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Friday, July 20, 2012

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The God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” . . . has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. - 2 Corinthians 4:6 (NRSV)

A1 road project Vol. XXVII No. 16

Week Ending Friday, July 20, 2012

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encounters more problems and delays

Construction on the A1 road project have been put on hold yet again, as the Public Works Department (PWD) struggles to rectify the situation to get work back on course. This setback is one of many that have plagued the


project since its commencement in 2010 and have been the subject of criticism and frustration from motorists, local businesses and PWD staffs. The Honourable Minister of Communication and Works, Charles Kirnon, in an

attempt to ease public tension, explained the reasons for the delay. The Minister said the asphalt plant has proven to be temperamental and that breakdowns cannot easily be rectified because they require replacement

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Geothermal 4 Feature: Tariff 5 St. Augustine & Look Out schools graduations...6 & 7 Kids’ 8 ECCB Media 9 CSA Delegates get welcome to Salem - Thu July 26

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Friday, July 20, 2012

CONSTRUCTION INITIATED-20 NEW HOUSES IN THE WOOD-WORKS FOR DAVY HILL “A new direction in housing,” is how the Honourable Minister with responsibility for Housing, Mr. Easton Taylor Farrell dubs the new Davy Hill housing development, at a recent ground breaking ceremony in Davy Hill on Saturday. The Davy Hill new housing development plan is set to construct twenty (20) residential dwellings on two and a quarter acres; land, roads, electricity, water and sewage development all inclusive. According to the Director of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), construction will be done in three phases: The Minister said, “… housing was provided solely by government and where the majority of Montserratians expect government to provide housing. We’ve reached a place where government is no longer in a position to provide housing for Montserratians and residents. It’s a new direction in housing where it’s not only Government but a private public partnership in housing development.” PIU Director Mr. Owen Lewis gave some details of the project. “Capital cost and funding was provided by the Government of Montserrat who purchased the two and a quarter acres of land which will be developed, along with financing the infrastructure elements of the project. The Montserrat Social Security is funding the construction…to be done in three phases. Phase one consisting of six houses; Phase two eight houses and the third phase another six houses. The Bank of Montserrat Ltd. will facilitate all mortgages related to this project. This project totals just under ($7 million) seven million dollars and these are local funds.” The Honourable Premier, Ruben T Meade praised the Minister’s efforts in making the project a reality. He told the gathering, “Easton Taylor Farrell has shown the leadership and bought this land… the twenty houses are for sale. …but they are for the people of this community whether, you’re born Montserratian, …or you’re of the Diaspora, these facilities are available for you to purchase. The fact that bank of Montserrat is offering (mortgage loans) at 6.5% when in fact the average lending rate is about 8% … is a significant step in terms of savings which the bank is providing for the people who are buying these property.” At the ground-breaking ceremony, Director of the Montser-

rat Social Security, Kenneth Scotland pledged his commitment to local development, especially that as it is meaningful to the Social Security Fund. “It is good to know that we could spend this ($2 million) two million dollars this year, and this is only the beginning of things to come. I’m a strong believer, that if indeed we’re goanna invest our money we should at least start at home and we have taken this seriously. I’m putting the government on notice that I have more money to spent and to develop at home…. it’s all about putting people back to work and once people are working it’s Montserrat Reporter offices. to the proceedings of the groundbeneficial to Social Security, so Someone forgot to invite TMR breaking development. The Ministhat is a backdrop that we’re very pleased to see this happening and we look forward to handing over the keys to the very first buyer.” Manager of the Bank of Montserrat Ltd., Mr. Michael Joseph highlighted the bank’s longGuyana (CMC) — Prime Minister Dr Kenny standing commitment to housing Caribbean Community Anthony. development in Montserrat. “Over governments, at the end of He said the regional the years, Bank of Montserrat their summit in St Lucia on leaders were "looking forhas partnered with government the weekend, raised con- ward" to the 23rd meeting of Montserrat on a number of cerns about the increase of the Council for Human housing projects and we are in cases of child maltreat- and Social Development pleased to announce that over ment, particularly sexual (COHSOD), which opens the past five years our mortgage abuse, in the region. in Georgetown today, portfolio increased form eighteen "We looked at the where the issue will be (18) million in 2007 to forty one plight of children and the thoroughly discussed. (41) million dollars in 2012. The need for concerted action A Caricom Secretariat Bank is proud of this investment at all levels," said Cari- statement issued here notes of twenty three (23) million dol- com Chairman and host there is growing concern lars in the housing stock of our country and will continue to invest more of our local savings to house Montserratians through such special housing programs,” he declared. During this week earth moving and heavy equipment were seen in action on the site, which is located just back of, and north of The 31 July, 2012 to 20th August, 2012

ter has since apologised for what he said was a teribble mix-up.


ABOUT HIGH RATE OF CHILD ABUSE about the alarming levels of violence against young children noting "regrettably, there is a dearth of empirical evidence on the nature, genesis, extent, causes and impact of this beast, hence the attempts to tame it has not spawned the desired outcomes. "Violence against our region's children remains unabated," it added.



Instructed by the St. Pa t r i c k ’s C o - o p e ra t i v e Credit Union, the law firm of Brandt & Associates will sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, t h e p ro p e r t y o f D av i d Duberry, legally described as Block 12/03 Parcel 060 in the Beachettes Registration Section, located at Woodlands on Monday the 30th day of July 2012 at 10:00 a.m. The subject property consists of 13,068 sq. ft. of good residential land or 0.3 acres. The area is predominantly used as a residential development area. It is bounded on the east, north and west by developed property and the public road on the south. The property consists of land, house pool and a garage. The Auction shall be held on site. Details of the auction may be obtained from BRANDT & ASSOCIATES, #4 Farara Plaza, Brades, Montserrat, Tel: 1-664-491-2429/2339. Dated the 17th day of July, 2012. Brandt & Associates

