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The Mycenaean May 28, 2014

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, N.C.

Volume XXI, Issue 4

Class of 2014 Senior Issue

Biswas redefines what it means to be valedictorian By: Lindsay Baker Staff Writer

For most, being named high school valedictorian might seem like the ultimate educational honor. While it is an honor, Sonali Biswas, senior, finds that the prestigious title simply ensures that she’s done her absolute best. “The title of valedictorian only means that I did well in some AP classes. I think people give it more importance than it deserves. Honestly, to me, it just means that I tried my best and that it worked out. I’ve worked the hardest I could possibly work,” said Biswas. Throughout her high school career, Biswas has successfully completed 14 AP classes. Some of these include AP Spanish and AP Statistics. The diversity of her class transcript only goes to show Biswas’s wide variety of interests. Although her favorite course was AP Spanish, Biswas admited, “I genuinely enjoyed every single class I was in because I felt like all of them were applicable to my life or to what I wanted to do.” Biswas’s motivation to take so many AP classes first stemmed from her multiple interests, as well as the environment AP classrooms provide. “What inspired me [to take AP classes] was I wanted to learn more about what I’m interested in, and I feel like in AP classes, you’re in this atmosphere where

everyone wants to learn and teachers are more relaxed and focused on you and having discussions instead of doing busywork. That’s what I wanted; I didn’t want to do busy work all the time,” said Biswas. With that said, Biswas currently has a cumulitivite GPA of 5.34, the highest Leesville Road High School has seen. When Biswas isn’t busy studying or doing her best in school, she enjoys indulging herself in the arts. “I really like playing piano...I really like knitting. That’s my guilty pleasure. I [also] really like to read, and I love drawing. Half my wall is a chalk board, so I just draw on that all the time. It’s really fun,” said Biswas. In order to keep a healthy balance between her schoolwork and her art-filled freetime, Biswas sticks to important advice: “You should never focus on the grade: you should always focus on the experience...Once I was able to just focus on learning the material, I felt like I learned a lot more. In life in general, I stopped focusing on the details of everything and actually saw the big picture. I realized that I

needed to calm down every once in a while. I felt a lot better.” This very insightful wisdom was first given to Biswas by Senor Ross, a teacher who feels very strongly about Biswas’s accomplishments and character in the classroom. “It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Sonali. Her work ethic, her ability to excel in a myriad of activities and her caring nature are an inspiration to me,” said Ross. “She is comfortable with herself and is willing to share her skills and talents with others while simultaneously doing all that she can to bring out the best in others.” Cayla Culbreth, one of Biswas’s good friends, also thinks highly of her dedication to helping others: “She’s a really good listener. She’s really good at helping you with your problems. She always puts other people before herself.” Culbreth also enjoys how humble and down to earth Biswas is despite her title. “She’s funny, and she’s just really humble which is good because a lot of valedictorians are kind of snobby and they think they’re better than everyone, but she’s not like that,” said Coburth. In the fall, Biswas plans to attend Duke University. Although Duke wasn’t her first choice, Biswas is happy with her decision. “What’s really drawing me

“‘You should never focus on the grade: you should always focus on the experience...’”

“‘I’ve worked the hardest I could possibly work.’”

College: Duke University Favorite class: AP Spanish Favorite movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favorite saying: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” -Steve Jobs

to Duke is that it’s close to home and the atmosphere. They’re really supportive of all your passions, and they really want you to grow...It’s really a fantastic school.” At Duke, Biswas wants to take the “pre-med route” and complete all prerequisite classes, eventually going on to medical school. In addition, Biswas wants to continue pursuing her love of the Spanish language and liberal arts.

As for her legacy at Leesville, Biswas hopes people will remember her for her best qualities, like her friendly nature and love of education. “Sometimes there’s this idea that all valedictorians are in there just to get the grade and get out and go to a really good school. I hope I’m remembered for actually enjoying high school and having friends and being social and still being interested in learning, not grades,” said Biswas.

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--Dr. Mutillo

Cumulative GPA: 5.34



“‘Tear into your future.’”

More about Biswas:




Senior News

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 2 The Mycenaean,

The Mycenaean

Ronk’s work ethic and drive equates to success

By: Sloane Coble Staff Writer

Halle Ronk most definitely deserved the title “Most Quiet”, and “Salutatorian” is no different. With a GPA of 5.21, Ronk com-

pleted 12 APs through junior and senior year. “My parents have always encouraged us to strive academically,” said Ronk. “I think...coming into high school I started out, of course, [with] honors and academic classes and just continued on after...starting to realize what I could achieve. I enjoyed the AP experience so I kept going.” Ms. Dobbin, science teacher, says her favorite part about teaching Halle is her genuine hunger for knowledge. “She is the kind of student who challenges you as a teacher to develop lessons that will challenge her. I always know that Halle is giving her very best and it encourages me to continue giving my very best,” said Dobbin in an e-mail interview. Sahana Venkatesh, senior and friend, insists both Ronk’s academic record and character are something to notice: “ [Halle] is really nice, [and] she is always on top of her work...She is a really

good friend; she is not very judgemental and she is very social,” said Venkatesh. School is not all that Ronk lives for, though. In her free time, Ronk enjoys playing piano, tutoring, swimming and other sports. “I have coached gymnastics for a long time; I was a gymnast for a long time and a cheerleader, as well,” she said. Ronk puts a lot of weight on selfmotivation to keep up with such success. “I think it has definitely been more of a self-motivation; my parents have always encouraged me to do well, but I think the drive was always ultimately coming from myself rather than some external factor,” she said. All of the motivation and diligence pays off; Ronk received scholarship offers from both Duke University and University of North Carolina. “After a long decision [making process], I decided actually after the deadline,

sadly. Between Duke and UNC, I finally picked UNC...…[UNC] is an incredible school so, either way, I think [I] would be happy wherever I go,” she said. With her college plans cemented, Ronk is now looking forward to planning a career in medicine. “So I am looking to eventually, hopefully, get into medical school and one day become a doctor.” When asked what she has to say about her high school experience, Ronk declares work ethic is number one. “One of the biggest things that I have learned is having a ethic and drive to do things is probably the most important thing. I think you definitely need that work ethic to get by,” said Ronk. As she goes on to achieve her career goals, Leesville will miss such a dedicated student. Dobbin’s parting words: “Halle is a great person who has a bright future ahead of her.”

Cumulative GPA: 5.21 College: UNC Chapel Hill Favorite class: AP Biology Least favorite class: APUSH

Kennedy’s self-motivation pushes her to top Cumulative GPA: 5.0313 College: North Carolina State University Favorite class: Anatomy Favorite lunch spot: Bruegger’s

By: Juliana Rube Senior Editor

Three words -- personable, humble and motivated -- define who Claudia Kennedy is as a student at Leesville Road High School. Her hard work and studiousness these past four years has landed her in third class rank of over the 500 other seniors. “I planned on working hard to end up on the top,” said Kennedy. “It was the goal all along.” And that, she did. Kennedy rocketed her way to the top with an impressive 5.0313 GPA, tackling 8 AP’s -- Calculus AB and BC, Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, English Literature, Environmental Science and Statistics -- and excelling in all of her classes.

“I’m a very driven student,” said Kennedy. “When I want something done, I’ll get it done.” Kennedy balances her time as a hardworking student with her duties as Class Council president, a title she has held for the past four years, along with her involvement in National Honors Society and her position as a violinist in Leesville’s Chamber Orchestra. Kennedy also works at A Cleaner World and volunteers as a horse feeder at Hope Reins, a horse farm that pairs rescued horses with children in need. Although the life of green and blue has kept Kennedy content for the past four years, she is ready to move onto bigger and better things at NC State University. Inspired by her love of animals and

a passion to help others, Kennedy has decided to pursue a degree in Animal Science with the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian. To further her journey, Kennedy received The Pre-Veterinary Medical Association of NCSU Scholarship, the PTSA Academic Scholarship and the State Employees Credit Union “People Helping People” Scholarship. Kennedy: “I’m looking forward to classes that are hands on, with direct interaction with animals. Just the whole college experience and everything the future has to offer really excites me.” Before she leaves the Pride family, Kennedy hopes that she can be remembered “as someone who tried her best in everything she did and gave herself to others.”

Based off of her excellence at Leesville, that dream is definitely a reality.

“Perfect for families, perfect for friends, let Manchester’s Bar and Grill be perfect for you” Monday-Thursday 11-10 PM | Friday- 11-11 PM | Saturday- 12-11 PM | Sunday- 12-9 PM

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 3 The Mycenaean,

A letter to the seniors: Dear Seniors, On graduation day, this June 6th, I will have been your principal for the past 767 days. Although that may seem like a long time, it accounts for approximately one-half of your time as high school students. I write this letter with mixed emotions. I am certainly proud to have been your principal for a little over two years, but I wish I would have had the opportunity to serve as your principal for all four years of your high school career. In the short time that I have known all of you, I have been impressed with your dedication and drive both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. Being a high school principal is certainly a demanding job, and to be honest, there is typically a part of every day when I question whether I make enough of a difference. What sustains me, however, is the many times a day when you remind me why being the principal of Leesville Road High School is such a great job. We have incredibly talented students, and as seniors, you are certainly the leaders of the student body. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your success in the classroom, in athletic venues, as well as in performances in the auditorium. This spring has been particularly enjoyable as I have had the opportunity to attend most senior nights and hear about your ambitious plans after high school. As you graduate from Leesville Road High School as the class of 2014, move forward with the confidence that you have been wellprepared for the next phase of your life. You will continue to represent Leesville even after you graduate, so I challenge you to do so in a way that maintains and furthers our strong reputation in the community. I leave you with your own words as they appear on the senior wall, and hope that whatever path you choose to explore, you “tear into your future.” You will be missed, Dr. Muttillo

Senior song, gift, motto: Class song:

Class gift:

Class motto:

This year the seniors chose “Roar” by Katy Perry to portray their love for Leesville. Sung at football games, the song is often a source of inspiration and hype for students. Lyrics like “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, ‘cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar. Louder, louder than a lion, ‘cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar...” encourages both players and fans. This song is the perfect embodiment of spirit and pride.

The seniors decided to rejuvenate the school by purchasing new mirrors for the bathrooms, a much appreciated donation. Students - especially girls - have suffered over the years when trying to complete the task of checking their reflection. A simple bathroom selfie is nearly impossible when fighting years of grime and scratches. One would think recent bathroom renovations would include new mirrors, but thanks to the senior class it will be a worry no more. At least for a few years.

The motto this year is one that both reflects on the past and looks forward to the future. It poignantly considers the idea that no day should be wasted. This is especially true for young adults ‘entering’ the world. Time really is of the essence, and every minute should be valued.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” -Dalai Lama

Leesville seniors take patriotic path By: Ben Pope Junior Editor

After this spring’s graduation, almost 500 Leesville seniors will move on to the next stage of their lives. For a certain few, however, a particularly admirable transition lies on the horizon: enlistment in the United States armed forces. More than a half-dozen members of the senior class currently plan to enlist. All will gain valuable educational and leadership experience while protecting the country. We spoke to five about their decision and noticed common underlying themes among the group’s motivations. Yet each have their own unique motives to enlist as well. Jabri Singleton, who plans to enlist in the Navy, hopes to carry on his family military legacy. “I’m excited to join the Navy because I feel like it’s a really good experience for me, for both traveling the world and...educational-wise,” he said. He hopes to reach officer status within five years and see how it goes from there. Casey Nann, an aspiring member of the Air Force, also has fam-

ily ties to the armed forces. “I had family friends I grew up with who were going to be going into the military,” he said. “I think my experience will be fun. I get to do a

“I wanted to experience life...I wanted to travel and serve my country.” -Goodley lot of new things...go places, learn new skills I can do.” Deiry Rodriquez Diaz, who also plans to join the Air Force, falls on the opposite end of the spec-

trum from Singleton and Nann. “I’m going to be the first one in my family, in all my be in one of the services,” she said proudly. “I’ll be so happy in the service for the United States because I’m not from here.” Others hope to enlist to develop their skills and see a new side of the world. Imperial Goodley, future Army member, seeks to gain a new perspective on human society. “I wanted to experience life...I wanted to travel and serve my country,” he said. Chris Hiovich, who intends to enlist in the Marines, knew higher education wasn’t the right path for him. “[I] just wanted to serve my country, and college wasn’t really what I wanted to do,” he said. Motivations and reasons to enlist may differ, but all six upcoming Leesville graduates and future armed forces members are united by the same patriotic drive and thirst for new experience. “I feel like it’s going to be great. I feel like I’m going to have fun doing it,” said Singleton. His five fellow classmates moving on from 8410 Pride Way to the United States military would also echo those sentiments.

Orientation: what to expect By: Dave Nyamu Staff Writer

Peace China 13220 Strickland Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613 Tel: 919-676-9968

Kids menu available! Kids crispy Sesame Seed Chicken with fried rice combo, comes with a spring roll and 16 oz. drink, is only $5!! Many other options too!

With college coming up for some seniors, many have already begun preparing for their overnight orientation. This orientation is designed to give incoming freshmen an idea of what to expect for their next school year. Current University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and former Leesville student, Brendan Marks shared words of advice for all seniors. “I thought I was going to sit down with advisors and go through my classes and have them really lead the way. But they didn’t,” he said. “You have to go into orientation with an idea of what classes you want to take, and really guide your advisors. In college, you have to do things for yourself, and orientation is a good introduction to that.” No matter what the college is, all orientations have the same goal: To familiarize the incoming freshmen with the college and make them comfortable. Before seniors embark on their first

Current students serve as guides during most colleges’ orientations. Seniors should come to orientation ready to learn information about their college.

night at their college, they should first be prepared. Preparation for orientation includes having an idea of what classes, housing and food plans to sign up for. Also, seniors should be ready to meet new people and try new things. “They split us up from our parents, so we were forced to make new friends early on,” said Marks. In order to obtain what information and finish tasks, seniors should be forward and avoid passiveness. Most importantly, have’s where you’ll spend the next year (or more) of your life!

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 4 The Mycenaean,

Atkinson to embark on Kenyan journey By: Parker Yount


Staff Writer

Sarah Atkinson, a Leesville Road High School senior, will be traveling across the world to study abroad starting this summer. Her exact destination is Machakos, Kenya. That’s over 5,000 miles away from our high school. It’s a bit of a hike. But this is no “hike” at all to Atkinson. “I was intrigued by the people there and the culture there when I visited for mission work,” she said. “I’ve been there twice, and the second time I truly fell in love with the country.” Kenya, in East Africa, has an estimated 43 million people, most of whom speak Swahili or English. Many know Kenya as a “developing country” and with good reason. Half of the country lives in poverty. Kenyan leaders have been trying for years to refine the government of Kenya, and these refined areas were highlighted in its newly written constitution that was created in 2013. Atkinson will be leaving for Kenya on August 20 of this year, so she will have the summer to finalize plans and enjoy her time at home. She plans to be back five days before Christmas of 2014. She will then make a second planned trip to Kenya in 2015. Concerning her plans while in Kenya, Atkinson will stay at a

Sarah Atkinson, senior, will return to Kenya this August to teach in a Christian private school. She plans to be home before Christmas of 2014.

private Christian school. She will stay with the administrator of the school, whom she says shes grown “very close” to. She will be teaching primarily girls, with a few boys mixed in. Atkinson has been an active member at Bay Leaf Baptist Church in North Raleigh and has been on multiple mission trips, along with lots of work here in the Leesville/North Raleigh community.

