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M.P. Shannon Stubbs opposes Federal Carbon Tax Rosanne Fortier Shannon Stubbs, M.P. for Lakeland and Official Opposition Deputy Critic for National Resources is totally against the newly proposed Federal Carbon Tax that the Liberals are planning to impose. Stubbs spoke about this topic, the economy and other crucial topics when she visited Vegreville on October 13. In a personal interview, Stubbs said that the regressive Federal Carbon Tax the Liberals are planning will be a tax on everything. It will increase the cost of all products and services for every Canadian. “With this tax, every province and territory in Alberta must have a minimum ten dollars a ton carbon tax in place by 2018, escalating yearly to $50 a ton by 2022. So far, they said they would leave it up to the provinces and territories to decide what approach they will take and how they will implement the tax but the three territorial leaders said they have opposed a carbon tax because the cost of living is already so high in the territories and heating is not a manner of luxury; it’s a matter of survival,” Stubbs said. “Our view is that provinces and territories should be able to legislate in the area of their jurisdiction and make these decisions for them reflecting the unique economies and challenges within their own jurisdiction. Then it is up to the citizens to hold these governments accountable and let them know whether or not they are on the right track. I oppose unilaterally imposing any Federal Carbon Tax.” “I’m working with a citizen to sponsor e-petition 585, which is against a Federal Carbon Tax because it will undermine Canadian’s competitiveness internationally and in North America and also because there is no guarantee that any of these funds will be earmarked for environment initiatives or for innovative or conservation efforts. This Federal Carbon Tax’s approach is a cash-


Shannon Stubbs, M.P. for Lakeland and Official Opposition Deputy Critic for National Resources is totally against the Federal Carbon Tax that the Liberals are planning to impose! You can sign the e-petition against this tax at (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

New owner at No Frills

Break and enter in Lamont County

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RCMP files from Oct 6 – 12 Joe Machney Reporter Oct 6 00:33 A report of a suspicious vehicle pulling into a rural property on range road 162. They claimed they were looking for a friend when the homeowner confronted them. They left the property without any incident. Patrols were made but the vehicle was not located. 10:15 Assistance requested with transporting a person to the local hospital. 12:16 Mother and son reported the theft of an iPad mini after he set it on a bench. Unknown suspects at this time and the incident is still under investigation. 12:46 Driving complaint. A guy called in on his co-worker. The RCMP has yet to get a statement from the co-worker. 17:12 By-law complaint. A dog was caught peeing on the neighbor’s flowers. Neighbours were told to stop egging each other on. 17:48 Report of a possible impaired driver off road in the ditch on range road 145 and highway 631. The driver was arrested for impaired operation. Breath samples taken indicated that he was under the legal limit, however, a three-day license suspension and threeday vehicle seizure was warranted. 18:14 A report of fraud. A couple received a call from a person claiming to be from the TD bank. The person was offering a low-interest rate credit card. The caller attempted to withdraw $37 from the bank account. The transaction was declined and there was no loss. It was reported to the RCMP and TD bank security. 18:34 Complaint of a commercial vehicle using their jake break. 19:24 Missing person reported. The subject was currently at the RCMP detachment and all was well as he was no longer missing. 19:40 Report of a person calling in alleging that the doctors at the Vegreville hospital are fake doctors. The matter was dismissed. Oct 7 10:37 Complaint from the crisis line about a man who was suicidal. There was an attempted drug and alcohol overdose. The subject was cooperative and was taken to the Vegreville hospital. 11:56 A possible impaired driver reported at 50 street and 52 avenue. The driver was noted to be sleeping in his vehicle. Police attended and spoke to the driver who was not impaired and claimed that he was simply waiting for the plumber to finish as he did not want to disturb him.

13:26 A local resident protested his photo radar tickets from Spruce Grove. The resident had unknowingly had his license plate stolen and another license plate that was also stolen was placed on his vehicle. 13:45 Report of a Hilliard resident who was breaching release conditions. Still under investigation. 16:03 Report of a suicidal man. The male was located east of Lavoy on highway 16. He was arrested under the mental health act and transported to the hospital. The investigation revealed the male to be in possession of 5 grams of meth. He was arrested and charged accordingly and released at the hospital. 18:16 Child custody matter which was mediated by the police. No charges were warranted. 21:12 Report of a vehicle being stopped. The male was wanted on warrants out of Edmonton so was released locally for a court date in Edmonton. Oct 8 11:33 Report of a suspicious vehicle near the Dollarama. The police investigated and arrested the male driver for having outstanding warrants out of Edmonton. He paid the fines and was released locally. 13:41 Residential false alarm. It was canceled by the key holder. 17:03 Report of an impaired driver in town. The vehicle was located and the driver presented an odor of liquor. The roadside breathalyzer was red and the driver failed to comply for which he was charged for. License was suspended and the vehicle was towed. 17:44 Report of a possible distracted driver. The driver was talking on a cell phone and was holding a coffee cup. The driver was west of Mundare so Vegreville was unable to locate so Sherwood Park Traffic was advised. 20:21 Report of a burglary alarm. The homeowner called to cancel saying that there was a problem with the system. 22:21 Report of a complaint of a reckless driver in the Prairie Lodge trailer court. The vehicle was located and stopped. The license plate was stolen and the driver was arrested for possession of stolen property under $5000 as well the driver did not have a license to drive. The vehicle was not registered nor insured so the individual was charged accordingly. 23:00 Complaint of a single vehicle collision on highway 16 at Ranfurly. Police attended and the vehicle was already out of the ditch.

october 19, 2016

Oct 9 00:58 Cow on highway 16 at range road 162. 9:21 Cows on the road again range road 172 and highway 16. 10:45 Vehicle was stopped in town for a turn signal operation violation. The driver was arrested for being impaired and his license was seized and he was charged accordingly. 11:30 Found bike. 11:30 Report of a break and enter to a local resident. A rock was thrown through a window and some items were stolen. No suspects at this time, however, items were seized for forensic analysis. 12:24 Abandoned trailer on highway 16. The trailer was removed from the highway and no known registered owner. 14:45 Report of a vehicle stopped for an expired Saskatchewan license plate. The driver was charged for not having a license and registration. He was charged accordingly and the vehicle was towed. 15:39 Theft of a holiday trailer at range road 174 south of highway 16. Buildings were broken into as well but nothing was stolen. Still under investigation. 16:00 A caller was requesting information on how to obtain a restraining order. 16:39 A complainant reported that two motorhomes were located on his property. They were not believed to be stolen and he agreed to keep an eye on them until the owner came by to attend to them. Oct 10 05:25 Report of a female youth believed to be missing. When members attended the female had already made her way back home on her own. 21:06 Report of a break and enter to a residence after Thanksgiving dinner. Unknown suspects and items were seized for investigation. Oct 11 09:37 Report of theft of fuel from the public works in Mundare. Still under investigation. 20:16 Report of mischief to a shed. Slashed mesh on a shed. Unknown suspects. 23:03 Report of a male sleeping in his truck at the Co-op. Members attended and found that he had warrants out of Edmonton. He was arrested and released on recognizant. During week 3 false alarms, 1 animal strike, 3 911 hang ups and 65 total calls for service were made.

october 19, 2016

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The power of focused attention Joe Machney Editorial How much time have people wasted because of the inability to concentrate or have sustained focused attention? How long has a task taken you simply because you couldn’t concentrate on it? Let’s look at the area of work and your job. There is a living substance in the universe that makes up everything, absolutely everything in existence. This substance is alive and it is energy. This energy is conscious and seeks to evolve and expand. The ability for the human being to express this conscious energy is God in action, for the conscious energy is God or is spirit looking to express itself in the world. The best way for it to do this is through focused attention. One goal, one purpose of evolving and expressing God on Earth is to drive you to what you want to achieve. See yourself as a vehicle for God to drive up and down the world’s many highways and destinies, or experiences. Using this as a motivator, a focal point, and a point of reference when you feel you are becoming lazy or not wanting to do a certain task is the best way to refocus and achieve focused attention. It is important to give 100% to everything that you are doing because when you do this you are allowing your God self to flow through you. God wants to express itself and it can do this best through you, so when you put your whole heart, meaning your full attention in to what you are doing in the moment, you are achieving this. Staying in the moment and really feeling

Name; Pastor Darryl Crocker Likes; Jesus Christ, my wife and family Dislikes; onions, finger pain

what you are doing in that moment while doing that task, is a meditation. When one is in that state you are not actually ‘working’ you are expressing God and fulfilling the divine plan or which we are all a part of. The flow of focused attention is God on Earth, in human form. Most importantly, this brings the mind into a place of inner peace. So focus on bringing yourself to fulfill that task to the best of your ability, giving it your attention while being aware of your stillness and oneness.

october 19, 2016

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Nick takes over as new owner of No Frills as a cashier in Grand Prairie, Nick worked his way up into an owner position and took over the store here in Vegreville. “I started out seven years ago working up in Grand Prairie and have worked my way from clerk to a management position. Having taken some managerial courses last year which lasted about 4 months, they then sent me here. When the position of owner of the store came up, I applied for the post and got an interview and then they offered me the job. I’ve really liked being here since I made it my home. Everyone around town has been absolutely wonderful to me,” Nick said warmly of Vegreville. The way it works is Loblaw owns the Nick and Kelsea Linterman stand in front of the produce section as the new owners of the No Frills store in Vegreville.