Friday, July 20, 2012

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components to be sourced from the UK. The department had seem set to speed up the works at the start when they installed traffic lights, erected to facilitate the flow of orderly traffic, drawing visits from the public to witness traffic lights in use for the first time in Montserrat. There were the complaints, “they do not know what they are doing.” The reaction from officials was that they do know what they are doing and everything was going to plan. However, there was also the explanation that the run into the ghaut from the overwhelming number rocks, did force some readjustments in plans. Following the seeming completion of the Cassava ghaut bridge reconstruction and the beginning of the reconstruction at the

Nantes river, to the chagrin of the sand miners and truck drivers, a new argument developed as they were forced to slow their operations of travel on the road further. At one point we reported, “when it was already observed there were delays, “The long-suffering the A1 road project from Salem to St. John’s is continuing slowly but surely, but satisfies the suspicions of public observers, that the project is heading to run out of money.” We later discovered that additional funds were obtained increasing the project to over EC$24 million to cover the extent of improvements to reconstruct Cassava Ghaut, Runaway ghaut and the Nantes River bridge. These had suffered severe damage in August 2010 by hurricane Earl, after the $15 million had been long ap-

C ONCERNS The 2006 United Nations study on Violence against Children is arguably the most telling piece of empirical exposé on the magnitude of the problem, especially in the Caribbean.

"Its findings point to the disturbing fact that violence does not discriminate between rich and poor nations and pervades all societies within which children grow up. Sadly, the report notes

proved for the road project. In a ZJB report after Minister Kirnon spoke to ZJB News about the new delays, we confirmed his disclosure that a shortage of cement on island has further delayed the completion of head walls on Runaway Ghaut. He said while working in wet conditions, recently the PWD encountered problems with the on bound road base material supplied from the local quarry company. The Minister said despite close corporation between the operator and the PWD, there were still experiencing problems with the quarry products which resulted in localize sections of the newly lead material to be removed and replaced. He said a decision was taken by the ministry not to lay any further material until its appropriateness of use as road base and asphalt aggregate

that violence is part of the economic, cultural and societal norms that make up many children's environment," the Secretariat said. It said that another startling revelation is that

July 2, 2012 Mr. James Simon Greaves Formerly of Salem Montserrat (now residing in the United Kingdom) Dear Mr. Greaves Removal of Caution Re: Blocks 13/12/102, 13/17/083 & 13/13/058 On October 9, 1998, you lodged a Caution on the above-captioned parcels of land forbidding the registration of dealings and the making of entries in the register relating thereto (altogether) without your consent, until this caution has been withdrawn by you or removed by Order of the Court or of the Registrar. On February 8, 2012, Mr. James W. Allen submitted an application requesting the removal of the said Caution. Please be advised that if you object to the removal of the said Caution, you should notify me in writing of your objection and your reasons for so objecting within six (6) weeks of the date of this letter. You are further notified that the said Caution will be removed after the expiration of the specified time if I do not hear from you.

Yours sincerely Kenneth Frank Hobbs Assistant Registrar of Lands (Ag) cc: Mr. James W. Allen, Brades, Montserrat

A1 road project with regard to the extent of construction in time and material to reconstruct Cassava Ghaut bridge crossing, Runaway Ghaut and the Nantes River bridge. A part of the project paper read: “The increase in scope of works is in two parts leading to two sets of results: Underground Cable Ducting where the newly rehabilitated road will include provision for cables to be relocated underground along the A1 route, and crossing the road where required. And the Pedestrian Walkway(s) extension, proposed between Brades Junctions and Government Head Quarters to provide safer transit for pedestrians moving between the two centres. The road works eventually consisted of three main stages which include reconstruction and resurfacing

from Salem to St. John’s, installation of utilities, ducts, and later, placing three river crossings that were severely damaged in August 2010 by hurricane Earl. Underground Cable Ducting for the newly rehabilitated road included provision for cables to be relocated underground along the A01 route, and crossing the road where required; as well as the Pedestrian Walkway(s) extension, proposed between Brades Junctions and Government headquarters to provide safer transit for pedestrians moving between the two centres. In late news it was observed on Friday afternoon patching with asphalt was taking place on the route from Salem through Woodlands. An official described that this was a means also of testing the repaired asphalt equipment.


Ref: LR 13/12/102, 13/13/058 & 13/17/083

For your information and please be guided accordingly.

could be determined. It was decided that an independent lab, owned by an asphalt specialist in Guadeloupe will vigorously test the quarry products. He further added that the only alternative to this material should it prove not to be acceptable will be to import aggregate from neighboring islands. In the meantime, the report said, that PWD has shifted its resources to undertake works aimed at improving the most vulnerable areas along the Barzey’s roads and also enhancing access to Silver Hills. It was only in February this year the Ministry of Finance sought and received approval in the Legislative Assembly to fund and spend $2,800,000.00 towards “Ghaut Replacement Projects” in a Supplementary Appropriation bill for the


violence in all its forms has its roots in issues such as the power relations between men and women, exclusion, absence of a primary care-giver; and in societal norms and values that often disregard the rights of children. According to the study, other factors contributing towards the unacceptable prevalence of violence against children include drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and youth disenfranchisement, crime

and a culture of silence and impunity. In addition, the Internet is viewed as a new space where children are both abused and exploited by the production of pornography, and are exposed to images of violence and degradation. The 2003 World Bank's Caribbean Youth Development Report noted that the Caribbean had the earliest age of sexual "debut" in the world with many young people being initi-

ated into sexual behaviour as a consequence of child abuse from as early as 10 years old, and in some cases even earlier. More recently, the 2009 UNICEF study on child sexual abuse in the Eastern Caribbean not only established that the problem is escalating in the sub-region but also identified emerging forms of abuse such as the use of young boys in an organised network to service cruise ship passengers.


