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Friday, April 13, 2012

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To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. - Matthew 25:15 (NIV)

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By Bennette roach

Early today, Friday, April 13, 2012, the Governor issued a release outlining the crime statistics as at the end of March. The release sated: “There were 54 reported cases of crime in the fi rst quarter of 2012, a

40% reduction on the 89 cases reported in 2011.” Our Editorial did suggest that there was an alarm, which was almost fabricated and based on all the wrong information and reasons. The police themselves did misread the situation as they attempted to divert the attention

from what caused the attention initially. However, as they had noted to the Editor, the statistics do tell a particular story. Statistics are of no use by themselves if not read or used appropriately. Where there were 26 assaults in 2011 over the same period, there were only 12 in 2010. Burglary

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Friday, April 13, 2012


AT A GLANCE NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC With statistical data analysis, production and publication support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Statistics Department on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, released the first in a series of publications based on data collected during Census 2011. Director of Statistics Mrs. Katrina Ryan, speaking at an event to mark the release, said there has been an increased demand for current data on Montserrat. The size of the local population, now registered at 4922, 100 more persons than the defacto count released last year, con-

tributed to the department being the first in the OECS to release data. She added that two other publications are planned for later in the year, which will look at income and the economy. Speaking at the launch held at the Police headquarters in Brades Conferene room, Cabinet Secretary Mrs. Angela Greenaway said she was proud of the achievements, noting that they, “acted responsibly” in the handling of private data received. She explained: “Hundreds of persons across the island, appointed as enumerators, supervisors, editors,

coders, data reviewers and data entry clerks, worked feverishly on the Census project. Private sector establishments made financial and other kinds of contributions. The Primary School children collected, analysed and presented their data for the Census Project. Most importantly, household members invested the time to respond to the enumerators. 99% of persons who usually reside on Montserrat were fully enumerated during the 2011 Census.” While hinting at some of the benefits of the census, she added, “We took advantage of the opportunity to shape our lives, as a people of Montserrat…The numbers give us the power to understand the past, so

that we can make decisions in the present and with the best assumptions, forecast probable events.” The statistical officials informed that during the past 10 months, the Statistics Department concentrated on collecting and processing the Census data, all of which were completed on island for the first time. The electronic data cleaning and production of the final Census dataset were completed by the staff in the Department, under the supervision of a consultant from the UNFPA. The newly appointed Montserrat Cabinet Secretary resulting from the new Constitution, pointed out, “I recognise that generally, the full value of statistics is difficult to grasp,” noting that

many are only, “awakened to the importance of data when there is a crisis – when a data series is not produced on time, or when the data are not available, or when there is inconsistency in the numbers that describe the same phenomenon. It is very clear that we cannot, as a nation continue to be driven by crises. It is imperative that we, whether as individuals or groups, as private sector establishments, as a nation make informed decisions. Therefore, statistics must count.” The booklet titled, ‘Montserrat at a Glance’ highlights several interesting facts: • 7 out of every 10 persons who usually reside on Montserrat are Montser-

rat citizens • The top 3 population centres are Look Out, Brades and St Peters. • The Montserrat population continues to demonstrate characteristics of an ageing population. • Only in the ages between 30 and 44, do females outnumber males. • Outright ownership of dwellings is predominant in Salem, Old Towne, Baker Hill and Geralds. • In Montserrat too, there are more females who have reached post-secondary education levels, than males. The booklet can be downloaded online from the main page of the Government of Montserrat’s website at

LIAT and Unions meet on outsourcing issues According to a joint release from LIAT and the Antigua & Barbuda Workers' Union (ABWU), representatives of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers' Union (ABWU) and the Management of LIAT (1974) Ltd. met on Friday 13th April, 2012 under the auspices of the Dr. the Honourable Errol Cort, Minister of Labour, Government of Antigua & Barbuda to seek to resolve matters relating to the outsourcing of LIAT Quikpak & Cargo Operations in Antigua. The meeting agreed to a request from the Minister for TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 PROBATE LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of EDNA GERLAD , deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof Application will be made in the Registry of the High Court for Letters of Administration in the estate of EDNA GERALD who died on the 29th June, 2000 be granted to HOGARTH SERGEANT Lawful Attorney for Ruthlyn Wyke nee Gerald daughter of the deceased and on the persons entitled to share in the estate. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to the undersigned. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of Letters of Administration to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court, Brades, Montserrat not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. Dated this 21


March, 2012 Hogarth Sergeant Solicitor for the Applicant

a two (2) week extension of the time-frame for a consultation between the company and select representatives of the company's unions. That consultation will be chaired

by the Minister of Labour and is intended to provide an opportunity for additional dialogue between the unions and the company on the company's business plans for

2012 and going forward. The meeting agreed that both sides will seek to reconvene on Monday 23rd April, 2012 to finalise these matters.

ISLAND OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 [PROBATE] In the Estate of HAYCENE EVERTON RYAN, deceased LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that Letters of Administration in the Estate of HAYCENE EVERTON RYAN late of Jones Hill, Montserrat who died on the 21st. day of February 2012 at St. Ann’s Hospice, Heald Green, Stockport, Manchester, England be granted to PHYLLIS PATRICIA RYAN of Jones Hill, Montserrat the lawful Widow of the deceased and the sole person entitled to take Letters of Administration of his Estate. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to us the undersigned. FURTHER any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice, whose address is: Office of the Registrar General, Brades, Montserrat, not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of first publication of this notice Dated this 13th day of April, 2012 ……………………………. ALLEN MARKHAM & ASSOCIATES Solicitors for the Applicant This notice is published by Allen Markham & Associates Barristers & Solicitors whose address for Service is 100 100 Banks Estate, Montserrat.

Friday, April 13, 2012

EASTERN CARIBBEAN CENTRAL BANK VACANCY CORPORATE RELATIONS OFFICER Suitably qualified citizens of member territories of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) are invited to apply to fill the post of Corporate Relations Officer in the Corporate Relations Department (CRD), at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, headquartered in Basseterre, St Kitts. The successful candidate will be based in St Kitts. All applicants must complete the ECCB Employment application form which is available on the ECCB’s Website ( or at the ECCB’s Office in the respective territories. APPLICANTS MUST HAVE:  At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Finance, or other business related area.  High level of proficiency working with database software for data analysis. APPLICANTS SHOULD ALSO POSSESS:  Strong organisational and administrative skills;  Strong writing, presentation and public speaking skills;  Strong research and analytical skills;  The ability to multi task;  Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and SPSS;  The ability to adapt to a high paced and diverse environment;  The ability to work as part of a team and independently;  A high level of maturity, self-confidence and drive;  A good working knowledge of financial market and economic fundamentals. DUTIES The successful candidate will be directly responsible to the Senior Director, Corporate Relations Department for the proper performance of his/her duties, which will include: 1. 2.


