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cover photo courtesy of reader Doug Yoder, Lake Wawasee 4 LAKElife Magazine April 2024 Editor’s Letter Bird Bellies 6 Contributor Meet Judi Loomis 7 Letters To The Editor . . . . . . . 10
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Warm Up

This season, show us where YOU read LAKElife… is it while SURFING (like Kevin on our cover), or … while FISHING … with morning COFFEE … at the DOCK ... during DINNER … while SWIMMING … with a SUNSET + glass of vino?

Share your moments, won’t you?

Some family stories really shouldn’t be shared.

This is one of them.

As spring spreads her beauty, we listen to birds’ songs amid the bright sky. Golf clubs are cleaned. Squirrels are stirring. And convertible car tops come down.

On one particular spring day, circa 1979, a young mini-Sue was loitering about the backyard, accompanied by her best friend, Rommel. Mini-Sue, feeding the birds and seeking spring flowers; Rommel the shepherd, chasing freakedout squirrels up the oak trees.

It was a glorious morning.

Out from the house hurried Dad, donned in a brightly colored golf shirt and polyester pants, as was proper attire for loitering about the course with his foursome.

Dad barked something at me before hopping in his car. I couldn’t quite discern his words as I was pretending I couldn’t hear him. My guess is he demanded a cease in backyard loitering and commencement toward math homework.

As ifff.

Dad quickly zipped away to ensure early arrival for his tee-time—an assigned, specific, critical minute which shan’t never-ever be missed. You see, tee times were “not negotiable,” and “they do not run on Sue-time”—whatever that meant (eyerollll). Yes, he left in a jiffy, with convertible top down to best enjoy the spring day.

Meanwhile, I continued watching the birds swoop about overhead, forgetting all about such mundane muck like math. And Rommel continued to happily lose his mind on scurrying squirrels.

A moment later, Dad returned.


Dad would only return, thus jeopardizing said urgent tee-time, if (a) the house was on fire, or (b) the house was on fire.

I glanced at the house. Nope, no fire. That is, until we made eye contact. He looked at me, and I at him.

A wide crocodile smile spread beyond my ears and girl giggles inadvertently spilled forward. Ignition then detonated a Galactica-like stream of fire bombs burning from this dad’s narrowed eyes, toward his bird-loving daughter.

It appeared that shortly post-departure

from our house, a spring birdie (or possibly two) soared above this golfer’s convertible and released one (or two) bird belly-full(s). Yes, an avian lunch launched flat-splat on Dad’s hair-free head and colorful golf shirt.

From a pipsqueak‘s view it was simultaneously the most terrifying, yet funniest thing I’d ever seen.

As Dad tromped indoors to change, I smiled to the birds in the sky. And I think I saw Rommel grinning, too.

Yes, it was a glorious spring day for one of two humans in this story. And it’s a memory that still makes me smile. It’s also a reminder that life happens, and we can’t take ourselves too seriously; nature is really the one in control.

Doesn’t spring evoke memories in us all? Of course it does. It’s a time to return outdoors—its scents triggering memories of yesteryear. We remember. We smile. And we look forward to days yet to come.

It is this emergence of energy that we celebrate—watching wildlife stir, seeing waters deepen their hues of blue, appreciating tulip blooms in their brilliance, and smiling in memories of loved ones—just like my late, dear dad. Enjoy this issue, made just for you—may it help you smile and feel energized. May it ignite your anticipation for warm moments, water fun ahead, and a plentiful life lived with family and friends.

Spring serves as reminder to enjoy life; to recognize the depth of its beauty, and to not sweat the small stuff—even if it drops a stinker now and then.

Happy April, friends. We’re thrilled to be back for another season with and for you.



6 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Judi Loomis

Lake life has been a central part of life for Judi, growing up amidst a big family, all enthusiasts of the water playgrounds of Wisconsin lakes, where she was raised Yes, Judi has been enthusiastically immersed within outdoor play—whether waterskiing, fishing, hunting, snow skiing, or four-wheeling—for the entirety of her life Of equal passion to her affinity for outdoor fun is her formal education in broadcast communications (which led to successful positions at radio + television stations across the nation), the craft of creative writing, her love for fellow humans beings, her extensive philanthropic work, her tender spirit and quiet strength—and her certification in senior care to assist the elderly Judi and LAKElife’s editor, Sue, have many years together in publishing endeavors, so freelancing for LAKElife is as natural a fit as a paddleboard to her bare feet . In Judi‘s spare time, she‘s likely reading, gardening, exercising, admiring cars, or caring for her three rescue cats . Judi has been married to J . Michael Loomis for 40+ years and they have one son . “We live, work, and pray in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” she said .

Judi, we’re honored to welcome you to the LAKElife family

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| CONTRIBUTOR LAKElife Magazine April 2024 7
Warm Up

Volume 5 Issue 1 | APRIL 2024

Ron Baumgartner PUBLISHER





Greetings, masthead friends! Can you buh-lieve we’re starting our fifth year as a secret club?

Welcome one and all (okay, six) of you to the April 2024 issue’s masthead—the vast area of copy routinely ignored by all readers, except six brilliant minds. You know who you are. Yes, they’re the readers who know the best nuggets take a little digging. But, like Jake did for Andy Reid, I’ll explain it again about these nuggies: herein you’ll find the fun, the silly, the unaltered spewing of post-deadline fumes of irrational slap-happy cognitive remnants of remaining firing neurons. Fun content? Yes. Coherent content? Ppllllbbb

So, let’s sharpen m’fingertips + let ‘er rip like the formerly-named Dixie Chicks.

Yes, this masthead is the wasteland of deadline-induced silliness, where nothing you read really matters. It’s no mystery. And as the ever-insightful Scooby-Doo said, the purpose of such writing is just to be “keepin’ it real.” Only the greatest literary minds are quoted here.

So here we are in the season of muddy rainboots, increased sunshine, blue waters, spring cleaning, warm breezes, and with the real nature lovers among us bent over at the knees, still as statues, eyeball-scanning the earth, searching for signs of spring emerging through the ground. You know who you are. You’re my people. We welcome April showers, because even rain is better than winter, and we watch for rainbows to admire their God-given beauty, but also in irrational hope to someday find an actual pot of gold. But, methinks the leprechaun spokesperson was selling a fib. I oughtta’ sic’ Scooby on him and see how lucky his charms really are. But back to the brilliant literary teacher, Scooby—who




Shelly Davis WEBMASTER


Mary Jane Bogle, Kristian DePue, Lillian Dwyer, John C. Gill, Jonny Hawkins, Courtney Hladish, Judi Loomis, Rusty Martinez, Jennifer Romano, Loren Shaum, Christy Smith


Advent Builder Marketing, Danielle Anderson, Courtney Hladish, Andrew Hoffman, Tami Overman, Sue Pais, Loren Shaum, Christy Smith

P.O. Box 188; 206 South Main St. Milford, IN 46542 800.733.4111/Fax 800.886.3796

is our segue into April’s competition between Ron and yours truly (as always competitions are held the second Tuesday of the third week): we’re solving a whodunnit mystery, and as one might suspect (spoiler-alert!), the villain will be the evil, mean bank employee in-disguise. And buh-lieve-me, Ron does not like hunched-over monsters with bad tempers (why do you think I work from my home office so much?).

And, of course, after Ron solves the mystery (and I lose the competition) Steve will exclaim, “Jeepers, it’s the Creeper!” then Scooby snacks will be served for all. It’ll be just like a rendition of a Shakespearean play, except not all.

As ifff you didn’t already know Ron… meet our region’s publisher extraordinaire, who would fearlessly poke the chest of Redbeard’s Ghost. Yes, he’s the man behind the publishing scenes, and it’s thanks to Ron that LAKElife Magazine is published for you. Yes, by The Papers Inc.—the same publishing house that’s been serving communities for 85 years, located at 206 S. Main Street, Milford, Indiana, 46542.

Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless I’m standing still as a statue staring at the dirt. Then I’ll be outside, and far too focused to be disturbed.

Before I forget, here’s the one-and-only required paragraph of the masthead: ‘It shall be known that all rights whatsoever are reserved and nothing may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher, who also assumes no responsibility as a result of any information or items advertised herein.’ Those interested in contacting us may call 574.658.4111, or toll-free at 1.800.733.4111.


At FIVE years in, if you’re not already advertising with us, I must lose my glasses and question your knowledge of the Great Scooby Doo. However, Steve (our director of marketing) won’t question your literary-or-fine-arts chops, and he’ll happily answer any questions you might have. Contact him at 574.658.4111 or toll-free at 1.800.733.4111. Or, email him at He’ll help you join the fastest growing, most fun + made-for-you magazine!


Editorial suggestions and letters to the editor (that’s me) are welcomed! Please contact me at sue@ Whaddya’ like? Whaddya’ want to see more of? Talk to me, Goose.

LAKElife Magazine contracts with freelance writers and photographers. If you’re a published writer looking for some extra work AND if deadlines (a) aren’t viewed as loose guidelines, and (b) don’t give you stomach cramps, then you’re my kinda’ writer! Please reach out… and bonus pay for whomever speaks the following with the most passion + feeling: “Ruh-roh, Raggy!”

Therein concludes our FIRST non-informative-noreducational masthead of the season. And herein kickstarts our first issue of the 2024 publishing season. I’ve missed you.

Please enjoy this April issue; it was made for you. And, to my spring-steppin’ super-secret masthead club friends, a huge thanks for joining the fun + reading each word—even the small print. I think you’re more spiffy than an ascot and even smarter than Velma.

8 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
1309 S. Harkless Dr. Syracuse, IN 46567 | 574-337-1898 All the brands you love, under one roof. LAKElife Magazine April 2024 9

Letters to the Editor

When we said we loved your letters, we meant it! Email us at

Yes, it’s that easy.

Letters may be edited for length.

Hello Sue, My husband, Chris Smalley, called on all of our neighbors and friends for these photos in hopes that he could get you to print them in LAKElife... As you can see, we are all so much in love with your magazine and all the wonderful LAKElife stories and pictures you bring to all of us ... Keep doing the LAKElife justice.

