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Oak Park High School | Issue 3, Vol. 49 | November 2013

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sports begin practice >>meet the Miss OP candidates

Letter from the editor


The third newsmagazine Oak Park has ever printed is sure to give you tons of information you didn’t already know, including what colleges look for, why attendence does or doesn’t matter, how sports are doing and a review of “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Also, if you are struggling trying to find a career that best fits you, take our quiz inside! Do you not have a clue about what you want your career to be? You know who you like to be around, but don’t know what to do with your talents and skills? Inside this issue, you can find a career quiz. Just circle the answer that best fits you and see what career is best for you. With two sick staff members, it’s been a little difficult to make this paper the best it can be. My staff has stepped up, taken responsibility and proven that numbers don’t matter. I am proud to tell you that we are printing this 16-page paper with nine

staff members, which includes eight writers, three photographers, two page designers, and one cartoonist -- lots of hats around here. With time management, following deadlines, and doing everything to 110 percent, we give you this paper, full of information, graphics and pictures. We hope you enjoy reading The Northmen’s Log! If you still haven’t written us, we would love to hear your feedback. We’d like to know if the newsmagazine is a format to continue, and what we can improve. Please visit and let us know! We would love to have letters to the editor to inform us what you like, don’t like, and are neutral about. You can stop by E134 or email cgeabhar@ with your letters. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

maggie nolan>>managing editor

9 & 12

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the cast of “Legally Blonde” ends the show in a celebration of their opening night. maggie nolan>>managing editor

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staff & policies

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log



>>New attendance initiatives >>Girls basketball practices



>>Student relationships with teachers >>Does attendance help your grades?

features 11 What’s in your backpack, Oak Park? The Log explores the different items in random students’ book bags on page 11. brenen stansbury>>photographer


>>What works best for learning? >>Career plans for graduates >>Career ideas for the future >>College deadlines



>>Preview of winter sports >>How do fights actually start?

photo essay 9 >>“Legally Blonde: The Musical”



>>Poll: Are you sick or skipping? >>What’s in a backpack? >>Miss OP candidates >>Rumors

recreation 12 5

>>“Legally Blonde: The Musical” review >>By the numbers >>Turkey vacations >>Book reviews

On Monday, Nov. 11, girls basketball players practice for their first scrimmage match later in the season. brenen stansbury>>photographer

On the cover: On Thursday, Nov. 7, seniors Mariah Studebaker and Jake Boeding share a moment on stage during “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” maggie nolan>>managing editor

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

contents 1

New attendance initiatives implemented brenen stansbury >>photographer We all have to be here, but what is administration doing this year to make us want to be here? They are lightening the mood and making the whole school experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Junior Damara Feagin said she enjoys being here, “you have something to look forward to now, instead of coming just because you have to.” This attitude spread schoolwide, according to administration, because attendance is higher this year than previous years. “People show up to school more because the teachers seem a lot nicer and happier,” said sophomore Thomas Duncan. This year most of the teachers, and the entire atmosphere of the school seems much more laid back and just generally happy. Some people still don’t get excited to be here, but agree that it is important. Senior Ashley Campbell said, “I don’t want to be here, but it is important

to be here for the A+ hours, so I try to be here every day.” As well as many other requirements, the A+ Scholarship requires at least 95 percent attendance. ` The administration has been working to get students to be here and make good grades as well. They have been offering some rewards for attendance and grades, like $3 of free concessions. That makes for some pretty nice eating at the game, where student earned free admission on Friday, Oct. 25. How often do you get to go to the movies during school? With a huge group of your friends? For only $5? Administration offered this; and required 92 percent attendance and 2 Ds above 65 percent. On Tuesday, Nov. 26, students will have their choice of three first-run movies and free popcorn during the school day. Students choosing to stay at school with have other academic interventions and options.

