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Your Online Life Jemma York

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Occupy Wall Street, page 5


At Facebook’s annual developer conference, f8, Mark Zuckerberg discussed the new features available on the Web’s biggest social network. The new features are generating much media attention as well as mixed reviews from Pace students. Junior psychology student Maria Mulligan said “I like it, but it will take some time to get used to. The new Facebook layout is much more organized, yet there’s a lot of activity going on at once.” On the other hand, junior media and communications student Nadine Weilersbacher said, “The new layout is very confusing. The ‘ticker’ above the chat is incredibly distracting.” The ‘ticker,’ now on the right side of users’ homepage, is a live feed of all the ongoing activity occurring on Facebook. Sophomore marketing student Alissa DeMaio stated, “I don’t even know the people that pop up on the ‘ticker.’ I don’t like the new Facebook. It’s too hard to navigate. The pictures are way too big.” DeMaio asked a question that seems to be on everybody’s mind, “Why does Facebook keep changing?” Facebook aims to be “someContinued on Page 2

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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Mold in Martin Hall Jemma York

News Editor

Samantha Finch

Featured Reporter

Two roommates in Martin Hall knew that they smelled something “funky” but were not quite sure what it was. “Then the smell grew more potent, to the point where Febreeze would not work. Last Thurs. [Sept. 29] I knew it was time to investigate,” said sophomore Alissa DeMaio As DeMaio looked through her closet, she first noticed that her shoes were covered in green and white spots. After moving her clothes, she saw black, green, and brown spots covering the wall in the back corner of her closet. DeMaio immediately contacted her Residence Director (RD) Nekeisha De Verny, and a maintenance worker from buildings and grounds soon arrived. DeMaio’s roommate Nancy Haas said, “Both the maintenance worker and the RD were concerned and quick to help. The maintenance man ripped out the wall surrounding at the bottom of the closet.” .Beneath the moldy wall, what they found was even more mold. DeMaio said, “It was disgusting. I am both frightened and revolted. The mold was climbing

Photo by Georgina Goulding/The pace Chronicle Mold in Martin Hall, room E16, causing two roommated to feel ill.

up the wall and then spreading all over my clothes and shoes.” “The mold was caused by a leak in a water pipe,” explained Director of Residential Life Debbie Levesque. William Link, University Director of Physical Plant Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance Administration, said, “Mold is everywhere. It is naturally occurring in the atmosphere and can grow, especially in the moist conditions like we have had this fall. When it

is found, we deal with it.” To resolve the mold in room E16, maintenance made a hole in the wall to fix the broken pipe. Then they utilized fans to dry the area. After reevaluating the room on Mon., Oct. 3, they closed up the wall and treated the area with moldicide which kills any remain mold spores and prevents mold from growing back. Mold was not found in any Continued on Page 2

Does Money Determine Students’ Acceptance Into Colleges? Jemma York

DJ Henry Youth Camp, page 12

A new study revealed that money is now a greater factor in the admissions process for most universities nationwide. To address the pressures faced by admission officials Inside

Higher Ed, an online publication for higher education professionals, conducted a survey of 462 admissions directors and enrollment managers and released these findings on Sept. 21. More than a third of admissions officials at four year colleges and over half at public research universities claim to work more diligently to recruit students

who can pay full price and need no financial aid. Ten percent of four-year colleges report that the full-pay students they are admitting have lower grades and test scores than do other admitted applicants. Pace denies involvement in such admissions strategies. Vice President for Enrollment Management Robina Schepp said

that these trends “do not apply to Pace. I'm proud to say our admissions are need blind, meaning that we do not take income into consideration when admitting or denying students. And our average SAT scores went up this year." Senior political science student Taylor Vogt is not surprised Continued on Page 2

Next week’s Pace Chronicle will be a tribute to Pace student Danroy “DJ” Henry, Jr. If you have messages or photos email them to by Sun, Oct. 9.

Redheads Denied?, page 4

“News is always good when it’s read over coffee,” - Jeremy Kelley Photo from Aria Smith


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What’s Making News Beyond Campus? Samantha Finch

Featured Reporter

BERLIN, Germany - The German Parliament voted to increase the amount of money for the bailout of countries in significant debt. If the law is passed, it will increase loan guarantees to approximately 211 billion euros. The agreement is being decided by all 17 countries that use the euro in an attempt to fix the multiple problems associated with the European debt crisis. Analysts say even if the law passes, it might be too small to defend against the current situation. SANA, Yemen - Anwar al-Awlaki was killed from a missile fired from an American drone aircraft in Yemen. al-Awalaki, a radical American-born cleric, was a leading figure in al-Qaeda’s affiliate there. His death concludes a two year search, according to Washington officials. Both Yemeni and American officials consider the strike as a significant success in hopes of weakening al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. BEIRUT, Lebanon - A mass of pro-government Syrians attempted to assault the American diplomatic delegation. Among the delegates was the US ambassador. The attack was made on the way to a meeting with an opposing group. The attackers then attempted another assault by trying to break into the building where the meeting was being held. For around 90 minutes the delegates and participants were trapped in the building. This has been the second attack of delegates in Syria since March when the antigovernment uprising began. CAIRO, Egypt - For only the second time in the history of the country, Saudi men voted on local elections. Only about 1.2 million people could vote though Saudi Arabia has 18 million citizens. Despite this major milestone, the nation closed polls for the majority of the population: mainly women, men employed by police personnel, and men under the age of 21 could not vote. The local elections were for councils, which have no law making abilities. In 2015 however, women will have the right to vote and run for office based on a decree made last week. BEIJING, China - A major investigation of allegations that officials in charge of family planning kidnapped children in a small rural providence of Hunan in southern China just concluded. The investigation has led to 12 government employees being fired from their positions and removed of their membership affiliations with the Communist Party. The investigation confirmed that the workers had no part in the kidnappings; however, they did violate many regulations leading to the illegal adoption of eight young children from Shauyang between 2002 and 2005.

The Pace Chronicle

Mold in Martin Hall other parts of Martin Hall, but has been present in other buildings on campus. The reports of mold this year are “pretty typical of every year,” said Levesque. Mildew surface residue has been reported in North Hall, Valley House, and the Townhouses. Levesque said, “North Hall experienced a mildew residue because of the window air conditioning units over the summer. At the beginning of the year, an exhausted fan was not working properly in the men’s restroom in the Valley House, resulting in a mold mildew residue. There was also a similar incident to E16, when a pipe broke in a townhouse during the summer. Before opening, while cleaning the house, we noticed mold in the bottom cabinets, so we removed the old cabinets and replaced them.” Link said, “If the mold were extensive we would have hired a remediation company.” A remediation contractor was called this semester for the Law School in White Plains. Link explained, “ground water from Hurricane Irene entered into the basement of the E Building and it created a mold issue.” Link added, “We did not test the mold in E16 to see if it is

thing that defines your onlineand increasingly offline-life,” according to “Facebook as a Tastemaker,” appearing in The New York Times. As students’ online and offline lives merge closer together, Pace faculty and staff encourage them to embrace the social networking, yet be wary of potential negative consequences. Mark Zuckerberg has said that social media “build[s] an image and identity for [yourself], which in a sense is [your] brand.” Dr. Michelle Pulaski Behling of the Media, Communications, and the Visual Arts Department said, “There are many things students can do with social media to enhance and control their online identity.” Pulaski-Behling recommends students Google themselves, as any potential employer would, to see what they find. Students should make sure the search results will impress future employers. To highlight professional skills and accomplishments online, Pulaski-Behling also encourages students to create profiles on LinkedIn and Pace’s

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toxic. This is not a toxic mold issue, but people can have allergic reactions to all types of mold.” Both residents claim to have serious health side effects due to mold exposure. “I experienced extreme headaches. They were so severe and impacted both my job and classes. Nancy has also been violently ill” said DeMaio. Haas explained, “For over two weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep because I have been coughing so much and I didn’t know why. I have severe cold symptoms to the point where I cannot even breathe. My parents are concerned for my health. I do not understand why I am paying an obscene amount of money to get a disease from my own dorm.” Levesque said, “We offered to move both residents into temporary rooms for the rest of the week in Dow hall, while we cleaned the mold. Additionally if they were could arrange for them to be permanently move if they wish, but we might not have a space on the Pleasantville campus. We want them to be comfortable and satisfied.” DeMaio claimed her property was also damaged by the mold. According to Levesque

Your Life Online

“There is a reimbursement process for the residents to follow. There is a form to fill out. If the situation is our fault, in this case it was because of the pipe leak, then I would advocate on their behalf.” The New York Department of Health states “communication with occupants of affected spaces is important regardless of the size of the project.” Levesque does “not usually inform residents of the mold situation if it is localized like in this case. The burst pipe caused the mold and it would not affect other residents. If we had to evacuate a building then we would inform the community. This situation was not a public danger.” Occupants of the E Building in White Plains were notified of the mold contamination and the remediation process. DeMaio stated, “Pace should notify students of the dangers of mold and when it is present on campus. Our situation is simply inexcusable. The pipe should not have burst to begin with. Pace should do more to ensure the safety of their students.” The cleaning process concluded on Oct. 3, allowing both residents to return to their room by that Mon. evening.

