The Parliamentarian 2019: Uganda Supplement

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The CPA President and the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda looks forward to the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Kampala, Uganda and welcomes delegates. As we look forward to the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC), the Parliament of Uganda and CPA Uganda Branch extends a very warm welcome to all the Honourable Speakers, Presiding Officers, Members of Parliament and accompanying persons to Uganda at the upcoming 64th Commonwealth Rt Hon. Rebecca A. Kadaga, Parliamentary Conference MP, Speaker of Parliament of scheduled to be held in Uganda and CPA President Kampala in September 2019. (2018 - 2019) The Parliament of Uganda joined the Commonwealth in 1962 and has, save for the interruption of a few years, actively participated in promoting democratic values in the Commonwealth. It is an honour for the Parliament of Uganda to host the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, having last hosted a similar event in October 1967. The theme of this conference is ‘Adaption, engagement and evolution of Parliaments in a rapidly changing Commonwealth.’ The beauty of the Commonwealth is that different nations and Parliaments with their unique history, culture, diversity and level of development freely associate within the fraternity for the attainment of common goals and aspirations. Parliamentary democracy in Uganda is thriving and the government is committed to promoting good governance, rule of law and constitutionalism. General elections have been held regularly every five years since 1996, after adoption of a new constitution. The National Resistance Movement Government under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kagura Museveni and the Tenth Parliament are committed to transform Uganda from a peasant economy to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years as set out in the Vision 2040.

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The ascendency of globalisation in a rapidly changing Commonwealth presents us with serious challenges as Legislators and policymakers, which in turn require adaption, engagement and evolution of new ideas, strategies and perspectives. The 2019 CPC in Uganda will provide a distinct opportunity to Honourable Members of Parliament to have useful interactions and network in pursuing common goals, enrichment through comparative analysis of parliamentary practice and procedure to contribute to the strengthening of parliamentary democracy by identifying emerging challenges, seeking remedies to mitigate them and charting the way forward. I urge you all to take up the challenge and allow for the exchange of perspectives and views from diverse regions, countries and continents and collectively harmonise them for the good of us all. It is my firm belief that by working together as a team with unity of purpose, we can make a positive change to our nations and the people we represent. It is my conviction that the upcoming 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference will provide a benchmark in promoting our joint effort for avenues for peace, happiness, prosperity and development for all our people. Welcome to Uganda – the Pearl of Africa!