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Friday, June 08, 2012

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The God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” . . . has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. - 2 Corinthians 4:6 (NRSV)

Government increases tax burdens Vol. XXVII No. 12

Week Ending Friday, June 08, 2012

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Removes service tax adds it to consumption tax and burdens the poor Premier Reuben T. Meade

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To w a r d s the end of last week, Montserrat buzzed with disgust and annoyance at the news that a new tariff, according to a Government press release, dated May 21 2012. The release declared: “Measures to simplify and rationalise Import Tax rates will be introduced from 1st June 2012 The government move effectively introduced new taxes on average between 10 and 12.5% and the cost of living skyrocketed. One analyst said: “The new tariff structure has, in some instances, increased the combined duty and consumption tax by as much as 40%, but more generally by between 0.4% to 15%. But that’s not all; by the time the importer’s/trader’s markup is added on to an increase of 10%, the price of the goods/item to the

consumer could be raised by as much as 12.5%.” He explained, “If one such imported item cost $1.00 and the new tariff caused the combined duty and consumption tax to increase from 10% to 20%; so that the price of the item is increased from $1.10 to $1.20. Then the increase in cost to the importer is 10 cents. Moreover, if the importer’s markup is a modest 25%, the additional cost to the consumer will be 12.5 cents; that is 10 cents plus 25% of 10 cents.” In his Budget address last year, March 24, Premier, still Chief Minister had announced, “…with effect from 1 July 2011, the 5% Service Tax and the Consumption Tax with its multiple rates will be replaced by a General Consumption tax of 15% on all goods. This will be structured so that it can be applied to internal and external services.” He had done so under the heading: Modernization and Simplification of the Tax Regime, where he said, “Government is committed to making it simpler and easier to do business in Montserrat.

Now that we have successfully implemented ASYCUDA World, we will turn our attention to the simplification of the tax rates. We intend to de-mystify the clearance of goods at our Ports of Entry and to ensure that the systems and rates are easier for all to understand; …and to reduce the number of rates used in clearing goods through the Customs.” Customs and revenue officials explained, as Peter Henderson who then reported to TMR that the idea being worked on at the time was, “to simplify the revenue collection increasing it at the same time while decreasing the tax burden on the community…” ASYCUDA World had been introduced and in few months revenue officials claimed that although imports had been down the revenue had increased significantly, as a result. Since the tariff was now introduced, many including several legislators have expressed surprise, sometimes dismay at the extent to which the tariff

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Friday, June 08, 2012

T he Brown Gir l in the r i n g . . . Tr a , L a , L a , L a ! by Man from Baker Hill Common sense explains that the collective cultural mindset of Montserratians has been conditioned by all the events of our past history. We are the way we think. We inherited it. We have become! And maybe our vision of ourselves is somewhat distorted. It seems to me that we are unable to see clearly how to design a pathway suitable to our needs. Similarly everyone else, especially our regional neighbours and benefactors, will have a distorted view of Montserratians and will find it very difficult to help us. But, can we blame them for the way they look at us or the way they treat us? These last few years I always have a notion that people are laughing at Montserratians. And I am constantly trying to unravel that puzzle. So I ask myself, who is that Lady? Yea, the Lady with the harp that looks very unlike us. Shouldn’t our Lady be a Brown Girl in the ring? Certainly, our lady must look like brown sugar and plum, plum… plum and spice. After all that’s how our ancestors taught us to sing about our dream lady; ‘and she looks like sugar and plum, plum; and she is plumb. After so many years of pondering and won-

dering, I have a plan that might help to stop people from laughing at Montserratians. We must start by learning ‘to do right’ to ourselves. It is time for Montserrat to re-plumb. For example, what on earth does the lady with the harp mean to Montserratians? Trala-la…la! It is our coat of arms; so it is supposed to signify how we carry ourselves, how we see our ancestry. But I say, let us re-plumb. Change our Coat of Arms now! That unreal coat of arms is the cause of the inexplicable misery we experience, especially the volcano. And as the ancestral spirits tell me, it is one of the reasons why people laugh at us. Who selected our coat of arms? And why choose a harp? I wonder if any Montserratian can play the harp. I wonder how many Montserrations can identify with their coat of arms even though it has been in use over 100 years. In fact, research explains that it was chosen in the year 1909. Good grief, let us change it now, this year. It is time to re-plumb. In addition, the shamrock thing! What has a shamrock to do with us, Montserrat? What is this sham rock? Is it something carved from a rock? Is it a picture of an insect? Is it

a figment of the imagination like the UNICORN in the British coat of arms? Are Montserratians just a bunch of damn shams living on a rock? Montserratians, please get real! We have no sense of national purpose. But what can be expected from a people who carry a ‘sham rock’ in his heart and a ‘lady with a harp’ on his heart. What on earth those two symbols mean to our children? We will never be able to explain ‘the sham rock and the lady with the harp’ to our children that love to dance. Yes, dance! Dancing seems to be huge in the culture of Caribbean people. And Montserratians were told to dance with the brown girl in the ring who looks like sugar and plum…plumb; and who is plumb. We must re-plumb. Too many things have happened to us. So many stupid things are happening with Montserratians. Our neighbours are grinning at us from ear to ear. And some of us have begun to feel their peering eyes and wonder why they poke fun at us. Some of us even wonder if the money taken from the Barclays bank vault is part of the reason for the distorted view our regional neighbours have of Montserratians. But no, it can’t be the ‘volcano money’ taken



THE DE LA RUE GROUP PLC Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to pursue a Masters degree in Economics through

The Thomas De La Rue Currency Scholarship Award TERMS OF AWARD Number of Awards:

One (1) scholarship every two (2) years.

Value of Scholarship:

£9,300 per annum. Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines) nationals accepted to pursue fulltime studies leading to the M.Sc. Economics Degree in the Department of Economics at any U.W.I Campus.


Applicants should have, as a minimum, an Upper Second Class Honours Degree, preferably in Economics.


Although all areas of Economics would be considered, preference will be given to candidates who chose a programme of study that emphasises macroeconomic policy.


Candidates must be committed to working in the Caribbean after completion of postgraduate studies.


Method of Selection:

The award will be made on the recommendation of a selection panel compromising representatives of the U.W.I, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank on behalf of the De La Rue Group Plc. and the Economic Society, St Kitts and Nevis. Applicants will be required to attend an interview.

Conditions of Renewal:

Satisfactory academic performance and general conduct as certified by the U.W.I.

How to Apply:

Each applicant is expected to submit a detailed resumé (including career objective, extra curricular activities) and a two-page statement outlining (a) how the M.Sc. Economics degree will contribute to the applicant’s career plans; (b) how the M.Sc. Economics degree will contribute to the region; and (c) reasons why the applicant should be awarded the scholarship.

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SECTION 34 LOST LAND CERTIFICATES It is notified for general information that Land Certificates in respect of the following persons have been reported lost:NAME


James Simon Aaron Lucille Veronica Allen Lucille Veronica Allen George Martin et al Air Studios (M/rat) Ltd.

Webbs 04/03/051 St. Peter’s 13/15/033 St. Peter’s 13/15/113 Beachettes 12/04/482 Molyneaux 10/02/002

DATE ISSUED June 2, 1980 May 31, 1994 April 17, 2003 April 11, 2008 April 11, 2008

Unless any objections are received within fourteen (14) days from the date of publication of this notice, replacement certificates will be issued. Dated this 24th day of May, 2012. J. Christopher Gerrald Assistant Registrar of Lands

Applications should be submitted by 30 June 2012 to:

Deadline Date:

The De La Rue Currency Scholarship Committee Attention: Director, Human Resource Department Eastern Caribbean Central Bank P.O. Box 89, Basseterre, St Kitts A hard copy should be mailed to the above address or an electronic copy sent to

For further information please contact the Director, Human Resource Department, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank at the address above or via Telephone: 869-465-2537/ ext 263 or Fax: 869-466-2475. Information is also available at the Scholarship Offices on each U.W.I campus.

