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VOL. 6, NO. 1750 THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2011


IGERIA could face a ratings downgrade to B+ from BB- if the newlyelected government fails to implement badly needed reforms post-elections to improve its outlook, a senior Fitch official said yesterday. Global ratings agency Fitch Ratings lowered Nigeria’s sovereign credit outlook to negative last October from stable, citing the depletion of its windfall oil


Post-polls reforms to determine Nigeria’s ratings - Fitch savings and heightened political uncertainty ahead of elections at the time. The successful conclusion of elections in Nigeria has removed some political uncertainty but the new administration must implement reforms if its credit rating is to improve, Fitch’s di-

rector of sovereign and international public finance Veronica Kalema told Reuters in a phone interview. “With oil prices where they are, implementation of reforms will see the ratings improve but lack of reform progress will keep the rating where they are and if oil

prices fall, the ratings will come under downward pressure,” Kalema said. Incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan won the popular vote last month with a wide margin over his main rivals, ending political uncertainty in Africa’s most populous nation.

Kalema said the elections have been more credible than previous ones, marking a positive sign for the country but that wasn’t sufficient to make a ratings change. “If reforms are implemented the rating outlook could be revised back Continued on page 2

Obama: why US won’t release bin Laden’s photo Nigerian airports raise security alert T


HE United States will not release the picture of the late Osama bin Laden’s body, President Barack Obama said yesterday. He spoke during an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes”. Obama was persuaded by Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that releasing the images would pose a national security risk, White

We don’t trot this stuff out as trophies. There is no doubt that we killed Osama bin Laden ... You will not see Osama bin Laden walking this earth again. House officials said. “We don’t trot this stuff out as trophies. There is no doubt that we killed Osama bin Laden,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with the CBS News programme, according to a transcript read to reporters by White House press sec-

retary Jay Carney. “We don’t need to spike the football,” he also quoted the US President as saying. After intense discussions with his national security team, Mr. Obama decided that the photos were too graphic and could further

enflame Bin Laden’s followers, according to Mr. Carney, but would not change the minds of skeptics. Mr. Obama indicated in the interview that gloating by releasing the photos “is not who we are,” Mr. Carney said. The debate over whether to

release photos of Bin Laden had consumed the White House over the last two days. Some senior officials said the release of photos was inevitable. On Tuesday, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon Panetta said he did not think “there was any question that ultimately a photograph would be presented to the public.” But officials at the Pentagon and State Department Continued on page 2

ACN, CPC to reject Unity Govt By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor and Gbenga Omokhunu


RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan’s plan to form a government of national unity has suffered a setback even before the modalities for the arrangement are announced. The two main opposition parties – the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) – yesterday said they would not join the government to be formed after May 29. After being declared winner of the April 16 presidential election, President Jonathan called on the opposition to support him, saying he would form an all-inclusive government. But ACN National Chairman Chief Bisi Continued on page 2

Y OF MO THERS: A group of Ijaw women protesting the killings of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members in the North at a •FUR FURY MOTHERS PHOTO: DAVI ADEJOH forum organised by the Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG) in Lagos ... yesterday. Story on page 10.





ACN, CPC to reject Unity Govt Continued from page 1

•Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State, (sitting right) with the Leader of the Council, Mr. Peter John, signing the MoU on grassroots development between the state and the London Borough of Southwark. Story on page 5.

Post-polls reforms to determine Nigeria’s Continued from page 1 direct investment (FDI) ratings - Fitch foreign over the next few years. to stable, but if not it could be downgraded to ‘B+’,” she added. Kalema said the new government would have to implement reforms including establishing a sovereign wealth fund to protect its windfall oil savings and run a more fiscally prudent budget before the country’s ratings outlook can be raised. Rival ratings agency Standard & Poor’s currently rates Nigeria a ‘B+’. As Africa’s top oil exporter, Nigeria relies on the commodity to generate more than 70 per cent of government revenues.

Oil has stayed above the $100 per barrel since the start of the year but Nigeria’s credit rating remains hampered by poor governance, Kalema said. Fitch plans to visit Nigeria in August to better assess the new administration’s policies. Analysts say risk perceptions for Nigeria have improved after the elections and the potential for policy continuity could encourage the return of foreign capital to the country. Accounting firm Ernst & Young on Tuesday said Nigeria could be among the top ten countries to see a boost in new

Nigeria has been building its foreign reserves which stood at $33.2 billion as at end of March given higher oil price, after they fell from $40.7 billion in March 2010. A lack of clarity over the legal framework surrounding Nigeria’s windfall oil savings has allowed a significant part of the funds to be squandered in recent years, fuelling loose fiscal policy and inflation. “The things that they need to do are not so complicated but it’s just that up until now there has been a lack of political will,” Kalema said.

Akande said yesterday that ideological differences with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will not allow his party to join forces with the President. “It is not possible for ACN to work with the PDP; it’s like pairing the light with darkness. ACN will never work in any PDP government,” Akande said. He was in company with national leader of the party Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and spokesman Lai Mohammed at the Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos, on their arrival from Abuja. The CPC in a statement said the proposed government of national unity “is a nobrainer for us; we shall not be part of this impending arrangement. As a party, we believe the presidential election that gave the PDP the impetus to make this call was one of the worst-ever experienced in the country with new rigging technologies put to test. “We have resolved, based on the collated evidence, to seek judicial redress of the monumental fraud that the election was. Furthermore, as a party that is intrinsically driven by principles, our interactions with other political associations must necessarily be predicated on shared values which, unfortunately, cannot succinctly be the case. “Without any modicum of prejudice, we wish well, any political party that will partake in the GNU,” the

statement by the party’s National Publicity Secretary Rotimi Fashakin, said. ACN spokesman Mohammed also yesterday elaborated on the reasons why his party will not participate in the unity government. ‘’Our stand against the socalled Government of National Unity is that it stifles democracy by compromising virile opposition which is a key ingredient of a vibrant democracy, thereby encouraging the emergence of a one-party state. “It also stunts development and promotes complacency. We hope this clarification will silence those who have been peddling the lies that our party sold out to the PDP during the presidential election,’’ it said. The party warned its members who are interested in the GNU to quit. ‘’No member, at any level of the party, should trade with our name. State Chairmen should comment only on issues within their areas of authority and stop committing the party on issues that are only within the purview of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party. ‘’We know that this is the ripe season for ‘food is ready’ politicians, who are ready to sell their birth right, if necessary, to join any government in power. But as we have always said, we are not willing to compromise our ideals just because we want to share in the spoils of office. ‘’If we did not compromise when we controlled just one state, why should we do so now that we have grown to

six states, with the possibility of growing further when we challenge in court those who stole our mandates? Therefore, any member who wishes to work with a PDP government should get out of our party today,” he said. The ACN said the era of the party’s executives paying ‘courtesy’ visits to governments of the ruling party in their states is long gone and that any member, no matter how highly placed, who tries to trade with the name of the ACN would face sanction. Akande debunked speculations that ACN Presidential standard bearer Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was planning to leave the party. He said: “Ribadu became our presidential candidate because we know him to be a very principled personality. Ribadu is stronger in the ACN today than when he joined us,” he said.


Obama: why US won’t release bin Laden’s photo Continued from page 1

expressed qualms about releasing gruesome photos of Bin Laden’s bloodied body, and when the decision was made on Wednesday, “the majority of opinions” within the administration favoured withholding the photos, Mr. Carney said. Some argued that no matter what the photos showed, they would not silence those who doubt that Bin Laden was killed in the American raid on a fortified house in Abbottabad, Pakistan, early on Monday, which the administration says is established beyond question. “The fact is, you will not see Osama bin Laden walking this earth again,” Mr. Obama said in the interview, according to the transcript. Mr. Carney added at the briefing that the administration felt no need to release the photos to establish that Bin Laden was dead, and that the President had decided it was not “necessary or prudent” to release them. Some lawmakers expressed similar views, saying that releasing the photos would serve little purpose and could endanger American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Imagine how the American people would react if al Qaeda killed one of our troops or military leaders, and put photos of the body on the Internet,” said Representative Mike Rogers, Republican of Michigan and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “Osama bin Laden is not a trophy. He is dead, and let’s now focus on continuing the fight until Al Qaeda has been eliminated.” Obama will take part in

Nigerian airports raise security alert


IGERIA has raised the security alert level at the airports as part of measures against a backlash over Monday’s killing of terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden. Passengers are subjected to intense primary and secondary screening at the airports Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Richard Aisuebeogun said yesterday that all security agencies at the airports, including the State Security Services (SSS), Immigration, the Police, Customs, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), are collaborating to ensure that there is no breach. Plain clothes security officials are carrying out surveillance duties around today’s wreath-laying ceremony at the Sept. 11 memorial in lower Manhattan. He is also scheduled to meet with relatives of the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks, but he will not make a speech. The White House invited former President Goerge W. Bush to accompany Mr. Obama in New York, but Mr. Bush declined, his spokesman said. Emerging details revealed that after members of the Navy Seals shot and killed Bin Laden, they found that he had money — 500 euros (about $746) — and two telephone numbers sewn into his robes. That suggested that Bin Laden had an escape plan, which he was not able to carry out when American helicopters landed in the compound. The United States also said yesterday that killing the al Qaeda leader was an act of national self-defence, countering allegations the raid by U.S. commandos on his Pakistani

By Kelvin Osa Okunbor

the airports to ensure that there are no unauthorised movements. The FAAN boss said 138 persons have recently been arrested around the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, over unauthorised movement. They are to face trial. Aisuebeogun said many police check points had been erected around the airport and that aviation authorities have focused on intelligence gathering and surveillance. He said: “Security is a different thing, as you all know. It is made up of several layers. From the aviation point of view, we are working very hard, collaborating with all security agencies to raise the alert levels in Nigeria, with a view to identifying the criminal elements. We have gone far to

hide-out was illegal. US Attorney General Eric Holder said bin Laden was a legitimate military target and he had made no attempt to surrender to the American forces that stormed his fortified compound. “It was justified as an act of national self-defence,” Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee, citing bin Laden’s admission of being involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. It was lawful to target bin Laden because he was the enemy commander in the field and the operation was conducted in a way that was consistent with U.S. laws and values, he said, adding that it was a “kill or capture mission.” “If he had surrendered, attempted to surrender, I think we should obviously have accepted that, but there was no

ensure that the agencies saddled with the task are fully manning key points at the airports by providing additional surveillance and ensuring that passengers comply with different levels of screening.” Nigeria is ready for the safety operations audit to be carried out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) this month, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Director General Dr Harold Demuren said yesterday. FAAN has completed airport perimeter fencing, in addition to putting in place the process that will lead to the certification of the airports in Lagos and Abuja. Demuren spoke during an assessment tour of aviation facilities at the Lagos Airport. He said the deficiencies identified during the 2006 ICAO audit in Nigeria had been fixed.

indication that he wanted to do that and therefore his killing was appropriate,” he said. U.S. acknowledgment on Tuesday that bin Laden was unarmed when shot dead had raised accusations Washington had violated international law. Exact circumstances of his death remained unclear and could yet fuel controversy, especially in the Muslim world. As the U.S. continued to be under pressure to release photos it had taken of bin Laden’s body to the public, one Senator said she had seen one picture showing his face. “I have seen one of them,” Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte said, adding she believed it confirmed his identity. Pakistan faced national embarrassment, a leading Islamabad newspaper said, in explaining how the world’s most-wanted man was able to live for years in the military garrison town of

Abbottabad, just north of the capital. Pakistan blamed worldwide intelligence lapses for a failure to detect bin Laden, while Washington worked to establish whether its ally had sheltered the al Qaeda leader, which Islamabad vehemently denies. “There is an intelligence failure of the whole world, not just Pakistan alone,” Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani told reporters in Paris. “(If there are) ... lapses from the Pakistan side, that means there are lapses from the whole world. The revelation that bin Laden was unarmed contradicted an earlier U.S. account that he had participated in a firefight with the helicopter-borne American commandos. Al Arabiya television went further, suggesting the architect of the 9/11 attacks was first taken prisoner and then shot. “A security source in the Pa-

kistani security quoted the daughter of Osama bin Laden that the leader of al Qaeda was not killed inside his house, but had been arrested and was killed later,” the Arabic television station said. Pakistan has welcomed bin Laden’s death, but its Foreign Ministry expressed deep concerns about the raid, which it called an “unauthorized unilateral action.” The CIA said it kept Pakistan out of the loop because it feared bin Laden would be tipped off, highlighting the depth of mistrust between the two supposed allies. U.S. helicopters carrying the commandos used radar “blind spots” in the hilly terrain along the Afghan border to enter Pakistani airspace undetected in the early hours of Monday. The Pakistani newspaper Dawn compared the latest humiliation with the admission in 2004 that one of the country’s top scientists had sold its nuclear secrets. “Not since Abdul Qadeer Khan confessed to transferring nuclear technology to Iran and Libya has Pakistan suffered such an embarrassment,” it said. The streets around bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad remained sealed off yesterday, with police and soldiers allowing only residents to pass through. “It’s a crime but what choice are you left with if I’m not handing over your enemy who is hiding in my house?” said Hussain Khan, a retired government official living nearby, when asked about the apparent violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. “Obviously you will go and get him yourself.”

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Confusion over power sharing as Jonathan considers minor changes T

•Mark loyalists launch counter-plot against outgoing governor •Yayale may leave cabinet HE leadership of the Peo-

ples Democratic Party (PDP) may have been divided over power sharing at the centre, it was learnt yesterday. But President Goodluck Jonathan is expected to resolve the controversy within the next two weeks after consultations. There were strong indications that the President may make minor changes in the power sharing formula. The National Assembly leadership is however insisting on the retention of its power sharing outlook. Some leaders of the party are said to be pushing for a new power sharing formula. Many leaders are prevailing on the President to leave the structure as it is now. It was, however, learnt that the President may effect minor changes following likely exit of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mahmud Yayale Ahmed(North-East) and the retirement of the Head of Service, Prof. Oladapo Afolabi in September. A source, who spoke in confidence with The Nation, said: “There is so much tension over the power sharing formula but within the next two weeks, the President will begin consultations with PDP and stakeholders from the six geo-political zones. “As a matter of fact, the poor showing of the PDP in the Southwest and the loss of election by Speaker Dimeji Bankole have affected the power sharing outlook. “Also, the performance of some geo-political zones during the just –concluded elections and commitments made by the President during electioneering are also factors being taken into consideration. “The challenge is whether to change the entire power sharing formula or effect minor changes. “With the tension over power sharing formula, the President may end up with minor changes.” The source said there are two proposals before the President and they border on the antecedents since 1999 and the necessity which the death of former President Umaru Yar’Adua brought upon the nation. The first proposed power sharing



Obasanjo Govt

Ya’Adua Govt

Jonathan Govt

1st Tentative Proposal










South south




Senate President Southeast








South west’

Southwest or Southeast



South south



Southwest or Southeast






North East

From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

formula is based on the existing structure which is as follows: President(South-South); VicePresident(North-West); Senate President(North-Central); Deputy Senate President(South-East); Speaker(South-West); Deputy Speaker(North-East); SGF(NorthEast) and Head of Service(SouthWest). The second proposal which is a fall-out of power sharing since 1999 is as follows: President(SouthSouth); Vice-President(NorthWest); Senate President(North-Central); Deputy Senate President(South-West); Speaker(South-East); Deputy Speaker(North-West); SGF(SouthWest) and Head of Service(NorthEast). It was gathered that the power game is more pronounced in the National Assembly where the President of the Senate, Chief David Mark, is being supported by party leaders to return to office. Another source added: “The battle for the Senate Presidency is a key issue in the power sharing formula but the President and party leadership will determine that after consultations. “Already, an outgoing governor from the North has started mobilising to unseat Mark. Although he is a first time Senator, he said there is no rule preventing him from being the Senate President. “Most of the old Senators who are pro-Mark yesterday held another round of meeting to prevent an out-

‘The challenge is whether to change the entire power sharing formula or effect minor changes. “With the tension over power sharing formula, the President may end up with minor changes’ going governor from the Northeast from unseating the Senate President. “To beat the outgoing governor to the game, a proposal is already being made to enable the Northeast to produce the next Head of Service. That is why a tested technocrat, who is the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mr. Danladi Kifasi, is being tipped for the job.” Replying a question, the source said: “The handwriting is clear that Jonathan may not reappoint Yayale because of division within the PDP in Bauchi State . “Some forces in government also

alleged that Yayale has paid his dues and should be allowed to have a well-deserved rest from public service.” A retired Permanent Secretary however said that there is no hard and fast rule to the application of zoning in sharing key offices as long as the President could earn the confidence of the stakeholders in the six geo-political zones. He alleged that ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo altered the zoning arrangement while in office especially as regards the office of the Head of Service. He said Obasanjo insisted on merit rather than zoning to appoint HOS. “What is important is the ability of the President to carry all the geopolitical zones along. “As for the office of the Head of Service, changes were made with the ouster of Abu Obe(Northcentral)as HOS and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo broke the arrangement because he wanted Yayale(Northeast) as the Head of Service and there was no strong Permanent Secretary from the North-Central to take over from Obe. “The arrangement was also jettisoned during the administration of the late President Yar’Adua, with the retirement of Mrs. Ebele Okeke(South-East) and appointment of Ms Ama Pepple (Southsouth) with the influence of Yayale. The appointment of a former Head of Service, Mr. Steve Oronsaye (Southsouth) was also not in line with the zoning arrangement agreed upon in 2007.”

Reps adjourn as Speaker, Deputy stay away From Victor Oluwasegun, Abuja


HE House of Representatives yesterday adjourned for one week, barely 24 hours after returning from an eight-week election recess. The adjournment came after it was discovered that both the Speaker and his Deputy were unavailable to preside over the plenary. After about 30 minutes of waiting, Ita Enang, Chairman, House Committee on Business and Rules told members that Speaker Dimeji Bankole was not available to chair proceedings and his deputy Usman Bayero Nafada was “indisposed”. Many members who were on their way to the chamber shortly after Enang’s announcement were turned back by their colleagues who spread the news that sitting had been adjourned. Four reports from the House Committees on Industry, Governmental Affairs, Foreign Affairs and the Joint Committee on Judiciary and Justice, which were on the Order Paper for the day and meant for consideration, were shelved. Enang, who spoke briefly with reporters after the adjournment, said the Speaker was on a state assignment to Obudu in Cross River State. President Goodluck Jonathan is currently on retreat in Obudu. Enang said: “Speaker Bankole is consulting with the higher authorities of the state and the Deputy Speaker is suddenly indisposed. The speaker has asked that we adjourn the sitting after consultations with other members. “We are adjourning till Wednesday, May 11, most of the matters we have to consider, particularly the budget of the FCT, which we read yesterday, and the budget of the NCC, we are producing the papers. Mr. Speaker has directed that we use the two or three days we have to urgently produce the papers.” Enang said the rule books of the House allow the Speaker to adjourn proceedings if and when necessary. However, sources in the House that pleaded anonymity told The Nation, that there was more to the adjournment than meets the eyes. According to the source, the zoning of the Speaker’s seat was generating a lot heat. Only 100 of the 360 members of the House were returned by their constituencies while the remaining 260 lost their seats. There was also the issue of the members of the House who were suspended for accusing the Speaker, Hon Dimeji Bankole of corruption that were yet to receive their salaries for many months.



NEWS Gunmen kill police chief in Akwa Ibom From Kazeem Ibrahym, Uyo

GUNMEN, suspected to be hired assassins, yesterday shot dead a former Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Mr. Anthony Udom, in Akwa Ibom State. Udom, who recently retired from the Bayelsa State Police Command, was killed by a four-member gang along Udo Umana Street by Obi Imo, Uyo, the state capital. According to an eyewitness, Udom was said to be driving in his Peugeot 307 saloon car, when four men on two motorcycles, crossed his car and shot him severally before speeding off. Details of the murder were still sketchy as of the time of filing this report. The Nation gathered from the eyewitness that the late Udom attempted to escape after the first shot, but his killers rained several bullets on him until he deid. The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Onyeka Orji, confirmed the incident. He said no arrest had been made but added that his men were on the manhunt to get the killers. His words: “The state police command is not happy about this ugly development. Our men are currently on the manhunt to get the killers. In no distant time, we will get them.”

EFCC arrests ex-Bank PHB MD’s wife over alleged stealing of N100b T HE Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday arrested Mrs. Elizabeth Atuche, the wife of a former Managing Director of Bank PHB, Mr. Francis Atuche. The couple is wanted over alleged stealing of about N100 bilion through the use of Mrs. Atuche’s company. The commission also arrested Mr. Bayo Dada, who is an associate of a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intercontinental Bank Plc, Mr. Erastus Akingbola. But the trial was stalled due to a conference being attended by judges is South Africa. Akingbola’s, wife Anthonia, may, however, be watchlisted by the EFCC following a tip-off that she is hiding in London. Investigation by our correspondent revealed that the EFCC operatives had made futile efforts to arrest Atuche in the last one week over alleged ‘stealing’ of over N100 billion as the ex-CEO of Bank PHB. It was gathered, however, that Atuche was said to have travelled out of the country, but his return date is still unknown. But the EFCC was said to have stumbled on intelligence report that Atuche

Commission fails to rearraign Akingbola, others


HE planned re-arraignment in Lagos, of three sacked bank chiefs and some of their alleged collaborators by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) could not go on yesterady due to logistic problems. The commission announced on Tuesday in Abuja that it had re-arrested Erastus Akingbola (the ex-Managing Director nof Intercontinental Bank Plc), Okey Nwosu (FinBank Plc) and Sebastian Adigwe (Afribank Plc) for re-arraignment yesterday. They were to face charges of stealing. EFCC’s failure to arraign them, it was learnt, resulted from its inability to perfect the filing of charges against the suspects at the registry of the Lagos High Court, Ikeja as at the close of work yesterday. It was also learnt that, had the filing of the charges been perfected, it would have been difficult for the court to entertain them as most judges of the Lagos High Court are currently away in South Africa for a training course. A source at the EFCC, who confirmed the development, told The Nation that the commission’s legal officers were working strenuously to ensure that the charges were properly brought From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

might not come back early enough for arraignment over the fresh allegations. A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “A mild drama however ensued in the Ikoyi house of the Atuches when the EFCC operatives were told that both Mr. and Mrs. Atuche have traveled out of the country.

“Intelligence information and a proper search however led to the arrest of Mrs. Atuche, who was in hiding, while her husband is still at large. “The couple is being sought for using Mrs. Atuche’s company to steal depositors’ funds totaling over N100 billion from Bank PHB.” As at press time, there were indications that the EFCC has launched manhunt for Atuche and Mrs. Akingbola.

By Eric Ikhilae

before the court today. He said they would also work to ensure prompt assignment of the charges to judges who would hear them to prevent undue detention of the accused persons at the EFCC’s custody. “Hopefully, we should complete the filing of the charges tomorrow (today). If that is done, we will ensure prompt service on parties and assignment to judges. We will then wait for when judges will be available to hear them. “We heard judges of the Lagos High Court are currently undergoing training outside the country. We will do our part and wait for when the court would be ready to hear us,” the source said. The ex-bank chiefs and others are currently being tried by the EFCC before the Federal High Court, Lagos on charges of money laundering and related offences. They were all on bail until the commission rearrested them on Tuesday. The source added: “We learnt that Mrs. Akingbola is in London. We have plans to watch-list her through the International Police (Interpol) or the Metropolitan Police. “We have however arrested Bayo Dada, who is an associate of the ex-CEO of Intercontinental Bank. He is being detained too in Ikoyi office of the EFCC. “We are also trying to locate the exact place where

Ogun Assembly may resume plenary next week

Poll: Delta observer group praises Jega

From Ernest Nwokolo, Abeokuta

From Jide Babalola, Assistant Editor, Abuja

ALTHOUGH there were various challenges and some measures of imperfection, the Independent National Election (INEC) did an excellent job in the conduct of elections in Delta state, a coalition of 21 observer groups has said. At a press conference held under the auspices of the African Peace Initiative , one of the observer teams that monitored the National Assembly, Presidential, governorship and House of Assembly elections, told reporters in Abuja that Delta indigenes now need a rapid peace-building and non-violent initiatives towards realising citizens’ yearning for development. The group said: “While it cannot be argued that the elections encountered some challenges, nevertheless, this does not warrant a call for total cancellation of the process. The number of polling units where irregularities occurred in Delta state cannot be more than between one per cent and per cent of the total number of polling stations in the state. “No election is absolutely perfect; even in the country known as the world’s greatest democracy, there are always some dissenting voices after the conduct of elections. Therefore, asking people to embark on mass action or issuing statements, threatening to withdraw the legitimacy of newly-elected persons and government grossly negates what democracy itself stands for.”

Atuche is in order to take appropriate legal steps if he does not show up on time.” Responding to a question, the source said: “We could not arraign Akingbola and his wife in court because the judge that will handle the matter has gone for a conference in South Africa.” The Head of Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Babafemi confirmed the arrest of Atuche’s wife.


•National Chairman, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Chief Bisi Akande (right) fielding questions from reporters at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja... yesterday. With him are former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu PHOTO: ISAAC AYODELE. (middle) and the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

Power sharing: Jonathan invites Mark to Obudu


S part of the ongoing consultations on power sharing formula, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday invited the Senate President David Mark to Obudu, Cross River State, for consultations. Power sharing in the National Assembly appears knotty to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as most old Senators are demanding Mark’s retention. Outgoing senators met with some new members over Order 97(F) which empowers only high-ranking Senators to be made principal officers. A source in the Presidency

From Yusuf Alli and Sanni Ologun, Abuja

said Dr Jonathan invited Mark for consultations after a session with the members of the National Working Committee of the party. The source said: “After a five-day consultative session, the President decided to invite Mark to Obudu for one-on-one meeting. “There are many grey areas to clarify in some of the issues the President had been reviewing, especially power sharing in the National Assembly. So, the issue of power formula was

top on the agenda. “The President does not want the seventh National Assembly to start on a rancorous note. Because Mark is the Chairman of the National Assembly and a leading contender for Senate Presidency, it became necessary for the President to meet with him. “So, it is a mutual interaction between the Executive and the Legislature. “I am aware that other issues slated for discussion border on the impasse over 2011 Budget and the President plan. “The President is not happy that the nation has not been able to overcome the budget

bottleneck since the return of democracy in 1999.” A principal officer at the National Assembly, said: “The Senate President is yet to return to Abuja. The discussion went far into dusk and Mark told his team that if it is too dark to fly, he would not take the risk. “You all know the weather and the terrain of Obudu Cattle Ranch.” As at press time yesterday, pro-Mark Senators again met with some Senators-elect last night on Order 97(F) which empowers only high-ranking Senators to be made principal officers of the Senate.

HE Ogun State House of Assembly may resume plenary next week after eight months in the limbo. President Goodluck Jonathan reportedly ordered the resumption. The assembly was suspended after nine lawmakers, led by Mr Soyemi Coker, purportedly held “illegal sessions” and suspended 15 of their colleagues. There were calls last week by the Ogun State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for the Presidency to re-open the Assembly and reinstate Speaker Tunji Egbetokun. Addressing reporters in Abeokuta, the state capital, Egbetokun’s deputy, Remi Hassan, said the House would resume in a few days. He noted that Governor Gbenga Daniel’s failure to install Mr Gboyega Isiaka of the Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) as his successor would enhance the re-opening. He said: “The House will reopen itself automatically... within the next few days. You will understand what I mean. Let me just leave it like that.” Hassan is known for insisting that the executive should follow due process in conducting state affairs. He said members of the G15 lawmakers - a group opposed to Daniel’s style of governance - was intact, despite belonging to different political camps. On how a new Speaker would emerge in next legislative dispensation, Hassan said if the party did not decide otherwise, the position might be zoned to Ogun West Senatorial District in the interest of fairness and equity.




All is not well with education in Ekiti, says Fayemi


KITI State Governor Kayode Fayemi yesterday said all was not well with the education sector at all levels. He lamented the decaying infrastructure, poor quality of teaching, low morale of teachers, lack of effective monitoring and evaluation, inadequate funding, policy changes, among others. Fayemi spoke at Adetiloye Hall in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, at the opening session of the 2011 Ekiti State Education Summit. He said: “One does not require the skills of a clairvoyant or a rocket scientist to realise that all •From left: Ekiti State Deputy Governor Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka; Fayemi; his wife, Bisi; Mrs. Ajayi and Chairman of the Summit, is not well with our education sector in the state. Professor Sam Aluko at the Summit...yesterday. “It was this challenging state of the sector that Professor Akin Oyebode of informed our decision to inaugurate a 15-member all levels while many of the products not too long ago, Ekiti was tion Mrs. Eniola Ajayi said the Faculty of Law, UniverTask Force and Visitation Panel on Education on of the institutions in the state parade often better identified as a the purpose of the summit sity of Lagos (UNILAG) said January 10, with a charge to recommend work- low scholarship. bookish state. We had more was to proffer practical the decay was a result of peable solutions. professors than any homog“As a product of Ekiti scholarship, and lasting solutions to all rennial neglect by past ad“All these brought the state to a saddening level this decadent level of our education enous entity in the country.” the problems facing the ministrations. of poor performances in public examinations at forces one to recall with nostalgia that Commissioner for Educasector.

Aregbesola signs MoU with London Borough


SUN State Governor Rauf Aregbesola has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Kingdom’s Borough of Southwark. Aregbesola led a delegation from the state to Southwark, London, to sign the MoU, which establishes a relationship of mutual cooperation to boost economic, educational and cultural growth, among others. They agreed to the following: • That both parties will enhance their mutual understanding by establishing the framework to exchange human and material resources on administration, culture, economy, tourism, the arts, technology and other areas. • That both parties intend to advance their relationship by establishing mutual areas

of interest and agreeing on how people, businesses and communities can interact for development. The agreement was signed by Aregbesola, the Mayor of Southwark and four other senior members of the Borough. Aregbesola said: “The management of poverty is a general issue with black people. The post 2nd World War situation of Europeans that informed the institutional reforms of Europe is 100 times better than what Africans are presently experiencing.” He spoke on his administration’s plan to improve the education sector and explained the significance of the items that make up the Osun Flag. Aregbesola urged Nigerians in the Diaspora to return home with their experience and resources to support the reform process.

Oyo workers call for Provost’s removal •They are on contract, says Provost From Oseheye Okwuofu, Ibadan


ORKERS of the Oyo State-owned Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, yesterday urged the governor-elect, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, to remove Dr. Amos Alabi as Provost. They alleged that they were subjected to poor working conditions by the authorities of the institution. Brandishing placards and documents, the aggrieved workers accused Alabi of high-handedness, maladministration, shortchanging of workers and victimisation. Some of the aggrieved workers said they had spent 10-15 years in the institution, but the authorities have continued to place them under casual status. They said in spite of the House of Assembly’s resolution last year, mandating Alabi to absolve them as regular staff, he has remained adamant. Alabi said the workers concerned were employed on contract as sandwich staff of the Directorate of Degree and Part-Time Programmes. Alabi, a native of Ogbomoso, was appointed Provost in July, 2008, by Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala.

Fashola’s deputy returning to teaching


UTGOING Lagos State Deputy Governor Princess Sarah Sosan has said she will return to teaching when her tenure expires. She was dropped as deputy governor in the just concluded election that returned Governor Babatunde Fashola with Mrs Adejoke Adefulire as the deputy governor-elect. Mrs. Sosan said she has no

By Miriam Ndikanwu

regret serving in the administration of Fashola in the last four years. She spoke at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Ikeja, in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the government. Mrs. Sosan, who is the overseer of the Ministry of Education, thanked the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for the opportunity given to her to


merit to sit for external examinations are promoted, so as to end mass failure. She said the government has also introduced a policy of an average of 26 students per teacher in a classroom in public schools to aid teaching and learning. Mrs. Sosan said the policies led to an increase in the percentage of students that obtained five credits in external exams, including English and Mathematics.

Oyo PDP, AP legislators-elect in alliance talks •Ajimobi: evil gang-up will not stand From Bisi Oladele, Ibadan



OUSE of Assembly members-elect on the platforms of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Accord Party (AP) in Oyo State have started holding alliance meetings. They have held two of such meetings at a secret lo-

cation in Ibadan, the state capital, in the last four days. Sources said the legislators, who are meeting under the leadership of the only PDP senator-elect in the Southwest, are working on a merger of the seven AP legislators with the 12 produced by the PDP to form the majority that would produce the Speaker. Of the 32 members of the House of Assembly, the Action

Congress of Nigeria (ACN) produced 13, PDP produced 12 and AP produced seven. It was also gathered that they are working on a possibility of the AP legislators decamping to the PDP, with the aim of returning the party’s control to former Governor Rashidi Ladoja, who left the PDP after futile efforts to secure the governorship ticket. If the plan works, Ladoja would become Oyo PDP leader and possibly contest the 2015 governorship election.

Mr Yanju Adegbite, the director of publicity of the campaign organisation of the governor-elect, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, said they had the right to meet freely, but stated that any gang-up against the development of the state would not stand because the incoming government was enthroned by the majority of the people. Adegbite was confident that all members of the House of Assembly would support Ajimobi to improve the state. He said alliances were not strange in politics, pointing out that the legislators would not work against the interest of the electorate.

Afenifere youths condemn killing of corps members


HE Afenifere Youth Forum (AYF) has condemned the killing of youth corps members in the north. It appealed to politicians who lost at the just concluded general elections to accept their defeat in good faith. In a statement by its National Coordinator, Mr

•Monarch calls for NYSC review From Clarice Azuatalam, Port Harcourt

Dotun Atilade, AYF said: “Provisions have been made for politicians to seek redress at the election petition tribunal. “The outcome of tribunals after the 2007 elections has

Ondo commissioner alleges threat to life NDO State Commissioner for Information Ranti Akerele yesterday alleged plans by a senator in the state to kill him. Akerele’s allegation is coming a week after he was slapped by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Ido-Ani, Ose

serve the people. She called on governments at all levels to take education seriously, stressing that it is important to the country’s development. On her achievements, Mrs. Sosan said the state has raised the cut-off mark for promotion from Junior Secondary School (JSS) to Senior Secondary School (SSS) classes to 50 per cent to ensure that only those who

From Damisi Ojo, Akure

Local Government, during the House of Assembly elections. He told reporters in Akure, the state capital, that the senator had offered assassins N10 million to get rid of him.

He said he got to know of the plan through a letter brought to his office by a man. Though he was silent about the person who brought the letter to his office, Akerele said security operatives had been briefed on the matter.

shown that it is always better to jaw-jaw than to warwar. “We urge defeated candidates in the 2011 elections to either accept their defeats in good faith or proceed to the election tribunals, if they are not satisfied with the conduct of such polls, rather than incite their supporters to inflict mayhem on innocent citizens. “We sympathise with families who lost their loved ones in the violence and urge President Goodluck Jonathan to bring the perpetrators and their sponsors to book.”

Leader of Rumuolumeni Council of Traditional Rulers in Obio/Akpor, Rivers State, Chief Azundah Idimah, yesterday called for a review of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Idimah told reporters in Port Harcourt, the state capital, that an amendment of the law establishing the scheme was necessary in view of the violence in the north. He suggested that prospective corps members should be posted to their senatorial zones. Idima said the spirit of the NYSC has been eroded by the “senseless killings” and urged the Federal Government to forestall a recurrence.




Judiciary key to human rights protection, says Katsina-Alu


HIEF Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu, has said the protection of the rights of every Nigerian cannot be achieved without the support of the judiciary. Katsina-Alu, who was represented by the Administrator of the National Judicial Institute (NJI), Justice Umaru Eri, dropped the hint yesterday in Abuja at the opening of a two-day seminar. The seminar was organised by the Centre for SocioLegal Studies in collaboration with the National Judicial Institute (NJI). He said the judiciary served as an avenue for justice when the peoples’ rights have been infringed upon. The CJN said that though the primary responsibility of government was to protect the rights of its citizens,

the judiciary has the statutory responsiblity to enforce these rights. He said that for the judiciary to adequately protect human rights, “judicial officers should be prepared to do justice according to the law, no matter what”. The facilitator of the seminar, Prof. Yemi AkinseyeGeorge, said the need to establish a connection between government and the citizenry through human rights protection, necessitated the dialogue. Akinseye-George, who is the president of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, noted that the prolonged years of military regime had affected the protection of the rights of the citizenry. He said: “The purpose of this seminar is to generate more support for human rights, especially from the

judiciary; we need to broaden support for our democracy, which inherited military structures. “We need to start to rethink and re-orientate all Nigerians to know that this state does not belong to the elite, but to the common man. “Human rights must be prioritised; economic development cannot happen without carrying along the majority of the people. We need to re-create the middle class and we need people who can vote against a government.” Akinseye-George also said that the common man should be able to get justice without being constrained by excessive technicalities. The Secretary-General of Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), Mrs Saudatu Mahdi spoke of the

123456789012345 123456789012345 123456789012345 Pyrates Confraternity hails INEC, 123456789012345 declares election credible 123456789012345 By Joseph Jibueze 123456789012345 123456789012345 HE National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) 123456789012345 has described the general elections conducted by the Indepen123456789012345 123456789012345 National Electoral Commission (INEC) as “very credible, 123456789012345 free anddent fair.” 123456789012345 The group, which was among the 291 organisations accredited as 123456789012345 observers for the polls, said the election compared to none in 123456789012345 domestic Nigeria’s recent history. 123456789012345 123456789012345 ItattributedthesuccesstoNigerian’sdemandforfreeandfairelections, 123456789012345 the credibility of INEC Chairman, Prof. Atahiru Jega as an umpire, and 123456789012345 Goodluck Jonathan’s non-interference in the process. 123456789012345 President In an interim report of its Election Monitoring Committee, signed 123456789012345 Chairman, Emmanuel Umoren, the association said there was 123456789012345 the for improvement, which should begin with a comprehensive 123456789012345 room revision of the voter register to accommodate those who could not find 123456789012345 123456789012345 their names in their polling units. 123456789012345 The NAS commended security agencies for maintaining law and



need for speedy dispensation of justice. Her words: “What needs to be done to enhance dispensation of justice and protection of human rights is to address the issue of procedure in length of litigation. “The courts need to enhance their understanding of the human rights culture,” she said.

order in most parts of the country. It said: “This time around, INEC was on the side Nigerians. The elections were generally peaceful in all the area we observed and this was largely due to the fact that the security agents did their jobs this time around compared to the 2003 and 2007 elections. “We must state at this point that the violence that took place in parts of the North where properties were burnt, as consequential fallout of the presidential elections, is unjustified and totally unacceptable to NAS. “We call on law enforcement agencies to as a matter of national security, not sweep this matter under the carpet. Those found culpable by the various investigative panels must be dealt with ruthlessly no matter how highly placed.” The body recommended that in future, a census should be taken to know which areas require more polling units than others, as it observed that some heavily-populated areas had few polling units, resulting in long queues.

Obama greets Jonathan, hails elections


From left: Chairman, lagosState Universal Basic Education(UBE) board, Alhaja Gbolahan Daodu; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Mrs Lara Erogbogbo and Deputy Governor Princess Sarah Sosan at a news conference on the activities of the Ministry in Lagos…yesterday

Appeal Court grants Emenike accelerated hearing against Orji T HE Court of Appeal, Abuja, yesterday granted an accelerated hearing in an appeal filed by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Abia State, Chief Ikechi Emenike. Emenike is asking the court to set aside the judgment of a Federal High Court, Abuja, which declared Governor Theodore Orji as the authentic candidate of the party for the just concluded governorship election. In a 15-ground of appeal, the appellant said the judgement as delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole was erroneous and occasioned a miscarriage of justice, because it made no findings on the fundamental inconsistencies of the party’s guidelines with the Electoral Act and the 1999 Constitution. At the hearing yesterday, Orji’s plea for time to file a supplementary record of appeal suffered a setback, when the court ordered his counsel, Mr. Livi Uzoukwu (SAN) to file his brief of argument within 14 days. The court, however, said the governor was at liberty to file a supplementary record of the appeal as he al-

•May 2 for hearing in Abia PDP governorship ticket tussle

From Kamarudeen Ogundele, Abuja

leged that some vital pages in the record of appeal were missing. Counsel to Emenike, Chief Adeniyi Akintola (SAN) and Emeka Ngige (SAN), urged the court to turn down the application to file a supplementary record of appeal on the ground that the governor had flouted the provisions of Order 8 Rule 6 of the Court of Appeal, which permits such application to be filed within 15 days and not 30 days as is the case with the governor. Akintola had earlier moved an application seeking for an accelerated hearing and abridging the time of the respondents within which to file their brief of arguments. Counsel to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Haliru Liman did not oppose the application. The ruling PDP did not also oppose the application. Its

counsel, Mr. Olusola Oke, however, said he needed time to file a supplementary record of appeal to enable the party take a firm position on the subject matter. But it was later discovered that the alleged missing pages in the record of appeal were not missing but contained in pages 15 to 16 of the record. Justice Jimmy Bada, who led the panel of Justices, adjourned the matter till May 2 for a definite hearing. In the appeal, Emenike had accused the High Court of wrongfully assuming “the role of formulating a case for the plaintiff, different from what was submitted for adjudication in the originating summons. The appellant averred that the trial judge misdirected himself in law and came to a wrong decision when he invoked Article 17.1 of the PDP constitution to hold that the “plaintiff

did not identify the specific provision of the PDP constitution which enabled the Abia State executive of the party to conduct party primary, at which he emerged the gubernatorial candidate of the party without involvement of the National Executive Committee (NEC) as provided in the party electoral guideline…” He is contending that the usurpation of the power of the State Executive Committee (SEC) by the NEC in the conduct of party gubernatorial primary, vide insertion of such power in the election guideline made by the national cannot be a legitimate decision by the PDP. Besides, he is contending that the judgment failed to make any finding on the membership status of the governor as to whether or not he is a bonafide member of the party. According to him, the governor was never re-admitted into the PDP fold in August, 2010 or at all as to make him eligible to contest for or emerge as the gubernatorial candidate of the party for the Abia 2011 governorship election.

NITED States President Barack Obama yesterday congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan on his election victory. He also commended Nigerians for their “resolve and patience” during last month’s “historic” presidential, legislative and governorship elections. Obama spoke to Jonathan on the telephone. Obama said in a statement that the “success of the elections was a testament to Nigerian voters who waited in long lines, stayed to watch their votes counted and were determined that these elections mark a new chapter in Nigerian history.” He said: “While the majority of Nigerians cast their ballots free from intimidation and coercion, the post-election violence that followed the presidential election on April 16 was deplorable.” He stressed that the Independent National Electoral Commission, the National Youth Service Corps, and Nigeria’s vibrant civil society “must play a role in ensuring that the final results reflect the will of the Nigerian people and that Nigerian authorities investigate and address any


allegations of fraud or irregularities.” He said “violence has no place in a democratic society, and it is the responsibility of all Nigerians to reject it,” affirming that democracy “however, neither begins nor ends with elections.” “Now is the time for Nigeria’s leaders and its people to come together and build the future that they deservea multi-party democracy that addresses the aspirations of all Nigerians, especially its youth, who did so much to make the recent elections a success and who will define the nation’s future,” he noted.

Amnesty: Judge’s absence stalls suit against Jonathan, AGF From Kamarudeen Ogundele, Abuja


HE absence of an Abuja Federal High Court Judge, Justice Donatus Okorowo, yesterday stalled a suit filed against President Goodluck Jonathan and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohammed Adoke (SAN). Some aggrieved youths, under the aegis of Ugbede Youth Movement in Isoko, Delta State are challenging the alleged discrimination in the implementation of the amnesty programme. The plaintiffs accused the Federal Government of neglecting the Isoko zone since the commencement of the programme and thereby infringing upon their fundamental rights to freedom from discrimination. They lamented that it has not been enjoying all the privileges and rights which other communities have been enjoying while in the real sense, all of them were meant to be beneficiaries of the programme. The plaintiffs are praying the court to declare the amnesty programme as unconstitutional in its design and implementation to the extent that it has accorded privileges, benefits and advantages to a selected group. They are also seeking a declaration that the disabilities, restrictions, denial and deprivation foisted on them through the design and implementation of the respondents by the programme amount to discrimination on the basis of their political opinion and contrary to Section 42 (1) of the 1999 Constitution.



NEWS ‘How we curbed cultism’ From Osagie Otabor, Benin


HE first female Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, Dr. Philipa Idogho, yesterday gave an insight into how she curbed cultism in the institution. Mrs. Idogho said some Students Union leaders were sent abroad for training on security and leadership. The institution, she said, also gave the students orientation on the dangers of cultism. Idogho made these known in a chat with reporters after a tour of projects embarked upon by her three-year-old administration. Her words: “We introduced dress code and gave orientation to Students Union leaders after every election. We also trained them on how to lead students effectively and on how to start businesses after graduation.”

‘I didn’t congratulate Uduaghan’


HE Director of Media and Publicity of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) in Delta State, Chief John Araka, has denied congratulating Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan on his victory in the April 26 election. Commissioner for Information Oma Djebah had said Araka congratulated Uduaghan. But, Araka said congratulating Uduaghan was out of the question because of the questionable way he was declared the winner. He said he had not spoken with Djebah since the announcement of the results, adding that it was most unfortunate that the commissioner could make such statement. His words: “My support for change in Delta State is driven by strong principle and conviction hence I defied all aggressive attempts to win me back to PDP. “Our governorship candidate, Great Ogboru, has reiterated the determination of our party to go to the tribunal to seek justice because we are convinced that DPP got overwhelming majority of the votes at the polls just as it was the case during the January 6 rerun.” Araka, who is also the Chairman of Isoko Patriotic Congress (IPC), said his group was resolute in effecting political change in the state. He said there would be no compromise with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Rivers ACN Chair, others suspended From Bisi Olaniyi, Port Harcourt

HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Rivers State yesterday suspended its Chairman, Uche Okwukwu, for abandoning the party 48 hours to the April 26 governorship and House of Assembly elections. Okwukwu was also accused of anti-party activities, especially for asking ACN members to vote for the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Rotimi Amaechi. The suspended chairman, who hails from Ikwerre Local Government as Amaechi, also told his supporters to vote for the PDP’s House of Assembly candidate for Ikwerre constituency, Wanjoku Chikere, who eventually won the election. ACN’s Acting Publicity Secretary Jerry Needam said the Youth Leader, Bob Aaron; Welfare Officer Ken Dede; ExOfficio member for Asari-Toru Local Government Ogborubu Erekosima; and the Emohua Local Government Chairman, Timothy Amadi; were equally suspended. Needam said the state executive committee, at a meeting, decided that the errant officers be suspended. The party, he said, has communicated to the national secretariat. Deputy Chairman Esuku M. Esuku has assumed office as the acting chairman, and Needam, acting publicity secretary. Okwukwu, however, maintained that he remains the chairman .