PRICES AT THE PUMPS Fuel prices are finally fluctuating in favour of the consumers with the recent fall in prices this week. The new prices took effect at local petrol stations from Monday, July 9. The price of gasoline at the pumps is presently $15.44 a reduction of $1.14, while diesel is now retailed at $14.15 per gallon,

a reduction of $1.15 from its previous cost of $15.30. This reduction came as a result of reduced cost from suppliers which had come down to the pumps and to consumers. Consumers are welcoming the recent reductions in fuel price. One motorist said about the new prices. “It’s time

we get some kinda ease somewhere. Everything just increasing but we pay not increasing though, so it’s a good thing that we can see fuel price go down.” Last year fuel price sky rocketed to $1.50 per gallon, with diesel at $16.06. In April this year, the price trickled to $17.43 while diesel had gone to $16.92.

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Friday, July 20, 2012


EDITORIAL Montserrat dumps WHO Tobacco Convention for 15 dubious jobs Fifteen jobs to aid in causing the deaths of 15,000 people daily, three times the population of Montserrat, and no recognized revenue to Montserrat, deviating from upholding Conventions the island has signed on to and uphold, producing products known to kill at least 15,000 people per year are the reasons for or even the excuse for setting up a cigarette factory. Our top leaders in the country have by so doing will act against the advice of their finance committees that there is no economic benefit to Montserrat from the business and have declined to approve the business venture for fiscal incentives. Premier Meade and at least one Minister both of whom as representatives of Government seem to be the major proponents of the industry that puts them in direct contravention of Article. What really can lead them to maintain that the cigarette factory will operate in Montserrat no matter what the objections or the reasons for that matter that it should not. Montserrat through the UK signed the (World Health Organisation) WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) on June 16, 2003 and put into law on March 16, 2005. This committed Montserrat to observe and abide by the regulations, guidelines and protocols of a treaty that reaffirms the right of all people to the highest standard of health. This bound Montserrat to the WHO FCTC which asserts the importance of demand reduction strategies as well as supply issues in relation to cigarettes. Why is there 175 states – countries in the world who signed this treaty? Because they all accepted that tobacco and all its related products according to the World Health Organisation cause the death of more than 15,000 people A DAY and accounts for ONE in SIX of all NCD (NON-COMMUNICABLEDISEASE) deaths. There are all kinds of material that show that tobacco is a barrier to development. And it is the need for economic development that government leaders give for them to turn their backs on the Conventions the island has accepted. It doesn’t require much thought to recognize that by the UK Government turning a blind eye to this action or desire by the Premier and his Ministers, and cronies, give their blessings and are guilty of flouting the Convention/ treaty they have signed. The WHO FCTC was developed in response to the globalization of the tobacco epidemic. The spread of the tobacco epidemic is facilitated through a variety of complex factors with cross-border effects, including trade liberalization and direct foreign investment. In the FCTC the Government is bound to provide “public awareness of and access to information regarding the adverse health, economic, and environmental consequences of tobacco production and consumption.” To name just a few: Articles 3, 12 and 15 speak to these issues which bind the Government to ensure certain actions are put in place before becoming involved in what in the case of Montserrat would be tantamount to the facilitation the already enormous illicit cigarette trade. Interestingly, finding itself in the quandary (if this is at all profitable to Montserrat) it can work to our benefit under the very Convention to obtain financial assistance to replace the revenue lost by not joining in causing the deaths of so many people each day. Under the Convention, there are considerations for, “the social and economic difficulties that tobacco control programmes may engender in the medium and long term in some developing countries and countries with Economies in transition, and recognizing their need for technical and financial assistance in the context of nationally developed strategies for sustainable development…” addressed in several of the Articles. The Premier and the Minister of Health, both of whom have pronounced on this cigarette factory, need to understand their own responsibilities. Yes, for the economy and financial state of, as the health of Montserratians, firstly and the health of the persons they will damage in the rest of the world. It is unthinkable that our leaders will consider participating or facilitating, for any reason, for 15 jobs to assist in causing the deaths of 15,000 persons on a daily basis. It is not unexpected that the questions that come our way, are such as, ”who really stands to benefit and how much?” Other very dubious circumstances surround the cigarette factory. Government is displacing businesses from a factory shell in the vicinity of the electricity power plant, the new Ministry of Communication and Works building. They have not offered alternative accommodation to the furniture and mechanical garage businesses. This factory shell also houses Ideal Printers Ltd.

The Montserrat Reporter Published by: Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Editor: Bennette Roach Office: Davy Hill, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, Montserrat, W.I. Typeset and Printed by Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Tel. (664) 491-4715 Fax: (664) 491-2430 E-mail: or - Web Site:

Comment: Open Letter to Rt. Hon. David Cameron

What are you talking about are you a complete moron? A hell of a lot voted for the coalition (knowing well that was a almost certainly what

was going to happen). IT WAS NOT IMPOSED. Cameron was elected...fact.... and it is good to see someone having the good sense to do

things. Religion is made up by HUMANS nothing else. Get real, face the facts. Fred

Premier Meade, I have listened to your latest news interview on ZJB Radio, Monday/Tuesday 9th & 10th July, where you pointed out three things which we will get, when we get Geothermal. You said, we will be able to get the Geothermal which is put out by the Volcano; We will save about 50% on our electric bill. Quote. "If your bill is $800 dollars, you will only pay a half of that, and be able to save $400 dollars", because no fuel surcharge. Note: Mr. Premier. Geothermal has Always been around, it did NOT just become available, when the Volcano came to life! Well Mr. Premier.. It seems as if you have FINALLY realized the great benefits of Geothermal!!, in the beginning of this, your latest tenure of office, you said geothermal was on the back burner, and I am saying that if you had negotiated MORE strongly with DFID/FCO we might have been further ahead today, and the Montserrat public would have been very happy today! For over four years, Mr. W. Pond and myself, have been writing in "MNI Alive" and "The Reporter Newspapers' speaking/ pointing out the many benefits of Geothermal Power, speaking live on ZJB and writing to various World Leaders, and DFID/FCO,

