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2016 Indian Lineup revealed

Polaris Industries Inc. revealed its 2016 model year lineup of Indian Motorcycles Tuesday, showing new paint colors and combinations including a Pearl White Indian Chief Classic and a Blue Diamond Indian Roadmaster. Polaris which reported record second quarter motorcycles sales last week, plans to promote the new bikes during the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Aug. 1-8. Polaris maintained the 2015 prices for some of its bikes, including the Indian Scout, which has a starting retail price of $10,999.

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Project LiveWire Electric Motorcycle The suggested retail price of the 2016 Indian Roadmaster, which is a touring bike designed to travel longer distances, increased by $1,000 to a starting price of $27,999. Polaris also unveiled a new all-black color option for its three-wheel Slingshot motorcycle. Available at dealers starting in August, the Black Pearl SL Limited Edition has a new low-profile tinted windscreen and Indy red accents. It retails for $26,199, compared to $21,199 for the base Slingshot model.

As car companies work on offering more electric options on their fleets, a familiar name is bringing EV technology to motorcycles. Harley-Davidson has unveiled Project LiveWire, a new electric motorcycle prototype. The company has been bringing their motorcycle prototypes around the world on the Project LiveWire Experience Tour, which made its second Canadian stop in Calgary this past weekend at Kane’s Harley-Davidson.

Project LiveWire is all-electric, with an AC motor. It runs off of a 300-volt battery, which can be fully charged after eight hours of being plugged into standard 110volt sockets in Canadian homes. The prototype currently has a range of 90 kilometres, with top speeds governed at around 145 kilometres per hour. It can also go 0-60 in four seconds. “We’re giving them the experience that they’re used to on a product that may not be used to,” said Michael Weir, who came

from the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee for the weekend. Guests are able to test ride the Project LiveWire motorcycles on the Canadian tour. Those without motorcycle licences can also try Project LiveWire on Harley-Davidson’s JUMPSTART™ simulated ride. Karen Mayberry of Deeley Harley-Davidson, the exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson in Canada, was on the Project LiveWire Experience Tour in Langley, BC and in Calgary. CONTINUED ON P.03

August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 2

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LiveWire Electric The goal of the tour has been to receive feedback from the community to help shape future plans for an electric motorcycle offering from Harley-Davidson. “I think it’s the surprise and delight of the immediacy of torque,” she said. “The electric vehicle technology is instantaneous, so acceleration and braking are very responsive. People are just amazed by the responsiveness of the bike.” Attendees in Calgary were also curious about the electric vehicle and lithium ion technology used for Project LiveWire. The City of Calgary uses green energy such as wind and solar in many municipal developments. The looks and design of Project LiveWire has also caught the eye of old and new fans of Harley-Davidson. “The styling has been well-received by everybody from younger generations – customers and non-customers – all the way up to the older biker guys who have been with us for 50 years,” said Weir. There are currently 39 prototypes on the Project LiveWire fleet, 13 of which have been brought along on the Canadian tour. The next stop of the Project LiveWire Experience Tour will be in Montreal. Real Rider’s Observations at the Manhattan Store Launch in June: A group of Harley enthusiasts waited in line to be the very first people to take a ride on Harley’s newest motorcycle. The

bike they were waiting for wasn’t the latest loud, hulking monument to two-wheeled American chrome though: this was something altogether different. LiveWire is far from the type of bike that Harley enthusiast are used to. It has a single gear, a touchscreen dashboard, and no gas to speak of. Oh, and it’s quiet. Really, really quiet. Rider’s found a lot to like in LiveWire, despite its striking differences. The technology is unbelievable. Even though LiveWire won’t be going

on sale anytime soon — The LiveWire is ready and impressive to ride. It tops out around 92 miles per hour and can get from zero to 60 in under four seconds, according to a Harley representative. For now, it isn’t meant to take you all that far though: its range is around 55 miles in an economy mode and around 33 miles in a “power” mode. Charging time is about 3.5 hours. Harley executives only care about rider feedback — including finding out who this bike is actually for. This isn’t a bike for most Harley traditionalists, after all, so the

question may be what new, younger riders are looking for. Harley’s challenge isn’t just technical: it’s emotional. It’s recreating the feel of a grumbling V-twin engine and all the power that comes with controlling one. LiveWire certainly gives its drivers plenty of control — riders were calling it agile, sporty, nimble — but its sound is something very different. LiveWire is nearly impossible to hear when in traffic. When revved indoors, however, CONTINUED ON P.13

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August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 4

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scott macdonald EDITOR

Which way to go I hope you have been taking advantage of as many nice days as possible to get out on two wheels. For me, the beginning of the season looked bleak to say the least. My hands, more specifically wrists and knuckles were not cooperating this season, arthritis has begun to set in and I have been fighting with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well trying to keep things from progressing to the point of surgery. After much aggravation of trying everything from meditative chanting to repetitive soft tissue stretching, I’m now able to function with much less pain and improved mobility in my fingers and wrists, I have even gained back a good deal of the strength I lost and that to me is encouraging. In my efforts to ride this season I took my motorcycle into the dealership and had them install a reduced effort clutch along with a new Teflon clutch cable and adjustable clutch lever. The results are night and day – not just a little better, I have gone from not being able to pull in the clutch lever to being able to ride two or three times a week without any pain or muscle fatigue. Having this change done on my Fatboy is one of the best things I could have done to help me get back to riding this season. If you are having any of these issues, I guarantee you will notice a difference in the amount of effort required to pull the lever in. Drop by your local Harley-Davidson dealer and give any clutch on any new bike a tug and you will know what my clutch now feels like. If you have ever tried to travel with a GPS, you can understand how convenient it can become if you get off the beaten path or wanted to make a detour for some reason. Until a few weekends

ago, I felt fairly confident that the GPS recently installed on my motorcycle was accurate and correctly calculated the most efficient routes based on the criteria I set up. How wrong I was, this little bugger is not just directionally challenged, I think it’s functionally retarded. As we were making our way to a favorite spot in upstate NY, our new little GPS treated us to some nice rural roads and quaint little towns, the odd time we ended up on a gravel back road, but no big deal, just go with the flow. We enjoyed the reason for the trip - blues bands and BBQ. It was time to make our way back, so I input our border crossing city of choice, Niagara Falls, Ontario and after a moment of calculating my little GPS suggested I ride through to the east entrance of the park and head north east to Rochester. Hmmmm. The thing about this is we originally arrived from the west and entered through the western entrance to the state park. So before proceeding, I checked the setting of the system, reset all necessary parameters and re-entered the city where I knew I could cross back into Canada. A moment or two later, ta-da! Make a U-turn and continue through the park and exit at the east end of the park then turn left and head northeast towards Rochester. What? At this point I have had the engine idling for about 15 minutes and my right leg is beginning to resemble the BBQ chicken I ate an hour earlier. So I shut off the bike, lit a smoke (I do not encourage smoking, but) and gave this a think. Maybe if I choose a U.S. city at the same border crossing, it will re-calculate it correctly, so I proceed to input Niagara Falls, this time New York. Ta-daaaaa!

Make a U-turn and exit out the east end of the park, then turn left and travel northeast towards Rochester. WTF? What is it about Rochester? So after giving it the benefit of the doubt and since I changed the parameters from shortest distance to fastest, maybe it knew something I didn’t and perhaps it was going to take us to US 90 where we’d then head west. Ha! As we pass over US90 heading towards Rochester I turned to my wide jokingly suggesting that the GPS wants us to cross in Montreal. In Downtown Rochester I had finally had enough of this misguided GPS. Certain I was ready to chuck the little b#$%^&d into the Genesee River, my wife calmly flags over a local resident and proceeded to ask for directions. Now with directions in hand, and with a basic idea of where we were, I knew I could travel the US104 west and it would take us directly to the Canadian border crossing at Lewiston. Now back on-track, we are finally heading west after about two hours travel time to Rochester, where, as it turns out is about a two hour ride west back to the border. It seems, at least for us anyway, there are two certainties about motorcycles. 1. There seems to be some sort of time/space distortion because what would take us an hour in the car will become an all-day experience on the bike. 2. Regardless of how comfortable my saddle is, my butt will be numb for no less than 50% of any ride regardless of time on the saddle. As for my GPS? I’m not sure just what to do. Most of me wants to throw it out into traffic on the 401, while the rest of me still wants to throw the little bastard into the Genesee River.

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5 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015


August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 6

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Honda recalls motorcycles with electrical issue Honda is recalling 45,153 model year 2013-2015 ST1300PA, 2014-2015 CB500, CBR500, CRF250L, CBR650, CTX700, NSS300, VT750, VT1300, 2015 CB300F, CBR300, CBR600, and 2014-2016 NC700 motorcycles. Sealant may have been incorrectly applied to the starter relay switch, and as a result, the electrical system may have a loss of power. A loss of electrical power may cause an engine stall, increasing the

risk of a crash. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace any affected starter relay switch, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Honda customer service or check with your local dealer for more details. Honda’s number for this recall is JS9 and JT0.