Girls basketball

prepares for triumph The varsity team watches and cheers as the ball swooshes into the basket on Monday, Nov. 11. Basketball coach Seth DeRose guides sophomore Leah Israel through practice on Monday, Nov. 11. Senior Emily Ballard rushes the court during practice on Monday, Nov. 11. photos by hannah williams>>editor-in-chief

Students plan out lip dub gabie kreut zjans >>writer Recently the journalism 1 broadcast class announced the idea of putting on a lib dub. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically this idea, that they are going to get all the students, line them up throughout the halls, and show our school spirit by lip syncing a song and showing off the teams, clubs and academics. “I’m always excited for any positive ideas that recognize students who are in extracurricular activities,” said activities director Casey Vokolek. Vokolek is working closely with the broadcast class to get this lib

2 news

dub to happen. Though this plan may not face any challenges coming from the administration, the plan does have to go through the teaching staff, because any plan this big takes time out of a normal school day. This event would take almost half a day, having students, teachers and staff to pull it off. “It takes a lot of work and organizing, but it’s a good plan and I think [the broadcast class] can do it,” Vokolek said. The date under consideration is Friday, Dec. 20, just before winter break and after finals.

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

Talking locker adds ideas kelsey shannon>>photographer As everyone may already know, the Talking Northman is a new project. But the question is, are we really utilizing it for what we need? The Talking Northman is a locker that can be found by the vending machines. The purpose of this locker is to inform the Student Council and faculty of what the student body really wants and needs for a school day. What do you want to happen? What are you just dying to see happen around here? Just put it in the locker, and someone will read it and consider it. The locker was originally an old locker that was replaced with the new ones we have today. It was stowed away in a locker room for about 10 years. When a custodian discovered it, StuCo and the woodworking class worked together to case it up and make it look like how it is today. So the locker has been in effect for a little while now and apparently they have gotten some pretty good feedback. “So far, the communication has been a success,” said sponsor Bryan Edinger. “We receive about four to fivemessages a week and with the helpful promotion from the AXE and Log, we are seeing more and more messages come in.”

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

news 3

Student-teacher relationships benefit learning


k-town shannon >>photographer

I believe that every student, deep down, dreams for an awesome relationship with a teacher. Someone who’s class they can go to when their day is terrible. Someone who they can talk to about anything and everything. Someone who can just be there for them when they feel like no one else is. The good and reassuring thing is, we have that here at OP. We have some awesome teachers who are totally open and welcoming when you come into their classes. Now, this might not be the case for all of your teachers, but I did say

SOME. Having a good relationship with one teacher is one of the coolest things. You get to feel like you really mean something to them and that they see past the fact that you are just their student. Some people might think that having a good, friendly relationship could be bad for student because that you cause favoritism and all those type of things, but it is simply not the case. Teachers are so much smarter than that. They are grown adults and know what they’re doing. Some might express themselves in favoritism but that isn’t our fault.

Teachers are what bond everyone together. If no one has a relationship with him or her, then there wouldn’t be any hope for us as students. They would probably just be old grumpy adults who yell at us for everything. (And we definitely don’t have that type of teachers here, right?) All in all, having a good relationship with a teacher definitely shouldn’t be a crime. I think it really brings us together as a student body and makes coming to school much more enjoyable. I mean, getting a couple extra brownie points never hurt anyone, either.

Attendance: useful or useless maddie russell >>writer

maggie nolan>>managing editor

Missing school. In one way, it could be a blessing, a way for students to get refocused and recover for the next days. A break from school is what most students think they need, but when they get back? A mountain of make-up work is waiting for them, with no idea how to get it done or how to even accomplish it. If you’re gone for days at a time, it could take weeks to get caught up again. Grades start slipping, the stress starts to take over your life, and pretty soon you’ve got yourself in too deep. Missing school is a big reason why students’ grades drop. It’s almost impossible to even do the work if you don’t know the lesson, which is why it’s so important to be at school everyday, even though you may not enjoy the time you’re here. Knowing I’ll meet the material and knowing how to do you at the work plays a huge part in your Worlds of grades and what you do after high school or college. The best learning Fun in 30 happens in a classroom with a teachminutes er to look over your shoulder, not at home where you can get distracted so easily. Although you can catch up with schoolwork at home or outside of class, you will never really know the material as well as you should. The study tricks your teacher would have taught you that class you missed, you would never learn, the extra credit opportunity you missed, gone. You miss more than you think you do when you’re gone from school. Attendance is important in the long run, and you miss out on other things not school related. School is where most life long friends are made, relationships are started, and where you discover yourself. Think about if you never went to school ever, and you were taught from home. Would you still be the

