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‫פרשת וארא‬ ‫כ”ז טבת תשע”ז‬

WHAT’S IN YOUR SPICE CABINET? Cumin, coriander, cayenne and the entire condiment collection EXPLORED WITH FOOD SCIENTIST SUSSY KRAUS Discover the historical worth of spices and learn to


THE FIFTH SENSE OF TASTE The Ongoing Battle over MSG



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‫וועט ער נאך אמאל‬ ‫קענען ליינען?‬ ‫פיל מאל ווען אייער קינד האט שוועריקייטן מיט ליינען‪,‬‬ ‫איז עס נישט נאר מיט ליינען‪ .‬א קינד וועלכע לייענט‬ ‫נישט גוט‪ ,‬מוטשעט זיך געווענליך אויך אין קלאס מיט‬ ‫לערנען און פיל מאל האט עס א דירעקטע ווירקונג אויף‬ ‫זיין "סעלף קאנפידענס" און זיין אויפפירונג דורכן טאג‬ ‫מיט חברים און אינדערהיים‪.‬‬ ‫"פתח לבי" ‪ -‬די טוטערינג פליגל פון ‪ Kids First‬האט א‬ ‫שטאב פון אויסגעצייכנטע קריאה עקספערטן וועלכע‬ ‫וועלן מיטן אויבערשטענס הילף ערמעגליכן אז אייער‬ ‫קינד זאל ווערן א "ליינער"‪ .‬נאך א דורכדרינגליכע‬ ‫קריאה 'איוועליועישאן' וועט אייער קינד האבן א קלארע‬ ‫פלאן וויאזוי אים צו העלפן און דער ריכטיגער שליח‬ ‫וועלכער וועט אים העלפן אויספירן דעם פלאן‪.‬‬ ‫די ארבייט ווערט על פי רוב דורכגעפירט אין אייער‬ ‫קינד׳ס חדר\סקול אדער אין אונזער הערליכן צענטער‪.‬‬ ‫די קריאה אפטיילונג פון פתח לבי איז אונטער די‬ ‫פירערשאפט פון דער באוואוסטער קריאה‬ ‫מייסטער‪-‬עקספערט הרב דוד אונגער שליט"א וועלכער‬ ‫איז אין כסדר'דיגע קאנטאקט מיט די קריאה‬ ‫עקספערטן צו פארזיכערן אז אייער קינד מאכט די‬ ‫ערווארטעטע פארשריט בעז"ה‪.‬‬

‫‪Kids First Services:‬‬

‫מיט סייעתא דשמיא וועט ער ליינען!‬

‫‪ Tutoring Services‬פתח לבי‪• ‬‬ ‫‪• Limud / Kriah‬‬ ‫‪• Physical Therapy‬‬ ‫‪• Occupational Therapy‬‬ ‫)‪• SLP (Speech Language Pathology‬‬ ‫‪• Behavioral / Social‬‬

‫מחנ‬ ‫כים‬

‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪FREO‬‬ ‫‪INFIDE‬‬ ‫‪GU‬‬


‫ד מצליח‬

‫‪or a‬‬ ‫‪us f‬‬

‫קי נ‬


‫ז י ין‬ ‫!‬



‫ט אייער‬


‫סטן‬ ‫אפי‬ ‫טער‬

‫מיר‬ ‫האלטן א‬ ‫שטענדיגע‬ ‫קשר צווישן‬

‫‪20 Robert Pitt Drive #212‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫‪Transportation Provided‬‬

‫‪A world of potential‬‬


Who is your course instructor and what is his experience? We are proud to present the highly successful Chaim Winter LCSW, RPT as the instructor of the Power of Play course. With over ten thousands kids helped through play therapy, and over 30 years experience under his belt, Chaim Winter’s methods have proven to be phenomenally effective. Come and discover them for yourself! Where will the course be located?

What kinds of things will I learn at the Kids First Power of Play course? Children have a unique need to process their world through play. It helps them understand the world around them and helps them grow into healthy human beings. In this vital course, you’ll learn how to use the inherent power in play to reduce life’s tensions and bring a calm atmosphere into your home. You’ll also learn the most effective ways to connect with your children for long-lasting, loving relationships. How will what I learn impact my life? By learning about the importance of play and the best ways to connect with your child through play, your relationship with your children will significantly deepen. It can also help you to work through or completely prevent many issues, such as:

• • • • • • •

Childhood anxiety Low confidence Extreme shyness/social withdrawal Behavioral issues Sibling rivalry Sleeping/eating difficulties Tantrums & more

Does my child need to have issues for me to gain from the course?

Join us at our brand new state-of-the-art Kids First headquarters, located in the heart of Monsey at 20 Robert Pitt Drive Suite #212 How long will each session take? Each of the eight week sessions will be one hour of power-packed, interactive and life-changing information. Why haven’t I heard of Kids First until recently? While the idea and the concept of Kids First has been in the making for years, it's only recently that we’ve gathered together the finest, most successful professionals to join together as a dynamic team. You’ll be seeing much more from us in the days ahead! When is the latest date to register for the course? This exclusive, never-before-offered course is filling up fast. There are a limited number of slots left, so call today to guarantee that you can attend! Registration will be closed on February 2 or when slots are full. Please note: this course is not a substitute for therapist-lead play therapy, though you will learn some tricks of the trade.

Play is absolutely vital for every child — whether or not they have significant struggles. This course is open to the general public. Every parent and child can benefit from the power of play. A project of:

YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO CONNECT WITH YOUR KIDS. Don’t lose these precious moments!




Open to the general public with registration

Sundays at 9 pm Starting Feb 5 LIMITED SLOTS

Discover the

POWER OF PLAY Join CHAIM WINTER LCSW, our renowned play therapist in an exclusive 8-week exploration into the world of play. You’ll learn the secrets of why play is so important for a child and you’ll gain the ability to connect with every kid in a way you never imagined.

The experience is priceless. The effects are forever. A project of:

845.425.2299 #101 ARE YOU READY TO PLAY?

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VALID FROM 1/25/17 - 2/1/17 COUPON TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Limit of one coupon per person, per offer and one coupon per order. 2. Coupons can only be used toward the purchase of products listed in the offer. 3. Each coupon is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer. 4. Coupons cannot be used to buy credits. 5. Please note that coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other. 6. There are no cash alternatives for coupons.

Sweet Expressions at The Shoppers Haven 27-Orchard Street #203 (next to Toys 4 U) Monsey NY 10952. Tell: 845-517-4923

Winter Hours: Sun-Tue 9:30am -11:15pm, Wed-Thu 9:30am - 11:30pm. Fri 9:30am - 2 Hours before Shabbos, Motzie Shabbos - 1 Hour after Shabbos - 12:00am

22 Main Street Monsey, NY 10952


Open daily 11am-7pm l Closed on Friday and Saturday




Sunday 1/29 - Thursday 2/2 Winter and Summer styles included. Cash & Carry. Final Sale. Some Styles Not Included.

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It's called Estacelli

Estacelli is your ultimate fashion boutique experience. With unparalleled customer relations, each woman can satisfy her taste and convey her essence with our exquisite selection of jewelry, handbags and specialty items every day.

I t’s yo u, it’s uniq ue , it’s always s o mething dif fe re nt.

Monsey: 845-985-1600 // 112C Route 59 // Monsey, NY 1092 Brooklyn: 718-395-3032 // 5015 13th Avenue // Brooklyn, NY 11219

Store Hours: Sun - Thur 11:00 - 6:30 Fri Closed //

Fashion Silver Jewelry // Exquisite Handbags // FriDesigner Watches // Accessories Store Hours: Sun - Thur 11:00 - 6:30 Closed

8 r 1 r! Ou Yea


Girls Overnight Music And Creative Arts Camp! Ages 11-19

Tizmoret Shoshana

Inspiring Artistic Development and Spiritual Expression

Where Creative Girls Soar

Racheli Shafier, Head Counselor

June 25July 9,

Vocal TrainingChoir Instrumental Music


Limited scholarships are available!

Creative Writing Drama/Puppetry Chamber Music

Nurturing torah-observant V i s u a l A r t s environment under Dance rabbinic guidance “Tizmoret Shoshana is a wonderful outlet for frum girls to express themselves and develop in the arts.� -Rabbi Bentzion Shafier

Lessons in: violin, viola, cello, flute, and piano

On a b eauti ful woode d si t e i n t h e C at o c t i n Mountai ns

Info and application at: Contact us at: 443-832-5488 or Mrs. Leeba Braun, Director Rabbi Eli Hersh, Director of Operations Dr. Mark and Chana Singer, Founders/Artistic Directors

Lakewood 732-910-8643

Monsey 845-400-6114

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JAN 29 6:30 JAN 30 7:30


Have you ever seen an individual with special needs break into a graceful dance? Have you ever heard a women with special needs sing the most beautiful melody of hope and harmony? Season of Change is the only live performance of song and strength, dance, drama and courage by the individuals of Chesed 24/7. Watch a performance that will change the way you view others.


TICKET PRICES: $54 VIP $36 Reserved $25 Standard $20 Student

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MONSEY | 20 ROBERT PITT DRIVE | 845.352.4920 BROOKLYN | 5103 NEW UTRECHT AVE. | 718.972.4920

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Ticket Order Deadline:

JANUARY 877.686.1313 31, 2017 24 HR AUCTION PHONE line

Kendamil infant milk formula is produced by a team of expert nutritionists, and is specifically designed to provide top quality support for your baby’s development. Kendamil products contain a full cream milk content, providing your baby with essential proteins and fatty acids found in breast milk. You want the best for your baby, and so do we.

For questions, please contact our 24/7 hotline at +44 1539 898 555



Have a brilliant business idea?

You believe you can take your business further?

Ever thought of making it through investment?

Be Brave See next page for details

‫די סעמינאר וועט ווערן איבערגעגעבן אין אידיש‬



w w w. t j e s u m m i t. co m



‫‪Early‬‬ ‫‪b‬‬ ‫‪spec ird‬‬ ‫!‪ial‬‬ ‫‪Enro‬‬ ‫‪ll‬‬

‫‪now‬‬ ‫‪ubm‬‬ ‫‪ques it your‬‬ ‫‪to th tions‬‬ ‫‪e exp‬‬ ‫!‪erts‬‬ ‫‪and s‬‬

‫‪ 11:15‬די יסודות פון אינוועסטמענטס‬ ‫סטאקס | אפשענס | מיוטשעל פאנדס | באנדס‬

‫די יסודות‬ ‫אינוועסמענטס‪.‬‬




‫וואס איז א דורכשניטליכע גוטע ריטורן‪.‬‬ ‫וויאזוי די בענק קויפן אינוועסטמענטס‬ ‫צו פארזיכערן דעם מאקסימום ריטורן‪.‬‬ ‫‪NAFTALI (MARK) HOROWITZ‬‬

‫וויאזוי דו קענסט היינט נאכט‬ ‫אנהויבן מיט אינוועסטמענטס‪ ,‬און‬ ‫אויסערגעווענליך מצליח זיין‪.‬‬


‫וויאזוי איר קענט פארדינען דורך‬ ‫אינוועסטירן אפי' בלויז ‪ $100,000‬אין ריעל‪-‬‬ ‫עסטעיט‪.‬‬ ‫וואס הייסט א גוטע דיעל‪ ,‬א שוואכע דיעל‪,‬‬ ‫און א "מציאה"‪.‬‬ ‫וויאזוי זיך צו פארזיכערן און אויסארבעטן‬ ‫אז דיין געלט זאל בלייבן פארזיכערט‪ .‬די‬ ‫חילוקים פון א שותפות‪ ,‬היתר עיסקא‪ ,‬און‬ ‫אלעס אינצווישן‪.‬‬


‫וויאזוי איר קענט בליען פינאנציעל דורך‬ ‫אינוועסטמענטס און נישט זיין פארנומען‬ ‫דערמיט דורכן טאג‪.‬‬

‫‪Featuring several prominent‬‬ ‫‪investors‬‬

‫‪Managing Director‬‬ ‫‪Financial Advisor at J.P. Morgan‬‬



‫אינוועסטמענט פאנעל‬


‫ביזנעס סקילס‬

‫ביזנעס און מארקעטינג‬ ‫די סאמע ערשטע 'סטעפס' אנצוהייבן‬ ‫אין א נייע מארקעט‪ .‬ריטעיל‪ ,‬אנליין‪,‬‬ ‫סערוויס‪ ,‬וכו'‪.‬‬

‫וויאזוי דורכצושוויצן די ערשטע תקופה פון‬ ‫א ביזנעס‪.‬‬ ‫סארטנעמען א שותף‪,‬‬ ‫חסרונות פון‬ ‫די מעלות‬ ‫אינוועסמענט‬ ‫אוןמינע‬ ‫וואספארע‬ ‫אויסארבעטן אז‬ ‫קענסט עס‬ ‫וויאזוי דו‬ ‫חילוקים?‬ ‫זענען די‬ ‫און וואס‬ ‫און דא?‬ ‫איז‬ ‫ביידע זאלן זיין צופרידן און פראדאקטיוו‪.‬‬ ‫און וואספארע מינע אינוועסטמענט‬ ‫ארבעט אז דו זאלסט‬ ‫ארויסגעבן‬ ‫וויאזוי‬ ‫מיר?‬ ‫גוט פאר‬ ‫איז‬

‫וויאזוי צו עפענען א נייע ביזנעס‪ ,‬אדער‬ ‫א פרישע אפטיילונג אין דיין ביזנעס‬ ‫ווען דו האסט נישט קיין איבריגע געלט‪.‬‬

‫נישט בלייבן מיט קיין שום איבריגע עול‪.‬‬

‫‪BENYAMIN HALPERN, LCSW‬‬ ‫‪Consultant, Speaker,‬‬ ‫‪Author, Professional‬‬ ‫‪Coach‬‬

‫וואס זענען די עווריש נאמער וואס‬ ‫אויף וועלכע חלק פון דיין ביזנעס זאלסטו‬ ‫הייסט א גוטע ריטערן?‬ ‫לייגן די גרעסטע דגוש און 'פאוקאס' (אין‬ ‫קאסטעמערס‪ ,‬ברענדינג‪ ,‬אדווטייזמענט‪ ,‬קוואלעטי?)‪.‬‬

‫איך וויל היינט אנהייבן ווי גיי איך?‬

‫טאקטיקן אין מארקעטינג וועלכע‬ ‫האבן געמאכט קליינע ביזנעסער‬ ‫וועלט‪-‬בארימט‪.‬‬


‫וויאזוי צו ניצן 'סייקאלעדזשי' אין‬ ‫ביזנעס כדי צו געווינען קאסטומערס‪.‬‬

‫‪Award-Winning Marketing‬‬ ‫‪Strategist, Speaker,‬‬ ‫‪and Business Columnist‬‬





‫‪2:15 - 3:15‬‬

‫לאנגזאם און‬ ‫פעלדמאן‬

‫מאכט פרישע‬ ‫קשרים‬

‫א רייכע מיטאג‬

‫‪BREAK‬‬ ‫פאר די באטייליגטע‬ ‫פון סיי וועלכע‬ ‫סעמינאר‬




‫וועט זיין צוגעשטעלט‬ ‫אינעם ‪ballroom‬‬

‫מיט ביזנעסלייט אין אייער‬ ‫פעלד‪.‬‬

‫‪w w w. t j e s u m m i t. co m‬‬




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‫פרשת וארא‬ ‫כ”ז טבת תשע”ז‬

WHAT’S IN YOUR SPICE CABINET? Cumin, coriander, cayenne and the entire condiment collection EXPLORED WITH FOOD SCIENTIST SUSSY KRAUS Discover the historical worth of spices and learn to


THE FIFTH SENSE OF TASTE The Ongoing Battle over MSG


YOEL ITZKOWITZ Editor in Chief:

D. GORALNIK Content Director:

R. REESE Creative Director:

AJ WACHSMAN Project Coordinator


THE MONSEY VIEW P.O. Box 305 Monsey N.Y. 10952

TELEPHONE 845-600-8484

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Monsey View is a weekly publication designed for every segment and age group of our diverse community. Under rabbinical guidance, we bring Monsey’s top talent together to provide high quality, informative current reading material, keeping you up to date on sales, events, news and issues of concern and import happening right now in the Monsey community. DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse any ad found in this publication. We are not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors. Copyright: All content found in The Monsey View is Copyright © and may not be reproduced, published, distributed, or duplicated for public or private use without written permission from The Monsey View.

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NEXT GENERATION ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE & ANTI-AGING Acne ADD & ADHD Allergies Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Candida Cholesterol Cognition Cold & Flu Colitis Constipation Crohn’s Disease Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Depression Diabetes Digestion Eczema Epstein-Barr (Mono) Eye Health Fatigue Gallstones Gas / Flatulence Gout Gray hair Hair loss Headache Heart & Cardiovascular Heartburn & Reflux Helicobacter (H) Pylori Hemorrhoids Hepatitis High Blood Pressure Homocysteine Hormonal disorders IBS & IBD Immunity Infection Infertility Inflammation Insomnia Kidney Stones Memory loss Metabolic Syndrome Metabolism Migraine MTHFR Mutation Neuropathy Osteoporosis Parasites Peptic Ulcers Pneumonia Poor circulation Prostate Psoriasis Skin disorders Thyroid disorders Triglycerides Urinary Tract Infection Varicose Veins Vertigo Viral Infection Weight loss Yeast AND MUCH MORE...

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I am no longer on Insulin, and I’m off cholesterol and blood pressure medication. My doctors are baffled! I can’t even begin to thank you!!!”

The doctor gave me the wrong type of Iron because it never went up. With your type it went up right away with a fraction of the dose.”

Dear David Nissen, You said that you would help me with my H. Pylori & Thrush. And it did the job. Whereas my doctor’s medication was useless. I am very thankful.”

To Rabbi David Nissen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the right messenger in helping me get out of my problem.”

I’ve been giving my kids as you instructed. It appears the never ending cycle of strep has finally come to an end!

I came to you for help with my Osteoporosis. I followed your regimen for several months until my next bone density test. My bones are completely restored. I never thought this was possible!”

You helped me with my son’s Coxsackievirus. It went away in less than a week!”

Can you tell me why specifically I started feeling better after just one day? Pretty amazing. Which vitamin/s do you think is most responsible for the reduction in fatigue.”

I was so pleased and excited when my Eczema totally disappeared after being treated by David Nissen. I had gone to a top dermatologist who was unable to help me after months of treatment. After only two weeks of D. Nissen’s regimen my skin was perfectly clear.”

...the pains in my shoulders are completely gone. I just had another X-ray and the calcification is 95 percent resolved!”

…the Lyme disease is gone!”

I’m writing to express my thanks and amazement about how my son, age 17, who had quite a severe problem with frequent, heavy nosebleeds experienced an astonishing improvement and cure within a week or 2! We had a miracle through Mr. Nissen’s advice.”

My son was scheduled for ear tubes. I followed your recommendation… the ENT cancelled the procedure!”

After so many attempts to resolve my health issue, I was shocked to see positive results after only one week of being under your care. I feel like a new person, Baruch Hashem! Thank you so much for being the right shliach!”


Consult with Independent

My husband came to you just yesterday for cellulitis and I just wanted to let you know that it’s almost gone!”

... I can’t remember when I last felt so normal between people. I would like to continue phase three, maintenance. Thanks so much for helping me feel so much better!”

Reserve your


consultation today! Limited slots available


DAVID NISSEN NC HHP Bringing you the latest scientific breakthroughs and the most sophisticated supplements available.

27 Orchard Street

845- 426-6004

Tuesdays 12:00-6:00

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Thank you so much for a great publication. We all look forward to getting it every week. I’ve been meaning to write to you for a really long time — ever since the issue where potato kugel was featured in the recipe section. I’d like to share with your readership an awesome tip for keeping potato kugel white that has never failed. When making the batter, dissolve a little bit (1/4 or 1/8 tsp.; I never measure) of vitamin C powder (I use the Freeda brand) in some water and add it to the mixture. The acid keeps the kugel bright white and looking super-appetizing without contributing any flavor at all. Also, if you can send me the recipe of the meatballs on skewers that had a Middle Eastern flavor I would most appreciate it. I’m usually wary of making food with new flavors for my kids because they aren’t very adventurous. They like the stuff they know. But this time I made an exception and I’m glad I did! I called it falafel-flavored meatballs and I didn’t have a single one left over! Unfortunately, I misplaced the paper before I put it into my binder as a definite keeper. Thank you so much! Home Cook


KIDS COLLECTING Now that it is the season in which mosdos send home pushkas and trinkets for children to sell, I think it’s very important to remind mothers that they should know where their children are at every moment. Where are your kids collecting? Whose doors are being knocked upon? Is there a parental chaperone? There is inherent danger in children knocking on strangers’ doors, even here in the heimishe community. Dear parents: Know where your kids go, and maybe even go along with them. Your child’s safety is never a waste of time. A Mother M&S SHOE REPAIR




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Is ABA the abc


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of your child’s development?

Hamaspik’s exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis Program is now open to all children on the autism spectrum. We believe every child deserves the best chance at a bright future. Our cutting-edge ABA has proven to enrich young patients’ lives with improved personal and social skills while reducing undesired behaviors.

Make the call today, and Hamaspik will handle the process from A to Z! For info please contact: Reiny Steif P: 845.503.0239 E:





in the atrium

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RE: THE TRUTH ABOUT KOLLEL LIFE Firstly, I want to thank you for your weekly paper. I find the articles very interesting and informative, and many of them uplifting. And now, I would like to respond to the letter in issue #80 regarding kollel life. I grew up in Monsey and was always proud of my hometown. Monsey was a kollel town imbued with Torah values and characterized by warmth and simplicity. Bais Medrash Elyon was actually the forerunner of the many kollelim that baruch Hashem today illuminate America with the glow of Torah. The introduction of kollelim has transformed the spiritual desert lamented by our pre-war rosh yeshivos into a blossoming, vibrant makom Torah! This is why I was so hurt when I read the letter in your inbox. Doesn’t it go against the grain of all that we live for? R’ Yisroel Salanter once gave a powerful drasha on the great zechus of hachaskes hatorah — supporting talmidei chachamim. The townspeople were puzzled. Why did the Rav say that to us — impoverished villagers? We can barely make ends meet ourselves, let alone support talmidei chachamim. To which R’ Yisroel exclaimed, “Ihr kent nisht l’maaseh, darft ihr uber nisht vilen?” If one can’t possibly be a kollel wife, shouldn’t she at least have the zechus of aspiring to such a life?! By attacking the kollel lifestyle, the symbol of devotion and dedication for Torah, the letter writer was undermining the ahavas hatorah of the readers on all levels, not only the kollel families but also those who are trying their best to bring learning into their working schedule! When a wealthy father of a Radimer talmid visited the Chofetz Chaim’s home and saw the poverty calling from every corner, he commented, “This is the life of a ben Torah? How can I let my son follow this derech?” The Chofetz Chaim quoted the mishna: Kach hi darka shel Torah: a life of simplicity, lacking material comfort.

Im ata osa kein: only if you do so, ashrecha v’tov lach: can you feel the joy of a Torah life! A spectator might see only the picture of a harried kollel wife and not feel the inner joy and happiness with her lot! Yet, her children generally do! They grow up with a sense of privilege. They absorb the contentment and satisfaction. Children from such homes are not in any way lacking more than other children; on the contrary. By showing respect for limudei torah, you are instilling she’ifos for Torah in your children and giving them the chance to grow up as talmidei chachamim. As history has shown, many of our gedolim were children of simple folk who loved Torah with their whole being, thereby instilling a passion for Torah. May we all be zoche that: ‫ כלנו יודעי שמם‬...‫ונהיה אנחנו וצאצאינו‬ .‫ולומדי תורתך לשמה‬ C.T.

