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warnings for Easter

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is Hot Shot of the Month

Breuer back as . . . . .

Rann returned? L Member for Giles, Lyn Breuer

a b o r ’s o n l y country elected representative, Lyn Breuer was swept back into office in the seat of Giles following last Saturday’s cliff hanger election.

Provisional results show Ms Breuer polled 63.1 per cent of the vote on the two party preferred vote against new Liberal challenger Chad Oldfield who polled 36.9 on provisionsal figures. Ms Breuer who has held the seat since 1997, bucked the Statewide trend which saw Labor drop 7.8 percent and narrowly hold onto Government with an expected five seat majority as of late on Monday. “I am pretty happy with the result,” Ms Breuer told The Monitor on Monday. “I had about a four per cent swing against me, but I expected there would be some move away over the Whyalla issue.” Ms Breuer said that swing went to the Greens and not to Liberal. “The result shows people must be happy with the job I am doing,” she said. In Roxby Downs the booth went to the Liberals’ Chad Oldfield something not totally unexpected because he is a local and well known in the area. However, he also polled well to win booths in Andamooka, Hawker, Kimba, Quorn, and Woomera in the two party preferred provisional result. Ms Breuer said Roxby has always been up and down for her. She won it in 2006 and lost it this time. In her stronghold booths in and around Whyalla Lyn Breuer’s lead was unassailable. She won in all the booths in Whyalla and took the booths of Coober Pedy, Iron Knob and also the Far North Mobile booth. For Chad Oldfield, this election was a learning curve for the 2014 poll when Lyn Breuer is likely to retire. “This was definitely a good preparation for next election

in four years. I have learned a lot. “Five per cent is a good margin to pick up and we still have a lot of post votes to follow up,” Mr Oldfield told The Monitor. “I rang Lyn on Sunday to congratulate her for her victory and I am looking forward to help her on any issues she has in Roxby Downs.” Mr Oldfield said, I want to thank voters who supported me and we will keep holding the Labor Party accountable for the next four years.” With almost 100,000 postal votes to be counted this week, three marginal seats are still in the balance and the outcome will see either Labor ruling in its own right, or in the other scenario a hung parliament with independents playing a key role in forming Government. Premier Rann, who popularity took a dive during the election campaign, is confident Labor will be returned for a third consecutive term of office equalling the reigns of previous Labor Governments under Don Dunstan and John Bannon. 2010 PROVISIONAL ELECTION RESULTS FOR THE SEAT OF GILES

As at March 21, 1.22 am



MELVILLE-SMITH, Andrew GRN 1998 13.3 KAMINSKI, Cheryl FFP 887 5.9 OLDFIELD, Chad LIB 4095 27.2 BREUER, Lyn ALP 8050 53.6 INFORMAL

481 3.1


OLDFIELD, Chad LIB 5297 36.9 BREUER, Lyn ALP 9073 63.1

Casting his vote last Saturday with a little moral support from his daughter Georgia is first time Liberal candidate, Chad Oldfield from Roxby Downs.


Flood warnings

Ladies Pre-loved Fashion Market


he pre-loved Fashion Market is a women’s only evening market for the sale of pre-loved clothes and accessories and will be held at the auditorium on March 27, starting at 7 pm. Proceeds from the event will go to the ‘Roxby Downs Health Services Auxiliary’ for services supporting women in the region. Jo Culf is liasing with the auxiliary to find an existing item on their fund-raising ‘wish list’ for the funds to be put towards or to create an appropriate fund-raiser with a focus on local women. It is also the final event in the Roxby Leisure Centre’s “Focus on Local Women” program being co-ordinated by Bernie Kinnaird. This program included an exhibition of local wom-

en’s ‘stories’ in the cultural centre art gallery and the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8. It will be an opportunity for local women to sell and buy good quality clothes and accessories while enjoying a fashion ‘ideas’ parade, talking to friends and having fun in an all female environment. The organising committee is looking for volunteers to model some of the clothes in the ‘ideas parade. Models in all shapes, sizes and age groups are needed for the event. Interested women can contact Bernie Kinnaird at Roxby Leisure Centre via the Visitor Information Desk. Items for sale are to be dropped off, with a completed registration form, to the visitor’s information desk at the Roxby Community

WEATHER conditions






Chariots of fire



20/36 21/36 21/38 22/38 21/31


18/36 21/36 22/37 22/38 21/26


22/36 22/37 22/38 23/39 22/33


18/34 18/35 20/37 22/36 21/35


13/28 18/33 18/31 17/32 18/25

Centre. They will be checked, sorted, tagged and displayed by the committee for sale on the night. Only well presented good quality items will be accepted. Entry will cost $18 at the door and will include either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail on arrival and chilled water plus finger food throughout the evening. The café and bar facilities will also be available for the purchase of café supplied food and refreshments. There will also be a range of high quality door prizes to be won on the night. It is hoped that the market will help the Leisure Centre to create a women’s network in the area for the many local women who otherwise have little contact with the wider community due to work, family or out of town commitments.

Jack, Ryan and Declan - ready to ‘burn’ down the track at the Billy Cart Bash Sunday March 28th. See page eight for more news and information on this weekend’s major event. Page 2 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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for Easter travel V

Innamincka, Coongie Lakes and Lake Eyre status update

isitors planning a trip to Innamincka, Coongie Lakes or Lake Eyre over the Easter break and school holidays are advised to seek further information before travelling to these areas.

Got to be something in the water!

An in-depth report from Millie Thomas on the bug invasion of Roxby Downs

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Roxby has been stormed by insects of every size, shape and form imaginable. They live and breed beneath our furniture, in our backyards, at our workplaces. It is revolting and at the best of times annoying.

of the increase in ants, “the humid weather brings an increase in the number of these annoying pests in search of food and shelter indoors. “People should be mindful of ants occupying any area of their home where moisture build up occurs,

Gone were the days when the most persistent insect around was the common household fly, we are currently experiencing an overhaul of “the superbug”. So where have they all come from in recent weeks, are they here to stay and should we be scared? Trevor Kroemer, Water and Sewerage Manager for the Roxby Council, explains that the recent rains in Andamooka and further north in places such as Innamincka could have pushed the insects (namely the mosquitoes) down south to join us. “We got 45ml of rain in Andamooka two weeks ago… the water along side the roads to Andamooka would lead the mosquitoes here,” said Trevor. Phil Mellor, owner operator of Amalgamated Pest Control Whyalla said

such as laundries and bathrooms, but they should be extra careful inside kitchens where ants can wreak havoc on food stores and groceries,” he said. Phil also warned the dangers that can be associated with a large influx of ants. “Common household ants such as coastal brown ants and black ants can carry diseases such as dysentery, and bacterial infections including salmonella.” Local biologist Travis Gotch explains why we’ve experienced this sudden influx of various insects and consequentially what we’re subjected to, health wise. “The recent local rains and the humidity have encouraged more moths to hatch. Along with more moths, brings their predators, which are the stink bugs and tiger beetles,” he said.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

“In regards to disease carried by the bugs, our only real concern is Ross River Fever, which is fairly rare. All other diseases such as dengue fever and malaria are not in Australia – quarantine is hot on preventing them reaching our shores. Aids cannot be transmitted

by mosquitoes.” Travis explained that there are three types of mosquitoes that are all attracted to different things; carbon dioxide, a fun-

Many parts of Innamincka and Coongie Lakes may be closed due to flooding, and at this stage it is too early to tell if floodwaters will reach and fill Lake Eyre. Below is the current status for these locations. Innamincka Regional Reserve and Coongie Lakes - Innamincka and Coongie Lakes visitor sites will not be open over Easter due to flooding in the area. - Coongie Lakes National Park will be inaccessible until at least July. - Ongoing rain that has fallen around Innamincka and floods in the upper catchments of Cooper Creek have flooded all visitor sites along the Cooper Creek at Innamincka Regional Reserve. - At this stage, the Innamincka Causeway will be closed until at least late April. - All visitor sites along Cullyamurra, 15 Mile (including Policemans, Ski Beach and Minkie campgrounds) and the Innamincka Town Common will be unavailable for use. - Accommodation will be open within the Innamincka township but access to park visitor sites, including the Burke and Wills sites, will be closed. - Once floodwaters have receded, sites will only be reopened when they have had a chance to dry out and flood damage is repaired. For current information, contact DEH’s Innamincka office on (08) 8675 9909 or au/parks/sanpr/innamincka/innamincka-status.html Visitors can check road conditions at www.transport.

gal condition that causes smelly feet and body temperature, all types of which, both mosquitoes and their attractions, are in Roxby. Continued on page 4

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Got to be something in the water! From page 3


Arts and Culture Forum Environment Forum Health Forum Education WPT Forum Roxby RoadSafe Community Board

