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I really hate this whole “portfolio” thing, it systematically fails to capture the essence of the projects it contains. It is inherently egocentric to try and and make a monograph about oneself anyway. But so long as I am asked to make one, I might as well take it to the extremes. So there you go! I hope you enjoy it and find as delightfully narcissistic as I do.

*the title museum of me is a reference to the Intel® project, that promises to “Create and explore a visual archive of your social life.”

I have hand picked the most stunning and amazing projects for my museum of me*. These are of course a mere sample of my astounding designs and my breathtaking capabilities as an artist. I chose to start my presentation with “Tempest”, my thesis project, because it is my most elaborate project so far and because it features a truly unique space, a floating theater. In the next section of my museum, you will find my monuments section, containing a zombie-safe acropolis, a mass housing complex and a portable home for the homeless. By now you will be feeling tired of all this architectural mumbo jumbo, so right next we jump to the media arts section.

Here you will find 2 proposals for ipad apps, a plant parenting video game and a digital afterlife manager. I have chosen to include these projects, even if they still are in the development stage, in order to illustrate my design process and current state of mind. In the food section, you will find an award winning restaurant in Russia, and some artburgers that will sure satisfy your appetite for art. In the closing section, you will come to admire my research thesis, an attempt to read Athens through her comics, and “lecorbuzies”, an archizine with an attitude. In the gift shop, you will find 2 luxury renders that I have made just for you. Don’t forget to be dazzled by my portrait and CV as you exit my museum. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon! T-O











Museum of Underwater Antiquities, Main Hall Perspective, 2012




TEMPEST: a theatre for the Aegean Archipelago Type: Thesis Project_Floating Infrastructure/theatre Location: Cyclades Islands, Aegean Sea Collaboration:Stenou Aliki, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: NTUA School of Architecture Year: 2011-2012 The starting point of our research on “floating” architecture was the theme of the Greek participation in the 10th Architecture Biennale of Venice , “The Aegean Sea” A Dispersed City”. As mentioned in the introduction of its catalog, this exhibition is based on the heretical belief of the historian Ruggiero Romano that the Archipelago of the Aegean Sea is a city.

field of culture and more specifically we suggest a traveling theater, housed in a ship that can act as a communication channel -a bridge- between the islands. As an indicative route we propose a circumnavigation of the Cyclades Islands , which we consider the heart of the Archipelago. The circumnavigation is designed after taking into account the proximity of the islands as well as the existing classification into island groups. The beginning and the end of the journey is Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, which is also the geographical and cultural capital of the Cyclades Islands. An index of the Aegean Cities-Ports is proposed as a field guide for the theaters’ director to select the ideal location for the performance of the ship-theater to take place. Furthermore, as a case study for the port of Syros, we have proposed some locations that are situated in completely different environments. Ranging from an isolated rocky cliff, to a popular spot in front of the city center, the director can select according to the atmosphere and effect he wants to achieve. The ship can then connect to the dock, either alongside or by mooring.

Following this idea, we see the Aegean Sea as a cluster of islands that function as a whole, creating a network but also each retaining its own character. In this dispersed city certain governing and autonomous structures have been created supporting the idea of decentralization. At the same time, with the development of some coherent social ties we face a ‘decentralized centrality’ . Even though there is a theoretical basis that describes this condition, there are only a few historical and contemporary examples that seem to take it into consideration when designing infrastructures. For example there are some recent efforts to create a networked healthcare system between the Islands of Cyclades. With a central clinic in Syros Island and smaller but connected ones in the rest of the Islands. Additionally we have found a few amateur artistic groups that travel from island to island. Besides these rare examples though, we observe that the dominant model is the dispersion of various small infrastructure projects in the various islands, which usually cover the minimum of their needs.

We place the theater into a ship, realizing the charm of this space and the infinite possibilities it offers. The ship, a floating piece of space, a place without a place, that lives for itself, closed on itself and left at the same time to the vastness of the sea , as Foucault said, carries a theater which seeks to communicate its art and to connect the cluster of the islands in the Aegean archipelago. We create the ship-theater, which retains its independent, magical inner world while asking from the audience to explore it. The sea is our land and the bridges are the roads that let the audience get on board. The waves, the iron, the