If my body were a pair of shoes, it would be Crocs. Basically, it just sucks. I get sick at the drop of a hat and have undergone several surgeries. It’s simple: my attendance is horrible. But, that shouldn’t define my school career. I manage to keep my grades up, no matter how many days I’ve missed. I know it’s important to come to school, but sometimes I really can’t help it. I don’t think the state, who is so critical of the attendance, would want me coming to school with a migraine so bad I can hardly open my eyes, let alone I can’t come to pay attention, or coughing, sneezing and puking. There are days that it reschool... I’m sick ally is best I stay at home, for my peers and me. I don’t think it’s fair, though, that I miss out on rewards, like going to the movies or a free football game. They should consider students who may miss a bit of school, but keep their grades up and are academically motivated. Attendance shouldn’t be important if the student keeps up on his or her work. I think it should honestly depend on the student. There are some students who are here every day, but are failing every class and spend most of their time in ISS. But their attendance still counts toward the school, so it’s OK, right? In middle school, I had the same problem. I had two knee surgeries and ended up missing a lot of school, but my grades and behavior were good enough for the reward program that took students to Worlds of Fun or Snow Creek. The days that the “good kids” got to have a vacation day, I was stuck at school with the people who were known for sleeping in class, getting in fights, and not doing any of their work. That’s not the group I want to be classified with. I understand that for most kids, it is crucial to their learning to be at school, but I’ve managed to work around it for the past six years.

for a student poll on related content, see page 13

4 opinion

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

H i gh s ch o ol st ude n t s have to make their ow n dec i s i o n s abo ut t he ir p os t highs chool life. A nd wh et h er or n ot t he student p lans on going to a f o u r - ye ar un ive r s ity, or to a highly s elec t ive pri vat e u n ive rsit y, t he decis ion is their own . Th e i n f o r mat io n prov ided, can s hed s ome i nsi g h t o n impo rt ant top ics that g rad u at i ng st ude n t s s hould think a b o u t w h ile makin g decis ions .

s n

o i st

e u

q s

g le

l o


e s i a r e e r e


h d

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

w s n

a e

m o

s e r a

s r e

feature 5

College, career and be

With so many options availabl know what you’re going to do Choosing your future career Circle the answer that best fits you. When you’re done, see what career you’d be good at!

What’s your favorite subject? (A) math (B) english or history (C) gym

What do you like to do in your spare time? (A) homework/study (B) babysit (C) work out

Who do you like being around most? (A) adults (B) kids (C) other physically fit people

Would you rather:

(A) be inside at a desk (B) be inside and walk around (C) be outside

Would you rather:

(A) work on a computer (B) work on paper/ white board (C) work outside

Answers: Mostly As: You would make a good accountant! You don’t mind sit-

ting behind a computer all day. Accountants examine and analyze records and financial statements, compute taxes and analyze business operations. You don’t mind calculating things and working with numbers.

Would you rather:

Mostly Bs: You should be a teacher! You like to be around kids, enjoy teaching, and don’t mind working on a white board. Teachers are more likely to want to create their own learning plan, activities and projects.

What’s your ideal part-time job?

Mostly Cs: You are a physical therapist or personal trainer. You love to work out, be outside, and learn with your body. You enjoy learning about the development, prevention, and treatment for maintaining proper movement and functionality for daily routines.

