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Capturing emotions

TPS Visual Communications, leaders in retail talk to us about point of sale importance.

Leading business coach and entrepreneur Andy Bourne talks about the dimensions of Emotional Intelligence.

An insight into The Great Branding Company running the world’s most successful merchandising programme.

Ich bin ein Berliner In this feature, we explore Berlin’s hidden gems with Coconut founder and director Jarrod Lupson.

Promotions... Loyalty... Rewards... Development... Partnerships


04 Secrets to Success


Lara Morgan, entrepreneur and investor talks about her career and investments.

Stop look...BUY


Mark Adams, Managing Director of TPS Visual Communications, leaders in retail, talk to us about point of sale importance.

Developing uniform


Luxe were in need of some new, stylish, on-trend but practical uniforms and approached Coconut to help courtesy of Great Branding Company.

Ask the expert



Leading business coach and entrepreneur Andy Bourne talks about the dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and how this supports first-class leadership.

Capturing emotions


An insight into The Great Branding Company running the world’s most successful merchandising programme, servicing the UEFA Champions League.

On demand stores Welcome to the latest issue of The Nuts. It’s jam-packed with the latest news and insights from some of the top leaders and brands within your sector.


For many, the process of buying merchandise is fraught with many obstacles, issues, challenges and typically cost. Urban Planet could revolutionise your marketing spend.

Insight into Spa Life


It’s been a strange start to the year but with change and disruption comes new opportunities that many brands and businesses are grabbing with both hands.

We caught up with Mike Fitch, Co-Founder and Director of Spa Life to find out more about this great show. The Spa sector is thought to be worth £5.2bn each year to the UK.

We hope this magazine gives you some insight into the different and exciting projects which are taking place within your sector as well as learning about new brands and opportunities which could benefit your business.

Here we talk to David Hannah, Managing Director of NAMEDSPORT about how this global brand has been able to penetrate the market.

We hope there’s something for everyone and do enter our competitions and sign up for the freebies such as the offer from NAMEDSPORT for 50 free HydraFit Promotional Packs not to mention high end goody bags from global brand Great Branding Company.


That’s the named of the game

Ich bin ein Berliner




Berlin, the capital city of Germany. In this feature, we explore all its hidden gems with Coconut Founder and Director, Jarrod Lupson.

Do let us know any feedback you might have or maybe you have a story for our next issue! Enjoy, Becca Douglas Editor Published by:

Promotions... Loyalty... Rewards... Development... Partnerships

AIM doesn’t conform to the traditional mould of consultancy and client-led relationships. We want to support and guide you to look beyond your current content strategies and capabilities. Working with you to deliver results with clear and measurable outcomes.


Plain and simple.


Current winners of Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy for the East of England, AIM services a global client base. the

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Travel & Lifestyle Content Specialists

Restoring Lifestyle Balance ScenteredŽ is a mindfulness lifest yle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, teaching people how to use the power or our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives. Our line of 100% natural, essential oil-based Aromatherapy Balms, Candles, Hair Care and Body Care products provide por table solutions to suppor t mindful transitions through life’s ever yday journey. Scentered is positioned at the intersection of Wellness, Mindfulness and (Inner) Beaut y.

Let the conversation begin. Print Media. Digital Media. Content Marketing. Events.

+44 (0)20 7253 9909



Spotlight Yogi Bare is the physical manifestation of the concept of yoga being for everybody and every body. The founder, Kat Pither, wanted to develop a range of eco-sensitive yoga products that are accessible and bring some fun and personality to a world, which can sometimes seem alien or difficult to access. The name isn’t just a fun play on words but the Bare is symbolic of the eco-credentials and a sense of stripping back and why ecoconscious ethics are embedded in the creation of Yogi Bare projects. Yogi Bare collections are inspired by that self-expression in yoga, the journey of falling in love and accepting the things that make you individual. Yogi Bare is paving the way for stylish and eco-friendly yoga products and accessories which are proving to be a “must-have” for yogis and yoga studios alike. As well as a strong and loyal consumer base, Yogi Bare is making strides into the retail side of the health and fitness sector and thanks to Coconut, Yogi Bare has been able to explore and establish a range of new and exciting partnerships and retail opportunities with a range of brands and businesses. Jarrod Lupson, Founder and Managing Director of Coconut said: “Yogi Bare products are proving to be a big hit for retailers, driving significant secondary spend. What’s more, some brands are using the products and accessories in loyalty and reward programmes which is also proving popular with consumers. The Yogi Bare brand is fresh, young, dynamic and bang on trend. It’s a musthave for any health and fitness brands.” the

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Secrets to Success


ara Morgan is a best selling author, straight talking, nononsense entrepreneur and mother of three. We talk to her about her career, investments and advice for other entrepreneurs and business people.

Lara Morgan, entrepreneur and investor talks about her career and investments.

