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Louisiana Hayride rolls into town Classic country music lovers took a ride down memory lane as a live reproduction of the popular Louisiana Hayride show took the stage at the Vegreville Social Center on November 6. Show creator Lori Risling set the stage with the tale of how the old radio came to be, starting up in Shreveport in 1948 and running until 1960 on KWKH Radio on a bounce feed from the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Cast members Mike Melnichuk, William Brookfield, Andrea Anderson and Gil Risling took turns at replaying old songs from many greats who got their start on the Louisiana Hayride show, including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and many more. This is the second year that Vegreville has hosted the show. (Michael Simpson/Photos)

Rangers have winning weekend

Grape Art

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november 11, 2015

CFCW Critters charity hockey

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The 840 CFCW Critters hockey team took to the ice at Vegreville arena on November 5 for some good old fashioned charity hockey against the Vegreville Mavericks. Presented by Vegreville Special Olympics and Next Step Senior High, the game raised $6,700 to go towards Vegreville’s Special Olympics team and a new garden for the outreach high school. The CFCW team took on the local Mavericks, made up of community members and players from the RCMP detachment. Highlights included the blind-folded portion of the game, the international stick exchange, and of course, the continuous antics from the CFCW Critter itself, which made the game a family-fun event.The final score was 12 – 9 for the Critters, but who’s counting in a game like that anyway. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

Feature veteran WO Gordon Rennie Gordon Rennie joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1951, serving until 1977. Rennie served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a metal worker and maintenance worker, holding postings in Centralia (Exeter) and Trenton, Ontario, Gimli, Manitoba. Rennie also served in Cold Lake, St. Hubert, and Comox. He was promoted to Corporal on Oct. 1, 1966, then to Sgt. Nov. 1, 1971. He completed the warrant officer qualifying course in 1974 before being promoted to his final rank of Warrant Officer on November 1, 1975. He left the armed forces in 1977 with the Canadian Forces Decoration (awarded 1963 for completing 12 years of service) and the first clasp for an additional 10 years of service. Gordon and his wife currently reside in Vegreville.

november 11, 2015


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Myron Hayduk Mayor of Vegreville Hello everyone, it’s Myron here. I haven’t given you a column to read since mid-summer, so I thought I’d take a moment to bring a few things forward that have been on council’s plate or are of interest to you, the people of this town. As you’re aware, Council had hoped earlier this fall to complete a sale of the Trans Canada building, but that did not happen. I’d like to let everyone know that the building is still a major item for discussion on Council’s agenda as we move forward, and that Council is committed to looking at the best long term solution for future planning of the town as far as the building is concerned. In the interim, the Town will be making use of the building for the winter storage of equipment from the Parks building and for the Public Works department’s snow clearing and hauling operations while the yard on the property continues to be rented out. We have some strong ideas about how to move forward on the matter, and our task will be to pick a single direction in the near future and take action. Moving on to another topic, I’d like to take a minute to express my extreme pleasure with the support that the community has been providing to the local Food Bank. As many of us know from following the story of the food bank in our local paper since September, the dip in the economy is hitting some families harder than others, and that communitysupported service has been there like a helping hand to keep families fed and healthy. Of course, the Food Bank could not continue its work of helping feed those in need in Vegreville without the support of individuals and local businesses, and that support has been fantastic to see. It’s great to see Vegreville doing what it can to take care of its own. Also, a periodic reminder to anyone who plans to do building in the spring, or is about to do some building right away; now is the time to get in touch with the Town’s Planning and Development department to inquire about proper permits for your structure. There are costs to moving ahead without proper permits and inspections, so there is no such thing as a stupid question except the one that goes unasked. Later this month we will have our annual Downtown Christmas Lightup and Parade, a great chance to come down to Main Street and get into the festive season. Meet us at the Rotary Rendezvous Park for some hot chocolate and count down with everyone to the light up at 5:30. There will be more entertainment and hot drinks and snacks happening at the Library after the parade, we hope to see you there. As Christmas season is coming, so is Christmas party season. Please everyone, remember to be responsible if you’re drinking and make plans for a sober ride home this holiday season. I would also like to congratulate the winners of the Vegreville and District Awards night, there are some terrific community members being recognized for their great service and community spirit. Also to the nominees, we are hon-

november 11, 2015

oured by the work you bring to the community in helping others, it’s a privilege to have you all within our community. Council is halfway through its term, and following our annual organizational meeting on October 26, a few of us have changed places. Councillor Brodziak and I now find ourselves sitting on the Impact Vegreville committee, which has a focus on community engagement and spirited citizenship. We’re always happy to have new members of the public sitting on the committee with us, so please, if you have the time (one evening a month) contact the Town office at (780) 632 2861 and inquire about applying to be on the committee – we’re happy to have you. The last word of the column this time goes to the Veterans. This paper should be hitting the streets on or the day before Remembrance Day, in time for me to once again say Thank You to those who have served in the armed forces and the RCMP, for you bravery and dedication to your country, and the people of this community. I ask everyone to take some time to reflect on the blessings they enjoy today because of the bravery of those who came before us with the courage to stand up for peace by going to war. I hope to see everyone that can make it to our local Remembrance Day ceremony at the Vegreville Social Center on November 11 to pay their respects. The services begins at 10:50 a.m.

Smile of the


Name: Donna McCrimmon Occupation: Office Administrator Likes: winter vacations, my grandchildren Dislikes: cold weather, dishonest people.

november 11, 2015


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Andrew School awards Submitted by Andrew School Awards were presented on October 22 to Andrew School students who were in grades 7 through 12 during the 2014-2015 school year. The evening began with the singing of O’ Canada by Miss Sanderson’s grade 1 & 2 students. Greetings were brought by Principal TJ Kennerd and Andrew Village Mayor Heather Tait. Master of Ceremonies duties were excellently handled by Geoffrey Bryks and Gabrielle Sumner. The evening ended with closing remarks by Assistant Principal Greg Cruickshank, refreshments, and fellowship in the Fine Arts Room. Congratulations to all!

Mr. Kyle Hazlehurst presented Andrew Wildcat Athletic Awards to the 2014-2015 gr. 7 through gr. 12 students (l-r) Megan Halisky, Taylor Kucharski, Jessica Goddu, Geoffrey Bryks, Jayla Snyder & Devon Hamaliuk, Missing were Tasha Snyder, Colby Foreman & Ryan Leliuk.

Miss Sanderson’s gr. 1 & 2 class sang O’ Canada during Andrew School Awards Night (back row l-r) Anna Homeniuk, Brooke Hamaliuk, Mattheau Kuhmayer-Pelletier, Franklin Rusnick; (front row l-r) Joey Blanchard, Kaden Howell, Payton Donald, Izabella Howson.


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november 11, 2015



90 Years Ago – November 11, 1925 Almost one hundred per cent of the beet crop in the sugar beet areas of Southern Alberta were harvested before being damaged by the severe cold weather, and the new factory is having a very satisfactory run. The yield of beets has been very high, reaching in some cases 18 tons to the acre, and the percentage of sugar is satisfactory, although lowered somewhat by unfavourable weather conditions. The sugar factory will reach its capacity run in a few days. The new oil electric car of the Canadian National railways, which broke all speed records for transcontinental runs form Montreal to Vancouver, arrived in Edmonton form the Pacific coast. Effective November 16, the Canadian National will operate a daily motor service (Sunday Excepted) between Edmonton and Vermilion. Following negotiations which have been in progress for some time as to the possibilities of a market for horse meat in Europe, Hon. Geo. Hoadley, Minister of Agriculture, has received a cablegram ffrom Antwerp, Holland asking for a sample shipment of horses. The price offered f.o.b. Antwerp is six cents a pound, and the request is for a sample shipment of 2,000 lbs.

