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VOL. 7, NO. 1885 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011


HE plan to arraign former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu before the Code of Conduct Tribunal on September 21 may have been politically induced, The Nation learnt yesterday. Tinubu is charged with maintaining foreign accounts while in office. A source close to the Code of Conduct Bureau


‘Why Tinubu is to face Conduct Tribunal’ By Bolade Omonijo, Group Political Editor

(CCB) that filed the charges said recent changes in the leadership of the Bureau and the Tribunal were undertaken with a view to ensuring “smooth prosecution” of some politicians believed to be posing challenges to the Federal Government.

The Bureau, led by Mr. Sam Saba, was inaugurated in May, last year by President Goodluck Jonathan. The Tribunal, which comprises Justice Danladi Umar as chairman, Justice I. E. Odu (rtd) and Mr. Atedze Aguadza, was inaugurated about five weeks after the President assumed office in May.

The source, who has worked at the Bureau for more than 10 years, said: “We began to notice that things may change when the new team came on board. This was complicated with the retirement of Justice Constance Momoh as chairman of the CCT. No one can say yet how things would go, but the sig-

nals are not good.” Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reforms (CODER) Convener Mr Ayo Opadokun is worried that institutions funded from the public treasury are being used to witchhunt people who have become symbols of the struggle for good governance. In a telephone interview

N150.00 yesterday, Opadokun said it was evident that “public institutions set up, perhaps for good causes, are not allowed to function efficiently, except by the dictates of the politicians holding power in trust for the people.” Opadokun, who participated actively in the camContinued on page 4

•A A TEARFUL MEMORIAL: From left: Daughter of one of the victims, the late

Iliya David (Benedicta) crying during the memorial service for those who died in the UN House, Abuja PHOTOS: ABAYOMI FAYESE August 26 bombing ... yesterday; a relative of a victim, Mrs Lina David Musa and an expectant woman who lost her husband. Story on page 2.

Obasanjo leads peace talks with Boko Haram

Ex-President meets Islamic, Christian leaders in Jos


HE Federal Government yesterday opened talks with members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is leading the peace moves, visited the family of the slain leader of Boko Haram,

From Yusuf Alli, Abuja

Mohammed Yusuf, in Maiduguri for a closed-door session. Obasanjo, who arrived in Maiduguri at about 11.40am, was received by Borno State Deputy Governor Zanna Umar Mustapha.

Although the former President claimed that he was on a private visit, it was learnt that the visit was to initiate the talks, which the government plans to have with the Boko Haram (Western education is sin) members. A source, who pleaded not to be named because of the

“sensitivity” of the matter, said: “Obasanjo met Mohammed Yusuf’s family at Railway Quarters, the demolished headquarters of Boko Haram. “The ex-President stayed with them for about one and a half hours before departing for the airport.”

Obasanjo was said to have flown into Maiduguri from Jos where he had a joint peace meeting with the Jamatul Nasril Islam (JNI), the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Plateau leaders. The source said Obasanjo pleaded with Yusuf’s family to prevail on Boko Haram

members to sheathe their sword and stop the spate of bombings nationwide. The source quoted Obasanjo as saying: “This is a personal initiative. I urge you to forgive and forget the past. Continued on page 4





•FELLED BY BOKO HARAM’S BOMB: Portraits of some of the victims of the UN House bombing on a banner on display at the memorial service held in their honour...yesterday

UN holds tearful memorial for Abuja blast victims G

RIPPED by emotions, many shed tears as a boy, 12, read a tribute to his

father. The moving scene was the memorial service for the 21 victims of the August 26 United Nations (UN) House, Abuja bombing. As Prof. Edward Dede’s son read his tribute, many whipped out handkerchiefs from their pockets, clearing tears off their eyes. In a seeming phobia, residents of the vicinity of the memorial service panicked when a threegun salute went off at about 11:45 a.m. in honour of the victims. Security was tight at the UN headquarters venue of the

From Bukola Amusan and Tayo Owolabi, Abuja

memorial service. Participants at the memorial, mostly dressed in black, were screened. There were many officers and men of the Police, the State Security Services (SSS), the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) as well as the Army. Also, there were officials of the United Nations Department of Security and Training. President Goodluck Jonathan was represented by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Amb. Olugbenga Ashiru. Also there were Christian Association of Nigeria

President Ayo Oritsejafor; Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Bala Mohammed; Minister of State Olajumoke Akinjide; Minister of State for Health Dr. Alli Pate; Minister of Information Labaran Maku and Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu. Ashiru was the first to lay a wreath in honour of the dead, followed by the UN Resident Co-ordinator, Dauda Toure, ministers and security chiefs, Pastor Oritsejafor, the Chief Imam of the National Mosque in Abuja as well as families of the deceased. After the wreaths laying, the condolence register was signed. Toure, who read a speech on behalf of the United Nations

Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, said the world organisation was reassessing the security situation in Nigeria. The UN, he said, is investigating the attack with help from countries that have the expertise in such security challenges. Ki Moon, describing the attack as a display of utter disregard for human life and an assault on not just the UN premises but also on the values and work of the UN staff, said: “The lives we mourn today personify the deep commitment that characterises the work of the United Nations in Nigeria and globally. At this time of sorrow and loss, let us pledge to honour their sacrifice by continuing to make the UN

presence in Nigeria a beacon of peace and hope.” “I commend all of our partners who stood with us during our time of need, including the host government, other governments, doctors and medical practitioners for their support”. Toure said the gruesome incident brought to mind the very important nature of the UN’s work. He said as the UN mourns, “we also celebrate the virtues, values and valour which the departed colleagues, friends and partners brought to their work.” He went on: “We celebrate their humanity and have been privileged to share in their vision and energy. They did not die for




•A female relative of one of the victims shedding tears and a man bearing a baby (top);Chief Imam, Abuja Central Mosque Ustaz Musa Mohammed and President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ayo Oritsejafor (middle left); UN Resident Co-ordinator in Nigeria Mr. Dauda Toure laying a wreath (below left); wife of one of the victims crying profusely(above).

nothing because they believed in a world of peace, tolerance and social justice. Their death should spur all of us as one family to continue to live the ideals for which they died. “The victims were attacked by those people who hardly understood what we stand for as the UN, cutting short lives of valuable workforce needed to advance the quality healthcare to millons of poor and vulnerable populations in Nigeria, including those whom these attackers erroneously profess to represent.” Toure recalled how one of the staff died on his last day at work after he had planned to travel overseas the following day in pursuit of further education.

“I was told of one young man who died on what was to be his last day of work before departing to further his education—a path he chose because he had been so inspired by his association with the United Nations. There are many more such stories of dreams brutally denied,” he said. oure said the UN would continue to work to ad vance the development of the country through its various humanitarian efforts. Ashiru, who read the President’s speech, reiterated the commitment of the government to fighting terrorism, adding that everything would be done to ensure that the perpetrators of the attack and their sponsors are


•Relatives of the victims in pensive mood as they stood to observe a minute silence in honour of the victims (left); children of a victim backing each other(top right); (middle right)a mother and son arriving the venue of the service; Minister of Foreign Affairs Olugbenga Ashiru unveiling a monument in honour of the victims(right).

brought to justice. He also promised the immediate rehabilitation of the building. While promising to support the families and relations of the dead UN staff, Dr Jonathan said: “It is the prayer of us all that God will console the families of the departed, the Nigeria populace stand as one with the UN family; we pray that such incident will not happen in Nigeria again. We wish to reaffirm government readiness to work with the UN, to ensure that all those responsible for the terrorist acts are brought to justice as we commend all those that helped to evacuate the victims on the day of the bomb blast.”

Many of the relatives of the victims declined to speak with our correspondents as they struggled to wipe tears off their eyes. A brother to a late UN official, Samson David Musa, described the incident as “unfortunate”. He urged Nigerians to be security conscious so that the fate that befell his brother, Illiya, would not befall other innocent citizens. His words: “”When I look at this building, I feel very sad. This is an unfortunate incident and we can’t reverse it. My prayer and hope is that Nigeria will stand as one because of the blood of the innocent ones that is being shed in this country. I

also like to appeal that everyone should be security conscious; we should not depend on the military, police or any security agency and I hope that those behind this bombing should look for forgiveness from God.” A son of the deceased, Jonathan, who was apparently in shock, said: “I feel so sad and the worst part is that I’m going to miss his presence. I know that the time they brought him out on the day of the attack, my dad’s friend was telling us that he was praying that God should help him survive and that God should help his children and family. He was particular about his family. This is very sad.”



NEWS ‘Why Tinubu is to face Conduct Tribunal’ Continued from page 1

paign that restored the country to democratic rule in 1999, said: “Asiwaju’s (Tinubu’s) sole offence is the allegation that he operated foreign accounts while he was governor. For all I remember, in the last seven to eight years, Asiwaju has carried on himself the heavy yoke of the opposition leader. “The Nigerian public, international community and even his local political foes cannot but recognise his growing democratic credentials. I can just imagine that the former governor will be relieved now that his accusers who have the burden of proof will finally have their day at the tribunal.” Fresh facts have emerged on the said accounts. It has been revealed that the 10 accounts allegedly traced to Tinubu have a balance of £21,000. The joint account allegedly operated with his wife, Senator Oluremi, has a balance of £10,118. A federal lawmaker from Lagos said he felt nauseated by the allegations. He said: “It is obvious that they want to nail him at all costs. Why did they supply all the socalled evidence through sponsored newspaper publications without releasing the balance in the said accounts? When I learnt the details, I was angry because people who are expected to work for the people are merely playing pranks. The said accounts are known to them, yet they refused to tell us when last the said accounts were operated and how much you have there. “If a man was Treasurer of Mobil before he ever got involved in politics, why is it difficult to understand that he would have opened accounts abroad. “The intention of the lawmakers is very clear. They do not want people to use foreign accounts to fritter away public funds. Could the sums intended be around 31,000 Pounds? “So, even if the said accounts belong to him, what is the big deal? Why do we like hiding behind a finger in this country? When they appre-

•Asiwaju Tinubu (right) being seen off by National Publicity Secretary, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Alhaji Lai Muhammed, at the Presidential Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos ... yesterday. PHOTO: ISAAC JIMOH AYODELE

Lawyers urge caution


AWYERS have called for caution in the plan by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to try former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for allegedly operating foreign accounts while in office. Although they did not fault the powers of the CCB to issue summons on any public officer in respect of his/her declared assets, they said the trial of any breach of the law must be transparent. Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Dr. Joseph Nwobike, rights activist Ebun Olu Adegboruwa and Dr. Chibuike Nwosu cautioned against undue persecution of members of the opposition. They urged the CCB to ensure that it was able to prove its case against the former Lagos governor. Nwobike, who described the former Lagos governor as one of the few politicians who he holds in high esteem, offered his service in Tinubu’s favour, if necessary. Nwobike said he was confident that the team of lawyers assembled by Tinubu is capable of its task. “Having been invited, he should go before the tribunal and prove the prosecution otherwise. To describe it as a move against the opposition is premature at the moment. “Tinubu is one of the few politicians that are loved by Nigerians. I also respect and admire him. The people will prefer to see a transparent trial where he will be able to prove his innocence. I believe the team of senior advocates that he has assembled is hended ex-Governors Joshua Dariye and James Ibori for money laundering, they also published how much was involved. Let them also go public with the balances in the accounts involved. The law is not supposed to be an ass. It is for a purpose and that purpose is what we should mind.” There is anxiety in opposition circles that what quali-

By Eric Ikhilae

equal to the task,” Nwobike said. Nwosu said: “We cannot query the timing. But I am concerned about the motive. We should all keep our fingers crossed and watch events unfold. “So, the intention is not yet clear. We can only ask that parties exercise caution and be transparent,” he said. Adegboruwa said: “I would ordinarily say there is nothing wrong in the CCB inviting a public officer in respect of his asset declaration. My concern is that it should be done transparently. It should not be selective. We have heard how some politicians thumpprinted with their left hands while filling the asset declaration forms. “All these people are known to these government agencies. They should all be invited and subjected to transparent trial. The belief now is that it is targeted at the opposition. So, as they are inviting members of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), they should also invite members of other parties, including the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). “They must ensure that the facts support the allegations. This is because under Section 36 of the Constitution, every citizen is presumed innocent until proved otherwise,” he said. To Adegboruwa, the timing is irrelevant as he noted that in criminal proceedings, time does not run against the state. “What matters is the ability of the state to prove its case through a transparently conducted trial.”

fied Tinubu for a revisit of a matter that was first brought up in 2006 is his growing political profile. The return of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to power in the Southwest, its strength in other parts of the country and the role the party played in the election of Hon. Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker of the House of Representatives is believed by associates of the

•Chairman, Board of Directors, Transcorp, Mr Tony Elumelu, being congratulated by past chairman, Prof. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke during the AGM in Abuja ... yesterday. With them is a board member, Otunba Funso Lawal (right). PHOTO: NAN

former Governor to have informed the charges. The summons dated September 6 and signed by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB’s) chairman alleged the” contravention of Code of Conduct for public officers, whilst Asiwaju Tinubu was governor of Lagos State, by operating many foreign bank accounts, between 1999 and

2007, in alleged contravention of Section 7 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act, Cap 56 LFN, 1990.” When the allegations were first made public on October 17, 2006, 15 former governors were mentioned. The CCB said they would be charged before the Tribunal within weeks. The names mentioned then included Tinubu (of Lagos), Sam Egwu (Ebonyi), Achike Udenwa (Imo), Chimaroke Nnamani (Enugu), Ahmed Makarfi (Kaduna) and Attahiru Bafarawa (Sokoto). Others on the list were Adamu Aliero (Kebbi), Gbenga Daniel (Ogun), Olagunsoye Oyinlola (Osun), Boni Haruna (Adamawa), Ayo Fayose (Ekiti), Lucky Igbinedion (Edo) and James Ibori (Delta). The 11th name on the list was Goodluck Jonathan, who was then the governor of Bayelsa State. He allegedly made false declaration of assets, contrary to the Code of Conduct for Public Officers. He was said to have bought a Lexus Jeep in 2004, BMW 7351 series in 2005, and allegedly acquired property outside his legitimate income. The property mentioned were a seven-bedroom duplex acquired in 2001 at Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa at N1 billion, a four-bedroom duplex acquired in 2003 in Yenagoa and a five-bedroom duplex in Gwarimpa, Abuja also in 2003. Despite giving the impression that investigations had been concluded, the tribunal prosecuted none of the 15 exgovernors. Six years after, Tinubu is being brought to trial for the same offences mentioned in 2006. He is the only person who was not charged with acquisition of property or money laundering, of the 15 originally accused of violating the Code of Conduct. A statement by Asiwaju Tinubu’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Olakunle Abimbola, last week said the former governor was not moved by the summons. He will appear before the tribunal to defend the charges. “Asiwaju Tinubu wishes to state that after years of threats, political mudslinging and media trial on the impending allegations, a formal invitation to commence trial has finally come, which he welcomes,” Abimbola said.

Obasanjo leads peace talks with Boko Haram Continued from page 1

“I plead with you to give me the chance to mediate between the family and the government.” The brother-in-law of the slain Boko Haram leader, Babakura Fuggu, whose father was also executed in 2009, reportedly said: “Since 2009, this is the first time any high-profile figure has commiserated with the family. “We are happy with this visit. About 30-40 per cent of our members are scattered in neighbouring countries of Chad, Niger and Cameroun.” The source added that Obasanjo may brief President Goodluck Jonathan on his mission on or before this weekend. A top government source, who pleaded for anonymity, said: “The government is ready for talks with Boko Haram, like it did in the Niger Delta. “The ex-President has decided to avail the government of his experience in peace-keeping operations. He believes dialogue could save the nation from bomb explosions. “You should expect more follow-up talks with the Boko Haram sect. After all, after returning from the battle front, we go back to the peace table.”


How to resolve Boko Haram crisis, by Tinubu F

ORMER Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday criticised the suspension of Court of Appeal President Justice Isa Ayo Salami. He also described his alleged sponsorship of the Islamic fundamentalist sect Boko Harm as politically motivated. He said those behind the allegation are bent on destroying the reputation of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Tinubu is the national leader of the ACN. Tinubu spoke at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos yesterday on his way out of the country. He described the suspension of Justice Salami as the worst thing to have happened to the judiciary, which he said should be the bastion of de-

By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor

mocracy. He said the action is a gross violation of constitutional democracy. Tinubu explained that the suspension of Justice Salami without recourse to the Council of State is enough evidence that the judiciary has been infiltrated by the executive. He promised to speak comprehensively on the Justice Salami issue later, saying: “They can hurriedly implement National Judicial Council recommendation, without going to the Council of State. I will speak on the issue adequately, not off the cuff. My position will be more documented.” Tinubu, who said he is unperturbed by his alleged link

to Boko Haram, explained that as a believer in the sanctity of human life, he will not support such callous killings as being unleashed by the Boko Haram in the name of religion. He, however, asked the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, investigate the reasons why Boko Haram members are aggrieved. He said if the root cause of the Boko Haram crisis is not unravelled, more extremist groups could spring up. The former governor urged the government to investigate the circumstances behind the summary execution of Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf, saying if there is no justice, it will be difficult to stamp out the problems arising from the challenge. Continued on page 7

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NEWS Judge won’t throw out Abdulmutallab’s statement A FEDERAL judge yesterday refused to throw out incriminating statements Farouk Abdulmutallab made to federal agents shortly after he allegedly tried to blow up a Detroitbound airliner on Christmas Day 2009. U.S. District Judge Nancy concluded that Abdulmutallab was not under the influence of the painkiller fentanyl when he told agents he was an al-Qaeda operative who was trying to blow up the jetliner. Edmunds also said agents didn’t have to read him his Miranda rights before the interview because they were concerned that other suicide bombers were planning similar attacks that day. “I’m satisfied based on the testimony… that he was in fact lucid, not confused and fully oriented,” Edmunds said following two days of testimony at an evidentiary hearing. “There was no reason to believe he didn’t understand the questions being asked or circumstances under which he was being asked those questions.” She added: “I’m also satisfied there was a national security exception… that excused the giving of Miranda warnings.” Abdulmutallab’s defense lawyer, Anthony Chambers, spent two days trying to shake the testimony of a nurse, FBI agent and Wayne State University pharmacologist who all agreed that Abdulmutallab was coherent and knew what he was saying when interviewed by agents. Chambers, through questioning, tried to show that Abdulmutallab was pumped up on fentanyl and confused when agents questioned him in a hospital room. Chambers also tried to show that agents intentionally failed to read him his rights to get him to talk. FBI agent Timothy Waters testified Wednesday that agents were worried that the nation confronted by a major terrorism threat and were mainly interested in finding out whether he was acting alone or if others were involved.

Phone call can’t kill, says NCC THE Nigerian Communications Commission NCC has assured Nigerians: a phone call can’t kill you. A text message has spread across the country in recent days, warning that people will die if they answer mobile phone calls from 09141. The NCC said it is “unimaginable that somebody will die while receiving a call.” Commission spokesman Reuben Muoka said: “It is only very gullible people that will believe such a rumour.” Text message panics in Nigeria have included rumours of bombings and rumours that acid rain from seasonal dust storms can burn people alive. The campaigns are aided by poor education. A call to the number yesterday resulted in no fatalities.

A campaign launched by crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers to locate some of Britain’s mostwanted fugitives has seen further success following the arrest of Dion Kendrick Lee in Lagos.

UK’s most wanted fugitive arrested in Lagos


HE National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has helped the British authorities nab its most wanted fugitive, Dion Kendrick Lee. He was arrested on Tuesday in Lagos. Lee, from Preston, was wanted by Lancashire Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency in connection with drugs and firearms crimes, as well as allegedly conspiring to supply Class A and C Drugs and conspiracy to possess, sell or transfer firearms and ammunition. The 34-year-old becomes the fourth individual located since a campaign launched by Crimestoppers Operation Return launched last year with SOCA, Meld Misdaad Anoni-

em/’M’ (Dutch Crimestoppers) and Netherlands law enforcement. It aims to identify fugitives wanted for serious crimes committed in the UK, but who are now thought to be in and around Amsterdam. Deputy Chief Executive for Crimestoppers Dave Cording said: “This is encouraging news and highlights another success under Operation Return. I would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate the message to those still wanted, you can run but you can’t hide forever. Law enforcement will locate you, no matter where you are hiding in the world.” The list includes some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals wanted for suspect-

ed crimes relating to drugs smuggling, the illegal sale of firearms, robbery and rape. The search for Lee started two years ago when he was declared wanted by the Operation Greengage Team for his involvement in the importation of cocaine, cannabis, firearms and ammunition into the United Kingdom from Amsterdam. The Greengage Team worked closely with colleagues from enforcement agencies throughout Europe. Chief Inspector Steve Mounsey, from the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said:”This has been a protracted and complex investigation concerning the importation of class A drugs, firearms and ammunition into

•Lee the UK. “The Operation Greengage Team is very keen to ascertain the whereabouts of Mr Lee and hopefully, as a result of this latest national appeal, we will be given new information which will lead us to him. “However, we still believe that people living in Lancashire also could hold vital information about Mr Lee and

we would ask them to contact Lancashire police or Crimestoppers. “We believe he has recently been residing in the Netherlands and we have been liaising closely with colleagues there in efforts to trace him, however I cannot discount him having moved on in an effort to evade arrest.” The search ended on Tuesday.

NACA, telecoms firms fight HIV By Wale Adepoju


•Flood in Yola, the Adamawa State capital...yesterday.


Tinubu and I didn’t need al-Qaeda to confront Obasanjo, says Atiku


FORMER Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar yesterday said he and ex-Governor Bola Tinubu did not need Al-Qaeda to confront ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. He also said that both he and Tinubu do not have links with Al-Qaeda Atiku, who made the clarifications in a statement in Abuja by his Media Office. The statement said: “The former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar has described as absolute rubbish and utter falsehood the insinuations by Wikileaks that he and the former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu had any links with Al-Qaeda terror network as part of their political strategy to allegedly make Nigeria ungovernable for former President Oluseg-

From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

un Obasanjo. “The former Vice-President said that he didn’t need al-Qaeda to defend himself against Obasanjo’s evil machinations to bring him down.” The statement quoted Atiku as directly saying: “I am adequately equipped to defend my political rights; I don’t need Al-Qaeda connection to resist the oppression of Obasanjo. Rather than Al-Qaeda, the constitution and the laws of the land were my weapons against the tyranny of an intolerant dictator. “We fought Obasanjo’s life presidency ambition using the parliament and

the court of laws and the nation won the battle. We did not have any need for Al-Qaeda.” The statement added: “The former Vice-President said the fact that he and former Lagos State Governor, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, were accused of Al-Qaeda connection had exposed the political motive of the allegation. “Professor Damachi, who was quoted by Wikileaks, himself admitted that he heard the allegations from Obasanjo’s loyalists in the PDP at a time Atiku and Tinubu were in ACN in 2007. “Former Vice-President Atiku said the allegation of terrorism against him couldn’t survive in the crucible of basic credibility test because the quoted sources were unreliable vested political interests, who served as


Obasanjo’s chorus boys as he turned Nigeria into one-man dictatorship. “The U.S. Embassy itself, in an accompanying comment to the revelations by Professor Damachi, discredited its own source by admitting that at the time he gave his accounts, he was working for Atiku’s political rivals for the nation’s highest political office.”

HE Nigerian Communications Company (NCC), the National Agency for the Control Aids (NACA) and telecommunications companies have agreed to tackle the Human Immunoassay Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) pandemic and other related diseases through a toll-free call centre designed to educate the public. This was made known yesterday in Lagos at a joint meeting of NCC, NACA and telecoms companies held at the Eko Hotels and Suites. NCC Chairman, Mr Peter Igoh, said: “NACA has been mandated to lead the process. This is based on the agency’s demonstrated partnership with Airtel which provided four toll free lines for telephone counseling in 2005. “Following the impressive result of the pilot project, it is being scaled up to a National Call Centre given that HIV/ AIDS is an entry point to other health issues and pivotal to achievement of all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).” Igoh said the strategy would help actualise the Federal Government Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) drive. He said Nigeria has the second highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa behind South Africa Igoh said the National Call Centre would soon be inaugurated by the First Lady, Dame Patient Jonathan. He praised the telecoms companies for joining hands with the Federal Government to provide E1 or equivalent machines for the call centre so that the people can access quality information from trained agents for free. NACA Director-General, Prof John Idolo said only 24 per cent of young people have correct preventive information.



NEWS Jos: Christians, Muslims, others march for peace From Yusufu Aminu Idegu, Marie-Therese Peter, Shelong Wapdiyel and Esther Mark, Jos


VER 150 Christian and Muslim youths yesterday marched through the major streets of Jos, the Plateau State capital, preaching peace. The march was part of activities for this year’s World Peace Day organised by a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), the Plateau Peace Movement International (PPMI). The youths, who were accompanied by security agencies, marched to the House of Assembly complex where they expressed their anger over insecurity in the state. They urged the government and other stakeholders to close ranks to enable peace return to the Plateau. The Rev. Joseph Bot, President of the group, said: “The cycle of violence in the state must be reversed and restoration of peace should be everybody’s business. The division of settlement in the state along religions is unhealthy for the peaceful co-existence of the two religions.” The Special Adviser to the Governor on Peace Building, Parlong Timothy said: “The causes of the crises in the state are many, but religion is just one of them. But today, Christian and Muslim youths have teamed up to preach peace. “There must be peace in the state for the government to deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizenry. I urge all and sundry to cooperate with the security agencies and report suspicious movements and persons.” He regretted that businesses have been crippled as the residents could no longer move freely and enjoy sound sleep due to prevailing insecurity in the state. The cleric noted that the solution to the problem is dialogue and reconciliation. The Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Johnbull Shekarau, blamed the crises on religious leaders whom he accused of using inciting sermons to preach to their followers. He urged such preachers to desist, saying they are not doing the state any good. The lawmaker said the state has had enough of the crises, urging youths to work with the Assembly to end the crises. Shekarau advised the youths to shun violence, saying most of those who fought for Nigeria’s Independence were in their youths when they gained self-determination for the country. The House of Assembly’s ad hoc committee on Jos crises has urged the residents to work for the return of peace to the Plateau. Chairman of the committee and former Speaker, Istifanus Mwansat made the appeal when he visited the police headquarters, the Special Task Force (STF) headquarters and religious leaders. He said: “We find it dutybound on the House as well as a moral responsibility to collaborate with security agencies in the state and the Federal Government as well to find a lasting solution to the security challenges in this state.”

PDP primaries: Kogi Patriots petition EFCC against governor, Wada B ARELY a week to the conduct of fresh governorship primaries in Kogi State, some eminent citizens of the state, under the aegis of Kogi Patriots, have dragged one of the aspirants, Capt. Idris Wada, to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). They asked the anti-graft agncy to investigate Governor Ibrahim Idris and Wada’s firm, Horizon Construction Company Limited, for allegedly securing over N2.6billion contracts without executing them. They also urged the EFCC to avert a situation whereby the outgoing governor would hand over to a contractor whose company has defaulted in executing contracts. But the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media, Mr. Farouk Adejoh, said the allegations against the governor and Wada amounted to desperation by politicians afraid of a fresh governorship primary in the state. In the petition by President of Kogi Patriots, Mohammed Idris, the leaders

•Allegations are false, says Adviser

From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

asked the EFCC to save the state. The petition reads: “We are the leaders of Kogi Patriots, Kogi State. Our mission, among others, is to expose all forms of anti-people activities, fraud, economic and financial crimes, and to ensure that people of questionable character with self-seeking mission do not ride on the crest of any of the political parties to Lugard House as governor or to any elective office in Kogi State. “We are very passionate about this and will not spare any efforts to ensure that only credible people with clean records and unblemished antecedents get to public office in Kogi State, our own dear father land. “The Peoples Democratic

Party (PDP) is the party in power in Kogi State under the government of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris. “The tenure of Alhaji Idris will, by the grace of God, terminate by the end of the first quarter of 2012 and a new administration will then be ushered in. “To enable the good people of Kogi State choose their governor who would succeed the present governor, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has slated the governorship election in Kogi State for December 3. “Towards this, the PDP has announced that it would re-conduct a party primary to enable it choose another flag bearer for the December 3 governorship election. “Painfully, however, one of the candidates flaunting his connection to the Executive Governor of Kogi State

is one Alhaji Idris I. Wada, popularly known and called “Capt Wada”. “We, the Kogi Patriots, believe very strongly that certainly, Alhaji Wada, known as Captain Wada, is not eligible and/or qualified to rule the state as governor, even though the sitting Governor, Alhaji Idris wants to foist his candidature on the people of Kogi State, having recently dumped his erstwhile political friend, “Echocho”. “Our conclusion that Captain Wada is not eligible to rule Kogi State and should not be allowed to be fielded as a candidate by the PDP is based on the reasons hereunder stated, which is why we decided to write this petition to you for your swift and immediate action. “The following facts would suffice: Alh. Idris I. Wada (i.e. Capt Wada) is one of the Di-

rectors of HORIZON GROUP LIMITED which is a conglomerate of companies with the following subsidiaries:( i.) Horizon stock Brokers Ltd; (ii) Horizon Building Society Ltd; Hotel De Horizon Ltd; (iii) Horizon Bureau De Change Ltd; and( iv) Horizon Construction Co. Ltd “The Kogi state Governor awarded numerous contracts to Horizon Construction Co. Ltd one of the numerous companies in the Horizon Group of companies whose major director is Capt Wada. “By a letter of offer of Provisional Award of Contract for the construction of Iyamoye – Igbagun – Ife Olukotun – Ponyan – Jege Road dated 29th December, 2008 with reference No. KGS/S/CAB/39/ Vol.1 /485 Horizon Construction Co. Ltd was awarded a contract to the tune of N2,285, 511,573.29 which was later reviewed upward by an additional sum of N455,534,927.04 which brought the total sum to N2, 741, 076,500.33.”

ACN chieftains seek Tinubu’s 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 intervention 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 By Emmanuel Oladesu 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 Deputy Political Editor 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 ACTION Congress of Nigeria 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 chieftains in Lagos 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 (ACN) have appealed to the party 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 the crisis triggered by 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 resolve handling of the chairman1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 the ship and councillorship nomi1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 ahead of the local 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 nations government elections 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 scheduled for next month. 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 The choice of councillorship 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 chairmanship candidates 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 and the October council polls 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 for has polarised the chieftains of 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 party in Kosofe sub-zone 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 the the leadership of the 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 under state deputy chairman, Pa 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 Safiriyu Abiodun Sunmola. 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 party stalwarts, under 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 theThe aegis of “Association for 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 Good Governance” led by 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 Ojo Peters, enjoined Pa 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 Hon. Sunmola to emulate the style 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012 of the national leader, Asiwaju •Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) (right); former Head of Interim National Government, Chief Ernest Shonekan (second right); Minister of State for Defence, Erelu Olusola Obada (second left); and the Flag Officer, Commanding Western Naval, Lagos, Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogbor, at the commendation service for the late Vice-President, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos...yesterday. PHOTO: OMOSEHIN MOSES

Bola Tinubu, in resolving the crisis triggered by the contrasting ambitions of loyal party members.

‘Boko Haram’s links with al-Qaeda worrisome’


HREE African Islamist groups threatening to target Westerners have begun to cooperate among themselves, a “very worrying” trend that raises concern of a network stretching from Algeria to Nigeria, a top U.S. general for Africa said. Other U.S. defence officials, speaking separately on condition of anonymity, agreed the African Islamist groups cooperate in sometimes alarming ways but played down the likelihood of an overarching grand alliance. General Carter Ham, the head of U.S. military’s Africa Command, said three African Islamist groups posed a threat to U.S. and Western interests: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, with roots in Algeria; al Shabaab, centered in Somalia; and Boko Haram, in Nigeria. “Each of those three independently, I think, presents a significant threat not only in the nations in which they primarily operate

Sect kills three in Maiduguri


HE police have said members of the radical Muslim sect, Boko Haram, killed three people and wounded two others in a shooting in Maiduguri, Borno State. The attack occurred Wednesday night in Maiduguri, the state capital, which once held the main mosque for the sect. Police Commissioner Simeone Midenda told The Associated Press yesterday that but regionally and ... to the United States,” Ham told defence reporters on Wednesday. “Those three organisations have very explicitly and publicly voiced an intent to target Westerners and the U.S. specifically.” He said he questioned whether the groups had the capacity to make good on their threats, but had “no questions about their intent to do so, and for me that is very worrying.” More troubling still, he added, was their interest in more closely collaborating and synchronizing their

those killed included a 67-year-old retiree, as well as two others. Midenda said no arrests have been made. Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is sacrilege” in the local Hausa language, has carried out increasingly violent sectarian attacks over the last year, culminating in the August 26 car bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Nigeria that killed 23 people and wounded 116 others.

efforts. “We’re seeing this intent voiced most clearly between AQIM and Boko Haram,” Ham said. “They’ve expressed an interest in sharing training and operations and those kinds of activities. And that to me is very, very worrying.” He said closer connections with al Shabaab were “probably more idealistic than realistic at this point, but just the fact that they want to connect is worrying.” “If left unaddressed, then you could have a network that ranges from East Africa

through the centre and into the Sahel (semiarid region) and Maghreb, and I think that would be very, very worrying,” he said. Defence officials who monitor the African Islamist groups said they were seeing cooperation among them but played down the likelihood of any alliance that would unify them. “We’ve definitely seen a cross-pollination, certainly of ... techniques, tactics and procedures across the organizations,” said one of the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“One of the best demonstrations is Boko Haram and some of the things that they’ve picked up from But he said there were no signs of a deeper alliance. “As far as ... everybody working together in sort of one super group ... that’s not something I think we’re seeing right now,” the official said. A senior defence official said the groups were primarily focused internally or regionally and cooperation among them amounted to temporary alliances of convenience. “These groups have more differences in their foundations and their ideologies than they have commonalities,” he said. “But we do know ... they do make these temporary alliances of convenience. They have common enemies.” He said when a group like Boko Haram, which is focused primarily internally, uses “a really well crafted car bomb ... where they’re getting that from their al Qaeda neighbours, then obviously you have to take notice as a cause for alarm.”

Ham said the best way to d



NEWS How to resolve Boko Haram crisis, by Tinubu Continued from page 4 Tinubu said:” The allegation that I am sponsoring Boko Haram is a very serious allegation. That is very malicious and damaging. It is a very serious rumour. I cannot be involved in such a heinous act because I believe in the secularity of Nigeria; remember, my wife is a Deaconess. So, I cannot be involved in such an evil act. “I cannot be involved in sponsoring Boko Haram, I believe in the rule of law, in all the battles I have confronted, I know how I have been committed to the rule of law. I always head for the court. I am convinced that it is politically motivated, from those who have failed to deliver good governance to Nigeria. I believe this country must strive for freedom, liberty and the inalienable right of individuals. “If you talk about Boko Haram, you cannot examine one side alone; government must look at all the sides, and ask, ‘what is the genesis of Boko Haram? How did it start? Was it imported?’ Add everything to these with injustice. The leadership of Nigeria did not handle this matter properly from the beginning. Did it just spring like locust? It all started gradually. What happened to the leader of Boko Haram, that was arrested, handed over to the police, but was summarily executed? “The military personnel that apprehended him do not have the right to prosecute him; they handed him over to the police whose men allegedly killed him, without interrogating him. Why didn’t the police try to purge him of the reason why he was involved in the killings? They did not take him to the court; we all saw it. To every action, there is a reaction. “Government has to go back to do justice. This is what happens when justice is missing. That is why the lawyers say justice must not only be done, but must be seen to have been done.” Tinubu advised the government to find the cause of the Boko Haram crisis by “addressing all the anger in the society and engaging leadership at all levels, in particular prominent leaders to find a way to appeal to the promoters of Boko Haram, and investigate the theory that al Quaeda has infiltrated Boko Haram, and examine ourselves again”. Tinubu went on: “I’m at liberty to express how I feel about what happens in Nigeria. Because I lead the major opposition party in Nigeria, the ACN, I speak on principle. I respect the rule of law; wherever there is violation, I will speak my mind, and join the agitation, in any form. They won’t like it because the ACN is getting larger, the leader is getting more influential. So, let us stop him, that is it. “He has access to America, Europe, he has freedom, let us link him with Boko Haram, which is linked to al-Qaeda, the enemy of the West, so that they will deny him of liberty. That is what they want to do, they want to get my name off Immigration. They stopped me before, when they made the allegation that I was involved in money laundering.” “I have my liberty, we cannot swallow hook line and sinker the lies of these dangerous people.“

‘Nigeria does not need single term tenure’


pecial Adviser on Information to President Shehu Shagari in the Second Republic, Chief Timothy Adebanjo, yesterday faulted President Jonathan’s sevenyear single term tenure proposal for President and governors. He said what Nigeria needs is “meaningful restructuring”, and that the President’s idea does not address the fundamental questions. “No sir, Mr President,” Adebanjo said. A former Editor of the defunct Daily Express and Sole Administrator of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Adebanjo spoke at a public lecture in Lagos to mark his 80th birthday. It was organised by WAJ Media/Writers Association of the School of Communication, Lagos State University. It had the theme: “Strengthening Nigeria’s Federalism: Revisiting the Presidential versus Parliamentary Government

By Joseph Jibueze

Debate.” The event included the launch of Adebanjo’s 125-page book entitled: “Chronicle of a Federalist: A journalist per excellence.” Adebanjo said the time has come to stop “messing around” with the amendment to the 1999 Constitution “in bits and pieces.” His words: “As the youngest member of the class of Octogenarians in Nigeria, let me use this opportunity and advantage to advice and warn: Enough of recounting the tale of woes of our nation. “Enough of all the long talks, big grammar, eloquent speeches at seminars, stakeholders jamborees on the amendment of the 1999 Constitution. “It is time for action – democratic, non-violent and, if necessary and appropriate, passive resistance to all the tactics

and attempts to frustrate solution to the constitutional dilemma which has bedeviled Nigeria for so long. The lecturer, Prof. Adele Jinadu, urged flexibility in Constitution amendment, stressing that Nigeria can only achieve a sustainable democracy and federalism by strengthening its social and moral forces. He said: “For example, can there not be provision for more than one method for amending or ‘altering’ the Constitution, depending on the nature and significance of the proposed amendment, without altering basic structure, and fundamental substance of the Constitution, as is the case in India, where four methods are stipulated for doing so, in the country’s Constitution?” Junadu added: “If only we could turn our attention and genius to strengthening these extra-legal/extra-constitution-

al social forces for nurturing the seamless web anchoring and linking the practice of democracy and federalism to their underlying substantive normative values, we would have gone a long way towards improving and consolidating the constitutional and political institutions and processes for sustainable democracy and federalism as enduring public interest projects in our country. Ogun State Deputy Governor, Prince Segun Adesegun, said Nigeria adopted the spirit of United State Presidential system but not the letters.

House to probe FERMA •Summons Minister of Foreign Affairs


ORRIED by the deplorable conditions of most highways across the country, the House of Representatives yesterday

•Prince Adesegun (left), Chief Osoba, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, Oba Adekoya, Otunba Adebanjo and his wife Ayo at the launch a book to mark Otunba Adebanjo’s birthday... yesterday PHOTO: ADEOLA SOLOMON

Jonathan restores overseas training for resident doctors RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has restored the one year compulsory residency training abroad for Nigerian resident doctors in the bid to produce quality resident doctors and grow the healthcare system. The President, in a goodwill message to the 29th annual congress and convocation of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria restated the need to maintain discipline among the resident doctors. The President who was represented by the Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu expressed displeasure at the way the doctors, have been downing tools in the last two years. He said: “We want you to ensure that patients do not suffer because of negligence. Nigerian doctors are respected all over


He said the United States Senate is independent and effective because they are not elected the same period as the President, as their term is six years. On the other hand, Congress Guests included former Ogun State Governor, Chief Segun Osoba; Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye; The News publisher, Mr Bayo Onanuga, and former Central Bank (CBN) governor, Chief Ola Vincent. Others were President, African Refugees Foundation, Ambassador Segun Olusola; and the Dagburewe of Idowa, Ogun State, Oba Y. O Adekoya.

By Oyeyemi Gbenga-Mustapha

the world and we don’t expect less here in Nigeria. Nigerian doctors are now fast losing their respect due to incessant industrial action. We intend to check this and the menace of brain drain”. “To reverse brain drain, the government is going to ensure good emolument for the fellows that are working in Nigeria; government is doing something about the reward method. Those who work well must get good compensation and disciplinary measures must be put in place because government will not condone indiscipline but will commend diligence”. And speaking in his capacity as Minister of Health, Chukwu said the government intends to reinforce the reward system in the sector.

From Dele Anofi, Abuja

announced plan to probe the Federal Emergency Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA). According to the House, FERMA has not justified its votes since it was established in 2005. Reps also expressed concern over the establishment of the Road Fund and Road Management Agency (RMA). Moving a motion on the need to investigate FERMA, Sam Tsokwa said despite a plethora and legion of resolutions passed by the House, FERMA has merely remained a cash-cow agency and a conduit pipe “through which hard earned tax payers money is drained yearly into private pockets by its slow and sluggishly handled projects across the country”. Tsokwa urged the House to direct the Committee on Works to conduct a public hearing into the activities of the agency from inception till date. According to him, the public hearing would enable Nigerians to know how much the agency has gulped and whether or not it has justified the allocatios. The committee, he noted, would be able at the end of the hearing, to recommend ways of improved performance. The motion was unanimously emdorsed by the House which had earlier invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru to brief it on the details of the situation of 200 Nigerians reportedly held in underground cells in Libya. Abubakar Momoh, who moved the motion noted with concern the ravaging political crisis in Libya that has caught up with Nigerians living in the country or on transit.

Calabar Port: Ministry’s bid to placate aggrieved firms fails


REDGING firms that feel cheated by the refusal of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to respect due process in the evaluation of the Calabar Port dredging contract have shunned the Ministry of Transport’s bid to placate them. At a fence-mending meeting in Abuja, the companies were unanimous in their decision that the way out of the quagmire is for the ministry and NPA to adhere to due process. At the talks were the Per-

manent Secretary of the ministry who presided, representatives of all six companies vying for the project, NPA’s General Manager (Capital Projects), an official of the BPP and officials of the Transport ministry. The companies have, in the past three months, been contesting the authority’s resolve to award the juicy contract to its subsidiary, Lagos Channel Management (LCM), in defiance of the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) Act. Their grouse is that LCM

came a distant fourth in the bid tender and submitted the highest bid among the four prequalified companies. They also claimed that LCM should not even have participated in the process given its relationship with the arbiter. This is more so as the company never disclosed its ties with NPA as required in the bid procedure and extant BPP regulations. According to them, contrary to the impression given by NPA, LCM had eight conditions attached to its bid and is

not even a dredging firm but a channel management company. The meeting was called to resolve the controversy that ensued following NPA’s decision to overlook the three firms that offered lower bid prices than LCM. One of the companies, Jan De Nul, had petitioned BPP accusing NPA of having vested interest in the project. However, the meeting turned out to be a forum by the Acting Permanent secretary of the ministry to pacify

the aggrieved contractors so as to secure a “Certificate of No Objection” for LCM from the BPP. Sources at the talks revealed that rather than address the issues raised by the petitioner, he asked the companies not to protest as more contracts were in the offing. The BPP official at the meeting reportedly upbraided the NPA and its consultants, AIM Consultants for their failure to conduct a proper commercial evaluation and for not disclosing their interest in LCM.



NEWS Mob kills two robbery suspects in Ekiti From Sulaiman Salawudeen, Ado Ekiti


WO suspected robbers have been killed by a mob in Iluomoba-Ekiti, Gbonyin Local Government Area of Ekiti State. Three suspects, believed to have been terrorising the community in recent weeks, were reportedly arrested by members of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) on Wednesday and handed over to the Police. Sources said youths, enraged that one of them was killed by robbers the previous day, stormed the Police outpost, overwhelmed the police officers on guard and killed two of the three suspects. Ekiti State OPC Coordinator Chief Ojo Obafemi said: “I am not giving an excuse to support jungle justice, but the experience of the people in the past weeks and months compelled the youths to deal instantly with those caught. The killing of innocent souls in these past weeks has been alarming. “As I am talking to you, motorists and commercial motorcyclists now refuse to ply the roads. If you go out and it is getting to 5 pm, you will be afraid to return to your house because you may never get there. “However, I have warned my members not to allow such a thing to happen again. It is not a legal process of dealing with suspects. I told my members to immediately hand over any suspected robber they apprehend to the Police for prosecution.” Police Spokesman Jimoh Mohammed, who confirmed the incident, warned against jungle justice. Jimoh said the remains of the slain suspects had been deposited at the mortuary of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital. He said the third suspect had been transferred to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the Police headquarters in Ado-Ekiti. Jimoh said no one has been arrested.

15 injured as PDP, ACN supporters clash


HE Oyo State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, yesterday rejected two documents presented by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in its alleged dual citizenship case against Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Immediately after the ruling, supporters of both parties clashed outside the court premises, using knives, cutlasses, acid and broken bottles. No fewer than 15 persons were injured. Shop owners and passersby scampered for safety at Oke-Bola, where the court is situated. The arrival of men of the Anti-Robbery Squad and

•Tribunal rejects Oyo PDP’s documents From Oseheye Okwuofu, Ibadan

mobile policemen however restored peace in the area. Documents presented by the petitioner’s lead counsel, Mr. Nathaniel Oke (SAN), after being identified by the witness, State PDP Secretary Alhaji Bashiru Akanbi, were a letter written by PDP’s counsel to the Minister of External Affairs, requesting for a document on Ajimobi’s alleged dual citizenship and the ministry’s reply. The presentation of the documents developed into an argument between Oke and the lead counsel to Ajimobi and ACN, Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN).

Oke urged the tribunal to accept the documents as exhibits E and F, adding that they were connected to certain documents enumerated in the petition. But Akeredolu countered the move, saying the letters were not admissible because they were not covered by the pleading before the tribunal and there was no reference to them in the petition. He said the documents were made during the pendency of the petition, that is, on August 22, when the filing of the petition had elapsed. Akeredolu argued that the presentation of the documents was against Section 91, Sub-section 3, of the Evidence

Act. The Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC’s) Lead Counsel, Alhaji Ahmed Raji, agreed with Akeredolu that the documents were not admissible since they were not listed in the petition. Raji argued that the witness risked being sued for perjury and Oke cautioned him against intimidating his witness. The three-man panel, led by Justice Abdulkadir Pindiga, rejected the documents. Oke, Akeredolu and Raji closed their cases and the tribunal adjourned till October 10 for adoption of written addresses.

Ex-Ondo LP chair Olaiya Oni to join ACN


ORMER Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) in Ondo State, Dr. Olaiya Oni, yesterday declared his intention to join the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Oni spoke during a reception organised by Akoko Stakeholders’ Forum in Ikare-Akoko, headquarters of Akoko Northwest Local Government Area. Oni debunked rumours that ACN National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, gave him N100 million to resign as LP chairman. He said he has never met Tinubu, adding that the rumour was the handiwork of desperate politicians, who want to rule the state at all cost. Oni said he left LP because he did not want to be associated with some reckless politicians, who are only after their selfish interests. He said: “This is not my first time of resigning a top position in the interest of my people. I was in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a political leader and minister, but left when I discovered that the party was not working for the interest of the poor masses. “Presently in the state, things are not going well, just because Governor Olusegun Mimiko has failed to live a progressive life like his counterparts in other Yoruba states; rather, he prefers to pitch his tent with PDP. “Last weekend, when exPresident Olusegun Obasanjo was in the state, he made a statement that Mimiko’s spirit is in PDP; I think that is why his actions should not be a

‘Presently in the state, things are not going well, just because Governor Olusegun Mimiko has failed to live a progressive life like his counterparts in other Yoruba states; rather, he prefers to pitch his tent with PDP’ From Leke Akeredolu, Akure

thing of surprise to the masses.” Oni praised Tinubu for standing up for the masses, describing him as the last man standing. He said: “Our primogeniture, Oduduwa, and the spirit of the Avatar, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, have not gone to sleep. They created Asiwaju Tinubu, who remains the last man standing against reactionary forces, and has produced the political compass with which Ogun, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo and Edo states got liberated. “Asiwaju also stood behind Ondo State like a colossus, when we fought the war of liberation to install democracy and justice. I had no choice but to lead other wellmeaning people of the state, within and outside LP, to embrace our brothers and sisters in the Yoruba nation.” The event was attended by prominent Akoko sons and daughters.

FUTA lecturer freed From Damisi Ojo, Akure


LECTURER at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), in Ondo State, Dr. Tunji Akinlabi, who was kidnapped last week by unknown gunmen, has been freed. Akinlabi’s friend, Dr. Biliaminu Kareem, said the kidnappers told the victim’s family over the phone to pick him up in Benin. But before the family got to Benin, Akinlabi was brought to Akure. FUTA Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Adebisi Balogun, thanked security agencies for ensuring Akinlabi’s release.

•Justice Uwaifo submitting the panel’s report to Aregbesola. With them are Deputy Governor Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomri (left), Head of Service Elder Segun Akinwusi (2nd right) and Acting Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Chairman Elder Biyi Adelowo ...yesterday

Why Truth Commission was set up, by Aregbesola


OVERNOR Rauf Aregbesola has spoken on why the Osun StateTruth and Reconciliation Commission was set up. Aregbesola spoke yesterday in Osogbo, the state capital, while receiving the report of the panel, headed by Justice Samson Uwaifo (rtd.). He said: “Prior to our coming to office, Osun State was under siege and we met records that, between 2003 and 2010, there was massive and horrendous abuse of human rights and despotism. We cannot in good conscience ignore this and pretend that all is well.” The governor said nothing would erase the memory of the “savage attack” on him and his supporters by those he described as “agents of the state government” on August 5, 2006, at the Oroki Day celebration. He recalled the clampdown on protesters of the rigged April 2007 elections, during which scores of people were killed. Aregbesola said: “Has anybody also forgotten how one of our supporters, Alhaji Hassan Olajoku, was brutally murdered at Gbongan Junction on May 15, 2005? There are countless others who were taken out of the comfort of their homes to be murdered, illegally detained, harassed, pummelled or threatened. “Many were forced to evacuate their families and proceed on involuntary exile. My aged mother was a victim. Many had their property destroyed and their businesses paralysed. “Can anybody reasonably deny that there was a bomb blast at the state secretariat and that this was used as a pretext to arrest, detain and persecute innocent people and opposition members? “Can we so soon forget how a frontline industrialist from Osun State, Chief Ade Komolafe, was beaten to death at a Gas Station in Ilesa by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) local government chairman-led death squad? “Could we have suffered such massive amnesia as to forget how a teenage girl was tied to a tree and gang-raped by PDP chieftains in Ilesa? “These are just a few of the assaults on our people committed by and on behalf of the party and government in power in Osun during that period. “Some of these acts are so revolting that they cannot be mentioned in the company of decent men and women without their sensibilities being offended.” The governor said the objective of the panel was not to

From Adesoji Adeniyi, Osogbo

persecute, witch-hunt, harass or intimidate anybody, but to establish the truth and ensure that the aggrieved are reconciled. He said: “This is not unique to us. It is a practice that has been in place since the end of World War II, when commissions of inquiry were set up to address rights abuse during the war. “Since then, there have been truth commissions or its equivalent in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Liberia, Morocco, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, East Timor, United States, Kashmir and close by in Rivers State. The most remarkable being the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up by exPresident Nelson Mandela in 1995 and headed by Bishop Desmond Tutu. “We have always made it known that our government is a product of justice and so we must support justice everywhere. All evidences affirmed that we won the 2007 elections, and yet, we couldn’t reclaim our mandate in the courts until almost four years later, when the term had almost been exhausted. Of course, those who perpetrated this electoral grand larceny did so with impunity, and even have the audacity to relentlessly challenge the process that put an end to their chicanery. “We want to declare boldly that we will not rest on our oars in the bid to establish peace, righteousness and justice in the land. It is remarkable that the first dividend of democracy in Osun State is the removal of the state of siege. A new wind of peace has been blowing over the people since our coming to government and all citizens have been going about their lawful duties without hindrance. “Recently, workers in the state embarked on a strike. They freely expressed themselves, even as some civil society groups publicly expressed support for us and our cause. Not a single incident or skirmish was recorded. There was no arrest, attack or shooting, contrary to what we used to experience in that black and bygone era. Everything was done in an atmosphere of peace, mutual respect and conciliation.” The panel was set up last February to look into human rights abuses in the state since 2003 till date.



NEWS Gastro-enteritis kills 15 in Sokoto

Kwara PDP’s witness seeks to change evidence at tribunal O NE of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) witnesses testifying at the Kwara State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Ilorin, the state capital, Mohammed Saliu, yesterday sought to change his evidence-in-chief. Saliu, the 23rd witness for the respondent, claimed in parts of his deposition to have worked in Lafiagi Wards 1 and 2. But he later sought to change the evidence when he told the tribunal that he never worked in Ward 1. The witness, who claimed not to understand English, confessed to having the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Mathematics. He also sought to change the Paragraph 6 of his deposition where he claimed that

From Adekunle Jimoh, Ilorin

he “voluntarily refused to sign in areas where we (PDP) did not win.” The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and its governorship candidate, Mohammed Dele Belgore (SAN), and running mate, Peter Kishra, are challenging the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) declaration of Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed as winner of April 26 governorship eletion in the state. Also a voter’s register and Form EC8B (the result sheet for wards) contradicted the claims the PDP witnesses made in their statements on oath.

Mohammed Dokwa, the 24th witness for Ahmed and Kishra, claimed in his statement that the election was free and fair, and followed the due process. He added that party agents, including himself, signed the results because there was no reason not to do so. Dokwa said he was the PDP Ward Supervisor/Collation Agent for Lade Ward 2 of Pategi Local Government during the April 26 poll. But counsel to the ACN, Peter Olorunishola (SAN), produced Form EC8B for the same ward, which showed that neither Dokwa nor any other party agent signed the result for Lade Ward 2. Dokwa admitted that his

claim was “indeed risky” and flew in the face of documentary evidence shown on INEC documents. Witness 22nd for the respondent, Laaro Balkis Kike, confirmed making and signing her statement on oath, saying the election was properly conducted and that there were no xases of multiple thumb-printing or any other irregularities at Ejidongari Ward. Kike, in her late twenties, claimed she never attended school. She also gave irregular signatures when asked to sign on a sheet of paper. To convince the tribunal that Kike was lying on oath, Olorunishola confronted her with the voter’s register, which confirmed that she was a student when she registered to vote last year.

•Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Inumidun Akande (middle) cutting the tape to open a building at the Ikeja High Court in Lagos…yesterday. With her are Justice Funmilayo Atilade (left) and Justice Opeyemi Oke

Captain joins race for Kogi governor


HE winner of the Kogi State governorship primary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on January 9, Alhaji Jibrin Isah (Ochocho), seems set for a tough battle, with the entry of a new aspirant, Captain Idris Wada. Some of Isah’s major supporters were seen going about with Wada in Lokoja, the state capital. The primary is next week. Witnesses said Wada drove straight to the Government House, Lokoja, on arrival from his Abuja base, to confer with Governor Ibrahim Idris, who is rumoured to be his chief supporter. The Nation gathered that Wada moved the venue of his declaration for the race to the Kogi State Hotel, Lokoja, following advice that using the Government House would raise many questions. Isah’s top supporters, especially antagonists of a fresh primary, were said to have been seen with Wada during his consultations with party chieftains. Among them was a former Speaker, Clarence Olafemi. Most of the government’s top officials, including some former and present members of the Assembly, were said to be at the declaration.