2016 Victory Empulse TT

40,000 Watts of Modern American Muscle This is a street legal electric race motorcycle. Built on the same platform that set an American lap-speed record at the Isle of Man, it accelerates up to 100MPH+ and the battery fully charges in 3.5 hours. Where it matters most, the Empulse TT is fast. It is 10,400 watt hours of proof that Victory doesn’t just prove performance, we advance technology. The sport-tuned inverted front forks and adjustable suspension are engineered to provide track-level performance. It has the fastest battery charging speed, greatest lean-angle, and advanced regenerative braking system. Wherever the Empulse goes, it electrifies all audiences. 2015 ISLE OF MAN TT Where there is no room for error, we proved performance. The Isle of Man TT is the fastest, twistiest, and gutsiest race on two wheels, the perfect location to introduce the world to our electric motorcycle. For 37 miles, we pushed a top speed of 144.34 MPH. We averaged 111.62 MPH. We set the record for an American electric bike, and it was our first attempt. We didn’t just prove that we belong; we stepped up on the podium, and proudly waved the flag of modern American muscle. THE FASTEST CHARGING BATTERY ON THE MARKET The Empulse’s battery fully recharges in

3.5 hours, and up to 80% in two hours. With a battery capacity of 10,400 watt hours, the Empulse TT can achieve up to 140 miles of range per charge. Advanced regenerative braking returns power to the battery every time you let off the throttle, and all this battery technology comes with a 5-year warranty. No matter how you measure it, this is the best performing electric motorcycle battery on the road. 100+ MPH TOP SPEED SHORTEST STOPPING DISTANCE GREATEST LEAN ANGLE RIDER-SELECTABLE SPORT MODE You can take the motorcycle off the racetrack, but you can’t take the race out of this motorcycle. The innovative drive train is designed specifically to maximize power delivery and speed, while the dual Radial Mount Brembo brakes bring all that power to a quick stop. The high performance adjustable rear suspension and sport tuned inverted front forks let the rider attack every corner, so no matter where the road turns, you can drag a knee. More info: MSRP: Starting at $19,999 USD Peak Motor Power: 54 HP Max Speed: 100+ mph Dry Weight: 460 lbs

Harley-Davidson recalls 1,85,272 Motorcycles over saddlebag issue Harley-Davidsonhas recalled close to 2 lakh motorcycles in because of a saddlebag issue. Lately the company had started receiving numerous warranty claims because the saddlebags were getting loose. The company set up an internal investigation team which looked into the matter. H-D believed that loose saddlebags can be a cause of a major accident and surely it did not want itself involved in a lawsuit. The investigation team first thought that the issue came up because of a loose lower saddlebag but later, the official statement was “the combination of a misaligned support rail, joint-up stack differences and a spring wire in the retention system” were the cause of loose saddlebags. The company has equipped each dealer with a special recall kit and asked them to service the vehicles for free. From May 26, 2015 onwards the company replaced the faulty parts in its production facility which vehicles coming out from their plant after that date are free from the saddlebag issue. The process of replacement commenced

on 27th July and 15 models of the manufacturer have been recalled. Here are the models1. 2014-2015 Road King 2. Street Glide 3. Street Glide Special 4. Electra Glide Ultra Classic 5. Ultra Limited 6. Police Road King 7. Police Electra Glide 8. CVO Ultra Limited 9. 2014 CVO Road King 10. 2015 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low 11. Ultra Limited Low 12. Road Glide 13. Road Glide Special 14. CVO Street Glide 15. CVO Road Glide Ultra All these vehicles will be equipped with new and improved parts for free. Though there are no reports of any crashes because of the fault in the saddlebags, the company has recalled the affected vehicles as a precautionary measure. Check with your local dealer more details.

Keanu Reeves races own custom motorcycle line at track

Many will say there is nothing sexier than celebrities and motorcycles. While many of us will write about that magical place where two-wheeled passions meet with famous faces, the draw to riding is too much for some to simply ride. Known for the hit films of ‘Bill and Ted Adventures’, ‘Point Break’, ‘Speed’, ‘The Matrix series’ and more recently ‘John Wick’, Keanu Reeves played the role of speed demon over the weekend as he raced around the Suzuka race circuit in Suzuka City, Japan. Drawing attention to the 8 Hour FIM Endurance world championship as well as his very own custom ride, the 50-year-old actor hopped on a KRGT-1 clad in full personalized leathers bearing his name and the name of his company, Arch Motorcycles. Anyone who has read of Reeves motorcycle passion knows he has no fear of speed and leans in hard for performance motorcycles. It should be no surprise he formed his own motorcycle manufacturing company, Arch Motorcycles with Gard Hollinger. The famous actor admitted the opportunity to test-drive one of their custom KRGT1 motorcycles on the legendary race track was a dream come true. ‘’ [It was] like the best dream you could possibly have ... Incredible ... Just a real honor and something that I could never imagine in my life, to be here and to be riding a motorcycle with my partner and the designer of the motorcycle that I love is very special,’’ Reeves told reporters. According to the Arch Motorcycle website, Gard Hollinger is a self-taught designer, engineer and fabricator with his designs calling back to motorcycle days of

past, from the raw and seductively simple components of those 70’s 2-strokes, to the future-facing cues and polish of modernist design. ‘At the core his signature style exposes the machinery of the motorcycle, each bike curated with a blend of Smithsonian precision and street-rod ingenuity,’ the website states. ‘A studied blend of retro-modern design and performance,’ the website notes, ‘the ultimate test of craft and imagination.’ Keanu Reeves first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 600 Enduro, followed by the beginning of his Norton affair and the first of many he’d own over the years. Often away from home and his Norton’s, Reeves got in the habit of buying a bike when filming on location and selling when the shoot was done. To that end, he’s owned a Suzuki GS1100E, Suzuki GSX-R750, 1974 BMW 750, a Kawasaki KZ 900, an ‘84 Harley Shovelhead, and a Moto Guzzi. This varied motorcycle ownership apparently left him with an urge to bring together the most enjoyable parts of riding as well as the ride itself. For Reeves, the search for that experience led naturally to a desire to modify bikes, and with a particular project led him to Gard. This would eventually lead to the creation of Arch Motorcycles. For those curious to know what Mr.’s Hollinger and Reeves created, the KRGT1 features an Arch Proprietary S&S Cycle T124, Twin Cam, 124 Cubic Inches (2,032 cc), 45° Downdraft Fuel Injected V-Twin engine. The belt-driven motorcycle uses an Arch proprietary 6-Speed Drivetrain with custom compact high torque mainshaft.

George Osborne today announced a £7.5 million investment at Norton Motorcycles’ Leicestershire headquarters, creating 600 new jobs. On a visit to the Castle Donington production line today, the Chancellor announced a £4 million Government grant, matched by the business. It will lead to 300 jobs at Norton – including 200 apprenticeships – and a further 300 jobs at 11 parts suppliers who are also getting a share of the cash. The money will allow the company to grow from the current single engine and four models it produces, to three engine platforms and seven or eight models. On top of that it will support a 10,000 sq ft parts factory next to the existing production line at Donington Hall. Work will start soon on the new building and should be finished by years end. Mr Osborne said: “Norton Motorcycles is a brilliant example of what’s going on in the British economy. “This company is manufacturing in Britain with British parts and creating jobs for the future. “This all came about from a conference on Great British businesses two years ago where Stuart asked me what we could do to support the British motorcycle industry and I said let’s work with Norton. “As a result we have worked together to create the British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy and the next generation of engineers – not just within Norton, but in the supply chain. “Motorcycles were once a great British industry and now we’ve got fantastic brands like Norton selling its bikes around the world. “This is a chance to grow motorcycle brands in Britain and to train a workforce.” Norton currently has 100 staff making around 1,000 bikes a year. Around one-fifth are sold in the UK, with the rest exported as far afield as the east and west coasts of America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia. Norton owner and chief executive Stuart Garner said the £7.5 million will be part of a broader investment of £20 million being put back into the business. It would help them expand production to 4-6,000 bikes within the next five years, mainly for overseas markets. Mr Garner said he heard about the funding on Twitter and decided to tweet back. A couple of week’s later, he said, he got a reply. He said: “The Chancellor’s office said they had had a look at us and wanted to have a talk and we went on to have a meeting. “This support means we can develop two new engine platforms and a total of 600 jobs over the next five years – half of them with our supply chain. “We need to invest in the future and this will pay for skills and training. “We are putting in £4 million, but over four or five years there will be £20 million going into the business, giving us four new models.” The grant funding came from AMSCI, the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative. It was set up to improve the global competitiveness of Britain’s manufacturing suppliers.

