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Third Grade Christmas Greeting Cards

DECEMBER 25, 2013 |


Dakottah Alford-Idaho Hill Elementary

Conner Erickson- House of the Lord

ET’s Thrift & Things

Fleur de Lis Floral & Home

These one of a kind cards were drawn and submitted by the area third grade classes including: Stratton Elementary, Bess Herian Elementary and Selkirk Elementary in Pend Oreille County and Idaho Hill Elementary, Priest River Elementary, Priest Lake Elementary and House of the Lord Christian Academy in west Bonner County. All the students did an excellent job. The sponsors wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! See Page 11A for 2nd and 3rd Place Winners.

West Bonner County: 1st Place Winner Olivia Tafft is on front page of the Gem State Miner Pend Oreille County: 1st Place Winner Christopher Mackey is on the front page of the Newport Miner

Newport - 509-671-1758

Newport, WA - 509-447-4416

Joshua Chase- House of the Lord

Bobby Jo Best - Priest Lake Elementary

Samual Gatchell- Priest River Elementary

Luke Butler-Priest Lake Elementary

Floors & More

Copper Bay Construction

ADL Insurance Services

Millies Restaurant & Bar

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1632

Priest Lake, ID - 208-443-0510

Faith Hansen - Stratton Elementary

Joel Krabbenhaft- Selkirk Elementary

Shantell Rodriquez - Stratton Elementary

Perfection Tire

Mountain West Bank

Mountain West Bank

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1914

Kaden Barber- Priest Lake Elementary

The Property Shoppe

Priest Lake, ID - 208-443-2193

Priest Lake, ID - 208-443-7103

Newport, WA - 509-447-3933

Clara McMeen-Bess Herian Elementary

Justin Dugan- Stratton Elementary

Paige Hamilton - Bess Herian Elementary

Sylvia Mitchell- Stratton Elementary

Usk Community Club

Newport School District

Coldwell Banker North County Realty

Port of Pend Oreille

Usk, WA - 509-445-1433

Newport, WA - 509-447-3167

Ione, WA - 509-442-3516

Newport, WA - 509-447-2421

Newport, WA - 509-447-5642

Usk, WA - 509-445-1090


| DECEMBER 25, 2013


Mackenzie Lang- Bess Herian Elementary

Nikita Angel- Priest River Elementary

Deegan Jones-Goins - Priest River Elementary

Shyla Meshell - Bess Herian Elementary

Pend Oreille County Fair Board

City of Priest River

Usk Bar & Grill

Usk, WA - 509-445-1433

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2123

Aaging Better-In Home Care, LLC. Post Falls, ID - 208-777-0308

Usk, WA - 509-445-1262

Daisy Mason- Stratton Elementary

Judea Stigall- House of the Lord

Emelyn Hoodler- Priest River Elementary

Semiah Jackson- Bess Herian Elementary

Aerocet, Inc.

Intermountain Dental

Rep. Shelly Short (R)

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1241

Addy, WA -

H&D Diesel, Inc. Newport, WA - 509-447-4699

Priest River, ID - 208-448-0400

Cheyenne Pack - Stratton Elementary

Isabella Riddle - Selkirk Elementary

Nickolas Ragsdal;e- Startton Elementary

Abigail Shockey - Priest River Elementary

Rep. Shelly Short (R)

Rep. Shelly Short (R)

Durham School Services

Priest River Motors

Addy, WA -

Addy, WA -

Newport, WA - 509-447-0505

Julia Madan- Priest River Elementary

Austin Reeves- Idaho Hill Elementary

Brooklyn Hastings- Stratton Elementary

Hansen’s Powerstroke Repair

Red Rose Carpet Cleaning

Concept Cable TV

Oldtown, ID - 360-770-1180

Oldtown, ID - 208-437-5298

Newport, WA - 208-437-4544

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2800

Arieanna Westhusing-Selkirk Elementary

The Cutter Theatre

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-4108


DECEMBER 25, 2013 |


Stephen Muto- Selkirk Elementary

Mailei Jungblom- Selkirk Elementary

Aidon Honshiko- Selkirk Elementary

Steph Ford-Priest River-Elementary

Pend Oreille Mine/ Teck Washington Inc.

Pend Oreille Mine/ Teck Washington Inc.