HERE were discordant tunes among Kogi State governorship aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday over the party’s rescheduled primary next Thursday. The party had in January conducted a primary, which produced Alhaji Jibrin Isah (Ochocho). The rescheduled primary apparently showed that the January primary has been cancelled. Some of the aspirants, who have expressed disapproval over the arrangement, have taken their grievances to the PDP national secretariat in Abuja for clarification. While some aspirants contend that the last primary election was null and void, since it did not hold as scheduled, others want the validation of the primary that produced Isah. Dr. Onukaba Adinoyi-Ojo, who collected his nomination forms at the secretariat yesterday, insisted that Isah could no longer lay claim to the ticket and that whoever desires the ticket should participate in the rerun primary. Alhaji Abdulrazak Kutepa was also at the secretariat yesterday to return his nomination forms. He urged all aspirants to go through due process as outlined by the party’s national leadership. Adinoyi-Ojo said it would be against equity and justice for the party leadership to uphold the result of the last primary since a court had declared that the governor’s seat was not vacant at the time. Isah and his supporters argued that conducting a rerun would weaken the unity and cohesion of the party in Kogi but AdinoyiOjo said the rerun would strengthen the party.

Wada promised to consolidate the achievements of the Idris administration, adding



O fewer than 15 persons have been killed in an outbreak of gastro-enteritis in six villages of Wurno Local Government Area of Sokoto State. The disease broke out in Lahodu, Gidan Bango, Kagara, Mahici, Rugga and Tungar Dankarau, killing the young and old, it was learnt. The situation has been nipped in the bud with the council reportedly buying over N1 million worth of medicaments to treat those affected. Also, 260 persons out of 300 have reportedly tested positive to an outbreak of Bilharziasis in Dibbiso and Tunga villages. Four others have been reported to have diabetes in Luggu community. Wurno Local Government, which is about 40kilometre drive from the state capital, had last month narrowly escaped a major flooding for prompt its proactive measures. The council had also commenced treatment for persons with Bilharziasis and diabetes by providing them with free drugs and other medical support. Supervisory Counsellor for Health, Abubakar Bello, who confirmed the incidents on behalf of the Council Chairman, Shehu Alhaji Chacho, when he addressed reporters in Wurno.


From Gbade Ogunwale, Assistant Editor, Abuja

that he would carry along all segments of the state in the scheme of things, if given the ticket. Idris has recalled political

From Adamu Suleiman, Sokoto

He said about 336 cases of the disease were recorded following an outbreak three days to the last Sallah festivity. According to Bello, the council had taken measures to curtail further spread of the case to other villages and neighbouring communities, adding: “We had to isolate the victims for prompt medical attention by administering the necessary drugs and nursing care and so far, there is no case left’’, he confirmed. Also explaining on the outbreak, a Community Health Extension worker in the council, Mustapha Garba Wurno said the council had also purchased large quantity of water guard for treatment of water in the affected areas. “We have also stopped people in the villages from taking water from sources which were not treated especially open dug wells on water passage which are the major causes of the outbreak’’, he pointed out. Mustapha also said the council had mobilised the services of Environmental Health Officers for mass enlightenment and sensitization campaigns to further alert the people on the dangers of taking untreated water from contaminated sources as well as stream or pond bath especially by children, adding ‘’ they are more vulnerable to Bilharziasis’’, he emphasised. Meanwhile, the council would soon embark on staff audit and verification to ensure proper record of its staff strength for accountability and transparency purposes as well proper resource management for the development of the council.

Youth asks government to stop selective justice trial

Rancour trails Kogi PDP aspirants’ nomination

From Mohammed Bashir, Lokoja

•260 cases of bilharziasis reported

•Onukaba displaying his nomination form yesterday

office holders who resigned their appointment to contest last national and state Assembly elections.

HE National Youth League has called on the government to address the problems facing the country instead of chasing shadow. In a statement made available to The Nation, its National Coordinator, Comrade Evwibovwe Irikefe explained that the recent attempt by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to institute a case against the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was an attempt to silence the opposition. It noted that instead of tackling problems that had inundated government, it is seeking an escape route by diverting attention because it wants to silence the potent voice that had sought justice for the ordinary man. It stated: “While we do not claim that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is an angel, we say however, why did it take the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) so long to establish a case of foreign account operations? We see it as perceive quest to tarnish the reputation of the Yoruba

By Musa Odoshimokhe

leader thereby destroying the beacon of hope in Nigeria.” The statement also signed by the National Secretary, Adigun Mohammed stressed that the administration was gradually toeing the line of previous administrations which never allowed the voice of opposition in the country. “It should be noted that this was the similar drama that was played out at the centre which led to the death of Bola Ige, M.K.O Abiola, Alfred Rewane, Kudirat Abiola among others and now they are targeting the only hope of the masses.” The group wants government to stop its selective justice trial because there were established cases of corruption against Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders, which the CCB has not looked into. It emphasised that if government continues to tow this line it would seek the intervention of international community to this evil plan.



NEWS Ex-MEND leaders warn Boko Haram From Shola O’Neil, Warri

FORMER leaders of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) have met to assess the security situation in the country, following the threat by Boko Haram to bomb some university campuses in the Southsouth. Speaking with reporters after the meeting, Chairman, Ex-Generals/Commanders of MEND Josiah Oyakonghan, (aka Oyimi) warned that groups in the Niger Delta were watching developments keenly. He said the groups could be compelled to react. Oyakonghan urged the National Security Adviser, Gen Andrew Azazi, and other security bigwigs to ensure President Goodluck Jonathan’s safety. It was gathered that some MEND leaders have hinted of possible reprisal attacks, if they deem any attack to be targeted at their kinsmen.

Court dismisses Akwa Ibom ACN’s application


HE Court of Appeal sitting in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, yesterday dismissed the appeal filed by the Akwa Ibom State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), its governorship candidate, John Akpanudoedehe and his running mate, Ime Umanah, for failure to comply with relevant sections of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). In a unanimous decision by the three justices of the court, read by Justice M.A. Oredola, the court held that the appellants failed to comply with Paragraph 47(1) of the First Schedule of the Electoral Act . The judge ruled that the appellant cannot pick or choose which provisions of the law to follow, no matter how absurd or otherwise the law might appear. The court also agreed with the decision of the lower tribunal that the appellants’ application was defective as it failed to meet provisions of Paragraph 18(4) of the First

•Party for Supreme Court From Kazeem Ibrahym, in Calabar

Schedule of the 2010 Election Act (as amended). On the argument that the judgment of the court was not duly signed by all the justices raised by ACN counsel, Justice Oredola said the judgment was signed by majority of the judges. His words: “When the manuscript of the judgment was shown before the court, it showed that it was duly signed by majority of the judges.

“The tribunal cannot be faulted for invoking the provisions of the Electoral Act on the appellants.” He held that no pre-hearing session was conducted on July 5 as argued by the counsel in the application. The judge also stated that the appellant was right in one of the grounds of appeal that the tribunal could not grant reliefs not sought by the party. The Akwa Ibom Election Petitions Tribunal, headed by Justice Adam Onum, had dis-

missed the petitioners’ application on technical grounds. It affirmed Governor Godswill Akpabio’s victory in the April 26 election when no such relief was sought by either party before the tribunal. ACN and others had also challenged the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC’s) declaration of Akpabio of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the winner of the election. Addressing reporters after the court’s proceedings, Dapo

Akinosun, who represented ACN’s lead counsel, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, said the court had misapplied the law in dismissing the application. Akinosun said the party would seek redress in the Supreme Court. His words: “The important thing is that we would go to the Supreme Court. “So, definitely, this court has misapplied the law and we would seek to obtain the judgment and take necessary steps. Of course, justice delayed is not justice denied. “We still believe strongly in the rule of law and the judiciary.”

Edo Task Force chair remanded in prison


HE embattled Chairman of the Edo State Task Force on Demolition of Illegal Structures, Maj Lawrence Loye (rtd), has been remanded in prison till September 29, when his bail application will be ruled on. Loye (48), who pleaded not guilty, was arraigned at a Benin Magistrate court on a sixcount charge. He was arrested on Monday for illegal demolition of buildings, including one belonging to ex-governor of Bendel State, Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia. In the charges, the Task

From Osagie Otabor, Benin

Force Chairman, with others at large, was alleged to have conspired to commit an offence of misdemeanour, of malicious damage and thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 517 of the Criminal Code. They were also accused of unlawfully and maliciously damaging a building, property of Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, an offence punishable under Section 451 of the Criminal Code, Cap 48, Vol.11,

laws of the defunct Bendel State of Nigeria (1976) as applicable to Edo State. Loye was also charged with abuse of office, as well as conduct likely to cause breach of the peace, an offence contrary and punishable under Section 517 of the Criminal Code. Loye’s lead counsel Austin Osarenkhoe applied for bail and told the court that the accused is prepared to stand trial. Osarenkhoe said the accused was deemed innocent and urged the court to grant bail as the offences, accord-


ing to him, “are misdemeanour which are bailable.” But prosecution counsel, T.O.B. Okei urged the court not to grant bail as investigation was still on.

PDP opposes DPP’s presentation of documents


OUNSEL to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Jolone Ikomi yesterday opposed attempts by the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) to tender some documents before the Delta State Election Petition Tribunal. DPP candidate Great Ogboru is challenging the victory of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan . Ogboru’s counsel Mogbeyi Sagay (SAN) had barely started tendering evidence in respect of Bomadi Local Government when Ikomi opposed the move. Sagay (SAN) had informed the tribunal of his intention to attach a list of documents to aid the tribunal interpret documents tendered as exhibits. Ikomi said: “This checklist is very confusing. This is something the petitioner did in the confines of his room and has sought to spring it on us.

From Okungbowa Aiwerie, Asaba

“No matter how long I study this document I will not go along with it. This is a very sensitive issue. Do we have to use the index provided by the petitioner? I object to using the petitioner’s index. It is strange to the procedure of hearing.” Uduaghan’s counsel Vic-


ECURITY was tight at the Benin Airport yesterday as the remains of former Military Vice President, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, arrived in the Edo State capital ahead of burial. The remains came aboard a Nigerian AirForce Hercules Plane at about 1:20pm. On ground to receive the body were Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who led other government officials; former


From Osagie Otabor, Benin

Minister of External Affairs Tom Ikimi; former Governor Lucky Igbinedion, naval officers led by Chief of Naval Staff Adm. Ola Saheed Ibrahim; Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, among others. The widow, Mrs. Rebecca Aikhomu and other relatives were present at the airport, where a brief farewell parade was held.

The casket was decorated with the Coat of Arms and four stars in recognition of his status as an admiral. The motorcade left Benin for Irrua, Esan Central local government where the late Aikhomu would be buried today. A Federal Government delegation, led by Vice President Namadi Sambo, is expected to lead other dignitaries to Irrua today.

Ekiti workers begin strike


This is to inform the general public that the Copyright Inspector I.D. Card and Original Land Acknowledge Form with Receipt issued by AGIS belonging to MR ODUNFUNWA AKINTUNDE OLADIPO of Nigeria Copyright Commission, federal secretariat complex, phase 1, Abuja are missing. All efforts made to trace the missing items proved abortive. If found contact the bearer or the nearest police station.

the document they are seeking to tender was ordered by the tribunal. Justice Abisoye Ayo ruled that the list be stood down. The petitioner tendered 70 copies of Form EC 25 B in respect of Bomadi; Burutu; Warri Southwest; Warri South; Warri North and Patani local governments. All the documents were admitted as exhibits.

Oshiomhole, Ikimi receive Aikhomu’s remains

PUBLIC NOTICE I,formerly known and addressed as Miss Justina Iyayo Elaigwu, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Justina I.E. Mac-Isaac-BobManuel. All former documents remain valid.The general public should take note.

tor Grant said he did not have any objection to admitting the list. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) counsel, Onyinye Anomunye, aligned with Grant’s submission. But Sagay (SAN) objected, arguing that as counsel they had the latitude to conduct their case in the manner they liked, adding that


WORKERS in Ekiti State under the aegis of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) today begins another indefinite strike over the State Government’s lackluster commitment of the implementation of the N18,000 minimum wage. The strike, according to the NLC boss in the State Ayodeji Aluko took effect from 12 midnight and binding on all public officers in the state. While addressing reports in Ado Ekiti yesterday, Aluko said the strike became the only option left for labour as the state government had been reluctant on the implementation of the minimum wage. The Minimum Wage Act 2010 was passed into law by the immediate past National Assembly and was made binding on the 36 states of the Federation including the federal Capital Territory (FCT).

From Sulaiman Salawudeen, Ado Ekiti

He said: “The N15, 000 minimum wage proposed for the workers on grade levels 8 and above is unacceptable to the generality of the workers; anything short of what is recognised by law will be rejected by labour.” Aluko expressed reservation about what he saw asreluctance and unnecessary foot dragging on the part of the government to the payment of the minimum wage despite efforts made by the Congress towards amicable settlement of issues. He disclosed that the early negotiations with the state government ended on Wednesday and that it was to continue the following day, (yesterday) only for the state government to reverse conclusions about continuation of negotiations.





ORE than three months after inauguration, the Senate yesterday named members of its standing committees. The announcement by Senate President David Mark, put to rest anxieties, lobbying and horse trading that characterised the composition of the committees. In all, Mark named 56 standing committees, two more than what the Upper Chamber had in the Sixth Senate. The two new committees are those on Millennium Development Goals and Special Duties chaired by Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume and Senator Clever Ikisikpo respectively. There was heightened expectation among Senators before the announcement as some of them claimed that the leadership of the Upper Chambers was unduly delaying the composition of the committees. Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, who was named Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, told reporters after the plenary that two more committees were created to cover some areas that were not effectively catered for in the sixth Senate. Some of those who emerged as chairmen and Vice Chairman are: Selection Committee, Senator David Mark, Deputy Chairman, Ike Ekweremadu; Senate Services, Suleiman Senator Adokwe, chairman, Vice Chairman Senator Christopher Nwankwo; Rules and Business, Chairman Ita Enang, Vice Chairman Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Smart Adeyemi, Vice Chairman, Senator Domingo Alaba Obende. Others are: Senate Committee on Media and Public Af-

Three months after, Senate names committee chairmen Akande-Adeola is House Leader

From Onyedi Ojiabor, Assistant Editor and Sanni Onogu, Abuja.

fairs, Chairman Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Vice Chairman, Senator Bello Tukur; Employment, Labour and Productivity, Chairman, Senator Wilson Asinobi Ake, Vice Chairman, Senator Oluremi Shade Tinubu; Niger Delta, Chairman Senator James Manager, Vice Chairman, Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman; Petroleum Upstream Chairman Senator Emmanuel Pualker; Vice Chairman Senator Kabiru Mafara; Foreign Affairs, Chairman Matthew Ifeanyi Nwagwu, Vice Chairman Mohammed Sani Saleh; Establishment and Public Service, Chairman, Senator Aloysius Etok, Vice Chairman, Babafemi Ojodu; and Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs, Chairman, Senator Dahiru Kuta, Vice Chairman, Senator Christopher Omoworare; Gas, Chairman, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu, Vice Chairman, Senator Ahmed Zanna; Trade and Investment, Chairman Senator Odion Ugbesia, Vice Chairman, Senator Ibrahim Gohir. Communications, Chairman, Senator Gilbert Nnaji, Vice Chairman, Senator Abu Ibrahim; Defence and Army, Chairman, Senator George Sekibo, Vice Chairman, Senator Bindowo Jibrilla; Petroleum Downstream, Chairman Senator Magnus Abe, Vice Chairman, Senator Danjuma Goje; Drug, Narcotics and Financial Crime, Chairman, Senator Victor Lar, Vice Chairman, Senator Ayoola Hosea Agboola; Industries, Chairman, Senator Esther Nenadi Usman, Vice Chair-

From Dele Anofi, Abuja


HE emergence of Mrs. Mulikat Akande-Adeola as the leader of the House of Representatives and Muraina Ajibola as the chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum (Upstream) yesterday ended guesswork on who among the political rivals would become the Leader of the lower arm of the National Assembly. Mrs. Akande-Adeola’s emergence came on a day the House named chairmen for its 84 standing committees with notable ranking members either retaining their former portfolio or clinching the chairmanship of choice committees. Among them are: John Enoh, who chaired Finance Committee in the sixth Representatives, but named as the chairman of the Appropriation Committee and Farouk Lawan, who retained as chairman of the Education Committee. Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi is the chairman of the Committee on Works. Other chairmen with their committees are: Bashir Baballe (Defence); Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi (Marine); Nakudu Sabo (Customs and Excise); Nasiru Zango (FRSC); Usman Kumo (Police); Nicholas Mutu (NDDC); Dan Bassey (Gas); Peterside Dakuku (Petroleum Downstream); Onyejeocha Nkiru (Aviation) and Sylvester Obaga (Commerce). They include: Gregory Ofor (FERMA); Anthony Maduwate (Governmental Affairs; Sam Tsokwa (Rules and Business); Mohammed Monguno (Agriculture); Emmanuel Jime (FCT); Herma Hembe (Capital Market); Abubakar Buba (Information); Christiana Alaaga (Corporation and Integration); James Baitacha (FCT Area Council); Ahmed Idris (Federal Character); Bello Mutawalle (Security & Intelligence); Aminu Shagari (Judiciary); Umar Bature (Interior); Musa Adar (Land Transport); Nnena Ukeje (Foreign Affairs); Ndudi Elumelu (Health) and Usman Adamu (Housing and Habitat). Announcing the choice of Mrs Akande-Adeola, Speaker Aminu Tambuwal said the final list was arrived at based on merit where the chosen members would perform best. He said Mrs Akande-Adeola was picked after the caucus meeting of the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held before the commencement of the plenary. The announcement was greeted with applause from the floor after which the first women leader walked up to Tambuwal that defeated her in the contest for the Speakership of the House for a handshake. man, Senator Ibrahim Musa; Interior, Chairman, Senator Atiku Abubakar Bagudu, Vice Chairman Olubunmi Adetunmbi; Inter-Parliamentary Affiars, Chairman, Senator Abdulaziz Usman, Vice Chairman, Senator Ganiyu Solomon; Local and Foreign Debt, Chairman, Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere, Vice Chairman Ahmed Sani; and Land Transport, Chairman Senator Sahabi Alhaji Yu’u, Vice Chairman Yusuf Musa. Also named were: Appropriation, Chairman Senator

Ahmed Maccido, Vice Chairman, Senator Sunday Ogbuoji; Aviation, Chairman, Senator Hope Uzodinma, Vice Chairman Babayo Gamawa; Banking and Finance, Chairman, Senator Ayo Ademola Adeseun; Vice Chairman, Senator Isa Mohammed Galaudu; Housing, Chairman, Senator Bukkar Abba Ibrahim, Vice Chairman, Senator Bareehu Gbenga Ashafa; Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Senator Andy Uba, Vice Chairman Senator Alkali Jajere; Marine Transport, Chair-

man Senator Zainab Kure, Vice Chairman, Senator Pius Akpor Ewherido; Navy, Chairman, Senator Chris Anyanwu, Vice Chairman, Senator Emmanuel Ocheja; Police Affairs, Chairman, Senator Paulinus Igwe, Vice Chairman Senator Abubakar Umar Tutare; Works, Chairman, Senator Ayogu Eze, Vice Chairman, Senator Basheer Garba Mohammed; Finance, Chairman, Senator Bassey Out, Vice Chairman, Senator Joshua Dariye, Privatisation, Chairman Senator Olugbenga Obadara and

Power, Chairman, Senator Philip Aduda Tanimu, Vice Chairman, Senator Chris Ngige. Senator Robert Ajayi Borofice was also named Chairman Committee on Science and Technology, while Senator George Akume is to serve as Vice Chairman of the committee; Senator Abdullahi Adamu was named Chairman Committee on Solid Minerals, while Senator Boluwaju Kunlere is to serve as Vice Chairman; Committee on Sports and Social Development has Senator Adamu Gumba as Chairman, while Senator Oyetunde Hussein is to service as Vice Chairman; National Security and Intelligence has Senator Mohammed Magoro as Chairman, while Senator Mohammed Shaaba Lafiagi will service as Vice Chaiman; Senator Ayo Patrick Akinyelure is to chair committee on Ethics, Petitions and Privileges, while Senator Hayatu Bello Gwarzo is to serve as Vice Chairman; the Public Accounts Committee has Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan as Chairman, Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi is Vice Chairman, National Planning Committee has Senator Barnabas Gemade as Chairman, while Senator Olufemi Lanlehin will serve as Vice Chairman, Committee on Education has Senator Uche Chukwumeriji while Senator Olusola Adeyeye will serve as Vice Chairman, Envirnment Committee has Senator Bukola Abubakar Saraki as Chairman, while Senator Benedict Ayade will serve as Vice Chairman, Committee on Health has Gyang Dalyop Dantong as Chairman while Senator Ifeanyi Okowa is Vice Chairman.




e-payment: Bank auditors push for Evidence Act review


LANS by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to strengthen e-payment systems and promote a less-cash economy will have to take consideration of the need for legislative upgrade, especially the review of Evidence Act, the Committee Chief Inspectors of Banks in Nigeria (CCIBN) has said. The group said the legislative process in the country should be advanced to reflect new dimensions in the e-payment systems being canvassed by the apex bank. The Managing Director/CEO Oceanic International Bank Plc, John Aboh, said the National Assembly is currently reviewing the Bank and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA) and it is expected that the legislation guiding the e-banking would be adjusted to address new threats in

Stories by Collins Nweze

the industry. Speaking at the quarterly meeting of CCIBN on the theme: ‘From cash-based economy to cashless economy-The Role of Bank Auditors’, Aboh said the CBN policy limiting cash transactions to N150,000 for individuals and N1 million by corporate organisations should be fully implemented to cut bank’s operating cost. He said that cost of printing currency notes and high cost of cash management have added to banks’ cost of operation, which is indirectly transferred to customers. According to him, the use of cash has always led to lack of audit trail should things go wrong. “Use of cash encourages corruption and money laundering. Heavy reliance on cash trans-

actions may also make terrorism thrive as audit trails are easily truncated once the cash leaves the system,” he said. First Vice Chairman, CCIBN, Bola Daudu agreed with Aboh. He said electronic payment channels are increasingly becoming more acceptable as alternative means of payment because of the advancements in technology. For him, adopting and implementing the CBN policy on cash management would help reduce lending rates. Besides, financial inclusion of estimated 65 per cent of cash outside the banking system is also an added advantage. He said implementation has been drawn up to cover Point of Sale deployment, cash policy compliance framework, offsite automated teller machines and integrated communication campaign. He advised auditors to ensure

that banks realign their processes to suit objectives of the policy in order to avoid sanctions. They are also meant to ensure that banks are not exposed to unfavourable events and losses, while adjusting to the demand of the policy. Auditors are also meant to ensure that electronic payment environment of banks are secured against internal and external compromises. Such security requirements involve guarding the software, hardware network and channels that support e-payment in banks from compromise. Another safeguard has to do with process integrity, which should ensure that processes and other e-payment platforms are not opened up for fraud. The auditors said that transaction security and integrity, which means ensuring that transactions generated by support systems are not tampered with are also impor-


“In spite of the current global economic and financial markets volatility, West Africa has shown a lot of promises given the various economic and political reforms that a number of our member states had embarked upon. The forum is put in place to demonstrate that the region currently offers tremendous opportunities for foreign investors. Jonathan explained: “I am glad to note that that various initiatives of ECOWAS Commission indicate that these objectives of regional integration is being achieved in phases from our ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme (ETLS), through the Common External Tariff (CET) that has been accepted by all the 15 member states to the current

harmonisation of the member states investment laws under the common market,” he said. He also advised member states to open their financial markets and institutions to other member states within the region as well as to permit local market participants to invest abroad. Commenting further, Jonathan said: “It is my belief that by creating confidence in financial cooperations among member states via regional payment system, regional stock exchange, regional credit data base and the information on investment climate indicators, the region is providing the basis for harmonised single economic space as well as steps towards the common currency aspiration of the community.”


HE foreign currency reserve, which has been shuttling be tween $32 billion and $35 billion in the last six months will continue in that trend till 2012, Head, Market Risk, Greenwich Trust Limited, a research and investment firm, Babatunde Obaniyi has said. Speaking yesterday during the first bi-monthly discuss organised by Financial Correspondents Association of Nigeria (FICAN) in Lagos, he said foreign reserve which as at $33 billion as at September 13, may not significantly rise till early next year because of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) effort to defend the naira. He said that defending the naira


Rate %


3-Year 5-Year 5-Year

35m 35m 35m

11.039 12.23 13.19

19-05-2014 18-05-2016 19-05-2016


Price Loss 2754.67 447.80


7.9-10% 10-11%

PRIMARY MARKET AUCTION (T-BILLS) Tenor 91-Day 182-Day 1-Year

Amount 30m 46.7m 50m

Rate % 10.96 9.62 12.34

Date 28-04-2011 “ 14-04-2011




3.32 0.83 0.66 1.46 0.55 2.80 5.70 9.25 0.95 0.65 16.16


3.48 0.87 0.69 1.52 0.57 2.90 5.90 9.55 0.98 0.67 16.50

0.16 0.04 0.03 0.06 0.02 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.03 0.02 0.34




9.41 25.50 1.21 17.35 6.48 12.18 4.35 3.79 1.57 10.30 7.36


8.94 24.23 1.15 16.49 6.16 11.58 4.14 3.61 1.50 10.00 7.15



Sold ($)

Rate (N)

















EXHANGE RATE 26-08-11 Currency

Year Start Offer

Current Before

C u r r e n t CUV Start After %




















(S/N) Bureau de Change 152.0000









Parallel Market

14-09-11 N6.760tr 21,199.16

15-09-11 N6.747tr 21,158.25

% Change -0.19% -0.19%




Offered ($) Demanded ($)



is a short-term approach that may not bring lasting stability to the local currency. He said the only permanent solution to the volatility of the naira is to diversify the economy. Obaniyi said that to safeguard the value of the domestic currency, foreign reserves are held as formal backing for the domestic currency. “Given Central Bank’s continued commitment to stabilise the naira around the N150 plus or minus three per cent band, through various policy initiatives. The country’s currency reserves have plummeted to around $33 billion as the CBN draws down to defend the naira against major foreign units,” he said.



Initial Current Quotation Price Market N8250.00 5495.33 N1000.00 N552.20

tant if the policy is to succeed. “Auditors are therefore expected to be involved in infrastructure selection and development, making sure that suitable information and communication systems are acquired by the bank.

Foreign reserves to remain flat till 2012, says analyst

‘ECOWAS marginalised in trade, investment’ RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has said that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is being marginalised in the flow of global trade and investment. Jonathan said this in his address at the 2nd ECOWAS Investment Forum, which commenced in Lagos yesterday. He called for partnership between member states and external partners to ensure that the observed imbalance is corrected. He was represented by Vice President, Namadi Sambo. The President also stated that the West African region had shown a lot of promises given the various economic and political reforms that most countries in the region had embarked upon.

•Lamido Sanusi, CBN Governor



July ’11

Aug ’11





Standing Lending Rate ,, Deposit Rate ,, Liquidity Ratio Cash Return Rate Inflation Rate

8.50% 4.50% 25.00% 1.00% 12.10%

8.50% 4.50% 25.00% 2.00% 12.10%

9.50% 5.50% 30.00% 2.00% 9.4%

Offer Price

Bid Price

9.17 1.00 117.83 107.46 0.79 1.02 0.96 1,628.78 8.70 1.39 1.87 7,730.72 193.00

9.08 1.00 117.53 107.10 0.76 1.02 0.95 1,625.40 8.28 1.33 1.80 7,487.67 191.08



0.47 1.27 0.06 0.86 0.32 0.60 0.21 0.18 0.07 0.30 0.21


NIBOR Tenor 7 Days 30 Days 60 Days 150 Days

Rate (Previous) 24 Aug, 2011 9.0417 9.6667 11.2917 12.1250

Rate (Currency) 26, Aug, 2011 10.17% 11.46% 11.96% 12.54%




04 July, 2011

07, Aug, 2011
























Unhelpful escapism •This is what the sacking of the NDDC Board and MD boils down to


ND so has the removal by President Goodluck Jonathan of the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mr. Chibuzor Ugwoha, as well as all the commission’s Executive Directors, and the dissolution of its Board effectively and definitively addressed the protracted crisis that had plagued the organisation and obstructed the fulfilment of its statutory obligations? The answer is an unambiguous no. What the President has done is indeed a characteristically Nigerian response that neither addresses the root causes of a deep-seated problem nor lays a basis for avoiding a recurrence. For the past eight months, the NDDC had been practically paralysed by a crisis of confidence and authority between the managing director and the dissolved Board headed by retired Air Vice Marshal Larry Koinyan. The dispute

‘The holistic sacking of the commission’s management and Board, recommended by the panel and approved by the President, amounts to an unhelpful escapism from confronting the realities of the NDDC’s debilitating organisational incoherence. The action evades the responsibility of determining which of the contending parties was right or wrong, and thus ensuring that those who occupy the respective positions in future act within welldefined bounds’

revolved essentially around the management of projects worth over N69 billion being executed by the commission. Also in contention was the alleged transfer of $20 million from the NDDC’s Union Bank account in the United Kingdom to First Bank (UK) Plc. While the managing director claimed to have acted on the authority of the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation to protect the commission’s funds from Nigeria’s banking crisis, the Board maintained it did not approve the movement of the funds. President Jonathan had set up the Presidential Committee on NDDC headed by a former Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mr. Steve Oransanye, to investigate the crisis and make recommendations. The chairman of the Traditional Rulers of Oil Mineral Producing Communities of Nigeria (TROMPCON), Oba (Dr.) Lawrence Adetemi Omowole 111, the Amapetu of Mahin Kingdom, had echoed the popular view when he expressed the optimism that the Oransanye panel would “identify areas of rifts with a view to proffering solutions that will enhance institutional potency as well as strengthen the values and virtues of the commission”. That hope has clearly been dashed. For, the holistic sacking of the commission’s management and Board, recommended by the panel and approved by the President, amounts to an unhelpful escapism from confronting the realities of the NDDC’s debilitating organisational incoherence. The action evades the responsibility of determining which of the contending parties was right

or wrong, and thus ensuring that those who occupy the respective positions in future act within well-defined bounds. It is instructive that conflicts between management and Board have been a constant feature of the NDDC since its inception. This suggests that the relationship between both organs has not been clearly defined. Merely reconstituting a new Board and management will thus not necessarily solve the problem. Ordinarily, the management ought to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation while the function of the Board should be periodic interventions in an advisory capacity. A situation that has almost always prevailed in the NDDC, whereby the Board seeks to compete with management in micro-managing the commission on a daily basis is unhealthy and will inevitably breed conflict. It is an anomaly that must be decisively dealt with. We are, of course, aware that the disharmony between successive Boards and management of the NDDC is not motivated by an altruistic desire to serve the public good. Rather, it stems from a perception of the organisation as a means for primitive accumulation of wealth, particularly because appointments to these top positions are seen as political rewards. What has become glaring is the urgent need for a thorough re-appraisal of the current strategies for tackling the challenges of the Niger Delta. The multiplication of centrally controlled corrupt bureaucracies is no alternative to true federalism.

Where are the reports? •Years after Bellview and ADC plane crashes, we deserve to know why they crashed


FTER the moving graveside orations for victims of the 2005 and 2006 air crashes in the country, it is important we find out why the planes came down. And when the reports are out, they should be made public. The idea is for us to be able to use the pitfalls of the past to avoid a repeat of such mistakes and ultimately have flights in which people can be confident that they will always reach their destinations in one piece. At least that is the practice in many parts of the world where people have regard for the sanctity of human lives. But a situation where such a report has been prepared and is gathering dust in some government shelves instead of being in the public domain is disquieting. This is what is happening to the reports of the Bellview and ADC air crashes which occurred between 2005 and 2006. Nigerians would recall that a time there was when planes were just dropping off in the country as if our airspace was under some spell. There was the Boeing 737-200 belonging to Bellview Airlines which crashed at Lisa village in Ogun State shortly after take-off in Lagos for Abuja on October 22, 2005. No fewer than 117 people on board died in the crash. Less than two months later, specifically on December 10, 2005, a McDonnel Douglas DC-9 plane operated by Sosoliso Airlines crashed while approaching Port Harcourt, killing 107 people, mostly children going home for the Christmas holiday. On

October 29, 2006, an ADC Airlines Boeing 737 carrying 104 people, including the then Sultan of Sokoto, crashed in a storm, after taking off from the airport in Abuja. Curiously, the Sosoliso crash report was released by the Accidents Investigation Bureau (AIB), the agency that investigates air crashes, 10 months after the crash. Who then is holding the reports of the Bellview and ADC crashes, and why, five years after? The long time it has taken for the government to release the reports could only fuel speculations that there are attempts to cover some people that were implicated for their roles in the crashes. This is much more so that the AIB had reportedly sent the reports to the Presidency through the Federal Ministry of Aviation for approval since July, 2010. And to think that copies of the reports are already with the US government and the Boeing Incorporated, the manufacturers of the aircraft involved in the crashes, in line with the standard practice required in the global aviation industry! This is a recurring pattern concerning many reports in the country. Successive governments have shielded the Okigbo report on the Gulf oil windfall in the 1990s from the public for reasons known to them. We recall too that the various reports on the crises in Jos have been lying in the cooler for years until a few days ago when the Federal Government asked that they be dusted again. This was after many other atrocities, including

bombings in even the most unexpected places, had been committed. We call for immediate release of these reports in accordance with the Federal Government’s claim to transparency. There is no basis for withholding them, especially since that of Sosoliso had been released a long time ago. This is inequitable. At least we now know from the report on the Sosoliso crash that it was caused by bad weather and pilot error. So, what caused the Bellview and ADC crashes? We may never know until we get the reports. Perhaps this is another opportunity to test the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. The government has to be compelled to release the report; there should be no cover-up.

‘We call for immediate release of these reports in accordance with the Federal Government’s claim to transparency. There is no basis for withholding them, especially since that of Sosoliso had been released a long time ago. This is inequitable. At least we now know from the report on the Sosoliso crash that it was caused by bad weather and pilot error’

Somalia’s worsening famine


AMINE has pummeled the Horn of Africa generally, but Somalia has been the hardest hit — and the situation is getting worse. Severe drought-induced scarcities of food and water would pose a daunting challenge for any nation. It is even more daunting for Somalia, where a barely functioning central government and ruthless militant groups are undermining international efforts to respond to the most devastating famine in 60 years. It is easy to be discouraged since Somalia has long been a failing state, but the international community must not give up on urgent efforts to help the innocent victims. United Nations officials last week said tens of thousands of Somalis died over the last three or four months, more than half of them children. The famine recently spread to a sixth area of the southern part of the country, putting 750,000 more people at risk in the next few months unless aid efforts are scaled up. Experts predict the drought will end in October, but then seasonal rains could exacerbate cholera, malaria and other diseases already infecting camps in Kenya, where more than 400,000 Somali refugees have fled. The United Nations made an emergency appeal for $2.4 billion in July and is about $1 billion short. American officials say the bigger need is access — getting food to starving people in Mogadishu and hard-hit farming areas. The problem of delivering aid in extremely dangerous conditions seemed to ease when Shabab — a militant Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda and has been battling the Western-backed government and blocking aid — withdrew recently from Mogadishu and other regions. This retreat gave the government a chance to assert itself. But, as Jeffrey Gettleman of The Times reported last week, the Shabab and the government are splintering into competing clans and factions amid signs that the warfare between these groups will intensify. Because it is dangerous for Westerners to operate in Somalia, the United States and other donors are trying to be more creative and use local traders to get food and medicine to vulnerable populations. Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and other gulf states — Somalia’s major trading partners — need to use their influence to persuade both the government in Mogadishu and militant groups to do more to help donors get aid to the starving. That includes water and vaccines as well as food. East Africa is prone to famine, and the United States is working with Somalia and other countries to improve long-term food production and avert future crises. East African leaders, meeting last week in Kenya, agreed to invest in solutions to recurring droughts. That’s only a start. They will never end devastating famines and food aid dependence if they do not also make it a priority to improve governance, eradicate corruption and end conflict in Somalia and elsewhere in the region. Despite repeated failed efforts to develop a stable political system, Somali leaders last week took steps to create a permanent and more effective government. Saudi Arabia and the gulf states should use their clout to ensure that this time Somalia makes real progress. – New York Times

TRUTH IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief Victor Ifijeh • Editor Gbenga Omotoso •Chairman, Editorial Board Sam Omatseye

•Executive Director (Finance & Administration) Ade Odunewu

•General Editor Kunle Fagbemi

• Gen. Manager (Training and Development) Soji Omotunde

•Deputy Editor Lawal Ogienagbon

•Chief Internal Auditor Toke Folorunsho

•Managing Editor Northern Operation Yusuf Alli

•Senior Manager (sales) Akeem Shoge

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•Advert Manager Robinson Osirike

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IR: He called himself “the Brother Leader”, “Guide of the Revolution” and ”King of the Kings” while the western media described him as “eccentric”, “autocratic” and “brutal”. That was Muammar Muhammed Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, for you. His 42 years in power ended a few weeks ago, to terminate the rule of the longest Arab leader and fourth longest non-royal African leader, since 1900. Muammar Gaddafi was no doubt a highly controversial man. His ascendancy into power in 1969, after dismantling the monarchial rule of King Idris of Libya shaped the world’s history in a number of ways. Despite the political twist, the rule of the Libyan strongman brought home notable development to his nation. In 2010, it recorded the highest Gross Domestic Product, GDP per capita, education index and Human Development



Where is Gaddafi? Index, in Africa. After the fall of Gaddafi, Interpol and the International Criminal Court have issued arrest warrants on Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and his brother-in-law, Abduallah al-Senussi for their alleged crimes against humanity. Now where is Gaddafi? Several possibilities have been propounded. The first option is that he may still be in Tripoli. After the take-over, Gaddafi, in an audio message broadcast on state radio was said to have boasted that he walks in the streets of Tripoli in disguise. He was

quoted as saying, “I want to show that I’m in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs”. Roland Jacquard, President of the Paris-based International Observatory on Terrorism was quoted to have said – “Gaddafi could not have left the country as wiretaps intercepted by western intelligence services in the region indicate that Gaddafi is still in Libya”. Another possibility is Sirte. This could serve as a temporary abode. The former Libyan strongman was reported to have, over the years, constructed several underground

networks, consisting of at least, 50 Km of secret passage ways coupled with the fact that pro-Gaddafi fighters are largely concentrated in a triangle, running from Bani Walid, a town Southeast of Tripoli, and then to the coastal town of Sirte. The third possibility is for him to stay in the Sabha area, where members of the tribe can offer him shelter. After the 1986 US bombing of Tripoli, Gaddafi was said to have “maintained peaceful relations with the nomadic Tuareg people in the Sahara”, although some Tuaregs have teamed up with anti-Gaddafi forces, especially in the Fezzan re-

Letter to Nigeria’s foreign minister on UK visa policy

IR: I sincerely thank you for your recent pronouncements on the issuance of visas to deserving Nigerians by foreign embassies. There is the need to further appeal to the foreign countries, especially the United Kingdom, to reciprocate our good gesture to foreigners, Britons especially, by handling our children immigration issues fairly well with the fear of God. It is a common knowledge that some officers at the U.K Home office take delight in frustrating our children when they justly request for one thing or the other. A case in mind (as related to me by my child), is that of one Oludare, my child’s friend and course mate in London, who has lawfully completed his A/Level, Degree and ACCA fundamental Levels. The recently released ACCA results show that he has three more papers to write to become an Associate Member of the prestigious Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Recently, his application to renew the student visa to enable him complete the remaining ACCA professional papers was turned down by the Home Office on the ground that : (a). he forged Cambridge University Degree Certificate and, (b) he committed a traffic offence . My findings show that Dare’s friends (interestingly including Britons, who know him to be diligent, forthright law abiding and brilliant) encouraged him to seek redress by contacting an immigrant lawyer and his MP.

They contributed about GBP1,150 towards this course. The lawyer and the MP wrote the Home Office with evidences showing that: (a) Dare attended Kingston University coming out with a Second Class Upper Degree and that he never claimed he attended Cambridge not to talk of sending any forged certificate to the Home Office. (b) The traffic offence he committed has been spent as he’s paid a fine and the Home Office has graciously renewed his Visa thereafter for about 2 times! Interestingly, the Home Office sent a reply (without any apology for the defamatory accusation of forgery) saying that the letter for the refusal was not meant for him and that he could reapply if he wants! I wonder why he has not even sued them for defamation of character.


His Lawyer reapplied on his behalf and the Home Office duly acknowledged the receipt of the application. While the Home Office claimed it will take about 14 weeks or so to treat the application, it is now more than five months (20weeks) without any clue to the problem as the Home Office is not forth coming. Honestly, the British people should try to reciprocate Nigeria and Nigerians’ hospitality to foreigners. I witnessed a case at Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, where a drunken Briton (vomiting all over his body) alighted from British Airways. People around him, including immigration officers, had to clean him up, kept an eye on his belongings and handed him over to the embassy staff. I am sure a Nigerian, just arriving in Gatwick

or Heathrow in similar situation, will be bundled into the next available plane back to Nigeria! Sir, kindly use your good office to impress it on the British High Commission here in Nigeria to please equally use his good office and appeal to his country’s Home Office to please positively respond to this case and related ones so as not to frustrate this young chap who, I learnt, wish to have the ACCA certificate with his 2:1 Degree in Financial Economics before his 25th birthday anniversary . His friends believe that the Home Office is trying to be funny because they want to frustrate his further applying for Resident Permit, having legally and legitimately stayed in the UK for a period of 10 years. • Akin Ogunsanya, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Abuja

gion where Sabha is located. The fourth, very likely possibility is that of him seeking asylum or going on exile. This could be a ready alternative or last option if Gaddafi feels he has reached the end of the road. He could take the advantage of Libya’s porous and unsecured desert borders in the South and move into countries like Niger, Algeria or Chad. He could equally be accorded an asylum with ‘friendly’ allies like South Africa, Venezuela and other sympathetic nations. While it may be difficult to zero inn on the last option to be courted by Gaddafi, one thing that is certain is that his rest abode will largely depend on the powerplay dynamics that will unfold between the new transition government and the tribes. As the last option, Gaddafi may toe the line of his grandfather, Abdessalam Bouminyar, who he said “fought against the Italian occupation of Libya and died as the first martyr in Khoms, in the first battle of 1911”. This may not be too far from Gaddafi statements after leaving office promising to “die here as a martyr”. The present Libyan crisis is definitely a difficult and trying phase in its history as an emergent nation. What the National Tranisition Council should earnestly strive for is to mend fences, build bridges, restore sanity into the polity and stop killing Nigerians and other blacks. There should be observance of ceasefire from both sides while the law should be allowed to take its due course without unnecessarily persecuting anymore. The future of Libya lies in the hand of her citizen not on NATO, US or allied forces. • Adewale Kupoluyi University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State,

Rotary’s four invisible pillars

IR: I attended the investiture ceremony of my brother Barrister Gabriel Amalu as the 30th President of Rotary Club of FESTAC Town, District 9110 Nigeria on August 20. The occasion was a vivid picture of people that matter from the different sectors of our economy. When the visual clips of the humanitarian activities of Rotary Club, mostly heart related surgeries, were zoomed on the projector at the venue, the need to write on Rotarians The 4 WAY TEST hit my spirit man. The Bible records that God framed the world with His spoken word and

hung the earth on nothing. The four invisible pillars that support the earth are The 4 WAY TEST. I don’t have any iota of doubt that it was written under divine inspiration. It is surely a great gospel. The first test is: Is it the TRUTH? The other three tests are: Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD goodwill and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? These last three tests reflect the nature and character of God which is love. The central focus of The 4 WAY TEST is the love of God and the love of man. In all government offices and even

in most offices in the private sector, what greets any visitor is the picture of the head of state and the picture of the office holder. I advocate that The 4 WAY TEST should be displayed conspicuously in every government office. Constant reading of The 4 WAY TEST will definitely impact on the conscience of the locusts of our common wealth. The best way to advance the course of Rotary is for the government to provide free medical care to all Nigerians, basic social welfare and fair salary for all not minding the office you occupy. The ideal thing is that the salary of civil servants all over the

country should be the concern of the federal government; it should be included in the exclusive list. There is so much money in this country but most Nigerians live in abject poverty. The gravity of oppression in this country demands that The 4 WAY TEST be reduced to ID size to be worn by all government functionaries and their cronies as a constant reminder that they should be fair to all concerned in their management of our common wealth. It should be adopted as the national anthem of the universe. • Chief (Barr.) G. C. Amalu Lagos.




Celebrity trash, trashy journalism and everyone (3)

Reality Bites W

Olatunji Ololade

E could not have a better society even if we tried. We could not have a better nation too. We cannot be the land of the free inhabited by free people. Every day, we are reborn into the anguish of what we are desperate to forget. One can never make the words too strong; we are captives now other than before 1960. We are independent although we are yet to be free. Freedom too should be a fount from the heart. It isn’t. It desecrates our hearts and corrupts us. It stacks up profanities like fancy bricks in you and me till we become outstanding perfections of wantonness and ruin. Our cries are of insecurity, unemployment, epileptic power supply, selective justice, dwindling economy, hospital corridors of death among others but a greater ruin subsists in you and me, particularly in the Fourth Estate. One should not make the truth seem forced – Nigeria ruins because journalism has failed us. And journalism devastates on the strength of our failures. Thus journalism and the society remain opposite faces of a rusted coin. It has become the way of the Nigerian press to inform, educate and entertain with the clarity of an

ice-blur or soot-smutch. No more is the media the vanguard of truth, justice and accountability. No more does it seek to understand our painful silences in order to scream them. Currency style is still politically and economically correct in newsrooms nationwide, and relative truths and half-truths hang stockstill, like bad philosophy, where the mint-blaze of advertisements, electronic money transfers and brown envelopes successfully domesticate even our most hardnosed critics and newshounds. Everybody insists that Nigerian journalists are crappy and lost; some claim they are maddened by poverty and greed but I would say they have simply realized delusion to be our favoured pattern of truth. I would say, they are only responding to the archetypal syndrome perverting our psyche – driving us to put to waste, humanity and our most treasured industries. Our degeneration began no sooner than we destroyed every crucial appendage of our social bedrock. As it does to every other crucial sector, the Nigerian society provides the worst of simpletons to serve as conscience to the nation. Scholarship we extol produces the citizenship that corrupts and sets us back in abominable leaps. In our

‘Our world’s a raffle. From stardom, power, sudden wealth and chances to our base necessities, everything is on a sweepstake. Yet it worries us not to foster such satire on our social institutions. The reality show contestant is as much a gambler as his fellow in the underground casinos and dangerous crannies of Lagos. The only difference is that one shakes duplicity and the other shakes dice’-


HE density of Wole Soyinka’s knowledge and literature never cease to fill with awe. He is my intellectual avatar because he remains, probably, the only Nigerian whose writings are a must-read for me. That last point I must immediately qualify. I am not a priest in the temple of the arts. At best, I am an occasional communicant in that temple. I avoid altogether the visual aspect of the arts, namely fine and applied arts. As for its non-visual arm, I choose and pick. I like the performing arts but I am mostly enamoured by the literary arts. And so, it is in the literary arts, especially the creative writing genre, that I find Soyinka a jewel of inestimable value. Occasionally, my heart is filled with trepidation. Prof Wole Soyinka is not growing younger. Who takes over when he leaves the scene at the age of 120, as I have pronounced? When you recall that as at 1980’s, Prof Chinua Achebe had cast a reflection on the quality of written and spoken English of university professors in Nigeria, then you simply wonder what must be the situation today. But let there be no misconception here. When I speak about Soyinka, it’s not really much of his acknowledged high level of oral or written proficiency in English. I speak of Wole Soyinka’s fecundity of mind and profundity of thoughts. Soyinka’s works – a word I prefer to writings – are always perfumed with graphics, illustrations and resonances. WS is a wordsmith, a master craft and thinker. We are not talking of unwarranted ornate, highfalutin or flowery expressions. Soyinka’s armoury overflows with words which he deploys with precision, guided by figurative expressions. Craft is the word. You drive your thoughts home by your locution else they are lost or fail to make the desired impact. Let me take samples from his latest offering titled, ‘Teetering on the democratic trampoline’, a keynote address he delivered at the recent conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State (The Nation, August 26). “Some wounds dig deep into the human

Fourth Estate, the few good hands are still keeping faith halfheartedly. They are shamelessly underpaid, persistently disrespected and denied of even their meagre income. But the middling second-rate and third-rate smile home from the banks. Their garages flaunt automobiles and hand-outs that dwarf the principles and achievements of the few good hands. Thus is our vision for Nigerian journalism: to perpetuate a litter of men so grossly employed beneath the faculties of a humane mind that a little money, fame and other paltry inducements quite cheaply buys them off the fabled press’s most principled pursuits. Like everyone of us, the Nigerian journalist answers to different prices. He is as perverted as the social system that produces him and conditions him to serve as a reluctant watch –dog, rambling lap-dog, obsequious stunt-dog, dung-dog, junk-yard dog among others – as circumstances and his vanities dictate. An efficient journalist and wholly conscientious one at that do what he can whether his employer and the society appropriately reward him or not. The inefficient journalist on the other hand offers his inefficiency to any bidder with a wad of cash; he is forever lusting for political office or “Corporate Affairs” spot. He is rarely disappointed however. Hence the average journalist’s inclination to report the shameful shenanigans and delusions of grandeur of every constituent of the Nigerian society flaunting a wad of cash. This frantic posturing of the journalist to serve the interests of every actor, politician, musician, reality show contestant and business executive for the most paltry gratification is merely a manifestation in the journalist of the fetters

of indignity holding the Nigerian society captive. Our maddening lust for wealth and tireless celebration of it without doubt epitomizes the greatest disgrace of our kind. That so many are ready to live by luck in a mad dash for affluence and the frills of enterprise without appropriately earning it perpetuates the startling immorality of our kind and the most indecent culture of enterprise. The philosophy, poetry and religion of our kind are not worth the dust of a destitute puffball. Hence today, we stir in mind the worrisome notion that God created our kind in jest. Burning with the incense of our perfervid yearnings, we make God out to be a mischievous money-bag scattering a handful of currency in order to see us scramble for it amusingly. Our world’s a raffle. From stardom, power, sudden wealth and chances to our base necessities, everything is on a sweepstake. Yet it worries us not to foster such satire on our social institutions. The reality show contestant is as much a gambler as his fellow in the underground casinos and dangerous crannies of Lagos. The only difference is that one shakes duplicity and the other shakes dice. And we have journalism to celebrate them both as it does our criminally-minded thug-fathers, god-fathers, clerics, drug barons, park-thugs, business leaders and aristocracy to mention a few. If this isn’t the nastiest distortion to the media’s esteemed “Status-Conferrer” theory, what is? The lure of affluence is truly great that withers the grains of wisdom in even in its most dependable repositories in the Nigerian society. How can the journalist not cultivate such rot? Despite his purported depth and candour, he is essentially, a luminescent mirror into the soul of the Nigerian society. It is remarkable that of all our

Soyinka and the Ogun State example By Soyombo Opeyemi psyche, and continue to suppurate long after they were inflicted. Such, in my case, was the trial and execution of my late colleague and friend, Ken Saro-wiwa…” “As with most other dramatis personae – direct or merely peripheral – of that painful drama, closure remains a destination much desired. I do not think we shall attain it at any one encounter but, lancing the tumour of evasion and letting out the scab covered pus of truth is one way of inching closer to that moment of closure.” “Today – and I speak of immediate, ongoing events – the problems of law, and the challenges to her ministers are vastly different, but the implications for society remain the same – a severe drought on the judicial landscape, a deficit in public confidence, a questioning of the very viability of the legal recourse. It goes beyond a House divided against itself, asks whether the Citadel of Law has ever been much more than a long sustained mirage whose promise as a shimmering oasis of justice has finally evaporated.” That is the quintessential Soyinka. He went ahead to describe democracy “as a social platform… better still, a trampoline – but balanced on three legs”: Constitution, Law and Civic Will. He concluded that “The constitution is pot-holed. The Temple of Justice (Law) is sullied. And Civic Will? Destabilized. Ultimately, nonetheless, that last remains – for the most obvious reasons – the enduring repository of collective, inclusive responsibilities, catalyst also in motions to sustain the stability of the democratic platform, turning it into a steady plane, so it does not bounce society up and down as on its present trampoline…” Civic will, if I may add to the peroration of Prof Soyinka, is, of course, what defines the society. Through the power of initiative and referendum, it regulates the other two legs of the tripod – Constitution and Law.

In spite of the contradictions in our society, Ogun State, under the new leadership of Governor Ibikunle Amosun, seems to be charting a new course towards the ideals of democracy. The thick line which hitherto existed between the government and the governed has, since the inauguration of the new administration on May 29 been growing thin and moving speedily towards obliteration. I speak of a governor, who, while on tours or visits around the state, spend most of the time trekking, exchanging pleasantries and banters with the ordinary citizens – market women, vulcanisers, auto-electricians, palm oil sellers, just name it – listening to their demands, promising when and how government will meet them. Indeed, without any attempt at blandishment, it appears Senator Amosun is gradually becoming the embodiment of the civic will in Ogun State. And make no mistake about this; the governor believes he is only the captain of a ship. He has brought on board a formidable team, which includes people that are not even remotely known to him. I agree with the view that if the government succeeds, it is the party – the ACN – that succeeds. But then what do you expect from a cabinet that consists of democracy fighters like Olaokun Soyinka and Hafsat AbiolaCostello? At last, one can shut the mouths of those who insinuate the dynasty theory. Wrote Dr Kayode Fayemi, now governor of Ekiti State, in his book, Out of the Shadows: Exile and the Struggle for Freedom & Democracy in Nigeria, published in 2005, “…in many ways, Olaokun Soyinka remains, for me, one of the many unsung heroes of our struggle. Inevitably, the fact that he is Wole Soyinka’s son overshadowed his excellent contributions to the struggle – his strategic planning skills, publishing experience, effective behind-the-scene role and his untrammeled dedication to the struggle. Very few people knew how much professional and

media, there are so few moral teachers, “Agenda-setters” and “Status-Conferrers” we could tip as beacons of a better tomorrow and a better society. Most are shamelessly employed in excusing our misdemeanors while brazenly extolling the insanity of our infinite perversions. The best journalists that have been we hardly get to know because this paltry band choose not to grovel before misguided celebrities and impart into our insufficiently tasked minds, trivial affairs of popidols, spoilt rich trash and their over-celebrated kids. “But we are only human!” we rationalize. We claim that it’s due to human nature that we want to know who’s sleeping with whom and why somebody’s so upset about it. The same applies to the world of celebrity. With the latter, we are hopelessly curious because we do not know them personally and it never hurts anyone to obsess about them, right? Actually, it does hurt everyone and someone. It perverts our minds and pushes back the boundaries of public and private lives into the binds of distorted reality. And yet our uncontainable fervor for such trifling reports. Celebrity news may be cheap, easy and relaxing to read. But therein subsists the reason for our hurtful realities. Celebrity trash journalism hardly reflects our reality. But faced with the burgeoning thirst for such content, more publishers are giving over more of their column inches to such debris ignoring the real subjects that matter for a profit. Overdosing on gossip isn’t a good idea but like pathetic junkies eternally in need of a fix, we grovel and lust for the next best decadent pinch. • To be continued…

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material benefit he sacrificed to keep many aspects of the work going and even now, he has continued to lead a quiet life since his return to Nigeria.” It is therefore to the credit of Senator Amosun and his deputy Prince Segun Adesegun, to have brought a man with such a consuming passion for democracy into the cabinet. In the same authoritative narration of Dr Fayemi, we have Hafsat Abiola mentioned among other democracy icons that fought the military to a standstill. Women like men are not in short supply in the team of Governor Amosun. Mrs Olufunso Amosun is amiable, unassuming, simple and full of compassion for children and the downtrodden womenfolk. These noble traits are also shared by Elizabeth Sonubi, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development. There is one woman plucked from the International Republican Institute – Funmi Wakama – the face of NTA Channel 7 news in the late 80’s and NTA Network News in the late 90’s up to early 2000’s, who’s the Senior Special Adviser on Media – a workaholic like her Oga. Barrister-Journalist Yusuph Olaniyonu, until recently chairman of the Editorial Board of ThisDay, is also in the team as Commissioner for Information and Strategy. So is the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Olamilekan Adegbite – an architect of distinction. The gurus of finance are also in the team: Mrs Kemi Adeosun, Commissioner for Finance; Mr Rotimi Adewunmi, the Economic Adviser and Wale Ogunyomade, Special Adviser, Taxation and Revenue. Barrister Leke Adewolu has brought the Diaspora mix into this team, among other distinguished men and women with impressive credentials - clearly, space will not permit me to mention them. These renaissance men, under the leadership of the indefatigable Senator Amosun, will, within a short space of time, produce children across the state who can spell ‘graduate’ correctly even from Primary One. Not even Prof Soyinka will forgive us - and we know him - if we fail or falter in our mission to rebuild Ogun State. • Opeyemi is with the Ogun State government.