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ePortfolio site. She added, “Having a presence on these sites helps students control their online image and allows them to put their best foot forward professionally.” LinkedIn is a professional networking website, and allows registered participants to make connections with individuals from a wide variety of industries. Angelina Bassano, Director of Career Services, said, “The benefits of LinkedIn are numerous. It is a one-stop shop for company information, jobs, and professional development groups. Employer Recruiters search talent on LinkedIn.” Bassano added, “Facebook to be the premiere source for social networking, and not professional networking, but many companies do have a presence. Mixing social and professional lives opens up the opportunity for undesired or unplanned results. Never put anything on an online profile that you would not want your mother or boss to see.” Pulaski-Behling agreed that social networking creates a great lack of privacy and noted, “I don’t think users realize how easily personal information can be found online.”

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Weilersbacher said, “Many people broadcast their life over the internet through Facebook and Twitter. People must learn to be careful. Pictures or messaged students post may hurt them when you begin searching for jobs.” Pulaski Behling advises students to “use common sense and be smart about what you are posting.” She even suggests creating two accounts for social media like Facebook and Twitter. “The account with your ‘real’ name would be the one employers find when they search for you and should include professional information. The other accounts would be created with an alias that won’t show up in those searches and would include more personal information for friends and family.” Bassano said, “It is not social media that has the disadvantage, but rather user error. Profiles should be well crafted and highlight an individual's strengths and talents with a clear focus. Secondly, networking is about cultivating relationships which are mutually beneficial. Unless you are following through and building relationships, it is not effective networking.”

Samantha Finch Torraine Humes


Angelina Bassano

Carolyn Kleiman The Pace Chronicle is published by Trumbull Printing: (203) 261-2548 Written and edited by the students of Pace University, The Pace Chronicle is published weekly during the academic year. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of administration, faculty and The Pace Chronicle staff. The Pace Chronicle encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letters and comments. The Pace Chronicle cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them. Appearance of an advertisement in The Pace Chronicle does not imply endorsements by the members of the editorial board, the advisor, or Pace University of the products or services offered. All photos and copyrights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Subscription and advertising rates available upon request.

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Does Money Determine Students’ Acceptance Into Colleges? Continued from page 1...

Schepp’s comment and stated, “Pace's admittance rates are so high that it doesn't matter to them if you can pay.” Lloyd Thacker, director of the Education Conservancy, a nonprofit to improve college admissions, said the Inside Higher

Ed results were disconcerting. Thacker said his studies found that students are becoming more skeptical of colleges. “The cheat [students] see is that colleges are out for themselves, not for them as students. Our research, with 2,500 stu-

dents, found that of all the sources of information students get about higher education, they thought the least trustworthy sources are the colleges and college reps themselves.” Vogt disagreed, “As far as coming to conclusions about my

university I always try to double check anything, statistic wise, issued by the university itself. But I do trust the university. What reason would they have to lie to me?”

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The Pace Chronicle

Becoming a Global Citizen

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Career Quick Tips Angelina Bassano

Director, Career Services

Ronit Kapoor

Featured Reporter

As we prepare for another year at Pace, one important question we should ask ourselves is, “How can I become a Global Citizen and demonstrate global leadership on campus?” Pace offers many activities and events that allow students to learn more about how they can give back to their community and make a difference in the world. Many of these events serve to educate students on issues impacting people throughout the world. Dr. Marijo RussellO’Grady, Dean for Students on the New York City (NYC) campus highlighted the importance of Convocation in teaching others about Global Citizenship. “Convocation is such a wonderful coming together of our community to celebrate the beginning of the semester for first years and all,” said Russell-O’Grady. “Creating an event around a common reader and theme is important in embedding the concept of Global Citizenship in our vernacular in action and word.” Student Success Advisor in the Office for Student Success (OSA) Brandon McCluskey described another event that focuses on global leadership. “The Office of Student Success will be focusing on the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals at Pre-convocation and will lead to a lecture about them later on in the fall semester.” The Center for Community Action and Research also offers students the chance to learn about and discuss important topics and issues. The center will host Common Hour Conversations, which are a discussion series that will bring students together to discuss issues of social importance. Daniel Botting, Assistant Director of the Center for Community Action and Research highlighted the value of these discussions. "It's important for students

Photo from Pace University Global Citizenship Initiative to have a forum where they can come together, discuss controversial topics, and make their opinions heard." In addition to gaining an understanding about different social issues, students have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others. The Center for Community Action and Research will host Paint a School Day, where 100 Pace students will paint a school in the Bronx. In addition, students have the chance to participate in the Thanksgiving with Survivors of Domestic Violence event, where they will travel to a shelter in the Bronx to serve Thanksgiving dinner and play games with children from families that have experienced domestic violence. This event will be held on the NYC campus. The center will also host Alternative Spring Break, which will be offered on both the Pleasantville and NYC campuses. Pace students spend a week learning about poverty and helping organizations dedicated to assisting those in need in NYC. If people are interested in finding out more about any of the events the center holding this semester, they can contact the program at ccarplv@ Dean for Students on the Pleasantville campus Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo also highlighted different activities that will take place throughout the year on the

Pleasantville campus. “In the residence halls this year, the staff will be programming on what it means to be a global citizen. Also, we hope students will participate in Make a Difference Day on Oct. 15.” Moscaritolo explained what students can gain from participating in the Make a Difference Day event. “They can feel the power of giving back. The world is a large place but making a difference locally can help to make the world feel smaller.” Moscaritolo further described the impact that she hopes that these events and activities can have on students. “My hope is that students will begin to recognize injustices when they see them, will be more globally aware, and will begin to understand their purpose in the world and how the choices they make have an impact on the world.” As students learn about how they can work toward the benefit of the world around them, they can also inform and guide their peers on how they can demonstrate global citizenship themselves. Senior criminal justice student Amanda Carter stated, “Students should demonstrate global citizenship by improving ways to help educate students and bring a more general awareness about the concept of global citizenship onto campus. Students could help do this by holding events and programs hosted by various organizations.” By demonstrating global citizenship on campus, students may not only make a positive difference to the Pace environment but also to the rest of the world. Junior marketing and management student Alyssa Marie Betancourt said, “If we start doing on a local level hopefully it will have a snowball effect sort of like the movie pay it forward, you do one good thing and eventually it goes around the world without you even knowing this occurred.”

The Zoo on Our Frontyard

The Marty McGuire Museum, open for all to see Ronit Kapoor

Featured Reporter

Many of us would think that visiting the Bronx Zoo is important if we want to see and learn about different animals, however, Pace has a museum that allows the Pace community and the general public to view various types of animals. The Marty McGuire Museum, which opened this past April, is located in the Environmental Center on the Pleasantville campus.

