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AUGUST 12, 2015

AITF crop walk

Kinette playground update Page 4

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New half pipe bound for skate park Page 12

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures’ Ralph Lange was one of the experts entailing the work being carried out by researchers at AITF’s Vegreville facility on July 29. A series of guided tours through sections of experimental crops of hemp, canola, flax and barley were among the tidbits discussed, as was a recap of the bio-char research. Crop stress testing against hail, drought, blackleg and more are the backdrop that results in optimized growing practices, new strains of canola, pesticide trials, possible treatments for crop diseases and also viable market options for producers. The value of the crop walk is immense to the area as it provides guests new contacts in the industry and insights into what’s on the horizon in the agricultural research and development sector. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

Charges laid in July collision Two Hills RCMP On July 12th, 2015, Two Hills RCMP responded to a motor vehicle collision with Serious Injuries on Highway 36 and Township Road 534 in the County of Two Hills. As a result of a lengthy investigation and with the assistance of RCMP K Division Traffic Services and the RCMP K Division Criminal Collision Investigation Team (CCIT), Two Hills RCMP arrested and charged Abraham Peters – 18 years old of Neilburg Saskatchewan and George Thiessen – 18 years old of Two Hills, Alberta in relation to this matter. Abraham PETERS has been charged with multiple counts under the Criminal Code of: Section 255(2) Criminal Code – Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle Causing Bodily Harm Section 249.4(3) Criminal Code – Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Street Racing Section 221 Criminal Code – Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm George THIESSEN has been charged with multiple counts under the Criminal Code of: Section 249.4(3) Criminal Code – Dangerous Operation

of a Motor Vehicle While Street Racing Section 221 Criminal Code – Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm Section 252 Criminal Code – Fail to Remain/Render Assistance at Scene of Accident Peters and Thiessen will be making appearances in Provincial Court in the near future. Two Hills RCMP remains committed to ensuring Alberta Highways remain safe for all motorists.

AUGUST 12, 2015


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AUGUST 12, 2015

Kinette Playground update Re: ATCO letters to Lakeland REA members

The playground on 47 Street is coming out after seeing decades of service to make way for a new playground being purchased by the Vegreville Kinettes after some hard work fundraising for the past few years. September is the anticipated installation date, approximately the same time as the new outdoor arena is installed by the Vegreville Kinsmen after some project delays from the previous year. Currently, the Kinettes have been grateful for the support they’ve received from community groups toward the project, including the Elks, Warwick Ladies Club, Lions, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Vegreville Legion, Chamber of Commerce and local businesses such as Vegreville Ford, No Frills and Walmart. The playground project will see Kinette contributions of $110,000.The Town will cover costs relating to supply of playground base and border materials and installation of the playground. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

The articles ATCO is printing about Lakeland REA are making me sick as I read them. Why doesn’t ATCO say how much they charge to put in a new service and what Lakeland charges? Where was ATCO when our forefathers put the power in? Now it is nice to want to take it over when it is nicely put in already. Why should we have big corporations service us? These big corporations want to control the power prices. Why should I have to sell my membership to ATCO if I’m very pleased with my REA? We need competition. We need to keep our REA’s in order to have a handle on prices. The staff and the board of directors are doing a very good job so why sell to ATCO? Lakeland has very good linemen. Our power is put on quickly when there is an outage (thank you boys) so why should we give up our REA for the few dollars ATCO is offering. Once the REA is sold, that’s it. Audrey Laschuk Smoky Lake

Smile of the


Name: Nicole Tschirren Occupation: child care worker Likes: happy people, summertime Dislikes: grumpy people, spiders

AUGUST 12, 2015


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Uskiws a Vegreville Miracle Treat family Rosanne Fortier The money that organizations and citizens collect and donate to the Stollery Children’s Hospital really does help local families and individuals. On August 13, Vegreville Dairy Queen will be selling Blizzards for Miracle Treat Day. Proceeds from the sales will be given directly to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton to help families like the Uskiws. Ian and Debbie Uskiw have a lovely family of two daughters and a son. They are frequently found volunteering around town and they believe that no problem they have is too big that they can’t help others. A storm entered Ian and Debbie’s life when their first daughter, Téah was nine months old, she was diagnosed with a case of eye cancer. “When we first found out that Téah had retinoblastoma, I was devastated and scared. I am so thankful my husband was there with me. He drove us back home from Edmonton. I don’t remember this ride back at all. For the next two nights I remember staying up to read and learn as much as I could about retinoblastoma. I cried a lot too. This was not the way I had imagined my life as a brand new mom would be,” Debbie explained. “I remember praying a lot and asking for strength and guidance. Both my parents and my husband’s parents were very supportive. They were at our house all of the time and did anything we needed for the first two weeks. Ian’s brother even came to the hospital to be there with us when Téah had her surgery. Close friends and co-workers were also very caring. It was heartwarming to have so many neighbors and community members also provide their time, even for just a hug. All of this love definitely pulled us through. “As soon as we found out what was wrong with Téah, everything happened so fast. There were no wait times or delays to help Téah. When we first found out, the Stollery Children’s Hospital provided a counselor who came and talked to us to see what supports we needed. They also offered us resources that we may need in the future with various pamphlets such as where we could go if we needed accommodations. All of the nurses, doctors and support staff were excellent and they are so good with the children. They also have many volunteers who help make the kids’ wait times for appointments more enjoyable and fun. I just recently removed the small craft off of my fridge that Téah made when she was waiting for one of

her appointments. It was here where I learned about many of the wonderful programs they provide to the children who are in need of their services to make their lives better. “It is so wonderful to know and hear

Téah Uskiw relaxing at home. She was diagnosed with eye cancer-retinoblastoma at nine monthsold. Stollery Children’s Hospital has helped her during that time. Money from Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day, happening August 13, goes directly to the Stollery. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

about all of the wonderful things that are available to help support you during this difficult time. Having all of these resources available allows you to focus on your family and living life while your child is getting through all of this. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Luckily, we have not had to use many of these resources but it brings tears of joy every time we go there and I see a child’s face light up with something wonderful they have to offer them. It gives them hope to keep fighting and keep moving forward. “When Téah had her left eye removed on December 18, 2006 she was basically “cancer free”. Testing of her eye showed the cancer did not spread down the optic nerve into her brain. It was caught very early, therefore she did not have

any further treatments. She does go see many specialists as do our other children for checkups throughout the year. This type of cancer is genetic. “I would say her life is like any other nine year-old girl, with just a few more doctor appointments throughout the year. She loves to play and be with her friends. She is really starting to show an interest in curling and dirt bike riding! Her experience with all of this has taught her to speak freely about her condition. I think her self-confidence has really grown as well. She and all of us in the family have learnt that everyone has their own crutches in life, just sometimes they may be visible and other times they are not. “It is extremely important to keep helping out. This money given to the Stollery children’s Hospital helps to provide new and improved technology and treatments options for the children. It funds

research to look for better treatments. It supports programs available to help make the children coping with illness lives a little bit better. It gives everyone hope to keep on fighting. Every Christmas our family sends a Christmas card and donation to the Stollery with a special wish inside to help brighten another child’s Christmas when they have to spend it in the hospital. In our last card Téah was able to write her own special message to another child and she wrote “Wishing you many happy, bright sunny days.” Knowing that some child gets to keep this card and we have helped put a smile on their face is very rewarding. “Téah will be helping out to hand out blizzards at the Vegreville Dairy Queen next Thursday for the Miracle Treat Day. She welcomes everyone to stop by, say hi and most importantly buy a blizzard!” Debbie added.


