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Mayor’s Message On behalf of Town Council and my fellow citizens, I am honoured to welcome you to our home. Vegreville is a resilient community rich in culture, which you can enjoy by partaking in one of our many annual festivals or visiting “the Big Egg”, our Pysanka. Our business community offers all the leisure requirements and amenities of a big city in a charming, clean, friendly atmosphere. Our bustling town of approximately 5,700 passionate individuals is proud of the home we have built and we encourage you to come visit, discover and experience Vegreville! Use this guide to plan your visit, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! There is always a friendly face willing to help or lend a hand. If you require more information, please call the Town Office at (780) 632-2606 and we will be pleased to assist you. Mayor Tim MacPhee

In & Around Vegreville 2020


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CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Chamber MESSAGE Message Welcome to Vegreville On behalf of the business and organization members of the Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to partake in all the sights and sounds that our community has to offer. We are very proud of our community’s strong work ethic, commitment to family, and dedication to our home town values. We pride ourselves in our great schools, strong organizations, and hardworking business owners. This year has been filled with many challenges due to COVID-19. We have been working through unprecedented times. Our community has worked together to assist our businesses and organization members in Vegreville. The Chamber has worked diligently to assist with the many changes that happened during this time from helping to obtain hand sanitizer to assisting with the various government package options that were released. Vegreville is a vibrant local economy that is an essential ingredient in providing a healthy community. During your time here, I hope you enjoy your visit while exploring everything that Vegreville has to offer. If you require any information on services, attractions, or facilities, please contact the Chamber office. Jamieson Brown President Vegreville & District Chamber of Commerce

In & Around Vegreville 2020


Welcome to Vegreville Welcome to In & Around Vegreville 2020. We’ve put this guide together for your benefit, and we hope you enjoy it. While Vegreville has strong Ukrainian ties, it is also an economically diverse community. With a population of just over 5,700, Vegreville is a small but growing rural town. Vegreville is an hour east of Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta, and can be a launching point for visitors wishing to experience the exciting events and culture in and around the area. The town itself offers a variety of amenities including hotels, motels, campgrounds, convenience stores, retail shopping from major brand names and small-town stores with heart, restaurants, and grocery stores. This great mix gives the town a big-city feel with a relaxed small-town atmosphere. Don’t forget if you’re a geo-cache fanatic there are dozens of caches in the area! From Vegreville, visitors can spread outwards and take in what the surrounding communities have to offer. During the summer months, nearby communities host annual fairs, rodeos, entertainment days; all of which are always a great time. The surrounding area is also filled with camping facilities, lakes, parks and museums that tourists are always welcome to visit. Whether your interests are car shows, drag races, agricultural fairs, rodeos, museums, live performances or exhibitions, Vegreville and the surrounding communities have a vast amount of activities and sites waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Make sure to check out our event listings page to find out what’s coming up next during your stay! Vegreville itself hosts three annual events during the summer months; the Father’s Day Show and Shine and Demolition Derby in June, the Ukrainian Pysanka Festival in July, and the annual Country Fair in August. Vegreville is also home to the world-famous Pysanka – the biggest Easter Egg on the planet! Join the thousands of tourists who stop by and take a picture of it every year! In and around Vegreville you will find fantastic scenery, great events to participate in and pleasant people to visit

6 In & Around Vegreville 2020

with. We challenge you to tour Vegreville itself and the nearby communities as they offer numerous attractions you won’t want to miss. Within this guide are brief explanations of major events taking place this year, which community they’re in, and when they’re happening.

We’ve also included a list of locations in the surrounding area where you can camp, fish, spend a day at the lake and get in touch with nature. We hope this guide helps you in your travels in and around Vegreville and we hope to see you soon!

In & Around Vegreville 2020


In and around Vegreville, you are in the heart of agriculture country. In the summer months the area holds a unique beauty, with field after field of planted crops or hay land. Visitors are often in awe at the summer and fall’s yellow canola fields or flowering alfalfa, or the winter’s heavily blanketed landscape; year-round, you may expect to see beautiful scenery in this area, wherever you go. Though the area is mainly farmland, there are also a number of lakes where visitors can spend time, especially during the hot summer months. Visitors can go fishing, swimming, boating or camp out at a number of the lakes surrounding Vegreville. There are numerous wild flowers found throughout the area, the most commonly seen are the wild crocuses or buffalo beans. Bird watchers are also drawn to the area as unique and rare birds often make a stop. Wapasu Recreation and Conservation Park near Innisfree, Alberta has, over the years,

8 In & Around Vegreville 2020

become home to many rare birds. If you’re in the area early enough each year you can bear witness to the thousands of snow geese returning on their annual migration. As for wildlife, many deer and coyotes can be spotted as well as the less common moose. Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese pass by during the spring and fall, as do herons from time to time. You may also spot beavers, gophers, skunks and wild rabbits as they are often around. Those who travel through the area will also see numerous farm animals, which may include: cattle, horses, sheep, or elk.

Quite a few of the local farmers own animals as well as farm the land. A growing movement of environmental stewardship means the area is being looked after for the enjoyment of future generations. No matter what time of

year you visit the area, this agricultural community’s nature and scenery is stunning. Whether it is on the coldest day of the winter months or during the sometimes- sweltering summer days, there is something to enjoy for everyone who passes through.

Royal Canadian Legion

Branch No. 39

5037-52 Ave., Vegreville

Phone 780-632-3900 Family Game Night - 1st & 3rd Fridays Breakfasts - 2nd Sunday of Each Month* Steak Fry - Last Friday of Each Month* Playnation Poker - Wednesdays Bingo - Thursdays Darts - Friday Evenings Drop In Hall Rental, Catering & Meeting Rooms *September to June Only

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In & Around Vegreville 2020


The Beginnings of Vegreville Compared to some places in the country, Vegreville is still quite young, but it has a rich, full and unique history. On April 21st, 1894, a group of Francophones arrived from Kansas in the United States to the site later known as “Old Vegreville”. Some of their wives and families and a few more settlers soon followed, so that August of the same year, the Northwest Mounted police (NWMP) census recorded 88 people living in the area, including some English settlers. Immigration came in three distinct waves: before World War I, during the 1920s, and after World War II. The first wave accounted for most settlers to the Vegreville area. There were many reasons for people leaving their homelands and traveling such great distances, including oppression, poverty, drought, poor land, serfdom and a lack of freedoms. It didn’t take long for 33 different ethnic groups to settle in the Vegreville area, setting up homes and businesses and learning each others languages and customs in order to communicate and conduct business more easily. Multi-lingualism was common. Records speak of a German farmer who spoke seven different languages fluently as well as of church sermons being delivered in both French and English. “Vegreville” was name din honor of Father Valentin Vegreville, a Roman Catholic Oblate missionary who served with dedication and distinction for 50 years, although he never served in the Vegreville area. It was the Oblate Fathers of St. Albert, west of Vegreville, who often helped the new settlement. Father Vegreville was, however, credited with encouraging settlement in Western Canada, so a few months after their arrival, two of the founders of Vegreville, Joseph Benoit Tetreau and Joseph Poulin, submitted his name to

10 In & Around Vegreville 2020

the Government of Regina when they requested a post office in October of 1894. One of the most remarkable bits of Vegreville’s history was the moving of the entire town. In 1905, the Canadian Northern Railway (CNR) was being brought through the area. Vegreville was several miles from the surveyed cut, which just wouldn’t do. The people knew they needed to have the railway closer because poor weather often made the road to Edmonton impassable. Since the CNR wasn’t about to change course for the people, the town was moved closer to the railway. Buildings were carefully transported, some on wheels, some on skids, four and a half miles to the present town site. At the time there were 20 business buildings in town, including a livery barn, two restaurants, a blacksmith shop, three machine shops, a post office, two banks, four stores, a hotel, a jail and police barracks, a doctor’s office and a barber shop. It isn’t definitely known if all of them were moved but the undertaking is still quite amazing. Now all that stands of “Old Vegreville” is a stone cairn. In 1906, Vegreville was incorporated first as a village and than as a town in the same year, after reaching a population of 344. The first Mayor was William Clements. The following year the Board of Trade was established with 31 members. A year later the Roland M. Boswell Hospital was built and three years later St. Joseph’s General Hospital was opened by the Sisters of Charity. When the Roland M. Boswell Hospital was closed, the building was demolished and all movable equipment was shipped to their Frontier hospital at Rocky Mountain House. The Town has continued to grow and prosper as a unique multicultural community, which now has a population of more than 5,700 people who live in harmony and

The Beginnings of Vegreville co-operation. A “must” attraction for any visitor to Vegreville should include a stroll along the Town’s historic Main Street. In 1991, the establishment of the Vegreville Main Street project began a remarkable partnership effort among over 30 businesses, the Town, the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, Heritage Canada and Canada Employment and Immigration, aimed at economic development through the preservation of this community’s fine heritage resources. Vegreville boasts one of the best examples of Main Street architecture in the province. Many of the buildings are over 50 years old and as part of the Town’s effort to maintain its built heritage, participants in the project became involved in the sensitive rehabilitation of their sites. Such work includes a restoration of a building whereby once lost or covered prominent features may have become restored or rebuilt along the building facade. Prominent buildings like the Dobbins Block,

built in 1913, the 1950s Capitol Theatre, complete with a neon marquis, are only small samples of the work undertaken by the community. Sadly, one bit of heritage was lost as the famed Alberta Hotel succumbed to fire in 2008. The Town’s commitment to heritage not only includes building fronts, but the sidewalks, historic-style lamp posts and brightly-coloured motif banners. This completed streetscape enhancement not only provides four seasons’ worth of changing Main Street beauty, but also includes historic plaques dating from 1905 when the Town moved from it’s old location to its present site. The winter scenery is a site to behold when the Town puts up the Christmas lights and all of Main Street shines with lights on every tree. Main Street is indeed the “Heart and Soul” of community. Enjoy this town’s living heritage as you visit Vegreville.

