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Issue 1 Sept. 2, 2010


Montclair State University

Raises Tuition 4 Percent Nicole Simonetti News Editor

Can Students Handle the Increase?

Montclair State University made a decision to raise students’ tuition four percent over the summer. Tuition will be $282 more than last year’s. New Jersey residents who attend Montclair State will be paying $7,324 during the upcoming year. Susan A. Cole stated in a press release that the increase is “relatively modest”. Compared to the 15 percent that the state cut from funding assistance to the university, it is. Cole also stated in the press release, "In spite of the currently challenging economic environment, the University's leadership is determined to maintain the high quality of programs and services that are available to students at Montclair State." Increasing tuition at Montclair State is a yearly question. “It is based on a bud-

A Sneak Peak to Homecoming

2010 Ratanjot Rekhi Assistant News Editor

Montclair State University is full of anticipation for this year’s homecoming. The 2010 Homecoming has been advertised since last spring semester and students are excited. Montclair State’s website stated that the upcoming homecoming is “expected to be bigger and better than ever, with a variety of activities and programs for the community.” Senior Henry Appiah has been lucky enough to attend the game every year. Appiah is also a CA on campus, and he stated, “I don’t see a Montclair State University bond, but maybe that’ll change after this because we’ll have more pride.” Pride throughout the school can be felt from the football game while students cheer on their players. Third-year football player Chad Faulcon stated, “I think it’s just a huge game. A lot of people Homecoming Continued on Page 4

Tuition Increase Continued on Page 4

Mark Banas | The Montclarion

Frank Sinatra Hall is Officially Open

Joseph Lisnow | The Montclarion

Frank Sinatra Hall is finally completed and students have moved in for the school year of 2010-2011.

Joseph Lisnow Staff Writer

Montclair State University opened its doors to the newest dormitory on campus, Francis A. Sinatra Hall, after a year of postponing. The new dormitory opened at the end of August and is located off Clove Road between The Village and Hawk Crossings, formerly Clove


Road Apartments. Sinatra Hall houses over 300 sophomores, juniors and seniors who have a minimum of 30 credits and are currently full-time students. The dormitory is gender blind and suite style, with each suite holding six to eight students. The rooms are broken down into different variations consisting of single, double and triple bedrooms. Every suite contains a full


Welcome Class of 2014

pg. 9

bathroom, powder room and shower room. “The bathrooms here are so much cleaner than the other buildings,” said Sinatra SA and animation and illustration major Meghan O’Leary. “Everything’s so close by so you don’t have to walk all over the building," O'Leary said. The dormitory is six floors with students living on floors two through six. Floors that house students

also have a floor lounge, two washers, two dryers and a garbage room. The entire building has air conditioning, heat and wireless internet. The first floor contains a stainless steel community kitchen with a stove, oven and sink. Every resident gets a bed, end table, wardrobe closet, desk and chair. “I like how there is more than one bathroom,” said marketing major John Savas-



Where is the 'State' in Montclair State University?

Sufjan Stevens Delights with New EP

pg. 15

ta. “The rooms have so much space and are great for sleepovers. It’s much better than Bohn and Blanton. They need to make the air-conditioning stronger though,” Savasta said. To enter their suite, a student must swipe their MSU ID card and enter the last four digits of their social seSinatra Hall Continued on Page 7

sports pg. 17

Field Hockey Looks for First NJAC Title

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The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

The Montclarion

Pelican Police Report

Montclair State University 113 Student Center Annex Montclair, New Jersey 07043 Editor-in-Chief: (973) 655-5230 Managing Editor: (973) 655-5282 News Dept: (973) 655-5169 Main office: (973) 655-5241 Fax: (973) 655-7804

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MSU employee reported that two offices were burglarized in 1 On May 24: An Morehead Hall. A laptop computer was stolen. On June 1: An MSU employee reported the theft of textbooks from an office suite in University Hall. 2 On June 10: Non-student Elijah Marshall of East Orange was arrested at police head3 quarters for creating a false public alarm. On June 16: Student Michael Anderson was arrested and charged with possession of Steven Ginn was of charged with possession CDS marijuana and CDS, possession drug paraphernalia andofdistribution of CDS under 50 4 possession while in Freeman Hall. grams while of in drug Basieparaphernalia Hall.

5 exterior of Russ Hall. On July 17: Officers responded to Williams Hall on a report of criminal mischief. Upon their arrival, they discovered the exterior door had been shattered. 6 Witnesses were unable to positively identify any suspects.

On July 13: A Senior Project Manager reported the theft of 6 copper leaders from the

MSU professor reported that several cabinets had been broken into in 7 On July 26: An an unsecured room in Calcia Hall. Tools and equipment were stolen. On Aug. 2: Sodexho employees reported receiving three counterfeit $20 bills at the C Store located in the Student Center. This has been referred to the United 8 States Secret Service.

contact us Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Production Editor News Editor Feature Editor Arts and Entertainment Editor

MSU employee reported six copper leaders were stolen from the exte9 On Aug. 13: An rior of College Hall. These leaders were valued at approximately $5,000. On Aug. 16: An MSU employee reported the theft of tools from the Sculpture Studio in 10 Calcia Hall. MSU employee reported the theft of a desktop computer from an unse11 On Aug. 24: An cured room in Russ Hall. Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is urged to call the police station from any campus phone at T-I-P-S (8477). All calls are strictly confidential.

SGA Notes SGA meetings will resume Sept. 8.

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September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion



r e v o c s i D

The Office of the Dean of Students Welcomes you to the Fall 2010 Semester Student Center Room 400 •



The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Tuition Increase Continued From Page 1

get that is awarded from the state of New Jersey,” Paula Maliandi, executive director of university communications, stated. Once the budget is announced, the

“The university's leadership is determined to maintain the high quality of programs and services that are available to students at Montclair State." Susan A. Cole President of University

university still does not make a decision until a public budget meeting is held — public, meaning students are allowed to attend. All authorities throughout the university are considered for their opinions, this includes: deans of departments, other administrative areas, the president and the Board of Trustees. The final decision comes down to the Board of Trustees. In the end, “the decision is informed by what the impact of what the state budget is going to be,” said Maliandi. Montclair State University was not the only institution affected by the state’s budget cuts. Rutgers University suffered from the cut as well.

At Rutgers, tuition for New Jersey residents increased four percent, while out-of-state tuition increased six percent. Maliandi stated, “We realize that this is a tough economic time for everyone, and the university will try to do its best to help students.” Although the tuition is higher than it was, Montclair State is still awarding scholarships and giving financial aid to those they feel need it. Mixed feelings have arisen from students following the announcement of the increase. A junior at Montclair State states that she is not nervous about the increase, even in these tough economic times. “I am 150 percent against budget cuts. So as long as the four percent wasn’t from all the new dorms, since I commute, I don’t see a problem with it,” the junior stated. Nicole DeBari, a junior at Mont-

clair State, feels differently. "It scares me that our tuition has to rise," she said. DeBari's only fear is that tuition will increase again. "I have to pay back so many loans already after I graduate; I can't imagine adding more." Montclair State University still

remains, comparatively, one of the cheapest institutions in New Jersey, Maliandi stated. The money received from the increase will be put towards campus programs and education. “Educate [our] students; that’s really the bottom line,” said Maliandi.

NATIONWIDE TUITION INCREASES -North Carolina State University: $900 for in-state students, $950 for out-of-state students. -Boston University: 3.7% increase -Georgetown University: 3% increase -Penn State University: 3.9% to 5.9% increase

“We realize that this is a tough economic time for everyone, and the university will try to do its best to help students." Paula Maliandi Executive Director of University Communications

-Stanford University: 3.5% increase for undergraduate students, 3.9-5.9% for graduate students -Cornell University: 4.5% increase -North Michigan University: 5.5% increase -Carnegie Melon University: 2.98% increase

Homecoming 2010 Continued From Page 1

that don’t even go to football games usually come to homecoming.” Montclair State will be playing TCNJ for the homecoming game. “It’s a big rivalry game," said Faulcon. "I’m sure a lot of people from their school will be up here because we were at their homecoming last year and we beat them on their field, so I know they want revenge.” Many students are well-prepared, as they talk about body painting, chants and waving signs. Nicholas Russo, freshman at MSU, said, “I plan on having face paint and dressing up in all of my Montclair State gear for the game and to have a good time.” “I definitely will be painting my body. I just need to find someone to be the ‘S’ and the ‘U’,” Russo said. “I’m going to paint on Montclair

State University and my greek letters on my face because my fraternity brother is running for homecoming king,” said sophomore Mark Salem. Salem also stated that he is excited because he heard homecoming was fun last year. “I heard about Nicki Minaj. I heard that there’s supposed to be a lot of

“I definitely will be painting my body. I just need to find someone to be the 'S' and the 'U'."

events, and the parade. I think that most people are going to be excited about the football game,” Appiah stated. Russo stated, “Yeah, absolutely I’m excited [if Nicki Minaj comes]. She’s a real well-known rapper and obviously I can see already that we’re a highend school if we can get her.” "For the first time, the rumors across campus are true. This year's first annual homecoming concert, presented by the Programming Board, will have a performance by Nicki Minaj," stated Juliana Penn, president

of the Programming Board. "This year we wanted to break new ground for all the homecoming celebrations to come by throwing this highly anticipated concert for the Montclair community," Penn stated. In the next few weeks, SGA will make further announcements on the concert and other events. Tickets will have to be purchased ahead of time. Minaj is expected to perform Oct. 8 at Memorial Auditorium. The following day MSU football players will verse TCNJ football players at 3 p.m.