Lara Morgan has always been on a mission to learn and selfimprove and this has been her driving force, which has made her one of the most successful business people in the UK. Lara began to develop the skills of an entrepreneur at an early age. Her parents lived and worked in Hong Kong, whilst she and her brother would attend school in Scotland. Having an independent childhood provided Lara with great insight into how to stand on her own two feet and successfully run a business and she describes them as being “wonderful leaders by example” attributing her understanding of business today to them. Finishing school at the age of 18, Lara fully expected to attend university but life had a different path. That same year, her father was declared bankrupt. As a result, thoughts of attending further education were put behind her, she borrowed her first business clothes from her mother’s friend and went for a job interview. At 18, she taught herself the art of sales, and by 21, Lara was managing a Yellow Pages sales team across six countries in the Gulf. Two years later, at the age of 23, Lara started her first business; Pacific Direct Ltd, which manufactured and sold brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry. Seventeen years later, she sold her majority share (99%) for the sum of £20million. Now, Lara enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three lively daughters. Lara is a source of practical advice to enable business leaders to achieve accelerated growth. Seriously passionate about Leadership, self and employee motivation and business growth; Lara is regularly invited to talk about these and other specific topics based on her own experiences. Lara also has investment interests in the following businesses: The Luxury Slipper Company Ltd; Gate8 Luggage; Dry Robe, Kitbrix, Scentered, Activbod, Functional Fragrances; The Sandpit and Yogi-Bare. Lara is also mentoring a young entrepreneur with the start-up of Well Heeled. Lara also gives a great deal of time as Ambassador for UK TI for export and when she’s not winning awards, writing books and supporting businesses, she regularly competes as an Elite Triathlete - is there nothing this woman can’t do?!

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Huel Ready-to-drink complete meal 500ml | RRP £3.50

Complete nutrition. On the go Huel is a 400 calorie, convenient meal in a bottle. 

Contains 26 vitamins and minerals

20g plant-based protein

Source of fibre


Low sugar


Designed for Good As an ethical luxury brand, we consider every detail – from our vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, to our sustainably sourced, recyclable or compostable packaging. Our virtues extend beyond the bottle, as our handcrafted products create employment for blind, disabled, or disadvantaged people in the UK.




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isual merchandising (also known as point of sale) has changed over the years. It’s evolved to become a key consideration in all retail businesses. No more the poor relative in the marketing mix, it now stands its ground as a key sales driver. No stranger to this world is Mark Adams, Managing Director of TPS Visual Communications, leaders in retail and brand display for the past 38 years. TPS Visual Communications offers the highest possible quality print, multi- material manufacture, retail display design through to installing displays. Based on an ethos of building relationships with clients, TPS understands their needs and (as a result) keeps the buying process simple and effective. Mark picks up: “We can look after all your visual marketing needs from the front of your store to the very back, delivering display and graphic solutions; two and three dimensional.”

With teams of experts in graphic design and creative support as well as account management and visual merchandising, TPS works with some of the world’s leading luxury consumer brands to drive footfall and commercial revenue. Mark adds: “We approach every project with a fresh perspective and outlook. We take the time to listen to our clients and understand what they need and want from each campaign. We can deliver all projects - any size and scope on time and on budget. We can work up deliverables from brand guidelines through to delivering full-blown design strategies, with various creative routes and ideas.”

see us working at all hours (mostly overnight) to install shop fronts on Oxford Street or Heathrow Airport as well as auditing sites in time for new campaigns. Our expert teams can deliver projects in less than three weeks and always to the client’s satisfaction.” Coconut has recently worked with TPS on a number of health club and leisure centre projects, including the installation of hygiene stations as well as safety screens.

As a result, TPS has worked with global brands such as Marks and Spencer, Harrods, Oakley, Tiffany and Co and Sunglass Hut. Mark says: “Visual merchandising is a round-the-clock, 365-days-a-year business. Our work with some of the leading global retailers will often

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TPS © 2019

Leaders in Retail & Brand Display


Nuts 07

News W h a t ’ s h a p p e n i n g i n o u r i n d u s t r y?



Quick to respond to the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, Coconut has been working with its partners, clients and contacts across various sectors to deliver timely, appropriate and cost-effective PPE solutions.


Since the global pandemic, Coconut has brokered deals with Pure Gym, Third Space and Lanserhoff, one of London’s most expensive and exclusive health and wellbeing clubs.

No England Cricket match is complete without the sights and sounds of the world-renowned Barmy Army. What started as a small group of 30 or so backpackers ‘staying in hostels living their dream by watching the Ashes Down Under’ has now evolved into one of the most famous supporters’ clubs in the world today. There is a Barmy Army presence at every international match the England team plays – from 10,000 plus at the MCG and SCG for the final two Ashes tests to 50 hardcore foot-soldiers in Abu Dhabi to watch England play Pakistan.

Coconut was able to source and supply social distancing and protection screens for clubs as well as other items of PPE. Jarrod Lupson, Founder and Managing Director of Coconut said: “Coconut was set up to offer various and bespoke management support solutions, which are flexible, cost effective and focus on the results brands need and want to achieve. Our ability to source and supply varying PPE items to a range of sectors is just one example of what we can achieve.”


Nuts 08

In 2019, Coconut was able to successfully agree a deal between the Barmy Army and Snack Media, the leading independent sports digital media company with access to over 70m sports fans. Specialising in multi-channel content creation, distributed at scale, Snack Media works with brands to deliver data-

driven engagement strategies with a view to nurture authentic connections between brands and their fans. Chris Millard, Managing Director of the Barmy Army talks about this partnership: “We have worked with Coconut for many years and value the ideas and opportunities Jarrod delivers. The timing of this partnership with Snack Media was perfect and it made sense for us to explore what it could deliver. Almost six months into this relationship and we are more than happy with what’s been achieved. We can see shoots of commercial income, which we know will increase, as well as improvements made to our website traffic and online performance. The Snack Media team has integrated perfectly into the Barmy Army team and we have a great relationship with them. I am excited about what can be achieved in the future.”