The Historic Heart of Vegreville

In & Around Vegreville 2020


County of Minburn When in the County of Minburn, you find yourself in an area of rich farmland, small friendly communities, bountiful wildlife, and beautiful scenery with miles of peaceful country roads. Only an hour from Edmonton, the County of Minburn’s excellent leisure facilities attract sports tournaments throughout the year. The facilities encourage family partici-

12 In & Around Vegreville 2020

pation and allow for year-round recreation programs. In addition to organized recreation, the County offers a diverse outdoor experience at its campgrounds, picnic sites, and parks. The County is part of the Kalyna Country Tourism Zone. Visitors will find a wide range of tourist and recreational opportunities in the area.

County of Minburn

In & Around Vegreville 2020


Story of the Pysanka

The World’s Largest Pysanka Of all things, why an egg? The story began in 1973 when the Alberta government established the Alberta Century Celebrations Committee to co-ordinate the centennial celebrations of the Royal Canadian mounted police to be held in 1974. The committee was to distribute funds to communities that wished to build a monument to the RCMP. The Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce took up the challenge. Numerous suggestions were made but the best by far was a giant Easter egg symbolizing the peace and security the Mounties had offered the area’s pioneers and their descendants. The exquisite and intricate decoration of Easter eggs is a Ukrainian folk art known the whole world over. (The Ukrainian word for Easter egg, Pysanka, comes from the verb pysty – to write.)

14 In & Around Vegreville 2020

The unique nature and complicated geometry of the egg shape made the design of the Pysanka a highly complex project. Professor Ronald Resch, a computer scientist at the University of Utah, agreed to take on the design project. Realizing the significant nature of the project, the Century Celebrations Committee increased the Chamber’s grant to $25,000. Professor Resch was responsible for the entire Pysanka concept which required the development of new computer programs. The Pysanka is an immense jig-saw puzzle containing 524 star patterns, 1,108 equilateral triangles, 3,512 visible facets, 6,978 nuts and bolts, and 177 internal struts. As a result of Professor Resch’s work and leadership, the Pysanka is recognized around the world as not only a unique artistic masterpiece, but also as an achievement of nine mathematical, architectural and en-

Story of the Pysanka gineering firsts. The design represents the first computer modeling of an egg. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit Vegreville annually to marvel at the Pysanka. It measures 25.7 feet long, 18 feet wide, and stands 31 feet high. It is one of the premiere tourist attractions on the Yellowhead Highway. The 2,000 pound aluminum skin is attached to the central mast at a 30-degree angle with 177 turn-buckle struts. Cessco International Ltd., Edmonton, fabricated the massive internal structure which weighs 3,000 pounds. The Pysanka rests on a 27,000 pound base of concrete and steel and turns in the wind like a weathervane. Paul Sembaliuk, an authority on traditional Easter egg design, used three colors bronze, silver and gold – to symbolize prosperity. Bronze is the pre-dominant color of the design and suggests the “good earth”, the land on which our forefathers struggled for survival and existence. Five distinct symbols make up the design. The radiating gold stars on the end sections symbolize Life and Good Fortune. The three-pointed stars, in alternating gold and silver, symbolize the Trinity, representing the strong devotion of the faith of our ancestors. The band of silver circumscribing the Pysanka, with no beginning or end, symbolizes Eternity. On the central barrel section, gold and silver windmills with six vanes and points symbolize a Rich Harvest. The most prominent

motif of the design, the silver wolf’s teeth, which point to the centre from the silver band, symbolizes the main message of Protection and Security afforded our pioneers by the RCMP. The dedication message is written in four languages: English, Ukrainian, French and German. It reads: “Pysanka (Easter egg) symbolizes the harmony, vitality and culture of the community and is dedicated as a tribute to the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Royal Canadian mounted Police, who brought peace and security to largest multi-cultural settlement in all of Canada.” The Pysanka was the showpiece of the RCMP’s centennial celebrations. The Century Celebrations Committee concluded its report to the provincial government with this statement: “Of the great variety of projects undertaken to mark the Century Celebrations, none can be regarded as more unique than the Ukrainian Easter Egg, ‘Pysanka’, undertaken by Vegreville. It is spectacular in its contrivance to combine the ancient traditions of one of Alberta’s largest ethnic groups with architectural and geometric developments that represent a ‘breakthrough’ in modern science thus linking heritage and progress.” The Pysanka has a beautiful setting in the Elks/Kinsmen Park beside the fish pond at the east end of the town and highlights the entrance to the park

In & Around Vegreville 2020


Our Lady of the Highway Our Lady of the Highway Shrine is one of Vegreville’s unique attractions, being the only one of its kind in all of Canada. The shrine, located just east of town on Highway 16A, is seven feet high and was sculpted in Italy from Carrara Marble (Italian White Marble). It was erected by the Vegreville Knights of Columbus. Before embarking upon a voyage, many famous explorers asked the blessings of Our Lady to protect and direct them in their journeys. The shrine on Highway 16A exists to serve the same purpose. The statue is dedicated to glorify the Blessed Virgin Mary, who acts as a “Heavenly guide” along the highways of life – including those dangers that hinder our daily travels along the cement, asphalt, gravel or dirt roads. Just as the explorers in our history books, a devotion to Our Lady has developed, but she is known in recent years as Our Lady of the Highway.

The statue of Our Lady conveys the theme of ‘divine guidance sought by travelers.’ The theme is displayed in the form of the world, represented by the sphere, and interwoven throughout the design. Four hoops grouped together to form a cross symbolize the four corners of the world, and at the same time reflect travel by suggesting the wheel. The base upon which the statue stands, (the larger base and the circular enclosure surrounding it), also symbolize the world. Of modernistic design, there is also a spacious parking area in front of the shrine for motorists who wish to stop a while. It makes a great spot for taking photographs as many local residents come to the shrine to take pictures for weddings of for large gatherings. Our Lady of the Highway Shrine is unique to only Vegreville and represents hope, guidance and safety for all.

This religious is the monument kind s it f o only one d a n in Ca a!

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Vegreville Lions Community Spray Park

This community-funded Water Spray Park was designed for kids of all ages to enjoy. It features 32 interactive units, with a little squirt unit for the young children, which runs on a manual start, 5-minute random cycle. A water purification recirculation system operates the units, keeping water consumption to a minimum. Located in the heart of Vegreville behind the Centennial Library (access from 49 Street S- 47 Ave W), the location is surrounded by trees with open grass areas, making it perfect for picnics, birthday parties or just a day of fun in the sun! A terrific, toddler-friendly playground with a giant pirate ship, merry-go-round and oversized swings perfect for parents to swing with their kids was added in 2013. The Park is open from 11 am to 8 pm, May through September.

In & Around Vegreville 2020


Vegreville Aquatic & Fitness Centre

The Vegreville Aquatic and Fitness Centre was recently upgraded. A perfect place for entire families to spend the day, the Aquatic & Fitness center comes fully equipped with a giant pool and water slide, hot tub, and sauna. Ask about our new family-friendly programs that let mom have some fun while

18 In & Around Vegreville 2020

the tots are taken care of! There is a dance studio upstairs that comes fully equipped for rentals. Also in the facility are indoor racquetball courts, outdoor tennis courts, a cardio room, and weight room. There are lots of ways to take advantage of the facility, from swimming lessons to gym membership packages. Fitness classes also run in

Vegreville Hockey Arena

the fall, winter and spring months. There’s always something going on in the winter at the rink, or in the separate curling facility. The arena now features a wheelchair accessible lift to the comfy upper viewing area when you want to come out and watch the local hockey action! Concession-equipped so you never go hungry at the game. Community events brochures are available at the visitor information centre. For info by phone, call 632-6403.

In & Around Vegreville 2020


Campgrounds Area Campgrounds ANDREW

Andrew RV Park Andrew, AB Phone: (780) 365-3687 16 sites, dump station, flush toilets, showers, playground.


Bellis Beach Bellis, AB Phone: (587) 335-5510 25 sites, playground, fire pits, private camp kitchen, pit toilets, non-potable water, day use area, dock, fishing. Electric boat motors only. Reservations accepted. Deposit required. Kaduk Lake Bellis, AB Phone: (587) 335-5510 13 sites, fire pits, private camp kitchen, pit toilets, non-potable water, day use area, dock, fishing, bird watching. Reservations accepted. Deposit required.


Northern Ridge Golf and RV Resort Ltd Boyle, AB Phone: (780) 576-3939 9 holes, cart & club rentals, full service RV sites, antique machinery on this scenic course


Astotin Lake Campground Astotin Lake Area, AB Phone: (780) 992-0017 Parks Canada Reservation Service: (877) 737-3783 77 sites, day use area, firewood, flush toilets, picnic shelter, showers, walk in tenting, pay telephone, accessible for persons with disabilities, playground, golf, interpretive programs, oTENTiks.

for sale, laundromat and showers. Fort Saskatchewan, AB Phone: (780) 998-4074 24 sites (10 for COVID), No fires, flush toilets & showers (closed for COVID), playground, Trails: (25 km paved), hiking, biking, canoeing. Elk Island Retreat Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan, AB Phone: (780) 998-0708 Camping & RV Park, private campground 36 full service sites, Tipis, trappers’ cabin, tenting, yurts. Volleyball, horseshoes. Shower/laundry facility, trails near Elk Island Park


Holden Campground Holden, AB Phone: (780) 688-3928 7 sites: 3 power, 4 non-power; day use area. (No use of facilities COVID)


Innisfree Municipal Rec. Park Innisfree, AB Phone: On season: (780) 592-2414 Off season: (780) 592-3886 67 sites including unserviced, power, pull through & seasonal rental. Pit & flush toilets, showers, picnic shelter, firewood, playground, day use area, concession, horseshoe pits, hiking, biking, pitch & putt, equestrian, wheelchair access.


