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Come Home to Quality For nearly 40 years, the T.L. Jackson family has been making dreams a reality on time and within budget. Whether building or renovating, we listen carefully to your needs, design the perfect solution and deliver a quality built home you’ll love for many years to come. • 574-457-5417 11273 N. Syracuse-Webster Rd. Syracuse, IN 46567

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Editor’s Letter

May + June: months devoted to moms and dads. For reminiscing. For loving. For sharing stories. But while reminiscing about my own amazing parents, I thought of something I didn’t love so much. You might know it well, too. It’s called: “The Face.”

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LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Polar opposites, my parents created masterful confusion for an eye-rolling teenage girl. Mom was the softie, until she was not. Dad was the hardball, unless he was a softie. So. Totally. Confusing. But when Mom and Dad were both being tough, they combined a facial force that birthed an atomic cacophony of disciplinary effectiveness. It was a fascinating assault strategy if you weren’t the intended target. Which, deservedly, I was. Each morning, typically just before the bus drove by, the desperate Operation: GetSueOuttaBed initiated. Its modus operandi was The Face. And each parent had a dandy. Mom was the enforcer. Dad awaited in the flanks for reinforcement. Sweet visions of Chachi quickly scattered as tornadic winds flung open my bedroom door. Mom entered. Her beautiful face had transformed into likeness of a yellow-eyed T-Rex. She locked on me with the face. With slow, exhausted breath, she precisely enunciated the “t,” in “GetTT!” – followed by an impressive, lips-flapping string of “p’s” with, “upppPpPpPp!!!!” Behind T-Rex, Dad’s face emerged, fireball-eyes engaged on their target. As shots fired at said target’s forehead, I scrambled from the assault (and covers), with a quick “ciao” to Chachi. Well, excuuuuuse me for sleeping when I’m tired. But, I digress. Now that my own children are adulting, having grown beyond groundings, missed busses and forced family fun, their own childhood stories have begun to emerge. And I just learned something. I have a face. A powerful face! My children (and eagerlynodding-agreeing husband) call it ‘the face!’ Yes, I’m proud to announce that my parents have genetically bestowed upon me their warfare faces. And, apparently, my look is frightening. I know this because my son hinted around when he blurted, “Mom, it’s terrifying!!!” Cool. How did I not know until NOW that I possessed such power? Or perhaps I did know, she types with an evil smirk. Hey, how else does a mom scatter an entire room

of teenagers without verbal utterance or physical exertion? With a genetic warfare face, that’s how! Truly, it was a superpower rarely required, as my children were better behaved than was their mother. But regardless, the greatest blessing in this God-given life, are my children. If ever there’s question of purpose, of belonging, of unconditional love… the answers all reside in my children. As I’d imagine is also the case for you. Is life always a vision of perfection? Heck, no. Not before the pandemic, or after. But love for family is an ultimate power amidst imperfection. It’s the reason. It’s where dependability and unconditional love exist. Sure there may be times when it’s hard to feel, when it’s denied, or when it’s strained. But with enough life hurdles, we learn this: it’s always there. And the last few months of quarantine may have clarified this perhaps even more. As we’re faced with challenge and anxiety regarding the unknown, we can rely on this: family memories can bond. Goodness still exists. Neighbors help neighbors. Life does not go according to plan, but there’s still hope and love amidst whatever we may face. Yes, even behind ‘the face.’ With so many plans cancelled due to COVID-19, so, too, was our May issue of LakeLife. It’s not what we wanted. It wasn’t according to plan. But we’re back, enduring and moving forward, right along with you. With strength, resilience, grace and intelligence to get through this together, we will all overcome. We just will. Beauty still exists. Sometimes we just need to look more closely to see it. So, watch the water. Listen to waves lapping on the shoreline. And soak in every sunrise and sunset with which you’re gifted. Hey, there is strength in us all. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and a much deserved Happy Father’s Day to all dads, here and up Above. I’m wishing you warm blessings, laughter, water fun, warfare faces, and family stories to cherish…

Executive Editor-who-has-a-face


John C. Gill We are thrilled to welcome writer John C. Gill to LakeLife Magazine. Not only is he an accomplished writer, but he embraces lake life to the fullest. John enjoys open-water swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and, yes, even napping by the shore (hey, why not?). An avid reader and advocate of public libraries, he often escapes to the book stacks with his treasured library card. And, never at a loss for music, John fills his waking moments with selections from

classical and jazz to big band and country. (Right on!) The night owl loves soup and crusty bread at any hour, and he dreams of a day when scientists label doughnuts and fried chicken as health foods. (We TOTALLY AGREE.) At LakeLife Magazine, we’re thankful for his long-term relationship with strong black coffee, as it keeps his creativity churning and fingertips tapping to endear our pages with his words. Thank you, John. Mugsup and cheers to you.

Celebrate with BIGGER, BRIGHTER, LOUDER Fireworks

Kelley Jae Graber Winner of a dozen Fort Wayne HBA and Steuben County HBA shows, and designer extraordinaire since 1987 (if we do say so ourselves), Miss Kelley Jae Graber is the go-to for lake homes all over northern Indiana and beyond. Far beyond, actually. Having completed

more than a thousand interior design overhauls, with particular concentration in lake homes and vacation homes, her projects have spanned from northern Indiana to the coasts of Florida, and as far away as the Grand Caymans. She's kinda’ magical, we think. And better yet? She’s a laker at her core. “The lake is a wonderful place to relax and find peace,” she said. “Floating in the water on a hot day, soaking up the sun, laughing with friends and family… that is what the lake is about.” And all her award-winning designs and home transformations aside, her three daughters are her best creations to-date. We’re honored to have Kelley’s influence and flair within our pages. Welcome aboard, Miss Kelley Jae!

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LakeLife Magazine June 2020




Volume 1 Issue 2 | June 2020 Ron Baumgartner PUBLISHER Sue Rawlinson-Pais EXECUTIVE EDITOR Deb Patterson EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kip Schumm DIRECTOR OF MARKETING SALES EXECUTIVES

Carrie Goralczyk BUSINESS MANAGER Jerry Long DIRECTOR OF CIRCULATION jlong Trystan Nisley GRAPHIC DESIGNER Contributing Writers: Ray Balogh, Nate Bosch, Ph.D., Adrienne Funderburg, Deborah C. Gerbers, John C. Gill, Kelley JaeGraber, Haiden Hibbert, Tim Miller, Mike Petrucelli, Courtney Rawlinson, Shannon Rooney, Loren Shaum, Leslie Worthy Contributing Photographers: Chubbie’s Restaurant, Mike Deak, Adrienne Funderburg, Kelley Jae Graber, Jeannie Knecht, Sue Pais, Peterson’s Fish, Loren Shaum, Wawasee Boat-in Worship

P.O. Box 188; 206 South Main St. Milford, IN 46542 800.733.4111/Fax 800.886.3796 Hi there! You’re back again? You just make us have happy faces. Once again, here you are reading the small print in the second printed issue of this shiny, colorfulsome magazine. See? Even boring mastheads can be fun. (Not everyone even knows that!) But, you do. Because you’re a superstar. And, oh, you are so correct: colorfulsome is still not a real word. You’re an editor at-heart. Yes, welcome to the second-ever issue of LakeLife Magazine. While government mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused ne’er before-seen challenges and life-altering changes in all industries, we are no exception. As such, our May issue combined with June, to create the marvel within your fingertips at this very moment. We’ve missed you. But very gladly, now we’re back—and rain or shine, we’re here, producing positivity, hope and celebration of family, life, and lovin’ at the lakes. Also … as life continues to shift by the day, please know every effort was made to confirm accuracy of content herein at the time of printing—BUT please contact locations before attending events, service locations or destinations detailed within the pages. Our very sincere intent is to deliver accurate information as a service to our readers and neighbors. Too, please know all Kosciusko County residents (and everyone, everywhere, frankly) are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We will get though these challenging days and the sun will shine even more brilliantly. Stay strong. Stand together (well, six feet apart). And let’s support one another with patience, kindness and grace. That said, all future arm wrestling competitions between Ron and Sue have


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

unfortunately been postponed until further notice. If you don’t understand that, then go find the April issue’s super exciting masthead, sillies. LakeLife Magazine is published by your area publishing icon—yes, the one founded by the Baumgartner family, and the same one that has stood the test of time (more than 80 years!). Yep, we’re talking about The Papers Incorporated at 206 S. Main Street, Milford, Indiana, 46542, with Ron Baumgartner, sleeves rolled up and phone at the hip in a holster. He’s at the reins. And he reigns, too, for the record. See what we did there? Of course you did, because you still read the fine print. Our office hours are still most definitely 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for the second Tuesday of every week. On that day we knock off early to throw back a few. Oh, don’t pretend to be surprised. As we are veterans to this publishing rodeo, we know it’s important to share this message: ‘It shall be known that all rights whatsoever are reserved and nothing may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher, who also assumes no responsibility as a result of any information or items advertised herein.’ So, there’s that. And to get consent from Ron, you’ll also have’ta arm wrestle him with both hands behind your back—and at a distance of at least six feet. We have to protect our boss, ya’ know. Those interested in contacting us may do so by calling 574.658.4111 or toll-free at 1.800.733.4111. ADVERTISING INFORMATION If you wish to advertise, we can be super-cool besties. We

appreciate every single advertiser who joins our journey. Without you, there is no us. So, THANK YOU. And for those who wish to join the rest of us cool cats, we would be happy to put your advertising message directly into the hands of fellow Kosciusko County lake lovin’ residents. To learn how we can put the power of print to work for you, please contact Kip Schumm, director of marketing, at 574.658.4111 or toll-free at 1.800.733.4111. Or, email him at You may not arm wrestle him at any time or distance, however. Sorry. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS Editorial suggestions are eagerly welcomed! Please contact Sue at any time (she loves to hear from you!) at, or send her a text at 260.450.7736. She’ll get back with you quickly. Unless she’s knocking back a few, then it’ll probably be a full day before she reaches back a’cha. Oh, we’re kidding as far as you know. Letters to the editor may be emailed, and must include your name. Sue LOVES to hear from you! Again, she’s at LakeLife Magazine does, indeed, contract with freelance writers, photographers and artists to create much of its content. If you’re interested in joining the journey, reach out to Sue and she’ll be in touch. Again, her email is Sue@ In fact, when in doubt about anything regarding this glorious publication, reach out to Sue. She’s your general go-to in these here parts. Therein concludes our second, super informative masthead… now onto the real writing… enjoy this June issue. And a genuine thanks for reading.

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LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Letters to the Editor


hen we said we loved your letters, we meant it! LakeLife Magazine welcomes your comments. Simply email us at Yes, it’s that easy. Letters may be edited for length.

Letters to the Editor

Hey!!! So glad to see you found my bartender friends at The Frog! The magazine is so nice!! Love it!! – Kara Saylor Thank YOU, Kara. Your engagement + input are always so appreciated. – editor

We just received your wonderful magazine — what a joy to see and experience. As a lake-loving girl originally from northern Minnesota, I appreciate the bonds that are formed with family and friends in the great outdoors. In these uncertain days we need to experience God’s natural beauty as much as possible. Thank you so much, – Debbie (and Bob) Bates Amen to that. Thank you for reaching out! – editor

Just got a look at LakeLife Magazine. I always love reading your writing, Sue, but wow, you outdid yourself. LOVE the masthead — second Tuesdays, arm wrestling, and all. :D – Dala Bruemmer Thank you, Dala. I love that you read the small print! Your comments are appreciated. – editor


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

I was thrilled when a complimentary issue showed up in my mailbox! This looks very similar to the old LAKES Magazine that disappeared a few years ago. I’d like to buy a subscription to help keep this magazine around. We have a cottage on Tippy and this issue hit us right on the head! Thanks, – Ken I’m so glad being hit in the head was a pleasant experience! J I’m very, very familiar with yesteryear’s lake magazine … I hope you enjoy the new publication just as much. Very sincere thanks for reaching out, Ken. – editor

Hi! I received the complimentary issue of LakeLife today and I love it! How do I continue receiving it? Can I subscribe? – Kim Anderson, Sechrist Lake We’re seeing a theme here… first, THANK YOU for emailing + for your comments. Second, paid subscriptions are not offered at this time — but rest assured, if you received April, you’ll receive future issues as well. This request is the very best compliment to publishing peeps like us. Thank you. – editor




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n u F o t o Ph new mmer and u s to n -i e nd a note time to div hug—or se at last. It’s a , tr s x u e n n o a p s u iles, ad June is d some sm ing. Give d a k a re p m s e , e th in in njoy sunsh memories queezed. E s e b ’re livin.’ ’t n a c lake life we if hugs e th r fo l U. gratefu re FOR YO a s e g a and let’s be p e s nts… the lake mome R U O Y il a Please em elifemagaz k la @ e u s Email pics to

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So…. why wer e we not invi ted?! This gro Dewart Lake up on looks like a w hole lotta’ tr (and a whol ou ble e lotta’ fun). Cheers!


