Sxi Jet Ski Pro: Stand up. Trick conversion kit, R&D ride plate, Race bars with finger throttle, Hydro-turf floor mat with foot-holds, Very reliable, fast, and great fun. Very good condition. B150,000. Contact:

Boat for sale: Boat for sale at Ao Yon Bay (Cape Panwa, Phuket). Boat has two engines 140 cc yamaha. 13+ 2 per persons. Price:550. 000B. Phone number : 083 637 9704 Thai/Eng and 081 894 9967.






List your classified now at BOATS & YACHTS

Steppa Fiberglass 32 feet Flybridge two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. Ideal for diving and tours. B850,000. Call 081 894 2124.

Speed Boat For Sale:



Company for sale - Owner retiring Well known 12 year established company specializing in sales and rental of containers, site/sales offices, Porta Loos as well as Self Storage. Customer base includes Tesco Lotus, Laguna, Marriot, Boat Lagoon and many more. Enormous potential for expansion and export. A conservative value of company assets exceed 11MB which is included in the sale price of 14MB. Call Gordon 081 892 4804, www.

 20 YEAR PROFITABLE OPERATION  50 MB PLUS TURNOVER 2012 CALANDAR YEAR 44’ Yacht - 8 berth layout with two bathrooms, B&G instruments and many options with Delivery to Phuket. THB 6,950,000,,, 081 370 1995.


New Varianta 44’: CONTACT PETER: PHONE: 0848433492 Boutique Guesthouse & Bar: Boutique Guesthouse, Bar /

A new premium Hanse with Sail Away options included - less than THB 4,500,000 in Phuket 0813701995, Person : Inq, inq@, 081 370 1995.

Hanse 325 Max 2014:


Boat: Swedish impor ted Buster XL maid by aluminum 2 scow, Suzuki 4 stroke outboard Engine used only 200hrs, Brenderup-trailer + wakeboard + all needed accessories. Car: Mitsubishi Triton 4 wheel, only 6 years old. Boat and Car sells as a package or separate. For more information please contact: 087-8772320 or E-mail: oliver@, B1,350,000.

H Y PA LO N D I N GY 3 . 3 M:

Brand-new with UV cover and storage cover, pump, oars, kits. Only B110,000 Email: 089 971 0278, Eddie.

P r i v a t e L u x u r y Ya c h t Char ters: Luxur y day & over-

Bertram 505 Conver for sale:

Launched in 1989 this long range sport fishing vessel is powered by 2 Hino Marine 360hp V8 Turbo . The interior is fully air-conditioned and features a saloon, three cabins and a galley. Price : 7,000,000 THB , Stefano, info@, 087 834 5293 .

night yacht char ters with crew & chef on board. Rates from 64,000 b a h t p e r d a y. Te l . 0 8 9 9 710 2 7 8 ,

45ft. 4 cabins. Volvo D- 4 IPS 300. Genset. Aircon. “Bose” surround. Raymarine. Low hours. Fully loaded. Fast and economical. As new. Bargain. Only 339,000 euros. Email: 089 971 0278, Eddie.

A steal for a quick sale:

2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, Neon light, Twin 570HP with reliable shaf t drive, under 300 hours, Brand New Condition. Euro 335,000. Tel: 089 971 0278,

Land area approx 3,800 sqm. Main road with twin house in compound. Big garden, mangoes, tamarind, banana trees and a large restaurant in middle. Good lease and low rent. Price : 1.3 MB. Khun Asok, Rawai. big_redchili@, 089 646 7176.

SEATBOAT 369 sale. Year 2009, engines 2x225 hp, capacity 22 passengers, great condition, ready to run, 2 stern exits, bathroom, shower, set of new options (coach, tent anto-staining), all documents. Priced at 1.9 MB, negotiable. Call Andrey 085 368 5908.

hull, 3.5 metres W, draws 1.5 meters, diesel engine generates 123 KW. Perfect for fishing or day tours. Fitted w Fish Finder and GPS. Was B1,500,000 now only B500,000. Call 082 414 6931, email: phil@ krabikon

Coffee shop/cafe/bar for sale: URGENT-fully equipped and

licensed,you walk in I walk out,can be changed to bar,2nd flr 3 bed a/c ff acc.3rd flr covered open area,2 x Honda clicks 4 rent,cheap rent paid to 2014. Price: 400K, rjpooklook@, 094 316 1461.

full chanote title. Include tennis court, volleyball court, fishing lake, game room, restaurant and bar and separate guest bungalow for sale or long term lease. Call +66 81 569 6026, +61 498 248 656 (English & Thai) Email:patbittersweet@gmail. com. See

2 rai prime development land near Villa Market & the new Central Festival site, Laguna/ Bangtao area. Long registered leases THB 1,800,000. Minimal ground rent. Contact 087 884 0644.