Junior earth science and adult education student Alex Lengers is an employee at the Environmental Center and described the atmosphere within the museum. According to Lengers, the museum “has been specially designed with each creature in mind. For example, one enclosure was designed with desert creatures in mind. Another has an artificial tree in it for an owl.” The Environmental Center showcases many different kinds of animals, inside and outside of the museum building. Inside the museum, one can find the following animals: two

Burmese pythons Mona and Thud; two Chinese water dragon lizards named Yin and Yang; three corn snakes and two box turtles; three goldfish and a musk turtle named Stinky; Angus, the Mali Uromastyx lizard named; and Guy and Ko, the two leopard geckos; one black-tailed prairie dog named Chester; John Muir, the chinchilla, and a screech owl named Pearl. The museum is open from Mon. through Fri. from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The outside of the Environmental Center displays different animals. From dawn until dusk,


from career services

Carolyn Kleiman Career Counselor

I heard that there is a Career Fair on Oct. 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Pace’s Goldstein Fitness Center in Pleasantville. As a Dyson major, should I attend? I heard it is only for business students? Please advise? Yes you should absolutely attend! The fair is open to all majors! Employers from a broad spectrum of industries will be participating and wish to meet Pace students from varied majors. All employers need a variety of people. Even a financial services firm for example, has human resources, corporate communications, information technology and administrative jobs. Therefore they also seek candidates who do not have accounting or finance backgrounds. Dyson majors are well prepared for various positions in a multitude of industries. Your research, writing, analytical and communication skills are transferrable; and these are qualities employers look for. An important aspect in your job or internship search is to identify your strengths and interests and clarify how you want to apply them to the world of work. Do you want to use your skills to perform market research and analyze consumer behavior for a products company? Or would you rather tap into your skill set and work on a political campaign? The Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity to meet ‘face to face’ with employers and learn about what they are looking for. It’s your chance to have a conversation with someone who reviews resumes, interviews, and hires without being on a formal interview. This is an invaluable experience! This is your chance to obtain feedback on your resume, talk about your skills and interests, and find out how that may fit into various positions at a particular company. This is also the time to develop your network and communication skills. There are 57 employers attending the Job & Internship Fair. The following is a breakdown of the names and numbers of employers seeking majors in addition to business. There may be some duplication with those seeking all majors. All Majors: 20 employers including Apple Inc, ENT & Allergy Associates, Federal Air Marshals & Morgan Stanley and more. Psychology/Counseling/Human Services/Sociology: 12 employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including Family Services of Westchester, Andrus Children’s Center; SCO Family of Services, Green Chimneys Children’s Services, Riverdale Mental Health, and NYS Office of the Attorney General. Biology/Chemistry/Environmental Science/Science: Eight employers (plus the 20 All Majors) Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University, ENT & Allergy Associates, MT. Kisco Medical Group, WESTMED Medical Group, Beczak Environmental Education, Federal Air Marshal Services, Green Chimneys Children’s Services, New York Power Authority. Communications/English: 14 employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including Apple, SONY Entertainment, Icon International, WFAS, WRNN, MMI Solutions, Pepsi, and Schott North America Inc. Criminal Justice/Political Science/History: 16 employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including NYS Office of Attorney General, Andrus Children’s Center, SCO Family of Services, Federal Air Marshal Services, Marine Officer Programs. Computer Science and Information Systems: 10 employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including IBM, Knighted Computer Services; Con Edison, and TimeLink. Nursing: Eight employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including Mt. Kisco Medical Group, ENT & Allergy Associates, LLP, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and Green Chimneys Education: Nine employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including YAI, Green Chimneys, SPARC Inc. and Beczak Environmental Education Economics/Math: 18 employers (plus the 20 All Majors) including UBS, Con Edison, Morgan Stanley, and Asta Funding See you on October 12th!

one can find the following animals: Saint Croix sheep; two Nubian goats; a red tailed hawk; and a great horned owl as well as a variety of heirloom chickens. The museum also has a selfguided nature trail, a deer resistant garden, a native plant garden, and a koi pond. If you visit the museum and feel as though you need someone to guide you, look no further than the people who work at the Environmental

Center. As Lengers stated, “We are more than willing to give a short tour of the museum.” If you have any questions about the Marty McGuire Museum, you can contact Angelo Spillo, the Director of the Environmental Center and the Academic Coordinator of Environmental Studies on the Pleasantville campus, by email at, or you can reach him by phone at (914)773-3530.


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The Pace Chronicle

Foods that Help PMS What’s good during that time fo the month

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Natural Ways to Reduce Teeth Stains Eat this, then smile!

Sophomore psychology student Georgette Vaillancourt said, Health Editor “I use Arm and Hammer paste. The one with baking soda Between whitening strips and in it works the best.” other teeth whitening procedures, Senior computer science stupeople who desire whiter teeth dent Jake Perillo said his secret are also emptying their wallets. for his white teeth are whitening Luckily, there are a few easy strips. foods that can help whiten teeth. Sophomore communication Research shows that sciences and speech disorders “crunchy” foods, like celery and student Loren Alexander said, apples, are really good for clear- “In addition to brushing my teeth twice a ing plaque and day, I debris off teeth. also avoid These foods drinking also keep the dark soda gums healthy. and cofStrawberfee. It’s ries are also also good good option. to eat apThese fruits ples and have malic strawberacid, an en- Photo from Colgate zyme actually Acids in white wine can cause ries.” markings on a tooth. Everyhas the ability to remove teeth discoloration. one knows that coffee, blueberMany dentists will tell patients ries, and red wine can cause tooth to mix one crushed strawberry discoloration, but many people with half of a teaspoon of baking do not know there are other foods soda. Put this mixture directly that can increase the chances of on teeth and let sit for approxi- getting tooth stains. mately ten minutes. Afterwards, White wine has certain acids brush teeth and rinse mixture out. that can cause markings on the Doing this about once every two tooth. This makes it easier for weeks will result in whiter teeth. stains to settle. Most wines do Certain acids in cheeses, such not have acids in it unless mixed as white cheddar, can help clear with other drinks. tooth decay. This acid also apSo when toothpastes and whitpears in certain yogurts and milk. eners aren’t doing the trick. Try Pace students decided to share sneaking some of these foods into their secrets for how they keep your daily diet to help fill you up their teeth white. and fight tooth discoloration. Melissa Recine

Melissa Recine

Health Editor

Popping Advil and lashing out at everyone for absolutely no reason are common things for women to do during their period. However, there are better ways to deal with “that time of the month”. Chocolate is one of the main things in which women indulge during their period. Unfortunately, chocolate is not going to help menstruation symptoms. Calcium is very important for the body to consume when on its menstrual cycle. Researchers claim that those who have even slight pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS), also have a lower amount of calcium in their blood stream around the time of their ovulation. New studies also show that women who add calcium supplements to their diets actually prove to be less moody and feel less bloated. Examples of foods rich with calcium are boiled chick peas, rice pudding, and tofu. In addition to low levels of calcium, women who are experiencing PMS also have inadequate amounts of magnesium. The women who habitually consumed magnesium in their daily diets reported being happier and experiencing less water

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle Drinking chamomile tea has been shown to decrease muscle spasms.

retention. Studies have suggested magnesium could even balance the brain’s amounts of serotonin. People who lack this chemical tend to be more depressed and emotionally stressed. Foods that contain a good amount of magnesium include bran, cocoa powder (dark), and pumpkin seeds. A very important vitamin for the body is B6, which is needed for the body to produce dopamine, the feel-good chemical in the brain. Women taking B6 supplements are less irritable and have reduced breast tenderness. This particular vitamin is still being researched for its effects on PMS. The best way to consume vitamin B6 is by eating bananas, chicken, and salmon. For a majority of girls with

PMS symptoms, cramps are by far the worst symptom of all. Some stay in bed all day because the pain is unbearable. Drinking chamomile tea has been shown to decrease muscle spasms, like cramps. It also increases happiness. However, women usually crave different types of foods, and satisfying those cravings actually makes women feel happier. There are certain foods that women should typically avoid while they are PMS-ing. For example, salty foods cause bloating and consuming them during that time of the month will just cause even more bloating. If breast tenderness is the problem, then drinking alcohol will only cause more pain. It also lowers the body’s blood sugar causing more moodiness.

No More Redheaded Sperm at Sperm Banks Melissa Recine





Health Editor

Sorry Prince Harry, but being royalty won’t even change the fact that many sperm banks don’t want your sperm. Cyros International, one of the largest sperm banks in the world, is accused of denying redhead sperm donors. Sources say that they currently have 140-thousand redhead sperm doses and do not want any more. Ole Schou, director of Cyros International, explained that they are not denying all redheads because they need brown eyes. He says that most of his stock consists of blonde or red hair and light colored eyes. They are in particular need of brown eyes and

Photo by Tafasha Pitt/The Pace Chronicle

Hey males! What’s your hair color?

Black, Asian, and Hispanic mixed donors, too. According to MSNBC, blueeyed redheads are encouraged to go to other sperm clinics, but especially if they are smart, tall, athletic, or musical. MaryAnn Brown, executive officer of Cyrogenics in Michigan, said that parents often look for athletic or musical donors, and almost always ask for someone educated. They even have the option of asking for a certain blood type. Jen Stone, junior childhood education major, shared her feelings on this subject. “I think limiting what type of sperm these banks accept is completely unreasonable. I understand that it is based on what the women receiving the sperm want, meaning that many women think having a redheaded child is not

ideal to what they want. I think that if a woman is willing to use sperm from a bank to conceive a child, it should be someone who is participating because they really want a child above anything else. This means that what the child looks like or what other talents it might have should not be emphasized.” When asked if she would accept redhead sperm if she was looking to find a donor she replied, “My first and probably only precaution is medical history because as long as I have a healthy baby, the color hair is really not important.” After trying to contact many male redheaded Pace students, many of them declined to comment.

