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Secretary General Addresses International Development Christmas Reception On Tuesday 14 December, at an event hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP at Speakers House, parliamentarians and aid agencies joined in highlighting the importance of continuing efforts in international development and not forgetting the plight of the poor and hungry during the festive period. The event highlighted the cross-party efforts on international development and the work

17th December 2010

The Muslim Seeker

of children from many schools in the UK keeping the issue alive. Performances were displayed by Dance4Life a dance group that works internationally on development issues and music by Polish Supplementary School Choir and Boothville Primary School. Speaking on behalf of civil society organisa-

tions, Belinda Calaguas, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Action Aid, who are this year's Chair of the British Overseas Aid Group (BOAG), spoke of the important work aid agencies are undertaking around the world.

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Farooq Murad, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, who was requested to address the reception said “it is unacceptable and a challenge to our humanity that ten children die every minute due to poverty, hunger, lack of clean water and preventable diseases”.

The Four Rightly Guided Caliphs


Mendhi Club


Kevsar Tabak


Commending the commitment and contribution of the UK government, and the many NGO‟s working tirelessly in the area, he called on the country to make a lifelong pledge to help the poor and needy and to unite beyond ethnic and religious differences in striving to save lives.

Special points of interest

Cont. on page 60.

Kashmir International Relief Fund 4 Women’s Classes 5 Digital Adhan

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Muslim Ummah UK Society New Janazah Building/Hall of Rememberance Care and Support Shop Team USB Masjid Arrahma Youth Conference Dawn Foundation Society Call to the Muslim Youth


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Welcome to Dawah Shirts. Our shirts and products are designed to be a potential tool for Dawah, inviting to Islam. Dawah can be done with close friends or people you meet on the street. Sometimes, especially with strangers, it can be difficult to start calling to Islam out of nowhere, and many people may be turned off by this approach. These shirts are meant to be conversation starters. With many different styles and designs, you can find the perfect shirt that suits you and gets people all around you interested in learning more about Islam.

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Entrance Fee: FREE! Venue: at eAalim Online Classroom DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: A charity event with Eaalim and a coalition of forums (7cgen, Islamic Board and Ummah Forum /Ummah Radio) raising awareness and fundraising for the relief efforts in Pakistan and for orphans with Ummah Welfare Trust (more details of projects are available below)*. The speakers will talk about the worry and concern the Prophet

had for his ummah day and night, even in his last moments in this world!

The speakers will go on to mention how we (the ummah of the Prophet

) should

have the same worry and concern as the Prophet for our brothers and sisters worldwide. The talks will aim to inspire us to be proactive and play a part in changing the situation of the ummah in whatever way we can. Speakers: Exclusive Video by Sheikh Ahmed Ali (UK) Ustadh Uthman Lateef (UK) Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman (Australia Imam Abdul Qadir (USA) Event Title: Ya Ummati - The Prophet's

Love for the Ummah

Date: 25th (26th for AUS) December 2010 Time: Saturday 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (GMT, UK time) HOW TO REGISTER? WINTER SEASON •Start Date: Friday 7th Jan 2011 •End Date: Friday 11th March 2011 •K.O Times: 8.00pm, 9.00pm & 10.00pm •6 Teams per Division •Game length: 50 minutes •Match Night Squad No: 10 players MAX •Deadline: Wednesday 5th Jan 2011 •Venue: Beckton Power League, Jenkins Lane, Newham, IG11 OAD £10 Registration fee per team (this covers admin and also acts as a safeguard for the league upon registering) PACKAGE 1 £35 per game per team + £50 deposit per squad PACKAGE 2 Pay for your whole season in advance at £27 per game per team and NO deposit (£270 for whole season)

To find out more please contact Rizwan on: T: 07886 275 209 E: W:

