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Alexandra + Cameron at at Alexandra + Cameron Ault Park Ault Park

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6 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 6 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

Welcome Hi friends! Oh what a year it has been. We have loved dipping our toe in the Ohio Wedding Industry this past year. We are so proud of the pages of this magazine and cannot wait to share all the beauty inside. Make sure to check out our First Handpicked Ohio Winners and we hope you all fall in love with this issue as much as we have.

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Braddin and Ryan I R O N M I L L S FA R M S T E A D

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 13

co v e r s t o ry

14 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021


The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 15

co v e r s t o ry

16 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

co v e r s t o ry

"Planning our wedding day didn’t really go as we envisioned. Half way into the planning we were faced with a global pandemic which really shook things up, but honestly, all of the stress of planning, and all of the emotions leading up to our day, it couldn’t have been any more beautiful. Our wedding day truly was one of the most magical days of our entire life, it was the wedding I dreamed of since I was a little girl. Every meticulous detail, from the sparkling chandeliers, to the fresh eucalyptus filled throughout the room, everything was beyond perfect. My absolute favorite moment from our wedding, was when the venue doors first opened, my dad and I were standing there ready to walk down the aisle, and while surrounded by our loved ones, the only person I saw was my handsome soon-to-be husband, with tears in his eyes, waiting for me. In that moment, I felt so much love and warmth surrounding us as we became one. I absolutely loved the whole day, from the silly moments like the bridal party blindfold-prank, to the sentimental moments like my mom helping me get in my wedding dress, to the most emotional first look with my dad, to the unforgettable ending of the night sharing the last dance as newlyweds, just the two of us. I am beyond grateful that our wedding day was captured in the most beautiful way, I don’t think I’ll ever stop reliving this perfect day, the day we get to call our wedding day." - Braddin

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co v e r s t o ry


18 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

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As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. JOHN GREEN

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inspiration Talley Blanton


The pressure of wedding planning is a lot to handle, and that was true even B.C. (before COVID)! Now-a-days to make matters more overwhelming, brides and grooms have to account for new circumstances like never before; the safety of their loved ones! Talk about added stress, right?! As of early 2020, large weddings have taken the back burner and are pushed off to.. Well, twenty-twenty-something! With all of the changes and shifts in the nature of wedding planning, there has been something magical surfacing the wedding world. The wedding industry has been taken by storm, giving hope to an otherwise unpredictable time. What is this saving grace? Micro-Weddings! A Micro-Wedding, as you’ve probably guessed, is the wedding that you have always dreamt of, but with an intimate twist! All that you need to make your wedding “micro,” is you, your spouse, and a handful of your favorite people. While large, extravagant weddings are beautiful, there is so much beauty in the simplicity of a Micro-Wedding. You have permission to pay attention to detail, to connect with your guests on a personal level, and to make choices that truly reflect your wants and needs, as a couple! A Micro-Wedding is just what the wedding world needed to put the love back into wedding planning. What better way to inspire you to take the leap, than to show you the charm in a small wedding. So here we go ladies and gents, a styled shoot put together by some of our favorite vendors, MicroWedding Edition! The lovely Dilshad from Yogi Smith Photography shared exactly this dream laid out above and beautifully captured a story encouraging couples to submerge in the romantic and whimsical nature of a Micro-Wedding… And boy, did we swoon!

26 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

i n s p i ra t i o n

T HE CANVAS The beauty of a Micro-Wedding is that it can be held anywhere you desire! It could be in your backyard, a church, or even a rented space! Across all spaces, I offer once piece of advice: There is no better way to make a wedding your own than to start with a blank canvas. Look for a fresh area to lay out your dream day; such as this beautiful, bright, and spacious setting at The CoLab in Lakewood, OH. The CoLab is a boutique uniquely designed to celebrate weddings just like yours! This space provides a private area, with beautiful details that allows natural light to pour in on your day! Take this clean slate as the perfect opportunity to create the vision of what you want your day to be. You can admire the beauty of your day with a simple set-up or dress up the area with all of the bells and whistles you desire! It has the ability to be entirely what you want it to be.