Interested in Health or want to advise others? Email us at

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The Pace Chronicle

Stop Trying To Be Famous

It won’t make you happy

You don’t want this life. Martin Totland

Opinion Editor

There are few things more annoying than people assuming they know your motives for doing something. This annoyance is made all the more severe when that person is a complete stranger. This happened to me not long ago and it spawned a recurrent thought in my head: Fame is a vacuous virtue, so stop grasping at it! Here’s what happened: I was recently getting a haircut. As they tend to do, hairdressers make tedious small talk about this and that, and so, the lady cutting my hair asked me what I do. I said, “I’m a film student at Pace University.” Precisely as I expected, she asked me if I was going to be a producer. I said, no, I’m studying to become a director. She wasn’t sure of the difference, so I proceeded to outline the general difference between the two. She asked what my name was. I said, “Martin” and immediately knew what she would say next: “Now when you become famous, I can say ‘I cut his hair once!’” I felt like aborting the haircut immediately and leaving, but that would be weird, so I smiled and said, “Yeah, something like that.” What I was thinking was entirely different and much more unpleasant. Guess what? I don’t want to be a filmmaker so that I can be famous. I want to be a filmmaker so that I can make films. My conversation with my hairdresser made me think about this: Why do so many people want to be famous? Well, science is trying to answer this question, and it generally ties into a need for recognition and a sense of accomplishment. The thing is that there are better ways to attain recognition and a feeling of accomplishment than fame for the sake of it. In a 2006 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of 18-to-25-year olds reported that becoming rich is the number one goal for our generation. While financial security is nothing to scoff at, large amounts of research imply that well-being tied to financial security evens out at about $50,000 a year. Ironically, after a certain threshold, well-being drops off due to concerns about what to do with all your money. Worryingly,

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011


Wall Street Protestors Lack Clear Objective, But Offer Free Pizza

Photo from Esther Havens 51 percent of young adults asked in the same survey reported that becoming famous was their primary goal. Not recognition for an important achievement, mind you, but just a widespread awareness of their existence. Another study performed by Richard M. Ryan and Dr. Tim Kasser of the University of Rochester in 1996 shed light on the same subject. It revealed that those who focus on goals that are tied to the approval of others reported significantly higher levels of distress than people who focused on self-acceptance and friendship. Since these two studies were performed they have been confirmed by numerous other studies around the world, producing the same results, even in wildly different societies. In the past, you became famous for having done something remarkable. Charles Lindbergh attained tons of fame for being the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Jimi Hendrix became famous because he could play the braids out of your hair with his guitar. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became famous because they got defiled in front of a video camera. In comparison, they didn’t accomplish a goddamn thing. Interestingly, the increase in people wanting to be famous came right alongside the surge of so-called broken homes and kids being raised by single parents. The common denominator seems to be that young people who desperately want to be famous have a history of neglect and emotionally distant parents. It’s easy to understand how this neglect can transform into a need for unadulterated adoration from millions of fans. Despite that, attention from a sea of anonymous faces is a poor substitute for the love and attention that friends and family provide. What’s more, people who are already rich and famous tend to deal with more stress, addiction, and depression. This is because the public scrutinizes everything they do, and few things are more stressful than trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal held by others. Imagine the disappointment then, when these ideals are not met and thousands of people express disappointment in you.

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The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters demonstrating against big corporations’ influence on the government. Photo from Michael Kirby Smith/New York Times Martin Totland

Opinion Editor

If you’re going to stage a protest, it might be beneficial to your cause to make sure everyone involved knows what you’re railing against. The loosely knit congregation of protesters in the Financial District in Manhattan, known as ‘Occupy Wall Street’ seems to have no clue what they’re protesting against. The Wall Street protesters are supposedly gathering to demonstrate against corporate greed and undue influence on the government, social inequality, and capitalism gone off the rails. They call themselves the ‘99 percent’, as in the 99 percent of people who are not hedge-fund managers, bankers and other finance workers part of the so-called ‘one percent’. They are everyone else, so they claim. In theory, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. The US Constitution guarantees the right to freely assemble, to carry out peaceful protests, etc. The influence of corporations in the US is unprecedented anywhere else in the world it seems, so a cohesive protest representing the voice of the people shouldn’t be so bad. In practice, the Occupiers of Wall Street don’t seem to have much going for them.

They have said they want a ‘Tahrir Square moment’ to occur in New York. Tahrir Square is the huge public square that became the hub of the Egyptian Revolution earlier this year, but currently the Occupiers are light years away from anything akin to the Arab Spring. The main reason seems to be they have no specific idea about what they want. A reporter for the New York Times spoke to a woman with the clearly fake name of Zuni Tikka, who claimed she had been waiting her whole life for something like this protest to occur. She chose to protest against corporate greed by dancing only in her panties in Zuccotti Park, the hub of the protest. Just as public nudity is unlikely to change American banking practices, so was the man who arrived from Maine to protest the combustion engine. Another person, a recent college graduate, said he wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve. Tenuous, disparate objectives like that, coupled with the fact that Occupy Wall Street has no lead figure, leaves them without a clear goal to rally for. Occupy Wall Street are also seeing their numbers slowly dwindle. The group claimed they had over 2000 people marching on Sept. 17, the day the protests began. News organizations begged

to differ and reported only a few hundred. Since then, the number of protesters camping out in Zuccotti Park has been steadily declining. Part of the reason for the decline can likely be attributed to the crackdown by the NYPD. On Sept. 24, New York’s finest cracked down on protesters who marched to Union Square without a permit. Dozens were arrested and in several instances police officers went beyond their job description. Four women were maced despite being behind the orange mesh fence intended to keep the protesters off the street. Another person was pulled over the fence and kicked in the stomach. While I don’t sympathize much with Wall Street or its occupiers, I don’t condone the actions taken by the NYPD against a peaceful assembly. Lacking a permit is hardly justification to use violent force. Without a clear objective, no leader, and steadily declining numbers, the Wall Street demonstrators seem to have little going for them currently. They do have one thing going for them, however, and it appears they got this idea from Pace. They now offer free pizza. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go make a protest sign and hop on the next train to the city.

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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

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The G-Spot

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011


By: Gabrielle Davina

Having Leftovers: Is

it ok to hook up with people your friends have already hooked up with? What’s The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Let’s be honest instead. In college, learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina We live in a big world, but it seems smaller and smaller when we realize how interconnected it is. Thinking of the world as small, you know what that makes Pace? Microscopic. At such a tiny interconnected school, overlap is bound to happen—that is, overlap in who you and your friends hook-up with. So, is it wrong to hook up with romantic or physical interests from your friends’ pasts? My mother once told me, “Telling your friends that they’re not allowed to be with your exflings is like saying, ‘I just had a piece of cake and I don’t want the crumbs, but you can’t have them either.’” Smart woman. Unfortunately, I guess not everyone got the same bits of wisdom growing up. I didn’t know what a problem this could pose before it smacked me right in the face. It was first semester of freshmen year and one of my closest friends slept with this guy - we’ll just call him Sticky Situation. She barely ever mentioned it again after their tryst came to a quick end and had rightfully moved onto other guys. I ended up hooking up with (and thoroughly enjoying) Sticky Situation second semester. When I let her know what happened, she didn’t exactly take it well. In fact, she completely stopped talking to me. I’d never been cut off from a friend in that way before, and I was totally taken back because I went out of my way to tell her the truth and in no way felt I betrayed her. As the saying goes, though, hurt people hurt people, and my actions took a toll on her emotions that she then took out on me by cutting me off. I can see where she was coming from, but how was I supposed to know she still cared about him? She literally never mentioned him. If you don’t want your friends to hook up with a guy or girl from your past, let them know that you still care about them.

