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Pace University, Pleasantville/Briarcliff Manor, NY

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Out with the Old in with the New: Spring Fling Concert Cancelled and Changed to Carnival Jonathan Alvarez

Featured Reporter

As the year proceeds, students await the celebration that takes place before finals, the spring fling. With an arsenal of events, the Pace community gets the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and take their minds off of school. The usual spotlight moment is the concert, which in the past had performances from Wale and J Cole. This year, the concert will not take place; but the night sky will still be filled with lights, music, and fun. The Spring Fling is expected to take place April 17 to the 21. However, programming decided to try something new this year. Instead of the annual spring concert, a carnival has been decided to take its place. “Since about 2009, programming decided to hold a concert on the Pleasantville campus,” Caity Kirschbaum, the Coordinator for SDCA said. “Compared to the New York activities, our student activities fees are split up very differently, so what we have in



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Last year’s spring concert had low attendance and received some criticism for being too Hip Hop focused.

our budget doesn’t necessarily match what our students are looking for to listen to, so we usually have a B or C list performer.” Kirchbaum, a Pace alumni, has had time to examine the success of the spring concert.

“We have had three years of concert, and we have had minimal turnout all three years. We assisted VP of programming as best we could with advertisement,” Kirchbaum said. “Three years in a row we started to see

a trend, it’s a majority of the programming budget, and a majority of the students don’t go to it, so it’s not the best utilizations of the Continued on Page 10

“Spring Fling Conert Cancelled and Changed to a Carnival”

Goldstein Fitness Center to Install New Sound System Cecilia Levine

Feature Editor

Each semester white envelopes enclosed with statements to drain bank accounts arrive at the doors of Pace students. The flat rate of tuition is accompanied by other mandatory student dues like transportation, meal plan money and other miscellaneous standard fees. Together the charges amount to an alarming $52,000 per person per year for Westchester students, who compliantly sign the dotted line and pray that the education is worth the investment. “The Ann & Alfred Goldstein Fitness Center is in dire need of a permanent upgraded audio system to replace the current inadequate, outdated one, and to eliminate the need for frequent lease of the same from external vendors,” stated Student Government Association’s Vice President of Administration Harrison Davies in a request to the Oversight Committee for the Student Technology Fee. The Oversight Committee is made up of a representative from each of the five schools at Pace, as well as two student members

Photo from Pace will be installing a new sound system in the gymnasium which leaves students with more money to allocate accordingly. from each of the undergraduate campuses and graduate campus in White Plains. The purpose of the committee is to manage Pace’s Student Technology Fee, which is paid for through student tuition. Most of the funds go to maintaining current systems but what’s leftover is used on new initiatives decided by the committee, such as a sound system. But is the installation of a new sound system in the gym really where Pace should be allotting its

money, rather, our money? To many, the installation, which was approved on Feb. 13, may seem as if it is only going to further drain the students’ monetary funds. In actuality, the investment will allow for better utilization of the student technology fee. “We’re putting our technology fee towards the same rented sound system each year,” said senior political science major and Student Government Association President Melanie Londono. “Buying our own, upgraded audio

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system leaves more room for different expenditures.” Instead of allocating money towards the same costly expenses, Pace is expected to save between $50,000 and $80,000 per year just by purchasing the system alone. Due to mass savings the extra money in the technology account will be put towards the necessities that will best benefit the student body. However, some students still feel that other aspects of campus technology should be prioritized. “I believe that we could use our technology fees for more relevant investments,” said junior information technology major and management minor Gina Pitorre. “It’s an unnecessary investment because the students should be able to benefit directly from our own funds.” Allocation of money is a touchy subject due to costly tuition fees. Those who identify with Pitorre likely wonder why Pace seems to want to meet the needs of the community before the necessities of the students. Continued on Page 4 “Goldstein Fitness Center to Install New Sound System”



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Characters on Campus:

Michael Fridman, The Closest Pace Will Ever Come to a Superhero Cecilia Levine

Feature Editor

Heads turn and people murmur as he walks into the weight room and strips himself of an oversized gray ski jacket. He plugs in his ear buds to the latest rap singles and chalks up his hands in preparation for today’s routine. An intimidating 225 lbs are slid with ease onto the barbell which in minutes will be high above the heads in the crowded weight room. “I usually just work for strength and power,” said senior double math and physics major and chemistry minor Michael Fridman. Rule number one: do not under any circumstances disturb Michael Fridman during a workout. He gives himself only one off-day a week, which means the second that the music goes on, it’s go time. Many consider Michael Fridman to be bionic. His ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol with the only repercussion being a sore liver, on top of his gift of being able to easily consume fifteen thousand calories on bulk-up day are only two rumored traits of the superhuman sensation. Despite the inconceivable reports that have students murmuring, all rumors stem from a truth. “The craziest things aren’t really rumors, they’re stories.” said masters of public administration graduate student and former roommate to Fridman, Sam Fandrich. “Everyone that knows Mike has a story they tell about

Photo from Maral Javadifar Michael Fridman.

how much he can eat, or drink, or how much he works out.” Twenty-four year old Fridman can and will drink anyone under the table. His body processes alcohol differently which means he can drink up to three handles without feeling even remote effects. Going shot-for-shot with the invincible is strongly discouraged. The prodigy makes a reputation for himself by giving everything he attempts his 100 percent. Fandrich was able to witness Fridman’s success firsthand. “He gets up early every day and goes to the gym where he lifts more weight than anyone there. Then he attends the hardest classes and gets better grades than anyone there. And then he goes out and everyone wants to hang out with him.” As soon as Mike completed his three years of service in the Israeli Defense Force he enrolled in Pace as a biology-chemistry major and later decided to double

major and added physics to the agenda. The golden child wasn’t satisfied with his immaculate GPA so he challenged himself by switching over to his current double major in math and physics with a minor in chemistry. He is currently a member of the international Golden Key Honors Society, an elite club for Pace’s finest students. Fridman excels in every possible area, even meal consumption, which brings us to rule number two: all meals are to be eaten without interruption, rather, a bulk-up-day meal, for concentration purposes. “It started as this crazy diet where I would try to go reach an intake of twenty thousand calories per day,” said Fridman, whose thick Russian accent makes him sound like The Terminator. “The other days were three thousand calorie diets, which for me is basically starvation.” Why would anyone want to put themselves through that crazy diet? People have resorted to bizarre eating habits in hopes of losing weight or achieving some sort of goal. Fridman, however, just wanted to challenge himself because he clearly already has everybody else beat. Rule number three: do not interrupt Fridman while he is in the pool. The Israeli warrior took no time in proving that he is indeed the Poseidon of his time. Fridman broke records at his very first swim meet and currently holds Pace’s highest record in the 100 and 200 free styles as well as in many of the relays. He attained

captainship his sophomore year in 2011 and held the position through his junior year. “The guy definitely impresses everyone he meets,” admitted Fandrich. “His drive is what impresses me the most, he does everything at such an advanced level.” Mike is one of the few people that has a knack for just about everything he tries his hand at. Whether it be molding his body to fit the qualifications of a statue in Metropolitan Museum of Art, sucking down unwieldy proportions of food because he feels like it or proving that he is in fact a merman, there is no doubting that Pace has acquired itself a superhero. “My favorite crazy mike story is when the weight fell on his head at the gym,” said Fandrich. “I think that proves he’s a robot.” Fridman most cherishes his American family – the brothers of Alpha Chi Epsilon, of which he is the new member educator as well as risk manager, and the sisters of Alpha Lambda Sigma. Postgraduation Mike has free range of almost any field he wants, considering his majors and leadership positions cover just about all of them. If you want to get a chance to know the sensation himself when he’s not swimming, or eating, or achieving obnoxious success in the most rigorous of courses, just wait outside of the bar because somehow, he finds time to party too. Rule number four: no autographs please.

