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Young Authors Conference

Students Cally, Seth and Amber are seen here showing off the journals they were given.

Sian Vadnais Library Tech. – Mundare School Mundare School was pleased to nominate and send ten students from grades 4-8 to attend this year’s EIPS Young Authors Conference. Award winning pub-

lished authors and illustrators gather to share their stories, gifts and passions with enthusiastic students at this unique conference offered and paid for by par-

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Mundare Basketball

Wendy Brook Music Festival

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MARCH 7, 2018

Vegreville 4-H Club Report Page 9

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RCMP files from February - 26 - March 4 Arthur Beaudette News Advertiser February 26 08:54 – A business in Vegreville reported that they have 2 youth on surveillance stealing from the store. The youths were identified, arrested and released. This matter is before the courts. 10:54 – Complainant called to report an abandoned truck about 200 yards from where his vehicle was stolen. The area is remote and the abandoned vehicle is believed to be related to the stolen vehicle. The registered owner was spoken to and stated that he lent his truck to a subject. The abandoned vehicle was towed. 16:45 – A complainant was called by Edmonton Police telling him that his license plate was on a stolen vehicle. The complainant advised that there was a different plate on his car. The License plate was returned to the RCMP and was reported stolen out of Edmonton. The license plate was returned to motor vehicles to be destroyed. 17:50 – Complainant called to report that a male had stolen an unknown amount of items from a store in Vegreville. The male activated one emergency exit and left through another. Two males fled in a black vehicle which was determined to be a rental car. This matter is still under investigation. 22:30 – Complainant reports that someone had damaged the door to their garage sometime overnight. Nothing was missing and there was nothing for identification purposes. There were no witnesses. February 27 08:43 – Complainant called to report a fellow tenant had come to them with a complaint of a theft. RCMP attended the location. It was reported that the tenant gave their bank card to the landlord to take out rent, however, the landlord spent an additional $750 on other items. This matter is still under investigation. 11:24 – Complainant attended the detachment to advise that the previous night a subject was causing issues in a local restaurant. The subject paid for items with 2 bills that they had written on. There is no charge under the criminal code for writing on money. Reporting for information purposes. February 28 05:32 – Complainant reported a vehicle in the ditch with a disoriented driver. Members attended and suspected the driver to be impaired by

drugs. A 24-hour suspension was issued and the vehicle was towed. 17:21 – Possible fraud. Complainant reports that they may have been scammed via the “Canada Pardons” website. The complainant entered his personal information to see if they could obtain a pardon. No money was transferred. Complainant received a questionable screen that told them there were 10 criminal records that matched his information. He called the number on the website who then told him it was a private company and hung up on him. The complainant was provided information on fraud awareness. 23:51 – Complaint of a theft at a local motel. Member located two intoxicated subjects. It was determined that a third intoxicated person stole money from the first 2 subjects. It was determined that one of the complainants gave their bank card to the subject who then took money out of their bank account. The subject returned part of the money taken. The complainant was happy to get some of their money back.

ued showing the property after discovering the breaking. No witnesses or subjects at this time. 12:01 – Complainant called the detachment and wanted to inform the police that they were not in any crisis and did not need any wellbeing checks as they just moved into a new residence and they do not need any police assistance. 14:56 – Complainant attended the front counter to turn themselves in regarding an Internet post that they made that they knew was wrong. The complainant wanted to report it in case the person the post was directed at wanted to press charges. At this point, no charges are going to be laid. 15:54 – Complainant attended the front counter to report a theft from a local business. The Complainant has the subject on camera and a license plate of the vehicle they left in. Suspects have been identified and the matter is still under investigation. 16:20 – Traffic stop conducted on a vehicle which was traveling 150 km/h in a 110 km/h speed zone. The driver was on conditions not to be in contact with the passenger. The driver was arrested and transported to the Vegreville detachment. This matter is before the courts. 23:01 – An intoxicated complainant reports that they were threatened three days ago by a subject. The complainant was inconsistent when talking to members. The complainant did not want members to talk to the subject and agreed to come to the detachment to make a statement. The complainant did not show up to make a statement and at this time no charges are pending.

March 2 March 1 05:38 – Complainant report of an aggressive resident pushing staff and other people. Members attended and arrested subject under the mental health act and they were taken to hospital for assessment. 09:09 – Complainant called to advise that a person is walking up and down the hallway crying and saying they want to kill themselves. Members attended the location, arrested the subject under the mental health act and transported them to the hospital for assessment. 11:25 – Complainant called to report that their real estate agent advised him that the property was broken into. Entry was gained through a window, a washer and dryer were stolen from the property. The real estate agent contin-

10:11 – Complainant called to request a well-being check on their wife. The complainant last spoke to her the previous day however she has not been feeling well and he is concerned for her safety. No answer at the house or by phone. The complainant advised that his wife was admitted to the hospital. 11:09 – Complainant reports that their seasonal residence was broken into. Complainant received a letter from their bank advising that cheques had been cashed in various amounts. The checks were cashed in multiple towns including Vegreville. This matter is still under investigation to see if there are any leads as to who wrote the cheques. 21:03 – RCMP were called to a traffic hazard. Complainant reports that the

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MARCH 7, 2018

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News Advertiser

MARCH 7, 2018

Budget 2018. Putting People First? Arthur Beaudette News Advertiser - Opinion When the Liberals ran in the 2015 election, they campaigned on the financial premise that if they spent money like crazy, by 2019 the budget would be balanced. The infamous phrase “the budget will balance itself” still hasn’t quite lived up to the dreamy promise it once had. The fall fiscal update while acknowledging a stronger economy had a projected deficit of $12.5 billion by 2022. Not quite balanced Mr. Trudeau. Not even close. Now, the 2018 federal budget is out and it even comes with a smashy new title “Equality Growth: A Strong Middle Class.”. It seems that the government is hoping that come next election, people won’t be too cold and hungry to remember that the budget had little to do with actual budgeting and more to do with pandering for votes. If only we give them another 4 years of a majority, they will balance the books and everything will be good. Just trust them. After all, they are the all-powerful and all knowing. On a cumulative basis, deficits over the six years including 2017-18 ($18.1 billion) are projected to total $98 billion.

Please read that again... $98 BILLION. Now only 2 rich dudes with huge egos could look at that number and not see a problem. That’s almost EXACTLY $2700 for every man, woman, and child in Canada. Not much to a Trudeau or a Morenau, but to the average family, that is groceries, rent, power, or (gasp) a chance to go on a holiday. Things that our federal politicians do not have to worry about. I’ve seen a lot of budgets. Most of them are full of numbers and pretty straightforward. Non-profit organizations, businesses, and municipal governments all more or less have the same formula. Income vs expense and some math. I’m not an accountant, but I think that is par for the course. When you ask about a budget, normally you get a numbers answer. Last week I saw a draft municipal budget and listened to the debates on how money was spent and how council wanted to NOT raise taxes. They didn’t even give themselves a raise. Maybe our MP’s should have sat in on that one. However, when asked about the federal budget, the answers from Ottawa are quite different. Finance Minister Bill Moreneau responded not with facts and figures, but with some really great quotes. “A plan that puts people first” and “We are, in this budget, taking measures to ensure women can be successful.”. Someone who read the document stated that at a

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The Ukrainian People Dear Editor, In 1914 – 1918 the Ukrainian people were put into camps in Southern Alberta because the government thought they would do things against the Canadian Government. They were so wrong: these people were proud to be in Canada. This makes me feel so very, very angry because the Ukrainian people are my best friends. The Prime Minister better give a big, big apology to them, also pay their relatives that live today a compensation: similar to what they have found acceptable for the indigenous peoples who were wronged by the government Sincerely, Muriel Pratt Name: Alice Macachonic Likes: her family, her grandchildren Dislikes: cold weather, mosquitoes.

