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Vol. 5, Issue 107 October 9th - October 22th 2019

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Sotogrande agent denounced after taking €300,000 into her personal account for property purchase


A GERMAN couple have denounced an expat EXCLUSIVE estate agent for failing to return €289,000 for By Jacque Talbot a four-bed apartment on the Costa del Sol. In a denuncia, seen by the Olive Press, the account. couple claim the money was ‘kept’ after it was However, on the day they were due to sign for sent to the private account of the agent Pan- the property in May they were told that the sale mysteriously could not go through. dora Homes, in Sotogrande. In the shocking claim filed with police, the “We didn’t find out until we were actually couple, from Berlin, believe she is now shut- at the Estepona notary, when we were told ting her company and intends to leave Spain, cheques could not be issued,” said Hans, whose surname we are protecting for legal ‘predictably to Dubai’. And former staff of the company - which has reasons. closed at least one office and laid off various “We waited for two hours to discover the employees this month - believe there may be money had not arrived.” The couple - who have now flown to Spain many more such cases. The Olive Press has discovered that the com- seven times from Berlin to resolve the issue pany’s owners Nadine Dijkman and hus- - say Dijkman has been continually evasive. band Eddy have previously been involved in They claim she has come up with many exa murky case in Alicante… and were named cuses as to why she could not make meetings in a separate television investigation back in or send back the money she owes. "When we first spoke to her about buying, she their native Holland in 2012. Their most recent dispute centres around the was so nice and friendly," explained Hans. "We were so excited purchase of a swish about buying the property in Casares apartment - but now del Mar this year. feel utterly hopeless." German investors The couple’s lawyer, Hans and Jutta based in Marbella, exfell in love with the plained that Dijkman property and sent was anything but clear €328,000 (including over the passing of the a deposit since redeal. turned) to Pandora’s "Worse, she got the account, in February money sent to her perand March, which it sonal account, not a later emerged was company one,” he said. Dijkman’s personal BRAZEN: Dijkman views yacht

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DEMAND: On Dijkman to return funds for Casares delvopment (top) He continued: “There are various discrepancies and my clients are doing everything they can to claim their money back." When our reporters visited its two offices in Sotogrande Port and the nearby Paniagua centre, this week they found that both offices were closed at 5pm and all computers and furniture had been removed from one. More alarming were the words of various former employees, who insist that there may be many more cases, perhaps running into the dozens. “We took between 20 to 25 deposits from homebuyers alone,” said one key member of staff, who claims to be owed €40,000 for salary and commissions. “I can’t believe they would be so silly to do it in this way, take money into their own bank accounts,” he continued. They certainly showed off the trappings of their success, driving Mercedes and Audi cars, buying property in Dubai and eating out in expensive restaurants. They even took a tour around an expensive yacht, named Livibel, this summer.

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Into Pandora’s box From Page 1

“They are leading an enviable life, lots of travelling, including Monaco last week,” said one former Dutch staff member. “Meanwhile many of us are owed thousands of euros. It’s not on.” He continued: “Nadine was always out with an automatic transaction machine, a device you put someone’s card into and people can pay a deposit anywhere in the world. “I believe she may have taken many more deposits into her private account. “And having done my research on where they previously lived I can see they have a track record of this behaviour,” he added. He is referring to a popular Dutch TV program Opgelicht featuring Dijkman and her husband Eddy in 2012, claiming she duped her first husband, indebt-

NEWS IN BRIEF Suicide bid A FATHER accused of murdering his six-month old baby in Sevilla in 2017 is recovering in hospital after a failed suicide attempt.

Smoked out

POLICE at a Marbella cannabis club have arrested four Europeans after finding 440 grams of marijuana and 63 joints.

ing him by around €70,000. While Dijkman told the Olive Press it is totally untrue and she sued and won for libel, the story remains online seven years later, and the producers completely deny her claim. During our investigation into Dijkman's dealings, Pandora Homes sent the Olive Press a cease and desist letter in collaboration with a lawyer. However, when we contacted the lawyer the following day he insisted she was not a client. This week Dijkman denied any criminality was involved and that ‘within ten days the money will be back in the account of Hans and Jutta’. “All salaries have been paid, but even if I couldn’t pay them I don’t think that’s criminal there are a lot of companies that do that.” She confirmed she had received the denuncia and admitted she ‘may be sued for the delay’. “In the future I would never do a deal without a lawyer.” She added: “The reason we could not pay everyone was because our account was blocked after we received a transaction from Dubai and we needed to provide paperwork showing it was legitimate before it could become unblocked. This is not a nice situation and we are trying to resolve it - but Hans and Jutta knew they were paying into my personal account.” She confirmed a second company, Dijkman Investments is closing, despite only being formed in July this year. Opinion Page 6


October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Scared to go out EXCLUSIVE By Jacque Talbot

A COMMUNITY is living in fear after dozens of squatters moved in stealing electricity and water. The residents of Casares Costa are now demanding action from police, after some of them even received death threats from the illegal residents. The homeowners of the Estrella de la Bahia urbanization say they are too frightened to enter their gardens as the squatters let their dangerous dogs run loose. “It is a nightmare and we

Chimney swoop A THIEF has been pulled from a chimney following a botched burglary attempt in Andalucia. Granada firefighters rescued the alleged thief, believed to be a minor, from the chimney in the Albaicin district. Police said: “It’s not Christmas and it’s not Father Christmas, but he has entered through the chimney of a house to rob it. Leaving has not been so easy.” The young man was arrested but was taken to hospital for treatment.

Residents insist squatters have been threatening them ‘with knives’ and using a loophole to live ‘lives of luxury’ don’t know what to do,” said one of the British expats, who asked not to be named. He claims criminals have devised a system where they search online homes repossessed by banks - because it is harder to remove people from

such properties. They then break in, before changing the locks and selling the new key to the squatters, with prices ranging from €2,000 to € 3,000 per home. Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous over safety fears, claims there is one notorious Spanish family who help to set up electricity and water for the squatters. Ellis Carlick, president of the urbanization, said: “They leave a trail of destruction, once they are out - stripping out boilers, kitchens, anything they can get their hands on.

HOT-HEADED LADY FURTHER gruesome details have emerged about a woman alleged to have killed her exboyfriend before putting his

head in a box and giving it to her friend, claiming it was an assortment of sex toys. Police are now investigating the theory that the head may have been ‘cooked’ to prevent its decomposition and discovery. Carmen Merino is currently detained in prison under investigation for murdering former partner Jesus Maria Baranda (both left). The 66-year-old Bilbao banker was reported missing in February.

“These people are a law unto themselves. They are ruthless and they’re not averse to threatening people with knives. “But if you speak out against them, the likelihood is your car will have no tyres in the morning.” An administrator for Ammex (now Aresi), that looks after the complex, told the Olive Press: “We can’t legally do anything until residents file a police report. “The trouble is, most are too afraid to do anything, because these people are like a sort of mafia,” he added. The Olive Press recently exposed a group of squatters in Calpe, in Alicante, which has led to police stepping in to evict them. Another case in nearby Formentera de Segura, has so far been less successful and led to one of our journalists Simon Wade being attacked by a gypsy squatter. After filing a denuncia police have begun investigating.

Expat hash THREE expats have been arrested in Malaga after police seized over 60kg of hashish and 40kg of marijuana. The gang come from France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and operated between Velez-Malaga, Mijas and Marbella.


This is a notice to members of The Credit Suisse (Gibraltar) Limited Retirement & Death Benefits Plan. Sovereign Pension Services (Gibraltar) Limited, the scheme administrator, is conducting a review of this pension scheme. If you were previously employed by Credit Suisse (Gibraltar) Limited and have retained pension benefits in its pension scheme, please contact the administrator for further information. You can contact Sovereign regarding this matter at or by post to Sovereign Pension Services (Gibraltar) Limited, Suite 2B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.


October 9th - October 22nd 2019


Judy’s final hurrah Lamb’s tragic return EXCLUSIVE By Robert Firth

ACTOR Larry Lamb failed to show at the Marbella Film Festival, after he had to rush to the bedside of his seriously ill brother, Wesley. The Gavin & Stacey actor was due to appear on the final day of the festival for the premiere of his new film Brighton. However Lamb, who is a regular visitor to Spain, had to make a sharp return to the UK before the film, about a working class couple who take a disastrous day trip to the seaside. The festival’s director, Mac Chakaveh, confirmed that a ‘family tragedy’ had forced the 72-year-old actor to ‘cancel at the last minute.’ Brighton director Stephen Cookson later told the Olive Press: “His brother is on his deathbed.”


He had earlier stood in for Lamb during a talk at the festival on Sunday, in which he revealed how the gritty drama almost never was. “Catastrophically, three days before filming we lost a major financier,” he said. “We we were really in the shit.” Lamb, who lives in London, has been a regular visitor to Spain for much of his life and even lived for a year here in the 1980s. “I know the country well but don’t go for beach holidays, I go to get up in the mountains, get out in the country or visit historic places of interest,” he recently revealed. He also confirmed in 2016 who he had a daughter Vanessa living in Murcia with his former wife Anita.

EXCLUSIVE: As Hollywood’s Judy gets plaudits worldwide, the Olive Press unearths a remarkable littleknown trip the star made to Torremolinos months before her death HOTLY-TIPPED for Oscar glory, Judy tells the story of the final months of Judy Garland famous for playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Packing out cinemas around the globe, actress Renee Zellweger is said to have played ‘the performance of a lifetime’. But, oddly, the film doesn’t reveal the sad story of her honeymoon in Torremolinos following her marriage to fifth husband Mickey Deans, a nightclub manager 12 years her junior. This is despite many believing he was responsible for her death from an overdose 50 years ago in June 1969, just three months later. The Olive Press has unearthed a series of photos of the actress on her April honeymoon in the resort, which was in the Sixties THE place

HONEYMOON: But Judy was pensive during trip

RENDITION: Zellweger plays ‘performance of life’ By Karen Livermore

to go. The remarkable set shows her looking pensive despite the splendid sunshine, chic bars and restaurants which attracted Hollywood’s biggest stars including Ava Gardener, Liz Taylor and Antony Quinn. They were meant to stay for a long weekend at the Hotel Melia, however, it ended up being longer and, as it turns out, it was far from an idyllic

Reign down

romantic break. A gruelling comeback tour was taking its toll, with audiences not knowing if they were going to get a virtuoso performance or a shambling chaotic one from the erratic star. The singer/actress’s battle with drugs, alcohol and eating disorders were well known, of course, and audiences swung between giving her standing ovations and throwing bread rolls. Ignoring the advice of doctors, Mickey Deans felt a few days relaxing in the sun would

Back to life

PRINCESS Diana returned from the other side during a trip to Malaga at the weekend. Her lookalike Emma Corrin (right) was recreating her 1983 spring tour of Australia, as part of the fourth series of Netflix hit The Crown. Dressed in a polkadot pink dress with a garland of flowers around her neck, the actress, 23, appeared alongside Josh O’Connor, 29, who plays Prince Charles. Olivia Coleman also features in the show as the Queen. The third series, which features scenes from Sotogrande, meanwhile, launches November 17.