Party decries arrest of its candidates From Kunle Johnson, Calabar


HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Cross River State has decried what it described as the unwarranted arrest and detention of its candidates and supporters over last month’s elections. It was gathered that over 50 of the party’s supporters, including some candidates in the elections, have been detained at police divisions and are to be charged to court soon. ACN Chairman, Mr. Cletus Obun, said it was disturbing that shortly after the House of Assembly poll, ACN candidates became puns in the hands of security agencies as they were harassed, intimidated and detained on spurious allegations of threat to public peace and electoral malpractices. Obun, who is also the state chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), alleged that from April 28 till date ACN candidates and members have been hunted by the army, arrested and detained in different police cells across the state. He said the recent clamp down on ACN leaders was the height of provocation and humiliation which are signs of antidemocratic forces. “The state Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is yet to arraign Chief Vincent O. Abue and six others for spurious allegations; Raymond Nandi, the candidate for Boki 11 state constituency is also currently in detention. The Deputy Governorship candidate, Elder David Elder Okon and Ekpo Adah Odukpani, House of Assembly candidate were arrested, interrogated and released on bail at 8pm yesterday.”

•From right: Vice-President Namadi Sambo, Secretary to the Government of the Federation Yayale Ahmed and Head of Civil Service of the Federation Prof Oladipo Afolabi at the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting in Abuja...yesterday

Woman killed in fresh Ogoni crisis


WOMAN, Kpoobari Kpegetu, has been killed in a fresh crisis in the Ogoni communities of Kegbara-Dere (KDere) and Barinyonwa-Dere (B-Dere) in Gokana Local Government of Rivers State. It was learnt that Kpegetu, who hailed from K-Dere, was hit by stray bullets. She bled to death. The killing, it was gathered, angered some KDere youths, who moved into B-Dere, which has been deserted. Both communities have been deserted as residents are fleeing to avoid being hit by stray bullets. The communities were involved in a clash on October 20 and 21 last year, leading to the death of many; razing of houses and destruction of other valuable property. Last year’s clash started on

• MOSOP calls for dialogue From Bisi Olaniyi, Port Harcourt

October 19, following disagreement among some youths who were watching a Premier League match, when one of them complained of losing his handset. The clash prompted the Rotimi Amaechi-led administration to establish a commission of inquiry, headed by Justice Biobele Georgewill, which is yet to submit its report. It was gathered that an indigene of K-Dere, Kponayie Borgbara, was shot by some youths from B-Dere, who ambushed him. Borgbara was rushed to Teme Hospital, Port Harcourt, where he is said to be on danger list.

There were also attempts to kidnap some women, youths and children from K-Dere, allegedly by B-Dere youths. This has heightened tension in both communities, over fear of reprisal attack. It was also learnt that in the last three weeks, the youths of B-Dere had been invading K-Dere, shooting at people and destroying their farms, crops and houses. The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called for dialogue. MOSOP, which initiated moves to restore the crisis, asked the people of K-Dere and B-Dere to sheathe their swords and give peace a chance. MOSOP’s Information Of-

ficer Bari-ara Kpalap condemned the disturbances, stressing that there can be no development without peace. Kpalap said: “We have heard enough of human and property losses. We need development, not war, killings or destruction. Violence will not do any good to the two Ogoni communities.” He urged security agencies, especially the police and the Joint Task Force (JTF), not to take sides and work to bring the situation under control. Police spokesman Ben Ugwuegbulam confirmed the incident. Gokana Local Government Chairman Victor Giadom said the fight was pure vendetta, stressing that the situation has been brought under control. Giadom also called on the aggrieved people to give peace a chance.

INEC fixes tomorrow for mop-up election in Delta


MOP-UP election will hold tomorrow in constituencies in Delta State, where polling was declared inconclusive during the House of Assembly election, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said yesterday. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that election was declared inconclusive in eight constituencies, but INEC announced that tomorrow’s poll would hold in five constituencies. INEC last week announced results in 21 of the 29 constituencies in the state and declared that election in the remaining eight were inconclusive because of irregularities. The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Dr Gabriel Adah, said a date would be fixed for election in parts of the constituencies where there were problems. Adah said yesterday in Asaba that the election would be held tomorrow in five constituencies. He said results of three constituencies arrived from the local government collation centres after those of 21 constituencies had been announced. He said the results from the three constituencies were an-

Makes U-turn on Rivers Assembly seat From Bisi Olaniyi, Port Harcourt


HE Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Rivers State yesterday declared Chigbo Sam Eligwe of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) winner of the Ahoada West constituency seat in the House of Assembly election. A Federal High Court in Port Harcourt ordered INEC to declare Eligwe winner of the election. The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Aniedi Ikoiwak, on April 28 declared Okpokiri Nwanaka Okpokiri winner of the Ahoada West seat. Shortly after INEC released the results, Eligwe’s lawyer, F. G. Warmate, reminded Ikoiwak of the April 21 judgment in favour of his client. Warmate said: “On April 21, Justice T. Abubakar delivered judgment in favour of our client. “Our client was the duly-nominated candidate of the primary election of the PDP into the Ahoada West House of Assembly seat and therefore candidate of the PDP in the election held on April 26, 2011. “Our client presented himself on April 26 for election and was duly elected and returned by INEC’s Returning Officer for Ahoada West constituency seat, having polled the highest number of votes in the election.” nounced through a press statement. “Yes, as at the time we announced results on April 28, we didn’t have results from eight constituencies and due to reports from those places; we declared the election there inconclusive. “However, the results for three constituencies came in after I had left the office and travelled and I asked my peo-

ple to announce the results through a press statement,’’ he said. The results released through press statement, according to the REC, are those for Warri North, Warri South I and Warri South II constituencies. He did not, however, disclose the names of candidates or parties that won the election, whose results he con-

firmed were announced through press statement. He said tomorrow’s mopup election would be conducted in Isoko North, Patani, Burutu 11, Ughelli North 1 and Ughelli South constituencies. It was gathered that no media organisation, including those owned by government got the press statement, purportedly released a few days ago announcing the results of three constituencies. The state agent of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Funkekeme Solomon, said he was unaware of fresh results from INEC after the April 28 announcement of results. Similarly, police spokesman Charles Muka said the command was not aware of new results after those of April 28. He said the police had also not been informed of the mopup election scheduled for tomorrow. Also in Bauchi, INEC has concluded arrangements to hold election in two constituencies today. The elections are in Misau and Ningi local governments. Resident Electoral Commissioner Iliya Audu yesterday said INEC had rescheduled the election in the areas because of malpractices noticed during the governorship and House of Assembly elections.




Oyo Obas insist on Alaafin as council permanent chair


YO Obas are rooting for the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, to remain as permanent chairman of the council of obas and chiefs. Yesterday, the monarchs rejected the law signed by outgoing Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala, making the chairmanship rotational among the Alaafin, the Olubadan of Ibadan and the Soun of Ogbomoso. Some members of the council who converged on the Alaafin’s palace described the amendment of the law by the 32-member House of Assembly and Alao-Akala’s assent as exercise in futility. Speaking on behalf of the others, the Vice-Chairman, Olugbon of Orile-Igbon, Oba Samuel Osunbade said the purported amendment could not stand the test of time.

•Pensioners sue governor From Oseheye Okwuofu and Bisi Oladele, Ibadan

Others are: the Iba of Kisi, Oba Moshood Oyewola Lawal; Onjo of Okeho, Oba Rafiu Osuolale Mustapha; Okere of Saki, Oba Olatoyese Kilani Olarinre 11, the Sabiganna of Iganna, Oba Soliu Azeez, Agunloye IV, the Basorun of Oyo, Olokaka of Okaka; Onigbeti of Igbeti; Oniware of Iware; Aresa-Adu of Iresadu and the Oloje of Oje-Owode. Oba Osunbade said: “We like to assure members of the public that this purported amendment cannot and will not stand the test of time as there are over 10 fundamental errors which will be addressed appropriately by our permanent chairman”. Oba Osunbade is one of the four monarchs who the

amended law favours to be among rotational vice-chairmanship of the council. Others are: Eleruwa of Eruwa, Okere of Saki and Aseyin of Iseyin. Pensioners in the state yesterday took the governor to court over alleged non-payment of their arrears. The retirees, under the aegis of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Oyo State branch are praying the court to compel the governor to implement the six per cent and 15 per cent circular on pension increases. After the mention of the case at the State High Court 7, Ring Road, Ibadan yesterday, Justice Eni Esan, later adjourned hearing to May 27 to allow the government to respond to the pensioners’ claims.

Civil servants pledge loyalty to Ajimobi


IVIL servants in Oyo State have pledged their loyalty to Governor-elect, Senator Abiola Ajimobi. The civil servants, led by the Head of Service, Alhaja Risikat Adeleke, made the pledge during a congratulatory visit to Ajimobi in his Oluyole, Ibadan home yesterday. In Alhaja Adeleke’s entourage were permanent secretaries and directors in various ministries. Alhaja Adeleke pledged

From Bisi Oladele, Ibadan

that the civil servants would work with Ajimobi to accomplish his ambition of developing the state. She said: “We are ready to give you all the necessary support to make your administration deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of the state.” Responding, Ajimobi thanked the civil servants for the visit and urged them to see him as their brother, saying

he would seek their suggestions and advice on issues. He also urged them to work with him as members of a team Ajimobi also dispelled rumours of any planned downsizing of the civil service. His words:”Nobody should exercise any fear. We should just try to be professional in our dealings. We need to encourage professionalism and I will be ready to listen to you to convince me about what is right and wrong.”

Thugs kill Ladoja’s man


LOYALIST of former Oyo State Governor Rashidi Ladoja was shot dead yesterday by some thugs allegedly led by Mukaila Lamidi a.k.a. Auxiliary , a strong supporter of outgoing governor Adebayo Alao-Akala. The body of the deceased, Damola (33) has been deposited at the Adeoyo State Hospital mortuary, Ring Road, Ibadan. Also, a brother to an Accord lawmaker-elect in Egbeda Local Government , Temitope Olatoye a.k.a. Sugar, Jide was injured on the forehead in the bloody attack. Four other members of the

From Oseheye Okwuofu, Ibadan party were said to have been hospitalised after sustaining injuries. It was learnt that the thugs came to the Iwo Road office of the lawmakerelect in about 15 buses loaded and started shooting sporadically. People ran for safety. Jide, whose head was shaved, stitched and bounded with white bandaged, spoke with reporters yesterday at Accord’s Bodija office. He said:“Before they attacked us yesterday, my brother, Sugar had received

phone call from Auxiliary asking him why he left the PDP and that it was due to his action that Governor Akala lost the election because Lagelu local government happens to have 40 wards, the highest in the federation. And this is where Sugar has strong supporters.” The chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Oyo State Council, Alhaji Lateef Akinsola a.k.a. Tokyo implored the police to caution Auxiliary, saying: “He is the mastermind of the orgy of violence which is aimed at causing anarchy in Oyo State before the May 29 hand-over date.”

‘Lagos debt profile exaggerated’


OMMISSIONER for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Ben Akabueze has said Lagos State is not one of the highest indebted in the country. Akabueze spoke at his ministry’s briefing to mark the fourth year of the Babatunde Fashola administration of his ministry yesterday. He explained that the view was not from the economic perspective. He said: “When you make a statement that a state is carrying the highest debt, the truth is that, that really doesn’t inform the public, because when it comes to debt, it’s about your carrying capacity. “Nigeria owes $35bllion and it was classified unsustainable, but the United States owes several trillions of dollars and yet it is the world

By Miriam Ndikanwu

leading economy. It’s about your carrying capacity. If Lagos given the size of the economy and the annual budget of N450billion, if it owes N100billion, that is just barely about 22 per cent of its budget for one year. “If a state whose annual budget is N30billion, if that state owes only half of what Lagos owes, it means that state owes nearly two years budget. So when you say, Lagos debt is higher than that state, you haven’t said much. Take the information you have and do a proper debt sustainability analysis”. Akabueze added: “We will run deficit budget in perpetuity. However, in our medium Term Budget Framework up till 2013, we have projected to run deficit budget. But

the deficit is within a prudential limit and it cannot exceed the international benchmark of three per cent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As we at theMinistry of Economic Planning and Budget keep track of the deficit as percentage of GDP ratio, the public finance’s Debt Management Office is also tracking the deficit in relation to the overall revenue capacity of the state. So the deficit is managed at two different ends”. On the utilisation of the Conditional Grant Scheme, Akabueze said over N3billion has been contributed to the scheme since 2006, which has been channeled to Millennium Development Goals (MDG) projects in local governments in the state in accordance to the terms of debt relief by the Paris Club of Creditors.



NEWS Obi gives condition for N8,000 minimum wage •Denies abandoning Corps members From Nwanosike Onu, Awka

NAMBRA State Governor peter Obi yesterday agreed to pay the N18,000 minimum wage, if the Federal Government increases revenue allocation to states and local governments. Obi spoke in Amawbia yesterday. On the minimum wage, he said he stood by the decision of the committee headed by Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola. He said the minimum wage was desirable,adding that no government is against it. According to him, the state governments are only complaining of their inability to pay and appealed for the restructuring of the national revenue sharing formula. He pledged speedy development of the state, adding that he had written to the Federal Government to authorise him to provide independent power supply to boost industrial growth. The Federal Government is expected to refund the moneyspent on the project, he said. Also, Obi denied that his administration abandonED stranded corps members from the state extraction during the post-election crises in some parts of the North. He described the allegation that he abandoned the corps members in Bauchi as baseless. In a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Valentine Obienyem. Obi assured of his administration’s commitment to the welfare of the people. Obienyem said Obi was responsive and sensitive to the plight of the corps members during the crises.


Uba, INEC taken to tribunal


PPONENTS have taken the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senatorial candidate in the April 9 National Assembly elections Andy Uba to the tribunal. Thse pectitioners are: Nicholas Ukachukwu of the PDP; Ikechukwu Obiora of Accord Party; and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was also taken to the tribunal in Awka by the African Liberation Party (ALP) candidate for the House of Representatives seat for Awka North/ South constituency, Kate Egwu. Egwu sued INEC for not including ALP logo on the ballot paper, which prevented her supporters from voting. No date has been fixed for the tribunal’s sitting . Ukachukwu said he was the candidate of the PDP for Anambra South senatorial zone, not Uba. He is praying the tribunal to declare him winner of the election, based on the ratification of his candidacy by the National Working Committee (NWC) of PDP.

FEC approves N46b for Abuja, Kano airports

Abia mourns corps F member

RESH from United Kingdom, where he bagged a Master’s Degree. Michael Obinna Okpokiri, had high hopes but they were dashed. He was killed in Bauchi where he was posted for his National Youth Service, during the post-election violence. He read Estate and Environmental Management at Abia State University, Uturu, before proceeding to the UK. During the post-election violence in Bauchi State, Okpokiri and eight others ran to a police station where they were reportedly killed. The remains of the 27years- old corps member

From Ugochukwu Eke, Umuahia

has been buried in his hometown, Emede Ibeku, Umuahia North local government of Abia State. Speaking at the Michael Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia, Governor Theodore Orji decried the reckless manner in which Obinna and eight other corps members were killed. Orji condoled with Abians and Obinna’s family. He described Obinna’s death as a monumental tragedy. The governor said: “Obinna and his colleagues

have become martyrs and those who killed them are the true enemies of the unity of the nation. They should not be allowed to go unpunished.” He said Obinna and his colleagues have been mowed down by misguided elements, adding: “such actions are irresponsible and unwarranted, but we should be tolerant of each other, despite all odds.” Orji warned against a reprisal attack. National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Director-General Brigadier-Gen. Tsiga lamented the killing of the

From Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja


•Orji corps members. Tsiga called on security agencies to fish out the masterminds of the heinous act. Pastor Anthony Obike said vengeance belongs to God. He reminded the people of the shortness of life and urged them to live righteously.

•From left: running mate of Plateau governor- elect, Ignatius Long-Jang; leader, ECWA Church Women Fellowship, Mrs Persisa Yawa; and Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State, during a congratulatory visit to the governor in Jos...yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Okorocha urges court to stop Imo election OMORROW’s supplementary governorship election in Imo state is threatened. The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and its Governorship candidate Rochas Okorocha have asked a Federal High Court in Abuja to stop the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from conducting the poll. In a motion on notice filed on their behalf by Prof Francis Dike (SAN), the Plaintiffs warned that unless the court stops the election, there would likely be a breakdown of law and order in the state. They are asking the court for an order of interlocutory injunction suspending the decision of INEC to conduct supplementary election or any other election howsoever called on the May 6 or any other date into the office of the Governor of Imo State pending the hearing and determination of the substantive suit.


From Kamarudeen Ogundele, Abuja

An order of interlocutory injunction restraining INEC from taking any step whatsoever or conducting supplementary elections or any elections howsoever called on May 6 or any other date into the office of the Governor of Imo State pending the hearing and determination of the substantive suit. The grounds upon which the application is based are: That election into the office of the governor of a state by law must be conducted not earlier than 150 days and not later than 30 days before the expiration of the term of office of the last holder of that office. They argued that the last day for the conduct of election into the office of the governor of Imo state is April 27. That the period between May 6, 2011 and May 27, 2011 which is the last day before the

expiration of the tenure of the last holder of the office of the governor of Imo State which expires on 30 May, 2011 is less than 30 days limited by law. According to them, the INEC lacked the power to cancel Mbaitolu Local Government Council election after its result was declared by the appropriate/ designated officer of INEC. A 25-paragraph affidavit deposed to by Mr. Jude Nsofor, a lawyer, averred that Okorocha won 12 out of the 24 local government councils where election was held while the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, Ikedi Ohakim won 11. According to him, by the released result of the Mbaitolu Local Government Area by INEC upon conclusion of the election in the council area, APGA led the other contestants with 17, 757 votes while the PDP came second with 12,440 votes. Nsofor stated: “That of the said 11 Local Government Ar-

eas declared to have been won by the PDP, the plaintiffs also scored not less than 25 per cent of total votes cast in five of the council areas namely, AbohMbaise, Ahiazu-Mbaise, Ikeduru, Nwangele and Ezinihitte Mbaise local government areas.” He stated that the plaintiffs scored 299,253 votes out of the total votes cast in the election including Mbaitolu LGA result while PDP, the runner up scored 291,365 votes. He averred that as at the time the results of the election in Mbaitolu LGA were added, the plaintiffs had scored not less than 25 per cent of the total votes cast in 18 local government areas being two-thirds f the 27 local government areas of Imo State. “Unless the defendant is immediately restrained by this court, the defendant will proceed with the conduct of the said supplementary election which may likely lead to break down of and order,” he added.

Sack fever grips Anambra commissioners


HERE are strong indications that Anambra State Governor Peter Obi may sack some of his commissioners for not delivering their constituencies in the April 26 elec-

tions. Obi has not reshuffled his executive council since he assumed office. The Nation gathered that Commissioners and Special Advisers who failed to ‘deliver’ their constituencies to the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the last elections are the

From Nwanosike Onu, Awka

target of the shake-up. Obi had asked them to ensure APGA won their local governments to the party. According to a source, the governor before the elections told them: ‘lose out in the elections and lose your exco membership.” Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity Valentine Obienyem confirmed that Obi had before the polls charged his commissioners to deliver their constituencies or lose their exco membership.

ONTRACTS for the upgrading and reconstruction of terminal buildings in some of the nation’s airports were yesterday ratified by the Federal Executive Council (FEC). The council also ratified provision of facilities in the Madam Extension District of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). A whopping N46,015,371.892.87 was approved for the contracts. The aviation facilities will cost N22,365,371,892.87, while N23,650,000,000.00 is for the Madam District. The council meeting was presided over by Vice President Namadi Sambo in the absence of his boss, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who is in Obudu, Cross River State on a retreat. Briefing reporters after the meeting, the Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Labaran Maku said the Council ratified anticipatory approval for the rehabilitation of the air side and the terminal building of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. He also said that N12 billon was approved for a new terminal building at the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano. He said the rehabilitation of the 28-year –old Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport (NAIA), which is eight years behind schedule, was necessary because some of the facilities have outlived the designed lifespan of 20 years. “In view of its strategic location at the seat of the government of Nigeria, there is increasing number of passengers and air traffic activities. There is therefore need for the rehabilitation of the airside at the NAIA, Abuja and upgrade of AFL to CATIII”, he said. Maku said Julius Berger Construction Company, which got the job, had been given 24 months to deliver. He said the company was favoured because it was the firm hired to build the airport 28 years ago. Although he named Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Mallam Aminu Kano Airport, Kano, Port Harcourt International Airport, Akanu Ibiam Airport, Enugu and Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar as the six international airports listed facilities upgrade programme, approvals were only granted on Nnamdi Azikiwe and Aminu Kano Airports. The Crew Construction Company Nigeria Limited, Messrs Cremona Construction Company Limited of Italy and Messrs Coffer Impex SRL of Romania, got the jobs for the new terminal building at the Mallam Aminu Kano Airport. They were given 96 weeks to complete the projects. The Minister of the FCT, Senator Bala Mohammed brought a memo to yesterday’s FEC, seeking for the ratification of an anticipatory approval for the award of contract for the provision of engineering infrastructure at the Maitama Extension District, Abuja, a newly created residential district in phase one of the city.




Al-Mustapha, others not dead, says Prisons chief


ETAINED Major Hamza AlMustapha, former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, is not dead, the ComptrollerGeneral of Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS), Mr. Olusola Ogundipe said yesterday. Al-Mustapha is being detained at the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison, Lagos, over his alleged involvement in the killing of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, wife of the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Bashorun Moshood Abiola. Ogundipe spoke yesterday in Abuja when he presented trade tools to some 56 discharged convicts under the Prison Service Rehabilitation Programme. He said: “I want to tell you that Al-Mustapha is well and sound. I was in touch with the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prisons, Lagos, today (yesterday). It is just a rumour. Other inmates are alive and well.”

•124 ex-prisoners get tools From Gbenga Omokhunu, Abuja

Ogundipe said 124 ex-prisoners were to benefit from the programme, adding that some were constrained to be in Abuja. He said the former prisoners’ trade tools would be delivered to them subsequently. Ogundipe urged Nigerians to help the Prisons Service in the reformation and rehabilitation of former inmates by ensuring their acceptance into the society. He said: “Aftercare trainings are vocational trainings given ex-convicts so that they can live crime-free life after their prison terms. As a follow-up, the Prison Service also donates tools to them to carry out their trades so that they do not have any excuse to return to crime. “The Controller-General of Prisons (CGP) also noted that

some of the prison inmates have been enrolled for different degree programmes with the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and they are expected to graduate with degrees in formal education. “The prevailing orientation emphasises identification of the reason for the offender’s anti-social or criminal behaviour, diagnosis and treatment. At the end of this process, the prison inmate is expected to return to the society not as a social misfit but a reformed and well equipped personality with skills that will enable him settle down to productive life. “This is why the NPS deemed it necessary to train prison inmates in various vocational skills and provide other services such as recreation, moral/religious instructions and educational programmes that are necessary for productive and self reliant life on discharge.”

Court remands CPC Bauchi Assembly seat winner for alleged homicide


BAUCHI Chief Magistrate’s Court has remanded a House of Assembly member-elect for Toro Local Government, Mallam Yusuf Nuhu. Nine others were reportedly detained for alleged attempt to commit culpable homicide. Nuhu won last Thursday’s House of Assembly election on the platform of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). The Police arrested him over allegations that he was among the suspects that attacked the Commissioner of Rural De-

From Austine Tsenzughul, Bauchi

velopment, Mahiru Maiwada Wandi. Also reportedly attacked last week were former Commissioner for Commerce, Yakubu Abdullahi and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Toro Federal Constituency, Husseyni Umar. The prosecutor, Sergeant Amos Ukpe, told the court that the accused were charged with conspiracy and attempt to commit culpable homicide, contrary to Sections 596 and 229 of the Penal Code.

Ijaw group berates Yuguda over comment on slain corps members


GROUP, Ijaw Monitoring Group (IMG), yesterday in Lagos criticised Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda over his comment on the death of nine National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members during last month’s post-election riots in the North. The group brought over 70 women from the Niger Delta for a peaceful protest where it berated Yuguda for saying the killing of the corps members was their destiny. It noted that Yuguda’s utterance might embolden the killers to feel that their action was proper. Through its Coordinator, Comrade Joseph Evah, the group condoled with the families of the slain youths, saying they were young patriots who should not die in vain.

By Evelyn Osagie

IMG said: “The murderers are moving freely today because Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda openly stated that the untimely death of our children should not be taken seriously, because it was their destiny to die that way and since their killers are helping the victims to fulfill destiny, they can’t be prosecuted by the law. Shame on Yuguda! I am sure his wife and children are ashamed of him and the people of his state and even the first Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Tafawa Balewa, who is from his state, is ashamed of him in the grave.” IMG called for the review of the NYSC, noting that corps members should serve in their states of origin or geopolitical zones.

The accused: Yusuf Nuhu; Yau Riga; Mohammed Sajo; Yakubu Musa; Dauda Ibrahim; Yaro Idris; Abdulkarim Abdulhamid; Mohammed Mukhtar and Rayyanu Yusuf pleaded not guilty. Their counsel, M. H. Yakubu and Ben Ogbuchi applied for their bail. But presiding Chief Magistrate Mukhtar Abubakar denied them bail, saying he was holding brief for the Chief Magistrate. He ordered the accused to be remanded in prison and adjourned the case till Monday.

Journalist’s dad dies at 81


A Emmanuel Abiodun Thomas, father of a journalist, Dapo Thomas, is dead. He was 81. Pa Thomas was a pioneer worker of Zappas Transport Limited, which transformed into the Lagos Municipal Transport Service (LTMS) when the Lagos State Government took it over between 1967 and 1968. He retired as Chief Traffic Officer in 1983. He is survived by many children and grandchildren, including Dapo, a former Dodan Barracks correspondent with Newbreed magazine; former Editor with Times Week; former Senior Special Assistant to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; and a lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies, Lagos State University (LASU). The funeral holds between May 26 and 27.

Takai moves to challenge Kwankwanso’s victory


HE All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) has concluded arrangements to challenge the results of the April 26 Kano State governorship election won by Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In a radio announcement, the defeated ANPP gover-

From Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

norship candidate, Alhaji Salihu Takai, said the party was gathering evidence to challenge the results at the election petitions tribunal. Appealing to his supporters to remain calm, Takai said efforts were being made to

reclaim the mandate through the court. Reacting, PDP spokesman Alhaji Ali Baba Agamalafiya dismissed the announcement as “cheap blackmail” against Kwankwanso. He said the governor-elect got his mandate through free and fair election by majority of the voters.



NEWS Nigerians rescued from Libya NIGERIANS were among the migrants rescued in a ship in the rebel-held Libyan port of Misrata. The ship carrying the migrants, who had been working mainly on construction and in Libya’s oil industry, docked there yesterday, the agency that chartered it said. “Among the migrants from countries like Niger, Ghana, Chad, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Egypt and Bangladesh are some 71 women and children,’’ the agency said. A spokeswoman for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said the vessel, the “Red Star One” which had been waiting offshore since Saturday as Libyan government forces shelled the city, would soon start loading. During the delay, at least two seriously injured civilians had died among the 36 migrants waiting to be evacuated in the city to the East of Tripoli on the Mediterranean coast, IOM officials reported earlier. The spokeswoman said details on the ship’s arrival in the port hotly contested by rebels and the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for over two months since an uprising against him began would be released later. The port is a lifeline for the besieged city, where food and medical supplies are running low, antiGaddafi rebels there say. Other rescue ships have been waiting offshore, but there was no immediate news on their movements.

PPPRA: No cause for panic fuel buying


F the words of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Authority (PPPRA) are anything to go by, there is no cause for panic buying of petroleum products, despite the scarcity being experienced in some parts of the country. PPPRA, in a statement, said there was enough supply all over the country. The statement reads: “The attention of Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has been drawn to the sudden appearance of queues at some retail outlets in Abuja metropolis. The situation, which was first noticed last Saturday, coincided with the usual end-ofthe-month sanitation exercise, which did not allow retail outlets to open early. In addition to this, the no movement situation on all the elections days may have contributed to logistic challenges for the transporters. As is usual, the re-

Petrol, kerosine scarcity hits Kogi, Katsina


ETROLEUM products scarcity has hit Lokoja, the Kogi State capital and Funtua, Katsina State. In Lokoja, out of all the privately owned patrol station, only one station at Felele area NNPC mega station, has been selling fuel since the scarcity. However, The Nation gathered that some of the filling stations have engaged themselves in hoarding the product with the believe that government may increase price soon. With this development transportation fares have increased locally as commuters now pay about N100 per drop in the state capital. Alhaji Hassan Ali, a commuter, said the scarcity has already caused inflation in the city, as transporters and traders now double the prices of their products. He blamed the Federal Government for not being responsive over the plight of the masses, as they were only busy on how to win elections. Black marketers, according to The Nation’s findings, have returned to their business with impunity as they now sell liter of fuel for N200. It was also gathered thag Kerosene, which

From Mohammed Bashir, Lokoja

was known to be at the reach of ordinary Nigerians, has now become more scarce and expensive for the poor. A litre sells for between N160 and N200. Women, especially in some rural areas have resigned to faith as they now use fire woods and char coal. No fewer than 25 Petrol Filling Stations in Funtua and its environs have increased the prices of petroleum products, leading to a sharp rise of almost 100 per cent in fares. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a litre of petrol is being sold at between N82 per litre and N87 per litre with the exception of NNPC Mega stations that sold at the official price of N65 per litre. NAN observed that the development led to long queues at the mega stations at Funtua, Malumfashi and Matazu Local Government Areas. Commercial vehicles charge between N20 and N100 across the state, a situation that led to residents calling on the authorities to look into the situation considering the financial hardship.

By Olukorede Yishau Assistant Editor (News)

turn of many Abuja inhabitants after the serial free

working days could also account for the sudden up-

surge in the demand for fuel observed over the weekend. “Information from petro-

Senator-elect Tinubu advises traders


India increases visa issuance to Nigerians COUNSELOR, High Commission of India in Nigeria Mr. Suresh Makhijani yesterday said about 30,000 visas would be issued to Nigerians this year. Makhijani told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the commission increased the number due to Nigerians’ growing interest in travelling to India for businesses and medical attentions “To accommodate the needs of Nigerians aspiring to travel to India, the Commission has decided to increase issuance of visas to 30,000 this year. “Number of visas issued in 2010 was about 25, 000, this is about 30 per cent increase over the previous years’,’’ he said. The counselor assured applicants that despite the increase, there were no plans by the commission to review its visa fees. Makhijani expressed his government continued confidence in doing business with Nigerian investors and businessmen. He described as “impressive” the growing relations between Nigerian investors, businessmen and their counterparts in Indian. “In this regard, my government will continue to sustain its liberal visa application, processing and issuance for Nigerians in the years to come.”

leum marketers, both major and independent, confirmed that there are abundant products in major surrounding depots servicing the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), particularly Suleja. In other words, products are being lifted and distributed to all available retail outlets without let or hindrance. “The PPPRA, as an agency responsible for the supply and distribution of petroleum products, hereby wishes to assure all Nigerians that there are enough products to go round, hence, there is no need for panic-buying as it’s being experienced at the moment. “The Agency wishes to reiterate the commitment of the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, to make available, petroleum products for the use of all Nigerians at all times. This is a mandate to which we are fully committed at the PPPRA.”

• Alhaja Mogaji and Senator-elect Tinubu...yesterday

Prominent Nigerians eulogise Yar’Adua on death anniversary A

S the nation marks the first anniversary of the death of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua today, prominent Nigerians have eulogised him. Senate Deputy Minority Whip, Senator Kabiru Gaya described Yar’Adua as a great leader, who despite his failing health, worked hard to entrench enduring legacy in the country. He said: “He was a great leader, who thought and felt that he could bring about positive change, and he indeed brought about change. He spearheaded the electoral reforms, and with his inaugural speech, he created the atmosphere for free and fair election in the country. “Yar’Adua considered the Southsouth as his primary constituency, by initiating the amnesty pro-

•’ He entrenched rule of law’

From Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

gramme, which has led to the reduction in the restiveness in the Niger Delta region and led to the creation of job opportunities for the restive youths, especially the militants in the region. Amnesty is a blessing to Nigeria. “Remember that he also tackled the Boko Haram uprising in the north and restored security in the country. I urged President Jonathan to follow his footsteps and actualize the dreams that Yar’Adua had for this country.” The Special Adviser to former President Shehu Shagari on National Assem-

bly Matters, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai said it was unfortunate that the Seven-point Agenda, which was initiated by the Yar’Adua/ Jonathan administration, was abandoned. “What the nation is missing most is the abandonment of the Seven-point Agenda, a programme jointly initiated by the Yar’Adua/Jonathan ticket. “I do hope that President Jonathan would use his second mandate to revisit the seven point agenda and implement it to the letter.” He paid glorying tributes to late President Yar’Adua for laying the foundation for the conduct of free, fair and credible election in the coun-

try. “Yar’Adua initiated the electoral reforms and set up the Justice Uwais Committee. Out of the 90 recommendations, Yar’Adua forwarded 86 proposals to the National Assembly, and I think that formed the basis for credible election we just had.” He said Nigeria would have attained the 6,000 megawatts benchmark of electricity, if he had lived. A former Civilian Governor of Katsina State Alhaji Lawal Kaita said Nigeria would not have been able to improve its electoral system were it not for the foundation laid by the late President. Kaita added that the late President worked towards ensuring the restoration of peace in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, noting that Yar’Adua enshrined the principle of rule of law in the nation.

CTION Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Lagos Central Senator-elect Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu yesterday urged traders to develop entrepreneurial spirit. The Senator-elect spoke during a visit to the Iyaloja-General of Nigeria, Alhaja Abibat Mogaji, at her Alausa residence in Ikeja, Lagos, on Tuesday. She said: “While it is true that I have come to say thank you very much to you all, and to show my deep appreciation for working tirelessly and standing by me during the recent past 2011 general elections, I wish to use this medium to advise some of us to get good businesses for ourselves to do. “I want you to know that each of us, elected officers, can only offer you temporary meals if you keep coming to us for stipends. But when you have your own businesses, then whatever we give to you will just be additions and we won’t be the ones feeding you. And truly, nothing will ever give you full satisfaction as having your own and being your own bosses. Therefore, I urge every woman worth the name to pursue and develop her own businesses and then, we can offer her affordable support.” Mrs Tinubu enjoined the traders to emulate Alhaja Mogaji. She said Nigeria needs more women like Alhaja Mogaji, whom she described as a true role-model. The senator-elect said: “Mama would have dissuaded me if she feels there was no need for me to go into politics when I was being asked to be a representative at the Senate by some other women. “Mama, as we all can see, is not educated; yet, she has educated very many of us in many ways as you all can see. And based on the example she has shown us, if any of us can carry many more women as she has done, I am sure that many other Nigerian women would be able to fulfil their innate potentials. What is important for all of us to do is to bring one another up in our respective areas.”



NEWS Sokoto CPC sacks leaders •Forms caretaker committee From Adamu Suleiman, Sokoto

NINE days after last month’s polls, the leadership of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Sokoto State has been eased out of office, following a vote of no confidence by the party’s Forum of Local Government Chairmen. A three-man caretaker committee has been set up with Mustapha Sabon Birni as chairman. Others are Shehu Umar Marina (Treasurer) and Anas Dan Nayaba, Publicity Secretary. The forum sacked the state chairman, Abubakar Chika Ainun, and Secretary, Malam Bello Bassakkwace. It also eased out other executive members, saying the duo ceased to be recognised as chairman and secretary. The forum said: “We have agreed to pass a vote of no confidence in their leadership and from today we seize to reconginse them as our state chairman and secretary.” Ainun and Bassakkwace were accused of running the party like “a cult group”. The forum alleged that they engaged in anti-party activities by selling the state CPC to the opposition government.

Party rejects senatorial poll result •Heads for tribual From Jide Orintunsin, Minna

THE Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Niger State has rejected the results of the Niger East senatorial election. It vowed to challenge the results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at the National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal. The party’s candidate, Mohammed Inua Zakari, lost to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Senator Dahiru Awaisu Kuta. In a letter by its chairman, Mallam Umar Shuaibu, to the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), entitled: Rejection of the Niger East Senatorial election results, which took place on April 9 and 26 and intent for legal action against the results, CPC said the elections were fraught with malpractices. The party alleged that the elections were marred with violence, vote-buying, multiple voting and falsification of result sheets. The letter, which was copied to the Commissioner of Police and Director, State Security Service (SSS), alleged that the election was characterised by ballot box stuffing and other electoral malpractices in many polling units in the senatorial district. It notified INEC of its intention to seek legal action at the tribunal.

adjourns No fear over Al Qaeda, says Kano Court debt case against Taraba till May 13 Police chief K A ANO State Acting Commissioner of Police Alhaji Mohammed Dikko yesterday allayed the public’s fear over their safety following the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Speaking with The Nation, Dikko said there was no cause for panic. He urged the residents to disregard rumours caused

From Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

by some text messages, that there were secret killings over bin Laden’s death. Dikko said the Police were on top of the situation, with the deployment of security agents in flashpoints.

He said: “We have intensified patrol of areas we believe to be trouble spots or locations prone to violence. We are not resting on our oars, and we assure the citizens of their safety. “We want people to stop panicking, because there is just no need for it. We, as a

security agency, are always there for them. So, they need not worry about their safety.” Dikko said the Police were working with telecommunications companies to ascertain the origin of the text messages that might incite violence. Normalcy appeared to have been restored as those who sought refuge elsewhere have returned homes and normal business activities have picked up.

• Bello (left) and Senator Ganiyu Solomon at the programme at Stadium Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos...yesterday

LASAA employs 1,000 youths to wipe off posters


HE Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) yesterday said it had employed no fewer than 1,000 youths to rid the state of election posters. LASAA Managing Director Mr. Tunji Bello spoke in front of the National Stadium at the launch of the “poster cleanup campaign.” He said the clean up would restore the beauty of the state. Bello said the last general election would be the last time candidates would

be allowed to paste posters along the highways of the state. He said they would only be permitted to do so in designated areas. Bello said: “We will not hesitate to apply the full weight of the law on anybody who violates the law. As we perform this launch today, our mission is simple, to take our city back. I urge you all and the public to join hands with LASAA on these massive clean-up.” Bello said. He warned organisations that paste

posters to exploit other avenues of advertisement. Bello said section one of the law establishing LASAA empowers it to control the pasting of posters on the highways of Lagos and other public structures. To affirm the launch of the exercise, the agency commenced the wiping off of posters pasted under the bridge of the National Stadium. Bello said the exercise would be completed in two months. Senator Ganiyu Solomon urged all and sundry to support LASAA in the task.

Benue ACN candidate sues Suswam

Suleja bomb blast accused get bail


MINNA Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday granted bail to the Suleja bomb blast prime suspect, Alhaji Abubakar Lado, and four others. They had been remanded for two months pending their arraignment on a sixcount charge. Lado, Awwal Gambo; Alhaji Ladan; Jibril Umar Abuja; and Babawo, all of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), were accused of culpable homicide, causing hurt, assault, disturbances of public peace, criminal intimidation and being armed with deadly weapons contrary to Sections 107; 113,

From Jide Orintunsin and Justina Asishana, Minna

221(a) and 247 of the Penal Code. Ruling, Chief Magistrate Muhammadu Tanko said the accused were entitled to bail because of the time they have spent in the State Security Service (SSS) custody. Tanko said: “The period of time, that is two months, which the first accused has spent in custordy, definitely demands my attention, unless an otherwise superior argument is advanced. In this case, there is no superior argument, consequently, I hereby grant my judgment in

favour of the accused by admitting them to bail.” He hinged the bail on nine conditions, including bail for N500,000 and one surety each in like sum. Tanko held that the sureties must be resident in Minna with proof of ownership of landed property backed with certificates of occupancy. He ordered that the accused and their sureties must provide and file two recent photographs at the court registry; sign a register every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice; sign a bond of good behaviour; and maintain peace and order during and after the pendency of the case.

From Uja Emmanuel, Makurdi

• Suswam


HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Benue State governorship candidate, Prof Steve Ugbah, has challenged the election of Governor Gabriel Suswam at the tribunal. His counsel, Mr Andrew Wombo, on Tuesday filed the

‘Belgore will reclaim his mandate through court’


WARA State Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) governorship candidate Mohammed Dele Belgore will explore legal means to reclaim his mandate at the poll, a group has said. The Mohammed Dele Belgore Support Group (MDBSG) urged ACN supporters to remain calm and await further development.

From Adekunle Jimoh, Ilorin

In a statement by its Chairman, Dr. Saliu Ajia, the group thanked Kwarans for their support before, during and after the elections, urging them to be committed to the agenda to liberate the state from poverty and oppression. The statement reads: “First

and foremost, we thank all Kwarans and the masses for their support. But most importantly, we appreciate the positive roles played by the youths, the elders, the clerics and the elite for working assiduously to mobilise our people and to spread the message of ACN to the remotest parts of Kwara on a voluntary basis.

COMPANY, Michaelia Limited, has sued Taraba State Government for alleged breach of contract. The company said it helped to relieve the state of over N11 billion foreign loan at the Paris Club under the defunct Gongola State but was yet to be paid for the service. Addressing reporters in Jalingo, counsel to Michaelia, Mr John George Itodo, said: “The agreement was that the Taraba State Government will pay 10 per cent of every amount recovered from the Excess Debt Service (deductions made from the state’s monthly allocation, via the Federation Account) to my client. “But the state government reneged on the agreement. It refused to pay my client, despite several appeals we have made and letters written to them.” Michaelia, it was gathered, is to be paid over N1.1 billion, having accomplished its part of the contract. In the case, filed on February 28, Michaelia sued the governor; Secretary to the State Government (SSG); Commissioner of Finance and the AttorneyGeneral/Commissioner of Justice. The plaintiff is praying for the recovery of over $7.97 million as “outstanding 10 per cent commission on the release of Excess Debt service”. It is also claiming over $7.77, being the “agreed 10 per cent and an interest of 21 per cent per annum, until judgment is delivered and thereafter, six per cent per annum, until the debt is recovered”. When the case came up on Tuesday at the Jalingo High Court No.8, the government filed a defence, claiming it had paid the money to another contractor whom it claimed did the debt cancellation and recovery deal. Justice Nuhu Adi adjourned the case till May 13.

“We also want to recognise the wonderful help rendered to our party by the middle class and the down-trodden who came out in droves to vote for our party and to identify with ACN noble cause and laudable programme that is premised on change for the betterment of our people and for the attainment of democratic goals.”

preliminary papers amid tight security by over 100 soldiers and riot policemen. In a motion exparte brought pursuant to Section 151(1) of the Electoral Act 2010, Ugbah is seeking an order of the tribunal to inspect and obtain certified true copies of election materials used in the April 26 poll to enable him prepare his petition. Ugbah demanded Forms EC 8A, EC 8B and EC 8C. He also prayed the tribunal to order the release of summary of results from local councils collation centres’ (Form EC 8D) and the declaration of results of election to the governorship forms(EC 8E). Ugbah further requested for the voters’ register, statement of unused and spoilt ballots, list of INEC staff, list of PDP agents, list of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) accredited observers and reports of electoral officers and supervisors.





The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) achieved a great feat in the elections held last month in Adamawa State by sweeping the polls. Already, preparations are afoot for the governorship poll billed for the next year in the state. Will the PDP repeat the ‘wonder’ by producing Governor Murtala Nyako’s successor?, ONYEDI OJIABOR, Assistant Editor, and BARNABAS MANYAM ask

Nyako, Haruna, Marwa gun for the soul of Adamawa


TITANIC battle was predicted by pundits ahead of the critical elections and politicians in the state actually lived up to expectation. Candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate on the platforms of major parties locked horns. Political heavy-weights in the state, including Governor Murtala Nyako, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and former Governor Boni Haruna operated in dierent camps. Now, the contest is over.Winners are celebrating their victory and losers are licking their wounds. The outcome of the elections, no doubt, was a blow on Abubakar, the former number two citizen. Four parties; the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led by Governor Nyako, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) led by its presidential candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, and Labour Party (LP), which was said to enjoy the sympathy of Atiku, fought the battle. When the time the results were collated and announced, the PDP cleared all the senatorial seats and five House of Representatives slots. The winners of the three senatorial seats defeated strong PDP candidates at the party primary. They are Deputy Senate Leader, Senator Muhammed Mana; Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Jibril Aminu and Senator Grace Bent, Chairman of Senate Committee on Environment. One would have expected protest votes against the new comers, but that was not to be. The implication is that Adamawa PDP, unlike in some other states, was able to manage the fallout of its party primaries. The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) is said to have substantially lost relevance in the state due to massive defection of its stalwarts. Atiku’s loyalists, who who contested on the platform of LP, including former DirectorGeneral, National Boundary Commission, Dr. Dahiru Bobbo, and John Babani Elisha, were defeated. The biggest loser in the senatorial election is former Governor Boni Haruna, who flew the flag of the ACN for the Adamawa North Senatorial District. Haruna lost to PDP’s Alhaji Bindowo Jibrilla, an under dog, in the hotly contested election. The former governor lost the election because of his low-key campaign. Haruna did not embark on elaborate campaign as he depended entirely on his goodwill as a former governor of the state. Besides, he also underrated his main opponent and thought that his performance as governor would carry him through. Even, one of his posters for the election was indicative of his reliance on his performance. “Remember the past”, one the posters read. Sadly enough, his past could not save him the embarrassment of a defeat. Another factor that may have contributed to Haruna’s defeat is “the Atiku factor.” Atiku who used to be Haruna’s benefactor was alleged to have worked against his “boy”. It is widely held in Adamawa that Atiku sponsored John Babani Elisha to run on the platform of LP in Adamawa North to diminish Haruna’s votes. Elisha was Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and later Commissioner for Finance in the Haruna administration. While Jibrilla polled 75,112 votes to win the election in the district, Haruna scored 70,890 votes. Elisha on the other hand came a distant fourth with 14,047 votes. Religious sentiments may have also played a role in Haruna’s defeat. Haruna and Elisha were said to be two strong Christians who contested on different political platforms against Jibrilla, a Moslem. The implication is that the votes that could have gone to Haruna were divided between him and Elisha. But the PDP in the area was also said to have conducted stormy and elaborate campaigns right from its party primaries. For instance, the Senator-elect, Jibrilla, defeated the Deputy Senate Leader, Senator Muhammed Mana, to

• Marwa

• Nyako

emerge the PDP candidate. Jibrilla went through many court cases before he was confirmed the PDP flag bearer for the election. In Adamawa Central Senatorial District, the emergence of PDP’s Alhaji Bello Mohammed Tukur, former Deputy Governor under Boni Haruna and current Chief of Staff to Governor Murtala Nyako, came as a surprise to many pundits who predicted that Tukur would lose to the LP candidate, Dr. Dahiru Bobbo, a more charismatic figure. Dahiru Bobbo’s pedigree as a former Director-General, National Boundary Commission, onetime Secretary to Government and former Registrar of University of Maiduguri, paid off.He polled 78,424 votes while Tukur got 95,806 to defeat him. In Adamawa South Senatorial District, the INEC Returning Officer, Dr. Kotos A. Abubakar, announced that Alhaji Ahmed Hassan Barata of PDP polled 101,760 votes to win the race. His closest rival, ACN’s Mohammed Jada got 66,525 votes. Analysts are of the opinion that the influence of Nyako, who hails from the South Senatorial Zone of Mayo-Belwa, weighed heavily in favour of Barata during the election. Another surprise was the defeat of the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Women Affairs, Binta Masi Garba, in the Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency. However, she is already crying blue murder, claiming that she was robbed of electoral victory through the use of threat, intimidation, and religion. Binta said that she was particularly pissed -off by the conduct of INEC officers who voided over 18,000 votes as invalid. The voided votes, she said, were supposed to have been recorded for her. Garba said: “Churches were told who to vote for him against the will of the people. On election day, people were being asked: If you vote for Binta, will you want to crucify Jesus again? If you don’t want to crucify Jesus again, you must not vote for Binta. To me, this was totally un-called-for because we are trying to globalise our society. I don’t think that religion should come into election at this level of our development.

