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TOYZ: GADGETS 40 LG Prada and Shine Phones




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HUSTLENOMICS — 3rd Edition—

Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Damola Idowu Design Travis A. Alford Copy Editor Keyla McNeely


e all face challenges on a day-to-day basis. How we respond to those challenges is what defines who we are. I never got into this career for the vanity; I got into it because the two richest Black’s in America became Billionaires in the media business. There is not a blueprint for this, and honestly, all you virtually have is your drive and passion to pull you through. I am grateful for my team; for we make the impossible plausible every time we go to press. The one year anniversary of Hustlenomics is the next issue. The four year anniversary of Owners Illustrated is in November and the one year anniversary of the Women’s Issue is now. In September, the launch of Toyz takes place. Evident of our progress, I have a lot to be thankful for. There was no step-by-step guidebook for me to follow when I broke into the business, except for the advice, guidance and insight of John Blassingame. I entered into this business to get paid, and to do so, I realized I had to put out a superior product to separate ourselves. I thank our readers so much for their support – you have empowered us to keep delivering this vintage brand. Remember, you can always trust the shield- Hustle till Eternity. You know who it is.

THE HUSTLENOMICS ACADEMY “I sponsored the movement.”

Photography Banks Wil David Banks Damola Staff Writers Damola Da Great Deity Dah Andrea “Mizery” Wilson Marketing & Promotions Damola Quincy Taylor Dawoud Shadeidu Brian Williams RW Collection Models Advertising Damola Jay Alexander Sales Damola Russell Blowe College Representative Kunle Idowu

Damola “Da Great Deity Dah” Idowu Publisher/Editor-in-Chief/Founder Hustlenomics Magazine

Intern Chris Barnes Newsstand Consultant John Blassingame Legal Counsel Reginald E. Greene, Esq.

Hustlenomics Magazine is published quarterly by Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC. © 2007 Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC P.O. Box 65484 Washington, D.C. 20035 Sub. rates: 1 year – $14.99, 2 years – $28.99 All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited.Visit us online: Phone: 202.607.3629 Fax: 301.588.1011


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Takes You To The Edge and Beyond


Orlando Brown

Jacket and Pants l Makaveli Branded Photography l 8 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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Orlando Brown

Shirt and Shorts l Makaveli Branded Photography l

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where it’s poppin’ • k..d. aubert party • nyc

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Where it’s poppin’ • blackmens model competition & anniversary party • nyc

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where it’s poppin’ • elke “the stallion” thick party • dallas

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Where it’s poppin’ • los show • baltimore

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Where it’s poppin’ • A Day in the life of Young Buck • nyc

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20 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition


sharp departure from the controversial styling cues of Chris Bangle, the BMW CS concept is a sleek interpretation of a four door Gran Tourer. Clearly aimed at the highly successful MB CLS, the CS concept has a rakish roof, flowing lines and a wide track. The concept also features 21 inch wheel. The interior is lush and follows the mantra of BMW, it is designed with the driver in mind, in a truly ergonomic fashion. Very long in length, measuring 200.8, the CS may actually be a peek into the design language of the next 7 series. For more information, visit

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erving as the flagship of the Cadillac brand, the Cadillac XLR-V represents the best in American performance, design and technology. The XLRV features a supercharged Northstar engine that develops 440hp from a 4.4L V8 that also outputs 425lb-ft of torque. A new V-series V8 is rumored to be in the works and figures on performance are rumored to top 600hp. Expect the new V-Series engine to debut in 2008. In the meanwhile, the current engine brings the XLR-V from 0-60mph in less than five seconds. With a retractable hardtop, a special mesh grill, a body kit, 19in wheels, four stainless steel exhaust tips, and a rich wood interior, the XLRV is Cadillac’s answer to the Euro exotics that capture the 80K plus sports coupes. For more information visit


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reated for those who want an even greater racing feel from their 911, the Porsche GT3 RS is even faster than the GT3. 44 pounds lighter than the GT3 at 3031 lbs, the GT3 RS reaches from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds – a full .1 second faster than the GT3. The GT3 RS is street legal and it shares the same 3.6 1 V6, 415 hp engine from the GT3. Available only as a 6-speed manual for its racing enthusiast customers, the GT3 RS does not come with a sunroof, but still is functional enough for daily commuting. True fun, however, is achieved on the weekend where owners can enjoy their GT3 RS on the track. For more information, visit