SPAIN’S king and queen have visited Murcia and Alicante after the devastating flood of last month. Felipe and Letizia met with residents, as well as members of the emergency services who risked their lives during the rescue efforts. Residents, many of whom are rebuilding their lives following the flooding, shook hands and took photos of the royal couple. Around 3,500 people were evacuated due to the ‘cold drop’ flooding which wreaked havoc last month.

do her more good than being taken to a clinic. But it didn’t go to plan, as, according to biographer Scott Schecter, she arrived in Torremolinos in a bad way and went straight to bed. Then, when she finally got up later that evening she slipped in the bathroom, bruising herself. And the next morning she fell asleep on the bathroom floor with Deans having to break down the door to get her out. A doctor was called to the hotel, continued Schecter, who then changed her medication and suggested she should be admitted to hospital. However, this was overruled by her husband, who insisted she would be better staying in the hotel. A few days later, she made an

apparent recovery and the couple were spotted at infamous Torremolinos nightclub Tiffany, where Judy signed autographs and seemed in good spirits. Indeed, she told fans she was determined to get well and enjoy her holiday. Cancelling their planned return they spent a few extra days driving along the coast in a classic Fiat. While Deans later told friends it was ‘therapeutic’ for her, on the last evening, Judy came crashing down, apparently talking to herself and behaving irrationally. Yet again, rather than take her to hospital, Deans booked a flight and took her back to London.


Just three months later Mickey found her dead in the bathroom of their London home. She was just 47 years old. Despite having earned millions during her career, years of mismanagement of her financial affairs meant her estate was just US$40,000 (€35,000 in today’s money). Generous bequests in her will couldn’t be fulfilled as her estate had been in debt for years. Her daughter Liza Minelli famously worked to pay off her mother’s debts with the help of family friend Frank Sinatra.



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NEWS IN BRIEF UN-interested DEPUTY Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia was in New York to fight for Gibraltar’s case at the United Nations Fourth Committee last Tuesday.

Total facelift ELDERLY people’s home Bishop Canilla House opposite Europort has had lifts, double-glazed windows and better insulation fitted.

Breaking the ice A PROJECT to give young people from 18 to 30 years old the chance to make new friends and socialise is now accepting new members.

Cruise mode REPS from Gibraltar attended the 55th MedCruise General Assembly held in Antibes, France from October 1-4 on the cruise liner industry.


OLITICAL parties on the Rock have been campaigning hard since the snap election was announced for October 17. But who is winning over the public? The incumbent GSLP/Liberal coalition seems to be gaining support as its experience gives them the edge, especially over newcomers Together Gibraltar (TG). The government’s strengths both diplomatically and economically along with its investment in education and housing seem to be striking a chord with the electorate. This was a popular opinion on Gibraltar’s Main Street as the Olive Press found people were confident with the government’s leadership on Brexit and its ability to care for everyday workers. Recent presentations by the coalition boasted how it had the much-needed elements of continuity and expertise to take the territory forward in troubling times. Gilbert Licudi spoke of how his tourism strategy was bringing in nearly eight million visitors a year to Gibraltar. He announced plans to create two new museums, a laser display at St Michael’s Cave and a new adventure park in the Northern Defences. With event-led tourism being one of the main strategies, a Gibraltar-themed Cirque de Soleil could also be introduced next summer. Another highlight of the government’s plans so far is the expansion of its traffic plan to give cyclists an easier time on the streets.


October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Electoral breakdown

How are the parties fairing just days ahead of Gibraltar’s snap election? Local man John Culatto took to the streets to find out

The creation of a wall walkway across the length of Gibraltar and cycle paths is also aimed at making people use their cars less. But the other two parties have also made their plans known. Together Gibraltar has brought together a team of unlikely candidates which promises to offer a fresh perspective. Its plans to legalise abortion, decriminalise cannabis and give young people a greater say in what goes on has been its selling point. However, as the electoral cam-

Fabian Picardo

Marlene Nahon Hassan

Keith Azopardi

paign progresses, it is also slowly becoming clear TG are the most pro-business of all the parties. This has given rise to fears that the largest employer on the Rock, the civil service, could be the hardest hit if Together Gibraltar gets into office. Plans to privatise the public sector have been mentioned as well as comments that ‘up to £100million’ was being wasted on ‘corruption’. In response, Christian Duo of Unite the Union said: “Unite will fiercely oppose any attempt to privatise any Service currently provided by the Public Sector. “We will not stand idly by while any privatisation is contemplated, as this will only reduce the pay of many employees to benefit the few.”

Public sector union GGCA, meanwhile, questioned ‘the basis on which these claims have been made’. The Gibraltar Social Democrats, on the other hand, have stuck with the transparency campaign they relied on in the last election. This war is being fought despite the party’s poor reputation in this area during the 16 years that Peter Caruana was Chief Minister. Not only that, but despite numerous UK Supreme Court judgements on abortion, the party continues to push to keep life imprisonment for what many see as a basic human right . Analysts believe the GSD is trying to woo Gibraltar’s elderly right-wing core with this tac-

tic, which could at least return them to Opposition ahead of TG. In the end, the signs are that it is unlikely that the public will opt for any other government except for the GSLP/Liberals. The challenge of Brexit is one of Gibraltar’s greatest since 1988, according to minister for economic development Joe Bossano. For this reason, the current coalition that has done so much to put Gibraltar on the agenda in the UK and internationally is likely to get the nod on October 17. Want to put across you view? There will be even more coverage of the matter on our online site. We are setting up an online poll via our website - so feel free to take part and comment on our social media pages.

And three of the standout candidates:

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1. Sian Jones: Jones was relatively unknown before she came into the picture for Together Gibraltar. However, the transgender economist has caused quite a stir since her first TV debate up against old rivals Joe Bossano and Roy Clinton. She managed to steal the show with her sharp responses and startling claims of corruption, although her party later made an embarrassing climbdown on their extent. Claiming to have only been ‘involved in Gibraltar since 2014’ cannot give her too many electoral points, something she admits herself. However, her work at the Financial Services Commission has given her a unique connection to how the Rock makes money and she believes she can help in the future. 2. Joe Bossano: As the father of parliament, this local hero needs no introduction. Although some people have commented on the need for him to stand down, as the founder of the GSLP, he has no desire to do so even at 80 years young. Having fought for Gibraltar for more than half a century, the economist has a strong work ethic, only taking one day off a year! He spends all that time reviewing what he can do for his beloved homeland, looking for solutions for problems like the Brexit situation. If anyone knows what can be done to carve out a new economic path post-Brexit it is Sir Joe, whose depth of understanding is second to none. He has predicted the growth of our economy almost to the figure since 1988 when he was first Chief Minister, which is why current GSLP leader Fabian Picardo trusts him implicitly. 3. Daniel Feetham: As a well-known figure in Gibraltarian politics, GSD MP Feetham has a never say die attitude. After first being in government with former Chief Minister Peter Caruana, Feetham was horrifically stabbed in the back in 2010 while walking his children in the street. However, he fought on and was finally named party leader in 2013. But things did not go well for him, as first Marlene Nahon Hassan and then Lawrence Llamas left the party during his tenure speaking of ‘a loss of trust’. Feetham then stood down as party leader ‘for family reasons’ at what seemed to be the end of his political career. To the surprise of many, he has since continued on the GSD slate and now once again awaits his political fate on October 17.

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A campaigning, community newspaper, the Olive Press represents the huge expatriate community in Spain with an estimated readership, including the websites, of more than one million people a month.

OPINION Probing Pandora’s box AS the world’s oldest democracy came to a shudIT has taken weeks of digging, but this week we expose the shoddy business practices of estate agent Pandora Homes. We don’t take lightly to reporting on such a case, but it is clear that too many corners were taken with great sums of money that simply were not the owners. That a client of bosses Nadine Dijkman and her partner Eddy should be owed €290,000 seven months after entrusting it to them is nothing short of a disgrace. This was, after all, for an apparently simple home purchase. A further €300,000 is understood to be owed to other clients and former disgruntled staff, now out of a job. It has been a painstaking process getting to the bottom of this case and other dealings of Nadine and Eddy. Much of it because of the language. We have spoken to many former employees, lawyers and even journalists from across Europe. We obviously hope a police probe will eventually lead to justice, but either way we’re pleased that our readers have now been warned about entrusting their money to this pair. Though money may not yet be back in the hands of those affected, at least their voices have finally been heard.

Andalucia ticks every box NEWS that one of our own has been attacked while covering a story has shocked us, fortunately it is not something that happens often. Not that that fact will consul poor Simon, only weeks into his new job as Costa Blanca South reporter. Simonwas attacked while looking into a case of out of control squatting after an expat called in with tales of an urbanization overrun. Headbutted and glasses snatched, he was nevertheless determined not to be intimidated and continue his report on behalf of the expat community. He himself brushed off the affair as simply more evidence of the harassment the expat residents of Formentera del Segura have had to suffer 24 hours a day. We will not be put off, the sooner the squatters are turfed out the better. Publisher / Editor

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2016 - 2019 Best expat paper in Spain and the second best in the world. The Expat Survey Consumer Awards.

2012 - 2019 Named the best English language publication in Andalucia by the Rough Guides group.


October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Is the package holiday ‘screwed’? (so claims Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary)


TEARFUL: Staff at Thomas Cook headquarters leaving with office possessions in tears

Bad management, Brexit uncertainty - both played a part in the catastrophic downfall of 178-year-old travel firm Thomas Cook ... but what does the future hold for holidaymakers, asks Karen Livermore