Secretary General Addresses International Development Christmas Reception Mr Murad also spoke of significant contribution made by many Muslim charities and NGOs to international development, many of whom are affiliated to the MCB, such as Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and Muslim Hands. There are currently over 90 Muslim registered charities working in international development, 15 with t/o in excess of £1 million. Sally Keeble, former MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development who organised the event said “The presence and contribution of the MCB at this event was very much appreciated. The reception marked the commitment of the UK Parliament and Government to international development. The young people, schools, civil society and faith communities present demonstrated the commitment of the public to see the UK keep ithe pledge to help end world poverty." The event was addressed by the Speaker of the House of Commons Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP, the Secretary of State for International Development Rt. Hon. Andrew Mitchell MP, Labour‟s Deputy Leader Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman MP and the Chair of the International Development Select Committee Rt. Hon. Malcolm Bruce MP. 3rd MCB Facilitator’s Development Programme 15th -16th January 2011 Background There are over 85 million meetings in the world everyday. We spend increasing amount of our working and community life attending meetings, planning sessions, retreats, conference calls, etc to achieve our goals. How many times have we wondered that if only the meeting was better facilitated we would have achieved more and or wasted less time. Facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reins. A facilitator enables individuals and groups to work more effectively, to collaborate and to create synergy to achieve their goals. The good news is that the skills of a facilitator can be learned and acquired. This programme will help you become a better facilitator so that you will be more effective in helping groups and individuals to achieve their potential in your professional, community and personal life. Aim To increase the pool of people in our organisations and community who have better facilitation skills that will enable it to achieve its vision and goals. Objectives - To understand the various aspects of facilitation and its application. - To understand group dynamics. - To understand the principles of adult learning and its application. - To understand the relevance of Emotional Intelligence to facilitation. - To understand learning styles and its application. - To use the understanding of MBTI to facilitation. - The application of understand self module to facilitation. Target audience It is targeted at those who are motivated • To become facilitators to help individuals and/or groups build their capacity. • To help groups achieve participatory and effective decision making. • To help groups resolve conflict. • To run meetings more effectively. • To be facilitative leaders. • To those who want to be effective teachers and trainers.

Applicants should have completed the MCB LDP or the WF/COEJ LDP or BCOM LDP or Cross Borough LDP or the understanding self module workshops. In summary they should have gone through the self awareness module and done their MBTI. The London Citizen participants should have attended the understanding self workshop (see separate brochure) on Tuesday 14th December 2010. Preparation Participants should come to the 2 day training with one event in mind that they are going to facilitate in the next 12weeks. Throughout the 2 days you will have opportunity to apply the learning and share reflections to the event you will be facilitating. This event can be about facilitating an individual, group, meeting, organisation, teaching or training session or a social function, team building, etc,etc. Participants should also revise their MBTI type profile and go through the characteristics of the 4 MBTI dichotomies. They should also bring their copy of the „Introduction to Type‟ book. If you do not have a copy, then you will be provided one on the day at a cost of £15. Outcomes By the end of the 2 days participants • Will have grasped the difference between teaching, training and facilitation. • Will be able to apply the understanding of how adults learn and develop. • Will have understood the application of group dynamics. • Will have opportunity to apply facilitation principles ands skills to their work lives • Will know the concept of learning styles and understand its application • Will know the differences of content and process and its application. • Will be equipped with understanding a variety of process tools used by facilitators. • Know the do’s and don’ts of facilitation. • Understand and practice the skills of giving and receiving feedback. • Will have had the opportunity to apply their learning to the facilitation scenario they bring to the workshop. • Will understand the need for facilitation in different settings. Logistics Dates: Saturday 15th January 2011, 9.00am – 10pm. Sunday 16th January 2011, 9.00am – 6.00pm. Venue: Harben House, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell , Buckinghamshire, MK16 9EY; Sat Nav: Lat: 52.082821 Long: -0.715023 Telephone: 0844 980 2307 Costs The total costs of the programme which includes boarding & lodging, food, venue costs, instruments, books and other materials is £195. Cheques to be made payable to: The Muslim Council of Britain together with the application P O Box 57330; London E1 2WJ. Applications Process Applicants should send their name, address, contact details and which LDP programme they have attended, MBTI profile with their cheque to the MCB office P O Box 57330; London E1 2WJ. In addition details by email to Dr. Akber Mohamedali, by Monday 13th December 2010. Participants Comments „ ….the supportive environment created made my fears go away, and I could talk and interact freely, which thought would never happen.‟ „I now know the difference between training and facilitation‟ „…I will change my whole teaching presentation and base it on what I have learned about adult learning…..‟ „…..if all of us were better at facilitation, our working lives would be much better …..‟ „…we have significantly changed our leadership training programme as a result of the lessons learned from the facilitator‟s development programme‟ „I realised that facilitation does not have to be a process that takes place in large groups and meetings, it can happen everywhere from one to one sessions to discussions‟ Facilitators Dr.Akber Mohamedali. Mobile: 07768764786. Yasin Rahim Aamer Naeem