Friday, June 08, 2012

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Montserrat continues to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will participate a long month of celebrations to mark her Diamond Jubilee on the British throne. Acknowledged to be a great achievement, she seem set to surpass her predecessor. According to Governor Davis, Queen Elizabeth 11 is only the second monarch to reach the Diamond Jubilee. Queen Victoria who served from 1837 to 1901, a total of 64 years was the first to reach it. The Hello Magazine reported, “A deafening roar of approval reverberated around the streets outside Westminster Palace as the Queen's carriage began its stately progress to Buckingham Palace. Gathered as far as the eye could see were well-wishers, buoyed up by four days of national joy, which have only increased respect for this

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diminutive woman who has more than made good on a promise made over sixty years ago. Montserrat, along with two hundred other nations in the world symbolized the lighting of the World Jubilee Beacon on Monday, June 4, 2012 outside and west of the Montserrat Cultural Centre at 7:15 p.m. followed by a display of fireworks. A large number of persons including adults and children came out to witness the lighting of the beacon, which was a traditional bonfire-style beacon. Many persons express some disappointed not seeing what they had hoped to see something lit that would be left standing. Several persons and somehow waited in anticipation as the watched the bonfire that burnt for about an hour. In Montser-

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Friday, June 08, 2012


The ring of silence, Who told Reuben M’rat but at whose expense! EDITORIAL

wanted to abandon UN?

Montserrat, since 1998, had been following the promise of UK Minister (HMG) that they will develop the North as it was perceived is safe for Montserrat life to continue. But, it has been a struggle, only sometimes we have been our own enemy. We are convinced that the people through their leaders and governments have over these years since the turn of year 2000 been let down, becoming what can be termed as nothing short of being beggars. What has turned this people from the position of strength whereby they could demand a colonial power to meet their obligation? What forced our Premier to reduce his people to the whims of HMG? Was it his negotiations that got Minister Duncan and Secretary of State Mitchell to admit they have somehow failed us? Other than the Sec of State telling us we have to stand on our own two feet, he knew he had to get us there. It couldn’t be that he was saying, “get the UN of our backs!” Is the ‘right thing’, carrying out their wishes and demands, or is it merely develop the ability to justify our needs? Montserrat people lost everything; they did not just have to reconstruct or rebuild they had to build from virgin territory, and to get back to pre-volcano or pre-hugo, the colonial power had the obligation. After that, we merely had to be responsible. Therefore, what went wrong, especially after Minister Alan Duncan acknowledged his predecessors own short-comings. Premier Reuben Meade was at the center at the beginning of the struggle and since then he has always been a member of government, on one side or the other. What has happened that sixteen (16) years later, he is being accused of deception and lies as he proudly says, “I am also certain that the UK supports our stance,” to the only watchdog Montserrat can turn to if matters become abusive. Who is the Premier fooling to say that “we pass our own laws, we make our own decisions, we make our own monetary policies…” He has taken actions that reminds of points raised to him, then as Chief Minister, by David Brandt in his resignation letter of February 28, 1994 from his NPP government. Brandt’s letter was very instructive and still is, when one takes on board the issues of very recent times. In that letter Brandt wrote: “I have come to the conclusion that good government is impossible under your leadership and so I must resign from a Government that has been pulling the country down...” “Politicians cannot properly serve if they are arrogant, pig-headed, and contemptuous of those who elected them.” “You have taken action on very serious matters without consulting with your colleagues-- sometimes even failing to inform us of what you had done until we heard about it on the street.” Can anyone accuse the Premier of these today? When or where did the people of Montserrat express the choice, “that they wish to continue being part of the UK for the time being.” And even if they did, or it is argued that they did, where did they say want to free Britain of its responsibility guaranteed to us by the United Nations? The vast majority of the population (Montserratians) are opposed to delisting; The matter has never been raised and absolutely no mention made to the public about de-listing; The reasoning given the Premier as justification for de-listing is false, at the least misleading; There was no cabinet decision for de-listing; and Ministers and legislators were informed about the Premier’s statement on the same day the statement was made, probably after. Some action must be taken to let the UN Decolonisation know the truth of Montserrat’s position. They know that case about making our own laws etc. cannot be correct, but they may not know that not even the government approved the request, it wasn’t sought, much more the people as they require. Can we accept that the Government works for the interest of the United Kingdom, and itself, and not for the people of Montserrat, but a few? This way we will remain a Colony for the foreseeable future. Just like the Premier promised the UK, “We see ourselves as being part of the UK family by choice. Montserrat has by choice determined that they wish to continue being part of the UK for the time being,” his words to the UN.

The Montserrat Reporter Published by: Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Editor: Bennette Roach Office: Davy Hill, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, Montserrat, W.I. Typeset and Printed by Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Tel. (664) 491-4715 Fax: (664) 491-2430 E-mail: or - Web Site:

Dear Editor It is now more than three months since the public opening of the bids for the new power station and so far nothing has been said! There are many rumours BUT only one solid fact. MUL has rejected both bids either because they were too expensive or did not qualify. MUL is now negotiating with the more expensive bidder in an attempt to reach some sort of agreement. This is unlikely as their original bid read out at the public opening was EC$10 million above the budget available. There is however a more serious aspect and one

which I have tried, without success, to get an answer from CDB, DFID, the Minister of Communications and Works (MUL) and last but not least the Governor. It concerns the words REJECT and ALTERNATIVELY. In the CDB rule book which is supposed to control all contracts it clearly states that bids may be rejected and this is what has happened to both bids. The word REJECT in the english language means discard, do not use, so the 2 bidders have been discarded. (rejected). In the same guidelines but in the next sentence it says that ALTERNATIVELY a bidder may be approached

to reach a negotiated solution. How can this happen if BOTH bids have been rejected? I believe that CDB and/ or MUL have acted incorrectly if they are at present talking to the more expensive bidder. I have asked the question very politely but no one will give me an answer which makes one wonder, what have they to hide? I am not involved in any way as far as the contract is concerned, but only want the very best for Montserrat. However, if I were, I would seek legal advice to prevent the matter going any further. SAM RHYS-WILLIAMS

Working the Calabash By Pat Ryan When Florence Griffith-Joseph proposed that the Montserrat Hospitality Association establish the Calabash Festival during the month of July, members accepted it as a good idea which could be used to encourage visitors to come to the island to experience something different, as well as help local entrepreneurs to “turn a penny”. It was also an opportunity to explore Montserrat’s cultural past to consider other means of exploiting the humble calabash. During the first Calabash Festival Week in

2006, the Montserrat National Trust hosted an exhibition mounted by Mme Sonny Tancons of Guadeloupe. She and her husband Aubert had spent several years in Senegal and Benin. Fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of those countries, they had collected examples of the many ways in which the calabash, (ranging in size from a small orange to an exercise ball), was used. This fruit had found a place in religious rituals, domestic activities including the preparation and service of food, as well as in rivers and in the sea, for fishing.

It was an exhibition which opened our eyes and excited the imagination. The following year, we invited Noel Duncan of Tobago to facilitate a calabash workshop. The activity began with the harvesting of fruit from different parts of the island. These ranged in size from a grapefruit to a goodsized pumpkin and they were generally round or oval shaped. Noel taught us some of the techniques he had acquired during his own journey with the calabash. We learnt that the period of 3 days before

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Our Scripture Verse Today Always There The God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” . . . has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. - 2 Corinthians 4:6 (NRSV) The telephone rang at the parsonage at 12:13 a.m. As I reached through the darkness for the receiver, I said a quick prayer. Calls at that hour often bring news of tragedy. This call was from a parent whose ten-year-old daughter had died suddenly. I quickly dressed and drove to the hospital to be with the grieving family. Later, as I walked back to my car across the hospital parking lot, I noticed the moon. Clouds had hidden it as I drove to the hospital, but now it shone clearly. As I reflected on this change, I was reminded

that even in the darkness God is present. Tragedy, sorrow, and loss may obscure God’s face, but God is never absent. God is always with us. It is our God who is always with us who will bring healing to this family whose child died. This God who is always present strengthens our weak knees, mends our broken hearts, and gives us strength when we are weary. In the season of Advent, we prepare ourselves to welcome the One who is always coming to us, always present with us. Donald L. Wilkinson (Louisiana, USA) Prayer: God of all grace, when clouds obscure your face, help us to remember that you are always present. Open our eyes, ears, and hearts to you. Amen.

