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No longer overlooked

despite not having an espn star rating, point guard brandon averette’s incredible work ethic put him on Mike Boynton’s radar, which led him to osu.


cowb oy basketball

cove r s t o ry

averette’s work ethic fueling growth M ar sh all S c ott Print Editor @ M ar shall_ On c e

It wasn’t hard for college coaches to physically overlook Brandon Averette. When Averette, a 5-foot-9 1/2 sophomore point guard on the Oklahoma State basketball team, found his way into those coaches’ sightlines, though, he made it difficult for them to deny him what he worked for. At Richardson High School in Richardson, Texas, Averette’s work ethic is “one of legend” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, OSU coach Mike Boynton said. Averette woke up about 6 a.m. and headed to the rec center about five minutes from his high school. He got up shots for about 40 minutes before heading to school for his team’s 7:30 a.m. practice. He then went to school before another team practice, after which he put more shots up with some teammates before going to work out with his trainer, James Barlowe. “It was tough, but my mind was just so set on getting better every day that I didn’t really think about it at the time,” Averette said. Averette’s hard work showed. He finished his time at Richardson as a three-year starter. In his senior season, he averaged 22.6 points a game, which led all DFW-area 6A players. He was also named district MVP twice. Randy Averette, Averette’s father, said he thinks his son’s work ethic traces back to Averette’s grandfather, Luke Lawrence. Lawrence raised FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

12 children while working in the Alabama mines before he rented some land to farm on. Wherever it might have come from, Averette’s work ethic brought him explosiveness on the court, as well. Barlowe said he heard legends that Averette could touch the rim in seventh grade when he was 5-1. During Averette’s senior year, Richardson coach Justin Reese drew up an inbounds play that was an alley-oop for Averette. That explosiveness has followed him to Stillwater. In OSU’s game against Charlotte on Nov. 13, Averette dunked on 49ers’ forward Najee Garvin, who towered over Averette at 6-7. The dunk didn’t surprise Reese or Barlowe. Despite the work ethic and explosiveness, some college coaches couldn’t get over Averette’s height. “I think the scoring point guard guys of his size are an acquired taste,” Barlowe said. “I remember one school coming in for a work out, and they were like, ‘Man, I hope he gets to 6-feet.’ I was like, ‘He’s not 6-feet tall, but he’s got a 40-inch vertical and he works really hard, so that kinda makes up for it.’ “They made the choice.” Then an assistant coach at Stephen F. Austin, Boynton heard of this kid from Richardson who outworked everyone. Although Brad Underwood was Stephen F. Austin’s coach, Boynton spent the most time recruiting Averette. The summer after his junior year of high school, Averette

Devin L. Wilber/O’COLLY

Oklahoma State guard Brandon Averette hypes up the crowd in the Cowboys’ game against Wichita State on Dec. 9.

played for 2009 NBA All-Star Mo Williams’ AAU team, Mo Williams Academy. At an Under Armour tournament in Atlanta, Boynton and Underwood called Averette in his hotel room and offered him his first Division I scholarship. A few weeks later, in late July, Belinda Averette got a text from her son, who was out with some friends. “I just committed to SFA,” it said.

Loyalty Averette isn’t the most talkative guy, even with the people closest to him. Randy

Averette said he often hears things about his son from Belinda Averette. But his mother said she sometimes has to go through Barlowe to see what’s going on with her son. Those reservations, though, add to his lore. “Brandon is a quiet kid by nature but one of the most competitive kids you’ll ever find,” Reese said. “He’s a quiet, humble kid, but when he’s on the 94-by-50, he is a bulldog. That’s the kind of kid you love to coach.” Averette played his senior season with the intentions of becoming a Lumberjack. His situation began to change


March 21, 2016, when Oklahoma State announced it hired Underwood as its basketball program’s 19th coach. Averette said he expected Underwood to leave Stephen F. Austin after the Lumberjacks upset third-seeded West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament, but still, Averette was in limbo. He waited to see whether Boynton was going to get the job at Stephen F. Austin, and Averette announced his decommitment on Twitter on April 8, 2016, two days after Boynton joined Underwood’s staff in Stillwater. Because of Averette’s

stellar senior season, coaches came calling after his nearly yearlong commitment ended. Even with the new suitors, though, Averette’s allegiances stayed with the first people who gave him a shot. He again committed to Boynton and Underwood, but this time with the Cowboys. “Throughout that whole summer, nobody else was really talking to me,” Averette said. “I felt like more schools should’ve been talking to me, but they (Boynton and Underwood) stuck with me through it all.” Randy Averette said he thinks if Boynton did get the



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job at Stephen F. Austin, Averette wouldn’t be at OSU. “Had Coach Mike gotten that job there, he would’ve stayed there,” Randy Averette said. “But on the other side of that coin, everything that happens, happens just like it’s supposed to. Things happen for you, not to you.”