Very few guys from my past are off limits for my friends and my close friends would know who I’m talking about because I still talk about them. As far as everyday acquaintances, I could never be mad at them for hooking up with guys I’ve hooked up with because they don’t know me well enough to know it would hurt my feelings. I don’t know if this is primarily a girl problem or not, but one of my guy friends said that a friend hooking up with an ex-fling tends to bother insecure guys. I can dig it. Doesn’t everything tend to bother insecure people more? I know from experience that the things that have bothered me most have had something to do with my insecurity du jour. My friend freaked out about my hook-up with Sticky Situation because she was insecure that my interaction and connection with him cancelled out hers. It didn’t, of course, because the things we do today do not cancel out what the past has meant, but I have to respect her emotions. All of the other overlap experiences I’ve had have caused no drama. Quite the opposite, some caused the camaraderie of common experience. As far as my freshmen year situation goes, my friend eventually started talking to me again and Sticky Situation and I eventually stopped hooking up. If any of my friends wanted to hook up with him now, I’d have no problem with it. If you aren’t comfortable with your friends bagging someone from your past, let them know. It’s unfair to hold someone accountable for hurting your feelings if they are unaware of them. Keep in mind that you may be holding onto your past for far too long anyway. If you’re digging one of your friend’s ex-flings and you want to make sure no schism is created in your friendship based on a hook-up, run it by your friend first. Asking for permission sounds pretty silly, but this is another problem that can be solved by clear-cut communication.

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There are few things more annoying than people assuming they know your motives for doing something. This annoyance is made all the more severe when that person is a complete stranger. This happened to me not long ago and it spawned a recurrent thought in my head: Fame is a vacuous virtue, so stop grasping at it! Here’s what happened: I was recently getting a haircut. As they tend to do, hairdressers make te-

dious small talk about this and that, and so, the lady cutting my hair asked me what I do. I said, “I’m a film student at Pace University.” Precisely as I expected, she asked me if I was going to be a producer. I said, no, I’m studying to become a director. She wasn’t sure of the difference, so I proceeded to outline the general difference between the two. She asked what my name was. I said, “Martin” and immediately knew

Ebony Turner

Featured Columnist

Separate But Equal: The new era of segregation on college campuses What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether it’s the questionable news headlines on Fox or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. not a fair enough It was a Sat. morning, the day means to it either. it all began, and by “began” I The only time mean my entire naïve perception I have ever seen of people being washed away. a minority havMy roommate at the time ing what would be woke me up at 10 a.m. to show evidence of any me one of the most surreal images real relations with I’ve ever seen: the word “nigger” a white person on and “stupid niggers” plastered campus is through all over our door in permanent Greek organizamarker. tions, clubs, and It’s not like I had never seen sports. If the course things like this in the movies or in in question is not my history book, but this moment was one that could only be expe- The N-Word was written on Turner’s dorm one that encourages discussion rienced first hand. I did not know room in Valley House, in 2010. P hoto by E bony T urnder what to say or what to do, and to amongst students, we often end this day, I still cannot believe this ics and the workforce. up isolating all conversation to happened. It was almost as if time Being that with the exception the teacher in the classroom. froze, and all reception waves in of historically black colleges and Not everyone wants to join my brain stood still. universities (HBCU) the major- a club, work on campus, or play What made this moment so ity of schools are predominantly a sport, and these should not be surreal was the fact that people white institutions (PWI), you the only ways for interactions of this nature not only exist, but would think that the proclama- amongst races to be encouraged. walk amongst me. A domino ef- tions of diversity would translate Even though seeing the varifect of racially charged events through the student body and not ety of racial backgrounds walking occurred only months after that, just be empty words and applica- amongst us is unavoidable, I still with the most memorable one tion statistics. see white or minority students being the death of Danroy “DJ” The one observation I’ve quickly gravitating toward their Henry. This one moment brought made is that the only time I have respective hues in the classroom a brief sense of community to our ever seen a mix of races working without avail. I remember a concampus that most moments of together are through Pace’s orga- versation I had with Dean for tragedy bring, but it was gone by nizations and athletics. With the Students Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo the close of the semester. exception of sports, you end up about how to bring students toUniversities, according to the seeing the same people taking on gether regardless of whether they endless pamphlets and brochures, an active role on campus. These were involved in an organization are supposed to be a safe haven are all examples of places where or not, and I could not answer her. for the many backgrounds for the race and interaction between racThe answer is still a blur bemelting pot America represents. es is unavoidable, and leave stu- cause the root of the problem We are supposed to feel as one, dents no choice but to learn how grows from within years of innot one amongst many. to work and communicate with fluence and images telling you This event changed my entire different cultures. what you should and should not perspective and made me think To the outsider, this would be be comfortable around. It would realistically and not ideally: not evidence of a saving grace for be tedious to dig into those strong everyone in America, especially universities, and a means to en- roots, but acceptance and absence our youth, is raised to accept di- courage more students to be in- of fear are a good first step. versity. Most parents shield their volved as to help them learn and The question, however, rechildren from having to fully adapt to race relations. However, mains: Are college students and interact with people of different I think it is a cheap excuse for universities ready to make that backgrounds, until they have no a race relation opportunity and step? way to avoid it by way of athletwhat she would say next: “Now when you become famous, I can say ‘I cut his hair once!’” I felt like aborting the haircut immediately and leaving, but that would be weird, so I smiled and said, “Yeah, something like that.” What I was thinking was entirely different and much more unpleasant. Guess what? I don’t want to be a filmmaker so that I can be famous. I want to be a filmmaker so that I can make films. My conversation with my hairdresser made me think about this: Why do so many people want to be famous? Well, science is trying to answer this question, and it generally ties into a need for recognition and a sense of accomplishment. The thing is that there are better ways to attain recognition and a feeling of accomplishment than

fame for the sake of it. In a 2006 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of 18-to-25-year olds reported that becoming rich is the number one goal for our generation. While financial security is nothing to scoff at, large amounts of research imply that well-being tied to financial security evens out at about $50,000 a year. Ironically, after a certain threshold, well-being drops off due to concerns about what to do with all your money. Worryingly, 51 percent of young adults asked in the same survey reported that becoming famous was their primary goal. Not recognition for an important achievement, mind you, but just a widespread awareness of their existence. Another study performed by Richard M. Ryan and Dr. Tim Kasser of the University of

Rochester in 1996 shed light on the same subject. It revealed that those who focus on goals that are tied to the approval of others reported significantly higher levels of distress than people who focused on self-acceptance and friendship. Since these two studies were performed they have been confirmed by numerous other studies around the world, producing the same results, even in wildly different societies. In the past, you became famous for having done something remarkable. Charles Lindbergh attained tons of fame for being the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Jimi Hendrix became famous because he could play the braids out of your hair Continued on Page 8


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Stop Trying to Be Famous with his guitar. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became famous because they got defiled in front of a video camera. In comparison, they didn’t accomplish a goddamn thing. Interestingly, the increase in people wanting to be famous came right alongside the surge of so-called broken homes and kids being raised by single parents. The common denominator seems to be that young people who desperately want to be famous have a history of neglect and emotionally distant parents. It’s easy to understand how this neglect can transform into

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a need for unadulterated adoration from millions of fans. Despite that, attention from a sea of anonymous faces is a poor substitute for the love and attention that friends and family provide. What’s more, people who are already rich and famous tend to deal with more stress, addiction, and depression. This is because the public scrutinizes everything they do, and few things are more stressful than trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal held by others. Imagine the disappointment then, when these ideals are not met and thousands of people express disappointment in you. According to author and pro-

fessor Jib Fowles, celebrities are four times more likely to commit suicide than the average American. Many of us have seen our favorite musicians or actors slowly self-destruct due to depression and addiction. A crystalline example is the career of Eminem. Scour his lyrics and look at his history of painkiller abuse and tell me fame didn’t have a crushing effect on him. British actor and comedian Russell Brand, in a recent documentary about happiness, insists that fame “ain’t all that” and that he is not happy, despite having money and millions of fans. The

examples are many. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Eminem all of them have suffered in the public spotlight, quite clearly because of the intense pressure their fame puts on them. About a year ago I received a text message from a friend who proudly proclaimed she had been hanging out with the limousine driver for someone famous. “So?” I said. “He’s famous!” she replied. I repeated my question. She said, “You don’t get it? He’s famous! Don’t you know who he is?” I retorted that I don’t care. My friend was like a broken record, playing the same part again and again. He was famous and that was apparently great, just in and of itself. In class a few weeks back I

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

saw a girl sporting a pin on her backpack that simply said, “I Want To Be Famous.” My hairdresser automatically assumed that I would become famous for being a filmmaker. When will it stop? Gaining recognition for accomplishing something useful, like writing a bestseller, being a great politician, or curing cancer isn’t what I’m talking about. Fame as a by-product of significant achievements is something else, but just being famous is not something to strive for. Fame for the sake of it is a worthless goal, and all signs say it won’t make you happy. We could all be doing something better with our time, so let’s stop chasing fame.