In contrast with this strategy of providing separate structures and services, we suggest a model of common infrastructures of a greater scale, which attempt to solve the problems of the dispersed city and are based on the idea of mobility. We choose to apply this strategy on the


light and the sea breeze are the environment. The multiple places of the superstructure, the decks and the holds are the different options for a theatrical action. The dramatic art has been anyway seeking since a long time seemingly non-theatrical spaces to take place: warehouses, moldy basements, bathrooms, ruins, makeshift huts etc. Our goal, however, is to further design this space to be able to operate in accordance with all requirements of the modern and classical theater, to be fully equipped and ready to accommodate a wide repertoire. We design a theater-machine with a special scenography which however can instantly disappear, if needed, and give place to different directorial options. We take as starting point the pace dictated by the shipbuilding, we then translate it into architecture and finally let it to the hands of the director to orchestrate it.

space, and its character depends on the show. Finally, through a narrow passage the viewer enters the big void where the theater is housed. The purpose of this passage is to surprise and awe the audience. After the theater, and towards the bow of the ship are the cabins and the public areas for the crew and the troupe. The crew of the ship resides in the front vertical part of the superstructure. The troupe is placed in cabins in the bow of the ship, surrounding an courtyard with a small auditorium. This courtyard can be used for rehearsals and as a space to gather the troupe and serve its daily life aboard the ship. We try to combine the intense scenography of the ship with the theatrical space. Our central design option is to remove the entire mass of the decks and walls of the superstructure while keeping its outside walls and frame. We thus create a huge gap in the ‘body’ of the ship, a big box in which we place our theater. The outer plates of the superstructure now stand like fragile leaves so we have to support them with a dense system of metal frames, keeping the rhythm of the ship’s ribs, unifying thus the hull with the theater. The constructional system becomes part of the scenography. Next thing we do is focus on the light. We already see it pervading in rays from the portholes at different levels. In the same logic we design additional openings in the superstructure, allowing the light to enter the space more dynamically - like rain. The natural light works like headlights during the day and as soon as the sun sets, the openings frame the starry sky. By removing the glass we allow even the wind and the rain to penetrate, making the space semi -open air. The practice of perforating the superstructure culminates in the central circular opening created in the ‘dome’ of the theater. The starry sky, the summer chill, the saltiness, the waves, the metallic sounds: the whole environment stirs the senses. Even inside the theatre, the traces of the eradicated metal walls and the presence of the ship’s smokestacks bring memories of its previous use, making the viewer feel a sense of a diachronic and interhuman participation.

The ship chosen for our project is the Spanish research vessel called Hesperides. This choice was mainly made because of its excellent cruising capability in open sea, its stability and maneuverability in limited space. Additionally, it has an ideal size (length, width, draft) for all ports and for the theater that it will host. Finally, it has a unique form, which we found very interesting from the beginning and which, having its main superstructure in the centre, favored the trilateral division of the ship into 1-foyer, 2-main theater and 3-residential space for the troupe. Those 3 are the main uses of our program. Our concept is based on the idea of excavating the mass of the ship. Inner walls, decks, partitions and furniture, originally fragmenting the inner space of the ship, are eradicated leaving their traces on the outside walls of a large, unified open space that is now created in order to host our theater. Perceiving this space as the core of the ship-theatre, we try to use all surrounding areas in order to serve it. After entering the ship, the audience finds an open air space on the stern of the ship, which plays the role of an urban square and gathers people to introduce them to the atmosphere of the ship. Then one moves on to the semi- open air foyer, which is a flexible


Tempest, Theatre Perspective



Tempest, Axonometric and Midship Section 01. Open Space Foyer 02. Sheltered Foyer/Restaurant 03. Elevated Foyer/Restaurant 04. Food Preparation 05. Reception 06. Canteen 07. Theatre - Main Stage 08. Technicians Room 09. Experimental Stage 10. Lounge 11. Crew Cabins 12. Captain/ First engineer 13. Bridge 14. Artists’ Cabins 15. Kitchen 16. Atrium 17. Backstage




Zombie Safe Parthenon, Perspective with Athena Mecha, 2011




F*ck Mobility, Hail Acropolis_Zombie Safe House 2011 Type: Zombie Safe Monument Location: Athens Collaboration: Sourlantzis Giannis, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: Zombie Safe House Competition by Architects Southwest Year: 2011 “It is not just a defensive position tested thousand times. It is a monument, a miracle of world architecture and a living symbol of human civilization and history. Athens Acropolis. Humans were living in the misery and poverty of the financial crisis and used to argue all the time for different aspects of life. Greece was a burden for the European Union. Some of European countries were responsible for that, in a way, but now they want Greece out. All of a sudden, a virus bursted out in Greece by infected imported vegetables. Many say that it was not an accident. One by one, all the people in Athens became zombies. It was in this moment when all hope had fainted. But there were some who resisted. The few who managed to survive, gathered to Athens Acropolis, the only secure high ground, in order to make a stronghold and organize their resistance. The topography of the place, the magnificent view on the city of Athens, the source of water and the secret underground passages, made Acropolis the best and only choice. In this place the Greek spirit will be reborn. The magnetic fields that exist from ancient times in this territory and Goddess Athena’s grace, will protect them.[...]” excerpt from the proposals’ scenario *Zombie Safe Acropolis is currently being developed as a FPS video game