– Chris + Tess Smalley, Beaver Dam Lake Chris, it worked!!! And Tess, thank you for emailing + sharing the photos. And to your whole Beaver Dam Lake Crew—THANK YOU. Please share your fun, chill-out moments + celebratory times with us any time! It’s what it’s all about. Cheers, friends.

Hi Sue,

I wanted to submit some photos of WACF Executive Director/2023 Wawasee Flotilla Commodore, Heather Harwood, from a beautiful morning ski on Syracuse Lake earlier this August. Feel free to crop or edit if the magazine wants to share! Thanks,

– Sam Rice, Syracuse Lake

Thank you, Sam. What a pic… and what talent, Heather!

Hi Sue,

We are so beyond grateful for our neighbor, Steve Fields. Steve is not only a great human, he is hands-down the best neighbor and friend! Thanks, Sue! I’m excited for the upcoming magazine issues this year.

– Darlene + John Cochran, Sechrist Lake/Barbee Chain

Check out this issue’s ‘Gratitude List’ on pg. 51! Readers, it’s easy to say, ‘thanks!’… just email a name. Thank YOU, Darlene + John!

10 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Hi Sue,

I hope this email finds you well. I have been reading your magazine for years and love it. The articles are interesting and I love all the photographs! Thank you for continuing to publish this magazine; you have fans! I am emailing you today as I have a Lake Wawasee sailing question and I thought you would be the best person to ask… I have been coming to Lake Wawasee for the past 10 years…I love the lake and the sunsets and all the water fun…I would like to start sailing recreationally during our visits; however, we have no set schedule for when we are at the cottage throughout the summer. Do you know of a club or a group that allows walk-ins for someone like me who just wants to…gain some experience…and sail a few times a summer? (Or is there a sailing group or club that…could use an extra hand?) Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I hope you have a wonderful summer and thanks again for following your passion and publishing a super cool and informative summer magazine.

All the best,

Brown, Lake Wawasee

Readers… can anyone offer ideas for Kathy?

YOU are the real experts, so brainstorms + information would be much appreciated. We’ll print your response for Kathy + any others who may be interested!

We captured the cutest picture of my 2-year-old grandson, RJ, and my husband getting in some end-of-summer fun on Hoffman Lake. Thought you might be able to use it. Love your magazine every month; very enjoyable with great information.

– Lisa Stines, Hoffman Lake

Great job capturing the moment! (And splashes are always better with a stuck-out-tongue.)

Thank so much, Lisa.

Hi Sue,

I would like to submit these pictures for one of your upcoming issues. These pics I took and was also the boat driver for the Naragon family photos on Webster Lake. They are from North Manchester and are lifelong summer residents on the lake. This was quite a feat getting them up on the very first attempt! Made my summer! 10 Naragons, 10 ropes + 20 skis! (Pictured: parents Dan + Willoughby Naragon, their four grown kids, and four granddaughters.)

– Lisa Strombeck, Webster Lake

What a fun succession of images. Great job, Lisa + excellent skiing, Naragon family!

Kim, Michelle, and Mikayla at the dedication of Turtle Pointe in June 2022. Turtle Pointe is a small section of our Lake Wawasee property dedicated for turtle use only. (Sunning turtles pic was taken August 2023.)

– Greg Samuel, Lake Wawasee

How fantastic for the turtles to have their own safe sunning area—and great to see your proud helpers who made it happen. Great job, girls!

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 11
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LAKElife Magazine April 2024 13


Kosciusko County Must-See + Must-Do Experiences this 2024 season

Lilacs bloom on sundrenched shores, perfuming the spring air with their delicate fragrance. On the water, sailboats and pontoons speckle the silvery waves, as lake lovers celebrate the season’s awakening.

It’s time to raise anchor and launch into the warmth and beauty of lake life. With months of fun ahead, now is your perfect opportunity to route a course to the action. Dive into the following suggestions, and then fill your calendar with not-to-be-missed Kosciusko County experiences.

14 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Embrace the tranquility of a new morning. Take a sunrise hike, bike, or run as nature’s melodies serenade you. Welcome the new day with lakeside meditation or yoga.

Enjoy the breakfast and lunch offerings, or simply lounge with a gourmet coffee at Creighton’s Crazy Egg Cafe & Coffee Bar in Warsaw.

Get your tickets. The Wagon Wheel Center For The Arts presents its 2024 Summer Season, a series of five theatrical performances in-the-round, from June 6 to August 10. Order tickets now at

Prepare to be wowed by the thrilling moves of the Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show Team when you attend a home performance at Hidden Lake in Warsaw. Free admission.

Gather the family and head to the 107th Kosciusko County Community Fair in Warsaw. This year’s event, which runs from July 7 to 13, features farm animals, exhibits, entertainment, rides, and of course, plenty of food.

Cheer on the pageants and parades that roll through North Webster during the Mermaid Festival, June 19 to 22.

Check out nearly 100 antique and vintage tractors, and other farm equipment, at the Summerfest Tractor Show & Pull August 2 and 3 in Claypool. The kids will love the tractor driving experience and treasure hunt.

Take your pick. Visit Blue Barn Berry Farm in Syracuse for berries and vegetables in season, plus farm-fresh eggs. You’ll find kettle corn, pure honey, and ice cream too, so bring your sweet tooth. Should you need space for your special event, they’ve got you covered.

Coordinate your family reunion. Invite the relatives to your lake home and enjoy a day, or a weekend, of reminiscing and fun. Share stories, arrange a talent show, and whip up a cookbook of family recipes. Stage a grilling cook-off and a sweet corn eating contest. Don’t skimp on the family photos.

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 15
WaterPlay | ISSUE OPENING STORY 16 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Plan a staycation in Kosciusko County. Escape to the Oakwood Resort on the shores of Lake Wawasee and kick back for a week, or a weekend. Enjoy the comfortable accommodations, five-star views, outdoor activities, and fine dining.

Delight in a dinner cruise on board your pontoon boat. Keep it simple with box lunches, or go upscale with gourmet favorites. Sip a special wine or brew. Set the mood with soothing music and fragrant candles.

Indulge in a fine dining experience. Select an innovative entree or choose a five-course dinner with wine pairing at One Ten Craft Meatery in Warsaw. Savor the prime rib at Sleepy Owl Supper Club in Syracuse. Enjoy sashimi and more at Oku Roji in Warsaw. Or make reservations at Westmain Kitchen in Syracuse.

Immerse yourself in watersports. Take sailing or waterski lessons. Kayak or paddleboard for fitness or for fun. Tackle new wakeboarding or wakesurfing moves.

Surrender to the lure of Kosciusko’s 100+ lakes and get hooked on fly casting lessons. Or, hire a charter service and bump up the adrenaline during a muskie hunt on the Barbee Chain.

Dock it. Take a break from the recreational activities and moor your boat at Kosciusko’s waterfront restaurants and bars. Raise a few at the Channel Marker in Syracuse, or cruise in for dinner and a Wawasee sunset at The Pier & Back Porch.

Pamper yourself with a hot stone massage, fullbody wrap, and other luxurious treatments at Expressions Salon & Day Spa in Warsaw.

Host a cocktail party, lakeside. Make it a themed event—think Roaring ‘20s, or 1950s sock hop—and encourage period attire. Add music and games to suit your gathering.

Just relax. Grab a margarita and chill with friends around an inflatable hangout bar. Cozy up to a crackling bonfire. Or simply allow the breeze, and a hammock’s embrace, to lull you to a lakeside slumber.

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 17
Beautiful Custom Cabinetry and Countertops 574-354-7613 18 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

At Canterbury School, you will have a major experience filled with academics, art, and athletics, and because of our small size, it is easy to tailor the school experience to meet individual needs.

Our size might be small, but everything else at Canterbury School is major.
EXPERIENCE. Apply today for 2024-25 at Canterbury Lake Life April 2024.indd 1 2/15/24 9:38 AM LAKElife Magazine April 2024 19

Ya’ know, some make it look so easy. Meet the multi-taskingLAKElife-readingsuper-cool-calmand-collected Kevin as he surfs on Lake Wawasee.

Submitted by Doug Yoder.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Meet this issue’s hero, Barlow-Man, flying over Lake Wawasee, to protect his (amused) cousin Will.

her frog

Baby Bristol is learning to soak in those Webster Lake sunsets from an early age.

Submitted by Brittany Doctor.

How do you spell triple trouble? F-R-A-N-N-I-E-F-E-L-I-X and F-R-A-N-K-I-E. Even though they were at
Submitted by
WaterPlay | PHOTO FUN
boat church.
Lynn Brockmann.
friend. Want YOUR photos printed in a future issue of LAKElife
YOUR faves to
you do. Email
20 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Meet Harry. He loves rides on Dewart Lake just as much as his humans.

Submitted by Alonna Meyers.

This, friends, is what we call ‘a framer.’ What a beautiful shot of the sunset, Steve,

It’s big smiles + gorg’ sunsets for this FOURTH generation of friends on Chapman Lake. Isn’t this what it’s all about? We think so, too, Sam, Delaney, Kenna, and Max!

Submitted by Kenna Burman.

Who wouldn’t want to join this crew?

Meet these fun lake enthusiasts, aged 2 to 70.

Please send us more pics, Celeste!

Sundays are meant for paddleboarding on Syracuse Lake. Cheers to this Medusa Street-Syracuse Condos Crew!

Send us more pics, gang!

Submitted by Paula Myers.

Today’s doggie paddle keeps the paws dry. Just like Nellie with her human, Amy Isenberg.

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 21


It’s the daily duo: Michael and Lucky out for their paddleboard excursion. But really, shouldn’t it be Lucky and Lucky? We think so.

Submitted by

Early morning peace. Solace. And hopefully some great catches—kinda’ like this pic.

Submitted by Jennifer Garden over Lake Tippecanoe.

These Syracuse Lake bathing beauties don’t even know they’re building a lifetime of memories. And fashionably-so, we might add.

