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Design DNA

Balmain Balmain fashion house has been founded in 1945 by Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain, after he left his arhitectural studies. “dressmaking is the architecture of movement.” The house showcased long bell-shaped skirts with small waists - a line which later became popular as Dior’s New Look. During the 1950s, Balmain popularized the stole for day as well as evening wear and created a vogue for sheath dresses beneath jackets. His talent as a designer lay in his ability to make simple, tailored suits as well as grand evening gowns, all with the same aesthetic of slender and elegant lines. Balmain also designed the iconic uniform of the Singapore Airlines Singapore Girl, loosely based on the traditional Indonesian kebaya. the 1970’s gave birth to the ready to waear phenonenon . Balmain also created perfumes. His companion was the Danish designer Erik Mortensen, who worked as a designer at Balmain from 1948 until 1991. Also the later very successful Danish fashion designer Margit Brandt worked as a young designer with Pierre Balmain in the early 1960s. Oliver rousteign-new designer since 2011.

Design Characteristics Balmain put a new gloss on the tight, tattered,mixing tailcoats, army surplus shirts, and leather cargo pants with chainmail minidresses and sequined loincloths. The look is so hot, it’s probably illegal in several states.

Shades of gold, “eventful skirts� being its speciality, together with rococo and baroque prints.

Trend related elements Resort 2012 Elvis in Las Vegas was a reference point for an evening jacket beaded in red, navy, gold, and white and trimmed in gold chains, super-narrow sleeves. Smokings and military-sharp blazers had similarly attenuated proportions; shoulders were strong. Still, the silhouette wasn’t always so demanding: Eagle-print jersey tees and track pants literally slouched off the body, and a matching bomber and running shorts look in the same Americana/ biker girl motif had a chill sensibility. Under Rousteing, elaborate, couture-grade handwork will continue to be a calling card for Balmain, and the sun-bleached Native American embroidery covering a jacket, a miniskirt, and an itty-bitty dress.

intro to product groups Materials:

Focus on leather, worked in embossed treatments and in metallic finishes, offsetting the contrast of plush silk velvet and devorés with satin charmeuse blouse weights and stretch silk jersey, cotton and denim Silk, heavily embroidered or appliquéd velvet, silk crepe, wool and silk blend, silk charmeuse, mesh, devoré velvet,


The palette of contrast between black and rich winter darks such as teal, bottle and ink, delicate eggshell pales with fragile tints of ivory, washed sky and blush, gold and pink Royal, midnight blue, sea green, forest green.

Table of content: Product Jackets Trousers shirts skirts dresses Blazers vests coats


Base 10 19 19 7 8 10 3 0

Skirt 49.800 dkk shirt 15.370 DKK dress 60.930 DKK jacket 50.415 DKK trousers 22.660 DKK

Core 10 19 19 7 8 10 3 1

Profile Total 2 10 1 19 1 19 0 7 0 8 1 10 0 3 0 1

Previous collections spring-summer 2012

pre-fall 2012

Previous collections autumn/winter 2013

Design DNA I have based my design analysis upon the product group: Balmain pre-fall 2012 Jacket.



House’s signature bike cut embellished jacket with pearl beading and rich textures: baroque gone modern. Lite pink, gold, Intricate embroideries, appliquÊd velvet and midnight blue have been used. crystal, bead, pearly and sequin embellishment


no visible logo used on the jacket.



the hight quallity jacket can be worn for both formal and casual looks. the zipper makes it easy to wear. moreover, for a second look, it can be closed using only the single button.


the user feels rich, glamurous and fashionable while wearing balman. As a user you show the unique concept of elegance and royality.

Culture Person:

the brand carries its first designer name,

nowadays keeping also his trademarks and style.


balmain creations can be considered a modern couture.

Balmain Design DNA  

Collection Development Process