Nicholas Russo Freshman

Courtesy of Michael Peters, Director of Photographic Services

Students, faculty, family and friends join to watch the Homecoming parade performances.

Courtesy of Michael Peters, Director of Photographic Services Courtesy of Michael Peters, Director of Photographic Services

Rocky even comes out to celebrate his school spirit!

Montclair State University cheerleaders show their spirit for the crowd while performing a stunt.

September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion


Constitution Day September 14, 2010

National 9/11 Flag Stitching by Local Service Heroes and

Expert Panel Discussions on the Constitution National 9/11 Flag Stitching by Local Service Heroes 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony University Hall, Conference Center (Limited seating. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Subject to Security Check.)

The New York Says Thank You Foundation is currently taking The National 9/11 Flag which was destroyed in the collapse of the World Trade Center in 2001 on a journey across America. Local service heroes in all 50 states will be given the privilege of stitching the flag back to its original 13-stripe format using pieces of fabric from American flags destined for retirement in each state. FDNY firefighters will assist local service heroes in an historic stitching ceremony to help sew the New Jersey restorative patch onto the flag. Montclair State is the only university in the nation and the only location in New Jersey where a flag-stitching ceremony will be held. Flag stitching will continue throughout the day ending at 9:00 p.m. with a Closing Ceremony

Expert Panel Discussions on the Constitution 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. University Hall – Room 1070 The Constitution is a living document which continues to shape our lives today. US District Court and NJ Superior Court Judges and Montclair State Deans and faculty will discuss the Constitution’s impact on judicial decisions being made today concerning important emerging issues and the relevant impact on our ever changing national landscape. The conversation will also focus on how these leaders from diverse backgrounds consider the ways in which interpretations of the Constitution impact our lives and cultures. Dr. Brigid Harrison will moderate.

Constitution Day celebrates the signing of the U.S. Constitution in September 1787 by the Founding Fathers as one of the most important and influential events in American history, establishing the many rights and freedoms “We the People” enjoy today. The days’ events are sponsored by: For further information, please contact Carolyn Jones, American Democracy Project Campus Coordinator at

Register for the days’ events online at 1 Normal Avenue • Montclair, NJ 07043 • 973-655-4000 •




The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Construction throughout Montclair State Progresses During the Summer

Courtesy of

Nicole Simonetti | The Montclarion

Carparc Diem opens for the 2010-2011 school year.

The construction plans for Montclair State's newest dormitory complex, The Heights.

Nicole Simonetti | The Montclarion

A traffic light was put in at the three-way intersetion in front of Floyd Hall to make things safer.

Ratanjot Rekhi Assistant News Editor

This summer was anything short of relaxing for Montclair State University. Most of the campus is undergoing the process of beautification and numerous additions. For students returning in the Fall, the anticipated opening of Sinatra Hall has arrived with over 300 new students. Though the long-awaited Carparc Diem is open for business, the newly

surfacing residence halls, known as The Heights, knocked out a large amount of parking spots that might stifle the flow of traffic on campus. The regulation of this traffic pattern will be handled by the addition of traffic lights at the three way stop in front of Floyd Hall Arena. Though there are no longer major potholes and careless driving, commuters lost many parking spots and wont be cutting through the back of the Dickson Hall hill to make it to class on time. If attempting to enter the University via the main entrance, newly done

Ratanjot Rekhi | The Montclarion

Students are led through safe zones of construction with caution tape next to College Hall.

Ratanjot Rekhi | The Montclarion

Construction blocks off walk-ways in front of the Alexander Kasser theater.

Nicole Simonetti | The Montclarion

Construction began over the summer on The Heights.

roads and sidewalks are there to welcome, while construction continues for the completion of the College Avenue Promenade Project in front of College Hall. Moving forward, Russ and Freeman halls have renovated their main lounges. While Freeman redid their bathrooms, Russ added a patio section equipped with comfortable desks and hardwood floors to set the mood for a tranquil study day. Residents may be distracted by the ongoing work at the front entrance of Freeman Hall and the College Hall

Quad. Freshman Year Connections in Bohn Hall tossed the bulky wood furniture and opted for a new slimmer cherrywood design. Undergoing interior work, the piping in The Village was replaced. Air conditioning in Blanton Hall was also fixed. Officially recognized as Hawk Crossings, the apartment complex underwent changes to doors, windows and staircases to name a few. With all of this new construction, one can only wait and see what the new semester will bring.

Ratanjot Rekhi | The Montclarion

More construction began to take place by College Hall and Russ Hall.

Ratanjot Rekhi | The Montclarion

Fences surround the area of College Hall while construction continues to take place.

September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion

Sinatra Hall Continued From Page 1

curity number. Upon entering the suite, a key is used to enter their room. “I like the idea of being able to swipe in,” said Kevin Mann, a mathematics education major. “It makes the building a lot safer from robberies and unwanted guest. The only problem is that some people can’t swipe in and it seems to be taking a while for the problem to get fixed,” said Mann. “I think Sinatra Hall is more comfortable than a normal dorm,” said education major Irene Brooks. “As a transfer student I feel more at home here than I do at my dorm

in Blanton. It’s a nicer environment with comfortable settings.” “It’s a total upgrade from any other dorm on campus,” said Sinatra SA and broadcasting major Brian Henry. “The design is great. Everything looks so modern. Everyone who lives here is lucky.” “I believe it’s the epitome of a real college dorm and community,” said Sinatra RA and psychology major Alicia Torres. “This is how a University dorm should feel like.” The dormitory’s name was voted upon by the student body who overwhelmingly voted for New Jersey born singer and actor Frank Sinatra.


To Buy or To Rent? The Bookstore Now Offers a Choice Elaine Harang Staff Writer

A program for renting textbooks is now available at the campus bookstore. It was created with the intention of saving students money while helping their study efforts. Rent-a-Text has been brought to MSU by the Follet Higher Education Group. Students are now able to rent textbooks at half the price says Director of Public & Campus Relations, Elio Distaola. Distaoloa said, “The pressures on price and people’s wallets have propelled rental to the top option — presenting the lowest upfront cost to students, all at the campus bookstore.” “Rent-A-Text is a new and very exciting way for students to acquire their course materials. Students expect to save 50% or more on Rent-A-Text ti-


tles, and are allowed normal 'wear and tear,” said Distaola. The textbooks are available for purchase through financial aid, campus cards or online with in store pickup. Rented textbooks are allowed to be highlighted and written in. They are asked to be returned in a usable condition for the next student renting them. Students may also purchase the book at the end of the semester. Sophomore Nicole Aranya said, “I like that I am able to actually use the textbook and not treat it like a library book.” Rent-a-Text offers over 650 books to rent at the campus bookstore. “The most refreshing piece of this new offering is the direct feedback gathered from students and parents […] applauding the efforts and making education more affordable,” said Distaoloa.

Joseph Lisnow | The Montclarion

Students ID's get checked by personnel while leaving and entering the building to ensure safety.

Nicole Simonetti | The Montclarion Courtesy of

The bookstore advertised renting books last spring semester to get students interested.

Study Abroad Fair



11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • Student Center Ballrooms

Study Abroad Sessions

Friday • SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 • Student Center, Rooms 411-414 9:30 a.m. Diversity Abroad: You Can Go Too! Students from Diverse Backgrounds and Abilities Go Abroad 11:00 a.m. Affording Study Abroad: Financial Aid, Scholarships and Low-Cost Programs 1:00 p.m. Semester Exchange Programs: Studying Abroad at a Partner University 2:30 p.m. After Graduation: International Fellowships and Opportunities Abroad For more information, please visit the Montclair State University Study Abroad website at: Please register for the September 24 Sessions through the link on our website



The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Power UP! Peak Season Opening Weekend Sept. 11 8:00pm

Here There Be Dragons Missy Mazzoli’s Victoire William Brittelle’s Television Landscape NOW Ensemble


hree young Dragons have cornered the “new classical� music category. Victoire is an all-female quintet, Television Landscape embraces a big-band sonic eclecticism, and NOW Ensemble defines 21st-century chamber music. One set, three bands - followed by free refreshments and music in the MSU Amphitheater.