EDITORIAL/OPINION ‘If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it...I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free.’ ——Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865) Former U.S. President in: Letter to Horace Greeley


URING a two-hour presidential media chat early this week, President Goodluck Jonathan dismissed insinuations that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015. But one can still recollect that sometime ago, a US intelligence report during former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration predicted the nation’s disintegration by year 2015. Furthermore, the current President also expressed a somewhat curious idea of compiling reports of previous national conferences in the country with the hope that that would keep the sinister thought of disintegration at bay. On assurances against disintegration, he reportedly said: “As the current President of this country, I disagree with that assertion. Nigeria will not disintegrate. This is not the first time people will come out with such ideas. Nigeria may have challenges, just like other countries … It is not just because people are detonating bombs or probably there is some level of agitation in the Niger Delta, which of course, is almost under control that they begin to predict that we will disintegrate … The country that will disintegrate, you can get it by the study of the psyche of the people… As small as my village is, Nigerians from North, East and West have bought land. … We will not disintegrate. I will not preside over a country that will disintegrate and I assure you that from now till 2015, Nigeria must remain one united nation.” When asked whether he supports convocation of a national conference, the President declared: “Yes, of course. I support that Nigerians must discuss and Nigerians have been discussing. I have asked the SGF to collate the reports of past national conferences. The ones that are not conclusive are few. We are going to set up a committee. We are discussing to package the reports and take them to the National Assembly. But areas that seemed controversial, we will look at them.” Although the President touched other is-


E say in my place that when a matter becomes too overwhelming, we dare to wag a finger at it. Time has come to indeed, poke in the eye, the blood fest in Jos as it threatens to consume all of us shortly. An average of about 15 deaths recorded daily in the last too weeks would not have been out of the ordinary in the bloody jostle for the soul of the once idyllic city of Jos, but for the coldness of the killings, their calculatedness and their bloody mindedness. It is not the act of snuffing out life there but the manner, method and the message therein that has left every eye bleeding and ears deafened. Even in the bloodiest of wars across ages, children are often protected, women are spared and the killing of sucklings is considered a taboo. But today, in the infernal ethno-religious killing fields of Jos (Plateau State of Nigeria) we see babies bearing bullet holes; weak, old people and pregnant women slaughtered in cold blood and entire families targeted and butchered. What a shame on Nigeria of my time but especially on the elite of the North. Remember we passed this dirt road once before on our way to Biafra. Must we return to it 45 years after? Have we become so beastly that we shoot at our babies in cold blood in 2011? In all the violence, wars and killings around the world today, it has not been heard that 10 bullets was pumped into the body of a five-yearold. Though Boy Gyang is said to have survived, his groin was blown away. Do you have a five-year old boy? Now that we all, (yes, we all Nigerians) have bathed in baby blood, that we have had our fill of an infanticidal repast, perhaps we can now seek peace? I have heaped the blame for the Jos crisis and all the violence upcountry mainly on the elite of the North because they seem to sit pretty, smug and complacent (complicit if you like) in the face of this billowing smoke. They seem to be loving it all; especially the orgy of current reprisals. Some of them laugh secretly and say to themselves, let the place burn. But I bet they are not aware that evil somehow grow long tentacles which reach the unlikeliest places. Here is a roll call of groups that ought to have intervened but instead remained mute and aloof like the very hills of Jos: ONE: former heads of state and governors of the North. Some of these are, General Yakubu Gowon, (retired), Alhaji Shehu

Is Nigeria truly indissoluble? sues such as power, general state of insecurity, his single tenure proposition and agriculture, the critical issues of disintegration and sovereign national conference were despite their complexities treated in very trifling manner by him. The general political discontents that are breeding intractable socio-ethnic and religious rebellion in the country just four years to the US predicted year of disintegration are pointers to the urgent and imperative need for the convocation of a sovereign national conference to discuss mounting national problems. The president tends to be clever by half by thinking that a mere directive to the Secretary to Government of the Federation for compilation of previous reports of conferences held by past administrations would resolve, finally, the lingering threat of disintegration hanging on the neck of the country. If one may ask: What is the credibility of past conferences held in the country? Could any serious minded person attach meaningful significance to the teleguided conference convoked by the late General Sani Abacha during his notoriously rulership over this nation? The conference put in place by former President Olusegun Obasanjo was not any better because he had his mind on his infamous truncated third term agenda and not the general interest and wellbeing of Nigerians. Above all, who is that Nigerian on the street that can categorically talk about the contents of these two documents or any other ones for that matter? This is because there was no official white paper release on these

documents to avail members that participated in the conferences and the public the opportunity of either agreeing or disagreeing with their contents. So, what will likely happen now is for the current president to prepare just any document with favourable contents to satisfy his and acolytes’ aspirations by fraudulently projecting such paper as the will and wishes of Nigerians before the National Assembly. From the President’s responses during his last presidential media chart, it is obvious that the man at the nation’s helm of affairs has no precise agenda or definite vision to move this country forward. Nobody should ever pray for disintegration of the country, but can we in all sincerity say that the persistent major negative indicators in the country are not pointers to the likelihood that sooner or later,(except a positive changes quickly occur) the country might disintegrate? Is Nigeria truly a genuine federation? Are we ethnically tolerant of ourselves? The President equally spoke about people from the East, North and West coming to his small village to buy land. In his erroneous view, that translates to real integration or solid development that would prevent disintegration of the country. However, he should be asked whether Nigerians living in various parts of the country,(including his village), are fairly treated even when they have stayed in particular alien habitats for a lengthy period of time? The President should be asked to tell the whole world whether those people from the


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Jos: Shame of the Northern elite Shagari, Generals Muhammadu Buhari (retd), Ibrahim Babangida, and Abdulsalam Abubakar. The solution to the problem in Jos is buried somewhere in the bowels of these men. Especially so, if they work in cahoots with former governors and administrators from the region. TWO: conference of retired generals of the North. The list is long and rich and will include the TY Danjumas, Domkat Balis, Jery Usenis, IBM Harunas, the aforementioned generals and so many more. If these men can’t resolve the Jos and Boko Haram crises, no other group can. THREE: the emirs and paramount traditional rulers. If this group gather with peace uppermost in their minds, they can surely make the plateau beautiful again as well as the entire North. Especially if they work as one with the National Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), Northern chapter. FOUR: the 19 Northern governors. Mercifully, they have finally announced a meeting to tackle the Jos palaver. Why they waited this long is baffling but better late than never. FIVE: the Presidency has been bewilderingly remiss in managing the Jos mayhem just as in other matters of urgent national concern. It is the place of the Presidency to have initiated parleys of sort with all or some of the stakeholders mentioned above. It was with shock that we

read early in the week that President Goodluck Jonathan just called for all the files of the Jos miasma. If that be true, then we actually have a deeper crisis because those files ought to have been top of the president’s to-do list from day one. While we share in the sorrows of the bereaved and mourn the desecration of our fatherland, we pray that wisdom, goodliness, and love will prevail. The elders of the North must be able to convince their people, all parties undo to forbear and forgive in order for us all to have a fresh beginning. This is a situation, a season that breeds statesmen and men of stature. And a statesman is only as good as his state. Any statesman out there!

Readers’ reaction Quick note for Sister Ngoo Steve, your piece this morning (02/09/11) on the above refers. Your intro is superb but I wonder why you media guys can’t provide us an alternative to the agents of the Bretton Woods institutions. Ours is pure water economics as you rightly pointed out so give us a pure water merchant to tackle the economy. Sister Ngoo will only dish out statistical figures generated from text books, GDP, economic growth with growing unemployment, Fitch ratings, etc. – Owen Brown (08033839298) Budget – why do you blame the chairman when he gets zero allocation from the illegal

West, East and North that settled in his village can ever contest elections there. The President has been painting pictures of deluding integration in the country. May be he should be reminded that the northern elites never wanted him-a Niger-Delta man and a minority to become president of this country at the time he emerged. That has become history now but he must if he wants to be sincere with himself allow that reality to moderate his views on the country’s future. The integration of the country has remained a farce because it has proved difficult to officially give reasonable Nigerians the reason behind the incessant killings of corps members from the West and East that are serving in the northern part of the country? Why are they being killed when northern corps members serving in the East and West are usually safe from fatal attacks? The public knows that this is nothing but sheer display of ethnotribal/religious intolerance from the North? It is necessary to seek to know why the Hausa/Fulani settlers in Jos are fighting the aborigines in the capital of Plateau state. Nigeria is not indissoluble as Mr. President wants the world to believe. The issues involved in the Nigerian project are more complex than he sees or prefers to treat them. If truly this President is sincere, he should present those reports for public scrutiny through a well organised referendum so that Nigerians can have inputs on the structure, composition and operational modus operandi to be henceforth instituted in the country. Except the glaring rampant inter ethno-religious molestations and unfair distributive system prevailing at the moment are checked by President Jonathan and the national assembly, it will only remain a conjecture that the country can remain one indivisible and indissoluble entity.

‘The integration of the country has remained a farce because it has proved difficult to officially give reasonable Nigerians the reason behind the incessant killings of corps members from the West and East that are serving in the northern part of the country?’ operation of section 162(6) of the 1999 constitution dealing with local government accounts? Haven’t you heard the debate that LGCs are not federating units contrary to sections 3: (1,6,7) and 162: (3,5,7,8) and 313 and the Fourth schedule dealing with autonomy, structure, finance and functions of LGCs as a coordinate tier, not a subordinate to the federal and state governments? Haven’t you heard of illegal deductions by state governments from LG funds to finance state functions like payment of primary school teachers’ salaries contrary to Supreme Court ruling on Federal Government vs. Abia State and 35 others (2002)? Is it the Caretaker Committees in 26 out of the 36 states that will prepare budget without councilors to approve? Let us obey the constitution by making the LGCs independent. From Ihuoma (07039134592) Steve I enjoyed reading your Quick note… not just for the people-touching suggestions but also for the smooth, free-flowing delivery. It conjured appropriate picture in my mind which is key to the communication process. One issue you left out though is that of milestones. Sister Ngoo should set visible milestones by which we can measure progress. From Uzo Amadi (08037870516) Steve, you are wrong, LGAs have budgets. The problem is the overbearing influence of the governors. Do your research on how the councils are run and you will feel sorry for the LGA chairmen who only operate on the dictates of their governors. A step forward is LG autonomy but will the governors allow? God bless Nigeria. - (08034676911) Mr Steve, all Sister Ngoo needs to know is have a late lunch with Prof. Dora Akunyili then she will know the poison in the Presidential offer. From Ms Gift, Port Harcourt (08056662101) Steve you no well! You are just a clown! You and your Sister Ngoo; I just couldn’t help laughing like crazy when I read the first and second one. Let’s pray for her success though chances of that are very slim considering the dirty system in Nigeria. – (07086880855). Steve, after reading your article on the above, I couldn’t but agree that our local government councils need urgent overhaul if not there ain’t any hope of our development. – Sam, Aba Abia State(08061598969). Steve, thank you . With hope your sister will listen to your call.—Bello Shehu (07068433874).








Shane Long’s just perfect –Odemwingie


EST BROM hitman Osaze Odemwingie yesterday claimed the workrate of new strike partner Shane Long will help them both score goals this season. The duo linked up for the first time in Sunday’s 1-0 win at Norwich as Odemwingie made a goalscoring return from an ankle injury. And the Nigeria international believes he will be inspired by the impressive stamina of Long, who has

already scored twice following his bigmoney summer move from Reading. “Shane is someone that motivates you to work harder as well because it’s very easy to see how hard-working he is,” said Odemwingie. “He is there fighting for the team all the time. He is very good because he helps and makes things easier for me. “I got really tired on Sunday but Shane helped me a lot. He works really hard.”



IGERIA head coach, Samson Siasia is expected to announce the squad to face Guinea in a 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier next week. has learnt that the Super Eagles manager will make the team list available to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) technical committee in the next few days. The football federation technical committee will then review the list of players for the must-win game against the Guineans at the National Stadium in Abuja on October 8. The same squad for the Cup of Nations qualifier will also be retained for the

LBHF International Boxing tourney holds next week •As Repton Boxing Club takes on Lagos boxers •It will test boxers' progress-Edun


HE Lagos Boxing Hall of Fame(LBHF) International Amatuer Boxing Tournament has been slated for next week in Lagos. The competition which has become a yearly event, will be held on Thursday the 22nd of September and Saturday September 24th. As Usual, while the Thursday event which is strictly by invitation is expected to commence at 7pm at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, the Saturday event which is slated for the Mobolaji Johnson Sports Centre, Rowe Park, Yaba, Lagos, will be for all comers. Being the second edition of the competition,boxers from the Repton Boxing Club all the way from England, will square up against amatuer boxers in Lagos. In conjunction with the Lagos state

sport council, the LBHF has given assurance an exciting and explosive show from the boxers who have trained hard to give followers of the pugilist sport something to cheer. Speaking on the competition in Lagos recently, the Chairman of the LBHF, Prince Wale Edun said competitions of this proportion are meant to be the yardstick for measuring the progress of Nigerian boxers and also help them gain valuable international experience. Meanwhile, in his view, the Chairman Lagos state Sports council, Hon Agboola Dabiri commended the LBHF for taking amature boxing to greater heighs, as he charged other wellmeaning individuals to support the effort of the State Government. Some of the boxers however expressed their readiness for the championship.


Tinubu, Fashola to declare competition closed


OVERNOR Babatunde Raji Fashola and the former governor of the state, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will grace the closing ceremony of the Intercontinental Wrestling Championship tagged BRF Wrestlemania 2011 today. The competition, which began since Tuesday at the Indoor Sports Hall of Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, featured wrestling stars across the world and they have been engaging in fierce battles to win trophies. The climax of which will see one of them been declared the ‘Champion of BRF Wrestlemania 2011’ According to the deputy general Secretary of the Local Organising Committee, Comrade Abass Lateef, Governor Fashola will lead members of the Lagos State Executive Council to the final ceremony with Tinubu, Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Adeyemi Kuforiji and members of the House, the Sports Commissioner, Barrister Enitan Osodi and Special Adviser on Sports, Dolapo Badru, Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN in Lagos, Chief Henry Ajomale will lead party chairmen in all the local governments. “We’ve also invited the senators in the three senatorial districts of the state; Senator (Mrs.) Oluremi Tinubu, Gbenga Ashafa and Ganiyu Solomon, while all the House of Representatives members

By Innocent Amomoh from the state will also be in attendance,” said Comrade Abass. All the chairmen of the Local governments and local council development areas, Hon. Kuye, Mrs. Aishat Arije and Folashade Sanni. The chairman of the Media and Publicity Committee of the LOC, Chief Ifeanyi Obila said that some notable corporate organizations like MTN, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Red Bull, Seaway and 7up Bottling Company will send their representatives to the closing ceremony today. “This is an epic event we packaged to honour our sports-loving governor, Raji Fashola and we can afford to put up a glamorous first edition,” he told reporters at the venue of the tournament yesterday. Meanwhile, one of the foreign wrestlers who came from Austria, Chris Bambikiller, has declared that his target is to win the tournament. Bambikiller, the world heavyweight champion, said that he was emotionally moved when he saw the huge wrestling fans at the stadium to watch him and other wrestlers in the competition. “I want to assure the fans that I will win this championship for them on the final day,” said Bambikiller after he defeated Strong Bone of Nigeria in the preliminary contest for the heavyweight title on Wednesday night.

Ola John: I could have joined Man IGERIA-BORN FC Twente United, Arsenal striker Ola John has revealed


he could have moved to Manchester United or Arsenal this season. John is the kid brother of former Fulham striker Collins John and has been tracked by United for the past 12 months. "At the moment I've extended my

contract with FC Twente, I was attracting Manchester United and Arsenal. But I have chosen for my chances to remain with FC Twente. "If I do really well, the chance to go to a big club will still come," John told De Telegraaf.

Siasia to name Guinea squad next week

Osaze, Ehiosun set for return


IGERIA head coach Samson Siasia is expected to recall Peter Osaze Odemwingie and Ekigho Ehiosun when he announce the squad to face Guinea in a 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier next week. The same squad for the Cup of Nations qualifier will also be retained for the international friendly against the Black Stars of Ghana in London on October 11, our correspondent was informed. “But the team list will first be submitted to the NFF technical committee for their usual vetting before the coach now makes an official announcement of the players in a press conference. It is very likely that the list will be announced next week,” our source confirmed.

It is understood that Odemwingie and Ehiosun were left out for the trip to Madagascar due to injury and lack of match fitness respectively. Emmanuel Ekpo and Danny Shittu are also likely to make the team for the game against Guinea and Ghana next month, it has also been learned. Victor Anichebe is a major doubt, as he has been ruled out due to a longterm injury he sustained in the game against Madagascar on September 4. Nigeria’s Super Eagles will qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations provided they defeat their Guinean opponents by two-nil to progress on the head-tohead rule adopted by Caf for the qualification. Equatorial Guinea and Gabon will play co-hosts to the biennial championship next year.

Falcons’ camp moved by two weeks


UPER FALCONS’ coach Eucharia Uche has demanded for more time to prepare the team for the second leg of the 2012 Olympic qualifier against Cameroon's Indomitable Lionesses on October 22. Falcons managed a 2-1 win over the


Cameroonians and must avoid defeat in the return leg to qualify for the quadrennial sports showpiece. The need for extension of time followed the involvement of localbased Super Falcons in the ongoing Challenge Cup and Super Six matches across the country. The camp was scheduled to open in Abuja second week of this month. Uche told that she has informed the NFF technical committee chairman, Chris Green of her intention to call the girls to camp as soon as the Challenge Cup is over. “I have already spoken with the technical committee chairman and the technical department of this development. It is now certain that the camp will be delayed for another two weeks because the girls are involved in the Challenge Cup as well as Super Six matches with their various clubs. “We have to wait for the girls to round off their Challenge Cup matches and we will head straight to camp. This is good for us because the girls will resume camp very fit. “The girls will resume camp immediately the Challenge Cup final is played on the 28th of September and I am sure that three weeks will be adequate to prepare for the match,” Uche said. Falcons qualified for the last three Olympics in Beijing (2008), Athens (2004) and Sidney (2000). The former Nigerian striker is expected in Abuja this weekend to watch the Challenge Cup as well as the Super Six matches. “I will be in Abuja to watch the girls play and that will afford me the opportunity of discovering new girls for the national teams,” she said.

international friendly against the Black Stars of Ghana in London on October 11, our correspondent was informed. “But the team list will first be submitted to the NFF technical committee for their usual vetting before the coach makes an official announcement of the players in a press conference. It is very likely that the list will be announced next week,” our source confirmed. It is understood that Peter Osaze Odemwingie and Ekigho Ehiosun will be making their return to the squad after they were left out for the trip to Madagascar due to injury and lack of match fitness respectively. Emmanuel Ekpo and Danny Shittu are also likely to make the team for the game against Guinea and Ghana next month, it has also been learned. Victor Anichebe is a major doubt, as he has been ruled out due to a longterm injury he sustained in the game against Madagascar on September 4. Nigeria’s Super Eagles will qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations provided they defeat their Guinean opponents by two-nil to progress on the head-to-head rule adopted by CAF for the qualification.

Equatorial Guinea and Gabon will play co-hosts to the biennial championship next year.

Nigeria will beat Obuh to grace Cup final Guinea – Shorunmu A I SAMSUNG FOOTBALL COMPETITION

KE SHORUNMU has assured that Eagles will re-enact the defeat of Madagascar when they face the Syli National of Guinea on October 8 in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at the National Stadium in Abuja. The Super Eagles are three points adrift of Group B leaders, Syli National with 10 points and have to beat the Guineans by at least 2-0 to win the group’s sole

Ghana will win 2012 African Cup of Nations – Appiah


X-GHANA captain Stephen Appiah has expressed confidence that the Black Stars will win the 2012 African Cup of Nations. The four-time African champions have not added to their continental trophy cabinet since 1982, and Appiah is optimistic that their drought will end in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea next year. They came close to winning the ultimate prize in Angola 2010, but lost 1-0 to a solid Egyptian side in the final. Within an inch of clinching qualification to the 28th edition of the continental flagship, Appiah is already tipping his former team-mates to shine. “They have the chance to win, the future is very promising,” the Zamalek target said, according to Citi FM. “At

Angola 2010, they went to the final and I strongly believe they have the credentials of winning that particular tournament to put smiles on the faces of millions of the people in the country.” Ghana needs to defeat Sudan in the Group I decider come October to book a ticket at the next Nations Cup as both countries are joint top, with the former having a superior goal difference. Appiah noted that it will not be an easy task, but believes in the current crop of young players to send the west African nation back to its glory days. “It won’t be easy but I think they want to be part of history so I think they will do their best and make that count,” he added.

•Super Eagles coach, Samson Siasia giving instructions to his players before a training session

ticket on head-to-head rule. The Guineans edged Nigeria 1-0 in Conakry. Shorunmu, who appears unperturbed of the seemingly uphill task, told that the Eagles will beat fellow West Africans the same way they fell the Barea of Madagascar in Antananarivo. “Qualifying Nigeria for the Nations Cup is the key thing for us at the moment. That is what is paramount on our minds at present and we want to do it the Madagascar way. “Madagascar suffered a 2-0 defeat and we intend to repeat it against Guinea. It could be more at the end of the day but 2-0 is our target especially as it is the minimum score we need to book our ticket for the Nations Cup,” said the Super Eagles assistant coach. The former Nigerian goalkeeper assured that the coaching crew will take every measure necessary to tighten any loose end in the team before the mustwin duel. “Surely, Guinea will fight like a wounded lion. They want to qualify for the Nations Cup, so we are going to make sure we do not aid them in any way. “Our defenders are humans, the same way as our attackers and midfielders. We will fortify all the departments. Our target is to win, so we are not going to leave any stone unturned towards achieving the desired goal,” he said.

LL is now set for the grand finale as Flying Eagles coach to the last U-20 FIFA World Cup in Columbia, John Obuh is expected to be in attendance at the final of the maiden Samsung Soccer Cup holding today at the National Stadium in Lagos. Obuh, who guided the team to the last eight of the global championship, will join other Samsung officials to grace the Lagos finale of the three-day tournament. The competion featured eight team and it received the backing the Lagos State Football Association. The third place match will precede the final and the competition was staged as part of the activities to commemorate the 'Samsung Week'. For the Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Nicholas Shin, the company is interested in football and this was shown with recent contract signing with Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for the sponsorship of the national teams. He said, “Samsung is passionate about football and the importance of grassroots football development to sharpen youths’ technical ability. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR), the grassroots football competition is Samsung‘s contribution towards nurturing the youths to reach their full potential in football.” The celebration train of Samsung

moves to Port Harcourt in fortnight time.


Kanu ready for Airtel Rising Stars finals


WO Nigerian icons, Kanu Nwankwo, and Tuface Idibia, have been lined up as star attraction at the finals of the exciting Airtel’s Under-17 football talent hunt programme, Airtel Rising Stars tournament which began across the country in July, 2011. According to Airtel Nigeria, the huge followers of Nigeria’s former Super Eagle’s captain, Kanu, and iconic musician, Tuface, will have a swell time as the duo put final touch to what they started together several months ago at the National Institute of Sports, Surulere, Lagos, venue of the media launch of Airtel Rising Stars. Airtel Rising Stars national finals will take place this weekend (16th to 18th September, 2011) at the Campos Square, Lagos Island. Indication also show that the venue of the muchexpected final has been finalised to handle the huge crowd expected to grace the occasion. Part of the highlights of events include, the kick-off of the final match by Kanu Nwankwo and a concert featuring Tuface Idibia and prize presentation by an array of VIPs. Airtel Rising Stars (ARS) provides a platform for upcoming soccer talents under 17 years of age, in Africa, both male and female, to showcase their skills to leading scouts and coaches 15 boys and 15 girls were selected per Zone from across the country for the National Championship in Lagos at the closed camp from a pool of 30 boys and 30 girls respectively per zone that emerged from the Airtel Open camp. The participants in the closed camp were selected by a team of highly experienced and professionally disciplined coaches through a rigorous skill assessment exercises at the various venues. The youth were drilled using a three-way test parameter, game intelligence, physique and techniques. Speaking on the ARS national finals, the Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director, Airtel, Deepak Srivastava, said ‘the choice of the two popular Nigerians in this youth talent hunt was informed by the need to inspire a good majority of Nigerian youngsters to aim for the top, adding that the two stars have climbed to the top of the their chosen career through hard work and right application of their talents To get to the national finals, young Nigerians aged 17 and below, got registered for the Airtel Rising Stars Tournament in eight hubs across Nigeria, which yielded over 5000 participants after three weeks.




Commissioner explains congestion in Owerri

Rotary intensifies campaign against breast cancer

Building developers defraud 70 home seekers





Lagos 38


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Igbo group, UN partner on women’s uplift


•Lolo Dr. Dr. Kate Uzoamaka Ezeofor (second, left) Founding President/Coordinator Umuada Igbo Nigeria and in the Diaspora

EMBERS of Umuada Igbo Nigeria have pledged to complement the

United Nations’ efforts in raising the profile of women and children in Nigeria as well as in the disapora. Founding President-General of Umuada Igbo (Daughters of Igbo land) Nigeria and in the Diaspora Lolo (Dr.) Kate Uzoamaka Ezeofor made the commitment in her address at the launch of the group’s National Committee on UN Women and Homecoming Initiative Project, held at the UN headquarters in New York City, United States of America. Ezeofor explained that their decision to launch the two projects at the UN was informed by their interest in the activities of the UN, as well as their determination to

From Chris Oji, Enugu

trace the roots of some of “our AfricanAmerican brothers and sisters based on the information we gathered.” She called on other interested people to come forward with information that would assist them to trace the roots of more of “our African-American brothers and sisters.” According to her, while attending a workshop in Abuja eight years ago, she met a resource person from Haiti who appeared to be fascinated by the inscription in her Umuada Igbo Nigeria attire, and requested to be enlightened. Ezeofor said after her explanation the man told her that their grandfathers dis•Continued on Page 26


HE People of Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State have said the administration of Governor Jonah David Jang has been good to them. In his tenure, their community has been opened up, thanks to many access roads in its urban and rural parts. There is more. A number of indigenes from the council have also been appointed into the state cabinet. It was enough for them to roll out the drums to celebrate, and they chose the occasion of Jang’s 100 days in his second tenure to do so. They said Shendam council is in its best moment since its creation in 1976. The people not only rolled out drums, they also assembled their best traditional dancers and masquerades. The occasion attracted all sons and daughters of the local government from far and near to the local government’s Guest House venue of the event. The Plateau State cultural troupe was also handy to entertain guests. It was also a glorious day for their kinsmen in Jang’s administration. That day they were honoured in grand style. The chairman of the local government, Hon. Dr Kemi Nshe, Turakin Shendam captured the mood of the people of the council. “We are gathered here in honour of four of our kinsmen who have been appointed by Governor Jonah David Jang to serve in his administration,” he said in his welcome address. “The council decided to organise this reception in respect of these people who are currently serving the people of the state. “We have one elected member of the state House of Assembly who has been appointed the Deputy Speaker as well as three other sons of the local government appointed directly by Governor Jonah Jang to serve in various capacities.” Recounting the benefits the local government had derived from the first tenure of Governor Jang, Hon. Nshe who is also the state chairman of As-

•SSG Prof. Shedrack Best (left) and other dignitaries at the reception

Community celebrates development Hails Jang on appointments, projects Four indigenes honoured From Yusufu Aminu Idegu, Jos

sociation of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) said: “Apart from those appointed for whom we have organised this reception, we have a lot of infrastructural development sponsored by the state government in the last four

years. These are in the areas of rural road network, township roads, provision of potable water, renovation of schools and construction of new ones, the location of one of the three agricultural centres in the local government, and the employment of our women through the Ministry of Environment. I can go on and on.”

He continued: “This was why we massively voted for the governor which guaranteed his second term ticket because what he did for the entire local government in his first term was enormous. He has not disappointed us so far in his second term. He has given political appointments to our sons and juicy portfolios also.” Those given political appointment by Governor Jang are Hon. Johnbull •Continued on Page 26



•Masquerades at the event

•Drummers at the Shendam celebrations •Continued from page 25

Tiemlong Shekarau, Deputy Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly; Hon Sylvanus Dongtoe, Commissioner for Tourism; Hon. Timothy Parlong Special Adviser to the Governor on Security and Conflict Management and Hon. Fidelis Long Ba’an, Special Adviser to the Governor on Peace Building. Nshe further said: “We have chosen to-day to celebrate our own because we have never had it so good since the history of the local government which was created in 1976. We want to use the opportunity to commend Governor Jang for the confidence he reposed in our sons by not only giving our people those appointments but also giving those appointed key roles and responsibilities to play at this historical moment in Plateau State.” The Deputy Speaker of the state House of Assembly in his keynote address said: “This is a day to thank Governor Jang


AYELSA Maritime Union has stated that the state is ripe for at least two sea ports. It has therefore urged the Federal Government to develop the facility which it said would be in the interest of the Niger Delta. It also pleaded with President Goodluck Jonathan to ensure the realisation of the dream for sea ports during his tenure. Comrade Lloyd Sese, State Chairman of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) in a chat with Newsextra in Yenagoa recently argued that being a major oil-producing state in Nigeria, Bayelsa State

Community celebrates development for giving four citizens of this local government, opportunities to serve in his government. I must say that we have quality and credible human resources in this local government who are ready to serve our state in whatever capacity.

So, we have to show our appreciation to Governor Jang for choosing some of these good hands to work with him.” He therefore called on the people of the local government to stand by Governor Jonah Jang for them to reap dividends

We want to use the opportunity to commend Governor Jang for the confidence he reposed in our sons by not only giving our people those appointments but also giving those appointed key roles and responsibilities to play at this historical moment in Plateau State

closed to them that they are Igbo, pointing out that the revelation gave her sleepless nights on what to do about the Igbo race of “my African American brothers and sisters.” Expressing happiness over the numerous achievements of Umuada Igbo Nigeria, Ezeofor further said: “Today is the happiest day for Umuada Igbo Nigeria. The journey that started about 13 years ago for the sole aim of helping the needy in our society has today cli-

of democracy. “We should be loyal, supportive and prayerful for this governor. He has done a lot for us by these appointments because the appointments on their own are capable of attracting positive development to the local government.” The civic reception was attended by the Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Shedrack Best, Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. John Clark Dabwan who was accompanied to the occasion by other principal members of the House, Senator representing Plateau South Senatorial zone, Senator Victor Lar, Member representing Shendam/ Mikang/Quan Pan Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives Hon. Innocent Tersel, traditional rulers and other top government functionaries from the state.

Union demands sea ports, fuel stations From Isaac Ombe, Yenagoa

deserves sea ports. Sese observed that besides being a major oil producing state, it also has better geographic advantage for several sea ports due to its nearness to the sea. According to him, the proposed sea ports could suitably be located in Koloama, Brass, Furupa Ekeni and

Ejetu areas of the state which are very close to the sea. “These are areas very close to the sea. They are entrants from the sea, areas in the coast of the state,” noted the maritime union chairman who lamented that “it’s too bad that the state where oil was first struck in 1968 has not even one sea port. “It is very necessary to have at least two sea ports in the state because we have the location, the terrain and the

Igbo group, UN partner on women •Continued from page 25


maxed with meeting the pillars of United Nations.” The Umuada Igbo Nigeria President-General further stated: “I find it difficult to believe .This meeting will spur on us. When we get back to Nigeria, we will work harder. Please, be rest assured please God, we shall contribute our quota in the United Nations and National Committee for the United Nations Women.” In a later proclamation by the Council City of New York, signed by the Speaker, Christine C. Quinn for the entire council, the council

Today is the happiest day for Umuada Igbo Nigeria. The journey that started about 13 years ago with the sole aim of helping the needy in our society has today climaxed with meeting the pillars of United Nations

commended the Umuada Igbo Nigeria National Committee for UNWomen for “honouring the legacy of our mothers and grandmothers and for its unwavering commitment to empowering women today and for generations to come.” The proclamation further reads in part: “That the council of the City of New York is proud to honour the Umuada Igbo Nigeria National Committee for UN Women –The Tracing Your Ancestral Roots Projects.” Recall that Umuada Igbo Nigeria, which was inaugurated on January 29, 2000 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe ultra-modern multi-million Naira stadium, Enugu , has a very large population of about 15 million members drawn from the seven Igbo-speaking states of Abia, Anambra, Rivers, Delta, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu and Igbo daughters living in all states of Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Umuada Igbo Nigeria, which is an umbrella body of Umuada (daughters of Igbo land), is a charitable, cultural, corporate and non-governmental organisation (NGO), registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja.

facilities.” Enumerating the advantages of locating sea ports in the state, Comrade Sese noted that the presence sea ports will generate employment, attract foreign investments, and reduce piracy in the waterways, among others. He also spoke on the security challenges being experienced by the union in the state. He said: “We have security challenges in the waterways of the state such as piracy and we want the Federal Government to assist the state by ensuring security on the waterways.” Another challenge being faced by the union, according to him, included the absence of feeling stations in the riverside communities for the convenience of members of the un-

ion. He noted that members of the union have been waiting for the proposed feeling station at the Swali maritime jetty. He therefore appealed to the state government and Minister of Petroleum Resources who is indigenous to the state to come to their aid. “The state government and the Minister of Petroleum Resources who incidentally is from this state should please come to our assistance. The early construction of the fuel station will go a long way to ameliorating our fuel problems,” Sese said. He said the state needed at least five floating fuel stations to add to the existing one at Nembe.

It is very necessary to have at least two sea ports in the state because we have the location, the terrain and the facilities…The state government and the Minister of Petroleum Resources who incidentally is from this state should please come to our assistance





HE continued congestion of Owerri, the Imo State capital has been attributed to the mass exodus of Imo citizens from the north owing to the activities of the Boko Haram sect. Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Obinna Duruji stated this while briefing journalists on the 100 days in office of the present administration in the state. He said that many Imo sons and daughters have returned to their father land for safety of their lives, adding that many of them came back with their vehicles which gave rise to the present situation of terrible gridlock in the city. The commissioner further said that many of those who came back mainly

Commissioner explains congestion in Owerri From Emma Mgbeahurike, Owerri

came to enjoy the free education programme introduced by Okorocha’s administration. Among those who returned included those who do not have the resources to send their children to school in the North. He said that owing to the present situation, government has embarked on the decongestion of the city through the dualisation of Owerri/Okigwe, Owerri Orlu Roads among others at the cost of N7b.

Many of those who came back mainly came to enjoy the free education programme introduced by Okorocha’s administration… Among those who returned included those who do not have the resources to send their children to school in the North


HIEF Medical Director of Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Uselu, in Edo State, Dr. Olabisi Ihenyen, has said that adequate public enlightenment would help reduce the rate of mental disorder in the country. Dr. Ihenyen said notions of attributing mental disorder to family or home problem or breaking of an oath/covenant by an affected individual must be rejected as it has become untenable in the face of scientific evidence. The CMD called on Nigerians to take all forms of illness more seriously by way of prompt and adequate treatment as such illnesses could lead to the destabilisation of mental wellbeing. She said: ”Over the centuries, the issue of mental disability has been misunderstood, but inter-

The commissioner further said that government, within its 100 days in office, has commenced resurfacing and rehabilitation of 13 major roads in the capital city, adding that the resurfacing and rehabilitation of the roads would be extended to the rural areas to enable them to have a sense of belonging. In a related development, the Imo State command of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has decried the number of people who lost their lives in recent times, even as it disclosed that it has recorded an increased number of deaths resulting from road accidents. It said 45 deaths have been recorded in 2011 as against 39 in 2010. The sector commander Mr. David Mendie disclosed this in Owerri when he paid a courtesy visit to members of the Correspondents’ Chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Imo State council. He said that between January and June, 2011, 317 people were injured in various road accidents while 115 crashes were recorded. Mendie said that these high rates of mishap resulted from indiscriminate packing; overloading; flooding; wrongful con-

figuration of traffic light; breakdown of big and long vehicles and lack of ambulances. These, he said, are major challenges which the command is experiencing. He decries what he described as nonadherence to traffic rules on the part of road users, adding that the command had already initiated a programme tagged operation rescue Owerri from menace of keke riders. He said that the programme, which started on August 25, is aimed at reducing road accidents and to decongest the roads to make them passable. The commandant further said that so far the command has apprehended 110 offenders and recorded 112 offenses, adding that majority of them are keke operators. He assured that the command is committed to carrying out its duty to ensure that traffic jam is drastically reduced to its barest minimum in order to make the roads passable and to reduce accidents on the roads. He called for cooperation from the public to ensure success on its set goals.

Expert urges awareness on mental disorder From Osagie Otabor, Benin

national health organisations have said it over time that over a quarter of the world population suffers from one form of mental disorder or the other. This is why it is important to take serious any form of development that will result in over-working the brain. Anything stressful can lead to that, including simple forms of illness. “What you may consider as common malarial fever, typhoid, AIDS or anything, if not well treated and immediately too, can lead to mental disorder. The belief in some quarters that mental illness is because of home problem or because the affected per-

son broke an oath should be discountenanced.” Dr. Ihenyen added that the problem of mental disorder was

of a higher proportion in Western European countries and the United States of America, but were better managed, in com-

parison with what obtains in Nigeria. She therefore called for better understanding of the issue.

YOWICAN to hold peace summit with N an effort to restore peaceful coexistence in the country, the Youth Wing Christain Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) and the National Supreme Council of Islamic Youths (NSCIY) have disclosed plans to organize a National Peace Summit in the country. The President of YOWICAN, Mr. Patriot Dolly made this known yesterday during the Inauguration Ceremony of the association’s newly elected execu-


Islamic youths From Olugbenga Adanikin, Abuja

tives and N500,000,000 million fund raising at the National Christian Center in Abuja. He said his tenure as the new President is to ensure peace among all while urging youths in the country to avoid being used as agent of destruction. His words: “The way things are happening in this country today, destruction of lives, property, bomb blasts here and there, I think it’s not the best for this country and we have started working together with the National Supreme Council of Islamic Youths, we met once at their national mosque and we are meeting soon with them in trying to see how we can dialogue between the two religions, because you know most of these things that are happening is being done by the youths and they allowed themselves to be used so we are trying to see how we can come in with pro-

•The chairman of Enugu East Local Government of Enugu State, Mr Mathias Anike (left), conducting the State Chairman of Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr Ossy Ogboso (centre) round the council complex. Left is the site engineer of the project, Mr Barnabas Ije. PHOTO: OBI CLETUS

grams. “We are even planning to have a peace summit, a joint peace summit in this country so that we can talk about issues of peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance and so on and so forth, these are some of the arrangements we are making and by the grace of God we will achieve something soon.” In his remark, the Pioneering President of YOWICAN, Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu advised the new executives to make integrity their priority as well as promoting objectives of the association. He condemned Christians who uses political offices to enrich themselves while calling on the new executives not to sidetrack the main purpose of their calling at the expense of their organizations. The Federal Capital Territory chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr. Israel Akanji urged the youths to promote Christian value by partnering with youths in other religion to ensure unity in the country. He said: “Let’s make Nigeria a better nation. All these bombings, destructions are being carried out by young people. Why should we allow ourselves to be used? We hope that YOWICAN will be able to work with other youths in other faiths to be able to promote peace. Without this, we can’t have peace in this country.”



Anambra inaugurates water scheme


•Governor Obi

HE Anambra State government has completed the Awkuzu/Ifitedunu water scheme to provide potable water for communities in the Oyi and Dunukofia Local Government Areas. The project will be inaugurated soon. The Commissioner for Public Utilities and Water Resources, Mr Emeka Nwankwu, told reporters in Awka that the reticulation process had been completed and the communities were being allowed to enjoy free water supply pending the official inauguration. He said the project was the second water

Bayelsa urges contractors to work according to specification


HE Bayelsa Government has asked contractors handling its projects to return to work and execute projects according to specifications. The Secretary to the State Project Monitoring and Implementation Committee, Chief Augustine Lugbeinwei, gave the directive in an interview with reporters in Abuja. After inspecting some of the projects in Yenagoa, the secretary said the contractors should take advantage of the cessation of the rains to hasten the jobs. He appealed to ministries, departments and agencies to cooperate with the contractors to ensure the speedy completion of the projects. Lugbeinwei praised the contractors handling the new House of Assembly quarters for executing the job according to specification.

Bayelsa He, however, advised the contractors handling the modern skills acquisition centre at Elebele to deliver the project on schedule. The secretary expressed displeasure over the quality of materials used by the contractors handling the construction of the new commissioners’ quarters and advised them to work according to specifications. It was learnt that Governor Timipre Sylva plans to inaugurate some of the projects in October. Among the projects are health centres, roads, water schemes and skills acquisition centres.

Imoke seeks assistance on tourism

Anambra scheme in the state, the Udoka water scheme inaugurated in July, being the first. Nwankwu said a 350 KVA generator had been provided by government to power the water scheme, which had a storage capacity of 800 cubic meters or 200,000 gallons, and was expected to serve Awkuzu, Ifitidunu, parts of Abba and Ukpo communities. Two booster pumps to transfer water to the distribution tank that will in turn give water by force of gravity to the surrounding areas, were also provided for the scheme. The commissioner said it was the first time the communities would have access to the facility, noting that they had lived on boreholes which serviced only a few people. “Many people will benefit from the schemes. Boreholes are stagnated and only a few people benefit from them.” He said the infrastructure being put up by government would help the water corporation to grow, and urged all the communities to support the government. The commissioner said the ministry planned to provide toilet facilities at the pumping station to accommodate the sanitary aspect of the water supply. Nwankwu announced that government had completed 130 kilometres of reticulation across the state and planned to embark on another 120km to ensure that every local government area enjoyed potable water. “Government is doing very well with 130 kilometres of reticulation in parts of the state. Our people are not used to seeing pipe-borne water. This is why they should celebrate the current administration.”


•From left: Delta State Deputy Governor, Prof Amos Utuama (SAN), the State’s Chief Judge, Justice Zai-Laye Smith and President of Customary Court of Appeal, Justice Stella Ogene during the 2011/2012 Legal Year special Church service in Asaba



ATIONAL Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Director-General Muhammad Sani-Sidi has lauded the Akwa Ibom Government for providing standard drains and enforcing town planning regulations. The director-general told journalists Nigeria

(NAN) on Tuesday in Uyo that the state government had invested heavily in providing some of the best drainage systems in the country. He said that with such investment it would be difficult for the state to experience flooding in spite of its location on a coastal line. “Akwa Ibom is on a coastal line but the state has one of the best drainage systems in the country. They have channelled the drains to a central drainage system. “It is important for other states to emulate the work done in Akwa Ibom, as it will help in managing the flood problem we are

group, United Ethnic Group, Apapa, Lagos, has endorsed Hon Ayodeji Joseph for second term as Chairman, Apapa Local Government Area of Lagos State. According to a communiqué issued by the group, the council chief ‘deserves a second term in view of the unparalleled


•Chairman, Ikeja Local Government Area, Hon. ‘Wale Odunlami (right) receiving an Award of Execellence from an official of the National Concerned Human Rights Group in Lagos


Aspirant promises continuity of projects

HE Vice Chairman of Isolo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), who is contesting chairmanship of the council in October elections in Lagos, Chief Mojeeb Adam, has said that continuity in governance sustains democracy and facilitates adequate provision of dividends of democracy. He stated this while unfolding his manifesto to the residents of the area. According to him, the incidence of abandoned projects in various council areas is as a result of freshers coming in as chairmen “because when they come in, they initiate new projects and abandon projects and plans of the past administration”, he said “Having been Vice Chairman of the LCDA for three years and as somebody with artisan background coupled with my academic qualification and having run my private company successfully ,I believe all these have prepared me to move Isolo LCDA to the next level”, Adam said Speaking on his plans for his people, Adam said among other things,that he would complement the effort of Lagos State government by making provisions for

Vehicle owners warned

•Governor Babatunde Fashola (middle) and Chairman, Itire-Ikate Local Council Development Area, Hon Hakeem Bamgbola; (left), Chairman, Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government, Hon Kamal Bayewu; Alhaji Layiwola Niniola and Balogun of Egba, Alhaji Luqman Atobatele during the just concluded Umrah (lesser Hajj) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Akwa Ibom

experiencing in some parts of the country.” On NEMA’s response to communities displaced by ocean surge, Sani-Sidi said the agency was collaborating with the state government to provide shelter for the affected victims. He described the recent flood in Ibadan as the most devastating in the country since 1981. The director-general attributed the causes of flooding in the country to the absence of proper town planning, indiscriminate dumping of refuse in water channels as well as non-implementation of development and building plans, especially in flood prone areas. He appealed to the various levels of government nationwide to muster the political will to relocate communities living in flood prone areas to save lives.

Group endorses council aspirant

By Tajudeen Adebanjo

Adegbite said. He added that the late military chief contributed in no small measure to improve the organisation of Hajj in the country at both national and state levels. “He was for many years Chairman of Nasarawa State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board and has been appointed Amirul Hajj for the state a number of times. Perhaps his greatest service on the Islamic front was recorded during his tenure as the National Treasurer of the NSCIA whose finances he administered conscientiously and prudently. “In the last two years, he had been further entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating moon-sighting activities in the country in the capacity of Chairman of the Central Moon-sighting Committee. “We deeply lament the demise of this great Nigerian who served his fatherland selflessly and patriotically. “We would always remember him as a leader unshakably committed to the virtues of discipline, honesty, fairness and personal integrity. May Allah forgive his sins and admit him into Al-Jannah firdaus,” Adegbite stated.

ROSS River State Governor Liyel Imoke has called for the provision of adequate infrastructure in the state to enhance tourism potential in the state. Imoke made the call in Abuja when he paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Works, Mr Mike Onolememen. He said the state was ready to partner with the Federal Government on infrastructure development because it was blessed with landmarks capable of transforming the tourism industry. “We have a lot of commercial activities going on, the cement industry, the resorts are there; and the state is the second largest producer of cocoa in the country,’’ he said. The governor stressed the need for urgent rehabilitation and construction of roads in the state, saying “a drive from Calabar to Obudu exposes various potentialities that could boost tourism’’. He said that with the deplorable state of roads across the country, foreign investors and tourists could find it uncomfortable to visit the tourist centres. Imoke said that most of the federal roads linked the tourist centres in the state, noting that some

NEMA lauds Akwa Ibom over drains

NSCIA mourns ex-Kaduna governor IGERIAN Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has said the death of the former Military Administrator of the old Kaduna State, Group Captain Usman Jibrin (rtd) last Wednesday has robbed Nigeria of one of its most illustrious sons. In a statement signed bythe Secretary Generalof NSCIA, Dr Abdul Lateef Adegbite, the Islamic body said the deceased served the country in diverse capacities starting with a distinguished career in the Nigerian Air Force. His appointment as the Military Governor of the old Kaduna State, Adegbite said, brought stability and progress to the state during his tenure. “Upon his retirement from the Military, he devoted his whole time to voluntary service and was called upon now and again to serve in various roles in public and private institutions. “The Nigerian Muslim Community owes him a great debt of gratitude for his contributions to the progress of the faith in the country as he headed one Islamic body or the other. He was a prominent member of the committee that built the Abuja National Mosque and served as a member of the Management Committee of the Mosque until his death. “He was Director of Jaiz International Plc which has recently transformed into Jaiz Bank Plc set to pioneer Islamic Banking in Nigeria,”


The Lagos Police Command has warned owners of vehicles parked at the Badagry Division Monitoring Unit to remove them immediately or forfeit same. They are: 1. One Volvo vehicle - BY42IKTU 2. Toyota Corolla - BX651 AEP 3. Toyota Camry - PMAN 4. Mazda 323 - AJ683BDG

By Oziegbe Okoeki

vocational centres for the LCDA, because there is none presently.This, according to him, “will create opportunities for students who cannot go further and those who are interested in acquiring skills”. He also has plans to build more public health centres, make the environment clean and tidy so as to eradicate diseases. “As a trained teacher, I hope to establish public nursery and primary schools in Okota town where there is none presently because not everybody can afford to send his or children to private schools”, he said. Adam also spoke about constructing new roads and drains as well as maintaining existing ones, and that as the current chairman of Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) of Aswani Police station, he will provide the necessary equipment needed by the police to aid their work and also create jobs for the youths. Speaking on how to fund the projects, Adam who said there are about 40 companies in Isolo, hopes to partner with the companies and other international s o c i a l organisations and NGOs to move the council forward. He also exploit promised to exploit some untapped resources in the coucil to increase •Adam its IGR.

NOA urges sustenance of youth empowerment Akwa Ibom


HE National Orientation Agency (NOA), has called for sustainable youth empowerment programme to help redirect attention of adolescents away from violent crimes in the country. The Anambra Director of NOA, Mr Goeff Obgalu, made the call in Awka after a tour of various youth training centres across the state. Ogbalu said that sustainable youth empowerment would change the life pattern of youths and make them to be self-reliant and responsible leaders of tomorrow. “The youths should be trained to earn a living, such that they would have visible means of likelihood and that would have reduced the number of youths involved in criminal activities. He described as worrisome, the high number of unemployed youths roaming the streets in the country, saying that deliberate empowerment measures should be taken to engage the youths to contribute to national development. Also speaking, Chairman of the Anambra Youths Re-orientation and Empowerment Programme (NSYREP), Dr Okey Ikechukwu, disclosed that more than 5,000 youths across the state would be trained by the the state government on skills acquisition. He said that already, some 1,400 youths from Anambra Central Senatorial Zone had been trained by the organisation as part of efforts to address the problems of joblessness among youths in the state. “This programme is designed to make the youth useful in the environment. Ours is to give basic understanding of the skills which would launch them into professionalism,” he stated. Ikechukwu said the organisation offered training in tailoring, hair dressing, GSM/ computer repairs and bead making, among others.

infrastructural development and unbiased allocation of political appointments regardless of tribe or religion during his administration. The group, led by Mr Gabby Dimude as Chairman , praised the council chief for effecting peaceful co-existence among the various ethnic groups in Apapa and creating an enabling environment for business. The communiqué reads in part: “We wish to inform the chairman that United Ethnic Group will live no stone unturned as far as leadership is concerned regarding his second term and therefore will mobilise our members for this purpose. “We also wish to inform the chairman that Apapa Local Government Area made up of five wards are predominantly non- Yorubas and her estimated to be about 75 per cent of the voting population which include Arewa, Ndigbo and those from South –South thus we humbly request for more political office slots for our members, especially women.”


Council chief canvasses social security THE Vice Chairman of the Ikeja Local Government, Moheed Alabi Balogun, has called on the federal and state government to put in place social security programme that will help mitigate the incessant cases of crime among youths in Nigeria. Balogun said this in a interview with Newsextra in Lagos while urging government not to treat the recent bomb blast of the United Nations house in Abuja with kids gloves. According to him, the various efforts put in place to curb crime, killings and destruction of lives and properties can be won when social injustices and unmitigated unemployment rate among youths are tackled headlong. He said: “Over 70 percent of youths in Nigeria are unemployed, thus they are easily bought over by disgruntled element to destabilise peace and stability in the country. Balogun, who is vying for the Chairmanship of the Ikeja Local government in the upcoming local government poll, went further to challenge the youths to shun violence and toe the path of peace as that remains germane toward national development.

roads in the state needed rehabilitation to create access to the centres. He said that roads like the Calabar-IkomOjoga, Kastina-Ala-Ikom-Obudu,IkomOgoja and Ugep and Itigidi and Abomege needed rehabilitation. Imoke said the National Festival of Arts and Culture to be hosted by Cross River was also a major reason for the government to rehabilitate roads in the state. Onolememen said that President Goodluck Jonathan had directed that the road leading to the Obudu Cattle Ranch should be rehabilitated. He said the ministry was aware of the state’s status as a tourist centre and had

•Imoke mapped out plans to develop infrastructure in the state.

Rotary to intensify campaign against breast cancer, others


HE President of Rotary Club District 9140 in Awka, Mrs Ifeyinwa Okonkwo, has vowed to strengthen the campaign against breast cancer and other diseases, ravaging many in Nigeria. Okonkwo made the promise in Awka in an interview with reporters after her installation as President for 2011/2012. She regretted that the diseases had posed serious problems to many citizens, saying that they needed to be educated to maintain good health conditions. “I want to champion the campaign in controlling the spread of the diseases which had in the past years killed many men and women in the state,” she stated. The Rotary president listed other programmes lined up during her tenure to include maternal and child health, water and sanitation, education, peace and conflict resolution. Okonkwo disclosed that the district

Anambra would renovate one cottage maternity home, donate blood to blood banks as well as provide drugs for some maternity homes in the state. “Recently, the club donated a wheel chair to a physically-challenged SSCE student from Ayamelum Council Area. “We successfully donated and commissioned a water bore hole at Girls Secondary School, Awka and provided reading materials to our Early Child Care Development (ECCD) classes,” Okonkwo stated. She disclosed that at least five to 10 widows within the jurisdiction of the club would benefit from the activities of the club under its economic empowerment programme, while seminars would be organised for community leaders on peace and conflict resolution.

NGO inaugurates local chapter


OUTH Atlantic Federation (YAF), a Port Harcourt-based nongovernmental organisation (NGO), has inaugurated its local chapter in Mkpat Enin, Akwa Ibom State. The NGO that focuses on peace and economic well-being of citizens of the Atlantic coasts of Nigeria, was inaugurated at the Palace of His Royal Majesty, Edidem Justin Amanko Umoh, the Paramount Ruler of Mkpat Enim. The chairman of the local chapter of the organisation, Chief Amaunam Okodi, thanked the monarch for allowing the inauguration to take place in his domain, promising that his area will not be left behind in the scheme of things. The group which will act as a link between companies operating in the locality and the citizens, promised to be sincere in reporting every development to the royal fathers and citizens alike. He said: “YAF will liaise properly with the prospecting companies and report appropriately to the traditional rulers.” Speaking during the event, the paramount ruler regretted the absence of the group in the area before then. He charged the members of the Central

Working Committee to be committed in their dealings and report all operational challenges to his council. He prayed that with the inauguration, all benefits enjoyed by sister local governments will be extend to his area. He urged the group to operate within the confines of the law, even as he wished them well. The representative of the National Executive of YAF, Mr Eric, an Engineer, praised the members at the state level for working hard to get Mkpat Enin chapter of the NGO inaugurated. He promised assistance from the national headquarters to enable the new chapter to grow. YAF, among others, fosters unity among the youth and elders of the Niger Delta, especially in Ikot Abasi, Eastern Obolu, Mkpat Enin and Akwa Ibom State; organises meetings, seminars and social activities that promote the progress of the citizens of Akwa Ibom State. Members of the Central Working Committee (CWC) present at the ceremony included the chairman, Chief Amaunam Okodi, the coordinator, Prince Aniedi Udo; Obongawan Maria Oton; Mr Billy Sunday Udo; Hon. Inyang Umoh, Engr. Justin Akpan and Mr Asian W. Ekpenyong.