MARCH 7, 2018

News Advertiser PAGE 5

Social Marketing – the Almighty Audience Emily Mailhot Reporter – Vegreville News Advertiser Last week, we started to take a closer look at marketing, with some help from a seminar by Brian Pilling of Strong Coffee Marketing, hosted by the town of Ryley, on February 22, 2018. This week, let’s take a closer look at the gravitational center of the marketing world… the customer. Take this example; Let’s say you own a golf club. How do you advertise? With a big, flashy sign that says “Golfers Welcome!” or an ad in the newspaper saying “All Golfers will enjoy this! These are our hours?” This, Brian warned, is unlikely to generate much (if any) success. “To clump your whole audience together into one type, like ‘golfers’ is unimaginative…..Look at all the uses of your ‘golf course,’ and you might find better luck with inclusive advertisements like; beautiful land to host a wedding/special event, FatherDaughter day the first Wednesday of every month, golf club rentals, day passes or yearly memberships available.” Your next potential customer could come from any wide variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities, and they could be coming to you for any number of reasons. So make sure when you are trying to grow the appeal of your business, you are aware of the worth of the product/service you provide…and avoid blanket statements. An example of the many different members your audience might have can be found in the Travel Survey of Residents of Canda, (TSRC) which replaced the Canadian Travel Survey in 2005 The first thing the statisticians did when conducting the survey was to remove residents who they were not trying to appeal to, either because of proximity or ability to travel to the destinations they were planning to market for. This means that the territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, persons living on Indian reserves, full-time members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and persons living in institutions were not added to their list. Together, these groups represent an exclusion of less than 3% of the Canadian population aged 18 and older and leaves their target audience of civilian, non-institutionalized persons over the age of 18 living in Canada. Perhaps the first lesson to take away from this is not to be afraid to define who your target audience might be… and most likely won’t be. Once you have defined a broader range of your potential audience, you can break it down into the nitty-gritty of what attracts different groups. For example, here is how the Canadian Tourism Commission describes Millenials: “• Millennials often spend more in destinations than other tourists because they travel for longer periods. • Millennials travel more frequently and further than other age groups. • Millennials are likely to return to

the destination over their lifetime. • Millennials are pioneer travelers who discover and promote destinations not yet visited by traditional tourists. • Millennials play an important role in the tourism landscape and image of destinations. • Millennials are instigators of travel trends and thrive on influencing others. • Millennials are at the cutting edge of technology and are more connected than any other age group making them more likely to use technology to make recommendations. • A large percentage of millennials value travel as an essential aspect of their lives” Based off even this small part of the profile, it is evident how this picture would affect the ways a tourism destination – or even a business located in/nearby one, would appeal to this audience. One local organization who appeals to a large audience of ‘cradle to the grave’ consumers is the Centennial Library. Donna Williams, the library director and coordinator, says that when it comes to bringing more traffic into the library, they follow a Plan of Service that helps them to assess the needs of the community. “In terms of content for the collection,” Donna added, “We receive a “Buzz Book,” which helps us stay up to date on what is up-and-coming, and the sorts of things people are looking for. For instance, the word ‘Mindfulness,’ and the Keto Diet are both really big right now, so we make sure we have that content available.” Included in the Plan of Service is many references to ‘varying age groups,’ and ‘community groups,’ which leave room for the coordinators to ask “What does this age/community group want to find?” and tailor-make their selection/programming to that demographic. When it comes to awareness of upcoming events, the Centennial likes to keep it simple – with poster boards at the front, keeping the website updated, and maintaining the Facebook page. To bring things back to the workshop by Brian Pilling, “Less is more, and the easier it is to maintain your streams of marketing content, the more effectively you will communicate with your audience.” Marketing experiences or wisdom you would like to share? Let me know @ Next Issue: How to Use Reviews to Better your Company.


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MARCH 7, 2018



90 Years Ago – March 7, 1928

At a regular meeting of the Vegreville Exhibition Association President Payne brought forward some of the discussion that was handled at the Western Canada Fairs Association. The question of gambling for money at the fairs was thoroughly discussed. It was very definitely agreed that this must be eliminated and in this respect as well as in all other matters the carnival company agrees to be entirely governed by the wishes of the fair management. The public can therefore feel satisfied that they will have a bigger and better midway and one that will be conducted along strictly legitimate lines. Lotteries are not to be permitted any more in Alberta. The attorney-general’s department is again calling the attention of civic municipal authorities throughout the province to the matter and this time is notifying them that the law must be enforced. For lotteries are strictly prohibited by the criminal code of Canada. The new town of Willingdon, the present end of the CPR Whitford branch, is still very much in the raw but gives promise of being a thriving and prosperous centre.

75 Years Ago – March 10, 1943

Farmers may now dispose of surplus butter through the local storekeeper or wholesale by order of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board. Selling butter to a storekeeper an Alberta farmer is entitled to receive the maximum price of 35 ½ cents per pound, or if directly to the consumer he may charge retail price of 38 cents per pound. The farmer will collect coupons for his sales, and householders are reminded that coupons are as necessary for dairy butter as for creamery butter. Dr. Charles Abbott, of the Smithsonian Institute, demonstrated the solar power machine, at the convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This newest sunharnesser, the fifth in the line of solar engines constructed by Dr. Abbott, eliminates most of the serious defects of the earlier models and brings closer the era when man will be able to harness the vast energy of the sun to do his work. Maximum wholesale prices for potatoes established by the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, include Alberta and the Peace River Block of British Columbia in a single price zone. Within the area the maximum wholesale price of Canada fancy, netted gems, per 100 pound bag is $2.85; Canada number one, $2.65; and Canada number two, $2.45.

50 Years Ago – February 29, 1968

The Burklee School of Music of Boston announces that Gordon Nicholson, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Nicholson of Vegreville, who is a Freshman majoring in composition has earned placement on the Dean’s List for the Fall Semester of 1967-68 school year. To be eligible for this honor, a student must maintain an academic average of B+ (3.30 out of a possible 4.00) while carrying a full program of studies. Upon graduation from Berklee, Gordon will be qualified for a career as a teacher, musician, arranger and composer. An increase in the price of stamped stationery, reflecting growing development manufacturing and administrative costs, was announced today by Canada Post Office. Concurrently a new type of , a new type of stamped mailing envelope is being made available to the public for the first time. New envelopes of 4c and 5c denomination have been enhances by the inside addition of a printed design in grey. The new interior increases the opacity of the envelope and, thus, assists in the concealment of contents.

25 Years Ago – March 9, 1993

Math 30 students Nicole Powley and Christy Beaver both scored 100% on the Math 30 departmental exams. The students teacher is Sharon Gach. “I am very proud,” commented Gach. Out of 26 students in the class the average score was 70.2% for the Math 30 exam. Handicap access at St. Martin’s school includes an elevator. The elevator has been completed with the recent renovations and reconstruction that has taken place at the school. Students, who were relocated at the former Lakeland College building (north of the hospital), were welcomed back to the school. Louise Bourd (Rob’s mother) dropped the first puck at the Rob Bourd Memorial Tom Thumb hockey tournament held in Vegreville on Saturday, March 6. Six teams form Vegreville, Mundare, Andrew, Two Hills, and Innisfree participated in the tournament. Robert Bourd was instrumental in developing the Tom Thumb program in Vegreville in 1979. It numbered 19 boys, age seven or younger. He coached two years at this level and followed this group into Bantams. This year, six of the original 19 boys played for the Vegreville Jr. B. Rangers. Rob passed away February 20, 1992.