William Brittelle’s Television Landscape

Photo: Murat Eyuboglu

4FQUQNt'3&& NOW Ensemble

Photo: Stephen S. Taylor

Disembodied Instruments Christopher Janney with Guest Artists

Dave Revels and Jimmy Hayes of The Persuasions, Stan Strickland, Wes Wirth, Jerry Leake and Eddie George



Photo: Stephen S. Taylor

erformed within Janney’s one of kind sound and light installation Everywhere Is the Best Seat, these instruments will create a unique experience in live and midi- triggered sounds moving seamlessly from ambient to R&B to jazz. Free refreshments.

MSU AMPHITHEATER Sept. 12 3:00pm Christopher Janney

ŠPhenomenArts, Inc.

Shanghai Quartet and Guest Artist

Wu Man, pipa


ipa virtuoso Wu Man joins the esteemed Shanghai Quartet in the world premiere of Lei Liang’s Five Seasons. Program features Beethoven’s Quartet op. 18, no. 3; Schumann’s Quartet op. 41, no. 1; and Wang Huiran’s “Dance of the Yi People�, performed on the pipa.

Wu Man

Photo: Liu Junqi
































* MSU undergraduate students receive one ticket at no additional charge to every event, through the Performing Arts Fee, with their valid student IDs. Tickets for the public are $15.

The Montclarion



WELCOME CLASS OF 2014! Amanda Balbi Feature Editor Jade Moskovitz Staff Writer

Students from all over were welcomed yesterday to Montclair State University’s Red Hawk Country by a frenzy of festivities. The day included socializing with other new students, as well as competing in the first College Olympic Games, which they hope to hold next year as well. The relaxed atmosphere in the quad was refreshing, while new students mingled. Samantha Cox, a freshman, said MSU had a “good feel” and that the people were friendly. Students also said that Red Hawk Day set the precedent for the rest of the year. Some things that attracted new students to MSU were the well-rounded community, diversity on the campus and good curriculum. Tina Schoenwandt fell in love with the campus’ beauty and size. New students Tess Stahl and Richard Jellison agreed. “The campus offers a lot of activities,” Stahl said. “MSU has a good atmosphere and a well-rounded community,” Jellison agreed. Stephanie Geraci was attracted to the curriculum at first, and then was interested by the active student body. All in all, our campus is a desirable hotspot for incoming students. Everyone we talked to was excited to be attending such a great college. Even though there were no clouds in the sky and everywhere we looked there were students fighting for shade, everyone’s excitement was high for the first College Olympic Games. Organized by the Recreation Center and the Center for Student Involvement, the College Olympic Games consisted of trivia, Wii sports, dodge ball, volleyball and soccer games. Since the campus is well-rounded, it was easy for campus recreation to get involved in helping the community,

according to Garry Schragenheim. Students reached out to their peers to increase community involvement. The recreation staff met during the summer to organize the first college Olympic games. The Olympic tournament pitted college against college in a test of knowledge and athletic ability. The winner would receive a trophy. The other stands were run mainly by the Recreation Center. One in particular pointed a spotlight on the free swimming lessons offered this semester at the Rec Center. They had blow-up pools set up so students could New students participating in volleyball during the College Olympics. briefly escape the heat. The Rec Center also had a stand promoting the new price for intramural sports. Instead of the $60 per team which students had to pay last semester, it’s only $10 per sport per division now. Athletes can also purchase a season pass good

Photos courtesy of Amanda Balbi.

“MSU has a good atmosphere and a well-rounded community.”

Richard Jellison Freshman

for half a semester, which is $35. Other stands included carnival games such as “Minute to Wing” and a spoon game, which was similar to “Frog Launcher.” Yesterday was a day to remember for incoming students. Everyone was having fun while making new friends and experiencing college life for the first time.

From L to R: Jade Moskovitz, Allison Provenzano, and Christine O’Grady.

Sodexo catered the event. They provided chicken sandwiches and vegetarian choices.

Lifeguard sponsored swimming event. Promotion of free swimming lessons at the Rec Center.

Opening ceremony of the College Olympics.

Freshman playing soccer game in Olympics.

10 Feature

The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Visiting London: A Student’s Story Vanessa Hargreaves Assistant Feature Editor

This past summer a group of 12 Montclair State University students studied abroad in London, England for the month of July. Along with them, about 120 other students from all over America studied and lived in the town of Surbiton. Classes were at Kingston University, which was a 15-minute walk from their apartments. I participated in this journey during which students were able to adapt to a new culture and have experiences that made them grateful to be able to study abroad. “I didn’t want to leave,” said Anthony Pistono, a senior at MSU. “My roommates and I acted like a family. We went out together almost every night and had the best time.” He lived in my “flat” along with senior Christa Bramante, graduate student Caleb Prewitt and junior Kelsey Beckert. We all took classes for our majors and went on field trips to places such as Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Bath and Oxford. The classes were double sessions, which meant we went to class in the morning, took a break for lunch and then went back to class until four or went on a field trip led by the professor. All students were placed in apartments in Surbiton called Seething Wells. Most were put in rooms with people who came from their state. This allowed students to bond with people that they could potentially meet up with when they returned home. This also strengthened our group

spent the majority of his time with them. “I would look over at our MSU group and feel like they should branch out more,” said Shalhoub. “I know they were having a good time, but I’m just really glad I got to meet so many people from another part of the U.S.” However, because our courses related to our majors, I was able to meet other students from Georgia, Michigan, California, etc. and we still keep in contact today. Meeting the locals was another fun experience for students since the pubs, grocery store and shops were conveniently located within walking distance of our apartments. Courtesy of Vanessa Heargraves. Many of the MSU students infront of the London Eye. bartenders and older people in the pubs chatted with immensely, since there is a chance the students and asked how they that we would not have met otherwere adapting to London’s culture. wise because MSU is on the larg“They were so down to earth and er side and we have different marelaxed,” said Prewitt. “I felt comjors, like English and fine arts. fortable talking to them about the On the other hand, one student places we visited while being there from our group, Matt Shalhoub, a senior and they gave me some insider [tips] at MSU, got placed in an apartment about other interesting places that we with students from Michigan State and should check out in this large city.”

Transportation for the students was very accessible, since we were given an unlimited pass to use on the trains, buses and subways, better known as the “tube,” that worked for all six of London’s zones. “I couldn’t believe how clean the tubes were,” said Kristen Brandoff, a graduate student at MSU. “I live in New York, so it was a huge difference from the subways there, not to mention I felt a lot safer on the tube versus the subway.” All of the MSU students were extremely excited to go to Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles. Just by going to Abbey Road, we were joined by tourists from all over the world going to the same destination. “The intersection was busy,” said Melissa Grant, a junior at MSU. “But the fact that you’re walking the same zebra walk the fab four did 40 years earlier gives you this incredible feeling that you’re a part of their world.” Studying abroad in London allowed every student to return home with memories they will keep forever. The language may have been the same, but the culture was slower-paced, which allowed students to enjoy their time abroad seeing and learning a new cultural perspective. One local I met at a coffee shop asked where I was from because of my accent, and he commented on how London is one of the most, if not the most, diverse city in the world. At first we were worried that a month would be too long, but in the end we all ended up wishing that we had more time in this wonderful city.

Write for Feature! Email us at!

The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Feature 11

Junior’s Times Square Courtesy of

Amanda Balbi Feature Editor

Junior’s restaurant and bakery, located in the heart of Broadway across from the Marquis Hotel, is the perfect addition to any day in New York City. Junior’s started as a little bakery in Brooklyn in the 1950s. Originally known for their cheesecake, Junior’s has snowballed in popularity and quickly became a New York landmark.

Courtesy of

Their food ranges from deli sandwiches to seafood to anything barbecue, all at affordable prices. After a long walk through New York, my friend and I stumbled upon a restaurant that looked like something out of a 1950’s greaser movie. The old diner scene didn’t cut it, but the lively seating under a covered porch changed our minds. The food on the tables smelled absolutely delightful and looked amazing. At that moment, we knew we had to try it. We passed by a patron who ordered a mouth-watering steak which filled the entire plate. We could smell the barbecue sauce from the sidewalk. We also noticed that there was a little bowl of pickles on the table accented with some coleslaw. Another couple ordered the cheesecake which was also a generous portion. I was able to see their fork glide through the creamy cheesecake as if it were soft enough to melt in your mouth. This restaurant was definitely for us.