“We are aware that religion and ethnic sentiments have brought nothing but destruction and disintegration of people such as in Borno and Plateau states. The question I ask myself is that even the clergy men would have asked in representation, who has done well? That was not asked. I’m a Christian, but probably not of the same sect like my opponent. “But it was rather unfortunate that religion and tribe are being used in an election of the nature we had on April 9. Besides, the gang up, especially by the elite, the so called Diaspora, that felt that Binta has been there for too long, why must she continue to be there? And all manner of false accusations were leveled against me. “We were thinking that Madagali Local Government, where the deputy governor comes from, where the Deputy Speaker comes from, where the Deputy Chairman of ALGON is from, where the Deputy Chairman of the state PDP comes from would not have any electoral problem. But why should we have over 8000 invalid votes as against over 1000 invalid votes recorded for my opponent in Madagali? Even in Michika, why do we have almost 10,000 invalid votes? So, there are some questions to ask. But I have left it to the party to decide. If the party wants to go to court, so be it. I believe that the party will look into that and see what it can do to redress that anomaly.” Analysts said that Binta lost because the ACN candidate, Ganama Titis Kwaga, who won, hails from Michika, the home base of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) gubernatorial candidate in the state, Gen. Buba Marwa. Another member of the House of Representatives, who lost in the election, is Emmanuel Bello. ‘Emma Bello’, as he is fondly called, represents Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency in the House and contested the election under PDP. Bello is said to have failed to break the rank of the ACN candidate, Haske Francis Hananiya who won the election by 34,529 votes to Bello’s 18,070 votes, because Hananiya hails from the Kilba

‘Close watchers of the political behaviour of the people of Adamawa State have said that it would be wrong to come to a conclusion on next year’s governorship poll on the basis of the elections held in April. The fact that the PDP won in all the elections, they contend, is not enough to believe that the party will automatically sweep the polls when it is time to choose Governor Nyako’s successor’

• Haruna

ethnic group the pre-dominant group in the Gombi/Hong area. Hon. Sa’ad M.C.Tahir also another member of the House of Representatives lost his return bid to the House. He represents Yola North/South/Girei Federal Constituency and contested under the ANPP. He polled 10,329 votes. Tahir was said to have lost because he allegedly did not represent his constituents well in the House. He defected from the PDP to ANPP but could not muster the votes to ensure his victory at the poll. Besides, findings showed that when he defected, the ANPP was already a sinking boat in the state. The ANPP in the state has also waged a long battle of leadership supremacy, which led to the defection of its top members. Tahir’s main opponent, PDP’s Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed who polled 47,473 votes cashed in on the failure of the ANPP, CPC and ACN candidates to make appreciable mark in Yola North/South/Girei Constituency. In Guyuk Local Government, the Secretary to the Government, Mr. Kobis Arih Tumu, failed to deliver his ward to the PDP. The ACN candidate Hon. Jim Kwawo Audu swept through Guyuk Local Government like a hurricane until he was cut short by the staggering votes that emerged from the hills of Shelleng LGA in favour of the PDP candidate, Hon. Gibson Kauda Nathaniel. Nathaniel polled 18,961 votes to defeat his closest rival Sham Dimas of the Labour Party who got 15246 votes and ACN Jim Kwawo Audu who scored 10,911 votes. However, close watchers of the political behaviour of the people of Adamawa State have said that it would be wrong to come to a conclusion on next year’s governorship poll on the basis of the elections held in April. The fact that the PDP won in all the elections, they contend, is not enough to believe that the party will automatically sweep the polls when it is time to choose Governor Nyako’s successor. Analysts have adduced reasons for this. The fact that the difference in the votes polled by the winners and losers in many of the constituencies were so close meant that, were it a pan-Adamawa election, the result could have been different. It is not unlikely that the opposition parties could have seen the need for some form of cooperation before the poll. Moreover, there were local factors in the election. This may not be so in the governorship poll. Fifth, personality could play a major role. Unofficially, the governorship race has been flagged off. The outcome is too early to predict, but the days ahead promise to be interesting.




Fashola and the quest for a new Lagos


HE 2011 general elections have come and gone, but, it would remain indelible in the annals of the nation’s political history. To many, the elections were free and fair. To others, especially candidates who lost their deposits, the poll was a mirage. The exercise was applauded by the international community, including the government of the United States of America. But, traces of skirmishes and irregularities were not ruled out. The over 60 political parties that tested their might at the polls have their lessons to learn. However, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) made a great gain. In the run up to the elections, the ACN declared its intention to seize the Southwest by the storm and make an in-road to other zones. The party has become arguably the strongest opposition to the PDP, given its outing at the elections. Its bid to produce a President failed, yet, ACN will console itself with the statement it made during the state and federal parliamentary elections in the Southwest. Before now, the bulk of the party’s representatives at the National Assembly came from Lagos. Infact since 1999, the party had given no chance to any form of opposition in Lagos State and status quo has persisted even with the 2011 elections. The ACN also regained the opportunity that had eluded it since 2003 in the south West as it finally wrested power from Ogun and Oyo States at all levels including at the governorship level. Presently, the only presence of the PDP in Oyo is the 10 seats which it won in the State House of Assembly elections, with 14 going to the ACN and eight to the Accord Party (AP). For those states, Lagos would provide a viable example of how to safeguard its mandate and win back the heart of the people and bring about developmental changes that would make them forget the pains of the past suffered under the PDP led governments. If there was one election that was considered a no-battle by political pundits and even some opposition candidates, it was the Lagos gubernatorial elections. State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) had proved beyond doubts that good governance and implementation of people oriented policies as well as visible infrastructural development would endear the heart of the people to the government. Governor Fashola who secured a total number of 1,509,113 votes in the 20 Local Government Areas of the state to defeat his closest rival Dr. Ade Dosunmu, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP who trailed far behind with 300,450 votes, assured Lagosians that better days await them. In his acceptance speech shortly after the independent National Electoral Commission announced him the winner; Governor Fashola described his victory as a triumph for progressive governance in the state and Nigeria in particular. He thanked Lagosians for their support and resilience to ensure his victory, while stressing that the real victory belongs to the Corp members who lost their lives serving the nation during the entire exercise. He stressed the need for the country not to forget the sacrifice of the slain National Youth Service Corps members, saying that

By Miriam Ndiknawu

they have been instruments through which God has began to rock change in the country. He tasked the three senators, 24 House of Representative members, and 40 House of Assembly candidates who won their elections on the platform of the ACN to ensure that the labour of the corpers who lost their lives would not be in vain. According to him, “Let me single out the young men and women of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and I think that this victory, this threshold is really their day, they are an instrument to what has began as a revolution in this country. “They have stood up for their generation and I think they have been better for this nation. First they gave us a voter register that was accepted, secondly they gave us an election and by many standard of our previous performance its credible, in spite of the challenges. “But in that process, many of them lost their lives, they are heroes, they are martyrs, I want to use this opportunity to appeal to everybody who holds office from today to remember that they (NYSC) shed their blood so that they can hold office. “The only way we can continue to immortalize their efforts is to go out there and do the work, the electorate demand of us and change the lives of the people to make things better within the means of our ability”. Describing the mandate given to him by Lagosians to serve them for another four years as bigger than his 2007 feat, Fashola promised that his administration would work tirelessly to surpass its achievements in the last four years, assuring that Lagos would be better for it. “My understanding of it is that it is demanded of us to do more than we have done. On behalf of the members of my team and the ACN, I assure you that you would not find us wanting, we would double our efforts to make your lives better, we would do whatever we can to use our resources to improve the lives of the people” he stressed. Fashola also saluted the Chairman of the INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega saying that the commission has proved beyond doubts that the country was on the threshold of getting its electoral process right. “At some point in time, things pointed to disaster and difficult times ahead, but I think that with these elections, we have reasoned with ourselves and said that we would not accept certain things anymore, there is still a lot of work to do about our elections, but this is progress and we must build on it”.

• Fashola

Chief Godwin Daboh Adzuana is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees (BOT). He spoke with Deputy Political Editor EMMANUEL OLADESU in Lagos on the challenges before the Jonathan Administration.

Daboh: Jonathan should appoint cabinet of talents W HAT are the challenges that may face President Goodluck Jonathan during his first term in office? The first is the battle against corruption in all its ramifications. He has to tackle the problem of power. Next is industrialisation. He has a blue print for all the sectors. His programmes would change this country. In the next two years, Nigeria will witness transformation. There will be political and economic stability, security, and justice for all. The President is not corrupt; so, he is expected to wage a relentless war against corruption. Merit will be enthroned in place of ethnicity. Nigeria will not be the same again in the next four years. You are a northerner. Why did you support the President’s ambition, in spite of the North’s decision on zoning? There was something peculiar about him. The man is honest, humble. Since August last year, I have been worshipping with him in the church. You could see his humility. When he comes to the church, he does not act as President. When Obasanjo was President, he expected everybody to stand up for him when he entered the church, in the Aso Villa Chapel. When Dr Jonathan has finished reading a lesson from the Bible, he turns round and bows to the pastor. I could see a divine intervention, with his ascension as leader. When he was Vice President under the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, he was completely submissive. He never subverted his boss. He is not anxious to acquire landed property all over the world. With him as leader, Nigeria has a future. People who did not know him before are knowing him now. That is why people like Tanko Yakasaki are now supporting him. He is competent to do what Nigeria expects a leader to do. Do you see him forging national unity? President Goodluck Jonathan became the President of Nigeria on the basis of national unity. No leader before him has done what he will do in terms of forging unity and understanding. Under him, this country is not going to be divided.

• Daboh

Is violence in the North not a sign of disunity in the country? I was sad about the violence in the North after the presidential election. It was misguided, completely predetermined, unfair and totally unjustified. Nigeria picked the best candidate. I was delighted yesterday when a friend of mine phoned to tell me that former vice President Atiku Abubakar has congratulated President Jonathan. That is what I expect Buhari to do. Buhari should as a matter of urgency congratulate President Jonathan. He should not embark on any form of litigation. To do so is retrogressive. The election was free and fair. I am appealing to Muhammadu Buhari to emulate Atiku by congratulating President Jonathan and retire from politics as my friend, Babangida, has done. our days are over. Those of us who have been in active politics for 50 years must give way for the new generation. We have tried and we failed. we are a failed generation. In many places, people voted for Jonathan and not PDP. Buhari should congratulate Dr Jonathan and advise him. He is a listening leader. He will listen to his advice. Why are you canvassing for the retention of Senator David Mark as Senate President? Has the slot been

zoned to the Northcentral? David Mark has brought stability and harmony to the National Assembly for the first time. Nobody has filed an impeachment notice against him in the last four years he has been Senate President. He has been able to harmonise all the contending political groups. The tenure of his predecessors were marred with crisis. It has been one senate. It has never happened before. He has unified the senate and made it one body. For the first time, there was harmony between the Executive and Legislature. They have always held consultations and this is one of the fine attributes of leadership. He is not hostile to senators from opposition parties. If he remains as the Senate President, there will be harmonious relationship between the Legislature headed by him and Executive headed by President Jonathan. When there is harmony between the two arms, there will be peace in the country. Is it justifiable that the Vice Presidency and Senate Presidency should be zoned to the North at tnhe same time? He has only been Senate President for one term. He and Senator Akume stood election for the Senate Presidency. I backed David Mark because I know his antecedent as a former military governor, minister and administrator. I know his capability. We are looking for those who can ensure the peace and stability of the country. Mark has friends across the geo-political zones. We are looking for nation builders. We are looking for unifiers. No senator has complained about his leadership. He consults all his colleagues. Under his leadership, the National Assembly did two constitutional amendments without any rancour, without any misunderstanding. This is unique. There is stability in the executive. Let there be stability in the Legislature also. Is it justifiable for Mark, who has been in the Senate since 1999, to continue as Senate President? Can’t it be zoned to another zone? We must stop looking at ethnicity and geographical separation. These are simply political creations.

‘Let Jega conduct 2015 elections’


HE National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), has commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman Prof Attahiru Jega, for conducting credible general elections. The group said Prof Jega should be retained to conduct the 2015 general elections. “Nigerian students appreciate Professor Attahiru Jega for the successful election. We must state that Jega is a great ambassador of Nigeria and Africa at large. He has conducted the most credible election so far in the history of Nigeria. We hereby urge the federal government to allow Prof. Jega to conduct the 2015 general elections”, NANS said in a statement by ,” its ‘Zone D’ leader, Eniola

By Adegunle Olugbamila

Opeyemi Thomas. The association lauded President Goodluck Jonathan for ensuring a transparent atmosphere or the polls. It condemned the killing of youth corps members in the North. “We condemn in totality, the pains inflicted on youth corps members and the destruction of government property in the Northern parts of Nigeria. “People should address issues legally, rather than using the youth for thuggery. The slain corps members are really worth celebrating. ”We praise governors in the Southwest for allowing hitch-free

• Jega

elections in their states. “We want to use this medium to challenge the newly elected governors; Ibikunle Amosun and Abiola Ajimobi; to work for the masses.





NLC seeks quick passage of Personal Income Tax Bill


HE Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) yesterday in Abuja urged the National Assembly to quickly pass the amended Personal Income Tax Bill. Chief Economist of the NLC, Dr Peter OzoEzon, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the personal income tax law had become outdated. He said following the consolidation of personal emoluments in the federal public service, there was the need to amend the Personal Income Tax Act. The passage of the bill, he noted, would properly define the issue of relief, adding: “We can start defining relief in terms of number of children and to know if people are married. “People make claims that are not true. People are put in a position where they have to lie to seek tax relief. I do not think that is necessary. “The passage of the new bill before the National Assembly will remove all that. With the passage, there would be a clear definition of relief to income earners.” Ozo-Ezon also said the passage of the bill would enhance the relief to be applicable to the present salary structure. “We appeal to the National Assembly to pass and send it to the president for assent before the terminal date of the National Assembly,” he added.

Business is recognising the role it can play in combating climate change. Thank God, is all I can say, for there is a desperately urgent need for business to play that role. Your lobbying influence can be substantial, but together, united and in large enough numbers it could prove decisive in turning the tide. –Prince Charles

Fed Govt targets 400% increase in domestic gas use •Oil production level drops 8-12% annually


HE Federal Government has set an ambi tious aspiration of achieving a 400 per cent increase in domestic gas (domgas) utilisation from the current one billion standard cubic feet per day (1bscf/d) to five billion bscf/d by 2015. Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani AlisonMadueke, disclosed this during the investment forum organised by the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) in collaboration with the Association of Nigeria Petroleum Professionals Abroad (ANPPA) at the ongoing Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, USA. She said the growth rate is forecast to be the world’s most aggressive growth in gas and it is beginning to stimulate an unparalleled level of investment activity in Nigeria, which can only be compared to what was seen in the early oil boom days of the 70s.

From Emeka Ugwuanyi in Houston, Texas

The minister noted that the aspiration is in line with government’s drive to make Nigeria the hub of Africa’s oil and gas industry and to make gas lead the industrialisation initiative and earn more money than oil for the country. To achieve the target, the minister said the government recently began to dedicate annually between $1.5 billion to $2 billion to upstream gas production for the domestic market alone, an investment level no other sector in the economy enjoys. She also said although the government focuses on gas development, it is also mindful of improving and sustaining oil production considering the fact that oil production level declines between eight and 12 per cent annually. She said: “Our oil production runs at over two million barrels per day and we cur-

rently produce over eight billion cubic feet of gas per day. As you know, we are a major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exporter, exporting at this time over three billion cubic feet of gas per day in the form of LNG and very recently commenced export of natural gas through the West African Gas Pipeline to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub-region. “But perhaps most interesting is our recent focus on the domestic gas sector for which we are driving an unprecedented growth in gas utilisation from the current one billion cubic feet per day to about five billion cubic feet per day by 2015. This growth rate is forecast to be the world’s most aggressive growth in gas and it is beginning to stimulate an unparalleled level of investment activity in Nigeria, seen only in the early oil boom days of the 70s. “ Putting all these in an investment perspective, to sus-

tain the current scale of activities in the sector and simultaneously fund the expected growth for the next few years, the industry needs to spend about $20 billion annually. Recently, upstream gas production for the domestic market alone, has been receiving a dedicated spend of between $1.5 billion to $2 billion annually from the Federal Government of Nigeria. No other sector in the Nigerian economy draws this level of investment activity. “While our focus for growth is centred on natural gas, it is essential to know that the oil sector experiences an average annual natural production decline rate of about 8 – 12 per cent. In essence, in order to maintain the current production level of about two million barrels per day (mmbbl/d), the sector would need to find additional oil and gas reserves. In essence, the oil and gas sector collectively offer an unparalleled opportunity for investment.”


COMMODITY PRICES Oil -$125.2/barrel Cocoa - $2,856/metric ton Coffee - ¢132.70/pound Cotton - ¢78.07.pound Gold -$1,161/troy ounce Rubber - ¢146.37/pound MARKET CAPITALISATIONS -N7.8 trillion -Z5.112trillion -$10.84 trillion -£61.67 trillion

RATES Inflation -12.8% Treasury Bills -2.64% Normal lending -24% Prime lending -18% Savings rate -3% 91-day NTB -6.99% Time Deposit - 6% MPR -7.50% Foreign Reserve -$33.5 bn FOREX CFA 0.281 • 222.92 £ 252.9 $ 152.76 ¥ 1.5652 SDR 245.85 RIYAL 39.3


IRECT train services from Lagos to Kano are expected to resume between the end of the third quarter of the year, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports. The Lagos District Manager of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), Mr John Dottie, stated this when he visited the Lagos office of NAN yesterday. He said contracts for the rehabilitation of the Western mainline from Lagos through Jebba to Kano, which were awarded to two companies, were nearing completion and should be ready by the end of the second quarter of the year. The contract for the rehabilitation of the rail tracks from Lagos to Jebba was awarded to the China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC), while that of Jebba to Kano was awarded to Costain West Africa. “The Chinese company has assured us that by the end of June, they are going to give us the section from Lagos to Jebba,” he said. Reacting to the planned launch of rail services from Lagos to Ilorin, which was aborted at Ibadan, Dottie said it was due to unforeseen problems on the tracks.

Foreign equity firm expands in Nigeria



‘Lagos-Kano train service resumes Sept’

•From left: Director, New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) Business Group – Nigeria, Chief Victor Oyolu; Group Managing Director/CEO, Intercontinental Bank Plc, Mahmoud Lai Alabi and Chairman, NEPAD, Mr Goodie Ibru, during a visit to the bank.

Nigerians not willing to repay loans, says MFB operators


HE Managing Director of Future Growth Microfinance Bank, Frances Bekey, has said the unwillingness of Nigerians to repay loan is one of the major constraints facing the growth of microfinance banks in the country. Bekey, who spoke yesterday in Abuja at the opening ceremony of Abuja Trade Show, said women still constitute about 89 per cent of people that are prompt in repaying loans. She said the bank is partnering with organisers of trade fairs to

From Bukola Amusan, Abuja

boost trade and enhance development. The organisers of the show, said the concept was designed to discourage the habit of hawking, open display, or selling of goods from vehicles at public functions in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Jokodola Osazee Jarikre, one of the organisers of the show, said the trade show is creating a market place where people could bring in their goods and

services and sell to the public. “You may have observed that at any gathering in Abuja, you see a lot of people who come around there and display their wares while some sell from their cars. The Abuja National Mosque used to be one of such places where people from all over Abuja and neighbouring towns come to sell their wares. So we felt there is a need to create a regular market place where this people can bring in their wares and sell from time to time,” he said.

The trade show which made its debut on April 28, will terminate on May 12. He said the fair would offer a unique platform for businesses, while there would also be an entertainment session where musicians, comedians and dancers would thrill visitors. He described the business environment in Abuja as one that is fast growing and thus there is a need to encourage those doing business, especially young graduates who ventured into business after their national service.

INGDOM Zephyr Africa Management, a private equity firm whose backers include Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, is expanding in Nigeria, as buyout firms’ interest in Africa increases. A partner at the firm and a former chief financial officer of Nigerian telecoms operator Starcomms Plc, Seyi Owodunni, will head the new Lagos office, New York-based Kingdom Zephyr said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. Kingdom Zephyr, which raised a $492 million private equity fund in 2008 for Africa, has offices in Accra, Ghana, Johannesburg and London. Private equity firms, according to Bloomberg news, are creating teams or raising funds to target investment in Africa and tap faster growth than in western economies. Carlyle Group opened offices in South Africa and Nigeria in March, saying the continent is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. The Washington-based buyout firm, which raised $500 million for its first Middle East and North Africa fund in 2009, is seeking to raise about $500 million for its first fund targeting Sub-Saharan Africa, two people with knowledge of the plans said on March 3.



BUSINESS NEWS Flight Schedule MONDAY - FRIDAY LAGOS – ABUJA Departure Arrival 1. Aero 06.50 08.10 2. Associated 07.00 09.30 3. Air Nigeria 07.00 08.20 4. IRS 07.00 08.20 5. Dana 07.02 08.22 6. Arik 07.15 08.15 7. Chanchangi 07.15 8. Air Nigeria 08.15 09.35 9. Dana 08.10 09.20 10. Aero 08.45 10.05 11. Arik 09.15 10.15 12. Chanchangi 10.00 11.00 13. IRS 11.15 12.35 14. Dana 12.06 12.26 15. Aero 12.20 13.30 16. Air Nigeria 13.25 14.45 17. Chanchangi 13.30 14.30 18. Arik 13.45 14.45 19. IRS 14.00 15.20 20. Aero 14.10 15.30 21. Air Nigeria 14.50 16.10 22. Dana 15.30 16.50 23. Chanchangi 15.30 16.30 24. Arik 15.50 16.50 25. Aero 16.00 17.20 26. IRS 16.30 17.50 27. Arik 16.50 17.50 28. Dana 17.10 18.30 29. Chanchangi 17.30 18.30 30. Air Nigeria 17.35 18.55 31. Air Nigeria (T/TH) 18.30 19.50 32. Arik 18.45 19.45 33. Aero 19.20 20.40 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

LAGOS – BENIN Arik 07.30 Associated 08.30 Aero 10.50 Arik 11.45 Associated 13.00 Aero 14.25 Arik 15.30 Associated 16.00

1. 2. 3. 4.

Arik Aero Arik Aero

1. Arik 2. Aero 1. 2. 3. 4.

LAGOS – CALABAR 07.30 11.20 12.50 16.00 LAGOS – JOS 10.55 11.15

LAGOS – KADUNA Aero 08.00 Chanchangi 10.00 Arik 10.00 Arik 15.10

Actitive international airlines and allied agencies also owe the authority over N6,632,702.21. N3,424,627.56 during same period. “This is not acceptable,” the FAAN boss said. “If we are to continue to operate efficiently and meet our obligations to airport users and customers, debts must be paid, and promptly too.” Consequently, he said FAAN is seeking new ways to improve its revenue profile. Aisuebeogun said his management, with the support of the Ministry of Aviation, have begun the review concessions with some agencies and bodies in the industry as well as intensifying its debt recovery drive. He explained: “As part of the ongo-

ing transformation process of FAAN, we have requested the intervention of higher authorities in the recovery of our outstanding debts and resolution of issues surrounding some of our concession agreements that impoverish rather than enrich Aisuebogun’s call is yielding some fruits: two major wayward concessionaires have already been shown the door. That singular move has freed FAAN to take its destiny in its own hands – its staff have now taken over revenue collection at the affected points, and, quite unlike the concessionaires, the pickings are ample acccording to FAAN. The FAAN’s helmsman said the progress made so far has been made possible by the efficient utilisation of the authority’s internally-generated revenue and the intervention of the Federal Government.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Arik Aero Arik Aero

LAGOS – WARRI 08.15 11.50 11.55 14.55

09.15 12.50 12.55 15.55

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

LAGOS – KANO Air Nigeria 07.10 IRS 08.00 Dana 08.10 Arik 12.20 IRS 14.00 IRS 18.15

08.50 09.45 09.40 14.00 15.45 19.55

LAGOS – OWERRI 07.20 14.00 16.30

08.30 15.10 17.40

LAGOS – UYO 10.35


LAGOS – MAIDUGURI 1. IRS 11.15 13.15 2. Arik 15.50 18.00 08.00 18.00

LAGOS – ABUJA SAT/SUN Arik 7.15; 10.20; 2.20; 5.20pm – 7.30; 9.15; 10.20; 2.20; 4.50; 6.45 Aero 07.30; 09.35; 13.10; 14.50; 20.20 – 07.30; 09.35; 13.10; 14.50; 20.20 Air Nigeria 08.15; 14.30; 17.15; 18.30 – 08.15; 13.30; 14.30; 17.15; 18.30


CCESS Bank said yesterday it would reopen in Ivory Coast on May 9 after suspending operations during a political crisis, but would scale back its business to concentrate on corporate clients. Foreign banks including Access Bank and United Bank for Africa Plc suspended activities in the former French colony in February amid several months of post-election conflict. United Bank has since resumed. Access Bank said it had undertaken a review of its operations in Ivory Coast — which included corporate, retail and government banking — during the closure. “We have determined that our hitherto broad approach to serving segments in the Ivorian economy does not align with our strength and is constraining us from achieving our market penetration objectives,” the bank said in a statement. “In view of this, we have chosen to concentrate on serving our corporate clients,”it said. During the turmoil, disputed incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to accept election defeat, cut ties with West Africa’s central bank because it refused his signature on state accounts, bringing the financial system close to collapse.


09.10 11.00 11.10 16.20

08.40 08.40 14.55 15.10 17.40

Access Bank reopens in Ivory Coast May 9

AfDB to sell ‘Diaspora’ bonds

12.15 12.45

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

LAGOS – ILORIN 1. Overland 07.15 2. Arik (M/T/TH/F) 17.30

By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor

08.50 12.40 14.10 17.20

LAGOS – OWERRI Aero 07.30 Arik 07.30 Air Nigeria 13.40 Arik 14.00 Arik 16.30

1. Dana

HE Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria ( FAAN) may not be able to meet its obligation as a result of N10 billion debt owed the authority by 79 domestic airlines, allied bodies and international airlines, the Managing Director, Mr Richard Aisuebeogun, said. Speaking yesterday in Lagos, he explained that though there has been an increase in passenger and cargo traffic in the recentpast, FAAN is concerned that this is not remarkably reflected in its earnings. He attributed FAAN’s prediccament to its poor revenue collection system and the failure of most airlines to pay for services rendered to them. About 79 domestic airlines and allied bodies, he said owe FAAN a total of N3,424,627.56 as at March 2011.

08.30 09.10 11.50 12.45 13.40 15.20 16.30 16.40

LAGOS – PORT HARCOURT (CIVIL) 1. Aero 07.15 08.35 2. Arik 07.15 08.35 3. Arik 09.00 10.20 4. Dana 09.27 10.40 5. Aero 10.50 12.30 6. Arik 11.40 13.00 7. Air Nigeria 12.00 13.10 8. IRS 13.30 15.00 9. Arik 14.00 15.20 10. Dana 15.03 16.20 11. Air Nigeria 16.00 17.10 12. Arik 16.10 17.30 13. Aero 16.15 17.30 14. Arik 17.10 18.30

1. Arik 2. Arik 3. Arik


FAAN laments N10b debt by airlines

•Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Ben Akabueze (middle) addressing the press to mark the government’s fourth year anniversary in Lagos ... yesterday. With him are Permanent Secretary, Bayo Solade (left) PHOTO: OMOSEHIN MOSES and Special Adviser to the Governor on Economic Matters, Mrs Florence Modupe Oguntuase.

CBN sees oil output of 2.45m bpd in 2013


IGERIA’S oil production is expected to hold steady around 2.36 million barrels per day (bpd) before rising gradually to 2.45 million bpd by 2013, the Central Bank said. The Central Bank’s Deputy Governor on Economic Policy, Sarah Alade, who gave the forecast in a presentation in Lagos, noted that the feat was achievable through the Government amnesty programme, “which is working.” Besides, she said investment in agriculture coupled with good weather is expected to result in good harvest. Acknowledging that the banking watchdog has succeeded to a large extent in managing exchange rate

By Collins Nweze

volatility, she said this would help in attracting foreign investors into the country.” Central Bank has commenced forward sales of foreign exchange to manage exchange rate volatility. With build up in foreign reserve, stability has returned to the market as demand for foreign exchange has stabilised,” she said. Alade noted that the continued fiscal reform anchored on sustained government spending and future savings in addition to the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) will further strengthen fiscal policy. She said the development programmes - especially the

roadmap for power and infrastructure spending plan put in place by the Government would address infrastructure bottleneck. “A more programmatic management of oil wealth (Sovereign Wealth Fund) that will have legislative backing will be in place with three components. SWF will help put end to the boom-burst cycle of fiscal policy caused by swings in oil prices. “The financial sector refirm is going on well with the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) purchasing Non-performing loans for the banks.”With election completed, continuity in policy will be sustained, “ she assured.

Swaziland seeks Nigerian investments, professionals - Envoy


WAZILAND has urged Nige rians to invest in its banking, telecommunications and agriculture sectors, Nigeria’s Acting Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Bassey Archibong, has said. Archibong told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday in Johannesburg that the Swazis’desire to do business with Nigerians was discussed with the leadership of its investment promotion authority during his visit to the country. “For now, the only banks in Swaziland are South African banks and they want Nigerian banks to

come on board, while in telecommunications, they have only MTN,” he said. Archibong said the country was optimistic that the investment would boost Swaziland’s economy. Apart from investors, Archibong said he also held discussions with authorities in the health and education sectors on the possibility of restarting assistance through the Technical Aids Corps (TAC) scheme which was stopped in 1999. “The last set was in 1999. So now, they want us to send science and mathematics teachers and doctors and they are so enthusiastic,”

Archibong said. The envoy said many Nigerian professionals were doing well in the country. Archibong, who described his visit to Swaziland as “very fruitful,’ said no fewer than 3,000 Nigerians were resident in the country. He said the immigration unit at the Consulate planned visits to Swaziland to ease the acquisition of the new passports by Nigerians there. The Acting High Commissioner restated his resolve to ensure that Nigerians were treated fairly in the country.

HE African Development Bank(AfDB) is selling inter national bonds on behalf of Nigeria and Rwanda and marketed to people born in those countries and living overseas, said Mthuli Ncube, chief economist and vice president of AfDB. The so-called Diaspora bonds according to Bloomberg news, will be partly guaranteed by the Tunisbased lender, Ncube said in an interview in Cape Town yesterday. Nigeria has the potential to sell as much as $2 billion of the bonds, he added.

US is net exporter of fuel


HE United States has become a net exporter of fuel for the first time for nearly 20 years as drivers struggle with high petrol prices. Energy department data show the world’s largest oil consumer in February shipped out 54,000 barrels more petroleum products each day that it purchased on the global market. After a five-year decline in net imports, the US became a net exporter in late 2010, a trend analysts say is confirmed by the latest data. The shift comes as Washington confronts voter frustration over petrol prices that have soared 37 per cent in the past year to nearly $4 per gallon, the highest level since mid-2008. Barack Obama, the US President, has called for an end to oil company tax breaks, while his Attorney-General has launched a taskforce to investigate oil price manipulation. The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, reported US refined product exports rose 24.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2011 from a year ago, to 2.49 million barrels per day. Imports declined 14.4 per cent to 2.16 million b/d. The export increase is led by diesel and finished petrol, date from the Energy Information Administration show.





Minimum wage •Return to true federalism is the answer, not necessarily increase in states’ share of revenue


EYOND the ceremonials of marchpasts, this year’s May Day is symbolic in more ways than one. Thrice in the past month, the nation went to the polls to elect their leaders at various levels. Overall, the verdict on the process, despite reported cases of skirmishes in some parts of the country, was that it passed the credibility test. Secondly – even if seems only fortuitous – the celebration, this year, comes in the wake of the new N18,000 minimum wage for the nation’s workers. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that its implementation constituted the main theme of events. Unfortunately, not even the passage of the new minimum wage law seems to have settled much. By and large, many states have signalled their willingness to pay the new wage. Unfortunately also, there are quite a few which see it as constituting too much burden to bear. Their argument is that paying would further constrain their capacity to render basic services to the people. There can be no exhausting the arguments on the need for states to reorder

‘But even at that, increasing states’ shares of the Federation Account, in relation to the Federal Government’s, is at best a short-term succour. In the long-term, sustainable federalism functions, not on central revenue sharing but on regional units’ wealth creation to develop at their own pace, and deciding their own priorities’

their priorities, or even on their need to curb wastes and profligacy, both in their bureaucracies and in the ranks of their ever-bourgeoning political appointees. As we noted also in an earlier editorial, most of the states can do far more than they are doing presently, by tapping into new sources of revenue. Even a greater number of the states could do better by simply overhauling their tax collection machineries. The same arguments, we must say, could easily apply to the Federal Government which seems better only because it draws more share than could be considered reasonable from the federation account. The point really is that current fiscal arrangement, in which 36 state governments would share a paltry 26.72 percent and the 774-odd local governments a meager 20.6 percent, while the Federal Government carts away 52 percent is far from being equitable. Beyond the issues of new wage, our concerns derive from the basic premise that development would never be able to percolate into the lower tiers without substantial re-working of the current revenue formula. We remain convinced that the longer it takes to rework the formula, the longer the states would continue to exist merely as appendages of the Federal Government. We are delighted that the six-man committee of Nigeria’s Governors Forum (NGF) working on a new formula has turned in its recommendation. The committee, chaired by Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, has proposed slashing the federal pie to 35 percent while hiking states and local governments’ shares to 42 and 23 percent, respectively.

The governors should not suffer the illusion of assuming that their recommendation is all there is to it merely because their positions have become more tenable, or even that their arguments are more compelling. We do not as yet consider the job as half done mainly because the NGF recommendation is merely advisory. Much work remains to be done to bring other stakeholders on board. We are not unmindful also of the fact that the body charged with determining the revenue sharing formula is the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC). Now that the NGF has put forward its own proposals, it should be possible to work together with the RMAFC; not least with the National Assembly which has the responsibility to pass whatever recommendation brought before it into law. With good faith on all sides, it should be possible to convince on the imperative of urgency for a new revenue formula. But even at that, increasing states’ shares of the Federation Account, in relation to the Federal Government’s, is at best a short-term succour. In the longterm, sustainable federalism functions, not on central revenue sharing but on regional units’ wealth creation to develop at their own pace, and deciding their own priorities. For the Nigerian federation to survive as an economic unit, and delivering development and prosperity, the country must be restructured along productive federal lines, where the states feed the centre and not the other way round.

Kerosine scarcity again! •This is a national embarrassment


NCE again, Nigerians are groaning under an acute scarcity of kerosine, a product they should ordinarily take for granted but for the ineptitude that has characterised successive administrations in the country. It had been scarce in Kaduna, Calabar and some other major towns before now, but Lagos appears to be the present place where the scarcity is biting harder. As a result, the commodity now sells for between N140 and N150 per litre in filling stations where it is available at all, as most filling stations do not even have to sell. Quite naturally, domestic retailers who sell in bottles have cashed in on the situation to sell a medium-size bottle for as much as N140 or more, from the official price of N50 per litre. What is particularly annoying is that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) answer to the crisis is that it has continued to supply adequate stock to oil marketers across the country. It said the marketers were behind the artificial scarcity of the product being experienced and warned them to desist from such or risk penalties. “The refineries are working and producing kerosine. We give the marketers the same quantity of kerosine they used to collect, and we also supply all our mega stations. Very soon, the marketers will have to tell Nigerians what they are doing with kerosIne”, Levi Ajunoma, the corporation’s group general manager, corporate affairs, was quoted as saying. What we expect next is the denial by the marketers because the pattern of blame-

trading is predictable. But isn’t there an element of insincerity in NNPC’s excuse for the scarcity? If it is true that the marketers are being supplied adequate stock of kerosine as claimed by the NNPC, how come none of them has been sanctioned for hoarding the product? This clearly is an economic crime against Nigerians which the government should be concerned about. The truth, however, is that Nigerians are already used to this same excuse from the NNPC whenever there is fuel or kerosIne scarcity such that they now take it with a pinch of salt. Yet, kerosine is a commodity popular among millions of Nigerians in the low and middle income groups. They use it to cook as well as light their lanterns, among other domestic uses. Therefore, its scarcity ought to spur the government to act, especially coming at a time the country was having its general elections. In other democratic countries where votes count, it ought to have been a serious election issue which should have made or marred some candidates, particularly incumbents hoping to retain their jobs. Because people must cook as well as light their lanterns, they have to find alternatives to kerosIne. In this wise, firewood comes handy. Yes, there will be a boom in firewood business, but it also comes with its cost to the ecosystem. Part of the fallout of the scarcity is the rampant felling of trees to make charcoal and firewood. Most homes across the country, including urban cities, take to using charcoal as alternative cooking fuel,

putting a question mark on the viability of the Federal Government’s ‘Plant-aTree’ campaign aimed at protecting the environment . The smoke emanating from burning charcoal and firewood is injurious to health. There are also reports of adulteration of kerosIne, a dangerous and sometimes explosive mix that has already claimed lives in some states. Kerosine scarcity should be an embarrassment in Nigeria, the world’s sixth largest exporter of crude oil. What the government should do to stop the embarrassment is to liberalise the importation of the product in the short run, and ensure that the refineries are working at optimal capacity. Otherwise, we will continue to live with the adulteration of the commodity, with its attendant consequences both to our health, lives and the environment.

‘Kerosine scarcity should be an embarrassment in Nigeria, the world’s sixth largest exporter of crude oil. What the government should do to stop the embarrassment is to liberalise the importation of the product in the short run, and ensure that the refineries are working at optimal capacity’

The long-awaited news


HE news that Osama bin Laden had been tracked and killed by American forces filled us, and all Americans, with a great sense of relief. But our reaction was strongly tinged with sadness. Nearly a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the horror has not faded, nor has the knowledge of how profoundly our lives were changed. Even as we now breathe a bit more easily, we must also remember that the fight against extremists is far from over. Al Qaeda may strike back, or other groups may try to assert their rising power. The reports of how Bin Laden’s lair in Pakistan was discovered and breached, the years of intelligence-gathering and the intensive planning for this raid, are all a reminder of just how hard this work is and how much vigilance and persistence matter. Leadership matters enormously, and President Obama has shown that he is a strong and measured leader. His declaration on Sunday night that “justice has been done” was devoid of triumphalism. His vow that the country will “remain vigilant at home and abroad” was an important reminder that the danger has not passed. His affirmation that the “United States is not and never will be at war with Islam” sent an essential message to the Muslim world, where hopes for democracy are rising but old hatreds, and leaders who exploit them, are still powerful. The full story has yet to be told, but a few things struck us from the early reporting. The president’s decision to order a raid on the compound — the only way to gather proof of Bin Laden’s death — rather than destroying it from the air, showed guts. The memory of President Jimmy Carter’s failed hostage rescue mission in Iran had to have been on the mind of everyone in the White House. Bin Laden’s death should be a warning to Taliban leaders and fighters that the United States is not giving up. The Obama administration should capitalize on that message of strength and seriously explore whether there is a political deal to be cut with the Taliban: one that doesn’t send Afghan women and girls back to the Dark Ages or reopen the country to Al Qaeda. But also one that helps bring a decade of American fighting closer to an end. Bin Laden’s death is an extraordinary moment for Americans and all who have lost loved ones in horrifying, pointless acts of terrorism. As fresh as those wounds still are, though, we were struck by how irrelevant Bin Laden has become in the streets of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria, where people are struggling for freedom. Mr. Obama should use this moment to clearly state American support for all in the Muslim world who are yearning for peaceful, democratic change. Their victory will be the true defeat of Bin Laden. New York Times

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“ I bet this is ‘REFUSE DISPERSAL’ ” IR: I congratulate you on your successful emergence as the elected president in the April 16 presidential election. The huge success recorded in the elections (though characterized by certain mishaps in some parts of the country) is equally an additional credit to the entire African democratic dispensation. Sir, you will agree with me that the inability of PDP–led government to fix and stabilize electricity for the past 12 years has made reasonable and objective Nigerians to lose hope in PDP government. Therefore, see your victory as a divine call to serve the nation but not to serve the PowerDrunk People. Sir, it will cost you nothing to dissociate yourself from these Power-Drunk People and concentrate on how to meet the essential needs of Nigerians. What are those essential needs? About 75 percent of Nigerians’ problems will be solved if electricity can be stable. I am sure that this is possible. If it is possible in Ghana, it should be possible here in Nigeria. You would remember that a number




Open letter to the president of companies have left this country as a result of erratic power supply. Yet, we complain every now and then about the rate of unemployment among our graduates. Are we expecting miracle to happen when companies are moving out of the country? This is why it would be unnecessary to embark on too many agendas. Nigerians do not really need programmes of Vision 20-20 or vision 20-30 or whatever. Your one-point agenda should be how to ensure constant power supply. If you are able to achieve this within a short period of time, Nigerians will write your name with indelible ink on the rock

and in history books for the whole world to see. Responsive, proactive and human developmental governance are what can positively change people’s orientation towards your government. Immediately the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, announced the final presidential results, people expressed mixed reactions and this is naturally normal. Some people celebrated it; a lot of people shouted, “It’s PDP again! ... Jonathan cannot deliver.” Also, countless number of Nigerians submitted that Jonathan may want to try but PDP will not allow him.

Sir, it will be a joyful tale at the end of the day if you can prove the above opinions wrong. It will be commendable if you can demonstrate to Nigerians that it is possible to get white substance from a black pot. As an erudite scholar, a PhD. holder with required expertise and intellects, Nigerians believe you are capable of making electricity stable even while some of us are still skeptical. This may require reshuffling your cabinet to eject those who are of no advantage to the nation and bring in God-fearing, patriotic experts with necessary intellects and expertise who will make possible the desired change and con-

Tinubu, Mimiko, please work together

IR: We, Ilaje Ese Odo Renaissance Group, like to advise both Asiwaju Bola Tinubu former governor of Lagos State and Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, governor of Ondo state to join hands and focus on their quests to lead the Yoruba race out of the doldrums. Before now, we had been highly interested and always happy about the Asiwaju’s ingenuity and boldness in facing and challenging the principalities and powers of this world. And we had always been praying for his success each time such occurred especially when Chief Obasanjo former

president assumed the posture of gods, and wanted Tinubu to go to extinction. We thanked God that he surmounted the odds and survived the various attacks. Coincidentally, Governor Mimiko also faced various attacks and hatred from the same Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. When we ruminated on all these we concluded that Chief Obasanjo detests and abhors men of credibility, good attributes and political clouts which makes him uncomfortable and threatened. We discovered that both Governor Mimiko and Asiwaju Tinubu have these at-

tributes and as such Chief Obasanjo would stop at nothing to call for their heads. We pray that they will always triumph in their endeavours. However, we are disturbed at the rumours making the rounds that all is not well between the two eminent sons of Yoruba race on the trivial and mundane issue of not being in the same political party in the South West. The rumours even went further to suggest that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is not happy because Dr. Mimiko refused to join ACN. If this is true, we would like to beseech Asiwaju Tinubu to sheath his swords

and understand that they can be in different progressive political parties and still work together for the development of the Yoruba in particular and Nigeria in general. We have the belief that both Tinubu and Mimiko are destined to lead the people to the Promised Land and the combination of the duo will make the journey not only to be smooth and easy, it will also make it impenetrable. • Sunday Menukuro Chairman, Ilaje Ese-Odo Renaissance Group

tribute meaningfully to the development of our dear nation. You know how and where to get good people to work with if truly you need them. After all, you got Professor Attahiru Jega and, to a very large extent, he truly delivered. However, I believe it will be a setback for our nation to work with some Power-Drunk People who have nothing reasonable to offer. Especially, the losers of April 9 and 26 National Assembly, and Governorship polls respectively. Mr. President, although I know that a tree doesn’t make a forest; I know that the need to make Nigeria great is a task for everybody but being the president bestows greater responsibility on you. That is why you need to choose God-fearing patriots that will not soil your name. Remember, uneasy, they say, lies on the head that wears a crown. Nigeria must work; our electricity must be stable; adequate security must be ensured and our educational system must improve. My prayer is that God will strengthen and endow you with required wisdom to sail the ship of this nation to the promised land so that good luck will not turn to bad luck. May God shame the saboteurs of this country and uplift the patriots. This is our fatherland; we cannot afford to have it plundered. We do not pray for violence and riotous revolution. That is why we desire a new Nigeria where all things work efficiently. We acknowledge the fact that these may not be realized in a jiffy; but gradual positive development will restore the hope of Nigerians. Anything short of this may be suicidal, chaotic and riotous. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. • Adesetan Adenrele, Department of English, University of Ibadan.

Humiliation of Bayelsa's other Timi


IR: The palpable tension in the days leading to the recently concluded elections in Bayelsa State,

was easily felt by all residents and even outsiders who are keen watchers of events concerning the state. The stage for what was expected to be an epic political battle between the two Timis had been set a few months earlier when Timi Alaibe finally confirmed long held speculations by announcing his intention to contest the PDP Governorship primaries. What perhaps, with the benefit of hindsight can now be described as an

indicator of the anti-climax that the elections became was the almost cowardly manner in which Alaibe withdrew from the PDP primaries. At the time, he cited lack of level playing field as his reason for leaving the PDP to take the governorship ticket of the Labour Party. But then others have argued that as a top notcher in the PDP when he was in the party, he knew the structure and character of the party's primaries before ever venturing into it. Such people therefore, situate his hurried exit within the ambit of his fear of imminent humiliation at the primaries.

Having orchestrated a long campaign in the media that sought to portray the incumbent Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva as unpopular at home, Alaibe simply expected an easy ride to victory no matter the platform he used. It is in that same spirit that all failed aspirants to different positions in PDP also trooped to the Labour Party expecting same easy ride on the fabled Alaibe magic. A leading newspaper regularly published supposedly scientifically collated opinion polls that gave Labour Party very wide popularity margins against the ruling PDP in Bayelsa.