(A) learn your jobs from someone else (B) teach someone else (C) make my own rules (A) intern for big business (B) daycare (C) local gym

compiled by maggie nolan>>managing editor

Key Club gives back to the community olivia eissler>>writer “It is kind of humbling and you practice selflessness,” said junior Julia Wopata. Wopata was involved with Key Club. Key Club was a group that goes out into the community and helps out. Lately, Key Club has been helping out by collecting cans for Harvesters. They also have helped out with parentteacher conferences, by helping parents find the right classrooms. “It is a great way to give back to the community,” said junior Alex Marx. Marx was also currently involved with Key Club. He said all the community service hours he gets contributes toward college and helps him on his way to graduating. Gold Medallion students have to complete 100 hours of community ser-

6 feature

vice to graduate. “It is a good way to help others, and it benefits others.” Key Club follows all of the traditions from previous years by helping out all the same organizations. “We are going to deliver gifts to the elderly, because they don’t see a lot of young people coming around,” said president senior Emily Ballard. Ballard also said that another way Key Club was doing community service was helping out at a chili dinner. Key Club meets every Wednesday in the faculty lounge. They encourage students to come join and help out the community.

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

eyond the walls of OP:

le after graduation, do you o with the rest of your life?

College challenges

gabie kreutzjans>>people editor Getting the Recommendation letter: College today is so much harder to get accepted into. With global interactions, there is a higher competition for getting into that “dream school.” So some colleges need a recommendation letter. Any adult in your life that has seen your growth as a student and has seen you succeed can write this recommendation letter. One of the greatest pieces of advice anyone can give you is that while your scrounging for those letters, give the adult your resume, or any type of portfolio that shows your greatest skills and accomplishments. This can give the adult that’s writing the letter, even more great things to say about you. What colleges want: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

A challenging high school curriculam Good grades and a trend of getting better Good scores on standardized tests, such as ACT or SAT Participation in various extracurriculars Community service Maybe a job? Those positive recommendation letters And any other special awards or things that set you apart

Need any help with college planning? Contact your counselor or visit http://, the Oak Park counseling website for information on scholarships, anything AP, and various tools available to students. Follow @opcounseling on Twitter for the latest college and career info. N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

Learning new methods of note-taking survey and information by gabie kreutzjans>>writer What works best for learning? Is it regular note taking? Maybe more then three hours of studying per night? When students were asked what works best for them, answers were varied. But by a wide margin, most students preferred just their own regular notes, studying for one hour or less, and studying in their own room or house. So why are certain types of notes considered to better of worse?” “I think it’s important that people should be left to decide what works best for them,” said senior Andrea Ballard.

Methods of note-taking Cornell- 35/150 Regular Note Taking-75/150 Computer-20/150 No Notes-19/150

How long do you study? How long students study? less than an hour- 106/150 1-2 Hours- 40/150 3 or more hours- 4/150

The information provided for these surveys were compiled from 150 random students.

feature 7


Winter sports begin Boys Basketball

“This year is going to be better than last year,” said head coach Ryan Nichols. Nichols has faith the boys basketball team has a good chance of winning conference this year. “Our conference is wide open,” Nichols said. “There are four teams that could win conference.” Nichols said he was excited to see what progress the players have made over the summer and hanging out with the guys.


“We are going to be smart, efficient and purposeful with everything we do,” said head coach Caleb Dixon. Dixon said the wrestling season will go well. He said his team will get better and will progress. He was excited to work with the staff and all of the new and old students. In his first year as the wrestling coach, he was hoping to bring a new philosophy to his team. This philosophy was not to train to win everything, but to train to get better.

Girls Basketball

“I think we have the potential to have a pretty good season,” said basketball head coach Anthony Abbott. Abbott said the girls basketball team is better than last year and the girls have more experience this year. “I am looking forward for the season to start and working with the girls,” Abbott said. He was also looking forward to the long season, practices, games and team building. Abbott gets his team ready by having them take strength and conditioning, working on offense and defense and getting his team involved in clinics.