Approaching the front door was hard due to the crowd of New York patrons waiting for seats. This only bolstered our opinion of the good food offered at Junior’s restaurant. Even though there was a line, we were seated promptly. The waiter who seated us smiled as he took our order. Everything on the menu looked delicious, so we asked for the waiter’s recommendation. Because he knew the menu like the back of his hand, we felt he was reliable. When dinner arrived, the generous portions astounded us. The sandwiches were so big that half of one could have filled a ravenous teenage boy. The waiter definitely knew what he was talking about. The pastrami was so tender that it melted in my mouth. On the waiter’s recommendation, my friend ordered the chicken parmesan, which was steaming hot. The spaghetti it came with was cooked to perfection and the tomato sauce was pureed so it was chunk-free. There was so much food that we had to take home the rest in doggie bags. The table next to us had ordered cheeseburgers, which also looked scrumptious. They were piled high with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and onions. We could not even think about dessert after our main entrees. However, if the desserts were as good as their entrees, I would have been happy to take the bakers home with me. They have their own bakery in the restaurant. Junior’s is actually known for their famous cheesecakes. Nothing says home cookin’ like

Location: West 45th Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue Telephone Number: (212) 302-2000 their handmade cheesecake. They also had a variety of other baked goods such as layered cakes and pies. All in all, this restaurant passes my tests: A+ for food, service and cleanliness. The only thing I did not like was that the bathrooms were located

on the other side of the kitchen, meaning that we had to dodge waiters every time we wanted to wash our hands. I give Junior’s in Times Square four out of five stars and would recommend it to anyone willing to try something new and fun.

Courtesy of



Pastrami sandwich with a side of horseradish.

Courtesy of

Eat Here!

FACEBOOK Are we really safe?

it’s time to take a step back and question, how safe are we when we log on? People on Facebook are not always These days, it is rare to meet who they seem to be. There someone who isn’t on Facebook. People have been many crimes and casof all ages are logging on and creates where someone has created a ing accounts for a number of reasons. false account to deceive others. According to there are One of the most memorable currently more than 500 million active tragedies is Ashleigh Hall, users, and about 70 percent of these usa 17-year-old Facebook user ers reside outside of the United States. just like most people her age. Hall began talking to a good-looking 19 year-old who she met on the website. Within a short period of time, the boy had convinced Hall to meet him in person. That boy turned out to be 33-year-old registered sex-offender Peter Chapman. Chapman kidnapped, raped and murdered Hall. It is hard to blame a child for falling into a trap such as this, but it is also difficult to blame Facebook itself. In cases like this, it is best to just try to prevent similar Courtesy of Amanda Balbi. things from happening in the future. Facebook is known for being a Facebook seems to be trying to do network where you can connect with just that by improving privacy setanyone, locate long lost friends or famtings and creating a safety center. ily members, meet new people and stay It is also a good idea to look online in touch with ones that live far away. for ways to stay safe. For instance, also states that and hotindienews. 50 percent of active users log on to com readers can find tips on their accounts on any given day, how to protect themselves on soand have an average of 130 friends. cial networks such as Facebook. That’s a large number of people The Internet can be an enjoyable sharing their personal information place to socialize with others, but with the world, yet for the most part we it is important to keep staying safe assume that it is all in good fun. Maybe a top priority whenever you log on. Dinah Polk Assistant Feature Editor



12 Feature

The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Upcoming Events The Big Comedy Show.................................................. Sept. 2 Project College............................................................ Sept. 3 Free Sno Kones & Calendars.......................................... Sept. 3 Movie Marathon............................................................ Sept. 4 ResFest ....................................................................... Sept. 4 Intramural Kickoff...................................................... Sept. 5 NO CLASSES! ............................................................... Sept. 6 Labor Day BBQ ........................................................... Sept. 6 Campus Safety- Law & Order: MSU................................ Sept. 7 Study Abroad Info Sessions......................................... Sept. 8 You Are Beautiful ...................................................... Sept. 8


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Sudoku Korner Difficulty Levels (1=Easiest to 6=Hardest)

Difficulty Level: 1

Difficulty Level: 1 Difficulty Level: 1

Difficulty Level: 2

Difficulty Level: 3




September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion

Don’t forget the important stuff this year.

NEWMAN CATHOLIC Helping students grow in their faith through spiritual, social and community outreach activities.

"Our hearts and minds are yearning for a vision of To learn more about our daily events as we help one another grow in our Catholic-Christian faith life where love endures, where gifts are shared, through spiritual, social and community where unity is built, where freedom finds meaning in truth, and where identity is found in respectful outreach activities, here’s how you can contact us: communion. This is the work of the Holy Spirit! Find us on FACEBOOK, online at MSUNEWThis is the hope held out by the Gospel of Jesus or at Christ!" - Pope Benedict XVI Join us! And get ready for faith and fun! We gather together as brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate the Eucharist, every SUNDAY NIGHT at 8:30 PM in the Student Center Cafeteria B & C

Or stop by and say hello! Newman Center 894 Valley Road, Montclair NJ 07043 (Located down the stairs behind Moorehead hall) (973) 746-2323



The Montclarion


Where is the “State” in Montclair State University? 0

That sucks, man. Montclair’s tuition rise wasn’t that bad. I mean, I had to downsize my aviary, but I can still get by. With the new tuition increase, Boston University mascot anymore, so I’m out here on the streets.




Max Matiash | The Montclarion

ith each new semester, the student body expects a certain amount of changes. Montclair, especially, never remains the same for an extended amount of time. Montclair’s administration seems to be on a grand quest for improvement. Of course, as is the case with most endeavors, new projects require funding. Hopefully, most young adults in New Jersey are aware of the severe budget cuts that education has suffered through since the election of Governor Christie. Some of you may have noticed that the tuition for Fall 2010 has increased in direct correlation. The tuition will be $282 higher than last semester’s payment. The increase will lead to a grand total of $7,324. As to be expected, some

students reacted negatively to the increase in tuition. We understand the reasons behind a student’s impulse to speak out against the increase. When it comes to money, no one is pleased to be paying more. Yet, we implore the young adults of Montclair State University to consider the facts behind the tuition increase. In a press release, President Cole described the increase as “relatively modest.” And we are inclined to agree. The state cut 15 percent of the funding assistance from the University. Comparatively, the four percent increase is rather modest. Montclair had no other choice in this situation. President Cole is determined to “maintain the high quality of programs and services that are available to students at Montclair State.” If the programs were not

maintained we can guarantee that students would voice their complaints. A tough economic climate requires a variety of changes. The tuition is based on what is awarded from the state of New Jersey. Once the budget is announced, the university engages in proper delineation. Various departments are considered in the decision to change the budget. Overall, the process seems to be well thought out and fair. Since the budget is determined by the state budget, Montclair was not the only university affected by the cut. All of New Jersey’s state schools experienced an increase in tuition. If the state continues to cut college budgets then should Montclair remain Montclair State University? Should we change our name as we continue to seek more revenue from other sources?

We believe it’s improper to remain affiliated with the state if they don’t care enough to fund the university. Keep in mind that the state cut the budget 15 percent and then mandated that universities could not increase tuition more then four percent. The state is pushing universities to find other ways to receive general funding. Montclair might be forced to make budget cuts that are detrimental to some students and departments. We recognize the folly involved in capping percentages and remain frustrated that the state continues to throw higher education under the bus. Clearly, we can comprehend the tuition increase, but if the university is having economic issues then why does the extensive construction continue? Sure, the administration can force the students to pay more.

We believe it’s within the students’ rights to expect the University to spend the remaining budget wisely. Granted, Montclair is still trying to award as many scholarships as possible and to continue assisting students with financial aid. Paula Maliandi, executive director of university communications, said that comparatively, Montclair is still one of the cheapest state schools in New Jersey. Money will always remain a touchy subject for students. We are all old enough to reason logically and understand that the tuition increase was unavoidable. In the grand scheme of things, $282 is not that steep of a price to pay in order to maintain the entirety of Montclair State university. -LW

Recent Tuition Increases: 0

Graphics by Mark Banas | The Montclarion


September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion

The Student Body’s History of Indecision Contemplation Of Ever-Changing Political Fads Among Young Adults


s the spring semester came to a close, many students were outraged by the changes that Gov. Chris Ch r istie’s administration was making to public educaKatie Winters tion funding. Copy Editor There were protests on campus (albeit poorly attended ones), articles written and a trip planned to march on the state capitol building in Trenton. But has the fire died out? While we haven’t been back on campus very long, it seems this issue has faded from students’ minds. After searching online, I couldn’t even find any news stories regarding the march on Trenton. I certainly haven’t heard any students

the other recently disaster-stricken areas. talking about the problem, even with the And it wasn’t just last year; this seems to raise in tuition that occurred this year. happen every year. Now, the real question becomes: Can Now this is not to say that some students MSU students care long enough about an don’t have issues they hold near and dear issue to make a difference? and fight for whenever they get a chance, but Time and time again I’ve seen students as a whole, our student body doesn’t seem to pick up an issue, be extremely impassioned care, or at least not for long. about it and then lose interest rapidly Last year E v e n ever yone when issues was against very directly P r o p o s it i o n “Now this is not to say that some students affect our 8, rallied for college eduObama as if don’t have issues they hold near and dear cation we he were the seem to answer to and fight for whenever they get a chance, just sit back all our proband let the lems and held but as a whole, our student body doesn’t “adults” take numerous care of them. f u nd r a i s er s seem to care, or at least not for long.” And then for Haiti. students S u d d e n ly complain no one seems about how to even keep up on the issue of same-sex poorly things seem to be going. marriages in California (they were rein While I am not personally a fan of large stated, though the ruling is being appealed), protests and marches, we need to stop acting care what Obama is doing or take a second like we can’t do anything. As long as we’re glance at the current state of Haiti or any of registered, we can vote.