7 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015

Norton creating 600 new jobs





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August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 8

Fastest production motorcycles by FEEL A FEEL DEEPA CONNECTION DEEP CONNECTION acceleration in quarter mile race

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Bikers around the world love to test their metal when it comes to race, drag race or a quarter mile race. In fact, the The Can-Am® Spyder® RT and RS ®roadsters. With a unique, The Can-Am Spyder and RS roadsters. With a unique, fastest production motorcycle has® RToutrun three-wheeled stance and intuitive, rider-focused features, three-wheeled stance and intuitive, rider-focused features, the fastest car in acceleration. Calculating it’s everything you need to become one with the road. it’s everything you need to become one with the road. It’s riding. Reinvented. Discover whatperformance thousands of riders a motorcycle’s quarter-mile It’s riding. Reinvented. Discover what thousands of riders already know at is simple. The motorcycle begins from a already know at ® Thestart Can-Am Spyder RT and RStoroadsters. With standing and it is®limited ¼ miles ina unique, three-wheeled stance and intuitive, rider-focused features, 12 seconds or less. Crossing the finish stops it’s everything you need to become one with the road. the clock. is also measured during It’s Top riding.speed Reinvented. Discover what thousands of riders already knowrun. at the quarter-mile 10. Kawasaki Ninja H2 - The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a supercharged super sport bike. It has 998cc inline 4 cylinder engine producing 300bhp (claimed). This is 50 per cent more power than the fastest street legal bikes. It has quarter miles time of 9.91 seconds at 249.30 kmph. 9. Ducati 1199 Panigale S - Italians are famous for making exotic as well as fast VEHICLE STABILITY SYSTEM SEMI-AUTOMATIC DYNAMICSTEERING POWER STEERING STABILITY SYSTEM SEMI-AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONTRANSMISSION DYNAMIC POWER bikes. Powered by liquidVEHICLE 1198cc Ducati system No clutch or foot shifter here. required Adjusts required effort through An automotive-like systemAn automotive-like No clutch lever or foot shifterlever here. Adjusts effort through integrating stability, traction Yourup leftand thumb your acceleration, and steering integrating stability, traction Your left thumb shifts yourshifts up and acceleration, speed andspeed steering claimed that Panigale was the world’s most braking forshifts an down. forefinger shifts down. Withangle reverse. angle comfort data. Moreand comfort and and anti-lock braking for and an anti-lockforefinger With reverse. data. More improved control. powerful production twin-cylinder engine incredibly confident ride. incredibly confident (Manualride. available) (Manual available) improved control. motorcycle. At track Ducati 1199 Panigale S has the record time of almost VEHICLE sameSTABILITY as Ninja SYSTEM SEMI-AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION DYNAMIC POWER STEERING An automotive-like system No clutch lever or foot shifter here. Adjusts required effort through H2, which is 9.91 seconds at 234.88Kmph. integrating stability, traction Your left thumb shifts up and your acceleration, speed and steering and anti-lock braking for an forefinger shifts down. With reverse. angle data. More comfort and 8. Yamaha YZF-R1S - Lunched in 2004 the incredibly confident ride. (Manual available) improved control. R1 is the pinnacle of what Yamaha can do. With 998 cc, liquid-cooled, 20-valve, DOHC, inline four-cylinder, it produces 180bhp. It has quarter mile time of 9.90 seconds at 233.32 Kmph. 7. Kawasaki ZX-12R - The Kawasaki ZXDealer Imprint Dealer Imprint Road 13, Courtland, ON 12R was in production from 2000 to 2006.14 It Regional Goes Here Goes Here was the strong competitor to be the fastest 519-688-3278 production motorcycle. The 1,199 cc inline four engine is capable of producing 161.2 Dealer Imprint bhp at rear wheel. It was able to flash 231.09 Kmph at quarter mile in 9.90 seconds. Goes Here 6. Suzuki Hayabusa - Made by Suzuki it immediately took the crown of the fastest production bike in the world. This mean machine is run by 1,340 cc, 4-stroke inlinefour, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine. The power can be produced is 197bhp. With 9.87 seconds in quarter mile it reached 236.1kmph. 5. Yamaha YZF-R1 - When it comes to handling the Yamaha YZF-R1 is the best 1000cc bike there is. When launched in 1998 it took racing motorcycle to another level. The engine used for this motorcycle is forward inclined Parallel 4-cylinder, 20 valves, DOHC, liquid-cooled. This motorcycle can produce 186.4 bhp . Makin in the top 5 it has the record time of 9.83 seconds with 241.26 Kmph in quarter mile. 4. BMW HP4 - This bike was developed by BMW to compete in superbike world championship and now in commercial production. It powered by 999cc inline four engine that is capable of producing 193bp. Its quarter mile time is 9.76 second at 245.3 Kmph. 3. Ducati 1098R - The Ducati 1098R is 1198 cc sport bike manufactured by Ducati. It was announced on 2006 for the 2007 model year to replace Ducati 999. The 1098R claimed 180 bhp and 134 Nm torque. This figure gives the 1098 the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any production sport bike ever made. In quarter mile race it clocked 239.1 kmph in 9.75 seconds. 2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 - As of 2007, Ninja ZX-14 was the most powerful bike made by Kawasaki as a replacement of ZX12R. Ninja ZX 14 has a 1352 cc engine that can produces 190 bhp and 155 Nm torque. On Tracks it reached 238kmph in just 9.71 seconds. 1. Ducati Desmosedici RR With 998cc V4 engine it is capable of producing 197.3bhp at 13,800 rpm and 116Nm torque at 10,500 rpm, Ducati Desmosedici RR is the fastest production motorcycles by acceleration. It has a dry weight 171 kgs and fastest time in quarter mile race that is 9.49seconds reaching the top speed of 245.91 kmph. ©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Always ride responsibly and safely and observe applicable laws. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. ©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. 610376 Always ride responsibly and safely and observe applicable laws. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix.


©2011 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Always ride responsibly and safely and observe applicable laws. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix.


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2015 1290 Super Adventure

Photographer: Schedl R.

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The Alaskan Highway brian gore


The ALCAN... likely the biggest Motorcycle Touring Dream of a great number of Bikers... I suppose, a kind of Holy Grail for Motorcycle Touring Enthsiasts. Distances on the Alaskan Highway... I’m not going to tell you that Solo Motorcycle camping along the Alaskan Highway, from Fort Collins to Denali and back is akin to running Africa or across China but for my Old Bones? It was still a challenge. It’s not that the road itself is that difficult, ‘cause it ain’t. It’s actually a pretty good roads these days. What keeps riding a Motorcycle on the Alaskan Highway a challenge, in my mind, are the distances. You look at maps and they put Arizonan on one page. They put British Columbia, and the Yukon on another page. You get deceived by the distances. They look similar on a map... until you really start out. Let me tell you, the scale on those maps, north of the border with the lower 48, is a whole lot smaller! And the distances, a whole lot farther! I can ride clear across pretty much any U.S. State in a day, most of ‘em quite a bit less! It took me all day and 700 miles to ride across just the S.W. Corner, of the Yukon Territory! And as one Aussie told me; “You people talk about killer snakes and spiders in Australia, that’s nuthin’. Those buggers just bite and sting, Bloody Hell! You folks up here on the Alaskan Highway have things that will EAT YOU!” I guess the first thing to spin a tale about, when you start talking ‘bout riding the Alaskan Highway, is my feeling for the land itself, British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska. All the places, North of the lower 48 U.S. Border, that you’ll ride through as you wander along on this journey. One of the first things you’re likely to have to deal with is the weather. This Great North Country is NOT a gentle country.

Of the 8768 miles I logged from Colorado to Fairbanks and back something around 3,000 of ‘em was in the rain. I ate breakfast in the rain. Broke camp in the rain. Rode most of the day in the rain, set up camp in the afternoon/evening in the rain. So be ready. One benefit of that was, I hadn’t much issue with skeeters or no-see-ums! They were hidin’ from the weather I guess! First part of the ride is through Southern Canada, I’m guessing a good portion of Canadian Population lives within a couple hundred miles of the U.S. Border. So you’ll not feel much of a change from this side of the border for a few hundred miles. Though I thought the ‘eh’ that ends just about any Canadian comment to be nearly as grin making as the musical accent from the wondrous land of Australia! The country you’ll ride through is gorgeous with no shortage of campgrounds, either government camps or private. The country just leading up to the Alaskan highway is huge. It grabs a person who is paying attention. It’s a soul filling, humble making, spirit freeing, expanse of a country. North of Prince George on the ride to Dawson Creek in British Columbia, the population thins out, the land opens up and you start to feel the true personality of the road. The thing that gets driven home on this ride is NOT a bad road to be found, those days are gone. The road itself, for the greatest majority of it is as good as anything south of the Canadian Border. For the most part, don’t listen to those who talk about the poor roads, that stopped being true some little while ago. The truth was, the absolute worst section on the 8678 miles of my ride was on the homeward bound leg on the eastern slope of Togwotee Pass, once I’d returned to Wyoming! So, what is that one thing that got driven home? The distances, I know, I likely keep repeating myself. That is the thing that keeps the Alaskan Highway challenging to ride on

a motorcycle. You can ride across Wyoming in a day and from West Yellowstone Montana in the far south to Glacier National Park on the Northern Border in a day. But to get from the Southeast corner of British Columbia near Cranbrook to Dawson Creek where the official start point of the Alaskan Highway is located took me three days, without dawdling. That, very, very, long day up to Watson Lake just across the border into the Yukon, holly molly! From there, up to Tok, 700 miles away, I traveled in one ‘possessed’ day. Now over those long runs you’ll find fuel about every hundred miles or so, sometimes a mite further. My bike, the way the fuel gauge works pretty much requires fueling at about 150 miles unless you can get comfortable running through that last gallon while the needle sits on empty. The only real complaint I have with Yamaha engineering on this Raider! I have no idea what provoked me to make that ride from Watson Lake to Tok, Alaska in one day, maybe just the desire to see if I still could. The section from Destruction Bay to the Alaskan Border and beyond, more than a hundred miles was the worst section of the Alaskan Highway. And I don’t fear anyone contradicting me on that. It’s the only section that can really still lay claim to being a ‘Bad Road’. Frost heaves, wicked deep and wide ruts in the pavement running wild and ‘trapping’ you between converging ruts and breaks. Pot holes and zig zagging broken pavement just beats you like a step child (pardon the expression) and for me in the last two hundred miles of an already long 700 mile day. I’d stand on the pegs to ease the impact of a frost heave only to have the bike jump up and slap me as it hit the next heave. Just as I’d started to settle back onto the saddle, yes sir an athletic piece of open road. I pulled into Tok tired and road weary but knowing when it came to it, I still had the ‘stuff’ to make the ride. Feeling like Billy Bad