Friday, June 08, 2012

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Tax increases

changes would affect the costs of goods imported to the island. Much of the anger surrounds the fact that many of the basic and commonly used items have seen increases in the overall tariff. Such items as salt, safety pins, liquid detergent, soaps, cereals and a long list of basic and commonly used items have seen increases. It has been explained that the policy plan was to increase the tariff on luxury items while lowering the tariff on basic items eventually obtaining a “tariff neutral”. That was the original plan. Opposition leader the Hon. Donaldson Romeo addressed the matter briefly after condemning the tariff changes on Friday, June 1, calling on the Government to correct the new burden and take immediate action to protect the consumers from scrupulous merchants whom he said were reportedly already charging higher prices for some items. On June 6, in a press release primarily dealing with the Premier’s request to the UN Decolonisation Committee to delist Montserrat, Romeo touched briefly on the Tariff matter following his accusation that the Premier continues to make decisions for the island, “without consulting the Legislative Assembly or the people of Montserrat.” “It also follows,” he said, “a controversial increase of import taxes, which again went through without adequate consultations with stakeholders. Business persons and consumers alike are concerned over rises in the cost of key medicines such as insulin and antibiotics, in the cost of cement and other building materials, and even of basic foods such as chicken; none of which are reasonably among the “luxuries” that were to be targeted. Alcoholic beverages saw huge decreases, while exercise books and medicines gone up. Morning show host on ZJB has been highlighting some of these facts in the face of the Premier claiming that the reason for increasing such basic item as chicken is to prevent the merchants from gouging. Merchants are incensed, agreeing that it would be wrong to increase prices before new stock imported. They want instead for government to direct on how they will treat with the goods they had sitting in the warehouse prior to June 1. The Premier on Wednesday struggled to explain the increase in the chicken tariff. He the intention was to deter merchants from overcharging. “The intention of the revision of the duty is not one to increase revenue to GoM...We thought it was important to send the message that merchants must invoice properly and stop taking the consumers for a ride because they feel that the consumers have no choice,” he said. The Premier appeared not to be too familiar with

Hon. Donaldson Romeo the tariff he has introduced as he equated aerated beverages (sodas) as attracting a 70% consumption tax the same as alcoholic beverages. That was incorrect as aerated beverages did suffer an increase of increase of 4.2%, while most common alcoholic beverages, rum, gin, brandy, whisky, vodka etc. benefited from a decrease up to 5%. The tariff contains 6,280 items of which 3,929 show reductions of up 33.1% to 0.05% or 0%, the last one meaning there was no change. In many instances, the duty was high and remained there but the consumption tax removed or reduced while absorbing the service tax, which was 5% in every case. The remaining items out of the 6,280 items show increases in the consumption tax absorbing again the 5% service tax. In the tariff, the following is an example of an item that carried 5% consumption tax. It would see an increase of say 5% with the service tax added to show a total consumption tax of 15%. Most of the items have been standardised with a consumption tax of 15%. Others show the tax as high as 70%, such as water, stout and tobacco, while others stand at 40%, such as aerated water and beverages although they only show a small increase of less than 5%. Meanwhile, some alcoholic beverages have shown sizeable decreases in the tariff. Some merchants have expressed their dissatisfaction at being told that an increase in the tariff rates would enhance their income, noted that the increased

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items would only encourage consumers to purchase less, while continuing to purchase the items they already do where the prices have gone down, since these are not high volume items anyway. The Montserrat Chamber of and Industry and Commerce issued a statement on the tariff matter, along with an expression of their annoyance and disappointment in a new plan by government to pay their creditors by sending their payments to a bank account in their favour. The Premier only three weeks ago, indicated to the people of Montserrat in the Legislative Assembly, “we are not here to increase taxes, because we believe the tax burden is already sufficiently heavy.” Upon his return to the island this week from Ecuador where he requested Montserrat to be delisted by the UN Deconolisation Committee, promised that the concerns of people would be looked at. The observation is made by many that when the Premier made his announcement in the budget speech of March 24, 2011 the intention was always to raise taxes under the guise of simplifying the tax regime. Consumers and merchants alike, note than there were no complaints about the three tier of computation, but rather the classifications were unnecessarily too many, and the new tariff did not change anything. The expression is that it was dishonest to pretend to abolish service tax while increasing all consumption tax by the service tax rate of 5% and more in some instances. Referencing the government press release which said, “In the main, items used by the less well off in society will attract a lower banding whilst luxury items such as some electronic goods will attract a higher banding,” is in fact not the reality. “More dishonesty and deception,” they say. “The tariff release stated: “Careful consideration has been given by the relevant Departments to the various policy objectives of the Government of Montserrat especially the social impact of these changes and adjustments made accordingly.” “Who were the people the Government consulted to make the new tariff?” MCCI Chamber members asked. The Premier boasted, MCAP Government, “…in the two and a half years we have not raised taxes, we have raised tax revenue but we have not raised tax rates as a matter of fact…” Today, the Premier contradicting the general belief that the tariff review was no more than a deception and a desire to raise additional revenue, says that was not the intention but government will re-look at the concerns raised by the people.



A.D. 2012



In the Estate of MARGARET HOWE, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof Application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for Letters of Administration be granted to HOGARTH SERGEANT Lawful Attorney for THOMAS JAMES HOWE son of the deceased and one of the persons entitled in the estate of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to the undersigned. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of Letters of Administration to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court, Brades, Montserrat not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. Dated this 14th day of MAY, 2012 Hogarth Sergeant Solicitor for the Applicant

NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof Application will be made in the Registry of the High Court for Letters of Administration to the estate of JULET WHITE who died on 28th February, 2004 be granted to LEON WHITE son of the deceased and one of the persons entitled to share in the estate of the deceased. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to the undersigned. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of Grant of Probate to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court, Brades, Montserrat not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. Dated this 17th May, 2012 Hogarth Sergeant Solicitor for the Applicant

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Montserrat Tourism Development Plan 2012-2022

Ag. Tourism Director, Elveta Chalmers On Thursday, May 30, The purpose of the ona sizeable number of tour- going consultation is to ism related personnel along facilitate the tourism secwith a few public service tor’s involvement in the forofficials, to include three mulation of a clear cut and of the four legislators pres- comprehensive sustainable ently on the island, gathered plan for tourism for the next at the Montserrat Cultural three years, covering but not Centre. They were there at limited to the following: the invitation of the Tourism • improving marketing Board (MTB) to participate and promotion in the planning of a tourism • development of onstrategy consultation on the island infrastructure design of the next phase of and product Montserrat’s Tourism De• visitor facilitation and velopment Plan. improving industry According to the MTB standards the consultation is part of There were some brief the work programme for remarks all pointing to the the elaboration of Phase consultation which “will be 3 of the tourism develop- key to the formulation of a ment plan which has been plan reflecting the tourism commissioned, with the industry’s views on the support of DFID (Britains type of tourists Montserrat Department for Interna- should attract, the enhancetional Development). The ment of our environment study is being undertaken and the optimization of the by a team of consultants social and economic benfrom CHL Consulting, UK, efits to the Island…” with project director Dr. Cabinet Secretary, Mrs. Philip Heneghan. Angela Greenaway said

Cabinet Secretary, Angella Greenaway Tourism Consultant, Victor Curtin focus needs to be placed on some specific economical drivers in order to maintain sustainable development on Montserrat. “Sustainable development is used frequently and it is a very board term that is numinous with some degree of translation, as a process in which a society becomes self sufficient with the ability to provide for its people, the opportunities and basic necessity of life within a frame work of a stable and vibrant economy ensuring social equity and national self determination for future generation we therefore have a challenge before us and that is to restore

SUMMONS IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS DIVISION OF ST. CROIX CLAUDIA MIGUELINA LEONARDO Case No.: SX-12-DI-0000015 CEPEDA GARCIA, Petitioner, vs. ACTION FOR DIVORCE FRANKLYN ARISTIDES GARCIA, Respondent. To: FRANKLYN ARISTIDES GARCIA - Defendant MONSTERRAT, WEST INDIES Within the time limited by law (see note below) you are hereby required to appear before this Court and answer to a complaint filed against you in this action and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment by default will be taken against you as demanded in the complaint, for Witness my hand and seal of this Court this 1st day of February, 2012. Zenetia H. Velazquez, Esq. Clerk of the Court Law Offices of Eszart A. Wynter, Sr. P.C. #27 Estate Whim, P.O. Box 1847 Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 00841-1847

Montserrat’s economy to the path of positive growth, getting the frame work for sustained development”, she said DFID programme Representative for Montserrat Dr. Kato Kimbugwe reflected on the work DFID and the Government of Montserrat have been working on for the last 18 months. He said they have been working hard on developing a strategic growth plan for Montserrat. “The strategic growth plan is a series of investment that are supposed to facilitate and

enhance economic growth in Montserrat with the particular aim of Montserrat graduating from budgetary aid in the next 15-20 years,” he insisted. Kimbugwe conveyed that the strategic growth plan consists of a number of specific developments which include: looking at an investment in a port to address the access constraint which has always been a constraint on the growth of tourism in Montserrat; looking at investment in a tourist driven town that provides the infrastructure as well a centre for tourism development in Little Bay; and also looking at an investment in access as outlined in

the access strategy which was publish at the begin of 2011, and which looks at finally trying to address the sea access constraint in terms of a ferry service to Montserrat. “Not just a ferry service where we have a service on a dual basis, but a service that provides the support to the hotel industry, supports the taxi industry and provides support for the general economy as a whole.” The SGP he stressed also included HMG’s commitment to the exploration and development of geothermal energy already at its beginning stages. Mrs. Elveta Chalm-

