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TAXI RANK TAKEDOWN Next target will be ‘influential people’ in Phuket Staff reporters


ollowing up on the mass arrests of taxi drivers last week, a 150-strong task force, comprising both police officers and government officials from Kathu and Patong, could be seen over the weekend in Patong, Kalim, Cherng Talay, Surin Beach and Mai Khao

demolishing dozens of taxi ranks built on public land. The force, comprising both police officers and government officials, was led by Region 8 Police Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Panya Mamen, Phuket Vice-Governor Jamroen Thippayapongthada and municipal leaders. Initially it was reported that 16 ranks were targeted but police said these were only the initial “survey” targets, and during their inspections

they became aware of another 10, all of which were dismantled on Friday and Saturday (June 6-7). Kathu Police instructed Patong Municipality to inform them immediately of any other cases of “invasion of public space for personal/private benefit”. On Wednesday (June 11), Pol Maj Gen Paween Ponsirin, Commander of the General Staff Division, Provincial Police Region 8, who heads



up the anti-taxi mafia action, said that all 108 wanted taxi drivers are now in custody. He now has orders, he said, to go after the influential people and local politicians controlling much of the taxi industry on Phuket Seventy-three taxi drivers were arrested in the original swoop that took place across the island on June 4, out of a total 108 people wanted on 111 arrest warrants.



Japanese takes title at Laguna Marathon 2014

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Pass rates tumble as expanded driving theory test is introduced > page 9 THE TAXI FILES

Police drive against bad taxi Trust drivers takes on new twists Continued from Page 1 One by one the others came in to surrender to answer charges that they had threatened businesses, extorted money from tour company drivers and threatened them with weapons such as pieces of wood or guns, blocked hotel entrances and forced tourists to get out of minibuses that came to hotels to collect them for tours. The last of the remaining 35 wanted people surrendered to police on Wednesday (June 11). Also surrendering, on June 4, was the Mayor of Karon, Thawee Thongcham, who came in to answer charges of supporting mafia taxi activities in the Karon area, abusing his position to allow the taxi drivers exclusive use of a public sala for their taxi station, and allowing them to use, free, electricity and water that are

paid for from national coffers. Meanwhile, there were reports that as soon as the taxi stands were knocked down in some parts of the island, the spaces were invaded by vendors of food and souvenirs. Gen Panya said that the witness protection scheme was working well. Only two witnesses have reported threats. In Chalong a witness said that a colleague of one of the accused chillingly watched his children at school, while in Karon, a taxi driver confronted a witness and uttered verbal threats. Gen Panya added that all the cases are expected to be handed over to the Public Prosecutor by Sunday (June 15). He also gave an update of action against leaders of mobs who have blocked roads in recent months.

One person has been arrested for leading the mob that jammed Patong on March 4, he said. Police are waiting for an arrest warrant to be issued for one more person, and are gathering evidence they expect will lead to three more warrants. Three people have been arrested for the worst blockade, on April 8 when villagers in Mai Khao blockaded Thepkrasattri Rd, resulting in 10-kilometre traffic jams in both directions. Police are waiting for seven more warrants and expect to apply for a further six, for a total of 16 people to be arrested as leaders of the blockade. Finally, three people have surrendered over the one-hour blockade of Chao Fa West Rd on April 27. Police expect to apply for two more warrants.

gap still yawns after Karon taxi talks Anthika Muangrod


n attempt to bridge the wide gap of distrust and dislike between taxi drivers in Kata-Karon and local hotels and resorts on Tuesday afternoon (June 10) came to no solid conclusion. At a packed meeting in the Karon Municipality building, held mainly to allow both sides to air their views on the situation, some speakers urged an immediate return to something like the old system of taxi groups with exclusive territories. Pol Col Natthapakin Kwanchaiyaphruk of Karon Police Station suggested that, “to keep things in order”, all taxi drivers should be registered as being stationed at a particular point. No more than two taxis should be allowed at any one point, and only they should be allowed to pick up passengers at that point. These points

Teerayut Prasertpol wants to see taxis picking up from anywhere on the island. would, he suggested, be a few hundred metres apart. The police and Governor Maitri Inthusut also backed calls for hotels to allow taxi drivers to set up stands on their premises – despite the police and municipal drive to destroy all illegal taxi stands. The hotels, however, were

generally silent. A representative of Club Med complained that in the past the taxi drivers had tried to control things. When the resort allowed them to set up on its land, the leader of the taxi group had understood the agreed conditions, but the others in the group did not follow them. Teerayut Prasertpol from the Phuket Provincial Transportation Office said that taxis should be able to pick up passengers in other parts of the island. “For example, a taxi driver coming [to Karon] from the airport should be able to pick up another passenger to take back to the airport, so that he does not waste fuel on a journey with no passenger.” Gov Maitri offered a number of points for consideration, including: Make everything systematic, by having detailed rules, decreasing the power of “influential people”, increasing freedom for everyone else. He also suggested conducting a survey of taxi drivers and their families to establish their income levels and whether they need government help to get jobs out of the taxi business. Returning to the public all public land appropriated by taxis. (This has already been achieved in large measure by the wholesale demolition of taxi stands.) Increase the quality of the island’s taxi services to international standards. Constant and strict enforcement of the law. Supporting taxis to convert to other ways of doing business, such as becoming meter taxis. Supporting other forms of public transport. It is expected that more meetings will be held to try to work out compromises and find alternatives to the existing corrupt, inefficient and sometimes violent system. Editorial, Page 10 thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014




Police look into ‘unusually rich’ taxi drivers MANY OF THE TAXI drivers charged in the recent police blitz with a variety of crimes are also “unusually rich”, and now face minute examination of their assets and bank accounts. Already police have found “hundreds of millions of baht”. Lt Gen Panya Mamen, Commissioner of Police Region 8, explained, “I have met with Chanchai Pongpasson, Director of AMLO Litigation Division 3, to consider the evidence we have. He asked that police collect more evidence. “In Phuket, 4,000 to 5,000 taxi drivers are legal. We are concerned only with the [108] drivers under investigation. “Police officers have al re a dy fou nd la rge amounts of money in these people’s accounts – the total is in the hundreds of millions of baht.” Police are also expected to look for any money trail that leads back to local influential people.

Real public transport system for Patong? Wiparatana NaThalang


he new Mayor of Patong, Chalermluck Kepsab, has f loated the idea of reorganising the town’s thousands of tuk-tuks to create a hop-on-hop-off public transport system. The Mayor told The Phuket News on Tuesday (June 10), “We are going to take the same tuk-tuks and taxis that are currently just parking [at the roadside] and doing nothing, and get them moving around At present, most of Patong’s tuk-tuk drivers sit in public [on fixed routes] to pick up and parking spaces waiting for passengers. drop off people.” The idea is reminiscent of other relevant people to decide plan floated by Mayor Chalermluk Kebsap for converting the popular “baht buses” in how we can do this. “We will use only some of taxis and tuk-tuks in Patong Pattaya or Chiang Mai’s rot the tuk-tuks and taxis. They into a public transport system. daeng (red trucks). He told The Phuket News, She admitted that consider- need to meet standards we will able discussion and negotiation set, the details of which we will “We agree with her policy. We will be required. “We have to reveal when we have discus- need to do this, otherwise the discuss this policy with the sions with the cooperatives.” tuk-tuk and taxi problems will Jaturong Kaewkasi, Head never be solved. drivers’ cooperatives, the [Pro“We are not going to exvincial Land] Transportation of the Phuket Provincial TransDepartment, the police and portation Office has backed the clude any of tuk-tuks or taxis;

One of the two women held up in the robbery (in red shirt) speaks with police, including the current temporary provincial commander, Pol Maj Gen Krajang Suwannarat.

Men flee with B800k after armed robbery TWO MEN FLED WITH B815,938 in cash after robbing two female employees from a Shell gas station at gunpoint as they arrived at the Tesco Lotus carpark on Wednesday morning (June 11) to deposit gas station takings in a bank account. Police said the two suspects held up a gun to the female employees and demanded they @thephuketnews

hand over the money at around 11.30am at the large Tesco Lotus on the bypass road. The employees did, and the two suspects fled on a motorbike toward the Central Festival intersection. Police said the suspects travelled on a Wave motorbike, which had a basket on the front. The driver was a slim man, about 175-180cm tall. His

passenger was a little heavier, and around 180cm tall, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, and with a red helmet. The passenger was said to have spoken in a Southern dialect, had “big eyes” and tanned skin, according to police investigations. He also had a black pistol, and put the cash into a Mickey Mouse-themed bag. Eakkapop Thongtub

any of them will be able to join the system.” The route for the service has yet to be decided, he said. A similar service was proposed five years ago, but since then the one-way system has changed a number of times. However, he envisages only 30 to 50 vehicles out of the hundreds of tuk-tuks and taxis in Patong will be circulating at any time. The vehicles would be painted in candy stripes to distinguish them from other tuk-tuks and taxis that are not part of the system. This will mean a complex centrally-controlled system of vehicles waiting to join in at any time, and parking space must be found for the extras. Some drivers will be asked to wait at home, being called in to join the transport system when others go home. “We will limit the fares and Patong Municipality will support the system financially.

We also hope to get the Tourism Authority of Thailand on board as a partner.” Mr Jaturong has some doubts about the political will of the Municipality. He said, “Will they actually go ahead with this? If they do I will go ahead with setting up planning meetings.” Chairat Sukkaban, who was Deputy to the former Mayor of Patong, Pian Keesin, was dubious. He said that although he could see merit in the idea, he was sceptical about its practicability. “Can she really do it? If she can do it, she only can do part of it because the power lies not with the Municipality; it lies with the Transportation Department. “I agree with the idea, and I hope this is not a ‘talk only’ public transport system. “But she will have to be very careful not to affect the livelihoods of people and business owners.”



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

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he police officer behind the four-month investigation of “mafia” taxi operation in Phuket, and the planner for the mass arrests and surrenders that have taken place over the past 10 days, says that Patong is also on his list of targets. He confirmed that the former mayor of Patong, Pian Keesin, will be among those he will want to talk to at Phuket Provincial Police HQ. In an exclusive interview, The Phuket News asked Pol Maj Gen Paween Pongsirin, Commander of the General Staff Division, Provincial Police Region 8, whether action would be taken soon against “mafia” taxi activities in Patong. “If the Commissioner of Region 8 [Pol Lt Gen Panya Mamen] gives the order for us to stay here and continue, we will. “The main target area here is Patong which is controlled

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Pol Maj Gen Paween Pongsirin. by influential people – local politicians. If this were within our powers, we’d already have warrants for these people. But it’s not, so we’ve appealed to the National Crime Suppression Division and already sent them the case. “We believe that if we’re able to diffuse the local power, the local people will step forward and help us to solve

SALES REPRESENTATIVE Phatreema (Jump) Thonglred 088 754 1372

Rescuers remove a body from the slide. Photo: Puan Tuan Pai Phuket Club

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the problem with tuk tuks.” Gen Paween feels confident he can clean up Phuket’s party town.“I will do this, if [Gen Panya] lets me. “When he asked me to come to Phuket, I asked him, ‘Are you sure? Because if I go then I will do my very best. Please don’t put the brakes on.” As he spoke with The Phuket News, municipal work-

ers guarded by hundreds of police were backing up the mass arrests of “mafia” taxi drivers by ripping down their drivers’ “offices” outside some of Phuket’s best-known hotels, including Twin Palms and the Doubletree at Surin Beach. “The Crime Suppression Police are carrying out this action against taxi drivers in Kata-Karon, Cherng Talay and Kamala,” he said. “It has taken us just three months to investigate and take action on 111 cases [of mafia taxi activity involving 108 people]. “I always tell my officers not to take bribes. If I find any of them doing so, I kick them out of the team. Gen Paween also spoke about the Mayor of Karon, Tawee Thongcham, who surrendered on June 4 to answer charges of collusion with taxi drivers in Kata and Karon. “During the four months of our investigations we found a lot of evidence pointing to Mr Tawee. He basically gave the municipal sala area to the

taxi drivers, along with free electricity and water paid for by the public. “Mr Tawee had also failed in his duty to stop illegal activities. So we had to arrest him. “In Mr Tawee’s case there was very clear evidence. But you can observe that every OrBorTor allocates to taxi drivers a place that belongs to the public. If the OrBorTor did not give them permission, they could not build their stands there.” He said that, for the drivers targeted, the arrests came like a bolt from the blue. “The taxi drivers were confident of their power and were surprised and shocked to be arrested. Their families, too. They never thought this day would come. But the teams went in hard and fast. “I am confident all 108 will be arrested. They may escape for now, but they will be arrested. People on the run become tired and worried about where they can stay, where they can sleep.”

Cheery expat dies in UK


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Police officer confident he can ‘clean up Patong’ Tanyaluk Sakoot


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Three killed in Ao Yon wall collapse THREE BURMESE WHO died in a construction site accident on Tuesday afternoon (June 10) in Ao Yon have been named as Miss Nu, 25, Miss Mo, 29, and Miss May, 18. They were killed when a concrete retaining wall collapsed. The Burmese were reportedly working on the Crystal Wild Resort project. Initial in-

vestigations by police showed that heavy rain over recent days may have prompted the wall to collapse, after the soil behind it became too heavy when it absorbed all the water. The bodies of the three were taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital. Wichit Police are investigating. Eakkapop Thongtub

THE DIMINUTIVE JOHN Devenport, stalwart of the Grumpy Old Men’s Society (GOMS) of Phuket, died on Thursday night (June 5) in the United Kingdom. The 70-year-old was born and went to school in Connah’s Quay in North Wales, and the went on to what he described as “the University of Life, Brooklyn USA”. A self-employed, self-made man, John was keen on motorsport in his spare time, taking part in many car rallies in Wales as a co-driver/navigator, experience that came in useful when he played a crucial role in planning and organising the GOMS’ annual charity rally in Phuket. He was also a devoted Manchester United fan. After his retirement he spent part of the year in Phuket and part in his homeland, where he had a home in the North Wales resort town of Prestatyn.

John Devenport: ‘I am me. You get what you see.’ On his Facebook page, he remarked, “I am me. You get what you see.” What people saw was an unshakeable optimism and the ability to make friends with anyone.

Jum Ali Khan, a co-organiser and car lover, remarked, “His cheerful demeanour and willingness to say it like it really is will be sadly missed by his friends and colleagues.” thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

New managing editor for The Phuket News N

ick Walker has this week officially taken over as Managing Editor of The Phuket News. Originally from the UK, Nick has previously worked at The Japan Times, the Hong Kong Standard, Time Out Hong Kong magazine and the South China Morning Post. Over the years, he has been a contributor to the Asahi Evening News and The Daily Yomiuri (Japan), The Star (Malaysia), the Bangkok Post, The Sunday Telegraph (UK), the Toronto Star (Canada), The Boston Globe (USA), and others. With more than 20 years’ media experience as a writer/ reporter, photojournalist and editor, Nick has provided editorial content and photos to publications around the globe. He has also written authoritatively on travel, F&B, lifestyle, professional and personal development, AsiaPacific current affairs, criminology, and other topics. “It’s a great honour to be working with Phuket’s most widely circulated English-


New Managing Editor Nick Walker has previously worked at newspapers in Japan and Hong Kong. Photo: Katy Pix language weekly,” Nick said. “As a frequent visitor to Thailand in recent years, I have become familiar with the island’s premier news weekly,

and have been impressed by the many advances it has made since its launch some three years ago,” Nick said. He replaces Simon Os-

theimer who, after almost three years as Managing Editor, is taking on a new challenge as Marketing and Communications Manager at the British International School Phuket. By a quirk of fate, history is replaying itself, in reverse. In 2008, Simon replaced Nick as the Books Editor of Time Out Hong Kong. “I was aware that, before coming to Phuket, Simon had long been a lifestyle magazine editor of regional renown. And the huge strides made by The Phuket News, in such a short time, particularly in its features section, are due to both his considerable features expertise and the newspaper’s top-notch staff,” Nick said. The Phuket News is delighted to welcome Nick and hopes that readers and friends of the newspaper will give him a traditionally warm Phuket reception. We also wish Simon great success in his new role. To contact Nick, email



Mr Wagner’s car was crushed, killing him instantly.

Swiss man dies in horror smash SWISS MAN PHILIPPE Wagner, 46, died in a serious crash on Sator Curve, between Kata and Chalong on June 4 at 5.30pm, when a cement mixer toppled over and landed on top of his car, crushing it. Karon police said that they had questioned Chart Jabjit, 58, the driver of 10-wheel Natthapong Concrete cement mixer, who told them that a motorbike had crossed his path causing him to brake abruptly and swerve. The cement mixer tipped over and landed on top of Mr Wagner’s car, which was travel-

ling in the opposite direction. Mr Wagner died instantly. Kanyanit Choksawat, 41, was injured when her pickup truck, which was travelling behind Mr Wagner’s car, was also hit by the tumbling cement truck. She was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital for treatment. Police, Phuket Ruamjai Foundation and other organisations had to bring in a crane to lift the concrete mixer off the car so that they could retrieve Mr Wagner’s body, which was also sent to Vachira. Eakkapop Thongtub




Toddler dies after electric shock A three-year-old boy died around 2pm on Monday (June 9) after he suffered a fatal electric shock in his home. The toddler lived in Mai Khao with his grandmother, and is believed to have died after he inserted a key into a power socket. A neighbour took the boy to Thalang Hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. Eakkapop Thongtub


Police hunt for ATM break-in suspects Thalang police are searching for at least two people believed to have broken into a Siam Commercial Bank ATM at Baan Manik, Sri Soonthorn, on June 4 at 3.45am. Once police arrived, they found the lower part of the ATM had been opened, but the component containing the cash was still secure – the criminals had not been able to open it. Eakkapop Thongtub


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Power providers plead for electricity use cuts For people at home, the Ministry of Energy has produced flyers and posters advising on how to use less electricity. These recommend four main suggestions: Turn off at least one light and try not to use air-conditioning between 6.30pm and 10.30pm. If you must use air-conditioning, raise the temperature to at least 26ºC. A one-degree increase can result in a 10 per cent saving. Pull out plugs from all electrical appliances and equipment when they are not in use. Save as much electricity as possible in other ways between 6:30pm and 10:30pm.

Wiparatana NaThalang


eople on the island need to prepare for possible power shortages for a month starting today (June 13) when a gas production platform at the south end of the Gulf of Thailand, is closed for maintenance. Gas from the platform fuels the Chana power station in Songkhla, which will be closed during the maintenance period. Despite being one of Thailand’s smallest provinces in terms of area, Phuket is the second-biggest user of electricity in southern Thailand, after Songkhla. Thanadol Sungthong, an engineer from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) – which generates Thailand’s power – and Thanapong Pramote from the Provincial Electricity Authority – which distributes it – explained to The Phuket News that the aim is to reduce peak power use in the South by 250 MegaWatts – a reduction of about 11 per cent. They pleaded for all major users

Central Festival Phuket: The biggest user of electricity on the island. – hotels, the fishing industry, universities and department stores – to save electricity during those hours. A representative from Central Festival, which is the island’s biggest user of power, said, “We are going to save power by increasing the air-conditioning temperature between 6pm and 10pm. We may close earlier during this period.”

A spokesperson from Vachira Phuket Hospital also pledged to cut power use. “We are going to prepare the chiller [for air cooling] and the in-house generator for these 28 days. We will pump water to our tanks only after 10pm.” Laguna, seventh-biggest power user, promised to reduce power use in its villas “by 50 per cent”.

The top 10 users of power in Phuket are: Central Festival; Jungceylon A; Phuket Airport; REQ Water, operators of the reverse osmosis desalination plant on the west coast of the island; Big C; Phuket FantaSea; Laguna Phuket; Bangkok Hospital Phuket; Eakkachai Distribution System (Tesco-Lotus); and Jungceylon B (Jungceylon’s bill is split).


Three caught with large drug haul Provincial drug suppression officers on Friday (May 6) raided a house in Koh Kaew, seizing a total of 2,833 amphetamine pills (ya ba) and crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) weighing 3.4 grammes. The suspects – Anuphong Chaiyathong, 34, Tirasan Sentira, 25, and Apisit Songsaeng, 20 – were charged with possession of a Category 1 illegal substance with intent to sell. The street value of the drugs would be anywhere from B900,000 to B1.5 million. Eakkapop Thongtub

Driver hands in German’s B28k cash, passport, IDs

A happy Sebastian Geiger, left, accepts his belongings from driver Mongkon Kampanya. Photo: Suthicha Sirirat

A LUCKY GERMAN MAN has been successfully reunited with his belongings – including his passport and cash totally at least B28,000 – after he left them in a minivan and the driver handed it in last Friday (June 6). Sebastian Geiger, 23, a German man studying at Chulalongkorn University, left a small bag containing his passport, cash, student ID card and credit card in a

minivan when he boarded a boat at Rassada Pier. Fortunately for him, it ended up in the hands of driver Mongkon Kampanya, 43, who found the bag and promptly handed it in to the Tourist Police. The police co-operated with the German Honorary Consul and German Embassy in Thailand, and managed to reunite Mr Geiger with his belongings.

Mr Mongkon said, “When I saw the bag, I called my friends to come and look at the bag, and we opened it up together. “I didn’t want the money for myself, no matter how much it was. “He is a tourist and I’m a tour operator who is supposed to help tourists. I really wanted to return this bag to the correct owner,” he said. Eakkapop Thongtub

Tourism driver arrested for theft A KRABI MAN EMPLOYED as a bus driver for a major Chinese tour agency in Phuket was arrested at his Rassada home on June 7 after police found him in possession of stolen items and cash belonging to Chinese tourists. Konoksak Promdaeng, 21, on Saturday (June 7) picked up a group of Chinese tourists and dropped them at the boat pier in Rassada. Prior to leaving on the boat, the Chinese tourists gave their bags containing their

Konoksak Promdaeng. valuables to Konoksak, who secured them in the baggage compartment on the bottom of the bus. Once they returned, several

of the tourists noticed that their valuables were missing, and alerted police. Police searched the bus but found nothing, and then searched Kanoksak’s Rassada home, where they found the stolen items – 700 Yuan in cash (B3,600), gold rings and mobile phones. Konoksak told police that he stole from tourists regularly to pay for drugs because his monthly salary wasn’t enough to support his habit. Eakkapop Thongtub thephuketnews


Human trafficker caught by police A 49-year-old Burmese national was arrested at the Por Pichai Fishing Quay on Friday (June 6) on charges of human trafficking. Ao Mo was accused of conning Burmese people into working on fishing boats without pay, and then demanding a ransom for their release from slavery. The arrest came after a complaint from the Burmese Labor Development Office (Thailand). Staff there said that they had been helping four Burmese who had been brought in by “an agent” to work on fishing boats out of Phuket Town. But when they started work they were not paid and were told that if they wanted to go back home, their families must pay B20,000 each for their release from slavery. A relative of one of the victims told police that in order to secure his cousin’s release he was told to call an “agent’s” mobile phone. The “agent” told him to wait at the Phuket Bus Terminal, where someone would escort him to the port.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Ao Mor, a Burmese national, after his arrest in Phuket. Police supplied the relative with B20,000 to pay the ransom, took him to the bus station and then, accompanied by Burmese Labor Development officers, watched until the relative was approached by a woman, Suree Sutha. Police followed as Suree took the relative to the port, where they were met by Ao Mo. The relative handed over the money and Ao Mo then produced four Burmese who had been hidden under the quay. Officers descended on him and arrested him. They seized B20,000 from him, which they later photo-

copied as evidence that it was the money they, the police, had supplied to the relative. They also seized Ao Mo’s phone. Checking it, they confirmed it had the same number as the one the relative had called when he received instructions to go to the bus stop to meet Suree. Ao Mo admitted to police that he was the agent who had fooled the four victims into coming to work as a fishermen without salary. They had been held in servitude for six months, unpaid, and unable to go home. Eakkapop Thongtub


Immigration swoop nets 7 SEVEN FOREIGNERS HAVE BEEN arrested in Phuket for a variety of immigrationrelated offences, plus begging illegally. Phuket Immigration held a press conference on Thursday (June 5) to announce the arrests of the seven men. Caught first were two Cambodian men named Chai, 40, and Lue, 70, who were arrested for begging illegally on Chao Fah Road. Nigerian national Paul Chiboy Anasoh, 25, was arrested closed to Robinson in Phuket Town for having an expired permit to stay. He entered Thailand on September

24, 2012, and his permit to stay expired on December 22, 2013. In addition, three Indians – Angrej Singh, 26, Rakesh Singh, 27, and Ranveer Singh, 29 – were arrested on Phuket Rd in Phuket Town for not having a valid permit to stay in Thailand. Syrian national Amer Tamim 28, was arrested in Rassada for having an expired permit to stay. He arrived in Thailand via a checkpoint in Ranong on December 14, 2013. His permit to stay expired on March 13. Suthicha Sirirat

Illegal abortionists arrested TWO BURMESE CARRYing out illegal abortions in Phuket Town were arrested at midday on June 5 by Phuket Immigration, after they were busted at a hotel with a range of medical devices and equipment and confessed to carrying out abortions. Immigration police arrested Sein Maung, 54, at the 999 Phuket hotel, Kra Rd in Phuket Town, after a decoy was set up to catch him. Also arrested was Tien Tien, a 36-year-old woman, a Burmese national. Sein told Immigration he was a doctor in Myanmar, but confessed he often visited Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,

Sein Maung. Hong Kong and Taiwan to carry out abortions on Burmese women. Sein admitted that his agent

found about 13 pregnant woman a day for him who wanted abortions. He charged at least B12,000 for each woman. Both were charged with working as unlicenced doctors in Thailand, and carrying out illegal abortions. Abortions are illegal in Thailand except in cases when it is considered that the birth will endanger the health of the mother, or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. However, many doctors in Thailand refuse to carry out abortions, because doing so would be against their own personal ethics. Suthicha Sirirat




Beach clubs told, Thousands of dead wash knock down all crabs up on shore illegal structures Tanyaluk Sakoot

Knudsen, after he was arrested in Pattaya in 2012 in connection with refusing to return a bike he rented.