RE: SAME-DAY RETURNS Thank you for writing about the same-day return store policy. I hope that store owners will take it into consideration. I bought two pairs of shoes for my boys one afternoon. I came home and my husband didn’t like them, so I went back to the store the next morning, not even twenty-four hours later, to return it. I was told that I can only get store credit because I had paid with a credit card, with the excuse that the computer can’t do it. I work in a store too and the computer can refund credit cards easily. I asked someone to use my credit, but the store owner wouldn’t let! Now I have well-needed money sitting in a store for a few months. Please, store owners, reconsider that policy so we should want to shop in your stores again. Another Frustrated Customer

RE: SAME-DAY RETURNS So coming from the other side, I’d like to give you the perspective

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34 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

of what customers can sometimes do, and why we are forced to put some policies in place. KA”H everyone has large families and many customers want everyone matching. So some people come in and clear out a nice portion of our inventory, and often come back to return everything. If it’s not everything, then they keep one thing out of the whole pile. Why not? It doesn’t cost them anything to do that, because they get their money back, so what’s the problem? In the meantime, we could’ve sold that merchandise to someone else. If a customer is told that the policy is only same-day money back, she will think before she takes everything, and if she is seriously considering it, and then decides to return the stuff, she’ll make the effort to get the merchandise back on time. Now if someone was doing it in a large, commercial store, they have enough stock and enough money that the store can survive with customers who shop in this manner. However, as small Jewish stores, we can’t. Therefore, our policies are much harder and stricter than the large stores. While I’m on the subject, I’d like to point out that everything comes with wash and care instructions and if something doesn’t, then you should treat it with utmost respect and dry clean it, or you use your seichel and treat the spots. If you wash a white sweater with a black sock in the washer, of course it’s going to change colors a bit. If you dry a skirt, of course it’s going to shrink. Why do stores have to swallow the cost of your item because you made a mistake? A Frustrated Saleslady

RE: ADVANCE PLANNER I’d like to share two Pesach recipes for the reader who asked for it. Delicious fruit leather: Peel 12 apples and cut each into four (Cortland is best). Cook them for about

three hours with just a little water. Then blend them with the hand blender and spread a thin layer with a spatula onto a lined cookie sheet. Bake for 2.5 hours. I also make snow kisses for the children: Beat six egg whites and one cup sugar. Then put the snow into a pastry bag with a tip and make little flowers. Bake on 200° for about two hours. Preparing for Pesach

OLD-FASHIONED QUALITY TIME As avid readers of The Monsey View, there are many features that we, as a family, enjoy reading. I especially find the weekly recipes to be practical and family friendly. However, I was disappointed by the standards that your feature “A Monsey Mid-Winter Staycation” with hotel selections presented. Monsey has been founded upon Torah values and continues to be an ihr v’aim b’Yisroel with its focus on raising ehrliche Yiddishe kinderlach with old-fashioned values. We are people with meager means that know how to stretch the dollar and take pride in our simplicity. That makes us a truly unique community. The Monsey mothers I know are thrilled to bake cookies with their children, buy some crafts in local stores, or do some prePesach cleaning in an enjoyable family setting. Let’s not raise the standards of our Torah’dige community. With everyone’s best interest in mind, S.L.

DANGER AWARENESS Lollypops (and hard candy), for little kids are a big choking hazard! My three-year-old son excitedly came home from cheder with an upsherin pekela this week. He quickly unpacked its contents and to my horror there was a hard lollipop included between the nosh. I sat him down at the kitchen table to enjoy his treats. At that moment I also had to bathe another child. Having this uneasy feeling about the lollipop, I told my son to come near the bathroom where I can watch him eat the lollipop. It didn’t take long and my son started crying and choking (yes, you guessed it) on the lollipop. I looked into his mouth and my heart skipped a beat. I could clearly see the whole lollypop (without the stick) situated right in the middle of his throat. I quickly stuck my finger into his mouth (which may not have been the right way to proceed) and b’chasdei Hashem was able to take out the whole lollypop. I shudder to think what may have happened had he still been sitting and eating at the kitchen table and not near me where I noticed him choking right away. Hashem, in His infinite kindness, saved my little tzadik’l from harm. I beg of all mothers out there: Please remember that lollipops are a choking hazard for your child! Let’s not rely on nissim. Let’s be responsible mommies and give our kids age-appropriate nosh. With much gratitude to Hashem, T. D.

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As told to: Basya Lev

I AM NOT the balabusta type who wakes up with the birds to cook up a storm or tackle whatever household chores were abandoned the previous night. But one particular Monday night was different. My sleep had been disrupted more than once by my baby, which is not unusual. When I finally settled him at 5 a.m., the unusual happened. My legs carried me to the laundry room and my tired hands threw in a load of laundry. My older son woke me up shortly after with the grand news that he had no shirt. If anyone ever experienced such an episode, they can grasp my joy. I jumped out of bed, transferred one shirt to the dryer and voila, my morning was rescued. No missed bus and he was able to be on time for minyan. I deeply felt the yad Hashem, seemingly simple, but so sweet!

If you would like to submit your own Hashgacha Pratis story, please mail to The Monsey View at POB 305, Monsey, NY 10952, fax to 845.600.8483, or email it to viewmasterplan@gmail. com. Please remember to include your name and phone number.

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Session 12

A Yeshiva Life of Torah and Health By: Basya Kovacs, Nutrition Counselor

The Long-Term Plan If you have been following this column the past several months, you probably realize by now that our approach to eating well and losing weight is unique in that we don’t believe that “dieting” is the key to long-term weight loss. That’s right — you read that correctly! Nutrition by Tanya’s plan is not a diet! Dieting implies temporary calorie cutting or lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. Rather we believe in sticking to a food plan that is sustainable and realistic, in order to not only lose weight and become healthier, but to keep the weight off long term. This is why we never ask anyone to follow any sort of food plan that cannot be sustained long term. The goal is to find a healthy balance that allows you to lose weight at a steady pace and keep it off, while still making room for real life. Are we really going to live the

rest of our lives without bread or challah, nosh, or without partaking in yom tov treats and special events? Of course not! That’s why working those foods into your plan, in moderation, works better than cutting it all out and going on a “diet.” Over the past few weeks we have discussed exercise, best and worse food options, portion control, how to keep your metabolism running, how to choose well on Shabbos, what to do when you are faced with temptation, how to celebrate yom tov in moderation and other related topics. Instead of thinking of your new habits as temporary, it is good to think about them as your new way of life. Here is a review of ten important tools that should eventually become deeply ingrained habits. 1. Be patient and don’t succumb to fad diets or fast-track plans. They

THE BALANCING BOCHUR: Sruli Englander* Height: 5'8 | Starting weight: 180 pounds Current weight: 162.25 pounds | Weight lost this week: 3 pounds I am so surprised to see that I lost more weight this week than I did during some of the earlier weeks on my plan. I always thought that you lose the fastest at the beginning and after a few weeks the weight loss slows down, but I see that it doesn’t always work that way. I think it’s because it’s getting easier for me to stick to the plan perfectly, and the weeks where I lost less was because some of my choices weren’t great. I am so happy that my weight loss doesn’t have to slow down! This is motivating me to keep going even though this column is finishing!

*name changed for privacy

46 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484







always backfire. The only real longterm solution is the slow and steady loss that comes from changing your habits for the long haul. Eat regularly throughout the day. Skipping meals is one of the destructive dieting moves. This may even mean eating when you are not particularly hungry. Don’t underestimate the power of vegetables. Most people don’t like the feeling of being hungry, but if you fill up on protein, starches, and fats alone, you are probably eating too many calories. Choose well. Whole grains will keep you full longer than refined grains, and you will end up eating less. Lean proteins, lowfat cheeses and (healthy) sugar substitutes are easy ways to cut calories while staying full. Keep portion control in mind. Just because something is good for you doesn’t mean it should be eaten freely. How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Work on your Shabbos habits: Partaking in a donut on Chanukah or a slice of cheesecake on Shavuos is very different than going off track every single week. It is not worth it to undo a whole week’s worth of proper eating every single Shabbos. Cheat responsibly. If you are going out to eat or having a “special” treat several times a week, it is very dif-

ficult to lose weight. Make sure your “cheats” are rare, planned well and portion controlled. 8. Stay hydrated and get in some exercise. Doing so will keep your metabolism running at its peak and often helps people make better food choices 9. Don’t give up. If you find yourself off track, get back on as soon as possible, without prolonging the process. Think of it as a small setback and continue eating carefully and choosing well. 10. Make sure you have support. Reach out to people who can encourage you. Explain your choices to friends or family members that may not be on board, so that they become a help rather than a hindrance, or see a professional nutrition counselor if you feel you need extra guidance or accountability. Finally, remember that real change takes time, and good eating habits are not formed overnight. But of course, it’s worth the effort! Good luck with your healthy new lifestyle! Stay in touch!


Basya Kovacs is a nutrition counselor at Nutrition by Tanya and is the manager of the Monsey location. Nutrition by Tanya offers personalized and practical weight management and nutrition counseling for children, men, and women. Nutrition by Tanya has locations in Boro Park, Largest and most and most Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Largest extensive selection selection in: in: and Lakewood. The office can be extensive Linen, Bedding, Linen, Bedding, reached at 844-Tanya-Diet or info@ Tablecloths, Towels Towels You can also Tablecloths, Bath Accessories visit for more Bath Accessories Costume Costume Jewelry Jewelry info, inspiring success stories, and Watches Watches photos. Gifts Gifts





Hours: Daily Hours: 11-7, Friday Daily 10:30-1:30 11-7, Friday 1

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LASTTO K WEEICIPATE! ace pl T PAR l take 5.

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il ry brua ing w Draw nday, Fe ill be u on S inner w in Issue W ced un nsey anno f The Mo o . 86 View

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Healthy bodies mean healthy minds; minds that can learn with clarity. Bochurim: Use this guide to help you plan your day and chart your successes. Step 1: Choose the snacks that you will eat each day and write it on the chart. Step 2: Calculate how much water you should be drinking here: My Weight: _________÷ 2 = _________. Then take that total and divide it by 8 ounces, which is one cup, and you’ll see how many cups of water you have to drink each day. Write that number here: _________. Keep track of your actual daily intake on the chart below. Step 3: Give yourself a check mark for following your meal and snack plans. Leave the space blank if you didn’t follow through on that day. Step 4: Write the time that you went to bed, and how many hours of sleep you got. Send in your chart to The Monsey View: Fax: 845.600.8483 Mail to: 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952

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Today I followed the breakfast plan

Snack #1 I followed the lunch plan/one plate rule Snack #2 For supper I had 6 oz protein, 1 cup of grains, and vegetables I drank __ oz of water today: Today I exercised for 30 minutes

I went to sleep at:




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The Monsey Hub bbbbbbbbbbbb

Compiled by Sandy Eller

Ramapo Tax Bills Running Late, but Payments Still Due on Time (The Journal News) A COMPUTER PROBLEM may have prevented the Town of Ramapo from generating its annual tax bills for several weeks, but payments are still due at the end of this month. The lateness is due to a software problem that prevented the bills from being printed and sent out by January 5th, as originally planned. The holdup is estimated to have af-

fected approximately half of Ramapo property owners who pay their taxes online and not through their mortgages. According to information on the town website, bills were sent out on January 18th, with payments due, as always, on January 31st. Despite the late-arriving bills, penalties will be assessed for every day of lateness as

required by state law. Ramapo residents who have not yet received their bills are encouraged to call Nathan Oberman, the town’s receiver of taxes at 357-5100, extension 247 to find out the amount due. Bills can be paid online at www. or in person at Town Hall, with a 24-hour dropbox available to accept payments.

Cuomo Cracking Down on Toll Evaders (Governor Cuomo’s Office) NEW REGULATIONS PUT into effect by Governor Andrew Cuomo will allow the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the registrations of drivers who repeatedly fail to pay their tolls. The new policies, designed to encourage motorists to pay up, will affect those who ditch three or more toll violations within a fiveyear period and commercial drivers who fail to pay $200 or more in tolls over the same amount of time. “Toll evaders flaunt the law and

do so on the backs of hard working New Yorkers who play by the rules,” said Cuomo. “This action provides new tools to ensure these scofflaws pay their fair share, as well as support new automatic tolling initiatives that will decrease congestion and modernize New York’s transportation system.” The new rules apply to all New York tolling authorities, including Metropolitan Transportation Au- York and New Jersey and the New thority, the Port Authority of New York State Thruway.

Rockland May Become First in NY to Ban Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies (The Journal News) A MEASURE THAT passed the Rockland County Legislature by a unanimous vote would ban tobacco sales in pharmacies if approved by County Executive Ed Day. The bill was proposed by Legislator Nancy Low-Hogan of South Nyack and would prevent drug stores from selling cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigs, powdered tobacco and all smoking paraphernalia. Other

54 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

retailers would still be permitted to sell tobacco and tobacco products. “It doesn’t make sense that a place we go to pick up a prescription or other item intended to boost our health would also be a place that sells a product that can damage our health,” said Low-Hogan. Violators would be slapped with a $2,000 fine for each offense if the bill is approved by Day. The county

executive promised to research the issue in order to make sure that it is legal and would not “cause any unintended consequences or pose an undue burden to businesses.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, smoking tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, with almost half a million people dying of tobacco-related causes every year.

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 55 / 845.600.8484


not losing...


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By Chany Rosengarten


Sun on

Stone Recap: Malka’la speaks to the audience openly and the audience responds in the only way they could, giving her as much money as they possibly can. One member of the audience asks her to speak at another party in the city, but Malka’la just wants to go home. Pessy apologizes to Gella for suggesting the shidduch. “NO. I WAS BLINDED,” Gella told Pessy. “I was so, so obtuse. Because often we are, aren’t we? Especially with shidduchim, and all sorts of relationships. Hakol b’chezkas siman — it’s there. Right in front of our eyes. I’d like you to suggest Heshy for Malka’la,” Gella whispered urgently. “Please. Before she goes home.” She was beyond caring at this point. Dignity was just one thing she hadn’t seen in her guest until

much.” But Malka’la wasn’t willing to stay. The woman in the furs, silks, and fine shoes was still not giving up, trying with friendliness, with bribes, cajoling. “Five thousand dollars. Just one more week. If you stay in the city, people will give. There’s so much more opportunity. I will personally go around to my friends with you, to help you collect funds.” Malka’la looked at the woman

His first wife had been about her. Nice family. Nice girl. And it had hurt her son so much. tonight. Compatibility was another. And… her son. She hadn’t seen him clearly. His motivation in helping this stranger, this woman. How maybe, maybe he was interested in this shidduch, had been all along. His shidduch wasn’t about her. It was about him finding a wife, a home. His first wife had been about her. Nice family. Nice girl. And it had hurt her son so much. Maybe… her eyes were finally opened tonight. “I want her. Very

58 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

with those clear, assured eyes of hers. If there had been a battle in her, the lines were already redrawn. “I came here, and I gave myself a certain amount of time. That time is up. It was in that time that all the brachah I needed could flow in — and it did. I’m not disappointed, I’m grateful. I got helped. It’s all the help I can get.” “Raising children is expensive,” the woman said, her thinly shaped eyebrows threatening Malka’la into

giving her what she wanted now. “Raising children is very expensive,” Malka’la agreed. “Being a mother is priceless.” “Can we fly you in? We’ll fly you back in. You go home, and come back.” Another short battle waged in Malka’las heart, but was quickly won. Malka’la laughed. “Your party, too, will earn you whatever it is it was meant to earn. You can fly me in next year. For now, I need another week far less than I need to hug each child, long and deep, and assure them I am there. To stay.” “Let’s talk by phone,” the woman said, resigned. Gella looked on, forgetting why she had donned a plastic apron, to collect plates of melting ice cream bleeding into leftover maraschino cherries. This side of Malka’la; it was new. Pessy neared Malka’la and asked her aside, into the study. The door sang and closed behind them, Gella following them with prayerful eyes. This was the time. Let Malka’la say yes to Heshy. Pessy handed Malka’la a document-sized manila envelope brim-

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 59 / 845.600.8484

ming with bills. “It’s more than we expected. And you spoke… better than any of us could have imagined. Thank you. Thank you. There’s over fifteen thousand dollars in there. Well deserved.” Malka’la accepted the gift wordlessly. This is about you, she thought, imagining her precious ones at home. This is about you, she thought, thinking of the loving directing Hand that guided her here, and guided her in her talk with the women of Monsey, and guided her to see herself in a new light, as a brave widow doing her best for the people she loved. This is about you, she thought, picturing Nachman’s face, now hazy and so far and fading. “And I want to give you this linen set, as a gift,” Pessy added. “I won the raffle, but I don’t need it. Gella donated it.” Malka’la lifted the fine fabric, a soft peach with gold flowers. It reminded her of the gift she had given her mother on the night of her wedding. It was so… womanly. So subtle and powerfully beautiful. “Thank you,” she breathed. “Our people are generous. So giving. So pure. If I was able to give back tonight, if just for a few moments of psichas halev, I’m grateful.” “I want to ask something of you. To give back. Gella…” Malka’la looked at Pessy, fear and curiosity awakening. “Sure.” “Gella has a son. He’s a wonderful pers—” “For me?” “Yes. He’s been alone for a long time. A kohen. Have you met him?” “I have.” “And?” “And…” Malka’la repeated. She was lost in thought. Gella. That man who picked her up from the airport; big car, leather seats. Having lived in

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the Kahn house for so many nights and days. And… her children. Her family. “He will support you. He will care for your children. He will bring you here, and give you a home, and he’ll be a husband to you. He’s a very good person.” M a l k a’ l a brought her gaze back home, and looked at Pessy. “I would love to say yes, I’ll think about it. That I’ll consider it. I would like to say that,” Malka’la said with a generous heart, her hands folded together in front of her throat. “I’d say it, if only to express how much the Kahns have done for me, and to acknowledge that we truly are family. We will forever be entwined, because we were brought together for a reason.” She looked down for a moment, then back at Pessy. “But I can’t. I promised my parents I wouldn’t put roots down

mix of impressions inside her. The party had been a raving success. The night had been full. The disappointment of Malka’las refusal hurt like a welt to the heart. How surprising. This afternoon, she couldn’t imagine that she’d feel let down by Malka’la’s refusal to meet with her son. It was late, very late. Tomorrow, at dawn, Malka’la was departing American soil. “Heshy will drive you to the airport tomorrow morning. Is that okay?”

Nothing, no words, could thank a person for giving life. Only life could thank life. Living life fully. Perhaps… rebuilding. With Gella’s son. in America. That I was always and forever returning to Yerushalayim. It was a promise I made to them, but it was for myself. To remember my center. To stay true to my compass even while I let myself go far, far away. I only went so far from the center that holds me so I can bring myself back home. I have to go home. My children. My family. My city. My life. I am first and foremost a mother.” “You can meet him tonight. And then you’ll know…” “I already know.” “You don’t want him, then?” “We can meet in Yerushalayim.” Gella drove Malka’la home, a

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“Yes,” Malka’la said. There was so little time in which to pack her bags, catch a few winks of sleep. Tomorrow, her plane would touch down on the whitewashed land of her ancestors. She’d take a monit through the winding desert roads lined with palm trees. She’d come home, and there would be her children— I didn’t even buy them gifts, she realized. Nothing. It was sad. This trip was nothing like it had been in her fantasy, before she came. There was still so much to do. She sat down to pen a few warm words to her host and benefac-

tor, Gella. She put her pen down. Nothing, no words, could thank a person for giving life. Only life could thank life. Living life fully. Perhaps… rebuilding. With Gella’s son. She placed all of her belongings in her valise. She spent a few short hours tossing, before giving up on her sleep. Tomorrow’s sleep would be in her own bed. Not as comfortable, way more familiar. And at dawn, when the sun rose from its purple blankets, she got into Heshy Kahn’s car, settled onto its toasty white seats, and spoke from her heart. She didn’t know if he would follow her to Eretz Yisrael. But she owed Gella this much, the option, the opportunity, a window. “I bought some things. For your children. I imagine you didn’t have time to shop,” he said, before dropping her off and placing her luggage on a large cart. He placed a large shopping bag, filled with what rattled like wood and metal toys, on top of her luggage. He gave her a bag of sweets. “For your children. Every mother wants to bring something home .” THE END Chany Rosengarten authors columns and serialized novels in leading publications. She can be reached at gchanyg@

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Spiced Fish

By Sussy Kraus

The collection of fish recipes below have not only been tried, but enjoyed Shabbos after Shabbos, meal after meal, by our family and guests, neighbors and friends, and I hope that you will enjoy it as well. It also gives you a nice try on all the different spices.



INGREDIENTS: 6-8 slices salmon fillet 1 large red pepper, diced 5 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced 1 jalapeno pepper, thinly sliced ½ cup oil 1 T. paprika 1 ½ tsp. salt 1 tsp. black pepper 1 tsp. turmeric 1 tsp. coriander ½ tsp. cayenne pepper

DIRECTIONS: 1. Place fish, skin down in a 9x13” roaster pan. 2. In a separate bowl, mix all the rest of the ingredients and spoon over the fish slices. Add water to barely cover the fish and let simmer on medium flame until most of the water is absorbed. 3. Alternatively, you can bake it in the oven (without the water) for 25 minutes. The texture of the fish is very different when cooked or baked, but either way it is very good. 4. Keep this fish on a hot plate or in a warmer until serving. If you have any leftovers after Shabbos or Yom Tov, just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy it for lunch. This fish pairs very well with chummus.

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A good friend of mine who’s half Tunisian, half Yemenite shared this recipe with me about twelve years ago. I have shared this with many friends already and it has won first place over many other fish recipes. Even my mother-in-law adopted it as her favorite fish dish.

LEMON-PEPPER SALMON This recipe is one of the easiest ways to prepare salmon fish. It is effortless, delicious and 100% sugar free and fat free.

INGREDIENTS: 4 slices salmon fillet 3 T. Lemon Pepper 1 tsp. black pepper

DIRECTIONS: 1. It is best to ask your fish seller to remove the skin from the fillet or you can skin it yourself with a sharp flat knife. Put the fish, skin down and place the knife between the skin and the flesh. With your fingers, hold onto the skin and start moving the knife inwards very close to the skin until the entire skin is removed. 2. Mix the lemon pepper and black pepper well. Sprinkle the fish very generously with the lemon pepper on both sides until well coated. 3. Bake in a preheated oven on 400° for 14 minutes, then on broil for 4 minutes. If you are baking it on Yom Tov when you cannot change the oven temperature, 20 minutes on 350° is fine too. The longer you bake it, the dryer it becomes, so don’t leave it for too long. 4. Keep it at room temperature until serving. Refrigerated leftovers can be used for a delicious fish salad placed on crusty garlic bread which can be made from leftover challah.

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 69 / 845.600.8484

MOROCCAN FISH This recipe was adopted by our entire family as a very welcome change on Shabbos or Yom Tov. It is also very low in sugar and a great alternative to the usual sweet Shabbos fish. It is best served warm or at room temperature so you can take it out of the fridge an hour before serving.

INGREDIENTS: 6-8 slices salmon fillet 1 tall can tomato juice 1 red pepper, diced 1 head of garlic, sliced thinly 1 fresh jalapeno pepper (optional) ½ cup olive oil 2 T. sugar 1 T. paprika 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. black pepper ½ tsp. cayenne pepper (or more, depending on the heat level you like)

DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix all ingredients, except for the fish, in a pot and let simmer for 15-20 minutes until sauce thickens a bit. Add the fish and continue to cook for another 10 minutes. Optional addition: Add a can of chick peas into the pot along with the fish.