• HRM Umoh (left) welcoming Mr Udo tothe ceremony. With them in the middle is Etebom Akpan Akpan Ekpene, the Clan Head of Ikpe Ikono clan





Last weekend in Umuodika village, Awka, Anambra State, the body of the the late ‘lady of songs,’ Mrs Christy Essien Igbokwe, was interred after a lying-in-state attended by dignitaries. NWANOSIKE ONU reports

•Governor Akpabio condoling with the deceased’s family (from right) Obiora; widower, Chief Edwin Igbokwe; Chinwuba and Lucky


MUDIOKA village, Awka, Anambra State last weekend wore a carnival like mood. It was at the lying-in-state of the departed lady of songs, Christy Essien Igbokwe, whose remains were interred in the village. Natural elements equally honoured her as the cool breezy wind attenuated the passage of an Icon. Save for the casket displaying her remains outside the expansive land designated by the Anambra State Government for the occasion, the convivial mood of the day belied the mourning that usually characterises such events. Drums boomed as dignitaries converged to pay their last respect to Christy popularly addressed as Apena by her folks in the theatre. On display was a variety of uniformed dresses that made people appear exceptionally gorgeous. They looked charming to the admiration of the residents. Christy hailed from Akwa Ibom State, while her husband, Edwin, hails from Anambra. The atmosphere got more electric with the arrival of Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi and his Akwa-Ibom State counter part, Godswill Akpabio; Obi’s deputy, Emeka Sibeudu, and members of the state’s executive. Chieftains of political parties, captains of industry, professionals, different dance troops and the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) led by its former presidents, Chief Tony Okoroji and Tee-Mac were in attendance to pay their last respects.

Exciting farewell for the Lady of Songs The teeming crowd surged endlessly to catch a glimpse of Governor Akpabio. Of special attraction was the golden seat brought from Uyo for him to sit on. His aides rejected the one made available to him by the state government. His security details also displayed some traces of overzealousness. Also in attendance were the former governor of Anambra State and Senator Dr Chris Ngige; a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in the state, Andy Uba and Ugochukwu Uba; Senator Ben Ndi Obi; Chief Bisi Olatilo, Chairman of the Burial Committee, Dr Austine Izagbo, Chief Tony Okoroji, a retired Archbishop of the Niger and Dean, Anglican Communion, Rev Maxwell Anikwenwa former Military Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Idongesit Nkang and Chief Umanna Umanna. Also in attendance for Christy were Obi’s former deputy, Dame Virgy Etiaba; Anambra State House of Assembly Speaker, Princess Chinwe Nwaebili and her Akwa-Ibom State

counterpart, among others. Obi and Akpabio described the late lady of songs as one of the best gifts Nigeria ever had. National Chairman of All Progressive Grand Aliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh; Princess Nwaebili; Senator Obi; Hon Uche Ekwunife and Chief Maja Umeh described Christy a quintessential woman. The Anglican Bishop of Awka, the Right Rev Alex Ibezim said it is not how long people live but how well, adding that people must run away from evil. To Chief Chika Okpala (Zebrudaya of the New Masquerade) Christy, (Apena) was a hard working lady and role model. He commended the Federal Government for making the burial the first in the history of show business. Senator Andy Uba while commiserating with the Igbokwe family described death as inevitable. He prayed that the family might have the fortitude to bear the loss. To Chief Umeh, the late Christy uplifted

•The Late Christy Essien-Igbokwe

souls and motivated people with her songs in various ways. “She was a great woman that was a national figure at a very young age, and when she died and her age was put at 50, those of us who watched her in the 70s in the masquerade wondered at what age she was able to perform such feat,” Umeh said. Based on what Christy Igbokwe did in her short life time, the Anambra State House of Assembly, according to its Speaker, Princess Nwebili, had already passed a resolution urging the state government to immortalise Christy by naming a street or a boulevard in her honour. Nwebili equally prayed God to grant her soul eternal rest, and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss. • More pictures on page 30



SOCIETY • Continued from page 29

•Governor Obi and his wife

• Deputy Governor Emeka Sibeudu

•Deceased's elder brother, Essien flanked by other family members

• Chief Chika Okpala (Zebrudaya)

•From left: Anambra Commissioner of Police, Muhtari Ibrahim; Former Military Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Idongesit Nkang and Senator Ben Obi

• Archbishop Maxwell Anikwenwa and a guest

• Senators Andy Uba (right) and Mr Okechukwu Uba.

• Hon Uche Ekwunife (left) and Hon Nwebili

• Former Anambra Deputy Governor, Dame Virgy Etiaba and former Anambra Speaker, Anayo Nebe

•Former Deputy Governor, Chief Okoyeagu and Anambra Commissioner for Education, Dr Kay Onyechi

•APGA Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh

•Chief Okoroji




SOCIETY The residence of the exChief Whip of the House of Representatives, Hon Olawale Oshun, in Isolo, Lagos was a beehive as his wife, Anthonia Oluwafumilola, marked 60th birthday last Saturday, TAJUDEEN ADEBANJO. was at the ceremony.

Dancing time for a ‘wonderful’ woman • ACN chief Oshun fetes family, friends on wife’s 60th birthday


HE commercial motorcyclist that led this reporter to the celebrator’s house marvelled at the structure. Though he did not enter the premises, he was quite sure the building belongs to an important personality. “Hmm! This is a mansion. It is big enough to host a party,” he muttered. The stately house, indeed, was magnificent. The aesthetics was classy with beautiful flowers and lovely trees gracing the expansive compound. Canopies in a variety of colours stood comfortably on the lawn. To the left of the compound dishing out melodious highlife, Fuji, Juju, Gospel and R and B music to the guests was the band, Hi-Nation. And wafting through the air from the back of the house was the aroma of barbecue. Of course, there were the waiters dashing here and there, trays in their hand, to attend to the food and drink needs of the guests. A first-time visitor needed not be told that the building at Agbeke Street, Ago Palace, Isolo, Lagos, belongs to an important personality. Hon Tajudeen Olawale Oshun was Chief Whip, House of Representatives, but now National Director, Finance and Administration, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). No wonder, political bigwigs, past and serving legislators, council chairmen, seasoned administrators and captains of industry thronged the house for the 60 th birthday of the ACN chief’s wife, Mrs Anthonia Olufunmilola Oshun. The event was mainly informal, devoid of a party save for the cutting of the birthday cake and a photograph session with the celebrator. The Hi-Nation band ensured there was no dull moment throughout the event. The guests had good things to say about the celebrator. Vice-Presidential candidate of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Pastor Tunde Bakare, congratulated her. Accompanied by his wife, Laide, Pastor Bakare, the Founder, Latter Rain Assembly, said Mrs Oshun has contributed to the progress of her family and that of her husband and “that is why we have come to celebrate her.” He described her as a “unique” woman. Sixty years, the cleric-turned politician, said is the beginning of diamond years. “... so, she will begin to sparkle now as we discovered the treasure inside of her,” he said. Pastor Bakare wished Mrs Oshun good life that is fulfilled, long and meaningful. A former Lagos lawmaker, Hon Jide Jimoh, also wished the celebrator long life and prosperity. Jimoh, who is the Chairman, Yaba Local Council Development Area, said 60 years signified a lot of things. “For one to be alive up to 60 years is not easy. Considering the fact

•The celebrator (second right) joined by her husband, Hon Oshun; Pastor Bakare (right) and his wife, Laide

•Otunba Tayo Oyemade (left) and Chief Tunde Okunsanya

•From left: Hon Oshun; Hon Rauf Ayodeji and Hon Akerele Gbadebo

that this woman married our leader for years and they are still together up till today is very rare. I think we should give kudos to them and we must thank God for their lives,” he said. The council chief described Mrs Oshun as “cool, calm, God-conscious and very obedient housewife.” The celebrator’s brother-in-law, Hon Lanre Oshun, described her as a “wonderful” woman. “She is a wonderful wife, and we love her so much. She is a woman that brings moderation in everything she does. I wish her long life and good health,” the Lagos State House of Assembly lawmaker said. Mrs Oshun’s daughter, Mrs Tinuke Pearse, described her mum as the “best.” “She knows me inside out. She knows what I can do. There was an incident when we were growing up. I lied on a particular incident but she kept on asking me until I confessed and she said, ‘I knew you did it.’ She is all in all,” Mrs Pearse said. The celebrator’s husband, Hon

Oshun, wished her long life and good health. “We thank God for His mercies and friends that stood by the family and celebrate with us,” he said. Though he admitted that no one is perfect, the ex-lawmaker expressed satisfaction with the conduct of his wife in their three decades and six years of marital life. “Meaning that you would remarry her again if presented with another opportunity?” asked the reporter. “Of course, yes. I will still marry her,” Hon Oshun replied. Mrs Oshun decked in lace, red head gear and Ipele, a dashing necklace and beautiful pair of shoes, looked radiant and some 30 years yongers. She could not thank God enough for the blessings in her life. Her actual birth date, August 23, coincided with the 10th anniversary of retirement as Personal Assistant to the Group Managing Director of the then Elf Petroleum. Her preference for moderation, she said, is responsible for the low key celebration.


•Mr Lekan Ogunbayo (left) and Alhaji Lateef Rasaki

•Lady Leontina Oluwanifise (left) and Mrs Theresa Steve-Fagbemi

“Coming to that age of 60, I would rather prefer to live a more humble life and a more quite life. I’m not just on the side of making noise and all that. Not that I consider big celebration as a noise, but it is something that one should really give thanks to the almighty God and my own idea of giving thanks is different,” she said. And she was quick to add that life, has not always been bed of roses for the family. “I will not say that we have not had our own challenges, but like the saying goes, the goal is not in falling but in rising each time one falls. I thank God that we have had time to fall and fall but the end point is that all is well,” she added. She described her husband as a gentleman. Mrs Oshun, a Confidential Secretary, said the secret of her 36 years of marriage is patience and prayers. As I always tell my children, patience and prayers, the two must go together. The wife in particular has to be very patient, humble and

•ACN Lagos Chairman Otunba Henry PHOTOS: ADEJO DAVID Ajomale

tolerant and be very prayerful. As a woman, you cannot afford to sleep nine hours, especially when your husband is a politician. You should spend greater part of the night praying for your husband, children and possibly grand-children,” she said.






SOCIETY The University of Lagos Multi Purpose Hall A was filled to the brim with the crème de la crème of the society, who came to rejoice with the families of Prince Lafor Olateru-Olagbegi and Mr Rotimi Idewu-Anjorin on the occasion of the engagement of their children, Ebunola and Olatunji. AMIDU ARIJE was there.

•Father of the bride, Prince Olateru-Olagbeji flanked by wives Juddy and Banke

•Groom’s parents, Mr Rotimi Idewu and wife Idowu

•The couple, Ebunola and Olatunji

• Representatives of the Oba of Lagos (From left) Jakande of Lagos, Chief Ibikunle Bailey; Suenu of Lagos, Chief Gbolahan Durosimi and Eletu Iwashe of Lagos, Chief Taofeek Eletu

When an Owo Princess says ‘I do’ R

ELATIVES, friends and guests from far and near particularly from the ancient town of Owo, Ondo State ensured their presence at that wedding engagement last Thursday. It was at the royal wedding engagement of Ebunola and Anjorin at the University of Lagos Multi-purpose Hall A. As early as 9am, they had gathered for the event slated for 10am. The occasion turned into a reunion for many who had not met for sometime. No wonder the back slappings, the heart laughters and long embraces. First to arrive was the bride's father, Prince Lafor Olateru-Olagbegi, whose mien accentuated his royalty princely welcome. His wife, Princess Banke, equally displayed an exceptional royalty as her attire gave her a queenly look. She was visibly happy. The groom's parents, Mr and Mrs Rotimi Idewu-Anjorin, stood tall among the crowd. The bride, Ebunola, looked exceptional in her beaded Owo traditional dress with a beaded wig on her head. She was smiles all through. The groom's appearance underscored the royalty in his family. Not only that the presence of the Oba of Lagos, Oba Riliwan Akiolu, who was represented by the trio of Oluwo Jakande of Lagos, Chief Ibikunle Bailey; Suenu of Lagos, Chief Gbolahan Durosinmi and Eletu Iwashe of Lagos, Chief Eletu Taofeek confirmed royal endorsement of the engagement.

The Olowo of Owo, Oba Olateru-Olagbegi, was represented by the duo of Prof Banji Olateru-Olagbegi and Adejare OlateruOlagbegi. The groom was accompanied by a retinue of friends. They were asked to prostrate before the bride's family as Yoruba custom and tradition dictate after which he was ushered to his seat. The bride, Ebunola, while making her entry had in her train the Masses' Sisters Cultural Group from Owo. They were dressed in Owo traditional outfit with beautiful beads on their necks. She danced with them as they sang in Owo dialect to the admiration of everyone. She headed to where her parents were, knelt before them to receive their blessing. She did the same to her parents' in-law who rained prayers on her. She was later asked to sit on their laps as a sign of acceptance into their family. Prince Lafor and his wife prayed for their daughter and wished her blissful sojourn in her marital life. "The couple is blessed spiritually. I pray to God to bless them. I wish them a happy married life, long life and prosperity. They should have God in all they do and be truthful in everything they do," Mr Idewu-Anjorin said. The groom's mother, Mrs Anjorin, wished the couple a blissful marital life. She urged them to be lovers of one another and never allow a third party into their affairs.

‘The couple is blessed spiritually. I pray to God to bless them. I wish them a happy married life, long life and prosperity. They should have God in all they do and be truthful in everything they do’

•Fadesewa of Simawa, Sagamu, Oba Gbenga Sonuga and his wife Olori Adepeju

•Justice Adesuyi Olateru-Olagbeji (right) and Prince Adeyeju Olateru-Olagbeji. PHOTOS: RAHMAN SANUSI




A conjugal bliss Saturday, August 27, was a memorable day for former Miss Bunmi Ogunbawo, Personal Assistant to the wife of Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi and her heartthrob, Ademola Obanise, a Special Assistant to the Governor’s Chief of Staff, as they exchanged marital vows at the Global Harvest Church, Jogor Centre, Ibadan. BISI OLADELE was at the event.


T was a cool morning on Saturday, August 27, and the city was just breathing fresh air after a downpour that brought on its trail flooding that claimed lives and destroyed properties in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, the previous night. Distinguished Ekiti elite trooped into the beautiful, but compact Global Harvest Church, tucked between two halls that make up the popular Jogor Centre, off Liberty Road, Ibadan. Right from the main road leading to the famous and expansive hall, the exotic cars that dotted the road and the array of gorgeously dressed guests suggested the class of the wedding that was to take place. It was the wedding between Bunmi Ogunbawo and Ademola Obanise whose guests made heads to spin. The bride, Bunmi, is the Personal Assistant to the wife of Ekiti State governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, while Ademola is a Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff to the governor, Chief Yemi Adaramodu. Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, and his wife, Erelu Bisi, led the guests to the church to witness the solemnisation. They were joined by the Deputy Governor, Mrs Funmi Olayinka

•From left: The groom, Ademola and Olubunmi with Erelu Bisi and her husband, Dr Fayemi

and her husband, Lanre; wife of the Oyo State Governor, Mrs Florence Ajimobi; her Lagos State counterpart, Dame Abimbola Fashola; friends, relations and well wishers. After exchanging marital vows before the officiating priests in the full glare of the congregation hall, the new couple was received into the beautifully decorated hall for the reception where guests were treated to sumptuous food, with thrilling musical tunes wafting through the air. Purple, the colour for the occasion, gave the entire celebration a royal touch and unique ambience. The couple beamed with smiles all through the celebration as they acknowledged cheers from guests and well-wishers. Other guests at the colourful occasion included the Speaker, Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr. Adewale Ominrin; Head of Service, Mr. Dayo Famosaya and his wife, Kehinde; members of Ekiti State Executive Council and other political office holders.

•Dame Fashola (left) and Mrs Olayinka

•Groom’s parents, Pa and Mrs Clement Obanise

•Bride’s mother, Mrs Durotola Ogunbawo

•Bride’s dad, Mr Femi Ogunbawo



• Group Managing Director Verdant Zeal Marketing Communication Ltd, Mr Tunji Olugbodi; Osun State Deputy Governor, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori; Chief Fasuan and one of his wives

•Chairman, Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, Mr Tunde Fowler; Special Adviser to the Governor on Taxation and Revenue, Mr Bola Shodipo; his wife Arinda and Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State, Mr Ade Ipaye



SOCIETY St. David’s Anglican Church, Afao-Ekiti was throbbing with dignitaries last Sunday. Government officials, the royalty, politicians and ordinary folks came to honour Chief Oladeji Fasuan, who turned 80. SULAIMAN SALAWUDEEN was at the event.

80 garlands for a statesman

T 80, Chief Oladeji Fasuan has come a long way. When he joined the octogenerian club last weekend, family members and friends gathered at his AfaoEkiti hometown in Ekiti State to celebrate him. Everyone stood to be counted at St. David’s Anglican Church, AfaoEkiti and Dr Lawrence Omolayo Civic Centre, venue of the reception. Chief Fasuan, in Aso Oke, was all smiles as he exchanged pleasantries and banters with friends and wellwishers. He was effusive in his praises to the Almighty who he said is behind his achievements. His wives, Clara, Dupe and Bolanle as well as some of his children, Lanre, Olabisi, Gbonju, Bosun, Layi, Sunkanmi and Funmi were excited by it all. His children, who are overseas, sent gifts and goodwill messages to a daddy, who they described as one in a million. His last wife, Bolanle, reminisced on her relationship with him, which she described as one made in heaven. “I cannot capture in words what my husband means to me. He is everything a husband should be. He is ever available and totally responsible. “If I have the opportunity to come to this world again, I would marry Fasuan. He is a polygamist with a difference. He is strong as a man, knows and observes limits in anything, and anytime. I feel proud to be his wife,” she said. Fasuan’s friends described him as a goal-getter. Venerable Ariyo Agbaje of the Ife Archdeaconry, quoting from Psalm 22, Verse 25, said people gathered to celebrate Fasuan because he is a great achiever. He said the celebrator had crossed many hurdles. The Chief of Staff to the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Yemi Adaramodu, who represented Governor Kayode Fayemi, noted the Chief’s role in the creation of Ekiti State. He observed that Fasuan was the chicken that laid the golden egg. He then urged him to continue with his good work. “I want to say that the governor, who personally requested my attendance at this event, said he would have loved to come but had to attend to urgent state matters outside the state. “We know Baba was the chicken that actually laid the golden egg, which has produced Ekiti State today. We can only urge him to carry


•From left: Chief Fasuan; Mr Adewale Fasuan; Mrs Clara; Mrs Dupe; and Mrs Bolanle Fasuan

•Oba Aladejare (right) and other traditional rulers at the church service

•Alhaji Owolabi and wife

on his good work,” Adaramodu said. Earlier, Dr Kayode Obembe, Alumni Association President of Christ School, Ado-Ekiti, where Fasuan had his secondary education, who led other members to the event, observed that although life expectancy in the country had slumped to 46 years, “Baba (Fasuan) has gone on to live to 80. “Some of us here may be surprised to know that Baba, despite his tight schedule, was the chairman of the Building Committee, which supervised the construction of the Alumni Centre, and he was

leads by example. The people of Ekiti would never forget him for all he did to ensure the creation of Ekiti State,” he said. Other dignitaries at the event included Secretary to the State Government Alhaji Ganiyu Owolabi and his wife; Chief Ojo Falegan; Chief Ayo Ogunlade; Chief Dayo Okondo, Chief Ade Ajayi; Proprietor of Little by Little Photography, Chief Adebayo Daramola; Dr. Dapo Ajayi and Gbenga Agbeyo. Royal fathers at the church included the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, who was represented by High Chief Famuwagun; the Sasere of Afao;.

always available to monitor its progress till completion,” Dr Obembe said. An elder statesman and former Ondo State Governor, Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua, described Fasuan as a leader, who leads by example. According to him, Fasuan is a man whose words are his actions. Noting Fasuan’s contributions to the creation of Ekiti State, Evangelist Olumilua said were it not for Fasuan’s foresight, what came out as Ekiti might not have been. “Egbon is a great man. He is everything a leader should be and he

Oloye of Oye-Ekiti; Oba Oluwole Ademolaju; Oore of Otun Ekiti, Oba Adedapo Popoola; Olojudo of Ido Faboro, Oba Ayorinde; Onigbemo of Igbemo, Oba Adewumi Daramola; Alara of Aramoko-Ekiti, Oba Olu Adeyemo; Alaaye of Efon, Oba Adesanya Aladejare and a host others The highpoint of the event was the cutting of the birthday cake by the celebrator, assisted by his wives and children. Fasuan later danced to melodious tunes from Tope Flower and His Easy Life Band.


•From right: Secretary to the Lagos State Government, Alhaja Idiat Adebule; Permanent Secretary, •Vice-Chairman, Amuwo-Odofin Local Government, Alhaja Qudrah Dada flanked by Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Alhaja Risikat Akiyode and Arowosadini of Nige- FOMWAN ex-General Secretary, Alhaja Risqat Aroyewun (right) and Public Relations Officer, Alhaja Muslimat Alatishe ria, Alhaja Muinat Shopeyin-Akande





Developers accused of defrauding 70 home seekers


EOPLE seeking accommodation have been advised to always carry out a proper investigation before parting with their money. This warning has become imperative because those who parade themselves as developers and agents are now defrauding a lot of people who are in desperate need of accommodation. Two of such suspects who allegedly defrauded more than 70 home seekers of over N33m have been arrested by police operatives attached to Trinity Police Station, Apapa, Lagos. It was gathered that the suspects collected the said amount from the 70 unsuspecting tenants while they had only 10 mini-flats for rent. At the time the suspects were paraded, none of the affected tenants has been given any of the 10 flats as they were still vacant. The suspects, Akeem Garuba, 47, and Demola Balogun, 35, were said to have gone to the police station to report themselves when the tenants threatened to burn down the house and even kill them if they refused to refund their money or give them the accommodation. The victims, who complained that the police are not doing anything to assist them in recovering their money, claimed that the suspects have been in police custody for more than a month. It was gathered that the

By Titilayo Banjoko

suspects already have an existing case concerning the same offence with the police. They urged the Commissioner of Police, Mr Yakubu Alkali to step into the matter as it seems that the investigating police officers have compromised. However, investigating police officers handling the case at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, disagreed with the victims, saying that they are already working on how to recover the money of all those affected in the incident. According to the police, investigation carried out so far showed that the suspects only have N16,000 each in their Oceanic and Zenith Bank accounts and that they are still being interrogated so that they can disclose where they invested the money. Narrating his ordeal, Garuba, one of the suspects said: “Initially, when we started the building in January, we thought we had enough money to complete the building. When it dawned on us that we hadn’t enough cash, we decided to collect money from just 10 people, but later found out that it wasn’t going to be enough. So, we decided to collect more money from more people.” Garuba, who used to sell video cassette in Apapa claimed that that was his first time in the business. When asked what he used the

•Ademola and Akeem money for, he said: “We used the money to get more building materials and didn’t spend it on ourselves.” Explaining how it happened, the Lagos State Police Command spokesman, Mr Samuel Jinadu said: “Garuba and Ademola defrauded 70 victims of over 33m, claiming they were both developers of a building at No 10, Adeniyi Street off Olodi Apapa area of Lagos.” The victims, who paid different sums of

money, were told they would be given the apartments when they where completed. The particular building which can take 10 only people because it contains only 10 flats. Aware of this, the suspects went on to collect money from 70 people. They wondered what will happen to the remaining 60. Jinadu told the victims that the case has been transferred to the State CID Panti Police Station where further investigations will continue.

Six in police custody over alleged kidnap bid

Yes, I am Chinasa’s boyfriend. I was the person that initiated the plan. When I noticed his boss is rich, I asked her if we could kidnap him and get some money from him. I also asked if she was sure the man could pay and she said yes…Then I went into action and contacted my friend Njoku who bought the idea


UT for nature’s intervention, the family of Mr. Ike Azota, an employee of an oil company in Lagos would have been thrown into crisis. He was to be kidnapped, but the plan failed. Those behind the kidnap attempt are said to have confessed to the police. Mr Azota was to be kidnapped for ransom by a gang of six young people, including a female domestic staff of their target, but for the swift intervention of operatives of the State Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja. The lady identified as Chinasa Ozoemena, it was learnt, disclosed her boss’s financial status first to her boyfriend, one Okoye Raphael, who, on his part, contacted other members of his gang. They were said to have held five meetings during which they strategised on how to execute their plan. They weighed options, including whether to pose as visitors, or to ambush their victim while either leaving or returning home from his Surulere office. They also agreed to arm them-

•Suspects selves with a gun, with which to threaten their victim. Luck however ran out on them when, while waiting to execute their plans, operatives of SARS , led by the Officer in-charge, Mr. Abba Kyari, a Superintendent of Police, got wind of their intention. They stormed the suspected kidnappers’ den somewhere in Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos, where Chinasa Ozoemena and her boyfriend, Raphael were arrested while waiting for others. The two were said to have confessed to the police that led to the

arrest of the rest four identified as Chukwudi Ikeji (21), Nwaokike Ugochukwu (24), and Osondu Njoku (26) and another man identified as Obiora. Raphael was said to have claimed responsibility for initiating the kidnap. Chinasa was said to have also told the detectives that she informed her boyfriend, with the intention of making money with which to meet up with some needs. Raphael told Newsextra: “Yes, I am Chinasa’s boyfriend. I was the person that initiated the plan. When I noticed his boss is rich, I

asked her if we could kidnap him and get some money from him. I also asked if she was sure the man could pay and she said yes. “Then I went into action and contacted my friend Njoku who bought the idea. Although we did not conclude how much we would ask him to pay, in my mind, I said we would first demand N30m and at the end settle for whatever he would agree to pay,” he said. Njoku, who looked mournful, said: “It is true he called me, but I told him there would be need for us to have a gun with which to de-

Police arrest woman, trails son for alleged murder M

•Mrs Lateef

EN of the Sagamu Division of the Ogun State Police Command are currently on the trail of a 19-year-old boy identified as Sunday Lateef. He is being sought for allegedly being an accomplice to his mother, Mrs. Jemilat Lateef, in the murder of a neighbour, Mr Rilawan Bunmi Oguntayo. Newsextra learnt that Oguntayo died in the course of a fight between him and Mrs. Lateef. Although it was not immediately clear what informed the fight, it was learnt that the incident occurred at 10: 30 a.m. Thursday last

week at Oja Oba area of Sagamu. Some eye witnesses said that while Mrs. Lateef held on to Mr Oguntayo’s clothe in the neck region, her son later hit him on the forehead with a rechargeable lamp which inflicted serious wound on him from which blood oozed out uncontrollably. Mr. Oguntayo was said to have later bled to death as there was no immediate help. His widow, Mrs Oluwaseun Oguntayo who was informed about the development,

later reported the matter to the police at the Sagamu division, leading to Mrs Lateef’s arrest. Ogun State Police spokesman, Mr Muyiwa Adejobi confirmed the incident. He said though Mrs. Lateef was currently in custody, her son was still on the run. He said effort was still on to arrest him. Meanwhile, the suspect has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Abeokuta.

fend ourselves should the man try to put up resistance. Then, I decided to contact this guy (pointing to Ugochukwu). But he said he had no gun but promised to contact another person whom he was sure could get us a gun.” Ugochukwu, who at that point was in Anambra State, contacted his friend Ikeji, who also resides in Anambra. Ikeji said: “I am neither a thief nor a kidnapper. When Ugochukwu came and told me his friends needed a gun, I told him I would help them get my brother’s own. But I made Ugochukwu to promise they would at the end give me N400, 000 and they all agreed. So, I went into my brother’s room and brought out his brownie America pistol that has a 9-mm live ammunition.” On where his brother got the weapon from, he said: “My brother is based in the United States of America. With the gun at hand, Ugochukwu and I left Anambra for Lagos, to give the people the gun. I went with him so that I would take the gun back because I do not want to hear any story at the end. But we were arrested by policemen on reaching where we were to give the people the gun.




Jonathan urged to reduce military presence


RESIDENT Jonathan has been urged to reduce the large presence of military personnel outside the barracks. This will portray the country as a country that is still under military dictatorship instead of being in democratic dispensation. In a homily at the Umuahia Stadium during the combined thanksgiving service to commemorate Abia State at 20 years and the 100 days in office of Governor Theodore Orji recently, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Umuahia, Most Reverend Ikechi Nwosu insisted that Nigeria was still militarised with the everyday presence of military men. Bishop Nwosu said that so long as the military and other security agencies’ presence are seen on daily bases in the Nigerian setting, the country cannot be said to

From Ugochukwu Eke, Umuahia

be truly practising democracy nor pride herself of freedom in the real sense of it. He noted that the security agencies cannot maintain the peace in the country, but that peace can become practical when individuals become their brothers’ keepers and join hands to thwart the works of enemies of the country which come in different forms. Bishop Nwosu urged the governors to take the message to the President as well as ensure that he pursues the programme which would make the people of the state to be seen to be truly free. He challenged Nigerians in general and Abians in particular to be conscious of their environment and eschew evil, expose evil people and promote the good of the

So long as the military and other security agencies’ presence are seen on daily bases in the Nigerian setting, the country cannot be said to be truly practising democracy nor pride herself of freedom in the real sense of it

country in general and the state in particular. He said: “Those who have taken it upon themselves to drag the name of the governor down should retrace their steps because it is only God that has the power to elevate and has elevated the governor to his present position.” Bishop Nwosu, who took the theme of his homily from the Bible book of Philippians, compared it with the position of St. Paul while writing the letter and the position of Theodore Orji before he became the governor of the state. According to him, while Paul wrote from prisons admonishing the Philippians to rejoice, Orji became governor from prison and has brought joy to the people of the state through delivery of democratic dividends. The cleric challenged the governor to see his position as a divine one and should always ascribe all power to the God that has elevated him, saying that his good works which are too numerous to mention stand as testament and the reason for the massive support he is getting from the people of the state. In his speech, Governor Orji thanked the people for their unalloyed support for his government. He took the only reading for the service, even as he assured the people of the state’s continued commitment to their well-being.

•Dr Jonathan

Orji pledged to work hard for the development of the state, stressing that this was the pledge he made during his electioneering campaigns. He further stated that he is determined to uphold that promise no matter the distractions and embers of hatred fanned by enemies of the state. The governor urged everyone to come together to move the state to the next level, saying that all along, he had maintained that he could not do it all alone, saying that his doors were open for those who wish the state well to come and make their contributions.

Orji urges maximum security for Abia From Ugochukwu Eke, Umuahia



bia State Governor Theodore Orji has called on the Anti-Bomb Squad Unit of the Nigerian Police Force in Abuja to come to the state and train their personnel for the establishment of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Unit to check the rampant cases of bombings in

the country. Speaking in Umuahia when the Commissioner in charge of Anti-Bomb Squad of Force Headquarters, Abuja Mr. Ambrose Aisabor and his team paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Orji said this has become expedient in view of the security situations across the country. Orji, who was represented by his Deputy, Emeka Ananaba disclosed that in its resolve to protect the lives and property of its citizens, the Abia State Government will take up the responsibility of funding the establishment of the branch of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit in the state. He described their visit as very important and a welcome development, even as he commended the unit for its foresight in devising strategies of getting states in the country prepared in the event of any bomb-related case that might crop up. Earlier in his speech, Mr. Aisabor said they were in the state on the mandate of

the Inspector-General of Police to evaluate the current security challenges across the country. Aisabor called on government at all levels and the international community to face the issue of security head on, adding that the international community is not happy with the new wave of security challenge in the country. He appealed to all to devise proactive measures to help the police in tackling the problem, even as he thanked

the state government for its securityfriendly posture demonstrated through the provision of vehicles, accommodation and logistics. He pleaded with the government to assist the command to establish a branch of the EOD Unit in the state. The bomb disposal unit boss noted that when the EOD unit is established in the state the police will not hesitate to send the required personnel to train those who will be posted for effective management of the unit.

In its resolve to protect the lives and property of its citizens, the Abia State Government will take up the responsibility of funding the establishment of the branch of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit in the state

Youths endorse Oshiomhole for 2012 polls


OUTH leaders across the 12 wards in Orhionmwon Council Area of Edo State have vowed to embark on effective mobilisation of their members for the return of Governor Adams Oshiomhole and his deputy Dr. Pius Egberanmwen Odubu in next year’s gubernatorial race. The youth leaders said their decision was based on the projects executed in their localities and in the state. They spoke when they led other youth groups to visit the Deputy Governor, Dr. Odubu in his office in Benin-City. Spokesman for the group, Mr. Osamwonyi Ehigiator on behalf of Action

From Osagie Otabor, Benin

Congress of Nigeria (ACN) youths in the locality said their visit was in solidarity with Governor Oshiomhole and his deputy Dr. Odubu and to unanimously endorse the duo for continuity come 2012 gubernatorial election. He said: “We have seen the unprecedented developmental strides of the present administration across the length and breadth of Edo State and to say we are satisfied with the landmark achievements so far recorded in Orhionmwon in particular and the state in general. We collectively

We have seen the unprecedented developmental strides of the present administration across the length and breadth of Edo State and to say we are satisfied with the landmark achievements so far recorded in Orhionmwon in particular and the state in general

decided to support and accent to the endorsement of Governor Adams Oshiomhole and your humble self, Dr. Pius Odubu for next year’s governorship election.” Continuing, he stated that “Comrade Oshiomhole’s administration has initiated a positive turn-around in the state through the disbursement of agricultural loans to farmers, construction and rehabilitation of roads, schools, provision of potable water, healthcare facilities and above all, engagement of the teeming youths of the state in gainful employment.” Responding, members representing Orhionmwon I Constituency Hon. Patrick Aisowieren and his counterpart in Orhionmwon Constituency II, Hon. Friday Ogierakhi at the state House of Assembly said they endorsed Governor Oshiomhole and his deputy, Dr. Odubu for 2012 governorship polls. They urged the youth not to relent in their support for the state government to witness more good things. “We, the honourable members representing Orhionmwon in the state House of Assembly will not renege in our promise to support Governor Adams Oshiomhole and his deputy, Dr. Pius Odubu for the


2012 governorship race because they have performed beyond expectation.” Dr. Odubu, on his part, thanked the youth for their support and solidarity, saying the administration’s achievements in Orhionmwon included the largest single road project under construction from Ogan–Ugo–Urhomehe–Urhonigbe with a state–of–the–art bridge at Ehimwin River near Urhomehe.



We came to the agreement that there is no other vibrant platform of robust interactivity to continue to promote good governance but the new media, especially Facebook

‘Social networking aids Bayelsa’s development’


N aide of Bayelsa State Governor Timipre Sylva has said social networking has helped in governing the state better. Mr. Oyanbo Peace Owei, Senior Special Assistant on New Media and Social Networking to the governor said it has come in handy in lifting education in Bayelsa State. It has availed the administration of Governor Timipre Sylva of comprehensive information on areas needing urgent attention in schools, and the government moved in quickly to address them. Tourism, too, has got a boost, as well as access to the right information on the government. Facebook, a social networking site, has also become a potent tool of activism and agitation for the betterment of Bayelsa and its people. A little less than a year ago, some young Bayelsa professionals led by Owei, a lawyer, came together under the aegis of the Facebook Friends of Governor Timipre Sylva, with the primary aims to tackle misinformation about the Governor; serve as a watchdog for Bayelsa people; increase the Governor’s fan base on Facebook and translate it into tangible votes in the next elections; and highlight the milestone achievements of Governor Sylva from inception and their benefits to Bayelsans. Recently, the group took its agitation beyond cyberspace by organising a town hall-like meeting with the governor in the state capital, Yenagoa. With master compeer and on-air personality Olisa Adibua steering the course of the event, all the guests and hosts knew that history was indeed in the making. This much was emphasised in the welcome address of the convener, Owei, who traced the genesis of the group to the early days of her appointment when only falsehood and misinformation were peddled about the Governor. “For those of us working with him, we know he is working hard and that he has the interest of Bayelsans at heart but a small cabal was just bent on not seeing anything good in him or his efforts. Even his Facebook page was being used as a platform for peddling baseless stories aimed at rubbishing his achievements and reputation. It was that time that we came to the agreement that there is no other vibrant platform of robust interactivity to continue to promote good governance than the new media, especially Facebook.” she said. Consequently, by posting factual information on what government was doing on Facebook, people became better informed and changed the misconceptions about the Governor. Governor Sylva stated that when he initially joined Facebook, a lot of people did not know he was operating his account without proxy which helped him to better understand the mindset and needs of his people and was therefore able to formulate policies along those lines, particularly, on the education sector, which he said is pivotal to the development of any society. “The education sector is very important but it is not easy. Coming into a state like Bayelsa

By Olukorede Yishau

which was created about 14 years ago and when you see what we have done so far, you would know where we are headed. It has been difficult handling all the sectors at the same time because no sector can wait and considering that we met everything in ground zero. ”Nevertheless, he continued, “We decided that we were going to look at the secondary school sector because I believe that’s the most fundamental yet problematic. It is also the point at which dropouts are mostly produced making them vulnerable to cultism and militancy. So, we decided to strengthen that system.” The Governor recalled that in 2007 when his administration was inaugurated, Bayelsa’s performance was pegged at 13 per cent in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. However, “In 2009, we moved up to being number one in NECO and number three in WAEC nationwide. I have inherent confidence in Bayelsan students that’s why my administration is doing everything possible to boost our educational system.” Sylva also decried the incidence of using one school for both primary and secondary students as practiced in some parts of the oil-rich State blaming lack of space for such. He said that very soon, this would be taken care of as secondary school students sharing such facilities would be relocated to the modern schools being built in each of the senatorial districts and the 16 model primary schools across the state. Further, the Governor talked about the state bursary scheme, declaring that when he came in, there was an outstanding two year bursary which he had to clear willy-nilly. “The situation has changed now as Bayelsa is one of the states paying the highest bursary in Nigeria, and by the end of September, we would have been up to date with the bursary payment,” the Governor said. While speaking on the tourism potential in the state, Sylva condemned the perception by some indigenes and non-indigenes alike that the state was not safe, stating that Bayelsa is one of the safest states in Nigeria. “A lot of people still feel that Bayelsa is not a safe place. We are repositioning the State so that investors and others can come in. Tourism is something that can happen naturally if the sites are there and the tourism potential is developed, people will come as long as they feel secured. At some point, it was not very safe here and that really gave us a setback. Now, we are beginning to really develop tourism again. One of the things we want to start at the end of this year is Christmas Children Carnival. It will bring a lot of people to Bayelsa. Good hotels are springing up in the state and Government is also building some as a way of supporting tourism. We have some important sites as well which we are developing. As soon as we are able to complete these sites, tourism will be a major plank of our economy.”

•Traffic along Federal Secretariat Road in Abuja NAN

On the issue of health care, the Governor said he is concentrating on the bigger healthcare centres for now like the Melford Okilo Memorial Hospital which when completed, would be one of the best in Nigeria. This would be followed immediately with the building of primary healthcare centres across the state. The governor also said the rate of unemployment would reduce drastically in the state with the fabrication yard coming to Brass to be operated by Hyundai Industries which will absorb about 2000 people on one hand, and the skills acquisition centers at Asuama, in Kolokuma/ Opokuma Local Government Area, being positioned to employ even more people on the other hand. At the risk of sounding immodest, Governor Sylva said that as far as the development of Bayelsa is concerned, his administration has been able to put a lot of things in place. “In Bayelsa State, the problem is not whether we have performed or transformed the State; what we have achieved is extra-ordinary, but unfortunately, the expectation of the people is money in their pocket. You cannot just take money from the government and give to them, but opportunity can be created by the government which can be taken advantage of. “Unfortunately, the disposition and orientation of our people are not geared towards taking advantage of such opportunities. It is just getting money. A lot of people have come to believe in that kind of Capitalism, where you are rich without working, which is very unacceptable and that is the problem. Those few people have been making all the noise,” he said. From home-grown comedians to dancers, entertainment was in no short supply at the event but it was Idols West Africa and Bayelsa native, Timi Dakolo that took the wind out of everybody’s sail. Digging into the depth of his burgeoning repertoire, Dakolo had the Governor and every other guest singing along with him while his short performance lasted. Guests like star actor and Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Delta State, Richard Mofe Damijo and American singer and choreographer, Jeffrey Daniel of the Shalamar fame also implored Bayelsans to continue to support Governor Sylva’s policies for the state because he means

•Sylva well. According to the coordinator of the Facebook Friends of Governor Sylva, Frank Ebikefe, “Friendship can’t be manufactured in any factory, it has to be developed. Thus, we stand as an interface to express our feelings without borders in pursuit of the Bayelsa dream. We are solid advocates of his achievements and visions and the need to continue in office beyond 2012 against all odds. Over this period, he has shown deep appreciation for our friendship. Being a friend of the Governor however poses its own challenges because expectations are very high from people but with wisdom, we are able to face these and at the same time remain focussed on our tasks and targets.” He promised that the group would continue to do everything within its powers to engage the Governor.

Youths demand participation in governance


YOUTH group under the aegis of 25% Youth Participation in Governance has demanded a 25 per cent participation in the governance of the country at all levels. The president of the group, Mr. Felix Ibe stated this in Owerri when he led the executive members on a courtesy visit to the chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Imo State council Chief Fidel Onyeneke. Ibe said that the call for 25 per cent youths’ participation in governance is worthwhile as it would give the youth an opportunity to contribute in policy making and implementation. He attributed the cause of youths’ involvement in social crimes such as kidnapping and armed robbery to negligence by the authorities. He appealed to government to extend the same magnanimity shown to the women in achieving their demand of 35 per cent Beijing affirmation action, adding that the level of negligence on the part of government in involving youths in governance has become another disturbing issue. The president said that 35 per cent women affirmative action has ofPHOTO:

From Emma Mgbeahurike, Owerri

fered a number of women the opportunity of being elected or appointed into government positions, thereby helping them to participate in decision-making and implementation of the country. Mr. Ibe described the development as the most unfortunate thing that, till date, no youth of this country has become President, governor or even a Minister. He added that countries like India among others have given their youth full opportunity to participate in governance. He maintained that youths are ready to contribute their quota to the country’s social political and economic development if given the opportunity to so do. Responding, Chief Onyeneke who commended their motive said that no country can make any meaningful progress without the youth. He further said that participation of youths in governance would bring vibrancy and engender positive impact, adding that time has come for the empowerment of the youth. The NUJ boss however cautioned them to eschew acts capable of ruining their potential, even as he noted that that 85 per cent of the problems such as examination malpractices, kidnapping and armed robbery in the country are carried out by the youth. He called on the group to devote more energy in training and re-training of their members, adding that such measure would help in inculcating good morals on the youth and which will make them fit to manage any position. Chief Onyeneke assured them of the commitment of NUJ in partnering with the association in training of their members. He however frowned at a situation where Nigerians would lose confidence in the youth.



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES The following candidates are hereby notified of the offer of provisional admission for the courses indicated against their names in the 2011/2012 academic session.

2011/2012 MERIT ADMISSION LIST FACULTY OF ARTS DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89

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CANDNAME Dada Adedoyin Nafisat Esongba Rebekah Oseghome Ekeigwe Calista Oluchi Ojedele Temitope Adebukola Olufarati Sarah Temitope Nwanegwo Rosemary Obiageri Ogundolire Samuel Oludayo Ekeleme Taiwo Onyiyechi Omiunu Oluwaseyi Ekata Duru Amaka Oluwaseun Etta Rita Osuwake Orie Geogina Ebebra Owo Uchechi Ogunshola Oluwayomi Olaoluwa Ogbogu Erica Uzoma Olowo Ayobami Mayowa Onyeoka Nwakego Patricia Oloche Abraham Samuel Musa Hauwa Fadeka Inyiama Ezinne Lucy Adolphus Ediomi Promise Kuye Samuel Oladimeji Edeh Johnson Ndubisi Ogunjobi Joseph Oluwabunmi Abdul Hadi Bushrah Olajumoke Loko Caroline Naffissath Adetoye Adeola Adedoja Nwachukwu Emeka Daniel Williams Alfred Eteka Adeoti Oluwafunmilola Jumoke Okorie Kelechi Adamara Mgbekwe Onyinyechi Gift Peter Temitope A Iheme Akunna Genevieve Kareem Ekundayo Blessing Obafemi Dare Adekunle Adeshina Temilade Funmi Segun Florence Oluwatoyin Oyelowo Grace Makanjuola Kofoworola Kayode Johnson Adegoke Aderonke Ayoka Okeke Juliet Ogechi Fashola Bisola Alice Olusegun Olubukola Adeola Bello Munirat Doyinsola Ezeife Zobem Olive Balogun Christana Happiness Bello Eyitope Valentine Andrew Rachel Ifeyinwa Onabiyi Abosede Tolulope Oyedepo Olufunmi Idowu Adesemowo Aderonke Adegboyinde Odufuwa Damilare Omoniyi Ogunleye Temilola Anuoluwapo Arowooye Ayyub Olalekan Ashiru Fatima Bisola Ariyo Modupe Patience Obe Oyindamola Mosunmola Badejo Segun Ifeanyi Akinbode Olutomisin Lydia Opeyemi-ajayi Samuel O Ibrahim Yusuff Olawale Adegbenro Oluwabukola M Obembe Oluwatayo Toluwani Oladosu Tolulope Idowu Ajewole Olayemi Christianah Ebunola Funmilayo Racheal Bankole Oluwamayowa Tolulope Odunsi Oluwaseun Ayodimeji Ogunlaja Omobolanle Kafilat Adeleye Oluwatoyin Odunayo Adeniji Adedoyin Emmanuel Akinlade Oluwaseun O Alao Feyisayo Mercy Adeniga Adewunmi Ruth Bakare Moshood Olawale Ogunyemi Adedoyin Folayemi Afolabi Olayinka Ajoke Odetunde Folasade Olajumoke Ogunbadeniyi Tinuade Mary Olanrewaju Zainab Oluwabukola Omogbemi Ajoke Josephine Popoola Korede Akram Albert Ayodeji Oluwatosin Ajayi Iyanuoluwapo Abosede Olude Oluwatobiloba Elizabeth Are Kehinde Abimbola Akinyemi Oluwaseun Jide Adefowora Adeoyindamola A

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15611148JG 15372736FE 16031491GH 16204923HJ 15446365DG 15952300IH 15575696ED 15624963HA 15370671EB 15632262JF 15746275HI 15139400BD 15698855DJ 15127843FF 16278628CH 15567872EB 15206687AJ

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

REGNUMB 15669619FJ 15654015CA 15152134CJ 16284190CF 15260297AF 15639824BA 16032406DI 15209679FE 15146358JB 15682241CD 15057652EB 15611793AE 15567735GE 15442784BC 16229011IA 15676498ID 15198146CE 15550624IE 16203729HC 15321830JE 16002199GB 15624547FH 15245106IF 15375510HE 16461390IC 16341445EH 15709029HC 16341702FC 15679809EE 15048646JD 15704728HE 16124160GC 15056461CF 15616156BA 15179105BE 16145377ED 15504492GB 15639880DG 16172929DB 15705569HD 16038212IA 15621863FI 15643017DE 15059714GD 15708651EC 16498434BF 15578801EA 15047284AI 16344134DB 15956155GF 16341319DH 16003483IJ 15659073HF 15671074FJ 15786916IE 16340407FH 15673539DG 16165594BH 16033065AB 15155409AB 16276028GH 15504924CG 15679860IF 15596903FE 15198064HG 15677973CD 15335980DD 15202451BA 15561341EA 15620232AE 16312019FF 16163966FB 15656451IE 15636223EG

Ogunbowale Olawale Noah Ajao Adewunmi Motideade Arikewuyo Umamat Bidemi Balogun Damilola Aminat Salam Ikeoluwa Omolola Fawole Amos Babatope Alasela Saidi Alabi Olaolu Bolanle Tunrayo Igwe Eunice Ijeoma Batubo Abiye Henry Sunday Salome Odale Asiegbu Chinemerem Peace Agianbekong Sylvanus Adie Abubakar Yetunde Rahinat Bankyu Esther Suweamishi Joseph Patience C Awulehan Obarakumo Barras

DEPARTMENT OF CREATIVE ARTS CANDNAME David Joshua Tolulope Ekenobi Chidozie Stanley Simpson Olaadara Omotayo James Olanrewaju Gbolahan Akeusola Ismail Oluwafemi Olorunkoya Adewale Olusegun Obayomi Ayodele Anthony Ejelukpe Jeremiah Oghenereke Cyril Catherine Mary Olusanya Morenike Opeyemi Ogbonna Desmond Chibuike Olu-omoniyi Olubukola Folakemi Iyase Odozi King Bada Busayo Elizabeth Omamogho Simeon Oghenewaire P Godpower Joy Elleluoghene Oyediji Gideon Adegboyega Olaonipekun Gafar Ajibola Ikpa Adaku Theodora Onuike Ishmael Ndubuisi Odion Mariam Emmanuel Okocha John Ndukwe Alabi Makinde Olubori Aroyewun Olufemi Oluyomi Bodunrin Olatunji Olugbenga Agbakuru Chibuzo Tobenna Odedina Ademola Micheal Akinbo Babatunde Olufisayo Tomo Peace Macqueen Umunakwe Ejike Clement Ogunleye Samson Seyi Amoniyan Oluwatoba Amadi Chidiebere Theophilus Fowobaje John O Ezeigwe Ikechukwu Prince Ayodele Uthman Oluwaseun Abiola Olusegun Olalekan Martins Ebunoluwa M Osoko Simeon Ayodeji Suru Eniola Omolaso Olatoye Kazeem Olatunde Ashimi Ibiyemi Anastasia Omoboye Oluwaseun Esther Abiola Sodiq Oluwaseun Awoyemi Damilola Elijah Ogunnubi Oluwaseun David Balogun Azeezat Adunni Adesina Israel Olufemi Aiyeola Anuoluwapo Oladunni Yusuff Muzzammil Olumide Ebenezer Abosede Abiodun Iwabi Iseoluwa Stephen Adetula Tajudeen Falowo Promise Oshundeyi Funke Comfort Adesokan Yusuf Babatunde Adeniran Adedunmola Cecilia Olatujoye Mercy Olumoroti Onimowo Topa Julian Agboola Moyosore Abigail Amole John Adedaypo Aderiye Emmanuel Oyebanji Adebayo Kehinde Adebowale Agbabiaje Esther Olawunmi Olabode Oluwakemi Blessing Nwosu Isaac Somto Okanga Maryamada Ogbu Shehu Adebowale Timothy Oloruntoba John Osoke Okeh Emmanuel Monday Azonwu Prosper Chibuike Dube Chidi Olateju Folarin Oluwafemi Audu Baliki

DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND STRATEGIC SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58

REGNUMB 15537252EC 15639487FB 15139496BG 15637617DF 15623648DI 16460711IC 15622464AB 16172542CI 15638121HF 15149569GB 15541349HA 15702854HA 15624999FJ 15260517CE 15139935FH 15645197JA 15682149AI 15141345JF 15157708II 15633264JG 16170791ED 15153472IJ 15615694DI 16106351EC 15198275CF 15097401AH 16361439BB 15156227GJ 15701295JB 16222676HD 15502923BF 15209494CH 15706671GF 15184319IG 15953584BI 15139775FC 15179065DH 15155445IH 15956162EE 15139821BB 15609259EA 15140218IB 15208945CF 15956229DH 16029857CC 15726829CC 15514305BD 15577748JF 16038374HJ 15952383DC 15108282FD 15954518CJ 16164186HA 15139374JB 15140016AI 15625172CF 15139650DJ 16203993FG

CANDNAME Onyenaobiya Onyekachi Collin Adams Ajibade Michael Oremosu Oluwatoyosi Ige Davies Mark Kasia Agholor Nwodo Onyinye Florence Ojehseme Tinuola Idegbuwa Akalonu Chika Peace Israel Anthony Ajayi Oluwaseyifunmi Rebecca Onileyan Idris Abayomi Nwaneri Ifeanyichukwu Yaga Opara Cynthia Chinyere Ogundare Seyi Stephanie Akinniyi Omobolanle Joseph Duru Adaora Adetola Haruna Oluwayemi Simbiat Muritala Jumoke Damilola Kassim Sulaimon Adetayo Olaleye Oladimeji Abass Ogunbiyi Oyekanmi Oyeyemi Ijeh Amarachi Onyeka Chukwu Mercy Chinonyerem Bolaji Omotayo Emmanuel Davies Adekemi Oluwafisayo Jonah Jimmy Inieke Fawole Salaudeen Oriyomi Sagay Vincent Quadri Abisola Akorede Oluwatuyi Dare Oroki Onayemi Ifedayo Olabode Dosunmu Idris Adeleye Ogude Felix Oghenevo Omolade Suliat Omolara Osineye Omotola Bukola Bamgbade Adesola Mary Aminu Raolat Abiodun Omololu Damilola Ayomipo Olugesinde Motunrola Omobolade Adeyemi Segun Bayo Adeshina Arafat Motunrayo Hamzat Lolade Jumoke Ajisefini Basirat Aderayo Sotimi Temidayo Samuel Adeoye Oluwaseun Ebenezer Babatunde Wuraola Kafilat Ojedele Simisola Moyosoreoluwa Oyelade Timileyin Mayowa Ojo Emmanuel Olamide Omoyeni Stephen Olatunbosun Adigun Oluwafisayo Olawunmi Okeniyi Oluwatoyin Seun Oyedeji Mariam Simisola Meze Mark Obasi Desmond Ekene Abimbola Olabisi Monisola Bendega Dennis Remilekun Awazie Oluoma Nina Oyedotun Yusuf Olawale

DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS (IGBO) SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

REGNUMB 15705575FF 15636621BG 16036770EB 15952165AH 15612350HJ 15517184AJ 16264786DH 16164952AD 15700329HJ 15579425BB 16031996AH 15698389HJ

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

REGNUMB 15202082FA 15647161BI 16284946IF 15614597DB 16351261IH 15389710FH 15614717FJ 15149632GG 15740770AG 15705863GE 15952305HC 15700820GB 15050620II 16122728JA 15570871GF

CANDNAME Agu Cynthia Ebele Aguobi Nkechinyere Faith Ometu Anthonia Ngezelonye Onyeka Odinaka Promise Onuorah Chukwuamaka Priscillia Ezimadu Chioma Angella Ukachi Chinonso Vivian Madu Chinedu Gibson Okoli Anthonia Chizoba Amadi Josephine Bukky Oche-chema Ochai Simeon Okoh Prince Okpara

DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY CANDNAME Nwaogu Malachy Chinedu Orimogunje Stephen Kolawole Matthew Augustina Onako Ofere Damilola Veronica Akue Olanike Benedicta Odunlami Sukurat Adedoyin Asegieme Modupe Precious Okorie Jennifer Amaka Adepoju Ademola Sodiq Ojo Ayodeji Emmanuel Adamson Victoria Osareti Dehinsilu Olabode Jeremiah Adewumi Adewale Anthony Mohammed Ahmed Oladipupo Ezukwoke Caleb Nkem



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114

REGNUMB 15620827GC 15520495GH 15700919FF 15671186BE 16033306FE 16127760CJ 15370657ID 15619132AG 15157670AI 15651850BG 15633127CC 15147955FD 16104564GI 16211928BG 15139886BA 15157735AH 15151781CB 15156149BC 15647523JG 15783084DH 15737805HE 15244971AF 15612918CE 15576983GC 16244888HG 15632035JH 15611708GF 16036414EC 15265297EA 16134061EB 16226642AJ 15548106HC 15148143HB 15704828GF 16224948EH 16222653EF 15680561BJ 16037087GA 16152478IA 15625988AC 16004419JE 16127611II 15657311CG 16286782AJ 15575376DD 15139848CH 15184090JE 15640973FF 16123698JA 16127498DJ 16208601AG 16283250DC 15704947JG 16223913EI 16500272DA 15651858IJ 15184931JD 15137586CD 16145713AF 15707565AC 15728103IA 16226577BA 15646296JB 15185639AG 16168335DJ 16038312HB 15636063EB 15140426DJ 15118804BC 15637317GC 15679872EJ 15154372AI 15674975JD 16036318DJ 15125689BI 15373284FJ 15671052CI 16213897CG 15561675AI 16166939FG 16345542HF 15570894JD 16031039GF 15638197EB 15631056CH 15562393IF 15951922FH 15246861FI 15610705GH 16499132FF 16239862CC 15060240DH 15953293BI 15647040JA 15388392DE 15536527ID 15570859AE 16498158GH 15107534GG