Ass, knowing that I could ride worse. Well, until the next morning anyway. When I walked out from breakfast preparing to head deeper into Alaska, feeling pretty smug ‘cause I pushed my Roadstar Raider up a hell of a chunk of bad road yesterday. I found a gentlemen, older than me rolling a Hardtail 1936 Indian from Southern California into the lot! Psssss... you could hear my ego deflating as I twisted the throttle and went on down the road not feeling quite so ‘Bad’ any more. What about the the land itself as you cover those thousands of miles, those vast distances of the Alaskan Highway? You find yourself riding through an intimidating landscape. I rode many, many miles where as far as I could see ahead, or behind and I could see for MILES, I was alone. Not a car, not a bike, not a truck. The land is so vast it just swallows up. The thought floats across your mind as you ride; ‘If something goes wrong, the bike breaks, at the wrong time, in the wrong way, as I wander along solo. It might take ‘em months, years or maybe never to even find where it all went wrong. Then, the next day you roll around a corner and watch this fella’s Trike careen across the road in front of the pickup thats in front of you and slam into the side of the mountain. It was a good thing he hit the mountain, if he’d gone the other way it was a long way down and no way out! He’s fine thought, incase you were wondering, his bike not so much. I’d Pull off in overlooks along the way where I could see mountain ranges that according to the map was a hundred miles away with another couple hundred miles of empty wilderness behind it. I’d get this uneasy, queasy feeling, a small fear buried deep in my gut. Thought for a while I was getting sick. Now understand, I’ve lived a goodly part of my life out in open, less than gentle country but this Alaskan Highway, through the Yukon and into Alaska, is intimidating.





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Experience the soul-stirring exhilaration of the all-new Spyder F3. With a cruising riding position, high-torque Rotax® 1330 ACE ™ engine, personalized fit, and signature Y-Frame design, you’ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. The evolution of riding is here. Visit to register for a test ride today.

riding has evolved.

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11 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015

Unless you’re blind and I came to understand what that feeling in my gut was. If you stop and think of the people who used to cross this land with dog sleds, or simply bone crushing heavy back packs on snow shoes, and then only in the winter, because the bogs are pretty much impassible in the summer, while we do it in a few days and then brag about how ‘Tough’ it was, you start to get a “sense” of the land. Then, just to juice things up a bit you start thinking. Never a good thing. Laying in your tent at night, the rain rattling on the canvas near to Haines Junction. The words of a Canadian friend echo through my head; ‘Out there, on the Alaskan Highway, you aren’t living at the top of the food chain any more!’ You learn a lil’ humility and have to figure out how to deal with that ‘queasy’ feeling, now fully aware of what it is and where it came from. Some folks will talk about how ‘boring’ the Alaskan Highway ride is, ‘just miles and miles of trees’, I just have to wonder - Were they asleep? Didn’t they SEE the glorious land they were passing through? It’s like looking at the Grand Canyon and saying; ‘Ho Hum... just a big hole in the ground’. I say those folks need to sit down and think about how they look at the world around them, they are missing WAY to much! Maybe, that’s just their way of dealing’with that queasy feeling deep down. If you just ignore it or refuse to admit that it’s real than you can trick your brain into thinking it isn’t and you get past it? Me, I don’t want to get past anything, I want to see it, to feel it, to touch it and Know it. Like Ewan McGregor talks about in ‘Long Way Down’; I don’t care about facts and figures, I don’t care about the particulars of what happened when. What I want is to breathe in the land, hear its people talk about it, I want to come to know the personality, the spirit, of a land not just compile a list of the tourist traps I notched on my travelers belt. I choose to embrace that feeling knowing that you’re never quite as alive as when you walk out and step up to the edge of the other side. If only for the sliver of a moment, for the blink of an eye and come back ALIVE! Riding my Raider motorcycle along the Alaskan Highway, in the Rain, smelling the wind off the trees, seeing the debris torn out of the mountains above, carried down the mile wide foot deep rivers, feeling the weight of mountains a hundred miles away, that still seem to dwarf anything from the lower 48. Now laying in my bedroll camped along the Alaskan Highway, as the rain fell on the canvas above my head, muscles aching from the cold, wet, ride of that day, my mind wanders. The conscious thoughts of my days on the Alaskan Highway float across me like soft breezes through the trees. And then I remember I’m not the top of the food chain in these woods, cause there was a sign to that affect at the first campground I pulled in to that afternoon. I got a taste of the spirit of the Great North, The Alaskan Highway, British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska it passes through, just a taste that only wets my appetite for more. Though I knew it going in and just simply couldn’t carve myself out a longer time, 25 days is not enough for this trip. It doesn’t do it justice, not even close. Twice that would not be too long but I took what I could get, and count myself lucky for that. If I don’t make it back again, I am still a filled with the joy of my 25 Days in absolute, joyous freedom touring the Alaskan Highway. One not to be missed! Make sure you experience all that life has to offer,

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information, knowledge.. priceless

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Ontario may be lacking the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and the coastal vistas around Cape Breton Island, but boy are there ever some beautiful riding areas in South Central Ontario. A renewed appreciation in local riding follows a recent day trip west of Hamilton followed by a few days riding on the Bruce Peninsula. Paris Ontario was the first little trip, and yes, it was the annual Vintage Bike Rally, 20 & 21 June, it was also my first visit to the rally. Friends and co-workers who wouldn’t miss Paris for anything less than a medical emergency have tried to explain the event to me every spring, this year I’m glad several schedules aligned and I went along. A leisurely ride west through Halton Region, Greater Hamilton, then past the long driveways and tidy farms of Ancaster and Harrisburg was lovely. Warm weather and nice friends played a supporting role, but small town Ontario that was the star on this day. And what can one say about the Paris Bike Rally? A feast for the eyes and ears that begins in the parking area. In fact, if not for the distant ticket booth I could have mistaken the parking lot for the event grounds, fascinating machinery and people all appearing through swirling heated dust clouds, great fun once you got the centre stand down and peeled off your riding gear. Simply put, listen to your pals who have been enjoying the Paris Rally for years, then go and see it for yourself, particularly if you like rummaging through piles of motorcycle bits spilling from crates and rusting pickup trucks. This is a therapeutic way to spend an afternoon. As for the all-important food…. While at the rally there is little option but to line up in front of the sausage trucks, then blast on warm condiments that explode from sun baked plastic containers. Anyone looking for better food in this environment should be ejected from the fair grounds. Three weeks later, I spent two days circling the Bruce Peninsula, an area I know pretty well and never tire of. There are no limits to the scenic routes onto the Peninsula; Thornbury, Walkerton, Goderich, or riding the MS Chi - Cheemaun Ferry from the northern approach. From the south, any path into Owen Sound will do nicely. Turn north on the Georgian Bay (east side) of the Peninsula, your trip north will hug the west side of Owen Sound Bay towards Big Bay on Route 1. Elevated look outs, sad historical shipwreck plaques and fun homemade ice cream at the Big Bay General Store are great reasons to get off your bike and stretch. There are several ice cream stops en route, but no worries; I continue to feel

as though a long calorie burning motorcycle ride entitles us to a treat, just like the bicycle riders who peddle their way across Ontario. Rationalization is a powerful tool. For new or returning riders, a brief summary of highlights along the way includes Lions Head (my habit is to make a U turn in Lions Head, circle back and re - live route # 9 through the Barrow Bay area, a remarkable stretch of asphalt). A glimpse of the Cemetery Rd. street sign on each pass helps keep speeds down. After messing about here, head north to The Grotto and then Tobermory, plenty of snacks, bathrooms and lodging are available along the way. If you’re a Great Lakes - Light House fan, this is the area for you, although several sites require dirt road access, the roads are smooth so no issue unless you want to keep your bike gleaming. The trip south from Tobermory should include a ride down the west side of the Peninsula (turn west off of hwy 6 at Pike Bay road, not to be confused with Little Pike Bay Rd.) then head south through Pike Bay and Red Bay. This section is very twisty but the tight corners are routinely strewn with gravel kicked onto the road by ATV,s. Oncoming traffic volume is light, but it is squeezed tight to the centre line, a bad combination when everybody’s also peering towards Lake Huron’s sparkling waters on the west side of the road. Be careful. And speaking of food again….. As you come into Red Bay look for the new Red Bay Lodge sign, follow the long drive way towards a newly renovated restaurant that’s not only interesting historically, but is also packed with delicious meals and nice staff. The fresh and very local (caught about 200 metres away) Lake Huron white fish is “to ride for “. Riding fatigue may be setting in so there’s also a great place to stay only half a klm. south, Haven On The Bay B & B will require reservations though, it’s popular. If continuing south, the ride can lead you into Sauble Beach for more ice cream, tattoos, beach wear, and if lucky, a car / motorcycle show- n- shine located right on the hard packed sand. Aggressively enforced paid parking here, so feed the machines in Sauble Beach; what a shame for a rural Ontario tourist area trying to attract visitors. These recent motorcycle outings have reminded me of just how entertaining a short trip on familiar territory can be, think I’ll head to Kingston next, but rather than boarding the ferry to Wolf Island, and New York, I’ll stay in the region and snoop around for a few days. Have fun riding.