When Laundry Strikes Back Cecilia Levine

Feature Editor

When it comes to academic productivity in college, most students are pretty good about completing work on time. Educational institutions establish academic deadlines as early as the first grade in an effort to drill organizational habits into the malleable minds of young disciples. Eventually, children learn to integrate structural behaviors into their daily lives. There seems to be one area that will always lack in organization: laundry. Students typically have begun to procrastinate doing laundry even more so than their homework. Why is the sporadic task so easily dreaded, specifically at Pace? It just so happens that there is a laundry list of reasons. “I very much dislike having to walk so far to the laundry room,” said junior philosophy major Quadry Harris. The distance between laundry rooms and most dorm rooms makes the task of washing garments even more unappealing for Pace students. Lugging weeks worth of clothing down the stairs of Martin or up to the second row at the houses is what makes an

otherwise hop, skip and a jump seem like a journey to Guam. “It’s bad enough to have to walk outside the house in the cold,” said junior accounting major Tyler McHugh. “What’s even worse is getting to the laundry room just to find out that all of the machines are broken.” Many students are frustrated by the fact that more often than not the machines in the laundry rooms are undergoing repairs, rather, should be undergoing repairs. There are four washers and dryers in almost every laundry room at Pace. The inconvenience of a single broken machine cuts down the functioning appliances by twenty five percent, leaving students with only three functioning machines at a time. Three machines per dorm is not enough to help students stay on top of the chore. “There used to be three laundry rooms at the townhouses,” said junior criminal justice major John Manzo. “It’s really inconvenient for the townhouse community.” The newly established Residence Assistants’ office took the place of the third townhouse laundry room last summer. Residents of the townhouses now have eight washers and eight dryers. These machines are expected to service

Photo by Arthur Augustyn/ The Pace Chronicle

How often do you forget your clothes in the laundry?

the 280 residents often leading to a battle among students. Laundry pushes our body’s limits, testing not only strength in the mass transportation of clothing but also agility. Being able to quickly reach to the washers is crucial when competition gets stiff. As with any competition, there are quitters – some Pace students take a brief hiatus. The next round of battling competitors is then faced with a sopping pile of a stranger’s laundry staring them in the face. “People tend to forget their laundry in the machines way after their clothes are finished,” said junior applied psychology major Josh Molyneux. Granted, it’s easy to get caught

up in other activities while waiting for the laundry cycle to finish, but it seems more often than not that there seems to be leftover clothing lingering in the washer. “We’re not supposed to touch anyone else’s things,” said junior psychology major Nadya Hall. “We’re then left with piles of wet clothes and nowhere to put them.” One of the downsides of dorming is faring the frequent inconsideration of neighbors, an experience that lucky commuters avoid. Clearly complaints of laundry are not unwarranted. Some may blame failure to follow through on laziness. All things considered though, the lack of energy post laundry is enough to drain a toddler on a sugar high. Being that there are no elevators in the dorms and the fact that the old dumbwaiters that some of the buildings do have are completely non-functional, it is up to the individual himself to transport his or her own laundry. When you feel like you need to get your blood flowing but don’t feel like making a trip to the gym, consider doing some laundry. It will without a doubt give your muscles a run for their money and leave you feeling fresh, and fly, like a Downey champion should.

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

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What’s Making News Beyond Campus? Erin O’GOrman News Editor SOUTH AFRICA – “No place has been as riveted by Oscar Pistorius and the Valentine’s Day shooting death of his girlfriend as South Africa. But even before this sensational story burst into the headlines, South Africans were fiercely debating issues that are more or less permanent fixtures in this country — crime, and violence against women. Crime has always been high in poorly policed black areas, and whites have felt it more in recent years as well. It seems most everyone has been victimized, and many more than once. Well-off South Africans live behind high walls, they pay private security firms to patrol their neighborhoods, they have state-of-the-art security systems, and some of them are armed. So when Pistorius said in court that he mistook his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder breaking into his home, he was offering an explanation that struck a chord with many of his countrymen. Yet South Africa is also a place where violence against women is out of control, from rape on the streets to abuse between a man and his female partner. In fact, before the Pistorious case, the newspapers and talk shows were focused on the gruesome gang rape and murder of teenager Anene Booysen in a small town outside Cape Town. Public protests and marches that had been planned around the Booysen case went ahead as scheduled this week. The only change the organizers made was to add Steenkamp’s name to the long list of victims.” – source: NPR UNITED STATES – “Economists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, gazing into their crystal ball, see American farmers planting and harvesting huge amounts of corn, soybeans, and wheat this year. They’re predicting a record harvest of corn: 14 billion bushels, up nearly 40 percent over last year’s drought-crippled level. With supply up, prices will fall. The USDA thinks that the price of the average bushel of corn could fall by a third. And soybean production and price are expected to follow a similar track. Of course, these predictions assume good weather. USDA Chief Economist Joseph Glauber admits that he predicted the same thing last year at this time, but a drought in the Midwest turned anticipated glut into scarcity. Grain prices went up, putting a major squeeze on farmers who raise pigs, chickens, and cattle. This week, the weather appeared to be cooperating. As Glauber and his colleagues laid out their forecast in a Washington-area hotel, a storm was dumping more than a foot of snow on some of the places that need it most, including Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota. One storm won’t bring things completely back to normal, though. Soil scientist Randall Miles, from the University of Missouri, says it will take at least two years of good rains to replenish moisture in the soil of many hard-hit areas, and crop yields this year still may suffer.” – source: NPR GUAM – “Here’s the latest plan scientists have come up with to kill some of the estimated 2 million brown tree snakes that have wiped out many other animals on Guam: In April or May they’re going to lace dead mice with painkillers, attach them to little parachutes, drop them from helicopters and hope that they get snagged in the jungle foliage. Then, if all goes well, the snakes, which as their name implies hang out in trees will eat the mice and die from ingesting the painkillers’ active ingredients. We aren’t kidding. That’s what The Associated Press is reporting from Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base, near where this experimental airdrop will happen. Scientists don’t think the mice bombs will be a threat to other animals, so long as they get caught in the jungle canopy. There aren’t many birds left on the island — because of the snakes. The snakes’ presence in Guam has been good for at least some creatures. Chris reported that because the snakes have eaten most of the island’s birds, the spider population has exploded.” – source: NPR

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013


Fall Semester to Start and End a Week Earlier? Arthur Augustyn

Managing Editor

If actions speak louder than words than Pace’s current fall semester scheduling conveys the message “if you don’t commute, you’re dead to us.” Pace’s notorious scheduling system is a double-edged sword. It allows students to start college a week later and savor seven extra days of summer, but adds that missing week back at the end of the year which gets dangerously close to the Christmas holiday. For commuters, leaving school on Dec. 21 means a heightened possibility of driving in the snow or maybe a little more traffic than expected, but overall it isn’t a huge issue. However, for students who live out of state the problem is monumental as airfare tickets skyrocket for each day closer to Christmas. Pace’s scheduling committee has taken notice of the issue and is taking the first step in an expected long process. “I want to be very clear on this: it’s not the administration and it’s not even something that is concrete. It’s a proposal,” said director of SDCA Rachel Carpenter, who serves on the scheduling committee which recently suggested starting school the week before Labor Day and ending Dec. 16. Carpenter stressed the point that having an idea doesn’t translate to its immediate implementation. “The faculty council and provost have the final say in the schedule,” said Carpenter. The proposal has significant student support. “I personally believe it’s a great decision. It’s hard to find a plane ticket to Ohio two days before Christmas,” said junior ap-

Photos from A proposal in made in consideration to change the start date of the fall semester. plied psychology major and Ohio resident Angeline Ochere. Ochere explained that last semester her final was scheduled on the last possible day, Dec. 21, due to weather conditions cancelling days of her class earlier in the semester. This led to increased expenses for her out-of-state travel but even for New York residents Pace’s schedule is off compared to other schools. “I like the idea. It’s more in line with what other college campuses have,” said sophomore information technology major and Long Island resident David Wallack, “every other university has a uniformed routine but ours is slightly displaced.” Carpenter attended Pace’s Student Government Association on Feb. 15 to poll student senators on the proposal. The idea re-

ceived unanimous approval with many of the senators bringing up familiar issues such as airfare price hikes and complications with dorm residents who have to check out hours before their flight the next day. “The residence life staff can’t be dismissed until their buildings are empty,” said Carpenter. Out-of-state students who stay for their last final but book flights the day after school officially ends are left in traveling-limbo. Without a school that with house them or a plane to take them away, students who find themselves in this situation have to argue with department heads for earlier finals or work out arrangements to stay at friend’s house before their flight. Carpenter names Residence Life complications as one of the many facets that keep

the scheduling issue from being a simple date change. “Faculty staff raised the possibility of not observing the Jewish holidays,” said Carpenter, “others suggested not observing any holidays. It’s a much bigger conversation.” Despite the positive reception, the proposal will take a great deal of continuous support and multidepartment cooperation before the idea is implemented. Carpenter’s most optimistic prediction says the schedule will be officially changed in 2015, two years from now. Students will have their opportunity to speak on this issue, and whatever else plagues their mind, at the community meeting with President Friedman and staff on March 20 during common hour in Gottessman hall.