21 April 13 April 20 April 20 April 8 April 29 March

7.30pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 2.00pm 5.30pm 7.30pm

There are numerous insects that are currently infesting Roxby, those being Moths, Microlepidotera (the tiny moths), Carabidae Calosoma Sp. (stink bugs, the predators of moths) and mosquitoes being the most prominent. The insects will stick around Roxby until the first frost or a sequence of hot, dry days. These extreme conditions will eliminate the moths, and ultimately, their predators will follow suit. Trevor Kroemer offers advice to Roxby residents in the prevention of breeding mosquitoes in and around their house; - If you have a rainwater tank or larger water reserves, drop a small amount of oil or kerosene in the water to prevent mosquito breeding - Cover skin up in light coloured, thick clothing. Dark colours such as black or dark blue attract mosquitoes. The thicker the

material, the better, mosquitoes can still bite through material! - Properly maintain your pool. Keep it clean and use “Prolink” pellets, which regulate the growth of mosquitoes. This is what the council uses, and it will prevent breeding in the pool. - Mosquitoes can breed in pot plant drip trays, still water in tyres and dog bowls just to name a few places are ideal breeding spots for mosquitoes. Make sure not to leave the water lying around for an extended period of time. - Get your local chemist to suggest a good insect repellent! Mosquitoes are renowned for carrying serious diseases such as Ross River Fever. Trevor explains that whilst mosquitoes are good disease carriers, the disease itself comes from an infected human. “As long as there aren’t people in Roxby that are dormant carriers of diseases

such as Ross River Fever, the mosquitoes will not transmit these diseases…however, the mosquitoes will stick around until the moisture in the area lessens drastically.” Take heed the advice from our local authorities on anthropology. The insects are not only affecting residents personally, but also the success of local businesses. Local business manager Joe D’Arrigo and his wife Sylvia have been badly affected by the influx of insects, and think more should be done to prevent something like this happening again. “BHPB should do something about the bugs. They are disgusting. It’s like snow when you open the doors. Last Sunday night at Chives the windows were covered and we filled a bucket full of dead bugs after service,” said Sylvia. In the meantime, we will just have to wait it out and hope that as soon as the weather dries up, the bugs will go back to where they came from.


If you would like to do a presentation to the Community Board please contact Michelle Hales to organise a date and time to be placed on the agenda. Requests close on the Wednesday prior to the Board meeting. Board meetings usually take place on the last Monday of the month.


Members of the community are encouraged to join any of the forums or partnerships. If you would like to join the Arts and Culture Forum, Education and Workplace Training Forum, Family and Youth Forum, Environment Forum, Sport and Recreation Forum or Volunteering Partnership you are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Meeting times appear in The Monitor on a regular basis. If you would like to join the Health Forum and/ or Alcohol and Substance Abuse Partnership please contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818 or via email to: to express your interest.


If you would like to find out more about any of the forums visit the website or contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. Mobile: 0418 833 818 Phone: 8671 0010 Fax: 8671 0452 Email:

An initiative of the Environment Forum

G reen tip Did you know?

Being water efficient at home: -          Rain is a rare occurrence in Roxby Downs – make the most of any rain by placing your pot plants outside so they can soak it up – this saves you having to water them. -          Turn the air-conditioner off while you’re not at home – this will save you water and electricity. Close the blinds and pull down the window shades, and you’ll keep the house reasonably cool during the day. -          Use a broom instead of a hose to clean paved areas. Page 4 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time limit for loading zones in Roxby By Celeste Lustosa A time limit for the loading zones in Roxby was set by the local Council. Ten minutes is now the limit for parking in these signed areas. Loading Zones were set aside for short-term use by certain vehicles when loading or unloading goods in the course of business. Extended parking while loading zones are in operation is not permitted anywhere in Australia. Loading zones are available for vehicles that are principally designed and constructed for carrying goods. According to the local Council there is a reason for the ten minute limit on the Loading Zone and it is to make sure that the parking space is used exclusively while loading and unloading. People are not supposed to keep their cars parked there after finishing their work, so they can go have a coffee, do some shopping, etc. Many residents might think that just to park quickly while waiting for the children to come out of school is not a problem, but it is as you are breaking the law by doing that. It might seem like an inoffensive act but these areas were designed with a specific purpose and by parking there you are disturbing someone else’s work as well. The Roxby Downs Council ensured though that if it is acknowledged that the loading or unloading is taking a little bit longer than the limit but it is clear that the work is still happening, the driver won’t get a ticket. They also advise parents that there is an area to drop and pick up the children from RDAS just at Arcoona Street, so there is no need to park in the loading zone at Richardson Place. And remember that when you are going to drop or pick up your children from school treat it like a bus stop and arrive after your children are at the zone. You can then simply pick-up your passengers and drive off, leaving the zone free for the next vehicle.

Children’s Book Review . . .

How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell By Marie Tresize Ages 10+ Meet Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, the hope and heir to the tribe of the Hairy Hooligans. Hiccup is not the strongest or bravest of Vikings and with a toothless dragon to train he is not sure how he is going to pass the Dragon Initiation Program. When things go horribly wrong at the final initiation test it is up to Hiccup to make things right, but can he learn to be a hero in time to save the tribe from the Sea Dragonus Maximus? This is the first of a series of books filled with fun characters and humorous adventures. Join Hiccup and his friends

as they train dragons, learn to speak “dragonese” and many other skills that a Viking can’t live without. The book has also been made in to an animated film to be released on Thursday March 25th 2010. The cinema will be holding a “kid’s night” on March 25th starting at 5:30pm. Information is available from the Visitor Information Centre and Kiosk. A colouring competition is also being run with entry forms available from the Visitor Information Centre, Kiosk and Library. The library’s April school holiday program will be based around this book. For more information contact the Roxby Downs Community Library on 8671 0660.

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Drugs intercepted at Coober Pedy

Harmony Day at Area School

Coober Pedy Police performing a routine patrol on Friday, March 5, 2010 pulled over a vehicle on the Stuart Highway in the Far North of South Australia and discovered the driver, a female from Carrington near Adelaide, with a quantity of cannabis inside the body of her Ford sedan vehicle. The 40 year old woman was arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs between Adelaide and the Northern Territory. It is estimated that approximately 2 kilos of the drugs were found inside her car. The woman, who will appear in the Coober Pedy Magistrate’s Court on April 15, 2010 is out on bail after being charged with trafficking a commercial quantity of a controlled drug. Coober Pedy Police have been actively stopping motorists passing through the area for various checks including breath testing as the tourist season brings more visitors from other areas to the Far North. With the obvious increase in police presence in Roxby, (presumably in lieu of the up and coming new station) it is hopeful that the same type of successes will be experienced by our own police force. Misuse of recreational drugs are prominent in Roxby Downs, due partly to the young population and disposable incomes. It is an issue which has been reviewed over and over again, with no concrete response. Success stories such as this renew faith in the efficiency of the South Australian police force.

By Celeste Lustosa Australians of all backgrounds celebrated the nation’s cultural diversity during Harmony Day on March 21. In a community like Roxby Downs, a day like this is very important and special as so many of our residents come from different countries and have lots to share about their cultural background. Roxby Downs Area School students were encouraged to go to school on Monday March 22nd dressed in orange clothing or a traditional costume and to make a gold coin donation that goes towards victims of the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti. According to Emy Mitchell from the RDAS, on Monday, all students and teachers were to bring their lunch and assemble on the oval at 1:45pm to eat together as a whole school. Staff was also encouraged to be dressed in orange or in a traditional costume for Monday, March 22. Also on Monday there was a ‘Best Dressed’ parade on the Admin lawn for students who have gone to school dressed in orange or a traditional outfit. “There was a limited amount of Harmony Day merchandise available for winners or positive students during recess and lunch activities and for staff to give out during the week, like wrist bands and temporary tatts. “Staff members have organised Cultural activities that bring awareness of cultural diversity and acceptance during recess and lunch breaks throughout the weeks in which students from reception to year 12 are encouraged to be involved with,” Mrs Mitchell said. According to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, Harmony Day is an opportunity for people across Australia to showcase their cultural backgrounds. “Harmony Day provides a chance to celebrate the cohesiveness of Australia’s communities and promote the benefits of a multicultural society,” Senator Evans said. “Harmony Day is an event at the heart of Australian communities, which have increasingly taken ownership of this occasion throughout its 11-year history. “ The Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services, Laurie Ferguson said thousands of community groups, businesses, schools, councils and government agencies have already registered more than 5410 events including festivals, sports events, theatre ember for Grey Rowan Ramsey said he performances, exhibitions and cultural displays. “The theme for Harmony Day this year is express youris very pleased with the outcome of the

self, a message encouraging people to demonstrate their culture through food, action, fashion and performance,” Mr Ferguson said. “It’s fantastic to see communities all over Australia getting behind Harmony Day and making 2010 celebrations the best ever.” Harmony Day is part of the Diverse Australia Program, which helps local communities to address cultural, racial and religious intolerance and works with different levels of government and community organisations to empower grassroots action. Harmony Day 2010 is supported by iconic Australian organisations such as the Australian Football League, Girl Guides Australia, Scouts Australia and Woolworths.

Youth Allowance backdown by government says Ramsey


protracted Youth Allowance issue.