As voters, we can sway politicians to pass laws we think are good ideas and to toss bills that are not. We just have to stick to it long enough. We all know that our age group is generally responsible for the lowest voter turnout, and that this affects our clout with politicians. Well, our apparent lack of conviction towards issues does the same. If our demographic continues to make some noise and then fade out of the picture entirely, those in power will assume that we never really cared. While I cannot overemphasize the importance of voting, students need to stick to the issues we view as important. Whether it is as simple as sending an email to a representative or writing a letter to a newspaper, or something bigger like joining in or organizing a march, it will get noticed if it is sustained. Someone may notice a single loud bang, but they will forget it soon after. It is the continuing static of motivated effort which eventually affects a change.

Katie Winters, an English major, is in her first year as Chief Copy Editor for The Montclarion.

Artists Suffer Neglect By The University Student Speculates Over Ignored Problems And Poor Maintenance


eople who have interests in different areas and seek out higher education in a variety of fields often have more in comALEXA COPPOLA mon than one might think. COLUMNIST We all yearn for that degree, we’re all paying for it and at times, we are all driven to the cusp of insanity. One commonality that seems pretty obvious is the desire for a quality learning space. We all yearn for a pleasant environment. we believe that it should at least be consistently maintained, somewhat clean, supplied appropriately and physically stable. The condition of our learning environment affects us more than you probably think. I can honestly say that a leaky faucet catches my attention just as easily as a lec-

ture. Though you probably feel as if I am stating the obvious, one stroll through Calcia and you may not think this is so apparent to Montclair’s administration. The cleanliness deficiency that seems to plague the building is somewhat justified by the nightmare that is cleaning up after a bunch of artists. If you are not a frequent visitor of this eclectic building, then you can only imagine what occurs within its confines, and the materialistic mayhem that is a frequent result. However, this is not remedied by a hasty replenishment or abundance of supplies, it just sort of happens. In fact, most of the materials that art students use are purchased by the students themselves. One would be amazed at the cost of simple art supplies. Yes, some of the supplies are available on campus, but the costs don’t exactly adhere to the concept of a “broke college student.” So it’s up to the student, or the magnanimous professor, that doesn’t allow budget issues to come between the education and the soon-to-be educated.

Don’t be mislead, this school does supply its art department with limited material, but there is an incredibly strong emphasis on the limited part. There would be considerable room for understanding if MSU seemed to be experiencing some economic issues, but this does not appear to be the case. I only say this as an observer and the evidence, quite literally, blocks your path. It’s hard to miss. In recent months, I have seen rapid construction in virtually every section of the campus. Construction explained by the need to expand and cater to more students, but what about the current students? Our needs don’t just evaporate once our tuition is paid. I am not trying to say that the art community is widely abused at Montclair State University. But from what I have seen, there is no doubt that it has been neglected. And it especially hurts when so much attention is deferred elsewhere. In this case elsewhere would be everywhere else. I pay the same tuition as the rest of the

student body. I’m left wondering why my needs, as a student, are being neglected. It is thought that some artists intake and consume the world around them in a unique way, unlike the common man. That they create a sort of commentary on life, each while looking through a permanent lens. Each lens is unlike the other, akin to what great musicians or writers do, and how they absorb what they have experienced and seen. If this is so, then it would be necessary for these exceptional and incomparable methods to be recorded, expressed and available to anyone who is curious. Perhaps they see something that others do not see, or have lessons to teach, a warning to give maybe. A message no one can ever know if they do not have the means to communicate. Without a coherent space to call their own, artists are robbed of their most basic desire: self-expression.

Alexa Coppola, a Fine Arts Major, is in her first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Students Speak: How do you feel about the extensive construction occurring on campus?

Christina Brady Junior Fashion Studies

Demetrios Kydonieus Sophomore English

Katie Frazer Sophomore Theater Studies

Christopher Sparks Junior Communications

“In the future, the construction will benefit the campus. But, now I’m just waiting for it to be over.”

“It’s such a pain in the butt! What were they doing the entire summer!?”

”Terrible. The Freemen Quad is a mess and the construction is so loud in the early morning.”

“I think it’s a big hassle. Super inconvenient.”

Students Speak Policy

Responses to Students Speak are the opinions of the students of Montclair State University and are not necessarily those of the staff of The Montclarion and Montelican Publishing, Inc. Once given, responses are the property of The Montclarion and Montelican Publishing, Inc. and is eligible for editing where felt necessary. Responses were given on the campus of Montclair State University on Wednesday Sept. 1, 2010.

The Montclarion

Arts & Entertainment


Sufjan Stevens Delights With New EP Mark Gould Arts & Entertainment Editor

Remember taking that aural trip to Michigan back in 2003? Or how about when you felt the “Illinoise” in 2005? If not, then you may be unfamiliar with the indie rock scene’s most promising star, Detroit-born Sufjan Stevens. To give you some background, his first name is pronounced “soof-yahn,” and he unexpectedly released an eight song, 60 minute EP entitled All Delighted People on Aug. 20. The EP is currently only available online. It’s moderately priced at $5 and contains some of the most enjoyable

music from his 10 years and counting of songwriting. Stevens has been a busy man over the past decade. He’s been in dozens of soundtracks including Little Miss Sunshine, I’m Not There and Babies. He’s also worked with a full orchestra to produce the soundtrack of The BQE, a play based on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. All Delighted People features eight songs, two of which are different recordings of the title track. According to Stevens’ own record label, Asthmatic Kitty, the song is described as “an homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui and Paul Simon’s ‘Sounds of

Silence.’” That’s about as precise a review as you’ll get. The EP feels like a balanced mix of his prior works, such as the mostly stripped down songs on his album Seven Swans, and the effervescent pop charm of his hit song “Chicago.” Simon and Garfunkel comparisons are not too farfetched here. Stevens has the songwriting talent of a young Paul Simon mixed with the delicate vocals of Art Garfunkel. Stevens is surely well aware of this, as one of the lyrics on the EP is, “hello darkness, my old friend.” The EP’s first track, the original version of “All Delighted People” is an 11 ½ minute long journey that is layered with somber tones, until the refrain “all delighted people raise your hands” interrupts and keeps the listener hooked until the closing seconds. The middle of the EP, including the shortened eight minute long classic rock version of the title track, is filled with charming songs with

Photo courtesy of

a smooth guitar sound, very folk/americana oriented. The EP closes with “Djohariah,” a 17 minute track full of guitar riffs and background “oohs” and “ahhs.” If you stick around until the final five minutes, you’ll finally hear singing and softer guitar picking. It’s the kind of song that hardcore fans will relish, while listeners unknown to the likes of Stevens may be quick to dismiss. Fans may remember Stevens for setting out to record an album for each of the 50 American states. He’s only released two so far, and rumors have started that he has no plans to keep up with the lofty goal, but Stevens himself has hinted that New Jersey may

possibly be one of the next on the list. That’s not even the best news. For fans that can’t get enough of their favorite singer-songwriter, Stevens has announced an upcoming full length album, The Age of Adz, to be released Oct. 12, 2010. You can also catch him on tour to promote his new music in October and November. Unfortunately, his two New York shows have already sold out. For more information on Stevens, and to check out the new frequently updated reviews section, check out The Montclarion online at

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The Expendables Provides Big Summer Action Star-Studded Cast Shine In New Film Ken Macri Staff Writer

The Expendables is a great action movie with a brilliant cast that is explosive throughout. The plot isn’t anything spectacular, but it is carried out well by the strong cast and contains plenty of intense action. The plot involves a team of mercenaries who head to South America to overthrow an evil dictator who is abusing the locals and trying to seize power by working with former CIA agent turned drug lord, James Munroe (Eric Roberts). Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) offers Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team the dangerous job of traveling to Vilena to overthrow the island’s evil dictator General Garza and his American partner Munroe, and Monroe’s henchman (Steve Austin), in the process. Ross takes his team of mercenaries, consisting of knifeman Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), combat expert Yin Yang (Jet Li), weapons specialist Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) and Toll Road (Randy Couture). The team used to be six

strong, but their last member, Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) goes crazy during the opening rescue mission and is therefore left out after trying to kill Ross and Yin Yang. Ross’s main reason for killing General Garza and Munroe is not the money offered by Church, but so he can save Garza’s daughter Sandra (Giselle Itie) from being tortured and killed for aiding the Americans. Ross realizes he must rescue Sandra so he can save a life after all the lives he took. It was Tool (Mickey Rourke) who gave him this advice during a powerful scene between Rourke and Stallone. Ross’s feelings for Sandra are the only real emotional drama, because the film is way too busy providing some flawless action scenes. There are so many great gun battles and fight scenes in this film, but my personal favorite was the fierce one-onone battle between Austin and Stallone during the climax of the movie. You can expect nothing less than a hardcore, action-packed movie from Stallone, and when you add the supporting cast of

action legends, it is really fun to watch. Overall, I think the only flaw that this movie has is the fact that some talent was wasted with too little screen time, such as Rourke and Crews, due to the number of big name action stars in this film. Nevertheless, The Expendables is by far the best action movie of the summer, and it is really great to see Stallone back in his element, much like he was in Rambo. And by the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on the big screen in this film, and he did a solid job in his one scene.