Reduced for quick sale:

N E W S E A L I N ES AVA I LABLE: Orders are now open for the

new range of Sealine Sports and Flybridge, both 380 and 450. For details of this exciting new range Contact: inq@ - - 081 370 1995.

and Thai food in Patong close to b e ac h an d m ain s h o p p in g Jungceylon. First class equipment included pizza oven. Main road location, 350 sqm. Good lease cheap rent. Owner health problem must sell URGENT . Only 8 MB! 0870 368 551.

with Internet and Gaming Shop. Well established, for sale 2 Million THB. bargain, near Rawai beach. Contact Mr. Brown 081 090 9640 e-mail: info@

Laundry shop for sale: LaunBar for sale: Very Busy Mushroom

bar for sale in Soi Bel Air. Wally Bar, all stock, T.V. sound system, beer boxes and fridges included in sale, rent, only B10,000 monthly. Only B600,000 ono. 086 725 0771.

dry shop for sale located in The Promenade Plaza Nanai Rd Patong. Free deposit, free key money, Three month rent free sign contract direct to owner of Plaza. K. Jeeppy, 093 160 6566,

Business for sale Business only or business and property. Est 2003. Repeat business from big data base, non-tourist related soft furnising manufacturing and retail business. Genuine enquires only, no tyre kickers.

For further info email

Russian Cuisine Restaurant:

Russian restaurant for sale. Located in the middle of Kata beach. Advertising on Radio and TV. Fully equipped and staffed. Price : B3,000,000, Konstantin,, 082 417 2444.



Cement Production Plant:

G u e s t h o u s e Ca f e B a r Karon Beach: Easily managed

Patong N ew Hot el for Longterm Lease: 40 rooms

Restaurant for Sale Urgent!: Seafood Europain

Car, Bike, Internet, Game shop: Car and Motorbike Rental

Sport Club for Sale by Owner: Set on 4 rai land with


13 Metre Wooden Hull Cruiser: Cap. 17 PAX. Wooden 2009 POWER CATAMARAN:

Rawai Restuarant for Sale:

Restaurant business for sale. Fully equipped rooms and bar, website and facebook page established. Well situated only three minutes walk from both Kamala beach and main road with all their amenities. B1,500,000. Contact: 084 442 7015.

profitable business lease 4.7M. Fully refurbished, 6 year contract (fully pre-paid). Low rent. Busy soi 2 minutes from the beach. 5 beautiful ensuite rooms. Sports bar, fully fitted kitchen and restaurant area. Account available. Tel: 081 891 9461 /

with full furnished, TV, fridge, aircon, hot water, swimming pool, restaurant and spa. Located in Soi Nanai villa. Contact 086 300 9406.

Ready Mixed Concrete Company’s factory. 446.92 Horse power. Output of workers in the production of 22 people per day at an average yield of about 100 Q/Day (B1,800/Q) average revenue per day for about B180,000. Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete. Can continue immediately. Just buy a cement truck then start delivery. Ready water source to be used for production. Address: Moo. 4 T. Maikhao Thalang Dist. Phuket 83110. Land Size: 20 rai 2 Ngan and 56 talang wah. Price: B130 Million. Contact: Mr. Lee, mobile: 081 803 7189.

In the front of a new discotheque in the center on Bangla Road. We have 5 bars for rent. They are prepared and can be used immediately. Best return of investment is guaranteed.

Please contact Khun Ay 081-895-7597

Dive Center for sale: Once in a life time opportunity: Paradise Diving Asia Co.Ltd. is selling its 12 years established 5* Dive Center / Retail Shop in Phuket, Nai Yang plus it’s unique location and connections,, 081 891 5539.

Guest house & Business: For sale / rent long term. 400 sq m. (N.S.-3 K document) next to Swissotel Kamala. 500 m from Kamala beach. B32 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email: Sale Bar, Hotel + 1 Shop Rawai Beach: Land plot

70 0 s q m e t r e + b u i l d i n g +10 b e d +10 b a t h +2 r e s t a u r a n t s . Newly renovated. Private financing by owner. Down B2 million + 13 yearly payment of 1MB. Own forever title land. 100 metres to Rawai landing pier. 084 242 8914,


Massage shop Patong: Due

to a relationship split,we must sell the massage business in Nanai. 5 Bed platform, 3 individual beds, 5 chairs 2 toilets, 1 shower, staff accommodation Large premises, could add other business All reasonable cash offers considered. B480,000,, 083 594 1293.

For sale massage shop Pa r adi se: Ground floor

armchair,massage bed, cooking room, toilet, 1st floor 4 shower rooms. 2nd floor jacuzzi big room+bathroom.3rd floor 1 big r o o m+2 s m a l l r o o m s. 8 0 0,0 0 0 + 40,0 0 0/month c all Yves 081 895 1759 / 08 4 8 49 8 403 Bangboon(Thai).