Letters Welcomed

One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Minimum Wage Hikes Serving Up Uncertainty in Food Industry Sylvain Charlebois Senior Fellow – Atlantic Institute for Market Studies A 32 percent increase in the minimum wage in 12 months is simply irresponsible This is turning into a very challenging year for the Canadian food industry. Recent Statistics Canada numbers indicate that grocers are in trouble. Food inflation is above two percent for the first time since April 2016. This is typically good news for grocers, increasing their margins. But given major headwinds affecting the industry, grocers need to get even more creative to reassure investors. Loblaw Companies Ltd. has reason to be particularly worried, having just posted underwhelming fourth-quarter results. Food retail sales dropped by 1.2 percent and total revenues slipped by 0.9 percent. Despite strong sales at subsidiary Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw executives indicated that reforms affecting the price of generic drugs will impact profits. But higher wages seem to be the big worry for the company, as provincial governments nudge toward $15-an-hour minimum wages. And StatsCan numbers may suggest where things are headed with minimum wage increases. Ontario minimum wage hikes likely pushed price higher in January, menu prices especia in fast food, where especially most of the income earners are paid minimum wage. And this is likely w just the beginning. j After a 22 percent

hike on Jan. 1, Ontario’s minimum wage is due to increase again to $15 an hour on Jan. 1, 2019. Alberta will join the $15-an-hour club in October and British Columbia intends to pass the $15 mark in 2021. Other provinces, like Quebec and Nova Scotia, are thinking about following suit. The $15 campaign will not go away any-time soon. Obviously, most of us agree that people should earn a decent living. The challenge with Ontario, though, is how quickly wage hikes are being implemented. A 32 percent increase in 12 months is simply irresponsible. Restaurants - many of them family-owned - will have difficulty coping. The grocery business is also being affected by higher minimum wages but indicators are subtler. Here’s one example: The price of tomatoes, one of the most popular produce items, jumped by more than 30 percent in a month. This was likely because of minimum wage increases since it’s


MARCH 7, 2018

News Advertiser PAGE 7

Budget 2018 - CONTINUED from PAGE 4 rough count, there 700+ references to women in the 300-page budget book. What I’m going to write next may offend someone... OK, at first it will offend LOTS of people, but here it is. Bear with me. Why on earth does a BUDGET have that many references to women? I’m not suggesting that things like gender equality, equal pay for equal position/performance and a respectable workplace are not important. What I am saying is that this is a budget.... well, it is supposed to be a budget. Clearly, it’s a propaganda piece. What gets me, even more, is the tone I get from that quote. “We are, in this budget, taking measures to ensure women can be successful.” I’ve got news for you Mr. Moreneau. Women have been successful for decades without you. They do not NEED you to ENSURE anything other than effective governance and enough money left over (that you are not taxing out of them) to take home to pay the bills. A number of select words come to mind, but I’ll leave it at smug, condescending and oblivious. I’m not sure where these guys come from or what they do all day, but I see successful women everywhere, every day, in all walks of life. Fact: - Women’s participation rate in business and finance increased more than 44% from 1987 (38.3%) to 2009 (51.2%). - As of January 2018, 27 female CEOs are running Fortune 500 companies including Pepsi, IBM, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, HP, Staples, and Oracle. - The most recent Statistics Canada data (2011) shows that the gender wage gap in Ontario is 26%. In 1987, when the Pay Equity Act was passed, the gender wage gap was 36%. - From July 2009 to January 2017 DARPA was led by women. - Roberta Lynn Bondar, Canada’s first woman astronaut took a trip to space in 1992. - Harriet Brooks, Canada’s first woman nuclear physicist died in 1933. - Connie Eaves co-founded the Terry Fox Laboratory in British Columbia where she was Deputy Director from 1986 until 2000 when she became Director. I would suggest that changes in our world are coming from cultural shifts (over decades) where already strong, intelligent and resilient women are succeeding DESPITE the Trudeau’s and Moreneau’s of the world, and without a federal budget that will “ensure women can be successful”. I would also suggest that there are many families that do not define “success” they same way these our Prime Minister and Finance Minister do. . As a society are we perfect? Of course not. Are there men who think and act like they live in caves? You bet. Can we and should we do more? Of course, we should. Do we need 700+ references to women in a budget that has an $18.1 billion deficit to make it happen? You can decide. When you do your taxes this month, just remember... the fat cats in Ottawa are “Putting People First”. Tell me what you think. Email me at

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MARCH 7, 2018

Minimum Wage - CONTINUED from PAGE 6 unusual for the price of any fruit or vegetable to increase by even four percent in a single winter month (particularly when the value of the Canadian dollar remains relatively stable against its U.S. counterpart, as it has). For Loblaw, the Brampton, Ont.-based retail giant, it’s a godsend to see food inflation rise again. It means it can tweak certain price points and increase margins without most people noticing. But the company will need to get very creative. Store traffic is an ongoing issue, so converting to online activity will be critical, especially with what’s on the horizon. In the U.S., Amazon continues to create havoc in the grocery landscape. Bloomberg just reported that two grocers, Winn-Dixie parent Bi-Lo and Tops Friendly Market, could declare bankruptcy this month. This is likely due to the ominous shakedown in the industry caused by Amazon and its recent acquisition of Whole Foods. This is only the beginning. Amazon is slowly capturing market share in groceries, destroying well-established play-

ers one by one, as it did in other sectors like books. Loblaw is realistically concerned that Amazon will make its way into Canada. But there’s still hope. Higher menu prices may slow down the food service sector’s string of successes in recent years. Food and labor are a restaurant’s highest expenses, creating an opportunity for grocers to commit more thoroughly to both ready-to-eat and readyto-cook spaces. This could be Loblaw’s next move, but they clearly need to think differently about how to grow the business. Interestingly, Loblaw made no mention of its $25 gift certificate campaign while posting its fourth-quarter results. The gift cards were launched because of its self-confessed involvement in the bread price-fixing scheme in December. Nonetheless, StatsCan numbers confirm what many suspected: bread prices are dropping across the country. BMO stated earlier this year that bread prices were down 2.5 percent since December after Loblaw disclosed its involvement in the scheme. According to StatsCan, bread prices dropped 1.7 percent in January alone. In fact, most bakery products seem cheaper than they were a month ago. This may be a sign that grocers are trying to make amends with the public since the story has garnered so much attention. Only time will tell if the aggressive discounting we’ve seen in stores will continue. But we do know that the Canadian food industry is facing increasing pressure on several fronts.

MARCH 7, 2018

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Vegreville 4-H Beef Club Report 0% financing

Ryan Ogrodnick Submitted – Vegreville 4-H club reporter. On Nov. 5 the club had a weigh in at Mr. Stuart’s barn. We have 12 members this year. The weigh-in went quick and easy and it was fun. Our club would like to thank Mr. Stuart for allowing us to use his barn. We would also like to thank the Vegreville Veterinary Clinic for donating the vaccines. On Nov. 17 our club volunteered at the ParentLink center in Vegreville to make gifts for reindeer lane. On Dec. 3 the club went to 4-H volleyball. Everyone had a great time; it was fun playing against the other clubs in our northeast region, and we won all the games but the last one. On January 4 we went to Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall for our Christmas party: it was very fun and we all had a good time.

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ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. Steve Friend, CEO of Vision Credit Union Ltd., is pleased to announce the following appointment: Mr. Steven Gratrix has recently been appointed as the new manager of the Vegreville branch, effective March 1, 2018. We wish to congratulate Steven and invite the community to come and meet with him.

WE “SEE” BANKING DIFFERENTLY 4917-51 Avenue, Vegreville

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MARCH 7, 2018

Willingdon 4H members saying grace. Allana Homeniuk, Jorja Nikiforuk, Miranda Mandryk, Ashlyn Lastiwka, Daisy Steinbrecker, Amanda Mandryk, Jessie Zeleny Ayden Lapaschuk 1st Place Jr. Speech

Timmy Dyck 1st Place Intermediate Speech


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MARCH 7, 2018

Two Hills District 4-H Public Speaking John Steinbrecker Submitted Sunday, February 25, 2018, Willingdon 4H Multi Club hosted the Two Hills District Public Speaking Competition at the Willingdon Senior Center. The range of topics and quality of the speeches and presentations were exemplary. With topics like Pheasants, Carrie Underwood, How to make Succulent Planters, Chemistry and Guns and Roses there was something for everyone. Hearing all of these wonderful topics any person attending learned a lot about the kids and their interests with over an hour of listening to the 4H members speak. The Two Hills District is comprised of Willingdon, Myrnam, and Two Hills clubs, these clubs are a mixture of Multi and Beef clubs. The members who placed first will be moving on to Regionals on March 3 in St, Michael. Willingdon Multi Club would like to extend a thank you to all who sponsored this event as well as sponsored prizes for the event. As well we would like to thank WillVil Walleye Tournament for their generous donations to each club in the district.