Pend Oreille Mine/ Teck Washington Inc.

Green Owl at McAbee Tavern & Restaurant

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-4516

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-4516

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1995

Kadence Mason-Bess Herian Elementary

Samantha Razo- Bess Herian Elementary

Emily Bell- Stratton Elementary

Alexis Hunter- Idaho Hill Elementary

Edwards Ranch

Kalispel Tribe Usk, WA - 509-445-1147

Just Because

Newport, WA - 509-447-2762

Oldtown, ID - 208-437-4822

Allee Thompson- Idaho Hill Elementary

Caleb Mcdermeit- Idaho Hill Elementary

Christopher Tomason- Idaho Hill Elementary

Dillon Edwards- Idaho Hill Elementary

Selkirk Ace Hardware

Owen Grocery & Deli

The Kitchen Shoppe

CHAS North County Clinic

Newport, WA - 509-447-3525

Newport, WA - 509-447-4600

Grace Adkins- Idaho Hill Elementary

Jameson Kurt Kohn- Idaho Hill Elementary

Keith Bemis- Idaho Hill Elementary

Kellie Ann Gumaer- Idaho Hill Elementary

Lane Mountain Company

North Idaho Dermatology

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-4516

Usk, WA - 509-993-6836

Oldtown, ID - 208-437-5669

Ben Franklin

Deer Park, WA - 509-444-8200

Merry Christmas

Mountain Chicks Ione, WA - 509-442-2209

Box Canyon Motel Ione, WA - 509-442-2206

Valley, WA - 509-937-2221

Coeur d’ Alene / Ponderay, ID - 208-665-7546


| DECEMBER 25, 2013


Lilly Robbins- Idaho Hill Elementary

Rylan Thompson- Idaho Hill Elementary

Wes Campbell- Idaho Hill Elementary

Bryce Crowder- Priest Lake Elementary

Pacific Steel & Recycling

North Idaho Dermatology

Country Hardware Store Ione, WA - 509-442-3532

Teri-fic Auto Salvage

Sandpoint, ID - 208-665-7546

Faith Spaude- Priest Lake Elementary

Hank Whitman- Priest Lake Elementary

Sarah Bach- Priest Lake Elementary

Aaron Campobasso- Bess Herian Elementary

Zodiac Aerospace

Les Schwab Tire Center

ABC Heating & Cooling

Kettle Falls Auto Licensing

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2311

Colville, WA - 509-684-2018

Allie Doud- Bess Herian Elementary

Everett Kramer- Bess Herian Elementary

Hunter Waller- Bess Herian Elementary

Jaremiah Finley- Bess Herian Elementary

Metaline Falls Trading Company

Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store

Town of Metaline Falls Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-2211

Colville, WA - 509-684-5480

Jaylein Zylstra- Bess Herian Elementary

Josiah Pierre- Bess Herian Elementary

Landen Carrasco- Bess Herian Elementary

Linden Peterson- Bess Herian Elementary

American Services

Frog Brewery

Weaver’s Garage & Exhaust

Bonners Ferry - 800-269-7471

Ponderay, ID - 208-263-2584

Newport, WA - 509-447-4122

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-2301

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2950

Newport, WA - 509-447-2487

Kettle Falls, WA - 509-738-4041

Pooch Parlor

Colville, WA - 509-684-2319

Newport, WA - 509-671-2884

Colville, WA - 509-684-6524

TrussTek, Inc.


DECEMBER 25, 2013 |


Louis Fisher-Bess Herian Elementary

Michael Tavares- Bess Herian Elementary

Rodney Haynes- Bess Herian Elementary

Sabine Brown-Eagle- Bess Herian Elementary

Knight EZ Dock Inc.

7 Seasons Janitorial

Kelly’s Restaurant and Lounge

Van Dyke Logging

Deer Park, WA - 800-654-8168

Ione, WA - 509-442-0580

Newport, WA - 509-447-3267

Ione, WA - 509-442-3852

Chad Smith- House of the Lord

Colton Thompson- House of the Lord

Gloria Borodina- House of the Lord

Jonathan Freshman- House of the Lord

North Idaho Dermatology

Colville Towing

Carey’s Auto Body, Inc.