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TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate JANE ANN ELIZABETH FENTON, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof Application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for Grant of Probate to the estate of JANE ANN ELIZABETH FENTON who died on the 19th March, 2012 be granted to HOGARTH SERGEANT Lawful Attorney for AUDREY ELAINE FREDERICK Executrix and Trustee named in the Will of the said JANE ANN EILZABETH FENTON. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to the undersigned. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of Letters of Administration to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court, Brades, Montserrat not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. Dated this 14th day of May, 2012 Hogarth Sergeant Solicitor for the Applicant

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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES MONA, JAMAICA, WEST INDIES LIBRARY Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the posts of: Deputy Librarian (Operations) AND Deputy Librarian (Special Projects and Infrastructure) The University of the West Indies (Mona), Library is seeking innovative, energetic and dynamic Deputy Librarians who work closely with the Campus Library and library staff to achieve transformational change and to foster a culture of collaboration and communication. Applicants must possess at least a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies and a minimum of 5 years experience in leadership and management. The applicants must also demonstrate a commitment to research and scholarship and have a leadership style that is consultative and inclusive. The Deputy Librarian (Operations), will be expected to:         

Develop and present recommendations on the formulation of library policies and procedures based upon current and emerging trends in library operations. Oversee and evaluate, either directly or indirectly, the public service activities of the Library. Develop and direct the implementation of work standards for the library, integrating the use of technology and the application of new techniques into work processes. Plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise library employees and the functions of the library and oversee the preparation of Library schedules. Provide leadership and promote staff development and training programmes. Participate in the preparation of statistical or narrative reports, and in the preparation and administration of departmental budgets. Oversight of the public access to the Library’s Integrated Library System (ILS), public access to the Internet, library website, online services and computer services unique to the library. Work closely with the Human Resources Management Division in matters relating to ATS and Service Staff Evaluate the duties and performance of selected staff members.

The Deputy Librarian (Special Projects and Infrastructure), will be expected to:  Assist the Campus Librarian in the planning, implementation and assessment of special projects, with an emphasis on space management, that will facilitate, enhance, and complement the delivery of library services to users.  Develop and prepare progress reports, proposals, project schedules and other documents needed for the fulfillment of the Libraries’ special projects portfolio.  Develop and implement workflows for the execution of project activities.  Prepare and maintain project management tools to ensure the follow up of ongoing projects.  Perform and report on quality controls of planned activities and deliverables.  Interact with internal and external stakeholders and contributors involved in special projects.  Create communication documents and tools (print and digital) related to projects for public and internal uses.  Recommend equipment for purchase, maintenance, and upgrades.  Oversee the management of facilities maintenance of the libraries including, service agreements, and vendor performance.  Develop grant proposals for submission to relevant library funding sources.  Plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise library employees who perform relevant functions.  Evaluate the duties and performance of selected staff.  Oversee disaster and emergency management and occupational health and safety initiatives. Detailed applications giving (i) full particulars of qualifications and experience, biodata; and (ii) the names, titles, mailing and email addresses, fax and telephone numbers of three (3) referees should be sent as soon as possible to the: University Registrar, Office of Administration, The Vice Chancellery, University of the West Indies, Regional Headquarters, Kingston 7, Jamaica, W.I. Email ( or Fax: (876) 977-1422. Further particulars of the post including full details of the remuneration package may be obtained from the Office of Administration by contacting us on Fax: (876) 9771422; Email: or website Closing date for receipt of applications – July 13, 2012.

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Brown girl in the ring cont’d. from page 4 from the bank that makes them laugh at Montserrat. I believe that they laugh at us because we have an uncanny way to put each other down. I also believe that they laugh at us because we take jealousy and envy to a peculiar depth; so much so that we prefer to elevate Non– Montserratians to manage our institutions. It seems to me that Montserratians seek out every reason to explain why they must not elevate or support their own. Last week Bennett Roach asked me about the person whom the government appointed as the Registrar of Lands. I did not know who the person was; but I tried to explain to him that Mr. Gerald, the person who I thought was the Registrar of Lands, had retired. A couple days ago I understood that Mr. Gerald was pushed down and another unqualified non Montserratian was given the job as Registrar of Lands. Yesterday I listened to the manager of our airport, a non-Montserratian, reporting on ZJB about a seminar that he attended on behalf of Montserrat. My God as early as 1970 or thereabouts we trained John ‘Gas’ Ryan to be our

air port manager. Why did we have to go to St. Kitts to find a manager for our ‘wee little’ airport? And how de we get here ‘in 2012 from there in1971’, to have to beg St. Kitts for an air port manager? Is there no Montserratian capable for the job or suitable to train for the job? And the list, of instances where Montserratians elevate others above themselves, past, present and likely future is long, I can, but will not go on and on. But last night I reminded Bennett that every government department and some other big institutions prefer to send their printing and advertising work overseas, rather than giving the work to a local printer, and there are only two; so too, many businesses prefer to record reduced sales rather than advertise in the one local newspaper in print or online. Let me make my point now. People laugh at Montserratians, not because we took the ‘volcano money’ from the Barclays bank, but because we employ non–Montserratians to manage our money in our banks… in the 21 st century. They laugh at us because Montserratians do not display smartness except in the areas of

envy and jealousy of one another, greed and the lust for power to keep each other down. It is time to employ learned Montserratians to manage our monies at St. Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union and the Bank of Montserrat Limited. It is time to ask the government why it did not renew Sonny Phillip’s contract at Land Development Authority. It is time to ask why send home a very efficient civil servant because she is fifty five years old, (and another not even 55 yet) when the Law sets the retirement age at sixty years. After all, the Law states that she MAY retire at fifty-five. May, will never mean shall! Montserratians, it is time to change our mindset. It is time get a real sense of national purpose; time to get rid of what we have become; time to clean out the pipes in our minds and re-plumb. It is time to burn all the ladies with the harp. It is time to throw all the damn little shamrocks into the sea. My God, we need a brown girl or boy in the ring, who looks like sugar and a plum…; and who is plumb sure about what being a Montserratian is supposed to mean.

Premier announces new export factory but the product is secret On May 1 following the signing of the MOU with DFID Premier Reuben Meade hinted that there was soon to be progress of a manufacturing plant developed in Montserrat. He said at the time he was not at liberty to say what kind of plant it would be. Since then there have been much speculation as to what this secret industry would be that forces the Premier to be mum on the issue. It became just a bit more than whisper as TMR has learnt that tharlier this week Montserrat joined in observing Tobacco Day. Health officials held a forum inviting especially as they discouraged the use of tobacco, not a known problem in Montserrat. This week Meade spoke

to ZJB News and said the same thing”, only this time he said where the company is coming from. “We have being in discussions with the manufacturing company operating out of South America and Canada,” expressing that the principals had already visited the island, and “ we are expecting them here again next week so that we can finalized plans on it!”” The Premier said that occupiers at the factory shell in Shinland will have to vacate. “It means that in the factory shell we will have to make some adjustment, we will have to put people out,” he said. The Premier was upbeat about his secret industry and spoke of the benefits. “But

then again, you have to look at the greater good where you will be getting a fair number of full time employment being created. Once we get that project going then there are others which we are lining up to have some discussions with them so that we can at least start employing people in the private sector,” he told ZJB News. He said the business would be “similar somewhat to the rice mill (of the 90’s) but on a smaller scale.” “I am not yet at liberty to say what product it is, but we will be in a position to get some exports going, it means that more stuff going out through the port means that the port workers have more work,” he said.

