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Volume 10, Wednesday, February 20, 2013

n c e e r e ff i D A e k a M locally and

Trapping attracts unusual animals A

By Millie Thomas

rid Recovery wrapped up their annual trapping program last Friday after capturing some more interesting specimens. A spokesperson said mild weather and rain deterred chances of catching larger mammals and reptiles, but there were still plenty of surprises for eager volunteers. “A Bolams Mouse (Pseudomys bolami) was captured this morning (Friday), the first Bolams mouse all week,” said an Arid Recovery

spokesperson. “(Thursday) night saw the geckoes a little more active too, with several Central Knobtailed geckoes (Nephrurus levis) found in pit fall traps this morning. Their cute bulging eyes and delicate feet make them a favourite with all the volunteers and staff. “Another first for the week was the Broad-Banded Sand Swimmer (Eremiascinus richardsonii), a large and healthy specimen.” The spokesperson said on top of these interesting captures, the highlight for the week was finding a Western Barred Bandicoot in an Elliott trap.

A cute little dunnart was just one of the animals trapped by Arid Recovery.

“He was brought back into the lab, and processed there which involved weighing, measurements and micro chipping on the back of his neck,” the spokesperson said. “Not usually captured during the week of annual trapping, this little critter was a bonus for staff and volunteers involved.” Also captured throughout the week was the Plains Rat (Pseudomys australis) and three common species of skinks - Ctenotus schomburgkii, Ctenotus leonhardii and Ctenotus regius. The 16th annual event was held from Monday, February 11 until

Friday, February 15 and helps Arid Recovery monitor animal numbers and study the impact that feral predators such as cats and foxes have on native small mammal and reptile populations. The trapping program uses pit fall and Elliot traps. Elliot traps are used mainly to catch rodents such as Spinifex Hopping Mice, Bolam’s Mice, Plains Rats and House Mice. Animals are baited with peanut butter and rolled oats, which is placed inside the small aluminium trap. The traps are then checked every morning, and closed for the warm-



Friday, April 5


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Phone 867 1 0053 /Ja#!!  .#JMVRW)[XaKbLU^KLXVJ^

ROCK‘n’ROLL NIGHT Saturday March 2


er periods of the day, so animals are not caught under the hot summer sun. Pitfall traps are used to catch reptiles and small marsupials, as well as rodents and occasionally frogs. PVC pipe is cut and placed vertically into the ground, with the lip running adjacent with the ground. Traps are set approximately two metres apart, with a mesh fence erected between the pit, running across the middle of each trap. The animals hit the fence, run along it and then fall into the traps.

SSee page 12 for full competition details c



Ramsey speaks on Gonski process


ederal member for Grey Rowan Ramsey spoke in Parliament last week and expressed his strong disappointment with the content of the Australian Education Bill. He also raised concerns with the timing and the sidelining of the Parliamentary process by bringing the debate on, before the bill had even been considered by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment of which he is Deputy Chair. “This bill was referred to us during the recess of Parliament; we called for submissions during the break and are due to commence hearings on Friday. We have not even started our inquiry into the bill so it surprises me that the Government could introduce it,” he said. “We have a hearing scheduled in three capital cities next week and yet the debate in Parliament may be over by then. This short circuit defies the norms of the Parliamentary system. “The Australian Education Bill is the Government’s response to the 319 page Gonski Report, and yet the Government’s Bill is a mere nine pages with no definite action endorsed. “It has a list of aspirations such as wanting better schools, highly-skilled teachers and a desire to develop benchmarking. Nothing anyone could

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disagree with, but no detail or plan on how to achieve any of those aims. After all the hype of expectation it really is the most disappointing effort. “The most central plank of Gonski was a plan to increase funding by $6.5 billion a year with the States meeting 70 per cent of the increase and yet the legislation does no more than say the Commonwealth should develop a new funding model. The current agreement runs out at the end of the year. “There is not even a mention of another central recommendation from Gonski, the Resource Standard, a guarantee of a minimum level of funding for every student and no assurance that schools will not have existing funding cut. “Most astoundingly on the last page of the bill it says this act is non-binding. No-one in the Parliament can remember this ever occurring before. It beggars belief. “The Coalition has moved a list of amendments which at least put some teeth in the act, including guarantees that no school will lose funding and that individual schools will not be disadvantaged by trying to help themselves. “There is nothing offensive in the bill because unfortunately for schools, teachers and families there just isn’t any meat at all in a bill which has a specific rider to say it is non-binding”.