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amborghini’s 2008 Superleggera model is a masterpiece and essentially was created for those who wanted more than the 520hp and a V10 engine of the old Gallardo. The Superleggera is a lightweight demon that generates an extra 10hp due to a 70 kg reduction in weight. The weight loss and performance boost yields a .2 gain in 0-60 mph time boasting a new 3.8 second time. The Superleggera also has unique body cladding and molding, with a spoiler to differentiate it from the base model. For more information, visit


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maserati quattroporte automatica


o claim the Maserati Quattroporte has been a success is an understatement. The Fiat brand, which is home to Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, reintroduced Maserati to the US Market a few years ago. Based on the successful Quattroporte which sold almost 2 thousand units annually, Maserati now stands alone from Ferrari F errari and is due to reintroduce Alfa Romeo to the US market through its dealer network. Initially having just a F1 style paddle shift duoselect transmission, the Quattroporte now has a brand new 6-speed ZF transmission which powers the Ferrari sourced 4.2 L V8 that develops 400hp. The paddle shift option still exists on this fully automatic model, but now you get to enjoy the fine Pininfarina design as American executives prefer, with the option of switching to the paddle shift mode for a true Euro sport sedan. 0-60mph pickup, however, suffers .4 seconds to 5.5 seconds. Pricing on the Quattroporte begins at $103,000. For more information, visit


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imed at the standard bearer BMW 3 series, the Audi S5 is a dynamic sports coupe which bears a powerful V8 engine and Audi’s famed DSG transmission. Also featuring Audi’s Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, the S5 boasts an almost 90hp boost from the base A5 at 354hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. 0-60mph is achieved in 5.1 seconds. In addition to the new pronounced grill found on many Audi models, the S5 also features 19in wheels, a spoiler and extra body cladding to give it extra sporting character. On sale this fall- For more information visit

30 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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oasting several technological improvements and a boost in quality, the Jaguar XJ suffered from a design that was too conservative and differed little from past generations. As a mid cycle improvement, the new XJ boasts a new grill and side vent that brings out the cats sporty character. Its aluminum frame is lightweight and far advanced than its contemporaries, the new XJ goes far to garner the prestige and respect deserved of this truly great sedan. New improvements include a digital radio, an even better Bluetooth system that can now pair up to five mobile phones. Engine options are the recently boosted 4.2 L 300hp naturally aspirated V8 and the 400hp supercharged version. Pricing begins in the late $60K and goes up to slightly over $90K for a Super V8. Visit for more information.

32 • HUSTLENOMICS • 1st Semester

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ith over 300 modifications, the Mercedes Benz SLR 722 marks the best of the pairing of McLaren and Mercedes Benz. Named after the starting time of a victory by legendary British driver Sir Sterling Moss, the SLR 722 delivers Enzo like performance with w ith 650hp output from the super charged V8. The 722 is also a collectable as only 150 are being made. Equally exclusive is a limited edition Tag Heuer SLR Watch- an automatic chronograph. Only 3500 of the matching watches will be made. The SLR 722 reaches 0-60mph in a mere 3.6 seconds, .2 seconds faster than the SLR. The Mercedes 722 joins the SLR and SLR Roadster bringing the total SLR model count to three. For more information visit

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big part of Infiniti’s recent success and a true competitor for the entry luxury sports coupe is the G37. It replaces the award winning G35 and is ready to gain great acclaim on its own. Already given the crown by Motor Trend, the G37 is actually more fuel efficient than the previous G35 G 35 by nearly 2mpg, even though it boasts an almost 40hp boost. Matted to a 5speed transmission with a manual shift mode, a 6-speed manual will also be offered. Expect all the technological advancements in the previous edition and a 9.3 gigabyte hard drive with a compact flash drive slot for music storage, a touch screen navigation system and even a rear view monitor. For more information, visit 36 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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ith an eye towards enthusiasts who want something more powerful and exclusive than the already rare GT500, Shelby has created the Super Snake- a new street legal Shelby that can boost power up to a mind numbing 725hp. Tuning options are a 600hp warranted edition and a 725 hp edition that is unwarranted. At 725hp the Super Snake bears Saleen S7 Turbo type power found in a Mustang. The Super Snake option can only be obtained exclusively from Shelby and a very limited number will be built each year; in Las Vegas, probably less than 1,000. The Super Snake comes with a six-speed manual transmission and the 600hp warranted engine generates almost 600lb-ft of torque. For more information visit or

38 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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TOYZ: GADGETS LG KE850 Prada Phone

Key specifications GSM Tri-Band Bluetooth 2.0 Touch Screen Interface Camera Media Player Internet Browser SMS MicroSD Expansion Slot Dimensions: 2.1 in x 0.5 in x 3.9 in