Car Rental Company for sale !

Fully equipped office, website with online booking, many customers. New cars. Risk free opportunity.Start to make money immediately.Only 5.5 MB. Contact 0867479292 or claudstrey@




List your classified now at MOTORBIKE FOR SALE

BUSINESS SERVICES Your specialist of imported food and drinks in Phuket. Visit our shop at the Billion Plaza, opposite Tesco Lotus. Contact: 076 612 733, 076 248 900 or visit:


Farang Food Paradise:

Mini Cooper S JCW GP for sale: Only 2000 made worldwide. Per fect condition, 20 0 6, manual, 17,500 km, 218 hp supercharged, high end hifi, Recaro seats, Book Service, Ultimate Mini. Collectors item. B1.6m, 089 866 3756 (Eng/Th) frankdreist@

HONDA CB500F FOR SALE: HONDA CB50 0F for sale. Only 2 month old bike, 200 km after first maintenance. Charged with high performance parts worth 40,000 baht: Akrapovič carbon exhaust, new clutch and brake handle, fuel tank protection. Full one year accident insurance as a sweet bonus for the buyer. B180,000. Call Dmitry 095 546 3649 .

Isuzu Dmax 2006, 105,000km, one owner, 4x2, silver automatic, double cab, good condition. Contact 087 079 0650 or 080 073 5371.


coffee machines for biodegradable coffee capsules,6 blends:100%arabica,r obusta,organic,decaffeinated..BEST RESULT WITH MINIMUM EFFORT AND ZERO INVESTMENT,a real taste of Italy,call! 088 768 1260.



Invest in Swiss Stocks:

HONDA CITY '03 1.5AT, 118X X Xkm: Ver y reliably & friendly car, carefully used for last 3 years. Good condition with some wears. Clean interior, good car audio, fresh tires. Best choice for young family. Honda serviced only. Igor, Chalong, B280,000, 083 102 0070.

PEUG EOT 2 07 f o r sa l e:

2008 Peugeot 207cc, 33k kilometers, 1 owner, per fect c ondition, leather seats, Convertible, B940,000. 080 523 8819.

The best Swiss Stock Fund for Small and Mid Caps. Performance 2012: + 24 %, 2013: +30 % in Swiss Francs. www.swissactivealpha. ch or contact Mr. Niklaus Siegrist (engl./germ) 089 291 5437.


Thailand Pool Tables: Thai-

land Pool Tables is the Leading Billiard, Snooker and largest selection of game tables and accessories in Thailand. Price start from 40k – 100k. You can shop online at www., Call 085 797 0202, 085 797 0303.

Harley Dyna FXDL for sale:

Harley Davidson Dyna FXDL low rider. Perfect condition 100% maintained at Harley shop. New tires, brakes, filters. Comes with green book, saddle bags, rare Bangkok number plate. year 2000 B550,000, Leonor, gietzelt@gmail. com, 084 837 7249.



Are you the boss here?:

Are you the boss here? A great c o m b i n a t i o n i nve n t e d f o r t h e b o s s li ke yo u! C h e c k o ut o ur “ To k yo” Po o l Ta b l e ava i l a b l e i n d i f f e r e n t c o l o r s . We h a v e the largest selection of billiard, snooker and game tables. Ying, ying@thailandpooltables.c om, 085 797 0005.

Total Web Solutions: Need a professional SEO website customised for your business needs? A website that you can manage, control & update. To make a difference with your website contact websolutions@, 081 091 9282.

We Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies: At MY STORAGE Self Furniture for Sale: European Buds International School & Kindergarten: Phuket’s old-

TOYOTA CAMRY VI-2.4 V V TI G PS: Toyot a C a m r y

VI-2.4i,16V WT-i VSC(167hp)AT(only 77,000km)6 years. Integrated GPS,DVD,Bluetooth. Anti-spin and speed control, outdoor censors & rear-camera. Leather/wood interior.Only B760,000, 088 445 2800.

est international childcare facility. High-quality, time proven schedule and curriculum. Now in brand-new purpose-built school. Experienced native English teachers to teach ages 1 1/2-10. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Bus service available from Patong, Karon, Kata, Phuket, Rawai and Chalong. Tel:076 384 638, 080 624 7060(Eng)/087 278 5511(Thai)

CHILDREN’S CLUB Family sports and leisure club. Swimming/golf/ playcentre/ gaming arcade. Contact 076 203 185, 087 882 5544. See


LEXUS-4 door sedan 1.2million: Lexus 250, 2006, 2.5 V6 gaso-

line. Paddle shifter, Spor ts Drive. Brand new rims and tires. Travelled 93K. Recently Fully Serviced from dealership. Needs new owner ASAP. 082 282 6947 Dan.