Ambulance training to take place around town


By Millie Thomas

he South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) experienced a quiet January in Roxby Downs, with only a few medical call outs and transfers to the airport, according to Regional Team Leader Lee Dale. However, upcoming months will become busier and busier, with SAAS volunteer recruits set to complete their final assessments, and ambulance officers undertaking training around town. “The eight new recruits have almost finished their first part of the Ambulance Officers Course and will sit their final assessments in the next few weeks before going onto the second part of the course,” explained Mr Dale. He also said over the next few weeks, Ambulance Officers will be undertaking training exercises at var-

ious points around town. He urged locals not to be alarmed. “It’s important that we get out of the classroom and train in real environments now and then so the Ambulance Officers can put their skills to the test under real circumstances,” he said. “Roxby Downs residents, visitors and people living in the surrounding areas should feel very proud of the people who volunteer their time to provide an Ambulance when needed, these people are highly skilled and have a good knowledge of pre hospital care which they often use on a regular basis.” In an emergency, dial 000 for an ambulance. For more information about how to become an ambulance volunteer, call the Volunteer Support Line on 1800 655 306 or visit

Roxby Downs 25 Year 25 Ye Celebrations

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25 years ago ... the Roxby Council building was still under construction, and Richardson Place was virtually non- existent. Send us your photo’s for inclusion in this section.

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Petrol price hike in regional South Australia


n unexpected price hike in petrol prices right across regional South Australia has angered country motorists, according to leading insurance body, RAA.

Car 06 - Variety SA 4WD Challenge Chris Gobbett and Dan Tresize (Adelaide) with Roxby Local Casey Simmons.

Variety 4WD Challenge to start in Roxby L By Millie Thomas

ocal Casey Simmons will join two friends from Adelaide this year to participate in the Variety SA 4WD Challenge from April 6 to 12.

The event will start in Roxby Downs, taking a trek across the Simpson Desert as far north as Birdsville, finishing at Wilpena Pound Resort in the Flinders Ranges. It is Caseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ rst time participating in the Challenge, which he plans to do with his mates, Chris Gobbett and Dan Tresize. The Challenge has been running 19 years, raising $4.57 million net since inception. The decision to become involved in the Challenge came when one of Caseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mates bought a 4WD and the trio started looking for an adventure to use it in. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What better way to do it than with mates and to raise some

money,â&#x20AC;? Casey said This year, the Variety SA 4WD Challenge involves 43 vehicles (including support vehicles) and over 110 people. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a get together of a bucket load of vehicles,â&#x20AC;? he explained. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone has got a fundraising target to meet for their fundraiser and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about fundraising for children who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.â&#x20AC;? Variety SA is an international organisation dedicated to inspiring hope and enriching the lives of children in need under the age of 18, with 95 per cent of all monies raised in their various annual events dedicated to South Australian projects. In more recent history, Variety SA has donated around $20,000 to the Roxby Downs Area School to build their special needs classroom, and almost $22,000 to ultrasound and medical equipment to Roxby Health Services.

In addition to that, they donated $1.1 million to ďŹ tting out a Royal Flying Doctors Service airplane, which services the Roxby Downs community regularly. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Their level of support is from nebulisers for children with asthma, all the way up to hospital ďŹ t outs at the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hospital,â&#x20AC;? added Casey. A big consideration in Casey and his mates choosing Variety SA as their intended charity was the open access to its services. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s support to everyone out there, anyone can appeal as an individual or an organisation, anyone can apply,â&#x20AC;? he said. While Car 06 has already put a good dent in their fundraising eďŹ&#x20AC;orts, there is still an opportunity to donate. Visit http://www. or contact Casey on 0467 747 310.