asking their assistance to help Montserrat establish a Green Geothermal Energy Plant!! on the island, and seeing as Montserrat had been dealt a very hard blow by Hurricane Hugo and now for the past 17 years, the ongoing saga of The Soufriere Hills Volcano, the population needed help to rebuild and recovering, we needed a very big break. We have pointed out the many benefits to Montserratians that they will achieve once this Green Geothermal energy has come on line. First.. as you quoted, Montserratians will be able to save 50%? Well Mr. Premier!!. HOPEFULLY, we will save over 65% on our actual electric bill, a very big difference!UNLESS the Geothermal that we will be getting from this plant, DOES NOT BELONG to the Montserrat Government. Please Note: Mr. Premier, DO NOT allow our Natural Resource GEOTHERMAL to be SOLD OFF! It belongs to ALL MONTSERRATIANS it is our right! Note also. If someone was to buy the rights to Geothermal, they would also want to buy MUL, that way they will ALSO OWN ALL OUR WATER RESOURCES TOO !! and they will want to make a profit from day one !!, and have the Government and Peoples' of Montserrat over

a Barrel!!.. Who Owns the Power.. Dictates to the Government !!.. Secondly.. Because Montserratians' will no longer have to pay the high price of fossil fuels', with the Cheaper Geothermal Power, Montserratians' will start to cook on electric stoves, ruling out problems frequently experienced by the island, like we are out of cooking gas, or that the price of gas is going up once again!! also no more blackened pots, etc. etc... Thirdly... The Merchants' would build larger freezer storage, meaning that they could command a better wholesale price when buying frozen products, passing that cheaper price on to the consumers.. The bakers would be able to buy/store larger quantities of flour products, and also baking in electric ovens, causing the prices of baked goods to be reduced.. The restaurants, bars and snackets would be able to buy products cheaper, causing their prices to drop too. Fourthly... The Government and public offices, will be able to enjoy working in a comfortable air-conditioned office environment. The general public, would be more likely to install airconditioning in their homes too, just from the amount that

Geothermal Savings

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Our Scripture Verse Today Always There The God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” . . . has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. - 2 Corinthians 4:6 (NRSV) The telephone rang at the parsonage at 12:13 a.m. As I reached through the darkness for the receiver, I said a quick prayer. Calls at that hour often bring news of tragedy. This call was from a parent whose ten-year-old daughter had died suddenly. I quickly dressed and drove to the hospital to be with the grieving family. Later, as I walked back to my car across the hospital parking lot, I noticed the moon. Clouds had hidden it as I drove to the hospital, but now it shone clearly. As I reflected on this change, I was reminded

that even in the darkness God is present. Tragedy, sorrow, and loss may obscure God’s face, but God is never absent. God is always with us. It is our God who is always with us who will bring healing to this family whose child died. This God who is always present strengthens our weak knees, mends our broken hearts, and gives us strength when we are weary. In the season of Advent, we prepare ourselves to welcome the One who is always coming to us, always present with us. Donald L. Wilkinson (Louisiana, USA) Prayer: God of all grace, when clouds obscure your face, help us to remember that you are always present. Open our eyes, ears, and hearts to you. Amen.

Friday, July 20, 2012

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The last of a series of consultations with the public was concluded this week, initiating the formulation of the first draft of the National Cultural Policy. Emerging from the sessions are pertinent ideas, suggestion and desires of the people as it relates to Montserrat culture. The policy is expected to include guidelines on the preservation, restoration, documentation and marketing of Montserrat culture. Lead Consultant Sir Howard Fergus confirmed that work has already begun on the first draft of the policy. He believes that the

process will move along more speedily now that the consultation phase has concluded. He stressed that these consultants are important if the policy is to be called a national policy. He explained that it must represent the desire of the people. The consultations were guided with a series of questions designed to harness views on what the policy should include, for instance, people’s understanding of the term culture, aspects and elements of Montserrat culture, the loss, dilution or diminishing of local culture, the impact of outside cultures and the inclusion

of outside cultures in the national policy. Sir Howard Fergus is leading the process with a team of key resource persons to include Dr. Clarice Barnes, Ms Ann Marie Dewar, and Mr. Alric Taylor. Mr. Herman Francis is the technical representative on the team from the Ministry of Culture. The group is charged with making an assessment of the state of Culture on Montserrat with the goal of formulating a National Cultural Policy that will set the framework for the development and planning of Culture for at least the next

ten years. Out of the policy should come recommendations for institutional arrangements which would facilitate the implementation of the policy; identification of possible sources of funds or initiatives which would provide resources to implement the national plan; and broad based mechanisms which would be required for execution of the National Cultural Policy. The draft is set to be completed by the end of August. Once completed, it will be presented to the Government of Montserrat for final approval.


TO 20000 SEA TURTLE EGGS CRUSHED BY BULLDOZERS ON C ARIBBEAN ISLAND By Miguel Llanos, NBC News Thousands of leatherback sea turtle hatchlings and eggs were crushed over the weekend by bulldozers and excavators used to divert a river on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. "Unfortunately the engineers in charge bulldozed a far greater portion of beach than necessary, and they did destroy many viable nests,"

It wasn't immediately clear how much of an impact the tragedy would have on the critically endangered species, but the group noted that it happened on "the world's most densely populated leatherback nesting beach." Papa Bois said it wasn't opposed to diverting the river, since it had been eroding not only a local eco-tourist hotel but the nesting area itself. But it noted that the work was done without supervision by "any of the local turtle protection groups." It also didn't blame the equipment operators, but those "higher up" who told the crews where to work -- "not one of whom was on site to make sure the works were done with as little damage as possible," the group added. "There was no coordination, no leadership." These leatherback sea turtle hatchlings were saved from heavy equipment that shifted a beach on Trinidad, one of two major islands that make up Trinidad


