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Feb. 9, 2018

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Feb. 9, 2018

Q & A with interim superintendent Samantha Freyre Staff Writer

It has been a month since Los Angeles Unified School District families found out Superintendent Michelle King will be retiring after being diagnosed with cancer. King’s medical leave began on Sept. 15 and she was expected to return on Jan. 22. After much consideration of the medical circumstances she is in, King chose that retiring would be the best option since she wasn’t confident enough in her health to return. King has been described as hardworking, reliable and loyal and has made history by becoming the first black woman in the position of superintendent of LAUSD. Vivian Ekchian, who was appointed Jan. 9 as the interim superintendent, is fully dedicated to carrying out King’s legacy and is very optimistic about her future in this position. Here is a Q & A with Vivian Ekchian, formerly the local superintendent in Local District Office Northwest, which includes Daniel Pearl Magnet High School: Q: Was there a process to be given the position of interim superintendent? A: “Not as an interim superintendent. I think the process is that I was working every day to do what’s best for our students and there was trust and credibility. As an interim superintendent, the process was for the board to have a discussion as to whether they wanted to trust me with those responsibilities.” Q: What are some of your goals while you’re in this interim position?

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Schoology is now the new grading system.

Brief: Photo by Angie Rumbo Interim LAUSD Superintendent Vivian Ekchian discusses with reporter Samantha Freyre her many ambitions and goals while being in her current position. A: “My goal is to make sure that the in- make sure that every student is encourstruction in our classrooms is first class aged to come to school every day because and that our students graduate, globally attendance is an investment in college competitive. I want to introduce a signif- career and life. So, every day that you icant number of dual language programs come to school, it is as if you are deposin our schools and that we offer wrap iting funds towards your college future.” around services for our students, so that every child can be successful in LAUSD. Q: Do you plan to apply for the perMental, social, emotional and academic manent position? Why or why not? health of every student is front and cen- A: “Yes. I plan to apply for the permater and of utmost importance to me.” nent position because I think I am the best person for the job and that I care Q: What are your priorities for schools or deeply for my district, my students, emstudents while you’re in the interim po- ployees and communities. I would like sition? to continue the important work that is A: “My priority is for all students and happening without any interruptions.” their parents and community members to know that kids come first and that evFor the full story, go to ery decision I will make, will be around Facebook: Samantha Freyre what’s best for our students. I want to

Get lit team prepares for ‘Classic Slam’ Melissa Hernandez Staff Writer

Junior Emely Felix recites her poems with power and emotion that will guide the new team to this year’s Get Lit competition. “I think poetry is an amazing, expressive outlet that anyone can do,” Felix said. “That’s why I think it’s important for me to express myself through poetry.” Get Lit is a poetry program where students learn about classic and response poems which show who they are. The program has been active for over three years at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School with English teacher Ron Baer as coach. The new team has six members: juniors Felix, Kristen Cintigo, Rudraj Koppikar, Justin Dumidin and seniors Jade Ajileye and Angel Rivera. “In my freshman and sophomore years, I won the in-class poetry slams so I took that as a sign,” Dumidin said. “Something about the poems spoke to me I guess.” Get Lit hosts competitions where about 50 schools from all over Southern California gather to compete in a competition known as The Classic Slam, where high school students go against each

other with their classic and response poems. This year’s judges are rapper Duckwrth, poet Neil Hilborn, Demi Adejuyigbe, Danielle Brazell, Gina Belfafonte and Rhiannon McGavin. The year’s first Classic Slam competition will be held on April 26 and 27 at the Los Angeles Theater. Over the course of the program, the school’s Get Lit team has participated in previous competitions. Last year’s team poured their hearts out into their poetry and convinced the judges that they deserved to move on to the semifinals. “There are no awards but we went to the semifinals last year. There’s no award for that. I get a lot out of it as a teacher,” Baer said. “I get to see real amazing growth in students, of them becoming different people, of them just growing up becoming these big voices that maybe weren’t there before.” The new team is determined to win this year. They’ll be practicing more and more to get every member ready for the competition. No matter what lies ahead for them, they will be prepared for anything the Classic Slam throws at them. “We are going to the finals. I am not

Photo by Julissa Rangel Get Lit coach Ron Baer speaks to his team how express emotion through poetry. lying about this. I am not just saying it. This is a really strong team.” Baer said. “This is a powerhouse we have on our hands. No matter what judges say, no matter what actually happens, this team is a powerhouse.” For the full story, go to Twitter: @melissa_pikachu

Schoology enters, Jupiter Ed heads out Karina Mara Staff Writer

The decision by LAUSD to transfer from Jupiter Ed to Schoology has by far received positive remarks with the new grading system’s promising features. “We didn’t decide,” Principal Deb Smith said. “The district decided and they’re not letting us buy Jupiter anymore starting next (school) year.” Jupiter Ed was founded in 2004 with the intention to provide an easy way for teachers to input grades and for students and parents to check grades. It has been used as the grading system here at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School for three years now and will continue to be until the end of the school year. So far, a few teachers have been experimenting with Schoology, while using Jupiter, in order to experience the new system as well as teach other teachers and students. The district requires all LAUSD schools to implement the new grading system and it will be the school’s grading system officially in August 2018. “When we first started Jupiter, Schoology didn’t exist and we didn’t have an online grading system for parents and students on the web to see,” Smith said. “So we found out about Jupiter and we wanted you guys to have that access and your parents and so we bought it.” Schoology was created by four college students with a vision to enhance the educational experience of students and teachers through advance technology. It comes with helpful resources and additional features, while its function remains the same as Jupiter. Some of the additional resources are different applications such as Khan Academy and YouTube. The system also enables teachers to see the schedules of students and know whether they have assignments, tests or projects coming up from other classes. For the full story, go to Instagram: @this_karinaz