Check back weekly for reviews of the biggest films, and be sure to visit for previews of upcoming movies. Photo courtesy of

18 A&E

The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Mark’s New Music Roundup Indie super group Arcade Fire returns with the highly anticipated album Suburbs. This CD marks the Canadian band’s third, and possibly best, effort. You may have seen them on The Colbert Report, or read about them in many blogs and music journals. Expect a great deal of richly textured gems that don’t get too abrasive or repetitive like so many other bands in the genre. Arcade Fire is unique in a time when music often sounds all too similar. Suburbs is out now.

Photo taken from

Jarrod Gorbel once charmed the scene with his Brooklyn indie band The Honorary Title. Now solo, his sound is smoother, more charming, and honest. Devil’s Made A New Friend picks up right where The Honorary Title left off, while getting closer to Gorbel’s roots. The framework of his songs are often rooted in simplistic folk, layered with a carefully placed backing band for a fuller sound. His voice is still rough, but is now less depressed, and more genuine and soulful. Jarrod Gorbel’s debut solo album raises the bar once again for the singer/songwriter genre.

&&"!& )

Photo taken from

Visit The Montclarion’s website, for information on these albums and more, and make sure to tune in to Montclair State University’s underground radio station, WMSC 90.3 FM to hear great new music.






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        44(93((0 +122,0*(05(3  3142(&57(06( #(453$0*( 

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$)( !* + * #!+)! $#  (*


The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

A&E 19

Fine Art Meets Popular Entertainment Katie Winters Chief Copy Editor

We’ve all become accustomed to subjective matters as the focus of reality TV shows, whether this means following the lives and experiences of people or competitions that rest upon the opinions of judges. The CW’s America’s Next Top Model is of course a wellknown example of the latter, but Bravo has found a real niche in this category as well, taking the existing model and diversifying the offerings. Starting with Project Runaway and continuing with the culinary arts and interior design, Bravo has now expanded their repertoire to include visual art. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is a competition, pitting artists against each other to see who could “create the best art” from week to week.

Initially this seems impossible to many. What does a challenge even consist of in an art show? And of course, the conundrum of the extremely subjective nature of art comes into play. Fashion at least has guidelines in the form of current style and there is a certain amount of objectivity to the taste of food. But art is all over the board, with many different styles, matters of aesthetic and many mediums to utilize. There isn’t even much consensus on what art is, so it is understandable that viewers could be incredulous about Work of Art. However despite all of these possible traps, Bravo made a good show. It was engaging and entertaining. Even though everyone will have a favorite and there is always that contestant that makes pieces no one understands, the viewer doesn’t feel that those who

Work of Art winner Abdi presents one of his pieces to the judges

went home were sent home without reason. So often those who were eliminated were sent home because of an idea that completely missed the mark or skills that lacked. The challenges became more of ideas to be elaborated on with small hurdles to force the artists to stretch their ideas and skills. Most interestingly though, is the unprecedented view this show offers you. Normally in these competition shows everything between the issuing of the challenge and the presentation of the work is fighting, drama and catty behavior. Though Bravo did not do entirely away with this winning combination, what the viewer sees in the work room is an artist’s process. For anyone interested in how pieces come to be, from inception to completion, this is groundbreaking. The chances of seeing this in the

real world are slim to none, but now it’s broadcast for all to see. This show is worth watching. I had my reservations at first, but Bravo and the show’s creators and producers handled the subject well. This along with the unique chance to view artists at work on consecutive challenges makes the show worth all of the typical reality TV fare. Of course if you are a big fan of the drama of having people compete with each other so intensely, this is just another field to watch it occur in and you will certainly find some interesting characters in the group, like Miles who keeps trying to persuade female competitors to create nude self-portraits. If you didn’t manage to watch the show this summer, I strongly suggest you catch up now as we all wait for the next season.

Photos courtesy of

Welcome New Stu!dents! Welcome Back returning Students! !

Department of Management and Information Systems Management

Operations Management

Have we got some courses for YOU! Check out our offerings in Mythology (Celtic Myth!), Ancient History and Culture, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Classics (Sports in Antiquity!), Vocabulary Development, Latin, Greek, many General Education courses and so much more. The Department of Classics and General Humanities offers Majors in General Humanities, Classics, and Latin, and Minors in Classics, Latin, Greek and Archaeology

See For questions call 973-655-4419 or email

Future Business Managers

We’d love to help! !

Management information Systems

Hospitality management



The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Welcome Back from Facilities Services!

The Office of Facilities Services is happy to welcome students back to campus and would like to share the following information about the services we provide.

Parking Services The CarParc Diem Deck is open! All students with a general commuter lot hangtag are able to utilize the new, 1,500 space parking deck. We are pleased to remind you that we still offer the following free services: ~ Battery Jump Starts ~ Flat Tire Changes Contact us at 973-655-7581 or visit our website at

Transportation Services  Shuttle bus service is available 24/7 and will operate according to printed timetables.  For your convenience and ease in traveling throughout the campus, we’ve added the following bus stops: CarParc Diem Deck, Sinatra Hall.  The following stops have been discontinued: Student Recreation Center, Lot 40, Lot 28 (Please use the shuttle stop located on the northern side of the NJ Transit Parking Garage). Please note: MSU shuttle buses make only the scheduled stops on each route. For your safety, passengers will not be discharged at any other locations. For more information, visit our website at

Waste Management Services Yes, MSU recycles! Recycling services are provided to all buildings as mandated by New Jersey State Law. Numerous recycling bins and receptacles are located throughout buildings and along walkways on campus. The units are clearly marked and those located indoors are provided with blue liners so that patrons can easily identify the correct bins in which to deposit their recyclables. We are in the process of increasing the number of recycling receptacles on campus. To learn more about recycling on campus, visit

Mail Services & Central Receiving Services  All mail and packages are processed by Mail & Receiving Services before being delivered to students at their residence halls.  Packages that are associated with a tracking number will be held in Central Receiving. The addressee will be notified via MSU email or a notice will be placed in their oncampus mailbox. You must present your ID to pickup a package.  All items of value should be sent using some method of package tracking.  All incoming mail should contain the following address information: Student’s name / Dorm name, Room number / Montclair State University / 1 Normal Avenue / Montclair, NJ 07043



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Child Care Wanted Family in Montclair is looking for a responsible and enthusiastic student, male or female, to provide care and tutoring to their wonderful 3 boys (11, 9, and 9) weekdays, after school, from 3pm to 7:30pm. Please contact us with your credentials including a clean driving license. Thank you. sharewith@mac. com or call Eric (215) 285-8026. WEEKDAY AFTERNOON SITTER WANTED to watch 6 and 9 year old boys after school in Montville, NJ from 2:45pm to 6:45pm. Car/license required. If interested, please call (917) 561-4466.

Now Hiring? Need A Sitter? Room for Sale? We Can Help. Advertise With Us!



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22 sports

The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

New Faces Look To Boost Women’s Soccer Kris Hunte Assistant Sports Editor

The 2010 fall season is filled with significant changes for the women’s MSU soccer team. Former head coach Eileen Blair hung her hat as the team’s ringleader in May after 12 seasons and 11 consecutive NJAC Tournament appearances. In her wake resides alumni soccer player and former men’s assistant coach Patrick Naughter to man the reins for the women. In addition to hats being hung, caps were tossed into the air by the team’s

two ’09 First Team All Conference stars, defender Tina Della Fave and Goalkeeper Leah Tepperman. Tepperman was also awarded a spot on the ECAC All-Metro Team and NJAC Goalkeeper of the Year. Coach Naughter may need some time to evaluate the former stars’ replacements. He will be keeping his eye on senior newcomer Tracy Manella and two young goal savers, freshman Chelsey Soltis and sophomore Marisa Zayac. The Red Hawks also lost last season’s leading goal scorer, Natalia Sisti, to graduation. With so many significant losses suffered by the team, can the

women of MSU improve on last season’s 9-6-2 record and recover from last year’s first round loss to William Paterson? The future looks bright, because the returning Red Hawks are nothing to flash a red card at. Coming back for their last seasons as Red Hawk soccer stars are 2009 Honorable Mention All-Conference midfielder Jackie McGrath, who was second on the team in points that year, and 2009 Honorable Mention All-Conference defender Stefani Elfther. Both ladies, along with senior midfielder Katie Minnervi, who missed eight games in ’09 due to injury, have been passed Tepperman’s and Della

Fave’s torch and are the new captains of the upstart Red Hawks. Also returning for her last year is the team’s ’09 assist leader, defender Nicole Anulewicz. This core group will continue to maintain the fire that represents their burning passion to win for the younger players, making the Red Hawks of the women’s soccer team a squad to keep your eye on in 2010. Will the first year head coach continue the legacy of MSU’s regular season success to make it 12 straight NJAC tournament appearances? Only time well tell with this year’s edition of the team.