Leonard Paul Store

Colville, WA - 509-684-3137

Colville, WA - 509-684-2587

McKinzi Tanner- House of the Lord

Alex Neiswender- Stratton Elementary

Aliyah Davis- Stratton Elementary

Anieva Winterton- Stratton Elementary

Ponderay Newsprint Company

Numerica Credit Union

Yoke’s Sandpoint

Merrit Brothers Lumber

Spokane, WA - 800-433-1837

Ponderay, ID - 208-263-4613

Ashley Bauer- Stratton Elementary

Aspen Martin- Stratton Elementary

Bear Smith- Stratton Elementary

Caitlin Walker- Stratton Elementary

Oxarc, Inc.

Rob’s Heating & Cooling

Office Services, Inc.

Coeur d’ Alene / Sandpoint, ID - 208-665-7546

Usk, WA - 509-445-1511

Spokane, WA - 800-765-9055

Blanchard, ID - 208-437-0174

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2941

Coolin, ID - 208-443-2463

Athol, ID - 208-683-3321


Ione, WA - 509-442-0082


| DECEMBER 25, 2013


Chase Renner- Stratton Elementary

Colton Seefeldt- Stratton Elementary

Drew Clark- Stratton Elementary

Laclede Convenience Store & Deli

Special Mobility Services

Roger’s Body & Frame

Elise Hinchliff- Stratton Elementary

Emma Lynn Kopelman- Stratton Elementary

Ethan Johnson- Stratton Elementary

Grace Skaugstad- Stratton Elementary

Spokane Rock Products

Spokane Rock Products

IFiber Communications

Washington Federal

Spokane, WA - 509-244-5421

Spokane, WA - 509-244-5421

Newport, WA - 509-447-2600

Grayson Rouse- Stratton Elementary

Hanna Sherod- Stratton Elementary

Hunter Ells- Stratton Elementary

Innocence Haskins- Stratton Elementary

Mt. Linton Motel

Bliss Chiropractic Center

Mike Reynold Logging

Mike Reynold Logging

Newport, WA - 509-447-2413

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2548

Isabella Muniz- Stratton Elementary

Jocob Baushke- Stratton Elementary

Jenna Dumaw- Stratton Elementary

Kaelei Roberts- Stratton Elementary

Carson Newman- Stratton Elementary

Building Supply Spokane, WA 509-467-4960

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-2238

Laclede, ID - 208-263-3892

Spokane, WA - 509-534-7171

Newport, WA - 509-447-4225

Newport, WA - 509-447-2491

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2548

Merry Christmas Century 21 Beutler Waterfront Riverbank Family Dick Bockemuehl Restaurant & Fay’s Lounge Oldtown, ID - 208-437-0892


Newport Vision Source Newport, WA - 509-447-2945

Bruce Hunt Farmers Insurance Newport, WA - 509-447-3428


DECEMBER 25, 2013 |


Kanyon King- Stratton Elementary

Keagan M. Baugh- Stratton Elementary

Keegan Arthur- Stratton Elementary

Kelly Marshall- Stratton Elementary

Eye Clinic of Sandpoint

Fairwood Retirement Village & Assisted Living

Sipmson Enterprise Chattaroy, WA - 509-939-1245

Pend Oreille County Fire Chief’s Association

Kendall Hinchliff- Stratton Elementary

Letha Baker-- Stratton Elementary

Lucas Allen- Stratton Elementary

Mathew Hansen- Stratton Elementary

Action Recycling

Rokstad Ford

Sandpoint, ID - 208-263-8501

Spokane, WA - 509-467-2365

Rival Roofing

Newport, WA 509-447-5305

Clark Electric

Ponderay, ID - 208-263-3127

Oldtown / Sandpoint, ID - 208-610-6656

Newport, WA - 509-447-2319

Memphis Rex- Stratton Elementary

Phaedra Parker- Selkirk Elementary

Noah Hart- Stratton Elementary

Nolan Pierce- Stratton Elementary

C and C Barber Shop

Newport Hospital & Health Services

Molly Gunsaulis DDS Dentistry for Children

Hub International Mountain States, LTD

Richi Castro- Stratton Elementary

Riley Robinson-- Stratton Elementary

Robert Nokes- Stratton Elementary

Spokane, WA - 509-483-4094

Newport, WA - 509-447-3734

Preston Kremer- Stratton Elementary

Newport, WA - 509-447-2441

Hub International Mountain Hub International Mountain States, LTD States, LTD Colville, WA - 509-725-0756

