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Friday, June 22, 2012

Page g 1 Today’s Scripture Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits. - Psalm 103:2 (NRSV)

No Confidence Vol. XXVII No. 14

Week Ending Friday, June 22, 2012

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in Premier Meade says oppostion leader Premier Reuben T. Meade

Leader of the Opposition, Donaldson Romeo

by B. Roach There were little or no expressions of surprise at the announcement by the Honourable Leader of the Opposition Donaldson Romeo of the Legislative Assembly, on Thursday, june 14, 2012 that he would file a motion of No Confidence in the administration of the Honourable Premier Reuben Meade. While filing the mo-

tion, later updated on June 19, the opposition leader who prior had been speaking out against the Premier accusing him of “one mannism” in his decision making on government matters, called for public support in light of the several decisions he said that “may have negative implications for both the political and economic future of Montserrat.”

In a statement to the press, Mr. Romeo said “recent controversial import tariff increases, the MoU signed with the FCO and the Premier’s May 30 declaration in Ecuador that Montserrat is no longer a colonised country all reflect a pattern of government decisions made behind closed doors, without adequate consultation with the people who have to live

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with the results of such decisions.” The opposition leader said Premier Meade’s actions are counter to his party’s 2009 election manifesto which “promised to move beyond “one-manism,” and said that it would facilitate “community level consultations as the preferred means of involving the citizens in decision-making and governance on all matters affecting their lives.” Mr. Romeo also challenged the June 1 introduction of a new Customs Tariff which he says is “riddled with problems that need to be fixed, such as the rises in tax on medicines like Insulin for diabetics and antibiotics for people with bacterial infections.” The revised tariff abolished the service tax, leaving

only duty and a consumption tax on over 6000 items. The most commonly used items by the lower income groups were to attract a lower banding while luxury items such as some electronic goods attracted a higher banding, according to a release from the Ministry of Finance. However, the Honourable Opposition Leader said “chicken, school exercise books and cement are necessities, not luxuries.” Premier Meade said last week on The People’s Show on ZJB radio prior to the announcement, that the new tariff was a work in progress and people with their concerns should forward them to the government. Since the motion was filed no one has heard any further utterances from Premier Meade. Romeo pointed out that

“this attempt to fix the problem after the fact simply tells us that Mr. Meade failed to adequately consult with stakeholders before releasing the 90-page tariff. And while we are already feeling the pinch of the new tariffs, taking Montserrat off the list of overseas territories that the UK has to report to the UN year by year on progress may make it even harder for us to get the long promised aid support we need to recover from the volcano disaster. This is because HMG itself acknowledges that it is due to its UN Charter obligations to report year by year that British Overseas Territories have “a first call” on Britain’s aid money. The Opposition Leader, who is an elected member of the local legislature, pointed

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mamie Ponde tur ns 104 GIU – Family and friends gathered today to celebrate the 104th birthday of Mrs. Anne Josephine Ponde known to many as Mamie Ponde, Aunt Baby or Miss Baby formerly of Harris Village. The Honourable Minister of Health & Social Services Colin Riley visited Mrs. Ponde on Wednesday morning to congratulate her and wish her well. He also presented her with a fruit basket courtesy of the Department of Community Services. Greetings poured in on the Spirit of Montserrat Facebook page with many

remembering her famous plate tart and goat water which she made for the annual Easter Monday Garden Party for the St. George’s Anglican Church where she was an active member. She had ten children of which seven are surviving - two residing in the USA and five in the UK. She was a seamstress and lived most of her life on Montserrat. Although Mrs. Ponde relocated to the UK in 2000, she did not like it and returned to Montserrat in 2002.

Montserrat childhood programme: most vibrant programme among the region

Honourable Minister of Health & Social Services Colin Riley and Mrs. Anne Josephine Ponde, Meridth Blake of Community Services.

The new Eastern Caribbean representative for UNICEF Miss Khin-Sandi Lwin paid a courtesy visit to Montserrat on June 13 and 14, 2012. Miss Lwin was accompanied on her familiarization trip by Patrick Knight, Communication Specialist for UNICEF. While on island

from June 13 and 14, Miss Lwin met with Honourable Deputy Premier Charles Kirnon, visited all of the nursery schools, she also met with students at the Montserrat Secondary School and media personnel. The UNICEF official attended the Early Childhood Awards on Wednesday evening, June 13, 2012 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Lwin said she was honoured to have been included in some of the activities. Miss Lwin commended Montserrat on their Early Childhood Programme. She said Montserrat has one of the most “vibrant” programme she’d seem in the region. Lwin also said that the staff at the nursery schools and daycare centres were self motivated and also had

strong leadership, which enabled them to work together. “This gives children a great start in life,” she said. At a press conference held at the Premier’s conference room on Thursday, June 14, 2012, Lwin expressed how pleased she was to note that government was already taking a look at legislation for the protection of children

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IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE OF MONTSERRAT PROBATE DIVISION In the Estate of FRANCIS ELIZABETH FOX, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be filed at the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice of Montserrat for a grant of letters of administration of the Estate of FRANCIS ELIZABETH FOX, deceased, late of St John’s, Montserrat, who died on the 7th day of November 1990, to be issued to JOCELYN WEEKES of Narford Road, Clapton, London E5, England, the granddaughter of the said deceased. ANY person claiming to be beneficially interested in the Estate is requested to send written particulars to Kelsick & Kelsick, attorneys-at-law, P.O. Box 185, Bladen House, Brades, Montserrat, within 14 days from the date of the publication this Notice. ANY person objecting to the issuance of the grant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice not later than 14 days from the date of the publication of this Notice. Dated this 19th day of June 2012 Kelsick & Kelsick Attorneys-at-Law