LiveWire Electric

it lets off a high-pitched whine that sounds more like an oversized vacuum than a vehicle. It’s different, It’s hard to ignore. Sound is important but Harley isn’t committed to recreating the classic roar. Executives commented that it can be a totally different sound as long as it delivers those same emotional characteristics. Most rider’s didn’t mind the change in tone, but they did mind the near absence of sound altogether. It looks great. It’s a good introductory bike for those who can’t or have issues and are unable drive standard. Or maybe the new younger generation of Harley rider. The biggest and only drawback to us old enthusiasts; it doesn’t make noise. For safety, you need a little noise, you need the cagers to hear you coming, especially. Today’s drivers, are so preoccupied they don’t even know we are there most of the time. Harley dismisses the safety argument, however, saying that it’s something of a misconception. Enthusiats were pretty thrilled with

LiveWire’s handling and feel and even performance. It’s just so easy to ride. You’re not thinking about clutch. You’re not thinking about shifting. It’s just so much fun. I would like to opener up a little and really see what it can do. But with little to no sound, I’m concerned for my safety. The one comment shared by Harley enthusiasts was, the sound of it, the tone, it’s not what you think of a motorcycle. The refrain was that LiveWire was quite appealing, but it wasn’t quite for them. Figuring out what can change existing riders’ minds may be part of what Harley is after as it gets feedback on the bike. LiveWire has been in development for about four years, and Harley isn’t saying how long it might be before it prepares a new version (or, for that matter, if that version will actually go on sale). The market for electric vehicles is growing though, and Harley realizes that it’s worth paying attention to — even if that means adapting. For now though, it doesn’t plan on throwing its history out the window. Electric vehicles are merely an opportunity, And they don’t see a time that they’re going to replace the traditional combustion engine.

13 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015




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Honda’s Find My Summer Ride Offers (“Offers”) apply to eligible retail purchase agreements forHonda’s a limitedFind time, My while Summer supplies Ride Offers last. Offers (“Offers”) are not apply applicable to eligible in Quebec. retail purchase Offers valid agreements on selectfor new a limited (not previously time, while registered) supplies Honda last. Offers are not applicable in Quebec. Offers valid on select new (not previously registered) Honda motorcycle products purchased from an authorized Honda motorcycle dealer in Ontario. ** “Save motorcycle up to $400” products value purchased is based onfrom the 2015 an authorized Ruckus. “Save Honda upmotorcycle to” values shown dealer in areOntario. deducted ** “Save from the up manufacturer’s to $400” value issuggested based on retail the 2015 Ruckus. “Save up to” values shown are deducted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price before taxes. **While supplies last. Price shown for a new 2015 CBR300R is $3,999, and includes price before a $700taxes. discount **While deducted supplies fromlast. thePrice manufacturer’s shown for asuggested new 2015 CBR300R retail priceis before $3,999,taxes. and includes Excludesa $700 $470 freight discountand deducted PDE, (where from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price before taxes. Excludes $470 freight and PDE, (where applicable), taxes, applicable fees and charges, license, insurance and registration. Dealer mayapplicable), sell for less. taxes, Dealer applicable order/trade fees may and be charges, necessary. license, Offer insurance subject and to change registration. or cancellation Dealer may without sell fornotice. less. Dealer See your order/trade participating may be necessary. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your participating Canadian Honda motorcycle or Honda Powerhouse dealers outside of Quebec for details. *Limited Canadian time purchase Honda motorcycle financing or provided Honda through Powerhouse Honda dealers Financial outside Services, of Quebec on approved for details. credit. *Limited Representative time purchase Finance financing Example provided based through Honda Financial Services, on approved credit. Representative Finance Example based on a new 2015 CBR300R with a financed amount of $5,015.28 (includes MSRP of $4,699, $470 freight on a new and2015 PDECBR300R and a $700 withdiscount a financed deducted amount from of $5,015.28 the manufacturer’s (includes suggested MSRP of $4,699, retail $470 price freight before and taxes.) PDEfinanced and a $700 at 1.9% discount for 36deducted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price before taxes.) financed at 1.9% for 36 months equals $66.17 bi-weekly (78 bi-weekly payments required) for 36 months with $0 down months payment equalsor $66.17 equivalent bi-weekly trade-in. (78 bi-weekly Cost of borrowing payments is $145.98, required)forfora 36 total months obligation with of $0 $5,161.26. down payment Applicable or equivalent fees, taxes, trade-in. licence,Cost of borrowing is $145.98, for a total obligation of $5,161.26. Applicable fees, taxes, licence, insurance and registration are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Prices and/or insurance payments andshown registration do notareinclude extra aand PPSA maylien beregistration required at fee the and timethe of lien purchase. registering Pricesagent’s and/or fee payments which are shown bothdodue notatinclude time ofa PPSA lien registration and the lien registering agent’s fee which are both due at time of delivery. Offers valid from July 2, 2015 to September 28, 2015. Dealers may sell for less. Dealer order/trade delivery. Offers mayvalid be necessary. from July See 2, 2015 dealer to September for full details, 28, 2015. eligible Dealers models mayand sellother for less. financing Dealer rates. order/trade All Offers mayarebesubject necessary. to change, See dealer for full details, eligible models and other financing rates. All Offers are subject to change, extension or cancellation without notice and are valid at participating Canadian Honda motorcycle extension or Honda or Powerhouse cancellation without dealers outside notice and of Quebec. are validModels at participating and colours Canadian may notHonda be exactly motorcycle as shown. or Honda Errors Powerhouse and omissions dealers excepted. outside of Quebec. Models and colours may not be exactly as shown. Errors and omissions excepted.

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After some cajoling, no, let’s be honest, begging, to my wife, I headed down to my younger brother’s house in Port Dover to pick up the Kawonda. It was a hybrid bike designed and completed by him. It was a Kawasaki H2 750 Triple engine in a Honda 500/4 frame. The front end was from a Honda 750 K and the rear from a Honda 900 F. The ultimate bitsa, bits of this and bits of that. He had had a 71 Kawasaki 500 Triple that he has fixed up beautifully. So beautifully that someone had decided that he needed it less than they did and stolen it. Paul, my brother, had been told that he would never get this thing to track straight and handle at all. Well, they were proven wrong. It handled like it was on rails and was a rocket ship. The Kawasaki H2 was known for lightning fast acceleration, loud 2 stroke noise and far less than stellar handling. By changing the engine into a frame that was well known as being that of a great handling bike, he transformed the total package into a one of a kind café racer and a personal statement. It’s amazing what a person can do when equipped with a creative mind and a pile of parts. From the first time I had seen this feat of engineering, I had liked it. I had never been blessed with a real creative mind and also did not possess the skill and know- how to complete such a bike. Times and jobs had changed for him and he had moved from Toronto to Port Dover. He had nowhere to store his creation except for the backyard of a friend. It sat under a tarp and then, when the tarp had disintegrated, exposed to the weather for years. When he did finally get a barn to store it in, he had moved it there and then left it, neglected and unused, for many more years. I had harassed him for years to sell it to me but he had stuck to the belief that, one day, he would get it back on the road. The realization that he would never do so finally smacked him in the face and he reluctantly agreed to part with it. I finally had it! Oh joy…. Well, not so fast… I borrowed a pick- up truck and down to Dover I went to pick up my new prize. The front calipers were seized so we had to unbolt them from the forks to muscle it onto the truck. To say it was a forlorn sight would be an understatement. It was a mess. When I got it home and off the truck we rolled it into the basement. My long suffering wife asked if I had completely lost my mind. “What the heck ( or something to that effect) are you going to do with that hunk of s__t?” she asked. To which I could only answer with a somewhat unwavering air

Bob Redinger

who have knowledge further than computer training. Maybe it’s just my “ older guy “ outlook. I think they should know a little bit about motorcycles . But, who knows? I paid money for this bike. How much stock could you put in my opinion when you know that. As I said before, the engine was seized tight. I dumped countless amounts of transmission fluid, WD-40 and almost anything else down those cylinders. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am somewhat impatient. Again, another understatement. I finally got out the block of wood and the hammer and began pounding on the pistons. Without too much trouble the first two came free. Did I mention that I had been warned not to use the block of wood technique? No, I guess not. It’s always the last one that causes the problem. The right cylinder would not come loose. The cure? Of course, get a bigger hammer. When it finally did budge, I was happy. When I realized that the final couple of blows had broken the cylinder skirt, I wasn’t so happy. I found a right cylinder through someone on the Board. Unfortunately it had had some mild porting. I had to send the other 2 out to have the same porting done to them. What the heck, it’s only money. To make a long story short, I got the whole thing back together and was ready to fire it up. I will gloss over the story about painting the frame and then the body work with spray cans in the basement that winter. The smell of fresh paint meant progress to me. To my wife, the fumes stunk the house out and would likely kill us all or, at the least, cause serious defects or learning disabilities in our children. Luckily, none of these were to happen. For once, I was right about something. My wife, bless her, has the nose of a bloodhound. She can smell oil, gas and especially carb cleaner from miles away. Despite all of my efforts to open windows and fanning the air with giant pieces of cardboard to disperse any of the aforementioned, as soon as she walked into the house she was always able to detect them. Immediately. Luckily for me, she has chosen to remain with me rather than trade me in for guy with less stinky hobbies such as pest control or plumbing. The day finally arrived and it did start up. What a pleasure after all those hours to hear that one cylinder fire. But what a heavenly sound from only one cylinder! I did manage to get it to run on all three after some more effort. I still love to look at the picture of me sitting on the Kawonda with the whole backyard obliterated by two stroke smoke. And, as always, when finally the conquerer of anything mechanical, a huge you know what - eating grin on my face. More to come…

ada. These are a great bunch of guys who are more than willing to offer help with anyone’s triple project. To say that there is a wealth of knowledge here would be a gross understatement. Any hurdle that I came across was tackled and overcome by a group effort. Sometimes there were varying and somewhat conflicting views as to the cause of my grief but eventually each problem was solved. I will likely go into more detail about the people on this Board in the future. At this point, I don’t want them getting swelled heads. So, onward we go. Here is the point where I have to pontificate a little on modern motorcycle dealer parts