In an Unexpected Turn from Tradition, Pope Benedict XVI Resigns Carlos Villamayor Featured Reporter

On Mon. Feb. 11, Pope Benedict XVI surprised believers and non-believers alike when he announced his resignation from the papacy effective at the end of this month. In his declaration, the pope alluded to his deteriorated physical strength as “no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.” Voices around the world have praised the pontiff’s decision as one of great humility. “It was a very wise decision,” said campus chaplain Sister Susan Becker, “the Church faces many struggles, I can’t imagine a 85-year-old pope in charge of it.” Religious studies professor Dr. Lawrence Hundersmarck called Benedict XVI’s decision a “profoundly humble act.” “The news of the pope’s resignation was surprising,” said sophomore biochemistry major Sania Azhar, “Although we come from different religious backgrounds, we have common beliefs. It was shocking.” “Whatever is wrong with the



Pope Benedict is stepping down from his position. pope, he could probably live with it, but he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his duties,” commented freshman marketing major Kathleen Hachmeyer. “Despite the separation of Church and State, the role of the pope is still a prominent one for Catholics,” she added. Benedict XVI’s papacy was not without scandals and misunderstandings. He continuously had to deal with the exposure of old and not so old heinous cases of child abuse by priests and poor management of said cases by the

local dioceses, mainly in Ireland, the United States, and his native Germany. In 2010, the media misinterpreted the pontiff as having condoned the use of condoms, when in reality he acknowledged the use of condoms by male prostitutes with HIV as a first step towards morality. During the second half of 2012 the pope was again surrounded by scandal, this time when his butler was found guilty of stealing several private documents. Even since his time as cardinal, the pope was known for his

staunch defense of catholic orthodoxy. He spoke against the “dictatorship of relativism” and its dangerous consequences for civilization. He also published three volumes centered on the figure of Jesus Christ. In this third encyclical, Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth), he addressed present economic and social issues such as immigration and the economy, as well as humanity’s duty towards nature. According to Dr. Hundersmarck, Benedict XVI’s legacy is contained in his theological writings, “Ratzinger focused on the question of how faith and reason can complement each other, instead of being in opposition. He had genuine self-knowledge and awareness of the problems of the modern Church, and because of his love of the Church he thought the best thing to do was to resign. Maybe he finally realized that what the Church really needed is someone to pray for her,” Dr. Hundersmarck said. The papal throne will become vacant on Feb. 28, at 8:00 p.m., and the conclave that shall choose the next pope is set to begin midMarch.



The Pace Chronicle

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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Goldstein Fitness Center to Install New Sound System ... CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1


“The audio system that is presently in place at Goldstein is the original since the Fitness Center’s inception of 2001,” stated Davies’ request. “This system has largely under-performed; consequently it has been deemed insufficient by the Pace community for a multitude of events that are held on a regular basis in the fitness center’s gymnasium.” The Westchester community at large, in holding events such as wrestling tournaments and robotic conventions has also utilized the Fitness Center’s facilities. The upcoming installation will help to better enhance the appeal of the gymnasium’s amenities to the Pace and Westchester communities at large.

“Pace should be better known for academics as opposed to a sound system,” argued Pitorre. “There are many other academic areas which are just as outdated as the audio system.” Pitorre makes a valid point. But in addition to the university’s gains, students will also be able to achieve beneficial enhancements in relevant technological areas. “We now have to decide what we want to put the money towards,” said Londono. “New computers in the library and iPads available for rent are possibilities.” In fact, thanks to a recent proposal by another member of the Pace University Community, the Westchester Campus was able to

purchase a cart of iPads, which will, in the very near future, begin to be brought to classes and meetings to bring a more practical and efficient use of technology to the students. The technological renovation to the Fitness Center that is intended to occur this semester is expected to leave more money to be spent on other expenses for the Student Body and University Community. With prospects of a more innovative campus on the rise, students can begin to consider what it is that the fund should be allotted to. Those self-parking cars do look kind of cool.

Bedford Road’s New Neighbor: The Pleasantville Dawg House Cecilia Levine

Feature Editor

With spring training underway and baseball season fast approaching, it is only appropriate to warm up with some traditional American hot dogs. On second thought, “traditional” may not be the most suitable word choice for this particular ball-game favorite. The Pleasantville Dawg House throws a curve ball to take the hot dog game to a whole new level. “The original store is in Dobbs Ferry,” said co-owner of the Pleasantville location Brian Hennesy. “It was Rob’s brain child.” Rob Dubilier, Manhattan chef and founder of the original Dawg House worked alongside his childhood friends Hennesy, Jeff Jee, Richard Zackovich and Marc Baily to open a restaurant which offers 27 kinds of “specialty dawgs,” all of which were thought up by the pals themselves. “We would all hang out and barbecue after softball games and other activities,” recalled Hennesy. “Rob and his business partner would throw creations on the hot dogs and test them on friends.” With each new dog came another rave review. The creations became recipes and were compiled to create the menu for the Dobbs Dawghouse. Dubilier and the guys opened the Dobbs Ferry location in Nov. 2011. With Rob’s go ahead, Hennesy, Zackovich and Bailey set out on a search for a second location. College based towns similar to Pleasantville were considered but the “small town feel” and “community oriented” aspects of Pleasantville are what sealed the deal on the additional locale. On Dec. 10, 2012 the Pleasantville Dawg House opened its doors to reveal sleek counter-

Photos by Arthur Augustyn/The Pace Chronicle The Dawg House specializes in unique hot dog recipes. Pictured above are the ‘Nacho Dawg’ and the ‘PB&J Crunch Dawg. tops complete with built in LED lights, bright red and two-toned gray walls, and a laid-back bar atmosphere, inviting those of all ages to sample its creations. “It’s different,” said junior information technology major Matt Oelsener. “It feels like a college town type of place, which there are not many of around here.” Pleasantville is desolate of hang out spots for Pace students. Youngsters that occupy the pizza joints and wholesome families that enjoy brunch at local diners don’t necessarily contribute to the college-town feel, which leaves

students to slim pickings between Michael’s Tavern, Paulie’s Bar & Grille or the Pace campus itself. The Dawg House adds a modern element to the otherwise ordinary suburb by appealing to everybody. “No Dawgs Allowed” (made of soy protein) and Turkey Dawgs are offered alternatives for those who opt out of the allbeef “Naked Dawg”. “At first I just went there because it was different from the typical Rocky’s, McDonalds and Lucios,” said masters of public administration graduate student and Martin Hall Resident’s Di-

rector Vinnie Birkenmeyer. “But now I love it! It’s so cheap and it’s on the flex dollars.” The Dawg House’s instant popularity required very little organized advertising. “We’ve done almost no marketing to date,” said Hennesy. “What we have done has been through the Jacob Burns Theater, after they approached us, and local sports teams.” Word of mouth has been the promotional method of choice for the Dawg House. Although it’s the innovative appearance that draws in passersby, the Dawgs

themselves are what have recent regulars coming back for more. “We have Dawgs ranging from savory to sweet, to anything in between,” said Hennesy. “The last one I had was the Cobb Salad Dawg,” said Birkenmeyer, who often jokes that he is the eatery’s biggest fan. “Before that I had the Dessert Dawg which has chocolate and peanut butter, which sounds crazy, but works!” Don’t worry - you can still order the basic hot dog with mustard and relish, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013


Adderall and Other Prescription Drugs: Side Effects That You Don’t Think About

Christiana Lloyd

Health Editor

Zolpidem, Seroquel, Dilaudid, Xanax, Desoxyn, Adderall, Laudanum, Oxycodone, and Opana. While some of these may sound familiar to many of us, all 10 of these prescription drugs currently hold the top spots for being the most sold prescription drugs on the streets today. A student that wishes to remain anonymous said, “I started getting Adderall off of my friends when I was in high school because I never could seem to concentrate and my doctor said I was just lazy. Now I take them at least once or twice a week but I still haven’t gotten my own prescription for them.”

We all know that taking prescription drugs that have not been given to us from a doctor is illegal and very dangerous. But as we continue to buy that next Xanax pill to help deal with the stress of being a college student, or even that Adderall to give us an extra boost during finals time, it is important to stop and ask wonder what might possibly be happening to your body as you take it. In an interview done in the Huffington post, Dr. Ronald Ricker and Dr. Venus Nicolino shared the many side effects of taking prescription drugs that are not prescribed for you. One of the biggest dangers, of course, is overdose. Overdosing on any prescription drug can lead to serious side effects such as cardiac arrest, serious

mental disorders, or even death. Another student who wished to remain anonymous said, “Of course, we all know that there will be serious consequences when taking any drug bought off of a friend. But you don’t really think they will happen to you or someone close to you until you’re in the situation and you begin to notice your body acting weird. I got scared after taking both Xanax and Adderall in one day and I began to feel my heart race and I started getting dizzy.” Xanax may not have side effects such as increased blood pressure, or Tourette’s syndrome, but it can cause weight gain, irregular menstruation in women, and drowsiness. Xanax, along with Adderall, is also highly addictive. Because of this, both

are now considered gateway drugs, meaning they may lead to use of more dangerous street drugs such as cocaine and meth. Junior nursing major Sasha Gay Scott said, “You have to realize that when a doctor prescribes a drug to you, they are prescribing it based on your body mass and other personal measurements. So say you are a small 100-pound girl and you are buying drugs off of a large 200-pound guy - those drugs are going to have a much stronger effect on you than they would on someone his own size.” So what do you do when you are having a severe side effect? The best thing to do is to get to an emergency room as fast as you can and immediately let them know what you took, how much you took, and that you are not on

a prescription for that drug. Many people that come into the emergency room are afraid of getting in trouble for taking prescription drugs. It is important to be honest with your doctor because if they don’t know what you took or how much you took there is very little that they can do to help you. Be smart. Know the side effects of taking prescription drugs, and if you do choose to do so, know exactly what you’re taking. Even with over the counter drugs, there is always something of which you need to be aware. If you really feel that you need help concentrating, talk to your doctor and your family. And remember to never ever take a drug that isn’t prescribed to you. It could be one of the last things you do.