Jackfish Lake Recreation Area Jackfish Lake, AB Phone: (780) 208-0223 26 sites, showers, dump station, firewood, picnic shelter, caretaker on site, group camping, day use area, playground, horseshoe pits, fishing & canoeing. (COVID no facilities,


Elk Point River Park Campground Elk Point, AB Phone: (780) 724-3810 12 sites - 8 power, 4 non-power, day use area, picnic shelter, playground, viewing deck, fire pit, fishing allowed. Elk Point Rec. Park Elk Point, AB Phone: (780) 724-3810 17 power sites, fire pit, showers, flush toilets, picnic shelter, playground, baseball, golf.


Fort Lion Campground


Miquelon Lake Provincial Park Kingman, AB Phone: (780) 672-7274 275 sites, showers, dump station, firewood, flush toilets, picnic shelter, day use area, group camping, playground, volleyball, interpretive programs, gift shop. (facilities closed COVID)


Lamont RV Park & Campground Lamont, AB Phone: (780) 895-2220 75 power/water/sewer sites, firewood

20 In & Around Vegreville 2020


Mannville RV Park Mannville, AB Phone: (780) 763-6404 60 fully serviced fenced sites: power, water and sewer, including 21 sites with year round hook-ups and 33 gravel sites, 3 coin operated showers, washers & dryers. Riverview Golf Club RV Park Mannville, AB Phone: (780) 763-2252 63 sites. Play and stay at our RV resort.


Drahomanow Recreation Area Mundare, AB Phone: (780) 632-7486 8 sites, dump station, firewood, flush toilets, playground. Open weekends only or by appointment Ukraina Park Recreation Area Mundare, AB Phone: (780) 764-3929 26 sites - power & no power available, firewood, flush toilets, showers, playground, picnic shelters, ball diamonds. No pre-booking.


Myrnam Campground Myrnam, AB Phone: (780) 366-3910 5 sites


Ryley Recreation Park Ryley, AB Phone: (780) 663-3653 24 powered sites and lots of overflow camping, dump station, day use area, playground, baseball.


Smoky Lake Golf and RV Park Smoky lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-2121 Camping with 14 full service RV park available. Golf course - 9 holes, par 36 layout professionally designed “Awesome Greens.” Mons Lake Recreation Area Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (587) 335-5510 8 sites, 2 day use areas, non-potable water, firewood, playground, beach, swimming, fishing, boat launch, motor boating, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing. Reservations accepted. Deposit required. Metis Crossing

Campgrounds Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-2229 Metis Cultural Gathering Centre & Campground on the bank of the North Saskatchewan River. 21 comfort, powered sites, firewood, showers, picnic area, playground, gift shop, trails, hiking, swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing. Hanmore Lake West Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-6580 37 sites, firewood, ice available, picnic shelter, playground. Hanmore Lake East Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-6580 16 sites, day use area, firewood, group camping, picnic shelter. Island Lake Recreation Area Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-6580 9 sites, firewood, picnic shelter, fishing, canoeing, kayaking. Smoky Lake RV Park Smoky Lake, AB Phone: (780) 656-0394 12 sites - 5 fully serviced, 7 water and power, unserviced overflow. Dump station, firewood, flush toilets, showers, playground, water park, skate park, baseball, museum.


Lac Bellevue St Paul, AB Phone: (780) 645-2639 32 sites, tenting area, showers, firewood, group area and gazebo, horseshoe pits, boat launch, fishing, beach, volleyball. Stoney Lake St Paul, AB Phone: (780) 724-2381 47 sites, tenting area, showers, firewood, gazebo, band shell, playground, hiking, beach, boat launch, fishing.

Floatingstone Lake St Paul, AB Phone: (780) 726-3428 54 sites, group use area, showers, sewer disposal, firewood, playground, beach, boat launch, fishing. Westcove St Paul, AB Phone: (780) 645-6688 74 sites, tenting area, showers, sewer disposal, firewood, day use area, gazebos, playground, spray park, horseshoe pits, ball diamonds, hiking, boat launch, beach volleyball, fishing


Tofield Campground & RV Park Tofield, AB Phone: (780) 662-3269 18 powered sites, flush toilets, showers, dump station. Black Nugget Lake Campground Tofield, AB Phone: (780) 663-2421 76 sites, concession, dump station, firewood, flush toilets, showers, picnic shelter, day use area, caretaker on site, birdwatching, playground, horseshoe pits, fishing, electric motor boats, canoeing. Lindbrook Star Gazer Campground & RV Park Tofield, AB Phone: (780) 662-4439 Powered sites, city water, showers, heated pool, playground, on site security, sani dump and well-treed, private sites.


Geleta Park Two Hills, AB Phone: (780) 657-3542 Playground, day use area. Wayside Campsite Two Hills, AB Phone: (780) 657-3542 Day use area, picnic shelter. Sandy Lake Park Two Hills, AB Phone: (780) 768-2330 37 sites, dump station, firewood, flush toilets, showers, picnic shelter,

day use area, caretaker on site, playground, baseball, canoeing.


Vegreville Elks/Kinsmen Community Park Vegreville, AB Phone: On season: (780) 632-6800 Off season: (780) 632-3439 65 sites, concession, day use area, dump station, firewood, flush toilets, showers, picnic area, visitor centre, playground, horseshoe pits, walking trails, biking.


Eastview Park Viking, AB Phone: (780) 336-4747 18 sites, firewood, flush toilets, showers, laundry services for campers only, picnic shelter, day use area, playground, baseball, soccer, golf. Camp Lake Park Viking, AB Phone: (780) 336-3414 71 sites, concession, day use area, firewood, flush toilets, showers, group camping, picnic shelter, caretaker on site, 30 amp power, playground, volleyball, basketball, horseshoe pits, beach, swimming, boat launch.


Willingdon Campground & RV Park Willingdon, AB Phone: Ernie (780) 603-0010 16 sites - 10 with power and water, 6 with power, flush toilets, showers. PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR HOURS OF OPERATION AND ANY COVID-19 RELATED RESTRICTIONS THAT MAY APPLY

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Fishing Holes Area Fishing Holes ARM LAKE: pike, perch. SW of Wainwright. BELLIS BEACH LAKE: rainbow, perch. Off Hwy 28, 2 km S of Bellis BLACK NUGGET LAKE: rainbow. 10 km E of Tofield on Hwy 14, then 11 km S. BONNIE LAKE: pike, perch. 5 km E of Vilna on Hwy 28, 4 km N. BOYLE POND: rainbow. S of Boyle. BUFFALO LAKE (METIS SETTLEMENT): pike, perch. W of Hwy 855. CACHE LAKE: pike, perch. 4km E of Vilna an Hwy 28 6 km S. CARDIFF PARK - CARDIFF LAKE: trout, perch. Just E of Morinville off Cardiff Road. CHICKENHILL LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. 6 km S from St.Vincent on Hwy 881, 13 km S from Glendon on Hwy 882 & 3 km E. CLEAR LAKE: perch, walleye, pike. 9.6 km W of Edgerton. FISHING LAKE - pike, perch. Fishing Lake Metis Settlement. FLOATING STONE (BOYNE) LAKE: pike, walleye, whitefish, perch, burbot. 4 km E of Ashmont on Hwy 28, 8 km N on paved road. FORK LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. 6 km E of Ashmont on Hwy 28A, 27 km N. FROG LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. 3 km N of Frog Lake on Hwy 897.

HALFMOON LAKE PARK: pike, perch. 14 km W of Thorhild along Hwy 18 & 12 km S. HANMORE LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish. 19 km N of Smoky Lake. IRMA FISH & GAME POND: rainbow. INNISFREE TROUT POND: rainbow. Located on Hwy 16 W of Innisfree. JACKFISH LAKE: rainbow. 6 km S of Myrnam, 5 kmW. KADUC LAKE: perch, pike. 9 km N of Bellis ` KEHIWI LAKE: walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, burbot. Hwy 28 E of St. Paul to Hwy 41, 5 km N. LAC BELLEVUE: walleye, pike, perch. S of St. Paul. LAC SANTE: pike, perch, walleye, whitefish, burbot. 10 km E, 3 km N of Brosseau. LAMONT TROUT POND: rainbow. N side of Lamont on Hwy 637. LITTLE PERCH LAKE: pike. S of St. Paul off Hwy 646 & Hwy 881. MONS LAKE: pike, perch. 6 km E of Smoky Lake on Hwy28, 4 km N. MOOSEHILLS LAKE: pike. 6 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646, 4 km N. MORINVILLE FISH POND: trout, perch. E of Hwy 2. NORTH SASKATCHEWAN RIVER: walleye, goldeneye, perch, sauger, pike, lake sturgeon, mountain whitefish, burbot.