75 Years Ago - November 13, 1940 First general meeting was held in the M.H. Ponich law office on Sunday, 10th day of November which meeting was well attended and representatives of the different Village Clubs took part. Mr. Ponich who acted as chairman of the meeting stressed the necessity of supporting the Red Cross in preference of other clubs during war times and stated that each loyal citizen of Canada has an important role to play in the prosecution of the present war against the European monster. Art Mast’s new chop mill was burned out on Tuesday about noon. All the interior wooden equipment was destroyed, leaving only the galvanized shell of the building. The original chop mill burned down completely last summer and was replaced by this new one, which was thought to be reasonably fire proof but turned out not so good. Cause of the fire was attributed to a back fire while priming engine. Damage is estimated at about $1700. There was no insurance. Sheldon’s store underwent an operation over the week end, the rear partition being removed or set back several feet, thus giving considerably more space to the grocery department.

50 Years Ago – November 11, 1965 Frank Fane retained his Vegreville seat in the House of Commons on Monday outpacing his rivals by an overall majority of 6,968 votes. Mr. Fane polled 12,193 votes on Monday, only 666 votes short of the whopping 12,859 votes he rang up in the ’63 election. An exceptionally high turnout of voters went to the polls in what had earlier been predicted a light vote. 75.2% of the eligible 23,108 electors cast ballots compared with the record turnout of 81.8% in 1963. Early in August of this year some of the boys of the Fire Department took on the task of rebuilding a 1927 Chev. Chemical Fire Truck to as near as possible it’s original condition. It was purchased by the Town in 1928 and was in service, with some modifications until 1950 before being retired. Equipment with antique license plates and in top running order, this unit will be used for parade and display purposes to further the cause of Fire Prevention and Safety as well as a keepsake. Hard work never killed anyone, but there are cases where it has scared some people half to death.

25 Years Ago – November 6, 1990 A television crew from CTV was in Vegreville on the weekend of November 3 to 5, taping a segment for the program W5. The show will discuss the increasing popularity of the Reform Party and the party’s platform on federal issues. It is expected to air in late November or early December. Both Don Mazankowski, MP for Vegreville, and MLA Derek Fox were interviewed by CTV for the program as were seven party members from Vegreville, Mannville, Lloydminster, Wainwright, Vermilion and Czar. The film crew also taped footage of several sites in Vegreville, Ranfurly and Lavoy. The new main office of the Vegreville Health Unit was officially opened, November 2, by a host of dignitaries and special guests. Health Unit chairman Ed Stelmach and Mayor Kay McKenzie of the town of Vegreville cut the ribbon to officially open the new and improved health unit building. A $170,200 construction contract has been awarded for the conversion of one wing of an existing senior citizens’ lodge to a four unit self-contained project in Andrew. The housing project is expected to be completed by December 1990.

Letters Welcomed

One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Netanyahu and the Truth Gwynne Dyer “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” thenFrench president Nicolas Sarkozy told US President Barack Obama four years ago, in a conversation about Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Obama replied: “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day.” We only know about this private conversation because it was accidentally broadcast to journalists. What drove Sarkozy and Obama to talk about Netanyahu like that was the sheer brazen effrontery of his lies – and he was at it again recently. In public, this time. Speaking to the 37th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu declared that Hitler decided to exterminate the Jews on the advice of a Palestinian, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti (senior Islamic cleric) of Jerusalem. Husseini met Hitler in Berlin in November 1941, he said, and that was why the Holocaust happened. “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he

wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said: ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here [to Palestine].’” According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.” So, you see, it was the Palestinians, driven by a vicious and unreasoning hatred of the Jews, who really thought up the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was merely a tool in their hands. Netanyahu must have known that historians, including Israeli historians, would instantly denounced this travesty of the historical record, and yet he said it anyway. Why? Because he needs to show that his policy of creating and expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank is not responsible for the recent rash of violent attacks on Israeli Jews by young Palestinians. Ten Jews have been murdered in the streets by Palestinians in the past month, and about 50 Palestinians have been killed. Yet there seems to be no central direction behind the attacks. Most observers think that the attacks are driven by the despair of young Palestinians who see their land slipping away and don’t believe that Netanyahu will ever let Palestinians have their own state. That would put the blame for the outbreak squarely on Netanyahu’s policies, which he cannot accept. So he is trying to prove that Palestinians

just naturally hate Jews: “My intention show that the forefathers of the Palestinian nation – without a country and without the so-called ‘occupation,’ without land and without settlements – even then aspired to systematic incitement to exterminate the Jews.” That is Netanyahu’s explanation for the current attacks: incitement by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. He blames Abbas for the rumours about Israel’s intention to expand Jewish access to the Haram al-Sharif, the area around Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque, which is also sacred to Jews as Temple Mount. Those rumours certainly played a role in stimulating the attacks, but it’s very unlikely that Abbas was behind them. What the attacks are actually showing is his own people’s loss of faith in his ability to get a Palestinian state. Nor is Saturday’s agreement in Amman between US Secretary of State John Kerry, Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Hussein to guarantee the current rules for access to the holy site likely to quell the violence. The rumours were a trigger for the violence, but the gun is always loaded. It was always about the land, and it still is today. Netanyahu knows that very well. It is the real motive behind his own policies. He just can’t afford to admit it. Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.


november 11, 2015

Andrew School awards photo highlights

The Andrew School Awards Night recipients were (l-r) Lucas Mclean, Jessica Goddu, Geoffrey Bryks, Alisha Donovan, Megan Halisky, Jared Perepeletza, Gabrielle Sumner, Taylor Kucharski, Cassandra Ostashek, Devon Hamaliuk, Alyshia Bryks & Addison Ng. Congratulations to all the winners!

Mr. Kennerd & Mr. Cruickshank presented the Wildcat Citizenship Awards to Addison Ng, Cassandra Ostashek & Megan Halisky, Missing were Hope Boster & Dawson Danyluk.

The big winner of the Andrew Awards Night evening was Taylor Kucharski. Taylor won the Governor General Award for highest average in academic courses, the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, the Alberta Treasury Branch English 30 Award, the Lee Mac Scholarship, the Lions Club Placement Award for gr. 12, Athlete of the Year for gr. 12, Excellence in Athletics & Academics for senior high, Most Dedicated & Perseverance for senior high, the Job Safety Skills Society award, a CTS/Shell Canada Bursary for $500, and a Registered Apprenticeship

Program Scholarship. Co n g r a t u l a t i o n s, Taylor!

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november 11, 2015

Books for Babies Program a Success in Vegreville

Submitted The Community Association (CALS) offered the Books for Babies program in partnership with the Homestead Lodge this past month. The program had a wonderful turnout from both the residents in the Lodge and families in the community. Ten families attended the program. In offering the program

at the Lodge, our hope was to adapt the program to have more of an inter-generational feel. A social opportunity was built into each hour long session for parents and their children to interact with the residents that joined. This connection between our wisest and newest generations provided a positive experience for all.

CALS will offer another ‘Books for Babies’ session during spring in Vegreville as well as offer the program in outlying communities. ‘Books for Babies’ is an oral family literacy program that parents and babies (0-1 yr) attend together. During this 4 week program, parents are introduced to new songs and rhymes to share with

their children as well as provided Information on choosing and sharing books for babies under one year of age. Each family receives a new age appropriate book each week. The program also focuses on connecting families to resources available to them through presentations from community agencies.