Funding round closing soon


ountry Arts SA has launched a revised Regional Arts Fund program of funding to support arts and community projects that beneďŹ t regional artists, arts workers and communities. In response to feedback the funding categories have been simpliďŹ ed making it easier for artists and community groups to apply. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have brought some categories together to make it much clearer for applicants,â&#x20AC;? said Steve Saffell, Chief Executive OďŹ&#x192;cer of Country Arts SA. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So there are now four categories rather than six but there is no reduction in the total amount of grant money available.â&#x20AC;? The funding opportunities enable people to develop sustainable ideas, concepts and projects. The program also provides opportunities for

communities to employ professional artists and arts workers to partner with them to create new and innovative work. â&#x20AC;&#x153;By working with skilled professionals on artistic projects, communities can build their skills and produce a high quality work or project,â&#x20AC;? said Mr SaďŹ&#x20AC;ell. Country Arts SA gratefully acknowledges that the funding programs are made possible through the Australian Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Regional Arts Fund initiative and annual funding from the South Australian Government through Arts SA. New application forms are available from the Country Arts SA website â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Applications close March 15 for projects starting after July 1, 2013. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local Country Arts SA Arts and Cultural Development OďŹ&#x192;cer for further information.

RAA received a number of complaints about a week ago, from shocked drivers, who quoted petrol prices jumping as high as 13 cents per litre. RAA Senior Analyst Chris West said prices in the townships of Kadina, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Naracoorte, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Port Pirie, Renmark and Victor Harbor are of most concern. Mr West said communities had reported an astonishing 13 cents per litre jump over 24 hours in some cases. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a blatant rip oďŹ&#x20AC;. The industry can legitimately increase prices by 3 cents per litre due to recent wholesale price increases, but certainly not up to 13 cents per litre,â&#x20AC;? said Mr West. Many of the towns that had been reported to the RAA had maximum prices in the low to mid 140 cents per litre range. Roxby Downs BP experienced a smaller, but still noticeable hike in prices at eight cents per litre. However due to its already arguably inďŹ&#x201A;ated fuel prices, prices rose to 169.9 cents per litre as of Thursday last week. There was no mentioned change in the Premium Unleaded and Diesel prices, which stood at 179.9 and 170.9 cents per litre respectively. Other district service stations such as Lavericks Roadhouse (Olympic Dam), Andamooka Mobil (Andamooka) and Spudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roadhouse (Pimba) reported no

change in their prices. As from last Thursday, Lavericks oďŹ&#x20AC;ered diesel at 172.7 cents per litre, ULP at 169.9 and premium unleaded at 175.7 cents per litre, and stated they tried to keep their prices on par with their direct competition, BP. Spudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roadhouse, which is positioned the furthest south from Roxby Downs, offered the most expensive prices in the region, with ULP at 176 cents per litre, premium unleaded at 188 and diesel at 179 cents per litre. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Motorists in these aďŹ&#x20AC;ected towns are being held to ransom. The only way they can access a fair price is by using the full double discount oďŹ&#x20AC;ered by the supermarkets,â&#x20AC;? said Mr West Roxby Roadsafe Chairperson Michelle Hales said high fuel prices contribute to the high cost of living in Roxby Downs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At our last Roxby Roadsafe meeting we discussed this issue,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We noted that there is often around a 20 cent diďŹ&#x20AC;erential between the fuel price in Roxby Downs and Port Augusta and the price does not seem to ďŹ&#x201A;uctuate much from these high levels. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With a full tank of petrol this adds to the household budget. It would be good to ďŹ nd out why the fuel price in Roxby Downs is so highâ&#x20AC;?. Surprisingly, Andamooka Mobil, the most furthest removed roadhouse, offered easily the cheapest prices in the region. It oďŹ&#x20AC;ered diesel at 167 cents per litre, ULP at 165.9 and premium unleaded at 171.9 cents per litre.