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ROSS LAKE: pike, perch. 28 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646. SADDLE LAKE: pike, walleye, burbot, perch, whitefish. N of Saddle Lake community. SHEMELUK LAKE: rainbow. 5 km E of Smoky Lake on Hwy 28, 10 km N, turn left at T-intersection, 15 km W. STONEY LAKE: pike, perch. 13 km W of Elk Point. STURGEON RIVER: walleye, pike, perch, burbot, goldeye, sturgeon, whitefish, sauger. From Big Lake downstream to the North Saskatchewan River. TWO HILLS TROUT POND: rainbow. Along Hwy 36 across from Geleta Park. VEGREVILLE ELKS/KINSMEN POND: rainbow. NE Vegreville, next to Pysanka. VERMILION PROVINCIAL PARK - TROUT POND: rainbow. In Vermilion , follow signs. VEGREVILLE TROUT POND (Reservoir): rainbow. S of Vegreville on Hwy 16A. VIKING TROUT POND: rainbow. WAYETENAW LAKE: pike, perch. 2 km S, 2 km E of Whitefish Lake. WHITEFISH LAKE: pike, burbot, walleye, whitefish, perch. 6 km E of Vilna on Hwy 28, 27 km N. WHITNEY LAKE: pike, perch. 27 km E of Elk Point on Hwy 646. WILLINGDON FISH & POND: rainbow. In town.

The Best Father’s Day Ever

Even though COVID-19 sidelined the 2020 edition of the Father’s Day event, organizers are proud to announce the 2021 Show and Shine will be going ahead as planned. The Iron Runners Auto Club and the Vegreville Agricultural Society will host their 27th Annual Father’s Day Event on Sunday, June 20. Treat the whole family to some fast-paced action, lots of noise, and some gorgeous classic cars. The popular family event features a Show and Shine, Model train display, Garden train display, Snowmobile display, Lawnmower races, “Bone Wagon” hearse club display, and the popular Grandstand event, the Demolition Derby. As well, there will be numerous concessions and vendors. Car Show participants will have an opportunity to win one of 12 $25 gas certificates. Winners must be in attendance to claim their prize. The entry fee for the car show is $10 per car (includes driver only) with a total of $10,000 in prize money throughout

the event. Admission to the grounds is $10 for anyone over 15 years old, and $5 for children ages 6 – 15, and children under 5 are free when accompanied by an adult. Spectators will have an opportunity to vote for the Peoples’ Choice Award. Participants will judge the vehicles in the following categories, with first and second in each category: Convertibles, Muscle Cars, Pre ’50’s Cars & Trucks, 1950’s Cars, 1960’s Cars, 1970’s Cars, 1980’s and up, Hot Rod/Street Rod/Modified, Low Riders, Trucks – 1950 to 72, Trucks – 1973 & Up, Foreign, Semi Tractor, Special Interest, Motorcycles, Best of Show. Gate for participants opens @ 10:00 am. Trophies awarded @ 2:30 pm. The Father’s Day Event from 11:00 am4:00 pm

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Rotary Peace Park

The Vegreville Rotary Club, in conjunction with the County of Minburn, has joined with the villages, towns, and cities all across Canada in a celebration of the country’s commitment to peace among all living things. The Rotary Peace Park was dedicated on July 1st, 1993, commemorating Canada’s 125th anniversary of Confederation. A circular “Peace Grove” of 12 trees was planted to represent our provinces and territories. Vegreville Rotary’s contribution is just one of many nationally-registered Peace

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Parks across Canada. It is a great place for a quiet picnic lunch with family in the serenity of the outdoors. Consider renting our park for your next event? Facilities include a large picnic area and a spacious log house with a fireplace in the center, new BBQs, horseshoe pit, volleyball court, and covered seating area for enjoying the outdoors in case of rain. Camping in small groups is permitted. Rotary Peace Park is located on the east end of Town on Highway 16A.



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Little red Ice Cream Wagon

• Premium Hard Ice Cream Flavours • Old Fashioned Floats • Fresh Sweet N’ Salty Kettle Corn • New: Mini Donuts

Open Wednesday - Sunday & Holidays at the Vegreville Elks/Kinsmen (Pysanka) Park off Hwy 16A & local special events. For event hours & locations follow us on:



So ALL Kids Can Play! kidsport.ca/vegreville : vegreville@kidsport.ab.ca

Call or text: 780-632-1333 In & Around Vegreville 2020


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Vegreville Deerland and Vegreville Agricultural Society Country Fair Sponsored by Deerland of Vegreville the Vegreville Agricultural Society Country Fair will be held August 5,6, and 7, 2021. A parade will kick off the event on Thursday morning at 11:00 am, leading the crowd to the fairgrounds on the east side of town. On the fairgrounds themselves, there are livestock shows, a terrific midway filled with rides and games – maybe you can win your sweetheart a prize this year! Don’t forget the chariots, indoor commercial exhibits, petting zoo, and a bench show featuring a wonderful horticultural display put on by the Vegreville Garden Club. Make sure to check out the Kids Fun Zone for a huge array of activities. Win some cash at the Strong person competitions just by trying your hand at bale tossing or wheelbarrow racing. Kids make sure you check out the fun competitions daily at the Bandshell and the kids’ tractor pulls at the Grandstand. Ladies shop till you drop at the Market Place open daily. There is a huge variety of

vendors to suit everyone’s fancy. Daily money tunnel draws to win some CASH!!! Many people from Vegreville and the surrounding area attend the fair for the fun and enjoyment of the beautiful summer weather and the exciting games and rides. There are so many intriguing things to see and so many people to meet that it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun and excitement. See you there!

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Vegreville Deerland and Vegreville Agricultural Society Country Fair

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Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course


Located just off the Yellowhead Highway, the Vegreville Kinsmen Golf Course is on the north-east side of Vegreville Alberta. The course features 9 holes with a Par of 36 and plays up to 3370 yards. The semi-private course was built in 1948 and has recently undergone some major renovations. The improvements help keep the pace and allow a challenge for all golfers. The Golf Course is blessed to have some fantastic greens, challenging fairways and lots of water that comes into play on five of the nine holes. Faculties at the course include, clubhouse, RV camping, and meeting facilities. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Vegreville Drag Racing Association Around 2009 some racing enthusiasts were discussing how fun it would be to have a safe place to race their cars. After considering several options, they came up with the idea of racing at the Vegreville Airport. With the blessing of the Town, the County, and the Vegreville Airport Association, the first cars roared down the airstrip. Many out of town racers have attended our events and have become members in order to support this active club. Several local racers also attend. Sponsored prizes have been awarded to a variety of drivers and vehicles. The racers are not limited to cars. There have been trucks, snowmobiles (adapted for off snow), rail cars, offroad vehicles, and even a semi!!! As long as the vehicle passes a tech inspection and an approved helmet is worn, they can race. The club also donates money to a charity every year. There is a plaque at the Cross

Cancer Institute for the donation that the club has made to the cause over several years. In-town nonprofit associations have also benefited from the profits. Each race is completely run by volunteers and several of them even make time to race as well as do their specific task. Some non-members have committed to volunteering to help with the races which is very much appreciated. Food concessions are available at each race so you can come out for the whole day. Children under 16 are free but must be accompanied by an adult. This year the races have been cancelled, but members hope to see fans return in 2021.

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The Elks/Kinsmen Park

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The Elks/Kinsmen Park This beautiful park, located just off Highway 16 A on the east side of Vegreville, is the home of the world’s largest Easter egg, the Pysanka. This year the park will be home to a ceremonial event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Pysanka on August 29. It will be a full day of fun and entertainment, bring the kids, and bring your baba! Drawing visitors from across the province, the park features a trout-stocked pond, ideal for fishing, (for seniors and children) and a large aerating water fountain. Complete park for picnicking or camping, our beautiful park is open year round. Grab your picnic basket and spend the day relaxing in the sun at the Elks Kinsmen Park, a great day away from the office, and the perfect place to relax outside with your family and loved ones. The park features a bit of railway history in the form of a fully restored CN caboose, which is open for viewing by the public every day. Also available in the park are 93 sites (RVs and tents); an R.V. dump station; power hook-ups; picnic facilities; gazebos; a playground; tap water; Wi-Fi; showers; large public restrooms; and a Visitor Information Centre with souvenirs and snacks. For information about rates, reservations, the area or souvenirs, please phone the Visitor Information Centre at (780) 632-6800 or call (780) 632-3100 during the off season.

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Town & County Listing Beaver County............................. Pg 40

Innisfree......................................Pg 47

County of Minburn.....................Pg 12

Lamont........................................ Pg 44

County of Two Hills.....................Pg 53

Mundare......................................Pg 51

Lamont County........................... Pg 38

Ranfurly.......................................Pg 56

Andrew........................................ Pg 59

Ryley............................................ Pg 62

Bruce............................................Pg 41

Tofield.......................................... Pg 58

Chipman...................................... Pg 42

Two Hills......................................Pg 52

Hairy Hill......................................Pg 57

Viking.......................................... Pg 60

Holden.........................................Pg 46

Willingdon................................... Pg 64

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g 44

g 51

g 56

g 62

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g 52

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Lamont County Discover Lamont County Lamont County offers a combination of nature, history, and culture that provides unique opportunities for a wide variety of activities, events and education for people of all ages and backgrounds. Known as the “Church Capital of North America”, due to our over 40 historical churches, and the “Cradle of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada”, because of the historical significance of Ukrainian settlement in Lamont County, our county is a vibrant and vital community that offers visitors and residents alike a way to reconnect with what’s important in their lives. With attractions located only 30 minutes from Edmonton, Lamont County is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway! Nestled in the Beaver Hills and a part of the Beaver Hills Biosphere, Lamont County boasts attractions such as Elk Island National Park, the Ukrainian Cultural

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Heritage Village, and the Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival. Join us in the Lamont August 21-22, 2021 for the 8th annual Babas and Borshch Ukrainian Festival! This all-encompassing Ukrainian festival has become a mainstay festival in Alberta since its inception in 2011. For more information on upcoming events within Lamont County, visit the county website.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Lamont County Village History is brought to life at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, an open-air museum depicting early settlement in east-central Alberta from 1892-1930. More than 35 restored historic buildings are on site, including churches, a blacksmith shop, grain elevator, farmsteads, a sod house, and more! Sample mouth-watering Ukrainian food at the concession and browse through our gift shop to find the perfect souvenir for your visit. Please check our website for hours and visitor information. www.ukrainianvillage. camelodies with some of the most popular Ukrainian-Canadian polka bands. Come early and stroll through the collection of vintage and unique cars, tractors and motorcycles. Begin the day by listening to talented singers from Alberta as they compete for the title of Kalyna Voice champion 2019, co-hosted by Kalyna Country Ecomuseum. To register call 1888-452-5962. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Gates open at 9 a.m.)