CLUBS & MEMBERSHIPS Phuket Country Club Membership: Lifetime full family mem-

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Thailand’s fight capital MMA J.P. Mestanza


nce the new AKA T hailand g y m in Rawai fully opens its doors in early March, Phuket can probably claim to be the undisputed number one destination for mixed martial arts training in the region. For some time, the island has been a big player in the Southeast Asian and international MMA scene, but as AKA Thailand founder and professional fighter Mike Swick says, the sky’s the limit. “We want people to travel to Phuket because the MMA programme is at such a high level they will come here for that, as well as Muay Thai and everything that comes with living in Phuket,” says Swick, a nine-year UFC veteran. Based out of San Jose, California, the original AKA

– which stands for American Kickboxing Academy – has produced a litany of top fighters, including current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier, and former Strikeforce Lightweight champion Josh Thomson. The new facility sits on 5 rai of land surrounded by green hills in Rawai, and will boast one of the largest matted

indoor training areas in Asia. In addition, the camp is close to completion on a two-storey building that they will use for strength and conditioning as well as yoga classes and CrossFit sessions. “We are going to have everything on site, from accommodation and a tour desk to a lounge area where our students can watch our fighters. I think it

brings some uniqueness to the facility,” says Gym Manager Adrian Shead. With plans to include not only Muay Thai and MMA training, but also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under second degree Black Belt Marco Machado, the camp expects to be a hub for fighters across Asia. The expectations are so high, that Wang Sai – a con-

testant on The Ultimate Fighter China, a UFC reality show – chose to prepare for his March 1 welterweight fight in Macau at AKA Thailand before construction was even complete. If he wins, the youngster will win a contract to the sport’s premier promotion. “This is a good place to evolve and grow as a fighter under a proven formula,” Swick

says. Javier Mendez, who founded the original AKA in California, has already visited the site. Current professional fighters based in the United States are expected to make the trip as well once doors are opened. Many fighters are attracted by the level of Muay Thai training a Thailand-based camp can provide. Coupled with the AKA brand and curriculum, choosing Phuket to prepare for fights might be a no brainer. “Because of the fight culture in Thailand, it really gives you a lot of motivation and insight into what it takes,” Swick says, “[AKA has] built a winning entity in MMA and has proven it time and time again. This will be one of the most complete fight clubs in the world and I’m honoured to be the one to bring it global.” For more information, visit or facebook. com/akathailandgym

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WINNING START In the home opener of their 2014

Futsal Thailand Premier League season, Phuket United took care of CAT Telecom FC 3-1 last Sunday (February 16). The team will look to improve upon their fifth place finish last year, their first in the league. This season’s home games take place at Saphan Hin Indoor Gymnasium, a 4,000 seat facility in the heart of Phuket Town.

Thailand beat HK in Davis Cup match-up TENNIS


hailand advanced to the second round of the Davis Cup after cleaning up in their match against Hong Kong last Sunday (February 16) at the Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club (TSLC) in Thalang. In the final match of the Asia/Oceania Group II opening round, Nuttanon Kadchapanan defeated Ognian Kolev

in a game of big serves, 6-1, 2-6, 6-2. Earlier in the day, Thai number one Pruchya Isarow defeated Hong Kong captain Phillip King, 6-4, 6-1, 6-2. King had been battling the flu, and had only arrived on the eve of the three-day competition. Playing at Phuket’s Thanyapura sports complex after it was decided to move the tournament away from the political protests in Bangkok,

the Thai team had taken a commanding lead the day before (February 15) with a doubles victory. Despite the loss, King – who was clearly worn out after three-straight days of intense matches – managed to give Hong Kong an early lead in the first singles match of the opening round with a win over Warit Sombutnark 6-4, 6-7 (2-7), 6-3 on Friday (February 14). Thailand will now square-

off against Kuwait in the second round of Asia/Oceania Group II on April 4-6 at home. While organisers have until February 26 to announce the location of the venue, with protests ongoing, it would not be a surprise to see the second round take place at Thanyapura once again. Last year, Thailand handily defeated Kuwait in the opening round of the Davis Cup before losing to the Philippines two months later.

Tuhugov wins in Brazil MMA IN HIS DEBUT FIGHT IN the sport’s premier promotion, Zubaira Tuhugov (16-3) walked away with a unanimous decision victory against Douglas Silva de Andrade (22-1) last Saturday (February 15) in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The Chechnyan landed

four takedowns, the most of any fight on the UFC Fight Night 36 card, while he handed Andrade the first loss of his career. Tuhugov, who trains out of Phuket’s Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, used a combination of inside strikes and strong ground control to confuse the Brazilian. At just 23-years-old, Tuhugov was impressive in his victory and extended his winning streak to seven, his last defeat coming in May of 2012.