Submitted by Ali Sisson.

Cheers to this rowdy crew on Beaver Dam Lake! (We can’t help but notice Purdue + IU are at opposite ends of the party sandwich.)

Send us another pic, party crew!

Submitted by Tess + Chris Smalley.

Is it really spring without swans and their babies?

Submitted by Susan Stump.

WaterPlay | PHOTO FUN
22 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
Choose Your Style, Choose Your Wood, Choose Your Color and let our Master Craftsman build the Furniture of • Landscape/Hardscape Design & Installation • Property Management • Tree Trimming & Removal • Snow Removal TOTAL PROPERTY CARE Your TOTAL Property Care Solution “Established in 1999. We’ve been proudly serving the surrounding area for the past decade.” (574) 457- 6334 “Experience the Difference” Lake life is … this moment and these cuties. We couldn’t agree more! Submitted by reader Valerie Prince. LAKElife Magazine April 2024 23
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Refresh + Celebrate!

Happy sunny springtime, LAKElife friends.

Yes, ‘tis the season of renewal. Of refreshing our spirits, energies + zest for life on the daily. We wipe away winter’s mess, refresh our homes, fling open the windows + reignite the inner spark that’s been subdued by cloudy days.

It’s time to celebrate this Good Life.

So, let’s count our blessings, nourish our bodies, share friendly waves with the neighbors, and smile—all the while anticipating an amazing lake season to-come.

As nature melts away winter’s chill + emerges with beautiful brilliance, let’s soak in the sunshine, inhale scents of springtime, and focus on all there is to celebrate in this month of April.

Each day find some sunshine—and let it ignite the inner you.

For observances both well-known and obscure, consider each a reason to celebrate living The Good Life.

Happy April!

Sun., March 31



Pull fun pranks, tell jokes + laugh a little.

26 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


This year’s themes: stories of empowerment, facing challenges + achieving victory!

Sun., April 14


Dig in the dirt



Autism Awareness Month

Canine Fitness Month

Celebrate Diversity Month

Move More Month

National Stress Awareness Month

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Tues., April 16 GOOD DEEDS DAY

Do a favor, run a chore, spread neighborly smiles.

Thurs., April 18


Move it, move it!


Weds., April 10


Mon., April 22 EARTH DAY Plant

+ grow good
‘em up + accumulate your steps.
a tree + do something beautiful for Mother Earth.
Give the sibs’ some love.
LAKElife Magazine April 2024 27
… the Earth laughs in flowers … by Ralph Waldo Emerson Spring is here With over 50 years of growing experience, our educated staff is here to help you! 1680 Lincolnway W., Ligonier 260.894.4498 Live in Color Get your early spring plants now! 28 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
2201 East Street • North Manchester, IN 46962 260-982-2118 l SENIOR LIVING WITH Meaning and Purpose Celebrate springtime where Timbercrest living means embracing life with joy without the daily grind of chores and home maintenance! A not-for-profit Life Plan Community of Distinction The convenience of community living means everything needed is available on Timbercrest’s beautiful 117acre campus, with multiple choices of homes, floorplans, and care levels: Neighborhood Homes Manor Apartments Long-Term Care Memory Care Rehab to Home Timbercrest offers the lifestyle for today’s seniors to thrive! Recreational and fitness programming gives residents the opportunity for both socialization and physical activity. Having friends, neighbors and Timbercrest staff close by for get-togethers, suppers, and events brings the wellness benefits of socialization— Call for more information or to schedule a tour: 260-982-2118. 901 E. Canal Street | Winona Lake, IN 46590 | 574-306-2906 BRING THIS AD FOR: $5 OFF a purchase of $50 $20 OFF a purchase of $100 (Expires 5.31.2024) LAKElife Magazine April 2024 29

Spring Peepers

If you live near lakes, ponds, or wetlands, you likely hear the season of spring as much as you see it. Frogs and toads make up much of the chorus, and none announce the season more promptly or emphatically as spring peepers.

From March to June, their highpitched calls echo from temporary woodland ‘lakes’ (called vernal pools) where they meet to mate and lay eggs. Their collective voices are reminiscent of a parking lot of tiny toy car alarms going off in high-pitched ‘beeps,’ a fleet of squeaky-wheeled shopping carts, or the very top range of a slidewhistle. Maybe these aren’t typically what you would associate with ‘springtime,’ but take an evening walk near a pond or wetlands, and their persistent peeping might make you feel otherwise.

Spring peepers are hard to find but easy to recognize. Here are their most prominent features:

• Paperclip size or smaller

• Tan, brown, olive, or reddish color which camouflages them against leaves and logs

• Smooth, damp skin

• Dark ‘X’ pattern across their backs

This last ‘trademark look’ of the spring peeper endowed them with the species name ‘crucifer,’ which is Latin for ‘cross-

The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College conducts research, provides resources, engages and educates residents, and collaborates with local organizations to make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe, and beautiful. To date, the Lilly Center has conducted scientific research on over 30 streams and 40 lakes. The Lilly Center is driven to create a legacy of stewardship by equipping community members, visitors, and future generations with understanding and to enjoy the county’s natural beauty. For more information, visit

bearer.’ Their full scientific name is Pseudacris crucifer. The genus name ‘Pseudacris’ is a reference to their insectlike call, from the Greek words for ‘false’ and ‘locust.’

These tiny locals fit well into our ecosystem around the lakes. They eat insects of all kinds, controlling the populations of whatever bugs they can fit into their mouths. They are also the prey of other native species, feeding birds, salamanders, snakes, and carnivorous insects that can’t fit into their mouths.

A spring

its voice heard!

The spring peeper is small but mighty: a herald of spring and a champion of the wet, low-lying areas common to lake communities. Lake life affords the unique opportunity to hear and see these tiny amphibian neighbors as we welcome the warmth and colors of spring.

To hear a spring peeper and to learn more about Indiana’s native critters, visit lakes.

Photo by Andrew Hoffman. peeper makes
30 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
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The Magic & Mystery of

Spring in theLake

As winter's icy grip gradually loosens its hold on Indiana's freshwater lakes, a fascinating transformation occurs beneath the frozen surface, heralding the arrival of early spring.

The early spring months bring about a remarkable transformation beneath the ice, unveiling a dynamic and interconnected world that is essential for the well-being of Indiana's freshwater lakes.

The Big Thaw

The thawing process initiates a cascade of changes beneath the ice, with temperature playing a pivotal role. “As sunlight penetrates the surface, it kickstarts the warming of the water below, triggering a domino effect in the lake's ecosystem,” said Lyn Crighton, executive director of The Watershed Foundation. “This temperature shift serves as a biological alarm clock, awakening dormant organisms and setting the stage for a flurry of activity. It’s really an exciting time of year!”


Each spring, turnover of lakes is a crucial seasonal event driven by temperature changes. As the winter ice thaws and the weather warms, the surface water of the lake heats up, becoming less dense and stratifying on top of the colder, denser water below. During turnover, typically occurring in early spring, wind and

Spring Rains, Melting, + Runoff

Spring rains play an important and interconnected role in this system. As the snow melts and rainfall increases, it leads to runoff, carrying pollutants like sediment, nutrients, and bacteria from various sources such as residential lawns, urban streets, and agricultural lands into nearby water bodies.

temperature variations cause the layers to mix. This process distributes oxygen and nutrients throughout the lake, revitalizing deeper waters and promoting biological activity.

Nutrient Cycling + Algae Blooms

All winter long, the decomposition cycle has been happening deep beneath the surface. It’s the turnover in the spring that mixes these nutrients throughout the water column. As these nutrients become available, a surge in algal growth ensues. Algae blooms can decrease water clarity and impact water quality. “Early spring is characterized by the emergence of green algae, forming the base of the lake’s food web. Algal blooms serve as a vital energy source for zooplankton and other aquatic organisms, kickstarting the lake’s ecosystem into high gear,” Crighton said. “This time of year we get a lot of questions about slimy, bright green algae –is it normal, is it too much—and really, it’s just a very normal process of the lakes waking up in the spring.”


The warming waters prompt fish to become more active, and in some cases, it triggers the commencement of the spawning season. Species like bass and sunfish, which have been in a state of reduced activity during the winter, now engage in frenetic movements and make early steps toward growing their populations. The underwater landscape becomes a hub of activity as fish prepare for reproduction, contributing to the overall vibrancy of the lake ecosystem.

“Heavy spring rains often carry the largest influx of nutrients to our lakes, exacerbating algae blooms and increasing turbidity and sedimentation,” Crighton said.

But according to Crighton, there are many things each of us can do. Actions such as picking up pet excrement, maintaining your septic system, using phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer (with a zero in the middle), and utilizing healthy shorelines with glacial stones and native plants can add up and help preserve the health of lakes and streams in our community,” she said. “Effective management strategies, such as implementing best management practices for land use, partnering with landowners on projects that keep soil on their land, and improving stormwater infrastructure, are crucial for mitigating these impacts and preserving the health of lakes and streams in our watershed,” she said.

Take Action with TWF

The Watershed Foundation urges everyone to take action for healthier lakes. Action begins with education and continues by supporting programming and projects that make a difference. “We invite the community to actively participate in our conservation efforts,” Crighton said. “By gaining a deeper understanding of the seasonal nuances beneath the ice, we can collectively contribute to the preservation of these vital ecosystems.”

The Watershed Foundation remains dedicated to fostering awareness, conducting research, and implementing initiatives that ensure the resilience and health of our lakes throughout the seasons. We are committed to exploring, understanding, and protecting these invaluable ecosystems as we strive to create a sustainable future for all. For more information about The Watershed Foundation, visit www.

photos: 32 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
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All About That Bass

in Kosciusko County Lakes


Where are they: Nearly every lake in the county. The most obscure location is Durham Lake adjacent to Pisgah Marsh, southwest of North Webster. Indiana DNR reports that Irish Lake had a large collection last year (2023).