Expat shooting target arrested for murder DENNIS MARK KNUDsen, the Danish target of a shootout by two Australians last year in Patong, has been arrested in Denmark and charged with the murder of his girlfriend. Ekstra Bladet newspaper reported that Knudsen, 25, had been arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend, 33, after he allegedly stabbed her to death in the bedroom of their apartment. The woman’s two young children were in the apartment at the time of the killing. On January 22, 2013, Knudsen was allegedly shot

at by Australian biker John Cohen who, with his partner Mark Shea, had been looking for the Dane and spotted him on the back of a motorbike taxi. The incident happened on Soi Sansabai in Patong. Cohen missed Knudsen and instead hit two innocent German tourists, who had to be hospitalised with arm and shoulder wounds. After their arrest, Cohen and Shea said Knudsen owed them a million baht – B380,000 for a big bike and the remainder in interest – and had paid them nothing. Earlier, a court confirmed that they were entitled to the sum.

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


hirty businesses on Surin Beach, including the iconic Catch Beach Club, the island’s first such club, were told on Wednesday (June 11) that they must demolish any structure to the west of the walkway along the beach within seven days. Vice-Governor Jamroen Thippayapongtada and Ma’ann Samran,the president of Cherng Talay Tambon Administration Organisation (OrBorTor) visited Surin beach on Wednesday with officials. Mr Ma’ann – who confessed to The Phuket News in January that sorting out the mess on Surin Beach, including restaurants and clubs allegedly encroaching on public land was “impossible” – said, “I went to Surin Beach with V/Gov Jamroen and other officials to deliver an OrBorTor request to all 30 businesses, including restaurants and bars and the

Officials took plenty of photographs at Zazada Beach Club, at the north end of Surin Beach. Photo: Kung Walailak strip’s burgeoning number of beach clubs. “They have seven days to pull down the illegal structures. If they do not pull them down, the OrBorTor will do it. V/Gov Jamroen pushed me to enforce compliance with the building

control act.” Neither Olivier Gibaud, GM of Twin Palms, which owns Catch, nor any of the other restaurant or club owners contacted by The Phuket News would make any comment on the situation.

SAMPLES TAKEN FROM dead crabs that washed up on Pa Lai Beach in Chalong on Sunday morning (June 8) should provide insights into the reason thousands were found dead on the beach. Phuket Marine Biological Centre Director, Ukrit Sata-phumin, told The Phuket News that specimens from the dead crabs had been taken and would be tested to find out why they died. “We suspect wastewa t e r i n K lo ng Mu dong killed the crabs. “We need to find the source of the wastewater, which we think is a restaurant. At the moment we can’t pinpoint which houses or business released it,” Mr Ukrit said. “I don’t think strong waves caused them to die, because we didn’t find any other sea creatures that died. “If the crabs had died from strong waves, their legs would likely have been broken. But these were intact.” Wiparatana NaThalang and Eakkapop Thongtub

Immigration looking for Russian volunteer THE ISLAND’S IMMIGRAtion Police Volunteers (IPV) are looking for a native Russian speaker to join their ranks. Currently, the eight IPV volunteers speak, among them, Thai, English, German, Dutch, Swedish and Bahasa Indonesia. But now, with the growing number of Russians and people from former Soviet states coming to spend lengthy amounts of time on the island or get extensions to tourist visas, the IPV needs help. “Russians are quite good with [filling up] forms; more problems arise with French and Italians,” Andy Clark, coordinator of the group, explained. “But it would be nice to have someone who can speak Russian and answer any questions.” Candidates must: Have a long-stay visa (business, education, retirement etc); Speak English and one other foreign language (Thai is not required); Have no criminal record Be educated enough to work with the Immigration office; Be over 18 years old. Upon completion of a fivestep training course the appli-

Coordinator Andy Clark: ‘We don’t ask for any reward.’ cant will join the volunteers in the Phuket Immigration Police office in Phuket Town. Normally working hours are from 9am to 3:30pm, at least two days a week. Regular duties include helping applicants to fill in appropriate the forms and checking they have all the necessary paperwork to support an application. The volunteers are not paid for their work and also have to buy their own uniforms.

But according to Andy Clark that is what volunteer work is all about. “We don’t ask for any reward. Our reward is just when one person says ‘Thank you’,” Mr Clark said. The IPV is unique to Phuket. Not even Bangkok has a similar service. Anyone interested in the new post should call Andy on 090 170 7360 or email thephuketnews


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Driving test pass rate takes a dive Anthika Muangrod


Thanyapura Phuket Executive Chairman Chris McCormack, right, welcomes the facility’s new President, Philipp Graf von Hardenberg.

Thanyapura appoints new president, CEO THANYAPURA PHUKET’S Executive Chairman, Chris McCormack, has announced the appointment of Philipp Graf von Hardenberg as President and CEO of the world-class sports training and educational complex. Mr Graf von Hardenberg, as he prefers to be called, has many hats: business coach, entrepreneur, financier, educator, hotelier, fund-raiser, and philanthropist. He has turned around the fortunes of the first Inter-

national School in Berlin, established a self-funding school that generates jobs for underprivileged children in Phang Nga, set up Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation in Germany and played a leadership role in turning Ritz-Carlton Hotels into a global five-star luxury brand. “I’ve been around long enough to know what is a natural fit for me, and that’s why I’ve joined Thanyapura,” Mr Graf von Hardenberg said.

ince the new, tougher, driving theory test was introduced on June 2 only 20 to 25 per cent of applicants in Phuket have managed to pass it. That’s compared with the 70-to-80-per-cent pass rate with the old test. But Phuket’s pass rate is at least better than that of Chiang Mai. According to a recent Bangkok Post report, just 10 per cent of applicants managed to pass the test in the first few days. A senior officer from the Provincial Land Transport Department (PLDT) told The Phuket News that the test questions are not more difficult but there are more of them, with the aim being to check whether people really understand how to drive on the roads. The test consists of multiple-choice questions, answered on a touch screen. “Before, we had 500 questions and the

Homes wanted after cat influx at Phuket shelter THE SOI DOG FOUNDATION IS LOOKING for new homes for its many cats and kittens, after a recent influx at its Mai Khao shelter. There are currently around 30 cats and kittens available for adoption – double what the shelter usually has. “We urgently need to find homes for as many cats as possible to make way for the cats from the streets of Phuket who require urgent treatment. All of our cats and kittens available for adoption are fully vaccinated and sterilised and would just love a family to live with,” says Adoptions Manager Cristy Baker. “If you are considering adopting a cat or kitten we have many to choose from and

There are many cats and kittens available for adoption. they are all fully vaccinated, sterilized and socialized free to good homes,” Cristy says. Anyone interesting in adopting can phone Cristy on 093 685 1332 or email cristy@

Prison declared ‘drug free’ PHUKET PROVINCIAL Prison has once again been deemed a “white” prison after a dawn search on Monday (June 9) failed to uncover any drugs – although contraband spoons and pornography were found amongst prisoners. More than 100 police, along with officers from the Phuket Health Department, searched all 2,831 prisoners starting from 5.30am. @thephuketnews

In addition to the search, 300 prisoners were randomly selected for a urine drugs test. All test results came back clear. Phuket Provincial Prison Director Rapin Nichanon said the raid was mandated by the Department of Corrections, which ordered a search of all prisons across the country without prior notice. “They found only some


spoons and pornography [both contraband items].” Mr Rapin said all prisoners inside were searched one or two times per month. “Before the prisoners leave their bedrooms each day, there are officers who check the area close to the prison wall, to check if anything has been thrown into the prison from outside.” Suthicha Sirirat

Authorities will be hoping that stricter testing results in fewer crashes, like this one in February this year. computer would pick 30 at random for the test. Now we have 1,000 and 50 are picked. It’s not more difficult. There are just more questions.” Although he argued that the test questions are no more difficult than before, the required pass rate is much higher – 90 per cent as opposed to 75 before. “In the past, out of 30 items, people had to answer 23 correctly. Now they must get 45 out of 50. It may be a little

bit more difficult because we have a higher standard, but we believe that in the future, the number of people passing will increase. “We have to make sure that the people who are going to drive on public roads will not cause problems. Most of the time, problems happen because of lack of knowledge and understanding of roads rules and road safety. “The 1,000 questions are on our website, along with the

answers. But you need to study. A number of foreigners report having had problems passing the test, which can be taken in either Thai or English. This is not just foreigners who have English as a second or third language, but also native speakers. “The test is very confusing,” said an American teacher. “Some of the questions have two right answers and some have none.” However, the PLDT official said that the questions in English had been translated by the Land Transport Department in Bangkok. “I believe that the Department of Land Transport is professional enough. The English driving test must have been approved by a native speaker. The problem must be with misunderstanding on the part of the foreigners themselves,” he said. Those wanting to take the test can practice in Thai or English at the DLT website here:

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he whole island – apart from the taxi drivers (and possibly even some of them) – applauded the arrests of more than 100 criminal drivers and the destruction of dozens of illegal taxi stands over the past 10 days. But already, depressing signs are emerging that some officials, some police and, of course, the taxi community, want to bring back the old system, or a sanitised, “more orderly” version of it. At a meeting in Karon on Tuesday night to discuss options following the arrests there of taxi drivers and the mayor of the town, it was suggested that taxi drivers should be registered as being stationed at specific points along main roads in Kata and Karon. They would not be allowed to pick up from other points. This is precisely the ter-

Sport Editor

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ritorial, feudal system that existed before and caused so much tension, occasionally bursting into violence. Teerayut Prasertpol of the Transport Department, so often the voice of reason, said he wanted to see a system whereby a taxi driver could bring a passenger from the airport to Karon, and then take another passenger on the return journey to the airport. At the moment this is impossible: the Karon taxi drivers claim a monopoly on all passenger pick-ups in their territory, so an airport driver has to go back empty. It’s double the fuel, double the time, double the air pollution, double the fare. Pleas were also made at the meeting for hotels to enfold taxi drivers in their embrace, allowing them to station themselves again on hotel property

and “become members of the hotel family”. The hotel representatives must have been frankly appalled. They have only just managed to get rid of the abusive drivers parked on their premises, and now they are being asked to take them back? What Phuket needs is a taxi system like Bangkok’s, where any taxi can pick passengers up anywhere and drop them off anywhere, and meters are used. But as long as support for a “more orderly” version of the corrupt and monopolistic old system continues to come from officials and the police, this will remain a pipe dream, and all the work done to arrest criminal drivers and demolishing their lairs will have been for nothing. What a terrible waste that would be.


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73 taxi drivers arrested in anti-mafia drive Thousands of dead crabs washed ashore Foreigner dies in horror smash 91 taxi drivers to appear in Phuket court Patong taxi mafia ‘ w i l l b e t ar g e te d soon’ Phuket Immigration swoop nets 7 Kathu Police dismantle dozens of illegal taxi ranks Much-loved Aussie expat dies in Bangkok Phuket expat shooting target arrested for murder of girlfriend Phuket driving test pass rate slumps

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Hard lessons [Re. Two foreigners dead in Phuket big bike crashes] As tragic as the loss of your son is, this is Thailand. People come here for danger, vice and fun. Sometimes it works out for the best, sometimes it works out for the worst. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Benjamin Reed

Mixed views on new driving test [Re. Phuket driving test pass rate slumps] Great news. This will reduce the number of idiots driving around. Michael Archer I have taken the old test in the past. I can clearly remember that there were some questions that did in fact have more than one correct answer and some that did not have a correct one at all. Charles From the example questions given on the website, many have more than one correct answer – or are hopelessly

confusing. Good luck to anyone taking the test – because that’s what passing appears to be: LUCK! Geoffphuket

Thumbs up [Re. 91 taxi drivers to appear in Phuket court] My full respect for the police... I did not think this would be possible in Phuket. Jome Yes, they’re not screwing around anymore. Maybe next the jet-skis will be targeted [Edited]. Robert Not game over yet, not by a very long way. The octopus has very long arms. Eddie Finally! Thank you for doing your job Don Pedro

Oh good – a drug addict was regularly driving a bus around Phuket...time for compulsory testing by employers as well as police. Stegee

What about the south? [Re. Seven of 16 target illegal taxi ranks dismantled in Phuket] At last! Is Rawai cleaning part of the program, which will be a good thing against this pollution, particularly on the beach road where tourists can not even walk on the pavement having these kind of obstacles every 10 metres. Tourist Beaches are ‘public spaces’ that have been invaded for personal/private benef it. When are the authorities going to clean them up? Geoffphuket

Focus on the From a concerned airport, please Phuket citizen [Re. Phuket taxi mafia ‘will [Re. Chinese tour bus thief arrested in Phuket]

be targeted soon’ as part of Phuket crackdown

Can someone please ask the police and the military generals behind this blitz to also look at the problems in the airport carpark. The carpark is always chock-full of taxis and vans, and for the average traveler trying to find a parking space, it is like hunting for hens’ teeth. Phil

Ban on trucks for Beach Road [Re. ‘Unusually rich’ Phuket taxi drivers face money laundering probe]

It would be very nice if the whole of Bangla was pedestrianised and there was a ban on lorries and cement trucks on the beach road and on the second road by Jungceylon... make Patong safe for families. Kevin Meehan

Rest in peace [Re. Toddler dies after electric shock at Phuket house] Every parents worst nightmare, my thoughts go out to the family. Danny Pilling

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The sun goes down on airline board’s freebies T

he National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Tuesday ended the free flying benefits for the board members of Thai Airways International (THAI). The decision was made at the NCPO meeting on Tuesday and could set a precedent for board members of other stateowned agencies. Ampon Kittiampon said after the meeting the perks were scrapped to save costs and improve the airline’s performance. The same policy of ending board privileges to save the state budget is also on the pipeline for other state-owned agencies, added Mr Ampon, a THAI board member and the cabinet’s secretary-general. As his cabinet’s secretary-general position is not a political one, it did not end after the coup took over the administrative power from the Pheu Thai Party-led caretaker government. ACM Prajin Juntong replaced Mr Ampon as the THAI board chairman in


A Thai Airways International prepares to land at Suvarnabhumi airport. Board members of the flag-carrier no longer enjoy “free flights” perks. Photo: AFP/Romeo Gacad March after Mr Ampon had been forced to resign amid the union’s protests. Mr Ampon still serves as board member. Under current rules, a THAI director, together with his family members, gets 10 free round-trip domestic tickets and another 10 for international routes every year. The free tickets are for the business class.

The welfare policy was actually even more generous before October 2011. Prior to this a director could fly first-class with the 30 free air tickets for the domestic and international lines that they received each year. Former directors also received a 75 per cent discount for 12 international tickets and six domestic tickets each

year but this benefit was later scrapped. THAI has been plagued by political interference as the winning political party always puts the person it trusts as president. The airline has been in the red for several quarters, with a net loss of B2.6 billion for the first three months of this year. Bangkok Post

IN BRIEF Weapons handover Curfew eased up in deadline extended The junta on Tuesday (June 20 provinces BANGKOK

The junta on Tuesday night (June 10) completely lifted the curfew in 17 provinces and partially in another three provinces. The 17 provinces are Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon, Roi Et, Loei, Surin, Tak, Sukhothai, Mae Hong Son, Uttaradit, Phrae, Nan, Trang and Satun. The curfew in Sadao and Muang districts in Songkhla was also lifted. Elsewhere, several districts in Phetchaburi are now curfew-free. They are Khao Yoi, Nong Ya Plong, Tha Yang, Ban Lat, Kang Krachan, Ban Laem and Muang districts. The curfew was also lifted in parts of Trat. These areas include Muang, Khao Saming, Khlong Yai, Bo Rai and Koh Kut districts. The junta on Friday (June 6) lifted the curfew in Krabi and Phangnga. On Sunday, it scrapped the ban in Koh Chang district of Trat, Haad Yai district of Songkhla and Koh Phangan district of Surat Thani. Bangkok Post

10) extended the deadline for those possessing war weapons, including explosives and grenade launchers, to hand them to authorities by June 25. Those failing to hand over the weapons within the period could face a jail term ranging between two and 20 years, the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order stated late on Tuesday. Meanwhile, police have announced they busted a gang of online weaponsdealers with Chinese and Thai members, made arrests and seized a large number of weapons. The gangsters obtained war weapons – guns, grenades and ammunition – in Thailand and then smuggled most of them to China, according to new national police chief Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, who spoke to reporters about the operation on Tuesday. He said the Chinese embassy had asked Thai police to act against illegal trading in war weapons over the internet. Bangkok Post



DPRK arms supply-chain takes heat in Singapore S

I NG A P OR E H A S filed criminal charges against a shipping firm based in the city-state accused of helping smuggle missiles and other military hardware from Cuba to North Korea. The foreign and home affairs ministries said that the charges were filed on June 10 against Chinpo Shipping Company Pte Ltd and a Singapore citizen identified as Tan Hui Tin. Chinpo Shipping transferred US$72,000 to a shipping company in Panama on July 8, 2013 in the knowledge the money could be used “to contribute to the nuclear-related, ballistic-missile-related, or other weapons of mass destruction-related programs or activities” of North Korea, according to the rap sheet. The ministry joint statement said the Singapore Police Force had completed its investigation into Chinpo Shipping’s involvement, clearing the way for state prosecutors to lodge the charges. Chinpo Shipping was also slapped with a second charge of conducting a remittance business without a licence. Singapore in January this year received information that a Singapore-registered shipping firm had been implicated in the shipment of arms from Cuba to North Korea, prompting the police to launch an investigation, the joint statement said.

Shipping containers at Singapore’s port. Criminal charges have been filed against a shipping firm based in the citystate that is accused of helping smuggle missiles and other military hardware from Cuba to North Korea. Singapore police recently completed its investigation into the firm’s involvement. Photo: Singapore AFP/Roslan Rahman. The undeclared shipment was found aboard a North Korean freighter, Chong Chon Gang, that was intercepted and searched in the Panama Canal on July 10, 2013 on suspicion that it was smuggling drugs. Authorities found 25 containers of military hardware, including two Soviet era MiG-21s, air defence systems, and missiles and command

and control vehicles, buried under tons of sugar. A UN report quoted in the media earlier this year said Chinpo Shipping had acted as an agent for a Pyongyangbased company that operated the intercepted vessel. The report said Chinpo Shipping’s office was “colocated” with the North Korean embassy in Singapore. A reporter who visited

Chinpo Shipping’s office on Tuesday was told by an employee that North Korea used to have an embassy in the city-state. However the person would not disclose when it moved out, had closed or any other related information. “Singapore takes a serious view of our international obligations to prevent the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, their

means of delivery and related materials,” the Singapore statement said. “As a responsible member of the international community, Singapore has given full effect in our domestic legislation to the measures prescribed by United Nations Security Council resolutions and will take action against any individuals and/or companies that flout these. AFP

Tokyo 2020 under scrutiny TOKYO IS PUTTING ITS planned venues for the 2020 Olympics under scrutiny due to surging construction costs and growing environmental concerns, the megacity's top official said. The estimated bill for 10 new sports facilities and the renovation of two existing buildings is now running at more than twice the original US$1.5 billion cost. The centrepiece of the Games – a new stadium – has also come under fire for its price tag and fears its futuristic design would be an eyesore in one of the city's few greenbelts. Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe, said officials would re-examine the venue building plan to help Tokyoites “better understand” the blueprint. “We need to examine with realistic thinking what kind

Governor of Tokyo Yoichi Masuzoe said officials would re-examine the plan for building Olympics venues. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP of legacy these plans would leave after the Olympics,” he said in comments to the city's assembly Tuesday (June 10). “And we have to take into account concerns over the surging costs of preparing for the Games, such as rising material and labour expenses.

“The Olympics and Paralympics are not only the world's largest athletic competition, but they're big events that bring big changes for the people and culture of the host city.” Tokyo’s labour market is tightening with the shrinking pool of skilled labourers pushing up wages while a sharply weaker yen has made imported building materials pricier. Among the environmental concerns is a venue for the canoe slalom event that conservationists say could threaten wild animals including endangered species. Tokyo’s organising committee for the Games said it would hold an “adjustment meeting" on Thursday with the top city politician and head of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, in attendance.” AFP

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Sri Lanka shuns cooperation in UN war crimes probe Sri Lanka vowed Tuesday (June 10) it will not cooperate with a United Nations war crimes investigation confirmed by the UN human rights chief, describing the probe as setting a “dangerous precedent.” Sri Lanka told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that it would not assist the investigation into widespread allegations of rights abuses and mass killings of civilians in the final stages of its decadeslong separatist war. UN rights chief Navi Pillay on Tuesday formally announced the setting up of the war crimes investigative panel in line with a United States-initiated resolution passed in March. Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, Ravinatha Aryasinha, said the UNmandated investigation was harmful to his country and its reconciliation efforts. “Requesting the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake an investigation with ‘assistance from relevant experts’ sets a dangerous precedent,” Aryasinha said in a statement. AFP


Amnesty enables mass releasing of prisoners

Syria has begun releasing prisoners, many of whom were held without charge, under the broadest amnesty the country has seen since the Assad clan took power nearly 50 years ago. The amnesty declared by President Bashar alAssad came a little after a week of his controversial re-election, as he seeks to portray himself as the champion of reconciliation in the war-torn country. Assad is due to be sworn in for a new term on July 17. “This is the most important amnesty since Hafez al-Assad [the president’s father and predecessor] came to power nearly 45 years ago,” said human rights lawyer and ex-prisoner of conscience Anwar al-Bunni. He said the amnesty should cover “tens of thousands of prisoners behind bars because of the antiterror law passed in July 2012”, more than a year into an anti-regime revolt. AFP thephuketnews



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Berlin’s blessing Frederic Happe


hristians, Muslims and Jews, all praying under the same roof – that’s the groundbreaking project of a pastor, a rabbi and an imam in Berlin. Still a sand-strewn vacant construction site, St Peter’s Square in the centre of the German capital will – God willing – by 2018 host a building that’s so unusual it doesn’t have an official term. Not a church, nor a synagogue, or a mosque as such, but a bit of all three, the centre known currently as a “House of Prayer and Learning” will be unlike any other religious venue in the world, its initiators say. The aim of the 44-millioneuro (Baht2 billion) project, whose fundraising was recently launched but has been several years in the making, is not only to show the importance of multi-faith dialogue but to mirror multi-cultural Berlin. “It seemed to us that there was a very strong desire for the peaceful coming together

Berliners walk past the Holocaust Memorial. Today the German capital is a city of diversity and many faiths. Photo: Mitch Altman of the religions,” said Roland Stolte, one of two Protestant representatives on the board of the association behind the project. Not by coincidence, it will stand at a location with a strong and long religious significance. In 2007 archaeological excavations unearthed the foundations of four previous St Peter’s churches that had

stood on the site at different periods since the Middle Ages, Stolte told reporters. The last one, which had a striking 100-metre-tall steeple and dated from the mid-19th century, was damaged in World War II and later demolished by the former East German communist state in the early 1960s. Later the site served as a car park of no great distinction.

“We wanted to revive this place, not by building a church again but by constructing a place that says something about the life of religions today in Berlin,” Stolte said. Nearly 19 percent of Berlin’s 3.4 million residents described themselves as Protestant, according to 2010 official data. Some 8.1 percent said they were Muslim and 0.9 percent

Jewish, while more than 60 percent said they did not adhere to any religion. Pastor Gregor Hohberg said it had been crucial to also get the centre’s Jewish and Muslim partners involved right from the start, well before work got underway on building it. “From the beginning we wanted it to be an inter-religious project, not a place built by Christians in which Jews and Muslims would then be added,” he said. Imam Kadir Sanci, who’s of Turkish origin, said that a Catholic-Protestant church in western Germany had inspired him to dream that such a centre could be possible. “When I was doing my Muslim theology studies in Frankfurt, I had seen in the neighbouring town of Darmstadt, a Catholic church and a Protestant church under the same roof,” he said. “I said to the priest it would be great to one day have a shared place with Muslims. But the priest told me ‘be patient, it took us 600-plus years’,” the imam said. AFP

Bangla govt rails against fans

The Bangladesh government is concerned about ‘unpatriotic’ wavers of flags of other nations.


AUTHORITIES IN WESTern Bangladesh pleaded with football fans Tuesday to remove tens of thousands of Brazilian and Argentinian flags from their rooftops as World Cup fever grips the normally cricket-mad nation. Ahead of Thursday’s big kick-off in Brazil, many Bangladeshi towns and cities have been turned into seas of either yellow and green or blue and white in a reflection of the huge support for the South American giants. But Mustafizur Rahman, government administrator

of Jessore district, which is home to 2.7 million people, said the mass display of support for the tournament’s two favourites was disrespectful to Bangladesh’s own flag. “With the World Cup knocking at the door, we have become a nation of Argentina and Brazil. Everywhere you see flags of Argentina and Brazil are on almost every rooftop,” he told AFP. “We don’t mind people wearing jerseys of their favourite teams or use billboards or banners. But it does not look good when flags of foreign na-

tions flying on your rooftops.” Appeals had been issued through newspapers for fans to take down their flags while local government officials were driving around villages in remote areas with similar appeals, Rahman added. Although Bangladeshis are better known for their love of cricket, football matches can draw big crowds here. Bangladesh spent $4 million in appearance fees to host a friendly between a Lionel Messi-led Argentina side and Nigeria in September 2011. AFP

Afghan taxi driver Sara Bahai

Bold cabbie polls pundit WHEN AFGHAN TA XI driver Sara Bahai has male passengers in her cab, she takes the chance to lobby them on female rights -- and she hopes the country’s next president will also listen to her arguments. Bahai has been driving the streets of Mazar-i-Sharif city for 10 years, during which Afghanistan has experienced huge changes, including limited improvements in the lives of many women after the harsh years of Taliban rule. Now, ahead of the Saturday’s run-off election, she says the new president must push ahead with reforms in the face of opposition from Islamists who seek to reverse gains as the US-led intervention winds down this year. “Sometimes I argue with male passengers all the journey to convince them a woman driving a taxi isn’t a bad or un-Islamic thing,” Bahai, who is thought to have been Afghanistan’s first-ever female taxi driver, told AFP. “I have many expectations for the next government. They must pay serious attention to women. “Women should be given bigger roles, they should be given seats as ministers. And female teachers should be paid more to help female education. “I see a lot of changes for Afghan women in the past few years. Many are setting up businesses to do whatever they want. Much work has been done, but it is not enough – women are aware of their rights.” AFP



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Minefield conversations Anton Makrov Understanding the Russians


n June 12, Russians around the world celebrated Independence Day. Or, more accurately speaking, they would have celebrated it if this holiday really aroused any response in the Russian heart. Does this mean that Russians lack patriotism? Emphatically not. And this is not the only paradox of Russian mentality that can lead to serious misunderstanding between you and your Russian partner. Here is a shortlist of topics that should be discussed with particular caution, if you do not want to introduce a sour note into your relationship. All of them have to do with the Russian idea of patriotism. The modern state of Russia: Those who work with Russians quite often point out that Russians are usually very interested in the politics of Russia and well versed in the foreign and domestic affairs

of their home country. Usually this leads to them making some reasonable criticism of the current government and the decisions it makes. Don’t let this criticism mislead you: it doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t love his home country. He may even consider himself a full-hearted patriot and any attempt by you to join in criticising Russia might invoke a burst of anger. While being critical about their country, Russians don’t like listening to critical remarks from foreigners about Russia. There is a Latin proverb that encapsulates this nicely: Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi – What’s okay for Jupiter is not okay for buffalos. The best way to keep the conversation rolling is to acknowledge that there are also problems in other countries. The USSR: Attitudes in Russian society towards the Soviet period are extremely polarised. For some Russians it was the best time the country’s history and everything connected to it is regarded as good. Others take the absolutely

was any the less. If you are engaged in a conversation on this topic, you should know that the family of the person you’re talking to likely paid with blood during 1941-1945.