Friday, June 22, 2012

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Tariff increase: cost of living increase, taxes go up, more revenue for the Government REGISTERED LAND ACT (Section 135) Claims to ownership of lands have been received from the following persons in the Schedule below:Any objection to these claims must be lodged in writing to the Land Registry, Brades, Montserrat within six (6) weeks of the first publication of this notice. Plans relating to the claims listed below may be inspected at the Land Registry Department during normal working hours.www SCHEDULE Thomas Molyneaux Claim #1165

Block 14/04 Parcel 239. Land in Davy Hill. Bounded as follows:- On the North-East by Par cel 14/04/022 (Mary Walwyn et al); On the North-West by Parcel 14/04/238 (Unclaimed/ Crown); On the South-West by Parcel 14/04/082 (Joel Osborne et al); On the South and SouthEast by Parcel 14/04/045 (Matilda Elizabeth Beatrice Wade); and on the South-East by Parcel 14/04/026 (Louisa James-Connell)

Henrietta Lindsey Claim #1166

Block 15/06 Parcel 011. Land in Drummonds Bounded as follows:- On the North, East and West by Parcel 15/06/012 (Sarah Ryan); On the South by Parcel 15/06/008 (George Wellington Farrell) and On the South-West by the NorthEast corner of Parcel 15/06/009 (Mary Farrell)

Madge Buntin & Linet Buntin-French Claim #1167

Block 13/06 Parcel 128. Land in Banks. Bounded as follows:- On the South-West by the Public Road; On the West by Parcel 13/06/068 (Beresford Chalmers); On the North-West by Parcel 13/06/074 (Ellen Wade et al); On the North-East by Parcel 13/06/005 (Ruveona Lindsey); On the East by Parcels 13/06/146 (Ganeshwar Beni), 13/06/147(Dagriee Wilson) and 13/06/092 (Julian Romeo); On the SouthEast by Parcel 13/06/069 (Beresford Chalmers) and On the South by Parcels 13/06/112 (John Victor Locker) And 13/06/071 (Lazelle Howes et al)

Thomas Baker Claim #1168

Block 14/15 Parcel 169. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by an access road; On the North-West by Parcel 14/15/127 (Rachael Ann Ryan); On the North-East by Parcels 14/15/145 (Candia Blake) and 14/15/172 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the East by Parcel 14/15/085 (Joseph S. Silcott et al) and On the South by an access road

Thomas Baker Claim #1169

Block 14/15 Parcel 170. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by Parcel 14/15/173 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the North by Parcel 14/15/127 (Rachael Ann Ryan); On the East by an access road and On the South by an access road

Thomas Baker Claim #1170

Block 14/15 Parcel 171. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by Parcel 14/15/173 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the North by an access road; On the East by an access road and Parcel 14/15/049 (Patricia Sharmaine Fenton; and On the South by Parcel 14/15/087 (John H. Duberry et al)

Dated this 22nd day of May, 2012. J. Christopher Gerrald Assistant Registrar of Lands

.The Premier has been insisting in his several utterances, seemingly accepting that his government ‘messed up’ on the tariff shake-up debacle. That is so, since he returned from misrepresenting the people of Montserrat as he recommended the delisting of Montserrat from the United Nations Decolonisation list. There hasn’t been heard anyone who is in agreement with his oration, as everyone dismiss his oration to be false or at best deceptive. That the opposition hastened to file for debate a motion of no confidence at the next sitting of the Legislative Assembly, without testing whether there might be a resounding “I agree,” or not is somewhat indicative of the

mood of the people. The people are asking what do you think about it and what do you will happen. No one is saying, that it is a waste of time or that or even why bother. Legislators are quiet and seem to be carefully reserving their thoughts for the debate. But, there is some nervousness around, since there are other issues that may well be raised during the debate that may cause even some on the government side to find favour. On the tariff debacle! Premier Meade need to brief his uninformed ministers about what he says publicly about the tariff increases. When they argue that it is important to raise revenue in order to buy medicine at the hospital while he says it was never

the intention, suggests blind obedience. Suggests that although he must have received their blessings when they passed the tariff into law, it is clear they were either improperly briefed at cabinet level or they were deceived. Who were the public servants who caused a reduction of 15% and much more on such items as lipstick, alcohol, amplifiers and similar items, while the rate goes up on some such, as fish items and basic items, especially not available on the island? Of course, it wasn’t the technicians who decided that the duty and consumption tax must now be put on computers and replace them on items made duty free under Statu-

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UK did not need to clear Premier Meade’s statement on decolonisation in Ecuador

His Excellency the Governor of Montserrat Adrian Davis, said Friday that the United Kingdom Government, “would not expect in general that statements made by the Government of Montserrat would be cleared with the UK Government.” The Governor was reacting to Opoosition Leader Romeo’s statement in his filed Motion of No Confidence which said: “…the Premier’s statement that he was “also certain that the UK supports our stance” indicates that while he had no discussions with this honourable House, he evidently did seek and obtain the views of HMG,

which led him to conclude that he had the support of the UK.” The Governor had told Romeo prior to the statement , “… make it completely clear that the Premier did not consult with the UK Government before making his statement in Quito…” At his monthly press conference on June 13 responding to questions surrounding the Premier’s statements in Ecuador, said: “the position of the UK on self-determination is that they will “respect the rights of the people in any Overseas Territory as expressed in a referendum.” These exchanges were direct

result of Premier Meade telling the UN Decolonisatioin Committe that the people of Montserrat see themselves as part of the UK family by choice and recommended that the island be removed from their “list of non-self-governing countries, within their Decolonisation discussions…”I am also certain that the UK supports our stance, he had said. Governor Davis said in last Wednesday’s monthly press briefing that the position of the UK on self determination is that they will “respect the rights of the people in any Overseas Territory as expressed in a referendum.”