Identification: Olive green with a linear pattern of black spots on its side

Where to catch: Calm, shallow waters around debris like stumps and vegetation

When to catch: Mornings or evenings; peak seasons are during spring and fall months

Bait: Artificial baits that imitate live bait like crayfish, minnow, frog, or worm

What anglers like: The explosive fight once snagged Edible: If you like a fishy taste, go for it

34 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


Striped bass is one of the few fish species that can be found in both fresh and saltwater. The hybrid version is a cross between a white bass and a striped bass.

Where: Tippecanoe River and some tributaries and connecting lakes

ID: Olive green with white bass-like stripes

Where to catch: Flowing streams

When to catch: Spring and fall when water temperatures are 70 degrees or lower

Bait: Surface bait and flies

What anglers like: The initial, explosive splash

Edible: Far better than largemouth bass

Grilled White Bass with Mustard Sauce

This recipe can be used on several types of firm white fish, but if you latch onto a white bass (common in LAKElife Country), this recipe works well.

Serves four.

2 pounds white bass fillets

1 teaspoon Old Bay® seasoning

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1-1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded, pith removed, minced

Juice from half a lemon

Sea salt, like Maldon’s

Spray oil

Create sauce by mixing all ingredients (except fish and Old Bay seasoning) in a baking dish. Lay fillets in sauce and thoroughly coat both sides. Sprinkle Old Bay seasoning on both sides. Sprinkle sea salt over fillets, then marinate for an hour, turning once. Remove fish and reserve marinade.


Where: Barbee chain, Tippecanoe Lake, Winona Lake, Yellow Creek Lake, and Pike Lake

ID: White body with black stripes

Where to catch: Open, deeper water in large schools

When to catch: Very early spring and after spring spawn

Bait: White Mepps spinner or lipless crankbait

What anglers like: Hard-fighters

Edible: They are delicious! See recipe at right.

Spray a fine-grated grill or a salt block with oil. Place a couple of water-soaked wood chips on the grill or in a smoke box. Heat grill to high heat and allow wood chunks to start smoking. Place fish skin side down on the grill or salt block, and cook three to four minutes per side, depending on fish thickness.

Brush-on more reserved marinade while turning. Cook fish another three minutes or until it starts to flake. If desired, use a thin spatula to scrap off the skin. Serve immediately with a rice pilaf.

graphics and photos:

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 35
Loren Shaum is an automation engineering consultant, retired pilot, author, home gardener, and sometimes chef. He and Gayle reside in Syracuse.
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SKINCARE PRODUCTS LAKElife Magazine April 2024 37


April epitomizes anticipation + the promise for sunny, bright days.

To when blenders are stirring, breezes are blowing, and bare feet are walking down the dock—where the boat leaves from—to take away problems and make ya’ feel alright.

You know. Just as the song goes. Sign. Us. Up. Thanks, Zac Brown Band.

Enjoy this month’s happy vibin’ lake jam.

(Hover your cell phone camera over the QR code, watch for a link to appear on your phone, click the link. Listen. And enjoy.)


Concentration+ Cuteness

Send Your Pics!

Send your little fisherpal’s pics. AND your big fisherpal’s pics.

Cast all fish bites pics to

We’ll catch ‘em—and release to print this season.

(See what we did there?)

WaterPlay |
= Roran + Hadley Another proud pic of fishing excellence by our pal Emerson! Caught from Lake Wawasee. Thumbs-up is right, Trey!
38 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
Submitted by Julie Bishopp, Lake Tippecanoe.


Lake Wawasee’s 15 year-old Quinn is hooked on fishing … and so was this 28-POUND CARP! Wow! Submitted by Katie Barbee.

Summer days are meant for fishing on Lake Wawasee with Grandpa. Meet sweet Addison with her day’s catch.

Submitted by Brenda Peterson.

Gorgeous sunset, great smile + fabulous fish from Lake Wawasee. Submitted by Valerie Prince.

It’s Jax’s first bluegill! Submitted by Glenna Redwine.

Holy Muskie Monsters! A huge catch heavy enough for arm curls, caught from Webster Lake.

Submitted by Dana Bogarthy.

What a catch, Jameson! Reeled in from Wawasee waters + submitted by Janeen Malfait.

Smiles all around for Amy Isenberg, her pal neighbor, and her pup Nellie. Two cuties. One huge LakeWawasee fish. Submitted by Valerie Prince.
LAKElife Magazine April 2024 39
We’ve been watching this little guy grow up in the pages of LAKElife! Stephen, now 8 years old, catches another fish from Lake Tippecanoe with his dad, Steve. Submitted by Suzanne Todd.
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Lake Eats

“Food brings people together on many different levels. It's nourishment of the soul and body; it's truly love.”
– Giada De Laurentiis, Italian chef
42 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Lemon Loaf

It’s not just fashion that’s cyclical. So, too, are baking trends in the kitchen.

Yes, back in the ‘90s many’a kitchen pantry housed enormously-sized plug-in breadmaking machines (you remember, don’t you…).

Today, bread-making is back—in a big, delicious way.

Today’s bread bakers are rolling up their sleeves and baking the real deal, with great recipes, a little time, a dash of love, and maybe just a hand-held mixer to assist.

Let’s loaf together this lake season, as we share a new bread recipe each issue. Join us, won’t you?

If you make this recipe, post a pic and tag us, won’t you?

#lakelifemag (Instagram), or @lakelifemag (Facebook).


Okay, so really it’s a cake You’re welcome.


• 1-1/2 cups flour

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1/2 cup butter, softened

• 1 cup white sugar

• 2 eggs

• 1/2 cup sour cream

• 1 tablespoon lemon zest

• 3 tablespoons lemon juice, freshly squeezed

• 1 teaspoon vanilla

• 1/4 teaspoon limoncello, optional (if you know how delicious this liqueur is, you’ll add it)

• ¾ cup powdered sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and grease a loaf pan.

2. Stir together flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl.

3. In a separate, large bowl, beat butter and white sugar with mixer until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time. Add sour cream, lemon zest, 2 of the 3 tablespoons lemon juice, the vanilla, and limoncello, if adding. Mix until combined.

4. Add flour mixture; mix just until combined. Spread batter into prepared loaf pan.

5. Bake 55 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then carefully remove loaf from pan, placing loaf on wire rack to cool completely.

6. Make glaze by whisking together powdered sugar and remaining 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Drizzle over cooled loaf.

7. Slice, and enjoy some springtime lemony sweetness.

Lake Eats | JUST LOAFIN’
photo: LAKElife Magazine April 2024 43

is a Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified LEAP Therapist, specializing in reducing pain and inflammation, anti-aging, PCOS/IBS/diabetes management, weight loss and increasing quality of life through personalized anti-inflammatory diets and customized nutrition. This is her fourth year in LAKElife Magazine.

LAKElife subscribers: If you’re interested in a custom nutrition consult, email Christy today at for a special discounted rate.

Special Offer!
Eats | BON APPETIT ´ 44 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


Lemony Parmesan Pasta with Peas

recipe + photo by Christy Smith, MNT, nutrition counselor

This pasta dish has a fun spin to it with the use of broken lasagna noodles and a variety of peas. The fresh lemon zest, prosciutto, and basil really make this a memorable spring dish for even the pickiest of eaters. Any vegetable would work here, too! Try mushrooms, peppers, asparagus—any of your favorites would pair perfectly with the refreshing flavors of this creamy dish.


• 12 ounces lasagna noodles (not no-boil), broken

• 6-8 ounces snow peas, trimmed (about 2 cups)

• 1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed

• Zest and juice of 1 lemon

• 4 ounces Parmesan, finely grated (about 3 cups), plus more for serving

• 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 6 pieces

• 1-1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper, plus cracked for serving

• 4-6 slices prosciutto, cut into small pieces

• 4 ounces sugar snap peas (about 1-1/3 cups), strings removed, thinly sliced on a diagonal

• 5-6 leaves of fresh basil, chopped


1. Break each noodle into rough, bite-sized pieces and add to a large pot of boiling, generously salted water.

Cook, stirring occasionally and adding snow peas and shelled peas for the final 2-4 minutes, until al dente. Drain pasta and peas, reserving 2 cups pasta cooking liquid.

2. In the meantime, combine the lemon zest and juice, Parmesan, butter, and 1-1/2 teaspoon pepper in a large bowl. Add pasta, peas, and 1 cup reserved pasta cooking liquid and toss, adding more pasta cooking liquid as needed if mixture looks dry, until Parmesan and butter are melted and noodles are well coated.

3. Add sugar snap peas, basil, and prosciutto, and toss again just to combine.

4. Serve pasta and top with more Parmesan and cracked pepper to taste.

Fun Facts:

Sugar snap peas contain a little protein, believe it not! Along with their fiber content, vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate, these tasty green pods are also ideal for salads, roasting, pasta (obvi!), or dipping into your favorite hummus!




S. Huntington Suite 1 Syracuse, IN 46567
great people, service, and commitment to excellence! We’ve Got You Covered FROM BUYING TO SELLING AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN CROSSROADS LAKElife Magazine April 2024 45

Irish Coffee

This is not your local bar’s version of Irish Coffee.

This specialty bev’ warms a soul from head to belly to toe. This version of the festive favorite is straight from the Emerald Isle—and that’s no blarney.

Yes, my true-green Irish pal, Bill, taught how he made it over the pond.

And, with some practice, it can be your home bar specialty, too. Consider it your lucky liquid charm to brighten sprits when April days don’t yet feel like spring—or if you’re keeping alive festive St. Patrick’s Day fun.


If you make this beverage, post a pic and tag us, won’t you?

#lakelifemag (Instagram), or @lakelifemag (Facebook).

Lake Eats
46 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


• 1 ½

• Strong, hot coffee

• Heavy cream, cold


1. Heat glasses, running them under very hot water.

2. Add raw sugar to the glass. Pour whiskey into sugar. Stir until sugar mostly dissolves in whiskey.

3. Pour hot coffee into sugar-whiskey mixture. Fill glass to ½-inch from top.

4. Next, pour cream over the back of a spoon. Make sure the tip of the spoon is in coffee so cream will float on top of the coffee. Tip: put cream and spoon in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before preparing drinks, and pour cream slowly over the spoon—if pouring too fast the cream won’t sit atop the coffee.