SALAAM CENTRE PRESENTS IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SPRING FOUNDATION ‘THE LIGHT OF MY HEART’ EXPLANATION OF THE HADITH OF IBN MASUD "Oh Allah, I am your servant and the son of your slaves. My fate is in your hands. Your judgement upon me is assured. Justice upon me is Your command. I ask You by every name you have taken for yourself, revealed in your book, taught any one of your creation or taken unto yourself in the realm of the unknown, to make the Quran the spring of my heart and the light of my breast, the banisher of my sadness and reliever of my despondency." (Musnad) Topics Include: - Iman in the Tawhid of Allah - Iman in the Qada and Qadar of Allah - Iman in Allah's Names and Attributes - Remedies for worry and distress Course Instructor: Ustadh Abdullah Hasan Imam UKIM Mosque, Graduated from Zarqa Private University (Jordan), and Executive Director, Spring Foundation Trust, Arabic and Islamic studies teacher at London East Academy secondary school and Sixth Form College. Sunday 20th February 2011 2pm-6:30pm (with breaks for prayers and refreshments) Salaam Centre 313-319 Katherine Road Forest Gate E7 8PJ Course Fee £10 (course material included) Early Bird Discount: Book before January 25th 2011 and receive 50% discount - £5.00 Limited Spaces Open to Brothers & Sisters Strict Segregation To register, make payment & for more details: 07903388875 or Who is this course for? Every Muslim who wants to gain a deep understanding of benefits of Dua and supplication Every Muslim who wants to understand the true nature and impact of Tawhid For every Muslim teacher in Islamic schools who wishes to raise his/her students with the knowledge of the power of Tawhid For every dai‟ (caller to Islam) who wants to develop a connection with Allah For those who have been afflicted with pain, sadness and distress in their life For those looking for tools of protection from the Qur‟an and Sunnah What will you come out with at the end of the course? A course booklet complete with notes on Spring (Light) Of My Heart Dua Veneration for the power of dua and supplication Tremendous boost to your emaan Understanding of the fundamentals of Tawhid and its impact on our life Knowledge of the practical application of Tawhid in Islam

2nd January, 2011 – 10:00AM – 9:00PM Spend a day with internationally renowned speakers as they discuss important issues that face the Muslims.

Allah says, “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” -Hadith Qudsi Reclaiming our religion There are many who speak on behalf of Islam; individuals, groups, organisations, the media and even governments. We have seen a spectrum of viewpoints about what Islam stands for, what our role as Muslims is, about our world view. We hear calls to reform our religion and claims that it is outdated and impractical for the modern age. So who does actually speak for Islam? What really is our world view? That‟s what the theme of this year‟s conference is all about. We hope that this conference will address these and many other issues in light of

What are the topics?        

