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Volume 9, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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2012 Roxby Community Postie Bash success

General Manager for Transpacific, Roger Schmakeit enjoyed the 2012 Roxby Community Postie Bash last weekend.

Lizard’s Revenge A

By Jason Munn

n upcoming anti-uranium protest festival known as Lizard’s Revenge has attracted wide-spread concern throughout the Roxby Downs community.

Organizers say the event, to be held from July 14 to 18, aims to send a message to the world calling for the closure of the Olympic Dam mine and to protest against the use of nuclear power. Named Lizards Revenge to represent a dreamtime story about a lizard beneath the earth with poison in its stomach, the protest will include a festival of music involving musicians and artists from across Australia. Roxby Downs Police Senior Sergeant Terry Boylan said residents should not be overly concerned about what may or may not occur. “Roxby Downs police will be working exclusively within the township of Roxby Downs to ensure the safety of both the protestors, the public, and businesses should the protestors come to the actual town area.” Information suggested the protestors would not enter the town apart from small groups gathering day to day supplies. “I’ve attended and spoken to the Business Forum in the town and have approached the Roxby Downs Council and other community organisations about possible things they can expect. “I can reassure the community that there will be more than adequate resources provided by SAPOL and other organisations to ensure that people are safe and are able to go about their

normal business throughout the time.” Senior Sergeant Boylan urged the community of Roxby Downs to contact the Roxby Downs police and speak to them directly if they happen to find any information beyond that already available on the Lizard’s Revenge official site and Facebook websites. Roxby Downs Administrator, Bill Boehm, said, “Council understands that the act of organised protests against the Olympic Mine has been a feature of the development of Roxby Downs since its inception. “However, the size and frequency of ongoing protests has declined markedly over the years.” Mr Boehm said it appears the establishment of detention centres in Woomera and Baxter near Port Augusta attracted a range of protest groups which would have traditionally come to Olympic Dam. “From past experience it appears that most of the protest action revolves around the mines operation with minimal direct impact on the Roxby Downs township.” Mr Boehm said protestors have ventured into the town on some occasions and have expressed their views in what has generally appeared to be in a peaceful manner. “Any incidence of undesirable behaviour within the township has been at a minimum and local community folk have generally equally respected their right to protest. “Council is aware that some in the community may be apprehensive, for it is some years since Roxby was at the centre of a protest. However, in the past the local community have reacted

in a tolerant manner and this is what should be the norm.” BHP Billiton has taken precautionary measures by requesting some contractors not be on site during the festival. A letter to employees signed by Asset President Stefan Buys on June 1 said BHP Billiton was working closely with SAPOL to ensure the protest was managed safely, and employees were advised not to engage with the protestors in the lead up to, or during the event. Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) Principal, Kath Macalister, addressed the issue in a letter to parents and caregivers stating that the school will remain open and will work with police to ensure students are safe at all times. Lizard’s Revenge’s, Izzy Brown, said the protest is a peaceful movement with no intentions of frightening anybody, especially the residents of Roxby Downs. “We will give all attendants a hand book which advises them of appropriate and peaceful behavior as well as information on the issues,” Ms Brown said. “Anybody who commits a violent offence will be dealt with by the appropriate laws - we are a peaceful movement and do not tolerate violence from each other, the community or the police and will take legal action against perpetrators of violence whoever they are. We will have lawyers and peace keepers present.” Roxby Downs’ residents who experienced earlier protests have expressed some concern about what may happen during the festival. Continued Page 2...

Lizard’s Revenge in Roxby next month From Front Page... Local resident, Vicki Mason, clearly remembers a previous situation at a Come Out parade when her children were frightened by protestors in gas masks standing on top of their vehicle in Richardson Place, yelling at them through a loud-speaker. “They were telling the kids that their parents didn’t love them and that if they did love them, they wouldn’t have them here because this [uranium] is a dangerous stone,� Ms

Mason said. “My kids were mortiďŹ ed. “If the protestors don’t agree with the mining, they should ďŹ nd a more practical way of making their point heard, rather than upsetting the day to day existence of people in the town who are simply trying to earn a living.â€? Ms Mason recognizes people’s right to protest, but questions the behavior of some protestors in the past, wondering if many simply enjoy making trouble. There is a

genuine concern that similar behavior may follow in the wake of the festival’s message. Roxby resident, Julian Tregenza, supported the belief that people should have a right to express their views, even if they are unpopular. “I’m glad we live in a country that allows people to protest if they wish to – it’s their right to protest and we should respect that,� Mr Tregenza said. “As long as protesters show respect for the






township of Roxby Downs I think they should be welcomed the same way we welcome any other visitor to town, and show them what a great community this is – in fact even if they don’t show respect, people should show that we are better than that.â€? Mr Tregenza referenced German writer and politician, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who said, “In the end we are all separate... It is our dierences we must learn to respectâ€?. Further to Goethe’s opinion, 1906 English writer, Evelyn Beatrice

Hall, wrote of Voltaire’s famous stance on the freedom of speech, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say itâ€?. “I have heard the ‘horror stories’ going around town regarding the behaviour of protesters some 10 years ago,â€? Mr Tregenza said. “If there is truth to these stories it’s a reection on their behaviour, not ours.â€? The official protest website claims the theme ‘Lizard’s Revenge’ derives from an Indigenous dreamtime story about a sleeping lizard beneath the earth with yellow poi-

son in its belly. The website states, “Sleeping underneath the ground, there is an old lizard known as Kalta the sleepy lizard. The lizard ain’t so sleepy anymore. “BHP Billiton is mining right into that Lizard’s body,� and, “Kalta is angry and wants revenge.� Several protests have taken place since the town’s birth in the late 80s, however; this particular protest is unique due to its line-up of musicians and artists from around Australia from a broad selection of genres such as hip-hop, dub, reggae, electro, folk, punk,

rock and world music. A solar powered sound system and wind powered cinema would be on display showing viable alternatives to nuclear power. While the festival is intended to be inspiring and fun, the organisers and participants are keen on delivering a serious message and have established a call for action. A Lizard’s Revenge spokesperson said “The legacy of nuclear waste and the threat of expanding nuclear weapon programs is an issue not just for Australians, but the world.�



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Page 2 –- Wednesday, 27, 2012 2012 Wednesday, June May 23,

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Monitor NEWS

APOMA hands Site fees continue to rise over the reins A By Millie Thomas


By Jason Munn

ollowing the recent appointment of new Andamooka Town Management Committee (ATMC) Community Administrator, Deborah Allen, the focus is now on what will be ďŹ rst on the agenda. “The ďŹ rst thing on the agenda is to decide what is on the agenda,â€? APOMA Chairperson and ATMC committee member, Peter Allen said, smiling. Mr Allen believes the town is deďŹ nitely in good hands. “Deborah Allen was the ďŹ rst female mines inspector in South Australia and then entered a career in the defence force becoming a qualified avionics technician on helicopters in the Royal Australian Navy.â€? Five years ago Ms Allen earned her position as an oďŹƒcer, winning numerous prestigious awards, and recently managed a ship as the supply oďŹƒcer which, “when you look at the number of people and the responsibilities involved, is similar to managing a town,â€? Mr Allen said. “I’m pretty conďŹ dent Ms Allen will bring a balanced approach to the position due to way she has had to work the people and personalities in the Navyy p – she’ll bring a lot of common sense and wisdom to the position.â€? Mr Allen, however, acknowledges the term

‘Administrator’ can attract negative connotations that raise questions about the eectiveness of APOMAs leadership. “For example, when a Council becomes dysfunctional an Administrator is appointed, when a company becomes insolvent an Administrator is appointed - to me that brings with it the perception that Andamooka needed an Administrator because it couldn’t function, when in reality it’s functioned exceptionally well.

Talking to “ the community

on a one - to one basis is important.


“It’s the load of that function that has become too much.â€? Andamooka is faced with a unique situation that oers the community a new opportunity for leadership, Mr Allen said. “Minister Russell Wortley made it clear in a radio interview recently that he doesn’t underestimate, by any stretch of the imagination, the importance of councils. “Over the years it seems our politicians and bureaucrats have somehow got further and further away from the people, and I believe uncaring in a lot of instances, however there are exceptions like Minister Russell

Wortley, Jennifer Rankine, Lynn Breuer and others, who really do seem to care about their portfolio of local government and are making a real eort.â€? Mr Allen has made it a point to regularly highlight this eort with the ATMC. For the ďŹ rst week of her appointment Ms Allen was preparing with the Outback Communities Authority in Port Augusta and is now in Andamooka, looking forward to interacting with the community. “Talking to the community on a one to one basis is important,â€? Mr Allen said. “But some of that responsibility also lies with the community, when the community knows there is a process they can follow, in this case come into the ATMC, talk to the manager, and ďŹ nd out what Ms Allen can do to help. “The ďŹ rst week is going to be pretty full on bringing Ms Allen up to speed with some of the actions that have to be transferred over from APOMA (Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association), and I know that Ms Allen wants to gget out there and meet as many people and stakeholders as she can.â€?

s of July 1 this year, residents at Myall Grove Caravan Park will have been subjected to a 77 per cent rate increase in just over twelve months.

After public outrage last year when residents saw their weekly rates jump from $155 per week to $250, site owner Aspen Parks have announced an additional $25 per week increase, eective from July 1. Aspen Parks CEO Lino Brolese last year attributed the 60 per cent hike as ‘meeting operational costs.’ Mr Brolese declined to comment on the impending rate rise in July. Caravan park resident Shae Caputo has lived in the caravan park for over seven years and is disgusted at the increase in rates. “Since that other caravan park closed it’s just gone up phenomenally,â€? exclaimed Ms Caputo. “When I ďŹ rst came here all those years ago, it

was $80 and I reckon I’ve had it seven years and it’s gone up to $275.� Currently, Ms Caputo lives with her eldest son Adam and is able to share the weekly cost, but she is also currently unemployed, relying only on Centrelink payments to maintain the family home and look after her two youngest sons. “By the time I pay electricity and all the rest of it I end up with no money but all my bills are paid, which is one thing. “But it’s ridiculous. It went up $95 when the caravan park (Olympic Dam) closed.� Ms Caputo has reached a crossroad in juggling the cost of paying weekly bills to maintain both her and her children’s lifestyles in Roxby, and moving back to her house in Port Lincoln. “I can’t drag the kids back to Lincoln again. They don’t want to go anywhere; they have school up here which means they will have to change schools.�

Tenants in the Myall Grove Caravan Park are unimpressed with the continual rise in site fees.


“Income protection for mine workers� Safeguard your earnings and protect your family. Wednesday 4th July 7:30 – 8:30pm @ Roxby Serviced Offices (20-22 Tutop St)


Places are strictly limited – book early by phoning Grace at Plansure Solutions 8172 8922 Deborah Allen pictured here with Mark Sutton, discussing Andamooka’s future.