Bill’s friendly advice: “You will need to drink a few to practice.”

1501 South Main Street Goshen, Indiana 46526 574.533.0626 Choose Us for all your home medical and respiratory equipment needs! Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Raw, unrefined sugar to taste
ounces Irish Whiskey
Welcome to the lakes! 260-894-7141 | M a k i n g V i s i o n s R e a l i t y T H E S T A T I O N REMODEL BUILD 1 0 3 N M A I N S T R E E T N O R T H W E B S T E R I N F O @ C A L I B E R D E S I G N S I N F O W W W C A L I B E R D E S I G N S I N F O Custom homes nterior Des gn Electr cal Division Custom Masonry TEAK SALES LAKElife Magazine April 2024 47

Food Finder


La Parilla Caliente

Mexican Restaurant

119 W. Plymouth St. 574.248.6049

The Dog Lb

115 W. Plymouth St. 574.320.0643


Bee Hive 9692 S. 750 W. 574.491.2139


Etna Green Cafe

112 W. State St. 574.858.9081

George’s Highlander

Bar And Grill

204 E. State St. 574.858.6047


Common Spirits

111 E. Lincoln Ave. 574.312.7343

There’s no shortage of excellent food in Kosciusko County and surrounding counties. We’ll do our best to keep the list updated… if you see need for an addition or change, please contact us at

Goshen Brewing Company

315 W. Washington St. 574.971.5324

Maple Indian Cuisine 127 S. Main St. 574.533.0000

Miso Japan

203 W. Pike St. 574.533.6476


Oswego Mini Mart & Cafe

More than a minimart! Oswego Mini Mart & Cafe happily serves all the conveniences for lakelovin' pals at Lake Tippecanoe and beyond–plus, they're busily serving up breakfast, daily deeelish lunch specials, and dinner, too. Think turkey bacon pesto flatbread, boneless wings, BBQ pulled pork, fish + chips, and so much more. Add a side of a fun staff, and we'd say it's a must-stop!

2757 E. Armstrong Rd. 574.453.3359

Lake Eats | FOOD FILE
48 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


309 S. Main St. 574.378.7264


Bull Dog Saloon

101 E. Main St. 574.353.7408

Mentone B&K

9396 W. State Road 25 574.353.7597


Harry’s Tap & Grill

132 S. Main St. 574.696.1101

Harvest Coffee Milford 207 N. Higbee St. 574.658.3066


Bourbon Street Pizza 1411 E. Market St. 574.773.9600

Culinary Mill Market & Deli 401 E. Market St. 574.773.0214

Ruhe 152

It’s been on your go-to list, so why not pay ‘em a visit? A fun and inviting restaurant, brewery, and distillery featuring fun cocktails and an eclectic made-from-scratch menu.

152 W. Market St. 574.832.7843

The Dutch Kernel 401 E. Market St. 260.499.1614


Bourbon Street Pizza 643 N. Main St. 574.834.4444

Hot Head Burritos 635 N. Main St. 574.244.2233

Pizza King of North Webster 405 S. Dixie Dr. 574.834.2565


The Post

134 N. 1st St. 574.594.3010


Lakes Grill Restaurant 9665 IN-15


Pizza King

806 N. Jefferson St. 260.352.0352


China Star

734 S. Huntington St. 574.457.8070

Chubbie’s Pub-N-Grub

Voted best restaurant by Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber in 2016. Burgers, prime rib, pizza, wings, fries— and best yet, they have Tenderloin Tuesdays. Multiple beers on-tap daily + watch sports on the TVs.

1201 S. Huntington St. 574.457.3855

Down Under 801 N. Huntington St. 574.457.3920

Kiyomi Japanese Cuisine 404 S. Huntington St. 574.529.5025

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

113 E. Center St. 574.268.2537

Man Cave Brewing Company

10201 IN-13 574.337.1308

Mug Shots Coffeehouse and Eatery

10203 IN-13 574.337.1307

Oakwood Coffee and Creamery

702 E. Lake View Rd. 574.457.7100

Pizza Hut

1112 S. Huntington St. 574.457.8300

Pizza King

719 S. Huntington St. IN-13 574.457.5446

Syracuse Cafe

607 N. Huntington St. 574.457.5293

Westmain Kitchen 201 W. Main St. 574.457.2828


Biryani Kitchen 114 S. Buffalo St. 574.376.4349

Oak and Alley 2308 E. Center St. 574.387.6114

Palette, An American Eatery 2521 E. Center St. 574.268.1733

Red Apple

House of Pancakes 2616 Shelden St. 574.267.3007

Ruby Tuesday 3308 E. Center St. 574.269.7821

Side House Grill 2604 Shelden St. 574.267.2112

Starbucks 1150 Husky Trail 574.371.9000

Tacos Jalisco 1215 N. Detroit St. 574.377.1039

Taqueria El Comal 828 E. Winona Ave. 574.267.1501

Thai House Restaurant 820 E. Winona Ave. 574.267.5988

Three Crowns Coffee 941 N. Detroit St. 574.216.1655

Time Out Inn 1701 W. Lake St. 574.269.5700

Wings Etc. 3416 Lake City Hwy. 574.268.2299

Wire & Steam Coffee Company 2858 Frontage Rd. 574.306.2075

Wong’s Restaurant 835 Anchorage Rd. 574.269.3778


Cerulean 1101 E. Canal St. B 574.269.1226

The Boat House 700 Park Ave. 574.268.2179

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 49

Little Mackenzie is ‘wading’ for spring… … small moments make large imprints on our hearts, don’t you think?

Lake Community
graphic: 50 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

April GratitudeList

Expressed gratitude is such a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

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Lake Community | GRATITUDE
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Quality Service with a Hometown Touch GARDEN CENTER 574-834-2249 7185 N. S.R. 13 North Webster, IN 46555
6422 W. Noe St., Kimmell, IN • 260.635.1155 We offer a wide range of flooring services & custom designs! SHOWERS • TILE • CARPET • HARDWOOD • LVP & MORE!
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Meet Watercolor Artist


From Hawaii to the Hoosier state, a watercolor painter makes waves in Kosciusko County that ripple far beyond our shores...

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, Emily Austin developed an interest in art at the young age of five. She held a fascination for horses and would check out equine literature from her local library to draw depictions of differing breeds. Around age 12, Austin began lessons in painting.

“I was tutored by a lady with a gallery 10 minutes from my house in Honolulu,” Austin said. “From her, I got exposure to different painting styles and mediums.”

For higher education, Austin left the Paradise of the Pacific for the Crossroads of America, choosing Grace College in Winona Lake, over 4,000 miles from home.

“I had family in Indiana and Michigan, so the region seemed natural,” said Austin. “I liked the campus and felt drawn to the

environment of Grace’s art department.”

At Grace College, she earned an undergraduate degree studying drawing, painting, and graphic design. With graphic design skills in the Orthopedic Capital of the World, Austin worked corporate while spending weekends painting. During this time, watercolor emerged as her primary intrigue, and she further immersed herself with lessons from seasoned watercolor artist, Terry Armstrong.

“Emily is a wonderful artist, student, and listener,” said Armstrong. “She has the ability to storytell and go beyond realism with her images. It takes creativity, knowledge, and patience to get to her level.”

When asked to summarize her work, Austin succinctly describes it as such: “I’m a watercolor artist who creates landscapes of both real and imaginary places.”

Lake Community | LOCALLY MADE
52 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

One of her imaginative inspirations is J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the epic fantasy, The Lord of the Rings. She’s taken graduate-level courses studying Tolkien, and created the cover for Why We Love Middle-earth — a book by the hosts of The Prancing Pony Podcast, a ‘common room’ for Tolkien fandom.

“I met Emily Austin when I saw her work at a conference,” said Alan Sisto, co-author of Why We Love Middle-earth. “I had a chance to speak with her at length. I was impressed and purchased a couple (of art) pieces.”

“I first met Emily at the same conference,” added Shawn Marchese, Sisto’s podcast partner. “I found myself mesmerized by her ability to capture the beauty and fantasy of locations described in The Lord of the

Rings. She was the first name Alan and I wrote down when thinking of who [could] illustrate our book.”

The three of them discussed the cover for Why We Love Middle-earth and all agreed from the start to spotlight the Inn of the Prancing Pony as featured in The Lord of the Rings

Locally, Austin’s art has been showcased in various exhibits, including the Annual Wawasee Fine Arts Festival at Oakwood, hosted by Chautauqua-Wawasee. She’s worked jointly with Winona Lake’s bel kai jewelry studio in producing handmade jewelry featuring her watercolor depictions. In various capacities, Austin has collaborated with the Syracuse Public Library — she’s painted for fundraisers, held a watercolor bookmark painting class, and most recently, was a judge at the library’s teen art contest.

“Emily Austin's art has been a favorite of mine since I first saw her work,” said Michelle Parker, assistant director of the Syracuse Public Library. “I love the whimsical and other-worldly nature and the relaxing earth tones.”

The librarian owns several of Austin’s works and displays them in her home.

“Emily is a kind and generous person, always willing to support the community and lend her creative skills,” continued Parker. “She’s also witty and joyful, which shines through in her art.”

Facebook and Instagram: @emilyaustindesign

Etsy shop:

Born and raised in rural Indiana, Kristian DePue has worked as a contributor for various publications. Recently, he worked as a writer while residing in Colorado before returning to his home state. Kristian likes sushi, sunrises, sunsets — and, like a true Hoosier, Pizza King.

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 53
Emily with her husband, Ryan.

Ideasfor 5 Family

Lake Community | 5 THINGS
54 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


Hitting the Horseback Riding + Hiking Trails in Spring

Known for its stunning natural lakes, Kosciusko County has gained a celebrated reputation for some amazing trails as well. You can roam the wild outdoors on these trails any time of year, of course, but springtime offers special hiking appeal. After all, who doesn’t love the warm breath of a spring breeze after the long winter chill—or the sight of beautiful spring blooms after our cool gray days?

