Fake Plastic Trees

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Featured artists: Catherine Holzhausen / Nathan McKay / Nina Torr / Maaike Bakker / Neil Badenhorst Imile Wepener / Sonia Dearling / Andel Olivier / Tessa Wagener / Megan Bird Rivon Daniel / Nadine Minnaar / Jayne Crawshay-Hall / Dalene Victor Meyer Chynee Minnie / Cow Mash / Maggie De Vos / Sydney Keeney / Tharien Strydom Elani Botha / Christiaan Louwrens / Jess Jardim-Wedepohl Artists were presented with a Swagger Collective pot and stand and tasked to create a fake plant

Andel Olivier Portrait of old man and the sea Acrylic on paper 30cm x 40cm R1 750 Andel Olivier Old man and the Tree Paper Mache and Acrylic 47 x 33 cm approx R2 110

Nadine Minnaar But is it craft? Wood and fabric 1500mm high R1 220

Imile Wepener Miss Jones in the seaweeds with new hat’ Acrylic and glitter on papier-mâché 370mm x 250mm x 250mm R1 620

Tessa Wagener Life Aquatic Painted MDF 42.0 x 59.4cm (variable) R1 290

Sonia Dearling

Sonia Dearling



Mixed Media / Edition of 10

Mixed Media / Edition of 10

330 x 380 mm

Prints: 350 x 855 mm

R800 (R3530 for full set)

R950 (R3530 for full set)

Sonia Dearling NEOPHYTOS 2 Mixed Media / Edition of 10 330 x 380 mm R800 (R3530 for full set)

Sonia Dearling NEOPHYTOS Pot, stand and paint 330 x 380 mm R1130 (R3530 for full set)



Sunset cactus

Trophy Cactus

Recycled envelope paper

Gouache on Fabriano

and spray paint


37cm x 30cm



Elani Botha Delicious Monster Rope and Yarn Dimensions variable / Edition of 5 R1 300

Dalene Victor Meyer Blomtyd Fabric and mixed media 1200mm x 500mm x 350mm R3 000

Christiaan Lourens Radioactivi-tree Prined & Cut paper in Oasis Dimensions variable R700

Tharien Strydom Ontpop Polystyrene, Paint, Perspex 500x350mm R850

Neil Badenhorst magic in the home Paper, cardboard, pencil and acrylic Dimensions variable R950

Maaike Bakker I might be wrong Crocheting string (Approx. 150m) Dimensions variable R2 450

Maaike Bakker Paranoid Android Polyurethanse, spraypaint, needles, foam clay, plastic tubes Dimensions variable R1 330

Lucy Stuart-Clark “Always plant them close together (Adam & Eve)� 2019 Glazed painted stoneware with gold lustre detail 235mm x 220mm R6 400

Megan Bird Natural glow Digital print on MDF 1of 5 600mm x 600mm x 600mm R3 430

Catherine Holtzhausen Revive Plastic bags, dimensions variable R4 830

Catherine Holzhausen Recover Plastic Bags 925 X 725 cm R8 600

Andel Olivier

Jayne Crawshay-Hall

“Girl in the vine” 2018

These aren’t teeth...

Acrylic on Board

100s&100s, oil paint, material

300mm x 400mm


R3 250

R1 950

Maggie de Vos Close Enough Fabriano, spray paint and glitter 450mm R1 450

Rosemary, Dew of the Sea. Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is an herb native to the Mediterranean. This woody, fragrant herb was always well known for its healing power. The name itself comes from the Latin ros (meaning dew) and marinus (meaning sea), which translates to “dew of the sea�.

Rivon Daniel Dew of the sea Ink, vinyl and pencil on paper 20 cm x 25 cm R3 240

Nina Torr Gotta serve somebody Cardboard, hot glue, paper, aquarium sand, acrylic paint, pins and tassels Dimensions variable R1 820

Cow Mash Venus milk trap Material 1, silicone, wool 1m x 20cm x 30cm R13 230

Imile Wepener Leopard’s Leap Print (Edition of 50) A4 R300

Imile Wepener The Dragon King of the Sea Glitter on digital print / Edition of 50 A4 R350

Sydney Keeney HAY GIRL, 2019 Digital print, pastels and sequins 20 x 25cm R670

Imile Wepener The Little Merdead Glitter on Digital Print / Edition of 100 A3 R550

Imile Wepener Sea Demon Digital print / Edition of 50) A4 R300

Neil Badenhorst A walk Digital media / Edition of 5 20cm x 20cm R300

Maggie de Vos Yes, That’s Fine Digital Print, edition of 5 220mm x 280mm R600

Maggie de Vos Not So Long Ago Digital print, edition of 5 297mm x 270mm Maggie de Vos Not Worried At All Digital Print, edition of 5 297mm x 297mm R750


Imile Wepener Nap time Glitter on digital print / Edition of 100 A3 R600

Neil Badenhorst be still Digital media / Edition of 10 200mm x 200mm R250

Megan Bird Doughnut snake Digital print 23x 50mm R900 framed R700 unframed

ChyneĂŠ Minnie My Fake Plastic Love Digital print 429mm x557mm (framed) R1000 unframed R1500 framed

Jess Jardim-Wedepohl You Had To Be There Wire, craft foam, 3D printed PLA, clay, spray paint 40 x 40cm (variable) R650

ChyneĂŠ Minnie My Fake Plastic Love Airdry clay & acrylic paint Dimensions variable R830

Thank you for looking! If you are interested in any of the pieces, please contact Nina at nina@openwindow.co.za