Joe Machney Reporter Nick Linterman has nothing but good things to say about the community of Vegreville which he and his wife Kelsea, who works alongside

him, now call home. Being the new owner of the No Frills grocery store here, he certainly gets to see a lot of the people in and around the community as they do their shopping. Having started his No Frills career

6 Tips for starting your own business

News Canada So you’re tired of working long hours for someone else’s dream and want to start up your own shop? Being the master of your own financial destiny can bring countless rewards, but the startup takes planning, sound financial advice, and a lot of grit. Geordan Robertson, director of small business

for Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union, encourages planning and homework before setting up shop. He also has a few more tips that can help you begin your dream of entrepreneurship: 1. Create a business plan. This is your roadmap to success. Organize your


building and Nick owns the store. As far as changes to the store, Nick feels that he’s just going to keep things as they are at the moment. Why change a good thing, right? Nick and Kelsea have been owners of No Frills since the beginning of September and are looking forward to many more years of friendly meetings with the people of the community as they come to get their groceries and visit him and all the other great people that work as part of his team.


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october 19, 2016

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90 Years Ago – October 20, 1926 A complete gravelled highway from Edmonton to the international boundary by the end of 1927 is a possibility, according to the program of the provincial highway department. The completion of the gravelled highway from Edmonton to Calgary will be carried out nest summer, and the completion of the road south from Calgary to the boundary, some of which has already been gravelled will be made next year too, if possible. At noon today, Wednesday, word was received from Lavoy that s fire, which had broken out in the warehouse of the Hayward Lumber Company, was threatening the village with destruction. Chief Rodgers accordingly gathered the local brigade together in the usual way and sent a large number of them to Lavoy with such equipment as could be of use in an emergency. The brigade arrived at Lavoy within half an hour from the time of the first alarm and by their efforts, assisted by the willing hands of Lavoy Citizens, the fire was confined exclusively to the Hayward property. Hayward’s lumber warehouse and yards were entirely consumed.

75 Years Ago – October 22, 1941 At their national convention held in late August, the 85 Kinsmen Clubs of Canada pledged themselves to supply Britain 1,500,000 quarts of milk for their children who so sorely need this aid. The milk is purchased in powder form and distributed in England by the Women’s Volunteer Service under Lady Reading. The powdered milk will be converted into fluid milk and given to the children in those areas “where the need is greatest.” One pound of powdered milk equals approximately four quarts of fluid milk. One dime is approximate cost of one quart of milk delivered in Britain. Jam contributions are slowing down to some extent. The committee acknowledges that from D. Nikiforuk of Mundare on October 18th. It is planned to send a shipment of jam around November 1st, so if you want yours to go then, please deliver it to the Red Cross rooms as soon as possible. Experiments are being conducted in Britain on the powdering of fruit in an effort to save bulk storage, according to the Agricultural Department of the Canadian National Railways. The product can be converted into a puree of any desired concentration by the addition of the required amount of water.

50 Years Ago – October 20, 1966 Work is progressing favourably on the 1,000,000 gallon clear water reservoir being constructed a short distance away from the south water tower. Purpose of the reservoir is to supplement the town’s storage of treated water. Consumption of water in the community exceeds 175,000 gallons each day and the present storage in the two towers amount to only 120,000. Saturday, October 15th saw the dropping of the lucky leaflets over Vegreville by plane, in conjunction with the Fire Prevention Week. Dean Locken, Vegreville who collected the top number of leaflets won the $5.00 cash prize. He managed to collect around 205 of these leaflets and turned them in to the fore hall that afternoon which made him eligible for the cash prize. Something of an oddity for this district showed up on a Vegreville district farm recently. Ruben Goodman who farms about two and a half miles south of town was working in his farmyard one morning when he noticed a large brown bird lying on the ground. The bird turned out to be a Golden Eagle and from all appearances died from natural causes. The powerfully built eagle had a 6 foot wingspan, huge talons and appeared every bit as fearsome as some stories would have one believe.

25 Years Ago – October 22, 1991 A memo dated October 4 was submitted from the multi-purpose complex committee recommending that the Town of Vegreville upfront the shortfall for the multi-purpose complex, conditional to agreements as the town sees fit. The town will proceed with the construction and completion of the multi-purpose complex and the town will also solicit the groups to make the necessary financial commitment for the completion of the project. Vantage Builders’ bid was accepted by the town for the completion of phase two of the multi-purpose complex. Three years ago in 1989 Vegreville Catholic SSD No. 16 trustees began planning for the October 15 sod turning ceremony for a new gymnasium at St. Martin’s school. The original Catholic Independent School in the area was started by area pioneers in old Vegreville in 1894, with Mr. Theodore Theroux as the first teacher. St. Martin’s School at its present site was completed in 1914 at a cost of $15,000 and thanks to community support, it has grown with facilities added on in 1958 and 1981. The new facility will provide much needed space.

Letters Welcomed One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Yemen: The Stupidest War Gwynne Dyer “They hit everything, hospitals, orphanages, schools,” Hisham alOmeisy told The Guardian newspaper six months ago. “You live in constant fear that your kids’ school could be the next target.” No, he’s not talking about the wicked Russians bombing Aleppo in Syria. He was talking about the air force of Saudi Arabia, that great friend of the West, bombing his friends and neighbours in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. The Saudi Arabian bombing campaign is responsible for most of the estimated 5,000 Yemeni civilian deaths in the past 18 months. The Saudi authorities swear that it wasn’t them every time there is a big civilian death toll, but they are the only side in the conflict that has aircraft. A case in point is last Sunday’s strike on the Great Hall in Sana’a, a large and distinctive building of no military importance. On Sunday it was crowded with hundred of people attending the funeral of Ali al-

Rawishan, the father of the current interior minister, Galal al-Rawishan. The younger al-Rawishan is in the government that sits in the capital, which is supported by “rebel” Houthi tribesmen from the north of Yemen and by the part of the army that still backs the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. His father’s funeral was therefore attended by many senior Houthi officials and supporters of the former president, as well as large numbers of other people. And by the sheerest coincidence, an air-strike accidentally hit the Great Hall at just the right time to kill 150 people and wound 525, probably including a dozen or so “rebel” government officials. Nonsense. It was obviously deliberate This war is really about Saudi Arabia’s ability to control Yemen’s government. The two neighbours have about the same population but Saudi Arabia is thirty times richer, so it should be easy. Yemen’s long-ruling dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was hostile to Saudi Arabia, so the latter took advantage of popular protests against him in 2011-12 to engineer his replacement by a Saudi puppet, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. Saleh then made an alliance with his former enemies, the Houthi tribes of northern Yemen, and struck back.

When the rebel forces seized Sana’a in late 2014 and eventually drove Hadi out of the country, Saudi Arabia put together a “coalition” of conservative Arab states and launched the current military intervention to put Hadi back in power. The other motive behind this foolish war is the Saudi conviction that Iran, its great rival in the Gulf, is the secret power behind the rebel forces in Yemen. No doubt Iran does sympathise with the Yemeni rebels, since they are mostly fellow Shias, but for all the talk of “Iran-allied Houthis” there is no evidence that Iran has given them either military or financial aid. So, then, three conclusions. First, the Saudi-led coalition will not get its way in Yemen if it remains unwilling to put large numbers of troops on the ground. Second, the relentless bombing of civilians is largely due to the coalition’s frustration at the failure of its political strategy. And third, this is the stupidest of all the wars now being fought across the Middle East. Who runs Yemen is not a matter of vital strategic importance to Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi obsession with the Iranian “threat” is absurd. Does the Washington foreign policy establishment finally understand all this? Only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Old habits die hard, and it’s all too easy to condemn Russian air strikes in Syria while condoning similar Saudi air strikes in Yemen. Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose article are published in 45 countries.


october 19, 2016

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Are living standards in Canada becoming more unequal?