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LONDON IS READY, STEADY, GET SET GO! NEW MULTI-MILLION POUND FACILITY IS SET TO REVOLUTIONISE THE FAMILY FITNESS AND LEISURE MARKET Ex-Swimming Rocks Founder, Claire Harrison gears up to launch a brand-new concept for the family fitness and leisure market with Co-Founder and Commercial Director Alina Cooper. GetSetGo! is set to be game-changing in the way that family activities are booked and experienced. Consumer spending in this sector is growing significantly and families are demanding a better experience. However, at present, there is no one providing spaces other than exclusive members clubs that many families would not ‘and cannot’ commit to paying for. The other options are church halls, community halls, schools and pubs which might have a small amount of space to rent. Even then, these facilities did not meet the demand for the ever-growing children’s activity market nor do they offer a pleasant experience much of the time. Get Set Go! will create inspirational venues to learn, play, swim and relax in the heart of residential communities. Beautifully designed to be safe, enriching and multifunctional destinations for the whole family to learn, play and relax. Claire Harrison, Founder and CEO said: “We wanted to shake things up within the family fitness and leisure market. GetSetGo! has everything people need to enjoy quality family time – or relaxing me-time. There will be dozens of exercise classes for kidsGetSetGo! andDeckgrown-ups alike 2 Pack 14 GetSetGo! Deck Pack including dance, martial arts as well as baby and toddler groups. Our stunning 17m pool will host a full programme of swimming lessons and for the little ones who aren’t participating in a structured activity, there will be plenty of interactive play spaces to explore and enjoy; from our amazing

treehouses to the hidden nooks and crannies for children to explore, we have skilfully integrated lots of spaces without a single soft play structure in sight!” A destination in its own right, GetSetGo! will feature a co-working space and quiet areas to concentrate away from the hustle and bustle. For those looking for more interaction, the Café is a place for parents and carers to relax whilst their children are in classes, a place to meet other families, a place to catch up on some family admin or just somewhere to hang out after the lessons. GetSetGo! is set to open in Putney in January 2021.

pool Designed for the ultimate in swimming lesson experience. Sensory lighting, clean lines and a strong sense of branding deliver a magnificent centrepiece for the clubs.

TOUGH MUDDER LOOKS TO MAXIMISE THE POWER OF ITS BRAND WITH NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH BRAND TURBO Almost all sectors and industries have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and none more so than the events sector. One of the world’s biggest events brands - Tough Mudder has not been immune to this crisis. However, keen to get through this stronger than ever, Tough Mudder has signed a deal with brandTURBO in a bid to galvanise the support of its loyal following of super-fans. brandTURBO connects fans and communities with brands on a global but personal level. It’s the ultimate fan engagement platform, which can leverage the largest distributed ecosystem to drive a brand with online startpage extensions. Web browser start pages are enabled by fans with one click and deliver close and integrated connection between the brand and the fan while browsing the web. Mark Read, Commercial Director for Tough Mudder said: “There’s no denying it, we have some of the best fans in the world and this new deal, delivered to us by Coconut, enables us to be close to our fan base. We have been able to create highly personalised start pages and our fans are UK leisure sector is worth over to keep to date with that’s happening with Tough £129billion,able accounts for 7.4%up GDP Mudder as well as and has grown by 17% compared reliving our best moments over the years. to 5 years What’s ago. more, we can use this as the perfect platform to serve Tough Mudder and share other interesting content our fansdynamics and community want to know about.” market “If you’re looking for brand awareness, you can’t get much better than brandTURBO,” says Jarrod Lupson of Coconut. “The beauty of brandTURBO is that you can The private swim school market is a multi-million pound market in the UK, which is fundamentally being threatened by the closures of pools as outlined above. provide a brilliantly branded space without disrupting the The swim school industry, whilst large, is highly fragmented with lots of independent smaller operators. fans everyday, search and browse behaviour and with a Accordingly, there is significant interest in any new swim schools in London, with a simple click ofwaiting thelists.mouse, your fans and community can be reported 88% of swim schools in London having long The same can be seen across the wider children’s activity market, with 72% of surrounded by their brand, heroes, moments and providers stating they are oversubscribed and 80% stating that they favourite could not find suitable activity hire space. memories every step of their online journey.” Leisure is attracting one and a half times more discretionary spend than retail, and the sector is growing twice as fast.

Furthermore, there has been a sharp reduction in the availability of swimming pools across the UK, but particularly in central and greater London. Across the UK 131 pools have closed, with just 41 opening since 2013.


GetSetGo! Deck Pack

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Nuts 09

LOOK LIKE COOL Club Tropicana… check out his stunning sandfree and fast-drying beach towel and what’s more... it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Despite most sandy, far-off shores being offlimits for a while, we still wanted to showcase this stunning Look Like Cool Collection! The team behind the brand is passionate about cleaning up the oceans and creating more sustainable products, which is why its newest collection is made from GRS-certified recycled polyester. But fear not, there’s no chaffing or itching with these products. Luxury comes as standard with these super-soft, large, microfibre beach towels, which feature the signature gold pineapple. The towels are perfect for taking to the beach or pool as it comes in a gorgeous NEW compact bag making it small and extremely lightweight given the towels large size of 80x160cm. One of our favourite features however is that you can lay it on the beach and it doesn’t gather and hold the sand like a regular towel does, so you can use it to sit on then shake away the sand and use it to wrap up when you come out of the water! It’s also five times fast drying than a regular towel and doesn’t collect / gather damp odours; certainly a holiday essential!