Jaeanna Saskiw 2nd place Intermediate Speech

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MARCH 7, 2018

Mundare Basketball

Back row: Miss Rodgers, Kalyna Palsitt, Cassie Stowkowski, Lauren Couchman, Sadie MacNeil, Mya Stemberger, Piper Kobbero, Mrs. Stemburger Middle row: Toni Raymakers, Emerson Jarvis, Rebecca Wiebe Front Row: Annya Palsitt, Shyanne Swetz

Jennifer Mikitka Athletics Director – Mundare School The Mundare School Girls’ Basketball

Team took home gold at their Junior Tournament at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School on February 24th. The team has been hard at work preparing, with their coaches, Miss Kristyn Rodgers and Mrs. Sheila Stemburger, to play aggressively, strategically, and fair on the basketball court. Each player’s dedication to attending practices and games has made them the strong team they are today. Each athlete has trained to strengthen their endurance and understand what it takes to work together. The team is looking forward to the next tournament and playoff games, in the upcoming weeks. Mundare School thanks all of the organizers, hosts and officials that made this tournament possible.

MARCH 7, 2018

News Advertiser PAGE 13

Policing Realities Sgt Jerry Nutbrown RCMP Ponderings – Vegreville There are many different ways police officers are viewed by various members of the public. The breadth of views is

very wide ranging from hatred to adoration. This typically is impacted by past interactions with officers, but not always. Generally, it is seen as a negative experience to deal with a police officer due to the nature of our work. We almost exclusively get called when there are problems or some type of conflict. These incidents then carry an overall view of being negative. This is a reality. Last Thursday a number of our Vegreville officers, along with the 2 Community Peace Officers, attended a mini-hockey tournament. This was along with Fire Department members, St. Mary’s High School folks (including students), and some of the Jr. B Rangers. This type of activity is within our community policing model and is a much anticipated and desired event by our members. Events such as this are a positive event for all involved and a very good break for our officers from what we are typically dealing with day-to-day. Thank you, Principal Dan Coles, for including us! I’m hoping that the parents, teachers and other spectators and participants viewed this as a positive experience with officers. Not only does the public have a view of police officers but our officers also have their view and how different incidents impact them. Police officers unfortunately see and are exposed to the worst there is. Although we all sought out this career and had some idea of what we would be dealing with, the true exposure of what we see is beyond what any single member expected (this I assume as I have not

spoken with every single officer). The saying of ‘you signed up for it’ is not a fair statement to make as I did not ‘sign up’ for having someone spit in my face but this has happened 3 times so far in my career. Officers try not to let what we deal with at work affect our home lives but that can difficult. As I have said before, police officers are no different than anyone else as we all went to school, played sports, had hobbies and ate the same foods as everyone else. We even shop for groceries, see movies, go on trips and put our pants on one leg at a time. We just do a different job. The effects of this long-term exposure, or traumatic single incidents, have been recognized as having a mental health impact on police officers. In December 2017, the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, announced a contract had been awarded to the University of Regina to study the effects of policing on the mental health of RCMP officers. This study will take years of monitoring and the results are a long way off from this point in time but it will be very interesting to review the end result and hopefully then work positively to address it. There is such a wide range of our duties and experiences that we and the public see from different views and are affected by in different ways. These are policing realities.


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Dear Classified Guys, I moved to a new city with a new job and started looking for an apartment. Little did I know it would be so expensive. This immediately made me rethink how to live in the city. I found an ad for a room to rent in a large 4bedroom loft. It's with a group of professional guys who are sharing the space. The plus side is they have an 85" projection screen television in the main room. I mean, is there any better way to watch sports? This loft would be far better than anything I could ever get on my own and it’s at a price I can afford. However, I've never lived with roommates before and it has me wondering if I'm going to get along with all of them. I could use some suggestions on things to consider before I take this place. Right now I'm blinded by the idea of 85 inches of the sports channel!

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 03/03/13 03/04/18 ©TheClassified ClassifiedGuys Guys ®® ©The

work. Living with roommates can be quite different than living alone. Not only will you be sharing the bathroom, kitchen and all the living areas, but you will also be spending time in the house with people you just met. Carry: The best thing you can do is spend a little time with the guys before you write the rent check. Find out about their schedules, when they're home or how late they stay up. Also ask about house rules or cleaning schedules. With four guys, a sports channel and a big screen television, the living room could look as messy as a sports bar after a big game. Cash: It would also be a good

• • •

Carry: With an 85" television,

this place sounds more like a sports bar than an apartment. Cash: However, before you settle into the sofa, it's a good thing you're doing your home-

idea to find out about the rules of the television. Since it seems to be a main focus of the space, you should know if there are limits to its use. It might be difficult to get a good night's sleep if the television is on late at night. Carry: If you get along with everyone, this opportunity could work out well for you. Since you're in a new city, living with others is a great way to meet new people and make some great friends. With an 85" television, they are sure to have a few people over. Cash: The only question that remains is who’s in charge of the remote control on game day?

Fast Facts Acting Out

Reader Humor Fortune Cookie

Sometimes you just never know who your roommate will turn out to be. Some of today's top celebrities once shared a place together. Actor Tommy Lee Jones roomed with former Vice President Al Gore at Harvard University. Comedian and actor Robin Williams was a roommate to Christopher Reeves when they both attended Julliard. Even actor Mel Gibson once shared a place with Geoffrey Rush, who played Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean. It seems some people who share a room also share successful careers.

When my roommate moved out, I met all sorts of people in my quest for someone to replace him. Most were nice, but it was the last guy to show up that seemed to fit perfectly. We were both stereotypical bachelors. Like me, he only did his laundry when he was out of clothes, and only cleaned his room for dates or when his parents came to visit. As we toured the apartment, he explained that he would only need the kitchen once a week. "That's odd," I said, "Is that because you work late?" "Not really," he commented back. "It's just that all the takeout joints are closed on Mondays." (Thanks to Jerry A.)

Cross Eyed "If you sit too close to the TV, you could hurt your eyes." This is what many of us were told growing up. But is it true? The Canadian Association of Optometrists says that close viewing of a television is generally not harmful. The more important factor is to have proper lighting in the room to minimize the contrast of the television and reduce eyestrain. However, they also suggest that children who sit too close to the television should have their eyes examined since it's often an indicator of nearsightedness. •

Laughs For Sale This person might be hoping for more than just a roommate. wanted for Groommate Next to the . house share 500/month. $ . ity rs unive uded. Utilities incl

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Tax Tips - Did you donate? Submitted – H&R Block Did you donate to a registered Canadian charity or other qualified done that gives official donation receipts? You may be eligible for a charitable donation tax credit that reduces your taxes owing. You can get an official donation receipt from a registered Canadian charity or other qualified done. You need an official receipt to claim a charitable donation tax credit. If you want to learn more about the charity before donating, there are different ways to get information. You can: • Contact the charity directly – they are in the best position to give you information. • Search for them in the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) ‘List of Charities’ or check on the list on the MyCRA mobile web app • Make an informal information request with the CRA for information about the charity; or • Make a formal access to information request with the CRA. How Long Should You Keep A Charitable Donation Receipt? You should keep your official donation receipts for six years after the end of the tax year you made a claim for, in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks to see them. If you did your taxes late, keep your receipts for six years past the date you submitted them. Calculate your Charitable Donation Tax Credit Donations of cash, credits, goods, land, and listed securities to a registered charity or other qualified done may be eligible for a donation tax credit. To Calculate your charitable donation tax credit, you first need to figure out the eligible amount of your charitable donations. Once you know that amount, you need to decide how much you want to claim. In any one year, you can claim: • Donations you made by December 31 of that year. • Any unclaimed donations you made in the previous five years • Any unclaimed donations your spouse or common-law partner made during the year or in the last five years. You can claim eligible amounts of gifts to a limit of 75% of your net income. For gifts of certified cultural property or ecologically sensitive land,

you may be able to claim up to 100% of your net income. For more information, view the Pamphlet P113 Gifts and Income Tax document on the CRA website. For a quick estimate of your charitable donation tax credit for the current tax year, use the charitable donation tax credit calculator. Are You Eligible for the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit? You are considered a first-time donor if you or your spouse or common-law partner have not claimed and been allowed a charitable donation tax credit

after 2007. If you’re eligible, you may be able to claim the first-time donor’s super credit. However, only gifts of money are eligible. For donations made after March 20, 2013, until the end of 2017, eligible first-time donors may get an additional federal tax credit of 25% on the first $1,000 they donate. Keep in mind that 2017 is the last year when you may be eligible to claim this credit. For more information on charities, donations, and charitable donation tax credits, visit the ‘Charities and Giving’ topic on the ‘’ website.