november 11, 2015


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Keeping your brain sharp as you age Karin Hitchcock Divorce is always difficult. When your parents decide to divorce, it doesn’t matter if you are a child, a teen or an adult. In fact, some experts suggest that dealing with divorce as an adult child can be the most difficult. Sometimes termed the “gray divorce,” or “silver splitters,” more people over 50 are choosing to end their marriages and move forward without their long term spouse. There are a variety of reasons for older couples to divorce which include, early retirement, chronic unhappiness or abuse, coping with an empty nest, a decrease

often find themselves in a mediator role between the parents. T he rules for dealing with divorce when children are young just don’t apply to adult children. Adult children Karin Hitchcock, M. C., CCC often begin to Community Counsellor question their own marriages and relationships. It’s as if the entire foundation of the relationship has been a sham. Loss of the family home, meeting new partners, and awkwardly navigating

in the social stigma of divorce and an increase in the partner’s needs in the relationship. Let’s face it, people are living a lot longer. No one wants to wait around for their partner to die so they can be independent and happy. What impact does a divorce have on adult children? It creates a number of challenges, including knowing that your parents may have just stayed together “for the sake of the children.” This can create a great deal of guilt as well as a significant role reversal in the parent-child relationship. Adult children may find themselves having to support their parents financially, emotionally, or physically. Adult children

around family functions can place a great deal of stress of adult children. And other people just don’t get it! Others don’t always understand that having older parents chose to divorce can create a great deal of angst. How do you cope with your parent’s divorce when you are an adult? Keep the lines of communication open and be honest with your parents about how difficult this situation can be for you and your own family. As with all children, you really don’t want to hear about their dating and sex lives. Resist playing the reverse parent role and becoming the medi-

ator or friend. Try very hard to not pick sides. If things get ugly and difficult, encourage your parents to attend mediation. If the couple is having to deal with difficult issues such as infidelity, abuse, or money mismanagement, and you are getting sucked into an ugly battle, seek support for yourself from a counsellor or therapist. You may need some guidance in creating healthy boundaries. Also remember that you are an adult, so if you want to continue a relationship with family members, you are free to make your own decisions. You c hoose who remains in your life. When parents choose to divorce in their later years, adult children can feel immense pain. A complete shift in the way the family has funct ioned will emerge. There may have to be some changes in how the family navigates gettogethers, holidays, or access to grandchildren. It’s important that adult children communi-

cate openly and honestly with their parents and recognize that this can be a very difficult time for all involved. Karin Hitchcock, M. C., is currently the Community Counsellor at FCSS in Vegreville. She is a member of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.


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november 11, 2015

november 11, 2015


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november 11, 2015

Canola storage consideration as winter approaches Agri-News Due to the speed at which damage can occur, producers need to watch for potential canola storage problems as fall transitions into early winter. “Canola seed’s high oil content makes it very susceptible to deterioration in storage. As such, canola is stored at a lower seed moisture level to prevent spoilage,” says Neil Whatley, crop specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “Safe, long-term canola storage is at or below eight per cent moisture content and cooler than 15 degrees

Celsius., Declining outside air temperatures also need to be properly dealt with to ensure safe storage.” Canola respires or goes through a ‘sweat’ period for up to six weeks after being binned. “Even if it’s initially binned dry, canola should continue to be monitored. Respiring canola generates additional heat and moisture, creating an unstable condition. This instability can potentially result in hot spots or mould growth, and when mould begins to form, it creates more heat that accelerates the spread of more mould growth. Therefore, aerating stored canola during its respiration period is important. Spoilage can be eliminated if the canola is sufficiently conditioned to the point where the aeration cooling front moves entirely through to the top of the grain mass.” Changing outside air temperatures in the spring and fall causes repeated moisture cycles in a bin, permitting moisture to concentrate in certain bin areas, and potentially leading to spoilage and heating. As outside air temperatures decline during October and November, the grain nearest to the outside bin edges cools first. This cooling system then migrates downward along the bin edge, and then upward through the central core. “As this cooling system migrates, it gathers moisture and warmth that creates a pocket of humid and warmer air at the top of the central grain core where spoilage and heating can begin,” says Whatley. “So, as outside air temperatures decline, aeration fans should be operated again until canola at the top of the bin is cooled to the average daily temperature. Due to continuously declining outside air temperatures, it is wise to aerate repeatedly until the whole bin of canola is between zero and five degrees C. November is an important month to check canola bins again to see if they are stable going into winter as temperatures drop below zero degrees C and stay there.” Producers may also consider turning one third of the canola bulk out of a full bin by truck in November. “This would be the method used if aeration is not possible, but may be an important task to complete in November even if aeration isn’t used. Moving the grain disrupts the moisture cycle created by declining out-

november 11, 2015 side temperatures, cooling the grain mass and reducing the risk of spoilage. Even if bin temperature is being monitored with sensors, this may not provide a complete reading of the whole bin as problems may emerge in pockets away from the sensors. So, turning the grain ensures cooling as well as allowing producers to smell the grain as they are moving it to let them know if any grain is in the first stages of spoilage. If green counts, moisture, weeds or dockage are high, turning the whole bin may be safest.� Extra caution is required in unique circumstances, adds Whatley. “Canola that was stored with a higher green seed count has higher moisture content than your average mature canola seed, potentially increasing spoilage risk. Such canola should be delivered as soon as possible to prevent spoilage, which could result in further price reduction. Extra attentiveness is also required when canola is stored in large bins, especially tall and narrow bin types that can reduce aeration air flow due to increased compaction.�


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november 11, 2015

November is 4H Month

Vegreville Mayor Myron Hayduk was joined by Nolan Downing, Hunter Kobbero, Jonathan Cheremshynski, Ethan Bast and Dylan Vadnais on November 5 to sign a proclamation declaring November 4H month. The kids were there representing Vereville’s Beef and Multi 4H clubs, two groups that work together on projects relating to beef, light horse, small engines, electronics, performing arts and much more. Along with those projects come opportunities for camping, friendship, and helping the community. (Deanna Tymchyshyn/Photo)




THE ALL-NEW 2015 F-150

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november 11, 2015

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Legion Veteran Appreciation dinner

Michael Simpson Editor The Vegreville Legion Branch hosted their annual Veterans Appreciation dinner on November 6. Grace was delivered by Legion Padre Rev. Carolyn Woodall, and greetings were delivered on behalf of MLA Jessica Littlewood through assistant Carmen Lastiwka, County of Minburn Reeve Roger Konieczny, Mayor of Vegreville Myron Hayduk, with Comrade Rod Stewart hosting the event as Master of Ceremonies. Following dinner, a toast to the Queen, and to fallen comrades was in order as Stewart explained the symbolism of the table setting for fallen

soldiers. The setting consists of a table set upon a white tablecloth to represent purity of intentions for those who took up arms for their country. The single rose signifies blood, shed in the name of freedom, while lemon sliced and set upon the plate symbolises the bitterness of war. Salt is present for the tears of families waiting for news of loved ones, the wine glass upside down; those fallen cannot toast with family this day. A candle is lit for the hope in the hearts of those waiting for a loved one to return, while the chair sits empty for those who canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be present.


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Book an appointment today. Visit one of our 24 locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Gord Whitehead Retired Radio Host


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november 11, 2015

Canadian Food Grains project off the ground and in the bag

Representatives from Deerland,Dennils,Rocky Mountain Equipment,Tingleys and the Vegreville Food Grains Growing Project enjoy a moment of celebration following the completion of the harvest. (Photo Submitted)

