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Rotary Interact members from Vegreville Lexi Fedoruk, Bailey Stefan, Dillan Ogrodnick, Rhiannon Match, Grant Cuzner and Jessica Gottselig did their own fundraising for plane tickets to be able to spend four days working with local volunteers assembling a refurbished playground from Canada in the village of Lord’s Bank, Belize in early November. (Photo Submitted)

Michael Simpson Editor Six students from Vegreville’s Rotary were chosen from the chapter to travel to Belize from Nov. 6-16 to give children in the village of Lord’s Bank the gift of play. Lexi Fedoruk, Bailey Stefan, Dillan Ogrodnick, Rhiannon Match, Grant Cuzner and Jessica Gottselig did their own fundraising for plane tickets to be able to spend four days working with local volunteers in an experience Fedoruk and Stefan called humbling and life-changing. “Belize is a very different way of life from ours,” Fedoruk said. “Gender roles are very strong, tradition is still very strong. Those of us that were girls

had to make the men that were helping us that we didn’t want them to take our hammers away while we were working. To them, girls shouldn’t be using hand tools and so they tried to keep us from doing the work, which we didn’t appreciate. We had to get them to understand that we were accustomed to using tools and it was okay for us to have hammers.” Constant heat, rain and the carnivorous presence of sand flies were obstacles for the young team to overcome, but Fedoruk said they championed it all. “We were glad to have everyone working together, and it was something new to be working together CONTINUED TO PAGE 10

Scrappy weekend for the Rangers!

Christmas Fair in Myrnam

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november 25, 2015

Scrappy weekend against Onion Lake for Rangers   



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Michael Simpson Editor It was a mixed bag of some fine hockey moments over the weekend for the Rangers, and some of the worst kinds of hockey moments. A back to back set of games against the Onion Lake Border Chiefs saw things getting tense in the second period on Friday night as the Rangers got into fisticuffs with the Chiefs in a major row involving multiple players from both sides. By the end of the second period, the Rangers had fallen behind on the scoreboard 5-4, and it was looking like the Border Chiefs’ 7-game win streak would continue. Between periods, Coach Rook rallied his players, and they came back to hammer the Chiefs with 5 unanswered goals in the third period for an amazing 9-5 comeback win. The next night however, the Chiefs had retribution on their minds instead of hockey. A social media posts from one Onion Lake player went out asking “Sask boys� to come and dress for the game with the intention of starting a fight in the first period. “We only need you for one shift,� a player from Onion Lake, implored on his Facebook account to anyone interested. Some obliged, and by piecing together information from accounts on social media, it appears coaching staff for Onion Lake went as far as to dress an illegal player using the name of someone that had been cut from the roster a few days prior to be able to participate in the fighting. It seemed like everyone knew what was about to hap-

pen when the puck dropped but the Rangers. Gloves came off and the team watched in frustration as their teammates on the ice were battered. Coach Rook instructed his players to avoid taking part in the fight so as not to be ejected from the game. Fans were waiting, smartphones out, to catch the action and post it online, crowing in triumph at the “payback� Vegreville had received for the events of the night before for playing a tight defense on Onion Lake’s high-scoring forward, Regan Yew. Once the idiocy had concluded, the game got underway and the shaken Rangers were unable to come up with a win, finishing a point behind 5-6 in favour of the Border Chiefs. The Border Chiefs will stay in fourth place while the Rangers drop down to 7th after the loss. Hockey Alberta will be awaiting the results of an inquiry headed by the Chairman for Jr. B and C Hockey, Aaron Rawlake, before taking action. “We’re not approaching this incident lightly,� Rawlake said. “We will take all appropriate steps and complete our due diligence before we make a decision on how to proceed with things. At this time, there’s a lot of hearsay about what may have happened.� Rawlake said this matter could take 4 to 5 days to complete. Despite the poor sportsmanship displayed by the Border Chiefs on both nights, which included Coach Rook being struck in the head by a water bottle from the Onion Lake Coach (an action for which that coach received a game misconduct), the Vegreville coach was CONTINUED TO PAGE 11

november 25, 2015


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november 25, 2015

Letter to the editor on refugees For the past number of weeks the news media is saturated with stories about Syrian refugees. One report indicated that over four million Syrians have left their homeland. Although Vegreville has about 12 Christian churches and now a Muslim Community there has been no mention of sponsoring a refugee family to the area. In fact Vegreville has not sponsored any refugees for at least 20 years, perhaps closer to 30 years. Unfortunately the Federal Government is not promoting private refugee sponsorship as it did in the days of Prime Minister Joe Clark. Recently in a television interview Mike Molloy, a former senior Immigration official, explained that the 60,000 Vietnamese who arrived in the late 1970’s did not pose a security threat. He, along with some top retired Canadian military individuals, voiced the opinion that if Canada accepts families there is a much less chance of a security threat. There has been little in the way of explaining how security screening is conducted. One thing is certain and that is no agency is seeking the assistance of the Syrian police officials. One report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees indicated there were of 50 million people displaced around the world. It seems that Canada is more likely to

choose refugees who have been in camps for a number of years. The news media, especially television, offers little analysis on the daily life of persons in refugee camps – many for years. Rather they prefer to show small boats and sometimes death of those seeking to escape war and find a country to offer peace. Honourable Maryam Monsef, Canadian Minister of Democratic Institutions, f led Afghanistan with her widowed mother and two sisters when she was a child of eleven years – now 19 years later she is a cabinet minister. She is just one example of how immigrants contribute to Canadian society. Canada should be more like Germany and accept the most educated refugees and those with entrepreneurial potential. The cost of educating a Canadian to high school graduation is seldom identified; the people of Canada should realize that to accept a refugee with high school education or greater is a great economic benefit to the whole of Canadian society.

William Hamm

Smile of the


Name: Shannon Murray Occupation: secretary Likes: my children, summer Dislikes: grumpy people, really cold weather

november 25, 2015


Horrors of Holomodor remembered Rosanne Fortier Politics mustn’t be about control and power. Leaders must care about the common good of our citizens and country. If we don’t, history could repeat itself. This year is the 82nd Anniversary of the Holodomor. National Holodomor Awareness Week for 2015 runs November 23-29. Citizens must always recall this period of time in history where Stalin’s Government ordered starvation in the 1932-33 genocide in Ukraine. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin felt that the farmers could live off of their land and he saw this as a treat to his principles of giving up their national pride and going towards Sovietism. A brutal campaign of class warfare began, complete with confiscation of food, livestock, grains; anything that a family could use to support themselves. All of the atrocious acts that followed were part of the Soviet dictator’s effort to break farmers down to a point where they would submit to his plan for collectivized farming. Beginning in June of 1933 and at its peak, 28,000 people were dying in Ukraine ever y single day. It seems tragic to think that a part of Europe known as the world’s breadbasket was connected to such a devastating fa mine. T he denial by the Soviet Union of the consequences of their imposed starvation regime has been a bitter pill to swallow for sur vivors for decades. An estimated total of 4 million deaths occurred as a result of the Holomodor. Since the end of this dark period of history, it’s been a battle fo r Ukrainian his-

torians to get global acknowledgement of the event. Books like Robert Conquest’s “Harvest of Sorrow” in the 80’s did little to bring awareness until Ukraine’s independence in 1991, when information could be shared freely without fear of Soviet repercussions. On November 28th, 2006, the Parliament of Ukraine passed a decree defining the Holomodor as a deliberate genocide effort by the Soviet Union. It is through awareness that history has a chance not to repeat itself.

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november 25, 2015



90 Years Ago – November 25, 1925 Although the contactor, Mr. Anderson, will conclude his work at the new skating rink this week, it is very doubtful whether ice will be available before December 1st – if then. A good bottom had been laid but the continued mild weather us to today, rendered icemaking a precarious job. Refusal of the United Grain Growers to sell its elevators has resulted in an immediate policy of building new elevators by the consolidated wheat pools. It is said today that the fight in the old Farmer’ company over the surrender to the pool is to be the bitterest in its history. The company’s solicitor called in at the moment advised the delegates that they could surrender to elevators only by votes of the members and not by shareholders delegates vote. Mr. Hurlburt, at the regular meeting of the Board of Trade, referred to the fact that the new electric car dies not provide sufficient accommodation for the travelling public on this line and the secretary was instructed to write the General Superintendent requesting him to look into the matter.

