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Friday, March 15, 2019

Election Delayed The SGA Supreme court will hear six alleged possible violations of election bylaws during the sga presidential election campaigns on march 25 and a runoff election will occur on march 26 and 27.


SGA Election s

C ove r S t o ry

SGA Election Agency votes to pass on 6 possible campaign violations for Supreme Court review Jaco b Sturm , S GA Reporter , @ jaco b m s t u r m

Results of the Presidential election for the Student Government Association were withheld from the public Wednesday while the Election Agency determines the severity of violations alleged against the candidates’ campaigns. At least one allegation was made against each of the campaigns for breaking the SGA bylaws during the campaign season prior to the election. The SGA held a meeting for the Election Agency to determine the severity of the allegations at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in room 211-N of the Student Union. It was announced during the EA hearing that a Supreme Court hearing will occur March 25 after spring break and a runoff election will occur on March 26 and 27. The Supreme Court hearing will be at 7 p.m. March 25 in Case Study 2 in the Student Union. Scott Goeppner, intergovernmental liaison for the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA), sent an email Wednesday after the SGA senate meeting regarding Thursday’s EA meeting. Goeppner, Shruti Sengupta and Elizabeth Eickhoff were listed as the Election Agency members in Thursday’s meeting agenda. The EA heard each FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019

allegation and allowed a maximum of two minutes of additional information per allegation to be added by the individual(s) who reported it. SGA bylaws ask the EA to determine only whether or not the allegations should get passed on, not to determine whether the campaign reported is actually guilty. Rebuttals were not allowed. Melissa Echols, coordinator of SGA Programs, attended the EA hearing and said there are various levels of infractions that the Supreme Court will determine what level of their said violations fall under. “That would then determine whether or not any candidate pair may or may not be able to be disqualified,” Echols said. “Then that would then determine who would be in the runoff election (March 26 and 27).” Echols also confirmed that two of the candidate pairs would be in the runoff if the Supreme Court found all pairs guilty. The details of each potential violation the Supreme Court will hear can be found in the updated Election Agency’s agenda for Thursday’s meeting. Four allegations against the Dunn/Gragg campain were voted to be passed on to the Supreme Court. The first report the EA voted to pass on to the Supreme Court was a report James Hood filed that alleged the Dunn/Gragg

Seth Fish/O’Colly

Presidential candidates; Kaitlyn Kirksey, Jake Swanson and Kayla Dunn at the SGA Student Body Presidential and Vice Presidential debate, on March 6, 2019, in Engineering North 108.

SGA presidential campaign violated bylaws by posting a campaign flier within 100 feet of the library computers. The EA voted this could be a possible violation of bylaw 4.3.3, which states no candidate/candidate pair shall campaign within 100 feet of a polling station, according to the election bylaws. The EA also voted to pass on a report to the Supreme Court that James Hood filed that said the Dunn/Gragg campaign violated SGA bylaws by posting a campaign flier on the SGA bulletin board. The EA voted this could be a possible violation of bylaw 4.3.1, which states no candidate/candidate pair may campaign in the SGA office or within open meeting of the SGA, Senate, Core Branch or Pro-

gramming Branch, after the candidate(s) have officially filed intent-to-run, according to the election bylaws. A report Kelsey Briggs, Ashley Shultz, Aaron Carmichael, James Hood, Catherine Appling, Lexi Barry and Samantha Buckalew filed was also passed on to the Supreme Court. The report alleged the Dunn/Gragg SGA presidential campaign violated SGA bylaws by campaigning and handing out green balloons in exchange for voting near Chi-O Clock at the Student Union on Wednesday. The EA determined this is a possible violation of bylaw 4.3.4, which states no candidate/candidate pair may distribute any form of enticement, according to the election bylaws. Another report which


the EA determined could violate bylaw 4.3.3, which concerns campaigning near polling stations, was voted to be passed on to the Supreme Court. Ashley Shultz filed the report, which alleged that the Dunn/Gragg campaign violated SGA bylaws by having a campaign flier within 100 feet of a Student Union computer polling station and an SGA constituency day table. The EA voted to pass on a report to the Supreme Court that Caroline Sanders filed which alleged the Swann/Chancelor campaign violated SGA bylaws by providing an enticement at a campaign event. The EA determined this is a possible violation of bylaw 4.3.4, which states no candidate/ candidate pair may distribute any form of enticement,

according to the election bylaws. SGA vice presidential candidate JT Gragg filed a report the EA voted to pass on to the Supreme Court. In the report, Gragg alleged that members of the Kirksey/Ball campaign sent campaign messages in an SGA group message. The EA voted to pass this on because the Sustainability group chat was reported to be potentially an official SGA group message, which could be a possible violation of bylaw 4.3.2, which states no candidate/candidate pair may use any SGA resources for campaigning, according to the bylaws. Jacob Sturm is a sports media sophomore from Edmond. She can be reached at jacob.sturm@ PAGE 2