However, as the results of the elections started trickling in, starting from the National Assembly elections, it became obvious that a major calamity was about to befall Alaibe and his co-travellers in the Labour Party. Of particular significance were four elections in the State, those of Bayelsa West Senatorial in which former Deputy Governor of the State, Ebebi was contesting, the House of Assembly seat in Ebebi's constituency and the House of Reps and Assembly of Alaibe's own constituency in Kolokuma/Opokuma. The political anihilation of Alaibe in

Bayelsa can be said to have been comprehensive as PDP not only won all the National Assembly seats but also 21out of the 24 State Assembly seats including all four earlier mentioned! It never ceases to amaze me how political opponents continue to underestimate the political sagacity of Governor Sylva in spite of his background as one of Bayelsa's most experienced politicians, having been voted into the old Rivers State House of Assembly at a time Alaibe was a rookie banker. • Nathan Egba, Yenagoa.




Colonial & Post Colonial Culture of Nigeria -2


HE food culture in the Savannah and Sahel areas involves the liberal use of grains such as wheat, millet, corn and sorghum. Protein came in form of fish and game meat and beef, lamb and goats in the northern parts of the country. Palm oil was an important part of cooking while peanuts oil was common in the North. All kinds of leafy vegetables were consumed and spices, particularly peppers were preferred condiments. Some of the dishes from Yorubaland and Hausaland were peppery while the Igbo and others in the South-eastern part of what became Nigeria used peppers sparingly. Not all Nigerian people in pre-colonial Nigeria wore woven cloth. Many of our people went about oblivious of their bareness or nakedness in what a humourist called their birthday suits. The Yoruba, Hausa and Kanuri always had thriving native textile industries. The Yoruba were so successful in this regard that the Portuguese used to buy “blue cloth” from them for use in Upper Guinea Coast in the 15th and 16th centuries at the beginning of the trans Atlantic slave trade. The Nigerian area before the coming of colonial rule was of course not sealed off from the outside world. The Sahara desert had not always been a barrier between the Mediterranean and the Nigerian area. The trans-Saharan trade had provided a medium of contact between our people in the Savanna and the Mediterranean Coast. Trade in goatskins (Moroccan leather) had always thrived between Kano which was a commercial emporium in the Savannah and North Africa since the 14th century. The contact was so strong especially with the advent of Islam in the 9th century that Kano became not only a centre of commerce but of intellectual erudition. Islam came early to Borno by the eighth century through the Fezzan and the Sudan; with Islam also came horses and donkeys from Egypt as beasts of burden. Their presence revolutionized travelling especially among the elite and also transformed most of the wars fought among the states from wars of attrition to wars of movement. Islam changed almost completely the culture of people in far North of what became Nigeria. It affected the way they dressed, ate, worshipped, married, and buried their dead, their languages and world view generally. The Jihad associated with the name of Usman dan Fadiyo, (Uthman bin Fudi) and his brother Abdullahi transformed the lives of people in what later became the caliphate stretching from the desert in the North to Nupeland and part of Yorubaland and Borgu. Even Borno which had the primacy of place in the history of Islam in Nigeria was not untouched by the revolutionary changes in Hausaland. Attempt by the Fulanis to take over Borno from the Saifawa dynasty that had ruled the place for


ANY of our leaders like to play God even when they know that it is humanly impossible for man to rub shoulders with the Almighty. The reason for their illadvised action is not farfetched: their position. This position has made many of them so swollen headed that they think they can do and undo. By doing that, they have inadvertently ascribed to themselves the power they don’t have. But in their folly, they tend to see themselves as all-knowing and all-encompassing. It is in the character of the Nigerian politician to play God when the issues involved are politically and socially inclusive. Under such circumstance, they believe that they have the magic wand for solving these socio-political issues. It is their belief in this magic wand that emboldens them to step forward to seek our mandate to govern us. The last elections were no different as they did all they could to get our votes. That is the job of a politician anyway. But the politician will be overstepping his bounds when he dabbles into matters ethereal. This was what Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda did last week. Yuguda, as a politician, is highly connected and if one may add favoured too. He was elected on the platform of the All Nigeria Peoples Party(ANPP) in 2007. Shortly after he got into office, he married into the family of

hundreds of years did not succeed but it led to a regime change spearheaded by a Muslim cleric Muhammad-el-Kanemi, a Kanembu resident in Ngazargamu the then capital of KanemBorno. Islam provided unifying culture for the several different cultures in Nigeria and Arabic provided a written language which the rulers used not only for the spread of Islam but also for records necessary in the emerging sophisticated polities from the 19th century onwards. Even area as far as Lagos was not untouched by Islamic culture before the advent of colonialism. Islam came to Yorubaland including Lagos through the coming of itinerant Turkish traders and through Nupe malams who served sometimes as barbers and apothecaries. By the 19th century preachers came from as far afield as Borno to Lagos. There had always been contact between Yorubaland and Hausaland and particularly between Yorubaland and Borno. The Kanuris maintained “joking relationship” with the Yorubas whom they considered as “lost brothers” and the Oyo Empire relied on Borno for the supply of horses which they used to build the cavalry forces with which they overran most of Yorubaland and neighbouring Aja speaking people and the Fon of Abomey. Nigerian Muslims must at least be close to 70 or 80 million out of a total population of about 150 million. This is to say they constitute 50 per cent or more of Nigeria’s population. This has implication on Nigerian culture. Islamic culture of dressing, worship, marriage, burials and Koranic schools can be found all over Nigeria particularly in the North and in the South West of the country. Nigerian Islam is largely Sunni but with a few adherents of the Shia tradition. Nigeria shares in its tolerance with Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world. Apart from the Satiru revolt of 1906 in Sokoto, no anti-west tradition exists in the Islamic part of Nigeria. In fact the British colonial authorities did everything to harmonise their interests with those of the emirs – the leaders in the Islamic emirates of Northern Nigeria. With the exception of Hugh Clifford and Donald Cameron, almost every Governor-General of Nigeria saw it as his duty to protect northern interest in the emerging state of colonial Nigeria. In almost racist terms, they saw it as a duty to preserve the North as they found it without allowing in the material development which they willy-nilly encouraged in the South. They forbade Christian proselytisation in the North including even in the nonMuslim North and they prevented Southerners settling in any Birnin (Walled City) in the North. Rather Southerners were consigned to the Sabon-gari (new town) so that they would not contaminate the northerners with their ideas of equality of all races since northerners somehow deferred unquestion-

ably to the bature (white man). Even when northerners settled in the South they were set apart in Sabon garis. This led to physical separation of northerners from southerners thus creating a feeling of two nations, a feeling which still exists seven up till Jide today. The Sabon garis Osuntokun however were not totally separated from the Birane (walled cities) and in fact northerners and southerners invariably intermingled in them thus defeating the purpose of creating two cultures in one country. The point however needs to be made that Islamic culture in Nigeria is reasonably tolerant of western culture. The Southwest of the Yoruba presents an interesting example of co-habitation between Christians and Muslims because sometimes within the same extended family, one finds adherents of the two religions. This is not so in the North and there Muslims and Christians are sometimes at daggers drawn ready to pounce on each other at the slightest provocation. The Islamic militancy in several parts of the North occasioned by poverty sometimes erupts in millenarian or “Mahdist” movement with an “Imam of the age” appearing and leading his followers to challenge constituted authority and sometimes fellow Muslims usually with dire consequences. However there is little support for foreign based militant Jihadist organizations such as Bin Laden’s al Qaeda in spite of the recent arrest of a young Nigerian Abdul Muttalab who wanted to bomb an American plane over Detroit in December, 2009.

‘The Southwest of the Yoruba presents an interesting example of cohabitation between Christians and Muslims because sometimes within the same extended family, one finds adherents of the two religions’

Yuguda’s faux pas the late President Umaru Yar’Adua. As an in-law to the former president, he must have been advised that it is politically incorrect for him and his fatherin-law to be in different parties. Yuguda in no time defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Mind you, he is not a stranger to PDP. He had left the party for ANPP to contest the governorship election in 2007 after he was denied PDP’s ticket. So, his return to the party was like home-coming. But he unwittingly stirred up the hornet’s nest. The electorate which massively voted for ANPP on whose platform Gen Muhammadu Buhari contested the presidential election in 2007 never forgave him. They saw an opportunity to vent their pent up anger over his action after the declaration of the results of the April 16 presidential election. To the annoyance of the Bauchi electorate, President Goodluck Jonathan was declared the winner of the election in which Buhari participated as candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change(CPC). In the ensuing riots, the youthful protesters mostly the bowl-carrying almajiris killed; maimed and destroyed public properties. In the fit of this madness, they killed National Youth Service Corps

(NYSC) members. The corps members were killed because they served as polling clerks in the elections. Serving as INEC ad hoc staff was not part of their primary assignment. They were used by INEC as part of its resolve to ensure credible elections. They ended up giving credibility to the process, but it was at the expense of their own lives. These promising young mennine in all- were cut down in the prime of their lives by, ironically, their fellow youths who could not appreciate the sacrifice they made in order to give us free, fair elections. If only these insensate almajiris knew the yeoman’s job these corps members did in making the last elections transparent, free , fair and credible they would have thought twice before killing them. But being stark illiterates, they could not appreciate the worth of these youngsters. We can understand their shortcomings. But what do we say of Yuguda whose defection to PDP in the first

‘It is in the character of the Nigerian politician to play God when the issues involved are politically and socially inclusive. Under such circumstance, they believe that they have the magic wand for solving these sociopolitical issues. It is their belief in this magic wand that emboldens them to step forward to seek our mandate to govern us’ •Yuguda

instance brought Bauchi to this pass. uguda is educated having gone to the university. So, he should feel concerned when he sees people being killed,whether they are corps members or not, like animals by those who can best be described as barbarians. Instead of condemning these senseless killings, Yuguda played the ethnic card.To him, the corps members deserved their fate. How could a governor have spoken like that? It beats my imagination that a governor who should be the protector of lives and properties is inwardly rejoicing over the death of people, who whether he likes it or not, were his wards at the time of the incident It is immaterial that the corps members were then serving as INEC ad hoc staff. Were they not working for INEC in Bauchi? Was their work for INEC not an extension of their mandatory one-year service? Were they not working for INEC with the approval of the NYSC authorities? Was Bauchi not their state of posting? So, what did Yuguda mean when he said: ‘’It was INEC’s responsibility to protect them(corps members). Those who unleashed terror on Bauchi people were brought in from the neighbouring states of Jigawa, Gombe and Yobe’’. What Yuguda is saying in essence is that he does not have responsibility for corps members or others residing in the state once they are not directly under his purview. What a wrong notion. As governor, he is the chief security officer of Bauchi. Anything that happens to anybody in the state should be of concern to him; otherwise he is not fit to


Lawal Ogienagbon

be governor. His unguarded statement about the corps members’ fate is a collective insult to our integrity as a people.What is the correlation betwen what happened to him in 1979 and the corps members’ killing in 2011? Is he saying this has now cancelled the purported attack on him in Ibadan, Oyo State, in 1979? Hear him: ‘’I experienced the same thing in Ibadan in 1979 when I served there during my youth service, when former President Shehu Shagari was declared the winner of that year’s presidential election in the Second Republic’’. So, he is gloating that his kinsmen have avenged the purported attack on him in the South 32 years ago by killing southern corps members in the North during the last elections. It is distasteful that a whole governor is giving this sad incident an ethnic coloration. It is very sad indeed. Yuguda should atone for his mistake by apologising to the bereaved families and the nation publicly. But will he? SMS ONLY: 08056504763



EDITORIAL/OPINION ‘Our objective is to see the various peoples of the various territories develop themselves along the lines of their own culture and their own tradition’ (Oliver Stanley,1945).


HE South West has always been in the forefront of agitation for a sovereign national conference. This agitation would have been unnecessary if Nigeria’s new emergent class after independence had kept faith with this broad policy objective of the departing colonial masters and our founding fathers. But attempt at ‘mainstreaming’ started soon after independence through NPC interference in the internal affairs of the Western Region and the party leadership’s subsequent support for Akintola’s massive rigging of the 1965 regional election. The northern political elite, instead of emulating their counterparts in the South West by liberating their people from servitude and ignorance was more interested in stopping the giant strides made. At the onset of the 2nd Republic in 1979, the outcome of the election was a further affirmation of South West’s desire to take their own fate in their own hands. But once again, the NPN massively rigged the 1983 election in Oyo and Ondo states and the crisis that followed paved the way for the emergence of Buhari as military Head of State. His regime. meted out irrational sanctions without discriminating between Ambrose Alli, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Bola Ige, Chief Onabanjo and Jakande who invested their state resources in establishing universities, massive construction of low income houses and infrastructural developments for their states and those who wrecked the economy

‘Let us replicate what Fashola is doing with the roads in Lagos by challenging our young engineers. Let us send others that are good to teach in the schools. Let the people be productive. Whatever subsidy we give to guarantee productivity will in few years time start to yield abundant dividends’

What does the Southwest want? through massive importation of rice, branded wine as well as external borrowings by some governors of the NPP/NPN coalition partners. At the beginning of the 4th Republic in 1999, AD, the dominant party in the South West won all the six states in the geo political zone. But by 2003, Obasanjo, the great apostle of ‘mainstreaming’, supervised the massive rigging of the 2003 and 2007 elections considered the worst election in the nation’s history. He outwitted the AD governors to give a false impression of home support for his presidency. But the outcome of the 2011 elections, almost 50 years after a failed attempt at forceful ‘mainstreaming’ the South West voters have once again demonstrated the desire to take their own destiny and that of their children in their own hands. This is not asking for too much because what federalism as a broad social philosophy sets out to achieve is the liberation of individuals and groups from the tyranny of the nation state. The voters in the South West have said, irrespective of who rules at the centre, all they want is to be allowed to manage their own affairs in line with our federal constitution even with its imperfections. After all, the eight years of ex president Obasanjo, at the centre only brought misery to the region. We got diminished by his presidency. But the outcome of the election has restored our honour. It was therefore a denunciation of ex president Obasanjo, who as president, betrayed the core values of the Yoruba nation. He shamelessly presided over the worst election in our nation history. He allowed his children to get involved in contract scan-

dal as a president. For a people governed by a constitutional monarchy since about 12th century, Obasanjo’s attempt to influence a constitutional change to secure a third term was dishonourable. His PDP stalwarts in the South West, starting with Bode George, Lamidi Adedibu, Adebayo Alao-Akala, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, confused Ebenezer Babatope, Iyiola Omisore, Olusegun Agagu, Ayo Fayose, Segun Oni, outgoing Senator Ayo Arise, do not represent the best of the Yoruba nation. The people of South West value honour and integrity which are scarce commodities among the Obasanjo crowd. Still, the voting pattern in the South West did more than put to shame those who fraudulently usurped its leadership. It has also created three distinct power blocs; the South West, the South South and North Central with portion of the South East, the irresistible beautiful bride as appendage and finally the core North, hitherto the power traders. The new power blocks will now allow each bloc to see itself clearly from the mirror. The division has also imposed an obligation on the core north to pay more attention to their angry youths who at the least provocation embark on misplaced aggression by burning churches and killing youth corpers while ignoring their real enemies. For the South West there was little or no difference between PDP and ACN in terms of ideology. ACN victory is therefore a reward for steadfast leadership. It is a reward for Asiwaju Tinubu and his team of dedicated young professionals that daily engage in mapping out strategies for our liberation. It is a reward

for Babatunde Fashola who has made us proud and provided a nostalgic craving for the past selfless service of Awo, Akintola, Tony Enahoro, Bode Thomas, Adekunle Ajasin and others who did not leave private mansions behind in Ikoyi and Victoria Island. It is a vote for Segun Osoba whose achievements in terms of physical development of Ogun rural areas remain unrivalled. The administration of Danni elebo which Wole Soyinka also described as ‘government by billboards’ brought only chaos, lawlessness and insecurity of life and property. It is a victory for the doggedness of Chief Bisi Akande whose short period in Osun State remained the golden age of the young state. It is a victory for Lam Adeshina and Adeniyi Adebayo of Oyo, and Ekiti respectively in spite of their modest achievements as governors. It is obvious people have more faith in them than the crisis and crime ridden administrations of Alao-Akala, Fayose and Segun Oni. But as these leaders know too well, leadership in the Yoruba nation is a privilege to serve the people. It does not confer master status. When leadership loses focus, it is left for the followership to decree capital punishment. The current vote of confidence therefore is a call for continuous service to the people. There are no rooms for godfathers that indiscriminately and recklessly give out as patronage what belongs to all as Obasanjo and Bode George did. What we want from our leaders is active supervision of the implementation of their party manifesto in all the states they control. Our young graduates must be challenged. We must find a way to make our agriculture graduates productive even if it will involve profit sharing at the end of the season. We can embark on massive production of rice in Ogun and Ekiti states. Let us replicate what Fashola is doing with the roads in Lagos by challenging our young engineers. Let us send others that are good to teach in the schools. Let the people be productive. Whatever subsidy we give to guarantee productivity will in few years time start to yield abundant dividends. That is the secret of Malaysia. As for President Goodluck Jonathan, all that the South West want from him is good governance. He is expected to visit the divisive issues of the nation such as revenue allocation, free and fair elections by revisiting the ‘Uwais report’. He is also expected to liberate himself from PDP, god fathers and greedy governors since he won the election in spite of them. • 08087852000 (sms only)



UCCESS as the saying goes has many fathers while failure is an orphan. Since the April 16 thumping victory of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the presidential election, not a few politicians, both within and outside the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been claiming credit for the pan Nigerian mandate given to the president. Everywhere you turned, save for the camp of the opposition Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), all seem to agree that President Jonathan actually won fair and square. This near total acceptance of Jonathan’s victory is now creating an unexpected crisis in the camp of the president, especially in the South West geo-political zone, as jostling for ministerial and other political appointments in the post election federal government gathers momentum. Not many expected Jonathan to make it this big in the South West, but now that he has pulled off what was hitherto considered impossible in the run up to the election, both genuine supporters of his presidential ambition and those who were playing mere lip service to the cause are now beating their chest claiming “I did it.” No where in the zone is this more glaring than in Ondo state where things seem to be falling apart within the PDP over who contributed more or less, to the president’s victory and who should get what as reward. The PDP polled 387,376 votes out of the total valid votes cast in the state in the presidential election with the ACN coming a distant second with 74,253 votes, while CPC got 11,890 and ANPP, 6, 741. This was in sharp contrast to the result of the National Assembly elections held a week earlier where the party performed woefully. While it is generally acknowledged by the generality of PDP members that Minister of Defence Prince Adetokunbo Kayode played a pivotal role in ensuring success for the president in his home state of Ondo, a few influential members within the party in the

Taking credit for Jonathan’s victory By Adefemi Olagoke state are disputing his contributions, claiming to have delivered the badly needed votes for the president without much contributions from the minister. But as a member of the campaign team that succeeded in getting the PDP ticket for Jonathan and also the presidential campaign team in the general elections, not a few within and outside the PDP on one hand and Ondo state on the other recognized the minister’s contributions. Aside working within the party to mobilize its members to not only vote en masse for Jonathan but also mobilize the wider electorate to do the same, Kayode also ensured that the ruling Labour Party in Ondo state as well as the state government supported the presidential bid of Jonathan and indeed mobilized Labour supporters to vote for the president. The outcome has firmly placed Kayode in the forefront as the leader of the PDP in Ondo State against the grain of expectation as designed by some other leaders of the party in the state. Having failed to make any appreciable impact in the April 9 National Assembly elections, these expired PDP leaders in Ondo State were working for the failure of the president on April 16 as well so that the Minister, whom they see as being too close to the president for their comfort, could be blamed for the expected poor show. The groundwork for this was laid by a group of youths in the party under the aegis of Ondo PDP Youth Forum which in a newspaper advertisement practically blamed the minister for all the ills, problems and

challenges facing PDP in Ondo State. Accused of not funding the party or even visiting its secretariat in Akure, the minister was alleged by the group to have traded off the senatorial ambitions of some bigwigs in the party in the state, including former Governor Olusegun Agagu’s, with the state government, in exchange for Labour Party support for Jonathan presidential ambition. Their expectation was that this would not work and the failure could then be blamed on the minister to discredit him before the president. But now that their doomsday expectation did not come to pass, the new game plan is to claim the credit for Jonathan’s victory, but the president knows better. Conspiracy theorists are pointing accusing fingers at the Agagu camp for the plot. A key figure in his sacked administration is believed to be funding on his behalf, the so called PDP Youth Forum. The jostling to take credit for Jonathan’s victory in Ondo state within the state chapter of the PDP is not lost on the ruling Labour Party in the state which has weighed in, saying if not for its decision to not only support Jonathan but also mobilize its supporter to vote en masse for him, the president would probably not have secured the huge votes he got from Ondo electorate. While accusing Agagu and his group of not galvanizing PDP members to come out on April 16 to vote Jonathan, the LP said the former governor and some of his henchmen stayed indoors after casting their votes on the day of the presidential election unlike what happened

during the National Assembly elections. “If they had come out, mobilize the people like we in the LP did, Jonathan would have scored more votes,” state chairman of the Labour Party, Dr Olaiya Oni said. The LP chairman, while advising President Jonathan to be wary of this kind of leaders in the PDP in the state whom he called fair weather friends and gold diggers, singled out Defence Minister, Prince Adetokunbo Kayode for praise and the good work he did in securing the president’s victory. “I have it on good authority from our men on the field that except for Minister of Defence, Prince Tokunbo Kayode, most of them, including Olusegun Agagu, stayed indoors all day only for them to vote during election and went back home again without mobilizing their supporters as they did during the National Assembly election.” Olaiya said. As the president prepares to constitute his team for the task ahead, he needs to be very careful about the choice of men and women he wants to work with as there are many fair weather people out there. Only those with proven track record of competence, willingness and ability to serve Nigeria with all their strength, to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory, should be allowed on board. • Adefemi Olagoke, a public affairs analyst, wrote in from Akure.

‘Only those with proven track record of competence, willingness and ability to serve Nigeria with all their strength, to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory, should be allowed on board’



NATION SPORT AHEAD OF WAFU CUP Mourinho's behaviour damaged 15 players train in Eagles' camp Madrid hope –Calderon FORMER Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon says the club has been damaged by Jose Mourinho's behaviour during the European semi-finals with Barcelona. Real were dumped out of Europe by their bitter rivals this week but the two ties were overshadowed by the behaviour of fans, players and club officials. Boss Mourinho was sent-off in the first-leg for disputing a red card and is also in trouble for later comments. "To talk like that has been harmful for Real Madrid," Calderon told BBC Sport. A bad-tempered first-leg match erupted at half-time when there was a fracas on the touchline as the players were leaving the field, which resulted in Real reserve-keeper Pinto being

shown a red card. Real were later reduced to 10 men soon after the interval when Pepe was sent off for a high tackle on Dani Alves. Mourinho was subsequently dismissed himself after being seen to sarcastically mouth "well done" to the fourth official. "It's clear that against Barcelona you have no chance," the Portuguese later said. "I don't know if it's the publicity of Unicef [the club's shirt sponsor], I don't know if it's because they are very nice, but they've got this power. "I don't know if it's the friendship of [Spanish football federation president Angel Maria] Villar at Uefa, where he is vice-president." His comments and the behaviour of both clubs led to UEFA charging the Spanish rivals.

Guardiola praises players after triumph BARCELONA coach Pep Guardiola praised his team for reaching the Champions League final and believes it is a victory for their style of


attacking football against bitter rivals Real Madrid. The Catalan side came through with a 3-1 aggregate victory after two stormy matches. It was always going to be an extremely difficult task for Real to turn around their 2-0 defeat at home but they started with the intention to attack. It was in the second-half when they looked most dangerous, though, that Barca went ahead through Pedro Rodriguez. Real kept going and equalised through Marcelo but it was only a consolation. "Football is coming home and I would like to congratulate my players for reaching the final," said Guardiola, who was a player in the 1992 side which won Barca's first ever European Cup at the legendary Wembley stadium. "Of course it is the new Wembley and so it is not going to be as special going back there. It is a chance for us to show our way of footbal.

Ronaldo vents fury at Barca bias REAL MADRID's Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo repeated coach Jose Mourinho's claims that bitter rivals Barcelona were favoured by referees here on Tuesday after a 1-1 draw in their Champions League semi-final second-leg match saw Barca progress 3-1 on aggregate. The former Manchester United player - who was outshone by Barcelona's two-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi over the two legs - was especially incensed by the decision of Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere to rule out a Gonzalo Higuain goal early in the second-half. De Bleeckere - one of several referees to be targeted by Mourinho's outburst following the first-leg last week - decided that Ronaldo had fouled Javier Mascherano in the leadup to the goal, though, it was harsh as Barca defender Gerard Pique had pushed Ronaldo initially. Had the goal stood it would have

given Real a 1-0 lead in the game and a real chance of progressing at Barca's expense.

Players In Camp 1. Sunday Rotimi 2. Uanzekin Ambruse 3. Chibuzor Okonkwo 4. Yussuf Jayeola 5. Wasiu Showemimo 6. Gege Soriola


Federal High Court sitting in Lagos on Tuesday dismissed an application by the National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF)



and I love them too and will try to do my best for them on the pitch, as always. "I am feeling fine, I didn't do anything for three weeks and now I'm working hard. My dream was to come back and help the team with so many injuries." Abidal's absence along with injuries to centre back Gabriel Milito and fullbacks Maxwell and Adriano left coach Pep Guardiola short in defence and he was forced to deploy midfielder Javier Mascherano in the middle alongside Spain international Gerard Pique. Captain Carles Puyol, who typically plays in the centre, took Abidal's usual position of left back as Barca successfully nullified Real's formidable forward line including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain and substitute Emmanuel Adebayor.

seeking to re-list a case against the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) which was earlier struck out based on a notice of discontinuance voluntarily filed by the

Obafemi undergoes surgery


Enyeama may dump Israel for France UPER EAGLES and Hapoel TelAviv first choice shot stopper, Vincent Enyeama is on the verge of sealing a lucrative deal with a top French league clubside. Enyeama, 28, told that he has already concluded plans to leave current club, Hapoel Tel-Aviv in the summer with France his most likely destination. "I'm very sure that I will leave Israel in the summer and the link with France is very true. A deal with one of the two top clubs in Ligue Un is almost through",

Court throws out case against NFF

7. Iwayemi Dele 8. Adedeji Yinka 9. Ubido Julius 10. Osas Okoro 11. Ibenegbu Bartholomew 12. Stanley Okoronkwo 13. Ejike Uzoenyi 14. Ezeji Victor 15. Ekigho Ehiosun


he disclosed. The former Enyimba International of Aba goaltender revealed further that French champions Olympique Marseille is not one of the clubs on his trail while noting that he has set June 1 as the day he would make his next destination public after the Nigeria-Argentina friendly. "No not Olympique Marseille, not at all but my family is still taking a slight look at offers from England, however I'll like to keep my next move to myself till after the match against Argentina", he concluded.

Yakubu eyes Leicester stay


BAFEMI MARTINS will almost certainly miss Super Eagles' June 1 international friendly against the Albiceleste of Argentina and the all important June 5 Africa Nations Cup qualifier against Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. The striker, who was Birmingham's Carling Cup hero, has undergone surgery to sort the problem and will equally miss the last four games of the English Premier League season with a stress fracture of the leg. Martins, 26, is on loan from Russian team Rubin Kazan and netted the winner that knocked off Arsenal's only real opportunity for a first silverware in six years at Wembley in February. Blues boss Alex McLeish said: "Oba has had surgery and it's a blow for him and a blow for us and we wish him a speedy recovery. There are rife reports that

Birmingham have an option to buy Martins for around £4million when his loan ends at the end of May. But it remains to be seen whether the move will now go ahead. McLeish has ruled out talks about any possible transfer deals until the end of the current campaign.

same NANF. The Federal High Court, Ikoyi presided over by Justice Okon Abang held that there was no provision in the Federal High Court Rules 2009 that allows a suit that was struck out based on a notice of discontinuance to be re-listed. On the basis of this, the court dismissed the plaintiff’s motion of notice to re-list the suit. In this circumstance, the matter has come to a dead end. It would be recalled that the NANF had on January 7, 2011 filed a motion to re-list the case that it had voluntarily withdrawn before the Federal High Court.

Anichebe to spearhead big finish


HAT's the latest statement of intent from the man himself, courtesy of the Liverpool Daily Post: "The last three games are really important, it is important to finish the season on a high. The fans pay a lot of money to watch us play and we will be giving 100% until the end of the season.” Walk the walk... or talk the talk? Victor Anichebe says he hopes to repay the Everton supporters’ faith in him by helping his side finish the season strongly. Having spent much of the season as an auxiliary wide player, the Nigerian forward was handed a rare start at the head of the Toffees’ attack at Wigan on Saturday as David Moyes’s side collected a 1-

1 draw at the DW Stadium. His display prompted Blues assistant manager Steve Round to claim the academy graduate could go on to become a pivotal player for the club. The 23-year-old says he is happy to play anywhere for the sake of the team, and has targeted a rousing end to what has been an up and down campaign for David Moyes’s men. “It was good to play up front,” Anichebe said. “Sometimes I play on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes up front – it is no problem to me. “It is good to be playing. I have been in and out with injuries but it was good to get some minutes under my belt."

FOOTBALL's world governing body FIFA will hold a two-stage testing programme for goal-line technology, with the results to be discussed in July 2012. Interested suppliers must apply by June 3 and the first tests will be held between September and December. A shortlist of the best systems will go forward to the second round, between March and June 2012. FIFA president Sepp Blatter has already said that goal-line technology could be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Blatter's stance changed after Frank Lampard's disallowed goal for England against Germany in the 2010 World Cup, but he is demanding the systems show they can offer complete reliability. Lampard was at the centre of another controversy last weekend when he was awarded a goal for Chelsea against Tottenham, despite television pictures suggesting the whole of the ball may not have crossed the line. Bidding companies will need to

demonstrate 90% accuracy rates for their prototype systems in order to get through the first phase of testing and then return a 100% success rate in the second phase. Each firm can select the stadium in which they would like the tests to take place and the process will be divided into three parts: * Shots from all over the pitch into an empty net. A 100% success rate is needed to pass phase one. * 'Dynamic' tests: a ball-shooting machine will fire shots into the goal where a fixed wall will at first stop the ball crossing the line, and then be moved back inside the goal at different distances from the line. A 90% success rate is needed to pass phase one. * 'Static' tests: a ball is placed on a sledge and moved at slow motion across the goal-line, sometimes with the ball rotating. A 90% success rate of this test is also needed to pass phase one. For each test, an immediate signal that the ball has crossed the line must be sent to a referee's watch. Suppliers that successfully pass phase


N-LOAN Leicester striker Aiyegbeni Yakubu says he is ready to depart Everton in favour of a permanent switch to the Walkers Stadium. The Nigeria international has been on loan at the Foxes since midJanuary after making a temporary move to the Championship club. Yakubu has impressed for SvenGoran Eriksson's side, scoring 10 goals in 19 appearances during his loan spell. Goran-Eriksson revealed earlier this week he was undecided over whether he would try to sign the striker permanently in the summer, admitting the 28-year-old might not want to prolong his stay after the Foxes missed out on a play-off spot. But Yakubu, who moved to Goodison Park from Middlesbrough

for a club record fee of £11.25million in August 2007, insists he wants to stay on at Leicester rather than return to the Toffees. "I had a great time at Everton but I think I have to move on. " "I think I've had enough [at Everton] and I have to look for somewhere to go - I would love to stay [at Leicester]," he said. "Hopefully I can settle things there and come back. If I could come and play for Leicester that would be great. "I had a great time at Everton but I think I have to move on. I've had a great four months at Leicester and my season has been really good. "It feels like home and I feel like I've been here for three or four years - I'm enjoying it. "The players and the fans have been really nice to me and hopefully I will see them again."

5th CBN Tennis Tourney enters quarter final T HE 5th edition of the Central Bank Tennis Tournament enters its quarter-final stage today. The tourney which started on Monday ends on Sunday. Meanwhile, Michael Michael 15, from the Co-Foundation Tennis Academy today upset James Monday, the number 8 seed from Lagos 9 -7 in a hard fought boys 18 first round match. Michael, the number two seed in the boys 16 singles event was allowed to play up one category and showed admirable determination and composure on crucial points. Attempts by the older opponent to scare him with rushes to the net was countered with precise lobs that left the Monday stranded at the net.However Sylvester Emmanuel, 15, the No. 1 seed in the boys 16 who was also introduced into the boys 18 draw lsot a close first round match

•As Michael, 15 upsets 8th Seed in Boys' 18s



one will be subjected to more rigorous and scientific testing in phase two, and FIFA said these will be carried out in "different lighting conditions as per the FIFA requirements for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil".


Dolphins banks on consistency •Recruits Ocean Boys’ Chigozie


ITH about one week to the resumption of the Nigeria premier Leauge, Garden City club and the current leaders on the league table, Dolphins has reassured of the intention and bid to maintain their current position till the end of the season. Speaking with Stanley Egumah, the team manager of Dolphins after the clubs training session on wednesday in Port Harcourt, NationSport was told that the club has no intention of relenting in its title chase this season. "We are doing our best. We are equal to the task. The foundation of the victory has been laid. We are a solid team. We are not relenting in our preparations. We do not want the victory of the first round to be an obstacle to us in this second round. We know that the league is not yet over, we are working very hard and we will try to push harder than before because we know that we are now the target of other teams who would want to go ahead of us and it makes the league very competitive and interesting too. We assure our fans and sponsors that we will not lose focus but that we will continue

From Florence Nkem Israel, Port Harcourt to work hard and we will do all that is within our reach to ensure that we will maintain our top position so that at the end of the league, we will achieve our aim of lifting the trophy". On the new intakes into the club, Stanley noted that he could not really get what he wanted due to clubs' refusal to release their strong hands but also said that the club suceeded in recruiting some two players. "About two players have been injected into the team, though we are unable to get all that we needed because clubs are holding tight to their players thereby making it difficult for other clubs to recruit the players they really need. We have Chigozie from Ocean Boys and we have another player from Zamfara Utd. But there is one or two other players we are striving hard to clear but it has not being fruitful". The Premier league is expected to resume come wednesday next week.

meaningless when evaluating Saturday’s fight. “Mayweather doesn’t throw a lot of punches, but he throws them at the right time,” he said. “Manny throws more punches and he throws them at any time. That style I believe is going to be more suitable to me.”


Roma duo hit with three-match ban ROMA’s Champions League aspirations have been dealt a blow with two of their players suspended for the rest of the season. Midfield duo Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta were both given their marching orders for violent conduct by referee Carmine Russo in Roma’s spiteful 3-2 win at Bari on Sunday, and as a result have been handed three-match bans. With only three matches remaining in the Serie A season, that would rule

CHELSEA's strongman, Michael Essien has attracted the interest of Serie A table-toppers AC Milan with his good performances for Premier League giants Chelsea this season, Tuttosport reports. The San Siro outfit are in the market for midfield reinforcements because of the possible departure of players such as Clarence Seedorf, Massimo Ambrosini and Andrea Pirlo, who all have expiring contracts. Head coach Massimiliano Allegri reportedly considers the 28-year-old Ghanaian to be the perfect addition to his squad ahead of the new season and is hopeful that the he can lure him to Italy. Essien joined Chelsea from the Olympique Lyonnais in the summer of 2005 and has made over 150 official appearances for the English giants ever since. He struggled with injuries in the past two seasons, but has been back to his best this term, and Milan will face a tough task to prize him away from his current club though if they decide to make a move. His current contract runs until the summer of 2015 and revealed earlier this year that Chelsea are keen to hold on to the midfielder.

against Anthony Leo from the same Co- foundation. Leo, 17, saved two matched points to beat his younger team mate in a match that was finally decided by a tie- break. Other first round winners in the boys 18 include Christopher Edwards, 17, from the FCT who beat Mojeed Shokunbi 9-0 and Biola Kuku of Lagos who eliminated club mate Babajide Ipaye 9-3.

Mosley: Pacquiao win would be career best

SHANE MOSLEY feels a victory over WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao on Saturday would be his biggest ever despite a glittering career that includes world titles in three weight classes. “That would be the best victory at this time,” Mosley told reporters at the MGM Grand, the site of Saturday’s fight. “If I fight Pacquiao and beat him, there will probably have to be another one, because people won’t believe it.” Mosley has yet to be knocked out during his professional career, but his comment was a clear admission that despite a record of 46-6-1 with 39 knockouts, including two victories over compatriot Oscar de la Hoya, he will be a heavy underdog against the Filipino Pacquiao. That reflects the fact that the 39-year-old Mosley’s record is a pedestrian 8-6-1 since the end of 2001 and his last fight in Las Vegas was a comprehensive points defeat over fellow American Floyd Mayweather one year ago. In that fight, Mosley rocked Mayweather badly in the second round but could not capitalize and lost every round after. But he insisted the difference in styles between the two makes the Mayweather fight

NATION SPORT Milan moves to sign Essien

By Stella Bamawo

Other Sports...Other Sports...Other Sports...Other Sports

FIFA to decide on goal-line technology in 2012

Abidal eyeing return for Wembley final BARCELONA and France defender Eric Abidal, who had surgery on a liver tumour in March, is hoping to be back to full fitness for the Champions League final at the end of this month. Abidal drew by far the biggest cheer of the night at the Nou Camp on Tuesday when he came on as a substitute in the closing minutes of the semi-final second-leg that Barca drew 1-1 with arch rivals Real Madrid to advance 3-1 on aggregate. "I hope to be ready for the final," the popular Abidal, who had been on superb form before the operation, told reporters. "I have never experienced this before," he added, referring to the incredible reception he was given by the nearly 100,000 fans thronging the vast arena. "I can sense that the people love me


UPER Eagles team opened their preparation for the WAFU Cup with training on Wednesday morning in which 15 out of the 18 invited players were involved. Enyimba duo of Valentine Nwabili and Bernard Okorowanta have been held back by their club to play in the CAF Champions League, while Gambo Mohammed was expected to join up at evening training. Siasia will make a decision on replacements for the Enyimba players by the end of the day. The team, who are camped at the MICRON Suites Hotel, will train again at 6pm


the duo out for the crucial run home unless they can successfully appeal the suspension. Roma are in fifth place in Serie A, just one point behind Lazio in the race for fifth which would put them in the Champions League qualifiers. Also hit with three-match bans on Tuesday were Lecce striker David Di Michele and Bari’s Kamil Glik. Lazio’s Cristian Ledesma and Inter Milan’s McDonald Mariga were handed one-match bans.


Bayern linked to City's Boateng, Adebayor BAYERN MUNICH are looking to strengthen their squad for next season after being linked to both Manchester City defender Jerome Boateng and striker Emmanuel Adebayor. Munich newspaper the Muenchner Merkur claims Germany international Boateng, currently injured, has agreed terms to join Bayern for next season. Munich's director of football Christian Nerlinger refused to confirm the report. Boateng, who has 13 caps for Germany, could cover at right back and play at centre half for Bayern. "It's not correct that we've already agreed terms. We're keeping tabs on him, but that's difficult now because of his injury," Nerlinger told the Merkur. Boateng's advisor Joerg Neubauer also played down the reports. The 22-year-old is under contract in Manchester until June 2015, but a knee injury has restricted his appearances this season and City are reported to be reluctant to let him go. "We have big plans with Jerome," City's technical director Mike Rigg told German daily Bild. "He's an important part of our plans for the future. "We'll be playing Champions League qualifiers next term and want to do so with Jerome. He's not for sale." Bayern are also reported to be monitoring City's Togo striker Adebayor, who is on loan at Real Madrid. The 27-year-old is seen as a possible replacement for 32-year-old Germany striker Miroslav Klose, who is out of contract at the end of June.







Ahead of the government’s planned review of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Nigerians have been talking on what should become of it. Some want it scrapped because of the killings of corps members in the North. Others think the scheme is still relevant, despite the seeming increasing insecurity of corps members. ADEGUNLE OLUGBAMILA, DAMISI OJO (Akure), MARIE-THERESE PETER (Jos) report

•Gov Jonah Jang of Plateau State inspecting the guard during the closing ceremony of the orientation programme for Batch A Corps members last year

How to protect corps members from harm N

ORMALLY, a customer making a commercial phone call by the road side will not attract serious attention. But one by a middle-aged woman in Okoko, a suburb of Lagos, last week did, and left many in tears. From the conversation, eyewitnesses deduced she was speaking with her child, a corps member trapped in one of the troubled states in the North engulfed by the postelection crisis that followed the announcement of Dr Goodluck Jonathan as winner of the April 16 presidential election. She was anxious, and from her increasing agitation, it was clear the response at the other end of the line did little to quell her anxiety. “Where are you all? Where did you and others now run to? What is the assurance that they would not come and attack you there?” she asked, pacing restlessly. Not satisfied with the responses,

she resorted to prayers: “The Lord Almighty shall protect you”; “Evil or death shall not lay their hands on you”; “As you left Lagos happily so shall you return to me happily.” “God knows I am old and can no longer bear children; He knows you are the only one I have and will not allow news of your death to throw me into eternal woes.” By the end of the call, she was in tears – and so were others around. “Take it easy madam, your daughter will be alright,” some said. But it made little impact as she left the scene still crying – forgetting even to pay her bill, which was settled by a sympathiser. The killing of nine corps members who sought refuge in a police station in Diade, Bauchi State, shocked Nigerians, especially those in the South, and, once again, brought to the fore the relevance of the National Youth Service

Corps (NYSC) scheme. The scheme was created by Decree No. 24 of May 22, 1973 as part of the post-civil war efforts, to “reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country” after the bitter 30-month war. It was conceived by the then military government of Gen. Yakubu Gowon, with the hope that it will promote unity. The scheme requires university and polytechnic graduates under 30 to spend one year immediately after graduation serving in parts of the country usually outside where they come from. However, with the hounding of corps members in the North, which gained prominence after three of them were murdered during an ethno-religious crisis in Jos, in November 2008, people began calling for the scrapping of the scheme. In response, the NYSC and the Federal Government took the security of corps members more seriously. Last year, the House of Rep-

resentatives even directed that corps members be redeployed from Plateau State when another feud erupted. Those that chose to stay signed an undertaking that they would be responsible for their own security. With the recent killings, maimings and rape, however, and the attempt by youths in Suleja, Niger State, to burn about 50 corps members alive, the Federal Government seems to have bowed to pressure and announced plans to review the scheme. Last Friday, Minster of Youth Development Senator Akinlabi Olasunkanmi said, in a communiqué issued after a closed door meeting with major stakeholders in the education sector, in Abuja: “To permanently foreclose future occurrence, the ministry is following up on Mr President’s directive by scheduling a security review meeting with all relevant se-

curity agencies on a new proactive and preventive strategy to secure corps members in their respective states of posting.” Ahead of the planned review, The Nation sought the views of parents, teachers and other leaders on how to go about it. For many, if the scheme will not be scrapped, reverting to regional posting may effectively settle the matter as corps members would not be far from their families. Under such circumstances, their safety is guaranteed, they said. For the new President of the National Association of Ondo State Student’s (NAOSS), Victor Oguntoyinbo, the Federal Government should adopt regional posting as the killing of corps members during service has called to question, the philosophy, intent and propriety of the NYSC. “Young graduates should be al•Continued on page 26




EDUCATION UNILORIN FILE Business lifts VC’s Cup THE University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Stadium was a beehive last Thursday as the ViceChancellor’s Football Cup and the Inter-Faculty Athletics Championship (IFAC) reached a crescendo. For the football competition, which began early last month, 10 participating faculties battled for supremacy. However, it was the teams of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Education that made the final, which the business boys won by a lone goal. The finals of the 4 x 400 metres relay race of the IFAC same day was also breathtaking, marking the end of the event which started April 19. The 11 events competed for were: 100m, 400m, 1,000m, 6,000m, 4x100m, 4x200m races, as well as Discus, Javelin, Shot Put, Long Jump and High Jump. At the end of it all, the Faculty of Education emerged overall winner with 11 gold, eight silver and five bronze medals. Engineering and Technology came second with 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals while Business and Social Sciences was third with two gold, two silver and one bronze medals. Presenting trophies to the winners of the VC’s Cup, the ViceChancellor, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, who was represented by the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, West Africa University Games (WAUG) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Management Services), Prof. Albert Olayemi, congratulated them on their victories. He described the competition as keen just as he urged the winners to keep winning as they remain fit in preparation for the WAUG, to be hosted by the university.

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lowed to serve in their home states. This way, northerners will serve in their states while the southerners will serve the nation in their region,” he said in his acceptance speech. His view was shared by his predecessor, Temidayo Temola, who suggested that corps members should serve in their states of origin. “The Federal Government should ensure that corps members are not posted to states that are prone to violence. Only indigenes of states identified as troubled spots should be posted to their states,” he said. However, others believe that posting corps members where they want, will cause problems as states regarded as desired destinations, because of their level of development and opportunities, will be overwhelmed by numbers they cannot cater for.

A respondent in Jos, who pleaded anonymity, said: “It is not ideal for corps members to choose where to serve because existing facilities may not accommodate the population.” Rather, he suggested that the scheme be left as it is and state governments be saddled with securing the corps members. “The best option is for states to write an undertaking and if any state government refuses, no corps member should be sent there and whoever defaults on the terms of agreement, should be severely sanctioned,” he said. In his column, In Touch, on Monday, in The Nation, Sam Omatseye suggested that corps members be allowed to choose five states they can serve, from which the NYSC authorities would choose one. “Before the service, graduates should be asked to offer five states outside their states of origin. This would prevent people flooding

Lagos and Abuja. The NYSC could now pick one of the five and not overburden any state or city,” he wrote. A serving corps member, Miss Dora Umbugus, agrees with Omatseye and adds that the number of graduates be reduced so they can all be posted to safe places. She said: “I thank God my service year is coming to an end. The scheme is becoming scary, especially when I consider that one of those dead colleagues of mine could have been me. Honestly, I would recommend that a second thought be given to that issue right from when one gets admission into school. Limit the number of students to be admitted in each academic session so that, at the end, the number of prospective corps members will be determined and posted to safe environments. Better still, immediately after camp, corps members should go back to

Joint conference for June A joint international conference of UNILORIN and Cape Peninsular University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa, is to be hosted by UNILORIN between June 27 and 30. The conference, with theme Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development has three sub-themes: Environment: Environment and Energy, Health: Health and Development and Technology: Innovative Technology and Sustainable Development. Keynote speakers for the conference are Prof Anthony Staak, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Cape Peninsular University of Technology, and Dr. Henk Miedema, Scientific Project Manager, Westus, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Entrepreneurship books for students In line with the directive that all universities mount entrepreneurship programmes for students, the National Universities Commission (NUC) has recommended some books that will be useful to students for the course to the authorities of UNILORIN. Some of the titles are: Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Opportunities in Nigeria by M. I. Okoye (Hard cover N15,000; soft cover N10,000); Small Business Enterprise: How to Start and Succeed by M. I. Okoye (N1,500); The Entrepreneur: Get off your Ass and Start Something by Austin D. Osuhor; New Dimensions in Entrepreneurship by Onwukwe Alaezi (N1,000) and Entrepreneurship: A Practical Approach by F. C. Okafor et. al.