his week leading players in the Spanish travel industry gathered, grim faced, to present an emergency plan to Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto in the wake of the Thomas Cook crash. The head of the Spanish hotel federation, Juan Molas, had already issued a dire warning via the Olive Press that at least 500 hotels face immediate closure due to the collapse of the package holiday giant. He went on to add that unpaid bills to Spanish businesses would be far in excess of the original €200 million estimate. At least 100 of these doomed hotels were exclusively dependent on Thomas Cook, while the rest counted on the firm for between 30% and 70% of their clients. Then there’s the human cost, with a mindboggling 21,000 people worldwide expected to lose their jobs following the crash. In the UK 9,000 staff are affected and a total of 3,4000 staff lost their jobs, with many thousands more indirect causalties. In Spain, the hardest-hit Canary Islands job loses are thought to be around 13,500. But it’s not just holidaymakers, employees and business owners who are paying. As well as being a logistical nightmare, the repatriation of stranded travellers - around 150,000 whose relaxing break came to an abrupt end - has cost the British taxpayer a whopping £100 million. END OF AN ERA: Thomas Cook passengers head home, while (right) an old poster Dubbed Operation Matterhorn, since September 23 more than 130 aircraft have ing his say over the Thomas Cook night- lapse will not lead to the package holidays been used to take people back to the UK. mare. demise. Instead, they would be booked In a testament to the efficiency of the larg- “The whole tour operator model is finished, online rather than through high street outest peacetime repatriation in British histo- it’s over,” he said. “Nobody under the age lets. Tui and Jet 2 were already looking to ry, an incredibe 94% of clients were flown of 40 buys a tour holiday or goes to a travel step in and fill the void, he added. back on the original date of their cancelled agency anymore, they do it themselves.’ “What happened to Thomas Cook was Thomas Cook flight - albeit not to their cho- He went on to predict that Norwegian Air about bad management, not a lack of cussen airport, in some cases. would be the next to go tomers wanting to book Richard Moriarty, Chief Executive at the UK under (the airline has holidays,” he told the OlCivil Aviation Authority said “We have been refuted this). However, ive Press. working round the clock to bring more than given that three other “Package deals take the 150,000 people back to the UK. At the airlines have gone out of hassle out of the equasame time, we are focussed on refunding business or stopped flytion, and many travellers the 360,000 ATOL-protected future book- ing since the start of Sepwant that assurance. ings as quickly as possible.” Shortly after tember - Aigle Azur, XL Holidaymakers will still going live, the website set up by the CAA Airways (both France) and book.” for Thomas Cook customers to apply for Adria Airways(Slovenia) - it Fears that other comparefunds crashed citing ‘unprecedented seems the travel business nies could grasp the opdemand’as the cause. Frustrated custom- is facing its biggest chalportunity to raise prices, ers took to social media to vent their anger. lenge. given such a big player One Twitter user said tried ten times now The package model was has gone, appear unand getting the same error message!’ once an attractive proposition for holiday founded. There are now calls for the makers and hoteliers alike. Meanwhile in a good news boost for its government to revisit a reFor the customer, every- customers, budget airline Easyjet has anview it conducted in May thing was laid on. Get off nounced it is scrapping the £16 booking regarding travel protection. Nobody under the the plane, get a coach to fee for flights and holidays and isn’t planThe report recommended your hotel, eat, drink, enjoy ning on out of the ordinary increases on travel companies add a 50p age of 40 buys a and then get whisked back fares and holidays. levy to every airfare, allowtour holiday or home. No thinking, no plan- The company is feeling optimistic about ing insolvent airlines to opning. For hoteliers it guar- the future as it gears up to launch new goes to a travel anteed multi-year bookings look easyJet holidays. The airline has had erate flights for enough time to bring stranded travellers without the cost of running a tour operation since 2015, but has until agent home. their own sales operations. now not contracted its own hotels. A similar insurance scheme But now there is the worry Chief Executive Johan Lundgren told travel already exists in Germany. that the company might col- industry journal: “We want to get it right. The repercussions on the industry are lapse while you’re out of the country, leav- We are in the process of signing a number colossal, so the billion dollar question is, ing you with no holiday and a possibly hefty of hotels and progress is good.” does the collapse of one of the world’s bill. The company expects to launch at the end oldest travel agencies mean that package If it can happen to the biggest, it can hap- of this year and told Olive Press: “We look holidays are dead and buried? pen to anyone. And if enough hoteliers are forward to sharing more about our plans The ever-outspoken Ryanair boss Michael put out of business, others must be asking with you very soon.” O’Leary enraged the travel industry once themselves whether they want to embrace Even the controversial Michael O’Leary again this week by claiming in a news con- such a risk. has been doing his bit, cutting fares to as ference that the package holiday model is According to a leading hotelier on the little as £5.99 - mind you, that was just for ‘screwed’. Costa del Sol, the situation isn’t quite so four days! The budget airline boss was announcing a clean cut. Wanting to remain anonymous, Longer term, it seems established low-cost four-day flash sale, Millions In The Air, to he criticised Michael O’Leary for his ‘rash carriers like O’Leary’s are going to be the celebrate carrying 150 million passengers words that do not help anyone in the in- winners in the travel game. in just 12 months, but could not resist hav- dustry’ and believes the Thomas Cook col-




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Driving, residency, passports...this Olive Press guide tells you what you need to know to prepare for Brexit


S Brexit looms, the British Consulate have gone into overdrive holding meetings throughout Spain and its islands to try and make sure expats know exactly


A key worry for many British people residing in Spain, healthcare has been used as a bargaining chip by the British and Spanish governments. Most recently UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock scared everyone by saying that Brits access to healthcare in Spain could end within six months under a ‘nodeal’ Brexit. And the fear for expats is real. “Some of our members are already looking at private healthcare,” said Sue Wilson, chair of Bremain in Spain: “I know people who are buying it so of they are protected in the future, despite already being covered by Spanish healthcare.” How to prepare The most important thing is to register as a resident. If there isn’t a Brexit deal then Brits in Spain can continue to access healthcare in the same way they do now until at least 31 December 31 2020. This is due to a reciprocal agreement between Spain and the UK, which has not yet been ratified by the British Government. But even if the agreement is not approved, the Spanish Government has said that British nationals will still get the same access to healthcare they do now thanks to theRoyal Decree-Law 5/2019, of March 1. EHICs (European Health Insurance Cards) and S1 forms will be both be valid during this period.

Driving license You will need to exchange your British license for a Spanish one ahead of Brexit if you plan to carry on living in Spain. Using your Spanish license, if you have one, will still be allowed in the UK for short trips and for those taking their test, they can still exchange it for a UK one. How to prepare After being a resident in Spain for two years you must renew or exchange any old UK license that doesn’t have a 10-year validity period. Also, if you are in Spain and your UK license is lost, stolen or expires then you will have to apply to the DVLA in Spanish for a ‘certificate of entitlement’.From the day the UK leaves the EU, the Spanish Government has said you will have nine months in which to change your license. If you still have a UK license, for visits to Spain of up to nine months after the UK leaves the EU you will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP). However for those visiting Spain on longer trips after Brexit you will need a 1949 IDP, which can be accessed from the UK Post Office.

what they could be facing in the months to come - despite still not knowing if we are leaving or if there is a deal or no deal. From formal events requiring a ticket, like last

Passports One of the hottest Brexit topics since the 2016 referendum. Remember the crazy scramble for Irish passports? Elena Remigi, founder and director of the In Limbo Project, which looks at the human cost of Brexit, described it as a ‘huge issue for Brits abroad’. “Lack of freedom of movement is going to create serious problems for Brits abroad and at home,” she told the Olive Press. How to prepare Check you have enough time on your passport if you are planning on travelling in the near future. Adults and children will need six months on their passport in order to travel to most European countries not including Ireland. If you don’t have enough time left on your passport you will need to renew it, and bear in mind that the process can take at least three weeks. If the UK secures a deal with the EU nothing will change until the end of 2020. However without a deal any remaining months on your passport will not be carried over to a new one. So make sure that on your day of travel, your passport has at least six months remaining on it, otherwise you may not be able to enter some Schengen Area countries like Spain.

Eye on brexit

week’s event at the Barcelona Princess Hotel to informal pop ups in shopping centres and from bars, reaching out to local community groups where consulate staff are appearing as guest speakers, and hosting Facebook live Q and A’s, consulate staff are being inundated by questions from worried Brits. Unsurprisingly healthcare - as reported in last week’s Olive Press - remains the biggest worry for the majority of expats. Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain - the biggest forum for British migrants living in Spain - told the Olive Press that above all people need to ‘get the essentials in order’. “Most important for Brits living in Spain,” she said, “are the standard things like getting the residencia and driving license.” With a general election on the cards as EU leaders continue to rebuff Boris Johnson’s negotiations, being able to vote in the UK is crucial if you want to have your say. “Get your UK proxy vote,” Sue urges, “we know what the Spanish postal service is like.” There are upcoming consulate events around Spain available at the Government website, while La Linea is holding a Brexit protest on October 19 at 12:30pm. If you haven’t yet got to a consulate meeting, here is a survival guide to get yoou through Brexit.

Residency Residencia may go by several different names, including the ‘green card’, ‘residency card’, etc. etc. This must be applied for if you intend to stay in Spain for more than three months and is a must-have before Brexit. In case the UK leaves the EU without a deal, it is definitely worth registering as a resident. Although even if a deal is not reached over the UK’s withdrawal, Brits will still be ‘considered legally resident’ in Spain for 21 months, regardless of whether they have residency, according to the UK Government. How to prepare To get this important document you will need a completed EX18 form, which you can get from the same place as the EX15. The process is similar but not the same as getting your NIE and you will still need to make an appointment at your local office. You will also need to bring along your passport and copy, proof of address, proof of health insurance, tax form Modelo 790, proof of income and a certificate of empadronamiento.


808.1K ON TOP: Olive Press website traffic for last four weeks

THE PAPER WITH THE REAL NUMBERS WE were recently encouraged to get our website ranking certified by While we have been publishing our estimated position on the respected site, owned by Amazon, for years, it was suggested an official rank would help encourage advertisers to enlist. And the findings were stunning, to say the least. After a month of analysing our vital statistics and looking under the bonnet, as it were, Alexa ranked at a staggeringly high 11,392th position globally. That is out of billions of websites studied! Most exciting of all though, was finding ourselves in the Top 500 sites in the UK and the Top 1000 sites in Spain. This means 470th position in the UK and 683rd position in Spain, while we came 630th in Ireland and 84th in Gibraltar. Our rivals, Sur in English and Euro Weekly News came in at a lowly 178,286 and 30,349 in comparison.

MILLIONS OF VISITORS A MONTH This is all to do with sheer visitor numbers and pages viewed and we had 1.9 MILLION of those last month alone (see Google Analytics graph top), with 1.5 MILLION visits. Using the research of another respected site Similar Web we discovered that the Euro Weekly News is getting around 400,000 visitors a month (around a quarter of ours) and the Sur in English a fraction of that. Google Analytics cannot lie and, before undertaking any advertising campaign, any savvy business will always ask for the last few months official visitor figures.

WE CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS Quite simply our 1.4 MILLION visitors a month online, coupled with the 250,000 readers of our printed papers each month can guarantee your business gets the best exposure possible among the expat - as well as - key tourist market coming to Spain. Let your advert stand out to around 50.000 visitors a day online and in 100.000 printed papers a month. We promise a keen and competitive price and that your business will be seen by millions of potential clients each month in an increasingly competitive and tricky market. Send us an email today at or call us at

The top five most read stories on in the past two weeks are:


- British tourists ‘kicked out’ of popular hotel at 1.30am on Spain’s Costa del Sol after it allegedly goes into administration (45,296)


- SCORCHER: Temperatures of up to 35C in Spain’s Andalucia and on Costa del Sol this weekend as Malaga to be hottest city in the country TONIGHT (24,897)

3 4

- Up to a BILLION ‘aggressive’ tiger mosquitoes ‘set to swarm Spain’s Costa Blanca’ after devastating gota fria floods create perfect breeding environment (21,970)

5 ANXIOUS: British expats protested against the spectre of Brexit in Malaga a fornight ago

- Woman in Spain who put boyfriend’s head in a box and gave it to friend claiming it was sex toys, ‘baked head to remove smell’ (23,018)

- Temperatures to rise today on Spain’s Costa del Sol as HEATWAVE will set upon Andalucia (21,236)

Calls for justice THE family of a man killed in a collision with a police launch has called for justice. A noisy protest was held at the frontier on October 4 after Alfredo Morodo Gutierrez, 42, was killed while trying to smuggle cigarettes at Eastern Beach. The RGP had earlier raised the alarm after rumours were circulated on social media about revenge attacks on Gibraltarians. The police spokesperson had advised the public against passing through the border and ‘to avoid any situation that may give rise to confrontation’.


Despite these early fears, the demonstration passed by peacefully without disturbing frontier traffic flow. Local, National and Civil Guard police units were present at the scene as protesters chanted and waved banners and placards. A postmortem was held a week after the incident but the full Coroner’s report has still not been released. On October 6 another launch was seized by the police after it was abandoned during an attempt to bring cannabis resin into Eastern Beach in broad daylight. This was followed by another boat being boarded in Catalan Bay but two men on it were found to have done nothing wrong.


October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Green horizon THE GSLP/Liberals ‘have done more than any other government’ on helping the environment. That’s the verdict of Lewis Stagnetto, who runs the Nautilus Project on the Rock to protect marine life. “We’ve got more green areas now than we’ve had before but I would like to see even more in the future,” Stagnetto told the Olive Press. “They’ve done more than any other government on making Gibraltar greener.” The latest proposal for more parks by the GSLP/Liberals was music to his ears as this has been the essence of his message to schoolchildren.

