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Food Bank President Olga Jamison said food reserves are getting low at the local operation inside the Maple Street Worship Center. She noted that the increased use from seniors is a sign of the tougher economic conditions finally having an effect on the quality of life for those in Vegreville. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

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New teachers at Andrew school

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september 9, 2015

Doug’s bye-bye bbq (far left) Doug Schaffner, Manager of Vegreville’s ATB Financial Branch is leaving to obtain a new position at Camrose. On August 27, ATB Financial Branch celebrated Schaffner’s time with the branch with a charity bbq, which saw money going to the Breakfast Club. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

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Rosanne Fortier Doug Schaffner’s vision when he started working as Manager for Vegreville’s ATB Financial Branch over two years ago was to make the bank one of the friendliest around. He walked this mile more than one time because during his tenure, Doug Schaffner was awarded Manager of the Year, earned the respect of his staff, customers and community. Sadly, Doug’s moving on to manage another branch in the City of Camrose and he will be missed by ATB Vegreville. “The staff at ATB is excited for

Schaffner’s new opportunity for himself. We are going to miss him. Schaffner was fair, fun, understanding, and great with customers and his staff. He’s a wonderful, friendly-oriented man.” Liz Pettigrew, Personal Banker said. “It will be a big loss to have Schaffner leave. Whenever someone walked in the bank, if Schaffner wasn’t busy, he came out to talk to them. He supported the community in so many different ways; particularly committee work. Whoever replaces him will have big shoes to fill,” bank customer Daphne Miller said while other citizens nodded in agree-

ment. On August 27, ATB Financial Branch celebrated the personable and reliable service of Schaffner, the way Schaffner would approve, with a charity barbecue at Rotary Rendez-Vous Park which raised $425 from hot-dog sales. ATB is also forwarding some proceeds ($575) from their charity golf tournament which will see a total of $1000 donated to the Breakfast Club. ATB wished to acknowledge Co-op for the donation of pop and ice and ATCO Gas for use of the barbecue. Peter Arnold with ATB Investor Services donated the food.

Break in suspect nabbed by cops Michael Simpson Editor Police would like to thank the public for their assistance in helping collar a crook who broke into a home in Vegreville on August 17. A day after the publication of the News Advertiser was released covering the break in where a man took a series of items from the home, then travelled to Mundare to purchase personal items on a credit card in the wallet, cops were called more than once with a name to investigate. Follow up tracked the man down outside of town. Charged with breaking and entering and unauthorized use of a credit card is 32 year old Raymond Courtorielle of Edmonton, who appeared in court on September 5. The accused has a lengthy criminal record including a history of breaking and entering, thefts, assaults and more, police say.

september 9, 2015


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september 9, 2015

vEGGfest success owed to unity in community Adam Bilyk vEGGfest Chairman Wow. That’s what we heard all weekend long, and that’s what we saw. To be specific, I’m talking about how well everything turned out at vEGGfest. It was a better result than we’d hoped, with fewer problems than we’d anticipated. As festival planning goes, it was pretty smooth sailing once it got going. And here’s why: Community. The Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce took responsibility at the onset for the event, but it was the whole community that made this great event happen, and when I say that, I’m not referring simply to the people who showed up to have a good time. I’m talking about the Town of Vegreville proper, the Kinettes, Kinsmen, Elks, Volunteer Vegreville, Perogies and Jam, the Chamber of Commerce executive, and above all, the local business community, many of whom took it upon themselves to put money into sponsoring, or time, or staff hours, or resources at their disposal, to make sure everything went well. You guys did it, and you did it very well, together. There really was unity in the community, and it’s what made the event successful. To the volunteers who spent months planning in advance, who were up and at ‘em during the festival days getting everything into place – you guys rock, seriously. Take a moment and give yourselves a pat on the back. If you’re too tired to reach get someone to do it for you. Keep those volunteer shirts with pride, you earned them and set a new bar for how we can put on a show for visitors and locals alike.

I encourage any of those groups that were involved (and those who weren’t) to take a look at how effective the whole affair was by working as a team with small groups taking on individual parts within the main objective. Keep that in mind the next time you’re planning something. Remember, there’s no event too big for you to handle if you tap into the social capital of the entire town to pull it off. I’m betting there will be other people happy to help you achieve your goal.

Smile of the


Name: Tiffany Rozumniak Occupation: Client Service Representative Likes: horses, cows Dislikes: tomatoes, grumpy people

september 9, 2015


What Makes People Happy? Karen Hitchcock out that give them joy. For example, Happiness. How do you get it? Is even though you may have 3 loads it more money? A great job? A big- of laundry to do, you take the time ger home? A nicer car? Healthy to go outside and putter in the children? What makes people garden because it makes you happy. happy? Recent studies in You may have a pile of the field of happiness have paperwork to do, but you focused on identifying would like to de-stress by what makes people happy watching a funny movie and the results are interwith your children. esting. Maybe you are Another research project already engaging in activifound that for those who ties that increase your give to others (without happiness! causing distress in their Karin Hitchcock, M. C., CCC Community Counsellor Scientists say that the own lives) increases the most important thing for happiness quotient. As humans to be happy is related to long as giving to others doesn’t their social connections. In other hurt us, it increases our happiness. words, our relationships make us You don’t have to be a martyr to be happy. When we connect with oth- happy. You can give to others in a ers at work, in our family, or in the variety of ways which may not community, we build bonds which involve money. Volunteering at a create support. These connections function or a community event is help us to facilitate relationships often a “feel good” activity because where we are important, we can contribute, and we make a difference in the world. There are several other factors that contribute to happiness. One of these is linked to our sense of being busy but without being stressed or rushed. Those who keep busy are often happier than those with a great deal of idle time on their hands. This may involve prioritizing tasks at home and at work, but also maintaining a consistent level of activity. This also ties into how happy people seek things

you know that your time and effort is going to a good cause. You’ve heard the old saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Well, it’s true. Once the bills are paid and we have groceries in the fridge, our happiness doesn’t increase with the amount of money we have. The new fancy car or the bigger house doesn’t increase our happiness level. Scientists say that happy people don’t focus on stuff, they focus on experience. Instead of buying a new, larger home, they may use their money for a family vacation where they can continue to build the bonds of healthy relationships. Two other areas found linked to happiness levels included practising forgiveness and letting go of a grudge. Holding onto anger and resentment can diminish your happiness level. Working towards letting go of the past and living and celebrating the moment is positive and healthy practice. Another area

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strongly associated with happiness is practising gratitude. Being grateful is directly related to an increase in our general contentment, positive thinking, and the ability to sleep well. If you find yourself deeply unhappy and discontented, you may benefit from talking to friends and family or visiting a therapist or counsellor to learn tools to help you to build a more positive outlook. Often a shift in perspective can help people to practice finding that happiness that already exists in their lives. A recommended book to read is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The author spends an entire year just focusing on the scientific findings of what makes people happy. Karin Hitchcock is the Family Counsellor with FCSS in Vegreville. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.


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september 9, 2015



90 Years Ago – September 9, 1925 Announcement made that the final wheat pool payment for the 1924-25 season would be 11 cents for No. 1 Northern, bringing the total payment for the season to $1.66 per bushel. Tenders for the proposed new exhibition building and skating rink were opened and were as follows: H.A. Anderson and the Alberta Lumber Co. for rink as per plans and specifications, but excepting seats on one side, $7740. For rink omitting all seating $7515. Vegreville Lumber Co. for rink as per plans, etc. complete and painted, $8495. Chas Gordon, for complete rink as above $9000. For rink but omitting all seats $8320. After careful consideration of the finances, the following resolution was passed. That the tender of H.A. Anderson of the Alberta Lumber Co. of $7715 for an Exhibition Building and Skating Rink, leaving out all seating but including waiting rooms, etc., as per plans and specifications be accepted. Baldwin & Hulbert are removing their offices from the Huyke Block to the Canadian Bank of Commerce. The changes will be made early next week.