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Yes, he’s genuin ely that happ y and friendly. Want to meet him in person ? Great… head to The Frog Tavern . This joyful gu y drives the S.S. Lillypad. (It w a s so fun to meet yo u!—editor)


Meet Da ve and g olden re they’re b triever K est pals asey— ju st doing around some ‘sp Irish Lak loring e.

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This duo is ready to slay the wake on Kuhn Lake. Peace back a’cha, Skyler and Kamden!

Summertim e sandbars. Does it get b This lake lo etter? vin’ Dilly-D il ly crew thin not! Pals Ka keth m, Trevor, B randon and Wayne, chil lax—and th e two beauti front? Why es in , they’re ga l p als Courtney Annie. and

asee t the Waw a t o o sh to ill’s pho y. And very It ’s Lisa H azing lad m a ics. r e Oh, shoot! p u S e taking p er cool car. ll off whil fa T O N Spink. Sup did r that Sue tall ladde LakeLife Magazine June 2020


The Good Life

the good life

by Sue Rawlinson-Pais

He is the biggest goof, and yet the fiercest protector. He leads by example, he teaches and guides. He stands in front to block, and steps aside when it’s your time to shine. He is Dad. From fishing poles to golf clubs, grilling techniques to blazing bonfires, chivalry to gentlemanly etiquette, dads teach life skills quite like no other. Messages may not be spoken with sugar-coated deliveries, but words stick nonetheless. They’re grillmasters, jokesters, and unrelenting pranksters. They’re dads.

All photos


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

The Good Life

Tough lessons may not be spoken, but directed with a gentle hand or powerful aura. He has wisdom, strength, and an outlook worth seeking. Who else can be both feared through young eyes and yet simultaneously loved and respected? Who can lead with tenacity and endurance, and yet sit back, relax, and watch all the same? No one can do so quite as effectively as Dad.

This June, let’s celebrate the men in our worlds. On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, let’s show extra appreciation… for their apparent and, perhaps especially, their not-so-obvious contributions that make our worlds so much greater. From young to old, both walking the earth and looking down from above, we thank dads. Through respect and admiration we know your contributions are profound. So, cheers to you. And cheers to perfectly, impactful imperfection. We thank you for helping us to, indeed, live The Good Life. LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Feature Story Thunder + Memories


The Allure of Wooden Boats by Tim Miller photos by Jeannie Knecht


n most lakes in northern Indiana, Sunday morning is a time of relative peace and serenity. But on Lake Wawasee, Sunday mornings are a little different. If there is a little mist still on the water you may hear them before you see them, but everyone can hear them, and nobody seems to mind. A growing number of residents on Indiana’s largest natural lake are maintaining and using vintage wooden power boats from an era that ended many decades ago.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

On Sunday mornings at 10 a.m., anywhere from a dozen to 30 wooden power boats gather in front of Oakwood Resort and circle the lake. They call it the Thunder Run for a good reason. These boats sport 6- and 8-cylinder inboard gasoline engines and they are loud. “Wooden boats sound different [from modern boats] because very few have a muffler,” said Luke Knecht, a wooden boat owner who, with his wife Jeannie, manages a Facebook page, Wawasee Wooden Boats. “I would often apologize for the noise when I was arriving at or leaving a restaurant dock, only to have people say, ‘no apology necessary… I love that sound,’” Knecht said.

Photo by Susan Stump

Art Show at the Oakwood Resort

The 6th annual Oakwood Fine Arts Festival presented by Chautauqua-Wawasee was originally scheduled for Saturday, June 13. As of the time of this printing, the Arts Festival has been rescheduled to Saturday, August 15. Please mark your calendars! At this free event, there will be 20+ local and regional artists displaying their work. Food vendors will also be available, and the restaurant in the resort will offer a full menu with both indoor and lakeside outdoor seating.

The sound is not the only thing that makes these boats unique. In a day before fiberglass and aluminum hulls, these classics were constructed entirely of wood. The type of wood used could vary depending on the manufacturer. “There were boats that were lapstrake, which used pine covering boards, and some manufacturers, perhaps Higgins, used marine-grade plywood for the hull, but Chris-Craft, Garwood, Hacker Craft, Century and Riva all used mahogany,” Knecht said. “Chris-Craft probably makes up a majority of the boats here on Wawasee,” said Jeff Guyas, owner of Wawasee Slip, which services and maintains about 50

wooden boats on the lake. “The marina here was only the third Chris-Craft dealer in the nation. We have some customers whose parents bought them brand new and they still have them. They’ve got other boats, but they still have the family boat they grew up with.” Operating one of these boats is unlike anything modern boaters have ever experienced. “Older boats smell different,” Knecht said. “Upholstery is often leather so the mixing of that with the wood and gas and oil smells is very distinctive.” The controls on these boats are also quite different. “Many have stick shifts for the transmission, separate from the throttle and have manual chokes for the engine

Also—please note that due to social distancing mandates, the 4th annual wooden boat rally, previously scheduled for June 13, had to be cancelled. Stay tuned to the Wawasee Wooden Boat Facebook page for information on next year’s event: the 2021 wooden boat rally, where a variety of wooden power boats will be on display on the water and on shore.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


and maybe even a control to advance the spark for starting the motor. There are also fewer gauges to tell you what is going on with the engine. So, you learn to listen and sense through vibrations and smells if it's running properly,” Knecht said. “The throttle is in the center of the steering wheel. There is a little lever there, you advance the throttle, by moving it up or down,” Guyas said. There were also none of the safety features modern boaters take for granted. There was no blower to exhaust fumes that might accumulate, so it was necessary to lift the engine hatch and air it out before starting the engine. It was also important to check the shifter before starting the engine because “you could start them in gear,” Guyas said. Eventually, lighter materials that were easier for the weekend boater to maintain and operate took over the leisure boating market. In 1971 Chris-Craft built its last mahogany hulled boat, a 57-foot Constellation. It was the end of an era, but enthusiasts across the country are preserving these boats and keeping the history— and thunder — alive. “It’s kind of like driving an old car,” Guyas said. “It’s the sound, the feel, the ride; it’s just a whole different feeling.” Not surprisingly, the Thunder Run attracts more than just boat owners. Residents on shore wave and cheer. “These folks don’t own, maintain or operate a wooden boat but still love them,” Knecht said. “I get the feeling based on the comments on the Facebook page, they are standing on shore saying to their kids, ‘Dad used to have one of those,’ or ‘they just don’t make them like that anymore.’” They certainly do not.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

For more information about other Chautauqua-Wawasee programs visit To learn more about wooden boats check out: »» Wawasee Wooden Boats, »» Wawasee Slip Inc, »» The Antique Boat Shop in Fort Wayne, »» The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc,


(574) 858-0088 (800) 950-3867

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griffith’s wawasee marina Family Owned Since 1946

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(260) 856-2286 9171 E. Ross Drive, Syracuse LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Lake Life Critters + Crawlers

Critters + Crawlers

Spiny Softshell Turtles by Adrienne Funderburg, research program specialist


s the sun shines and waters warm, logs, seawalls and roads near lakes and streams become hangout spots for Indiana’s many native turtles. Colorfully striped painted turtles and infamous snappers are common sights in the summertime. But lurking in the sandy bottoms of our backyard water bodies is a much more bizarre, stealthy testudine: the spiny softshell turtle. With a snout like a snorkel and body reminiscent of a pancake, the spiny softshell (Apalone spinifera) is wellequipped for a life mostly underwater. It slides easily through the water with its flat, rubbery shell. While such a shell gives it less protection from predators than its more heavily armored relatives, it is one of the best swimmers of its kind, propelling itself with fully webbed feet. And when life in the lake slows down, it can enjoy a cruise at the sunny surface, poking its notable nose out of the water to breathe. Yet, there’s even more to the spiny softshell than its swimming abilities.

»» Buried in the sand underwater, they’ll

snatch and eat just about any unwitting creature that swims or crawls by, like insects, crayfish, and fish.

»» They have small spines at the front of

their shells, from which they get their name.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

»» They can last more than 20 minutes in the water without coming up for air by drawing small amounts of oxygen directly out of water in their mouths and through their skin.

Keep your eyes open for spiny softshells this summer in the water. You’re likely to spot a tiny tube-like nose sticking up, or what looks like an olive-colored pancake draped on a log.

Are you hosting visiting family and friends? Explore our Trip Ideas and Build My Trip feature for creating the perfect K-County experience.

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Lake Life Water Warrior

Lake aging is natural But, you can help slow the process by Dr. Nate Bosch, director of the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams

Did you know that lakes age? Although they do not retire from a full-time job or become a bit forgetful, they do change in several important ways while aging. And, our actions can either speed up or stabilize the process.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

First phase Lakes typically begin as oligotrophic lakes with few nutrients, and few aquatic weeds and algae. With minimal plant production, there is little buildup of mucky sediment at the bottom of the lake. Thus, the lake remains deeper and has cooler water temperatures. Due to the lack of algae, the water is very clear, as well. And without algae growth, fewer fish inhabit the lake to eat the algae. Second phase The next stage in the lake aging process occurs with the mesotrophic lake. There are more nutrients in the lake, which leads to more plant production. Sediment accumulates on the bottom of the lake, creating a shallower and warmer habitat.

The water clarity is decreased from the higher populations of algae in the water, giving it a greenish coloration. And more fish can live in the lake as their food sources increase. Final phase A eutrophic lake is the final stage in the aging. This kind of lake is characterized by intense weed and algae growth. Sediment builds at the bottom of the lake quickly — such that it eventually becomes a wetland with shallow depths and different plant communities. As a result, water clarity is minimal. High decomposition rates of the dead plant material at the bottom of the lake uses up oxygen, which fish need to breathe. Consequently, the diversity of fish species is reduced while less desirable species remain.

Overall, this aging process is known as eutrophication. All of our local lakes can be categorized as one of these three stages — oligotrophic, mesotrophic and eutrophic. Left alone, a lake’s natural aging process would likely take hundreds, if not thousands of years. To learn more about the lakes in Kosciusko County, visit or call 574.372.5100, ext. 6445. The Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College conducts research, provides resources, engages and educates residents, and collaborates with local organizations to make the lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe and beautiful. To date, the Lilly Center has conducted scientific research on over 30 streams and 40 lakes. The Lilly Center is driven to create a legacy of stewardship by equipping community members, visitors and future generations with understanding and to enjoy the county’s natural beauty. For more information, visit

Because many lakes in Kosciusko County are surrounded by agricultural or residential areas, they can age more quickly than lakes left to themselves.



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Shoppes, event centers and hoosier cabinet museum

There are several ways you can help slow aging from your own backyard. »» try reducing the use of lawn fertilizers »» prevent soil erosion by landscaping with native plants »» compost yard waste rather than allowing it to enter a local lake or stream These small changes will help keep lakes healthy for generations to come.

401 E. Market Street, Nappanee, Indiana LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Lake Life T(w)o Green-ish Thumbs

All A-Bloom in June by Leslie Worthy


pril showers bring May flowers… and when the calendar flips to June, there’s an abundance of blooms. So, why not make a blooming gift for Dad… or an arrangement to enjoy at home, celebrating the beauty that surrounds?

So, let’s get started. How? By creating your own homemade planter. Then, your mom, your dad — or YOU — can enjoy flowers all through the summer on the front porch, patio, dock or deck. Here’s how: Making a planter is simple and fun, and allows you to create something both beautiful and unique. So put your creativity to work; there are thousands of options for flowers, plants and planters. Begin by thinking of the flower and plant selection you like best (or ones Dad likes, if gifting to him) and consider which hobbies


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

are unique to your recipient. For example, if she loves daisies, vincas and antiques, plant beautiful daisies and vincas in an antique watering can or bicycle basket. Or, create a portable vegetable planter in an old galvanized water trough for Dad. (See? The possibilities are endless!)

What you will need: »» Planter: be creative and think outside the typical plastic planter. Perhaps an old wash bin, old dresser drawer, or an antique coal scuttle bucket would be appreciated. Is there a container that reminds him or her of earlier days? Use it. They’ll love the thoughtfulness.

»» Flowers: choose flowers, plants or a mix of both. Use a variety of colors and sizes, from deep red geraniums, delicate pastel pansies to ornamental grasses and ivy. Choices are endless and greenhouse experts can assist in gathering complementary choices.

»» Potting Mix: not to be confused with potting soil. Potting mix has been specifically developed to produce better results inside containers.

Have fun as you create a beautiful and uniquely special arrangement. Happy belated Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day, Kosciusko County!

Join U s For Dinner!

Kay S. Young REALTOR®, Broker

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Expand Your Space for Living

Your outdoor space can be the perfect frame for your lake view, an area that captures your style and adds to your enjoyment. Hardscapes can shape and define the space to suit your needs with walls, stairs, lighting, or patio pavers in custom designs. Outdoor kitchens, grills, smokers, and pizza ovens ramp up the possibilities for entertaining and fire features contribute warmth and drama. Our design center showroom is currently closed, but homeowners and contractors can gather ideas at our outdoor showroom. Call first for the latest operating schedule.




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Lake Life Local Finds

Great Gifts for Dads & Grads


une means waters are warming, grills are firing, dads are celebrating and it’s grads we are congratulating. So why not delight those special in your life with these sweet, tasty and fun ideas? From right in our own Kosciusko County, we think they’ll bring smiles to your grad or Dad.