POWER DOWN A TWO-hour power cut yesterday afternoon was caused by drilling into an electric cable, it has emerged. Most of the town centre and nearly all of Gibraltar was cut off from about 1.30pm until 3.30pm, forcing workers onto the street. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo blamed ‘unregistered Ministry of Defence cables’ which he said can sometimes be found in unexpected places. The worker who caused the power cut was not hurt in the incident.

Government’s environmental approach has been a big success, claims campaigner By John Culatto

“As a direct experience of the Nautilus project the Department of Education has been very keen on having NGOs like us coming in to teach some of these lessons,” said the campaigner. “They deserve a lot of credit because they’ve had the foresight

to allow us in and do these talks.” One of the goals of the Nautilus project is to save endangered species in Gibraltar waters. “The size catch limits have certainly saved more undersized specimens which is certainly positive,” said Stagnetto. “Larger amounts of data could also be collected so that variables in air pollution and the water are analysed.”

Pic stop for Bentleys

BEAMING: Picardo meets up with Aussies

UNVEILED: Gibraltar’s new information centre

Brexit base

THE Government has opened a ‘Brexit Office’ in Gibraltar in a bid to calm the Rock’s residents ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU on October 31. Unveiled by the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, the new site aims to be an

information point for Gibraltarians preparing for Brexit. The office at at 323 Main Street, opposite John Mackintosh Hall, is open on weekdays from 9am to 3pm. Leaflets with information on EHIC cards, passports, businesses and more are to be released by the office during the next week.

FIVE Australian friends taking a bumpy ride on vintage Bentleys around Morocco dropped in to see the Chief Minister last week. Fabian Picardo took a break from his hectic election schedule to meet up with the group of vintage travellers. During the previous six weeks they drove all the way from the UK through France and Spain to get to the Rock. They then spent a night in Gibraltar visiting friends and catching up with other motoring enthusiasts before crossing to Morocco. David Hands is driving a 1927 3 litre Bentley, Tony and Christine Johns a 1924 3 litre and Phillip and Sue Schudmak a 1934 3/4.5. Both the Johns and Schudmaks have travelled extensively around the world in these cars over the last 20 years. Hands acquired his Bentley more recently but has also done much vintage motoring. “Touring in old cars is quite a different experience,” he said. “It is adventurous, fun, a great way to meet people as the cars do attract attention, but it can also be challenging. “You are open to the elements, mechanical issues are probably more frequent as the cars are old, but properly prepared this is not usually a problem.”

OP QUICK Crossword Across 7 Possibly (7) 8 Cousin of your daughter (5) 9 Pertaining to the nose (5) 10 Satisfied (7) 11 Form of precipitation (8) 13 Cease (4) 15 Excess of expenditure over income (4) 16 Magician (8) 19 African river powering the Kariba Dam (7) 20 Highly favoured (5) 22 Prevail (5) 23 Performer of gymnastic feats (7)

Down 1 Food tin essential (6) 2 Minerals (4) 3 Sentimental songs (7) 4 Mental (13) 5 Runaway (8) 6 Broken-down (4-2) 8 Number of feline lives (4) 12 Inability to sleep (8)

OP Sudoku


14 Nemesis of “Titanic” (7) 15 Reptile (6) 17 Revolve (6) 18 Noggin (4) 21 Recedes (4)

All solutions are on page 22


Vol. 13 Issue 328


ll about

an Pedro de Alcantara

October 9th - October 22nd 2019


Especialidades Carnes de Caza y Pescado

Pantone 118c

Vote for Pedro Open 364 days/ year San Pedro's most famous restaurant

Amazing cocktails, attentive service and great atmosphere OPEN 34 YEARS!

San Pedro now firmly holds its own against the glamour of Marbella and the regenerated port of Estepona. As the town gears up for its annual festival, Jacque Talbot takes a stroll around


O label San Pedro de Alcantara as Marbella’s younger, quieter and more reserved sibling would be to do it a disservice. It is today a town with its own strong identity, something which is becoming more apparent as the years go by. Bustling along its slick, modern boulevard, it is also heaving with diners flocking to its excellent mix of restaurants. It’s hard to imagine how San Pedro was once a microscopic village, very much in Marbella’s slipstream. Founded in 1860 by army general Don Marquez Manuel Gutierrez de la

Calle Andalucía, 8, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara

Concha, residents of the surrounding towns and villages first flocked here for agricultural work. The Civil War slowed production but soon work began again and San Pedro started to take shape as a busPantone 118c tling multiplicity, with the 40s and 50s seeing steady growth. Everyday is another heyday for San Pedro, as the town consolidates, businesses open and renovations get approved. Casco Antiguo, San Pedro’s centrepiece, yields the plethora of cafes and bars you’d typically find in the Old Continues over

Cold Pressed Juice Bar Pantone 118c

952 78 61 65 C/ Andalucía, 8 29670 San Pedro Alcántara Málaga

La Colonia Shopping Centre San Pedro – inbetween Dia and Mcdonalds

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly @Frenchys.JuicyJuices


tel: 952 78 81 78


A S an Pedro de Alcantara ll about


October 9th - October 22nd 2018

IDYLLIC: Nothing beats an evening stroll down San Pedro’s promenade

From previous page

Towns of the Costa we’ve all come to know and love. And San Pedro’s doesn’t disappoint, with abuelas regularly seen chatting on benches among gorgeous shrubbery and newly installed water features. Venturing south, it’s impossible not to appreciate the seamless integration of colour-coordinated homes, roads and plant life. And when it comes to food, this once tiny village will leave you spoilt for choice. For traditional - and fair priced - tapas, hit La Bodega on Calle Lagasca, which has been serving everything from boquerones to fresh prawns, jamon, meatballs and more for the past 25 years. Nearby El Siete, too, is a fantastic family run Spanish restaurant which offers one of the

best prawn pil-pils on the coast. I headed for somewhere newer and a bit pricier at El Guino, situated on the boulevard. The selection of food was diverse and tasty, offering everything from top-end fish to hamburgers and chips. For those not afraid to splash the cash, head to Trattoria L’Impronta for an Italian taste bomb. The beef with foie gras in Madeira sauce may have been a strange choice at an Italian restaurant but definitely the right one. There is also a selection of vegetarian and vegan food. Meanwhile, Savor, on Calle Andalucia, is one of the latest restaurants to arrive on the San Pedro scene and it is a masterclass in fine and modern dining - the perfect spot to treat yourself or a loved one. Finally, don’t miss one of the town’s best kept secrets at La Cocina de La Abuela on Plaza Vistalegre, a traditional Cordoban hotspot with meltin-your mouth pig cheeks and one of the best black puddings going. While the gastronomy continues to rival nearby Marbella, the council is also putting every effort in to ensure the town is both practical and picturesque. It comes after some €100 million was invested by Marbella town hall on the now iconic and unique curly pedestrian walkway which winds over the main roadway, while just before the last row of cafes towards the beach, there’s a huge playground with a pen-


San Pedro de Alcantara – Marbella

LIVE SPORT shown on 6 screens All live games being shown Early Bird Menu – 17.30 to 19.30 The Hogan Hackers play golf every Wednesday and the first Saturday of every month

dulum swing that even I was tempted to have a go on. The ice rink and skate park are also welcome additions to what has become a modern town with a traditional feel. Another €85 million was also put towards forming a tunnel - which directs traffic underground - and a car park to cope with the peak summer months. However there’s no better time to visit San Peds than during its feria in October, the last to happen in Andalucia for the year. Indeed, winter is coming, so there’s a need

for a final huge blowout while the sun is still shining. Hungarian expat Zoltan Kiss should know. He’s lived here for 14 years and manages Bar Ramirez, right next to the town hall. “You have places like Estepona and Marbella, but there is a perfect happy medium here,” he told me over a cana. “I think you find the younger generation tend to head to the other places. “It is almost always calm here. That is until the end of this month, when the feria arrives. “During the day, it’s like it always is, tranquil

Attention gym-goers! GYM Junkie Café is open in San Pedro near the Boulevard. Their mission is to bring you fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich food and beverages at affordable prices. They use tasty, natural ingredients and super-foods packed with nutrients and vitamins to benefit your mind and body. With the hectic pace of daily life Gym Junkie Café cares for your health and wellness providing you a great alternative to other establishments. It’s perfect for a detox juice and a healthy breakfast before you train or a tasty lunch post-workout. Try their high protein grilled lean meat with healthy carbs or healthy salads and mouth-watering wraps. Refuel with their high quality whey protein shakes. Taste their delicious protein pancakes loaded with all your favourite fruit, farm-sourced maple syrup or 100% natural peanut butter. It’s the right choice - where else can you enjoy great food without regret.

Both passionate about healthy food and Gym Junkies themselves, owners Jamie and Deborah from London set up this friendly familyrun business. They felt there was a dramatic surge of gyms opening up in the Marbella area but a serious lack of healthy eateries. They said: “We are targeting people who live an active lifestyle and who train regularly. People who want to get full results from nutrition.” “We all want to live a healthy lifestyle and to eat cleanly both in our home and when we eat out. “At Gym Junkie Café we have created a community for gym-junkies....a place where you can relax, rejuvenate in comfortable, modern surroundings. “Where you can refuel with our superior, healthy food served by friendly, courteous staff.” Gym Junkie Café will help you eat better and perform better in your daily life.

THE FLEA MARKET Second hand, vintage shop

Steaks our Speciality – Mouth-watering Fillet or Rib Eye Live Music – Friday, Saturday night and Sunday Quiz Night – every Thursday

Polígono san pedro de Alcántara. (26.97 km) 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara

tel: 635 83 59 85

3 October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Strides ahead

SKILLED: A bespoke Casas & Reformas house

GET YOUR KICKS: Down at the cable ski which is unique to the Costa del Sol

and peaceful - but at night, it’s party, party, party.” Despite San Pedro’s somewhat tranquilo reputation, it still has its quirks: I learn former Spanish prime

minister Jose Maria Aznar is often seen in jogging shorts panting around Guadalmina Baja, accompanied by a team of bodyguards. There is also the unofficial town mascot, a mammothsize pig which can be seen every Sunday, roaming through the streets, snorting along to the claps and shouts of the locals. History can be found here, too. The Roman baths, watchtower and the intriguing PaleoChristian burial site, Vega de Mar, are a must for history buffs.

I take a walk to the coast and In many respects, San Pedro to my surprise, the beaches really is the perfect destinaare yet to be tainted by the tion, a modern town which swarms of chirhas firmly held inguitos and onto its Spanish street sellers, identity while Spanish although I’m told not becoming there are martoo overdevelidentity ket stalls set up oped. while not every weekend, If anyone has with a selection any doubts becoming too of fashions and that this town jewellery availoverdeveloped can rival its able. closer and glitzI watch the vast ier neighbours, golden sands betell them it’s ing licked by the gentle purring too late, it has already outof the blue sea and can’t help charmed the lot of them. but feel at peace. Blissful.