75 Years Ago – November 27, 1940 The power of German radio propaganda as an aid to planned invasion, will be discussed when the Canadian Legion presents its fifth broadcast in the series “The Legion Views the War,” over the national network of the CBC Sunday, December 1. The speaker who, by his anonymity, will reflect the thoughts of ex-service men generally and not those of the individual, will discuss briefly the methods used by the Germans to propagate the defeatism of the French and discredit Britain in the eyes of European nations, and, indeed, the World. Alberta motor license plates for the 1941-42 license year will be white numerals and a black back-ground, according to information which has been received by the Alberta Motor Association form the provincial secretary’s department. Rebates also will be allowed again this year on plates which are returned to the department. Jimmy Geddis of Ryley has enlisted in the Signal Corps and is now in Calgary. He expects to be sent to Eastern Canada soon for training. Flight Officer Neil Primrose spent a day at his home here last week. He has been at the RCAF camp at Trenton, Ontario, but has been transferred to Calgary.

50 Years Ago – November 25, 1965 Town Council on Monday night decided to go ahead with the proposal of purchasing the Vegreville Armouries which will become a part of the centennial project of the town. The armouries will be converted for use as a library if it is obtained. Following acceptance of the Alberta Liquor Control Board’s offer of $6400 for two lots on 52nd Avenue by council it appears that a new liquor store is certainly for Vegreville. The board has been dealing for the property for the property since early spring and once the new building is up the old building which houses Treasury Branch and liquor store is expected to be demolished and a new provincial building erected on the site. Grants of extension of time to meet building requirements were made to W. Menzak and J. Taback to June 1st, 1966, on property which was purchased some time ago. First real snowfall of the season occurred on Monday night when about two inches fell over northern Alberta. On Tuesday morning the typical scene was when householders brought out the snow shovels to clean off walks. So now the country settles down to four months of winter.

25 Years Ago – November 20, 1990 On October 27, 1990 the Padola Community League held its Halloween fund raising dance. The community members worked like beavers to get the hall spic and span. Rose Andruchow and Unis Dorash scrubbed floors and walls. Kathy Simmons, Norm and Elsie Cardinal and Dennis Dorash finished decorating the hall. A part time teacher at the A.L. Horton School this year, Lois Byers finds teaching art to grades 7, 8 and 9 challenging and satisfying. The staff there, she says, are congenial and cooperative; and the students, responsive and enthusiastic. Besides being a part-time teacher, Lois has been active in the community as a director of the golf association for three years and is president of the gymnastics club. Are you ready for Christmas? Asks Santa at the official tree lighting ceremony in downtown Vegreville on November 16. The central tree in the park will be home for bulbs purchased to raise money for Easter Seals and the Christmas bureau. The tree light-up coincided with that of the AGT tower candle.

Letters Welcomed

One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Thoughts on the Lakeland REA AGM – The Flip Side Thank you to the author and the representative of the Petition Group regarding your comments on the AGM meeting of the REA held November 5th. I had commented to a similar editorial in the Hiway 16 news November 18th edition and find the tone of concerns, from the Petition Group, of this editorial with more respectfulness and more responsible than previously expressed. In any discussion to a topic, there are pros and cons that we are all entitled to express. There needs to be a balance of facts and not fabrications, however. I prefer not to get into the details, as I expressed in last week’s edition of the Hiway 16 news. Yes they are entitled to their opinion. The petition group continues to attack the REA board in terms of principles and

conduct. Remember however, that a major responsibility of any board and its directors is to follow a mandate set forth in Strategic Planning that involves a Vision, a Mission and Guiding Principles. General Motors, General Electric, CN, CP, etc. don’t elect members to their board to undermine the strategic mandates of their respective organizations. Members of the REA should review the Strategic Plan of their member-owned Lakeland REA and then make their conclusions. Let’s be fair to the board and the staff. So what has changed? Money!!! Yes, money is being offered by a for profit electrical company. This is the point where all members of the REA must ask themselves. What am I selling and giving away? The Lakeland REA has

worked hard to provide members with service for 14 years with accolades and few complaints. These comments were made at the November 5th AGM. I would like to conclude, similarly as I did last week, by thanking all Lakeland REA members for their interest in this very important matter affecting the sustainability and operations of your REA. As well I encourage all members to talk to ATCO, talk to Lakeland REA, talk to neighbours, talk to supports for and against selling the operations; but make a decision and then BE SURE TO have your voice heard through a vote. Don’t let someone else do it for you. Respectfully, Dwayne Kisilevich Lakeland REA member

november 25, 2015


Dealing with stress: the good, the bad and the ugly Karin Hitchcock to change your response to the situation. This Stress is a part of our everyday life. We can gives YOU the control. experience “good” stress (such as getting married) Build a toolbox of things that give you joy. Take or “bad” stress, such as losing a beloved pet. care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual Human beings are designed to respond and react health. Do you like to mediate or pray? Do you to stress as a survival strategy. Our bodhave a favourite hobby? Does listening ies naturally respond to stress by releasto music appeal to you? Make a list of ing cortisol and adrenalin and creating things that you love to do and take care a “fight, flight” or “freeze” response. of your mind, your body, and your Useful in dangerous situations for thouspirit every day. It can be as simple as sands of years, (such as facing an attackhaving a cup of herbal tea and sitting in ing lion), these reactions are often not your chair looking at the sky. It is these appropriate in our culture today. For things that help our brain to recognize example, if we experience stress at that we don’t need to run or fight and Karin Hitchcock, M. C., CCC work, we probably shouldn’t wrestle or we are not in danger. Community Counsellor fight our employer. Physical exercise is one of the best ways We know that NOT dealing with stress to manage the stress response. Because is dangerous as it can create a variety of health we don’t have to run or fight anymore to protect and psychological issues. The harmful effects of ourselves, exercising allows us the opportunity for continued stress can be linked to headaches, heart our body to move and to release feel-good hordisease, stomach problems, insomnia, depression, CONTINUED TO PAGE 12 and many other health related challenges. How can we effectively deal with daily stressors in our lives? First of all, try to pinpoint the source of the stress. For example, is the stress linked to challenges at work, a current relationship, or is it a health issue? Try to see if you may be contributing to the stress. When we take responsibility for our own behaviours, we may find that we are actually contributing to the problem. This is especially important for taking care of health related issues. If you are having challenges with a family member, perhaps there is something that you are doing to create the problem? With just a slight shift in perspective, taking control of your own behaviour may alleviate some of the stress. However, there are many stressful situations that we cannot control. In these cases, here are some suggestions for establishing some stress reducing behaviours that can help you to cope more effectively. First of all, learn to express your emotions in positive ways and don’t keep them inside. Allowing yourself to sit and stew about problems will often make them build. There are times when the only thing you can do is

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november 25, 2015

Volkswinner! Vegreville’s Dallas Siggelkow had luck on his side last week when his name was drawn by 7-11 Canada to win a 2015 Volkswagen Golf. Handing him the keys are Vegreville 7-11 Assistant Manager Char Traudt, with store manager DoryAnn Craig and field consultant Faical Salham (right). Siggelkow was eligible for being entered into the draw by using his 711 app, which links him to store specials, free products and more. More giveaways will take place over the next few months across Canada, Salham said, with draws happening every Friday. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

november 25, 2015


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november 25, 2015 CONTINUED FROM FRONT

on a project that wasn’t to benefit ourselves. This is what Rotary, and our Interact level of the Rotary Club, is all about. I’ll never forget the children that were there, they loved us. They followed us around everywhere and gave us gifts every day. One of the most memorable things I received on the trip was letters of thanks from kids who were grateful that we had taken this old playground from Canada and put it up for them to play on. They’ve never had a playground like that to play on, and their eyes were so big the first time they got to use it. They had faces of pure excitement and kept telling us that they would pray for us.” Interact member Bailey Stefan said the entire village made an effort to help put the structure together, and said that her group was able to take part in activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and ziplining. “The best part of the trip for all involved was seeing the children of Lord’s Bank get to play on the playground after its completion,” Stefan wrote to the News Advertiser. The playground was built in a middle-class neighbourhood by Belize standards, which Fedoruk said could easily have been a lower-end neighbourhood by Canada’s standards. Event organizers had concerns putting the structure in too poor of a neighbourhood could result in the playground being stripped of materials by people desperate to sell parts for essential items. Fedoruk said that having the experience under their belts has been a lesson in gratitude for being a resident of Canada. “Traveling there, I’d have to say it’s beautiful to look at, but we all appreciate what we have back home more now than before.”