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Jubilee Celebrations cont’d. from page 3 rat lingo, “dis a wa awe come down yah fah, dis is total waste of time,” While a child asked quietly, “What is the significant of this fire?” Government House offi cials explained that the lighting apparatus just did not work. It would have symbolized the beacon that lit the bonfire. This was followed by a very brief firework display. Too brief to have been appreciated by the large number of people who had expressed hope to see a display of 15 – 20 minutes. Symbolizing unity over 4200 beacons were lit across the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Commonwealth and Overseas UK Territories creating a symbolic ring of

light around the globe in celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The fi rst beacon was lit in Tonga with the last beacon lit by Her Majesty the Queen after a spectacular BBC concert at Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s Birthday Parade will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Little Bay followed the Diamond Jubilee party which will take place on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Jubilee medals 95 medals were awarded, (a small few in absentia) on Thursday night by Governor Davis in a well organised ceremony for outstanding service, to officers in the Royal Montserrat Police service, the Fire and Prison Services, and the Royal Defense force. This was part of celebrations to commemorate the 60th reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The jubilee medals were handed out at government house as each recipient entered. Each recipient was announced and then proceeded to receive his/her medal. This followed by a short reception in their honour, with the Emerald Community Singers providing brief entertainment. Piano Recital Concert by Jocelyn Freeman Governor Davis reminded of the rest of celebrations beginning with

a Recital hosted by the Governor and his wife SuJue at the Governor’s residence in Woodlands. The proceeds were in honour of the Montserrat Foundation. Pianist Jocelyn Freeman was the featured guest performing throughout the first part of the program. That was followed performances by Filipe Sousa and Jonathan Ang, firstly Filipe and the together with Jonathan, the latter directing the MSS (Montserrat Secondary School) choir and steel pan ensemble. The evening was made grander by two special opera performances by wellknown Shirley Spycalla

and surprise, Sujue Davis. The concert was the mastermind of Jonathan. Queen’s Birthday Parade and Reception On June 16, the Queen’s birthday parade (an annual event) will start at 8:30 a.m. at the Salem park with the Antigua police band in attendance. They will stay and give a concert to the audience. Monday June 18 will be a public holiday in honour of the Queen’s birthday, and on the 21st there have will be a diamond Jubilee reception at the Governor’s residence at 6:30.

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Kids time - In your own korner Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. Good luck to grade 6 on your Placement Test. This week we will take a look at Queen Elizabeth as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. On April 21 1926 a beautiful baby Girl was born to The Duke and Duchess of York. This baby girl was born at 2.40am, at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair London. She was christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace. She was named after her mother, while her two middle

The Little Girl who became a Queen

When Princess Elizabeth was about four years old her parents give birth to another little girl. She was named Princess Margaret Rose. When she was six years old, her parents took over Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park as their own country home. In the grounds of Royal Lodge Princess Elizabeth had her own small house, Y Bwthyn Bach (the Little Cottage), which was given to her by the people of Wales in 1932. Princess Elizabeth’s quiet family life came to an end in 1936, when her grandfather, King George V, died. Her uncle and her father’s older brother Edward VIII came to the throne as King, but before the end of the year, King Edward VIII had decided to give up the throne in order to marry the woman he loved, Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Upon his *abdication the throne, Princess Eliza-

names are those of her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, and paternal grandmother, Queen Mary. At the time of her birth being the first child for her parents she stood third in line of succession to the throne after Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII), and her father, The Duke of York. But it was not expected that her father would become King, or that she would become Queen. However being born into royalty she was called Princess Elizabeth. beth’s father *acceded to the throne as King George VI, and in 1937 the two Princesses attended their parents’ coronation in Westminster Abbey.

to the throne as the New Queen. Queen Elizabeth Coronation took place on June 2, 1953. This year 2012 we are celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Diamond Jubilee marks 60 years since her accession in 1952. Royal Jubilees celebrate significant periods in monarchs’ reigns and national life. The Queen is the second UK monarch to mark 60 years on the throne. Celebrations were previously held for Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and Golden Jubilee in 2002. *abdicate (ion)- Renounce one’s throne *acceded -Assume an office or position

Princess Elizabeth was now first in line to the throne. She grew up under the watchful eyes of the public who always showed an interest in the little girl who might one day become queen.

As a young child she spent a lot of time at the country homes of her father’s parents, King George V and Queen Mary, and her mother’s parents, the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.

Princess Elizabeth was 21 years old when she married Prince Philip in 1947. They have four children, eight grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. On February 6 1952, just 15 years after his accession to the throne King George VI, died and his 25 years old daughter Princess Elizabeth acceded

Colour the picture below

Queen Elizabeth is 86 years old

See you next week right here

In Your Own Korner. Where we will have fun Kids write your stories, tell us about yourselves. Email or post - Write to Aunty Lyka, at P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, or send email to:

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Tourism development Working the calabash cont’d. from page 6

cont’d. from page 4

ers, director of Montserrat Tourist Board in her brief remarks mentioned how pleased she was to see so many persons attending the inception consultation on the Development Plan 2012-2022. Mrs. Chalmers covered briefly the projects that took place in the two previous phases of the Plan, since it was approved in May, 2003 by the Government of Montserrat, she said “If we are to gain consensus on the way forward then tourism stake holders, public and private sector and those who rely directly

or indirectly on the tourism industry should have a say in what they see as important to the sustainable survival of tourism and the overall economy.” Mrs. Chalmers concluded by informing that after the final draft of the Phase 3 design, it will be sent to DFID for the funding to implement the recom-

and after a full moon, was not an advisable time to cut open a newly harvested calabash. Because of the quantity of water contained in the fruit, it was liable to simply burst open. No one looked forward to spooning out the contents of a cut calabash as this was too tiring and time consuming an activity. Noel showed us how to fashion a tool which enables us to scoop out the inside of a cut fruit in mere minutes. We learnt too, that the use of water either hot or at room temperature would produce different effects on the outside of the calabash… the addition of bleach gave yet another result. We were soon able to use these techniques to introduce some variety in the pieces we worked on. Llewellyn Browne aka Ras Wyn, worked alongside Noel to introduce

mend project. Project Team & Work Plan team leader Dr. Philip Heneghan from CHL Consulting in the United Kingdom further facilitated the consultation. This took the form of breakout sections where each group expressed their vision of where Montserrat should be in terms of tourism industry, and what needed to be done to achieve the vision.

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES CAVE HILL CAMPUS, BARBADOS ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE POST OF CAMPUS LIBRARIAN The University of the West Indies announces a vacancy for a dynamic leader with an understanding of current issues in academic librarianship and a clear vision of the library of the future to serve as Campus Librarian for its Cave Hill Campus. The appointee is expected to participate in decision making at the Campus Management level. To be considered for appointment candidates are required to have: 

A minimum of seven years of strong managerial and administrative responsibility in an academic or research library and possess an accredited MLS degree or equivalent. A second degree up to doctoral level would be an advantage.

Working experience in an environment where Web-Based and other digital formats and their integration with traditional library resources have been practiced.

Successful applicants will be expected to assume duties by April 1, 2013 or as soon as possible afterwards. Details applications (three copies) giving full particulars of qualifications and experience, biodata and the names and addresses of three references should be sent to The Director of Administration/University Registrar, Office of Administration, The Vice Chancellery, UWI, Mona, Kingston 7, JAMAICA W.I. E-mail: oadmin@uwimona. Fax: 876-977-1422, from whom application forms, further particulars of the post and full details of the remuneration package are available. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2012.

us to painting techniques and incorporate basket weaving into some of our calabash pieces. ‘Cheney’ string for the weaving was harvested by Ras Wyn. We were also exposed to the rudiments of handbag making. While I have made a few handbags by adding fabric to the calabash, I return time and again to carving the fruit, using different sizes of chisel to produce a variety of designs. A chisel may be used to outline drawings or create a design. BASIC TOOLS FOR WORKING THE CALABASH CUTTING: Hacksaw; a small sturdy saw; a crafter’s jig-saw. The saw or hacksaw is used to make a “key hole’ for the jig-saw which allows one to do some creative cutting, using curved lines which can be quite interesting.