28 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

A L L T H AT M AKE S T HE BRI DE & GROOM So you’ve made it this far! You’ve picked your perfect space and now we want you to feel as beautiful as the space you are creating. You are now faced with the best decision! Which dress is the one you will say “I do!” to? Wedding dress shopping is one of the most important experiences in the wedding process, as your dress will speak to all that you are as a woman! Your dress experience can set the tone for the wedding day, and should be relaxed and personalized to you. By bringing the wedding dresses to your doorstep, Ivory and Ash Bridal allow you to experience this special moment in the comfort and safety of your home. This allows your entire planning process, from beginning to end, to be tailored to you! The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 29

i n s p i ra t i o n

Adding personal touches is arguably just as important; like the shoes, the hair, the makeup, and everything in between! Adding tousled curls and having your favorite features pop with an artist like Sarah Delaine Brides will give you the perfect bridal glow! Final touches from Nomia Studio, like jewelry, hair pieces, and accessories will be sure to finish off whatever look you fancy, as a bride! And of course, we can’t forget about the one you will walk down the aisle to! Just as you, he will be dressed to the nines with a custom suit or tuxedo from Balani Custom Clothiers-Cleveland. He will be sure to make your jaw drop, as you head into life together with your best foot forward!

T H E COMP L E ME NT S You might have heard the saying “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” Flowers are incorporated into weddings to symbolize new beginnings and hopes of happiness for the newlyweds! Sprinkling the perfect flowers that speak to you at your Micro-Wedding, will offer a romantic and dreamy atmosphere for you to say “I do.” Finding a florist that can see your vision will help this day come alive. Blossom Cleveland offers gorgeous arrangements that allow you to create, handpick, and flood your day with the feeling of a new beginning! The perfect companions to your gorgeous flowers are signage and decorations that are customized to you and yours! Picking personalized items on your day will surely allow your personality and relationship to shine through, such as the song lyrics to your first dance or a fun saying to highlight your favorite part of the room. These handwritten additions from Half Pint Design will make your day exude a personalized flare with sustainable signage, from your entrance to your seating arrangements.

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WH E R E T HE MAGI C HAP P E NS Attention to detail is what will bring your MicroWedding to life. The vision of your day will make the difference between a stranger’s wedding, and a wedding created just for you! Set the tone and dress up your stationary with delicate, beautiful designs and fonts to reflect the mood that you want to manifest. This stationary from Kindly Delivered is the perfect example of eluding to a day full of whimsical love, romance, and deep-hearted connection! 32 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

i n s p i ra t i o n

Unique pieces from Lavender and Lace rentals will open up spaces to allow for this connection to translate from your relationship to your guests--like the gold circle bar that invites your guests in for a sip, stunning loveseats for comfortability and style, and gold flatware to enchant and accentuate your dessert. Topple every area with dreamy linens from Thistle and Twill to give a passionate, playful ambiance, setting the stage for your day. Don’t be afraid to allow every hand-picked detail of your Micro-Wedding, tell your love story for you. Finding a sweet that satisfies your tooth, while also accenting the story of your love, is the main goal of the day, right?! (Okay, maybe not the main goal, but it’s up there!) Choosing a dessert full of character, your favorite flavors, and maybe a libation or two, from Sweet Costo- Cleveland, will be an extension of your day, all while spicing up your palette. Sprinkle extra sweets, like cotton candy from Art of Sucre, throughout your wedding to curate only the most ful(filling) day--and I am not even talking about your stomach! So this all seems like a handful (or five!). Yes, even a Micro-Wedding still will have it’s fair share of planning, just on a much smaller scale! If you’re overwhelmed, consider having an event stylist, like Decor by Diana, to be your right-hand. She will ensure that your day goes smoothly and that your wishes, big or small, come to life!

F I NAL NOT E S I’ll leave you with this, no matter how you choose to spend your day, know that a Micro-Wedding does not mean you are having less, it means that you are giving more of yourself to every part of your wedding day! Allow yourself to breathe, to take in every step of the wedding planning process, and to enjoy this day like you deserve.

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Alexandra + Cameron A U LT PA R K C I N C I N N AT I , O H I O

Bride Alex and Groom Cameron were so sweet to work with. They have a really special kind of love that is beyond their years. Alex surprised Cameron with their song at the reception and sang lead with the band. She is an amazing singer, but the sentiment behind her words meant so much more to the entire guest list. They had a wedding that was focused on the thriving Oakley area of Cincinnati, with their ceremony at their home church Crossroads, their portraits at the gorgeous Ault Park, and their reception at their favorite date night location MadTree Brewing.