Who speaks for Islam? The Uncompromisables Back to Basics A Common Word A Desert Religion? Call of Duty Liberalism – A Solution for the Modern World? What We Stand For

Confirmed speakers           

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed – Canada Sheikh Asim Al Hakeem – Saudi Abdurraheem Green – UK Sheikh Abu Taubah – USA (Live Video) Sheikh Abu Abdissalam – Makkah Sheikh Abu Usama Al-Dhahabi – UK Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad – UK Sheikh Murtaza Khan – UK Hamza Tzortzis – UK Jalal Ibn Saeed – UK When

2nd January, 2011 – 10:00AM – 9:00PM Where Ibis Hotel, Earls Court London, UK Places are strictly limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis. You can book your tickets here now to reserve your place. Ticket prices: Regular: £25 Student: £15

Islamic Network The Steps to Allah Conference is a project of Islamic Network. Check out our other projects at:

New Years 5km Fun Run DM FC Fundraiser Sunday 2nd January 12.00pm Over 16: 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals and prizes Under 16: 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals and prizes All entrants will receive a DM FC T Shirt Meet at the pond (Aldersbrook Rd) Registration form to be completed. U16s/students Cost ÂŁ5.00. Over 16s/adults Cost ÂŁ10.00 3 major prizes on offer for runners who raise funds via sponsorship from family and friends

British Academy of Qur'anic Studies (BAQS) in association with Birkbeck ISOC present a one -day intensive course on: Monthly Qur‟anic Seminar In the Way of God: Tafsir Surah al-Hadid Surah al-Hadid is directed to the social rather than individual consideration. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Muslim society is that all its activities are directed to Allah. The whole society is dedicated to playing its destined part in the universal order. The task of the Muslim community is to recognise Allah and to make Him recognised, and to worship Him and to make it easy for others to worship. Surah al-Hadid was revealed to persuade the Muslims to make monetary sacrifices, and to make them realise that Islam did not merely consist in verbal affirmation and some outward practices but its essence and spirit is sincerity towards Allah and His Religion. Faith and spending are two principal elements for the success of the Community in achieving its end. Good use of money in the service of belief is the practice of the people of sincere belief. The basis of accepted belief is acknowledgement of Allah, self-denial, mercy to creatures and kind-heartedness. Humility and mercy cultivate acceptance and love. Pride and severity only result in contention and fighting. Attend this course to strengthen and affirm your faith, action, reliance and trust in Allah [swt] in your life. Those who affirm faith in Him and pass their life fearing Allah's accountability, will be given by Allah a double share of His mercy and He will bless them with the Light by which they will see and walk the straight path among the crooked paths met with at every step in the life of this world. INSTRUCTORImam Mohammed Adil Rehman Imam Mohammed Adil Rehman has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from London as well a Diploma in Arabic Language and a Bachelors degree in Usul ad-Din and Usul alFiqh from the Institut Europeen des Sciences, France. Having completed his studies in France Imam Adil Rehman continued his studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester completing his MA in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management and MSc in Global Politics from the University of London. He is currently applying for a PhD in Islamic Political Philosophy. Imam Adil Rehman has been involved with Muslim youth work in the UK and Europe for a number of years and is currently the President of the Forum of European Muslim Youth & Student Organisations (FEMYSO), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to this he also teaches short courses in Arabic and Islamic Sciences at various institutions. DATESaturday 15th January, 2011 TIME9.00am – 6.30pm VENUEFrancis Bancroft Building, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS [nearest tube station: Mile End station] PRICE£30 (All) [Course material and refreshments included] REGISTEROnline at INFORMATIONT: 07092 813 541 E:

Whats stopping you from becoming Muslim? Some people are worried often worried if they will be allowed to become Muslim due to a variety of reasons. So before proceeding onto how to convert to Islam. I wish to reassure you that anyone can become a Muslim. Who can become a Muslim? Islam is for the whole of humanity. Islam unites together people of different colours, languages, races. and nationalities into one brotherhood. Any human being can embrace Islam. You do not need anyones permission to become Muslim. You can be any colour, race, age, speak any language and still become a Muslim. There are many American, British, European, Indian, children and Adults who accept Islam every day, from all ages, all backgrounds and nationalities. How to become a Muslim To become a Muslim one must simply pronounce the Declaration of Faith (called the Shahadah in arabic) The Shahadah can be said as follows: "ASH-HADU ANLA ILAHA ILLA-ALLAH WA ASH-HADU ANNA MOHAMMADAN RASUL-ALLAH". The English translation is: "I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger." As soon as you become a Muslim all your previous sins are forgiven and you start a blank state. A complete clean record! You may hear from some Muslims incorrect advice due to their lack of knowledge of Islam or due to lack of correct knowledge of Islam. So please note that: You do not need to do a course or obtain a certificate to become a Muslim Someone may say you have to do a course or obtain a certificate to be a Muslim. This is incorrect. You do not need to attend a course or obtain a certificate to become Muslim. You should not delay in becoming a Muslim If someone advices you to delay your conversion to Islam. This is also incorrect. If you believe Islam is the truth then you should not delay your conversion to Islam. You should convert immediately because we are given a certain lifespan. Since we do not know when we are going to die. Not even a minute should be lost as your time to leave this life may be up the next minute. If you have a wild past or have committed many bad deeds you can still become a Muslim No matter what sins you have committed or how wild your past was. You can still become a Muslim.. Islam erases all sins committed prior to becoming a Muslim. The Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: " Islam annuls what came before it." (narrated by Muslim in his Sahih, no. 121). What if there are no Muslims, no Mosques or Islamic centres in your area Another common question is that there are no Muslims in the city. This too is not an obstacle in you becoming a Muslim. You do not have to go to a Masjid (Mosque) or Islamic center or know any Muslims in order to be a Muslim. You can say a declaration of faith (called the Shahadah) to yourself and from then onwards you are a Muslim.


Silent-Tears Legal -Project It's time to use your imagination, sharpen your pencil (or keyboard) and let your creativity run free as you put your poetry skills to the test in our new Silent Tears Poetry competition. There is a fantastic prize for the winner which also includes using the winning poem for our leaflet and a chance to present your poem at the Silent Tears Launch Event! Get your friends to join too, we know there are many artists on facebook, step forward and have fun :) Here is what we are looking for: Poem must be about domestic violence, closely linked to the silent tears ethos 'working selflessly for women, must include a minumum of 6 lines, can be any style and you can post as many as you like....add us on facebook.

Nasheeds and Poetry Page | Page 60

Dawud Ali Wharnsby The Crazy spots I’ve prayed

All the earth is a place of prostration, Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation. Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway, Any lace clean and green can be a place to pray When I think of every path, where I've ever trot, I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God. Remember that long car ride? Driving all night so far, Under the summer moon we pulled off to the side, Reclining in the front seat of the car. Waking to a fajr bird sound, And washing in the coin car wash we found. With the water blaster making wudhu, You sprayed me and I sprayed you. We stood so drowsy in the dawn, Behind the car wash dripping on the lawn. All the earth is a place of prostration, Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation. Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway, Any place clean and green can be a place to pray When I think of every path, where I've ever trot, I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God. Saturday shopping day, in a busy mall and bustling through the aisles, Where everyone's getting in my way. Each blank zombie we shop and face forty smiles. Time comes for prayer attack, Grab a pair of pants or a sweater from the rack. Find a changing room and latch the door, Set aside excuses and hit the floor. As I go back to the mall, It's easier then to make sense of it all.