Colville, WA - 509-725-0756

Spokane Valley, WA - 509-922-1333

Colville, WA - 509-725-0756

Hub International Mountain Hub International Mountain States, LTD States, LTD Colville, WA - 509-725-0756

Colville, WA - 509-725-0756


| DECEMBER 25, 2013

Madison Chantry- Selkirk Elementary

 Shyanne Hunter- Stratton Elementary

Hub International Mountain Hub International Mountain States, LTD States, LTD Colville, WA - 509-725-0756

Colville, WA - 509-725-0756


Starr Graham- Stratton Elementary

Teagan Zinsky- Stratton Elementary

Quality Inn Oakwood Spokane, WA - 888-535-4900

Pend Oreille County Republicans Pend Oreille County - 509-447-0694

Trey Rahoun- Stratton Elementary

Tylynn Tuttle- Stratton Elementary

William Ray- Stratton Elementary

Zack Flores- Stratton Elementary

Priest River Mini Storage

Rep. Joel Kretz (R)

Rep. Joel Kretz (R)

Rep. Joel Kretz (R)

Wauconda, WA - 360-786-7988

Wauconda, WA - 360-786-7988

Addisen Kingery- Priest River Elementary

Aidan McCray- Priest River Elementary

Aidan Troumbley- Priest River Elementary

Ashley Richey- Priest River Elementary

Cooney Law Offices, P.S.

River City Electrical


Wilkey Plastering, Inc.

Newport, WA - 509-671-2276

Newport, WA - 509-447-3347

Dylan Davies- Selkirk Elementary

Ayla Ramsdell- Priest River Elementary

Blake Miller- Priest River Elementary

Brayden Wilson- Priest River Elementary

5th Avenue Bar & Grill

Leo’s Compact Excavating & Snowplowing

Oldtown Hardware & Rental Center

Gardner’s Mobile Home Court

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1273

Spokane, WA - 509-327-6000

Metaline Falls, WA - 509-446-4234

Newport, WA - 509-447-3037

Oldtown, ID - 208-437-5512

Wauconda, WA - 360-786-7988

Newport, WA - 509-447-0744

Chewelah, WA - 509-935-6413


DECEMBER 25, 2013 |


Brian Davis- Priest River Elementary

Caleb Wright- Priest River Elementary

Carson Campbell- Priest River Elementary

Charley Bennett- Priest River Elementary

Wendle Ford-Nissan Infinity-Used

West Pend Oreille Fire District

Choppers Hair Design & Connies Cuts

G&M Backflow Testing

Priest River, ID - 208-448-2035

Newport, WA - 509-447-5141

Chevelle Kibbie- Priest River Elementary

Cheyanne Rarescroft- Priest River Elementary

Christian Troumbley- Priest River Elementary

Britney Lyons- Selkirk Elementary

O’ Rodden’s Pub & Eatery

Muzzy Fast Stop

NE Washington Fair

Shafer’s Heating & Cooling

Oldtown, ID - 208-437-5132

Colville, WA - 509-684-2585

Coy Booth- Priest River Elementary

Daniel Shove- Priest River Elementary

Danny Ronrich- Priest River Elementary

Dylan Lord- Priest River Elementary

Angela Newcomb

Earl Insurance Agency

The Roadhouse

Spokane, WA - 509-484-4000

Newport, WA - 509-447-1000

Newport, WA - 509-671-1194

Hayden, ID - 208-772-2815

Newport, WA - 509-447-3423

Priest River, ID - 208-448-1408

Pend Oreille Fire District #6

Egil Williams- Priest River Elementary

Ethan Shipton- Priest River Elementary

Ethnee White- Priest River Elementary

Ajay Mendoza- Stratton Elementary

The Land Title Company

Northwest Carry and Defend

Block Bar & Grill

John L. Scott, Newport Newport, WA - 509-671-2088

Newport, WA - 509-447-5743 - 208-215-5661

Ione, WA - 509-442-3737

Emergency Dial 911

Newport Pizza

Newport, WA - 509-447-2500

Christmas Cards  
Christmas Cards  

Christmas Cards drawn by third graders in Pend Oreille and West Bonner county schools