Visit the ada’s home of Can n first Ukrainia Immigrant, Ivan Pylypow

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Beaver County

Explore Beaver County Beaver County A leisurely half-hour drive east of Edmonton is where you will find one of Alberta’s hidden gems, Beaver County. The unique ag-tourism, heritage, and cultural attractions will provide a memorable experience that’s second to none while also offering you a chance to relax and enjoy the country. During your travels, discover the small-town charm, friendly people, and local treasures. While you’re here, enjoy community markets, festivals, rodeos, and much more. Our community offers a quality lifestyle with a unique blend of country and urban living. Black Nugget Lake Park: Developed out of a former coal mine, Black Nugget Lake Park is a long winding lake with waterfront sites and back-to-nature tenting. Enjoy bird watching, boating (non-powered), canoeing, hiking, rainbow/tiger trout fishing, and horseshoe pits. Children will enjoy a sand-covered playground and a large playing field. Next door is the new 18-hole Coal Creek Golf Resort, so don’t forget to pack your clubs. Camp Lake Park: Just minutes from Viking, Camp Lake Park is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax. With a boat launch and trailer parking available, campers can enjoy swimming, boating, water-skiing, and canoeing as well as hiking, bird watching, and horseshoes. Spend an afternoon on one of the lake’s two beaches or enjoy the volleyball court and basketball hoop with a few friends.

40 In & Around Vegreville 2020

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Hamlet of Bruce Bruce, Alberta is a hamlet located South of Vegreville on AB-857 S. According to the 2009 Beaver County Census, Bruce had a population of 71 people. The Bruce Hotel/Restaurant is one attraction that is popular with both out-of-towners and locals alike. Make a reservation if you want to experience the legendary Bruce Hotel steak nights on Fridays, it fills up fast! Canadian country/blues singer Samantha King lived in Bruce when she was young. She received notoriety at the age of 13 when she was the youngest person ever to win the ‘Country Vocal Spotlight’ at the 1998 Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alberta. Bruce also boasts one of the oldest one-day rodeos in Canada – the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association’s (CPRA) Bruce Stampede.

Bruce Stampede Organizers of the Bruce Stampede have tentatively scheduled the rodeo to be held on July 26. Whether or not the rodeo will proceed as planned will depend on the lifting of restrictions by Alberta Health. Members of the Bruce Stampede Association have their fingers crossed and will keep fans posted at: brucestampede.ca The Bruce Stampede is one of the oldest stampedes in Canada dating back to 1914. It is officially sanctioned under the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

The oldest & largest one day rodeo in Canada!

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Village of Chipman Coyote Country Located on Hwy 15, less than an hour from Edmonton and northeast of Elk Island National Park, the Village of Chipman proudly proclaims itself as “Coyote Country”. The rich history of Chipman has been displayed in a superb collection of historical photographs lining the walls of the Village Administration Building as well as a mural in the Community Meeting Room, and in the Remembrance Day Mural on the wall of the Golden Seniors Drop-In Centre. Chipman has 3 of Lamont County’s 47 churches; a monument at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery honours Wasyl Eleniak, one of the first Ukrainian settlers to arrive in the west in 1891. Pyrogy suppers are popular at the Golden Seniors Drop-In Centre on the last Friday in January, March, May, September and No-

42 In & Around Vegreville 2020

vember. Plan to attend the Chipman Car Crafters Car Club Annual Show ‘n Shine the first Sunday of June. Enjoy a pancake breakfast before you take in the wide variety of classic cars, cool trucks, motorcycles and more all along Main Street. Visit the Chipman National Hall and grab a pyrogy plate, prepared by Chipman Historical Foundation members. Also watch for the Chipman Ag Society’s Fall and Spring Cutter Rallies. Chipman also has an amateur Theatre group that holds a community dinner theatre the first 3 Saturdays of March. To get to Chipman head West on Highway 16 from Vegreville, then North on AB-15W/AB 855 N towards Mundare/Chipman/Lamont/Andrew. Chipman, Alberta is roughly a 40 minute drive from Vegreville

Village of Chipman Chipman Show n’ Shine Take a summer weekend off and join the many friends that will be attending the 20th Anniversary Chipman Show and Shine, just 25 minutes west of Vegreville on Highway 15. This event is always exciting and the admission kept low to promote attendance. For just one toonie you will see Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Remote Control Car Show, Cool Trucks and many Vintage vehicles. It all starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs to 4:00 p.m. The Show and Shine is sponsored by the Chipman Car Crafters Car Club and will be held Sunday, June 6, 2021. Sunday kicks off with a pancake breakfast at 9:30 a.m. with the proceeds going to the Chipman Golden Seniors. The Chipman Historical Foundation will be hosting a Ukrainian plate in the Chipman National Hall starting at noon. The Chipman Vol-

unteer Fire Department is running the allday concession starting from 11:30 a.m., with the proceeds going to support the Fire Department. Lamont County is also the Church Capitol of North America and will be hosting their annual Church tours on this weekend as well. The Church doors are open across the county.

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Town of Lamont

Lamont is a great destination if you are wishing to head out for a weekend or short trips. Located just 35 minutes east of Edmonton on Highway 15, and 40 minutes northwest of Vegreville also on Hwy 15. Lamont has a full range of services and amenities, including a nationally top-rated hospital, full-service senior’s lodge, pre-kindergarten to grade 12 public schools, library, arena, curling rink, local parks, tourist and workforce accommodations, fine dining as well as a full assortment of shopping needs. Visit Lamont to experience city living-country style. The Mohyla, located just north of Lamont, was constructed in 1991 and it marks the centenary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada. This historical site is a must-see while visiting the community. The exceptional murals on the north wall of Lamont High School, north and east walls of the Arena and in the Lamont Health Care Centre are another must-see.

44 In & Around Vegreville 2020

A day of fishing is always relaxing at the Lamont Fish Pond which is home to a great population of trout, refreshed every year before the May long weekend. Lamont is the gateway to Elk Island National Park where you could be spending an educational, hiking, or relaxing day while watching the large herds of bison. Take a stroll at Hillside Park, fly a kite on top of the massive hill, have a picnic, enjoy the spray park, playground, exercise equipment or enjoy the view off Mallard’s Landing just off the walking path overlooking the pond. Lamont Community Christmas Light Up, held yearly the last Saturday of November is an exciting winter festival celebrating the holiday season with activities and entertainment. Cookie decorating, bake sales, pictures with Santa along with a Festival of Trees (Lamont Style). To end off the day, the kids are sure to love the wagon rides to see the Christmas lights around the town.

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Village of Holden The Village of Holden derived its name from the late Mr. J. B. Holden, the first MLA in the constituency for the Province and a former Mayor of Vegreville. Holden was incorporated as a village in 1909. Holden boasts an excellent Museum, housed in a heritage building, with a 1911-era town model and family research archives. It is open from May to Labour Day on weekends or any time by appointment. Holden is an active and creative community with a local Library, Community Hall, the Gallery (that hosts musicians, education, and artistic events amongst items of art, crafts and country décor that are on display/sale), and Theatre (movies and performing arts). Sports and special event facilities include ball diamonds, campground, spray park, arena, and playgrounds. Three buildings and the iconic 1923 Cenotaph have been designated as historic resources, showing our pride in the heritage and culture of this region. We invite you to visit, stay awhile, and ”Share the Charm of County Living”. Holden has a population of 350 and can be reached by heading south from Vegreville. Farmer’s Day The Farmer’s Day celebration has been part of Holden for many years. It’s a bang-up weekend with a full day of family fun. Mark your calendar for The Second Saturday of June, and head on down to enjoy the Pancake Breakfast, Parade, Market, Children’s Activities, Supper, Entertainment, Fireworks, and much more. Activities run from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. To book a table at the Market call the village office.

46 In & Around Vegreville 2020

Village of Innisfree Take a well-deserved break from your travels along the Yellowhead Highway at Innisfree. Stretch your legs, enjoy some scenery, or explore the hidden village. The Village of Innisfree is roughly a 20-minute drive east of Vegreville. The spectacular Birch Lake, located just one kilometer south of Innisfree, is especially suitable for bird watching. While there, enjoy the day-use facilities for a picnic, or camp overnight. This beautiful, modern campground features over 50 sites (including pull-through and powered), a group camp with heated shelter and an attractive shower/administration building. The picturesque view from the viewpoint located just south of the highway is a welcome sight for travelers eager to get out and stretch their legs. Just a five-minute drive west of the viewpoint is a nature conservatory based on the spring-fed Wapasu Lake. It is developed as a multi-use public recreation day-use fa-

cility including swimming and a bed and breakfast facility. A five-minute drive west on Highway 16 is the Innisfree Fish and Game Trout Pond, stocked for your fishing enjoyment. On the north side of the highway, venture into our hidden village – Innisfree. Established in 1908, Innisfree’s history stems back to a visit by the President of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, who said that he would build a bank in the village if the name of the village would be changed from Delnorte Isle to Innisfree. The poem by Yeats, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” was his inspiration for our romantic name as nearby Birch Lake reminded the banker of his summer home in Ireland. As they say, the rest is history. You can visit the tourist information center in the historic old Bank of Commerce building on main street, or take in a meal or coffee in one of two café’s or simply absorb the pleasant company and well-kept appearance of the village.