Stay smooth in your transition SUPERKIDZ Jurgen Zäck Thanyapura Senior Triathlon Coach

I F YOU R K I DS H AV E learnt how to swim, bike and run, it is time to get prepared for the fourth discipline: the transition! The transition area is where all three disciplines meet. Executing the change from swim to bike and bike to run is very important, and makes the race smoother, quicker and more fun. Races have been won and lost in the fourth discipline. It is important to construct a transition area during a workout to go through the process.

Swim/Bike: - Water exit - Drop off swim cap and goggles

- Wipe off with towel - Putting on helmet and sun glasses - Put on elastic belt with race number - Put on shoes - Push and then jump on the bike

Bike/Run - Slow down before the dismount line - Jump off and push the bike - Rack the bike - Take off the helmet - Have a quick drink - Start running At the Thanyapura Superkidz sessions, we do have training competitions with short swim, bike, run segments and focus on each step of the transition. These sessions take place every Tuesday from 4pm to 5:30pm as Thanyapura’s triathlon coaches work on the fine tuning of transition. Once the kids get it right, they might have a new favourite sport: the fourth discipline. Yours in triathlon, Jürgen Zäck The next Superkidz event takes place at Thanyapura on March 8. Class Act Media is a sponsor. For more information or to register, visit facebook. com/ThanyapuraSuperkidz or thephuketnews




Village score first win of JLL season CRICKET

BISP boys football team took home silver at the annual British International Schools South East Asia Senior Games.

BISP students win at Pattaya games


he Village Cricket team XI won their first match of the 2014 season with a victory over fellow bottomdwellers Patong Cricket Club XI in match 10 of the Jones Lang LaSalle Cricket League at the Alan Cooke Ground (ACG) last Sunday (February 16). The Village batted first but it was Patong’s bowling attack that struck early, taking the crucial wicket of Village Vice-Captain Martin Foster (4) in the 5th over with the score on 18 runs. Shortly after, the partnership of Simon Pettigrew (22) and eventual ‘man of the match’ Peter Coceani (75) put up 111 runs. Then Patong’s Thai youngster, Pao Suttiprapha, caused all sorts of problems with Coceani becoming his first victim with the score on 129 runs in the 23rd over. It was Patong who took control in the final overs of


MULTI-SPORT Patong CC’s Richard Desmond takes his last swing of the game. Photo: Michael Way the Village innings, to restrict them to a total of 193 runs, still their highest score of the season. After the break, the Villagers got off to a flying start as captain Craig Paterson got early breakthroughs of Paddy Morton (0) and Pao (0) from his first over, and followed this up by trapping Imtiyaz Mushtaq (1) Ibw, with Patong in need of resuscitation with only 6 runs and already 3 wickets down. Patong’s David Watson (67) and Seemant Raju (37) went on a tear with a 104-run partnership that saw them

take the team into a matchwining situation. The Village’s Pettigrew would capture the wicket of Watson in the 19th over with the score on 110. After Raju fell, the match was even with Patong requiring another 76 runs from 15 overs for victory as Anthony Van Blerk (23), and Mike Khan (12), put on a further 30 runs, before Pettigrew trapped Khan lbw with the score on 148 runs in the 27th over. Blerk was dismissed in the 31st over with Patong needing just 27 runs from 28 balls, and most would have tipped a Patong victory.

However, the Village did not read the script and an impressive final spell from Craig Paterson and Divan Mydeen saw them capture the last three wickets of Patong in the final 2 overs. Pick of the bowlers were Craig Paterson with a 5 wicket haul, (5 wickets for 32) and Divan Mydeen (2 wickets for 19). Next Sunday (February 23) will see ICC looking for revenge against Laguna after losing by only one run in their previous encounter. For more information, visit

ST U DE N T-AT H L ET ES from British International School Phuket (BISP) took home several medals in basketball and football at an annual Senior Games competition in Pattaya that saw competition between some of the top international schools in Southeast Asia on January 31. The Federation of British International Schools South East Asia (FOBISEA) Senior Games, a competition for athletes aged 15 and above, saw BISP secure a gold medal in boys basketball and a silver medal in boys football. The BISP girls team placed fifth in basketball and secured

fourth place in football. Despite only practicing twice and fielding the smallest team in the basketball competition with nine players, the BISP boys team defeated International Community School – a Bangkok-based American academy with students on sport scholarships – in the final by a score of 26-18. In football, the BISP boys placed second overall despite only conceding one goal the entire tournament; a score that unfortunately came in the final. “It was a real pleasure to be associated with such a fantastic group of athletes,” said Athletics Director Jeff LaMantia, “We are so proud of the way you played the game and the way you represented the school.”