“Obviously I want to learn from their culture and their geography, but I’m also going to Kenya to share my faith with these kids,” she said. “You can’t necessarily go to Kenya without a specific purpose, so my purpose will be to gain and teach education with the kids. But my visit is certainly faith-related and that’s what I’m most excited about.” Moving to Kenya not only marks the beginning of a new and

exciting chapter in her life, but it closes an old chapter. “I’m super excited to be done with school. I’ve loved my time here and the teachers and classes such as Mrs. Ennis’s sports med classes. I’ll miss those people the most.” But moving across seas presents its own challenges. Not only will Atkinson be dealing with new people, new places and a new culture, but she will be on her own. She is rooming with a girl she has never met before, a native Kenyan. Atkinson has exchanged pictures with her future roommate, but they have never officially met. So understandably, the nerves may kick in as the time to depart grows closer. “I’m a little nervous. It’s a new start and rooming with an entire stranger at this point is a bit scary. I am keeping the faith and know that this is all in God’s hands.” It isn’t often that a student finds her path for the future at such a young age. This is an opportunity that few people are able to participate in and Atkinson is grateful for the fact that she can. It’s an admirable thing to do for anyone. If you see Atkinson in the halls, tell her congrats or wish her luck. She appreciates anyone that would pray for her in the coming year as she begins her endeavor. Some students are remembered for their legacy in school. Perhaps Sarah Atkinson will be remembered for her legacy outside of Leesville.

The Mycenaean staff 2013-2014 Editor-in-Chief- Camille Churchwell Senior Editor- Juliana Rube Senior Editor- Catie Byrne Junior Editor- Connor Choate Junior Editor- Ben Pope Junior Editor- Alex Stephens Staff Writers- JC Zargo, Carson Ellerby, Sloane Coble, Dave Nyamu, Alec Way, Jill Schuler, Jasmine Howell, Dyamond Howell, Alli Perrin, Parker Yount, Lindsay Baker, Alison Jester, Dani Solovay, Davis Raynor

Community college as next step By: Alec Way Staff Writer

As second semester winds down, students begin to hear back from colleges as they make the pivotal decision that will impact their next four years, if not their entire life. Approximately 90% of Leesville students will go higher education, 70% of which will attend four-year universities. However, for the other 20% an opportunity in community colleges and technical schools await. Although community colleges tend to carry a negative connotation, they fulfill an instrumental role with some very considerable perks. The most obvious perk is price. NC State’s estimated tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 school year is $24,330. In contrast, Wake Tech’s is $1,185. In a market where a stable job is not guaranteed upon graduation, this could make a huge difference. It is not uncommon for a college freshman to change majors two or three times. A community college allows students to explore many different major options with relatively little risk compared to full-scale university. Additionally, students can attend a community college for a couple of years before transferring into a major university. This would allow them to discover their career path and take general-education classes in a technical school, while still receiving an accredited education in a university program for a particular field. Although technical schools may not be as competitive in the career field, in today’s job market many four-year college graduates are taking careers they are overqualified for Also, community colleges tend to have smaller classes and more flexible schedules than their university counterparts, all of which should be considered. Christie Comer, senior attending Wake Tech in the fall, said, “My grades may not have been the best because I slacked a lot, but I don’t see a point in going to university and paying a lot more to be able to take the same classes.” However, there are some major cons to attending a community college as well. A limited curriculum and lighter workload can definitely handicap students trying to get a leg up. College is also a time of social development. Community college students tend to be more uninvolved which can potentially hurt a classroom environment if students contributing in class and reaching out to one another out of class. There is a stark lack of campus life as well, an integral part of the college experience. While, clubs/organizations may still exist, not to the extent of a university. Most students will not live on campus, and their lives are likely to be consumed by work and class alone. Clearly there are both pros and cons, both of which, deserve to be weighed and considered. There are many college options out there and students cannot know what’s best for them until they consider them all.

May 2014 6 /22, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 5 The Mycenaean,

Senior Year: moments captured PHOTO COURTESY OF CLEVVER.COM


Aug. 29 2013

Oct.1 2013

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Dec 5 2013

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May 2013 6 /22, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 7 The Mycenaean,

Senior Reflections Spivey taught McIrvine “what it means to live” By: Nicola McIrvine Four years and countless memories. Even though I could write a book on the stories of my time at Leesville, these past few months have been some of

player, and my friend. An immeasurably heavy burden was placed on his shoulders in the form of Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. But from the first time I met Noah to the last time I said goodbye, he always wore a smile. I knew he was in pain though his

the biggest—the most difficult, but also the most beautiful. And without a doubt, if I had written this reflection just a few months ago, I’d be telling a completely different tale. It amazes me that one of my greatest heroes is just ten months younger than me… and has been one of the most outstanding human beings I could ever hope to meet. Noah Spivey was a normal teenager: a boy scout, trumpet-

smile never showed it. While the cancer damaged his body, it never damaged his joy or his faith. My attitude toward high school has been to set goals and reach them. Hard work always pays off. Naturally, I wanted to be the best. But in reality, I’m not the best. I’m not the smartest, the most musical, or the most athletic. When I achieved my goal, it was a nice ego boost. However, when I wasn’t perfect, I made myself miserable wishing I was. But I’ve learned

Contributing Writer

“Life is too short to worry for no reason.”

from Noah that my problems are trivial. Those things don’t matter in relation to my life’s joys. Life is too short to worry for no reason. I can’t win every battle… no one can; but I can cherish the memories down my path, whatever that path may be. As I reflect over

these last four years, I remember the memories and friends I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve been from New York to San Francisco with my favorite band in the world. I’ve been best friends with the same people for thirteen years. And in the past

Do cherishes his best memories of high school By: Pierce Do

Contributing Writer Four years ago I entered Leesville Road High School as a timid and anxious freshman. I remember feeling both extremely exhilarated and frightened at the same time. Being fresh out of a sheltered charter school, I found the colossal buildings and labyrinth of hallways of Leesville to be tremendously intimidating. I was suddenly immersed in a world full of diversity and excitement. I loved it. Down every hallway I encountered new teachers, enthusiastic and passionate about the subjects they taught. Throughout

my time here at Leesville, I have been educated by some of the

most intellectual and compassionate individuals I have ever met. The faculty’s desire to see their students succeed and triumph adversity is something I will forever admire and appreciate. I know I have grown substantially as a student and individual through my experiences here at Leesville. What I find so incredible about this school is the compassion and overwhelming kindness found throughout the student body, faculty, and surrounding community. Through times of tragedy and celebration, I found that Leesville had an unusual ability to bring about unity and cooperation. The exuberant school spirit that floods the classrooms, football field, and gym is absolutely incredible. I will

always cherish the memories I have made with all my fellow Loonies. It is amazing how fast these past four years have flown by. My time at Leesville has molded me into a better student, leader, and friend. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone, and take advantage of every opportunity that is given to me. With graduation now quickly approaching, I look forward into the future with ambition. I would genuinely like to thank all my peers, friends, and teachers at Leesville who have helped me grow throughout my high school experience. We made it fam!

School change gave Etheridge a change in heart By: Aysa Etheridge Contributing Writer

Going to Leesville Road High School was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I originally went to Millbrook my freshman year, but it didn’t feel right after attending LRMS for three years. The amount of pride and school spirit that surrounded me at Leesville made me want to become as involved as I could and make use of time while I was here. Upon my arrival, I made the JV cheerleading team and it was quite an interesting experience.

Although we started with 12 and ended with 8 girls, I wouldn’t change a thing because I met amazing girls where there. Ms. Duckett and Mrs. Kennedy were the coaches at the time, and they became two of my favorite teachers at the school. There are so many memories here, but one I thoroughly enjoyed was being in the production of Hairspray my junior year. The art department puts their heart and soul into these productions to put on a great show. I loved being “Dynamite #2” and having to sing, which is ironic because I can’t sing.

Taking sports medicine was probably one of the best deci-

sions I’ve made in my high school career. As cheesy as it sounds, I really feel like the people that I’ve been in the same class with since sophomore year have become family to me. I thank Mrs. Susan Ennis for not only teaching me what was required for the curriculum but life lessons as well. I’m not saying high school was all fun and carefree, far from it actually, but I tried to make as much of it as I could because I know that when I look back I’ll find pleasure in being able to say “I was a part of this team” or “that club.” But I’m a proud Loonie and will forever remain a Leesville Loonie.

May 2013 6 /22, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 6 The Mycenaean,

Krall finds herself at Leesville By: Haley Krall


Contributing Writer

From brace-faced bus rider to broke, gasless car owner. From the last bleacher to the front fence at home football games. From class try-hard to procrastinating senior anthology writer. I started out here at Leesville High School believing I would end up in a trashcan on Freshman Fridays and hoping that the pool on top of the East Building really existed. Now, as my senior year comes to an end and I flip through the #tbt memories, I’m finding it pretty impossible not to catch the feels. I’ll admit that there are many high school memories that will not be missed, such as walking into the boy’s bathroom multiple times on the second floor where the boys’ is on the opposite side, getting stuck behind the buses while trying to escape the parking lot, or getting trampled trying to go up the main stairs during a class change. But despite all the bad, some very significant things happened to me at Leesville: I gained an amazing, unforgettable group of friends who I wouldn’t change for the world. I also developed a sense of who I am and the kind of person I want to become.

Schuler humorously reflects on high school B :D S avid


Contributing Writer

Granted, it only took me until junior year before I realized that my classmates’ opinions didn’t matter, and I chopped off all my hair. Through it all, I never thought that my time at Leesville would impact me in such wonderful and surprising ways.

“it only took me until junior year before I realized that my classmates’ opinions didn’t matter

I must admit, when I was approached by the Mycenaean to write a reflection, I was floored. I figured it would be a piece of cake, they even gave me a sheet with an example and some guidelines to follow, “A prompt!” I thought. That little sheet turned out to be all but useless. I wanted to answer all three of the guidelines, not just one of them. So I did. The first suggested question was fairly straightforward: “How has Leesville shaped you?” That’s an easy one. More like: “How have I shaped Leesville?”Just ask that tree by the entrance to the parking lot, in all its damaged glory, where I creatively parked the red rocket after a particularly interesting commute back from Taco Bell. See? Easy. The next one was a bit more complicated: “What are your most valuable and memorable experiences at LRHS?” In this case, I’m going to recount yet another tale of embarrassment: lacrosse tryouts, sophomore year. If you ever want to see something pa-

thetic to the point of hilarity, hand an uncoordinated, scrawny white kid a lacrosse stick, some pads, and a hockey helmet, tell him to go play with the big boys, and see if he figures it out as he goes along. I didn’t. Learning from that painful experience, I decided to stick with cross country, which proved to be the most rewarding decision I made in high school. The last guideline suggested I explore a specific experience that I think is symbolic of my time at Leesville. This brings me back to a landmark conversation that I had with my pal Kaighn back in freshman year. After I received a demoralizing grade on a math test, he turned to me and said: “In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter what you got on a single test in high school?” Ironically, Kaighn went on to receive a full ride to Duke, but, more importantly, his simple statement stoked the fires of my existentialism which soon developed into the worst case of early-onset senioritis to plague any freshman in Leesville history.

These past four years have been the best, the worst, the longest, the shortest, the most defining, the most embarrassing, and the most memorable years of my whopping 17 years of existence, and I couldn’t have picked a better school to spend them at. So, at this point there’s only one more thing left to say: Class of 2014, we made it fam.

Hopkins’ four years at Leesville have been unforgettable

By: Michael Hopkins Contributing Writer

To ask someone to reflect on and marginalize an entire four year time period in only a few words is quite ludicrous. To sum up my time at Leesville into a short essay wouldn’t justify the true experience: the people I met, the things I accomplished, and the discoveries I made -- internally and externally -can’t actually be explained in a few words. But since that is my task, I will attempt to endeavor upon it nonetheless. I guess high school, much like life, is what you make it. Many people look back on their awkward time in high school with empty hearts and regret,

but I personally could not have envisioned a better high school experience. Not every day was perfect, and everything didn’t go my way, but I did try my best to make the most out of every day and grow from the failures I suffered. Whether it was admitting to my mediocrity in athletics (this includes, but is not limited to: 4 years of basketball, 4 years of track, and 3 years of football) or rationalizing the acceptance of my only C in 12 years of school (Honors Geometry), I never stopped growing as a person and finding out who I truly was. Who would’ve thought my original jock aspirations would

be replaced by a reality of singing the Hallelujah Chorus on stage with Capital Pride? Or my shocking love of chemistry? No one! So in the end I guess what I really learned while at Leesville is 1) that it’s ok to fail. And 2) that life is unpredictable. Things rarely work out how you envision them, but you must never forget to enjoy every moment because when you look back, high school will be a distant memory. Make sure it’s a memory worth remembering.

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Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 8 The Mycenaean,

All Through

As seniors, we’ve undergone some huge changes in our 12 years of schooling and so has everything around us. The music we listen to, TV shows and movies we watch have evolved as well as our means of watching/listening to them. Even the way we communicate with our friends has changed. We hope that this page brings back nostalgic memories of simpler, and more socially awkward, times.

The television shows that made us who we are PHOTO COURTESY OF PICTRENDS.COM

Middle School As 2007 rolled around and some of our favorite childhood shows came to an end, some of our current favorites swooped in to take their spots. Who can forget wanting to be a psychic with Raven Baxter? Or wanting to live in a hotel with Zack and Cody?


Elementary Remember sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings, eating cereal, and watching your favorite morning cartoons? Switching back and forth between Spongebob and Bear in the Big Blue House was a frequent sight in most homes.

High School Now that we’ve matured into young adults, the choices have broadened. We’ve been exposed to the world of reality TV. And, while some of us still enjoy watching reruns of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, catfights, tearful reunions and love triangles is way too enticing for most of us to resist.