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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011


50/50 is Half Comedy, Half Drama But All Unbelievable Arthur Augustyn

Featured Reporter

In my sophomore year of high school my history class watched Braveheart a few days before our spring break started and it was the most infuriating experience in my movie-watching life. Not because the movie was bad, but because my history teacher insisted on pausing the movie every 10 minutes to reiterate what historical facts they got wrong, what really happened, and what he would’ve done to make the movie better. Outside of the fact that pausing a movie every 10 minutes is a horrible way to watch anything, I was completely taken out of the cinematic experience because I was only thinking about how implausible the story was and not focusing on Mel Gibson killing British people for three hours. I never understood how it bothered my history teacher so much that he couldn’t sit still without informing us of all the factual information, until I started watching movies like 50/50. 50/50 is a story about Adam Lerner, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a young man who is diagnosed with a rare version of cancer that gives him a 50 percent chance of surviving the disease and a 50 percent chance his life will end before he hits 30-yearsold. This is a subject for people facing a horrible disease that consumes lives, ends families, and in some cases make people so miserable they’d rather die than go through another round of chemotherapy. Cancer stories can be depressing but can also show signs of great perseverance in the human spirit. 50/50 on the other hand has no intention of crafting a compelling narrative facing death and much rather spent two hours making jokes about oral sex and using cancer to pick-up chicks. More specifically, Lerner learned about his cancer after experiencing back pain. He visits the doctor to see what’s wrong with

Photo from Mandate Pictures Promtional ad for 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam Lerner, who has a 50 percent chance of surviving cancer. The film also stars Seth Rogen and Anjelica Huston. his back and discovers an enor- dating for very long and their Rachel’s involvement and Lernmous tumor that threatens his life. bond isn’t quite as serious as it er’s relationship with his parents Lerner tells his girlfriend Rachel needs to be to face something as seem like a true story being retold (Bryce Dallas Howard), his best grim as cancer. Lerner also spoke for the big screen. Drama relies friend Kyle (Seth Rogen) and his to his parents about his cancer heavily on the viewer’s ability to mother Diane (Anjelica Huston) but finds it difficult to rely emo- believe what’s going on-screen about the cancer and attempts to tionally on his mother due to his and for these sections of the film adapt his life to the news in hopes father’s intense Alzheimer’s side 50/50 certainly succeeds. of receiving treatment that will al- effects. Lerner feels guilty for It’s everything else about low his life to continue. putting too much pressure on his the movie that made me want to 50/50 is best described as a mother having to deal with two pause every 10 minutes and tell “dramedy,” meaning parts of the family members with serious ill- the audience why this movie is film are focused on humorous nesses. absurd and ridiculous, starting elements and other parts focus These two particularly sto- with Rogen’s character Kyle. more so on conventional drama. rylines are the best part of 50/50. Obviously Rogen is only casted The bulk of the drama came Supposedly 50/50 is based on the in roles because of his ability to from Lerner’s family and girl- life of screenwriter Will Reiser, be funny. I absolutely love Rogen friend. His relationship with who wrote the script for the film. in every movie I’ve seen him in Rachel is introduced in a fragile That may not be true but the de- because his humor fits the situastate. They clearly have not been velopments and conclusions of tions he’s in and his hilarity is met

Always Tell The Truth: A Review of Lying by Sam Harris

Martin Totland

Opinion Editor

In the newly released e-book Lying, author Sam Harris argues for a simple sounding hypothesis: Do not lie. Harris argues that the white lies we often tell others (and ourselves) can be a path to chaos and often have unintended, negative impacts. To exemplify his point, Harris laid out several examples, both real and fictional, where the telling of white lies went disas-

trously, maddeningly wrong for both the liar and the dupe. What’s really interesting about this little e-book is how relatable it is, even to a person who sees himself as generally honest. Most of us hardly go through a day where we don’t tell some sort of lie, either by way or omission – by intentionally leaving out a part of the truth – or by intentionally giving someone false information. Many of us do this under the impression that white lies can help, by avoiding short-term

discomfort. Harris deftly argues and explained why this rarely is the case and why the short-term awkwardness is most likely better than any unintended and unforeseen consequences of lying. In one morally salient example, Harris relayed the story of one of his readers. Said reader’s mom had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), yet the doctor had only told her husband. The husband also chose not to tell her, for fear of making her upset. The woman in question later diagnosed herself with MS by

looking up her symptoms. Over a year passed before husband and wife became mutually aware of the other person knowing about her disease, a year they could have spent by supporting each other, deepening their relationship, and avoiding the burden of keeping secrets. Harris muses on the corrosive effects of even just observing other people lie: Say you observe a friend effortlessly telling a white lie to avoid a social obligation. While you may agree that the social obligation is worth avoiding, you have now witnessed someone you presumably trust lie without hesitation to someone else. From here on out, you will forever be unsure if your friend is being honest when cancelling

with other talented humorous actors. However, Rogen’s potty humor doesn’t really work when the subject material is about cheating girlfriends or how you should use your terminal illness to pick up girls at a bar. Literally half of the movie is dedicated to Lerner and Kyle trying to pick up girls and exploiting his cancer illness as a way to get into their pants. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the drama elements and I had trouble visualizing Gordon-Levitt and Rogen being best buddies. Their friendship seems fake and manufactured by a script and not a natural relationship the two have with one another. However, Rogen doesn’t even compare to the level of unbelievable absurdity that is Anna Kendrick as Lerner’s psychiatrist Katie. Even if you can get over the fact that a 24-year-old glorified medical student would be given her own patients, everything about her character screams of incompetence and lacking knowledge of the basic fundamentals in the field of psychology. Their sessions have more in common with an awkward high school date than anything an actual psychiatrist would ever do. It’s maddening and removes all believability from the situation immediately. The mix of drama, humor, and unbelievable characters made me wonder what the filmmakers were even trying to accomplish with 50/50. If their goal was to make another film “from the writers of 40-Year Old Virgin,” then mission accomplished. In terms of making a memorable narration on what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer or what it’s like to know you might die before your life even begins, 50/50 is a complete flop. There’s a lot of potential for a compelling drama in 50/50 but the parts don’t all work together as they should. Personally, while watching 50/50, I was thinking about the television show series ER. In the final episodes of season eight, an original cast member is diagContinued on Page 10 plans you have. It is this gradual, cumulative erosion of trust Harris wants us to combat by being honest, even when it might be difficult. Despite Harris having a Ph.D in neuroscience and sometimes tackling challenging topics, his writing never flies above the reader’s head. He explains every conundrum, conflict, and topic with engaging with and a droll sense of humor that makes reading his books a pure pleasure. Lying is no exception. Exclusively published as an ebook in the Amazon Kindle store, for the whopping price of $1.99, the book is well worth picking up (or rather, downloading) as it entertainingly illuminates a topic that affects us every single day.


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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Mac Miller: 16 is the New 30: Live in Concert

How Young is Too Young?

has made standings on multiple billboards charts. Featured Reporter Now, Miller is starting his Blue Side Park Tour. Kicking off the tour with a sold out show in A film of smoke floats across New York City, and is making his the stage and the crowd at Irving way coast to coast, promoting his Plaza in Manhattan goes wild, new album. chanting “Mac! Mac! Mac!” The tour features songs from The curtain slowly rises and his multiple mix-tapes and alMac Miller is standing cen- bum, and some songs off the new ter stage, sporting a throwback album, such as “Frick Park MarYankees fitted hat. His DJ drops ket.” the beat for his song “Best Day His stage is set to the scene Ever,” and the audience instantly of a city park with benches and a cartoon tree begins singbackground. ing along. Miller Who is keeps the this young energy high rapper who from the behas made ginning to the phrase end with “White Boy throwback Awesome” samples of a new genre House of of rap and Pain’s “Jump hip-hop? Around” and W i t h Criss Cross’s chill beats “Jump,” but and witty also slows lyrics, Mac the show Miller is down with predicted to an acoustic be the next version of his rapper to Photo by Sabrina Gonzalez keep an eye Pittsburgh native , and rapper, Mac song “Another Night.” on. Miller performing in New York City Miller M i l l e r as part of his Blue Side Park Tour. also took time grew up in Pittsburgh and began his rap to set dedications to his mother, career at the early age of 19. who was in the audience, his late Messing around with different grandfather he called “Poppy,” rap groups, he finally decided and of course to his “most dope” to take the path of a solo career fans. and signed to Rostrum Records. Miller’s album Blue Side Park Rostrum is home to another Pitts- is due to be released on Nov. 8, burgh native, and Miller’s close and already has the media buzzfriend, Wiz Khalifa. ing, with the newly dropped sinReleasing mix-tapes, The gle “Smile Back.” High Life and K.I.D.S., brought Mac Miller has grabbed the attention to Miller on the Inter- interest of many people in the net, especially on Twitter. He re- past two years, and doesn’t seem ally blew up when he released his to be stopping until he reaches the EP On and On and Beyond, and “Donald Trump” status he talks his most recent mix-tape, Best about. Day Ever, featuring favorites like Songs to Download: “Knock “Donald Trump.” Knock,” “Donald Trump,” “AnMiller’s video for “Knock other Night,” and “Smile Back.” Knock” has reached over two million views on YouTube and Emily Riehle