“I am excited for team bonding and all the experiences,” said senior Hannah Eisele-Miller. Eisele-Miller believes the girls swim season is going to do well with the new freshmen joining. She prepares for the season by getting involved in club swim in her off season. A new swim coach is expected to be named soon.

olivia eissler>>writer

The girls varsity team watches as senior Emily Ballard makes a basket. hannah williams >> editor-in-chief Sophomore Leah Israel and junior Becca Hughes pass the ball on Monday, Nov. 11. hannah williams>> editor-in-chief

Girls basketball players run drills during practice on Monday, Nov. 11. hannah williams>>editorin-chief

Fighting the fights, drama

sam rogers >>writer

Nearly every one has been in a school fight, a direct witness or the main cause of one. “The main cause of fights at school is people taking bad advice from friends,” said assistant principal Chris Sartain. The hallways are abuzz with excitement; students start to shuffle for a good spot to see the action. “Most men have urges to feel dominant and the need to feel like they are at the top of the food chain,” sophomore Garrett Menges said. Fighting is a sad reality in all schools, fight rates on the rise, fighting is hardly a new issue. “Fighting is similar to the game of telephone. One girl says something and it goes through a whole line of people and by the time it’s completely different,” Menges said. Students have been getting into fights that involved bumps, bruises and blood.

8 health & sports

“Verbal, some people aren’t courageous enough to actually hit some one and it is probably the most common way of fighting,” Menges said. All fights are different, but some commonalities in fights do occur. “Other people like to start drama then stand back to watch,” Sartain said. There are ways to defend yourself in a school fight, and one of the most recommended ways is to just walk away. “A reason fights could be started is people starting lies, telling different stories, creating drama, mostly,” junior Jeremy Hicks said. In high school, people often lack the maturity to express those opinions any other way. “How I think fights are started is another kid talks crap, mainly the drama, some kids just want to see a fight, drama gets started and different stories are told from different part of views,” junior Naithan Bakas said.

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

Senior Mariah Studebaker and sophomore Chaunery Tanguay share a romantic dinner on the stage on Thursday, Nov. 7. Studebaker, playing Elle Woods, has been the lead in the musical for three consecutive years. maggie nolan >>managing editor

Senior Taylor Welch recieves a package from senior Spencer Rollins on Thursday, Nov. 7. maggie nolan >> managing editor

Seniors Madaline Walter-McCrary and Mariah Studebaker prepare to begin Friday, Nov. 8’s production of “Legally Blonde.” hannah williams >> editor-in- chief Seniors Taylor Welch and Dillon Heginbottom discuss the custodial issues of Welch’s dog, Roofus, on Thursday, Nov. 7. maggie nolan >>managing editor Seniors Mariah Studebaker and Jake Boeding converse about the importance of being serious and still having fun on Thursday, Nov. 7. Opening night for the musical sat a full house. maggie nolan >>managing editor

‘Legally’ pretty in pink for a review of the performance, see page 12

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

photo essay 9

SICK VS SKIPPING When you are absent, are you really sick or skipping?

72 18


11 sick


Reactions to rumors about the third floor swim pool


142 total people polled information by sam rogers >>writer graphic by maggie nolan >>managing editor

olivia eissler>>writer

Have you gotten your ticket for the pool on the third floor yet? “We have a pool?” said sophomore Ali Ishkuntana. Ishkuntana didn’t believe the rumor that we had a pool on the third floor. “People are childish.” Ishkuntana thinks people shouldn’t spread rumors. He thinks that only funny rumors should be spread, but if a rumor is about someone and could hurt them, then he thinks that people should not spread that rumor. “People spread rumors to mess with people and joke around. It is funny seeing peoples reactions when you tell them that the rumor is not true,” said senior Katie Leimkuehler. Leimkuehler said only rumors that are funny and get a good reaction

out of people should be spread, like the pool. Leimkuehler first heard about the pool as a freshman from the seniors. “People have nothing better to do with their lives,” said Ishkuntana. Junior Kaley Breault said that she heard about the pool mostly from upperclassmen when she was a freshmen. “Rumors are stupid,” said Breault. “They do it to hurt other people or to spread something funny around.” Breault said she never believed the rumor about the pool on the third floor. “If they are mean rumors, they like to se people hurt, but if they are funny rumors they like to see the reactions on peoples faces.”