All the earth is a place of prostration, Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation. Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway, Any place clean and green can be a place to pray When I think of every path, where I've ever trot, I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God. And our socks froze to the blanket, That we spread over the snow, Your call to prayer bounced off the trees and across the icy meadow. Crisp and clean cold air, our hearts were so aware, Our bodies felt the frozen freedom what a very cool place for prayer! All the earth is a place of prostration, Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation. Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway, Any place clean and green can be a place to pray When I think of every path, where I've ever trot, I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God. There was a time next to the river; There was a time in the school hall. There was that stairwell in that building, There was that forest in the fall. The movie house corridor, The airplane kitchen in the sky. So many places I'm sure there'll be more Pieces of earth to testify. All the earth is a place of prostration, Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation. Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway, Any place clean and green can be a place to pray When I think of every path, where I've ever trot, I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.

Newham Muslim Community Directory O you who believe! Eat not up your property amongst yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah has been to you Most Merciful. [Al Qur’an 4:29]

ACCOUNTANTS Zareef Kahloon & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants 343 High Street North Manor Park London E12 6PQ 020 8548 4095

CAR REPAIRS St Stephens Garage 133 St Stephens Rd East Ham London E6 1AT 020 8472 0325

CHARITY Kashmir International Relief Fund 577 Lea Bridge Rd, E11 0208 521 3220 07904119954

CITIZENSHIP CTS-UK 806 High Road, Leyton E10 6AE 02085328462

COLLEGE COURSES BITE British Institute of Technology & E-commerce 258-262 Romford Road, London, E7 9HZ 02085523071

FURNITURE Al Mirage Furniture 252 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB 02084700099

FASHION Meena Bazaar 341 High St North, E12 6PQ Ready made garments 02084722595 Uzma Creations 145 Green Street, E7 8JE UP TO 50% OFF 02084721313

HEATING AND MEDIATION ESTATE Muslim Mediation Service INSTALLATION 2a Streatfield Ave AGENTS Flame Heating C/H Systems and Boilers Repair –Service – Installations 0208 552 7698 07774 152272 07903 765755

HEATING, PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Wellworth (London) Ltd 2-4 Tudor Road London E9 7SN Bath Showroom Trade & DIY Counter Huge Range of Fittings Heating & Gas Supplies Electrical Supplies & Goods Pipes, Valves & Pumps

KITCHENS Net Kitchens Direct 87 Wood Street London E17 3JX 020 8521 2171

E6 2LA 0208 432 2805

Islamic Counselling Marriage Mediation Service for Muslims Women 07909941179

PEST CONTROL Bed Bugz Exterminator Newham Wide 07515424918

SPORTS Football Muslim5aside Beckton Power league Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Lane, Newham, IG11 0AD 07886275209 DM Football Club Plashet Park Manor Park E12 07515789068


London APSA

Indian Muslim Federation (Newham Branch) 6 Lincoln Road Forest Gate London E7 8QW


WRESTLING USB Leytonstone School Sports Centre 07949588196 07958251945

BEAUTY Maira Hair & Beauty Salon 341-343 High St North London E12 6TN 02084722595

Football Club Years 1,2,3,5 07539647837

TUITION KiPP2 Tuition Centre 56-62 Church Road, E12 6AF 07886020071

XLR8 Tuition Home tuition by qualified teachers CRB Checked Strictly 1-2-1 07949641815

Wisemove London Ltd 250 High St North Manor Park E12 6SB

TRAVEL Your Travel Shop 197 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4TA 02085547070

FINANCE SA FINANCIAL SERVICE 197 Green Street, E7 8LL Mahmood Akhtar 02084714444

SWAP SHOP If you have items that you would like to swap or gift then please do email us and we will include in the next edition.

THANK YOU If you wish to send a message to a family member or someone who workds hard in the community then email us with your message

ADVERTISE If you would like to advertise and support us then please do ring us or email us: 07886020071 If any local businesses or bighearted people wish to support us and believe that we are attempting to do good for the community, then please contact us and support us in any way you can.