•Members of Orimolade House during the Inter-House Sports Competition of the Cherubim and Seraphim College, Apapa/Oshodi Expressway, Lagos

Ondo students get new leaders TUDENTS of Ondo State under the auspices of the National Association of Ondo State Students (NAOSS) have elected new executives to pilot the affairs of the association The swearing in ceremony was attended by Ondo State students studying in tertiary institutions across the country. The new National President, Comrade Victor Oguntoyinbo, was the first to take oath of office followed by other members of the executive. They are: Oloruntobi Olusegun, Vice President, Kunlere Abayomi, General Secretary,Obayelu Igbekele, Assistant General Secretary, and Irinsanmi Kelly, Public Relations Officer. Others are: Arosoye Ayokunle, Director of Special Duties, Esan Olaoluwa, Financial Secretary, Olowu Oluwaseyi, Treasurer, Olabode Akinwale, Director of Social and Ogunboye Iyanu, Director of Sport While speaking at the event, The Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko urged students of the state origin to shun any act that could bring the name of the state into disrepute.


From Leke Akeredolu , Akure

Represented by the Special Adviser on Youth matters, Mr Olamide George, Mimiko urged the new executives to always employ dialogue in tackling issues that affect students in the state. He noted that protest and confrontation under any guise would not resolve crisis, urging them to shun social vices such as cultism and hostage taking. In his lecture, the Chairman of the Akure Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, Mr. Charles Titiloye, said students now see unionism as a way of making money, a development he noted has rubbished many student associations. Titiloye added that student unionism should be used as a weapon to wage war against social ills such as cultism and hostage taking In his inaugural speech, the newly elected President, Oguntoyinbo, called on the federal government to review the posting police of the National Youth Service Corps because of the incessant killings of corps members in some Northern states.

Oguntoyinbo said a situation where corps members posted to the north were killed under the guise of political and religious crisis is unwarranted.

their respective states or where they know they will be accepted.” However, for another school of thought, the Federal Government should not just review, but scrap the scheme. A parent, Mrs Obiageli, said the NYSC has deteriorated and should no longer exist. “It is unfortunate, today, that once a corps member completes orientation, they are flung to schools to teach regardless of their disciplines. In our own days, teaching was simply a question of choice. Arrangements were made such that the kind of job you do must have some correlation with your discipline; and government would have made provisions for your accommodation before you arrived. Aside, your allowances and other pecks were intact and constant. Then, most of us hardly touched our allowances so that, as soon as we finished, it was either we began a small-scale business or set up a small apartment and equipped it. But, today, corps members are being owed arrears. Many have to live off Good Samaritans who provide them with food and shelter. It is that bad,” she said. Given the heartache of losing a child in his prime, another parent, Mr Maduka Okoli said he favours the scrapping of the scheme. “I am calling for the scrapping of the NYSC scheme. I will never allow my child to serve in any northern state,” he wrote in a text message in response to the killings. A student of the University of Jos, Isioma Okoye, said the scheme should be scrapped because “it wastes a precious year which one could positively invest by getting a job.” A member of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Ifedayo Akinsoyinu, said it should go because it no longer serves its purpose. “I don’t think the NYSC scheme is still relevant in this country. The programme was created after the civil war to integrate the various ethnic groups. But now that the civil war is over, we don’t need any more integration,” he said. But yet, many do not want it scrapped. One of them, Dr. Olakunle Filani Provost, Federal College of Education (FCE), Abeokuta, said the success of the elections in which corps members participated was one of the benefits of NYSC. His words: “It is a beautiful programme, there are many people who have passed through it. Scrapping the NYSC should not arise. I am aware that it has undergone a series of restructuring, so should we say because of the election crisis NYSC should not be what it used to be. The most important thing is to contain such crisis in the future.” • Additional reports by Kofoworola Belo-Osagie, Leke Akeredolu and Ernest Nwokolo.

“To scrap or not to scrap ... to leave or not to leave ... to live or not to live!”




Book industry workers decry poor govt’s support


S the Nigerian Book Fair Trust (NBFT) gets set to host the 10th Nigeria International Book Fair from Monday, the Federal Government has been criticised not supporting the local book industry. At a briefing in Ogba, the leadership of the Trust, which is an umbrella body of stakeholders in the book industry, including printers, publishers, librarians, authors, bookseller associations, while praising their efforts for hosting an international book fair annually, said the book industry would have been better developed if the government supported its programmes and made the business of book publishing easier. Chairman of the Trust, Mr Samuel Kolawole, said the import duties on publishing materials is a big disincentive. “While there is no import duties on books, if you want to import paper or ink, you have to pay a lot. At the end, it becomes cheaper to import than produce locally. “We hadly find the government officials at the programme even when we sent invitations. It is not bad if the governement sponsors some of our programmes,” he said. Mr Tunji Okegbola, a librarian and member of the board of the Trust, urged the Federal Government to emulate Ghana which charges no duties on booksand publishing materials, and India, which has perfected the art of large scale printing at a cheap rate. “The government spends a lot in other areas, but the key factor which should be books is ignored. Cost of books is high because cost of tarriffs for book materials is high. In Ghana, it is free. Nigerians go to India to print because of cost,” he said. Mr Lanre Adesuyi, another member of the board, advised that rather than regard players in the industry as profit makers, the government should support the industry, like the governments of India and Dubai. “Every year, you see many Indians coming here. They get part sponsporship from their government and also get tax breaks because the government knows that if they get business, they will bring the money to India,” he said.

•From Left: Adesuyi, Kolawole and Okegbola during the briefing By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

Acting Executive Secretary of the Trust, Mr Abiodun Omotubi, said the theme of the Book Fair scheduled to hold between Monday and Saturday at the University of Lagos Multipurpose Hall is: “Technology

a nd the Future of the Book: Implication for the African Book Industry.” The theme would be discussed during an International Conference on Tuesday at the Afe Babalola Auditorium to be chaired by Prof Oyewusi Ibidapo-Obe, Vice-Chan-

‘The government spends a lot in other areas, but the key factor which should be books is ignored. Cost of books is high because cost of tarriffs for book materials is high’

cellor of the new Federal University in Ebonyi State. Mr Robert Baensch, Director, Baensch International Group, United State would deliver the keynote address for the conference which has former Lagos State Governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande as special guest of honour. Apart from the conference, other programmes relating to the promotion of the reading culture, including a four-daychildren’s programme, workshops, buyers and sellers meeting, among others. Omotubi said about 135 exibitors are expected at the fair.

VCs, Provosts, others meet in November THIS year’s Conference of ViceChancellors, Provosts, Deans of Science Engineering and Technology (COVIDSET) will take place at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, in November. The conference with the theme Harnessing Africa’s Scientific, Engineering and Technology Innovations for Sustainable Development: The Role of Universities, aims at bringing together university leaders/policy makers, researchers and the private sector on cross fertilisation of ideas towards exploiting Africa’s research, innovation capacities and capabilities to generate new products, processes and markets for its socioeconomic development. A statement by the organisers urged participants to register on time, and that late registration would attract sanction. It further implored potential participants that submission of abstracts should be done sanctions. Also notification of abstract acceptance will hold on June 30 while the final submission of manuscripts will be on August 15. The abstract, the organiser stressed, should include the title, name of author(s), affiliation, mailing address and email, adding that all correspondences between authors and the organisers will be made online.

Students get self-employment tips at seminar


MEANS of enlightening undergraduates on how to be successful while in school and after graduating, was the thrust of a seminar organised by Course AD, a private firm in Lagos. According to its Co-ordinator, Miss Temitope Adeyemi, a student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), the seminar was designed to help students to tackle

By Queen Akatu

unemployment within and outside school. Temitope said:“The organisation focuses on how to encouraged self employment among retirees, mature people, women, school leaver graduates, undergraduates and vulnerable persons.” Similarly, Mrs. Stella Odunwa, the state Co-ordinator of the

Course urged participants, not to wait for white collar jobs, but be willing to start small businesses that have the potential to grow. On the organisation’s operations, Mrs. Odunwa added that they help people develop healthy self-esteem and provide soft loans for those who wish to be self-employed and stand on their own. Mrs Odunsi advised the participants, who are unemployed to

avail themselves opportunities of job placements being offered by the National Directorate of Employment. Dr Victor Dada, Secretary-General of the Development Empowerment Society International (DESL), who presented a paper entitled: Training for Self-Governance, urged undergraduates to attend seminars and other empowerment programmes.



EDUCATION Firm plans career awareness workshop

ACE FILE Cyber café begins operation THE Adeyemi College of Education (ACE), Ondo has opened its cyber café to the public. The cybercafé is part of the Virtual Library Project designed to promote and enhance e-learning and computer literacy among students, staff and the general public. The cyber Hall contains 100 computers with a VSAT server to connect to the Internet. The café also offers printing, scanning, laminating, spiral binding and photocopying services and has a Biometric Thumb Printing Machine for processing of UTME application forms.

Part-Time Studies forms out THE Directorate of Part-Time Studies of ACE has startedthe sales of application forms into the NCE Sandwich programmes for the 2011 session. The Programme is designed for candidates that could not secure admissions into the full-time NCE programme. The College offers NCE Sandwich Programmes in the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Science and Vocational and Technical Education. Interested candidates must possess either Grade II Teachers’ Certificate, three of which must be at Credit level in relevant subjects, or five ‘O’ Level passes including English Language, three of which must be at credit level at one sitting or four credits at two sittings.

School admission open THE ACE Demonstration Secondary School has also started the sales of its admission forms into the School for the 2011/2012 academic year. The school is a governmentapproved private school with boarding facilities operated by the college. The completed forms should be returned before May 13.

•Shop owners express shock as they tread through the wreckage of Mammy Market, located within the premises of the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Otto/Ijanikin. The market considered the largest cluster of shops in AOCOED was engulfed by fire on Easter Monday destroying valuable items. PHOTO ADEGUNLE OLUGBAMILA

Babcock Varsity hosts its stakeholders


RESIDENT/Vice-Chancellor of Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Prof. James Kayode Makinde, hosted stakeholders to an exclusive dinner at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki Lagos. The event is packaged as an appreciation of the university’s stakeholders’ contribution to the academic excellence and physical development of the school. Makinde presented the institution’s achievements at the event. Apart from Babcock’ emergence as the third best university in Nigeria in research and development, he said the institution who emerged second best at the Annual National Clients’Counselling and Interviewing Skills Competition held in Abuja earlier this year. The vice chancellor noted that Babcock got ICAN accreditation for her Accounting programme while the university’s academic programmes received the accreditation of the International Board of Education (IBE), USA and the

Adventist Accreditation Association (AAA). The vice chancellor said the guests, who were largely parents of students that the University’s College of Health and Medical Sciences, will start training in September. “The medical school is one the university’s signatures. We are not resting on our oars. We are sailing on. This year promises to be more academically rewarding. We are propelled by our 10-year strategic plan for the university. Babcock is set, at full throttle, to step on higher planes. And we have just begun”, he said. He added: ‘’This marks the first step forward in the implementation of our 2011-2020 Strategic Plan whose core theme is Innovation, Commitment and Efficiency, he added. Innovation is crucial to our success in the face of the ever-changing ideas and techniques. Commitment is the key to unlock these innovations and harvest opportunities for advancement. Efficiency

Leadmode updates website

•Prof Makinde

enables us realize our goal of becoming a global brand. We have charged ourselves to survive and set the pace. We do not hope to veer off this track.” Some of the parents commended the university for putting the event together and giving them the opportunity to share in its dream to be a first class citadel of learning.

Lead City to emphasise entrepreneurialship demic programmes, location and focus are in tandem with its motto: Knowledge for Self-Reliance, which informed the institution’s emphasis on management and entrepreneurial studies. The university which was licensed in 2005, has full accreditation for its courses in the faculties of Information Technology and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Entrepreneurial Studies, with the latter having such departments as Business Administration, Sociology and Psychology, Politics and International relations and the Department of Mass Communication. Ayeni noted that the institution’s strong administrative set up manifested in the student-friendly staff

•Dr Ayeni


HE Registrar of Lead City University, Ibadan, Dr Oyebola Ayeni, has said the preoccupation of the university is the development and production of graduates who will be self-reliant, employers of labour capable of growing the economy of the nation. Speaking in an interview in Ibadan, Ayeni noted that everything about the university, its aca-

and open policy of the university engenders prompt management response to students’ issues, thereby enabling the students to focus of their education and avoid anti-social behaviours which serve as distractions in many other universities in the country. Ayeni said contrary to a misconception that standard of education in the country has fallen, the nation’s academic curriculum levels have enjoyed upward review in the recent past in consonance with global economic and social realities. She also blamed poor performance of some graduates on fundamental problems such as inadequacy of facilities at public

‘Government should focus on revamping the education sector from the grassroots. Students are distracted by television, Internet facilities and other things which ordinarily should be put to good use. Teachers are distracted, doing their own businesses instead of mentoring the students. This should not be so’

LONADEK Oil and Gas Consultants is set to host science and technology-inclined secondary school pupils and undergraduates in Lagos at a career counseling workshop scheduled for May 19 at the Shell Hall of the MUSON Centre, Onikan. A statement signed by Dr Ibilola Amao, the firm’s Project Consultant for the Vision 2020 Youth Empowerment and Restorative Initiative, which organises the workshop annually, said the programme would also feature a science and technology exhibition. The objective of the workshop tagged: “Our youth, our Future” is to expose the youths to careers in the oil and gas industry, the primary area of operation of the organisers with the aim of increasing participation in the industry, and others as well as encourage them to adopt skills, competencies and attitudes that support development.

schools at primary, secondary and tertiary levels as well as students’ loss of focus from the academics. On the dissatisfactory performance of many university graduates, Ayeni blamed it on disruption of academic calendar, students’ poor commitment to education and lecturers’ and teachers’ distraction from their basic duties, unlike the practice before. “The government should focus on revamping the education sector from the grassroots. Students are distracted by television, Internet facilities and other things which ordinarily should be put to good use. Teachers are distracted, doing their own businesses instead of mentoring the students. This should not be so,” she said. She lamented that many students in the public schools lack basic facilities such as classrooms and laboratories and urged the government to ensure those facilities were made available at the grassroots to build a solid foundation for education. Ayeni noted that while many public schools can boast of highly qualified teachers, the facilities such as furniture and conducive environment are lacking, with negative impact on their overall performance. She called on the government to address this trend.

To widen access to world-class education opportunities, Leadmode Resource Centre, a body that represents some UK universities in Nigeria, has updated its website. According to the Country and Regional Director, Fakunle Odifa, this new initiative is aimed at global participation for students and the alumni. “Prospective students and alumni of the varied professional programmes via distance learning appreciate the need to connect within this community of similar backgrounds, talents, and interests, thereby encouraging career growth and collaboration. The new site,, focuses on impact of distance learning education in the 21st century,” said Odifa. Speaking further, Fakunle said: “Building an online presence has become a prime initiative of forward thinking organisations. With the onslaught of social media and advancement in mobile technology, there is a huge paradigm shift in marketing and customer services. A focus on visual representation of an organisation gives the leverage to help achieve organisational goals.”

AAUA to start Radio THE Management of Adekunle Ajasin University, AkungbaAkoko (AAUA), Ondo State, has approved the constitution of the Campus Radio Planning Committee. The Committee, which comprises experts from various sections of the University, is mandated to work out the modalities for setting up AAUA Radio. The Committee is also to advise the Vice Chancellor, interact and explore areas of possible collaboration with other relevant bodies. The Committee, which has since swung into action, was at some tertiary institutions to undertake a study tour that would guide the university to the establishment of a standard Campus Radio. Members of the Committee are Dr. V.O. Olumekun (Chairman), Mr O. J. Adegbola, Mr E. A. Orimoloye, Mr Dayo Duyile, Mr C.O. Onyema-chi, Mr Sola Ajisafe and Mr Victor Akinpelumi (Secretary).



At NSUK, hostels are in short supply

Students recount day of horror


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When UNILORIN went to the polls April was indeed a season of elections at national and campus levels. At the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), students went to the polls to elect leaders for various arms of government. HABEEB WHYTE (300-Level Law) and WALE BAKARE (100-Level Zoology) report.


TUDENTS of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) have elected their leaders for the 2011/2012 session. Elections were held at three levels: departments, faculties and the Students Union Government (SUG). Campus journalists, under the aegis of Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), and students who live off-campus (Oke-Odo residents) also elected new leaders. The elections were planned and conducted by the Independent Student Electoral Commission (ISEC). The body, which was inaugurated on April 15, has a student, Comrade Quadri Abayomi, as chairman. There was no interference by the authorities. April 23 was set for screening of the aspirants. At the end of the exercise, many were disqualified. Of the four seeking to be SUG president, Abiodun Olutekunbi, was disqualified. Two of the six running for assistant general secretary were also disqualified. They are Simon Ojejobi and Ibrahim Babayemi. Delisted from running

•Students voting through the e-voting system

for public relations officer (PRO) were Courage Sowemimo and Jamiu Abdulqudus. Afolabi Atanda was disqualified from contesting for financial secretary. ISEC said they were disqualified “because they violated the electoral guidelines.” But Atanda told CAMPUSLIFE: “ISEC knew I would win as the financial secretary. That was why I was disqualified.” A student, who pleaded for anonymity, wondered why ISEC was given a free hand. He said: “The power of conducting election should not be given to students alone; management has to interfere on how students are being disqualified.” April 27 was the Manifesto Day. At the end, more candidates were disqualified “due to lack of character and composure”. The election, which was earlier scheduled for April 28, was shifted to April 29. This was blamed on lack of adequate preparations by ISEC. The ballot system was used. At the end of voting and collation, Surajudeen Musa, in 400Level Engineering, emerged SUG President. Other winners include Rasheed Awonuga (PRO),



Abdullateef Adepoju (Welfare Secretary) and Michael Are (Sport Secretary). One election that generated much interest was that of the Zoology Department. This is because the association had been under suspension for two years for financial scandal. An eight-man panel, which comprised two stu-

dents from each level, was set up to form the Independent Electoral Commission of National Association of Zoology Students (ICONAZS). It was chaired by John Abey, a 400-Level student. Azeez Akanni and Babatunde Shaffi were cleared to run for president; at the end of a keen contest, Azeez carried the day with 107 to

Babatunde’s 103 votes. The National Association of Science Students (NASS) didn’t only conduct a credible election; its was also revolutionary in the sense that it used the direct electronic voting system (DEVS) which made computation of the results easy. At the end, Gbenga Alabi, in 300-Level Biochemistry, became the new NASS President. The UCJ and Oke-Odo Students Union also elected new leaders. While UCJ has Habeeb IbidapoWhyte as President, the off-campus students elected Rafiu Usman; both are 300-Level Law students. Many students described the elections as one where the sheer force of an individual’s personality decided voting pattern. But nowhere was that more evident than in the Faculty of Law; religion equally played a prominent role. Members of the Law Students Society (LSS) came out in large numbers to vote. On April 11, the ban on campaigns was lifted. Campaigns ended on April 19, and election took place on April 20. Like the popular saying that many are called but few are chosen, various individuals showed •Continued on page 30

• One year after, students remember Dagrin - Pg32 •Students appeal for fee reduction- Pg33



CAMPUS LIFE agreed that no less than 50 were killed and hundreds injured. President Jonathan was reported to have personally called families of the slain corps members while his government is set to compensate them in monetary terms for whatever it is worth. Both are commendable gestures. But who compensates the many other families that lost their breadwinners, wives, sons and daughters? No death is less painful. 08054503104 In one of our reports today, a final (SMS only) year student of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger • State, Nurudeen Abdulkadir, was • dealt with by the hoodlums when he ran into them. When the poor boy And what was that beating of the chest (I could not answer their questions satisfactodon’t know what else to call it) over the fact rily, they termed him an enemy and pounced they died under INEC’s “inadequate secu- on him. He is alive today through what can rity” and not under his government’s secu- only be called divine intervention. rity? It sounded like he was quite unhappy The fate of Nurudeen and Ibrahim Akonyi the corps members worked for INEC and (the slain corps member from Kogi) and not for him!? some others I have read point clearly to the The really sad part of all this is that very fact that the violence was not religious; this soon we would all pretend to move on – all is because these people are Muslims. I do that is - except the immediate families of not believe that it was merely political eithe young men. On Tuesday and yesterday, ther; no, I don’t. this paper ran stories and photos of the What happened is as a result of the unburial of two of them from Osun State, awareness (call it illiteracy) and lack of valEbenezer Ayotunde Gbenjo and Kehinde ues on the part of the miscreants. I think Jelili Adeniji. Sadly, both are from the same time has come for leaders in the northern town, Gbongan. The poor state also lost part of this country to stop making excuses Tosin Olawale Teidi. and ensure that their citizens are educated, Other states which are mourning are Imo and that properly. And when I call on lead(Anslem Chukwunonyerem Nkwazema and ers, I include the political and the reliIkechukwu Chibuzor Ukeoma), Abia gious. Anyone who understands the power (Obinna Michael Okpokiri), Bayelsa (Elliot of religion in this country knows that withAdowei), Ekiti (Seun Paul Adewunmi) and out the support and active participation Kogi (Ibrahim Sule Akonyi). of the imams and ustaz, no meaningful Of course many other families and states difference can be made in the value sysare mourning because, though no one can tem and norms of the people. This is not swear of the actual figure, it is generally only true for those in the north; same holds

After the Pushing tears and Out compensation with


IT’S been two weeks since the violence that greeted the announcement of President Goodluck Jonathan, in some parts of the north, as winner of the April 16 presidential polls. It’s now on record that nine serving corps members were killed, in addition to scores of other dead – men, women, children and other youths – and destruction of property. As we are wont to do in this country, the usual outpouring of emotion, provocation (no thanks to Bauchi Governor, Isa Yuguda) and counter provocation have also followed. As a matter of fact, on many news websites and blogs, and even in emails circulating around, people are still using unprintable words to describe what they think of Yuguda. I must start by condemning the recourse to violence taken by those who felt their candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), ought to have won. It is wrong and smacks of the highest level of intolerance for anyone to assume that his candidate must win or blood would flow. And I expect that by now, Mallam Yuguda ought to have tendered an unreserved apology for his insensitive outburst over the killing of corps members. Even if those young men died outside his state, he should have watched his words, not to talk of the fact that they were killed in Bauchi.

Ngozi Nwozor

Charles Obasi is a 400-Level student of History and International Studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He is the captain of the UNN cricket team, which won gold at the just-concluded Nigerian Universities Games (NUGA) hosted by the University of Benin (UNIBEN). He spoke to OLUSOLA ALEGBELEYE (classmate).

When UNILORIN went to the polls •Continued from page 29

‘Cricket is my life’


HY did you choose cricket considering the fact that football is more popular in Nigeria? Cricket is a sport I will always thank God for making me to learn when I was in secondary school. It is a game of patience and also a game that teaches morals that will help one. It is a game that shuns vices and extols virtue in the life of anyone that learnt it at a very youthful age. I did not choose cricket. I must say it was destiny and the grace of God that brought me to the game. It was in my junior secondary school in 2002 that I fell in love with the game. I played football and cricket and as a matter of fact I played good football as I was the school goalkeeper during inter-seminary competitions. I gave my best and did well in both sports but cricket ate deep into my bone. I consequently played more of cricket at my later days in the secondary school. My type of person also necessitated my choice of cricket. Unlike in football where there are cases of fighting and serious quarrels, cricket is a gentleman’s games. Thus, I found my caliber of sportsmen there. The support given to the game by my coaches, Mr. Emeka Igwilo, Mr. Obiora Odinye (late), and most importantly, Sir Victor Obidilee, my principal, was also a factor. How long have you been playing? My romance with this fascinating game began when I was in JSS 2. From learning the rudiments and playing friendly matches with secondary schools in Anambra State, I began to like and appreciate my game. In 2004, my school went for its first competitive outing in cricket in Lagos. It was an experience worth having because we became exposed and got a chance of playing better in subsequent tournaments. In 2007, I captained the

school team to Government Secondary School Warri, Delta State and this time, we were the runners-up at the competition and I was already in SS3. The school team under my captaincy came first in the Southeast zonal elimination for the national cricket club championship and represented the zone at Abuja. This medium also gave me the opportunity of attending an international cricket course later in the year. This was the All-Rounders Academy, Abuja. When I left secondary school, I was lucky to play for Nigeria at the U-19 level in South-Africa in October 2007. It was a memorable experience as I played with fellow African cricketers at eastern ground, Benoni, South Africa. When I came back, I got admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I continued with my game I played various tournaments including the National Sports Festival held in Kaduna in 2009. I came back from the games to captain the UNN cricket in the NUGA games hosted by UNN. Though we got no medals but we were determined. 2011 is a year any UNN cricketer will not forget easily. Through the tutorage of Rev. Dr Jacob Onyechi and Mr. Olisa Egwuatu, we were able to perform well and win two medals in the first quarter of the year. The first was the Chuma Anosike Cup for Southeast and in the just-concluded NUGA games at UNIBEN, we notched a gold medal in cricket. What was your experience like at the NUGA? NUGA game is a sporting extravaganza that any sportsperson in the university will like to experience. UNIBEN 2011 was not an exception. Cricket was played in its normal atmosphere of calmness and serenity. UNN cricket team played five matches to win the gold medal. I still

for those in the south. Until the people realise that human life is truly sacrosanct, no matter the ethnic, political or religious background of the other person, this cycle of killing, condemnation and further provocation will not stop. And this realisation can only come through a sincere and firm determination to teach, educate and expose a greater number of our youths to the right values. I am not a Muslim but I know that Islam does not abhor education and by education here I’m talking specifically about the right values. Prophet Muhammed it is who enjoined Muslims to seek knowledge even if it has to be found in China (which at the time was seen as the farthest place on earth). He had added: “Knowledge is my sunnah (practice); whoever abstains from it is not of me.” The Bible has a lot on the necessity of knowledge and education. Among my favourites is Proverbs 24:3-6 which says: “It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation. It takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies. It’s better to be wise than strong; intelligence outranks muscle any day. Strategic planning is the key to warfare. To win, you need a lot of good counsel”. (The Message Version) The (good) counsel here to defeat this cycle of destruction is knowledge. I pray earnestly that President Jonathan and all the governors in the north (and the south too) will honour the memory of all those we have wasted already by giving the education sector the aggressive shore up it needs these next four years. That is the only way forward. Ciao


live in the nostalgia of the day we played the finals against UNILAG. UNN batted first and scored 84 runs in 20 over. UNILAG, though they had won the match, were stunned when the gold hungry UNN fielders stopped them in an amazing score of 81 runs, in the 17th over; 4 run short of a win. This was a remarkable win. The warm welcome given us by the UNIBEN community was also laudable but one experience I will always remember is the mosquitoes. They awaited us on arrival and equally gave us a warm send-forth at the Hall 4 section of the hostel. The social activities organised by the UNIBEN Students Union added colour to the event. Were you impressed by the facilities on ground at UNIBEN? I must say that the future of sport in UNIBEN is bright. A lot of work was done. Their Sports Complex accommodated most of the sporting events. They include the football stadium, hockey pitch, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court, swimming and hand ball court. The swimming pool was still under construction. Other sports like cricket and table tennis were played outside the complex.

interest in becoming president, but at the end of the day only two individuals battled it out. The race began with Elijah Adejare, in 400Level, who is known as a pastor and an articulate student. It was shocking when what started as a rumour was later confirmed – he stepped down for another candidate – after a meeting with the “who is who” of the Christian Law Students Society. His replacement was Adeola Kembi. Adeola, also in 400-Level, is popular, brilliant and articulate. It was clear he was the most popular of all the candidates; some even felt he was better suited for the SUG and not LSS. Adeola was already enjoying the support of everybody until another Christian student, Daddy Cinton, announced his interest. He added that he was not ready to step down for anybody. This came as a rude surprise to many because Clinton had earlier indicated interest in running for the SUG secretary general. His posters were all over the campus for that position. Adeola eventually announced

that he was stepping aside. He said he was not desperate for the post and that LSS was a small place. Many students were sad at this development. Some told CAMPUSLIFE that Adeola was the president that LSS never had. Clinton was the one who met the Muslim students’ candidate, Lawal Rafiu, at the polls. Not a few students expressed surprise at Lawal’s indication of interest. This is because he is the quiet and gentle type. Many said they did not know that he has it in him. He won with 388 to Clinton’s 151 votes. “This is the end of religious politics,” said Shehu Popoola, in 200Level. He added that the wide margin “really means that Christians and Muslims voted for Lawal”. Other winners include Fatimah Hammed (Vice President); Adebayo Saliman (General Secretary); Ibrahim Tosho (Financial Secretary), Ridwan Oyekanmi (Treasurer) and Idris Salami (Social Director). The post of the Sports Secretary, Welfare and PRO were won by unopposed candidates.





CAMPUS LIFE The post-presidential election violence that rocked some parts of the north affected Minna, the Niger State capital. Students of the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, narrated their experience to FAITH OLANIRAN (500-L Biochemistry).

Students recount day of horror


HE recent unrest following the announcement of President Goodluck Jonathan as winner of the presidential election caught many students of the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, Niger State, unawares. The students were just resuming from a two-week election break. While some were getting ready to start their first semester test, others were just off loading their luggage. “The unbelievable drama of life”, as a student who didn’t want to be named described the events of April 18, started around 11:30am. It took over two hours before a combined team of security forces could halt it. Some of the students, who just came back and were coming into campus from the park in town ran inside school with their luggages screaming that there was a serious crisis in town and that they saw Bosso boys (hoodlums) burning tyres on the road, creating road blocks. This was soon followed by heavy gun shots from the direction of the nearby Bosso Market; that got everyone scampering for safety. Business activities around the campus were soon paralysed as shop owners began to lock up. Frantic phone calls between students and worried family members and friends went on throughout. Soon students began to complain of poor service on all the networks. Many tried to explain that it was due to congestion. Students who stay off-campus and community dwellers sought refuge on the campus. For as long as the curfew imposed by the Niger State government lasted (8pm-6am), they would converge on campus and leave afterwards. Classrooms, lecture halls and passage ways were turned to sleeping places. Men and women, including students, divided themselves into watch groups, sleeping in turns to keep watch for possible invasion.

•Students taking cover on campus while the crisis lasted.


This was equally helped by the sight of many security agents who took positions in strategic places to ensure that the campus dwellers were safe. A student said: “At this point I have to give it up to all the school



security men that were on duty that very day for making sure that the hoodlums didn’t get entrance into the school. Since my first year it will be the best thing I have seen them do.” Another who fell victim of the mayhem and was dealt with by the hoodlums while on his way to his house is Nurudeen Abdulkadir, a final year student of Physics Department. At the university clinic where

he was receiving treatment, he told CAMPUSLIFE what happened: “I was coming from school and the hoodlums who were armed with cutlasses and machetes attacked me. Some were on motorcycles and some on foot shouting ‘sai change!’ (yes to change). I was asked some questions and when they were not satisfied with the answers I gave, one of them used his machete to cut my knees while others started beating me. It

was thanks to a good Samaritan who came to my rescue that I’m alive today.” Nurudeen, who is nursing a deep cut close to his knee cap added that he was not robbed “but they were just attacking people irrespective of your religion and status”. However, some other students who ran into the mobs claimed they were robbed of belongings such as laptops, mobile phones and other valuables at Mypa junction, close to the campus. Many expressed anxiety over the situation Abdulraman Saheed is in 500-Level Biochemistry. “Those of us staying off campus had it worse. It started as a demonstration by some youths in the early hours of the day; when they heard the presidential election result.” Jibrin Yahaya, his classmate, said: “Though the election was peaceful and fair here but the main fact still remains that considering the tension around the country now the school ought to have postponed our resumption.” Desmond Andrew is in 400-Level Library and Information Technology: “These people just took over the place in no time. Why they are fighting we cannot really ascertain, the issue is students are not safe.” The Students Union General Secretary, Phillip Amodu, said: “When the alert came to me, I was off campus but had to find a way to school to see the situation of things for myself. I quickly called the Dean of Students Affairs and some other principal officers to notify them so that arrangements could be made to protect the students on campus at least”. CAMPUSLIFE was unable to ascertain the actual place where the crisis started; while some respondents said it started at the market, others cited Mobil roundabout. However, before many knew what was happening the crisis had extended to student-dominated areas such as El-waziri, Bosso Road, Mypa Junction, Randa Ruwa, Angwa Biri and Mechanic Road. Perhaps to help the return to normalcy, FUT Minna went ahead to conduct the test for 100-Level students, as scheduled. First semester exams have been scheduled to hold between May 9 and 21.

Law students of the Lagos State University (LASULAWS) went to the polls last week to elect their leaders for the 2010/ 2011 session. NURUDEEN YUSUF (100-Level Common and Islamic Law) reports.

‘LASU Law raises the bar’


OR members of the Law Students Society (LSS), Lagos State University (LASU), the slogan: “LASULAWS votes the best” is a guiding rule whenever it is time to elect new leaders. On the Ojo campus, the LSS election is seen as the next big thing after the Students’ Union polls. The intrigues and excitement were not lacking this time. Earlier, on February 28, the LASULAWS Students’ Representative Council, in pursuant to Section 14(6) of the constitution, resolved to set up a committee that will organise the election. The committee was inaugurated by the Speaker, Jimoh Tafeek, on March 28. Subsequently, the committee met and appointed Surajudeen Oseni, the Chairman and Thani Koyode, the Returning Officer. Both are in 500-Level. Yussuf Rahman, in 400-Level, was made Secretary. The sale of forms lasted between March 30 and April 14. This was followed by screening of the aspirants vying for legislative seats, on April 4; the next day was the turn of those vying for the executive council. At the screening where the aspirants were questioned on academics, constitu-

tional and current affairs, none was disqualified. Surajudeen said his commission was “convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they are qualified for the job ahead.” The next hurdle was a political debate. His held at Okunnuga Hall which as usual was filled to capacity with “black and white”, Law students traditional colours. The debate was moderated by Oluwatosin Gbadamosi (500-L and former President of CLAFSON), AbdulRahman Yusuf (500-L and NAMLAS President) and Olajumoke Peters, former VLSS vice-president. Present at the debate were Dean of the Faculty, Prof Olusegun Yerokun, and Lateef Amosu, immediate past president of LSS, among others. Mounting the podium in twos against each other, the contestants justified their reasons for seeking the students’ mandate. Yaqub Eleto, in 300-Level and former coordinator of Education Rights Campaign (ERC) LASU chapter, was running for General Secretary. He said his ambition was to make LASULAWS better than the way he met it. He added: “As the head of the secretariat, the correspondence I receive will be disseminated to the students accord-

ingly. I also wish to develop intellectualism, to upgrade and rebrand the status of the faculty to produce lawyers of integrity.” His opponent, Adebanji Ojelabi, in 400-Level, stood on the fact that he would create a website to articulate information and ensure it is delivered to students faster. The three presidential candidates, all from 400-Level, spoke eloquently. Moses Laleye, who spoke with a lot of passion on the debate and the manifesto, promised to take the students’ welfare as his number one priority by setting up a committee, holding tutorials to assist students with their academics. Adetunji Akinyemi, the second, said: “A living dog is better than a dead lion. Therefore my aim is to seek and bring out the hidden talents of our students because this will help the faculty improve tremendously.” On April 13, the election was conducted. It was vastly described as peaceful, free and fair as students joined the queue to cast their votes. After collation and counting of votes, Moses emerged the new President, Temitope Gaji (Vice President), Yaqub (General Secretary) and Dipo Ajayi (PRO). Those returned unopposed are Social Director, Sports Director, Assistant



General Secretary and Director of Protocols The new Executive Council was sworn–in the next day. A 300-Level student, who pleaded anonymity, said of the makeup of the new executive: “It has been a tradition in this faculty to elect the

best of the contestants. This was repeated in this election because I know the new President very well. Nothing speaks for him except his pedigree and personality. If our society can toe this path, I think Nigeria as a country is heading for the promised land.”

‘I also wish to develop intellectualism, to upgrade and rebrand the status of the faculty to produce lawyers of integrity’



CAMPUS LIFE One year after, students remember Dagrin


•Israeli Deputy Ambassador, George Deek (middle) flanked by the students

Why Nigeria, Israel ties are strong, by envoy


HE Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. George Deek, was a guest of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) for two days. He came with his Personal Assistant on media, Mr. Tony Obiechina. He called on the Vice-Chancellor before going to the university guest house (CEC) for a cocktails. The party was attended by staff and students. The second day, Deek delivered a lecture Deek at the Princess Alexandria Auditorium (PAA). Tagged:

From Olusola Alegbeleye UNN

Diplomatic relations of the state of Israel in Africa he highlighted some of the ties between Africa and his country. Those collaborations are in the areas of agriculture, culture, entertainment, and so on. However, he said the diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and Israel are based mainly on the ideological principles of the two nations. He outlined some feats recorded by Israel in agriculture and

technology. The Head of Department (HOD), History and International Studies, Dr. Paul Obi-Ani, welcomed Deek on behalf of the department. He urged him to use his office to influence partnerships between the department and Israel. The department, he said desires collaboration with universities and research institutes in Israel. Deek’s citation was read by Dr Tony Nwaezeigwe. At an interactive session, students asked him various questions.

TUDENTS and other youths in Nigeria are holding a memorial for the late Oladapo Olaitan Olainipekun popularly called “Dagrin” who died on April 21, last year. He died in hospital after being injured in an auto crash. He was a hip hop musician who had achieved stardom as a rapper and entertainer. At a memorial in his honour, it was also fresh mourning for the death of fast rising comedian Chijoke John popularly known as CD, also in an auto crash. They were seen as role models for the young ones. Some of the students spoke. Elvis Obah is in 200-Level Accounting at the Delta State University, Abraka. He said: “It was a shock when I heard CD John is dead.

•The late Dagrin From Olanrewaju Awe UNAD

Tobi Aje, in 300-Level Political Science, University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD), said Dagrin was “a mentor and his death was a big loss Nigerian students and youths.” Oki Rasheed 300-Level Elect-Engineering, UNAD, said: “Dagrin was my best African artist. I was weeping and wailing and asking him to get up; hopping to wake up and find it’s all a dream”.

•Cross-section of students at the event.

Be refined Christians, Pastor tells students


•Some of the students at the costume day rally

Mass Communication marks Costume Day


UST before the April 26 governorship elections, HND II students of Mass Communication, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu, embarked on voter education. The exercise, which was seen as part of the fulfilment of Film Production course coincided with the department’s Costume Day. It kicked off from the department to

From Adenike Ashogbon LASPOTECH

the library complex of the institution and then to other departments in the permanent site. The procession, which comprised about 90 students, encouraged eligible voters to come out to vote. Receiving the students, Mr. Olanrewaju Kuye, the

polytechnic’s Public Relations Officer, commended the initiative as “very distinct”. He urged Nigerians to destroy the barrier of ethnicity in the society. Those who participated in the exercise were lecturers of Mass Communication who included Mr. Steve Adesemoye, Mr. Samuel Ogunsanya and Mr. Olayinka Uthman.

Faculty honours VC with award


The Allied Medical Science Students Association (FAMEDSSA) has given the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof (VC) James Epoke, an award. The event, took place at The Mirage, Calabar, Cross River State. The VC, a former dean of the faculty, was accompanied by the Acting Dean, Prof Abia Bassey, represented by the sub-dean, Dr. Mildred John; Head of Medical Laboratory Science, Prof Paul

From Emmanuel Shebbs and Isaac Mensah UNICAL

Inyangetoh, Dr. Ita Effiom and representatives from the UNICAL Students’ Union Government. Dance troupes and drama group displayed their talents to make the event a colourful one. A beauty pageant was also organised. FAMEDSSA President, Ofem Egom, identified Prof Epoke as a

man who played the role of a father to the faculty. As dean, according to Ofem, Epoke was the one who gave him the morale needed for a start as a new faculty president. Some others were equally given awards. One of them, Prof E. Etuk, thanked the students for honouring their lecturers, adding that the occasion presented “an opportunity for the students and lecturers.

HE leader of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), Enugu State zone, Pastor Chizoba Adimba, has charged Christians to be truly born again and be in accord with other Christians so as not to be rejected on judgment day. Pastor Adimba gave this warning during an Easter programme. The event was held at the New Engineering Hall, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Its theme was: “Discipleship priorities”. Three NIFES state chapters - Ebonyi, Abia and Enugu -organised it. Addressing the students, Pastor Adimba expressed gratitude to those who travelled from different states. He used the opportunity to highlight the importance of the conference. He said: “Aims of NIFES is to be a movement for Christ-like students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, students who are transforming the campus and society upon graduation. Also we aim to reach out to students through evangelism and discipleship; mobilising them for God.”

Freshers write exams with computer


IRST year students of the Federal University of Technology, Yola (FUT YOLA) wrote their GS 101 exam last week. It held at Computer Centre. This has aroused interest among the students who welcomed the development as a step in the right direction. The exam was not without drama. The first exam to be written through the system was billed to start by 8am but it didn’t start till around 11am.

From Oladele Oge UNN

Earlier in his speech, the NIFES UNN leader, Pastor Ezechi Iwuagwu, pointed out elements that make Christians backslide. He cited where students pretend as if they are holy to their parents at home but on campus are something else. He charged the students to be refined Christians not just church goers. Another speaker and leader of the fellowship, Sister Peace Efemena, enjoined the students to be open and come all out for God. She said: “I know for a certainty that this programme will yield a positive change in the life of the participants and the students of the university in general.” Speaking with Campuslife, Emeka Udoh of Agric Economics, said the insights given to them on how to subdue the powers of darkness and enjoy their heritage as the redeemed of the Lord were priceless. The event was rounded off with prayers and thanksgiving on Sunday at the same venue. From Silas Edet FUT YOLA

This made candidates of the subsequent exams to lurk around, since there was no definite timetable specifying which department will write at a particular time. CAMPUSLIFE met a student of Microbiology, Kelechi Ogo, who was reading for an exam she did not know the commencement time. She said: “I don’t know when I will write this exam but I have to be around. I don’t want to miss it.” Students, however, have questioned the wisdom in using about 60 computers to conduct exams for about 1,500 students. They wondered why the other computer labs were not utilised. Many students said, though, the method may have been faulty but the motive was in order because “it eliminates cheating”.



CAMPUS LIFE Student leader counsels pupils


•NAAS officials with Motherless babies

Student body donates to homes


HE National Association of Akure Students (NAAS) has donated food and domestic items to the Motherless Babies Home and the Lepers’ Settlement, in Akure, Ondo State. Presenting the items at the motherless home, NAAS President, Olawale Jayeoba, said: “Being the Easter period, we felt the necessity to come here and celebrate with our younger ones by giving them this token and play-

From ‘Seyi Oluwalade AAUA

ing with them.” He advised the children to focus on their studies. The Welfare Officer of the home, Mrs. Kikelomo Fajiminiyi, who received the items on behalf of the children, thanked the students and prayed God to grant them favour in their endeavours. Two of the children, Lekan and Paul

S part of efforts to prepare young Nigerians for leadership, Chief of Staff, National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Committee (NANS- JCC) Kwara axis, Razak Jimoh, has organised a symposium for secondary schools students in Offa and Oyun local government areas of Kwara State. Themed “Students against bad habit”, the guest speaker, Dr. Y. S Omo-Iya of the Department of History and International Studies University of Ilorin, reflected on Nigeria’s political history from 1960 to date and concluded that the ruling class has failed. Dr. Omo-Iya, who told the gath-

From Mohammed Bashman UNILORIN

ering that all hope is not lost, charged the pupils to begin to see themselves as agents of change. In his keynote address, the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Dr Muftau Olatinwo, lauded NANS for the symposium, saying there could be no better time to organise such than now. In his speech, Razak thanked the management of Offa Polytechnic and other donors for their generosity toward the symposium. He later distributed 10,000 exercise books to the over 500 students in attendance.

Mimiko, who spoke with CAMPUSLIFE, thanked the students for identifying with them. They also thanked Governor Olusegun Mimiko and his wife, Olukemi, for their support. Similarly, Evangelist Daniel Bamigbetan received the student donors at the lepers’ settlement on behalf of others. He said the students have done the state proud by such visit.

•Razak with the pupils during the programme

Satellite campus begins exam


•NUNSA students in a group photograph

Department holds dinner, award night


T was all fun when the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA), Ebonyi State University (EBSU) chapter organised a farewell dinner and award night for its pioneer set. The event took place at the Nkwegu Ugbala Grand Arena and had in attendance the Head of Department, Dean of faculty, the ViceChancellor of the school who was

From Daniel Lawrence EBSU

represented, and students. It witnessed the presentation of awards to the VC, Prof Francis Idike as father of nursing, and Commissioner for Health in Ebonyi State, Dr. Sunday Nwangele as director of nursing among others. Princewill Eze, president of the

department, expressed joy over the success in putting the dinner together and thanked the students for their support. One of the students, Chinecherem Oko, confessed she had fun after “time-sapping exams”. Equally, Ifeanyi Udeh, another student, said he will never forget the night.

Honour for Principal

wanted to participate in the exercise. But the management said the initial date of examination was fixed to mobilise the current HND II students for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. CAMPUSLIFE spoke with some of the students. Seun Olaoye said: “It’s a good thing that we are considered to write this exam before the full-time students.” A student of Office Technology and Management said: “Although, students agitated for the postponement, I never thought it could be up to two months as stated by the Rector. I hope the Federal Government will see to it and reschedule the break.”

‘We have zero tolerance for cultism’

From Godswill Odeku RSCUE



AM humbled; it is very interesting to know that the little things we are doing to better the life of students and to contribute our own quota to the society is being noticed”. This was how Mrs. Nnenna Dennar, Acting Principal/Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum Training Institute Effurun, Delta State, described her feeling after she was honoured by the National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS). The event took place at the PTI Conference Centre Complex. The NAPS leaders who were led by Armstrong Ovie-Afabor, who represented their president Tijani Mustapha, gave Mrs. Dennar an award tagged “Symbol of purposeful and dynamic leadership in Nigeria”. They said it was as a result of her “contribution to the overall development of Nigeria, through cultivation and building of young minds cum her philanthropic nature”. Comrade Armstrong read his president’s speech. He urged Mrs. Dennar, the first woman to head

TUDENTS at the Satellite Campus of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, have begun their first semester exams. Those at the main campus initially held a rally seeking extension of the examination date, which was billed to begin less than two weeks before the botched National Assembly elections. The Students’ Union President said students called for postponement not because they were not prepared but because elections were near and the students

From Lola Balogun FEDPOLY ADO

•Armstrong (middle) presenting the plaque to Mrs Dennar. From Gbenga Ojo PTI EFFURUN

the PTI, to assist in the “actualisation of the dreams, aspirations, goals, aims and objectives of the most and highly respected organisation called NAPS.” Present at the event were lecturers, friends, students and well wishers. Speaking to CAMPUSLIFE at the end of the short ceremony was the President of the Students Union Government PTI, Comrade Raymond Taga. He commended the Acting Principal who he said “has the best

interest of Nigerian students at mind”. He also thanked the NAPS leadership for “such a wonderful initiative”. In another development, the PTI has honoured 35 members of staff with the long service award. The event held at the Wellington Hotel, Effurun. The honourees have each put in from 20 to 35years in the civil service. Speaking at the occasion, Mrs. Dennar said it was a delight to revive the long service award ceremony which was last marked 10 years ago.