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AUGUST 12, 2015



90 Years Ago – August 12, 1925 Alberta was signally honored at the annual convention of the Canadian Pharmaceutical association, now in progress at Charlottetown, PEI, when R. E. Harrison, druggist at Lamont, was elected president. Mr. Harrison is a graduate of the Ontario College of Pharmacy, class of 1905, and for the past 20 years has been prominent in his profession. He is the first Alberta president of the dominion association. From the point of view of collections, the month of July was probably the heaviest ever experienced in the Town Office, the total for the month being $30,792.62. This was largely composed of tax collections, supplemented by electric and water accounts. A discount of 5% is now being allowed on payments of current taxes. The list of properties subject to caveat for non-payment of 1924 taxes is now being prepared and will be registered at the Land Titles Office Edmonton, within the course for the next few days. John Wontworth, the well known farmer south of Naisberry, on the Star City road, will this season press into service a binder of ancient vintage to harvest what undoubtedly has every appearance of being one of the bumper crops in the history of the district.

75 Years Ago – August 7, 1940 A concert featuring artists from Edmonton’s Young Artists Club” including the Misses Rose and Marguerite Ouellet often heard as guest artists over CJCA and CFRN, N.A. Gaumen, musician, magician, also a number of Aerobatic stunts, comedians, etc. as well as some of the local talent, such as Theresa Dubuc and others, will take place in the Oddfellows Hall on Friday, August 16th at 8:30 p.m. Every owner of a rifle or shotgun in Canada who has not registered them by September 15th, will be liable to a fine not exceeding $50.00 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 30 days or to both, according to an amendment to the Defence of Canada regulations published in the Canada Gazette Friday night. The registration will be carried out by the RCMP and certificates of registration will be issued to owners whose possession of such firearms is approved. Pedestrians of Two Hills are wearing their shoes fast, trying to get most out of walking over the newly-completed cement sidewalks on the east side of main street. The walk was completed over a week ago. Bill Boyko was the contractor.

50 Years Ago – August 12, 1965 Two Vegreville girls attending the Saskatchewan Track and Field Championships in Regina on Saturday, August 7, were successful in setting new provincial records in the 60 yard dash, 80 meter hurdles and 440 yard dash competitions. Norma Ferguson and Noreen Ziegler, both members of the Vegreville Legion sponsored Track and Field Club, made an excellent showing at the meet and Norma was selected as the outstanding athlete of the meet. The twenty-second annual Willingdon Agricultural Fair held on Saturday smashed all records for both number of exhibits entered and number of persons attending. All facilities at the disposal of the society were pressed into use for livestock competitions and the judging which is usually completed by around 5 pm was not finished until after 7 pm. Town council on Monday night agreed to test a portion of a main thoroughfare with an oiling program suggested by Ronaghan Trucking and Asphalt of Edmonton. The street to be tested is 51st Avenue west of the lane to 51st Street south to the highway. Also a letter and sketch from Alex Pecush outlining a proposed service station and motel layout to be erected west of Vegreville was approved in principle by council.

25 Years Ago – August 7, 1990 Demolition began Tuesday on the UGG elevator located at the east end of Vegreville. The property is owned by Marathon Realty and is being cleared in conjunction with a new town by-law. The crew of Bell Demolition from Wetaskiwin has done much work in southern Alberta tearing down grain elevators that are no longer in use. The Alberta Environmental Centre’s plant sciences division held its eighth annual crops field day in Vegreville on August 2. Visitors were taken on a wagon tour of soil management, weed control, plant disease and insect pest research plots. The tour also included cereal, canola, and perennial forage variety trials. Twenty Alberta 4-H members start a two week tour of northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories this week. Taking part in the tour is Stacy Sellers of Innisfree. The third annual pari-mutuel horse races came to Vegreville on August 4, 5, and 6. The three days of racing was well attended by local “gamblers”, and was organized by the Vegreville Agricultural Society. Dave Beaudette of Vegreville has won the Master Angler of Alberta Award for 1990. Beaudette won the prestigious award with 57.53 points, narrowly edging out second place winner Vince Abrassart of Red Deer with 55.95 points.

Letters Welcomed One role of the Vegreville News Advertiser is to promote dialogue on various issues of concern to area residents. We accomplish this by welcoming Letters to the Editor and allowing various issues to be debated through our pages. All letters must contain the writer’s name, address and phone number. Anonymous letters will not be printed, however the writer’s name may be withheld from publication in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the Publisher. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, spelling and grammar, taste or for reasons of potential libel. The Vegreville News Advertiser reserves the right to withhold letters from publication.

Seventy Years without a nuclear war Gwynne Dyer We have been hearing a lot about the 70th anniversary of the first use of a nuclear weapon on human beings, in Hiroshima on 6 August, 1945. The more important anniversary, however, is 9 August, when the LAST nuclear weapon was used in war, on the city of Nagasaki. It was inevitable that atomic bombs would be used in 1945. It was the sixth year of the Second World War, and more than 60 million people had been killed already. But nobody would have believed in 1945 that nuclear weapons would not be used again. We cannot be sure that they never will be used again, of course, but seventy years is an impressive accomplishment. How did we manage that? One way to answer that question is to consider the behaviour of US President Harry S. Truman, who decided to drop the first atomic bombs in 1945 – and decided NOT to drop them in 1950. Truman’s decision

to drop the bombs in 1945 probably didn’t feel as momentous to him at the time as it looks now. Killing tens of thousands of civilians in cities by mass bombing (Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo) was practically routine by 1945, and the atomic bombs would just have seemed like a more efficient way of doing the same thing. Besides, the fact that Japanese cities could now be destroyed by a single plane carrying a single bomb might well shock the Japanese government into surrendering. That would spare the lives of all the American soldiers (an estimated 46,000) who would die if Japan had to be invaded. So he gave the orders and the bombs fell, adding a last quartermillion lives to that 60-million death toll. But five years later, when US forces in Korea were fleeing south after Chinese troops intervened in the war there, Truman behaved quite differently. It may or may not be true that General Douglas MacArthur, the US commander in Asia, wanted to drop atomic bombs on China’s Manchurian provinces to cut off the Chinese troops in Korea. It is certainly true that Tr u ma n f i red MacArthur, and that he did not use nuclear weapons even though thousands of American troops were being killed or captured.

Truman never explained his decision, but it’s no mystery. By late 1950, the United States had between 50 and 100 nuclear weapons – but the Soviet Union had tested its first atomic bomb in the previous year, and it already had at least half a dozen of the things. The era of mutual deterrence had arrived. Truman didn’t know for sure that the Soviet Union would go to war if the US dropped nuclear weapons on China. He knew that the Russians didn’t yet have the ability to drop even one on the United States, although they could definitely hit America’s allies in Western Europe. But it didn’t matter: once both sides have nuclear weapons, they get a lot more cautious. The number of nuclear weapons in the world peaked at around 50,000 in the mid-1980s, and has since fallen to about 15,000. Seven other countries now have nukes too – and still nobody has used one in war. Here’s another striking fact: no great power has fought any other great power directly for seventy years, which is certainly a first in world history. Is this because the two world wars had been so destructive that they created institutions like the UN Security Council to avoid another one, or because they knew that great-power wars would probably be nuclear wars? Probably both, but at any rate we’re making progress. Gwynne Dyer is an independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.