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In & Around Vegreville 2020


Town of Mundare Small Town, Big Heart Situated 15 miles west of Vegreville, just one mile north of Highway 16, is the charming town of Mundare. Thanks to the main street revitalization project, new sidewalks, street-lights, and the elm trees provides citizens and guests of Mundare a fabulous place to greet one another. When you visit Mundare for the first time, you are sure to be surprised by the numerous amenities it has for a town its size this includes is a hockey area, curling rink, numerous ball diamonds and a water spray park, bowling alley, a library and an 18-hole Golf Course. Mundare is very proud to be the home of the Basilian Fathers Museum, a worldclass facility of unique design and intriguing collection of artifacts and history. The museum also serves as a tourist information centre. Adjacent to the museum is the Ukraina Park Recreation Area with power campsites. Mundare is also known for its famous Ukrainian sausage. Situated on Main Street is Stawnichy’s Meat Processors, a family business that has prospered on processing fine foods. Tours of the facility are welcomed on request. The small town is bursting with comforts and leisure options such as an 18-hole championship golf course, a hockey arena, a curling rink, numerous baseball diamonds, a water spray park, a bowling alley, and a public library. The next time you are traveling in the area, be sure to visit the home of the Largest Sausage in the world in Mundare-the Small Town with a Big Heart.

Come Visit C


Country Club Tour Group

Great Course G Just 35 Minutes Out of Sherwood Park Ph: 780-764-3999 64 3999 or toll t ll free f 11-866-764-3999 866 764 3999

48 In & Around Vegreville 2020


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Town of Mundare The Basilian Fathers Museum

Since arriving from Ukraine in 1902, the Basilian Fathers have taken a special interest in the rich Ukrainian patrimony brought to Canada by Ukrainian settlers since 1891. Over the years an extensive collection of religious and folk artifacts textiles, photographs, books and other material has been accumulated and are now displayed in a modern museum in the heart of early Ukrainian Canadian settlement, Mundare. This small community is only an hour’s drive east of Edmonton at the junction of Highways 15 and 16.

Ukraina Park Campground The Town of Mundare operates the Mundare Recreation Centre Campground. There is no pre-booking, it is all on a first come first serve basis. Payments can be made by cash or debit. Rates are $30 per night. Power is 30 amp. Monthly rates are available between May and October and November to April.

The Ukraina Park recreation area is closed for the 2020 season In & Around Vegreville 2020


Town of Mundare Ukrainian food just like Baba makes! It all began in the back of Anna and Woytko Stawnichy’s general store when the couple decided to bring the traditional savory meats they enjoyed as kids to their community. Woytko added one small sausage smoker and that’s all it took. That single step secured Stawnichy’s place at the dinner table across the province for generations to come. Woytko’s son, Edward (Uncle Ed), and his high school sweetheart Jane Stefanyk (Auntie Jane) teamed up with Woytko in 1965 to run Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage. Shortly after Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage grew from a single sausage smoker to a full processing facility. Uncle Ed was not only an entrepreneur, but he was also a local politician, a philanthropist, and an overall good time. In 1986 they decided to bring their products to the masses and opened Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage House in Edmonton. This location later expanded to include Uncle Ed’s, a take-out or sit-down restaurant. The meals come out hot and quick—nothing too fancy; but tasty—just the way baba used to make them. We like to think of our Ukrainian comfort-food as the best in the city, and through numerous awards over the years, Albertans have tended to agree with us. Eventually, Edward and Jane’s daughters Colette and Cheryl also joined the company as shareholders and the Mundare facility expanded another two times. By 2006, Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage House and Uncle Ed’s Restaurant outgrew its location and expanded to a brand new building where it continues to serve Edmontonians today. In 2009, Stawnichy’s celebrated a half-century of serving hungry Albertans. This milestone year also sadly saw the loss of Edward. Four generations later, Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage is still family operated and owned and as committed to their roots and their community as ever. By maintaining the traditional Ukrainian flavours and developing new products for chang-

50 In & Around Vegreville 2020

Town of Mundare

uple ytko chy’s

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ing tastes and trends, Stawnichy’s continues to grow and serve the dynamic needs of Albertans. At Stawnichy’s we are proud of our Alberta heritage and work hard to preserve the values & traditions of authentic food set forth by its founders. In addition to our restaurant, our attached Deli also carries over 80 unique products that we make in Mundare, as well as, a wide variety of other specialty items representing Eastern European food and culture. And if that’s not enough, we also offer catering and have an established history of helping organizations and clubs fundraise


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In & Around Vegreville 2020


Town of Two Hills

A small community nestled in the heart of Northeastern Alberta, Two Hills offers the serenity of country living in a small town setting. Situated close enough to Edmonton to enjoy the conveniences and benefits the city has to offer but far enough away from the big city problems, Two Hills is the ideal location to raise a family, retire or start a business. A neat and tidy community with treelined streets, sidewalks and full services, Two Hills prides itself on being friendly and com-

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County of Two Hills County of Two Hills

munity-minded. John Weaver’s handcrafted statues of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dowhaniuk, located in Heritage Park, pay tribute to the Dowhaniuk family and all of the pioneers of Two Hills. Diefenbaker Avenue, named after former Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker leads you past the school, the parkand into the quaint downtown area. The tranquility of Two Hills, with its scenic and challenging nine-hole golf course, fully stocked trout pond, and a swimming pool, offers the perfect location to “Build Your Own Dream Home.” Lots are available in the Golf Course Subdivision. The motto “Small Town with a Big Future” is one that Two Hills’ Town Council and Administration have committed themselves to, providing the residents of the community with the opportunity to live in a healthy, viable town. Two Hills, with its many benefits and services, is a community with unlimited potential. It is a great place to visit or call home. Two Hills is located approximately 40 km northeast of Vegreville at the junction of Highways 36 and 45.

Nestled along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, the County of Two Hills offers plenty for visitors to enjoy, from picturesque Jackfish Lake, Sandy Lake and Lac Sante to the highly popular Silverberry Recreation Area for horseback riding and hiking over scenic backcountry trails. The early history of Two Hills is best described by the Cree word “Matapeskuteweyak”, which means “the prairie that comes out of the river”. The river referred to is the North Saskatchewan that borders most of the counties north side. The County of Two Hills was the area where the prairie met the Boreal/Coniferous forest and was host to several different Aboriginal groups that thrived in its diversity. Located an hour and a half east of Edmonton, the County of Two Hills is an area steeped in culture, entertainment and history.

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Two Hills & District Agricultural Society The Two Hills Agricultural Society has been forced to cancel all of its scheduled events in 2020. Hopefully, things will return to normal in 2021. Usually the ag. society hosts a highly successful Agri-Days Trade Show at the end of April at its Regional Recreation Centre, hall, and arena. The event is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase what they have to offer. There are many booths to visit, along with speakers all day long. There also will be activities for the kids, along with food vendors and beer gardens. For more information about the ag. soci-

ety head to its Facebook page @thagsociety or call the office.

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Hamlet of Ranfurly Ranfurly, Alberta is a small hamlet located 20 minutes East of Vegreville on Highway 16. Despite only having one post office, one church, and an Agricultural Society, Ranfurly is quite an active community. The first people to hunt and occupy the Ranfurly area were the prairie division of the Plain’s Cree. It is these hunting parties, or similar bands, that are likely responsible for the buffalo skeletons found in the Ranfurly area. After the buffalo were destroyed, the Plains Cree were obliged to settle on reserves. One of the original reserves and the one closest to Ranfurly is that at Saddle Lake. The area where Ranfurly is located was formed from a large number of smaller units of land dating back to the 1900s. Ranfurly sprung up, along with other nearby towns when a new railway line came into use in 1906. The Ranfurly Ag. Society is very active in the community, by hosting monthly meetings at the old school, monthly Steak Suppers on the last Tuesday of every month, and by hosting the annual fair. The Ag Society is

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also very active in the Curling club which holds a handful of bonspiels each year, in the Ranfurly curling rink which uses only natural ice. The Ag Society also has a Seniors Club that is active in the community since 1984. How did Ranfurly get its name? It was as simple as picking from a name from a hat of British Earls, Dukes, and Lords. Lord Ranfurly was the fifteenth governor of New Zealand. The Ranfurly Shield is a New Zealand rugby trophy memorial to Lord Ranfurly, who had no Canadian or local connection.

Hamlet of Hairy Hill Hairy Hill is located where the buffalo used to roam, which is where the unique name of the hamlet finds its historic roots. Herds of buffalo often sunned themselves on the picturesque hills of the area and had rubbing wallows where large amounts of their hair accumulated. In the 1900s when the CPR laid its tracks, they found all the buffalo’s hair on the large hills and named the hamlet Hairy Hill. The original hamlet site was located two miles south of its present location but was relocated to be closer to the railway. You can get to the hamlet of Hairy Hill by heading north from Vegreville

on AB-857 for about 35 kilometers. Hairy Hill is in close proximity to one of Northern Alberta’s largest feedlots, Highland Feeders Ltd., which is proudly registered with Verified Beef Production, part of the national On-Farm Food Safety program for beef. With the utilization of the integrated bioRefinery ‘Future Fuels,’ an innovation-based renewable energy company, they now operate one of North America’s largest anaerobic digesters. Highland Feeders is amongst Canada’s largest feedlot operations and has received several awards for industry leadership and environmental practices.