En t e r tainmen t

ca pta i n marvel

Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ is a breath of fresh air for superhero movie era J et T ur n er,

e ntertain m e n t e d i to r ,

@ jboy_315

Marvel Studios and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck breath new life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Captain Marvel.” Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) becomes one of the universe’s most powerful beings during an intergalactic war between two alien races: the Kree and captain marvel/imdb the Skrull. Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Marvel’s “Captain Marvel.” This movie does more than just serve as an origin Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Shuri (Letitia Wright) and movie for Captain Marvel, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Black Widow (Scarlett although it does a very Pace). Johansson), no female good job of doing this. “Captain Marvel” also characters have had their Having an origin movie serves as a fantastic edithis late into the MCU is own movie until now. A tion to the MCU storyrisky, especially when the huge step forward for the typical “Phase One” origin wise, tying up everything MCU and Marvel Studios. that has happened and setstory has been so overThe opening credits ting the stage for “Avengdone. of “Captain Marvel” is ers: EndGame,” which will “Captain Marvel,” Marvel Studio’s creative hit theatres on April 26. though, does a great job tribute to legendary comic separating itself from other Introducing a character that will obviously play a innovator Stan Lee, guarsuperhero origin stories, major role in the aftermath anteed to make long-time providing a fresh storyline of “Avengers: Infinity comic fans tear up. with interesting and well thought out twists and a lot War” while expanding “Captain Marvel” is a on characters who have of character development. much-needed breath of Carol Danvers, or “Vers” already played a large role fresh air in the MCU, and in the universe, “Captain as she is known to the a perfect way to set up Marvel” is the perfect Kree, goes through the what is to come in “Avengway to jump directly into most development after a ers: EndGame.” Long“EndGame.” mid-movie plot twist has time fans of the MCU and Not only was the plot her second guessing everyline and character develop- casual movie goers will all thing she remembers. ment different for a Marvel enjoy Marvel’s “Captain Also interesting in the movie, but the types of Marvel.” movie is seeing a young characters they used was Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jet Turner is a progressive as well. Jackson) on screen, beginmultimedia journalism Seeing a strong fening as a young member of sophomore from Van Bumale lead was more than S.H.I.E.L.D. in the ‘90s. ren, Arkansas. He can be Also seen in the movie refreshing. Although we reached at entertainment. are characters from past have gotten more of these MCU movies like Agent with characters such as FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019


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FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019



cowb oy Basketball

Sp ort s

Column: Grueling season reveals Cowboys’ authenticity, grit H a llie Hart, Staff Reporter, @Hallieha rt

Mike Boynton and his players could have reacted differently. They could have stormed into news conferences and given curt, vague answers. They could have made excuses. They could have tried to shut out reporters and prevent the flurry of questions that surrounded them after every game or during every midweek interview. Throughout the season, they didn’t.

The Oklahoma State men’s basketball team’s whirlwind season ended Wednesday night when TCU squeaked past the Cowboys 73-70. It was a fitting conclusion: OSU showed tenacity but didn’t win. The Cowboys stormed back from a 53-32 deficit. Lindy Waters III, a junior captain, made two free throws to give OSU a 7068 lead with 25 seconds left, but Desmond Bane’s 3-pointer and Alex Robinson’s foul shots erased the Cowboys’ advantage.

It is tempting to use the cliché comparison between this season and a roller coaster, but it might be more like a ride on the spinning teacups at Walt Disney World. The Cowboys (1220 overall, 5-13 Big 12) couldn’t prepare themselves for the wild experience, and they couldn’t stop spinning until it was done. With a dwindling roster and worndown players, they couldn’t quit competing. They didn’t quit competing. Through the struggles, Boynton didn’t sugarcoat anything when he addressed

reporters. He arrived at a news conference Jan. 16 and joked with them, sarcastically asking if they wanted to discuss Iowa State first, and then willingly answered every question. He was immersed in an unavoidable, unexpected situation. Boynton had dismissed Michael Weathers, Maurice Calloo and Kentrevious Jones for rule violations. They were charged with nine counts of malicious injury to property March 6 and face accusations of shooting vehicles and property with air rifles Jan. 1.