A free service for the Roxby Downs community from Plansure Solutions. Dave Slovinec sub authorised representative 332395 of PTWO Pty Ltd trading as Plansure Solutions is a corporate authorised representative 360224 of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd ABN 1 074 608 558 Australian Financial Services Licence 234951. This communication has been prepared on a general advice basis only. The information has not been prepared to take into account your speciďŹ c objectives, needs and ďŹ nancial situation. The information may not be appropriate to your individual needs and you should seek advice from your ďŹ nancial adviser before making any investment decisions. THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, 27, 2012 –- Page 3 Wednesday, June May 23,

Sporting heroes visit Roxby Lisa Kennedy, Ashley Ebert, Russell Ebert and David Rodan surrounded by students at RDAS.

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from 6pm Page JuneMay 27, 23, 2012 Page44- –Wednesday, Wednesday, 2012


By Vanessa Switala

elected Port Power footballers and other athletes visited various schools across South Australia recently to celebrate BHP Billiton committing to a further three-year partnership with the Power Community Youth Program. Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) and St Barbara’s Parish School hosted talks by Russell Ebert, Power Community Youth Program manager and former club player and coach, as well as Darren Adamson, Power Community Limited general manager, current Port Power player David Rodan, Port Adelaide Women’s Football player Lisa Kennedy and Ashley Ebert, an ETSA Contax netballer. BHP Billiton has financially backed the innovative program since 2008 and its renewed commitment will enable Power Community Limited, the community development arm of Port Adelaide Football Club, use athletes to take healthy lifestyle messages to students across South Australia. Mr Ebert thanked BHP Billiton for its continuing support as a joint major partner. “It’s sensational for such an international company like BHP Billiton to see fit to continue their sponsorship over many, many years,” he said. “It allows us to get out to regional and remote areas. It allows us to take athletes to places that we would not normally be able to reach,” Mr Ebert explained. “With BHP Billiton on board it gives us that confidence to plan programs and make sure that our messages are getting right throughout the State not just in the metropolitan areas which are easier to service.” Mr Ebert told The Monitor the athletes held sessions at both RDAS and St Barbara’s Parish School to talk to students about diet, exercise, being healthy and making ‘good decisions’. He explained they were talking to older students regarding career opportunities and how they hope to achieve their career aspirations. “We call it our regional day, so we have 40 of our 45 players out in all the rural or remote areas of Yalata and Ceduna, Whyalla, we’re here in Roxby and the rest of our squad is driving within two hours of Alberton to visit all the country schools. “Often the children aren’t able to come to Adelaide. When they do come to Adelaide it’s a quick trip and its restricted so they don’t get the opportunity to mix with athletes male and female that are associated in our program, and the metropolitan schools can quite easily access the players and the club but rural and remote areas can’t, so one of the beauties of our program is that we take it out to the rural and remote areas,” Mr Ebert added. He told The Monitor he loves visiting Roxby Downs

and bringing the Power Community Youth Program to the students. Mr Ebert added, “I’ve been coming here since the late 70s, early 80s so I’ve seen the town develop and we’d like to think that we’re developing community programs. As Roxby grows, our community programs grow too and we love being involved at Roxby Downs.” BHP Billiton’s Vice President of External Affairs and Uranium, Kym Winter-Dewhirst said BHP Billiton is committed to supporting communities. “The Community Youth Program is a great fit for our business in South Australia because the profile of our workforce is accented towards families with children and an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle,” he stated. Mr Adamson said the support of BHP Billiton would ensure the positive messages continue to reach children across the State. “BHP Billiton has demonstrated that it supports and shares the values that the Power Community Youth Program promotes in our classrooms,” Mr Adamson stated. “Through its support, we are able to deliver on our shared commitment to making sure those messages of happy, healthy lives are heard by as many students as possible wherever they are in South Australia,” he added. Mr Adamson concluded, “The athletes in the program are powerful ambassadors and role models and they all enjoy the time they spend with young people wherever that may be, but especially in communities where the kids don’t always have access to these kind of initiatives.” The Power Community Youth Program was first established in 1999 by Mr Ebert to provide Australian Football League (AFL) players with additional personal development. It uses both male and female athletes to promote physical activity, nutrition, no-tobacco, harmony, respect, team work and other positive lifestyle messages to students. Power Community Limited staff, Port Adelaide AFL Players and female athletes visited more than 10,000 students in the West Coast, Mid-North, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. They also visited schools in Koonibba, Minalton, Nuriootpa, Riverton, Murray Bridge, Callington, Mannum and Victor Harbor. The program has grown over the past 13 years to reach approximately 30,000 students in 150 schools annually. Power Community Limited acknowledges the support of the program’s other joint major partner the Government of South Australia. They would also like to thank Adelaide Airport Limited for their generous support.

BHPB applauded for safety rating adoption By Millie Thomas HP Billiton has adopted the five star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) in its worldwide operations.


Since 1993 ANCAP has provided consumers with independent and transparent advice and information on the level of occupant protection provided by vehicles in serious front and side crashes. ANCAP has tested over 300 vehicles in this time, and recommends consumers only purchase five star rated vehicles. The company’s move follows the introduction of a minimum five star ANCAP safety requirement for all Australian Government passenger fleet vehicles. RAA (Royal Automobile Association) Senior Manager of Mobility and Automotive Policy, Mark Borlace, said big business is following suit demanding maximum safety for its employees and contractors

through safer vehicles. “We’re extremely pleased to hear that BHP Billiton has managed to implement a policy for maximum vehicle safety - not just in Australia, but worldwide across its fleet,” he said. “They’ve also pushed that one step further applying the minimum five star requirement across both passenger and light commercial vehicles.” Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Director, Road Safety and Environment, Martin Small said this announcement will serve as added impetus for manufacturers to include higher levels of safety not only in passenger vehicles but in particular the light commercial market segment which is lagging behind in terms of safety implementation. “This is one of the biggest decisions in favour of road safety that will be made this year in Australia, and demonstrates the supporting

influence big business can have on manufacturers,” he said. According to Mr Small, a third of compensable work related fatalities involve a vehicle. “This five star fleet purchasing decision will also benefit the broader community once the vehicles reach the end of their fleet life and are on-sold to general consumers,” he added. As well as crash testing new motor vehicles with published results, ANCAP contributes to the systems approach of improving road safety which includes; safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads, educating and influencing decision makers to effectively legislate and advocate for improved car safety, working with manufacturers and importers to raise the bar on safety, improvements and its importance to the consumer and cooperating with international advocates to lift and align safety standards around the world.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Mel puts down the secateurs Local florist of 15 years hands over the reins...


f Roxby Downs’ varied businesses and ser vices, perhaps one of the most surprising is its own florist, Flowers in the Bush.

However for the past 15 years, business owner Mel Vanzati has provided high quality flowers to Roxby Downs’ residents. Whether to garnish the dining room table, advance a spousal apology or flowers sent in sympathy and compassion, Mel’s creativity and apathetic nature has earned her a solid customer base and reputation. Mel started off working at her mother’s flower shop in Mount Barker once a week 17 years ago, progressively leading her to complete a course in modern floristry. A year later, having moved to Roxby Downs with her husband Carl and three young children Dylon, Danhi- Rae and Joel, Mel sought to continue what she had started. After ordering flowers for a work colleague from the then current florist, she was convinced there was a market for higher quality flowers and arrangements. Hence, Mel conceived the idea of ‘Flowers in the Bush’, and ever since she has diligently supplied flowers to thousands. “Yes, I’ve had lots of business,” Mel told The Monitor. “Anzac Day, funerals, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day occasionally Father’s Day, birthdays, all of that.” Mel remembered working in the ‘OEP (Olympic Dam Expansion Project) days’, of which she said Valentine’s Day was ‘massive’. “I think I sold something like 800 roses, which was absolutely crazy and I had my neighbour over the road helping me make flowers and she’d never done them before in her life and she had to come help me! It was absolutely mad,” Mel laughed. Although Roxby Downs doesn’t typically play host to funerals, she explained many opted to order flowers through Flowers in The Bush before leaving town. “They like something they can take rather than hunt around when they get there and not finding anything. A lot of people do that.” Although many clients require sensitivity or compassion, Mel said she enjoys everything about floristry. “Not the funerals obviously,” Mel said. “But, just making people happy when they get some flowers, seeing their happy faces, like yourself darl!” she jived.

Mel keeps updated with current trends and hybrids by doing her own research and said many flowers are showing interesting colour combinations. “They’re getting pretty clever with their roses; they’re not just the standard red, white and yellow. They’re making spray roses now and they are red and yellow or burgundy and pink, like just real bizarre colours, they’re really pretty. “The Bella roses, they’re really pretty at the moment too they’re like a pink colour with a green edge; they’re in at the moment,” she said. Oriental Lilies are popular at the moment too, she said. “They’re pretty and they smell a lot and that sort of thing. They are pretty expensive so they’re probably the most extravagant.” One client in particular made a romantic gesture to shame many spouses in Roxby, ordering two dozen roses, an order which Mel said was one of her most extravagant requests. Reactions received from the recipients can vary, depending on the nature of the gift, and also the person delivering it. “Mostly good reactions, most people are pretty pleased to see them,” Mel said. “Some people go, ‘what’s he done?’, or if you take them to a house and there’s several girls there it gets a little bit catty!” On busy days such as Valentine’s Day, she often recruits the help of Carl and her son and his friends. Resultantly, it has not been uncommon to hear reports of the boys performing topless deliveries, all in the name of good humour. But now, after many laughs and years of making people smile, it’s time for Mel to put down the secateurs. Her children are no longer as able to help, having all grown up and started their own lives in town, and long hours spent arranging flowers into the night are finally starting to take a toll. “Just getting too tired, too much work,” said Mel. “Too much going on with the house at Morgan and stuff like that so I need more time to get some other stuff done.” However there has been a number of interested parties that may be able to continue Mel’s work. “So Flowers in the Bush may continue, I hope so, because I would like to get flowers given to me now!” laughed Mel. In finishing, Mel said, “Just thanks to all the customers. I have had some really good customers so I’d just like to say thanks to all of them too.”

I think I sold like 800 roses which was absolutely crazy.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

If you need help with your finances then Lynne Ward from Community CPS Australia is here to help. Lynne visits Roxby Downs each fortnight offering professional advice about loans, investments and insurance. Community CPS is one of Australia’s largest credit unions with over 180,000 members. To make an appointment phone 0419 959 220 email or visit

Terms, conditions, fees and charges may apply to products and services mentioned above and are available on request. Community CPS Australia Ltd ABN 15 087 651 143 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237 856


By Millie Thomas


Mel pictured here with some of the beautiful flowers she keeps in her coolroom.