Troy Media Much has been written in recent years about income inequality and the (apparently) growing gap between the rich and the poor. The focus on income is understandable. It’s a measure that resonates with the general public. It’s fairly easy to determine because everyone files an annual income tax return. For the researcher, income is attractive because it’s the most accessible indicator of well-being and is available in most of Statistics Canada’s surveys. However, is income the best way to measure people’s actual living standards? It’s fair to say that it’s not, and a growing number of academics find consumption to be a preferred indicator. The reason is simple. Some people can consume substantially more than their income by borrowing or by receiving gifts. Others consume much less than their income if they save a significant portion or if they pay down debt. To illustrate, consider a young family that earns $50,000 in 2016 but spends $60,000 (for themselves and their young children) by borrowing and with some financial gifts from parents. Which of those two numbers is a better ref lec-

tion of their actual living standard in 2016? It’s easy to make the case that the $60,000 consumption amount captures the family’s economic well-being better than their income. If consumption is a better reflection of a household’s standard of living, what can we say about the degree of inequality of those living standards over time? A new Fraser Institute study examines the inequality of consumption in Canada over the period 1969 to 2009 (the last year of available data). After adjusting for household size, which has changed quite dramatically over the past four decades, the study finds that consumption inequality has barely changed since 1969. Using a popular measure, inequality of consumption is up only three per cent in 40 years. This result flies in the face of studies and reports telling us that Canada is quickly becoming a more unequal and polarized society. There have been scores of media stories (Toronto Star, Globe, and Mail, CBC, CTV, etc.) about the alarming rise in inequality in Canada. While these are based on reports of income inequality, usually from left-wing think-tanks such as the CCPA, the Broadbent Institute, and the Conference Board, they create the clear impression that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and we are becoming a much more polar¬ized society. And with these studies, of course, come renewed demands for the government to “fix” the problem with more redistributive actions. Quite a number of these studies, however, continue to use pre-tax income, which serves to exaggerate the degree of inequality. But people don’t get to spend pre-tax income. They can only make spending (or saving) decisions on their after-tax income. So, it’s common now for credible academic studies to use after-tax income in measuring income inequality.

Further, many of these reports also fail to adjust for household size despite the decline in the size of an average household over the years. More income is now shared among fewer people and, once we account for this, there’s less inequality. Failing to adjust for something as basic as household size is a significant concern and only serves to further exaggerate the degree of inequality. There has been much change in Canadian society since the 1960s. There has also been a massive growth of the state, which has involved itself in almost every aspect of our lives and is more actively redistributing income than ever before. Yet, almost surprisingly, there has been no substantive change in inequality of how we actually live. When we look at our best proxy for Canadian living standards, household consumption properly adjusted for size, we find there has been very little change in the “gap” over the past four decades.


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october 19, 2016

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Navigating in the Dark

Cpl. Leigh Drinkwater Well, folks, pick whom you may – Mother Nature or Old Man Winter – but the forces of nature descended upon us over the past ten days. Either Mother Nature or Old Man Winter (pick your favorite) has reminded us mere mortals that despite all of our advances in technology we are at their mercy. Many of us were caught off guard by the early snowfalls

and below zero overnight temperatures. I’m sure the folks at the various tire shops may have been grateful for the uptick in business, but I know in speaking to some of them, the demand for winter tire changeovers was more than they could meet. When starting your day out, before getting into your vehicle, take the time to clear your windows from frost and snow. We’ve all seen that person attempting to peek through the little hole in the frost that they have carved out with their scraper or the small porthole created by the defroster – and we look at that person and say to ourselves, ‘A re they NUTS? They can’t see a THING!’ If drivers cannot see the road, let alone make eye contact with other drivers or pedestrians, the odds of a crash go up exponentially. How many times have we all stubbed our toes when getting up in the middle of the night, without turning a light on? Driving a vehicle that weighs about a ton (or more), at 50 kilometers

an hour, literally in the dark, and you collide with something or someone, there will be a lot more damage or injury than the bruised toe… Section 80 of Alberta’s the Use of the Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation states the following: A person shall not drive a vehicle on a highway if the view through the windshield or windows of the vehicle is so obscured by mud, frost, steam or any other thing so as to make the driving of the vehicle hazardous or dangerous. The fine is $155.00 Now we curse ourselves when we whack our toes for not turning on a light, because we are trying to be courteous, and don’t want to disturb our significant others, our children, or even the dog for that matter. Why would we drive in the dark? The same courtesy does not apply. Speaking of lights – The same rules apply to headlights, taillights, clearance lamps, identification (license plate) lights. Take that extra minute to clean them off. One of the key elements to road safety is visibility. Back


october 19, 2016

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Vortex end season with excitment Joe Machney Reporter The snowy weather melted away as the adrenaline heated up the field in Vegreville. The game was fast with great football plays everywhere. The Vegreville Vortex ended their football season for this year against the Westlock Thunderbirds with a most exciting game, arguably the best of their season. As many fans braved the chilly weather to cheer their Vegreville Vortex on the game began with the team pushing the T-birds hard into their endzone. But the pendulum swung the other way and Westlock pushed the Vortex back with just as much force offering the fans a taste of the intensity that was to come from the two combatants. The Vortex made a long run into the endzone but much to their chagrin it denied as their touchdown was called off due to a flag. As the disappointment lingered the T-birds took advantage of the first and goal situation and made the short distance for a touchdown. A couple penalties for the Thunderbirds ended the first quarter with Westlock in the lead. The second quarter started with an offside for Veg and then a penalty for too many men on the field. Seeing a need for size and strength, Tian Holyk threw his weight around during the quarter giving the Vortex some much-needed confidence in

their game. A perfect throw got the Vortex to the Westlock 45 yard line but unfortunately a slip of the ball changed the direction of play and Westlock ended up running the distance for a touchdown after they intercepted the ball. The break did the Vortex good as the next quarter they were a lot stronger and focused and were able to make 17 and 16-yard gains early in the third quarter. Cheremshynski made a gain of 8 yards with a solid run up the middle. The fans and team were on their toes as the ball slipped the hands of Desjarlais at the goal line. Although no points were made during the third quarter the strength that Vegreville displayed gave them the confidence they needed to really kick it into gear for the final quarter. The quarter started with an injury for Westlock and sensing a weakness in their game Kropielnicki pushed hard and made it to the endzone for the first touchdown for the Vortex as well as picking up the conversion. The touchdown gave the Vortex more tenacity and even though the quarter went back and forth a bit a great knockdown play by the Vortex gave them a first and 10 opportunity near the end of the game. An interception by Westlock spoiled any chance that the Vortex had of getting another touchdown before the clock ran out. With the final score being Westlock

13 and Vegreville 8, the season for the Vortex came to an emotional end, but the team has much to be proud of and can look forward to a great upcoming year come fall of 2017. “The boys played really well, I’m proud of them. We had a few breaks here and there. I feel it could have went either way. I’m so proud of how they stuck it out and how they showed a lot of heart throughout the whole game.” Coach Steven Cheremshynski said. “I’d like to thank the community for their support and everything during our season.”

The snow and cold that came in waves lately brought the chill of spooky appearances showing up in the front of houses in Vegreville. This could be the ghost of Old Man Winter or the spirit of Halloween that is responsible? Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice was among the four people killed in a smallplane crash in British Columbia on Thursday night. The Prentice family issued a statement Friday, saying the loss of two family members at once is “unbelievably painful.” Welcome to our winter wonderland! Don’t worry folks, I’m sure it won’t last long.... cross-fingers...


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october 19, 2016

Vegreville’s got talent! Lisa Topilko It’s true! Vegreville’s got talent and the upcoming fundraiser for VegMin Learning Society will verify that local talent abounds! We’re looking for skills on the stage or in the kitchen. One hundred dollar prizes are up for grabs for youth or adults performing or cooking. The winners are all determined by “People’s Choice” because the audience will buy votes for their favorites on the stage and in the kitchen. Bring the family to the Social Centre Thurs. Nov. 17 for a delightfully yummy and entertaining evening. This event supports your local Community Adult Learning Program (CALP)! Since 1975, VegMin Learning Society has offered Adult Learning and Literacy Programs to residents of the Town of Vegreville and the County of Minburn. That means English for people from another country. And it means courses for adults who want their High School Diplomas. Computer courses, safety courses, training for non-profit boards, financial literacy, and so many more educational opportunities take place at our own VegMin!

Break and Enter, Suspect Vehicle in Lamont County


Cst. Suzanne Ahlstrom The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect vehicle which was involved in a break and enter which occurred on a rural property in Lamont County on October 7th. It is believed that the involved vehicle is a newer model white Ford F350 with a push bar on the front. The Detachment has been received reports of rural break and enters similar to this, and believe that this vehicle may be connected. Everyone is asked to be vigilant and report any suspicious people or vehicles around your, or your neighbours’ properties. Fort Saskatchewan RCMP needs your help in preventing and solving these crimes. Please contact the detachment at 780-997-7900 with any information regarding this incident. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800222-8477(TIPS), or by internet at

october 19, 2016

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EIPS students score high marks on 2015–2016 PATS Laura McNabb Students from Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) are celebrating another year of strong results on their 2015–2016 Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT). Province-wide PAT results released last week by Alberta Education indicate EIPS students in Grade 6 and Grade 9 who completed the provincial achievement tests outperformed the provincial averages in almost all subjects at both the Acceptable Standard and the Standard of Excellence. Particularly impressive, roughly 91 per cent of Grade 6 students achieved the Acceptable Standard in English Language Arts with 26 per cent of students achieving the Standard of Excellence. Meanwhile, in Science 6, close to 40 per cent of students achieved the Standard of Excellence. Equally notable, Grade 9 students in English Language Arts 9, Science 9, and Social Studies 9 significantly exceeded the provincial averages in the Standard of Excellence category. And, in the Acceptable Standard category, EIPS students exceeded the provincial average by eight per cent or more in English Language Arts 9, Mathematics 9, Science 9, and Social Studies 9. “We are thrilled with the results released today by Alberta Education,” says Trina Boymook, the Board Chair at EIPS. “The results illustrate that we, as a Division, are supporting our students and enhancing their learning. We

have an incredible team of teachers and staff who are doing a fantastic job of developing our students to achieve the best possible educational outcomes.” The PATs are a snapshot of student achievement in various curricula from the Alberta Programs of Study in Grade 6 English language arts, French language arts, math, science and social studies and in Grade 9 English language arts, French language arts, math, science, social studies and related knowledge and employability (KAE) courses. “The PAT results are a great resource for us because they help us understand student achievement in the respective programs,” says Boymook. “Every year, we review these results and use the data to inform our teachers, schools, administration and Board on the areas we are doing well in, and identify the areas we can improve on. Looking ahead, EIPS will continue to concentrate on ways to meet the educational needs of all our students.” A Standard of Excellence refers to students who demonstrate a mastery of the core subject material. An Acceptable Standard refers to students who demonstrate an understanding of the subject material. For more detailed information on the 2015–2016 PAT results within EIPS, read the “2015–2016 Grade 6 Grade 9 PAT: EIPS and provincial results” online.