“Making a stand for rural and regional students has been well worth it,” he said “with agreement being reached between the Coalition and the Government on a deal which will enable almost all of the Grey electorate continued access to Youth Allowance under the old independence test. “As well they will have access to the Government’s new start-up payments, the lower thresholds and improved income allowance which overall is a big win for students. “It has taken twelve months to get the Minister for Education Julia Gillard to see reason on her changes to Youth Allowance and while the deal still falls short of what we were asking for it is a great result for my constituency,” he said last week. “The Coalition has succeeded in eliminating both retrospectivity and creating a pathway for more regional and rural students to access the independent rate of youth allowance. “The Government has imposed new boundaries for students, so that those classified as very remote, remote, and outer regional will be able to access youth allowance under the previous rules. “The students within these boundaries will now be able to qualify by working 15 hours a week over two years or earning $19,532 over an 18 month period as is currently possible under the old rules.” Mr Ramsey said, “The Government said it was impossible, but the Coalition has prevailed after negotiations and months of intransigence on the part of the Minister. “This will assist as many as 7,600 students over the next four years. “While this is a good result, there will still be some young people who will miss out under these changes. Students from inner regional Australia will miss out on being able to access Youth Allowance under the old independence test, they will have to qualify under the new 30 hours for 18 months over two year rules.” He said, “Unfortunately in the electorate of Grey this means the students of just one community, Eudunda will miss out. I am not happy that they should be the victim of an arbitrary line on the map and the Coalition is committed to revisiting this subject if elected.” THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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he ‘Back to Birdsville’ Easter celebrations have been postponed until October 22, 23 and 24th, due to unprecedented rain and flooding in the area making far western Queensland relatively inaccessible to road travellers at this point in time. ‘Back to Birdsville’ was planned as a town reunion to celebrate 30 years of ownership of the famous Birdsville Hotel by Kym Fort and David Brook. The October weekend will take on the same format as it would have at Easter, with a meet and greet on Friday 22nd, golf fun day, 20/20 cricket match, movie night under the stars on Saturday 23rd October and street party on Sunday 24th October 2010. Registrations will stay open on the website so people can continue to enquire and register. Kym Fort says, “Given the Birdsville Hotel has been an integral part of the living

history of Birdsville and many families and relationships have been a part of the last 30 years, we hope the ‘Back 2 Birdsville’ event attracts as many people as possible back to help celebrate this part of the town’s history.” “If you have to postpone an event, I guess rain is a pretty good reason to have to do so. It’s going to be another amazing year for the outback.” Official registration for the event is FREE and can be made by visiting All registrations will receive a free reunion survival pack upon arrival in Birdsville. Registrations are encouraged for catering purposes. To be kept up to date with program information please email b2b2010@theoutback. Accommodation can be booked at The Birdsville Hotel by phoning (07) 4656 3244 or camping and cabins are available at the Birdsville Caravan Park, phone (07) 4656 3214.

St Barb’s visit local services Renovations make shopping a better experience for everyone in Roxby


By Celeste Lustosa

oxby Downs Shopping Mall has been through some major changes with big renovations in some of its shops and Roxby buyers are loving the new look so far. Nick Backhouse and Clare Munyard have owned the local pharmacy for over 12 years and they guarantee the shop’s refit has brought a lot of attention to the business. “We had been thinking about renovating the pharmacy for some time and we wanted to make it more appealing to people, as well as make our premises work better for us. “We now have a larger private area for our customers that make them more comfortable to talk about their medication and for us to provide the information and services they need,” said Nick Backhouse. He also said that they knew the pharmacy could use a new exterior and now that they have done it, they couldn’t be happier with the results. “It looks amazing,” Nick says. “Some of the photos displayed are from the region, that Clare took herself and it is just great to see our outback colour in our external area. “Many people have also commented on the automatic doors. They all love it, especially the mothers with prams,” Nick added. But the pharmacy is not the only place in the Mall going through a face-lift. The local newsagency is a work in progress at the moment but expectations are high that the place will also bring a new and better look to the mall. Ian and Kylie Johnson told The Monitor that their decision to refit the store arose from their mission to be a first choice and first class retail store.

Page 6 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“We wanted the residents of Roxby Downs to have the same, if not better, retail experience that other major towns and cities. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of coming in, browsing and shopping locally, without having to travel out of town for goods and services,” said Mr Johnson. “We worked closely with an architect from Adelaide who designed the store and GHD locals, Darren and Kaye are assisting with the project management of the fitout. They have made the process extremely easy,” he also said. Also according to him, even though the store has been reduced in square meterage they have actually managed to sustain the same product range and stock with some new additions to the store. “The new retail image is a key part of the extensive re-branding for the store in what used to be known as a “Newspower” store. “In its place, Nextra, a new and exciting newsagency franchise focuses on providing excellent customer service and fantastic new marketing promotions.” Ian said. “The strong colours of Red, Black and White will feature in the store as well as a modern design, focusing on the demographics and needs of the town.” Kylie said. Ian Johnson added that, “with retail being tough in the town over the past year especially, we wanted to show our commitment and be proactive, rather than reactive to plan for the exciting times which lie ahead in Roxby Downs.” Having had to close the store, Ian and Kylie would like to thank their customers for their patience over the last week and look forward to opening the doors on a brand new shopping experience on or near the 30th March 2010. Updated information and photos on the Mall refit in future editions of The Monitor.

By Millie Thomas The Year Ones at St Barb’s have been focusing on local goods and services in their Society and Environment studies this term. They wrote letters to the local police, vet, post office and CFS and visited each institution during early March. The exercise made the young students more aware of general essential services

within the community, and who will deal with damage control should an emergency occur. Jean Pierre was very excited about the visit to the CFS. “It was great. I learned how accidents can happen.” Grace enjoyed the visit to the vet, “It was excellent, I saw a dog with a broken leg and saw how they x-ray the dogs”.

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0408 267 358

or email editor@ themonitor.

Last week’s Hot Topic . . . Should Woomera or Baxter detention centres be re-opened to take extra refugees? Let’s not go back to the bad old days of the Howard Govt Detention centres. They caused enough problems then. JR, Roxby With Christmas Island overflowing and the failure to stop boat refugees entering Australian waters, something has to be done. Baxter is a perfectly good facility maybe not Woomera, it’s too isolated. BJ, Woomera In a perfect world we wouldn’t need detention centres for refugees. This aint a perfect world and control of people coming here has to be maintained. RP, RD Kids don’t need to be in licensed premises – why knock the Club and its brand new facilities, it’s great. Club member, Roxby Hey LT I took your advice and walked around with my eyes open and found the local take away that is now selling seafood. I hope they cook seafood better than they advertise, pathetic hand written signs do not attract much attention. No wonder people are buying outside of Roxby… some of the retailers are still assuming that we will shop with them because they are there and there is no where else to go. That is why the smart out of town business person sees the potential here. Secret Shopper, Roxby



Brace yourself for the next election

Everyone would agree the system we have at the moment is outt’s over and done with for another four years in this State, but brace yourself we can expect another election by the dated and outmoded and is in urgent need of a revamp. Hospital funding is complicated with a some coming from Federal Treasury end of the year. and some coming from State Treasury, it is not easy to meet the

Kevin Rudd will go to the polls before Christmas and some say with all the double dissolusion triggers he has, he should go sooner. However, that would be tantamount to political suicide after the voter backlash dealt out to the Labor State Governments in Tasmania and South Australia last weekend. Kevin Rudd will hold on for as long as possible before going to the people and asking for another three years at the top. His health reform package will be the key to the Federal election and if he gets the criteria right it could be a big winner. Get it wrong and he is history. The mood of voters is such that they are looking for the Governments of the day to be more open and more honest than ever before and the Rudd Government has to lay its plans on the table for all to see and judge if we are going to be better off.

growing budgets for health needs of an aging population. What Mr. Rudd proposes has a lot of merit and to give some control back to local hospital boards can only be a good thing, given they are the ones who know the exact needs of their local communities. There is a need for change in the health system and just like the United States if we don’t change for the better soon, too many people are going to miss out on vital basic health care needs, and Australians want better. Kevin Rudd is paving the way for change and before the end of the year we may have to go to the polls and decide if his plan is the way of the future or if the Liberals come up with more of the same and a plan reminscent of Back to the Future. We will be asked to decided, so let’s hope we get ALL the facts

News in brief . . . . Roads too bad for bus tours An ABC radio report last week revealed a tourism operator says he may have to cancel bus tours to Lake Gairdner, north of Eyre Peninsula, because of the shocking state of the roads. The owner of Nullarbor Traveller, Craig Haslam, says he has had to spend thousands of dollars repairing vehicles damaged on the 150 kilometre road from Iron Knob to Mount Ive Station. He says the Gawler Ranges is emerging as a top tourist destination and upgrades to access roads should be made a priority. Council moves to protect dunes Signs and fences are being put up along the coast north of Whyalla, to protect a geological phenomena thought to be more than 300,000 years old. Shack owners say four-wheel drives and motorbikes are flattening the shingle beaches

and dunes near Fitzgerald Bay to get to iso- with some carbon dioxide and of course sunlated fishing spots. light and land to produce algae and from the The Whyalla Council’s Sam Bourne says algae we can produce diesel,” he said. tyre tracks are creating irreversible damage and access routes will be blocked off in the Grasshoppers devour desert gardens next 12 months. The heavy rains in Central Australia have sparked a plague of grasshoppers in the Alice Biofuels study in Cooper Basin Springs area and warning of a locust plague South Australian resource company Beach descending on South Australia this spring. Energy and a US business General Atomics Horticulturalists says the voracious grassare doing a joint study on producing biofuels hoppers are eating plants and causing thouin the Cooper Basin. sands of dollars damage. They are examining whether General Alice Springs horticulturalist, Jeff Miers, Atomics’ technology can be used to farm algae, while reducing carbon dioxide output says it is the biggest grasshopper plague in the last decade and people’s personal vegetable from Beach Energy’s gas and oil fields. Reg Nelson from Beach Energy says oil pro- patches are disappearing overnight. Central Australian scientist, Chris Palmer, duction also generates large volumes of waste says different species including the leopard water, which are otherwise unused. “We’re looking in particular at how we can grasshopper, giant slanted green-face and the use some of the water the we produce along common toad hopper are all flourishing and with oil production in the Cooper Basin along can cause damage.