URBAN PLANET We love these super addictive cushions and pillows from Urban Planet’s On Demand service. They come in a range of colours and what’s great is you can add your own message or brand so they make the perfect corporate / team gift. They have been extremely popular already this year with a range of customers. And the best part... you can order just one to 10,000 of them! magic-sequin-cushion

s t c u d o r


WE LOVE Try our pick of products all sourced with our earth in mind.


THOMAS LYTE Bon Voyage! Travel in style with Thomas Lyte. Albemarle Clipper Holdall Navy Canvas Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, this gorgeous Albemarle Clipper Holdall bag will ensure you always travel in style. We love this classic, navy blue canvas bag with tan leather trim. Sophisticated, exquisitely hand-crafted and exceptionally spacious, it is the ultimate luggage for the style-conscious traveller.


The ultimate, eco-friendly and stylish water bottles on the market! We can’t get enough of these fabulous glass water bottles from Black+Blum. With rigorous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, these products are designed to inspire a sense of well-being and the new glass water bottles are no exception. They offer the ultimate drinking experience due the fact the thread is on the inside of the bottle neck giving you a smooth surface to drink from. The lid features high-quality stainless steel inside and out so that your water never has any contact with any plastic. The bottles have a protective, non-slip, silicone sleeve and a convenient carry loop. The “Almond” coloured sleeve is made of a combination of wood fibre and TPE for a unique finish. The perfect product for eco-conscious people on the go!

SUNDRIED TRAINERS Keep on (barefoot) running... At last... a minimalist training shoe which is functional, flexible and multi-purpose and what’s more, they are eco-friendly! Developed by entrepreneur and triathlete, Daniel Puddick, these gorgeous new training shoes from Sundried are super light-weight and ideal for gym training, running, yoga and athletics. The neutral sole and flexible construction makes them perfect for most sports. Designed to be roomy (so order a size down from your normal shoe size), these barefoot type shoes can help improve your running form, help to heal injuries and improve balance and foot strength.

Personalised chocolates! We are a nation of chocolate-lovers and now you can customise the outer wrap of one of the nation’s favourite bars or tins of chocolate. You can add a personalised message and logo to an outer sleeve or add a corporate logo and campaign message to the lid of the tin to make this a truly great giveaway with a delicious mix of Cadbury favourites. the

Nuts 10

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Developing Uniform New, stylish and Luxe-ury gym uniform, courtesy of Great Branding Company.



oted as one of the best gyms in the UK, Luxe is a luxury gym located in Bristol. Last year, they were in need of some new, stylish, on-trend but practical uniform and approached Coconut to help.

Recommending Great Branding, Jarrod worked with both parties to deliver an outstanding outcome. Great Branding provided free visual designs which met the brief. Next was a visit to Great Branding’s UK office for a fit session (not a workout but a trying on session). The team was thrilled with the results and final feedback was given to the Great Branding team.

Range Plan

RP_27228_v4_Luxe Fitness

Range Plan

Weeks later, Luxe took delivery of its new uniform much to everyone’s delight.


RP_27228_v4_Luxe Fitness

Range Plan



RP_27228_v4_Luxe Fitness






4 March 2020

4 March 2020


4 March 2020

Peter Higgins, General Manager of Great Branding said: “As always, Jarrod was able to introduce us to a valuable lead. The project was good fun and most importantly delivered over and above the client’s expectations. This is just one example of how we can service the health and fitness sector.” 185483 Mesh lining

185483 Mesh lining

188106 Short sleeve skins 180848 Luxe Fitness Full Zip Hoodie

185475 188106 CoolFit blended fabric tee

Short sleeve skins 188105 Jogger bottoms

ee r F oody Bag G

Range Plan

RP-v1-Coconut-Sol-products All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rightsdesign existing in and our products in therights images, textinand willimages, remaintext theand property ofare The Great Branding of these rights will be pursued vigorously. All copyright, rights intellectualand property existing ourdesigns productsare andand in the designs and will remain the Company property ofLtd. The Any Greatinfringement Branding Company Ltd. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.

All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our products and in the images, text and designs are and will remain the property of The Great Branding Company Ltd. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.


We are offering our readers the chance to grab themselves one of these awesome Coconut goody bags. All you have to do is book an appointment with Jarrod at Coconut to discuss your uniform or retail requirements. Simply email: *While stocks last



24 June 2020

All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our products and in the images, text and designs are and will remain the property of The Great Branding Company Ltd. Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.

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Ask the Expert Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence, Andy Bourne from Bourne a Coach


eading business coach and entrepreneur, Andy Bourne talks about the dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and how this supports firstclass leadership.

able to give you feedback or provide you with their honest view? It may not be apparent to you that some people may simply disagree with your point of view but, they are afraid to tell you since you are too powerful!

In the book, Primal Leadership, the authors Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee state that great leadership works through the emotions and their research has shown that emotional intelligence (E.I.) competencies are the vehicles of world-class leadership.

Some leaders I’ve worked with over my career have tried to win every discussion. And a debate turns into a squash match when the leader’s ego is driving them to win every point. In the end, there are no dissenting voices left in the room and valuable people leave the organisation.

They set out the following 4 dimensions of E.I: 1. Self-awareness 2. Self-management 3. Social competence 4. Relationship management This article touches on the personal competence of self-awareness and concludes with some questions for you, as a business leader, to consider to facilitate your personal development.

When I’m working one-to-one with my clients, I often force myself to step-aside and observe my own emotions. I ask myself these types of questions: Why has that comment sparked that feeling in me?