Hairy Hill Annual Rodeo Due to COVID-19, this year’s edition of the Hairy Hill Rodeo has been cancelled. The event has been held for more than 30 years and is widely anticipated by spectators and participants alike. Crowds normally get warmed up with the Rodeo Kids Wild Pony Race, the Wild Horse Race, Wild Cow

Milking, Silent Auction, Dance. Free parking and camping are available. Located 17 miles north of Vegreville on Secondary Highway 857 and five and a half miles east on Township Road 552, the Hairy Hill Rodeo is a “must-see” event packed with thrills and excitement for the whole family.

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Town of Tofield Located just 45 minutes southwest of Vegreville, the Town of Tofield has a wonderful variety of activities for everyone! Although once known to the Snow Goose Festival – celebrating the migration of waterfowl each spring – the drought conditions caused the Lake to dry completely. Although there are still many species of migratory birds to be seen, the numbers that once were noted, are migrating through areas to the east. But there is much more to be experienced in the Town of Tofield. Perhaps a less formal visit to Tofield this year might include a visit to the Tofield Museum, a visit to the Tofield Farmer’s Market, or stop at some of the unique businesses in Tofield – eg. James Built Saddlery, Mom’s Ice Cream, or Snow Goose Quilting – to name just a few. Enjoy a day on the Golf Course, a walk along the paved trail system in Tofield, or a picnic lunch in one of the many parks in Town.

Tofield Sodbuster Rodeo Scheduled for June 4-6, 2021, the Tofield Sodbuster Rodeo is sure to knock your socks off! This rodeo is co-sanctioned with the Lakeland Rodeo Association (LRA) and the Wildrose Rodeo Association (WRA) – this annual event draws nearly 400 contestants annually and is the largest entry in the LRA. Friday Night will kick off the event with a Rodeo Promenade on Tofield’s Mainstreet, and a “slack” Rodeo performance at the Rodeo grounds with free admission for that night only. On Saturday, the rodeo day will start with a Pancake Breakfast at the Indoor Arena, followed by a full day of rodeo action and closed off with a Rodeo Dance at 9 pm. The Sodbusters Rodeo will end on Sunday, with Cowboy Church at 10:30 at the Community Hall and final rodeo performance at the fairgrounds starting from 1 pm. Don’t miss out on the rodeo action!

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Village of Andrew

The world’s largest Mallard Duck!

To our visitors, welcome! To the vacation seekers, consider us! To our citizens, promote us! Yes, we do have an identity, and yes, you did hear it right - Andrew is the home of the “World’s Largest Mallard Duck.” Although the history of Andrew commenced well before its incorporation as a village in 1930, Andrew has since been able to retain its vitality due to its ability to adapt to an ever-changing economic and social environment. From a village that provided services to an agricultural hinterland of widespread farmsteads, Andrew has grown to become a village that provides services to both farmers and village residents, with a current focus on providing a quality of life for its citizens and visitors, be they from near or far. We are proud of our modern school and civic, cultural and recreational centre, a jointuse facility that opened in the fall of 1992. The latter consists of the Village offices, Council Chambers, multi-use meeting room, bowling alley, exercise/weight room, sauna, and change room facilities. Other facilities include an arena, curling rink, mini-golf, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, ball diamonds, campground, picnic areas, museum, caboose car, and community drop-in centre. During the course of 2020, make Andrew a place you visit. If you have any questions or inquiries, please call or visit our staff at the village office. Andrew welcomes you!

Andrew Garlic Festival During Harvest season the Andrew and District Agricultural Society hosts the Andrew Garlic Festival. But due to COVID-19 health restrictions it is undetermined as to whether the event will proceed in 2020. However, the ag society has resumed its Farmer’s Market which runs every Saturday from 1-3 pm.

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Town of Viking The Town of Viking is located Southeast of Vegreville. Head east on Highway 16 and then south on Highway 36 and you will come across the charming town of Viking, Alberta. Viking museum is one of the best in the area. It is a 1921 hospital which has been completely redone so that every room is a different time period. Another historical

element of the Viking area is the Ribstones. They are native carvings in stone from more than 1,000 years ago. If you would like more of a recreational element, Viking has that too! A nine-hole golf course with grass green can be used for your liking, or you can use the facilities that Viking has for baseball and soccer.

Cloverlodge Stampede Organizers with the Cloverlodge Stampede Association were forced to cancel the 2020 edition of the rodeo because of COVID-19, but are hoping to see fans back in the stands for the 2021 edition next spring. The rodeo is both Lakeland Rodeo Association and Wildrose and Foothills approved and all major events include: bareback, novice horse, saddle bronc, tie-down

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roping, steer wrestling, bull riding as well as pee wee, junior and ladies barrel racing. Family events will include pancake breakfast, Christian Cowboy Church service, bicycle foot race, Stick horse race, children’s activities & money pit, and fireworks on Saturday night! Come on to Viking to enjoy the cowboys/girls and the outstanding livestock from Miller Stock Contracting. Outstanding rodeo entertainment for everyone! Events all weekend long! The Cloverlodge Stampede grounds are located in the Northeast corner of the Town of Viking, just north of the Golf Course. There is lots of room for free camping.

Town of Viking

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Village of Ryley Ryley, is in the centre of Beaver County, 50 minutes east of Edmonton. The village and its nearly 500 residents enjoy a tranquil, small community atmosphere.

the campground. To learn more about Ryley, check out the Ryley video at: www.ryley.ca

Attractions & Events Ryley is the only village to unveil a Canada 150 Mosaic Mural. Admire it on Main Street, and while you’re here taste the famous Ryley Sausage, and visit the working museum of George’s Harness and Saddlery with its antique making and repairing equipment from all over North America. Shop or grab a bite to eat at the other main street businesses. Tour the Ryley & District Museum housed in two old country schools joined together. Ryley is also home to the only indoor swimming pool and fitness center in Beaver County with a climbing wall and hot tub. The monthly Village Market, on the first Thursday of the month, and many other programs and events are held at the Community Centre all year long. In the third weekend of June the village will host the two day Sports Day festival featuring a live music street dance on the Friday and on Saturday a free pancake breakfast, parade, market, ball tournament, family events, a dinner, dance and fireworks. Cheer on your favorite team in the Ry/Tof (Ryley/ Tofield) Annual Slo-pitch Tournament held September long weekend. In December come out for the lighting of the 46 foot Christmas tree, with hot chocolate, Christmas Market, skating and more.

Enjoy our Attractions…. Home of Ryley Sausage & George’s Harness & Saddlery Ryley Indoor Swimming Pool Ryley Sports Grounds Ryley & District Museum Ryley Lion’s Club Playground Ryley Campground Ryley Village Market – 1st Thursday of the month, Mar-June & Sept-Dec 10-2 p.m.

Outdoors With a great variety of facilities, the Ryley Sports Grounds are an active place year round. Enjoy phase one of the skating/BMX Park, active curling rink, outdoor skating rink, three slo-pitch and one hardball shale diamonds, concession, Ryley Lion’s Club Playground and Earth Academy Park with walking paths. You can also spend a weekend at

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Welcome to the VILLAGE OF RYLEY

Join us for these annual events…. Christmas Light Up – December 5, 2020 Light up of the 46’ tall Christmas tree, market, skating and more! Tofield & Area Health Foundation Fundraiser – March 2021 Dinner and entertainment. Beaver Heritage & Agricultural Society Spring Splash – April 2021 Dinner, live entertainment and auction. Lion’s Club Mother’s Day Brunch – May 9, 2021 Bring mom out for a special brunch at the Ryley Community Centre and no dishes! Live Music Street Dance – June 18, 2021 Enjoy the old time live music street dance on Friday with local food and beer gardens. Sports Day Festival – June 19, 2021 Free breakfast to start off the morning. Family entertainment & activities, market, baseball, dinner, dance, beer gardens and fireworks. Ry/Tof Slo-Pitch Tournament – September Long Weekend Christmas Light Up – December 4, 2021 Light up of the 46’ tall Christmas tree, market, skating and more!

Village of Ryley

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Hamlet of Willingdon The Village of Willingdon is located north of Vegreville off of AB-857, on Hwy 45 just east of Whitford Lake. Willingdon has a population of roughly 300 people and was largely settled by Ukrainian and Romanian farmers. Five kilometres east of the town is the Historic Boian District, featuring St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church and a museum dedicated to local Romanian pioneers. Stop by the Willingdon Tourist Park along

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Hwy 45 where you can find the World’s Largest Lapel Pin and a camping facility with 16 sites, 10 of which have power hookups and showers. Willingdon Fish & Game welcomes visitors to their stocked fish pond and park located on 53 Ave. & 49 St. For more information, contact the Village of Willingdon.