Having a playground in a pub is a huge insurance cost, also can we drink and gamble in kindies and childcare centres? Pubs are 4 entertainment, relaxation and adults everyone has a place. Over It, Roxby Asbestos scare at Andamooka is serious. I just wish people would pay the same attention and duty of care to those dying on roads. Leanne.


Do you believe there is enough local interest for Council to build another BMX track in the town?

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 – Page 7

Only a few days until the Billy Cart Bash By Celeste Lustosa

can expect lots of surprises in the 2010 Sodexo Billy

This day is about to happen with the first Sodexo 2010 Billy Cart Bash taking place in Roxby Downs at Richardson/Norman Place on Sunday, March 28. This unique event will see the wider community get together and raise funds for the Roxby Downs Health Services Auxiliary. The man who connected the ideas for this event, Karl Scothern told The Monitor that everything is coming together very well but he still cannot help but feel butterflies in his stomach with the approach of the big day. “Only a week away from the event and I have a lot of butterflies in the stomach but it is all coming together. “Everybody knows that Roxby is struggling at the moment but even so the community has embraced this event and this is what we love most about Roxby,” said Mr Scothern. He also said that “the support from the sponsors and what they are putting back to the event has been amazing”. Mr Scothern has counted on a local familiar face in our community when it comes to entertain an audience to help him put the event together. Jack McGuire has a lot of experience when it comes to bringing the fun to an event and everyone present

jumping castle and much more. “There is a carnival side of the event with lots of fun for the children. Everything will be happening on that day,” Mr Scothern added. Also according to him, the various community stalls at the event show that Roxby has truly embraced the idea. All things wheels displays and demos, sporting cars, motorbikes, go karts, remote control cars, trucks and obviously the billy carts are also big attractions on the day but Mr Scothern says that although there will be races, the event is not about competition, it is about all the fun you can have and help the community while enjoying yourself. “It is supposed to be a great fun event and the whole idea is to have a great time. There is no way you won’t enjoy it! “Come and support because all the money goes to the Hospital Auxiliary, so your money is staying in Roxby Downs, helping our community,” said Mr Scothern. He is passionate about the event which has been making a big difference and his inspiration to start it all came from his children. “We got a billy cart back on the Gold Coast and to work on one with the children is just great.


Bash. ow about a whole day filled with fun activi- Cart Amongst the things available on the day, will be fairy ties for everyone in our community, from floss and donuts, face painting, community stalls, live all ages? entertainment, barbeque yiros and sausage sizzle, DJ,

“The children want to do the billy cart themselves and they become a huge part of the project which also becomes a big bond between the children and parents.” Building a Billy Cart with the children to be part of this event will provide you with hours of great fun, even before you get to the event, as the quality time with your children will be priceless, as well as their pride in showing off the final project. “I think if I try to thank everyone that has contributed to this event; I would



t’s not quite the Clipsal 500 and is perhaps not as noisy as Formula One, but the one thing that is loud and clear; Roxby is revving up for what is expected to be the most exciting four wheeled motor less race event in the town’s history. Events Manager Jack McGuire says, “We’re on track, pardon the pun, for an event that is causing quite a buzz around town and there is no doubt that this event has struck a cord with many as the enthusiasm expressed by those building or buying their billy carts is palpable.”, he goes on to say, “what was originally a seed planted in the mind of a father by his son to race a billy cart has inspired a community.” Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, big kids, small kids, the local scout group you name it. They are getting stuck in. Be it be built

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probably take a whole page. “So many community groups have taken their time to help and it has made all the difference for us to have what I believe is going to be one of the biggest things happening in Roxby in the year,” Mr Scothern concluded. Registrations can be made until Friday before the event. The 2010 Sodexo Billy Cart Bash is proudly sponsored by The Monitor Newspaper, and Platinum sponsor Sodexo.

or bought... Billy carts rule in Roxby. Now if billy cart building is not your forte, of course there is the thrill of the race and the attractions of the day. Demonstrations from the remote control Car Club and the Go Cart Club. Displays ranging from CFS to sports cars to Dirt Circuit to Hot Rod, Trucks and Motor bikes. Kids can keep busy at the community stalls, the face painter and go crazy on the jumping castle and all will be entertained by band ‘Noisy Neighbours’. Of course an event wouldn’t be complete without fairy floss, drinks, donuts, popcorn, the mandatory sausage sizzle and Barbecue, Yiros. Did we mention billy carts? Billy cart registrations close 5pm Thursday, March 25. For further enquiries contact Jack McGuire on 0434 222 321 or Karl Scothern 0408 754 745.

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Wendy Lewis civil celebrant

By Millie Thomas


endy Lewis floats into our town with grace and poise. The softly spoken marriage celebrant has moved here to Roxby from Gippsland, Victoria, to perform her skills as a Civil Celebrant in the wider Roxby Downs community. A Civil Celebrant is defined as a person who performs a rite, or a person who celebrates something.

With the latter being the majority of the population of Roxby, we’ll stick with the prior. Wendy plans to perform ceremonies such as naming days, commitment ceremonies vowel renewals and weddings. A service such as this has never been readily available in Roxby Downs before (previous celebrants having lived out of town) and with the opportunity may bring a sense of tradition and vivid display of culture to Roxby. The ceremonies Wendy performs are not your basic, run of the mill white

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wedding, baby dipping services, but a more personalised approach to an official event. Wendy likes incorporating character and emotive connection into her work. “I like to get to know a bit about the client before the occasion,” Wendy said. Whilst these ceremonies are not religious, Wendy is flexible in incorporating religious cultures and traditions into the ceremony. Personal values will be reflected as much as possible throughout the day. Prices, too, are incredibly reasonable, with ceremonies being priced at around $500 to $600. Wendy has been practicing as a Civil Celebrant for approximately five years now, and assures that it has been a very rewarding experience, for both weddings and funerals alike. With three children and three grandchildren left back at home in Victoria, Wendy maintains that she and her husband (who works as a boilermaker on site) have been warmly welcomed into our community. “A lot of people will smile at you, I’ve found people to be very nice…we’re ready for this change as our children are now grown up.” So next time you decide to get married, think about holding your wedding with your friends and family in Roxby. Wendy will bring compassion and humour to your special day “I would hate to go through a ceremony and not get a laugh…”


Roxby Road Safe educational campaign


By Celeste Lustosa

oxby Road Safe started a “Showbag” promotion in order to spread the message of safe driving.

The material to be distributed is a shopping bag with the Roxby Roadsafe and BHP Billiton logo’s on it, as the company is a major sponsor of this campaign. The bags will contain a mixture of road safety messages/brochures to highlight the dangers of speed, drink and drug driving, fatigue and the need to wear seat belts and the distribution will be made by Roxby Road Safe members in various events in town, starting last weekend at Market Day and the Triathlon. The main concern of Roxby Road Safe members is to make sure that the pamphlets and advertising are not thrown out, so the marketing approach of this educational campaign will be that literature was handed out during a conversation in a way to connect and engage people. “The positive aspects of this promotion are making the Roxby residents aware there is a road safety group in their community and get them to recognise the group’s logo and branding. “This will allow the community to recognise other activities when they associate the logo with the message,” said Michelle Hales, one of the members of Roxby Road Safe committee. The target is to reinforce the drink and drug driving message, fatigue associated with long distances travelled by members of the community, to wear seat belts at all times and not to speed. “Roxby Road Safe group is hoping that by reiterating the road safety message at a local level they can reduce crashes in their community,” Ms Hales said.

Local CFS Brett Atkins said that “the campaign will work as long as people follow the messages being distributed and follow the road rules.” “Our aim and the aim of Roxby Road Safe are to stop accidents on our roads,” he said. From the local Police, Senior Constable First Class Peta Giles, and also member of Roxby Road Safe, embraced the campaign. “I think campaigns like this are an effective tool to continue the education of drivers from our district. “I hope that members of the public read the valuable information contained in the bags,” she said. She also added that “road safety is a community issue and not just a police issue so people need to start thinking before going behind the wheels and follow the road rules.” “If one of these bags stops a serious accident from happening, I consider this a successful campaign,” she finalised. And keep in mind that, by doing the right thing, you can save lives, including yours.

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Happy young members of the Roxby Downs Swimming Club at their presentation day on the weekend.