You can barley see the bike through all the smoke after I started it up as strong as I had figured. Let’s not discuss this any further . It still causes pain, mostly to my ego but, what the heck. Nuts and bolts were hopelessly rusted on. Mice had set up a colony under the seat and in the battery box. The engine was seized tighter than a drum. I should have bought shares in WD-40 and Evap-o -Rust because I was going through them like there was no tomorrow. There were literally weeds growing out of some places and the hardened grime of ancient oil and grease was like a coat of armour around the engine. I had my work cut out for me. In my search for parts and information, I came across the Triples Canada website. The full and official name is Kawasaki Triples Can-

guys. Their first question is, what bike is it from? When you say a model that they have never heard of or, that you just need a certain part, their eyes glaze over and they stare at you with a completely blank look. One young guy told me that he had hundreds of parts boxes, then pointed to his shelves to press home the point, and said , how could he find a specific part without a number? I was asking for a master link for a 530 chain. I have taken to going to my local “ fix all brands “ bike shop. I can go there and say I need a 40 pilot jet or a filter for such and such , and he knows what I am talking about. Without a computer and definite part number, many of these guys are lost. OK, enough said, and apologies to those parts men

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of confidence, “ I’m going to fix it up and ride it.” “ Yeah, sure” was her answer spoken with solid certainty. The gauntlet had been thrown. I vowed that I would prove her wrong. Oh so very wrong. The first step was to completely dismantle the bike and clean and refresh everything. Easier said than done as it turned out. Always, always, take many pictures while dismantling. Don’t ask why I know this. Some lessons are hard-earned. Needless to say, I did not do so. I spent many hours trying to recall how parts had been assembled and where certain things went. Again, needless to say, my memory is not


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It’s raw, it’s’s meant to be ridden hard and put away dirty. The new Dark Horse is a blacked-out cruiser with the power and style you’d expect from Indian Motorcycle


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the club life mark stanisz


Sittin’ in the Summer Sun

helMeTS FoR lIFe

The lightest helmets on The planeT



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Bikers are not robots - we do not all agree on anything nor do we all subscribe to the same ideas, spokespeople, parties, ideologies or anything else. Bikers tend to be more individualist but also more collectivist than most people but obviously no two people agree all the time. The best place, of course, to ruminate over the strange ways of the world this summer is with your fellow club members. They are usually quite willing to set you straight. Popular topics with your buddies probably centre around cellphones and why the hell people are still fiddling with them when they are driving, people cutting bikers off, not giving enough room to pass, rules and regulations about biker gear and assorted other commentary. Nestled among these delicious tidbits of modern motorcycle life are also issues which on the surface don’t appear to be grand ones of general concern or outrage but nevertheless matter poignantly to the broader motorcycle community. Now, one of my favourite ways to catch up on current issues are through sources such as this newspaper, on Facebook - check out Canadian Biker Community or Motorcycle Garage Sale Ontario - or motorcycle podcasts such as Wild Ride Radio. Your club or chapter might also have a forum or place to discuss things. I’d encourage you to browse through some of these forums and make yourself aware of what’s being discussed because even if it doesn’t affect or interest you today - it might tomorrow. Speaking of browsing, I hope you’ve hit some of the popular meets so far this summer - Chrome on the Canal in Campbellford was packed this year with cool bikes, Bobcaygeon’s Bikefest had a good turnout and Lucan’s second annual Baconfest also had great weather - and peameal-bacon burgers for sale of course. Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting ‘hot topics’ making the rounds in various biker forums that recently caught my eye. CAN YOU HOV OR NOT? Anyone who biked anywhere near Toronto or the GTA during the Pan Am Games can tell you the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes elicited frustrated responses from bikers to non-bikers alike. The rules were reasonably clear for motorists (signs were all over with 3+ to use HOV) but motorcycle usage info was buried on government websites. I eventually found some text on the topic (yes, single riders could ride in them in Toronto but not on the 400 series). I had no problems using the usable HOV lanes but more to the point I didn’t see any public outreach to actually inform the biking community. That’s an issue. If they want this kind of thing to work in the future they should work on more dialogue. It’s not like motorcyclists have been silent on the issue - almost every bike show has a group educating people on the HOV lanes. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times but if

you haven’t already heard of it then consider signing a petition to allow motorcycles in HOV lanes at WHITELINE OR LANE SPLIT Another issue slowly gaining traction is what’s called whitelining or lane splitting riding between cars stuck in traffic. Ask a buddy of yours in your club about whitelining and you’re likely to get one of two responses. ‘Dumb’ and possibly a raised eyebrow questioning your sanity or ‘great idea speeds up traffic and it’s safer!’ Lane splitting is legal in California because the law doesn’t specifically forbid it. However, recent attempts to codify some rules around it have run into stumbling blocks. Lane splitting’s more complicated than it seems at first - how would you even enforce rules, for example if a biker whitelines too fast past an officer stuck in traffic? And how do they track the speed of two vehicles anyways? And while there isn’t much data on it yet the early indications are lane splitting is safer for bikers than just sitting in traffic. RIDE IT TO PATCH IT Back in July last year I wrote about the leather vests and jackets worn by many bikers and the meaning behind many patches. There’s a hilarious photo making the rounds on a shop (that shall go nameless to prevent eternal mockery) selling leather vests covered, and I mean covered, with patches - and the rack is at least four deep with these vests. Where a name patch might be was ‘BIKER’. Where your rank might be was ‘Hang up and Drive’ and there were lots of ‘Daytona’, ‘Sturgis’, ‘Laconia’ and ‘Bike Week’ ones. This ‘insta-biker’ must have insta-rode 20,000 kilometres last week - but then who needs to, you know, ‘ride’ when you have a jacket like that! Most motorcycle club members would full-throated agree wearing patches you haven’t earned is ridiculous. However there’s obviously a market out there for ‘instant biker cred’ and where there is a desire there’s a supplier. LOUD PIPES, LOUD LOOK There are two closely related points with clothing and pipes over which motorcyclists seem to be fairly evenly divided. Some bikers wouldn’t be caught naked on their beloved bikes without being dressed head to toe in black and leather. Anyone teaching one of the fine motorcycle beginner courses would probably advise against this and for good reason. Visibility is key to safety. But as they say, you can’t teach a very old dog complicated tricks and for many bikers style, or at least a bit of style, trumps flash. On the other side of the debate are the florescent crowd. These are the guys you can see coming up over the horizon like the breaking of dawn. For them no amount of safety will do. Similarly, ask about monster aftermarket pipes and some will swear their - or a friend of friend’s - life was saved by them. Others just find them pretentious or annoying. To each their own.

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Thanks To a cusTom concepT called ergo-fit™, wiTh opTional handlebar and seaT accessories, and adjusTable fooTpegs, The Vulcan s is The perfecT fiT for any rider. The Ninja inspired 650cc gives you all the confidence and power you need at the same time, and comes with ease of handling you’ve yet to see in this category, Until now, that is. ©2014 Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye Thanks To a cusTom concepT ergo-fit™, wiTh@CanadaKawasaki of drugs or alcohol. Adhere tocalled the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Professional riders on a closed course. opTional handlebar and seaT accessories, and adjusTable fooTpegs, The Vulcan s is The perfecT fiT for any rider. Cycle One Sturgess Cycle protection and proper riding apparel. Never ride under the influence

The you all the confidence and power youIngersoll Road, 615Ninja Kinginspired Street 650cc West, gives Hamilton 127 need at the sameor time, and comes with ease of handling you’ve yet 905-522-0503 888-421-3333 Woodstock 519-421-3333 to see in this category, Until now, that is. FasT Track Performance BELLEVILLE SPORT & LAWN ©2014 Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye 3418 Catherine Street. 128 Church St. S. Belleville protection and proper riding apparel. Never ride under the influence drugs or alcohol. Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your @CanadaKawasaki Dorchesterofowner’s 519-268-8429 613-968-4559 or 877-968-4559 manual. Professional riders on a closed course.


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Photo: Bob Szoke

M iM x -i x0-/ 305/ /3855/ /805 / 0 3 0 % 3 0K% K

Szoke Does the Double at Castrol

Jordan Szoke extended his points lead of the Mopar Canadian Superbike National Championship by 77 points during the very first national event held at Castrol Raceway just outside of the province’s capital Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Szoke is gunning for a 10th career Superbike title on his Mopar Express Lane backed BMW S1000RR machines. Szoke scorched to pole position on Friday afternoon during a heat wave that was affecting the area putting temperatures in the 30 degree Celsius (86 degree Fahrenheit) range. “Our Dunlop spec tires work best when they are hot, really really hot.” Says Szoke. “I lost a few tenths when I blew the chicane at the end of the lap, but the rest of the lap was perfect so I am pretty happy with our results.” Szoke achieved Castrol Raceway’s lap record around the 2.7 km (1.69-mile) 14 turn track with a 1:17.7during the final top 10 shoot out. Shattering

the previous track record of 1:19.60 set by local ace Justin Knapik in 2014. Szoke grabbed maximum points throughout the weekend by claiming both victories in the championship double header held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during pristine conditions. “This is the first weekend we’ve had our data package working and we have the electronics working beautifully.” Says Szoke after he pulled a 10 sec gap from the rest of the field during Saturday’s victory. “I didn’t think it was going to be a runaway that’s for sure.” Szoke also claimed is 49th Superbike career victory on Sunday sweeping the weekend and claiming all the maximum points available. “I don’t pay a lot of attention to the record books, I just try and win every time out my big goal this year is to win the championship back.”