NOTICE TO PAY OFF TO: Ms Helen Allen St Peter’s Montserrat We, as attorneys at law for Montserrat Building Society Limited and on its instructions, hereby require you to pay to Montserrat Building Society Limited at its offices at Brades, Montserrat, West Indies, the principal money and all interest accrued thereon and all fees, expenses and charges incurred in connection therewith now pending under the Charge dated the 23rd day of December 1992 on the property known as Parcel 14, Block 13/20, St Peter’s Registration Section, and made between Montserrat Building Society Limited on the one part and yourself on the other part. And you are hereby given notice that if such principal money, interest, fees and charges are not paid before the expiration of three months from the date hereof, Montserrat Building Society Limited shall sell the property comprised in the Charge in accordance with the provisions of Section 72 (2) b of The Registered Land Act of the Laws of Montserrat. Dated this 15th day of June, 2012 Jean E H Kelsick KELSICK & KELSICK Attorneys at Law for Montserrat Building Society Limited

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Friday, June 22, 2012


EDITORIAL A Motion of No Confidence on today’s issues reliving old ones It will not be the first time that a Motion of No Confidence will be tabled in the Montserrat parliament, but for firsts and for the history books, it will be the first in the new titled Legislature, now called the Legislative Assembly. Some speakers have never had the privilege of refereeing the type of debate procedures which this instance will afford to the legislators. Sir Howard Fergus has had the privilege on at least two or more occasions, having at one time made history of sorts when he pointed out to the governing side who were so accustomed to saying ‘aye’, that to say aye to the motion was agreeing to the motion to oust them. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all, and maybe the mistake was to have noted. But in those seats fairness and certainty will always be the winner. Next week Premier Meade will face a Motion of No Confidence against his leadership. One that is different in the sense that the Motion is not necessarily designed to change the Government. The opposition will have no regrets or hesitation to make accommodations should enough members or any members of the Government side will concur with their arguments. What is somehow strange about this is the silence from government and people as they anxiously wait. That tells a story. Sometimes, governments can change in other circumstances that deny them the majority of seats in the Legislature; like one or more members abandoning the government side and ‘crossing the floor’. What is very interesting and noteworthy since it does highlight a serious problem surrounding the Premier time and time again as been accused of ‘one mannism’, a phrase that his 2009 Manifesto noted as a bad thing to be avoided should he form the government. That is what he is being acused of in this Motion of No Confidence, but interestingly back in 1994 when he was Chief Minister one of his Ministers in David Brandt left his government, nearly toppling the government, accusing him of ‘one mannism’ and over issues quite similar to those being highlighted in this motion. That time Noel ‘Dada’’ Tuitt, now deceased, rescued his government. By time the next election came around he was left with only himself and his faithful Hon Charles Kirnon. Brandt had accused him among several other things: “You have taken action on very serious matters without consulting with your colleagues-sometimes even failing to inform us of what you had done until we heard about it on the street.” “In your address, you admit that you were not appropriately advised on the full impact of the CET and that you may have been “inadequately briefed.” “You misrepresented the discussions that you were having with CDB and I heard on Radio Montserrat…You subsequently had to cancel the loan.” During the debate, similar accusations will be aired, but the curse of our politics will not permit any outcome other than that of self preservation, and never the people’s interest of the country in general. A former Minister, described as anonymous, has given an explanation that should meet almost all the questions anyone might wish to have answered about No Confidence motions. It is published within the newspaper. Among other lessons that might come out of the debate, ethics and morality will be challenged. The public will likely hear matters raised that they ordinarily would probably not hear during regular parliamentary debates because of the restrictions via ‘standing orders’ and the like. The issues cited in the motion to be debated cannot avoid bring these into the ring. The secrecy over bringing an industry to the island which should be cleared and carefully considered since Montserrat must honour World Health Organisation (WHO) Conventions. It is that organization that warn: “Tobacco has long surpassed AIDS as the world’s leading agent of death.”Why should Montserrat say yes secretly or otherwise to manufacturing such commodity?

The Montserrat Reporter Published by: Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Editor: Bennette Roach Office: Davy Hill, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, Montserrat, W.I. Typeset and Printed by Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Tel. (664) 491-4715 Fax: (664) 491-2430 E-mail: or - Web Site:

Irish in Montserrat Dear Editor, With all due respect, I must take exception to the article by The Man from Baker Hill in the 08 June 2012 edition of the Reporter in which he disparages the use of the shamrock and “the lady with the harp” on our flag; he’s apparently unaware of the importance of the Irish in Montserrat’s history. The symbols in question feature Erin, the female personification of Ire-

land, and the golden harp, another symbol of Ireland. These reflect the island’s Irish heritage. During the mid1600s the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat and at that time seventy percent (70%) of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves. Slaves, not “indentured servants.” This was news to me when I first learned of it, so I

did some extensive research and decided that their story should be told, eventually writing (fiction based on fact) about it. I have no serious preference one way or the other about The Man from Baker Hill’s suggestions regarding the flag, but thought I should call his attention to the historical significance behind what he wishes to replace. Sally Simpson

UNICEF visit cont’d. from page 2 and childhood services. It was also gratifying she added that the Ministry of Education was also reaching out to engage stakeholders on meeting the needs of babies from zero to one year, which is that

critical time when the brain is just developing. The UNICEF representative said Montserrat has to deal with the same phenomenon of children of migration as other Caribbean territories and the need for qualified teachers.