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october 19, 2016

october 19, 2016

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october 19, 2016

Innisfree school news

Tamara Cannan Innisfree Delnorte school has an ongoing fundraiser where they are taking in Campbell soup labels and Boston Pizza receipts which can be dropped off at the office. Pizza order forms are due at the end of this month. Mixing spoons are still for sale as well. If you like baking order somemMixing spoons, they are easy and fast to make. The junior boys and girls had a volleyball game against Mannville on October 13, 2016 which was held in Innisfree. On October 13, 2016 Jaiden Bancroft got gold in

cross country running finals. On October 14, 2016 Innisfree Delnorte had their awards night. It went over really well and a lot of people got awards. The senior’s boys and girls went to Mannville and played volleyball on October 17, 2016, and they did a refereeing course too. They are now all certified to referee a volleyball game. There is no school on October 21, 2016. The Christmas play is being worked on already. Everyone is now studying hard and into the school year routine.

Mannville School News Susan Obrigewitch Kenzie Smith travelled to Medicine Hat on September 26-27 to compete in the ASA A Provincial Golf Championship. Kenzie was compet-

ing as an individual along with 58 other girls from around the province. Day 1 saw some nicer weather conditions. It was a little cool in the morning but it warmed up and the wind was not a factor. Kenzie was tied for 11th after Day 1 competition. Day 2 saw quite a change in the weather. It was quite cool and very windy. After competition was wrapped up for the day, Kenzie f inished the tournament tied for 14th place. Great job Kenzie! Congratulations on your performance at provincials and your golf success all throughout high school.

A huge thank you to FCSS for allowing our elementary students to experience the ventriloquism of Val Hilliker. The kinder kids and grade ones created their own puppets and performed a song for the rest of the elementary. Val followed with an entertaining show that emphasized virtues and tools to deal with difficult situations in life. Another thank you is extended to the parents and grandparents that helped to run the glue guns for the students! 17 Future babysitters! Mannville School and FCSS are once again partnering together to provide the grade six students with a valuable Babysitting Course that they will use in the future and provide to our community! Tickets are out for our Fall Supper on November 4th at the Mannville Recreation Centre. These are available from grade nine students, local businesses and the school office. Following the Fall Supper is our Secondary Awards Day. Starting Tuesday, October 18th

there will be an after school Art Club open to students in grades 7-12. Classes will run from 3:30pm-5:00pm each Tuesday. Plans are underway to have guest artists. Contact Miss Almberg or Mrs. Lorenson for more information. We always appreciate the little extras our volunteer firefighters do for our school and students. During Fire Safety Week we had a presentation for our elementary students on fire safety. VIBE Youth Night will be held on Thursday, October 20th from 7:00pm-9:00pm for students in grades 6-12. Students can enjoy an open gym night at the school! Please join us for a very moving and inspirational visit from Eva Olsson, a Holocaust survivor. Everyone is welcome to join us on October 26th, at 2pm in the school gym. Her message is unforgettable. We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you VIBE! A glance ahead: No School – October 21st.

october 19, 2016

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New sustainability benchmarks help develop strategy for Canadian beef industry

Monica Hadarits, M.Sc. On October 5, the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) released the findings of the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy1—a two-year, ‘farm to fork’ study that benchmarks the environmental, social, and economic performance of the Canadian beef industry. The Assessment also lays out a strategy for the CRSB to advance sustainability efforts in the industry and measure progress going forward. The Assessment is the first of its kind for the Canadian beef industry. It provides a comprehensive picture of the industry’s sustainability performance at the national level, said Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, a rancher from Jumping Pound, Alberta and Chair of the CRSB. “We examined all aspects of the value chain, from farming all the way through to consumption.” With this science-based information, the industry will be able to communicate more effectively with partners, stakeholders, and the public. Looking for-

wa rd, t he Sustainability Strategy will help ensure the CRSB can focus its efforts in the most appropriate areas. Standard environmental life cycle topics, such as climate change, fossil fuel use, water use, and air and land pollution potentials were examined in the Assessment, along with new areas including biodiversity and carbon storage. The Assessment also covered a broad range of social life cycle topics, including animal health and welfare and antimicrobial use, and economic sustainability from a producer viability and consumer resiliency point of view. “The results reflect positively on the Canadian beef industry,” noted Fawn Jackson, Executive Director of the CRSB. “However, there are still opportunities for improvement, as well as areas in which industry wants to continue to excel, which is why the National Beef Sustainability Strategy was created.” The Sustainability Strategy identifies goals, key performance indicators, and action items for the CRSB to help advance continuous improvement in sustainability. The goals set forth in the Sustainability Strategy and the benchmarks from the Assessment will be reviewed approximately every five years going forward. Canada is a very efficient beef producer in regards to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with a total footprint

Snow dump dampens harvest effort Joe Machney Reporter October has always been an intense month for the farmers of Alberta, but usually because of the hours that they need to put in to get the crops off the fields. This year though the cause of the stress and intensity is from the dump of snow that we had the past week. However, as the days begin to warm up a bit the farmers will do what they have done in years past when the weather was not on their side and Mother Nature asked them to take a

break for a few days. “Hopefully it warms up and the snow melts and then we can go again. Most of the farmers have only got about 50 per cent of their crops off, or so the radio says,” Arelis Holyk, a local farmer said. His view is similar to that of other farmers in the County and surrounding Counties who have been affected by the recent blast from old man winter. There’s not much else to do other than wait to get back on the field and finish up.

of 11.4 kg CO2 eq. per kg of live weight. From a value chain perspective, the farming stage accounts for 74% of the industry’s GHG footprint, followed by consumption (10%); processing (6%); retail and transportation (4% each); and packing (1%). Approximately 19% of edible bone free meat is wasted from secondary processing through to consumption because of trimming, spillage, discardment of expired meat, and other reasons. Land used for beef production accounts for 33% of agricultural land and 68% of the potential wildlife habitat on the agricultural landscape. This land also currently stores approximately 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon. The blue water footprint of Canadian beef is 235 litres per kilogram of live weight, relatively low due to low rates of irrigation on feed and the presence of highly efficient systems. From a value chain perspective, the farming stage accounts for 74% of the industry’s blue water footprint, followed by consumption (10%); processing (6%); retail and transportation (4% each); and packing (2%). The beef industry is characterized by small margins at every production

stage. In 2013, cow-calf enterprises covered short-term (i.e., cash costs) and medium-term (i.e., including depreciation) costs. Three of the four typical farms also covered long-term costs (i.e., including opportunity costs). In this case, opportunity costs largely represent unpaid labour. Average long-term margins for a 200 head cow-herd provides an annual income of $17,559. Between 74% and 85% of cow/calf operations rely on off-farm income. The ability of the industry to distinguish between trends and fads as well as respond to consumer demands were identified as important to the economic sustainability of the beef industry.