ICE-CHANCELLOR (VC) of Rivers State University of Education (RSUE), Prof Rosemund Green-Osahogulu has said the institution has zero tolerance for cultism and other forms of misdemeanour. Prof Green-Osahogulu, in a chat with CAMPUSLIFE, attributed the schools’ success in curbing cultism and criminal behaviour on campus to prayers, stringent disciplinary system which includes profiling and expulsion of offenders and collaboration with the Police. “Any student involved in cult ac-

tivity is shown the way out. We hand them over to the Police for prosecution and for those seeking admission, we do security screening for them,” she said. She acknowledged that counselling has also helped. “I personally counsel some of them and they make decisions, renouncing their membership”, she added. The VC disclosed that the e-identification system, which the management introduced, will curb misconduct among students and equally fast-track identification of erring students.

Students appeal to Fayemi on fees reduction


TUDENTS of the College of Education, Ikere–Ekiti, have urged Governor Kayode Fayemi to reduce their fees. The students’ demand is contained in a statement by their president, Olusola Arifayan. He said: “It has been tough for the union to avert the crisis that may have occurred as a result of hiked fees and government’s nonchalant attitude

From Olusegun Adegbenro UNAD

to them.” It was gathered and thus reported that the school fees was increased by the erstwhile governor and several attempts had been made by the union leaders to get a reduction with the present government promising and failing them.




•One of the hostels built for the students

•Another hostel

Accommodation blues at Keffi There are few rooms in hostels at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK). PRECIOUS ONA (corps member, NYSC Abuja) reports that students pay more in private hostels.


HE National Universities Commission (NUC), a few years ago, rated Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) as one of the fastest growing in the country. With the accreditation of many courses and construction of modern structures, to complement its classroom blocks, much was expected from the management of the university. Academically, the institution has an array of seasoned lecturers. The likes of Prof Zaynab Alkali, Prof Ojinmah Al-Bishak and the former Director-General of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Dr. Tony Iredia, are part of the academic team that have made NSUK earn its pride of place in the

comity of universities. But on the student front, it appears the institution has not done well enough. The management, students believe, has shown less concern regarding the welfare of the students, especially on the issue of accommodation. “With new structures springing up on the landscape of the university every day, it is sad that management has not thought it necessary to build more hostel blocks for us,” lamented a distraught student. Many of the students who spoke to CAMPUSLIFE expressed dissatisfaction towards the development. They complained that, after



many years of establishment, NSUK has not constructed a single building for the students. “All they have done is the construction of a common room. But we don’t have enough rooms for students within the school and many of us are left at the mercy of Agwan Lambu landlords,” said James Ugwu, a 200-Level student of Sociology. Apart from the fact that Agwan Lambu is succour to the beleaguered students, the village also

serves as a haven for those who cannot cope with the dirt of the congested NSUK hostels. Expensive and insecure, Agwan Lambu hostels also cost students a lot of money for transport to and from the school. No semester passes without cases of theft and burglary. A 400-Level student of Economics, Abraham Abiodun, shared his experience when he told CAMPUSLIFE that “they made away with my mattress and some

other items.” Hope Ebiloma, 300-Level English, lamented that during the last Academic Staff of Universities Union (ASUU) strike, her door was forced open and burglars carted away some of her belongings. Charles Oputa, 400-Level Computer Science, is another victim of housebreaking in the area. He said the burglars come when students are in session and holiday period. The students agitate for more hostel blocks because of the security and better electricity supply in the school. Besides, the amount paid for the allocation of a bed space is cheaper compare to the exorbitant amount students pay for accommodation in the village. Another attraction is the proximity to classrooms, the library and health centre. “As much as I hate to compare any university in the world with my beloved NSUK, I dare to compare NSUK with Kogi State University (KSU) which was established about the same time with NSUK. Currently, KSU already has about enough accommodation for all its students,” Hope quipped.

Varsity matriculates freshers as exams begin •Bans preaching in classrooms


T was a day of joy for new students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). They were formally welcomed by the university. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Joseph Ajienka, who presided at the event, said over 4,000 students were admitted into different faculties. He advised the students to put up their best behaviour while on campus so as not to jeopardize their future. Most of the matriculating students who talked with CAMPUSLIFE expressed happiness for finally gaining admission into the university after series of hurdles. In the words of Prince Enyeoma of Industrial Chemistry: “My joy today exceeds boundaries and all thanks to Almighty God for making today a dream come true.” Parents of the fresh students could not conceal their joy. “I am happy to be the father of an undergraduate and a potential engineer for that matter,” said Mr. Kelvin Omonigo. After the congregation at the convocation arena with the VC and other dignitaries from far and wide, pockets of celebrations were established immediately at various locations on campus while others traversed to hotels and eateries outside the university. It was a field day for registered cafeterias and photographers as they smiled home counting their gains. “I just wish everyday is matric day,” said Kufre, a photographer.

•Students during the matriculation From Chris Okafor UNIPORT

“Business wears a different outlook on matriculation days,” another photographer said. “Some of us made close to N30,000 while others made over N50, 000,” he continued “it all depends on your smartness and flexibility as a photographer,” he concluded. Meanwhile, sequel to the series of arguments and disagreements between lecturers/students and leaders of some fellowships on campus to who owns the right to classes for their respective activities, the university has placed a stop to the feud by imposing a ban on the use of the lecture halls and classes for other purposes except lectures. Reacting to this in an interactive meeting with

the students, the VC, Prof Ajienka, reiterated that the ban became necessary following the complaints that poured into his office. He cited an incidence where a fellowship forcefully stopped a lecture on the reason that the lecturer had encroached on their fellowship time. Prof Ajienka explained that the National Universities Commission (NUC) only permits three religious groups on campuses which are Catholics, Muslims and the Pentecostals and that it is a mere privilege given to other religious groups to have their activities on campus, the privilege which they have blatantly abused and which has resulted to the ban. He cleared the air that the ban is not on campus fellowships but on the use of lecture halls/ classes for their activities, especially when a lecture is on.

Students have reacted to this development. While some lauded the effort, others say it is a breach on their rights. Friday Barydabdo of the department of Petroleum voiced his emotions thus: “Although the enforcement of the ban grossly affected my fellowship I still think it’s a welcome development as the university has been liberated from the rising disturbances of campus fellowships,” he said. “There were times the campus will be filled with different fellowships having their meetings here and there and you needed to see and hear the noise their combos and speakers generate,” he continued. Another student, who opted for anonymity, said the ban was a rape on their right to worship where, how and when they like and called on the management to “readjust it.”




Electoral violence: Please, save our souls

By Femi Asu


ORPERS were their target. CPC lost. They thought we were responsible. Some corpers were brutally injured. Here in Zaria, prison was invaded. Houses, places of worship and schools were burnt. I had to scamper to a nearby police


HERE is a fierce-looking man moving around campus especially in the examination period. He is a respecter of nobody but is revered and respected by all students. He moves like a thief in the night but his presence is felt by all right from the beginning of every semester. His name is used as a weapon by lecturers and this same name terrifies all who work for him. The man rewards hard work, extravagantly showering his profound love and favour upon those who diligently work hard. Those who understand him call him “friend” and easily overcome the

station to take cover. I was there for hours before we were conveyed to the Nigerian Army barracks. I’m damned hungry!” Those were the words of a Batch A corps member who witnessed the unrest in Zaria, Kaduna after the presidential election on April 16. As the nation waited, with bated breath, the declaration of the winner in the presidential poll, corps members in the crisis-ridden areas had to run for their dear life. These are not the best of times for many of us who obeyed the clarion call to serve our fatherland. We were still basking in the encomiums showered on us for having conducted the National Assembly and Presidential polls, which many have described as free and fair, when crises erupted up North. No doubt, the spate of violence in

the North has left a sour taste in the mouths of many corps members and their hapless parents. First, it was the Suleja bomb blasts. Injuries received from shrapnel by the affected corps members left many of us to be physically and psychologically discouraged. This was, perhaps, the reason why corps members posted as ad-hoc staff to the area refused to report to their various polling units in the presidential poll. “I am in the barracks now…no corps member can put on his crested vest now. They are destroying property belonging to southerners. The government should please save our souls” was another moving submission of a fellow corps member. Pray, what have these serving youths done to deserve this barbarous treatment

The students’ woe hurdles he throws at them. He instills discipline in the mind of all students irrespective of the age, sex, relationship status or social status. Many people have met this man countless times, with each encounter leaving me a different personality. Students who prepare to meet this man get excited and those who hate his guts shiver at his arrival anytime. Restaurants in schools that come alive with students winning and dining with melodious music emanating from large speakers

placed at strategic positions are always deserted anytime the arrival of the man is announced. In his reign, the tempo of normal school activities is always at reduced level. Even fellowships and other religious engagements suffer when the man is around. Like it happened here, the everecstatic campus environment has suddenly turned gloomy. What was going on? In my room, my roommate has been temporarily stationed at a corner. You could hear his heartbeat from afar. As I looked

from the rioters? Why should the youth corps member be made a scapegoat? This transferred aggression is senseless and disheartening. After going through the stress of conducting elections at almost remote polling stations, maiming of corps members serving in the North is the ultimate reward the northern youths could pay for the patriotic service so rendered almost free. If anything, the wanton killing of corpers by a band of lawless youths in the North seems to be enough evidence for those calling for the scrapping of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Thankfully, the Federal Government and the NYSC swung into action to ensure that corps members were safe as many of them were evacuated from their residents to the barracks. It is important that the gov-

By Hope Ofobike


COULD remember 1993 when I was a little primary school girl. From Jos, my parents and I flew to our home town in Anambra State. I asked my mum

When all is said, not done LL said, not done” seems to oppositely describe the popular phrase “when all is said and done”, yet it paints with exactitude the scenario set in the Nigeria political umpire. All has been said, not done! Nothing new again! It’s over 11years now since Nigeria turned a democratic nation, meaning the just concluded election was the fourth in the series of elections conducted since 1999. The electorate have been treated with disdain and insulted with vain promises during political campaigns. Politicians dole out cash and distribute bags of rice to canvass for vote. They even pretend as if they are friends of the people but when they get to the office, they impoverish the masses by stealing them blind. Poverty level, according to the United Nations, has risen from 71 per cent to 71.5 per cent in Nigeria. No thanks to the political elite. Our politicians even operate on Facebook, to hoodwink unwary youths into buying their ideals of governance; they send bulk SMS


By Samson Ademola

into our cell phones, insulting our sensibilities with empty rhetoric. The television and radio are also not left out. They have politicised all forms of songs in vogue, ranging from religious to secular, for their jingles to entice the citizenry since music, they say, is the food of the soul. They also filled the pages of national dailies with captivating captions such as “I will create 400,000 jobs”, “free education for all” , “payment of scholarships and pension as and when due”, and all that lies. Creation of 20,000 jobs would reduce the rate of employment not to talk of 400,000 jobs. But can they create 1,000 jobs in the time frame? Our politicians must realise that we are no fools. The Jega-led INEC has done its job. It now behooves on our elected officials to reciprocate with good programmes and total emancipation of the citizens. Samson, 300-L Biology Education, OAU, Ile-Ife

When Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as president after the death of former President Umaru Yar’Adua, he kept telling everybody that he would conduct a free and fair election. Like Sarah in the Bible who laughed when the angels visited her, I chuckled and asked myself, is this man from Mars? Nobody believed him until the day he appointed Prof. Attahiru Jega, a former Vice Chancellor of Bayero University, Kano as INEC Chairman. With mixED feelings, I saw the appointment as a very bold step but thought it was business as usual. After all, Maurice Iwu is also a professor and he messed up! In the first two weeks of the voter registration process, I refused to register. I decided to change my mind after pressure from friends


HE Final Year Brethren (FYB) of the Anglican Students’ fellowship (ASF), University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) chapter, last week held their annual week which was tagged Eu Nikao. The week which started on Tuesday with teaching and testimony night, ended on Sunday with a send forth and thanksgiving service. Venue was the Effective Nursery and Primary School, Tanke, Ilorin. Present at the service was Reverend Cornelius Amusan, the Anglican Students’ chapter President, Felix Afolayan, the alumni of the fellowship and fellowship members. Rev. Amusan, in his address, which was taken from II Timothy 4: 1-8, admonished the students to be good representatives of God. He said they should always allow their lifestyle to reflect the light of God. His words: “Let your lifestyle reflect the light of God. Go out and preach the word of God in the next phase you are going into. This is because it is not how well you have started in ASF but how well you are able to represent God in the outside world. One thing I am rec-

Femi, a serving corps member, NYSC Abakliki.

at him, my mind flashed back to the previous day when we were both standing in front of our fellowship president, who prayed for us. Earlier, some colleagues exhibited anxiety as was being experienced by my roommate. This was going to be our first encounter with the pensivelooking man (a.k.a E-man) this year and surely first impression matters a lot. Who is this man causing such anxiety among students? It is EXAMINATION and is actively taking place right here in school. Ikechukwu, 200-L Biochemistry, FUTO

So, my vote can count why; she said the election which should have produced Chief Moshood Abiola as the presidentelect has been annulled by the then military Head of State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. She told me that was the first time Nigeria ever conducted a free and fair election. In 2007, I refused to register for the election because I closely watched what happened in 2003 coupleD with political happenings of 1999. Prof Maurice Iwu, the former chairman of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and those who appointed him messed up the electoral process and gave Nigeria a bad name in the comity of nations - that election brought in THE present president to power as vice president.

ernment find a lasting solution to this current political crisis before it degenerates into ethnic or religious uprising. A cosmetic solution will not just do. Therefore, government must do everything within its powers to ensure that the lives of corps members are safe in any part of the country – be it North, South, East or West. Let me conclude with the text message sent to corps members few days ago by the Director-General of the NYSC, Brigadier-General Maharazu Tsiga. It reads: “My dear corps member, the whole world is commending you. Do it again at the presidential poll (now, the rest is history). Don’t be intimidated. God is on our side. We shall not fail.”

and went to put down my name and finger print when the registration was extended for another week. Thank God I did and now I did not regret ever registering to vote in my country of birth. I could boast anywhere that I am a Nigerian. That Goodluck Jonathan is my president; Attahiru Jega is an unbiased umpire and that under his watch, Nigeria witnessed a free and fair election. Our public office holders now know that the people have a voice. Time of do-nothing has passed and any government that is corrupt would be shown the way out. Now that our votes have counted, I want to make it clear to our elected politicians that it is time to fulfill their promises. To our President; Nigerians await

By Ikechukwu Oguadinma transformation; to our Governors, it is time for a change; to our Senators, redeem the image of our country – Nigeria; to the members of the House of Representatives, enact bills that are public spirited; to members of state Houses of Assembly, set example and try leaving a legacy you will be remembered for. Now to all those who lost, I plead you accept your fate. The just concluded election is the voice of Nigerians. If anybody feels cheated, the person should seek redress through the legal procedures and avoid unnecessary opposition against meaningful development. We all wait to see the Nigeria of our dreams, where youths would be gainfully employed, where poverty will be eradicated, and where justice would reign. Hope, 400-L Mass Communication, UNIJOS

Anglican students mark week From Tunmise Oladipo UNILORIN

ommending for you is the word of God.” Highlight of the service was presentation of songs and playlet by the various generations in the fellowship. CAMPUSLIFE spoke with some of the graduating students. The FYB Coordinator, Olalekan Ogunro, in 400-Level Biochemistry, said: “I feel highly ecstatic today because God has proven that He is indeed a God Who never fails. It has pleased

Him to bring us together today despite the fact that many have died. Indeed, I thank God because His grace has spoken for us today.” Olamide Adekoya, a 400-Level student of Plant Biology, in her own view, said: “God has been so faithful unto me ever since my 100Level days. The four years on this campus have been stressful but I give glory to God for the mercies shown.” The 2010/2011 final year thanksgiving ended with the presentation of gifts and awards to the students by Rev Amusan.

‘I feel highly ecstatic today because God has proven that He is indeed a God Who never fails. It has pleased Him to bring us together today despite the fact that many have died. Indeed, I thank God because His grace has spoken for us today’





Raising capital for your small business


T has been advised that undergraduate days are about the best time to start own small business. Apart from providing one a ready job at graduation, another gain is that it helps one make initial mistakes early so one can learn and move on. Many students have bright business ideas, but very few are able to go through the tasking process of turning them into realities. An excuse those who do nothing or who give up easily bring up is that of lack of capital to start the business. Indeed, no one can dismiss the need for funds as it has been proven that lack of funds constitute one of the major reasons why small businesses fail. Money is needed for equipment, property and essentials for your small business. So, money worries are real. If you read the above paragraph well, you’d realise that it said “lack of funds”, not “lack of enough funds”. And there lies the difference. No business starts with enough funds; at least none of the successful ones around did. It is like saying anyone was born a success. No one came that way. Like human beings who grow, pass through a lot of experiences and acquire winning habits that announce them as successes or role models; so businesses are started and grow, also going through a lot of experiences. Like I said earlier, funds are needed; but just enough. Just as lack of funds can cripple a business, so ample funding can overwhelm and run it into a ditch. What this says in effect is that just as trying times actually make us more humane and better people, lack of funding teach small businesses prudence and discipline. Again, much as some of us refuse to be humble to learn from life experiences, some owners of small businesses refuse to roll up their sleeves and really work. Thus, the choice is yours. If you have chosen to roll up your sleeves and get to work, read further. So, you are an undergraduate or just a young person with this bright business idea. Great. Small problem: you do not have any money and you have no idea how to raise it. Fine. Have you heard the saying: “Where there is a will; there is a way”? It is a true one. With that will there, let’s look at the following ways of raising capital. You may have no money; but you may have saved something. Even if you have

no savings, start today to save. When starting a small business you may not have all the money needed for start up costs; however you should have some money saved up for the purpose of starting your business. No one will take you seriously when you have nothing of your own saved. Bank lenders in particular are more suspicious of entrepreneurs who don’t invest in their own business. As a result they can decline a loan because of your lack of investment. You should be able to borrow from friends and family. I know raising capital for small business expenses by asking friends and family for money isn’t fun, but hopefully you can win them over with your great business idea. To avoid complications in the future make sure to have a written agreement stating terms and details of the loan. You wouldn’t want to fight with loved ones over money. Be sure to present your proposition in a professional manner. Show them your business plan, explain to them why they should invest in you, and answer all their questions. If someone is giving you money for your business as a gift, be sure you obtain a letter from them stating the amount of money and that it was a gift. This is precaution to avoid future complications and misunderstandings. It could help to find a business partner and use their funds. Here, you develop a business partnership with someone who can invest in your business. Make sure to present them with a persuasive explanation for why they should join forces with you. Finding a venture capitalist or an angel investor. This is not very common in Nigeria, but it is coming up gradually. It is not well structured now, but you’d be surprised to learn there are many Nigerians out there who have put some money down just to invest in businesses that show a high growth potential. A proper venture capital company like they have in other climes does not only provide funding for its clients by investing in their business, it also provides valuable business advice and strategies. Angel investors are simply private investors who invest money in your business with the hope that in a couple of years or so they will see a higher return on their investment. You can find an angel investor by networking with other business owners and small business professionals. -Tessa Okongwu (

Varsity resumes as finalists get ultimatum

From Gbenga Adesina FUTA


HE campus of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), on April 18, came back to life as students resumed for the second semester. The school had initially fixed the resumption date to April 4, but the lecturers pleaded for extension to have more time to mark the voluminous exam scripts of students. CAMPUSLIFE gathered registration has


commenced but students complained that they could not access the registration pages. In a related development, final year students have been directed to complete their projects as soon as possible. This has made the finalists to scramble for materials to use for their theses in order to beat the ultimatum.

WANT to thank God for adding a year to Comfort Ogon (April 29), a committed CAMPUSLIFE correspondent at the University of Calabar (UNICAL), in 200-Level Political Science. I wish her the best of luck as she peregrinates through her academic journey. Happy Birthday. - From Emmanuel Shebbs, 400-L Political Science UNICAL


HIS is a big shout out to my dear friend, Precious Ebeye of 200-Level Foreign Languages, UNIBEN. She became a year older on April 29. Wishing her all the best in her endeavours. Bonne anniversaire! - From Gilbert Alasa, 200-Level Foreign Languages, UNIBEN

N this edition of the interview series, we will consider how a candidate should prepare himself physically. This has to do with look, smell and presentation of self. A person is first judged by how they look before they get the opportunity By Atinuke Badejo to speak and to display their knowledge or skills. It is, therefore, very important that personal presentation does not become the link that breaks the chain. Dressing should be suited to the position advertised and also the industry in question. For men, a suit is generally appropriate for most positions. This should be black, grey or blue and should not be shiny or oversized. In Shoes should not be too high so that the cases where the candidate does not have a suit; applicant can appear smart and in control rather a crisp and clean shirt on dark coloured trousers than struggling to walk. Dark colours such as is suitable. Shirts should not be too loud or black, brown, navy blue are okay for women. excessively patterned. Plain white or sky blue Nails and hair should be decent and moderate. shirt is a winner any day. Accessories in general should be moderate. A crisp shirt is one that has been recently This includes earrings, pendants, necklaces and washed and ironed. It must not be overly hand chains. Unnecessary jewellery should not starched, perhaps, just enough to make it sit be worn to an interview. It should be well on the body. Shoes should be black, clean, remembered that a job interview is not a girls’ and polished. Worn out heels can be repaired night out, neither is it a date but a meeting by a cobbler to give a clean and neat effect. with a prospective employer. A man should be clean shaven to present a Make-up is good but needs to reflect the job neat appearance. In cases where a beard is position, a corporate job should attract a formal present, it is better if it is trimmed and made to look and a position in the arts like a stylist or look neat. Long nails are inappropriate on a make-up artist make reflect a trendier look. man, so nails should be clean, cut short and However, it is important to err on the side of neat. caution and be modest than to overdo things Hairstyles, like the rest of the person, should when seeking employment. reflect the personality and be suited to the job. A handbag will certainly be carried into an An example would be a man who is applying interview which is why it should be decent, to be a hair stylist. If he turns up in a funky hair corporate and not speaking its own language. style to the interview, no one would consider Sunglasses should be removed and put away it out of place. The same goes for others who in your bag before you enter the interview are make-up artists or beauticians. However, room. long hair in a man, colouring to the hair or a For men and women, personal hygiene is Mohawk may not work well for a banking very important as no one wants to spend time position or even a personal assistant job. A with a person who has body odour. At the same supermarket manager might also not take well time, perfume on both genders should be to such a hairstyle. It is also safer for a man to moderate and not annoying and it is better to avoid wearing any jewellery, and tattoos avoid cheap perfumes too as their smell could should be covered where possible. be very obnoxious, if sometimes not worse For ladies, clothes should be neat, crisp and than body odour. appropriate to job interviews. It should be It is necessary to wear deodorant and to remembered that looking trendy and chic is consider means to reduce sweat. This may not the same as looking formal. There are some include arriving early and settling down in items of clothing that are not suited to good time to calm the nerves and sweat glands. interviews except when it is for a job in a night If a handkerchief is to be carried, do not carry a club. dirty towel to meet the interviewer. Keep a Skirts should not be too short. There should few crisp white ones to hand and out of sight be no cleavage at all, also no halter necks tops when not in use. or see through clothing. A suit is better for It must always be remembered you are atformal positions or a skirt or tailored pair of tending the interview because you want a job. trousers and a crisp shirt otherwise. It is better This mindset helps put everything into for shirts or blouses to drop below the torso to perspective. avoid displaying generous body curves. We all benefit when we do things right!

Grooming for an interview

On and Off Campus

By Solomon Izekor 08061522600



EDUCATION UNAD FILE VC pledges due process

•Dean, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Ebonyi State University, Dr. C. Edeogu; DVC, Prof U. Ugochukwu; Registrar, Dr. Elkanah Ndie, and Director, Nursing Services, Ebonyi State Ministry of Health, Mrs. Ugo Uduma, at the graduation of students of Nursing of the university.

UI to partner Odu’a


RINCIPAL officers of the University Ibadan (UI) and the management team of Odu’a Investment Company Limited (OICL) have met to explore avenues for collaboration. The UI team led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Isaac Adewole and the Odu’a team led by the Group Managing Director, Mr Adebayo Jimoh, deliberated, among others, on the establishment of a business school and the construction of a state-of-the-art 5,000 capacity International Conference Centre that can seat 5,000 at the university. Adewole said the university decided to collaborate with Odu’a Group because a conglomerate with vast experience in business could rub of on the business school when established. He urged the organisation to buy into the proposed ICC and have a hall named after it. Responding Jimoh appreciated the institution’s plan to establish a business school which he said would be an eye opener for other tertiary institutions.

Entrepreneurial studies coming

•Prof. Adewole (left) and Mr Jimoh at the meeting

Post-election crisis: AAUA mourns alumnus •Varsity seeks punishment of rioters


HE Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Ondo State, has urged the Federal Government to ensure that those involved in the killing and maiming of corps members and others in the post-election crisis in the north are punished. A statement from the university, signed by Mr Sola Imoru, Principal Assistant Registrar (Information, Protocol and Public Relations), said one of the slain corps members murdered in Bauchi, Adeniji Kehinde Jehleel, studied Banking and Finance at the University. To forestall reccurrence of such dastardly acts in future, the institution is calling on the government to prosecute perpetrators.

By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

“It will be recalled that none of the killers of corps members has ever been brought to justice. It is a crude irony that a nation that is supposed to breed young leaders with budding potential like Kehinde will watch hoodlums water its democracy with their blood with impunity. “The only service the nation can do to the memories of Kehinde and other fallen corps members is to find their killers and their masterminds and bring them to justice as a way of stemming the tide of mindless killings in the country. “The university community is sick and tired of breeding talents that will end up as targets of blood-thirsty hoodlums in a section of the country

under whatever guise,” the statement said. As an undergraduate, Kehinde served as the President of the Banking and Finance Students Association and was said to have demonstrated brilliance, character and leadership. The university condoled his family for the loss. “Kehinde’s life was one committed to the service of God and mankind. His self-professed philosophy was: ‘Work for your world as if you are going to live in it forever; and work for the next world as if you are going to die tomorrow. “In Kehinde, the Adekunle Ajasin University has lost a worthy ambassador; Gbongan, his native home, has lost an illustrious son; the nation has lost a patriot, while humanity has lost

•The late Adeniji Kehinde

a friend. “The Adekunle Ajasin University commiserates with the parents and family of Kehinde and prays that God will grant them the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.”

NANS condemns post-election violence in the North


FACTION of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has condemned the post-presidential election violence in the North, describing the riots as disturbing. The body also decried the distorted reports on the crisis by some foreign media, especially the Aljazeera and called on such media organisations to show restraint. The faction’s President, Mr Jude Imagwe, who spoke with reporters in Jos, Plateau State, expressed

THE Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD), Prof Dipo Kolawole, has restated his commitment to due process during his tenure. Kolawole also reiterated his commitment to staff welfare at a meeting between the management and leaders of the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) at the Senate Chambers of the institution. The VC pledged that in the interest of progress, the university would continue to meet genuine demands of workers and urged them to co-operate with the management in the reengineering process of the institution. He, however, added that most of their demands would be taken care of when a new Council is constituted. During the meeting, the ASUU Chairman, Dr Ayan Adeleke, had urged the university to pay the remaining 50 per cent arrears of monetisation to members of the union. He, however, pledged the cooperation of members to the management. “We shall continue to support the Vice-Chancellor and his team in the development of the University,” he said. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof Olorunfemi Olaofe, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) Prof Adekunle Adegun and the Registrar, Dr Omojola Awosusi, were at the meeting.

From Marie-Therese Peter, Jos

dismay that Nigerians could inflict such injuries on their fellow countrymen in an exercise that had been adjudged as one of the best by local and international observers. Imagwe noted that based on the voter registration exercise and the elections; the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has more than justified the funds given to them. “We condemn the violence in

some northern states in their entirety because they are uncalled for. Though the last registration exercise was the most expensive in the world, but the results of the two elections conducted under the present dispensation more than justified the expenses,” he said. He, however, frowned at the reportage of the election violence across the northern states, adding that such reports were not a true reflection of what happened in the country.

Referring to Jonathan’s victory, he said: “It is not yet time to congratulate the President, but we shall con-

The body condemned the reports from Aljazeera stating: “The station has chosen to show burnt houses and protesting youths instead of the most important aspect of the election, which is the president’s acceptance speech. The speech is one of the most important speeches any world leader has made. The media organisation should have used the speech to calm frayed nerves, instead of airing reports to inflame passions and cause more disaffection in Nigeria.”

THE UNAD Management has taken steps to introduce entrepreneurship into the curricula. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dipo Kolawole, has set up a committee to find ways of entrenching entrepreneurship studies and study centres in the institution to make the university’s graduates more competitive and self-reliant. The Management’s position is in consonance with the Federal Government’s directive that entrepreneurship education be introduced in the curricula of universities. The Committee is headed by Prof. J.A. Oloyede, Dean,Faculty of Management Sciences. Other members are: Prof. A.S. Fasina, Dr. S.B. Adeyemo, Dr I.A. Ajayi, Dr P.O. Oladele, Dr A.A. Awe, Dr O.B. Ajayi, Dr O.K. Owoeye, Mr B.O. Jemilohun and Mr F.O. Olanipekun who serves as the secretary.

Public Lecture holds June 1 THE UNAD management will hold a public lecture on June 1. According to a statement by the Institution’s Public Relations Officer, Ajibade Olubunmi, the lecture entitled, You Can Make or Mar Your Health, will be delivered by Prof Esan Aderinola of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The lecture is expected to further contribute to the healthy living of staff, members of the public and the institution’s development.




Firms offer MBA scholarships at LBS

FEDPOFFA FILE Rector seeks IT prompt payment THE Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Offa (FEDPOFFA), Kwara State, Dr Mufutau Olatinwo, has appealed to the Industrial Trust Fund (ITF) to ensure prompt payment of allowances to participants in Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). Olatinwo gave the advice at the opening of the First Zonal SIWES Review Meeting hosted by the polytechnic. The Rector, represented by the Deputy Rector (Academics), Mr Eghe Igbinehi, said the scheme is relevant to technological training and skills acquisition and urged the government to give the necessary support so that students gain practical training to complement what they are taught in school. In his remarks, the Ilorin Area Manager of the scheme, Alhaji T.J. Gambari, commended Olatinwo for always supporting SIWES. Gambari disclosed that the problem of SIWES is not organisational, but funding and expressed the hope that the government would give required funding priority to SIWES so that the scheme would continue to run smoothly. He enjoined all stakeholders to ensure that they contribute their quota in supporting the scheme as they could.

SIFE thanks Rector THE Students in Finance and Entrepreneurship (SIFE) team have expressed appreciation to the Rector. Dr Mufutau Olatinwo, and the management for support the organisation. The appreciation was contained in a statement by the Team Leader, Adekunle Taiwo and Project Manager, Kolawole Oluwatosin. “On behalf of the over 20 dynamic and outstanding students which constitutes the SIFE FEDPOFFA team, we bring to the Rector, Federal Polytechnic Offa, and the management team our sincere appreciation and gratitude concerning the approval of our team (SIFE) secretariat and the support you have shown us over the years as a father and mentor,” it said. The team added that with the support of the management, their aim now is to take the institution to a greater high.

ABUAD holds seminar AFE Bablola Afe Babaola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) will on Tuesday hold a seminar at the Owolabi Hall of the university. The seminar, which is being organized in conjunction with the National Universities Commission (NUC) has as theme: “Innovations in Science and Engineering in the 21st Century”. Mr Ambrose Ayodele of FESTO Nigeria, an engineering company, is the guest speaker.

Ekiti ends summit THE 2011 Ekiti State Education Summit ends today. The two-day summit, which started yesterday at the Fountain Hotel, Iyin Road, Ekiti State, was chaired by a distinguished scholar, Prof. Sam Aluko, while the former ViceChancellor of the University of Ado-Ekiti, Prof. Akin Oyebode, delivered the keynote address.


OLAND Berger Strategy Consultants and the African Development Corporation (ADC) are collaborating to provide scholarships to promising Nigerians accepted for the MBA programme of the Lagos Business School (LBS). The scholarship, which takes effect from September, will be offered to five young Nigerian professionals aspiring to careers in management every year. In addition to tuition fees, the sponsors will fund the living expenses of scholarship winners for the duration of the programme.

According to MBA Director of LBS, Mr Henry Onukwuba, the scholarship will be offered on a basis of merit and proven financial need. He said: “Every year, a number of good candidates are unable to take up their admission offers because they cannot afford our relatively high fees. “LBS is committed to developing business leaders, and so we seek ways to support high potential, but indigent candidates. We are happy about this new scholarship programme, and thank the sponsors.”

The scholarship programme goes beyond offering financial assistance, as the selected students will also attend a summer session at the Frankfurt School of Finance, and undergo a mandatory internship at one of Roland Berger’s international offices. The course of study emphasises management science, the development of leadership skills and the acquisition of capacity for sound decision making. Speaking on behalf of Roland Berger, Partner of the sub-Saharan African division, Mr Christian Wessels, said: “We are aware of our

role in the Nigerian society and committed to the development of the community where we operate.” “For us, this programme is just the start of our long-term engagement with the economic future of the country.” While Roland Berger and the ADC are making the initial financial commitment, the Chief Executive Officer, of ADC, Mr Dirk Harbecke, hopes more German and international companies will come on board to support the programme so that it can assist more young professionals in the country.

Why Covenant University wants food security, by VC


HE Covenant University (CU), Ota, Ogun State, is propagating food security in the country through biotechnology, its Vice-Chancellor, Prof Aize Obayan, has said. According to her, addressing the problems of food security first would impact on development. “In Covenant University, we know that the lowest basic need is to satisfy hunger and poverty. You don’t a hungry man about national development, research and entrepreneurship. It is only after you have satisfied hunger and clothing and have a roof over your head as espoused in the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) that you can begin the road to sel-actualisation; and here, we have a responsibility to birth a new Nigeria,” she said. Prof Obayan, who addressed journalists after a tour of facilities in the Department of Biological Sciences of the university, also praised the department which initiated the International Biotechnology Symposium (IBS) in 2009. She noted that since its establishment, it has been the driving force in the realisation of the aforementioned objectives. Giving reasons for the IBS, Prof Obayan said the university has a culture of throwing up issues neglected by the government, but which holds potential for nation building. “Here we source for issues of national development which the authorities are not paying attention to, and throw them up for debate,” she said. Obayan thanked the university’s Board of Regent, for being magnanimous in equipping the laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. She also commended Prof Louis Egwari, who heads the IBS team and his lieutenants: Dr Olawole Obembe, Dr Angela Eni and Mr Solomon Rotimi for a good work. Earlier in his reaction, Egwari, who was also at this year’s IBS 2011, said the symposium have fulfilled the goals of “harnessing the gains of the annual gathering of scholars and operators of commerce in advancing biotechnology and its ap-

•Prof Egwari operating one of the machines By Adegunle Olugbamila

plication in Nigeria.” Egwari told of how the IBS journey began in 2009, adding that it has consistently attracted international scholars and distinguished professors and technocrats. He said this year’s edition with the theme,“Agro-biotechnology and the Attainment of Food Security in Africa,’ was co-hosted by the

National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) Abuja. He added that the university is proposing new collaborations with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO), University of Ibadan, Nigerian Institute of Laboratory Science Technology (NILST), all which he stressed is expected to crystalise in an agro-biotechnology

‘It is only after you have satisfied hunger and clothing and have a roof over your head as espoused in the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) that you can begin the road to sel-actualisation; and here, we have a responsibility to birth a new Nigeria’

consortium. He said the successive hosting of IBS has birthed CU-branded products such as Pawka Beverage and Wine; Rice Flakes, Fermented Rice Starch and Granules as well as Culture Media from exoskeleton of crustaceans, all which have been patented by the Federal Government. Overall, Egwari attributed the success of the IBS to the passion and vigour of the CU Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo, who he said attends every edition of IBS. “Our Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, has consistently graced the occasion and has charged us to champion this new cause with all zest and vanguard the creation of food basket in Nigeria. He is confident that IBS platform will drive the agricultural revolution that Landmark University has been positioned to achieve,” Egwari said.

4,577 graduate at College of Education


HE Federal College of Education (FCE), Abeokuta, Ogun State, has expelled 48 students for gross misconduct. No fewer than 4,577 others will be awarded National Certificate in Education (NCE) certificates during its 22nd Convocation today. Fourteen of the graduating students earned the distinction grade; in their disciplines while 1,031 others had credit, the Provost, Dr. Olakunle Filani, said during a pre-convocation press conference. Filani said the school has got approval to start degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Ibadan, adding that there is the need for Colleges

•Expels 48 others From Ernest Nwokolo, Abeokuta

of Education to be permitted to run degree programmes to strengthen the sector. “The system in college is different from the university. We need to strengthen the Federal Colleges to award degree certifi-

cates to solve secondary school problems. “Our duty is basic teacher training and while we focus on the basic aspect, the universities can work on the Postgraduate, but because of the Federal Government’s delay that is why we are affiliating,” he said. Guests expected at today’s convocation include Education Minister,

‘Our duty is basic teacher training and while we focus on the basic aspect, the universities can work on the Postgraduate, but because of the Federal Government’s delay that is why we are affiliating’

Prof Ruqayyatu Rufa’i, Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel and others. Filani said the institution has completed 36 projects in the past four years, which would be inaugurated and named after some benefactors – including a onekilometre road to be named after former President Olusegun Obasanjo, N200million Lecture Theatre to be named after theimmediate past Chairman of the Governing, Mrs. Aduke Maina, among others. He added that three prominent Nigerians including Sir Kessington Adebutu, Dr. Odegbami, and Mrs. Oluyemi Lemo, would be conferred with fellowship of the college for their contributions to the development of the school.




123 Maths makes its debut in Air Force schools


RONTLINE Television Ltd, producers of 123 Maths, a multi-media video series fashioned to ease the teaching and learning of mathematics, was in Lagos to train mathematics teachers of primary schools operated by the Air Force last Thursday. Mrs Dolly Esindu, the brain behind the initiative and President of Frontline Television, took about 50 teachers who participated in the training held at Air Force Primary School II, Ikeja through the rudiments of employing Instructional Technology in stimulating learners’ interest in the subject as well as how to incorporate the video series into their lesson plan during the twoday workshop. Frontline Television, which is chaired by Mrs Esindu’s husband, Mike, has integrated the Mathematics curricular of Primary Two to Six into its video series, simplifying concepts like fractions, simple algebra, equations, geometry and metric system and conversion using drama sketches, music, graphics and animation and other techniques. In an interview with The Nation, Mrs Esindu, a retired broadcaster with NTA, said she earned a Masters in Instructional Technology from the United States in the 80s. She was inspired to develop the product after she found her children’s performance in mathematics deteriorated on return to Nigeria. With moral and funding support from her husband, Mrs Esindu developed the instructional videos for use by individual pupils, small groups and even large classes of up to 100 pupils. Given advances in information communication technology, Mrs Esindu said methods employed in teaching mathematics and other subjects must align with digital technology to catch the interest of today’s learners. She also urged government to train teachers in Instructional Technology. “Children of today are digital learners. We need to develop a method of teaching that is user and digital friendly. Apart from advo-

By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

cating the use of these materials in schools, we are also encouraging government to take the study of Instructional Technology very seriously. Before I went to the U.S., I wasn’t aware of Instructional Technology but it has been in existence for years. We advocate that the Federal Government should sponsor teachers to the U.S. and Canada for training,” she said. Mike Esindu said it took 18 challenging years to develop videos given that the couple had to fund the project themselves. Today, the completed Primary One to Six package consists of 16 DVDs of more than 12-hour video, a teacher’s guide and a workbook for pupils. He said DVD from Primary One has not been produced because it would take more time and is capital intensive. “We have not developed materials for Primary One Curricular because it would entail a lot to do. It will contain many DVD and will be similar to ‘Sesame Street’, he said. With the interest, Mrs Esindu said, the Minister of State for Education, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi has shown in 1,2,3 Maths, she hopes that very soon as least one school in each of the 774 local government areas will be provided with the package, which costs N79,500. “Weeks back, the Minister of State for Education invited us to do a presentation and relevant parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Education were there. The Minister was elated and he said he would try and see how the packages can be deployed to the 774 LGAs,” she said. Deputy Director, Education Headquarters of the Air Force, Afam Chukwu, said the Air Force would provide the packages along with televisions and video players for its 18 primary schools across the country, while each pupil would be expected to purchase the workbook. Chukwu said the deployment of the 1,2,3 Maths is expected to improve performance in Mathematics at primary level.

Federal Govt distributes laptops to Ondo schools


HE Federal Government has distributed 360 laptop computers to four secondary schools in Ondo to encourage girlchild education and complement state governments’ efforts at ensuring that all teenage students are ICT compliant. The lucky schools are: Federal Government Girls School, Akure, Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School, Akure, Saint Catherine Grammar School, Owo, and Methodist High School, Okitipupa. While presenting the computers on behalf of the Federal Government at the Education Resource Centre, Ayedun, Akure, Mr Mathews Nganjiozor, said 90 laptop computers were given to each of the schools. He said this was done to help the pupils gain practical knowledge of the subject and give equal opportunity for the training and education of the girl-child. Nwanjiozor said some women who now occupy enviable positions in the world, got there because of their education and, therefore, called on parents not to neglect the training of their female children. He assured that the Federal Government would soon train teachers

• Mrs Esindu (third left) with Chukwu, and Air Vice Marshal Eko Osin (SASQ) Logistics Command with the Maths teachers after the opening ceremony of the workshop

•The 1,2,3 Maths package

From Damisi Ojo, Akure

of the beneficiary schools on how to operate and better care for the computers. Earlier in his address, the Ondo State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Pius Osunyikanmi, expressed gratitude to the Federal Government for the gesture, saying such would spur the pupils to be more interested in the subject. The Commissioner, who reiterated the determination of the Ondo State government to make quality education accessible to all children, said efforts are being made by the government of Dr Olusegun Mimiko to take education to the next level in the state. Osunyikanmi highlighted some achievements recorded by the government in the area of Education as including the building of mega schools, establishment of a Quality Education Assurance Agency among others. He expressed confidence that the laptop computers would improve the teaching and learning of ICT in the schools. The Commissioner, who lamented the lack of maintenance culture of Nigerians, advised the beneficiaries to handle the systems with care.

•From Left: Dr Adetunji Haastrup, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Harvard International School, presenting some items to Mrs Bose Ogunbanjo of Little Saints Orphange, Lagos while Rev Dan Gbolahan (second left) and Mrs Valentine Haastrup (right) watch. PHOTO: BADE DARAMOLA





NYSC scheme needs adjustments (2)


HE responses I got from last week on the above topic showed how much the issue touched Nigerians. I would have gone along to another topic but for the comment credited to Bauchi State Governor, Issa Kofoworola Yuguda that it was the destiny of the nine corps members killed in his state to die. Such comment is unacceptable for 08054503077 (SMS only) a man of his stature. If it is the destiny of the corps members to die, then is it the destiny of those who murdered them to kill? Is he saying such behaviour is acceptable? That life should go on as if nothing significant happened? If that is what he thinks, Nigerians have rejected his reasoning. We believe it is not the destinies of those promising young men and women to die. We know something can be done to end the senseless killings that have become a regular feature in the north if justice prevails and those that take part are enlightened and gainfully employed. I would have expected that Yuguda would call his people to order. If he has not, it is not too late. Many of those involved in the killings and maiming of innocent people, and the burning of churches and other properties must have taken part in similar disturbances in the past. If Yuguda cares to investigate, he will discover that there are no educated people from affluent homes among the perpetrators of the evil acts. I am sure that his children were not among the killers. No! The killers are uneducated youths who are left to their own devices by ignorant parents. No! Yuguda’s children attend(ed) the best schools – perhaps in Nigeria, perhaps abroad. Unlike them, Yuguda’s children do not know hunger; they are always sure the next sumptuous meal is available when they want it. They are driven around in the best cars. The world is at their feet. Yuguda should aspire and work towards ensuring that children and youths in his state enjoy what his children enjoy. If he cannot imagine his own children descending so low to act like barbarians, then he needs to rethink his ‘destiny’ philosophy. He needs to begin a campaign that discourages parents from bearing more children than their resources can cater for to reduce the number of almajiris roaming the streets. He needs to persuade them to educate their children so they can compete with the best in the world.


•Ilyas Harun (midlle) bearing the first place trophy won by yellow house during the Inter House sports competition of Al-Wasi Nursery and Primary School, Mushin. On his right is Yusuf Tolha of Blue House which came second while AbdurRauf Khadijah (left) represents third-placed Green House

Provost warns students against breach


HE Provost of Adeyemi College of Education (ACE), Ondo, Prof Adeyemi Idowu, has urged freshers not to see their matriculation oath as routine, but to abide by its content. Addressing the 3,964 freshmen admitted for Degree, National Certificate for Education (NCE) and Diploma programmes for the 2010/2011 academic session, Idowu enjoined them to take time to read the words of the oath, assimilate and digest them and comply. The Provost counselled the students to be focused on their purpose of coming to the college. According to him, students get carried away by avoidable distractions such as examination malpractice, cultism, indecent dressing, prostitution, extortion, unbridled political ambition and other socially unacceptable behaviours. He said: “It is disheartening and

worrisome to not d that while Management is pre-occupied with making the environment more conducive for teaching, research and learning by upgrading our facilities on yearly basis for the comfort of both the returning students and freshmen, and your parents are struggling to make ends meet to provide the necessary funds to sustain your education, some of you channel your energies into non-academic unproductive ventures. “These attitudinal problems and misplaced priorities have led to the termination of the studentship of many students. This category of students just like you, were administered the matriculation oath but failed to abide by it.” He also called on them not to misconstrue their studentship status for licence to unlimited freedom and unruly behaviours, and asked them to keep away from bad

friends and resist any attempt to lure them into prostitution, cultism and other anti-social activities. He charged them to take care of College facilities at their disposal, be civil in all their undertaking and be good ambassador of the College. While congratulating their parents/guardians, he noted that it is pertinent for them as their direct relations to regularly visit to check on their academic and moral progress. “For parents/guardian, who are computer literate, the College has upgraded its internet facilities to enable you to check the academic performance of your children/ wards. I will advise you to be familiar whiter their academic records to enable you access them. By doing this, you will be helping the College to be more focused and the students to be more serious with their studies,” he said.

‘Sports vital to children’s growth’


HE Administrator of the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Staff School, Otto/Ijanikin, Mr Ebenezer Ajose, has advised parents to appreciate the need for sports in their wards from infancy. Ajose spoke during the Sixth Annual InterHouse Sports in the upbringing of their children. He said given an opportunity, such children would always be active and willing to participate in sporting events thus preparing them for greater role in future. Ajose said aside the entertainment that sport provides, it is also a means by which innate talent in


By Adegunle Olugbamila

children could be recognised early and, therefore, developed maximally. He said:“I want to seize this opportunity to urge you all parents not to see this sporting event as mere entertainment. These children see it so because they are still children, but it is for us as parents to start noticing those that will show exemplary traits so we can handpick and begin to develop them. Who knows they might turn out to be our national pride in few years time?” Ajose charged the athletes within the college and those invited to ex-

hibit the spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship when competing. He expressed appreciation to the AOCOED management for their support over the years towards the development of the school. Major highlight of the competition was the invitational relay male and female which was won by the Federal Government College, Ijanikin and Prudence Nursery & Primary School, Ibiye. At the end of the exercises, Provost House (Yellow) came first with 12 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze medals. Also the COEASU House (Green), PTA House (Red) and NASU House (Blue) came second third and fourth.