75 Years Ago – September 4, 1940 The provincial government highway construction machinery and men are tearing up earth at a great rate on the new highway which will supersede a part of No. 16. There are several sloughs along the route and the work is thus rendered more difficult. Going west, the highway is entered three miles west of Royal Park and it continues through to No. 15 at the Tofield corner. It shortens the road from Vegreville to Edmonton by between four and five miles. The distance under construction is something over 14 miles and probably will be completed easily enough this fall. Following is the list of men who left last week-end to attend camp at Calgary from September 1st to September 15th. Vegreville: Sergt. A.O.S. Fallows; Cpl. D. Panar; L/Cpl. R. Commer; L/Cpl. R.M. Marks; Tpr. P.C. Carey; Tpr. H. Dittberner; Tpr. Chas. Dumont; Tpr. M.G. Ewasiuk; Tpr. S.S. Kostashuk; Tpr. M. MaxPherson; Tpr. Leo Milner; Tpr. C. Moffatt; Tpr. G. Morris; Tpr. C. Montz; Tpr. G. Muntz; Tpr. A. Ponech; Tpr. F. Riziske; Tpr. H. Sakaliuk; Tpr. N. Warren; Tpr. P. Zaparynuk; Innisfree: Tpr. F.R. Dorward; Tpr. G. Kravetz; Tpr. E. Kuzyk; Tpr. A. Martin; Tpr. W. Sangster. Vermilion: Tpr. F. Atkinson; Tpr. S. Calvert; Tpr. J. Fisk; Tpr. J. Taylor; Tpr. A Wiebe.

50 Years Ago – September 9, 1965 Larry Ruptash takes it all in stride as he congratulated Dick Cottrell on winning the championship flight of the Vegreville Golf Tournament, Monday. Cottrell and Ruptash fought right down to the wire in the 18 hole match with Cortrell 1 up at the end of 17. Cottrell won the event when the two golfers matched pars on the 18th. The Decore family kept the proceedings within the family confines as Lawrence George Decore was admitted to the Alberta bar Tuesday. Sponsoring him was his older brother John Victor Decore, and his father Chief Judge John Decore co-presided at the ceremony. Lawrence, who graduated from the University of Alberta in 1964 and articled with his father and brother will join his brother in practice. One other brother, Leighton, is now taking articles with the same firm. Mr. Justice Peter Greschuk of the Supreme Court trials division presided at the ceremony. Returning Officer of the Vegreville Electoral District Terry Cole began his big job of organization for the election on Tuesday evening. Securing adequate personnel to man the polls is always a chore but Mr. Cole stated he had the situation well in hand.

25 Years Ago – September 4, 1990 In 1985 members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Vladimir in Vegreville established a fund which would be used to build a bell tower. The project would commemorate those who established the Orthodox faith in Vegreville. On Sunday, September 2, 1990, members of the parish gathered for the ground breaking ceremony. The town is in the final approval stages for a new playground on the south side of Vegreville. Negotiations have been going on with the current land owners – Scotia Bank – because of an existing development agreement with the previous owners. Harvesting was held up for a few days last week because of wet weather but one day of sunshine had the farmers out working in the fields. Lisa Topilko is returning to full-time teaching at Peter Svarich School this year. For the past two years Lisa was teaching French and fine arts part-time at Lavoy School. She has also formerly taught at Queen Elizabeth School and Peter Svarich School as well. Tracy Dewart is the new full-time customer assistance operator with Alberta Power in Vegreville. The customer assistance facility was created in April to provide superior, around-the-clock service to power customers, coordinating the trouble calls received outside of normal office hours.

Letters Welcomed

One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Europe’s Refugee Crisis: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Gwynne Dyer Refugees from the wars of the Middle East are pouring into the European Union at an unprecedented rate. About 3,000 a day are coming in, mostly through Turkey into Greece or across the Mediterranean to Italy, and the EU doesn’t know what to do about it. It really is a case of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and the best of the Good is Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel put it bluntly: “If Europe fails on the question of will not be the Europe we imagined.” She has put her money where her mouth is: two weeks ago she predicted that Germany would accept asylum claims from 800,000 refugees this year. France, Italy and the Netherlands have also been fairly generous about granting refugees asylum, and Sweden is accepting more refugees per capita than anybody else in the EU. But most other EU countries are refusing to take a fair share of the

refugees, or even any at all. Let us define the Bad as those governments that really know they should be doing more, but are shirking their responsibility for domestic political reasons. The most prominent are the United Kingdom and Spain, which helped to sabotage an EU meeting last June that was trying to agree on how to share the refugee burden fairly among EU members. Prime Minister David Cameron’s problem is that overall immigration into Britain is high (330,000 last year), which has infuriated the right-wing media. Most of the newcomers were citizens of other EU countries, and only 25,000 were refugees – but such fine distinctions have little place in the public debate. And in Spain, there’s an election coming up in December. Then there are the Ugly: the countries that simply don’t want to take in refugees because they are different from the local people. Like Slovakia, which said that it might take a few hundred refugees, but only Christians, or Hungary and the Czech Republic, which are both talking about deploying armed forces on their borders to keep refugees out. All these countries lived under Soviet rule for two generations, which was

almost like living in a cave. They have almost no experience of immigration. In a way, they are still living in the 1950s, through no fault of their own. It’s not an excuse, but it is an explanation. So how, in these circumstances, is the European Union to agree on a common policy for sharing the burden of caring for the refugees? “We must push through uniform European asylum policies,” Angela Merkel said, but the EU operates on a consensus basis, and there is little chance that will be accepted. “Germany is a strong country and the motto must be: ‘we’ve managed so much, we can manage this’,” Merkel added, and no doubt she can get through this year without changing course. But there is every reason to believe that there will be another million people risking everything to make it across the EU’s borders next year, and probably for many years thereafter. It may even get worse. In the long run it is almost certain to get worse, even if the current wars in the Middle East all miraculously end. Coming up behind the current crisis is the inexorable advance of climate change, which will hit the Middle East and Africa very hard indeed. Nobody has the slightest idea how many refugees that will generate, but it is likely to be many times the current flow. Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.

september 9, 2015


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World Suicide Day: Reach out and save lives: understand the signs AHS Submitted September 10 marks World Suicide Prevention Day, an internationally recognized event designed to raise awareness and dispel some of the myths related to suicide. Suicide affects people of all ages and genders. Each year more Albertans die by suicide than motor vehicle collisions. As a result, many Albertans have been impacted by losing someone to suicide. Suicide is a preventable tragedy that starts with learning how to recognize the signs that someone may be suicidal. Although not all people show warning signs, most suicidal people show signs of their distress. Being aware of these signs can help someone identify and talk to a person at risk. There are many different warning signs and being aware of them is an important step in helping to prevent suicide. Talking to someone who may

be suicidal does not put the idea in their head. In fact, being able to openly discuss suicide lets the person know you care and can make a difference. - Some of the suicide warning signs to look for include: - Talking about suicide or a plan - Making statements about hopelessness, helplessness or worthlessness - Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities - Personality changes, including lack of self care/neglect of self

- Increase in drug and alcohol use - Increase in risk taking behaviour - Becoming cheerful after a period of depression, which may mean the individual has already made the decision to escape their problems through suicide Suicidal people are in pain and want their pain to end, but do not necessarily want to die. Talking

about suicide provides a clearer picture of how the person feels so they can get the help they need. If you or someone you know needs help, please call Health Link at 811.



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september 9, 2015

Ryan School’s bell rings again Back row (left to right) Bill Bibkewich, Gerri Ewaniuk, Jim Gorsline, Jerry Politylo,LyleGorsline,RubyKassian.Frontrow(lefttoright)DiannaBibkewich, Stella (Steffie Kassian) Bray,Della (Jones) Gjorup,Jennette (Ziegler) Ferguson, Lois(Ziegler) Gregory, Ed Kassian, Gordon Ziegler. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)










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Rosanne Fortier Former pupils of Ryan School gathered after the pancake breakfast celebration at vEGGfest in the Elks/ Kinsmen Park on the morning of August 29 for a reunion get-together. They’ve met regularly since March 2011 though numbers have dwindled. Everyone had a chance to go through the Ryan School Memoirs book compiled by Ruby Kassian and assembled and bound by Gerri Ewaniuk, which has lots of past reunion photos, teacher and student lists and historical information. The future home for this book is the school room at the Vegreville Regional Museum. The Ryan School was estab-

lished under the name of Vermilion School District No. 778 on January 12, 1903 and the name was changed to Ryan School District on June 30, 1942. The school was located approximately 4 miles west of Vegreville on lands now owned by Bill and Dianna Bibkewich, and although Bill didn’t get to attend school there, his two sisters did. Gerri Ewaniuk’s dad, Ralph Speidel and her aunt Clara Speidel also attended school there in the 1930’s. They did accomplish some business with a unanimous vote to erect a metal frame sign depicting their school site located at Rge. Rd 154 Twp. Rd. 524. Generous donations were received already for this project but more is required and they are calling on former willing students or their relatives for any contributions. Regarding this project, contact Lawrence Kuly at 780-632-3990. (With files from Ruby Kassian and Gerri Ewaniuk)


september 9, 2015

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Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