The management of meetings by preparing documents and presentations for the meetings, and taking records of the issues discussed. The design, planning and implementation of existing and new public education programmes geared at maximising the ECCU public’s understanding and appreciation of the work of the ECCB, as well as general economic and financial issues and policies advocated by the Bank. Any other related duties which may be assigned.

SALARY Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The following documents must be submitted:  Employment application form  Curriculum vitae  Two (2) original letters of reference  Certified copies of certificates  Official transcripts The application form and supporting documents should be addressed to: Corporate Relations Officer Employment Application Human Resource Department Eastern Caribbean Central Bank P O Box 89 BASSETERRE St Kitts To reach no later than 30 April 2012. Note:

1. 2. 3.

Applicants may enquire of the Human Resource Department to ascertain receipt of applications; Only candidates shortlisted for the selection process will be contacted; Shortlisted candidates will be required to undertake various assessments.

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Crime Statistics show decrease


26 against 12 in 2011. Wounding, categorised as a serious crime one against four in 2011. Then murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape (2) attempted armed robbery, were one each against none in the first three months last year. 89 reported crimes against 54 for this year. The more reasonable question has been, “was this fair to Montserrat to make the outside world believe that peace and quiet in Montserrat was being challenged?” It is fortunate for Montserrat that the one media that reaches the ‘real’ world showed the real story, that might serve to correct any undue damage. Governor Davis in addressing the issue at his last monthly press conference on March 21, was concerned about the possible damage by over reacting to the hyped alarm. “I’m concerned about it because there are three things that people who come to Montserrat say are the reasons they come to Montserrat,” he said. He explaianed, “Eessentially everyone says the same three things: hospitality of the people, the fact that you can

drink the water from the tap, and there is a low crime rate.” He then cautioned, “if we lose any of those, then we completely loose our attractiveness as a destination,”concluding, “I don’t want us to lose any of it.” The Governor then promised that he would the Commissioner of Police, “to be more immediate in feeding information back to the press…”

Referring further to the statistics, he said, “they certainly do collect them I don’t know what they do with them or how they publicize them.” The police have reported that in most of the so-called serious crimes charges have been laid, and for others, investigations are progressing towards success, while they work to improve on areas where they have been weak. Q1 2011

Q1 2012







Criminal damage









Indecent assault Arson Robbery




Attempted murder


Attempted burglary





Attempted rape


Unlawful sexual intercourse 1 Dangerous drugs


Attempted suicide Attempted armed robbery Total

1 89


NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY TO BE APPROVED BY SEPTEMBER National Youth Policy: to be approved by September The National Youth Development Policy that was developed some seven years ago by the youths of Montserrat is scheduled to be presented in the house of parliament by September of this year. The national Youth Development Policy which was developed in 2005 by the youths for the youth

and closely monitored by Commonwealth youth program and local professional has only now been given commitment to by the Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Jermaine Wade. Hon. Wade says he is giving his commitment that by September of this year Montserrat the policy will be presented to the house of Parliament for its acceptance and approval.

“I am giving my commitment that by September of this year we will have a national youth policy presented to this house for its acceptance and approval,” he said. Hon. Wade also stated that the National youth development policy will serve as a guideline for economical participation, education, sports, health, culture and religion.

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Friday, April 13, 2012


EDITORIAL Cut costs on the extravagances and not further kill the private sector Since the budget presentation by the Hon. Minister of Finance and Premier Reuben T. Meade we have been accumulating comments and opinions for later presentation to our readers. So far we are still waiting to hear or get some analysis of what has been referred to as “the Budget Statement”. Generally the comments have none been good as they mostly consider the statement, “confusing, meaningless and without substance.’’ The Catholic Update of December 2011 headlined a banner “PEOPLE NOT PROFITS” and front paged an article captioned, ”Economic Justice for All.” The opening paragraph reads: “Tough economic times” is a lament we have heard and probably used many times in recent years. First the recession that began in 2007 brought bankruptcies and bailouts, losses of homes and jobs. More recently, polarizing budget battles have captured the headlines, and rising prices for food and oil have caused stress and frustration. The very poor in the world, who must struggle just to stay alive, have suffered the most.” The article goes on, and being a Christian document asks: “Does faith have some role to play in these difficult days?” We do not ever hear our Premier speak to this day about Montserrat economy, economy? without referencing the world’s economic difficulties. He began his budget statement: “We cannot deny that economic uncertainty is looming around us and will linger for some time.” Montserrat’s tough economic times began in mid-1995. Everything mentioned in the Catholic update is applicable to Montserrat, who lost EVERYTHING, some if not immediately, gradually as they sought to start new, regroup and rebuild. But there are many reasons why the Premier should desist using the “global economic uncertainty” and move to doing something positive and constructive, beginning with properly evaluating why we are here. Dr. Wendel Abel a mental health expert visited Montserrat two weeks ago to work on a ‘mental health policy’ and in a most interesting interview, referred to Montserrat and its 16 year old disaster. As he spoke of his admiration of Montserrat’s “fortitude and the spirit of a people to survive,” he continued, “…we are going to find that what matters tremendously it’s our faith as a community,…” as he outlined three ‘Fs’, making that Catholic Update article so relevant. You can see this as a follow-up to last week’s Editorial on the false alarm of a crime wave. Let us repeat there is nothing wrong, in fact it is desirable to pray communally and demonstrate ‘faith’… The Premier in his supposedly ‘new styled’ budget address, refers to last year’s development strategy, which he said “was underpinned by five pillars,”among which were, namely: Strong and effective leadership and governance within the institutions of government, the financial services and the private sector; Efficient, cost effective and targeted social policies to build, sustain and encourage social integration and development for all the people of our society. Then he says: We remain committed to: • A private sector led economy… Since 1998 we have been hearing and reading similar words, so far mere words. We only have to read all of the Sustainable Development Plans (SDPs) from that date to today. But with all of that we hear, not surprisingly as we have no doubt it is necessary, ‘cost cutting’. The problem is where should these cost cutting be. What we do get is a government either determined to kill the private sector, or perhaps, just certain businesses or sections of the private sector. This is permitted because of a dead Chamber of Commerce that remains very silent on the problems that some of their members face. What we have found is that the cost cutting measures used against some of the private sector go beyond refusing to follow their mandate to outsource but actually retract on business that had already been outsourced, killing further the economy. They either send the work outside of the country in all ‘forms and fashion,’ including insider trading, or ooperate under the dishonest guise of cutting cost, when in fact it is bound to cost more. If the Premier is to be credible let us hear what he intends to do with the public service he relies on to carry out his intended promises, who unashamedly inform the Governor, “why should we “assist” the private sector when we do not get increments? (Follow the Ministry of Finance link at www.themontserratreporter. com or find the budget statement at: uploads/2012/03/Budget-Statement-2012.pdf)