OOU alumni task Amosun on education

HE Alumni Association of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOUAA), Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, and All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), Ogun State chapter, have congratulated the Governor-elect, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, on his victory. In a statement, Mr Tokunbo Olajide, OOUAA National President OOUAA and Comrade Wale Schrodinger, pledged their support to him. They advised him to ensure that education is wellfunded. “The leadership of the association call on the Governor-elect to

From Ernest Nwokolo, Abeokuta adequately fund education in the state and ensure cohesive co-operation among the staff, management and students of Olabisi Onabanjo University for allround development of the institution,” the statement said. Also, the ANCOPSS in a statement by its Secretary, Pastor Lekan Dawodu, prayed God to grant Amosun the “wisdom required to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of Ogun State.” Similarly, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS),

Zone D, also congratulated Amosun and Senator Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo Sctate on their victories at the polls and urged them to pay attention to the plights of students in the Southwest. In a press conference addressed at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, the Zone D NANS Coordinator, Eniola Opeyemi, and the Chairman NANS, Clement Olusegun, advised Southwest governments to strive towards “providing free education, adequate potable water, improve welfare for workers and good networks of roads” for the people.

From my Inbox Re: NYSC Scheme needs adjustments (Thursday, May 28) I am happy with your opinion in The Nation. I am a student of the Department of Special Education, 400 Level in UNICAL. We that come from the North are not happy with what our people did. I am suggesting that the D.P.O. that handed those corps members to the irate youths should be punished because what he did was an intentional act. Ibrahim, UNICAL. NYSC my foot! For miscreants with malu mentality to continue to waste future leaders like pure water, I want the scheme scrapped in a jiffy. The scheme has caused much pain to parents and loved ones than good. Pastor Festus Ose. Please Kofoworola, help and write to condemn the statement made by Bauchi State Governor that it is the destiny of Youth ‘corpers’ to die, the same thing happened to him when he served in Ibadan, and that INEC is supposed to protect the corpers not him. 070612923--. Kofo, offering oneself for unappreciated sacrifice is not patriotism. So, if we must keep the scheme, perhaps it is time to consider keeping people within their zones. That way at least, parents can be assured that death is not a close door neighbour of their growing children. May their souls rest in peace. Ntui-Bassey, Calabar. Kofoworola, would you have ever known Ebonyi State and Onitsha if you had served in Edo State? NYSC is still okay the way the posting is done now. We ask for the trial of Buhari and Tunde Bakare who incited their followers. 08065727—. You have spoken. If NYSC cannot be scrapped because of the staff that are earning their livelihood it should be re-organised because of the ‘corpers’. Nasir, Ilorin. Kofo, do you know that some corps members actually received the monetary gifts from the political parties while some who refused to allow any form of rigging became targets of the opposition? The only solution to the Northern crisis is to force all the Northern Governors to register all the miscreants in a formal school system so that they can appreciate the value of life and education. The best solution is for NYSC to start regional postings now. That is, North, East and West postings. But if anyone wants to go to a northern zone, he/she can request for it after the orientation camp. Steve Aloko, Ilorin. Your piece on the NYSC Scheme is a beautiful one. I would, however, like to add that Corpers should not be posted outside the regions they come from or are familiar with. Some people cannot continue to act like savages while others fold their arms. But let’s leave all to God because vengeance is His. Honestly, people, I mean residents of such areas and not just corpers should come back home. From Lucy K. Adedeji. I am calling for the scrapping of NYSC Scheme. I will never allow my child to serve in any northern state. Maduka, Okoli, Lagos.




Evra admits win or bust for United on Sunday P

ATRICE EVRA has warned his team-mates the real Manchester United must stand up and be counted if they are to become champions. The Reds defender was devastated with a United performance at Arsenal he admitted simply wasn't good enough - because they didn't play the United way. That has put their title challenge in serious jeopardy, but French international Evra has issued a rallying call, by demanding that he and the rest of the side now show their true colours. With a place in the Champions League final also on the line in a massive week for the club, Evra is desperate not to throw away months of hard work now. "There were some difficult decisions but I don't want to talk about the referee, the problem was Man United, not the referee. It is easy to find some excuse," Evra bluntly conceded. "We did not play the Man United way and when we don't play the Man United way, we don't deserve anything. Maybe we were too nice because we played very well in Schalke. "Maybe our minds were still on that game, and that's why we didn't deserve to win at Arsenal. But it is

simple now - we just need to play the Man United way in the games we have coming up." Evra's assessment is spot on. At the Emirates, United played like a side lulled into a false sense of security by their midweek Champions League heroics and, perhaps too, by the struggles of Arsenal in recent weeks. Only when the Gunners took the lead did Sir Alex Ferguson's side rouse themselves, yet even then they struggled to really assert themselves on the game. It means that Chelsea can go top if they win the massive showdown with United this coming Sunday, and Evra has warned that his team cannot afford even one more slipup if they are to fuflil their dream of honours. While many people assume the tie with Schalke in the Champions League semi is already over, the sort of complacency on show at Arsenal could yet undermine United, and threaten their dream date with Barcelona in the Wembley final. Evra was shocked and frustrated with the performance at the Emirates but still believes United have what it takes to pull off a double this season. "We have our destiny in our hands. We have a massive game against

Chelsea. If we want to win the title, we have to beat Chelsea - it's as simple as that. If we don't beat them, we'll be in trouble," Evra admitted. "But really, I am not worried because we know we didn't do the things we normally do against Arsenal. We have three games left and need to win every game. Every game is a final. "Normally when we visit the Emirates we play with speed, power and aggression, and create more chances than we did on Sunday. That is why I am very disappointed, but we have to find the right way now.

Modric: We must move on TOTTENHAM midfielder Luka Modric has urged his team-mates to move on from the disappointment of losing ground in the race for European qualification at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Spurs took the lead at Chelsea with Sandro's brilliant half-volley, but they ended up leaving empty handed after assistant Mike Cairns incorrectly ruled that Frank Lampard's 35-yard strike had crossed the line before his colleague Martin Yerby allowed Salomon Kalou's offside winner to stand. The defeat left Harry Redknapp's men down in sixth position, trailing fifth-placed Liverpool on goal difference with four matches of the season remaining. Modric admits he was disappointed with the poor officiating at Saturday's game, but insists the squad must not dwell on the defeat given that they have crucial games against Blackpool, Manchester City, Liverpool and Birmingham ahead. "I don't think we deserved to lose the game," he said. "When you look at the whole game, especially the first half, we were the much better team. The first goal really hurt us. It's not a goal. The second goal is offside as well. It's so disappointing to lose that way. "If we were still 1-0 up (at half-time) we would have approached the second half differently. But what can we do? All we can do is pick ourselves up and try to win the next match, that's it."

Ba: West Ham ‘ll fight to finish DEMBA BA has admitted West Ham must simply fight to survive after being rumbled tactically by the rest of the Premier League. Avram Grant’s side remain rooted to the foot of the table after their fifth consecutive defeat, at Manchester City on Sunday. They will have to quickly refind the winning formula with fellow relegation candidates Blackburn visiting Upton Park for a six-pointer on Saturday. After losing the Carling Cup semifinal to Birmingham on February 6, the Hammers went unbeaten in four games, including their only back-toback Premier League victories of the season, following the boost of new signings in the January transfer window. But, including the FA Cup quarterfinal defeat at Stoke, Grant’s side have failed to win in seven matches in all competitions over the last two months. Midfield inspiration Scott Parker and Wayne Bridge, who missed the City match, will return for Saturday’s must-win fixture. And Ba, who joined the club from during the last window and scored four times in February, said his side had to find a new way to win again for their vital last three matches.


“We had a totally new, different team at the start of February, and other teams were surprised by us,” said the Senegal striker. “Now they look at West Ham differently. They know how to counter West Ham. "So we just have to do better. Not just tactically - we have to give everything that we have. It is not only about tactics, but it is about fighting. We are playing teams around us. I think that will help us. If we beat them, then we have more chances to stay up.” Ba scored his fifth goal in eight Premier League starts against City but it was too little, too late after conceding two early goals to the Champions League hopefuls. Now the Hammers must focus on their remaining matches, which are all against teams near them in the bottom seven of the Premier League - Blackburn, Wigan and Sunderland. “It was disappointing not to take any points but we need to move on and look to next week,” Ba continued. “I think that we are going to do something in the last three games. Definitely. “Chelsea and City were big games, but for us the most important is the three to come. Blackburn is the most important to start. "We have learned from the past games, we always learn, try to not produce the same mistakes again. We don’t feel that there is pressure at home. The fans have been great. Even if we lost and gave 100% they would be happy.” The best results for West Ham came away from Lancashire on Sunday. Wolves failed to beat 10-man Birmingham while Manchester United lost to keep the title race alive. Sir Alex Ferguson’s side still have to face Blackburn and Blackpool in the last two games. The Hammers will be in the unusual position of cheering on Chelsea at Old Trafford this Sunday. None of the West Ham board were at the City of Manchester Stadium, not even chairman David Sullivan, who last week questioned the commitment of some players going out of contract this summer. When asked after Sullivan’s comments, Ba said: “We are going to keep cool, put our heads down and keep on working. I see how the players train, how they react after games and I can say that we are going to fight to the end. "It is a great team to play in.”

van Persie reflects on a frustrating Gunners season •Evra

ARSENAL DEFEATED leaders Manchester United at the weekend but in many respects it was too little, too late, according to Robin van Persie. The Gunners title hopes have disappeared after taking just two points from the previous nine and struggling against the lesser lights of the Premiership at home. They had been hoping to win their first trophy since 2005 but were beaten by Birmingham in the Carling Cup final before being knocked out of the FA Cup by United and the Champions League by Barcelona. "If you look back at a couple of games this year, like Sunday or against Chelsea, we didn't let these big games count because we dropped points against other teams. It makes it very frustrating," the

Dutchman told the club's official website. "It is time to make that final step. We came so close a couple of times and achieved a final this year but we need to play at least two or three finals and be involved in those circumstances. "If you look at Manchester United, we can be better than them but they are in the final of the Champions League, have a big chance of winning the Premier League

and were in the semi-final of the FA Cup. We want to be in those positions and it's up to us to do that."

•van Persie




Tiffany Ofili and question of Olympic nationality



HEN Nigeria-born Tiffany Ofili stepped off the track after winning a silver medal in the 60m hurdles at the European Indoor Championships in Paris this month, one of the first questions to greet her success was, "so do you feel British now?" The championships had been the American-born hurdler's first outing in a British vest. The 23year-old was born to a British mother and Nigerian father and switched allegiance to the UK last September. Having just posted the second fastest time in the world this year Ofili was gracious in her response, the University of Michigan pharmacy student seemingly well prepared for this rather British sense of cynicism. Smiling politely she answered her critics. "I've always felt I was British, American and Nigerian," she said, firmly, "I'm all three." That assertion didn't go down too well with the British press, some of whom wrote up her medal winning debut with a strong dose of sarcasm concerning her accent and her motives for the switch. Whatever Ofili's motives – and we can guess that money and opportunity have their part to

play – it is interesting that her stance about identifying with three nationalities was met with such mistrust. Nationality and sport, it seems, remains a very charged concept in 2011, despite mass immigration and widespread multiculturalism. While we loved Kevin Pietersen for helping England win the Ashes in 2005, will we ever really think of him as one of our own? Does it matter that our athletics head coach, Charles van Commenee, is Dutch? Or that Fabio Capello is Italian? What about Allan Lamb? Zola Budd? Andrew Strauss? Owen Hargreaves? Ofili is one of three new recruits to the British athletics team this season alongside long jumper

Shara Proctor of Anguilla and 400m runner, American Shana Cox. But van Commenee has recruited others in his tenure Jamaican-born Olympic silver medallist high jumper Germaine Mason and American-born European silver medallist 400m runner Michael Bingham both having qualified through British fathers. Proctor's is a particularly interesting case as Anguilla – a tiny Caribbean island defined as a British overseas territory – is not recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and would require a huge political change to qualify. "I actually asked a couple of times," said Proctor on her first visit to Britain earlier this year, "but it was

almost impossible because right now we are a dependent territory, and most likely for us to get up an Olympic committee we would have to become independent which is highly unlikely." Were it not for a change of passport Proctor would not be able to compete in an Olympic Games at all, simply because of a quirk of bureaucracy. Personally I was surprised by the strength of hostile feeling that greeted these switches. Where did it come from? And if you drove that sentiment all the way to its logical conclusion where would you end up? I can relate to Ofili's fluid sense of identity. Growing up in London, to immigrant parents, I felt both British and foreign. Many

of my friends had immigrant parents and it seemed perfectly natural for them to support and identify with a range of national teams – from Nigeria to Turkey, Italy to Jamaica – alongside an allegiance to England. We were just kids at school when Norman Tebbit went on his famous rant about loyalty and cricket, it seemed as out of date then as it does now. For some people cultural identity and nationalism will always remain a clearcut issue: either you're English or you're not, there is no room for an inbetweener. But for those who don't quite fit the criteria, it just might not be so straightforward. • Culled from guardian




Leandro Salino backs Braga to prevail


•Villareal striker Falcao

Villarreal chase improbable T Porto dream

HE situation looks desperate for Villarreal CF as they bid to overturn a 5-1 semi-final firstleg defeat to reach the UEFA Europa League final at the expense of FC Porto. The Yellow Submarine led at half-time in the opener thanks to a header from Cani, but Falcao levelled from the penalty spot four minutes after the interval and Fredy Guarín made it 2-1, before Falcao struck three more goals for the Dragons. The defeat was Villarreal's heaviest in their 105 games in European competition. The sides have been paired together for the first time in UEFA club competition. Porto have now played 35 games against Spanish clubs in UEFA competition and their record reads W12 D5 L18 (W5 D2 L10 in Spain). Porto have not lost on their last five trips to Spain, recording three wins and two draws. Porto lost 2-1 to Villarreal's near neighbours Valencia CF in the 2004 UEFA Super Cup in Monaco; Villarreal's Carlos Marchena started for Valencia in that game. Marchena had previously spent the 2000/01 season at SL Benfica, recording a win, a draw and a defeat in three matches against Porto. Porto have met Spanish sides in two previous UEFA competition semi-finals. They lost 3-0 to FC Barcelona in the last four of the 1993/94 UEFA Champions League, contested over one leg at the Camp Nou, but beat RC Deportivo La Coruña 1-0 on aggregate in 2003/04 en route to winning the competition under José Mourinho, when current coach André Villas-Boas was part of the technical staff. Villarreal's Joan Capdevila was an unused substitute for Depor in both legs of that fixture. The Yellow Submarine have now contested three matches against Portuguese opponents. They previously drew 1-1 at home against Benfica in the 2005/06 UEFA Champions League group stage before triumphing 1-0 away, with midfield stalwart

Marcos Senna scoring the only goal. Porto have won their last five European games and racked up five goals in each of their last three fixtures, having posted a 10-3 aggregate quarter-final success against FC Spartak Moskva. Villarreal went into the first leg unbeaten in eight European encounters – seven wins and a draw – since losing 1-0 at PAOK FC in the group stage. Porto have lost only one of their last nine European home games, going down 1-0

against Sevilla FC in the UEFA Europa League round of 32. They have won seven of the other eight matches in that sequence. Villarreal have won all seven of their European home fixtures this season, scoring 20 goals at El Madrigal and conceding just four. Porto's successes this season owe much to their magnificent away form; they have won all seven of their games on the road since the appointment of coach VillasBoas. Porto are the competition's top scorers with 34 goals since

the start of the group stage. They have proved more dangerous after the interval, plundering 23 of those strikes, with ten coming between the 76th minute and the final whistle. Villarreal's 24 efforts since the start of the group stage have been split fairly evenly between both halves. They have yet to register in the opening 15 minutes of a game but have made up for that with ten goals between the 31st minute and the half-time interval. Villarreal are making only their second appearance in a major European semi-final; they lost 1-0 over two legs to Arsenal FC in the 2005/06 UEFA Champions League last four.

HE diminutive Leandro Salino believes SC Braga can oveturn a 2-1 deficit at home against SL Benfica and reach the final, noting: "We have everything we need with all our fans behind us." Standing at just 1.68m, Leandro Salino is the shortest member of an SC Braga midfield built more on guile than brute strength. Yet the Brazilian and his team-mates will be walking tall when they take the field at the Estádio Municipal on Thursday to dispute a place in the UEFA Europa League final with SL Benfica. Last season's Portuguese Liga runners-up face the team who beat them to the title buoyed by a formidable European home record. Braga have won six and lost only one of eight ties at the stadium known locally as 'the quarry', conceding just three goals along the way – all in the second half of that solitary defeat, against FC Shakhtar Donetsk. Leandro Salino believes that the support of those locals – 4,000 of whom followed the team south for the first leg of the semi-final – could be a key factor in the team's push for the showpiece Dublin final. "We have to congratulate all of the fans who came [to Lisbon], who give Braga its heart," said Leandro Salino as he reflected on the 2-1 first leg defeat in the Portuguese capital. "It'll be the same at

home. We need their help a lot, and with their support we can reach the final and get what we deserve." The midfielder, who joined from CD Nacional last summer, admitted that the first leg did not go entirely to plan for Domingos Paciência's men, even if Vandinho's headed away goal could yet prove to be precious. "We're not satisfied," said the 26-year-old. "We know what a positive result a victory is for them, but without doubt our goal has some weight. We're conscious that we'll have a difficult game at home against them, and that we need to score a goal, but we're sure we have everything we need with all our fans behind us." Meanwhile, Benfica can take comfort in having successfully progressed through previous knockout ties against VfB Stuttgart, Paris Saint-Germain FC and PSV Eindhoven this season - after twice winning the first leg at the Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica 2-1 and overcoming the Eredivisie outfit 4-1 on home soil. Fábio Coentrão emphasised that his team-mates were, however, mindful of still having work to do in the tie. "We wanted to win by more," he said. "Maybe we could have won by two goals, without conceding. But the reality is that we won 2-1, and we have a difficult game ahead of us in Braga. We have to rest as well as work, and arrive in Braga ready to achieve our objective, and to win."

Mountain to climb for Braga,Villarreal


ILLARREAL CF face a massive task if they are to prevent an allPortuguese final, but with FC Porto almost through, SC Braga and SL Benfica are battling for their pass to Dublin. An all-Portuguese UEFA Europa League showpiece on 18 May looks all but certain ahead of the semifinal deciders, with FC Porto seemingly destined to face SC Braga or SL Benfica in Dublin. Four goals in a 5-1 win against Villarreal CF enabled the competition's top scorer, Falcao, to match Jürgen Klinsmann's tournament record of 15 in one season, set when FC

•Javi Garcia of Braga

Bayern München won the 1995/96 UEFA Cup. "I'm aware I'm now level with Klinsmann and that makes me very proud," the 25-yearold told "But I'm not done yet." Having won all of their away games in Europe this term, André Villas-Boas's recently-crowned Portuguese champions will know that the final is within sight as they head for El Madrigal, but while the odds are stacked vertiginously against the Yellow Submarine, centre-back Carlos Marchena said: "While there's life there's hope. It's going to be a great match at our place and why shouldn't we dream of a comeback?" The tiny ray of hope for the Spanish outfit is that three teams have previously recovered from four-goal first-leg defeats to prevail in two-legged UEFA club competition games; Leixões SC in the 1961/62 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup first round, FK Partizan in the 1984/85 UEFA Cup second round and Real Madrid CF in the 1987/ 88 UEFA Cup third round. No miracles are required in the other semi-final, where Braga play host to Benfica in

the concluding leg of the first all-Portuguese tie in UEFA club competition. The Arsenalistas cannot match the Eagles' pedigree, but they have a good chance of prevailing nonetheless, having conceded in only one of their eight European home games this season. Benfica are 2-1 up, as they were after the first leg of last season's quarter-finals before losing the return 4-1 at Liverpool FC. Lessons, however, have been learned according to midfielder Javi García. "In a European competition, having won at home, we know how to play in the away game," he insisted.


Villarreal's Cani remains defiant ahead of Porto clash


ORTO all but ended any hopes Villarreal had of progressing to the Europa League final after dishing out a 5-1 thrashing last week, however Cani has refused to concede defeat. "We cannot deny that it is difficult, but it is not impossible," Cani said, according to AS. "You have to play it and see what happens. It seems like a miracle, but sometimes

[miracles] occur in football." Brazilian striker Nilmar echoed his team-mate's thoughts, saying: "It will be a difficult game but we will go all out and see what happens. Our options are complicated, but I think we will have our chances if we are able to play as we know," the striker said. Midfielder Bruno Soriano concurred, stating: "Our only way for the comeback dream is to convince ourselves that

we can achieve it and go for it from the first minute. We are a team that has quality to achieve a goal like that." Juan Carlos Garrido's side also appealed to their fans to convert El Madrigal into a fortress as they prepare to battle the Portuguese visitors on Thursday night.

FIXTURES Braga v Villarreal v

Benfica FC Porto


“In Nigeria, some people just criticize without getting their facts. We did all we could to get all our best players but most of the clubs refused to release the players as the match did not fall on a FIFA free day. So when our best players are not released, what would we then be expected to do?” Thursday, May 05, 2011



Super Falcons’ coach Eucharia Uche reacting to criticisms purpotedly expressed by coach Jossy Lad

NPL resumes Wednesday

Eucharia slams Jossy Lad A S

UPER Falcons’ coach Uche Eucharia has reacted angrily to the scathing criticisms directed towards her by former Nigerian International, Jossy Lad following Nigeria’s 1-1 draw with Ghana in an All Africa Games qualifier on Sunday. Ladipo who coached the Falcons to the semi-finals at the African Womens Championships (AWC) in Equatorial Guinea in 2008 did not spare Uche of scathing remarks over her choice of players for Sunday’s game. The veteran who served as assistant to Ismaila Mabo when the Falcons competaed at the women’s football event of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece said Uche took a risk by fielding inexperienced players against the Ghanaians. “Parading young and inexperienced players could be good for our developmental football; they did it against Namibia in Windhoek, it was okay but not in an important game against old rivals. We got a draw, we cannot replay it, we should be planning for the return leg,” Lad told on Monday. However Uche has declared that Lad should have gotten his facts right before berating her. “In Nigeria, some people just criticize without getting their facts. We did all we could to get all our best players but most of the clubs refused to release the players as the match did not fall on a FIFA free day. So when our best players are not released, what would we then be expected to do?” she queried. Turkey-based defender, Onome Ebi was the only foreign-based player to play in Sunday’s game and she has confirmed her availability for the return leg in Accra. “I will be available for the

return leg in Ghana. I was supposed to go back to my base in Turkey after the game but I was given special dispensation by my club, (Duvenciler Lisesi Spor

Kulubu). “I require a German visa before making the trips and doing it twice in a space of two weeks would be almost impossible.

“This means that I will be in Abuja till we leave for Ghana next week,’ she confirmed. Players and officials of the Falcons are currently at their training camp in Abuja.

•Falcons defender Ohale squares up against a South African player at the AWC

NPL top scorer, Ajani begins trial at Maccabi Haifa N IGERIA Premier League top scorer, Ibrahim Ajani

commenced trial session at Maccabi Haifa of Israel on Monday, has learned. A United States based player's agent, Kingsley Chukwuemeka informed our correspondent that the Sunshine Stars' attacking midfielder is highly regarded

by the Israeli club hence he was given the chance to try out at the side. Chukwuemeka also disclosed that the player's stay in Israeli could be up to two weeks based on his performance. "Ajani has started trials at Maccabi Haifa of Israel today (Monday)," Chukwuemeka

began over telephone with "He has the chance to prove himself at Maccabi Haifa. If he impresses the club he could stay for about two weeks so that he can play in competitive games as well." The former Enyimba man left Nigeria last week for trial at Israeli side. Ajani has scored 10 goals so far in the current season of the Nigerian topflight league.

C.O.D United, F/Bank through to finals


time. Dolphin of Port Harcourt lead the championship with 43 points from 19 matches. They continue their quest for a third league title on Wednesday away to champions Enyimba, who have been excused from NPL action this weekend because of international engagement. Second-placed Sunshine Stars of Akure will also resume league action only on Wednesday away to Bukola Babes as they are involved in the CAF Confederation Cup.

Women Club Owners mobilise for Super Falcons

LAGOS FA CUP MATEUR division one side City Of David (C.O.D) united are through to the final of the state challenge cup for the first time at the expense of eleven strikers FC in the process picking up one of the 2 available slots to represent the state at the Federation Cup. They are billed to face First Bank FC in the finals. The state FA Cup finalist had to come from behind to force extra time after regulation time ended one goal apiece in the end running out 4-1 winners on penalties to book a date with defending champions First Bank F.C who defeated Bolowotan F.C of Ikorodu by a lone goal in the other semi-

CTION in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) will resume on Wednesday after several postponements. The NPL went on recess early last month by the halfway mark to allow for the country's general polls. Violence mainly in the northern part of Nigeria during the elections would later cause the resumption of the competition to be delayed. Midweek matches will now be played to make up for lost

By Innocent Amomoh final. C.O.D united dominated the early exchanges of the game played at the FIFA legacy pitch national Stadium, Surulere but could not break the deadlock due to their prolificacy in front of goal as they wasted begging chances that came their way. However, they were handed a lifeline in the 41st minute when Hilary Nwosu brought down Taofeek Saka in the area but centre back Agboola Babatunde’s spot kick was superbly saved by Chimaobim Onanogbu to keep the scores goalless at halftime. The frenetic pace of the second stanza was similar to

that which was obtainable in the 1st half with Eleven Strikers F.C showing more purpose and endeavour which was soon rewarded 10 minutes into proceedings after defensive midfielder for C.O.D United Chinedu Obinor brought down lanky striker Ekene Duru. Midfield maestro Ismail Bakare kept his nerves to convert the spotkick to give his side the lead. Having gone a goal behind C.O.D united stepped up their game and soon got their reward for persistence 15 minutes from time when Shakiru Jolaoso was upended in the box by Anthony Evipaker. Hero of the last round Segun Alabi tucked away the

resultant penalty to peg eleven strikers back thus setting up a tense final few minutes for both sides. That was how it stood till full time and extra time and the dreaded penalty shootout was employed to separate both sides. Segun Alabi emerged the star of the show again as he saved a spot kick to help his team into the challenge cup final. It was C.O.D United’s fourth penalty shootout win in a row in the competition which is a remarkable feat. Up next for the team is the final match against defending champions and professional league side First Bank F.C which comes up at the Teslim Balogun Stadium Surulere on Saturday May 7.

THE Women Football League Clubs Owners have continued their mobilisation for the Super Falcons’ FIFA Women World Cup slated for Germany, as they have made plans to honour some sports personalities who have contributed to the development of female football in Nigeria. Among the recipients of Club Owners Award are the immediate past Nigeria Football Federations (NFF) Chiarman, Sanni Ahmed Lulu, the present NFF boss, Ahmed Maigari, Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi and the respected legal luminary, Aare Afe Babalola. The contributions made by the recipients according to the statement signed by the Supports for Super Falcons’ project coordinator, Debo Adeoye of NITO Sports to the developments of Nigerian female football cannot be undermined. “The Sanni Lulu-led NFF board was the one that laid the good foundation for female football’s administration that the present

By Stella Bamawo board led by Maigari is now building on”, the statement read. Adeoye also noted that, “Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, has been an all time sponsor of female soccer in the country, while we cannot quickly forget what Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi had done for the game in an hurry”. Other beneficiaries of the Club Owners commendations are Governor. Olusegun Mimiko who reportedly raised Sunshine Queens from dead to glory, Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala who is also supporting the two Oyo State Female professional sides, NITO Queens and TEWO queens with annual financial grants. Also in the honoree list were Chief (Mrs.) Gloria Labara Shoda the financier of Labara Queens, H. N. Obazurike the Eze Ndigbo Lagos of TOKAS Queens, Mr. Victor Olajide of Garden Queens for respectively investing their hard earn resources in women football.

Fashola plans big for traditional sports •Igbogbo/Baiyeku agog


T was excitement galore for fans that came to watch the best of traditional sports at the Methodist Primary School, Igbogbo on Monday during the maiden edition of Igbogbo/Baiyeku Traditional Games Championship, as Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Foshola plans big for tourney. Plans are in top gear to increase the prices of winners in subsequent editions. Games like Gidigbo (a traditional wrestling contest), Ludo, Ayo Olopon, Draughts and Ram Charging reminded the fans on the thrills and frills of the neighbourhood games in the olden days. After a keenly contested tournament, David Ozah from Igbogbo beat all other wrestlers to win the first prize in the Gidigbo contest. Samuel Ozah (Aro lane), Samuel Isamah (Abe Igi Anu) and Kero Jay (Igbogbo) came second, third and fourth respectively. In Ayo Olopon, Lamina Ogunmola from Adeboruwa Palace won the first position, while second position went to Sekoni fatai (Tumara). In the third and fourth positions were Mudasiru Olopade (Agbele) and Sikiru Mabadeje (Adeboruwa Palace) were third and fourth respectively. Adeboruwa Palace also won

By Innocent Amomoh the Draughts contest with Sonibare Adesina, while Joseph Agbor came second. In the third position was Obayomi Ladele (Igbogbo) and Talabi Saheed (Abe Igi Anu) came fourth. Ludo was won Adedotun Sotiminu (Abe Igi Anu), who defeated Oduntan Segun (Aro Lane), Segun Kasali (Agarahu) and Ayeni Kasimu (Bashorun) to second, third and fourth positions respectively. The fight of the rams was the most interesting aspect of the championship. A ram nicknamed Muntari won the contest with the prize of N25, 000, while Omo Lang and Agege came second and third winning N15, 000 and N10, 000 respectively. One of the guests who graced the event, Alhaji Wasiu Laiga, chairman of BRF Fans Club in London commended the organizers, Platinum Sports and Games Association and Lagos State Traditional Sports Association for putting up the show. He also commended the state governor, Raji Fashola, who facilitated the competition through the Office of the Senior Special Assistant on Grassroots Sports Development to the Governor headed by Prince Wale Oladunjoye.




NIPC seeks expansion of World Bank’s MSME project


HE Federal Government has been urged to expand the scope of the World Bank Micro, Small and Medium-scale Enterprise (MSME) project being executed by the Nigeria Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) on its behalf. Speaking during his tour of some beneficiary microfinance banks — Accion and AB — in Lagos, Executive Secretary of NIPC, Mr Mustafa Bello, said the pilot project of the World Bank and the Federal Government has remarkably changed the landscape of micro, small and medium-scale businesses in Nigeria. According to Bello, the government would be able to cut down on cost if it could leverage the project and channel the colossal funds meant for SMEs and job creation into expanding its operations to other states of the Federation.


Stories by Toba Agboola

The pilot project runs in three states — Lagos, Abia and Kaduna — and will be concluded before the end of the year. Bello stressed the need for the government to key into the gains of the pilot scheme in the private sector, saying the project has recorded marked improvement in skill development for SMEs as the engine of economic growth. He also stated that “the project has, so far, exceeded its initial target of building capacity for 20 Business Development Service providers with the goal of impacting on 1,000 MSMEs.” With over 90 per cent implementation status,” he said, “the MSME project, has assisted in creating large, commercially successful microfinance banks and in the development of a number of commer-

cially oriented small and regionally focused business development support services.” The NIPC boss, however, noted that reforms, at various levels of government, had substantially improved the investment climate and created opportunities for increased Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and stimulation of domestic investments thereby creating wealth, building human capacity, creating employment and reducing poverty. Bello said the intervention has widely increased access to microfinance and piloted services to thousands of small MSMEs, noting that through the technical support of the project, linkages for sustainable businesses and the promotion of entrepreneurship have been strengthened. The NIPC boss said that microfinance banks and other businesses assisted by the World

Bank/Federal Government MSME Project have been flourishing and creating thousands of new jobs in the process. According to him, more than 71 BDS providers and well over 11,000 MSMEs are directly benefiting from the MSME Project. He said: “The MSME Project has encouraged institutional initiatives through the provision of financial and non-financial services, as well as improve the policy environment in selected non-oil industry for small businesses to thrive.” The pilot project, which started in 2004 and is expected to terminate before the end of the year, is one of seven World Bank Africa initiatives adjudged to have made rapid progress in meeting set objectives. With an initial target of supporting two institutions in financial literacy and access to finance, the MSME Project has, so far,

offered technical and financial support to, at least, five microfinance banks in the country. Among the beneficiaries of the World Bank-assisted project are Accion Microfinance Bank, AB Microfinance Bank and Susu Microfinance Bank. Others are Microcred Microfinance Bank and the Development Finance Department of Oceanic Bank. The Access to Finance Grantees constitute a considerable segment of microfinance sector in the country. The MSME Project, as a pilot initiative of the Federal Government and the World Bank, has the NIPC as executing agency. It offers assistance through the issuance of performance or prospecting grants, as well as helping business development service providers in Lagos, Abia and Kaduna states.

Nigeria, Sweden trade hits $500m

HE trade relationship between Nigeria and Sweden has been robust and relatively balanced, says the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, Per Lingarde. The ambassador hinted of a balanced trade at the International Communication Lecture organised by the Nigerian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, in Lagos. Lingarde, who said Nigeria was the second largest trade partner with Sweden, noted that with the total volume of trade now in excess of $550 million and a percentage increase of 65 per cent, the relationship has been very mutual, with both countries contributing significantly to the growth of each other’s economy. The Swedish Ambassador, who went down memory lane, said the country’s embassy was established in Nigeria in 1961 and that it had fostered so much economic progress for both countries citizens. According to him, some Swedish companies, including Ericsson, Tetrapack, Volvo; Flexenclosure and others have invested so much in the economy of Nigeria. He equally informed that because of the successes recorded by the present Swedish companies in the country, there is a growing interest by more Swedish companies to come to Nigeria . “ I can assure you that before the end of this year, you will see them troop into Nigeria and the volume of trade would further soar between the two countries,” he said. Lingarde noted that the progress in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), especially in the telecommunications sector has been tremendous, stressing that ICT has had positive impact on the

economy of Nigeria. According to him, the continuous growth of the telecommunications sector was a prerequisite to Nigeria’s achievement of the Vision 20:2020 developmental goals. He said Nigeria was one of the 10 countries predicted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to grow faster within the next few years due to the increasing growth of the economy as contributed largely by the ICT sector. “With this geometric growth, I see Nigeria soon surpassed South Africa, as Africa’s largest and widest economy”, he stressed. The ambassador, however, lament the dearth of infrastructure in the country. According to him, the obstacles to economic growth, must be tackled with all seriousness, especially the issue of power, stressing that he believed that if that were resolved amicably, it would make the economy grow at a speed beyond our imagination. Lingarde hinted that the Nordic community would be meeting the Federal Ministry of Power in Nigeria on energy development, especially through the renewable energy programme. This, he maintained, would further give more impetus to the country’s power reforms as put up by the Federal Government. Earlier in his address, the President, Nigerian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Olayinka Ogunmekan said that the Nigerian Swedish Chamber of Commerce was established to promote trade and business between Nigeria and Sweden, adding that, “we know that Nigeria and Sweden has a lot in common when it comes to telecommunications.”

•From left: Mr. Akin Osinowo, Public Affairs Manager, Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC); Mr. Erhumwunse Eghosa, SOS Children's Village acting National Director; Mrs. Joy Egolum, Procurement Administrator, NBC and Mr Inusa-Ahmed Anthony, Village Director SOS Isolo, at the presentation of cheque and household items by NBC staff to SOS Children Village, Isolo, Lagos.

NACCIMA urges Fed Govt on sectoral growth


HE President, Nigeria Asso ciation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Dr Herbert Ajayi, has urged the Federal Government to pay more attention to sectors that could grow the economy. Ajayi, who made the call in Lagos, advised that more attention should be paid to agriculture, power supply, health and education, adding that lack of adequate

•From left: Brand Manager Ribena,GlaxoSmithklien (GSK), Mrs Toyin Yusuf; Marketing Director, Mrs Hannah Oyebanjo and National Sales Manager, Mr. Joseph Agwa, at the launch of Ribena pet bottle in Lagos.

attention to these sectors was responsible for the slow growth of the nation’s economy. He noted that some of these challenges were part of the blueprint that the association wanted to discuss with the standard-bearers of the various parties in a dialogue that was never held. His words:“We, therefore, decided to put across to all standard-bearers our major concerns on the challenges that militate against resounding success of the business community. The concerns, if looked into will galvanise the whole nation to achieve double digit real growth in all sectors of our national economy.” Ajayi urged the government to revive the farm settlements, industrial clusters, irrigation, storage, processing and packaging facilities, among others, to boost trade. According to him, “Nigeria can be food self-sufficient in the next four years if adequate attention is given to agriculture.” The NACCIMA boss said that agriculture employed more than 60 per cent of the nation’s population while contributing over 40 per cent to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). He said that it was worrisome that the sector was not well supported with cheap loans. On power, he called for commu-

nity-based power generation and distribution to enhance power supply. “All three phases of generation, transmission and distribution, including insurance and maintenance must be planned as well as researched with a view to boosting the possibility of generating solar power on a big scale,” he said. He called for more commitment from the Federal Government on the implementation of the Local Content Law, saying the implementation had been slow and poor. According to him, the development had inhibited the realisation of the laudable aspirations of job creation and inclusivity in the oil and gas sector. “Our concern is the need to intensify more commitment and sincerity towards local refining of crude oil to make Nigeria a net exporter of refined products within the next five years and create jobs,” he said. He said such achievement would provide opportunities for industrial growth and save the huge amount spent on subsidy on importation of petroleum products annually. The NACCIMA chief also advocated for integrated transportation system that would connect roads, rails, airport, and waterways with the major cities and industrial estates.













I am 28-year-old and asthmatic. Am worn-out by inhalers and other soothing treatments I receive for this condition. Please do you know natural alternatives I can switch to?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Health Forever Limited (HFL), Otunba Olajuwon Okubena, explains how Mother Nature takes care of Asthma, The Naturopath/Homeopath, Dr Titilayo Oduye, explains how the understanding of terms can assist in maximising benefits in herbs and plants.

–Seun Ijaodola, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

‘Asthma is curable’ Asthma Overview


STHMA is a disease that affects the breathing passages of the lungs (bronchioles). Asthma is caused by chronic (ongoing, longterm) inflammation of these passages. This makes the breathing passages, or airways, of the person with asthma highly sensitive to various "triggers." When the inflammation is "triggered" by any number of external and internal factors, the passages swell and fill with mucus. Muscles within the breathing passages contract (bronchospasm), causing even further narrowing of the airways. This narrowing makes it difficult for air to be breathed out (exhaled) from the lungs. This resistance to exhaling leads to the

typical symptoms of an asthma attack. Because asthma causes resistance, or obstruction, to exhaled air, it is called an obstructive lung disease. The medical term for such lung conditions is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Like any other chronic disease, asthma is a condition you live with every day of your life. You can have an attack any time you are exposed to one of your triggers. Unlike other chronic obstructive lung diseases, asthma is reversible. Asthma cannot be cured with orthodox drugs, but it can be controlled. Natural medicine can cure it. You have a better chance of controlling your asthma if it is diagnosed early and treatment is begun right away. With proper treatment, people with asthma can have fewer and less severe attacks.


Without treatment, they will have more frequent and more severe asthma attacks and can even die. Asthma is on the rise in Nigeria, the United States and other developed countries. We are not sure exactly why this is so, but these factors may contribute: We grow up as children with less exposure to infection than did our ancestors, which has made our immune systems more sensitive. We spend more and more time indoors, where we are exposed to indoor allergens such as dust and mold. The air we breathe is more polluted than the air most of our ancestors breathed. Our lifestyle has led to our getting less exercise and an epidemic of obesity. There is some evidence to suggest an association between obesity and asthma. Asthma is a very common disease

Medicinal effects of herbs Demulcent – They are mucilagineous herbs that soothe and protect inflamed or irritated internal tissue. Anti-irritant. It is a natural alternative i.e Herbal alternative to glycerine. E.g, Wild Pond lily, oat meal, cornsilk, Aloe, Chickweed. Deodorants – Herbs and essential oils that resolve fetid smells of the breath or body e.g discharging ulcer, cancer. E.g chlorophyl, charcoal, lemon, external, eucalyptu oil, castor oil creat, raw lemon juice, cidar vinegar. Diaphoretic – Herbs that induce increased perspiration. They aid the skin in the elimination of toxins. Diaphoresis is regarded as a process of internal cleansing. Toxic wastes are eliminated via the pores of the skin hence assisting kidney function. Diaphoretics are used in feverish condition to reduce high temperature and to equalise circulation. E.g Cayenne, Ginger, Garlic. Diuretics – They are herbs that increase the flow of urine from the kidneys thereby excreting excess fluid from the body as well as the elimination of toxics. Diuretics cause potassium to be expelled hence the electrolyte balance of the body is affected. The advantages of some herbal diuretics iare that they are potassium sparing. E.g Pumpkin seed, kola, consilk. Emetic – Herbs that induce vomiting. They are given to expel poisons. E.g Strophanthus samentosus (Akogun) Hibiscus tilliaceus (Emu), Physostigma Venenosum (Ese), Uvaria afzelli (Gbogbonse), Cinchona Succirubra and Kyhaya Vorensis (Oganwo). Emmenagogue – They are plants that substitute for hormones that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more gonadotropin hormones. They are herbs that

stimulate and normalise menstrual flow. They can also be referred to as herbs that act as tonic to the female reproductive sustem.E.g Basil, Senna, Papaya fruit. Emollient – Mucilaginous herbs that have a protective and soothing action on the surface of the body. Similar to demulcents but they are used externally to soften, protect and soothe. E.g Chickweed and Sesame seed oil. Expectorant – Herbs that increase bronchial mucus secretion by promoting liquefaction of the sticky mucus and its expulsion from the body. Their secondary action is that of vasoconstrictor which in a stuffy nose relieves by reducing blood supply to the inflamed lining of the nasal passage. Febriguge – Anti-fever, anti pyretic herbs. They areused for reduction of an abnormally high blood temperature. Some febrifuges are also diaphoretic e.g peppermint. Galactogogue – Herbs that increase the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers. Hepatics – They are liver aids. They assist the liver in its functions and promotes the flow of bile. Their use tones and strengthen the liver. E.g Wild yam. Hypnotics – Herbs that induce sleep. They relieve anxiety and induce normal sleep without unpleasant after effects. Wild lettuce (Efo Yanrin-Yoruba) Laxative – Herbs that promote bowl movement. They are aperients that are used for stool softening purpose. E.g Senna, Aloe, Whole leaf. Mucilage – Herb containing an abundance of sticky viscous sap, used for inflamed surfaces, they have healing properties.

