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poetry for ar ch itects

T- O

cloudlike sculpture space reflecting tranparency HD audio in opera

clouds blue

big space natural light

index:: white an ode to boredomnes meeting table tom reider st patricks day is a scam post office furniture bank poem free transform

6 11 16 24 31 43 50 54

white i am a ghost my skin becomes thinner transparent white i am an architectural model person one of this miniature figurines just scaled to real size in full hd to populate your real life architectural masterpiece at the bar you order milk but not a milk+ just the regular one and hot 6

why is everything so clean cling q sent you a message the insides of my mouth are white i pull my tongue out all white white scale figures enter my mouth i bite down crushing them with anger taste of plastic i crunch them and spit them out quickly


a pinch on my palate one is still alive cutting his way through going through my nose i sneeze and get him out it hurts

snot swim in that




an ode to boredomnes i can bark like a dog do you want me to bark eating one noodle at a time slowly rotating the chopsticks to roll it into a spring a polar bear drinks lemonade and waves you goodbye from the horizon her icy island gradually melting into thin air


i cannot understand you i can not under stand a wooooord that you say the gap between us is only becoming w i d e r a mountain reflects on a calm lake nothing is happening the sun is bright washing everything with light melting plastic burning asphalt forms into hot lava 12

mini shorts i can see your nipple through your white tshirt air conditioner set to 16 degrees and we are drinking soup it contains 8 different types of mushroom gas tank exposed to sunlight ready to explode hssssssssst

white lily in a transparent coke bottle is it plastic

boom 13



meeting table i have gathered you here today to inform you about the new company rules none of these or any of the others chinese spices: mala will make your mouth numb, pepper with make your asshole burn


i will now explain your working rights reserved for you in a simple algorithm that you cannot understand dumb 5667g*65hours/&$dggffdg=@? you have to print less and stop picking your nose a simple slideshow is comprised of random images from a google search and some words on productivity ‘see you tomorrow mushrooms’ are called like this because you cannot digest them 17

no breakfast in the office no skirts and touching under the tables no masturbaci贸n do not use the bosses toothbrush no ping pong no sleeping on the table no over clocking the pcs no wow no facebook no lulz no free wifi every time you are caught procrastinating 10$ will be subtracted from your salary procrastination is the greatest enemy of our establishment 18

you are welcome to join the party of our products even better than the average cost of ownership for dinner and movie half of the cvs are immediately thrown away our boss doesn’t want unlucky people in the office every time sperm is discovered between the keys of your keyboard 1% of your salary will be subtracted exponentially happy hour and any hours that you are happy must also be deducted 19

working overnight is strongly encouraged for architecture enthusiasts as is working with ortho mode on and now the surprise of todays meeting! <removes high heels climbs on table lowers pants shits on table touches down ass with big ass strokes paints with shit> everyone admires the artwork drinking cheap champagne 20




tom reider this is a narrative you are now part of my secret society can you sacrifice a virgin for me i have decided not to rhyme cause i donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give a fucken dim3 my verses can be rearranged as you wish they are not given any particular order reason time aesthetics particularity


you have found a new tomb to eplore the campfire is warm too much shooting today have some rest a ray of sunlight sneaks in through the cardboard curtains the universe is reflected upside down on my teapot bang ...


she is dead black and white vision and blood stains around the frame the controller vibrates press x to continue can you do the karaoke linda linda 12 years old japanese whiskey with chinese bottled green tea bullets on steel 7eleven breakfast russian bar plasticine toys baked into biscuits 26

i will bevel and emboss you make you into a tiled background die muthafucka bang fhdghhhjuytr sluggga drrrrruuuuga blearghhhhaaraha nigaziga fo o oom dramatic camera effect white fabric spinning slowly bored but clean where can i find fiji water in this place 27

surfing drifting floating my body rises above my bed i wait i feel the silence everything is bright everything is sooooooooo slooooooow and f a a a d


n g




st patricks day is a scam [a short play for multiple players also has single play tho] dont go to work none of this or any if the others i thunk i am giinf crazy blargh architecrure not again pc pc pc sketchp bback to basics no bo


no no no arrt no money become male prostitute lick break this skewed parallelogram polygon count my clippings draw line line end here star am a star i bloby stars hexagonal home hex is the most effective way to live where is my bike it is no longer waiting for me wait 32

go i dont need you light of phone lights my face in the darkness did you srt up the alsrm paint more spicy am i spicy enough for you you used to be a virgin slurp slurpee 7eleven 24-7 always serve until darkness i can see 3 stars tonight the sky is so clear i can see little people in the moon i dont have any skills maybe i will jyst write poetry 33