11374 IN-13, Syracuse, 574.457.4840 With colors so bright and a message so fun, there’s nothing sleepy about this t-shirt. Inspired by LakeLife’s pal Chip Erwin… with plenty of colors and sizes available.

509 South Huntington St., Syracuse, 574.457.8887 Yes, gift the Inis brand. These perfumes, lotions and body wash varieties have fabulous scents, are made for both women and men… and shipped straight from Ireland.

Particularly appropriate now… yes, let’s be the change and celebrate our lake home.

Hats are where it’s at… and especially when made by Lakegirl!

Every lake house needs rules. These are keepers, we’d say.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

So, fill this baby up and gift it to Dad on Father’s Day. And, you’re welcome.

5920 N. 200 E., Leesburg, 574.453.9003

127 S. Main St., North Webster, 574.834.1488

Is your dad or college grad a wine lover? If so, give ‘em an e-gift to spend as he or she likes… Order online.

Or, have their favorite Tippy Creek Winery wine delivered direct to the doorstep (within 20 miles). Order online.

Granted, these sell out quickly (it’s not surprising, is it… just look at these yummy treats…). But if these baked beauties are already gone, we’re confident there’ll be another tasty treat to tempt tastebuds. (Their chocolate espresso beans are fabulous, too! $5 for a small tub of ‘em!)

Pssst. It’s only $4. So, buy four! Purchase online.


Ree dy


Your Dreams!

Why not swing through the drive-thru for Dad’s or your grad’s favorite coffee, chai or tea? Electronic gift cards are also available online. Just visit their website!



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What’s next?

We’re so glad you asked!

The next gorgeous (July) issue of LakeLife Magazine is all about AMERICA. We love our country. We love our lake life. And, we’re going to celebrate patriotism at the lake with stars, stripes + blue open waters.

» » » » »

“When it comes to buying or selling your home, don’t settle for sub par . . . go fore the best!”

Becky Hart Fox

“ IU Becky ”

Resident of Syracuse Lake

Patriotic at the Lakes Toys for Big Boys Fourth of July Events Sailboats Best in Bass Fishing

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TWF identifies problem areas, discusses solutions with landowners and implements solutions to protect water quality. This process is not possible without the financial support of this community. Visit our website to donate!



County Overview






County Profile


Kosciusko County Formed in 1836, Kosciusko County offers something wonderful for everyone—whether it’s exploring outdoorsy + water-loving interests, fulfilling an angler’s dream with plentiful fishing, soaking in arts + education, intriguing history buffs or satisfying souls in search of respite with gorgeous sunsets over the lakes.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Yes, Kosciusko County has it all. Exemplary for living a culture of oldfashioned lake living and dotted with quaint, charming lakeside towns, the depth and breadth of offerings within Kosciusko County’s communities epitomize how we can simultaneously evolve, celebrate natural beauty and preserve rich history of an era long gone.

Need some ideas to get you moving? Try these:

Photo by Mike Deak

»»Explore the trails. All of them. »»Go fishing. And then, breathe. »»Eat carry-out from your local favorite restaurants.


»»Organize a coffee talk with your pals.

During the days of May, lake life begins to visibly spring to life. And by June, blooms abound and colors become vibrant all around. Nature gets more active, trees, bushes and flowers beautify, replacing the drab remnants of early spring. Birds sing more loudly, and it’s all an energizing reminder that the worst is behind us. And

»»Clean up the kayaks, paddles



Etna Green, Leesburg, Mentone, Milford, North Webster, Pierceton, Silver Lake, Syracuse, Warsaw, Winona Lake


With more than 100 lakes, Kosciusko County is rich with beautiful lake venues. Here are the largest and deepest of the lakes: Lake Wawasee, Tippecanoe Lake, Syracuse Lake, Webster Lake, Winona Lake.

more memory-making lake days are ahead. They’re coming… And perhaps more than ever before, it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the bountiful, natural beauty which comprises so much of our county. It is still a blessed life… so let’s get out and enjoy.

Grab coffees through a drive-thru (thus supporting our local businesses), then Facetime for a great morning chat over your hot morning drinks. and water gear.

»»Spring clean (and further disinfect) your home.

»»Organize and clean out tackle boxes. »»Empty closets and reorganize. »»Wash floor rugs and curtains. »»Clean up your golf clubs—and take

practice swings in the yard. Hit the links when you can.

»»Plant a garden. »»Blaze up evening bonfires with your family.

»»Make plans for the year… create a goal

list for personal, professional and family life.

»»Research potential future vacation spots. »»Keep a diary. »»Start learning a new language. »»Paint. »»Draw. »»Make exercise part of your daily routine. But, above all? Show kindness to one another.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


County Overview, cont’d

County Claims to Fame »»Milford is home to one of the largest commercial duck farms in the U.S., Maple Leaf Farms. »»The Barbee Hotel, today a dining destination maintaining its historic name, has a colorful history of hosting both famous and infamous clientele— from movie stars Carole Lombard + Clark Gable, to mobsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Al Capone. »»Largest natural lake in Indiana: Lake Wawasee

Kosciusko County Trails

Beyer-Farm Boardwalk Trail, Warsaw 1013 E. Arthur St. Heritage Trail-Winona Lake Trail System, Winona Lake 1001 E. Canal St. Old Chinworth Bridge Trail, Warsaw 3495 W. Old Rd. 30 574.269.1078 Syracuse-Wawasee Trails, Syracuse 1013 N. Long Dr.

Golf Courses

Maxwelton Golf Club 5721 E. Elkhart County Line Rd., Syracuse Rich in history and rolling green fairways, Maxwelton has provided challenging, enjoyable golf to its members and Kosciusko County for more than 75 years. 574.457.3504 or visit Rozella Ford Golf Course 1700 Rozella Rd., Warsaw This 18-hole, par 70, championship course, with 5 sets of tees offers great golf that’s affordable to all. 574.376.4160 or learn more at


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

»»Deepest natural lake in Indiana: Tippecanoe Lake »»The first original projection screens were created by Warsaw’s Da-Lite Screen Co., founded in 1909. Even today, they’re the world leader of producing high-quality commercial and residential projection screens. Talk about staying power! »»Mentone’s 10-foot-high, 3,000-pound egg may not be at the top of bucket lists, but who isn’t intrigued by the unique claim to fame? Signifying the town’s claim of being the ‘egg basket’ of the Midwest, we’d say it’s clever. »»Preacher and professional baseball player, Billy Sunday, considered one of the most influential American evangelists during the early 20th century, lived in Winona Lake during the height of his evangelistic career. It’s recorded that 250,000 people would crowd the shores of Winona Lake, not only to enjoy the cool waters flowing from springs coursing underground—but to hear his sermons. »»Helen Keller, Will Rogers and John Philip Sousa all spoke (or performed) at Winona Lake events. »»Oral Roberts, the nationally-known minister who founded Youth for Christ, headquartered his organization at Winona Lake. »»Steve Hollar, who played Rade Butcher in the movie Hoosiers is from Warsaw. »»Rick Fox, former NBA basketball player is from Warsaw.

of brews for any palate: Black is the New Razz (sour/fruited), Outskirts Cream Ale, Son of a Ditch! IPA, Triple Fudge Brownie Imperial Stout, and more. Guest taps include 2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit Witbier, Coconut Porter, Free Will Brut, New Zealand Pilsner and others. Contact them today at 574.453.0496 or Man Cave Brewing 10201 N. State Route 13, Syracuse

South Shore Golf Club 10601 IN-13, Syracuse

Wawasee Golf Club 12388 N. Bishop Rd., Syracuse

With a driving range for practice, an abundance of leagues to join, a friendly pro shop and golf instruction available, this club offers a true golfer’s experience. To make a tee time, call 574.457.2832 or visit

Wawasee Golf Club is a 9-hole, par 34 public golf course in Syracuse. Open all year round, the course is especially welcoming to the “lake crowd”—don’t forget to relax on the deck overlooking Lake Wawasee when you’re finished playing! Call the pro shop at 574.457.0224 for tee times and course conditions.

Stonehenge Golf Club 2850 E. Pierceton Rd., Winona Lake Set in beautiful Winona Lake, this gorgeous 18-hole course is both steeped in tradition, and open to both members and the public. 574.376.4555,


HopLore Brewing Company 100 S. Old State Rd. 15, Leesburg HopLore Brewing Company offers a variety

Based near Lake Wawasee, Man Cave Brewing has a variety of handcrafted, whimsical beers to suit anyone’s taste. Picks include Honey Badger, Sandbar Blonde, Berried in Sand, Summer Breeze, Bourbon Badger, Wee Heavy Lass and more. Man Cave also offers a full menu from their lakeside restaurant. Call 574.337.1308 or visit Mad Anthony’s Lake City Tap House 113 E. Center St., Warsaw Mad Anthony’s third pub location is located in Warsaw, in the former Eagles Building. Brews on tap include the Auburn Lager, Olde Fort Lager, Ruby Raspberry Wheat, Dopplebock, Irish Red, Summer Daze Wheat and others. Call 574.268.2537 or visit for more information.

Tippecanoe Lake Country Club 7245 N. Kalorama Rd., Leesburg One of Indiana’s finest private clubs, Tippecanoe Lake Country Club offers its members great golf, swimming, tennis, an active social calendar, and an array of programs for all ages. A truly special place for multiple generations, offering families a home away from home. The golf club is home to an 18-hole, par 70 golf course with rolling terrain, fast greens and mature, tree-lined fairways. For more information, give them a call at 574.453.4441 or visit

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


County Overview, cont’d

Worship on the Waters

Photos by Wawasee Boat-In Worship

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, worship is offered on-water at four lakes in Kosciusko County: Dewart Lake, Lake Tippecanoe, Lake Wawasee and Webster Lake. Yes, in-boat worship on Sunday mornings are alive and well. And for Boat-in Worship on Lake Wawasee? They’re entering their 51st year! Here’s more: »»Wawasee Boat-in Worship began in 1969.

»»Ten area churches currently partake in this worship service for lakers.

»»There’s no need to dress up. “It’s

come as you are… by your own boat and anchor around the S.S. Lillypad, hop on the Lillypad from The Frog

Restaurant, or bring a lawn chair and sit on the shores of Oakwood Park,” said Pastor Harlan Steffen. (And please note, Steffen is the wonderful soul who started boat-in worship and has led the program each year since its inception, 51 years ago.)

»»Worship takes place Memorial Day

through Labor Day, each Sunday. Mark calendars for May 24 through September 6, 2020.

»»Lakers hear sermons through a

speaker system on the S.S. Lillypad.

»»Music does, indeed, accompany the

message. “Each Sunday is a different performer,” Steffen said.

»»There’s a new, updated bulletin each week for attendees. Services are 30 minutes in length, plus prelude and postlude music.

»»Each week, anywhere from 65–150

boats and up to 1,000 people attend service, according to Steffen.

»»A variety of participating pastors are on a rotation delivering sermons.

»»Want to know more? If so, Steffen

encourages lakers to give him a call at 574.529.3627.

In such trying times, isn’t this information just a breath of fresh air? Amen to that.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

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Fort Fort Wayne Wayne Office Office FortWayne, Wayne Office 57505750 Coventry Coventry LaneLane SuiteSuite B1, Fort B1, Wayne, Fort IN 46804 IN 46804 5750 Coventry Lane Suite B1, Fort Wayne, IN 46804 NE Indiana NE Indiana Lakes Lakes Office Office LakeLife Magazine 2020 33 NEJune Indiana Lakes Office 950 S. 950 Main S. Main Street, Street, North North Webster, Webster, IN 46555 IN 46555 950 S. Main Street, North Webster, IN 46555

Quality Floor 260-593-2213

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MON.-FRI. 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM | SAT. 8:00 AM - NOON LakeLife Magazine June 2020


County Town Profile

Of Family Moments + Memories Made by Courtney Rawlinson

shopping for everything from antiques to boutiques, to the historic staple and can’tmiss-castle in town, Pilcher’s Shoes. And for a quick break in the day, why not stop by The River Coffeehouse for unique coffees and plenty of other treats? Too, stop by Pedals & Paddles to rent kayaks and bicycles to do your own up-close exploring.

It’s an active home for summer season family traditions. Officially incorporated as a town in 1937, North Webster continues to maintain its historic character, extending a warm welcome to visitors and a ‘glad you’re home’ sentiment to residents.

And when lakeside, it’s tradition to stop at Pizza King—and then grab a cone at Sheila’s Sweet Treats & Diner. Lakeside is the place to be, too, if you enjoy a good show. No, we aren’t referring to a Netflix series; we’re suggesting The Ski Bees waterski shows!

Home of the active Webster Lake, visitors and residents alike busily explore the water with lake activities and water fun. Popular for boating, skiing, swimming, kayaking and fishing, Webster Lake is active by day and dotted with residents’ shoreline bonfires by night.

The Ski Bees club was organized back in 1953 and has continued to be a competitive yet lighthearted and family-friendly part of laker life in North Webster. This club is an all-ages group of talented water skiers. Local fans gather near the Pizza King on Saturdays to watch skiers perform their show, free of cost, of course. It’s great, cherished family fun.