Swimming Presentations recognise Roxby’s youth By Millie Thomas Roxby Swim Club Presentations were held at the swimming pool on Sunday evening. The club members have had a successful season this year, with all swimmers achieving numerous PBs (Personal Bests) throughout the season, and have become nationally recognised in state competitions. The most prestigious award, the “Time Improvement Award” was won by Julia Weltner, who also won the Female “Scratch Points Award”, came second in the “Handicap Points Award”, and won a “Time Trial” Trophy. Considering there was a large presence of the Roxby Swim Club at the triathlon that morning, the children (and parents alike) did well to celebrate the end of their season that same day and keep things happy and civil! Time Improvement Award went to the Swimmer who achieves the most Personal Best Times in any event at all time trials and up to 3 open carnivals during the season. This is the clubs most prestigious award 1st  -  Julia Weltner  (38 PB’s) 2nd  -  Billy Weltner  (26 PB’s) 3rd  -  William Abbott  (23 PB’s)  Scratch Points Award. This award is for the Male and Female Swimmers who achieve the most points for placing 1st - 8th in scratch events at open carnivals. Points are calculated for up to 3 open carnivals with 8 points for 1st place, 7 points for 2nd place etc through to 1 point for 8th place. Male 1st - Billy Weltner (147 points) 2nd  -  Matthew Lowe (74 points) 3rd - William Abbott (45 points) Female 1st - Julia Weltner (100 points) 2nd - Florencia Moraga (89 points) 3rd - Caitlin Abbott (74 points) Handicap Points Award. This award is for the Male and Female Swimmers who achieve the most points for placing 1st - 8th in handicap events at open carnivals. Points are calculated for up to 3 open carnivals with 8 points for 1st place, 7 points for 2nd place etc through to 1 point for 8th place. Male 1st - William Abbott (67 points) 2nd - Matthew Lowe (63 points) 3rd - Harrison Abbott (57 points) Female 1st - Hayley Gregory (72 points) 2nd - Julia Weltner (65 points) 3rd - Rebecca Longmire (63 points) Time Trial Trophy. This award is given to the male and female of each squad who achieve the most PB’s at Time Trials Dolphins          Harrison Abblet Talana Jackson/Annalise Abbott   (Tied) Stingrays          Angus Harrison                    Laura O’Sullivan

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Sharks             Will Abbott                        Centaine Casserly Swordfish        Billy Weltner                        Julia  Weltner Coaches Award. This is awarded to the swimmer of each squad who throughout the season displays the best behaviour including dedication to training, listening skills, gives 100% and is a pleasure to coach. Dolphins 1    Alyssa Parker Dolphins 2   Taylah Masters / Annalise Abbott  Stingrays Leroy Doran Sharks   Stephany Bastian/Will Abbott Swordfish  Caitlin Abbott

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‘Relay for Life’ needs your help By Celeste Lustosa


ome along on the weekend of October 16 and 17, 2010 for the Relay for Life and have an absolutely hilarious time where the whole town can gather together to be a part of this fun filled 24 hour event. The event begins at 2pm on the Saturday and ends 9am on the Sunday, with setting up and cleaning up either side of that time. At the end of last month, at the first Market Day of the year, Coral Barrett and Pam Evans, two members from the Relay for Life committee, were promoting team registrations. To register a team you are required to nominate a team captain who can register online: and pay


a deposit of $15. You will then receive a captain’s information package which explains all the requirements for the teams. A captain’s information night will also be held during the year, where Cancer Council SA will visit Roxby and answer any enquiries team members might have. “On that night we will also give some fundraising ideas,” said Carmel Paxton. In 2008, the first Relay for Life event was held in Roxby with 17 teams present on the day. A record amount of money was raised then. “Cancer Council SA and the Roxby Downs Committee held a very important meeting where it was decided that this year’s event is not about who can raise the biggest amount. It is not feasible in this economic climate,” said Mrs Paxton.

By participating on this event not only will you be helping a great cause, but fun is very much guaranteed as Jack McGuire is organising the entertainment for the night, which includes the awards for highest fundraising team, best themed team, best team baton, best team banner, best team letterbox, highest overall team points and highest number of team laps. But the funniest part would definitely be Miss Relay for Life and Miss Beachwear, which is competed by blokes dressed as women. I really don’t want to miss that! Miss Outrageous will also be chosen at the event, but for this one, women will be competing. Teams can nominate one of their members for these competitions. “Relay for Life is a major fundraising event held by the Cancer Council SA

Coral Barrett hands the Relay for Life registration form to Ann-Marie Massarotto and without everyone’s personal support and commitment this event would not be possible. “The whole event begins with a lap of honour and many close friendships started on this walk and still continue today,” Mrs Paxton added. If you do wish to be in the team it requires us to have a meeting and arrange: a team captain, fundraising ideas, team name, clothing for our theme, tent and decorations, organise food, seating and bedding, a roster etc. For more information contact Kate on 0418 820 249, Coral on 0439 086 929 or Carmel on 0417 855 064.

Drink and drug driving target

ew laws targeting drink and drug driving come into effect in South Australia since February this year. Road Safety Minister, Michael O’Brien says the measures aim to crack down on those repeat offenders who continue to drink over the limit or take drugs before driving. ‘The laws are part of a package of reforms, including the Mandatory Interlock Scheme, which this year is anticipated to prevent up to 2,700 drink driving offenders from starting their vehicles if they register a positive blood alcohol reading,” Mr O’Brien said. “The legislation builds on the State Government’s other road safety initiatives, which include the introduction of full time mobile RBT’s, immediate loss of licence for drink driving above 0.08 and ran-

dom roadside drug drive testing. “The statistics show 23% of drivers or riders killed on our roads between 2005 and 2009 tested positive to drugs. “The percentage of road users killed while driving with a blood alcohol level over 0.05 has increased significantly over the last decade from a low of 25% in 2000 to an average of 37% in the five year period (2005-2009). “On average, over the same five year period (2005-2009), 73% of all driver and rider fatalities with a blood alcohol reading above 0.05 were, in fact, over 0.15,” Mr O’Brien said. “The new laws, effective from today, include: • A three-month licence disqualification for a first court conviction when driving with a prescribed drug (cannabis, speed or ecstasy) present in saliva or blood, or driv-

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ing with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 to 0.079. • Heavier penalties for repeat offenders, with courts considering both previous drink and drug driving offences during sentencing. • An alcohol or drug dependency assessment for drivers (depending on the number of previous drink or drug driving offences committed). • Lowering the minimum age of people who attend, or are admitted to, hospital for treatment as a result of a marine vessel or motor vehicle accident from whom a blood sample must be taken. “The legislation will also allow police to test marine vessel operators for prescribed drugs (cannabis, speed and ecstasy) under the Harbors and Navigation Act 1993. Currently, the police can only test road users for drug driving,” Mr O’Brien said.

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Reversing the rumour on seniors loans Retirement plan: access the equity in your home It is no secret Australia’s ageing population will place increasing pressure on our economy. We are living longer than ever before, which means we need to fund an increasing number of ‘golden years’.

Free opportunity to learn about investments

retirement years. Working later in life for extra funds is an option, if you can find work. According to ABS underemployment data* for September 2009, 23% of all part-time workers who were ‘available and looking for more hours’ were aged 45 years and over.

What options do older Australians have “I am surprised reverse mortgages aren’t when it comes to financing their future? more popular in this country, given our changing demographic. It would be terrific Investing in the share and property to see the government provide more supmarkets is a popular strategy for accru- port to this area and raise more awareness. ing wealth and earning income over one’s When managed and understood correctly, lifetime. One not so well-known option reverse mortgages can be an ingenious for home owners nearing retirement and option for those wanting greater financial retirees needing additional funds is a re- comfort in their twilight years. verse mortgage (seniors loan). “Perhaps we simply need to dispel any Reverse mortgages allow eligible sen- rumours and discuss the pros and cons iors and near-seniors to borrow up to a more openly. A number of lending inpercentage of the value of their home or stitutions offer these loans, so visiting a investment property and repay the debt reputable mortgage broker is a valuable via repayments, or from its sale when experience for anyone thinking about utithey move or pass away. During the loan lising their property in this way. period, the extra money assists them in achieving their lifestyle goals with greater “Of course, there are important concomfort and peace of mind. siderations to make. First, find out which lenders offer a ‘no negative equity’ guarAustralia’s largest independently-owned antee, which means the borrower will not mortgage broker, Mortgage Choice en- have to repay more than the value of their courages mature ‘asset rich, cash poor’ property. Also remember that, just like property owners to review their budget, other mortgages, interest is payable. asset wealth and financial portfolio plans before considering utilising property eq“The prospective borrower should disuity to help finance and enhance their re- cuss their thoughts with family and other tirement living. beneficiaries. They should also discuss it with an accountant and/or a financial adMortgage Choice senior corporate af- visor, to be sure the solution meets their fairs manager, Kristy Sheppard said, “Our goals and to explore the financial impact. ageing population is resulting in a smaller A solicitor should satisfy any legal queries proportion of working Australians sup- and the impact on Centrelink payments porting a larger proportion of retired should be researched. Finally, contact a seniors. What we may see happening in reputable mortgage broker to research the the near future is retiree living standards range of suitable products available. declining while medical costs become more expensive.” “Retirement should be a time to put up your feet and enjoy those ‘golden years’. If “Australians tend to be more lifestyle- you have the knowledge and the means, focused than those in many other coun- why not use some of your property equity tries and are keen to make the most of to help ensure this happens?”