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october 19, 2016


AGAIN. Maybe the dog will get up so I don’t walk on him… So if I step on the dog, is the dog to blame? Now, I climb into my vehicle, without my headlights and taillights cleared. I know where I’m going, but can others see what I’m up to? With taillights obscured by snow, no one knows if I’m braking or am signaling a right or left turn and the driver behind me is left to guess what I am going to do. The person who meets me at the intersection may be wondering if I’m going straight or turning left or right if my headlights and turn signals are covered in snow. They are left to guess, much like the dog as I guess my way through the house in the dark. As I execute my turn and collide with that person, they are much like the dog – they had no idea what I was going to do. Fines for various lights being obstructed or not working, range from $78.00 to $150.00, pursuant to the Vehicle Equipment Regulations under Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act. Loosely translated, folks, you may be willing to sacrifice your toe navigating your house in the dark, but ask yourself this: Are you willing to sacrifice your vehicle, risk property damage, and risk injury to yourself or other people while you are navigating in the dark?

to the toe-stubbing incident for a moment; o.k., so I’m not going to wake anyone up by turning on any household lights as I get up in the middle of the night. However, my f lashlight is handy, so I decide to use that. Uh oh – the batteries are dead and it won’t light up. Well, I guess I’ll just have to chance stubbing my pinky toe on the furniture

october 19, 2016

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CONTINUED from PAGE 5 thoughts into a plan that includes your business idea; the type of capital you’ll need such as space, equipment, or a healthy cash flow; how your product or service fits in the current market landscape; advertising tools required; and how you plan to make a profit. 2. Look for a variety of financing sources. Funding is not just limited to financial institutions. There are a variety of government grants and programs that can help a small business get off the ground and they can be easily found online. There’s also a wide range of lending products from financial institutions available to small businesses, including operating lines of credits, credit cards, and commercial mortgages. Skilled advisors in this field can help you navigate the options to ensure you choose products that are suited to your needs. 3. Get organized. When meeting with a financial institution to discuss lending options, bring your business plan and copies of your personal financial

records. If you require a co-signer or guarantor, you will need their financial information as well. 4. Invest in professionals. Don’t try to do everything on your own because you could be spending more in the long run. Use your time wisely by focusing on developing the business, and hire professionals to do the things they do best like branding, web design, and accounting. 5. Network. Sometimes the best lessons are learned from another’s mistakes. Join small business organizations and attend networking events to meet other entrepreneurs who can share success stories. As a bonus, new clients are often found through word of mouth. 6. Don’t give up. Robertson says perseverance is key. “Regardless of the outcome, keep being tenacious with your business — hard work and determination should yield results.

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october 19, 2016

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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, I always knew bachelorhood could only last so long, but when I fell in love, boy did things move fast. In one year, we were married, bought a house and now we have a baby on the way. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited. I even made the leap and bought an old minivan figuring it will fit everything I need. Now with the baby due soon, I've been trying to install the car seat. Who knew you need to be a rocket scientist to do it? Despite the fact that the instructions are in English, they are impossible to understand. The car seat instructions say to see the car manual for proper installation. The car manual says to see the car seat manual. Is this a joke? I thought this was a tenminute job. My friends are no help. They don't have any kids. How does a soon-to-be dad properly install a car seat?

• • • Cash: Sometimes it seems like the people who create assembly instructions must be comedy writers. And they probably should be since trying to decipher their instructions is enough to make you laugh. Carry: With so many car seat

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 10/16/16 © The Classified Guys®

and automobile manufacturers, creating a standard installation is difficult. Since 2002, new cars are required to have the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system now available on car seats in an effort to make installation a little easier. The system bypasses the use of the vehicle's seat belt. However, that doesn't help if you have an older car. Cash: Even though you don't have friends to tap for knowledge, help is still available nearby. Your local police station can be a great place to begin. They often perform safety installation checks on car seats at no cost. Carry: Additionally, AAA has programs to assist with child safety. You can check with your local

branch to find out when and where their next safety check is being held. Cash: As yet another option, check with you local auto dealer. They may be able to help with the installation or have more detailed information about your specific vehicle model. Carry: For a soon-to-be dad, you're already making good decisions. Since it's estimated that more than half of all car seats are installed incorrectly, getting assistance is a great idea. Cash: You can only hope that when you have to assemble the first bicycle, help is as readily available. Although maybe by that point, your child will be old enough to help!

Fast Facts Mr. Mom

Reader Humor Out to Lunch

Having a baby can make major changes to any household. For some, this includes deciding who will stay at home with the baby. Since 1989 the number of stay at home Dads has almost doubled to 2 million (according to the PEW research Center). There are many reasons for this. Roughly 23% stay home due to the economy and inability to find work. About 20% do so because they just want to care for and raise their children. The balance stays home due to illness, disability, retirement, school, etc. Now the question is, “Why don’t we see more Dads at the PTA Meetings?”

My friend Janet and I hold birthing classes for expecting parents on the weekends. In addition to covering what to anticipate during the birth process, we also go over how to care for the newborn baby at home. After lunch at our last class, Janet was showing everyone how to properly swaddle a baby using a practice doll. One couple just couldn't seem to get the hang of it, so Janet continued to show them repeatedly. Finally it dawned on them. "Oh I get it," the soon-to-be father said. "It's just like making a turkey wrap for lunch." "Kind of," Janet replied jokingly. "Just make sure to hold the mayo!"

Road Trip Traveling with children can sometimes be difficult, and it can be much worse when someone suffers from motion sickness. This temporary illness is the result of a conflict in the brain between the eyes and the inner ear. The inner ear detects motion, but the eyes focused inside the car do not. The result is nausea. If you suffer from motion sickness, try focusing on distant objects while traveling. Opening the window for fresh air or making frequent stops can also help, although nothing feels as good as reaching your final destination.

(Thanks to Carla M.)

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october 19, 2016

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CONTINUED from front page PETS


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grab; it’s not an environmental policy. I am very concerned about this because it will target and disproportional harm the type of communities I represent in the Lakeland; it will be burdensome to rural Canadians, and to farmers and to communities that rely on oil and gas development and to Canadians that live in remote and northern communities.” “The other part that is troubling is that the carbon tax will also be disproportionately harmful to the most vulnerable Canadians; people who are unemployed and have no income, fixed-income and the working-poor. Often their energy costs are disproportion to the income they have and the carbon tax will just increase all of that and even more,” Stubbs continued. “The Federal Government hasn’t said much about a rebate for this; but even if they do give a rebate, it will not be enough to compensate the increase in costs of groceries and fuel and all these other products.” “The Federal Government is trying to say that the carbon tax will be revenue mutual for the Federal Government but it won’t be revenue mutual for Canadians and there is no guaranteed it will be revenue mutual the way provinces manage it either,” Stubbs explained. Stubbs said the Federal Government said the carbon tax needs to be in place to reduce emissions but we can look at British Columbia and they have a carbon tax of $30 a ton that has been in place since 2008 but emissions in B.C. has increased every year since 2010. “So, we have proof that a broad-based carbon tax like the Federal Government said needs to happen do not significantly reduced emissions. They also saw no significant decreases in gasoline purchases. They had economic growth in B.C. but it is all in the cities and economic growth in the rural areas has virtually collapsed in B.C. The flip-side of that is that Canadian’s emissions overall declined, so by 2014, overall Canadian’s emissions were 1% lower than 2006 levels and that was with no Federal Carbon Tax. “We would prefer regulatory innovation initiatives to enhance environmental management. The previous government was working through a sector-by-sector regulatory approach where they had already implemented emissions limits on vehicles and trucks. They were consulting in each of these sectors to set limits that

could be reasonably achieved and not devastate these sectors economically. They were also targeting pollutions and investing in carbon capture tech. and innovative initiatives to increase environmentally sustainable oil and gas development and they were considering incentives for individuals to increase energy efficiency in their daily lives, and they were establishing limits and planning for reductions in coal-fired electricity, and they planned to do other measures.” “Alberta does better with responsible oil and gas development than any other country or jurisdiction on the planet. In Alberta, we produce the most environmentally responsible agriculture and the most environmentally responsible oil and gas. But we should be having fact-based discussions about environmental policies that will actually achieve environmental stewardship; not a carbon tax which is just a fiscal tool and has nothing to do with the environmental policy,” said Stubbs. “The Liberals are trying to say that this carbon tax will earn us a social license internationally. Alberta was the first jurisdiction in all of North American to regulate emissions and to implement a carbon levy. They implemented a $15 a ton carbon levy on major industrial in 2003. If this earns a social license, Alberta earned this a long time ago but more than a decade later, we have to plead with municipal politicians and provincial politicians across Canada and internationally to get access to export markets and to establish pipeline infrastructure. All we would do now with a carbon tax is make things worse at the very worse time when our energy structure is already struggling,” reflected Stubbs. “Also, it’s important for Canada to make this decision in a global context because the Federal Liberals are saying that the carbon tax has to be done to meet our international commitments. The United States is our biggest energy customer and is becoming our biggest energy competitor and is the second largest emitting country in the world, neither of its presidential candidates are going to impose a carbon tax and none of the six major oil and gas producing countries in the world in which Canada is one, are implementing carbon taxes on themselves. The reason they are not doing that is it would be bad for their competitiveness, their economies, and their key industries. Canada accounts for only 1.6% of global emissions,” Stubbs stated.