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Torraine Humes

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Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Christy Turlington. Remember all the big models of the 90’s that covered the walls of college dorms? They populated every aspect of popular culture: television, magazines, even music. They were ubiquitous names. Today, these “It” girls have been replaced by actual girls - children. Currently, the average model will start her career by 12-to-13years-old, and will walk in major runway shows by 14. A majority of the working models today are 16-years-old, and look nothing like Cindy Crawford. Daphne Groenevald, 16, is a runway favorite. She was discovered when she was 14 and has been working non-stop since. This season, Daphne’s already been in over 20 shows, not including the Paris shows happening this week. She’s walked for Versace, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few. Most notably, she posed suggestively on the cover of Vogue Paris at the age of 15 with 50-year-old Tom Ford. Why have underage models become so popular? The answer is simple - designers love their bodies. Fashion has always been a business obsessed with svelte frames. However, in the past decade that obsession soared to unprecedented heights. In 2006, modeling agencies were famously telling their girls “anorexic is the look for this season.” Younger models are praised for their tiny, boy-like shapes. They’re not “burdened” by the hips, waists, and breasts of models in their 20’s. This sort of mindset is hazardous for several reasons. Firstly, it sets a terribly high standard for older models, coercing them to reverse the effects of puberty with dangerous practices. There are some models today that are actually taking this “anorexic look” seriously.

year to discuss raising the sample size from 0 to 4 and age limit from 16 to 18. Nothing has come of it yet. What is baffling about fashion’s preference for youngsters is the audience. They are selling clothes to people far from sample size and far from teenaged. According Photo from Daphne Groeneveld, age 16, one of the most popu- to the Journal lar teenage models in the business today. of Consumer Research, customers are less Four girls died because of un- likely to buy clothing if they see safe dieting. On average, female a person they feel is more attracmodels are between 15 to 20 per- tive wearing the same thing. One cent below the weight require- would think putting teenagers in ment for their ages and heights. clothes marketed towards grown A study showed that 40 per- women would deter from the goal cent suffer from an eating disor- and alienate consumers. der, and this is just models. Not Any average American women to mention the amount of non- questioned will confess feelings models their same ages trying to of inferiority when compared to a emulate them. runway model, no question. Also, models are often placed So what is the point of it all? in sexually inappropriate situa- Is it simply artistic expression? tions that may not be suitable for Designers don’t want their vision a young girl, whether it is a risqué compromised by the natural huphoto shoot, or visible breasts on man body? the runway (which designers are If that’s the case, wouldn’t a notorious for). hanger or mannequin be a better Just last year, there was the suit? scandal in which popular fashion Maybe they’re creating an unphotographer Terry Richardson attainable fantasy in order to sell was accused by several teen mod- clothes - using young adolescent els of making sexual advances figures as aspirational tools to during their sessions. coax women into believing they A few years ago, the Council can buy back their youth. of Fashion Designers of America If this is case, the strategy (CFDA) made 16 the benchmark seems to be successful. Fashion is age for modeling. This rule, how- a multibillion dollar industry. But ever, is rarely followed. at what cost? Michael Kors is a public supYou can get more fashion porter of the rule, but noted that news by visiting Torraine Humes' since the rule was put into ef- fashion blog: fect, he has encountered a lot of suspiciously young-looking girls claiming to be “16.” Many deLike Fashion? signers blatantly disregard the Write about itfor rule and face no opposition. The Pace Chronicle The CFDA reconvened last

50/50 is Half Comedy, Half Drama Continued from page 9 ... nosed with terminal brain cancer. He’s given a few weeks to live and in his last days he chooses to go back to his hometown in Hawaii and try to close a few loose ends. He attempts to reconnect with his borderline-estranged teenage daughter and tries to reconnect with his family. There’s

no picture-perfect Hollywood ending for this man, but his story seems real and provides a melancholy sense of closure that many people face every day. 50/50 is defined specifically by how unrealistic it is. Lerner’s life seems to get better and better each day he has cancer. Even

all the “bad things” that happen to him turn out to be hidden miracles that allow him to live his life even better than before. The whole story oozes with Hollywood cheese and unrealistic plot points. In the same way my history teacher found it impossible to watch Braveheart with the

knowledge that kilts were not being worn in the 13th century, I can’t help but think how disingenuous it is to depict a disease this terrible ending in rainbows and butterflies. If you’re the type of person who plans on closing their eyes before they die and say to themselves “everything is going to be ok,” then you’ll probably love 50/50. If you have any sense of the world actually works, you might find the entire experience a little offensive.

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Volleyball Extend Winning Streak

33 Wins-in-a-Row to start volleyball conference play


(Archived) Junior elementary education student and OH/S Nora Rugova Photo from CSI-Photo during volleyball Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

The Pace volleyball team has been on a record winning streak of 11 matches. In a best out of five games, Pace has won all of the matches in three games. The victories make it a 33 undefeated streak, having played 11 matches and not losing a single game to any team. They are 11-4 overall and 1-0 in the NE-10. Volleyball Setters beat Georgian Court in a non-conference, away game on Sept. 30. The Georgian Court Lions fell to the Setters 25-18, 25-16, and 25-23. Pace controlled the first two sets, leaving the Lyons under 18 points. In the last game, Georgian Court gave it their last shot at winning by firing up anytime they got a point, but the Setters pulled it together and regained control of the game to finish up

the match. The Lion’s head coach received a yellow card in the second-to-last point, trying to fight a call from the referee that could have changed the outcome of that game. Luckily it was the right call by the referee in calling the ball hit as out and untouched by Pace, giving Pace the point 24-23. The next point, the Setters finished up the game. For Pace, juniors Nora Rugova led the offense with 11 kills Elyse Rowland led the defense with 13 digs for the match. Senior Shea Hansen recorded 25 assists and seven digs. The Setters traveled to Assumption College on Oct. 2 in their first NE-10 match for the season where they keep adding to their win-in-three streak. Up until the game against the Greyhounds, Pace has been play-

ing against non-conference teams or games, such as tournaments where the games didn’t count for conference matches. Against the Greyhounds, Setter freshman Melanie Pavels led the offense with 13 kills and added 12 digs to the defense. Rugova added 11 kills and nine digs, and Rowland led the defense with 18 digs. Hansen recorder 31 assists for the match. With the 11-win streak, Pace is targeted in the NE-10 conference as a threat and the team to beat. Early in the beginning of the season, the Setters were picked to finish second in the NE-10 preseason coaches’ poll for the 2011 season. But out of the16 head coaches who voted, three of them picked Pace to finish first in the conference this season. Pace’s next match will be their second NE-10 game of the season against Adelphi.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Setter Sports

Soccer Breaks Losing Streak Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor


Pace soccer team tied in a home conference match against Southern Connecticut Sept. 28. The Owls’ soccer team is nationally ranked in Division II. The Setters went into double overtime tying 0-0. The tie place the Setters in two wins, seven losses, and one tie (2-7-1) overall and are 1-6-1 in the Northeast-10 (NE-10) conference. It was a very competitive game from both ends of the field. Although both teams had several offensive opportunities to score, it was a defensive game for both teams trying to avoid one another from scoring. The Owls lost control offensively for most of the second half because of the aggressive defense Pace took on. Both halves ended scoreless, which forced a first overtime. After an intense game and many scoring opportunities, the first overtime was over, finishing scoreless once again. A second 10-minute overtime was called, but neither team allowed the other team to score a goal. There were many opportunities for the Owls to score but Pace’s Courtany Hagen made an amazing three saves in both overtimes in order to keep the tie. Setter Meghan Tremblay attempted to score a goal in the last second possible but missed it as it went just wide when the buzzer sounded to end the match in a 0-0 tie. Setter goalie, Hagen, recorded

eight saves in the whole 110 minutes she played against Southern Connecticut. The Setters played another home conference match against Saint Anselm College on Oct. 1, where they won 3-1. Pace improves in their overall season to 3 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie (3-7-1), and is 2-6-1 in NE-10 games. It was an early start for the Setters, by being aggressive and scoring two goals to start off the first half. Setter Jillian Ferro scored the first goal at the 12:53 time-mark. Almost immediately Amanda Mundorf, assisted by Ferro, scored the second one at the 13:37 time-mark which advanced Pace into the lead of the game, ending the first half 2-0. At the start of the second half, the Setters kept playing aggressive and pushed a third goal early on in the half at the 48:13 timemark. Pace kept thee Hawks at zero, until the 56:21 time-mark when Saint Anselm’s Lindsay Johnson scored the first goal for Saint Anselm. But the Setters kept defending and with Hagen’s seven saves throughout the match, the Hawks were kept at one goal for the rest of the match. Pace will play another conference, home game on Saturday Oct.8, against Franklin Pierce at 3:30 p.m. at the Briarcliff campus.