‘The guy’ When Averette first started expressing interest in OSU, Belinda Averette wasn’t sold. With NBA Draft prospect Jawun Evans returning for the 2016-17 season as OSU’s point guard, Averette would no longer be “the guy.” “A three-year starter at Richardson, and now you want him to come to OSU?” Belinda Averette said. “I was like, ‘Well, Jawun Evans is up there. Brandon’s not gonna get a lot.’” Randy Averette said he couldn’t see a better situation for his son to walk into. “(Belinda) figures he shoulda been playing over anybody,” Randy Averette said. “It didn’t matter. Kobe (Bryant) coulda been there, and he still shoulda started. “My thoughts were, ‘Son, you playin’ behind someone who’s getting ready to go to the NBA, man? What better place could you be in?’ It was a perfect storm for me.” Averette’s thoughts matched his father’s, and four days after decommitting from Stephen F. Austin, Averette, who didn’t even have an ESPN star rating, committed to OSU. “I recruit a little bit different than some people,” Boynton said. “I don’t just pull out a piece of paper and say, ‘Well, this guy’s ranked No. 1 or has five stars.’ I actually get to know people and find out what type FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

of work ethic they have because that’s the truest indicator of whether someone is going to be able to improve and have success at the college level.”

‘Just like it was supposed to happen’ Randy Averette came home from a stressful day at his retail job at the cable company to a steady thumping sound from Averette, then 3, bouncing a basketball in the house. With his nerves shot, Randy Averette pondered stopping his son from dribbling. “Every time he bounced it, my nerves shattered even more,” Randy Averette said. “Something came to me and said, ‘Just let him go.’” In Randy Averette’s mind, that was how it was supposed to happen. Jump forward about 15 years, and Averette had finished his freshman season at a Power Five basketball program. His freshman stats weren’t anything marvelous, but Averette was one of only five players to play in all 33 of OSU’s games. He also had his first career start against Tulsa, where he scored a game-high 17 points. The day after Averette’s freshman season ended, though, on March 18, Underwood bolted for Illinois. There was a meeting for players that day to break the news, but Averette was in Richardson. Teammates Cameron McGriff and Thomas Dziagwa texted Averette and told him what happened. Averette thought they were joking. Averette was again in limbo, but this time, so was the rest of his team. Boynton was again preparing for a coaching interview. This interview, though, was successful. Boynton was named the pro-

OSU at West Virginia When: 11 a.m. Saturday Where: WVU Coliseum Watch: ESPN

gram’s 20th coach March 24. Averette is averaging 7.6 points and 3.4 assists a game this season and has started six of OSU’s past eight games only two years removed from not having an ESPN star rating. After Boynton recruited the under-recruited point guard in high school, after Averette waited to see whether Boynton got the Stephen F. Austin job, Averette and Boynton were together as player and coach at OSU. “Everything I see happens for a reason,” Randy Averette said. “I told him, ‘Son, nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you.’ Everything happens just like it was supposed to happen.” Averette’s recent successes haven’t dampened his work ethic. After OSU’s game against Texas on Jan. 13, when Averette scored 11 points and played stifling defense throughout, Boynton said he knew why Averette was having such prosperity. “Listen, no one in our program works harder, nobody, nobody spends more time in the gym working on their game than Brandon Averette does,” Boynton said. “It’s the reason that he has success. “There’s no secrets to this thing, basketball or life, you get out of it what you put in. It’s something that he had long before he came here.”

Devin L. Wilber/O’COLLY

Oklahoma State point guard Brandon Averette dribbles against Wichita State’s Samajae Haynes-Jones in the Cowboys’ game against the Shockers on Dec. 9 in Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Marshall Scott is a sports media senior from Madill. He can be reached at OCOLLY.COM



sof t ball

sp o rt s

Devin L. Wilber/O’COLLY

OSU third baseman Vanessa Shippy celebrates after hitting a double in Cowgirl Stadium.