Terry James Submitted On October 22, four of the latest model combine harvesters, supplied by four of Vegreville’s agricultural machinery dealers, descended on a wheat field just west of town. In about 3 hours, 120 acres were threshed and 6500 bushels of #3 Hard Red Spring Wheat was on the way as a donation to the Canadian Food Grains Bank. It was a demonstration of the power and efficiency of today’s agricultural machinery and a testament to the generous spirit of those involved with Canadian Agriculture. In Alberta this past year there were 33 “growing projects” such as the one here in Vegreville. In each of these projects a group of farmers get together and donate their time and effort to grow a crop as a donation for the Food Grains bank. The farmers share the work of planting and tending the crop. At harvest the crop is sold and the net proceeds

are donated to the Food Grains Bank. Donations are matched 4 to 1 by the Canadian government. The farmers in the project are usually aided by local businesses and individuals who make donations to the project. 2015 was very challenging growing season in Alberta but the Vegreville Project turned out very well. The yield was approximately 55 bushels/acre and despite the very damp September, the wheat was still of milling quality and was not relegated to the feed category. The net proceeds from the project were over $30,000. The Canadian Food Grains Bank is owned and operated by 15 Canadian churches. Its goal is “A world without hunger.” They work towards that goal by providing food in times of crisis for hungry people in the developing world; helping people grow more food to better feed themselves and their families, and providing nutritional support to malnourished people with a focus on pregnant and

breastfeeding mothers and young children. They also advocate for public policies that enable families and communities to better feed themselves, and look for ways to engage and educate Canadians about global hunger. In 2014-15, 1.1 million people in 39 countries were helped. Currently two regions that are priorities for food aid are Syria, where thousands have been displaced because of civil war; and Africa, where a large population, a variable climate and political instability mean food shortages are often common. Plans are already underway for the 2016 growing project and anyone interested in becoming involved can contact one of the local committee organizers: Steven Achtymichuk, Paul Myshaniuk, Vince Loewen or Terry James for more information. Information about the Canadian Food Grains Bank is available at


november 11, 2015

Rangers have winning weekend

Michael Simpson Editor

The Rangers have had some love from the hockey gods over the weekend after back to back wins over Cold Lake and Frog Lake. The Friday night homeice win against the Cold Lake Ice, a 5-3 victory, was one of the least penalized games, with Vegreville drawing only 4 minutes, Cold Lake drawing only 2 minutes as both teams played hard, end to end hockey. The Rangers took an early lead with a goal from Zak Lang before the Iceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christian Nypower evened things up less than two minutes later. Not to be outdone, Ranger Josh Micklich scored before the end of the first period. Rangers Zak Lang and Jared Steinbach would score the only goals in the second period to open the lead over Cold Lake 4-1. While the Ice came back with two goals to come within one, Josh

Micklich would nail the coffin shut with an empty netter at the end of the game. The following night in Frog Lake, the Rangers started off behind the Thunderbirds who slammed two past Ranger goalie Brendan Schultz in the first period before Tygean Mungongo netted a point with 11 seconds to go. Building on that single goal, the Rangers stunned Frog Lake in the second with four unanswered goals from Warrington, a pair from Yurko, and a goal from Lutyck-Neufeld. Despite scoring two more goals in the third, the Rangers would also nail two more and finish with a commanding win over the Thunderbirds 7-4. The pair of wins catapulted the Rangers

from ninth place to sixth over a single weekend, and brought them close to the .500 mark. The next home game will be November 14 against the mighty Wainwright Bisons, who have yet to lose a game this season sitting at 12-0. Puck drops at 8 p.m.

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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, When it comes to buying a home, I think there are always more questions than answers. My husband and I found a cute colonial that we just fell in love with. It had all of the amenities we wanted including a wellmaintained yard. We found the home advertised in a classified ad and were the first to respond. The owners are a middle-aged couple who lived in the house for over 20 years. They raised their daughter there until she went off to college last year. The couple was forthcoming about the pros and cons of the house and very easy to negotiate with. We came to an agreement rather quickly. That has me wondering. Since we are buying directly from the owners and developed a friendly relationship, do you think my husband and I need to buy title insurance? If they've lived in the house for 20 years without issue, what could go wrong?

• • •

Carry: That's probably a ques-

tion best answered with Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, it will." Murphy may not have been in real estate, but the rule of thumb probably still applies. Cash: There are a lot of details

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 08/23/15 ©The Classified Guys®

when buying or selling real estate, and as you mentioned, they can raise a lot of questions. Each detail should be handled carefully to make the sale a safe transaction for both parties. And since buying a home is typically the largest investment you'll make in a lifetime, it pays to protect yourself. Carry: You've already done much of the hard work in finding a house that you love. However, don't let your admiration for the home or the owners alter your judgment when dealing with the paperwork. Cash: The purpose of title insurance is to cover a broad range of issues that can arise after you purchase a home or property. It's often used to protect you against

previous mortgages, unknown owners, judgments against the property and a host of other issues that may not be known by you or the current owners. Carry: While you may be looking to save the cost, realize that doing so could leave you unprotected in the future. If you plan on getting a loan from a bank or mortgage company, they may require you to get title insurance before the purchase. Cash: By dealing with the owners directly, you've collected some great information about the house, property and neighborhood. So hopefully the sale will go as smoothly as your meeting with the owners and you’ll prove Murphy wrong!

november 11, 2015

Fast Facts En-titled

Reader Humor Medium Rare

Title insurance on your home can be important if you ever have a problem, but how often is it really used? Compared to other types of insurance, the number of claims are small. On average auto and home insurance companies use about 70 percent of their premiums to pay customer claims. In contrast title insurance companies use only about 5 percent of premiums to pay claims.

The captain at our firehouse is always on top of things. We responded to a call for a fire that started with a barbeque and quickly spread to the entire deck. As the guys and I put out the flames, a crowd gathered. When we were done, our captain came forward to investigate. Looking at the crowd, he approached one man in particular. "Sir," he said, "I'm guessing you're the owner of this home and probably the one responsible for the fire." Seeming rather amazed, the owner asked my captain how he knew. "I have had years of extensive training," he boasted. "And besides," he added looking at the man's outfit, "you're the only one wearing an apron that says, 'Kiss the Cook'!" (Thanks to Darren H.)

This Old House If you've traveled to Europe, you know that homes dating back hundreds of years can be quite common. On the contrary, homes found in the United States are relatively young in comparison, with the exception of one house located in St. Augustine, Florida. This home, which resides on Francis Street, dates back to 1562 when immigrants began it’s construction. The walls were made with a stone-like material called "coquina" which is produced from the remnants of seashells. The house still stands today, more than 400 years later. The Spanish owned the home until 1821, when the territory of Florida officially became part of the United States. •

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Vegreville 4-H Beef Club News

1993 Chev 4x4 Ext Cab. For parts. $650. 780-922-5999 2002 GMC 4x4 HD ¾ ton Service Truck 340k $3500 780-922-5999 1985 F350 Dually. Extra long flat deck, $1600. 780-922-5999 1997 Ford 7.3 Diesel, 4 x 4, missing transmission. Nice deck, $2800. 780922-5999 2000 Dodge Dakota V8 4x4 Farm Truck. $1,600. 780-922-5999. 2006 Honda Pilot 6 passenger SUV. Loaded. $5750. 780-994-3005 1999 Chev Silverado 3/4T, 4x4. Good for farm. $1500. Phone 780-994-3005 2004 Dodge Ram 4x4. Body damage. Farm truck. $1800. Phone 780-9943005 New, complete, exhaust system, fits GMC, Chev, crewcabs. $ 600.00. Phone 780-632-9689 2001 Dodge Cummins Diesel. Sport, RWD, automatic. 196,000K, $11,500. PH: 780-994-3005



Holden Christmas Market. Saturday, November 21 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Holden Community Hall. Crafts, baking & more. Lunch concession, door prizes, horse drawn wagon ride and a visit from Santa. Phone 780688-3852 Perogy Supper & Dance at the Pathfinder Hall, Saturday, November 14, 2015; Supper 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Dance 9:00pm, Music by: The Good Tymers. Hall Location: Corner of TWP Rd 532 & Rge Rd 82


LO - COST Furnace Installations – New homes or replacements, low rates, free estimates. Semi-tired tradesman. Ph. 780-718-0262

SNOW BLOWER For Sale: Like new 27” twostage, electric start. Craftsman snow thrower. $800 Ph: 780-318-3932

TO GIVE AWAY To give away to Good Home -farm summer kittens, mother good mouser, black, orange. PH: 780632-3815 after 6 pm or leave message

TRAVEL CRUISE DEALS available for a limited time. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival and Norwegian. Hurry as these offers won’t last! Call 877-270-7260 or go to NCPTRAVEL.COM to research.