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To a special Brother, Brother in law, Uncle, Great Uncle MELENKA, Victor Who passed away March 10, 1997


CHMILAR, Marshall November 2, 1924 - March 3, 2015 Just when his days seemed brightest, Just when his hopes seemed best, God called him from amongst us To his eternal rest. Sadly missed, but God knows best. Love your family.


ZURAWELL, William “Bill” It is with great sadness that the family of William announces his passing on March 3,2018 at the age of 87. Left to cherish his memory is his loving wife Natalka; children, Rose(Sean), Basil(Lin), Michael, Sandra(Chris); grandchildren, Dylan,Nicholas,Miles,Bri ttney,Katherine,Barry;great grandchild Emmett. A Memorial Service will be held Sunday, March 11 at 6 PM at Park Memorial 9709-111ave, Edmonton. Photos,memories and condolences may be shared through In lieu of flowers, donations would be greatly appreciated for the Alzheimer Society of Alberta,

OBITUARY POOKE (nee Kushnir), Marilyn Pearl July 10, 1946 - February 19, 2018 It is with great sadness that her family announces the passing of Marilyn Pooke, following a courageous battle with cancer. Marilyn is survived by her son, Kim Pooke; daughter Tanya (Philip) Westmancoat; three grandchildren, Natasha (Rene) Westmancoat, Joshua Forre, and Myles Westmancoat; great-grandson Gavin Westmancoat; her brothers Frank (Alice) Kushnir, Gerald (Judy) Kushnir, Warren (Darlene) Kushnir, and Wayne (Susan) Kushnir; and many nephews, nieces, relatives, and friends. She was predeceased by her parents, Nick and Pearl Kushnir. A funeral service for Marilyn will be held at Ryley Community Hall, on March 16th, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Marilyn’s honour may be made to Ryley Bethel Lutheran Church, or the charity of your choice. First Memorial - Harmony Chapel Edmonton, AB. 780-433-7335

To a special Brother, Brother in law, Uncle, Great Uncle MELENKA, William Who passed away March 28, 2016

To a special Sister, Sister in law, Aunt, Great Aunt Laura (nee MELENKA) MELNYK Who passed away April 13, 2016

Mary Jane Nakonechny June 21, 1941 - Feb. 26, 2013 I thought of you this morning, having coffee all alone. I see your picture on the wall, but it isn’t quite the same. I listen to hear your voice again, but I know that it’s in vain. It’s hard to believe I lost you, five years ago, today. If I had the chance to talk to you, Oh, so much I would want to say! I love you and I miss you is just the start and know that I carry you everywhere deep inside my heart. Love Bill

And a special Father, Father in law, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandfather MELENKA, Alex Who passed away April 29, 1991 It broke our hearts to lose you, You all left us with special memories Your love is still our guide. Lovingly remembered and sadly missed. Until we meet again The Melenka Family

ZUK, Dale In loving memory of Dale Zuk - March 10, 2015. Calm and peaceful, he is sleeping, sweetest rest that follows pain. We who loved him, sadly miss him. But trust in God to meet again. All our Love Maria, Mathew & Family

BABIUK, Edward May 23, 1943 - March 8, 2016 If tears could build a stairway, And memories were a lane, We would walk right up to Heaven And bring you back again. We think of you in silence, And often speak your name, We all have memories in our minds, Like pictures in a frame. We remember your joking humor, Always with a smile. You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. Your life was a blessing, Your memory a treasure, You are loved beyond words And missed beyond measure. Elizabeth, Cindy & Ron, Darcy & Dawn, Lloyd & Deanna

ORLESKY, Alec In memory of our brother, uncle, great-uncle Alec Orlesky who passed away on March 13, 2003. He put His arms around you, And lifted you to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain, He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelids, And whispered “Peace be Thine.” It broke our hearts to lose you. But you didn’t go alone, For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. Forever missed by: Nick and Sandra Fasek, Todd, Linda, Jasmine and Diesel Fenske

the blotter - CONTINUED from PAGE 2 divided highway sign is in the middle of the roadway. Members attended the location and moved the sign into the median. It appears that the high winds were possibly the cause of the sign damage. Carillion was advised.

March 3 08:30 – Complainant stated that a subject took off with their vehicle without permission. Upon further questioning, the complainant stated that they had bought the car from the subject. The subject of the complaint was evicted while the complainant was out of town. The subject put the vehicle in the complainant’s name because the subject had tickets to pay off and could not register the vehicle. This is deemed not a police issue. 17:18 – Complainant reports observing a black Dodge truck westbound on Hwy 16. The vehicle was driving in and out of the lane. No plate was obtained and patrols for the vehicle were negative. 20:35 – 911 call of a vehicle rollover. The truck lost control and flipped into the ditch. RCMP attended and spoke to the driver who was uninjured. Icy roads were a factor.

March 4 06:16 – Complainant called for a welfare check on their kids as they could hear their child screaming in the background. The complainant is in rehab for drug use. The complainant was not making sense on the phone and the legal guardian of the child advised that everything was fine. 11:19 – Complainant reports the theft of a propane tank off of their trailer that was parked I their backyard. There were footprints in the snow that went to the tank area however the complainant was unsure if they had taken the tank off or if it was someone “scoping out” the holiday trailer. Reporting for information purposes. 18:41 – Complainant reports a silver SUV driving with no lights on. The vehicle is in and out of the lane. Patrols were made and members were unable to locate the vehicle.

During the week there were 3 false alarms, 7 false 911, 0 animal strikes and 65 calls for service were made in total.

MARCH 7, 2018

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Wendy Brook Music Festival: Warm Welcome to the 2018 Adjudicators! Submitted - Debra Fedoruk Wendy Brook Music Festival Coordinator The 39th Wendy Brook Music Festival is coming up on March 12 – 20, 2018. It is open to the public, and everyone is invited to come and listen to the talent we have in Vegreville. Performers will be adjudicated by professionals in the field, and they adjudicate in the areas of piano, strings, band/instruments, vocal, speech arts and Ukrainian performances.


• This year our piano adjudicator is Dr. Mikolaj Warszynski. He enjoys a versatile career as a pianist, lecturer, and pedagogue, and has performed in recitals across North America, Europe and Asia. He has taught piano in Quebec at

the University of Montreal and at the Cégep de Drummondville, at the University of Daegu in South Korea and at the Brno conservatory in Seoul. A Canadian pianist of Polish origin, Mikolaj Warszynski released a debut CD for the French Anima Records Label

wendy brook - CONTINUED ON PAGE 18


Contact us at 780.632.2861


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MARCH 7, 2018

Young authors - CONTINUED from front PAGE ticipating EIPS schools each year. Eager readers with literary and illustrative aspirations are given the chance to meet with and learn tips, tricks and inspiration from some pretty funny and fantastic literary professionals. “Best day ever!” is

how one student described the experience, while another was heard to say “It was so much fun and I learned so so much, it was awesome! ”. Given these excellent reviews and satisfied smiles, this year’s YAC definitely took the Gold.