Zach Hake/O’Colly

Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton addresses OSU fans. Boynton and his Cowboys’ 12-20 season ended with a Big 12 Tournament loss to TCU. FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019


Mike Cunningham, a graduate transfer guard, had already left the team. The dismissals left the Cowboys with eight available scholarship players until former walk-on Trey Reeves broke his right foot. Jan. 17 was Boynton’s birthday, when he held open walk-on tryouts to bolster OSU’s roster. The players who remained had to figure out how to make it through a tough Big 12 season and found motivation in the motto, “Just us.” Player dismissals. Adversity. Losses. Eight straight Big 12 losses. Walk-on practice squad. The words repeatedly appeared in newspaper stories about the Cowboys, who heard them constantly. It’s a sports reporter’s job to tell the story of a team’s season, which inevitably included challenges because of the player dismissals and the longest conference losing streak. Sometimes, it’s tough to imagine what it would be like to sit on the other side of the table, where players such as Lindy Waters III, Cameron McGriff and Thomas Dziagwa often sat in a news conference. Any college student faces challenges. Balancing responsibilities, adjusting to life away from family and managing stress aren’t easy. Along with the everyday struggles of typical students, or even typical studentathletes, the Cowboys had pressure weighing on them like a monster truck. They watched four teammates leave. They had to deal

with constant defeat despite giving tremendous effort, maintaining conditioning routines, monitoring nutrition and growing closer every day. And they had to hear the repeated questions from reporters about defeat. About the losing streak. About adversity. It would have been difficult to keep from getting emotionally rattled, but they remained even-keeled. Boynton always set the example for them. He showed them grit. He read books about leadership and never stopped learning how to become a better coach. He stayed on the recruiting trail. He cordially talked to reporters. His players mirrored those behaviors, always answering the tough questions and never showing signs of giving up. The future of Cowboy basketball is promising. Boynton has assembled a standout recruiting class for next year, and freshmen such as Anei and Likekele have solidified important roles. Despite wondering what lies ahead, this year isn’t one to overlook. It wasn’t a season of glory, an NCAA Tournament appearance or a winning record, but it mattered as much or perhaps more than if it had been. Hallie Hart is a sports media junior from Chandler. She can be reached at hallie.hart@ PAGE 6

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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 No-way man? 5 Shade-loving plant 10 Brainiac 14 At Dodger Stadium, briefly 15 Playwright Fugard 16 London’s __ Park 17 Walk, e.g. 18 Electrical problem 19 “Makes sense to me” 20 High-quality tennis venue? 23 Made amends 24 Fireplace shelf 25 Noteworthy stretch 28 Earned 29 Legal tender with an 8-Down 32 Kind of network 34 Well-known boxing venue? 36 Udon cousin 39 Texting format, briefly 40 Infatuated 41 Virtual golf venue? 46 Early morning hr. 47 Catch sight of 48 Maple output 51 Art nowadays? 52 MLB player nickname since 2005 54 Em, for one 56 Attractive soccer venue? 60 Declare 62 Starting word containing five of the letters of what it starts 63 Street __ 64 Fashionable Christian 65 Curt 66 Ship’s spine 67 Like the Marx Brothers 68 Trade shows 69 Loudness unit



By Susan Gelfand

DOWN 1 Something to put together 2 Running by itself 3 Comfy shoe 4 Polished off 5 Orthodox Jewish sect 6 Emperor after Galba 7 Toots in a restaurant 8 Statue of Liberty feature 9 Pennsylvania railroad city 10 Spinning sound 11 Frenzied state 12 Suffix with ox13 Middle of Venezuela? 21 “The Scarlet Letter” letter 22 Means of getting around town 26 Summoned, in a way 27 Pond growth 30 Odds-and-ends abbr. 31 St. __ Fire 33 Craving

Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

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34 More susceptible to sunburn 35 Bats 36 Sectional __ 37 Words before before 38 Very long time 42 Da __, Vietnam 43 Spring (from) 44 Raid targets 45 Word after Double in a cookie name


48 Assembly with speakers? 49 Quinn of “Annie” 50 Hawk 53 Fax ancestor 55 Steals, in British slang 57 Out of kilter 58 Md. athlete 59 __ facto 60 Wood shaper 61 Routing term


h o ros cop e

Daily Horoscope By Nancy Black Tribune Content Agency


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