The Montserrat Reporter Published by: Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Editor: Bennette Roach Office: Davy Hill, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 306, Davy Hill, Montserrat, W.I. Typeset and Printed by Montserrat Printing & Publishing, Inc. - Tel. (664) 491-4715 Fax: (664) 491-2430 E-mail: or - Web Site:


By Claude Gerald

The conviction, fining and imprisonment of entertainment lawyer Warren Cassell, has much more to do with the weight of adverse public opinion, inherent personality traits and a perversely compliant court process, than the standard of overwhelming evidence. Twenty one years prior in another highly publicised case in Plymouth, a leading legal luminary met a quite similar fate, under the watch of the same high court adjudicator. Careful watchers of the law remain convinced that the conduct of the Plymouth case signalled the beginning of the fall in the integrity of court standards, ethics and what seems and smells to be in good taste. Warren’s case is an offspring of that sad episode where an influential mob, in an even tinier post volcano society, fuelled by an assortment of motivations and incidents, distant to a court function was allowed to sway and termite the rule of law, making for a travesty of justice, which even embarrasses more backward jurisdictions. Consensus became truth and the case was over. Jail as demanded. Sir Lee Moore’s defence then as was Leon Chaku Symmester’s later, fell flat on a palpably deaf court, seemingly blind to its equal opportunities obligation, decency and the avoidance of painting the wrong image of the practice of law. Moore’s private protestations of prosecutorial decisions by the court were as potent as it was in Cassell’s, whose presence and personality, has galvanized opposition to his persona. And this assault on legal

fundamentals is more marked in an era in which advocates of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) tout indigenous control of legal matters, in a desire to death knell a redress to the London Privy Council. In effect both lawyers were doomed by old fashioned bad mouthing that condemned before and during trial, paving the way for deciders of facts to be soured. Both skilled practitioners hoped that legal reasoning, evidence or the lack thereof, would have trumpeted balance and transparency, historically embedded elements in English jurisprudence. That very bulwark against prejudice to the defendant was debilitating to the outcome if not calculatedly so. Justice kept weeping for attention as the keen listener listened. The court saw a bevy of some 28 charges against Cassell, noticeably reduced to 14 and then 12, in a land deal in which he purchased shares legitimately from one Wood, who co-shared with the virtual complainant Rooney, a player in the Plymouth attorney’s case also. Charges ranged from conspiracy to defraud through procuring by deception to money laundering. Rooney’s anger with Wood led mysteriously to his vitriol against Cassell and more so the laying of criminal charges that even more mysteriously prevailed. Rooney indirectly obtained the help of locally jealous motivators, with a crab in the barrel mentality, in flooring the high profile youthful barrister, with a knack for innovation and enterprise in expanding the boundaries of the practice of law. Owen Rooney’s ambition

to be a medical doctor trained at the abandoned American University of the Caribbean (AUC) in Plymouth, ended prematurely. He then speculated on real estate, at Providence in the North of Montserrat. Rooney’s permitted verbose excesses are legendary for their appeal to the emotionally gullible but superfluous to substance and worth in providing objective standards of proof to be credible. His typical noisiness predictably got the local authorities to somehow listen, charge and arrest. The chief expert investigator from Bermuda testified at the trial, three years later that he was surprised to learn of the arrest which was not ordered by him. He found no probable reason, since suspicion though allowable was not enough. There has been no material change in the circumstances of the case up to now. The calling and hearing of these charges remain a puzzle. As the main witness for the prosecution, Rooney at best was an object of rehearsed confusion, mesmerizing both sides in seeking to prove the case against the flamboyant talk show hosting attorney. As one waited for the clincher to seal his case, his oratory was as intoxicating as it was bewildering. Other witnesses’ testimony provided questionable proof for the prosecution. Nothing materially in the near five week trial went to any of the charges contrary to the outcome. No star witnesses barring a glorified story teller in the person of Rooney, who has now become his own attorney, in seeking more pounds of easy flesh, from a government who

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Our Scripture Verse Today Priority Spending To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. - Matthew 25:15 (NIV) This past Sunday in worship, our pastor preached on the familiar story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. (See Matt. 14:13-21.) In that story, Jesus’ disciples offered two fish and five loaves of bread to him, and that meager fare became enough to feed the multitude. The disciples saw how powerful small gifts could be when they were placed in Jesus’ hands. On Sunday, our pastor concluded his sermon in a surprising way. He

had the ushers distribute envelopes containing money — five, ten or twenty dollars each — to the congregation. He then challenged us to use the money prayerfully, doing as much good as possible with it for people outside our church. Our congregation came alive in discussion about how each of us might use our money in ways that our gifts — like those of the disciples — could be multiplied in serving God. But isn’t this what we are asked to do every day? How we use what God gives us — yes, our money, but also all of our other possessions and our talents — defines who we are as God’s people.

