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Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessed Easter

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The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen.” - Matthew 28:5-6 (NIV)

Geothermal Vol. XXVIII No. 09

Week Ending Friday, March 29, 2013

Price $2.00

drilling has begun

and going well according to drilling experts by Bennette Roach

Geothermal drilling in action

This report comes nine days after Director of Public Works, Ron Beardsley announced that drilling to prove geothermal resource on Montserrat began. That commencement was delayed and postponed when the engine failed to function. Roger Almond confirmed, “the engine was the problem, everything’s running really

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Headlines... Bank Bank of of Montserrat Montserrat Your Your Bank. Bank. Your Your Future. Future.

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ONLINE BANKING Anytime... Anywhere.

Bank of Montserrat Limited offers easy Online banking through which you can access your accounts anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (664) 491-3843 Bank rules and regulations apply.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Silver Hills of Montserrat: A Free Por t Area

of silver on Montserrat, our future not only looks good and arrangement with an experienced group of investors who will make it shine. Silver Hills can earn for Montserrat $150 million There is no doubt in my mind that there is Silver in the golden; it is good and golden! Unfortunately, that potential glitter and gold was not rea year in revenue for the next 100 years. Hill; or else they would not have called it Silver Hills. And fl ected in the budget. The budget clearly showed that Montserrat Each week editor Bennette Roach and I tirelessly and where there is silver, there could be gold. Since we have hills is not self-reliant. We generate vociferously brainstorm to arrive at sustainable pathways for less than thirty percent of the Montserrat. And after the Budget speech, we were at it again. money we require to sustain We recognize that Montserrat has been a ‘let down’ after our needs and wants for 2013; seventeen years of British Government support. Our island and therefore we rely on aid. neighbours envied us and expected that we should have reached This is unacceptable, it cannot further with British support; but Montserrat failed. And that is continue. so embarrassingly true, with almost $2 billion dollars of British We must find the solu- Aid, Montserrat should have been closer to self-reliance and tion for Montserrat to become sustainability. more self-reliant. We must Just a minute! This article is not about the Budget; neither find the way to make Silver is it a blame game on politicians past or present. It is about an Hills shine and become the idea whose time has come; and it is the responsibility of the The two former Delta Pe- Compensation to he paid within trary to section 210 (b) of the vehicle for self-reliance. This Montserrat Reporter and company to inform and to stimulate. troleum Ltd.employees Yolanda two years or at such sooner time Penal Code Cap. 402: is the task therefore for the Bennette and I agreed that the pathway to a sustainable Royer and DaunelleHusseywho as the property registered as 1. To pay compensation to Premier and the rest of us. future for Montserrat is the creation of a Freeport on Montsereventually pleaded guilty to theft Block 13/11 Parcel 73 is sold. Delta Petroleum Montserrat Ltd. We must not wait another rat. We both considered and agreed that Silver Hills and all and money laundering, received 2. Enter into a Recogni- in the sum of EC$58,876.90, to year. We must tackle that task its environs must be acquired and turned into a Freeport. We sentences on March 14, 2013 zance with two Sureties in the be paid within five years. now. We must use what we believe that it is not only to acquire the Silver Hills, but it must ranging from restitution, sus- sum of EC$50,000.00 to keep 2.Enter into a Recognizance have to get what we need! We be turned over to the investors who have the wherewithal to pended sentences, and fines. the peace for a period of two with two Sureties in the sum of may have to give up the Silver transform those hills into an enviable revenue making venture The two were initially ar- years, until such recognizance is EC$25,000.00 to keep the peace Hills and some of Blake’s for Montserrat. rested in November, 2011faced entered into shall be imprisoned for a period of two years, until Estate. Our future is indeed golden! We simply have to look at 69 counts of theft totaling for a period not exceeding one such recognizance is entered into Turn Silver Hills into a the successes and failures of our past and then make choices. $150,605.55, in respect of year. shall be imprisoned for a period FREE PORT area! The Brit- First, let us consider the Beachettes Estate Development. Royer, while Hussey was charged 3. P a y a f i n e o f not exceeding one year. ish Government must acquire That development provided an enviable economic support for with 42 counts of theft totaling EC$50,000.00 to be paid within 3 . P a y a f i n e o f the Silver Hills now; and then Montserrat. Out of the Beachettes Development we got the $88,692.99. They were jointly thirty six months in default six EC$25,000.00 to he paid within enter into a fifty year lease cont’d. on page 3 charged with forgery, uttering months imprisonment. forty-eight(48) months in default forged documents, obtaining 4. Sentence to two years six months imprisonment. MONTSERRAT property by deception and con- imprisonment. Sentence not to 4. Sentence to one year spiracy to defraud Delta Petro- take effect unless within a period imprisonment. Sentence not to THE REGISTERED LAND ACT (CAP. 8.01) leum Ltd. When they appeared of two years you commit any of- take effect unless within a period BLOCK PARCEL in court for their hearing, they fence within Montserrat which is of two years you commit any of- REGISTRATION SECTION both pleaded guilty to theft, punishable by imprisonment. fence within Montserrat which is Salem 11/02 014 and money laundering, while the On Count five: Money Laun- punishable by imprisonment. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PRESCRIPTIVE TITLE prosecution offered no evidence dering: contrary to section 33 (1) On Count five: Money Launin respect of other charges. (a) of the Proceeds of Crime Act dering: contrary to section 33 (1) th J u s t i c e T h o m a s Cap 404. (a) of the Proceeds of Crime Act TAKE NOTICE that an Application was filed on the 8 day of February 2013 by David Brandt, Attorney-at-Law of Brandt and Associates, Brades, Montserrat, on behalf of W.R.Astaphan on March 14, 5. Sentence to ten days Cap 404. LAURETTA JOSEPH, the Applicant herein for a Prescriptive Title for the abovesentenced the two as follows: imprisonment. Time on remand Sentence to ten days imprismentioned parcel of land by virtue of section 135 of the Registered Land Act, (Cap. Yolanda Royer: to be deducted. onment. Time on remand to be 8.01). On Count One: Theft con6. Fine of EC$100.00. deducted.Fine of EC$100.00.All trary to section 210 (b) of the 7. All sentences to run sentences to run concurrently. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if you object to the granting of the application you Penal Code Cap. 402: concurrently. Crown Counsel Oris Sulmust within six (6) weeks of the First Publication of this notice in the newspaper lodge 1. To pay compensation to As it relates to Hussey,the livan, while Attorneys Tianan objection setting out the grounds of your objection. Delta Petroleum Montserrat Ltd. judge ordered as follows: naBehanzin and Marcelle Watts in the sum of EC$116,035.80. On Count Two - Theft con- appeared for the defense. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if you fail to make any objection to the said application, the Registrar of Lands may proceed to grant the application for Prescriptive Title without IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE OF MONTSERRAT further notice.