The individuals and staff of VALID’s Community Access Program have been busy tending to their pumpkin patches as

they gear up for the annual pumpkin sale. Every year the Vegreville Community Daycare and VALID join forces to bring the “Pumpkin Mobiles” to the streets of Vegreville. This year they will be out delivering pumpkins to local businesses starting on Tuesday October 6, 2015. This annual fundraiser has been well supported by the community both in donations of pumpkins towards the sale as well as generous cash donations. If anyone has pumpkins that they would like to donate please contact Karen Streets at VALID (780)632-2418 ext3. (Photo Submitted)


4925 - 50 Avenue, Vegreville 780-447-4010 | 1-866-775-4010

Book an appointment today. Visit one of our 24 locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Gord Whitehead Retired Radio Host



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september 9, 2015

2015 election could have far reaching political consequences Ray Pennings Troy Media Election campaigns are supposed to highlight differences. Stark differences provide alternatives that can inform voter choices. As the grind of this 11-week federal election campaign unfolds, the policy proposals and attempts by the parties to define themselves - and each other - create

the narrative that will inform voters’ final choices on Oct. 19. It is plausible that the most meaningful result of this campaign could be a significant change to how we conduct federal elections. Policies buried in the footnotes of the party’s platforms, and barely registering with the voting public, could fundamentally change the way Canadians

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choose their federal Parliament. Death of first-past-the-post? Both Tom Mulcair’s NDP party and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party are on record that this will be the last federal election using the “first-past-the-post� rules that have been in place since 1867. Many have responded to these proposals with a yawn. Opposition parties have frequently proposed electoral reform, only to fail to follow through once in office (which, by definition, they achieved under the old rules). Five provinces have seriously attempted electoral reform in the past decade. None of these processes resulted in meaningful change. So it’s easy to dismiss the current proposals. Liberal activist Adam Goldenberg argued in Policy Options recently that Mulcair cannot be trusted to follow

through on his promise, citing pressure from the grassroots members that caused Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley to drop a similar commitment before she became premier. Besides, he said, Mulcair has shown himself willing to put his party’s electoral prospects above his principals by refusing to support Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s inclusion in all the debates. Of course, only a month or so ago, NDP activist Jamey Heath opined that the Liberals are the obstacle to “our long overdue realignment� by expecting that the pressure for change will ultimately come outside of the electoral process. Suppose the first-past-the-post system under which the Oct. 19 election is being fought creates the conditions for different political motivations. Would Trudeau’s confident rejection of a coalition with Mulcair’s NDP withstand the pressure to remove Prime Minister Stephen Harper from office if the opportunity presented itself? Campaigns make a difference, so it is hardly prudent to predict outcomes this far in advance. However, it is credible to posit a scenario in which the Conservatives win 140-or-so seats, the NDP around 120, and the Liberals around 70. History suggests a third-place party that formally enables a minority government to sustain power is rarely rewarded. Witness what happened to junior members of

september 9, 2015

Liberal-NDP Accord in the 1987 Ontario election, or the Conservative-LiberalDemocratic Coalition in the 2015 British election. The enabling party tends to get very little of the credit and at least an equal share of the blame from voters. Even the unification of the Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance in 2003 was made possible only by a degree of sacrificial diplomacy from Peter McKay who, in agreeing to unite the parties, effectively killed his own prime ministerial ambitions. Sacrifice being in notably short supply in contemporary politics, is Trudeau ready to risk his personal ambition to see systematic change achieved? The decision may not be Trudeau’s to make. The Liberal brand is a historic and powerful brand within Canadian politics. Even though it has been in decline on the federal stage, it will not disappear easily. Established Canadian political brands have longevity that outlasts electoral misfortune. In 1993, the federal Progressive Conservatives went from majority government to two seats in the House of Commons, yet their brand remained such that MacKay’s surrender of it in 2003 was hotly contested. The Liberal establishment, which shows little love for its NDP counter-


parts after decades of sparring for centreleft votes, will surely not be keen to watch Trudeau help Mulcair become prime minister. Rep by pop could lead to snap election in 2017 But what if the election results let both Liberal and NDP operatives realistically game scenarios in which they win the next election under new rules? Surely, then, removing Harper and the despised

Conservatives becomes the necessary pretext to facilitate their strategies. Imagine a Liberal-NDP deal in which Mulcair becomes the prime minister provided he agrees to pass a new election law within two years, after which this election for change would be re-fought. There is plenty to be pointed to within both party platforms as a mandate for this change. If you are concerned, Harper has turned the quick dash of a 37-day election campaign into an 11-week marathon of hope;

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prepare to have your patience tested further. Against the settled political outcome to which Canadians are accustomed, the 2015 vote could lead to deep uncertainty about how we’ll even choose our Parliament, followed by a snap 2017 election that will leave us more unsettled still. The only sure thing is that the consequences will be far reaching for Canada. Ray Pennings is executive vice-president of Cardus, Canada’s leading Christian think tank.


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Food Bank running low

Michael Simpson Editor The Vegreville Food Bank is running low. It would seem after hearing about the drop in oil prices, this agriculturally bolstered town is starting to feel the impact. It doesn’t look like shops closing up or empty streets. It looks like someone’s bobba heading up the street to grab a box of food this week, someone’s parents, or a neighbour with small children. According to Olga Jamison, Vegreville Food Bank President, more seniors than she’s seen in her 7 years as a volunteer at the food bank are turning up to get help in the form of food. “August was one of the busiest months yet,” Jamison said. “In one week in August, 23 people showed up. We’re only open four hours a week. Usually in the summer we’re down to two hours a week but we felt the need this summer; we’re seeing people who have never used the food bank before turning up.” Jamison said the Food Bank

regularly sees an ebb and f low based on the economy over the years. As of late, many adults are returning home to roost with their parents, having lost their job in the oil patch or in an industry that serves it, gone from being a double income to a single income house or no income at all. They bring their children with them sometimes as well to grandma’s house. In August, the food bank helped to feed 30 children in Vegreville. With the start of school, parents with kids are tapped for buying school supplies and clothing, turning to the food bank to make up the difference in their monthly budget. In other cases, seniors are simply starting to feel the pinch after retiring on a modest pension. As inf lation rises, property taxes increase and funding models continue un-indexed to seniors supports, they start having to choose between buying item A or B. FCSS Community Programmer Heather Siggelkow said at times that’s a choice between a senior living on a budget between $12,000-$16,000

a year deciding on buying food or medication. “When you have to choose between getting your medication or getting food how do you decide?” Siggelkow asked. The Food Bank is the answer for many in this position. The added pressure has seen items f lying off the shelves at the food bank, located inside the Maple Street Worship Center on 60 Street. Jamison has begun to use cash to top up items such as Kraft Dinner which are normally at healthy levels. Now the operation is running out. As for Siggelkow, she’s been working with low-income seniors over the past few years assisting with income tax returns. As she comes across each file, she’s begun to f lag them and point seniors towards subsidy and income supplement programs that can add a few hundred dollars back into their pockets each month. At the start, she was amazed how many people did not know they qualified for help from the Provincial and Federal governments. Now, Vegreville has the best rate of seniors receiving their subsidies in the electoral area of Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville as noted by former ML A Jacquie Fenske. Siggelkow is happy to meet with seniors who are scraping by on an annual income of between $1216,000 to review their financials to see if perhaps there’s money they could be receiving, be it the Alberta Seniors Benefit program or the Federal Guaranteed Income supplement. Siggel kow a lso reminded seniors that if taxes aren’t filed each year, the first thing the government will do is cut assistance funding such as the GIS or GST cheques as a means of getting their attention. Other times, the system simply loses recipients from the database and they never notice until someone calls the government and asks