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Stubbs continued on to say that the Hearing Panel for the Energy East pipeline got derailed and the government hasn’t reappointed it yet and the process is on hold for this one piece of infrastructure that would bring Western Canadian energy to Eastern Canadian refineries. This would create Canadian jobs that would all be produced and transported under Canadian standards, which are the highest in the world and then we wouldn’t have to import from other countries. “We have been very active on all the issues that are damaging the investment climate and the competitiveness within Canada. The key components of economic growth are low taxes, certainty in a regulatory environment and in the market, and trade and streamlined red tape and regulations. That is why we have been very active when the Federal Government spoke about increases payroll taxes which will be very devastating for small businesses and could hurt all businesses. We are pressing them to complete international deals. “We just launched an Alberta Job Taskforce that is being led by myself and my two colleague and we are going to be working on providing concrete solutions to the government based on feedback we get from Albertans and Alberta businesses over the next several months on concrete actions that could be taken to help the job crisis in Alberta. We have been urging the Federal Government to prioritize the economic crisis in Alberta because when things are bad in Alberta, it will inevitably negatively impact the rest of the country. So far, they have announced a five-week extension of EI and are planning new infrastructure that won’t happen until 2018.” Stubbs said when asked about Alberta’s job crisis. You can make a difference in opposing the proposed Federal Carbon Tax. People can get and sign and share the e-petition 585 on Shannon Stubbs’s website which is as there is a section there on petitions and the people can sign this one for the carbon tax. “There are a number of petitions going around against the carbon tax but what’s different about this one is it is a formal and official petition to the House of Commons and it will be tabled and will require the government to respond. People can sign it until January 20, 2017, and then I can table it.” Stubbs concluded as an essential statement to help for anyone who opposes the new Federal Carbon Tax to make a difference.


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MATICHUK, John O. In loving memory of a very special father and Gido, John Matichuk, who passed away October 18, 2006. Today recalls the memory Of a loved one gone to rest, And those who think of him today Are those who loved him best. Love Sonia, Karen, Joe and Cody

DOBSON, Pamela Joyce Dec 22, 1941 – Oct. 24, 2010 Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother. We take the time to look back and celebrate your life. It was a shock to awake and find out you had passed away. But now your pain and suffering would end at last. O Pamela, the pipes, the pipes are calling. From glen to glen and down the mountain side The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling Tis you, ‘Tis you must go and I must bide. But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow Or when the valleys hushed and white with snow ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow O Pamela, O Pamela I love you so. And if you come, when all the flowers are dying And you are dead as you are dead well may be I’ll come and find the place where you are lying And kneel and say “Ava” there for thee And you shall hear, tho’ soft I tread above thee And all your grave will warmer, sweeter be For I will bend and tell you that I love thee And you shall sleep in peace until I come to thee. I miss you so much, Spike

SRIBNEY In Loving Memory of Nellie Sribney – Our beautiful, caring Mother and Grandmother Who passed away on October 15, 2015 Because you’re always thought about in such a special way, Because you always did so much to brighten up each day. And because you cared for others selflessly your whole life through, We say a little prayer each day especially for you. That heaven will protect you and will somehow let you know, That you meant so much to us and that we miss you so. And that we’ll think about you as we travel on life’s way, And keep you safe within our hearts forever and a day. Lovingly remembered by, Lorie, Richard, Courtney, and Chelsey


ADAMS, Brandi Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, the pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remembered them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. Love always Stan, Betty & John.

YAKIMCHUK, Helen (nee Watamaniuk) September 27, 1923 - October 15, 2016 Beloved wife, mother, Baba passed away at the age of 93. Survived by Fred, her husband of 71years; children Marlene (Dave), Lana, Fredric (Amy) and Stephen; grandchildren David (Norrie Shan), Tanya, Charles (Yan), Maria, Ian, Elena (John), and Katherine; great-grandchildren David, Arianna, Connor, Eli, Melody, Emma and Lily Rose; siblings Mary, Alice, and Steve (Eileen), and numerous in laws and their families. Predeceased by son Ronald and wife Terri, son in law Ken, daughter Kathy, brother William (Bill). A Public Visitation will be held on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Autumn Rose Funeral Home, Vegreville. A Funeral Rite will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. at Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Andrew with Rev. Fr. Benny Ambrosie officiating. Interment to follow in the church cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to “Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Andrew.” To send condolences please visit AUTUMN ROSE FUNERAL HOME LTD., VEGREVILLE 780-603-5800 ERNEST FLOYD McVIG Ernest Floyd McVig of Bruce, Alberta, passed away Monday, October 10, 2016 at Viking, Alberta the age of 71 years. A Funeral Service will be held at the Bruce Community Hall, 4th Ave. and Main Street, Bruce, Alberta, Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 1:00 P.M. Interment will be at the Bruce Cemetery, Bruce, Alberta. Donations may be made to the Gideons International, Box 3619 Stn. Main, Guelph On. N1H 9Z9 or charity of ones choice. Viking Funeral Services Ltd 1-780-336-4842

october 19, 2016

Small Business Week in Alberta Jessica Littlewood MLA Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville I’m honoured to represent a constituency that has so many hard-working small business owners. From family farms to coffee shops, clothing stores and everything in between, residents of Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. These small businesses have a big impact on the economy—not just in the communities in which they are located, but the whole province. Small Business Week in Alberta is a great time to celebrate these businesses and their owners. They employ over 500,000 thousand Albertans, allowing them to earn a good living for themselves and their families; they also inject about $100 billion a year into our hometowns and neighbourhoods. Our government believes in small businesses, and we want to provide them with the tools they need to survive and thrive. That’s why we took decisive action by: Creating an Alberta Investor Tax Credit of 30 per cent for investment in Alberta small business in a variety of sectors. This will help small businesses create more than 4000 new jobs. Restoring the Self-Employment Training programs to provide mentorship and classroom expertise for hundreds of entrepreneurs with a new product or new idea, Adding millions to our small business voucher program to help hundreds of small technology development compa-

nies with marketing, planning, product development, testing and prototyping. Creating the Alberta Small Brewers Development Program giving small, Alberta brewers access to $20 million in grants. This money will give small brewers the ability to invest in their business, launch new products, develop new markets and create local jobs. Providing $10-million to expand small business incubators so more small businesses in Alberta will thrive. And cutting the Small Business Tax by one third to ensure Alberta continues to have the lowest overall tax in Canada and saving small business owners $178 million that they can reinvest in growing their business and innovation. There is no question the sharp drop in oil prices is having a major effect on Alberta families, communities and businesses; however, small businesses in Fo r t Saskatchewan, Vegreville, Lamont, Bruderheim, Mundare, Chipman, Andrew and Tofield continue to display innovation and resiliency in the face of this challenge, making it especially worthwhile to celebrate them this week. I strongly encourage everyone to go out and support local businesses as they truly are a major part of the economic engine of this province. If you are a small business owner or are interested in starting your own business, is a great resource to detail the supports available to you.

october 19, 2016

CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINET Residential / Commercial Kitchen Cabinets Custom Millwork Cabinet Doors

Dave Ph. (780) 632-4488 Shop Fax. (780) 632-6765 Cell. (780) 603-7922 email:


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october 19, 2016

Myrnam Barons Update!

Orange Shirt Day Campaign - Mrs. Godziuk’s grade 2 class showed great enthusiasm toward the support of Orange Shirt Day and the Terry Fox Run!

NMS submitted Well, the last couple of weeks has been extremely busy from Kindergarten to Grade 12! Here is a quick look at a few things that have been happening: Industrial Arts 7, 8, 9 – Currently students are working on and completing their 5-board benches and handcrafted puzzles Robotics – Students were asked to create a workable speaker from common supplies. The pictured speaker definitely had some crackling when connected to the iPad! Terry Fox Run – Our Students’ Union organized this annual event. The Run started with a video presentation with some history of who our Canadian Hero, Terry Fox, was and his dream. The entire student body along with available staff proceeded to take part in a 5km run for senior high, a 1.13 mile run/walk for upper elementary and a fast paced walk around the school property for our lower elementary. Total proceeds were $297.10 with the breakdown of Toonies for Terry donations of $112.10 and donations to the Terry Fox Foundation collected by Netresa Clark for $185! Great job everyone! Orange Shirt Day Campaign – Students and staff donned their

orange shirts to show support and honor to those who have experienced residential schools. This day is a symbol that “Every Child Matters”. Cross Country Zones – We had one student represent our school in this zones competition. Thank you to Daralea Rahn for doing the best that you could and to Coach Eriksen for a great season! Jr Volleyball – The season is well underway. Both the boys and girls are heavy into practicing and they had their first league home game on Oct. 6 against the Kehewin and Frog Lake teams. There was loads of excitement during the well-played games. Post-Secondary Night – October 13 is the day where senior high students and their parents have the opportunity to ask questions and register with an assortment of faculties on-site at the Regional High School in St. Paul. This is a great opportunity for students to get some assistance in choose their next step after high school. Parent Advisory Council – Welcome to our new council for the 2016-2017 school year: Chairperson: Cody Machney; Vice-Chairperson: Joanna Richards; Secretary/Treasurer: Kaila Phillips.

october 19, 2016

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Top staging tips to speed up the sale of your home

Submitted Home staging is the art of styling a home to make it more saleable. While hiring a professional home stager is a great investment, there are a number of staging practices you can incorporate on your own. - DECLUTTER Pristine surfaces, tidy areas and allover airiness appeal to homebuyers. Achieve this effect by decluttering your

home. Purge your entire abode of unnecessary items and put personal photos and memorabilia into storage. Tuck kitchen tools like toasters into cupboards and personal products on bathroom counters into drawers. Even closets and other storage spaces should be cleared out. - PAINT Nothing revitalizes a home quite like a new coat of paint. Use warm neu-

trals for the walls and a crisp white for trims and ceilings. - CLEAN Your home should be spotless from top to bottom. Walls, doors and surfaces need to be immaculate. Glass surfaces, light switches and hardware should be spotless and streakfree. All odours need to be neutralized. Carpets, upholstery and drapery are at their best after being professionally cleaned. - LET THE LIGHT IN The more natural light that comes into your home, the better. Make sure all of your windows are clean and remove any screens. Keep blinds and curtains open. Use strategically placed mirrors to further increase the amount of natural light in your home. - FINISHING TOUCHES A bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter and settings on the dining room table are inviting touches. Make the beds, neatly fold towels in the bathrooms and make sure the temperature in your home is neither too warm nor too cold.