november 25, 2015 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2

pleased with his players performance in both situations. “The boys had a good game on Friday to push our streak to five in a row,” Rook said. “[Onion Lake] came in with a seven-game win streak, so one team was going to have their streak snapped. We had a game plan and stuck to it for two of the three periods. We got away from it in the second and it showed. We got back to it in the third and we cruised on to the win. It shows that when the boys play their game they can beat any team in this league. Teagan Mungongo came alive and was really good for us as well. Zack Lang, adding a hat trick on Friday night, is unquestionably one of our leaders on the ice. He is stepping up in all situations.” Rook said he still hopes to bring up the level of

play for special teams to have a greater impact for the remainder of the season. “The boys are working hard on the special teams but just not getting the results we would like. [We’ve had] lots of chances, but we have to bear down and start burying those chances. “Obviously Saturday night in their barn was a different game for a lot of reasons. I won’t get into it as I’m sure by now everyone and their dog has seen it on social media. We will let Hockey Alberta take charge of that. Let’s just say that the boys showed a ton of class in a very volatile situation. I’m very proud of the team for showing restraint and doing their best to play their game, which was pretty impossible though given the atmosphere. “Jared Steinbach and Jesse Budinsky both had strong games as they were responsible for shut-

News Advertiser PAGE 11 ting down the league’s top scorer, and still contributed on the score sheet. Unfortunately we couldn’t bring two points home but we will regroup and keep getting better. “We have a big week coming up with St. Paul on Wednesday and Killam on Friday and Lloyd on Saturday. We need to play our game and get our power play to start finishing. If we do that, we will be okay. There is six points out there for the taking and we will be prepared to go after all six. “Again, I want to say I am proud of the boys for their hard work and showing class that Vegreville can be proud of. I encourage everyone to come out and support this team. You will witness a brand of hockey that is fast, exciting and entertaining.”


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november 25, 2015


mones. Getting out for a quick, brisk walk at lunch or after work can help manage stress. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars is also helpful. If you know that you are heading into a stressful time of year with work, plan your meals carefully. Make sure that you are eating well balanced and healthy meals. This can also help your body to cope more effectively with stress. Increase your water consumption and avoid alcohol in the evening. It is also suggested that you focus on your sleep patterns. Stress can often hinder our sleeping patterns because when we go to bed, we become immersed in our negative thoughts. Establish a calming and soothing night time routine. Have a warm bath, drink some herbal tea, read a few pages of a book, keep a regular bedtime, or practice some relaxation techniques (yoga, stretching, deep breathing). If you find that you are having challenges with stress and feel that you aren’t coping well, talk to a trusted colleague or friend, or see a trained counsellor. Developing healthy strategies for coping with stressors in your life can assist you in reducing health risks, create a more balanced and happier life, and give you power and control in your own life. And finally, although stress can be a challenge, it can also be positive. Ask yourself, “What was I supposed to learn from this situation?” or “Do I need to make some changes in my life?” or “How can I be better at handling this in the future?” or “What do I need to change in order to be more effective with people or challenges?” We can’t get rid of stress, we can only change our response, the way we take care of ourselves, and our thoughts about the situation. Karin Hitchcock, M. C., is the family counsellor with FCSS in Vegreville. She is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and she practices stress relieving activities everyday.

november 25, 2015


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Christmas candlelight service of remembrance Viola Braun-Fox Akasu Palliative Care Society On Sunday evening, December 6, 2015 at 7 p.m. the Vegreville Social Centre will once again be transformed into a beautifully decorated hall of celebration. Community members, young and old, will be gathering to remember family members and friends that have passed away who will not be there during this Christmas Season. The Christmas Season is a time of worship and a celebration of love and joy with family and friends. Sometimes this can be a very difficult time for those of us who recently have lost a loved one. Many sounds and sights act as reminders of the times that we have shared with a special friend or family member in past Christmas Seasons.

This will be the sixteenth annual Christmas Candlelight Service of Remembrance. The Akasu Palliative Care Society spearheaded this project in 2000 in response to a need for support for people experiencing grief and loss especially at this time of year. A beautiful service will be created in a lovely setting with the active participation of Akasu Palliative Care Society, the local funeral home-Park Memorial, and the Vegreville Ministerial Association. This year our guest speaker will be Kerensa Pidwerbeski RN CHPCN PCNC, Palliative Care Nurse Consultant for Vegreville and Area. Her presentation will be “Being Gentle With Ourselves During The Holidays�. Kerensa brings many years of professional experience and personal interest in the bereavement and support of people as they grieve the loss of a

loved one. Although this Christmas Season may bring deep sadness for all of us, we can hope for a day when the pain will not be so severe and for a day when we can remember with peaceful gratitude the gift of our relationship with the person who has left us. You and your family members are welcome whether you are experiencing a recent loss or whether you are experiencing a loss from a long time ago. The funeral home will present tokens of remembrance to remind us of the loved one we are mourning at this time of year. Following the service, a time of fellowship with kind donations of food and drink will be shared by everyone. For further information, please call Viola Braun-Fox (780) 632-7495 (Home) or (780) 603-1059 (Cell).



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november 25, 2015

Christmas fair in Myrnam Joe Machney The beautiful weather Saturday, Nov. 14 set the atmosphere for the day, merging with Christmas music, the familiar warm melodies playing inside the Myrnam School. The annual Christmas fair started off the Christmas shopping season for the people of Myrnam and the surrounding areas. The craft sale was an all-day affair, and at the end of the day over 150 people had signed the guestbook, which according to the Ag Society of Myrnam who hosted the event, was a very positive turnout. There was over 30 vendors, both new and

seasoned, and over 42 tables spread throughout the gym. The grad class helped to set up and take down the tables, which was no easy task, as they needed to haul them from the Elks hall, two blocks south of the school. A concession booth was run by the Myrnam graduating class, as well as a book fair, to support the school. It was the second year that the school opened the book fair and librarian Rhonda Cusack was most pleased about the interest in the literary aspect of the event. New this year were the Girl Guides from St. CONTINUED TO PAGE 16

Vendors at the Christmas craft sale


VISIT ALBERTAFORD.CA OR YOUR LOCAL FORD STORE TODAY HURRY! THE #FORDBLACKFRIDAY EVENT ENDS NOVEMBER 30TH! WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible raincheckable Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). *Offer valid between November 24 and November 30, 2015 (the “Offer Period”) to Canadian residents. 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november 25, 2015


Pretty Country Boutique is turning 1!

Karen McQuarrie’s downtown moms and tots shop is turning a year old next week, and to celebrate, she’s giving week-long discounts on selected store merchandise with a coupon, and entering shoppers in for a draw for a gift card. “Business has been pretty good, and I’m planning to expand the store’s lineup soon to include more brand-name items. Some recent additions to the lineup include Jessica Alba’s plant-based lotion line, The Honest Co., and baby toms. We’ve added more hand-made home décor items as well, and by springtime we hope to have Michael Kors baby shoes and Stuart Weitzman designer boots for mom,” McQuarrie said. Hot new items for Christmas at the store include farm hoppers, and designer clothing for children’s stuffed toys. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

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Paul, headed by Pat Ryning. She commented on the sale with a warm smile, “I love coming to these fairs, because it is a small town show and it reminds me of home.” Throughout the day was a successful raff le with various prizes to start off Christmas. Event co - orga nizer Trac y Winterbottom spoke highly of the assistance that they got. “[My mother] Connie Gueutal and I do most of the organizing, but it takes a team of people to make a fair like this a success, and we are grateful


november 25, 2015

to the community, who was more than willing to come out and help with this event.” She continued with gratitude to the school and its principal, “We’re also grateful to Principal Keith Gamblin for his cooperation and use of the school as well as for coordinating the grads to help us out.” Having been a part of the Myrnam Christmas fair for many years, Gueutal felt that it was a great turnout for the contributors and Girl Guides from St Paul got some exposure too.