by Man from Baker Hill

Delta duo gets suspended prison sentences, restitution and fines

PROBATE DIVISION In the Estate of JAMES JOSEPH CURRY JR., deceased NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be filed at the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice of Montserrat for a grant of letters of administration of the Estate of JAMES JOSEPH CURRY JR., deceased, late of 17310 Rustington Drive, Harris, Texas 77379, United States of America, who died on the 21st February 2012, to be issued to JEAN E H KELSICK the lawful attorney of RICHARD CURRY of 0N426 Sunset Avenue, West Chicago, Illinois, 60185, United States of America, the son of the said deceased. ANY person claiming to be beneficially interested in the Estate is requested to send written particulars to Kelsick & Kelsick, attorneys-at-law, P.O. Box 185, Bladen House, Brades, Montserrat, within 14 days from the date of the publication this Notice. ANY person objecting to the issuance of the grant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice not later than 14 days from the date of the publication of this Notice. Dated this 5th day of March 2013. Kelsick & Kelsick Attorneys-at-Law

The said Application may be inspected by any interested party at the Land Registry from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am – 4.00 pm. SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land registered as Block 11/02 Parcel 014 in the Salem Registration Section in Montserrat and butted and bounded as follows: On the East by the access road; On the South by Block 11/02 Parcel 127 owned by Lionel Martin; On the North East by Block 11/02 Parcel 013 owned by Stedroy Brade; On the West by Block 11/02 Parcel 174 owned by Paulette Ponde Wilson, Clifton Pond, Janice Ponde and Eunice Pond; and On the West by Block 11/02 Parcel 175 owned by Leonard Greenaway. Dated the 19th day of March 2013. Sgd. Jamiel M. Greenaway REGISTRAR OF LANDS