Local SAPOL Facebook page trial put to bed


h e R ox b y D o w n s S o u th Australian Police (SAPOL) Facebook was discontinued last Friday, to mark the end of an ongoing trial. SAPOL trialed seven local police Facebook pages including Port Augusta, Coober Pedy, APY Lands, North East Pastoral, Transit (encompassing South Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s public transport system) and Roxby Downs. The pages allowed the public to engage with their local police via Facebook, and allowed police in turn to use the pages to let communities know about local crimes and issues, as well as helping to prevent and solve crime. Senior Sergeant Terry Boylan said the trial was considered a success, and all trialed Facebook pages will now be merged into a lone South Australian Police Facebook page.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to think we posted items and photos that were very pertinent to the area,â&#x20AC;? Snr Sgt Boylan said last week. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to thank people for their involvement and comments.â&#x20AC;? He said the trial found that posts such as those showing emus walking the main street of Roxby went viral across the internet. The page was also a good source of communication to the Roxby Downs community during large scale events such as the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visit from protestors mid last year. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The page was of reasonable use during the protest. It opened the lines of communication and gave people the right information,â&#x20AC;? Snr Sgt Boylan said. He said in future major events police would move in a similar direction, using an online form of communication to get the word out.

Johnston Withers Lawyers are now visiting Roxby Downs each month Offering professional legal advice and representation in most areas of law including: ,QGXVWULDO(PSOR\PHQW/DZ &ULPLQDO 7UDIÂżF/DZ0HGLFDO1HJOLJHQFH Workers Compensation Wills Estates & Trusts Family & DeFacto Discrimination Law Personal Injury Conveyancing Workplace Harassment Commercial Defamation

COMMUNITY GRANTS for safer, greener, more active travel

Nic Kernahan and Emma Wilkinson will next be in attendance at RXURIÂżFHVRI$7XWRS&HQWUH7XWRS6W5R[E\'RZQVRQ

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, in partnership with the Motor Accident Commission, is now offering grants for groups and organisations to deliver small scale projects that promote safer, greener and more active travel choices. Projects can focus on improving road safety, getting people cycling, walking or catching public transport, replacing car journeys with technology, doing things locally, or using the car smarter.

:HGQHVGD\WK0DUFK 7KXUVGD\WK0DUFK For appointments, contact us at:


Information sessions will be held in Adelaide and Mount Gambier. To register your interest and for further information, visit or phone 8402 1913.

Telephone: (Adelaide)  (Pt Augusta) Fax:  Contact us for our â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wills Packageâ&#x20AC;?

Applications close Friday 15 March 2013. 3495346

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5HJLRQDORIÂżFHVDW&ODUH3RUW$XJXVWDDQG:K\DOOD Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 3


Monitor NEWS

Aurora Australis appoint new Worshipful Master


By Millie Thomas

urora Australis , the Rox by D ow ns Freemason Lodge, welcomed Robert Clyne as their new Worshipful Master recently.

Mr Clyne was a foundation member of Aurora Australis, which was formed two years ago. A fourth generation Freemason, Mr Clyne joined in 1978. While this is his first stint as Worshipful Master at Aurora Australis, he has also filled the position elsewhere four times. As Worshipful Master, Mr Clyne will direct meetings, supported by an executive group including a secretary and treasurer and other members. He will hold the position for a minimum period of one year. He is also the Executive Director for the Freemasons Foundation, and was recently recognised for his contributions with a Medal of the Order of Australia. “It’s just a way of life and something we do,” Mr Clyne said. “It was just something I did naturally and there are many young men who do.” It is the ageless and boundless principles of Freemasonry that appeals to Mr Clyne. “It doesn’t really matter whether you’re young or old or middle aged, everyone has got something to offer and you all meet as equals,” he said. “You must be a religious person to be a Freemason, but it’s a very inclusive organisation that encourages men of all faiths

Aurora Australis Worshipful Master Robert Clyne in Roxby recently.


his week’s message in support of SAPOL’s summer safety campaign outlines important tips to protect personal property and to help make sure those who’ve had a couple drinks get home safely.