Friday, April 13, 2012

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Dominica to embrace the appellate jurisdiction of CCJ Caricom News Net- the wider Organisation of but there is a process of rit told reporters that the while Grenada and St. goes and everybody folEastern Caribbean States the passage of the amend- different constitutional re- Vincent and the Grena- lows. work Dominica – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says he is determined to lead his country in embracing the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in its appellate jurisdiction, and in this regard has moved to iron out some constitutional matters affecting

(OECS). “We have indicated publicly the government’s intention of recognising the court in its appellate jurisdiction. Clearly there is a procedure within the Constitution we have to follow. We have to go to the Parliament and get the two-thirds majority…

ment,” says Skerrit. However, he noted that that there was still need for discussions with Britain “to allow us to go to the CCJ if not we have to go to a referendum. “We have to negotiate our accession to the CCJ with the British,” he added. Prime Minister Sker-

quirements within the subregion have also affected the ability of the OECS countries to move towards the CCJ as a single body. He said the OECS already enjoys a “single judicial jurisdiction” and he did not want to create the situation where “Dominica would have gone and the rest would have to remain with the Privy Council”. He said that while Dominica and St. Kitts have the similar provision in their constitutions, St. Lucia for example is seeking an advisory on what are the intents of the drafters of the constitution

dines would need to hold a referendum. “So you have different countries having different requirements in so far as the constitution allows. But we have taken a decision at the OECS that we should all seek to recognise the court and the intention is that St. Kitts and Dominica because of the similar provision would move ahead with a recognition of the court.” But he said that Dominica still maintains the position that talks should be held with Britain together, adding “it makes no sense St. Kitts goes, Dominica

“We need to have a discussion with the British on this to indicate to them our intent and to get their understanding,” he added. The CCJ was established in 2001 by regional governments to replace the London-based Privy Council as the region’s final court. However, while most of the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping are members of the CCJ’s original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize have signed on to its appellate jurisdiction.


Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit

The Government of Montserrat (GoM) Invites interested bidders to tender for: THE SUPPLY OF LAPTOPS AND ACCESSORIES TO THE MONTSERRAT SECONDARY SCHOOL Full Details of the RFP can be downloaded from the Ministry of Finance Website at http:// or by contacting min All requests for additional information shall be addressed to: Director DITES Government Headquarters Brades Montserrat 1-664-491-7379 Deadline Date for the submission of proposals is: 09th May 2012 at 3PM Proponents should submit one (1) hard copy and one (1) electronic copy in .PDF format in a sealed package and by E-mail. Proposals must be submitted to the following address: The Chairman Central Tenders Board Ministry of Finance Government Headquarters Brades Montserrat West Indies Email Address: minϐ

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, APRIL 10TH 2012 (CUOPM) - Trinidad and Tobago will have to accede to the appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in keeping with its obligations under international law, senior Caribbean jurists have said. Media reports say speaking at a forum for regional journalists on Tuesday, CCJ President, Kittitian Sir Dennis Byron, as well as justices Adrian Dudley Saunders and Jacob Wit noted Port of Spain is bound by international law to accede to the final appellate of the court that was established in 2001 to replace the Londonbased Privy Council as the region’s final court. They noted that Trinidad and Tobago did not enter any reservation that it would not be bound by the commitment to accede to the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ as had been the case with Suriname, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, whose Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves had personally written his island’s position on the document. Justice Wit said that Section 39 of the treaty allows for a reservation to be entered with regards to Article 25, but that neither at the point of signing or ratifying the accord did the Trinidad and Tobago government

President of the Caribbean Dennis Byron enter any reservation. He said while the Vienna Convention does not give a time frame for countries to honour their obligations to a treaty “it has to be complied with in good faith. “It would in my view to say as soon as you can,” he added. While most of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are signatories to the original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize have signed on to the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ that also functions as an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the regional integration movement. The CCJ judges told the forum that while Trinidad and Tobago as well as other Caribbean countries had been meeting their financial obligations to the Port of Spain-based court, “it will

Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir not cost it anything more to accede to the appellate jurisdiction. “It is not benefiting as fully as it could from its investment in the court,” Justice Saunders said. Last year, Prime Minister the Hon. Kamla Persad Bissessar says her coalition People’s Partnership government is not placing a high priority at on becoming a full member of the CCJ. Speaking to reporters in the United States where she is attending the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the Prime Minister insisted that the population of Trinidad and Tobago will determine whether or not the country breaks its ties with the Privy Council and become a full member of the CCJ. “Right now there are so many pressing issues that we have to deal with, the

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

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LOST SHARES CERTIFICATES The following B.O.M Ltd shares certificates held in the names of John E and Edris A Wilson have been lost. Certificate Number


Number of shares

1359 2

28/11/1989 15/01/2003

250 100













Total =


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Kids time - In your own korner Hello everyone – It is kid’s time with Auntie Lyka “In Your Korner”. I hope you are enjoy your Easter vacation. Remember while you are having fun to put in a little study time. There is still the final term for this school year. Make each day your masterpiece. And Read a book as you go along. Pigaroo was a fat little pig who lived with his mother in a muddy pigsty. He had the nicest mother and the muddiest pigsty and the sloppiest slop that any pig could wish for, but Pigaroo was not happy.

find a new place to live.”

“I don’t want to live in a muddy pigsty and eat slop,” Pigaroo pouted. “I’m going to

So one afternoon when his mother was taking her nap with her snout buried in the cool, wet mud, Pigaroo sneaked out of the pigsty and started off to find himself a new place to live.


by Debbi Miller Gutierrez

“Hello, Duckling,” Pigaroo said, “can I come live with you?” “Sure,” said Duckling, “come on in.”

“I’m sorry,” said Pigaroo. He tried hard to be still, but it was just too hot.

the nest. “Thank you for letting me visit, but I think I will have to find a new place to live.” He trotted on until he met his friendCalf. “Hello, Calf,” Pigaroo said, “can I come live with you?”

“Sure,” said Calf, “come on into the barn.” Pigaroo followed Calf into the barn. It was very dark and cool inside. Mama Cow was standing in a corner, chewing on some hay. “Good afternoon, Pigaroo,” Mama Cow said. “Will you join us for lunch?”

He ran over to his friend Duckling’s nest just as fast as his fat little legs could carry him.

bit. “Your scratching is making a lot of dust.”

“Thank you,” said Pigaroo. Suddenly he was very hungry. He pushed his snout into the pile of hay. “Excuse me,” he said after the first bite, “but don’t you have any potato skins or carrot peelings?” “Ugh,” said Mama Cow and Calf. “No, never!”

“Thank you,” he told the Rabbit family, “for letting me visit you, but I think I will have to find a new place to live.” Pigaroo walked away from the hutch slowly, feeling very sad indeed. He didn’t think he would ever find the right place to live. He hadn’t liked Duckling’s nest. When the straw had tickled his snout and made him sneeze, Mother Duck had been very angry with him for making so much noise. No, a nest was certainly not the right place for a noisy little pig. And he hadn’t liked Calf’s barn. There was nothing to eat there but old, dry hay that scratched his throat. No, a cow barn was not the right place for a hungry little pig. And he hadn’t liked Bunny’s hutch at all. It was too hard and too hot and there was no soft, cool place to sleep. No, a rabbit hutch was not the right place for a hot little pig either.