Arsenal and United draw as Liverpool close on top FOOTBALL


rsenal missed the chance to go top of the Premier League as Liverpool moved to within four points of the summit last week. Arsene Wenger’s men were held to a goalless draw at home to champions Manchester United while Liverpool had to twice come from behind before Steven Gerrard’s stoppage-time penalty sealed a 3-2 win away at bottom-of-the table Fulham. “He showed brilliant composure. It was a great result. We’ve had to show character to come from behind twice,” said Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. Arsenal were left a point behind leaders Chelsea on a night when title rivals Manchester City saw their match at home to Sunderland postponed because of severe weather battering the north-west of England that also meant Everton’s game against

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling vies for the ball with Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud during the recent EPL match at the Emirates Stadium. Photo: AFP/Ben Stansall. Crystal Palace was called off as well. “In the end either side could have won 1-0,” said Wenger after a match where both Gunners keeper Wojciech Szczesny and United counterpart David de Gea both made excellent saves. The draw did little for United’s fading hopes of claiming a Champions League place,

with David Moyes’s side now 11 points adrift of the top four. A few day’s after the draw, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho labelled his Arsenal counterpart as a “specialist in failure.” Mourinho, whose side lead Arsenal by a point at the top of the table, was responding to comments from Wenger

earlier last Friday (February 14) that anyone who said their team was not in the race for the title was betraying a fear of failure. “He [Wenger] is a specialist in failure. I’m not,” said Mourinho, “If supposedly he is right and I’m afraid to fail, it’s because I haven’t failed many times. “The reality is he is a specialist. Eight years without a piece of silverware, that’s failure. If I do that at Chelsea, eight years, I leave London and I don’t come back.” Meanwhile, Liverpool found themselves behind in just eight minutes at Craven Cottage when Kolo Toure sliced Kieran Richardson’s cross into the net. But four minutes before the break, Daniel Sturridge drew Liverpool level. Fulham went 2-1 in front when Richardson scored from just a few yards out. Liverpool hit back in the 72nd minute. And just when Fulham were about to collect a precious



The overall competition winner receives 2 nights accommodation at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort in a Premium Suite with Private Pool, buffet breakfast for 2, Sheraton Club Lounge benefit, and 1 dinner at Malati or Gecko’s restaurant for 2, overall value B61,400. The monthly competition winner for February 2014 will receive a B3,000 voucher to spend at Walkabout Sports Bar Karon Beach. FEBRUARY STANDINGS 1. sam3838 2. tim at acorn 3. sleazysteve 4. Gracie 5. NEIL 6. Campanil 7. celticpride 8. Clare Bolzon 9. flob 10. jwiegand

61 55 52 49 49 46 46 46 46 46

point, the fifth minute of injury time saw Sascha Riether bring down Sturridge in the box and Gerrard score from the ensuing penalty. As Gerrard leapt into the air in celebration of his late winner, Fulham owner Shahid Khan could feel the relegation trapdoor opening beneath him. Fulham’s 18th defeat in 26

OVERALL STANDINGS 1. celticpride 2. Kathu Bandit 3. jwiegand 4. NEIL 5. MRB 6. sami 7. scottkip 8. zestrealestate 9. sleazysteve 10. sam3838

550 547 544 538 535 523 523 523 521 515

games this season had left the west London club rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, with just 12 matches remaining. Just 48 hours later, the club’s recently-appointed manager Rene Meulensteen was ruthlessly sacked, with former Bayern Munich boss Felix Magath immediately hired as his replacement. AFP




Finally, 2014 is here... KAZE’S FREEKICK Kazira Hans

IT’S BEEN OVER THREE months without Phuket FC games to look forward to every weekend, and a few diehard Phuket FC fans – myself included – nearly pulled their hair out due to boredom. But the wait will be over in a few days, as the Yamaha League-1 Season 2014 is finally here. Since last season ended, we have seen Phuket go through a complete re-brand: new logo, new colours, new mascot, new team manager. I like the new logo, though it looks a bit like a school crest. The new colours are vibrant and energetic; crimson and forest green are two of my favourite colors, so I don’t complain. Take it from me, after looking at their home kit for a while you’ll start to really like it. The crest and colours won’t help win games, though, at least not that I know of. But this new “Young Blood” Phuket FC might just be Phuket’s pride and joy. I have to admit, the squad is impressive. The enthusiastic and aggressive players brought in might just bring back entertaining football, though some names raised eyebrows. Like Ney Fabiano, a veteran in Thai football who was once named one of the greatest in the Thai Premier

HMMM... This might be your initial feeling about the new kit, but you’ll warm up to it. League. He’s been in Thai football a long time, and as all fans can see, he has grown with experience – I hope those experiences will benefit the Young Blood at Phuket FC. This Sunday (February 23) the Phuket FC “Ronins” will play their opener at Surakul Stadium in Phuket Town, hosting Pattaya United. Funny, two big tourist cities from opposite coasts of the country will be playing against one another. Personally, I think it will be a win for Phuket. This Pattaya United is basically 2013 Sri Racha Suzuki FC that upped and moved to Pattaya. Last September, this very same team beat Phuket FC 5-1. But, on paper, this Phuket squad is better so anything can happen. In my next column, I will tell you what I think about the week’s match from a fan’s perspective. Some of you might share the same view about the game. Some of you may not have a clue what I am talking about. If that’s the case, go to one of Phuket FC’s matches, and then tell me what you think.