CARVING: A set of chisels of varying width. Great care has to be taken to avoid accidents when using these, as the hard smooth surface of the fruit can cause the blade of the chisel to skid. One may choose to carve the calabash before cutting it but the need for care when carving remains the same, CLEANING OUT THE CUT CALABASH A stainless steel knife, with a blade that is about one inch wide and six to seven inches long. The blade will need to be bent into a shallow curve. A medium sized metal spoon for scraping out the remnants of pulp which adhere to the inside of the calabash shell. A metal or sturdy plastic pot- scrub is also useful in this final cleaning . SOME TOOLS FOR THE TASK

A regional entity seeks a highly skilled and outstanding professional as

Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for leading a team of professionals in enhancing the performance of the company consistent with outlined strategic objectives. The role The CEO assumes full responsibility in reporting to the Board of Directors on all aspects of operation and performance; leads the development of business strategy; guides commercial activities and reviews and maintains overall revenue generation; oversees communications strategy and is the company’s lead spokesperson; maintains a robust corporate governance and legal structure; and promotes a high performance culture. Experience and skills The candidate should have ten (10) years senior management experience, five (5) being in a similar strategic role with a regional entity; be an excellent strategic and critical thinker; be committed to the development of organizational capacity; possess outstanding leadership and management skills particularly in developing processes and teams; be a skilled communicator and possess strong planning, organization and execution skills; be outstanding at cultivating and maintaining stakeholder relationships; and possess keen networking and negotiating skills. Qualifications A Masters in Management, Economics, Business Administration or similar discipline is required. Member of the Chartered Management Institute or similar professional organization would certainly be an asset. Interested Candidates must be willing to relocate and travel extensively. Interested persons should submit resumes by June 15, 2012 to: Human Resources Department Deloitte & Touche 7 West Avenue Kingston 4 E-mail:

Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms. © 2012 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

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Premier Meade seeks to delist Montserrat as a Colony at the UN On the afternoon May 30 the Hon. Premier Reuben Meade communicated by email to His Excellency Governor Adrian Davis, the Hon Ministers Charles Kirnon, J Easton Farrell Colin M Riley; and Opposition members Hon Donaldson Romeo, Dr. L Lewis and Victor James. The email addressed as follows: “Colleagues, This is the presentation I am giving this afternoon at the C24 decolonization meeting.” This information resonated throughout the island and of course, farther afield, by which time the speech would already have been delivered in Quito, Ecuador, where the Premier was having left Montserrat two weeks earlier to attend the Conference. We quickly learned that some of the legislators received the message with consternation and surprise as they confirmed that the decision expressed by the Premier in his speech had not been discussed with them. Legislators reacted with

quiet indignation promising to accost the Premier while Don Romeo issued a statement. The offending statement of the Premier’s speech: ”…It is therefore my recommendation that this UN Decolonisation Committee remove Montserrat from their list of non-self-governing countries within their Decolonisation discussions. I am also certain that the UK supports our stance.” As Feedback and comments rolled in, suggestions came for a headline to read: “LIES, LIES and DAMN LIES by Premier of Montserrat”. The reaction was, “I find the conduct of the Premier is so disgusting that I feel there is need for a response that is 'out of the box',” he exclaimed. What were the lies I enquired! “Everything he told the UN Committee,” he said. So, I asked for specifics, and I was directed to the following: The Premier had said in his speech “The provision for

separation from the UK no longer requires a fight, it is a simple matter of the electorate making that choice in a plebiscite. No local politician or political grouping/party, in recent times has been bold enough to place that request for independence to the electorate. “We are fully internally self-governing, we pass our own laws, we make our own decisions, we make our own monetary policies… Despite the fact that the Police and the Public Service are within the Governor's remit, we pay their bills and as a consequence exercise a major voice in their management. “All executive decisions are made by the local Cabinet of Ministers.” And, he continued, “what were not lies, were contradictions, misrepresentations and deception.” The Premier was long and

REGISTERED LAND ACT (Section 135) Claims to ownership of lands have been received from the following persons in the Schedule below:Any objection to these claims must be lodged in writing to the Land Registry, Brades, Montserrat within six (6) weeks of the first publication of this notice. Plans relating to the claims listed below may be inspected at the Land Registry Department during normal working hours. SCHEDULE Thomas Molyneaux Claim #1165

Block 14/04 Parcel 239. Land in Davy Hill. Bounded as follows:- On the North-East by Par cel 14/04/022 (Mary Walwyn et al); On the North-West by Parcel 14/04/238 (Unclaimed/ Crown); On the South-West by Parcel 14/04/082 (Joel Osborne et al); On the South and SouthEast by Parcel 14/04/045 (Matilda Elizabeth Beatrice Wade); and on the South-East by Parcel 14/04/026 (Louisa James-Connell)

Henrietta Lindsey Claim #1166

Block 15/06 Parcel 011. Land in Drummonds Bounded as follows:- On the North, East and West by Parcel 15/06/012 (Sarah Ryan); On the South by Parcel 15/06/008 (George Wellington Farrell) and On the South-West by the NorthEast corner of Parcel 15/06/009 (Mary Farrell)

Madge Buntin & Linet Buntin-French Claim #1167

Block 13/06 Parcel 128. Land in Banks. Bounded as follows:- On the South-West by the Public Road; On the West by Parcel 13/06/068 (Beresford Chalmers); On the North-West by Parcel 13/06/074 (Ellen Wade et al); On the North-East by Parcel 13/06/005 (Ruveona Lindsey); On the East by Parcels 13/06/146 (Ganeshwar Beni), 13/06/147(Dagriee Wilson) and 13/06/092 (Julian Romeo); On the SouthEast by Parcel 13/06/069 (Beresford Chalmers) and On the South by Parcels 13/06/112 (John Victor Locker) And 13/06/071 (Lazelle Howes et al)

Thomas Baker Claim #1168

Block 14/15 Parcel 169. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by an access road; On the North-West by Parcel 14/15/127 (Rachael Ann Ryan); On the North-East by Parcels 14/15/145 (Candia Blake) and 14/15/172 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the East by Parcel 14/15/085 (Joseph S. Silcott et al) and On the South by an access road

In the Estate of Susannah Brade, deceased

Thomas Baker Claim #1169

NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration with Will annexed to the estate of SUSANNAH BRADE late of Flemmings Montserrat who died on the 15th day of April 1980 at Flemmings be granted to KHARL MARKHAM of Allen Markham & Associates Banks Montserrat, the Lawful Attorney of LYNROY BRADE the grandchild, Executor and Personal Representative of the deceased.

Block 14/15 Parcel 170. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by Parcel 14/15/173 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the North by Parcel 14/15/127 (Rachael Ann Ryan); On the East by an access road and On the South by an access road

Thomas Baker Claim #1170

Block 14/15 Parcel 171. Land in Judy Piece. Bounded as follows:- On the West by Parcel 14/15/173 (Unclaimed/Crown); On the North by an access road; On the East by an access road and Parcel 14/15/049 (Patricia Sharmaine Fenton; and On the South by Parcel 14/15/087 (John H. Duberry et al)

cont’d. on page 16

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Do you have business problems??? Need help with the following: • Tax Returns, Book-keeping • Accounts for bank loans • Banking and Insurance advice and more Let us help you solve them! Contact 491-5200/5155 or 496-6511 OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 LEGAL NOTICE

ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. DATED this 6th day of June 2012 Kharl Markham Allen Markham & Associates

Dated this 22nd day of May, 2012. J. Christopher Gerrald Assistant Registrar of Lands

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Early Childhood Month - all monthlong observance on Montserrat “Never too Young to Learn: Start right” is the theme for this, the fifth year of celebrating Early Childhood Month on Montserrat. The events kicked off on Sunday with a church service at the Roman Catho-

lic St. Patrick’s church at Lookout. A copy of the calendar, highlighting the various activities planned for the month, June 2012. Everyone is asked to “Please feel free to join us

as we celebrate the children’s abilities and applaud the efforts of their parents and caregivers.” That is at the invitation of the Ministry of Education as they anticipate the usual support. The PS, Education says,

“Children are “never too young to learn” and your support is valuable to ensure that all children on Montserrat are exposed to the quality early childhood experiences

that are essential to build a strong and secure foundation for the sustainable development of Montserrat.” Highlights for the month in clude an Awards ceremony

on Wednesday, June 13, at the Cultural Centre, and two weeks later an Exhibition at Brades school. Finally a Fun Day on Friday, June 29 at Little Bay.

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES CAVE HILL CAMPUS Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Professor in Health Economics at the Chronic Disease Research Centre (CDRC), University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados: This is a full-time, 3 year, Full Professor position available for three years in the first instance. Applicants for this post should possess a PhD in Economics or Health Economics. In addition the applicants should have:       

A record of distinguished original work; Outstanding success in and wide recognition of professional activities; A strong record of research and publications; Demonstrated ability to obtain research grant funding; Successful record of teaching at the University level; Demonstrated ability to organize symposia and conferences and to network with relevant national and international institutions; Proven record of Graduate supervision.