Pigaroo climbed into Duckling’s nest. There was hardly enough room for him to squeeze in, and the rough straw tickled his snout.

“Never?” asked Pigaroo unhappily. Hay didn’t taste very good to him and it scratched his throat.

Pigaroo sat down in the dirt, a tear sliding down one cheek. Maybe there was no right place for him.

“Thank you,” he said, “for letting me visit, but I think I will have to find a new place to live.”

Then Pigaroo jumped up excitedly. He knew of a place!

“Achoo!” Pigaroo sneezed.

“Hi, Bunny,” he said, “can I come live with you?”

Pigaroo trotted on till he met his friend Bunny.

“Hush!” frowned Mother Duck. “Mybabies are trying to sleep.”

“Sure,” said Bunny, twitching his nose. “Come on into my hutch.”

Pigaroo tried hard to be quiet but the straw tickled his snout again.

Pigaroo followed Bunny into a wooden hutch that sat out on the lawn. The hutch was right in the sun and soon the air became very warm, too warm for Pigaroo’s tender skin. Pigaroo scratched and scratched at the hard wooden floor, trying to find a cool spot.

“Ah-CHOO!” he sneezed even louder. “Hush,” said Mother Duck, more sternly this time. “You really must be more quiet, Pigaroo.” “I’m sorry,” said Pigaroo as he climbed out of

Pre-School Corner

Hello to you my preschool friends. This week we will look at COLOURING ALPHBET PICTURES. I hope you have fun. Letter D

“Be still, Pigaroo!” said Mom and Pop Rab-



Question: List four uses of the tongue. Answer for What Am I? Milk truck, The number 1

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago and CCJ cont’d. from page 5 fight against crime, the difficulties in the economy, the flooding that is besieging us after the years of neglect of our waterways and drainage and so on, these are priority issues at the moment. “The nation will not collapse waiting to do that (join CCJ) but it will collapse if the crime continues, it will collapse if the flooding continues, it will collapse if the economy is not lifted,” she told reporters. She said that the Trinidad and Tobago constitution deals with the issue of the role of the Privy Council in the jurisprudence of country. “I am not of the view and this is our government’s position at this time, we

are not of the view that we should tamper with that lightly without hearing the voice of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and indeed during the election campaign, I did say it is something that we will have to have a consultation on with the wider population and not leave it up to five or 10 elected representatives to make such a fundamental decision in our constitutional structure.” She said that the issues before the Trinidad and Tobago government and population relate to trust and sovereignty. “Those who are on the side of sovereignty of a nation says we must move away from this old British colonial something thing

up in England…they are up there in their ivory tower and they don’t know Trinidad and Tobago and they are too far away and so on. That very disadvantage becomes an advantage. “That distance also allows them to maintain a very hands off approach and so the trust issues arise and then we sit down and say, Oh, you don’t even trust your own people, you don’t trust yourself so the issues go to sovereignty versus the trust and I am saying it is something as a nation e have to consider but I am not of the view that that is the pressing issue as of today.” Prime Minister Persad Bissessar disagreed with suggestions that by not

Was justice flawed testimony provided questionable proof for the prosecution. Nothing materially in the near five week trial went to any of the charges contrary to the outcome. No star witnesses barring a glorified story teller in the person of Rooney, who has now become his own attorney, in seeking more pounds of easy flesh, from a government who acted on his story. Criminal law is definitional with elements that MUST be proved by the state beyond a reasonable doubt. One is yet to learn with whom, when and how Cassell agreed to do the legal wrong of intentional defrauding, for which there was, no clear connecting evidence to even think about the issue of doubt. The court is yet to speak definitively to how the law is applied in this or any charge but advised

decision makers in a two day rambling summation which exaggerated the weight of the case that conspiracy can be ‘inferred’. The court exhausted time condemning Warren Cassell for making himself a Director of Providence Estate Ltd., without showing how that proved any of the charges. At sentencing, responding to comments on social media, the court especially mindful of the throng of ‘pound of flesh’ gathering, berated those who are inclined to put Cassell on a pedestal whilst quizzing mercy seekers, a priest and a former Chief Minister, as to whether they knew or listened to the case, implying that if they were familiar they would not have chosen to disturb the court with pleadings, whilst it gleefully endorsed the verdict.

Page g 9

joining the CCJ, Trinidad and Tobago was stalling the deepening of the regional integration movement. Sir Dennis said that the CCJ, which will hold its first hearing outside of Trinidad and Tobago on April 16 when it meets in Barbados to consider at least four cases, defended the independence of the CCJ. “The independence of the Caribbean Court of Justice cannot be a matter in which there is any doubt. In assessing the independence of a court one looks at both the quality and character of the judges of the court as well as the institutional arrangements for the selection of judges and their security of tenure,” he said, adding “the CCJ meets all of those standards.”

MS Island Cruise vessel makes first visit to Montserrat In preparation for the first ever visit of MS Island Sky Cruise Ve s s e l v e n d o r s a n d taxis were invited by the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) to assemble at the Little Bay port area to sell their products to the upscale European cruise vessel crew and passengers. MS Island Cruise Ve s s e l a r r i v e d i n Montserrat on Saturday April 7, 2012. Cultural entertainment

was organized to welcome the guests to Montserrat. Described as one of the finest, small ships in the word the vessel which carried about 100 passengers, 55 years and older made its firstcall to Montserrat. While on Montserrat the passengers engaged in a number of activities organised by the MTB to include a tour of the Island.

...cont’d. from page 4

Court officials must be mindful of the recent dicta of Sir Brian Alleyne, former Acting Chief Justice of the OECS, who placed emphasis on the loneliness of the bench and judicial conduct in and out of court especially in small societies. Whether this verdict will stand up on law in a higher court is a compelling issue. When the facts are considered however, this expensive prosecutor imported trial may not have risen to the level of a crime for which one deserves to be jailed, in the interest of public confidence and the appeasement of law abiding citizens. History may well absolve Warren Cassell as well as teach a bunch of lessons for all concerned. Claude Gerald is a social commentator on Montserrat.