Vendors at the Christmas craft sale


november 25, 2015

Christmas Bureau is now on social media

Caroline Knowles Submitted A couple of weeks ago when writing about the Christmas Bureau gearing up for the annual distribution of festive food and fun, I mentioned that the geese were gone from the sloughs a sure sign that winter is nigh. Evidently I was wrong because since then I have seen quite a few skeins of geese and ducks winging it around and not always heading south. I suppose they may have just been scoping out likely fields or sloughs to take a lunch break in, but does it mean that we are going to have as mild a winter as the fall we have had? Well, mild or wild, winter and Christmas will be here sure as the world turns! So here is some more news about the Christmas Bureau. The Vegreville Christmas Bureau has joined the international social media community with a page on Facebook ( Sign in and “like” the page. Lots of info to be found there as well as pictures of the collection boxes for Coats for Kids and Families. (We graciously accept new and gently used - coats, toques/hats, mitts/ gloves, boots, snow pants, snow suits, blankets - pretty much anything that will help keep someone warm! Winter outerwear for all ages. Boxes at Walmart, the Centennial Library and Dairy Queen) New toys can be dropped off at lots of locations around town (the list is on the Facebook page) and of course at the Christmas Bureau Depot on

Main Street. (Hours: Wed 5-7, Fri 10-1, Sun 2-4. Phone for admin only is: 780 632 8940) This year as often is the case there are more gifts needed for teen boys (12-16). Some suggestions are Lego, Watches, Books, personal hygiene items, sports balls. Another item often needed is extra batteries. We hope that donors will include extras with any toy that needs them. Gifts for children and teens should be new and unwrapped so that they can be assigned appropriately. Donations of gently used Christmas decorations are also very welcome at the Depot. Another need this year is hangers for the display of coats, etc. These can be dropped off at the Bureau Depot. Merry Christmas everyone (I know it a bit early to say it but...) have a great holiday and thanks for your donations to the Bureau that go to cheer up some who wouldn’t have a good celebration without your generosity!

ColorPhoto Copies

Stop by and look at our sample book Box 810 Phone (780) 632-2861 Vegreville, Alberta T9C 1R9 Fax: (780) 632-7981

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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, What is it with men and the classified section? Every Sunday my husband picks up the classifieds and reads it from front to back. He's always looking for another deal and constantly calls on things that I know we really don't need. I mean what am I going to do with a 40 cubicfoot industrial freezer? We eat out more than four times a week. I don't understand his obsession with the classified section. Can you help me?

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 11/22/15 ©The Classified Guys®

Fast Facts Age Old Haggling

Reader Humor Watching Expenses

While haggling is common in other countries, Americans typically negotiate on only larger purchases. However, a study by America's Research Group noticed that haggling varies with age. It found that people over 50 years of age are more than twice as likely to haggle on goods and services in the retail market. That includes such things such as hotel stays, car repairs and even dental work.

Now that I'm retired, I've taken up woodworking as a hobby. However, because I'm on Social Security, I have to watch my expenses. So when I saw a small wood lathe advertised in the classifieds, I decided to call. The gentleman was very pleasant and we talked on the telephone for quite awhile. Toward the end of our conversation I explained that I was on a fixed income and wanted to know if he was negotiable on the price. "Absolutely," the man sympathized. "I know what it's like to be on a fixed income. My wife only gives me $10/week!"

Men's Day Sale

• • •

Cash: Wow, a 40 cubic-foot

freezer! Imagine the size of the BBQ you could plan for next summer. Carry: As you can tell, you may be looking to the wrong guys for sympathy. However, my wife understands your situation perfectly. She never knows what I'm going to bring home next. Cash: You mean like the time you got a deal on that pop-up camper. You returned home to convince her of the fun you'd both have on fishing trips: catching your own dinner, cooking over an open fire and sleeping under the stars. Carry: Until she mentioned that stars were the only things I'd see if

november 25, 2015

we kept it! Who knew she didn't like roughing it. Fortunately, I sold it the following week…and at a profit. Cash: The truth is, shopping, whether classifieds or otherwise, satisfies an emotional need. Some women choose to buy clothing or shoes. Men often get lost in the tools section of the home improvement store. We all get an emotional satisfaction when we find a good deal. Carry: That's why you see so many sale flyers in the newspaper, clearance racks in the stores and flea markets around town. Your husband has just latched onto the classifieds as his outlet for finding a bargain.

Cash: And honestly, classifieds

are one of the best sources for finding a good deal. Last week I bought a metal garden shed for only pennies on the dollar and it was still in the original box. The only better deal might have been if the seller came to set it up. Carry: If your husband loves shopping the classifieds, you may try urging him to find you a new car or maybe tickets for a vacation cruise. Then his obsession could work to your advantage. Cash: And if you're having trouble getting his attention, consider placing your own classified ad. Imagine his surprise when he sees, "Husband For Sale" followed by your telephone number!

Hold onto your shopping carts ladies. Men DO like to shop…and in more places than just the classifieds. While guys are often stereotyped into a behavioral pattern of "grab and go" or "whine and wait", a University of Illinois study suggests differently. When a guy feels engaged in the experience of shopping, either on his own or with his female partner, he feels more valuable to the process. The study even found that guys enjoy browsing and bargain hunting. Maybe the next study will reveal that guys actually enjoy holding their wife's purse while waiting outside the dressing room. •

(Thanks to Jim P.)

Laughs For Sale What's next? Weight Watchers at the donut shop? E! SALE! SALE! SAL t we Now tha on, your attenti ng, ve a h e s Me ti Shopaholicc. 6th, 8pm, Monday, De nce Room. re Mall's Confe

Got a question, funny story, or just want to give us your opinion? Email us at: ACREAGES For rent 2 bdrm home located 15 minutes from Vegreville or Mundare. Available immediately. Contact 780-603-3547

APARTMENTS 1 & 2 bdrm suites with spacious storage. Balcony. Near Vegreville hospital, walking distance to Nofrill Superstore. Revin and Park are next to the building. Rent incl. water, heat and energized parking stall. 1 bdrm start from $795, 2 bdrm start from $895. SD start from $500. More info and viewing call 780-632-6878. Bachelor and 1 bdrm suites, 3 appliances. Rent incl. water, heat and energized parking stall. Bachelor start from $695, 1 bdrm start from $795. SD $500. More info and viewing call 780632-3102. 3 Bdrm, 2 bath large suite for rent. Includes garage, laundry, and utilities. Must be able to look after yard. $1400.00. Phone 780658-2221 Newer 2 bdrm basement suite. Private entrance, $900/month. DD required. 3 appl, water, heat & powered parking. Extra and options available. More info 780-632-2440. 2 BEDROOM MAIN FLOOR SUITE NO SMOKE/NO PET CALL OR TEXT 780-218-2278 Mundare – Basement suite for rent. Phone 780-7642271

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FEED Highland Feeders is purchasing feed barley. Please call the office at 780-768-2466. For Sale: Large round Barley Straw bales, net wrapped. Mundare. Phone 780-720-1899 60 round hardcore wheat straw bales. $30/bale. Phone 780-764-2152 Canola bales, hay bales and barley straw bales. Phone 780-913-4675 Round Barley Straw Bales. $34/bale. Delivery available. PH: 780-603-0006 Oats + Wheat Wanted. Any condition, dry wet or heated. On farm pick-up. Immediate payment. Toll free 1-866 349 2056

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Custom Bin Moving 14’ – 19’ Hoppers/Bins, with/ without floors. New and used bins for sale. Wayne (cell) 780-632-0455, (H) 780-658-2433


4 – 1500 bushel bins and 1 2850 bushel bin. Phone 780-913-4675

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HELP WANTED Caretaker For Apartment Building Needed. Experience is not necessary as training will be provided. Retired single or couple is the most suitable and strongly encouraged to apply. Small repair skills an asset. Qualified candidate is expected to move into the building. Fax resume and application to: 780-488-8814 or e-mail:


Double wide mobile home. Newly renovated, N/P. Phone 780-632-1551 3 Bdrm mobile home. N/P. Phone 780-632-1551 Vegreville – 1 to 4 Bdrm homes, 2 to 4 appliances, N/S, N/P, References. PH: 780-658-2504 3 bdrm, NS, NP, 1200/mo utilities ext. Ref Req. Call 632-7096 or 632-8882 Willingdon – Mobile all appliances. Or rent to own, $900/mo. PH: 780-3672974 4 Bdrm house Vegreville. Fenced lot. N/S, N/P, $1400/mo. D/D same. Phone 780-632-4487 Newly renovated, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Vegreville. Available immediately. Single car garage. New carpets. Call or text 780-686-9608 2 bdrm House, N/P, N/S, $950/mo. + utilities. PH: 780-603-3125 Two hills – 2 bdrm, 1 block to Mennonite School. $525/ mo. plus utilities. Ph: 780709-6963 RENT TO OWN – clean, 3 bdrm, bungalow in Vegreville. 1,080 sq. ft., $1300/month. Call 780993-3819 Newly renovated 2 bdrm house, Vegreville, N/S, N/P, 5 appl. $1100/mo. D/D same. Call Shane 780-6957240 Newer Home. 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, upstairs laundry, full basement, big yard. January 1, 2016. $1300.00. Phone 780-658-2221 Small 2 bedroom renovated house on quiet street. Large yard & deck. Fridge, stove, washer, dryer. Suitable for a couple or 1 person. No smoking No Pets. Available Dec 1st. For application & viewing call 780-603-3908 3 Bdrm with 2 full and ½ baths. Approx. 1100 sq ft, with all appliances. No utilities added. No pets. $1200/ month. Available immedia t e l y. Email: goodviewhomes@gmail. com

3 Bdrm Townhouse, $1090/ mo. available immediately. Call Dave at 780-632-0321 or 780-932-0041


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HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS SAFE STEP WALK-IN TUB alert for seniors! Bathroom falls can be fatal. Safe Step Walk-In Tub, approved by Arthritis Foundation, therapeutic jets, less than 4” step-in, wide door, anti-slip floors, A mer ic an made. Installation Included. Call 800-379-6390 for $750 off For Sale: Electric Toaster Oven. Very good condition. Phone 780-632-7441

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november 25, 2015

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Shoveling 4 Charity. Need your snow shoveled this year? We are a new company looking to make a difference in the community. 25% of your rate will be donated to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Call 780-903-1709 for great rates and help make a difference.