The evolution of communication: AIM to Direct Messages By: Camille Churchwell Editor-in-Chief

Think back to the days of carefree living and endless play. Our childhood was filled with time outside, pretend games and constant activity. We shared all of these experiences with our pals, and that probably has not changed much in high school. What has changed, however, is the way we communicate with our friends. At the tender ages of 4 to about 6, our mothers arranged “playdates” with the children from our class who they deemed acceptable (and whose mothers they enjoyed gossiping with). We really didn’t have much say in where or when

*Cue the awkward, eight year-old, high-pitched voice that emerged when we spoke to adults on the phone* “Hi Ms. ___, can ___ come out and play for a little while?” Then the anticipation hit you...this was do or die. Your friend’s parents either hated you for asking or willingly offered their child up for your entertainment; there was no in between. Once we got a handle on the whole “home phone calling” objective, we could arrange our play sessions among ourselves...with permission from mom (or preferably dad, because frankly, he didn’t really care). Ahh fifth grade, the year we thought we had socially We would fearlessly call our friend (likely a crush) and talk for hours or arrange to see a movie. Or, if we were really cool, we would email them. Lime-green colored text with a hot pink background is truly the best way to ask a fifth grader to be your girlfriend (yes, that happened). Then, the few “chosen ones” were blessed with their very own cell phones around sixth grade, and us peasants would reluctantly provide them with our home phone numbers. The jealousy of not having your very own cell phone ate you up inside every time you saw one. Suddenly, when it became unbearable, you’d muster up the courage to approach your parents with 50 logical reasons they should buy you a cell phone. Our valiant efforts rarely made the cut, so we had to wait for the nearest birthday or holiday to possess that magical piece of technology. Around the same time, email was pronounced dead, and AIM swept through the awkward halls

“The jealousy of not having your very own cell phone ate you up inside every time you saw one.” we played with these kids. Then, something happened when we reached the middle years of our elementary education; our moms made us call and ask for our friends to play. This is probably more true of the neighborhood kids, but it was scary nonetheless. Being handed that large home phone receiver was pretty intimidating. I remember whining and asking my mother to call for me, but I was given a half-hearted pep talk in return.


of middle school. The possibilities of your very own AIM name were endless. However, most usernames followed a common formula: favorite sport + gender + birthday. “soccerchick897” or “basketballboy264” were typical screen names of the time period. Thinking back, AIM was really just preparing us for the constant texting that still endures, even to our late high school days. Texting. The mode of communication that truly changed the game. In its early days, I remember my parents thinking the concept of texting was demonic. Its ubiquitous presence was undeniable, and they soon realized it served its purpose. This purpose for us middle schoolers was staying in touch with our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. every second of everyday of every week of every month. Our conversations were far more important than speaking to our families at dinner, or sleeping at night. Another pivotal moment in our school careers was the emergence

of Facebook. Liking everything in sight, commenting on every sta-

“We began sliding into peoples’ DMs, favoriting and retweeting everything we read.” tus, and most importantly, messaging EVERYONE. Facebook messaging in the middle school years had no rules. It seemed that there were no limits on who you could message or what you could say to them; I’m looking at you, creepy boys. Just like texting, Facebook messaging was something that exceeded all homework or school assignments in importance. We would spend every waking moment hogging our family’s computer messaging or

updating our status, (like people really cared) and we stayed up all night liking and commenting on others’. By the time we entered the doors of Leesville Road High School, Facebook was on its way out, but texting prevailed (because it’s necessary for survival). Group messages successfully blow up our phones and keep us in constant contact with our friends. Then, a wave of new means of communication hit us: Twitter and Instagram, predominantly. We began sliding into peoples’ DMs, favoriting and retweeting everything we read. Instagram is really just a replacement for Facebook, sans statuses. I mean I guess there are DMs on Instagrams, but who actually uses them? All we really do is scroll, look at pictures, like and/or comment, depending on how friendly we are with the person. And those creepy boys who used to message you on Facebook; remember them? They’re still around, lurking and commenting on your pictures, asking you, “U gotta a Kik?” I believe --or I perceive-- Kik is a messaging app created to cater to these creeps. So, I guess some things will never change (sighs).

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Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 9 The Mycenaean,

the Years

The evolution of music mediums reflect teenage culture By: Dyamond Howell Staff Writer

Music has become the pulse of our generation. It’s no doubt that we’ve seen more musical fads in our short 17 or 18 years than our parents have seen in their lifetimes. There was the musical movies phase, like the Cheetah Girls and High School Musical; then there was the dance craze phase, like the Soulja Boy and 2 Step. Oh, and let’s not forget when boy bands and girl groups were still a thing. As technology continues to advance, music production changes, giving way to new genres of music, such as dubstep and trap. It also impacts our way of accessing music. While everyone likes to reminisce on the different styles

of music, we don’t really talk about the different ways we’ve accessed music. It’s definitely safe to say that our ways of getting music have changed along with the styles. “As a child it was all about CDs and anytime a new CD would come out, especially like Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo, we would buy them all the time,” said Michael Dill,

across, other than a radio, was the CD. Because most CD players could hold one CD at a time, choosing which one to take on a trip or on the bus ride to school was probably the first difficult decision children of the millenium

senior. “Now it’s changed from MP3s to iTunes and your illegal sites and pirated sites -- that some people may use. It’s just changed. It’s easier to access music now.” The first form of portable music our generation usually came

had to make. Luckily, some car radios could hold more than one CD. So the only ones who had to suffer were our parents. Then came the wonderful world of the Internet. Before any of us truly knew how to download mu-

sic, our main source of entertainment came from the Almighty YouTube. You could finally watch music videos without looking at a TV. YouTube has been a popular channel for musical communication since its creation in 2005.

“It’s no doubt that we’ve seen more musical fads in our short 17 or 18 years than our parents have seen in their lifetimes.”

The site took off immediately and has been going strong ever since. For a few years before the invention of YouTube, however, MP3 download-

ing soared in popularity, mainly with the creation of the computer software Limewire. Limewire, released May 3, 2000, was a peerto-peer file sharing program that gained widespread popularity amongst those looking for free

music. After a successful 11 year run, a federal court deemed the website illegal and started to investigate the damages necessary to compensate the affected record labels. However, the wave of illegal downloading isn’t over. The most common form of accessing music today is through the internet. While 65% of internet users claim to have actually paid for media content, free file sharing sites have regained popularity. Now, there is even a way to download music by copying the links from YouTube and pasting them into corresponding websites. We should be proud of the advancements of our society. Because when we look back on the days of radio static and scratched CDs, we’ll be amazed at all that’s been accomplished in our time.

The soundtrack of our lives




“This Love” -Maroon 5 “Cha Cha Slide” -DJ Casper

“Teach Me How to Dougie” -Cali Swag District


“Single Ladies” -Beyonce “I’m Yours” -Jason Mraz PHOTO COURTESY OF YOUIMJUSTSAYIN.COM




“Gangnam Style” -Psy “The Motto” -Drake “Thrift Shop” -Macklemore “Wrecking Ball” -Miley Cyrus

“Rolling in the Deep” -Adele “Tik Tok” -Ke$ha





The transformation of movies: from VHS to Netflix By: Alison Jester Staff Writer

It all started with VHS tapes. Remember playing with the plastic wheels that held the movie tape? I’d twirl those things round and round, not realizing that I


2001 Harry Potter: the Sorcerers Stone PHOTO COURTESY OF DISNEY DREAMING.COM

2004 Mean Girls

was rewinding and fast forwarding the sequence of the movie. “I’d always pull out the tape and make it a purse,” said Jill Schuler, a fellow staff writer in Newspaper. Oh, and then remember how whenever you would go to watch another movie, you’d always have to wait for the player to rewind it? I probably learned more about patience in those few minutes of waiting than from anything else. There were those TVs, too--the little ones that my parents put on the floor of the minivan to distract us during those long vacation drives. After those trips my neck would always feel strained from having to look down the entire time. And then the wonderful DVD was invented! Now movies laid victim to chronic scratching and smudging. I remember we’d (and sometimes still do) have stacks and stacks of DVDs out of their cases all surrounding the DVD player. Oh there was so much frustration when you’d get to the best part of the movie and then--

freeze--the movie just stops playing. (It was funny, though, when it’d pause on a very hilarious facial expression.) And oh how I used to praise that “Main Menu” button on the remote! Skipping all the commer-

“I remember we’d (and sometimes still do) have stacks and stacks of DVDs out of their cases all surrounding the DVD player.” cials truly was a happy blessing. When we really did have to watch the commercials there was the all-famous “Coming Soon to DVD” with the deep manly voice

followed by the trickling sound of string instruments. We would always choose which movies were worth seeing and which we could ridicule . Nearly every single movie I watched had that blue screen and white text animated before the movie started. Late-night Blockbuster runs with my dad were always something to look forward to. I always loved the spontaneity of the moment--to suddenly up and drive to Blockbuster and experience the rush of skimming through all the new releases. It wasn’t so fun, though, when we had to return the movie a few days later. It was even less fun when the movie we rented was scratched and we couldn’t watch it. Then the life-saving Netflix slowly revealed itself. I remember my sister and I would rush home from the bus stop to check the mail every day after school. It was such an amazing feeling when we’d find that little square red envelope sitting atop the other mail. It’s pretty amazing how in present time we have access to nearly every movie ever created. No longer are there those late night Blockbuster runs, nor are there frustrated sighs as parents look down at the emaciated DVDs. Everything is digital now, making it much easier to watch hundreds of hours of movies and become even lazier on the couch.



2012 Hunger Games

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Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 10 The Mycenaean,

Four-Year Varsity Gymnastics

“Never give up.” - Bennett


Men’s Soccer “Soccer started out as a sport, but it became a lifestyle.”

- Jami Bennett, Mikaela Kuhnel

- Chris Zappia

Women’s Soccer “You control your own game; you make it what it is.” -Bowers

- Sydney Wooten, Bayley Rigsbee, Mary Kate Bowers, Zaria Maynard

Women’s Tennis

Men’s Golf “I like golf because it’s never the same.”

- Will Franzen


“Everyone should pick up a least once in their life.” - Kazakova

- Jessica Hackman, Sasha Kazakova, Kristina Chappell

Track “Running is a sport where you can truly see your improvement and hard work pay off with every race.” -Bigelow

- Sarah Bigelow, Anthony Strapp

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 11 The Mycenaean,

Lettermen Swimming “It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed meeting new people and...being a part of a school team.” -Jewett

- Mollie Jewett, Lindsey Arata, Griffin Morehead, Sean Yeh


“You fight for your team, you learn from your mistakes, and you try your best.” - Zievis

- Erin James, Laura Zievis

Wrestling “To be in the top 1%, you have to work harder than the other 99%.”

- Matt Cesari

Men’s Lacrosse “Find a way to win.” - Moreno

- CJ Cox, Peter Marino, Drew Farrell, Ryan Moreno, Cody Close (not pictured)


“I love to play volleyball because it is a mental and physical sport.”

- Juliana Rube

Women’s Basketball

“Being able to… encourage each other helped us grow stronger together.”

- Zaria Maynard

May 2014 6 /28, Features 1. Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) Alexander Boatman Bayley Rigsbee Brooks Maynard Camden Leonard Caroline Sager Carson Saffold Colin Ramsey Dan Pollard Danny Mickens Devin Glasgow Dylan Cross Eddie Flint Emma Taylor Erin Smith Georgia Haley Hannah Czajkowski Hannah Laws Jami Bennett Jerome De Leon Jessica Hackman Jonny Huis Justin Gray Kelly Hunter Liz Gifford Louis Roth McKenna Crenshaw Molly Vaughters Morgan Newman Morgan Nystedt Nicholas Boatman Peter Marino Quentin Stephenson Rebecca Tibbetts Timothy Travis Tyler Ruff Will Cleary Zachary Gutierrez 2. Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama) Mollie Jewett 3. Averett University (Danville, VA) Zaria Maynard 4. Bellmont-Abbey College (Charlotte, NC) Kaylee Schwarz 5. Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) Yordani Awono 6. Campbell University (Buies Creek, NC) Jacob Jones Kenneth Robertson Zane Weekman 7. The Chef’s Academy (Morrisville, NC) Yetshaira Vazquez 8. Central Virginia Community College (Lynchburg, VA) Casey Perkins 9. The Citadel (Charleston, SC) Nyshaya Thomas 10. Clemson University (Clemson, SC) John MacRae 11. The College of Charleston (Charleston, SC) Mary Kate Bowers Mikaela Kuhnel

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 12 The Mycenaean,

12. Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO) Rani Corak 13. Columbia College (Columbia, SC) Kristen Jones 14. Community Workforce Solutions, Wake Tech (Raleigh, NC) Justice Randolph 15. Duke University (Durham, NC) Sonali Biswas 16. East Carolina University (Greenville, NC) Ally Astorino Amirah Sellers Andy Wipperman Austin Snyder Bailey Metcalf Ben Lasson Brandon Staves Brian Morrobel Brooke Press Caitlyn Greene Camille Morisi Christopher Holland Courtney Corvin Dalynna Vu Devon Wilson Fox Morgan Ijechukwuamaka Omotosho Ilana Dunne Jillian McDermott Justin Hawk Kasey Singer Kayla Flowers Keith Gaier Kelly O’Boyle Kelly Zuber Kristen Floyd Lauren Bullamore Liz Lacayo Maggie Weathington Marcus Thomas Michael Conboy Morgan Hall Nathan Stafford Shannon Kearney Stephanie Rowe Sydney Lattimore Tiffany Munn 17. Elon University (Elon, NC) Abby Symes Grace Landsberg Jacob Hollis Matthew Cesari Shelby Baitsholts 18. Ferrum College (Ferrum, VA) David DeMocker Wilson Dove 19. Florida Gulf Coast (Fort Myers, FL) Devin Cargill 20. The George Washington University (Washington, DC) Lukas Queyquep 21. Greensboro College (Greensboro, NC) Taylan Johnson

All above information was reported by students by May 2nd; therefore, The Mycenaean staff is not responsible for any inaccurate data.

22. Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) Sanders Rohs 23. Guilford Tech (High Point, NC) Zachary Brendle

24. High Point University (High Point, NC) Carter Hering Dana Worthy 25. Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte, NC) Erin Hutchison 26. Lees-McRae College (Banner Elk, NC) Katherine Steadman 27. Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN) Chris Zappia 28. Louisburg College (Louisburg, NC) Bryan Henriquez Malcolm Hitchcock 29. Mars Hill University (Mars Hill, NC) Elizabeth Morris 30. Marymount Manhattan College (New York City, NY) Haley Krall 31. Meredith College (Raleigh, NC) Alicia Wood Alison Aldana Anna Buico Courtney Elyard Emily LaBanca Erica Buck Hannah Mathis Madeline Graebe Sophia Melenikiotis 32. Methodist University (Fayetteville, NC) Joseph Judson Nate Duell 33. Newberry College (Newberry, SC) Laura Zieves 34. Norfolk State University (Norfolk, VA) Mikala Williamson 35. North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC) Arkell Kenney Elijah Lewis Marteen Hill Samara Brown Sydney Roberts Terran Eaton 36. North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC) Alexander Boroski Alexandra Ogar Jessica Matthews Maleek Thomas Michael Hopkins 37. North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) Adam Ryle Alan Bishel Alison Jester Amanda Wiseman Andres Escobar Andy Zhang Austin Haga Ben Cox Benton Gorre Bess Mercer Beverly Setzer Chloe Holland Christopher White Claire Collins Claire Walczyk Claudia Kennedy Connor Boneham

Danielle Benson David Schuler Grace Reed Gunnar Nuxoll Hannah Smith Hope Dorman Howard Myers Ian Ness Jacob Crew Jacob Parsons Jason Hudgins Josh DeJoya Julie Barbour Juliet Simpson Kaitlin Riddle Katie Harris Kodiak Dunsworth Lance Bullerwell Laura White Lauren Elderkin Mark Morrison Matt Jenkins Max Littlefield Megan Overby Michael Bloemeke Michael Dill Nicholas Roberts Olivia Davis Owen Berg Philip Higgins Pierce Do Rafael Esteller Ryan Quinn Ryan Zippetelli Salonika Tiwari Samarth Chokshi Sarah Jolleys Shefali Shah Sonali Shah Sophia Menozzi Stephen Bryant Steven Lemmons Tyler Scheviak

Jacob Secor Magen Overman Nicholas Suggs 51. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) Alexander Magee Ashley Gray Ashley Zheng Cayla Culbreth Camille Churchwell Cody Close Deborah Yoo Dylan Brown Elbrus Batca Emilie Burgess Emily Parks Emily Yoo Griffin Morehead Halle Ronk Henry Kilcup Katie Arney Laura Lisowe Lindsey Arata Meg Doyle Morgan Barnes Nicola McIrvine Parisa Shah Peter Oliveira Ryan Moreno Ryamh Razai Sarah Bigelow Sarah Hudak Sasha Kazakova Shilpa Kancharla Summer Travis Sydney Wooten

52. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) Akhil Ramlakan Alex Doane 38. Pace University Anthony Strapp (New York City, New Asya Etheridge York) Aurelis Rodriguez Jacob Melvin Camden Brunick Carson Ellerby 39. Pitt Community Corey Kennedy College (Winterville, Corianne Stempien NC) Jennifer Dupree Ben Bailey Joseph Bonds Juliana Rube 40. PrattMWP (Utica, Julie Bortoff NY) Kyle Mehlman Marie-Laurence Daigle Kyle Smith Liz Farnham 41. Randolf Macon Col- Peter Oertel lege (Ashland, VA) Rachel White Brock Pyper Ryan Phillips Chris Pendergraft Sam Duncan Shehab Kashef 42. Saint Andrews Uni- Sierra Scott versity (Laurinburg, Taylor Tesoriero NC) Zachary Timmons Kristina Chappell 53. University of North 43. Shaw University Carolina at Greensboro (Raleigh, NC) (Greensboro, NC) Keondre’ Griffin Bill Nguyen Catie Byrne 44. Southeastern Bible David Nyamu College (Wake Forest, Elizabeth Paschall NC) Ian McCay Dana Mills Jackson Overturf Kelsie Jacob Jasmine Peddy Joseph Jenrette 45. Tufts University Kaitlyn King (Medford, MA) Kimberly Fox Matthew Zinner Mckenzie Morrison Nina Lukashevich 46. University of AlaOlivia Herrick bama (Tuscaloosa, AL) Paige Bischler Erin James Sean Harden Thomas Werk Spencer Schneier Thomas Perkins 47. University of Colo- Whitney Lott rado Boulder (Boulder, CO) 54. University of North Samantha Jayne Carolina at Pembroke (Lumberton, NC) 48. University of Geor- David Butler gia (Athens, GA) John Wolstromer Amanda Johnson Nicholas Kenmanivong Robie Hebert 49. University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL) 55. University of North Nicola Paul Carolina at Wilmington Sydney Frizzelle (Wilmington, NC) Alec Kunkel 50. University of North Ally Jetter Carolina at Asheville Amanda Harrison (Asheville, NC) Andrew Goff Austen Truhe

Bethany Farmer Bradley Cochran Casey McAnarney Eunique Browder Hannah Daley Hannah Williams Jennifer McAnarney Kalyani Lopez Kelly C. Brown Kyle Rathke Lauren Floyd Meredith Ball Sarah Kelly Thomas Hardy 56. University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) Hannah Campo Kelly A. Brown Katie Gould 57. University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida) Meredith Bissette 58. University of Texas at Dallas (Richardson, TX) Sahana Venkatesh 59. Vance-Granville Community College (Henderson, NC) Michael Frink 60. Victory School of Ministry (Youngstown, OH)

May 2014 6 /28, Features

of 2014...

ere are they oing?

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 13 The Mycenaean, David Wright

David Cash David Swan Eboni Marrow Edgar Veloz Perez Elijah Richardson Eva Paci Evan White Faith Edwards Faith Lauchner Gavin Danford Ian Johnston Isaac Evans Jacob Pettis Jahlid Simmons Jahed Benrube Jerod Williams Jin Ju Lee John Rivera Johnathan Montgomery Jordan Dixon Joshua Cordier Kaleigh Stokes Kaleigh Thompson Laura Stammen Lauren Bailey Marcel Hawkins Meron Alem Merveille Landao M’lani Thomas Mia Dezzutto Miles Nugent Nathalie Cuadrado Nicole Dedekam

61. Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) Jackson Top 62. Wake Tech Community College (Raleigh, NC) Alexander Risley Alexis Cacchione Allison Sotir Alston Shields Amani Zoror Amber Kampfer Andrew Farrell Andrew Paff Atoriuus Hill Aylin Quiroz Robles Behnaz Arabzadeh Blakesley Pease Brandon Childs Cameron Rose Carine Kamel Chase Bunn Chelsea Butler Chet Collymore Chris Baker Cole Langlois Collin Kobeda Daniel Lunsford Daniel Robertson Danielle Sauve’


5 44

38 30

8 4120 34 18 61 3



19 49

67 53 21 22 35

52 4 25 66


28 15 44 36 14 62 4337 31 65 6

16 39




Top 5 Schools of Attendance in Leesville History

1. Wake Tech 1. Wake Tech 1. Wake Tech 1. Wake Tech

(79) (71) (83) (78)

2. NC State 2. NC State 2. NC State 2. NC State

(49) (60) (54) (59)

Other Cassidy Charette Eliot Winkler Eva Boylan Macy Reynolds Matthew Thomas Samantha Schnabel Sarah Atkinson



‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14

Undecided Aja Peters Alex Sharif Alexis Byrd Austin Morgan Austin Norris Amirah Sellers Bryan Breedlove Chris Jeffreys CJ Cox Connor Testerman Dade Lamkins Dominique Moore Dylan Boss Jackson Padgett Jada Collins Jawad Razai Jordyn Jennings Kalyani Lopez Karen Hernandez Katarina Wolf Kristen Shireman Lindsay Bradley Madison Coley Marques Wilson Michal Christian Nicolle Oza Oliver Johnson Parrish Woods-Lake Salar Kordbacheh Sandra Wright Sterling Shelly Todd Carter Travis Cohen Xavier Simmonds Zeina Hasan




Class of Class of Class of Class of

Workforce Angel Price Campbell Hayden Moody Mason Flynn Raymond Garcia Lopez

Military Casey Nann Chris Hiovich Daniel Polo-Wood Deiry Rodriquez Diaz Imperial Goodley Jabri Singleton Sean Yeh Sidney Williams


24 23

William Stephens

69. Jacobs University Bremen (Bremen, Germany) Jose Urriola Castillo


1 26 29 50

65. William Peace University (Raleigh, NC) Emily Small Isaac Bates Jasmine Terilli-Washington

68. Xavier Univeristy (New Orleans, Louisiana) Atinuke Abegunrin

1033 56 11 48 9


64. West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) Andrew Swain

67. Winston-Salem State University (Winston-Salem, NC) Briana Kornegay Raphael Lowe



63. Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, NC) Alejandro Hernandez Todd Clark William Franzen Yasin Muhammad

66. Wingate University (Wingate, NC) Jethro Bajani

60 12 47

Paige Hoffman Pascha Hudson Patrick Bacher Rebecca Ryan Richard Pena Robert Herrero Roman Frederick Ryan Campbell Savannah Goodgion Stephanie Gordiano Trevor Harris Tristan Harvey Vance Winston IV Victor Simpson Wesley Rosero William Wise Zachary Blatt Zhane Riley

3. East Carolina 3. East Carolina 3. East Carolina 3. East Carolina

(43) (40) (32) (37)

4. UNC-Chapel Hill (40) 5. Appalachian State (32) 4. Appalachian State (32) 5. UNC-Wilmington (24) 4. Appalachian State (31) 5. UNC-Wilmington (30) 4. Appalachian State (36) 5. UNC-Chapel Hill (30)

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Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 14 The Mycenaean,

Senior Wills


I, Katie Arney, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the follow… To Dylan Brown, the ability to stand on ice skates, the grade on my POTUS project, anthology edits, and Cards Against Humanity. To Jarrett Wood, my love for Pentatonix, TED talks, and my new appreciation for family. To Elbrus Batca, the song “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, his parking tag, and sing-along songs. To Alexander Magee, the Sundrop commercial, “Forrest Gump”, everything I know about the World Wars, the POTUS project, and a female influence for “the group”. To Grace Landsberg, six years of Quest, nine years of Irish dance, twelve years of friendship, and one solo dress. To Rachel Langley and Alec Way, my favorite leadership position and the hope that they will continue to bring the Leesville community close with the blood drives. To Juliet Simpson, APES adventures, the lines at Disney World, and out plot to create a family for the juniors. To CP’14 and future CPs, my love of music, my work ethic, and the tradition of excellence to be passed on the future generations. To Sarah Arney, morning car rides (alone), half of my punctuality, a year to be an only child, and fashion advice. To Mr. Broer, Mr. Hunt, Sr. Ross, Ms. Dickens, Mrs. Scioli, my gratitude for the life lessons that each of them have given me and the knowledge that there is nothing I can do to thank them enough for that. To Kalyani Lopez, raw tuna, kisses, the best CP’14, and the family that she shared with me at the Tap Room. To Danny Mickens, You and Me, The Breakfast Club, snow days, the other half of my punctuality, the car ride to and from Atlanta, pizza rolls, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, nachos, Cherry Fanta, and the small sense of humor you gave me. To Michael Hopkins, the bus route 9, seminars, Busch Gardens, goldfish, all 16 of our classes, my best memories of chorus, what is left of my self-esteem, my secrets, life lessons, tough love, a ride to school for the rest of his life, and the title of “Best Friend”.


I, Morgan Barnes, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Nicola McIrvine, all of my “basic” materials, including, but not limited to, Dunkin Donuts gift cards and outlet shopping purchases. Additionally, I leave Miss McIrvine with all the fatty, gluten-rich foods she “can’t eat.” To Claudia Kennedy, my chocolate stash and One Direction CD. To Kelly C. Brown, my fragrances, lotions, stale food, glitter, and Sprite (with no ice). To Lauren Elderkin, my undergarments, my fake nails, and my watch. To Heather Thompson, the color guard, Paula the pig, the messy guard room, and food from the country club. To Tyler Scheviak, my bangs and Jack Johnson music. To Anna Woodhouse, my babysitting responsibilities and “mom” character traits. To Savannah Fraleigh, Abby Tarnowski, and Ashley Priest, the tradition of “fun runs, a cleansing of palette,” and food dates during track. To Jordan “Jojo” Mareno, Emily Echols, Chase Perren, Sydney Winchel, Phoebe Clawson, Taylor Hemming, Lindsay Lehman, Madelyn Hayes, Nevada Mareno, Rachel Jessup, Susannah Bloom, Natalie Carpenter, Megan Stevens, Leah Behrends, Libby Kenney, G’jasmyne Butler, Erica Lisowe, Alex Stephens, and ALL of my cross country girls, my endless love and support for the coming seasons. To Kate Konrad, Karissa Klimeck, and the rest of next year’s colorguard, the tight, attractive uniforms, my endless energy, and my sunscreen supply. To Chase Perren, my love of running, my cheetah print shoes, and my Aerie purchases. To Beverly Setzer and Rani Corak, all of the Skittles left from my stat project. To the Symphonic Band, free hugs and encouragement on Fridays. To Leesville Road Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, all my fondest memories and love!

I, Braxton Berrios, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To King Staves, my silver chain. To Malik Parker, my gloves.. God knows he may need them. To Sunny, my cleats, cause he stole them anyway. To All the “Bros,” my high fives. To Joseph Bonds, my car in case he decides to flip another one. To the Money Team (you know who you are), my money. To the remaining H3LL Boyz who better carry the traditions on, the defensive secondary. To the underclassmen planning their spring breaks, I leave all the Cherry Grove memories- y’all better go. To Mrs. Ennis, I leave my healed body, since you helped me through physical pain over the years. To Coach Civ, my “Spitting Game 101 Handbook,” cause God knows he had some rough years. To Ms. Cade (my wifey), my sarcasm. To Claire Collins, Mary Kate Bowers, and Camille Churchwell, all of my animal printed t-shirts. To all the teachers who helped me out along the way, my grades. To all the faculty and the entire student body who showed me support, my love. I, Sarah Bigelow, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the follow… To Summer Travis, permission to do what you want with our room. To Jake Banasiewicz, a different spelling of your last name, phones for selfies, and a pet duck or squirrel. To Laura Lisowe, many inside jokes and laughs about apologies. To Shafwat Islam, my “bae”. To Claudia Kennedy, UNC gear for your whole family. To Chaise Williams, peanut butter and stars for your sunroof. To Sydney Winchel, Disney movies and hair growth shampoo for a Rapunzel moment. To Lance Bullerwell, orange. To Carson Ellerby, everything you ever lost. To Anthony Strapp, the alligator’s hat. To Phoebe Clawson, everything I do (because I do it for you), laughter, handshakes, two belts to change the world with, cattitute, and rebels. To Sean Nicol, a map, bandana, every line from the movie Frozen, “camenflauge” boots, skyfall, planes, trains, and cars. To Taylor Hemming, more clothes to match, staring contests, ice cream, teddy bears, and a copy of The Great Gatsby. To Matt Oertel, sarcastic comments for you when I’m gone and life advice. To the cross country and track teams, good luck for when I’m gone! To G’Jasmyne Butler, jellyfish and sea money. To Rachel White, the coolest handshake ever, sad faces, anatomy awkward moments, and aca-amazing memories. To Nicola McIrvine, mage. To Kelly Brown, earth science jokes. To Erin Hutchison, from valentines. To Josh Quesenberry, a camera. Joey Quesenberry, every State shirt I’ve ever seen. To Joe Talbert, I “shapose” you can have anything you want. To Casey McAnarney, our psychology class children. To Jenny McAnarney, matching and England. To everyone else, many thanks! I, Alan Bishel, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave the following... To Ian McCay, the Nerf guns we had, and the various adventures we’ve had as kids by the creek across the street, along with the embarrassing videos we’ve made together throughout the years. On the condition that nobody sees those. To Alec Kunkel, the “new switchblade comb” because, well, you can use it as a comb. To Mckenzie Morrison and Juliana Rube, all of the paint brushes and all of the messes we have made together in technical theater. To Kelly A Brown, a limitless gift card to the Cheesecake Factory, and the $10 “sisterhood sweater.” If you really want it. To Chris Holland, all of the hugs he could possibly want and that song with the profane title that was covered by Ben Folds. To Bill Nguyen, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’ll be managing it one day. To Hannah Williams, all of the silly facts and trivia that I annoy you with, copies of all of the notes and mix CD’s we have made for one another, and a plate of peanut-butter and chocolate chip cookies because they’re your favorite, and because I ate the rest of that cake a year ago. I, Mary Kate Bowers, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the