LG KE970 Shine (Slider)

Key specifications GSM Tri-Band Bluetooth 2.0 2 MP Camera Media Player Internet Browser EMS/SMS MicroSD Expansion Slot Dimensions: 2 in x 0.6 in x 3.9 in

LG KE770 Shine (Bar)

Courtesy of LG

Key specifications GSM Tri-Band Bluetooth 2.0 2 MP Camera Media Player Internet Browser EMS/SMS MicroSD Expansion Slot Dimensions: 2 in x 0.6 in x 3.9 in

40 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition


Publisher: MIDWAY Platforms: XBOX 360, PS3

Produced by Midway and Vin Diesel’s Tigon Studio’s, in association with MTV Games, Wheelman is an intensive car chase game. Wheelman, which is also being developed into a movie along with MTV Films and Paramount pictures, follows a driver or a ‘wheelman’ through the streets of Barcelona as he delivers passengers and their cargo. The trailer gives you a feel of the Transporter, though this seems to be more intense. This open world game includes foot and driving action with an emphasis on the car chases. According to Midway, the emphasis is on a realistic environment and providing the most intensive car chases from the past 25 years in motion picture history (Ronin is one of my personal favorites). Wheelman will arrive this fall on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. For more information visit www.midway. com.


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: XBOX 360

Set in the year 2552 with a final battle between humanity and an alien race, the fate of the galaxy lies in the hands of one soldier, Spartan 117, The Master Chief. In Halo 3, you are Spartan 117 and you must finish the fight. Long awaited by the millions who have purchased the Halo Series, the release of Halo 3 this fall is bound to increase X Box 360’s dominance in the next generation gaming consoles segment. Sales of the X Box 360 are projected to exceed 10 million by year end, which would more than double that of the Wii and the PS3. For more information, visit

Xbox 360 Elite

Key Features: • Premium black finish (console, wireless controller, and headset) • 120 GB hard drive • HDMI port • XBox LIVE Silver Membership • One-month subscription to XBox LIVE Gold

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46 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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3rd Coast Customs Houston has a car culture all its own featuring candy painted slabs that have elbows poking out, and when they park, they pop the trunk and give you a neon show and enough base to rattle a block. If you desire your ride to be properly outfitted, there is only one place to go and that’s to Eddie at Third Coast Customs. Unmatched in their craftsmanship, Third Coast Customs has been a staple in the Houston car scene for years. Having placed vehicles in several videos that have garnered the attention to the scene, it is not hard to see why they are the official custom car shop for Swishahouse Records. Not only do they do custom paint jobs, neon kits, 84’s and 83’s, car audio, car alarms, window tint, fifth wheel bumper kits, custom lights, pop trunk, European lights, mirror lights, and whatever else you can think of, they also do interior jobs including rare animals such as Ostrich. A body shop also, Third Coast Customs does restoration jobs building out slabs from shells. This establishment has notoriety and has also taken several trophies home for their work. Their toys have been featured in several magazines. For more information on Third Coast Customs visit 3rd Edition • HUSTLENOMICS • 47

48 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

Hair & Make-up: Mila Thomas

Picture Editing: Destiny of DGTAL IMAGE Styling: Lanre’ for


aka lola luv


Touched by

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54 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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60 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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62 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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70 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

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76 •• OwnerS HUSTLENOMICS Illustrated • 3rd •• Edition 1st Semester 76 HUSTLENOMICS 3rd Edition

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KIA SHINE “So, Krispy, So Fresh”

Photography: Jonathan Mannion

From B.B King to Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia, Memphis, Tennessee has long carved a rich legacy in the music landscape. Now a not-so-new artist emergesKia Shine. Memphis based recording artist Kia Shine, 2007 recipient of the Southern Entertainment Award for the Independent Artist of the Year, is poised to add on to a tradition that he has been contributing to since 1998. His history dates back to his own label named Diamond Cut Records and under this company he released records regionally distributed by SelectO-Hits records. Under another recording venture, Kia had Rap Hustlers Entertainment and signed TVT recording artist Yo Gotti, LA Chat, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Criminal Mane and Gangster Blac. During this time, over 200,000 records were sold independently. Unfortunately, he wasn’t properly compensated for his successes. Forgoing his behind the scene role, Kia is now ready to “shine” himself and is now producing and rhyming, letting people know he is “Krispy and Fresh,” and will take no prisoners in his quest to be the best in the game. A Frasier native, Kia has always been a selfstarter and already had 5000 media based spins of his single, “I be Everywhere.” That single was on the heels of “Respect My Fresh,” which featured Jim Jones. Now under the guidance of the incomparable Sylvia Rhone at Universal Motown, Kia is ready to enlighten the world to his own brand. Kia Shine’s album, Due Season is in stores now. — Damola