In addressing the one possible solution she said, “We need to have stronger social statistics to capture this information so it can be used to design a short to medium term strategic plan on these issues.”

Properties in Plymouth stripped of windows, wire and copper Governor warns of illegal and unauthorised entry to Plymouth by TMR staff On June 19, 2012 GIU issued a release from the Governor’s Office which warned, “If anyone is found in Zone V, apart from those sand miners who have been given permission to do so, they are liable to arrest and will appear before the Magistrate.” This warning comes on the heels of complaints by sand mining officials that there are other persons conducting activities other sand mining or just visiting. “We do not notice that they are operating under the same strict guidelines as we are,” this unanimous informant points out.

The Governor’s statement confirms the presence of unauthorized persons, but it is believed that besides the unauthorized presence of these persons the activities suggest that organized and perhaps illegal activities continue to take place in Plymouth. In the December 30, 2011 issue of TMR in an article captioned “wire scrap metal export is big business” (see “http:// we reported that persons were collecting and

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Our Scripture Verse Today Which Are You? Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits. - Psalm 103:2 (NRSV) We can easily praise God when we feel blessed or in good condition. However, can we still praise God if we face strife? Can we keep our faith if we do not sense God’s help? These questions reminded me of an illustration. If carrots, eggs, and coffee beans are boiled, the effect on each item will be different. The carrots will soften, the eggs will harden, and the coffee beans will change the color of the water and spread a delicious aroma. The boiling water symbolizes problems or pressures in our life. The carrots, eggs, and coffee beans symbolize different human reactions to

problems or pressures. The soft carrots represent people who grumble, complain, and pity themselves when faced with problems. The hardened eggs represent those who become stubborn, rebellious, and angry at God during tribulations. But the coffee beans represent people who obey and trust God, changing the atmosphere around them while spreading the fragrance of Christ. God offers to each of us faith greater than any problem we face. The magnitude of the problem is not as important as our reaction to the problem. Our faith determines how we will respond as we meet the challenges of daily life — as a carrot, a hard-boiled egg, or a coffee bean.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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G ove r n o r ’s Po l i c e r ev i e w c o m p l e t e d A review commissioned by His Excellency Governor Adrian Davis of the Royal Montserrat Police service has been completed, and details released. The Governor proudly reported this at his recent press conference on June 13. The review on the Royal Montserrat Police service (RMPS) took place on island between April 30, 2012 and May 11, 2012. This review was led by Larry Covington, Law Enforcement Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Overseas Territories Directorate; Deputy Commissioner of Police Anthony Ennis of the Royal Cayman Police Service; and Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Alwin James of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force. According to Governor Davis, the sole purpose of the review was to review the RMPS strategic, tactical

and operational competency, and service delivery and make recommendations that will support the RMPS in effectively delivering its purpose and mission in the future, with emphasis on the following areas: organizational structure; command structure and resilience; policing strategies and policies; community engagement; crime investigation and intelligence; professional standards and integrity; resources including budget; and training needs. In answering the review terms of reference, the ‘Review Team’ met with a number of external Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) stakeholders, all the RMPS Senior Management Team (SMT) every unit of the RMPS and reality checks was also conducted through unannounced meetings and visits to police premises and units.

The completed review of the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) by the review team, found that the RMPS Strategic Plan which sets out the direction and objectives for the RMPS over the next three years needs to be updated and there needs to be an Annual Policing Plan to drive the delivery of the Strategic Plan. The review also noted “There was an absence of a recognized performance management culture within the service.” They also noted the need for “wide ranging legislative reform” to support and assist the RMPS delivery of effective police services. Although the review team was impressed with the dedication and commitment to duty of a large number of the officers and staff of the RMPS, there is still room for improvement. The report indicated that a number of external stake-

Marijuana plants uprooted, two charges of wounding - June Inspector Courtney Rodney of The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) on Monday, June 11, 2012 reports that on Wednesday, June 6, the Police Service after receiving carried out a successful mountain patrol in the Trants area, where they located and uprooted 307 plants of cannabis sativa ranging up to a height of five feet. The Police reported that no arrest had yet been made as has been the case in several previous found and destroyed marijuana plants. Charges of wounding Inspector Rodney also con-

firmed that a 16-year-oldmale was stabbed in the St.Johns district on Saturday, June 9, 2012 about 10:30 p.m. Following invesƟgaƟon into the maƩer, three arrests were made. Sean Knight, Travis Brown and a 14-year-old male on Monday, June 11 appeared before the Magistrate on joint charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Bail was granted in the sum of $6,000.00 in respect of Knight and Brown; and $5,000.00 in respect of the youth. The three are scheduled to appear again in court on June

26, 2012. The victim meanwhile is said to be in a stable condition. Crime Statistics for May Meanwhile, at his press conference on June 13, Governor Davis reported that the police statistics on ‘All Serious Crimes’ showed a comparative increase by five in reported crime in May ’11 and this year, and an increase by six over April this year. The increases were burglaries and related, and one instead of two in respect of dangerous drugs. Missing from the report is a year to date comparison.