Three Podium Finishes in Difficult WeekKeene, ON — Over a difficult weekend at Edmonton, AB for rounds 3 and 4 of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship series, Honda Canada/Accelerated Technologies rider Jodi Christie still came away with three podium finishes and retains the points lead in the Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike class. A crash in the afternoon damaged the team’s No. 1 CBR1000RR SP enough that it could not be used for the remainder of the weekend, forcing Jodi onto his backup bike for the Superbike class. In Friday’s qualifying sessions, Jodi posted

a lap on his Honda CBR600RR almost a full second quicker than his nearest competitor to qualify on pole for the Pro Sport Bike class. In Superbike, Jodi qualified in second to title rival Jordan Szoke. Jodi led the first few laps of the Mopar Pro Superbike race before Jordan Szoke made a pass for the lead. Unfortunately Jodi could not close the gap in the later stages as he did in the Sport Bike race, and finished in second position. The team worked diligently on Saturday night to find a setup for the Honda CBR1000RR SP that would work with the softer tire.

Royal Distributing Racing Team News

The Western rounds of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship held last weekend at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton were filled with highs and lows for the Royal Distributing Superbike Team. Four seems to be the magic number this season for rider Michael Leon as he qualified 4th (again), finished 4th in Saturday’s Superbike race while setting the 4th fastest lap and finally crashing out of 4th during the opening laps of Sunday’s race. The Leon family had decided to turn the trip to Edmonton into a family vacation, renting a camping trailer for the cross Canada trek. The BMW S1000R, fellow racer Stacey Nesbitt’s Honda 600, and a minimal amount of gear were crammed into the back of the pickup for the ride. During the return trip, the family was able visit Jasper National Park, the Icefield Parkway, Lake Louise, and Banff National Park. Edmonton BMW dealer, Argyll Motorsports generously agreed to provide a trailer for the team to work out of while at the track as well as a new S1000RX to display in the pits. Team crew chief, Kyle Blakely, flew into Edmonton to join Leon and family. Working together with suspension tuner Jon Cornwell, they were able to consistently improve the machine for every single session. Michael used a Dunlop KR451 2662 Soft rear tire to turn a lap time of 1:19.320 seconds during the closing minutes of qualifying, putting the BMW S1000RR fourth on the grid and achieving another front row start for the Saturday and Sunday finals. “To be honest, I was lucky to re-enter the track, with a new rear, right behind Szoke and get a bit of a tow from him. I’m happy to be on the front row again. We have gone to 3 completely different tracks and I’ve been able to turn in decent qualifying results for each race” commented Michael. During the opening laps of Saturday’s Superbike final, Leon latched on to the front group of Christie, Szoke and Ried-

mann, and was able to pull a gap on the group behind him. He ran a lonely race in fourth, losing ground at the end of the 16 lap final but still holding onto fourth at the line. “My plan was to put in 4 or 5 hard laps at the beginning and then try to conserve my tire and energy for the end. At the midpoint, Kyle was showing me +5 seconds on the pitboard. In the last few laps that gap was coming down pretty quick so I knew that they were coming and fortunately I saw the checkered flag before anyone had time to start to challenge me. I ran the Dunlop soft again and the tire held up really well, maybe even better than I did in this 30 + degree weather.” Michael said after the race. Sunday’s race was the low point for the team, which saw Michael crash out of fourth place during opening laps. Luckily, the crash occurred at the safest part of the track and Michael was not hurt. The Royal Distributing / Multi-Tact / Pro 6 Cycle / BMW S1000RR sustained almost no damage except for a bent shift lever which did not allow him to continue. “All in all, I’m pretty happy with the season so far. We have shown that we can consistently run in the top 4. I was surprised to be able to ride as quickly as I did here in Edmonton, considering the track has some extremely dangerous spots that I wasn’t very comfortable with. I can see that track owners and management are excited to host Superbikes and hopefully they will continue to improve track safety as they go forward. My speed is a testament to how fast the S1000RR really is. Also, working with crew like Kyle Blakely and Jon Cornwell make my job as a rider that much easier. The best news is that we still have room to improve the bike and some things with my riding. I can’t wait for Shubie and Mosport!” commented Michael. The team will be heading East to Nova Scotia for Round Five of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship to be held on August 2nd at Atlantic Motorsport Park.

Pro Cycle and Honda present CSBK Round 5 at AMPDartmouth, NS The Mopar CSBK Canadian Superbike Championship is heading to Atlantic Canada for Round 5 of the national series.Presented by Pro Cycle and Honda Canada, the fifth CSBK round of the 2015 season will be held at Atlantic Motorsport Park near Shubenacadie, NS July 31 to August 2.Known for exciting and memorable

races, the 2.56 KM (1.6 mile) 11-turn circuit will not disappoint fans with races from all categories in the CSBK Championship, including Bell Helmets Amateur Sport Bike, Magneti Marelli Amateur Superbike, Hindle Exhaust Pro Sport Bike, and of course the feature Mopar Pro Superbike class.Honda Canada sponsored rider,

19 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015

Round 5 at Dartmouth, NS

and defending Superbike champion, Jodi Christie claimed his first career Superbike victory at AMP two years ago, and followed that up with another Shubenacadie win last year after a great battle with nine-time National champ Jordan Szoke.Szoke currently leads the CSBK championship following a pair of Superbike wins at Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway last weekend.A local favourite to watch is Pro Cycle sponsored and Honda mounted Jacob Shaw-O’Leary. 16-year-old ShawO’Leary will be aiming for the top of the podium in the Amateur Sport Bike and Amateur Superbike classes.On top of the four National CSBK divisions competing on the weekend, the local racing club will also be showcasing some of their talent. The Society of Atlantic Roadracing League will offer two support classes lending to a full schedule of on track activity.Also part of the Round 5 celebrations will be Pro Cycle’s annual “Fast Bikes” show-nshine. Held at their Windmill Road location on the evening of Thursday, July 30, the event has become a tradition at the Atlantic CSBK round, giving race fans a chance to check out some great looking motorcycles and meet some of their favourite Superbike riders at the same time.


Smith: “We promised them a first place”

Despite the hot and gruelling conditions, Smith and his Yamaha Factory Racing teammates produced excellence on race day at Suzuka. Smith was the second rider to mount the YZF-R1, taking over from teammate Katsuyuki Nakasuga who started the race. Multiple safety cards disrupted Bradley Smith’s time on track during the legendary Suzuka 8 Hour race, breaking his rhythm just as it began but Smith was undaunted. Even a 30 second stop and go penalty during his second stint on the bike did not phase the calm Brit who was quickly able to recover the time lost. This is Yamaha’s first Suzuka 8 Hour victory since 1996. Bradley Smtih: “Since Tuesday night I went back to my hotel room and felt loaded up with pressure. We stood in front of all the Yamaha staff and mister Kimura and everyone who works inside the factory. We stood on the stage in Iwata and promised that we would come back and give our best and we promised them a first place and we definitely to potentially fail, but we had a great bike and teammates. We had only one small mistake during the race, which in the end was no problem at all. With the speed and the pace that my teammates were able to do, we were able to overcome it. It‘s very special, the 60th anniversary for Yamaha, they are leading the MotoGP championship, but second to that was a focus to on the Suzuka8H and I‘m glad that we were able to show the true potential of this bike and give them that victory after 19 years that they very well deserve.”

THOMBOYS POWERSPORTS & EQUIPMENT 202297 Highway 6 & 21, Owen Sound 519-372-0937 or 888-865-5782

SPOILED SPORTS 1898 Baseline Road , Bowmanville 905-436-6487

WAYNES WORLD POLARIS 29513 Highway 28, Bancroft 613-332-4649

PEAK POWERSPORTS 4325 Harvester Road, #12, Burlington 905-681-7270

APEX CYCLE SPORTS 200 Preston Parkway, Cambridge 519-880-8800 or 888-702-4150

August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 20

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The “H” word rob patterson


Nope, the “H“ is not for Harley, I use the Harley word frequently and comfortably. It’s the word Hipster I’ve been trying to avoid. It’s an odd little personal conflict and I’m anxious to mention that I’ve never meet an “H” individual I didn’t like, ever. I struggled because nobody likes to be pigeon holed but Hipster seemed to be the best way to describe a great motorcycle accessory shop called Town Moto. Town Moto is a very cool little store - front operation located on Ossington Ave. in West End Toronto. This is a cozy place with creaky wood floors and thoughtfully designed displays packed with nice motorcycle stuff. There are plenty of nice people in there too. On my last visit to the shop, and while researching this Motorcycle Times column, I discussed the “H” thing with the owners of Town Moto, I outlined my hopes to better describe an ambiance that’s palpable, an ambiance felt even as you reach for the door handle to step inside. We all had a laugh and it was explained to me that the feeling is natural because “everyone here really likes motorcy-

cles“. Smart. Town Moto opened in May 2012 when three partners thought they could make a financial go of it while spending their time surrounded by things they like, and supplying kindred customers. Sound like a carefully crafted corporately mission statement to you too? But no, these people are the real deal, and boy do they ever like motorcycles. The passion for a wide variety of motorcycles (more obscure the better) and the ease of friendly conversation is genuine. As is often the case, the first couple of business years for Marika Thoms, Andrew McCracken and Jamie Pentland were a blur of long hours, tough renovations and set up. The trio now appear to be relaxing slightly as their primary goals are realised, goal number one must surely have been to design a comfortable environment for new and experienced riders. Organic is a word I’m also uncomfortable. Organic because when entering Town Moto for the first time, it struck me that I liked everything in the store: Leather and textile jackets, helmets, gloves, bags, memorabilia, knick knacks, good quality boots and a selection of motorcycle literature that’s a clear reflection of the book shelf beside my own reading chair. This is

the store I would have opened if I had the nerve and know how. My interest in Town Moto was first sparked long before I went inside and is re-kindled each time I pass by; it’s the shops front window. A rotation of great looking motorcycles are individually featured in the tiny display area, each bike is then given a month or so to slow pedestrians and turn the heads of passing motorists like me, motorists who know better than to be distracted while in driving in Ossington Ave. traffic. I’m often forced to park then walk up to the glass for a closer look. A short list of enticing machines I’ve enjoyed examining through the display window include: Harley XR 750 flat tracker - Honda CT 90 Trail - Ducati custom racer – Honda CB 550 – 4. Enough said about the gamut of interests at Town Moto. Effective window dressing is a craft on-to-itself and Town Moto has nailed it, the last time I was glued to a window display like this was on a trip to the Isle of Man. While walking up a steep sidewalk in the southern village of Port Erin my wife Julie and I passed the window of a tiny shop where, low and behold, occupying the entire front window was a gently used and unrestored looking 1930-ish Brough