Meet your Miss OP candidates Ashley Sylvara >>Band

Sami Hopkins >>Adaptive PE

Mariah Hermsen Gabby Brancato >>StuCo >>Leadership

Jessica Pham Gabie Kreutzjans>>Science Olympiad >Peer Helpers

Alex Forshay >>Thespian

Hiba Anton >>AFS

Aubrey Walker >>Axe

Cheyenne Miller >>Orchestra

When: Friday, Dec. 13 7: 30 p.m. Where: little theatre

graphic by maggie nolan >>managing editor

10 people

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

Exploring the contents of student backpacks maddie russell>>writer

Sophomore Garrett Menges

1 script 1 paperback novel 47 random papers

2 pliers 72 notecards 1 vaseline Jar 1 roll of medical tape 28 metal links 1 Macbook charger 4 notepads 1 Macbook 1 chemistry binder 1 sketchbook 1 key chain 2 legal pads

Senior Mariah Studebaker

1 pair of gloves 1 sock 1 scarf 5 flash drives 1 kazoo 3 granola bars 2 tubes of toothpaste 1 tooth brush 4 sharpies 6 pencils 4 pens 1 high lighter 3 notebooks 1 Dr. Seuss quote book 3 bags of cough drops 1 set of car keys 5 folders 5 headbands 1 laptop charger 1 choir folder

junior Joe Dyer 17 pencils 1 pair of headphones 1 student ID 2 bottles of cologne 1 calculator 1 set of car keys 1 pack of gum 1 $5 bill 1 Mac Book 1 charger 2 notebooks 2 folders

1 can of food 8 hair ties 2 water bottles 1 deodorant 1 pair of toe warmers 1 hair brush 1 bag of makeup 1 wallet 1 spoon 1 yogurt 2 bracelets 1 phone 2 chapstick 1 retainer 2 letters 3 books 1 script 2 Norman’s Nickels 2 bottles of aloe 1 pair of dance shoes 1 Macbook

“The pliers are for the chainmail armor I like to make at home, I also use them to make jewelry and just for anything else you may need pliers for.” “The keychain on my backpack I use to show what blood type, I am in case I’m in a medical situation.”

1 planner 1 camera 10 scraps of trash 1 penny “The Dr. Seuss book is filled with sticky notes with little inspiring quotes on them. Sometimes I just take them and leave them random places for people to find, or I give them to people to brighten their day.” “The kazoo is for my collection. I have a bunch of toy instruments at home like a ukulele, I don’t remember where I got it but I’m pretty sure someone else in school has a matching one.”

“I have so many pencils because most of them don’t even work, I just never take them out. I like to have a lot as well, I’m always restocking.” “My red folder is just for loose leaf paper, the black one is pretty much for everything else, the black notebook is for College Algebra, and then the blue notebook is for honors lit. & comp.”

all photos by brenen stansbury>>photographer

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

people 11

Blonde or brilliant

By the numbers

maddie russell>>writer





Vending machines:


Water fountains:


Books in the library:


22 main stairway 22 east stairwell 22 west stairwell 22 south stairwell 1 child development step 2 downstairs center 2 downstairs by the library 2 upstairs east hallway 2 upstairs south hallway 2 faculty upstairs north hallway 2 faculty downstairs by main gym 6 FACS hallway 2 cafeteria entrance

4 downstairs center 2 FACS hallway 2 special ed hallway 2 cafeteria 2 art hallway 2 little theatre 2 girls locker room 2 boys locker room 4 upstairs south hallway 4 upstairs center hallway 4 upstairs east hallway 2 upstairs north hallway 4 upstairs west hallway

1,382 books checked out 482 books overdue 188 books lost

Jessica’s in the school 11 Emily’s in the school 6 Michael’s in the school 10 James’ in the school 8 Brittany’s in the school 4 Plaques above main gym: 133 Students: 1380 Teachers: 84 Clubs: 31 Head Coaches: 19 compiled by k-town shannon and maggie nolan writer and managing editor