tut tut go back? <come back> voice in head why did i leave you why do i always leave you taje a picter? stay in a hostel for 6 months tick am i a neoist i am now a very slow aesthlete i will read you on my kindle with some black and white porn pop porn nachos the best pub food saint patricks day was a scam it was just a normal monday night why is the a white ball in my guiness can 34

i live in the art district thus is where all the artists live and have orgies why should they live in the city mmmm i like that are you still sleeping what are you typing there qwerty lock screen rotation i will just lie my head now goodnight (lowers screen brightness) <whispering> cat urn, i dont love you any more <breaks cat urn> crash! <black dust burns your nostrils> orgasmic owh snorring sound can you hear me now lets think about all this how can we transorm her into bananas? doesnt make a sound 35

this japanese beef burger is swimming in curry connot be eaten with chopsticks definately then how can dis post internetz art be like inside da gallery if the workz is not you know physical ? why is there no sugar here this game can be played on your iphone too just download and install the app maybe i wont sleep tonight iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll pretend i am working hey i want one of those teaser swords slice you make polka dots with golden teeth karfwmena on your naked body a lottle blood drips but you look good who said that moves his feet under the bedsheet 36

1 hour commuting in the morning plus 1.30 in the evening +++ 60ÂĽ to get to the club + 800 for that hooker thats a waste of water â&#x20AC;&#x153;this is what ive always wanted to talk to you: urinating into the pool youre the bestâ&#x20AC;? tsssssss sss ss s can you feel the vibration on your fingertips? its called sensory feedback or something just to let you know you are still typing hi! my name is dragon hiw are you? i cannot name you dragon this is like a god can u urinate on me golden showel red curtain tsssss sss ss s sound surround lights go yellow 37

you laugh then you cry now you are ok i can hear some sucking sounds back there tap tap that last long fingernail is basically a tool it cannot fix a bike tho can it cure cockroaches just chill with some seapunk music that should fix you fart not in front of the audience where are thet? where are thet wheea are theo whrwde ate thay whaerrc rragy thdruc hrahu fyffyhbibfth. fdvj ? huh oh 38

i m tired of this lets do a musical break (music) (more music) audience leaves (more music) actors leave (more music) clapping hands leavr (more music) thater leaves (music is lost in the universe) (everythibg stops) goto sleep





post office furniture and now a happy poem flower blossoms shiny frogs sun is shinning breeze on your face mantras of enlightenment chants of course i remember when art district such powerful and easy way out of the most important things in life is a very long time ago and have been the same


time warner brothers this smartphone is so so damn smart it can write this email poem for me lets generate some publicity uploading... 2up3to the left hand corner lot better today announced after all those years in prison for this post office furniture stores of course steve jobs in india with your family 44

i am your ballet dancer suffering from breathing cancer its a trap glorious golden balls embrace the best western union and i will give you some pics zzzzzzaaaparat symbol of the new version has arrived is here is with you and all human ghosts greek mythology heidi the first geiger shows georgia tech news breakfast beijing olympics because of the most important things in life 45

happiness smileys laughing at you loling cilantro at you blurging teeth at you plexiglas hair at you office depot at you idol attachments at you health and safety at you jersey heirloom at you answer back? did you backup lately? did you ever wondered why you want this is falling apart this is fantastic and i donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really remember anymore 46

lets get out of town disintegrate dispatch disinfect disney princess and i would like to share our company shareholders sharecroppers sharp sharks to you can you imagine? no i will not sell my mind


gem heirloom honor the dead honor the deadline honda honolulu indigenous homosexuals somethinh is missing and now some porn suck smack lick pound gdup slurp plits aah bb cu





bank poem tout tout tout serving a1039 unregistered winmpg video convert rmb20.00 per item, plus telecommunications fee. working on weekends greatly increases the quality of architecture produced customers for service ahead: 34 please wait i love my house 52

your house encloses you. encapsulates you. contains your life. this is architecture. with a capital a. you are contained in architecture. <heart>


free transform parametrically transform facial expresions i am a caucasian male becoming an asian female my characteristics slowly morphing gradually effortlessly fading 54

hello world this is the new me my name is candy i am now han chinese i can speak perfect mandarin and some cantonese i have a funny accent i touch my face my new eyes and nice lips my long black hair i bring my face close to my screen and when they touch i am consumed by it




beijing, summer 2014

to polina, anna, jasmine and igor and to architecture 0 fucks were given for image captions n credits. sorry

with love t-o

hope u like it :-) |

poetry for architects  

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