The ability to provide leadership in teaching, curriculum development and research in the field of Health Economics would be an asset. In order to strengthen the relevance of the work of the CDRC to Barbados and the Caribbean region the appointee will be required to: i)

Initiate research and training in the following key areas – estimating health care costs and effective resource use to control costs in the healthcare sector; tracking utilization patterns to maintain the proper balance between health care costs and the quality of health care in Barbados and the region;

ii) Develop research activity linked to the ongoing surveillance work of the Barbados National Registry of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases (BNR) and related projects, to determine the health economic impact of the non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic and to develop cost effective interventions to reduce the burden of (NCD) in Barbados and the region; iii) Build on the close relationship between the CDRC and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and the insurance industry, to be better able to respond in a timely fashion to important developments in the health financing environment; iv) In collaboration with researchers at the CDRC and the Tropical Medicine Research Institute (TMRI) at the Mona Campus, Jamaica, contribute to the development of a research programme on the economic impact of varying health interventions to inform the regional response to the burden of NCDS; v) Strengthen the research links between the CDRC and the Tropical Medicine Research Institute (TMRI), in Mona on the one hand, and the Health Economics Unit (HEU) at St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, on the other. Details applications (three copies) giving full particulars of qualifications and experience, biodata and the names and addresses of three references should be sent to The University Registrar, Office of Administration, The Regional Headquarters, UWI, Mona, Kingston 7, JAMAICA W.I. E-mail: oadmin@ Fax: 876-977-1422, from whom application forms, further particulars of the post and full details of the remuneration package are available. The closing date for applications is July 13, 2012.

VACANCY The Montserrat Volcano Observatory is the agency responsible for monitoring the Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat. The role of the MVO is to advise the authorities on the volcanic activity and its associated hazards and risks. SCIENTIFIC SOFTWARE ENGINEER: The Scientific Software Engineer is responsible for the maintenance of existing software and development of new software. This requires working closely with MVO scientific and technical staff. DUTIES: 1. Collaborate with local and visiting scientists and engineers to design systems to collect, store and disseminate local and remotely telemetered data 2.

Develop batch and interactive programs in multiple languages such as C, Perl and PHP. Use Object oriented Perl and modules on Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) to maintain develop programs.


Develop, maintain and troubleshoot internal/intranet Web site, primarily in Perl with file based configuration and data, and with PostgreSQL RDBMS.


Develop, maintain and troubleshoot external/internet Web site, supporting scientists and staff with content management, primarily using JOOMLA content management system, PHP and MySQL RDBMS.


Interact with Government of Montserrat system administrators to manage network, file systems and servers.

SKILLS: 1. University degree in Computer Science or equivalent qualification is preferred. Candidates without such qualifications, but with extensive relevant professional experience will also be considered. 2.

Relevant experience in design and development of systems in Perl, PHP, Java or C.


Demonstrated experience performing systems administration on one or more Linux operating systems, such as Ubuntu and Redhat.


Experience of design, maintenance, troubleshooting and maintenance of RDBMS systems, preferably PostgreSQL and/or MySQL, plus ability to batch load/process data to tables, and be well versed in SQL, for ad-hoc reporting, etc.


Web development on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python) and/or PHP/Perl/Python on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)


Ability to work closely with a small international team.

Salary will be in the range EC$90,000 to $110,000 Candidates should submit a full curriculum vitae and covering letter outlining their experience, including the names and addresses of two referees to: The Operations Manager Montserrat Volcano Observatory P.O. Box 318, Flemming’s, Montserrat, West Indies Email: Tel: 1(664)491-5647 The deadline for the submission of applications is June 30, 2012. For further details, please refer to the MVO web site at

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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES SENIOR LEGAL OFFICER III (UNIVERSITY COUNSEL) The University of the West Indies invites applications for the position of Senior Legal Officer III (University Counsel) in the Legal Unit, Vice Chancellery.

JOB SUMMARY: The SLO III (University Counsel) functions as General Counsel to the regional University of the West Indies and reports directly to the Vice Chancellor. The SLO III (University Counsel) heads the Legal Unit (a sub- office of the Office of the Vice Chancellor) that provides advice to the Vice Chancellor, the University Registrar and other Senior Managers of the regional University on matters of law, policy, procedure and institutional governance. The SLO III (University Counsel) is required to provide oversight and leadership to a small team of attorneys.


Provides legal advice and opinions to the Vice Chancellor, the University Registrar and other Senior Managers on issues affecting the operation of the regional University, including the interpretation and application of the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations of the University, and matters relating to corporate governance, staff and students, intellectual property, pensions and contracts with external entities


As a member of the Standing Committee on Regulations, participates in the drafting of Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations of the University


Drafts, vets and negotiates contracts to which the University is a party


Keeps fully informed on legislation in the Contributing Countries of the University that affects the University’s operations


Participates in the development and/ or review of University policies


Represents the University in legal matters and determines the circumstances in which the services of outside legal counsel may be retained and monitors and evaluates such services;


Serves on University Committees at the direction of the Vice Chancellor


Oversees the professional and administrative operation of the Legal Unit.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Master’s Degree in Law preferred) from a recognised University and admission to practise at the Bar of one or more of the Contributing Countries of the University; At least 15 years’ experience in legal practice, including at least 5 years of direct supervisory experience in a law firm. Government agency or other organisation Familiarity with Caribbean legal systems.

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES ADVISOR, HUMAN RESOURCES for HEALTH The Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Network was established in 2003 for the purpose of contributing to systematic capacity development among institutional and community-based health care workers involved in prevention of HIV and AIDS and in care, treatment and support of persons living with HIV and AIDS. To date, the Network consists of six national training centres and a regional coordinating unit (RCU). The RCU is situated in Jamaica and operates under the aegis of the Vice-Chancellery of the University of the West Indies (UWI). The training centres are located in the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and two in Haiti. The OECS HIV/AIDS Project Unit also belongs to the Network. The CHART Regional Coordinating Unit at UWI invites applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the position of:

Advisor, Human Resources for Health DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Reporting to the Executive Director of the RCU, the successful candidate will be required to work with the resident team to: 

      

Identify best practices in workforce performance systems that improve productivity and retention of health staff. Ensure these practices are documented and available to policy makers and practitioners. Provide guidance on the integration of best practices in workforce management into national HR management system. Advocate among governments and stakeholders as to the importance of HRH in creating sustainable, large scale responses to the crisis in Human Resources for Health. Lead and develop strategies which enable national health systems to strengthen their response to priority health issues by professionalizing HRH and improving Human Resource Management and Leadership. Lead and direct a comprehensive strategy for country-level Human Resources for Health (HRH) capacity building Lead and develop strategies to build MOH capacity in HRH. Provide technical assistance in formulating, implementing and reviewing HRM policies and standard operating procedures on recruitment, deployment and other HR areas. Provide organizational leadership in HRH, including professionalizing HRH at the country level, in support of government and donor strategies. Monitor and evaluate progress of various human resource health initiatives and interventions


A Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management or related discipline with 5 or more years of experience as a Senior HR Practitioner OR the equivalent combination of education and experience.


Minimum of 5 years successful experience in developing countries, with demonstrated success in achieving Human Resources for Health programme delivery.


Recognized expertise and technical achievement in HRH and leadership development.

Sound judgment, strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to deal with complex legal issues


Proven strategic planner and team leader with strong technical knowledge, conceptual and analytical ability.

Good leadership, management and inter-personal skills


Demonstrated success leading complex, evolving, large-scale operations, tasks, and teams and working with multiple sectors and stakeholders and achieving programmatic results.


Excellent understanding and knowledge of working in developing countries, preferably in the Caribbean.

REQUIRED COMPETENCIES Excellent presentation and communication skills, both oral and written Good research, writing, legal drafting and negotiation skills

The ability to work collegially with diverse personnel and in different complex environments; The ability to work independently and effectively without supervision Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications. Detailed applications giving (i) full particulars of qualifications and experience, biodata; and (ii) the names, titles, mailing and email addresses, fax and telephone numbers of three (3) referees should be sent as soon as possible to the: University Registrar, Office of Administration, The Vice Chancellery, Regional Headquarters, University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica, W.I. Email (oadmin@ or Fax: (876) 977-1422. Further particulars of the post including full details of the remuneration package may be obtained from the Office of Administration by contacting us on Fax: (876) 9771422; Email: or website Closing date for receipt of applications – July 13, 2012.

Detailed applications giving i) full particulars of qualifications and experience, bio data; and ii) the names, titles, mailing and e-mail addresses, fax and telephone numbers of three (3) referees should be sent as soon as possible to the: UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR, OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION, THE VICE CHANCELLERY, UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES, REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS, KINGSTON 7, JAMAICA, W.I. E-mail: ( or Fax: (876) 977-1422. Further Particulars of the post including full details of the remuneration package may be obtained from the Office of Administration by contacting us on – Fax: (876) 977-1422; or E-mail: ( The Further Particulars may also be obtained from our website at ( Closing date for receipt of applications - July 06, 2012

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Herbal Love Potions with Proof to Back Them Up

Countless “natural love potions” purportedly provide a boost in the bedroom, online ads proclaim. But many of them are bunk…because if

you dig deeper, you’ll find that only a few herbal sex enhancers are backed up with scientific evidence of effectiveness.