12 recreation

Even without Reese Witherspoon, “Legally Blonde” turned out to be a tremendous hit. I was very impressed with the performance I saw on opening night, I was expecting a few mishaps because it was the first show, but as far as I know, there weren’t any. The actors and actresses were very professional and believable, they all had amazing voices that took hold of my attention and pulled me right into the world of Elle Woods and her journey into Harvard Law School. However, if I had not seen the show twice, I wouldn’t have caught a surprising mistake. The two shows I had seen were very similar in scripts, but I couldn’t help but notice a small improv’d scene. When actress senior Mariah Studebaker entered the stage on Saturday, Nov. 9, to deliver the scene where she gives Callahan her pink résume, she did not bring her props on stage. I was very curious to see how she was going to play off the mishap. When it got to the part where Callahan asked for a résume, she simply laughed and said she’d emailed it to him three weeks ago. I was extremely impressed with the improv that was thought of so quickly and it blended right into the script. There were other small errors I saw because of lines and, of course, the dogs trying to run off stage, but nothing was too major or noticeable enough to pull much attention to it. Backstage crew also did a very well with transitions into the different scenes. Changing settings didn’t take very long and the show always kept moving forward. Lights and other sound effects just gave the show

that little extra something they needed. My favorite part of these effects were when all the lights in the theater dazzled on and off when Elle had the Greek Chorus in her head which made it very believable. Each character looked their part in all of the costumes and makeup. Each actor and actress had their own specific style that reflected them. Warner always wore the sweaters and Ralph Lauren-type shirts while Emmett wore the shabbier suits and worn out jackets. I think this is a very important element of the show to make each character’s personality stand out. The music, provided by the pit, was very smooth and the sound was very well controlled for each specific scene. If the singers couldn’t be heard, the pit got softer, and if the singers were stronger, the pit adjusted. I wasn’t really sure how well the pit’s performance would be but it was very great as well and was a great combination with the show. One of my favorite characters in the whole show had to be senior Taylor Welch, who played the sassy and awkward character of Paulette. Her accent reminded me of real life people I’ve seen working in salons, which made her performance that much more convincing. Her hilarious encounters with Kyle had the crowd and I in fits of laughter throughout the whole show. I’m sure she would’ve made Jennifer Coolidge very proud. I give Oak Park’s Legally Blonde four and a half stars out of five. Great job to everyone who participated in the musical and was part of it; it was truly a captivating show.

Callahan, played by junior Chris Durrant, presents his case. Seniors Jake Boeding and Mariah Studebaker, as Emmett and Elle, watch. maggie nolan>>managing editor

N ove m b e r 2013 | T h e N o rthmen’s Log

Cherry changes

Turkey vacation makes people drool

olivia eissler>>writer

Smoked turkey, glazed ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce are layed perfectly across the table. “My favorite part about Thanksgiving is having all my family together,” said senior Marie-Laurence LeBlanc. LeBlanc is a foreign exchange student from Quebec. Sometimes foreign exchange students go back home for the holidays, but LeBlanc plans on staying here and spending time with her host mom. Thanksgiving is a time to reunite with family you haven’t seen for a while. “I love sitting by the fire place and eating,” said junior Becca Saari. Becca said that every year her family always has peach jell-o and ham. What is unusual is that her family doesn’t have any turkey. For Thanksgiving, they set their table with scalloped potatoes, biscuits and gravy, and green bean casserole.

“I always feel guilty for eating everything.” Saari’s favorite part is just getting to hang out with all of her family and getting to see her brother Ray Saari, a 2013 graduate, who comes home from college. “Every year we make a big mud pit and then play football in it,” said junior Rebecca Hughes. Hughes goes down to Hannibal, Mo for half of her Thanksgiving break every year to see her family and old friends. Hannibal is a small town, but Hughes said it has the best root beer. For Hughes’ Thanksgiving meal, her family and her always go to the veteran’s home and eat with the veterans. Her favorite part about Thanksgiving is all of the food they eat. They always eat turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and every other Thanksgiving food. “I hate having to loosen my belt after our Thanksgiving meal.”