SUMMONS IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS DIVISION OF ST. CROIX CLAUDIA MIGUELINA LEONARDO Case No.: SX-12-DI-0000015 CEPEDA GARCIA, Petitioner, vs. ACTION FOR DIVORCE FRANKLYN ARISTIDES GARCIA, Respondent. To: FRANKLYN ARISTIDES GARCIA - Defendant MONSTERRAT, WEST INDIES Within the time limited by law (see note below) you are hereby required to appear before this Court and answer to a complaint filed against you in this action and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment by default will be taken against you as demanded in the complaint, for Witness my hand and seal of this Court this 1st day of February, 2012. Zenetia H. Velazquez, Esq. Clerk of the Court Law Offices of Eszart A. Wynter, Sr. P.C. #27 Estate Whim, P.O. Box 1847 Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 00841-1847

holders and junior RMPS officers commented that the RMPS lacked dynamic leadership and a cohesive Senior Management Team (SMT).” The review team recommended that the lack of cohesion in the SMT needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency to ensure the effective delivery of the strategic policing plan, vision and mission statements. After taking into consideration the police workforce numbers, the incidents and demand for police services, reported crimes, levels of serious and organized crime levels, the team concluded that the present strength of the RMPS, “is adequate to meet the current policing demand of Montserrat and that much more can be achieved through intelligence-led deployment strategies.” An immediate assessment of the impact on policing with the planned construction and development of Carr’s Bay and Little Bay and a business case if additional resources are identified and required is called for by the review team. According to the review, Salem Police Station should be reopened fully and manned appropriately. They added that the deploying of close circuit television (CCTV) could support the RMPS’s efforts to monitor entry and exit into the exclusion zones and electronic gate access should be explored. As indicated by the Review, to ensure that the RMPS is ‘Fit for Purpose’ so as to deliver effective policing services, the RMPS is in urgent need of ‘Workforce

Governor Adrian Davis Modernization.’ “The range of modernization is wide ranging, particularly with regard to the most valuable and expensive element, the officers and staff of the RMPS.” Areas that need urgent address are: Review of salary and conditions of service which properly reflects the 365 day / 24 hour per day RMPS service delivery requirement compared with other departments of the GoM who work business hours Monday – Friday with no weekend or public holiday workday obligations; A modern ‘fit for purpose’ uniform; Provision of recognized policing equipment for each officer; A ‘Human Resources’ strategy which addresses recruitment, promotion, retention, and competency training supported by Annual Performance and Development Review for all officers;

Store keeper duties transferred from a police officer to a member of police support staff; A recognized police ‘Professional Standards and Integrity’ regime; The transfer of the following non-core policing functions to other more appropriate departments: Chief Immigration Officer and Immigration functions and duties – consider in discussions with the Director and Deputy Directors of Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service the potential for the implementation of an ‘Integrated Border Security’ system; Court Prosecutor duties to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions; Traffic Commissioner and related duties of driving licenses and tests to the most appropriate GoM department or newly created unit of government.

OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of SUSANNAH BRADE, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration with Will annexed to the estate of SUSANNAH BRADE late of Flemmings Montserrat who died on the 15th day of April 1980 at Flemmings be granted to KHARL MARKHAM of Allen Markham & Associates Banks Montserrat, the Lawful Attorney of LYNROY BRADE the grandchild, Executor and Personal Representative of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. DATED this 6th day of June 2012 Kharl Markham Allen Markham & Associates

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Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Queens’s Birthday

welcomed sight. As customary, several persons from the RMPS and the RMDF received medals. Those who received service medals during the ceremony were, Acting Sergeant Eunice Ponde, who enlisted in 1986, and Police Constable Earl Daway who enlisted in 1982. Both received long service

Against the backdrop of the partial view of picturesque Soufriere Hill’s volcano It almost reminded of Queen’s birthday parades at Sturge park pre-volcanic crisis. Hundreds came out on last Saturday, June 16 for the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade at the Salem Park, in a setting thought to be much more conducive for the occasion. This year’s event was anticipated as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 60th year on the throne. The parade began at 8.30 a.m. with the arrival of dignitaries including His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis and Honourable Premier Reuben T. Meade. The uniformed bodies on parade were: Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF), Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) Cadet Corp, Montserrat Fire and Rescue Services (MFRS), Montserrat Prison Service, Montserrat Red Cross, Boy Scout, Girl Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Boys Brigade with music provided By the Antigua and Barbuda Police Service Band. They paraded, and the Defence Force, the police service and the school cadet corps marched in slow and quick time to the strains of the Antigua & Barbuda Police Service Band returning after a three-year absence proving to be a and good conduct medals Corporal Deverson Semper for 25 years of service to joined who have been memthe Royal Montserrat Police bers of the RMDF since 2001 Service. both received Efficiency Corporal Terrence Lee Medals for completing 12 of the Royal Montserrat years of service. Defence Force received the The various bodies and First Clasp to his Efficiency others were treated to reMedal for completing 18 freshments. Later the crowd, years of service. Corporal most of whom stayed were cont’d. on page 7 Oswald West and Lance


Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and Associate Members of the Caribbean Community to fill the following positions with assigned duty station in Guyana. OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of SAMUEL CHARLES CHRISTOPHER FENTON, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration to the estate of SAMUEL CHARLES CHRISTOPHER FENTON late of St. Johns Montserrat and Leytonstone England who died on the 2nd of January 2012 be granted to KHARL MARKHAM of Allen Markham & Associates Banks Montserrat, the Lawful Attorney of MARY ANN ELIZABETH KIRNON the daughter and Personal Representative of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. DATED this 20th day of June 2012 Kharl Markham Allen Markham & Associates