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 37

re a l w e d d i n g

38 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021


re a l w e d d i n g


40 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

re a l w e d d i n g


Crossworrds Oakley// Ault Park// MadTree Brewing//


Emma McMahan Photography//


Catch a Fire Pizza//


The Touchables//


The Flowerman//

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 41

C R E AT I N G A S T R E S S F R E E W E D D I N G D AY Loren Jackson Loren Jackson Photography Wedding day stress isn’t a fun and flashy wedding planning topic for couples planning their wedding, however, it’s an important one. When you look back on your wedding day, how do you want to remember your day? Do you want to remember how the moms forgot to remind their parents about family formals after the ceremony? Do you want to look back and remember how the bridal party was an hour behind schedule and didn’t get dressed until five minutes before the ceremony was to start? Or, do you want to remember how giddy you were to step into your wedding dress? Do you want to remember the butterflies you felt right before your first look with your best friend? What about how you felt at the end of your wedding night and thinking about how you want to relive your day again and again? 100% of couples planning their wedding want to feel the latter. Sadly, a majority of newlyweds experience the first scenario. Let’s create a joyful wedding day for you!

F O U R WAY S Y O U C A N HAVE A STRESS- FREE W EDDI NG DAY The number one way to have a stress-free wedding day is to have a timeline. This timeline can be as detailed as you want to make it. The main function of the timeline is to let everyone know where they need to be when they need to be there. Most professional wedding photographers will build you a custom timeline since the wedding day revolves around photos.

44 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

Pro tip - always plan for the unexpected. Build an extra 30-45 minutes into your wedding day timeline. Maybe hair and makeup run over and you need that time right away in the morning. Maybe there are issues with transportation. Or maybe there’s bad weather and you can’t take photos at the time you’re supposed to. A second way to have a stress free wedding day is to gather all of your important details the week of your wedding. You don’t want to run around the morning of your wedding looking for your something borrowed that your grandmother gave you. Place all of your details in your shoebox, and put that shoebox in the bottom of your dress bag. Tip number three to having a stress-free wedding day is to delegate. The best wedding day investment is hiring a person for at least day of wedding management. While venue coordinators are wonderful to work with, their primary focus is on the venue. You need someone in your corner that can put out the fires for you. Instead of questions being directed to you (think: where is the cake suppose to go? Where do you want the DJ to set up? A boutonniere is missing for your grandfather now what?), your day of wedding management can take care of those questions while you’re sipping on mimosas and laughing with your girlfriends. Hiring professional wedding vendors that you trust to give you the best experience is tip number four when it comes to having a stress free wedding day. You want to make sure that the people you trade your hard-earned money for, knows what they are doing and can serve you well on your wedding day. From your florist, to caterer, to photographer, to your wedding DJ, to your day of wedding management and beyond. The saying “you get what you pay for” holds so much value in the wedding industry. If the deal seems too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. A wedding day is supposed to be the most magical day of your life thus far. When you look back on that day, be the couple that remembers all the joy!

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inspiration Talley Blanton


i n s p i ra t i o n

Unconventional. This is the single word that I would use to describe the past year. Not just in my life or yours, but in our neighbor’s, our family’s, everyone’s! Nothing about our past year has mirrored what has generally been seen so far, in any lifetime. It is easy to pick out the not-so-great in the pile of changes, but there is an unfamiliar form of harmony that you may find as you sift through the mess, as well. Unconventional is the same word that I would use to describe something clever, in the way that it may challenge how you think of something. Like being able to order food online and having it show up at your door, or being able to see an old classmate by hopping on a page tailored to them on the internet, or escaping from the real world by delving into a book world. These are all things that were once considered unconventional, yet somehow they have snuck their way into our everyday lives without so much as a peep! Now, you’re probably wondering what does the unfamiliar becoming familiar have to do with weddings? I preface this because we often may turn our head away from something that does not conform to the usual. It is easy to push away when uncomfortable, instead of embracing the innovation. However, often when we break through the box of what we’ve always known, we are just then on the cusp of greatness! As the wedding world has evolved over time, new patterns, traditions, and styles have made their debut. Up until the last 10 years, a boho-wedding was unheard of! “Boho” meaning something that doesn't conform to society and is often focused on art. Although every wedding is gorgeous in its own way, oftentimes they are very traditional in style. Not that tradition is not good, as we wouldn’t have weddings without it. But what if you challenged the wedding industry, melted away the impression of what your wedding was supposed to be, and trailblaze a way for future brides to go. Having a boho wedding is just that, inspired by unconventional beauty!