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HMC was born essentially out of one concern and one concern only; to be able to provide assurance that we are eating genuine Halal, not just “because it says Halal… it must be Halal!" HMC is the product of a particular, prolonged situation – a situation of deceit and treachery. Muslims are being betrayed by individuals & corporations whose only concern is making fast, easy money. Using 'blessed blades', pre recorded Bismillah, captive bolts, electrified water and even pork proteins; the hard-earned Halal cash of many is being used to buy Haram. HMC has therefore, shouldered the enormous responsibility of discharging an obligatory duty on behalf of you, the community at large. Help HMC to Help You! Barkat & Sons Halal Meat 645 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AD Tel: 020 8911 8509 A M & Sons 84-88 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 020 8554 4030 A M & Sons (2) 397 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8472 7267 Amaan Halal Butchers 42 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8470 1514 Bismillah Fresh Halal Meat & Poultry 70 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8548 0992 Mob: 07932 836 696 Bismillah Halal Meat 370 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2LZ Tel: 020 8478 9900 Budget Fair Cash & Carry 51 - 53 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8552 2888

Butt Halal Meat 209 Ilford Lane Ilford, IG1 2RU Tel: 020 8220 7775 Hamza Halal Butchers 115 Altmore Avenue East Ham, E6 2BX Tel: 020 8471 2325 Iman Halal Meat 319 Green Street Plaistow, E13 9AR Tel: 020 8472 3308 Kashmir Halal Meat & Foodstore 120 - 122 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1ER Tel: 020 8472 8669 Khan Halal Meat 103 Burges Road East Ham, E6 2BL Tel: 020 8552 7175 Lala's Quality Halal Meat & Poultry 89 Belgrave Road Ilford, IG1 3AL Tel: 02000 114 055

Noori Halal Butchers 328 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8472 1667 Quality Halal Meat 126 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BD Tel: 020 8552 1122 Stratford Mini Market 48 Romford Road Stratford, E15 4BZ Tel: 020 8534 7281 Sunnah 457 Romford Rd Forest Gate, E7 8AB Tel: 020 8555 1441 Taqwa Fresh Quality Halal Meat 123 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2036 TSB Convenience Store 428 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8586 6999 Unique Cash & Carry 418 Katherine Road Forest Gate, E7 8NP Tel: 020 8472 5705

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Abu Bakar 47 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PA Tel: 020 8470 2300 Ahmed's Perfect Fried Chicken 61 Vicarage Lane Stratford, E15 4HG Tel: 020 8522 4377 AJ's Chicken & Pizza 221 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BL Tel: 020 8553 1125 A'la Pizza 28 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LN Tel: 020 8586 6688 Aladdin BBQ & Grill 121 Ley Street Ilford, IG1 4BH Tel: 020 8553 3357 Al-Farooq Kebabish 435 Barking Road, East Ham, E6 2JX Tel: 020 8472 0917 Al-Farooq Kebabish 84 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8472 3049 Al-Farooq Kebabish 395 Green Street Upton Park, E13 9AU Tel: 020 8471 1452 Al-Firdous Restaurant & Takeaway 187 Plashet Road Forest Gate, E13 0QZ Tel: 020 8503 5340 Bar B Q Base 832 Romford Road, Manor Park, E12 5JG Tel: 020 8514 2989 Chicken 2 Go 418 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8475 0003 Dixy Chicken 282 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8471 0900

Dixy Chicken 198 High Street North East Ham, E6 2JA Tel: Dixy Fried Chicken 372 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8548 1336 Euro Fried Chicken & Pizza 90 Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9LW Tel: 020 8471 4488 Griller (6) 649 High Road Seven Kings, IG3 8RA Tel: 020 8590 6400 GrillFellas 88 Katherine Road East Ham, E6 1EN Tel: 020 8471 9454 Hyderabadi Spice 309 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6SL Tel: 020 8472 0255 Jumbo's 66 Plashet Road Upton Park, E13 0RQ Tel: 020 8472 7637 Jungle Braai Barbeque 115 Wood Street Walthamstow, E17 3LL Tel: 07886 184442 Khana Khazana Restaurant 249 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8LJ Tel: 020 8503 4200 Lahore Xpress 99 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3353 Madina Kebabish 85a Upton Lane Forest Gate, E7 9PB Tel: 020 8586 7027 Mai'da Indian Eatery 148-150 Bethnal Green Rd London, E2 6DG Tel: 020 7739 2645