The National Broadband Network is improving access to healthcare around Australia

“The NBN gives people, especially those in regional areas, better access to healthcare from home. With a high-speed, much more reliable connection, doctors, nurses and specialists can stay in touch with their patients, wherever they are. I’m involved in a movement therapy trial, where a stroke patient in a regional location is connected online to a therapist in

Facts and benefits: The NBN will deliver access to high-speed, reliable broadband to all of Australia. The NBN rollout is underway, prioritising regional Australia.

if the patient and therapist were in the same room together.”

The NBN will include a range of technologies: optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite services.

- Dr. Penelope McNulty, Neuroscience Research Australia

Connecting to the NBN is simple.

Sydney. With the NBN, we get the same level of interaction as

To learn more about the National Broadband Network, visit or call 1800 023 076

Connecting Australia to a better future

National Broadband Network

Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

Wednesday, June May 27, 23, 2012 – Page 5 Wednesday,

Roxby InBusiness A thriving and sustainable local business community is essential to a vibrant and sustainable community. This weekly column shares some of the issues facing local business and some of the strategies they are using to gear up for the exciting times that lay ahead for Roxby Downs. Got an idea for a story or some feedback on a story in the Roxby InBusiness Column? Email vholloway@ or phone 8671 0500.

Indigenous employment opportunities for business “Over the next four years the Gillard Government has invested almost $650 million to the Indigenous Employment Program and $50 million to the Indigenous Youth Careers Pathway Program...This is part of our target to create more than 100,000 jobs for Indigenous Australians by 2018,” Honourable Julie Collins MP Minister for Community Services, Indigenous Employment and Economic Development. Indigenous employment in mining is high on the agenda of both the Federal Government and the Minerals Industry through the Minerals Council, who released the Minerals Industry: Indigenous Economic Development Strategy late last year. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) administers a number of financial assistance programs to assist all employers to employ and provide traineeships and work experience for aboriginal and torres strait islander employees.

Indigenous Wage Subsidy Indigenous Wage Subsidy (IWS) is an incentive paid to employers when they employ eligible Indigenous Australians on an ongoing basis. It includes Career Development Assistance to help Indigenous workers in achieving accredited training, tickets (such as Stop/ Go) or licenses (such as forklift) within their first 26 weeks of employment. IWS offers wage subsidies to employers of up to $6600 (including General Services Tax) over 26 weeks for ongoing full time employment, and $3300 (including GST) over 26 weeks for ongoing part time employment.

Indigenous Cadetship Support DEEWR can link employers with Indigenous tertiary students in a cadetship arrangement involving full-time study and work placements. In turn, employers give support, professional guidance and mentorship to the cadets. Employers must intend to offer ongoing employment on completion of studies. Support to meet some employment costs is available as part of a tailored package of assistance or separately. Call the Indigenous Employment Line on 1802 102 or see the fact sheets at

Community Development Employment Program The Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) program is an Australian Government funded initiative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. One of the initiatives under this program is to provide wage subsidies to employers who offer paid work experience to new CDEP participants (on income support). Employers can access CDEP participants through their Job Services provider, or contact FAHSIA for more information (08) 7628 3515.




0439 898 15 9

or email

We increasingly raise kids like farm animals, artificially bred (genetic risks of IVF - in vitro fertilisation - are almost taboo to note), cramped in flats and with a parade of substitute parents or other instability due to messy or complex lives of adults. Psychologist, Steve Biddulph, notes infants suffer stress and behavioral issues from long hours in daycare, and from puberty, boys especially need guidance of their fathers, and girls their mothers. Kids need various adults of both sexes in their lives. But usually the most profound security and affection in this context is having a permanent father and mother about. Single parenting and parenting by same sex couples, when occurring by advance choice, may put adult rights ahead of kids’ rights.

Not at theRoxby Crows Shed Linda Vij I reckon my neighbour has the It’s way too cold to have night footRoxby Downs Crows Shed in his back ball games! Bring back the sunshine. Onesie Fan yard. Don’t be fooled – it’s a little garden shed and when he and his mate get in there with a slab and a mobile Excellent to see local companies phone, it’s full! Pretty quiet this week- getting involved on Market Day with end. A fair indication of the number their Sidewalk Sale!! of Crows supporters in Roxby! Happy Jan Power-on Research consistently finds circumI hope the police will keep protes- cision halves risk of sexually transtors out of town when they come here mitted infections taking hold. Young next month. We don’t need a repeat adults in Australia now have record of last time when some confronted levels of infertility due to such infections, which (even aside from develresidents and children. Not Happy Jan opment of AIDS, specific to HIV) can also attack health in other ways, often I think people in town need to take ‘silently’. Circumcision is an unkind more consideration by parking in be- cut but benefits are life-long. It turns tween the lines in car parks! out the optimum time for recovery I Walk with minimal problems is usually eight days after birth. NJ Good to see Woolies have had some decent produce available at reasonable prices. Maybe we aren’t Are you the so hard done by up here! worried about Secret Shopper Great to see the football league making improvements by adding shelter for spectators at the town oval.


the protestors coming to Roxby Downs soon?

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Page 6 – Wednesday, Wednesday,May June23, 27,2012 2012


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NAIDOC Week fast approaching LEFT: NAIDOC representatives Larry Higgins, Mick McKenzie, Vivienne Holloway, Harry Dare, Kerry Orr and Sally Cormack.

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By Vanessa Switala

he first NAIDOC Week event for Roxby Downs will be held next Sunday, July 1 down Richardson Place from 11am until 4pm featuring live music, traditional food stalls, workshops and much more. NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields. The event will feature the Iwantja band, Warren Milera band, Mimili Mob Dancers, woodcarving and emu feather workshops. Umeewarra Media is the only indigenous Australian owned and operated radio station and will broadcast live on the day. An exhibition of artwork from Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) and Saint Barbara’s Parish School will also be featured along with a kid’s corner with craft activities. Business and Cultural Development Consultant Vivienne Holloway said, “This is a really important time for aboriginal people locally for a few reasons. It’s the first time three aboriginal groups (Kakatha, Barngarla and Kuyani) have joined together in a partnership, which they have done to work with BHP Billiton. Ms Holloway added, “The pending expansion is on such an enormous area of traditionally owned lands and one of the largest aboriginal archaeological digs ever has been completed (in the Roxby Downs region) amassing some 1000 artefacts.” Ms Holloway explained the land where Roxby Downs is now based was a meeting place for different indigenous Australian groups to come together. “So it’s lovely that we can do that now again, on our main street, and that the rest of the Roxby Downs community can share in that too as we are sharing in the resources coming from their lands through Olympic Dam,” she said. Mick McKenzie, indigenous elder and Kuyani Representative said the local NAIDOC Week event is historical because it is the first time it will be held in the area. Harry Dare, indigenous elder and Barngarla Representative explained, “I think it’s important we invite everybody to the event because it is the first event of this kind in Roxby.” “It is the start of an event that will continue in this community,” Mr Dare said. Mr Dare explained because Roxby Downs is a mining town the community consists of many different cultures. “All cultures are invited to share their cultural identity with us,” he said. “Roxby Downs is moving faster than some other centres for racism to be stamped out.” Larry Higgins, indigenous elder and Aboriginal Education Coordinator for the Far North added, “It’s an important part of the reconciliation process.” Kakatha Representative and indigenous elder Glenn Wingfield was absent during the meeting with The Monitor. Ms Holloway explained, “All communities need to recognise their indigenous heritage but especially a young community such as Roxby that has only been a town as we know it for some 30 years.” “Without a good appreciation for the indigenous history of this place, we’ll be without roots and in 100 years or whenever Olympic Dam is exhausted the town will blow away with the dust and lose its purpose beyond being a mining community. Ms Holloway told The Monitor from a personal perspective she believes Roxby Downs is ‘enormously privileged’ to have an indigenous community willing to share their stories and celebrations with the community at large. “It’s also been amazing that so many stakeholders and volunteers have come together to help plan the event, with representatives from RDAS, Kerry Orr from SA Health, Kath from Roxby Council, Kimberley from the Library, Erin from BHP Billiton, volunteers Nicole Trethowen and Heather Smith and of course Glenn Wingfield, Harry Dare and Mick McKenzie from Olympic Dam Consultancy,” said Ms Holloway. “We’re really lucky to have a fantastic business community who haven’t hesitated to provide support with MPS, Exact, Heading Contractors, Sodexo, Coates, Roxby Fabrication, Red Mulga and of course Roxby Council. “But, especially the support of major sponsors BHP BilTHE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

liton has been overwhelming,” she added. Ms Holloway said Roxby Downs was fortunate to receive a State Government Grant through the NAIDOC Grant’s Scheme. Workshops on traditional skills in painting and woodcarving will be held on Monday, July 2 for youth. Activities take place across the nation during NAIDOC Week in the first full week of July. All Australians are encouraged to participate.

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Wednesday, May 27, 23,2012 2012- – Page 7 Wednesday, June

Year 10 students hit the workforce Asha focuses on her love for kids

nce experie st rk o w 0 Year 1 e workforce la d th kids hit e Monitor hoste ol o h T . k e we rea Sch owns A Bill Jones D y b x o R tudents (RDAS)s orgia Starr and er and Ge to profile oth em nt. asked th ts on placeme . n stude re their stories These a

By Bill Jones

Year 10 student Asha Pedler enjoyed her time at the Roxby Downs Kindergarten.

Work experience provides students with a chance to go out into the workplace and see what it is like to work. Both Year 10 classes (60 students) participated in the subject. There is a vast spectrum of workplaces which students have chosen to go to. Year 10 student, Asha Pedler decided to complete her work experience at the Roxby Downs Kindergarten. “It’s been real fun. I’ve enjoyed every day there; the kids make it interesting,” she told The Monitor. “I would consider this as an interesting career choice. “One of the kids taught me how to make a paper plane and the staff have been really friendly and helpful,” Asha added. It is important students participate in work experience for several reasons. To get a sense of what it is like out in a variety of workplaces, to see if they will be happy in the career that they’re interested in and to learn the safety precautions involved in occupational health and safety.

Shannan Scarr chose to complete her work experience at the Roxby Downs Child Care Centre.

Shannan explores child care By Georgia Starr


ast week Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) Year 10 students undertook work experience.

Shannan Scarr did her work experience at the local Roxby Downs Child Care Centre and told The Monitor she learnt, “you have to watch the kids, and watch out for all allergies.” She said she, “enjoyed it because it has been a good experience.” When asked if this was a pathway she would choose for her future she said, “Possibly, because I enjoy looking after children.”


ast week the Year 10 students of Roxby Downs Area School (RDAS) underwent work experience as a part of the Integrated Studies subject.