OVERSEAS TERRITORY OF MONTSERRAT IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE A.D. 2012 PROBATE LEGAL NOTICE In the Estate of ROSANNA O’GARRO, deceased NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, application will be made in the Registry of the High Court of Justice for an Order that a Grants Letters of Administration in the Estate of ROSANNA O’GARRO late of St. John’s Montserrat be granted to SIOBHAN O’GARRO of Woodlands Montserrat the daughter of the deceased and one of the persons entitled to share in her estate. ALL persons claiming to be beneficially interested therein are requested forthwith to send particulars to me the undersigned. FURTHER, any person objecting to the issuance of a Grant to the Applicant should notify the Registrar of the High Court of Justice not later than Fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice Dated this day 22nd of March 2012 ALLEN MARKHAM & ASSOCIATES

PROCUREMENT NOTICE Procurement Delivery and Installation of Emergency Communications Equipment and Electronic Items for the communities of Old Road (St. Kitts and Nevis), Anegada (Virgin Islands, U.K), Island Harbour and East End (Anguilla), Bioche (Dominica) and Salem (Montserrat). Publication reference: ACP-EU/4.1.5/02/2012 The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, Building No. 1, Manor Lodge Complex, Lodge Hill, St. Michael, BARBADOS intends to award a supply contract for the procurement, delivery and installation of emergency communications equipment and electronic items towards enhancing community resilience in the communities of Old Road (St. Kitts and Nevis), Anegada (Virgin Islands, U.K), Island Harbour and East End (Anguilla), Bioche (Dominica) and Salem (Montserrat), and with financial assistance from the Disaster Risk Sub-Regional Programme under the ACPEU Natural Disaster Facility. The tender dossier is available from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, Building No. 1, Manor Lodge Complex, Lodge Hill, St. Michael, Barbados, Tel # 1 (246) 4250386 or 425-0391 and will also be published on the EuropeAid website: index.cfm?do=publi.welcome and on CDEMA’s website at http:// y&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=133 THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF TENDERS IS 4:30 PM ON MAY 07, 2012. Possible additional information or clarifications/questions shall also be published on the EuropeAid website: online-services/index.cfm?do=publi.welcome and on CDEMA’s website at: nt&view=category&layout=blog&id=36&Itemid=133

Page 10

Friday, April 13, 2012

Over 700 laptops distributed to high school students in Nevis CARICOM News Network Nevis - First, 2nd and 3rd Form Students of the three secondary schools on Nevis could not hide their jubilation when they received word they were each about to receive a personal laptop on March 22, 2012. The custom configured computers were a gift from the Federal Government in collaboration with the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) the third phase of the One to One Laptop project which began two years ago. The laptops were delivered and distributed by a team of personnel from the Federal Department of Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education led by Information Communication Technologies Development Coordinator in the Federal Government Ms. Keisha Archibald. A total of 722computers were distributed with 442 to the Charlestown Secondary School, 265 to the Gingerland Secondary School and 15 to the Lyn Jeffers Secondary School. Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Library Services and Principal Education Officer Mrs. Lornette Queeley-Connor

who witnessed the handing over reminded the students to be appreciative. “Contrary to popular belief, the laptops that you will receive…are going to put you on the cutting edge of technology. They are going to make you better students and it does not matter what you hear, these laptops did not fall out of the sky. Somebody worked very, very hard to get them into your hands and so we have to be appreciative. Whether we already have six of them at home, that is not the issue. You first Formers, second Formers and third Formers will be able to boast of having your own laptop and so when you get your homework…We have no excuses whatsoever not to do well in school. So therefore I want you to care these instruments, these tools, use them for the purpose for which they are intended,” she said. Coordinator of Science and Technology in the Department of Education on Nevis, Mr. Laurence Richards who was also present told the students in brief remarks reminded the students that the computers would provide an avenue for lifelong learning.


Jamaica Observer Trinidad (CMC) – Police have detained two people in connection with the death of a two-year-old child whom health officials said had been the victim of sexual and physical abuse. Police confirmed that Aaliyah Johnson was pronounced dead at the Siparia District Health Facility on Sunday night and that an 18-year-old woman and a 23-yer-old man had been detained in connection with her death. Homicide officers said that they were awaiting the results of a post- mortem later today to determine the exact cause of death, but that from their preliminary inquiries, the child had been a victim of physical and sexual abuse. Medical officials at

the health institution reported that Aaliyah’s body bore bruises on the arms, legs, forehead and stomach. There were also marks on the child’s back. Meanwhile, a 51-yearold man and a teenager are due in court later today charged with sex crimes against a five-year-old boy. They face a total of 10 charges, including allegations of buggery, sexual assault and serious indecency. Police last week raided a squatting area in South Trinidad, where the suspects were held. Media reports said that the man used to lure his fiveyear-old neighbour to his home, then he and the teen would perform sexual acts on the child. Police said this occurred several times over a year.

“The computers and the internet service that you will also be using are tools that you have to use for your benefit. As such I want to suggest to you that the role of the computers you are receiving use it as a window to the world, secondly, as an avenue for lifelong learning and thirdly, as a tool for education and commerce. “As I share in your joy because I am happy for you, I also want to encourage you to use the tool wisely, use it for the intended purpose and I trust that in years to come we will be getting 100 percent pass rate in Information Technology because you will be using the tools that you receive and you would have been using them wisely,” he said. Ms. Archibald reiterated the advice given by Mrs Connor and Mr. Richards and told them the computers would place them at the cutting edge of technology. “This is the technology age so we are providing you with a tool in your studies. I know persons are going to want to use it to go on the internet and the Facebook and the music and everything but there is also an educational part of it. You can use it in all your subjects not just Information Technology. “We have put on an educational operating system for you to assist with that so persons are not going to see Microsoft with Windows as you probably would have expected but it has an operating system that has a number of educational packages on there that you can use to your advantage,” she said. Ms. Archibald also urged the students to appreciate the laptops as she notified them of a new addition to the package. “I hope you appreciate these laptops. I want you to cherish and take care of them. We did note that the laptops before were handed out and they were not handed out with any bags. So this time around all students have a bag to accompany their laptops. “I hope that means that you will take care of them and we will have less dropping of the laptops and breaking of the screen,” she said, before a symbolic handing over to students Ms. Akeem Taylor and Mr. Kajel Smithen on behalf of Federal Minister of Technology Mr. Glen Phillip, Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Hensley Daniel, Attorney General Hon. Patrice Nisbett and the Departments of Education in St. Kitts and Nevis

Principal Education Officer Mrs. Lornette Queeley-Connor with one of the two busloads of computers for students on Nevis REGISTERED LAND ACT (Section 135) Claims to ownership of lands have been received from the following persons in the Schedule below:Any objections to these claims must be lodged in writing to the Land Registry, Brades, Montserrat within six (6) weeks of the first publication of this notice. The plans relating to the claims listed below may be inspected at the Land Registry Department during normal working hours. SCHEDULE Jonathan Daly Claim #1160

Block 14/19 Parcel 046. Land in St. John’s. Bounded as follows:- On the North by Parcel 14/19/063 (St. John’s Anglican Church); On the South-West by Parcel 14/19/057 (James W. Allen); On the South by Parcel 14/19/058 (William C. Weekes); On the East by Collins Ghaut Main Road).