AUGUST 12, 2015


Duane Zaraska announced as NDP Lakeland candidate Nancy Mereska 50 years ago a baby boy was born to a hard working Ukrainian father whose family immigrated in 1907 and homesteaded in the Elk Point area, and Metis mother who is a descendant of Peter Fidler, one of Canada’s greatest explorers and surveyors (1769-1822). That baby boy grew to be a worker among the people holding down different blue-collar type jobs as he raised twin girls and is now the grandfather of two. He has also become very involved with the Metis Nation of Alberta serving as Vice-President of Region II. Other positions include Vice-President of Major Projects Group, Aboriginal Planning and Advisory Committee (APAC), Lakeland Industry and Community Association (Board of Directors), and Beaver River Water Alliance (BRWA). He and his partner, Colleen, oversee the cafeteria program of the Elk Point School. They say if you want a job done, ask a busy person to do it. Duane Zaraska is the very busy person who has been elected to stand for the NDP in the upcoming Federal Election for Lakeland. There is no doubt that Duane knows well the issues that stand before us. In his nomination speech he spoke about the place of the family and the middle class; the impact of the economic downturn; and, the need for a national affordable child care program. He spoke of the great need for industrial development in Alberta. He is in favor of bringing back the Canadian Wheat Board for agriculture producers. On the environment issue, Duane would seek to develop more wind and solar power. Duane Zaraska is a quiet, unassuming man with loads of commitment packed into his very intelligent persona. He has an uphill battle in a solid Conservative area. There is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow for him to dip into. Campaigns in this country have become too much like the campaigns of our neighbours to the south—the more money, the more exposure, the more chances to win. We only need to look at “The Donald” to see this. Any and every voter who wants to see

constructive change in Canada should look closely at their available candidates and their qualifications before casting their vote. Duane Zaraska is worthy of your consideration. Invite him for coffee, have a few friends in to meet this candidate. Listen to him and support him if that is your choice. His phone number is 587-986-9511; or contact NDP Organizer Karlie Hanoski at 1800-465-6587 to see how you can give this candidate a fair shake in the upcoming campaign. Duane Zaraska will be campaigning against Conservative Shannon Stubbs. A Liberal candidate has not been announced yet.

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Coop construction

Type of build: Convenience store and gas bar Start: May 2015 Completion: November 2015 Size: 2,050 sq. ft Cost: $3.3 million

AUGUST 12, 2015

Grant opens doors for enhanced accessibility

Recreation, Culture and Facilities Manager Paul Suiter stands amidst new automatic sliding doors that were installed at the Vegreville Aquatic and Fitness Center over the summer.The doors came as a result of a successful application to the Enabling Accessibility in Communities grant which saw the feds pony up $32,500 to redo the front and back doors of the building to be easier for users with disabilities to use the facility. The Town contributed $14,000 to the project to wrap up the costs. During the month of September, further maintenance will be carried out at the facility when the pool undergoes a threeweek shut down for repairs to the waterslide tower, roof infrastructure and other regular maintenance items. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

BACK TO SCHOOL! The first day of classes is MONDAY, AUGUST 31 Elk Island Public Schools is looking forward to welcoming all new and returning students. If you have any questions or need to register there’s still time. See the chart below for dates and times your school is open.


AUG 24 -28 [9 AM - 3 PM]


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AUG 24 -25 [9 AM - 3 PM]


Lamont High 7-12 Mundare School K-8 Vegreville Composite High 7-12

Next Step

780.895.2228 Senior High – AUG 25 [9 AM - 12 PM] Junior High – AUG 26 [9 AM - 12 PM] New Registration – AUG 24 [9 AM - 12 PM] - by appt. AUG 24 -28 [9 AM - 4 PM]


780.632.3341 AUG 25 -26 [10 AM - 3 PM] Student Orientation – AUG 26 [6:30 PM - 8 PM]

OPEN ALL SUMMER. Please call to book an appointment. Continuing Education


Home Education 1-12 Senior High - Vegreville 10 -12

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Have a question for Student Transportation? Visit For more general information about Back-to-School and the 2015-2016 school calendar, visit Follow Us! Want the latest news, updates, and information on Back-to-School? Be sure to follow @eips and your child’s school on Twitter.

AUGUST 12, 2015


Littlewood checks in Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville MLA Jessica Littlewood checked in for a visit to view St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Vegreville in late July. Littlewood was already in town as a guest at the AITF Crop Walk, and followed up her hospital visit with a meeting with Vegreville’s Town Council. The group toured the entire facility including the Primary Care Network on the third floor of the hospital, which has seen substantial growth in patient use since opening in recent years. Included in the tour were St. Joseph’s Hospital

Chief of Staff Dr Selby Frank, Covenant Health Administrator Anthony Brannen, St Joseph’s Hospital board members Taneen Rudyk and Adam Kozakiewicz, Tracy Watson, Unit Manager for the hospital, and MLA Jessica Littlewood. (Michael Simpson/ Photo)

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AUGUST 12, 2015

AUGUST 12, 2015


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Harper government helps keep Holden Seniors Club high and dry Leon Benoit Submitted Seniors in Holden will soon have new opportunities will receive financial support for renovations, today announced Leon Benoit, Member of Parliament for Vegreville Wainwright, on behalf of the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors). Holden Seniors are receiving $13,200 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) to replace the roof allowing seniors to continue with weekly card games and shuffleboard, morning coffee, tea and socializing.

“Our Government is proud to support seniors in communities across Canada through lowering taxes and investing in meaningful initiatives such as the New Horizons for Seniors Program. Through partnering with organizations, we can help to keep seniors active, engaged and informed.” The Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors) said. “Through initiatives such as the New Horizons for Seniors Program, we are helping to ensure that seniors maintain a high quality of life and continue as active, participating mem-

bers of their communities.” Said Leon Benoit, Member of Parliament for Vegreville Wainwright. “The Holden Seniors Club is a small group with 30 to 50 members annually. The club promotes socialization and activities for seniors. We would find it difficult to maintain our building without financial support from the outside. Our funds would not allow us to hire out jobs and our members are mostly unable to do these jobs themselves. We greatly appreciate the aid from the federal government’s New Horizons for

Seniors Program in making it possible to have a meeting place for the Seniors of the Holden area,” Delbert Degenhardt, President of the Holden Seniors Club said.



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AUGUST 12, 2015

New half-pipe bound for skate park

Recreation,Culture and Facilities Manager Paul Suiter was happy to inform the News Advertiser,and all the boarders in town that a new half-pipe, built during the school year by Veg Comp shop students, should be unloading at the skateboard park on the north border of the Kinsmen Park by press time. Suiter supplied a fabrication kit to the school and students working on the project were able to receive credits for their work.“It’s the start of a great relationship with the school,”Suiter said.“We hope to be working with the school on another project in the fall.” (Photo Supplied)



Harasewich gives back






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When the town held a contest in 2014 themed“What my community means to me” Mary Harasewich was the winner in the Senior category. Harasewich recently made the decision to donate the painting she created to the Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of the Pysanka. (Photo Submitted)

AUGUST 12, 2015


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VVA excited about upcoming vEGGfest market Michael Simpson Editor A year and a half after they began, Vegreville Visual Artists, a collective of local talent promoting a broad spectrum of the arts in Vegreville, is looking forward to

participating in the vEGGfest celebrations in the form of the market at Elks Park on August 29. The continued growth of the V VA is another milestone besides the art they create. The V VA mark a build-up of enough intellectual and cultural capital to become a self-actualizing group in the community, and this in turn serves as a draw for future events, potential community dwellers picking from a list of places to move to and also as an ongoing, out-of-school source of learning in creative thinking for the youth of the community. Participating in the market is just one physical manifestation of that

cultural capital said Marg Varga, a spokesperson for the V VA. “Many of the artists are thrilled to take part because this is more than an art show, it’s a chance for a group of us to make art that represents the community itself to

people from the outside who may be attending. We’ve been working as artists on our own for years, and by forming the V VA we became a community unto ourselves. Now we get to represent the community of Vegreville and the surrounding area and in that we’ve taken another big step forward.” Varga connected the Egg, a uni-

versal symbol of creation, to the concept of making art itself, a symbolic manifestation of the same. She said the added benefit is the recognition of the RCMP though the Pysanka historically as well as the current ceremonial theme, as the Mounties played an invaluable role in helping to create Canada as it currently stands. “As a group, the V VA are pretty pumped. We’ve received strong support from the community so far and we’re looking forward to the event. It’s that affirmation that helps keep us going. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet new people at the event and make fresh connections,” Varga said. The market will be running from 9-4 at Elks/Kinsmen Park in Vegreville on August 29. Local vendors will have a variety of items for sale or display.


Life’s most memorable moments shouldn’t include contact with a power line. Before moving large farm equipment around power lines, call 1-855-277-1670.