Feb. 9, 2018

Club Corner:

The Pearl Post

Features 3

Sewing new designs and friendships Maria Ruiz

Staff Writer

Photo by Angie Rumbo Valentine’s Day is often seen as a day celebrating relationships, but this year, don’t be afraid to take some time to practice self-love and self-improvement.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone Angie Rumbo

Staff Writer

Spending Valentine’s Day alone can often mean scrolling through pictures of couples on social media and purchasing discounted chocolate the following day, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of ways to make this Valentine’s Day filled with self-love and growth, without the help of a significant other. Treat yourself. Go to a spa or eat the most unhealthy, yet delicious, meal you love. Just do whatever makes you happy and don’t be afraid to splurge a little. Learn a new recipe. Pull out those secret family recipes you have always wanted to test out or tackle new recipes that spark your interest. Go thrifting. Explore the wonders and beauty of second-hand items. You never know what you may find. Binge-watch shows. You can watch shows that feature your favorite celebrity crushes or even discover new shows. Get creative. Buy paints and a canvas and paint whatever you want. It doesn’t just have to be a painting, you can make collages or anything else that comes to mind. Start on a resolution. This year is just getting started, so go out there and achieve those New Year’s resolutions you had planned. Lastly, practice self-love. Realize how valuable and important you are, with or without a significant other. Be patient and try not to stress over things you cannot control. Instagram: @angierrumbo

The Costume Design Club offers a place where students can come share their love for fashion and design in a welcoming environment. “I’ve been doing costume design since I was really young and I really like the art of it,” club president and staff member of The Pearl Post Angel Van Horn said. “I wanted to bring it here because we don’t really have anything like this.” Van Horn brings her passion and knowledge of costume design to every club meeting. The club’s main focus as of now is learning how to sew and the different techniques of sewing. The group hopes to work their way up to being able to make designs from intricate stitches. As their skills in sewing and costume design advance, club members can learn how to piece together articles of clothing to make the foundation for a costume. By the end of the semester, the club hopes to be able to create an Elizabethan-era style costume, Van Horn’s favorite era. “It’s a great skill to learn because then you can know how to make clothes and how to fix rips in your clothing,” junior Vanessa Rizo said. Alongside basic skills, the members of the club are being taught the history of costume design. They are given a better understanding behind different eras of

Photo by Rosa Lemus Juniors Vanessa Rizo and Alishon Raymundo practice sewing during a Costume Design Club meeting held in Room 20 every Thursday. style, from old era looks to modern-day courages any student, regardless of their styles. skill level, to join them every Thursday Fabrics are currently being supplied during lunch in Room 20. by club sponsor Davy Mauermann and “It gives me an opportunity to not President Van Horn. Van Horn also brings only learn, but to have fun with my friends in needles, thread and pins for the mem- making things,” junior Alishon Raymundo bers to use. said. The club enables the growth of a whole new artistic factor at school and enInstagram: @tmvj.maria

Students learn to make cents of economics David Eskichyan

Staff Writer

With the help of the H&R Block Budget Challenge, honors economics students will be introduced to different techniques for assistance in money management and financial planning. “It’s a scenario where students work with a job and learn about how to essentially budget for life,” honors economics teacher Davy Mauermann said. As an approach to educate high school students with basic financial skills, the H&R Block Budget Challenge uses real life scenarios and simulations to teach students how to budget money more efficiently. The simulation project is only limited to honors economics students, who will be the first class to participate in this new project. “I think I’ll gain at least an idea of what to do in the real world and what options to pick,” senior Francheska Vicents said. “I’ll also get a glimpse of the unexpected obstacles that life can throw at me.” The three-month long project is designed to give students the tools to have a more financially stable future, teaching them basic skills such as paying bills on time and tracking savings. With these skills, students are given a better idea of what to do with their money and the benefits of budgeting. “This will teach me skills to balance

my money in order to pay for all the bills and all the college spending that I’m going to have to face when I’m an adult in college,” senior Paola Rivas said. Each student is given a different real life scenario as a recent college graduate with a paying job. With fees and expenses to pay on a regular basis, students receive a virtual salary and are given the freedom to choose how to spend it. These expenses include car payments and phone bills, which all must be paid on time. Just like the real world, if students do not pay bills on time, they will get penalized with virtual fees such as overdraft fees, late fees and finance charges. Students are also challenged throughout the course of the project, as they may run into unplanned fees and must find space in their budget to pay for them. “I think it’s scary because it makes you face adulthood and it also has an impact on our grade,” senior Ruzanna Manvelyan said. Not only will this project help students with budgeting, H&R Block will offer $200,000 in scholarships and cash prizes. The top five highest-scoring students will each receive a $20,000 college scholarship and are the assurance that they are ready for the real world. “I think it’ll be interesting when we get to see the results because we will be able to see who will make it out into the

real world versus who won’t make it and struggle,” Rivas said. Twitter: @dxvideskichyxn

Photo by Rachel Bullock Senior Mabel Aceves logs into her account to pay her rent as part of the H&R Block Budget Challenge, a simulation designed to help teach students how to spend and budget money wisely.

The Pearl Post

Special Reports 4

Feb. 9, 2018

Photo by Alice Curran Other than women’s rights, the Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 20 advocated for many groups such as immigrants, people of color and the LGBT community.