Josef Stalin (right) and Nikita Khrushchev: The merits of the Soviet era are still a subject of heated debate among Russians. opposite view, painting all 70 years of the USSR’s existence in deep black. Obviously, the Soviet period had both good and bad sides, but not many Russians stand on this middle ground. Discussing Soviet history with a Russian may be wandering into dangerous waters. If you find yourself drawn into a conversation about this it is really safer to ask questions

than to offer judgements. You can be really surprised with Russians’ knowledge of their own history. World War II: Independence Day is not the most important holiday on the Russian calendar. Victory Day is. Every year Russians celebrate the end of the war in Europe with parades, concerts and other events. Nearly every Russian fam-

ily lost a member during this war, and Victory day is a time of remembrance and pride for all the Russians. The real history is full of controversial episodes in WWII, and Russians are well aware of the fact that in the initial stages of the war the Soviet Union was on the side of Germany and the Axis powers. But this does not mean the sacrifice made by the country

Other hot topics: In recent years Russia has turned into one of the world’s major suppliers of controversial news. Russian anti-gay laws, the situation in the Ukraine, human rights problems – these are all inflammatory topics both within the country and abroad. In Russia the attitude toward these topics is highly polarised, with radicals on both sides not prepared to listen to reason. Finding understanding on these issues is a challenging task, even for those who speak the same language. Again, the best way to avoid possible conflicts is to ask rather than to judge. Having different opinions on controversial topics is absolutely normal and should not harm you or your partner’s business. But beware of raising these differences to the level of personal conflict. This will definitely harm your business.

Plus Property moves office SPONSORED PLUS PROPERTY CO Ltd, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, has moved to new premises in Phuket, at 69/17 Moo 2, Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuket, 83120. The company says its aim is to be more accessible to clients by expanding its business and services to cover all areas. Plus Property, founded in 1999, is a subsidiary of

Location of the new office. giant Thai property developer Sansiri. It provides real estate services and consultation to more than 145 property projects owned by both public and private entities, and covering a total area of about 6 million square metres.

The company focuses on two primary business areas: the agency business, which handles buying, selling and renting, and facility management for residential and office buildings. The company recently achieved the international facility management standard ISO 9001:2008. It has registered paid-up capital of B600 million, the highest of all property service providers in Thailand. For enquiries call 076681-188 or email phuket@

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Sansiri props up slowing sales Alasdair Forbes


Suriya Wannabuit: We know what buyers and investors are looking for.

his year is a tough one for developers, not just for properties aimed at foreigners – many of whom are still cash-strapped from the financial meltdown that started in 2008 – but increasingly in the local market, clobbered by political instability that has seen buyers button up their purses. Even the giant Thai corporation Sansiri has put the brakes harshly on new projects this year. In February it announced it would launch just nine new projects this year – about one

third the number originally planned. To ginger up sales in existing projects, Sansiri this week held an “It’s Prime Time” event at Central Festival Phuket, offering promotional prices for a variety of units in its developments across the island. For example, it was offering “best view” condo units at dcondo Kathu-Patong for B1.39 million, furnished units “with best view” at dCondo Mine, starting from B1.69 million, and units at dcondo Kathu for B900,000. Also on offer were a corner house at Burasiri Koh Kaew, a furnished home near the clubhouse at Habitia Koh Kaew, a

THAI slashes prices in bid to compete with Nok, AA

Each of the 18 villas at The Greens will have its own private pool.

Developer’s credo How to be heard in Phuket’s noisy property market JIMMY SEMAAN, WHO is developing The Greens, a private pool villa project in Rawai, says that standing out from the crowd is not easy. But he has strong ideas on how it can be achieved and how to deal with challenges facing developers in Phuket. Pricing: The Semaans have been active in their native Lebanon for decades but The Greens is their first foray into Southeast Asia. “When we started doing our research here in Phuket we learned that most buyers are looking for something under B10 million,” says Jimmy. “That is why we came up with this product at prices ranging from B7.2 million, and why our plots are between 200 and 264 sqm.” “Our price is not a marketing gimmick. It is not a tool to attract the initial customers. It is real,” Jimmy says. He emphasizes that, for B7.2 million, the buyer gets exactly what he or she sees in the show villa, apart from the moveable furniture. “It is not like you are buying a villa at B7.2 million but @thephuketnews

then have to spend another B2 million upgrading. This is how we give The Greens a competitive edge.” Raising the bar: “We are here for a long term. We are doing this project to show the market that we provide quality at a reasonable price,” Jimmy says. He gives examples of what he means by quality. “Normally, developers make roads 3-4 metres wide to reserve more space for the villas and make more money. But the minimum width of our interior road is six metres, and at the end of the project it is almost eight metres, so visitors can park outside the homes without blocking the road.” Sometimes quality, he says, has nothing to do with money but with attention to detail. “In Thailand, even in some five-star hotels, you can smell the drains. The answer is simple: P-traps that prevent the smell from spreading. “A P-trap costs nothing – it is just a pipe of a different shape – but for some reason it is not standard here,” Jimmy explains. Selling Phuket: About half

the people who have come to look at The Greens have been Russians, Jimmy says. “They are looking for an international community to live in, but they don’t want to let go entirely of their Russian culture. “They ask whether there is a Russian school here, a Russian church, a Russian newspaper, a supermarket with Russian products. “So one half [of our job] is selling The Greens while the other half is selling Phuket”. The Greens is a five-minute drive from Rawai Beach or Chalong Pier and consists of 18 private pool villas priced from B7.2 million. The two- and three-bedroom villas are on plots ranging from 200 sqm to 264 sqm with total living area of 79 sqm to 96 sqm. The standard package includes a swimming pool, landscaped garden, fully equipped Western kitchen, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and fitted wardrobes. For more details call 084 994 3523, email sales@ or visit

THAI AIRWAYS INTERnational is offering cheaper fares on flights to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai until mid-July to shore up flights that are losing business to low-cost airline competitors. The one-way fares, excluding airport taxes and surcharges departing Bangkok, sells at B1,600 to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and B1,800 on weekends (Friday to Sunday). The fares are slightly cheaper than Nok Air and AirAsia, though only before surcharges are added. The return routes from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to the capital city costs B1,500 on weekdays and B1,700 on weekends. A round trip fare of B3,000 compares with B3,200 to B3,400 on low-cost airlines. The promotion is valid for travel up to July 15. TTR Weekly

townhouse with large private garden at Habitown Koh Kaew, and a swimming pool view unit at dCondo Creek. Suriya Wannabuit, Sansiri’s Executive Vice President – Project Management and Marketing Department, launching the event, said, “We know what buyers and investors are looking for and we always aim to present interesting offers to our target customers.” “We can guarantee that this is the first and only time that customers will find the best units, best packages, best prices, and best investment on offer from Sansiri.” The company was also offering rewards of up to

B50,000 for sales referrals at the event. Although the event is over, the “Prime Time” offers are valid until the end of the month. For more information, call 1685 or visit This month’s special deals come in stark contrast to the initial launch of its first project in Phuket in October 2011, when the company took deposits on all 556 units at dCondo Kathu in just two hours. Since then the company has so far launched five more high-rise condos and one project with standalone homes. A high-end, low-rise condo development in Mai Khao is also imminent.

TAT urges media to show ‘life is normal’ post-coup THE TOURISM AUTHORITY of Thailand (TAT) has appealed to the global media to show that life in the country is going on as normal and that visitors can have a perfectly good holiday in Thailand. It has produced a video featuring interviews with visitors from the UK, China, Russia and Europe, all asserting that they are having a great time in Thailand. One of the interviews is with a couple carrying an infant in a body strap cradle. Another is with three young people from the UK waiting to catch a train at Hua Lamphong Station, Bangkok’s main railway terminal. All told the camera they felt perfectly safe in the country. Speaking at the Thailand Travel Mart-Plus, the country’s biggest annual travel trade show, TAT Governor Thawatchai Arunyik said, “We would like to inform you that the word ‘coup’ in Thailand is not considered as [being as]

sensitive as it means in other parts of the world. “‘Coup’ in Thailand is still peaceful and safe for both local people and visitors to the country.” He noted that the military government has moved to relax nationwide curfews and lifted them entirely in key tourist destinations including Phuket. The Governor added, “As you may see, the Thai people can enjoy their daily life as normal. Eating out, shopping, travelling, business meetings, even holding an important event like TTM-Plus is running normally. “We strongly believe that Thailand’s tourism industry will bounce back again rapidly.” The TAT is projecting international visitor arrivals in 2014 at 25.6 million, a slight drop from 2013. However, visitor expenditure is expected to rise 2.18 per cent to B1.23 trillion.




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THE BIG LIST Skin tight

From wallets to insturments to books, history shows that humans find dead people to be quite useful.

Drums: Known as one of the seven commanders in history who never lost a battle, Czech general and Hussite commander Jan Žižka led a Protestant uprising against the Catholic Church in the 15th century. He contracted the plague in 1424 and died shortly after. His soldiers then performed his final wish: to have his skin flayed, cured, and stretched over a drum so that he could continue to lead his troops into battle after death and strike fear in the enemy. Skinvenirs: When officials in Morristown, New Jersey, executed a French immigrant for killing a family of three, the body of Antoine Le Blanc was given to a local doctor. Le Blanc’s body was used for experiments in the revival of the dead, but when that proved unsuccessful, Dr Canfield decided to make a death mask of Le Blanc’s face and create small trinkets of his skin. Everything from wallets to book jackets – signed by the sheriff that arrested Le Blanc – were all made, with hair follicles as the cherry on top. The items were thought to be legend until 1995 after the town historian passed away and officials found a stash of Le Blanc’s “skinvenirs” in the attic of his home. Flesh leather: The Reign of Terror, which occurred after the start of the French Revolution, saw heads frequently roll off the guillotine. Thousands were put to death and, instead of being buried, the Committee of Public Safety (led by Robespierre) allowed the corpses to be processed at a castle outside of Paris. Here, workers used the skin to make leather boots and breeches. Male skin was thought to be more useful than that of a female, because it was stronger. Cigar Case: Henri Pranzini was known as one of the world’s most notorious serial killers of the 19th century and after his death in 1887 the “Splending Darling’s” body became a sensation. Collectors lined up to buy bits of his dead corpse. One legend says that his teeth were knocked out for a woman, who set it onto a ring. In addition, a member of the French secret police who bought a large piece of Pranzini’s body had it made into a leather cigar case. Skin bound: Perhaps the most famous skintastic item is the book titled Hic Liber Waltonis Cute Compactuc Est (translated as “This book is bound in Walton’s skin”). George Walton (going by the name James Allen) was a notorious highwayman and thief in the 19th century. He was arrested and later died in 1837, but did request his skin be removed and used to bind his autobiography. Walton instructed officials to present the book to John Fenno, a robbery victim who bravely stood up to Walton after being shot.


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Railing at ‘Locks of love’ bridge in Paris collapses


ometimes too much love can be a bad thing as Paris discovered last Sunday (June 8) when thousands of “locks of love” attached to a footbridge caused part of the railing to collapse, forcing an evacuation. Thousands of lovers from across the world visit the Pont des Arts every year and seal their love by attaching a lock carrying their names to its railing and throwing the key in the Seine. But police were forced to hurriedly usher visitors off the footbridge in central Paris after 2.4 metres of railing collapsed under the weight of the collected tokens of affection. After repairs, police reopened the bridge the next day. The Pont des Arts crosses the French capital’s river Seine just in front of the Louvre museum and is known the world

over for its “locks of love”. The phenomenon has, in recent years, become something of a headache for Paris officials, who would prefer something that poses far fewer

problems of both security and aesthetics. The locks only appeared on the Pont des Arts in 2008, having already become a craze in Germany, Russia, China

and particularly Italy. Today, the full 150-metre length of the footbridge is covered in the locks, and the practice has spread to other bridges around the capital. AFP

Cover to cover, a truly fleshy read DES DESTINÉES DE L’AME (translated as the Destiny of the Soul) by Arsène Houssaye looks like a non-descript, old book sitting in the Houghton Library at Harvard University. But it’s the book’s binding that has made headlines all over the world. Scientists at Harvard University tested the book and found that it had been bound by human skin. “The analytical data, taken together with the provenance of Des destinées de l’ame, make it very unlikely that the source could be other than human,” said Bill Lane, director of the Harvard Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Resource Laboratory, in a blog post published last week. Previous testing on other books from different university

libraries have revealed that they were actually bound in sheepskin, making the Des destinées de l’ame the only one of its kind at the school (that scientists know of, anyway). The practice of binding books with human skin were somewhat common in the 19th century.

In fact, the author had presented the book to his friend, Dr Ludovic Bouland, a prominent bibliophile at the time, sometime in the 1880s. It was said that Bouland then re-bound the book using skin from the unclaimed body of a female mental patient. Bouland then wrote a note in the book, which led researchers to finally do their testing. “This book is bound in human skin parchment on which no ornament has been stamped to preserve its elegance. By looking carefully you easily distinguish the pores of the skin. A book about the human soul deserved to have a human covering: I had kept this piece of human skin taken from the back of a woman,” the inscription read.

Thief throws sex toys and wears crotchless panties in shop attack IT WAS A BAD DAY AT the office for the female store manager of an Australian sex toy shop. After the alarm went off in the Brisbane store, the manager entered the business and found a male thief – clad in a dress, crotchless panties and a wig – standing in the store. The almost-naked bandit had broken into the shop through the ceiling, which tripped the alarm. T he su sp e ct , who is

34-years-old, then pelted the manager with sex toys that were in the immediate vicinity before scurrying back into the ceiling. Police later arrested the man on the roof of the building and charged him with breaking

and entering, plus possession of dangerous drugs. A similar incident took place in Cairns about two weeks ago when a burglar was arrested after he too fell through the ceiling of a store selling sex toys.

Five years in jail for faking seizures A JUDGE IN BALTIMORE handed down a stiff punishment to Andrew Palmer, a homeless man who had been faking seizures at several bars and restaurants in the United States to get out of paying the bill. The 44-year-old’s most recent charges stem from an incident back in October where, upon racking up an US$89 restaurant bill, he began to fake another seizure, writhing on the ground. “I though it was fake from the very beginning, “ said waitress Cari Fisher, “he was giving me the finger while he was seizing.” Report says that, while on his way to the hospital, Palmer got up and said “I have no money to pay for my food and beers so I was faking.” Palmer was previously arrested over 90 times for employing the same tactics – dining and dashing through a fake medical emergency – and had done so in establishments up-and-down the American east coast. “When you have prior convictions like this, it subjects you to enhanced penalities,” said Baltimore City State’s Attorny Greegg Bernstein. thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Phuket honours its environment, seas


Phuket youngsters got talent



Photo: Nicholas Walker

As a sustainability model > page 2





FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Modeling sustainability Steven Layne


ith is central location, dependable infrastructure and abundance of public green spaces, it’s no surprise that Kathu city municipality is outpacing the rest of the island in terms of growth. To get a clearer picture of the 0 municipality’s forward trajectory, the Phuket News met with Kathu’s Deputy Mayor Soomboon Aiyarak at the Kathu municipality offices, who’d arranged for a van to tour various model sites. Joining the tour were representatives from the international and local education and environment sectors: Namely, Debera Meirczak who’d come on behalf of the SEEK (Society, Environment, Economy, Knowledge) organization; Peter Harris of APEN (Asia Pacific Environmental Network); communications coordinator and film-maker Jirawat Kuramakanok, as well as several officers from the Kathu municipality offices. “Kathu’s population is growing at a rate of about 10 per cent per year, twice as fast as the rest of the island,” Mr Somboon tells the group. And though the municipality’s registered population is only around 25,000, he estimates that there are about three times that actually residing within his jurisdiction. “From our waste data we can extrapolate that there are no less than 70,000 people living in Kathu [city],” he notes earnestly. “Most residents that live here either work in Phuket Town or Patong.” Waste – of both solid and water types – is one of the biggest challenges the district faces, he says. “Currently, the municipality collects about 70 tonnes of solid waste everyday. From this, we send anywhere from 4050 tonnes to the Saphan Hin incinerator and landfill [in Phuket Town] ... This costs us as much as B10 million a year.” But rather than wait until the challenges become unmanageable problems that require emergency reaction measures, the city is already devising ways to reduce its dependency on the incinerator. “Despite our continued growth, which

Phrak Phuket Kaeo Rd – the Kathu-Sam Kong bypass road – is one of the only main routes on the island that is not cluttered with signs and billboards. will yield increased waste, our goal is to maintain the amount of rubbish we send to Phuket.” The district has already started to implement, promote and support a number of initiatives to support this goal. Our first stop was at the home of Manoon Jitvarin who lives on a plot of land just over two rai (3,200 square meters). Also known as Bang Le, the 74-yearold farmer has been experimenting with home-made compost and fertilizer for the past 13 years, using mostly organic waste. He reckons he’s finally found the perfect mix – a 3-3-1 mix he’s adapted from books and community meetings “The mix is three kilograms of organic waste such as thrown out vegetable leaves, a kilogram of molasses and roughly a liter of water ... After mixing it together I put it into layers and add dead leaves and let it set for at least 15 days.” The result: homemade organic fertilizer that didn’t cost him any extra expense. Pointing to a hearty mangosteen on one of his trees, the excited farmer says, “Prior to this, the fruit and leaves never looked so wholesome.” Next we stopped at a recycling community around Soi Chang alley of Kathu.

Kathu municipality collects about 70 tonnes of solid waste everyday – 50 of which are sent to the incinerator.

Kathu’s Deputy Mayor Somboon is an earnest man. Comprising some 21 households, the community has formed a group called Palung Saang Sun Kathu Suay – literally the “Creative Power of [a] beautiful Kathu”. Their slogan is “Mueang na yoo daan kwam sa-aad” which roughly translates to “a cleanly and livable city” Each household commands their own “Rot Sa-Leng” – a motorbike customized with a sidecar for hauling their goods – which they drive around sorting through and collecting rubbish throughout the entire district. Every day, they collectively collect some 500 kg or half a tonne of recyclables – copper, paper, plastic and glass – which they accumulate in various piles back on their lots. Group spokesman Nilas Meerong explains that they collect anything and everything that can be sold, mostly to the main Wong Panit recyling depot near the Shell petrol station on the Kathu-Sam Kong bypass road. Some trash is more valuable than others. “Copper has the best price, but we get most of our income from PET bottles... glass bottles are more expensive to trans-

port and have a lower rate, but we collect everything anyway until we have enough to make it worth while to transport it [to the depot].” But not all types of trash has value on the local market. “We collect some types of plastic bags if they’re not too dirty – the clear ones you put food in, black bags... But not glossy wrappers like Lays potato chip bags. We don’t collect foam [polystyrene] food containers – there is no market for this kind of trash.” Deputy Mayor Somboon notes that the group has enabled the municipality to save significantly on solid waste disposal expenses. “At a rate of one tonne of recyclables collected every two days, we save B264 a day in incineration fees to Phuket [city municipality]. It costs B528 to dispose of each tonne of rubbish at the incinerator,” he explains. While that might not seem like a lot, the savings certainly add up – to the tune of about B100,000 a year. Factor in other expenses – labor, transport and petrol, for example – and the annu al savings start edging toward the half-a-million mark. But obviously, the community members’ motivation isn’t to save money for the municipality, but rather to earn a living for themselves. “Each household earns roughly B500 a day or about B15,000 a month. Our expenses, including petrol and housing, are only about B4,000-5,000 per month,” concludes Nilas. The third stop on the trip was the Singh-Tao Community in the Ban Neua locale. There we met village leaders Watana Wijitsopa and Chomporn Intaranok who recently took the initiative to kick-start a community recycling program. The idea is to use the revenue earned from recycling to contribute to a community fund to be used for maintenance and beautification projects. In contrast to community maintenance fee schemes applied at modern condominium and housing estates, the villagers of Singh-Tao contribute to the thephuketnews



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Mayor Somboon leads the tour of various sites in Kathu, including the Singh-Tao community (left), as well as the wastewater treatment facility (above and below). fund with their consumer leftovers. “Before, residents would just throw their trash out in front of their houses or on the street. It was very disorderly and uncleanly,” said Mr Watana. But after the men established a simple collection point system at the front of the community – really nothing more than a a steel cage for PET bottles and several separation bins – residents started to catch on. “But there is still some people who don’t always comply. Many people who live here don’t spend much time at home as they mostly all work in Patong,” adds Mr Chomporn. But momentum is gaining nonetheless, the project currently earning about B3,000 a month from recyclables. And the men are currently contemplating more ways to increase revenue for the fund – a community garden for vegetables, herbs and other produce may be next on the cards. Next we took a drive around the 10-million-cubicmetre-capacity Bang Wad Dam. It was 20 per cent full, with the first of the wet season’s rains yet to have come to replenish it. “This past dry season, the dam didn’t completely dry out but it had in previous years,” Mr Somboon notes. And though Phuket’s growing population will certainly increase demand for water, Kathu is already planning ahead – the dam is currently undergoing an expansion project to increase capacity by 10 per cent, which should be completed within two years’ time. “There are two new dams recently completed in Phuket, in Chalong and Thalang – both of about the same capacity to Bang Wad Dam – which will reduce


demand from Kathu, particularly during the dry season,” notes Mr Somboon. “That said, we still need to explore more raw water sources – whether that means increasing the number of wells or promoting rain collection and cistern systems on both private and public property.” Our next and final stop was the waste water treatment plant – one of four large ones on the island (in addition to facilities at Saphan Hin, Karon and Patong). Currently, its coverage area spans about 60 per cent of the municipality, treating about 4,000 cubic meters (four million liters) per day, with a maximum capacity of about 6,000 cubic meters. Mr Somboon states a clear goal. “Over the next five years, we plan to expand the facility to be able to handle 10,000 cubic meters so as to cover 100 per cent of the area.” On the drive back to the municipality offices, Mr Somboon points out one final model project – Phra Phuket Kaeo road, or Kathu bypass road that connects Kathu to Sam Kong. This is one of the few main roads in Phuket that isn’t cluttered with billboards and signs. A clean and orderly route that is brightly lit by spotlights throughout the night. “This used to be a very dangerous road. Every month we had on average of

five deaths a month from traffic accidents,” notes the deputy mayor. Mr Somboon explained that many of the accidents were a result of distractions, most having occurred at night on the unlit road. So, the municipality installed spotlights and took down many of signs and billboards all along the route, and issued fines to any violators. “In fact, we lose a lot of revenue from disallowing the signs, but the end result is worth it. From five deaths a month, now we get about five per year,” he concludes.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Phuket celebrates World Ocean Day

Hundreds turned out to plant Bougainvillea flower trees along Bang Yai canal in Phuket Town.

World Environment Day in Phuket highlights progress


ometimes it may seem as if Phuket’s environmental record is heading only in one direction – downhill. But anyone who attended the World Environment Day exhibitions at Queens Park in Phuket Town on June 5, may have discovered a ray of hope. Indeed, progress ... in consumerism, recycling and innovation was the general feeling last Thursday. The event featured many interesting booths: Whether Phuket Municipality’s toxic household waste

and recycling information corner or their booth selling household composting units; SEEK’s exhibition about mangrove restoration and beach clean-ups; Vachira Phuket’s initiative to produce bio-diesel fuel for their ambulances, using used cooking oil from hotels; Royal Phuket City hotel’s production of all-natural cleaning chemicals; PSU’s environmental photo competition display and not to mention, Ecolotech Company’s display of atmospheric water generators – yes, you can extract pure drinking water from thin air!

Who knows what’s in store for next year? Perhaps by then Phuket will be ready for earthships and aquaponics? Meanwhile, from this year’s event, The Phuket News obtained a dozen worthy leads and will be sure to bring you more in-depth environment stories in the near future. Watch this space! Environment conservation activities were wrapped up on Saturday morning (June 7) with the planting of dozens of Bougainvillea flower trees all along Bang Yai canal. This flower, in Thai “Fueang Fa” is the provincial flower of Phuket.


o mark World Oceans Day on the island, the coastal and marine resources department on June 8 organized a number of activities at the Phuket Aquarium which included the release of 30 Brownbanded bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium punctatum). Presiding over the event’s opening ceremony was Governor Maitri Inthusut with special guest Punika Kulsunthararat, “Miss Earth Thailand 2013” also taking part. The beauty queen was escorted by Prawit Janyasittikul, chief executive officer of Phuket Square Ltd, which manages Jungceylon, who sponsored the Miss Earth Thailand 2013 pageant. World Oceans Day was in close proximity to World Environment Day (June 5). Another campaign promoted during the event was “Zero Bag Zero Waste” which involved passing out environmentallyfriendly cloth bags to the governor and other attendees. Activities also included the replanting of new coral colonies, trash cleaning dives, an art contest and various booths set up by both public and private sectors.