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Ask the Guys Dear Classified Guys, In an effort to encourage my 17year-old son to learn the value of a dollar, I insisted he get a job for the summer. He found one right away, pulling weeds for the neighbors a few houses down. I figured it would pay maybe $8/hr, a perfect start, but they offered him $20/hr because that's what they pay the landscaper. When that job ended, a friend found him a job as a lifeguard. That paid $11/hr, so I figured maybe the whole "value of a dollar" thing would sink in, especially when $50 was stolen from his bag at the lifeguard stand. Then, the program supervisor gave him a raise to $18/hr to help him recoup his loses! I was hoping a minimum wage job would help send a message about money, but with people tossing money at him, how can he learn a lesson? I'm not making much progress on this front and could use a hand. How do I make my son realize that money doesn't normally come so easy?

• • •

Cash: It's rare to hear parents

complain that their children make too much money! In fact, maybe you should be asking if he needs

Duane “Cash” Holze & Todd “Carry” Holze 08/09/15 ©The Classified Guys®

an assistant! Carry: While your son's summer job may not be going according to your plan, there's still plenty you can do to instill the values you want him to appreciate. At seventeen, most teenagers consume plenty of normal living expenses they could help pay. For example, if he’s using the family car, he should contribute to car insurance, gas and maintenance. Cash: In addition, this is a perfect opportunity to teach him about managing his savings. Learning how to handle money is just as important as making it. A percentage of his paycheck could go to a savings account for college tuition or textbook costs. He could also invest it or even start a retirement

account. Carry: Although you may be frustrated with your son's pay scale, you should be proud of his accomplishments. He seems to have done well and has probably learned a bit from the process. Using networking skills to find employment is always a good lesson to learn. Cash: In the future he may have to work a little harder to find employment, but those lessons will come soon enough. At this point, you should encourage his work ethic and commend him for turning his summer into a profitable one. Carry: And with all the money he's making, maybe next time the family goes out to dinner, he can pick up the check!

AUGUST 12, 2015

Fast Facts US Currency

Reader Humor Good Help

Most of us have never seen a bill larger than $100, but long ago there were $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and even $100,000 bills in circulation. First printed in 1929, these bills were primarily used by the government and financial institutions for large financial transactions. The printing of these bills ended in 1945, but they continued circulating until 1969. By that time newer, more secure transfer technologies became available. These bills are still destroyed today when received by the Federal Reserve Bank, however more than 900,000 of them are still in circulation.

When my son needed a summer job, I called his Uncle Mike and asked if he could use help in the kitchen at his diner. Despite the fact that my son is not very responsible yet, his uncle gave him a chance working at minimum wage. Things did not go so well. The first day my son came home, he told me he accidentally broke a whole tray of dishes. A few days later he accidentally started a fire at the grill. I figured this job wouldn't last long, but was surprised when he came home and said he was getting a raise. "How did that happen?" I questioned. "Well," my son replied. "Uncle Mike said he'd double my pay if I just stopped coming to work!" (Thanks to Amy H.)

Allowance Sooner or later, every teenager starts to think about getting a job. And according to the marketing company, Packaged Facts, their earnings are up from previous years. Children between the ages of 12 and 14 have an average annual income of around $2,000. Teens in the 15 to 17-year-old group generate over $4,000 annually. Since teenagers represent about 10% of the population, their spending power totals more than 200 billion dollars each year. •

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Is there a "lifeguard" that watches the husband?

ING JOB OPEN d for prie d e e n Wifeguard eekends only. W . h c a vate be APARTMENTS 2 bedroom suite in an apartment building for rent. Spacious, Balcony, in-suite storage room. Rent includes water, heat, and powered parking stall. Close to hospital and shopping centre. Rent: $935. SD $835. For more info and viewing call 780-632-6878 Bachelor and 1 bedroom apartment suites for rent. Flexible lease term, Balcony, 3 appliances, rent includes water, heat and powered parking stall. Bachelor start from $695, 1 bedroom start from $795, SD $500. Please ask move in incentive for qualified seniors. More info and viewing call 780-632-3102


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Pasture for rent at Ranfurly. 35 acres. New fence. NE 9-51-12-W4. Phone 780632-9899

Advertise your rental property here for as little as $7.95 per week!

Pasture for rent for 25 head. Phone 780-786-2426

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AUGUST 12, 2015

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WANTED CARBON CREDITS – Attention Farmers – Not Completed? Call Today! 780-603-0630, Crystal Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201 New To Vegreville. In Need of Donated household items, furniture (bed, table, chairs). Phone Nancy 780-782-6166 or 780-632-2554 Want To Purchase Minerals And Other Oil/ Gas Interests. Send Details To: PO Box 13557, Denver CO 80201

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What Are You Grateful For? The Joy of Gratitude Karin Hitchcock Scientific research has found that practicing being grateful can actually improve your overall health. It has been shown that those who look at everyday things with a feeling of gratitude often feel less lonely and isolated, are able to express more joy and happiness, sleep better, and have a higher level of positive emotions. This is turn, creates a stronger immune system which has tremendous health benefits for the body and mind. How can you fit this practice into your own life? Those who are grateful often stop and take notice of things that are ordinary, but often taken for granted. You’ve heard the saying, “Take time to stop and smell the roses?” Do it! Those who practice gratitude often take the time to selfreflect. Gratitude isn’t complex, it’s just something very simple and ordinary. It often sounds something like this: “Isn’t it amazing that we have clean water right out of the tap that we can drink?” “Our children are healthy and strong!” “The grass is a beautiful shade of green today.” “Another day of sunshine!” “That rose is a beautiful pink and smells lovely!” “I am so grateful for having coffee with my friends!” “I might not be able to run anymore, but I am able to walk to where I want to go.” By reflecting on these simple things, we often feel a greater sense of happiness throughout the day. Here are some ideas to help you (and your family) practice gratitude. Create a gratitude jar where you write something that you are grateful for today. Sit down and write 3 things that you are grateful for right now. Your children will love this. Practice telling the people in your life how grateful you are for them. This is an excellent way to develop self-esteem and friendship skills in young children. Write a gratitude letter to someone. You don’t even have to send it! Phone someone and tell them how much you appreciate them. Write in a journal before you go to bed and reflect on the wonderful things that you have discovered today and you are grateful for. Wake up in the morning (and be grateful that you woke up!) and think of several that you are grateful for today. Grateful people also use the lan-

guage of gratitude throughout their day. When they speak to others, they use words such as “gifts,” “givers,” “abundance,” “blessings,” “fortune,” and “positive.” They also look for the positives in a negative situation and they ask themselves questions such as “What was I supposed to learn from this experience?” “Although difficult, what was positive about this situation?” “This bad thing has happened

but I am still okay.” Finding things that you are grateful for and expressing that gratitude daily can have a positive effect on your health and wellness. Karin Hitchcock is the Family Counsellor with FCSS in Vegreville. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.