Policy threatens to deport a generation of immigrants Rudraj Koppikar


Staff Writer

he Trump Administration has announced that it will cease renewal of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants from El Salvador later this year. The decision came as part of a renewed attempt by the Trump administration to fulfill the anti-immigrant platform Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign on. In Nov. 2017, the administration announced it would be ending TPS for 46,000 Haitian immigrants and 2,500 Nicaraguan immigrants in the country.

The administration has also been engaged in a dispute with the Democrats over funding for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA is a program similar to TPS and grants protection against deportation and the ability to be legally employed to people who were brought to the United States illegally as children and requires renewal every two years. TPS grants immigrants authorization to lawfully work and live in the U.S. To maintain TPS, one must re-register during designated registration periods every 18 months. The Trump Administration stated that Salvadorans would not be eligible to re-register after the registration period for

this year closes. The announcement sparked protests throughout the nation and the decision was denounced by numerous advocacy groups, including The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of 45 of the nation’s most prominent Latino advocacy organizations. “The United States has yet again turned its back on its promise to provide refuge for those who face violence and persecution in their home countries,” said NHLA Board Member Oscar Chacón in an Alianza Americas press statement on Jan. 8. El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is home to

some of the region’s most violent gangs, including MS-13 and Barrio 18. Opponents of the announcement have argued that revoking TPS status would mean that hundreds of thousands immigrant families affected would become prime targets for crime and many would almost certainly be killed. The other side argues that El Salvador is no longer in a state of emergency and Salvadorans have no reason to not go back to their home country. Unless the decision is reversed, Salvadorans have until Sept. 9, 2019 to either obtain a green card or leave the United States. Twitter: @rudy_beckom

Immigrants worry as temporary protected status ends Julissa Rangel Staff Writer

On Jan. 8, Kirstjen Nielsen the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security announced that since repairs and improvements have been made to roads, hospitals and schools in El Salvador, an entire generation of Salvadorans have about a year to go back to a country many of them are not at all familiar with. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was granted to Salvadoran immigrants after a disastrous earthquake in 2001, which left around 1,000 people dead and $2.8 billion in damages. TPS allows immigrants to reside, work and travel legally in the United States until their country of origin is safe to return to or once they’re able to obtain a visa or citizenship.

The forced displacement of Salvador- themselves and their families is not only an adults would lead them to bring their irrational but a prime example of ethnic U.S. born children to a country now strick- cleansing. en with poverty and astonishingly high The termination of TPS will have devrates of gang violence. astating effects on families and the econoIn 2016, the Los Angeles Times even mies of both the United States and El Salpublished an article announcing that its vador. Thousands of these children have capital, San no clue what El SalS a l v a d o r, vador is like, there was the murare plenty who don’t “What he is preaching is white der capital of speak the language supremacy. . .” the world. and have never visThis comited. Salvadoreans pletely debunks Nielsen’s claim that El Sal- will either have to face hiding from imvador is now safe to return to. migration until they obtain proper docuThere truly isn’t justification for TPS mentation, return to their country with to not be renewed. their Americanized children or leave their Forcing hundreds of thousands of children until they are of legal age and can people who left an overpopulated, dam- sponsor their parents for visas. aged, poverty-stricken country for the If Trump’s idea of “Making America sole purpose of being able to provide for Great Again” entails deporting all immi-

grants from “shithole countries,” he has to consider the history of this country itself. What Trump is preaching is not improving the country, it’s stripping it of the people who subsidize its economy for little profit and are humble about it. What Trump is preaching is white supremacy. Deprivation of immigrant rights is oppression. This is blatant racism toward a group of people who’ve done nothing but make it easier for people like him to live privileged, carefree lifestyles. I understand the government isn’t capable of comprehending this, but I don’t think they realize how serious of a toll this will take on the American economy, these people and their families. Twitter: @ju11ssa

The Pearl Post

Feb. 9, 2018

A year in review for women’s rights

November 2016 Teresa Shook shared a Facebook post talking about the horror of the new presidential election. She said she thinks we should march. The next day 10,000 people joined the event.

April 2017 Trump signs law that allows states to not provide funding to Planned Parenthood.

June 2017 Ana Brnabić becomes the first female prime minister of Serbia.

Special Reports 5

January 2017 The Women’s March took place at 10 am on Jan. 21. Over four million people across the globe marched.

May 2017 Wonder Woman is historically the top movie of the summer with $100.5 million in its opening week.

Photos by Eva Kaganovsky and Alice Curran Over 500,000 people showed up to the Women’s March in Downtown Los Angeles held on Jan. 20. This year’s Women’s March featured speakers such as Lorri Jean, CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and actress Eva Longoria.

March turns history into her-story October 2017 Following the number of women who have accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a request: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet. The tweet received thousands of replies form all over the world.

January 2018 The Time’s Up movement against sexual assault and harrsment began as a response to #metoo movement and the accusations against prominent movie producers.

January 2018 On Jan. 8, 2018 the Golden Globes took place. Women and men wore black to protest the sexaul harrassment in the film industry.