By Celeste Lustosa


or hundreds of years, properties have been the foundation of wealth creation. Most millionaires and even billionaires built their wealth through investing in properties. Roxby residents had the opportunity to attend the free seminar ‘2010 Investment Opportunities’, promoted by Empire Property Investors, on Saturday, March 13th, at the Auditorium. “The main objective of our property investment workshops is to provide people all the skills and knowledge they need to become a professional property investor. “Following our proven Property Investment System, making money can be quite easy,” according to Empire Property Investors. The seminar in Roxby Downs had two sessions, one from 11am until 2 pm and another one from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.


The speakers Ilvana Prasevic and Mia Porlaje talked about the reasons why this is a good year for educated investors; how to get started with property investing; the different strategies you can use to own multiple properties – that itself was a good reason to attend; and much more. On the occasion they provided information about all markets of Australia, including the market in our region. “In the past month we’ve had several people from Roxby Downs seeing us and seeking advice about investing in property. Several people from this region have shared they would benefit from understanding the basic fundamentals of investing so we decided to hold this free session in Roxby,” said Ilvana Prasevic, the company’s State Manager - South Australia. “We specialise in educating our clients about creating wealth through property and we were able to put together a strategy for these clients

Economy set to grow by household debt grows

AP reported this week The Australian economy is set to grow further in 2010, but household financial conditions are deteriorating to the extent the nation could experience a “W” shaped economic recovery, a report shows.

The Melbourne Institute Bulletin of economic trends shows the domestic economy is set to grow by 0.8 per cent in the March quarter and by 0.6 per cent in the June, September and December quarters. But the report’s household financial conditions index fell 16.6 per cent to 28.8 index points in the March quarter of 2010. It was the first fall in the index after four consecutive quarters of improvement. More than half of the 14.4 per cent households who consider themselves to be financially stressed are employed. And employed people with a household income of over $80,000 are the most financially stressed out of all income groups. The report said part of the deterioration in financial conditions was due to the increased need to service household debt, in particular mortgage debt. Page 12 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and guide them in the right direction,” she added. She also said that each person attending a seminar like this gains a wealth of new knowledge. “We discuss different markets in Australia and which opportunities exist in each State in our seminars. We also show people how investing in property works, which strategies can be used, what sort of tax benefits can be gained, how they can increase their borrowing capacity, what their bottom line would be and much more,” Mrs Prasevic told The Monitor. The seminar was directed for those who might be wanting to buy a first home and want to know how to increase their borrowing capacity; or those who might want to get into investment and need to learn how; or simply for those who want to expand their portfolio and need to learn more about different strategies available.

“The Reserve Bank is now in a difficult position,” the Melbourne Institute’s Ada Claus said in a statement on Friday. “Rises in house prices and associated rises in consumer debt seem to warrant a swift tightening in monetary policy but if the tightening is too fast it may choke-off business investment that is only now starting to recover. “This means that if the RBA gets policy wrong, Australia may experience a W-shaped recovery.” Household financial conditions fell across most states, with Western Australia suffering the biggest fall in conditions at minus 17.7 per cent The only state that showed improved financial conditions was South Australia, which improved by 7.8 per cent. Unemployment is forecast to fall to 5.1 per cent by the September quarter. However, the report noted there was weakness in the Australian Labour Market with employment levels among 15 to 24 year olds contracting since January. “This suggests that less skilled and less experienced job seekers tend to gain employment later than higher skilled and more experienced job seekers during the recovery period,” the report said. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Outback HotShots


utback Hotshots is a local photography group in Roxby Downs.

for the month of March 2010 is “Reflection” if anyone would like to take some photos and join us at our next meeting. The group is open to any keen Should you like any more informaphotographers, no matter what your tion or have any queries please email level and free to join. Our new theme us at

or check out our blog at http://www. Our next meeting will be on the 11th April 2010 at 12noon at the Dunes, this is one week later than normal to allow for the Easter holidays.

Photography Group

Winning photos for February 2010 theme “Macro Nature”

1st place : Charmayne Cronje with her entry of a dragonfly 2nd place : Wynand Cronje with his entry of a spider and a moth 3rd place : Michael Houlden with his entry of a leaf

Photographer Profile Charmayne Cronje What was your first camera? Fujifilm finepix S 5100 compact digital camera Why did you get into photography? I discovered that photography allowed me an opportunity to express my creativity, not being artistic in any way it allowed me a way to express myself. Who or what inspires you? It sounds corny but life inspires me. Taking photographs has opened my eyes to the beauty around me. I love visiting remote areas and capturing the beauty and isolation, trying to capture a mood and personality while photographing people and trying my hand at new techniques to create still art and abstracts that are pleasing to the

Water Drop THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

for the f o month March eye. As to who inspires me, I have two photography friends whose work inspires me on so many levels. Macarena Yanez and Christian Brown are true artists, their work and enthusiasm is what inspires me to push myself to constantly improve my photography. Where is your favorite place to take photos? It would have to be the utback, we live in such a beautiful area. There are so many elements just waiting to be photographed, from the sunrises to the landscape to the amazing flora and fauna that appear and disappear. What is your favourite photo? That is a very hard question to answer, I have many favourites, the one

Bay Landscape

I am most proud of is called “Abandoned in the Outback” which can be viewed at my exhibition currently being held at the Leisure Centre. The clouds and lighting were perfect and stumbling around the car brought all the elements together to result in a good photograph. What is your favourite genre? I have no favourite. I enjoy photographing everything. Nothing is more pleasing than capturing a beautiful landscape scene or the joy on peoples faces when I give them their portraits. I also like pushing myself, getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. What is your favourite photography tool? That would have to be

my camera, I now have a Nikon D700 which is my baby....I love it! What photography equipment do you have on your wish list? Well, if Santa is reading this I would love a Feisol CT3443 or CT3472 tripod with a ball head and L-plate and a spare D700 would be nice too.

Field trip March Due to unforseen weather changes the field trip has been changed to Saturday March 27th

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& Road Safety Tips

Car Review BIO Yvonne and David Williams


vonne and David Williams are a husband and wife photo journalist team. They specialise in motoring reviews, auto technology news, motorsport and road safety. Their Road Safety Resource, the SKID Program has been used in Secondary schools in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand since 1996.

A new e-book just released called “Coach a Rookie Guide” concentrates on parents of Learner drivers and is available on the web site Yvonne and David are members of the Australian Journalists Association and The Australasian College of Road Safety. David is also a fully qualified driving instructor and driver trainer.

SA drivers - better to be safe than sorry when reversing


GIC is urging SA drivers to be alert when reversing with claims data showing that in 2009, more than 25 per cent of collisions in SA occurred when drivers were reversing*. The insurer also found that 11 per cent of those reversing collisions involved reverse parking. SGIC surveyed 500 SA drivers about reverse parking, revealing that more than 50 per cent of male drivers feel very confident when reverse parking compared to 20 per cent of female drivers**. However, the insurer’s claims data showed female drivers have fewer reverse parking collisions than male drivers. SGIC spokesperson Emily Gatt said all SA drivers really need to take extra care when reversing. “We encourage drivers to pause, check their rear-view mirror and look over their shoulder as a final step before reversing to avoid any unnecessary collisions.

The Evolution of Lancer Ralliart

“We are also pleased to see more and more cars with reversing cameras and sensors which aid the driver’s visibility. “We want to remind all SA drivers to check their blind spots when reversing to avoid a collision,” Ms Gatt added. SGIC offers the following tips to drivers when reversing: Be alert at all times and watch out for other drivers; If you are reversing in a car park, go slow and don't just rely on your mirrors – look over your shoulder as well; Car technology such as cameras and reverse sensors can assist drivers when they are reversing, however drivers still need to be aware of what is around them; Treat your driveway like a road, especially when reversing, keeping an eye out for pedestrians and cars. * Based on SGIC motor comprehensive claims data sourced in February 2010 for the period of January to December 2009. ** Based on Pure Profile Research, February 2010