following… To Ashley Kendrot, some of my extra brain cells, a lifetime supply of Gas-X, and an “I love you” before every game. To Mackenzie Dipper, a daily reminder to smile and enjoy life, one of my knitting needles, and two slaps on the face. To Morgan Santalucia, my healthy left knee. To Caroline Smith, aka Charlottle York, my Sex and the City obsession. To Megan Purich, my heart, our texts of encouragement, and all of our powerful hugs. To Madison Hoffman, the song “Ice Ice Baby”, an eternal note out of Personal Fitness, my off-campus lunch pass, our doodles on SnapChats, and the key to the cheerleader’s uniforms. To Brenna O’Brien, a set of pom-poms for your future career as a cheerleader. To Jordan Moreno, all of my One Direction memorabilia. To Nevada Moreno, the game-winning goal against Green Hope. To Natalie Carpenter, a juicy onion. To Cayley Kennedy, the reminder that Mama Bear will always protect her cubs. To Rebekah Bailey, my seat on the bus to away games. To Courtney Nelson, my crocs and all my jibbitz, as I know you will appreciate them. To Rachel Golden, a new tube of Mederma and a ladder for the next time you have to pee at practice. To Caroline Chappel, your very own tennis dress, a trip to New York, and all my sass--I know you will use it wisely. To Jake Banasiewicz, every Christmas at the Biltmore, a new pair of tuxedo shoes, and some napkins from my purse. To Christina Brewer, one more party at Gatsby’s. To Kirsten Smothers, my ushering name tag. To Tess Coward, the Leesville Cats--take good care of tea, and one more rooftop jump (no eggrolls). To my baby brother, Griffin McNamera, my wise advice--because even when you try to ignore me, you secretly know I’m right. To Renee Mulligan, my other knitting needle, a clean fish tank, and a heavy coat for the next time you get stranded in the Leesville parking lot. To Coach Civ, a pack of wire hangers and some L.A. Good Looks. To Coach Fraiser, scissors, a stapler, and a new P-90x video. To Coach Wyss and Coach Schock, my flock of origami birds. To Mrs. Cade, my address for my wedding invitation and Mr. Cone. To Coach Dink, my tanning oil, my Justin Bieber cardboard cutout, and all of my memories from the best four years of soccer a girl could ask for. And finally, to my little sister Anne Bowers, a blank canvas, where you have the freedom to be whoever you want to be. I, Dylan Brown, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Kelsie Jacob, strange new hashtags. To Juliet Simpson, a bunch of Saran Wrap and my ice skating ability. To Kelly O’Boyle, some well-aimed spit and general hatred (the good kind). To Marques Wilson, some particularly pungent rap and songs. To Matthew Zinner, an unfathomably deep ocean of immaturity. To the Basses, all of those bloody low D’s. To Logan Rose, my corner seat in the choir room. To Illana Dunne, the utter superiority of my cultural heritage. To Emilie Burgess, the Caps-lock button and some particularly well worded rants. To Katie Arney, a thousand dollars in gas money for driving me everywhere and the shattered pieces of my former self. To Kalyani Lopez, a Bible, for unmentionable reasons. To Lukas Queyquep, winning just about every debate of ever. To Lance Bullerwell, Watergate. To Edgar Veloz, the screaming of the lambs. To Jarrett Wood, the arts hallway bathroom. To Ford Nelson, a certain paperweight. To Amanda Hamson, enough sass to last you a while. To Daisy Olivares, my broken eardrums. To Taylor Hemming, my inner white girl. To Grant Hall, my abounding technological expertise. To Nathan Marcellino, some hair gel. To Emily Conger, an appreciation of, uh, something, new acronyms, a soul, and a whole pack of cinnamon gum. To Phoebe Clawson, all three of my non-classical songs. To Mr. Dinkenor’s class, maggots. To anyone else I have forgotten in my rush to write this, some general sarcasm. I, Kelly A. Brown, being of sound

mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To The Mycenaean Staff, my congrats on making an awesome senior issue and my appreciation for all the hard work you guys do. To Bethany Farmer, everything maroon. To Jake Banasiewicz, my hatred. To Stacy Constantino, my custody of Boone and Cooper, “pls”, and the memories of reading your 8-years-old journals. To Bethany Farmer, Jake Banasiewicz, and Stacy Constantino, country puns and games of fish bowl. To Stacy Constantino and Hannah Dorman, the original copies of all my Disney snapchats. To Kyra Doody and Stacy Constantino, the Cambodian National Anthem. To Jill Catalano, my soul and a membership to Sun Tan City. To Sierra Gay, a key to my dorm room at USC. To Abby Holland, my heart and a lock of my hair to shampoo and condition daily. To Emily Dolegowski, Christmas Town Tea, the video of you singing “Sweater Weather”, and photographs of me in front of your house. To Maddy Kunkel, all of my ratchetry, the Walmart Deluxe Edition of Les Miserables, the songs “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Lovely Ladies”, and our memories of belting the Les Mis soundtrack in my car. To Grace Taylor, Rebecca Rice, Morgan Santalucia, and Alyssa Wood, the Latin works, Carullus 16 and Cattus Pestatus. To Mrs. Amerson, a DVD of the first season of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, an infinite number of cheese sticks, and my sanity. To Ian McCay, the Sisterhood Sweater and ding-a-lings (headphones). To Alan Bishel, all the bacon in the world and the memory of our Bojangles date. To Mckenzie Morrison, a working car, the Leesville cats, and all the cats and dogs. To Alec Kunkel, a working wristwatch, The Panic Room DVD, a larger room with windows, all the tears you’ve cried while watching movies together, iOS 6, and the two best proms I could have asked for. To Hannah Williams, all of my headbands and bobby pins, a permanent spot in the passenger seat of my car, Taylor’s reaction of “suction”, DVDS of all the seasons of American Horror Story, memories of our serious boy talks, money to fix the back of your car, the “Wheel of Decisions”, and a place in my heart forever. To everyone I forgot to mention, all our great memories and my gratitude for making these past four years so fabulous. I, Samara Brown, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Sophia Menozzi, long nights, golf-course adventures, soccer, tennis, nine years of a wonderful friendship, and all my love. To Zana Maynard, The Dead Poets Society, long talks about boys, and late night adventures with CJ. To Sydney Lattimore, our love/hate relationship, calling you Sandy, and embarrassing dancing. To Chiamaka Omotosho, late nights in the basement, meeting new people, and zero dull moments. To Michael Hopkins, too many conversations full of advice and encouragement, a long, stressful friendship, and many years to come. To Rebecca Rice, BSB, too many volleyball memories, and always remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to. To Emily Roesel, countless days getting “swole” in the weight room with the tarts, the crazy cat walk, and never wanting to run. To Christian Featherson, dirty looks, bursts of laughter, safety whistles, and lots of love. I, Emilie Burgess, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Capital Pride, purple baseball sleeves, silly drama, furries costumes, and all my love. To Chris Bateman, an upgrade from your peasant status. To Grant Nelson, all the ridiculous looking smolders you could ever pull off. To my costumes girls, infinite amounts of safety pins and the skill to strip anyone down in the dark in less than thirty seconds. To Nicola Paul, weird faces, cakes of the USA, and endless amounts of visits from me to Miami. To Paige Bischler, a book of life lessons and Mimi who says you deserve. To Alison Jester, every book in existence and letters addressed to young grasshop-

per from middle aged grasshopper. To Dylan Brown, all the hate in the worlds, Sherlock gifs, and arguments lost. To Alli Perrin, the lyrics to every Disney song and the best of luck next year as President. To Shafwat Islam, weird and hilarious snapchats and obnoxious StuCo car trips. To Tatianna Shumoski, fast quick changes, hilarious short and sassy comments, every unique item you could ever wish for, and my most sincere thanks for your genuine and kind spirit. To Logan Rose, Vince Fontaine’s leopard print outfit and held back tears. To Sarah Arney, comfortable newbie-oldie conversations and the best of luck for your future. To Ford Nelson, meaningful conversations about practically everything/anything, butter-flavored pretzels, lime-flavored tortilla chip donations, all the tools and supplies to make any type of weapon you want, and all my love and thanks. To Jarrett Wood, confidence and happiness in yourself, hair rubs, and real/deep conversations. To ToneyPaite Phillips, support at any gig that you have and an abundance of Heath bars. To Varya Kononov, carpool rides from school, thumbs up/thumbs down, and extremely ugly and weird snapchats. To Ilana Dunne, knowing glances in CP, venting sessions at Tropical Smoothie, carpool rides to CP events, and anything you need at any time on any day. To Katie Gould, Disney Pandora, dark chocolate covered pomegranate things, Chipotle dates, concerned text messages, the ability to look at each other during CP and know exactly what we’re thinking about, and judgment free complaint sessions. To Juliet Simpson, the ability to be prepared for literally anything, ballerina murders, saran wrap, Christmas elves from seventh grade, and the most understanding, care, thoughtfulness, and kindness you could ever give to someone. To Amanda Harrison, last minute late night hang outs, dancing on closed Goodberry’s water fountain, Pentatonix songs, every Backstreet Boys memorabilia, the ability to harmonize with each other on the spot, endless amounts of laughter, the sketchy Harris Teeter parking lot, weird dancing, and all of my love. To Hannah Daley, Ace of Cakes status, all the happiness and sunshine in the world, JC STATUS, endless ugly selfies, costumes crew BEST CREW, Phish food, serious and down to earth conversations, and never ending friendship. To everyone I most likely have forgotten, my sincere apologies, my thanks, and all my love. I, Catie Byrne, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Tiffany Munn, how on Earth have we sustained a friendship so flawless and epic for eight years? Chocolate, stupid jokes, kindness, phone conversations spanning more than six hours, your irrational fear of my dogs, my rational fear of you know, but I’m not saying because we’re both scared, and being the best prom date/ wife/listener and empathetic person on the planet, I don’t know how you’ve put up with me for all these years, but I’m so glad you have. To Sarah Welsh, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important,” please don’t ever forget it. To Kristen Shiremen, endless entertainment, intellectual discussions, bird calls, and a magnificent childlike wonder and strength that I will always envy. To Hannah Laws, fast walking, talks about boys, and your insane ninja strength. To Nick Niedrich, I cry as I write this because your death rose my capacity to understand the importance of life and its fragility. To Caroline Byrne, you’re my hero, worst nightmare in the morning, funniest laugher, confidant, secret number one fan, and best friend forever, deal with it girl, you’re stuck with me. To Underclassmen, I’m sorry for grouping all of you but honestly when you’re a senior you will understand that senioritis is real and naming all of you awesome people individually would take me hours I would rather spend on tumblr. To Alec Way, I give thee Ponyboy, Alee, huehue, Marxism, salty discussions, horrible jokes, and a talk show about practical anarchy. To Carson Ellerby, time spent talking about anything because you’re an amazing listener, AP Gov moments,

May 2014 6 /28, Features and a career as a professional Obama voiceover impersonator. To Heather Crew, my twin, go on and do everything I will not; be president, go to Harvard, retain your positive attitude and humor which made me love you the moment I received that first creepy text. To Juliana Rube, that candid GSA talk, helping me accept myself, and two years of madness throughout this big crazy family we call newspaper. To Camille Churchwell, hours of layout and Camel humor. To Broer, thank you for the sass, the lightsaber show, puns, instilling a love of learning and intellectual debate, helping me grow as a writer, and taking the time to discuss and argue social topics with me. To Mr. Phillips, thank you for being awesome and creating one of my favorite classes, exposing me to issues that I have developed a true passion for, and thoughtful discussions. To Leesville, thank you for the four most transformative years of my life.


I, Camille Churchwell, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… Jake Hollis, an orchid, our marriage, slavery, a pack of camel cigarettes, a sketchy party bus, and every beautiful moment of prom 2k14. To Claire Collins, a jean dress and a boot, a t shirt with a black man’s face on it, raunchy Rihanna songs, kale chips, Windy Gap, blonde giraffe jokes, 170 favorites, a very loud “Lipgloss,” white pages, and a SURFBORT. Mary Kate Bowers, a jean dress and a boot, Sharptop cove cuddling/best friendship, Miley swinging in on a wrecking ball, tampins, a chicken sandwich, loud jam seshes in the mornings, and a shweaty boy. The mermies, being amish, beach trips, velcs, THE LITTLE GHOST MAN who made sure we had the best senior year together, so many memories and so much love. Nathan Stafford, the gym, my triceps, “bae,” lunch dates, and Ms. Stevens. Juliana Rube, a knee brace, a simple country fellow, a shared dislike for a specific person, long walks through the halls (gossip sessions), newspaper friendship, and a long strange, frothy, nasally, throat gurgle. Alison Jester, a gem, because you are one. Dylan Cross, a dresser to carry into my house, lunch dates in your jeep, and a ‘stamp of approval.’ Anne Bowers, being my twin, and a “HEY ANNE.” Ponyo, a “you look ugly,” a shove into the wall, and bullying. Sophomore boys, “I love you.” Shayam Duncan, a “GOOO SHAYAM” at every home baseball game. Rachel Essary, left bench during volleyball season, being your other sister, rides home, and sushi. Andrew Papp, a really big, lifted truck, annoying trap music, and lunch dates. Jack Conley, Springdale, lunches, a really big tatted man from Dickey’s, and a “rapey” glare. The Core Four, my heart. The Newspaper Staff, I leave you my baby, my blood, sweat, and tears, the tools to continue making a great paper, and THE WHY. Broer, the pape, figure 8 walks through the halls, sandals, a floral Hawaiian shirt, a million dollars, the why, a “should I be concerned?,” a pink shirt, Brendy hatred, a big ol’ bayou gator, and a huge “thank you” for encouraging me to apply to newspaper. I, Will Cleary, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Cody Close, a bench press max of 405 and a pair of biceps crafted by the gods. To Allison Garrell, a personal maid. To Alison Jester, a jar of peanut butter, a copy of the movie Memento, and my 2003 Kia Sportage. To Mr. Robinson, a pair of Heelys so that he may always step lively. To Danny Polo-wood, a Peruvian puff pepper and my Wii. To Jackson Padgett, a copy of Pokemon Fire Red Version and a new pool cue. I, Claire Collins, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following…. To Sam Duncan, stilts and a pencil. To Anne Bowers, my nails for you to paint... To Lauren McNamera Clements, Kelly Funderburk, and Anna Weeks, some sass for Hal, my jamming dance moves, a free guest pass to my future aerobics studio, and first place in the holiday tournament. To Sarah Fragnito, gatos and confusion. To The Core Four, my heart. To Renee Mulligan, a taxi service to take

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 15 The Mycenaean, you everywhere, my closet, a spot in my bridal party, my nice genes, and fish food. To Mary Kate Bowers, cuddles, knitting, and Sundays. To Camille Churchwell, the hole in the fence, Facetime missed calls, and some of my hair. To Mary Kate Bowers and Camille Churchwell, America, Walmart Wednesday, jesses, the Amish sister wives, some more denim, lots of tears, sprang brake, life under the sea, every moment we’ve ever spent together, and the ghost.


I, Michael Frink, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Katie Arney, two words: Busch Gardens. To Andrew Little, Jacob Melvin, and Logan Rose, room #210. To Danny Mickens, AP Music Theory is impossible. To Dylan Brown, a piano genius. To Danielle Sauve’, chorus bestie. To Brittany Garcia, new girls are the best! To Ryan Zippetelli, birthday buds. To CP, a dysfunctional family, which by the way, is awesome. To Mrs. Fishbane, making the Holocaust and Genocide field trip too much fun. To senior year, a joke. To the truck lot, the same trucks all three years. To the ISS room, pause… where is that at? To Todd Clark, Maryland isn’t that good anyways. To Keondre Griffin, Michael Hopkins, and Raphael Lowe, to making Friday nights priceless. To everyone reading this, Disney World; follow your dream.