1999 Chev Silverado 3/4T, 4x4. Good for farm. $1500. Phone 780-994-3005 2004 Dodge Ram 4x4. Body damage. Farm truck. $1800. Phone 780-9943005 New, complete, exhaust system, fits GMC, Chev, crewcabs. $ 600.00. Phone 780-632-9689 2001 Dodge Cummins Diesel. Sport, RWD, automatic. 196,000K, $11,500. PH: 780-994-3005


Hallway of Handicrafts, Lakeland Mall, Vermilion. Friday, November 27 from 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Saturday, November 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Innisfree Extravagant Spirit of Christmas Trade and Craft Show. Innisfree Rec Center. December 6, 2015, 10-4. Food Bank Collection

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Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201

Young dreams up in smoke Rosanne Fortier Good people can develop addictions, too. This was one notion discussed by professionals at Drug Awareness for Kids at Vegreville’s Senior Sunshine Club Centre on November 18. Parent Link Centre and M.O.D.E.L Project held this session of the Community Education Series in partnership with Veg Al-Drug Society and the RCMP. Colleen Pidzarko-Armitage, Program Manager for Veg Al-Drug Society and RCMP Cst. Mike Homeniuk were the presenters. Armitage said Veg Al-Drug provides treatment, one-to-one counseling, prevention and education for people suffering from addictions. As parents, open-dialogue with your children is really essential. Kids have to be educated on making right choices with their life and health. “[Some addicts in] Vegreville have a problem with Crystal Meth which can cause the user intense anxiety to get their next fix really quick,” Cst. Homeniuk explained. “Drug addicts will do whatever it takes to get their next fix. If you put them in jail for a day or two, they go right back to taking the drug when they get it. Kids say it is not expensive. You can smoke this drug with a glass pipe or do anything you want with it. This drug is white and brown in color. It looks like wet sugar chunks. Dealers don’t have a conscience when they are preying on young kids. At times, they’re lacing Crystal Meth with other drugs.” Parents commented that kids use code to name drugs that will be at parties. One popular name is Molly. Crystal Meth is also called speed. “Mental health problems and addictions go hand-and-hand. The three substances we see that people have a problem with are marijuana, alcohol and cocaine. Marijuana is a lot stronger than it used to be and when it becomes legalized, it might become an even bigger problem.

“Teenagers should be warned that they don’t know how pure the drugs are that they are buying,” Pidzarko-Armitage cautioned. “One time it could be okay and the next time you buy the drug, it could be laced with something. These substances are made in basements and different labs. “There are risk and protective factors with drugs. The risk factors are if there is abuse in the home already, socio-economic and issues at school. Protective factors are communication with a supportive person or community.” Armitage said. “The signs that someone is taking drugs are changes in their pupils, slower speech and fine motor skills. There can be changes in behavior too. Anything unusual can mean this.” Homeniuk said. To receive further information or assistance for yourself or a family member, you can contact Veg Al-Drug Society in the Provincial Building in Vegreville at 780-632-6617.


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november 25, 2015

Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator Access Body Practitioner Stylist

*By Appointment Only


4815-59 Ave

Vegreville, AB

CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINET Residential / Commercial Kitchen Cabinets Custom Millwork Cabinet Doors

Dave Ph. (780) 632-4488 Shop Fax. (780) 632-6765 Cell. (780) 603-7922 email:



november 25, 2015

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SHUKALEK, Alex 1924 – 2014 In Loving Memory of our beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather who passed away. Sad are the hearts that loved you, Silent are the tears that fall. Living life without you Is the hardest part of all. You did so many things for us, Your heart was kind and true. And when we needed someone most, We would always count on you. Those special years will not return When we were all together, But with the love within our hearts, You will walk with us forever. Your place on earth none can fill. We love you and always will. Forever loved and deeply missed by your loving wife Mary, children and grandchildren

Frederick Gordon Rainey (January 6, 1942 - November 18, 2015) Fred Rainey of Ryley, formerly of Tofield, passed away on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, at the age of 73 years. Left to cherish his memory are his wife, Shirley, and Shirley’s girls, Lorrie Sharkey of Camrose, Colleen (Wade) Magneson of Edson, Sheila (Stan) Helgeland of Camrose, Susie (Lionel) Williams of Tofield, Valerie (Marlon) Lindberg of Cold Lake and Loverna (Ron) Epp of Tofield. Fred is also survived by his seventeen grandchildren, twenty-three great-grandchildren, two brothers, Harvey of Daysland, Dwayne of Daysland, and one sister, Myrna Batt of High Level. Fred was predeceased by his parents, Gordon and Alma, two wives, Gail and Shirley, and sister Louise. A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at 2 pm from Bardo Lutheran Church, Tofield, with Rev. Kevin Langager and Rev. Fred Tober officiating. Inurnment will take place at the Dewberry Cemetery north of Vermilion. If friends so desire, memorial contributions may be made to the charity of your choice. To send condolences, please visit Burgar Funeral Home Camrose & Daysland (4817 51 Ave, Camrose, Alberta T4V 0V4) in care of arrangements. 780-672-2121. “Dedicated service since 1906”

NAWROT, William (Bill) September 22, 1935 – November 19, 2015 On Thursday, November 19, 2015, William Nawrot of Vegreville, Alberta suddenly passed away at the age of 80 years. William is survived by his loving family, his wife of 54 years, Clara; three sons and their families Douglas: Kevin (Jennifer) and their children Sam, Ben and Ella: Kyle (Cyndi) and their children Stephanie, Jacqueline (Landon) Rempel and their son Geoffrey, Chantelle, Robert and Breanna; siblings Adeline McVittie, Helene Freed, Edward, Lawrence (Kathy) and Nancy (Marvin) Ozubko; one sister-in-law Amy Nawrot; along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. William was predeceased by his parents Frank and Rose Nawrot; daughter-in-law Marie; granddaughter Kelly Flamond; three brothers and one sister-in-law, Mitchell (Leola), John and Walter; two brothers-in-law Christopher Freed and Robert (Bob) McVittie; two nephews Gerald McVittie and Richard Nawrot. A Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at the Vegreville United Church with Reverend Carolyn Woodall officiating. Interment to follow in Riverside Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the “Kidney Foundation of Canada – Alberta & The Territories Branch – (202-11227 Jasper Avenue N.W. Edmonton, AB T5K 0L5) or “ Alberta Diabetes Foundation (8602 -112 Street, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1)” To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800

ANDREYCHUK, Stanley S. In loving memory of our dear husband, father and Dido who passed away on November 30, 2009. Gone is the face we loved so dear. Silent is the voice we loved to hear. Too far away for sight or speech, But not too far for thought to reach. A silent thought, a secret tear, Keeps his memory ever dear. Time takes away the edge of grief, But memory turns back every leaf. Sunshine passes, shadows fall. Love’s remembrance outlasts all; There is a link death cannot sever, Love and remembrance last forever. Forever loved and deeply missed by wife Helen, children and grandchildren YAKOWESHEN, Nick November 25, 1990 Always remembered Always loved Always in our hearts. Remembrance in life’s passing is the truest form of love one can give for a memory should never die and a love should live forever in the hearts of others. The Children, Grandchildren of Nick

LASCHOWSKI In Loving Memory Of Joseph Laschowski April 18, 1918 – November 23, 2009 Sad are the hearts that loved you, Silent are the tears that fall. Living lives without you, Is the hardest part of all. You did so many things for us, Your heart was kind and true. And when we needed someone most, We would always count on you. Those special years will not return, When we were all together, But with the love within our hearts, You will walk with us forever. Everlasting Memory Always remembered and sadly missed By wife Mary, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