EMPTINESS: Housing in Berlin Gleisdreieck Type: Urban Design/Mass Housing Location: Gleisdreieck, Berlin Collaboration: Kyvernitis Georgios, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: TU-Berlin, Fachgebiet Leibinger Year: 2011 Surrounding the major U-Bahn hub, Gleisdreieck, right in the middle of Berlin, lies a vast empty urban space. One of the few buildings situated on the boundary of this space, is a linear viaduct previously used as a warehouse and a train terminal. On top of this architecturally (in) significant building made of common bricks and gloomy atmosphere we are requested to design a housing complex. One of our key concerns during the design process was to respect this viaduct and integrate it organically into our proposal. Moreover we adopted a minimal approach, as implied by the certain atmosphere that we identified in the area. The end result was a piece of Berlins’ Suburbia cut and pasted into an urban context, hovering above the viaducts’ ruins. A rhythm of iconic houses is layered onto it creating a sharp contrast and, finally, a sequence of walkways, gardens and public spaces is woven into them. A clean shape with an underlying complexity and atmosphere is achieved.



physical models, plaster, wood, foam, cardboard Berlin, 2011



Home for the Homeless Type: XS Housing Location: Athens Collaboration: Vogiatzaki Dimitra, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: Urban Box_Students Architectural Competition Year: 2011 Through the deep crisis we are going through, emerging social data are reflected directly in the public space of the city. The newly homeless, formerly successful people of the Western prosperity, are blurring the limits between what we would consider today as host and parasite, bringing in common site the city’s outcasts. The need for integration, is settled here with a small scale construction combining home and work for the homeless. A reused lightweight aluminium scaffolding with wheels allows transportation. The sleeping area is elevated from the ground, for privacy and protection. Under that, lies a workbench, which the homeless can shape as a shop for hand-crafted items, artistic creations, urban agriculture products, a space for political expression, or even a small living room for friends. The proposal involves the active participation of the inhabitant in the design and implementation of the construction. With materials collected from the street he can slowly fill the gaps of the scaffolding, adding his own character to his home, which is therefore ecolomic. The urban nomad comes from obscurity and enters actively in society, restoring the public space’s vitality that had been long lost.

Honorable Mention


Home for the Homeless



physical concept model, sprayed with fluorecent paint, photo, 2013




untitled plant game plant parenting ipad app team: Δεριζαματζορ Προμπλεμ Ιναυστραλια, Eva Papamargariti, Demetra Vogiatzaki, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Scheduled for release: Summer 2014 The player looks after a digital plant on a daily basis. The game begins with a seed designer, that gives the player a few options in deciding the plants powers and stats. The seed is then palnted and the player waits for it to sprout. Using many experimental input techniques, the player affects how a plant grows. According to his actions, a karma meter will transform the plant into a beautiful and cute bonsai, or a carnivorous monstrosity. Input techniques that will will try to develop include camera sunlight capture, screen caressing, phone singing and phone watering. Emphasis will be given on the visual and interactive aspects of the game. We will try try to achieve a unique artistic feel, experimenting within the visual language of new media art. New forms of player interaction and gameplay will be tested. We will try to translate the nature of plants into a digitally constructed environment. A great part of the game is the actual growing algorithm of the plant, that will include a combination of 3D collage, fractal mathematics and growth animations. The atmosphere of the game will be complemented by experimentation in lighting, colors, materials and environments.