Yoga, a Growing Subculture Mary Alice Hall

Featured Reporter

“This practice will increase strength and stamina…” This description, copied from Pace’s athletic website, might lead one to assume the site is advertising kick-boxing courses or perhaps even a body-sculpting seminar offered in the aerobics room. However, read a bit further, “… improve flexibility and detoxify the body and mind,” and one will realize it is actually an advertisement for Pace’s Yoga II: Vigorous Vinyasa class offered Tuesday at 7:30pm, one of three yoga classes being offered in Goldstein Fitness Center this semester. The other two classes being offered include a basics class open to students with any or no range of yoga ex-

perience called Hatha Yoga and a Yoga I: Breath Easy for “students who are new to yoga or who prefer a gentle soothing practice.” Though those reading this article might now be prepared to scoff at the notion that yoga could possibly be a real workout, one would be surprised at the calming and strengthening influence it’s already having on Pace students, among other people all around the world. Yoga is rapidly becoming a growing industry in the United States. According to the Yoga Journal website, the magazine had a total circulation of 55,000 readers in 1990. Today, the paid circulation includes 360,000 with a total readership of 1,500,000 people. In Fitness magazine article “Yoga Your Own Way” writer, Marianne Magno, comments in

awe about the increase in people who partake in classes. “What started as a small yoga class of 10-15 students in Bryant Park in 2005 grew to a class of more than 200 people three years later.” Even here at Pace, the number of yoga classes offered has increased since two semesters ago. Sophomore psychology major, Emily Blakley, began taking Yoga I: Breathe Easy in Goldstein three weeks ago and seems intent on keeping this class in her weekly routine. “The instructor is very focused on the breathing and breathing at your own pace. She explains the Sanskrit and the English meanings/names of poses. It’s very relaxing. I feel so much calmer afterwards, and like stronger too… It’s a really good way to exercise because you don’t feel the pain while doing it

as much as other things,” she explains. Yoga I: Breathe Easy usually begns with deep breathing and stretching to warm up, then a series of poses, and class always end with deep relaxation. Though yoga emphasizes centering one’s self through deep breathing, meditation, and intense focus in each pose, yoga does not have to be, nor is it generally, a solitary form of exercise. People often attend classes together. In fact, Emily Blakley usually goes to class with at least one friend. Junior, Dana Weingardner, has attended the same class the past three weeks and seems equally enthusiastic about it. “I do feel like it’s beneficial to my balance, and my flexibility is improving,” she reflects. Yoga is a remarkably beneficial form of exercise. Magno’s article describes yoga’s effects

perfectly, “When you practice yoga even once, you can immediately see its benefits: your posture is better, you feel more flexible, and your body becomes more toned.” Though certain forms of yoga can be more strenuous than others, yoga is not meant to be a painful or uncomfortable exercise. It is meant to strengthen all the muscles in the body as well as ease the mind. When living on a college campus where life is hectic and there are several requirements to satisfy for classes, extracurricular activities, and work each day, such a relaxing exercise routine appears to be an opportune method of releasing the tension and stress that comes with being a full-time college student.


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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

ard Truth: Eros Ride or Die: The Delusional Justification for Situationships His HThe first impression. Ebony Turner

Opinion Editor

We have all heard the phrase before. It usually is being directed at a woman who has gone to hell and back for a man that has likely not done the same for her. It’s a sickening description for women who are willing to sacrifice their well being just so they are labeled as a girl who is “down for whatever,” but since when was that ever an honorable label to have? I heard the most when TMZ broke the story that Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and her husband rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris both went to jail after getting arrested for having drugs in their vehicle while on vacation. Tiny was willing to go to jail for T.I because she knew her sentence wouldn’t be as long since she would be a first time offender. T.I. was still on probation and his arrest for drugs would be a violation of that and he could serve the maximum amount for the charges he incurred from the arrest. Luckily they both were released on bail and neither had to serve any time in prison, but the reaction from the men was the most interesting part of this story. The men on my Twitter timeline would not let up about Tiny being a woman who was down for her man – she was a “ride or die.” The difference between Tiny and the majority of the women these indirect insults were being hurled at was that the fourth finger on her left hand is decorated and she is legally bound to Tip. The requirements and vows she made draw the line between what she is wants to do and what she is supposed to do. I don’t agree that any women should sacrifice her well being or the well being of her children for a man, something Tiny would have likely had

Photo from What does it really mean to ride or die for the one you love?

to do should they both have gone to jail. But I understand that she was conflicted during this stressful moment and wanted to help her husband in a “for better or worse” moment. However, that was her husband. It wasn’t her boyfriend, it wasn’t her guy that she is with without a title – it was her husband. The problem with our generation is that we want wives and husbands without the legal documentation. We want the people in our lives to do all the duties required in a marriage without the actual marriage. As a result, we have flawed, baseless expectations of what our significant others are meant to do. Growing with them is difficult because they have lived the life of a wife but are still just the girlfriend. How is the man supposed to have any incentive of marrying you when you have already played the role of the wife for the duration of the relationship? What is there to really look forward to? That is the issue with this label of “ride or

die,” because people expect to ride or die for people you have no real bond with. The bond is conditional on whether your relationship will even last a year much less till death. It’s important that in relationships we learn to play the role of what our title is and stay in that lane. You don’t need to ride or die for your boyfriend and if he expects you to he is already thinking with an immature state of mind. Riding for your husband is what you swear to in front of your family and in front of God. You are supposed to honor your husband or wife and be there for them in every capacity. A boyfriend is simply a significant other whose place in your life as that role is not meant to stay that way; you either promote your relationship to the next level or break up. Unless they are willing to be with you until death do you part, you don’t need to ride nor die for them.

The first impression. Caution; this could send me on an endless rant. Ladies, as a man who’s comfortable around all sorts of women, I can tell you that within 10 seconds I can conjure up a full background about you. I seriously think that I’m great at doing this. I may be full of it, or conceded, but that doesn’t matter. Why? Because if a man doesn’t know you, and sees you with makeup, lipstick, a ponytail (or bun for that matter) and dressed up like you’re going somewhere important on a Wednesday afternoon, he will be thinking one of two things; “She must be going somewhere important on this lovely Wednesday afternoon,” or “Damn, who is that stuck up female dog trying to impress?” Let’s be serious. Everyone has days where they want to look good when they don’t have to. When that turns into not being able to be seen without makeup, we will know. At the very least, all men THINK that they know what a woman is like before formally meeting them. Unless you want to be seen as intimidating or self-obsessed, don’t be seen with what I’d like to call “dog face.” Dog face is where a woman has her nose up at the world and is trying to “sniff” in order to sense fear or emotion. See? I’m beginning to go on a rant. Be approachable. Whether it’s with an acquaintance, a random man, or anyone else, if you don’t know someone in a room, don’t go off by yourself and avoid eye contact with everyone. I can’t even begin to list how many people (both men and women) that I’ve known and have ceased talking to because they drifted off into their own conceded world. Everyone has heard it, and it’s true. The most gorgeous woman in the room will become far from it with an ugly attitude or personality. I could go for days about the other stereotypical first impres-

sions, but the last thing that I’d like to stress is all about the face. Men obviously want a pretty face, but the first impression is about eye contact and your smile. It’s very easy to speak with your eyes whether it’s passion, interest or arousal. Just like women can tell when a man is mentally undressing her, a woman can show a man what she’s thinking with the right eye contact. I’ve personally been with a girl who I could respond to because I knew what she was thinking through her eyes before she could even get out the words. And it’s a huge turn on for many people if you’re able to communicate like that. Not only are you able to say things without speaking, but if someone new is able to see what you truly mean then you’ll be able to see a response without really putting yourself out there. But for the guys out there, that doesn’t mean that just because she seems down for sex, that undressing her with your eyes will get you anywhere. Woman want to be, and should be, respected. As for the smile, It doesn’t take a genius to recognize whether a smile is friendly, fake or seductive. At the very least, be friendly. In a classroom, at the bar, walking past someone on the sidewalk; wherever. This doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to say hi to everyone and sure, you may not want anything from it, but save yourself the annoyance of being “that girl” or “that guy” that is unapproachable. Yes, there will be times when you’re going to encounter someone that you have less than no wish to ever talk to and of course you can avoid acknowledging their existence, but when it comes to the people that you know that you’ll cross paths with more than once, it really wouldn’t hurt to be approachable.