I, Mercedes Gutierrez, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Sarah Welch, my friendship and universe. To Kristen Shireman, all the Batman and bird books you could possibly desire. To Emily LaBanca, 4 more years together and the fun to come. To Maggie Weathington, I will be your accomplice in anything. To Tiffany Munn, my awe for your nail painting skills and some frozen yogurt. To Zachary Gutierrez, “Wonder twin powers activate!”. To BC Seniors, all the fun we had in our 4 years together. To Kathryn Thomas, whales. To Dain Hur, adoption into my family. To Dyamond and Jasmine Howell, my introduction to K-pop. To Maddy Blatt, bananas, tangerines, and blood oranges. To Addie Schmit, the FUN song. To Jenn Brna, my fascination in your hair, personality, and obsessions. To Hannah Law, airhugs. To Catie Byrne, Tumblr posts and advertising saves. To GSA, my love and support for all eternity. And to everyone I haven’t mentioned, I wish you all luck in the upcoming years and hope for your success!


I, Georgia Haley, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Stephanie Rowe, blonde squad, “he lives with us,” your hatred for Disney movies, and being the sister I always wanted. To Morgan Hall, hating each other for a year, VIP cleat chaser, being manly and a mammy. To Shannon Kearney, G Money and S Dawg, Taco Bell runs, and walking through the drive thru. To Kim Fox, being my twin, our lunch dates (even though we only had like two). To Kortney Williams, Kort and George, my Disney ride or die. To Anna Longenecker, squats. To Haley Rea, big sissy, “he’s from the North,” our awkward middle school phase, being plastic. To Camryn Fuller, first pumping out of the sunroof, Starbucks dates, and your obnoxious snorting problem. To Dylan Cross, our Los Tres dates, a bowl of salt, and the steadiest hands I’ve seen. To Joseph Bonds, 2 homecoming dates and elmo. To Aubria Walk, bedtime stories and your crazy dance skills. To Brandon Staves, cosmic brownies and socks on the beach. To Owen Berg, an amazing senior prom. To Sam Torres, boyfriend. To Noah McKnight, walking dead dates every Sunday. To Dance Ensemble, YAS WERK OH MY GOD, the bakery, nakedness. To all of my veggies, Alex Shearer, Ben Zemonek, Matt Bissette, Will Wheeler, Tommy Perrin, and Ryan Sande. To IBLC, camp Morgan, I woke up like this, and

for having my back throughout senior year. And finally, to everyone who made my high-school experience an amazing one, thank you. I, Morgan Hall, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following…. To Mikaela Kuhnel and Kelly Hunter, our third grade friendship and beach trips. To IBLC aka Georgia Haley, freshman year chorus, Shannon Kearney, my future roommate, Stephanie Rowe, #cleat chasers, camp Morgan, sophomore obsession, BUCKETS. To Joseph Bonds, fifth grade, “there’s not enough parking!!” To Dylan Cross, our Jeep obsession, steady hands, the saab. To Haley Rea, my favorite junior and ginger, best friend, the song headband, and beach trips. To Matthew Hall, my big little brother, going to your baseball games. To Tyler Bunce, these past five months plus one more, derp, Halloween, skiing for the first time with Jack Swingle, the Akers lake house with Saige Akers and Anna Young. To Zac Macia, Conner New, Ryan Walser, getting to know y’all and Jake Hounshell who I’m still waiting for a cheeseburger from. To Griffin Bunce, my second younger brother, messing with Tyler like ebbadets and gibbys, but not a chimmy or a ricky. To everyone else I forgot to mention, all the memories we had together! I, Robie Hebert, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following…. To Jasmine Howell, all of my drinks in art class, late night adventures, and all the Thor movies. To Josh Wilcox, many trips to Taco Bell. To Gabbie Rivera, my shady parking spot. To Dyamond Howell, all the Korean boys in the world. And to Chris Gray, French fries, chocolate shakes from Chargrill, my fantastic mohawk design skills, and a wonderful senior year.


I, Alison Jester, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Caroline Jester, our song Kiana and all the beautiful singing that comes with it. To Juliet Simpson, spontaneous Goodwill runs and winter-time hot tubs. To Will Cleary, any breakfast I’ll ever have for the rest of my life, all the puns I’ll ever come up with, curbs, bananas (you can keep the peanut butter), and gnihtyna delleps sdrawkcab. To Juliana Rube, Arby’s Jamocha shakes and all my secrets. To Emilie Burgess, all the young grasshopper apprentices in the world. To Gunnar Nuxoll, origami houses, statistical analyses of chip preferences, and the many “Gunnar Nuxoll”’s written on the edges of my various stat papers. To Sierra Scott, my five husbands, our million dollar mind-reading technology, our date-advice hotline, and all of our whiteboard drawings. To Ben Cox, any kitten I’ll ever meet and any wrestling match I might win. To Savannah Fraleigh, our late-night sketchy walks, those long and lazy summer days, and my childhood. To Jill Schuler, all of my awkward moments because you might be the only person to truly appreciate them. To Mr. Broer, the Star Wars light saber App.


I, Mikaela Kuhnel, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Ashlyn Kuhnel, random ice cream trips, covering for each other, and dance parties in my car. To Connor Sutherland, my entire closet. To Sarah Kelly and Camille Morisi, senior C lunch--the best lunch ever. To Morgan Hall and Katie Gould, the many amazing memories with my first bestfriends. To Trevor Harris, sushi dates and my car. To Emily Parks, double dates and hot yoga. To Kaitlin Riddle, the family beach trips and crazy times of SB 2k12, 2k13, and 2k14. To Taylor Tesoriero, our shopping addictions, summer country concerts, and cozy nights in. To my partner in crime, Jami Bennet, that sip of Diet Coke you always let me have, the song “Rich Girl”, and many reckless nights. To Cole Langlois, Saturday morning breakfast, back-road drives, and unforgettable memories of the past nine years. To Sarah Kelly, Ashley Zheng, and Ellie Glass, rockin Zumba classes in PF2. To the Senior class of 2014,



I, Emily LaBanca, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Patrick Carawan, my personal singer, comedian, and friend. Thanks for trying to introduce me to Rush, your singing has left me speechless. Have an amazing senior year. (P.S. I win!) To Tiffany Munn, crazy, funny, and the ultimate fan of One Direction. Your incredible nail art has blown me away. To Mercedes Gutierrez, you are super helpful, nice, and supportive. I can’t wait to see you at Meredith, go Angels! To Katie Thomas, your personality is unique and unforgettable, thanks for introducing me to the ukulele. Baby Dekky is adorable! To Dain Hur, the one and only. You are the only person I know who gets 2 hours of sleep every night. To Hannah Laws, who loves meat and travels at the speed of light. To Seeun Jung, great cellist and sweet personality. To Addie Schmit, I’ll miss your firecracker personality. To Maddy Blatt, I love your homemade clothes and cheerful attitude. To Carine Kamel, who introduced me to “Slender Man”, our interesting conversations will never be forgotten. To Corey Kennedy, your corny physics jokes will keep me laughing. To Aramys Georgiou, thanks for your support and tutoring for chemistry! I’ll miss your caring and thoughtful personality. To Sydney Roberts, my biology buddy. To Dyamond and Jasmine Howell, all the cute Korean boys in the world. And last by not least, to Sophia Melenikiotis, who help me with Spanish. Gracias chica for your support and time. I couldn’t have made it without you. See you at Meredith! To all the amazing friends here at Leesville, I will never forget the great times we had.


I, Ian McCay, being of sound body and mind leave the following... To Haley McCay, title of the only McCay in tech, and Joe, the paleo diet you never did, and all of my overly sarcastic comments. To McKenzie Morrison, the crazy adventures finding places like the field or the twilight zone neighborhood, the days we would drive and get lost for no reason, every crazy laugh we’ve made, my sister, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night, and every fun, stupid, irreplaceable moment we’ve ever had with each other. To Juliana Rube, the dirty nun, all my music, the zero songs you played for me on the guitar, late nights we stayed up, the evil anthology, my sweaters, and a part of me. To Andrew Goff, Yéno, the hum whistle, our likeness, black v-necks, and the puff. To Callie Kirchstein, Puh Crew, the power to hum whistle, and your freaky eyebrows! To Rebecca Dupree, Nyquil, tons and tons of nyquil, and all the CDs we’ve made. To Hannah Williams, Bethany’s awful driving, races to start fires with our hands, and that time you ran into a door at target. To Ms. Wrayno, patience to deal with Rebecca, and every back rub and hug you need! To Natalie Landsberg, every smile and silly joke we’ve made together, the fun nights of video games, someone to talk to when you need it, and a billion hugs times schfifty five! To Chris Holland, an enormous hug in which I jump up onto the stage and fly into you, all the back rubs you need, and cheering up when you’re just having a horrible day. To Angel Osorio, every fun and hilarious moment we had, the hard times we went through together, and all the love and support you need. To Alison Aldana, feeling heartbeats, that green lump, the gym bag I gave you on the last day of freshman year, your adorable laugh, and the delicious pupusa! To Lauren Bullamore, every supporting and wonderful moment you gave me. To Whitney Lott, every great memory we shared, all the hard times, pember, and all the tarises? tardi? To Alli Perrin, us playing Slender in the dark and late nights we stayed up together. To Bethany Farmer, the McBae Empire, Jason Mraz songs, singing in the car, and silly hilarious moments we shared together. To Allison Sotir, the long nights we talked on the phone, the hugs and

support you gave me, and your silly little giggle that I love. To Erica Buck, every silly spanish joke we made and our constant sarcastic remarks. To Caroline Evans, Lori Little, and Sarah Bryant all of my tech class love! To Alec Kunkel, being there to see the other break their arm, the banana man, and the new switchblade comb! To Kelly Brown Brown, I leave the Keylan connection, eye juice on my chin, and chin juice on my eye! To Alan David Bishel, all the embarrassing childhood memories & videos, stupid decisions, late night walks, every awesome experience that we got to do together, chicken noodle soup, nerdy talk, and the hope that we’re always best friends. I, Nicola McIrvine, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Kelly Brown, nonstop gossip, band bus trips, stale food, and adventures in your hot tub. To Morgan Barnes, coffee dates, running dates, and cuddle dates. To Lauren Elderkin, literally eating everything in our paths, gawking at food on the Internet, and relating SpongeBob to any given event. To Claudia Kennedy, all the chocolate and Chik-fil-a you could ever eat, Nidia the rock, and trying to control Kelly. To Heather Thompson, meatless chicken, Bruegger’s coffee, taking care of my baby sister next year, and the fact that I can’t even. To Rebecca Tibbetts, Latin adventures for NLHS hours, endless gossip during third period, and Milo. To Anna Woodhouse, playing injured to surprise Morgan but failing, wet bunnies, and the proper pronunciation of “Ni-chae-la”. To Tyler Scheviak, the “brain trust” of Calculus, stale marshmallows, the volume of a martini glass, and basic, ratchet selfies on my phone. To Shafwat Islam, being my fave on Twitter, lunchtime adventures, and being THE Loonie Man. To Andy Lam, Bing my and Mama ‘Cirv’s love, being the bubbliest sophomore ever, and Latin-related adventures. To Ethan Cornelius, being too basic for you, jumping on my car and shaking it in the mornings, and all the rap you’ve subjected me to. To Alex Phan, Snapchats from weird locations, a lot of TMI stories, and hating on the basics, To Bradley Turner, hating on the basics more than anyone else and the crazy videos you starred in that hopefully stayed in San Francisco. To the flute section, flute Christmas parties and the notecard game...and a lot of food. To the Leesville Band, “tech,” asking what “tech” means, marking time, previous pictures, the top of the show, all the sass that I only slightly accidentally provided during marching season and beyond. I, Mckenzie Morrison, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Alan Bishel, I leave Kiss Me Kate and weirdly stretchy skin. To Kelly A. Brown, I leave my cat, odd numbers, and Taco Bell. Just kidding, I leave you Hannah assuming you can give away a person. To Sam Bernstein, I leave all the saltiness in the world. To Rebecca Dupree, I leave booth ranting and the surprise in Wrayno’s room. To Bethany Farmer, I leave Chick-filA, maroon, and pls. To Jonny Huis, I leave Starbucks (because you’re secretly a white girl) and never being able to pin on a boutonniere. To Abby Holland, I leave skinny people butts and the ITS service committee. To Alec Kunkel, I leave the front seat in Kelly’s car in the mornings and all bananas ever. To Natalie Landsberg, I leave black and small furry animals like kitty cats! To Hal

May 2014 6 /28, Features ey McCay, I leave paint crew and who cares about your brother getting the car I’m bored days. To Ian McCay, I leave Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and every other Thursday and the top hug. To Bill Nguyen, I leave you Asian areas, pokes like daggers, and the fact that I had to try to spell your name like four times on this before I got it right. To Juliana Rube, I leave Bojangles, Lowes trips, and all the ratchetness. To Hannah Williams, I leave after school cupcakes, the zipper voice, my body, and my hugs. To Marques Wilson, I leave butts and basically every Lady Gaga song that has ever existed. And to Addie whose last name I can’t remember right now I leave my car, Big Bertha. Except nah. Oh yeah it’s Schmidt. I, Brian Morrobel, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Abby Symes, complete control of the nation of Guam, all of my mafia movies, all the cookies, my barbecue sauce empire, my dear children Greg and Doug, my recording studio, my jackets, the magic pants, all of my ska records, my great puns and jokes, the best times I’ve had, all the great advice, my undying friendship, the rights to the “Supremium” trademark, all the hysterical laughter, and all the burritos in the world. To Brooks Maynard, I leave complete control of GBGM Incorporated and all of my Weekend Nachos shirts. To Blair Simpson, I leave the task of improving Elias’ life. To Jerome De Leon, I leave all the chocolate covered bananas and plantains. To all of the people I forgot to mention in this, all the great fun times we had over the years. I, Tiffany Munn, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Katie Thomas, all my Jefferson posters, HSM dances, Dollar Tree, and Kroger items. To Eboni Marrow, our Twitter love for Bastille and 1D. To Emily LaBanca, all the violent and vigorous action movies we watched. To Seeun Jung, all the swag you passed along to me as stand partners. To Patrick Carawan, all the noises made by you behind my head, seriously. To Addie Schmidt, the cat daddy dance and money you owe me. To Hannah Laws, all my steak and meat in general. To Dain Hur, all my nail polish and an endless amount of One Direction posters. To Jason Hudgins, your wallet, all my slaps, and hiding places. To Mercedes Gutierrez, my staircases and LRHS’s most difficult one. To Catie Byrne, the last eight magnificent years and all the Natalie Portman movies I own. To Erin Hutchinson and Sarah Bigelow, all my “Ummmmmmm”’s in a high pitched voice. To Dade Lamkins, the DWITMOAR, and to all of my friends, the defibrillator toaster.