,whether they’re Muslim, Buddhist, Christian (or) Hindu. “They all get together and enjoy each other’s company.” Mr Clyne’s installation attracted members from all over the State – from Port Lincoln to Adelaide. “The one thing I love about Freemasonry is that every meeting is an occasion … people come from all walks of life and they make an effort to attend,” he said. “Roxby Downs is an example



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Personal Safety Part Two


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of that where people have driven from Port Lincoln, Tumby Bay, Adelaide, Quorn, Jamestown … they all come and it’s an occasion and they all enjoy each other’s company.” Mr Clyne believes the Freemasonry Society has much to offer Roxby Downs, mainly as an alternative outlet for young men. “It’s another social and moral outlet for young men … most normally supported by their partners and wives and chil-

The South Australian Police (SAPOL) launched their multimedia summer safety campaign on November 29 last year and has since been posting weekly Facebook messages and daily tweets, helping people stay safe over summer. As essential it is to carry mobile phones, wallets and bags, these items can also act as a major target for thieves. A handbag should be closed and secured at all times, carried on the side furthest from the road. If it is a shoulder strapped bag, it should be worn across the body. While shopping, bags should be secured in the trolley using the child safety harness, or with food placed on top of it. Travelling home after a couple of drinks can inhibit decision making and awareness of surroundings and people. If possible, call for a taxi and wait in a well – lit and well-populated, prearranged area. Avoid flagging down a taxi, as the job will not be stored on the company’s system – therefore there will be no record of the job occurring. When in the taxi, sit behind the driver, and take note of the driver’s official identification and photograph. Make sure it is the person driving you in the car. Give clear directions to the driver, pay attention to the route you are taking and if it is not the agreed route, terminate the trip. For extra precaution, consider sending the taxi number to a friend and if you know you’re going to be travelling alone, consider limiting your alcohol intake.

dren,” he said. “It gives them an extra dimension of what they do, gives them a good moral basis for how they conduct themselves and it’s also very reflective and allows them to think about aspects of life, something they may not normally do.” There are currently 30 members at Aurora Australis, and Mr Clyne would be pleased to continue recruiting young men from the Roxby Downs community.

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SA Head Office Ph (08) 8361 7211

Roxby Downs Tavern Richardson Place, Roxby Downs Ph 8671 2486 Specials valid 20/2/2013 until 3/3/2013 or while stocks last. #While stocks last. Photos for illustration purposes only. Conditions apply. TSA0232RM

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FIFO/DIDO inquiry released By Millie Thomas


report was presented last week by the House of Representatives Standing Committee after an 18 month inquir y into the impacts of fly-in, flyout/drive-in, drive-out (FIFO/DIDO) practices in remote communities. The committee, which visited Roxby Downs in December 2011 as part of the inquiry, looked at a broad range of social and economic factors associated with FIFO/ DIDO practices. The report stated, “the Committee commenced this inquiry not knowing what it would find. What the inquiry found was a dearth of empirical evidence. “This means that the State and federal governments have no capacity to respond to this phenomenon in a way that will support regional communities.” The extensive 237 page long report resulted in 21 recommendations made by the committee. Of the 21 recommendations, six involved commissioning research to gain a better record of information on each specific topic. They also recommended the Commonwealth Government charge the Australian Small Business Commissioner to enhance the capacity of small businesses in resource communities to participate in servicing the demands of the resource sector.

Standing Committee - Dan Tehan, Peter Allen, Rob Mitchell, Michael McCormack, Tony Windsor, Bill Boehm, Kirsten Livermore, Craig Thompson, Claire Wiseman, Craig Thompson with Roxby’s Michelle Hales.

Training and development was another major factor in the report, influencing two recommendations and suggesting the provision of tertiary education facilities in resource communities. They also addressed the need to develop affordable housing strategies, family support systems, an online electoral system and achieving fair access to health services. Over 230 submissions and 23 supplementary submissions were included in the report, as

well as the committee receiving 21 exhibits during public hearings and inspections. The Committee held 26 public he ar ing s across South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and in Canberra and heard from 275 witnesses at public hearings, providing an opportunity at most hearings for individuals to make short statements. This made for a total of 42 statements provided to the committee during these

sessions. The Committee was chaired by Tony Windsor MP, with Sid Sidebottom MP acting as deputy chair until January 2012, followed by Steve Gibbons MP who took over from January 12, 2012. Committe e members included Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP (from May 9, 2012), Barry Haase MP, Kirsten Livermore MP, Michael McCormack MP, Rob Mitchell MP, Dan Tehan MP and Craig Thomson MP (until May 9, 2012).