(i) Project Coordinator, CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and Economic Integration Programme (EIP) (ii) Senior Project Officer, Human Resource Management Full details of these positions may be obtained by accessing the following web;;; www. and Applications in English Language with full curriculum details, including nationality, work experience, educational qualifications and/or expertise, language proficiency, coordinates (including email addresses) of three referees (at least two of whom must be familiar with the applicant’s work), and other relevant information, should be addressed to the Executive Director, Human Resource Management, Caribbean Community Secretariat, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana and sent by email to The deadline for the submission of applications is 29 June 2012.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Page g 7

Parade at Salem Park Former Minister explains – No Confidence Motion

cont’d.from page 6 The usual Queen birthtreated to a musical enter- day cocktail party on Thurstainment by the Antigua day evening, June 21was police band. hosted by H.E. and his wife

Sujue Davis at Government House residence in Woodlands, to where reportedly 500 guests were invited.

Photos of scenes of the Queen’s Birthday Parade

Radio Montserrat today reported that an anonymous former Minister of Government sought to explain the possible motives and outcomes of a Motion of No Confidence when tabled in Parliament. TMR believes that the explanation should answer some of the many questions and clear up the various thoughts and opinions that have been aired over the past few days. The announcer related as follows: “The former Minister who wishes to remain anonymous says from his knowledge, a No Confidence motion when it is tabled, is intended to give the Legislative Assembly, in the case of Montserrat, the cont’d.on page 11

Illegal and unauthorised entry and operations in Plymouth (cont’d from page 4)

exporting wire and scrap metal from zone V (Plymouth). Later reports confirmed that a business had been registered to conduct such a business and in fact been operating out of Plymouth. Further reports note that buildings and homes in Plymouth are being routinely scavenged of windows and doors. “They are tearing out windows, electric wiring and copper tubing from these buildings all over the area,” said one sand miner. The Governor in the statement said: “Sand is being exported from the Plymouth

jetty. However, the essential workers who are involved in this operation are working to strict guidelines and have signed indemnity waivers…These areas are in Zone V where there is absolutely no access to the general public, nor to commercial operaƟons who have not received prior permission from the DMCA or the MVO.”

OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of GRETA S. PURGAVIE, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration with Will annexed to the estate of GRETA S. PURGAVIE late of 277 W. 11th Street Ship Bottom County of Ocean State of New Jersey United States of America who died on the 14th of January 2009 at Ocean County Hospital Stafford Ocean New Jersey United States of America be granted to KHARL MARKHAM of Allen Markham & Associates Banks Montserrat, the Lawful Attorney of CHARLES S. PURGAVIE Jr. the son, Executor and Personal Representative of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. DATED this 29th day of May 2012 Kharl Markham Allen Markham & Associates

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids time - In your own korner Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. As we prepare for end of your school year. I wish you the best luck. “I continue to believe that if you are given the necessary tools to succeed, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams!” But for that to happen you have to apply the tools. One morning while Freddy hurried down the empty school hallway toward his class, he saw some money on the floor. Picking it up, he discovered it was a $20 bill. He had never held $20 in his hand before. “Wow, I could get a lot of candy and ice cream with this money,” he thought. I’ll have a feast for days to come! Freddy put the money in his pocket and marched to class feeling excited and rich. But in class Freddy got to thinking about his find. His conscience told him that the money really wasn’t his to keep. Then Freddy’s mind drifted away from everything around him. He remembered a day when his parents had sent him to the store to buy some groceries. On the way to the store he had lost the money and went back home scared and mis-

The tops of trees are swaying, and the air begins to chill. Then drip...drip... splatter, splat, the tears start rolling down. A magnificent streak of light shoots across the sky. The rumbling up above seems to shake the whole earth. Once again the sky is lit. Then boom, bang, as if it hit the ground. It seems as if it will never stop. The rumbling of thunder and bright

Pre-School Corner

Hello to you my preschool friends. This week we will look at COLOURING ALPHBET PICTURES. I hope you have fun. Letter G

Freddy’s Find

A few days later Mr. Genaro called Freddy into his office and told him that the owner of the money had been found. It belonged to a girl who was supposed to buy groceries with it on her way home from school. erable. The money was lost forever. “I’ll give the money to Mr. Genaro, the vice principal,” Freddy decided. “He’s honest and will work hard to find the owner of this money.” As soon as class was over, Freddy ran to the vice principal’s office and explained his mission to Mr. Genaro, who looked at him

In Your Own Korner. Where we will have fun Kids write your stories, tell us about yourselves. Email or post - Write to Aunty Lyka, at P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, or send email to:

Freddy felt very glad that he hadn’t allowed his selfish feelings to get in the way of turning the money over to Mr. Genaro. How much better it felt to have done this rather than to keep the money dishonestly and to spend it on ice cream cones and candy bars. Sometime afterward Freddy learned about Jesus and happily gave his heart to Him. It was then that Freddy realized who had shown him what to do with the lost money.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring shows of lightning look like a laser show, and the tears are still coming. The softened ground makes you sink when you walk, and your feet begin to disappear. Those last few drops go splat...splat... SEND IN YOUR ANSWER TO WIN A GIFT.

Question: List four uses of the tongue.