SLADE, Walter Charles June 13, 1920-November 9, 2015 The unpretentious WWII Veteran, Walter Charles Slade, passed away suddenly on November 9, 2015 at St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Vegreville, AB. He leaves to mourn his passing, his daughters, Shirley Blanche Preuss of Vegreville and Laura Muriel Janet Bourne of Bloomington, ON. Affectionately remembered by grandsons, Brian (Shelly) of Peace River and Daniel B. (Annette) of Grande Prairie, AB; Clint (Deb), Craig and Sean (Virginia) in Ontario; great-grandchildren, Darren (Jamie), Tanner, Daniel (Krista); Justin and Megan; Christina, Josh and Matthew; Destiny; and eight greatgreat-grandchildren. Regarded by his extended family, Joanne (Lester) Brown and sons, Devan, Cory (daughter); and Dalton of Fort St. John, BC.; very special friends; Rhonda and Shade (his protégé) Clark. He is survived by his brothers, Leo (Maxine) and Don (Cathy) of Dartmouth/Halifax, NS; sister-in-law, Muriel (Edward) Doyle; brothers-in-law, Frank (Shirley), Stewart (Becky) and Alvin (Doris) of Webster, PEI. Many nieces and nephews in NS, PEI, BC and AB cherish his memory. He was predeceased by his loving wife of forty-five years, Emily Blanche (Webster-Warren); his parents, Walter S. and Estella (Nickerson) and siblings, Billy, Estella (Ken) and Arnold (Alice); grand-daughter, Karen Lynn Blanche; sons-in-law, Ernest William and Wellington Dave; brothers-in-law, Eddy, Ken, George, Gordon and Albert; and sisters-in-law, Alice, Joyce and Mary. Wally or Charlie as he was sometimes known (too many Walters where he resided) enjoyed a very rewarding life! It started when he joined Sea Cadets, the Militia, the Royal Canadian Army (serving in Britain), CNR, RCAF, as a civilian diesel mechanic on various radar stations across Canada, even Tulle, Greenland; DOT as lighthouse maintenance, most notably on Sable Island off NS where he also looked after the famous ponies, and his twenty-year career with the Department of National Defence in Bacarro, NS and Kapuskasing, ON. The family would like to thank the staff at the University of Alberta Renal Insufficiency Clinic, the Vegreville Manor and the local hospital for their care and Park Memorial for helping with his last wishes: cremation. There will be no Funeral but a family service in PEI at a later date. Donations in his memory made to Renal Insufficiency Clinic, WMC 2E3, 8440 – 112 Street, Edmonton, AB T6G 2B7 will be gratefully acknowledged. His favorite sayings: You always remember, you never forget! Old soldiers never die, they just fade away! And so, we as family and friends, say a loving goodbye. Photos, memories and condolences may be shared through PARK MEMORIAL LTD. VEGREVILLE 780-632-2000 FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOME

CALIBABA, George Stephen October 31, 1943 – November 17, 2015 On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, George Stephen Calibaba of Vegreville, Alberta passed away at the age of 72 years. George is survived by his loving family, his wife of 42 years, Joy; children and their families David and his children Ambreia and Everett: Shawn (January) and his children Courtnie, Hope and Makenzie: Darin and his family; one niece Tami (Kirk) and their sons. George was predeceased by his parents George and Mildred; one brother Ronald. At George’s request cremation has taken place. Inurnment to follow at a later date in the Crocken Hill Cemetery – Choiceland, SK. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the “Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta” or “Alberta Cancer Foundation.” To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800

KOZAKEWICH, Florence December 2, 1916 – November 23, 2015 On Monday, November 23, 2015, Mrs. Florence Kozakewich of Lamont, Alberta, formerly of Andrew passed away at the age of 98 years. Florence is survived by her loving family, two sons Dr. Edward (Iris) and David (Pat); grandchildren Lori (Greg), Janice, Naomi (Greg), Dr. Tobi (Dr. David) and Tanya; great-grandchildren Chantel, Kyle, Destiny, Andrew, Jakob and Sacha; along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Florence was predeceased by her husband John on November 20, 1983; her parents Wasyl and Domka; along with numerous relatives. A Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. at Autumn Rose Funeral Home (503651 Ave.) in Vegreville, Alberta with Very Reverend Nikolai Nikolaev officiating. Interment to follow in the Russo Greek Catholic Orthodox Church of St. Nickolas Cemetery– Wostok. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to “The Russo Greek Catholic Orthodox Congregation of St. Nickolas – Wostok” To send condolences visit www. Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800


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november 25, 2015

Families love the Luau Rosanne Fortier It was a time of memories and moments when the most meaningful parts of Hawaii were a short drive away for families. On November 12, Vegreville’s Social Centre was decked like a Hawaiian fantasyland because of the annual FCSS Family Luau. The annual Family Luau is designed to promote and celebrate healthy and happy families. This event was dotted with craft stations where children could create a hand puppet that would

help to them to say hello when they met a new person, coconut bowling, bean bag toss, games, and had snacks, door prizes, and a offered glow stick when they finished their passport doing activities that raised questions of personal growth. FCSS organized this Family Luau with the assistance of many of their great volunteers. Families can look forward to the next annual Bunny Hop event which will be featured this coming spring.

The McTavish Family at the photo booth which was complete with Hawaiian props and clothing. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

november 25, 2015


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Rangers’ Rook to coach Western Canada Elite Prospects team

Rett Rook, Randy’s son, will also have a spot on the team. The younger Rook has been working hard at earning a reputation as one of the top U18 goalies born in 1998, and currently plays in the USA –AAA U18 Development League. (Photo supplied)

Submitted Vegreville Rangers Head Coach Randy Rook has been selected to be the Head Coach of the Western Canada Elite Prospects team for the NHL Pre-Draft Showcase held May in Boston, MA. The team will consist of 12 Forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies. Select Elite 1998 and 1999 born players will compete against 1996 and 1997 born players. Last year’s tournament saw 84 teams from all over the world compete in front of scouts from the NHL, AHL, European teams, Jr. A Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams from Canada and the USA, as well as NCAA teams from across North America. Rook’s assistant coach will be announced very soon, but Rangers assistant coach Kenton Siegle has the inside track for the job, as the familiarity with Rook’s systems and style of play in such a short tournament is crucial to success. Coach Rook already has a few players who have been selected, including his own son, Rett Rook, who is playing in the USA - AAA U18 Development League in California this year, and is considered one of the top 1998 born goalies in North America.

Vegreville Rangers Head Coach Randy Rook has been selected to be the head coach of the Western Canada Elite Prospects team for the NHL Pre-Draft showcase in Boston next May. Rook came on with the Rangers this season’s start and has been working on meshing players together and building up special teams. (Photo supplied)

“It will be different in the fact that I haven’t coached my own son since Novice, so I’m looking forward to that, although he has done well without my help thus far,” Rook said. More players will be announced as they are selected. “It is an honor to be selected to coach a group of Elite players for this showcase. I have been there before as a scout and witnessed myself the talent pool at this showcase; it is second to none. Everyone is guaranteed three games with the top teams making the playoffs. It’s a jam packed weekend for sure. There are so many talented players who really get on the radar of NHL, Junior, and NCAA teams during this tournament. To be selected to this team as a player will open many doors up for them. Scouts from virtually every league and level attend this showcase,” Rook said. The players will also tour NCAA schools like last year’s NCAA Champions Providence College, Boston College, and Boston University. “It’s a great weekend for these players to showcase themselves to scouts, create new friends, and have an experience of a lifetime.”


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november 25, 2015

W E D N E S D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 5 , 2 015

Elvis ‘56

Michael Simpson Editor Fans of the original King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, were treated to a great performance by Cody Ray Slaughter and his band, the Hillbilly Katz, led by drummer David Fontana. The show’s unique connection to the history of Elvis lies not only in Slaughter’s uncanny performance in the style of Elvis, but also that David is the son of original Elvis’s band drummer, DJ Fontana. The show, titled Elvis ’56, took place at the Vegreville Social Center on November 18. The show began with performances by Stephi Z, who took the stage in honour of those top female vocalists of the day when Elvis had begun his trip to fame. Stephi sang songs in the likes of Wanda Jackson, who had actually been an early

girlfriend of Elvis, bringing a smoky, sultry sound to the stage reminiscent of the potent female recording artists of the 50’s. Slaughter was a natural on stage, delivering enough swagger and strut with the bands’ rockabilly sound to convince some fans that the original Elvis had been resurrected from his biggest year, 1956. Show producer Terri Futreal explained that the show stayed in 1956 as far as the set list of songs played, which still included some of Presley’s biggest hits. Slaughter has been busy in the past few years racking up countless entertainment awards, including the People’s Choice Award in 2008 during Elvis Week, the New Horizon Award for best new Elvis Tribute artist in Las Vegas in 2011, and the title of “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” in Memphis the same year.