Something Old Balsam and Blush Photography embraced the notion of unconventional beauty when happening upon a new local venue in North Eastern Ohio, called The Barn at Pineridge. Although this venue is embedded with tradition of family and friends, The Barn at Pineridge breaks the traditional mold of weddings with outdoor spaces and rustic accents preserved from the 1960s. You will find everything that you didn’t know you needed here; including a gorgeous meadow along the creek, tall ceilings, and quaint bridal and groom suites--all to help amplify the experience of your wedding day!

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 49

i n s p i ra t i o n

Something New A boho-wedding should exude a fresh, new approach to planning your big day! What better way to bring an out-of-the-ordinary element to the very core of your wedding than to try on a wedding dress in the comfortability of your own home. Ivory and Ash Bridal will come right to your doorstep, making the very first steps of your wedding as quaint as possible. If that isn’t luxurious and personable enough, they offer a vast selection of eccentrically gorgeous dresses; such as this beautiful and relaxed dress with delicate floral lace accents. To complement your wedding dress style, allow a professional from American Beauty Artistry to help you to accentuate your natural beauty with makeup fit just for you! Alongside a gorgeous, tousled updo by Nina Nicole Hair Design, you will give off the most effortless boho-glow.

Something Borrowed Dressing up your day to accessorize your original style can be as creative and as simple as you desire! Adding touches of unique furniture and details filled to the brim with character, from Lavender and Lace Rentals, will allow you to create your dream setup. From hand-woven placemats and blush, pressed water goblets, your guests will be enchanted with a free-spirited vibe from the time they arrive until the minute they depart! To seal the deal look into Classic Tent Rental for the perfect way to cap off your lighthearted day, and provide elegant coverage from the hot summer sun. A tent rental is the perfect refuge for your guests’ inner child or outdoorsy soul!

Something in Every Hue As every first wedding decision goes, stationary for save-the-dates are a decision that set the tone for your special day! As Plume & Paper says, “Stationery is, at its core, a small piece of 'he{art}' with purpose and intention.” Choose a neutral color palette, with earthy pops of color, for all of your stationary--invites, table assignments, and everything in between--with playful cursive and bold font accents, along with patterned borders and wax sealing. You will surely impress your guests with a statement for a fresh, quaint wedding experience.

50 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

From fresh stationary to fresh flowers, every wedding deserves a unique floral combination. Boho-inspired flowers in particular are quite unorthodox, having a wild and lightly rustic vibe to them. Wild Vine Floristry shows off the unwrangled nature of a bouquet that utilizes greenery and wild flowers of limitless colors to make the entire wedding come alive! The flowers are the perfect care-free and natural touch to accompany a bride-to-be. Just as important as flowers are all the little details that go into a wedding decoration. A wedding is made up of all of these seemingly simple elements that show the guests just what the bride and groom’s love is made of. From the delicate and earthy cake from Mini Me’s Bakery, to the perfectly placed napkin rings from Gypsy Knot Co, this space is a perfect balance between rustic and light--a bohemian dream. Wedding planning, for large weddings and even small, can become more like a chore than a “for-thelove” activity. We urge you not to stress out! Sirpilla Soirees understands the importance of making your wedding as seamless as possible. Consider letting a professional ensure a beautiful, stress free, joyful, and (maybe just this once) conventional day. As the wedding industry has evolved year after year, the unconventional beauty of a boho-wedding has slipped into focus. The sense of adventure emitted, tied in with the romance of a couple like yours, is the perfect recipe for embracing change and pushing the envelope of what weddings are made of! Engage in unconventional living, it’s where the magic happens.

i n s p i ra t i o n


The Barn at Pineridge//


Balsam & Blush Photography//


Ashley McComb Productions//

Planning & Design

Sirpilla Soirées//


Lavender & Lace Rentals//


Wild Vine Floristry//

Stationery & Banner

Plume and Paper//

Macrame Napkin Rings

Gypsy Knot Co.//


Ivory & Ash Bridal//


American Beauty Artistry// Nina Nicole Hair Design//

Other Rentals

Classic Tent Rental//

Sweet Treats

Mini Me's Bakery//

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TOGETHERWECLICK.COM 6 1 4 . 3 2 3 .The 5 0Ohio 1 3Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 54

