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Student Publications Employment Application Name: _____________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Primary Phone: ________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________ Instructions for all applicants: • Complete this application. • Read job descriptions on the back page and indicate desired position(s). • Attach a résumé (with job experience, honors and references) and work samples. • Submit an unofficial transcript (not required for beginning freshmen). Note: All applicants must be able to attend staff orientation. Most positions start off on a volunteer basis before being a paid employee. Contact Information Local Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ Zip Code: ______________________ Alt. Phone: ________________________________ Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ Zip Code: ____________________ Student Information SID#: _________________________ GPA: ___________________________________ Classification: _____________________ Major: ______________________________ Anticipated Semester of Graduation: ________________________________________ Other Are you eligible for work study? YES / NO Have you been employed by the University? YES / NO If so, when and where? ____________________________________________________ I agree to fulfill all the duties of the position I am assigned. If I am hired, I understand that I may be terminated if I do not perform adequately (after a thorough review of my performance by the editor and adviser). Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________

Job Descriptions Choose three desired positions, numbered 1-3, with one being the most desired and three the least. NOTE: Experience is a plus but not required. The Pan American provides training in all areas. 1. Copy Editor Will look over articles and finished pages for errors one of the following nights: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Preferred: knowledge of AP style, grammar, spelling and a firm grasp of the English language. _____ Copy Editor 2. Reporter Will gather story ideas and write articles in the print or online editions of the newspaper. Preferred: knowledge of AP style, grammar, spelling, an inquisitive nature and interviewing skills. What (if any) experience do you have with reporting, including interviewing and writing? ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____ News: Covers issues affecting UTPA staff, faculty and students, including breaking news. _____ Arts & Life: Covers people and events related to art and human interest. _____Sports: Covers UTPA sport practices, games and events. 3. Video Will gather story ideas that would be conducive to video coverage; produces, edits and uploads videos. What (if any) experience do you have with footage editing software or video in general? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Video Reporter: Will write scripts, do stand up and voice-overs for stories. _____Videographer: Will film live events, including breaking news, b-roll or reporters’ stand up. _____ Footage Editor: Will edit footage on FinalCut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. 4. Photography Will take assigned photos using a DSLR camera, edit in Photoshop and write cutlines. Preferred: basic photo knowledge, including composition, exposure, focus, etc. What (if any) experience do you have with photography or photo editing software? ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Photographer 5. Design Will design illustrations and graphics for the print and online newspaper based on information provided by reporters. Will lay out pages for the print edition. What (if any) experience do you have with design or design software? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____ Designer 6.Web Will maintain website and actively develop for Should be familiar with general Internet programming. What (if any) experience do you have with website management? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ___Webmaster 7. Advertising/ Public Relations Distribute papers, sell ad space in the paper and participate in special projects. Knowledge of Excel a plus. What (if any) experience do you have with advertising or public relations? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____ PR Specialist: Will manage contacts with businesses and sell ad space in the newspaper. ____ Distribution Specialist: Will distribute papers on and off campus and at special events.

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