House hunting tips and tricks Submitted Looking to buy a home? Here are some strategies to keep you on the right track while you search for the perfect place to settle down in. • Know your budget and stick to it. Being aware of the amount you can afford — which won’t necessarily be the same amount that your lender will offer — is essential to the house hunting process. Only seriously consider those abodes that are within your means. • Make a list of needs and wants. Rate each of your wants on a scale from one to five. This list will allow you to instantly recognize a suitable find when you see one. • Pay attention to the neighbourhood. Only consider houses that are in areas with the amenities, services and lifestyle that suit you and your family. • Research online to get an idea of what’s out there, but don’t let what you see on the web determine if a home’s right for you or not. Always visit in person if the house meets your needs and the price and neighbourhood are the right fit. • Take notes and pictures when you visit homes, as it’s easy to forget what you saw and where you saw it after visiting multiple properties. • Educate yourself on market values and trends in your desired neighbourhood(s). This way, you’ll know a good — or at least reasonable — deal when you see one. The most important thing when it comes to buying a home is to f ind a place that meets your needs and budget. Avoid being swayed by emotion and instead rely on reason and research to make the right decision.

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october 19, 2016

W E D N E S D AY, O C T O B E R 19 , 2 016

VCHS celebrates 50 years

A musical interlude was performed for the gathered guests during the celebration of the Comp’s 50th anniversary.

Joe Machney Reporter It was 1966 when the Vegreville Composite High School first opened its doors and since then many students have wandered its hallways and classrooms bettering themselves as they prepared for life after high school. Guided by teachers throughout their time at the Comp, this past Friday both teachers and students took some time to wander the hallways again revisiting old memories and sharing laughs and good times that they had during days long gone. Vice Principal Liz Melnyk was the emcee for the evening and although many people were not in attendance due to the w icked snowstorm that day, the people that were brave enough to come welcomed her and the others that spoke at the celebration. Trustee Colleen Holowaychuk from Former Principal Roy Mills regales everyone with stories of his time as the principal at the Comp.

Elk Island Public Schools and MLA for Fort Saskatchewan and Vegreville Jessica Littlewood were scheduled to speak but were unable to attend due to the weather. However, Mayor Hayduk spoke about his time at the high school which started in 1970 as he shared some of his memories from the school. He praised the size and technology that the school boasted when it was completed. “The school was definitely the crown jewel of educational facilities in the County of Minburn,” he recalled. “I’d like to congratulate the past educators, the present educators, and the future educators who will hopefully carry on the tradition and the reputation of this school for many years to come.” A musical interlude bridged the guest speaker and the school speakers as the music students performed



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OCTOBER 19, 2016

Rangers fight off Tigers in intense Sunday game Joe Machney Reporter The Vegreville Rangers played two games this past weekend, the first one was against Cold Lake Ice and the second was against the Vermilion Tigers. “The game against Cold Lake went pretty good. We lost five to one but I felt it was a really close game, as it was zero to zero after the first period. We were right in it with them and then we ran into a bit of trouble. I felt it was a good, consistent effort all the way through and that it’s starting to fall into place for the team. The score didn’t show it but we were right there and probably could have had that game. There were a couple of timely shots that hit a couple posts at the wrong time but sometimes that’s just the way it goes,” Coach James Couch said of the first game. The positive attitude of their coach was

certainly a positive reflection on the team as they went into the second game of the weekend against the Tigers. The game started out fast and continued throughout the three periods of play. With a quick goal early in the first by Falconer, the Rangers started the game out on the right skate. A penalty for Vegreville which came quickly after the goal gave the Tigers a bounce in their game and with it a goal, tying the score at one each. A shot from the point by Lutyck-Neufeld netted the second goal for the Rangers. A double penalty for the Rangers gave Vermilion a power play advantage for four minutes. Before the end of the first, a goal was denied for the Rangers as the goalie was pushed into the net. One more goal for the Rangers made the score 3 to 1 for the boys in blue as the first period came to a close. The battle continued in the second period with force as Mungongo took it in the teeth but was able to quickly recover. A power play goal by Warrington gave the Rangers a commanding lead. A fight in the middle of the period filled the penalty boxes with players from both teams and shortly after it the Tigers netted their second during a power play advantage and

their third before the period buzzer rang. With a score of 4 to 3 for the Rangers and shots on goal 29 for Rangers and 32 for Vermilion, the third period was set up for an intense and exciting twenty minutes. The first ten minutes of the period went back and forth as Vegreville fought to hold their lead and Vermilion fought just as hard to upset it. There was a close call for the Tigers when the puck got stuck in

the pads of the Ranger’s goalie. With only two minutes left in the game, the Tigers pulled their goalie hoping that the extra man would get them the goal they needed. The Rangers had a couple close calls with scoring on the open net but it didn’t happen, nor needed to as they took the game with a score of 4 to 3. The Rangers will take on the Onion Lake Border Chiefs on Saturday, October 22 at 8 pm.

Vegreville fight through an intense game on Sunday afternoon as they take down the Tigers with a score of 4 to 3.

OCTOBER 19, 2016

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OCTOBER 19, 2016

Managing children’s fighting

Rosanne Fortier Children need to learn how to resolve conflict because these are skills they will have to use throughout their lives. This was one of the facts talked about at the Triple P Positive Parenting Solutions-Managing Fighting and Aggression which was presented by Tasha Homeniuk, Outreach Coordinator for PLC at Parent Link Centre on October 11. The strategies were taken from ideas by Matthew R. Sanders Ph.D. and Karen M.T. Turner Ph.D. and it was explained that these were just suggestions and all children

are different in what works for them. It’s essential to deal with problems early to prevent serious problems later and having a plan increases a parent’s confidence to handle situations when they occur. Aggression can hurt others and fighting is not an appropriate way for children to stand up for themselves or express their emotions. Aggression leads to more aggression. Children sometimes use aggression to get attention from their parents or to get what they want. If aggression works, they’re likely to use it again.

Children can learn aggression from watching their parents, arguing or fighting or from outside influences such as friends, teachers, the playground, televisions and through other means as well. Also, parents must set an example; if they ask their children not to hit and then they spank them, the parents are contradicting the words they are saying. Then if there is a change in the children’s lives, they might act aggressively due to this. Homeniuk went on to explain that parents should always stay consistent in how they deal with aggression. Parents can teach their child to play cooperatively by deciding on two or three simple rules and these should tell your child what to do rather than what not to do and should apply to the whole family. Have a conversation with them about the rules and why they exist. Some examples are; being gentle, share and take turns, keep your hands and feet to yourself and speak nicely. It’s wise to say these rules in a positive tone. Plan activities to teach turn-taking and encourage good behavior by praising and giving your child plenty of attention when they behave well. You can teach your child to solve their own problems by asking them what the problem is, what each child wants and what they can each do to compromise.

Parents can manage fighting or not sharing by always acting quickly when children are fighting or snatching from one another. They should do this by speaking firmly and telling the children what to stop doing and then what to do instead. Praise the children if they do what you ask. However, if they don’t do what you ask, there has to be a logical consequence and this should fit the situation. It could mean removing the toy for a short amount of time and explaining why you are doing it. Ignore complaints and don’t carry on an argument with your child over this. Then return the toy to them. If they continue the aggressive behavior, take the toy away again. You can also use quiet time or timeout. Do this in a consistent and decisive manner and speak to your child about it before you start using it. Quiet time involves removing your attention from your child and having them sit quietly on the edge of the activity for a short time and the quiet time doesn’t start until they are quiet. Time-out is used when they aren’t being quiet and it involves going to a boring but safe location. When your child has been quiet for the set time, let them rejoin the activity. This was a free program that included a free spaghetti supper, coffee, beverages, and snacks for participants and childcare was provided also.

Kinette Club holds golf tourney Rochelle Holynski On June 18, 2016, the Kinette Club of Vegreville held their 10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course. This year’s beneficiary of the tournament was the Vegreville Christmas Bureau. Pictured here are Kinette members and this year’s golf tournament chairs, Tracy Laschowski, Lyndsay Haaland, and Rochelle Holynski, with Joanne Veldkamp, a representative from the Vegreville Christmas Bureau, accepting a donation of $5000.