I discussed this with naturopathic physician Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, coauthor of the upcoming Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine. Fortunately, she said, the few proven herbal remedies address three of the most common sex complaints among midlife and senior adults— low libido, erectile problems and antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. The following herbal products are sold over the counter in health-food stores and online. However, before you try them, Dr. Steelsmith recommended seeing a licensed naturopathic physician to discuss your health

history (because treating an underlying medical disorder could solve the sex problem)…to ensure that the herbs are safe and appropriate for you (because they can cause side effects and/or interact with certain medications)… and to get specific dosage instructions. For a referral, visit the Web site of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians at Here’s how herbs can help with… Low libido. “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache,” is a classic punch line—but loss of libido is no joke, especially considering how common it is. In a recent AARP survey of adults ages 45 and older, only a scant 6% of female respondents said that they

Your Weather Forecast for Montserrat June 11 – June 17, 2012 For more information and full forecast see the AccuWeather chart at

Weekly Horoscope: June 08 - June 14, 2012 by Shelley van Strunckel

had a higher-than-average level of sexual desire, while a whopping 40% of women said that they had a lowerthan-average libido. Studies involving postmenopausal women show that Panax ginseng (also called Korean or Asian ginseng) can improve arousal, possibly due to its relaxing effects on clitoral and vaginal muscles. “Ginseng modulates the nervous system, boosting sexual energy if you’re lethargic and helping you relax when stress dampens your libido,” Dr. Steelsmith said. An alternative she recommended is the brand-name product ArginMax for Women (www., which contains ginseng plus the herb ginkgo biloba and the amino acid L-arginine (both of which promote circulation) and vitamins and minerals (for general wellness). Dr. Steelsmith generally advises her patients to try ginseng or ArginMax for three months to see whether it helps restore libido…if so, it can be used as long as desired. Caution: Side effects may include diarrhea, restlessness, vertigo, breast pain and/or menstrual changes. Avoid ginseng if you have hot flashes, insomnia, dry mouth, dry skin, high blood pressure, a heart rhythm disorder or a bleeding disorder—it could exacerbate symptoms. Erectile dysfunction (ED). OK, so this is a guy’s problem—but that makes it a problem for us women, too. In the AARP survey, erectile problems were reported by 13% of men in their 40s…18% in their 50s…38% in their 60s…and 56% in their 70s or beyond. Encourage your partner to talk to his doctor about yohimbine, the active ingredient in the extract of the bark of the yohimbe tree. Studies show that it helps ED by increasing blood flow to the penis and stimulating the central nervous system and genital nerves. Generally it is taken daily (not just prior to sex the way an ED drug would be used), continuing indefinitely. Caution: Do not exceed the dosage recommend by a doctor or listed on the product label. Yohimbine

may cause restlessness, irritability or other side effects.Yohimbe should not be used by men who take MAO inhibitors or blood thinners or who have cardiovascular disease, blood pressure problems or seizure disorders, Dr. Steelsmith said. Antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. Among AARP survey respondents, 16% of women and 10% of men were taking antidepressant medication. For both women and men, these drugs are notorious for causing sexual side effects—decreased genital sensation, low libido, erectile problems and/or difficulty reaching orgasm. The herb gingko can help counter such side effects. It has demonstrated positive effects on all four phases of the sexual response cycle— desire…arousal (lubrication in women and erection in men)…orgasm…and resolution (afterglow). For patients on antidepressants, Dr. Steelsmith usually advises daily use of a gingko extract labeled “standardized to 24% of ginkgo flavone glycosides,” continuing for as long as a patient is on antidepressant medication. Ginkgo generally is well-tolerated, though occasionally it may cause stomach upset, headache or restlessness. Caution: Because it may increase bleeding risk, gingko should not be used by patients who take a blood thinner, are anticipating surgery or are pregnant. Source: Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, is coauthor with her husband, Alex Steelsmith, of the upcoming Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman’s Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine (from Hay House in July 2012) and author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health: How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine Can Create a Lifetime of Wellness (Three Rivers). Dr. Steelsmith maintains a private practice in naturopathic and Chinese medicine in Honolulu and is an advisory board member for HealthyWoman from Bottom Line. Listing Details

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Premier to have Montserrat delisted Premier Reuben T. Meade

spoke to the Committee about the new Constitution: “It is the first time in the entire process of governance in Montserrat that the people truly took part in the development of their constitution. It took nine years for us to reach this stage. It is not a perfect document but it is workable with provisions for future amendments. It is worthwhile to note, that in all of the costitutional discussions, there was no public interest whatsoever in separation from the UK,” his speech continued. Leader of the Opposition Donaldson Romeo, was the first legislator to go public as he released a Statement in which he began by accusing Premier Meade for making too many decisions without ‘proper’ consultation. He had just communicated with the Governor and the Premier on that issue, and believes that it was only because of this that the Premier sent the message about his speech. “Over the past few weeks, the Hon. Reuben T. Meade, the Premier of Montserrat, has made several controversial decisions and public statements,” his press release began. “Of these,” he wrote, “the most far-reaching is his May 30th request to the UN Committee of 24 on Decolonisation,” referring to the request above for removal of Montserrat from the decolonization list. Romeo said, “the Premier’s surprise statement to the UN shocked Montserrat’s legislators and the general public.” Romeo who believes in canvassing the public said: “It is widely considered to be an action made under pressure, and intended to appease the FCO in

cont’d. from page 12

hope of receiving desperately needed aid in exchange.” He said he intends to take up the matter in the Legislative Assembly, along with the increased import taxes and he what he terms as “the Secret MOU”, recently signed with DFID. Observers believe that the statement from Romeo might result in a “Vote of No Confidence” against the Premier, and that he should receive support from the governing side, except the status quo might prevail. “There was absolutely no consultation with Montserrat’s legislature never mind the people of Montserrat…the Premier could not have had the support of the people of Montserrat as he implied in his statement to the UN Decolonisation Committee,” the Opposition leader concluded as he declares: “I sincerely hope that the UN Decolonisation Committee does not act in accordance with our Premier’s misleading and inexcusable statement.” He is also calling on all Montserratians and friends of Montserrat to make their views clear to the Meade administration. The Hon Dr. Lewis visited Montserrat and voiced his dissent to the Premier’s decision and made some warning sounds to Montserrat. He says there are numerous benefits for remaining on the decolonisation list for non-self-governing territories. “He told ZJB news, “…the loss of the additional resources and additional help additional and contacts that we can make to move our people forward and also the benefits of continuing to relate in a direct way with other people who are in our situation…”

He noted that it is because of the UN Conventions that force HMG to deliver aid to its territories. “There is an advantage of being associated with the United nations in the level of aids, and the commitments that has forced the British Government to come forth with a meaningful aid…because of its responsibility under the United Nations Conventions to its territories,” he concluded. Jeevan Robinson Editor of MNIAlive in the first commentary on the matter under caption “Premier Reuben T Meade: Selling Montserrat For 30 Pieces Of Silver”, wrote: “The Premier of Montserrat recently journeyed to attend the C24 Regional Pacific Seminar on Decolonization and decided to commit Montserrat's future, without any consultation, to the pockets of British rule indefinitely. For how many pieces of silver did he receive, I wonder, for springing this policy statement on the people?” Jeevan also questioned the lack of a required referendum and the Premier’s pronunciations on the Constitution. “He, nor his government held no such referendum with the people of Montserrat. The people of Montserrat have made no such choice. Is the Premier therefore referring to the revised constitution that he bulldozed into law last year?” he asked. Some 55 comments were left on MNIAlive as Montserratians have been expressing their dire concerns on the issue. (visit: island-talk/2525-premier-reubent-meade-selling-montserrat-for30-pieces-of-silver.html). See what the Premier told the UN Committee (visit: www. for the full speech)

Show You Care About Water

Celebrate RBC Blue Water Day 2012 As citizens of this beautiful planet, it is our responsibility to care about water our most precious resource. Join RBC Royal Bank® in celebrating RBC Blue Water Day on Friday June 8 and show you care by supporting charitable organisations that focus on watershed protection and water stewardship. Your vote for the Caribbean project on will allow RBC to donate CAD $5 towards the project.

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