CANDNAME Aigbogun Ewere Ruth Ukwuoma Chukwuka Grayl Chika Agboola Victor Oluwasegun Amidu Ololade Anthonia Bamidele Temitope Mary Ebulu Benita Arogundade Adedoyinsola Taiwo Kuku Ebenezer Seun Okezie Kingsley Ezeani Ijeoma Rebecca Ojimadu Oluebube Ozioma Saibu Bamidele George Joy Chigozirim Nwabufo Chukwumaife Emmanuel Onasanya Micheal Azeez Balogun Oladipupo Idris Olatunji Olalekan Jamiu Osifo Mosope Mercy Mordi Stanley Jebose Umoru Idris Olayemi Yusuf Abidemi Rukoyat Oseni Mariam Okikiola Somoye Oluwaseyi Olakunle Onuoha Immaculate Chinyere Barlow Mamah Ashley Obeya Cecilia Enuwa Alabi Iyabo Sikirat Ogaraku Melvin Babatunde Otukoya Ezekiel Temitope Balogun Tolulope Adeola Ajiboye Babatunde Micheal Kpesu Donald Osemeke Josiah Iloba Orofin Omoyemi Emmanuel Adebiyi Adebola Adedife Akinyemi Abimbola Sharaf Toriola Habeeb Emmanuel Olaniyi Ifeoluwa Kate Nicholas Augusta Onyekachi Ibrahim Hawau Olabisi Nwogu Chinedu Abraham Collins John Areyayefa Ofere Ayokunle Samuel Obahiagbon Franklin O Ifionu David Chigozie Ogbewi Eseigie A Ontuen Comfort I Afolabi Adebimpe Olayinka Oresajo Morenike Oluwaseun Adetula Opeyemi Deborah Ajayi Oluwaseyi Adeniyi Adetola Azeez Ajayi Akinwale Adeleke Willoughby Oluwatoyin James Aroyewun Olasubomi Omolola Ashiru Akeem Ishola Adeoye John Adetunji Ajayi Kehinde Johnson Ogundiran Sherifat Adewunmi Abioye Busola Omolara Segbe Adeyemi Reuben Osho Oluwaseun Dolapo Oladokun Oladayo Isaac Oyemade Sunday Olarewaju Lawal Adenike Sidikat Adekanye Adesope Smith Oseinat Ayodele Akinkunmi Babatunde Akinbowale Sulaimon Olalekan Quazeem Adio Zulkiflee Abisola Ojoye Adesola Adekunbi Ogun Anuoluwapo Temitope Lawal Damilola Abibat Oshadahun Toyin Akinbile Funsho Olusegun Kwarteng Akosua Michelle Adenola Tosin Ayuba Adeniran Folasade Omotola Akee Afeez Olalekan Ademboni Ahmed Oluwaseun Akintunde Ogungbemi Emmanuel Adebisi Samuel Adegboyega Badmos Shakiru Adewale Oyeti Olayimika Enoch Fagorala Adebayo Oluwagbemiga Rabiu Awawu Omoyemi Osuolale Latifat Oladunni Oderinu Gloria Oluwaseun Abdulhammed Muqodas Olaide Adewole Ojo Johnson Obolo Seun Daniel Emmanuel Oreoluwa Oluwanifemi Adegun Michael Temiogbe Barry Binta Bamise Adebayo Omoniyi John Sulaiman Adeniyi Qazeem Apata Adekunbi Feyisara Oguntuase Olubunmi Grace Aiyeobasan Deborah

SN 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123

REGNUMB 15464695EF 15703151FC 16037614DB 15054675EI 15956109AJ 15139825JG 15207231CG 15140150JB 16230378FD

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

REGNUMB 16236482HE 15675409FC 15698618HB 16230502GJ 15561477CA 16031579JE 16163964FH

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

REGNUMB 16343930GB 15564196BB 15772548CD 15157345BD 15148705DE 15265686DH 15146801CD 16063658IB 15372064DD 15141018AJ 15260183FG 15517537BH 15536566GD 15647133AF

CANDNAME Afe Oluwatosin Abidemi Ezeani Peace Njideka Oladipupo Temitope Cicilia Nwachukwu Ogechi Anita Lawal Muyideen Olagoke Bello Yetunde Deborah Babayo Oluwatobi Hamiree Obiosio Ewei Amaka Iyile Ofure Esther

DEPARTMENT OF RUSSIAN CANDNAME Oloyede Oyepeju Oshodi Omowunmi Aishat Abiodun Omotunde Adebisi Mgbike Adaobi Jennifer Ogunsola Iyanuloluwa Esther Olaifa Elizabeth Omotoyosi Geol Ini

DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH CANDNAME Gbadamosi Zacchaeus Akande Rhodes Hope Olakunle Sofoluwe Oluwatoyin Oladunni Isi Rowland Onyekwelu Abraham Omotola Victoria Orji Ucha Oba Oduntan Iyanuoluwa Ifeoluwase Raji Rashida Abimbola Adebayo-diya Adebusola Urowoli Amokade Kenny Tolulope Omojola Mary Mosunmola Popoola Olubunmi Aanu Omini Ayeni Ebri Adetunji Martha Aderonke

DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS (YORUBA) SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

REGNUMB 15649603GE 15099019AD 15210801ID 15953018GH 16299095CH 15099159GI 15607039AH 15149939BI 16500551GG 15561566EE 15060534CI 15680252HD 15099016BC 15154266DF 16222570AD 15186160JC 15674983GJ

CANDIDATE NAME Ajadi Kehinde Oluwafisayo Ogunsuyi Funmilayo Grace Adetomiwa Anuoluwapo Adewunmi Olagoke Babatunde Adebolu Abisola Tanadeeba Graham Anita Oritsesholayemi Adekoya Adefunke Anita Akinbinu John Olalekan Taiwo Matthew Ishola Akintola Tosin Isaac Fijabi Moriamo Titilayo Kasali Azeezat Oluwatobi Akinniyi Bunmi Abidemi Ibitoye Ayodele Sunday Akegbeyale Owolabi Rilwan Ebiokobo Timipere Oluwabusayo Obaro Michael Adebowale

FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

REGNUMB 16095539IA 15059560EA 16126577IG 15630769BF 15148725HB 15059759CF 15613255IA 15514021IJ 15246276GH 15675640DI 16213007HH 15096805EJ 15448138FC 16032549JE 15522852HH 15121053FF 15561167HH 16122332BH 15783965BD 15607506GB 15674026DA 15578558JA 15671728DH 15611239BH 15120437GA 15202439EG 16037498II 16494833FB 16379538DE 15516255IA 15389037DJ 16030553GI 16284117FA 15670234FH 15178473GH 15146580AH 15630808JC

CANDNAME Chuks-okeke Chioma Chidinma Ojiah Marleth Adeiza Raji Bolaji Muyideen Oladeji Michael Tosin Oduneye Victoria Ololade Idowu Emmanuel Yemaren Bolaji Zainab Olaide Nakevu Joel Oghenevworhe Fatoba Aanuoluwa Temitope Oketola Damilola Victoria Kem-ajieh Emeka Emmanuel Okojie Joshusa Odianose Orekoya Afolabi Abraham Jegede Aduralere John Bolarinwa Ilerioluwa Deborah Obi Dickson Chinedu Ejiofor Chike Bryan Odia Efosa Benedicta Daniel Chukwudinma Nnaemeka Ogunsola Taiwo Abiola Oyesiji Jesukemi Deborah Akinbinu Esther Tope Oyewole Oluwaseyi Ezekiel Emiowele Osebhayemean Afolabi Damilola Deborah Nieketien Ekiyor Brenda Steve-ezeagu Chinyere Anita Hammed Idris Adekunle Obieli Chiamaka Sandra Adediji Maryam Abisola Fapohunda Folashade Olawunmi Ogundipe Doyinsola Omolade Amusan Adeyemi Oluwadamilola Afolabi Bamidele Micheal Kareem Temitayo Ezekiel Fatuga Olusola Ahmed Odusanya Olayinka Zainab

SN 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128

REGNUMB 15203859FE 15706896GJ 15682023JF 16225177DJ 16038366AG 15652561BH 15389720CH 16004910HG 15676373HA 16245747CB 15789644EI 15639477IB 15146195JF 15183345AB 16496828IA 15531673JF 16093870ED 15548990DJ 16126837IC 15145879HD 15670416JD 15181698JC 15610454EE 16172853GF 15646004JE 15614854DG 15640032GF 15140068EG 15615551HJ 16341469HC 15370485BH 15161537EH 15179054HA 15789568IC 15614448JA 15204183FC 15672177EI 15682183AD 15673770CC 15055763IC 15146597FD 15615306DI 15579748BC 15645643BD 15673065AD 15515707HF 15643369EF 16185193AC 15563556II 15119761FB 15374343ID 15150908CB 16123832HG 15148718JC 15566629IE 16498049AG 16211767BE 15685235GC 15630785GE 15639196FB 15706072BJ 15682047CD 15683711HF 15145834BE 15095215GG 15614859CB 15649344GF 15148558IH 15728723GD 15096581EC 16223394FD 15179618CH 15680643GE 16146174HH 15549710BD 16344004DD 15095118GG 16123752CF 15684288JA 15180215HJ 15562585JB 15952549BJ 15179026FH 15630923DI 15614284JH 15178741DJ 16105196BF 15701747JD 16495962FJ 16106010JF 16105034BG

CANDNAME Obesem Ifeoma Anita Adesuyi Aduralere Micheal Akintunde Oreoluwa Tumininu Lawal Olayemi Surajudeen Ufomba Kelechi Shofela Afeez Olamilekan(sup Cd) Sawyerr Irene Ejeme Arogundade Toyosi S Olawuyi Oludolapo Omowonuola Osunkoya Oyinkansola Tolu Koyi Adeyinka Adebayo Anene Awele Joy Ajani Kehinde Deborah Nwosu Regina Onyinyechi Omare Itse Gerrard James' John Udoh Adedoyin Oluwadamilola Michael Eluwa Collins Ikenga Idowu Oluwakemi Judith Nnewuihe Chinonye Vivian Lamidi Sodiq Ayofe Adenigba Kayode Abiodun Olayinka Opeyemi Olaoluwa Komolafe Rachael Tolulope Mayowa Gbenga Samuel Bamidele Romeo Ayodele Bello Sarah Oluwabunmi Sadeeq Taiwo Kafayat Olatinwo Olakunbi Mabel Owoeye Aderonke Victoria Olowokudejo Olasunmbo A Ajiboro Gbemisola Oluwaseun Esan Babatunde Victor Opaneye Olaoluwakitan O Kuye Damilare Seun Animawun Damilola Adijat Adekunle Oluwakayode Damilare Ogunnowo Afolabi Bashiru Lasisi Taiwo Rafiat Odunrintan Daniel Demilade Babalola Oyindamola Modupe Ogunseye Christiana Olubusola Waheed Abdullateef Folorunsho Okusanya Anuoluwapo Ruth Adekunle Adewunmi Elizabeth Porter Oreoluwa Ezekiel Fafolu Oluwatosin Oluwabunmi Akindolie Titilayo Oluwatosin Adeyanju Funmilola Eunice Ajadi Abdulkabir Opeyemi Ayorinde Ibiwunmi Adebola Adekunle Teslim Adewale Mishael Enoch Olujuwon Michael Yetunde Tabitha Adeshore Damilola Tosin Ijete Akinwunmi Robert Adewale Adedotun Roberts Damilola Ayomide Tanimomo Olamijulo Sunday Fadahunsi Ayotunde Oluwapelumi Akinduro Olamilekan Gabriel Babarinsa Oluwabukunmi Adelola Olayinka Oluwabunmi Mary Fawale Olushola Olufunke Gbolagun Olasunkanmi Olawale Alimi Olajumoke Aminat Badmus Suliat Omobolanle Muhammadraji Nimotallah O Ogunsola Joseph Ayodeji Balogun Mariam Dolapo Odeniran Temitope Babatunde Alabi Olajumoke Anabel Oyelade Elizabeth Omolola Atere Opeyemi S Oyedele Esther Oluwaseyi Akonu Oluwatobi Esther Yahaya Honey Osayemwenre Ibileke Temitayo Josephine John Oluwatomisin Comfort Awoyomi Oluwatosin Oluwaseyi Okibe Israel Otsogbu Oji Rotimi Charles Ogbonna Jeremiah Ndubuisi Amachree Pelete Blessing I Shehu Ahmed Abba Ugbe Clinton Peter Sulayman Fareed Abdulkareem Bello Farouk Adewusi Emmanuel Lucy Hauwa Sulaiman Uthman Adebayor Usoro Elizabeth Dirikebamoh


REGNUMB 15644965BA 15644511BE 15122280GA 15147177FJ 15705765GH

CANDNAME Adesina Adebisi Mathew Archibong Adekunle E Ojeyemi Temiloluwa Eyitayo Akhibi Odianosen Emmanuel Akinola Aishat Oluwakemi




SN 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

REGNUMB 15616217CB 15679012BA 15638236CB 15685141FD 15152816CA 15606774CG 16168629DA 15567698HI 15676568GH 15727158AF 15633253DC 15153436AD 15635287EB 15706796HI 15548571DF 15684355ID 15708087IF 15504396FI 15608639FH 15121589JG 15703754IG 15260330AD 15054285FE 16502546JF 16105905CC 15202808AG 15120249EC 15952422BC 15375326EE 15676308HB 15613845FG 15636189FB 15148090DG 16172752HH 15703319DD 15622698HF 15706736GE 15632337GE 15625809FE 15786398IG 16032215CJ 16122666IC 15058915DF

CANDNAME Alli Abiodun Olawale Abiona Abiodun Isaac Adegbite Fadhilat Motunrayo Liasu Monsurat Oluwawemimo Babarinde Sheriff Alabi Bamidele Oluwatomisin Joy Ogbonnaya Jennipher Chinenye Habeeb Adijat Abosede Omolere Oluwatosin Gbenga Opetumo Modupeola Temitope Bello Oluwabukola Rukayah Omotara Omobimpe Oluwatoyosi Oyomma Tochukwu Kingsley Oyomma Ebuka Victor Omolokun Oluwaseun Adegboyega Balogun Abiola Rukayat Balogun Johnson Oladipupo Makanjuola Omowumi Aminat Oladehinde Yusuf Adeniyi Abiodun Kehinde Emmanuel Oyelaja Afolashade Olushola Kotin Ahisu Avoseh Fatoye John Dalitso Latunde Oluwatamilore John Adekanbi Adedayo Nelson Muyibi Mufutau Shittu Abdulahi Abdulraheem Olalere Odunuga Folusho Franklin Hammed Oyindamola Karimot Alfred Ayodeji Whenayon Olaleye Adeyeri Samson Aje Bukola Florence Hammed Lateef Olamilekan Balogun Olaide Quadri Jide John Ayodele Akinmarin Folasele Julius Aborisade Damilola Muyiwa Udoffa Samuel James Ameh Patrick Caesar Awalite Elochukwu Chidozie Onuoha Gideon Chukwuma Taofeek Balikis Opeyemi Mohammed Adigun Bashiru

DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND FINANCE SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

REGNUMB 15614510AB 15614775HJ 16284552AG 15614829BE 15615810HI 16037088FH 15615842HJ 15615042FE 16346791BE 15615820EI 15506106GJ 15614412AE 15611260FB 15614818EH 15125769GJ 15100215AE 16125051AI 15153063FF 15567417EI 15231613BI 15631668DE 15611272BF 15614406CC 15674322BF 15184599CC 15208778EB 15631115EE 15610044BD 15374967FE 16345741GA 16152472AB 15609753BD 15151994GB 15098813DJ 15702355BF 15708186HJ 15948030JD 15154932HE 15100885DB 15615808IE 15947638AI 15785272GJ 15646714AB 16284898DF 15550025DI 15537062DA 15677127DJ 16037052GI 15548225AG 15390859AF 16211571CA 16032933AJ 15112073CJ

CANDNAME Omoleke Adeniyi Ezekiel Nebedum Joy Amarachi Odewale Tosin Owolabi Emenalom Doris Chibuzor Giwa Saidat Ifeoluwa Oyejobi Shamsideen Oluwatoyin Olanrewaju Abideen Abiola Idowu Temidayo David Enobakhare Shadrach Edosa Bajulaiye Modupe Boluwatife Adetola Hassan Oladejo Ogunjobi Opeyemi Temitope Toyo Oluwafemi Olayemi Anya Kalu Rejoice Oyejobi Teslim Kolade Mba Eze Nnamdi Kingsley Ogunnowo Akorede David Oloruntoba Abosede Rachael Olafeide Olaide Dolapo Omogiafo Sherifat Amanda Adeluola Oladunni Adeyemi Sampson Yemisi Damilola Aghuno Franklin Uchechukwu Alimi Saheed Olakunle Ajani Abiodun Omotola Eledumo Adegoke Kolade Irabor Martin Oseremen Emola Abosede Olumegbon Shuaib Adeniyi Oyadina Olanrewaju Dele Balogun Dotun Niyi Ogundele Johnson Shola Wright Esther Oluwaseun Odeniyi Omoyemi Mutairu Eboigbe Daniel Chukwudi Lamidi Taiwo Titilayo Maduabuchi Anyim Christian Okafor Nkechi Rosemary Udemba James Uzo Ikhazuagbe Victoria Uakheme Olawale Fatai Akinola Awosika Olatunbosun Sunday Adekunle Alliyy Abiodun Alabi Olawale P Oyenuga Rasaq Adebola Satumari Justina Adaraju Balogun Olawale Idris Craig Genevieve Olamide Kobamije Taiwo Olubunmi Olabode Olawale Samuel Kenku Raheem Ajibola Egbujor Ijeoma Rosemary Ogunfeyimi Olufemi Irapada

SN 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93

REGNUMB 15516653FA 16036902DD 15607245GI 15099831IJ 15645841AB 15615710IH 16171913HC 15704220EG 16038156FE 15549575DA 16165208BB 16036345FF 15567745DE 15951815IH 15709419GG 16500083BF 15708694BA 16166814ED 15678520DB 15147115FB 15645300HC 15680495CD 16495350FC 15615897BB 15099141CF 15653231EE 16038261DA 15110198CI 15157023AJ 15147386BE 15537112HE 15951596GF 15559983EA 15698687FI 16494731GG 16495754AE 15701281DG 15610948BH 15706614EC 15705171AG

CANDNAME Ogunsola Jaiyeola Olamilekan Koleoso Muhammed Abiodun Oke Iyanuoluwa Busayo Raji Ajewole Oluwafunke Akinsanmi Ayomide Sarah Oluwatoyin Ogunmuyiwa Aminat Ogunsanya Quadri Opeyemi Oloyede Aminat Dolapo Akanbi Oyeyemi Rashidat Adeniyi Olaoluwa Busayo Itoje Sarah Devine Adenubi Monsuru Oladimeji Oyebanji Khafilat Abisola Williams Olanrewaju Omoniyi Oladehinde Aminat Toyosi Adamson Olanrewaju Onakayode Ijidola Victor Femi Yusuf Abiodun Muyiwa Esho Babajide Micheal Ologbon Ayo Ayokunokanmi Areoye Janet Iyabodde Adesanya Kabir Olatunji Olaoluwa Deborah Gbemisola Omosaiye Damiola Philip Fabeku Adejoke Ayomide Awala Mary Oluwabukola Omowole Saidi Adebayo Alarape Ibrahim Olalekan Adeyelu Olawale Ayodeji Adediji Adetola Amina Idage Adebayo Ayedero Motolani Mistura Abisola Uchechukwu Fortunatus Chibuike Adole Candidus Olah Mcduke Dagogo Rosario Agbor Tabe Damilola Hussein Taofikat Hussain Dhikrah O Ariyibi Taiwo Funmilola Toikumoh Austine Junior

DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

REGNUMB 16134149GI 16038028FA 15614466DG 16106323CJ 16146379EE 15181538IH 15124395CA 15125160FD 16347362EH 15642463EH 15567944BJ 15608560AD 15612022JD 15182272BJ 15683541AD 15652156GI 15782687GE 15154065FG 15098680FA 15782311CI 15117945GH 15612176BJ 16292551GF 15642776HI 15782581JB 16226637CE 15147734DH 15763804GF 15611970FF 16169097IB 15570117JG 16284503FG 16344892IF 15647984HB 15674691HC 16145307FJ 15848615GD 15608410GF 15568687CB 15673925EC 15703997DG 15373722AG 15652526CF 15615469DE 16223518GJ 15110992HB 15709188IA 15683579ID 15649130CI 15708481GH 15505110FA 15244857FG 15652907EG 15708631AF

CANDNAME Ogundimu Nurudeen Deji Nkemadu Princess Adaobi Ojo Abimbola Wande Orikri Peace Ufuoma Kareem Azeezat Oyinlola Ukpong Comfort Idongesit Agu Agathas Chinenye Solomon Motunrayo Funmilayo Agbujie Festus Peter Yusuf Adeola Morufat Imonluamen Augustina Anita Mamudu Bright Junior Uzamot Ajibola Toyosi Ogunbiyi Anuoluwapo M Makinde Nihinlola Omolara Onabanjo Kayode Segun Odewale Olufemi Adewale Matti Olayinka Lukman Ilori Kofoworola Oyindamola Shobowale Mosunmola Zainab Obuseh Priscillia Muitairu Adamson Adeleke Idowu Adeleye Usman Isaac Mary Idoteyin Ogazi Chinechetam Jeremiah Abanigbe Okiki Arafat Anyim Chukwuma Friday Umoru Nofisat Beauty Olaniyan Abiola Adenike Okunlola Samson Oyebade Shonibare Stephen A Antigha Cobham Okoho Ajibode Aishat Adeola Aderibigbe Odunayo Toluwani Akangbe Oladayo Oladoyin Nwaogu Ruth Onyinyechi Folorunsho Abimbola Comfort Shobowale Damilola Mayowa Gbeleyi Ronke Kofoworola Akinnagbe Oluwadamilola Sandra Oladipo Lanre Lekan Akewusola Kafilat Temitope Nollah Ibrahim Adenola Oladapo Ajibola Azeez Olubusoye Tolulope Joshua Bada Jimmy Olawale Ogunbayo Adenike Evelyn Olumiwaga Omodolapo Omotayo Akilo Damilola Esther Pereira Oluwafeyikemi Halimot Afuwape Olugbenga Samuel Orogun Mobolaji Christiana Taiwo Rashidat Anuoluwa Adedeji Abdulwasiu Adebayo

SN 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91

REGNUMB 16035845AD 15245601FF 15634617BE 15705543FE 15784879IE 15615793DC 15615731CE 16285597HC 15616514AD 15640008EA 15153241AG 15952801DJ 15946934ID 15127243BC 15619426JE 16283136ID 15152482FC 15123589BD 15100200EJ 15517220JF 15615070GH 15448429FC 16224765BE 15615971IA 15648180GF 15139521DI 15198029IE 15148615BD 16033390JD 15681949CG 15197805HH 15950792FC 16100285AE 15952306GJ 15149637FB 16031008GB 15527128FD

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59

REGNUMB 16460370DI 15615465EG 16229379ED 15955381FJ 15615438DA 15673149EC 15615539BI 15619206HF 15675061CJ 15706951AB 16282727EJ 15615413AI 15678016II 15708828JD 15158295HD 15677984IH 15141030HA 15208627AJ 16099945FE 16171818GG 15579866EG 15613541JF 15375829IH 15578379EF 15180928HE 15371544EB 15565476FB 15684228HG 15703683AI 15699352AD 16341138JF 15613186JD 16122507HE 15613448ID 15677926GH 15612572JC 16189711CI 15613469CA 16223242CE 15140481GI 15614571BC 15503000HF 15596456DH 15680451FI 15569379HJ 16167255HI 16105878AG 15678579EI 15606931EA 15684439CF 15754865BD 15156463EA 16212839JG 16461646JA 15627755DG 16172422JH 15675042IG 15213638BB 15613239DB

CANDNAME Oke Oluwatobi Peter Owolabi Oluwatosin Olanrewaju Ogunwale Deborah Ibukun Popoola Oluwabukola Damilola Olaniyan Saheed Owoseni Olaosebikan Olabisi Tope Ogundiran Shakirat Okikiola Bamgbose Adedotun Adebisi Popoola Olabode Babatunde Adegoke Abdulhafeez Adeyinka Sulaimon Seun Kuburat Okunowo Olushola Abidemi Bello Zainab Opeyemi Oladimeji Esther Temitope Adeoye Iyanuoluwa Rasheed Ogunbekun Maria Adetutu Falowo Omolola Adepoju Rukayat Adeola Ojo Olajide Thomas Babatola Gbenga Akinlere Odebiyi Abayomi Gabriel Adache Emmanuel A Etoloh Harold Wilson Achogwu Blessing Orefi Abdulkadri Blessing O Okoro Stephen Ifebuche Dambatta Murjanat Moson-aliyu Halima O Aminu Sodiq Olalekan Igwe Martins Nnamdi Ibeh Rita Nkem Okon Comfort Janet Harris Dzibia Jude Ebontane Blessing Oghene-kome Aliyu Rabi Butack Hassan Joshua Tijani Rasaq Olakunle

DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE CANDNAME Opedo Ridwan Gbenga Ezekiel Emmanuel Olusegun Oredope Dayo Enitan Azeez Olamide Uthman Olaoye Oluwafunmilayo C Omope Olamide Micheal Mustapha Omotoyosi Zainab Adepoju Oladapo Onaopepo Aderibigbe Feyisayo Oluwasola Oguntoye Tomola Raphael Olanrewaju Enitan Monsurat Bello Folayemi Joy Kuti Abiodun Owowonuola Oladele Aishat Oladunni Olekanma Alex Tolani Giwa Olayinka Muiz Dada Bayomide Nathaniel Omosebi Abisola Abimbola Ugagu Kelechi Eugene Dike Tochukwu Ogochukwu Chibututu Josephine Uguguah Adaramola Solomon Taiwo Okoye Nneka Yetunde Adeyemi Toheeb Adisa Aro-lambo Omolola Lateefat Okafor Chidinma Faith Nwosu Chioma Cassandra Onilenla Kehinde Abdulazeez Agbalaya Abosede Odunayo Obasi Chioma Mary Agbaosi Regina Olaide Falola Moses Oladapo Adeosi Quddus Afolabi Quadri Abiodun Qudus Bankole Eniola Oluwafemi Salimon Temitope Adijat Omoyanmola Idowu Ebenezer Safiriyu Rebecca Ayopo Sanni Taiwo Kabirat Olubamiwo Tolulope Bukola Lawal Oladapo Ibrahim Ajiboye Lawrence Oluwasanmi Iluyomade Anike Akoke Sonaiya Babatosin Babatola Odunewu Oluwakemi Afusat Thomas Oluwole Sunkanmi Adebayo Tolulope Tolani Ojesanmi Dorcas Mariam Adebiyi Abdulafeez Oluwatoyin Fagbamila Olawale Oluwafemi Atanda Ismail Akangbe Akingbohungbe Funsho Gbolahan Adesuyi Micheal Oluwasegun Alebiosu Oluwafemi Peter Aadegboyega Damilola M Ibrahim Ahmed Aderibigbe Adeola Imoleayo Leshi Afees Kunle Adetona Kafilat Funke




REGNUMB 15139580FF 16152501BB 15638398CA 15680480GI 16287263CB 15621533HI 15955944BJ 16038388DH

CANDNAME Otolorin Victoria Oluwaseun Abiodun Adewale Haroun Ijeh Afolabi Esei Juliet Nnoje Ekpe Abigail Sunday Abel Bamidele Sunday Ogbodo Oghenemano Glory Philips Alice Ufo

DEPARTMENT OF INDUSRIAL RELATIONS AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71

REGNUMB 16496447FJ 16036654AB 15703770DI 16286639FA 15633504FF 15128808HA 15100467CE 16284301IA 16495203AI 15609939DH 16171887FD 15147277FA 15186194IH 16152527DA 15701769CH 15705651CB 16351080EI 15679971ED 15625486FD 15370848JC 15705772EG 15549496HD 16228835CG 15632350CF 16351775JH 15097358DJ 15698363GA 15566377GE 16351448BB 16122473HJ 15110055GJ 15683548HJ 15708373AD 15708998GI 15706261DE 15146097AB 15157276CG 15374887AD 15146776AB 16142286AE 16127545JC 15615593FA 16122413GF 15707515FF 16283260AC 15263336AG 16346178BA 15140827JH 15649853JA 15641768JF 15680603IH 16167596CF 15953202JH 16496902FC 15614367EC 15704722JC 15503694DA 15520195JE 16230701FE 15707461CD 15593533HG 15570144BF 16341361AI 16125545HI 15370934CI 16037446FA 15550171IF 15678285FH 15185580IG 16002786EG 15680718DD

CANDNAME Abbatty Oyindamola Oluwashola Layeni Oluwadamilola Oluwaremi Adigun Waheed Olalekan Godonu Simeon Sewedo Ogunfowora Omowunmi Kafayat Ogor Chukwudi Kelvin Olayinka Adesegun Aroyewun Adejoke Risikat Giwa Deborah Oluwabusola Bello Mufutau Giwa Fadeke Safurat Akala Abiola Olamide Nwachukwu Gladys Chinonye Olayeni Nosimot Abidemi Taiwo Olayiwola Olaide Olasunkanmi Temitope O Onalaja Olufemi Funmi Onyiriubo Uzochukwu Mana Madubuko Chinedu Kelly Nwakanma Ikechukwu Stanley Ntia Comfort Eno Sekoni Oluwaseun Abayomi Ajayi Oluwaseun Emmanuel Adejobi Feyisayo Ayokunnumi Raheem Abideen Akorede Olorode Olumide Abiodun Bolajoko Benjamin Olusoji Olubi Olaoluwakitan Nifemi Okoro Chibuzor Christiana Aguda Taiwo Titilope Badmus Adeola Balqiss Ebhotemen Ernest Adebayo Ezeigwe Ebere Angela Oshilaja David Babajide Ogunfeibo Oluwatobi Mayowa Osunkoya Victoria Funmilayo Oluwo Michael Adesola Olubiyi Ayomide Solomon Orojinmi Morounfoluwa Tobi Oseni Happy Ayo Baiye Oluwaseun Daniel Amoo Modupe Bukola Odumuyiwa Babatunde Moyosore Ishola Wasiu Olamide Fatigun Fatimoh Omotale Olabode Olawale Aregbesola Ahmed Olawale Akinpelu Adeniyi Oloyede Abiola Azeez Abidoye Olayinka Abraham Adebanjo Omotoke Damilola Quadri Abimbola Teslimot Hassan Adesewa Motunrayo Adamson Bukola Balikis Falooto Oluwakemi Titilope Sanni Babatunde Yusuf Arowolo Ayooluwa Ayokunle Tayo Oluwadamilola Gbemisola Adesope Folake Rebecca Ayodeji Oluwatobiloba Seyi Orofin Olanipekun Oludare Udoh Koofreh Ojobamido Olaniyi Oluwaseun Gbeminiyi Sampson Martins U Agbana Johnson Tosin Ebere Dennis Ede Lukoh Freda Tarikeyi Sharafa Nosimot A Grba Vivian Gimbia Suleiman Kabiru Dantala Ufondu Tiana Ngozie


REGNUMB 16345797IG 15613340BJ 15112131EJ 15262990HE 16494768FC 15181243AC 15211293GC 15141135EG 16224510AD 15147944IG

CANDNAME Ayedun Bukola Comfort Olawale Oluwakemi Adebimpe Adeyemi Adewole Samuel Akinyan Anuoluwapo Evelyn Ogbonnaya Ndidiamaka Annie Adewoye Eunice Adeola Okatho Iruaboghene Eunice Kareem Bamidele Yusuf Adebowale Taiwo Damilola Mudasiru Ahmed Abiodun

SN 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

REGNUMB 15098316HF 16287124FA 15952919HD 15370517BI 15644418AC 15625897IB 16036598HC 15950374EF 16499197FE 16345987AB 15637102CI 16228779JH 15100303DB 15701299HJ 15567727II 15703189DF 15636302AD 16145591IA 15954841DA 16128018DB 15111744EG

CANDNAME Makinwa Abosede Christianah Olufunso Kofoworola Ebunoluw Ayinde Abosede Deborah Okeke Happiness Ngozi Adeoti Oluwafemi Mayowa Melbury Babatunde Oluwakayode Olowoyo Tomide Victor Taiwo Adedayo Moses Ayinde Olubunmi Fausat Ojobaro Bilikisu Olasumbo Ogunniran Omolara Obehino Oladipo Oni Emmanuel O Ayobami Dare Samson Saba Tesleem Okikiola Lawal Olawale Monsuru Ogungbe Senapon Pesu Anfani Rebecca Oluwafunmilayo Tasiru Afeez Jimoh Ibrahim Fatimah Adewunmi Ojo Olawale Rufus Ibidapo Oluwatosin Debora

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (G & C) SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

REGNUMB 15447142DD 15568612FC 15334586EE 16284962DH 15566283FF 15953652AI 15100743GJ 15391617FJ 16501671AE 16004481AF 15528769HH 15786949IC 15208196EB 15139976DB 15547026BE 15740058AI 15523981IF 15615492GC 15615920DJ 15211782FA 15783863CI 15549119EA 15180028FI 15569511HB 15784211FB 15704693IC 15100601BA 15531283AE 15139926IE 15150471HB 16285021FE 15374975DA 15953277GG 15375998GF 15200072GG 15374941DF 16495506GJ 15655154JF 16228180FB 16242035AC 15531284AB 15568882BI 15370917HJ 16144081FB 15211796AI 15140066FC 16037069BH 15704528JC 16283547BE 16224396FE 16173536FD 16146114GD 15388700IA 15621521BH 15210697AH 15783723GA 15151246HE 15447967IA 15373603HC 16212987EA

CANDNAME Akinloye Oladeji Ige Akinsanya Joyce Ayodola Onianwa Onuora Ikechukwu Okenkwa Benjamin Subair Kehinde Ayoola Nwankwo Ekene Emmanuel Babalola Hafsat Omolara Enunwa Emmanuel Oge Adeniyi Rukayat Jumoke Babatunde Abiodun Samson Owolabi Oluwaseyi Emmanyel Gbadamosi Magret Omowunmi Ejaife Golda Runo Uzondu Esther Chioma Abraham Roland Samuel Maduka Amaka Rosemary Ogunleye Oluwatomisin Gladys Bashorun Aminat Sunmisola Okani Ndubuisi Benjamin Etim Princess Victoria Oforah Tochukwu Christian Jimoh Kamoli Olawale Onaolapo Tawakalitu Omowunmi Oyekanmi Oluwabukola Elizabeth Omoregie Glory Orobosa Okoro Romanus Chukwudi Oladimeji Morenikeji Gbemisola Adeyemi Taiwo Adenike Eguabor Abidemi Toyosi Rahaman Hawaw Yetunde Quadri Ganiyu Taiwo Adamolekun Bukola Mary Adebola Anifat Anike Ashiru Abdul-qudus Akolade Ikuejuyone Eromidayo Godday Ishola Hammed Abiodun Agbojule Imole Witness Olaseinde Toyosi Odunola Olalekan Sikirulai O Taiwo Olulana Olawale Ajayi Oluwasijibomi V Mudasiru Rashidah Yetunde Ganiyu Waliyu Olajide Sunday Tonyi Lawore Kehinde Opeyemi Alaede Elizabeth Yetunde Akinwole Olatokunbo Damilare Peter Joy Asuquo Abimbola Ifeoluwa Funke Dallas Surajudeen Omogoriola Olaosun Temitope Theresa Odusanmi Tosin Elizabeth Adeluola Damilola Dammy Igwe George Ignatius Samuel Lilian Obianuju Banbish Mitchel Yohana George Johnson Odunayo Fonkeng Virginia Manyikeng Enah Gladys David Chioma Abu Ali


REGNUMB 16340716AD 16001461EE 15260599GJ 15212891CB 15373729IC 16286928FG 16037883JH 16225751GD

CANDNAME Lawal Olubukola Misturat Odoh Ebere Grace Ekeh Stanley Chidozie Samuel Akpan Samuel Idadi Ejovwokeoghene Animashaun Abimbola Mujidat Okeke Chisom Odinakachukwu Sulaiman Aminat Kofoworola

SN 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

REGNUMB 15698463FB 15146264IC 15703629HD 15371207IC 15611047BB 15708971FC 15786583BG 15680671HH 15579449DG 15637300BG 16286888HJ 15197275BI 16346904GD 15157175DI 15646563GG 16212568DG 16167861AG 15610123GH 15543851DD 15371633GF 15950076GG 15561398GD 15615764CC 15614812GF 15538381FA 15949649IG 15699969JC 15058585FF 15641319IE 16208621ED 15952396JA 16346676GI 15058347JA 15626363EB 16212350BB 15707488DJ 15265979DB 15548953FD 15389713EI 16500862AG 16213036IH 15608105BA 16224703AG

CANDNAME Adedokun Sherifat Adepeju Kalu Samuel Julian Daudu Taiwo Oluwaseun Giwa Omotola Kafayat Adams Damilola Asisat Olaide Idris Olayinka Odunnoki Rihanat Remilekun Animashaun Azeezat Olabisi Adeosun Sherif Morakinyo Nwabuisi Gillian I Erinfani Christiana Adenike Saliu Mariam Oremayi Bassey Raphael Onuh Blessing Ajuma Adejoro Hammed Ogini Imoyani Faith Macaulay Titilayo Christiana Ismail Abiodun Olubukola Adedire Adeola Adepemi Aiyemoboye Joseph Temidayo Ajani Muritala Shiyanbola Ayodeji Michael Olusegun Odeleye Temitope Olushesan Bakare Olayinka Shukura Giwamogorewa Pauline Faith Okpara Lilian Obianuju Ayodabo Oluwadamilola Abisoye Kushimo Kolawole Alex Folake Abosede Adeleke Abayomi Boluwatife Yussuf Aishat Eniola Adedeji Yemisi Monsurat Ekpenyong Elizabeth Peter Raheem Idris Babajide Akinpelu Aminat Abiola Olawore Riliwan Adeola Atesebi Oluwatobi Esomojumi Sunday Martins Okoro Jessica Ihechiluru Bolawole Funmilayo Esther Ojobo James Abah Awogbola Omotolani Christiana Abdulkadir Halimatu Sadiya

DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH EDUCATION SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

REGNUMB 16165911DG 15647218EB 15147072ID 15614371DA 16242981HE 16194839GH 16001791CE 15698757EC 15999878EA 15649002CE 15950310ED 15542303CB 15561146ED 15787323CH 15207264CE 16001466CJ 15635822IF 15208345HJ 15123180HG 15203596GH 16244076IH 16126595DC 15147898DA 15726963AI 15260852IG 16029799AC 15382647AD 15577698FB 15700959DC 16101648IG 15371805DE 15952865EB 15147240GE 15634627IB 15547104HB

SN 1 2 3 4

REGNUMB 15640680GB 15646145FJ 15051314ED 15155792BG

CANDNAME Modupe Shonubi Jannet Odubajo Lukman Micheal Agoha Chidimma Grace Oladele Faith Ronke Oluwajinde Tolulope Ebunoluwa Madubugwu Mmesoma Miriam Nnaeto Ifeyinwa Michelle Achibiri Iroh Joy Nzubechi Iyomaterie Onome Emmanuel Ozorh Jefferson Omeye Atolagbe Shade Comfort Ayeni Deborah Morenikeji Demurin Deborah Anuoluwapo Nwosu Chiamaka Esther Ononuju Nonso Rita Opara Austin Chigozie Ozor Cynthia Ndudira Moses Cyndalyn Habiba Adeoba Adejoke Emoefe Joyce Aghogho Oyeleke David Oluwaseun Orebote Bukola Modupe John Amaka Hannah Adelakun Olusegun Olumide Akinogun Joel Olayinka Adeoye Adedeji Akanbi Oyelakin Opeyemi Kabirat Aladeniyi Grace Oluwaseun Omopekunola Omolola Victoria Kayode Damilare Uthman Agiri Maryam Omobolanle Yussuph Teslim Temitope Ojediran Folake Gbemisola Oloyede Temitope A Akande Oluwatoyin Bridget

GEOGRAPHY EDUCATION CANDNAME Jumah Iyabo Taibat Olowoeyo John Oluwaseyi Kunmilogbon Jesufemi Oreoluwa Thomas Adebola Muhammed


REGNUMB 16124568AC 15150334JE 15141358FG 15632671DC 16169670BB

CANDNAME Ogoke Uche Emmanuel Erinle Oyindamola Ayodeji Nurudeen Mariam Tinuade Aijeba Ilobekemen Martha Uchemefune Grace Sandra




REGNUMB 15203820HE

CANDNAME Okoye Uchechukwu Clementina


REGNUMB 16495224EC 15782428GF 15728321AI 16169367EH 15211432DD 16222597BJ 15772389BF 15449241EB

CANDNAME Haruna Abubakar Adeyemi Abdul-razaq Ademola Sulaimon Quadri Kolawole Sodiq Fatai Adebare Musa Muhammad Mustaph Quadri Alabi Yunusa Raji Adnan Adebayo Abdul Rafiu Raheemom


REGNUMB 15684360GI 15726802AG 16496812DB 15370733EJ 16225153BE 16169891CH 16143559GF 15681863JA

CANDNAME Akano Adedoyin Mary Olatuja Oluwaseun Hannah Okolo Onyinyechi Gift Atat Mercy Georgina Adedipe Oluwatomilola Adetayo Onyeulo Abuchi John Chinemerem Judith Chukwurah Ogunnubi Omotoyosi Elizabeth


REGNUMB 16341105JH

CANDNAME Oloyede Azeezat Adetohun

DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY EDUCATION SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59

REGNUMB 15955140AG 15561042GE 15568432BA 15137941CF 15371112HG 15372129DC 16169007GA 15954220FA 15698251AI 15370574EB 15146347CH 15706557BJ 16105852IE 16479825GH 16142587HB 15783648JB 15705852JH 16225726EB 15373109AC 15607241IA 15184541AC 15947370DG 15947413AE 15703645CF 15536142HE 16171373ED 15370448DB 16205148ID 15567978BE 15787777CD 16002297FI 15529775GG 16340361AB 15956590CB 15607198BF 15185615HI 15679666IF 15623816BJ 16172905AG 16143453JC 15245406FI 16123268CC 15618446CH 15612227GA 15949793EC 15671595EI 15567256EG 15569537JA 16169385JA 15608950JE 15373289EE 15532789EF 15128470BH 15139572HJ 15708091HD 15578066BE 15706238AG 15549779JH 16242408EH

CANDNAME Adigun Babatunde Francis Udensi Ijeoma Millicent Ogunsanmi Bukola Esther Chikezie Grace Amarachi Williams Adetunji Oluwafemi Folaranmi Richard Oyekunle Kazeem Basirat Oluwabukola Bassey Christiana Idongesit Abdulmalik Hameedat Atinuke Odubu Rachel Erowo Emesurum Patience Chiamaka Balogun Yusuf Olamilekan Akabuogu Lucy Louisa Adeyemi Joshua Preciuos Abayomi Kofoworola Adenike Adeeyo Oluwasola Esther Osiobe Ewomazino Rufus Jokanola Olabisi Victoria Quadri Olanrewaju Shamsideen Johnathan Obonganam John Obiechefu Samuel Chibuke Alade Yetunde Adenike Ikenye Nkeiruka Irene Chikezie Paul Chijioke Olusola Oluwaseyi Adenike Onikute Omotolani Comfort Richard Chinonso Nnanna Orekan Nurudeen Isola Oseni Afeez Adeola Olayiwola Olohuntosin Jamiu Nwabueze Uchenna Marylinda Olojo Afeez Abayomi Bada Olamide Oluwatoyosi Shittu Ganiyat Yetunde Fatunmise Temitope Ruth Ogundeji Deborah Ayobami Akinlabi Rukayat Adeola Ekundayo Damilola Ajokeade Adeboyejo Damilola Esther Moses Serah Damilola Adeyanju Oreoluwa Adeshola Adekunle Aishat Oyinade Aina Mayowa Balikis Badmus Oluwaseun Kudirat Akinremi Ganiyat Abimbola Adebimpe Adekemi Esther Okoi Blessing Chimuanya Adetunji Temitope Adenike Ojuolape Rukayat Olabisi Sogbesan Sarah Funmilayo Odunola Olubukola Essther Ajagunna Funmilayo Temilade Olayiwola Rukayat Bolanle Ogunsola Seun Samuel Dada Aderonke Juliana Oyewale Taofik Oriyomi Olaniyi Fatimoh Ajolayo Akinola Abosede Elizabeth Sikiru Sukurat Olajumoke

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY EDUCATION SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

REGNUMB 15652662AF 15226779GH 15507767DD 16459883EE 15545680HF 16211444BD 15653037EE 15676338HI 15634379EJ 15561415BC 15949327IC 16461600DE 15119997CC 16499957AF 16287593AB 15529887CB 15685428GF 15644980GC 16037741DI 15595948AJ 15608679DE 15656983EA 15575499FC 16461535DF 15205291CG 15154758BE 16038213HH 15138956IE 16141805IJ 15125235CC 15059383IG 15211733AD 15787608EF 15266209CA 15703524JH 15376134EF 15617859EC 15790407IH 15569815DC 15956449FG 15642059JF 16226678JF 15579508FD 15203570EI 15726936IJ

CANDNAME Bamigbade Bimbo Funke Osakue Emmanuel Ijeoma Mustapha Victor Adedayo Akerele Gabriel Oluwatosin Oni Afeez Adewale Obi Uche Shobola Kehinde Husainat Adedapo Taiwo Adeyemi Akinfaderin Odunayo Larunsi Eniola Deborah Amunuba Ifeanyi Onyemaechi Buari Sulaimon Olanrewaju Kilani Jimoh Daramola Akudo Owunna Clementina Mafinuyomi Bukola Margaret Adesiji Oluwabusayo Esther Ibitoye Oluwakemi Ruth Adeyinka Olaoluwa Eniola Odufuye Ibrahim Muyiwa Orefeko Adebimpe Tolulope Omoyibo Otega Esan Folusho Abosede Ibuodinma Blessing Ngozi Owoeye Emmanuel Tosin Amadin Godwin Yusuff Lydia Olawunmi Nwanuah Chukwuemeka Pius Olanrewaju Ola Oluwamuyiwa Taire Blessing Eseangel Ajayi Anthony Oluwaseyi Okutoro Olamilekan Ebenezer Oladepo Eniola Afusat Esan Anuoluwapo Oluwakemi Yaya Isiaq Olajide Odekoya Damilola Grace Abatan Saidat Esther Shittu Zainab Oluwatoyin (CD) Olode Nurudeen Babaseun Adeyanju Kazeem Ayo Agbaraoluwa David Olumide Oladipupo Mayowa Olawale Alimi Taofiq Olurotimi Bello Funmilola Ajoke Oladokun Nafisat Jumoke Gbadamosi Halimot Shadiat

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS EDUCATION SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

REGNUMB 15137856IG 15639345IJ 16032755FI 16496160EH 16212835BB 16230078IA 16106237JD 15445273BE 15122166BE 15677953ID 16122860IC 15709412IH 15642275CJ 15684633CF 15288622AC 15708147AC 15679337AF 15560086CC 15620304HJ 15776869FI 16347033GE 15148300IF 15570104DI 15576460HJ 15375558CH 15678336AB 15528903GD 15672060BB 16166146BA

CANDNAME Bello Stephen Muritala Alogaga Oyase Michael Adeyemi Emmanuel Dare Ogunbiyi Ayodeji Oluwaseun Ezeike Chinanu Hyacinth Ogunboyo Idowu John Ajayi Tolulope Oluwatosin Shittu Nurudeen Abiodun (Cd) Donald Abraham Onyekachi Enegwero David Ovie Nwaokonko Uchenna George Iwuoha Kingsley Nnaemeka Ogunlana Olufemi Joseph Iherome Kelechi Thankgod Odiase Gideon Nosa Bejide Omotayo Abraham Yinusa Alaba Young Rotimi Samson Omotola Obanla Olaoluwa Pelumi Oroleye Nurudeen Abolajjy Adeyeye Olumide Yusuf Halimat Eniola Ayinla Elizabeth Omotola Bamidele Ibrahim Olatunji Fayemi Simisola Adesina Abiola Olatunde Badmus Barakat Taiwo Bakare Oluwayimika Abayomi Fadairo Akeem Abiola


REGNUMB 16502795CH 16001360FG 16502058AH 16225676JE 15210511IA 16032822FB

CANDNAME Ibekwe Samson Obinna Umukoro Racheal Elohor Kadri Damilola Kaothar Fadipe Dolapo Eniola Akujobi Sylverlyn Chioma Okeke Lovelyn Uche


REGNUMB 16171871AE 15182472AB 16247148IG 15705459BF 15098989JD 15148687II

CANDNAME Olatunji Azeez Olanrewaju Samugana Madonna Omone (Cd) Salako Kehinde Oladele(cd) Idowu Daniel Sunday Adebanjo Moyosore Adetola Adebayo Emmanuel Olusegun

SN 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

REGNUMB 15515044CH 16500443AC 15537031CG 15139391EA 15634967DB 15139014AH 16032934AG 16127743IA 16340964DF 15623005CH 15703467HE 15197399DE 15185120BB 15148708CF 15182410JA 16340358BA 15139543GJ 16152476IG 15504039GC 15698343CD 15447938HA 15147675CA 16123105CG 16153192HC 16036282FA 16152569AB 15705435IH 16286201AG 15153956JC 15679875EA 16227921FC 16034669DJ 16033990DJ 15061175EF 15550607DI 15706526BF 15655959AI 15706433AD 16034316DB 16228100JH 15653269CH 16139566BG 15548560GI 15184370DA 15700095AF 15153658BG 16498614FH 15642084CA 15178834FB 15206241IG 15702052FB 15375562BF 15372521CA 15703050GE 15198092IJ 15708794AB 15550609DC 15575844IE 15140894JA 15950340FA 15704678DA 15370453BG

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

REGNUMB 15461503BI 16246014JD 15178226DC 15121795GA 15673738CB 15644357II 15146179EG 15568260EB 16234394DD 15570088IG 15614312BD 15634131BH 15532552HH 16234455EE 15098241AJ 15622665HH 15635634GH 16498605IE 15388832HC 16347678GJ 15683032HF 15702841BC 16162626JE 15955835FF 15640874GB 16167783EG 15703929EG 16494826HC 15213689FC 15549104IF 15730014HA 15527653DA 16033061BD

CANDNAME Nwador Emmanuel Tobi (Cd) Adeoba Adelani A Adeate Bolarinwa Olamide Ogbiji Dominic Boniface Adebule Oluwaseun Hannah Aiyanyor Magdalene O Ejaria Cynthia Ewunmazino Rafiu Afis Owolabi Cole Evans Okereke Ejiofor Chidozie Celestine Tomomewo Tosin Emmanuel Okoh Augustine Elegbede Mohammed Y Shomoye Mariam Abiodun Ojo Kelvin Rume Mcintosh Spencer E Essien Etecamba Jeremiah Nwawoma Ajiri Peace Amajuoyi Simon Nkwachukwu Imbor Nguveren Martha Nathan Laureate Ihuoma Bobi Peter Ajisafe Salisu Kikelomo Amudat Okanlawon Taofeek Oluwole Ayoade Morenike Islamiat Bayode Ayodele Abodunrin Hammed Ridwan Ademola Shadare Iyabo Adetola Ibemere Okechukwu Michael Ogunjobi Kehinde Ola Eko Lynda Omotese Oba-eme Victoria Adedeji Oluwaseun Joel Okedokun Olajide Olabode Azeez Abayomi Musliu Onigemo Bolanle Hanidu Idowu Jadesola Aduragbemi Ogunjimi Olumide Samson Alejo Tolulope Abiodun Solomon Itunu Abimbola Adetunji Aderonke Ebunoluwa Sikiru Haruna Ayinde Adebayo Yinka Adewale Ebenezer Abraham A Awe Temitope Omolara Oludele Taiwo Mary (Cd) Ogunmokun Mayowa Chris Aberin Kazeem Olanrewaju Onabajo Paul Oluyemi Adegbenle Damilola Michael Ademakinwa Segun Joshua Olusesi Afolabi Lateef Demben Frankline Bassey Adisa Taofeeq Olayinka Obayelu David Ajayi Adebakin Oluwaseun Akintunde John Kehinde Omoleye Olawunmi Nurudeen Adebayo Abiola Oluwayemisi Priscilla Abdulrasaq Oluwatobi Toh Makinde Matthew Ademolam Omisade Bolanle Juliana

MATHEMATICS EDUCATION CANDNAME Etim Justine Inyang Imah Oluseyi Oshoname Obanya Praise Otito Edunjobi Zainab Olubukola Asafa Muniru Odunayo Titilope Deborah Mbanugo Nnamdi Tolulope Apena Damilola Deborah Kafaru Wasiu Olaitan Omosanya Olumide Daniel Adewebi Oluwakemi Helen Mebude Moyosore Akorede Robert Eneyeme Oluwafemi Wahab Mutiu A Tiamiyu Umulkhaery O Olaniyi Oluwaseyi Abayomi Oyekan Joseph Adekunle Akinkuotu Tititlope Deborah Ogbeide Cynthia Osayamon Adeniran Adeyinka Rilwan Dosunmu Tejumola Toliat Innocent Daniel Thomas Nwaeze Emmanuel Chidozie Anikwe Abuchi Sebastine Arobonosen Gloria Ofure Obalola Ramota Temitope Olalekan Opeyemi Oluwatobi Odiachi Henry Afamefuna Awomolo-kamga Oluwafemi Oluwaji Omolara Oluwaseun Adejuwon Adekunle Tobi Adeogun Jelili Alao Bada Durojaiye Babatunde



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

REGNUMB 15634008JF 15209349HE 15138800GH 15632034AD 15949297HF 15388570IC 15638645FF 15949342DH 15145825EB 15388929HC 15122155EH 15955439HJ 15950592HA 15527087HJ 15670084CC 15635990GG 15624681ED 15620534GI 15201882GI 15622781CA 15148727GF 15739013DJ 15785651JG 15606963EB 15148971BC 15381228IJ 16500207DB 16286103AJ 15097476HD 15138909DB 16234002EF 15645634EA 15147147FC 15206825IA 15151169BE

CANDNAME Yusuf Kehinde Jacob Balogun Julianah Iyanuoluwapo Mukaila Tajudeen Akolade Alawiye Oluwaseyi Tope Ikwuegbu Nnaemeka Harrison Adebayo Olakunle Ismail Asaolu Oluwadamilare Feyisetan Oriola Olanrewaju Nurudeen Okorie Samuel Ndubuisi Olumote-akeju Anuoluwapo H Bakare Tunde Rasaq Adeleke Aderogba David Seriki Omobowale Adijat Ajayi Daniel Olufemi Olaniyi Alaba Tauheed Akande Olaitan Adedapo Ricketts Magaret Oluwaseyi Oyelohunnu Abosede Josephine Omowole Mary Remilekun Adeleye Adegoke Samuel Omole Morenike Elizabeth Ogunjobi Michael Oladimeji Morakinyo Damilola Opeyemi Mustapha Olawale Sarafa Oyenuga Kunle Patrick (Cd) Akinola Akinjide Micheal Akinlotan Oluwaseun Elijah Fayehun John Oluwatimilehin Alalafia Ibrahim Adeboyin Shosimi Alex Wahab Akolade Ashiat Oluwafunmilola Abai Adeyinka Deborah Ibitoye Abideen Oladimeji Ajah Cedric Ekabong Showunmi Taiwo


SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

REGNUMB 15652860JA 15639977DG 16341038AH 15685672BC 15137709EC 15611255GG 16030316AD 15999109BJ 15140467BD 15125605HG 16343666HH 15181204CC 16099574AD 15606795GA 15685187BC 15648470GI 16550347FI 15056426DD 16125009DH 16033903AJ 15638184IA 15673984FJ 16242470FF 15512357DH 15615779HE 15653442JA 15639991JB 15609015JD 16100102GI 15060242DB 15615354II 15615811HF 15699492GI 15682077DA 15631759FC 15639913DE 16122941DD 15615255JE 15642493FE 15615279CC 15614858CE 16212301GB 15095068CC 15673203HE 15149603FG 16171735CE 15443712EB 15505716HF 16030888DD 15543872GH 15140039DG 15545449IJ 15649572GA 15122981JB 16223033GJ 16287256EC 15197804IA 15579590AB 16495861HB 16145628GG

CANDNAME Adekanye Tolulope Simisola Imoh Eseoghene Junior Omotosho Ayodeji Solomon Salau Emmanuel Oluwaseun Ogunbanjo David Oluwadamilola Ogunbowale Dare Hezekiah Olusina Tolulope Abisola Ogundalu Ifeoluwa Adewale Gegeleso Oyindamola Simeon Sowemimo Adeyemi David Ehinmowo Ebunoluwa C Matti Opeyemi Olabode Oluwaseun Samuel Oyebamiji Mujib Adedayo Salimon Taiwo Olaposi Taiwo Ifeoluwa Mojisola Bakare Idris Adegunloye Adeyinka Kemisola Adegoke Alabi Ibrahim Omosipe Busola Emmanuel Ishola Olakunle Opeyemi Olukoya Simileoluwa O Ajala Ayoola Ridwan Afolami Olumide Abdul-azeez Shodipo Folajimi Henry Ogunmuyiwa Ayomini Adeyinka Komolafe Olawale Paul Adeyolanu Martins Sanmi Oyenekan Victor Taiwo Oreyin Damilare Olanrewaju Oladokun Charles Taiwo Adegun Jacob Adedeji Apena Simbiat Adeorike Fahina Mariam Temitope Odedina Babatunde Wasiu Megbope Olukorede Olukayode Adewale Adediji Adegoke Oduyemi Adebowale Harleem Akin-adamu Ayodele Adejoro Oluwafemi Abidemi Obiti Joshua Oluwaseyi Olisa David Ifeanyi Olusogbon Oluwafemi Emmanuel Kamoju Olarewaju Rilwan Alao Kazeem Adeoye Adenipekun Damilare E Aderibigbe Adedayo Rasheed Ayandeji Ayandele Joshua Esan Mary Jadesola Kolawole Ayodele Elijah Omowaye Olalekan Samuel Ibironke Adesanmi Micheal Opusunju Somiari Arnold Aminullahi Tijani Kehinde Adesanya Oyebola Ayodele Oyebanji Olanrewaju Fuhad Ibeh Amechi Kingsley Sunday Victor Ovat Debebs Jennifer Enoch Emmanuel O.

DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

REGNUMB 15672676AG 15095075AB 16286248FJ 15947255JA 15645450BA 15053521BI 15179238AD 15699078EJ 15625821BI 16030176DF 15111407IH 15526281HC 15202356AE 16018647JA 15537167AG 15052270IF 15616012FE 16256634EJ 15158790ED 15153708GA 15953592JB 15615194ID 16029881EH 15953196BI 15631163JE 16033389JG 15674946ID 15614641JD 15669629CJ 15652655CG 15056431BI 15632792FH 16246901FB 15079447DE 16031303EJ 16244274HF 15669968HJ 16344362CG 15508580BJ 15390256GI 15541044BF 15373596JD 15575106GH

CANDNAME Bolaji Timilehin Opeyemi Akinde-peters Joseph Dare Akpoveta Valentine Itejiri Tajudeen Shamsideen Aremu Obumselu Chiebuka Gillian Olusakin Iseoluwa Ariniyi Adewale Eniola Abibat Folivi Joshua Oluwaseun Johnson Violet Omonigho Nwokocha Kelechi Dean Dahunsi Busolami Omolara Oloba Toluwalase Toluwalase Egesi Tobenna Nnamdi Ofuasia Sobechukwu Ezra Ogunjimi Adeoye Oluwole Obozokhai Reuben Ikogheneone Akinniyi Oluwabukunmi J Uba Kelechi Michael Mohiro Adesola Monday Olutunbi Israel Oluwaseun Okonkwo Chika Pius Ogunseye Mathew Olajide Alashe Olawale Isiaq Shomala Ismail Olayiwola Bankole Ayodeji Quadri Alli Abu Abayomi Adewole Immanuel Tomiisin Mohammed Dolapo Abiola Olatunde Ibukun Adedolapo Baoru Olawale Emmanuel Adegunloye Ibukun Ifediran Adegoke Saidi Adetunji Ibereola Damilare Omoniyi Osesusi Opeyemi Bernard Ekere David Ejeh Adaji Akogwu Umar Kama Mishael Chibuayin Oyeniyi Temitayo Olalekan Oladapo Ayokunle Israel Edema Azioluka Michael Okupa Anthony Ogba Diffa Bitrus David Ekuma Rahfene Gloria

DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

REGNUMB 15523453CA 15100895AB 16127428FF 15040195DC 16343988IB 15120073IF 15120325AI 15615429FH 15388141BB 15123756JE 15259960EG 16379016EI 15179365BA 15669923CA 15639945DF 15670535CH 16495171AH 15122734FG 15617092BF 15445701II 16495206JG 16126167FF 15630885FF 15673577BJ 16126167FF 15622659JF 16495402JA 16100389IA 16490426IA 15374637HE 16038095ED 15286897DG 15609016JA 15646344EE 16288585DC 15137296CA 16031549IH 15145895CF 15576746JE 15124241JE 15079858GC 15145819FJ 15146087DB 16480346FG 15671897BF 16498450GE 16344381GG 16030080DC 16102052DI

CANDNAME Osonuga Oluwaseun Ajibola Agboola Oladipupo Fuad Onumonu Onyebuchi Israel Chuks-ezike Ogochukwu Ikenna Odufote Israel Olaoluwa Afolabi Taofeek Oladayo Francis Lawrence Adikankwu Gilbert Ifechukwude Eigbe Eghonghon-aye Salami Quadri Abolaji Adeleke Isaiah Omotolani Ajekigbe Tolulope Olumayowa Uluocha Ihuoma Olivia Ogbebor Joshua Onyeka Chinewubeze Victor Oluchukwu Daniel Tosin Samuel Malik Taofeek Olanrewaju Oladunmoye Ayoola Ayomide Ironsi Tochukwu Anthony Obende Praise Olukayode Opara Emmanuel Kenechukwu Olaniyan Nurudeen Adesina Okoh Martins Osemudiamen Kalejaiye Kolade Kolufisayo Olaniyan Nurudeen Adesina Uluabudike Samuel Ifeanyi Obi Charles Onyeka Dada Rasak Olasunkanmi Adesoye Ademola Stephen Opara Chinedu Thaddeus Sulymon Waheed Olanrewaju Onome-irikefe Kevwe Patricia Folarin Oladipupo Paul Ogebule Adedeji Samuel Ewedemi Olusiji Oluseyi Bolade Olajide Michael Otitoola Olufolabi A Adesegha Oluwasolape Peter Adebayo Adeniran Richard Abisagbo Olaolu Emmanuel Ajiboye Oluwatobiloba Babajide Lapite Oluwadurotimi Opeoluwa Okunade Mubarak Babajide Apena Oluwatobi Oyinpreye Bakare Temiloluwa Vincent Oduntan Abdulwakeel Oluwafemi Taiwo Adesanmi Ayodeji Durosinmi Sikiru Oriade Akindele Paul Gbenga

SN 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72

REGNUMB 15051535FJ 15681033FI 15639868HC 15614907HB 15616876IB 15390352HB 15148448CJ 16037013II 16241631FA 15504820EH 15782317BA 15146779IJ 15677032DD 15732124EF 15698685GE 16166004EI 15949792EF 15678013JH 15205913AD 15609210JA 15390005EF 16162234AJ 15682175CH

CANDNAME Mosuro Opeoluwa Ridwan Hassan Edison Babajide Lopez Alexander Toluwani Afolabi Abiodun Idris A-hakeemalugo Abdullah Hassan Hammed Olaoluwa Ajala Opeyemi Abiola Akintunde Ganiu Olalere Adegbite Joshua Oladimeji Taiwo Ibrahim Abiola Bolatito Kabir Adegoke Omotayo Adebanjo Oluwole Oluwatimilehin D Alimi Habibat Olaide Ade-ayeni Adebiyi Babatunde Kareem Taiwo Sulaimon Ayide Adam Michael Sharafa Sharafa A Cleopas Tamarauebi Ebenezer Ogbogu Onyebuchi Samson Abutu Boniface Friday Achadu-Attah Alfred Achadu Alli Zakariya Dijio

DEPARTMENT OF METALLURGICAL & MATERIALS ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

REGNUMB 16029943FF 15638895IB 16036683BB 16170897BG 15053077IJ 15952323BI 16497726AF 16169123AD 15373443GH 15198649GH 15184736JG 15956110AG 15509314EI 15139990IG 15698681HG 15783634DG 16095758AF 15263538HJ 15139576GH 15614551HC 15613449IA 15611097FF 16167037FD 15953431IJ 15638994HF 16168602BE 16123123GJ 16499664BB 15549819HE 15726821EG 15389761AB 16459703AC 16213997BH 15740522HB 15676098CC 16224493FE 15444093GC 15146999BB 15606777BH 15374940DI 15111049JE 15141404BF 15706030EI 15532202GA 15145894CI 15953186EI 15560627EI 16341065CD

CANDNAME Ndulor Chibuzor Eziafa Ajala Busola Emmanuel Ayokomolafe Kolade C Mgbeme Chigozie Venatius Ekudayo Hammed Ayobami Rabiu Olawale Ibrahim Abari Moshood Babatunde Lepe Blessing Olaide Iroegbu Justice N Ogunjiofor Chibuike Valentine Nmoye Kingsley Onyeka Thomas Olusegun John Akindiya Taofeek Oladiran Akinboye Oluwasegun Isaac Chukwuemeka Stephen Erekaro Ajoku Iheanyichukwu C Offre Jeremiah Abua Asuquo Martin Peter Leonard Blessing Chiamaka Dominic Okwori Bennard Ogunwale Mufutau Ajadi Adeyemi Anuoluwapo Morenike Okon Jacob Udoh Adesanya Adekunle Olatunde Falade Richard Adegboyega Adenson Samuel Kola Adebola Joseph Adetolu O Obamuru Daniel Oluwaseun Sonde Julius Kayode Omoolorun Adebola Bonaventure Erogbogbo Uthman Makanjuola Shabiolegbe Adam Aremu Olusanya Tosin David Oyebamiji Gabriel Babajide Razaq Ayoola Jehoshaphat Adekoya Kunle Simeon Banjo Adedotun Dominic Olaniran Samuel Odunayo Makinde Olalekan Olutosin Alao Abdulgaffar Niyi Obitope Daniel Seun Akano Isaac O Olajide Olalekan Mikeal Olorunsaiye Babatunde Olawale Jimoh Damilola Habeeb Cosmos Kingsley Patrick Chinweoke Uche David Eyong Comfort Ruth

DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

REGNUMB 15508853HD 16242123CJ 15128534BJ 16409594HG 15999832IB 16379601DJ 16244985HG 15145911HE 15502867IG 15047123AG 15607083GJ 15606508EI 15649665HC 15125646FA 15146027BH 15645730ED 15607723IJ 16346029GJ

CANDNAME A-raji Hasan Damilola Saka Oluwadamilola Ifeoluwa Ogunmolu Segun Olayinka Ekeoba Ezechi Emma Osinaike Oluseyi Olayinka Ogundijo Victor Oluwaferanmi Adeboye Olumide Ahmed Ademola-aliu Oluwatobi Adeolu Ogundipe Anjolaoluwa David Onifade Oluwayemi Ayodeji Ene-otogbolu Ekene Melvin Kadiri Damilola Tiamiyu Obi Oluwasegun Solomon Egunjobi Damilola Abiola Aladenusi Stephen Tiwalade Nyanyan Lawrence Akindele Usigbe Innocent Oseghale Ajayi Olalekan



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76

REGNUMB 15567789JG 15999209BA 15137775DI 15560934JH 15237750DH 15118900BF 15785037JF 15700453JF 16004434EJ 16244245GF 15672437EE 15179628JE 15138330CC 16494729HC 15630742JG 15098692BE 16495142JE 16501880FG 16243941AH 16287943BI 16171226JG 15570039DJ 16127883EI 15146919FH 15096948AI 15440671EG 16110062GE 15631496GF 15642767AI 15646215ED 15953966DG 16351597EJ 16343643EJ 16468268BC 16153439BA 15671966AC 16031564EC 16127184BB 15149328AI 15607566HF 16244025EG 16494919IE 15606436HA 15533433FD 15633219DH 16244860GD 15239138EE 15639395DG 15512911CE 15244907AD 16323403EH 16029323HC 15127825BC 15560415AF 15566675ED 15139604IA 15547750HD 16285288CJ

CANDNAME Omole Joseph Adebolaji Sansaliyu Mubarak Ibukunoluwa Okunubi Fehintola Josephine Odubiyi Oluwafemi Emmanuel Aileru Tomiwa Ismaeel Thani Korede Tobiloba Fagbolagun Idowu Oluwafunmibi Bankole Olaoluwa Joshua Anighoro David Ovwigho Okam Sorochukwu Okam Samuel Olusola Oluwaseun Adeagbo Ibukun Adeboye Abaniwonda Fawaz Akinwale Kumapayi Oluwatobi Oladimeji Hameed Haleem Ayodeji Onyemuchara Chinedo Francis Esugo Paul Efezino Oludipe Olatubosun Olayinka Ransome-kuti Omowale Emmanuel Inyang Michael Anietie Nosiru Kareem Omotayo Egunjobi Daniel Ololade Adeleke Sunday Adeyemi Agbolade Ruth Omowunmi Ogunyomi Temitayo James Mustapha Olaide Babatunde Ayandokum Iyeoluwa Opemipo Fashola Oluwatosin James Ayeni Moses Oluwasegun Tawak Toluwalase F Omosehin Jesse Abayomi Shofunde Usman Babatunde King Oluwatosin Damilola Thontteh Abiola Joshua Olagodo Isaac O Oshun Ibrahim Temilade Sanni Olalekan Abdulrahim Olatunji Oladipupo Temitope Opanubi Oluwakorede Samuel Busari Derin Micheal Omisore Samuel Olaotan Awobiyi Oladipo Ayotunde Olagunju Heritage Olatooni Balogun Seyi Fasanmade Ayokunle Abayomi Owoyemi Gbolahan Akinola Abayomi Folabo Charles Umar Tijani Ahmed Ulu David Chidiebere Alli Prosper Quakanapwa Okwedy Noelle Chimdinma Nsa Nsa Ekpo Ebinyi Okwoche Strong Olaniyan Seun Sunday Benjamin Daniel Collins Allison Chukwuemeka Joshua Preghafi Tarila Joseph Olorunfemi Fredrick Temidayo

DEPARTMENT OF PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

REGNUMB 15672363HC 16311250DE 15473062GH 15147114FE 15153158GB 16203604FJ 15568892IF 15614998IJ 16341040AB 15648008JG 15615072GB 15567868FD 15739131HD 15568709FC 16243497HI 15112558CJ 15615001IA 15645328IF 15109664HI 15096951JG 15050309FB 16124219HJ 15639843FA 16037583CH 15100959AD 15473211AI 15650090FI 16127108EF 15739744HH 15614610IJ 15182204CJ 15644250CB 15518494FG 15180129EG 15652167DF 15139394DB

CANDNAME Onwochei Ikechukwu Augustine Aguru Sampson Timothy Falade Ademola Kayode Akinlolu Olalekan Jude Adams R O Olorunfemi Oluwabusuyi Samuel Madojutimi Adenike Funmilayo Umar Khalid Oludare Adegbulugbe Adeoluwa Gideon Obodo Barnabas Chimezie Bamgboye Mayowa Thompson Okeibunor Vanessa Ijeoma Maselugbo Adesewa Oluwaseun Akpan Patrick Jeremaih Gbadamosi Farouk Oluwatosin Ogbonna Obioha Victor Nwabogor Joshua Chukwudi Dennis Chioma Augustina Ezeobidi Emmanuel Izuchukwu Ojo Samuel Temitope Rilwan Gbemisola Sekinat Meyungbo Olawande Olasunkanmi Akinleye Oluwadahunsi Adeleye Olajide Omotolani Adepeju Sulaiman Sodiq Oladayo Odetunde Gideon Olabisi Ayodele David Kolade Olukole Adeyemi Ayomide Oluwatoyosi Olajobi Jeremiah Omogoye Damilola Mary Ayoola John Oluwaseyi Awe Micheal Sunday Ojedeji Damilola Oluwafemi Samagbeyi Afolarin O Gbenle Akinola Daniel Azubuike Ekene Kenzzy

SN 37 38 39 40 41 42

REGNUMB 15642961AI 16162678DF 15376233DJ 16037872DD 15560880GF 15384184EI

CANDNAME Bankong Evelyn Titilayo Adamu Adavize Onootu Okike James Chukwuemeka Jituboh Emmanuel Doebi Ahmed Oluwasegun Usman Malgwi Ruth Folashade

DEPARTMENT OF SURVEYING AND GEOINFORMATICS ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59

REGNUMB 15653046BH 15139563AJ 15655921CF 15672445CA 15261482DJ 16145238HC 15622669GF 15564548CC 15635171AB 15549367HC 15999521EE 15704013IF 15952313EI 15567810DD 15374424DE 15645264ID 16122273JH 15245427JC 15999552EI 15561080EH 16226829DA 15947666CB 15547920EI 15614666BI 15579374GH 15613457FG 15631079FF 15139743FB 16030934IJ 15147432HA 15084405AB 15645807AG 15139433BB 16281870AB 15951324AI 15681081BB 15621941BI 15670424GJ 15336002GE 15684476BB 16033768CG 15447049CB 16499698AG 15381149DF 15613337CI 15119125BJ 16226947GE 16174336HI 16349748GH 15617127AH 16227219CE 16163314GH 15569453FB 15095514EC 16285692HI 15732341HD 15680882CG 15147099AC 16037516DE

CANDNAME Kayode Tolulope Elizabeth Okere Emeka Ugochukwu Onwuachumba Uchechukwu C Anifowoshe Zulikhat Abiola Adediran Elias Opeyemi Gbose Samson Whenayon Udom Emmanuel Antonio Dare Samsondeen Abiodun Nwokocha Joel Nnamdi Aroyewun Abimbola Precious Edede James Chukwudinma Oke Olabisi Ayodele Osideko Damilola Moses Olaabraham Isaac Anuoluwa Olubayo Sheriff Aderemi Ogbonna Ugochukwu Kingley Egbeyemi Ridwan Ajumobi Olugbemi Joshua Temitayo Famakinwa Oluwadamisola Enitan Babatunde Faidat Eniola Azeez Sodiq Kayode Balogun Malik Alade Edun Khairat Olayinka Olaniyan Olalekan Micheal Akakuru Okechukwu Pascal Folarin Seyi Peter Olatunbosun Sijibomi Kehinde Marshall Precious Akaniyene Elgbe Moses Cheighine Kuyebi Sodiq Ayo Ademuyiwa Adewale Anthony Akinola Damilola John Raji Shakirat Ajoke Abdulazeez Abdulsalam Adekunle Olasode Muiz Temilade Ojoye Kayode Emmanuel Moshood Ahmed Ishola Ebenezer Austin Olusegun Alade Oluwaseye Adeyemi Shogunle Moyosore Adegoke Akinwunmi Mayowa Isaac Adeyeye Taiwo Peter Leigh Olaoluwa David Adepoju Senior Adeshina Ogunsiji Oluwadamilare Jamiu Adegbulugbe Oluwabusayo J Abdulkareem Ademola Idris Jimoh Adetayo Zayid Alaran Habeeb Adeola Ayodele Daniel Muyiwa Kadejo Afeez Adeniyi Omojola Ganiyu Segun Aliu Shittu Abiodun Afolabi Oluwatosin Isa Apara Femi Samuel Akinyemi Ayomide Daniel Akpabio Peter Lawrence Jimoh Muheez Adewale Amahwe Gideon Oghenemar

DEPARTMENT OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

REGNUMB 15631452AD 15179517DJ 16029616GG 16111359FD 15560506CD 15640212BA 15146595FJ 15297775JB 15569691BG 16308426GH 16224009FB 15639680FE 15787078ID 15708057HI 15672479BF 15634413EE 15305722BF 16165654DB 15639049AH 15153164ED 15146625GG 16029576IJ 15671490HC 15633755HI 15701438FA

CANDNAME Akanni Afees Olayemi Ajose Jeremiah Seyi Omotuyi Oyindamola Ajoke Olaleye Love Olanrewaju Fesobi Moyosoreoluwa Abiose Olaoye Ibukunoluwa Tunde Adebiyi Martins Babajide Abode Innocent Iriaoghuan Awojobi Okikiola Isaac Naku Eedee Pius Etokakpan Michael E Morgridge Oprah Oluwatobi Okeke Chika Nelson Akinde Abdullah Oladoyin Dominic Ifenna Kizito Nzekwe Chukwuma Richard Agbamoro Joseph Emeka Nwafor Success Leonard O Obrutu Oghenekaro Clement Mosadioluwa Oluwakomimose K Ojo Afopefoluwa Oluwashore Mohammed Abdulazeez Biola Yekinni Olakunle Ismail Raimi Abass Temitope Oluwole Olamide Olusegun

SN 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

REGNUMB 16501683GF 15747860HG 15212338DB 15701513BJ 15613447IG 16494901EB 15561402FB 16243526II 15205984IB 15099892AD 15947021BG 15179240JE 15947010EJ 15121701FB 16501980EH 15373276ID 15055970ED 16035364II 16222967HD 15023454AJ 15680695AF 16162734GB

CANDNAME Ajala Shina Akintunde Adeloye Adelowo Collins Rasheed Adebayo Qazeem Akinsola Ahmed Abayomi Oniyide Zachariah Ayo Ogunye Philip Adeoluwa Akinyemi Jesutofunmi Micheal Adewoyin Adeolu Eunice Fakorede Hammed Wahab Yakubu Yunus Olawale Adelami Abidemi Abibat Lawal Oluwatosin Adetayo Odunewu Nelson Ismaila Olawale Olatutu Laurina Ramon Olamilekan Qudus Osofuye Adeniyi Damilola Ebin Godwin Festus Oyebanji Ibrahim Opeyemi Yunusa Anisat Oyiza Anoh Okorie Okechukwu Udechukwu Chidinma Vivian Gabice Jones Owoilayefa

FACULTY OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

REGNUMB 15559809HH 15646325AE 15646594HA 16099271DJ 15179392CG 15616794DG 16495103BH 15653280JB 15630960CE 15615648HJ 15145910HH 15181314IA 15739098HF 15049546BC 15123337JA 15310556GD 16222577HJ 16344742FA 15097152HF 15529346JC 15615071GE 15615109EH 15642846GC 15516835IG 15052941BC 15514055IE 15562304GB 15642574AF 15152937EF 16227080FD 15639082AF 16345133EB 15645618II 15636079JA 15145884FI 15119582AG 15145812IA 16029880FA 16209656EC 15698723EH 16495068CF 15506887FE 15118972JA 15560881GC 15461573AC 15149167AG 15180577GA 15956388EF 15209872FH 15370958FD 15466358AD 15074553GJ 16106215GC

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

REGNUMB 15614600CC 15138478GD 15614661DD 15615111EB 15139425DF 15955231CE 15727091BC 15181434BB 15209267CJ 16461330GI 15566475GB 15784192BB 16235058HI 15614441BE 16031405DE

CANDNAME Asanbe Ayodele Andrew Odekunle Moyosore Ajoke Ogundipe Fiwasewa Inioluwa Adegbite Olaoluwa Adeniji Osunkoya Idris Olasupo Andu Anastasia Omobolawole Jegede Olayinka Victor Adeyemi Damilola David Anosike Angelo Onyedikachukwu Tijani Adunola Taibat Adefolaju Oluwafisayo Joshua Akinola Olanrewaju Emmanuel Anyaso Kelechi Lambert Oloyede Sijibomi Joseph Olaoluwa Damilola Israel Edosio Ekaeferibuebu Awonusi Oluwaseun Bamiyo Alabi Tolulope Oyebola Bright Oluwatobiloba Uche Busari Ajibola Habeeb Adeoye Abiola Adeyimika Bruce Ayodeji Lydia Olaleye John Adeoye Ajomale Similoluwa Oyinda Adebayo Adedamola Aishat Denloye Olaoluwa Dolapo Odih Victoria Enoke Orekoya Oluwatomiwa Opeyemi Taiwo Mayowa Stephen Hassan Oluwatemilorun Best Abdulrazaq Muhammed Adeola Kara Mojeed Oluwaseun Ilesanmi James Olafimihan Adebayo Tolulope Blessing Omowole Olajide David Akinmoju Olasunkanmi Vincent Akinde Oluwatimehin Chidinma Adegoke Samson Oriyomi Fafiyebi Foluso Demilade Hassan Samia Abiodun Adesina Janet Tioluwaleyi Adefemi Folarin Olaoluwa Alu Oluwakayode David Ojo Oluwamayowa Glorious Adeoye Ibukun Esther Olanrewaju Kehinde Abibat Odili Adaobi Jane Okoh Samuel Chukwuemeka Odey Michael Umar Marcelle-rebekah Kezonya Ameh David Ogwuche Temeketin Ipamo Mohammed Hajarat Asabe

DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING CANDNAME Akinyele Akintola Kamorudeen Orjiakor Austin Chidiebere Falujo Adegboyega Oluwaseun Ogho-udih Gabriel Onanayioke Ayanda Ishau Olasunkanmi Bashorun Abdulgafar B Saheed Raqheeb Babajide Bakare Ibrahim Temidayo Edun Oluwatobi Samuel Alade Yusuff Sunkanmi Oluwakemi Munirat Muibi Giwa Babajide Sulaimon Raji Rasheed Olayiwola Abah Alhaji Sunday Adeniji Ahmed Ajala



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

REGNUMB 15179480FD 15639818CI 15706483EH 15613320HJ 16227284CD 16171806AF 15576886GC 15514306BA 15562818HB 15158738AF 16224692DJ 15607132BJ 16037634GI 15564362JF 15128878FE 15684936IG 15631482BA 16152007DI 16223954CC 16226325IH 16123098EH 16239741JE 15671277DC 15636307IF 15169181AH 15164616CF 15563613BE 16037456CA 15683596DC 15606601GA 16033522IF 15514695AH 15678565JA 15372211HH 15651728JB 16204682CG 16104548BJ 15951328JD 15955182HE 15050350CF 15151212HJ 15121618AJ 15650031EB 15678019HJ 15954574FF 15948888EB 15100596CF 15139469JH 15561111FB

CANDNAME Ugwuanyi Valentine Oluchukwu Nwokediuko Chukwuebuka E Lawal Barakat Temitope Adegboyega Adedayo Emmanuel Fashola Michael Abiodun Babalola Adedayo Oloruntobi Oseni Abdullai Shola Salau Abdulrahman Adewale Ewuru Chimere Alfred Akinsola Kolade Kelvin Olaegbe Babatunde Azeez Arogundade Akorede Moses Oniyangi Ahmed Sheu Hassan Eniola Maria Oseni Adnan Tolani Gbenro Michael Olalekan Agboluaje Damilola K Maxwell Favour Femi Muhammed Akeem Abiodun Ajayi Oluwaseun Daniel Solarin Gbolahan Emmanuel Tijani Jeleel Abiodun Akanni Ayomide Joshua Adeleke Oluwatoyin Israel Iwatan Oluwaremilekun Gladys Akinyelure Dennis Adewunmi Otunikan Adeniyi Abiola Ajala Ismaila Olaribigbe Omotola Bukola Blessing Olaniyan Adebisi Ileriayo Azeez Sodiq Ishola Ojo Johnson Abayomi Ikujebi Babatunde Akindele Taiwo Rapheal Musiliu Bashir Olakunle Adesemowo Adebowale Emmanuel Adesanya Micheal Abiodun Oresanya Babatunde Oluwaseun John Emmanuel Oluwadamilare Olutomi Ayomide Gabriel Babayemi Yinka Kunle Adewuyi Adeyinka Monsuru Idowu Adetola Timothy Adesola Seun Echi Stanley Echi Oshunade Rukayat Adebukola Olonode Oladapo Michael Oragwu Nnamdi Benjamin Boniface Chidi Michea

DEPARTMENT OF QUANTITY SURVEYING SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

REGNUMB 15824687GH 15048492HA 15146246DJ 16171510CA 15141066FJ 15213333FD 15121629HD 16347478IH 16284948HJ 15624241AF 15955510GA 15784189CA 15206888IF 15616468EE 15679346HF 15951078GH 15389013BE 15614856DA 16126718FB 15567773EH 16105243GI 15708664AD 15622431AD 15562439EE 15059409AI 15750652EC 15608305IJ 15098275AE 16443459EA 15122065CG 15616105GG 15648891GG 15207940DD 15207955IF 16036019GD 16241483AJ 16124912DH 15111802GG 16172612BC 15391122IJ 15181843EF 15786299JC 15099357FG 15787194CG 15596857JF 15151980AG 15147691GJ

CANDNAME Ikedionwu Chidubem Chukwudi Alaran Oluwaseun Christian Oladipo Bolarinwa Kenaniah Ugochukwu Emeka Victor Akinpelu Olusegun Daniel Kingmate Emi Oluwatobiloba Osunkoya Oluwafemi Johnson Ogundaini Opeoluwa Toyosi Somuyiwa Taofeek Olajuwon Obasi Godson Lke Adedigba Adeola Ganiyat Taiwo Olusegun Solomon Nwachukwu Promise Ozioma Ogunsan Oluwasijibomi Temitope Oyinlusi Taiwo Yetunde Anukanti Sixtus Uzoma Fapohunda Olamide Precious Adeyemo Damilola Gabriel Adedokun Adeola Elijah Davidete Williams Kopma Ajiboro Ibrahim Enitan Ayinde Sadiq Toyosi Osinaike Victor Aduragbemi Okonkwo Israel Gideon Olajobi Idris Abayomi Atobatele Adebowale O Shoyemi Ololade Emmanuel Adewusi Olufunbi Sunday Efretuei Fidede Kpakhabia Kolawole Oluwatobi Dorcas Ogunyale Abiodun Samuel Idowu Adekunle Abolarinwa Odubanjo Olusegun Adefehinti Olakunle Adeola Jimoh Shola Afeez Aroboto Simileoluwa Funmilayo Adeniyi Adekunle Michael Yusuf Akinbode Abiola Oshoba Ekundayo Latifat Salawu Akeem Akinwunmi Viavoh-samuel Taiwo Christaina Olokodana Moshood Adetunji Oladele Oluwatosin Eniola Oni Abiodun Gabriel Sanusi Sikiru Ajasa Adewumi Emmanuel Adewale Afolabi Mayowa Segun

SN REGNUMB 48 15521037JA 49 15704841CG 50 15110065DJ 51 15152067DG 52 15609868FG 53 16460940HE 54 15730737DF 55 15549012HA 56 15208914CB 57 16345258FE 58 15951749JB 59 15952293BB 60 15335978DJ 61 15785649AF

CANDNAME Ogunrinde Mayowa Emmanuel Bashorun Olalekan Mustapha Adedapo Alaba Oluwasegun Adesiyan Oluwatobi Joshua Olabisi Damilare Ayobami Ogunbiyi Olanrewaju Kolade Tekenatei Omomo Emmanuel Towolawi Olatunji A Ikande Andy Agada Egwu Emmanuel Oluwatobi Oyelohunnu Boluwatife David Alabi Mustapha Abayomi Kanu Obu Uno Raji AbdulAzeez

DEPARTMENT OF ESTATE MANAGEMENT SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84

REGNUMB 15370542EA 16459842HA 15109650CD 15567701GJ 15616022CE 15615181CF 15212492FE 15376258GB 15053628IF 16031762DA 15615994BB 15700440DH 15630786GB 16003601CG 16033925EA 15704870DG 15680776FD 15059282AB 16229544DD 16460082CJ 15625517FH 15563664FF 15650307IG 15648868DI 16461522HE 15150210HI 15570145BC 15634603FG 15569365CE 16228975JB 15120924FE 15678682DA 15049311DI 16244849JG 16347590EC 15650336JG 16495740EG 15766371CH 16502057BA 15444852BG 15683964JC 15950362IB 15731664GH 15526551DI 16461524GI 15624237BH 16226935AD 16104678BH 15549134JC 16497075BI 15547018DI 15680564BA 15118866CA 15626124HJ 15123827HF 15709855BJ 15671211DG 15684850FD 15579327BE 16226805AF 16496187GD 16143872JG 15444642GE 16172878IH 15680853BG 15139966GB 16029569BD 15680635II 15208023HF 15632285CG 15614489GE 15683083BJ 15158358HI 15147462HH 15782062JG 15785080GD 15390870GJ 15947513JC 16037307HJ 15373282GF 15954808DC 15550323BH 15954188EJ 15702693GI

CANDNAME Okafor Francis Chukwudi Aniefiok Queen Macaulay Abiodun Adebisi Olamide Nwobu Cyril Okwudili Okunlola Olajire Abiola Ujagbor Bobby Chukwuemeka Adetayo Oluwatimilehin Hajarat Filani Oluwabunmi Anuola Fabi Daniel Oluwagbeminija Soetan Oluwabusayo O Babalola Opeyemi Oluwatomisin Lemboye Olayinka Oluwatoyin Osoneye Olusegun Anthony Mbachu Victor Odinaka Adaja Oluwatobi Paul Makanjuola Mariam Olamide Adesida Olayinka Adebimpe Tijani Sikiru Adekunbi Ogunsanwo Rashidat Dammy Ikea Oyinyechi Anita Michael Blessing Ekaette Olarinde Kolapo Oladipupo Ikire Nathan Oghenerurie Okudero Damilare Tolulope Lawal Olatunji Yahyah Erinfolami Abbey Halimat Nwaduba Alex N Nkemdilim Ifeoma Vivian Ohunyan Philomena Chioma Akin-dada Olayemi Lawrence Owodunni Susan Olufunke Ekunola Bukola Abiola Shittu Olalekan Kolawole Chukwuma Anulika Oluchukwu Afolaranmi Oluwatobi Samuel Ettu Ifeoluwa Ahmed Odebiyi Oluwafemi Oluwatobi Ayoola Samson Akintunde Njoku Nancy Nneoma Ogafe Emily Nkem Ajayi Peter Oluwaseun Larinde Kehinde Koyinsola Eletu Oyindamola Rafiat Isiaka Toheeb Adeyemi Babalola Babajide Joseph Akindolire Olasunkanmi Fabiyi Ayorinde Samuel Raheem Mustapha Olanrewaju Aderinto Anthony Adesina Adelana Temitope Oluwafunke Salami Sheriff Adeshina Salako Mojirade Adeyinka Badejo Nafisah Toluwalope Adebesin Temitope Imeh Adewale Adedamola Muhammed Apelegan Iyanuloluwa Esther Idowu Jacob Kolade Folorunso Adedolapo D Awoyemi Oluwatosin Busayo Adelekan Oluwafemi Adewale Omolola Opeyemi Ayoade Oluodo Seun Micheal Ogunyemi David Olufemi Olowoyeye Oluwafemi Daniel Olubowale Theophilus Oluyimika Abdulsalam Maryam Funmilayo Funmilayo Motunrayo Kafayat Odujobi John Mayowa Agboola Riliwan Olawale Adeyemi Adesanya Adetunde Oluwafemi Adunse Opeyemi Ogunyomi Ibrahim Olawunmi Aworinde Olayanju John Iyekekpolor Gabriel Olagunju Faseun Babafunto Egunyomi Oluwatayo Susan Obosi Ojonugwa Abah Sunday Michael Abel Olayemi Samuel Ken-owotor Chikezie B Abi Joseph Iyama Ibrahim Binta Omolade Ajah Augustine Uchenna L Abubakar Lawal Mohammed

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64


REGNUMB 15652152IA 16037159DI 15124570HH 15182884CG 15644400FG 15956225EJ 15510741DF 15200830CD 15609608GA 15611270CB 15624092GE 15615550IC 16124070EB 15612372BD 15613418HG 15205908BI 16031079EC 15373482EH 15515412IH 15388839FB 16037745CG 16347487GA 15372153FH 15635577EE 15639800IC 16495880BE 15642498DJ 15120748JH 15815305ID 16244246GC 15776798HH 15633577DA 15178863GB 15179252FI 15156547HJ 15683867JC 15147410DJ 15563998CD 15703898EC 15098163EJ 15568983AG 15675320CI 16345616EH 16228447CG 15654723DA 15208330CH 15549292AG 16243119EI 15584928IJ 15634867EA 15138370JG 15212601BI 15162397IG 15126852CB 15631113FA 15645209FE 16037285EI 15127445IF 16210318JD 15652210AD 15948014EE 15672187BI 16188791HC 15631335GD

CANDNAME Badmus Abiodun Bolaji Anoruo Chuks Dennis Aakuleyi Anthony Pelumi Takim Sharon Mama Eze Victus Maduabuchi Ojong Stanley Tanyi Tubi Olumuyiwa Afolabi Olamilokun Itunu Michael Diyaolu Iyetoni Modupe Adeyemi Olajumoke Deborah Akinwunmi Adefemi Samuel Olagunju Mobolaji Philip Odu Omotoyosi Kaosarat Solaja Michael Adekoya Lawal Omotayo Kabiru Udoffia Emmanuel Ekong Adekunle Rasak Opeyemi Etete Ruth Ejiroghene Ademola Adeshina Abiodun Olorunmola Oyinlola E Oladeinde Gbolahan Ismail Bakare Olamilekan James Sanusi Aishat Adejoke Thompson Ezekiel Ikechukwu Oguntuase Olalekan Babatunde Isek Martin Ageh Hamusat Abiodun Shuaib Akinniyi Joshua Oluwasegun Jatau Emmanuel Jemkur Mba Chinyere Deborah Okekunjo Babatunde Temitayo Osuagwu Ikechukwu Chimezie Adeyemi Temitope Hannah Latunde-dada Oluseyi Ayomide Oshibote Taiwo Hassan Ajiboye Joseph Odunayo Olateju Oreoluwa Emmanuel Odusholu Olamilekan Damola Jubril Zakariyau Ishola Olamiju Ololade Deborah Animashaun Ismail Olawale Akintola Christopher Adura Junaid Sheriff Olamide Ademolu Olalekan Jamiu Ademosu Olamilekan Ademola Fujah Oluwabusayo Alade M Ayeni Samuel Oluwaseun Oluwo Temitope Ridwan Akinwola Olakanmi Collins Adekoya Ademola Michael Adeleye Anuoluwapo Anike Oladosu Pamilerin Adedoyin Aruna Oladele Abiola Adedokun Oluwatobi Emmanuel Olusanya Ifeloju Ijasini Okediran Ayodele Babatunde Olukanni Seun Lawrence Mohammed Abiodun Emmanuel Sissoho Ibrahim Khalil Okorie Emeka Victor Rasheed Aliyu Ozovehe Adeyemi Adedamola Oluwapelumi Ominisan Emmanuel Ikpobemini Okete John Odey

FACULTY OF LAW SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

REGNUMB 16089692GE 15179662IJ 15122120FF 15675708CI 16162286EH 15145951FB 16146304HF 15645371FD 15952707DA 16161922HC 16031993BG 15645924ED 16494937DA 16247002DJ 15646164AC 15614247BE 16494908CA 15100426FA 15259799EE 15829891HC 15673598FD 15146732DG 15096966FB 16001878FE 15566725IH 15157991BF 16494801FA 15122611DH 15563220CJ

CANDNAME Okeme Grace Ojone Ibeh Chiamaka Stephanie Gureje Grace Olanrewaju Ogundipe Oluwatobi Adedayo Ezepue Vivian Chinenye Coker Temitope Rita Ugoro Orezi Williams Ajiboye Tolulope Adiat Orji Charity Ugboaja Orakwe Ifeanyi Victor Okesola Aishat Ololade Akeju Oluwateniola Ayomide Ngana Amaka Jennifer Ogedengbe Oluwadolapo E Okoli Juliet Kennedy Tracy Esther Oresanwo Victoria Ebunoluw Ezeumeh Ifeanyi Jonathan Ojora Morenikeji Halimat Adekile Moyosoreoluwa Djetore Akpevweoghene A Ayuwo Jones Romijaran Awosola Olufunke Olamide Azeke Ikeke Dennis Abiola Oluwaseun Abigail Nwosu Amara Esther Wellington Teri Odu Damilola Bassey Adebayo Adeola Aminat



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128

REGNUMB 16099608JF 15389153HJ 15512091FJ 16480325CC 15245066BB 15208041CB 16262851CC 15513871FE 15123244HI 15137222EI 15647084FF 15645374EE 15681024IF 15631531FH 15199509AJ 15738006FD 16031383AD 16495164CI 15178783BA 15951782IJ 15126908EH 15639637IG 16501215BE 15124390DF 16328870DJ 15640109CI 15156833JE 15095440HA 16225926CD 15440055FB 15528767ID 15160486JG 15049153CH 15999993ID 15137453DE 15178495AB 15649698HA 16224432ED 15376284IA 15146104HH 15698649HF 15124865GF 15708997HB 16171536DJ 15152221FJ 15953653AF 15128684FE 15631031AF 15630811ID 16248809FA 16284695GC 15246472GB 15609787AI 15639560CG 15178885JC 15645729EG 16209150AI 15184290HG 15120128BH 15441344GE 16242355BC 16122171BF 16245714CD 15999488EG 15575114ED 15099928IJ 15638167DE 15946652FG 16343539HA 16495817AJ 15146284CC 15145922EB 15610998GB 16032482AE 16344420EG 15098682EE 15506819GE 16123019JA 15508539EF 15631456II 15100769II 15670031IE 15639419GB 15563508DI 16496295DA 15373744DH 15138245ID 15123509FJ 15782005HD 15519778IE 15650838EF 15825960DB 15955502IE 15202634ED 15637217HB 15615025AI 16284537FB 15684860CD 16244116GE

CANDNAME Agbaje-williams Onaopemipo B Osunkoya Ibukunoluwa Babat Ojeshina Kanyinsola Folakemi Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald Olatubosun Elizabeth Omobol John Babatunde Adura Owualah Susan Amarachi Ibikunle Ibiyode Kolade Okeokpa Nnamdi Collins Lawal Olajide Adelani Atanda Olawale Olusegun Akinmusuti Fumbi Alaba Idowu Deborah Omotayo Oluwasanya Oluwatobi O Ugoala Mary Chinyere Ugo Adeyemo Adeduntan Opeoluwa Akoni Oluwapelumi Ajike Tekena-fubara Aminayanasam Shittu Rilwan Temilade Sanyaolu Kofoworola Abike Obimdi Nora Onyinyechi Chuks-nwoko Shalom Obiageli Okon Okpo Cecilia O Adekunle Eunice Olusayo Naasin Diseye Amy Nwoke Favour Ngozichukwu Ubaka Victor Onyemelukwe Abolarin Marion Abosede Oluwapese Bolaji Benson Onuh Ogonna Theodora Ekungomi Olayinka Charles Ibrahim Rukayat Opeyemi Ajayi Sunday Osajie Fawole Olatunmibi Olufikunay Olugbenga Ayomide Alero Thompson-ajayi Odunayo Dani Rajh-label Babatunde Iq Adebo Emmanuel Oluyemi Ibe Promise Chibuzor Oyewo Timileyin Bolu Ogunnaike Omoyeni Mosunmo Mills Modupe Esther Nwosu Ishochukwu Michael Akinyemi Morenikeji Odunayo Alli-balogun Moyo Ismail Gomes Adeyemi Eustace Akinyemi Yemisi Deborah Balogun Oluwaseyi Abebi Olayinka Oyinkansola Azeezat Onifade Semire Ogundipe Damilola Osuolale Awoyinfa Oluwasegun Tomi Awe-obe Raphael Olubusayo Jaiyesimi Adeola Ahmed Shodiya Mary Temitope Afilaka Oluwaseun Oluwabun Akinola Solomon Abiola Awoseyi Mojisola Mary Fasakin Odunayo Olusola Adeboye Olufolahan Michael Somuyiwa Mukthar Adetunji Adefuye Rebecca Adeola Adepegba Oyebade Adeoluwa Alebiosu Oluwatobi Halimat Balogun Michael Adekunle Fabusuyi Babatope Ewulo Oluwafeyijimi Jessica Folami Zainab Arike Macaulay Oluwatosin Adetobi Akinsanya Olanrewaju Akeem Ogunbufunmi Ifeoluwa Bunmi Ogunlola Mojisola Titilope Ogunye Iyinoluwa Opemipo Adeyehun Abimbola Rita Odewumi Damilola Tolulope Adebayo Adeyemi Olamide Oladele Temiloluwa Philip Agboola Segun Samuel Johnson Ganiyu Adebowale Martins Oluwakorede Hannah Bello Ruth Opeyemi Sodipe Opeyemi Aduragbemi Wahab Opeyemi Elizabeth Ajiboso Oluwakemi Rebecca Egbinola Olamide Titilope Alamu Opeyemi Halimat Odenore Testimony Ose Oke Mary Folashade Famuyiwa Adefolarin Oyindam Kola-oladiji Omoteniola T Hunjo Melody Oluwadamilola Olaegbe Oluwabunmi Nurudee Arowosere Ajibola Habeeb Aderounmu Omolade Rebecca Olalekan Islamiyat Dasola Mark-adewunmi Adeola Debor Akinbuwa Mayowa Boluwatife Sikiru Idris Ajibola Olafisoye Oluwademilade F

SN REGNUMB 129 15180449FG 130 16495060EJ 131 15155195GB 132 15146542CE 133 15185131HF 134 15140987AF 135 15156221IH 136 15080779BF 137 16173505EJ 138 16032687GI 139 15260939BJ 140 15805677GB 141 15671695DJ 142 16289309JB 143 16231387DD 144 15140585EH 145 15568925ID 146 15999492DE 147 15638856AE 148 15787381EH 149 15333624CA 150 15610799HG 151 16029430EC 152 16032954ED 153 15634435HF 154 15681766JA 155 15615659EG 156 15569351GG

CANDNAME Arifo Titilayo Mary Raheem Roqeeb Adebayo Adeagbo Adesina Tajudeen Adeleke Oluwakorede Funmila Bamikunle Emmanuel Bunmi Akinmade Joseph Kehinde Oladipe Bukola Esther Ogunleye Adedayo Adedeji Oluwaseyi Alade Omotoso Olasupo Omobolaji Janet Alake Omolara Olamiposi Aina Phebe Damilola Bakare Samiat Aduke Teetito Obarijima Joseph Ajagu Kennethcollins C Kodjo-soroh Asher Oyeintari Fakorede Abimbola Temilade Fuller Nte Ekpenyong Okoronkwo Joshua Uchenna Ighalo Joel Eghosa Odeh Elizabeth Odema Mustapha Barakat O Quadri Rofiat O Sulaiman Yetunde Rahmat Lawal Khaleed Daba Abdullahi Ayuba Adegun Daniel Leke Mohammed Fatima Habibat

COLLEGE OF MEDICINE DENTISTRY SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

REGNUMB 15125361DC 15676528JA 15099015BF 15137481EH 15564107IE 15568024HA 15616707AG 16461430FJ 15679099EA 16246936ED 16123274AE 15154540IG 15184781FI 15674346EA 15147022DJ 15562347CJ 16235625CG 16127960BB 15097391DH 15371895FF 15616823EG 15617725FG 15615112DI 16499657DC 15570132FB 15212781GA 15648197BE 15949629EJ 15122778CB 16030885EC 15146702CJ 15245671DJ 15703247FF 15676528JA 16496221FI 16242565GB 15156689EB 15642111DG 15611001FC 16031065IE 15095392CA 15701726FJ

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

REGNUMB 15555720CF 15674708CB 15152496BA 15566425BH 16099985DB 15763984BA 15119110GE 15120903CA 15646825FG 16343699HF 15260053FI 15137599IB 16466852IJ 15646070JA 15999440JD 16242261AD 15703745BG 15646067AC 16243018GA 16263719DH 16343569HH

CANDNAME Owolabi Akeem Abidemi Ndukwe Tolulope Ijeoma Oluseye Yejide Temiloluwa Oladunni Oluwatomisin Odunayo Sodipo Oluyemi Samuel Adepoju Racheal Damilola Onabanjo Oluwaseun Tolu Osinowo Adesewa Magaret Uzowuru Chibuzor Micheal Edema-osajivbe Tega Faith Aladenika Emmanuel Temitope Adeyemi Adewumi Temitope Ifeanyi Okafor Maduabuchi Adekola Olubunmi Olamide Oladimeji Christianah O Okhai Joy Onome Alimi Zaynab Ajoke Awofuwa Kehinde Itunu Okunlola Temitope Oluwatobi Ogunmefun Memunat Yetunde Faminu Emmanuel Akinwumi Ogunbanjo Opeyemi Sayid Abdul-azeez Rihannat Adeola Obamuyi Modupe Victoria Obe Olorunfemi Isaac Abdulrasaq Tobi Biodun Farayola Aminat Oluwatosin Ajayi Tolani Afolake Lawal Temitope Damilare Akinlegbe Taiwo Hazzan Fasunhan Tobiloba Bernadette Daniel Jumai Yetunde Fasakin Tolulope Augustina Babarinsa Iseoluwa Adeleke Lawal Temitope Alimat Danjuma Janet Jagla Igwe Ola Iziwa Akande Abiodun Segun-ojo Oluwaseun Mary Opara Onyekachi Samuel Dada Temidayo Oluwaseun Nwachukwu Helen Amarach

MEDICINE AND SURGERY CANDNAME Ahmadu Solomon Odufuwa Ayodeji Joseph Ugboke Joshua Osemudiame Ibu Faith Omimi Akinhanmi Oluwaseun Adebola Lawal Abduljeleel Mayowa Abdul Olumayowa Elsabur Odiase Peace Oghosa Otoibhi Jeffrey Omokhodion Sosanya Adedeji Oluwatobi Ikechukwu Chinonso Kingsley Ogwor Oghenefejiro O Ighodalo Nathan Okonkwor Christian Oyor Ikpe Chiamaka Queen Salako Abdulbaqhi Olaoluwa Adeyemi Abiodun Ibrahim Ndekwu Ngozi Doreen Amusa Omolabake Risqot Ariahu Nonso Franklin Awofeso Opeyemi Mercy

SN 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120

REGNUMB 16442371AG 15146096AE 15145855EI 15985693BC 15210189HG 15178908CD 16254800CC 15462913FG 15506315CE 15125230DH 15304325DF 16163463AI 15676789ID 15145839JG 15146566EJ 15614669AJ 15947145DC 15763471JE 15152224FA 15151277HI 15107779BA 15099026HJ 16495355DH 15511093EG 15146402FG 15029421FD 15182451GE 15512228DG 15179973CJ 15060469CJ 16461059AI 15800469GI 15645701DD 15620603FF 16029559ED 15147400GJ 15183008EC 16144465GD 15113426EE 15613231FF 15561790FB 16211971IB 16284608DC 16244046IA 16095439IJ 15614763BI 15787631HD 15202512CB 15614438CD 15652774FH 15677120GA 15674402GG 15681523ED 15510087FH 15441679CJ 16029398EB 15567241JB 15616855EH 15053724II 15561035IF 15614533CJ 15567103CA 15306411IC 15182478IA 15614658EC 15783230IE 16477879IF 15641661CI 15631283CF 15738018BH 15614695CI 15678154GC 16242561HD 16495096DI 15096946BE 15370608DG 15391555FB 15653589DH 16342341HF 15515704IE 16091263AH 15047839IJ 15370555AB 15678184GJ 15639354GC 16204505HC 15146024CG 15615003HE 15614732BE 16031726EB 15632471FA 15655310BF 16032349BF 15096911CC 15681161GC 16343910CE 15184252JD 15121889GJ 15178311GI

CANDNAME Ndifon Minka Cornelia Olanrewaju Roqeebat Oyindamola Amodeni Oluyinka Kehinde Kayode Godwin Oluwasheun Okeson Phoebe Onyinye Owoseni Olayinka Remilekun Ogamba Chibuzor Franklyn David Dorcas Abisola Oshati Oyindamola Funke Onakoya Olasubomi Emmanuel Ikeaba Nkechi Chukwudi Imeh Michael Abasianam Nwankwo Ijeoma Benedicta Ugoala Uzor Akindele Anointing Oluwapelumi Sotonade Olanrewaju Femi Omoniyi Omolola Deborah Falana Oluwatomisin Elizabeth Nwadiogbu Ikechukwu Anthony Onochie Martins Henry Anyogu Chikezie George Chinwuba Sharon Chinelo Adenihun Jesupelumi Ore Yakin Dhikrullah Olajole Jibowu Fatimo Omotayo Adeleye Collins Tola Ekweozor Cornelius Ebuka Ajah Chris Agape Popoola Dayo Segun Aranmonise Folorunsho David Olabode Oluwaseun Omotunrayo Egbu Obinna Sweet Gboneme Sandra Ewere Oputa Jerry Chidiaso Olugbenga Toluwanimi Judah Isebor Frances Onyekachukwu Anyanwu Vivian Ogechi Akpan Ayangaifiok Maurice Onyenekwe Chiziterem Precious Shoyoye Muyiwa Jeremiah Olajugba Oluwaseun Joshua Okonkwo Riche Somadina Fasanmi Oluwafisayo Oluwatosin Ajayi Abisola Sharon Agboola Tomilola Ayobami Oladipo Oluwasegun Rotimi Osunde Uyi Great Adanikin Oluwagbemiga Bolaji Adeyiwolu Damilare Adeyinka Sulaiman Adeola Maryam Amira Oluwasina Richard Ologunja Oluwaseun Joseph Orimoloye Philip Oluwafemi Adegbite Iyanuoluwa John Oshodi Moboluwaduro Olusoji Akinte Gbenga Isaac Onasanya Olusesan Olurotimi Okubanjo Samson Oluwasegun Cole Oluwafunke Mojisola Adenle Samuel Oluwaseun Okoya Oluwaseun Liadi Abosede Hannah O Abimbolu Oluwatosin Adebola Adegbegha Ridwan Ayobami Merayebu Olaoluwa Emmanuel Olokodana Fatima Seun Aphiar Amy O Fasasi Rashidat Adedamola Abiodun Oluwaseyi Oladele Adunmoye Ayoade Aanuoluwa Toriola Temilola Odunayo Akinbohun Solomon Tolulope Adebayo Samuel Adeoluwa Akindipe Michael Ayodele Sanni Mariam Oluwatosin Adenuga Oluwaseun Samuel Adetunmbi Tolulope Fifo Oluwatosin Boluwatife Bewaji Oluwatobi Olukemi Odediran Idowu David Akinsola Emmanuel Oluseyi Ademiluyi Adekunle Zacheaus Osinuga Elizabeth Adetoun Stephen Adewale Mayowa Ogunyemi Olakunmi Ololade Alimi Michael Olamide Abiola Ameenah Oluwadamilola Akinwale Mobolaji Oladipupo Jinadu Kehinde Hussein Apara Ibukun Olufolake Ogunbekun Abayomi Adewale Odukoya Oluwafunmilola Haminat Yusuf Olakunle Ismail Babalola Oluwayemi Florence Ogunlesi Mojola Olamide Mustapha Afeez Tosin Balogun Abdulkhalil Abimbola Sowunmi Oladimeji Rafiu Ajibade Adetola Felicia