If you’d like to hit the trails this month, here are five fun options to pursue:

#1Pisgah Marsh Area and Boardwalk. Located just outside Pierceton, this half-mile, out-and-back trail is the perfect way to welcome spring. Be sure to bring binoculars if you want a close-up look at all the active waterfowl and lake creatures in this incredibly diverse ecosystem. Boasting three nature areas and stunning views of Pisgah Marsh, this trail won’t disappoint!

#2Beyer Farm Trail. Switching gears from fowl to farm, you’ll discover a little over two miles of scenic Indiana wetlands on this stroller-friendly, two-mile trail, where leashed dogs are welcome. Leave the city behind at the trailhead located at 1013 E. Arthur Street in Warsaw and enter a quiet nature getaway. Featuring a mixture of boardwalk and paved surfaces, this trail offers gorgeous views of Pike Lake. In April, you’ll likely catch a glimpse of blue herons, cardinals, and even young deer within easy views from the trail and overlook.

#3Oppenheim Woods Located in Leesburg, this Nature Conservancy property offers lush, rustling forests nestled in some beautiful rolling hills. In April, you’ll discover a huge variety of songbirds that migrate through the area, along with plenty of wildflowers popping up through the undergrowth. In fact, the largeflowered trillium, celandine poppy, wood phlox, and other wildflowers have earned this trail a reputation of boasting some of the most

amazing wildflower displays in the Midwest—right in your backyard! Open year-round from dawn to dusk, Oppenheim Woods is a mustsee this spring.

#4The Riding Stable. Though technically not located in Kosciusko County, this horseback riding venue is well worth the drive to Lakeville, where you’ll discover year-round guided trail rides for the whole family. Explore winding hills and creeks on your faithful steed, with prices starting at $35 per hour, with 75-minute and two-hour rides available. The Riding Stable is sure to deliver a day you’ll never forget! Visit or text 574.514.0904 for more information or to reserve your ride today.

#5Pumpkin Vine Nature Trail

This hidden gem is just a short drive into Elkhart County, where you’ll find 17 miles of solid surface biking/walking trails weaving through the countryside. Catch a glimpse of Amish farms, along with some beautiful Indiana greenery, just in time for spring. Want to bike instead of hike? Visit for rental options. Be sure to start your day at the Shipshewana trailhead, where you wander into Shipshewana and easily ditch the trail for a quick shopping trip, lunch, or ice cream!

Whether you take in one trail or visit all five, be sure to mark your calendars now for plenty of April hiking and horseback riding this spring.


Kosciusko County Trails

Leash-up Fido, lace your sneakers, and enjoy the outdoors. Breathe. Laugh. Exercise. Enjoy Kosciusko County’s trail systems created for you to enjoy.

Heritage Trail-Winona Lake Trail System, Winona Lake 1001 E. Canal St.

Old Chinworth Bridge Trail, Warsaw 3495 W. Old Rd. 30 574.269.1078

Syracuse-Wawasee Trails, Syracuse 1013 N. Long Dr. LAKElife Magazine April 2024 55
Mary Jane Bogle is a freelance writer and paid storyteller with longtime roots in Kosciusko County. She once worked the front desk at the old Oakwood Hotel, and enjoys family reunions at family cottages near Lake Wawasee.

Lake Community

Spring Smiles Happy Finds +

As ifff anticipation for lake season isn’t enough to get spirits soaring, we’re here to dangle fun spring finds for your sunny spring days.

So, grab just one more Easter gift for the grands, accessorize in spring colors, and enjoy the freshest juice to kick-start + detox any remaining remnants of winter blues.

Yes, let’s embrace the ‘happy’ of spring, just like teething, sweet lake baby Kelsey of the Barbee Chain of Lakes in Warsaw.

Neighbors Mercantile

151 East Market, Nappanee 574.773.7039

Eggstra Easter Find

Anna Dewdney’s New York Times bestselling series now includes an Easter board book—a perfect addition to your Easter celebrations. With short, simple rhyming text, we took a look at this book and were hooked. See what we did there?, $7.98 plus tax.

Gift Shop

At Wawasee

507 S. Huntington Street Syracuse, 574.457.8524

Because every wrist this spring should be wrapped in a lil’ bit of pretty.

Beyond Organic Juice

YNLI Farmers Markets, Fort Wayne

Instagram: @beyondorganicjuice for location schedule

It’s Okay To Get Fresh

A shot that’s actually good for you. Shwhat?! Sign. Us. Up. Yes, everything your body craves in a bottle—all organic, fresh, and locally made. Detox and boost your immune system with these single immunity shots (pictured), $5 each, or try their deeeelish fresh juices. We’re addicted. $10 for 12-ounce bottles.

56 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
N T I L E . C O M



Happy Easter!



Ceramics + Popcorn

1:30-3:30 p.m., PTYC, 800 N. Park Avenue, Warsaw

During Spring Break, paint ceramics + enjoy popcorn. All material provided; you just bring the talent. Registration is required. Open to all ages. Prices depend on the ceramic piece(s) selected. This event is in-person only.

Do YOU have an upcoming event?

Great! We’re happy to share the news.

Email event information to our gal Lilli at: She’ll be happy to hear from you!

Note: Every effort is made to ensure accuracy to events listed. As schedules sometimes change, please confirm details prior to attending.


Eclipse Viewing Party

2-4:00 p.m., North Webster Community Public Library, 110 E. North Street, North Webster

The North Webster Community Public Library will host an eclipse party with activities including viewing the eclipse through certified safety glasses. Live video-feed from the Totality Zone, a photo booth, and eclipsethemed crafts and snacks.


Third Friday

Downtown Warsaw, 5-8 p.m. Warsaw’s monthly block party, including food vendors and live music.

58 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


“Funeral For A Gangster"

Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts, 2515 E. Center St., Warsaw. Wagon Wheel presents “Funeral for a Gangster,” an audience-participation murder mystery. 7-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 574.267.2618,


Fitness-Babes Wellness Workshop

4-7:00 p.m., Body Shop Fitness, 3300 US-30, Warsaw

This women-focused wellness workshop includes body sculpting classes, yoga, and a hormonal therapist/ nutritionist speaking.



Bird Walk

Levinson-LaBrosse Lakes and Wetland Education Center & Ruddell Pavilion at the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation, 11586 N. SR 13, Syracuse. 8 a.m. Guided walk through the WACF’s trails. Participants are encouraged to bring binoculars and cameras to spot birds. Registration required, visit 574.457.4549


Color Run Fundraiser

10 a.m. - 1 p.m., Living Hope Ministries, 595 350 N., Warsaw Living Hope Ministries Youth Movement is hosting its first off-road run/walk to raise money for JAM Revival Rally (August 31st). Registration is open and early registration includes a tee shirt and an extra color pack. The path is 2.2 miles long. Food will be sold after the run. 574.306.6608


Earth Day Festival

Levinson-LaBrosse Lakes and Wetland Education Center & Ruddell Pavilion at the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation, 11586 N. State Road 13, Syracuse. Activities for all ages including raptor birds, arrowhead making, native seed balls, bird migration, wild spaces maps, and more. Over 20 vendors tables to help you learn how to help protect the planet. Admission is free and the first 250 visitors get a free lunch. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 574.457.4549.

photos: LAKElife Magazine April 2024 59
Stefan Holm /


The place to be this season!

Have you thought about what our area will look like 50 years from now? Will our children and grandchildren be able to enjoy the outdoors here like we do now?

We don’t have the answers for that, but you can rest assured that WACF is doing everything possible to protect, preserve, and enhance our watershed every minute of every day!

Our WINS study has been a huge help in being designated as a National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI) Watershed, which helps with funding for food producers to mitigate problem areas in their fields and farming practices.

Our education efforts are teaching the youth of our area about water quality and conservation, fostering a knowledge and passion for caring for the environment.

Our efforts to remediate creek bank erosion and preserve wetlands is ongoing and will help protect the lakes for years to come.

And our Earth Day Festival on May 6 (Earth Day is April 22 but we celebrate a little later) will demonstrate how many other organizations and individuals are helping to protect and conserve our environment.

WACF’s Earth Day Festival: It’s all about nature!

On May 6, WACF will have 20 booths in tents around Ruddell Pavilion at the Levinson-LaBrosse Education Center at 11586 SR 13 in Syracuse. Booths will open at 11 a.m. and close at 3 p.m. Admission is free and there’s free lunch for everyone! The raptors are coming back this year and will be on display from 12:30-2:30 p.m. Learn about monarch butterflies, growing plants from seed, and which plants are invasive and should be removed from landscapes and woods. Take a scavenger hunt around Kosciusko County via a 3-D display, explore the Syracuse-Wawasee Trails, watch a plein air painter at work, and learn how arrowheads were made and how native American beadwork is strung (you can even buy a kit to make a bracelet at home). Purchase fish spear lures (they make great Christmas ornaments), bird wood carvings, and much more! Don’t miss it!

Spring Bird Walk

Do you enjoy looking at birds? WACF’s Spring Bird Walk is scheduled for April 27 at 8 a.m. Meet at the Education Center, 11586 SR 13. Bring binoculars and dress for the weather. Remember, we are situated in a wetland so boots are a must. KSWCD Education Specialist Amanda Heltzel will be our guide as we quietly walk the trails in search of different bird species. If you’ve never experienced this walk before, it’s a real treat to see and hear the different species of birds that call our wetlands ‘home.’

Lake Community | LOCAL EVENTS
photos: 60 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
Go to: EVENTS ALL SUMMER Fun & Educational for the Family! Earth Day Festival Let’s Talk & Eats Fishing Wetland Adventures Farm Tours & More! View all Events Online or In the Events Section of this Magazine > Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date info Location: 11586 N SR13, Syracuse, IN LAKElife Magazine April 2024 61

Healthy Habits


Ah, yes. Spring is the ultimate season of renewal and increased energy.