80 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition


DJ DRAMA & WILLIE THE KID Upper Echelon of Modern Rhymers — the Legacy of Gangsta Grillz Interview by Damola Through garnering national headlines with the raid of his studio in Atlanta, Tyree Simmons a.k.a DJ Drama has been laying the foundation for his movement for over a decade when he and his compadres, the Aphilliates, moved down from Philadelphia to attend Clark Atlanta University. Their impact culturally has vertebrate throughout the South and one can honestly state that southern hip-hop and in particular, the biggest stars from T.I., Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and several others would not have made as large an impact without their contributions. Before T.I. was the King, he was In Da Streets with Drama, before Jeezy motivated ‘thugs,’ he had the Streets Watching while he was determined to Trap or Die, and before the Carter II Lil Wayne made his Dedications to the game quite clear. But, the plan wasn’t to make mixtapes, but more to create a movement and a brand on their own. AMG or Aphilliates Music Group is a crucial piece; and 82 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

following the soon to be released Gangsta Grillz album would introduce the world to the exceptional A&R talent the Aphilliates collective. To experience a Gangsta Grillz “street album” is an experience which brings out the best in any artist paired with their DJ collective. Having done tons of collaborations the future of the Aphilliates now lies on the shoulders of the promising young prodigy, Willie The Kid. Claiming to be “The upper echelon of modern rhymers,” he has superior composition skills unrivaled in this current environment. A true lyricist from Grand Rapids Michigan of all places, the Gangsta Grillz album serves as a platform to introduce the world to Willie The Kid’s impressive skills where he dominates alongside Jada Kiss, T.I. Young Buck, Jeezy, Yung Joc and others. Willie will most certainly be the talk of the streets once this classic opus reaches retailers globally. I had an opportunity to catch up with Drama, DJ Sense,

and Willie recently at the infamous studio. Going along with business as usual, finishing touches were being put on the Gangsta Grillz album and Willie’s own solo album via Aphilliates Music Group’s venture with WMG Asylum Records. Part one of the interview follows. So Drama, what’s been up with you man? We’re here, in full effect. The movement is crazy. I’m here to do my thing in hip hopto make a real claim on what is important in the game. I come from all angles. I have history in this. What is the whole Aphilliates, AMG movement about it? Really, it’s about a lot of things. It’s a story book story. You have three different deejays from Philly who met up in AtlantaMe, Trendsetter & DJ Don Cannon. We are just doing what we love to do. However, it needed to be done. From doing $150 dollar parties to whatever, we got out there and got on the grind. That turned into the “Aphilliates” and we became a dj company... a DJ Organization. Other than that, we had “Willie The Kid.” He was always a part of the movement. I remember conversations a long time ago when we were setting our sh*t up and letting it be known the direction we wanted to go in. (WE ARE FANS OF THE GAME). We respect the people that came before us. So that’s why we put so much into what we do and try to give quality back. I had my situation with the “Gangsta Grillz” album and I knew from doing mixtapes and doing it the right way that the opportunities would come. So you got Willie The Kid moving on to your own company with artists. Is that what you’re trying to do now? Everything is the blueprint. Like with DJ Clue with Desert Storm. All the mixtape DJ’s that have come before me, from independent people like Russell Simmons to Diddy or Jay-Z and Damon Dash- every movement that ever happened is like the blueprint. We take the best of all of it. I have to shout out DJ Clue because he was doing what we are doing now with his

movement. So, I’m happy to be here. I have some things to do. How many Gangsta Grillz cds have you done with your name attached to it that have opened up peoples eyes to the brand? We put out a lot of Gangsta Grillz but I don’t feel like we make cd’s. [WE MAKE CLASSICS]. Willie, you’re the benefactor of a lot of groundwork. How do you feel about that? I’ve been in the dugout along time. Watching the game, playing bat boy part time and doing what I had to do to make sure it was moving. If you go way back on older Gangsta Grillz cd’s before it was as big as it is today, I was on there a long time ago. [CHECK THE RESUME]. We are in a different light than we are now. Even when the CD’s were only coming out 1000 or 1500 at a time, I was still on there. I played my part for a long time, being patient, working hard on my craft. Now here I am today. It feels good. So Drama, what is going to define the AMG movement? Drama: Its right here man, Willy the Kid. Willie The Kid: We’re going to define it by the quality of the music we’ve been making. What you know us and love us for on the mixtape side, you’re going to get the same thing with the music. We’re just going to stay true, keep making good music and staying dedicated to the cause and the craft. It’s coming, step by step. It’s just a matter of time ... a matter of grind. Check out part two of our interview with DJ Drama and Willie The Kid in the next issue of Hustlenomics.