•Oduye Nervine – Herbs with nutrients for deficiencies in nerve tissue. Strengthening nerve fibers and their protective sheaths. Nervine helps resolve effects of stress and replace mineral deficiencies in nerve tissue. Vervain, Rawolfia vomitora (Asofeyeje), Botuje root, Avocado pear leaves, Mondora myristica (Agbosa), Ipomoea sinvolucra (Alukerese), Uvaria Picta (Alupayida), Thunderstone (Edun Ara) are examples. Oxytocic – Herbs that stimulate the contraction of the uterus, they are also useful in child birth. Castor oil, Wild ginger are examples. Pectoral – Herbs with a strengthening and healing effects on the lungs. Clecichenia liniaris (Abo imu), Marhamia tementosa (Akoko), Lantana Camara (Ewon agogo), Nephrolepis duffi (Imu), Combretum micranthus (Okan) and Lantana camara (Tude). Reubefacient – Herbs that draw a rich blood supply to the skin, increasing heat in the tissue thus aiding the absorption.

in Nigeria where more than five million people are affected and also in the United States, where more than 17 million people are affected. A third of these are children. Asthma affects all ages, although it is more common in younger people. The frequency and severity of asthma attacks tend to decrease as a person ages. Asthma is the most common chronic disease of children. Many people are forced to make compromises in their lifestyle to accommodate their disease. Asthma Causes: The exact cause of asthma is not known. What all people with asthma have in common is chronic airway inflammation and excessive airway sensitivity to various triggers. Research has focused on why some people develop asthma while others do not. Some people are born with the tendency to have asthma, while others are not. Scientists are trying to find the genes that cause this tendency. It is these series of reactions that cause the production of mucus and bronchospasms. These responses cause the symptoms of an asthma attack. In asthma, the "invaders" are the triggers listed below. Triggers vary among individuals. Because asthma is a type of allergic reaction, it is sometimes called reactive airway disease. Each person with asthma has his or her own unique set of triggers. Most triggers cause attacks in some people with asthma and not in others. Common triggers of asthma attacks are the following: Exposure to tobacco or wood smoke, breathing polluted air, inhaling other respiratory irritants such as perfumes or cleaning products, exposure to airway irritants at the workplace, breathing in allergy-causing substances (allergens) and menstruation (in some, not all, women, asthma symptoms are closely tied to the menstrual cycle). Risk factors for developing asthma: Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and other allergies -this is the single biggest risk factor. Eczema- another type of allergy affecting the skin; and genetic predisposition: a parent, brother, or sister also has asthma. How We Treat Asthma with Asthmacare: A few weeks ago, a young mother of a four-year-old child came with the child to complain that for about four weeks. She had not slept for more than six hours both day and night and she looked tired and wearied. Her daughter had been diagnosed with Asthma and she had tried out all medical options without success. The child had to be withdrawn from the Nursery school and at that young age, the child is an expert in the application of inhaler in order to avoid a disaster that could result from the frequent attack. This young woman was given the impression that this problem had no permanent solution and an elderly pastor who was familiar with our

products strongly suggested that she should visit us before losing hope completely. We are herbal practitioners and we do not prescribe our products unless we are sure that a disease like Asthma has been properly diagnosed by a competent medical practitioner. We combine two of our products to treat diagnosed cases of Asthma. The first is our well known Jobelyn which we are sure would address inflammation and improve the immune system. As a very powerful antioxidant, it would also take care of the free radicals which are normally implicated in almost all diseases including Asthma. The other product we combine with Jobelyn is Asthmacare. It is our proprietary blend which we have used for over 10 years to alleviate the sufferings of Asthma patients. The major components of this product are: • Isu Esumeren (Ogede odo), Botanical name: Crinum jagus; Common name (Crinum lily); •Alubosa Onisu Funfun, Botanical name: Allium ascalonicum. Asthmacare, an herbal antiasthma, provides long-lasting relief for asthma no matter the severity of the attack. It proves exceptionally useful as a broncho-dilator. It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, relieving the bronchial spasm that underlies the asthmatic state. Allergic reactions respond well to Asthmacare because of its action on the sympathetic nerves. Asthmacare has marked antispasmodic and broncho-dilatory effects. It supplies the following actions- alterative pulmonary expectorant, demulcent, antispasmodic, anti-microbial, antiinflammatories, anti-catarrhals, cardio-tonic and Nervine. To demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment, we decided to apply the two products and placed the patient under observation for an hour. After 30 minutes of waiting, the young mother rushed back to my office with the child who had improved considerably and was playing around our office. This woman was excited and wanted to know how long the treatment would last for a permanent relief to be obtained. She confessed that her husband had abandoned her and the child for more than three months because of the trauma of sleeplessness and the amount of money he was spending to tackle the problem. We explained that the initial treatment could last for about four weeks of regular use of our medication and thereafter prophylactic use for a further four weeks. There could be a mild sign for a few months thereafter and within a period of about six months, most of our patients would have been free from this dangerous disease. This is not a guarantee but a reasonable assurance based on patients treated in the last 10 years. The author could be reached for enquiries by e-mail at:




An Easter garden walk with Esthers I

T is Easter all over again! Never mind that it is two weeks past in the Christian calendar. The spiritual rays will hit a peak radiance towards the end of May. It is the season I like to tease women named Esther, as a way of reminding them of the power which this name confers on them. Every name, like every word, or every idea which a name represents, carries a distinct vibration or power or force within it this power is to help the bearer to pick his or her way through earthlife with minimal difficulties. Thus, a wrong name, like a curse, a spiritual deadweight, may inhibit or even devastate a person. And so may the power of the right name which, not well understood and, thereby, misused. Welcome to another Easter, all Esthers… and every-one else. This is the season of regeneration. The rains will soon come in all their majesty, the fields will green up, food crops will mushroom in the farm, and, so, thanks to the Goodness of the Creator, there should be plenty to eat and surplus to keep for the days the rains will be on holiday again. In this Easter season, I would like us all, as students of Mother Nature, to take a walk in the gardens. Our guide will be MELLIE UYLDERT, whose book, THE PSYCHIC GARDEN, subtitled plants and Their Esoteric Relationship With Man, made serious impressions on me as a young man. We should learn quickly from this book (ISBN O-7225-0548-5), the first English edition of which was published in 1980, that most of us do not live in ideal houses, to the extent that we do not have grounds in them for gardens. This is not just a question of our not getting enough oxygen, which plants emit, or which we need to live, or of having plants to absorb and which we need to live, carbon dioxide, the waste products of our breathing processes, so that we do not have too much of it in the air to make it hotter and unhealthy for our earthly existence. From my background in the study of Nature, I flow naturally with Uyldert’s thinking. This thinking, simply, is that whatever any-one needs grows around him or her. My understanding of Nature has led me to recognise that everything in this world vibrates… from the electrons in the atoms which comprise this page of the newspaper you’re reading now, to the atoms which form the human blood and body, or of the universe form to the ones in plants. Every organ in the human body vibrates differently, although there is a common ring or echo or rhythm to them, which is why the body rejects foreign organs as a mother hen would reject baby chickens she didn’t hatch. When the electrons of an organ are sickly or weak, the forces of Nature see this and cause a plant with the vibrations they need to grow around such a person. In ignorance, this is not always known, and those plants are often regarded as weed and weeded out as such. Thus, it is common for Stinging or dead Nettle to grow around a cancer-challenged person, or for Phylanthus (ehinbisowo; Yoruba) to spring up where an antimalarial, anti-diabetic and hypertensive (anti-hypertensive) herb is required to improve health. Thus, the entire world is an ocean of vibration in which, literally speaking, man is suspended. The soil is vibrating, the atmosphere is vibrating, the hills and the seas are vibrating, the stars are pouring down vibrations. The tones and character of vibrations change from time to time, as the earth alters its position in relation to these cosmic forces. To be able to withstand pressures impacted by these vibrations, Nature provides appropriate food types from time to time, and from region to region on earth. Thus, the prevailing vibrations at a time produce the seasonal food crops and fruits which correspond with the current vibrations. People who fall sick are, among other causes, people who did not have enough of the foods carrying vibrations which help them overcome the pressure of these vibrations. Do we not see how cough or measles, for example, sometimes breaks out in near epidemic proportions? Uyldert puts it this way in a subsection entitled YOUR OWN HERB IN YOUR OWN GARDEN: “Mother Nature plants for us precisely what we need. This is based on Natural law. A particular point in the earth’s crust contains certain substances in a certain relationship and this produces a vibration to which a corresponding vibration responds from the universe. The atmosphere lying between them also vibrates sympathetically. This applies to ground water and to plants, animals and people, who are attracted to this as types by the law of attraction of like things. It is not, therefore, in any way co-incidental that certain wild plants germinate and thrive in a certain spot. Thousands of seeds are carried by the wind, but only those that are drawn towards the soil at the spot by their own vibration reach the ground there and germinate in due course… what grows in your garden, therefore, is related to you. People are drawn to the spot where they should be, although they may give all kinds of rational arguments for living there. According to the laws, we cannot at any time be elsewhere than where we are. The same cosmic scheme therefore determines the presence of both herbs and human. If an ailment is busy developing unnoticed in the human body, the appropriate medicinal herb will germinate in the garden and when we say “oh, what an odd plant has come here”, the illness is manifested. If only people knew the connection, they would quickly cure themselves. But because we no longer consult our in-born knowledge and our instinct, the curative herb remains unrecognised and unpicked and the illness seeks a remedy by the long detour of the intellect.” Uyldert cites the example of an old people’s home in Holland. The grounds had been so disturbed by builders that nothing appeared able to grow there. But, suddenly, before a garden had been cultivated, a mass of Marigold began to flourish in it. Not many people there knew that Marigold was a traditional remedy against cancer. Besides, Marigold was not known to grow wildly in Holland. Year after year,

from then on moves or affects the one will at the same time affect the other. After all, a mother always knows when something happens to her child. Sensitive people are sometimes suddenly and irresistibly impelled to a strange address and it turns out that they have arrived there just at the right moment to solve a problem. One being calls out to another for help – consciously or unconsciously. (“What do grass plants not have to suffer when we mow and roll our lawns? There are people who believe they can hear the whole lawn screaming. And all because we think the lawn must be mown because long grass, when it is wet, is unsuitable for people to walk or sit on…” THERE is a word for farmers, as we continue the garden walk. We do not have to use pesticides against pests in the garden or farm. They injure health. The natural way is to avoid growing, together, plants which hate each other. Hate in this case means one emits vibrations which are inimical to the other. Rather, friendly plants, such as Roses and Onion do well together. The Olive and the Oak are so antagonistic that, when planted next to each other, “they bend their branches in opposite directions”. As Uyldert explains: “From a chemical point of view, these phenomena are due to substances which one plant forms and deposits and the other takes up. However, on the spiritual plane, this is accompanied by vibrations which are transmitted and received.” Other methods of control include the planting of trees which Marigold sprouted in the garden without any-one planting provide habitation for birds. Birds eat up insects. Eelworms it. But, soon, the time the last cancer patient in the home died are kept away by Marigold. Horse radishes protect potatoes The year after, no Marigold grew in the garden! as French beans keep Colorado beetles away. Sweet corn There is the story of a woman in whose garden shepherd’s thrives between beans. Beans grow well in-between cabbage, purse grew wildly. This herb stops bleeding. Her son had carrots, beetroot, garlic and onions protect fruit trees and been suffering from persistent nose-bleeds. Many Nigerian improve the scent of roses. I have stopped eating cucumbers women who suffer from prolonged menstrual bleeding, since I learned they are sprayed with pesticides, even in Nicaused either by weeping uterine fibroids, endometriosis or geria. They are said to do well on horse manure and with problems of the cervix will now appreciate why, along with sunflowers or maize or potatoes round them. The Mokoloki Apple Cider Vinegar, their herbal doctors prescribe Shepcontract cabbage farmers in Ogun State may profit from the herd’s purse. knowledge that heavy scent of the tomato keeps the cabbage The book also has examples of how lungwort would grow white caterpillars insects at bay. Russians sow sunflowers around people with bronchial and lung problems, how near cornfields for their seeds and to keep mice away from hogwood came to epileptics, chamomile to help insomnia, the corn. and Butterbur, on the kitchen door steps of a woman later We learn from Uyldert that there are moon-influenced diagonized to have cancer. A woman who felt healthy until plants and there are sun plants. Moon (water-field) plant such her doctor diagnosed diabetes had made no sense of Soloas tomato and water melon are cooling or refrigerant plants; mon’s seal which suddenly appeared in the garden. Geminis, sun plants such as red peppers are warming herbs. People often intellectually active people, may not see Orach as a who suffer from low blood pressure can raise their blood friend. So did one until he learned Orach contains quicksilpressure by eating hazelnuts or by drinking hazelnut milk. ver, the “Gemini metal needed for intellectual activity” AnI’d always known the herb Astragalus and selenium, a semi other story shows that people who suffer from numbness, metal, improve immune function especially in cancer or HIVevidence of poor blood circulation, may find Yarrow growchanllenged person. Now, I know the ash of Astragalus “… is ing around them in the garden. The leaves are finely divided, sometimes found to contain a thousand times as much seleresembling the blood capillaries! And when nettles appear? nium as the earth on which the plant grows. Calcium defiThey probably come to help anemic and calcium- deficient cient people, such as arthritics, delude themselves if they conpeople. sume all the calcium on earth without taking magnesium as I wish that this book would be available now for sale on well. The calcium may not be absorbed but deposited in soft the internet for it is a good guide for our garden tour. It tissue and joints where it causes lots of problems. Waist pains, shows that plants, like animals and man, have feelings, which heel spurs, spondylosis of the neck and back bones are examI believe is due to the Nature beings which tend them. Inciples of calcium losses and wrong deposition due to magnedentally, Uyldert mentions the elves. No mention is made, sium deficiency. Too much potassium (hyperkalamia) and though, of the griornes and salamanders. Scientific experitoo much phosphorus can cause calcium malabsorption and ments have indeed shown that plants vibrate more healthily calcium loss respectively. if prayers of thanksgiving are said over them before they are The Garden of Eden is too large to explore even in a long picked, and quiver in fright at the approach of people who earthlife. Someday, we will come to how Alchemists use plants have no regard for them. Elsewhere, in the CELESTINE DESto make gold from grains of sand, the plants that can protect TINY, it is shown that good looks and thoughts towards plants against fire, the nature beings which tend plants, immortal make them yield bountiful harvests, especially if they are plant patterns, plants as foods and medicine, plants such as St. planted during the full moon. It is evident that plants love John’s Wort as healers of sick nerves and soul. Especially whoever loves them. Quite often, a garden withers when the interesting is the thought that “Children who find it difficult to owner dies! This is bioplasma, which the book also explains. move their arms and legs through brain damage at birth should have It is the question Mrs. Folake Kuku once asked me. She is a their limbs rubbed with it” Also interesting is the thought that church minister for the health of women. One of the people “… Bombay nut or cashew nut protects the soul against posunder the charge of her “prayer warrior” group was said to session by a disembodied spirit while club moss can protect be entwined to another person such that if the one ailed, the weak souls, children and old people against dominance by other, too, was sick of the same condition. One of the “enparents or uncouth staf.f” Before I conclude, I will mention twined” women was seeking a voodoo solution to help her Uyldert’s views on the onion, which is both food and medidetach and Mrs Kuku sought my opinion. I explained that a cine… and more. bond of radiation holds some people together, and it required “When the adult bulbs are harvested by man as onion, it will power to personally detatch. I know of a woman who cannot, of course, develop further. But if it is allowed to folbecame so engrossed at finding a solution to her mother’s low its natural course, a long hollow stalk rises from the bulb breast cancer, unknown to her that she, too, had developed the following year and produces a ball of fine flower stems at breast cancer. I know of a man as well who couldn’t enjoy his the upper end which eventually each bear a white lilac flower. life simply because his father had glaucoma and was going It looks as though one bulb has changed ends! The spare food blind. He ended up having glaucoma as well. Well, the docis now gradually eaten up by the plant, after which only tors may talk of genetics and hereditary disposition in these empty skins remain. matters. But listen to Uyldert: “This procedure illustrates the process of sublimation of life “When two living beings, a human and a plant, or an aniforces into consciousness in man. The sexual organs in man mal and a man co-incide with each other, their vibration in fact are not only for procreation but are also the prime fields or life patterns (bioplasmas) combine into one. What transformers of the earthly life force that flows into man and serve to prepare ethereal energy from it as food for the soul, so that man will be able to discover and utilise all its features and possibilities. If the soul hungers for more development, it draws those forces upwards itself. The life juices from the gonads then pass through many stages and changes, into forces (just as homeopathically diluted medicinal substance is changed into medicinal power), “More about this some other day. Where are the Esthers in this season of Easter, the season of regeneration, of upbuilding in Nature. Women generally, must lead man back to the Garden of Eden. It was not for nothing that they were the first to see the risen Christ. It was not for nothing that, in primordial times, when men went a-hunting, it was women who gathered herbs to take care of the health of their families, caring and tending. Where are these women this Easter? Where are the women of Easter, the Esthers? e-mail: or Tel: 08034004247, 07025077303

‘Thousands of seeds are carried by the wind, but only those that are drawn towards the soil at the spot by their own vibration reach the ground there and germinate in due course… what grows in your garden, therefore, is related to you’















NEWS How boaders were secured for elections, by Customs


HE Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) yesterday said it deployed officers, 30 Hilux patrol vehicles and two helicopters to strenthen security at all entry points during the last elections. Deputy Public Relations Officer (DPRO) Mr. Joseph Attah, in a statement in Abuja, said the deployment paid off as there were no reports of illegal importation of arms and other lethal weapons during the period. The Customs ComptrollerGeneral, Dikko Inde Abdullahi, he said is impress with his men of their vigilance. Abdullahi, he added, note that the harmonious working relationship between the Customs and other security agencies produced commendable

From John Ofikhenua, Abuja

results, pointing out that this underscores the need for security agencies to collaborate in the nation’s interest. He recalled the seizure of military camouflage wears few days to the elections by Customs operatives at the Aminu Kano International Airport, and praised Customsmen for assisting to ensure the orderliness and security of voters during the elections. Abdullahi urged his men to remain vigilant to ensure that those who do not wish the country well are unable to import items that could destabilise the country and ruin the march towards the actualisation of Vision 20:20.

Arewa to Jonathan: be magnanimous in victory From Tony Akowe, Kaduna


HE North yesterday put behind it its bid for the President. Rising from a meeting in Kaduna, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), which initially opposed the candidacy of President Goodluck Jonathan, congratulated him on his victory at the Aprill 16 election. Arewa also thanked the loosers for producing the electorate with “alternative platforms needed in a democracy”. It urged them to seek legitimate means of redress if they were still dissatisfied with the poll. In a communiqué issued at the end of its National Working Committee (NWC) meeting, the ACF also congratulated the Chairman of Independent National Ele4ctoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, for conducting elections that were globally adjudged as better than previous ones. The communiqué which was signed by ACF’s National Publicity Secretary, Anthony Sani, said the President should be magnanimous in victory and recognise that governance is an act of balancing competing demands among constituent parts of the united whole. While condemning the killing of corps members during the post-election violence in some parts of the North, the Forum deplored calls for the scrapping of the scheme, saying doing that amount to asking people not to live outside their places.



ABOBADE I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Abobade Keji Oluwakemi, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Diya Keji Oluwakemi. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.



OKOYE I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Okoye Esther Monica, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. O. John Sunday Esther Monica. All former documents remain valid. Osun State College of Education, Ila-Orangun, Uni. of Uyo and general public should please take note.

OMUYA I, formerly known and addressed as Kolade Charles Omuya, now wish to be known and addressed Sanni Abubakar Omuya Kolade. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

OGUNDIRAN I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ogundiran Toluwalope Esther, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Kolawole Toluwalope Esther. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

OSINOWO I, formerly known and addressed as Diane Iyinoluwa Osinowo, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Diane Iyinoluwa OgudanaAkinola. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. SUNDAY I, formerly known and addressed as Ofeimu Enahoro Sunday, now wish to be known and addressed John Enahoro Sunday. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. OSADIPE I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Esther Osadipe, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Esther Iwashokun. All former documents remain valid. Lagos State Local govt. Service Commission, Ejigbo LCDA and general public should please take note. AFOLAYAN I formerly known and addressed as Miss Oluwatoyin Olawoyin, Afolayan, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Toyin Esther Oni. All former documents remain valid. General public should take note.

SULOLA I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Sulola Motunrayo Oyinlola, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Adewunmi Motunrayo Oyinlola. All former documents remain valid. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro and general public should please take note.

SURAJU I, formerly known and addressed as Suraju Jamiu Adekunle, now wish to be known and addressed Olunifesi Adekunle. All former documents remain valid. Lagos State University (LASU) and general public should please take note.

ADEBI I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Adebi Blessing Chibuzo, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Victor Blesiing Chibuzo. All former documents remain valid. Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education and general public should please take note.

BALOGUN I, formerly known and addressed as Mr. Balogun Lukman Ayodeji, now wish to be known and addressed Mr. Balogun Lookman Ayo. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

IHEME I, formerly known and addressed as Mr. Iheme Ikechukwu Emmanuel, now wish to be known and addressed Mr. Iheme Ikenna Emmanuel. All former documents remain valid. Spring Bank Plc. and general public should please take note.

CHINWEUZO I, formerly known and addressed as Chinweuzo Adaku Rajis, now wish to be known and addressed Adaku Chinwe Ohiaeri. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

OJO I formerly known and addressed as Miss Ojo Adenike Mofoluwake, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Abidola Adenike Mofoluwake. All former documents remain valid. General public should take note.

ADEBIYI I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Adebiyi Adejoke Adebanke, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Mustafa Adejoke Adebanke. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. SANYAOLU I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Sanyaolu Serifat Ajoke, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Sarah Ajoke Soyoye. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. CONFIRMATION OF NAME

Linus Tochukwu Mishael is the same person as Obah Tochi & Obah Tochukwu Mishael, now wish to be known and addressed Linus Tochukwu Mishael. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

OBE I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Obe Abimbola Bridget, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Falade Abimbola Bridget. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note.

ODUYALE I formerly known and addressed as Miss Oduyale Adenike Olufunmilayo, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Onanusi Adenike Olufunmilayo. All former documents remain valid. Teaching Service Commission, Abeokuta and general public should take note. OLABISI I formerly known and addressed as Miss Olabisi Modupe Arike, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Salau Modupeola Arike. All former documents remain valid. Teaching Service Commission, Abeokuta and general public should take note. ADEWALE I formerly known and addressed as Miss Adewale Iyabo Mary, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Soladoye Iyabo Mary. All former documents remain valid. Ogun SUBEB, Ijebu-Ode LGEA and general public should take note. SOKOYA I formerly known and addressed as Miss Sokoya Bolanle Abigael, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Awofala Bolanle Abigael. All former documents remain valid. Teaching Service Commission, Ogun State and general public should take note.

KOLAWOLE I formerly known and address as Kolawole Olajide Dennis, now wish to be known and address as Kola, Agbonkeri Dennis. All former documents remain valid. St luks A/C Sch Supare, VCI Ikare and general public should note. AYELESO I, formerly known and addressed as Ayeleso Gabriel Temidayo, now wish to be known and addressed Durosimi Gabriel Temidayo. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. OKENI I, formerly known and addressed as Mrs. Comfort Ekomokhome Okeni, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Comfort Ekomokhome Olubudo. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. ANDREW I, formerly known and addressed as Andrew Shokare Omotoyinbo, now wish to be known and addressed Robin Shokare Wealth. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. UNURIEH I, formerly known and addressed as UNURIEH SIMON ETEREIGHO, now wish to be known and addressed as UNURIEH EPHRAIM ETEREIGHO. All former documents remain valid.General public please take note. OKPE I, formerly known and addressed as MISS OKPE VERONICA ONYEJECHE, now wish to be known and addressed as MRS AMEH VERONICA ONYEJE. All former documents remain valid. The general public should please take note.

LEMUEL I, formerly known and addressed as MISS ONYENEKE LEMUEL, now wish to be known and addressed as MRS AMUZU JOSEPH LEMUEL. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public should please take note. OGUNLETI I formerly known and addressed as Ogunleti Olubola Motunrayo, now wish to be known and addressed as Afolabi Olusola Motunrayo. All former documents remain valid. General public should take note. OVBIEBO I formerly known and addressed as Miss Ovbiebo Dupe Destiny, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Ibeneme Dupe Destiny. All former documents remain valid. Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and general public should take note. CONFIRMATION OF NAME

That I am known, called and addressed as Mr. Akingboye Okeni, that I now want to be known, called and addressed as Mr. Akingboye Olubudo All former documents bearing any of the above names remain valid. General public should take note.

MAJEKODUNMI I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Rachel Nkechi Majekodunmi, now wish to be known and addressed Miss Rachel Nkechi Apassa. All former documents remain valid. KOTS Integrated Services LTD and general public should please take note. AUDU I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Josephine Audu, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs Josephine Eche. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. CONFIRMATION OF NAME

I, Adedokun Stephen Babarinde is the same person as Adedokun Stephen Ayodeji, now wish to be known and addressed Mr. Adedokun Stephen Ayodeji Babarinde. All former documents remain valid. Osun State Local govt. Service Commission, Osogbo and general public should please take note. RAJI I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Raji Sakirat Abidemi, now wish to be known and addressed Mrs. Ekundayo Sakirat Abidemi. All former documents remain valid. Ifelodun LGA, Ikirun, NYSC and general public should please take note. CITIZEN ENTERTAINMENT Territory South West Distributor Regional Title - Wonbilikiwobia, Oluwatamilore & Abamoda Rate - 18 & 15 (c) 2011

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No of Deals 5 1 29 35


No of Deals 4 43 47

Company Name R. T. BRISCOE (NIGERIA) PLC Sector Totals

No of Deals 17 17


No of Deals 231 28 113 54 93 128 689 75 555 54 56 83 66 148 8 33 352 106 49 42 433 3,396


No of Deals 3 70 36 144 253


No of Deals 75 43 16 33 167


No of Deals 5 3 5 1 2 1 2 19

Company Name Secure Electronic Technology PLC RED STAR EXPRESS PLC TRANS NATIONWIDE EXPRESS PLC Sector Totals

No of Deals 1 1 3 5

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 837,500 0.50 50,000 7.01 1,114,375 2,001,875

Value of Shares (N) 418,750.00 25,000.00 7,805,071.09 8,248,821.09

AIR SERVICES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.99 311,000 9.35 356,083 667,083

Value of Shares (N) 608,747.99 3,342,978.37 3,951,726.36

AUTOMOBILE & TYRE Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 2.66 271,853 271,853

Value of Shares (N) 710,500.61 710,500.61

BANKING Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 8.54 9,969,789 1.73 782,716 7.00 13,059,732 4.10 1,193,642 7.26 9,352,084 2.70 10,803,044 13.76 15,425,644 0.72 16,097,572 16.40 15,878,988 10.00 1,685,971 1.30 4,131,246 1.79 2,808,887 1.14 2,015,113 8.30 5,096,111 1.19 91,401 2.31 2,198,307 6.14 16,271,241 2.99 3,106,242 1.19 4,320,175 1.23 5,579,313 15.35 20,183,638 160,050,856

Value of Shares (N) 84,140,329.35 1,352,258.79 90,917,299.09 4,925,727.36 67,608,894.25 28,590,272.91 208,705,958.30 11,260,699.19 263,581,177.62 16,749,072.28 5,389,631.37 5,027,907.73 2,315,971.09 41,531,709.51 104,197.14 5,022,778.58 98,769,136.00 9,202,118.22 5,045,538.00 7,111,043.77 307,921,356.18 1,265,273,076.73

BREWERIES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 4.63 13,000 205.00 266,040 5.48 1,160,466 87.00 1,786,269 3,225,775

Value of Shares (N) 57,430.00 55,720,828.92 6,394,095.68 155,140,519.06 217,312,873.66

BUILDING MATERIALS Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 25.20 658,224 11.13 1,170,020 121.26 79,853 40.19 263,120 2,171,217

Value of Shares (N) 16,590,751.66 13,007,062.20 9,682,974.78 10,702,775.51 49,983,564.15

CHEMICAL & PAINTS Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 12.48 14,645 20.99 799 2.14 116,682 10.53 114 2.21 100,000 5.27 500 10.93 200 232,940

Value of Shares (N) 176,354.90 17,601.97 249,699.48 1,141.14 221,000.00 2,505.00 2,078.00 670,380.49

Key indicators drop by 0.05%


ESPITE increased market activities , key indicators slumped marginally by 0.05 per cent on the heels of major losses recorded by blue chip stocks. The affected firms include Lafarge WAPCO, Nigerian Bottling Company, University Press Plc, NAHCO, GT Bank, Flour Mills and IBTC Bank. The All-Share-Index dropped by 12.67 basis points to close at 25,072.92, while the Market Capitalisation shed N4 billion to close at N8.011 trillion. Volume of trade climbed to 287.91 million shares, valued at N2.004 billion in 6,261 deals, against 256.92 million units worth N2.57 billion in 5,651 deals recorded on Tuesday. Closed figures of other performance gauges showed that NSE 30 appreciated by 0.75 per cent to close at 1,128.17. NSE-10 Banks and NSE-10 Food, Beverages & Tobacco, gained 1.61 per cent and 0.75 per cent to close at 413.74 and 826.148 respectively. NSE-10 Insurance dipped by 0.75 per cent to close at 178.38, while NSE-5 Oil & Gas closed flat at 334.98. However, transaction opened on a positive note with key indicators appreciating further, from the gains recorded in the week. This was later slowed down by profit taking by investors who wanted to quickly recoup their gains.

COMMERCIAL/SERVICES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.28 1 2.95 32,000 5.78 13,500 45,501

No of Deals 1 2 3


No of Deals 15 1 34 67 70 65 252

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 20,000 3.42 1,718 21,718

Value of Shares (N) 10,000.00 5,583.50 15,583.50

CONGLOMERATES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 2.28 279,267 7.21 36 30.50 188,056 1.18 5,913,580 39.00 549,661 26.14 392,840 7,323,440

Value of Shares (N) 621,574.76 246.60 5,831,638.45 6,978,024.40 21,408,561.35 10,300,780.81 45,140,826.37


No of Deals 24 17 2 1 44

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 5.50 193,727 48.00 69,116 0.50 19,000 3.01 1,333 283,176

Value of Shares (N) 1,025,251.38 3,359,251.27 9,500.00 4,212.28 4,398,214.93


Company Name NIGERIAN WIRE AND CABLE PLC. Sector Totals

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 1,000 1,000

Value of Shares (N) 520.00 520.00


No of Deals 15 75 310 42 71 14 64 18 58 1 27 5 700


No of Deals 14 18 9 33 2 25 101

Company Name IKEJA HOTEL PLC Sector Totals

No of Deals 12 12

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 45.50 7,925 22.00 2,302,007 17.50 1,093,195 12.55 418,356 85.10 361,554 4.81 61,738 5.31 567,720 35.23 143,831 390.00 334,919 32.34 300 0.51 1,363,669 0.61 454,683 7,109,897

Value of Shares (N) 363,879.80 50,600,229.36 19,114,440.73 5,250,367.80 30,836,058.89 297,861.78 3,033,076.03 5,064,616.20 130,773,413.69 9,450.00 689,449.19 277,356.63 246,310,200.10

HEALTHCARE Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.13 372,700 2.35 416,863 24.92 128,854 3.99 124,638 10.02 12,187 1.54 682,094 1,737,336

Value of Shares (N) 389,036.10 974,523.05 3,209,241.11 498,092.19 116,020.24 988,712.98 6,175,625.67

HOTEL & TOURISM Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.38 305,948 305,948

Value of Shares (N) 424,973.00 424,973.00

“The market is a function of demand and supply. Investors key in to take profit and reinvest in other sectors. The drop recorded is only an indication that the market is not staged, but rather reacting to the mandate keyed in on a daily bases,” a broker said. Analysing the performance, market operators, who asked not to be identified, said the market is gradually regaining its confidence, attributing the activities recorded to influx of both foreign and local investors. This they said could also be a reflection of the success level of the past election and the stable financial environment prevailing world wide. However, the banking stocks were the most traded, with a total of 160.051 million shares worth N1.265 billion in 3,396 deals. Zenith Bank recorded the largest chuck of volume traded with 20.184 million units. It was followed by United Bank for Africa, Fin Bank, GT Bank, First Bank, Diamond Bank and Fidelity Bank with 16.271 million shares, 16.098 million shares, 15.879 million shares, 15.426 million shares, 13.060 million shares and 10.803 million shares apiece. Besides the banking stocks, the insurance were also actively traded with 76.337 million


28 7 4 7 1 5 1 6 5 371

Company Name C&I LEASING PLC Sector Totals

No of Deals 17 17

No of Deals 1 3 8 9 1 22

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 11.20 3,958 8.84 2,350 0.60 627,583 5.55 38,700 3.18 568 673,159


No of Deals 109 109


No of Deals 1 83 84


No of Deals 3 3 22 28

No of Deals 1 32 33

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 2.81 726 0.80 12,047,884 12,048,610

Value of Shares (N) 1,938.42 9,525,080.56 9,527,018.98


No of Deals 2 242 5 4 15 4 1 1 17 1 2 7 4 2

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 10,000,000 0.90 3,587,594 1.06 1,108,600 0.50 404,380 3.02 7,578,140 0.50 1,450,500 0.50 15,000 0.54 6,500,000 1.71 157,900 0.50 100 0.50 413,333 0.50 24,744,154 0.55 1,100,265 0.50 310,000

3,096,507 35,330 13,500 651,366 1,000 36,181 3,680 15,001,600 127,500 76,336,630

1,621,579.10 24,271.10 28,755.00 328,075.29 500.00 18,090.50 1,840.00 7,500,800.00 67,576.00 61,937,203.15

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.30 897,628 897,628

Value of Shares (N) 1,160,961.50 1,160,961.50

MARITIME Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 1.52 6,157,511 6,157,511

Value of Shares (N) 9,559,302.68 9,559,302.68

MEDIA Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.51 20,000 0.50 401,339 421,339

Value of Shares (N) 10,200.00 200,669.50 210,869.50

MORTGAGE COMPANIES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 200,000 0.50 520,000 0.70 1,135,956 1,855,956

Value of Shares (N) 100,000.00 260,000.00 756,352.46 1,116,352.46


No of Deals 4 6 10


No of Deals 183 1 1 1 1 187


No of Deals 29 6 6 24 40 17 160 11 293


No of Deals 1 4 15 20


No of Deals 8 8


No of Deals 2 2


No of Deals 2 2

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.50 92,000 0.50 8,009 100,009

Value of Shares (N) 46,000.00 4,004.50 50,004.50

PACKAGING Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 2.48 1,113,699 3.60 500 1.46 3,840 14.70 30,712 0.63 800 1,149,551

Value of Shares (N) 2,711,372.38 1,800.00 5,606.40 429,046.64 480.00 3,148,305.42

PETROLEUM(MARKETING) Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 20.99 123,203 0.50 127,900 66.56 16,624 34.30 29,070 4.86 961,012 148.20 27,932 53.60 809,594 201.50 19,925 2,115,260

Value of Shares (N) 2,474,634.61 63,950.00 1,051,301.76 955,876.47 4,350,578.22 4,231,057.58 43,285,859.19 4,015,904.91 60,429,162.74

PRINTING & PUBLISHING Value of Shares (N) 42,113.12 21,500.00 370,912.97 206,646.00 1,721.04 642,893.13


0.52 0.70 2.24 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.53 LEASING


shares worth N61.937 million, in 3771 deals. LASACO received the highest patronage from investors with 24.744 million shares. It doubled as the most traded in the market. Other actively traded sectors were Information and Communication, Conglomerates, Food Beverages and Maritime with 12.049 million shares, 7.323 million shares, 7.110 million shares and 6.158 million shares. On the price movement table, 58 stocks recorded price changes with 31 appreciating, while the remaining 27 reduced in value. Cement Company of Northern Nigeria, was the only stock with a five per cent gain, adding N0.53 to close at N11.13, while the next 11 stocks on the gainers table recorded between 4.17 and 4.96 per cent gain. These include UBA, Access Bank, Neimeth, Air services, Oceanic Bank, Evans medical, Presco, AG Leventis , Union Homes and FinBank. On the losers table, Bank PHB and Japaul Oil both recorded five per cent drop, followed by eight others with price drop ranging from 4.13 and 4.99 per cent. Meanwhile, the NSE yesterday marked down the prices of Dangote Sugar Plc for a dividend of N0.60, Dangote Cement Plc for a dividend of N2.25 and GT Assurance Plc, for a dividend of N0.09 as recommended by their board of directors.


Value of Shares (N) 1.22 98,560.00 74,250.00 172,811.22


By Tonia Osundolire

Value of Shares (N) 5,000,000.00 3,151,304.97 1,171,862.00 202,190.00 24,968,666.24 725,250.00 7,500.00 3,510,000.00 270,009.00 50.00 206,666.50 12,372,077.00 605,140.45 155,000.00

Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 3.68 1,000 6.84 25,285 4.61 225,323 251,608

Value of Shares (N) 3,500.00 164,352.50 1,047,748.95 1,215,601.45

REAL ESTATE Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 16.00 24,704 24,704

Value of Shares (N) 385,950.88 385,950.88

ROAD TRANSPORTATION Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.56 75,000 75,000

Value of Shares (N) 42,000.00 42,000.00

TEXTILES Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 0.68 25,292 25,292

Value of Shares (N) 16,439.80 16,439.80


Quotation(N)Quantity Traded 16.30 314,848 314,848

Overall Totals



Value of Shares (N) 5,135,686.21 5,135,686.21 2,003,367,450.28





NEWS Swiss freeze $82m linked to Gbagbo


HE Swiss government says it has identified assets worth 70 million Swiss francs ($82 million) linked to Ivory Coast’s former leader Laurent Gbagbo. The Foreign Ministry says the assets were blocked as part of a government order in January. Gbagbo refused to cede power after losing a November election but was arrested April 11 by forces loyal to democratically elected President Alassane Ouattara. Swiss Foreign Ministry spokesman Adrian Sollberger told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the assets were frozen to prevent them being withdrawn before Ivory Coast can determine if they are of criminal origin. Switzerland said Monday it had also linked frozen assets worth almost $1 billion to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and the ousted presidents of Egypt and Tunisia.

Rawlings wife for Ghana president


HE wife of Ghana’s ex-leader Jerry Rawlings has launched a campaign to stand for president. Nana Konadu Rawlings is challenging the incumbent John Atta Mills for his National Democratic Congress party’s nomination ahead of polls in 2012. Analysts say it shows divisions within the ruling NDC and a desire by Mr Rawlings to have greater influence. Rawlings seized power in military coups in 1979 and 1981, before serving as elected president from 1993 to 2001. The BBC’s David Amanor in the capital, Accra, says the former first lady’s challenge has caused quite a stir. It is the first time since the return to democracy in 1992, when presidential two-term limits were introduced, that a sitting head of state has been challenged as party leader in the first term of office, he says. But supporters of Mr and Mrs Rawlings say the Mills government has strayed too far from the principles of the NDC.

DR Congo minister sacked over boat mishap T HE transport minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been sacked for failing to prevent a string of fatal boat accidents. A government spokesman said Marie-Laure Kawanda had not been able to “ensure that regulations related to navigation are respected”. In the latest incident, about 100 people were re-

ported missing after a boat sank on the Kasai river on Monday. DR Congo has few viable roads or railways but several major waterways. Boat transport is widely used; however, the vessels are often overloaded or badly maintained, and accidents are commonplace.

Information Minister Lambert Mende said Ms Kawanda should have done more to tackle safety. “She should have introduced rules to prevent boats travelling at night and to stop cargo boats from carrying passengers,” he told Reuters. The boat on the Kasai - a

tributary of the Congo river - was not registered to carry passengers but was reportedly carrying 300 people when it sank overnight on Sunday. Another boat capsized in the same river last year, leaving up to 200 people dead. The Red Cross says about 40 people died last week when a crowded boat sank on Lake Kivu, on DR Congo’s eastern border.

ICC seeks arrest of three Libyans for crime


HE International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor is seeking three arrest warrants in his investigation into crimes against humanity in Libya. Luis Moreno-Ocampo did not give any names but told the United Nations Security Council that crimes were continuing. The forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have been fighting an anti-government uprising for two months. Meanwhile an aid ship has

docked in the besieged city of Misrata, despite ongoing bombing by pro-Gaddafi forces. In his report to the UN Security Council, Mr MorenoOcampo noted that between 500 and 700 people were estimated to have been killed in Libya in February alone. He has so far not named the targets of the arrest warrants - which he said he planned to submit in the next few weeks. The BBC’s Barbara Plett at UN headquarters in New

York says the warrants will apparently focus on the initial clampdown against protesters. The report noted that the alleged crimes were said to have been committed on the instructions of only a few people at the top, raising the prospect that Col Gaddafi and members of his inner circle may be charged. The prosecutor’s office is also continuing investigations into serious allegations of rape, and reports

that angry mobs in the rebelheld Libyan city of Benghazi killed dozens of Africans thought to be mercenaries. Our correspondent says Mr Moreno-Ocampo has warned he will open further cases as necessary. Meanwhile, the aid ship, chartered by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), brought 180 tonnes of food and medicines to Misrata, after a four-day delay caused by fighting near the port.



TOMORROW In The Nation ‘If it took America 10 years that witnessed the deaths of so many people, including the innocent, to take revenge then, it shows that this is just the beginning of the decline in America’s leadership of the world’




UST as this newspaper got set to go to bed on Sunday, the news broke that the boxer Henry Cooper had passed on. I rushed back to the newsroom to squeeze in a few lines. Cooper deserved it. He was a great fighter, the only one reputed to have floored Muhammed ‘the greatest’ Ali when he was still known as Cassius Clay. That was in 1963 in London. His killer left hook, which his army of fans called ‘Enery’s ‘ammer’, marked him out as a boxer the world of pugilism would never forget. And it rose to salute his talent, his style, his courage and his finesse. He and Ali later became good friends. Sir Henry died just two days to his 77th birthday. But his memories remain evergreen. Fans have recalled his fight against Ali, who had just won the Olympic gold medal. He gave Sir Henry no chance, calling him ‘a tramp, a bum and a cripple’. That was Ali ‘the poet’ at his theatric best. The champ got it all wrong; he was almost knocked out in the fourth round when Sir Henry delivered his lethal left blow. Ali went down. He was almost out. Ali, ‘the Lousville lip’, said later that he was hit so hard that his “ancestors in Africa felt it”. Feeling good that all was well for the night, I drove home, but I couldn’t sleep deeply – many reporters have not been able to since the elections began – as I rolled all over the bed. What’s amiss? So much, I was later to find out. The phone rang at about 4.55am. Gbemiga Ogunleye of Television Continental (TVC) called to break the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed by United States commandos. I rushed to switch on the television and there it was on all the leading channels. So began my journey to the production of the first special/commemorative edition of this newspaper. My colleagues and I felt it would not be fair to history and our readers not to immediately put the news in print. At that point, commercial interest gave way to professionalism. An eight-page all-colour newspaper came out that evening. The story deserved it all. Bin Laden was America’s most wanted suspect. For almost 10 years, they searched for him, following the September 11 attacks that humbled America, assaulting its military and economic might. Thousands died in that attack. The world was shaken. America was furious. Former President George Bush ordered that bin Laden must be seized – dead or alive. A massive manhunt began – on the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, in the caves and on the streets. Air travel became a rigorous experience, with security tightened all around the world. There was panic as the attacks that brought down the World Trade Centre twin towers – the symbols of America’s economic muscle- and tore through the Pentagon- the pillar of its military strength - set off a series of other terrorist attacks. There had been some before September 11, but none was as devastating as that. Right there in America. It was the day war came to America, as a newspaper put it. London got a taste of it on July 7, 2005 when many, including a promising Nigerian youth, Anthony Fatayi-Williams, were killed when a

RIPPLES AYC: Amiesimaka blasts again says Nigeria still cheats




The end...

•bin Laden

bus was attacked. In October 2002, bin Laden’s men struck at a Mombasa resort, blowing up a hotel full of Israelis and others in Kenya’s famous holiday resort. On the scene of horror lay at least 15 bodies. No fewer than 80 were wounded. Al-Qaeda, bin Laden’s terror machine, claimed responsibility for the savagery that brought sorrow to many homes and sent governments around the world strengthening security. So much cash and attention that would have gone into fighting hunger and disease went into security, even in countries that could barely feed their citizens. It would have been another day of horror on December 25, 2009 when a Nigerian youth, Farouk Abdulmuttalab, son of respected businessman Alhaji Umaru Muttalab tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airplane. Bin Laden claimed to be the architect of the failed bid. When bin Laden was eventually found, it was not in the caves, but in a Pakistani mansion where he lived in luxury. An early account said he was hiding behind a woman believed to be his wife when the US commandos cornered him. Another said it was not so; a woman had charged at a commando and was shot, but she did not die. Yet another said although he was not armed, bin Laden resisted his capture. He

was shot. The end. Never has a man given the world so much to worry about. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gavaria (remember him?) was no match for bin Laden, despite his records. He lived a dreadful life of crime, running a drug cartel that grew into a global terror machine, killing hundreds – some accounts said thousands – and making nonsense of the Colombian legal system as a tool to ensure good conduct among all residents. He was a law unto himself. Escobar was hated by many, forcibly respected by some who accepted their fate, having found no succour in the authorities against his tyranny and, definitely, feared by all, including the government. Americans were troubled by his activities. After years of hunting for him, Americans got Escobar. He was shot dead in 1992. The end. There was jubilation in the United States over bin Laden’s death. Europe was excited. The Arab world, shaken by a sweeping battle for reforms, was cautious. Some felt the man they saw as the symbol of their perceived American imperialism was unjustly assassinated. As the Americans celebrated the end of the bin Laden saga and braced up for the coming likely backlash, somewhere in Nigeria, away from the global television audience in Osun State, a town mourned its future – a future represented by two youths hacked down by mindless rioters in the post-election violence in Bauchi. Gbongan had no choice; it must handle the grim but necessary task of burying two young men on whom so much hope of a better society was pinned. The town was soaked in tears as it buried Ebenezer Ayotunde Gbenjo on Monday. He was a star, dimmed by the sheer savagery of those who still see man as a beast just holidaying in town, away from his natural home in the jungle. Women were crying. Men were shaking their heads in total befuddlement. Many were asking: why? Where will the answer come from? Ayotunde, an Economics graduate of the



Olabisi Onabanjo Univerisity (OOU), AgoIwoye, Ogun State, was the son of a retired 73year old Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife driver, who struggled to see him through school. His mother, Sarah, also retired, is 71. Instead of an NYSC discharge certificate from their son to mark the end of the one-year compulsory service, they got a death certificate. Fate. Cruel fate. For Venerable Oladayo Olaniran, it was a wicked irony of fate. He delivered the sermon at the funeral of his church member whom he had found to be exceptional. He said Ayotunde would have, in fact, gone for the service last year, but for an ailment that kept him bedridden. He recalled that he missed the boy’s call a day before the incident. If they had spoken, said the cleric, perhaps they would have prayed to avert the impending calamity. “He was too dedicated and committed to God’s work. He had prepared himself for death by his exemplary lifestyle. He was humble, unassuming and reserved… He was the church’s assistant organist. I remember the day he was the only one that dug the ground in church for a water channel,” Ven. Olaniran said of Ayotunde. Among his unfulfilled plans was to repaint the St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Gbongan. I hope somebody will do that in his memory. The body of the other youngster, Kehinde Jelili Adeniyi, was buried on Tuesday. The tribulation seemed too much for the town. Tears rolled down the cheeks of many, including Deputy Governor Titilayo Laoye-Tomori, as members of the NYSC bore the body for the final rites. It was so moving. The late Jelili was a graduate of Banking and Finance at the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. He was five when his father died. When news of his death was broken to his mother, the seventy-year-old woman fainted twice. His brother spoke of his agony as he desperately searched for information about Jelili. An NYSC official, he said, told him to come for Jelili’s body instead of calling for information. That was harsh. Such officials are not needed in NYSC. These deaths have deepened the mystery of the phenomenon that remains a hard nut for man to crack. To some, bin Laden died a martyr. To others, it is a final farewell to a monster who fought all the ideals – freedom, openness, justice and equity - that they live for. If bin Laden was hunted down for his atrocities, why were the Corps members –nine in all – killed? Who killed them? Are they happy now that they have caused so much grief to their families? The only way to honour the Youth Corps boys is to find their killers and ensure that justice is done. That way, the message will be clear: Never again; Nigeria is no jungle. •For comments, send SMS to 08057634061

•Hardball is not the opinion of the columnist featured above

What really was bin Laden’s message?


OTWITHSTANDING conspiracy theories, there is little doubt Osama bin Laden, the self-acclaimed and unrepentant terrorist who tormented the United States while he lived, was shot dead inside Pakistan on Monday. Members of his family, including his daughter who claimed he was unarmed when he was shot, confirm his death. And in spite of campaigns to get incontrovertible proof of his death, it is unlikely US authorities will release photographs of his corpse in order to convince sceptics the terror mastermind is gone. Pakistani authorities also know from interrogations of bin Laden’s family that the 54-year-old Saudi-born Yemeni was killed when US Navy Seals stormed his hideout at Abbottabad, near Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan. Irrespective of these facts, however, there will always be sceptics who either doubt his death or who think he died long ago in Afghanistan. But beyond bin Laden’s death, the controversies surrounding his killing, and possible political capital the Barack Obama

presidency could draw from it, is the message of the man himself. What really was his message for which he conducted such an elaborate and obsessive terror campaign? He was a rich but bored only son of his mother. There is no record of any extraordinary feat of courage on his part in all the wars he got involved in, starting from the Afghanistan campaign against Soviet occupation to all the terrorist activities his men carried out. And, for a man who talked tough against the US and other European nations, it is curious he went to great lengths to conceal himself in caves and unlikely hideouts. In addition, while the organisation he founded sent misguided men to their untimely deaths, he secluded himself in comfort, obviously in mortal dread of dying, with his wives and fathering children. He did everything but lead an ascetic life to which his crusade should naturally inspire him. The best analyst will be hard put to make sense of bin Laden’s fragmented and disparate thoughts. No matter how deeply one searches for anything close to a modicum of consistent

religious belief, the effort ends in futility. In the vast kitchen midden of his mind, you will probably find elements of paranoia, schizoid approach to international politics, and extreme indulgence of religious intolerance and fanaticism. You will also find elements of irrational hatred for Western way of life, though he was not fundamentally averse to some of its perks. Even his hatred for the US, after first allying with them against the Soviets, remains inexplicable. He claimed they desecrated Saudi Arabia when the US Army joined hands with that country to fight off Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Yet he never explained how the death and destruction he dispensed to infidels and Muslims alike, a medieval staple of humanity’s anguished past to which many people in the Arab world irrationally subscribes, fits any religious doctrine involving a compassionate God. For someone who was more or less an anarchist, it is passing strange that even lettered and supposedly intelligent people in many parts of the world, including sadly Nigeria, sympathised with his hysteria and excesses.

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