WITH more than 500 excellent projects under its belt, it’s not hard to see why Casas & Reformas is so highly respected on the Costa del Sol. Offering renovation, rehabilitation and new construction, the 17-year-old firm’s knowledge and experience is vast. Whether it’s installing bathrooms, kitchens and flooring, renovating old properties, or creating bespoke 3D architectural designs, Casas & Reformas has you covered. The team prides itself on strong communication with clients every step of the way. Continuous contact is maintained with customers during the design phase, choosing materials, project quality control and execution. Casas & Reformas has full certification of quality ISO 9001. Alongside Spanish, its friendly staff also speak Swedish, English, Finnish, German and French. The company’s vision is: “To become one of the leading companies in the construction sector on the Costa del Sol offering our customers the best options to build a home to suit.” For more information visit or call +34 951 245 389








Avenida mar Mediterraneo Los Arqueros Beach No.3 San Pedro de Alcantara Marbella 29670



ll about

S an Pedro

de Alcantara

Foodie focus Turn your head and a new restaurant has opened in San Pedro de Alcantara, writes Jon Clarke

Specialist of Sherry Wine Special Flamenco Friday & Saturday National Gastronomic Award


T’S certainly a hard act to follow with the large number of excellent places to eat in nearby Marbella. But San Pedro is rapidly developing a distinct food scene of its own. It’s not as if the town doesn’t have pedigree, with its famous Albert and Simon restaurant having been one of the first in Andalucia to get a Michelin star back in the 1980s. While its famous chef sadly died a couple of years ago, it is still around and as elegant as ever. But there are also some great new places that are rapidly demanding its crown. Take Pablo Castillo’s Savor restaurant, now in its second year, which just keeps getting better and better. With a swagger worthy of a big city, the creative cuisine is as complex as it is tasty. It’s no wonder Pablo, 42, has continued to win cooking competitions along the coast this year. No less than three of the dishes on the menu have won the Best Tapa award in Marbella, including the excellent Niguiri croquettes, which come with melt in the mouth tuna, guacamole, with a wasabi and kimchi sauce. Yup plenty going on. Other chestnuts however, included a wonderful langoustine in an orange juice, basil and yuzu sauce, as well as one of the most delicious slices of presa iberica imaginable. And to get a really good idea of what he can do go for a degustacion menu which shouldn’t set you back much more than 40 euros a head. You will try an range of local Andalucian dishes,

with national Spanish as well as a fusion of Latin America, particularly Cuban. His Mojito de Manzana pudding was fabulous. “It’s been an exciting couple of years,” explains Pablo, who has worked around the world for the Melia group, with five years in Cuba, as well as under the talented chef Ramon Freixa. “And San Pedro is developing quite a competitive scene for dining.” This is certainly the case with the real epicentre being along Pablo’s street and what the Olive Press has dubbed ‘Restaurant Row’. It was here, in Calle Andalucia, after all, that Alfredo opened his famous same-name restaurant nearly four decades ago. His neighbour Pub Charles has been around for 38 years too, while, the excellent La Bodega del Cantinero, between Savor and Alfredo, is well over a decade providing excellent tucker with the best sherries in the world. Here you put yourself in the hands of superhost Alberto, or sommelier Juan, who have been working in the restaurant trade for decades between them. This is THE spot for sherry lovers and they have hundreds of them and many going into the hundreds of euros, including a 1946 Pedro Ximenez and a 40-year-old Amontillado from Azuleta. It also has an excellent wine list and the food is always excellent and varied and there are plenty of specials, including one of the best ajo blancos I have tried on the coast. Best of all though - in fact maybe the winning dish in San Pedro - was the amazing tartaki of bluefin tuna, with a wakame salad, egg roe ‘tobiko’ and mayonnaise wasabi. In a word; perfect. It also has a stunning tuna steak with fresh tomatoes, cooked by Alberto’s mum on the day I was visiting. Soul food at the very best. It is no surprise the restaurant wins awards each year, including the national ‘gold award’ from Radio Turismo. Next door, you must pay a visit to Restaurante Alfredo is the most remarkable of the places to eat here. And not just for its excellent food, which is traditional Andalucian, with some amazing tapas, such as mushrooms when in season, but for the fact it stays open for a near-record 364 days a year, only shutting on New Year’s Day. It is also a great place to find a buzz on an ordinary weekday and a more Spanish joint you cannot find, with its stuffed bull’s heads (and plenty more) hanging from the walls. A true family affair, only its chef Ivan is an outsider and he’s been knocking around for over 20 LEGENDARY: La Bodega del Cantinero years. Father Alfredo and his sons and daughter offer a great mix of meat and fish and plenty of seasonal fare to boot. Oh, and there is a great shady IT’s been nearly four decades since Jesus Leal opened his leg- terrace outside ideal for business lunches, while inside for endary nightspot Pub Charles. winter is rarely anything but And it has been the hottest place to hang out since then. It was actually 1982 that it opened its doors and it is going stron- packed. Just up the road another inger than ever. The best cocktails in the town, it has a sumptuous ambience credibly busy place is Hogan Stand. since a refurb two years ago. “People come here for the attentive service and the ambience,” This popular Irish pub and restaurant, named after the faexplains the father-of-two. “Everyone is welcome here.” mous Gaelic football stand at

Hotspot for decades!

C/ Andalucía, 10º San Pedro de Alcántara

Tel: 952 927 188

HISTORY: San Pedro’s old boys contrast well with new kids on the block, like Gym Junkie Cafe ferent atmosphere and all the Croke Park, is always busy.. on a nice terrace at the front. As well as having its typical bar As manager Ross explains: scruffy builders and fraudsters snacks it also has a good mix “San Pedro has completely we once had have well and of quality dishes, including rack changed over the last few truly moved on. Now we can of lamb and fish, and you dine years. It has a completely dif- concentrate on quality.” And then there is the Gym Junkie Cafe, one of Spain’s first protein eateries, serving up vitamin-stacked meals ideal before or after a workout. IT’S been 12 years of stories and friendship for the team at The cafe’s mouthwatering Tanino restaurant in Malaga. menu includes grass-fed beef, The restaurant group that opened in Madrid 18 years ago protein pancakes and an omgoes from strength to strength here. elette bar - complete with seaHaving made waves for years in Estepona it is now re-openweed, broccoli and tuna oming in San Pedro de Alcantara. elettes. “We are waiting for you with open arms, ready to continue many more years of Tanino stories,” explains a spokesman.


Savor fuses traditional Mediterranean food with cuisines from the rest of the world and elaborated with great skill and passion by chef Pablo Castillo and his team.

Tel: 951 53 17 77 C/ Andalucía 6, local 4, San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga

W W W. R E S TA U R A N T E S AV O R . C O M


ll about

S an Pedro


de Alcantara VARIETY: Guadalmina beach, (inset) rock pool and golf course


Guapa Guadalmina ticks all the boxes if you’re hunting for a des res on the Costa


HE leafy enclave of Guadalmina on the westerly fringes of San Pedro has become as sought-after an address as Marbella’s own

‘Golden Mile’. I was lucky enough to spend the summers of my youth there, when Guadalmina Alta became my home away from

home. Some 16 years later and this village-sized resort still has an enviable location and a neighbourly feel. It’s just five minutes from Puerto Banus, ten minutes from Marbella and an easy seafront stroll from San Pedro and there are all kinds of reasons to make that journey - not least an 18-hole golf course and a cable ski lake offering adrenalin-charged thrills for the watersports set. The local dining scene is also a lot tastier than 10 years ago, with a score of restaurants offering a feast of multi-ethnic fare, from a new vegan cafe and Japanese wok restaurant to the unrivalled La Rosa Argentinian steak house and the long-established Tricky Ricky’s,

October 9th - October 22nd 2019

Brits to the rescue

Leading San Pedro/Guadalmina agent Winkworth is seeing a strong UK market despite Brexit

WHILE it is all change… it is also business as usual this year Despite the spectre of Brexit, almost 90% of the buyers of British-sold properties in the Guadalmina/San Pedro area this year are Brits themselves. Leading agent Winkworth has sold, or is in the process of selling, ten out of a dozen properties to British buyers. Ranging in price from €300,000 up to €800,000 they are being snapped up by a new generation of younger UK clients, who want to have a go at living in the sun. “It has been an interesting trend recently and debunks the theory that the British are not buying due to the feat of Brexit,” explains agent Christopher Vent. “Some 10 out of 12 of the British properties sold in the area this year were to British buyers.” He explained that while many of the sellers are residents in their 70s or 80s, the new buyers are between 30 and 50 mostly. “Many of the elderly residents are concerned about health and pensions and have taken the opportunity to sell up while the exchange rate is good,” he continues. “Meanwhile, their homes are very desirable for British youngsters looking to make a new life out here and, in particular, before Brexit comes a reality.” Others are young families or professionstill doing a roaring trade in traditional English breakfasts. Over the road from the restaurant strip, Guadalmina Baja is home to palatial villas that wouldn’t look out of place in Beverly Hills and the list of

als looking for a second home, but one bought last week was actually a builder from London setting up a company here. “He’s ambitious with a young family and looking forward to growing his business here,” he adds. The established agency, which set up in London in 1835, has continued to market its local Spanish properties to UK buyers, despite many other agents steering clear. “Sure there is turmoil, volatility and uncertainty but the British still remain the biggest sector of foreign buyers in Spain and it is unlikely to change,” adds Christopher. “Winkworth is so well-known in the UK, buyers use us to find them a home here in Spain as the name builds trust and confidence. “Many of them have already had dealings with Winkworth in the UK so the familiarity and the same code of ethics in customer service means using us is a simple choice. “In fact, we are probably the only agent that can boast being able to help sellers in Spain relocate back to the UK via one of our 90 regional offices throughout the country.” Contact Winkworth at their office in Guadalmina or call on 600 115 728 or 952 880 941

celebrity residents is growing longer, with an ex-Spanish Prime Minister now in residence and royalty too. The Princess of Monaco is rumoured to live close by. It’s no surprise that local and

international home buyers are also gravitating to this peaceful green San Pedro suburb for its bucolic charm, with bright resort city lights and everything else you need on the doorstep.



Weekly service to Spain, France, Portugal and Gibraltar St Georges European pride ourselves

by professionally serving and relocating families, individuals and businesses across Europe for over 10 years.


With more than 500 projects completed. We have extensive experience in reforms and new construction under the European quality seal ISO 9001

+34 654 663 814 @casasreformas

With our fully trained experienced team, reliable fleet of purpose built vehicles and leading Insurance cover, we’ll make your moving experience run smooth and hassle free. To help you, we also have a fully secured storage facility in both Spain and South East UK, just in case you need it.

So come and talk to our friendly team at St Georges European.

SPAIN + 34 952 485 984 UK +44 (0)1322 383 233

Olive Press - St Georges European Ad 170 x 124 mm.indd 1

16/01/2019 11:40



Modern, luxury frontline golf villa with 4 bedrooms

REF: WW1256

Recently fully refurbished by the current owners, this luxury frontline golf villa offers light and spacious accommodation all on one floor. The impressive fitted kitchen is open plan to the living area with superb views of the garden and golf course. The large private pool is heated and set within the easily maintained gardens. Inside Golf Resort / Underfloor heating (partial) / Covered Terrace / Laundry room / Video entrance Bed 4 | Bath 3 | Built 290 m2


GUADALMINA ALTA Price reduced to €695,000! REF: WW1214 A charming 4 bedroom, second line golf villa in Guadalmina Alta Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac this well proportioned family villa boasts 4 en suite bedrooms, a large breakfast kitchen and bright and spacious living/dining room. The garden is beautifully kept and surrounds the private, heated pool and lovely summer kitchen with dining area. In addition there is a large garage with sufficient space for a car and golf buggy. Garden view / Golf view / Air Conditioning / Underfloor heating (partial) / Covered Terrace / Fireplace / Fitted Wardrobes / Jacuzzi / Solarium Bed 4 | Bath 4 | Built 371 m2

tel: +34 952 880 941 mob: +34 600 115 728


Feel the force


October 9th - October 22nd, 2019

what’s on Creative flair

Playwright Darth Vader, K-pop prize

A SPANISH playwright who made a name for himself directing classics by Shakespeare and Arthur Miller has won a prestigious Spanish theatre award. Andres Lima was awarded the 2019 National Theatre Award and a cash prize of €30,000 for his ‘pursuit of new theatrical forms and aesthetics’. Works he has directed include Shakespeare’s Titus Adronicus (2009), Arthur Miller’s The Witches of Salem and Marat/ Sade (1964). Lima, who is also an actor, directed his first play in 1997. He is the founder of Madridbased theatre company Compania Animalario, which has staged hundreds of plays throughout Spain.