Jillian Keats l The Montclarion

Junior midfielder Christina DeMartinis will be one of the returning Red Hawks looking to help their team to a NJAC championship in 2010.

Field Hockey Falls In Opener Mike Monostra Sports Editor

Opening night was not so sweet for MSU field hockey, as they were defeated by the Eastern University Eagles 4-1, last night at Sprague Field. The Red Hawks looked nothing like the team that dominated the ECAC Tournament last November, as they got off to a slow start from the get-go in the first half and saw things completely unravel in the second half, when the Eagles pulled away. Eastern got off to a fast start just over six minutes in as they got a goal from forward Hope Donnelly. The goal came off of a corner hit from Eastern, which resulted in a scramble up front and saw MSU goalie Megan Bosland fall out of position, allowing for an easy goal from Donnelly. With Eastern holding the ball for much of the first 20 minutes, MSU coach Beth Gottung called a timeout, which helped the Red Hawks gain some momentum. A few minutes after the timeout, the Red Hawks were able to get a goal off of a corner hit. Freshman Brittany Carroll was able to put her first career goal into the net, tying the game at one heading into halftime. Any momentum gained by the Red Hawks before halftime was completely lost when the second half rolled around. MSU failed to move the ball upfield during the period, neglecting to put any pressure on the Eastern defense. Some bad turnovers and solid passing from Eastern led to three goals. The first goal of the second half came off of the stick of Abby Wagner, who took advantage of a crazy scramble in front to bang in what turned out to be the gamewinner. The Eagles continued to put the pressure on the MSU defense, pouring shots on Bosland and keeping MSU from taking possession of the ball. Donnelly added her second goal of the game a few minutes after the Wagner goal, lifting the ball just over Bosland’s shoulder for the third goal of the game. Eastern added a fourth goal late to put the game on ice

Jillian Keats l The Montclarion

Red Hawk forward Melissa Flaherty looks to receive a pass in MSU’s 4-1 opening night loss to Eastern last night. and send the Red Hawks to a 0-1 start to the season. Overall, frustrations ran high on the field and sidelines, as a team that knew they were better than what they showed, sloshed on through the game, a game that seemed to get worse and worse by the minute. There appears to be a lot of work ahead for the Red Hawks. “We need to improve stepping up to

the ball,” senior captain Deana Hagel said after the game. “Our press needs work, and we need to come together as a team to figure out what went wrong today.” Montclair State will look to bounce back this weekend with two games at home. The Red Hawks will host Wheaton College on Saturday at 1 p.m. at Sprague Field. They will follow that game with a

matchup against Rensslaer on Sunday at 1 p.m. at Sprague Field. With NJAC play looming ahead in a few weeks, MSU must use the upcoming non-conference games as a means of improving. This weekend’s games should serve as a barometer of the resiliency of this team. They will have to forget last night’s performance and bounce back, if they want to move forward.

September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion



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The Montclarion • September 2, 2010

Women’s Soccer Opens Season With Win Mike Monostra Sports Editor

Women’s soccer had the privilege of opening the the 2010-11 Montclair State Athletics season yesterday. They did it in winning fashion, defeating the St. John Fisher Cardinals in a high scoring 4-2 match at MSU Soccer Park. The win was the first in the head coaching career of Pat Naughter, who is entering his first season as the head coach of the Red Hawks’ women’s soccer team. Naughter was formerly an assistant for the men’s soccer team under Brian Sentowski. The game, which featured a ton of

offense, saw St. John Fisher score first as they got a goal on a high shot from Heather Konieczny to take an early 1-0 lead. MSU would immediately storm back, scoring two quick goals to take their first lead of the game. Freshman Allison Wacker scored her first career goal to tie the game at 1-1. Just a few minutes later Katie Minervini added a goal of her own to give the Red Hawks a 2-1 lead. Montclair kept the pressure on throughout the first half, as Wacker added a second goal later in the period to make the score 3-1. St. John Fisher added a goal before halftime, but the Red Hawks still held the lead at 3-2 at halftime.

The Red Hawks defense, which played a bit loose in the first half, tightened up and kept the Cardinals at bay in the second half. St. John Fisher managed just six shots in the entire game and severely lacked quality chances in the second half. In her debut as the starting goalkeeper, Marisa Zayac made two saves, which was good enough to notch the victory. The Red Hawks added a goal midway through the second half. Striker Rachel Senyszyn broke loose from the Cardinals’ defense and scored in on the goalkeeper to give MSU a commending 4-2 lead, which they would hold for the final 30 minutes. For the Red Hawks, it was crucial getting off on the right foot in their season

opener. Picked to only finish sixth in the NJAC, this is a Red Hawk team that has a ton to prove and wins early in nonconference play are crucial to building up this young team’s confidence. The Red Hawks will return to action this weekend in Norfolk, Virginia. They will play Virginia Wesleyan and Christopher Newport in the Orthopaedic Associates of Virginia Classic. The game against Virginia Wesleyan is on Friday at 7 p.m., the game against Christopher Newport will be on Saturday at 5 p.m. The next Red Hawk home game will be on Wednesday afternoon, when they take on Stevens. The game will take place at MSU Soccer Park. Kick-off will be at 2 p.m.

Jillian Keats l The Montclarion

Freshman forward Allison Wacker made a huge splash in her debut yesterday, scoring twice and adding an assist in the Red Hawks’ 4-2 victory over St. John Fisher.


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September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion



Men’s Soccer Prepared to Drive for Five

Perennial Powerhouse Favored to Win Fifth Straight NJAC Title Jake Del Mauro Staff Writer

Coming off of their fourth straight conference title and fourth straight trip to the NCAA Tournament, expectations remain high for the Red Hawks. MSU received six of the 10 first place votes in the NJAC Preseason Coach’s Poll and is ranked 19th in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Preseason Top 20. MSU is also preparing for another year of records and history, with the team 12 wins away from recording their 500th victory as a program. Meanwhile Head Coach Brian Sentowski is one win shy of 50 NJAC victories. Last season saw Montclair State shatter the NCAA Record for consecutive home wins and finished with 17 victories overall, the fourth-most in school history for a single season. With some familiar faces gone from the past couple seasons, a new crop of stars will be sure to emerge this season. “We don’t have many seniors this year but that is not a problem,” said defender Thomas Benack, one of the nine seniors on the team. “Our team is comprised of many underclassmen as well and most of them bring just as much, if not more, leadership to the team.” The team has 15 underclassmen, some who will surely be getting playing time this year. Mike Krol returns for his senior season, a First-Team NJAC midfielder, as captain, along with forward Larry Geraghty. Geraghty was second on the team last season with eight goals and 16 points. With all these expectations, the losses of Mike and Joe Cullen and William Griffin (all three First Team NJAC and ECAC) and Goalie Teddy Ritter (a Second Team All-NJAC member) will surely be felt throughout the year. But the players remain confident, for good reason, that the NJAC title will stay at Montclair. “I know for a fact we have what it takes to win our fifth straight title,” said senior defender Jose Roque. “And that is the work ethic that the program has prided itself in all these past successful years.” Coach Sentowski does have to decide on a new goaltender and some key spots on the offensive end need to be filled. But with the experience and skill the Red Hawks have, it should be another exciting season. MSU’s first home game of the season will be against New York City Tech on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Check the Montclair State athletics website for more information on the team.

Joe Battiato l The Montclarion

Senior captain Coron Short will be a key part of the MSU defense this season as the Red Hawks prepare to defend their NJAC title once again.

Volleyball Shut Out by SUNY-New Paltz Mike Monostra Sports Editor

The young MSU volleyball team began their 2010 season with a loss last night as they fell to SUNY-New Paltz in three straight sets. The SUNY Hawks took down the Red Hawks by a score of 25-19, 25-9, 25-16. The match served as a learning experience for a young MSU team that has just three upperclassmen on the roster. Veteran players Kristen Bronowich and Alyssa Batiste helped lead the team in attacks. Freshman Marta Topor added 22 attacks of her own, giving some hope to Montclair State. The Red Hawks best chance of taking a set came in the first, when they battled to within one of New Paltz after falling 6-0 to start the match. The Red Hawks could not pull ahead however and fell in the first set which set the tone for the match. From there on out, New Paltz controlled the momentum of the match, running away with the second set and thoroughly carrying the momentum in the third. Stephanie Skroback led SUNY with 24 total attacks, and New Paltz also got 11 digs from Melinda DiGiovanna. The Red Hawks appear to be in a rebuilding year and did show glimpses of hope during the match in which some of the younger players showed talent. However, tonight’s match proved that this team still has room for improvement. Volleyball will be in action this weekend in Cortland, New York, where many of the young players will get their first taste of tournament action at the Red Dragon Classic. The matches will take place on Saturday.