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151

REGNUMB 16229187DH 15152165DD 16279120AG 15098479HB 15146194AB 15504625FA 15509145HA 16109930HC 15530161HC 16171133IE 15616804AG 15565530ID 15370729GB 16242640DA 15630970JB 15638987JG 15645944IA 15203959EF 15228772AF 15100435CD 15206174JD 15648115GG 15707280IB 15370830EJ 15212678HI 15952280FA 15448688FB 15198505BE 16310632EF 16143341EA 16100179DB

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

REGNUMB 15685525GF 15100454GD 15612181AE 16123358ED 16459723DJ 15570135EC 16307822DG 15680897HI 15376737HJ 15612936GH 15564667FD 15184821DF 15615269FC 16034118ED 15680816DA 15948693EE 15260675DF 15613494EC 15615378BG 15119207GE 15146381CC 16174201JF 15572842GJ 15674348DE 15213628EB 15508483BJ 15699709JG 16123890JG 15631757FI 15707003DJ 15706395CA 15578310FI 15139550EI 16349299FG

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

REGNUMB 15677201BB 15999195FC 15370714AJ 15203972AG 15245351CJ 15674273GF 15058893AE 15266196FJ 15657033IE 16502770AF 15685154BE 15566801FD 15579522BB 15546683HD 16499205DA 15791402BC 16502427GE 15382105HH 15750238CD 16227927DE 15372842CH 15111222GA 15246841CB 16171089CC 15951162AJ 15680787CA 15708130FD 15709474JF

CANDNAME Akande Quadri Oluwakayode Osokoya Ademola Emmanuel Balogun Iyanuoluwa Ifedapo Oyejide Stephen Oluwanifise Akinade Adedoyin Ayomikun Adeleke Yusuf B Oladosu Olaniyi Michael Oyewumi Iyanuoluwa Godwin Popoola Akinboade Olufemi Oladejo Oluwadamilola Mojiminiyi Iyanuoluwa O Saudje Theophilus O Baye Zainab Ohunene Bara Wilfred Awajigbetlek Yinka-balogun Olumuyiwa Tolu Sada Adizat Asabe Amuta Jemima Ehiowoicho Ilo Uchechi Lawrencia Bassey-duke Winifred Ofure Muhammed Modinat O Garba Ladidi Salamotu Ibraheem Olamide Shakirah Vaughan David Oluwatobi Kaka Yakura Madary Zirangey David Sunday George John Oluwasheun Ishaku Micheal Baka Ishaya Patience Hassan Lora Murga Aruwa Salisu Lawal Sikirat

PHYSIOTHERAPY CANDNAME Adefabi Kaozara Adeola Oni-orisan Paul Adeoye Okoye Christopher Ugochukwu Ishola Tolani Latifat Babatunde Oluwaseun Comfort Mogaji Eniola Olayinka Amadi Anita Chiwendu Ufomba Uloaku Ezinwanyi Oyedare Kazeem Olawale Owoyemi Temitope Victor Adewale Bolatito Sharon Nwosu Priscilla Ogochukwu Adeniyi Faith Atinuke Abe Foluwasayo Julius Quadri Adeola Azeezat Ganiyu Titilayo Ayomide Kasali Thonamauton Ta Adekiigbe Adejoju Sefiu Oladimeji Olawale Victor Suarau Ibrahim Olamilekan Agbaje Adewunmi John Shuaib Aishat Temitope Ogunlusi Ifeoluwa Ayomide Adekola Oluwabukunmi Adebola Abiiba Opeyemi Taiwo Fakorede Oluwafunmiso Ireti Akande Omolade Nifemi Okediran Dorcas Olubunmi Olayinka Oluwatope Abidemi Peter Joy Rekwi Olaniyi Mariam Abiodun Efobi Onyinyechi Loveth Ayo Stephania Idow Abbey Ruth Idisima

PHYSIOLOGY CANDNAME Odubela Oluwatobi Rosemary Okosa Chizoba Precious Ogunbiyi Tumininu Adedoyin Ilo Oluchi Jessica Abolaji Oluwakemi Julianah Adebiyi Oluwapelumi Gbemisola Egbikor Perpetual Eghonghon Chime Maureen Nnebuogo Balogun Opeyemi Emmanuel Oke Setonji Abidemi Ojinnaka Uzonna Martins Adeniyi Adeola Cecilia Alonge Yvonne Kika Durojaye David Adisa Sodiq Olamide Oluwasegun Ogunbameru Ayorinde Adekanmbi Omolola Azeezat Aro Oluwatosin Oyefunke Fabiyi Abayomi Ebenezer Awoyemi Odeyemi Alaba Lawal Abdul-hafiz Olawale Onikoyi Adewunmi Titlayo Adegbenjo Oluwafeyisayo Moni Taiwo Oluwabunmi Oyindamola Lamidi Bolaji Agbeke Sotunmbi Oluwatoba Benjamin Akinnagbe Olusegun Emmanuel Kasumu Folawiyo Gbolahan

SN 29 30 31 32 33 34

REGNUMB 15180282HC 15727294IC 15611516FJ 16499366DC 16172292AC 16173055EB

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

REGNUMB 15567190FA 15656555GD 15566670FI 15613180BE 15128172DI 16245390CF 15614980EG 15119842AC 15158542BB 15610968FE 15609157FF 15148052FD 15673051EF 15832444HG 15370607DJ 15179135CB 15652117II 15679042BH 15613369CJ 15447993AC 16173296JE 15613371CD 16035647BF 15100416IA 15685538CG 15126507IG 16223716FH 16461699CI 16017478AI 15615582ID 15120911JD 15614968IC 15139627BB 15789662JB 15139629AF 15613044DE 16125449HF 15140004EE

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

REGNUMB 16494905CJ 15606733FC 15306520EG 15611263EC 15611587EA 15100429EB 15052734FB 16284934CE 15630823EH 15709994IH 15184851EC 16208948DC 15610974DG 15640167EI 15125915BJ 15614349JG 15614308CF 15617133IG 15645466FJ 15100423FJ 15373533II 15444518EI 15039571GB 16030458GC 15567314GG 15615254JH 15681533BD 15222843EB 15156598CD 15287896EG 15547560GB 16037581DD 15509398IH 15640400CI 15676978AB 16170982FC 16000202DI 15562303GE 15160553IJ 15671589GG 15564344FC 15650490CC 15782483JE 16237790DA 15097936FB 16168710HI 15380388IH 15246776CC 15107877AH

CANDNAME Affam Adaobi Oby Nwaefulu Eugene Ekpata Joshua Adaga Bellow Adenike Monsurat Abiona Temitope Rebecca Adamu Zainab Oluwatosin

PHARMACOLOGY CANDNAME Kurofuo Glory O Jaiyesimi Temitope Jonathan Udoh-peter Precious Ayo Mufutau Moruf Abiodun Adewunmi Adesina Taiwo Ayoola Fatunsin Philips Owoloye Sarah Olufunmilayo Ishola Christiana Dolapo Adamson Mariam Folasade Ubadinobi-ebili Sophia O Showande Zainab Oritoke Shomope Omowunmi Kadijat Nworgu Ngozi Innocentia Fafure Adesola Samuel Orisadare Temitope Opeyemi Yunus Habeebat Morayo Ogunbayo Abiola David Shonubi Oluwaseun Abosede Abdulazeez Azeezah Bolanle Alade Semirat Omolola Bailey Oluwasanmi Samuel Adebayo Ibitayo Mercy Adesanya Elizabeth Tosin Oyebiyi Oluwatosin Anu Ogunnoiki Lateef Olakunle Babarinde Kehinde Victoria Ogunmolu Oluwakemi Funmilayo Sorungbe Temitayo Folashade Yusuf Muinat Olayinka Balogun Adanma Rukayat Osuntokun Folasayo Oshin Christiana Modupe Lawal Olarewaju Adebola Segun-ojo Oluwaseyi Esther Nwatu Jennifer Chioma Ikeh Matina Hannah Anaebom Ugonna Gift Chukwu Ikenna Kelvin

FACULTY OF PHARMACY CANDNAME Baderinwa Yetunde Aminat Adegboyega Eniola Oluwafemi Afiegbe Trust Owhomakome Arebi Temidayo Aishat Ibikunle Oluwadamilare David Achikeh Obiageli Cynthia Dauda Sherif Alamu Emeh Obumneme Noel Ugbor Stephanie Ifeyinwa Rufai Roqeebah Adenike Rasaq Faidat Feyishara Nwogu Ifechukwu Benedict Oluyinka Praise Simisola Oladunni Blessing Omoloye Ayodeji Joseph Onasanya Gbemisola Christianah Haruna Morenikeji Rachel Odusanya Kelechi Temitope Kolawole Oluwapelumi Olabode Anyanwu Chidi Emmanuel Agbahiwe Chiamaka Marvis Orekoya Oluwakayode Johnson Ezekobe Ekenedilichukwu Elvis Ayeni Oyeniyi Ebenezer Ezeumeh Ifunanya Emmanuella Ekpo Etim Agnes Imalenjaye Joseph Ehikioya Egwunyenga Ijeoma Ajufo Deborah Ifeyinwa Onwuka Phyllis Ada Nuga Oludara Oluseyi Enuka Ifeoma Uchenna Kehinde Faith Oluwaseun Okwunze Ogochukwu Jane Okocha Ifunanya Genevieve Oluseye-Are Damilola Deborah Igbecha Ejiroghene Chimnoyanum Oluwasina Oluwabusayo Bolajoko Raji Lukmon Morenikeji Osibogun Oluwaseun Olaitan Chibueze Stanley Kelechi Eleyele Oluwafemi Rapheal Amadi Onyedikachi Henry Falade Adebola Ezekiel Asaolu Oluwabunmi Felicia Adeyemo Samuel Kehinde Adetoro Sakirullah Alabi Oyebola Enitan Rukayat Omoruyi Nelly Vbayiro

SN 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148

REGNUMB 15246366II 15639567AF 15051826FJ 16037133BJ 15449213CI 15100448IB 16497113AB 16224165GI 15642860CA 16495569HE 16099520GI 15155611HE 15213669BF 15147362IG 15673406EH 15674121DG 15138094FB 15375800HH 15609904EF 16500459FB 15560262HG 15633576DD 15157473BH 15169933HJ 15371839CJ 16146195BE 15200414BA 15673685ID 15448685GA 16228559HI 15146327IH 15638948BJ 16499056IJ 15631736CE 15155161GG 16210403DC 16495027FB 15618635EC 15531590FD 15685296HD 15504647IB 15160581AF 15607348FA 15631601EB 15682117AH 16031307DH 15680964HB 15672081EF 16167937GJ 15707197DJ 15634487BG 15573600CG 15614620FJ 15200980FI 15784906AD 15100829AF 15614235FA 15611638IB 16030180CD 15737021AB 15139511GI 16009559JH 15610997GE 16168537BF 15669936HI 15682083BC 16168699BE 16212164IE 16102645AF 15565640EE 15122703FC 15615251AJ 15615457HA 15614985DB 16170886EJ 15443262DD 15609435JE 15127775GF 15247066CF 16501871ID 15570038EC 15609400AF 16242384CC 15740199HA 15548663FA 15139663JH 15518609AC 15099021JE 15099945DI 15097011BD 16143635DB 15684328GH 15672968AD 15145999AE 15122755JA 16208929IJ 15570968GF 15206844CD 15616403EF

CANDNAME Olayemi Rukayat Motunrayo Monday Victor Onyedekachi Bedford-egunjobi Olatunde T Odutola Gbohunmi Omodehin Ogundeyi Paul Oluwaseyi Okunbor Eghosa Leo Akpawan Ekpekeme Christopher Oduyemi Samson Olajuwon Onyemachi Christy Kelechi Ikuburuju-orola Michael Toyin Ghazali Aishat Kehinde Chinedu Samuel Chisom Ebuzoeme Emmanuel Emeka Sotade Adeyinka Omowunmi Onyia Gillian Onyekachukwu Shittu Oyindamola Balikis Agboola Funke Esther Mosuro Bolaji Toluwalase Nwankwo Ifeoma Tochi Jinadu Oluwabukonla Hassan Saheed Temitayo Emenike Amaechi Augustine Okolie Chinyere Anne Olowolabi Kehinde Samuel Alasi Dolapo Harry Onyewuchi Chifurumnanya O Ebinum Sunday Eloke Afogun Christopher Ayodele Obanyero David Ekpe Edidiong Samuel Fasina Oluwaseun Tosin Onijala Temitope Ebunlomo Okunfeyiwa Olusegun T Solanke Abibat Olasubomi Fasasi Ahly Opeyemi Johnson Omobolaji Samson Mohammed Oriyomi Motunrayo Oyebode Adeyinka John Ajayi Damilola Ololade Ogunsanya Olamide Peter Adediran Fatai Kolade Oluwatoyosi Modupe Adegbola Sophiat Ayantunji Adeluola Adeoluwa Ayodeji Ayoade Oluwatobi Sodiq Lawal Sunmibare Abiodun Femi-oyetoro Charity Damilola Fabeku Oluwapelumi Ogunwande Bisola Mary Soretire Taiwo Titilope Olufuwa Hannah Ayomipo Bankole Iyabo Oluwakemi Victoria Omole Adeshola Sofola Omolara Bukola Oladipupo Mayowa Solomon Fabeku Femi Kola Iyiola Oluwaseyi Oladayo Olarinde Oluwatoyin Abisola Ambeke Yewande Patricia Yusuf Oluwakemi Elizabeth Folarin Ibrahim Opeyemi Adeniji Oluyemi Abraham Onanusi Olusola Anuoluwapo Faminigba Oluwabukola Funke Apotiola Oluwatobi Victoria Okunowo Ifeloluwa Toluwanimi Ogundemuren Deborah Aderoju Alashe Mariam Yetunde Ibituyi Oluwagbenga Olabanji Adeyi Abolaji Folakemi Obidairo Mariam Olayinka Sobiye Samuel Adedeji Buraimoh Modinat Temitola Amoo Saidat Oluwakemisola Aremu Matthew Oladapo Fasanu Temitope Theophilus Sadare Tomilola Samuel Ojoshipe Ayodeji Michael Adeyemi Adewale Samuel Saka Kazeem Ayinde Ogunsanmi Deborah O Lipede Imoleayo Joseph Sobowale Lateefat Toyosi Obayemi Elijah Olanrewaju Lawal Olajumoke Sekinat Tella Olayemi Ifeoluwatobi Ogunmola Damilola Segun Adeusi Dorcas Adeola Adeyina Ibiyosi Folashade Olajiga Oluwatobi Elizabeth Oladele Ruth Dolapo Shittu Lateefat Bolanle Adepoju Adewunmi Zainab Eleja Oluwatoyin Stella Omotuyi Oyinkansola Elizabeth Ibraheem Ayodeji Azeez Ladanu Olamide Timilehin Idowu Uthman Feyisola Iteke Elohor Eguono



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171

REGNUMB 15623722BA 15611962HJ 16495216GG 16190050HI 15080173IH 15097431BE 15185064IC 16037067CD 15633426JF 15759676DD 15034196IE 16105257CG 15680248IF 15123576FC 16344389EC 16171549JH 15566696HH 15155389GB 16284559IC 15954431JG 15141550GC 15929764IG 15956042BG

CANDNAME Abdul-lateef Modinat Temitope Oyenuga Oluwatoyin Mojisola Banwo Oreoluwa Olubukola Akinnawo Abiodun Oluwatoyin Esan Adedapo Oluwatimilehin Oladapo Bukola Olamide Akinjopo Oseyemi Ezeanowi Rufina Chinazaekpere Yahaya Hassan Taiwo Silas Temitope Mary Ajah Vincent E Idamkue Gura Blessing Nelson Ukeme Okon Arah Ruth Olubunmi Ayuk Miranda Manyi Layeni Nurudeen Nodu Daniel C Ibrahim Nasir Folarin Abubakar Abba Sulaiman Iwuchukwu Ezinne Iwuakwu Dogara Yashim Twenta Blessing Tinyangrimam Adewale Oluwatobi Morenikeji

FACULTY OF SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

REGNUMB 16037475GA 15786608DI 15681686DJ 16126445JE 15947099HD 15533989DE 16142700CD 15057489EF 15787495JD 16036148GE 15059358GE 15608969DH 15213247CA 16126448IF 15704131CC 16495913BC 16174281EJ 16342188EJ 15699988DF 16460859CG 16498183IJ 15391713GC 15524364AD 15158566DG 16152485FJ 15616098IH 15208514FH 15127575ID 16172586JA 15699728DJ 15701615AE 15953378FE 15157255IJ 15955900FE 15707970EI 15787660ID 15611147AC 15110025GC 15152297CF 16165322FH 15182684EE 15622336JE 15150183GC 15147426II 16227459IA 15549191BI 16498132EI 15951026CJ 15952303HI 15950957EC 16174334IE 15547302FJ 15675524JF 15577390AF 15619358AH 15683221JA 15370768EB

CANDNAME Urakpa Blessing Oluwaseun Onagaumah Mary Ndidi Asemota Dan Nosayaba Asiegbu Chikezie Christian Alao Abdulkabir Abiola Omoniyi Rebecca Temidayo Azeez Biliki Bolajoko Oyewole Oluwaniyi Tolulope Fakoya Adegbolabowale I Ibrahim Ali O Ajose Oluwatosin Ayodele Ope Temitope Basirat Enakarhire Eloho Precious Nmereole Glory Bartholornew Daramola Abisola Maryam Okwara Uchechukwu C Agbodoh Samuel(cd) Ogundapo Olusegun Emmanuel Adeniji Halima Abiodun Bolaji Temitope Opeyemi Omoniyi Tinuade Oluwaseun Akinrolabu Olalekan Moses Molumo Pelumi Oluwafunmilayo Ogunti Olumide Adebayo Adeleke Natheniel Opeyemi Ejimofor Nena Ann Teluwo Adetomiwa Ademorayo Shobakin Shola Sunday Adams Atinuke Ajoke Kazaam Olabisi Kafayat Ejigbo Fikayomi Temitope Kassim Serah Aduragbemi Egbeyemi Kamoru Kolawole Junaid Ganiu Adegoriola Agunbiade Ayisat Blessing Badejo Ajoke Mujidat Akinrinmade Oluseyi Robinson Oshinlaja Esther Olayinka(cd) Ogundele Olujimi Olayori Adeola Itunuayo Gbemiga Ilesanmi Opeyemi Dorcas Oduguwa Gbenga Olanrewaju Tytler Moses Idowu Mogaji Amdalat Afolakemi Lihammed Khafid Olabisi Adeyemi Matthew Babatunde Akanji Deborah Opeyemi Zakariya Yaqub Tunji Ayilara Olamipeju Fatimat Oladiti Saheed Olanrewaju Adelakun Oluwabunmi Yetunde Omojola Ifedayo Benita Lawal Sefiat Motunrayo Akinleye Oluwaseun Isaac Ojomo Olakunle Michael Awoyale Oyewole Gabriel Shodiya Oredolapo Ezekiel


REGNUMB 15155496DB 15615436DG 15652445HE 15151777DD 16499316IF 15506215DD 16032357II 15182591DC 15197280AD 15704529IJ 16058373CI 15678012AD

CANDNAME Ayoade Daniel Oluwasegun Ewumi Micheal Jolomi Jeremiah Junior Osmond Nnajiofor Maureen Amara Ugwu Chisom Jennifer Omatiga Akpede Lilian Sanni Abibat Omoshalewa Obasa Adeola Roselyn Uyo Joy Ogba Kassim Oluwadare Ismaila Amadi Linda Onyinyechi Adelakun Babatunde Wale

SN 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67

REGNUMB 16034765EC 16226520IE 15738939GH 15613373BH 15157004GG 16501150BF 15635176ID 16152480HE 15946660DC 15680921AG 16499610HG 16340496IB 15563979IA 15610206BC 15208232DA 15726813HA 16173980HJ 15097485EG 15635133BI 15614334EE 16170908IA 15955575FJ 15150686AI 15138572HC 15613211BI 15099880DJ 15705996FD 15157427FI 15947482II 16277733JD 15120925FB 16005707BD 15619197AF 15685304EJ 15726992BI 15141080BH 16244277GG 16173435GF 15203598GB 15954316FD 16164416FJ 15618433GG 15674868CG 16459711HF 15054916AE 15619608DD 15121073JC 15634445EF 15375722CA 16030683GG 16030409BF 15198081CF 15632885GJ 15198194HE 15578561IB

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

REGNUMB 15150442GB 15614991BD 15138674FH 15681217II 15119630FG 15614022BA 16499322GH 15573003HB 15203199JE 15608751BC 15638725AJ 15649125ED 15673549AG 15614752FB 16126219JD 15060055BA 15700674BE 15373680DF 15623044AH 15952548CC 15680582FD 16031090AJ 15632067AB 15124393CG 15637342IE 16031314BG 15146396HE 15178330BB 15139860II 15126800IA 15150441GE 15123189EJ 15448266FG 16105662HC 15373713DD 16213855FF 16162485DC 15375865HG 15152079JH 15571022JH 15607393BC

CANDNAME Fadahunsi Ayotomiwa Yejide Ihejirika Ogechi Stephanie Elusakin Aduratomi Motolani Hassan Abiodun Melody Osinniran Adeola Mary Dada Kehinde Rasheedat Adepoju Toheeb Adetola Luwa Juliet Oluwafunke Ikanih Solomon Ifeanyichukwu Umeoke Ebere Goodness Anthony Ayodeji Mogbolade Okunaiya Mopelola Rashidat Osuagwu Chinonye Obiageri Folarin Oluwatosin Bimbo Muyideen Oladipupo Khalifa Ilemoboye Hammed Olalekan Onigbanjo Titilayo Juliet Shiyanbola Titilola Beatrice Oki Olufunke Kafayat Borire Gbemisola Solabomi Ogunniyi Folakemi Abiola Adelesi Tosin Faith Ayeni Adebola Tosin Ojudun Oluwafunmilayo Aramide Bankole Sodiq Olalekan Nuga Modupe Funmilayo Dada Damilola Rachael Bakare Adeleke John Adekoya Arinola Yetunde Bello Ayomide Racheal Awe Mary Omolabake Oyekan Temitope Fatima Adekanmbi Olusegun Adesola Talabi Olushola Sulaimon Adeyemi Adekola Atanda Alase Abiola Toyosi Onilude Ore-oluwa Folabomi Osukoya Ololade Olubunmi Harrison Bukola Tomoye Mojisola Omolara Lawal Oluwatobiloba Racheal Omotosho Oluwatoyin Juliet Savage Rahmotallah Abisola Adetayo Elijah Adewale Bello Oluwatosin Emmanuel Goka Blessing Temitope Oyejobi Abayomi Micheal Durodola Biola Esther Olutimehin Oluwabunmi Kemi Liman Donald Ibrahim Kuku Dooshima Agbalama Chimamaka Chelsy Odili Franklin Ekene Opuzi Ruth Timiebiere Ajape Nurat Olaide

DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY CANDNAME Adeniji Kazeem Atanda Martyns Tamunoboma Isaac Ogunkalu Damilola Oluwasanmi Egwuatu Cynthia Chiamaka Olaniyi Olumide Jonathan Ibrahim Azeez Opeyemi Akinfenwa-donus Adetutu Alice Egungbohun Abayomi Oluwaseyi Okere Sandra Uchechukwu Adams Taiwo Davids Odeleye Kehinde Okikiola(cd) Fadeyi Mujidat Olajumoke Ogunkoya Eniola Oluwabukola Obogo Johnson Uke Kasali Khadijah Abisayo Adebisi Adewale Abdulganiy Oguntoyinbo Olatunji Folusho Adetokun Nimota Adetayo Jackson - Ayodele Ruth M Omoogun Abayomi Suru Adeyina Ibiyosi Folashade Idowu Olamide Olaoluwa Kalu Sunday Emeaba Olude Lateef Olufemi Adigun Babafemi Oyedapo Adesina Dauda Olamide Aramide Oluseyi Olusola Oduma Daniel Akhere Oluwole Victoria Opeyemi Adebajo Ayobamidele Damilola Ogunwehin Moromoke Olaronke Adebowale Adeleke Toheeb Oni Gideon Oladayo Osin Oladimeji Adewunmi Ajayi Olalekan David Fasipe Modupe Frances Olayemi Temitope Emmanuel Adeniran Azeez Olusegun Owolabi Oluwaseyi Babatunde Ogungbade Taofeek Mayowa Abiodun Abisola Risikat

SN 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62

REGNUMB 16285173ID 15058356GD 15727135HE 15079916IC 16227245ED 15140001FD 15567606GD 16033528GH 16210437CH 15571368CJ 15701393II 15681338BG 15141095GJ 15128304DA 15954902EB 15151973CH 15100262FH 16122771FI 15636964FE 15680699JA 15674542DE

CANDNAME Bello Wasiu Opeyemi Ayorinde Kehinde Daniel Kasali Taofeek Tommiwa Folayan Febisola Olajoke Obadan Samuel Oluwaseyi Babajide Bode Adedamola Alade Opeyemi Esther Adewunmi Taiwo Lukmon Akinmuleya Bolarinwa Rita Oluwadare Seun Taiwo Awujoola Rashidat Aderonke Osuntade Badmus Babatunde Salako Olayiwola Adeyemi Adekunle Adeyemi Ibrahim Olapade Tunde Lawal Adewunmi Rosemary Adeola Abdulahi Nurudeen Abiodun Godis Motunrayo Esther Adewara Elizabeth Temilola Nebechi Stephen Nnamdi Odeh Odeh Emmanue

DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

REGNUMB 15513469JG 15642957CA 15562867CB 16000394EE 16032823EI 15654028HI 16029325GG 15146079FF 15112364CJ 16168026JD 15615098IA 15639609HD 16223856CF 15570179AH 15683847FF 15639096GA 16224667BH 16127737AB 15107512DF 15097768HA 15510855IB 15526490CH 15645902BC 15126381HG 15999344JA 16502816GB 15953979JE 15154238CC 15615084CF 16166750EB 15623194EC 15635864FG 15708386GB 15619241GH 15639297DJ 16036030DA 16246904EC 15146293JC 15061232GI 16170947GA 15245637EE 15151643EH 15672433FG 15181928IB 15575121CC 15448686FH 16021362JD 15625787CD 15567636HA 15639393EC 15146560GH 15612334DA 15698912GC 16101288AC 15680721CE 15246342GD 15181394DE 15627725CJ 15632418BF 16340388BH 15611345IH 15146481BD 15566757II 15146315CG 15180994HA 15389707GG 16038376HD 15246892GC 15951366HG 15569907EH 15651109AI 15633846JG 16460550IA 16029609IH

CANDNAME Onyejeme Uche Jonathan Alli Olamide Omajuwa(cd) Njoroh Michael Onyekachi Ezeokwelume Tochukwu Chris Omitiran Demilade Michael Bodunwa Temiloluwa Sunmisola Adesanya Halimat Adetutu Sotannde Oluwadamilola Somide Ufot Akaniyene Asuquo Jagun Oiza Omachile Segun Oluwaseyi Edward Akinlawon Abiodun Kayode Sule Noimat Abidemi Okoroafor Nathaniel Chinonso Kalu Kalu Okomba Okoh Chukwudumebi John Okafor Ikechukwu Pedio Abanihe Henry Uche Akinsola Oyindamola Elizabeth Oluwayemi Samuel M Ibrahim Abayomi Daniel Orenuga Adekunle Sunday Onyiriuba Tobenna Winston Alaja-browne Oludare Ademi Unuakhalu Esther Onome Okolie Gabriel Ifeanyi Oluwo Yusuf Gbolaga Olawale Idris Olayiwola Momodu Imonitie Victor Ezetendu Williams Chidozie Nwauba Honest Chibuisi Ossai Chidiebere Kelvin Ekubiong Idoroeyin Precious Aigbedion Franklin Ehiwe Oyeniran Adedamola Olumide Ogra Oghenevwegba Adewusi Sarah Adeola Mbaike Onyekachi Kelechi Iwatuje Babatola Olushola Okoye Chiamaka Kolawole Samuel Elias Odukoya Abolaji Adetona Akinpelu Adenike Nimotalai Akinsooto Babatunde Temitope Oyudo Richard Chidiebube Banjoko Saheed Olajide Okorie Leonard Bello Maryam Adenike Olasiyan Azeez Tayo Oremade Oluwatobi Oluwatomisin Quadri Semira Damilola Ohu Oluwasegun Adetola Adesuyan Tolulope Oluwaseun Ayoola Olamide Lawal Okunowo Olutoyin Yinka Iroegbu Michael Chima Agbedun Oladeji Endurance Atiku Oluwadamilola H Larmie John Oluwadamilola Adeniji Adetomiwa Peter Yusuf Adeniji Alabi Obe Oluwadamilola Babatunde Oni Adeola Kehinde Abdul Damilola Halimat Adebisi Joseph Oluwatosin Akinnurun Oluwafemi Samuel Edun Adedeji Abiodun Towolawi Timothy Damilare Haroun Simbiat Taiwo Lawal Babatunde Omogbolahan Arewa Olakunle Daniel Bhadmus Kofoworola Oladimeji Folahanmi Bukola Ibrahim Akamo Ahmed Emmanuel



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106

REGNUMB 16346502AI 15631644AJ 16030790DG 15549739CD 16213199ID 16223591EE 15083074BH 16183936IH 15122632HB 15265849DD 15651082IJ 15376164FC 16212841JA 16344511GE 15999180JH 15562843JD 16152587EE 15563498GI 15547111FA 15539633HH 16185382BH 15606986GJ 15107863EJ 16163364BE 15148408FC 15678006CB 16029602BB 16167049BH 16211519HJ 16227577BH 15153409IE 15955009BB

CANDNAME Onileere Olawale Rasheed Marcus Oluwabusola Akinola Feyisara Oluwakemi Komolafe Abiodun Mercy Yunusa Ahmed Olasunkanmi Adesunloye Adeola Babatunde Omolewa Anuoluwapo Olaniyi Elegbeleye Oluwatobi Deborah Ojeniyi Calvin Adeola Agbonjimi Samuel Oluwaseyi Okunade Mobolaji Adetoyin Taiwo Oluwagbemisola Kemi Gbolahan Elizabeth Moyo Oni Kolapo Abimbola Oloruntola Opeyemi Sasonel Oyekanmi Damilola Dorcas Adeshiyan Titilayo Fausat Tijani Segun Adebayo Owoseni Oluwatomiwa Samuel Fagbohungbe Ayomide Oluwaseun Ajiboye Damilola Ayodeji Alao Eneye Wariso Lois Abimbola Okoroafor Victor Chinonso Ahmodu Steven Junior Abdul Mariam Cephas Judith Peace Onoh Kingsley Andrew Mohammed Farouk Osewa Kehinde Albert Mohammed Abdul Kabir Ramadan Bello Junior Bello

DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57

REGNUMB 15099047BG 15626374AI 15375633JD 16033764DI 15562987EJ 16037355DC 15251386GD 16162662ID 15376036EI 15639151IJ 15677916JH 15614798BA 15616225JE 15615045EF 15184029ID 16124731JF 16245804EE 15700699DG 15418082BA 15673295IJ 15683499DC 15209861JA 16037419DE 16495682CG 16164032EH 15375485FC 15784850HE 15391509JC 15615480AB 15510061DI 16460995AG 15308588FA 15567380GC 15515020AC 15053182GF 15607884JB 15568418FC 16347652FA 15597755CA 15730528IA 15206199BI 16242072IF 15653721CJ 15680819CB 15670172EJ 16111478IE 16223407BE 15951581BD 16122986JC 15139611FJ 16142871JC 15372589BA 15139583EG 15570881DF 15158204FF 16037503HD 15953632GI

CANDNAME Ekundayo Taiwo Olukola Abaribe Ngozi Faith Chikezie Johnbosco Paschal Ugwuoke Chinasa Rosemary Egbon Maureen Ifeoma Adebayo Michael Muyiwa Richnwankwo Victoria Chisom Ndinigwe Abuchi Kingsley Akinwumi Samuel Olubusayo Okoh Odiakachukwu Paul Oyelayo Samuel Wale Ayandare Mobolaji Elizabeth Ijaola Abraham Opeoluwa Okereafor Ann Chimezie Odiboh Ese Cynthia Ogunsola Olusegun Ayodele Ndubuisi Chidinma Imafidon Pedro O Ike Tochukwu Fortune Lawal Olabolaji Kabir Oshin Oluwafisayomi Damilola Owolabi Temitope E Adewunmi Yetunde Oreoluwa Adebayo Ismail Olawale Afolabi James Adebayo Naibi Kofoworola Omobolanle Adisa Omolara Ganiyat Afere David Akingbade Mustapha Aishat Iyabode Olopade Oluwatobiloba Israel Olayanju Oluwafunke Nimota Shada Abimbola Oriola Aromasodun Ololade Mistura Obalade Oluwatobi Oluwafikayo Oloyede Babajide Ayobami Semowo Mayowa Abayomi Tiamiyu Habeebah Mopelola Ladipo Omololu Ehidiamen Adeyefa Oluwasanu Michael Tiamiyu Jamiu Abiola Apenah Maria Olamide Fasoranti Damilola John Ogunmola Ayokunle Odedeyi Titilayo Esther Adetifa Opeyemi Ezekiel Ajagbe Rebecca Oluwakemi Akangbe Ayomide Nosimot Kolawole Naimat Bolanle Ogungbemi Ruth Oluwafunmilayo Adekunle Mariam Omodolapo Julius Ifechukwudere G Okafor Innocent Akwari Kelechi Chibuikem Hasta Cheny Enyinda Emmanuel Dorcas Ivorma Umar-Sandati Maryam Lare Abubakar Lantana L.


REGNUMB 16152267DE 15683051BI 16347677HC 15567616DD

CANDNAME Adelabu Olufunmilayo Adenike Imamu Emmanuel Iluobi Thompson Enitan Mary Igoche Emmanuel

SN 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51

REGNUMB 16461602CI 16284512CJ 15644424IB 15681472AC 16498717DJ 16501602BH 15370710CB 15181953AG 15646914IA 16169872IE 15156072EJ 15225114BI 16172198JA 15673560HA 15372593JF 16495563JC 16205202BI 15212690EC 15564408FE 15726976GG 15702250DJ 15617787GE 16351156BE 15956186GJ 16209322HE 15953578DG 15698624FD 16124119II 15096353EH 15151345GI 15952645CC 15637865GH 15610503JB 15707335BD 15371500HG 16164774FC 16171546AJ 15787643DH 15707925IG 15536117FC 15238030HA 15701906AE 15637248HF 15139640GJ 15122747BH 15650400AB 16502078EE

CANDNAME Ilori Afolabi Abayomi Adebowale Adedotun Adesola Adeniyi Olubunmi Abosede Olorode Olamide Balogun Akeem Adeyemi Okunyemiju Adekunle David Iye Abigail Akinyinka Owonikoko Adenike Eunice Adelana Ayodele Gbolahan Folorunsho Oluwashola Aina Dada Deborah Feyisewa Uhomoibhi Damian Osezele Odukoya Yusuf Lekan Akinola Olawunmi Idayat Adenuga Ademidun Gbolahan Akanni Nurudeen Olalekan Oyegbola Azeez Bisola Ewuzie Nelson Chijioke Bello Itunu Fatimo Ndubuaku Chinenye Blessing Oyekunle Oyebukola Deborah Folarin Daniel Adekunle(cd) Imam Mojisola Nimotalai Ojurongbe Johnson Feyishola Oladunjoye Blessing Olaitan Lateef Samsideen Olakunle Dopemu Shola Christopher Jimoh Rashidat Omowunmi Adeyemi Adeola Morenikeji Oladeni Ibrahim Ajibola Adekoya Michael Temidayo Sule-oba Ololade Arafat Anifowose Dolapo Ayomide Adedoye Adejumoke Morenikeji Demehin Pelumi Samuel Olajide Seun Emmanuel Adeshina Jumoke Olufunmilola Badejo Fatimo Gbemisola Gbolu Akinkunle Idowu Olasubomi Monsurat Oshikoya Babatunde Isaac Aderinoye Oyeyinka Daniel Ekpodio Ogonoebi W Ezerie Susan Ezinne Raji Yusuf Olamilekan Sadi Emmanuel Usman Anya Emmanuel Chukwud

DEPARTMENT OF MARINE BIOLOGY SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 43 42 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 41 44 45 46

REGNUMB 15615123AF 16122296CI 15138034DH 16127792DA 15386831GB 15621603GC 15111611FH 15613119AD 15615160II 16461606BG 15096653CA 15954446FB 15740931AI 15100949DD 15128506AG 16461354JD 15615217BE 15783669CI 16037129DB 15137979AI 15059067GE 15550641DD 16166225GE 15636972DA 15702334HI 16500808HB 16351800CC 15148026DE 15673629FH 15613350IG 16143314CE 15095903DJ 15614932JD 15156952CI 15157691EC 15724502BJ 15147964CG 16283143GC 15085171DB 15380868AF 16340432HJ 15549205HD 15952490AC 15608650CE

CANDNAME Osayande Osaze Vincent Ituen Isaac Usoro Aribisala Oluwatosin Aderinola Adeniji Samson Samson Adedeji Titilayo Abiola Oni Olugbenga Samuel Aofolaju Olufisayo Busola Nojeem Jamiu Abiola Elegbede Habeeb Oriyomi Adefolalu Patrick Tobi Chima Isaac Damilola Alowonle Olabisi Morenikeji Edet Christian M Onyenike Mary Ijoma Durosinmi-etti Fatimah T Agbaje-williams Olaitan O Maduezi Linda Obianuju Ayantunji Omolara Ifeoluwa Ijeh Gabriel Chukwuma Olaniba Rebecca Olufisayo Adelaja Adenike Ibidola Ejiofor Olisa Stanley Osagwere Mimi Jennifer Ajayi Ebenezer Olubiyi Jaga Olajumoke Iretioluwapo Afere Temitope Glory Adeshina Aishat Ayinke Nasiru Amudalat Motunrayo Ishola Toyin Modupe Bashir Hammed Olalekan Mogaji Olalekan Emmanuel Adelekan Adebola Yetunde Mustapha Ibukun Mary Oyetola Oriyomi Emmanuel Oloyede Abraham Oluwadamilare Adegboye Opeyemi Mary Okunaiya Adefowokemi T Dada Olusegun Emmanuel Adegunwa Olufemi Olusegun Aina Taiwo David Oyetan Olumide O Alexnagy Powell Bill Adeyemo Adetola Ige

SN 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 29 40 60 61 62 63

REGNUMB 16285389BH 15376194FJ 15140854BG 15956633IG 15622766GF 16345530BE 15750473JE 15952459JF 15954159DJ 15126710FJ 15371908BG 15787186FA 15209089HI 15954079IF 15547866BG 16171278DH 15376373AH 16145624HI 15726956CJ

CANDNAME Adegoke Omowumi Olubunmi Matti Adeola Olalekan Musa Olamide Asmau Ajakaye Ahmed Jide Akinyamoju Oluwakaikun Abiola Jinad Nofisat Adetoun Ayodele Michael Rotimi Austin Williams Ifeanyi Sanni Sodiq Babatunde Ajayi Oluwatimilehin Paul Sulaimon Abosede Kafayat Fadoju Oluwatosin David Badejo Adabayo O Kareem Olusola Al Saheed Ogbonnaya Marbel Obodouku Nneka Rhoda Bamidele Yusuf Ayotunde Abdullahi Kafayat Olabisi Sanni Abdullahi Muhammed

DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

REGNUMB 15058163GA 15213533DF 15999927IH 16210968ID 15125516FC 15787299AC 15158488HG 15704825HE 15637210JC 15698298GB 15614120AH 15575983FF 15614693DE 16142394GI 15635210HI 15700200HI 16171876IG 15646544CG 15371759HF 15612271CF 16210775IA 15632692GG 15097400BA 16106046IE 15154738HE 15202055DE 15446766JE 15570804HC 16228060CD 15139574HD 15783168HG 15699291IJ 15149880AB 16280510AH 15700008HC 16128050DC 16029558EG 15643625FD 15726814GH 16037249FJ 15643303EJ 15681899HJ 16208657DC 16243236IF 16225869JH 15685352AC 15150954HH 15784937AH 15178585CC 15147229JH 15086111CE 15373698HI 15614844GG 15632498GG 16033938AB 16345795JC 15624253GG 15685795DB 15053066CF 16498075CF 15570103EB 16165019JD 15676238IH 16145532GD 15050939AE 15050345EA 15645998BF 15953858GJ 15147319CB 15085844EJ 16211524GE 15056347HG 16031919EE 16340911JH 15609933FF

CANDNAME Oduro Olatunji Wasiu Olagesin Mabel Oluwabusayo Ugo-ezeaba Anita Ada Ogidi Cynthia Ocheanya Aizebeokhai Joshua Oghie Banjo Mathew Oluwaseun Adisa Adewale Hakeem Olumegbon Sulaimon Olajuwon Igbasanmi Oluwaseyi Dotun Yusuf Ganiyu Mosaku Azeez Olamilekan Ahanonu Michael Chukwudi Okeowo Joshua Akorede Okezie Chukwuemeka Desire Seidu Abiola Oluwafemi Ogunniyi Oluwatoyosi Emmanuel Mokwe Kenechukwu Felix Awosika Oladimeji Olamide Kareem Kazeem Abiodun Taiwo Olyinka Richard Ali Nasiru Umunna Chigozie Anthonia Ibrahim Olabode Amos Ogunboyejo Adeola Oluwatoyin Banjo Joseph Abiola Bakare Oludare David Tijani Musa Oladipupo Adeoye Adetunji Oluwatobi Irechukwu Victor Onyedikachi Atsuelime Marthina Akano Toheeb Adeniyi Ojo Oreoluwa Ayodeji Adebiyi Oluwaseun John Adewale Ashiat Temilade Eimuen Tonyson Ebosetale Kehinde Mosope Olurotimi Ige Oluwatobiloba Joseph Adegoke Sodiq Abolaji Abejoye Sylvanus Olagoke Awe Emmanuel Temitope Akanmu Yusuf Abiola Balogun Akeem Temitope Odofin Razaq Ola Adetula Christianah Titilayo Atoloye Oluwasegun Samuel Bankole Jamiu Olanrewaju Olorunkemi Enoch Abiodunbabs Agbede Philip Sunday Taiwo Abiola Adewunmi Adeniran John Olalekan Omole Michael Oluwatosin Abolade Olajuwon Ryan Olasupo Fatimo Olanike Akinbode Mahmood Adeyinka Olayinka Victor Owolabi Olajide Oluwaseyi Abidemi Yinusa Emmanuel Oludare Eruja Yusuf Olatunji Folarin Oluwaseyi Jacob Rasheed Bilikis Aderonke Ayinla Deborah Omobola Olajide John Femi Onawale Taiwo Isaac Ogunbona Bamidele Abel Adeoti Odunayo John Obey Samuel Temitope Ashefon Ayodele Adedeji Yusuf Yakub Bola Thomas Abiola Micheal Afolayan Femi James Omosuyi Amuwa Blessing Arobadi Oluwaseyi Ifejesu Olowojare Esther Omolara Shittu Rofiat Ajoke Akinola Opeyemi Usman




REGNUMB 15568913CC 15445999GH 15631007HH 15680301CD 16244876BF 16211078EE 15999866HG

CANDNAME Uwazuruonye Maryann Ngozi Oshionebo Pamela Oluwayemisi Kpanja Marian Wamu Inyang Samuel Kelvin Owotunse Adewunmi Abiodun Anger Dooshima Lois Nwose Emeka Andrew

DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72

REGNUMB 15157771JD 15678011AG 15634441FH 16127811HA 15638906EI 16152479HH 16163139BA 16231356CJ 15178481ED 16127710IC 16152633AD 16163284GA 15389930HG 15265415HE 15245362JD 15200186BF 15201730DJ 15615162IC 15614516IA 15563437FH 15182594CD 15670080DE 15100861AG 15622326CH 15785937BE 15209109BI 15620548CG 15609748CI 16209813FG 15609417FB 15095783BB 16002855DD 15579152FE 16126303DF 15120047GG 15212548IA 15098459DE 16165946CI 16223196GF 15671792DJ 15999612GC 15597363DC 15700386AF 16288588CD 16037098CH 16212868AJ 16499923BA 16036404HC 15609553DB 15709907FH 15708816DC 16230924GE 15122106JH 15681600AG 15139166DG 16035754IC 16284918HC 15098491DF 16036544EA 15614527EH 15121209HC 15650450EF 15139596AH 15955465AB 15577077HB 15709101FA 15625281IG 15154804HA 15147756GI 15954415EH 15643936JA 15706469IJ

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

REGNUMB 15246877BA 16166778FE 15125518EG 16125954BF 15639649FA 16495575FG 16037167BE 15631677AH 15679690BD 16264852DD 16460595EC 16496849BH 15151028EJ 16243480DC 15616393HF

CANDNAME Ndubuisi Ijeoma Lucy Udemba Chioma Christana Obasa Oluwafunmilayo T Ogbeche Aponi Patience Ejim Agbamuche Favour Amaka Rocco Farouk Nwankwo Chinwe Bibian Fagbenro Semiu Ayinla Ejemai Titilola Osareme Makanjuola Ayodele G Fatoyinbo Hakeem Olanrewaju Jolaosho Oluseun I Usman Stephen Oluwafemi Ogbo Funke Elizabeth Odunbaku Simiat Oluwatobi Afuwape Oluwadamilola Toyin Kolawole Busayo Comfort Dallas Onyinye Cheryl Maureen Omolade Abimbola Ifedayo Uduimoh Fancis Igene Ani Chinenye Ann Solanke Ayomide Oluwaseun Ogbochukwu Odinaka Regina Sogbetun Moses Dayo Ayoola Muhammed Kehinde Ukhueleigbe Anthony Ademola Tedunjaye Adetola Micheal Chikeka Vanessa Chinasa Seriki Mariam Funmilola Daramola Jeremiah Abayomi Liscano Ejiro Fernandez Eguanuku Alfred Ogheneovo Okodua Emmanuel Abbey Bosu Oluwadamilola Elizabeth Oguntade Michael Sunday Awosanya Temitope Yetunde Abejide Yetunde Oluwatoyin Amole Akinkunmi Paul Ayileka Adedayo Adeyemi Adeniranobey Saidat Omowunmi Pitan Ifeoluwakale Stacy Dada Olusegun Samuel Odeniyi Olasumbo Fadekemi Israel Esther Adenike Ogunbiyi Adesola Abiola Oladimeji Oluwabunmi Ruth Tinubu Sulaimon Babatunde Lawal Olalekan Abdulfatai Fisher Dare Joseph Balogun Remilekun Adeyinka Osunkoya Oluwatobi Joshua Orefuwa Adebowale Oluwaseyi Osho Oluwatobi Emmanuel Tubi Olayinka Omolola Kehinde Solomon Idowu Adejumoh Yakubu Gbadamosi Abiola Shifau Sanusi Khadijah Omoshalewa Fawehinmi Oluwakemi Mary Issac Olorunsola Abigirl Eluwande Olaide Ibukun-oluwa Ogbonna Samuel Ochiagha Nnaka Sandra Ekene Apampa Rafiat Olatundun Yusuf Noimot Oluwatoyin Ibeh Amarachi Assumta Kent Cassandra Kathleen Abang Lilian Chinasa Lolo Nomsu Sandra Iyiobi Amarachukwu Kumhoom Stephanie Tsenbuet Abubakar Ibukunoluwa Anifat

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS CANDNAME Ademolu Edward Abidemi Akinfaderin Remi Adebusayo Ehiane Francis Omodiagbe Onokpite Godstime Wisdom Adegoke Sherif Adelaja Udoh Elvis Isong Amahwe Gideon O Lajumoke Temilola Oluwafemi Adedeji Habeeb Adebowale Olayemi Israel Olasegun Kareem Taye Seun Ogunfile Abayomi Oluwatobi Ndon Love George Effiong Folarin Shola Taofeek Omoseni Damilola Fikayo

SN 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

REGNUMB 15060352IJ 15643554HC 15139695AB 15099036EJ 15245821HE 15609251GE 15100507AB 15701133JC 16034632FD 16164576GE 15622396BB 15640331EB 15952983HF 15644676AE 15953915JC 15374684DA 15563255CB 15579405HB 15445948CG 15614495EG 15953817JF 15147199JA 15632718IF 16005111FF 15615212CJ 15156084BD 15644612AC 15704459AI 15048056CA 16286627IG 15614855DD 15595454DG 15617984FF 15570159GH 15447105EH 16228725GF 15783688GI 16029269EA 15099374AF 15205461AB 16228933CD 15512711EC 15782622GF 15705010AE 15680703HI 15449935JD 15183203DJ 15951713AF 16287044JG 15152105BJ 16287049IB 15686481BA 15535043HD 16122173AJ 16407782IA

DEPARTMENT SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

REGNUMB 15567104BH 15705560AD 16166057ID 15949646JF 15672789FF 15509723IC 15158268FH 16223366EA 15139367BF 15198691DI 16498266DE 16166826AH 16169326HD 15684909HA 15678927HB 15618933CB 15534757FI 16127644IG 16499063GI 15614949EC 15633238HH 16499054JF 15511984IJ 15708331DC 15150116GJ 15787572FG 15683913FB 16152530CB 16116634DJ 15139441IE 15098581FG 15155196FI 15139383GE 15120200JC 15613187JA 15707306AD 16287839DJ 16460304EC 15146260JE 16286147HB 16037510FC

CANDNAME SN REGNUMB CANDNAME 42 15615579JC Olatimehin Oluwakemi V Nwaekwu Victor Nwawunwene Onye 43 15370500GJ Kayode Abiodun Emmanuel Ademowo Olanrewaju Abiodun(cd) 44 16231476FH Yakubu Oluwatosin Abraham Adeeko Mayowa Adegbayi 45 15050942JC Lawal Shola Bamidele Ezeumeh Chidiebere 46 15682718EH Gabriel Ebenezer Mayomi Iroegbu Chinzaram Enyiazu 47 16105339HB Adegoke Abiodun Omotosho Ajayi Joshua Olaoluwa 48 15787759HH Ajewole Ayodeji Mathew Sukuru Oghenerukevwe Godwin 49 16283283DA Tijani Olanrewaju Musiliu Solarin Adebayo Samuel 50 16037599HG Gafar Latifat Jumoke Ikemefuna Arinze Clement 51 15185675JC Oguntoyinbo Temitope Olumide Momoh Olutayo Peter 52 15373096EB Alabi Zainab Biodun Osaade Peter Simile 53 16341298AD Duduyemi Omotayo Alex Olalekan Hamed Olayinka 54 15375132EE Ogunmola Oluwatoyin Eniola Tiamiyu Olayinka Azeezat 55 15141065GC Dada Olabosipo Rachael Okafor Johnmark Ebuka 56 15152200CF Yewande Oluwadamilola Mercy Obi James Okechukwu 57 15156197GC Agbaje Serah Bunmi Bolaji Rafiat Adewumi 58 15247286EE Nwonu Somtochukwu Jeffrey Omotoso Omolola Folasade 59 15158278CH Okosun Christiana Onuwabhagbe Omoru Gabriel Mercy 60 15197533CA Akor Godwin Jude Bello Farouk Ololade 61 15703363JF Ekpo Glory Ekaette Omordi Gabriel C 62 15701698EG Musa Saheed Olanrewaju Alabi Adeshina Jeleel 63 15449032IG Babangida Miriam Busari Akeem Olamilekan 64 16225575AJ Abodunrin Sodiq Olamilekan Jaiyesimi Aderinsola Yewande 65 15390271CD Nwadibe Oluchi Peace Sanni Azeez Ayinla Alabi Dayo Samuel FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Oyeyinka Jesufemi Adekunle Osuntola Felix Olayinka DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Ajayi Ayomide Peter SN REGNUMB CANDNAME Bamgbade Adeoye Samuel(cd) 1 15620172IH Isiaka Abdulaleem Moyosore Komolafe Damilare Samson 2 15708871GB Davies Abiodun Ayobami Shodimu Oluwatosin Mathew 3 15999642GJ Ekwegh Ugochukwu Joseph Ifarajimi Femi Mathew 4 16031184BI Okhah Ruth Titilope Okuneye Adekunle Simisola 5 15616577AI Awosanya Oyinkansola Olusola Mogaji Olaide Emmanuel 6 16038214HE Bashiru Mukaila Akanni Alabi Olubode Abiodun 7 16284705DC Ayemoba Thankgod Friday Ajayi Oluwapelumi Ayobami 8 16123202CG Isiaka Marzuq Oladipupo Adedipe Samuel Anuoluwapo 9 15507800DB Festus Gift Emmanuel Olojede Gabriel Olatunde 10 15646224BG Nwachukwu Clive Onyedikachi Oke Taiwo Oluwaseun 11 16142205FD Iteghite Raphael Aloziem Akinnusi Emmanuel Olumide 12 16224480JD Odioko Oghenetega Onoriode Ogunsanwo Rasheed Adebayo 13 15639664AF Gbolade Adedolapo Moyosere Lijofi Emmanuel Odunayo 14 15095620BF Owodunni Simiat Omolabake Ogunleye Ibukun Gabriel 15 15952436GH Ajala Anuoluwapo Oluwasola Abiona Kayode Solomon 16 16213874JF Ezeh Chidinma Amarachi Yakub Yunus 17 15614957BI Ojetunde Daniel Oluwaseun Komolafe Pelumi Fidel 18 15673798DF Buraimoh Adesewa Oluwatobiloba Salako Lawal Oluwaseun 19 15679939EC Eteng Yemmy Eno Kehinde Oluwafemi Peter 20 16344477GJ Ayoola Olakunle Olaniyi Abimbola Adewunmi Mark 21 15248973CH Akioya Idahosa Christopher Jimoh Yusuf Aweda 22 15684807IF Babafemi Babatope Irapada Babayemi Folahan Tejumola 23 15388849CB Adepoju Kehinde Oluwatotan Patrick Stephen Eteng 24 15645903AJ Nwadiani Ugochukwu Michael Ogbonna Aguiyi Fidelis 25 16242703DF Ukaegbu Japhet Oscar Granville Uyi Aigbe 26 15543842GA Olajide Olaoluwa Oluwatomisin Tyobo Emmanuel 27 15704029DH Okolo Chinenye Vanessa 28 15637854AD Efenudu Victor Eviawere OF PSYCHOLOGY 29 16494952IC Oluku Freda Anwuli 30 15546465EI Abiola Olawale Muritala CANDNAME 31 15615766BG Akinwale Olumide Olayiwola Oni Omolara Bamidele 32 16496958HI Abbah Noah Egba-ojo Jolayemi Ayishat Temitope 33 15145975HG Ogunnaike Similoluwa Opemiposi Anthony Bright Chibuike 34 16101334FI Omozuyi Nosakhare Ikponmwosa Onah Faith Ochuole 35 15611542HI Oguntola Enitan Abayomi Oderinde Tolutope Ashabi 36 15146252CB Adebiyi Temidayo Ebenezer Megbabi Adewale Adedamola 37 15645918GB Fariu-arebi Abdullahi T Ologundudu Olufemi Arinola 38 15145921EE Ojo Babatunde Oluranti Adekunle Yusuf Olalekan 39 15145912HB Ogundipe Moyosoreoluwa O Ajanaku Ibukunoluwa Akintoa 40 16171486JC Adeyemo Kamaldeen Adekunle Ideji Peace Oghale 41 15615676JC Akinmolayemi Tolulope Yetunde Odebudo Adedoyin Habibat 42 16029581HE Balogun Damilola Kaosarat Anthony Rukky Aderonke 43 15615555GH Obidiagha Chisom Andrea Adekunle Abiola Adeoye 44 15615619GJ Oyeneye Akeem Adelanke Adedapo Florence Oluwadamilola 45 15737087JE Apeh Samson Chukwuemeka Adebayo Roseline Yetunde 46 16034537EH Opere Rainat Oluwatosin Osewa Ona Ara Elizabeth 47 15615556GE Obonodi Chukwunalu Uchu Peter Idagu 48 15671700CE Godwin Onyekachi Omeke Ekeh Obioma Biere 49 15656636BE Ozili Ifeanyi Emmanuel Mustapha Bala Muhammed 50 15652477HF Seriki Damilola Toheeb Uzor Daniella Chima 51 15146889FA Collins Tochukwu Philip Chukwu Uchenna Winifred 52 15123125EH Andrew Olufunmilayo O Okoya Temitope Richard 53 16340631GE Adewole Tosin Matthew Oladiji Babawande Abayomi 54 15642703AG Shitta Itunu Atilade Isaac Ibukun Oluwaseyi 55 15051629GI Shafar Oreoluwa Faizal Edoburun Emmanuel Tope 56 15649091EI Osasona Damilola Ayomide Rasheed Lateef Aileru 57 15740037HB Akinsowon Deji Sunday Adams Tawakalitu Abidemi 58 15639158GI Adenaiya Oluwatosin Agboola Kareem Abisola Mistura 59 16491766DH Bakare Ruqayyah Edohore Justina Eruwvuoghene 60 16246927HA Tiamiyu Oluwabukola Racheal Opadoja Michael Olamide 61 15999502AE Omiteru Hameedat Ayoola Adebayo Yinus Olajide 62 15100813FD Sode Ayodele Opeyemi Udebuike Ifeoma Virginia 63 15643174EI Ogunlana Emmanuel Oladimeji Akingba Joy Oluwatosin 64 15058636JG Shodipe Oladimeji Tomiwa Olaotan Aminat Abiola 65 15461478JD Akinyele Shileola Precious Akanmu Adesola Tolulope 66 16187010IA Ogunbameru Oluwakemi Moyosola Johnson Doris Temitope 67 15445312JB Otuyelu Gbadebo Joel Ayelabowo Zainab Enitan 68 15118938JF Adeyemo Idayat Ololade Lawani Modupe Titilayo 69 15146232IB Jolaade Ayobami Aminat Adefioye Olusore Adunoluwa 70 15519518II Kupoluyi Michael Oladapo Ojomo Adedamola Michael 71 15669977FC Jolaosho Abayomi Rilwan Obafemi Toluwalase Victor