september 9, 2015

questions. It can take up to three months to see assistance funding reinstated, but one doesn’t have to wait until tax time to start the process. Siggelkow said if seniors should have qualif ied for the Guaranteed Income supplement, it is retroactive to the time of earliest financial eligibility. The Alberta Seniors Benefit is retroactive for a period of 12 months. Siggelkow can be found within the FCSS offices at Town Hall. Lastly, Vegreville FCSS reminds ever yone to be aware of elder abuse or lifestyle issues such as addictions as possible hindrances to a healthy standard of living. In either case, resources are available within the Town of Vegreville, either through the RCMP, Veg-Al Drug society, FCSS or subsidized counseling ser vices for mental health issues. In the case of local individuals, families, seniors and adults living in difficult circumstances such as the above, Jamison said she hasn’t seen an increase in food bank users that fall into those categories, though the numbers could always stand to decrease with help and compassion from the community. Meanwhile, the Food Bank continues to serve as an immediate solution to the problem of scarcity. Jamison said the facility is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. until noon and has enough volunteers to keep the doors open but could always use more help. Local grocery stores nearly always have a hamper available to purchase donations or leave donations for the food bank, and local food drives such as Emergency Services’ Stuff an A mbulance event, the FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign continue to be of benefit to the food bank. “We always take fresh vegetables, which you can’t really leave in a donation bin,” Jamison sa id. “A nd hol id ays l i ke Thanksgiving are coming, for anyone thinking of donating small turkeys or chickens. A ny help is good to have.” Volunteer forms for those wishing to sign up to aid the food bank with manpower are available at the Fo o d Ba n k , open Tuesdays a nd Fr id ays from 10 a.m. until noon, and also at the office of the Vegreville News Advertiser from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

september 9, 2015


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New teachers at Andrew School

Andrew School Submitted Andrew School welcomes three new teachers as we begin a new school year. Each were asked to provide a little bio on themselves so please read ahead as we introduce Ms. Tabitha Vincent, Mr. Kyle Hazlehurst, and Mr. Jesse Gobbels. “My name is Tabitha Vincent and I’m thrilled to be teaching grade 5/6 at Andrew School. I can’t wait to learn more about the students and the community of Andrew; but first a little about myself. I graduated from the University of Alberta with an Elementary Education degree and have been a teacher for the last five years. A few years ago, I was able to combine my passion for travel with my love of teaching and spent a wonderful year working in Australia. Besides travel a few of the other things I enjoy are yoga and running. I hope to spark

students’ curiosity and excite them about the wonderful world of learning!” Kyle Hazlehurst is excited to take over the position of Athletic Director/ Phys Ed Teacher/CTS Shop Teacher for the upcoming school year. Kyle is a lifelong athlete and coach. He has been teaching in Elk Island Public Schools for the past 4 years, as well as coaching high level volleyball for the past 12 years; including founding his own Men’s Volleyball Club in Sherwood Park, “Park Elite Volleyball.” He is excited to be calling Andrew home for the foreseeable future. In addition to his teaching roles, Kyle is very excited to be coaching multiple teams for the Wildcats this year. Anyone looking to volunteer or sponsor the Wildcats this year, please do not hesitate to contact Kyle. Go Burgundy! Also joining the team at Andrew School is Jesse Gobbels. “My name is

Jesse Gobbels. I grew up in Beaumont. When I was nineteen I moved, with my parents, out to Wabamun Lake. I have done several small jobs over the years while I worked my way through school. I was at Grant MacEwan and the University of Alberta. I enjoy working on automotive projects and learning new ways of doing something. I have also been trying to adopt a ‘yes’ attitude when it comes to trying new things, along with going travelling.” Andrew School has two familiar faces in the office but they each have

a new role this year. Mr. TJ Kennerd is our new principal and Mr. Greg Cruickshank is our new assistant principal. We welcome back all our staff and especially our students. Have a wonderful school year!



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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, When it comes to buying a home, I think there are always more questions than answers. My husband and I found a cute colonial that we just fell in love with. It had all of the amenities we wanted including a wellmaintained yard. We found the home advertised in a classified ad and were the first to respond. The owners are a middle-aged couple who lived in the house for over 20 years. They raised their daughter there until she went off to college last year. The couple was forthcoming about the pros and cons of the house and very easy to negotiate with. We came to an agreement rather quickly. That has me wondering. Since we are buying directly from the owners and developed a friendly relationship, do you think my husband and I need to buy title insurance? If they've lived in the house for 20 years without issue, what could go wrong?

• • •

Carry: That's probably a ques-

tion best answered with Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, it will." Murphy may not have been in real estate, but the rule of thumb probably still applies. Cash: There are a lot of details

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 08/23/15 ©The Classified Guys®

when buying or selling real estate, and as you mentioned, they can raise a lot of questions. Each detail should be handled carefully to make the sale a safe transaction for both parties. And since buying a home is typically the largest investment you'll make in a lifetime, it pays to protect yourself. Carry: You've already done much of the hard work in finding a house that you love. However, don't let your admiration for the home or the owners alter your judgment when dealing with the paperwork. Cash: The purpose of title insurance is to cover a broad range of issues that can arise after you purchase a home or property. It's often used to protect you against

previous mortgages, unknown owners, judgments against the property and a host of other issues that may not be known by you or the current owners. Carry: While you may be looking to save the cost, realize that doing so could leave you unprotected in the future. If you plan on getting a loan from a bank or mortgage company, they may require you to get title insurance before the purchase. Cash: By dealing with the owners directly, you've collected some great information about the house, property and neighborhood. So hopefully the sale will go as smoothly as your meeting with the owners and you’ll prove Murphy wrong!

september 9, 2015

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Title insurance on your home can be important if you ever have a problem, but how often is it really used? Compared to other types of insurance, the number of claims are small. On average auto and home insurance companies use about 70 percent of their premiums to pay customer claims. In contrast title insurance companies use only about 5 percent of premiums to pay claims.

The captain at our firehouse is always on top of things. We responded to a call for a fire that started with a barbeque and quickly spread to the entire deck. As the guys and I put out the flames, a crowd gathered. When we were done, our captain came forward to investigate. Looking at the crowd, he approached one man in particular. "Sir," he said, "I'm guessing you're the owner of this home and probably the one responsible for the fire." Seeming rather amazed, the owner asked my captain how he knew. "I have had years of extensive training," he boasted. "And besides," he added looking at the man's outfit, "you're the only one wearing an apron that says, 'Kiss the Cook'!" (Thanks to Darren H.)

This Old House If you've traveled to Europe, you know that homes dating back hundreds of years can be quite common. On the contrary, homes found in the United States are relatively young in comparison, with the exception of one house located in St. Augustine, Florida. This home, which resides on Francis Street, dates back to 1562 when immigrants began it’s construction. The walls were made with a stone-like material called "coquina" which is produced from the remnants of seashells. The house still stands today, more than 400 years later. The Spanish owned the home until 1821, when the territory of Florida officially became part of the United States. •

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Shannon Stubbs Supports Canadian Stance on Ukraine Shannon Stubbs Campaign Submitted Canada is a beacon of peace, of human rights, of prosperity, of freedom, of democracy, of equality, and of human dignity. We emanate these values and our current federal government strives to uphold them at home, and projects them to the world. In this context, I was mindful of Canada’s ongoing dedication to Ukraine while Vegreville celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Psyanka recently. Our world is becoming a more volatile and dangerous place – and it’s important we have the right leadership to keep us safe and to defend our beliefs and values. Recent tragic events have shown us that now is not the time to take our way of life for granted. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada is the most respected country in the world. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stood steadfast for Canadian values, unwavering in the face of global conflicts, by standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his illegal occupation of Crimea and aggression in Ukraine, joining the fight against ISIL’s unimaginably horrific atrocities against men, women and children of ethnic and religious minorities, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, professors and students in Iraq and Syria, and confirming that barbaric acts such as honour killings, forced and child marriages, and female genital mutilation are unacceptable, violate Canadian law and contravene our values. Canada needs to take these principled positions at home, and internationally. Our Prime Minister looked Putin in the eye at a recent G7 meeting and was the only leader to refuse to shake Putin’s hand, and told him clearly to get out of Ukraine.