CARBON CREDITS – Attention Farmers – Not Completed? Call Today! 780-603-0630, Crystal Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201

Vegreville 4-H Beef Club members from left to right with their new halters. Back Row: Nicholas Cheremshynski,Litania Holyk,Kaleb Klammer,Andrew James, Shaun Holyk, Tian Holyk. Middle Row: Linden Stuart, Gabrielle Cheremshynski, Ethan Bast, Nolan Stuart, Hannah Albrecht, Baileigh Eastwood. Front Row: Jeanathan Cheremshynski, Eboni Bast. (Photos supplied)

Jeanathan Cheremshynski Submitted The Vegreville 4-H Beef Club had their reorganizational meeting on Sunday, October 4th. Their new executive is as follows: President-Nicholas Cheremshynski, Vice-President-Kaleb Klammer, Treasurer-Andrew James, Secretary-Gabrielle Cheremshynski, and Club Reporter-Jeanathan Cheremshynski. Mr. Albrecht will be our leader this year. The club held its weigh-in on Sunday, Nov. 1 at Rob Stuart’s farm. We have 13 steers this year, along with some heifers and cow/calf pairs. The club would like to thank Dr. Lawrence of the Vegreville Vet Clinic for donating the vaccines for our calves. After weighin we met for supper at the Agricultural Society building and then after supper, veteran member Shawn Holyk helped us to make rope halters. We then had our November meeting. All members are asked to think of fundraising ideas for the next meeting. We do still have some straw bales for sale from last year at a price of $3. It was very nice of Loren and Brent Wyllie to lend us some tarps so that we could keep the straw bales dry. Our next meeting is December 13th at 7 p.m.

First year member Nolan Stuart tags his steer with the help of his dad. Mrs. Stuart recorded the official weights and tag numbers for all of the members.



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november 11, 2015



Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator Access Body Practitioner Stylist

*By Appointment Only


4815-59 Ave

Vegreville, AB



Underground Line Locators










CABINETS CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINET Residential / Commercial Kitchen Cabinets Custom Millwork Cabinet Doors


Dave Ph. (780) 632-4488 Shop Fax. (780) 632-6765 Cell. (780) 603-7922









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PIDRUCHNEY, Mary Ellen In memory of our Dear Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother. To a Life of Eternal Rest, November 7, 1992. It was our Mother’s Love That made our house a home. A place to be remembered Where ever we did roam It was our Mother’s Patience To bring us children up right, Her courage and cheerfulness Made our dark days so bright. It was our Mother’s Thoughtfulness In mending our hearts’ deepest hurts, With her skills and endurance She mended our socks and shirts. It was our Mother’s Gentle Kindness To forgive us when we’d error, She took our troubled thoughts in hand And bowed her head in Prayer. It took our Mother’s Endless Faith Her confidence and trust, With guidance through our pitfalls To be genuine and just. And that is why in all this world There could not be another, Who could fulfill God’s purpose As completely as our Mother. A wish for one precious moment To see you at our door, Fill our home again with happiness We wouldn’t ask for more. In Loving Memory, Children; Shirley, Albert, Jo-Anne, David, Dawn & Families

PAWLUK, Paul (Michael) June 23, 1961 – November 7, 2007 In loving memory of Paul (Michael) Pawluk Our lives go on without you And nothing is the same, We try to hide our heartache When someone speaks your name. Sad are the hearts that loved you, Silent the tears that fall, Living our lives without you Is the hardest part of all. You did so many things for us, Your heart always kind and true, And when we needed someone most, We could always count on you. The special years will not return When we were all together, But with the love within our hearts, You will walk with us forever. Sadly missed, ever remembered, We love you forever and always, Mother Marie, Sisters, Mildred (Ken), Marilynn and Family, Marian and Family, Brother Marvin (Carol) and Aunty Josephine and Families

HEIDENREICH, Dieter (Peter) November 16, 2010 It’s been 5 years since you’ve been gone… Remember him with a smile today He was not one for tears Reflect instead on memories Of all the happy years Recall to mind the way he spoke And all the things he said His strength, his stance, the way he walked Remember these instead The good advice he’d give us His eyes that shone with laughter So much of him will never die But live on ever after As we loved you, so we miss you In our memory you are near Loved, remembered, longed for always Bringing many a silent tear. Remembered and missed by your Family & Friends

SOPROVICH, Dennis Gerald February 11, 1953 – November 14, 1999 In loving memory of a Dear Husband, Father and Friend. 16 years ago today, The one we loved had passed away. An empty place no one can fill. We miss you and we always will. A special person, a special face, Someone we loved and can’t replace. Never selfish, always kind, These are the memories you left behind. Gone are the days we used to share, But in our hearts you’re always there. Never more than a thought away, Loved and remembered everyday. Memories are like leaves of gold, They never tarnish or grow old. Locked in our hearts, you will always be, Loved and remembered, For all Eternity, Donna, Kelly, Jackie, Cameron & Casey, Carlene & Mike, Curtis, Allison, Hannah & Kane.

Harvest from the heart Arlene Keppler planted a garden with her mother, Iris Palichuk this spring. Sadly, Iris passed away on August 31, and was never able to enjoy the final harvest. Arlene was clearing out vegetables from her mom’s garden this fall and came across a few gems that she thought she’d share with the readers of the News Advertiser. “This is a potato in the shape of a heart, which reminded me of my mother’s loving heart,” Keppler said. “The carrots are the largest I have ever seen in mom’s garden, measuring 8” long and 2 ½” inches wide. Mom would have been so pleased.” Arlene said her mother was known by most people in town and was often referred to as sweetie or sweetheart for having a love of people that led her often to plant a garden larger than she’d ever need. “Anyone who knew my mom knew she did not ever plant one garden; it would be three gardens every year. We planted the garden this spring just like we would have any other year; enough for everyone.” (Arlene Keppler/Photos)

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Zuk, Ruby Sylvia (nee: Hook) Mrs. Ruby Sylvia Zuk (Hook) of Edmonton passed away peacefully at home on November 4, 2015, surrounded by family. She was 72 years old. Ruby is survived by her loving children, Wanda (Jose) Mauricio, Blaine (Vivian) Zuk and Cory (Kristina) Zuk; nine grandchildren; Noah, Aaron, Cody (Breanna), Dustin, Sebastien, Daniel, Brieanna, MacKenzie and Colby, one great grandchild Isobel, 2 sisters, Albina (Daniel) Beaudette and Dianna (Mark) Sapara; 3 nephews; Arthur, Nathaniel (Nancy) (and great-niece Nora) and Travis, brothers-in-law Wilfred and Mikeal, sisters-in-law; Dieredrie Zuk and Evelyne Zuk, (and nieces Laurel, Coleen, Randelle, Arlene, Crystal and their families), Venus (Len) Heinekar, (and niece Ashley and nephew Lee), and numerous other family and many dear friends. Ruby is predeceased by her husband, Terry William Zuk (1997), parents John (1966) and Winnie (2006) and nephew Edward Beaudette (1986). A prayer service will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 8, 2015 at Memories Funeral Home, 13403-St. Albert Trail, Edmonton. A Funeral Service will be held on Monday, November 9, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church, 9003-153 Ave, Edmonton with Father Janko Herbut. Interment will follow at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery. In lieu of flowers memorial donations can be made to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church Ladies Club or The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta. Memories Funeral Home & Crematorium 13403 St Albert Trail Edmonton, Alberta Ph (780) 454-9111 Fax (780) 454-0225