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101

REGNUMB 15649774DG 15709275BD 15124706FH 15643174EI 15178723JD 15246282EJ 15698637BE 16124265DI 16494931EI 15622109JG 15123329BH 15618646AJ 15146520JA 15123209IG 16460247BJ 15168569JH 15083446GF 15549301HG 15650580ED 16226542BI 15633803DB 16499558DI 15164517DB 15650768GB 15681421FI 15139439JA 16440262CI 15124028FE 16461487IC 15680234DA

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

REGNUMB 15741374DH 15611135DI 16502764CD 15613378AC 15622062ED 15051116FF 15097392DE 16500296FF 15185276CI 15635942BG 16496877DA 15614583HD 16231645DF 15570228FE 15535467GC 16284664FI 15179650CI 15786502GF 15619083FG 15635465IJ 15539543FG 15621420CJ 15950036IJ 16495290DI 16495918JE 16243442EJ 15181952AJ 15445171CJ 15680047AJ 16495240JB 15641005FG 15672737BH 15141970GD 15622314GD 16495085HB 15126362DG 15621815AI 15636418ED 15448232GB 16034637DI 15631895DC 15564058DH 15519674AI 15097789AH 15154088IE 15703655JC 15955591BB 15675964DG 15619309FH 15619326AG 16227571DF 16032730DG 15948527FH 15678921IJ 15655210CE

CANDNAME Adelowotan Funmilayo Mary Sanni Lateef Adegboyega Orisan Hannah Tosin Ogunlana Emmanuel Oladimeji Yoloye Oluwapelumi Uchenna Adeniyi Samuel Temitayo Fatusin Adunola Banke Oseni Dolapo Oluwaseun Orisadare Rosemary Abimbola Abdulsalam Ruqoyat Omobolanle Olagunju Rashidat Anu Amusa Shakirat Monisola Owodunni Abdullateef Amoo Kausarat Yetunde Osunsade Oluwaseun Temitope Oladapo Oladipo John Ojo Oluwafemi Opeyemi Ajaja Oluwadamilola O Ladigbolu Adebisi Anjolaoluwa Balogun Taofikat Bukola Udumoh Gabriel Solomon Ukaegbu Godson Chimezie Adeniran Princess Anuoluwapo Ojiaku Collins Uchechukwu Ogbede Chikereuba Nestor Yakasai Halima Zimaye Ogbu Odeh Daniel Daniel Victor Emmanuel Vedan Favour Wesley Turaki Timothy Musa


CANDNAME Okunfolami Ayodele Temitope Cyril Christopher Alex Onyenegacha Charles Ifeanyi Adebayo Daniel Oluwafunbi Adesanya Adeniyi Samuel Bashua Funmilayo Omonigho Ugwuanyi Elizabeth Patience Majekodunmi Oyinkansola O Willie Willie Francis Idowu Olamide Hannah Sangokoya Joy Ifeoluwa Ogungbo Abdulqudus Rotimi Akinola Kayode Ayomide Faleye Temidayo Racheal Oladipo Olumide O Oyetomi Tolulope Olatutu Oridokun Sunday Mayowa Okeke Peter Tochukwu Ukachukwu Chinonso Christian Ojelade Aderemi Sewanu Adeyemo Adetola Rafat Adejumo Olakunmi David Owolabi Habeeb Olamilekan Dogbonjaye Eric Olaoluwa Ezeoma Obumneme Isaac Taiwo Olawale Ayobami Onwuegbuchulam Gift Chinemerem Odumuyiwa Abiola Tubosun(cd) Opafola Oluwaseun Janet Awe Oluwatobi Samuel Otukoya Idowu Oludayo Onabanjo Olufunmilayo O Adejumo Ibrahim Ademola Yusuf Oladipupo Kayode Adelanwa Adedeji Abdul-lateef Badmus Temitope Oluwaseun Nurudeen Adijat Folashade Quadri Latifah Omowunmi Agboluaje Temitayo Babatunde Osungade Omodolapo Chidubem Abe Olabisi Regina Olayeye Omotayo Micheal Osadare Oluremi Akin Alake Olanike Pelumi Atanda Olusegun Williams Ogunniran Olayinka Ruth Aketan Feyisola Oladapo Ajisafe Ayuba Adekusibe Omoshehin Micheal Idowu Okereke Nicholas Chinedum Aliu Samson Toluwase Baderinwa Titilope Adeola Muhammed Sanni Abubakar Aliogo Uchenna Juliet Ahaa Riga Mnenge


REGNUMB 16226722GA 15119566FE 15098088IA 15607614CI 15375861II 15568631JC 16104932DB 15198893BE

CANDNAME Obi Chiamaka Jessica Ekerin Ayomide Isaac Abinboyewa Adunola Amakoh Kelechi Okechukwu Adeleye Temitope Deborah Olubodun Mariam Oluwaseyi Peter Omale Stephanie Ezeh Precious Amauche

SN 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88

REGNUMB 16037170AF 15670095IG 16144712AB 16255769CF 15084271BF 15146244EF 16341345FG 16123983BB 15145995BG 15387925HH 15566763HA 16343642FC 15673535EI 15614788EA 15563279EG 16495983JD 15677909CB 16345006DE 15122439GI 15645045GB 15494226BD 16496575GD 15123916AC 16152471AE 15052462JB 15617394HJ 16230213GD 16347237DE 15198149BF 15782310DB 15634492AB 15625848DE 15524371HJ 15536918HE 15502767JF 16284836CH 16230695HC 15100232FA 15153791AF 15156962JF 15611434BE 15204837DA 15678913BG 15625414HF 16494828GG 16495732HA 16283995CI 16142932AG 16224412AG 16226852FI 16285652AE 15261490BF 15562350CA 15672900BD 15388781DB 15677804EF 16005033JF 16165249IC 16014377JG 15704206II 15157688FB 16499432CI 15120939AJ 15447109DF 15120583BA 16494782BA 15956040CC 16038268AJ 16340782JG 15050714JH 15669875GH 16495517DG 16495819AD 15371522BA 15180566JD 15955134CE 15389877EB 15616348BG 15152468JE 15950472EC

CANDNAME Opere Kabirat Omobola Uduh Chiazor Peace Adekola Abimbola Hazzanat Obunadike Chiamaka Nnenna Akingbade Adedayo Boluwatife Ojugbele Oyinlola Afusat Abiah Brenda Iduma Chukwuemeka Christopher Disu Musa Olawale Onarimi Victory Precious Ayodele Victoria Olawande Akinlotan Iyanuoluwa Ayomide Ipaye Saheed Olatunde Joel Temitayo Elizabeth Odusola Abiodun Dorcas Fasanya Oluwatosin Mayowa Phillips Success Racheal Nwakanma Uchechi Elekwachi Chidinma Josephine Gbogujude Chibuzor Okoli Maryann Osinachi Olisa-akaeze Joanna Tobechukwu Ighodalo Ese-osa Shalom Ogundola Hannah Olamide Adegunloye Mary Olubukola Odunubi Oluwatosin Ayomide Ugwu Maryrose Jennifer Iyanda Abraham Oluwatosin Ashaka Odezi Winifred Baruwa Oyindamola Adebukola Nwajiaku Chiamaka Oluwatosin Abigeal Babington Olajumoke Awobiyi Toluwani Ifeoluwa Kehinde Bukola Esther Adedeji Adefolake Titilayo Oni Bukunmi Mary Toyinbo Tosin Alao Abimbola Joy Abdulsalam Kareemot Agbeke Olumuyiwa Anointed Ayomide Olakitan Adedoyin Adeola Adio Yetunde Raliat Esho Temilola Rachael Olomofe Oluwatobiloba Charles Babawale Adebisi Adekunbi Bamidele Michael Adeniyi Balogun Opeyemi Olusola Adeyanju Folakemi Maryam Akinwumi Olusegun David Sagbola Damilola Omobolaji Sunday Modupe Christiana Fayombo Simileoluwa Taiye Adeleye Adeyemo Adeleke Oluwashina Paul Adedeji Akingbohungbe Adunola Precious Olusugba Funmilade Oluwatoni Aiyemowa Funmilayo Seun Johnny Essiet Moses Matti Mariam Atinuke Kolawole Deborah Opeyemi Ojo Olayinka Racheal Anifaloba Uwana Rita Bello Ebunoluwa Esther Oguntokun Remi Sussan Adeyemo Adedoyin Temitope Afolabi Oluwatobi Oyindamola Balogun Afis Oluwaseyi Gentle Asuquo Blessing Ushiekpan Catherine Andornimye Iluromi Ebenezer Akindayo Nwachukwu Lorine Morenikemi Ogide Alice Chidinma Alade Ebikabowei Lucky Usman Zailat Gift Ochigbo Victoria Ene Shittu Zainab Omodolapo Idris Hasiya Ishaq Bakarr Abdulkareem Biodun Asanya Mary Jumai Barry Alhassan

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

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CANDNAME Arawomo Stephen Afolabi Ogunsola Kehinde Ajibola Afolabi Aramide Idera Ayenimelo Mayowa Niyi Ayoade Taofeek Adeseun Eke-williams Chiaka Ola Awomore Samuel Oluwasheyi Adesanya Samuel Damilare Ojuolape Oyindamola Juwonlo Idada Jennifer Orobasa Olokede Mercy Damilola Kosoko Oyeyemi Yekini Onyido Ijeoma Judith Odufuwa Olabisi Oluwatoyin Ogunjobi Oluwatosin Deyon Azeez Akeem Ademola

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CANDNAME Adedoja Mathew Segun Inaolaji Taiwo Hassan Okorocha Precious Ijeoma Joshua Dada Comfort Sanni Ridwan Ishola Nnajiuba Kennedy Chinyere Nwani Raphael Oyomitole Otongaran Ntakobong Iboro Adebanjo Adedotun Johnson Eke Reuben Ekpelechukwu Emmanuel Akanimo Christian Ogoh Elvis Efe Mutimi Kehinde Tolulope Jabita Tosin Ahmed Oyeleye Adejoke Deborah Oluwasegun Isaac Olorunisola Akinuli Iretiayo Joy Adeyemi Elizabeth Oluwaseun Salis Ibraheem Oluwaponmile Oluokun Tolulope Olanrewaju Adedeji Obafemi Adeyemi Mustapha Abimbola Asake Akanbi Ayobami Elizabeth Aina Oluwatomi Akinwummi Kalejaye Tobiloba Solomon Okunleye Opeyemi Elijah Taiwo Joshua Ojutiwon Faminu Oluwagbemisola Oreoluwa Abolaji Kazeem Olalekan Oni Oladipupo Olakitan Oyeleso Michael Tunde Olatunde Seun Hannah Aribilola Damola Wisdom Ogunde Busayo Olasukanmi Adedoyin Adedotun Emmanuel Adeboye Idowu John Sonubi Olusegun Jubril Olayiwola Oluwatoyin Anthony Alani Abiodun Sunday Falade Olujimi Adeshile Awofisibe Micheal Oluwashola Owosho Kudirat Oluwafolakemi Kuti Ibrahim Olawale Makanjuola Kehinde Jelilat Adesegha Omotayo Isaac Ogbole Samuel Oluwatimilehin Salawu Fortune Omuya Yusuf Ibrahim Temitayo Ahmed Omotayo Azeez Umoh Maureen Chioma Golu Nuhu Namshang Ibor Albert Sunday Galadima Usman Ovuru Tekena Joseph Obaji Confidence Ijeoma Ayeni Micheal Imu Odihi Sunday Anifowose Tosin Racheal Ohama Oluchukwu Joy

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY CANDNAME Iwueke Patricia Obiageli Bello Gbolahan Olufunsho Martins Babajide Babatunde Dosumu Hidiat Temitope Udeh Nneka Karyn Uba Success Jones Fageyinbo Tobiloba John Akinrodoye Mary Omorinsola Lamidi Busayo Sheriffdeen Onyekwelu Mary Okwudili Makinde Olufunke Olaitan Rufai Idris Adekunle Fashuwape James Ademola Ojo Oluwafisayo Joy Orji Nnamdi Agwu Alawode Funsho Micheal Inyang Aniebietabasi Filani Kemi Evelyn Idris Omotimilehin Sarat Omotunde Solomon Oladayo Komolafe Peter Muyiwa Shonde Aishat Olopade Bolaji Johnson Akinniyi Esther Oluwabusayo Abegunde Tope Cosmas Aluko Oluwatobi Oluwamuyiwa Sule Temitope Tajudeen Atanda Temitayo Sobuurah Kolade Tolulope Oluwaseun Bello Seun Ajarat Azeez Adekunmi Adekola Wahhab Sodiq Olalekan Adebisi Olumide Alfred Mosaku Kehinde Gbenga Thomas Theresa Mausi Odebode Oloruntoba Michael



UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, NIGERIA 2011/2012 UTME ADMISSION NOTICE TO SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES SN 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

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CANDNAME Osiyemi Micheal Olaniyi Oyekan Anu Moses Ogun Oluwafunmi Olushola Olowu Oluwatosin Modupe Olasupo Temitope Ibitayo Bakare Okikiola Israel Ajagbe Grace Omobolanle Daramola Felicia Dolapo Ogunjimi Similoluwa Adenle Ademilola Precious Olanisimi Oluwatobi Emmanuel Olaoye Benjamen Akinbode Sule Olanrewaju Abidemi Akinbulejo Toluwalope C Ogun Olajumoke Temitope Okeowo Tomola James Rotiba Oluwagbenga Oluwaseun Agbaje Damilola Racheal Olateju Olanike Omolara Fatoba Olawale Olutoyin Wahab Hassan Taiwo Ocheja Kelvin Yakubu Jumbo Tumini Dorcas Chi Kenneth Afuh Ohiri Chidera Lynn Okocha Obinna Richard Salisu Mariam Maihula Samson Sylvester James Ikwuje Oka Mary-Anne

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK CANDNAME Kojo Sunday Olaoluwapo Akolade Michael Oluwatosin Eburuaja Giftson Nwachukwu Olasupo Akeem Dare Okoye Emmanuella Azuka Lawal Kaseem P Anthony Solomon Wiseken Salami Temitope Nimota Okunlade Kehinde Akorede Okwe Awele Thelma Salami Nimota Olayinka Olaleke Taibat Mojisola Shopade Daniel Oluwagbenga Alabi Ahmed Agbaje Odumuyiwa Babatunde Moyosore Akindoju Adedeji Damola Molade Toyin Lilian Odeyemi Bolaji James Raji Aishat Titilope Ayodele Ayotola Azeezat Abolaji Temitope Felicia Omoruyi Oluwadamilola T Akerele Lekan James Olagunju Olamide Suzan Okunade Basirat Bunmi Saka Aminat Titilayo Olupinsaye Elizabeth O Etumuse Jeremiah Nduka Egbo Chidinma Calista Okike Nwanneka Patricia Jimmy Jerry Junior


Registration is scheduled to hold from 19th to 30th September, 2011. Candidates are advised to report at the multipurpose hall of the university of lagos at 10.00a.m each day. Candidates should bring along 12 passport photographs with the following original and four photocopies of the underlisted items:

4. Clear copies of computer printout containing private candidate’s result duly certified by the principal. 5. Letter of reference from a reputable clergyman/imam/ lawyer/senior civil servant. 6. Birth certificate/sworn declaration of age. 7. Testimonial from primary and secondary schools attended. N.B. Candidates must have attained the age of sixteen (16) by october, 2011 to be eligible for registration.

SUPPLEMENTARY ADMISSIONS (A) a few vacancies exist in the faculty of education: · Chemistry · Mathematics · Physics · Integrated Science · Biology · Geography · History · Yoruba · Islamic Religious Studies · Christian Religious Studies · Igbo Language · Human Kinetics & Health Education

(B) Procedure: Interested candidates with the necessary requirements are eligible Please note that: to apply. Such eligible candidates · Impersonation is a serious offence should follow the procedure below: and anybody found guilty of this 1. Proceed to any of Ecobank, will automatically forfeit First Bank, Wema, UBA and admission and will be handed Intercontinental Bank branch over to the police/law nationwide. enforcement agent. 2. Pay a sum of N750 Naira for change of course · The mode of dressing should be 3. Immediately proceed to formal. UNILAG website: · Candidates not properly dressed will not be attended to 4. On the homepage, click on · Parents/guardians/members of change of course 5. Enter JAMB registration staff not connected with number registration are not expected at the 6. Update the online form by venue of the registration exercise. selecting the appropriate proposed course and the O’level results. Thank you. 7. Preview filled form before printing 8. Note: Once submission is made, editing will not be allowed. September, 2011 Necessary clarifications could be made on the admissions e-mail address: Oluwarotimi O. A. Shodimu Esq And Registrar telephone numbers: 08191192929, 01-7347215, 07029218988, 08137391404. Submission closes 12 midnight on saturday 17th september, 2011.

1. UTME result slip.

Thank you.

2. UNILAG post UTME resultslip.

September, 2011

3. SSCE/GCE/NECO statement of result.

Oluwarotimi O. A. Shodimu Esq. Registrar




PZ Cussons invests N10b to strengthen operations



Quantity Traded 1,000 1,000

Value of Shares (N) 630.00 630.00


12 12


1 22 23


5,255,361 5,255,361

36,786,373.20 36,786,373.20

AIR SERVICES 1.95 5.51

15,000 311,684 326,684

27,900.00 1,723,551.29 1,751,451.29

154,887 154,887

202,470.57 202,470.57


16 16



155 54 33 33 56 608 3 434 41 8 4 57 30 219 20 55 18 240 2,068


64 1 116 181

BANKING 5.05 3.90 2.90 4.14 2.04 10.00 0.50 12.53 9.69 0.70 1.15 5.22 1.48 4.00 2.09 0.57 0.67 12.50

1,161,819 1,664,589 203,594 4,416,669 9,005,219 17,826,010 30,000 10,072,228 17,313,316 199,604 27,000 788,611 5,030,045 13,652,941 910,724 5,000,203 736,010 21,535,502 109,574,084

5,852,971.80 6,486,678.32 566,565.16 18,285,245.01 18,220,151.73 180,469,447.47 15,000.00 128,178,359.28 163,661,991.14 139,722.80 31,050.00 4,107,511.86 7,362,035.50 54,399,047.02 1,903,413.16 2,823,081.65 484,743.05 269,153,223.08 862,140,238.03

745,729 1,000 1,531,914 2,278,643

164,153,019.68 2,150.00 128,860,035.20 293,015,204.88

335,287 121,350 144,678 498,769 1,100,084

6,492,146.69 864,090.00 14,950,808.80 21,546,335.61 43,853,381.10

BREWERIES 220.00 2.26 84.20


34 4 22 43 103

19.39 7.15 104.98 43.21


13 17 4 34

8.94 24.23 1.14

248,100 178,676 3,634 430,410

2,264,296.60 4,329,319.48 4,142.76 6,597,758.84

37,000 1,092,608 1,129,608

18,500.00 2,391,771.08 2,410,271.08


2 50 52

0.50 2.25


1 1


100 100

432.00 432.00


30.00 0.87 39.02 27.00

164,518 6,457,705 82,420 454,930 7,159,573

5,016,420.10 5,291,645.95 3,216,225.20 12,215,402.56 25,739,693.81


7 1 2 10

52.25 0.50 3.48

20,749 10,000 50,100 80,849

1,032,351.00 5,000.00 174,348.00 1,211,699.00

15,500 15,500

32,240.00 32,240.00


4 4



19 45 145 41 44 2 18 38 1 4 357


8 8 12 20 5 53

43.00 16.50 6.16 9.55 78.99 3.32 4.08 401.00 0.50 0.50

By Taofik Salako and Tonia Osundolire

approved distribution of more than N2.3 billion as cash dividends, representing a dividend per share of 86 kobo. Also, shareholders approved capitalisation of N397.05 million to distribute bonus share of one for four shares. The shareholders increased the authorised share capital of the company to N2 billion with the creation of 800 million ordinary shares of 50 kobo each. Audited report and accounts of PZ Cussons Nigeria for the year ended May 31, 2011, showed that turnover grew by five per cent from N62.6 billion to N65.8 billion. Gross profit stood at N47.43 billion as against N45.38 billion in previous year. Profit Before Tax inched up to N8.03 billion compared with N7.95 billion the previous year. However, profit after tax slipped from N5.30 billion to N5.22 billion. Earnings per share thus dropped from N1.67 to N1.64. Shareholders’ funds rose from N38.71 billion to N41.19 billion. Meanwhile, the Nigerian stock market relapsed to the negative yesterday as all key indices suffered depreciation. Aggregate market capitalisation of all quoted companies dropped to N6.747 trillion as against its opening value of N6.760 million, while the benchmark All Share Index slipped to 21,158.25 points compared with its opening index of 21,199.16 points. Most sectoral indices ended in the negative with the NSE 30 Index dropping from 949.71 points to 947.41 points. The NSE Banking Index dropped to 297.22 points as

DAILY SUMMARY AS AT 15-09-11 17,332 540,432 2,283,421 1,503,860 93,317 7,000 328,204 39,433 500 3,275 4,816,774

776,532.40 8,591,052.04 14,067,276.83 13,935,862.86 7,132,418.64 22,120.00 1,333,039.32 15,812,267.51 250.00 1,637.50 61,672,457.10

C&I LEASING PLC Sector Totals

3 3


51 51

68,056 66,485 56,482 11,314,740 108,000 11,613,763

61,250.40 94,504.95 1,565,714.00 40,848,380.00 124,200.00 42,694,049.35


No of Deals Quotation(N) 2 7.50 77 1.52 79 No of Deals 3 4 11 18

Quotation(N) 10.70 6.90 5.90

No of Deals 1 1 2 4

Quotation(N) 4.97 2.80 0.50

Value of Shares (N) 10,695.00 7,941,247.20 7,951,942.20

Quantity Traded 22,500 155,100 185,525 363,125

Value of Shares (N) 228,825.00 1,073,190.00 1,072,933.00 2,374,948.00

Quantity Traded 200 500 6,000 6,700

Value of Shares (N) 946.00 1,330.00 3,000.00 5,276.00


55 3 4 4 9 1 1 1 4 14 1 2 3 102

0.67 1.05 2.51 0.50 0.98 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 1.50 0.50 LEASING


2,256,283 2,256,283

1,988,728.68 1,988,728.68

1 1


50,000 50,000

25,000.00 25,000.00

1 1


2,000 2,000

1,000.00 1,000.00



685,521 685,521

1,239,461.80 1,239,461.80

PETROLEUM(MARKETING) Quantity Traded 1,500 5,282,528 5,284,028


5,640.00 5,640.00



6,000 6,000




HEALTHCARE 0.94 1.49 27.00 3.61 1.15

against its opening index of 299.96 points, while oil and gas index closed lower at 249.30 points, as against 250.46 points posted as value on board. However, Food and Beverages and insurance stocks rallied against the downtrend. The Food and Beverages index rose from 703.38 points to 706.32 points while the Insurance Index closed higher at 144.09 points compared with 143.43 placed as index on board. Cadbury Nigeria led the advancers with a gain of 34 kobo to close at N16.50. Dangote Sugar Refinery gathered 30 kobo to close at N9.55. Vitafoam Nigeria chalked up 20 kobo to close at N5.90. Stanbic IBTC Bank and Nigerian Breweries gained 19 kobo each to close at N9.69 and N84.20, while Roads Nigeria added 16 kobo to close at N3.48 per share. On the other hand, CAP led the decliners with a loss of N1.27 to close at N24.23. UACN Property Development Company dropped by 86 kobo to N16.49. UAC of Nigeria lost 73 kobo to close at N39.02. Forte Oil dropped by 60 kobo to N11.58, while Berger Paints lost 47 kobo to close at N8.94per share. Total turnover stood at 174.38 million shares worth N1.49 billion in 3,765 deals. Banking sector remained atop the activity chart with a turnover of 109.57 million shares worth N862.14 million in 2,068 deals. Insurance sector placed a distant second with a turnover of 17.48 million shares worth N13.23 million in 102 deals while healthcare sector ranked third with 11.61 million shares worth N42.69 million in 53 deals.



• NSE reverts to negative

Z Cussons Nigeria Plc has invested N10 billion to strengthen its operations. Also, the board has assured shareholders that the company is well positioned to maximise emerging opportunities. In an address to shareholders at its Annual General Meeting in Calabar yesterday, the Chairman, Professor Emmanuel Edozien, said the firm has invested N10 billion to upgrade its manufacturing and distribution facilities. He said the investment programme, tagged “project unity,” was concluded last year with the upgrade of the white goods manufacturing and distribution facilities in Ilupeju, Lagos. He said the new Detergent Tower in Ikorodu, Lagos, which was completed at the end of last year, has become fully operational, enabling the company to provide new and innovative products to consumers. “We view the future of our business in Nigeria with great optimism and are investing to be able to maximise the opportunities that a revitalised Nigerian economy will bring in the future,” Edozien said. He added that the new investments have increased the company’s production capacity, while strengthening it’s brand positions in the market. Edozien said the company sustained competitive performance in spite of the lower growth levels and intense competition in the fast moving consumer goods sector. “Our HPZ business continued to expand with an exciting new range of spilt airconditioners, which are very well received by the consumers. The market share also grew for fridges and washing machines,” Edozien added. At the AGM, shareholders

4,358,458 5,949,675 57,000 205,000 224,000 2,000 5,555 5,000 105,000 5,010,500 100,000 248,690 1,210,000 17,480,878

2,918,041.59 6,247,058.75 147,900.00 102,510.00 220,155.00 1,000.00 2,777.50 2,500.00 52,500.00 2,505,250.00 50,000.00 373,035.00 605,000.00 13,227,727.84


2 3 25 1 52 33 133 14 263

0.50 63.86 34.36 5.39 11.58 148.00 28.00 203.32

50,000 480 89,793 2,545 355,857 207,739 1,115,849 14,151 1,836,414

25,000.00 29,121.60 3,068,948.30 13,055.85 4,120,824.06 30,350,635.24 31,425,916.09 2,733,407.16 71,766,908.30


1 1 9 11


7 7

2.60 4.61 3.55

10,000 235 154,880 165,115

24,700.00 1,029.30 553,514.80 579,244.10

187,250 187,250

3,092,282.32 3,092,282.32



26 26


3 3


1,325,896 1,325,896

662,948.00 662,948.00

360,905 360,905

249,024.45 249,024.45


THE FOREIGN LISTINGS Company Name No of Deals Quotation(N) ECOBNK TRANSNATIONAL INCORPORATED 18 12.00 Sector Totals 18

Quantity Traded 426,000 426,000

Overall Totals



Value of Shares (N) 5,089,912.45 5,089,912.45 1,486,368,394.39




How rulers aided Jonathan, PDP tribunal told


HE Presidential Election Petition Tribunal heard yesterday how traditional rulers were allegedly gagged to ensure victory for President Goodluck Jonathan and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the April elections. The tribunal also heard that the restriction of movement on the presidential electionday was a ploy by PDP to tamper with sensitive electoral materials to gain undue advantage. This is part of testimonies adopted as evidence yesterday at the hearing of the petition filed by the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) challenging President Jonathan’s victory. The CPC alleged that there were massive irregularities and substantial non-compliance with the Electoral Act in 20 states during the election.

From Kamarudeen Ogundele and Ifeoluwa Ojo, Abuja

Led-in-evidence by Mr. Dipo Okpeseyi (SAN); a CPC witness, Nwagbara ChijiokeEze, expressed surprise that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Jonathan winner in Abia State with “whopping votes of 1,175,984 which is about 78 per cent of the voters’ turn out”, when there was less than 35 per cent turn out. He said the Abia State government threatened to dethrone rulers who allowed their subjects to vote for the opposition. According to him, ‘’the turn out in Abia State was exceedingly low on April 16, 2011. “That from my own personal assessment, the voters’ turn out in Abia State was less than 35 per cent.

“That the low voters’ turnout in Abia State was widely reported in both electronic and print media on April 16, 2011. “That I was very surprised when the Independent National Electoral Commission declared that the third respondent had won the presidential election in Abia State with whopping votes of 1,175,984, which is about 78 per cent of the voters’ turn out. He alleged that many CPC Polling Agents were driven away by members of the PDP in collaboration with the Police. Chijioke-Eze also alleged that traditional rulers were summoned by the Abia State government and warned not to allow their subjects to vote for the opposition on April 16. Another witness, Ibrahim Musa, a businessman, alleged that security agencies provided cover for PDP agents to

tamper with sensitive materials used in the election in Jigawa State. In his statement on oath, Musa said the third respondent ‘’ordered a ban or unlawful restriction of movement and deployment of armed and civilian security outfits, who equally ordered the use of the police and army transport equipment for the deployment of sensitive electoral materials without the participation of the petitioner…’’ He alleged that ‘’this led to the interference by agents of the third, fourth and fifth respondents/intermeddling with these sensitive electoral materials that caused compromise of the presidential election.’’ A CPC roving agent, Bito Martins, under cross-examination told the tribunal that CPC agents were driven away from polling units.

Enugu govt sues Labour over minimum wage


HE Enugu State government on Monday took the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) to the National Industrial Court sitting in Abuja. It is seeking, among other things, a declaration that the current industrial action by workers in the state is unlawful. NLC and six others, including the Chairman and Secretary of TUC, are mentioned as defendants. The court, on Wednesday, granted an application by the government seeking leave to serve the defendants the orig-

•Anambra workers begin strike inating processes, including the Motion on Notice for Interlocutory Injunction by publishing them in a named national newspaper. Justice M.N Esowe also granted the claimant’s application to reduce the period within which the respondents are to respond from seven to three days. The matter was adjourned till September 21 for hearing of the motion on notice. Workers in the state embarked on strike, claiming the government failed to im-

plement the new minimum wage in full. The government had denied this, insisting that it complied with provisions of the Minimum Wage Act. Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Anambra State yesterday defied the rains to protest the non-payment of the minimum wage in Awka. About 5, 000 workers converged on the popular Aroma Square where state Chairman of NLC Patrick Obianyo declared the strike. Obianyo said the govern-

ment had received about N30 billion as allocation from the federation account from January to August, while about N6 billion had been paid to workers from the amount. Anambra reportedly has a workforce of 10, 296. Obianyo said: “We are embarking on an indefinite strike from today. Every sector is involved, from judiciary to health to Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT)...’’ State Chairman of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), Chief Chukwuemeka Orjiako, said the action of Labour showed that the state has collapsed. He said it was a sin to owe workers when the money being received from the federation account and the internally generated revenue was enough to pay them. He urged Governor Peter Obi to dialogue with Labour.

‘We still live with civil war bomb’s From Emma Mgbeahurike, Owerri

•Dr. Jonathan


group from the Southeast, Southsouth and part of Northcentral, which have been living with remnants of bombs since the Nigeria Civil War, have written to President Goodluck Jonathan over plans by the Ministry of Defence to allegedly abandon the uncleared bomb sites. Copies of the letter were sent to the Minister of Defence, CNN, Adjazeera, Reuters, United Nations and ECOWAS, and made available to reports in Owerri yesterday.

Their counsel, Noel Agwuocha Chukwukadibia, said the ministry had concluded plans to abandon the 50,000 bombs without removing and detonating them. He said the ministry had directed the contractors clearing the bomb sites to stop work. Chukwukadibia debunked the planned visit of the ministry’s officials to Owerri this month to detonate the last remnants of the bombs as the final process of compliance with the Ottawa convention. The letter said the ministry, through its contractors, RSB Nigeria Limited, had removed and cleared over 16,000 landmines, bombs from Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Imo, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Cross River and Enugu states in four years. According to it, 835 sites in the 12 states were indicated by RSB, but less than 40 per cent of work has been done.

Southeast APGA endorses Umeh’s leadership


HE leadership of the All Progressive Peoples Alliance (APGA) met in Enugu yesterday to pass a vote of confidence on the National Chairman of the party, Chief Victor Umeh and the National Secretary, Alhaji Sani Shinkafi. A communiqué issued after the meeting and signed by the state chairmen of the party in the Southeast dissociated the zone from the “manoeuvres of one of its former members, Chief Onwuka Kalu to destabilise the party.” According to the communiqué, “the purported dissolution of the National Working Committee of APGA and

From Chris Oji, Enugu

other APGA structures nationwide by the self styled Onwuka Ukwa-led stakeholders is laughable as there is no such thing authorised by the APGA constitution.” The leaders affirmed that the names paraded in the purported Interim National Executive Committee put in place by the group were non members of APGA. The communiqué was signed by the National ViceChairman of the party in the Southeast, Morgan Anyalechi, the Zonal Secretary, James Alaka, among others.

PDP in Ogun mobilises for registration


EMBERS of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun East Senatorial Zone of the party have been urged to go all out and mobilize for its soon-to-begin registration exercise. Towards this end, the party has set up registration committees in the 103 polling booths in zone. Besides, the party said its doors are open to new and returning members. These were some of the highlights of the Senatorial Working Committee (SWC) meeting held in Ijebu-Ode last weekend. Speaking on the outcome of the meeting, the Chairman, Ogun East PDP, Engr. Bayo Dayo, said the meeting was called to acquaint members with the resolutions reached at the South-West PDP Strategic Meeting which was held in Abeokuta, the state capital, a fortnight ago. He said members were told that the party had resolved to “open its doors to all those willing to join it; whether they are new or returning members. But those who deserted the party during the last elections should go and rejoin the party at their wards, irrespective of their previously held positions.” The party has also directed its relevant organs to set up a seven-man disciplinary committee in each of the nine local government areas in the zone, Dayo said.




There is a problem: Fiscally, this is not sustainable, Nigeria is eating beyond its means. While we smile as we eat rice every day, Nigeria rice farmers cry as the import undermine domestic production. This must stop. -Dr Akinwumi Adesina, Minister of Agriculture


NERC to electricity firms: embrace FOI Act From Nduka Chiejina and John Ofikhenua, Abuja


HE chairman, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr. Sam Amadi, has directed all electricity companies including the commission to make full disclosure of their transactions in line with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. Speaking at the Power Consumer Assembly organised by the commission in Abuja yesterday, he said the NERC was already preparing a document to enforce the law. He said: “if you go to our website, you see FOI link. We are gradually building those documents including staff salaries. That is a law. It will happen with all the utility companies in the power sector. They must disclose how much they are getting and so that Nigerians will begin to know how their money is being spent.” The NERC boss insisted that corruption was liable for the collapse of the Nigeria power sector. Noting that in the 60s, the Electricity Company of Nigeria (ECN) that later transformed to the Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) used to publish their account for accountability, he said that practice was not sustained by the PHCN. That, according to him, led to corruption, which eventually killed the system apart from the underfunding by government over the years. Besides, he said irrespective of the state of power supply to consumers, the proposed increase of electricity tariff must be implemented next January. He however said given the intervention of the federal government through the ministry of power, electricity supply looks set for improved efficiency in the coming months.

NAICOM to publish names of corrupt firms T

HE National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) has threatened publish the names of insurance companies that indulge in unethical practices. The decision of the commission to adopt the “name and shame” approach is coming on a day the Nigerian insurance industry was ranked one of the least developed in Africa and the world by Afrinvest. Commissioner for Insurance, Mr Fola Daniel, who was represented by the Deputy Commissioner (Technical) National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Mr Hassan Ibrahim, berated some underwriters and brokers, who “have turned the insurance industry into a profession of anything goes.” Speaking at the 2011 Professionals’ Forum of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) in Ibadan, he said the commission would henceforth ensure that all operators abide by the rules and regulations of the insurance business in the country. “We have witnessed some measure of impunity by our colleagues who see some of our gentle actions as a signs of weakness. Besides the effect on the regulators, market indiscipline is now threatening the stability of most companies and the prosperous future that our environ-

• Nigeria’s insurance ranked low By Chuks Udo Okonta

ment has provided. “We have seen insurers destroying tariffs that were established to ensure they have strong financial bases. Unbridled, unsustainable and technically unsound rates are being offered for risks by the underwriters more out of the need to market than to insure. “We have mellowed down to allow self-regulation and upholding of professional principles, but it appears they are not working. Rather some are emboldened to continue the way they have been doing. It is disheartening that some of our underwriters and insurance brokers have turned the industry into a profession of anything goes. “These unprofessional actions are most prevalent in government account and if the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA) and Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) are not willing to call their members to order, the commission will.” Daniel noted that the unethical practices perpetuated by in-

surers do not follow any traditional insurance market principle, adding that they are uniquely Nigeria, and that it will be a major tragedy if any of these insurers default in claims payment due to their self –inflicted weak financial base. He said the commission will strictly apply the appropriate sanctions on underwriters who fail to settle claims promptly. Daniel said the insurance brokers are not also left out in the malpractices, adding that some of them are operating without proper documentation and in some cases mislead the public by presenting different sets of documents for different purpose. He noted that most brokers operate as if there are no laws or rules or that these rules do not matter and they are willing accomplices in any professional act as long as they are appointed. He frowned at way the insurance industry operators are perceived by other industry operators and Nigerians in general. ”At the time of budding prosperity, I am dismayed to hear us being called disparaging

names such as these people who share money at the highest level of government. It is time to put a halt to all these. Laws are made to be obeyed and sanctions are available for anyone who violates the law. “We will be decisive, short and sharp. No long lasting prosperity will be built in an atmosphere of indiscipline and disorder”, he said. Meanwhile, Afrinvest, an investment and research firm, which made the news about Nigeria’s underdeveloped insurance industry known in its 2011 Insurance Sector Report, noted that insurance penetration in Nigeria presently stands at 0.6 per cent, while that South Africa accounts for the largest share of insurance market in Africa and remains strategically relevant in the global insurance market. For instance, in 2010, South Africa’s total premium stood at $29.35billion, $596.8 per capital and 10.1 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the highest in Africa and much higher than the European and African average. Nigeria however, remained one the least developed insurance markets in Africa and indeed, the world, with a premium per capital of $8.9 and a penetration rate of 0.6 per cent, well below global and regional averages.


-N6.747 trillion -Z5.112trillion -$10.84 trillion -£61.67 trillion RATES Inflation -9.3% Treasury Bills -7.08% Maximum lending-22.42% Prime lending -15.84% Savings rate -1.42% 91-day NTB -6.99% Time Deposit -6% MPR -8.75% Foreign Reserve $34.87b CFA EUR £ $ ¥ SDR RIYAL


0.281 215.1 245.00 153.16 1.5652 243.2 40.57

By Miriam Ndikanwu


EMBERS of the Sen ate Ad-hoc Com mittee on the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) yesterday stormed Lagos State to commence investigation of failed privatised firms in the state. The committee led by its chairman Sen. Ahmed Lawan, were received by the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) in his office at Alausa, Ikeja. They informed the governor that they were in the state on a tour of privatised public corporations in Lagos including, Nigerdock, Daily Times, Nigerian Ports Authorities and others to ascertain their state of health. Lawan said the development was necessary, considering the poor performances of public enterprises privatised by BPE in the last 13 years. He added that a detailed probe of the inefficiencies that characterised most of the privatised public corporations would not only expose the irregularities in their sales but also help in evolving strategies that will help to revamp them. Responding, Governor Fashola expressed the need for the Committee to thread with caution in their investigations so as not to send the wrong signals to foreign investors.

Jonathan hails Hyundai’s $7b shipyard From Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja


DATA STREAM COMMODITY PRICES Oil -$118.7/barrel Cocoa -$2,856/metric ton Coffee - ¢132.70/pound Cotton - ¢95.17pound Gold -$1,161/troy ounce Rubber -¢146.37pound MARKET CAPITALISATIONS

Senate probes failed privatised firms in Lagos

• From left: Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Yinka Sanni; Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sola David-Borha and former Chief Executive Officer, Chris Newson, all of Stanbic IBTC Bank, during a sendforth for Newson in Lagos…on Wednesday

Tony Elumelu emerges Transcorp Chair


MMEDIATE past Group Managing Director of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Mr. Tony Elumelu yesterday emerged the Chairman of the ailing Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc. He was appointed by the shareholders at the company’s 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Abuja, thus ending the reign of Prof Ndi OkerekeOnyuike. The shareholders mandated Elumelu to implement the strategic plans to revive the company. Earlier, Ndi OkerekeOnyuike told shareholders that despite the challenging

• Corporation post N3.4b profit From Nduka Chiejina, Assistant Editor

environment, the company recorded a gross revenue of N13.93 billion, which she said represented an increase of seven per cent over the N12.99 billion recorded in the preceding period of 2009. Okereke-Onyuike drew cheers from shareholders when she announced that the company had returned to profitability with the 3,298 per cent rise in profit from N101million to N3.46 billion. She said that the oil block

(OPL 281), which was revoked by the federal government had been recovered after the payment of the balance of the signature bonus. In order to operationalise the oil block, she said Transcorp has identified technical and financial partners to take up equity in the block and provide the resources for its development. Okereke-Onyuike also disclosed that Transcorp has initiated discussions with the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and the Presidency to get refund of the debt owed it in the acquisition of NITEL

by the government. Transcorp’s N63 billion acquisition of 51 per cent stake in the troubled telecom firm as part of a transfer deal reached with the federal government in 2006 was revoked by the federal government in 2009. She said loans and interests totalling N85 billion have been repaid to the banks that financed the acquisition of NITEL by Transcorp. “However, consequent upon the reversal of the sale by government in 2009, the sum of N5.5 billion representing loans granted NITEL by Transcorp is due for payment,” she said.

RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan yesterday re iterated his administration’s determination to vigorously implement socio-economic and security reforms that will encourage more foreign investors to come to Nigeria. He spokje yesterday when he had an audience with Mr. Jai-Seong Lee, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea. President Jonathan said that the Federal Government fully realises the importance of greater foreign investment for Nigeria’s efforts to generate more employment for its youthful population. The President said that his administration will, therefore, continue to do everything possible to attract more investors to labourintensive sectors of the Nigerian economy. He welcomed the decision by Hyundai Heavy Industries to establish a $7b shipyard at Brass, Bayelsa state, noting that its completion next year will significantly boost Nigeria’s economic development and create plenty of jobs for the local population.





Cameron, Sarkozy get Libya hero’s welcome


HOUSANDS of Libyans have turned out to cheer United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the eastern city of Benghazi. “It is great to be in free Libya,” Mr Cameron said. “Col Gaddafi said he would hunt you down like rats, but you showed the courage of lions.” Earlier, the two met Libya’s interim leader in Tripoli and pledged their support for the new authorities. They also promised to un-

block more frozen Libyan assets. After the talks in Tripoli, the two leaders travelled under heavy security to Benghazi, where a crowd had gathered in central Liberty Square, waiting to hear them speak. For the National Transition Committee, this visit serves to further legitimise its image to the rest of the world. It is also the NTC’s chance to demonstrate that it is in complete control of the capital and its security. Shouting to make himself

heard above the roar of welcome, Mr Cameron told his audience : “Your friends in Britain and France will stand with you as you build your country and build your democracy for the future.” Mr Sarkozy plunged into the crowd, reaching across his bodyguards to shake the hands of waiting Libyans, many of them waving French flags. This is the first visit to Libya by Western leaders since ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown last month.

Fayose’s return to PDP means nothing, says ACN From Sulaiman Salawudeen, Ado-Ekiti



Gaddafi loyalists still control a handful of towns, including Col Gaddafi’s birthplace, Sirte, on the Mediterranean coast.

Libyan rebels launch Sirte offensive


IBYAN rebel forces launched a major offensive yesterday to capture Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi’s birthplace and the last of his coastal strongholds still holding out. Rebel forces advancing from the west claimed to have entered the city and were engaged in fighting for Gardabya bridge.

“The independence flag is flying over the last petrol station before the city,” said a statement from the Misrata Military Council which is coordinating the attack. Nato planes are in the air, and officials reported destroying eight targets in Sirte overnight, part of a bombardment that has seen the west-

ern alliance strike nearly 300 targets in the city over the past three weeks. Rebel sources say negotiations over the peaceful surrender of the city broke down last weekend. The opposition objective is to punch through the front and reach District One, inhabited by families originally

from Misrata who rebel sources say are being held hostage by pro-Gaddafi militias. “Answering to the call of our people in the city of Sirte and in order to remove the injustice inflicted upon them by the ousted tyrant, more than 900 armed cars went toward Sirte this morning [Thursday],” said the military council.

HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Ekiti State has said ex-Governor Ayodele Fayose’s return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) means nothing to the people of the state. ACN State Chairman Chief Jide Awe spoke yesterday while reacting to Fayose’s return to PDP on Wednesday. Awe said Fayose’s return would eventually turn out to be a tonic for the consolidation of the alleged lack of cooperation and progress in the PDP. He said: “I can assure you that Fayose’s return will further rip the party apart and the ACN has put in place well laid out modalities for absorbing those who would be defecting in all the 16 local government areas of the state, who include those opposed to the former governor’s return. “Fayose is returning to a party that has been rejected by Ekiti people. PDP has nothing to offer the state, having misused its opportunities in the past.” Awe said his party is not losing any sleep over Fayose’s return to the PDP, adding that ACN will be the beneficiary. He said: “That Fayose left the PDP and returned is no news to us. After he left the PDP, he wanted to join the ACN and we told him to go and register at his ward in Afao, but this did not go down well with him. “A serious minded political party like the ACN cannot accept the defection of any personality at the state level. You can only register at your ward as stated by our constitution. “Fayose is well known in Ekiti. We know when he is serious and when he is not, so his coming back to PDP is meaningless to the ACN and will have no effect on the politics of the state. “The seven and a half years of PDP in Ekiti are years of locust. I am dismayed that Fayose could return to the party he earlier called all sorts of unprintable names.”









NO. 1,885

‘As we begin this new journey, I must state that all committees are equal in the essence of their constitution and being. The core objective is service. It will therefore be clearly unhelpful for lawmakers to see some as superior to others or that one is more ‘juicy’ than another’ AMINU TAMBUWAL



N envisioned future of a nation united and prosperous with peace, equality and justice as its guiding principles, meets the inescapable reality of an irremovable and ineradicable fundamental divisions of language, culture and religion as well as artificially imposed social and economic partitions which continue to plague the advent of that future that is craved. Were we to be confronted with just the social and economic rifts, the struggle for an ideal of unity, equality, and justice would be straightforward. We know, however, that it’s more complicated and more arduous because of the enduring quality of the boundaries of ethnic nationalities, the resilience of which continues to stare our national face even as we stubbornly deny its agency. Consider a comparative context. Our kith and kin across the Atlantic, forcefully removed from the shores of our lands, and rid of memories of a heritage of ethnic and linguistic loyalties are compelled to go beyond these and fight a common battle against oppression and discrimination. Seen and seeing themselves as a race of black people rather than members of different ethnicities, theirs is a collective effort; of course, with subtle divisions of methods and strategies of struggle. I do not canvass any notion of the advantages or disadvantages of one context over the other; I am concerned only with the realities each represents and how we deny those realities at our own peril. Surely the loss of a fundamental sense of identification must have created an emotional turmoil for our ancestors who survived the Middle Passage. But were they to indulge in self-pity over the loss, and not mobilise as a people, they would fail in the very important project of securing liberty and justice. Paraphrasing the infamous axiom of the former U. S. Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, you go to the battle of liberty and justice with the resources that you have. The resources available to our ancestors who crossed the Atlantic weren’t much in terms of memories of ethnic and cultural identities, including language. Therefore they could not rely on these as weapons in their struggle. In place of those obliterated resources, they were forced to forge a common racial identity of the oppressed and marginal wearing a common badge of discrimination as Du Bois puts it. On the part of the remnants of our forebears left behind, however, the reality of ethnic identities was inescapable as the various internal wars escalated and deeper


An envisioned future meets an inescapable reality

•Dr. Jonathan

divisions ensued. And while the colonial invasions were sold as motivated by the goal of promoting peace and legitimate trade, it has been shown that they had more sinister, imperial motives which required a deliberate policy of “divide and rule.” Thus in this land, ethnic divisions and loyalties predated and survived the period of slave raids and the era of colonial imposition; and far from abating in the period after flag independence, the empirical evidence points to a different reality. I cannot in fairness claim a lack of understanding of the position of those who deny the reality of ethnic identities and loyalties. I have been there, having invested, a larger part of my early scholarly


endeavors in defense of such a position. There is however something aspirational about it. Henry Sidgwick, one of my favorite philosophers, once put the matter nicely: a world without division into nationalities or states is an ideal worth working for, he claims. But of course, it is not the world we have, and again, paraphrasing Rumsfeld, you have to live in the world that you have, not the world that you aspire to. As mentioned above, the colonisers not only retained ethnic identities, they intensified them and stoked their disruptive tendencies for their own benefit. The partition of Africa which was completed without the participation of Africans, succeeded in tearing communities apart and ensuring the perpetuation of hostilities. We


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•Hardball is not the opinion of the columnist featured above

Abdulmutallab, the mistaken agonistes



KAI... just $120

‘Many Nigerians invested a significant amount of hope in President Jonathan ... They expect him to reject half measures and to shun the nay sayers who live by and on fear, with an unreal and confused notion of what makes a nation great. But one doesn’t build an ideal of national unity on a delusional denial of ethnic identities’

could reverse this unwholesome trend at the dawn of flag independence, but we floated an organisation that preferred to let the sleeping dog of balkanisation lie. Each nation, including ours, was then faced with the challenge of making the reality that confronted her work as effectively as possible. The leading political thinker of the time argued soundly for the reasonableness of the federal principle based on linguistic and ethnic identities. After a grudging acceptance of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s thoughtful submissions, the imperial colonists, bent on scuttling the prospect of a truly united and prosperous nation, only went less than one tenth of the way toward a perfect federal union. The result is the politically unstable, structurally unsound, and morally indefensible entity that we have lived with since 1960. Now, in such a circumstance, the question arises, what would a reasonable person, or group of persons do when they have the privilege, the rare fortune, and good luck to make a lasting difference, a destiny changing intervention that could thwart the machinations of the nation’s internal and external enemies and put her back on the map of respectable nations? In light of the indispensability of the structural foundation to the integrity of the edifice, it stands to reason that a reasonable person would want to deal with that structure and make necessary corrections. But this is exactly the task that our privileged, fortunate and lucky elected officials have unreasonably refused to confront and have decided to shove to the back burner of their actions. In his media chat last week, the president once again refused to countenance the idea of a national dialogue on the ground that there have been so many such dialogues in the past. Now, Dr. Jonathan wants to review the dialogues that are in the files, perhaps to the end of identifying which common ideas run through them. This, to say the least, is perplexing! Many Nigerians invested a significant amount of hope in President Jonathan because he was seen as someone who could lead a transformation agenda of a nation in desperate need of change. They expect him to reject half measures and to shun the nay sayers who live by and on fear, with an unreal and confused notion of what makes a nation great. But one doesn’t build an ideal of national unity on a delusional denial of ethnic identities. Ask leaders of former Yugoslavia.

T is obvious that the 24-year-old Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian facing trial in a US court, does not feel any remorse for attempting to bring down a Detroit-bound jetliner in December 2009. When he was brought to court on Wednesday, Farouk was quoted as declaring on top of his voice that the mastermind of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, was still alive. He will, of course, have no chance to corroborate this assertion, irrespective of what he believes. Nobody asked him in or out of court what he meant by “Osama’s alive,” but it could mean one of two things: either he meant bin Laden was still alive in body, or that the hate-filled ideology he represented still lives on in the minds of his followers. The first interpretation would imply the suspect was hallucinating; and the second would show how sadly too far gone the young Nigerian was. In any case, what was clear in court as Farouk railed and caused a scene was his total lack of penitence, an indication of how completely and totally brainwashed he was when he boarded that flight on Christmas day in 2009. The tragedy of Farouk’s court appearances goes beyond his courtroom antics. Every time

he appears in court, his relatives must endure a fresh bout of anguish, an anguish that will not go away soon, notwithstanding the disavowal of his action by his parents. He remains their son, and he remains a Nigerian. Those who brainwashed the suspect are still alive and on the run. Unfortunately, the central logic of their strange ideology eschews remorse, making it both needless and inconceivable. In spite of recent events, especially the carnage and upheavals, the masterminds and geniuses of mass murder are still prowling around recruiting vulnerable and maladjusted young adventurers as cannon fodders to advance their cause and press their message into the consciousness of the world. It is unlikely they will relent. Nothing makes the proper education of our young people more urgent than the tragic case of Farouk. A cause is as noble as the manner in which it is prosecuted. Only yesterday, this column wrote what appeared like a short panegyric on Nelson Mandela. What established his legacy was not just his expostulation of the debasement of our common humanity by the policy of apartheid, or even his preparedness to die for the cause,


but the way he fought for what was right, and after victory, his indefatigable pursuit of reconciliation and racial amity. By all means, let our young people stand for something, but let that cause be noble and right, not a cause that promotes the diminishment of our human heritage. Beyond whether he would be found guilty or innocent, Farouk’s court appearance on Wednesday showed him to have reached a point of no return. It should be a lesson to all of us in how not to find a cause, and even more, in how not to prosecute it.

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The Nation September 16, 2011  
The Nation September 16, 2011  

The Nation September 16, 2011