North Webster

Among the most beloved traditions keeping the town’s history alive is the continued cruising of the Dixie Sternwheeler. Although due to COVID concerns, the Dixie will not be running (as learned at the time of this printing), the sternwheeler remains a town icon and we would be remiss to not mention. The Dixie, built in 1929, is Indiana's largest sternwheeler excursion boat. We can look forward to next year, when we hope the Dixie returns to its normal summer season, cruising Lake Webster from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Each year there are several family events, such as the Dixie Day Festival, Webster Ski Bees Water Ski Show, the Dixie Boat Fireworks Cruise and the Mermaid Festival— this year would have been a celebration of its 75th year. Each year this festival includes the Cutie Parade, the Cutie King and Queen Pageant, and, of course, the Queen of the Lakes Pageant. Unfortunately, due to social distancing parameters regarding COVID-19, the Dixie Day Festival and Fireworks Cruise, as well as the Mermaid Festival have been cancelled. “We are so disappointed to have to cancel our event celebrating the festival’s 75th anniversary,” said Darrell Clark with the North Webster Lions Club. “But rest assured, we will be back next year with a festival to celebrate with even greater enthusiasm!” But, festivals and water activity aside, there’s plenty to visit while in town. Enjoy

Former Ski Bee, Audie Wirthlin, who grew up summering in North Webster, agrees. “There’s something about North Webster that makes time stand still,” she said. “It’s full of generations of traditions that have been passed down to each family and everyone who has a cottage on Webster seems to have a special bond. To me, Lake Webster represents love, family history, and making memories. It was almost a ‘childhood rite of passage’ to be a local Ski Bee, to be on a float in the Mermaid Festival, to stop and watch the Dixie Boat

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as it passed by, eat Pizza King every night, and walk to get ice cream at Sheila’s Sweet Treats & Diner. I wouldn’t trade these generations of memories for anything.” North Webster is the epitome of the perfect Indiana summer experience. It’s a special place where history is treasured, and family traditions live on.

u NAUTIQUE u SUPREME u JC TRITOON MARINE u FOUR WINNS u YAMAHA WAVERUNNER u HOBIE CAT 574-457-4404 / 6521 E. Cornelius Road / Syracuse, IN 46567 LakeLife Magazine June 2020


New Pier & Lift Sales “Call the Pierfessionals”




Each location has an eclectic, ever-changing inventory of antique, primitive, vintage and new items to decorate your home and life. Explore the large selection of estate jewelry and art, and shop the boutique with designer women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. OUR STORES Nappanee — 106 S Main Street Syracuse — 800 S Huntington Street (Seasonal April-October)


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

JULY 1 – 7 UP TO

75% OFF


Pierceton — 306 N 1st Street Larwill — 8049 W US 30 (Countryside Antiques Sister Store)

Welcome to the new LakeLife Magazine. Celebrating water fun, family moments… and living The Good Life. tary





April 2020


Syracuse ~ (574) 457-4417


North Webster (574) 834-2123






e 20


Premiere Iss

Thu n L ak d e r R u e Pad Home n dle Pow Décor er




s Casting Call at the lakes Spring fishing Water Fun zing Spring Starga








Selling Kosciusko County Lakes Since 1966


BARBEE HOTEL An Institution Since 1897

Handcut Steaks • Signature Cocktails

PASTA • SEAFOOD • PRIME RIB “We Are The Standard”



PIZZA • SANDWICHES • WINGS • SALADS Open for lunch and dinner

Great food and drink specials New Look Nightly Entertainment

3620 N. Barbee Rd., Warsaw (574) 834-1111 ext.2 (574) 834-1111 ext. 1 Reservations Recommended

Located upstairs at The Barbee Hotel LakeLife Magazine June 2020


County Lake Profile

Waters of Winona Lake by Sue Pais

The beautiful waters of Winona Lake are beginning to burst to life—with cast fishing poles, speedy boats, relaxing boat cruises, gliding kayaks, and spectacular sunsets to enjoy. Oh, yes. Lake season on Winona Lake is here at last.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Overview: Approximate Acres of Water: 562* Best Fishing: Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Longear Sunfish, White Bass, Yellow Perch* *courtesy of Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams


riginally known as Eagle Lake, Winona Lake offers so much more than its spectacular scenery. It’s a family-focused fun spot, full of activity— but with a beautiful balance of respect and charm for its rich history. From sun-soaked beaches, fun tour boats, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing and a great splashpad waterpark for the kiddos, there’s truly something for everyone at the lake and village, both a reciprocal nod to the history that encompasses the unique Winona Lake.

accessories for purchase. In addition to rental equipment, The Lake House offers wake-surfing lessons, wakeboarding lessons and sunset boat cruises in the summer. And yet, there’s more! Take the kids and grab your sunscreen for a stop at the Winona Lake Limitless Park, public beach and splash pad. There, enjoy the lake’s designated swimming area and beach for the public. There are tennis courts, as well as the park’s playground, pavilions and

picnic tables. It’s a destination spot for families… sure to bring smiles, laughter and plenty of splashes. Rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and paddleboards at the park’s office, 1590 Park Ave., Winona Lake. Surf’s up, and so is the family fun, at Winona Lake. *Note: call before visiting to ensure locations are open, due to COVID-19-related orders.

Care for a bite to eat, and perhaps some shopping? Lake Winona’s channel brings its lake visitors directly to the Village at Winona and Winona Lake Historic District. Visitors can enjoy the restored historical district with a casual stroll along the walkways to visit an array of quaint artisan shops and eateries. And for added fun on the waves of Winona Lake? Check out the lake’s premier surf shop and marina, located right on the lake in the Village at Winona. At The Lake House, visitors can rent standup paddleboards, various water sports equipment, as well as fuel, bait and boating

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


When my father didn't have my hand, he had my back.

—Linda Poindexter


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Kosciusko County


Calendar of Events Do YOU have an upcoming event in July or August? Great! We’re happy to share the news. Email event information to our pal Ray, at:

Show this ad and receive 15% off a single item. *


3696 E US HWY 30, Warsaw Hours: M-F: 10am-5pm, Sat: 10am-4pm, Sun: 12pm-4pm *some exclusions may apply. see store for details.

When I Say Good You Say Neighbor

Auto • Home • Business • Property • Life • Health 1101 S. Huntington St., Suite 2 • Syracuse LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Fresh Eats

Dishes for Mom Preheat oven to 350° F. Divide batter among four buttered and floured loaf pans, each 5 3⁄4 x 3 ¼ x 2-inches. Bake breads in the middle of oven for 45 minutes, or until a test pick comes out clean when inserted in the center of each loaf. To prepare the syrup: Combine lemon juice and the sugar in a small sauce pan. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Reduce heat and keep the syrup warm.

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread by Loren Shaum

This is a sweet, moist bread that’s a treat any time — it’s even excellent as a dessert. And, of course, it’s a great accompaniment to any spring brunch to make the moms in our world feel a little extra special.

For the bread: 2 2⁄3 cup all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting 1 ½ teaspoons double-acting baking powder 1 teaspoon salt ¼ cup poppy seeds 2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, softened 1 ¼ cups sugar 1 tablespoon, plus 1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla 3 large eggs 1⁄3 cup milk Butter for greasing

For the syrup: ½ cup fresh lemon juice ½ cup sugar


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Garnish: Powdered sugar and lemon zest

Directions: In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir in the poppy seeds. In another large bowl, cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Then, beat-in the zest and vanilla. Add eggs one at a time, and finally the milk. Continue beating the mixture until it is well combined, then add the flour mixture and beat batter until it is just combined.

When the breads are done, immediately poke the tops of each loaf all over with a skewer. Brush each loaf with some of the syrup. Allow the breads to cool slightly in the pans so they can easily be removed. Set loaves on their sides on a wire rack placed on top of a baking sheet. Poke all sides all over with the skewer. Brush the breads with remaining syrup and let them cool, right side up, then brush tops again with syrup. Garnish with lemon zest and gently press into loaf top. When completely cool, sprinkle powdered sugar over, slice and serve. If not serving immediately, reserve the powdered sugar, wrap in both plastic wrap and foil, and allow them to stand overnight. The breads keep well and can be chilled for a week or frozen for a month. Just before serving, dust the top of each loaf with powdered sugar, slice and serve. MAKES FOUR SMALL LOAVES

and Dad Dad will thank you. As summer approaches, thoughts turn to grilling. What to grill next is the question? Pork chops are the one cut that everyone enjoys, and this brine still stands as one of the best for seasoning this sometimesbland cut of meat. It also works on pork tenderloin and some steak cuts, like flatiron, flank and skirt. I prefer chops that are three-quarters to an inch think so they don’t curl when sitting on a hot grill. If your chops are thinner, slit them about an inch long towards the bone at the widest point. Serves four.

For the brine: ½ cup bourbon ½ cup soy sauce ¼ cup brown sugar 3 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 4, ¾-inch center-cut pork chops (leave fat intact) Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

For the sauce: ⁄ cup sour cream ½ cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon powdered mustard 2 tablespoons grated yellow onion ½ teaspoon white wine vinegar 1 tablespoon butter, melted Red pepper flakes to taste 13

Directions: Combine the first five brine ingredients with the chops in a sealable, plastic container and marinate overnight. When ready, remove the loin and pat dry with paper towels. Reserve brine. Bring the pork to room temperature, for about 45 minutes. Prepare the sauce by whisking all

Bourbon-brined Grilled Pork Chops with Tangy Mustard Sauce by Loren Shaum

ingredients in a bowl and season to taste with red pepper flakes. Oil cleaned grill grates and heat grill on high heat. Fill a smoke box with your choice of wood chips. Allow the chips to smoke before grilling the chops. Note: I use crab apple tree chips from trees in the yard. Soak them in water for an hour.

reads 140˚ F, basting three or more times with the reserved brine. Note: If using thinner chops, grill about half the time before flipping. Remove to a platter, tent with foil and rest for ten minutes. To Serve: Spoon some sauce on serving plates and place a chop on top.

Season chops on both sides with a pinch each of salt and pepper and press into the flesh.

Serve immediately with rosemaryscented grilled potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Grill chops for three minutes to form grill marks, then rotate them 90-degrees and grill for three more minutes, or so. Flip the chops, reduce heat to low, cover grill and cook until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the middle

Lake Country Fresh Eats will appear in each issue of LakeLife Magazine. Columnist Loren Shaum is an automation engineering consultant, retired pilot, author, sometime professor, home gardener and an occasional chef. He and his wife,

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


June’s nominated bartender:


Story + Photos by Sue Rawlinson-Pais


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Local Eats Locals, Laughs + Libations

Lake life embraces laughter. It involves friendships, family and good times. Hey, it’s living the Good Life. And, for many, that good life also includes libations—and an accompanying atmosphere to celebrate soulrelaxing, sun-soaking, water-loving moments. Often, it’s those mixing your favorite cocktail or pouring the perfect draft who add to the fun. Cheers to that.


hen not boating, fishing, or road tripping to the off-the-wall locations he loves, Chip Erwin can be found at The Sleepy Owl, likely smiling, behind the bar with hands at-the-ready to make drinks for regulars and newcomers alike. The Owl, as it’s referred to, is his true home away from home. He is everyone’s friend, emanating genuine warmth and a ‘c’mon in, let’s be friends’ aura. And although he’s met more than his fair share of life’s challenges, his optimism overfloweth. “Well,” he smiled, “I had great parents and great mentors as certain life chapters changed.” LakeLife readers? Meet one of the area’s biggest, most sincere smiles: Mr. Chip Erwin.

How did you land in Syracuse, and what made you stay? I’m originally from Monticello (Ind.), but my path of life took me to Laporte and then to the South Bend area. I came to the lakes area in 2004 to manage a boat dealership, and quickly fell in love with the people. I became involved in the community to try and help the whole community. I was on the board of directors of the Syracuse-Wawasee area Chamber of Commerce for 12 years; I made a lot of friends and great business contacts along the way.

What’s your outlook on life? I try to keep a positive outlook on life. I’ve had a few health challenges over the years, but even in the worst times there are many people in a tougher spot than I am in. I like sharing my life experiences and stories to help other people.

Tell us about customers at The Owl. Our customers are like family to us. I still have former boat customers from 16 years ago who are regulars, and I make a point to introduce and welcome new customers to

the Owl family… our customers are family to us.

Tell us about working at The Owl I love working here. Jeff (Larson, owner of The Sleepy Owl) invited me to come hang out here for a summer in 2009—and I’m still hanging out and having fun.

As a bartender, how would you describe the ‘vibe’ at The Owl? We’re kind of like the TV show “Cheers.” And, I know what a lot of our customers like to drink, so I try to get their drink poured and brought to the table before they even get seated.

Anything you’d like to share directly with our readership? I would like to ask our lakes community to keep sticking with us… we will get back to normal! Watch us on Facebook for all the specials and fun we have going on. Do YOU want to nominate your favorite bartender in Kosciusko County? It’s easy. Just email Sue at She’ll take care of the rest!