Do Believe the Hype: Hype Williams Returns

Photo from

Is Hype Williams the GOAT of music videos?

Ebony Turner

Opinion Editor

It’s been almost five years since Hype Williams directed

a music video, but he returned last year directing Jack White’s recent single ‘Freedom at 21.’ It was reminiscent of Belly but with a pale Jack White riding around in the desert roads of Las Vegas.

Hype has always been one of the most prolific music video directors of my generation that I admired. He’s responsible for some of the most iconic music videos for some of the greatest artists to ever receive airtime. He’s worked with Kanye a record of 19 times, the most of any artist he’s ever worked with, which is feat for an artist who is notoriously protective and selective in his art. Hype has been the hip-hop industries best kept secret for years, but his work is not as appreciated as it should be – at least not in the same vein as a director. Hype raised the bar for music videos. He directed his music videos according to the song, not the current gimmick of the time. That is vital for any artist to remain true to the art and not the superficiality that surrounds it, especially since the point of creating anything is so it is timeless. He introduced cinematic editing techniques that the music video seen had never witnessed before. He pioneered the center shot that was enclosed in two images, a technique that

was used in “Gold Digger” by Kanye West and “Check On It” by Beyonce. He’s worked with major artists in the past two decades and helped catapult their careers visually. My personal favorite Hype video wasn’t a music video, it was his ‘Khaki Soul’ commercial for The GAP in 1996 that played to the track of a dance remix of Bill Whither’s ‘Lovely Day.’ It wasn’t the blue undertones in the commercial or the break dancing. It was the feeling that I got from watching this 30 second commercial. It made you feel that you were lost in that moment and you were present with those dancers, having the same amount of fun that it appeared they were having. The era of music videos as a commodity has changed. There’s isn’t anywhere for music videos to be showcased and there isn’t any real incentive for music videos to have the same soul that they once had. Whether it was raunchy or eloquent, music videos, prior to MTV’s decision to only air music videos from 6 to 8 am, put

a face to our favorite songs. It put a story to our favorite lyrics and a meaning to our favorite chorus. It was the only time we really had the chance to witness who these artists were and see our favorite song come to life. It introduced the real interpretation behind a tune that we had imagined in our minds as something completely different. That concept of thinking is practically non existent, since most people do not watch music videos for that reason especially since they mostly land on YouTube or World Star Hip Hop. The audiences for those platforms aren’t interested in content that makes you think, so as a result directors don’t direct for that purpose. Hype after all these years has still remained true to the grassroots of music video directing. It gives the fans a story and his treatments stay true and authentic to that. There aren’t many music video directors like Hype, but he wouldn’t be a legend if that wasn’t the case.

ealth HH ealth

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Fpinion eature OOpinion

Ebony Turner

Featured Columnist

Leave Chris Brown Alone What is 40 Acres and a MacBook?

Whether it’s the questionable news headlines on Fox News or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in.

Ebony Turner

Opinion Editor

It is almost as if Chris Brown can’t even move on not because he doesn’t want to but because the rest of the world doesn’t want to. From twitter comedians provoking him into e-fights to thought pieces delving into the psyche of a man they will likely never meet, we can collectively agree that is more than time to leave Chris Brown alone. Whether he still has the potential to repeat the events of four years ago is a fate that does not affect us. That is not to say that the events of that evening were not unfortunate. It was a domino affect of photos and leaked police reports. Chris being photographed riding a jet ski with a menacing look, Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer – it was the makings of an Law and Order episode which is probably why it will be interpreted on the television show this Thursday. The soap opera didn’t last for long once the dust had settled and both parties involved were broken up indefinitely. But once the relationship ended the crucifixion of Chris began. Even with the widely publicized community service hours he served, the probation he is still under and the apologies he has made, Chris is relentlessly bullied. Who is to say that he doesn’t remember that night just as vividly as Rihanna herself? Who is to say that he doesn’t feel guilty for bringing her to the brink of death? What he did was inexcusable and he knew that, but the public refuses to give him the chance to be better when all they expect him to do is the absolute worst. It is no coincidence that Black men have always been seen as violent,

Photo from How is Chris supposed to move on when the public will not let him?

tyrannical animals by the mainstream media. They are demonized at the first sight of any major mistake, especially one involving a mainstream darling. Kanye endured the relentless torment of the media after his interruption of Taylor Swift, and the judgmental guise of the media has left a stain so irreversible he refuses to do press. What worries me most about the stress Brown is clearly enduring due to the four yearlong backlash, is the toll it’s taking on his body. He is noticeably gaunt and sickly in the face. His frame is skinnier than it has ever been, and he is smoking weed heavily. The last celebrity I saw go through this big of a transformation physically was Michael Jackson. His family knew he was abusing drugs and

self-medicating, but why he started in the first place has always been debatable. What the public can’t deny is that after the child molestation accusations – the most devastating accusations you can ever make toward anyone – played a large role in why Michael self medicated. Michael began to look frail, gaunt in the face and noticeably warn down from the media that praised him up just to bring him down. Not only were the allegations false, but Michael was near bankrupt from the lawyer fees and having to pay off the families who only wanted money anyway. Michael was seen as being in a vulnerable position and people seeking out money consistently preyed on him using the one allegation that the public did not see as too

far off against him. I felt for him, because I knew he wasn’t a child molester and that the media and society love to beat people while they’re down, especially Black men. Chris is no different than his idol in this respect not only because they both have been taunted and provoked by the media, but also these once American darlings were now villains. Chris lost every endorsement deal, and it took years for him to sell an album and rebuild his marketability. It’s a feat that is still hard to overcome and his choice in friends, entourage’s and overall circle is not helping his transition. His fight with Frank Ocean and Drake proves that the people around him do little to diffuse the situations that often lead to the headline news he generates.

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As a society, it’s difficult to come to terms with this reality but we love to see people fall and struggle to get back up. It won’t be until Brown dies that we all take time to actually appreciate the fact that he truly was a talented young man. He is flawed and has a lot of maturing to do within his own personal life, but the choice’s he makes are his alone. If we are saying collectively that we do not want to see him get better, than I understand the constant dialogue and jokes of how he is a “woman beater.” But if we really do want to ensure he will not ever repeat those actions, the media and society have to let him breath. Give him a break and stop allowing him to live in a past he does not wish to live in anymore.



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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

~ATTENTION~ ~WESTCHESTER GRADUATES~ Student Commencement Speaker and Singer

A student speaker will be chosen from among the candidates for undergraduate degrees, who apply for this honor. If you are interested in applying to be the commencement speaker, please contact Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo (Dean Lisa), 914-773-3860 or Carol Turco at 914-7733705 by Friday, March 1, 2013. Visit our site at If you are interested in auditioning to sing the National Anthem at the undergraduate commencement ceremony, please submit an audio tape of your rendition to Carol Turco, Office of the Dean for Students, 914-773-3705 by Friday, March 1, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact Dean Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo at 914-773-3860.


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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013


Celebrities and Their Break-Ups: The Good, The Bad, and The Obvious Samantha Finch

Entertainment Editor

As consumers of the media, we all love good, well-composed, and interesting stories. Even more so, we love juicy stories, especially the ones that border the line of scandal. While we rely on the news to keep us in tune with the world, let’s face it; we all secretly love the daily celebrity drama. From catfights to fist fights, to babies and families, to make-ups and break-ups, we love it all. 2012 was a year full of all these celebrity moments and perhaps what was most noticeable was the overabundance of breakups. While break-ups in the celebrity world can be as common as the number of parties in Holly-

wood, it is still somewhat sad to see love disappear from these relationships between two notable people. The most shocking relationship failures in 2012 were from the couples to which we would never expect it to happen. On June 29, 2012, actress Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her husband, actor Tom Cruise. The couple had been married for six years and have a six-year-old daughter together named Suri. On July 9, 2012 the couple officially signed the divorce papers. This divorce is the third for Cruise and first for Holmes. Suri Cruise currently lives with her mother. Another relationship that came to a close in 2012 was between Singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand. The couple began dating in Sept. of 2009 and the two were engaged three months

later. Perry and Brand married in a traditional Hindu wedding on Oct. 23, 2010. Sadly, a little more than a year later, Brand filed for divorce from Perry and the two were officially divorced in July of 2012. The reason for the split is still unknown. After being married for nine years and having two children together, comedians and television personalities Will Arnett and Amy Poehler called it quits in Sept. 2012. The couple married on Aug. 29, 2003. They have two sons Archie, 4, and Abel, 2. All three of these iconic couples were included in lists of celebrity break ups by NBC, The Daily News, and Fox News. Yet they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 2012 break-ups. Other celebrity break ups and divorces of this past year include Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber,