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FOR GOVERNMENT evrod samuel says: HOW SELFISH Only a select few Can spellbound the masses It seems We lift them up on a plinth Made up of the new third estate And glorify them as demigods They walk not But trample all underfoot We are their minions Enthralled to them we Give them all Unholy wolves Swaddled in wool are they Devouring all with their avaricious mindset Greed is a bad thing When it dissolves within and without An inbred top heavy hierarchy Collude to maximize expose With minimum opportunity For anyone unfortunate enough Not to be the latest sage Politics Economics The arts A few control the building blocks of society Exerting undue pressure downwards Maiming those they lord over Stymieing their advancement Pulling strings to advance their own cause The myopic view of the elite Is no way to run a democracy A limited gene pool of ideas and talent Hinders the legacy That today passes to the future A sure way for eventual extinction Selfishness and graft Those boils that erode decency in a society Harass the pillars of unity Implosion being the only likely outcome An impermeable ceiling of granite Keeps those deemed not worthy in their place Resentment festers Rioting being the only billboard That the oppressed then know Those in the middle Those supposed champions of the new economy Are full of hyperbole Their spiel of being undervalued Naught but insouciant drivel Blatant opacity of the distribution of wealth Mangles the unity that the some for all mantra Could achieve No trickle downward to irrigate The parched ambition and drive Of the underclass An unjust society we may live in But we all contribute to the way We live Give Take But also let another man partake

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Friday, July 20, 2012


GRADUATION OF 30 STUDENTS FROM PRIMARY TO SECONDARY congratulatory remarks. Parish priest Fr. George Agger led with prayers following a procession of the Class of 2012. Veteran teacher Sarah Allen introduced the chairperson Claude Browne, and Principal of the school Miss Ann Marie Dewar delivered her principal’s report. The school’s children entertained, and showed off their talent in song and steel band presentations. One rendition in song ‘One Moment in Time’ and the steel orchestra played the tune, “I believe I can fly’. With Deuvaunn Darroux as lead student, there were the distribution of certificates and prizes, special presentations, some more renditions; and finally the presentation of the graduands, the vote of thanks and the closing song, ‘Walk with me O my Lord’. More details of the graduations next week.

The Roman Catholic St. Augustine primary school held the first of the primary schools graduation on Monday, July 9, 2012 at the R.C. St. Patrick’s church in Lookout, with the theme “One

chapter ends – Another begins: We are ready.” Guest speaker for the occasion, Mrs. Daphne Cassell, who was introduced as having served continuously for many years in the education field, delivered the feature address. In her keynote address, she sought to provide “a word of encouragement to the parents, as well as, to share five guiding principles with the graduants,” and wrapped-up with

Friday, July 20, 2012



Twenty-four grade six students graduated from the Lookout Primary School during the school’s annual year-end ceremony at the St.

Page g 7


John’s Anglican Church on Tuesday morning. Seven students were also awarded with trophies for their outstanding aca-

Can your insurance provider offer the most extensive coverage during hurricane season?

demic performance throughout the school year. The group included Voneika Fenton, Sutonyeh Burns, Diesha Greenaway, Adonijah Daley,

Nikeiaha Scotland, Rhoniil Lewis and Stevika Foster, all ranging from grade one to six respectively. Stevikha Foster was also the top graduating


student of grade six with an 89.9 grade point average. Deputy Governor Ms. Sarita Francis, delivered the feature address in which she challenged the graduating class to be ethical. She said, “I want to challenge you to be ethical, ethical values are universal, norms which are based on biblical principles and guide lines. These guide your relationship with god and with your fellow men. These moral and ethical principles that you’ve been taught since childhood allow our society to function in decency. They embody principals of love, of fairness, of kindness, respect for god, respect for self, and respect

for others, no matter how the world changes, no matter the new technologies. These values remain the most important in shaping and molding our character as we journey through life.” Meanwhile, Moving on to MSS, Stevikha Foster extended a challenge to her peers to be mindful of the core values instilled in them at Lookout Primary School. In a double challenge with Rhoniil Lewis, she said, “I will always remember the school’s motto “The top is reached by striving,” strive daily, diligently, and honestly. Now I am leaving I challenge all the pupils of the lookout primary school to work harder and lift the schools banner very high in all you pursue; however I personally challenge you Rhoniil Shane Lewis to ensure that you remain focus on your goals.” The grade five student Rhoniil Lewis responded to her challenge with one of his own. “I have the confidence that I can be a good example for others to follow. As you are about to leave this school I wish you continued success never; forget the training that you have received here at the lookout primary school, work hard as usual, use your potential to the fullest, be a leader, remain modest, set your goals write them down and try to achieve them,” the young man encouraged the graduate.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Kids time - In your own korner Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. It now the summer holidays. I do wish you a nice and fun filled summer. Do remember to read a book as you go along. .......continued from July 6 2012

In the evening the grand old man who often visits forest and help animals and birds by treating them came to the meeting place and asked some of the birds still sitting there: I heard a commotion in the afternoon what happened to you all. I heard the loud sounds of animals and birds too. Do you have any problem and can I be of any help to you? The birds said: we had problem to solve between the birds and the animals. We shall prove who is best in the forest. We argue we are the best but they argue as cruelly as they can for their superiority. It is good that you have come. Why don’t you come for the meeting tomorrow and help us. The grand old man said Ok, I shall come tomorrow. The next day morning all the birds and the animals gathered at the meeting place. The grand old man took some time to arrive. His arrival was welcomed by the Lion who was once save by the grand old man. Dear grand old man I am glad that you are here, hear all our arguments and tell us who is the best in the forest. Both the sides amply briefed the grand old man. The birds and the animals became silent and await the judgment of the grand old man. The grand old man said: The argument of the birds that they do not eat other birds is both

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A Dance in the Forest

wrong and write. So in the arguments the birds and the animals both win and lose. That makes the problem nil. The birds and animals got confused at this. Seeing their faces particularly of the Lion’s the grand old man clarified it further: Though the hens and pen hens come under the family of birds they live mostly on the ground and they do not fly for their survival they run for their survival so actually come under the family of animals. The chicks of the birds also do not fly they just run on the ground so they are also animals. Since Eagles eat these chicks it amounts to eating other birds for their survival like the animals do. Which means birds eat and SEND IN YOUR ANSWER TO WIN A GIFT.

Question: List four uses of the tongue.