Friday, March 29, 2013

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EDITORIAL Know the past, find the correct path to progress for the future It was heartening to hear the Hon Minister of Education, Health and Social Services, refer to “we are building a country”. This was amidst the thumping of breasts that seemed to have been the order of the day during the debate of the 2013/14 budget. Indeed like was said last week, it is not about rebuilding. As we look back, we have been asking our leaders to do this at various times for different reasons, to try to bring minds to the present and know where they have come from and where they are going. The talk will be less and action guaranteed. Here are some excepts from an Editorial, which in May, 2001 captioned: “The Guide to Montserrat’s Future Is Contained in Critiques of the Past”. We are convinced that most of it applies today. British Government at that time believed we should have been ready to stand on our own two feet. And they came ten years later and said the same thing. Can you understand how they think? Here we go: Sometime in May 1996, Sir Nicholas Bonsor, one of Britain’s ministers visited Montserrat. After seeing Montserratians’ determination to remain in Montserrat, in spite of the volcano, which was increasing in its ferocity, he concluded that the north of the island was safe. He promised that the British Government would provide the necessary funding to develop the safe-north of the island so that life could go on in Montserrat. Since then, Montserrat and its leaders have not come to grips with the fact, that there will always be difficulty for a country such as Britain, known throughout history for its subtlety, diplomacy and some other traits, may not appreciate that a people not endowed with riches still enjoy “a good lifestyle remote from the poorest of the poor.” Worse yet, what interest can they have in a few black people, whose requirements, in the wake of proportionately one of the worst disasters in the world, exceed what their benefactors thought they would be willing to invest for their care? The evidence is well documented in reports, none of which were put together by Montserrat, instead ordered and gathered by the British themselves, but which are ignored and conveniently forgotten. There are the various reports of their parliamentary Select Committees. The result of one report, as one writer describes it, “trenchant in its criticism of both the British and Montserrat government,” recommends a “frank and impartial report to assess what had happened and what lessons could be learned” from the crisis to date. That was late 1997 “in the wake of escalating hardships.” Then came a report dated December 1999, covering the period up to November 1998, and even touching on key events up to the time of June 1999 when the report was being finalized. After that came the Robin Cook White Paper, which clearly cites “the escalating volcanic activity in Montserrat,” as one of the reasons for Britain to examine its relationship with its territories and come up with “A New Partnership.”It was Governor Savage, speaking for the British government, who said early in the crisis that there was no bottom to the purse of his government when it came to supporting Montserrat through the crisis. In these documents lie many of the answers in the approach to Montserrat’s future, especially since it remains unresolved and people are questioning the resonance of their resilience. How to reduce dependency when the economy has collapsed? That question was always there, but now Britain is making demands after having totally taken advantage of a people unfortunate enough to have endured four years of some of the most incompetent leaders in our times. Just remember George Foulkes. We listen to our new leaders making statements that aggravate our position in time, like “we do not know what we would have done without the British,” and “independence is not something to expect in their lifetime.” Is it possible that their lifetime will continue for only another five years or less? One good statement though, which they must take seriously, is that “it cannot be business as usual.” The answers and the way forward are not all clear but could be effectively strategised if every Montserratian - and especially our private sector, civil servants and government - were to read and familiarize themselves with what is contained in all those documents and reports mentioned above.

The Montserrat Reporter Published by: Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Editor: Bennette Roach Office: Davy Hill, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, Montserrat, W.I. Typeset and Printed by Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Tel. (664) 491-4715 Fax: (664) 491-2430 E-mail: or - Web Site:

Make Silver Hills a free port area cont’d. from page 2

Montserrat Hotel Industry, the modern construction industry, the real estate industry, the car rental business, tourism, the golf course, the lawn and pool maintenance businesses and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Yes, check the facts. The records are there for all to see. Before I write another line, I must ask this question. How did we get from the skilful arrangement of Beachettes Development to the shabbiness of Barzeys, Dick Hill, Manjack and Cudjoe Head below Norman’s? And so I beg, please teacher, please place a copy of the Beachettes plan on the walls of every classroom. Let our children review our past and learn how it came about. Secondly, let us consider our famous national resource, the volcanic sand. We have failed to capitalize on the potential gold mine of the volcanic sand. We infuse our selves with the desire to create massive individual wealth without adequate taxation, rather than sustainable national wealth out of that national resource. It is very clear that certain levels of creative development are beyond Montserratians. Still, Montserrat must act now! Let us revisit the land Acquisition Laws. We must acquire the silver hills and much more of Blake’s Estate. We must get the owners out of the way. Then we must