Amari Phuket team plants more mangroves Amari Phuket led by

Tipaporn Koonphol, Deputy General Manager (seventh from left) and Rinrapat Puwanutchotchai, Director, Human Resources (second from left), together with other team member volunteers, recently started a mangrove planting campaign to support nature and wildlife in the area of Baan Ao Makham village, a recommended planting area by Phuket Mangrove Station 23. This area has been preserved as the Klong Koh Pee Mangrove Forest Project and aims to be one of the most abundant mangrove forests on Phuket Island. thephuketnews



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014 1



Twist back into shape Kim White

Kim White is the owner of Sala Samadhi. She offers authentic Hatha Yoga instruction for private and group sessions. Contact: www. mindbodyyogasystem. com or 086 276 9174. The opinions and advice contained in this column are those of the author only. The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation.


ello again and welcome. The last couple of months we have been practicing yoga asana that focus on lying, sitting and twisting. We continue down the same path with this month’s Bharadvajasana – a great relief for the upper back and named after the legendary sage and vedic priest Bharadvaja, who is said to have written the poems on the Vedas and contributed to the writings of Ayurveda. The beauty of this posture is in its simplicity. This twist is a great way for a beginner to stretch the torso in preparation for deeper asanas. There may be some long waiting periods again this month due to the weather. These moments gifted by Mother Nature prove to be the perfect moments for a little bit of a stretch. Ongoing practise of Bharadvajasana’s twist will benefit you in the following ways: •Massages the internal organs •Stimulates and improves the digestive system

•Theraputic for carpel tunnel syndrome •Strengthens the lower back •Relieves lower back and neck pain •Stretches the spine, shoulders and hips •Stimulates blood flow through ankles •Of huge benefit to arthritic spine sufferers.

To start enjoying the benefits of the spine reactivator, practise the steps below: 1. Start by sitting on the floor with your feet straight out in front of you and your back upright. 2. Rest on your right side, bend your knees and swing both legs to the left. Have the feet rest on the outside of the left hip, the left ankle resting in the right foot arch. If you find you are tilting right buttock, fold a towel and place it under the right buttock, this will help lower back compression (see photo one). 3. Inhale, and lift and elongate through the chest, then exhale and twist to the right.

Keep the left buttock sinking to the floor. Place the back of the left hand against the outer right knee and the right hand on the floor beside your right buttock (see photo two). 4. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, keep the chest high and twist your shoulders deeper into the twist. Your head will look left, opposite to the shoulders twisting right. 5. To deepen the posture and increase lower back strength, take the right hand behind your back and hold onto the left elbow, while maintaining an upright torso (see photo three). 6. Breath deeply and steadily and you will deepen the twist in this asana. Hold for between 30seconds and a minute. Release from the posture as you exhale, and then repeat on the left side.

Enjoy the rain and the quiet opportunities it brings, happy stretching! Metta, Kim oxo

New wellness retreats aim to change lives, belt sizes


hanyapura Health has unveiled a menu of weight loss retreats and life transformation programmes designed by a professor who intimately understands the complicated mix of inherited body chemistry and physical characteristics, hormonal problems, modern work pressures and lifestyle changes that can contribute to unwanted and unhealthy weight gain. Thanyapura Health’s Wellness & Weight Loss Retreats, developed by the centre’s esteemed Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Prof. Dr. Michael Klentze, are designed to substantially mitigate the risk of relapse by employing the most advanced techniques. The 10- and 14-night programmes get guests in the right weight range without resorting to fads, as they learn about healthy ways to exercise and eat via, in part, a personal health and fitness consultation with the state-of-the-art facility’s medical physician, which begins from the DNA level up.


Coupled with programmes that encapsulate internationally renowned sporting Mecca Thanyapura Phuket’s famed three-dimensional mind, body and soul coaching philosophy, are sessions with the health industry leader’s mind trainer to learn how to recognise traps that cause failure in weight gain. German-born Prof. Dr. Klentze said the programmes identified the underlying causes of weight gain and tackled them through cutting-edge methods. “The programmes devised by me and my expert team offer the best hope for people to achieve their weight loss goals,” said Prof. Dr. Klentze, who has worked with numerous Hollywood Alisters. “There are plenty of products that guarantee to deliver weight loss but are merely facades wrapped in a flimsy promise. Thanyapura is the antithesis of those products. “What we do is underpinned by my decades of experience in fields that also include sports medicine, stress intervention, anti-aging and the prevention of age-related illnesses. Thanyapura offers the best hope for people to lose

weight and keep it off.” Thanyapura Phuket is utilised by athletes and other people seeking a more active, healthy lifestyle as they tap a revolutionary approach to the mind and body that has garnered the facility global attention. It boasts a world-class team of geneticists, doctors, sports scientists, dieticians, physiotherapists and chiropractors. While undergoing the programmes, guests will stay at Thanyapura Sports Hotel, launched in late 2012 as the first of its kind in Asia and offering seamless hospitality and chic guest rooms inspired by a sporting lifestyle. The full-board meals included in the package are specialised weight-loss menus designed by award-winning chefs. A nutritionist will give guests specific guidance on weight loss along with advice on long-term eating patterns that deliver lasting success. Using the metabolic advantages of hypoxi training, the metabolism is tweaked so that fat is burned more effectively. Prof. Dr. Klentze is a sought after lecturer and a celebrated author, whose

Prof Dr Michael Klentze vast experience across a number of medical fields – including cardiology, oncology and immunology – means he is excellently positioned to lead the international-standard medical facilities which focus on preventive, regenerative and anti ageing treatments.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

New roles by familiar faces


iki Teteina has been named new Head of School for Phuket International Academy Day School, while James Forsythe has been named CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Coordinator. Taking reins of the school for the 2014-2015 academic year, which formally commences in August, Mr Teteina replaces Dennis MacKinnon who has retired after two years in Phuket to culminate more than two decades of international education leadership experience. Leading up to the appointment, Mr Teteina was previously the Deputy Head and Primary School Principal, positions which are currently being recruited for. “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead Phuket International Academy in its next stage of development,” he said. “With the addition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, allowing our students to graduate [and continue on] to some of the finest universities in the world; the opening of our Boarding facility and the Elite Junior Sport Academies in Tennis, Swimming and Triathlon, we have many things to be excited about in 2014-2015. “However, it will be our ongoing commitment to the development of each individual child, whether they are

Riki Teteina, Head of School.

James Forsythe, CAS Coordinator

18 months or 18 years old that sets us apart from the rest. We welcome people to come and visit us to learn more about our comprehensive academic programmes. Mr Teteina has a Masters in Education Administration (Massey University, New Zealand) and a also Bachelor of Education (Victoria University, also in New Zealand). Originally from New Zealand, Mr Teteina was most recently Head of School at the International School Bogor, Indonesia (an IB World School) for three years, where he was successful

in increasing school enrollment to the highest level in its 45-year history. Previously, he has held a number of positions in Bali International School, Indonesia, over a nine-year period (another IB World School), and Brent International School Subic, Philippines (an IB DP school). Mr Teteina has acted as the Accreditation Coordinator in two schools, guiding them successfully through both the Council of International Schools and Western Academy of Schools and Colleges accreditation. Over his 22 years of teaching experi-

ence he has also taught in a number of schools in New Zealand and England from early childhood up to Grade 8. Mr Teteina’s expertise lies in educational change, leadership and recruitment. He has taught multiple age levels and is committed to the inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, and is an advocate of the IB philosophy. He is also an IB PYP and MYP workshop leader and evaluator. Mr Teteina lives in Phuket with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter. In his free time he enjoys surfing, snowboarding and rugby. Meanwhile, as the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Coordinator school wide, Mr Forsythe’s role is to assist teachers across the school in implementing experiential learning trips. His role is to find meaningful links between curriculum and the local community, where long-term action and service can take place to enhance student learning. “Phuket International Academy is in a unique environment with rich learning opportunities, and so whenever possible we want to take advantage of our surroundings as primary resources where learning is real, significant and meaningful,” Mr Forsythe remarked. James is looking for opportunities that meet genuine needs and result in mutual exchanges, whether that is with individuals, groups, the environment or animals.

Break Free!


ho’s feeling a bit over whel me d by social media networks? Requests to be “friends” with random folks you don’t know from Adam, the pressure to “like” and “share”, the challenge of striking a balance between being social and maintaining some privacy. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we hear a beep, a tweet or a whistle and suddenly we’re reaching for a phone. After all, there’s vital information needing our immediate attention – Jeff just ate the best hamburger ever, Nicole ran 3.45 km around Lake Who-Cares and Liam is feeling sad at work on Monday. The really fun irony is that the current trend on Social Media is nostalgic posts about life pre-social media and the growing concern with smart phone addictions. Like if you agree we do too much screen time. Share if you too remember that real chats don’t sound like tap, tap, tap, click, click, beep. Comment what

you’d rather be doing than posting online. Come on, snap out of it! Go make some real connections. Join a club, with real people and real purposes. Like boats? Join a sailing club! Like food? Join Phuket Foodies! Book Clubs, Football Clubs, 2 Up or Drama clubs, who cares as long as joining doesn’t involve “click here”. Or for

a creative outlet, get along to the Sketch Book Club on June 19, in Rawai. And then you’ll really have something to post about… LOL! For more information contact Kez on 0849462171 or visit Upcoming Workshops and Courses: Photoshop Fundamentals – Rawai – June 18 thephuketnews



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On Sale

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Every book sold helps disadvantaged kids. With 22 Island Scenes to colour in, it makes the perfect gift for your children, friends and family. POWERED BY

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w w w. p h u k e t c o l o u r i n g b o o k . c o m


149 BAHT!



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Pullman chef takes top honours Claire Connell

Top, from left, Chanon with his award-winning meals; Chanon easily carves a piece of papaya into a flower; and his medal haul at the competition – one gold and one silver.


he art of fruit carving in Thailand is something that amazes foreigners – especially the skill and ease Thai chefs show when doing such complicated carvings. Watching Chanon “Non” Yuyen, Chef de Cuisine at the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach, carve fruit is a true spectacle. He’s precise, and quickly turns pieces of papaya into floral masterpieces before our eyes. And now his fruit carving talent has been noticed further afield – he recently won a gold medal in the fruit/vegetable carving challenge at the Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2014, which was held in Bangkok on May 21-25. He also picked up a silver medal in the “Modern presentation Thai cuisine profes-

sional chef” category of the competition for his Phuket crab curry with kanom jean and deep-fried fish and crab souffle. Frustratingly, he was only 0.17 points away from nabbing a gold medal in this category. For the born and bred Phuketian, the gold prize was a long time coming. He has entered the competition twice before, but managed only silver. In the fruit-carving competition, he spent three hours slicing watermelon, pomelo, papaya and cantaloupe using a small fruitcarving knife. “Three hours is such a short time. For example, one watermelon can usually take one hour,” said Chanon, who was previously the head Thai chef at Point Yamu by COMO before he joined Pullman last month. “I wanted to enter because it is a new

challenge for me. When you are a chef, you are doing many of the same dishes every day. This is truly an opportunity to do something new. “I was so happy. Moreover, I’m very happy for my team. They are the ones who supported me.” To show his appreciation to the Pullman staff for their guidance, he will spend his B5,000 prize money to buy specialised kitchen equipment for them to use. Chanon says, “For me, fruit carving is easy because I have been doing it for about 10 years. “My favourite fruit [to carve] is papaya, because of its colour. You can get different colours in the fruit too – white or pink or green. It can also last a long time; when you carve a papaya it can last one week.”

Mexican fix comes to Bangla J.P. Mestanza


hile Bangla Road in Patong is known as Party Central, hungry stomachs can rejoice with the fiesta of f lavours being served at The Mexican. The restaurant, the latest creation of celebrity chef Daniel Isberg, held their grand opening event last week with sampler trays of tacos, quesadillas, chili con carnes, and Mexican-style cocktails all on tap. Isberg told The Phuket News that, while working in Hollywood, California, many of his co-workers and

kitchen staff were of Mexican descent and introduced him to the authentic flavours and ingredients of their na-

tive cuisine. “I wanted to bring some great flavours to the island, especially this area, because it’s great food for anytime of day,” he said. The menu has everything from burritos to fresh guacamole and all kind’s of tacos, including Isberg’s special fish tacos that were a clear hit on opening night. The pulled pork quesadillas were a great companion with The Mexican’s margaritas. Even with the Thaistyle street food filling one’s nostrils outside, the walls within The Mexican house provide a typical south-ofthe-border experience. thephuketnews



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


A group of consumers learns the hard life of fishing folk Photo: MsAnthea

Over time, villagers involved in smallscale fishing have become far more careful about taking care of the sea, their only source of livelihood


s Jessada Robroo pulls the fishing net up from the depths of the sea, it seems light in his hands. But take over the task from him and you think you are dragging in an ensnared whale. Jessada and his wife Nittaya, and other small-scale fishermen from Baan Hin Rom village in Phangnga’s Takua Thung district, are used to the heavy weight of the nets as they have been pulling them in virtually every day of their lives. “Small-scale fishery has never been recognised by consumers,” said Teerayut Wongrit, a fisherman and Klong Kian tambon administration organisation’s deputy chief. Many consumers are more familiar with frozen seafood caught by the large-scale outfits.

To the villagers, their small-scale operation and the large fleets are worlds apart in terms of how much they take from the sea, said Mr Teerayut, also known as Bang Dam. It’s a tough existence and one not appreciated by many people. So these independent fishing folk recently jumped at a chance to share their lives with a few dozen consumers in a consumers-meet-producers trip, which lasted three days and two nights, under the Earth Net Foundation’s “Smallscale Fishery – Organic Fishery Products” project. Funded by the European Union, the project aims to change the lives of small-scale fishers, improve coastal and marine resources, and educate consumers about the collective engagement and participation in sustainable coastal and marine conservation and management. It all started when the government tried to increase seafood production in the mid-1960s to meet soaring market demand. Larger fishing vessels with motorised engines were introduced. In subsequent decades, large-scale fishing vessels with push nets and purse seines became common in Phangnga Bay. The sea’s abundance also attracted large fishing fleets from Phuket and as far afield as Samut Songkhram in the Gulf of Thailand. Before the villagers knew it, the large vessels, designed to reel in huge catches from the ocean depths, had in-

Young sharks can be caught accidentally, but they won’t be taken home. vaded the shallow waters of their bay and were draining their precious seafood resources. The trawlers and purse seines caught every conceivable marine animal and shellfish of all sizes, including the all-important young, while push nets ruined the sea bed and the ecology. Their once-abundant bay became barren. From an easy catch of a few dozen kilogrammes of shrimp a day, the amount of marine creatures plummeted and villagers were hauling in

These boats are part of the small-scale fishing industry at Baan Hin Rom in Phangnga’s Takua Thung district. A youngster enjoys the moment of catching his own fish. thephuketnews



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Visitors identify the habitats of marine creatures in a painting. less than half of the usual stock. “There was nothing left for us to catch,” said Worachat Nunthabut, a former fisherman who quit to take up rubber farming a decade ago. Over time, villagers involved in small-scale fishing have become far more careful about taking care of the sea, their only source of livelihood. The law also backed them by banning large-scale fishing vessels within a 5km-radius of the shore in the bay in 1981. In 1985, it was decreed illegal to fish during the egg-laying season. But preservation efforts are now extending beyond the producers of seafood to consumers. The Earth Net Foundation’s trip involved about 30 people, most of them regular buyers of organic seafood products at the Farmer’s Market at K Village in Bangkok. The customers buy from a booth selling organic seafood run by the Earth Net Foundation. They keep in contact with the foundation which advised recently that it was organising a trip to meet the fishermen in Phangnga who are its suppliers. The shoppers who joined the trip were eager to see up close how the bounty of the sea is harvested. The consumers had a chance to travel on a fishing boat for about an hour to see how fishermen catch seafood in a conventional, sustainable way. To save the precious natural resources, the small-scale fishermen have unwritten common rules they strictly follow. Using only the right size fishing nets to catch fish, crab or shrimp is standard practice. Young marine animals tangled in the nets must be thrown back into the sea. Another golden rule is to never take

After her husband finds the best spot, Nittaya Robroo releases a net into the sea and the next catch of the day is about to begin.

home any pregnant crabs. Each working day, the Robroo family rises early and Mr Jessada drives his small boat to a spot out in the sea and drops his nets. He waits between 30 minutes to an hour before retrieving the net. The routine is repeated up to five times a day, if the weather permits. The boat, two metres by 10 metres, is large enough to fit two people and a few containers filled with ice to keep the catch fresh. Two hundred-metre nets – a simple tool of trade – are hung with small buoys and sinkers. The modest boat does not permit them to venture far from shore, unlike the large-scale fishing vessels which can stay at sea for days or even weeks at a time. Most of those working the large boats are unskilled and often underpaid illegal workers hired to do the heavy, laborious work. Some of the giant trawlers deliberately flout the ban on fishing within 5km of the shore in Phangnga Bay or fishing during the egg-laying season. “[The skippers and workers on large-scale vessels] just don’t care, nor do they realise they are destroying the environment. All they care about is making more catches,” Mr Teerayut said. The vessels are only interested in finding new fertile fishing grounds. They move on after they have exhausted one fishing area. But the villagers do not have the capacity or the means to do likewise. Unlike rice or fruit farmers who own a private plot of land to grow their food, fishermen only have the right to catch creatures of the sea. But the fishermen

Longtail boats are regularly used for fishing in Phang Nga Bay. Photo: MsAnthea @thephuketnews

Iconic cliffs in Phang Nga Bay. Photo: Crazy Diamond don’t own the sea, so they know too well how their lives are dependent on the ecology. Ploenpit Srisiri, who joined the trip, said like most consumers who enjoy seafood, she never imagined the ability of small-scale fishing to be environmentally friendly. It was not until she could see for herself how the fishermen haul in fish, shrimp or crab with their own hands that she realised the importance of not over-exploiting the marine environ-

ment. The trip let her see how tough fishing can be and also how delicate the fisher folk handle their catches. Mr Teerayut said it has become standard practice for villagers to protect the fertility of the sea because most families have lived by the bay for generations and their children will continue to live there. “It’s not just our home, but also our life,” he said. Bangkok Post



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

IN BRIEF Line users to see ads

With about 25 millions users in Thailand, popular mobile messaging app Line is poised to open up to advertisers. In anticipation for an impending IPO, the Japanese app announced their partnership with last week that allows advertisers to target specific Line users. Executives say that ads will take the form of coupons and other enticements, though details on when the advertisements begin were not released.

First Vine video from space

Astronaut Reid Wiseman became the first person to record a Vine video from space last week. The six-second clip shows a single Earth orbit from Wiseman’s vantage point from the International Space Station (it takes 92 mintues to loop the world from the ISS). P rev iously, astro nauts have taken the first selfie in space, the first “tweets” and YouTube videos from space.

Social media posts bring down Miss Universe Thailand

Thailand’s contender for the miss Universe beauty pageant relinquished her crown last week after she allegedly called for supporters of the ousted government to be “executed” on social media. Weluree Ditsayabut, 22, said she was giving up the crown after a barrage of online criticism upset her family. Her remarks were made on her Facebook page late least year and has since been removed. Facebook and Twitter users took aim at Weluree’s physical appearance in a campaign seemingly waged in reaction to her posts about government supporters.

Game Review: Watch Dogs

The Supercomputer T that fools humans



Russian supercomputer posing as a 13-year-old boy has convinced judges that it is human, becoming the first to pass the “Turing Test” in a historic moment in artificial intelligence, British scientists said. The computer became the first in the world to be mistaken for a real person more than 30 per cent of the time, during a series of five-minute keyboard conversations with humans conducted at the Royal Society in London. The test was established in 1950 by Alan Turing, a World War II British codebreaker and pioneer of computer science, in a journal article about whether computers “think”. At the competition last Saturday (June 7), five supercomputers – machines that run massive numbers of processors to make high-speed calculations – were presented with a series of unrestricted questions. Real people also answered the questions, and the judges had to decide who was human and who

was not. The Russian computer programme, which simulated a 13-year-old boy named Eugene Goostman, persuaded the judges 33 per cent of the time that it was a human. “In the field of artificial intelligence there is no more iconic and controversial milestone than the Turing Test, when a computer convinces a sufficient number of interrogators into believing that it is not a machine but rather is a human,” said Professor Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading and organiser of the competition. The Russian creator of “Eugene”, US-based scientist Vladimir Veselov, said the result was a “remarkable achievement”. “Going forward we plan to make Eugene smarter and continue working on improving what we refer to as ‘conversation logic’,” he said. Turing, who played a major role in breaking the “Enigma” code used by Nazi Germany, is often hailed as a genius who laid the groundwork for modern computing. AFP

Microsoft and Sony battle for gamers’ hearts


icrosoft and Sony grappled on Monday (June 9) for the hearts of hard core gamers whose devotion could determine whether Xbox One or PlayStation 4 rule console play and Internet Age entertainment. The rival console makers aimed squarely at hard-core video game players in grand press briefings, unveiling blockbuster titles and touting content or opportunities only available on their respective systems. Microsoft announced the release for later this year of an addition to its popular Halo series called Halo: The Master Chief

Collection which will allow gamers to play installments from the series dating back to previous generations of Xbox. The Master Chief collection will also contain a live action series based on the franchise and

produced in collaboration with filmmaker Ridley Scott. Sony shot back in a return salvo lead by keenly anticipated Destiny, the first new franchise from Bungie Studios revered in the gaming community for creating Halo. Sony is even launching a white PS4 in September as part of a Destiny bundle pack when the game is released. The Japanese company goes into the video game industry’s biggest annual trade show with an edge and its PS4 trumped Xbox One in sales since the competing consoles hit the market in November. AFP



2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

Xbox 360, PS3


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

PS3, PS4, PC


Bricks (Game)




Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC


Youkai Watch



ClickPhoto (Photo)




Xbox 360, Xbox One


Dark Souls II

PS3, Xbox 360, PC


Downcount (Countdown)



inFAMOUS: Second Son



Bound by Flame

PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PC


Secret (Social)

iOS, Android


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4,

10 Grand Theft Auto V (18+)

Xbox 360, PS3


AllCast (Streaming)

iOS, Android

he open-world of Watch Dogs is whatever gamers want to make it. While it is a stealth title, it also gives users the ability to go into situations guns blazing under the backdrop of an intriguing story. Gamers play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker who is bent on bringing justice to those who caused a car crash that killed his niece. The story is set in a fictionalised version of Chicago and Aiden enounters an interesting cast of supporting characters, hacking his way into surveillance cameras, street lights, ATM machines, and all things digital to help him in his quest. W hile A iden is a vigilante, there is an online multiplayer element that is every bit as interesting, including a “Decryption” mode where gamers chase after each other for sensitive data, which is both chaotic and captivating. Aiden also has the ability to tackle missions through clever tactics (remotely detonating his enemy’s weapons through hacks and throwing digital misdirections every which way). The steady stream of side-missions (called “Digital Trips”) are unique and gives gamers a chance to use their brains (playing chess, poker gamers) and there brawn (rampage through the streets in a spiderbot!). Overall, the game sets a good foundation for a new franchise and provides users with a smart and modern alternative to typical shooter titles. Watch Dogs is set in a world very much like our own, making it relatable and ominous.

Which game would you like us to review? Let us know at thephuketnews



IN BRIEF Franco siblings insightful take on ‘The Room’

Playing with time FILM REVIEW J.P. Mestanza

So many times, Cruise is seen portraying characters in positions of strength and power that its rather refreshing to watch him squirm with fear – he is finally one of us.


verything that seems so cliché about action films can be summed up in one word: tacky. Edge of Tomorrow could have been over-the-top tacky, with a storyline that relies on time loops, armour that included military-grade exoskeleton suits, enemies that were metallic-aliens, and an ageless Tom Cruise (those pearly whites seem ever brighter). With all those ingredients, it was easy for the film to rely on a “light em’ up” narrative with the spectacle of fire-power as the true star of the show. The plot, however, did not let that happen. And while Edge of Tomorrow is heavy on the action it also tells the story of a man who redeems himself by way of repetition with a dose of humour and wit. The film tells the story of Major William Cage (Cruise), a spokesman for the United Defense Forces (UDF). Humanity is at war with an alien species, known as Mimics, that have taken control of continental Europe and the NATO militaries have federated together to form the UDF. Cage visits with his commander, General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson), and is told that he will be part of a multi-front invasion of Mimic-controlled Europe. Cage refuses and explains that he does “this” (public relations) to avoid doing “that” (fight). General Brigham has Cage arrested, sent to Heathrow Airport, and the next day the soldier – now stripped of rank – is killed on the battlefield. However,


upon his death, he wakes up again at Heathrow Airport and is once again killed in battle. At some point, he meets UDF hero Sgt. Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who recognises his ability and helps train him to use the power to learn more about the future, defeat the Mimics and end the war. So many times, Cruise is seen portraying characters in positions of strength and power (Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, Jack Reacher, etc) that its rather refreshing to watch him squirm with fear – he is finally one of us. From this angle, the audience can relate with the character early on and build upon the narrative through sympathy. Through this, director Doug Liman leads the audience in a parallel plot with the character. This felt as if Cruise and the audience were in on a secret that the rest of the characters in the film were excluded. This feeling lasted until midway through Edge of Tomorrow, when montages of Cruise’s failures and deaths – many of which were hilarious – warped the timeline and things became confusing. Suddenly, the audience’s level of knowledge about the film’s timeline was skewed away from Cruise’s character: we knew what he wanted us to know, same as the other characters in the film. This playfulness could have drowned Edge of Tomorrow, and almost did at film’s end. While it was entertaining, the film is slightly convoluted and has an ambiguous ending. Audiences will have more questions than answers at the end of this film.

A film based on a book about The Room, considered “the worst film ever made”, stars brothers James and Dave Franco, with the former also taking on directing and producing duties. The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room is a behind-the-scenes book written by Greg Sestero, who was one of the lead actors in the cult 2003 film. Little brother Dave Franco will take on the role of Sestero with James portraying Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric director and star of The Room.

Ian McShane joins Borat star’s new movie

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on Ian McShane and Mark Strong to join the cast of his new spy spoof Grimsby. In the film, written by Baron Cohen and collaborators Phil Johnstone and Peter Baynham, Strong will portray a British operative who goes on the run and somehow teams up with his idiot hooligan brother, play by Baron Cohen. Along with Mcshane, whose role has not been announced yet, Grimsby will also star Gabourey Sidibe and David Harewood.

Coen brothers recruit Brolin, Clooney

Both Josh Brolin and George Clooney have been tapped to join the cast of Joel and Ethan Coen’s next film, Hail Caesar!. The film is set in the 1950s and tells the story of how Hollywood studios would work to protect the reputations of its movie stars. Both men previously worked with the Coen brothers: Brolin was in No Country For Old Men while Clooney starred in O Brother, Where Art Though?


Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, and Brendan Gleeson Director: Doug Liman Running time: 113 minutes



1 The Fault in Our Stars



2 Maleficent



3 Edge of Tomorrow



4 X-Men: Days of Future Past



Million Ways to Die in the 5 AWest









9 Chef



10 Million Dollar Arm



6 Godzilla 7 Neighbors 8 Blended

SFX Coliseum Phuket (Central Festival)

7500 (E) Edge of Tomorrow (E) Edge of Tomorrow (E/G) Edge of Tomorrow (T) King Naresuan 5 (E) X-Men: Days of Future Past (E) X-Men: Days of Future Past (T)


13:00, 15:10, 20:00 12:45, 15:10, 17:35, 20:10, 22:35 13:10, 15:40, 18:10, 20:40 11:45, 14:10, 16:35, 19:00, 21:25 17:15, 22:10 17:15, 22:10 12:15, 15:05, 18:15, 21:00

SFC Jungceylon Phuket (Patong) 7500 (E) Bad Neighbours (E) Edge of Tomorrow (E) Godzilla (3D/E) Godzilla (E) King Naresuan 5 (T/E-sub) X-Men: Days of Future Past (E)

12:00, 14:10, 16:20, 18:30, 21:00 12:40, 17:25, 22:00 11:30, 14:00, 16:30, 19:00, 21:30 19:30 14:50 11:50, 14:20, 16:50, 19:20, 21:50 12:20, 15:10, 18:00, 21:10

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or call the cinemas directly: SFX Coliseum Phuket 076-209000 and SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076-600-555.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Pupils pool performance power We value the whole child here – some children are more academic, some sporting, and others like the arts, drama and singing more...

Performances encompassed music, sing, dance, science and then some.


arents and teachers were filled with joy and pride last Friday (June 6) at Kajonkiet International School Phuket (KISP), as the school’s first annual talent show took place. Featuring stellar performances by students in Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Year 1 through Year 8 classes, as well as faculty members, the show’s highlights included singing (lip sync, live and acapella), dancing, choreography, science experiments, piano playing, flute playing, taekwondo, drawing, aerial and stage gymnastics, as well as an attempt to break a chocolate eating record, among others captivating treats. In contrast to conventional talent shows that mostly emphasize individual ability and achievement, the KISP talent show judging criteria applied accumulative performance group scoring, with all students representing one of three Houses – Shakespeare (green),

Churchill (blue) and Einstein (red). Head of Primary Nicola Chokkuea explained that the main idea behind the talent show was to engage all the students in a fun activity. “We value the whole child here – some children are more academic, some sporting, and others like the arts, drama and singing more, and so this has been a great opportunity to get the whole school together... it’s nice to see all the parents come to support the kids.” Another benefit of having the talent show group-oriented was to enable as many students to perform as possible. “We asked for one performance for each house per class. This provided a great opportunity for younger students who were still a little shy to get up by themselves, and perform in groups, encouraged by the support of both their classes and houses.” She noted that judging took into account

originality, preparedness and team work of each house – cheering and decorations, for example. Taking home first place honours was Churchill House, followed by Einstein in second and Shakespeare in third.

Kajonkiet kids to perform ‘Matilda’ musical


More than 3,000 local Christians and music lovers attended the “iServe

Live 2014: Mission in Action” free concert at the Saphan Hin Gymnasium, which featured popular Thai pop singer Saksit “Tor” Vejsupaporn and pianist Boyd Kosiyabong who performed well-known inspirational hits such as “Season Change”. In addition to the concert, HISPOP, “cultural worshipers” from South Korea who showed of their hot break-dancing moves and grooves. Stay tuned for an exclusive scoop with W501 members, to be published next week.

s the academic year winds down for Phuket’s international schools, what better way to welcome the coming summer break than by joining staff, parents, friends and students at Kajonkiet International School Phuket (KISP) for the upcoming musical theatre production of Matilda? “We want the performance to unite both the school and wider community, and we are sure that there will be something for everyone to enjoy,” remarked Music and Drama teacher, Matthew Gardener. “The production is a celebration of our talented students who come from all over the world, and none of this would be possible without their enthusiasm, energy and hard work,” he added. Matilda – the musical adaptation – is based on the novel of the same name, by one of the most successful children’s authors of all time, the British writer Roald Dahl. The story was first published in 1988, and over twenty years later in 2010, it became a huge hit as a stage show. Since its opening night, it has become a global phenomenon in the world of musical theatre, playing in London’s West End and New York’s Broadway to packed audiences every night. “We chose to do this show because we wanted to remind our students that reading stories can still be magical, in an age where technology has taken over. We also wanted to remind ourselves that children sometimes need to be children. Their imaginations need to be given just as much focus as studying and taking tests,” he explained. At the heart of it, Matilda is a marvelous story about growing up, making friendships and having the courage to stand up for yourself. Every student from Years 3-6 – as well as some students from Year 2, Year 7 and Year 8 – have been involved in the production, The main cast is made up of students from the

KIS Performing Arts Club, which runs every Tuesday after school, while the enviable role of the horrible Ms Trunchbull will be played by a staff. The staff and students have been preparing for this show since February, and it really has been a team effort. “Being involved in a theatre show is extremely beneficial for children; it builds confidence and communication skills, it prepares them for working closely with others and it teaches them about the importance of being committed and disciplined,” explained Mr Gardener. “Not every child will go on to pursue a career in theatre, but the process builds and develops life skills that can be used in their personal and professional lives,” he concluded. The show will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday June 25, in the new Performing Arts Hall on The 4th floor of Kajonkiet International School, Phuket (KISP) at the Kathu campus. Entrance is free of charge, but please RSVP to confirm your seats via email ip@ before Friday June 20. Class Act Media are proud media sponsors of this event. thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


Thailand participants Sriurai Pongpitak, left, and Sumalee Thamsujarit.

Children at the start of the 2km event.

85-year-old yuichi Yoshida of Japan completes the half marathon.

RUNNING FUN More than 5,000 participants entered the 9th annual “Run Paradise� Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2014, including the full marathon, half marathon, 10.5k, 5km fun run, and a 2km kids race.

Participants at the start of the 10km race.

Chef Daniel Isberg, centre, at the grand opening.


Claude de Crissey, left, Vice Governor Dr Sommai Preechasilpa, centre, and Igor Protosov, right, officially open the restaurant.

GRAND OPENING La Boucherie Grill & Steakhouse in Chalong celebrated its grand opening on June 5. Photo: Image Asia

Guests enjoy the grand opening.

The Mexican restaurant on Soi Viking, off Bangla Road, celebrated its grand opening on June 5. The restaurant is run by Phuket celebrity chef Daniel Isberg. thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014



Members of the Aussies In Phuket group met for a few drinks and some sausages in the garden of the Shades factory on Friday night (June 6).

TALENT ON SHOW Kajonkiet International School Phuket (KISP) held its first talent show on June 6.

FUN DAY OUT The Thanyapura PIA Family Fun Day was held on June 5.

LOTS OF SECRETS The Chamber of Secrets, a live interactive game, held its grand opening in Patong on June 7. @thephuketnews








FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


TRX – Santosa Signature training Australian Business Forum: Phuket AustCham is pleased to welcome members and friends to the second Australian Business Forum (ABF) presentation in Phuket. The ABF is a Chamber initiative, supported by the Australian Government. It facilitates business discussions, networking and knowledge-sharing. For this Phuket ABF event, we are pleased to present: Andrew Langdon, Executive Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels and Hospitality Group. JLL’s Hotels and Hospitality Group is a global leader in real estate services for luxury hotels, select hotels and other hospitality properties. Speaking from his experience with JLL’s Hotels and Hospitality Group and his knowledge of the Phuket hotel and tourism industry, Andrew will explore supply and demand, trading performance and major hotel transaction trends that have occurred in Phuket in recent years. And an Embassy Update. Following the presentation, guests can network whilst enjoying a selection of delicious drinks and canapés. Presentation starts at 16:45, The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham), Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, 52 Thaweewong Rd., Patong Beach, http://,

Phuket Walking Street

Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Every Saturday Night, Num Noi Singpatong, the head trainer and owner of Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym in Patong Beach, has been launching an elite fight series “Suk Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Saturday Night Fight” in Patong Boxing Stadium (Sai Nam Yen), where top international fighters will compete,, Proudly supported by Class Act Media The Phuket News, Novosti Phuketa, Live 89.5 & The Phuket News TV.

BBQ All You Can Eat at Shakers

Traditional Sunday Roast Angus O’Tool’s Karon Beach

Weekend Indulgence

Pool Competition at Expat Hotel Pool Competition at 9pm. Expat Sports Bar, Soi Taipan, Patong.

Phuket Walking Street, “Laad Yai” is a Village & Community Development Potential Project (SML) of the “Old Phuket Town Community” in Laad Yai, Phuket Town. The visitors can enjoy the Old Phuket Town atmosphere which benefit to the local economic growth in the Old Phuket Town community. Open every Sunday from 16.00 - 22.00 Hrs. For more info visit facebook. com/phuketwalkingstreet or contact: 089 474 5253. Proudly supported by Class Act Media: The Phuket News, Novosti Phuketa, Live 89.5, The Phuket News TV.

Leave all your worries behind and enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation with The Pavilions’ ultimate Weekend Indulgence, designed to make you feel on holiday - even if just for a day! Every Saturday and Sunday enjoy 50% off all our Spa Pleasures, heavenly treatments designed to revive and energize body & mind in the privacy of your own Spa sanctuary. After your pampering session, let us treat you to complimentary afternoon tea in pure Pavilions style! Spa opening hours: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm Afternoon tea is served from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Book your Weekend Indulgence by contacting:

Lunch or dinner served from 2pm. Your choice of either roast beef, chicken, loin of pork or leg of lamb served with roast and boiled potatoes, three fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Only B320 per person which includes a free glass of house red or white. Opposite Centara Karon Resort. See



Increase your memory power by 300%

Indian Curry Night on Fridays Come to Navrang Mahal in Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa for an authentic Indian Feast every Friday in Karon Beach. Try out our delicious naans, mutton vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal makhini, butter chicken, samosas, lassis and many more mouth-watering dishes. For only 499/- nett and special reduced prices on drinks, 076 286 464 Ext4.

Santosa Wellness Center is the home of Phuket’s only certified, open TRX class. Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. TRX is the original workout system that leverages gravity and bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. TRX is highly functional and efficient in achieving extreme results quickly! To book this class, or to find out the other TRX class times, please go to or facebook, Santosa Wellness Center. 076 330 600 Patak Rd, Kata.

BBQ at Expat Hotel Time 8pm, Expat Sports Bar, Expat Hotel, Soi Taipan, Patong.

USA Memory Champion Ron White LIVE at Phuket Rajabhat University. - Give speeches or presentations without notes. - Recall names, faces and read faster. - Train your mind to work like a human computer. Full day seminar, Jun 16, 2014. Early bird, before May 31,2014 - THB 5,500 per personBring the mind of Einstein to your organization! Limited seats available. More info visit, Proudly supported by Class Act Media.

Mondays & Thursdays. BBQ all you can eat: pork, chicken, beef, prawns, fish and squid with salad buffet, cold and hot sauces, garlic bread, baked potatoes, potato salad and more for B325 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.

Thai market night Experience an authentic taste of Thailand and simple a wide variety of dishes prepared fresh for you. Market night price is weight of chosen items every Monday at Ban Aroi from 6.30 - 9.00 pm. For bookings, please call Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort and Villas on 076 336 900 # 781.



Half Chicken Spit Roast Tuesdays and Saturdays: Half chicken spit roast with french fries, salad buffet, potato salad & gravy sauce for B225 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.





FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


class times, please go to or find us on facebook, Santosa Wellness Center. 076 330 600 Patak Rd, Kata,



Zumba in the Jungle We do not consider Zumba a class, it is a fitness party! Making exercising fun, the dynamic Latin-based dance workout has taken the fitness world by storm. Vibrant and energetic, an hour of serious cardio passes by in such a flurry of colourful smiles, that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all! Join us at Santosa, where the formidable Geti Pici transforms our fitness pavilion into a fit-party! To book this class, or to find out the other Zumba class times, please go to or find us on facebook, Santosa Wellness Center. 076 330 600 Patak Rd, Kata.



BBQ Ribs All You Can Eat Wednesdays and Fridays. BBQ ribs all you can eat with salad buffet and potato salad for B295 per person. 7pm-11pm. Located in Patong on Rat-U-Tit 200 Pee Road next to Hotel Mercure.



Aerial Yoga–Unique to Santosa The fluid, gravity-defying twist on yoga shows how we can learn to fly whilst relieving compressed joints and re-aligning the body. The practice uses graceful, trapezelike movements which sometimes seem like acrobatics. A wonderful way to do inversion poses, aerial yoga really is an innovative fitness trend, and Santosa are extremely proud to be the only center in Phuket offering suspended movement in every direction along with stimulation of the organs, muscles and bones. To book this class, or to find out the other Aerial yoga


songs, paint Rock T-Shirts Posters and Banners, and have an amazing time with friends. Camp 1 starts 30 June, Camp 2 starts 7 July. 10am to 5pm at PIADS. Costs B11,800 per camper. Brothers and sisters join for just B6,000 per sibling, 084-3042587,, Proudly supported by Class Act Media.



Multihull Solutions Regatta Retro Pool Party - Dewa Resort Saturday 21st June, 2014 at Dewa Phuket Resort on Nai Yang Beach from 3pm - 9pm. Bringing you back to the good old days of Rock & Roll, Motown, Jazz, Pop, ... think polka dot pink, soda floats, breakdance, kids games that does not require batteries... think retro! THB 1,500 net / person. Inclusive of food, Free flow selected beverages, Pop Sodas, Soda Floats. ** Prize for best Retro Dressed Male and Female Call 076 372 300 or, Dewa Resort, Naiyang Beach,



Roald Dahl’s MATILDA the MUSIC Kajonkiet International School Phuket (KIS) proudly presents Roald Dahl’s MATILDA the MUSICAL. All members of the Phuket Community are invited to attend this evening filled with drama, laughter, singing and dance at the new KIS Performing Arts Hall at the Kajonkiet Campus in Kathu. Entrance is free of charge. Please RSVP your seats by email or call 082-4250104. Let the show begin! Proudly supported by Class Act Media.


The Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket will take place on 10th July to 13th July 2014. Organized by the Ao Chalong Yacht Club,all private and charter multihulls are welcomed to participate. THB 4,500 boat entry including skipper/ THB 2,000 per crew. Proudly supported by Class Act Media.



Architect & Engineering Exhibition Building, Construction and Décor Exhibition. Welcome to the best exhibition in Phuket and Andaman coastline for construction tools and materials and architectural design & décor items comprising a wide range of products and technology. This is a great opporturnity to introduce construction materials and decorative items to the Phuket and Andaman area, 076 217 199,,, Proudly supported by Class Act Media.


30 JUNE Art Exhibitions Oasis ed.Phuket

Rock ‘n Roll Summer Camps Rock ‘n Roll Summer Camps for kids aged 5 to 7 and 8 to 15. Discover your inner Rock Star, play music games, learn and perform

Oasis ed.Phuket hosts a new Art Exhibition at The Book Cafe in Rawai.To be engaging and enhancing peoples experiences with art. Till 12 June 2014 “Child-like”–Water Colour paintings by Vincent Henon For more info: Proudly supported by Class Act Media.

A Taste of the Orient Meze is a way of life that traces its roots to the beginnings of culinary history. Spanning cultures across the Middle East and beyond, it is a fun and explorative dining experience. Variety is a key element, with a potpourri of flavors, textures and spices. Experience the epitome of oriental dining with a gourmet selection prepared by our culinary team including traditional Babaganoush, Hummus, Fatosh salad, Lamb Kofta and Chicken borek accompanied by crispy Pita bread. Our Meze Platter to share is available at The Plantation Restaurant throughout the month of June at 1,200 THB++ per couple, The Pavilions, Phuket,, 076 317600.

WAGYU TOMAHAWK STEAK An Australian Darling Downs Wagyu Tomahawk Steak Promotion! For sharing with a steak weighs approx. 1.2 kgs. At 2,990++ THB. Wagyu beef is praised the world over for its rich flavour and buttery tenderness. Enjoy an extraordinary breed of cattle. The naturally grain-fed beef with a marble score of 4-5, served with Madeira or peppercorn sauce and two side dishes. Amari Phuket Resident Privilege Card holders will receive an extra 20% discount on food & beverage. The card is available and is complimentary for all Phuket residents. Amari Phuket, La Gritta Restaurant, 076 292 697.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Crossword by Myles Mellor & Sally York

1. What does Sir Thomas Jones Woodward do for a living? 2. Apples, plums, cherries and strawberries are all from the same family. True or false? 3. Name the father of the Greek god Zeus. 4. In which US state would you find the Moose’s Tooth? 5. Where would you find your glabella?

Answers below right.


Across 1. End 4. Drops 9. Jollified 14. Baptist leader? 15. Poisonous to one’s soul 16. Split to unite 17. Baked dish 19. Pea family plant 20. Certain contract 22. Early years in a century 23. Musical instrument, in Vietnam 24. Bake, as eggs 28. White mineral 33. Humanities degs. 36. “Glass ___” (Beatles tune) 38. Variety of 17-Across 39. Seller’s guarantee 43. More than tickle 44. Mirliton 45. Schmaltz 46. Lover of Dido, in myth 49. Sheer fabric 51. Spout 53. Billiards move 57. 1944 Wilder flick 64. Any Time 65. Persian prophet

(Asimov story) 66. Spore mass 67. What’s happening 32. Waldorf salad 68. Groove-billed ___ ingredient 69. Biblical city 33. Arizona city 70. Belt for beatings 34. Spindle 71. Lobster coral 35. Cross 37. Fascist Down 40. Ham holder 41. Palillo of “Welcome 1. Silent Back, Kotter” 2. Fatuous 42. Flat sharer 3. Out of style 47. Shining 4. Rubber, e.g. 5. Red giant in Cetus 48. Freelancer’s enc. 50. Family members, 6. Smooth in the U.K. 7. Locker room supply 52. “Carmen” 8. Built for speed composer 9. Extortion, for one 54. “Norwegian Wood” 10. Jewish month instrument 11. Pith helmet 12. Kind of 55. Gregg grad proportions 56. High nest: Var. 13. Just say no 57. Likes 18. Phoenix ___ 58. Kon-Tiki Museum 21. Identify site 25. Connections 59. Like some 26. Insurer’s bookstores calculation 60. Lymph node 27. Small tree swelling 29. Elhi org. 61. Bagel topper 30. Vocalized 31. “___ the Fourth 62. A Barrymore 63. Donkey’s years Generation”

Solutions to last week’s puzzles:

Answers to this week’s Pop Quiz: 1. He sings – he is better known as Tom Jones; 2.True; 3. Kronos; 4. Alaska; 5. It’s the space between your eyebrows.



Thickness of blood compared with that of water – blood is really thicker than water.


of the week

■■ June 15, 1991 In the Philippines, Mount Pinatubo erupts in the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th Century. More than 800 people die.

Number of times a day each drop of blood in your body is filtered to keep it clean.


■■ June 16, 1963 Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova of the USSR becomes the first woman in space.

Percentage of men who admit to having had sexual fantasies about their partner’s best friend.

■■ June 17, 1579 Sir Francis Drake claims a land he calls Nova Albion for England. It is now known as California


Percentage of children between the ages of 2 and 5 who can use a computer mouse. (But only 11 per cent can tie their own shoelaces)

Tons of old computers and other technological hardware that are trashed in the United States each year. Source: Uberfacts

■■ June 13, 1983 Pioneer 10 becomes the first manmade object to leave the central Solar System when it passes beyond the orbit of Neptune. ■■ June 14, 2002 Near-Earth asteroid 2002 MN misses the Earth by 121,000 km, about onethird of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.



This week in history

My name is Lola and I was dumped in Phuket Town and left to fend for myself. A nice man took me in and asked other folks if they’d like to offer me a home. I was lucky and my new mum came and got me straight away, I was very sick but the vet got me well. Now I enjoy walks, playing with my toys, hanging out in the Shine office, but best of all I have already met the love of my life, his name is Captain and he is also a Beagle and it’s serious. My owner is Natasha Eldred. Want to see your pet here? Email photos to

■■ June 18, 1815 The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. He is captured and sent into exile on the island of St Helena ■■ June 19, 1846 The first officially recorded, organized baseball game is played under Alexander Cartwright’s rules in New Jersey. The New York Base Ball Club defeat the Knickerbockers 23-1. Source: Wikipedia thephuketnews



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


2 BR. PRIVATE POOL 180SQM APT Rent from 65,000THB. Incl. c l e a n i n g , l i n e n ,t o w e l s c h a n g e weekly. Fast fibernet. Cable TV.2 big bathrooms.Wash/dry machine. Big complete kitchen.Quiet location. Only extra cost electricity. Contact: 086 940 6560, E-mail: 4711en@


FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @thephuketnews

5 mins to PIA and Nayang Beach

Beautiful Villa For Sale: 4 Bedroom/4Bathroom detached villa on 164Sq.Wah with swimming pool. Superb location between ChalongPhuket Town. Now 8 Million Baht. Call for appointment to view. 089 868 5143

3 beds, 2 Bath, western kitchen, Indoor utility/storage room, lounge, dining area, covered terrace, covered car port, small front garden. Quality furniture throughout. Internet TV. 120 sqm interior space. 4 Air Cons. 25,000 Baht per month for 1 year long term rental. Available Mid May 2014. Contact:, Call: 084 189 5149

Retail space for rent Unique retail space for rent with excellent positioning on Surin beach Road. For more information, please call 081 8941820 , 076 271 241 or wirote@ - See more at www., Wirote, The Plaza Surin,

House for sale and rent Baan Manik area, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling fans all through out, 2 air con units, furnished. 2.7MB, no offers. For more info - Farang - 080 323 1918, Thai 081 607 9874.

2 bdr house for sale at Saiyan 2 bdr house for sale at Saiyan Rd, 5 minutes drive to Nai Harn beach. 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, kitchen, small garden and car park area. Price is 4.7 million THB, Contact: Maria, 0940981977, phuketsalerent@

dcondo Creek in PK for rent

GOLF villa at Loch Palm:

DELUXE PENTHOUSE/ LOFT 120SQM Rent from 29,000THB/month, Long/ Short term, Inc. weekly cleaning, towel & linen change. Fibernet 65MB,Cable T V, King bed, big bathrooms,terrace 20 SQM. Quiet, 500 M to Chalong pier. Only extra cost electricity. Email: 4711en@, Call: 086 940 6560

GOLF villa at with pool on 8th hole green. Luxury 3 bedrooms with en-suites. 12 month lease. Avail 1st March. THB 55000 per month plus bond. Call Tim 0858942268, Email

Brand new fully furnished condo for rent. Studio of 29.82 sq.m. Fitness, clubhouse,100-meter-swimming pool length. Great location. Starts from 11,000 THB/mnth, Tel. 076 681 188,, Email: Phuket@plus.

House for Rent at Kata 1 bed room with separate pantry Fully furnish and big balcony 5 mins to Kata beach 18,000.- per month 1 year contract (minimum 6 month contract) Tel: 087-507-0325, 18,000, Khun Araya, Kata,

Rent- 2 Bed Bungalow Nai Harn NOW OPEN!! NOW AVAILABLE!!

NEW DE LUXE BIG STUDIO 70SQM Rent from 24,000 THB/MONTH. Inc. weekly cleaning, towel & linen change. Extra cost electricity. Queen bed,terrace 20 SQM. Big bathroom, Wifi Fibernet 65MB. CABLE TV, complete kitchen set. Email:, Call: 086 940 6560

1,2,3,4 bedroom different private pool villas for RENT in Naiharn-Rawai., start from 15000 baht/month. (Holiday rental, Short-Long term) Please contact: 087-877-2320 En / 084-854-9889 Th

IN THE NATURE ROMANTIC THAISTYLE RESORT Daily 1500Thb, Weekly 7500Thb, Monthly 30000Thb Included: Daily room cleaning, Linen changing once/week, Internet Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Smart TV, Electricity, Free bicycle, BBQ grill, Exes to Cinema room.




House for sale with Pool Kathu district, cottage settlement, Turnpike, Golden Villas 3, 9/111, one floor, no stairs, 3 bedrooms, new kitchen, all air con, total living area of 150sq.m, total lot size 300sq.m, pool 7 x 3.5mtr, a small landscaped garden, a large container of water. Price 9,500,000Baht, 093 687 4385, e-mail:

Sea Front Land For Sale Kamala Sea front land for sale Kamala. 6 Rai. Chanote. 089 874 2141, Thongchai, 0 89 874 2141,

OFFICE/ SHOP FOR RENT Ground Floor space with excellent positioning on Chalong Pier Road.For more information, please call 081 416 4177 or 076 381 341, Chalong.

Supalai Hills house for rent Rent from 13,000 THB/month, long/ short term. Extra cost electricity. Furnished, Wifi Fibernet 65 MB, Cable TV, microwave, blender, water boiler, plates, weekly cleaning, towel & linen change.Quiet area, Lot of parking space. Email: 4711en@, Call: 086 940 6560

Air Condition – Color TV, Free UBC cable Platinum Package. Free Internet. Master bed, excellent mattress, Sealy Posturepdic. Couch + chairs w/ end tables. Counter bar w/ stools. Cooking Equip / Fridge. Short term – 16,000 per month, Long Term – 13,500 per month Plus Damage Deposit. Available now 1--April-2013. Call Nok 087-244-1322

Land for Rent Kata beach Classifieds / Property / Property for rent 5 mins from Kata beach 2 rai land for rent at Kata 3 MB. rai/year Tel:087507-0325, 3,000,000, Khun Araya, Kata,

The Villa is 244 sqm.Which has 4 comfy bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, set in private, secure surroundings and conveniently located as it’s just a 20 minutes drive to the BIS and PIA international schools.Only 15 minutes drive away from Phuket’s top beaches Bangtao and Surin.0848519795 Email : robert.