During this season of anticipation—for sunny lake days ahead, summer trips, family gatherings, and optimal weather—it’s a timely opportunity to focus on healthy habits that nurture our mental, emotional, and physical health.

But, where to start?

Instead of setting Olympian-level goals, let’s make small changes to create more sustainable, long-term healthy habits.

As they say, healthy habits = happy you.

Health+Home | HEALTH
62 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


It takes effort and planning to prepare meals in advance, but doing so saves time and money, and increases the likelihood that we’ll actually eat in a healthier manner.

To build this habit, try these tips:

Make A Menu

Pick + Prep Protein

This is a biggee. While it may sound trite, determining (ahead of time) a week’s-worth of meals (dinner, at least) alleviates the stress of ‘what to make for dinner’—which, without planning, can too easily mean a quick trip through the drive-through. So plan carefully, selecting a healthy dinner for each night of the week (then splurge one night on the weekend!). As you create your week’s menu, write a grocery list based upon those meals—then no important ingredient will be missing when it’s time to make dinner. And when grocery shopping, stick to the list.

Tip: list items on your grocery list in order of the general layout flow of the store. This lessens likelihood of forgotten items, and saves time in the store.

Once groceries are home, prep your protein to save time later in the week. Protein can be sourced from meat, dairy, vegetables, or whole grains, so prep a few options ahead of time for use throughout the week. Chop what will need to be chopped, prep what you can prep. Any ahead-of-time preparation, saves time and stress.

Prep Produce

The most time-consuming part of making any meal is cutting/chopping/ slicing/peeling/de-seeding produce. Taking 30 minutes after your grocery trip to chop onions or mushrooms, peel carrots, de-seed and slice peppers or squash, can significantly shorten time required for your nightly meal prep.

Cook Rice + Legumes

Grains provide protein and essential nutrients while also keeping us feeling full. Cook large batches of arborio rice, brown rice, quinoa, or lentils and store them in the refrigerator for three or four days.


We all need exercise, and most of us really need more than we get. So, let’s move our bodies more. Doing so boosts energy, reduces stress, enhances memory, and improves overall health and wellness. What’s not to love? Engage in activities you enjoy and find meaningful. Walk around the block, jog on a nearby trail, take Fido for a run, or head out for a morning bicycle ride to inhale the scents of nature. Add any form of movement into your daily routine, then later increase the physical challenge to experience the best results + energy boosts.


Restorative rest is essential for our bodies—including our brains. No matter how lofty our ambitions may be, we cannot be the best, healthiest, most productive versions of ourselves without quality rest. Sleep allows our bodies to regenerate and heal, and even restful moments during the day—even if just deep breathing exercise, meditation, or a peaceful moment of stillness—can reduce stress, encourage motivation, and boost our immune systems.

Gift your mind and body with rest. Feed the body well. And, exercise with consistency—just move more today than yesterday.

Together, these create a magical trifecta of doing your body good. Nourish your body with these great habits. Your future ‘you’ will be thankful.


LAKElife Magazine April 2024 63

Spinach +Radishes

The earliest crops to harvest and bring spring to the soul… are, without a doubt, spinach and radishes.


Popeye was onto something: spinach is one of the most nutritious vegetables we can grow. Its leafy green goodness is high in vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-K, iron, folate, and potassium.

It’s also one of the more versatile foods to make as it may be served directly out of the garden in salads, sauteed as its own side dish, or cooked within a myriad of dinner dishes to add extra flavor and important nutrients.

And perhaps best of all? It’s easy to grow from seed.

• Spinach grows best during cooler temperatures.

• As soon as soil preparation is possible (in March or early April), sow seeds three quarters of an inch deep, in rows 14 to 18 inches apart.

• To keep continuous crops of fresh spinach, sow additional rows of spinach seeds at 10-day intervals until hot weather arrives.

• Harvesting is also easy. Simply clip young leaves with scissors (leaving the rest of the plant in the ground to continue growing), rinse clippings, and enjoy.

Health+Home | GARDEN GROWN (at home)
64 LAKElife Magazine April 2024


Growing these gems is a great option— especially if teaching young ones about gardening. Why? Radishes grow very fast—and are fun to pull from the ground. Radish varieties are various, and are among the most fool-proof of crops to grow. Once seeds are planted, they’ll reach maturity in just 20 to 30 days. We can almost watch these red/pink/white spicy gems grow!

• Radishes grow best during cooler temperatures.

• Plant radish seeds at same time as planting spinach.

• To keep continuous crops, sow additional rows of radish seeds every two weeks until hot weather arrives.

• Plant a variety of radish seeds. Try Cherry Belle for a round, red root, French radish seeds for longer, spicier white/pink roots, or try watermelon radish seeds for a beautiful pink radish.

• To harvest, pull the green radish tops protruding from the soil.

• Pick while the roots are still young and tender. If you notice a radish root is split, it’s likely overripe.

Quick Recipe:

Slice 1 cup of watermelon radishes (they add a beautiful pop of color!), toss with 5 ounces of freshly clipped spinach. Top with olive oil drizzle (about 3 tablespoons), 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves. Mix well. Top with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and sprinkle with crumbled feta.

Facebook (Second Fiddle) IG (secondfiddlecc)

This salad is healthy, homegrown + is easy to prep this spring.

• GREAT DRINKS • GREAT ATMOSPHERE Just Minutes away in NAPPANEE Call 832-RUHE for Reservations.
Pierceton, IN Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 10 - 4 For more info:
Antiques, Decor, Gifts & Textiles VINTAGE & HANDMADE
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Pineapple Of My Eye

Here’s a fun fact: did you know our sense of smell is strongest during the spring and summer?

According to, this is because during these seasons, there’s added moisture in the air, causing scents, in essence, to linger.

With our sense of smell, we react emotionally first, and then identify the scent – this is because smell is directly linked to the emotional region in our brains. Countless powerful scents can instantly trigger a pleasant

memory—perhaps especially a memory created during lake season!

So, let’s explore a fresh, vibrant scent to energize us this spring: PINEAPPLE

This tropical fruit has many nutritional benefits for our diets, but its powerful and pleasant fruity, juicy, and sweet aroma is also good for us as it has been found to have moodenhancing properties—and may reduce anxiety. (Not surprising since many of us correlate this tropical fruit’s scent with sweet summertime and tropical surroundings!)

A few slices of pineapple for your home:

Pineapple-Shaped Cutting Board

A festive bamboo wood cutting and charcuterie board, perfect for serving spring treats, made by The Totally Bamboo Store. $20,

Tropical Scented Soy Candle

A pineapple-scented hand-poured candle to keep your home smelling fresh and fruity, made by Just Makes Scents. $12,

Pineapple Paradise

Bath Set

A 6-piece set of pineapplescented products for your next home spa day, made by BFFLove. $23,

66 LAKElife Magazine April 2024

Pineapple Rum Punch

• 3/4 cup pineapple juice

• 1/3 cup coconut rum

• 1/2 cup lemon-lime soda

• 1/8 cup fresh lime juice

• 1/8 cup simple syrup

• Garnish with fresh pineapple skewer and ice

1. In a cocktail shaker, or large mason jar with a lid, add the pineapple juice, coconut rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. Shake to combine. Add lemon-lime soda.

2. Fill 2 (12 oz.) low-ball cocktail glasses 3/4 full with ice cubes. Pour half (approximately 1 cup) of the cocktail mix over the ice in each glass.

3. Garnish with a skewer of fresh pineapple pieces. 574.773.4308 u Custom Built Homes u Additions u Interior Renovations u Custom Kitchens u Baths u Garages Uniquely Crafted To Fit Your Lifestyle
LAKElife Magazine April 2024 67

Big on Style+Space.

Just by stepping foot in someone’s home for the first time, we can often learn something about the homeowners. Are there photos on the walls of adventurous places? Then possibly its homeowners are world travelers with interesting stories to tell. Is beautiful artwork displayed throughout the home? If so, it’s reasonable to assume that creative minds live there.

Yes, our homes are a reflection of who we are, and every individual space deserves equal TLC. By utilizing one, or some, of the following suggested renovations (without the need to hire a professional!) you, too, can make your space that much more personal; that much more YOU. Here are a few popular areas to ‘spruce up’ this spring in your lake home:


Bathrooms are such a fun part of the house; they’re the ideal area for a bold splash of pizazz. So, LAKElife friends, let's start with mixing metals. Mixing metals (i.e. brushed nickel and rubbed bronze are no longer the only answers!) is very much acceptable from a design perspective, especially in bathrooms. Consider using a brass finish for some of your bathroom

fixtures—brass adds a bit of color while also emanating a luxurious and cozy feel. As long as a sense of cohesiveness is achieved when mixing metals, doing so can essentially add an extra layer of depth to your bathroom.

Another fun way to transform a bathroom (especially a powder room) is to focus on the walls. Whether it's painting the bathroom a bold color or bringing wallpaper into the mix, updating the walls will transform a space. The best part: it’s really all about YOUR preference. If you want to implement wallpaper in the powder room, then wallpaper the entire bathroom! Or, do you prefer to wallpaper only as an accent wall? There are a plethora of options when it comes to wallpaper prints and paint colors, so make sure to bring samples home before making your final decision, and then be as bold (or subtle) as you wish!

68 LAKElife Magazine April 2024 Health+Home | LAKEHOUSE TRENDS TINY PROJECTS.

Customize Your Closet

Many bedroom closets have a common setup: one metal bar and a shelf above the bar. With this layout, there’s some serious wasted space between the shelf and the ceiling, and an awkward amount of space between the bar and the floor. So, build your own custom closet to maximize your space. Bonus? It’s 100 percent doable on your own.

A few tips to make your closet fully functional:

1. Shop for a floating shelf system to fit the width and depth of your closet. Pay attention to the small design details as well: do you prefer to use brackets beneath the shelf? If so, there are numerous decorative options that also serve the function of supporting the shelf. The shelf should be installed at a height that best serves its intended function—it’s an ideal location for items like purses, bags, suitcases, hats, shoes, or baskets filled with scarves, and more.