turn the entire area over to international investors who can visualize, conceptualize and who have the capacity to materialize a vision that will bring to the people of Montserrat revenue unforeseen before. Look! The real Silver Hills, transformed into a Freeport with its own air and sea ports. Look at the cruise liners docked on the other side of Little Bay. Come and watch the ferries from Guadeloupe, Antigua, Anguila and St. Martin, bringing shoppers and visitors to Montserrat. Watch the villas, the golf course and feel the thrills of real sporting activities. Feel the revenue pouring into and piling up in our treasury. More than 1,000 new jobs created within the first phase of construction. The population grow to 20,000 by the year 2030. Never again will Great Britain have to provide budgetary support. If you still doubt that this idea can manifest itself into reality, then take a look at Stanford Development in Antigua. What a transformation that was! If one man Stanford with clear vision could do so much around the airport in Antigua, imagine what could happen if an enterprise like Disney is given the opportunity to manifest their vision for our silver hills. Yes, DFID, acquire the hills and cliff side lands that merely sustain wild goats. These lands have been idle

since the glory days of cotton. Find an investor! Lease the lands to them. And leave the rest to them and the British Government. Clearly, it is beyond Montserratians to create and maintain the type of revenue machine out of Montserrat Silver Hills that will make Montserrat selfreliant. And by the way, we Montserrations will continue to fuss over Little Bay town and the inherited squaters. Our collective vision will create a town in perfect accordance with our limitations, as we seek to bring back the antiquated house roof buildings of old dead and gone Plymouth. Let ‘ye older’ Montserratians continue to live out our lives buying and selling Little Bay lands as if to relive the meagre economic activities of ten decades ago. Until the ‘yeoldefolks’ are gone, spare the youths, protect them from the arrogance of ignorance! Give them a new Montserrat. Take up the Silver Hills, Blake’s Estate and the Centre Hills, there is much silver and gold under the grass and the rocks waiting to shine. Give the youths a chance to really live on Montserrat. Please begin their future today, by transforming the Silver Hills into a Free Port Area. Just another idea, whose time has come; make ‘the Silver Hills’, Montserrat Free Port Area.

Our Scripture Verse Today Good Neighbors

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen.” - Matthew 28:5-6 (NIV) The one consistent element in the gospel accounts of that first Easter morning is that everyone was surprised. No one expected an empty tomb, much less the presence of the risen Christ. The women who came to the tomb had good reason to be surprised. They had watched Jesus die. They had seen his bloody, lifeless body taken off the cross. They had followed Joseph to the tomb. They had heard the heavy thud of the stone that was rolled in front of the opening. They knew Jesus was

dead. The only way to feel the surprise of resurrection is to face the reality of death. The only way to be prepared for Easter morning is to experience the emotion and events of Holy Week. As a pastor, I’ve discovered that I don’t need to encourage people to be in worship on Easter Sunday. But each year I find myself doing everything I can to encourage people to be here on Maundy Thursday when we join Jesus and his disciples for the Last Supper and Good Friday when we experience the darkness that fell over the earth when Jesus died. Once we have followed the way that leads to the cross, we can better experience the surprise of Easter morning.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Art Gallery opens at Carrs Bay by Bennette Roach

Carrs Bay and its environs gear up to be a hub of activity in the not too distant future as plans for the new town centre, the Little Bay development and port development, creep on. Located in the area is the newly opened Art Gallery in the Romeo Wayside Store compound.

The Carrs Bay Art Gallery, which opened its doors on Sunday, March 11, is already attracting large numbers of visitors and residents. Earlier this week one expert said that over 200 persons have so far turned up at the gallery to view the forty exhibits on display. “Well the idea was Donald

Romeo’s,” said Norman Roth, resident artist, who also told The Montserrat Reporter that the idea was born some time ago. “Donald called me and asked me if I could come down here and help him get this off the ground and get it organized, find the artists and really

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Rude Boyz String Band release SURVIVAL album - MTB The Montserrat Tourist release confirmed as follows: 2013, the Rude Boyz String Board on March 25, 2013 in a On Thursday March 14th Band launched their first album, Revival, at Gary Moore’s Wide Awake Bar in Salem. The event was part of the St. Patrick’s Festival Rhythm Night. The album launch was recognised by the Montserrat Tourist Board and each member of the band was presented with a certificate of appreciation while Rude Boyz String Band entertain the crowds in Salem - (MTB photo)

the captain, Joseph ‘Primo’ Silcott was presented with a Cultural Arts Award for his long-standing contribution to string band music on Montserrat. The award was presented by the Honourable Jermaine Wade. The night was entertaining with special performances by Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Morson and Dennis‘Ragga’Silcottwith the Rude Boyz String Band as well as a guest appearance by the African drum group Jali-

kunda. The sweet, rhythmic sounds of string band music filled the air of Salem while patrons danced the night away well into the early hours of the morning. TheRude Boyz String Band, managed by Miss Veta Wade, is available for bookings. You can contact them by calling 496-4879 or 496-3243 or check them out on Facebook. The public is encouraged to support one of our most distinctive musical forms by

purchasing the REVIVAL Albums available for sale are the following outlets on island: Karishmas, Arrows Manship, Johnny Mecca Fashions, Last Chance Sourvnir Shop, The Montserrat Tourist Board and Tropical Mansions Suites. If you are interested in helping us develop string band music on Montserrat please feel free to contact us at the Culture Division of the Montserrat Touist Board on 491-8555.