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november 11, 2015

Mundare Postmaster retires Fay Ewanchyshyn licked her final stamp, sealed her last letter after 28 year as Post Master in Mundare on November 6. Ewanchyshyn has worked for Canada Post in Mundare for 40 years, and will be looking for ward to an open schedule at last. “I don’t imagine I’ll be any less busy, but it will be nice to have my days not so regimented, needing to be here or there at certain times. I will miss my great coworkers however. Some people have asked me ‘how could you stay in one place for so long for work’, but when you like your job, it doesn’t matter,” Ewanchyshyn said. Joining Faye (middle) during her retirement celebration are RSMC Jamie Nakonechny, Stephanie Kraus, Charlene Nowicki, L AS Mike Cronshaw, Leanne Berezanski, Linda Cramer and Coleen O’Handley. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

november 11, 2015


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Grape Art brushes on all of life’s uniqueness Citizens experience the joy of creating in a stress free, supportive and social setting when they paint a petal at Grape Art hosted by Vegreville Visual Artists on October 28. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier Vegreville Visual Artists painted the fact that they believe everyone has creativity within them when they hosted Grape Art at the Legion Hall on October 28. This session offered guided painting in a stress free, supportive and social setting. Gloria Sen, Vegreville Visual Artist opened the session by instructing the participants on how to use their hand as a measurement when they started to paint a petal. “Everything in Mother Nature isn’t perfect so don’t except to make a perfect petal.” Gloria said. Marg Varga told the artists that it was exciting to see their creations because they were all so different yet they each kept a shade of Gloria’s instructional piece. “Vegreville Visual Artist’s motto is to promote and support visual arts. So, we try to have art shows and sales. Another thing we wanted to do is give people the experience of making art. This was an idea we thought we’d make our own and call it Grape Art using our talented artists to lead the event and bring people to do it who’ve never done it before. This gives people the opportunity to pull out the creativity they have within them and share the joy they had creating with others. They also come away with a finished product. For a small fee, wine and all the material needed is covered. There will be another session on November 18 and two more in the spring of 2016, contact Vegreville Visual Artists for times and dates.


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november 11, 2015

W E D N E S D A Y, N O V E M B E R 11 , 2 01 5

Students remember

Students at AL Horton conducted their own Remembrance Day ceremony on November 5, complete with hand-made wreaths, songs of remembrance and tolerance, and a musical performance with hand chimes. (Michael Simpson/Photos)

A postcard of appreciation Father Michael Schumacher delivered a speech of peace, duty and sacrifice to students at St. Mary’s School on November 6. Notable was the superb conduct of the student body, which devoted their full attention to Fr. Schumacher as he imparted a message of grace upon them, far and above a typical commemorative speech one may hear on the occasion. Schumacher explored themes of sacrifice and love, helping students understand the resolve that took place in the minds of soldiers before deciding to go to war. During the service, students came forward and led portions of the prayers spoken, and honoured guests such as Legion President Diane Fausak and Mayor Myron Hayduk shared words with the assembly. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

St. Martins students wrote post cards for Veterans and the Legion is mailing them out, said Legion President Diane Fausak. Some postcards were also distributed by legion members to veterans around the community in the days leading up to Nov. 11. Blank postcards were mailed to the legion, who handed them out to students in elementary schools to colour in. “They did a beautiful job,” Fausak said. “These are really simple ways for the little guys to say Thank You. I’m thrilled with what they did, and it creates awareness for our young people.” Fausak said she was also very impressed with the support that teachers gave the legion and veterans by way of encouraging students to participate and attend ceremonies and be aware of the reasons behind Remembrance Day. (Photo submitted)


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NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Vegreville’s CPC makes the case for charity

Rosanne Fortier

Vegreville’s Case Processing Centre really believes in the need of the local charities they helped through their workplace. “Our Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) campaign ran from September 21st to October 15th, however we started just a little early as we were very eager to begin, on September 1st with our 2nd annual Ice Bucket Challenge. We raised $1,340.” Christel Sen, GCWCC Co-chair, said. “Our second pre-campaign event was participating in the Vegreville Motorcycle Riders 1st Annual Toy

Run. We collected 78 toys which in turn were donated to the Vegreville Christmas Bureau. Our third pre-campaign was Fill the Table. We had 11 teams total in the building. Each team was given the same list of items the Vegreville Food Bank was in dire need of. We had 11 tables set up in a common spot and the twist to this event was that on September 9, at 10 a.m., each team had to have their items placed under the table. When ‘officials’ yelled ‘GO!’ the team that put all their items on the table first became the winner. In total for this event our office collected 753 food items with a total weight of 1,424 lbs! “Gillian Sachkiw and myself as GCWCC Co-

chairs had a number of fundraising events planned such as a second food drive, trike relay races in the office, a market place, shaving cream hat challenge, mini golf and root beer float, a soup cook-off challenge, silent auction, 50/50 with proceeds to VALID, and more. However the best part of this month was that the entire office got in the spirit of raising money and teams challenged each other to see who could raise the most money. Some team challenges were Dippity Do Dah (a variety of dips to purchase as a morning snack), Cubical Ghoulies (a drawing of Halloween characters sold individually), Perk Up (coffee and donuts for purchase), Snappy Appies (tables full of appetizers for purchase for a mid-day snack), Shimmy Challenge (where our office raised

money to have 3 men, CPC Director Garrett Cuzner, and employees Brian Ewaniuk and Norman Rozmahel perform the Egyptian Shimmy), Zumba along with a number of other events. Each team chose which local charity to donate their funds to. Some of these charities were RADD, Vegreville Transportation Services Society, Haying in the 30’s SCARS, our local MS chapter, CALS, the Vegreville Food Bank, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, the Vegreville Christmas Bureau, and The Breakfast Club. “In total our office raised $19,031, of which $8,159 went to the United Way (through individual payroll pledges) and the other half was distributed to local charities; 1,979 non-perishable food items (2471 lbs) and 78 toys. CPC is grateful to the many local businesses who donated items to be either used as fundraising prizes, for our silent auction and for other events,” Sen added.


NOVEMBER 11, 2015

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Squash Workshop and Ladder Albert Liem A workshop on squash racquets was held under the direction of Jeff Williams, a squash professional from Edmonton. Participants ranged in age from 10 to too old to admit and everyone enjoyed the experience of improving their game or learning the basics. The workshop was sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department partially funded by a grant from the original squash club. The workshop was the start of a squash “ladder” that will be launched shortly by a group of enthusiastic and friendly squash players to encourage others to take up the game. The “ladder” is set up so that players of similar skill levels can arrange to play together and improve their games. Matches are friendly but there is also a competitive element in “climbing up the ladder.” For more information contact Albert Liem (780 632 9772) or Georgina White at the Vegreville Aquatic Fitness Center Office (780 632 3100). Squash is a racquet sport played in a four-walled court with a small “squashable” hollow rubber ball. It is relatively easy to play for beginners, as compared to tennis for example. So it can be enjoyed at all levels of skill. To find out more go to YouTube to watch the game played, but better still, join the “ladder” and try it out at the VAFC facility in Vegreville. Everyone is welcome, and the more the merrier!

Birthday benevolence

Kaydence Strachan (left) and Evelina Simpson (middle) are two stepsisters with birthdays five weeks apart. Each year, they have a co-joined birthday party with classmates and friends, and this year, the girls opted to raise money at their party for the local Food Bank by way of a $5 donation from each guest.With the strong support of their birthday buddies, the girls were able to present Food Bank President Olga Jamison with an envelope containing $110. (Michael Simpson/Photo)


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Winter’s brood

Alberta Fish and Wildlife was in Vegreville this fall stocking up the local supply of rainbow brood trout at the Elks pond. A total of 320 large, 55-cm rainbow brood trout were added on September 23rd by Fish and Wildlife staff as a pilot project. Fish and Wildlife’s Craig Copeland indicated that if the fish do well over the winter, the government will consider doing it again next fall. (Craig Copeland/Photos)

NOVEMBER 11, 2015

VCHS Cougar volleyball

On October 30 and 31, VCHS Senior High Girls’ Volleyball Tournament in Vegreville Composite High School had the new school gym humming with activity. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier On October 30 and 31 at Veg Comp, the Senior High Girls’ Volleyball tournament gave the new gymnasium a thorough breaking-in. “VCHS Lady Cougars had a very successful weekend! We won our quarterfinal match against St. Jerome. Our team goal that weekend was working hard on defense and executing trouble plays. The girls were able to play as a unit and put all the pieces together for that match and came out with a victory.” Katelyn Melnyk, coach said. “We lost a close semi-final match to Peace River which proved to be another good battle for our girls. We are a very young team and were able to learn a lot this weekend. Many thanks to staff, students and community members who came out to

support the Cougars both in the gym and at the concession.” “From a coach’s perspective, it is great to see how far each athlete has come. Our season has been tough but rewarding for the girls. They have attended several competitive tournaments, where they have been able to learn and compete as a team. We are back practicing in our newly renovated gym and it has been amazing. Many thanks to A.L. Horton for allowing us to use their facility – we really appreciated their generosity. The girls are thankful to be able to utilize an organized, bright and functioning gym. It is good to be home. We are excited to announce that VCHS will be the hosts for the 2016 ASAA Volleyball Provincials taking place November 27 & 28, 2016!” Melnyk added.