Location: The Sleepy Owl Supper Club 11374 IN-13, Syracuse 574.457.4840 LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Plating Professionals

Restaurant Resilience adapting amidst adversity

They say tough times will make us or break us. But, extreme challenge also encourages us to engage creativity to churn out a new path. A new way. And sometimes, it’s just the right move. As area restaurants are feeling financial stings of COVID-19’s destructive path, some restaurant owners have tweaked their offerings and processes. In doing so? They’ve shown resilience, adapting amidst adversity. Yes, bon appetit.

Most restaurants are open with limited seating now, but how did they overcome during lockdown? The Sleepy Owl

11374 Indiana 13, Syracuse, 574.457.4840

**NOTE: NOW OPEN for limited seating**

How are you reaching your customers? “Social media is huge, as it’s all we have control over right now. But the very best way is to give us a call. Both carryout and delivery are available… and, very literally, each day we’re thinking of creative ways to serve the community. From selling beef logs, pasta, soups by the quart and so much more—we’re continually coming up with new ideas to best serve our customers’ needs.” Anything you’d like to say directly to the community? “Yes! A huge thanks to the community for their great support. And please know we’ll continue being creative to fill their needs


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

when grocery stores are struggling due to panic-buying. We’re reacting hourly to what’s happening in our customers’ lives, and we’re here to help. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page and call us for details. We’ll be here!” — Chip Erwin, Jeff Larson + the family at the Sleepy Owl

Man Cave Brewery

10201 N. State Route 13, Syracuse, 574.337.1308

**NOTE: NOW OPEN for limited seating**

How are you adapting? “Man Cave Brewing has adapted by offering carryout of our entire menu. We started an event called ‘Take Out 2020’ on our social media page(s) to update our specials. As a thank you to our wonderful customers, we have offered different ‘extra’s’ on certain days — like a free brownie, Man Cave caps, a pint glass with Growler fills, and more.”

Tami + Robert Vandal, Man Cave Brewery

How can the community place orders with you? “Customers may call 574.337.1308, or stop at the hostess station to place an order. We have adjusted our hours temporarily to 4–8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and will resume normal hours once we can be open for dining. Thank you to everyone for all the support. The orders, messages, shares, texts and calls all mean so much.” — Tami Vandal, manager, Man Cave Brewery

Chubbie’s Pub & Grub 1201 S. Huntington St., Syracuse, 574.457.3855

**NOTE: NOW OPEN for limited seating**

What can the community look forward to from Chubbie’s? How are you staying so upbeat? “We will continue to be business as usual

Man Cave Brewery

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Plating Professionals, cont’d

with our carryout food and beer… and we’ve had a lot of success with a pizza and wing special. Too, we will be selling BBQ at the highway (multiple) days each week. BBQ is sold by the sandwich or by the pound, which gives guests the opportunity to stock up if they wish. We are also moving forward with Joe’s Ice Cream. We have started preparing and taking steps to get that facility opened … We are committed to staying positive, and trying to bring positive things to the community. We have great staff that depend on us for a paycheck. Granted, while we cannot keep everyone employed at 40 hours a week, something is better than nothing. And truly, the future will be positive… this is just a bump in the road.”

Chubbie’s Pub & Grub

RV & Boat Batteries

You’re actively involved in the community… is there a message you’d like to share back to Kosciusko County? “I’d suggest the biggest thing right now is to ask people to remember all choices available when looking for takeout or delivery… (there are big chains), but as so many of us locally-owned places are the ones who are actively involved in community programs… and we appreciate being remembered. I know that Channel Marker has helped with the basketball team in the past. We have

Lawnmower Batteries

Cycle/ATV/Jet Ski


• Sealed Maintenance Free • Up to 500 Cranking Amps • 24 Month Warranty

Sealed AGM Technology Charged & Ready to Ride!

Over 100 Sizes in Stock!

• Deep Cycle & Starting • Sealed AGM & Flooded


What else can we share? “We like to keep things simple. A 16-

inch two-topping pizza, along with 25 boneless or traditional wings for $24.99 has been a huge hit for us. Burgers are doing well, along with wings and salads. Our normal specials and menu items will continue as long as product is available to us.”

LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Peterson’s Fish CREATING THE

outdoor space YOU'VE ALWAYS dreamed OF...

helped with sporting teams, Sleepy Owl has done things for the school, as well as Down Under (Bar & Grill). Peterson’s (Fish) has sponsored teams, along with Pat’s Chicago Dog. Please remember these places when making decisions on takeout or delivery. We thank you!” — Jeremy Yoder, Chubbie’s Pub & Grub

Peterson’s Fish

1009 S. Huntington St., Syracuse 574.528.5000

**NOTE: NOW OPEN for limited seating**

How are you reaching your dining customers + what changes have you had to make? “We reach our customers through Facebook and the marquee on our sign on the highway. We unfortunately have had to lay off most of our staff, keeping on just a skeleton crew. Our intention was to offer a full menu, but we were experiencing too much spoilage... so, we will be offering our ‘carry-out’ menu only.” Tell us what kind of support you’ve been receiving thus far from the community? “We are so fortunate to be in a community that has always supported us… but now they are stepping up offering us kind words and hoping we can remain open through this difficult time. Thank you.”

Elegant Pavilions

A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space For Your Backyard

Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space • Sunrooms • Decks

• Furniture • Gazebos

• Pergolas • Playsets

— Roger and Susan Peterson, Peterson's Fish


Located on State Road 5

655 S Van Buren St, Shipshewana, IN

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Healthy Eating

Healthy Eats at the Lake by Sue Delagrange, MS, RDN, LD Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Sue Delagrange, MS, RD, is the nutritionist at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana where she uses her extensive knowledge about nutrition to help families affected by cancer. She provides individualized consultations and leads numerous workshops on a variety of nutrition topics to help people understand the science behind nutrition and empower them to improve their quality of life through healthy eating. Many of Sue’s workshops for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana are open to the public. For more information visit


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Active lifestyles necessitate well-balanced diets to remain fueled and energetic. And particularly in the current era of added focus on self-care (to stay healthy amidst the spread of COVID-19), it’s important to be extra intentional regarding what we’re putting into our bodies. Let’s explore healthy meal ideas for busy lakers, and even the notso-busy, quarantined laker… Ideally, all meals and snacks should include lean protein and a source of fiber. Fiber is found in whole grains, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables. All meals listed are designed for healthy adults.


2-egg omelet If watching cholesterol, use Egg Beaters™ — otherwise, use two eggs with lots of fresh veggies (add spinach, tomato, onion and mushrooms), whole-grain toast/butter, 6 ounces freshly-squeezed orange juice. Benefits: high in antioxidants, fiber and protein Breakfast sandwich One whole-grain English muffin, 1 ½ ounces light turkey breakfast sausage and 1 ounce reduced fat cheese. Benefits: high in fiber, protein and low in fat

Kid-Friendly Healthy Mini Pizza Using 100-percent whole-wheat Slimwich™ buns, spread your favorite pizza sauce on each half, top with turkey pepperoni and shredded mozzarella cheese. Bake until warm and cheese is melted. Toaster ovens work great for these. Serve with raw veggies, low-fat ranch dip and milk.

Benefits: high in antioxidants, calcium and fiber

Benefits: heart-healthy and high in fiber



Low-Carb Wrap Make this wrap (I recommend Ole Xtreme Wellness!®High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla) with reduced-fat cream cheese, leftover diced chicken, turkey, lean beef or pork, topped with lots of raw veggies. Add sides of fruit and fat-free pretzels.

Grilled Salmon Filets Grill your salmon filets with your choice of marinade, add sides of brown rice pilaf, steamed veggies or your favorite veggie salad with low-fat salad dressing. Benefits: heart-healthy, rich in Omega-3, high in fiber and antioxidants

Benefits: high in fiber and protein Summer Harvest Pasta Salad This salad is made with macaroni (whole wheat for additional fiber), tuna or leftover diced chicken, boiled egg, fresh veggies (broccoli florets, tomato, spinach leaves, onion), and dress with your favorite low-calorie Italian dressing. Serve with whole grain crackers or bread.

Smoothie Make this with 1 ½ cups fresh or frozen fruit, 4 ounces low-fat yogurt, ½ cup fat-free milk (or almond milk). Blend and enjoy. Makes 1-2 servings of fruit smoothies. (For more protein, add ½ to 1 scoop of whey protein powder.)

Baked or Grilled Chicken Bake or grill skinless chicken, add sides of baked sweet potatoes with small amount of butter and brown sugar, and include a small plate of fresh tomato slices, cucumbers and onions—topped with splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Benefits: high in protein, fiber and vitamin-A

Benefits: high in fiber and protein

Ground Turkey Burgers Use 100 percent ground turkey breast to make burgers. Serve with whole wheat buns, low-fat macaroni and cheese (made with skim milk and reduced fat cheddar cheese), serve with raw veggies and fresh fruit. Benefits: high in protein, fiber and vitamin-A

Healthy Snacks

»» Frozen fruit »» Unsalted nuts »» Graham crackers with peanut butter

»» String cheese with reduced-fat crackers or pretzels

»» Greek yogurt with fresh fruit »» Baked chips and reduced-fat dips »» Trail mix Timing

»» Eat within two hours of rising to jump-start metabolism

»» Don’t go longer than 4-5 hours between meals to help keep blood sugar from dropping too low, which may cause overeating

»» Try not to eat within three hours of bedtime

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Food Finder

Food Finder There’s no shortage of excellent food in Kosciusko County. We’ll do our best to keep the list updated… if you see need for an addition or change, please contact us at PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changes and closures are occurring at a rapid rate. We encourage readers to contact establishments prior to visiting to determine current status. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy to events listed.

LEESBURG HopLore Brewing Handcrafted ales brewed in an historic setting, accompanied by locally sourced foods. In the old Leesburg Mill. Menu of snacks and starters, daily brisket, tacos + more as well as kid’s menu. Specializes in craft beer. 100 S. Old SR 15, 574.453.3295

Stacy’s Restaurant + Family Dining

Family-owned restaurant and lounge since 1972. Wide selection of dining options and cocktails. Family-friendly. Serving steaks, seafood, sandwiches and pizza. Known for prime rib on Fridays and Saturdays. 309 S. Main St. (SR 15), 574.453.3071

Tippy Creek Winery

Kosciusko County’s first farm winery in the countryside. Delicious red and white dry wine, sweet and semi-sweet wine, and sparkling wine and juice. Wine slushies. Events held throughout the year. 5920 N. 200 E., 574.453.9003,


Teel’s Family Restaurant

Family-friendly—and seriously delicious home-cooked food. Great breakfast—try Farmer’s Early Bird Breakfast. Nice, quaint, relaxing, yet busy spot in downtown Mentone. 108 E. Main St., 574.353.7979


LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Little New York Restaurant and Lounge

Kid-friendly dining establishment that serves something de-lish for everyone! From stuffed pizza to ribs, and now even Mexican food, it’s a little slice of heaven at Little New York. 407 Himes St., 574.834.2601

Lucky’s Tavern

A favorite local’s bar with ice cold beer mugs, good food (it’s a cheeseburger paradise), pool tables and jukebox. 560 S. Main St., 574.834.7433

Maria’s House of Pancakes

Breakfast all day, big portions, good coffee… and much more than just pancakes. Skillets, omelets, crepes—and a full lunch menu with great burgers, tenderloins + much more. No frills, just good ‘n hearty food. 104 Esterbrook Dr., 574.834.4400

Pizza King of North Webster

Get your pizza-fill here, or choose from subs, salads, wraps, wings and sides—all the while gazing upon the mighty Dixie Sternwheeler, dock side, of course. 405 S. Dixie Dr., 574.834.2565,

Sheila’s Sweet Treats Ice Cream Parlor & Diner

You had us at ‘sweet treats.’ Proudly serving North Webster. 511 S. Main St., 574.834.7550

The Happy Wok

For dine-in or their ever-popular carryout, The Happy Wok features a large menu offering all the Chinese favorites you’d expect, and a happy bit more. Try their Chinese doughnuts! 621 N. Main St., 574.834.2990

The River Coffee House

Eye-opening coffees, plus cinnamon rolls, soups—and, yes, uh-mayzing panini. Check them out! 127 S. Main St., Ste D., 574.834.1488

Webster Pub

It’s a local’s fave. Get your fill with their all-you-can-eat fish ‘n chips, and enjoy some fine food and libations! 207 W. South St., 574.834.4251


The Igloo Ice Cream Shop

Over 30 super premium handdipped flavors, 3 soft serve flavors (chocolate, vanilla, lemon), handmade waffle cones, shakes and sundaes. We are so there. 108 W. Main St., 260.352.0999,


Channel Marker

Full-service bar and family dining, fresh seafood, prime rib and sandwiches. Fun outdoor Tiki Bar is great place for dinner or drinks waterside. Live entertainment. Check out website for schedule. 5793 E. Pickwick Rd., 574.457.5900,

China Star

Order off the menu, or enjoy the buffet. Good prices and good Chinese food. Good deal. 734 ½ Huntington St., 574.457.8070