physical model, 2013 styrofoam, aquarium plants, acrylic spray paint 50x50x70cm



sunlight camera



player interaction input options affecting growth


plant caressing touch


we just don’t know

networking wifi & BT


Tumblr. Burger,

t, 2012

Edible Monumen





Fishy Fairytale Автор проекта Theoklitos Triantafyllidis Nickolas Triantafyllidis Mitsiou Andreas Russia 2013 Our main main idea was to explore the fascination of the sense of taste in space. When thinking of Siberia, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste of ice. And the vodka. Our main concept for the exterior of the Buffet, was to create a happy place for summer time to enjoy the quality life and city view. The veranda is like a big mouth, that calls people to come in from the tongue. For the pavillions we thought of a very good tradition of Russia to make dolls become smaller. Like this, our pavillions can be inside one other, to store in the winter!! We also put some landscape to make it more natural. There is a lake and a mushroom mountain. The interior, on the other side, is more cold and wild. Our idea for inside the restaurant is to create a natural delicious environment. The kitchen is inside a frozen mountain. A river falls from the mountain and passes through the forest. The forest has some wild animals which can be hunted by the customers with spears. The feeling of flowing water gives a sense of calmness. The river finally reaches the salty sea which is also full of tasty fish. Fishing is a great tradition of Russia and we thought it to be good if people could fish inside the restaurant. There is also a stage for live music making and wine tasting. We believe that music, as cooking, cannot be fully experienced if not done completely by oneself. This is why we propose that fishing, hunting, preparation and cooking are all done by the customers themselves. For the water elements we propose that water starts to boil during the night until it becomes a soup that people can drink and enjoy the vapors of the tastyful sauna. All tables and chairs are submerged in water like the film Сталкер. All this, we think, can be expressed by this wonderful painting of a tiger fishing.


Certificate of Participation сертификат участника Вручается / Goes to

Theoklitos Triantafyllidis За проект “Fishy Fairytale”, участвующий в международном конкурсе / For project “Fishy Fairytale” in international competition

“Gourmanization of the Space / Гурманизация Среды” Special mention:

Fishy Fairytale / Theoklitos Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas / Beijing, China — наиболее эстетически-яркий проект, самый весёлый проект, приз за юмор / the most aesthetically striking design, the most fun project, the prize for humor

От имени архитектурной группы «ПТАХИ», кафедры «Архитектура» ЯГТУ и портала мы хотим поздравить вас с участием в конкурсе и отметить ваш вклад в развитие темы «Архитектура и Еда». / On behalf of the «nmaxu» architectural group, Architecture department of Yaroslavl State Technical University and, we would like to congratulate you on this achievement, and thank you for your contribution to the theme “Architecture and Food“.




collaborative tumblr. project, based on a concept by artist Sotiris Fokeas. 2013-ongoing






re-animate By Digital Afterlifestyle, Corp. Welcome to re-animate, the App that promises to make you live for ever! “Re-animate iPad app is the future of mankind” - NY Times “Genius Idea: Digitising your brain based on your Facebook activity!” - Mashable “Finally, the ticket to your afterlife comes so cheap.” - Business Insider “When it comes to life after death, this is definitely *the* app to watch.” - GigaOm WHAT IS RE-ANIMATE? Re-animate is a form of social-networked synthetic intelligence that will continue your digital life after you are gone! Combining existing technologies, as the affectionate chaterbots, facebook personality tests and advanced AI algorithms, re-animate takes your digital afterlife one step further! It will enable you to remain internet active, even after you die, by creating an artificial consciousness based on your digital assets! HOW DOES RE-ANIMATE WORK? Mind Uploading has been a concept of the science fiction realm for the past decades. It is a concept that claims that at some point computer and medical science will be advanced enough to transfer a conscious mind from a human brain into a computer system. We might actually be closer to this moment than we can imagine! Most of us spend a great amount of our everyday lives in front of a screen, generating great amounts of online information about ourselves. Scientist and anthropologists

have been able to predict the personality and character of any given person, based on very few of his online publicly accessible data. Now imagine how much data you actually produce every day! E-mails, web searches, facebook interactions, private messages and conversations, instagram photos, tweets, browser history to name a few. You are actually uploading your mind, day by day! Data interpretation and analysis technologies, such as google search engine and ads, google translate, face-detection, are already advanced enough to make assumptions based on your uploaded data. The intelligent algorithm behind re-animate app will do even more! It can recreate your personality, character and finally consciousness, in order to continue your internet interactions, just as YOU would! But lets take a closer look on Re-animates’ cutting edge technology, step by step...


“I’ve seen a TON of different digital legacy apps... but none of them seems comfortable to work with! I don’t really want to think of what will happen when I die, or write weird messages to my loved ones when I am still alive. Re-animate promised to do all this for me, just by installing the app! How cool is that?!” -- Robert Crow


DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE APP as easy as that! By doing so you are granting Re-animate access to all your accounts and data, as soon as you die! Accounts include (but are not limited to):

YOUR NEW CONCIOUSNES WILL BE HOUSED INSIDE YOUR IPAD from there, and given an internet connection you will be able to continue your web life right from where you left it.