Shannan also told The Monitor the experience was better than what she had expected. Work experience at RDAS is when students go out to face the workforce for one week. This is an eye opener for the students to figure out, or to finally get an idea of where they want to go after they have finished school. Work experience is essential for Year 10 students to undertake because it assists them with making life long decisions regarding career pathways. Students then have more of a chance to find the right job, and have a career they will enjoy.









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New President for Roxby Districts Rotary Club


Mr Sumsion is looking forward to continuing the club’s good work. “The club is bigger and stronger than ever now, and I’m very conďŹ dent that the club is in a position to move forward over the next twelve months and continue to complete the projects we have up and running,â€? Mr Sumsion said. Curdimurka Reserve is an ongoing project the Rotary Club has been developing over the previous twelve months. “Leigh was a passionate driving force behind that project - it had been a project the Council wanted to do, but wasn’t coming together, so it


needed a group and someone like Leigh to lead it and make it happen. “I think it will take some time before we ďŹ ll the whole pathway, but we are gradually moving forward and we have another order being organised over the next few months. The club will continue with projects and to support organisations in town, including the Dirt Circuit Racing Club. “We’re handling their canteen and admission at the gate.â€? The Roxby Districts Rotary Club is four years old – in that time the membership has uctuated due to the transient nature of the town, however, the club has maintained an enthusiastic and energetic membership and has grown from ten to twenty new members in the previous twelve months. “We have a mixed membership made up of males and females of various ages, but a lot

of younger members too. It’s representative of the people of the town – the fact we have younger members in the club is great. “We have 50 per cent new members on the board.� Mr Sumsion has a long history of service club membership prior to the inception of the Roxby Districts Rotary Club in 2008. Former president, Leigh Malcolm, said 2012 was a good year for Rotary. “It went very quick – we’ve gone from a club of ten to twenty, which is very rewarding, but I’d like to see us grow to 30 members which will make the club even stronger and viable. “I’d like to thank the members of the club and the community in general for their support and wish Craig all the best for the next twelve months.�

HANDOVER: Leigh Malcolm (left) congratulates Craig Sumsion on his presidency.

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Nuclear Power may pave the future in the outback

ustralian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio recently reported there had been a call for greater debate on the potential for nuclear energy to provide power to parts of South Australia’s outback. The report stated, an environmental scientist from the University of Adelaide predicted some outback mines could be nuclear-powered within 20 years. Joining the debate, retired Port Lincoln geology teacher and member of the Australian Nuclear Forum, Terry Krieg, is supporting the move. The ABC said he has begun lobbying state politicians over the issue, saying South Australia should at least start considering using so-called small modular reactors. “South Africa has been making them for

years, they’re small units and my view is that Olympic Dam, for example, two or three of those in a bank would power Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs and much of the north,â€? he said. “They’re very much on the go, small modular reactors, and that would be the way to go for us in South Australia.â€? He says it is hypocritical of South Australians to adopt a ‘not in my backyard’ attitude, given South Australia supplies the raw materials for many of the world’s nuclear power stations. “To say that, ‘well it’s alright for those people to have it but I won’t have one near to me’, that’s just silly, uninformed behaviour because it’s a heck of a lot safer living next-door to a nuclear power station than it is living next-door to a coal-ďŹ red power station,â€? he said.

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Arrests for disorderly behaviour


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Community Club for disorderly behaviour and will appear at the next sitting of the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court in August. A 27 year old male from Andamooka was detected drink driving at Andamooka and received an expiation notice for contravene a condition of his probationary licence by exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol for his class licence with a reading of 0.021. On Sunday, June 24 a 36 year old female from Roxby Downs was arrested at the Roxby Downs On Saturday, June 23 a 21 year old man from Community Club for disorderly behaviour and Roxby Downs was arrested at the Roxby Downs given a street diversion.

n Wednesday, June 20 a 31 year old male from Normanville and a 19 year old male from Kangaroo Island were arrested both for failing to truly answer questions resulting from a Mitsubishi sedan leaving the road out of control on Olympic Way, near the BP Roxby Downs at about midnight. Both were bailed to appear at the next sitting of the Roxby Downs Magistrates Court in August.



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Supplying and installing fibreglass and liner

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06/12 15054

By Jason Munn ormer Roxby Districts Rotary Club President Leigh Malcolm handed the presidency over to Craig Sumsion recently.



Rio Pool

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POOL AND YARD MAINTENANCE Wednesday, June Wednesday, May 27, 23,2012 2012 – Page 9


Monitor NEWS

Vale Dylon Bradie Fraser 06/01/1987 ~ 10/06/2012


By Millie Thomas

ew have achieved what Dylon Fraser did in his short life. At the age of 25, he had settled with his partner, whom he planned to marry, bought a house and started on its renovations, as well as satisfied his extensive car and motorbike desires.

Dylon pictured here with his partner Danika at a mutual friend’s engagement party recently.

In addition to being a loyal and well respected mate, Dylon’s senior Project Management role at Heading Contractors landed him a plethora of responsibilities and built him in good stead with his work mates. He developed an excellent working reputation amongst the Olympic Dam contracting community. His untimely death on June 10 this year has left a gaping void in Roxby’s small community, and his strong set of morals and cheeky humour will undoubtedly reverberate in and around the town’s confines for many years to come. Dylon, a carpenter by trade, passed away on Sunday, June 10 at 11.30am at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident in the early hours of Friday, June 8 in Roxby Downs. He was survived by his mother and father, Vicki and Rod Fraser, brothers Scott and Cort Fraser, his doting partner, Danika Sapwell and goddaughter, Sadie Tuthill. His funeral was held at William’s Chapel in Port Lincoln on Monday, June 18, and the estimated 400 attendees served as a testimony to his popularity. Personal tributes have flowed for Dylon both in print and social media, describing his cheeky smile and humour and unwavering dedication to his family and friends. Since his death, a notable 25 of Dylon’s friends and family have attained tribute tattoos, outlining his love for Jack Daniels whisky, Walkinshaws and his memorable and missed presence. Dylon’s strong work ethic was evident at a young age, as recently outlined by his father, Rod.

Rod described how Dylon would earn money by picking up bottles and cans at the local town oval, saving enough money to buy himself his first motorbike. This keen working attitude transcended through Dylon’s working years, evident in the aspirations he had for his house renovations – which he paid for - and was working through with the help of his mates. A major milestone in Dylon’s life came just recently, when he bought his dream car, a VL Walkinshaw. Anybody who had ever known Dylon would know of his slightly unhealthy obsession with the collectors item, and it was only a matter of weeks ago that he fulfilled this lifelong dream. Pertaining to his cheeky, intelligent ways, the car was kept for a number of weeks at his brother Cort’s house in Perth before being transported back to South Australia. However, not to be outdone by his older brother, Dylon made sure he removed the car’s number plates while it was kept there, without his supervision. Dylon’s employer Peter Heading presented a moving speech at Dylon’s funeral. He described Dylon’s fast ascent up the company’s corporate ladder, commending him for large contracts he had managed. Dylon’s co-workers further cemented this ideal, describing him as a foundation of the company. Dylon played a supportive role for his long – term partner Danika Sapwell, encouraging her desire to study, and becoming a member of her netball club, Olympic Dam Devils. Their plans as a couple to rebuild their house, travel and start a family together left many envious of the obvious love they had for one another. Dylon’s passion for life, his work, his family and his friends should serve as an example to others striving to succeed. Vale, Dylon Bradie Fraser, forever young.


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Wednesday, June Page 10 – Wednesday, May27, 23,2012 2012

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Kid’s Birthdays

What would your super power be?

Mahayla Hurrell celebrated her third birthday on June 29, 2012.

The Monitor asked some Roxby Downs Kindergarten students what their ideal superpower would be and why. Sebastian (4 years old): “Ben 10 superpowers because Ben 10 is cool.”

Kaige Verrall celebrated his seventh birthday at the Roxby Downs Community Club on June 16, 2012.

Scarlett (4 years old): “Whisper power so I can whisper secrets to people.”

Harper Deboer also celebrated her first birthday on June 20, 2012.

Sophia (4 years old): “Rescuing the kids from danger er because I want them m Happy Birthday to be safe.” ” Brooklyn (4 years old): “Running fast because it’s really good!”


Pamper your pooches!

wner and founder of new local business Shaven Haven, Krisha is proud to announce its official opening in Roxby Downs.

Shaven Haven has been supplying Roxby Downs’ residents with professional pet grooming, accessories and pet treats since April this year, and is now in full swing. Krisha has launched herself into her new business and already has many regular local clients from Roxby Downs, Woomera and Andamooka. Shaven Haven has also recently released their own brand of delicious pet treats and pet deodoriser. Krisha said, “It’s professional strength, environmentally and pet friendly. Better than commercial brands - gentle on the skin and not loaded with sodium chloride (also known as common salt) that other commercial brands can sometimes use as a thickening agent, and has a harmful effect on beloved pets.” Shaven Haven prides itself in using products that are all natural, environmentally and pet friendly. Krisha lives in Roxby Downs with her fiancé, son and two furry friends. She moved here in November 2011 because her fiancé was working on a fly-in, fly-out basis and they wanted more of a family lifestyle. Being a local business owner Krisha takes pride in shopping locally and frequently visits other local businesses. Krisha said, “I like to encourage people to shop locally as I understand that in order for our town to continue to grow, and for the business owners to continue to expand their businesses and meet the demands of the growing community, that we need to shop locally to support this to happen.” “As most of the community has pets and with the sometimes harsh weather we have here we need a pet sanctuary where we can drop our fur babies off and know they are going to be loved THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

and pampered as if they were our children, because for some people they are the only babies that they have, and they deserve as much love and pampering as their owners give them, if not more. “I get a great personal satisfaction when a pup comes in and needs a bit of TLC (tender loving care) and then when they leave they look and feel like a completely different dog. Much like if we went to the hair salon, beauty or massage parlour - we look and feel fantastic after and so do they,” she exclaimed. Taking pride in her new business venture, Krisha has extensive experience in grooming and also a wide knowledge base with other groomers across the State and throughout Australia. As with all occupations, there is always new information and products coming out, so Krisha likes to keep up to date and communicate with her fellow pooch lovers. “Being quite a new industry people need to be aware of common misconceptions about the industry,” Krisha said. “As it’s an industry where there are lots of schools and grooming salons where some groomers claim to be industry trained and nationally certified. “Of course some courses may be beneficial to new groomers entering into the industry and give you a basic knowledge of the do’s and dont’s. It’s an occupation where like many it’s on the job training, education and research and friendly customer service that really counts,” she added. Shaven Haven also offers a pick up and drop off service, ideal for shift workers who have restricted time tables. Customers can also book on line any time of the day or night. (SHAVENHAVEN. Shaven Haven also has its own Facebook page where clients can check out all the services and price lists, before and after photos, pet accessories and treats available. If you would like more information phone Krisha at Shaven Haven on 0468 374 938.

to Logan Kelly who celebrated his first birthday on June 20, 2012.