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PETRUK, Alice In loving memory of Alice Petruk who passed away 3 years ago – August 13, 2012 Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, far as long as there is memory, they’ll live on in the heart. Lovingly missed by Eugene, Cheryl & family, Brenda & Bob, Deb, Daryl & family

KORPAN, Sophie January 20, 1930 – August 12, 2005 Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, But remember me in every tomorrow. Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles, I’ve only gone to rest a little while. Although my leaving causes pain and grief, My going has eased my hurt and given me relief. So dry your eyes and remember me, Not as I am now, but as I used to be. Because, I will remember you all And look on with a smile. Understand, in your hearts, I’ve only gone to rest a little while. As long as I have the love of each of you. I can live my life in the hearts of all of you. Lovingly remembered Emil & Duncan

GORRIE, Ralph Anton April 30, 1931 – August 17, 2010 In Loving Memory The hands of time will not turn back To when we were together, But in the memories we cherish, You’ll be with us forever. Emily, Charmaine, Barrie, Cathy, Daryk, Melissa, Sean

OBITUARY McCARTY, Helen E Helen McCarty, resident of Grande Prairie, AB, passed away Thursday, August 6, 2015 at Points West Hospice at the age of 90 years. Helen was born April 6, 1925 in Vegreville, AB to Phillip and Caroline Hohn. After high school she began working for the Alberta Treasury Branch in Vegreville, AB, and in January 1947, she married the love of her life Arthur S. McCarty. They had their first child Colleen in 1948 and son Dale in 1951. She was an awesome cook and baker. She got so much satisfaction in her grandchildren and great-grandchildren – she spoiled every one of them. Helen was a curler, bingo player and avid bowler, and only just finished bowling in two leagues in mid April 2015. She was a beautiful mother, grand and great-grandmother, auntie, sister and friend. She loved Christmas with all of the above. She will be sadly missed by her daughter Colleen (Doug) Cooke of Grande Prairie; son Dale (Rhonda) McCarty of Alberta; grandchildren: Loanne (Shea) Walker of Grande Prairie, Sherri Kyle of Nelson, BC, Lisa (Dave) Stewart of Edmonton, Ian (Lisa) McCarty of Edmonton, and Corey (Leslie) Cooke of Corvallis, USA; great-grandchildren: Peyton and Nyah Walker, Alison, Morgan and Adam Stewart, and Dustin, (Ashley) Stewart, Tyler, Eric and Angus Craik; as well as many nieces, nephews and friends. She was predeceased by her husband Art McCarty in 1979, all of her siblings and many nieces and nephews, parents Phillip and Caroline Hohn, and grandson Leigh Cooke. The Prayer Service will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 7:00pm at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Grande Prairie (10404 102St.). The Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 11:00am at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Grande Prairie. Memorial donations may be made to the Grande Prairie Hospice and Palliative Care Society (P.O. Box 21215 Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6W7), or to STARS (10911 123 St. Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7Z3). Condolences may be sent by visiting. Olivers Funeral Home 10005 107 Ave., Grande Prairie, AB T8V 1L8 Ph: 780.532.2929

BUDINSKI, EMIL PETER September 14, 1932 – August 4, 2015 On Tuesday, August 4, 2015, Emil Peter Budinski of Ryley, Alberta passed away at the age of 82 years. Emil is survived by his loving wife of 60 years, Madelene; children Debra Boyda, Brenda (Allan) Ford, Howard (Colleen), Brad (Angie) and Denise (Rob) Maat; seven grandchildren Matthew, Jenianne (Steve), Tyler, Jake, Jessica, James and Sarah; two brothers Joe (Flo) and Ed (Maxine); two sisters in law Nora Budinski and Helen Budinski; one brother in law Harry Daems; along with numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Emil was predeceased by his parents Peter and Pauline Budinski; siblings Mike (Sophie), Paul, Carl (Lena), Frank (Jean), Louis (Martha), Lloyd, Stanley (Albina), Helen (Lloyd), Jenny (John) and Rose. A Celebration of Emil’s Life was held on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. at the Ryley Community Hall. Cremation has taken place. Inurnment has taken place in the Ryley Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the “Mary Immaculate Hospital (Mundare) Foundation.” To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd. Vegreville,780-603-5800

AUGUST 12, 2015



KOBZEY, Lillian August 29, 1931 – August 5, 2015 It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Lillian Kobzey of Edmonton, Alberta formerly of Mundare at the age of 83 years. Lillian passed away from a heart attack on Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Lillian is survived by her loving husband of 64 years, Nick; daughter Gladys Nestman; son Clarence (Karen) Kobzey; seven grandchildren Jennifer, Curt, Denise (Kris) Maksymiuk, Krista, Bryan, Bradley and Sarah; four great grandchildren James, Michael, Kaitlyn Maksymiuk and Jacob Nestman; sisters Dorothy (Archie) Ewaskiw and Susan Motiuk; along with many nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Lillian was predeceased by her parents Anton and Annie Semchyshen; brother William; brother in law Robert Motiuk. A Prayer Service was held on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mundare, Alberta with Father Greg Faryna officiating. A Divine Liturgy of Christian Burial was held on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mundare, Alberta with the Basilian Fathers officiating. Interment followed in the Church Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Mary Immaculate Hospital (Mundare) Foundation. The family extends sincere thanks to the Edmonton paramedics and the emergency staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for their care and compassion. We would also like to thank Justin from home care for his assistance. To send condolences visit Autumn Rose Funeral Home Ltd., Vegreville,780-603-5800

DENNIS, Susannah July 29, 2015 In loving memory of a dear wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who passed away July 29, 2015. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you, and whispered “Come to Me”. With tearful eyes we watched you, we watched you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands now rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best. … And sadly missed by her loving husband Danny, Family & Friends

SHANK, Keith Reynolds October 15, 1931 - July 29, 2015 Keith Reynolds Shank beloved husband of the Late Joyce Shank, passed away on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at the age of 83 years. Keith passed peacefully from this life the morning of July 29th after a gradual decline in heath. Keith was born in Kuest, SK and grew up near Maryfield, SK. Keith lived in Fox Creek, Camrose, Lougheed, Vegreville, Lavoy and Warwick, AB. Keith’s many jobs included farming, mechanic, oil patch and grain buyer. In 1977 he started a successful trenching and septic service business. In 1997 after raising his five daughters Keith and his wife Joyce retired to Calgary, AB. After Joyce went to be with the Lord in 2005 Keith moved to Sherwood Park, AB in 2011. Keith is survived by five daughters Rhonda (Robert) Beijer, Heather (Paul) Garner, Melinda (Colin) Grant, Vanessa (Rick) Benoit and April (Steve) Braun; eleven grandchildren Nathaniel Garner, Kaylin Grant, Travis Garner, Shelby (Pat) Htoo, Jesse Beijer, Graham Benoit, Katrina Garner, Alana Benoit, Zachary Braun, Rebecca Braun and Emily Benoit; sister Maureen Muntain and numerous extended family. Keith was predeceased by loving wife Joyce; brothers David Shank and Maurice Shank; sisters Iris Kurtz and Shirley Pengelly and son-in-law Cornelis (Kees) deHeer. A Graveside Service was held at Rockyview Garden of Peace Cemetery, 243208 Garden Road, Calgary, AB on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, 8440-112 Street, Edmonton AB, T6G 2B7, To send condolences visit Heritage Funeral Services


AUGUST 12, 2015


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Vegreville Plumbing & Heating Ltd. plumbing *

Underground Line Locators

heating * air-conditioning

Trevor Semeniuk

24 Hour Service Available Bus: (780) 632-2275 P. O. B ox 8 0 7 , 4 9 3 3 - 5 1 Av e nu e , Ve g r ev i l l e , A l b e r t a T 9 C 1 R 9

Bus: (780) 632-2949 * Fax: (780) 632-6226















CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINET Residential / Commercial Kitchen Cabinets Custom Millwork Cabinet Doors

Dave Ph. (780) 632-4488 Shop Fax. (780) 632-6765 Cell. (780) 603-7922 email:



STYLIST Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator Access Body Practitioner Stylist

*By Appointment Only



4815-59 Ave

Vegreville, AB


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AUGUST 12, 2015

Kim Mitchell ready to rock vEGGfest Michael Simpson Editor Kim Mitchell agreed to grace our pages with an interview before his upcoming performance at vEGGfest on August 28, alongside Trooper and guests Mourning Wood. Mitchell had called in from Toronto after he’d finished dropping off an unused doggy bed from his golden doodle at a dog rescue shelter. A modest guy, Mitchell isn’t too big for his britches after 4 decades of rocking shows across the globe, rubbing shoulders with fellow rock legends and writing songs that have shaped an era of music. He wasn’t afraid to talk about it either. You can follow Kim

Mitchell at or his website, Tickets for vEGGfest are still available online at for the August 28 and 29 shows, or by calling the Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce at (780) 632 2771.