I, Nicola Paul, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Stephen Paul, a nonred church shirt and dry food. To Meghan, Jenny, and Casey McAnarney and Kelly Brown, the Seven Oaks pool and all our pool group memories. To Sarah Bigelow, Bethany Farmer, and Jake Banasiewicz, money to buy a duck (or a squirrel). To Varya Kononov, tickets to every City Ballet recital. To Deborah Yoo, Sasha Kazakova, and Pankti Patel, un pastelito. To Shafwat Islam (aka Jorge), some of those “you tried” gold stars. To Kasey Quesenberry and Laura Hill, the song “Summer Nights”. To Juliet Simpson and Emilie Burgess, all of the dried mango you can eat. To Claudia Kennedy, another like “massive” joke as Forrest Gump would say. To Amanda Harrison, a fast pass to come stay with me in Miami. To Rebecca Tibbetts, Julie Barbour, Erin Hutchinson, and Summer Travis, all of our amazing beach memories.


I, Grace Reed, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave the following... To Bill Nguyen, hot guy gossip, Cletis, that time you walked into my neighbor’s house, Quentin’s truck, and paint crew. To Matt Franck, sloths, Graceism, potatoes, and Jack the Ghost. To Eddie Flint, ROLF, trips to the gas station, and the Iguanas team. To Erin Smith, funny grandma stories, BG problems, roommates, and

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 16 The Mycenaean, the promise of many visits to App. To Jessica Hackman, Camp Kanata, pot stickers, junior year prom, and guinea pigs. To Matthew Jenkins, Walking Dead, STATE, sasquatch essays, playing Bump in the hallway. To Griffin Morehead, Game of Thrones, AP English, New Years Party, and Dan’s stories. To Dan Pollard, Ender’s Game, books in general, my birthday trip to the beach, amazing baked goods, and Kung Fu movies. To Maggie Weathington, Firefly, RDJ, J-Renns, books, slutty brownies, Quentin’s truck, and our upcoming beach trip. I, Stephanie Rowe, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Georgie Haley, all four years of high school, all of our Pretty Little Liars series, our family vacations, elephants, the movie Frozen, and becoming my sister. To Morgan Hall, cows, the sophomore obsession camp Morgan, IBLC, Harris Teeter coworkers, and VIP cleat chasers at all the baseball games. To Shannon Kearney, IBLC, Queen of Sass, and S Dawg. To Noah McKnight, The Walking Dead series and being the best neighbor ever! I, Juliana Rube, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Andrew Goff, DEAR days, the Bucket List, late night snapchats, “looooopy”, the Booth, Super Smash Bros, so much vitamin D, puh crew, she bop doe??, “get in”, “corn boy”, “D-U-N W-I-F-F”. To Ian McCay, the hum whistle, puh crew, a knife to the foot, naps in the booth, “corn boy”, milkshakes, “there better not be any making out up here”, Lily, Rick, the evil anthology, a beautiful nights sky, one billion snapchats and a part of me. To Sonali Biswas, ping pong, floor pong, EVERYTHING PONG, Christmas cookies, so many sleepovers, iCarly, dry Ramen, hot dogs in the microwave, small Indian children. To Camille Churchwell, the rolly chairs, the “brendy” voice, trips to student services, a copy of the Wakefield newspaper, story time and weird sound effects. To Hannah Williams, “nuremburglar”, we knew she was pregnant!!!, backstage dancing, 3 classes. To Alan Bishel, the hell that was Kiss me, Kate, the General by Dispatch, the unusable light pole/gallow, STAGE RIGHT SHIFTERS 4 LYFE. To Grace Reed, my undying love for you, kitty noises, hugs. To McKenzie Morrison, the dirty hokey pokey, the paint crew legacy, “white swag”, butt touching. To Momma Wrayno, hugs, tea, Hershey kisses, Jack the Ghost, all the animal visitors we have had and NEIGH NEIGH THE HORSE. To Hannah Daley, twerking, exec memories and boys with nice butts, lunch dates with Alison. Alison Jester, lunch dates, Jamocha milkshakes, and boy talks. To Meredith Ball, the wolverine and deadpool dream team, mall trips, boyfriend talks and peppermint mochas. Joey “Golden Joe” Judson, STAGE RIGHT 4 LYFE, that horribly heavy picnic table, so much swaggie, backstage singing, our hilarious reenactment of “Greased Lightning” at Liz’s house, weird snapchats, taproom after football games and so many hugs. To Jake Banasiewicz, Tropical Smoothie, “old sport”, being sore from ITS kickball, that really cute Pridefest court pic we took, a carpet ride to Iceland, loves and hugs and all that mushy stuff that you hate. To Alli Perrin, fangirling over Youtubers, Frozen songs, a reeses apple, Slender, a buzz light year phone, Bojangles, yelling at you in newspaper, the party mat at the blood drive and PEWDIEPIE AMNESIA. To Mr. Broer, one MILLION dollars, a new printer, my slinky (that you already took?) and a rube. To Tanner Himmelright, STAGE RIGHT 4 LYFE!!!1, video chats, lots of love, hugs and kisses!!! To Alec Way, a bathtub full of ramen, room sized ramen, your own techtonic plate to rule, spicy lettuce, chalk for consumption, salt and a “Swiss butta knife”. To Carter Hering, fun facts, PRAAAHM and a walk at Umstead. To Wilky-Wilk-Shake’s AP English class, mmmph, 30 seconds and JOHN JOHNSON. To The Mycenean, the “WHY??”. To The Menagerie, a tug of war rematch, because you guys definitely need it.


I, Tyler Scheviak, being of sound

mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Wendell Bernard Barnwell III, every ounce of joy I’ve ever had. To Mary Lewis, I give D-Na$ty, my best friend. To Sluggs I give plagiarism in every aspect of my life, and this quote he told me, “I’ll have a cheeseburger with cheese”. To Morgan Burros I give all the Sangs in the world. To David Shuler I give my trust in drifting me in to school. To Claudia Kennedy, I give my endless laughter, animal pictures, and that giant graduated cylinder. To Sonali Biswas, I give my good grades because yours were good enough. To Caroline Chappell I give Tylerton Drive. To my parents I leave you no money in your bank account. To Kasey Singer, I give my secret handshake. To Dr. Muttillo I give my pride in my school. To Daniel Nance, I leave the duct tape suit (and bowtie and vest and two pairs of pants). To Justin Hawk, I leave Chubbies and red mohawks. To Ryan Campbell I leave morning chill sessions in your Jeep with Brooks Maynard. To Chris Jeffreys, I leave those days we used to have on the courts of Ligon. And finally, to my brother, Cory Scheviak, I give back that table you gave me and I never used. I, Juliet Simpson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Ford Nelson, neardeath experiences while driving and the BINGO board. To Laura Hill, Lauren Nan, and Kasey Qussenberry, the difficult task of stripping actors in the dark. To Hannah LaCava, a steamer for the curtains and a lifesize portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch. To Sarah Arney, the Alto I Section. To Robyn Dennis, all the smiles in the world plus maybe a few more. To Mr. Hunt and students of Lessons of Vietnam, supremacy. To the APUSH kids, Sparta, Watergate, and the wise words of Garraty. To Abby Symes, every mile of freshman gym. To Jarrett Wood, Starbucks coffee, surviving Superman, and “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”. To Dylan, our secret on Goliath. To Hannah Daley, legit slumber parties, Pride and Prejudice, magical syrup-smell-remover, Surviving Track 3, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. To Emilie Burgess, every day of chorus, an alarm clock, and a Sola shake. To Alison Jester, walks in Umstead, milkshakes, days of college talk, and thrift shopping. To Amanda Harrison my sanity in Calculus, Sola coffee, boy-gossip, and blaring “Welcome Home” while driving with the windows down. I, Erin Smith, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following…. To Stephanie Gordiano, our lunch dates and freshman memories. To Allie Ogar, all of my senior year. To Matthew Jenkins, Ms. Wedge’s spirits, argumentative papers, Mount Kilimanjaro, and YEAH RIGHT GET OUT. To Jon Cockerham, paint corner and paint world. To Grace Reed, my dorm room (since you chose State over me). To Bill Nguyen, appetizers. To Jennifer Dupree, the Grammar Workbook and gas money to get to McDonald’s in first period. I, Abby Symes, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Brian Morrobel, the presidency of Guam, the certain people in my attic and the empire to go along with it, all my Tumblr posts, my walrus yawns, Hell’s Kitchen, Law and Order SVU, and your favorite; Criminal Minds. My school bus, Life Cereal, shampoooooooo, all the mornings in the East Building, and my pure and everlasting friendship. To Meghan Picquet, Susannah Bloom, and Monte Hieke, the only good times in yearbook. To Jerome De Leon, Yo Gabba Gabba, all the cows and milk in the world, and being able to vouch for you.


I, Zach Timmons, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following…. To Tyjuan Allen, Cederick, Mikala Williamson, Sydney Tanner, Destini Darden, Ivan Peters, Blair Simpson, Tyler Boone, brnadon Scicluna, and Iggy Zonan, all the bars and beats in the cyphers we’ve had, #BARS #SWAG #BASED! To Kyle Smith, Howie Myers, and Bryan Breedlove, all the Lil’ B songs we jammed to in class, #BASEd #RARE. To Howie

Myers, all the ad libs we yelled in class, #YEET! To Molly Sparks, all the DOPE artwork we did in class. To Hubert and Lina Bentacourt, all the chill bus rides we had. To Allison Garrell, all the “deep life convos” we had, you feel me? #SQUAD. To Brooke Press and Zeina Hassan, all the retweets, favorites, and failed quizzes in Mr. Mitchener’s class. To Timmy Schmidt and Adrian Brown, being #BASED and cooking in the hallways. To Sam Brown and Ati Abegunrin, all the laughs and conversations in Ms. Mendoza’s class. To Chris Jeffereys and Torey Hill, being REAL, all the J. Cole songs, and being dream chasers. To Nick Niedrich, RIP bro. Things aren’t the same without you, bro. You’ve been the homie throughout life, way back since elementary. The whole pride family misses you, but we’ll see you soon. #RIPNick #SQUAD. I, Salonika Tiwari, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Sabrina Shah and Pankti Patel, the charter of the Browntown. To Andy Lam, the library and rude comments. To Shafwat Islam, all the gora’s and cows of the world. To Jose Urriola, all the “Panamanian raves” and life advice. To Alston Shields and Chris Hollands, my basic things. To Sonali Shah and Shefali Shah, I leave my random rants, basic conversations, mangos and dance practice. To Parisa Shah, Shilpa Kancharla, and Sahana Venkatesh, all the outings that no one showed up to, the bakwas we went through, and all of the amazing memories and one liners we have shared during the last four years. To everyone I have met in high school, all the memories we shared. I, Summer Travis, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Bailey Metcalf, for sticking with me through it all, from middle school all the way through high school. To Rebecca Tibbetts, for always making me laugh with all your funny jokes and fun times at country music concerts. To Erin Hutchinson, for always laughing at all my jokes, even when they really weren’t that funny-just give me a call whenever you need a summer dose of crazy and random ideas. To Nicola Paul, all of my hopes and dreams of ever being a good dancer, and for a lifetime of hearing me say, “The U”(insert low voice) whenever you come to visit. To Jenny McAnarney, for keeping me up to date on all my TV shows and sharing my love for all things British royalty. To Halle Ronk, anxiety-inducing drivers ed memories and the “superheroines” fighting teacher-vampires. To Julie Barbour, gratitude and all your kind thoughts and fun lunch outings together. To Austin Truhe, all the classes well spent sitting next to each other because of our last names-it has truly been an honor. To La Clase De APSL 2012-2013, siempre recordare nuestra familia especial y las memorias divertidas con el Señor Ross. To Kelly C. Brown, for making Earth Science bearable with your absolutely hilarious sayings. To Marques Wilson, for expanding my performances. To all the LRHS faculty, a giant thank you for your constant support and dedication. To Sarah Bigelow, math problems I cannot solve and a neverto-be-forgotten moment of profanity in a certain tropical storm journey, but also countless memories to come as roommates and best friends. To Spencer Travis, all the school notes and advice I have, sleepless nights, car rides to school and home, and all my love for you, even when you think I’m just a weird big sister.


I, Hannah Williams, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Bethany Farmer, the song “Butterfly.” To Juliana Rube, the Nuremburglergler Laws. To Jake Banasiewicz, the nickname “fluffybutt.” To Marques Wilson, my baby fings. To everyone in Tech Crew, “fish or bush.” To Queen Hannah LaCava, Princess Abby Holland, Princess Sarah Arney, and Princess Cassie Gray, the props crew kingdom. To Jon Cockerham, the unofficial title of “Props Prince.” To Madeline Downs, Jenny McAnarney, and Casey McAnarney, all of our unmentionables. To Ian McCay,

a slap in the chest with his own cell phone. To Mckenzie Morrison, all of the puppies and kittens in the world. To Alan Bishel, a blue button-down shirt, chili, and a map of Umstead. To Kelly A. Brown, a clementine, as many men’s watches as will fit on her arms, every Christmas song ever written and the Oxford comma. I, Sydney Wooten, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following… To Shannon Hardy, my PRIDE puffer vest, drives in Rhonda, and our endless love of food. To Zaria Maynard, four years of standing in a goal, food, a growing friendship, sports med, and black jokes with Dink. To Ashley Riggs, all of our long talks and popularity competitions. To Sydney Frizzelle, Kindler’s freshman math class, Rio, and weird talks in our own language. To Sarah Atkinson, a nine year friendship. To Taylor Hutchinson, Bae, weird “dates”, dancing, and ugly pictures. To Joseph Bonds, stupid jokes and Kevin Hart. To Rani Corak, Varsity Football, funny talks, and the love of football smells. To Mackenzie Dipper, Junior year and food runs. To Sydney Lattimore, sports med and tons of laughs. To Rebeckah Bailey, riding in Rhonda and food at your house. To Rachel Golden, hugs, defense, and Bae. To Dougless Elks, Alex Hunter, and Jonathan Mebane, Basketball season, Frazier, and BRED status. I, Dana Worthy, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following... To Zaria Maynard, all of our fun lunch trips, our bounce house business, and our long lasting friendship. To Robert Owens, all of the wonderful memories we have. To Olivia Davis, all of our “lunch talks” and my parking space. To Kelly Funderburk, patience for the next two years with basketball. To Christian Featherson, the walkway outside of Coach Ennis’s room. To Atinuke Abegunrin, all of our volleyball practices and memories. To Samara Brown, the “stop talking” moments in apparell class. To all of my friends I have forgotten, all of the wonderful memories we will cherish together forever.