CHECK out some of the works created by local artist Aaron Soleci in his exhibition from October 8-25 at the Fine Arts Gallery.

and retro games to take centre stage at Gibraltar Comic Con

Castling call

By John Culatto

THE GIANT actor behind the mask of Darth Vader in Rogue One will be the star of the show at this year’s Gibraltar Comic Con, it has been announced. Fantasy fans will be able to interact with a host of local and international talent at the old Rooke site where the fair was held on Queensway. Darth Vader actor Spencer Wilding who is 6ft 7in has also

My way

had roles in Harry Potter and Men In Black International. “He’s been an actor for 17 years and has starred in 60 different productions,” said organiser Derek Carrillo of Sunborn Productions.

OPERACION Triunfo pop sensation Chenoa will be the guest artist at this year’s International Song Festival. Twelve finalists from around the world have been picked from hundreds of entries to perform at the Tercentenary Hall on October 12. Chenoa will be on the Rock after having won six platinum and two gold records. She will be presenting her brand new single A mi manera along with her other hits. Among the participants will be Gibraltarian singer-songwriter Monica Gomila, who wrote, Angel’s Lullaby for Eastenders.

”We are a community-based company so the objective is to give back by supporting creative talent.” Local costume-players, tabletop gamers, role-players and artists will also be taking part. Carrillo added: “There will be prizes for the best costumes and even a top Korean pop band. “We are going to have e-gaming and retro competitions too. “There will be ten screens side by side with modern and antique rigs for people to play on.” Tickets feature directions on the reverse, ensuring that visitors from the Costa del Sol can attend. The Comic Con will be held on October 12-13 from 10am to 8pm with tickets from as little as £5 a day.

A PAIR of British and Dutch expats have teamed up to cement the history of Spain’s castles in cinema. Bob Yareham, a teacher who has lived in Valencia for 38 years, and Cas Eggermont, an entrepreneur, have documented 80 Spanish castles that have appeared on the big screen, through a new website. The 1936 romantic comedy, Desire, starring Marlene Dietrich was the first film to feature one of Spain’s historic monuments, San Servando castle in Toledo, which is now a 25-room youth hostel. More recently, parts of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, were shot in Almeria’s Moorish Alcazaba de Almeria. The duo’s findings can be viewed at

Fancy wheels

IF you love your old cars you can check some of the ones on display in the Classic Vehicle display on October 12 at Casemates Square.

Supportive tunes

SUPPORT domestic abuse charity Women in Need by attending their trio recital on October 12 at the Convent Ballroom at 7pm.

Drama queen

CGET a glimpse of a Gibraltar theatre with ‘Girls like that’, a play by Evan Placey on October 21-22 at The Magazine Studio Theatre in Flat Bastion Road.


October 9th - October 22nd, 2019


October 9th - October 22nd 2019


And in comes some STEEL

HEN Jon Clarke strode into our lives I immediately knew that nothing would be the same again. His initial communiqué arrived in the form of an email stating matter-of–factly that he had picked up a copy of The Olive Press at Granada Airport and, upon reading it, had been overcome by the feeling that we were in desperate need of his help. He was, he said, a Fleet Street journalist who now lived in Ronda, several hours’ drive to the west of the Alpujarras. He also informed us that he ing a crumpled cotton jackwould make his way over to et, blue jeans and scuffed us as a matter of urgency to shoes. discuss how he could help us. “These bloody roads,” he It was a warm March day as spat, adding: “It’s beautiful we waited for him in the shade round here, but there’s no of an olive tree a few days way my wife would let me live later. A car approached along here, it’s far too remote.” the valley and even though it It wasn’t long though before was far off, I had an intuitive he paid us another visit and we sat with him in the town’s feeling that it was Jon. Marcus began to fidget and pizzeria, which had a splendid garden grind at the filled with orcoins in his trouange trees. ser pockets with BEAUTY He sat down his clenched and - just as he SAVAGED fists like he alhad done when ways did when BY BEAST – we first met him he was nervous. - pulled out the Several minutes VILLAGE IN latest copy of passed before the Olive Press SHOCK the battered from his leather Subaru swung case, slapping into the campsite car park and eased into it on the table between us. the only available slot, which I couldn’t fail to notice that – was marked ‘Private: No once again – it was covered in more red ink and scribbles. Parking’. Physically tall, Jon was wear- “The newspaper is great,” he started out.

In the second part of a hilarious new book serialisation, an overture from a Fleet Street hack takes the Olive Press onto new, BOLDER levels

AUTHOR: Jason Heppenstall who founded the Olive Press “But,” he continued. There was always going to be a but, “you chaps are still not bold enough with your headlines!” I squinted at the paper to see what he meant. “Exactly,” he exclaimed. “Look, I know a thing or two about what makes a hit and

what makes a miss. Tiny headlines and weak captions look like failure to me. “You see this caption?” It was a story about a local girl who had been injured by a wild boar during a fiesta. There was a stock photo of a boar and a caption: “The girl sustained injuries in the attack.” “That’s weak,” said Jon, pointing at the much-abused newspaper. “The headline should be ‘BEAUTY SAVAGED BY BEAST – VILLAGE IN SHOCK’ and it would be in bold caps in 90 Times Roman. “And if they hadn’t caught it, I’d have a close-up of some snarling teeth and ‘WANTED: HELL BEAST ON THE LOOSE’.” “Hmm,” I said, taking a sip of wine. We went through the whole newspaper in this way. By the time we’d finished, Jon had demolished The Olive Press, making it seem like the most



Battling a Blair Babe It was a battle between the time-worn rural ways and a puffed up, British MP - of course the Olive Press jumped into action!

EXCLUSIVE STORY: And MP Moran story made global headlines

I NEW BROOM: While Jon Clarke was happy to join the growing Olive Press team his wife Gabriella didn’t fancy the Alpujarras roads inept attempt at a newspaper in the history of mankind. “But don’t mind me,” he finished, “the story’s still great… and it’s up to you whether you use me or not.”

NOW YOU SEE IT NOW YOU DONT: Jon introduced punchier headlines and better captions (above), while getting (right) got the team organised to get pics of MP Moran and her house

opened the door and Jake, one of our distributors, burst through it and made for the sofa where he sat panting and groaning like a wounded animal. I stared at him, not really knowing what to say. He was covered in dirt and looked like he’d been dragged down a barranco backwards. “What the hell happened?” I asked. I hoped he hadn’t had some kind of accident while delivering newspapers; insurance was one luxury we couldn’t afford. He continued breathing heavily for a moment and then, eyes aflame, he let loose. “That cow!” he said. “She’s out to get me. She thinks she can just walk all over people and get away with it. She’s destroying my life! Everything I’ve worked for is ruined!” “Whoa,” I said, trying to make sense of what he was saying. “Who are you talking about?” Jake began pacing around the office, rigid with anger. “Five years I spent building that house. Five years! I put everything I had into it. I worked on it day and night and put all my money into it. All my money!” he said practically in tears. “But what’s happened to your house? Who’s done this?” Jake fixed me with his red-rimmed eyes, and his voice had dropped almost to a growl. “Margaret Moran. Have you heard of her? The bane of my life.” I confessed that I’d never heard of her. ‘Why should I’, I asked? “She’s a politician. A Labour MP. My MP back in England, as it happens. I moved here to Spain to

escape her kind of scum but she’s following me. “She’s got it in for me, she’s trying to destroy me.” With that he sank down on the sofa again and began to sob. After a moment he looked up, the dust on his face now muddied by the tracks of his tears. “She’s cut me off from my house. Stuck a note on my motorbike telling me I can’t access my own land even though it’s a public right of way.” “So?” I said. “Can’t you just ignore it? And anyway, what’s a Labour MP doing down here in deepest, darkest Andalucia?” Jake took a shuddering deep breath and composed himself. “She’s got heavies down there. A paid mob. That path is a public right of way, has been for centuries. It’s not just me, there are several of us cut off now. She says she doesn’t want anyone walking near her property so she’s building a wall or something to keep us out.” A dispute between neighbours was what it seemed like. I sympathised with Jake; after all, I knew both him and his wife reasonably well. They had two children, with another on the way, and we’d been giving him free adverts in the paper for his mini-digger service in return for some distribution work. A thought occurred to me. “How do you know it was her that wrote the note? Maybe it was just one of the campesinos, God knows enough of them have got it in for foreigners.” “Oh yeah?” he said “and where would a peasant get hold of some House of Commons headed notepaper (above right) and learn to write in English?” This sounded too incredible to be true. “What, so she’s writing messages ordering you off your own property in a foreign country on House of Commons notepaper?”

October 9th - October 22nd 2019

“Yep,” replied Jake, dejectedly. of being in the area to ‘research’ some Another thought occurred to me. “Have restaurants for a new book he was writyou got the note?” ing on fine dining in Andalucia. “No, no, I didn’t think to get it,” he said. When he had sufficiently recovered he “I’ve been there all night playing cat looked around the empty office. and mouse with her goons. There’s a “Where are the others?” he asked. bunch of us. The rest are down there “They’re not avoiding me are they? What now, we’ve got her place surrounded about Marcus?” he asked. and she’s too afraid to come out. We’ll I explained how the flu had laid our edido whatever’s necessary,” he added, a tor low and he gave me a hard look. touch menacingly. “A good journalist should be able to work Jake left, but not before I’d made him even though he’s sick. What’s his numpromise to get the note and keep hold ber?” of it. After he’d gone I found myself walkI explained that Marcus didn’t possess ing around the office, trying a phone and that he’d to get a grip on the situation. have to call Molly if he I wondered what I was going wanted to get in touch There’s a to do. A sitting Labour MP him. standoff going with from Luton South – here in I added that it likely the Alpujarras! I sat down at a good idea as on up near the wasn’t my computer and Googled it was already late afterhill where I ‘Margaret Moran’. noon, and being at work A picture of her came up on was probably the last live the screen revealing a short, thing Marcus wanted to middle-aged woman with think about. dark brown hair. “Nonsense,” said Jon. “I need to speak She was mentioned in several newsto him, get him down here and working paper articles which all referred to her on that story about the dodgy mayor in close links with Tony Blair and his New Armillo. It’s important.” Labour ideology, meaning she was a “Jon,” I said, “something has come ‘Blair babe’. up and I think it might be important. Glancing at the stoThere’s a standoff going on up near the ries, it seemed she hill where I live that I think we should folhad been the subject low up on it.” of a recent tabloid “How so?” exposé over her asI explained what had happened, how tronomical office staJake had turned up in a mess and who tionery expenses. Oh had done it. boy, I thought. Jon went completely still as I told him Right then, as if on what was occurring. cue, Jon Clarke rang It was as if he was stunned. “You mean the doorbell. I let him to tell me Margaret Moran, the Blair in and he flopped Babe, is here?” he stuttered. down on the sofa, “Yes,” I replied. “Just up the road near shedding his journalthe writer Chris Stewart’s house.” istic appendages (laptop, camera, file “Who else knows about this? Have you bursting with papers). told anyone?” he barked. He looked exhausted and was red in the “No, just you,” I said. face. After he had caught his breath he Jon started at me as if in disbelief. explained he had used the opportunity “We’ve got to get onto this immediately, there isn’t a moment to lose.”