Jonathan Duberry Claim #1161

Block 14/11 Parcel 006. Land in Sweeney’s. Bounded as follows:- On the North-West by Parcel 14/11/179 (Christopher N. Piper); On the South-West by Parcel 14/11/159 (William C. Weekes); On the South-East by Parcel 14/11/165 (Noel Fenton et al) and Parcel 14/11/166 (Wayne Fenton et al); On the North-East by Parcel 14/11/005 (The Crown).

Wilford Molyneux Claim #1162

Block 14/04 Parcel 106. Land in Davy Hill. Bounded as follows:- On the North-West by Parcel 14/04/107 (Mary Chapman) and Parcel 14/04/066 (Rose O’Garro et al); On the North-East by Access Road, then across from Parcel 14/04/024 (Mary A. Cooper); On the South by Parcel 14/04/013 (Apostolic Faith Mission); On the South-East by an access road.

Jonathan Duberry Claim #1163

Block 14/06 Parcel 034. Land in Geralds. Bounded as follows:- On the North-West by Parcel 14/05/022 (Patrick Weekes); On the North-East by Parcel 14/06/058 (Patrick Weekes et al) and Parcel 14/06/056 (Venrick Forrester); On the East by Parcel 14/06/032 (John R. S. Skerritt); On the South-West by Parcel 14/11/198 (Cintelia Daly).

Jonathan Duberry Claim #1164

Block 14/06 Parcel 035. Land in Geralds. Bounded as follows:- On the West by Parcel 14/06/033 (Jocelyn Weekes); On the North by Parcel 14/06/026 (John H. Allen et al); On the South-East by Parcel 14/11/001 (The Crown), Parcel 14/11/178 (Catherine Silcott), Parcel 14/06/027 (Josephine A. Allen), Parcel 14/06/016 (Ivan R. Piper), Parcel 14/06/084 (John Tuitt) and Parcel 14/06/083 (Richard Skerritt)

Dated this 26th day of March, 2012. J. Christopher Gerrald Registrar of Lands (Ag)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Page g 11

POPE BENEDICT XVI: I HOLD DEEP IN MY HEART ALL THE CUBAN PEOPLE H AVA N A , C u b a , (ACN) Pope Benedict XVI concluded on Wednesday afternoon a three-day pastoral journey and official visit to Cuba, where he celebrated two Masses, visited the National Shrine of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre —Cuba’s Patron Saint—, and met with President Raul Castro and with the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. “I hold deep in my heart all the Cuban people, each and every one. You have surrounded me with prayer and affection, offered me cordial hospitality and shared with me your profound and rightful aspirations,” said the pontiff shortly before returning to Rome during an

official farewell ceremony at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, where he was seen off by President Raul Castro. “I thank God for allowing me to visit this beautiful Isle which left so deep a mark on the heart of my beloved predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, when he came to these lands as a herald of truth and hope,” Benedict XVI added. The Pope thanked the Cuban national authorities for their “generous cooperation” in the preparation of the journey and also thanked the members of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba, “who spared no effort or sacrifice in this regard, and to all those who have

helped in various ways, especially by their prayers.” During his speech, the pontiff criticized the U.S. economic blockade of the Caribbean nation describing it as “restrictive economic measures, imposed from outside the country,” that “unfairly burden its people.” “I now conclude my pilgrimage, but I will continue praying fervently that you will go forward and that Cuba will be the home of all and for all Cubans, where justice and freedom coexist in a climate of serene fraternity. (…) Possible discrepancies and difficulties Pope meets with former President of will be resolved by tirelessly seeking what unites every- dialogue, and a willaccept goals which will bring one, with patient and sincere ingness to listen and new hope. (…) As I bid you a heartfelt adios, I ask our Lady of Charity of El Cobre to protect all Cubans under her mantle, to sustain them in the midst of their trials and to obtain from Almighty God the grace that they most desire. Hasta siempre, Cuba, a land made beautiful by the maternal presence of Mary. May God bless your future,”

CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT BANK JOB OPPORTUNITIES Applications are invited from suitably qualified nationals of the Bank’s member countries to fill the following positions at its headquarters located in Barbados:

OFFICE OF VICE-PRESIDENT (OPERATIONS) Climate Finance Advisor Gender Equality Advisor Knowledge Management Advisor Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Monitoring PROJECTS DEPARTMENT Operations Officer (Civil Engineer) Operations Officer (Gender and Development) Operations Officer (Social Analyst) Adaptation Mainstreaming Consultant The Bank’s member countries are the Commonwealth Caribbean countries together with Canada, Colombia, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, the People’s Republic of China, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

APPLICATIONS Full details of the job opportunities, guidelines for the submission of applications and general information about the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) may be obtained from the Bank’s website at CDB is a multi-lateral development finance institution that works in collaboration with its Borrowing Member Countries to promote sustainable, social and economic development within these countries and economic cooperation and integration among them.

Cuba, Fidel Castro terrorists who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States. “This is a fair people that take pride in the virtues of their five children who were condemned for fighting the scourge of terrorism and defending truth, and that accompany them every minute of their undeserved imprisonment and share the feelings of their suffering families,” he said.

the Pope concluded. For his part, in his speech, Raul Castro noted that the Pope’s visit had taken place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and that it allowed the pontiff to know the Cuban people better. “ C u b a ’s main objective Pope leaves Havana has always been the full dignity of human beings. “Being among those who We are aware that this is not have done most for life, freedom built only on material basis, but and human dignity, is something also on spiritual values such as that satisfies our country. We generosity, solidarity, a sense of share the certainty that only injustice, altruism, mutual respect, creasing the people’s awareness, honesty and truthfulness. and through mutual respect, dia“Making the common good logue and cooperation, will the was a principle we learned from world be able to find solutions Father Felix Varela. Later, Jose to the most serious problems,” Marti wrote that ‘To be educated Raul Castro pointed out. is the only way to be free’ and “We have found many deep urged us to ‘conquer all jus- similarities, though, of course, tice’,” the Cuban leader noted. we do not share the same opinRaul Castro highlighted ion about all issues,” said the the efforts made by the Cuban Cuban head of state before government toward the full thanking the pontiff for his visit normalization of relations with and for his affectionate feelings Cubans living abroad “who feel toward the Cuban people “that love for their Homeland and we will always remember.” their families” and said, these “On behalf of Cuba and efforts will continue. myself, I express our deep gratiThe head of state also re- tude and appreciation,” Raul ferred to the five Cuban anti- Castro concluded.