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do not eat other birds for their survival. Most important thing is this: If the animals like Lion, tiger, cheetah, fox and wolf do not eat other animals like sheep, goat, etc. the population of these grass eating animals increase making the forest dry and difficult for all to survive. Similarly the birds help in pollination and cross-pollination, propagation of trees and help add beauty to the forest. The forest becomes dull without any one of you. So neither the birds nor the animals are best in the forest, the forest itself is the best because it gives us food, shelter and protection from the human beings. Hearing this the Lion said: what a brilliant man are you my dear grand old man. I agree with you that it is the forest that is the best. The birds do chirped the same opinion. Then the squirrel said: this is the best time to celebrate the onset of spring. Let’s dance…. All the animals danced and make merry…..

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Friday, July 20, 2012

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THE ECCB WORKS TO HELP JOURNALISTS BETTER INFORM THE PUBLIC Six local media representatives are further informed and updated on the operations of the East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and other financial matters, the result of a one day financial workshop at their agency headquarters in Brades on Thursday, July 5. The workshop was the second of this nature for media personnel. The group joined other representatives from the OECS sub-region via video conference in the session which was aimed

at improving and strengthening the media’s knowledge on the work of the ECCB and a broad range of financial matters and terminology. Bank interest’s rates, bank supervision and regulation in the East Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), and financial sector stability and the ECCU eight-point stabilation and growth program were the four focal modules examined. The personnel were exposed to information

on key concepts which influence and impacted interest rates and credit demand. The group was informed of ECCB’s role in promoting a sound financial system through regulations and supervision of institutions licensed under the banking act, in the bank supervision and regulation module. The financial sector stability on the ECCB eight-point stabilization and growth point module, covered the ECCB’s role in maintaining financial sector stability through the

Sea turtles killed

...con’t from page 5

and Tobago. Sherwin Reyz, a member of the Grand Riviere Environmental Awareness Trust, saved some 500 hatchlings but estimated that up to 20,000 eggs were crushed or consumed by vultures and stray dogs that quickly moved in to eat the remains. "They had a very good meal. I was near tears," Reyz told the Associated Press. "It was a disgusting mess." Female sea turtles return to the beaches where they were born to dig sandy nests and incubate eggs. Leatherbacks lay about 100 eggs at a time, but not even 1 percent survive to adulthood. Leatherbacks are the largest sea turtle species -- some more than 7 feet long and weighing 2,000 pounds. They can live 100 years. They are also one of seven species of sea turtles, all of which

are endangered due to reduced habitat, human consumption of eggs and even being caught up in fishing gear. Marc De Verteuil / Papa Bois Conservation This sea turtle hatchling did not survive when heavy equipment diverted a river on a Trinidad beach. The Trinidad hotel owner who had been asking the government to redirect the Grand Riviere River said he was shocked by how it was handled. "For some reason they dug up the far end of the beach, absolutely encroaching into the good nesting areas," Piero Guerrini, an Italian who owns Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel, told the Associated Press. "This could have been avoided with a much wiser approach. But it was done too late and it was done in the wrong way."

Guerrini's hotel was full of tourists who had come to this Caribbean country to see the tiny leatherback hatchlings head for the sea. Instead they saw hatchlings dying in front of their eyes. "This really put a lot of bad images in people's minds," he added. Captions: Pics by Marc De Verteuil / Papa Bois Conservation Dead leatherback sea turtle hatchlings and smashed eggs are seen on the island of Trinidad after heavy equipment was used to divert a river on July 8. These leatherback sea turtle hatchlings were saved from heavy equipment that shifted a beach on Trinidad, one of two major islands that make up Trinidad and Tobago. This sea turtle hatchling did not survive when heavy equipment diverted a river on a Trinidad beach.

continued implementation of specific points in the ECCU program. The forum also entertained open discussions from participants and engaged the views and sharing of information which related to the financial position of some countries. Interactive tools and games in were used

to aid in the presentation of the information keeping participants engaged. There was an overview of the ECCU Banking sector; Interest Rates, Deposit Options, Lending Rates and issues impacting their applications, deregulation of the administered savings, the banking system liquidity and credit

demand in the ECCU. Practitioners who participated in the workshop described the session as informative and helpful. They were especially interested in information which related to the safety and soundness of the financial sector throughout the OECS and the Caribbean region.

CELL PHONE PORN PUSHING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE TO IN THE CARIBBEAN Written by Denis Scott Chabrol The sharing of pornographic images among school-age children appears to be a major driver of child sexual abuse across the 15nation Caribbean Community (Caricom), according to a senior regional official. Programme Manger for Human and Social Development at the Guyana-based Caricom headquarters, Dr. Morella Joseph said the use of cellular phones and Social Media sites is emerging as a “very disturbing trend.” “Most young persons

now have a cell phone and what they do is take images of themselves and their private parts and they circulate it. “They know whose pictures or photos these are so when you do get such pictures of particular individuals and you know how to contact them, then you do it,” said Joseph. Speaking to Demerara Waves Online News (www. on Tuesday at the start of the ministerial council meeting on human and social development, she that banning or restricting the use of cellular phones would

not help. Instead, the Caricom official prefers intensive and massive education drives on the proper use of cellular phones and how to guard against child sexual abuse. Morella also referred to children’s access to Social Networking sites as another means through which they are lured into unsavoury activities by sexual predators. Only recently here in Guyana, a trainee policeman was caught under the bed of a 13-year old girl by her parents. She told investigators that they

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MONTSERRAT A.D. 2012 NOTICE PHYSICAL PLANNING ACT CAP 8.03 DRAFT DEVELOPMENT PLAN CABINET DECISION232/2012 DATED 21st June 2012 WHEREAS it is provided under Section 9 that the Planning and Development Authority shall keep under review the Approved Development Plan, and shall prepare such proposals for its revision and modification as it deems fit;

REGISTERED LAND ACT SECTION 34 LOST LAND CERTIFICATES It is notified for general information that Land Certificates in respect of the following persons have been reported lost:NAME Thomas Lee a.k.a. Edward Daley et al Rigmerle A. FinchPonteen et al



Salem 11/08/012

January 1, 1991

St. Peter’s 13/10/003

February 1, 1983

Unless any objections are received within fourteen (14) days from the date of publication of this notice, replacement certificates will be issued. Dated this 16th day of July, 2012. J. Christopher Gerrald Assistant Registrar of Lands