KM: I knew at five years old. I was sitting on my father’s lap watching Elvis Presley on the television. I looked over at my mom and said “I want a guitar,” and they got me one. I listened to records before I could play but I started

KM: So what’s up? What’s happening out there? VNA: We’re all pretty revved up to see you come and play at vEGGfest. The whole town’s been buzzing about it for months. KM: That’s just awesome. Over my musical whole career, I’ve lived for those festivals, whether it’s a corn festival, rubber tires, strawberries; I prefer those smaller communities for the feeling I get in front of a tight-knit crowd. Smaller communities are great. VNA: When did you know music was the “it” thing for you to be doing?

lessons at 11. By the time I was 17 I joined the union and became a professional musician. I left home. My parents were devastated, I didn’t give them much notice, I just told them “I’m mov-

ing to Toronto” [from Sarnia] and 48 hours later I was gone. I was in a band at the time called Zoom with some guys that were older than me. They’d found a house in Toronto and told me we could move and split $150 rent five ways and asked me “are you in?” and I went. We wound up opening for Alice Cooper, I played guitar in some commercials, it was a living. The house next door was a halfway house. I remember one night they bashed in our door while we were eating our Kraft Dinner. They said they wanted a drink and we told them we didn’t have any booze. One guy asked “have you got any aftershave?” and we did so we gave it to them and they drank it. We were worried with all this gear in our house we might get robbed but they said “We hear you guys practicing all the time and you rock pretty damn good, so you go ahead and rock out all you want and if anyone has a problem you tell them to talk to us.” It was great relief, to know we were protected (laughs). VNA: Did you ever imagine starting out that you’d be such a major influence in the lives of millions of Canadians? KM: That’s actually embarrassing to me. When I think of musicians who are

AUGUST 12, 2015


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influences like that, I think of Bryan Adams, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Dave Grohl. When people tell me I’m a musical influence I’m taken aback. It’s humbling when someone from Journey says “Hey I listen to all your stuff,” because I’m like “how the f- do you even know I exist?” VNA: Tough question, but are you a wild party? KM: Not really, no. I think we all have our moments, but I’m severely normal. I’m a dad, I’ve got a dog. I think that song reflects a part of me, a part of everyone but that’s not me every day. VNA: If we could have a peak at what’s on your iTunes playlist at the moment, what would we see? KM: let me take a look… Let’s see here, we’ve got some John Mayer, Van Halen, Adelle, Anna Netrebko – she’s a Russian Operatic soprano; I travelled to New York to watch her sing. Oh, here’s one the fans will like, I see some Backstreet Boys and Bryan Adams. My taste is all over the place, there’s jazz in here, opera, classical… VNA: You’ve got a few great rock ballads associated with you… which one is your favourite? KM: “All we are” from the Akimbo Alogo album in 1984 and also “Love over time” from 2007’s Ain’t life Amazing album. I tried to get that last one to Bon Jovi but they write all their own songs. A great group of guys too. Not that it was erotic for me, but I’ve seen Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora in their underwear. We shared a dressing room once. Super nice guys with a ton of talent. They just walk on stage and flick a switch and there’s this mega-wall of sound and power.

VNA: On the cover of the Max Webster EP, there’s a photo of you in a bright, tight yellow body suit… do you ever look back at pictures like that think “I’d have done that differently”? myself. KM: (laughs) Hey man cut me some slack it was the 80’s. The decade was full of that look. Actually there’s a song by Honeymoon Suite called Wave Babies that exemplifies it. Guys and girls all looked alike. Now, I look at pictures like that as little as possible, usually only when someone comes up with a record for me to sign. VNA: What did you want to do differently with your music that made you choose to embark on a solo career? KM: Actually my intention was NOT to go solo. I was burnt out creatively after a few years on the road. I was sick of opening for Rush, being pushed by management. We’d tour the states, then Europe, then back to Canada, then back to the states. I was just on the road constantly and I was tired, so I took a break. I just sat and wrote songs and I thought when I was ready to come back a band would hire me, but no one did so I went out and started doing it

VNA: Are there personal memories wrapped up in some of your songs? KM: No. Songwriting is a hard thing to describe. Songwriters are like conduits. There’s an idea up in the sky and it shoots down into guys like me, or guys like Bono and we get it out. There was one song, Expedition Sailor, that’s got a lot of personal memories for me. At the time I wrote that, my marriage was ending and we had kids. When I hear that song it takes me back to a sad time, waking up in the Atlantic and realizing basically when odds weren’t really in my favour. It’s sad when families break up but millions of them go through it. VNA: What’s the

one piece of advice you’d give new musicians starting out in today’s music industry? KM: Take the words “making it” right out of your vocabulary and thoughts. There’s 12 notes to work with, go out there, get to know them and find your music and enjoy it. Music transmits a beautiful energy when you’re not thinking about “making it” and you can enjoy yourself and have the same feeling as someone like Bryan Adams when you’re playing, no matter how big you are.


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AUGUST 12, 2015

W E D N E S D AY, A U G U S T 12 , 2 015

Encore! The 112th annual Vegreville Country Fair finished off with a nice fireworks display on the evening of August 8. The midway served as a perfect backdrop for photographers and firework fans alike after three days of fun and family entertainment. (Michael Simpson/Photo)

...More Fair coverage inside



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AUGUST 12, 2015

112th Country Fair a rollercoaster of good times

The sounds of happy children filled the air at the Country Fair’s midway. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Kids participate in the Mini Tractor Pull. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier

Country Fairs are fuelled by memories. Whether it’s baking a prized pie, meeting your first love, screaming on a mid-way ride or listening to a rising star, fairs put memories in the tank and keep people coming back for more. From August 6 - 8, the Vegreville Agricultural Society organized another over-the-top fair with many sponsors, Dennill’s Agricenter/ Kubota being the

flagship sponsor for 2015. The sounds of ecstasy coming from the mid-way rides formed a person’s first impression upon walking on the grounds. Then temptations met every corner as lights and colors from food booths enticed people to grab a treat. On one side of the grounds, citizens of all ages tested their skills in a game-ofchance. A suitor’s determination to win increased each time he glanced into his date’s eyes. A a father played the games with a purposeful attitude to win a huge multicolored stuffed bear for his daughter who was screaming with delight on the rides.

Inflatable games and competitions really held children’s attention at the Kidz Fun Zone.(Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Kidz Fun Zone waved with vigorous gaiety whether children took in the petting zoo, gladiator joust, Velcro wall, watched the clowns or tried to win a prize in the fishing game. They say when you attend an event, it is not complete if you don’t take something home or learn something. The marketplace was the venue for individuals who were searching for the perfect novelty or couldn’t drop their dream of winning plenty of cash. This tradeshow offered everything from Costco Wholesale, Magnetic Jewelry, Naked Soap, Pop Guns, Stitched for Love, Perfect Peeler and more. The Money Tunnel added a game show-like thrill as lucky draw winners had a chance to grab fistfuls of cash. For a classy rural feel, the horse show featured horses dressed in costumes while the riders and horses showcased their

talents. The Bench Show had around 1900 entries. Visitors and local folks browsed in wonder at the products people created whether it was a pee-wee pencil drawing or an adult’s scrapbook photography piece. A taste of gardening was present when The Junior Gardener Awards were presented at the Grandstand on August 6. First prize (tie) for Grades 7-9 was forwarded to Sam Nawrot and Ben Nawrot, Grades 5-6 first prize (tie) went to Ella Nawrot and Allie Oneschuk, Grade four, first prize (tie) was presented to Winnie Lange and Jordan Coffey. The adult/ child category first prize went to Devin Yurko and the preschool category first prize was awarded to Emily Stefanishion. Adults presenters for the awards were Annetta Schick, Terry Kubin and Diana Spaciuk. Then on August 8, Dynamo Dogs helped everyone celebrate the dog days of summer with their dynamo show. These dogs’ self-discipline and winsome nature seemed to be a natural trait as they raced, played games and performed tricks.

AUGUST 12, 2015


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AUGUST 12, 2015

Fair & parade photo highlights...