Luxury 1 Bedroom F/F Apartment

65 Sqm. cable T.Vs(2)& wifi cleaning and laundry service available. Great location central Patong (Soi Sansabai) short or long term welcome. Tel Ian 087-8879070 e-mail Ianscondo@

Apartment for long term rent Patong Tower ( M 704 ) fully furnished 68 sq. mtrs for long term rent. Included: Cable TV ; Satellite TV ; Wifi internet access ; parking ; security ; Price 18,000/M, Contact: Jaspal Singh,

Land & House for sale: 2.5 rai (N.S.-3 K document) near Kathu waterfall. 2 houses, 1 small house & 2 pools, big garage. 3 way Entrance. B28 million. Call 081 893 0540, 076 385 775 email:

Large 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2 storey detached house on quiet cul-de-sac in Kathu. Western kitchen. Mountain views. Priced for quick sale. Full details at 5,300,000, Pete Harris, 98/19 Moo 6, Soi Phuket Hope Land, Kathu, Phuket 83120,




List your classified now at 7th Floor Suites (Hotel) Building For Sale

NEW PRIVATE POOL VILLA CHALONG 5.9 MB. 165 SQM. Rent 45,000 THB. 2 STOREY .3 Bathrooms, 2 Bedrooms. 4 AIRCON. Modern Western style. Thai company. Good Parking. Email:, Call: 086 940 6560

2 BEDR. KATA GARDENS 6B 180SQM Pr ic e 14.9 M B.TH B/ Rent from 100,000THB/month, 200m. from the beach. Gated.24 hours security. Resort 33 units. Good rental return,8pct. Thaicompany. Email: 4711en@gmail. com, Call: 086 940 6560

2 BEDR. KATA GARDENS 6B 180SQM 17 MB.THB/RENT 150,000THB/ MONTH. New Deluxe Patak villa 300. Quiet area. 5 bedrooms,4 kitchens,6 bathrooms.10 air cons. Good Parking. Many possibilities. Holiday rental 4 units. Email: 4711en@gmail. com, Call: 086 940 6560

One Sale 3 Luxury Apartments 1. 2 really big beds rooms big kitchen and living: 135 sqm 2. 1 bedroom 60 sqm 3. 1 bedroom 58 sqm a total of 253 sqm in the center of Kata - sea level close to the shops and sea in a charming property: with-pool-sauna-parking etc; Total market price (18.4 mill bth) NOW 13.4 mill bth Tel:0817888280 or mail: maurice.phuket@gmail. com


Sin gl e H ou se Sp e c i a l Price Rent/Sale: Nice house fully furnished with teakwood furniture, ready to move in. 240 sqm. 4 bed 4 bath, close to Kathu waterfall and market. Near Loch Palms, major stores, BIS and KIS. B45,000 per month. Call Oranwan 086 883 3169.

Patong Free Hold Condo: Great investment oppor tunit y i n Pa t o n g . I h ave 2 N E W LY RENOVATED condos in same complex near Simon Cabaret. Both condos fully funished + free hold. Condo no.1 4th floor studio unit 50sqm already rented out. Condo no.2 just funished renovation 3rd floor 1 bedroom 50sqm every thing brand new. This one never use and could be your residence plus earn income from other condo.Complex has huge pool + garden and 24 hrs. security. I want 5 MB for both. Eng 085 471 9246 Thai 087 621 3405.

4 separate buildings with 11 different custom maid rooms, restaurant / cafeteria in a sweet and idyllic sanctuary for the sense. Surrounded by lush green mountains and tropical forest. The Resort is an oasis of natural beauty and only a couple of minutes walking to beautiful Naiharn beach! Location Soi Naya PRICE 33.3 MB. Cotact:, Call: 087-877-2320

1.5 Rai cleared, tiered land with constructed, drained access road from “Beach Road”. Chanote. 400m from Ao Por Grand Marina. Building will have 270 degree view of islands and Krabi. B10,000,000, 082 277 5971.

DELUXE STUDIO 34 SQM Patong Condo for sale:

A nice foreign freehold condominium for sale in Patong is located in a recently complete development of one & two bedrooms condominiums. Located on the fourth floor of a total of five. 080 052 8082.

The Aqua pool villa-sales/ rent: In Land & House Park Phuket (Manthana Zone) Land area = 440 sqm. Home area = 300 sqm. 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 1 living room and kitchen 1 swimming pool (3m*10m) out door jacuzzi and pavilion Sales: from 1112.8MB. Rent: from 85,000 - 120,000 B/Month. 088 751 2389.

Modern Villa in Marina: A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. 29.5 MB. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Land & House Park, Chalong: Villa for sale, 4 Bedrooms,



6.8 MB.THB/rent from 60.000THB. At Twinsands ABSOLUTE 5 Star Hotel and Spa! Just outside Patong, Sea view. Pool view. Excellent restaurant. Modern style. Parking space. Good rental return 10 pct. Email:, Call: 086 940 6560

Underground services. 081 273 7326, email:


Special Sale Luxury Apartment 1-bedroom 60 sqm include furnishing in the center of Kata - sea level close to shops and sea in a charming property: with-poolsauna-parking etc; market price (4.1 mill bth) NOW 2.6 mill bth Tel: 0817888280 or mail: maurice.

2 separate Chanote titles each about 1,200 sq metres (4.5 and 5.5M), or will sell as one lot.

For serious interest email:, Tel: 081 788 8280

Sabai Village Kathu behind Red Mountain Golf Course , 2 Bedroom , 2 Bathroom with off street parking. 42.9 Sq Wah in a small QUIET boutique estate. Full Chanote Title. CALL GIM 081 606 5772

2 really big beds rooms, big kitchen and living 135 sqm include furnishing in the center of Kata - sea level close to shops and sea in a charming property: with-poolsauna-parking etc; market price (10.5 mill bth) NOW 7.5 mill bth Tel: 0817888280 or mail maurice.

Total 1.5 rai (2,450sq metre) on gently sloping land with sea view of Phang Nga Bay.

Price total 38 million Baht (9.50.000.euro) include chanote and Thai company.

New House For Sale Kathu

Special Sale Luxury Apartment

East Coast Sea View Land

Kata Beach Center 9 apar tments and a 300 sqm Penthouse on the roof plus fully equipped restaurant and pool with terrace are free of rent and now available.

Townhouse for sale, Chalong House for sale. B5 MLN. Residential complex Ananda Garden Hill, Chalong. Closet to HomePro. 150 sq.m., 2-storey, 2 beds, living room, kitchen, 2 balconies, 2 baths, office, carport. Fully furnished. Price : B 5,000,000,, 091 805 3725

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Fully furnished and equipped, Garden 240 SQM. B6.8 M Tel. 083 394 4536(Eng) /084 443 5389(Thai/Eng)

Land Plot for Sale: Chanote title at Cherng Talay / Pasak7 (Phuket - Surin Beach area) Phone 090 487 8084. Email: utaipan@

Land for sale: 2 rai of land in the South of Phuket. Unique location on the hills between Naiharn and Rawai, 5 mins from the beach. Panoramic view on Chalong bay and Naiharn. Easy access via private road, reputable neighborhood (German village), tropical forest. Ready project for a 3 storey villa. 3200 sq. m. Call Svetlana 086 743 4657 or Alexander +7 926 914 5555,;, Price : 18.5 million for 1 rai .

Kamala Pool Villa:

Large 3 Bedroom house in mature estate offering high security. (Option to build 4th bedroom)Located in a peacefull no thru road, min’s from beach. Recently renovate, available for immed move in. Chanote title, Price 12.5 MB Call 087 078 9707 Email:

House for sale in Kathu Urgent!!! House for sale, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living area , Large laundry, Large Balcony, Western kitchen, Fully Furnished 5 LCD T Vs, Pool Table. At Kathu. Tel: 086-0826078. Email:astroboy1959

Freehold House for sale: Freehold house for sale in estate in Cherng Talay. Land 735m2, floor area 230m2, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. Many upgrades incl new carport included. Price B11 million. Call 083 509 8797 for info or viewing.

3 Bed Pool Villa Pa Khlok: 3 Beds, 2 Bath 6x3m pool. Full aircon and funishings. Ready for occupation and rental. Secure estate, private parking. 6km from Heroines monument. Close to PIA, BCS and shops. 081 737 0722.

3 & 4 Bed Pool Villas: Laguna / Layan. Luxur y pr ivate pool villas in secure development. Available now. All beds ensuite. Fully furnished. Rental programme available. B12-20 million. Contact owner: 085 549 7110.

Beachfront Condo in Cape Panwa: Two floors 282 sq. m of

WALK TO BEACH LUXURY VILLA. California style Luxury living 300 meters from Bang Tao Beach – In small luxury villa compound built to European standards by Swedish developer. Gated 24 hr security. Management & maintenance on site; Maid, Concierge Services. 3 spacious King bedrooms with en-suites and rainfall showers. Fully equipped kitchen and laundry. 260 sqm open plan living area; 50 sqm private pool, Jacuzzi. Sold fully furnished and decorated directly by owner. Secure legal ownership: Freehold via BVI company; land lease via off-shore structure. 21.9MB Contact: PEDER BERGGREN, Email:, Tel: 0923578710, Fax: 076202641

living space with stunning views. 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms + Study + large kitchen. Fully furnished. Communal 40m pool 5 steps away. Beach 15 steps! 091 876 2330.

Nai Harn Baan Bua: When only the best will do!!!!4 bed/pool villa in Phukets best kept gated community.410 villa.812 land.Overlooking lagoon.Beautiful.Ph: 0812704291. or Price 22.5 MB.

Luxury Villa in Chalong: Perfect condition, 660 sqm on 3 levels, 1,600 sqm land, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool 12.5m x 6m with jacuzzi, large sala, double garage. Top quality construction. Reduced price: B25.5 million 086 271 3260 or 086 273 4149.

LUXURY 3 BR IN The Residence

3-storey villa for sale

New 3-storey villa in Phuket for sale. Glass elevator, pool, ocean view. 700 sqm. Close to Villa Market mall. Freehold possible. Priced at 13 MB. Contact: Mattias, Call : 090 067 3444 Email:

3 bedroom 4 bathroom, Land area 580 m2., Spacious living quarter’s feature open plan living & dining areas, a fully equipped, open-concept gourmet kitchen. The Villa comes fully furnished, Contemporary and expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces are offered, private pool. Services as Restaurant, Gym, Spa, Maintenance ,Security and Maid. Massivly Reduced price 18.9 MB! Contact:oliver@thurmanngroup. com Call: 087-877-2320

Sales - D Condo Mine:

Sales - down payment 250,000 B D Condo Mine Phuket Town by Sansiri. Finished in March 2014.Corner room on the 7th floor with nice view. 2 Bedrooms Call:089 159 3239.

Villa with Pool for Sale: Freehold 3/4 Bedroom Villa. 3 Air Con. 4k. to Ao Makarm Beach. 10x5m pool with 4th bedroom / office on other side. Plot size 104Sq Wah. 416Sqm. Reasonable offers. Call 089 831 4703/084 304 6723.

Home Office Near Thanyapura: New 2-storey home

office near Academy for sale, 280 sq metres, Chanote title, 2 beds 3 baths, nature mountain view. Main street, multiple entrances and exits. 10 minutes to Airport. Only B4.95 million. Call: 086 948 2294.




FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


List your classified now at PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT. Kamala Boutique Resort:

This boutique resort business which consists of 5 individual villas. The resort is fully occupied presently with long -ter m rentals of fer ing excellent rental income with very little maintenance. The resort land plot totals 2,080 sqm with a built up area of 750 sqm. There are 3 villas, 200 sqm each with 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 1 villa with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 1 villa with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Each villa is open plan living & dining area and an open plan western style kitchen. Storage room, office room, air-cons, satellite TV, telephone line and Internet. This is an ideal investment for the nearly retired or retired couple whom wish to enjoy life with a monthly income. There is also a beautiful 20-meter common pool for all residents to enjoy and relax in the beautiful landscaped gardens. Remote controlled gated security and car parking. 076 279 280.

House for Sale - Chalong: House on The Corner f o r S a l e: Q u i e t l o c a t i o n

and only 50 0m from the main road. Thepkrasattri, Heroines Monument. 70sqw x 28 0sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big living room with open-plan kitchen (9 x 9 m),1 s e p a r a t e d k i t c h e n , carpark for 3 cars and a small storehouse, 2 aircons, cable TV, 1 phone line TT&T. Price: 2.7 MB. including furnitures. Must See!, 081 607 8000.

Quiet stand alone villa, 3 bed, 2 - 5 star baths, 5 aircon, full furn, garden dining lush green, 50 Wah, quality new paint, excellent condition, B3.5 million, firm. Contact: peterb@inter, 084 843 3492.

25 year lease for sale. Well situated in fast developing and sought after area close to Laguna. Some fixed rent applies. Contact 087 884 0644 for more info.

2 Rai, Cherngtalay:

Cheapest Seaview land for Sale: Panorama view of sea view

Resort for Sale: Resort 2 rai, with

chanote. 22 double villas with kitchens, large pool and big coconut garden with own well. Restaurant and bar with satellite TV and Adsl. Opened for 15 years, with lots of repeat customers, parking, quiet. 086 940 1860.

golf course view mountain view land for sale. Near Mission Hills Golf course. 6 rai chanote title. B3 million per rai. 087 675 9555, email: pee_bang56@

12 Rai Chanote to sell: One of the last pieces of beautiful sea view land between Ao Makham and Ao Yon Road. Infrastructure done B210 million. Call 081 917 0377, 10am-5pm. Price Reduced, 4beds Villa:


Comfor table 4 bedrooms villa, plus maid room. Approx. 450Sq.M building, corner plot, energy saving, management ser vice available for investor.Located in secured gate community, near British International school.

Adjacent to Mangosteen Resort, quiet residential area. 3 different sizes: 1-1-86.5 rai - 11.80 MB 2-0-87.5 rai 16.64 MB 3-0-35.5 rai - 22.50 MB Best land and best price in the area. Quick sale, price negotiable.081 536 5846.

Beach Land on Koh Yao Yai:

6.26 rai direct beachfront, power, water, road, unobstructed views, chanote title, white sand, peaceful. Only 5.8 mil baht per rai. Doesn't get much better than this! Beautiful beach land. 081 649 3557.

next to the new tourist attraction in Mai Khao. Perfect for investment in future like shops, guesthouse. Please email for mobile number and more details.

Patong Apartment Reduced Price: Condo 4 years old. Swimming

FOR SALE Penthouse in Rawai: 360 panoramic breathtak-

pool, security 24/7, cafeteria. Studio 46sqm fully furnished. Freehold for foreigners. Price: 2.6MLN. Urgent sale, no agent. Tel: 089 728 4005. Email:

ing views of Chalong Bay, mountain views and Big Buddha. Two bedrooms, 310 sq.m of spacious living area and balconies. Contact Izzy 0862788300 or Danai 090 170 0429.

Sea-View Chalong-Residence: Dream pool villa with

D E TA C H E D O R S E M I DETACHED: Large detached 4

Bed.4 Bath 2 en suite, 4 air con. OR 2 adjoining semi-detached. Live in one, Rent one ? Water storage with pumps. Secure Parking. Quite Soi. All in Excellent condition. B3.5M. 082 738 3007.

5 bedrooms all with ensuite on 1 rai of land. Big hall, office, maid’s room. Brand-new construction opposite Wat Chalong on the way up to the hill. A huge 685 sq.m of living area, fully furnished. Modern European-designed kitchen. Big sea view pool terraces incl sala and attractive bar area. Security alarm system. Selling price on request. By owner directly. Call 085 654 4011 or 089 404 0737. Email:

House and Business for sale: 3 storey, 5 bedrooms, good

location, off road parking, busy road. Contact Thai 084 630 6920, English 082 534 7410,,

Khao Sok, 25+ rai, B400,000 per rai: 25 rai, 3 ngan in Khao Sok, Klong Sok district. B400,000 per rai. Close to Khao Sok National Park entrance. PNSS3 title, to be upgraded to Chanote soon. Phone 081 693 2759.


New House for Sales low price than Project, Phanason Villages at Bang Joe for 50 Sqm, 3bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Free contract. Contact: 089 729 9503.

New House for Sales:

Kalim Sea View, Freehold Condo for Sale: 11.9 MB 2 min

walk to beach, big balcony & sunset view, 180 Sqm, 2 Ensuite Bed rooms, big living space. 089 617 2312, - Search C146.

PAT O N G c o n d o s f o r sale: Beautiful, modern Condos/

Villa and farmland for sale:

Apartments, furnished, best/quiet locations, garden, s-pool, from 36-67sq metre, sea-city-mountain views, from B2,375. Call 087 819 2162 or

A big beautiful house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, fully furnished. Located in stunning panoramic hilltop scenery in Takuapa, Phang Nga, covering an area of 127 rai. Surrounded by fertile farmland with fruit trees. Price 96MB. Contact K. Peerawat: 08 4 308 8484. Email: peerawat002@hot

Seaview Townhouse Patong: Bet ween the c it y and

3 Bdrm House for sale Thalang: House for sale. 3 bed and

2 baths, large living and dining room, 4 X aircons, 2 X car ports and garage. House 7 yrs 1 owner , well maintained with 135sqm living area. Land Chanote 92tw. 3.5MB 081 737 3116.

the jungle at the northern edge of Patong. 70m alt. 10mn walk to the beach. 4 storey + 290 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet. 4 aircon, partly furnished. Email:

New house for sale: At Siri Village, Pa Khlok, 2 flrs, 3 beds, 2 shower rms, kitchen, living & dining area, garden, car park, 2 aircons, unstair curtains, 1 furnished bedroom. 3.8MB Contact Kirana 088 760 6083.

Seaview Land For Sale: Land

located right in the heart of Chalong with panorama view of Chalong pier. Close to a number of sandy beaches; Naihan Rawai Kata and Karon. Easy access to major depar tment stores. Surrounded by public facilities including education institutes and hospitals. You will benefit from a perfect location that's rapidly increasing in value. 3 rai and 1 Ngan with Chanote title. Call 087 278 7206, 089 215 5041 e -mail: kubesjoy@

3 bedroom 3 bathroom, Chanote (Freehold), Land area 402.80M2 Living area 208 M2. Luxurious one-storey villa offers privacy and features your own garden and pool to enjoy the ambiance of outdoor tropical living. Fully furnished, large kitchen with built-in basin, stove, and cabinets. Private and Peaceful area. Only 9.6 MB. Contact:, Call: 087-877-2320

Mai Khao Prime Location Land: I will sell my piece of land

Patong Tower for Sale:

And for rent. Sea view and mountain views. Freehold from 64 to 448 sq metres. Phone no: 080 692 6114. Email: orsoreal


Pool Villa Rawai: 4 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom European style single storey house with self contained guest house and pool in Rawai on 736m2 plot. Large master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobe. Modern western style kitchen with granite tops, built-ins throughout. Established 7 years. Plenty of outdoor living area with several verandahs and under cover car park, air-conditioning in all bedrooms and lounge. Situated about 2km from Chalong circle in a quiet lane 1km from Viset Road. House & Guest house 180 sqm Land area 736sqm (184TW). 3 bedrooms Master ensuite, 4 Bathrooms 7x3.5m salt water pool. Electric gate. Well water. Concrete road access. Call 087 891 9349.

Luxury 3 Bed Villa For Sale: Luxury Condo Rent / Sale:

2 B e d r o o m, L- r o o m a n d f u l l y equipped kitchen, 160 -212sqm. Very high standard with a nice view. Big balcony, swimming pool, gym. Location: Kathu, 10 min. Patong Beach, 5 min. Phuket Town and all department stores and international hospitals. Rent Long term: B45,000 – B63,50 0 Buy: B8,50 0,0 0 0 – B11,500,000. Contact 086 268 7901 or send e-mail to: condophuket@

This luxury three bedroom home is located in a secure estate with security and office. It is only five minutes from Bangtao Beach and Laguna Phuket including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club and 20 minutes from Blue Canyon Country Club and Phuket International Airport. The villa comes fully furnished with luxury leather lounge suites and quality furniture, all bedding, kitchen utensils and cooking facilities. For details and inspection, see www. or contact graham@ or call 081 897 0225.


room, 4 bath room, 2 livingroom, 1 dinningroom, 1 kitchen (american style), 1 garage (2 cars), 1 swimming pool (10x4), 1 bed room for a maid, 1 bath room for a maid, Internet, Security 24/24, Sea view and jungle view, Total sqm 556.92, Total land sqm 581, a.p e ll e gr in o2810 @ gm ai l.c o m, 084 241 3387. Price 4.24MB.




List your classified now at




Spacious property in 1,000sqm garden. Private 9x4m pool. Three large beds, all a/c and en suite. Big Western kitchen. Plus guest house. Furnished. Private access. Price cut for quick sale. MB12.9. Call 087 273 0141, alangath@

Modern Family House for sale: Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa in Rawai. 160sqm indoor. 400sqm outdoor. Shared swimming pool. Modern villa renovated in 2011-2012. Fully furnished. For more info: phuketvilla

New Luxury Villa For Sale:

Lu xu r i o u s G o l f V i l l a @ Laguna Village: MUST BE SOLD

3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, private swimming pool (12 metre). House area of 600 sq.m., land 1.5 rai (2400 sq metre). Located on the shore of the ocean on the Koh Kho Khao, Phang-nga. larion2555@ 084 226 4574.

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Seaview 1 BDRM New Condo Patong: Stunning seaview,

city view 1 bdrm condo on hill 500m from Patong beach. Fitness centre, roof top pool, security, car park, freehold. Only B4,400,000. Keith 084 628 3430,

Highfield Mission Hills Phuket: 10-terraced hilltop Building Plots. Fantastic sea & mountain view. New road - water - electricity. Only 10 minutes to Airport & Tesco Lotus. 2.5m-4.5 Baht. 087 978 5803-4 /

Sea View Land for Sale: Ao Makham. 5.5 rai, B10 million per rai. Contact Siriporn 089 649 9939, email:

! Surplus to family invest needs. 3-bed, plus maid's qtrs. This home has been lovingly cared for. Leasehold/freehold. BVI status. POA. Ph 082 810 4184,

RPM Owner Direct Unique luxury condo 2 bed, 2 bath, 155sqm. Foreign FREE HOLD. Recent architect remodel. New Jacuzzi. Views to lake, mountain, marina, pool etc. Completely furnished to very high standard. Motivated owner leaving.

Reduced by 600,000B. ONLY 16.9MB.

Contact Brian (Owner) 089 054 4354, +632 906 435 7146, Alan 087 999 6174, See for complete details.

Hill Land for Sale: Very nice locaPANORAMIC SEA VIEW LAND: Spectacular view of Phang

Nga Bay, James Bond and Phi Phi Islands. Road access, underground utilities. 4.5 km from Heroine Monument. 1.99 Rai at 5.9MB per rai. Chanote title. 089 473 8338,

tion hill land by the Bangwat Dam, total 60 rai, 96,000 square metre. Contact: Attapong 081 892 0610 (Thai), Jantiwa 081 890 8268 (Eng). e-mail: jantiwa_ j@

Beautiful Naiharn Pool Villa:

1.5 Rai Private Land Cape Yamu: 1.5 Rai flat land at Cape

SeaView near Airport: 4 plots (3 connecting, 1 separate) 1km north of Airport, along the road to MaiKhao Beach. Sea view towards south east. NorSor3Gor. 4.5 Rai in total. B4 million per Rai. Contact owner: 081 893 6630.

Yamu. 2 x 0.75 Rai adjoining plots. OrBorTor road access to quiet end of soi location. Sale direct from the owner. B3.75 Million per rai negotiable. Call 081 087 9237.

Hot Price Sale- PuriAnda Villas: New Pool Villa in Rawai

2 Bed/3 Bath, Built-In & Partial fur. Private pool & jacuzzi, sala, 50 0 beach Price 7.9 mil.Baht with Chanote title Tel.081 691 3029, E: kris.

Secure private hillside by Naiharn Beach. Quality furnished throughout. 3 big bedrooms, office, 4 baths, 230 sm plus carport etc. 1050 sm land. New condition. 15x4.6 m pool. Freehold. Nice. Only 17.5MB. Contact 089 727 5407,


Free Hold Condo For Sale:

43 Sq. Free hold. 1 balcony (Great view). 1 bed room. 1 living room. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet.Swimming pool. Gym. Automated door lock and key card. Call 080 040 9077.


Apartment on Golf Course: 3 Bedroom Pool Villa, Rawai:

Donsak Beachfront Land 3 Rai: 67 metres absolute beach

frontage, fully infrastructured, ready to build. Close to ferry going to Koh Samui. Chanote title. 4.5 MB for all. Email:

160m2 Private Pool Villa. 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom (3 En Suite), Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Large Balconies & Terrace, Carport. Freehold, Chanote title. 2 minutes from beach! See proper

Royal Kamala Condo-Sale & Rent: In Kamala. Freehold 1, 2, 3 Bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, balcony, swimming pool, fitness, security guard, parking. Ready to move. 085-368-3009, salesdirector@

Golf View, Kathu. Tastefully renovated large (83m2) apartment in Phuket Country Club. Golf view. 1 bed but easily converted to 2. Store, large Western kitchen and all furniture included. Ideal (holiday) home. Contact 081 273 7326, Email: keith

Land area 500m2, House area 164m2. 3 bed, 4 bath, fully furnished, aircon in all rooms, fans, Internet, satellite TV, swimming pool, independent water supply wells. Finish work December 2012. B8.5 million. Call 088 838 3242.

Mission Heights:

town. L and: 8 5 5 sq.m. H ouse: 650sq.m. Furnished. 3 beds, 2 offices, 2 staff quarters, 1 free room. 2 Parkings. Price B38 mill.Tel: 081 895 3628 E-mail:

Furnished House for Sale Phuket Villa 5: 3 bedroom

furnished house near Kajonkiet School. Secure area, Cul De Sac. Nic e gardens, t wo bathrooms. B3.5M negotiable. Call 081 370 8114 (Thai) 087 889 3838 (Eng),

206.4 sqm, Chanote title in Phanason residence(next to Makro). 1 min to Central festival, 5 min to town. Call 084 061 4314, 076 393 965.

Land for sale:

Reduced for Quick Sale:

Studio condo at The Point near Lotus, Big C, Central. Fully furnished. Great views 6th floor. Cost B2.8M. Reduced to B2.25M. Call 087 889 3838 or 081 370 8114. Email:

Luxury brand new villa, fully furnished and ready to move in, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with infinity 10 metre long swimming pool and truly beautiful sea view. Located in a small development, only 50 metres from the sea and 3 mins from Ao Po Grand Marina. For sale B19.9 million or for long term rent B150,000 per month. Call 081 343 0777, email: montha_phuket@

Spac ious one bed room apar tment with ocean view, nor th of Patong. Floor area 96m2 internal and 72m2 terrace including water feature with sala and jacuz zi. Per fect bachelor pad with rental income. Email for info: bart

For sale:

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom with Off street parking in small QUIET Boutique Estate behind Red Mountain Golf Course. Full Chanote Title Contact Gim English/Thai Ph 081-6065772 for an Inspection !!