Timeline compiled by Nalley De Lara, Angie Rumbo and Jade Campbell

Eva Kaganovsky and Alice Curan


Copy Editors

ne year ago, we were among the millions of people around the world who marched in fear and uncertainty due to president Trump’s inauguration. On Jan. 20, we came together again, however this time, the Los Angeles Women’s March had a different atmosphere. “We have spent the last year enduring and resisting leadership of those who do not believe in truth,” said Lorri Jean, CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, during a speech at City Hall. “Who do not believe in compassion, who do not understand that a strong nation requires liberty and justice for all. So we march again.” What began as a worldwide protest against social inequality, grew into an inclusive platform for all genders to unite and advocate for human rights. Last year, after attending the Women’s march, although we felt empowered, we struggled to find ways to get involved and create change. This year, the march developed into a more organized event with new resources and ways to participate that go beyond a one day march. We learned of new ways to get involved when we entered an area where different organizations had set up booths to distribute information and rally supporters. A common emphasis among the various organizations was the importance of voting, especially in the upcoming midterm elections. A lot of people our age are not aware of how much our votes matter, but on Nov. 6, we have the power to elect officials that will contest the Republican control of the House and Senate. We felt motivated after realizing that our generation can finally have a say in our future. “Our silence never protects us,” Jean said. “Change does not happen on its own. We must do whatever we can to take this power to the polls. All of us who can vote must vote. We must vote on our values of truth and com-

passion and justice.” The greater sense of organization was only one of the reasons that this march felt like the beginning of a groundbreaking movement. Despite all the adverse policies and developments implemented under the Trump administration, there have also been new opportunities for women to speak up and inspire one another. Popular movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp were a prominent focus at the marches. It was comforting to be surrounded by people who felt the same frustration and resentment towards the injustices that have been impacting women, people of color, immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community. “Because of you the revolution (is on) the rolling,” said Natalie Portman, a guest speaker at the Women’s March. “You told the world that time’s up on violence. You told the world that time’s up on silence. You told the world that it’s time for a new day, time for a new locker room culture, time to think about every person’s desires, needs, wants and pleasure.” The Women’s March introduced us to a welcoming community that allows us to confidently speak our minds and become more socially aware of the inequality that others face. A year ago, we were a part of a crowd filled with fear and anxiety, but this year, hope and optimism united us all. While there is still a long road ahead of us, with relentless determination and effort, we can create an America for everyone. “You are showing everyone around here where you stand,” actress and activist Eva Longoria said. “You stand with women and girls. Today we march. Tomorrow we march on.” Twitter: @evaakaganovsky Twitter: @aliicecurran

Opinion 6

The Pearl Post

Feb. 9, 2018

Time’s Up on Hollywood’s sexual harassment Steven Guzman New Media Editor

Both men and women of Hollywood have shown that this year’s awards season holds more than fancy suits and shiny trophies. During the Golden Globes awards, almost everyone wore black, in support of Time’s Up, a movement that stands against any kind of sexual harassment made in the workplace. For the Grammy’s, artists wore white roses in support of gender equality. Time’s Up first started on New Years Day when over 300 women sent a letter to the New York Times regarding the anti-harassment movement. The sexual harassment controversy started last October when allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein. This started what is now known as “The Weinstein Effect,” in which more people came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. Actor Anthony Rapp revealed that “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey made sexual advances on him when he was 14 years old. Spacey apologized for his actions on Twitter and came out as gay. These events lead to the trending #metoo that swept social media. Other people such as Chef Mario Batali, Television Journalist Matt Lauer and Comedian Louis C.K. admitted to harassing others and received well-deserved consequences. Actor Casey Affleck was removed as a presenter in the Oscars after multiple reports of sexual misconduct. It’s rather bitter hearing our favorite stars being accused of such terrible actions. One of my idols, Stan Lee, creator of characters such as Spider-Man and Iron Man was accused by former nurses of

Cartoon by Christine Valenzuela Harvey Weinstein is portrayed as a pig due to his current sexual harassment accusations. This cartoon shows how Hollywood actresses and actors can do much more to prevent and stop sexual harassment. groping them and demanding to be plea- but also verbal. One of the most common sexual harassment, much more can be sured. Lee has denied these allegations, forms is known as ‘catcalling,’ which in- done. Actress Gal Gadot stipulated that calling them “false” and “despicable” and volves a sexual comment or gesture made she would not appear in the “Wonder plans to clear his stellar good name. No to a passerby. Finding a random person at- Woman” sequel unless filmmaker Brett confirmation or other comments have tractive is normal and perfectly fine. What Ratner was taken off production due to been made about the incident against Lee isn’t fine is being disrespectful and mak- multiple reports of sexual harassment since then. Though harassment is terrible, ing uncomfortable comments to them. In against him. In the end, Ratner was rethe public should wait until things have some worst-case scenarios, catcallers will moved from production. been confirmed by the ones being ac- even walk with that person. Situations like We need to stand up to our predators cused before automatically jumping to the these can be seen on YouTube, titled as and stop letting fear keep us from speakbelief that all accusations are true. “social experiments.” ing. Time’s Up on staying silent. Sexual harassment isn’t just physical Although actors wore black against Instagram: @strykemedown

Insensitive video sparks outrage toward popular YouTuber Angel Van Horn Staff Writer

YouTube may need to update its rules and restrictions to avoid offensive videos being posted. Famous YouTuber Logan Paul is under fire after his first video of the new year went viral for all the wrong reasons. The video was filmed in Aokigahara, a national Japanese forest that lies at the base of Mount Fujikawaguchiko. The forest is known as the “sea of trees” and is known as a popular location to commit suicide. According to Mental Floss, up to 100 people kill themselves in this forest each year. Paul’s video showed a dead body hanging from one of the trees accompanied with the teasing of suicide. Many have found this disrespectful and triggering. Following the reactions from the video, an apology was posted a few days after. An apology certainly can’t take back the fact that a suicide victim was vaguely disrespected through a public video. View-

ers of his apology video were disgusted with the way he was acting. Faking tears and sincerity, there is no way to tell if he is genuinely embarrassed with what he did or if he is just trying to get everyone to calm down. Over the years, as YouTube videos have evolved, bloggers have been coming up with insane ideas that offend and hurt people physically. Vloggers have turned into pranksters and it’s not funny for the people on the other side of the camera. It’s against YouTube’s rules and regulations to post videos with frontal nudity, pornographic and sexually explicit content, violence and to violate copyright law. The rules are extremely blunt and need to be updated to protect YouTube from videos being posted that are inappropriate and harmful such as Paul’s. New rules should be added to the existing list of policies and regulations. YouTubers post whatever they want and after the Aokigahara forest video, YouTube needs to recognize the type of power they have to remove traumatizing content