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een by some as the “poor man’s” EVO, we’ve also had more than one person tell us they assumed the Ralliart Lancer was really nothing more than a Lancer VRX that’d had a sporty cosmetic makeover. Of course they’re all wrong! The Ralliart Lancer actually has the same ‘square’ 2.0litre engine as the EVO – just detuned a touch with a smaller turbo. The Ralliart puts out 177kW of power and 343Nm of torque compared with the EVO’s 217kW and 366Nm. The Ralliart is only available with Mitsubishi’s brilliant 6 speed twin clutch transmission, the same clutch pedal-less transmission we first experienced in the EVO MR last year. A few so called purists still reckon they can change gears better than a computer but I readily admit the twin clutch concept can change gears faster, smoother and with a lot less wear and tear than I ever could. The gearbox is controlled by steering column paddles or by the gear shift lever and can be driven in manual or auto. A separate switch selects sport mode which makes for quicker changes

and varies the shift points. The only time the gearbox becomes just ever so slightly clunky is when crawling in first gear in heavy traffic – you can hear and feel the clutch engaging and disengaging but your left leg doesn’t complain. In auto mode around town the car is in 6th gear before you can say “dual-clutch”, making for great economy but not a lot of fun. My only real gripe, as for the EVO, is that the paddles don’t move with the steering wheel. I know it’s normally not considered ‘proper’ to change gears while cornering, but there are circumstances where it’s essential, and this is why I’d prefer the paddles to turn with the wheel. While EVO has Mitsubishi’s Super All Wheel Control System (S-AWC) with its 4 inter-related components – ABS, ACD (Active Centre Diff ), ASC (Active Stability Control) plus AYC (Active Yaw Control), the Ralliart makes do with only the first three. This “detuned” AWC system is brilliant, notwithstanding. Gravel roads at speed feel like freshly laid tarmac in a regular car. Even deeply stacked gravel along the edge of one of our favourite country roads failed to faze the Ralliart – it showed no

inclination to ‘tram-track’ and the left side of the car could be steered into and out of the gravel at speed without fear. The heart of the system is the Active Centre Diff which can be switched from its normal ‘Tarmac’ state to ‘Gravel’ or ‘Snow’. This electronically controlled hydraulic multi-plate clutch varies the torque split front to rear depending on the setting dialled in, while aiming to provide the ideal balance between traction and steering response. It does the job well. Our test car was the 4 door sedan but the Ralliart is also available in Lancer’s 5 door Sportback body. To get to our secret gravel road we first need to negotiate a lengthy freeway drive. This Lancer is a comfortable tourer on the open road with climate & cruise control, Bluetooth, a 6 disc CD and MP3 compatible sound system. The Bluetooth, Cruise and Audio controls are all sensibly mounted on the steering wheel. Dusk sensing lights and rain sensing wipers are standard and there are plenty of storage places and bottle holders etc. to suit driver and passengers alike. The freeway is followed by a very demanding, narrow, twisty

and undulating tarmac road. The latter is where the Ralliart shines – almost as brightly as on the gravel. Here it’s the gearbox which stands out. In Tarmac/Sport/Manual modes the Ralliart simply excels but it’s this sort of terrain where you need moveable paddles. Inside, the Ralliart shares the EVO steering wheel but not the Recaro seats. The ‘sports seats’ are adequate however and a lot easier to get in and out of than the Recaros. Seven airbags including side curtains and a driver’s knees airbag head the list of secondary safety items and all Lancers rate 5 ANCAP Stars. Recommended retail price for the Ralliart Lancer starts around $44,000 and it comes with Mitsubishi’s 5 year/130,000km warranty including 24/7 Roadside Assist for the same period. The power train is warranted for 10 years/160,000kms. We love EVO but at this price level and with a warranty like this Lancer Ralliart is hard to pass up. Test vehicle courtesy Mitsubishi Motors Australia Yvonne & David Williams –

ROAD SURVIVAL TACTICS By Yvonne & David Williams



ost country roads have a gravel edge or shoulder. Some roads are so narrow that it’s necessary to move your left wheels onto the gravel when approaching an oncoming vehicle or you can simply drop your left wheels off the bitumen by mistake. On these types of roads you’ll notice the gravel eventually washes (or is swept) away and a pronounced “lip” develops and your wheels can actually drop several centimetres from the bitumen to the gravel. The most important thing to do when you’re driving with two wheels on the gravel is Not Panic! Your wheels may become caught over the edge of the bitumen as though your car is on a railroad track but you must not manhandle the car out of the track. Under no circumstances should you turn abruptly to get your

wheels back on the road, even if the transition Don’t force the car back onto the road if it’s from bitumen to gravel is relatively smooth. If “tracking” along the edge you do force the car back suddenly you run the Slow down and brake gently if necessary very serious risk of the car “overreacting” once Carefully steer the car back onto the bituthe left hand wheels return to the bitumen. men This overreaction can steer the car across the road and into an oncoming vehicle or simply off the other side of the road, both places to be avoided at all cost. Simply lift your foot off the accelerator and very gently ease the car back onto the bitumen. If it is “tracking” along the edge, again lift off the accelerator and look for a variation in the edge where you can move back gently without having to force the left wheel over the edge. If you still feel uncomfortable after lifting off the throttle, apply the brakes, but again, be gentle don’t hit them too hard. In Summary: Don’t Panic Don’t turn the wheel abruptly

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What are you doing for the Easter long weekend?

Jeff Gaerth



“Going to the Clare Races on easter saturday”

Jack Lawrence




“Going to my dad’s shack at Port Broughton”

“Getting rid of my kids they are going to their nanna’s”

Jo Bourn

“ We ’r e g o i n g camping at Melrose.”

Jutta Scholefield

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 – Page 15

EMPLOYMENT/CLASSIFIEDS FOR SALE PORTABLE FRIDGE SALE National Luna, Evakool and Autofridge. Full range of Camping and 4WD gear at 03 5024 2200 ARE you looking at investing or retiring? Home for sale. Ridgehaven $350.000 o.n.o. well maintained solid cream brick three bedroom close to Modbury Hospital, Tea Tree Plaza, good schools, the O’ bahn, (direct service to city and airport) low volume traffic area and very flexible settlement conditions, private sale 0427160530 82640250. WHEATEN hayRound Bales 4ft x 5ft $50 each or 3 for $100 Port BroughtonPh: 0407 391 507 HOLDEN Commodore International Sportswagon built Dec 2009  Black with tinted windows and towbar, travelled only 4,800km’s, leather, rear parking sensors and more. Reg. till Dec 2010.  $34,500 o.n.o. Ph. 0407794352 or 86737952 after 2pm.

GOT something you wish to buy or sell, then an advert in The Monitor will reach far and wide across the Far North region of SA, as well as many, many more readers on our weekly Monitor On Line service. Call 8671 2683 today to place your advert.

Page 16 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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CRICKET PRESENTATION NIGHT above, Matthew Haylor and Dylan Male winners of the junior cricket awards presented on Saturday night. Below is the President of the Country Cricket Carnival Association, Stephen Brown, with Roxby Downs Cricket Patron Jason Schell and member Graham Warren.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 – Page 17


Roxby Junior Footy opens opportunities Matthew Daddow new RDJFA president


By Millie Thomas

ootball in small country communities has always been a prominent social event, good source of exercise and an enhancer of community spirit, so it is important that we impress upon our youth the importance of participating in group, community sport. Matthew Daddow has recently taken up the position of Roxby District Junior Football Association’s president. With a strong football history behind him and a senior position with BHPB underground, it seems that Matthew is the perfect choice. Matthew grew up in another mining town – Broken Hill, starting football at the tender age of six. From the age of 17 he was playing “A” grade football and played in over 300 games, he has since retired. He also worked in the mines of Broken Hill, starting from the bottom as a labourer and working his way up and across to a supervisor’s position here in Roxby. Matthew has lived in Roxby since 2001 with his wife and two young boys, both of whom have been involved in the RDJFA during their time here, the youngest of which is still an active participant. Matthew decided to put his hand up for the position as he has always been involved in his local footy club. “I have had two children play here over the years and have helped out with umpiring games and a few other things.

I have always been happy to put my hand up and do a little bit more for the league. “I’ve been thinking about helping out with footy in some way for quite a while, and in the end a couple of people just asked me to do it,” he said. Matthew plans to make a few changes to junior footy this year. He not only plans to reassess the age groups (which currently stand at U10, U12 and U16) so that they accommodate more age appropriately for all children, but also hopes to expose them to football outside of Roxby. “I want to give the kids opportunities to get out of town and participate in other competitions. We probably don’t teach them techniques that are up to league standard, but we do what we can. I’m hoping to give them the opportunity to be exposed to that,” he said. Matthew also hopes to introduce a “mini-premiership season” in which the senior and junior colts will play against each other. This is an excellent opportunity for the junior colts to learn from the more experienced players. Registration for junior football is today, Wednesday, March 24th at 3.30pm at the oval. Come down for a kick and a snag sponsored by Chad Oldfield. The major sponsors for the RDJFA this year is Simply Containers, a company who are trying to break into the Olympic Dam market. For future career sportsmen, Matthew advises “Listen to your coaches, try your hardest, have fun, do what you’re told.”

By Simon Parker


he Volleyball season has kicked off in fine form with quite a few new faces out on the court which has been great to see. Most games have been reasonably competitive so far with teams from last season matching up for some good competition. After each team has played one another in the first round, the competition will split into an A and B grade to

keep the games throughout the season competitive. Mid April will see the Masters Games being held in Port Pirie. Roxby Volleyball will be sending a Women’s team down to the competition. Currently, there are trainings held on Sunday afternoons at the Leisure Centre. If anyone would like to join a team or just help out, please contact Adelle on 0401 133 602 Or Claire on 0407 850 220. All supporters and players are most welcome.