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hen you walk through the spice aisle in the supermarket, you see an array of bottles in all styles and sizes of brownish, greenish or reddish powders. Some spices look relatively fresh, while other spices look like they were scooped out of the deserts on Mars and bottled. Unfortunately, this is the only view many people have of spices — mostly uninteresting, used only because recipes call for them. If the appearance of spices were to reflect their real importance in the history of the world, the bottles would look like they’re filled with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and gold. Throughout the centuries, spices have inspired trade, exploration, war and poetry. The ground pepper you liberally sprinkle onto your salads, omelets and steak was once worth its weight in gold; the nutmeg you put into your cinnamon cake once drove a war that gained Manhattan for England. Many records that were discovered in expeditions around the world had detailed information about the practice of surgery and medicine in those eras. There’s lists of cures formed from herbs and spices; many of these are the same herbs and spices we use for everyday cooking. Hence, it is very likely that the most important use for spices in those years was their ability to heal. A very big factor of the importance of spices was the role they played in exploring new territories. Since it was used for preserving foods and healing the sick, they were very important for everyday life and people attempted to get to them even in faraway lands. Ever heard the Yiddish expression, “Gei vee de shvartze fefer vakst”? (In other words, “Get lost.”) that is because people have gone through danger and perils to get to the coveted spices, sometimes with no return… Nevertheless, the adventurous travel was sometimes rewarded in rare and beautiful forms of gold, silver, ivory, spices and new plant forms. Those lucky enough to acquire these precious commodities were wealthy men, men of nobility, royalty, highranking officials and a few very shrewd and clever merchants and businessmen. It is important to remember that

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even though spices were exotic and flavorful and sure to open new culinary worlds, the primary reason for searching out those spices was their use as medicine. In the 1500s, when the “Spice Wars” were going on between the Portuguese and the Dutch, and later the Dutch and the English, nutmeg was one of the most important spices. And it was not because the Queen wanted a new dessert; nutmeg was known as a miracle cure for the plague, which killed more than 35,000 people in London in 1603. Spices did more than just increase some people’s fortunes; they were used for many decades as currency. In Judea, the religious people paid tithes (maaser) in cumin seeds. When Rome came under siege, the ransom included 3,000 pounds of peppercorns. During the fourteenth century, in Germany, one pound of nutmeg could be traded

for several oxen. At other times in history, rent would be paid in peppercorns, and a pound of pepper would serve to buy the freedom of a slave in France. Spices also seem to have been hyped for their help in dieting. (Apparently, people have been dieting since the beginning of time.) Clever marketing has also been around since the beginning of time! One other need has been filled with spices, and that was based on their strong scent. While we take for granted the good hygiene habits we have today, people did not necessarily have free access to water in ancient times. In other words, a town meeting would not be the most pleasant experience. Spices served as a way to perfume a room and the people in it. When common folk would have an audience with their king, they would first sit on spices to mask the other odors.

Kinderland E A R LY I N T E R V E N T I O N


If your child (18-36 months) is receiving Early Intervention services, he/she may be eligible for EI center based therapy program. please call:


Classroom runs following the DIR Floortime approach. Teacher collaborates and implements ABA goals & strategies.

Fun loving, happy approach while working on individual’s challenges. Step by step plan set up by teachers to build on strenghts while simultaneously challenging child’s weakness.

Music and movement therapy integrated in program by professional music therapist.

Traditional therapy combined with new updated approaches and technological advancement.

Constant collaboration! Daily notes. Weekly phone calls to parents. Teacher/aides observes home session of related services (PT, OT, SLP) to implement all goals throughout the day.

Yiddish, English,

Lunch & transportation provided.

Centrally located in the Monsey Hub on Rte.59.

At no cost to the parents. Funded by the EI program through RCDOH

The Early Intervention program is contracted and publicly funded by the NYSDOH and RCDOH 845-364-2032. The EI services are provided at no out of pocket costs to parents.

So, the next time you go to shake a little black pepper on your steak, perhaps you will pause and reflect on how you came to be eating what you are. It may come from a plastic bottle on the supermarket shelf, but it took a long, intricate route to get there.

SPICES AND THEIR HEALTH BENEFITS During the winter months and when fresh food wasn’t available,

spices made the same meat and rice palatable night after night, but seasoning food was not the most important role they played; they were used as medicine. People didn’t have antibiotics and cough suppressants; they had cumin and turmeric. In fact, many of our pharmaceuticals today are modeled after the healing properties of plants, herbs and spices. Prices of spices are by far not what they used to be in the trader’s era, but that doesn’t mean that they

aren’t a valuable part of a healthy diet. Many spices aid in digestion and nutrient absorption while adding a pleasing flavor to chicken and rice. It is so easy to have a variety of spices on hand. They don’t take much space in the kitchen, they don’t require chopping or preparing; just a simple shake of the bottle will do. Here are a few spices that are simple to incorporate into everyday meals.


Black pepper


Cardamom is used in alternative medicine to remove toxins. It has also been linked to anti-tumor activity. ›› Use it to make tea, or add it to coffee. ›› Flavor curries and rice dishes. ›› Give meat a wood-smoked flavor with a rub of cardamom, salt and pepper.

As common as we find it today, black pepper was one of the most sought-after and expensive spices during the spice trade era. It has been proven to lower blood lipids and inhibit cholesterol absorption. ›› Grind it onto anything, even sweet dishes. ›› Add it at the end of cooking because it becomes bitter with long periods of cooking.

Capsicum, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, has been shown to increase circulation and contribute to weight loss. ›› Use it to flavor chilies, tacos and Cajun dishes. ›› Add it to tea or lemonade.

Cinnamon Cinnamon is popular in Chinese medicine for its antioxidant properties. It’s also been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity. HEALTH BOOST: Can lower blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol in people with Type 2 diabetes. Aim for one-fourth to one-half teaspoon of cinnamon twice a day. ›› Toss it in oatmeal or other whole-grain breakfast cereals. ›› Sprinkle it on sweet potato fries, squash, carrots or other roasted vegetables. ›› Dust it on sautéed dark, leafy greens. ›› Mix it into black bean dishes. ›› Stir it into milk for an evening drink. ›› Boil cinnamon sticks in water to make a concentrated tea for a daily drink to control blood sugars.

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Traditionally, cumin was added to foods to aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Recently, cumin has been shown to have antibacterial qualities, especially associated with the digestive tract. ›› Use it to flavor chilies, lentil soups, chicken dishes, hummus, falafel and Mexican meals.

Ginger is often recommended for nausea and an upset stomach. It has also shown to have anti-inflammatory properties HEALTH BOOST: Can decrease motion sickness and nausea; may also relieve pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Doses used in clinical trials range from 500 to 2,000 mg of powdered ginger. (A quarter-size piece of fresh root contains about 1,000 mg.) More than 6,000 mg can cause stomach irritation. Ginger can also hinder blood clotting, so if you’re about to have surgery or are taking blood thinners or aspirin, be sure to talk to your doctor first. ›› Combine it with honey for a fresh tea. ›› Sprinkle it into smoothies or fresh juices. ›› Use it to flavor stir-fry dishes, soups and fish marinades.

Oregano Health Boost: A USDA study found that, gram for gram, oregano has the highest antioxidant activity of 27 fresh culinary herbs. ›› To spice up tomato soup, add 3/4 teaspoon oregano to 1 can. ›› Add 1/2 teaspoon to 2 cups pasta or pizza sauce. ›› Sprinkle on pizza and any tomatobased dish.

Rosemary HEALTH BOOST: Stops gene mutations and may help prevent damage to the blood vessels that raise heart attack risk. ›› For a delicious chicken rub, combine 2 teaspoons rosemary leaves with 2 teaspoons seasoning salt and 1/2 teaspoon thyme leaves.

Turmeric Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric “has been shown to exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer activities and thus has a potential against various malignant diseases, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic illnesses,” according to a review in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. HEALTH BOOST: Curcumin inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Try to have 500 to 800 milligrams a day, says Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, a professor of cancer medicine at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. ›› Sprinkle it onto cauliflower. ›› Add it to curry dishes, marinades and salad dressings. ›› Mix it with honey to ease a cough. ›› Add it to a child’s milk, which could help with protein digestion, according to “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia.” ›› Make tea with a quarter teaspoon of ground turmeric boiled in a cup of water and then strained. Add honey and lemon.

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STORAGE GUIDE Spices last a while, but they lose their flavor over time, so buy them in usable quantities. The ground versions lose flavor faster than their whole seeds. Seal tightly and store in the dark, away from the heat of the oven, for optimal freshness. Never buy a spice rack with spices in it! Chances are they are not fresh, and there might be ones you won’t use. Choose the spices you desire and look for expiration dates. Shake the spice bottle to see if the spices clump together; choose only the free-flowing spices. If storing the spices in the freezer, do not let them sit on the counter or bring them near a heat source as moisture will form when exposed to warmer temperatures which will make the spices clump together and it becomes the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Never spice your food directly from the bottle while it’s cooking. The heat and moisture will make the spices stale and will give the spices the status of either fleishig or milchig. Shake some of the spice into your hand or onto a spoon and then put it into the pot.

TRYING SPICES Before using a new spice, it is

84 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

good to see if you like the flavor it imparts in the food. It is very difficult to taste spices in their raw form. I have found that the simplest way to try a spice and discover its real flavor is to try it with mushrooms. Mushrooms themselves are pretty much tasteless, and take on the flavor of anything they are cooked with. I mix the spice with a bit of oil, coat the mushrooms and stir fry them for several minutes. The mushrooms will take on the delicious flavor of the spices and you can make an educated decision as to whether you would use it on your chicken cutlets. For example, take shawarma spice. Shawarma spice is a mix of paprika, garlic, cumin, turmeric, allspice, coriander and some brands have salt as well. (If yours doesn’t, add salt.) Mix the shawarma spice with some oil, coat the mushrooms and stir-fry in a preheated frying pan. You can do the same with any BBQ seasoning or Cajun mix. Cajun is also a seasoning mix which follows a particular style of cooking. Just like there is French or Italian Cuisine, there’s Cajun style. This style comes from a community in Southern Louisiana, started by descendants of French Canadians. Since people always like to try something new, they’ve also looked into Cajun style cook-

ing. What the Cajuns do, for example with seafood, is mix the spice, spray or brush the fish with oil, dip it into the spice mix on both sides, so it’s heavily spiced and then they fry it. it becomes a very spicy, blackened piece of fish. Cajun style is associa t e d w it h

a bit of a burnt flavor. Since spices burn faster than the fish cooks, it gives it that taste. So, if you ever burn your food, serve it and just say that it is Cajun style. You can make your own Cajun seasoning mix by mixing ›› 6 T. paprika ›› ¼ cup kosher salt ›› 2 T. ground black pepper ›› 2 t. ground white pepper ›› 2 T. garlic powder ›› 2 T. onion powder ›› 1 T. dried thyme ›› 1 T. cayenne pepper Some mixes have 2 T. of oregano and basil as well. It’s pretty flexible. Sussy Kraus is a Food Safety Consultant with a degree in Food Science, trainer for the new FSMA regulations and HACCP certified for Seafood and USDA. To reach her, you can email her at

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__________________ Now offering newest technology! Fat removal by ultrasound to reduce fat pads, orange peel skin, and folds No need to go under the knife to be beautiful.

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“...I have experienced a strange syndrome whenever I have eaten out in a Chinese restaurant, especially one that served northern Chinese food. The syndrome, which usually begins 15 to 20 minutes after I have eaten the first dish, lasts for about two hours, without hangover effect. The most prominent symptoms are numbness at the back of the neck, gradually radiating to both arms and the back, general weakness and palpitations…” So penned Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok in a letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine in the year 1968. Worried that one of the ingredients commonly used in Chinese cuisine was causing his mysterious malady, Kwok was quick to question whether he was affected by high sodium content, the ingredients in Chinese cooking wine or perhaps… monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG. Used frequently in Chinese cooking, Kwok suspected that this flavor-enhancer may have been chemically responsible for his strange symptoms. Creatively captioning Kwok’s letter as the “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” the New England Journal of Medicine was flooded with a deluge of mail from people who claimed to experience similar symptoms after consuming Chinese foods. Like wildfire, the fear of MSG — and by association, Chinese restaurants — spread through America and Canada. Chinese restaurants began to

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fall in popularity, prompting many proprietors to reevaluate their food preparation and announce their establishments “MSG free.” Thus began the historic, ongoing battle over MSG.

What Is MSG? Despite being touted as a traditional ingredient of Chinese cuisine, monosodium glutamate was actually discovered by a Japanese chemist named Kikunae Ikeda in 1908. Realizing that his wife’s cooking often carried a savory quality that was unable to be identified by the commonly recognized four types of taste — salty, sweet, bitter and sour — Ikeda was able to pinpoint a fifth sense of taste which he named “umami.” Japanese for “pleasant, savory taste,” umami was able to be traced to glutamate naturally occurring in foods such as tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, pears and

peas. Imagining the opportunity to enhance the taste of foods through umami, Ikeda set out to isolate the glutamate component of food. Using seaweed, a staple of Japanese diet, Ikeda was able to identify and extract a form of glutamate he proceeded to name monosodium glutamate. Within a year, monosodium glutamate was being commercially produced under the brand name Ajinomoto, meaning “the essence of taste.” The first four years of marketing turned little-to-no profit as restauranteers and commercial food manufacturers looked at askance at the new product. They considered their food to be good enough without use of a new-fangled and questionable additive. The manufacturers of MSG, however, disagreed. Changing their marketing tactics, MSG was presented to Japanese housewives in thin glass bottles, designed to look aesthetic and as if the item belonged in upper class homes. Respected public individuals were quoted throughout the media, claiming MSG to be a vital factor in preparing the perfect meal, and recipes containing MSG began appearing in Japanese publications. Costing the equivalent of roughly ten bags of flour, MSG was purported a seasoning of distinction, and was awarded as a graduation gift to women who had finished schooling in the years between 1922–1937. By 1931, monosodium glutamate had found its place on Japanese tables, similar to the salt and pepper shakers found in American homes. By 1914, Ajinomoto had spread beyond Japanese borders where it was met with enthusiasm by the people of Taiwan. Mainland China, however, was a harder sell, though that, too, picked up eventually. In the time span encasing the mid-1930s–1941, America became the lead purchaser of Ajinomoto. Though housewives couldn’t be convinced to purchase MSG shakers for table-top use, the commercial industry quickly fell in love with the additive. Everything from frozen foods to baby food jars

became laden with synthetic umami. And of course, Chinese-American restaurants cashed in on the MSG craze as well.

The Red Flag Is Raised A revolution was born in 1962 when an American author published a book that pointed an accusing finger at the American government’s allowance of chemical manufacturers to freely use harsh pesticides in agriculture. Pointing to native bird die-out that correlated to DDT (a pesticide) use, the author condemned unregulated chemical use as detrimental to both the environment and human health. All of a sudden, previously trusting Americans woke up and begin to question the use of chemicals in various industries, with emphasis on food production.

gested that MSG in large doses could prove dangerous for human consumption. In a 1969 study, Dr. John Olney subjected mice to larger-than-average doses of MSG and subsequently reported that these animals suffered brain lesions, neuroendocrine disorders and became grotesquely obese. This data prompted him to speak out against legalized use of monosodium glutamate in food production. Though baby food manufacturers voluntarily ceased to use the flavor-enhancer, the FDA declined to regulate use of MSG in any form.

head trauma or stroke. When too much glutamate leaves its cellular habitat, it acts an excitatory agent, stimulating surrounding cells to open their pores excessively, allowing undesired substances like sodium or calcium and water to enter the cells, which causes swelling and shuts off oxygen flow. These cells then die and spill yet more glutamate into the wrong areas of the body. In short, glutamate is a powerful force, created to exist within balance and limitations — just like with everything else in life.

Glutamate in the Human Body

So, Is MSG Safe for Consumption?

Glutamate is naturally found in the human body, largely concentrated in the brain. It is a powerful neurotransmitter that is respon-

The great MSG debate continues to rage to this very day, with supporters of MSG claiming that the average person will never consume enough MSG to adversely affect health and brain functioning. On the other spectrum, skeptics point to studies like Dr. Olney’s, as well as to statements from MSG manufacturers who have admitted that MSG may cause various side effects, chiefly in asthmatics who seem to be frequently aggravated by the chemical. There is currently no definitive answer of how much MSG is safe for human consumption and how often it can safely be eaten. For children, it is highly suspected that the maximum level of monosodium glutamate intake is vastly less than adults’ though a baseline “safe” level has never yet been determined. Ironically, these children are the prime targets of flavor-enhanced snack foods containing MSG. We may never know how much is too much, so please, use your common sense to navigate the world of the fifth sense of taste: umami.

Within a year, monosodium glutamate was being commercially produced under the brand name Ajinomoto, meaning “the essence of taste.” By the time Kwok’s letter reached the American readership, the red flag had already been raised. The citizens of the U.S. demanded answers. In response to public outcry, numerous studies were conducted on MSG. By that point, the manufacturing process had largely converted from extracting glutamate from plant life, to a chemical process involving genetically modified and fermented bacteria — creating even more questions that needed to be solved. Many of these studies were inconclusive in regards to effect on human health, while others sug-

sible for sending important chemical messages throughout the body. Learning and memory, as well as many other bodily functions, are heavily affected by the chemical messages relayed by glutamate. In order for it to positively affect the body, the intensity of its power must be held in check. It is both essential and highly toxic. Much like water contained within the structure of dam, glutamate is held in check within cells, only releasing small amounts of itself to accomplish various tasks as needed. Problems arise when excessive amounts of glutamate are released, such as often occurs in the case of

How does MSG affect your family? Do you feel it is cause for concern? Drop us a line to join the discussion!

CaIl Us Today !! 1. It takes more then one cycle to dry your clothes

3. Your dryer feels hot to the touch while in use

2. There are any signs of a birds nest on the exterior your dryer vent

4. Lint is building up on or around the dryer

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Allspice Description: It is a dark-brown, pea-size berry. Comes from the evergreen pimento tree.

Flavor: Pungent, sweet mixture of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg flavors

Uses: Breads, cakes, cookies, fruit sauce recipes. Syrians use allspice in Lachmagine and other chopped meat dishes.

Flavor: Sweet clove-like flavor, pungent

Uses: Mostly used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Best in tomato-based dishes like eggplant parmesan or pasta. Also great in chicken, eggs and fish.

Flavor: Woodsy, pungent

Uses: Meats, pickling, sauces, soups, stews, vegetables. Bay leaves have a very strong flavor, so use sparingly.

Basil Description: Member of the mint family. It has green leaves.

Bay Leaf Description: Leaves from the evergreen bay laurel tree. Sometimes it is called laurel leaf.

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Bouquet Garni Description: Small bundle of herbs wrapped in a cheesecloth bag or tied together and added in soups to add flavor (parsley, thyme, and bay leaves is the classic combination).

Flavor: Herb blend

Uses: You will see this in many recipes for soups and stews. It is removed after cooking.

Flavor: Hot, pungent

Uses: Eggs, cheese, Cajun recipe, or anywhere you enjoy a little bit of heat

Flavor: Celery flavor, slightly bitter

Uses: For pickling, salads (potato and cole slaw), soups

Flavor: Mild to hot

Uses: Similar to cayenne pepper but with more flavor. For fish and chicken dishes

Flavor: Onion or garlic flavor

Uses: Appetizers, cream soups, salads, sauces. Beautiful as a garnish

Flavor: Pungent, soapy fragrance

Uses: Very popular in Italian, and Mexican dishes (fish, rice, salsas, salads)

Cayenne Pepper Description: A mixture of seasoning made from different tropical chilies, including red cayenne peppers. It is very hot and spicy, so use in moderation if you don’t like spicy foods.

Celery Seed Description: Comes from wild Indian celery called lovage.

Chili Powder Description: A mixture of different seasonings (ground dried chilies, coriander, cumin, garlic, oregano and other herbs and spices)

Chives Description: Belongs to the onion and leek family. Source of vitamin A.

Cilantro Description: Bright-green stems and leaves from the coriander plant

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Cinnamon Description: Bark from the Ceylon or Cassia tree; comes in buff color or dark reddish color

Flavor: Cinnamon sticks are added to dishes during the cooking process to add flavor. Their flavor is very aromatic and sweet.

Uses: Sweets, baked goods, hot drinks, vegetables (carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes)

Flavor: Aromatic, pungent and sweet. They give a very strong flavor so use with care.

Uses: Spiced cakes and cookies, baked beans, pickling, sauces

Flavor: Mixture of lemon, sage and caraway flavors

Uses: Used whole in pickling brines, sour pickles. Ground is used in sausages, fish dishes, vegetable soups.

Flavor: Slightly bitter, pungent, hot

Uses: Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine (mixed into chili and curry spice blends) used in fish, lamb, falafel and Yemenite soup

Flavor: Tangy and pungent flavor

Uses: salads, meats, sauces, vegetables

Flavor: Pungent, tangy

Uses: Fish, pickling, salads, sauces, eggs, vegetables, breads

Clove Description: Reddish-brown buds from the tropical evergreen clove tree

Coriander Description: Related to the parsley family; seeds from the coriander plant

Cumin Description: Dried fruit from a plant in the parsley family

Dill Seed Description: Dried seed from the dill plant

Dill Weed Description: Green leaves from the dill plant

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Going the extra mile!



umans are able to make most of the fats we need. However, there are two essential fatty acids we must get in our diet: linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, and alphalinolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Our body needs these essential fatty acids to make and maintain the membranes that surround all of our cells, regulate our immune and inflammatory responses, promote wound healing and healthy skin and hair, regulate metabolism, and support the structure and function of our brain, nervous system, eyes, and bones. Although an excessive amount of omega-6 fatty acids are bad for. You must have some in your diet. Most people get far too much omega-6 in their diets because so many processed foods are made with vegetable oils derived from corn, safflower, sunflower, and soybeans. Omega-6 fats play an important role in stimulating inflammation, which is extremely important when you are injured or ill. However, too much omega-6 can cause excessive amounts of inflammation, which has been associated with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and worse L”U.



Omega-3 fatty acids have many roles in the body, but one important job is to dial back inflammation. Unlike Omega 6, our diet is woefully lacking in omega-3s. There are three omega-3 fatty acids you should be familiar with: alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ALA is found primarily in nuts (walnuts are the richest source), canola oil, flax, chia, and hemp seeds, as well as in Brussels sprouts and green leafy vegetables, such as kale. ALA is the only true essential omega-3 fatty acid—the one you have to get from your diet. EPA and DHA can technically be synthesized in the body from ALA, which is why they are not considered “essential.” However, humans can’t make EPA and DHA very efficiently from ALA. EPA and DHA are equaly important. They are critical to the health of our cardiovascular system, brain, and eyes. They decrease inflammation, reduce the risk for certain Machlos (L’U), are critical during fetal development, and may even help protect us from depression. That’s why experts recommend eating fish two or three times per week. Fish are rich in EPA and DHA, premade and ready for our body to use—no conversion necessary. You can also find EPA and/or DHA in grass-fed beef, and certain seaweeds, and of course through supplementing. Wherever you get your omega-3s, one thing is forsure: You need them! And here’s why. Omega-3 fatty acids, along with omega-6 fatty acids, are key structural components in our cell membranes, where they act to stabilize and protect them from damage. This is particularly important for the cells in the brain, eyes, and nervous system. During the last trimester, neurological development is very rapid and omega-3s, particularly DHA, are concentrated in the baby’s brain and eyes. Studies show that mothers who consumed fish or fish oil during pregnancy score higher on tests that assess intelligence, attention, and visual acuity. DHA may also reduce the risk of premature birth. There is also some evidence that higher maternal intake of DHA may offer some protection against allergies

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Fennel Seeds Description: Oval, greenishbrown seeds from the fennel plant

Flavor: Aromatic, slight licorice flavor

Uses: Breads, fish, sauces, sausage, soups, Italian recipes

Ginger Description: The root of the ginger plant

Flavor: Slightly sweet, slightly pungent and spicy aroma

Uses: Chinese, Jamaican and German recipes, (cakes, cookies, marinades). Delicious in salad dressings. Dried ginger does not compare to fresh ginger.