Screenshot by Angel Van Horn YouTuber Logan Paul has been criticized for his “Suicide Forest” video due to his inappropriate comments regarding suicide. like that. After more regulations are en- has one of the highest rates in the world forced, YouTube will be under control and for it. More can be done by YouTube to fix vloggers will have to alter their videos to its’ regulations and avoid further incidents suit the terms and conditions. such as this one. The topic of suicide has a huge effect on certain people and the suicide forest Instagram: @angul.murie

Feb. 9, 2018

The Pearl Post


Women’s March trumps inequality

Amidst the recent scandals piling up in society from sexual harassment to racism and political viewpoints, it’s the actions taken that matter most. With the Women’s March just happening last month a sense of progress is made. This was the second year in a row where the march took place, uniting millions of protesters to peacefully spread a message. However, more needs to be done to bring unity to this country. With the government stocked with officials who don’t care for others’ rights but their own, the public must stand strong and advocate for change. It’s people such as the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos who bring ideas to silence voices. DeVos had previously pondered over changing Title IX, a federal law to prohibit discrimination and harassment in schools. Changing this title would’ve made it more difficult for victims to come forward and find justice. The Women’s March challenges this type of ideal as everyone should be able to share their story and not have to live in silence. Movements like #metoo and Time’s Up help restore faith to victims who

may feel as if the justice system does not do enough to punish their abusers. They provide an outlet to raise awareness of sexual harassment and to help those who have endured it. However, this isn’t all the march stands for. It advocates for gender rights, reproductive freedom, the end of police

ican community. As well as immigrants who have lived here for years be ripped apart from their families, due to the fact they came from another country. Even the transgender community faces constant discrimination and barely any legal protection after only 18 states provide laws to protect them. Luckily under LAUSD, schools like ours are provided with tools to help speak up against discrimination and report sexual harassment fairly easily. These include written reports and a hotline provided through JupiterEd where students can send direct reports anonymously. Gender Neutral bathrooms on our campus also help to create acceptance for everyone in our student body too. These tools within our open-minded school environment create a safe space for students to learn and express themselves. Marches like these are not meant to advocate for a day but to create a ripple effect within society and symbolize the change that is yet to come. A change where everyone can be respected no matter what. This march was not only for

“However, more needs to be done to bring unity to this country. With the government stocked with officials who don’t care for others’ rights but their own, the public must stand strong and advocate for change.” brutality and overall equality for everyone. Especially living in a ‘Trump Era,’ those who are seen as outsiders such as transgenders, immigrants and African Americans are often targeted and discriminated against. They are excluded from the public and treated as if they aren’t human beings. This can be seen as police brutality numbers rise within the African Amer-

Pearl Voice:

Are celebrities doing enough to speak out against sexual harassment?

“Sure, I feel like they can do more,” junior Adrian Contreras said. “I feel like if you’re a celebrity, it’s very difficult to talk about that kind of experience. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for someone to speak out.”

“I believe they’re doing it as a matter of convenience because of the entire #metoo movement,” sophomore Marjina Haque said. “I do believe some celebrities genuinely care and are just finding out about this.”

“To be honest, I really don’t think they are because it would go viral if they were,” freshman Kenya Jardines said.

Photos and interviews by David Eskichyan

Opinion 7

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Entertainment 8

The Pearl Post

Feb. 9, 2018

Screenshot from

Photos by

Albums that might make you quake this year Daniela Dixon

Staff Writer

Artist- Mgmt Album- “Little Dark Age” Release date- Feb. 9 After four years without releasing any music, Mgmt is soon to be dropping their third album, “Little Dark Age.” Fans can expect a different tone in their music such as a darker almost gothic feel. Artist- Drake Album- “Scary Hours” Release date- TBA Hip-hop artist Drake has recently dropped two new songs that will be on his new album “Scary Hours.” His latest release “God’s Plan” made a huge mark and broke Spotify and Apple’s streaming records.

The new year has begun and there are many anticipated albums waiting to be released for our ears to bop to. Hip hop artist Travis Scott has been occupied with his newborn baby and Nicki Minaj has been missing in action since “The Pink Print.” It’s about time they pay their dues to society and drop their records. Artist- Nicki Minaj Artist- Brockhampton Artist- Ariana Grande Album- TBA Album- “Team Effort” Album- TBA Release date- TBA Release date- TBA Release date- TBA The queen of rap has yet to release her Brockhampton could potentially be re- Grande’s last album “Dangerous Woman” highly awaited album but will some time leasing their last and final album this year. debuted number two on the U.S. Billboard this year. Last year Minaj was featured in The group released a video of one of their 200, accumulating 175,000 copies. Grande countless hip-hop top singles with Migos newer songs “Rental,” which starts off never fails to put out a bomb album so this and Gucci Mane. Minaj has not released with group member Robert Ontenient lay- will definitely be worth the wait. her own album since “The Pinkprint” in ing down in a tub talking about the end of Artist- Travis Scott 2014. an era. Album- “Astroworld” Artist- Cardi B Artist- Kanye West Release date- TBA Album- TBA Album- “Turbo Grafx 16” Scott has been letting fans get a sneak Release date- TBA Release date- TBA peak of songs on “Astroworld,” but hasn’t Kanye is submerging back into the music Cardi B’s next album should be released released the album making fans lose their world after his last album “Life of Pablo” this year with hits “Bodak Yellow” and her patience. Scott has worked on an album by working in the studio. West could pos- recent “Bartier Cardi.” Cardi B has collab- with hip-hop artist Quavo which has alsibly be releasing his next album “Turbo orated with many W artists such as Migos ready been released. and G-Eazy. Grafx 16” this year. Instagram: @xo.danielaa10