How are we interacting?

What’s your mindset? Are you emotionally self-aware? Are you reading how your emotions are impacting the teams that you are leading?

Am I bringing my best self to this interaction?

We’ve all heard the saying that a person’s perception is their reality. Senior leaders can suffer from the disease of not being given all the facts by their team.

Am I simply preparing to speak again?

A business owner I know said to me the other day, “I often feel that I’m not being told the truth.” When I asked him to explain what he meant, he said, “He had a sense that people are only telling him what they think they want him to hear.” I suggest that leaders may wish to reflect and recognise that in the culture they’ve created, it can take courage for a person to provide them with accurate feedback on their performance. This leads me to question, have you created the appropriate culture, where your teams feel the

Our strengths can be our biggest weaknesses? And, I ask how strong is your self-awareness and where do you have competency gaps?

Nuts 12

Am I truly listening? Do they feel safe with me?

As a business leader, you need to retain your self-confidence and maintain a sound sense of your self-worth and capabilities. I suggest that sometimes leaders demonstrate a fragile ego. They can be extremely competitive and want to win, but this can be to the detriment of the team and even the organisation. Powerful and highly intellectual leaders can be aware of their strengths but not of any limits. I explore with my clients what their 5 dominant personality strengths are, and whilst we do not focus on the weaknesses, it becomes clear in discussion and how they can leverage their strengths and where they may be some gaps that need working on.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT In conclusion, I ask you to consider these 6 questions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Who do you want to be as leader? Who are you? What are your strengths & weaknesses? How can you build on your strengths whilst reducing any skill gaps? 5. How can you practise any new behaviours to the point of mastery? 6. How do you develop supportive relationships that help you make change possible?

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Gympod / Pre-sale Pod

Washroom Pod


Consisting of two Recovery and two Care packages, the bundles are: ILA ANXIETY RECOVERY PACKAGE

Health, Fitness & Leisure Collection The Ultimate Space Solution

07909 534520

All Bespoke - size, external and internal finishes


Cycling Pod

Yoga Pod

With a philosophy to provide emotional benefits as well as physical ones, natural and organic skincare brand ila has carefully curated bundles of its most nurturing products to provide a little extra support at this time. Whether investing in some self-care or sending some thoughtful indulgence to a loved one, ila’s Recovery and Care Packages have been chosen to foster healing and restoration to help us move forward from the last few months with vitality.

Community Pod

Empowering women to live a life that you love through Active Living™ and the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe. ď Ą FIT AND FABRIC ENGINEERING ď Ą PERFORMANCE TESTED ď Ą ACTIVEWEAR FOR WOMEN

Gympod Outdoor Space


Capturing emotions


or 20 years, The Great Branding Company has run the world’s most successful merchandising programme. Its achieved this by working with UEFA to deliver sports/leisurewear and promotional merchandise for events such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the FIFA World Cup. “We are fortunate enough to hold the licence and servicing programme for all 32 Champions League clubs and all 48 clubs within the Europa League; something we’ve held onto for 20 years. As part of this agreement, we run each club’s merchandise and service programme for their entire competition campaign,” begins Peter Higgins, General Manager of Great Branding Company.

every fan in the stadiums, bars and watching at home. We bottle that emotion and bring it to life via the products we develop. In partnership with the clubs we work with, we play a part in creating a movement. A moment of togetherness and solidarity - whether the team has just won or indeed if they have lost.” The process Although the currency of The Great Branding Company (and its partners) is pure emotion, there is still an exact science to what the team does and a very clear and precise process, which needs to be followed.

Peter explains: “Once the clubs are confirmed within the leagues, The Great Branding team gets straight to work and will create a range of products, designs and produce a bespoke catalogue for “For many, they think we just manufacture and sell scarves, t-shirts each club. It’s a two-way process and hoodies. This couldn’t be further and involves multiple people from from what we do. The secret to our various departments from marketing, purchasing, commercial directors as success is the fact we are able to well as the hospitality teams.” capture emotion; raw emotion from

Peter continues: “Although it’s amazing to have this exclusivity in terms of the clubs we work with, we always need to be at the top of our game to ensure our products, design and pricing are the best as we are also competing for space and airtime within the clubs own merchandise and product ranges, which are sold for domestic games and championships.” He adds: “When we set about developing products and new ranges, the club fan is the most important consideration - what will they want to wear? What is on-trend at the moment? What will they be proud to spend their hard-earned cash on? And this is why design and aesthetics are crucial to what we do. We need to provide the clubs with a genuine and commercial reason to put our products in their shops and stores.”



Art: 193150


ICON T-Shirt

2-3 weeks LEADTIME

Printed t-shirt UEL design. 100% cotton, 165gsm. MOQ: 100

Adults (S-XXL) Kids (116-152)

190522 190522K


Available colours: Black / Red / Navy / Heather Grey / White / Royal / Green Image is representative of a print on a medium size t-shirt.




Art: 193151

2-3 weeks LEADTIME

Printed t-shirt UEL design. 100% cotton, 165gsm. MOQ: 100

Adults (S-XXL) Kids (116-152)

190523 190523K


Available colours: Black / Red / Navy / Heather Grey / White / Royal / Green


Image is representative of a print on a medium size t-shirt.