Volcano survivor to help Man in Salem set on rebuild homeland island

fire while asleep

The police is investigating a serious assault, where it is alleged that an accelerant was used to set a man on fire. According to the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) the incident occurred in the Salem area near a popular bar last weekend.Sources in

Salem say that the man who was asleep on a bench near the bar when he discovered he was on fire, ran towards the Nantes river before he received assistance. A number of persons have been detained for questioning in connection with the incident

but no one has been arrested and charged so far. The victim is in the hospital with burns, however the police did not offer any details about his condition, as the ask for anyone with information on the incident to contact the police.

bench - man slept set on fire.

Guardian in Waltham Forest By Daniel Binns A man from Leytonstone who fled the Caribbean island of Montserrat when it was hit by a devastating volcanic eruptions in the 1990s is preparing to return to help rebuild his homeland. Lemarle Lewis, 28, fled the tropical paradise with his family following the disaster in 1995 which killed 19 people and left two thirds of the island uninhabitable. Now, 18 years later, Mr. Lewis has been training as a plumb-

er with the aim of heading back to help in the repair and rebuilding process. Mr. Lewis, of Hawbridge Road, told the Guardian: "Montserrat was very badly affected - the economy collapsed and the port was destroyed. "A lot of the younger, skilled people left and the tourists stopped coming. But the population keeps smiling and getting on with it." Mr. Lewis was a schoolboy when the disaster struck. He said: "My main reaction

was 'wow'. I was very academic and interested in geography, so I knew what was happening. I was excited to be witnessing a big geographical event. “We left the worrying up to the adults." Lewis recalls: "My dad was taking my sister and I to school and we'd just got out of the car when it began. "It was like the sound of a jumbo jet going right over your head, and the sky turned black. I looked over and saw all this smoke

Lemarle Lewis

and rocks shooting out of the top." His family initially sheltered in their home before staying with relatives in nearby countries, but as the situation got worse in 1996 his family took up the offer from British government to be permanently rehoused. After stints as a mechanic and forklift truck driver, Lewis is cont’d. from page 6

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Carrs Bay Art Gallery Artwork on display

cont’d. from page 4 make it go…,” he said, admitting that for a long while in keeping the deadline they had set, “I didn’t think we were going to pull it off.” He confirmed what the Legislative Assembly member and Hon opposition Leader has been saying for some time, “…thought it would be a great asset to the island for artists to have a venue where they could display their artwork.” Roth reported that there was great response from the opening hour on Sunday when they first opened and that everybody has been very pleased with it. He said that first evening, “was a big success even the Premier showed up…” He said there were more art pieces and were very fortunate to have find some pieces on the island. He reported what they were still getting were, “absolutely beautiful and just this morning I located another person who does sculpting and his sculptures are absolutely beautiful too,” adding,“I know the people here have talent, it’s a matter of getting them to come out and display.” Reiterating that “Donald’s the primary mover behind this,” he said they hope to expand, “and hopefully we’ll be able to turn this into a clients room, eventually where people can come and learn how to paint or carve, making it cooperative gallery of artist working with each other and helping to finance each other and teach each other…” “They’ll have a nice look and kids can come here and learn how to paint, draw, carve, sculpt, build, whatever it is theyre doing, that’s the plan,” he concluded. He revealed how he met Donald. “Donald and I, we’ve known each other form years ago he’s been up to my place in New York and I came down to Montserrat once before to locate artists which we did. They were doing these interesting carvings …a whole pile of them, couple of dozen sculptures and we put on a show in New York and it was very successful.” The Carrs Bay Gallery opens weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bigger plans for the Gallery is to get a steering committee together who can oversee the operation at the gallery and get the artists input. The two artists concur, “to see what the artists want to do, see how they want to display their work and start getting more active involvement in the community, so hopefully by the time tourism starts here this will be an established venue where people can start selling their goods and their work and what have you.”