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A few weeks ago, I was privileged to spend the day with Hon. Rona Ambrose and many families from Lakeland at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Ukrainian settlers in Alberta. The sacrifices these families made to sur vive were immense, and that dedication and Federal Conservative Candidate Shannon Stubbs with Lakeland resident work ethic was and supporter Raymond Lopushinsky and the Honourable Rona Ambrose passed on through at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. (Photo Supplied) the generations as applying sanctions against Russia. Canada they built the communities we enjoy today. has provided more than $568 million in The families who chatted with us aid and loans, in addition to humanitariexpressed their appreciation for Canada’s an aid and mobile field hospital support. continued commitment to, and support On the 24th anniversary of Ukraine’s for, Ukraine. independence in August, Stephen Harper The world respects Canada more than said: “Canada became the first Western any country on the planet because of this country to proudly recognize Ukraine’s principled leadership. sovereignty, and since that time CanadianBut the other parties must not believe it, Ukrainian relations have only grown because they pretend and insist that it is stronger… Canada has benefited greatly not the case. And so the implication is from the contributions of our dynamic clear: all of it is at stake in this election. Ukrainian-Canadian community… in the The universally admired position of building of a strong, proud and free Canada internationally is in large part Canada. Our Conservative government due to the federal Conservative govern- stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the ment’s tireless focus on priorities, and Ukrainian people…” standing up for Canadian values and I believe Canada has a moral obligation human rights, safety and international to stand for democracy, freedom, human security, for doing what is right. rights, peace and security around the Our Prime Minister was the first G7 world. As a country, and throughout our leader to denounce Russia’s illegal occu- history, we have always done so. These pation of Crimea. On behalf of Canadians, are the principles and the approach I he has been the strongest advocate for believe in, because I know they are the standing with Ukraine. He was also the best for Canada, for Alberta and for us in first leader to suspend military coopera- Lakeland. tion with Russia, and was decisive in

Newcomers Welcomed to Myrnam


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Joe Machney It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon on August 30th, a day before school was set to begin, when the Myrnam village council took it upon itself to welcome all the newcomers who have made the peaceful village of Myrnam their home in the past year. Donna Rudolf and the Village

church service, the crowd of new residents and long time residents were treated with a picnic lunch of hotdogs, cookies, juice and coffee in the park along with music for all to enjoy. The music was provided by Rick Dus on vocals and Viola who brought her People enjoy hotdogs and good friends at Dove park 83000557 accordion. It was an old Council set up the welcome to the fashioned way community event which brought a to end the summer holidays, through nice crowd of people to Myrnam’s a community picnic that brought Dove Park, where the newcomers who young and old friends together. moved to the community in the past The Myrnam village council would twelve months were presented with a like to give notice to any newcomer gift basket. who could not attend the picnic, please The morning started with a sunny stop by the village office to pick up church service by Gary Dupuis, who their gift basket. gave an inspiring sermon. After the



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september 9, 2015














MOTORCYCLE REPAIR BLINDS STYLIST Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator Access Body Practitioner Stylist

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Bus: (780) 632-2949 * Fax: (780) 632-6226


september 9, 2015

CARD OF THANKS PAZIUK The family of Terry Paziuk would like to thank everyone for the love and support shown to us during this difficult time. A heartfelt thank you to all for your cards, flowers, condolences, donations, visits and phone calls. Terry fought a long and courageous battle with determination and a strong will. His sense of humour rarely wavered. There are so many people to thank, people who made his hard journey bearable, from the myriad of doctors, nurses and medical teams, hospital staff, Lakeland Respiratory, Health Unit, Home Care and Palliative Care teams to dear family, friends, coffee buddies and neighbours - you had a huge impact on Terry’s well being, physically, mentally and emotionally, and he held you all in high regard. We would like to extend special thanks to Dr. Strydom and to the nurses and staff at St. Joseph’s who saw Terry on a regular basis, to Drs Olineck and staff, to Dr. Chrapko and Regina, to Curtis Hirsch and staff, to our wonderful neighbours; the Vargas, Stefanciks, Elaniuks, Goselwitz’s and Kuchiks for all your help and concern over the years, and to all our loving families who were, and are, always there for us. Special thanks also to Terry’s cousins, Gale Stonehouse and Lorie Paziuk for reading the eulogy and sharing memories with us, to the Ladies Auxiliary for a lovely luncheon, to all who attended the Gathering of Family and Friends, and to Patti and Gordon from Autumn Rose for your guidance and gentle, caring ways. May you all take comfort, as we do, knowing Terry is now at peace. Heather, Chad and Sean.


WEISS, Herbert October 29, 1929 – September 11, 2012 I will take this special moment To turn my thoughts to Dad Thank him for the home he gave For all the things we had. We think about the fleeting years Too quickly, gone for good It seems like only yesterday I’d go back if I could. A time when Dad was always there, No matter what the weather. Always strong when things went wrong He held our lives together. He strived so hard from day to day And never once complained. With steady hands, he worked so hard And kept the family name. He taught us that hard work pays off, You reap just what you sow. He said that if you tend your crops, Your field will overflow. My life has been bountiful He taught me how to give In his firm and steadfast way He taught me how to live. Dad dwells among the angels now He left us much too soon He glides across a golden field Above the harvest moon. I see him in the summer rain, He rides upon the wind And when my path is beaten down He picks me up again. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Your wife Hilda, Nancy, Debbie and Mark and their families

MOROZIUK, Henry October 21, 1934 – September 8, 2011 The depths of sorrow we cannot tell Of the loss of one we loved so well. While he sleeps a peaceful sleep His memory we shall always keep. Sadly missed The Moroziuk Family


Lowe, Darcy Wilfred April 6, 1930 to August 27, 2015 It is with deep sadness that the family of Darcy Wilfred Lowe announce his passing on August 27, 2015. Dad is survived by his wife of sixty one years, Jennie Anne Lowe, his children Derrien (Cindy), Leanne (Mike), Sheldon (Donna) and Shaun (Dody), nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. He was predeceased by his granddaughter Chelsea in 2010. Dad was born in Beaverlodge, Alberta but lived the majority of his life in Vegreville. He took great pride in his work and especially enjoyed operating the grader for The Department of Highways, The County of Minburn and The Town of Vegreville. Without a doubt though, his greatest passions were his family and friends. He enjoyed nothing more than socializing and swapping stories. He was the proverbial ‘rock’ in our family and we are going to miss his voice, the sparkle in his eyes, stories, jokes, teasing, tobacco scent, trademark whisker rubs, bear hugs and solid handshakes. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of Dad’s caregivers from the Homestead Lodge, Century Park and the Vegreville Care Centre. We know you took great care of him and we appreciate it immensely. A “Celebration of Life” will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 1- 4 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion – Vegreville Branch (5037-52 Avenue.) In lieu of flowers, donations made to a charity of your choice would be much appreciated. To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800

HOLT, Katherine (nee Gereluk) January 23, 1941-August 31, 2015 It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Katherine Holt of Vegreville, at the age of 74 years. Katherine will be greatly missed by her children, Michelle (Brian), Carol (Ray) and Arlene; five grandchildren, Landin (Carmen), Kyle, Travis, Karly, and Jordan; one great-grandchild, Brody; siblings, Leslie Gereluk, Martha (Paul) Cook, Madeline (Joe) McPherson, Natalie Udey, Metro (Lil) Gereluk, Olga (Dennis) Smith, Winston (Judy) Gereluk, Wilma (Terry) Cherniawsky, and Joe (Pat) Gereluk; also thirty-three nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her mother, Stefania Kiefiuk; brother, Nestor Gereluk; and sister, Mary Romanuk. Celebration of Life Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at Vegreville Alliance Church, 4606-55 Avenue, Vegreville. Pastor Darryl Crocker officiating. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to her favorite charity, Alberta Cancer Foundation. Cremation has taken place. The dearest mother, the kindest friend, One of the best whom God could lend, Loving, thoughtful, gentle and true, Always willing a kind act to do. A good life is when you smile often, Dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are for what you have. To send condolences, visit PARK MEMORIAL LTD. VEGREVILLE 780-632-2000 FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOME

FETTES, Louise On September 3, 2015 Louise Fettes of Vegreville passed away peacefully at the age of 79 years. Louise is survived by her children, Daryl (Debra Trask), Darlene (Bill), Rob (Lynne), Reg (Carrie), Diane (Brian); grandchildren; greatgrandchildren; siblings, Shirley, Florence (Philip), Peggy, Art (Sharon), Butch (Carol), and Dolly; also numerous nieces, nephews, and other relatives. Predeceased by her husband, Lyle; parents, Eva and Arthur Ransom. A private family service will be held. Interment in South Star Cemetery, Saskatchewan. In lieu of other tributes, donations may be made to Akasu Palliative Care or Cross Cancer Institute. To send condolences, visit PARK MEMORIAL LTD. VEGREVILLE 780-632-2000 FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOME

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POOKE, Diane Gilmour (nee Flynn) August 19, 1961 – September 1, 2015 On Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Diane Pooke of Vegreville, Alberta passed away at the age of 54 years. Diane is survived by her loving family, her partner Jim Collison; one son Nigel and his daughter Caymbrie; one daughter Bobbi and her daughter Lyric; step daughter Vicky Collison (Dwayne Durie) and her daughters Rene along with her daughter Andrea Stark and Laryssa Collison; one step son Rod Collison and his daughter Tamara; three sisters and one brother Janet (Mike) Dowler, Christine (Cliff) Harris, William (Carol) Flynn and May Flynn; along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Diane was predeceased by her parents William and Mary Flynn. A Celebration of Diane’s Life will be held on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at Autumn Rose Funeral Home (5036-51 Ave.) in Vegreville, Alberta with Reverend Carolyn Woodall officiating. Cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the Charity of One’s Choice.” To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800

Elvin Podoborozny 1936-2015 On August 28, 2015 Elvin Elison Podoborozny of Edmonton, AB passed away peacefully at the age of 79 years with his family by his side. Elvin is survived by his sister Elsie Kubin, daughter Colleen Gallo of Edmonton, and son Ken (Patricia) Podoborozny, grandchildren Kendra and Natasha of Vegreville, AB. Interment on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at Glenwood Memorial Gardens & Funeral home, 52356 Range Road 232, Sherwood Park, AB. Memorial donations may be made in Elvin’s memory to the Canadian Diabetes Association.


HENNIG, Glenn Wayne Albert March 22, 1952 – September 3, 2015 Glenn Wayne Albert Hennig of Hilliard, Alberta, left us very suddenly on September 3rd, 2015. He was born on March 22, 1952 and graduated from Mundare High School. He was married to Diane Hennig (nee Forbes) and is the only son to Alberta and Olga Hennig. Glenn was a farmer for 35 years, working 20 of those years at Sherritt-Gordon in Fort Saskatchewan and was actively involved with the PC Party, Lakeland REA and served as Chairman of the Board for PDD for 10 years. He was known for his passion for politics, perpetually upbeat nature and peculiar affection for Ford Aerostars. In his spare time, Glenn could be found with his two grandsons working on projects ranging from constructing clubhouses with secret compartments to pilfering parts from neighbourhood lawn mowers to build a homemade go-kart. Glenn is survived by his loving family, his wife Diane; three children Jennifer (Christopher) Salyers and Glynnis (Scott) Penny and Heather Hennig; as well as two grandsons Cameron and David Salyers; parents Albert and Olga Hennig; two sisters Wendy (Ken) Motiuk and Yvonne (Don) McClymont; mother in law Marilyn Forbes. A Prayer Service will be held on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mundare Recreation Centre. A Christian Memorial Service and Celebration of Resurrection for Glenn Wayne Albert Hennig will be held on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Bruderheim (5008 – 50 St) with Reverend Richard Williams officiating. Cremation has taken place. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made in Glenn’s name to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta. To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800


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K-40 golf tourney winner

The Vegreville K-40’s hosted their 35th annual golf tournament on Wednesday, August 19. Golfers from as far away as Regina, Sask and Balzac AB, travelled to our fair town to experience great hospitality, great fellowship, great golf and great food. The weather cooperated and everyone enjoyed themselves. The K-40 Golf Trophy was won by Vegreville’s own Ken Skoropad. Pictured above is Ken receiving the trophy from tournament chairman George Sebest. Congratulations Ken, well played! (Dan Beaudette/Photo)


september 9, 2015

september 9, 2015


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september 9, 2015

W E D N E S D AY, S E P T E M B E R 9 , 2 015

Fourth and final drag races finish at full speed

(left to right) Darren Berezan, President of VDRA presents a cheque to Race Number Two-semi-finalist winner, Russell Liba. (Sponsored by VDRA). (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Race Number One, sponsored by Vantage Builders. (left to right) Sonny Gegolick, co-owner of Vantage Builders presents a cheque to second prize winner-Dan Golby. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Race Number One sponsored by Veg Mechanical (left to right) Darren Berezan, President of VDRA presents a cheque to first place winner, Kendall Freed. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

(left to right) Darren Berezan, President of VDRA presents a cheque to Race Number Two- semi-finalist winner, Dustin Gegoliuk. (Sponsored by VDRA). (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Continued on page 3 (left to right) Darren Berezan, President of VDRA presents a cheque to Race Number Two, second prize winner, Mike Mesi (Sponsored by VDRA). (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

(left to right) Darren Berezan, President of VDRA presents a cheque to Race Number One’s semi-finalist and Race Number Two’s first prize winner- Dawn Henderson (Sponsored by VDRA).(Rosanne Fortier/Photo)


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Tot Tales Rosanne Fortier Books have valuable life lessons in them. Children ages 4-5 discovered this at the first session of Tot Tales at Vegreville Centennial Library on July 7. Registration is full for this six week program but keep posted because the library will continue to have many programs available for kids.

The theme for the first week was sports and every week will have a different theme. Carmen Heisler, Library Programmer read a story she asked the children if they can’t do something the first time, what should they do? One youngster replied that they should keep going.

Following story time, the children eagerly made a soccer ball from a paper plate and accessories. “We hold this program to get the children familiar with the library, help them to socialize with each other, and to build on stuff they know and enjoy.” Heisler said.

The avenue to good marks

Sketches on the boardwalk Art in the Park drizzled with brilliant young minds and colors on July 8 at the Lions’ Spray Park. Art is an medium that incites creative expression while it develops children’s fine motor skills, teaches them spatial reasoning, measuring and consistency, the color-wheel, and is downright fun. Vegreville Centennial Library partnered with Parent-Link Centre to offer this one-hour program for children. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier Life provides ample opportunities for learning over the years, but the most commonly known one is primar y educat ion. Achieving solid marks is cr ucial in determining future opportunities for success. There are techniques to make this feat possible. Being organized and tracking assignment deadlines is one aspect. One method is to write down every test, quiz and assignment’s deadline in a planner or calendar and have one of these in your backpack and another one at home. Constant review is a constant benefit. In a notebook, write down and set aside time each day for studying. When more tempting things come up, imagine yourself working at your dream career, driving your favorite car and being successful before you decide to shirk the work. W hen you’re in the middle of a grind session, put a sign on your bedroom door to avoid being disturbed. Take good notes in your class and read your textbooks. Highlight the material in your scribbler that you learned in class. Try to remember the stuff you learned then without looking at your textbook. Continue this process unt il you feel you learned it.

Discover your learning style. This is the way you prefer to learn and grasp the material the best. There are seven learning styles. Visual (spatial) is when you learn best with pictures, images and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical) is where you like to learn by sound and music. Verbal (ling uistic) is where you prefer words, both in speech and writing. Physical (kinesthetic) is where you like using your body, hands and sense of touch. Logical (mathematical) is where you enjoy learning when you use logic, reasoning and systems think ing. Social (interpersonal) is when you prefer to learn in groups or with other people. Solitary (intrapersonal) is when you like to work alone or use self-study.



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Fourth and final drag races finish at full speed

Race Number One, sponsored by VDRA (left to right) Kendall Freed presents a cheque to semi-finalist and running-her-dial-in winner, Sheryl Cymbaliuk. (Photo supplied)

Rosanne Fortier

Drag racing speeds up a person’s wild side in a safe, legal way. On August 30, Vegreville Drag Racing Association held their fourth and final race for 2015 which had 37 drivers. “The race had no problems except for a few minor electrical

issues on our side but the cars all ran good. The race turned out really well, the weather was lovely; everybody had a lot of fun and we look forward to holding these races again next year.” Darren Berezan, VDRA President said.


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Another successful year for Georgina’s Academy of Dance

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” tap group received Diamond, Platinum, Choreography and Most Promising awards.

Jacqueline Homeniuk and Shayla Dizwenka received Gold medals at all festivals and Most Promising awards.

Ashley Zwarich received Gold, High Gold at all festivals plus Most Outstanding, Adjudicators Choice and Award of Excellence awards.

Eboni Blast received Platinum, Gold and Most Promising awards.