New golf season begins By Celeste Lustosa


e all know Tiger Woods would be the greatest name in Golf, but never mind the Americans, because Australia has great names like Greg Norman to inspire and attract more people into this sport. According to my research, no golfer has captured the imagination of the Australian sporting public quite like the “Great White Shark”. From the very early 1980’s to present day Norman has been, and remains, a symbol of golfing excellence in Australia. Australians love Golf and Roxby residents are no different. Roxby Downs has an 18 hole golf course with 17 greens where many people gather together every year to enjoy the game, meet with friends and relax. Club members or nonmembers can use the course by paying green fees at the clubhouse which means anyone can practice and give it a go. A practice fairway is also available. Saturday March 27th is the opening day of The Roxby Downs Golf Club season. The event is a Four person Ambrose, sponsored by Exact Mining Services. Registrations are $60.00 per team and have to be made by email to robbo82@ There will be a barbecue provided after Golf with presentations for the day. “Memberships for 2010 are open now and to become a member all you Page 18 – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

have to do is fill in the membership form from the Golf Club or email and a form can be emailed to you,” said Damien Condon, a familiar face in the local Golf Course. Golf for Men, Ladies and Juniors is played on Saturdays, usually teeing off between 11:00am – 11:15am. Times vary depending on the event scheduled for the day. “The blackboard at the entrance to the Golf Club on Olympic Way always has the coming Saturdays Golf Event displayed on it, so people can get organised to come along,” Mr Condon said.

The Major Golf Days May 15th- Think Pink Ladies’ Golf Day June 5th- and 6th Desert Classic (Previously known as The Eldo ) June 19th and 20th- Roxby Open Championships July 3rd- Royal Flying Doctor day July 31st- Cavpower 4 person Ambrose – this is when Drummond Golf comes up from Adelaide with Golf products August 28th and 29thClub Championships

Golfer Robert Charman THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper



Wanderers win way to Grand Final

he Wanderers and Olympic Dam cricket clubs did battle on Saturday for the right to take on Rogues in the RDCA Grand Final on Saturday.

Clear skies greeted the players on Saturday morning for the do or die clash for their spot in the decider. Wayne Moroney won the toss for Olympic Dam and decided to bat. Olympic Dam got off to a dreadful start with Moroney hitting a return catch to Brad Cox off the first ball of the innings. A dejected Moroney heading back to the pavilion, to be replaced by in form batsman Craig Nichols in the middle. Nichols and Phil Stacey got the Devils back on track with a controlled knock and made it through to drinks, but with the score on 44 after 20 overs, a new approach would have to be on the cards for the final 20. Immediately after drinks Stacey decided enough was enough and found the middle of the bat with a couple to get the score board ticking over. After taking ten off the 22nd over Stacey’s hitting came to an end with Jason Carroll claiming his wicket with a thick edge to point. Darren Leonard was the next man

in, but could only manage one before hitting a cracker back at Quinn for the Wanderers who took a sharp chance. A steady succession of wickets followed, with only McEvoy and Harris showing any resistance with the bat, and when Nichols was given out LBW to Luke Dunk in the 34th over the Devils were in real strife with the score at 8/98. Hoffman and Nicholson were the last two to go which left the Devils all out for 111 in the 39th over. Although not a big score, the Wanderers were wary of chasing small totals and knew they had to bat solidly from the start to make sure the run chase could get over the line. Craig Wilson and Brett Thompson got the Swaggies off to a great start, batting through to the 16th over before losing a wicket. Wilson making a solid 38 while Thompson held up the other end with 5. Ryan Selkirk joined Thompson in the middle and the two took the score along to 81 before Selkirk gave Hoffman his first wicket with a caught and bowled. The Wanderers were getting a little shaky when Thompson and Watkins fell in consecutive overs and the run chase seemed to be getting a

little tougher than first thought for the Swaggies. A steadying hand from newly crowned Roxby Cricketer of the year Jason Carroll was what was needed and he and Quinn got the score to 108 and all but sealed a Wanderers victory before Carroll was out skying a ball from Phil Stacey in the 32nd over. Luke Dunk combined with Quinn to hit the winning runs for the Wanderers in the 34th over and a very relieved side had made it through to take on Rogues in the big one. Phil Stacey claimed man of the match honours in a losing side after making 35 with the bat and taking two wickets. A special mention must be made to Roxby Cricket legend Darren Leonard who looks like he played his last game for Olympic Dam. A great cricketer and great bloke who we all wish every success in the future. The Grand Final between Rogues and Wanderers will be held at Roxby Downs oval on Saturday, with the start of the game pencilled in for 9.30. The ground offers full canteen facilities, so come down and get behind the boys. It should be a great day’s cricket and we wish both teams the best of luck for the day.

Cricket Association awards life membership By Millie Thomas On Saturday March 20, the Roxby Districts Cricket presentations were held at the Roxby Tavern. There was a good turn out, with about 50 players and partners attending the three course meal event. The night was star studded with Stephen Brown, President of the Cricket Association’s Country Carnival attending and helping Graham Warren present awards. A lot of young players were recognised for their efforts over the season, including Dylan Male who won numerous awards. Jason Carroll, team captain, won the Cricketer of the year award, with Adam Willis, vice captain, receiving 2nd place, and Ryan Selkirk 3rd.

There was an honorary award handed out this year, to Dion Pfitzner receiving a life membership for his dedication to the sport over the years. Mr Pfitzner was unable to be present on the night. Ryan Selkirk also won first place in the categories Bowling Aggregate and Bowling Average. The night was incredibly successful, an outline was the announcement that the Roxby Districts Cricket Association has raised $6,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors, every penny of which was matched by BHP Billiton. The cricket grand final will take place this weekend, Saturday March 27th, between the Rogues and the Wanderers.

Phil Stacey batting for Olympic Dam in the cricket grand finals on the weekend.

Pictured above with the Cricketer of the Year Jason Carroll (centre) are third place getter, Ryan Selkirk (left) and second place getter, Adam Willis (right).

Leisure Centre Sports Results Men’s basketball results - 16/03/10   Benchwarmers 52pts def Chocies 19pts Wes Knights, Matt Perryman 12pts ea and Tyler Golding 23pts Olympic Dam 39pts def Wolves 25pts Tyson Hornhardt 19ts and Todd Paull 9pts Hornridge Lakers 55pts def Jets 37pts Damien Smith 16pts, Peter Rhodes 13pts and Danni Stetco 15pts   B Women basketball results - 18/03/10 Neons 39pts def Phoenix 35pts

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Kiari Allen 10pts, Megan Barlow 9pts and Holly Hick 11pts, Erin Jacobs 8pts Cougars 57pts def Eagles 8pts Ange Lamb 11pts , S VanLaarHoven and H Ridgen 10pts ea and K Allen 4pts   A Women basketball results - 18/03/10 Bulls 33pts def Hypo’s 29pts R Paulauskas 12pts, K Cockshell 11pts and E McCarthy 6pts Devil Mums 88pts def Miners 41pts B White 36pts, D Cuthbert and Nards Montgomerie 14pts ea and Maddy King 14pts, Cassie Weir 12pts

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 – Page 19


Roxby Triathletes set a hot pace

Phone (08) 8671 2683

Fax (08) 8671 2843

Heinrich Wellmans competing in the Junior Male section All the winners for the Roxby Downs Red Dunes Classic Triatlon By Millie Thomas


unday just gone was a new experience for me. I was awake and down at the Leisure Centre at 7:30am… viewing the town in a completely different light – it appeared humble and quiet. That may have been due to either the sun peeking cheekily behind the horizon, or my lack of

Tristars 3rd – Matthew Lowe 2nd – William Abbott 1st – Emil Viljoen Female Juniors 3rd – Julia Weltner 2nd – Susie Kreuger 1st – Caitlin Abbott Special Mention to Alexandra Lowe Junior Males 2nd – Heinrich Wellmans 1st – Ben Hart

caffeine, which I was ready to receive by any means possible, even if it meant by IV. As anticipated, there were about 50 participants who all swam, cycled and ran in the annual Roxby Triathlon in the early hours of Sunday morning. The competition was structured in heats, with the juniors competing first, followed by the novices and finally the open event. The event concluded with an


Open Teams 3rd – Desperate Housewives 2nd – Vanerics 1st – The Has Beens Open Females 3rd – Rachel Young 2nd – Monique Viljoen 1st – Jess Lyle Open Males 3rd – Scott Humphries 2nd – Josh Melgul 1st – David Lyle

award presentation at the oval, at about 10.30am, once the final competitor crossed the finish line. The event was once again a smashing success. The sponsors, which included BHP Billiton, Roxby Leisure, GHD, Blackwoods and Yorks, and volunteers the Rotary Club, the police and the SES made the day possible, ensuring that all involved enjoyed a safe and successful day. Maybe, I’ll give it a shot next year!

Sandy Sumsion was a volunteer from Rotary Club of Roxby District

Ettiene van Niekerk running for his family team Junior Teams 1st – Legendary Winner Losers Novice Females 3rd – Amy Buchanan 2nd – Danielle Bradford 1st – Breanna Chappell Novice Males 3rd – Rob Kinnaird 2nd – Stephen Finey 1st – Leigh Devlin A keen participant in the Womens Cycling heat

The junior girls ready for their heat start in the swimming pool

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