Nuts 14

1 | Art: 193150 (adult) Printed Tee, 100% Cotton S - XXXL, MOQ 300pcs

1 | Art: 193150k (kids) 116-164

2 | Art: 193151 (adult) Printed Tee, 100% Cotton S - XXXL, MOQ 300pcs

2 | Art: 193151k (kids) 116-164

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You might be surprised to know that the team responsible for this is made up of 20 people. 20 people servicing 80 clubs (not to mention working on other projects). The team knows its craft well and works hard to keep clubs on-trend as well as building great relationships by listening to the clubs and indeed fans.

events and sporting competitions being limited to fans and spectators. Peter talks about what the future looks like for The Great Branding Company:

other opportunities outside of the professional sporting sector; primarily within health, fitness, leisure and spa offering retail, uniform and promotional solutions. We know no boundaries and believe our expertise and experience can help other brands and businesses in other sectors.”

“Health and safety is always our primary concern and people come first. Therefore, when the pandemic hit, we naturally ceased operation. Timescales During this time, we have been able to Great Branding has been working with take a step back and review a whole Coconut to explore new partnerships From the moment the first games are host of business processes and look within the health and fitness sector. drawn at the end of August, The Great at opportunities for the future. We Peter says: “We have worked with Branding Company typically has less are looking to launch a new virtual Coconut for a number of years and than two weeks to design and dispatch showroom which is exciting for us. thanks to Jarrod, we have been able to the products; 300,000 of them to We expect travel will continue to be retail, uniform and promotional Size provide 1, 26 panels ,100% PU. Size 5, 32 panel, 100% PU. be precise. Working with factories items 500in the health, fitness and spa 500 affected but our clients still have fans MOQ: across the world, The Great MOQ: Branding to engage with and commercial targets sectors.” Company has exceptionally high to hit. We are working on some new standards meeting all SOE standards Peter adds: “The future is 190641 all to play OSFA so ranges which we190640 anticipate will be OSFA much so they are also Adidas and New for. As for the professional football very popular with fans and clubs alike Balance-approved. clubs, we are working hard to fulfil a and enable people to participate and new type of demand. We are looking spectate in a safe way.” What’s next? at fan packs and sets that fans can use


There’s no escaping the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on the world and its legacy is set to continue well into the future with mass spectator


Peter talks about the future: “We will continue to focus on working with UEFA and its clubs and fans, but we are also exploring a whole host of

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to decorate their gardens and living rooms in lieu of watching the match live plus a few other tricks and ideas up our sleeve…” the



FEATURE How Urban Planet could revolutionise your marketing spend and activity.

On demand stores


or many, the process of buying merchandise is fraught with many obstacles, issues, challenges and typically cost. Firstly, you have to find a supplier which you can trust. And once you find a company which looks the part, the first thing they will talk to you about is MOQ or minimum order quantities; forget the niceties, it’s straight down to business. Typically, most printers will be looking for you to order at least 500 units as your MOQ, 1000 if you’re looking at overseas suppliers and if you’re lucky, you could get away with 250.


In today’s market, we can’t afford to invest valuable cash in products which could sit on the shelf for six-12 months or at worst never see the light of day. And let’s not even talk about what happens to your products if you can’t use them. Many products won’t be recyclable. Surely there’s a better way?! Introducing Print On Demand by Urban Planet.

the colour, finishes, window and tyre trims, entertainment systems - everything! And did you pay a little more for this? Personalisation of any product is far more engaging for the customer or end-user. In fact, 77% of consumers and buyers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalised service or experience.

Working with large global brands through to small, niche businesses, Urban Planet can solve all your merchandise woes.

Urban Planet is about to supply an On Demand service to the London Marathon and its runners (both present and past). Capable of adding names, race times and race numbers to over 30 different products, Urban Planet’s offering will make a significant impact on the service the London Marathon can offer its runners. Aside from the London Marathon, thanks to Coconut, Urban Planet has been able to create ondemand stores for a number of gyms and leisure centres and this is just the start. The team is currently building on-demand sites for a range of clients within the education, health, sports and charity sectors.

Next, you’ll come onto the subject of delivery time. In an ideal world, most of us would like our product asap; within two weeks would be nice. No, not in the world of merchandise and printing. In fact, you’re probably looking at four to eight weeks to get your hands on your products.

Firstly, there’s no MOQ. So you can order just one product which means there’s zero wastage but don’t worry, you can also order hundreds and thousands if you want!

Once the happy day arrives and your new merchandise is finally in your hands, the next challenge you might be facing is where on earth can it all be stored? And what happens if you’ve over-ordered? What happens if the marketing team decides to re-brand in a year’s time and you still have all this branded merchandise with the old brand? Money. Down. The. Drain.

And thirdly, but potentially the most significant for brands and businesses looking to stand out from the competition, you can personalise each product. We now live in an age where personalisation is king. Who has brought a car or even a sofa within the last few years? Did you spend time with your sales consultant to build exactly the right car for you? Choosing

Nuts 16

Secondly, being based in the UK, you can get your hands on your products within five days. Hurrah!

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Zoggs Ecolast swimwear collection, a range of eco friendly swimwear produced from ocean waste, helping to preserve our oceans.

Find a retailer near you or shop online at



Get the most out of your day and workout with the CityBrix rucksack.

CityBriX The only bag with a built in gym locker.


100% waterproof moulded base No fuss, place CityBrix anywhere

L e a r n m o re a t :




PRODUCT RANGE Veg Pots, Salad Jars, Dinner Boxes and Super Soups which are available nationwide.