SHAVEN HAVEN Dog Grooming & Pet Accessories

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Wednesday, 2012 – Page 11 Wednesday, May June 23, 27, 2012


Dave Kovac is re-inventing his stall for the next Market Day.

Stella Chow browses through baby wear. Artist Dave Follett sold original drawings and prints of his work.

Helena Vizy set up a stall selling self-painted stones, opals and ornaments.

Wendy and Cameron check out a toy truck.

Page 12 – Wednesday, May27, 23,2012 2012 Wednesday, June

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Robert Banyari, Janie Butterworth, Ellen Ingold and Mark Butterworth were at the Oasis Wine Dinner last Wednesday night.

Paul and Janice Christensen with daughter Sarah at their craft stall on Saturday.

Adrienne Koenig, Cornel Carvalho and Elke Hall manned the gate at football recently. ??

Leigh Malcolm and Teresa Baddeley enjoyed a glass of wine at the recent Oasis Wine Dinner.

New Roxby residents Johan and Maritha Potgieter enjoyed themselves at the Oasis Wine Dinner last Wednesday night.


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Christian â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sharkbaitâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Fresi and Jade Papastamatis enjoyed a counter meal at the Club last Friday night. Look for your photo in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Party person of the weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to win one free $25 voucher at the Community Club.

+.,86.*6.6+.;*7-;.,.2?.8//*55/88-*7--;274<m=*4.*@*B<8?.;=1.+*;YV62-7201=m687-*B]X<*=>;-*Bm THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper

Ph 8671 0117 m

Wednesday,May June23, 27, 2012 2012 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Page 13 Wednesday,

Postie Bash 2012 By Vanessa Switala


ixteen postie bikes revved up for the second Roxby Downs Community Postie Bash held last weekend. The Postie Bash committee announced approximately $45,000 has been raised so far, plus more than $2,500 raised at the auction night at William Creek Saturday evening. More funds are still coming in. The event saw 16 teams sign-up this year and over 100 spectators come along for the 250 kilometre return ride to William Creek. Creative team names included, 105.5 Rox ‘in the head’ FM, Men in Blue, Whistling Turtles, Blue Rockets, Crash Bandicoots, Teachers Pets and the Wild Guinea Pigs. Participants met at the Roxby Downs Dirt Circuit track in minus two degree temperatures early Saturday morning and were eager to hit the road. Teams gained points from challenges along the way including egg throwing, an egg and spoon race, tent challenge, dry Weet-Bix eating and Jaffa spitting amongst many others. The Scouts put on a great show, setting up a maze for the riders and bombarding them with plastic softballs and shooting them with Nerf blasters. Riders had to pay the Scouts to allow them to pass through the maze, with one team having to pay the Scouts $50 for their confiscated bike after it was placed in the luggage hold under the Scouts Greyhound bus. The overall winners for most points were Teachers Pets on 195 and the Whistling Turtles raised the most money with a total of $3,110. The weekend was more about Roxby Downs community spirit rather than winning, with the community banding together to raise money and support the local community. Postie Bash committee member Sam Secker said she was impressed with the community spirit. “It’s fantastic. The guys have done a great job,” she said at William Creek. Unfortunately there was one casualty with Kayleen Gregan- Castle from Toy Story coming off her postie bike at 85 kilometres an hour and having to travel to Whyalla for surgery on a broken wrist. Bill Hiscox, captain of the Toy Story team, was awarded a Team Spirit trophy as he rode the rest of the way to William Creek by himself while the rest of his team tended to Kayleen. Simon Turvey from the 105.5 Rox ‘in the head’ FM team travelled from Adelaide with other team members Nick Warner and Ryan Balkwill. He said it was a fantastic event and cannot wait until he travels to Roxby Downs next time. “It gets people off Facebook and into the real world,” he explained. Regional Manager Chris O’Neil from Transpacific completed the last leg of the track for his team. “It was great, I was taking it easy,” he explained, as he pulled in second to last. “I was taking it all in, it’s not a race,” he justified. He explained the Transpacific team did not finish in the 2011 inaugural event, “At least we finished twice this year, we had two bikes!” Mr O’Neil joked, “Let’s turn around and do it all over again!” The Roxby Downs Blue Light Committee entered their team ‘Blue Rocket’ in this year’s Roxby Community Postie Bash to return support. Last year the Blue Light Committee received sponsorship for Blue Light youth events by the Postie Bash Committee. Team member Fiona Kerrish said, “We thought it would be good to return the support by entering a team in this year’s Postie Bash and hopefully help provide more services and events for the youth of Roxby Downs.” “Government and private organisaWednesday, May June23, 27,2012 2012 Page 14 – Wednesday,

tions can only provide so much funding. It’s important for communities to join together and support events that will ultimately benefit themselves by providing recourses for the town. “It is also great for members of our committee, including police, to interact with members of the community in a social setting, hopefully building relationships between the two,” Ms Kerrish said. Rox FM Station Manager Mr Tregenza said Rox FM entered a team in the inaugural Postie Bash last year and were keen to re-enter. “As soon as we heard it was going to happen last year we decided to get on board. It’s such a unique event through both sponsorship of the event and entering a team – where else in the world can you see some of Australia’s most beautiful and iconic landscapes in two days on postie bikes, while at the same time raising money for such a good cause?” Mr Tregenza explained, “We were indeed in last year’s event – I can’t think of a single highlight – the whole weekend was a highlight, there are few things that you can do in the world that you can call a true adventure but this was indeed one that I don’t think anyone who was on it will forget! “Events like this help to forge a sense of community and a feeling of belonging and being a part of where you live,” he added. The 105.5 Rox ‘in your head’ FM team at the time of print had raised approximately $2000 for the event. The team would like to thank their Gold Sponsor, Transpacific Waste and their Silver Sponsor, MPS Building and Electrical. Kempe chose to enter a team in the event this year and stated it is a fantastic event. Corporate Business Development Director for Kempe Murray Jackson told The Monitor, “It’s awesome. We’ll definitely be doing it again.” “The bike is holding up, it’s going great!” he exclaimed. Jake Sellis and Neville Statsbury also enjoyed the event and said it was great for ‘team building.’ The Rotary Club of Roxby Districts did an excellent job on the weekend organising food for participants and spectators with Sodexo donating all food for the event. The inaugural Roxby Downs Postie Bash was held last year with the idea conceived by locals Matt Holder and Dave Secker. The excitement and enthusiasm has exceeded their expectations with over 100 people now involved in the event. Last year’s event raised a staggering $50,000 which was distributed to the local hospital, both schools, childcare centre, youth centre, kindergarten, and a free movie night on the secondary oval. The Postie Bash was set up to raise funds to support the local community but the original aim was to raise a ‘couple of grand’ by riding a postie bike to William Creek and back.

2012 Postie Bash participants in front of the Wiliam Creek Hotel.

Ainsley, Gus, Bear and Tully.

Men in Blue team member Simon Darling enjoyed the ride.

2012 Transpacific Roxby Community Postie Bash award winners Most money raised: Whistling Turtles, $3,110. Most points awarded: 1st Teachers Pets, 195 2nd The Wiggles, 185 3rd Men in Blue, 180 Best Stacks: 1st Kayleen Gregan- Castle 2nd Dave Miller 3rd Werner Mare Team Spirit: Bill Hiscox- Toy Story Roger Schmakeit- Transpacific Jimmy- Outback Riders Two riders who stopped and helped Kayleen Best dressed: Toy Story and The Wiggles.

Arid Recovery team the Crash Bandicoots included Kylie Piper, Anni Walsh, Hayley Thompson and Hannah Spronk with their postie bike ‘Tim’.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

a Great Success Dave Miller was awarded second place for the ‘best stack.’

The two Transpacific teams at Lake Eyre.

Rox FM team members Simon Turvey and Ryan Balkwill with Scout Logan during the Scout tent challenge.

Rox FM team members Ryan Balkwill, Simon Turvey, Julian Trgenza, Kerryn Jones and Nick Warner at Lake Eyre.

Winning team for Postie Bash 2012 was Teachers Pets with 195 points.

Kirsty, Rainor, Isabelle and Llewelyn.

The Postie Bash Committee would like to thank its sponsors for the

2012 Transp

Cup Roxby Community Postie Bash


Wednesday,May June23, 27, 2012 2012 – Page 15 Wednesday,

Page 16 27, 2012 2012 14 –- Wednesday, Wednesday, June May 23,

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Cyclist safety


ommunity members and police have raised concerns with Roxby Road Safe about visibility of cyclists in our area, on dark winter nights and early mornings, they can be difficult to see. he following information was found on www., where you can also find some great booklets for new (and rusty) bike riders and awesome tips for teaching your child to ride a bike (what a great milestone for a child).

T r drivers Safety tips fo ts. ad for cyclis Scan the ro g an g or enterin When turnin ok for cyclists lo intersection as you would y a w e iv g and er vehicle. th o for any ar ning your c Before ope d and check ehin door look b for cyclists. ts o sp d lin b or t drive, stop o u You must n o Y . e n la ycle park in a bic icycle lane to b can cross a rivate property p r te n e , ft e. turn le parking lan a or park in legally ride Cyclists can e patient .B two abreast ach and ro p as you ap when safe. ly n o overtake om plenty of ro Give cyclists of one metre - a minimum n overtaking. he clearance w

it’s important that both cyclists and motorists consider each other and share the road safely. Road rules Cyclists must obey all the road rules, just like motorists. This means obeying stop signs and traffic lights, riding on the left side of the road and giving way to pedestrians on crossings. Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as any other road user. Cycling is a wonderful way to exercise, it can be a solo activity or one to share with family and friends so the numbers of people riding is increasing steadily. Cycling is good for our health and even just one less car on

r cyclists Safety tips fo Regardless of age, experience opping including st s s le ru d a ro or area cyclists are vulnerable n e g th si y p e o b O nals and st when travelling on the road so at traffic sig y at intersections. wa and giving at least one left and ride parked cars. e th to p e Ke and of the kerb metre clear g car ople openin Look for pe ont of you. doors in fr chool holidays are almost upon red clothing bright colou ear light r a e W us and the library has some great . n e w Be se ay. At night t activities for younger members of during the d g and use a white fron thin e. our community. coloured clo d rear light on your bik If you have children aged between 5 and light and re tersections. ehicles at in ontact to 12 years old, why not book into the school v r e th o r fo ye c Look holiday activities being held each Wednesday e – make e . Never assum otorists have seen you of the holidays? m re make su gnal si , e lin t On Wednesday, July 4 we continue our h ig ra tably in a st hange lanes. NAIDOC celebrations and feature ‘Amazing c Ride predic r n to turn o Australian Animals’. The kids will love what’s t your intentio u b l, a breast is leg planned - craft activities, music, singing and Riding two a to hog the road. t stories all about our beautiful and indeed o n re a c take amazing native animals. The following week July 11, 2012 ‘Sensational Super Heroes’, involving mask making, creating a super hero and lots of fun stuff - so we could see the streets dotted with little super heroes after the session. Lucky for Roxby!

the road is good for the environment too. The popularity of the Tour Down Under in regional towns in South Australia has brought cycling out of the metropolitan areas and onto our country roads, bringing a need for motorists and cyclists to co-exist on our roads. The State Government is hoping to double the number of bike riders as part of the State Strategic Plan. Enjoy biking around town and our region, but please keep safe and, as a motorist, be aware of increasing numbers of cyclists on our roads. Share the road and be seen.