OCTOBER 19, 2016

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Let’s talk about bullying

(Left) Josephine Galandy, ParentLink Centre Supervisor, Heather Foran, a mother with her child, Livia. (Right) Heather Frayne, M.O.D.E.L Project Success Coach, Jessica Zavitz, mother and Jenny Cooper, Victim Services Unit attended the Let’s Talk Bullying to help others in the community. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Rosanne Fortier If you are being bullied, it’s not your fault! Bullies can be anyone; they come in all shapes and sizes! However, we can do something about bullying because bullying is a learned behavior that children learned from adults. Still, bullying must be prevented when kids are young because 60% of kids, who are identified as bullies by the age-of-eight, will have a criminal conviction by the age of 24! A world without bullying could happen if parents show and encourage empathy to their children. These were some of the facts presented at ‘Let’s Talk Bullying’, the first free session in the Community Education Series at Vegreville Sunshine Club Centre on September 21 which was brought by Vegreville Cares Coalition. The session began with Jennifer Maiko, one of the Coordinators for Family Day Homes and ParentLink Centre explaining that Vegreville Cares Coalition is a combination of different members of non-profit organizations-Veg Al Drug Society, Family Violence, Victim Services, Alberta Health Services, M.O.D.E.L Project, ParentLinkCentre and Family Day Homes that work together to help the community in different ways and bring series and programs according to what the public is interested in. Heather Frayne, M.O.D.E.L Project, Success Coach continued with getting participants to brainstorm on the cause of bullying where it was discovered that the root cause of bullying could be not being accepted in your own family and positive behavior can be learned. It was discussed that it’s wise to use challenging

language in a thoughtful and creative way to challenge the bully and be assertive; not passive or aggressive when you’re being bullied. Bullying forms include verbal; taunts, name-calling, put-downs, threats, and intimidation. It can be social; exclusion from peer groups, ganging up, or group teasing or it may be physical; hitting/kicking, victims and/or taking/damaging personal property, or cyberbullying can include using the computer or other technology to harass, blackmail or threaten a person or their reputation. “When bullying escalates, it can lead to a feeling of terror on the part of the individual being bullied. It can tear down a person’s self-esteem and sense of safety,” Frayne said. “There are definitely actions where bullying can lead to death (suicide) and violence. There is the bystander effect where we have a lot of power to help people who are bullied.” Frayne went on to say that sometimes the word bullying is misused for a conflict or a problem; people say that person was bullying them when there may not have been a power imbalance and it could have been a one-time occurrence that wasn’t repeated. If children are being bullied, they must tell someone but Frayne explained the difference between tattling and telling; that is if the issue isn’t important or hurting or damaging to anyone’s self-esteem or was an accident. “When we tell, the purpose is to keep people safe and the child needs help from an adult, the issue is something important or the issue is about something dangerous going on that could affect someone physically or mentally.”

We can tell if someone is bullied because they could have a loss of joy, not wanting to go to a place, not wanting to talk about school or even a decline in academic performance. “You should never try to physically fight a bully because this could escalate the violence and the balance of power will change in a negative way and this could cause even more violence. Then no one should try to intervene alone and they should find ways to have people around them at all times and keep speaking until they find someone who will help them. Don’t bring expensive stuff to school; stay calm because bullies really love a reaction,” Frayne said. Josephine Galandy, ParentLink Centre Supervisor then said the key steps from Being Bullied in the Triple P Tip Sheet which were if bullying is occurring, take action straight away, talk to the adults in charge of where the bullying occurs, calmly listen to your child and find out exactly what has been happening, summarize the problem, tell your child some possible reasons for the bullying, ask your child’s opinion on how to deal with the problem, think of a number of options and choose the ones that seem reasonable and likely to work, act out the solution with your child before they try it out, check if the chosen solution is successful and if bullying occurs at school, make sure the school is aware of the problem. These sessions are free to attend and a light supper and coffee were provided for this one. There will be more Community Education Series. For more information to help people who are bullied, go to


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OCTOBER 19, 2016

OCTOBER 19, 2016

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Junior gardening winner Former Principal Robert Wilson speaks of days past when he was the principal of the school

CONTINUED from FRONT PAGE Golden Oldies, playing songs from the days of old. Mostly their music comprised of instrumental songs from the 60s. Current Principal Barclay Spady spoke next about how education has evolved since 1966. “The advancements in education from 1966 to today are profound, from the technologies to the way of teaching itself as well as the courses offered. One consistent that hasn’t changed is the importance of education and how it makes a real difference in lives.” His words reflected how students have grown from their time at high school and how important the friendships that they made and have been able to keep past their days at school are most likely to be the most meaningful and longest lasting. He ended his speech with a quote from Ralph Emerson. “To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded.” Former Principal Robert Wilson spoke of his time as principal at the school and how the high school has stood the test of time as an institute for quality education. He spoke highly of the great teachers that he

Principal Barclay Spady speaks of the times past and the promising hope for the future of education at the Composite high school on the evening of Friday the 14th.

had the pleasure to work with as well as the dedication of the staff, coaches, and volunteers throughout the years. He closed by wishing the school much more great years to come. The last speaker of the evening was former Principal Roy Mills, who talked about his fond memories of his time here. He had a lot of memories of student exchanges and how he had been all over the country through them. One memory that came to mind for Mills was the aboriginal student exchange on Vancouver Island, which was a unique experience for him and his students. The last story was about him being called to talk to the RCMP who had come to the school office. Their question was about him not paying for gas when he stopped in Whitecourt to fill up. He swears it was an accident. The evening was closed with a video presentation, Down Memory Lane where the years of the past at the school were compared with the days of today. Students were placed frame after frame showing that even though the technology and times may change, students and who they are actually aren’t all that different over the past fifty years. With music to mirror the culture throughout the five decades, the video was an excellent way to end the celebration.

The Vegreville Agricultural society awarded Allie Oneschuk the Green Thumb Award for achieving first place in the 2016 Junior Gardener Contest, Grades 7 to 9.


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OCTOBER 19, 2016

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Vegreville comes through with donations

Members of the Vegreville Food Bank, Members of Vegreville Emergency Services, Jamieson Brown (Station Manager, Country 106.5) and Scott Dixon (Owner of Vegreville Boston Pizza).

Rachael Farr As everyone is aware, The Town of Vegreville Emergency Services (VES) holds a semi-annual food drive in support of the Vegreville Food Bank. This reoccurring event is always a huge success with the support of local businesses and the citizens of Vegreville and surrounding area. Through September 30 – October 2, 2016, that amazing support continued as VES canvassed patrons of the local grocery stores, WalMart, Coop and No Frills, to donate non-perishable food items. This event had an added bonus to it however. This time, for every 5th item donated, or, for every 5th dollar donated, citizens entered a draw to win four (4) tickets to the Edmonton Oilers versus Vancouver Canucks preseason game at the newly opened Rogers Place, on October 8, 2016. These tickets were graciously donated by Vegreville Boston Pizza owner/operator, Scott Dixon. At the end of collection period, VES determined that 800 kilograms of food as well as $661.45 was donated from the generous citizens and businesses of Vegreville. For this continued support, we thank you. These donations were delivered to the Food Bank on October 4, 2016. On October 3, VES Paramedic, and committee chairman Daniel Andrew, and Station Manager/Morning Show Host for 106.5 Country FM, Jamieson Brown, announced the winner of the Oiler’s Pre-season Tickets. The winner was Tony Bodnar of Vegreville. Unfortunately, Tony informed Jamieson that he was not able to attend the game. However, Tony stated that he would like the tickets to further benefit the Food Bank in some way. Therefore, Jamieson scheduled a “Radio Auction” of the preseason tickets, for October 5, 2016 from

6am till 5pm. After the auction, it was announced that Todd Wowk of Rocky Mountain Equipment, won the auction and the Oilers tickets, for $700. This money was forwarded to the Vegreville Food Bank as well. Vegreville Emergency Services would like to thank everyone who supported this worthwhile cause: Management and staff of Vegreville WalMart, Vegreville and District Coop and Vegreville NoFrills for their continued support of hosting the collection locations during the event. Without them, this event couldn’t happen. Scott Dixon (owner/operator of Vegreville Boston Pizza) for the amazing donation of the Oilers tickets as well as the two (2) large Pizza’s he also awarded to the Radio Auction winner. Jamieson Brown (Station Manager/OnAir Host, Country 106.5) for his generous event support and planning of the raffle and radio auction. Tony Bodnar for his very generous of the Oilers tickets back to the cause in order for us to raise more money for the Food Bank. Outstanding gesture. Todd Wowk for his generous donation to win the tickets during the Radio auction. We hope you enjoyed the game with our thanks. Members and volunteers of the Vegreville Food Bank for all the amazing work that you do for the community. To all the citizens and business who contributed and donated to this worthwhile cause. What amazing community spirit. Once again, The Town of Vegreville Emergency Services would like to thank all of those who donated and we look forward to seeing you all again during the Easter Season where we kick off the 2017 “Stuff an Ambulance” Food Drive campaign.

Jamieson Brown, Scott Dixon,Todd Wowk

Vegreville News Advertiser - October 19, 2016  

Vegreville News Advertiser Volume 69, Issue 42 - October 19, 2016

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