The Parliamentarian 2019: Uganda Supplement

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and Social Parliament’s annual function Development, of budget scrutiny, approval ensures that and financial appropriation is % No. % No. % Government an additional opportunity for programmes gender mainstreaming. The 93% 20 7% 296 100% target vulnerable Public Finance Management Act, groups such as 2015 obliges all Government n/a 122 100% 122 100% women, youth, budgets to carry a certificate of persons with gender and equity compliance, 70% 3 30% 10 100% disabilities and before Parliament considers children, to them. Section 9(1) (6a&b) of the 60% 2 40% 5 100% ensure equality Act requires that each budget of all persons. framework paper must take 60% 2 40% 5 100% This Committee into consideration balanced has influenced development, gender and equity 60% 2 40% 5 100% Government to responsiveness. The Minister of create a maternal Finance, in consultation with the 44% 9 66% 16 100% health vote and Equal Opportunities Commission, increase funding must issue a certificate that 65.1% 160 34.9% 459 100% for maternal confirms that the entire Budget health. Framework Paper is gender and rights in marriage. The Sexual The Committee on Equal equity responsive, and specifying Offences Bill, which is to be Opportunities monitors and measures taken to equalise re-tabled in Parliament, seeks promotes measures designed opportunities for women, men, to consolidate laws relating to enhance the equalisation persons with disabilities and to sexual offences, provides of opportunities and improved other marginalised groups. procedural and evidential quality of life and status of The Rules of Procedure of the requirements, during trial of all people. Similarly, all other Tenth Parliament require at least sexual offences, and proposes sectoral Committees get to 40% of the leadership of the several measures to check examine and comment on Committees of Parliament to be sexual violence among others. policy and performance of line women [Rule154 (4)]. However, Engendering also happens Ministries, departments and further analysis has shown through the Legislature’s agencies, and make appropriate that the sectoral and standing oversight function. This audit recommendations. They examine Committees combined had 39% mechanism fosters adherence to Bills brought before the House of the Chairpersons and 33% gender-equity requirements. The and Government budget of the Deputy Chairpersons Parliamentary Committee system estimates, including checking as female. Therefore, females is the most effective instrument for gender responsiveness and in Committee leadership of oversight; it is the ‘engine room’ making recommendations on the constituted only 36%, which is of the Legislature, where in-depth same. below the required 40% target. and more technical debate can Below: Rt. Hon. Rebecca A. Kadaga, MP, Speaker of the Parliament of take place. For instance, the Uganda (centre) together with Members of Parliament after meeting Committee on Gender, Labour with persons with albinism.

Male No.

Constituency (Direct)


District Women














TABLE 1: Gender composition of the Tenth Parliament of Uganda (by constituency). Source: Dept of Research Services Factsheet.

traditions. For instance, the Land Act and the Mortgage Act were amended to give spouses and children a voice on land transactions, especially on matrimonial property. The Penal Code Act was also amended to provide for stronger punishment for defilement of children, including boys. The amendment also removed a biased section that criminalised adultery, as the greatest burden was on women. There is also continuous advocacy for delayed Bills, such as the Marriage and Divorce Bill that gives women equitable

“Engendering also happens through the Legislature’s oversight function. This audit mechanism fosters adherence to gender-equity requirements.” 4 | The Parliamentarian | 2019: Issue Three - Uganda