Marjoram Description: Member of the mint and oregano family; oval, pale green leaves

Flavor: Aromatic, slightly bitter and pungent

Uses: Fish, meat, poultry, sausages, stuffing, vegetables

Flavor: Strong, sweet, cool

Uses: Refreshing beverages, desserts, lamb, sauces, soups. Mint tea after a heavy meal is great for digestion.

Flavor: Hot, pungent

Uses: Meats, pickling, relishes. Powdered mustard (finely ground) is used in sauces.

Flavor: Nutty, warm, spicy

Uses: Beverages, cakes, cookies, white sauces, sweet potato

Mint Description: One of the most popular spices used

Mustard Seed Description: Comes in white, yellow, and brown seeds

Nutmeg Description: Oval seeds from the nutmeg tree. Dark grey color. Mace is the spice obtained from the membrane of the seeds.

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and asthma in the baby. Children continue to need a steady supply of DHA for at least the first two years of life to ensure the proper development and function of their central nervous system. DHA is added to infant formula, but the level in breast milk depends exclusively on the mother’s diet. Omega-3s for inflammation. Medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen (motrin), or prednisone have long been used to suppress inflammation. It was thought that suppressing inflammation was a useful strategy while waiting for the inflammation to fizzle out on its own. We didn’t know that there might be an “off” switch. Well, it turns out that EPA and DHA are responsible for resolving inflammation, for turning it off and cleaning up any of the cellular debris that remains. Resolvins and protectins are molecules generated from omega-3s that orchestrate the timely resolution of inflammation in our body. The E-series resolvins are derived from EPA and the D-series resolvins are from DHA. These resolvins also seem to be critically important for maintaining our mucosal barriers (such as the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract), and when they are low, we can experience more severe allergies and asthma. Protectins are derived only from DHA and protect our nerve tissue, brain, and eyes; they also interact with our immune cells. This new understanding of omega-3s may help explain why fish oil has shown benefit in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and other inflammatory-driven diseases. Much of the chronic disease we are experiencing is fueled by persistent low-grade inflammation, driven by many factors of modern living such as obesity, insulin resistance, a high-fructose diet, lack of physical activity, chronic stress, and poor sleep, to name a few. The term inflammaging is being used to describe the many diseases of the elderly such as heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline that are now being seen in younger and younger people. Increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acids, as part of a holisticstrategy, may help reverse or slow this premature aging process. We spoke about how important DHA is during early life. It remains so across our life span, especially as we move into our elder years. Low blood levels of DHA are associated with cognitive decline in healthy elders. A 2010 double-blinded, placebocontrolled study published in the journal Alzheimer’s Dementia randomized 485 people with age-related cognitive decline to receive 900 mg of DHA or identical placebo for 24 weeks. The researchers found that DHA improved learning and memory scores, particularly immediate and delayed verbal recall. Similar effects were seen in a small 12- month study published in Psychopharmacology in 2013 that found fish oil with high concentrations of DHA significantly improved immediate and delayed verbal recall (both are measures of memory). There were no adverse effects in either study. Studies suggest omega-3 is probably most useful as a preventive agent or for those with very early cognitive decline, as the studies using EPA and/or DHA in those with Alzheimer’s dementia have unfortunately not shown any significant benefit. Protectins derived from DHA offer considerable protection to the brain and central nervous system. Emerging science is demonstrating how DHA can help the brain heal after injury or, perhaps even more critical, protect the brain if it should become injured. There is evidence that omega-3s may play an important role in mood. A fascinating 2014 report in the journal Military Medicine found moderate to strong evidence that higher levels of EPA and DHA are associated with a lower risk of clinical depression. They also noted that meta-analyses of randomized, placebo-controlled trials provide moderate to strong evidence that when the supplement contained more than 50 percent EPA, there was a significant improvement in symptoms of depression. They even noted that there is modest evidence of clinical benefit for ADHD.


In conclusion, anyone who doesn’t regularly consume fatty fish twice a week should supplement with fish oil. Also, it is the steady intake of these fatty acids that offers the best protection against chronic disease. The benefits you’ll gain if you start taking fish oil at age 70, while still good, would not be near as great as if you started upping your intake of omega-3s in your 30s. For most people, taking 400 to 800 mg of EPA and 200 to 500 mg of DHA per day, or three to four times per week, is probably sufficient. For some conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or to lower elevated triglycerides, daily doses of 2000 to 3000 mg of EPA and 1000 to 2000 mg of DHA are required.






Simplify your simcha preparations.

(845) 243-3212

For those who are allergic to fish, there are several strategies you can use to up your omega-3 intake. You can add ground flaxseeds to your diet, as they are rich in ALA, dietary lignans, and fiber. In fact, flax is one of the richest sources of dietary lignans, which offer significant protection against cancer. Brown or golden seeds have the same nutritional benefits and contain roughly 800 mg of ALA per tablespoon of ground seeds. Aim for 2 tablespoons per day. Chia seeds also contain ALA but less than flax. They also don’t have those powerhouse lignans. However, they don’t need to be ground, are a great source of soluble fiber, and are easy to throw into smoothies and tea. You can also get omega-3s by adding walnuts and other nuts to salads. Beans, soy, cauliflower, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables contain small amounts of ALA. Or you might want to consider taking a an omega 3 supplement derived from algae. INTERACTIONS: Stay away from high doses of omega 3 while taking blood thinning medication.

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Oregano Description: Member of the mint family, related to marjoram and thyme

Flavor: Strong, aromatic with a pungent marjoram flavor

Uses: Fish, meat, poultry, tomatoes; Greek, Italian and Mexican recipes; very popular spice for pizza sauce

Flavor: Slightly bitter, sweet to hot

Uses: Cholent, dips, fish, poultry, salads (potato and egg), soups; important ingredient in goulash and anywhere you need a bit of color

Flavor: Slightly peppery

Uses: Sprigs used as garnish, herb mixtures, sauces, soups, stews

Flavor: Hot, peppery

Uses: Enhances flavor of most meats, eggs and poultry

Flavor: Deep nutty flavor with crunchy texture

Uses: Pastries, breads, cakes, salad dressings, vegetables, meat

Flavor: Sweet, hint of lemon

Uses: Casseroles, fish, fruit salads, lamb, soups, stuffing, potatoes

Paprika Description: Powdered dried red peppers

Parsley Description: Curly leaf and Italian (flat-leaf) parsley are two of the more popular spices that exist.

Peppercorn Description: Berries from the pepper plant. Black, white and green peppercorns are three kinds processed from the this plant.

Poppy Seeds Description: Very small gray, white seeds from the poppy plant

Rosemary Description: Silver-green leaves; member of the mint family

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Saffron Description: Dried yellow-orange stigmas from the crocus plant

Flavor: Pungent, aromatic

Uses: Rice, poultry, sauces, stews (bouillabaisse), Spanish recipes (paella), Swedish cakes and breads

Flavor: Musty, minty, slightly bitter

Uses: Chicken, duck, goose, sausages, stuffing

Flavor: Nutty, slightly sweet

Uses: Breads, cakes, cookies, salad dressings, seafood; main ingredient of Tehini

Flavor: Slight licorice flavor

Uses: Eggs, meats, pickling, poultry, salads, sauces

Flavor: Pungent, tealike

Uses: Fish, meats, poultry, soups, vegetables, potatoes

Flavor: Pungent, earthy, slightly bitter flavor

Uses: Curries, East Indian cuisine, primary ingredient in American-style mustard

Sage Description: Narrow, oval, gray-green leaves.

Sesame Seeds Description: Tiny, flat seeds; brown, red or black

Tarragon Description: Narrow , pointed, dark- green leaves

Thyme Description: Member of the mint family. It is a bush with gray-green leaves.

Turmeric Description: Yellow-orange root of a plant related to ginger; used to flavor and color food

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WHAT IS A CLOVE? A dry, unopened nail-shaped flower bud of a clove tree. WHERE IN THE WORLD?

Cloves are native to the Molucca Islands of Indonesia.

Sri Lanka and North India: cloves are an integral part of their spice blends. They are used in spice blends, biryanis (rice dishes) and pickles.

In the U.S., cloves are used in meats, salad dressings and sweet desserts. Clove is a key flavor contributor to ketchup and Worcestershire sauce seasoning blends.

Mexico: Cloves accompany cumin and cinnamon in cuisine. China and Germany: used in seasonings to flavor meats and cookies.



Mosquito repellant


Clove cigarettes a.k.a kretek widely smoked in Europe and Asia.

Dentistry: Clove oil has antiseptic and anesthetic properties. It has been used in treating toothaches for centuries.

DID YOU KNOW? Why do all dentists’ offices smell the same? That’s thanks to Eugenol, a topical used as an anesthetic. Its main ingredient is cloves — 80% of it.


cinnamon allspice 102 / THE MONSEY VIEW

vanilla red wine and basil

onion citrus peel

star anise peppercorns

Besamim Dos & Don’ts


Three main exporters of cloves today are Indonesia, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Madagascar cloves rate #1.

Tanzania produces 80% of cloves today.

Cost: About $10 a lb. in international market.

Its tree grows up to 30 feet.

Cloves are the 4th most popular spice (basil, Marjoram and cinnamon precede it), and expensive too!

FAST FACTS The Dutch, who controlled the Maluku islands for many years, protected access to their trees and destroyed any that sprang up anywhere outside of their control.

In the Moluccas, parents planted a clove tree when a child was born.

Clove clusters are pale first. They become green, and then bright red, when they are harvested. They become brown, hard and nail-like in shape when dried.

The clove tree produces flower buds in clusters. The name “cloves” comes from the French “clou,” meaning nail.

Its flavor is pungent and aromatic.

“The clove tree will not grow except within sight of the mountains and within smell of the sea.”

1. 2. 3.

Any naturally occurring aromatic substance may be used.


It is proper to set aside a special container of besamim and to keep it sealed so it retains the smell.

5. 6.

Some have the minhag to use hadasim from the lulav for besamim.


However, the Ashkenazic minhag is to recite “borei minei besamim” at havdalah even if you smell a piece of wood. During the week different brachos would be made depending on if it is wood, flowers, leaves or shrubs.

Do not use man-made substances as besamim. Spices that don’t produce good smells but only remove bad ones should not be used.

Chazal instituted different brachos for different fragrant leaves, grass and wood. For havdalah it is best to take standard spices to avoid a shailah.


Sefardim do not pasken this way. They make the bracha that would normally be said on the fragrant flower, leaf or wood.


Cloves are a splendid besamim choice. They are readily available, retain their smell for a long time and don’t dry out.


The sense of smell is not tangible and connects the physical and spiritual. A good smell uplifts not only the body, but the soul. Smelling besamim uplifts us in a time of mourning the loss of our neshama yeseirah.


According to others, our neshama can smell the fires of Gehinnom turning back on as Shabbos departs and that makes our souls sad. The besamim is to counter that.

—Zanzibar saying THE MONSEY VIEW / 103

104 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 105 / 845.600.8484

‫און דאן קומט די איינשווערונג פונעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫אום ‪ּ 12:01‬פינקטליך ווערט די‬ ‫איינשווערונג דורכגעפירט דורך דעם הויּפט‬ ‫ריכטער‪ ,‬מיט זיין לאנגען שווארצן כאלאטל‪,‬‬ ‫(ווי ס’איז די טראדיציע‪ .‬כאטש באמת קען‬ ‫עס יעדער מענטש טאן‪ ).‬וועלכער זאגט פאר‬ ‫די איינשווערונגס‪-‬ווערטער‪ ,‬לויט ווי ס’איז‬ ‫פארגעשריבן אין דער קאנסטיטוציע‪.‬‬ ‫“איך (נאמען פונעם ּפרעזידענט) טו‬ ‫פייערליך שווערן אז איך וועל געטריי‬ ‫אויספירן די פליכטן פונעם ּפרעזידענט פון די‬ ‫פאראייניגטע שטאטן און כ’וועל ּפרובירן לויט‬ ‫מיינע בעסטע מעגליכקייטן איינצוהאלטן‪,‬‬ ‫באשיצן און פארטיידיגן די קאנסטיטוציע פון‬ ‫די פאראייניגטע שטאטן‪”.‬‬ ‫ביז אהער זענען די ווערטער וואס מען‬ ‫מוז זאגן לויט דער קאנסטיטוציע‪.‬‬ ‫אבער דער ערשטער אמעריקאנער‬ ‫דזשארדזש‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫וואשינגטאן‪ ,‬וועלכער איז געווען‬ ‫א שטארקער גלויביגער‪ ,‬האט‬ ‫צוגעלייגט די ווערטער‪“ ,‬דעריבער‬ ‫העלף מיר ג‪-‬ט‪ ”,‬און זינט דאן האט‬ ‫יעדער ּפרעזידענט צוגעלייגט די‬ ‫ווערטער ביי דער ענדע פון זיין‬ ‫איינשווערונג‪.‬‬ ‫אין דעם מאמענט גייט די‬ ‫ּפרעזידענטשאפט אריבער פונעם‬ ‫אלטן צום נייעם ּפרעזידענט‪,‬‬ ‫וועלכער רייכט פארמעל די‬ ‫הענט מיט זיין פארגייער‪ ,‬דעם‬ ‫ארויסגייענדיגן ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬בשעת די מאסן‬ ‫אּפלאדירן ענטוזיאסטיש‪.‬‬

‫דער אפיציר מיט דער נוקלעארער טאשקע‬ ‫רוקט זיך אריבער צום נייעם ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫יאנואר ‪ ,20‬גענוי א מינוט נאך צוועלף‪,‬‬ ‫באקומט אמעריקע א נייעם ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫די מארין ארקעסטרא שּפילט יעצט‬ ‫ווידעראמאל דעם “העיל טו די טשיף”‬ ‫מארש‪ ,‬אבער דאסמאל פאר’ן נייעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬און דאן פירט דאס מיליטער‬ ‫דורך דעם רעסּפעקטפולן “‪ 21‬גאן סאלוט”‪,‬‬ ‫א מיליטערישער סאלוט וואס ווערט‬ ‫דורכגעפירט דורך ארויסשיסן ‪ 21‬קאנאנען‪ .‬די‬ ‫מעכטיגע עקסּפלאזיעס פון די קאנאנען הילכן‬ ‫אּפ אויפ’ן גאנצן ארום‪ .‬דאס מיליטער פאלגט‬

‫נאך מיט’ן שּפילן די אמעריקאנער הימנע‪.‬‬ ‫אין דער מינוט ווען די ּפרעזידענטשאפט‬ ‫גייט אריבער צום נייעם ּפרעזידענט טוישן‬ ‫זיך זייער אסאך זאכן‪ .‬הונדערטער באאמטע‬ ‫איבער גאנץ וואשינגטאן שטייען גרייט‪,‬‬ ‫דורכצופירן פארשידענע אקטיוויטעטן‪ ,‬צו‬ ‫אפיציעל אריבערפירן די ּפרעזידענטשאפט‬ ‫צום נייעם פירער‪.‬‬ ‫אבער וואס נישט צופיל מענטשן‬ ‫באמערקן איז אז אין יענער מינוט ווען די‬ ‫ּפרעזידענטשאפט טוישט זיך רוקט זיך דער‬ ‫אפיציר וואס האלט די “נוקלעארע טאשקע”‬ ‫אריבער הינטער דעם אריינקומענדיגן‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫ווען די צוויי ּפרעזידענטן זענען אנגעקומען‬ ‫צום קעּפיטאל האט דער אפיציר אין וועמענ’ס‬ ‫הענט עס איז אנפארטרויעט געווארן די‬

‫ּפענטאגאן‪ ,‬קאלאראדא סּפרינגס‪ ,‬און א‬ ‫באהאלטענער בונקער אין מערילאנד‪ ,‬וואס‬ ‫איז באוואוסט אלס “סייט אר”‪ .‬דורך די‬ ‫קאמאנדע צענטערן קען דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫אקטיוויזירן ארום ‪ 1,300‬נוקלעארע וואפנס‬ ‫וועלכע שטייען גרייט צו דער דיסּפאזיציע‬ ‫פונעם ּפרעזידענט צו יעדער מינוט‪ .‬אין דער‬ ‫טאשקע וועט טראמּפ אויך טרעפן א קליינעם‬ ‫נאטיץ‪-‬ביכל וואס אנטהאלט פארשידענע‬ ‫אטאקע אּפציעס‪ ,‬פון ארויסשיסן אן איינצלנע‬ ‫אטאם באמבע ביז צו א פולשטענדיגער‬ ‫נוקלעארער מלחמה‪.‬‬ ‫טייל פריערדיגע ּפרעזידענטן זענען‬ ‫געווען שאקירט פון וואס זיי האבן געטראפן‬ ‫אין דער טאשקע‪ .‬רעיגען איז געווארן אזוי‬ ‫באאומרואיגט פון וואס ער האט געזען‪ ,‬אז‬ ‫ער האט זיך ארויסגעלאזט אויף א מיסיע‬ ‫איינצוצוימען נוקלעארע וואפנס‬ ‫און אּפצושטעלן דעם נוקלעארן‬ ‫וואפן געיעג צווישן אמעריקע און‬ ‫סאוויעט רוסלאנד‪.‬‬

‫די איינשווערונגס רעדע‬

‫נוקלעארע טאשקע נאכגעפאלגט דעם‬ ‫ארויסגייענדן ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬אבער ווען די‬ ‫צערעמאניע איז פארטיג געווארן האט דער‬ ‫זעלבער אפיציר אנגעפאנגען נאכצופאלגן‬ ‫דעם נייעם ּפרעזידענט אויפ’ן וועג צוריק צום‬ ‫ווייסן הויז‪.‬‬ ‫די נוקלעארע טאשקע איז שטענדיג‬ ‫צוגעבינדן צום באשטימטן אפיציר’ס הענט‬ ‫מיט א קייט‪ ,‬און ער מוז היטן דערויף ווי ַאן‬ ‫אויג אין קאּפ‪ .‬אין דער קליינער טאשקע‬ ‫געפינען זיך די קאודס וועלכע פעלן זיך אויס‬ ‫פאר’ן ּפרעזידענט צו קענען באפולמעכטיגן א‬ ‫נוקלעארע אטאקע‪ .‬ווען ּפרעזידענט טראמּפ‬ ‫וועט עפענען די טאשקע צום ערשטן מאל‬ ‫וועט ער דארט טרעפן א קליינעם גאר זיכערן‬ ‫טעלעפאן‪ ,‬וועלכע קען אים תיכף פארבינדן‬ ‫צו די נוקלעארע קאמאנדע צענטערן אינעם‬

‫ווי עס איז די טראדיציע‬ ‫גיט דער ּפרעזידענט תיכף נאך‬ ‫דער איינשווערונג א פייערליכע‬ ‫רעדע‪ ,‬אין וועלכער ער ּפרובירט‬ ‫אריינצובלאזן אּפטימיזם אין די‬ ‫מאסן אז עס קומען גוטע צייטן‪.‬‬ ‫די איינשווערונגס רעדע איז אפשר‬ ‫דער וויכטיגסטער טייל פון דער‬ ‫צערעמאניע ווייל לויט דעם ווערט געשאצט‬ ‫וואספארא פירער דער ּפרעזידענט וועט זיין‬ ‫פאר די קומענדיגע פיר יאר‪ .‬די רעדע דארף‬ ‫זיין נישט זייער לאנג‪ ,‬אבער מוז שטעלן דעם‬ ‫טאן פאר די קומענדיגע פיר יאר‪.‬‬ ‫צווישן די הויכּפונקטן וועלכע זענען‬ ‫געבליבן ברייט באקאנט פון ּפרעזידענטליכע‬ ‫פרענקלין‬ ‫איז‬ ‫איינשווערונגס‪-‬רעדע‬ ‫רוזוועלט’ס סטעיטמענט ביי זיין ערשטער‬ ‫איינשווערונגס רעדע‪“ ,‬די איינציגסטע זאך‬ ‫פון וואס מיר דארפן מורא האבן איז מורא‬ ‫אליין‪ ”.‬רוזוועלט‪ ,‬דער ‪’32‬סטער ּפרעזידענט‪,‬‬ ‫איז ווי באקאנט איינגעשוואוירן געווארן‬ ‫אינמיטן דער שווערער דעּפרעסיע‪ ,‬ווען‬ ‫אמעריקאנער זענען געווען דעמאראליזירט‬ ‫און ּפעסימיסטיש איבער דער צוקונפט‪ ,‬און‬ ‫דער נייער דעמאקראטישער ּפרעזידענט‬

‫‪106 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫ווען די שורות ווערן געשריבן איז דאנעלד‬ ‫טראמּפ שוין איינגעשוואוירן געווארן אלס‬ ‫דער ‪’45‬סטער ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬כאטש ס’איז‬ ‫אינטערעסאנט אז טעכניש איז ער דער‬ ‫‪’44‬סטער ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬בעסער געזאגט‪ ,‬ער‬ ‫איז דער ‪’44‬סטער מענטש אין דער היסטאריע‬ ‫צו דינען אלס אמעריקאנער ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬איין‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬גראווער קליוולאנד‪ ,‬וועלכער‬ ‫האט געוואונען די וואלן אין ‪ ,’884‬האט‬ ‫פארלוירן ווידערערוויילונג אין ‪ ,’888‬און‬ ‫שּפעטער סוקסעספול געלאפן פאר א צווייטן‬ ‫טערמין אין ‪ .’892‬קליוולאנד ווערט דעריבער‬ ‫טעכניש באצייכנט ווי דער ‪’22‬סטער און‬ ‫‪’24‬סטער ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫מיר קערן זיך יעצט צוריק וואו מיר האבן‬ ‫געהאלטן די פארלאפענע וואך אינמיטן‬ ‫שילדערן‪ ,‬וויאזוי א ּפרעזידענטליכע‬ ‫איינשווערונג גייט צו‪.‬‬ ‫*****‬ ‫נאך זייער קאווע‪-‬פארברענג אין ווייסן הויז‬ ‫לאזן זיך די צוויי ּפרעזידענטן ארויס צו דער‬ ‫קעּפיטאל געביידע אין דעם ּפרעזידענטליכן‬ ‫לימוזין‪ ,‬אין באגלייטונג פון א גרויסער‬ ‫מאטארקאדע‪.‬‬ ‫ווען די ּפרעזידענטן פארן ארויס פונעם‬ ‫ווייסן הויז צו דער איינשווערונג‪ ,‬איז אין‬ ‫די פריע פארמיטאג שטונדן‪ .‬דער נייער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט לאזט איבערן ַאן אנדערן ווייסע‬ ‫הויז ווי דאס וואס ער טרעפט ווען ער קומט‬ ‫אהיים אין די אוונט שטונדן‪ ,‬נאכדעם וואס‬ ‫אלע צערעמאניעס זענען פערטיג‪.‬‬ ‫ווי עס איז איינגעפירט טוען דער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט און זיין פאמיליע באשליסן וויאזוי‬ ‫זיי ווילן דאס ווייסע הויז זאל אויסקוקן‪,‬‬ ‫איידער זיי ציען זיך אריין‪ ,‬וואספארא מעבל‬ ‫מען זאל נוצן‪ ,‬וואספארא פארב די ווענט זאלן‬ ‫האבן‪ ,‬וואספארא דעקאראציעס א‪.‬א‪.‬וו‪.‬‬ ‫דאס ווייסע הויז ‪ --‬דאס הייסט דער‬ ‫חלק וואו די ּפרעזידענטליכע פאמיליע‬ ‫וואוינט ‪ --‬ווערט נישט גערירט ביז ווילאנג‬ ‫דער ארויסגייענדער ּפרעזידענט געפינט‬