Investment Proper t y for sale!: New, modern waterfront town-

home at the Boat Lagoon for sale. Rented out long term at B570,000 per year. 3 bed/4 bath, 2 balconies, terrace at canal, 6 m berth in front of house. 250 sqm living space. Top condition. Luxury finishings. Brokers welcome. B9.9 million. 086 747 9292 (English) or 081 970 5204 (Thai/English).

rary 2 story house, pool. 400 M. to ThungWualen. Situated in a green belt of jungle,palm plantations, 10 mins walk to the beach No traf fic jams. Chanote title. Total 2648 sq.M., Contact:, Tel: 083- 391 4405. Price: 10.9MB.

Beaut iful L and L aguna Cher ngt alay: Chanote t it le,

Land for Sale Cherngtalay:

Beautiful 2,400sqm (1.5RAI) Chanote titled land plot in Pasak 8, located on the highest point of a gentle slope. Quiet and safe area. Only 8.5MB. Agents welcome. Phuketlandvilla@, 089 875 9609.

Ocean Front Villa for Sale:

Ao-Yon, 13.5 rai, chanode title.10m/ rai.Call Siri 089 649 9939, email:

NEW House For Sale

Serenity near the Beach, Chumpon: 210 sq.M contempo-

Sea-View Contemporary Pool Villla: Located near Phuket

Sea View Land for Sale:

yellow zoned, save area. Nearly 4 rai, direct from owner. Subdivided i n 6 p l o t s e a c h c a . 1, 0 0 0 s q m . ready to build. Only 7.5 MB per rai. K hun Chanc hira, 0 81 3 67 76 8 3.

Condo At The Heights, Kata: Immaculate 2-bed foreign-

freehold unit in award-winning project. 195 sqm, sea view, near gym & pool. Quality furnishing throughout. Designer kitchen with utility-store.

Pool villa for sale or rent:

Hillside setting. Luxurious 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom pool villa for sale or rent. Sale 20M Baht. Rent Low season Daily 6k, Weekly 36k, Monthly 80k. High season Daily 7k, Weekly 42k, Monthly 100k. One complete year 85k per month. Call 087 078 6379.

Absolute Beachfront:Set on the beachfront, the ff villa offers uninterrupted sea and island views of the south east coast of Phuket. Situated between two 5 star resorts: Vijitt and EVASON near Laem Kanoi. 081 480 3834, http://www.

Beautiful Karon Villa: Stunning,

safe, secure estate villa , close to beach, crystal clear salt water pool 3 large bedrooms, modern open living, fully furnished, freehold, everything done – enjoy the lifestyle. Phone 081 719 4688 Email :

Rawai Beachfront Pool Villa for Rent/Sale: Rawai Beach

front pool villa for sale. 3 bedrooms, furnished. Contact Siriporn on 089 649 9939.

Absolute Beach Front Land: Songkla district near new

deep sea port. 4.5 Rai divided into 7 Chanote plots. Reluctant sale. B4.9M the lot. Email: jmic chia@ or call 087 276 0529.

Laguna/Layan Beach Luxury 13M Salt-Water Pool Villa For Sale (Or Rent): Three large

bedrooms with bathrooms in tastefully re-decorated bungalow set in mature garden plot of 550m2 within secure development for ownership and/or investment. B15.5 million. Email:

Condominium for SALE in Patong: Freehold title, Studio type,

32 sqm. of the living area, Furnished, 1 Bathroom, Fitted kitchen with dining area, Swimming pool, Restaurant. Call 083 103 3801 (English and Thai).




FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


List your classified now at PROPERTY FOR SALE CONT.

113/101 Anuphas Golf Ville Soi 10. 3 bedrooms 2 Bathrooms. 20 meters RD.FR. 2 cars parking. 130 r sq.wah. large back yard. Ready for the pool, very quite. 8M THB just renovation, teek and marble throughout. Ready to move in. Call Captain John 081 894 7644, B8,000,000, Anuphas Golf Ville,

House For Sale:

Townhome Seaview Rawai 4.2M: 3 Story Home/Office featuring

a fully automatic Garage roller door,2 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Air conditioned, Sea views, extended terraces front and back, peaceful location situated just off Viset Road Rawai making this a very unique home or office. Regretful urgent sale. Any offer will be consider. Price 4.2Million (Less than cost price one million) until end of June 2014, B4,200,000, Ranuka, mrsmum, 0937877212

penthouse and sala for sale. Only 100 m from Phuket’s top-rated Nai-Harn Beach. 220 sqm. Freehold possible. Priced at 9 MB. Please call Alexander 080 521 0736.

Family resor t for sale:

from Living, Dining, Master & Ferrari Sail Covered Patio. 2Bed 2Bath 194sqm 19.9MB Best views in Royal Phuket Marina Tel 0848519795 or 084 308 3113

Beautiful lakeview family resort in quiet area.4 apartments with each 2 bedrooms fully furnished, land include 1600sqm, company and license include, swimmingp ool, 2 garage, automatic gate and very private estate.More details please c o nt ac t 0 8 8 3 912 2 6 5 (En g li sh speaking). krisverstricht@hotmail. com.

Pool, Office, Restaurant, Bar, Laundry Room, Sauna, Exterior Shower ans bath, fish pond, 2story, 3bd, 2bath, remodeled main house. 3 meter walls, security ststem, cable, satellite and internet, parking and in a lush garden setting. Annual turnover 5.5 MB. The sales price is 25.5MB. Land valued at 23.3MB. Located on a street with homes priced up to 50MB. Reason for sale, owner retiring. Email : jbs@, Phone : 087 275 1700

Luxurious,Furnished. Foreign free hold.120 sqm 2 beds 2 baths. Rent 2000 baht per night. Long term 45k / month. Sale only 6.5 MB. Call: 090 408 3800, Email:

back of Mangosteen hotel. Very good access , road, electric, water. Size approximately 30 by 70 meters. Chanote. Contact 087 897 0501.

288 sqm of heaven. Plunge pool, 3 bed, 4 bath overlooking perfect panoramic ocean views. Beach shops, fabulous restaurants, nightlife all a 3 minute walk. B42,624,000. Contact: 088 761 4030 or

Paklok Land Only B7,999/ Sqwah: Only B7,999/Sq wah at

Paklok, Chanote, Mountain View, 200m from main road, 11 km from monument and 4 km to Mission Hill. Interested or want a larger size? CALL 084 305 6667, email: mari

Very Spacious European From Owner: Villa in peace-

Phuket Country Club Condos: 3 Only Luxury Contemporary


Land For Sale: Mission Hills. 3/4 of rai in small community, very quiet and private, close to all services, 10 min to school, airport, beach, golf, Tesco. B2.5M. 087 276 0529 for info.

Nice and peacefully area surrounding with Seaview of Andaman. The back yard is the Mountian of Koa Pra Teaw National Park View.with great sunrise and next to the Aor Por Marina, The Air Park, The pier to Koh Yao. Contact:, Tel: 088 752 4532

A spacious family home in Boat Lagoon. Modern contemporary style with 4+1 beds, 4 bathrooms. Large dining area, private swimming pool and fully furnished. Size 616 Sq.M. Call 076 238 948.

Condos, 1 per floor C/W lift. Located on the 15th fairway 275 M3 per floor total.Common Pool and Sundeck. Underground parking 1/unit, Floor 3 show unit complete Floors 1&2 are unfinished, waiting for owners choice of flooring and kitchens. Could still develop into one very large private home. Floors 1&2 could be offices star ting from B10 million. Or B32 million for project Partial financing available. Info contact 084 840 1262,

Land for sale near Loch Palm At the back of the Loch Palm Golf Course, approx 510m2, partial view on the golf course. Part of a small gated community of 2 villas (+ 2 to be built soon). Next to small lake and it is guaranteed that no building can block the view, ever! It comes with a Chanote title and if buyer are interesting, we would provide complete house plans for free. Asking price is THB 6M, negotiable. Contact 087-2664583 (English/French) or 082-4406884 (Thai).

REAL ESTATE SERVICES 2,200 Land, Nai Harn -12,9 min: Located in Sai Yaun 9, at the

Modern Villa in Marina:

45 Sq.m Freehold. 2 balconies (great view). 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. 2 air conditioners. Full furniture. Internet. Cable TV. Laundry. Fresh market. Swimming pool. Gym. Restaurant. Call 080 040 9077.

Ready to move in, villa 1 on 1,100 sqm. land, for sale B15.9 mil and villa 2 on 2,20 0 sqm. land, for sale B19.9 mil. Brand new, each with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 12 metre swimming pool, guest bungalow with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom. Perfectly located in a development with underground e l e c t r i c i t y a n d s e c u r i t y, o n l y 8 0 0 metres from Mission Hills golf course, less than 10 mins to airpor t, Phuket International Ac ademy and Ao Por Grand Marina. Call 081 343 0777. Email:

4 Bedroom British Colonial style house, Cape Yamu, Phuket. Amazing views spanning over 100km, as far as Krabi. Price reduced from B35 to B28 million. 086 279 6283, email:

Inexpensive land plots on East coast of Phuket for sale, 0.3 - 5 rai, some with a sea view (Bang Pae, Pa Klok, Yamu Hills). Direct sale by owner. 095 068 1672, 080 271 6484.

Freehold Condo For Sale:

2 Pool Villas next to PIA:

World Class Sea Views:

Seaview Thai house for sale


Modern open living villa has it all, fully furnished, private secure estate close to beach. Enjoy the private salt water pool and undercover parking, 3 large bedrooms freehold investment. 081 719 4688.

Seaview Condo For Sale/ R e n t: R a w a i S e av i e w c o n d o,

Superb Ocean View Lux Penthouse: B148,000 per sqm,

Ocean Front Land: 7 rai with 185 metres of sea frontage. Water, electricity, road and boat access, located 800 metres from Yacht Haven marina, perfect site for small beach front development. For quick sale only B5 million per rai. Tel 081 343 0777 Email: montha_phuket@

Stunning view, 3420 Sqm. Chanote-Title, access Road, electricity, close to all services. Visit www. or contact

Beautiful Karon Villa:

Orchid Garden Resort For Sale: 18 Bungalows, 2Rai, 15MT

3-storey apartment on the beach: 3-storey apartment with a

Yacht View Freehold RPM Condo: Gorgeous Yacht Views


ful place in Rawai. Large living area and terrace. 3 bedrooms, 4 aircon, 3 bathrooms, 1 guest toilet. Western kitchen, garage, laundry, beautiful garden, swimming pool. 612 sqm plot, chanote title. Price B9.5 million. Contact Tanya 083 506 8345,

Rawai Great Buying: Lovely

house with 2 bedrooms or separate SC flat downstairs.Well ventilated with natural light in pristine condition.Distant sea views.4,995,000 Baht. Warren Crowe 081 270 4291 or

TechWorX Retrofit

INEXPENSIVE LAND PLOTS AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Inexpensive land plots on East coast of Phuket for sale, 0.3 - 5 rai, some with a sea view (Bang Pae, Pak Lok, Yamu Hills). Direct sale by owner. Comercial property: two-storey building: 50 rooms, 13 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 rai land plot, 7 min from airport. Nicely renovated. Can be a hospital/school/ commercial/residential property. 35 mln baht. Contact: Lana, Email:, Tel: 080 27 16 484

LUXURY 5 BED HOUSE IN LAGUNA Wonderful 5 bed house over looking the lake & Golf course in Laguna. Sale: Reduced to: 28.7 MB Rent: 180,000 P/M. Call Mick: 0848186045 Email: or

Great Investment Opportunity: Completed show house and infrastructure seven further plots for development. 1.5km from Mission Hills Golf Club. Please call 087 888 1761 (Aom) for details.

Smart phone or pad controlled Multiroom Audio-Visual, Home Theatre, Lighting control, CCTV and intruder alarm systems retrofitted to buildings use the latest wireless technologies. Please email for info package.



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Specialized in large commercial and small residential cooling & heating systems.

076 319406-8 086 4702026-7




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MARKETING AND SALES. Personal assistant and sales representatives for led-light business in Chalong. Looking for energetic and easy going thai persons to contact VIP customers in a fast growing business. Good english and computer skills required. Salary + high commissions. Contact: Francisco de Miguel, Email: boost@aboranet. com, Call: 0811394774

Russian staff needed Phuket-based company is looking for a Russian national with good command of English (and preferably Thai) language. Full time employment in line with Thai laws (non-b visa, WP). Salary starts from 30,000 THB. Please send CV and photo to

Find Loving Homes for Dogs and Cats in Need! RECEPTIONIST & FLOOR SUPERVISOR Sanctuary is a cool,funky & unique beach resort on Koh Pha Ngan island. Great jobs for experienced receptionist & restaurant floor supervisor & cocktail bar person ( Thai National only) Contct Email: relax@thesanctuarythailand. com, Tel: 082 171 3614

Business Development Executive

FREELANCE WEB / SEO / EDITING Do you require up-dates/SEO to your site, blog or Open Cart? Also: s-engine/RSS/Blog submissions - PDF/ Photo flip shows - Web Photo Video’s etc. Email:

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

We are searching for Thai nationals to fill our position as Area Business Development Executive to manage our list of customers in Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak. Applicants should be fluent in English and have previous sales experience in Horeca. Must own a vehicle for business travel within the region. Email:hr@pin

Soi Dog Foundation, the fastest growing animal welfare organization in Southeast Asia, seeks a Thai-Language Adoptions Coordinator to place homeless dogs and cats into loving homes in Thailand and worldwide, working closely with other members of the adoptions team. Responsibilities include posting about adoptable dogs and cats on Facebook and replying to comments, following up on adoptions that have been confirmed locally and overseas, adopting animals to Thai-speaking people, and coordinating adoptions of dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. The position requires excellent written and spoken Thai and English, excellent administrative skills, and a love for cats and dogs. Social media experience is a plus. A driving license is preferred but not essential as driving lessons will be provided if needed. This is a full time position at Soi Dog’s animal shelter in Mai Khao, Phuket, Thailand. Expected salary: starting in the general area of 30,000 THB, depending on ability. Salary will be reviewed annually based on cost of living and performance. To apply, please send a CV or resume and a cover letter that explains why you are qualified for the position to Learn more about Soi Dog Foundation at and www.facebook. com/SoiDogPageInEnglish.

Class Act Media is southern Thailand's most comprehensive media company, incorporating Phuket’s leading English newspaper ‘The Phuket News’, Russian language newspaper 'Novosti Phuketa', Phuket’s leading English radio station ‘Live 89.5’, Phuket English TV 'Phuket News TV' and a host of publications & services including ‘The Phuket Colouring book’ & ‘Phuket Ticket Master’.

Sub-Editor/Writer The Phuket News is looking for a Sub-Editor to help oversee the News desk alongside the Executive Editor. As well as subbing news stories, your role will also involve helping to manage three reporters, as well as writing and sourcing your own original news and lifestyle stories. Phuket is a great place to be, with direct flights to destinations around the world, a thriving bar and restaurant scene, a huge beach culture – with surfing community and international beach clubs – and plenty of traditional culture, including markets, festivals and temples. At the same time, it has all the amenities of home: shopping malls, art galleries and live music venues. The ideal candidate will have 1-2 years editorial experience at a newspaper or magazine, be outgoing with plenty of ideas, and have strong writing and editing skills. It is not required that they have previously lived in Thailand, but they should be open to new countries and cultures. In return, we offer a visa, work permit, friendly work environment, 5 day work week (8.30am-6pm), competitive salary, local health insurance, work-related travel expenses, time in lieu for overtime, and the chance to live in a great part of the world, while also furthering your career.

Applications will only be accepted by email. Please send your resume, clippings and salary expectations to: Alasdair Forbes

Executive Editor, The Phuket News:

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 ext 100 Fax: 076 612 553

SALES REPRESENTATIVES Qualifications: ● Thai or Expat. ● Excellent communication and negotiation skills in Thai and English. ● Highly motivated self-starter with a positive attitude. ● Works well under pressure and has a will to succeed.

We offer: ● Competitive salary, bonuses and travel expenses. ● A friendly work environment. ● Social security paid by the company. ● Excellent career progress opportunities. For more information, call K. Mod on 076 612 550 ext. 101, or email To apply online, visit

Class Act Media Co., Ltd.

99/7 Moo 1 T. Kathu A. Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel: 076 612 550-2 Fax: 076 612 553


Headline: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Body: ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......


...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ......

Online upgrades:

Website link B199

Print upgrades:

Extra lines B99

Urgent banner B199 Box B199

Colour Background B199

Colour Headlines B199


DEADLINE: MONDAY 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) FOR THAT WEEKS ISSUE Hand this in at agent shops, our office or fax: 076 612 553






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Williams 325 Turbojet for Sale Boat: Swedish imported Buster XL maid by aluminum 2 scow, Suzuki 4 stroke 150 HP outboard Engine used only 200hrs, Brenderup-trailer + wakeboard + all needed accessories. Car: Mitsubishi Triton 4 wheel, only 6 years old.

Boat and Car sells as a package or separate Reduce price now only 1.2MB!

TechWorX Marine. Service and install of Smart phone or pad controlled Marine AV and IT, Media servers systems. External antenna 3G/4G internet systems. Reliable onboard Wi-Fi. Phuket and Bangkok. Please email for info package. info@

GREAT DEAL! Year 2010, excellent condition, 40 knots in 4 sec! Sunbrella covers. Price for the new is 991, 620 THB, Resale price is 550, 000 THB! CALL NOW!, Contact Irina, sales@fivestarseacruises. com, 0895588811

For more information please contact: 087-8772320 or

Speed Boat For Sale: Steppa Fiberglass 32 feet Flybridge two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. Ideal for diving and tours. B850,000. Call 081 894 2124.

Luxury Yacht for Sale For sale 20 02 Ber tram 510 Fly bridge luxury yacht. Reduced to only USD675,000. Contact Marcus on marcus@leema


13 Metre Wooden Hull Cruiser: Cap. 17 PAX. Wooden hull, 3.5 metres W, draws 1.5 meters, diesel engine generates 123 KW. Perfect for fishing or day tours. Fitted w Fish Finder and GPS. Was B1,500,000 now only B500,000. Call 082 414 6931, email: phil@krabikon

Yacht sale 36-ft Searay A very good condition with bedding for 5, air-con, generator, kitchenette, BBQ grill, twin propulsion, Mercruiser 5.0L bravo III DTS, raymarine chartplotter, GPS and depth sounder. B4.5 million. Call 089 647 5204.

SPECIAL OFFER FROM MA X MARINE ASIA – A great sporty RIB, designed as a tender/people carrier for a larger vessel of approximately 70 feet. A smooth, fast ride guaranteed from the world’s most famous inflatable boat brand. -Hypalon tubes -Honda 50hp EFI 4 Stroke outboard -Boat cover FOR SALE AT 750,000 THB Contact Craig Murphy on 081-970-0583 Or, Paul Stamp on 08-40 60 70 20

N E W S E A L I N ES AVA I LABLE: Orders are now open for the new range of Sealine Sports and Flybridge, both 380 and 450. For details of this exciting new range Contact: inq@ - - 081 370 1995.

LIV Aboard For Sale Compressors and tanks also available. Please contact Joe : 087 891 8912

2 2 m . I n d o n e s i a n Pi n i s i Ketch: Licensed and registered in Thailand. She is in good condition and currently working as a snorkel and sunset tour boat. For sale or long-term rental. Price negotiable for quick sale.

Speed boat for Sale Steppa Fiberglass 36 feet ,Centre Console two 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines . Ideal for diving and tours. B950,000 Call 081 8942124, B950,000, Klaus,

SPEEDBOAT FOR SALE: SEATBOAT 369 sale. Year 2009, engines 2x225 hp, capacity 22 passengers, great condition, ready to run, 2 stern exits, bathroom, shower, set of new options (coach, tent anto-staining), all documents. Priced at 1.9 MB, negotiable. Call Andrey 085 368 5908.

Crownline 320 LS 50 kts Bowrid: Ver y fast-nice spor t boat,2x350 MPI engines, year 2009, like new, lifetime hull warantty, only 100 working engine hours, Thai flag, tax payed. Only 3M THB, Airberth 0,5 M THB seperately.

A steal for a quick sale:

S I N G A P O R E | P H U K E T | B A N G K O K | P A T TA Y A | K O H S A M U I | P E N A N G | J A K A R TA

Bertram 505 Conver for sale

2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, 2007 Italian demo yacht Cranchi 47ft Hard Top. Fully loaded with Tropical air con, genset, Electrical winches, garage, roof, Raymarine Premium Navy, BBQ, Ice Maker, 3 Fridges, “Bose” Sound, Neon light, Twin 570HP with reliable shaf t drive, under 300 hours, Brand New Condition. Euro 335,000. Tel: 089 971 0278,

Launched in 1989 this long range sport fishing vessel is powered by 2 Hino Marine 360hp V8 Turbo . The interior is fully air-conditioned and features a saloon, three cabins and a galley. Price : 7,000,000 THB , Stefano, info@, 087 834 5293 .


40FT Steel Cutter Sloop:


45ft. 4 cabins. Volvo D- 4 IPS 300. Genset. Aircon. “Bose” surround. Raymarine. Low hours. Fully loaded. Fast and economical. As new. Bargain. Only 339,000 euros. Email: 089 971 0278, Eddie.

Ready to cruise.Centrecockpit. Safe, strong German design.New Sails, 44HP Yanmar Engine, 6 Berths, solar, wind generator, BBQ, dinghy&outboard. AUD$90K. 085 3780 498,

With high season just around the corner, now is the right time to get her listed, are always looking for new listings,big or small, power or sail, contact Alan Giles. 084 842 6146.

Kawasaki 750Sxi Jet Ski Pro Stand up. Trick conversion kit, R&D ride plate, Race bars with finger throttle, Hydro-turf floor mat with foot-holds, Very reliable, fast, and great fun. Very good condition. B150,000. Contact:

Charter: Rico Stapel call: +66 8 6690 0444 Го в о р и м п о - р у с с к и : А л ё н а В и х а р е в а call: +66 898 74 9944 Sales: Alister Brunskill mobile: +66 8 0886 4945

I N F O @ P R I N C E S S YA C H T S S E A . C O M /PrincessYachtsSEA




W W W. P R I N C E S S YA C H T S S E A . C O M







FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


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Mercedes GL 320


Mercedes GL 320 4 Matic, 2008, 100.000 km, very good condition, no blue book, THB 2,2 mIn. 090-1432020,

086 951 5511,

Company for sale - Owner retiring Well known 12 year established company specializing in sales and rental of containers, site/sales offices, Porta Loos as well as Self Storage. Customer base includes Tesco Lotus, Laguna, Marriot, Boat Lagoon and many more. Enormous potential for expansion and export. A conservative value of company assets exceed 11MB which is included in the sale price of 14MB. Call Gordon 081 892 4804,



BUSINESS FOR SALE Business for sale Business only or business and property. Est 2003. Repeat business from big data base, non-tourist related soft furnising manufacturing and retail business. Genuine enquires only, no tyre kickers.

Restaurant for Sale Urgent! Seafood European and Thai food in Patong close to beach and main shopping Jungceylon. First class equipment included pizza oven. Main road location, 350 sqm. Good lease cheap rent. Owner health problem must sell URGENT . Only 8 MB! 0870 368 551.

Stolen HUBLOT Watch REWARD !

HONDA CITY '03 1.5AT, 118XXXkm Very reliably & friendly car, carefully used for last 3 years. Good condition with some wears. Clean interior, good car audio, fresh tires. Best choice for young family. Honda serviced only. Igor, Chalong, B280,000, 083 102 0070.

10MB Mortgage Wanted Will pay 6% interest per annum, paid quarterly in advance. Security property to the value of 20MB. Email expressions of interest to

MOVING & STORAGE During a house burglary in Surin Beach Phuket area was stolen a HUBLOT bracelet watch in pink gold. REWARD THB 100,000 to anyone who can provide tips so the watch is returned. Contact :, Call: 083 2809100


Self Storage you can buy quality moving and packing supplies like individual boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes & knives plus secure padlocks. We also help you to move and store. Call 076 292 909.



Toyota Fortuner Model 2012, Limited Edition. Full option, long term: 28,000 THB/month. Call Tik 081 737 3729 (after 6pm only). 080 718 5096 (all day),


PEUGEOT 207 for sale: 2008 Peugeot 207cc, 33k kilometers, 1 owner, perfect condition, leather seats, Conver tible, B9 40,0 0 0. 080 523 8819.

For further info email

We Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies: At MY STORAGE

GAS B.B.Q clearance sale The B.B.Q Center. GAS B.B.Q clearance sale cheapest in Thailand. All models only 19,000 Baht. Call Khun Thip: 076 366 860, 081 597 5568

Restaurant/ Bakery for Sale Bar / Guest House for sale Sports Bar and 9 Bedroom Guesthouse in popular location of Karon Beach for Sale or Rent. Kitchen and working laundry included. For information contact, Thai: 085 795 0875 or Eng: 087 884 1857.

Thai/ Western restaurant (seats 60+) with fully-equipped kitchen and bakery (air-con, coffee machine etc), TV, car parking and 3 double bedrooms (2 ensuite). Great opportunity in growth area of Cherngtalay (near Laguna). Only 3.5MB, Contact: neilmcgregor1@sky. com, Call: +66 80 719 7390.


Toyota Fortuner Sportivo 1 ow ner f rom new in D ec 2010, 76,000km, Full Toyota Service History, Excellent condition, no accidents, All new tyres and brake pads 3 weeks ago. Lot of extras, Selling as moving overseas, THB 895,000. OVNO, 0894701228

Nissan Teana Finance available. 11 months old. 2.5l. Full Options. Contact: Bernard, Call: 086 945 2626


The English Lab wOnline Courses Have fun learning English over the Internet- -with a qualified teacher! Courses are 10 weeks long, for 4 hours each week. Courses include Independent Studies with interactive exercises and games, and Live Webinars for up to 5 students and the teacher. Only 699 baht/week! You can pay by the week! Children’s classes Start June 2; Adult classes Start June 16. In person registration on May 24 and 31, June 7 and 14, at 73/62 Chale Khiri, Kathu. Our Grand Opening is on May 31, from 9am to 5pm. For more information, in Thai or in English, contact Maria at 098 069 2901,Only 699 baht/week


At tention G ennewa G old members. Please contact urgently. randyalltime@gmail. com

2008 Azimut 47 - EUR 499,000


Pershing s.p.a 50 - EUR 499,000

2014 MCY 76 – Price on Application

2012 Fusion 40 - EUR 345,000

Breitling Crosswind 18K Gold Breitling Crosswind Chronograph - 40 Diamonds - 43mm 18k Yellow Gold - Reference: K13355 
nr: 1677. Pre-Owned - Purchased October 2004 from authorized Breitling dealer. Call 090 901 3601 etc.