Ellazynn and Jessie display their book purchases which were signed by the authors.

wendy brook - CONTINUED from PAGE 17 in 2015, with music by Haydn, Liszt, Szymanowski, and Chopin. Invitations to many prominent music festivals and societies have led to recent performances in China, Italy, France, Czech, South Korea, Poland, and across Canada. As part of the ZUMI piano duo, Mikolaj also performs regularly as a piano duo with his wife, Zuzana Simudova, and is a founding member of the Warszynski Trio, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Canadian composers. As a soloist, Warszynski has performed with the Kielce Philharmonic Orchestra, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. He has also served on the faculty at the Flaine Opus74 Academy in the French Alps. Dr. Warszynski has given masterclasses & performed lecture-recitals at various Universities on three continents. As a recipient of a doctorate scholarship from the FQRSC in support of his dissertation entitled “Exoticism and intercultural influences in the piano cycle Metopes (1915) by Karol Szymanowski”, Dr. Warszynski has gone on to perform lecture-recitals on the subject at Universities in Canada and the USA for the College of Music Society. In addition to his role as co-director of the Chopin Piano Studio in Edmonton, Dr. Warszynski has recently been named the new music liaison to the Wirth Institute at the University of Alberta, as well as Artistic Director of the Mazurka

wendy brook - CONTINUED ON PAGE 19

MARCH 7, 2018


wendy brook - CONTINUED from PAGE 18 Music and Art Society in Alberta. Warszynski has been heard on radio and television broadcasts across Canada on CKUA, CBC, CJSR, and OMNI TV, in Czech Republic (Radio Vltava), and in the USA (WPRB). His upcoming new CD release is entitled Lisztomania, on the Wirth Institute Label 2018.

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33.61 Acres


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4138 49 ST

• Daniel Gervais is the strings adjudicator He has been playing the violin since the age of five. He plays a variety of fiddle styles, jazz, and classical violin. Daniel completed a Master of Music degree in classical performance at the University of Alberta studying with Dr. Guillaume Tardif. He is a two-time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion (the national fiddle competition in Canada). He currently teaches privately and as sessional faculty at MacEwan University. • Our band adjudicator is Don Ross. He is a clarinetist who plays some 150 shows a year, split between classical, jazz, world and experimental music. He plays regularly with such groups as Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble, Billie Zizi and the Gypsy Jive, the Edmonton Symphony, Opera Nuova, Mile Zero Dance and many others. He teaches clarinet at the U of A, Alberta College, Kings and MusiCamp Alberta. He is also busy as a composer and conductor and has adjudicated over 80 music festivals across western Canada, including nationals in 2014. He studied at the Universities of Alberta and Toronto and at Northwestern in Chicago.





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Large Vacant Lot

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MARCH 7, 2018 Revealed • The Next Generation The Next Generation GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra Revealed • The Next Generation GMC Sierra Revealed • GMC Sierra Revealed

GMC Sierra Revealed • The Next Generation GMC Sierra Revealed • GMC Sierra Revealed Offer ends March 31, 2018



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5013 - 60 Street 780-632-2393 Vegreville, Alberta Toll Free 1-800-661-4913



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W E D N E S D A Y, M A R C H 7, 2 01 8

Twinning Cities Emily Mailhot Reporter â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vegreville News Advertiser On March 2, 2018, three delegates from the Ukrainian districts of Kolomyia and Kosiv in the Ivano â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Frankivsk Region (Ukraine) visited Vegreville as a part of their time in the Edmonton region to learn more about modern waste management systems. Mayor Tim MacPhee and Vegreville Town Councillors and employees met Mr. Roman Diachuk, Head of Kolomyia District Council (equivalent to an Alberta Mayor), Mr. Pavlo Vandzkhurak, Head of Kosiv District Council, and Mr. Vadiuk, a non-elected advisor to the districts, at the Pysanka, along with MLA Jessica Littlewood, who represented the Edmonton region. The itinerary for their Vegreville adventure included a tour of the Vegreville Regional Museum, led by Lorraine Giebelhaus, a tour of the Vegreville Train Station led by Ellen Dunn, and a downtown trip where they stopped at the Ceramic Cottage and Veg-Tel Engraving for souvenirs, and highlighted the 150th Mosaic art piece on

twinning - CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

See story on page 8


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MARCH 7, 2018

Kindness is free Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent There is a kindness revolution that is getting started in all of Vegreville’s seniors’ faculties and apartments. This is necessary because kindness is the sweetest thing anyone can give another person and it makes the person who gives it feel so good! Like Community Programmer for FCSS, Lisa Topilko stated when she hosted a Kindness/Anti-Bullying Presentation at Vegreville Manor on February 26 and at Heritage House on February 27, ‘Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.’ Lisa began by saying February was ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ month while she went on to describe what Pink Shirt Community Programmer for FCSS, Lisa Topilko (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

The rocks with negative and positive concepts on them. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Day on February 28 is all about. Lisa then showed rocks with labels of regret and fear, hatred and jealousy, disrespect and distrust, and other negative emotions written on them. She said a person who is carrying around these negative concepts is being weighed down by them and it won’t be easy but they should try to get rid of them. She continued on to show some positive and life-enhancing concepts on labels on rocks. These were joy, happiness, hope, peace, empathy and compassion. But she added that these concepts are not always easy to carry out or to do. But if we do them, we could find an overall lightness in our attitude and our life. The effects of gossip were goofy, ornery, sillies, spreading, insignificant, and prattler. Prattler is talk that isn’t worth pay-

ing attention to or listening to and everyone should try to avoid gossip. Lisa then asked participants what they were going to put into an empty cup which represents their life. They can put kindness, patience, respect, and love. People should put tolerance and acceptance towards people who are different from them. And when they get bumped by life, they will spill out what they put in. When we are dealing with pain, it sometimes helps to show kindness to someone. Or they can talk to someone about their emotional pain or something they have trouble dealing with. Family Community Support Services (FCSS) will be getting a professional counselor soon. Lisa closed by telling people to think of one thing they can do to show kindness to someone.

Classes in the Pink


Students from A.L. Horton School’s Mrs. Semeniuk’s Grade four-class sport their pink attire. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent All of the classes at A.L. Horton School and the other four schools in Vegreville had many students dressed in pink shirts to show that they stand for

and want to promote acceptance towards all people. After all, there is a more regular chance our world will be in the pink if we continue to practice the concepts of the Pink Shirt Day’s movement.

Students from A.L. Horton School’s Mrs. Sawatzky and Mrs. Buhler’s Grade four classes with Educational Assistant, Mrs. Shell sport their pink attire. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

MARCH 7, 2018

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Bluebird Country Jamboree

Folks were enticed to dance to the music. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent It was an event where people could enjoy local musical gems that catered to their rural roots. Bluebird Country Jamboree provides quality music entertainment while it offers a chance for local musicians to perform and showcase their talents. This event was presented at Elks Hall on February 25 at a very low admission cost that included lunch with it. John Wagner is the main organizer and this event has open mic/jams throughout. It is usually offered once-amonth. The first musicians to perform were Country Sounds who performance seemed to create a rhythmic engine through the hall. So much so, folks were tapping their toes and a few were enticed to dance. For a few pieces, Anita Lemko’s clear voice sang, ‘On the Wings of a Dove’ and other songs. Pearl Kuhn went on to sing a few Ukrainian songs where she used plenty of expression with. Olga Gegolick was up next where she sang a few songs in good traditional country style while she was accompanied by Country Sounds. Afterwards, Gayle Gagne who moved to Two Hills from Heinsburg met Country Sounds on stage. Gayle has been performing

Below: Albert Stewart from Country Sounds performs. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Above: Brian Esak from Country y Sounds performs. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

A member of Country Sounds looks down as he performs. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

most of her adult’s life and this was evident from her rich voice and the way she carried each tune and performed a honky tonk song well. The audience gave an appreciative applause to each of these performances. Dennis and Randy Metrunec said the music was very good and it was nice that people put on events like this so people can hear local talent.