‫‪January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 107‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫זיך נאך דארט‪ .‬ערשט נאכדעם וואס דער‬ ‫ארויסגייענדער ּפרעזידענט גייט ארויס קומט‬ ‫אריין א שטאב פון צענדליגער ארבעטערס‪.‬‬ ‫האלב פון זיי פאנגען ָאן ארויסצוטראגן די‬ ‫זאכן פונעם ארויסגייענדן ּפרעזידענט און די‬ ‫אנדערע האלב ברענגען אריין די זאכן פונעם‬ ‫אריינקומענדיגן ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫בשעת די איינשווערונגס צערעמאניע‬ ‫קומט פאר א פולשטענדיגע רענאוואציע‬ ‫אינעם ווייסן הויז‪ .‬א גאנצן טאג געפינט זיך א‬ ‫גרויסער שטאב ארבעטער אינעם ווייסן הויז‪.‬‬ ‫מען פארבט‪ ,‬מען האמערט און מען רוקט‬ ‫טישן און שאפעס‪ ,‬און ווען די נייע ערשטע‬ ‫פאמיליע קומט ָאן אהין‪ ,‬טרעפן זיי אלעס‬ ‫מסודר ווי זיי האבן געוואלט‪.‬‬

‫די איינשווערונג‬ ‫הונדערטער טויזנטער מענטשן קומען‬ ‫צו פארן פון איבעראל צו דער איינשווערונג‬ ‫צערעמאניע פונעם ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬א ריזיגע‬ ‫ווערט‬ ‫ּפלאטפארמע‬ ‫עטליכע‪-‬שטאקן‬ ‫אויפגעשטעלט אויף דער מערב זייט פונעם‬ ‫קעּפיטאל‪ .‬אויף דער פלאטפארמע ווערן‬ ‫ארויפגעזעצט די אמעריקאנער קאנגרעסלייט‪,‬‬ ‫סענאטארן סוּפרים קאורט ריכטער און‬ ‫דיּפלאמאטן‪.‬‬ ‫ווי געזאגט איז אן איינשווערונגס‬ ‫צערעמאניע אן אומּפארטייאישע געשעעניש‬ ‫און אלע געוועזענע ּפרעזידענטן פון ביידע‬ ‫ּפארטייען ווערן איינגעלאדנט מיטצוהאלטן‬ ‫ווי עס קומט צו פרישער מיטגליד צו דער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענטליכער פאמיליע‪ .‬טראץ דעם‬ ‫אויסנאמס‪-‬היציגן וואל‪-‬פארמעסט וואס איז‬ ‫געווען היי‪-‬יאר האבן די געוועזענע ּפרעזידענטן‬ ‫פון ביידע ּפארטייען זיך באטייליגט ביי דער‬ ‫צערעמאניע‪ .‬דער איינציגסטער וואס איז‬ ‫אּפוועזנד געווען איז געווען ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫בוש דער ערשטער‪ ,‬וועלכער האט זיך נישט‬ ‫געפילט‪ ,‬אבער ער האט געשיקט א ווארעמער‬ ‫ווינטש‪-‬בריוו פאר ּפרעזידענט טראמּפ‪.‬‬ ‫(ס’איז מערקווירדיג אז אויך פרוי קלינטאן‬

‫האט זיך באטייליגט ביי דער איינשווערונג‪,‬‬ ‫אלס די פרוי פונעם געוועזענעם ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫קלינטאן‪ .‬שּפעטער האבן זיך די קלינטאנס‬ ‫באטייליגט אין דעם לאנטש פאר אלע‬ ‫קאנגרעס מיטגלידער‪ .‬טראמּפ האט זיי‬ ‫אויסגערימט און געבעטן פון די אנוועזנדע ביי‬ ‫דעם לאנטש זיי צו אּפלאדירן‪).‬‬ ‫פארט אבער האבן זיבעציג דעמאקראטישע‬ ‫קאנגרעס מיטגלידער באשלאסן צו‬ ‫באיקאטירן די היי‪-‬יעריגע איינשווערונג‪ ,‬וואס‬ ‫איז גאר א ּפרעצעדענטלאזע זאך‪.‬‬ ‫*****‬ ‫די צערעמאניע עפנט זיך ווען דער‬ ‫ארויסגייענדער ּפרעזידענט און וויצע‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט קומען ארויס אויף דער‬ ‫ּפלאטפארמע‪ .‬צום לעצטן מאל אלס‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט ווערט דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫סאלוטירט דורך דער מיליטערישער ערן‪-‬וואך‬ ‫וואס שטייט אויסגע’שורה’ט דורכאויס דעם‬ ‫גאנצן וועג וואס ער גייט דורך‪ .‬די מיליטערישע‬ ‫ארקעסטרא שּפילט צום לעצטן מאל דעם‬ ‫“העיל טו די טשיף” (באגריסונג פאר’ן פירער)‬ ‫מארש וואס מען שּפילט פאר א ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫די צוויי ארויסגייענדע פירער באקומען די‬ ‫בעסטע זיצן אויף דער ּפלאטפארמע‪ ,‬פון וואו‬ ‫זיי דארפן באאבאכטן דעם פירערשאפט‪-‬‬ ‫איבערגאנג צו זייערע נאכפאלגערס‪.‬‬ ‫א קורצע צייט דערויף רופט דער פארזיצער‬ ‫פון דער קאנגרעסיאנאלער איינשווערונגס‬ ‫קאמיטע‪ ,‬א הויכראנגיגער סענאט פירער ‪--‬‬ ‫היי‪-‬יאר איז עס געווען דער דעמאקראטישער‬ ‫מינאריטעט פירער‪ ,‬סענאטאר שומער פון ניו‬ ‫יארק ‪ --‬אויס דעם נייעם ּפרעזידענט און וויצע‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬וועלכער ווערט ענטוזיאסטיש‬ ‫אּפלאדירט דורך די מאסן‪ ,‬אבער די‬ ‫מיליטערישע ערן‪-‬וועכטער אויפ’ן וועג צו‬ ‫דער ּפלאטפארמע סאלוטירן נאכנישט דעם‬ ‫דערווייל‪-‬ציווילן בירגער‪ ,‬און די ארקעסטרא‬ ‫שּפילט נאכנישט דעם “העיל טו די טשיף”‪.‬‬ ‫די טראדיציאנאלע פייערונג עפנט זיך מיט‬ ‫דער איינשווערונג פונעם וויצע ּפרעזידענט‪,‬‬

‫איז באלד אריינגעקומען מיט א ווארעמער‬ ‫קאווע‪ .‬פרוי בוש האט באמערקט וויאזוי דער‬ ‫פארשלאפענער בוש זוכט דאס קנעּפל און‬ ‫האט זיך אלזא אנגערופן צום געוועזענעם‬ ‫קאך איז אויפ’ן ערשטן‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪“ ,‬דער ָ‬ ‫שטאק‪”...‬‬

‫די ּפאראדעס און מאלצייטן‬ ‫נאכ’ן ארויסבאגלייטן דעם ּפרעזידענט מיט‬ ‫רעסּפעקט‪ ,‬גייט דער ּפרעזידענט אריין אין‬ ‫באגלייטונג פון די קאנגרעסיאנאלע פירער אין‬ ‫דעם סּפעציעלן אפיס פונעם ּפרעזידענט אין‬ ‫דער קעּפיטאל געביידע‪ ,‬וואו דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫שרייבט אונטער זיינע ערשטע “ארדערס”‬ ‫אלס ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬צווישן די זאכן וואס ער‬ ‫באשטעטיגט זענען די קאבינעט נאמינאציעס‬ ‫וועלכע דער סענאט האט שוין באשטעטיגט‪.‬‬ ‫יעדער ארדער ווערט אונטערגעשריבן מיט א‬ ‫באזונדערן פעדער‪ .‬די היסטארישע פעדערס‬ ‫ווערן דאן אוועקגעגעבן פאר נאנטע פריינד‬ ‫פון דער אדמיניסטראציע‪.‬‬ ‫ווי עס איז די טראדיציע קומט דערנאך‬ ‫פאר אינעם קעּפיטאל די ערשטע פון א רייע‬ ‫קעניגליכע מאלצייטן‪ .‬דער דאזיגער ערשטער‬ ‫מאלצייט איז באשטימט פאר די קאנגרעס און‬ ‫סענאט מיטגלידער‪.‬‬ ‫ארום צוויי אזייגער קומט דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫און וויצע ּפרעזידענט ארויס פון דער‬ ‫קעּפיטאל געביידע און דער ּפרעזידענט‬

‫לאזט זיך ארויס אינעם ּפרעזידענטליכן‬ ‫לימוזין וואס באלאנגט איצט שוין פאר אים‪,‬‬ ‫מיט א ריזיגער מאטארקאדע פון “סיקרעט‬ ‫סערוויס” לימוזינען און מאטאר ביציקלען‬ ‫און מיט א מיליטערישער ערן‪-‬וואך פון‬ ‫פארנט‪ ,‬קיין ּפענסילוועניע עוועניו‪ ,‬וואו עס‬ ‫איז אויפגעשטעלט געווארן א ּפלאטפארמע‬ ‫פארנט פונעם ווייסן הויז‪ ,‬פון וואו דער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬זיין פאמיליע און שטאב האלט‬ ‫מיט ּפאראדעס‪ ,‬וועלכע ווערן דורכגעפירט‬ ‫אין עהרע פונעם נייעם ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫די טראדיציע פון דורכפירן מיליטערישע‬ ‫ּפאראדעס נאך די איינשווערונגס צערעמאניע‪,‬‬ ‫האט זיך שוין אנגעפאנגען אומאפיציעל ביי‬ ‫וואשינגטאנ’ס ערשטע איינשווערונג אין‬ ‫‪ .’789‬ווען וואשינגטאן האט גערייזט פון‬ ‫זיין היים אין מאונט ווערנאן‪ ,‬ווירזשיניע‬ ‫קיין ניו יארק‪ ,‬וואו עס איז דאן געווען די‬ ‫אמעריקאנער הויּפטשטאט‪ ,‬צו גיין אננעמען‬ ‫די ּפרעזידענטשאפט‪ ,‬האבן זיך אין יעדן ארט‬ ‫אנגעשלאסן אין דער ּפראצעסיע ‪ -‬וואס האט‬ ‫אריינגענומען דעם ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬זיין קאבינעט‪,‬‬ ‫ערוויילטע באאמטע און פריינד ‪ -‬די לאקאלע‬ ‫מיליצן וועלכע האבן מארשירט אינאיינעם‬ ‫מיט’ן ּפרעזידענט ביז ניו יארק‪.‬‬ ‫זינט דאן האט שוין יעדער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫מארשירט צו זיין איינשווערונג ארומגענומען‬ ‫מיט מארשירנדע זעלנער‪ ,‬און דערנאך‬ ‫מיטגעהאלטן מיליטערישע ּפאראדעס‬ ‫וועלכע זענען דורכגעפירט געווארן אין זיין‬ ‫כבוד‪.‬‬ ‫*****‬ ‫די מיליטערישע ּפאראדעס ענדיגן זיך אין‬ ‫די אוונט שטונדן און דאן גייט דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫אריין אינעם ווייסן הויז‪ ,‬צום ערשטן מאל אלס‬ ‫דער ּפרעזידענט פון אמעריקע‪ .‬אבער נישט‬ ‫פאר זייער לאנג פארבלייבט ער אין זיין נייער‬ ‫היים‪ ,‬ווייל נאך א קורצער צייט זיך אּפרוען‬ ‫דארף ער שוין לויפן צו א רייע קעניגליכע‬ ‫מאלצייטן וועלכע ווערן דורכגעפירט אין זיין‬ ‫עהרע‪.‬‬ ‫די בעלער אין דער נאכט נאך דער‬ ‫איינשווערונג פאלגן אויך נאך א טראדיציע‬ ‫וואס גייט צוריק ביז צום ערשטן ּפרעזידענט‪.‬‬ ‫און עס איז אינטערעסאנט אז כאטש די‬ ‫מאלצייטן זענען אלעמאל אויסּפלאנירט‬ ‫געווארן וואכן און מאנאטן פאראויס האבן זיך‬ ‫אפטמאל געמאכט שווערע ּפאנטשערס‪.‬‬ ‫א ביישּפיל איז געווען ווען דער העלדישער‬

‫גענעראל ענדרו דזשעקסאן‪ ,‬א דעמאקראט‪,‬‬ ‫איז איינגעשוואוירן געווארן אלס דער‬ ‫זיבעטער אמעריקאנער ּפרעזידענט אין‬ ‫‪ .’829‬דזשעקסאן איז געווען א פאלקסישער‬ ‫קאנדידאט‪( .‬ער ווערט באצייכנט דורך פילע‬ ‫ווי “דער ערשטער ּפרעזידענט טראמּפ”‪ ).‬ער‬ ‫איז געלאפן פאר ּפרעזידענט דורך קאמּפיינען‬ ‫צווישן די ּפשוט’ע מאסן און פארשּפרעכן זיך‬ ‫אנצונעמען פאר זייערע קריוודעס‪ .‬אלזא‪,‬‬ ‫ווען זיין איינשווערונג האט זיך דערנענטערט‬ ‫האבן טויזנטער איינפאכע מענטשן פון‬ ‫איבער’ן גאנצן לאנד אריינגעוואנדערט קיין‬ ‫וואשינגטאן צו קומען מיטהאלטן וויאזוי זייער‬ ‫העלד ווערט ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬די נאכט נאך דער‬ ‫איינשווערונג האט דזשעקסאן דורכגעפירט‬ ‫באל אינעם ווייסן הויז אבער ער האט‬ ‫א ריזיגן ַ‬ ‫נישט איינגעלאדנט קיינע וויכטיגע געסט‬ ‫נאר ער האט ברייט געעפנט די טויערן פונעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענטליכן ּפאלאץ פאר די ּפשוט’ע‬ ‫מאסן‪ .‬דער המון האט זיך צעלאזט אויף די עסן‬ ‫און משקאות און ס’איז נישט אריבער א לאנגע‬ ‫צייט און שיכורים האבן זיך געוואלגערט‬ ‫איבער’ן גאנצן ווייסן הויז‪ .‬די מאסן האבן‬ ‫רואינירט די טייערע מעבל און קעניגליכע‬ ‫פירהענג‪ .‬געהילפן האבן געמוזט שאפן א‬ ‫מענטשליכע באריקאדע כדי צו באשיצן דעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט פון צעקוועטשט ווערן‪ .‬אלע‬ ‫באמיאונגען ארויסצוטרייבן די מאסן זענען‬ ‫געווען פרוכטלאז‪ .‬ערשט שּפעט ביינאכט‬ ‫זענען דזשעקסאנ’ס געהילפן ארויפגעקומען‬ ‫אויף אן איינפאל; זיי האבן ארויסגעטראגן אייז‬ ‫קריעם און וויין אויף דער גאס און דאן אריין‬ ‫אינעווייניג און איינגעמאלדן פאר די ברייטע‬ ‫מאסן אז ס’איז אנגעקומען פרישע משקה‬ ‫אויף דער גאס‪ .‬ביז א קורצער וויילע איז דאס‬ ‫ווייסע הויז געווען ליידיג פון מענטשן‪ .‬די‬ ‫געהילפן האבן שנעל פארשלאסן די טירן און‬ ‫דזשעקסאן האט געקענט אנפאנגען שאצן די‬ ‫שאדנס וואס זיינע ּפויערישע שטיצער האבן‬ ‫אים געשאפן‪.‬‬ ‫א טאג נאך דער איינשווערונג‪ ,‬גייט דער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט נאכנישט צו דער ארבעט‪ ,‬נאר ווי‬ ‫די טראדיציע איז‪ ,‬ווערן די טויערן פונעם ווייסן‬ ‫הויז‪ ,‬א ‪132-‬צימערן‪ּ-‬פאלאץ‪ ,‬געעפנט פאר’ן‬ ‫ּפובליקום וואס קומט באגריסן דעם נייעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬עס ווערן געווענליך אויסגעטיילט‬ ‫א ‪ 3,000‬טיקעטס לויט א “פוירסט קאם‪,‬‬ ‫פוירסט סערווד” באזיס‪ ,‬און דער ּפרעזידענט‬ ‫נעמט אּפ די ווינטשן פון די באגריסער‪.‬‬

‫‪108 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫האט מיט זיין איינשווערונגס רעדע ּפרובירט‬ ‫אויפצוהייטערן די מאסן‪.‬‬ ‫אן אנדערע גאר ּפאּפולערע ליניע וואס‬ ‫איז אריין אין די געשיכטע ביכער איז‪“ ,‬פרעגט‬ ‫נישט וואס דאס לאנד קען טאן פאר אייך‪,‬‬ ‫פרעגט וואס איר קענט טאן פאר’ן לאנד‪ ”.‬דאס‬ ‫איז געזאגט געווארן דורך קענעדי נאכדעם‬ ‫וואס ער איז איינגעשוואוירן געווארן אלס‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט אין ‪.’960‬‬ ‫פון רעיגענ’ס ערשטע איינשווערונגס‬ ‫צערעמאניע אין ‪ ’980‬איז פארבליבן דער‬ ‫ּפאּפולערער זאץ‪“ ,‬רעגירונג איז נישט די‬ ‫לייזונג צו דער ּפראבלעם‪ .‬רעגירונג איז‬ ‫דער ּפראבלעם‪ ”.‬רעיגען האט דורכאויס‬ ‫זיין קאמּפיין געשאפן א נייע באזע פון‬ ‫רעּפובליקאנער וויילער דורך איבערצייגן‬ ‫פאר אנטוישטע דעמאקראטן אז א “גרויסע‬ ‫רעגירונג” איז נישט קיין מעלה נאר א חסרון‪.‬‬ ‫היי‪-‬יאר האט ּפרעזידענט טראמּפ ביי זיין‬ ‫רעדע זיך באדאנקט פאר דעם ארויסגייענדן‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט אבאמא פאר’ן זיכער מאכן אז‬ ‫דער דורכגאנג פון איין ּפרעזידענטשאפט צום‬ ‫אנדערן גייט דורך ָאן קיין ּפראבלעם‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫תיכף דערנאך האט ער זיך ארויסגעלאזט‬ ‫אין ַאן אטאקע קעגן דער וואשינגטאן‬ ‫עסטאבלישמענט און פארשּפראכן אז ס’קומען‬ ‫נייע צייטן און ס’בלאזן נייע ווינטן‪ .‬ער האט‬ ‫דערקלערט אז מיט זיין ּפרעזידענטשאפט‬ ‫גייט די מאכט אריבער נישט בלויז פון איין‬ ‫אדמיניסטראציע צו ַאן אנדערער‪ ,‬נאר פון‬ ‫וואשינגטאן צום פאלק‪.‬‬ ‫“אינאיינעם וועלן מיר באשליסן די ריכטונג‬ ‫אין וועלכער אמעריקע און די וועלט וועט‬ ‫געפירט ווערן פאר אסאך אסאך יארן‪”.‬‬ ‫“די שבועה וואס איך האב געגעבן היינט‬ ‫איז א שבועה פון געטריישאפט צו אלע‬ ‫אמעריקאנער ‪ ...‬פונעם היינטיגן טאג וועט‬ ‫אמעריקע זיין ערשט‪ .‬יעדע החלטה וועט‬ ‫געמאכט ווערן צו בענעפיטירן אמעריקאנער‬ ‫ארבעטערס און אמעריקאנער פאמיליעס‪”.‬‬ ‫געוויסע ּפרעזידענטן האבן געהאלטן אז‬ ‫ביים געבן זייער איינשווערונגס‪-‬רעדע ּפאסט‬ ‫זיך אז זיי זאלן אלס רעסּפעקט פאר דעם‬ ‫העכסטן אמט אין לאנד נישט גיין אנגעטאן‬ ‫מיט א מאנטל‪ ,‬אפילו אויב ס’איז שטארק‬ ‫קאלט אין גאס‪ .‬איין ּפרעזידענט וויליאם‬ ‫הענרי העריסאן האט ארויסגעוויזן אזא‬ ‫ענטוזיאזם‪ ,‬אז ער האט געגעבן א רעדע פון‬ ‫‪ 90‬מינוט אינמיטן א פרעסטיגן אייז שטורעם‪,‬‬

‫‪January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 109‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫שטייענדיג ָאן א מאנטל דער גאנצער צייט‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז געווען די לענגסטע איינשווערונגס‬ ‫רעדע אין דער געשיכטע‪ ,‬אבער דער‬ ‫איבערגעטריבענער ענטוזיאזם האט אים‬ ‫ביטער געקאסט‪ .‬דער ‪ 68‬יעריגער העריסאן‬ ‫האט באקומען א שווערע לונגען אנצינדונג און‬ ‫איין מאנאט שּפעטער איז ער געשטארבן‪ .‬זיין‬ ‫גאנצע ּפרעזידענטשאפט האט אנגעהאלטן‬ ‫בלויז ‪ 31‬טעג ‪ -‬די קורצסטע אין דער‬ ‫געשיכטע‪ .‬די קורצסטע איינשווערונגס רעדע‬ ‫האט געגעבן דזשארדזש וואשינגטאן ביי זיין‬ ‫צווייטער איינשווערונגס רעדע אום ‪ .’793‬עס‬ ‫איז געווען בלויז ‪ 135‬ווערטער לאנג‪ .‬דאס‬ ‫איז בערך אזוי גרויס ווי די פריערדיגע צוויי‬ ‫ּפאראגראפן‪.‬‬