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NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Dennis and Nellie Ursuliak’s 73rd anniversary

V.Rev.Father Slawomir Lomaszkiewicz gives a wedding blessing to Dennis and Nellie Ursuliak on their 73rd wedding anniversary,wishing Dennis and Nellie 25 more years of happiness.(Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier Marriages can retain the original frame of forever. Dennis and Nellie Ursuliak are a testament to this concept as this couple celebrated their 73rd Wedding Anniversary at Vegreville Manor on November 21. Dennis was 22 years old and his wife was 17 when they got married. Their union included five wonderful children. “Like every farmer’s kids, everybody knew one another for miles around. I noticed this girl growing up; what caught my eye was that she was always with her dad doing various farm chores. I thought we had a lot in common because I grew up also being a chore boy. We always had some sort of gatherings (picnics,

clubs and challenges) and that is how I happened to be seeing Nellie on a more regular basis. Because of her interest in being a farm girl, I decided that she was the girl I wanted to spend my life with,” Dennis explained about how he met Nellie. “So as time went by the Second World War came about and Nellie and I saw one another quite often. At 21 years old, I got called into Service and on Oct. 9 I received basic training at Camrose. Then it was at Brandonman that I received my advance training. And because of my athletic ability, I noticed by the N.C.O and that was in my favor because I was chosen together with about 60 of the Gunner Soldiers. We took a course in Aircraft Recognition and Gunnery

Dennis and Nellie Ursuliak celebrate their 73rd Wedding Anniversary at Vegreville Manor on November 21. Dennis was 22 years old and his wife was 17 when they got married. Their union included five wonderful children.(Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Theory.” Dennis said. “So by that time, six months went by and that spring, Pearl Harbor was bombed and attacked. So that was when a defensive approach was introduced and we became a part of six divisions which consisted of the Pacific Defense System. Then I was handed a form and asked if I could ride a bike and I became a dispatch rider; driving a motor bike as a troop carrier where I carried mail, riders and more. I had to replace some of the personel who were on sick leave or holidays. I was fortunate to serve at places like Boundary Bay, Esquimalt, Nanaimo but I mainly served at Pat Bay Headquarters.” “I believe that a successful marriage happens from trusting one another, respecting and honoring each other’s wishes. As farmers, we had to plan our next day’s work and we always worked together. There

were ups and downs and I think a person has to accept the bad and enjoy the good. In case of some misunderstanding, people have to forgive because in any marriage this happens. No one can be perfect all the time. Respect one another’s decisions when dealing with children. In our life, we worked together, laughed together and cried together. And I am sure that we got where we are now because we made the right choices,” Dennis added. The celebration continued with many performances by Randy Kereliuk, local musician and Dennis and Nellie’s great-nephew. Randy performed many delightful tunes, even an audience’s favorite- Take Me Home, Country Roads with many people saying Randy’s version is better than John Denver’s piece. Then V. Rev. Father Slawomir Lomaszkiewicz gave a wedding blessing while he wished Dennis and Nellie 25 more years of marriage happiness.

NOVEMBER 25, 2015


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NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Families love the Luau

A little limbo to limber up people’s lives was in order. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

The McTavish Family at the photo booth which was complete with Hawaiian props and clothing. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier It was a time of memories and moments when the most meaningful parts of Hawaii were a short drive away for families. On November 12, Vegreville’s Social Centre was decked like a Hawaiian fantasyland because of the annual FCSS Family Luau. The annual Family Luau is designed to promote and celebrate healthy and happy families. This event was dotted with craft stations where children could create a hand puppet that would help to them to say hello when they met a new person, coconut bowling, bean bag toss, games, and had snacks, door prizes, and a offered glow stick when they finished their passport doing activities that raised questions of personal growth. FCSS organized this Family Luau with the assistance of many of their great volunteers. Families can look forward to the next annual Bunny Hop event which will be featured this coming spring.

December Newsletter Brought to you by... The Vegreville & District Child Development Coalition Emotional maturity: the ability to understand, and manage, your emotions. Emotional Maturity: What does it look like? Children that are able to keep positive social connections by knowing how to cope with their own emotions and other people’s emotions. Children that are confident, social and happy. Children that are less aggressive. Ways You Can Build Emotional Maturity in Your Children Practice sharing and taking turns; this

builds and teaches self-control. Create a way you and your child can gage their mood (a mood meter, specific wording o phrases that everyone can understand) When reading a story, take time to ask questions about how your child would feel if that happened to them or how they think the character feels. Create a calm-down area or activity so your child can learn how to calm them self down. Express your feelings clearly (e.g. “I feel _______ when ________ happens.”) and encourage your child to do the same. Offer different ways your child can respond to feeling upset. For instance, they can talk about it, punch a pillow, or express how they feel through drawing Remember to… LISTEN to your child’s needs and acknowledge their feelings. MODEL how to be calm and confident in the face of challenges. COACH your child through problems, empowering your child to take the lead. PLAY with your child to lessen the weight of their problem.

NOVEMBER 25, 2015


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NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Spaghetti friends

A spaghetti supper is a meal that brings joy across generations. On October 28,Vegreville United Church held this meal to have a fun event to bring the community together and raise funds for church programs. (Left to right) Vern Dyer, Debbie Dyer, Ron Cependa, Elvira Miskiw,Val Rowe, and Geri Tuck were some of the helpers in the kitchen at Vegreville’s United Church on October 28. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Correction: In the November 18 issue of the Vegreville News Advertiser’s Insider, we mistakenly labeled a photo of an elderly lady carrying a wreath as Anna Miok, mother of deceased Sergeant George Miok of the 41 Combat Engineer Regiment. We apologize to Mrs. Miok (who layed a wreath later in the service) and the actual subject of the photograph, Mrs. Lorna Hoggins, for the error. Mrs. Hoggins is the widow of George Hoggins, (Oct. 18, 1921 – March 24, 2015), a former veteran who served in the infantry in WWII before transferring to join his brother in the engineer corps. He recalled his experiences at war in an interview in early 2012 with the Vegreville Observer. “As long as we stayed good and flat once the shelling started, we didn’t lose too many people,” George had said. He also recalled making the five mile march taking him past the Queen during peacetime after the war. The march took him in front of more than three million spectators to Westminster Abbey. “It was incredible – the sidewalks were just filled with people,” George said.

NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Alberta Health Services ALBERTA HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM has a variety of workshops available in the Vegreville area! Weight Wise, Craving Change, Diabetes the Basics and Better Choices, Better Health. Call 1-877-314-6997 for more information and to register. All classes will take place at the Vegreville Community Health Centre (5318-50 Street) Vegreville Food Bank Is located in the Maple Street Worship Centre at 4615 Maple Street and is open Tuesday & Friday year-round from 10am – noon. Phone 780-632-6002 or email: Vegreville Rotary Peace Park Bookings please call John Sawiak 780-632-3208 Girl Guides of Canada SPARKS – Kindergarten & Grade 1 to be determined. BROWNIES – Grades 2 & 3 meet every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm GUIDES – Grades 4 to 6 meet Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm PATHFINDERS – Grades 7 to 9 meet every Wednesday from 7:15-8:45pm. All groups meet at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple Street, Vegreville. For more information call Pamela 780-632-7147 Oil Wives Club of Vegreville. A smile. A handclasp. A world of welcome. Are the links in our chain of friendship. This we believe. Our Association has been around or over 60 years. We are here for any woman whose partner (or she herself) is involved with in any way in the Oil & Gas Industry. We meet once a month to foster friendship. Please call Ellen @ 780-632-4922 or Shirley @ 780-632-3283 for more information. Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare). Please visit the Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare) this summer to see its latest exhibit, “Peter Lipinski: Large and Small Canvases,” along with an ongoing display devoted to Bp. Budka in Canada. The museum is open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm and weekends, July and August, 1-5pm. Vegreville Regional Museum. Located on the site of the internationally renowned solonetzic soils research station of Agriculture Canada (19561995), the Museum tells the stories of community life and development chronicling how Vegreville’s unique social fabric has contributed to the harmony of community life since the 1890’s. The Rt. Hon. Donald F. Mazankowski, P.C. Collection: 25 years of distinguished public service of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Home of the Vegreville & District Sports Hall of Fame. Open Year Round. May-Sept Tues-Fri 11-5, SatSun 1-5. Oct-April phone for current hours. 1 km east of Vegreville on Hwy 16A. www.vegreville. com (780)632-7650 Historical Village and Pioneer Museum at Shandro. Located on Highway 857, midway between highway 45 and 28 north of Willingdon. A proud partner of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, this open air museum features 14 major buildings and artifacts from 1900 – 1930. Hours: Canada Day weekend to Labour Day weekend Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Admission by donation, For more information call (780) 603-1198 HEADS UP for AA Meets at Vegreville Hospital every Monday at 8:00 PM 3rd floor. Effective Immediately. Alanon New Beginning Meeting will be changing day and time from Thursday to Monday from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Call 780-275-0054 for location. Rotary Club of Vegreville meets for lunch meetings every Monday at 12pm at VALID 484349 St., Vegreville. For more information contact Jody Nicholson at 780-632-2418.