Tv Guide

Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman are one of the many celebrity couples to call it quits in 2012. Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton, Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth, Heidi Klum and Seal, Ashlee Simpson and musician Pete Wentz, and Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger. Though not all break-ups are created equal: some were des-

tined to happen, some leave the participants better off, and others are nothing more than tragic. Break-ups happen every day, everywhere, and, unfortunately, to everyone. The only difference is that these celebrities are thrust into the public eye to deal with their personal issues. For more information on these celebrities please visit

There Isn’t a Good Day to See Die Hard Coming Soon to Netflix Arthur Augustyn

Managing Editor

Typically, in a movie review, I’d quickly go over the movie at hand and explain some brief plot points that give you an idea of what type of movie it is. I’m going to forgo that approach and, instead, give you a quick re-telling of the first and last forty minutes that I saw of A Good Day to Die Hard. This is the fifth installment in a long, irrelevant franchise and the results are… well I think you’ll understand as we go. The first scene in the movie, which is usually a good opportunity to hook viewers into the story they’re about to craft, is of an unnamed character watching the news as a list of forgettable names are blabbed about – from this, we’re expected to make the connection that this movie takes place in Russia. I would think a new film in a series that’s latest entry was criticized by fans would attempt to put those issues to rest by focusing the first few scenes on what made the series great in the first place - but that’s just me. After an utterly pointless scene between two personalitydevoid characters, the film treats us with a montage of random events that could not possibly be understood without a script while simultaneously feeding us those action movie clichéd lines such as “make the call,” and “it’s time.” A little while later, we get introduced to John McClane and it is explained that he’s looking for his son with about as much subtlety as a wrecking ball has when it collides with a closed-down Blockbuster. McClane is dropped off at the airport by his daughter, Lucy McClane, who is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the previous film. This time, she is played by a domesticated cow wearing a Mary Elizabeth Winstead costume (or the same actress with unfortunate camera angles, sorry). Their touching moment is about as believable as two North Korean captives trying to smile at a camera to prove that they aren’t


from imdb

The Mask of Zorro will be avaiable on Netfix on March 1. Samantha Finch Entertainment Editor


from imdb

A Good Day to Die Hard was realesed on Feb. 14. being starved to death. After a conversation that makes a high school dance seem graceful, John McClane ventures off to Russia (I can call the wrecking ball if you forget why). McClane meanders around Russia for a while and eventually finds himself in front of a courthouse where one of the personality-devoid characters (named Yuri, which is up there with Boris for incredibly distinguishable Russian names) from the beginning of the movie is on trial. An explosion sabotages the trial and Yuri escapes with another unknown man. These two run into John McClane purely out of coincidence (a pillar of strong storytelling) and it turns out that unknown man is actually Jack McClane, John’s son. Crazy how he found the one guy he was looking for within five minutes of being in a nation with 143 million people in it. What a country! John, Jack, and Yuri get into a crazy car chase with police, while gangsters are also trying to kidnap Yuri. This sequence is intercut partly with shots of cars driving on roads and partly with a camera being tossed down an escalator. There’s very little geometrical consistency so whether the actors are in Russia, New York, a studio set, or all three at once doesn’t really get in the way of the flashing images that wipe cognitive rea-

soning from your brain. These pretty flashes contain occasional one-liners but the absolute paramount landmark of humor is reached when John McClane takes a phone call from his daughter while mid-car-chase. He fumbles with the phone and tries to shrug off the imminent danger he’s in before suggesting that he’ll “call her back.” Not since deleted scenes from Scary Movie 4 has this avenue of humor been fully explored by the talented people in Hollywood. I got a little further into A Good Day to Die Hard before calling it quits. The appearance of a villain who eats a carrot while mocking the protagonists and the implication that the Chernobyl meltdown was the result of nuclear weapons trafficking was a little too much for me to bare. Claiming a nuclear power plant can be used as a nuclear weapon is like saying a pencil can be used as a bullet because they both have lead in them. There’s a load of problems I could rattle off that make this movie bad but the more poignant fact is there is nothing good I can say. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s not entertaining. It’s not good. I’ve walked out of a handful of movies out of the thousands that I’ve seen and I’m sad to say that A Good Day to Die Hard is the latest entry on that list.

As the first full month of the semester comes to a close, students are, somewhat, set in their schedules. So when those fleeting moments between classes or before an event of free time finally arrive sit back, relax and enjoy some new releases from the online streaming site Netflix. It is college after all, you should have fun too! The Mask of Zorro- Directed by Martin Campbell and starring Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Antonio Banderas (Spy Kids), and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago), The Mask of Zorro follows the story of the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, who just broke out of jail after 20 years. After escaping, Don Diego de la Vega trains his new replacement, Alejandro Murrieta (Banderas), to fight the evil Don Rafael Montero as he attempts to hurt the people in Santa Anne, California, again. The film was released on July 13, 1998 and did relatively well in the box office. The Mask of Zorro revived an 82 percent approval rating by critics and 70 percent by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. The film will be available on Netflix on Mar. 1. Godzilla- Starring Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Jean Reno (Mission Impossible), and Maria Pitillo (Natural Born Killer), Godzilla is a film based around the mutant science experiment Godzilla as he travel the sea from Japan to New York City where this monster begins destroying one of the most well

know cities on earth. The film was dedicated to Tomoyuki Tankaka who helped produced the 1954 original film. This film was directed by Ronald Emmerich and was written by Dean Devlin. Though the movie received a mere 26 percent by critics and 38 percent by audience on Rotten Tomatoes, it is a film worth seeing in comparison to the original. The film will be available on Netflix on Mar. 1. Amélie - This 2001 film stars Audrey Tautou (The Da Vinci Code), Mathieu Kassovitiz (Babylon A.D.), and Rufus (The City of Lost Children) and was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The film Amélie follows the story of the young Amélie as her kind hearted and innocent spirit allows her to go around Paris and help the citizens around her and in the process fall in love. The film receives great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes receiving a 90 percent approval rating by critics and 95 percent by the audience. The film will be available on Netflix on Mar. 1. Anaconda- The 1997 film revolves around a documentary crew that is kidnapped by a hunter who is determined to capture one of the world’s longest and deadliest snakes. As the search the Amazon for the deadly Anaconda they soon realize it is them who are being hunted. The film starred Jennifer Lopez (Selena), Ice Cube (Are We There Yet), John Voight (Mission Impossible), and Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers). The film received a 38 percent rating from critics and 30 percent by audience reviews. This list was compiled from



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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Oscars Turn Out Surprisingly Watchable with Deserving Winners Arthur Augustyn

Managing Editor

Derek Kademian

Featured Reporter

Glitz, glamour and a night of surprises were at this past Sunday’s Academy Awards. The biggest surprise was not the awards themselves but that the show was actually worth watching. Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy and Ted fame hosted the show and managed to pull off several funny skits and jokes. MacFarlane clearly knew his audience very well but also knew who he would have to impress to keep people from tuning out. During a beginning skit for the show, MacFarlane asks actress Sally Field what she’s doing in six and a half hours after the awards are over, an obvious reference to the show’s ability to always go over time (although only by thirty minutes this year). At another point MacFarlane commended Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance as Lincoln but remarked the real man who got into Lincoln’s head was John Wilkes Booth. This joke created an audible “Oooo,” which MacFarlane quickly responded to with “a hundred and fifty years and it’s still too soon for you guys?”

Photo by Chris Pizzello The producers of Argo accepting their Best Picture award. The response garnered quite a few laughs. MacFarlane’s hosting style made the show breeze by and contribute to the awards instead of detracting from them. The big award for the night went to Ben Affleck’s Argo, which collected three wins total including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing and the ever-coveted Best Picture. Affleck gave an honest acceptance speech naming mostly everyone who helped him get to where he is and the tough decisions he had to make while in Hollywood. Affleck spent a good portion of his speech thanking his wife Jennifer Garner. “Marriage, it is work but it’s the best kind of work and there’s nobody else I would rather do that kind of work with,” said Affleck. By the end of his speech he be-

came overcome with emotion and stumbled over his words before leaving the stage. Lincoln entered the awards with the most nominations but only managed to pick up Best Production Design and Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis, who now has three Best Actor awards, the most in Oscar history. Day-Lewis’ speech comically suggested that he had originally committed to playing Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep was Steven Speilberg’s first pick for Lincoln but they decided to switch parts. Day-Lewis’ calm demeanor and speech content makes it seem like he was planning on the win. On the other hand, Joaquin Phoenix certainly showed disbelief in his loss as he put on a smug look of disappointment, ignored

the camera and shook his head in defeat. Phoenix was the top contender for the award behind Day-Lewis but was critical of the Oscars’ before the show. “I think it’s totally subjective, putting people against each other… it’s the stupidest thing in the world,” said Phoenix to Interview magazine in October of last year. Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress shared similar surprises in their categories as Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway won their categories for Silver Lining Playbook and Les Misérables respectively. Both stars were the fan favorites of the show but the academy has a knack of picking against what everyone suspects, especially for young actors. Each winner appeared incredibly humble in their acceptance speeches. Hathaway thanked her co-workers and family/friends for giving her the opportunity. Lawrence, who is typically unpredictable and unintentionally hilarious, lived up to her reputation by accidentally falling on the stairs before accepting her award. Although embarrassed by the mishap, her speech was relatively tamed compared to her Golden Globes acceptance speech where she thanked her agent for “killing whoever they had to kill to get [her] on this stage.”