‫כשזה קם זה נופל‬ ‫ווען דער נייער ּפרעזידענט ענדיגט זיין‬ ‫רעדע‪ ,‬שּפילט דאס מיליטער ווידעראמאל‬ ‫דעם “העיל טו די טשיף” מארש‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫דאסמאל פאר’ן נייעם ּפרעזידענט‪ .‬ווען דער‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט גייט אראּפ פון דער ּפלאטפארמע‪,‬‬ ‫ווערט ער סאלוטירט דורך דער מיליטערישער‬ ‫ערן‪-‬וואך וואס שטייט אויף ביידע זייטן‪.‬‬ ‫אבער דער געוועזענער ּפרעזידענט באקומט‬ ‫שוין נישט דעם סאלוט אריבערגייענדיג די‬ ‫מיליטערישע וואך‪ .‬ער איז יעצט געווען א‬ ‫געווענליכער ציווילער בירגער‪.‬‬ ‫נאך דער איינשווערונגס צערעמאניע‬ ‫באגלייט דער נייער ּפרעזידענט ווי עס איז‬ ‫די טראדיציע‪ ,‬מיט רעסּפעקט אראּפ דעם‬ ‫ארויסגייענדיגן ּפרעזידענט‪ ,‬די פילע שטיגן‬ ‫פונעם קעּפיטאל‪ .‬טראדיציאנאל לאזט דער‬ ‫ארויסגייענדער ּפרעזידענט תיכף איבער די‬ ‫הויּפטשטאט ָאן קיין גרויסע ּפאמּפע כדי נישט‬ ‫אוועקצונעמען די אויפמערקזאמקייט פונעם‬ ‫נייעם ּפרעזידענט און זיינע איינשווערונגס‬ ‫ּפאראדעס‪.‬‬ ‫דער “מארין וואן” העליקאּפטער ווארט‬ ‫אּפ דעם ארויסגייענדן ּפרעזידענט הארט נעבן‬ ‫קעּפיטאל‪ ,‬און נעמט אים צו דער “ענדרוס‬ ‫עיר פארס באזע” פאר זיין לעצטער רייזע‬ ‫מיט’ן “עיר פארס וואן”‪ ,‬אויפ’ן וועג ארויס פון‬ ‫וואשינגטאן‪.‬‬ ‫וויבאלד דער “עיר פארס וואן” טראגט‬ ‫אפיציעל בלויז דעם ּפרעזידענט און נישט‬ ‫קיין ציווילן בירגער‪ ,‬ווערט דער נאמען פונעם‬ ‫עראּפלאן צייטווייליג געטוישט געווארן אויף‬

‫“סּפעציעלער לופט מיסיע ‪ ,”28000‬ביז דער‬ ‫עראּפלאן ברענגט אּפ דעם געוועזענעם‬ ‫ּפרעזידענט צו זיין דעסטינאציע‪.‬‬ ‫דער געוועזענער ּפרעזידענט אבאמא איז‬ ‫געפלויגן קיין ּפאלם סּפרינגס‪ ,‬קאליפארניע‪,‬‬ ‫אויף וואקאציע‪ ,‬כדי נישט צו שטיין אין וועג‬ ‫פון זיין נאכפאלגער בשעת זיינע פייערונגען‪,‬‬ ‫אבער אנדערש ווי זיינע פארגייערס וועט‬ ‫אבאמא זיך צוריקקערן קיין וואשינגטאן ביז‬ ‫א קורצער צייט‪ ,‬וואו ער וועט וואוינען ביז‬ ‫ווילאנג זיינע קינדער פארענדיגן שולע‪.‬‬ ‫דאס איבערלאזן וואשינגטאן און דעם‬ ‫ווייסן הויז איז פאר א ּפרעזידענט א שווערער‬ ‫איבערלעבעניש‪ .‬פאר דעם געוועזענעם‬ ‫עלטערן ּפרעזידענט בוש וואס איז פארטריבן‬ ‫געווארן דורך א יונגען ּפרעזידענט קלינטאן‬ ‫איז עס געווען זייער א טרויעריגער מאמענט‪.‬‬ ‫א געהילף זיינער האט דערציילט אז ווען‬ ‫ער האט איבערגעלאזט דאס ווייסע הויז‬ ‫איז ער אנגעקומען קיין טעקסאס שטארק‬ ‫פארקלעמט‪ .‬ער האט זיך יענע נאכט געלייגט‬ ‫שלאפן פריער ווי געווענליך‪ ,‬זייענדיג שטארק‬ ‫צעקלאּפט‪ .‬אינדערפרי איז ער אויפגעשטאנען‬ ‫און זיך אויסגעדרייט אונטער’ן בעט ווי זיין‬ ‫געוואוינהייט איז געווען‪ ,‬וועלנדיג דרוקן דאס‬ ‫קנעּפל וואס ער פלעגט דרוקן יעדן טאג‪.‬‬ ‫ווען ער פלעגט דאס טאן אינעם ווייסן‬ ‫הויז האט זיך די טיר געעפנט און אן ארמיי‬ ‫באדינער (א סּפעציעלע ארמיי איינהייט‬ ‫באדינט דעם ּפרעזידענט אינעם ווייסן הויז)‬

The Monsey View

ART EXHIBIT Showcasing Our Town’s Talent

R.R. Polatseck, 5

Trany Fischer, 9. Bais Trany

Rivka Tovi, 13 Bais Rochel

Shimon Breuer, 5

Gitty Teitelbaum

Raizy Kaufman, 4 Bais Rochel

Ruchy Cisner, 7, Bobov

Sury Greenberg, Pre-1-A

Chany Fischer, 11, Bais Trany

Trany Fischer, 9, Bais Trany

Sura Zissy Cisner, 7 Bobov

ce! terpie Mas

Malky Neiman, 7, Viznitz

Malky Fogel, 7

Liby Lebowitz, 4

Temmy Wilhelm, Bobov, 7

Chany Fischer, 11

Faigie Fortgang, 8, Klausenberg

Sarah, 6



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Winter art winners will be announced next week. Send in your submission today for a chance to win $25 at Toys4U!


INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Draw one of the art ideas from this column. Submissions should be drawn on a standard 8.5” by 11” paper. 2. Color it, using pastel, crayon, paint, marker, or even colored pencil. 3. Clearly label your submission with your name, age and school/cheder. Please write your name and age on the art page, not on a separate paper. 3. Mail your masterpiece to The Monsey View, 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952. *Art submissions become the property of The Monsey View and will not be returned.

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Why is this young man alone in the desert? Let’s return to Yemen and to the events that led to this.


The Sharabi children are going to learn with the Mori.

Shalom, one of the Sharabi widow’s sons, was very smart and a big masmid.


As he grew up, he became an expert in all of the Torah.

Recap: Shalom, alone in the desert, hides from an angry tiger. January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 115 / 845.600.8484

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Last week’s Boggle board


4 letter words 2 points | 5 letter words 3 points | 6 letter words 5 points | 7 letter words 7 points | 8 letter words 9 points | 9 or more 12 points


DIRECTIONS: Write your 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter etc. words in alphabetical order, in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points by Sunday, 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number, and address.

r: Phone numbe



NEW PLAYING RULES! MORE WORDS ARE NOW ALLOWED. • No adding “s” to a word. • No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms • No bouncing back to letters already used in a given word • Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver. • Words may not be found with the help of a dictionary. • The Monsey View will carefully review all submissions to ascertain each word is found in the dictionary. Points will be deducted for ineligible words. • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that have a few ineligible words, that are not written in alphabetical order, or are missing information. • Each contestant has a chance to win only once in four weeks. • No credit given to British or archaic words.

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pizza pi er on us! A

e, fries, an

d ice crea

m delivered

to your do


Runner Ups: BREIER – xxx-9090 – 139 points TRESS – xxx-0808 – 137 points THE KUSHNERS – xxx-7946 – 132 points GOTTFRIED – xxx-3366 – 125 points SCHWARTZ – xxx-3998 – 113 points Pick up your free slice and ice cream at Chai Pizza Please be considerate, and do NOT try to claim your prize without The Monsey View issue in which your name appears or after six weeks. It will not be honored.


The Monsey View does not take responsibility for faxes that don’t come through.

1 3 5 4 3 2 8 3 9 2 9 3 9 6 7 4 1 5 9 7 8 4 5 2



4 1 7 3 1 2 2




1 2 8 3 6 7

4 9

9 4




leer lees peer perk

plus pule reek reel

rein sect seek seep

5 LETTER WORDS cut in diver erect

niece per se recut

resin reuse super

tidy tier tiny type

seer sere suit sulk

user veer vier vise

6 LETTER WORDS tinct verse

cereus diesel divers

precut revise






Are you wondering why your name isn’t here or why your points were reduced? The following are some of the ineligible words found: cues dies djin eisel erev

exect fuge fusel jiver leers

levies persue prese previse

puler reput resue resuit serein

siver sulker ties tind tivy

Please note that credit is not given for inappropriate words.

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10 14


17 18 22


23 27






29 32

34 39


















49 52

51 54



60 61












































50 47 43


33 30 26 21


16 11 1





R 40








L 5

























N 27






E 48








S 3







N 18









E 6



A 7





























13 8
















63 46































20 / 845.600.8484


118 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017


1. A large communist nation 2. Grazing ground 3. Twisty curve 4. Adjusts 5. Creme-filled cookie

42. Rough shelters 43. Units of frequency 44. Put together indiscriminately 45. Buick, e.g. 48. Shampoo bottles 49. Big bag 51. Roll call reply 52. Firm head: Abbr. 53. Mazel? 55. As yet unscheduled: Abbr. 56. Prefix with cycle 57. Gym unit 58. MS. markers



6. Harness part 7. Outlaw 8. Oohed and _____ 9. Intestinal parts 10. Most surplus 12. Swiss peaks 14. Blow a fuse? 15. Ridge 17. Take out of the freezer 20. Cub’s home 21. Trapper’s prize 22. Gray ___ 23. Flexibility 24. Standard 27. Without: Fr. 28. Fluid product of inflammation 29. Conjunction 32. Designed for flight 34. Holiday ___ 35. Battering device 37. Diarist Frank 38. Sad ending? 40. In the middle


1. Urgent request 5. Sphere 8. Three-toed sloth 11. Stop on the way 13. Letter opener? 16. Built in a daydream 18. “Once ___ a time...” 19. Pharoh was hard _____ 21. King protectors 24. Circle meas. 25. Suffix with cigar 26. Great Lakes city 27. Gush 29. Pale with fright 30. Runners 31. Summer mo. 32. Prefix with room 33. What “it” plays 34. Covered 36. Fled 39. Ones who take care of the sick 41. White-handed gibbon

42. Unaccompanied 43. Freshly washed 45. Fabric dyed to blend in with surroundings 46. Ages and ages 47. Cat sound 48. Average 49. Vaults 50. Suffocate 52. Agenda 54. Hierarchy 59. Intelligent 60. Summoned with a gesture 61. Agreement 62. Inquire 63. What one does with tea



Hey kids! Here’s your chance to show off what you made! Did you have fun in the snow or the fall leaves? Did you construct something special with Magna Tiles or other building toys? We’d love to show everyone how creative Monsey kids are! Please email or mail your picture to The Monsey View.

Avrum Yosef Rosenbaum & Ari Weiser freedom tower manhattan

Mendel Kass

Temmy(5) & Yossi(3) Halpert made a marshmallow igloo.

‫יחיאל צבי און משה יוסף שמעלצער‬

-‫אנשי און פיני זילבערמאן‬

‫אברמי ראקאוו פרשת שמות‬

Elye Snyder THE MONSEY VIEW, 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952

Yidel and Kalman Klein


By Ann Zeilingold

Real Estate Lemon, sweet spice — and scents that are nice I hit the streets and I asked four realtors the following question: What scents are pleasing and will boost salability when showing a home?

Sharon Kushner from Keller Williams in New City

Sarah Klein of Rodeo Realty, Monsey, NY: It is very important to make sure that there is nothing other than a good scent greeting buyers and agents when they enter the home, as that greatly impacts the showing, and therefore the selling. Bake something fresh the day of a showing, or even easier and very effective is to use the Williams Sonoma homemade air freshener recipe which gives them their classy store scent: The idea is to bring to a boil 2–3 cups of water along with fresh fruit, fresh herbs and extracts. Then simmer it on low and your home will start to smell amazing. You can also do these in a slow cooker. This popular DIY Williams-Sonoma scent smells just like that glorious store!

Moses Einhorn, Keller Williams, New City: There are three kinds of smells. There are “bad” smells, like mold, gas, heavy smoke and lack of cleanliness that will completely turn off a prospective buyer, and they will either not buy the home or offer much less. Other odors, which may be unpleasant, but are not “bad,” will affect the buyer’s decision less, because they are normal and fixable, like sharp, distinct spices, fish, some smoke etc. Then there are the smells which are “pleasant,” like fresh, clean scents and sweet spices, which will make a home more inviting and welcoming to a buyer, and they may even get the impression that this home is better taken care of. A home like this may sell faster and for more money.

Tirtza Beer of Realty Teams, Pomona, NY says, “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it!” Tirtza prefers NO scents at all. She strongly cautions against using air fresheners to cover up unwanted smells as this can make it worse. It’s best to use an air freshener like Zero Odor to get rid of smells.

120 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

The safest bet is to make sure the house has no smell at all, or just a plain, mild clean smell.

relates, “When a home has a nice, clean, fresh smell or no smell at all, the buyers can feel comfortable viewing the home. The idea is to do what we can to help the buyers imagine this home to be theirs. If a buyer can imagine themselves living happily and comfortably in the home, there is a good chance they will make a good offer.”

To sum it up, keep the following in mind before a showing: • If the home has a distinct smell that is not the buyers’ taste, they may feel like they can’t stay in the house! If the buyers want to leave the house, since they are not comfortable with the smell, it


POWER Week of

JANUARY 25 2017

M •

• •

will be difficult to get them to make a market value offer on the house — or any offer at all. Be careful with perfumes, scented candles, spray fragrances, scented plug-ins, etc. These may hint to the buyer that you are covering up something. Some people do not go for these smells and may have difficulty breathing in these unnatural fragrances. Some people feel it will enhance the buyer’s experience if the home smells of homemade cookies or apple pie. This can be true. However, make sure you limit the food smell to neutral food scents from baked pastries only, and not from meats, sauces, spicy foods, etc. If the home has a food smell that does not appeal to the buyer, it may disgust them and make them want to leave the house. Remember that what one person likes in a smell another may not. Many buyers may have a hard time imagining the home without the strange or unfamiliar smell, therefore the smell can jeopardize the sale. The safest bet is to make sure the house has no smell at all, or just a plain, mild clean smell.

y son, my 17 year old Iluy, was scheduled to leave for yeshiva in a few short days. Bein Hazmanim with him had been so wonderful, and I hated sending him back away again so soon, but Yeshiva was his rightful place to be. I went into his room to check if he needed any help with the packing and found him sweaty and pale, clutching his head. Concerned, I asked, “Chesky, are you all right?” Through clenched teeth, he responded, “It’s just a splitting headache.” Another headache. He’d been having them off and on the entire time he had been home. “I think we should see a doctor before you go back to Yeshiva, just to be on the safe side,” I gently prodded. In agony, Chesky agreed. Two days later, we had our answer. And wished we didn’t. Chesky had a tumor, right next to his brain, and doctors advised us to do emergency surgery immediately. They explained that it was an 11 hour surgery, with a 50/50 chance of the surgery being successful. It was a very risky operation because of the tumor’s proximity to the brain, but there really wasn’t much choice in the matter. Without the surgery, Chesky wouldn’t make it. In shock, we signed the papers, scheduled the surgery, and sat back to wait… and wait. My husband is a doer, and he spent most of the first few hours, making phone calls and asking people to daven for our Chesky. Listening to him, I remembered an ad I had once seen in a popular Jewish magazine about Tehillim Kollel, an organization that recites the Tehillim each and every day of the year, without fail. I quickly googled and found a link to the number. I dialed, and with a choked voice, gave our Chesky’s name to the operator, signing him up for Tefillos. We waited and waited some more, praying, praying and praying. After the 11th hour, Chesky’s doctor, one of the most skilled and prominent surgeons in England, came out to update us on the surgery. “It was a complete success,” he said, looking a bit bewildered. “I have to tell you that going into the surgery, I knew that there were zero chances of removing the entire tumor. Our best plan of action was to remove as much as possible and schedule additional treatment to eradicate the rest. But somehow, and I can’t explain it, we were able to remove the entire tumor all at once! I have done this surgery countless of times, and never have I been able to remove it all without any complications. You truly must have had someone special watching out for you.” And we did. Thank you Tehillim Kollel, for your powerful support!




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Ann Zeilingold

FM Home Loans


Vice President

1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970


845-354-9700 914-260-9000

11 Hour Brain Surgery for 17 Year Old Boy A Miraculous Success


WILLIAMSBURG ‫ביהמ״ד דינוב‬ MONROE ‫ציון הרה״ק מסאטמאר זצ״ל‬ MIRON ‫ציון הרשב״י‬ YERUSHULAYIM ‫קבר שמעון הצדיק‬ ‫במירון‬ BEIT SHEMESH ‫קבר ָדּן בן יעקב‬ AMUKA ‫ציון‬ TZFAS (1) ‫ציון האר”י הקדוש‬ ‫רבי יונתן בן עוזיאל‬ TZFAS (2) ‫ציון רבי לייב בעל יסורים‬ TZFAS (3) ‫ציון רבי שלמה אלקבץ‬ TEVARYA (1) ‫ציון‬ TEVARYA (2) ‫ציון רבי מאיר‬ ‫של״ה הקדוש‬ EIN ZEITIM ‫ציון רבי יהודה בר אלעאי‬ ‫בעל הנס‬ ENGLAND ‫ציון הרה״ק משאץ זי״ע‬ BELGIUM ‫ציון הרה״ק רבי איציקל ורבי יענקלע‬ MONSEY ‫ציון הרה״ק מריבניץ זצ״ל‬ ‫זצ״ל‬


718.705.7174 |

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THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania Irving Rohinsky CELL: (203) 641-0373

Cillo FEATURED PROPERTIES CELL:Chaim (917) 817-9146

99A W. Maple Ave.



1 David Ct. - MONSEY 6 BR/ 3 Bath, 3,000 SF renovated home on fantastic cul-de-sac in prestigious up the hill section. Over ½ acre of park like land, large dining room, & living room w/ high ceilings. Large playroom, Anderson Windows, gorgeous polished hardwood floors, much JUST LISTED!! more!! ONLY $849K!!

4 Arrowhead Ln. 5 BR/3 BA colonial is L-A-R-G-E!! Beautiful & quiet cul-de-sac, large newer EIK w/ granite & cherry cabinets, formal dining room, living room and family room w/ sliders to large deck overlooking private pool!! NOW ONLY $589K!!


Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

(845) 605-TWRG


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Follow us on Instagram! @TWRGLLC

6 BR / 4.5BA 5,200 SF set on private 1.27 Acres of parklike land, priv. in-ground pool, huge walk out lower level, in-law suite w/ sep. entrance, possible subdivision opportunity, excellent central location.

Parmanand Mana,

VP, Branch Manager and Business Development Officer (845) 356-5300

Greg Monteith,

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January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 123 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FOR SALE 2006 CHRYSLER Town and Country Touring Minivan for sale. A/c. 8 seats. Automatic. Runs well. 95,000 miles. $1950 845-499-0404 VOLKS WAGEN Jetta 2012 70k miles very well maintained beautiful condition please call 845200-6246 2002 CHRYSLER MINIVAN for sale 119k miles.Pls call/ text (845)694-2784. I BUY CARS sell your car fast call:845596-3791 TOYOTA SIENNA 2011 for sale $12,000 call: 845 659 5376 SHUL TABLES Strong and long lasting. Metal frames. 12” wide. Please call 845-499-0404. USED RECLINING LOVESEAT Burgundy in good condition and a Formica natural wood 5 drawer kids room chest in excellent condition. 1347675-4965 BEAUTIFUL SHOWCASE in perfect condition for 200$ only. Please call 347-693-6519 MASTER BEDROOM SET For sale. 54” headboards night table, dresser and mirror. $1,500 call 347-2774072 LOOKING TO BUY White Baby Dresser that looks nice for good price. Also kids Desk, Hutch + Mirror 347.986.6538 CHILDREN’S BEDROOM SET used, Brown, for sale, set includes 39” bed, Armoire and Crib please call 845-2137885

MOVING SALE dryer seforim shank gates dishwasher fleishig oven milchig oven window shades. 845-538-3648 YOUNG AMERICA Solid wood (dark) 7 draw dresser with glass top and mirror - for sale - looks brand new. 845-352-2573 WHITE WARDROBE 3 door for sale. Excellent condition. 46 wide x 7 4 ¾ high x 19 ¾ deep. $125 Please call 848-525-0171 WHITE DINETTE TABLE measures 36 by 22. very good condition. please call 356-5296 SOLID WOOD BOOKCASE Brown 4’ high 5’ wide. Please call 425-0695. COUCH AND CHEST Looking to sell a used burgundy reclining loveseat and a Formica natural wood 5 drawer kids room chest in excellent condition. Pls call 1347-675-4965 HEADBOARD FOR SALE Brand new white wood and leather tufted headboard for sale $120, cost price. Please call 347-675-4965 MASTER BEDS 2 full 44” beds including mattresses, box springs, & frame in good condition for only $475 obo. Please call 845-746-8473 BEAUTIFUL SHOWCASE in perfect condition for 200$ only. Please call 347-693-6519 Delivery not included. BLACK FRIDGE in a good condition for $350.00. Please call 845-3522154.

124 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// for sale // for rent GE DRYER Great deal big for sale call 18456599038

CANON PHOTO PRINTER new in box. Call 845-3561932

USED WASHER DRYER and furniture for sale excellent price please call:1845-352-2131

DIY MOSAIC ART beautiful wall hangings to create great activity for fourth grade and up mommy for you too. call 845-587-1745

USED REFRIGERATOR and Washer/dryer in good condition for sale. Please call 845-459-3405 GE WASHING MACHINE Used, in very good condition. $100. Please call 845-4252460 EXPENSIVE KALLAH JEWELRY for sale hardly used. Bracelet, Earrings, Watch, please call & leave message. 845-746-6012

BABY JOGGER ELITE for sale. New condition. $400. Call 845-362-1364 SNOW TIRES 4 16” brand new snow tires for sale. Payed $650 asking only $399 please call 845445-5629 BABYBUG GIFT CARD $120 selling for $110.Delivery available 18455735426

2 PEDESTALS (drawers) for LG front loader washer /dryer. new in box selling for great price fits all. LG models. call .356-1518

6 FOOT TALL wood open corner unit $40;Fisher Price Infant Soothing Motions Glider in excellent,like new condition $40 call 845-352-2874.

FOR SALE Brand-new pair size 6 New Balance 990 for $125 or best offer. 845-641-8006

SHAPE MAGS A box of 100 pieces for $50. Gift wrapping and delivery free. 845-492-7074

FOR SALE 2 very pretty double dress racks adjustable height,rolling wheels 917-6184460.

BEAUTIFUL TAPESTRY LINEN lace dust ruffles, and mattress covers for 44” beds. Excellent condition. Call 848525-0171

STRONG NICE GARTEL yarn $35. Please call 917-5881007 2 USED CRIBS for sale $30 each call 4257952 WOODEN TRAIN SET Thomas, with tracks and pull along trains. gently used.$25. call 352-0810. CORELLE DISHES 2 sets new in box $20 each set. round with olive green and black stripe around. call 352-0810

BUGABOO CAMELEON Beige/brown for sale. Good condition. $200 call 347-2282252 PUFFER VEST Brand new black ladies for sale.xl runs small. 3478932433 USED MAGIC MILL for sale call 845 418 2611 CORRELLE SET brand new, serving 4 already toveled for sale call 18456599038

KEYBOARD and speaker stands $20 each 200-0013

Fully assembled, never used. retails for $949 asking $875 OBO call 845-641-2062

DOUBLE STROLLER CITY SELECT Almost new, excellent condition asking $420. Or willing to trade for City Mini GT double in very good condition. 845-641-6700

CARRIAGE FOR SALE Mama’s and Papa’s carriage with basinet ,2 yrs old‎please call 274-7940

FERRAGAMO SHOES black patent flats size 10 call 845 517 8799

SHOWCASE WITH MIRROR and light (70x20 inches height 38 inches) to sell call 845-352-5638

3 ADOLFO DESIGN shaitel boxes to sell great condition good price can buy seperately text 347 504-4033

LOOKING TO BUY a used drum set (preferably electronic) in good condition. Please call or text 845-5963329.