@ Manish 23 Queens Market Upton Park, E13 9BA Tel: 020 8472 2441 Noor Fried Chicken 284 Barking Road East Ham, E6 3BA Tel: 020 8472 5555 Pandoo's Family Restaurant 112 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4LZ Tel: 020 8518 6677 Pizza Pan 16 Terrace Road Plaistow, E13 0PB Tel: 020 8548 1144 Salt & Pepper Lahori Cuisine 704 Romford Road Manor Park, E12 5AJ Tel: 020 8514 3145 Sheikh's Restaurant 89 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 3366 Shiowari 229-231 Cranbrook Road Ilford, IG1 4TD Tel: 020 8554 2022 Signature Hyderabad 107 Green Street Forest Gate, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8552 2646 Tandoori Nites 235 East India Dock Road Poplar, E14 0EG Tel: 020 7531 4331 Taste Of India 340 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6PH Tel: 020 8471 2122 The Grill Restaurant 392 High Street North Manor Park, E12 6RH Tel: 020 8470 0093 Zu's Sizzlers 83 Green Street Upton Park, E7 8JF Tel: 020 8471 1212

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Sports Page London APSA finally got back to playing football following weeks of cancelled games, as a result of the recent cold weather. However, a local derby against a high flying Bethnal Green was enough to shake out any cobwebs from the recent fixture disruption.

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APSA...0 Bethnal Green United...3 former APSA player Isaac Aubynn and in 15th minute Aubynn skipped past APSA skipper John Langton and sent a cross in for Stephenson to open the scoring. APSA rallied and tried to claw their way back into the game. 5 mins later Akpele hit a spectacular overhead kick, which cannoned off the Bethnal crossbar with Wright well beaten.

nod the ball back across goal. Bethnal cleared the ball and launched the ball up field. Jama, picked the ball up with APSA still committed to the attack. Jama's pace was too much for John Langton and he finished past Brown with some aplomb.

and in the 34th min, Bethnal should have been down to 10 men when Ryan Wilson left his boot in and stamped on Jamie Langton. To everyone's amazement, the ref decided that only a yellow card was merited for the APSA started sharply and Bethnal made it 3-0 followoffence and play continued ing on from another tough took the game to Bethnal. in this heated derby. Locke went on a run down refereeing decision.. It apthe APSA right and was The second half was end-to peared that the referee had appeared to be pulled back -end, as APSA tried to get awarded APSA a free-kick in the penalty area. As he back into the game. Bethnal midway inside their half went down, all eyes turned The game was intense and continued to press and and with everyone pushing to the ref who decided that tackles were flying in and forward to set themselves Brown save smartly from no offence was committed as the temperature rose on Aubynn to keep score at 1- for the delivery, Bethnal and waved play on, turning the pitch, the individual bat- 0. APSA pressed for the took the ball and, with the penalty claim down. tles ensued. This led to equaliser and forced a cor- APSA out of position, Coulner. Burger rose highest to son scored their The game saw the return of one or two tough tackles third. APSA's protests fell on deaf ears, as the ref was not interested in hearing what APSA had to say. The goal stood and the game ended 3-0. Manager Higley had this to say: We should have had a penalty, they should have been down to 10 men and that final decision was baffling. How does a referee award a free-kick to your team and let the opposition run off with the ball and score? The lads gave it their all, but it is really frustrating when blatant decisions like that go against you.â€&#x;

A Frustrated John Higley with goalkeeper Steve Brown Jnr,

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The Muslim Seeker looking for the Good in Newham and beyond.

TMS 19  

The Muslim Seeker looking for the Good in Newham and beyond.