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MARCH 7, 2018

Vegreville’s 2018 Jack and Jill Bonspiel’s Champions Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Vegreville Heather Curling Club’s 2018 Jack and Jim Bonspiel that was presented on March 2, 3, and 4 shouted with a triple dose of entertainment. This event included a banquet, dance, and a bonspiel on March 2, 3 and 4.

The first place champions to win the Vegreville Men’s A Event-who are standing in the back row from right-to-left) Matt Harasiukand, Ryan Bouma, David McCrae, and Andrew McCrae. The runners-up who are sitting in the front row from right-to-left are Michael Koroluk, Al Hopper, Curtis Zorniak, and Sheldon Dmytriw. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

The first place champions for Vegreville Women’s A Event sponsored by Fisher Chiropractic – (Left-to-Right) in the back row with representative from Fisher Chiropractic, Dan Fisher, Ellen Essery, Bette Michaelchuk, Renee Gervais, Holly Cependa. Runners-up in the front row from left-to-right-Brandy Stefan, Sharla Eldridge, Wendi Dmytriw, and Debbie Uskiw. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

John Garred Wins Big at Crib Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent

Vegreville’s active 97-year-old resident, John Garred keeps beating the odds again and again. February 21 found John playing crib at his house with his crib partner’s Eunice Henderson against George Horn where George couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the hand John had. John owned the 29 hand! John was thrilled too as he said something like this only happens once in so many years; sometimes it only happens once-ina-lifetime. John and George said they have so much fun playing crib as they don’t gamble but do it to have a chance to socialize, have a glass of wine, and just have fun. John Garred with his crib partner, Eunice Henderson. John had the 29 hand. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

MARCH 7, 2018

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Recycling Highlights World Day of Prayer Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent The theme for World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2018 was, ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’. This message was cycled throughout the community’s annual ecumenical WDP service hosted at St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church on March 2. The featured country was Suriname which is in the northeastern part of South America. The service was meant to celebrate the people of Suriname and their work. Suriname really values the world and environment which God created so they thrive to protect it because God asks everyone to be stewards of His creation. For these reasons, the Town Manager for Vegreville, Cliff Craig spoke about

Vegreville’s recycling efforts. Vegreville Materials Recovery Facility accepts glass, inks/toners, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, fluorescent tubes, and light bulbs and more. They also take used electronics, paint, wood and other materials at this location. Glass clippings can be deposited into the green bins in the back alleys. The Town of Vegreville’s recycling flyer mentions that cardboard, newsprint, white office paper, solid plastic from lean food and non food containers, film plastic from shopping and grocery bags, tin/aluminum cans and other materials can be put into the blue bin. What is not accepted in blue bins are wet, wax lined, food contaminated boxes and materials, paper towels, tissue paper, Tupperware, Styrofoam, black, green or other garbage bags, footwear, clothing, towels and other materials. Go to for more information. Lisa Topilko went on to mention that the Pot O Gold store accepts gently used items, small furniture and household appliances and other items. The people who attended were asked to write about how they would commit themselves to protect God’s creation. Their answers were they would not purchase any Styrofoam products, recycle their cans of paints and plastic, walk more and drive less, start taking cloth bags to the grocery store, and other ideas. The service closed with St. Mary’s Anglican Church’s representatives passing on the WDP banner to representatives from the next church, Vegreville United Church who will host WDP 2019. After this, citizens went to the basement for refreshments and fellowship.

Representatives for the women of Suriname-(Left-to-right) Krystal Hook, Denise Komick, Teresa Corry, Sandy Tillottson, Elsie Kawulych, Georgina Baron, Janet Kolisniak, and Marlene Kryklywicz. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Mundare Bonspiel

A Event - Sponsored by Imagine Travel: Kathy Ilkiw-Imagine Travel, Skip Tami Warawa, 3rd Camille Ewanchyshyn, Lead Shawna Sharun, Missing-Second Kim Leitch Skip- Debby Gargus, 3rd-Laura Danilak, 2nd-Rachel Jackson, Lead Michele Spak

B Event - Sponsored by Hair by Cher: Cheryl Calinoiu-Hair by Cher, Skip Kelly Erickson, 3rd Brittany Erickson, 2nd, Pauline Erickson, Lead Bernice Kluntz Skip Lisa Gibb, Michelle Schmidt, Theresa Blades, Annet Vandemeer

Town Manager for Vegreville, Cliff Craig speaks on recycling. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Vegreville & District FCSS would like to thank the following partners for their contribution to Family Day 2018: 18: Town of Vegreville County of Minburn MLA Jessica Littlewood Tim Hortons Country 106.5 Rotary Club of Vegreville Jumpstart Vegreville Vegreville Volunteer Firefighters Vegreville & Area Parent Link Centre Vegreville Jr. B Rangers Vegreville Bowling Lanes Perogies and Jam Vegreville Transportation Services Society Vegreville Food Bank Vegreville Agricultural Society Senior Citizens Sunshine Club & Our Wonderful Community Volunteers!


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MARCH 7, 2018

Vegreville’s Rich in Hidden Talents Rosanne Fortier News Correspondent Artistic expressions of all varieties became alive at the Second Annual, ‘Vegreville Got Talent’ at Vegreville Social Centre on March 1. Around 100 people attended this event which was a fundraiser (fun-raiser) to support VegMin Learning Society’s programs. People’s choice determined the winners and people could buy all the votes they wanted to. The contestants were from on the stage and in the kitchen. The Chair of VegMin, Derek Christensen was the emcee There was cold and hot hors d’oeuvres available which were created by Reegan Dubuc, Hannah MacPherson, A.J. Kisilevich, Zoe Rogers, Stephanie Hales, and Faith Browning. People commented on the food. Susy and Albert Thompson said they tried all the food and it was very tasty. Dave Berry said it was delicious and there was a good balance of food products. Voila Braun-Fox said the food was great and the bacon was delicious while a friend in the background commented that everything was very yummy. Gayle and Ivy added that everyone did a good job but they felt the bacon was a winner because it was cooked to perfection. After this, people gave their testimonies of VegMin where one lady said she took English courses at VegMin and the lessons were very interesting. They were not only about the English language but also about how to start life in a new country. Executive Director for VegMin, Holly Cependa then read a letter by another woman who took courses that focused on mental health issues which really helped her since she was considering becoming a social worker. The first stage talent was Lane Gladys who has been a rap singer for one year and he said he likes performing rap songs because most of the words rhyme and he can sing fast. The song he performed was, ‘Hopeful’ which was about asking a bully to be kind. Red Jade Martial Arts Vegreville Kids performed a skillful Kung Fu Demonstration next. Caliyn Dempster’s rich voice then blew the audience away with her cover of, House of the Rising Sun. Vegreville Reader’s Theatre impressed the audience next with the script they wrote, ‘I Gotta Get a Job!’ Following this, Vegreville Youth Emsemble sang a few boardway tunes in style. Ashley Zwarich who is from Lavoy and has been dancing for 10 years then stepped- up to perform a tap-solo dance which wowed the audience. Next, Travis Dolter sang a pleasant country song that he wrote. Travis is from Camrose and he has been performing since he was five years old and has performed with his family band, Polka Rambler. The finale was Red jade Martial Arts VegrevilleAdults where they performed a few cleaver tricks. Each of these performances received a heartfelt applause from the audience. The winners were Faith Browning and Stephanie Hales from the kitchen, the Youth on Stage were Ashley Zwarich and Red Jade Martial Arts Vegreville, and the Adults on Stage were Travis Dolter and Vegreville’s Reader’s Theatre Group.