Every Monday 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Join us in the Mundare Drop-In Centre “Walk-Along” fitness program. Literature available to help you with your personal program. Walk at the Drop- in Centre, and also, weather permitting, we will walk in Ukainia Park. Everyone Welcome!! 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014 – 50 St, Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-6322933. TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) Weigh-in 4:45pm. Meeting 5:30pm at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple St., Vegreville. 780-6327433 or 780-658-2670. Every Wednesday Trapshooting Outdoor Range 7:00pm. Contact Geoff 780-632-1432 341 MUNDARE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADETS FREE to join. Join Air Cadets for adventure that will take you from the ground up! Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm through the school year. Youth 12-18 years welcome. Call 341 Squadron at 780-764-2341. Visit us at or Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Two Hills. If interested, please contact Deen 780-6036090 or Waseem 780-603-8443 Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Vegreville. If interested, please contact Hesham 780-603-6245 / 780-632-2721 or Azeem 780885-2627 LOAVES & FISHES Lunch starting Friday September 10 – 11:30am-1:00pm every Friday except stat holidays. Good Food. Bring old friends. Make new friends. All are welcome. 4615 Maple St. (60 St.), VPC Church. No charge. How Disciples live Bible study and workshops. We meet every Friday night at The Rock 5014-50 St. at 7pm. Call for info 780-632-2933 or www. Bible Study at 10 am at the Vegreville Seventhday Adventist Church, 5258 – 46 Ave. Everyone Welcome. 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Saturday at 7pm in the upper room at 501450 Street Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-6322933. Royal Purple Lodge #125 meets first Monday of every month, except July & August at Elks Hall. Contact HRL Joyce Porayko 780-632-3830 or Secretary Leah Henderson 780-632-6565. Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club at 7:30 p.m. at Vegreville Regional Museum. Call 780-632-7729 or 780-632-3495 Nonviolence Study Group for anyone wanting to learn more about the principals of nonviolence and how to apply them in today’s world. If you are passionate about making a difference, or just curious to learn more, please join us from 7-8 pm. Call Kim at 780-658-2550 for location details.

“Women’s Book Club” meets first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library THE RED HAT ROSES, a chapter of the Red Hat Society, an international social group for mature women, meet for fun and friendship at Leonel’s Place at 1:30pm the second Monday of every month. See THE CLASSY CANADIANS, a chapter of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society, a national social group for mature women meet for fun friendship and caring at Leonel’s Place the fourth Monday of every month at 1:30pm. See www. Vegreville Lions Club meets at Sunshine Senior Centre – 4630 - 49 Street. Meeting 7 p.m. 2ND and 4TH Tuesday except July and August. Kinsmen Club of Vegreville holds meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course. Call Mike Webb at 780-632-2666 days THE ALBERTA DRAFT HORSE CLUB meetings every 2nd Saturday of every 2nd month. 780764-2099 Vegreville Hospitals Auxiliary Society meets third Wednesday of every month, except July and August. Meetings held in EXECUTIVE MEETING ROOM (St. Joseph’s Hospital) at 7:00 p.m. Call 780-632-6323 Royal Canadian Legion Vegreville Branch #39 General Meeting every 3rd Wednesday of September, November, February and June at 7:00pm. All members welcome to attend. Vegreville Garden Club meets the last Monday every month at the Seniors Sunshine Club, 4630 – 49 St. at 7:00 p.m. President – Marie Eliuk 780631-0770 The New Vegreville Aquarium Club meets every last Monday at 7:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library “Writer’s Group” meets last Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library Legacy 4 Health Indoor Walking Program for Older Adults 10-11am at the Vegreville Centennial Library Gymnasium 4709-50 St, Contact Irvin Cowan 780-632-2977, Jim Nicholson 780-6326437, Carol Lynn Babiuk 780-632-3331 Are you or someone you know living with a Brain Injury? We can help! The Alberta Brain Injury Initiative provides support, coordination and education for brain injury survivors and their families. For more information on our free services call 1-866-645-3900 Tofield AA Meetings held Thursday at 8 p.m. Open meeting every 4th Thursday at 8 p.m. at Bardo Lutheran Church Bsmt 4737 - 57 Ave. For info call 662-3893

Vegreville Elks Lodge #143 meets first Thursday every month except July and August. Meetings are held in the Elks Hall at 7:30 pm. Contact Robert Bennett 780-632-4717.

AWANA - a Christian club for boys and girls age 3 to grade 6. Meets Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Now meeting in the Alliance Church’s new building at 4606-55 Ave.Call 632-2261 for more information

Vegreville Wildlife Federation (Alberta, Fish & Game Association) Please check website VWF. ca Email:

UCWLC Meetings to be held every third Thursday of each month at Holy Trinity Church Hall at 7 p.m. in Vegreville.

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Veg-Al Drug Society an Alberta Health Services, community funded agency - Room #217 Provincial Bldg., Vegreville, AB. Out patient counselling services for alcohol & other drug addictions and problem gambling. Office Hrs. – Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Phone 632-6617. The Crisis Association of Vegreville operates a HELPLINE for those who are having difficulties in their lives and need assistance. It is a toll-free, confidential service available to those in the 632exchange. Phone 632- 7070. The Kinette Club of Vegreville meets every 3nd Wednesday of the month. Joining the Kinette Club is a great way to meet new friends and to get in the community. For more information, please call 632-2848. Viking AA Group meets at the Viking Hospital Multi Purpose Room 8:00 p.m. Wednesday nights. VegMin Learning Society welcomes learners who are interested in increasing their skill levels (reading, writing, math and speaking English). Learners work towards’ their personal goals in a small class or 1:1 setting. Do you have a few hours a week to help someone reach their learning goal? Volunteer Tutor Training and ongoing support are provided along with a great volunteer recognition program. Visit or call 780-6327920 for more information. Senior Floor Curling at 1:00p.m. every Monday & Thursday. Anyone interested please come to the Sunshine Club. 55+. Call 780-632-2624. Vegreville Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Terminal Building VegMin Literacy Program offers free, confidential tutoring for adults over 17 needing help with Basic reading, writing and math skills. Phone: 632-7920 for interviews. Everyone is Welcome Prayer House 5729-44A st. Veg. North of St. Joseph Hospital come and share your testimony and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. Every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Also I will pray for the sick believing in God for the answer. But God commandeth his Love toward us, in that, while, we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. RO. 5:8 New hope church of God, Edmonton c. for the Nations Int. Veg. Doing God work together for yor good. J. Abelar. Ph. 632-2843 AA Meeting in Mundare Sunday’s 7PM Town Building, Conference Room 5128 50th St. Contact Robert 780-656-5829 Willingdon & District Fish & Game Assn. Regular meetings, held every last Tuesday off each month (excluding July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at the Willingdon Arena upstairs in the Club Room Everyone Welcome. New to town? Join us the 1st Wed of the month for a newcomer’s potluck lunch. 12-1pm. Bring a friend! Bring a dish! Call FCSS 780-632-3966 for locations & info. AA meeting at Lamont United Church every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. PlayNation Poker, Vegreville Legion. Free live poker every first, second & fourth Wednesday evening at the Vegreville Legion. Register at 6:45 pm and cards in the air at 7:00 pm. For more information, contact allang@playnationpoker. com


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NOVEMBER 25, 2015

Christmas lightup

Vegreville’s downtown officially kicked into Christmas season in a tag team effort with TELUS on November 20. The annual Christmas Lightup Parade took place, along with the countdown to light the TELUS candle high above town after a few words from TELUS representatives and Vegreville’s Mayor, Myron Hayduk. Once the candle was lit, a parade rolled down Main Street before families took to the Vegreville Centennial Library for hot chocolate and some family games. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

Vegreville News Advertiser - November 25 2015  

Vegreville News Advertiser Volume 68, Issue 47 - November 25 2015