“I’m here to do my thing in hip hop - to make a real claim on what is important in the game. I come from all angles. I have history in this.” — DJ DRAMA 3rd Edition • HUSTLENOMICS • 83

Having created this year’s top selling digital downloaded record and ring tone, Mims is more than “hot,” he is sizzling. Taking a different approach, he took his grassroots groomed record to #1 on all Billboard singles charts with over 1 million downloads and ring tones sold. The song This is Why I’m Hot was a genre breaking record that featured a reggae remix and even a rock remix that is featured prominently in commercials for Microsoft’s Ipod battling MP3 player, the Zune. What is impressive about Mims ascent is the fact that he has already secured major endorsements from some of the world’s largest companies. Mims has an agreement with Sprint and is featured heavily in their retail locations in ads for their Samsung Upstage phone. In addition to Sprint, Mims also has a major endorsement agreement with Microsoft and is the sound of their commercials for their Zune player. This is unheard of for a new artist who secured these agreements before even releasing his album Music is My Savior. Microsoft has also partnered with Mims as the official sponsor of his tour and they are advertising heavily on his tour bus. Following the footsteps of New York’s other multi-endorsement icon Fifty Cent, Mims is also selling water through an endorsement deal with Fiji water. As attention is brought to the content of hip-hop lyrics, the ignorance in assumptions become evident when listening to the Washington Heights, NY native- Mims music has playful edge and is fun, allowing him to enter his lucrative agreements. If Mims never makes another hit, his savvy and business sense has probably generated at least $5 million in revenue this past year alone. But that fate is highly unlikely as This is Why I’m Hot is not Mims first hit. Also a DJ and engineer, Mims as a producer had a platinum release in Canada with the Baby Blue SoundCrew. Mims and his producers, The Blackout Movement, have already made regional hits with “I Did You Wrong” in 2003. Through his arrangement with Capitol Records, Mims has his own label titled American King Music and with his business acumen, I wouldn’t bet against him or any artist under his wing to make next years smash record. The success behind This Is Why I’m Hot was built organically through relationships with DJ’s and use of digital technology. Several models had the song on their Myspace page before the rest of the world became hip to his movement. Does MIMS represent the new way of doing business in the music recording industry? That is yet to be seen, but place your wagers; he will be in the mix one way or another. — Damola 84 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition



ROACH RECORDS Having forged a mark locally, and by making it to a major recording contract while landing a music video of their song, “If I should die,” the crew at 8801 Hampton Mall Drive in Capitol Heights MD, are a multi-talented group of entrepreneurs that provide a wide range of products. From their own couture clothing line titled Limelight, to a record store titled Roach Records, to an adult DVD emporium titled Video Outlet, there is nothing you can’t find at 8801 Hampton Mall Drive. From time to time you will find adult entertainers doing signings; and it is also not rare for you to run into Melvin and Don Choo who both played in the acclaimed Rayful Edmonds movie. Roach Records sells all the latest music releases and you can also create your own CD at their nearby recording studio ran by Debo, Major Players Recording. Contact them at (202)369-8946. On any given day you can have a lively conversation with Jack, Pep, Choo, Al and the rest of the gang. Whatever you need, they got it and if they don’t, they can get it. So pay a visit to the gang and tell them Hustlenomics sent you. — Damola

3rd Edition • HUSTLENOMICS • 85

86 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

Paul Wall



s his current albums title suggest, Paul Wall is out to Get Money Stay True, and though he has become an ambassador for the Grills culture, he is impacting others with more than just gaudy jewelry. Having made a name independently with former rhyming partner Chamillionaire, Paul Wall is now capitalizing on every opportunity before him. “I’m utilizing these blessings that God gave me. I’m trying to take advantage of every opportunity I have.”