Chubbie’s Pub & Grub

Voted best restaurant by SyracuseWawasee Chamber in 2016. Burgers, prime rib, pizza, wings, fries—and best yet, they have Tenderloin Tuesdays. Multiple beers on tap daily + watch sports on the tvs. 1201 S. Huntington St., 574.457.3855

Coffee Depot

A rare find… it’s an excellent drive-through coffee shop, also offering HUGE breakfast sandwiches. Friendly staff + de-lish coffee and chai. 109 N. Huntington St., 574.457.2155

Down Under Bar & Grill

Gazebo entrance, downtown Syracuse, down winding staircase to enter underground bar and grill for juicy prime rib, seafood, pizza and so much more. 801 N. Huntington St # 12, 574.457.3920

Huntington Street Bar & Grill

Cool rock ‘n roll décor and memorabilia makes any dining experience just a lil’ more exciting. Add to the atmosphere great burgers, Caesar salads, excellent bar food, beer on tap, live music and good times, and we’d say it’s a rockin’ good time. 704 N. Huntington St., 574.457.3399

Kiyomi Japanese Cuisine

For big-city quality sushi and truly authentic Japanese food, look no further than Kiyomi on Huntington Street! With fabulously fresh fish, friendly service and an owner who is virtually always there, this spot is a can’t-miss. 404 S. Huntington St., 574.529.5025

Louie’s Bar & Grill

Known for great food, great memories, and great times. Sounds great to us. Open since 1963 and still serving customers with the same friendliness as 57 years ago! A welcoming home for food lovers and beer drinkers. 209 E. Bowser Rd., 574.457.3944,

Man Cave Brewing Company Local brewery with full bar and restaurant. Menu features salads, sandwiches and entrees. A local favorite for pub burgers, steaks and craft beer. Sign. Us. Up. 10201 N. SR 13, 574.337.1308,

Pat’s Chicago Dogs

Thank. Goodness. A place to get real Chicago Dogs. Go Cubs, by the way. Enjoy this hot dog lover’s heaven— but they also serve up tasty tenderloins and chicken breasts. 601 S. Huntington St., 574.457.5586

Peterson’s Fish

It’s getting fishy in here. But in a good way. Enjoy some excellent white fish, shrimp, scallops and clams broiled, deep fried or in their famous “our” recipe at this locally owned, local fave. 1009 S. Huntington St., 574.528.5000

Sleepy Owl Supper Club

Located near Lake Wawasee, enjoy the finest in steaks, seafood, pasta, pizza, tenderloins and more. You’ll only be sleepy after you eat. 11374 Indiana 13, 574.457.4840,

The Frog Tavern

It’s a self-proclaimed “Institution… of sorts.” And indeed, it is! Serving food, fun and drinks to Lake Wawasee for almost 90 years. Arrive by boat, enjoy live entertainment and a menu full of flavor. And for added fun, board the 70-foot S.S. Lillypad houseboat for a cruise, or rent it for events or corporate functions and cruise around Lake Wawasee. 1116 S. Harkless Dr., 574.457.4324,

The Pier & Back Porch

Lake Wawasee dining at the Oakwood Resort is a local favorite. Dine with family and friends (it’s open to the public)—and watch gorgeous sunsets as you also dine in casual elegance. Offering live entertainment on weekends, and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 702 E. Lakeview Rd., 574.457.8700,

Westmain Kitchen

Barbee Hotel Restaurant and Danny’s Sports Bar

The Barbee Hotel offers the highest quality around, serving prime rib, steaks, Walleye, ribs, seafood, pasta. Danny’s, on the 2nd floor, serves pizza, sandwiches and more. A laker’s institution since 1897 (that’s not a typo). Enjoy signature cocktails, local craft beers and great food. 3620 N. Barbee Rd., 574.834.1111,

B-Mac’s on Buffalo

Yep, it’s yummilicious American food at this downtown diner. Considered a bit of a hidden gem, the service is friendly, food is served fast, the B Mac breakfast will get the blood pumping, and the burgers? Killer. Give ‘em a try. 114 N. Buffalo St., 574.267.2622

Mad Anthony’s Lake City Taphouse

Rua Restaurant

Locally made handcrafted beers, deep dish Chicago-style pizza, large vegetarian menu. Private banquet room and family-friendly dining room. 113 E. Center St., 574.268.2537,

Maria’s House of Pancakes

It’s good Chinese food served on a small, but hot and fresh buffet. Enjoy wonderful egg drop soup and unique egg rolls, too. It’s a buffetstyle dining, but menus are available as well. Super friendly staff. 3628 Commerce Dr., 574.269.5821

Creighton’s Crazy Egg Café & Coffee Bar

Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar

Coffee bar and excellent breakfast—a local favorite ye’ might say. Enjoy fresh-to-order breakfast + lunch in the café, along with baked goodness, handcrafted coffee drinks and gifts. The Roost banquet room also available. 4217 W. Old Road 30, 574.267.3549,

Downtown Eatery & Spirits


La Troje

Known for variety of over 100 made-to-order quality menu items. Serving generous plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serving Warsaw for over 30 years. 3575 Lake City Hwy., 574.267.8171

Red Apple House of Pancakes

Ready to relax? Or, need a cozy spot to tap away on the laptop? Look no further than to lounge with a latte at Latte Lounge (see what we did there?). With excellent selections of coffee and chai products, a friendly staff and just some good dern coffee, we think you’ll love it at Latte Lounge. 108 N. Buffalo St., 574.268.1616

Breakfast all day, big portions, good coffee… and much more than just pancakes. Skillets, omelets, crepes—and a full lunch menu with great burgers, tenderloins + much more. No frills, just good ‘n hearty food. 3865 Lake City Hwy., 574.258.0600

China Palace

American food with a changing menu that offers everything from hand-cut filets to various pizzas, pork, chicken, spaghetti and more. With farm-to-table fare further complemented by a variety of beers on tap as well as wine and liquor, we’d say there’s something for everyone. 201 W. Main St., 574.457.2828

American Table Restaurant

Latte Lounge

Join the downtown crowd at this well-known tavern. Offering a wide assortment of American food and excellent cocktails, it’s a popular spot for date night, or just a casual bite ‘n beverage. Live music and outdoor seating to enjoy spring’s warm weather. 205 W. Center St., 574.267.6000

Mexican meals. Tropical margaritas. Te amo. 115 S. Buffalo St., 574.376.4234

Simply. De-lish. Noa Noa’s seafood and sushi, that is—all served with a tropical theme, extensive menu, and check out the attached fish market. 310 Eastlake Dr., 574.372.3224,

Oak & Alley

Burger bar with gourmet patties and craft brews. ‘Nuff said. 2308 E. Center St., 574.387.6114,

One Ten Craft Meatery

Graze local, folks. At least that’s what they say. Restaurant, meat market and banquet facility located in historical downtown Warsaw. Specializing in unique wines paired with locally sourced, Midwestern seasonal menu. Win-win. 110 N. Buffalo St., 574.267.7007,

Palette, an American Eatery

Warsaw’s newest hip joint. Locally owned, flavorful comfort food in casual atmosphere for the entire family. 2521 E. Center St., 574.268.1733,

Wowsa. The menu at Red Apple offers everything a taste bud could hope for. From multiple varieties of French toast, waffles, pancakes and crepes, every egg offering imaginable, steak, biscuits + gravy, heart-happy foods, specialty sandwiches and burgers, you name it, and it’s likely served here. Hungry yet? 2616 Shelden St., 574.267.3007,

Eclectic dining, urban décor and international street food with a unique culinary flair. Ooh, sign us up. Also offering Thai and American street fare plates alongside cocktails, beer and wine. 108 E. Market, 574.267.4730,

Schoop’s Hamburgers

Enjoy a ‘50s dining experience with fresh, never frozen + cooked to crispy perfection burgers—all in a shiny silver building. So fun. Serving burgers, fries, chili, shakes & bottomless coffee. Yeah, and ice cream, too. 3501 Lake City Hwy., 574.268.9500

Spike’s Beach Grill

To call it a unique outdoor dining experience might be an understatement. Step into this laid-back beach atmosphere right in Warsaw. Sit courtside, watch sand volleyball, all the while satisfying the stomach with amazing seafood and comfort food, and feeding the soul with good times. 310 Eastlake Dr., 574.372.3224

The Luncheonette at Zale Drugs

Step back into yesteryear. And order ice cream from the soda foundation, grab a stool at the diner counter—and/or order off breakfast and lunch menus. Nostalgia is always delicious. 1775 E. Center St., 574.267.7356,

Yamato’s Steakhouse of Japan

If amazing sushi, hibachi and bento boxes are your jam, go enjoy a Japanese lunch or dinner at Yamato’s. Dine-in or carry out, and order food online if you wish. And expect a smile with excellent service. 101 Argonne Rd., 574.267.8885, LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Local Eats Food Finder, cont’d WINONA LAKE Cerulean

Catering • Banquet Hall • Bar Services 7369 E. 800 N., North Webster 574.457.4840

Located along the canal at the Village at Winona. Feel like some fine dining? Sushi, perhaps? Or bento boxes, wine and cocktails? Oh, yeah, they have ‘em all. You won’t be disappointed. 1101 E. Canal St., 574.269.1226,

Kelainey’s Ice Cream + Sandwich Shop For premium hand-dipped ice cream, gourmet sandwiches and salads—and even your fave espresso drinks, Kelainey’s has it all. Stop by while visiting the shops of Village at Winona. 904 Park Ave., 574.267.2860,

Light Rail Café & Roaster Visit this quaint café with open air deck seating and screened-in porch, the Light Rail specializes in coffee, pizza and sandwiches. What’s better? 1000 Park Ave., 574.269.1000,

The Boathouse Restaurant A signature staple for the Village at Winona. Enjoy views of Winona Lake while sitting on the screened-in porch, enjoying your meal of steak, pork chops, chicken, seafood, pasta, various salads and much more. 700 Park Ave., 574.268.2179,

The Garden at Cerulean It’s a dog-friendly, unique patio place with an outdoor cooking area, festive strung lights and entertainment throughout the summer. From artisan burgers and specialty plates to multiple tap selections, it’s a great place to dine—and chill out—on any seasonal night. 1101 E. Canal St. B, 574.269.1226, 260.436.6900

5010 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 56

LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Kosciusko County Luxury Real Estate Kosciusko County Luxury Real Estate

The R G rou p R e a l Es ta t e t e a m i s o n e o f th e t op - p rod uc i n g t e a m s i n K o s c i u s k o C o u n t y an d rep re s e n t s t h e a re a ’s fi n e s t re s i de n t i a l , l a ke , an d l u x u r y p rop er t i e s w i t h e x c e pt i o n a l s k i l l s u s i n g t h e m os t in n ov a t i v e te c h n o l o gi e s c u r re n tl y a v ai l ab l e . We a l s o p rov i de a w h i t e gl o v e e x pe r i e n c e , s p e e d , e ff i c i e n c y, a nd e x t r a o rdi n a r y c u s to m e r s e r vi c e .

R Group Real Estate team is one of the - producing teams in Kosciusko County and re sen ts the area’s finest residential, lake, and u r y p roperties with exceptional skills using the s t in no vative technologies currently available. a l so pro vide a white glove experience, speed, c i enc y, and extraordinary customer service. To learn more: Facebook/TheRGroupRealEstate Instagram/TheRGroupRealEstate Email us:

9872 N Bayshore Drive, Lake Wawasee

Got Big Dreams? We can help you.

Syracuse Office 11010 N State Road 13 574.457.3160 Warsaw Office 220 S Buffalo Street 574.268.0001

MLS # 202000038

Got Big Dreams? We can help you. 57 Angie Racolta Realtor/Owner 317.750.1600

LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Featured Story Water Fun

Paddle Power by John C. Gill

Using rhythmic movements, paddlers glide over the water, serenaded by the resulting wake. Paddling evokes images of earlier times, when explorers in hand-hewn canoes navigated unfamiliar waterways. Though the time-honored canoe remains a popular non-motorized option, today’s paddlers also mount boards or kayaks to traverse lakes and negotiate rivers and streams. With acres of water and miles of shoreline


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

to investigate, Kosciusko County provides the perfect setting for paddling. Canoeists, kayakers, and paddleboarders, unlike most power boaters, have the ability to access tight areas and shallow water. They travel under their own power and at their own pace, directing the craft wherever curiosity leads them. This eco-friendly sport not only eliminates the need for purchasing gasoline, but also promotes physical fitness.

Some users paddle fast and hard, while others prefer a slow and gentle pace. Paddlers may also vary the reach and style of their strokes and introduce additional exercises to their routines. For every technique and level of interest, paddling ensures a suitable watercraft.


Anglers, campers, and day-trippers who travel with gear often choose a canoe as their manner of transport. Commonly constructed of polyethylene or fiberglass, and available in 12’ to 17’ lengths, canoes feature raised seating and offer ample cargo space. Ideal for family outings, a canoe will accommodate several individuals or pets in its belly.