ARA BOOTS size 7 brand new selling for $160 Call 845 517 8799

SOY FORMULA Good start, at $12 per can. Great date! 3711765

ARTSCROLL GEMARAS Assorted mesechtas. English edition. $15 each. 8455216886

COBALT CAKE STANDS, platters. Venetian glass vase, silver mezuza covers, silver tray w/ shnaps cups, embroidered tablecloths. 845-499-8322

SHABBOS SHOES elegant all season flower printed charly amar size 7.5 new in box Was $90 selling $25 call 8455216886 TRAIN SET Huge collection of fisher price geotrax. Tons of accessories. Perfect condition. includes two trains. $75 call 425-1937 FRANK OLIVE HAT Very Elegant black felt hat to sell for good offer (orig price $250) barely used text 347 504-4033

HUGGIES PAMPERS Size 1 case of 240 for $36. Please call (after 4:00 P.M.) 845-659-0047 RADIO FLYER TRIKE 4 in 1, sells for $89.99. Used 1 season, perfect condition. $45. Please text 845-662-2156 BEDSPREADS Like new 48 in. fitted sage green cut velvet with pillows. New $1200 now $600. OBO.

Price reduced- $500 OBO (was $930). Pls. call/txt 845499-5605

1/2 Baths, Park-Like Prop Lg Deck, Mint 845 883 2092

FEEDING TUBE supplies: A lot of 18F Right Angle Feeding Set. For AMT Button, and lots of bags. 845425-2158

PRIVATE HOUSE on Lancaster La. chestnut ridge. 3 bdrm, 2 baths, lots of space, close to shopping and shuls. 845-608-7837

UPPABABY CRUZ Brand new in box for $420! Call/text 845-554-5778.

NEWLY RENOVATED HOME 3 (or 5) bedrm home; spacious living/dining rooms; high ceilings; new modern kitchen/appliances; skylight; hardwood-flooring; deck overlooking pool, New Hempstead 845 377-3687

FOR RENT HOUSE FOR RENTAIRMONT Near Newday/Rokeach Shul. Lg kitchen, lg dinette/dining room, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, large private deck and yard. $2350

FOOD PROCESSOR lequip, in box barely used $40 obo. 371-2379

PRIVATE HOUSE New kitchen, freshly painted and scraped, 4 bdrms on Laura pl. Off Pakin. $2,150. Call: 352-5056

BUGABOO BEE Looking 2 buy a second hand bugabee for a good price. Please call 845-352-6083.

CANON PRINTER brand new/in the box Canon pixma pro-100 and package of photo paper. Value over $300, selling for $100. 845659-4689

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE in Airmont for rent. 4 Bdrm, dining room, living room. 2.5 bathrooms full finished basement. Sits on beautiful .80 lot. 8456626931

BUGABOO BEE3 Brand new with Bassinet option in stone grey for sale.

ELECTRIC SCOOTER GoPed gas scooter w/seat & basket in mint condition.

NEW HEMPSTEAD Magnificent 7 Bedroom Hi-Ranch 2 Story Entry, 3

BARGAIN Cases of Adult and Children’s covered shoulder pads. Black & White $10.00 a case 845538-3951

5 BDRM CONDO 3 full baths +1/2, Pesach Kitchen on Wiener Drive wheelchair accessible large Porch,C/A Sec 8 Aprvd Call. 845.425.8000 4 BEDROOMS plus colonial in New Hempstead, near Viola Rd. Please call 845-499-8322 WILSHER DR Beautiful 4 bedroom house on large private property available for rent as of March - Please call 845-596-7425 MIAMI BCH Beautiful 1bdrm condo w/ gorg view, porch, parking, sep. Swim. Avail. Feb. 8. 718812-2656

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 125 / 845.600.8484


// for rent // dresses & gowns // help wa HOTEL STYLE RENTAL 2 bedroom apt. for rent by day/week/weekend.New furniture, linen, towels etc. provided. Stonehouse area. @ 845-548-1050


2 BEDROOM Beautifu, full bath apartment for rent Airmont area call 347-546-2665

LARGE FURNISHED APARTMENTS BY THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH. Spacious / furnished / center of Outremont / 3-4 bedrooms / up to 10 beds / kosher kitchen / amenities. Reservations: 718.737.4980 MIAMI BCH Sunny, clean, beaut. Condo for rent feb. 2 for short/long term. Huge porch, prkg. 718812-2656 SOUTH MONSEY 3 bedrooms, beautiful livingroom/playroom, kitchen, dinette, dining-room, washer/dryer, storage, deck, on cul-de-sac 845-517-8494 GREAT LOCATION! Newly renovated 3 room apartment located on Gwen Lane available now. Private entrance. Great price! Call for details… (845) 352-7118 FURNISHED APARTMENT The perfect apart. for a single Nice entryway, big kitchen, bedroom, new furn., Albert area. 538 0303 NORTH GATE DRIVE 4 bedroom apartment on North Gate (off Decatur Ave)Kitchen, Dining Rm, playroom, 2 ½ baths and back porch. Call 845-659-4531. RITA AVE Room for rent. Suitable for use as an office or for a single. pls call 845-538-6071 LUXURY 2-5 BDRM VILLAS with pools starting @ $89 per night. Mechitza avail. 888-INNFORM www.

3 BEDROOM Almost brand new 3 Bedroom-2 Bath Apartment on Blauvelt Rd. for rent. Ground Floor-Section 8 Ok. Central Air. Ready for April 1st. Call: 845-290-1337 Or Email: 2901337property@ SOUTH MONSEY Beautiful 1 bedroom apt., perfect for single. Full kitchen, large d.r./l.r , washer/dryer, ground-level pvt. entrance. Pls. call 845425-2460 NEWLY RENOVATED 2 bedroom apartment for rent on Phyllis Terrace $1650 + utilities. Serious inquiries only. Call 845-596-8580 FURN/UNFURN 3 room walk-in w/all appliances. Sep entr & driveway.Great 4 chossonkallah. Long/short term 845-826-4188 2 ROOM FURNISHED Near Main St. Short term only. 845-356-8909 3 ROOM FURNISHED apartment available off yale drive. please call 845-2829222

126 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

SPACIOUS ONE BEDROOM apt for rent in chestnut ridge (birds section) Great price Great section.(young couple preffered) call 1-347-5289382 or 1-347-304-1139 LARGE FURNISHED APT perfect for couple, just come and take a look herrick & first st 8455003100 3 BEDROOM APT on Decatur Ave. Approximately 7 years old. Freshly painted and in good condition. Please call 845222-6244 1 BEDROOM walk-in, central AC, quiet & private, Chestnut Ridge. Built in 2013. 1250. 845-444-8744 AIRMONT RENTAL 2 bedroom furnished suite nearly new. Full bathroom, small kitchenette, private entrance, not basement, call 8456429138 2 BEDROOM Brand New apartment on Herrick Ave. Please call 845222-6244 NEW FURNISHED APT available in the Blauvelt carlton area 845-445-5698 Leave a message STUDIO APARTMENT for rent on Brewer Road please call (845)304-1248 2 BEDROOM APT for rent on Regina rd Park Ave area newly renovated available 845-300-3964

2 BIG BDRM APT New, incld brand new stainless steel appliances; ceramic tiles;quartz countertops+ living/dining/ study; big dinette+State/Art kitchen ; New Hempstead 845 377 3687 2 ROOM OFFICE/STORAGE for rent suzzane area. walk in. short term call or text 845-641-1452 OFFICE FOR RENT Decatur Ave. 2 beautiful office rooms in basement for rent optional for one business includes internet plus more call. 917-549-4993 STUDIO APT/ OFFICE 1 large room with private full bath, private entrance, old nyack / Rockhill area call 425 -2871 OFFICE SPACE 2-4 Bright rooms ground level private entrance ample parking separate unit A/C -Heat plus additional optional 500SF garage. 845204-3522 STORAGE FOR RENT 800 square foot pull up straight to garage door great location twin area call 845659-8216

anted OFFICE SPACE Chestnut Ridge quiet area. space for 3 to 5 offices plus space for conference room 1100 Sq ft. Call 347-623-0589 HERRICK AVE. 1 room office , 2 bedroom apt. 4 bedroom apt. 845 425 3605 LARGE 4 ROOMS (1000sq ft) for office suite w/ storage. Private front Walk-in entrance, Large windows, Gr8 for online bus. N Cole area 845.206.9484

DRESS/GOWNS CUSTOM EVENING WEAR Baila Feingold custom sales/ rentals 917-618-4460 expert fit,stunning fabrics and designs BEAUTIFUL GOWN for rent. Size 14 ladies. Black top-Gold Bottom 845-3521936 BEAUTIFUL GOWNS for rent. Size 6, 8-10 ladies. Black top-Floral Bottom 917202-3466 CLASSY CUSTOM designer gown for sale. blue family. 8458261216 BEADED MACHTENISTA DRESS size 8 for sale. Also ivory and gold size 2 sister of the bride dress. Call 845-426-7656 MATERNITY GOWNS Large size, (approximately size 18) custom sewn maternity wedding dress. 845-356-5232 SISTER OF BRIDE GOWN for sale,cream color size 4-6 well priced. Please call or text 845 608 9999

NAVY BOX PLEAT ball gown skirt for sale! Please call: 862 505 9546 SISTER OF BRIDE mauve color with stunning design size 8-10 (good 4 tall girl/lady.) 845 -362-0388 CHILDREN’S GOWNS for sale sizes 4,5,6,7, and 10. Please call 425-0544 SISTER OF THE BRIDE light color gowns size 00,0 and childrens gowns size 12, and 18 months Call 845-6424968 MARRIED SISTER OF BRIDE simple yet elegant custom made apx. Size 2-4. Black velvet and metallic silverish . Great price 425-1937 MECHITENISTA DRESS to sell beige & lt blue & lots of beading asking 950 paid 1700 brand new cond. Call/text 608-6766 TEEN/ADULT GOWN sz 4-6 (brand new condition) Mechiteniste beige softly beaded gown sz 10-12 (excellent condition) call 659-9155 TERI JON Size 4-6 Black and Silver Beautiful gown for sale Great condition. Call 347-563-3508 GOWNS FOR SALE Exquisite Size 4 Cream color beautiful gown for sale Great condition. Worn once. Call 347-563-3508 MATERNITY GOWN beautiful slenderizing off white maternity gown for sale or rent. Call: 845 659 0645 SISTER OF THE BRIDE stunning bronze gown size 8 for sale or 845 659 0645

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH Bring us your preteen and children’s gowns and we will rent it for you 570 7783 GOWNS WITH GLAMOUR Wedding Gowns SZ 2 - Teen Rachy Silber 845-445-5458 DRESS RENTAL black and white wedding dress size 10 for rent, call 845-425-3207, to see a picture send an email to CUSTOM GOWN for sale size 2 also childrens royal blue gowns size 6/8 and 8/10 please call 4256478 EXQUISITE BRIDAL GOWN One of a kind - size 2/4 for sale. Call or text 845 - 499 - 4363 SISTER OF BRIDE wedding gown for sale/rent. Ivory & pink tulle. Children’s size 8 worn once. Please call/ text (845) 274-6826 MARRIED SISTER OF BRIDE Beautiful black and white gown to sell. Approx size 2 please call 845-548-1264 LITTLE GIRLS navy wedding dress, size 5 in excellent condition for sale $40.Call 845-352-2874. CUSTOM SISTER OF BRIDE dress for rent. Size 2-4. Please call 845-352-1752 BEAUTIFUL GOWN For Young Teenagers Size: 8-10 Call:558-4774

HELP WANTED HEIMISH MONSEY CO selling online is looking to fill a customer service position. Lots of potential for growth for the right person. Send

your resume to: hiring1045@ OPTOMETRY OFFICE Monsey optometry office seeks individual to do medical billing, office reception, optical sales. Computer knowledge a must. Will train. Hours: 12-5:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please email resume to: eiyintova@gmail. com. AMAZON / EBAY EXPERT Established company seeking an Amazon and Ebay selling expert. Extensive knowledge of Amazon is required. This is NOT an entry level position; you must have worked for a high volume marketplace seller. We offer tremendous opportunity for the right individual. Individual must pay strong attention to detail and complete proficiency in Excel. Please email resume MONSEY REAL ESTATE OFFICE seeks a full time, motivated, and detail oriented worker. No experience required. Send resume to lpruzansky@ PART TIME OFFICE HELP Local heimish office seeks female for graphics position. Part-time extended temporary position. Knowledge of InDesign a must, Quickbooks a plus. Interesting work, great office environment. Email resume & portfolio to EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT A Financial services office in Monsey NY is seeking a f/t female executive assistant. Responsibilities include scheduling, client relations, etc. Candidate must have excellent verbal (telephone) & writing skills, mathematics, computer proficiency and

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 127 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds ability to multi-task. For more information please email your resume to SECRETARY Expanding Business in Monsey area is seeking to hire full time female secretaries. Must be detailed oriented, self-motivated with great phone and writing skills. Knowledge in Word, Excel & QuickBooks is a plus. Email resume to BUSINESS EXECUTIVE A well-established financial management company is aggressively seeking a talented executive to run its local operations. Qualified candidate will have a thorough understanding in business financials & financial reporting, possess exceptional people skills with the ability to overlook a portfolio of multiple clients, and have the managerial and leadership skills to hire, train, and manage a fullscale staff ranging from entry to senior level positions. Excellent pay for the right individual. Performancebased compensation‎with unlimited upside potential. Please email resume to:

career.msgmonsey@gmail. com RIDGEFIELD PARK NJ Office located here is looking for a multitasking individual with some experience in QB, Excel, motivation and good phone skills, Email Resume or call 9174183174 P/T SECRETARY (Mon-Thurs afternoons) Local frum office: well-organized - detailconscious, Computer skills – QuickBooks, excel. Email resume: miriamsk@thejnet. com COMPUTER PROGRAMMER looking for a computer programmer to work as a freelancer on a few projects, well paid. privateprogramming845@, please add a few details about your past work. FULL TIME Looking for an efficient multi-task female employee for a full-time position in Monsey. Email resume or leave message @ 724-8354223.

// help wanted SECRETARY Looking for an energetic young graduate for f/t secretarial position. Must be able to multitask, computer knowledge a must. Email resume to:jobs@lwprinting. com SECRETARY Full time secretary wanted for multi girl office in Monsey, Experienced in quickbooks a Must. Great opportunity for the right individual. 845-445-7804 And leave a message ONLINE BUSINESS seeking a responsible detail oriented girl for full-time job, including research listings describing items. Call (845)800-3573 HEIMISH OFFICE is seeking an experienced secretary. Email resume to or call 845-203-1000 ext. 203 SECRETARY Looking for a mature secretary with good interpersonal and communication skills to work in the office of an organization during the hours of 11:30-4:30. please call 1(877)224-4644

JOB AVAILABLE Seeking girl to operate a scanning position, 3-4 hours per day, will train. One-girl office. Job requires basic computer skills. $12/hour. Please email resume to service@ ASSISTANT Looking for an energetic Morah immediately for a playgroup. Lovely warm atmosphere to work in. English Speaking Please Call 845-356-6471 EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT / AUDITOR Rockland County growing CPA firm looking to hire full time accountant. Auditing experience a must. Please email your resume to: COMMUNICATION SKILL POSITION Well known tzedakah organization has short term positions available for men with yeshiva background. Excellent communication skills . 845-426-3130. NON-PROFIT Well established non-profit organization seeks an efficient full-time packer/

North Miami Florida Rental Semi-Private HOUSE next to Shul Granite Kitchen, 2 BDRM, 2 Baths, Pool

Weekly Good Price. 914-806-3048 128 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

shipper for processing / packing orders for short term. Please call 845-4263160. SALESWOMEN NEEDED for fashion accessories store, Sales skills A MUST, efficient, social, please send a resume, with reference at: LOOKING FOR SALES HELP for a jewelry store 4:00-6:30 pm. Please call 845-608-2269 MALE AND FEMALE STAFF needed for late afternoons/ evenings, working one-onone with teens or adults with special needs. Must drive. Monsey/Spring Valley/ New Square area. Call 845354-3233 x1121 or efeder@ GREAT OPPORTUNITY Looking for a Com Hab worker to work with a 12 year old girl. Weekdays 3:30- 4:30, or on weekends. Forshay, Parker area. Please call 845503-0241 COM-HAB OPP Young intelligent guy is looking for a companion to do some activities and errands together, after work hours. Approximately from 5-7 daily. If interested please call 845-503-0237

JOB OPPORTUNITY Looking for a mentor/tutor for an ESL program in a chasidishe school. 1:00-3:00. Fax resume to 8453542864 TAXI COMPANY looking for drivers need to have car call 845-596-3791 LOOKING FOR A RIDE to the Rachel’s Place production on February 11th (m”s) for 3 girls. If you have room please call 845-7467749. willing to share travel expenses DO YOU RIDE DAILY to/from Rella Blvd, Executive Blvd or Monroe? Looking to carpool with female driver. Willing to pay. Please Call 845-659-3133. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED To volunteer to feed the sick or elderly, OR if you are in need of this service, Please call 845-352-1016. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM ‫מיר זיכען נאך לעבעדיגע‬ ‫געשמאקע אינגעלייט – בחורים‬ ‫פאר אונזער ‘נאך סקול‬ 3:30-5:45 :‫ שעות‬,’‫פראגראם‬ ‫רופט און לאזט א מעסעדזש‬ 845-425-3043 Txt to: 845-587-6082 Email: Vzieg@hamaspikrockland. org


PART TIME SECRETARIAL POSITION Hamaspik is looking to hire a women for a part-time office position, candidate must be very organized, computer savvy, have great communications skills. please email resume to Jobopportunity@ NOW HIRING A team of young energetic women to join our Respite Program on legal holidays and winter school breaks. Hours, from 10:00 to 3:00. Excellent pay if committed. If interested call 845-425-3421 HAMASPIK Hamaspik is currently hiring high school and post-high school girls for our Sunday & After School Programs. Hours are Sun. 10:00 -2:00 • Mon-Tur 3:30 to 5:45. A rewarding and fun-filled experience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to Respitegirls@ Or call 845-425-3421 and leave a detail message MATH TUTORING ALL Grades/Levels,SAT/ACT/ Regents/TASC Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pecalculus, Calculus, Physics. call: 845445-8003

TUTORING SERVICES: MS Ed Lic/Cert 30+ yrs exp. Reading/Math/Kriah Specialist, Slingerland Trained! Boys/Girls, ALL subjects Sundays/after school hrs. 558-1682 TUTOR AVAILABLE for your elementary school child for Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol. Please Call: 845-352-1016 SLINGERLAND TEACHER Learn proper reading and writing skills. Great for children who need a little boost/help. 929 238 5487 KRIAH TUTOR available to tutor your child in Kria, remedial work, call 845-304-8586 PLAYGROUP SEPT 2017 18-24 Months, Lunch included, Center of Monsey, many years of experience, extended hours available, Call Tamara 425-1456. ATTN WORKING MOTHERS Have your children join us for a fun-filled mid-winter vacation! Nursery-4th gr. N.Sher 646.856.5498 3 YEAR OLD PLAYGROUP Cameo Ridge area. Enrollment for 2017 school term. Very experienced morah. Call 352.1861



CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 129 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds BABYSITTING RELIABLE BABYSITTER Available for full time & drop-ins in the Blauvelt area. Call 845-405-9938 CHASUNAH BABYSITTERS Group of responsible heimishe girls available to babysit at chasunahs. Please call 845-499-8304 VERY DEVOTED caring babysitter available in the Ellish- Elm area. 3563806 SIMCHA IN MONSEY? Want to leave your baby in worm caring atmosphere. Call to book. 845-352-0619 LOVING AND WARM Devoted babysitter available. Located at woodside corner herrick. Please call: 845-4253432 DEVOTED BABYSITTER with many years experience is available to watch your baby with tender loving care. Limited slots available. Please call 356 3665. OVERNIGHT BABYSITTER Stay calm and leave your child by an experienced warm loving mommy in a home closest to home. Plz call Chany Fried 845 826 0700

MONROE BABYSITER Warm and experienced for all your drop ins-shabbos to (845)783-2314 BABYSITTER Warm and experienced available to babysit night hours in your home. References available. Please call 845-499-9272

‫עקספיריענס איז גרייט‬ ‫ דראפ‬,‫אנצונעמען פאר סטעדי‬ ‫ איבערנאכט און פאר די‬,‫אינס‬ ,‫ מיר נעמען אויך אן זונטאג‬,‫וואך‬ ‫ ביטע רופט‬.‫ריטא עישל געגענט‬ 845.425.4732 BABYSITTER ON HERRICK ‫א היימישע פרוי איז גרייט‬ ‫אנצונעמען בעביסיטינג א‬ .‫גאנצע טאג און אויך ביינאכט‬ 270-5895 ‫פאר מער רופט‬

WARM AND LOVING BABYSITTER is available for the upcoming year accepting drop ins as well limited slots available Calvert area please call 845598 - 0656.

SIMCHA IN VILCHOVITZ HALL Baby Sitting Across the street one minute away. Call anytime 352-5916 Weekends & overnights welcome

EVENING BABYSITTING located right next to Ateres Charna 845-362-0283

BABYSITTER AVAILABLE on Francis Place. Also taking Sunday drop-ins. Please call 845-352-1016.

GREAT BABYSITTER: Devoted, loving and warm available. Located at woodside corner herrick. Please call: 845-425-3432

BABYSITTER WANTED looking for babysitter in monsey blvd area for drop ins or steady 608-6766

DROP-IN BABYSITTING service. Sunday through Thursday. Call 862 505 9546

LOOKING FOR Sunday Cleaning Lady for Pesach cleaning (Park Lane area).Pls call 845-423-9450

EXPERINCED BABYSITTER is available in the evening. wiener\calvert area. 845538-3648 EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER located in airmont. small group only has only two slots available.lots of TLC please call 845-369-1101 BABYSITTER ‫היימישע איבערגעגעבענע‬ ‫בעיביסיטער מיט יארן‬

130 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// babysitting // services

LOOKING FOR TEEN as mothers helper in my house 3 times a week b/w the hours of 4:30-6:30. Laura Dr / Appleland area. Great pay. Call 459-0131. LOOKING FOR in house babysitter 4-5 hours a day. 1 infant. Please call 347-742-3529

SEEKING BABYSITTER Looking for a warm, caring babysitter in my home. Calvert area. MondayThursday, from 12-4. Can bring along baby. Call 6523649.

SERVICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days? Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565 PERSONAL CHEF Coming to your home. We will fill up your freezer With heimishe food and suppers for Yom tov or any occasion. Hungarian twist. Ref. available. Mrs. Hershkowitz 352-6856 PERSONAL CHEF Had a baby, want to take a break,need help in the kitchen, for all cooking and baking call 8456429138

LOOKING FOR MUSICIANS to open a band (professional) call:845-596-3791

9:30 PM. Please call 845 263 2301.

ONE MAN BAND ‫ דוד אהרן פרענקל‬For all your simchas. Special price with singer 347-598-3709

MLM PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING Cheapest Rate- ProfessionalSatisfaction Guaranteed Call now 845-659-2527

Teacher Miriam Greenfeld's Daycare

ONE MAN BAND & Keyboard programmer. For all your occasions! Yisroel M. Turner 845-274-7002

ALTERATIONS we also do custom hair accessories. please call 845596-2466,

18 months - 2 1/2 years

Healthy Breakfast, snack and lunch!

3 - 4 1/2 years

Magnificent outdoor park!