- E-mail accounts – Gmail, Yahoo, MSN - Social Networking Sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, MySpace - Online Storage Accounts – iCloud, Carbonite, Drop Box, Google Drive - Financial Accounts – bank accounts, stock accounts, home loans, student loans - Photo Storage Accounts – Flickr, Instagram - Personal or Company Websites and Blogs - Online Business Accounts – Amazon, Walmart. com - Auction Sites – Ebay - Music and Application Accounts – iTunes, Amazon, Android - Virtual Property – Second Life, World of Warcraft, other role-playing identities - Payment Services – PayPal

AS A DIGITAL CONCIOUSNES YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HELP YOUR LOVED ONES with their grief and explain to them that life goes on! Soon their pain will eased and you will be able to interact with them in facebook! Writing in their walls, messaging them, commenting on their photos and even poking them will be easier than ever! Friends can call you in skype and talk with your animated avatar, composed of your favorite profile pictures. Your family can even take you outside for a walk, or on a trip, so that you take wonderful instagram pictures with them to share online! HAVE FUN! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. A lot of people still have taboos about death, because they haven’t tried re-animate themselves, so don’t be a troll!

CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE by typing your secret password (eg. NotDe@dY3t) every morning! IN THE VERY UNFORTUNATE EVENT OF YOUR DEATH you don’t have to worry at all! This is where the magic begins! Re-animate will take control of your ipad and launch everlife© algorithm. This algorithm, which the core function of re-animate uses existing technologies, such as:

BONUS! RE-ANIMATE IS ECO-FRIENDLY it recycles the terrabytes of data that you left behind and would remain on servers forever! re-animate was designed by T-O and Nick Triantafyllidis for the “design for death” competition by designboom.

-data mining-image recognition-speech-to-text -text-to-speech-chatbots-robot emotions simulationrobot personality simulation-digital brain-personalized ads-data analysis-personality tests

combining them together in a groundbreaking way in order to process your data and create an advanced artificial intelligence, which is actually YOU!


“Apple is like a religion to us, it was about time it gave us an afterlife concept!” -- Tom “It’s been a dream of mine to live in facebook forever” – †Alice



random liquid texture, mirrored, 2013




From Gotham City to Athens City, reading Athens through her comics Type: Thesis (Research) Location: Athens Collaboration: Sourlantzis Giannis, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: NTUA School of Architecture Year: 2011

Gritty, dark, corrupt and more than often, violent and with her very own rules, Athens by night resembles the birthplace of Batman, Gotham City. The social construction, the amalgamation of forms, styles and eras, and certainly her photogenic ugliness, readily refer to Gothams’ stereotype. Especially after the Attic sun sets, a veil of darkness seems to embrace the city and highlight her dark side. With criminality rates ever increasing, Athens seems to emit the batsignal harder than ever before. Using the fictional world of Gotham as a starting point, we search the real world of Athens, through 6 Greek comics. Our aim is to highlight sequential relationships between fictional and real Athens, using the narrative structure of comics as our vehicle.



The final presentation of the Research Thesis, a map of Athens City through her comics. The unfolding map itself can be read as a comic, gradually unravelling the historic skyline of Athens, its underground networks and the complexity of the city center.




“lecorbuzies” Newspaper: How modernist are thou? Type: Media Location: NTUA, Athens Collaboration: Vogiatzaki Dimitra, Golemi Chrysa, Aggelidou Maria, Mitsiou Andreas, Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Host: NTUA School of Architecture Year: 2009-2010 As an attempt to publicly criticize our University’s’ persistence to the Modern Movement, we released a newspaper that was printed and distributed in NTUA School of Architecture using guerilla tactics. Three hundred copies were printed once every two weeks, for a total of 6 Months. Each issue contained a mix of of hardcore criticism, hot gossips, news on art and architecture and twisted humour. The result was a cult classic that is still a discussion topic among students and professors alike. The internet part of the project (facebook and blog) is still in operation and has more than 4.500 followers.