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” Excellent by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Norman Roth

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Friday, March 29, 2013

RMPS Course #4 graduates 4 new police officers By Bennette Roach

It is the fourth since 2009. Course #4 of the Royal Montserrat Police Services (RMPS) commenced training from September 10, 2012 with five recruits. On Friday, March 15, 2013 four of the five finished and graduated in a Passing Out Parade where they showed off their new found precision drill skills, entertaining their family, friends and fellow officers in attendance to welcome them into the Service. The event took place at the

Montserrat Cultural Centre in a setting well away from the training centre run in Barbados prior to 2009. His Excellency Governor Davis, Premier Reuben T. Meade observed the ceremony, from a head table where Mrs. Delmaude Ryan of the Deputy Governor’s office was also seated. In announcing the course, Chief, Recruitment Training, Inspector Derona Semper had said: “The objective of the course is to make each student officer efficient in the performance of

general beat and patrol duties, to mold and develop the students’ character, mental and physical fitness, and to link instruction in theory and practice to give them vocational knowledge and skills.” (See On March 15, Commissioner of Police Steve Foster told the new officers and the audience at the graduating ceremony, as he underscored the importance of selecting and retaining officers

Survivor to help rebuild cont’d. from page 4 now half-way through a ATL-run long-distance course in plumbing, and hopes to join members of his family this summer to help fit new pipes on the island. He is unsure if he will resettle

there permanently, but said he was hopefully the island could be revitalised. He added: “It is a beautiful place. It never used to be on any maps because it was so small, but it was very popular as a holiday destination for the royal family, so

we used to think they were trying to keep it secret from everyone else. “But in the 1990s all that changed. Now I hope the tourism industry can recover and people know the island for more than the volcano.”

Bank of Montserrat Celebrates 25 years of Service to the Community and People of Montserrat This year the Bank of Montserrat celebrates 25 years of service to the community and people of Montserrat. The Theme for the May 2013 celebrations is “Rebuilding our Country” A full programme of events has been developed to mark this auspicious occasion and each event will be a feature of the bank’s celebrations throughout the month of May. These include:       

Customer Appreciation Day Primary Schools composition Competition A ‘Name Our Building’ Competition Senior Citizens Luncheon ZJB Radio Quiz with Prizes for Winners 25 bursaries for students of Montserrat’s schools and Community College Cocktail Reception

The primary school composition topic is ‘The Bank of Montserrat - Our Bank, Our Future’. The composition should not exceed 300 words and the closing date for submission is April 2, 2013. Entries should be addressed to The Manager, Composition Competition, Bank of Montserrat Limited, Brades, Montserrat. There will be prizes for the top three compositions and the winner will get a new savings account with a $500 deposit donated by the bank. The winning composition will also be published in the Bank’s 25th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine. Entries for the ‘Name Our Building’ competition should also be received by April 2, 2013 and addressed to The Manager, Name our Building Competition, Bank of Montserrat Limited, Brades, Montserrat. The prize for the winning entry will be a savings account with the sum of $500.00. Entries must clearly state the reasons for the name suggested. The Bank of Montserrat expresses sincere thanks to all its customers and shareholders and staff for their support over the years. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come. The Bank of Montserrat Limited, YOUR BANK, YOUR FUTURE.

in the RMPS, “Talented officers Montserrat are the most valuable Montserrat Police Service actively who continue to develop skills and and important resources.” pursue succession planning ensurincrease their value to the orgaHe added that as a result, ing that officers are constantly nization and to the community of “the training strategy of the Royal cont’d. on page 8