School holiday program


As with all holiday programs, children younger children may require adult assistance and the session run from 2 to 3pm. Please contact our wonderful library staff to book your child’s place by phoning 8671 0660. Places are limited and we don’t want your child to miss out.

Dogs on leashes


oxby has some fantastic areas to walk your dog – we highlighted the Emu Trail last week.

Our canine community needs to be cared for by their owners to make sure they enjoy a happy healthy life too. Being a responsible dog owner is more than making sure they have a bowl with food in it and a water container in the back yard. Dogs are social pack animals so they need exercise and interaction with other dogs and their families too. Roxby Downs dogs need to be leashed whilst in public spaces. Should you want to take them bush you must be able to control them on voice command, for their own safety and others that you may encounter on your travels.

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email:


After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870


THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

LIBRARY Opening hours 8.30 am to 5 pm weekdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0660 • Fax 8671 1418 Email: Library membership is free! A wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities Toddler Story Time 9.30 am Tuesday and Thursday

Quarterly met re reads Council wishe s to quarterly metre advise reads are commenc in g this week, so we a sk that that access to your metre is clear for our c ontractors during this we ek.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is free! Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

Page 17 -- Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Science challenge success for locals R

Music clip Violinist Alex Thomas with Bronc’s, Boots and V8 Utes artist Shane Johnson in Wilmington. And INSET: At the Wilmington Rodeo Arena filming the music video.

By Georgia Starr

oxby Downs Area School students recently attended the Science and Engineering challenge in Port Pirie.

Twenty-one local students from Year 8 to 10 teamed up with a group from the Orroroo Area School to compete in the event held at St Marks College in Port Pirie earlier this month. The idea of the challenge was to immediately involve students in a science activity with little information, introduction or theory. The challenges encourage students to figure out and explore scientific principles for themselves, instead of being guided to a predetermined answer. The nation-wide challenge, organised by the University of Newcastle, involved regional competitions between local schools, with winners playing off for the state title. The challenge involved fun and competitive activities, bringing together principles of science, engineering, and technology. Challenges included full-day and half day activities such as building a small bridge from balsa, pins, tape, paddle pop sticks, constructing a hovercraft, building a catapult and an aircraft, a power station and earthquake proof tower – all judged on the use of various scientific principles and performance. OPEN 7 DAYS

Post Of¿ce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

By Jason Munn


hen local filmmaker Travis Hague listened to a song c alle d ‘Bronc’s, Boots and V8 Utes’ by Andamooka country music artist, Shane Johnson, he instantly knew he wanted to make the music clip. Mr Hague, who moonlights as a Roxby Downs pest controller, said he was working on a job in Andamooka one day and noticed a collection of Mr Johnson’s music equipment. “Shane said he was releasing a song and I told him I liked playing with cameras and would love to have a go at making a music clip - so Shane gave me the opportunity,” Mr Hague said. Several meetings later, Mr Hague had drawn up a storyboard with ideas on how he thought the music clip should look, and Mr Johnson had ideas on shooting at the Wilmington Rodeo. “We got permission to shoot there, which was fantastic, and were able to get some extras involved on the night – everyone

was so good about it.” The night also involved an opportunity to shoot in the arena. It was a low budget guerrilla style shoot; rush in, attack, rush out, however the team had everything planned ahead of time so they knew exactly what they were doing. “We were only allowed about 30 minutes in the arena, and Shane wore a white top which presented a lighting challenge. We were under quite a bit of pressure. “The area was already well lit, but we used a hand held LED (light emitting diode) light to balance the lighting due to Shane’s hat casting a shadow over his face – I didn’t want him to have raccoon eyes. “We also had to be careful with the lighting because Shane’s white shirt was over-exposed and threatening to blow out completely.” In addition to the arena shoot going surprisingly well Mr Hague was also impressed by a variety of serendipitous moments caught on camera while shooting around the Wilmington

Rodeo. “We got some fantastic bull riding shots, and it’s amazing too the things that just seemed to work – it’s really uncanny. “Of course lots of things don’t work, but then something amazing will – like when a bull rider was bucked off, he could have fallen in any direction, but he actually fell on his knees facing the camera. “Then there’s another shot where I’m filming back behind the shoots, and then all of a sudden I’ve locked onto an Australian champion psyching himself up – I’m thinking ‘wow, this looks perfect’.” But the moment that really knocked Mr Hague for a loop

was a particular shot of a horse. “The song is about Broncos so I had to shoot some horses, so I lined up a shot of this broken down old horse towards the back of the rodeo, I pressed record, pressed stop, then went and filmed something else. “Then when I got home I looked at the shot and this horse actually seemed to poke its tongue out and then wink. “I thought, ‘horses don’t do that’ – it was as if he didn’t make it into the arena so he was determined to be in this music clip.” Mr Hague repaid the horse’s efforts and put him into the clip. “Some people probably don’t even see him but he’s in there, which should make him happy.”

Business Guide t o ser vices in

142 Main North Road. Prospect ph (08) 8343 1999 Shaun Keogh Mobile 0408 931 205

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Autopro Roxby Downs

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage Delivery Specialists

0427 716 173

Phone: (08) 8671 2200 Fax: (08) 8671 2277 Shop 18-19 Richardson Place

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

Visiting Adam Bishop Roxby Downs Mortgage Consultant Fortnightly

Detailing All Vehicles • Wash & Vacuum • Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo • Comprehensive Interior & Exterior clean • Cut, Polish, Waxing • Packages Available Page 18 27, 2012 2012 14 –- Wednesday, Wednesday, June May 23,


Adam Bishop Mortgage consultant

22 Walker Crescent Whyalla SA 5600 M: 0400 267 736 F: 08 8644 3139

PGE 198058 AU20207

8671 1353

facsimile 08

8671 2229

PO Box 275 - Roxby Downs - South Australia 5725

Credit Representative 386 805

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The Board that provides a community voice locally Roxby’s inaugural NAIDOC week street party!


oxby Downs holds its first ever NAIDOC Week celebration with a mainstreet festival on Sunday the July 1 between 11am and 4pm. Everyone’s invited to come and celebrate Aboriginal culture with live music and performances, traditional skills workshops, a free barbecue, kids corner, stalls and exhibitions and so much more. There will be performances from: • The Warren Milera Band • The Iwantja Band • The Mimili Dancers • A live broadcast from Ummeewarra Media • Traditional skills workshops in wood carving and burning as well as emu feather slippers • A free barbecue and traditional kangaroo tail cookup • Kids corner • Story telling and stalls • Exhibits from the students of RDAS (Roxby Downs Area School) and St Barbara’s Paris School. Join us on the Roxby Downs mainstreet on Sunday, July 1 between 11am and 4pm. Roxby’s first NAIDOC event would not have been possible without the hard work of the following people on the NAIDOC Week Committee: Kerry

Orr from SA Health, Harry Dare, Glenn Wingfield and Mick McKenzie from Olympic Dam Cultural Consultancy, Erin Woolford from BHP Billiton, Sally Cormack and Sam Jett from RDAS, Vivienne Holloway and Kath Messner from the Roxby Council Community Team, Kimberley Hargrave from the library and dedicated volunteers Heather Smith and Nicole Trethowan. Many other people have also put up their hand to volunteer on the day to make the event a success. The beautiful artwork displayed on the street banners and NAIDOC Week advertising is the work of Colleen Taylor of Wulla Designs and designed by Susie Smith. Of course, the event would also not be possible without the overwhelming support from our local businesses, especially major sponsors BHP Billiton, and supporting sponsors Roxby Downs Community Board, Roxby Council, MPS Building and Electrical, Exact Mining Services and Heading Contractors, Roxby Fabricators and HEH Archaeology, in kind supporters Sodexo, Red Mulga, and Coates Hire. The event was also fortunate to receive a Federal Government grant under the NAIDOC Week grants scheme.

High Tea


igh Tea at the Outback Tea Ro oms (als o know as Dunes Café) will be held on July 28, 2012. It will be a great chance to test run the fashion for the field at Roxby races as well as spending some quality time with other wom-

JOINING FORUMS If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people. New members are always welcome.

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000

Holiday workshops


ou can learn traditional dot painting and traditional woodcarving and burning. The workshops will be held in the youth centre on Monday July 2 between 9am and 4pm. It is just $10 per one hour

session and all materials are provided. The workshops are designed for youth aged between 12 and 18. Bookings are essential. To find out more or to book a spot contact Nicole on 0404 422 673 or trethowan@bigpond. com.

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964

COMMUNITY BOARD Michelle Hales 0418 833 818

EDUCATION and WORKPLACE TRAINING Michelle Hales 0418 833 818

SPORTS and RECREATION FORUM Michael Wall 0447 888 337

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrik Ibele 8671 0168


en that call Roxby (and surrounds) home. We urge you to get a group of girlfriends together and join us for the afternoon. Tickets will be on sale from July 2, 2012 - more information about tickets will be in next week’s edition of The Monitor.

Karen Russell 8671 9020





Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month.

Teresa Baddeley • Darren Smith

For further information, advice or general questions please contact:

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Liz Rogers • Cindy Harrichund • Bill Boehm Chad Menzies • Heath Murry • Michael Esposito•

Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:

Like us on Facebook THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, May June 23, 27, 2012 Wednesday, 2012 – Page 19 15

Classifieds The


CALL 8671 2683



Roxby Downs Small Oval Tender Municipal Council of Roxby Downs

Rural Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s GP Service


Tenders are invited from experienced and suitably qualiďŹ ed Contractors for the Design and Refurbishment of the Roxby Downs Small Oval, Contract MW28/12 Works include: Design, Bulk Earthworks, Irrigation, Turf Planting and Maintenance.

Ç Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ä?ŽŜĆ?ƾůĆ&#x;ĹśĹ?ŽŜ

Monday 9th July, 2012

Tender documents are available electronically from:The Tenders SA Web Site Or The Roxby Downs Council Web Site.