SMALL SIMCHA BAND A one man band and a fiddler for very reasonable price starting at $175/hour min 2 hour call ari 347-675-4794

ALTERATIONS for all your basic alteration needs. Call 596-3140

ONE MAN BAND Book your next simcha very reasonable prices call Ari Porges 347-675-4794 SPEAKER RENTALS Top quality music speakers for rent, to reserve please call 845-422-5516 ONE MAN BAND and singer music for all simchos by Chaim Benatar 845 659 0222 LONG DISTANCE TRIPS Heimeshe reliable yungerman available for all your long distance trips. Credit cards accepted. Please call 845-422-2681 LADY DRIVER Available for local and long distance and everything else in between including deliveries for just $7. Call Rachel (646) 322-7224. LADY DRIVER Heimish. Punctual, friendly, caring, responsible, dependable. Steady slots available. Call/text 917-7504105. RIDE TO BORO PARK Sundays. Leaving Monsey 5:30 PM. Leaving Boro Park

ALTERATIONS Heimishe Lady available for your mending needs. West Central area. 845-608-2303 ALTERATIONS For all your alteration needs please call S.Rosenberger Wiener Dr area. 8454254486 REPAIR SNOOD Ready to throw your Chenille snood out because the elastics done? Wait! I can fix it. Cost:$5 a piece 8452939910

We are proud to announce that Teacher Leah Weiss has joined.



Free Transportation! No Vacation Days!

full kindergarten curriculum

Hours: 8:30 - 4:00

Extended daily hours to accommodate working mothers.

Located on Francis Place



‫אלף‬ ‫בית‬


CALL TODAY: 356-7467 ‫ת‬ ‫מידובות‬ ‫טו‬

English translation. (845) 274-2214 LEAVE YOUR RESUME up to the pros. Prices starting at $100! Email for more info. GRAPHOLOGY discover your personality, potentials, strength and weakness through a thorough handwriting analysis call 347-598-8168

SILVER POLISHING & cleaning 15 years experience. (347) 977-8022.

FACE PAINTING or Caricatures Miriam Green voice mail: 845-356-5167 text: 845-263-6961 email:

QUICKBOOKS SPECIALIST Need help with your QuickBooks? Call Shucht Bookkeeping Services 845-243-7961 or email Reasonable rates - hourly, weekly or monthly.

CERTIFIED MOHEL You can also call to check your baby before and after Bris if you have any concerns. Mayer Stauber 845-300-1321

PROFESSIONAL BOOKKEEPER Quick-books, Quicken, Excel, and other business services. Rates by Hourly and Monthly. Shulim Wachsman 347 786 2939 PRECISION WRITING A picture is worth a thousand word or fewer words well chosen. Poems, songs, essays, and Yiddish to

Inquire about our new SUNDAY program


GUTTER INSTALLATION repair Cleaning please call 845-288-2449 SHEIMOS We do pick ups all year round shuls schools homes 845-4613084 HANDYMAN reliable heimishe handyman for your many household needs. 845-826-1056




‫פ‬ ‫רשה‬











HANDYMAN Is available for all your handy needs! Call/Text:(845)6942784 CABINET & FURNITURE SERVICE We replace Most type of Hard-to-Find-Hinges & Draw Slides, Cracked Cabinet door, etc. 845-678-3298 EXPERIENCED ELECTRICIAN For all your electrical needs. Prompt & Reliable 845.371.4959 PEARL RESTRINGING Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845352-5013 SAPPHIRE RESERVE we can use your $300 travel credit from sapphire reserve card and pay you 65% cash call /text 7322785231 HEADS UP NEW SELECTION teens, adults, children.Turbans, snoods SALE ITEMS, TOO! Phyllis Terrace 845-608-1547 NEW SQUARE BELTS we have a beautiful selection of belts at great discount prices. None higher than $10. Please call 364-8093

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 131 / 845.600.8484


CHILDREN’S/ TEENS EARRINGS beautiful selection of for only $10 to $25 call for apt 845371-6578

BALLOON SPOT Balloons for all occasions. Delivery available with minimum. Airmont area. 845-356-0815

JEWELRY GARDEN Below wholesale $5-$49 exquisite & exclusive rings earrings pendants bracelets etc. 845 352 2051

BALLOON TWISTER Ideal for all events. Flowers, animals, characters, & more. Kiki Katzman (914)629-0062

AUTO SAFETY We specialize in lights and sirens installation!! Call for prices and bussines hours 347 450 8855 HAIR ACCESSORIES for just .50 New styles Capes from $25n up selling in stores up to $100. Delivery avail. W central area. 371-1765 HUGGIES PULL-UPS and baby wipes for very low prices (50% off). Everything must go. 845.263.9347 COTTON CANDY MACHINES Popcorn and Snow Cone machines for your party’s. call now 347-729-4104 we sell supplies to. CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUT chew guitar. Make a statement at your next simcha order now 845-3529022

BALLOONS N MORE We have a full line of balloons. We do all type arrangements. Gift wrapping. wedding shtick. Located in new square. 845538-3091 ADORABLE APRONS Matching mother/daughter aprons. Adult version: Helping to Learn. Children’s version: Learning to Help. All proceeds to ‫צדקה‬. Call 845352-4963 SILVER WIPES ease the polishing of silver enjoy sparkling silver call 845 371 7847

SEFORIM?SHAIMOS? If you have usable seforim that are sitting around or putting them into shaimos I could take them for free 8455383715

DINETTE SETS $100 OFF! on all floor samples. Wood and glass top sets. Wood sets also ideal for seforim room. Furniture Maiven. 845-6421225.

COLLECTION LETTERS? Debt Collectors sending letters or calling you? Contact Attorney Efraim at or (845) 300-1843.

HIGH END BOYS button down shirts, sweaters, pants plus more products for a crazy cheap price call 201 500 8149

ADDRESSING ENVELOPES Amazing prices, call for quote. Jobs can be done immediately. Call 845-445-7422 or e-mail printingaddresses@gmail. com BUY TIGHTS Great Prices. Free Delivery. Call Shaindel 845-290-0650 SUPPORT HOSIERY Delivered 2 U. Medi, Sigvaris, Venotrain, etc845-290-0650 I MAKE IT YOU BAKE IT Rivky’s Famous Challah Dough, Custom made to your taste, diet and schedule. Call 369-3755 ‫בדיקת מזוזות‬ ‫ באקוקן און‬,‫מיר קומען אפנעמען‬ .‫ אייערע מזוזות‬- ‫צוריקברענגען‬ ‫ פאר‬.‫אויך מעגליך בו ביום‬ ‫ מרכז‬:‫העפליכע סערוויס רופט‬ ‫הסת”ם – אהרן ישעי’ שטיינמעץ‬ 347-206-2939 HEIMISHE POTATO KUGEL Delicious for your simcha or any event. Fresh or overnight .Call 845-425-4088

KALLAH SHOES All sizes, white kalllah shoes. Proceeds go to tzedakah. Call\Text 845-200-0211

SILK SCARVES for wholesale prices to the public minimum 2 pc call E.R. weiss 1-845-290-5790 or 347-304-1139

HADRAS PONIM GALLERY One time opportunity Now selling a magnificent painting of the “Toshe Rebbe” call:845- 3560560

BIRKENSTOCK Shoes & slippers. World famous for comfort, posture & arch support. 352-7331

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// services

WIRELESS SERVICE Get the most on half the cost, All cellphone carriers, no contracts, tax/fees included, free activations, unlimited 4GLTE. ProWirelessService@ CELL PHONES Largest selection New Basic & kosher Phones & plans. Lifline, Home Phone Connect, Tablets, Mobile Broadbands, Accessories, Rentals, Canada. 845-6592050 EASILY BAKE HOMEMADE CHALLAH 5 lbs of perfect Custom challah dough - freshly made to your specifications CALL ANY TIME 845-538-9332 PHOTOS Let us capture the precious moments at your wedding, bar mitzvah, bris, or vort. Visit www. or call 845-459-3443 SLIDESHOWS Give in your pictures to be created into a beautiful slideshow presentation for parties/anniversary/school functions/etc. 347-342-7089 PHOTOBOOKS Keep your memories alive! For all your photobooks needs. 845-608-9543 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Book a portrait session with Dassy Photography. Any

occasion. Starting price only $50! Professional editing and enhancing! Free digital album! 845-517-9920 EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHER available for bar mizvahs, vorts, tenoim and brisim etc. many years of experience. sample photos and references available.845-269-0588 DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($40 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935 MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm YOGA CLASSES for women and children. In the privacy of your home or group. Call 371-1963 ART LESSONS Very experienced. All levels. Miriam Green voice mail: 845-356-5167 text: 845-2636961 email: site: faceitart. ENGLISH LESSONS ‫א היימישע יונגערמאן איז‬ ‫אוועליבעל צו אויסלערנען‬ ‫ענגליש פון אנהייב ביז צו קענען‬ .‫געהעריג ליינען און שרייבען‬ 845- ‫אונטערסירטע ביטע רופט‬ 499-7381 DANCE WITH CHAYKEE Simcha, Israeli, International. Have fun while getting in shape. New classes forming now for women and single girls. call for info 845-667-0737.

GUITAR LESSONS Experienced frum female guitar instructor will teach you how to play in ten lessons. Years of enjoyment guaranteed! 347-455-5320 GUITAR LESSONS: Learn to play guitar from a Guitar teacher with 30+yrs exp!!Beginners/ advanced levels, Sun//after school hours. Boys/girls/ women.558-1682 GUITAR LESSONS Experience learning guitar in a manner unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Quickly and easily by Heimishe, Female Guitarist. 845-425-8616 PIANO LESSONS The only way you should be taught. Professional, soul stirring music taught by heimishe, foremost expert pianist 845-425-8616. HAIR COURSES Learn to style your own hair/ shaitels or for others. Oneon-one or group lessons. 845 608 9895 HAIR ON LAURA PLACE Professional Haircuts and styling. Specializing in Bobs. Hatzlacha Grocery Area. call 845-825-1789. HAIRCUTS AND HAIRSTYLES professionally done. Saddle river area for app. Call 845356-5038 HAIR Have your Hair beautifully done. Calvert area. just call and book your app. 845-4255708 HAIR DESIGN Beautify your hair with style! Cut, blow, style. Great rates. Call Roizy now. 845-3520619.

Rayim is looking for responsible, warm and energetic girls to join our amazing staff in the after school and Sunday program.

If interested please call

845-352-7700 ext. 109 and leave a message

NS ELECTROLYSIS Now in Monsey with 13 yrs experience! Half off first session, fourth consec. month free (w/ ad).Nechama 356-1536

HAVE YOUR HAIR DONE for just $15! Also accommodating working girls with late hours. Wigs drop-off: $20 845-587-8328 Adar Ct. Area

BOOK FOR YOUR NEXT OCCASION By the natural beauty hair salon. @(845)352-7438

PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLING have your hair beautifully done for a great price call yitty @ 845 371-6578

ELECTROLYSIS 15 minutes free for new clients call Baila Malka 6421890

PROFESSIONAL PERMS 15 yrs. Experienced Please Call Miriam Goldstein 3623739 Satisfaction Guaranteed

HAIRCUTS AND STYLING Haircuts $12, Blow and style $18-. Shaitel $20-. Please call 371-1963 Monsey Blvd area. Will come to your house.

WAXING BY MIRIAM N.Y.S. Licensed 15 yrs. Experienced Call 845-3623739 Satisfaction Guaranteed

PROFESSIONAL HAIRCUTS and Style Only $10 845.371.7672

LASER TEETH WHITENING Get your teeth whitened professionally with lasting

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 133 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds CMK COSMETICS Full line of lowest prices in town! Beautiful brand name perfume gift sets! Special! Versace 3pc. gift set only $20! Free Delivery 845-352-2573

results. Male and Female Techs available. Call for specials 845-826-4928

Classified ads are free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. Use standard text only – no all caps. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting. Do not fax any free classifieds. There’s a maximum of two classifieds per person per week. A classified ad that doesn’t meet the above conditions will be automatically rejected. The Monsey View reserves the right to omit or cut words from any free classified ads without confirmation. ***** We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. ***** Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions. ***** For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

134 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// services // odds & ends // shiurim // g SUPHAIRIOR WASHNSET technique; proven: cleaner, safer, long lasting. leave satisfied, Choose better 929 238 5487+pick up/delivery CHAPPED LIPS & HANDS? SUPERLAN reduces skin roughness in 1 hour! 100% natural, certified kosher-at your grocery, pharmacy & 352-7331 MAKEUP BY DEVORIE Refined and Natural. Your home or mine, great prices! Call/text Devorie 845-6426833 BLUEFIELD HAIRSTYLING Stunning styling and great cuts. Fantastic prices! 845517-5443 M&M COSMETICS make-up application, top quality skin care cosmetics fragnances etc, for gr8 prices call in for our kallah discounts 8453563290 8455985317 HAIR ACCESSORIES Beautiful selection for all ages.great prices. Delivery available, Please call or text, T.Stern-263-6788 MARY KAY CLEARANCE nothing higher that $25 on instock items call 642-1890 CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST by Esther For any occasion Discount offered for referrals! Will do House calls!! 845642-2370 AIRBRUSH MAKEUP ARTIST FLAWLESS APPLICATION Lasts longer Looks better and gives you a natural glow call or text 203-470-3206 ORGANIC FACIALS Anti aging, acne clearing and rejuvenating facials using organic/wild crafted products. call or text 203470-3206

MARY KAY Now 15% on all orders. Call\ text 845-200-0211 VITAMINS and healthy products @ discounted prices. Free delivery. 3478932433 MASSAGE THERAPIST available for house calls. Pre-natal, Swedish & Deep Tissue. Chavi Brisk CMT 845 694 9204 STEP-BY-STEP childbirth course is just for you.totally at your convenience, by PHONE. live Q&A weekly. call;Mrs. Surie Gruber 263-0313 DOULA Chana Bracha Abramson CD (DONA) call or text 845-2135525 BREATHE EASY Join a childbirth class being formed for Feb iH AND inquire about the “Childbirth class and Doula combo” DISCOUNT package! (917)280-3707 , esalczer@ LIFE-CHANGING Innate Health Conference, Near GW Bridge. Feb 19-21. Menuchas Hanefesh, shalom bayis, parenting. Info: www. jewishcenterforwellbeing. com, 845-393-1529 MOTHER HEN METHOD A very special Childbirth class! You Can have it easily and completely naturally B’ezras Hashem Call Now (845)587-1649 THROAT CULTURES Call 641-1627 or 845-356-3851 TEEN ILLNESS MyTEAM is a frum organization that provides peer-connections/mentors to H.S girls dealing with non-life-threatening medical

gemachim // lost & found // free giveaways conditions. 973-610-8954. PAIN RELIEF without the use of Drugssafe - patented- FDA cleared 845.459.3976 HOMEOPATHIC PROFESSIONAL have Allergies, Stomach Disorders, Low Immune Systems, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue or any other health problems call 845-481-3037 SHAKLEE Looking for powerful nutritional supplements? Call to place your Shaklee order 845.213.8016 Free delivery MASSAGE BY RACHEL New in Horton/bates area. for a relaxing and invigorating experience.. call 646 3227224. REFLEXOLOGIST + FACE MASSAGE Sleep, Asthma, Digestive, Stress, Back Disorders, Call M. Chatuka (845)538-5713 MASSAGE THERAPIST certified in pre-natal, deep tissue, clinical massage and reflexology. Chavi Brisk CMT 845 694 9204 IMMUNE BOOSTER Strengthen your immune system and prevent Winter’s Cold and Flu with Fermented Garlic Juice. Great price! 845608-2303 DOULA SERVICE Worried how you’ll fare? Turn to MOTHERCARE for all your labor support needs.Happy references avail. Call Sara Esti @ 845 352 -7716 LIFE COACHING For affordable rates by a certified Refuah life coach. Please call 845-304- 8586

CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula

reserve in advance by email at


PARTY RENTAL GEMACH Elegant party props available for your simcha. 10 items for $25. Proceeds for tzedaka. Please call 323-8136

HOTEL SAVINGS Get a free VIP card and save $200 guaranteed when you book a hotel details LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER help for 3 young children. Possible light housework. 8456416360. Tizkah L’mitzvos. LOOKING FOR a set of shas (used/new) [bold rashi](929) 229 5994

SHIURIM SHIURIM Life can be exquisitely beautiful! Listen iyh every thursday @ 10:00a.m. 641 715 0700 pin 549732 other times 6417150709 pin 549732 LECHU V’NELCHA shiurim for post seminary girls. Every Wednesday 9pm 225 Maple Ave. Alternating speakers. Infoline for details 718-480-0586

GEMACHIM SKIN HEALING GEMACH Worsening eczema/psoriasis? We have info that may change your life. TSWfighter@gmail. com or 845.425.2773 ISRAEL GPS GPS for Eretz Yisrael. No fee. English or Hebrew. Must

HOT WATER URNS New in monsey-gemach for hot water urns Please call 8454259211

KALLAH GEMACH books and seforim for kallahs and married woman. please call:426.1560 ROOF-CARRIERS GEMACH Fits almost all cars even without racks on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-2745284. Monroe: 845-662-7102. SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 MOVING BOXES GEMACH Cardboard Boxes for Moving 845-425-6826 or 845-6087830 GPS GEMACH Call 845-352-2588. Leave message. (Minimal fee). REFLECTOR GEMACH Making a Simcha? Having company? Stay safe. Wear a reflector. Call 845-356-0815 KOS YESHUOS - BECHER GEMACH Simchah, Shabbaton? Don’t spend on disposable bechers. Use real bechers from our free-loan gemach. Better for your pocket, and halachically. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@ PIDYON HABEN GEMACH coins,outfit,,tray, lace box 347-822-4018. 908-307-6260

SIDDUR GEMACH for Simchas Nusach S’fard Call:558-4774 CHUPPAH CARD GEMACH clear, large print,hard stock chuppah cards for your chasunnah. Donations go to benefit the monsey Kallah Fund. Call Rena Resnick 646303-0117 SEND CLOTHING to Eretz Yisroel- Gently used, good condition clothing is needed for our brothers in eretz yisroel. For monsey drop off location please call Rena Resnick 646-303-0117

LOST AND FOUND LOST A PINK PLAID SHAWL in America Latina taxi. Please call 274-2079 LOST A PAIR OF red toddler glasses. Please call: 347-452-7335 FOUND LADIES BERET On street near Union Rd. Call 845-538-7700 FOUND Someone dropped off a bag of light and dark green kids pajamas at 38 Calvert. Please call 352-7148. LADIES SCARF was found on friday in Buy Rite’s parking lot. please call 845-499-8569 FOUND GOLD CHAIN on old nyack yom tov time 2748000

FREE GIVEAWAYS COFFEE TABLE light brown 4 ft by 4 ft square in beautiful condition. Please call 845-425-6490.

January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 135 / 845.600.8484

‫מלוה מלכה לטובת ביהמ”ד טערצאל במאנסי‬

‫‪136 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫כינוס תלמידי פארשעי ביחד עם שמחת השבע ברכות‬ ‫בחצרות פארשעי ‪ -‬קאסאן לאנדאן‬

‫האדמו”ר מפשעווארסק בסעודת מלוה מלכה מוצש”ק‬

‫שמחת הבר מצוה לבן המשפיע הגה”צ ר’ אלימלך בידערמאן‬ ‫ונכד האדמו”ר מזוטשקא‬

‫מלוה מלכה להחזקת תלמוד תורה אמרי בינה‬

‫‪January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 137‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫בהשתתפות האדמו”ר מבאבוב ‪ 45‬שליט”א‬

‫האדמורי״ם מראדוויל מאנסי וראדוויל ב״פ בעריכת השולחן להילולת מהר”ש מבראד‬

‫‪138 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫דינער השנתי ‘בני א‪-‬ל ח”י’ לטובת מוסדות באבוב מאנסי‬

‫מאכט אייך גרייט‪...‬‬ ‫קוקט ארויס פאר די נייע קארד‬ ‫קאלעקשן "עזרה קארדס"‬


‫רינועל קאמפיין‬ ‫א‬

‫ו נז‬



‫ה י לף – פ א ר א ו נז‬

‫כ ני‬


‫די נייע עזרה קארדס סעריע וועט אייך‬ ‫ברענגען א נענטערע בליק איבער די פעולות‬ ‫פון די שטאטישע קאסע "קופת עזרה“‬

‫ע רע‬


‫‪140 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫מלוה מלכה בוני הבנין שע”י ביהמ”ד תולדות יעקב יוסף‬ ‫דחסידי סקווירא ‪ -‬פרענסיס‬

‫אדרבה‬ ‫זאגט איר‪...‬‬

‫קומט זיך‬ ‫דען נישט‬ ‫‪ $1‬א טאג?‬

‫פאר א‬ ‫משפחה פון‬ ‫פינף פיצלעך‬ ‫וואס זיצן אין‬ ‫די קעלט און‬ ‫פינסטערניש‬

‫דער ענטפער‬ ‫פון תושבי‬ ‫עירנו איז‪...‬‬



‫– פ א ר א ו נז‬

‫ע רע‬



‫ו נז‬

‫ער‬ ‫ה י לף‬


‫רינועל קאמפיין‬

‫כ ני‬


‫א ר ע ניי‬


‫אי‬ ‫ין ד‬



‫י‬ ‫רנ ו •‬

‫אללער א‬



‫הנהלת כולל חבת ירושלים מארה”ק ומארה”ב‬ ‫מנחם אבל האדמו”ר מבעלזא‬

142 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017 / 845.600.8484

‫ניחום אבלים אצל האדמו”ר מבעלזא‬ ‫על פטירת אמו הרבנית מבילגורייא ע”ה‬

‫‪January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 143‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫שבע ברכות לבת הרה”ג יהודה הערבסט אין ישיבת בית מדרש עליון‬

‫סיום מסכת בבא מציעא והתחלת מסכת בבא בתרא‬ ‫במסגרת דף היומי בשיכון סקווירא‬

‫גאב”ד יאוואזשנא מוצש”ק במאנסי‬

‫‪144 / THE MONSEY VIEW / January 25, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫שיעור ע”י הגר”ב פוברסקי ר”י פוניבז בישיבת בית בנימין‬



:‫מאנסי פרעגט‬ p S up





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"‫באולם "ווילחאוויץ‬

‫דאנערשטאג בא‬ January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 145 / 845.600.8484


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‫הארצרייסענד!‬ ‫דאקטוירים גיבן אויף…‬ ‫יאמץ לבך לאזט נישט נאך…‬ ‫פון לאנדאן קיין קאלאמביע שפיטאל…‬ ‫פיר הארץ אפעראציעס…‬

‫רירנדע און דראמאטישע‬

‫פערזענליכע‬ ‫געשיכטע‬

‫באגלייט מיט א‬ ‫פילפארביגער פרעזענטאציע‬

‫א בליק אויף "יאמץ לבך"‬ ‫דורך דעם מגיד מישרים ר' הערשל פריעדמאן שליט"א‬ ‫אומזיסטע מתנה > בלויז פאר השתתפות ביים מסיבה!‬

‫ל שישי‬ ‫ליבא אין‬ ‫חאוויץ"‬ ‫"וויל‬



‫פאר אייער נתינה פ‬ ‫ון ‪$100‬‬

‫פאר אייער נתינה פ‬ ‫ון ‪$180‬‬


‫דער נייער סידי‬ ‫מיין פרשה מיט‬ ‫געזאנג שמות‬

‫ארויסגעגעבן דורך ר' יצחק ליש‬


‫דער "טאנצעדיגע‬ ‫מענטשעלעך" פון‬ ‫"מצוה קינדער"‬

‫פאר אייער נתינה פון ‪ $250‬באקומט ביידע מתנות!!!‬


‫‪January 25, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 147‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬



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