VACANCY – EDUCATION AND OUTREACH COORDINATOR Montserrat Volcano Observatory is the agency responsible for monitoring the Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat. MVO advises the authorities on the volcanic activity and its associated hazards and risks. MVO has a diverse education and outreach programme working with government, media organisations, schools and the general public. The Education and Outreach Coordinator is responsible for managing all the education and outreach activities at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. This includes promoting the work of the MVO as well as coordinating public education. Duties: 1. Manage all aspects of MVO’s media activities. 2. Develop and maintain an effective multimedia campaign aimed at the continued education of residents and visitors about the Soufriere Hills Volcano. 3. Collaborate with scientists to develop relevant and engaging information material for public dissemination – including pamphlets, posters and exhibitions. 4. Work with the education system in Montserrat to strengthen the teaching of geology and geologic hazards in the classroom. 5. Manage, using Joomla software, MVO’s website so that it functions both as a promotional and as an educational tool. 6. Develop and maintain an effective educational campaign including, for example, MVO tours, ield trips and school visits. 7. Work with counterparts at other regional organizations to promote the work of MVO and the awareness of volcanic hazards on Montserrat. 8. Develop, maintain and update the MVO archive of audio-visual material on the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano. 9. Assist maintenance of the MVO document archive. Skills and Qualiϐications: 1. University degree in Earth Sciences, Mass Communications or a related ield is required. A post-graduate degree would be an asset. 2. Experience or a background in education is desired. 3. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are essential. The candidate should be able to present highly scienti ic information in language appropriate for public dissemination. A working knowledge of Spanish would be an asset. 4. The candidate must be experienced in the use of of ice, web-design and graphics software. Knowledge of Joomla or the Adobe Creative Suite would be an asset. 5. The candidate must be able to work both independently and in a team, and would be expected to initiate new projects. 6. The candidate should have a strong attention to detail. 7. The candidate should have a proven ability to meet deadlines and to work in a fast-paced working environment, particularly in developing public education and information programmes. Salary will be EC$67,080.00 annually. Candidates should submit full curriculum vitae, including the names and addresses of two referees, and a covering letter outlining their experience. Applications should be sent to: The Operations Manager Montserrat Volcano Observatory P.O. Box 318, Flemming’s, Montserrat, West Indies Email: Tel: 1 (664) 491-5647 The deadline for the submission of applications is April 15, 2013. For further details and information about MVO, please see our web site at

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Geother mal drilling a go cont’d. from page 1 well,” he said, adding that, while the engine is not brand new that was better because brand new need time to “break-in”. “We started nine days ago, we’re good,” Almond told The Montserrat Reporter on Tuesday this week. “ He added, “we are in the second stage and we’re getting ready to put the casings in the ground, this is the second stage.” He pointed out the pipe here, as he explained, “we’re going to put this in next this is called the casing.” (seeTMR photo) “We have already put in the bigger casing earlier last weekand now we’reputting another section of the casing so all this is going in,” he explained. Almond reported that they have reached about 300 meters. “I figure we’re down 300meters down to a possible 2250....,” he said. He reported also that they have not encountered any difficulties and no excess temperatures adding, “we’re waiting for that, but we don’t wantthem yet,” noting that“we want ‘em in a deeper section,” reiterating,“but right now everything is going

maybe we’ll see a formation that shows this is the reservoir, that’s what the geologist is looking for….” Ron Beardsley a week ago, stated: “Drilling will now be almost continuous until we find the resource or go down to a maximum depth of two kilometers also as they’re drilling

well.” He further reassured that the drilling good, and“the drills are working good.” Almond is a member of the firm Capuano Engineering out of California who are supervising the drilling operations on behalf of Montserrat. There are four of them. They take spells, two at a time, “at least two of us at any given time,” as Almond, the leadsman noted to us. He gave a further insight to the process of the drilling. He said that it is believed that they are drilling right over the reservoir. “We’re looking for the temperature to increase and we’re looking for influx…

down; they drill to a certain depth and then they withdraw the drill and they put the steel casing,” confirming Almonds description. The drilling was scheduled to start on February 23, but eventually kicked into action at noon on March 17. The 8.5 million pounds UK Government funded drilling project exploration phase is estimated to last forty (40) to sixty (60) days.

The #1 drilling compound - the other is closer to Cork Hill on the road Weeks’ side


Special Ferry Service for Easter Weekend A special Easter rate of $200 return for adults and $100 return for children is being offered for the ferry service commencing Thursday 28th March to Monday 1st April 2013, both days included. On Thursday 28th March (Day Tour Operation), the ferry will depart Montserrat at 6:30am, then departs Antigua at 8:30am. The ferry again departs Montserrat at 4:30pm and later departs Antigua at 6:30 pm. On Saturday 30th March the Ferry departs Montserrat at 6:30am, then later departs Antigua at 6:30pm and on Monday 1st April (Day Tour Operation) the ferry will depart Montserrat at 6:30am, then departs Antigua at 9:00am. The ferry again departs Montserrat at 4:30pm and later departs Antigua at 7:00pm. There will be no ferry service on Good Friday, March 29. This schedule is subject to safe sea conditions. No advance ticketing is required, as travellers can purchase their tickets upon check-in. However, to facilitate ticketing, check-in and other clearances at the point of sale at the ports, passengers are asked to check-in 90 minutes in advance before the scheduled time for departure. For further information on the service contact Mr. Roosevelt Jemmotte at 664 496 9912 in Montserrat or Jennifer Burke in Antigua at 268 778 9786. MONTSERRAT FERRY SCHEDULE 1 March – 31 March 2013 DAY