Total Web Solutions: Need a professional SEO website customised for your business needs? A website that you can manage, control & update. To make a difference with your website contact websolutions@, 081 091 9282.

Smar t home automation systems. Smart phone or pad control, Multi-room audio-visual, Home Theater, Lighting control and Electrical systems for new and renovation projects. Please email for info package.

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List your classified now at

TechWorX Residential.

CALLING THE DOG LOVERS OF PHUKET Soi Dog are looking for dog lovers in Phuket to come and spend time with our 300+ street dogs in residence at our shelter in Mai Khao, North Phuket. We need volunteers to help socialise and walk our dogs - as this is fundamental in preparing our lovely dogs for adoption in Phuket and around the world. Whether you can spare one day a week or can come every day, we would love to have you help our dogs. Volunteering at Soi Dog is an amazing experience and may well change your life. For more details, please email Diana at




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Ronins bent on revenge against Krungsri Warriors MATCH PREVIEW Kazira Hans


Phuket falls to unbeaten Chonburi in historic match FUTSAL Steven Layne

PHUK ET U NITED LET a 2-0 lead slip away last Sunday (June 8) as they lost 4-2 to reigning AFC futsal champions Chonburi Blue Wave in a match that pit the two best clubs in the country. The victory stretched Blue Wave’s winning streak to 18 matches and gave Phuket their first home loss of the season as they fall to 3rd place on the Futsal Thailand Premier League table with 38 points (Siam Navy are now 2nd with 39 points). The game also set a new FTPL crowd record with 3,500 fans packed into the Saphan Hin Gymnasium in Phuket Town. Fi r s t h a l f g o a l s b y Phuket’s Boonlit Kum krong and Anuwat Panoppha brought fans to their feet. But there is a reason why


Chonburi are reigning AFC futsal champions – experience, talent and above all, determination. Chonburi superstar Supawut Tueanklang’s scored with one of his signature long-range missiles, which was complimented minutes later by the equalizer from Jirawat Sonwichien – goals that clearly demonstrated why both are key Thailand national squad players. In the second half, Chonburi found their usual rhythm as Jirawat scored his second, assisted by Supawut, to put the Sharks in front. National squad player and Chonburi captain, Kritsada Wongkaeo sealed the match with one final goal late in regulation, also assisted by Supawut. Phuket take a break for a week, hitting the road to take on 6th place Ayutthaya City on Sunday (June 15), before returning home for another tough match, against 4th placed Samut Sakhon on Wednesday (June 18).

hough Sunday (June 15) will be the first time both Phuket FC and Ayyutthaya square-off in Yamaha League-1 play this season, both teams met once already earlier this year, in the FA Cup Game third Round in late April. That day saw the Krungsri Warriors edge Phuket 4-3. This time, Ayutthaya, with home-field advantage, will head into the game with their new coach Visut Vichaya who took the job in early May following Phil Stubbins’ departure to the Newcastle Jets of Australian ALeague shortly after Songkran. This game will be Visut’s fourth with AYFC and, despite a win in his first game, the team lost their last two matches. They currently stand on the edge of relegation zone at 13th place with 17 points. A loss to Phuket FC and Ayutthaya may find themselves in the red zone for the first time this season. The Ronins, meanwhile, need to win this game to stay in the race for Thai Premier League promotion. Fans have reason to worry as the Ronins do not perform well on the road (one road win all season with four losses and two draws). Ayutthaya have exceptional midfielders, one of whom is

Piyachat Srimarueang (#10), an attacker who previously received interest from Phuket FC for a transfer. He plays an easy passing game without holding the ball too long, creates opportunities for teammates and can execute long shots very well. Phuket coach Stefano “Teco” Cugurra has to make sure Phuket FC won’t let Piyachat run the show. Teco will not get to use defensive midfielder Watchara Kriarum, who will be out for at least a month with an eye injury. That leaves only Alef Pochi in midfield, unless Teco plays Eber Henrique deep into centerfield and lets Rattapon Auttawong and Ekartit Somjit work their speed on the outside. Ayutthaya’s game plan will not be that complicated.

They open up attacks early on and will not want to leave room in the middle for the Ronins to run. My guess for Ayutthaya’s attack is that they will drive the game up from the left side where they have left-back Chompoo Saengpo (#31) and left winger Gafar Durosinmi (#40) to cross the ball to where strikers like Ndebi Berline (#32) and Natthaphat Somsri (#25) will be waiting. They could also use the legendary Michael Byrne (#23) here as well. And, just like Phuket’s Ney Fabiano, Byrne’s experience makes up for his size and age. I was impressed by Teco’s last home game against Roi Et United when he put Eber deep in the middle, allowing him to connect the attack into one unit. If Teco can play like that

again, he could easily snatch a point, or even three, out of Ayutthaya Stadium. Kaze’s prediction:

Ayutthaya FC 0-2 Phuket FC


5th place (7 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses) 25 points (+5 goal differential) Top Scorer: Wasan Natasan (6 goals) Last Match: 2-1 win vs Roi Et United

Ayutthaya FC

13th place (5 wins, 2 draws, 8 losses) 17 points (-3 goal differential) Top Scorer: Michael Byrne / Beline Nlome Ndebi (3 goals) Last Match: 2-3 loss at Krabi



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Top Results at 9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon: 10.5km Event Marcus Ong Anan Promsenee Stepuen Paine

00:36:24 00:37:13 00:38:32

Half Marathon 21.6km Event Jackson Kibet Kenei 01:15:55 Riza Ahmed 01:19:05 Chris McCormack 01:20:14

Full Marathon 42.195km Event Chikara Yanada 02:52:26 Settawut Thanaaeknithiwat 02:56:32 Panoom Khansamoon 03:00:29

Top runners come alive at Laguna Phuket International Marathon J.P. Mestanza


ven though 5,200 runners were all pacing to the finish line, Sunday’s (June 8) Laguna Phuket International Marathon saw every kind of story under the sun – from the back-to-back Olympic hopeful to the Ironman runner, to Chikara Yanada’s first marathon win. The Japanese native, who celebrated his 30th birthday as this goes to press, celebrated the final days of his 20s by winning the event in two hours and 52 seconds (2:52:56), almost a full four minutes ahead of second place finisher Settawut Thanaaeknithiwat (2:56:32). “This race is special for me because it’s the last race in my 20s,” Chikara said. “I prepared for this with early morning runs. I work in Mumbai and it is very tough, it’s similar weather to here but humidity makes it very difficult.

Half marathon winner Jackson Kibet Kenei, marathon winner Chikara Yanada and 10.5km winner Marcus Ong. Meanwhile, decorated Kenyan runner Jackson Kibet Kenei completed his half marathon victories – in an almost identical time as last year (1:15:55) – with a first place finish for the second year in a row. The Olympic hopeful has had a busy two weeks as he came in second in both a 10.5km run last week in Bangkok and a full 42.2km marathon on May 25 at the Haad Yai International Marathon.

Jackson finished five seconds ahead of two-time Ironman world champ Chris “Macca” McCormack, who was in a sprint race with Riza Ahmed and Adul Thongsamood to the finish line. McCormack, who finished third (1:20:14), was fresh off his win at the 70.3 Ironman Japan last Sunday (June 1). He also won both the Sprint and Olympic distance events at Binton Tritahlon in Indonesia just two weeks ago.

“How cool is it that you’re running your marathon, and Macca is coming along the other side and high-fives you saying, ‘Hey Garry, how are you, keep going’. He’s a top athlete in the world,” said Garry Holden, radio host of Saturday Lunchbox on Live 89.5. In the background was Whitt Raymond, the voice of marathons and triathlons in Asia who has been the MC of the Laguna Phuket Inter-

national Marathon for several years. The American kept things moving along and seemingly knew all the athletes who crossed the finish line. “[Raymond] has the same energy for the last runner as he had for the first one who crosses the finish line. That’s very special. Having a good voice for the event, a good announcer, really makes a world of difference. He’s a true legend of the sport in Asia,” said organiser Roman Floesser. Fluent in Japanese, Raymond’s language skills came in handy in an event full of hundreds of competitors from the Far East. Chikara cited this as one of the reasons he will bring several of his compatriots to join in the Laguna Phuket International Marathon next year. “It’s good people, good atmosphere, a good MC who speaks Japanese very well. I want to introduce my friends in Japan to come here and run. I have to come back with them,” Chikara said.

Youth athletes tackle 10.5K with teacher at Laguna Marathon J.P. Mestanza

AT 9AM, HUNDREDS OF kids lined up to run in the 2km event at the Laguna Phuket International Marathon on Sunday (June 8). Everyone except Finn De Bruin. The 12-year-old chose to compete in the 10.5km run, a field that included his teacher Michelle Hossack. An accomplished athlete, the British International School Phuket instructor set the world record in the 300m hurdles in the masters age group (50-54) earlier this year in Australia. Both runners, alongside 15-year-old Soda, managed to tackle the event in under an hour. In fact, De Bruin (52:20) came in 11 seconds behind Mrs Hossack (52:09). “I saw you cross the finish line. You were right in front

of me,” De Bruin told Mrs Hossack after the event. “For me, [the 2km race] wouldn’t be hard enough so I wanted to push myself with the 10.5km,” he said. Just seconds after both runners crossed the finish line, his teacher’s knees went wobbly. Mrs Hossack was led to a wheelchair but sat only a few moments. The veteran set a furious pace in the final 3km of the event and it caught up with her. “I just have two speeds: go and stop,” she said, “I pushed it and collapsed at the line,” she said, laughing it off. thephuketnews


FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


Marathon win becomes birthday gift J.P. Mestanza

ix years after he first put foot to pavement, Japanese runner Chikara Yanada walked away as the winner of the 9 th Laguna Phuket International Marathon


last Sunday (June 8). Not a bad way to end your 20s. “I turn 30 next week,” Yanada told The Phuket News after being awarded his trophy. “This is the last race of my 20s. “I’m happy it is my first

win. I got a voucher for a free stay until next June 30 so I have to come back.” The Mumbai-based runner said he had been training for several weeks before coming out to Phuket. Even though the climate is similar to Phuket, Yanada said he was surprised

by the humidity and heat of the marathon. “This course is very tough in Mumbai and my target was two-hours and 14 minutes, but [Phuket] was too much,” Yanada admitted. His final time was two-hours and 52 minutes.

Running proposal: couple’s marathon ends with a ring J.P. Mestanza

(top) The winners of the 2km Kids Run. (right) The start of the 2KM Kids Run at the 9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon.

NORMALLY, RUNNING a 42.1km marathon would be the highlight of one’s day. Not for Kiranee Narabal. The Phuketian had no idea that once she and her running partner/boyfriend Kerati Charoenwattanachai crossed the finish line at 9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon last Sunday (June 8), the rest of their lives would begin. Just moments after the couple finished their five-hour and ten-minute run, friends encircled the group and Kerati dropped down to one knee. In front of family and friends, Kerati popped the question to Kiranee – asking her to marry him – and she said yes. “ I couldn’t stop laughing about this, it was a very wonderful moment,” Kiranee told The Phuket News. (top) Half Marathon winner Jackson Kibet Kenei with Pullman’s Bella Isabelle Thirapan after the event.

(Top) Live 89.5 radio host Garry Holden with his wife Jackie. Both Brits completed all 21km of the Half Marathon in about three hours. The couple started training at Thanyapura seven weeks before the event. “All the locals were shouting Garry!,” Holden said, recalling the run. “The people lined up outside their houses along the route. It’s just phenomenal how they embraced us.” @thephuketnews

“We reached the finish line and I was really tired because of the heat. I wanted to go but people tried to make sure I stayed. Then Thanyapura cameras came, and friends gathered. “He pulled out the ring he kept with him along the whole 42 km. I didn’t even notice that he had it,” she said. Last week’s event was the fourth marathon the couple, who met at university, had run together. They reconnected after a few years apart last November when Kiranee asked Kerati to help her get through her first marathon. Since then, the couple have done several events together and, as Kiranee said, it was a match made in runs. “We just had a feeling after we looked each other in the eye and felt that something good had just happened,” she said.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

GROUP BY GROUP ANALYSIS All over the globe, World Cup fever has taken hold. Here is a group-bygroup peek into what the early stages of the tournament has in store.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Brazil worry about second round

Chile out to spoil stars’ party

Luiz Felipe Scolari’s Brazil side start as favourites to top Group A against Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. But the penalty for failing to win the group could in all probability mean a meeting with Spain in the second round. Brazil would expect to take three points in their second game against Mexico on June 17. Mexico only reached the finals following a play-off win over New Zealand. Yet Mexico defeated a strong Brazil side 2-0 in a June 2012 friendly and later that year scored an upset 2-1 win to deny Brazil a long-awaited first Olympic football gold at the London Games. AFP

The 2010 World Cup resonates strongly throughout Group B where Spain launch their title defence against Netherlands in a rematch of the 2010 World Cup final. Joining the European duo are Jorge Sampaoli’s Chile, whom Vicente del Bosque’s Spanish champions defeated in the group stage in South Africa. Hopes are high in Santiago as Chile held Spain to a 2-2 draw last year, then outperformed England at Wembley, both goals coming from Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez. Sterling efforts in defeat against mighty Germany and Brazil boosted their status as contenders. AFP

Colombia’s World Cup hopes took a blow when striker Radamel Falcao suffered a serious knee injury in January but they remain the standouts in Group C. The group is wide open, though, with Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan also harbouring ambitions. Asian champions Japan will look to their European-based attacking trio of Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa and Shinji Okazaki. Meanwhile, this will likely spell the last chance for the Ivory Coast’s golden generation to leave their mark. Greece have recorded just one win at the World Cup in only two previous trips. AFP

Group F

Group G

Group E

Colombia frontrunners

Group D

Battle of the champions Group D is the only one to contain three former champions in England, Italy and Uruguay. Costa Rica complete the line-up. Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and midfielder Andrea Pirlo remain from the Italy team that won the 2006 World Cup, but there is uncertainty over the team’s attacking configuration. Like Italy, England finished unbeaten in qualifying, but optimism was tempered by back-to-back friendly defeats at home. Uruguay’s chances of success rest on the fitness of striker Luis Suarez and Paris Saint-Germain’s Edinson Cavani if he recovers from knee surgery in time. AFP

Group H

French and Swiss ones to beat

Keeping up with Argentina

Germany, Portugal up in the air

Russians, Belgians to tussle

France coach Didier Deschamps has been blessed in comparison to other European heavyweights in drawing an improving if unspectacular Switzerland, Ecuador, and minnows Honduras. The French, are notoriously slow starters as they haven’t won their opening game at a World Cup finals since the 1998 edition. The Swiss are the top seeds in the group and should be favourites to join their neighbours in the second round. Ecuador will attempt to upset France and reach the second round – a fitting tribute to their late team-mate and leading striker Christian Benitez, who died last year. AFP

At first glance Group F looks like a onehorse race with Lionel Messi leading Argentina’s feared attacks They dominated South American qualifying and Messi has replaced Diego Maradona as his country’s leading scorer. In their wake, Nigeria, Iran and debutants Bosnia can all but dream. In terms of ability and recent form, Bosnia are prime challengers, boosted by the likes of Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko and Roma playmaker Miralem Pjanic. But this is unchartered territory for the former Yugoslav republic who are competing in their first ever major championship. AFP

Group G is set to open with a bang on June 16 when Portugal – ranked fourth in the world – face the second-ranked Germans. Germany are amongst the favourites, having finished third at both the 2006 and 2010 tournaments but Portugal are tough. Meanwhile, Jurgen Klinsmann’s USA squad will be looking for a repeat of their shock 4-3 win over Germany last June. The Africans have beaten the USA at the last two World Cups, qualified from their group at the last two tournaments and boast a star-studded midfield with veteran AC Milan pair Michael Essien and Sulley Muntari. Ghana are no slouches. AFP

Fabio Capello must outfox the explosive talent of Eden Hazard if Russia are to beat Belgium for top spot in World Cup Group H. Capello, the highest paid coach at the World Cup, will have earned his reported US$6.5 million (B211 million) yearly salary if Russia get first place. Group H could be decided when Russia face Belgium in Rio de Janeiro on June 22. Belgium Coach Marc Wilmot’s guile adds to the exciting Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, tough midfielder Alex Witsel and equally physical defender Vincent Kompany – a team that did not lose as they topped their qualifying group. AFP



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014


Multihull Solutions Regatta comes to Phuket next month

N Sailing club hits road block on way to worlds comp SAILING THREE YOUTH SAILORS from Phuket, all of whom have grown up at the Phuket Sunshine Village for underprivileged children, are set to compete at the International Topper Class World Championships in August. That is, if they have enough money to make the trip. The sailors – Ekkkapot “Tik” Kaenkaew, 17; Theerapong “New” Tokratoak, 17; and Kartoon “Toon” Jundet, 12 – have been training for several year at the Phuket Youth Sailing Club through weekend sessions. After performing well in competitions across the region, the group were invited to send there best sailors to the the premier event. The International Topper

Class World Championships take place in Wales, UK on August 9-15 and winners at the event are universally recognised by the ISAF as world champions. The PYSC is still collecting funds to send their three sailors as it will be the first time Thailand participates in the Topper World’s event. Almost all of PYSC’s youth sailors are from the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation, which was setup after the tsunami hit Phuket in 2004 to provide a home for children who are either orphaned or whose parents are no longer able to provide for them. Anyone interested in helping fund the PYSC efforts to send the three boys to the competition in August can contact Katy Gooch at katy@ or call 085 2159185.

Live Sports TV Schedule *Times may be subject to change




TEAMS / INFO Opening Ceremony

Friday, June 13 841 816, 669 810 841




World Cup




World Cup

Brazil v. Croatia



Rugby League


Rabbitohs v. Tigers




World Cup SF1

Australia v. Argentina




World Cup SF2

Netherlands v. England





Brazil v Croatia




World Cup

Mexico v. Cameroon




World Cup

Spain v. Netherlands





Test Match, Day 2

England v. Sri Lanka




Aussie Rules


Carlton v. Hawthorn






Queens Club, Quarter Finals New Zealand v. England

Saturday, June 14 816, 669



Rugby Union




Rugby Union


Australia v. France



Rugby Union


South Africa v. Wales

Sky 402



Rugby Union


Argentina v. Ireland

Set +



Rugby League


Panthers v. Dragons



Rugby League


Roosters v. Knights





Test Match, Day 3

England v. Sri Lanka






Chile v. Australia




FIFA World Cup

Colombia v. Greece




FIFA World Cup

Uruguay v. Croatia



Aussie Rules




Aussie Rules






Richmond v. Fremantle Adelaide Crows v. North Melbourne Queens Club, Semi Finals 3-4 Play-Off

521 814 810 812, 108




World Cup (W)




World Cup (W)




Motor Bikes


Qualifyimg, Catalunya

Sunday, June 15 841




FIFA World Cup

England v. Italy




FIFA World Cup

Japan v. Ivory Coast Switzerland v. Ecuador




FIFA World Cup




Rugby League


Bulldogs v. Eels




Aussie Rules


Geelong v. St. Kilda 3-4 Play-Off





World Cup (M)




World Cup (M)






Test Match Day 4

England v. Sri Lanka






Queens Club, Quarter Finals






Uruguay v. Croatia





England v. Italy



Motor Bikes


Main Races, Barcelona

812, 108


ot too many years ago, Phuket’s multihull regatta secured its sponsorship due to Phuket’s booming property market and, at the same time, incorporated an event-within-an-event, the Corsair Cup, paying homage to a sizeable fleet of Vietnambuilt Corsair trimarans joining the local boats. Phuket’s property boom ended, the sponsorship was no more and the Corsairs disappeared. But Asia’s biggest gathering of multihull sailing boats (catamarans and trimarans) continued, thanks to the Ao Chalong Yacht Club’s (ACYC) dogged determination, and even established its own niche as the sailor’s regatta – a ‘regatta without frills’. This year, major sponsorship is back thanks to Multihull Solutions – and so are the Corsairs, represented in Phuket by Multihull Solutions. At this stage, three Corsairs have confirmed entry and a fourth is available for charter at roughly half price. This year’s regatta, to be held from 10-13 July out of ACYC’s superb waterfront premises, has been renamed the Multihull Solutions Regatta, in recognition of its Title Sponsor, and promises to be one of the best yet – with a few more frills than in recent years, but remaining true to its

roots as the ‘sailor’s regatta’. And as the entries come in, it looks like a mixed fleet of 15-20 yachts will gather on the start line on 11 July. Described by Multihull Solutions’ Asia general manager, Andrew de Bruin, as “the best value for money sailing event in the region”, the organisers are keen to attract cruising multihulls – whether visiting Phuket or based here – to take part. But cruising yachts are traditionally reluctant to join in regattas, perhaps fearing that their skills are not up to the task – or that racing is simply too much like hard work. Cruisers listen up! It need

not be so… “We’re particularly keen to see cruising yachts join in and we plan to tailor the regatta’s courses to suit the boats that enter,” said Andrew. He might have gone on to say that this regatta is a cruising yachtie’s dream… three days sailing around the picturesque islands scattered off Chalong Bay with a bunch of likeminded people, gathering at the yacht club bar afterwards to regale each other with tall tales of their exploits over a few cold beers – what more could you want? But what about all that tacking and gybing up and down the race track? Well,

Andrew did say “…we plan to tailor the regatta’s courses to suit the boats…” so cruisers who dust of their yachts and drag them out of the marina, or charter an available cruising yacht at great low season rates, can expect to forget the hard work and go for some relaxed, fun racing around the islands. Then join in the party! For more information, visit or to enter online, go to: regattas/multihull-regatta. Class Act Media is a proud sponsor of the Multihull Solutions Regatta Phuket 2014.

Clash of the Titans - Kajonkiet International School hosted their first “Clash of the Titans” event last Friday (June 6) with a parents vs teachers football match. The teachers scored first, but the parents’ team answered back with several goals of their own. In the end, despite impres sive goalkeeping from the parents, the teachers prevailed with a 6-4 win. A rematch is scheduled for June 20.



FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

Full coverage of 9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon > page 28-29

Are England’s hopes rosier in US Open than in Brazil? GOLF

efending champion Justin Rose gives himself and other English golfers better odds of winning the US Open this week at Pinehurst than of England capturing the World Cup in Brazil. “I would say there’s probably more chance of one of us winning the major than England winning the World Cup potentially,” Rose said last week. As the world’s top golfers gather to begin the 114th US Open, 32 of the world’s top football teams are in South America to start their monthlong quest for global supremacy the same day. England will play in World Cup Group D alongside Costa Rica, Uruguay and Italy with the English opening Saturday (June 14) the against 2006 champion Italians. The England-Italy match


figures to finish just about the time the sun sets on the last groups at Pinehurst. “I thought it could be a little bit of a national hero if I’m leading the US Open and I swerve my press conference to go watch the game,” Rose said. “I’m not saying that might not happen.” Rose, who captured his first major title last year at Merion, is not in on any betting pools but he does have some confidence in manager Roy Hodgson’s side. “Blind faith that England will get far in the tournament prevails, so we’ll see,” Rose said. His slight to the Three Lions hopes of claiming their first World Cup crown since 1966, Rose says, is partly about his confidence in English golfers such as Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Luke Donald and Paul Casey – all seeking to duplicate Rose’s feat by winning a first major crown. “There have definitely been

some opportunities that some English guys have had in the past,” Rose said. “I think the more that slips past and slips away, the more it becomes more difficult.” Rose related a story about leading a US PGA event entering the final round and watching England play Germany in a World Cup match. “I ended up going out and losing the golf tournament, so maybe I’ll be a little bit more careful about my emotions watching the football,” Rose said. He won’t be the only one tuning in the football when not on the course. Australian Jason Day figures to finish his second round just about the time the Socceroos and Chile kickoff in a Group C match. “Anything to distract yourself from this is huge,” Day said. “The biggest thing is just when you’re sitting at home, thinking about a lot of stuff. It’s a good distraction.” AFP

Defending champion Justin Rose: “I would say there’s probably more chance of one of us winning the major than England winning the World Cup potentially.”

Photos: David Ash

Full Metal Dojo breathes life into Phuket MMA scene MMA J.P. Mestanza

WITH OVER 500 ATTENDING the inaugural Full Metal Dojo mixed martial arts event in Patong last Saturday (June 7), Phuket’s growing combat scene was finally able to take centre cage. The island’s first full MMA show, which took place at Seduction Nightclub on Bangla Road, featured seven fights with a mix

of international fighters based in the kingdom, Thai fighters from Bangkok, and Cambodians in their first bouts outside of their country. “We are honoured to be the first MMA promotion to host an event in Phuket, especially with the amount of gyms and fighters in the area. We couldn’t imagine having this at any other place,” said organiser and announcer Jon Nutt. The success of the event has prompted organisers to announce a second show in August, with a fight card that includes several bouts

that pit Thais against Cambodians. Many homegrown fighters, most of whom are based in Bangkok and train alongside professional Thai MMA fighter Shannon Wiratchai, were impressive enough last Saturday (June 7) to warrant an invitation for the August event. Among those invited back include Mangthus “The Beast” Rewtawee, Detchadin “Phetsingkorn” Sunsiri, and Chatmongkohn Simma Noom – all of whom won their fights in the first round via referee stoppage. The event was headlined by

Glenn Sparv against Michael Dubois, who took the fight on only a day’s notice. Despite Sparv’s experience (8-3), Dubois was able to showcase his high-level Judo with several throws from standing position. In addition, locally-based fighters Alex “Sabai Gi” Schild and Emmalo “Miami Vice” Urrutia each submitted their Cambodian counterparts – Chan Heng Peng and Seiha Pich, respectively – in the first round. A third Khmer fighter, Nun Sophea in his first MMA bout, lost

to Thailand’s Ratharat Yimprai Sakset after he was disqualified for several illegal strikes. A rematch of the bout is in the works for the event in August. Despite the results, organisers remain optimistic that the level of MMA in the area will only grow. “I see a lot of promise in some of the guys from the South East Asian community,” said co-organiser and commentator Ben Stark. “It’s just a matter of time that, with coaching and good opproutnities, a lot of these guys are going to come through and be the future.” thephuketnews


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