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Elk Island National Park Just 55 km west of Vegreville on Highway 16 this 194 sq km national park, together with its neighbors and adjacent provincial lands protects a core area of 900 sq km known as the Beaver Hills, underlain by the Cooking Lake Moraine. The moraine is a plateau of wetland, mixed-wood forest, and grassland that sits twenty meters above the surrounding plains. Elk Island protects a representative portion of the Southern Boreal Plains and Plateau Natural Region and is one of the largest remaining aspen-dominated lower boreal mixed wood forests in south-central Canada. On March 28, 1906, Canada’s first wildlife sanctuary was established as Elk Park. Beginning a long history of conservation efforts in Elk Island, five local men signed a $5,000 bond with the Domin-

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ion Government of Canada to protect one of the last remaining herds of elk in the country in a 41 sq km fenced enclosure around Astotin Lake. Plains bison from Montana then arrived in 1907, ultimately destined for Buffalo

Elk Island National Park Elk Island National Park Home to over 250 species of birds!

National Park at Wainwright; 48 animals eluded capture and their offspring remain in the park to this day. In 1965, a small herd of wood bison from Wood Buffalo National Park was brought to Elk Island to establish a disease-free herd for future recovery initiatives. Trumpeter swans were reintroduced in 1987 after an absence of over 100 years and are once again firmly established in the park and region. Elk Island continues its proud history over the past century, supporting Parks Canada’s identity as a leader in conservation. Elk Island National Park offers a variety of activities for all ages and interests. The park contains 11 hiking, cross-country ski and snowshoeing trails that vary in length from 300 meters to 16.5 kilometres. The park is a bird watcher’s paradise boasting over 250 species of birds. Astotin Lake provides visitors with great photography spots, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, canoeing, kayaking, and a great view of the starry night sky. Group camping and day picnic sites are available throughout the park as well. Take in a round of golf at the 9-hole Elk Island Golf Course surrounded by the scenic Beaver hills landscape. At this time the Astotin Day Use Theatre is closed, but may re-open soon. Some operations may be impacted by COVID-19 and visitors are encouraged to look for current information online.

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Kalyna Country Ecomuseum The Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is a 20,000 square kilometer heritage district between Edmonton and Saskatchewan border. A picturesque mix of classic prairie and parkland terrain, it embraces a territory that is more than four times the size of Prince Edward Island and includes such communities as Gibbons, Redwater, Thorhild, Smoky Lake, Vilna, Two Hills, Elk Point, Myrnam, Viking, Holden, Tofield, Lamont, Bruderheim, Cooking Lake and Josephburg. Vegreville is located near the centre of the ecomuseum, which takes its name from the highbush cranberry plant that is native to the region. Kalyna is the Ukrainian word for this large and distinctive bush, which produces clusters of white flowers and is also known as the Guelder-Rose and the “Snowball Tree”. In the fall, the plant yields generous bunches of red cranberries that are rich in vitamin C and can be used for baking or to make juice, jelly, jam, and syrup. The territory encompassed by Kalyna Country boasts numerous points of historical interest and other tourist attractions.

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The North Saskatchewan River valley, for instance, offers not only many scenic vistas but a string of former trading posts and a famous trail that once linked Edmonton to Winnipeg. In the 18th-19th centuries a “Who’s Who” of Canadian historical figures traveled through Kalyna Country, among them Anthony Henday (fl 1750-1762), Peter Fidler (1769-1822), David Thompson (17701850), Paul Kane (1810-1871) Sir Sandford Fleming (1827-1915) and the legendary lawman, Sir Sam Steele (1849-1919). You can learn more about some of these colorful characters at Fort George/Buckingham House near Elk Point, and the Victoria Settlement, north of Andrew. Accompanying the first Europeans were Cree guides from the eastern prairies along with their Métis cousins, both of whom played a key role in opening up Alberta to subsequent settlement. Descendants of the Cree still live at the Saddle Lake, Goodfish Lake, and Frog Lake First Nations reserves, while the Métis recently established a major cultural and educational centre known as

Kalyna Country Ecomuseum Métis Crossing in south Smoky Lake County. Of course, one of the more obvious features of the Kalyna Country region is its unmistakably Slavic flavor – the legacy of the pioneer period that brought a huge influx of homesteaders into east central Alberta at the end of the 1800s. Although ethnic Ukrainians formed the largest single group to arrive from Eastern Europe, numerous Romanians, Poles, Germans, and Jews who immigrated to Kalyna Country also began their trek from towns and villages in Ukrainian lands Among the museums that specifically document the Ukrainian pioneer experience are the spectacular Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village on Highway 16; the Basilian Fathers Museum in Mundare; and the Shandro Pioneer Village, north of Willingdon. The cradle of the oldest and largest Ukrainian agricultural colony in Canada can be found at Star, just north of Lamont, and more than one hundred Byzantine Rite churches still grace the Kalyna Country landscape with their familiar onion domes and quaint belltowers. However, perhaps the most famous symbol of the Ukrainian contribution to Alberta’s growth and prosperity is the world’s largest pysanka, or Easter egg, located east of Vegreville’s town centre at the Elks/Kinsmen Park.

In addition to its imposing monuments, impressive historic sites and remarkable natural areas like Elk Island National Park and Beaverhill Lake, the ecomuseum offers a wide variety of annual events that are ideally suited to family outings. From Vegreville’s Pysanka Festival to the Thorhild Rodeo, and from the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fest to the Saddle Lake Pow Wow, the Kalyna Country calendar is full of activities that draw visitors year-round. The primary objective of the ecomuseum project, begun in 1992, is to promote greater public awareness and appreciation of Kalyna Country’s unique history and culture. Predicated on the assumption that the best way of encouraging the preservation of the past is to make it accessible and vibrant in the context of the present, the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is committed to preserving local heritage resources and cultural traditions so that they can be enjoyed by present and future generations of Albertans.

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Wildlife Viewing Tips Wildlife Viewing Tips Watching wildlife be wild is one of the most unique experiences one can have while visiting any national park. Elk Island is home to many species of wildlife typical of the southern boreal plains and plateaux natural region. Watch plains bison, woods bison, moose, elk and deer graze in their natural habitats.

Autumn Autumn is the breeding season for members of the deer family. Elk are highly vocal animals; when alarmed, cows give sharp barks to warn the rest of the group. The whistling bugle of rutting bull elk is a spine-tingling sound and an experience unto itself on a frosty autumn morning. Enjoy the sounds of Astotin Lake; many species of birds use Astotin Lake as a staging area before they fly south for the winter.

Spring Spring is calving time in Elk Island. Cow elk hide their calves for 10 days or more after birth. Orange coloured bison calves are easy to spot on the landscape at this time of year. Animals can be more aggressive during the calving season; extra caution should be taken to give wildlife plenty of room.

Winter Winter is an excellent time to watch for elk and moose. Wary, elusive elk are easier to spot as they spend more daylight hours foraging for food.

Summer Summer is breeding season for the bison. The “roaring� of the bull bison can be heard day and night, as bulls challenge each other in rutting ritual. Opportunities to view plains bison, moose, elk and deer are best at dusk and dawn as animals feed before bedding down. Beavers are also busiest at dusk and dawn.

Year Round Scenic Wildlife Viewing Drives There is something new to see with each season. Tune in to FM 93.3 seasonal information on what is happening in Elk Island. Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16) bisects Elk Island National Park for 10km. As you travel on the highway, watch for wood bison to the south and plains bison to the north.

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Wildlife Viewing Tips Elk Island Parkway is the major roadway through the Park: 20km north and south. Plains bison, moose, elk, deer and coyotes may be seen. Bison herds gather during the mating season known as the rut (mid July to mid-August); elk herds are commonly seen during the winter. Take your time and enjoy the view! Tawayik Lake Picnic Area is located 1km off the Elk Island Parkway. The short drive takes you to a serene lakeshore picnic area with an accessible viewing platform and telescope. Shorebirds and waterfowl are abundant and bison often graze in the area. Traveling On The Parkway Be patient and careful as motorists may not be familiar with the Park and may stop suddenly. Animals may attempt to flee from a car by continuing to run alongside the vehicle. If safe to do so, pull over or slow down until the animals safely leave the road. Exhibits and Viewpoints Exhibits and viewpoints are located at most trailheads. Some of the most spectacular views can be

seen on the shores of Astotin and Tawayik Lakes, especially at sunrise and sunset. When safe to do so, pull over to enjoy the wildlife and scenery; use a road pull off site, a trailhead parking lot, or watch for signs indicating viewpoints. From Dusk to Dawn Be extra careful at sunrise, sunset and at night, this is when animals are most likely to be on the road. Animals may panic when they see your headlights; slow down until you are well past them. To Increase Your Enjoyment While on the Trails - Travel with others, on established trails, during daylight hours - Dress in layers, carry sufficient water, insect repellent and sunscreen - Pick only trails suitable for your fitness level. Let someone know where you are going, and when you expect to be back - Be prepared for rapid changes in weather - Stay on the trail; retrace your steps if unsure of your route or if you encounter threatening wild life - Cell phone reception is unreliable

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Wapasu Recreation Conservancy Park Wapasu Recreation Conservancy Park

Wapasu Recreation/Conservancy Park is located just a few kilometers southwest of Innisfree, just off Highway 16. The Wapasu Recreation/Conservancy Park was developed in partnership with Ducks Unlimited, Parks and Wildlife Canada and the County of Minburn as a millennium project with funding provided by the Federal Government. Land for the project was acquired in 1999 from the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians and the park was officially opened the following year. The park is for day use only

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for cottage owners, locals, or those who wish to stop off who are traveling along the highway. There is a large area for family reunions and the park also features a recreation area for sports, a cook-house, and washrooms. Wapasu Lake, which the park is situated beside, is a shallow, spring-fed lake perfect for surface paddling. For a quiet, out of the way spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, look for the Wapasu Park signs along Highway 16, and get back in touch with Mother Nature.

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