More adventures next issue from : The Olive Press: News from the Land of Misfits (available on Amazon)



October 9th - October 22nd, 2019

What Spain doesn’t want you to see? Spain is one of the countries most guilty of attempting to censor what its population views online SPAIN has made it into the top 20 countries which censor online data the most. In 2009, Google started recording the amount of content removal requests it received from governments and courts across the globe. Several other major media companies then followed suit, such as Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft. Pro-consumer site Comparitech then used the data to analyse which countries were the most concerned with online data. India dominated the top spot with 77,620 requests, Russia was second with 77,162, the United Kingdom came in tenth with 6,402. Spain, meanwhile, came in 12th place, with 1,592 removal requests since 2009. Data also showed the main reason behind removals was ‘national security.’

BUSINESS Brexit bailout

A BAILOUT fund to help businesses struggling with the effects of Brexit is just one of the preelection wishes the Rock’s business organisations have called for. Both the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB) and the Chamber of Commerce presented their wish-lists for all parties before the October 17 election. The two groups believe the government should reduce the costs of doing business with Brexit in mind and allow all fees to be paid online. “We need to have full online facilities for employment, corporate tax, PAYE and social insurance within a realistic timescale,” said the GFSB.

“Already two elections have gone by and this is yet to be delivered.” Business leaders have asked for less bureaucracy and stricter con-

Equal rights demand AN end to zero-hour contracts and representation for the private sector are two of the policies that have been called for by Unite the Union. Gibraltar’s main union is also pushing for ‘family-friendly legislation’ apprenticeships and fairer employment schemes. “Well represented unions and strong employment rights are central to a successful economy and a motivated pool of labour,” said spokesperson Stuart Davies. “A better paid, supported and trained workforce will ultimately aid the economic growth of Gibraltar.” The Union met with all three parties, the GSLP/Liberals, GSD and TG ahead of the October 17 election to discuss its views. Unite supported the current administration at the last election with Fabian Picardo being the only party leader to be a member of the union.

Money overseas Jonathan Holdaway explains the complex world of offshore finance and reveals the key to successful planning


AST issue I outlined the difficulties when investing in volatile markets and the importance of having a diversified portfolio, with a tongue-in-cheek reference to ‘Tim Nice-but-Dim’ a comedy character from Harry Enfield’s stable. However, investing for your financial future can often be no laughing matter as many who have invested in ‘offshore’ financial products can testify. In most cases, clients are using mutual funds to spread the risk in each asset class, managed by professional investment houses. Each of these can experience very different fortunes depending on the selection of the individual stocks and shares sitting within the funds. However, as well as their performance the charges levied - not only by the funds but also by the financial products they are using to access the various asset classes - can have a huge impact on the future value of their investments. I speak to many clients day to day who have existing investments, often in the

Companies on the Rock make their postBrexit business demands ahead of the elections

trols on illegal workers. “A new administration should set up a bailout fund for businesses at risk of post-Brexit collapse,” said the Chamber. “Such a fund would help vulnerable businesses which face particular difficulties or cash flow problems in the aftermath of Brexit.”


Another point both agree on is the need for a better tourism strategy. The Chamber wants to ‘attract Asian and Moroccan tourists’ while creating a free service for cruise passengers to town. The need to make the tender process, ‘as transparent as possible’ was also raised by the GFSB.

Growth sputter THE manufacturing sector in Spain has shrunk at its quickest pace since 2013, according to a survey of industry executives. September has seen the EU country’s factory industry dramatically decline, with the IHS Markit Spain Manufacturing PMI falling to 47.7. It was at 48.8 in August, making that a fourth month it has consecutively declined, the worst drop in over six years, since in January 2013 it reached similar territory. Paul Smith, economics director at IHS Markit, believes that Brexit is the reason for the fall: “Political and economic uncertainties across Europe and around the world are clearly weighing on the country’s manufacturing economy.” “There also seems little hope of a fast turnaround — confidence about the future has slumped to its lowest level in over six-and-a-half years as domestic and international political problems such as Brexit show little sign of being resolved.” Despite hopes that Spain would soon receive 20% of its GDP through manufacturing, multiple reports this year are indicating that it is in retreat.

Jonathan now has an office Malaga, which can be found here: Alameda Colón, 9, 1, 7 29001 Málaga, Spain Phone: +34 951 579226 SPOTLIGHT: A look at investing offshore

EEA or international market, who are their ‘insurance licence’ with no real investing with one of the major insurunderstanding of how to actually manance linked providers such as Utmost age the assets within the portfolio. The Worldwide or Utmost PanEurope (Forclients also have no knowledge of the merly Generali International, Generali charges or commissions they are payPan Europe or Generali Worldwide), ing which are often hidden in the small RL360 (previously Royal London 360), print of their policy documents. Old Mutual International (originally I help many of these clients by firstly Royal Skandia or Skandia Internareviewing the asset allocation, fund tional) , Hansard, Pruchoice and investment dential, Investors Trust products within their and Friends Provident portfolios, to ensure Difficult to track International. they are appropriate to investments Again it can be very their long term goals, confusing and difficult their attitude to risk and to track investments when companies their current financial, when companies are tax and/or residency are constantly constantly changing position. changing their names, through I find many clients who merger or acquisition. have been sold these They may also hold investments are ofthese platforms or ten then left to make products through their QROPS or SIPP their own decisions or are confused pension investments with companies about how their policies actually work such as Momentum Pensions or Sovor where they are invested. They will ereign Pensions. then be managed professionally and Many advisers in the offshore market reviewed constantly to ensure they sell these platforms to clients using continue to be ‘fit for purpose’ and

changed if necessary. The key to successful financial planning is to constantly review your approach to the management of your wealth and ask how, why, where and how much you are investing. The investment plans with some of the providers mentioned above can be a useful tool for clients but sometimes can lead to missed opportunities or be totally unsuitable or expensive. I offer potential clients a free review of their investment portfolio and underlying costs of their products. This will show you the current geographical spread of the investments,

the asset class spread and overall risk grading of the current portfolio along with detailing any specific issues with individual fund holdings or overweight/underweight concerns - the kind of information that I provide to my clients on a regular basis. I can also provide advice on alternative investment platforms or products that may be cheaper or better suited to your needs if required. As we come to the end of the year it is the perfect time to ensure you are positioned correctly and see how your portfolio’s current holdings fit with your needs and financial goals.

Contact me for a no obligation investment product and/or portfolio review and at my expense on +34 654 898 303/+44 77230 27864 or email me at I’ll even buy the coffee.

FOOD,DRINK & TRAVEL They just keep coming

Uber-lucia UBER Eats has just got bigger in the Costa del Sol. Residents of San Pedro and Estepona can now enjoy fast-food delivery straight to their front door or workplace. This tasty new service is available from Monday to Friday, 12 am - 5 pm, and from 7 pm - 11:45 pm, while at weekends you can enjoy delicious delivered food from 12 am to 11.45 pm. McDonalds, sushi, indian or pizza all are just a click away via or through the app. The company expects more restaurants will join them in the future. There’s no minimum order, the delivery cost will be €2.50 at any time of the day. The company has made unprecedented growth in Spain’s south coast in recent years, creating branches in Granada, Sevilla, Malaga, Almeria, Huelva , Cadiz and Jaen. Yuri Fernandez, Uber Eats spokesman in Spain,is delighted with the expansion: “We are very happy to reach these new locations and continue to grow on the Costa del Sol.


October 9th - October 22nd, 2019

Spain is still THE place to go - after all, 78 million tourists can’t be wrong!

SPAIN pocketed over €40 million from the travel and tourism industry during the first seven months of 2019, an increase of 3.6% on the same period the previous year. It means that the Spanish tourism sector is on course for the tenth consecutive year of growth, since the 2008 global recession. Income from tourism increased by €1.39 million, meaning that Spain earnt a massive €40,134,000 from tourism between January and July. But challenges to the sector lie ahead. The collapse of travel giant Thomas Cook is expected

to cause the immediate closure of 500 hotels in Spain, according to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation. 29.6 million foreign tourists are expected to set foot on Spanish shores in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of almost 2% on the previous year. 48 million international tourists arrived in Spain during the first seven months of the year, a 2% increase on the same period last year. Even better for Spain, the amount of money these tourists are spending is increasing. Total tourist expenditure reached €52.36

Thirsty work Here’s a quick quiz...which drink is best for hydration? Hint: It isn’t water!

History, adventure and romance. That’s just the setting.

Tourist Tax million euros between January and July 2019. Tourists in July were on avIF you’re feeling thirsty, you should swap a glass of water for a glass of milk scientists reckon. A study by the University of St. Andrews has found that water, despite its reputation, is not the most hydrating drink. Researchers discovered that drinks with a little sugar, fat or quality protein help keep

erage spending €150 a day, 4.9% more than they were at the same time last year. the body hydrated for longer. Milk contains sugar, proteins and some fat which help slow the emptying of fluid from the stomach, which in turn keeps the body hydrated for a longer period. It also contains salt which acts as a sponge, allowing the body to retain more water.

THE mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has spoken out against charging a tourist tax in the city - for now at least ‘We are not in favor of implementing it now,’ he said. But the mayor added he was open to discussing the tax further in the future, but said he thought the Tourism Forum of the City of Malaga should make the final decision. Latest figures show that Malaga attracts 1.3 million tourists per year. Its hugely popular with Brits with around 120,000 visiting every year. In 2018 experts recommended the Spanish government to introduce a tax of between €2 and €5 a day on resorts.

Join us for a celebration of history, art, heritage and pageantry in a unique part of the world.

With a UNESCO world heritage site offering 120,000 years of human history and only short drive from the Costa del Sol, enjoy the warmth of the British Gibraltarians and splash out VAT-free in Sterling. Gibraltar. Sun, sea and history served with a very British twist. PROUD


For further information call: Gibraltar Tourist Board +350 200 74950 Or to download a brochure go to:


Phoenician Empire Calentita



THE ROCK The Moorish Castle Festivals Food Festival Pillars of Hercules Music 100000 YEARS National Week, Chess, Snooker, LITERARY FESTIVAL

Darts, Backgammon Championships

Neanderthal Settlements



A year of Culture

Bring hearts, minds and souls


October 9th - October 22nd 2019


Mallorca diaries

Just 14 last things! ELL my lovely readers, oh yes I know that there’s at least two of you and you’re both lovely, I’m very sad to say that this is my final column. No more witterings from me. The time has come to return to the motherland after three enjoyable and fascinating years. There are many things I could say now, but I thought my last offering should be devoted to helping you all get the best out of life here based on my experiences. Here are a few things I have discovered, usually the hard way, which I hope you can now avoid.


Car washes don’t allow cars with tow bars or so I was told by the garage after at least my fifth problem free visit, it upsets the computer apparently (The computer says ’No Tow’). This means you have to use their jet wash.


Never use the jet wash whilst wearing a white tshirt. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you are a size 12 or less, a female who is too young to remember when TV only had three channels, or are hoping to get chosen for Miss Wet Tshirt 2020. Sadly, this is not me and it’s not a good look as I discovered this afternoon.


Don’t ever leave a damp cloth on the floor. This will very quickly become a social club for cockroaches. I left

In her last column (sob!) in Spain, Lesley Keith shares some shrewd advice to make living here oh so much easier. Trust us, you won’t find this in any guidebook. Ignore at your peril! one by my washing machine to go in with the next wash. When I picked it up twenty small, fast and annoyed cockroaches fell out of it and scuttled off.