Blockies shortens trade hours

oxby Downs Blockbuster has announced a reduction in opening hours recently, following what appears to be a widespread slump in local trade. The announcement comes after Roxby Central Traders Chairperson Leigh Malcolm stated some local retail businesses have experienced an up to 30 per cent drop in trade in recent months. Store Manager Louise Allen said the store normally changes hours season to season, but due to the

downturn in trade, they have had to shorten opening hours indefinitely. “We had to do something to survive and this is the first step basically,” Mrs Allen said. Not only is local trade hurting Blockbuster, but Mrs Allen believes due to the increasing amount of people downloading movies online, video stores are a dying fad. “It doesn’t help us either when we don’t have the best new releases,” she said.

She and her staff will be introducing daily specials in the near future to try to lift trade. They’ll also introduce Market Day specials. The store will now be open from 10.30am until 8.30pm Monday to Thursday, from 10.30am until 9pm on Fridays, from 11am until 9pm Saturdays and from 11am until 8pm on Sundays. “I do thank the community for their continued support and be sure to keep your eyes open for our specials!” Mrs Allen finished.

Sundays nd a s y a w h g i h e h t g n i l l e v Tra sty u d g n i k a t , s y a w y b e h t al n o i s a c c o e th d n a s r u o t de . . . d a o r e h fork in t



By Millie Thomas

now streaming live at

from 10:30 ‘til high noon!

Outback Tracks with JT and Kez THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 5


Monitor NEWS



Roxby InBusiness

0439 898 15 9

or email

At last the toilets in the mall are spotless, glad to see someone taking pride in their work. The Pennyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dropped. Is the recent drugs in sport fiasco proof that it exists, or just proof of how ignorant we all are to believe that it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. Footy Lover The prosperity of Roxby Downs relies so heavily on local mining operations and global commodity prices. Maybe its about time we thought of some alternative industries that might provide on-going, sustainable income - like a sun farm instead of riding on the haul packs back?

A thriving and sustainable local business community is essential to a vibrant and sustainable community. This weekly column shares some of the issues facing local business and some of the strategies they are using to gear up for the exciting times that lay ahead for Roxby Downs. Got an idea for a story or some feedback on a story in the Roxby InBusiness Column? Email or phone 8671 0500.


aceb o ok , Twitter, YouTub e, LinkedIn, blogs, online forums not to mention Four Squareâ&#x20AC;Ś.weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been hearing about social media as a tool for business marketing for a while, but is it right for your business? And how can you make it work for your business? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are all very diďŹ&#x20AC;erent kinds of social media suited to diďŹ&#x20AC;erent types of businesses, diďŹ&#x20AC;erent business marketing requirements and diďŹ&#x20AC;erent target audiences so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to consider which is best for your business, if any. Things you should consider

Social media for small business

before jumping in are: What are you trying to achieve with social media? Can social media deliver that for you? Will you have enough time and/or resources to support a social media presence? How do you want to connect with your market? Do you want to provide quick bites of information or do you want to actively start a conversation with them? This will help you decide which platform (or combination of platforms) is best for you How will you handle any feedback received, be it positive or negative? Are there any legal issues for your business if you choose to use social media? How are your competitors using social media? Does it appear to be beneďŹ ting their business?

Once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made the decision to use social media in your business, you need to think about how you want to integrate it with your existing marketing. Unfortunately, it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as simple as â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you build it they will comeâ&#x20AC;?. You need a traditional marketing campaign to support your social media. And further, you need to run regular campaigns using your social media platforms. Two of the key things that make social media marketing diďŹ&#x20AC;erent to traditional mainstream marketing are immediacy and interactivity. Your social media clientele will only continue to interact with you for short periods of time after you interact with them. For more information about social media and your business this is a great website:

Outa the square


s a kid growing up in Port Augusta I often heard my dad complain about unexplained fuel price hikes. It seems more than 30 years later, the problem still exists. Last week the RAA released a paper questioning yet another fuel price hike across regional South Australia. In some areas petrol prices jumped 13 cents per litre in 24 hours. According to the RAA, petrol prices were expected to rise legitimately by three cents, due to recent wholesale price increases. So why on earth did some regional prices jump 13 cents instead? Did someone in one of those mainstream petrol companies misread the memo? Petrol stations in Roxby Downs recorded only a minor rise of a few cents. Thank God for that! Local prices still remain 20 centrs higher than those at Port Augusta. Sure, it can be attributed to haulage costs and our remote destination, but then why is it that in Andamooka you can buy the cheapest fuel in the region? City dwellers complain of a few cents hike to their weekly petrol budgets. How would they feel about the prices we pay every day - let alone a 13 cent hike in one day? Topped with the fact many country drivers need to commute long distances due to their location, even little hikes add extra stress to already stretched hip pockets. The government keeps promising regulation and an industry watchdog - but no-one seems to be watching...unless of happens in the big smoke to the city slickers!

Teen Talk


Hey Guys, Welcome to Teen Talk your space for all things youth in Roxby Downs. Stay tuned for upcoming events, pics, competitions and your chance to have a say! Laura Gray &RPPXQLW\3URMHFWV2IÂżFHU <RXWK

Page 6 -- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5th-14th April 2013

Roxby Downs activities will include Boot-camp, Moonlight Cinema and much, much more! Watch this space!  

Have your say! What do you want to see more of in Roxby? What activities do you want to do? Text â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Teen Talkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and your message to 0439 898 159

We are looking for young people aged 12-18 to join the Youth Advisory Committee. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your chance to make decisions about activities and events in the community, and develop leadership skills along the way. The YAC will bridge the gap between young people, the community and governing organisations; so we want you to join! For more information contact CPO-Youth

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What’s happening at RDAS? R-12 Acquaintance Evening- 2013

By Sally Cormack and Julie Greenfield


he Roxby Downs Area School hosted its annual Acquaintance Evening on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. The evening was well attended with a trickle of students and families coming along to meet and greet with classroom teachers for the new school year. Parents and children joined teachers in an informal gathering on the administration lawns with a delicious sausage sizzle. Once again, the Roxby Downs Area School would like to acknowledge the generous donation of sausages, bread and onion from Sodexo. This support has been provided for two consecutive years and it has been greatly appreciated! The evening concluded with the Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council. Mrs Macalister was happy to announce that all positions were filled with more parents than required nominating, however she strongly encourages any parent who wishes to attend a meeting, to come along! Many thanks to the Events Committee for organising this function, particularly Mr Copeland and Mr Hudson for cooking the BBQ!

Michael and Martyn Gobbie attended RDAS’ Aquaintance Night.

Pupil Free days Tuesday, February 26 and Friday, March 8.

R-2 Splash Day

Whitney, Jake and Heidi.

RDAS chooses senior trio to lead school


Shae and Imogen.

Maddie and Molly.

Day on Friday, March 15 (Week 7)

Danielle Weir, Madison Evans and Ruby Turner are RDAS’s new school captains.

By Millie Thomas

n a twist from normal tradition, the Roxby Downs Area School this year elected three senior students to lead the school, instead of two.

Madison Evans, Ruby Turner and Danielle Weir have taken on the roles of school captains for 2013, announced at a school assembly last Friday. The decision to have three school captains came from panel selectors, who were all highly impressed by this year’s level of entries. The three new captains addressed students last week and gave children in the audience a chance to tell the whole school what they thought the school needed going into the future. They will also place suggestion boxes around the school, opening up lines of communication between the student body and leadership groups and teachers. “We plan to fill this year with exciting events and new ideas that we hope will benefit all students,” said Ruby. “We’d like to thank and congratulate all the student voice members and house captains. We know you’ll be great role models and do an excellent job throughout this year.” Continuing on from initiatives of 2012, the three captains stated they would be once again having a student leadership group, which last year created a Relay for Life team and started an in school photography competition. “Just remember, we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act but habit,” finished Danielle.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 7

UTand A BOU T Alex placing her Elliot trap during the annual Arid Recovery trapping program last week.