Georgina Klammer Submitted G.A.D. has had another successful dance season for 2014/15. Although the studio is small, students receive more one to one instruction and their hard work is rewarded with all of the

awards they received at dance festivals. The studio dancers attended up to 5 festivals where they received numerous awards in “Best Choreography”, “Most Promising”, “Most Outstanding”, “Adjudicators Choice” and numerous

scholarships. As well, dancers received many diamond, platinum, high gold, high silver, gold and silver medal standings for all entries. All o the dancers worked very hard throughout the year and they were very well rewarded at all the festivals they attended. Georgina Klammer is the instructor. She has been trained and tested in many disciplines in Canada and the United States. She has many years of teaching experience and has had many of her students go forward and be successful in careers relating to their dance. Georgina has also done adjudicating at Talent Quest shows in Edmonton.



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Learning through play Parents can find child care that is fun and engaging for their school age children. The Days off School Program at St. Martin’s School provided this over the summer.“We had a different theme every week that was based on the children’s interests.There were stories,crafts and center activities that went along with the themes,”Vanessa Austin, Summer Program Coordinator said. On opening day, the theme was Super Heroes, and so the children made masks of their favourite superhero. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

ATB donates to Breakfast Club A cheque was recently presented by Liz Pettigrew, Personal Banking Specialist with ATB Financial, to Dee Palichuk on behalf of The Breakfast Club. Dee is the Executive Director for Community Association for Lasting Success (CALS). The Breakfast Club is a school snack program provided to the four schools and other programs in Vegreville during the school year. Breakfast Club organizer Heather Giebelhaus estimates up to 98 per cent of kids in schools in Vegreville participate in the club at some point or another during the year. (Photo Supplied)

Marching to the beat of their own drums Rosanne Fortier Participating in a drum circle helps a child’s fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social development, increases attention span and self-expression. The Sizzlin’ Summer program had a special guest, Vanessa Diehl from Azure Music Studio to instruct children on how to play drums with percussive rhythms, putting them together and have a great time doing

it. The drums the children got to use came from the continent of Africa and were very expensive. Kids learned how to drum to balls flowing and being thrown in the air. They also discovered that saying, I love apple pie and hot chocolate four times made interesting rhythms.


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A VALID reason for hot dogs There’s nothing better than a warm meal at your finger-tips while helping out a valuable cause. Line-ups were a common sight during VALID Hot Dog Sale at Vegreville Co-op on August 28. VALID organized this sale which they stated went awesome. All proceeds from this sale (nearly $600) go towards supporting programs for adults with disabilities. VALID is grateful to Vegreville Co-op which donated hot-dogs and pop, and all the wonderful people who came out to support them. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)



Alberta Health Services ALBERTA HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM has a variety of workshops available in the Vegreville area! Weight Wise, Craving Change, Diabetes the Basics and Better Choices, Better Health. Call 1-877-314-6997 for more information and to register. All classes will take place at the Vegreville Community Health Centre (5318-50 Street)

contact Jody Nicholson at 780-632-2418.

Vegreville Food Bank Is located in the Maple Street Worship Centre at 4615 Maple Street and is open Tuesday & Friday year-round from 10am – noon. Phone 780-632-6002 or email:

12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014 – 50 St, Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-632-2933.

Vegreville Rotary Peace Park Bookings please call John Sawiak 780-632-3208 Girl Guides of Canada SPARKS – Kindergarten & Grade 1 to be determined. BROWNIES – Grades 2 & 3 meet every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm GUIDES – Grades 4 to 6 meet Thursday from 6:308:00pm PATHFINDERS – Grades 7 to 9 meet every Wednesday from 7:15-8:45pm. All groups meet at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple Street, Vegreville. For more information call Pamela 780-632-7147 Oil Wives Club of Vegreville. A smile. A handclasp. A world of welcome. Are the links in our chain of friendship. This we believe. Our Association has been around or over 60 years. We are here for any woman whose partner (or she herself) is involved with in any way in the Oil & Gas Industry. We meet once a month to foster friendship. Please call Ellen @ 780-632-4922 or Shirley @ 780-632-3283 for more information. Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare). Please visit the Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare) this summer to see its latest exhibit, “Peter Lipinski: Large and Small Canvases,” along with an ongoing display devoted to Bp. Budka in Canada. The museum is open MondayFriday, 10am-4pm and weekends, July and August, 1-5pm. Vegreville Regional Museum. Located on the site of the internationally renowned solonetzic soils research station of Agriculture Canada (1956-1995), the Museum tells the stories of community life and development chronicling how Vegreville’s unique social fabric has contributed to the harmony of community life since the 1890’s. The Rt. Hon. Donald F. Mazankowski, P.C. Collection: 25 years of distinguished public service of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Home of the Vegreville & District Sports Hall of Fame. Open Year Round. May-Sept Tues-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 1-5. Oct-April phone for current hours. 1 km east of Vegreville on Hwy 16A. (780)632-7650 Historical Village and Pioneer Museum at Shandro. Located on Highway 857, midway between highway 45 and 28 north of Willingdon. A proud partner of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, this open air museum features 14 major buildings and artifacts from 1900 – 1930. Hours: Canada Day weekend to Labour Day weekend Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Admission by donation, For more information call (780) 603-1198 HEADS UP for AA Meets at Vegreville Hospital every Monday at 8:00 PM 3rd floor. Alanon New Beginning Meeting Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Call 780-275-0054 for location. Rotary Club of Vegreville meets for lunch meetings every Monday at 12pm at VALID 4843-49 St., Vegreville. For more information

Every Monday 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Join us in the Mundare Drop-In Centre “Walk-Along” fitness program. Literature available to help you with your personal program. Walk at the Drop- in Centre, and also, weather permitting, we will walk in Ukainia Park. Everyone Welcome!!

TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) Weighin 4:45pm. Meeting 5:30pm at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple St., Vegreville. 780-632-7433 or 780-658-2670. Every Wednesday Trapshooting Outdoor Range 7:00pm. Contact Geoff 780-6321432 341 MUNDARE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADETS FREE to join. Join Air Cadets for adventure that will take you from the ground up! Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm through the school year. Youth 12-18 years welcome. Call 341 Squadron at 780-7642341. Visit us at or www. Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Two Hills. If interested, please contact Deen 780-603-6090 or Waseem 780-603-8443 Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Vegreville. If interested, please contact Hesham 780-603-6245 / 780-632-2721 or Azeem 780-885-2627 LOAVES & FISHES Lunch starting Friday September 10 – 11:30am-1:00pm every Friday except stat holidays. Good Food. Bring old friends. Make new friends. All are welcome. 4615 Maple St. (60 St.), VPC Church. No charge. How Disciples live Bible study and workshops. We meet every Friday night at The Rock 5014-50 St. at 7pm. Call for info 780-632-2933 or Bible Study at 10 am at the Vegreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, 5258 – 46 Ave. Everyone Welcome. 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Saturday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014-50 Street Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-632-2933. www.therockmc. com Royal Purple Lodge #125 meets first Monday of every month, except July & August at Elks Hall. Contact HRL Joyce Porayko 780-6323830 or Secretary Leah Henderson 780632-6565. Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club at 7:30 p.m. at Vegreville Regional Museum. Call 780-632-7729 or 780-632-3495 Nonviolence Study Group for anyone wanting to learn more about the principals of nonviolence and how to apply them in today’s world. If you are passionate about making a difference, or just curious to learn more, please join us from 7-8 pm. Call Kim at 780-658-2550 for location details. Vegreville Elks Lodge #143 meets first Thursday every month except July and August. Meetings are held in the Elks Hall at 7:30 pm. Contact Robert Bennett 780-6324717. Vegreville Wildlife Federation (Alberta, Fish

& Game Association) Please check website Email: vegrevillewildlife@gmail. com “Women’s Book Club” meets first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library THE RED HAT ROSES, a chapter of the Red Hat Society, an international social group for mature women, meet for fun and friendship at Leonel’s Place at 1:30pm the second Monday of every month. See www. THE CLASSY CANADIANS, a chapter of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society, a national social group for mature women meet for fun friendship and caring at Leonel’s Place the fourth Monday of every month at 1:30pm. See Vegreville Lions Club meets at Sunshine Senior Centre – 4630 - 49 Street. Meeting 7 p.m. 2ND and 4TH Tuesday except July and August. Kinsmen Club of Vegreville holds meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course. Call Mike Webb at 780-632-2666 days THE ALBERTA DRAFT HORSE CLUB meetings every 2nd Saturday of every 2nd month. 780-764-2099 Vegreville Hospitals Auxiliary Society meets third Wednesday of every month, except July and August. Meetings held in EXECUTIVE MEETING ROOM (St. Joseph’s Hospital) at 7:00 p.m. Call 780-632-6323 Royal Canadian Legion Vegreville Branch #39 General Meeting every 3rd Wednesday of September, November, February and June at 7:00pm. All members welcome to attend. The Red Hot Red Hats meet the second and fourth Friday of each month at 1:30 pm. See Contact Millie 780632-2148