NOVEMBER 11, 2015


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Putting a heart to Halloween It was a funky and fun way for families to connect together to celebrate Halloween, because you’re never too old to let your inner child in and enjoy the season. On October 26, Parent Link Centre thought of everything when they partnered with Vegreville Senior Sunshine Club to host a Halloween party. This celebration included a Roll-a-Witch craft, Witch Race to the Cauldron; Build a Mummy, Basket Weave and Shadow Puppet, a light supper and snacks, photo booth and a dance. Then every child left with a prize and a treat bag. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

VCHS Halloween parade Vegreville Composite High School’s staff and students let their inner monsters shine at an event created to bring out the happier side of Halloween. The school rang with laughter and fun while students and staff celebrated Halloween. A prize of candy for the best costumes in various categories was awarded. Many students decked out in their best costumes took a spin around Vegreville Composite High School’s new gymnasium for the Annual Halloween Parade, which took place on October 30. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Emergency Services Halloween spooktacular Volunteer firefighter Brayden Ferguson took a turn at playing one of the undead inside the Emergency Services scary haunted house on October 30.They say if you made it through the haunted house without being scared, you had ice water in your veins. Dozens of families packed the Emergency Services building for fun and games, pumpkin carving and maybe a few thrills on October 30. Deputy Fire Chief Chris Jardine said that it was the first time Emergency Services had hosted an event and was pleased with the turnout from the community. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

Heritage House a haunt for happy smiles

Veg EMS lend a helping hand Emergency Services Assistant Manager Chris Jardine was able to present Vegreville Food Bank President Olga Jamison with a cheque for $415 and 236lbs of food after VEMS hosted a Halloween event on October 30, admission to which was a donation to the food bank. Also appearing in the photo are food bank volunteers Nick Chrapko, Edna Rawluk and Ron Sembal. “We’d like to say thanks to the community for attending our event,” Jardine said.“This donation has so many side benefits, and it shows how large our community’s heart is.” Jamison acknowledged the effort it took to plan the event.“It’s a wonderful idea and it turned out to be an amazing event. It takes a lot of energy to make an event like this.” (Michael Simpson/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier “Candy is sweet but so are 60 kids dressed up,” Kathy Sawchuk, recreation aide for Heritage House, said. On October 30, A.L. Horton’s Grade three and four classes were a sweet treat when they showcased their costumes and sang Halloween songs for residents and visitors at Heritage House. The event began with children introducing themselves to the seniors. Then the students sang songs called,

Old Miss, Mary Had a Haunted House, The Monster Stopped around the House, Halloween Candy and more. These performances included realistic motions which added an interesting effect. Seniors commented that they’d never heard some of these Halloween songs before and the kids did them very nicely. Students left with a treat bag donated by residents and family members that would delight even the most privilege children.


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NOVEMBER 11, 2015

National Addictions Awareness Week

Michael Simpson Editor November 16-21 is National Addictions Awareness week, and the Vegreville and District Drug Coalition will be focusing on reducing the stigma around addictions to help bring a deeper awareness to this social issue that affects many families. Vegreville Councillor Michael Simpson was joined in signing a proclamation acknowledging the week by Veg Al Drug Society Program Manager Colleen Pidzarko – Armitage, Deanne Marler-Thomson of Human Services, Meghan Smook of FCSS, Josephine Galandy and Heather Frayne of the Vegreville and area Parent Link Center, H.R.L. Joyce Porayko of the Royal Purple, Past Exalted Ruler Bob Bennett of the Vegreville Elks Lodge No. 125, Principals Joseph Dumont of St. Martin’s School and Tanya Thiessen of St. Mary’s School, and Tracy Laschowski of the M.O.D.E.L. Project. Other members of the Drug Coalition that weren’t present but do work towards the common goal of preventing addictions and helping treat addictions include Vegreville Composite High School, the RCMP, the Rock Ministries and Church, Alberta Health Services and AL Horton School. Independent community members also contribute to the work of the Coalition. During the week, the coalition’s focus will be a habit-change challenge. “We want people to try to eliminate one unhealthy habit, or add in a new healthy one,” said Colleen Pidzarko – Armitage. The act of creating a healthy habit, or removing an unhealthy one will give people a chance to see the world from an addict’s point of view; managing their own expectations against the pressure of managing everyone’s expectations of them. Some examples of habits to kick could include smoking, drinking too much caffeine, or even biting your nails. Healthy habits to take up could include drinking more water, going to the gym, eating more vegetables. You can connect with others trying out the habit challenge by posting status updates on facebook and twitter with the hash tag #veghabitchange and also enter to win a prize by liking and sharing other statuses. You can stay connected to the Veg Drug Coalition by finding them on facebook at Vegreville Drug Coalition, or on twitter, @vegdrugcoal.

NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Alberta Health Services ALBERTA HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM has a variety of workshops available in the Vegreville area! Weight Wise, Craving Change, Diabetes the Basics and Better Choices, Better Health. Call 1-877-314-6997 for more information and to register. All classes will take place at the Vegreville Community Health Centre (5318-50 Street) Vegreville Food Bank Is located in the Maple Street Worship Centre at 4615 Maple Street and is open Tuesday & Friday year-round from 10am – noon. Phone 780-632-6002 or email: Vegreville Rotary Peace Park Bookings please call John Sawiak 780-632-3208 Girl Guides of Canada SPARKS – Kindergarten & Grade 1 to be determined. BROWNIES – Grades 2 & 3 meet every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm GUIDES – Grades 4 to 6 meet Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm PATHFINDERS – Grades 7 to 9 meet every Wednesday from 7:15-8:45pm. All groups meet at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple Street, Vegreville. For more information call Pamela 780-632-7147 Oil Wives Club of Vegreville. A smile. A handclasp. A world of welcome. Are the links in our chain of friendship. This we believe. Our Association has been around or over 60 years. We are here for any woman whose partner (or she herself) is involved with in any way in the Oil & Gas Industry. We meet once a month to foster friendship. Please call Ellen @ 780-632-4922 or Shirley @ 780-632-3283 for more information. Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare). Please visit the Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare) this summer to see its latest exhibit, “Peter Lipinski: Large and Small Canvases,” along with an ongoing display devoted to Bp. Budka in Canada. The museum is open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm and weekends, July and August, 1-5pm. Vegreville Regional Museum. Located on the site of the internationally renowned solonetzic soils research station of Agriculture Canada (19561995), the Museum tells the stories of community life and development chronicling how Vegreville’s unique social fabric has contributed to the harmony of community life since the 1890’s. The Rt. Hon. Donald F. Mazankowski, P.C. Collection: 25 years of distinguished public service of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Home of the Vegreville & District Sports Hall of Fame. Open Year Round. May-Sept Tues-Fri 11-5, SatSun 1-5. Oct-April phone for current hours. 1 km east of Vegreville on Hwy 16A. www.vegreville. com (780)632-7650 Historical Village and Pioneer Museum at Shandro. Located on Highway 857, midway between highway 45 and 28 north of Willingdon. A proud partner of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, this open air museum features 14 major buildings and artifacts from 1900 – 1930. Hours: Canada Day weekend to Labour Day weekend Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Admission by donation, For more information call (780) 603-1198 HEADS UP for AA Meets at Vegreville Hospital every Monday at 8:00 PM 3rd floor. Effective Immediately. Alanon New Beginning Meeting will be changing day and time from Thursday to Monday from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Call 780-275-0054 for location. Rotary Club of Vegreville meets for lunch meetings every Monday at 12pm at VALID 484349 St., Vegreville. For more information contact Jody Nicholson at 780-632-2418.