Wedding & Event Venue


2866 State Route 203 Radnor, OH (740) 361-0055 |

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 55

Lindsey and Thomas F R A N K L I N P A R K C O N S E RVAT O RY COLUMBUS, OHIO

56 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 57

re a l w e d d i n g


58 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

re a l w e d d i n g

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 59

re a l w e d d i n g


The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 61

re a l w e d d i n g


62 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

re a l w e d d i n g


Franklin Park Conservatory// Worthington Hills Country Club//


Ashley Rene Photography// Alayna Parker Photography//


Orchard Lane Flowers//

Ceremony Streaming Service

Mitchell Multimedia//

Sweet Treats

Alice’s Piece of Cake//

Ceremony Cellist

Jill Wright Crist//

Reception DJ

Encore Entertainment//


Worthington Jewelers//

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 63

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 64




- Jackie Gentry, Bride

68 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

Chloe Horvath Photography//

Gifting this to my parents on my wedding day was one of the most special moments of my entire day! We all shared tears and a magical moment together before I walked down the aisle and it is a moment and memory I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.

Nikki Santerre //

f e a t u re

70 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

Ashley D Photography //

f e a t u re

JesMarried’s custom wedding invitations are 100% custom to the couple. They set the entire vibe for your wedding and can really get your guests super excited for the day with sneak peeks into what the overall theme of the wedding will be. We can show illustrations of what is most important to the couple such as venues, their pet, their florals, or even a portrait of the couple! I take pride in being able to make my designs super tailored to you and your love story. There are no up charges for specific illustrations created for your suite. Want your venue drawn? No prob. Pet? You got it. Have a favorite flower or beautiful landscape near your venue? Done. All of the above? Duh! Working with me is more of an experience, rather than another wedding to-do – and bonus points, you'll get to watch the journey of me creating your suite on my instagram stories the whole way through!

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 71

72 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

f e a t u re

JesMarried creates moments in life that haven’t happened yet or could never be with remembrance portraits or gifts to give your loved ones on the happiest day of your life. Happy tears are the number one reaction I get to all of my drawings. I can create my signature back facing drawings BEFORE your wedding. All I need is a couple images or a description to start. Think: dress shopping trips, fitting try ons, hanger shots, website model shots, hair trials, Pinterest images, etc! For those in remembrance, a lot of brides opt to use photos from past weddings such as what your grandmother may have worn at your mom's wedding.

Mr and Mrs Archer //

Jessica McGinley JesMarried My name is Jes, and I am the owner and illustrator of JesMarried. JesMarried is located in Columbus, Ohio but is serving clients worldwide. I am a marker artist, which is a rare find in the world of weddings. Markers set my unique style apart and help me achieve a realistic but causal vibe. JesMarried specializes in wedding portraits (that I call my signature back facing style), wedding invitations and signage. I’m also in love with drawing pets and flowers! I started my business while planning my own wedding back in 2016. The idea that sparked the creation of JesMarried was what I used to ask my bridesmaids to be in my own wedding

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 73


PUPPY LOVE We love unique ways to incorporate personalization into any wedding day and when we saw JesMarried's Pet Signature Cocktail signs we just had to collaborate with her and The Bramblewood Bar to create a Signature Cocktail of our Chief Listening Operator, Harper.

Ingredients 2 oz smoked bourbon 3 peach slices 2 sprigs of fresh thyme .5 oz maple syrup 1 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice Top with ginger beer

Tools Muddler Shaker Bar Spoon

Glass High Ball Glass

Garnish sprig of thyme + brûléed peach slice

Preperation Strip one thyme spring of leaves, muddle thyme leaves, two peach slices, maple syrup, and fresh squeezed lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and burbon to shaker. Shake vigorously until all ingredients are combined. Strain over high ball glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with a sprig of thyme and a brûléed peach slice. Sign Design:



The Bramblewood Bar//

Planning | Design | Destinations

78 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

80 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 81

82 The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021

The Ohio Wedding Collective// Spring | Summer 2021 83

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