Finally, Christoph Waltz secured his second Oscar by winning Best Supporting Actor for Djano Unchained. Waltz appeared incredibly grateful for his repeated win, most likely because five years ago he hadn’t been in a movie that wasn’t entirely in German but is now revered as an accomplished actor. Tarantino also won his own award for Best Original Screenplay. His acceptance speech was a class act because he took the time to thank and appreciate the other writers who were nominated for the category. After concluding his speech he returned to the microphone to declare that this was the “year for writers,” and that every person nominated was deserving of the award. This year’s Oscars went as forecasted according to our predictions from last week (although neither of us got them all right, if you combine the two we’re perfect). The show was remarkably watchable this year and the stars were humbled to be there at all. We can only hope that this is a sign of change in the film industry and from here on out the show will improve as we continue to pay thanks to the pieces of art that fill our lives.

Spring Fling Concert Cancelled and Changed to Carnival ... CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

funds.” After seeing the low turnout rate, the Programming Committee and SDCA knew something had to be done. “If students don’t go to the events, there is less of a reason to try to push it,” Kirchbaum said. “The goal is to increase the turnout, with the concert; you only go if you like that particular music, but by doing something much bigger and less specific, then more people can enjoy it.” The Programming Committee began to search for different options to create a more enjoyable experience for the Pace committee. “The Spring concerts in the past weren’t horrible, but there wasn’t a big turnout with the concerts. We don’t have to worry on attracting students who want hiphop, while others want country, the carnival is more universal,” said senior criminal justice major, Janike-Vivianne Bradshaw Vice President of Programming. “The Carnival offers different options from food to rides, there’s something there for everyone.” At first, the initial goal was the concert. “Initially we tried to go for the Spring Concert, but due to constraints, we would not have been able to create something that would interest all students. Plus nothing was set in stone, and nothing was being signed,” Bradshaw said. Bradshaw assures other opportunities will arise for student wanting to go to a concert. “This isn’t the last hope for-

ever, there is always a chance we will bring it back next year to students or students could go to a concert at the New York City campus,” Bradshaw said. ““We decided to create an event that will cater to every student at Pace.” Supporting a concert takes much work, that some felt was not beneficial to the Pace community. “Every year we send out bids, so we pay for a third-party vendor to put together a budget and release it to multiple artists, then we have to pay for production, sound guys, artist, and then students have to set up the concert physically,” Kirschbaum said. “Our deadline was at the end of last semester, and no bids came back with artist that students wanted. Even if some students did want to attend one of those artists, they would only make up 2% of the campus.” Both new and returning students understand the change. “I have heard of the Spring Fling before, and I’m looking forward to the concert, from what I’ve heard not a lot of people liked the performers,” freshman nursing major Christopher Kayser said. ““I look forward to a carnival with many activities, rather than a hit or miss performance.” Some students do question the big decision. “I wish in some way, there was an opportunity to have both, that way there could be a direct comparison of what people like the most,” junior nursing major Sasha Scott said.



A carnival will take place this year instead of a concert for Spring Fling. However, students feel that the carnival isn’t a bad decision either. “I didn’t go last year because I wasn’t a fan of the artist. But I did go to the J Cole concert a while back, and not a lot of people showed up,” Scott said. “The carnival would be a nice difference, as long as it’s a day full of enjoyment, fun, and all my friends are there, that’s all that counts.” The carnival strives to offer a rewarding experience to those who attend. “As a student, I want to see traditions with great turnout and pride and spirit. I’d love to see it all to engage students and create unity on campus.” Kirchbaum said. “It’s going to be a great, fun time.” Unity of the community seems to be a main goal with the carnival.

“It’s open to anyone, I want everyone to come out and have a great time plus it can be a way for the Pace community to come together,” Bradshaw said. “It’s a great opportunity to bring together the Pace Community. Pleasantville Community, New York City campus and cater to the student body that wasn’t catered to in the past.” Students can expect mechanical rides, lights, food, and games. “Spring Fling is a week of events where students can unwind and have fun with their friends before finals,” Bradshaw said. “Our goal is to satisfy the students and finish with a bang.” The upcoming Spring Fling also offers multiple events throughout the week including nights for talented individuals showing off their poetry, singing, and more.

“Instead of having many small events building up the concert, we plan on having big events the entire week,” Bradshaw said. “These are great events that have been planned out very thoroughly and we are trying to create something that all students can look forward too, so give it a try, you will be satisfied.” More information will be provided and given to students through all sorts of media, from posters to social media. “We’ve been doing well with what we have, but we need a fresh start as a campus culture,” Kirchbaum said. “We have great and dedicated students, and having the opportunity to utilize the space we have and to bring our uniqueness to bring the campus together.”


The Pace Chronicle

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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013


Setters Fall to Adelphi CJ Dudek

Sports Editor

For the second time this season business major Denzel Primus-Devonish achieved a major statistical accomplishment on his home court. However, the Setters found themselves on the wrong end of the final score once again. Pace lost to the Panthers of Adelphi 67-55 as Primus-Devonish joined the company of 15 other Setters to ever record 100 steals in a career. Primus-Devonish also was able to lead the Setters in scoring with 19 points and added two assists to his stat line. The Panthers were able to clutch the game’s momentum by the throat after a 12-2 run to close out the first half. Bradley Simpson accumulated 14 points in the half to help propel the Panthers to a 38-24 lead. Adelphi was also able to get seven points from Anthony Liboria on five shots in the

first frame of play. Within the first six minutes of the second half the Panthers had stretched their lead all the way out to 21 points. Adelphi was able to knock down five of their first nine shots to begin the half and grab a stranglehold on the momentum. There were a variety of statistical reasons why the Panthers were able to secure the win. Adelphi shot 46 percent from the field compared to the Setters, who shot 39 percent. Adelphi was also able to secure a victory in the turnover battle. Pace gave the ball up a total of 17 times throughout the game while the Panthers only turned the ball over 12 times. Speaking of 12, that number was the gulf in assists that separated the two teams. Adelphi had 19 dimes throughout the game compared to the Setters who managed just seven. Still the most exciting moment of the game belonged to the home

Photo from Stockton Photo Setters losing streak continues. team. With four minutes and 26 seconds left to play in the second half, freshman business major Salvatore Vitello missed a layup with the Setters on a fast break. After the miss, junior forward Jonathan Merceus seized the offensive rebound and threw down a dunk that ignited the home crowd and cut the lead to ten.

In addition to the dunk, the Setters were able to diversify their offense. Merceus managed to accumulate 14 points on the night and senior business management major Keon Williams scored eight points and hauled in six rebounds. With the loss, the Setters fall to 9-15 on the season with a re-

cord of 6-14 in the Northeast-10. This was loss number six for Pace and they sit in the number 14 seed in the conference. The Setters will square off against the Greyhounds of Assumption College on Sat. Feb. 23 in their final home game of the regular season.