Shippy, Gajewski ready to start season at Kajikawa Classic N athan Hiat t copy chief @ nate_hiatt

Vanessa Shippy continued to check the weather in Arizona throughout the week, preparing for some warmth because of the recent cold spell in Stillwater. Friday, the 24th-ranked Oklahoma State softball team begins its season in Tempe, Arizona, at the Kajikawa Classic with challenging matchups throughout the weekend against Oregon State, No. 7 Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico and Western Michigan. The sun will be out, with the temperature in the high 70s to low 80s. OSU hasn’t started a season ranked since 2011, which is also the last time the Cowgirls advanced to the Women’s College World Series. Shippy, a senior and twotime All-American, will play in her last first game against Oregon State. Days before heading West, she was more worried about the nine freshmen and FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

five other newcomers on the squad. “Honestly, my thought’s not even on that,” Shippy said. “My thought is just on another season. I am excited to see where this team will go. We have a lot of new young girls that I am excited to see put on that uniform for the first time. It will be a cool feeling for them, stepping on the field for their first career game. “I am really excited with where our team is at and our confidence level. When you ask me a question like that, it kind of puts my focus there, and it is weird. But, my focus is just on how great this season is about to be. I am excited to get it rolling.” For the first slate of games, Shippy said she wants to see the confidence on display. She said the team proved last season, when it beat No. 1 Florida in the NCAA Tournament, it could win against anyone. OSU coach Kenny Gajewski said the Cowgirls have prepared well and improved throughout

Kajikawa classic When: Friday-Sunday Where: Tempe, Arizona

the spring, but he said this first weekend is vital. He said he is ready to watch his team play on the road, without many home fans in the stands and against big-named teams and players in the other dugout. “(I want to see) competitiveness,” Gajewksi said. “I want to see us fight. I want to see the things that we talk about. I am ready to see the growth from year one to year two to year three. I think that is what we are about, continuing to grow each year. “These kids, they are ready. … I can see it in their eyes.” Nathan Hiatt is a sports media senior from Lansing, Michigan. He can be reached at OCOLLY.COM





Pa rvo


Local vets give insight on recent parvo cases J o e l Devick staff reporter @ j oe lyran c h 3 r

In the wake of two recent cases of a deadly canine virus found in Stillwater, local veterinarians are trying to spread awareness for pet vaccination and disease prevention. Western Veterinary Hospital confirmed in a Facebook post Friday that two cases of parvovirus, commonly referred to as Parvo, were found in Stillwater and were traced back to Stillwater’s lone dog park, Stillwaggin’. Awareness for the deadly canine virus has increased in the wake of these cases, but treating and vaccinating dogs for parvo is nothing new for veterinarians in Stillwater. Parvo can be transferred from dog-to-dog contact or being in close proximity to an environment or place that a dog with parvo has urinated or defecated. Parvo can live through cold or warm weather. It can remain present in organic materials or fomites such as dirt and grass for up to six months or even longer, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website. Dogs that are younger than four months or haven’t been treated for parvo are most at risk. If contracted, Parvo attacks the gastro-intestinal FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

lining of a dog’s digestive system, making it almost impossible for any nutrients to be absorbed from food, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website. Some vets describe it in simpler terms as a third-degree burn in the intestines, affecting the ability to consume any food whatsoever. Dr. Lara Sypniewski, clinical associate professor at the Boren Veterinary Medical Hospital at Oklahoma State University, said that while these two cases were publicized more than most, the emergency room at the Boren Hospital, the only pet emergency room in town, sees parvo throughout the year. “We see parvo here all the time, all year long,” Sypniewski said. “On Christmas Day, we had two parvo puppies.” Initial reactions to the news of parvo at the Stillwaggin’ dog park came quickly, but veterinarians are quick to point out that no one needs to put their days at the dog park on hold if their dog has been treated. The main groups at risk are puppies and dogs that haven’t been vaccinated. Dr. Christina Mitchell, a veterinarian at Western Veterinary Hospital, said the current situation with Stillwaggin’ is one that pet owners need to keep an eye on. Mitchell said

Joel Devick/O’COLLY

A sign posted on a wall at Stillwaggin’ dog park notifying visitors about the recent cases of parvovirus traced to the park.

the City of Stillwater and vets in the area are communicating and working to find a solution for the parvo and other possible diseases that are found in the dog park. “The reason we say to avoid (Stillwaggin’) was meant to be just for right now until the city figures out what they’re going to do,” Mitchell said. “One of our ideas is to have everybody have to be registered in order to use the dog park. “You just go to your veterinarian and get a

copy of the vaccine certificate for proof of vaccines, take it to the city and they give you a tag [for your dog]. Every dog that goes to the dog park has to have this tag. That way everybody knows that the dog has been fully vaccinated and you don’t have to worry about passing certain diseases.” The best time for treatment for treatment can also be when young dogs are susceptible to viral infections, Sypniewski said. “Over the course of


eight to 16 weeks or so, maternal antibodies start to decline in the body,” Sypniewski said. “As maternal antibodies decrease, that’s when we start vaccinating. … We want the puppy’s immune system to do the job.” Like sending a child to daycare to play with other kids their age, Mitchell said taking a young dog to a dog park is a great way for it to socialize and acclimate. Mitchell said it is important to let dogs be social, but precautions need to be taken in order

to have them avoid deadly diseases at the same time. “Definitely, you want to expose your pet to any situation they might want to be accustomed to as an adult dog,” Mitchell said. “But be really careful. You can still go to maybe the not-so-populated parks. That way it’s going to be a little safer.” Joel Devick is a sports media sophomore from Ames, Iowa. He can be reached at PAGE 8