Final Score: OT

Final Score









Sports on the Side: Change is Coming to College Football CJ Dudek

Sports Columnist

One of the staples to the spectacle that is college football is the tradition that runs deeper than floodwater at every school. But in 2011, there has been a plethora of schools that have forsaken traditional conference setups and have moved on in order to get a bigger slice of the NCAA's revenue pie. Colleges that have moved on from their previous conferences include, but are not limited to,

About Sports on the Side: Want to keep up with the fast paced world of sports but simply do not have the time to keep up with it all? Fear not, for there is a solution. From the first pitch to the last second shot and everything in between, Sports on the Side will cover all the major stories in the national news of sports. Boise State (WAC to Mountain West), Utah (Mountain West to Pac 12), Nebraska (Big XII to Big 10), Brigham Young University (Mountain West to Independent) and Colorado (Big XII to Pac 12). Now, two more teams have pulled the conference switcheroo. Earlier this week, the Atlantic Coast Conference voted to except both Pittsburgh Panthers and Syracuse Orangemen to their football family. It is one thing to keep track of all the teams relocating to dif-

ferent conferences, but what is not as easy to predict is what this movement will mean five to ten years from today. If schools continue to change conferences in order to get money, the most likely outlook for the future are four or eight super conferences that will loom over college football. But what does that mean for the sport? If there were to be a grand realignment project that completely re-shaped college football, it could benefit the game

as a whole. Under bigger conferences, the famous little teams like Boise State and Texas Christian University (TCU) would have a better chance of making a run at the BCS title due to colossal increases in their strength of schedules. On a similar note, super conference games would give fans a chance to see if TCU and Boise State can play with the big boys of the college football world in conference games. But perhaps more important still, super conferences could

present the ideal formula for what fans want from the sport more than anything else: a playoff system. With four super conferences it would be plausible to take the top two teams from each conference and generate an eight team playoff system. The idea of a playoff system in the BCS may seem like fiction, but major realignment in the NCAA appears to be imminent.

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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Setter Sports

Pace Hosts DJ Henry Memorial Youth Football Camp Rose Fava

Managing Editor

Pace hosted its third annual football camp for kids between the ages of six to 12, but this is the first year that it was named the DJ Henry Memorial Youth Football Camp. Approximately 70 boys and girls attended the event that was run by the Pace football team on Oct. 2. The camp started off with the participants running on to the field through the “tunnel” made up of the Pace cheerleaders and football players. After a huddle with Pace coaches and players, the football team and T-Bone led the kids in stretching exercises. The kids were broken up into four groups that rotated throughout the day. The football players

cheered on the young kids, while they ran defensive and offensive drills with them. Players even encouraged the participants to show off their touchdown dances. Senior, defensive back and captain, David Lopez thought that the camp is very beneficial. “It’s great that we can help teach the kids the fundamentals of football and the importance of staying in school at the same time.” About half of the participants were brought to Pace by the group Duke in New York. The group worked with the Children’s Aid Society to bring 35 boys from central Harlem to the camp this past weekend. Jack Boyd, from Duke in New York and Duke Alumni Association, said this was the first time they were asked to participate in the camp but is sure they will be back again. “[The boys] were so excited. They were waiting to go since nine this morning!” Boyd said that they heard

Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle Line backer Tyler Zarro tackled by one of the kids attending the DJ Henry Memorial Youth Football Camp. about the camp from the football head coach Chris Dapolito, who is Duke Alum. The camp was originally scheduled for Aug. 28, but was postponed due to weather conditions related to Hurricane Irene.

Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle (Right) T-Bone Setter gets the camp participants excited for the drill.

Setter Spotlight with

Taylor Walden Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

Southern California born Taylor Walden accepted a soccer scholarship from Pace to be once again on the move. The senior midfielder has proclaimed herself a “nomad.” Walden has had to adjust to many things, both academically and athletically, starting with the complete tear of her knee. Pace Chronicle (PC): What made you choose Pace?

tore everything. I went into surgery two days later.

Taylor Walden (TW): The soccer scholarship I was offered, and also I have always wanted to come to the east coast. I wanted to see a different side of the country and experience it.

PC: How did you feel after the surgery?

PC: How did you tear your whole knee? TW: I tore my ACL, lateral and medial meniscus, playing in a game over summer going in to my senior year. I went in for a header and I was sandwiched between two girls, I fell on top of one and another fell on top of me. PC: Did you think anything was wrong when you fell?

TW: I got lucky for going so quick into surgery. You can barely even see my scars.

number. Besides, I would have picked #2 because I started with that number, and it was my lucky number. So, #20 and #2 means the same to me. PC: What is your major?

TW: I was out a little over five months.

TW: My major as of right now is hotel management, but I’m going to switch it to regular management, and simply get my masters in hotel management.

PC: How do you feel now?

PC: Why hotel management?

TW: It hurts sometimes, but it’s always going to hurt. It was hard getting into it and I still don’t think I’m the same player I was before.

TW: I want to own a hotel, travel and get in the industry. I always knew I wanted something to do with traveling. I’m a people person and I love being with people, so one day it just hit me that it’s what I want to do.

PC: How long were you out for?

TW: I heard all three pops. When I first went down I knew something happened. I couldn’t even get up and much less walk, someone had to carry me off the field.

PC: Did this change your plans for you? TW: Yeah, it changed a lot of things because colleges stopped looking at me so I was lucky enough to get the opportunity from Pace.

PC: When you finally saw a doctor, what happened?

PC: When you came to Pace, why did you chose #20?

TW: I went to see a good doctor, one for the San Diego Chargers, and that’s when I was told that I

TW: I didn’t get to pick, but #20 was my dad’s number when he played football so it’s still a good

PC: Where are you planning to go to grad school? TW: I’m going to be a manager in training in a hotel while being in grad school. I would love for it to be the Four Seasons, but I haven’t decided yet. I want to see where I end up, once I figure out the location I will be in then I’ll decide.

Soccer athlete Taylor Walden, this week’s SetPhoto from Taylor Walden ter Spotlight. PC: For your sophomore year, you had a change of head coach. How was that experience for you? TW: I was relieved. It’s nice to know we had a coach that wanted us to see us succeed individually as well as a team. Ever since then we have been in a rebuilding stage. Even if last year and this year we haven’t been winning every game, we are still getting there. It’s just sad that I won’t be here for the finished, complete team that we are all working for. PC: You say you like to be on the move, a nomad. Why is that? TW: I just like seeing things, discover new places and areas. When I went to study abroad in Florence, Italy last spring semester, I experienced new cultures and people. It was the best PC: How was the trip? Where did you go? TW: It was four months long. I was in Rome, Florence, Switzerland, Venice, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Luxemburg, Belgium, Lon-

don, and Greece. PC: What was the hardest thing to do out of the trip? TW: Pack. My bag was overweight but I was the only one with one big suitcase. I just wanted to bring a big one because we had to walk a lot and it was going to be less of a hassle. I had that suitcase and a hiker backpack. PC: How is this year turning out for the team? TW: The team has really high hopes. We are playing really well. We are in one of the top conferences in the nation for division two in soccer, but we have some teams that are beatable up ahead. It’s a step in the right direction. I think we are going to pull it out and do better, hopefully. PC: What is your favorite quote to live by? TW: “Life in not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Think you know sports? Prove it. Write about it. Email us at to showcase yourself!

The Pace Chronicle - Volume I, Issue IV - Oct. 5, 2011  

The 4th issue of The Pace Chronicle

The Pace Chronicle - Volume I, Issue IV - Oct. 5, 2011  

The 4th issue of The Pace Chronicle