Swim Consultancy


Jumper 1 2 3 4





 Discover your genetic profile  Identify your disease risk  More than 1000 food types evaluated based on your genes

 Identify your personal

micronutrient requirements

 Take preventative action  Discover your most effective treatment


nutrition and exercise program

 Identify your personal

weight-loss program with lifelong validity


w w w.p u r e g e n e t i c l i fe s t y l e.c o m



The Spa sector is thought to be worth £5.2bn each year to the UK economy.


sector which has grown considerably over recent years and evolved like no other; now comprising nutrition, weight management and high-tech treatments to name but a few. Each year, thousands of professionals attend the well-known and prestigious Spa Life event, in association with European Spa magazine. It is a celebration of excellence and innovation in the spa and wellness industry, with a unique focus on education and self-development. We caught up with Mike Fitch, Co-Founder and Director of Spa Life to find out more about this great show. Mike says: “The spa sector is a fascinating, fast-paced and exciting place and we are privileged to host this much-loved event for the past ten years and counting. Due to social distancing and government recommendations, the format of our shows will change this year but this won’t detract from the experience, insight and education people will receive.” Spa Life is a two-day event aimed at empowering the people within the sector to raise the bar by growing product offering, networks of connections, management skills and knowledge. The events are typically busy with numerous one-to-one meetings and new product demos as well as seminars, workshops and talks from global leaders in their field. The event also plays host to the Good Spa Guide Awards at a gala dinner and is always a highlight of the calendar. Mike’s background hasn’t always been running global events, in fact, he started his career in the health and fitness by managing prestigious health clubs and leading spas. Always focussed on people, Mike later set up businesses which supported health clubs and spas celebrate their people, upskill, train and share best practice to drive standards up. And it was this that led to the creation of Spa Life. Mike said: “Our events will always be delegate-led and our programmes are designed to give them the very best experience and help them address issues affecting the sector and their dayto-day businesses.” Due to the popularity of the Spa Life events, they have now been expanded into Germany and Ireland, with plans underway to look at shows in Canada and South Africa. Jarrod from Coconut said: “Spa Life is always a staple event on my calendar. The audience is great for so many brands and clients. Key decision-makers and influencers attend and they are always open and interested in new products and opportunities for their brands, businesses and spas.”

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Nuts 19

That’s the named of the game… The world of sports nutrition is highly competitive and often directed through very narrow channels. Here, we talk to David Hannah, Managing Director of NAMEDSPORT about how this global brand has been able to penetrate the market and its plans to expand further into the UK.

We are part of the significant and well-known NAMED (Natural Medicine) Group, but NAMEDSPORT specifically develops a sport health supplement range, producing products for hydration, energy, recovery (through protein) and wellbeing. The sales strategy is resonating well with retailers due to the fact NAMEDSPORT is not competing with them on ‘price’ from our own website and are fully committed to supporting both the sport and the retail channel.”


Working with Coconut, Jarrod was able to secure an exclusive partnership with the official Tour de France magazine. David says: “We have worked with Jarrod and Coconut for a number of years and always value the contribution. New ideas, new introductions and new commercial opportunities are always a given when working with Coconut.” As part of the sponsorship deal, NAMEDSPORT can sample goods at each event, which increases brand awareness and supports its retailers. David talks about this golden opportunity that the sampling provides:

David continues: “A point of difference for our products is that they are formulated using many highly branded ingredients like Cluster Dextrinä , Palatinoseä and Vitargoâ. These are rarely the “Cycling retail typically cheapest ingredients to use, but they ensure the product is of the Title and Presenting Sponsor sells highly technical highest quality. We are not shy to promote this and the benefits goods and a good can be researched independently by the consumer. It’s something retailer can impart the we actively promote and encourage.” benefits to the end-user. Uci Pro-Tour Team Official Supplier Over the years, many supplement and nutrition brands have Unfortunately, very few been successful at entering the mass-market retail channel and can give nutritional advice appear to be doing well. Here, David talks about the potential so they need help, support for further growth and opportunities: “I am impressed that some and guidance with this. ‘muscle’ brands have now broken out of the gym channel and We are highly committed are now highly visible in mass-market retail. There is potential to sampling goods and for the market to develop further as penetration grows and there together with this we is certainly room for many brands. The only issue I see is that of provide retailers with misinformation and at times, the consumer’s lack of understanding display units, single-serve of the functionality of the products and the integration into their samples and information training and performance.” booklets etc to pass on. What’s more, they can get He adds: “For a company to be successful, it requires volume all of these FREE through sales. However, the cycling retail channel we operate in has our wholesaler, Raleigh.” limitations, not only in the number of stores, but the fact it’s not For sales enquiries please contact +44 (0) 203 3720634 NAMEDSPORT> on: displays focused on nutrition and is highly seasonal.” “In-store can be improved. Many stores stick a few boxes here and there and this lack of effort equates in a lack of interest “Commercially, these volumes must be achieved, and the online from the consumer. My advice is to focus on a small area within a and mass markets offer the opportunities to grow our brand and store or retail setting and integrate some sampling of the product business. There must also be an element of reciprocal loyalty from into the bike service or other in-store purchases, maybe linked the cycling retailers to brands supporting their channel if a point with a promotion to drive sales.” of difference is to be achieved.” So what’s next for NAMEDSPORT? “We have an exciting launch NAMEDSPORT has delivered a number of successful marketing planned for our Tour de France campaign. There is also a small campaigns. David says: “As part of the marketing campaign, we range of energy gel alternatives as re-sealable RTDs. We have used our contacts within cycling to become the official brand of extended our hugely successful Total Energy Fruit Bars that the Giro d’Italia and had Vincenzo Nibali as a brand ambassador feature natural fruits with an edible rice paper covering to avoid and this propelled the brand into wider recognition. Our ‘sticky’ fingers.” commitment to the sport of cycling is very visible and clear to see. We are the official sponsor of all three Grand Cycling Tours “The future for this category is highly exciting and filled with for the next five years, which we believe is a first for a nutrition possibilities. Five years ago, nobody imagined Marks and Spencer company. We are also sponsoring many of the major one-day selling protein bars, but if you check out its shelves now, you’ll races like Paris>Roubaix and Milan San Remo. We also work with find them there. Moving into complementary and neighbouring Team Sunweb, AG2R La Mondiale, Cofidis and Team Astana who sectors is something we’re keen to do. The health and fitness are amongst the most successful teams. Domestically, we support market is a natural fit. The NAMEDSPORT gym range has some Vitus Pro cycling. The feedback from these teams also helps us of the best protein products on the market. We hope to see our with product development.” in-store ranges to develop from just gels and bars. It’s certainly all to play for and we’re eager to play…” Title and Presenting Sponsor