Superior. The shop was closed but it made no difference, the fascinating motorcycle resting behind distorted glass and framed by peeling woodwork was entertaining enough from this single perspective. Julie eventually convinced me to move away from the window by reminding me that only three days of vacation remained. Same window dressing effect here at 132 Ossington Ave. Toronto. I sometimes reroute and pass by Town Moto just to see what interesting motorcycle the three partners have placed in the front window. The display window is, of course, only the beginning and although reason enough to visit this interesting area of Toronto, enthusiasts are encouraged to check the hours of operation on - line (closed Tuesdays) then set aside an hour to comfortably browse the carefully selected products. OK, traffic and parking can be a challenge in the neighbourhood but this is the cost of getting a peek at what old school retailing and old school Toronto looked like. If you miss the shop on your first pass don’t fret, your close when see the chickens, rabbits and goats hanging in the butcher shop window next door.

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21 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015


August 2015, The Motorcycle Times – 22

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August 8, 2015 Telus Ride for Dad - Grey Bruce Registration 9 am, Ride 10 am Sharp. The Grey Bruce Motorcycle Ride for Dad is a Poker Run format ride of approx 200 kms. It begins and ends in Owen Sound with lunch served on the route. All pledge proceeds go directly to the London Health Sciences Centre supporting Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. $30 to register. Obtain $100 or more and registration is waved. Register online of day of the event. Pledge sheets available on the website. Contact Bryce Stevenson -, 519-371-6628, August 9, 2015 Ride for SickKids Starts at Mackie Harley Davidson in Oshawa, Registration from 8-10 light breakfast, Ride begins @10am. Scenic route to port perry Palmer park where festivities include lunch from shoeless joes entertainment & prizes. Give away of a 2015 harley. $40 per rider $25 passenger includes light breakfast, shoeless joes lunch, t-shirt & give away sponsor bags while quantities last. Every $100 raised you receive a ballot for the harley. Nella - 416-895-5215,, August 14, 2015 Torch Ride - Greater Sudbury Ride for a Reason... Ride for a Purpose... Ride for Special Olympics! 8:30am to 5:00pm. Registration fee of $50. (or $100. in pledges) is required to participate. The Greater Sudbury Police Service, on behalf of OLETR (Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run), will accompany civilian riders on a scenic motorcycle ride from Sudbury to Manitoulin Island and back.. The Torch Ride is an exciting and fun event where riders can sign up individually and will be accompanied by police motorcycles on the route. Each rider will be raising funds in support of the athletes of Special Olympics Ontario.This non-profit organisation helps provide quality sports and training programs for children,

youth and adults with an intellectual disability that are only possible through the generous donations that are raised at events such as the Torch Ride. To participate in the Torch Ride, please register online and agree to the waiver. Collect donations from all your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who would like to support Special Olympics Ontario! For more information please contact: Nolan - or Andrew - August 9, 2015 SixOne3’s Ride 4 Mom 9:30am to 4:00pm at Stirling Arena 435 West Front Street, Stirling, Ontario. $5/bike, $7 with passenger. Raising money for the volunteers who take care of cancer patients, organizations is Quinte Hospice & Kingston Cancer Care Unit. Mandy,, 613-395-1971 August 15, 2015 3rd Annual Ride For A Friend Start time and registration will be at 11am at any of our 6 Check Points. HWY64 From French River to Sturgeon Falls. Finish time will be at 3pm at The Beausejour Inn and Restaurant in French River/Alban. $20 per hand with a $5 card exchange. Each year the Independent Motorcycle Corporation hosts The Ride For A Friend to raise $10,000 for a family with a special needs child. The past 2 years have been a great success and we are looking to do the same this year. Our poker run is set up with 6 check points of which you can start from. This allows riders to ride at their own pace and hit up whatever 5 stops they would like. The ride will end at The Beausejour Inn and Restaurant in French River. There will be Live Music, Big Prizes and Camping available. Independent Motorcycle Corporation - August 15, 2015 London Toy Ride Registration: 10am , Ride leaves at 11:30am and everything is usually wrapped up by 3:00pm. Leaving



We carry a full line of Honda • Motorcycles & ATV’s • Side by Side • Marine • Power Equipment • Apparel Accessories • Parts • Service

It’s a one stop shop. We are here to help in any way we can. NEWTION LOCA

from The Home Depot, London (East) and finishing at the Lambeth Legion. A new unwrapped toy for a child between 0 to 12 yrs OR a minimum $20 per bike donation. 1.5 hr ride, free pizza lunch, soft drinks & water, ICE CREAM, lots of door prizes and a Share The Wealth draw. Stephen,, 519-451-0440, August 15, 2015 Riders Against Hunger Registration starts at 8:30. Kick Stands Up at 9:30. Start venue is the South Common Mall (Erin Mills Parkway & The Collegeway) in Mississauga. $35 for basic registration, $50 includes ride t-shirt and draw ticket. Raise additional funds for incentive gifts and prizes. It is a poker run style ride in support of Eden Community Food Bank, a local food bank in western Mississauga. It is a signed 3-4 hour scenic route with designated ride stops. Prizes handed out at the end for best hand, grand draw and for the top three fundraisers. Bill Crawford -, 905-7853651 x222, August 15, 2015 Help A Child Smile for Miles Poker Run Registration 9:30-10:30 am, Starts at Tons of Bike Gear at 4179 Highway 20, St. Anns, Ontario,. $25/ Rider & 15/Passenger or $50 in pledges/person and ride for free. Poker Run, 50/50 draw. BBQ included. Raise money for children diagnosed with cancer and their famlies. Jamie Lee,, www. August 16, 2015 Warrior’s Day Ride Kick stands up 10:30 at Gravenhurst Legion, 290 Veterans Way, Gravenhurst. Cost is $25. In support of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 302. Debbie 705-6848310, September 12, 2015 Torch Ride - Toronto

Ride for a Reason... Ride for a Purpose... Ride for Special Olympics! 9am to 4pm. Etobicoke. Registration fee of $30.00 (or $200.00 in pledges) is required to participate. Toronto Police Service’s Motor Squad, on behalf of OLETR (Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run), will accompany civilian riders on a scenic leisure ride on a route still being established in the west end of Toronto and into the Halton/Mississauga region. It will be approximately 200-250kms in length with an opportunity to have a lunch with everyone and build new friendships. The Torch Ride is an exciting and fun event where riders can sign up individually or as part of a team. Riders will be accompanied by police motorcycles on the route. To participate in the Torch Ride, please register online and agree to the attached waiver. Collect donations from all your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who would like to support Special Olympics Ontario! For more information please contact: Jeff - jeffrey.redden@torontopolice. or 416-808-1964 September 20, 2015 7th Annual Ride for MS Registration 9am - 10:30am, dinner @4:15pm. Registrater at The Leaf, 5240 Tecumseh Rd, Windsor, ON. Dinner at Columbus Center, 2401 Columbus Dr. Windsor, ON. Rider $30, Passenger $20, Dinner only $30 ($100 in Pledges/Participant - registration fee waived!) Gas Card Awards for Pledges brought in starting at $250 on up to $1000! Free Event T-Shirt for Pledges totaling $200 on up to $249. Dinner tickets only: $30 each (Purchased in a set of 2 tickets you will get a tax receipt for $25). Departing from The Leaf at 11am for the start of the Poker Run. Poker Stops: The Leaf (Windsor), Crabby Joe’s (Essex), Pelee Island Winery (Kingsville), Big Al’s (Belle River) & Sandbar Waterfront Grill (Puce). Following the ride at the Columbus Center: Dinner, Best & Worst Poker Hand Prizes, Door Prizes, Chinese Auction, 50/50 Draw, $10 Grab Bag (Guaranteed Value $20 - $399). Shar Good -, (519) 798-3858,

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23 – The Motorcycle Times, August 2015

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The Motorcycle Times - August 2015  

The MotorcycleTimes is Canada's #1 read Motorcycle Newspaper. Designed to appeal to the broadest cross section of motorcyclists. We feature...

The Motorcycle Times - August 2015  

The MotorcycleTimes is Canada's #1 read Motorcycle Newspaper. Designed to appeal to the broadest cross section of motorcyclists. We feature...