The kids petting zoo is always a chance to handle cute animals with a little tlc. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

One of Alberta’s top employers is looking for you! Covenant Health is Canada’s largest Catholic health care organization serving 12 communities across Alberta. Join our team in Vegreville and experience why Covenant Health is one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

AUGUST 12, 2015


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4925 - 50 Avenue, Vegreville 780-447-4010 | 1-866-775-4010

Book an appointment today. Visit one of our 24 locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Gord Whitehead Retired Radio Host


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AUGUST 12, 2015

The marvelously mesmerizing Corrie J

Rosanne Fortier

Mystery and intrigue is an inescapable gravitational force on humans. We’re drawn to what we don’t understand like moths to a flame. One such flame is the world of hypnotism and its’ seemingly invisible power over people. Perhaps that’s why hypnotists have been a mainstay for entertainment choices at the Country Fair grandstand for years. This year’s hypnotist of choice was master hypnotist Corrie J, who travelled from Saskatoon to perform in front of hundreds of people at the grandstand on August 6 and 7. Corrie began the show by saying that hypnosis is safe and the only side effect is the participants might encounter the best night’s sleep they ever had in their life. Then Corrie bounced in and did speed trances on the willing subjects by tell-

ing them to breathe in and out until they were in a relaxed state. Soothing music was played in the background to provide a harmonic focal point. The participants fell asleep from this and when Corrie counted to three, they instantly woke up. He said one participant was so good, she could hypnotize herself. Corrie continued to persuade the participants with suggestions to their subconscious mind. He helped the subjects imagine that their living room was -15C and with this thought, they cuddled together while they tried to grab a small part of the clothing from the person next to them to use as a blanket. Other uninhibited acts followed. Participants danced like real rock stars to the amusement of the crowd.

AUGUST 12, 2015


Alberta Health Services ALBERTA HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM has a variety of workshops available in the Vegreville area! Weight Wise, Craving Change, Diabetes the Basics and Better Choices, Better Health. Call 1-877-314-6997 for more information and to register. All classes will take place at the Vegreville Community Health Centre (5318-50 Street)

contact Jody Nicholson at 780-632-2418.

Vegreville Food Bank Is located in the Maple Street Worship Centre at 4615 Maple Street and is open Tuesday & Friday year-round from 10am – noon. Phone 780-632-6002 or email:

12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014 – 50 St, Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-632-2933.

Vegreville Rotary Peace Park Bookings please call John Sawiak 780-632-3208 Girl Guides of Canada SPARKS – Kindergarten & Grade 1 to be determined. BROWNIES – Grades 2 & 3 meet every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30pm GUIDES – Grades 4 to 6 meet Thursday from 6:308:00pm PATHFINDERS – Grades 7 to 9 meet every Wednesday from 7:15-8:45pm. All groups meet at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple Street, Vegreville. For more information call Pamela 780-632-7147 Oil Wives Club of Vegreville. A smile. A handclasp. A world of welcome. Are the links in our chain of friendship. This we believe. Our Association has been around or over 60 years. We are here for any woman whose partner (or she herself) is involved with in any way in the Oil & Gas Industry. We meet once a month to foster friendship. Please call Ellen @ 780-632-4922 or Shirley @ 780-632-3283 for more information. Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare). Please visit the Basilian Fathers Museum (Mundare) this summer to see its latest exhibit, “Peter Lipinski: Large and Small Canvases,” along with an ongoing display devoted to Bp. Budka in Canada. The museum is open MondayFriday, 10am-4pm and weekends, July and August, 1-5pm. Vegreville Regional Museum. Located on the site of the internationally renowned solonetzic soils research station of Agriculture Canada (1956-1995), the Museum tells the stories of community life and development chronicling how Vegreville’s unique social fabric has contributed to the harmony of community life since the 1890’s. The Rt. Hon. Donald F. Mazankowski, P.C. Collection: 25 years of distinguished public service of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Home of the Vegreville & District Sports Hall of Fame. Open Year Round. May-Sept Tues-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 1-5. Oct-April phone for current hours. 1 km east of Vegreville on Hwy 16A. (780)632-7650 Historical Village and Pioneer Museum at Shandro. Located on Highway 857, midway between highway 45 and 28 north of Willingdon. A proud partner of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, this open air museum features 14 major buildings and artifacts from 1900 – 1930. Hours: Canada Day weekend to Labour Day weekend Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Admission by donation, For more information call (780) 603-1198 HEADS UP for AA Meets at Vegreville Hospital every Monday at 8:00 PM 3rd floor. Alanon New Beginning Meeting Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Call 780-275-0054 for location. Rotary Club of Vegreville meets for lunch meetings every Monday at 12pm at VALID 4843-49 St., Vegreville. For more information

Every Monday 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Join us in the Mundare Drop-In Centre “Walk-Along” fitness program. Literature available to help you with your personal program. Walk at the Drop- in Centre, and also, weather permitting, we will walk in Ukainia Park. Everyone Welcome!!

TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) Weighin 4:45pm. Meeting 5:30pm at St. John Lutheran Church, 4513 Maple St., Vegreville. 780-632-7433 or 780-658-2670. Every Wednesday Trapshooting Outdoor Range 7:00pm. Contact Geoff 780-6321432 341 MUNDARE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADETS FREE to join. Join Air Cadets for adventure that will take you from the ground up! Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:00pm through the school year. Youth 12-18 years welcome. Call 341 Squadron at 780-7642341. Visit us at or www. Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Two Hills. If interested, please contact Deen 780-603-6090 or Waseem 780-603-8443 Friday Prayers: Weekly Jumaat prayer in Vegreville. If interested, please contact Hesham 780-603-6245 / 780-632-2721 or Azeem 780-885-2627 LOAVES & FISHES Lunch starting Friday September 10 – 11:30am-1:00pm every Friday except stat holidays. Good Food. Bring old friends. Make new friends. All are welcome. 4615 Maple St. (60 St.), VPC Church. No charge. How Disciples live Bible study and workshops. We meet every Friday night at The Rock 5014-50 St. at 7pm. Call for info 780-632-2933 or Bible Study at 10 am at the Vegreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, 5258 – 46 Ave. Everyone Welcome. 12 Step RECOVERY AT ROCK GROUP meets every Saturday at 7pm in the upper room at 5014-50 Street Vegreville, AB. For info call 780-632-2933. www.therockmc. com Royal Purple Lodge #125 meets first Monday of every month, except July & August at Elks Hall. Contact HRL Joyce Porayko 780-6323830 or Secretary Leah Henderson 780632-6565. Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club at 7:30 p.m. at Vegreville Regional Museum. Call 780-632-7729 or 780-632-3495 Nonviolence Study Group for anyone wanting to learn more about the principals of nonviolence and how to apply them in today’s world. If you are passionate about making a difference, or just curious to learn more, please join us from 7-8 pm. Call Kim at 780-658-2550 for location details. Vegreville Elks Lodge #143 meets first Thursday every month except July and August. Meetings are held in the Elks Hall at 7:30 pm. Contact Robert Bennett 780-6324717. Vegreville Wildlife Federation (Alberta, Fish

& Game Association) Please check website Email: vegrevillewildlife@gmail. com “Women’s Book Club” meets first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library THE RED HAT ROSES, a chapter of the Red Hat Society, an international social group for mature women, meet for fun and friendship at Leonel’s Place at 1:30pm the second Monday of every month. See www. THE CLASSY CANADIANS, a chapter of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society, a national social group for mature women meet for fun friendship and caring at Leonel’s Place the fourth Monday of every month at 1:30pm. See Vegreville Lions Club meets at Sunshine Senior Centre – 4630 - 49 Street. Meeting 7 p.m. 2ND and 4TH Tuesday except July and August. Kinsmen Club of Vegreville holds meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course. Call Mike Webb at 780-632-2666 days THE ALBERTA DRAFT HORSE CLUB meetings every 2nd Saturday of every 2nd month. 780-764-2099 Vegreville Hospitals Auxiliary Society meets third Wednesday of every month, except July and August. Meetings held in EXECUTIVE MEETING ROOM (St. Joseph’s Hospital) at 7:00 p.m. Call 780-632-6323 Royal Canadian Legion Vegreville Branch #39 General Meeting every 3rd Wednesday of September, November, February and June at 7:00pm. All members welcome to attend. The Red Hot Red Hats meet the second and fourth Friday of each month at 1:30 pm. See Contact Millie 780632-2148