Fuel Your Passion


Nuts 20

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We take a look at what this incredible European city has to offer


Holmes Place

Urban Sports Club



Did you ever say hello to a girl you almost married long ago? Did she smile the same captivating smile and give your arm a hug in a gesture you’d almost forgotten? Did the wrinkles as she smiled make you wonder what marvellous times you’d missed ? That’s how I felt about Berlin every time I came back here...” For anyone who knows Jarrod will know Berlin is like his second home. Berlin is well-known for its iconic and historic architecture but less so for great food, fantastic hotels, shopping and lots of open green spaces, cool beer and being Arm Aber Sexy! Berlin is home to world class fitness, spas and sports clubs, and Jarrod Lupson the Founder and Director of Coconut highlights some of his favourites. Jarrod says: “I have been visiting Berlin since 1984, before the fall of the ‘Die Mauer’ in 89. The city is like no other I have been to which is why I am so fond of it and each time I visit, I discover new places to explore or facts I didn’t know. It’s atmospheric and historic but has a strong and vibrant culture, which is accessible to everyone as it has a good mix of tradition but fused with the modern and what’s more; it’s truly poor but Sexy!” Brandenburger © visitBerlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien With Kudu at Savignyplatz S-Bahn


Nuts 22

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Panorama © visitBerlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien

bin ein Berliner

avourite F Aspria Ku’Damm


This club is simply stunning and has everything you need, including its own hotel so you acn literally stay and play here when you visit. The world-famous shopping street, Kurfürstendamm is literally a stone’s throw away and it’s only five minutes to the Grunewald, a residential area full of mansions as well as a 3000 ha forest! Coconut is working with Aspria to develop a boutique range of apparel, across all their clubs.



Urban Sports Club

Jarrod first met the founders and owners (Moritz ad Benjamin) of Urban Sports Club when it was just them, one club in one city. Now, this brand is in over 80 city locations across six countries and employs over 500 staff. A great success story and a brilliant example of how to scale a fitness business.



Holmes Place Potsdamer Platz Located inside the Holmes Place club, this spa oozes luxury. The club itself is located in the heart of Berlin in what was once no man’s land and is walking distance to the wall and the famous Hansa Studios, which have echoes of David Bowie… Jarrod spent a year working here and it will always have a special place in his heart.




Jarrod has worked with Berlin-based HECH for several years. HECH is a story of beautiful branding and products supported with premium ingredients, which has led to this brand being brought and sold globally. Well-known for its nutritional ranges, HECH is also a pioneer in beauty nutrition for women and was a leader in the development of collagen-based product solutions.

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Nuts 23

e h t f o n o i t a r b e A cel t u n o c o c humble

The name coconut is derived from 16th century Portuguese sailors who thought the three small holes on the coconut shell resembled the human face so dubbed the fruit “coco” meaning “grinning face, grin, or grimace.” The word nut was added in English later on.

Technically, the coconut fruit is a drupe not a nut. Typical drupes include peaches, plums, and cherries. Coir (the fiber of the husk) can be used for making ropes, mats, brushes, sacks, caulking for boats, and as stuffing for mattresses. The water in the young coconut (the green kind) is one of the highest sources of electrolytes. Electrolytes are responsible for keeping the body properly hydrated so the muscles and nerves can function properly. Therefore, it is more beneficial to drink the water from a young coconut after an intense workout rather than the commercial sports drinks we see advertised.

The soft meat or flesh inside the coconut helps to restore oxidative tissue damage and contains a source of healthy fats, proteins, and various vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil can also be used topically on the skin and hair. Instead of bathing your skin with synthetic toxic lotions and creams, coconut oil can be used to nourish and moisturise skin, scalp, and hair. Coconut is believed to support your immune system health: it is anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite. What’s more, it can help protect the body from cancers through insulin reduction and removal of free radicals that cause premature aging and degenerative disease. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and improves good cholesterol (HDL).


Promotions... Loyalty... Rewards... Development... Partnerships

And finally, it makes a great cocktail...Piña Colada. Try out this recipe…. • Handful of diced, fresh pineapple • 250ml of white rum • 750 ml of coconut cream • Plenty of ice cubes • Optional sugar to taste • Flaked coconut and pineapple for decorating Mix all ingredients together. Sit back and enjoy!

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