AND WHEREAS a proposal for the revision or modification of the Approved Development Plan is subject to the procedures outlined in Section 7; AND WHEREAS by Section 7, the Planning and Development Authority is required to submit the revised draft development plan for approval of the Governor-in-Council, through the Minister; NOTICE is hereby given for the information of the public that the attached modified plan was approved for Little Bay by the Governor-in-Council on Dated this 11th day of July, 20 12 Sgd. Camille Thomas Gerald Chairman Planning and Development Authority

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bin Hammam hit with AFC ban Cellphoneporn... cont’d. from page 9 over financial wrongdoing audit of AFC accounts revealed allegations of financial wrongdoing. Bin Hammam, the former AFC President who is currently By Andrew Warshaw July 17 - Former Asian football supremo Mohamed Bin Hammam's hopes of restoring his power base have been effectively dashed after he was sanctioned by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) when an

fighting a life ban over last year's cash-for-votes scandal in the Caribbean, has been suspended for 30 days for "events surrounding the negotiation and execution of certain contracts and with the financial transactions made in and out of

AFC bank accounts and his personal account during the tenure of Mr Bin Hammam's Presidency". Last year the Qatari challenged Sepp Blatter for the FIFA Presidency but withdrew his candidacy just days before the June election following claims that he had tried to buy the votes of Caribbean officials. Bin Hammam, who has consistently denied any wrongdoing, was banned for life and has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) which is

expected to reach a verdict next week. If cleared, he could technically resume AFC activities but is unlikely to gain sufficient support as a result of the latest move, with the AFC hot seat, currently occupied on a temporary basis by Zhang Jilong of China, going to either Yousef Al Serkal of the United Arab Emirates or Shaikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa of Bahrain. Contact the writer of this story at andrew.warshaw@insideworldfootball. biz

Geothermal savings

cont’d. from page 4 would be saved from their fuel surcharge, also the buying power of Montserrat residents will be increased by this 65% savings, that would have been paid out on the fuel surcharge. Fifthly. The carbon credits, that can be claimed, by having this Natural Green Energy Geothermal, can amount to many millions of dollars to the Montserrat Government.. Sixthly. The Monies that will be saved from generating electricity with fossil fuel presently, can in turn be put into our islands infrastructure, like:- hospital; clinics; schools; police; roads; salaries; training and street lighting. Seventhly.. The Government can either invite companies to set up processing plants here, to convert the vast amounts of

Silica Sand from the volcano, into very valuable Silicon Chips, or if local Entrepreneurs so desire, this is something that can be achieved with this cheap abundant energy.. Eighthly. The Island will be a mecca, attracting many high tech companies to establish blue and white collar jobs in ICT, and other high tech businesses. Ninthly. Montserrat can even manufacture small and mid size electric vehicles, powered by either electricity or Hydrogen Power, (Hydrogen can be manufactured cheaply with Geothermal Power).. Tenthly. Geothermal power can be used to process/melt, in recycling of our used derelict vehicles and appliances, and can be done right here, also recycling of our many bottles and cans, reducing our land fills, and reducing the rodent popula-

tions and eye sores too, making our island beautiful and green, once again.. Eleventh.. The revenue generated from Import/Export, corporate and employment taxes, would fill our Government bank accounts, causing Montserrat, not to have to depend/beg for granting aid. So you see Hon. Premier Meade, there are more than two or three ways Montserrat will benefit from Geothermal. Mr. Premier, I have asked you on Basil's ZJB Radio Show, what type of Geothermal Power Plant will be installed here, whether it is the Binary type or the Steam Powered type, and as of last week, you could not say! After all these years of various high-priced Consultants, Surveys and Advisors, yet you still DO NOT KNOW? WOW! My last question Mr. Pre-

OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration with Will Annexed to the Estate of JOSEPH BENJAMIN GERALD late of 50 Sandringham Road Hackney London E8 2LP who died on the 7th of January 2010 be granted to KHARL MARKHAM of Allen Markham & Associates Banks Montserrat, the Lawful Attorney of ROSEMARY ANDREW, JUDITH MUHAMMAD, LOUISA GERALD and RICHARD GERALD the children and Personal Representatives of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. DATED this 10th day of July 2012 Kharl Markham Allen Markham & Associates

mier. As a young man, did you ever go down below Sturge Park/ Montserrat Springs Beach bar and stick your toes into the sand at the waters edge? I bet that you could not keep your toes under the sand for 30 seconds!, or go down to Hot Water Pond! Also, if you inquire at MUL/Water Authority, they will show you that the Canadian Water drillers (Keith Drilling) that were installing the water lines and wells on Montserrat, in the late 1960's, about the well they drilled by the road at Sturge Park, and hit hot water/steam just 15 feet down, or the United Nations sponsored drilling at the back/northern entrance to Sturge Park, they went down less than 15 feet, and found many Megawatts worth of Geothermal hot water. Just A Thought !! Please Clear the air for all Montserratians..

Facebook. While the teen is sexually active, a medical examination has not proven that she and the policeman had sexual intercourse when he was caught at the Ogle home. The Caricom official said child sexual abuse was not confined to people of low socio-economic status, a good enough reason she argued in favour of children, women, parents and ordinary people to be tackle the problem head on and be outspoken. “Complicity is a dangerous thing. You don’t actually have to be involved in the act but once you remain silent then indirectly you are involved, you are a major cause,” she said., The Caricom ministerial meeting recommended the establishment of a Regional Task Force to formulate a strategic plan to address the problem. The Council further agreed to review the entire system of investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse cases to ensure compliance with the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Council added that it will focus on plugging the gaps in existing legislation to guarantee mandatory reporting of sexual abuse and enforce full protection for the region’s children. Expressing grave concern at the “alarming prevalence of sexual abuse of children” in Caricom member-nations, the ministers found new and emerging forms of abuse against both girls and boys. In apparent reference

to corporal punishment, the ministerial council on human and social development emphasizes the need to challenge concertedly and decisively, the deeply entrenched cultural practices and norms that condone violence and violate the rights of our children and youth. “COHSOD also recognized the interrelated and mutually reinforcing nature of all forms of abuse - physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and neglect, including medical neglect – and agreed to take urgent collaborative action to ensure that all perpetrators are brought to justice and that they receive the full force of the law,” the Caricom ministers said in a statement. In dealing with this pressing issue, COHSOD will continue to advocate with Member States for the creation of safe spaces in which victims and others affected are free to report and speak out against sexual abuse without fear of recrimination. COHSOD recognized the imperative of developing an integrated approach combining strong responsive and preventive measures that emphasize child care and protection, and those to end impunity. Accepting that no form of violence against children – particularly sexual violence - can be justified or condoned, COHSOD said it is committed to working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to launch public education campaigns to promote the message that children have the right to justice, and to a safe and nurturing environment.