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SGA offers condolences to family, friends of Tanner Paget

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ta elor co n n el l staff reporter @tae mco n n el l

The tone of Oklahoma State University’s Student Government Association’s weekly Wednesday night meeting began as business as usual, but it quickly turned solemn when a resolution was passed to offer condolences to those who knew Tanner Paget. SGA Senator Holland Gray stepped up to the podium to address the organizations and friends of Paget. “You are in our thoughts and prayers and have our unwavering support during this time,” Gray said. Paget, an OSU sophomore who was found dead in his Brumley apartment Jan. 18, served as the Residential Hall Association’s director of internal affairs. Paget supported many efforts and was passionate about Dr. Lee Bird’s executive leadership council, RHA President James Hood said. SGA senators Hood, Gray, Elly de Villasante and Ashlee Lester drafted a resolution Jan. 22 to continue the work of Paget and console those who knew him. The resolution passed through the senate floor Wednesday. “Paget created an environment of inclusion and tangible compassion,” according to the Jan. 22 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Taelor Connell/O’COLLY

Holland Gray speaks to pass resolution to carry on the work of former student Tanner Paget during Wednesday’s meeting.

resolution. “He demonstrated great effort and dedication to achieve the goals of RHA.” Paget served with Gray and Lester in SGA. Hood and de Villasante grew close with him because of their connection with RHA, Gray said. Hood met Paget prior to RHA, but said he contributes their close friendship to their time spent within the organization. “It wasn’t really until this year when we both got elected to our higher positions that we really got to meet and started becoming really close friends,” Hood said. When the legislation for Paget entered the senate floor, the room paused. It was clear the decision to pass the resolution was unanimous, but many

SGA suicide prevention training

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needed a moment to reflect. “It is times like these that we feel the pain of our loss and mourn our friend,” Gray said. “It is also times like these that we display to all those around us what it means to be part of the Cowboy family, what it means to come together and stand together.” Taelor Connell is a strategic communications junior from Edmond. She can be reached at OCOLLY.COM

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42 Brutus Buckeye is its mascot: Abbr. 47 Really pumped 49 __ Aurelius, second-century Roman emperor 50 What a sprinter might run out of 51 #13 53 “__ know you?” 54 Musical nonsense syllables


57 Intl. energy group 58 Bach’s “__, Joy of Man’s Desiring” 60 Hugh Laurie’s alma mater 62 Unit of hot mustard, for most 63 NW Penn. airport 64 Aircraft in the Smithsonian Inst. collection 66 Chem., for one PAGE 10

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C r i m e not es

Stillwater Property 633 N. Husband (405) 743-2126


Sunday, a woman crashed her truck into a gas station on 12th Avenue and Hester Street.

Woman crashes into Stillwater gas station M or gan Haw k in s S taff Repo rt er @OColly

About 4:30 p.m. Sunday, a woman, 82, crashed her 1995 pickup truck into the Git N Gallup on 12th Avenue and Husband Street, according to a Stillwater Police Department report. Witnesses say that it appeared she was trying to park the car and may have pressed the gas instead of the brakes when parking, according to the report. One person was transported by Lifenet to Stillwater Medical Center but is expected to have a full recovery.

Drunken driver arrested leaving Stillwater restaurant A possible intoxicated driver was reported leavFRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

ing El Vaquero on 6th Avenue on Monday. The suspect was being belligerent at the restaurant before exiting, according to a Stillwater Police Department report. Stillwater PD officer Cluck was in the area and began looking for the suspect’s Chevy Camaro. As Cluck passed Braums on 6th Avenue, he reportedly saw a vehicle that matched the description in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant. The officer could see that the suspect, a female, was staggering near the vehicle and when the suspect saw the officer approaching her, she attempted to escape the parking lot, according to the report. The suspect reportedly had slow, thick speech, and when asked if she had been drinking, she said,

“Not really.” The driver was reportedly on her way to Oklahoma City before being pulled over. After doing several tests on the suspect, Cluck determined that she was too intoxicated to drive a vehicle safely. The suspect had a suspended drivers license and there was a special restriction stating that a report must be sent to driver improvement if there was any incident involving alcohol or drugs. The suspect was arrested for Actual Physical Control (APC) of a motorized vehicle while intoxicated shortly after 9 p.m., according to the report. Morgan Hawkins is a multimedia journalism freshman from Tulsa. She can be reached at OCOLLY.COM

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Friday, February 9, 2018  
Friday, February 9, 2018