Please bring your Medicare card CONSULTATIONS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Attendance at the pre tender site meeting to be held on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 at 1.00pm at the Council OfďŹ ces, Richardson Place, Roxby Downs is mandatory and a pre-requisite to submission of a tender.


Tenders in writing close at 4.00pm Thursday, July 19, 2012 at the ofďŹ ces of:-

Ph: 8673 7788

FOR long term company lease. Five bedroom home, each room fully secured. All rooms with BIR and split aircons. Main Rd Andamooka. Metres from all facilities. POA phone: 0427 717 704.

Gayler Professional Services 21 Rundle Street KENT TOWN SA 5067 Tenders must be submitted in duplicate in a sealed envelope and clearly marked â&#x20AC;&#x201C; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Roxby Downs Small Oval Tender.â&#x20AC;?

Notice of Road Closure

Tender enquires may be addressed to the Works Manager â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Peter Keller Ph 0417 821 697

Section 33 5RDG7UDIĂ&#x20AC;F$FW

Neither the lowest nor any tender necessarily accepted.

EMPIRE Mining Associates. Mining, maintenance and machinery hire. Looking for work Roxby area. 20 years mining experience diesel mechanic. Exploration development and production. Gavin Bagnell 0419 196 760.

Bill Boehm Administrator

NOTICE Is hereby given that the Administrator of the Roxby Downs Council on June 13, 2012 made the following orders; That the Administrator of the Council exercises the power vested in the Administrator under WKH5R[E\'RZQV ,QGHQWXUH5DWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQ $FWDQG6HFWLRQRIWKH5RDG7UDIĂ&#x20AC;F$FW DQG&ODXVH)RIWKHLQVWUXPHQWRI*HQHUDO$SSURYDORIWKH0LQLVWHU1RYHPEHU 



W. J. Boehm Administrator June 13, 2012

PAINTING and decorating. Residential and commercial. Quality


TWO Bedroom Unit for Rent. Myall Grove Caravan Park. Avail 3rd July. Phone - 04277 101 27.

finish, sensible prices. DARREN and Lisa Phillips are pleased to Roxby based. Call Alex announce the arrival of for a quote: 0430 495 Ava Grace born May 31. A little sister for 544 BLD 238217. Lyla.

Australian Road rules Exemption and Conditions Rule 230: Crossing the road Rule 234: Crossing the road on or near a crossing for Pedestrians Rule 238: Pedestrians travelling along the road.



Ph 8842 2977 AH Scott 0437 300 442

DUBLIN Gerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Meat Store. Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices. New $230 Freezer pack (mix and match), 2kg Lamb Roast 1kg Beef Schnitzel, 2kg Pork Roast, 1kg Chicken Schnitzel, 2kg Beef Roast 1kg Budget Bacon, 2kg Roast Chicken, 2kg Marinated Wings, 1kg BBQ steak, 2kg Beef Sausages, 1kg Beef Mince 20 Gourmet Patties, 1kg BBQ Lamb Chops 1, Large Mettwurst, 1kg Pork Leg Chops, 1 Bottle Marinade, 1kg Diced Steak, Phone: 8529 2229.


ADELAIDE accommodations from $85/n Seacroft Apartments, Semaphore SA www. seacroftapartments. ph 0412 106 646.



Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs

Tuesday 10th July PM and Wednesday 11th July AM Tuesday 24th July PM and Wednesday 25th July AM

Times to accommodate shift workers Instant health fund rebates - Manual adjusting & Activator techniques 24/7 Booking & enquiry service PHONE 8645 0880



CHRISTIAN PASTORAL SUPPORT WORKER (Previously known as School Chaplain)

ROXBY DOWNS AREA SCHOOL 7 Richardson Place Roxby Downs SA 5725 Phone: 8671 0011 Schools Ministry Group and the Roxby Downs Christian Ministry Association invite applicants for this 14-15 hour per week position commencing Term 4, 2012. The position exists to offer support to students, staff and the school community. A -RE DQG 3HUVRQ 6SHFLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQ ZLWK GHWDLOV RI KRZ to apply is available from Schools Ministry Group phone 8378 6800 or go to Closing date Friday August 10th at 5pm

Client Services OfďŹ cer

The Client Services OfďŹ cer will be responsible for undertaking a range of keyboard and administrative tasks which contribute to the provision of clerical support and provides enhanced customer service to SAPOL clients.

ROXBY DOWNS POLICE STATION PERMANENT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; FULL TIME VAC NO: 4181/2012 $44,479 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; $48,143 p.a. (ASO2) Details of this vacancy, including the Job and Person SpeciďŹ cation, are available at refer to Vacancy 4181/2012. For further enquiries please contact Lil Andrew on 8648 5042. Applications close: 5.00pm Friday 13 July 2012 SAPOLI011742

Chefs and Pastry Chef Sodexo is a recognized leader in the provision of high quality food and total management services to the mining, construction and oil/gas industry throughout Australia. The Sodexo Olympic Dam Project catering department produces several thousand meals per day and currently has vacancies for casual/relief chefs and a pastry chef. Chefs are responsible for the preparation and presentation of bulk products in various areas of the kitchen. In addition to this Sodexo also requires a chef skilled in bulk desserts DV ZHOO DV WKH DELOLW\ WR FUHDWH KLJK TXDOLW\ Ă&#x20AC;QH IXQFWLRQ desserts. The successful candidate must have an excellent understanding of OHS and HACCP requirements. The ability to work various rosters including day and night VKLIWLVHVVHQWLDODQGDOOFDQGLGDWHVPXVWSURGXFHD&HUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWH 3 in Commercial Cookery. To apply for this position please email your resume to or for further information please contact Rebecca Jansen, Senior HR Advisor on 0418 228 599. $OOĂ&#x20AC;QDODSSOLFDQWVIRUWKLVSRVLWLRQZLOOEHDVNHGWRSURYLGHD FULPLQDOUHFRUGFKHFN3OHDVHQRWHWKDWWKLVSRVLWLRQLVH[HPSW IURPWKHRSHUDWLRQRI VSHQWFRQYLFWLRQVODZVDQGDOORIIHQFHV PXVWEHGHFODUHG+RZHYHUDOODSSOLFDWLRQVZLOOEHFRQVLGHUHG RQWKHLUPHULWV

Is pleased to announce it can now offer eftpos IDFLOLWLHVDWWKHRIĂ&#x20AC;FHRQ5LFKDUGVRQ3ODFH All cards except Diners International Club are DFFHSWHG%RRN\RXUDGYHUWLVHPHQWQRZDQG WDNHDGYDQWDJHRIWKLV


Ph 8632 3557 AH Bob 0417 330 258


MONITOR CAR LOT Make the most of our for sale advert with a picture in the classified section for $15 for 1 week- $20 for 2 weeks Contact The Monitor today to place your ad! Phone 8671 2683 or email

Page 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wednesday, May27, 23,2012 2012 Wednesday, June

THE MONITOR â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Your Community Newspaper


Monitor NEWS

Compete in MAC’s $20,000 Matemorphosis Club Challenge

By Bill Jones he Motor Accident Commission (MAC) will continue to boost awareness for country road safety with a new Facebook campaign urging rural towns to support their football teams for a chance to win $20,000.


MAC wants the community to use the popular social network to express ideas on how they can improve the Matemorphosis campaign or bring a road safety message alive in their local club and community. MAC General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Ben Tuffnell said even though there has been a recent reduction in road trauma, country road incidents remained at a high level. “This competition is open to any member of the community that has pledged their support to a SACFL (South Australian Country Football League) team on the Matemorphosis facebook page,” Mr Tuffnell said. Each entry on the Facebook site will earn points that accumulate into the grand prize of $10,000. Another five runners up will win $2,000 each. The prize can be spent on any new utilities that will benefit the football club of that community. The Matemorphosis

ABOVE: The Look of the MAC’s new road safety campaign.

Local boy chosen for SA lacrosse team


By Georgia Starr

ocal Roxby Downs’ boy Kyle Forrest was recently chosen for the South Australian Under 18 Men’s lacrosse team. Forrest, who is currently boarding at Rostrevor Colleger, is thought to be the first Roxby

Downs local to play representative lacrosse. Rostrevor has participated in Lacrosse SA’s high school competition since its inception in 2009, and have won the competition every year so far. This year, Kyle has taken the big step up to senior club lacrosse, and has been playing for

the East Torrens Payneham Lacrosse Club, where he has been chosen every week for the State League team (A grade level). Kyle trialled for the State men’s Under 18 team, and was recently chosen in the squad, which will participate in the Under 18 National Championships. The Nationals will be held next

month at the Lacrosse SA’s headquarters at West Beach, from July 8 to 14, 2012. Kyle is the first men’s lacrosse player to play A Grade after taking up the sport through the high school competition, instead of entering the sport in the junior levels.

campaign is targeted at rural regions and aims to get the message across that road trauma is not beyond their control. The Matemorphosis

Club Challenge commenced on June 18, 2012. To enter go to www.face-

ovin’ it” L d n a e v i L , l a c “Lo MONDAYS 9am 3-4pm 5pm


TUESDAYS 9am 3-4pm 4-5pm 5pm


WEDNESDAYS 9am 10-11am 3-4pm 5pm 6-7pm THURSDAYS 9am 2:30-3pm 4-5pm 5pm 6-7pm ish FRIDAYS 9am 2-2.30pm 2:30-3pm 4-5pm 5pm 7-8:30pm 9-10pm SATURDAYS 7-8am 8-9am 1-2pm

JOB BOARD THE SCOOP with Vanessa TUNES IN THE DUNES with Leroy JOB BOARD THE DULCET TONES OF STEWART JONES with Stew JOB BOARD THE RDAS REPORT with Jayme AN HOUR WITH ‘K’ with Kaye & Friends JOB BOARD THE SCOREBOARD with Gotchy, Woody & Dags JOB BOARD COUNCIL SHOW THE POSTIE BASH REPORT with Trav & JT TUNES IN THE DUNES with Leroy JOB BOARD THE LOWE-DOWNE with J-Lowe DOWNWARD SPIRAL with Noo & Zak THE ROCK (Market days) with Andamooka/Roxby Bible Church THE ROCK with Andamooka/Roxby Bible Church ROXFM DJ TRAINING bookings essential

SUNDAYS 10:30-High Noon OUTBACK TRACKS with JT & Kez 12:30 12:30-1:30pm 1:30pm GLOBAL LOUNGE with Tracey

PH: 8671 2545 E:

Requests - SMS: 0407 979 918 streaming live at www roxfm com au


THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Page 17 21 Wednesday, Wednesday,June May 27, 23, 2012 – Page


Monitor SPORT

10 local entrants in annual desert race Finke Desert Race Roxby Downs’ entrants results Name


Position Class

Day one time Day two time

Overall time

Kurtis Murray



Honda CRF450R




Ben Cooke



Honda CRF450R




Kevin Thomas



Honda CRF450R




Phil Stacey



Kawasaki KX250F




Damien Flavel







Londt Ven der Merwe



Yamaha YFZ450




Chris Burggraaff



Yamaha WR450F




Robert Sutton



Honda CRF450R




Derek Alves







Paullina Van der Merwe







TOP: Derek ‘Dicko’ Alves with his Husqvarna TC 449 at the Finke Desert race recently. ABOVE: Ben Cooke stands proudly with his Honda CRF 450R. LEFT: Kevin Thomas, Kurtis Murray and Ben Cooke enjoying the atmosphere at the Finke Desert Race.