*Times may be subject to change END




Friday, February 21 816, 118



Rugby Union

Super XV

Crusaders v. Chiefs



Rugby Union

Super XV

Cheetahs v. Bulls




Rugby Union

Six Nations

Wales v. France





Winter Olympics

Sochi Day 15

Saturday, February 22 814



Rugby Union

French Top 14

Clermont v. Montpelier

816, 118



Rugby Union

Super XV

Highlanders v. Blues



Rugby Union

Super XV

Brumbies v. Reds



Rugby Union

Super XV

Sharks v. Hurricanes Lions v. Stormers

118 816 810, SS4



Rugby Union

Super XV



Rugby Union

Six Nations

Italy v. Scotland



Rugby Union

Six Nations

England v. Ireland Chelsea v Everton









Man City v. Stoke





Crystal Palace v. Man United






West Ham v. Southampton

812, SS2





Arsenal v. Sunderland





U19 World Cup

Quarter Final 1




U19 World Cup

Quarter Final 2 (D)




Winter Olympics

Sochi Day 16 London Irish v. Leicester


Sunday, February 23 118 816, 118



Rugby Union

Aviva Premiership



Rugby Union

Aviva Premiership

Saracens v. Exeter



Rugby Union

Super XV

Waratahs v. Western Force

812, SS4





Liverpool v. Swansea






Newcastle v. Aston Villa





Norwich v. Tottenham





U19 World Cup

Quarter Final 3




U19 World Cup

Quarter Final 4 (D)





Winter Olympics

Sochi Day 17





Winter Olympics

Closing Ceremony


Last place Mae happy just to be part of Sochi OLYMPICS

Live Sports TV Schedule CHANNEL START



iolin virtuoso Vanessa Mae, Thailand’s first ever female skier at the Olympics, came last in a rainy giant slalom on Tuesday but was still bubbling with joy after finishing the slushy course. The Singapore-born British former child prodigy came through the finish line in 67th place after two runs, a massive 50.10sec behind winner Tina Maze of Slovenia. Hesitantly out of the starting gate, she clocked 3min 26.97sec down the course, 11.35sec behind her closest rival Xia Lina of China. But at least, she finished both runs – unlike 22 others who failed to make it down. And coming long after top medal contenders who fought for every hundredth of a second, the 35-year-old Mae – racing under the name Vanessa Vanakorn – was happy with her result. “I expected to be last but at the end of the day the Olympics is a great opportunity,” she said after her first run, still wearing a bright green and pink mouthguard. “I nearly crashed three times, but I made it down and that was the main thing. Just the experience of being here is amazing. I was worried I was going to get lost [on

Thai Olympian and violinist Vanessa Mae. Photo: Kowarisuki the course], but I just about managed it.” “I’m a last-minute kind of girl, I mean training for the Olympics with six months to go was a last-minute thing. “My main purpose of being here was to really have a good time, to improve my skiing in a very short amount

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Run 1462: will be on Saturday, February 22 at 4pm Hares: Gorgeous & Barbara Woodhouse Directions: From Central Intersection, go South on Chao Fa West, go on Past Phuket Island Furniture (approximately 2 km further on) and turn right into Jao Fa Soi 69, HHH sign, (Captains Paint is on this corner). Go on towards Wat Luang Pu Supa and turn right just before Wat Archway HHH sign. Go on over the new bridge and follow HHH signs past the elephant compound to the gate at the bottom of the hill where we once got smoked out. Laagar is at the gate, hopefully the smoke has gone. From the south, (Chalong Circle) go past Wat Chalong and look for HHH sign at Jao Fa Soy 69, turn left and follow directions as above. Bus pick-up: Kamala: 14:30; Patong 15:00 More info:

of time,” she said. Although a British citizen, strict British Olympic Association rules on team selection for alpine skiing saw Mae take Thai citizenship in her bid to make the Olympics. The violinist – who has described music as her “lifelong passion” but skiing as her