Jillian Keats l The Montclarion

Freshmen Bella Minstein and Kaitlyn Irwin look to set up a play in MSU’s 3-0 lost last night to SUNY-New Paltz.

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The Montclarion â&#x20AC;˘ September 2, 2010






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September 2, 2010 • The Montclarion

Youth Movement Hits Volleyball Jon Fazio Staff Writer

As the women’s volleyball season approaches, Montclair State has quite a few shoes to fill. As most of last year’s roster was filled with seniors, 10 freshmen now join the team in hopes of bouncing back from last year’s loss in the championship game against Richard Stockton. Junior Kristen Bronowich, the outside hitter and one of the team’s captains, is confident that she can keep her new teammates focused throughout the season. “This season I just wanted to show

the girls how being motivated can really change someone’s attitude,” said Bronowich. “The freshmen are a very talented group and I’m happy to have them as a part of the team.” The team was picked fourth in the New Jersey Athletic Conference as part of the 2010 Preseason Coach’s Poll. The Red Hawks are behind favorites Richard Stockton, Ramapo and Rowan, respectively. Last season, the Red Hawks went undefeated for the first time in history, posting an 8-0 record in the NJAC regular-season championship. Then in the NJAC Tournament, MSU defeated William Paterson in the semifinals before falling to Stockton College in the champi-

onship match. Had the Red Hawks won, they would have secured their second conference trophy in three years. However, that was then and this is now. With a fresh set of players on their roster ready to take the courts, the Red Hawks are fired up and ready to make another run for the NJAC title. “Everyone on this year’s team is ready to play,” said Bronowich. “We all want to win a championship.” The Red Hawks will have a tough road trip this weekend as they travel to Cortland, NY for the Red Dragon Classic on September 3-4 before coming back home on September 10-11 to host the MSU Classic, the annual volleyball tournament at Montclair State.

Field Hockey


Football Preseason Coaches’ Poll 1. Cortland State

2. Montclair State 3. Kean 4. Rowan 5. William Paterson 6. The College at Brockport 7. TCNJ 8. Western Connecticut 9. Morrisville State 10. Buffalo State

This Week Bye Week Last Week No Game Played

Men’s Soccer

Continued from page 28

has been one of the top goal scorers for the Red Hawks the past three seasons. Colombo had four goals and four assists last season and has recorded 13 goals in her career. Senior Melissa Flaherty and junior Chelsea Keelen will likely start alongside Colombo as well. Up front, Deana Hagel will be the go-to scorer for the Red Hawks this season. Hagel scored a team leading 17 goals last season, the fourth most in one season for any player in Montclair State history. Deana’s sister, Michelle, showed a lot of promise as a rookie last season and will likely get more action this year. She scored one goal in 12 games played and will look to follow in her sister’s footsteps. The only other upperclassmen at the forward spot is junior Devin McNamara, she has scored one goal in ten career


games, and sophomore Kate Norgard. Norgard scored two goals in just five games her freshman year. Added goals by the offense can give some breathing room for the defense, and Hagel acknowledged that the team has worked on improving some aspects in the preseason. “We always focus on taking strong, hard shots on cage while staying composed,” Hagel said. “We have worked on when to force the fouls and when to pass or shoot the ball.” For Montclair State, the challenge this year will be two-fold. First, they must try to duplicate what was one of the best defensive season in the program’s history. Next, they have to get past perennial powerhouses Rowan and TCNJ to get over the hump in the NJAC. This is something no team has ever done, those two schools have won every NJAC field hockey championship dating

back to 1982. In the annual preseason coaches’ poll, Rowan and TCNJ finished one-two, with the Red Hawks coming in third. Montclair State wants to try and reverse this trend and the team certainly believes they have the ability to surprise their critics. “Our team is fairly confident,” Hagel said. “We know we have the talent and the skill necessary to hang with our big opponents but we realize it is going to take hard work and discipline to become the best.” “I see our team playing very well and achieving all of our goals that we set for the season,” said Bosland. The Red Hawks will meet with the Rowan Profs on Saturday, Oct. 16, and TCNJ the following Saturday, Oct. 23. These two games will really shape the Red Hawks place in the NJAC and whether this year they will be first-time champions, or runners-up once again.

Who’s Hot This Week Allison Wacker Forward— Women’s Soccer Wacker impressed in the first game of her college career, scoring two goals and adding an assist in the MSU’s 4-2 win over St. John Fisher.

Preseason Coaches’ Poll 1. Montclair State 2. Rutgers-Newark 3. Richard Stockton 4. Rowan 5. Rutgers-Camden 6. William Paterson 7. TCNJ 8. Ramapo 9. Kean 10. New Jersey City

This Week 9/4 @ Lycoming 9/5 vs. Stevenson vs. Cortland 9/8 vs. New York Tech

12 p.m. 11 a.m. 1 p.m. 4:30 p.m.

Last Week No games played

Women’s Soccer Preseason Coaches’ Poll 1. TCNJ 2. Rowan 3. Richard Stockton 4. Kean 5. William Paterson 6. Montclair State 7. New Jersey City 8. Ramapo 9. Rutgers-Camden 10. Rutgers-Newark

This Week 9/3 @ Virginia Wesleyan 7 p.m. 9/4 vs. Christopher Newport 5 p.m. 9/8 vs. Stevens 2 p.m. Last Week 9/1 MSU 4, St. John Fisher 2

Rachel Senyszyn Forward — Women’s Soccer Senyszyn scored a goal and added a pair of assists on Wednesday in women’s soccers’s 4-2 opening day victory.

Field Hockey Preseason Coaches’ Poll 1. Rowan 2. TCNJ 3. Montclair State 4. William Paterson 5. Kean 6. Richard Stockton 7. Ramapo

This Week 9/4 vs. Wheaton 9/5 vs. Rensselaer

Game of the Week Field Hockey Saturday, Sept. 4, 1 p.m. vs. Wheaton Sprague Field The field hockey team continues its season-opening home stand as they host the Wheaton Thunder.

1 p.m. 2 p.m.

Last Week 9/1 Eastern 4, MSU 1

Volleyball Preseason Coaches’ Poll

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Richard Stockton Ramapo Rowan Montclair State Rutgers-Camden William Paterson Kean New Jersey City Rutgers-Newark

This Week 9/3 vs. Fredonia vs. St. Lawrence 9/4 @ Red Dragon Classic

4 p.m. 6 p.m. TBA

Last Week 9/1 SUNY New Paltz 3, MSU 0

Big Offseason Changes Field Hockey Looking For Men’s Soccer for Women’s Soccer First NJAC Title in 2010 Preview p. 22

p. 24

p. 25

Field Hockey Looks For First NJAC Title aaaaa

Mike Monostra l The Montclarion

Senior defender Rebekah Keller and the Red Hawks will look to dethrone the defending NJAC champion and rival Rowan University this season. Mike Monostra Sports Editor

A year after sweeping through the ECAC Postseason Tournament, MSU field hockey looks to take the next step forward. That step is the program’s first ever NJAC championship. Last season, tough losses to Rowan and TCNJ early in the season cost the Red Hawks a chance at winning the NJACs. The Red Hawks otherwise

swept through the conference and finished with a 15-6 record for the season. During their ECAC run, they beat GwyneddMercy, Catholic and Hartwick by a combined score of 13-0. The key to MSU’s 2009 season was their tough defense, ranked sixth in the nation with a 0.95 goals against average. The most surprising player, and possibly team MVP, was goalkeeper Megan Bosland. Bosland was fourth in the

nation with a 0.89 goals against average and won four NJAC Rookie of the Week awards en route to taking the conference’s Rookie of the Year honors. Her three shutouts in the ECAC Tournament also helped her to win the tournament’s MVP honors. Bosland will be an integral part of the Red Hawk team again this year and she is ready to repeat her performance from last season.

“I am very excited for this season,” Bosland said. “I feel that with hard work and working with my team as one, we will have a great season.” Defensively, the Red Hawks limited the amount of shots in front of Bosland last season. Seniors Jessica Murphy and Rebekah Keller will be leading the defensive corps this season. Murphy may be the best twoway player on the field, she scored seven goals last season

from the backline. Keller provided superb defensive play last season and will be depended on to do the same this year. The Red Hawks will have to look to replace exiting seniors Danielle Altersitz and Kathleen Leone on defense. Juniors Molly Hartman and Jenna Galatro will be called on to fill the void. The midfield will be anchored by senior Diana Colombo, who Field Hockey Continued on Page 27

Mike Monostra l The Montclarion

Sophomore Michelle Hagel will look to become a big part of the Red Hawks’ offense in her first year starting on the front line.

The Montclarion - September 2, 2010  

The issue of The Montclarion from the week of September 2, 2010.

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