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632-2261 for more information UCWLC Meetings to be held every third Thursday of each month at Holy Trinity Church Hall at 7 p.m. in Vegreville. Veg-Al Drug Society an Alberta Health Services, community funded agency - Room #217 Provincial Bldg., Vegreville, AB. Out patient counselling services for alcohol & other drug addictions and problem gambling. Office Hrs. – Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Phone 632-6617. The Crisis Association of Vegreville operates a HELPLINE for those who are having difficulties in their lives and need assistance. It is a toll-free, confidential service available to those in the 632-exchange. Phone 6327070. The Kinette Club of Vegreville meets every 3nd Wednesday of the month. Joining the Kinette Club is a great way to meet new friends and to get in the community. For more information, please call 632-2848. Viking AA Group meets at the Viking Hospital Multi Purpose Room 8:00 p.m. Wednesday nights. VegMin Learning Society welcomes learners who are interested in increasing their skill levels (reading, writing, math and speaking English). Learners work towards’ their personal goals in a small class or 1:1 setting. Do you have a few hours a week to help someone reach their learning goal? Volunteer Tutor Training and ongoing support are provided along with a great volunteer recognition program. Visit or call 780-632-7920 for more information. Senior Floor Curling at 1:00p.m. every Monday & Thursday. Anyone interested please come to the Sunshine Club. 55+. Call 780-632-2624. Vegreville Flying Club meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Terminal Building

Vegreville Garden Club meets the last Monday every month at the Seniors Sunshine Club, 4630 – 49 St. at 7:00 p.m. President – Marie Eliuk 780-632-2578

VegMin Literacy Program offers free, confidential tutoring for adults over 17 needing help with Basic reading, writing and math skills. Phone: 632-7920 for interviews.

The New Vegreville Aquarium Club meets every last Monday at 7:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library

Everyone is Welcome Prayer House 572944A st. Veg. North of St. Joseph Hospital come and share your testimony and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. Every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Also I will pray for the sick believing in God for the answer. But God commandeth his Love toward us, in that, while, we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. RO. 5:8 New hope church of God, Edmonton c. for the Nations Int.Veg. Doing God work together for yor good. J. Abelar. Ph. 632-2843

“Writer’s Group” meets last Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm at the Vegreville Centennial Library Legacy 4 Health Indoor Walking Program for Older Adults 10-11am at the Vegreville Centennial Library Gymnasium 4709-50 St, Contact Irvin Cowan 780-632-2977, Jim Nicholson 780-632-6437, Carol Lynn Babiuk 780-632-3331 Are you or someone you know living with a Brain Injury? We can help! The Alberta Brain Injury Initiative provides support, coordination and education for brain injury survivors and their families. For more information on our free services call 1-866645-3900

AA Meeting in Mundare Sunday’s 7PM Town Building, Conference Room 5128 50th St. Contact Robert 780-656-5829 Willingdon & District Fish & Game Assn. Regular meetings, held every last Tuesday off each month (excluding July and August) at 7:30 p.m. at the Willingdon Arena upstairs in the Club Room Everyone Welcome.

Tofield AA Meetings held Thursday at 8 p.m. Open meeting every 4th Thursday at 8 p.m. at Bardo Lutheran Church Bsmt 4737 - 57 Ave. For info call 662-3893

New to town? Join us the 1st Wed of the month for a newcomer’s potluck lunch. 121pm. Bring a friend! Bring a dish! Call FCSS 780-632-3966 for locations & info.

AWANA - a Christian club for boys and girls age 3 to grade 6. Meets Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Now meeting in the Alliance Church’s new building at 4606-55 Ave.Call

AA meeting at Lamont United Church every Thursday at 8:00 p.m.



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AUGUST 12, 2015

Emerging artists shine at bandshell

Fiddlin’ Kiddlins perform at the Bandshell on August 6. This group performs a set of music that can be enjoyed by old and young alike. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Julia Nicholson’s facial expressions and body movements really communicated that she feels the music as she sings. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Sofiya Fedyna’s even and powerful voice hails from the Ukraine and has performed at many recent functions in Vegreville and area. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

“Benjamin Williams is just 15 years-old and he continues to communicate his passion for music in an impressive way to everyone he encounters. His drive has won him scholarships and awards,”bandshell MC Randy Kereliuk said. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rosanne Fortier Many famous artists first showcased their first spark at fairs. The bandshell at Vegreville 112th Annual Country Fair was the stage August 6 - 8 for young musicians to reveal their talents. August 6 presented performances by local talents- Bob Ashmead, Fiddlin’ Kiddlins, Debbie Fedoruk Vocal Studios and the Off Ramp Boys which are always a delight to hear. A special feature was Sofiya Fedyna’s performance. Fedyna hails from Ukraine and she has performed at many recent functions in Vegreville and area. Her presence on stage was hand in hand with backstage work attempting to fundraise for the Ukrainian Army. The evening perfor-

mance presented North of Here. August 7 was full of crowd pleaser performances by Bob Ashmead, Don and Noreen Klym, F. Martin Family, Silver and Gold, Cloud 9, David Hempstock and Paul Woida. Randy Kereliuk was the M.C. for the August 8 music acts. Julia Nicholson was the first singer he introduced. “Julia is 17 years-old singer-songwriter and guitarist who is based in St. Albert. She initially performed country music but switched to R&B to develop her own individual style.” Julia’s facial expressions and body movements really communicated that she feels the music as she sings. She performed cover of Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. With this song, mothers danced with their daughters. She also covered Heartbreak Hotel by the King of

Stephen Lecky and Nakita Konan perform duets including Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis. These performances formed a perfect blend of energetic music that kept the audience cheerful. (Rosanne Fortier/Photo)

Rock, Elvis Presley. The audience cheered and whistled during and after her performances. Stephen Lecky was the next singer to rock the bandshell. Stephen dove into live performing at 14. Since then, he’s won many competitions and was named Co-writer of the Year for the North American Country Music Association. He feels that music helps to make the world to be a better place. Stephen opened with five solo country cross-over performances which he did with such spirit that it appeared like he was dancing on the stage. He added a saxophone to enhance the harmony and impressed the audience with his yelp sound. Stephen then mentioned that his mother taught him morals in the way of treating his woman right. He said there are two

ways to do this: listen to her and make her feel loved by appreciating her. Nakita Konan was welcomed by Randy then. Nakita has been performing since she was 10 years-old. She continued on to sing many anthems for every pro sports team in Edmonton and across Canada. At 15, Nakita became the first female of Metis descent to win Miss Teen Canada. Recently, she won International Co-Writers of the Year from the North America Country Music Association. Stephen and Nakita performed duets which formed a perfect blend of energetic music that kept the audience as cheerful as the sun. Benjamin Williams was the next star to wow the crowd. Benjamin is just 15 yearsold and he continues to communicate his passion for music in an impressive way to everyone he encounters. His drive has won him scholarships and awards. Benjamin’s performances at the bandshell offered a refreshing style of folk music that catered to all the ages and music tastes of the audience. Citizens were drawn to Ethan Harty’s performance with the old time fiddle and clopping which is where Ethan enhanced the rhythm’s effect by tap dancing away. While doing so, the audience commented that his style was very nice. Ethan Harty is 12 years old and he lives on a farm near Strome. He controls an old steamer and gives blacksmith demonstrations at the museums in Strome, Camrose in Wetaskiwin.

Vegreville News Advertiser - August 12, 2015  

Vegreville News Advertiser Volume 68, Issue 32 - August 12, 2015

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