Leave loads of room around your car when you park. Failure to do this will result in you becoming a victim of the Spanish kiss, or more appropriately for here, the Mallorcan snog. This is when your car is shunted along to make way for a car that’s too big for the space.

Never turn the light on in the middle of the night without stamping your foot first. This gives all those scuttlers time to make for safety and get out In view of of sight befothe above, re your eyes never bother Always assume adjust. Once with a pristine you’ve seen the other driver car: it just won’t them and stay decent for is an idiot know they’re long. In fact, it’s really there very liberating not because they you’ll have no to have to worry chance of getprobably are too much about ting back to your car bodywork. sleep. One more dink or scratch will not affect its perAlways assume the formance or resale value at all other driver is an idiot so just relax. because they probably are. They won’t signal, let you out When buying clothing or wait for a safe place to stay away from polyester overtake and to be fair does or nylon fabrics because they anyone really know the priority will cook you alive in your own at roundabouts? Assume the sweat for eight months of the worst: you probably won’t be year. Cotton and linen may look disappointed. continually crumpled, but co-




CAREFUL: Where you park, and don’t buy a brand new car. It’s not worth it. llapsing with heat exhaustion isn’t much of a good look either. Always carry water with you. This is not only to drink, but to pour down your back when the heat gets too much. In the same vein, if you need to walk anywhere, time it for when the sprinklers come on in public places so you get a lovely cool misting. You won’t care about your hairstyle, trust me.



Save money by not bothering with expensive perfumes. The one scent you need here is Eau de Deet. Forget all those bottles in the bathroom. For a couple of euros you can buy insect repellent and be mozzie free. It is the only thing that really works and it will be the best money you

down to a little old Spanish bar for tapas and a red wine could own half the town. Just be nice and respect everyone, it costs nothing.

spend by far. It’s never quiet. This is Spain: dogs bark, people shout, building work is continual. Jet skis and motor boats come into secluded bays and no-one, and I mean no-one, knows how to close doors quietly. Why shut when you can slam? Sound proofing doesn’t seem to exist so just ignore it.


12 13


Finally, don’t work too hard on the lingo for they seem to have their own secret language that only those born here really understand. If they want to, they’ll know what you’re saying. If they don’t, well it doesn’t matter how you say it, you’ll be wasting your time, So that’s really all from me. With a heavy heart and a weak stomach (or is it the other way round?) I wish you all contentment. My final thought to you is ‘Today’s trauma is tomorrow’s funny story’. Take

Cyclists. I’ll leave that one with you.

Never assume anything about anyone. That guy boasting about selling his company for millions was probably a carpet fitter from Dagenham. That old scruffy Mallorcan guy with hardly any teeth who shuffles

It’s Only Rock n Roll

After a 30-year hiatus Giles Brown gets his band back together for a birthday party in Marbella

LAST year I wrote about my friend Fish’s visit from Washington and the jam session that we had. During the 80s we had a band that consisted of various Marbella Rock n Roll types that went through several incarnations. The first line up - ‘Medicine Show’ - consisted of myself, Fish and the fabulously named and sadly now departed to the Great Gig in the Sky, Brenton Macbeth Blackwood. I left to London to continue what is laughingly referred to as my career, and the band then became ‘The Good, the Bad and the Nice’, when the supremely talented Nader and Adam joined. Adam left to NYC, becoming a regular on the live music circuit there, Nader to Brussels for a while - continuing to record superb music and returning to build his dream musician’s villa in the hills overlooking Marbella. Fish moved to Colombia, where he gigged at the Hard Rock Cafe, Bogota in all probability to an audience of Shakira and Scarface lookalikes. In the meantime, I struggled to

fret a B chord. While he was over last time, we all got together for an afternoon jam session, where things went so well that we decided that we should it again. Be careful what you wish for. This month Fish celebrated a ‘landmark birthday’, and, as Paola, his ridiculously gorgeous Colombian wife, had rented a nine-bedroom villa, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get the band back together, man. Two run-throughs in the week leading up to the party and we were ready to perform. As celebrations go, Fish’s birthday was one of the best. Great friends, fabulous food and enough free flowing booze to stop a heavy cavalry charge.

We had all clubbed together to buy the man himself a handmade Spanish guitar, a gift that actually had him shocked. And as a, ahem, ‘specialist’ who has been to some of the world’s most (double ahem) ‘interesting’ places - a mobile phone call in Kabul springs to mind, where I thought there was crackling on the line but was blithely informed it was small arms fire - the present had him lost for words. The gig itself was huge fun - I managed not to hit too many bum notes and we even renamed the band. After 30 years, three of us no longer have our hair, so we renamed ourselves… The Good, The BALD and The Nice!

OP Puzzle solutions

Quick Crossword

Across: 7 Perhaps, 8 Niece, 9 Nasal, 10 Content, 11 Raindrop, 13 Stop, 15 Loss, 16 Sorcerer, 19 Zambezi, 20 Blest, 22 Reign, 23 Acrobat. Down: 1 Opener, 2 Ores, 3 Ballads, 4 Psychological, 5 Deserter, 6 Beat-up, 8 Nine, 12 Insomnia, 14 Iceberg, 15 Lizard, 17 Rotate, 18 Bean, 21 Ebbs.



By Lesley Keith

SPORT Birthday result A YOUNG British Malaga CF fan whose dad splurged on a Shinji Okazaki shirt for his sixth birthday was disappointed when the Japanese player left the La Liga club before he had a chance to wear it. However, he received something even better – birthday greetings Tweeted by the star striker himself. Joseph Wilson’s father, Simon Wilson, ordered the sports shirt online for his son’s big day but Okazaki had already moved on to SD Huesca when it arrived. Malaga CF cited financial reasons for the exit of the Premier League-winning player. Simon posted on social media: “Joseph’s birthday today! Unfortunately, I ordered this before the contract debacle He still loves it though and will wear it to the game this evening.” Indeed the boy and his father took the top to Leicester’s game and uploaded it to social media. Then, brilliantly, Okazaki saw the post and Tweeted Joseph personally to send him birthday wishes.


October 9th - October 22nd, 2019

Dina takes it all UK triumphs as Spain stalls at controversial World Athletics Championships in Doha

DINA Asher-Smith has made history for Britain, winning the 200m Gold at the World Athletics Championships and becoming the first Briton to scoop three medals at a major global athletics event. The 23-year-old sprinter picked up three out of Britain’s five medals at the event in Qatar and broke a national record in the 200m, finishing in 21.88 seconds. She also earned a silver medal in the 100m sprint and was part of Britain’s silver medal winning 4x100m relay team. “Normally I am so chatty and full of energy, but I am lost for words,” said the 23-year-old after storming to victory in the 200m race. The World Championships in the Qatari capital of Doha has been less kind to Spain, whose Orlando Ortega was initially robbed of the nation’s only medal in the 110m hurdles, after Jamaican sprinter Omar McLeod fell into his lane. Ortega was in third place when

HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENT: Asher-Smith bags gold, while (right) Spain’s Ortega leaps to victory McLeod clipped a hurdle and flung his arm towards the Spaniard, forcing Ortega to dodge him. Spain appealed the obstruction and at first the jury denied the appeal, arguing such incidents weren’t ‘unusual’ at hurdle events. The International Association of Athletics Federations later backtracked and awarded Ortega a bronze medal. The 2019 World Championships has been marred by controversy since it began, with French Decathlon medalist Kevin Mayer branding it ‘a disaster’.

Solheim time

MARBELLA city council is gung-ho in its pursuit of hosting the 2023 Solheim Cup. The council has been galvanised by the success of Marbella’s own Suzzan Pettersen at the 2019 event where she helped her European team beat the USA to the trophy. Marbella councillor María García stressed that golf on the Costa del Sol is one of the most important tourist segments in the province, and that the competition would put Malaga ‘at the epicenter’ of women's golf and be ‘a great showcase'.

Rock record smashed A GIBRALTARIAN has smashed the national record for the 400 metre sprint at the Athletics World Championships in Doha. Jessy Franco already holds the 100m and 200m records, so his 47.41 second time means he has set the

bar for local athletics even higher. The 22-year-old was more than 50 seconds faster than the previous time set byJonathan Lavers. The young man is coached by former athletics champion Fabian Franco.

Muguruza withdraws FORMER world tennis number number one Garbine Muguruza will end her 2019 season early and ‘go back to the drawing board.’ The two-time Grand Slam winner has tumbled 27 places to world number 28 since her peak as world number one in 2017. The 25-year-old Spaniard has endured a terrible season, losing

seven or her last eight matches since the French Open in June. She has also split with coach Sam Sumyk, who helped her win Wimbledon in 2017 and climb to the top of the tennis leaderboard. Asked last month about her struggles, she said: “I am simply in different circumstances, challenges, but I feel super motivated.”



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Ham fisted PEDRO Sanchez has outraged farmers after confusing the delicacy Jamon Iberico with the cheaper Jamon Serrano.


Sinning sisters FEMINISTS appearing in court for parading a huge plastic vagina through Sevilla during Semana Santa have denied they intended to ‘insult Christians’.

Big ask THE man who opened Mallorca’s first kebab shop, Salem Smati, has now opened a restaurant in Palma where you pay for your meal by its weight.


Super sir


TEACHER Stewart Harrison has won the prize of ‘Best Educator’ at the Seriously Security Awards in London. The Bayside physics wizard leads local teams of boys and girls to top places in annual Cyber Centurion competitions. In the competitions, students need to find the solutions to operating system puzzles faster than anyone else.

The Rock’s only free local paper

Vol. 5 Issue 107 October 9th - October 22th 2019

Run for your wife (or hubby)

A RACE offering one lucky couple the ‘wedding of their dreams’ has been announced for the Costa del Sol. The winning lovebirds will bag a day of nuptials worth €40,000, including a dress, private villa, photographs, flowers, jewellery, hair and makeup. The Corre por tu boda Run for your wedding event next February will see hundreds of lovers run

Race winners will get their ‘wedding of a lifetime’

against each other over the 5km circuit. Only one person in each couple may participate, while there are a couple of smaller prizes on offer too. Those who finish in under half an hour will then be

entered into a raffle for the top prize. “We were looking for a

Feria across the Mersey MERSEYSIDE has received an early Christmas gift from Spain. Liverpool has been gifted with a life-size replica of Malaga’s famous light tunnel. The 70-metre-long structure, previously installed in Calle Larios during the festive season, has been sold by Iluminaciones Ximenez.

good way to combine our wedding company with Malaga’s position as the European sports capital in 2020,” said co-director, Ceci Correnggia. “We thought about how we could do it, so we set out to organise a fun race in which you could win a wedding.” Registration, which opened on October 1, is €40 and must be completed before February 9.

KIND: Narcos rescue cop

Happy pills

BIG-HEARTED drug traffickers stepped in to rescue a trio of cops who were chasing them. The gang stepped in when the Guardia Civil’s patrol boat tipped over throwing its three-man crew overboard. Noticing that the police boat was out of control and circling the agents dangerously, the four suspected narco-traffickers turned around and pulled the police into their boat. Despite their valour the gang were still arrested when 80 bundles of hashish were found on their boat. The dramatic rescue was recorded by a police helicopter overhead.

Profile for Olive Press Newspaper Spain

Gibraltar Olive Press - Issue 107  

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Gibraltar Olive Press - Issue 107  

The Rock's original community newspaper