Lana Del Rey may lose ‘Get Free’ rights to Radiohead Julissa Rangel Staff Writer

Just seven short months after the July release of her fifth studio album “Lust For Life,” Lana Del Rey informed her fans via Twitter that allegations of a lawsuit filed by Radiohead for copying their 1993 hit “Creep” are true. The 32-year-old indie singer’s song “Get Free” uses musical elements found in verses of “Creep,” according to their publishing company in a recent interview with Spin. “It’s true about the lawsuit,” Del ReyW tweeted. “Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead feels it was and want 100% of the publishing.” However, Radiohead’s publisher Warner/Chappell denied that the band was issuing a lawsuit and that they were demanding 100% of the song’s publishing. This could very easily be because of

a lawsuit filed against Radiohead in 1972 for “Creep” bearing similarities to the song “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies. It’s likely that The Hollies could also be receiving a portion of the publishing of the song if Radiohead can convince Del Rey to give them her 100% of the publishing for “Get Free.” During a live performance in Detroit, Del Rey announced to fans that she may have to remove the song from future physical copies of the record. “Regardless of what happens in court, the sentiment that I wrote in that particular song, which was my statement song for the record, my personal manifesto,” Del Rey said. “Regardless if it gets taken down off of everything, I really am going to strive for them, even if that song is not on future physical releases of the record.”


Photo by Del Rey performs at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California on April 13, 2014. The singer debuted her new single “West Coast” during the set.

Feb. 9, 2018

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Entertainment 9

‘Black Panther’ expected to dominate box office

Steven Guzman

New Media Editor

First appearing in “Captain America Civil War,” viewers will get to know more about the king of Wakanda in Marvel’s newest film, Black Panther. Returning home to take his title as king, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) learns about black-market dealer Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and exile of Wakanda Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) who will bring terror to the kingdom. Klaue was first seen in “Avengers Age of Ultron” when he provided Vibranium, the same metal as Captain America’s shield, to Ultron. Wakanda is the only producer of Vibranium, the rarest metal in the Marvel Universe, making Black Panther the wealthiest superhero in existence as 1 gram costs $10,000. His net worth of $90.7 trillion surpasses that of Iron Man and Batman. Artists Kendrick Lamar and Sza collaborated to produce the film’s soundtrack and album “All the Stars.” Not only does “Black Panther” have a killer soundtrack, but it has now become the best-selling Marvel film in pre-sales of tickets, surpass-

Photo by The kingdom of Wakanda consists of highly advanced technology due to its production of adamantium. ing “Captain America Civil War.” man include Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, an “Black Panther” is directed by Ryan It is believed that the Soul Stone, the operative of Dora Milaje, the all-women Coogler and will hit theaters on Feb. 16. last of the six Infinity Stones, will appear in elite forces of Wakanda and Angela Basthe film. Other stars appearing with Bose- sett as Ramonda, T’Challa’s mother. Instagram: @strykemedown

‘Everyday’ opens conversation for LGBTQIA teenagers Angel Van Horn Staff Writer

“Every Day,” a popular novel by David Levithan, revolves around a spirit who wakes up everyday in a different body, has been adapted and will be released as a movie Feb. 23. Not knowing where or who they will wake up as next, “A,” a wandering spirit, After 24 hours of being a particular person, “A” is still in love with the same girl, Rhiannon, (Angourie Rice). “A” is not exactly a real existing person but inhabits a body and takes over the characteristics of that person. The upcoming movie is not afraid to highlight the LGBTQIA community con-

sidering “A” wakes up as a female several times and continues to have a relationship with Rhiannon. Rhiannon eventually adjusts to this inevitable situation of her lover but soon falls into distress for not knowing who to love. There are days for “A” that are simple and other days “A” must try to figure out a way to see their girlfriend since it is never guaranteed where or who they will wake up next. The fantasy/drama film, rated pg-13, depicts how universal love is and how taking things for granted leads you to treasure what you’ve had all along.

Instagram: @angul.muriee

Photo by Protagonist Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) living in the moment with “A.” “A”, a wandering spirit who takes form in a different body everyday is currently Rhiannon’s boyfriend.

Selena Quintanilla-inspired show in the works Rosa Lemus Staff Writer

Photo by The Selena Quintanilla-inspired show is set to be in the works.

Selena Quintanilla was a mexican-american singer who inspired many. Now, ABC is finally giving a pilot engagement to a series inspired by the late techno-cumbia singer. The project is not yet named but Quintanilla’s family will be a part of the experience, along with Abraham Quintanilla, Jr and Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga who will contribute as producers. Miguel Nolla, who has worked on hit series like “Grey’s

Anatomy” and “Scandal” will take the role of co-executive and write the project. Additionally, Nolla, Sergio Aguero, Jaime Davila and Rico Martinez from Campirino Entertainment and Scooter Braun, Scott Manson and James Shin of SB Projects will be executive producers. Although the series isn’t going to focus on Quintanilla specifically, it is going to be inspired by her lifestyle. The project will focus on Alex Guerra, an award winning pop star who struggles with family problems after being distant from them

for five years. When Guerra returns home to Texas, she finds herself in many difficult situations like a love triangle and the persistence of her career and family problems. Since the premiere of “Selena,” directed by Gregory Nava in 1997, more and more people are becoming familiar with the story of the talented singer. This series is just another way Quintanilla’s legacy will live on.