I, Emily Yoo, being of sound body and mind do hereby leave the following... To Amanda Harrison and Deborah Yoo, our two cruise adventures, dreamy clusters, and EDA days. To Sam Jayne and Ashley Zheng, Wilky ‘s class and our group message that kept me going. To Chris Zappia, our 5-year old personalities, and “EMMY WAIIIIT!!!”. To Sonali Biswas and Gunnar Nuxoll, Barnes & Noble and non stop laughter. To the JUNIOR BOYS, Chipotle takeovers and the best indoor soccer team trophy (sorry Senior boys). To Liz Farnham, all of our sophomore year rounds. To Angela Chung, my mini-me award, and to you and Malena Waters, DPCYG. To Soraya Baker, I leave my adoration for you because I like you more than your brother. To Sr. Ross, honey-roasted peanuts, APSL 2013, and my Favorite Teacher Award. To Anna Longenecker, measuring cups, fierce brows, and our love for Spanish. To Austen Truhe, the best spirit week costumes of all time, Shakori Hills, and the hero of prom night. To Kim Fox, crop tops and highwaisted shorts, smoothies, middle school eyeliner, and shopping days. To Molly Vaughters, “Gimpy,” Shakori Hills, pigeon-lady, and all the fun we have when we’re together. Last, but not least, to my best friend Haley Krall, I leave the past 9 years of friendship, the good and bad times, Nutella & graham crackers, cargo shorts, Webkinz, “do u poop” and all the weird times we’ve had. To my 4 best friends listed above, all of my love and appreciation for your friendship and support through my journey at Leesville.

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 17 The Mycenaean,

Senior Superlatives

[ ] Most Likely to be President Lukas Queyquep & Claudia Kennedy


Best Hugger Chris Pendergraft & Alexis Cacchione


Favorite Teacher

Mrs. Dinkenor & Senor Ross


] [

] [

Best Singer


Matt Cesari & Kaitlyn King


Most Artistic Mason Flynn & Lindsey Arata

] [ ]

Most Likely to be on a Reality Show

Most Genuine

Hannah Daley & Steven Lemmons

David Democker & Lauren and Kristen Floyd (not pictured)

[ ] Worst Case of Senioritis Emily Yoo & Collin Kobeda

May 2014 6 /28, Features



Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 18 The Mycenaean,

Best Friends

Right: Mary Kate Bowers, Claire Collins & Camille Churchwell Below: Kyle Rathke & Andrew Goff


Best Nickname

[ ]


High School Sweethearts

Camille Churchwell & Nate Duell


Paige Bischler & Peter Marino

Best Actors


Lizzy Gifford & Matt Cesari


[ ] Tardy King and Queen


Best Dancer Haley Krall & Jacob Melvin

Kelly Hunter & Will Cleary

[ ] Best Eyes



Halle Ronk & Derrick Dabney


Camille Churchwell & Jackson Overturf

May 2014 6 /28, Features


Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 19 The Mycenaean,

Best Car


Mckenzie Morrison & David Schuler


Best Smile


Cole Langlois & Kaitlin Riddle



Best Personality Juliana Rube & Peter Marino


Best Hair


Sophia Menozzi & Ryan Moreno



Most Outgoing

[ ] Best Dressed

Jami Bennett & Austen Truhe

Mary Kate Bowers & Mike Dill



Most Spirited

[ ] Biggest Flirt Laura Stammen & Nate Duell

Steven Lemmons & Kaitlin Riddle

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 20 The Mycenaean,



Most Changed Julia Daft & Kyle Smith



Most Spontaneous

[ ]

Ryan Phillips & Kelly Brown

Best Looking Mary Kate Bowers & Connor Boneham


Most Original

Kyle Rathke & Emily Yoo


[ ]



Camille Morisi & Chris Zappia


Biggest Gossip

Ryan Phillips & Shannon Kearney



Most Athletic




Tyler Scheviak & Sonali Biswas

Zaria Maynard & Malcolm Hitchcock

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 21 The Mycenaean,

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Best Legs

Jacob Melvin & Molly Vaughters

Tyler Ruff & Kim Fox

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Jake Hollis & Lauren Bullamore


Sterling Shelly & Owen Berg



Chris Jeffreys & Julie Bortoff

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Brightest Future


Sonali Biswas & Pierce Do


Tommy Perkins & Nicola McIrvine

[ ] Most Popular Connor Boneham & Mikaela Kuhnel


Biggest Spender


Lukas Queyquep & Camille Morisi

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 22 The Mycenaean,

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May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 23 The Mycenaean,

The Mycenaean Senior Staff Senior Staff 2013

1. Years on staff: 2012-present 2. Positions held: Staff writer 3. College?: University of North Carolina at Charlotte 4. Career plans: Urban Planning, Economics, International Relations 5. Dream job (age 5): “Weatherman”- Meteorologist 6. To Broer: I’m ready for the ultimate Korn Hole rematch. 7. What did you love most about newspaper: I love how the class allows for self-expression and open discussion among the staff writers. 8. Most embarrassing high school memory: Messing up on a presentation in Spanish I. 9. Your best memory of Leesville: Regional Cross Country meet and The WNCN Blitz Pep Rally.

Carson Ellerby 10. What movie is most like high school: Definitely Napoleon Dynamite. 11. Last words: “I promise I will have an article done by…..” 12. Scariest teacher: McGarry, she was very very direct 13. Class that taught you the most: Dr. Stone’s APES class of course 14. Craziest high school moment: Unknowingly going 3 periods with ripped pants 15. What reality show would you want to be on: Shark Tank, Real Husband’s of Hollywood, Swamp People 16. Favorite way to procrastinate: Run, talk with friends, or stare at my work for hours

17. How you want people to remember you: For my personality and great accomplishments on the track. 18. Newspaper superlative: Most likely to win in an article marathon, “Loudest voice”, Least Organized Multitasker, 19. Song most like high school: “It was a good day” Ice Cube 20. Superpower you would choose: Teleportation, predicting the future 21. Celebrity crush(es): Megan Good, Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski 22. Longest you’ve gone without sleep: 36 hours finishing that APUSH presidents project (Thanks Mr. Hunt).

Alison Jester

1. Years on staff: 1! 2. College?: NC State 3. Career plans: Medical Researcher/College Professor 4. Dream job (age 5): Chef (and now I hate cooking) 5. To Broer: Words cannot describe how impressed I am by you. You truly care about your

students, that is very evident to me. I have learned so much from you that there is no length of paper long enough to hold the list of things you’ve taught me. I will miss having you as a teacher Mr. Broer, it was a pleasure to have met you. 6. To the staff: You all are awe-

some, let’s be real. I like how we all get each other, you know? It’s like a little family in here. I’ll miss you all and wish the best for EVERYONE. Miss you all and good luck next year and all the years to follow. 7. What did you love most about newspaper: I love that this is my class. My grade depends completely on how much effort I put into my work. I love that I have the freedom to write what I want, how I want, and when I want. If there’s a day where I’m not feeling the Newspaper-vibe I’m free to do other work that class period. All it means is that I’ll have to work twice as hard and focus twice as much to make up for the lost day, but that’s what I love. It’s my choice. 8. If you could change anything about your last 4 years:

1. Years on staff: 2 long 2. Positions held: Staff writer, Senior Editor 3. College?: UNCG 4. Career plans: Become a journalist, author, or teacher and live slightly above the poverty line 5. Dream job (age 5): A veterinarian because I love animals but it could not be, because math 6. To Broer: It goes without saying, but thank you. Also, Michael Buble still doesn’t suck. 7. To the staff: *Insert tired cliché* Also, remember to keep Broer’s sass levels in check or he’ll whip out the pink shirt and cut you in half with his light saber. 8. What did you love most about newspaper: Intellectual discourse and bad puns 9. If you could change anything about your last 4 years: Naw I won’t remember or care in another four years anyways 10. Most embarrassing high school memory: Having a pride period pass to Barnwell’s and waiting by the door while the lights were off and he just stared at me the whole time 11. Your best memory of Leesville: Time spent with friends doing nothing at all 12. What movie is most like high school: The Hunger Games 13. Last words: Sleep> everything 14. Scariest teacher: I would say, but I’m still scared 15. Class that taught you the most: CML or freshman Paideia 16. Craziest high school moment: A random person walking

I wish that during my first two years of high school I hadn’t been so shy. I feel like I missed out on so many experiences that truly would have made the start of my high school career spectacular. 9. Most embarrassing high school memory: I will say only this: do not wear a dress and then fall down the stairs. 10. Your best memory of Leesville: Senior year football games 11. What movie is most like high school: 17 Again 12. Last words: Starting a new life in college is scary. I’m going to miss everyone so much. I don’t want to leave this wonderful life I’ve built. But when I think back to the shy little self I was freshman year and compare her to the person I am today. I wouldn’t be this strong and confident young

woman I am today without the experiences I’ve gained here at Leesville. Everyone here has shaped me, has toughened me up and softened me down, molded and guided me into the person I am today. And so to all of you at Leesville--thank you. 13. Scariest teacher: Mr. Johnson 14. Class that taught you the most: H Anatomy 15. Craziest high school moment: Getting a 5 on the AP Calc exam 16. Favorite way to procrastinate: Skateboarding outside 17. How you want people to remember you: A spunky little fireball that is surprisingly mature---aka: awesome 18. Newspaper superlative: Feature Queen 19. Superpower you would choose: Telekinesis 20. Celebrity crush(es): CHRIS PINE

Catie Byrne

next to my friend’s seat at lunch and looked over their shoulder at him, turned away, and said, “He ain’t even cute.” 17. What reality show would you want to be on: A show about my life narrated by Tim Curry, Oprah or the guy who voices Forensic Files 18. Favorite way to procrastinate: Tumblr and philosophical arguments 19. How you want people to remember you: With curiosity; I’d rather be the strange girl who liked to talk about things most people don’t care about than any other teen stereotype applied to

high school students 20. Newspaper superlative: “Most Stubborn Editor About Issues Which Concern Me, Which is Everything” and “Most Likely to Challenge Broer About Everything” 21. Song most like high school: “Wrecking Ball” 22. Superpower you would choose: Ability to turn fictional characters to life 23. Celebrity crush(es): Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine, Chris Martin, Hugh Laurie, Tim Curry, Natalie Portman, Natalie Tran, and Missy Higgins

May 2014 6 /28, Features

Leesville Road High School, Raleigh, NCLeesville Road High School, March 20, 2014 Page 24 The Mycenaean,

The Mycenaean Senior Staff Senior Staff 2014

Camille Churchwell

1. Years on staff: 3 longgg years 2. Positions held: Staff writer (started from the bottom), junior editor, Editor-in-Chief... or HBIC or The Despotic, Grande Ladyship of the Free Press (depending on who you ask) 3. College: I finally, and surprisingly, chose UNC?!!??! 4. Career plans: Is trophy wife a career? If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll settle for being the boss of something. 5. Dream job (age 5): Flight attendant (lol) or world dictator… not much has changed 6. To Broer: “How’s that wife you got, or those million dollars at home?” or “Let’s go for a walk.” or “Thank you for everything.” 1. Years on staff: Tree (like the plant) 2.Positions held: Simple, country staff writer, kinda-sorta a junior editor and then the Assistant to the Senior Overlord and an underqualified Ad Designer 3. College?: Either UNC Charlotte or Kim Il-sung University in North Korea. Still can’t decide. 4. Career plans: I would love to work for a publisher but honestly I’m only 17 and can barely decide what to wear in the morning. 5. Dream job (age 5): A waterfall, a robot or Rachael Ray. 6. To Broer: MY NAME IS JULIANA RUBeeeee (it’s a hard E) AND I AM NOT A SIMPLE, COUNTRY FELLOW OKAY!!!!! 7. To the staff: Ilysm ya’ll, don’t let Broer bully you and be yourself. Love the pape’. Be nice, Ben Pope. 8. What did you love most about newspaper: The incredible friendships that developed

7. To the staff: THINK OF THE “WHY” PEOPLE 8. What did you love most about newspaper: Newspaper provided me an outlet for my creativity, bossiness, and sociability. 9. If you could change anything about your last 4 years: Any and everything about freshman year…jk #NoRagrets 10. Most embarrassing high school memory: That time I walked right into a couple who was mid-kiss in the lobby. 11. Your best memories of Leesville: Wal-Mart Wednesdays with my (two) best friends, Friday night lights, Prom 2k14 12. Last words: “Don’t touch me.”

13. Class that taught you the most: Academically, AP English 4, but Newspaper taught me actual real world skills that I couldn’t have gained otherwise. 14. Craziest high school moment: Every single mosh pit in the Loonie section at home football games 15. How you want people to remember you: Well-liked, well-mannered, well-dressed 16. Newspaper superlative: “The Grande Ladyship of the Journalism Council” or “Sassiest” 17. Song most like high school: “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba 18. Celebrity crush(es): Sophomore boys, Prince Harry, [the limit does not exist]

Juliana Rube

over the years. And the fact that it forced me to learn and act like an adult was absolutely stellar, too. 9. If you could change anything about your last 4 years: I would surround myself with the people who taught me to love myself a lot earlier. But other than that… #yolo 10. Most embarrassing high school memory: I made eyecontact with a girl while she was... well...“gyrating” her boyfriend on the dance floor of prom. Cue awkward stare. 11. Your best memory of Leesville: Playing in the state championship for volleyball junior year or working on and being backstage for Grease with my favs. 12. Last words: “Some really weird, throaty sounds effect that kind of sounds like a dying duck. *mlrreahhhh*” 13. Scariest teacher: Barnwell…

(I never had him, but I passed him in the hallway once.) 14. Class that taught you the most: Holocaust and Genocide with Mrs. Izquierdo, most definitely. 15. Craziest high school moment: That night at Liz’s after Grease…#whereismatt 16. What reality show would you want to be on: Face Off!! Ugh I love stage make up so much. 17. Favorite way to procrastinate: Reddit or eating or playing guitar or doing anything other than what I am supposed to do. 18. How you want people to remember you: As a genuinely good, happy person. 19. Newspaper superlative: “Most Likely to Make Fun of You” 20. Song most like high school: The Nyan Cat song or HEYEAYEAYEA 21. Celebrity crush: AJ Mutillo

Dave Nyamu 1. Years on staff: 2 2. Positions held: Chief Black Writer 3. College?: UNCG! 4. Career plans: Follow the $$ 5. Dream job (age 5): NBA legend 6. To Broer: I have an article for you, I swear. 7. To the staff: What’s your name again? 8. What did you love most about newspaper: Everybody thinks you’re smart if you’re in newspaper. 9. If you could change anything about your last 4 years: I’d realize that I won’t be talking to any of these people after senior year anyway.

10. Most embarrassing high school memory: I tripped on the main staircase pretty badly. These days, I’m pretty focused when going on stairs. 11. Your best memory of Leesville: Prom 2K14 12. What movie is most like high school: 21 Jump Street. 13. Last words: “If you ain’t talkin’ money, I don’t wanna talk!” 14. Scariest teacher: McGarry 15. Class that taught you the most: Personal Finance. I mean, do any other classes even matter in life? 16. Craziest high school moment: I saw somebody get drop kicked in the parking lot. 17. What reality show would

you want to be on: Secret Millionaire 18. Favorite way to procrastinate: Look at things for college 19. How you want people to remember you: Don’t remember me because I don’t remember you! 20. Newspaper superlative: Least involved 21. Song most like high school: “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars 22. Superpower you would choose: Telekinesis, the possibility for pranks are endless 23. Celebrity crush: Ariana Grande 24. Longest you’ve gone without sleep: Sleep is for the weak

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Relish rel•ish (reh-lish) 1. a condiment eaten with plain food to add flavor 2. an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre 3. to eat or drink with pleasure 4. a neighborhood cafe and bar specializing in comfort foods with a "new southern" twist

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