Pay for Play? CJ Dudek

Sports Editor

Anyone who walks into Goldstein Fitness Center sees the walls covered with captivating images of student athletes in action. If the NCAA loses an upcoming lawsuit, athletes from Pace to Notre Dame could receive compensation for the school marketing their image. Former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon has recently acquired the backing of NBA Hall of Fame players Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson in his lawsuit against the NCAA. If O’Bannon wins, schools could be forced to pay the student athletes a part of their profits. Senior criminal justice major Lamar Francis has been a football player at Pace for the duration of his four years. Included in the torrent of paperwork Francis had to sign as a freshman was form 083a; every student who has played any sport at Pace had to sign this particular form in order to be eligible to play at all. “Yeah I signed that form,” Francis said. “That was one of the few forms that I remember signing when I came to play for Pace.” The heavily disputed section IV of form 08-3a directly states that by signing the form students authorize the NCAA (or subsequent third party like EA Sports) to utilize an athlete’s likeness for promotional purposes. O’Bannon’s lawsuit primarily argues that if it were not for the NCAA’s form he could have sought compensation for being a student athlete from a third party. Even though O’Bannon is the primary name filing the lawsuit, few remember that he was a forward on UCLA’s 1995 championship winning team. Students like Francis primarily identify 11-time NBA champion Bill Russell and Hall of Fame guard Oscar Robertson as the most notewor-

Photo from Ed O’Bannon waits for his day in court vs the NCAA. thy names of the lawsuit. ful due.” likenesses of athletes in order to “Because of the additional According to the NCAA’s rev- make money. notoriety of Russell and Robert- enue breakdown that is posted “NFL players get compensason the conversation has changed on, 81 percent of the tion for being in Madden 13 and from a friendly debate to a legal organization’s revenue was due college athletes don’t for being in argument,” Francis said. to television and marketing rights NCAA 13, because NCAA games Even with Robertson and Rus- fees. The breakdown reveals that don’t use players’ names,” Fransell on the docket, O’Bannon’s the NCAA made most of its mon- cis said. “But there is no coincilawsuit has only just begun. The ey off of the marketing of student dence that Baylor’s quarterback suit was first filled in 2009 and the athletes like sophomore commu- in NCAA 12 runs like a track most recent development of the nications major Samantha Clarke. star.” case, prior to Russell and RobertStill, Clarke thinks that stuEven though student athletes son joining in, was in 2010. dent athletes who receive schol- at Pace may not be in videoAccording to, a arship money from their schools games, there are certain perks to judge ruled against the NCAA’s should not get paid because of the being an athlete. Clarke said that, motion for a summary judgment other benefits they receive. as a member of the cheerleading in 2010. The case will go to court “I do not believe that student team for more than a year, she and the NCAA will have to turn athletes that get scholarships gets free textbooks and gets to over documents revealing how should be compensated addition- register for classes earlier than much money student athletes ally,” Clarke said. “I feel this most of her peers. bring the organization. way because schools that aren’t “I think this whole thing is riWith the debate officially Division-I are not on TV and the diculous because you go into colunderway, students like Francis athletes are playing their sport be- lege expecting not to get paid,” make their cases for whether or cause it is something they want to Clarke said. “Also, just because not student athletes should be do.” student athletes have talent does compensated for playing. The argument regarding not necessarily mean that the “Ideally I would say the mon- whether or not nineteen-year- NCAA should change their rules ey of the collegiate athlete should olds should be regarded as semi- for them.” be scholarship based,” Francis professionals or not has taken a While athletes that meet the said. “But, seeing how much greater shape in this generation. school’s and NCAA’s requiremoney people are making off of Francis sites EA sports mega vid- ments get rewarded in certain collegiate sports, it would only be eogames Madden NFL 13 and ways, there are infamous cases in fair if the athletes got their right- NCAA Football 13 utilizing the which illegal benefits hindered an

athletic program for decades. Back in the mid-70’s and early 80’s, Southern Methodist University established a slush fund to be set aside with the intent of paying their incoming student athletes if they chose to play for them. SMU was given the “death penalty” by the NCAA and shattered the football program at that school for two decades. One could argue that if the players at SMU were allowed to receive compensation for their play that the small Texas school would have a profitable football program. Francis believes that SMU would still be okay today if the players got paid. “I think that if athletes got compensated there would be less of a reason for them to accept illegal benefits,” Francis said. “It’s not usually the rich that rob a bank; if college athletes had this kind of money then there would be less pressure on them to accept the illegal benefits.” The morality of paying athletes who have signed away their rights debate will rampage on like a tornado. And even with Russell and Robertson backing the plaintiffs, Francis does not see a good ending for O’Bannon and his band of basketball brothers. “I don’t think that they (O’Bannon, Russell, and Robertson) are going to win this lawsuit because Russell and Robertson were not in the age in which videogames utilized their likeness,” Francis said. “But I do think that this case will open the door for someone else down the road to win a case like this.” The case may fade from the news for a short time, but it will not vanish completely. According to, the trial for O’Bannon and the NCAA is scheduled for Jul. 9, 2014. Until that date, schools like Pace can plaster their gym’s walls with the pictures of their students without having to pay them a dime; because they are allowed to.


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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013


Setters Fall In Overtime CJ Dudek

Sports Editor

In one of the waning games of the regular season, the grind of extra time wore the Setters down. The Setters lost in overtime to the Panthers of Adelphi 65-57 on Wed. On the season, Pace has a record of just 1-4 when games go into overtime and, unfortunately, the Setters needed to win this one. Both teams played on an even keel throughout the first half. While Pace outscored Adelphi 26-21, neither team had a lead larger than six points before half time. The Setters roared out to an 8-2 run to ignite the home crowd in the second half. With 16:18 to go in the second half, graduate communications major Jessica Scannell knocked down a jump shot to give the Setters an 11-point lead. From that point on, the Panthers seized control of the second half. Jessica Kitrys scored 17 of her 30 points in the second 20 minutes of play to reduce the Set-




The Setters pull out the win vs Owls. ters lead and ultimately swing the score in Adelphi’s favor. The Setters were able to counter the effort of Kitrys with the help of one of their forwards. Graduate political science major Brittany Shields notched 12 of her 18 points in the second half

and was also able to pull down five rebounds. While the slugfest that was the second half wore on, the Setters found themselves down by two points with less than a minute to go in regulation. With just 29 seconds left to go, sophomore

special education major Margo Hackett hit a layup in order to knot the score at 55-55 and send the game to overtime. Although it was a 10-2 run in overtime that sealed the win for the Panthers, there were almost no glaring statistical differences

between Pace and their opponent. Adelphi shot 40 percent from the field compared to Pace’s 39 percent and held that slim advantage in shooting percentage throughout the rest of regulation. The Setters and Panthers each had 21 turnovers in the game and both managed 28 points in the painted area. Still there were two advantages that broke the Panthers way when the game was over. Adelphi out-rebounded Pace 42-34 throughout the game. The Panthers also delivered 25 crushing bench points compared to zero from the Setters. With the loss, the Setters have an overall record of 13-11 with a record of 11-9 in the Northeast-10. Pace currently sits in the number six position in the conference standings and has a shot at making the postseason with some help. Pace will bid farewell to their seniors on Sat. Feb. 23 as they play the Greyhounds of Assumption College in their last home game of the regular season.

Sports on the Side: All-Star Burnout? CJ Dudek

Sports Columnist

Photo from Do we really need games that don’t matter? In between fantastic dunks, Chris Paul making Chris Bosh’s legs look like old western saloon doors, and Blake Griffin making fans beg for him to be in the dunk contest again, there was something missing from the game; you know, other than defense. That’s it; the All-Star game was missing that unique rel-

evance that makes the game matter. It is not just in the NBA where the score has the same amount of worth as the points from Whose Line is it Anyway? None of the All-Star games have any relevance to the season. Sure, baseball tried that whole ‘winner of the All-Star game gets home field advantage

in the world series’ thing back in 2003 to make the game matter. By doing so, teams in baseball that win more games do not necessarily receive the deserved benefit of home field advantage in the most crucial series of the year. Instead, some terrible pitch from the Kansas City Royals pitcher could ruin the Yankees

“Start Spreading the News”

shot at having home field in the World Series. The NFL is considering completely getting rid of the Pro-Bowl all together because they know the players don’t try and most of them don’t even care about going. Yet even though the games don’t matter, the spectacle draws well. According to an article by, a total of eight million people turned on TNT to watch the biggest names in basketball play the most anticipated pickup game of the year. The pickup game mentality of the All-Star game makes all of the statistics funnier than anything Dane Cook has ever said. Entering the game, Kevin Durant had the chance to win consecutive All-Star MVP awards. This feat had not been accomplished in 30 years. You can file that stat under the category of ‘nobody gives a flying fudge’ along with shooting percentage in hockey, wins above replacement in baseball, and total quarterback rating in football. Seriously, USA wrote an article back in 2011 suggesting that Kobe Bry-

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ant could be the greatest AllStar gamer ever. Bryant owns the All-Star game record for starts, not to mention his four MVP awards. Naturally, the debate raged on about his performance in All-Star games compared to the best of the pickup games. Being the greatest All-Star game player in league history is like Rihanna winning a teen choice award for her acting in Battleship: compared to the rest of their career accomplishments, this one wins the Oscar for most useless. This is not saying that every All-Star weekend is completely without merit. The skills competitions in the NBA and NHL are quite entertaining to watch and the NBA slam-dunk contest can provide all of the dramatic moments fans want to see. Bettman, Goodell, Selig, Stern - do your leagues a favor and scrap this All-Star crap. It is a flawed concept that no longer has a purpose to serve. There is good reason to believe that multi billion professional sports industries would survive purging the expenditures of a one-weekend flop-fest a year.

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