Instagram: @rosalemus_

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Sports 10

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Feb. 9, 2017

Photo by Rachel Bullock Sophomore Tylin Jarrett passes the ball to his teammate during a game.

Athlete of the Month:

Tylin Jarrett dunks on competition Photo by Karina Mara After a pass from a teammate, junior David Mallari sets the volleyball back into play during a team practice after school.

Boys volleyball serve up competition Karina Mara

Staff Writer

Eager to improve from last season, the boys volleyball team goes through weeks of body conditioning and fundamental ball skill training. “We’re training by working out our legs and arms this season just to get stronger,” sophomore varsity player Antonio Serrano said. Birmingham Community Charter High School’s volleyball team will have their first

preseason away-match on Feb. 28 against James Monroe High School. With limited opportunities to use the gym due to an ongoing basketball season, current practices involve a focus on strenuous weight exercises, endurance runs and sprints. “(If) you can’t serve, you can’t earn the point and if the other team is serving and you can’t pass the ball, then you can’t earn points either,” coach LeAnne Bennett-Riley said. The team will go against Chatsworth

Charter High School on April 14 and against Sylmar Charter High School on April 21. A few teams of the same league will also be competing in both of these tournaments along with other CIF Southern Section teams. For the full story, go to Instagram: @this_karinaz

Lady patriots start season with new goals

Mirabelle Chernick

Staff Writer

After strenuous three-hour daily practices for the upcoming water polo season, the Lady Patriots stole their first win of the season. Birmingham community Charter High School’s Junior Varsity team conquered Notre Dame in an 11-4 victory. First-time freshmen players Amelia Sanchez, Petra Vass and Julissa Jaco were all significant contributors to their team’s effort. Regardless of their team’s recent successes, all three players are steadfast in their ambitions to improve in both strength and agility. “I really love the sport and competition because of the good exercise and the support of my team,” said Jaco, who plays defense. Due to the fact that the city of Los Angeles does not officially recognize JV water polo, the girls on the JV team often get the chance to play for Birmingham’s Varsity team.

Angie Rumbo Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been playing water polo? A: I have been playing water polo for about 3-4 years. Q: What is the most challenging aspect of waterpolo? A: The most challenging aspect of waterpolo is all the drills we do in practice Q: What are your future goals for water polo? A: My future goals is just to keep trying my best every time I play. Q: Why do you like this sport? A: I like this sport because it never gets boring and there is always something exciting happening in the game. Q: How do you manage your time between school and being a student athlete? A: I manage school and waterpolo by trying to be organized and and always using my free time wisely. Q: How long do you practice water polo? A: I have water polo practice everyday of the week for 3 hours.

Photo by Jade Campbell A Birmingham player defends the goal as other player throws the ball during a game. According to head coach Stacy Smith, both Vass and Sanchez have spent significant time on Varsity. The JV season will end in mid-February at playoffs.

“Our team’s great communication is what will help us win,” Sanchez said. Instagram: @chernick4340

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment for water polo? A: My biggest accomplishment is going to a varsity tournament as a freshman. Instagram: @angierrumbo

Feb. 9, 2018

The Pearl Post

Photo by Christine Valenzuela Freshman Amelia Sanchez practices with a partner during waterpolo practice.

Athlete of the Month:

Amelia Sanchez makes waves Christine Valenzuela Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been playing water polo? A: I have been playing water polo for about 3-4 years. Q: What is the most challenging aspect of waterpolo? A: The most challenging aspect of waterpolo is all the drills we do in practice Q: What are your future goals for water polo? A: My future goals is just to keep trying my best every time I play. Q: Why do you like this sport? A: I like this sport because it never gets boring and there is always something exciting happening in the game. Q: How do you manage your time between school and being a student athlete? A: I manage school and waterpolo by trying to be organized and and always using my free time wisely. Q: How long do you practice water polo? A: I have water polo practice everyday of the week for 3 hours. Q: What is your biggest accomplishment for water polo? A: My biggest accomplishment is going to a varsity tournament as a freshman. Instagram: @ cchristinevalenzuela

Sports 11

Photo by Jade Campbell Varsity sophomore goalie Olivia Bullock protects the goal during a close home game against WIlliam Taft Charter High School.

Girls soccer starts successful season Jade Campbell Staff Writer

The crowd went wild as Birmingham’s girls varsity soccer team battled their rival school William Taft Charter High School, in an hour long game. “We do a lot of conditioning,” sophomore Olivia Bullock said. “We play a game called grid that helps us connect passes better and we do running exercise that helps us with agility.” Bullock, the varsity goalie, fought with fury making sure the opposing team wouldn’t be able to make goals. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Team coach Jose Alcala makes sure the girls practice as much as they can to help them improve. “At this point I see that our strengths are connecting the ball and having a competitive attitude,” Alcala said. Alcala believes that the girls need to work on their transitioning. He has the team doing various drills during practice to help them with that. Alcala also recognizes the girls strengths and believes if they keep up their positive attitude they will make it to playoffs. “The girls on the team know each other well and it reflects during playing time,” Alcala said. “I believe that if we

keep the positive attitude we currently have and our commitment to practice, we will certainly be at playoffs.” So far, Birmingham has won four and tied three of the eight games they have played. The team holds high hopes for the reason of the season and will continue to work hard and keep up their positive attitudes. “I would describe the team as a group of girls that have an incredible amount of grit,” Alcala said. “They never stop working and they never stop believing in themselves.” Instagram: @ j_a__d_e

