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HER IMAGE The main target group for DKNY is women living or spending most of their time in a big city. Cara Delevingne has been chosen to be the image of DKNY, which sends the perfect interpretation of the idilic city girl that the brand designs for. Who is she? Someone’s who’s ready for anything. Day to night, street to chic. She loves a contradiction; it defines her style. Just give her the elements, she’ll take it from there. For her, fashion is personal, An endless possibility of expression. Just like her city. She’s young and sexy, powerful and confident, goal oriented and busy. She’s energetic and active. Imagine light materials floating while she is running in her heels, taking shortcuts in the big city’s streets, looking fresh, happy but serious, still acknowledging, still analysisng people, places, still turning heads and crushing hearts at every street corner.

HER BAG What can be a womans most representative personal item for if not her bag? DKNY woman’s bag is spacious. Beying young she is a hard worker so she can afford looking fabulous, therefore her bag needs to fit from her computer to her daily pretzel.

HER LIFESTYLE She is blending with the big city’s lifestyle. Works in a high social environment, she has a messy loaded working desk but a well organized schedule. She is a fashionista and if known, could be a fashion icon. Still finding her way through daily tabiets, she always does something different, she is healy by that, having a diverse diet. She is independend and not married, living in an apartment big enough to fit all her shoes and gadgets.

Designing for DKNY - Target Group  

DKNY Brand target groupu analysis

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