Every Monday 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Join us in the Mundare Drop-In Centre “Walk-Along” fitness program. Literature available to help you with your personal program. Walk at the Drop- in Centre, and also, weather permitting, we will walk in Ukainia Park. Everyone Welcome!! 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014 – 50 St, Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-6322933. TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) Weigh-in 4:45pm. Meeting 5:30pm at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple St., Vegreville. 780-6327433 or 780-658-2670. Every Wednesday Trapshooting Outdoor Range 7:00pm. Contact Geoff 780-632-1432 341 MUNDARE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADETS FREE to join. Join Air Cadets for adventure that will take you from the ground up! Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm through the school year. Youth 12-18 years welcome. Call 341 Squadron at 780-764-2341. Visit us at or Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Two Hills. If interested, please contact Deen 780-6036090 or Waseem 780-603-8443 Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Vegreville. If interested, please contact Hesham 780-603-6245 / 780-632-2721 or Azeem 780885-2627 LOAVES & FISHES Lunch starting Friday September 10 – 11:30am-1:00pm every Friday except stat holidays. Good Food. Bring old friends. Make new friends. All are welcome. 4615 Maple St. (60 St.), VPC Church. No charge. How Disciples live Bible study and workshops. We meet every Friday night at The Rock 5014-50 St. at 7pm. Call for info 780-632-2933 or www. Bible Study at 10 am at the Vegreville Seventhday Adventist Church, 5258 – 46 Ave. Everyone Welcome. 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Saturday at 7pm in the upper room at 501450 Street Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-6322933. Royal Purple Lodge #125 meets first Monday of every month, except July & August at Elks Hall. Contact HRL Joyce Porayko 780-632-3830 or Secretary Leah Henderson 780-632-6565. Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club at 7:30 p.m. at Vegreville Regional Museum. Call 780-632-7729 or 780-632-3495 Nonviolence Study Group for anyone wanting to learn more about the principals of nonviolence and how to apply them in today’s world. If you are passionate about making a difference, or just curious to learn more, please join us from 7-8 pm. Call Kim at 780-658-2550 for location details.

“Women’s Book Club” meets first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library THE RED HAT ROSES, a chapter of the Red Hat Society, an international social group for mature women, meet for fun and friendship at Leonel’s Place at 1:30pm the second Monday of every month. See THE CLASSY CANADIANS, a chapter of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society, a national social group for mature women meet for fun friendship and caring at Leonel’s Place the fourth Monday of every month at 1:30pm. See www. Vegreville Lions Club meets at Sunshine Senior Centre – 4630 - 49 Street. Meeting 7 p.m. 2ND and 4TH Tuesday except July and August. Kinsmen Club of Vegreville holds meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course. Call Mike Webb at 780-632-2666 days THE ALBERTA DRAFT HORSE CLUB meetings every 2nd Saturday of every 2nd month. 780764-2099 Vegreville Hospitals Auxiliary Society meets third Wednesday of every month, except July and August. Meetings held in EXECUTIVE MEETING ROOM (St. Joseph’s Hospital) at 7:00 p.m. Call 780-632-6323 Royal Canadian Legion Vegreville Branch #39 General Meeting every 3rd Wednesday of September, November, February and June at 7:00pm. All members welcome to attend. Vegreville Garden Club meets the last Monday every month at the Seniors Sunshine Club, 4630 – 49 St. at 7:00 p.m. President – Marie Eliuk 780631-0770 The New Vegreville Aquarium Club meets every last Monday at 7:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library “Writer’s Group” meets last Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library Legacy 4 Health Indoor Walking Program for Older Adults 10-11am at the Vegreville Centennial Library Gymnasium 4709-50 St, Contact Irvin Cowan 780-632-2977, Jim Nicholson 780-6326437, Carol Lynn Babiuk 780-632-3331 Are you or someone you know living with a Brain Injury? We can help! The Alberta Brain Injury Initiative provides support, coordination and education for brain injury survivors and their families. For more information on our free services call 1-866-645-3900 Tofield AA Meetings held Thursday at 8 p.m. Open meeting every 4th Thursday at 8 p.m. at Bardo Lutheran Church Bsmt 4737 - 57 Ave. For info call 662-3893

Vegreville Elks Lodge #143 meets first Thursday every month except July and August. Meetings are held in the Elks Hall at 7:30 pm. Contact Robert Bennett 780-632-4717.

AWANA - a Christian club for boys and girls age 3 to grade 6. Meets Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Now meeting in the Alliance Church’s new building at 4606-55 Ave.Call 632-2261 for more information

Vegreville Wildlife Federation (Alberta, Fish & Game Association) Please check website VWF. ca Email:

UCWLC Meetings to be held every third Thursday of each month at Holy Trinity Church Hall at 7 p.m. in Vegreville.

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Veg-Al Drug Society an Alberta Health Services, community funded agency - Room #217 Provincial Bldg., Vegreville, AB. Out patient counselling services for alcohol & other drug addictions and problem gambling. Office Hrs. – Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Phone 632-6617. The Crisis Association of Vegreville operates a HELPLINE for those who are having difficulties in their lives and need assistance. It is a toll-free, confidential service available to those in the 632exchange. Phone 632- 7070. The Kinette Club of Vegreville meets every 3nd Wednesday of the month. Joining the Kinette Club is a great way to meet new friends and to get in the community. For more information, please call 632-2848. Viking AA Group meets at the Viking Hospital Multi Purpose Room 8:00 p.m. Wednesday nights. VegMin Learning Society welcomes learners who are interested in increasing their skill levels (reading, writing, math and speaking English). Learners work towards’ their personal goals in a small class or 1:1 setting. Do you have a few hours a week to help someone reach their learning goal? Volunteer Tutor Training and ongoing support are provided along with a great volunteer recognition program. Visit or call 780-6327920 for more information. Senior Floor Curling at 1:00p.m. every Monday & Thursday. Anyone interested please come to the Sunshine Club. 55+. Call 780-632-2624. Vegreville Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Terminal Building VegMin Literacy Program offers free, confidential tutoring for adults over 17 needing help with Basic reading, writing and math skills. Phone: 632-7920 for interviews. Everyone is Welcome Prayer House 5729-44A st. Veg. North of St. Joseph Hospital come and share your testimony and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. Every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Also I will pray for the sick believing in God for the answer. But God commandeth his Love toward us, in that, while, we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. RO. 5:8 New hope church of God, Edmonton c. for the Nations Int. Veg. Doing God work together for yor good. J. Abelar. Ph. 632-2843 AA Meeting in Mundare Sunday’s 7PM Town Building, Conference Room 5128 50th St. Contact Robert 780-656-5829 Willingdon & District Fish & Game Assn. Regular meetings, held every last Tuesday off each month (excluding July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at the Willingdon Arena upstairs in the Club Room Everyone Welcome. New to town? Join us the 1st Wed of the month for a newcomer’s potluck lunch. 12-1pm. Bring a friend! Bring a dish! Call FCSS 780-632-3966 for locations & info. AA meeting at Lamont United Church every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. PlayNation Poker, Vegreville Legion. Free live poker every first, second & fourth Wednesday evening at the Vegreville Legion. Register at 6:45 pm and cards in the air at 7:00 pm. For more information, contact allang@playnationpoker. com


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Odd vegetables Shirley Homeniuk lives just north of Mundare, and brought in a tri of odd-sized vegetables for us to see; a massive, foot-long beet, another oversized red potato and lastly, a russet potato that resembles a lonely teddy bear just trying to get a hugâ&#x20AC;Ś awwwâ&#x20AC;Ś (Dan Beaudette/Photos)

NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Vegreville News Advertiser - November 11 2015  

Vegreville News Advertiser Volume 68, Issue 45 - November 11 2015

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