Thursday Friday Saturday Monday

Depart Montserrat 6:30 AM 6:30 AM 6:30 AM 6:30 AM

Arrive Antigua 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM 8:30 AM

NB. Schedule is subject to safe sea conditions. *MNI = Montserrat

Depart Antigua 9:00 AM 6:30 PM 6:30 PM 9:00 AM

Arrive Montserrat 10:30 AM 8:30 PM 8:30 PM 11:00 AM

Depart Montserrat

Arrive Antigua

Depart Antigua

Arrive Montserrat

4:30 PM

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

8:00 PM

4:30 PM

6:30 PM

7:00 PM

9:00 PM

ANU = Antigua.

No advance ticketing is required, as travelers can purchase their tickets upon check-in. However, to facilitate ticketing, check-in and other clearances at the point of sale at the ports, passengers are asked to check-in 90 minutes in advance before the scheduled time for departure. The fares for the ferry service are EC$300 return (EC$150 one way) for adults and EC$150 return for children under 12 years.Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of baggage free and any additional baggage is charged at EC$50.00 per piece. For further informationon the service contact Mr. Roosevelt Jemmotte at 664 496 9912 in Montserrat or Jennifer Burke in Antigua at 268 778 9786. Passengers travelling to Montserrat are reminded that they can also get to Montserrat by air with Fly Montserrat ( or by contacting SVG Air via Monair (in Montserrat) on Tel: (664) 491 4200. E-mail: or via Express Handlers (in Antigua), Tel: (268) 562 7183, The contact for SVG's Head Office in St. Vincent is Tel: (784) 457 5124. Additional information on the ferry service, updates as well as general tourism information can be found atwww.visitmontserrat.comor

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Friday, March 29, 2013

4 recruits graduate...cont’d. from page 6 developed to full the roles and the functions required to carry out the service.” The ceremony was chaired by ZJB news personality James White Jr., who following prayers by pastor Hastings of the SDA church, gave some opening remarks. Following COP Foster, Deputy Commissioner Siddell, gave a brief overview of the training. The six month training course was to be delivered in modules, Orientation, Beat duties, Crimes against property, Crimes against persons, Multi-discipline. The Hon. Colin Riley delivered a feature address in which he challenged and encouraged the new police, to embrace information technology as a means of enhancing their development. “I encourage you to master that technology for your police work and also for your personal advancement and growth as individuals…Your awareness, your understanding, your depth of intellect, has to be very sharp because this work is going require thinking, thoughtfulness, working collaboratively with people who have more knowledge and more experience than you,” he told them. He further encouraged, there is optimism by the Montserrat leaders about our “future”. “Montserrat is entering a new age, and you are joining the force at the moment when allot of expansion and the demand for even better skills are being put on the table,” he said with the call. “This is what my call is for you today, is to take up the charge for this new Montserrat and to go forward with the confidence of knowing that the government stands behind you, and the police high command, are there to support you.” The four graduating recruits who also competed during training for seven recruit awards, are: PC # 35 Phillip Mcpherson, PC # 57 Sheldon Martin, PC # 50 Rayon Rhone, and PC # 90 Damion Buckley. Sheldon Martin received four of the awards.The best recruit award, for displaying maturity, high level of discipline, good interpersonal skills among other qualities; the best drill award, for exhibiting the best drill during the training; the best academic award for obtaining the highest mark in the written examination. He also received the deportment award for portraying a positive attitude and wearing the uniform with pride. Phillip McPherson who strived for excellence in every segment of the training received the endeavor award. The best public speaker award went to Rayon Rode as he was selected as the student who spoke the best during debates, while Damion Buckley grabbed the best physical fitness award. Along with Inspector Semper there were numerous internal lecturers, from PC rank to Inspector; with two external lecturers, during the course.

newly graduated police officers, prepare for Royal salute - with Chief Instructor Insp. Semper

PC Rayon Rhone delivered a recruit response, which preceded a presentation of awards, certificates; and gifts of appreciation by the graduating recruits culminated with a gift to the Chief Instructor Semper, nicknamed “weed whacker”. A vote of thanks by WPC Brenda Gordon preceded a display of precision drills by the four police new comers, performed within the auditorium of the Centre, with a final salute acknowledged by the governor.

Sheldon Martin

Hon. Colin Riley

Commissioner Steve Foster Deputy Commissioner Siddell

The Montserrat Reporter- March 29 2013  

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