amy lehman>>free lance writer

“Cherry Money Baby” by John M. Cusick takes you on a journey with Cherry Kerrigan, who grows up in a small town and has intentions to live there for the rest of her life. It’s not like she needs to leave anyways; she has her family, her fiancé, her best friends, what more could she need? Suddenly, when Great Britain’s favorite actress starts choking in the restaurant where Cherry works, her world is shaken up and has changed for good. Now it’s not just about her little town. Cherry is introduced to the glamorous side of the world, and she’s definitely getting used to it. When Ardelia Deen decides to actually keep Cherry around after she saved her life, Cherry’s

Plot seen before, book improves in several areas

Blind man reaches the world’s top logan c. allenbaugh>>freelance writer Have you ever heard of the mountains such as Mt. McKinley/ Denali, El Capitan, Acongua, and the mother of all of them, Mt. Everest? Well, these are some of the highest and most difficult and technical climbs in the world. It’s amazingly hard for a man of normal abilities, to do feats of this measure. In fact one has to be in tiptop physical condition to be a mountaineer. But can anyone imagine doing this completely blind? In the book, “Touch The Top Of The World,” by Erik Weihenmayer writes about his love for doing things of amazing feats, such as being completely blind, and still managing to summit the highest peak, in North America, as well as the highest in the world, Mt. Everest. If I were to describe this book in one word, it would

simply be inspiring. One of the subtitles of the book is, “A blind man’s journey to climb farther that the eye can see.’’ So Weihenmayer is going places that very few have, and he is doing this in complete darkness, with the help of only his friends and climbing partners. This is a very encouraging and uplifting book that shows that if someone trains, and put forward the hard work he can achieve anything in life. This book is a prime example, and comes highly recommended to, not only to be inspired, but also become more educated about mountaineering. One would think he would finish this book with a cliffhanger but that wouldn’t be necessary because, at points, he is literally hanging on the side of a gigantic cliff.

world is changed dramatically. She’s even offered a job that pays twice as much as the Burrito Barn. But what about her home life? At first all Cherry wanted was to stay in her small town, and get married to Lucas, and have a family. Now that her life is changing so quickly, does she change her morals too? Cusick does an amazing job creating a story following a young girl faced with many decisions and opportunities. He’s so descriptive and his writing really draws you into the story. When I picked up this book, I thought it would be incredibly cheesy and probably really boring, but I was way off. This book is beautifully written, and has the perfect amount of humor, suspense, and seriousness, and has an amazing story line. It’s a wonderful read.

stephen horn>>freelance writer

“City of the Beasts” by Isabel Allende is the riveting tale of a boy accompanied by an elderly person on a harrowing journey to South America, in search of a mysterious creature that lives there. Does any of this ring a bell? Well, it should, because it just recounted the plot of UP, which, coincidentally, is the exact plot of this book. City of the Beasts’s plot is anything but original, so if one was to come to this book looking for any sort of new or underused ideas,

N ovember 2013 | Th e No r t h me n’s Lo g

one will be be sorely disappointed. Admittedly, the book does do several things right. First of all, the author’s description of setting is astoundingly accurate, detailing some of the more subtle events in the Amazonian rainforest. The vivid pictures she paints with her words draw my mind back to authors like James Joyce and George Orwell. However, while her descriptions of environment are phenomenal, the rest of her writing style leaves quite a bit to be desired. While the plot is filled with M. Night Shyamalan-esque twists, her sentences are very basic, and take away

from the overall experience. Another fairly major gripe I have with the book is that some things that could easily be expanded upon are not, making them feel very out of place. For example, at the very beginning of the book, the main character, Alex, has a dream about his mother being attacked by a giant crow. Is this ever discussed again? Not once. Allende misses opportunity after opportunity to expand on interesting ideas, and simply refuses at every turn. All in all, I could say that some groups may enjoy this book (fans of thing like Indiana Jones or the aforementioned UP), but it’s certainly not for everyone.

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