BONUS PAGES! this page: render #4, from the “Luxury Lobster” series, 2013 opposite page: Hybis, 2013




Name: T-O | Player Name: Triantafyllidis Theoklitos Class: Junior Starchitect | Internet Messiah

Level: Entry Race: Hellenic (questionable) Place of Origin: Aegean Sea Alignment: Chaotic Good Zodiac: Leo, Dragon Patron Deity: Athena

Born: 1988 Sex: Male Height: 1.77m Weight: 75kg Eyes: Golden Hair: Brown

Interests: net art photography, film, animation comics, books (sub)urban exploration experimental music underwater diving, journeys

Languages: Greek English (Proficiency) German (Zertifikat) Web: Email:

Abilities: Creativity | Independent, critical and out-of-the-box thinking. Strong and creative design talent that can provide amazing solutions for a great array of problems in different fields and scales. Organisation | Ability to mentor team members, offer guidance and leadership in small design teams. Highly organized and able to work within given deadlines Teamwork-Interdisciplinarity | Effective problem solving and interpersonal skills. Interacts well with other disciplines and co-workers in a manner that builds productive relationships. Visual Communication-Storytelling-Worldbuilding | Excellent presentation skills and graphic communication. Extraordinary ability to tell stories in a visual way. Capable of conceptualizing coherent and immensely detailed imaginary worlds. Analysis | Analytical and research skills. Ability to dig for references and provide sparks for the creative process.

Digital Skills:

Analogue Skills:




model making




film making


book design



In-Design Illustrator Unity 3D Vray

Traits: Swift Learner_ can adapt and learn quickly, across disciplines Child at Heart_ always curious and willing to play and explore Cyborg_works well both in virtual and natural environments Nightperson_works better at night Humor_can save the day

References available upon request.


Education: Obtained his Diploma (5years BA & MA equivalent) in Architecture, in the monumental National Technical University of Athens, 8,8/10, 2012 Presented his Thesis Project, “Tempest: A Theatre for the Aegean Archipelago”, July 2012, National Technical University of Athens. The project received very favorable critics and the grade of 10/10. It was presented in the exhibitions: “GREAT2013, Greek Architectural Talent”, held in Athens Concert Hall, May-June 2013. “CMA | EDU: Celebrating Design Talent in Mediterranean Schools of Architecture”, Centre for Mediterranean Architecture, Chania, Crete, Greece, September- October 2013 it has been selected and digitally published in the following awesome websites: the draftery, designboom, archisearch Presented his Research Thesis, “From Gotham City, to Athens City: Reading Athens through her Comics”, exploring the narative possibilities of urbanism, February 2011. The thesis was digitally published in archisearch and archstudies. Undertook Erasmus exchange program in TU-Berlin for 1 Semester, 2011 Graduated Costeas-Geitonas School, Athens, grade: 19,4/20, 2011

Work Experience: Lived and worked in Beijing, China for 1 Year. Got his first solo commission to design a small restaurant and hotel in Hainan Island, 2013 Worked as intern for Spatial Practice and BAM architects, 2013 Worked for Point Supreme Architects, as intern for 4 months, 2012 Worked for AKP architects, as intern for 4 months, 2010 Worked as Art Director in “lecorbuzies” archizine, 2009-2011 Worked as Art Director for the bands “Purple Enclosure” and “Aeclypsis”, 2010

Workshops & Exhibitions: Exhibited his digital artworks in various net galleries such as, #0000FF, painted.etc, artchipel, 2013 Participated in CMA Workshop : “New Monuments”, organised by Aristide Antonas , Crete, 2013 Organized sesam012_rhodes, European Architecture Students Workshop, Rhodes, 2012 Organised LandmARCH, Architectural Workshop, NTUA 2012 Organized “Politics and Architecture” Symposium and Workshop, NTUA, 2009 Participated in EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) in Italy, Lovebox Workshop, 2009 Organized “NY-Habana” Photo Exhibition, NTUA, 2009

Competitions: Honorable mention in the international architectural competition “Architecture & Food”, Russia, 2013 Honorable mention in the students architectural competition “urban box”, 2011 Participated in “Design for Death” Competition, by Designboom, 2013 Participated in《觉》新的一代 JUE NEXT GEN Fashion Photography Competition, China, 2013 Participated in the “International Architectural Competition for the Museum of Underwater Antiquities” Pireus, 2012 Participated in the international architectural competition “Zombie Safe House”, 2011 Participated, with AKP architects, in “National Architectural Competition of the West Arsenali, Heraklion, Crete”, 2010 Participated in the 48 Hours Film Project, Athens 2009, as director for the film “Boom”, 2009 First prize, student film festival of Olympia, as actor for the film “Roses”, 2008



Web: Email: tel: 0030 693 7470951

Museum of Me  

Theoklitos Triantafyllidis, the Internet Messiah Proudly Presents a Narcissistic Masterpiece!

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