Lacrosse pre-season gives high hopes Melissa Hernandez Staff Writer

The varsity boys lacrosse team suffered a devastating loss during the last game of their season, but are determined to not have a repeat of last year. The team had a good start last season until they were outplayed by the Alexandder Hamilton High School boys lacrosse team. By the end of the game, the players were beaten and exhausted. The players will go back to basics then as the season goes on they will work on their offence, defence, and improving their plays. “We’re learning a lot of the basic lacrosse skills the passing, the catching, defence position, all that fun stuff,” varsity coach Chris Iorio said. “February we’ll start learning more of our offence and our defence like what we do here at Birmingham and game like situations.” The team’s overall score was 10-11 and this season they are improving their plays and practicing new techniques that would make them move farther into the season. The team is determined to making it to the state championship. “My expectations for this season is to go to city championship against Pacific Palisades because they’re our biggest ri-

Photo by Jade Ajileye Senior captain Alberto Serrano (in black) listens as his coach discusses drills for practice. vals so that’d be good for the team to go against,” varsity captain Alberto Serrano said. Practice has already has begun to

prepare the team for their first game on Feb. 27 against Dos Pueblos High School. Instagram: @ jade.ajileye

Tech 12

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Feb. 9, 2018

Photo from Sweatcoin rewards its users with currency redeemable for a variety of prizes.

App of the month:

Earn money one step at a time with Sweatcoin Christine Valenzuela Staff Writer

Sweatcoin joins a growing amount of fitness apps that reward its users for physical activities they’ve completed. The London-based app is a fitness tracker that converts your outdoor steps into Sweatcoins, or digital money. You simply download the app onto your mobile device and begin walking outside. For every 1,000 steps completed, you are rewarded with about one Sweatcoin, which you can accumulate to redeem real-life fitness related products and services. The app allows users to view the amount of steps other people have completed on a leaderboard as well as their ranking. Sweatcoin provides users with the ability to add friends and compete with them based on the amount of steps they’ve taken. User profiles provide information on how many steps have been taken over the past week, month or day. The amount of sweatcoins you currently have is also provided on the profile page. Newcomers to the app start at the mover membership level where you are limited to 5,000 steps a day. With more sweatcoins, users are able to purchase membership levels which increase the amount of steps you are limited to. Sweatcoin is free to download on the Google Play Store and App Store. The app contains no advertisements. The creators of this app hope to promote a more physically fit and active lifestyle by motivating its users with redeemable gifts. Instagram: @cchristinevalenzuela To learn more about Sweatcoin and possible prize offers, visit

Illustration by Sergio Payeras Apple has been sued by users across the world for slowing down older models of iPhones through updates intended to make the devices run smoother and prevent unexpected shutdowns. The company has thus far released apology statements to their users.

Phone slowdown spurs user letdown Jade Ajileye Staff Writer

Tech company Apple Inc. run by CEO Tim Cook faces over 20 class action lawsuits claiming the company intentionally slowed down older models of iPhones. This new development began after Primate Labs founder John Poole responded to a Reddit user who noticed his iPhone 6s worked much faster after he replaced the battery. Poole ran an analysis and discovered that some iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 devices were not operating at maximum performance starting with iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 11.2. Apple then admitted to tweaking the

maximum performance of older iPhones by using chemically aged batteries. This new change introduced with iOS 10.2.1 prevents the phone from unexpectedly shutting down. However, Apple never disclosed the methods used to stop unexpected shutdowns which can occur in extreme cold or hot weather. In the past, people claimed Apple intentionally slows down older phones in order to make customers buy newer, more expensive models, so Apple’s confirmation in doing so has affected their reputation. As soon as this information came to light, people from California and New York to Israel and France filed cases against the company.

These cases can cost the company upwards of millions of dollars if followed through. Most demand that Apple refund the money of customers who bought new phones because of slowdowns on older models, make battery replacements free and compensate iPhone users affected by Apple’s actions. The multinational technology company responded by lowering battery replacement prices to $29 all throughout 2018 and issuing an apology for its lack of communication to customers. Apple is also set to release a new iOS update that will allow the user more access to view battery health. Instagram: @jade.ajileye

Lose yourself in a fantasy game like no other Richard Mendiola Photo Editor

Massive swords, bulky armor and god-like entities set up a fantasy like no other with “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.” The return of one of publisher Square Enix’s most prominent video game franchises has arrived. NT provides a diverse group of characters, each chosen for being the protagonist or antagonist of their respective “Final Fantasy” title. The roster currently has 28 playable characters, but Square Enix plans to add additional characters via updates and downloadable content. Gameplay has changed compared to prior “Final Fantasy” titles. In the previous Dissidia titles, players were given a oneversus-one situation in which they must drain the opponent’s health. However, in NT, players are to assemble a team of three to take down another

opposing trio. Square Enix designed the game to be built for competitive play. Although prior Dissidia titles have had the option of online play, NT is mostly built for it. Besides this, it has a story mode. Dissidia NT requires players to unlock the story mode through items called “Memorias.”

The gauntlet mode is an offline mode for players who want a quick match. Here, players hand-pick both teams and the arena they desire to duel in. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out now for the PlayStation 4. Instagram: @skker_t

Screenshot from PlayStattion Store DissidiaFinal Fantasy focuses on online play, but there is still a solo mode for casual play.

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