ISLAND OF MONTSERRAT A.D.2012 [PROBATE DIVISION] LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of CORNELIUS LANQUEDOC, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of 14 days from the date of this notice, an application will be filed at the Registry, High Court of Justice for an ORDER FOR Letters of Administration of CORNELIUS LANQUEDOC, late of St. Peters, Montserrat who died on the 2nd day of November 2009 be granted to JOHN EVERTON LINDSEY, the lawful Attorney of LUCIAN LANQUEDOC, the person entitled to share in the Estate of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested in the Estate are requested to send written particulars thereof to the undersigned within 14 days from the date of this notice. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant of Letters of Administration to the said applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice whose address is: Office of the Registrar General, Brades, Montserrat not later than fourteen (14) days from the publication of this notice. Dated the 29th day of June 2012 Marcelle E.M. Watts Attorney at law for the Applicant

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Village Basketball league begins

In an attempt to boost team interest and re-invigorate the Montserrat Village Basketball Tournament, Minister with responsibility for Sports, the Honourable Colin Riley made an EC$500 contribution to be added to the championship prize money. He made the gesture at the opening ceremony of the Tournament last Saturday. The top prize which was initially EC$2000 is now EC$2500 and will go towards development projects within the community of the winning team.

Chairperson for the evening, Mr. Gregory Willock, President of Punch and GetOut Production, highlighted in his remark the concept of the tournament. He explained that the prize money will go toward community development. “The EC$2000.00 prize money will go to a community project, each team should have identified within their communities a project which this money should go towards including the Secondary school. We know that

the Cudjoe Head Renegades have done the benches and concrete tables down in Soldiers Ghaut funded with the prize money when they won the 2007 Village Basketball Tournament. The second prize money went to painting the walls in Cudjoe Head centre after the team won the following championship.” “Our main goal is to foster good sportsmanship and good spirit among our different communities and groups and we want to make sure that eventually the community


groups take charge of each of the teams and then take the responsibilities for funding the individual uniforms and teams away from the organizing body and into the community group’s hand so that we have more community involvement,” said Mr. Willock. in After the ceremony, the tournament kicked-off with a knock out championship game which all the teams participated. Lookout Shooters came out victorious setting the stage for the rest of the tournament when they emerged as the winner of the game.

The other teams include: Davy Hill Ras Valley, Cudjoe Head Renegades, St. Peters Hilltop, Salem Jammers and MSS. The tournament will continue this weekend on Friday and Saturday evening at the Brades

Basketball court. Montserrat Amateur Basketball Association in collaboration with the Punch and Get-Out Production and Montserrat Sport Sports Department are the host of the tournament.

The Montserrat Community College plans to offer the following programmes and courses for the 2012/2013 academic year:

1. Full-Time Programmes 1. 2. 3. 4.

CAPE Associate Degree Programme (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (CAPE) Examinations subjects) Building Construction Maintenance (Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical Installation & Plumbing) Office Administration (Secretarial) Nursing Assistant -18-Month Programme

Programme details are available on the College’s website, .

2. Adult & Continuing Education Programme Part-time Courses : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

English Language at CXC - Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) English Language at CXC - Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) Mathematics (CXC CSEC) Mathematics (CXC CCSLC) Electronic Document Preparation and Management (CXC CSEC)) Office Administration (CXC CSEC). Principles of Business (CXC CSEC). Principles of Accounts (CXC CSEC). Information Technology (CXC CSEC). Technical Drawing (CXC CSEC). Computer Literacy (Beginners) Computer Literacy (Advanced) Home Maintenance Skills for Women Conversational French Conversational Spanish Students can also register for single CAPE courses as part-time students provided spaces are available.

Kindly note that the College is willing to put on any other part-time course in which a sufficient number of persons expresses an interest.

Application forms and information on the courses can be collected from the Montserrat Community College, Salem, the Ministry of Education, Brade’s, and can also be downloaded from the College’s Website at Completed application forms for the full-time courses and programmes should be returned to the Montserrat Community College, no later than August 10, 2012 and for part-time courses by September 13, 2012.”

Welcome to Salem CSA Delegates Thursday 26, 2012 Rudee upon flattery - the bbm service on a ‘makeout’ woman An ‘ugly’ woman walk into a store with her 2 kids, yelling at them. The store clerk pleasantly said, "Good morning ma'am and welcome. Nice children, are they twins?" The ugly woman stops yelling and said, "Hell no they are not, one is nine and the other is seven. Why the hell would u think they're twins, Are you blind, or just stupid?" The clerk replied, "I'm neither blind nor stupid ma'am, I just can't believe someone would ‘makeout’ with you twice!”

Solid advice from the Blackberry I watch your wife/hubby or your boyfriend/girl friend who envies our Ɵme together. But dearie... I appeal to you. Your life is wasted because of me. Take some Ɵme, leave me aside and sort out issues that are important to you because I may love you as much as you do love me but I'm just a blackberry, nothing more!

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The Montserrat Reporter- July 20 2012  
The Montserrat Reporter- July 20 2012  

A1 road project encounters more problems and delays New dwelling houses begin in Davy Hill Fuel prices 3 Geothermal Savings......