Red Jade Martial Arts Vegreville. (Rosanne Fortier/ photo)

Vegreville Reader’s Theatre performs, “I Gotta Get a Job.’ (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Chefs prepare the hors d’oeuvres. (Rosanne Fortier/photo) Chefs serve the hors d’oeuvres. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

Around 100 attended the event. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

MARCH 7, 2018

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Celebration of Decades

Mary Babchuk Submitted On February 26, 2018, friends and family gathered around to celebrate the 9th decade of a beloved gentleman and Vegreville community member, John Kusick. John Kusick of Hairy Hill, Alberta was Born February 26, 1928, in Ispas Alberta. He spent time on the farm until the age of 16, before moving to Ontario and working, mainly in the pulp and paper mills. At the age of 20, John returned to Alberta and worked for Canada Post as a letter carrier and a cab driver in Edmonton. In 1952, he married at the age of 26 and had three sons, Randy, Dale, and Ron Kusick.

Music was definitely his first love. He has been a musician most of his life, playing violin and saxophone in bands like “Country Gentlemen,” and the “Highlights” at weddings and hall dances. He continues to bring the joy of music to his community by playing violin with the band ‘Harmony’ for local seniors and lodges. Around 1960, he started farming northeast of Hairy Hill, growing grain and starting up a cattle operation. Since then he has spent time market gardening and running a U-Pick operation with Saskatoons, raspberries, and vegetables. When asked about his plans for the future, John smiled. “I am looking forward to seeing you all at my 100th birthday party.”

Behind the Scenes Care: Vegreville Hospital Auxiliary Association Report Yvette Pedersen Secretary – Vegreville Hospital Auxiliary Association

Vegreville Hospital Auxiliary Association (V.H.A.A.) is a not for profit volunteer organization founded in 1938 to provide assistance to the local Hospital and Care Centre. After 80 years, they are still providing assistance, with visits, birthday celebrations and many other occasions where we can be of help. Over this span, the original founders are gone, but we still have long-time volunteers. 22 of our 45 members have over 25 years of service, 4 of whom have over 50 years. That is dedication; although a few of these members are no longer as active, they still form an integral part of our organization. Without them, we would not be. There are a few of us under the age of 70 but not many. VHAA’s main focus is to fundraise for those items at the Hospital and Care Centre, not covered by AHS or Covenant Health. Patient Comfort is key to our donation process. Our donations can vary year over year, depending on our fundraising efforts. As you can see, our population is aging as in most volunteer groups. Currently, we donate to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Vegreville Care Centre, Vegreville Transportation Services Society and Stars. Please take the time in your busy lives to support all the volunteer groups in our town. They are trying to make Vegreville a better place to live in.

High Honors for Covenant Health Care Esther Kim Communications Advisor – Corporate Communications – Covenant Health St. Joseph’s General Hospital (Vegreville) and Mary Immaculate Care Centre (Mundare) have been recognized with three prestigious recognitions: Alberta’s Top 70 Employers, Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures and one of the 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies®. The values and commitment that earned Covenant Health these honors are reflected in the way St. Joseph’s General Hospital staff care for their patients and residents. “We are always honored to receive these recognitions,” says Patrick Dumelie, Covenant Health CEO. “We foster a workplace where diversity and inclusive practices are sought out and where we make it a priority to do the right thing. Everywhere I look I see our teams coming to work every day empowered to make a difference in the lives of Albertans. I am very proud of what we

stand for and our continued commitment to serving those in need by delivering compassionate care.” From hospital care to seniors’ care to primary care, Covenant Health staff help keep Alberta’s communities strong by creating safe, healthy and fulfilling workplaces. “We’re thrilled to be named among the best and continue to meet the health needs of Alberta’s diverse rural communities. Our culture enables decision making at all levels, healthy relationships, personal and professional growth, ethical discernment and wellness,” says Tracy Sommerfeld, Senior Director of Operations for Rural Acute Health Services at Covenant Health. On behalf of both Saint Joseph’s and Mary Immaculate, Anthony Brannen (administrator) says, “We are really proud to be a part of CH. These awards really reflect the way our staff ensures that our all patients have a positive experience.”


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MARCH 7, 2018

twinning cities - CONTINUED from front PAGE

ATB Financial and the Rotary Park Mural. The evening came to a head with a Reception dinner at Pomeroy Inn and Suites. Also in attendance were Vegreville Chamber of Commerce Executive members, Veg rev i l le Cu lt u ra l Association members, Town of Vegreville Mayor and Town Council members, County of Minburn Deputy R e eve , V. R ev. Fr. S l awom i r L oma sz k iew icz , a n Econom ic Development Officer of the Smoky Lake Region, the Smoky Lake & District Chamber of Commerce President, and the Smoky Lake County Reeve. Their visit to Vegreville was part of a ripple effect of good circumstances, which began with a re-signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ivano-Frankivsk region and the Province of Alberta in October of

2017. In late February 2018, Diachuk, Vandzhurak, and Vadiuk were received at Edmonton’s Legislative Assembly building and have been hosted in Edmonton since then while they continued their research on waste management systems. As Vegreville is one of Alberta’s centers for Ukrainian Culture, they were happy to come and see the area that has been influenced so much by their homeland and the CanadianUkrainian people. Another connection between

Veg rev i l le a nd Ukraine’s IvanoFrankivsk region is that both places lay claim to the “World’s Largest Pysanka.” While the pysanka in Ivano-Frankivsk is a part of their Pysanka Museum, housing a collection of over 10,000 pysanky within the pysanka, the delegates all jokingly agreed that Vegreville has the world’s largest “Free-Standing Pysanka.” In the evening, Mayor MacPhee and Mr. Roman Diachuk signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Town of Vegreville and the District of Kolomyia, in recognition of the long-standing cultural and historical connections between the citizens of Kolomyia and Vegreville. The purpose of this memorandum is to grow the friendship and connections between the two residencies, to prepare and execute a Twinning Agreement between them, to collaborate events and influences, and to reach out to one another with opportunities in collaboration for education, arts, culture, economics, and social initiatives. The Memorandum agreement will be valid for the next five years, and was signed in both English and Ukrainian.

(Elaine Kucher/photo)

Vegreville Bids Farewell to Festival Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce bids farewell to weekend summer festival Adam Bilyk Chair – vEGGfest After three years and an aggressive crowdfunding campaign, Vegreville’s unique rock & country Festival will not be returning this summer. vEGGfest organizers cite economics as reason for the cancellation. What started in 2015 as a commemorative and restoration endeavor for the town’s ‘Pysanka’, vEGGfest had a positive impact on the community. Throughout its run, the festival brought the likes of Trooper, Randy Bachman, Tom Cochrane and Sawyer Brown to its stage. While vEGGfest met its fundraising goals in its first year, revenue has been on a steady decline ever since. “Last year’s festival ran us a loss of $60,000 when all was said and done despite having solid headliners and great weather.” states vEGGfest Chair

Adam Bilyk, “We can’t risk another loss like that”. In efforts to save the festival, The Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce ran “Save vEGGfest” in 2017. They were successful in selling over 800 tickets, surpassing their goal of 500 pre-sold units. However, the optimism was short lived, when they learned that most of the passes were purchased by the business community, who would normally sponsor the event. “Selling those tickets actually compromised our Corporate Sponsorship, which cuts greatly into our bottom line” Bilyk says. “It’s unfortunate, but it just comes down to sustainability”. This was not an easy decision for the Board, who are business members and stakeholders in the community. Bilyk adds in a statement, “Over the three years, we did generate net profit; We paid for the Pysanka preservation study,

generated significant consumer traffic for Vegreville businesses, supported numerous local community organizations and provided the greatest concert event in Vegreville’s history. However, we can’t risk member’s finances when the event ran a significant loss last year under optimal festival conditions. Our duty to our members and the Pysanka preservation must be our main focus. While bleak, it is the right decision. We’re proud of what we achieved with vEGGfest and have nothing but gratitude for the hard work and countless hours that were put into making the last three years events happen”. The Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce would also like to recognize the local businesses and individuals for the support they have shown throughout the past 3 years. Anyone who has purchased a 2018 ticket will be contacted to receive a full refund.

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