Lightweight and versatile with a lower center of gravity, kayaks are designed for solo or duo venturing, with tandem recreational kayaks representing a growing segment of the market. Using a double bladed paddle, kayakers rotate their torsos to propel the craft. Anglers sometimes favor pedal kayaks, which rely on pedal propulsion for forward or reverse motion. This gives them the freedom to cast fishing lines while moving about. Easy to transport and excellent for sightseeing, kayaks position the paddler close to the water’s surface for a unique perspective. They are typically constructed of rotomolded plastic and range in length from 8’ to 13’. Shorter kayaks offer ease of control and quick turning. But paddlers in search of straight-line travel and speed seek longer models. Although less spacious than canoes, most kayaks provide small storage compartments in the cockpit plus topside straps for securing lifejackets, fishing poles, or coolers.


For multifunctional applications, the paddleboard reigns as champion. Riders may stand, sit, or kneel on their boards while paddling, to focus on strengthening different muscle groups. They roll off to swim, then remount with ease. Paddlers fish from their boards, and use them for practicing yoga and tai chi.

for all-around recreational use, paddlers choose wider, PVC coated boards. The height of the rider determines the size of the board. A 7’ to 9’ board fits most children, while 11’ to 12’ lengths suit an adult. Despite appearing precarious to onlookers, paddleboarding becomes second nature quickly. Riders from ages eight to 80 discover that balance kicks in after bending the knees upon mounting. Then strong, long, and leveraged reaches with each paddle stroke builds speed. If paddling into the wind becomes tiresome, riders sit or kneel on their boards to improve aerodynamics.


As paddles are paramount to piloting canoes, kayaks and boards, riders need to determine the proper fit. The length of the paddle must correlate to the height or wingspan of the rider. Carbon fiber or graphite paddles enhance speed, as users expend less strength moving them through the water. A popular choice for recreational use is the lightweight and adjustable aluminum paddle with plastic blade, which allows for custom sizing. Over the thousands of years since humans first piloted dugout canoes, boaters and engineers have perfected the paddle’s design. Today, as riders orchestrate their own maneuvers aboard manual-powered vessels, they continue to preserve the ancient activity of paddling.

Where to go Bart’s Water Sports Paddleboard and kayak sales + accessories 7581 800 N. North Webster 574.834.7666

The Lake House Surfshop & Water Sports Store Paddleboard and kayak sales and rentals + accessories Delivery and pick-up of rentals available 720 E. Canal Street Winona Lake 574.265.6945

Pedals & Paddles Paddleboard and kayak sales and rentals + accessories 105 E. Esterbrook Dr. North Webster 574.244.2279

The fastest paddleboards are narrow and made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. But LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Featured Story Fishing + Boating


ake season is here at last, which means family time around the clock. Fortunately, if you have children—from little ones to teens—there’s plenty going on in Kosciusko County throughout the summer to keep them occupied and learning new things at the same time. And lucky for us, the Wawasee Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program is hoisted ‘n ready to offer unique experiences to youngsters. So, get ready to block off your calendars and fill out registration forms.

Wawasee Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program

Does sailing run in the family? Maybe you’ve got a middle schooler showing interest. Starting in July, Wawasee Yacht Club is hosting its annual Junior Sailing Program for kids eight to 16 years-old. Parents can expect the sailing program to foster:

»» Sportsmanship »» Self-discipline »» Self-reliance »» Respect for nature and fellow sailors

Kids’ Sailing Club in Kosciusko County by Haiden Hibbert photos by Mike Deak

There are four sessions throughout the summer, and each one lasts one week, Monday through Friday. To accommodate your schedule, you may choose either the morning session, which takes place from 9 a.m. to noon, or the afternoon session from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The first week is already sold out, so be sure to check out the remaining spots. Sessions taking place July 13–17, July 20–24, and July 27–31 are still open as of the time of this writing. It costs $145 per member and $160 for nonmembers. There are both basic and advanced programs. The basic program is recommended for kids 8 to 13 years old who have little to no experience with sailing, while the advanced program is for kids 13 to 16 who have taken the basic course or have previous experience with sailing. For up-to-date information, visit


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

10 minutes north of Lake Wawasee, Countryscapes and Gardens is a must see destination of the entire family. After exploring their beautiful greenhouses and garden center, stop by the restaurant for a tasty meal or a piece of homemade pie and ice cream! Countryscapes and Gardens carries a vast supply of unique annuals and perennials, and can design and grow custom planters. Let Jason and his team design the perfect flowerscapes for your garden and landscape. Like us on Facebook for helpful hints and trending combinations!

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Featured Story Family Fun

Kid Summer Fun Leave the laptops—lure ‘em into lake life by Shannon E. Rooney

After the long Indiana winter and the duration of mandated quarantine, we bet your kiddos are as eager to get outdoors as you are to get them there! But we also know that sometimes, without structure, kids gravitate toward screens and it’s a challenge to limit that phone/tablet/laptop time. If you’re looking for ways to lure them from the blue glow and instead toward the blue sky, we can help. Check out our list of fun outdoor ideas and area activities. Then get outside and make some memories.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Canoe at Winona Lake…

or any other area lake! But, the Winona Lake park offices offer canoe, kayak, paddleboard, and paddleboat rentals that run from $7-$15 per hour. So whatever your preferred mode of water transport, they’ve got you. Buckle up those life jackets and enjoy the open water.

Make An Itinerary

Sometimes great fun is best with a plan. “The options are plentiful with outdoor recreation being one of the county’s top draws,” said Jill Boggs, CEO of the Kosciusko County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “The Bureau’s website at offers sample itineraries and has a Build My Trip feature to help you discover the many ways you can live well in the moment in Kosciusko County.”

Go Camping (in your own backyard)

Most kids love sleeping outside—even the older ones will want to get in on this. Set up a tent for the kids and a tent for the adults, then it stock with sleeping bags and flashlights. Build a campfire at twilight and don’t forget the marshmallows. “Drive-in” Movie (also in your backyard) Technology can help you with this one. Hang a white bed sheet between two trees and project a favorite family movie. Projectors are available at many big box stores (or Amazon for home delivery) for as little as $89. Serve up some popcorn and enjoy.

Disc Golf at Lucerne Park

Take the whole family to this lakeside disc golf course and practice throwing discs into nine different holes. You can use official rules and bring regulation discs, or simply teach the kiddos using frisbee discs from home.

Get Crafty

Yes, make happy wooden wind chimes! You don’t have to be an artist to get crafty with nature and your own backyard offers a plethora of materials. How do sticks and paint sound?

You’ll Need: »» Sticks from the yard »» Sandpaper »» Craft paint and brushes »» Sealant »» Small eye screws »» Twine Step 1: Take the kids outside to collect thick, medium-sized sticks. You’ll want them to be thick enough to “clank” together when hung in a row. Break or cut them at 8-10 inches. Step 2: Peel any bark off and then sand with sandpaper. Tip: Younger children find sanding easier with a sanding block. Step 3: Paint your sticks. The more colorful the better. Two coats is best. Then, seal with a coat of Mod Podge or other sealant and allow enough time for the sealant to set. Step 4: Screw small eye screws into the tops of your sticks, then string twine through the holes and tie. Step 5: Hang your wind chimes! This is the best part. Hang individual sticks close together on a low tree branch or other handy spot in your yard. Done! Little ones will love running their hands through the “chimes” to hear the sound.

Summer Camps 2020

You can’t beat the classic summer camp experience for outdoor fun. Here’s a listing of local offerings still planned as scheduled as of June LakeLife’s publication date. Camp Crosley YMCA Waterfront overnight and day camps for boys and girls featuring tubing, sailing, archery, horseback riding, and lots of other activities. Ages: 6-15, plus family camps Dates: June 7 - August 9 Location: on the shores of Lake Tippecanoe Cost: $150-$900 Camp Ella J. Logan A camp just for Girl Scouts and their families on Dewart Lake, offering traditional camp activities, plus a special horse camp and single adventure days. Ages: 6-15, plus family camps Dates: June 14 - July 28 Location: Dewart Lake, Syracuse Cost: $237-$490 C.O. Mollenhour Conservation Camp Separate sleepaway camps for boys and girls that promote teamwork and outdoorsmanship. Activities include archery, fishing, and canoeing. Ages: 9-14 Dates: July 12-17 (Boys Camp), July 19-24 (Girls Camp) Location: McClures Lake, west of Silver Lake Cost: $225

Baker Youth Club Warsaw Summer Camp Day camp focused on health, education, and building social skills. Days are filled with field trips, STEM projects, reading, and fun physical activities. Ages: Grades K-8 Dates: July 12-17 (Boys Camp), July 19-24 (Girls Camp) Location: Warsaw Cost: $90/week; $30/day; $100/afternoons only

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


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Fishing or Floating-It's just all about boating...



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Homes Interiors

Lake Home Décor by Kelley Jae Graber interior designer

Some think it’s easy to design a lake home. Hang an anchor here and string some seashells there, right? That’s a good start, but true, quality design gets a little more involved. Enjoy some tips to help design your own lake home, with an expert’s touch.

Coastal is the design of choice for many vacation home and lake home owners. This home shows the perfect balance of color and texture. Check out the many different textures in this space. I love a touch of rattan or wicker in a lake home. 66

LakeLife Magazine June 2020

The Coastal Look


No, that’s not a typo. It’s white on white on white, with wooden tones on the floors to help warm up the space. Get creative with your ‘relaxing space’ by adding a pillow-laden porch swing to an interior white space, where you can be extra cozy while at peace, gazing onto the lake for hours on end.

Must-Have Beverage Cart

A beverage center is a must at the lake—for the hot days, the lazy days, and those when you’re busily entertaining. Whether it’s a makeshift bar with a cart, an old chest, or if you can take it to the next level and add built-in cabinets with an ice maker and wine rack, it might become your most frequented area of the house.

Pop It With Color

If an all-white style isn’t your cup of tea, utilize pops of color to brighten your life. This works in restful, seating areas of your home—and in the kitchen as well. Cabinets of many colors are hot right now, especially in blue tones. And, if books are your form of relaxation, add a large bookcase with some intriguing books to pick up and read.

See what styles fit your personality best—and then dive in. Have fun. And enjoy your lake home—and the décor within it, that makes it uniquely yours! LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Homes Exteriors

Perennial Pleasers

Ignore ‘em. They’ll love it. by Mike Petrucelli


ith the upending of daily life this year, plenty of people are no doubt looking for some certainty, any certainty, to inject into the daily routine. And while social isolation and distancing has been a new norm for many, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Perennial plants offer both of those things: a cure for cabin fever in the planting, and the certainty that what you do now will return every year, bigger and better, to brighten and beautify your yard. Mark Myers, owner of Myers Landscape Nursery in Syracuse, has a number of recommendations that will work well in yards in this area, based on his 35 years of being in business in the area. “We keep on the cutting edge, we test the dickens out of (our perennials),” he said. “They have to be pleasing and easy to grow. They need to have good color with minimum care for a lot of the year.” Here are some of Myers’ recommendations:


These native plants are in the legume family. Newer cultivars boast a longer bloom and new colors: pink, blue, purple and yellow. Myers said just about anybody should be able to grow these, and in many cases, all they have to do is plant them and let the plant do the rest.

Achillea, or yarrow, Sassy Summer

Traditionally, Myers said, yarrow can be pretty boring, with too short a bloom period and dull colors. But gardeners should try the Sassy Summer series, with tropical colors such as sangria, bright yellows and oranges that you normally can’t find. They also have a longer-blooming flower.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Little bluestem grasses

Regular-sized bluestems tend to be too large and aggressive for smaller properties around the lakes, Myers said. Little bluestems, on the other hand, are perfect, with pleasing black, purple and iridescent blues. Another detail that makes them interesting is they are a native Indiana prairie plant.

Cheyenne Spirit coneflowers

These native plants are a staple of just about any yard. Newer cultivars have been a little disappointing, Myers said, with one notable exception: Cheyenne Spirit. These are grown from seed and produce a mix of colors, from red to yellow to orange. They boast really good reblooming and superior overwintering, Myers said, and there will always be a mix of colors.

Dianthus Firewitch

If you’re in need of a ground cover or border plant, this is one to try. These rebloom well, Myers said, and are very fragrant, making them a good choice for a border plant around walkways. “Guests will say, ‘What is that smell?’” Myers said.

All images


Succulents have been on the rise for years, Myers said, and sedums are a classic, because they are basically a “plant and forget” perennial. There are some new cultivars that are interesting. Look for the Dazzleberry series for some deep, rich colors. A favorite of Myers’ is the Angelina sedum. It has a bright yellow flower and even has been shown to be semi-evergreen in this area, Myers said. He’s even seen them blooming in March in this area. Another sedum that has been very popular, he said, is called Steel The Show. This cultivar features bluish leaves and pink flowers.

Perennials can offer a feeling of permanence to a landscape. And while there is nothing wrong with reliable results, give these cultivars a try to add a little variety (and a lot of ease) into your lakefront gardenscape.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Time wasted at the lake is time well spent.

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Need a REALTOR®?

Rob Smith Knowledge, Experience, Integrity

Rob & Lucy Smith

Having grown up on Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee, I am knowledgeable about lakefront living and I can help make your dream come true! With over 34 years of experience — buying, selling, lake front homes, waterfront homes, new construction, commercial, property management, short sale — call me for ALL your real estate needs!