Those opportunities include his flourishing jewelry business, “Me and my buddy Johnny just came out with a second edition of watches. This year alone we have already doubled what we did all last year and we just introduced the kids line…Lebron James has grills, Shaq got grills.” Paul Wall’s brand has been so successful he had a smash single last year alongside Nelly, Kinfolk, and Jermaine Dupri for a song about “Grillz.” “It was Nelly and Jermaine Dupri’s idea,” says Paul. “They asked me to be a part of the song and I was blessed to have a verse on there. It was like a 3 1/2 minute commercial for me.” This success in the jewelry game has translated into a tremendous opportunity in the aftermarket automotive industry. “With Zenetti, we teamed up with their rims called Masquerade but we also have a chrome rim with a detachable plate. You could ice them out and they’re removable and we also have a matching front end grill for the Escalade. Currently, we are working on the Chrysler 300...also the Magnum and Charger’s.” However, Paul’s ventures don’t stop there. He has two clothing situations including an endorsement deal with Avirex. “I used to be a big fan of their clothes back in the day… they were coming with a new line of clothes that was different from what they had before, so I was with that,” Paul says. He also has his own clothing line Expensive Taste. “My boy Travis Barker (Blink 182) is a real good friend of mine. We have a clothing line we are doing together with Skinhead Rob. We have a group Expensive Taste but we also have a clothing line with it.” So, with such success relatively quickly, one may assume Paul is now cruising on easy street, yet that is far from the truth. “In the words of DJ Screw, it’s been all work and no play... Now that I have made it to the other category (tax bracket), I’m not going to stop... I’m really trying to stay here... My wife always asks me, ‘why do you work so hard. We’re rich you don’t need to work so hard.’ But my whole thing is I’m trying to make sure we stay rich. I’m trying to make sure my kids are rich and their kids are rich,” proclaims Paul. And as such, Paul claims, “I keep my work ethic as when I was broke.” A recent charity trip with MTV abroad to Africa gave Paul a deeper perspective on things and rededicated his approach to his success. “When I took the trip to Sierra Leone in Africa (with MTV) and we did a documentary on the lifestyle of poverty over there and a documentary on Blood Diamonds, it just motivated me to want to get involved, but it also motivated me to keep grinding and be more appreciative of my blessings.” Paul Wall was so touched from his trip to Africa, he has since agreed to participate in the creation of more awareness documentaries with MTV. “We are doing another documentary going to Iraq doing a USO tour for the troops. We are also going to Vietnam to do a documentary on biological and chemical warfare… we are letting people in America know its not gravy all over the world. We have opportunities in America we take for granted, but when you go around the world you see people don’t have opportunities like that… so I looked at myself and asked what am I going to do with all these opportunities. Was I going to be lazy or am I going to take advantage of them? I decided that I’m going to take advantage of these opportunities. I’m going to get involved and spread the word,” says Paul. Part of what grants Paul the opportunity to help others and caretake for his family is his music career and in putting together his recent album Get Money Stay True. He took great delight working with his manager and mentor. “This one was a lot of fun,” says Paul. “I had my boy T Farris (manager) and Lil Keke with me. Lil Keke is always a lot of fun to work with. He always inspires you to make yourself better, your lyrics better, and makes you want to step it up. So me being with Lil Keke, somebody I have always admired, somebody I have always idolized and looked up to…It’s like (if you played basketball) your favorite player is Michael Jordan and you have Michael Jordan coaching you, you’re going to be the best of the best.” Paul’s dedication shows and the chemistry is evident in the lead single Break ‘em Off. Having also toured with Russell Simmons on the Get Your Money Right tour, Paul has sought to educate himself and others about financial literacy. Best put: Getting Money Staying True.



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The Smoke

Clears WORDSDamola

88 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition


Arguably the greatest emcee of all-time, Rakim once stated, “It ain’t where you from its where you at” and in 2007 that could ring no truer. As any regular reader can attest, we have been covering the Houston, Texas scene for years, especially the movement of Swishahouse. As major changes are amiss, I had to personally jet down to H-Town to bear witness to the Swishahouse compound. Though greater fame and wealth has been gained, the motto is still the same, “You don’t grind, you don’t shine,” and the grind and focus now is on the next generation of talent to carry on the tradition that had the world Still Tippin when All Hell Broke Loose. As I visited, I was treated to a real freestyle where the rhymes are truly spontaneous and are composed on the spot and relative to the artist’s surroundings. Interestingly enough, New York hiphop purists holler about the death of the culture and lack of appreciation for its rich history outside of the five boroughs, yet I was witness to true artists doing their freestyle thing in front of graffiti on walls. It was refreshing to see in Houston. The Houston powerhouse, Swishahouse is led by a DJ named Mike Watts and as I listened to the session, I could only envision what it could have been like to witness the Juice Crew in Marly Marl’s Queensbridge abode, forging what would be the foundation for collective rhyming. As the culture has grown, it has been reinterpreted through different dialects of urban communities and fans of the culture around the