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632-2261 for more information UCWLC Meetings to be held every third Thursday of each month at Holy Trinity Church Hall at 7 p.m. in Vegreville. Veg-Al Drug Society an Alberta Health Services, community funded agency - Room #217 Provincial Bldg., Vegreville, AB. Out patient counselling services for alcohol & other drug addictions and problem gambling. Office Hrs. – Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Phone 632-6617. The Crisis Association of Vegreville operates a HELPLINE for those who are having difficulties in their lives and need assistance. It is a toll-free, confidential service available to those in the 632-exchange. Phone 6327070. The Kinette Club of Vegreville meets every 3nd Wednesday of the month. Joining the Kinette Club is a great way to meet new friends and to get in the community. For more information, please call 632-2848. Viking AA Group meets at the Viking Hospital Multi Purpose Room 8:00 p.m. Wednesday nights. VegMin Learning Society welcomes learners who are interested in increasing their skill levels (reading, writing, math and speaking English). Learners work towards’ their personal goals in a small class or 1:1 setting. Do you have a few hours a week to help someone reach their learning goal? Volunteer Tutor Training and ongoing support are provided along with a great volunteer recognition program. Visit or call 780-632-7920 for more information. Senior Floor Curling at 1:00p.m. every Monday & Thursday. Anyone interested please come to the Sunshine Club. 55+. Call 780-632-2624. Vegreville Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Terminal Building

Vegreville Garden Club meets the last Monday every month at the Seniors Sunshine Club, 4630 – 49 St. at 7:00 p.m. President – Marie Eliuk 780-632-2578

VegMin Literacy Program offers free, confidential tutoring for adults over 17 needing help with Basic reading, writing and math skills. Phone: 632-7920 for interviews.

The New Vegreville Aquarium Club meets every last Monday at 7:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library

Everyone is Welcome Prayer House 572944A st. Veg. North of St. Joseph Hospital come and share your testimony and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. Every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Also I will pray for the sick believing in God for the answer. But God commandeth his Love toward us, in that, while, we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. RO. 5:8 New hope church of God, Edmonton c. for the Nations Int.Veg. Doing God work together for yor good. J. Abelar. Ph. 632-2843

“Writer’s Group” meets last Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library Legacy 4 Health Indoor Walking Program for Older Adults 10-11am at the Vegreville Centennial Library Gymnasium 4709-50 St, Contact Irvin Cowan 780-632-2977, Jim Nicholson 780-632-6437, Carol Lynn Babiuk 780-632-3331 Are you or someone you know living with a Brain Injury? We can help! The Alberta Brain Injury Initiative provides support, coordination and education for brain injury survivors and their families. For more information on our free services call 1-866645-3900

AA Meeting in Mundare Sunday’s 7PM Town Building, Conference Room 5128 50th St. Contact Robert 780-656-5829 Willingdon & District Fish & Game Assn. Regular meetings, held every last Tuesday off each month (excluding July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at the Willingdon Arena upstairs in the Club Room Everyone Welcome.

Tofield AA Meetings held Thursday at 8 p.m. Open meeting every 4th Thursday at 8 p.m. at Bardo Lutheran Church Bsmt 4737 - 57 Ave. For info call 662-3893

New to town? Join us the 1st Wed of the month for a newcomer’s potluck lunch. 121pm. Bring a friend! Bring a dish! Call FCSS 780-632-3966 for locations & info.

AWANA - a Christian club for boys and girls age 3 to grade 6. Meets Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Now meeting in the Alliance Church’s new building at 4606-55 Ave.Call

AA meeting at Lamont United Church every Thursday at 8:00 p.m.


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Potato with personality?

Un-beet-able size

One could argue that vegetables, like other life forms, develop their own personality as they grow. Anne Poloyko brought this potato from her brother, Garry Poliakiwski’s garden in Mannville to Heritage House to show it to her husband, Eddy and the other residents. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

OK seriously,who writes this stuff anyway? We suppose if there weren’t mammoth beets such as Phyllis Tarapacki’s 13-pounder, things would be dull. But, around this time of year we get a wide range of odd looking or oversized produce to snap a photo of, and by all accounts, we’re thinking this may be the biggest beet we see this year. If you think you can “beet” it, stop by. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

The economics of vegetarianism Sylvain Charlebois Troy Media What do Confucius, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Di Vinci have in common? Well, not much professionally, but they were all vegetarians. Einstein once claimed that “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” With recent record meat prices, some might wonder if, all ethics aside, he had a

point. On the supply side, consumers now have greater access to vegetarian and vegan options than ever before. Recently, the world’s first vegetarian drive-thru opened in California, and some airlines now offer seven different varieties of vegetarian options for longer f lights, including raw and lacto-ovo meals. Similar changes have been made in the hospitality and tourism industries. Despite these advances, however, it remains unclear if more consumers have opted to go completely meatfree, or have adopted a more ‘vegetarianinclined ’ diet. What is also currently unknown is whether increasing meat prices have pushed consumers away from animal protein products. 4 to 5% of population Indeed, most reports suggest that the number of vegetarian consumers in the Western world has not significantly

increased over time. In most surveys recently published, vegetarians only comprise 4 to 5 per cent of the population. That number increases slightly if consumers who are inclined to occasionally go meatless are added to the mix. Consumers who do become vegetarians or vegans do so for an array of reasons. However, the economics of vegetarianism have attracted little attention in recent years; but, in the light of recent protein price hikes, they should. Economists, however, do agree on a few facets of meat production. First, many studies suggest that it costs significantly more to produce energy and protein from animal-based sources than from some plant-based sources. While some might dispute this claim, there is little or no doubt among most economists of this cost, which is the prime factor driving research in bio-meat engineering. Second, a significant shift in dietary preferences towards plant-based consumption would result in lower commodity prices, including corn. As a result, the economic implications of a rapid adoption of a plant-based diet for our agricultural economy would be significant. However, the reality is that, according to many studies of consumer behavior, customers still place a higher value on buying and eating meat than on any other food group. Canada’s relationship with animal proteins has deep cultural roots, particularly during holidays and summertime.

Additionally, meat prices are unlikely to decrease anytime soon, since pressure is mounting on farmgate as many emerging markets are consuming more meat products. With a weaker Canadian currency and a shift in U.S.-based protectionist measures, Americans will likely increase their purchases of Canadian meat, forcing retailers to pay more to keep domestically produced products within our borders. It gets even trickier on the retail side of things as grocers know that playing around with meat prices can be perilous, at best. Eating meat could decrease if prices continue to rise The rise of beef and pork prices may one day discourage consumers from purchasing their favorite chops or steaks, but likely not for the foreseeable future. However, the most significant and imminent threat to the meat industry are not higher prices, but food fraud. Major incidences like the European horse-meat case, sausage mislabeling investigations and many other occurrences have been troubling to consumers, to say the least. Given our general commitment to protein, the economic case for meat consumption remains strong for consumers, as long as they know what they are buying and eating. As more fraud cases are reported, consumers may start to think twice before spending 25 per cent to 30 per cent more on meat. Consumer confidence is strong, but may quickly erode. The meat industry ignores this possibility at their peril. Eating meat is a consumer choice that Canadians have made for generations. Our culinary traditions have given animal protein pride of place, and have served our communities well. As meat prices increase, many Canadians might wonder if they can still afford to treat themselves to a delicious steak or roast beef. So far, Canadians seem to remain committed. If they realize that their favorite steak actually came from a troubling source, or was improperly processed, the industry shouldn’t expect consumers to continue making the traditional choice. They may end up finding the growing alternatives to be more appetizing and affordable. Dr. Sylvain Charlebois is a Professor at the Food Institute at the University of Guelph.

Vegreville News Advertiser - September 9, 2015  

Vegreville News Advertiser Volume 68, Issue 36 - September 9, 2015

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