Page 12

Friday, April 13, 2012

Road works continue...cont’d. from page 1 The long-suffering project usually referred to as the A1 road project from Salem to St. John’s is continuing slowly but surely, but satisfies the suspicions of public observers, that the project is heading to run out of money. The Ministry of Finance sought and received approval in the Legislative Assembly in February 2012 to fund and spend $2,800,000.00 towards “Ghaut Replacement Project” In a Supplementary Appropriation (No. 4/2011) Act, 2012) with regard to the extent of construction in time and material to reconstruct Cassava Ghaut and the Nantes River bridge. The road works consist of three main stages. They include reconstruction and resurfacing from Salem to St.John’s, installation of utilities, ducts, and also as part of the budget, placing three rivers crossing that were severely damaged in August 2010 by hurricane Earl. More accurately, “The increase in scope of works is in two parts leading to two sets of results: Underground Cable Ducting where the newly rehabilitated road will include provision for cables to be relocated underground along the A01 route, and crossing the road where required. And the

Pedestrian Walkway(s) extension, proposed between Brades Junctions and Government Headquarters to provide safer transit for pedestrians moving between the two centres. Director of Public Works, Ron Beardsley explains that the whole aim as far as the river crossing at Nantes River, is to increase the hydraulic capacity., He also said that the work that is being currently done on the Runaway Ghaut area is advancing and is looking to be completed soon. As in relation to the work done on Cassava Ghaut crossing Beardsley pointed out, “work on the ghaut crossing is virtually completed”. The PWD Director in the meantime says there are some reconstruction activity on the way and also some resurfacing in the not too distant future. “We are currently reconstructing the road from the junction to the MVO up to Nantes River.” That is in Salem and will be followed by asphalting, the director had added. Meanwhile the widening and placement of sidewalks continue at full speed on the Brades main road from Cudjoe Head. But at the end many residents and drivers will be disap-

Runaway Ghaut

pointed as in February just before government sought the approval of funding for the additional bridge reconstruction works, when complaints and questions were raised as to the time being spent on the project bridge works, DFID’s Dr. Kimbugwe disputed claims that the overall road works


Jus wonderin legislators (Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries) on the government side really believe that they have to accept everything their leaders tell them and they say nothing at all when they do not agree. Jus wonderin if they don’t realise when the going get smelly that they will not be able to jump just like that without a trail. Jus wonderin if the mistakenly named leader of the opposition don’t know that the records in the mind of everyone will be that it shows commonsense as to his role on the opposition side. Jus wonderin if he thinks that people don’t understand that his role is not to oppose everything but he must do his research and not just listen to what they tell him like the others on the government side. Jus wonderin if they paying him extra to try and show that him on their side rather than the opposition side. Jus wonderin how many Montserratian did march Sunday in the ‘wha dem call de March for peace. Jus wonderin wey de discord of peace be and who a carse um. Jus wonderin whats up with the new pension law and when dem a go ge back people dem social security pension dat dem reduce. Jus wonderin if de actuarial review is complete yet. Jus wonderin if de british govment will enforce de recommendations dem. Jus wonderin how de british government stap dey and ley dis ya govment do wha dem like pan de people dem. Jus wonderin if dfid get value for $17 million dem pay social secutity. Jus wonderin wha mek dem no develop de road dem

wey all the relocation people dem live. Jus wonderin what was the idea behind the A1 road project and wha really happen to the B and A2. Jus wonderin if all de civil servant dem got dem back pay. Just wonderin if social security pay up all de widows pension dem owe the spouse of civil servants. Justwonderin how dem plan to retire civil sevants to cut de civil service. Just wonderin if de myacts permanent secretar is de fuss cut. Just wonderin who goin get the top job at de physical planning. Jus wonderin why de preacher ask fu blessings for awe premier after de other preacher a ask and pray for all husbands to go home and stap alcohol busing while de same preacher a pray to remove de demon of alcohol Just wonderin if she no dat alcoholics pay de most indirect taxes pan Montserrat Just wondeerin if de price for car rental a go go up for this year for 50 festival Jus wonderin if a true house rent a go increase in september Jus wonderin if people can afford to fly from London to Antigua. Jus wonderin if de new man at revenue will put him military and prison bakcground to good use. Jus wonderin if dem pic the right man to carry out de premier mandate to hound and imprison tax defaulters. Just wonderinn bout de tax negotiate. Just wonderin if dem ketch de real tief live ina baker hill.

Woodlands area near Cassava Ghaut

Nantes River

project from Salem to St. John’s never included improvements to feeder roads. These feeder roads were expected to include roads into Nixons and Banks, as well as into Manjack through to Cavalla Hill and others. According to the Intervention Summary Case put to DFID for the Increase in scope of works and budget for the A01 Roads Rehabilitation Project Montserrat, it explained that the “need for the increase in scope of works was put forward by the MWCL, PWD and MUL, who recognise that the

work they are recommending fits well with the on-going A01 Road Rehabilitation Project.” Further investigation did show that HMG never approved that portion of the overall road project improvements. However, further research confirms that HMG did approve an increase in the A1 project that, “…will bring the overall project budget to £ 5.83 million (approx. EC$24,77 million).” With funding transferred through the Montserrat Financial Aid Grant. It should be noted that the project is over five years old, and

whereas the original request for the road works and repairs may not have been urgent then, they are moreso now especially considering such other roads as that from Caballa Hill to St. John’s through Barzeys, a well populated area to St. John’s. The road there in a very short while will have to under major repairs or probably close mid-way. Related Articles: http:// www.themontserratreporter. com/news/local/the-salem-to-stjohns-road-project-progressesbut-slowly-and-more-costly

The Montserrat Reporter ePaper 02  

April 13, 2012

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