globe. Swishahouse has played a major part in the Southern hip-hop experience and while Paul Wall is the only holdover who has gained mainstream success that remains loyal and fully in the fold, legends like Lil Keke, Archie Lee and Cotta Bang (who have been there since cassette tapes), Yung Redd, and E-Class are poised to carve their mark and create their own legend. With over 10 years of experience molding talent and remixing music, Mike Watts introduced us to each member. As Mike Watts stated, “This is the new wave. We have new people in the camp. We have Keke Da Don, the Legend, E-Class…Yung Redd…. Archie Lee..Cotta Bang….Paul… Nobody is going to give us sh*t. If you don’t work, you don’t eat and you don’t shine. Not only are they poised, they are also prepared for the new digital ear,” says Watts. “We had websites up since 1998…everything is on the Ipod right now. So, everything we are currently doing is going to be geared and catered (to that). The blueprint remains the same, the only changes are the players in this Owners League. We also sat down with G-Dash and T. Farris to speak about the new venture of TF Records with Universal Records. Not only is Swishahouse managing recording artists, they also have models in the fold and we did a photo shoot with some hot TOYZ. We also stop by the TOYZ shop, Third Coast Customs. There isn’t a future 401K for a hustler so you know what time it is. Let’s make it happen. 3rd Edition • HUSTLENOMICS • 89

LIL KEKE THE DON With rhyming partner, The Late Great Fat Pat, Lil Keke was the mouthpiece for DJ Screw and leaders within his Screwed Up Click. A Southside native by way of South Park’s Herschelwood neighborhood, his voice has been heard on virtually every major H-Town hit of recent from Draped Up to Knocking down Doors; to Chuck up a Deuce; to Wood Wheel; to too many more to name. Releasing several independent projects to great success including, Don’t Mess With Texas and The Commission, it is without question that it is time for the mainstream audience to experience the originator and OG of the current Houston sound. “We have gotten love by few and hated by many… I have a DVD that I am working on called Universal Ghetto Pass… I’ve sold hundreds of albums and picked up a lot of fans. That is where the love came from. The hate came from people not wanting to see me take my career to the next level. Swishahouse gave me the opportunity to go mainstream and to take it to the next level. My album is from an OG standpoint. Most of the slang you hear in Texas, from the way people talk, came from me and my partner Fat Pat. You may have heard this slang but you still haven’t heard it from me. I’m the forefront and until you hear me saying it, then you haven’t really heard the originality of it.” 3rd Edition • Hustlenomics • 91

ARCHIE LEE Having been with the house from the onset back in the late 90’s, Archie has been patiently waiting, but his time is now. Already having released an independent album regionally, Da Mista Masta in late 2000, he was actually the first solo album release under SwishaHouse. A north side native by way of Homestead, he and rhyming partner, Cottabang have paired to leave their mark on several Swishahouse mixtapes. His album Hollyhood is due soon and finally the world will be witness to the phenomenon the Southwest has known as Archie Lee. “Hollyhood - it speaks for itself, say Archie Lee. “Me and my boy, Bang are about to do something on the album…Hood sh*t, Club sh*t, Crunk sh*t. When you pop the album in, it will feel like a movie.”

COOTA BANG A collaborator with Archie Lee (in fact, Archie brought him to the Swishahouse) Coota Bang may be the youngest member of Swishahouse. But he and the streets are very familiar. A north side Homestead native, his album Big Bang Theory is due late this year. He is also working on a project with Archie Lee which is yet to be titled. “I came up repping mixtapes… I’m giving you my perspective in everything I see. So pay attention.”

3rd Edition • Hustlenomics • 93

YUNG REDD No stranger to the recording industry, Yung Redd has been laying it down since the turn of the millennium. First signing to Sony, then to Hump’s & Lil Flip’s Sucka Free Records, he has now joined the ‘House’ and is as confident as ever in his ability and what he has to offer. A south side of Houston native, by way of Sunnyside, his album Dead Presidents is due soon. “I’ve been putting out albums since my junior year of high school, says Redd. My first group album HSE (Hustlaz Stackin’ Endz), just did 100 thousand. I jumped off Sony in 2001. I did Tha Paper Route (a collaboration with Lil Ron), and a little bit after that, business wasn’t right with Sucka Free. So, these boys (Swishahouse) came and drafted me. I’m from the south side too, but from Sunnyside… I’m about to really change the music scene. After I come out, they are going to have to rap. I’m fly with it. As far as the young cats go, I’m what they need to be doing. Dead President is on the way.”