Greedy Snake

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in a very serious but kind way. “Thank you, Freddy, for your honesty,” he remarked. “I’ll try to find the owner of this money.”

splat. There is an odd silence as the gray clouds roll away. Then the splashes of the little one’s rubber boots jumping into the big puddles left by the rain are all around. A beautiful arch of colors spreads across the sky, and the chirping of birds can be heard again.

by By Lisa Todd

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summary Report of Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly held on 16th May, 2012 The following papers were laid on the table;Financial Secretary (i) Schedule of Virement # 6-8 of April to March 2011/2012; (ii) S R & O No. 16 of 2012 - Air Navigation (Sightseeing) Regulations 2012; (iii) S R & O No. 17 of 2012 - Public Finance (Management and Accountability) (Procurement) (Amendment) Regulations 2012; (iv) S R & O No. 18 of 2012 - Electrical Installation (Fees) Regulations 2012; (v) S R & O No. 19 of 2012 - Physical Planning (Fees) Regulations 2012 1.

The First Reading of the following Bills took place: (i) ‘Immigration (Amendment) Bill 2012’ First Reading 16th May 2012 This Bill seeks to amend: (1) The principal Act by inserting a new definition. (2) Section 3 of the Act to give the Governor the power to appoint a Chief Immigration Officer. (3) Section 4 of the Act, by replacing 7(d) with 7(1) (d). (4) Section 5 of the Act by amending paragraph (a) and by inserting a new paragraph (aa) which deals with persons who become a public charge after entry into Montserrat. Minor amendments have also been made to Sections 7, 12, 18, 22. The Schedule will be amended by inserting a new sub-regulation which removes the requirement for a citizen of a protocol Member State to produce evidence of a return ticket. (ii) ‘Physical Planning (Amendment) Bill 2012’ First Reading 16th May 2012 The Bill seeks to amend: (1) Clause 1 of the principal Act by setting out the title of the Bill. (2) Clause 3 by replacing the words “Environmental Officer” with the words “Director of Environment. (3) Clause 5 to amend section 34(2) of the Act. (4) Clause 6 to insert a new section in the Principal Act giving the Chief Physical Planner the authority to sell products and services. (5) Clause 7 to give the Governor, acting on the advice of Cabinet, the authority to prescribe fees for the sale of products and services. (iii) ‘Magistrate’s Court (Amendment) Bill 2012’ The Bill seeks to amend: (1) Clause 3 of the principal Act to insert a new definition of “Magistrate” (2) Clause 4 to give the Governor after consultation with the Chief Justice the power to appoint a Chief Magistrate and a number of other Magistrates as may be required for the purposes of the Act. (3) Clause 5 to insert a new section 60A, which empowers the Magistrates to garnish the wages of a person who is obligated, under an order of the Court, to make payments to or on behalf of his or her wife or husband or child. The Second and Third Readings of the following Bills took place: i. ‘Tax Compliance Certificate Bill 2012’ First Reading 27 March 2012 Second Reading 16th May 2012 Third Reading 16th May 2012 th

The Bill was passed with a few amendments as follows: Clause 1: Insert “order of” after the words “fixed by” Clause 5: Sub clause 1(a): Insert the word “and” after the words “second schedule” Delete the word “or” after the word “Act” in paragraph b. Delete paragraph c in its entirety Sub clause (2): Replace the words “shall be” with the word “is” ii.

‘Probation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill 2012’ First Reading 27th March 2012 Second Reading 16th May 2012 Third Reading 16th May 2012

Judith C Baker Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

Public Library BBC Complex Brades Montserrat

out that in Premier Meade’s May 30th Ecuador statement to the UN Committee on Decolonisation, he said that “he is “certain that the UK supports our stance.” But, at no time has he consulted with the elected representatives of the Montserrat people, nor has he done so with the Montserrat public; just as already happened with the import tariffs. That is why the Ecuador statement and the new tariffs have provoked such a strong feeling that the MCAP habit of government behind closed doors has now gone too far.” Mr. Romeo is also asking “the public to support the Opposition when it raises these and related concerns through a motion of no confidence” in the next sitting of the Legislative Assem-

bly scheduled for June 26, 2012. Romeo’s Motion asks for it to be Resolved: “That this honourable House finds that the Hon Premier has acted in disregard of principles of democratic accountability and of the principle that the executive must answer to the legislature in a parliamentary democracy. That, this honourable House further finds that such violations of principles of good government are willful, are repeated,

and are harmful to the people of Montserrat and our hopes for recovery and sustainable redevelopment after the devastating impact of the Volcano crisis. Also, since the behavior is repeated, the Cabinet as a whole is knowledgeable of it. As a result, this honourable House hereby CENSURES the Premier for said action, and thereby expresses a LOSS OF CONFIDENCE in his Premiership. Thus, it has NO CONFIDENCE in the Hon Premier.







The Honourable Justice Albert Redhead The 19th day of April 2012 The 19th day of April 2012

APPEARANCES: Mr. Hogarth E. Sergeant for the Claimant ORDER: 1. Granted in terms of the Draft Order. 2. That the notice of the Application be placed in two consecutive issues of the local newspaper of the Defendant to show cause within 30 days why the property registered in the joint names of Agnes Ryan and Lloyd Ryan should not be severed. EASTERN CARIBBEAN SUPREME COURT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT CLAIM NO MNIHCV 2011/0003 Between AND




Bills that had their first readings can be read in their entirety at any of the following places: Legal Department Valley View Brades Montserrat

cont’d. from page 1

Fixed Date Claim Form

The Bill was passed with no amendment.