“lifelong hobby” – eventually qualified after getting the required number of points in four races in Slovenia. On Tuesday, donning an orange helmet and largely dark blue catsuit, Mae negotiated the course with a conservative style, clearly lacking the cutting edge of Maze and other leaders in the discipline. Still she dismissed talk of a possible injury that could hurt her other career. “You have to take risks in life at the end of the day. You can insure yourself up to your eyeballs but you won’t enjoy life.” Mae, whose full name is Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson, made her name as a child classical violinist before becoming renowned for what she has described as her “techno-acoustic fusion”. While not well known in Thailand, she became a household name in Britain, with worldwide record sales in excess of 10 million, something not lost on giant slalom winner and part-time singer Tina Maze of Slovenia. “We spoke after the first race,” Maze said. “I didn’t know that it was her sitting next to me. “I respect a lot of what she does with music and she has a great personality,” she said, adding: “I wouldn’t trade my gold medal for 10 million records sold.” AFP




Man U and Arsenal draw as race for EPL title remains close at top > page 30

# 36 Yusuke Sato

# 9 Wasan Natasan Team captain wearing the Phuket FC home kit. Main colours are red and green, with yellow socks. Shirts available at Phuket FC shop outside Surakul Stadium for B590.

# 1 Ninuruddin Nideha Phuket FC’s goalkeeper wearing pink shirt with black pants. Goalie’s kit not available to buy currently.

Central defender wearing the Phuket FC away kit. The colours are bright orange with a green stripe across the chest, and white socks. Shirts available at Phuket FC shop outside Surakul Stadium for B590.

Game on for The Ronin

Match preview: Phuket FC vs Pattaya United FOOTBALL Kazira Hans


huket FC will kick off their 2014 Yamaha League-1 campaign this Sunday (February 23) with an infusion of “Young Blood” after a complete overhaul of the team has left only nine footballers from last season’s campaign. Most of “The Nine” are key players in their positions who are likely to be part of the first-team lineup, and will give Phuket FC an edge after playing together for a year. One of the new faces is captain Wasan Natasan (#9), who honed his skills at Chiang Rai United with Coach Teco, and who will likely be

paired upfront with Anusak Laosangthai (#29). The duo will definitely be a striking force to reckon for Phuket FC. The Brazilian duo of Eber Henrique (#23) and Christian Alex (#10) will control the midfield. Alex, who last year was more of a strength and speed player, will still be able to dribble through the defense and cause damage in front of Pattaya United’s goal on Sunday. Eber, who is short in stature, will more than make up for it with his unrelenting ability to chase and tackle; like a bulldog that will never let go. Manager Stefano “Teco” Cugurra seems to be favouring a strong pressing attack this season, as Phuket FC will look to pile on the pressure early on in matches, connect

their short passing plays and convert opportunities into early scores. M id f ielder Watcha ra Kriaram (#21) is, for lack of a better word, fierce. Pattaya United will want to think twice when they have the ball in their possession when Watchara is nearby. Another one of “The Nine,” Alef Pochi (#15), might also start this game if Teco wants to play a safe 4-4-2 formation against Pattaya’s “Dolphins”. But we might also see Arnon Yangkam (#25) start. Arnon is an attacking midfielder who likes to tear-off on runs down the sidelines, using his speed to go past players and whip pinpoint crosses into the kill zone. The back-line is an international affair with Japan’s

Yusuke Sato (#36) and Brazilian Tales dos Santos (#4) at centre, with Sakareya Kolae (#26) running right back. With Tales’ height (197 cm), the team hopes to prevent Pattaya from connecting in the air, while Watchara will help on the ground. The new defender to watch will be Burmese international Pyne Soe (#16) who, after a few friendlies, showed confidence in defending his position and swinging out to help with attacks along the wings. Pattaya United Coach “Daeng” Songyot Klinsrisuk, the former Sri Racha Suzuki FC head coach, brought with him half of that team’s footballers to Pattaya. His advantage over Phuket FC might just be that his players have been together for a long

time and are already in-tune. Keep your eyes on Sarawut Fuengdan (#14), a former Thailand U-19 striker who was given the nickname “Rooney” for his style. He joined Pattaya United during the off-season and is solid at scoring and setting-up goals. Other wild cards include Brazilian striker Andre Aruajo (#10) and defensive midfielder Moussa Sylla (#15), whose brutal and relentless tackles might cause problems for the Ronins as we saw him dominate in midfield last year with his former club BBCU. Pattaya might play a safe 4-4-2 formation and hope to hold off Phuket FC as much as possible, with Coach Daeng likely to rely on his solid defense. The Dolphins, despite go-

ing through turmoil during the off-season, are still a good team that can’t be underestimated. Their counter-attack can be deadly with the speed and skills of footballers like Chatchai, Sarawut and Andre. If Phuket FC want to win this game and bag their first three points of the season, they will have to both keep it tight at the back and also take the game to their opponents.

Kaze’s prediction: Phuket FC 2 -0 Pattaya Utd. Phuket FC take on Pattaya United at Surakul Stadium this Sunday (February 23), kick off is at 6:30pm. Tickets are B100 for adults, free entry for children. Class Act Media is a proud sponsor of Phuket FC. thephuketnews


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