My wife Lucy is also a Broker of over 21 years. In our spare time you can find us spoiling our 2 grandkids or out on the lake with our dog, Sailor!

Rob Smith



Legends Group LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Homes Featured Home

Lisa’s Lounge C’mon in.

Where laughter, libations + lovin’ life repeat history. story + photos by Sue Rawlinson-Pais


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

Affectionately referred to as “Lisa’s Lounge,” this privatelyowned condo residence buzzes with life, music + joy… respectfully reminiscent of the Spink’s colorful years-gone-by.

<<< It’s always a party at Lisa’s Lounge, where smiles, good times + loving lake life are alive and well.

Far left: Meet Lake Wawasee's Lisa Hill. Below: This vibrant, red sculpture greets guests as they enter her home.


f ever there was a tangible energy alive within one’s walls, its electric energy is a’buzzing within the residence of Lisa Hill. Her Lake Wawasee Spink condo, named by friends and family as “Lisa’s Lounge,” is just that: a lounge where loved ones are welcome any time, rain or shine.

And what can be expected? A smile, a hug, great music, laughter and the drink of your choice. Hill’s bar is always open, stocked—and ready to accommodate visitors. At Lisa’s Lounge, friends and family know it is here where they can unwind. And unlike the

elegant attire on the same grounds in the ‘20s and ‘30s, today, the more relaxed, the better. “It’s a very casual atmosphere here,” she smiled. “There’s no need to dress up when sunglasses and lipstick will do just fine.” Yes, it’s always a celebration at Lisa’s Lounge. A celebration of lake life. Of family. Of friends. Of joyful spirits and zest for the beauty in life. And, tasty, award-winning sauce from two-generations of beautiful Italian ladies. LakeLife Magazine? Welcome to Lisa’s Lounge.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Homes Featured Home, cont'd

About Wawasee Spink Condos »» During the ‘20s and ‘30s, the Spink was a world-class resort, hotel and casino, attracting the very wealthy from Illinois, movie stars and entertainers who are part of great American history.

»» Lake Wawasee was known for the best

in music and dancing. Cab Calloway, Glen Miller, Hogy Carmichael, Ted Weems, Guy Lombardo, Woody Herman and other big band names stayed at the Spink, some playing in the ballroom.

»» Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were frequent guests of the Spink.

»» Big gamblers from Chicago also

frequented, including Al Capone and his henchmen.

»» The Spink is named after Edgar G.

Spink of Indianapolis, the builder of the complex.

»» Following the death of Mr. Spink in 1927, his daughters ran the operations of the hotel.

»» High-stakes gambling, Prohibition

booze, big band music and dancing in the ballroom all took place here. Later, the facility transitioned into a seminary and prep school, and in 1984, it transformed yet again, into the luxury condominiums we see today.

»» The Wawasee Spink Condos face

west, so spectacular sunsets are guaranteed, year-round.

»» Sunset Hill is a popular gathering

spot for Spink’s residents. Sunset Hill has a firepit, tiki torches—a great view and cool breezes.

»» To learn more,



LakeLife Magazine June 2020

“Truly a beautiful woman, inside and out, my mother loved hosting parties and making everyone feel welcome,” Hill said.

here full-time, I wanted it to reflect my personality and my love for hosting and entertaining.”

And ‘more the merrier’ remains the mantra at Lisa’s Lounge. It’s part of her genetics, we might say. But her welcoming presence and culinary expertise aren’t the only influences from her mom. So, too, is her affection for Lake Wawasee.

So with the help of Goshen’s Red Door Design and Yoder Kitchen Corp., Hill transformed the former island-beach vibe to one of rich comfort and sophistication with a Mid-century modern theme.

Raised in Fort Wayne and educated at Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, Ind., Hill lived full-time for most of her years in South Bend — but Lake Wawasee was always her refuge. “My parents had a home up here (on Lake Wawasee),” she said. “I’ve been coming to this lake since the early ‘70s, during summer weekends.” And even years later, as Hill worked a demanding (yet fulfilling) job as vice president of sales for a technology company, weekend getaways to her condo at the Spink were a means to decompress and unwind. But life changed for Hill in 2012. It was then when she said good-bye to busy corporate life. “I decided to leave my job,” she said. “I sold my home in South Bend, and moved here to my ‘happy place’ full-time.” And as the selfless among us do, she now enjoys sharing her happy place with family, friends and neighbors. “To me, lake life is friends, family and fun!” she said. “People come to the lake to relax and have a good time…it’s about boating, cookouts, cocktails, sports, games and lots of laughs.” Yes, like mother, like daughter. Owning residences at The Spink, too, is a bit of a family tradition. Lisa and her brother both own condos here, as did, you guessed it: “My mother, too, owned a condo at the Spink.”


When Hill purchased her condo in 2005, it was a turnkey purchase, the previous owner leaving everything in its place. “Its Tommy Bahama theme was very cool,” she said, “and as a second home, the theme worked well, but when I decided to live


As did the Spink’s guests of yesteryear, today, those visiting Lisa’s Lounge know this: they’re about to have an experience— one of laughter, fun and companionship. And the redesign of Hill’s condo is one that’s meticulously prepared to meet the expectation. Beginning with the entrance to her condo, a fun, bright red sculpture awaits beside the door, as if saying, ‘over here, friends.’


Once indoors, the varied lines and colorful theme of rich reds, brilliant oranges and the abundance of natural light, to which all lakers are drawn, tell friends that they’re right at home. In fact, there’s a culmination of textures, unique artwork and multiple casual, yet quietly elegant seating areas. Together, these areas fulfill their intention to encourage guests to, well, have a seat and stay a while.

Hill’s home is a showcase of Midcentury modern design with a fabulous combination of mixed textures, from floor to ceiling. With clean lines, organic curves and various fabrics, Hill’s sleek style and vibrant color selections reflect her welcoming personality. And the comfort visitors feel when they sink into her furniture? It’s the real deal. Offering multiple seating arrangements — from leather couches to her retro velvet Mid-century accent chairs to the Midcentury lounge chairs — there’s a perfect chair for any gathering of guests. Each setting is arranged to maximize comfort, encourage conversation and offer ample seating for just a few friends over coffee to many guests at once. “Ten people will squeeze in around this table for dinner,” she said.

<<< A busy kitchen, ideal for this Italian chef and an ideal area for guests to gather. These wooden barstools are comfortable for guests as they visit and enjoy one of Hill’s gorgeous charcuterie boards.

<<< A framed photo of Hill’s mother. A Jackie O look-alike? Yes, we’d say so.

Bottom Left A main gathering area in the “Lounge,” these red swivel chairs are, indeed, as cozy as they appear. Bottom Right One of Hill’s favorite pieces of artwork, honoring her heritage, her culinary craft—and certainly her bold, beautiful interior color scheme.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020


Homes Featured Home, cont'd

On pasta night with her pals, this pillow-laden seating area is full of friends, laughter and very satisfied appetites. >>>

The fully-stocked bar is always open at Lisa’s Lounge. >>>

Lower left: The view from Sunset Hill on a sunny day at Wawasee. Lower middle: Even the bathroom is beautifully designed, bold in color and rich in fun artwork. Lower right: Hill, happy and relaxed on her Boston Whaler Montauk.


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

living area, but come evening? The glow further emphasizes why her home is referred to as Lisa’s Lounge. The loungelike lighting, and even that of her electric fireplace, create a most welcoming, relaxing ambiance. The Fenoglio black drum light over the dining table, various wall sconces and the mobile chandelier all add a relaxing, even elegant, enhancement.


And while Lisa’s Lounge is certainly not a public restaurant, for her friends and family, it’s even better. From her kitchen, which is as functional as it is beautiful, the most delectable cheese platters, charcuterie boards and the finest of wines will be served. But aside from an abundance of snacking, if her friends are fortunate enough, it’ll be a night of Italian cooking. And no, Ragu® will not be on the menu. In true, bigger-than-life fashion, this Italian culinary queen will serve her red sauce—another reflection of her mother’s influence. “My mother taught me to make the sauce,” she said. “Yes, I’ll frequently serve our award-winning Italian red sauce, pasta, salad and nice red wine,” she said. “I make extra because guests of my guests are always welcome. The more the merrier!”


Top: The lighting throughout Lisa’s Lounge is nothing short of beautiful brilliance. Middle: Accessories add extra personality in this lively home… and each holds a story all its own. Bottom: One of the two outdoor seating areas for guests to gather, while watching lake life, visiting with friends, and soaking in the sunshine.

As is the case with many genuinely welcoming people, there is depth to all within Hill’s world, including the artwork selected to adorn the walls, and each (albeit few) carefully chosen décor adorning shelves and counters. Whether it’s a limoncello canister on the kitchen granite, the Italian artwork on the wall or the framed photo of Hill’s mother, there are stories accompanying all pieces. In fact all stories shared were weaved between two life themes: Hill’s Italian family heritage and her Jackie O lookalike mother.


Lighting in Lisa’s Lounge is a commonly appreciated design element. During the day, natural light flows throughout the


As lighting can affect mood, Hill also understands the powerful effects of music. It’s transformational. That’s why she’s prepared with the ideal background music. “Dinner music would include crooners like Sinatra, Armstrong and Buble,” she said. But don’t get too comfortable and cozy— there’s no napping at Lisa’s Lounge. “Later in the evening, I’ll play my ‘no-stinkers’ playlist which has lots of fun songs that tend to call for singing out loud,” she said.


And when sunset begins to paint the sky, the party often moves outdoors. Hill’s colorful personality extends to her outdoor settings as well. With two separate seating areas, her guests may visit between the comfy couch or her patio dining table. Or perhaps they’d like a closer look at the water. If so, they can join Hill on a walk along the pier to see the boats, listen to the water lap upon the shore, or take a spin on her own Boston Whaler Montauk purchased from Griffith’s Wawasee Marina. And from the water, it’s easy to spot the glow of Lisa’s Lounge — and to hear the crooning distant tunes. To some, perhaps it feels reminiscent to stories of days gone by at the very same location… There’s ne’er a dull moment at Lisa’s Lounge. With each detail meticulously designed, Hill finds great joy in helping provide for her friends and family the most complete lake experience—one that deepens the soul, creates memories, and ignites a celebration. A celebration of present moments, and perhaps a ‘cheers’ with reverent nod to those of the past. LakeLife Magazine June 2020


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About Lake Wawasee

Make Your Neighbors GREEN With Envy

»» Largest natural lake in Indiana »» 3,500 acres of water »» 25 miles of shoreline, with more than 1,000 shoreline homes and condos

»» Access to multiple restaurants and bars by boat

»» Active Yacht Club with weekly sailboat races and annual regattas

»» Boat Church Sunday mornings »» Wawasee Flotilla Parade during Fourth of July weekend

»» During the summer months,

the local community on Lake Wawasee swells from 3,000 residents to 35,000 •



LakeLife Magazine June 2020

3.5” x 2” 3.5” x 2”

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A God Vision Restoring Vision Vision of One God Vision of One Way Vision for Family Vision for Love Vision for Unity Togetherness Vision of Mercy

7/19 Vision of Stewardship 7/26 Vision of One Church 8/2 Vision of Forgiveness 8/9 8/16 8/23 8/30 9/6

Vision of the Heart Vision of Commandments Vision Sharing Vision of Trust Vision of God Future

Proverbs 29:18 John 9 Deut 4:35 John 14-16 Gen 2:23-24 1 Cor 13:1-8 1 Cor 1:10, 1 Pet 3:8 Mi 6:8 & 7:18 Titus 3:5, Luke 6:36 Ps 24:2, Mat 25:14-15 1 Tim 6:20 1 Cor 12:27 & 3:16 Ps 103:3 1 John 1:9, Col 3:13 1 Sam 16:1, Rom 8:27 Matt 23:36-40, 2/10? 1 Tim 6:18, Heb 13:16 Prov 3:5 Ja 5:14, 1 Cor 13:12

SYRACUSE-WAWASEE AREA CHURCHES & WORSHIP TIMES Calvary Methodist 10am, Rev. David Henry Christian Church of Milford 10am, Rev. Steve Wilson Church of God 9:30am, Rev. Stan Owen Grace Lutheran ELCA 9:30am St Andrews Methodist 10:30am, Rev. James Tormey Syracuse Baptist 10:00am, Tim Bushong The Sanctuary 10am & 6:30pm, Rev. Craig Fritchley Vineyard Sat 6pm, Sun 10am, Rev. Kent Butcher Wawasee Bible Church 9:00 & 10:45am, Josh Weiland Wawasee Chapel 10am, Rev. Harlan Steffen, Rev. Brad Cox Wawasee Heights Baptist 10:30am, Rev. Pat Park


MAY 24TH TO SEPTEMBER 6TH 574.529.1663

8:30AM - 9:00AM


BOAT-IN WORSHIP In the New Testament, Jesus preached from a boat. More than 2,000 years later, Syracuse-Wawasee Ministerial Association is repeating that tradition. However, instead of a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee, they are using the Lillypad on Lake Wawasee.

LakeLife Magazine June 2020



The most important thing in the world is family.  —  John Wooden


LakeLife Magazine June 2020

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