Andamooka Opal Classic Mixed netball semi-finals Shotgun Challenge Results ASSA High Gun

D. Bellinger

B Grade

T. Ingles


C. Faggoter

B. Ferguson

S. Doherty

S. Graets

B. Forrest

High Gun

A Grade

M. Glasser



T. Hughes

K. Makin

W. McCarthy

T. Ferguson

B. Hill

AA Grade

R. Young

C Grade

M. Smith

B. Mirrison

R. Arhns

T. Smith


J. Doherty

P. Peterson

BELOW: Britt Norsworthy (TMNT) shoots for the net.

TOP: Naomi Bowley (BB) makes a quick pass. BELOW: Sam Corneliusen (BB) aims for the net as Joel Ortner (TMNT) defends.

June 23, 27, 2012 2012 Page 22 18 – Wednesday, May

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Miners clip Magpies wings By Woody Turner he local team clash at Roxby oval was played in near perfect weather conditions with both teams playing to near full strength.


The first quarter was very even with both sides taking time to feel each other out and the second quarter started in the same manner. Mid quarter Roxby started to control the game with Pegler and Chislett starting to control the backlines and Kenny, Rose and co. dominating the midfield contest. Hargraves began to look dangerous up forward as the Miners went to three goals up at half time. After the half time break, Hornridge started to gain some control through the hard working Ben Casey, Nigel Tuthill and Alex Robinson at centre half forward but lacked support from other team members. Roxby steadily got on top again with their ability to run harder and share the ball with team mates and first option gives. Roxby delivered well into the forward area where Hargraves and Watson took full advantage. Roxby were well in control at three-quarter time. The last quarter became a battle of defences with Roxby finally winning by six goals. The best player for Roxby had to be Rose, who worked hard all day as a midfielder. Pegler was great at centre half back, Kenny as a loose man across the half back, Chislett in full back, Hall on

the wing and Hargraves snatching seven goals at full forward. Hornridge best included Casey, who battled manfully all day, Tuthill in the second half and Robinson as the only forward to hold his own.

OD far too strong for Coober Pedy

The round’s first game started in very good weather conditions. The first quarter was very even with OD leading at quarter time 7.6, Coober Pedy 2.2. The second started with OD taking control of the game and Spinks totally controlling the ruck giving midfielders Shaw, Kruger and Francou first use of the ball. This team work led to Bennett’s nine goals and Summerton’s eight goals, by taking full control of their forwards area, and Coober Pedy having no answers. OD were leading by 60 points at half time and the second half was very much the same as the first, with OD in complete control all over the ground. Rogers, Hornhardt and McInerney were impassable across half back and Harris controlled his wing. Finally, OD won by 158. Credit must go to Coober Pedy players for never giving up and maintaining great sportsmanship. Well done. Don’t miss Gotchy, Woody and Dags on the RoxFM Footy show on Thursday nights for the latest news and comments on the teams and their predictions for the games on Saturday.

Netballers turn up heat in the cold


reezing cold temperatures last Friday night did not deter local netballers from putting on a brave face and creating some tight battles. The A grade competition was battled out between Miners and Hornridge whilst Olympic Dam was able to escape the cold with a bye. The match was set to be a tight contest from the beginning, with both teams’ defensive combinations working hard to cause issues for the shooters at both ends. Each and every goal had to be worked for, as the game turned into a ping-pong match with the centre court players, Elyse Weir (Miners) and Hayley Kruger (Hornridge) worked overtime to create the turnovers. By halftime, there was only one goal separating the two teams so it looked like it was to continue as a closed match. However, as the temperature dropped to below six degrees so did the Miners intensity and Hornridge took full advantage. Ho r n r i d g e d e fe n s e E l y s h i a h McCarthy and Cassie Norton stamped their dominance in the circle not allowing any goals to be scored easily helping their team to an eight goal lead at three quarter time. The Miners tried to come back in the final passage with some impressive intercepts and turnovers from their wing defence, Jacqui Sharp but it was too late and they went down to Hornridge 45 to 52. In B grade, there was a battle of the Olympic Dam sides, with OD Green B taking on OD Yellow B. The match was set to be a close one from the start with only three goals between the two teams at the end of the first quarter with OD Yellow slightly in front. With some strong defensive

performances from Fiona Hooper (Green) and Sarah Gilbert (Yellow), neither team was able to get away with a convincing lead. By half time, the OD Green side had snatched a small three point lead. The game was a nail biter all the way to the end, with both teams performing well in the cold conditions. Ultimately, the half time lead for OD green was maintained and they won the match 53 to 48. The other B grade match was battled out by the two top ranked teams, Miners B and Hornridge Black B. Again it was to be a close game in icy conditions in the late time slot. Before the game had even started the temperature had dropped below five degrees and the players were feeling it as the game started off slowly. Danielle Weir (Miners) did well to feed the ball into the young shooters, however strong defence from Deanne Masson and Courtney Sims (both Hornridge) made it difficult for the shooters to get close to the post. The Hornridge shooting combination of Maddie Evans and Demmy Orr moved well around the goal circle under tight pressure from Pip Moorehead and Centaine Casserly (both Miners). In the end after a close match from the start, the Hornridge side were able to get up and over the young Miners, with a 41 to 35 score line. Next week’s games to watch are the A grade clash between Olympic Dam A versus the Miners A and in B grade, OD Green B take on Miners B whilst OD Yellow B will battle it out with Hornridge Pink B. In C grade, Miners White C will have to work hard to overcome Hornridge Green C whist OD Yellow C will have Hornridge Black C to contest with.

Far North Football League ROUND 8 June 23, 2012 A GRADE

Roxby Downs Junior Football League ROUND 7 June 22, 2012 SENIOR COLTS The Hawks 8.12 (60) defeated The Bulldogs 6.4 (40) No results received The Suns 9.7 (61) defeated The Giants 7.3 (45) No results received

Saturday June 23, 3012

11 and under Rockets (9) defeated T-Birds (4) Bullets (10) defeated Lightning (7) 13 and under Lightning (13) defeated Shooters (9) Bullets (21) defeated T-Birds (18) 17 and under Lightning and Shooters (no game) Bullets (20) defeated T-Birds (11)

11 and under T-Birds (21) defeated Lightning (20) Shooters (16) defeated Rockets (6) 13 and under Shooters (23) defeated Bullets (21) T-Birds (28) defeated Lightning (10) 17 and under Bullets (60) defeated Shooters (52) Lightning won by forfeit against T-Birds

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Roxby Districts 14.10 (94) defeated Hornridge 8.10 (58) Roxby Districts best players: J. Rose, J. Chislett, D. Pegler, C. Hall, J. Mandemaker. Hornridge best players: B. Casey, A. Robinson, B. Grimston, N. Thomas, N. Tutthill.Roxby Districts goal scorers: D. Hargraves 7, J. Watson 3, R. Prosser 2, J. Mandemaker, C. Gibson 1. Hornridge goal scorers: J. Harman 2, N. Tutthill 2, B. Casey, N. Thomas, B. Cooper, T. Grosser 1.


JUNIOR COLTS The Bulldogs 3.3 (21)defeated The Hawks 2.2 (14) No results received The Suns 7.0 (42) defeated The Giants 5.1 (31) No results received


Roxby Districts Olympic Dam Hornridge Andamooka Coober Pedy

Senior Colts Giants Suns Hawks Bulldogs

P 6 6 6 6

Suns Giants Hawks Bulldogs

P 5 6 5 6

W L 4 2 4 2 3 3 1 5

D 0 0 0 0

F 421 349 305 289

A 357 333 344 330

% 117.93 104.80 88.66 87.58

A 95 211 143 219

% 205.26 105.69 95.10 52.05

Junior Colts W 5 3 1 1

L 0 3 3 4

D 0 0 1 1

F 195 223 136 114

P 6 6 7 6 7

W 5 4 4 2 1

L 1 2 3 4 6

D 0 0 0 0 0

F 666 720 612 454 332

A % 231 288.31 340 211.76 499 122.65 582 78.01 1132 29.33

TOP 10 GOALKICKERS Name Dale Summerton Joel Harman Daniel Hargraves Ryan Bennett Jaryd Dawson Jaydn Brind Scott Montgomerie Dylan Warren David Moyse Justin Watson

Club This round Total Olympic Dam 8 25 Hornridge 2 25 Roxby Districts 7 18 Olympic Dam 9 16 Hornridge 0 13 Andamooka 0 12 Olympic Dam 0 12 Coober Pedy 1 11 Olympic Dam 3 11 Roxby Districts 3 11

FOOTBALLER of the Year

Round 8 results... Dylan Dodd Martin Grava R Williams

C Jurek Nyani Thomas Lachie Munro

Craig Hall Justin Watson Chris Gibson

Ryan Bennett David Moyse Mark Spinks


Goal Kicker of the Year ROUND EIGHT Ryan Bennett 9 Dale Summerton 8 Daniel Hargraves 7

Roxby Downs Junior Netball Association Thursday June 21, 2012

Olympic Dam 29.17 (191) defeated Coober Pedy 3.5 (23) Olympic Dam best players: R. Bennett, R. Kruger, T. Hornhardt, M. Spinks, D. Summerton. Coober Pedy best players: B. Warren, T. Hannes, K. Aitken, D. Dodd, T. Walker. Olympic Dam goal scorers: R. Bennett 9, D. Summerton 8, D. Moyse 3, B. Rynne 3, S. Peek, D. Emes, L. Francou, R. Kruger, M. Shaw, C. Linn 1. Coober Pedy goal scorers: A. Finn, D. Warren, F. Naylon 1

Tally after Round 8 Joel Harman 25 Dale Summerton 25 Daniel Hargraves 18


Craig Hall


C Jurek


Ryan Bennett


Dylan Dodd


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Miners clip Magpies wings

Hornridge’s Ben Grimston and Roxby’s Justin Watson battling it out at Saturday’s game.


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The Monitor Newspaper for 27th June 2012