2. Install a sturdy, new rod a few inches below your floating shelf for hanging clothes.

3. You now have more space between your hung clothes and the floor. So, move the dresser into the closet (that’s right!). Moving a low-top dresser into the closet fully utilizes the closet space and frees up space in the bedroom.

4. And if you’re lucky enough to have a large closet with more wall space, install additional shelving from floor to ceiling to hold folded items.

When not freelancing for LAKElife, Courtney is a legal coordinator AND a driven diva of home design. She and her husband, Kam, own a residential renovations company (Hladish Construction) in northern Indiana, where she assists clients with interior home design decisions. Courtney is a proud Hoosier alumna, wife to a Boilermaker, and mommy to the world’s cutest Bernedoodle, Jax, and a most mischievous fluff-kitty, Kichi.

LAKElife Magazine April 2024 69



It’s easy as ...1, 2, 3

For many of us, ‘spring cleaning’ means organizing all-things-indoors, washing windows, and scrubbing floors.

But what about our vehicles?

We bet your car could use some tidying attention, too. So, let’s clear the car clutter and clean the oft’ overlooked, yet constantly used, moveable space.

Let’s put the carbage (yes, car garbage) to the curb, and get your go-to-wheels organized.

#1 #2


As with any organization project, it’s best to start with an uncluttered space. So, empty all contents from your vehicle. This includes all compartments, visors, floorboards, and all the lurking miscellany hiding beneath the seats. Remove it all. Then determine what belongs in the car, and what does not. (Business cards from your previous employer and six pairs of sunglasses, not so much; an emergency car kit, most definitely.) Throw away all wrappers, last month’s dry cleaning ticket, and the coupons you didn’t use. Bring inside all items worth keeping that should live indoors.

Clean (or scrape, if needed!)

We all know how quickly our cars + trucks get dirty. French fries fall between the seats (you know who you are!), Junior’s shake splatters leave a milky crust, and Fido’s playful paws leave a film of life’s activity on all touchable surfaces. So grab your cleaners and scrub the vehicle’s interior, from top to bottom. On hard surfaces, use a damp, soapy microfiber cloth. On other areas, such as the steering wheel, use disinfecting wipes. For the seats and floormats, use a handheld vacuum. For dust and crumbs that are hard to reach, try today’s detailing putty options made for detailing cars. Check out for options. While they resemble the slime your kids played with, they make cleaning cup holders, vents, and other hard to reach areas easy as a spring breeze. To deep-clean the floorboards, use an upholstery steam cleaning machine—they work wonders on floor mats and upholstered seats alike. These are available through big box stores and Amazon.


All Aboard

Replace and organize all items to be stored within the vehicle. In the glove compartment, place your registration + insurance card, the vehicle’s owner’s manual, a mini-windshield scraper, and a collection of napkins for future spills (you know you’ll need ‘em). In the console, in labeled, sealable bags or pouches, store charging cords, loose change, and mints or gum. In the trunk, place more permanent items: an emergency kit, blankets, a can of Fix-A-Flat®, and consider this dandy of a handheld, battery-charged tool we found (and now own). Inflating tires with the press of a button, meet the airmoto Smart Air Pump ($70, amazon. com). Leave the remaining trunk space open for groceries and/or kids’ sports practice equipment.

70 LAKElife Magazine April 2024
Health+Home | CHECK! GET IT DONE


Get your steam-cleanon within your vehicle. Excellent ratings and deep cleaning are yours with this BISSELL Little Green Pro Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Car/Auto Detailer., $165

Consider it a car’s cubby system. This trunk organizer is foldable, portable, and has an insulated cooler., $29.99

smartphones, as well as sunglasses, water bottles + snacks., $18.97

• In-house Interior Designer to Help With Selections

• Indoor Automated & Manual Shades

• Lafayette Interior Fashions

• Outdoor Automated Sun & Privacy Shades/ Bug Screens

• Flat Screen TV Sales & Installation

• Smart Dimmer Install & Programing

• Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control & Shades

• Smart House Integration & Audio

• Local SONOS Dealer

• Whole House WiFi/ Network Administrator

• Licensed Master Electrician

• Commercial/Residential

• Generator Sales/ Service & Install

You know the product. fix-a-flat® is tire repair and an inflator in an aerosol can., $13

FURNITURE: 269-4070

This spring, say goodbye to carbage, and hello to your clean clutter-free car. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.


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Welcome Home.

It was our honor to work with the homeowners of this month’s featured Lake Wawasee home, helping them select the perfect Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, along with the perfect flooring.

From the Van’s Family, thank you to the Bucks for trusting us with your gorgeous, new TL Jackson home!

The home of your dreams is closer than you think. Visit our Auburn Showroom, just 20 minutes from Ft. Wayne, to experience more than 10 of today’s leading luxury appliance brands, along with today’s top flooring, tile, furniture, mattress, and mainstream appliance brands. Family owned since 1973.

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Buck Home Again In Indiana

Louis Armstrong and Jim Nabors knew the depth of the sentiment: There’s just something about going back home to Indiana—especially when the great state truly is your home.

Indiana native, Karen Buck, has both carried and lived this sentiment. Although enjoying other locations of residence around the country and in her travels abroad, a piece of her, you could say, is Indiana. Yes, her homegrown dream became reality when she and husband, Stuart (who is from England), purchased lakefront property on Lake Wawasee.

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pool photo by Danielle Anderson, Project Milieu Media

With their grown daughters currently living in Indianapolis, the specific location for a Hoosier Buck lake property and its depth of entertaining accommodations—were big priorities.

“We were originally looking to buy an existing house to remodel, but found it hard to find the floorplan and lot location we wanted,” Karen said. “Through a referral, we called TL Jackson Construction and asked if someone could see us and advise us on how to design a Wawasee lake house that fit our family lifestyle.”

• Poolside covered patio features a grill, side griddle, sink, mini-fridge, and bathroom/changing room. Remote screens close to create a full-screened porch, infrared ceiling heaters, and metal woodgrain CertainTeed ceiling.

“Luckily, the Crow’s Nest area was being cleared, and after stepping on the land and seeing the sunset views, we knew this was where we wanted our house,” she said.

• Natural stone steppers lead from the house and pool area down to the lakeside fire pit patio.
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• Main level living room features custom stone fireplace, custom built-in cabinets with floating shelves, rough sawn mantel, and oak beams.

Karen and Stuart met with Bruce Jackson, president of TL Jackson Construction and came away from that meeting confident they wanted to work with him. "After hearing his thoughts and cost analysis, we decided that building a new home was better suited to our needs (rather than remodeling an existing home)."

The Buck family lake home vision was beautifully realized, under the guidance of Helman-Sechrist Architecture, as a modern, traditional luxury lake home comprised of 8,475 square-feet of living space, a 1,363-square-foot 3½ car garage, five bedrooms, and eight bathrooms.

• Grand entry foyer featuring custom craftsman-style stairs with a stained French door with sidelights and custom Marvin® windows.

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"Our family loves the water. We enjoy our quiet time, but we entertain often and have many guests—therefore we opted for five bedroom suites,” Karen said. “Our floor plan is wide open and specifically designed for large group gatherings."

The home’s bedrooms are comprised of a luxurious master suite, a lower-level guest bedroom suite, and a second floor housing three separate guest bedroom suites, including a TV bunkroom with full bathroom.

Large entertainment areas were also incorporated with both design and functionality in mind—and plenty of open spaces, fantastic views of the lake, and gorgeous details and amenities. Extra fun additions include a climate-controlled wine cellar and an elevator that spans all three levels of the home.

To add to these creature comforts, the Buck's home offers total entertainment on the lower level with a pool table, exercise room, bar, and vintage arcade gaming system.

• Bunk room features custom-built two-level bunkbeds with queen size on the bottom and twin on the top. Each bunk has a reading light, plugin for chargers + small cubbies for storage.
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• Custom walnut cabinets with Cambria® quartz countertop by Leatherman Supply. Toe kick lighting and accent lighting underneath the quartz glows through its grains when dark.
• Master bathroom attached to the master bedroom, featuring custom double sink vanity, custom walk-in tile shower, and his/hers water closets. • Lower level rec room has full kitchen and bar area, wine cellar, pool table, and vintage arcade games. • Mudroom welcomes the family with custom-built Ayr locker cabinets with sink + space built-in below the countertop specifically designed for the dog’s crate.
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• Sun room with custom stone fireplace, stained maple tongue and groove ceiling, shiplap walls, and tile floors.

One of the Bucks favorite focal points on the property is the raised pool and heated patio, which extends their main floor into the outdoors—an ideal aspect for quiet moments as well as for entertaining large guest gatherings. "With our pool, we wanted it located within steps from the home and without stairs,” said Karen. “It also makes for a gorgeous view of what I refer to as 'the pool meets the lake and the sunset.'"

Indeed, it does.

The Bucks planned the perfect home for themselves and for their visitors with stairs and a graduated ramp for ease of walkers, strollers, and wagons to the lower patio, firepit, and boat dock. “We credit the landscape designers at Beyond Landscaping for their fantastic work,” Karen said. “They embraced all of our ideas and built our outdoor entertaining options to our specifications.”

Having the Indiana lake house also allows the Bucks to recreate and relish within some of Karen’s own childhood memories… mushroom hunting, climbing apple trees, berry picking, family reunions, and enjoying fresh lake water activities. “It’s a perfect escape from city life to relax and enjoy the lake,” Karen said. “I’m very happy to be back home again in Indiana."

About the builder:

“We are so appreciative and thankful for the personal attention and utmost professionalism we received from TL Jackson, especially from Bruce and Ben.“ – Stuart + Karen Buck

Come Home

Designed in conjunction with the area’s finest architects, we build fully custom homes to the highest quality standards. We work tirelessly to craft homes that are as functional as they are beautiful; homes that make living efficient and effortless; homes that bring families

to Quality
Come home to T.L. Jackson – building fine homes for 40+ years
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