94 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

E-CLASS A transplant from the city of Dallas, E Class is “first class” when it comes to his craft. A fan of Swishahouse from their early years, he is more than honored to become a member of the team. “We grew up on Swishahouse. It was real big in Dallas. For me to sign with them was a real dream come true… now that I’m here making it happen, that’s what the business is about. I’m just here to play my role. I can be the alternator or the transmission or whatever we need under the hood to keep sh*t going. When it’s my turn, you’re going to see the candy come out. I’m versatile. It’s an art and we all take pride in our work.”

3rd Edition • Hustlenomics • 95

g dash & T Farris

Having served as the backbone for Mike Jones and Paul Wall’s accent to Hip-Hop royalty, T Farris has more than paid his dues in the music game. To gain perspective, you have to see how he independently gained major radio and video play for last years summer smash Chuck up the Deuce. Without major distribution, he was able to leverage relationships and good will was generated by his way of conducting business to gain wide spread exposure for the record. On the strength of that record, T-Farris is now spreading his wings with a distribution deal for his own record label, TF Records. According to G-Dash CEO of Swishahouse Records, “T Farris came up under my wing and now he is about to fly on his own with TF Records.” G Dash assured, “he can always reach back for guidance if he ever needs answers to any questions.” He also commented that T Farris “got a distribution deal (with Universal Records), and not one of those slave deals that Swishahouse got.” The love between the colleagues is strong and G Dash is a great mentor for T Farris to have. Together they worked to take Mike Jones to multiplatinum heights, and likewise, in making Paul Wall the platinum global phenomenon he is with a thriving Grills (jewelry) business and several other endorsements in the world of fashion and automotive industries. Of the several places he shopped around seeking distribution, a recording industry legend mostly embraced his vision. “She (Sylvia Rhone of Universal Motown) definitely is a blessing,” T Farris confirmed. “She is one of those people that believed strongly in what I am doing. When I got Lil KeKe on the label, I shopped a lot of places, but people were selling a dream… A lot of people didn’t believe in what I was doing.” In T Farris’s opinion, “I do the same thing a P Diddy and others are doing as far as breaking artists. But I’m in the South,” he chides.

96 • HUSTLENOMICS • 3rd Edition

Of his breakdown in relationship with his former management client Mike Jones, he states, “one of the things I tried to teach Mike as a businessman is, ‘If you have a problem with a man, you go to a man and talk to a man.’” Unfortunately, that relationship hasn’t been as fruitful as the one with Paul Wall, who T Farris claims, “wanted him to take that song (Break Em Off, with Lil Keke) and put it out there. Paul Wall gave T Farris his blessing and told him to put that song out there as his first look (with TF Records). So strong is their relationship that Farris proclaims, “Paul is one of the realest artists alive. He’s one of those guys that if he is at the Benz dealership, he is going to put in a call like ‘look out for my guy.’” Paul has always been in T Farris’ corner and has been very supportive of his efforts to advance the career of his idol and Houston Legend Lil Keke. On the strength of how Farris conducts his business, he has also been able to garner other favors on behalf of Keke. He relayed, “I had Slim Thug on the record (Chuck Up Da Deuce) on the record, originally, but Geffen gave me a lot of headaches getting Slim cleared so I reached out to J Prince and asked if I could get UGK on there. Pimp C just came home and he thought it was a good idea and reached out to Pimp and Bun.” Generally, T Farris feels, “it’s about keeping your relationships. I had a lot of people making calls for me because they really wanted to see me make it.” The future for T Farris records is very bright. His efforts with Paul are also paying great dividends. Farris is pleased with his deal with Zenetti for Automotive Grillz by Paul Wall and he says, “The Zenetti thing came through my boy B Win. He thought it was a great idea with Paul doing the Grills. They had a wheel with the car grill set and he flew down to show me and Paul a couple of ideas. Paul was ready to be a bigger entrepreneur.” They also have a deal with Avirex to endorse the clothing line. Paul has a Reebok endorsement, along with his partnership with Travis Barker to form his own clothing line named Expensive Tastes. This venture supplements tour revenues and other investments which are sure to ensure the prosperity of T Farris and his clients. The proof is always in the pudding and right now the taste of success is rich in T Farris’s mix.

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