Legislature Department #1 Farara Plaza Brades Montserrat

Vote of No Confidence


First Reading 16th May 2012


Page g 9

Government of Montserrat Website

An Application is made to this Honourable Court for an order the Land Registration Act pursuant to section 140 that the property registered as Block 14/12 Parcel 11 registered in the names of Agnes Ryan and Lloyd Ryan was a mistake. Further that the defendant be served with a notice at his last known address or by another means the court deems fit of the intention of the applicant to apply to sever the joint proprietorship I certify that the facts set out in my statement of claim are true and correct. Sgd. Agnes Ryan Dated this 31st day of October, 2011 This claim was issued by Hogarth Sergeant, Legal Practitioner for the Claimant The Court Office is at Brades, Montserrat. Office Hours from 8:00am to 3:30pm. Tel. 491-2129

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Page g 11

C o s t of l i v i n g i n c r e a a s e (cont’d from page 3)

tory Rules and Orders! It is well enunciated that the top finance officials deliberately did nothing to make items they had previously decreed as non-dutiable along with no consumption tax, to be now dutiable and taxable, placing the zero consumption tax as necessary with the 5% normally paid adding in many cases a 10% . That is so for computers for example on which the tariff is now 15%. What is worse is the ridiculous explanation actually given that every household should by now have purchased a computer. Can this be for real, and with what state of mind was such a statement conceived? These phrases from the government press release approved by cabinet leave much to be desired, taking into consideration the things now being said. “… and the number of tax rates will be reduced in many instances… Careful consideration has been

given by the relevant Departments to the various policy objectives.” What was the intention when the statement did not add that some rates will go up? And what should consumers and especially parents expect the word ‘careful’ to mean? Why were the private sector and other agencies representing the consumers not consulted for their input if the real intent was to be revenue neutral? The contentiousness could have been avoided, just like, that over the delisting and the MOU to a lesser extent. Let’s include the new policy or decision to ask all persons and businesses expecting payment from Government to have bank accounts, so government will send their payments to their accounts. The reasons given for the latter is embarrassing and is insulting to the private sector when a public service declares it has no interest in working for the support of the

private sector. That was way out of line, but cabinet is well aware of that. There are far too many considerations involved in both of these issues. Purity in plans and desires can only achieve goodness. There are those of us who understand the MOU and why it was created, notwithstanding that the Premier says it was produced by the Montserrat public service. We are not blind or deaf to the ‘tax discussion’ that took place since September or before last year. The government release was deceptive and leaves much suspicion especially after the Premier tries to explain some of the actions or desires! “…reducing three rates that are currently in existence will be reduced to two effectively abolishing service tax, will reduce the burden - instead of having three rates there are now two and this will simplify…” It didn’t matter how many rates there would be, if the service tax figure of 5% was going to be consumed under consumption tax. The messenger said: “The service tax charge on imports will be abolished - this is part of measures to simplify the import

Members of ruling MCAP Government tax rates.” Director General of the Montserrat Custom and Revenue Service Frank Ferguson explained “… we forecast that the end result of all this will actually be ‘revenue neutral’,” he sought to explain. That, we accept may have been the idea, but cabinet and managers failed the people when they did not have the rates tested after they were rehashed three times with their directives before they were finally satisfied. “In the main, items used by the less well off in society will attract a lower banding whilst luxury items such as some electronic goods will attract a higher banding.” Tyres: Considerable decrease! Ice cream freezers and ice cream powders – increase 12%, there is only one business now, maybe two – is that luxury, while the tariff on ice cream (imported) has gone down. The list can go on and on making it very difficult or even impossible to follow the message, there was no intention to increase… Sure, luxury can be relative, hmm. Why touch that? Is the foregoing correct? Show it to us – if it is wrong you should know, check it and tell us. Please do not complicate any further and don’t treat us all with mere words. If the Premier is serious about the willingness of government to relook the situation as it was not his government’s intention to raise new or increased revenue, he should apologise for the sloppy work of those responsible and for his governments lack of oversight. The reference of announcers opining that as they see it, “Montserrat shall be a drunk nation’ - medicine gone up and rum and vodka gone down”, For more information and full forecast see the AccuWeather chart at may symbolize much more than may be taken by the seeming jest of the words.’ Governor Davis has attempted to distance the UK government from the Premier’s statement in Quito, Ecuador about his assurance that the UK would stand by him on his recommendation, really only serves to further condemn the Premier, since the statement left little room for doubt, as if it was actually dictated to him. How many times has the Premier made similar statements, including those of ridicule?

Your Weather Forecast for Montserrat June 24 – June 30, 2012

Weekly Horoscope: June 22 - June 28, 2012 by Shelley van Strunckel

a No Confidence Motion (cont’d from page 7)

opportunity to vote for or against such a motion. He says the opportunity afforded members to indicate whether or not they support particular policies that are being challenged in the motion, or simply in the event the majority in the house is persuaded that the situation is bad enough that it needs the rightful action of voting against the Government. The former Government Minister says, if the house majority w were to vote against the Government the result of that would have to be some changes in the leadership. He says these could be a change in leadership or the solution of having fresh elections. The former Government Minister says the success of a

motion in terms of indicating the public will depend on how the case is presented by the person who moves that motion. He says that with the presentation there is an opportunity to highlight and explain to the public the realities, risks and dangers of the kind of conduct and policies, and kind of actions, which have been challenged in the motion. Whether the motion is defeated or not, provided the case is well presented, it will serve a very positive educational purpose. He concludes that the public goes along daily, seemingly oblivious to the myriad of challenges facing them and the record of no confidence motion will identify somebody having tried to point it out.

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The Montserrat Reporter June 22 2012  
The Montserrat Reporter June 22 2012  

No Confi dence in Premier Meade says oppostion leader... Mamie Ponde turns 2 Tariff 3 Irish in 4 Quee...