Bobby Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Arrigo at the annual trapping at Arid Recovery last week.

Arid Recovery Community and Education Officer Hannah Spronk.

Greg Gardiner and Chris Dalzell of Roxby Scouts Greg Gardiner manning the grill and Chris at Market Day Dalzell of Roxby on the weekend. Scouts manning the grille.

Rowan and Nadia with mom Vani Mupunga at Market Day last weekend.

Hannah Spronk giving bait for the Elliot traps to St Barbs students during annual trapping at Arid Recovery last week.

Page 8 -- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Madison with her Elliot trap.

A Dunnart being given a drink while being processed during the Arid Recovery annual trapping last week.

Madison with her Elliot trap during Annual Trapping at Arid Recovery last week.

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Enjoying some time together at the Monski Mouse Concert were Elliana, Dom and Xander Ness.

Emily was all smiles at Monski Mouse.

Parker and Kylie Green had fun at Monski Mouse.

Zander was a little overwhelmed by the Monski Mouse concert.

Isla was impressed by Monski Mouse.

Connor â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Schtickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, Brodie, Kiaran, Jon, Ethan and Brodie got in the spirit for the Pink Stumps Day. THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Dean Littlejohn, John Arbon and Jayden Mancone enjoyed a day out for a good cause at the Pink Stumps cricket day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 9

ROXBY COUNCIL Clean up your act, Roxby


lean Up Australia Day is a simple way you can take action to clean up, fix up and conserve our prized Australian environment.

In 2012 an estimated 591,400 volunteers cleaned up 16,169 tonnes at 7,363 sites right across Australia. Clean up Australia Day is one of the largest environmental initiatives across Australia and in the past Roxby Downs has participated under the expert guidance of local volunteer, Steve Moss. On Sunday, March 3 we will be continuing the good work of Steve and his merry band, cleaning up Roxby Downs and joining the thousands of other Australians that care for our environment. If you would like to participate, we are meeting at the Lions Park at 9am. You need to wear closed in shoes and bring a hat and a water bottle. All clean up material will be supplied. Then off you go! We will finish off this community activity with a sausage sizzle at the Roxby Pool. Free entry is on offer to those volunteers that help out in the Clean Up Australia Day Event. It’s our way of saying thanks for caring for our environment and having pride in how our wonderful town looks. To express your interest, or for more information on how you can help, please contact Bree on 0448 168 167.

Love letters….. WE know you love our library! Who needs flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day when you borrow from our large range of books, CDs DVDs and talk to our wonderful library staff every day? Come in and see for yourself, we are sure you will take away more than a book or two.

Roxby Library news T

he Roxby Downs Community Library is so much more than storage shelves for some good books. It’s true, our library does give you the opportunity to browse our collection but it also provides a gateway to another realm of libraries and even more to choose from across any library in South Australia. Visit the Roxby Library today to receive your new library card! Your new library card works in conjunction with the SA public library 'one card' network is connecting the systems of more than 130 public libraries across South Australia to let you borrow and return items wherever you go. With the ‘one card’ network library card, you will have access to multiple libraries, and the materials of all participating libraries become available to you. If you've always wanted a wider choice of books, DVDs, CDs and mag-

azines from your local library, you'll find lots to love about the new 'one card' network. A number of successful events are held in the library throughout the year including author visits and book signings, regular school holiday activities for children, toddler story time and craft activities, which is ran in conjunction with the health service. The library also offers school and kindy visiting programs and support for community events such as NAIDOC week, Red eARTh Festival workshops and the World Food and Music Festival.

By Millie Thomas hile most swooning couples celebrated their love for each other, the Roxby Downs Community Library celebrated Library Lovers’ Day.


Library Lovers’ Day is held yearly on February 14 (traditionally celebrated as Valentines’ Day) and gives libraries across the country a chance to celebrate their love for their local library. ‘Library Lovers’ Day has been running for a number of years now and has quite a following across Australia,” explained Community Librarian Kimberley Hargrave. The Roxby Downs Community Library celebrated the day with library members and some very excited tiny tots at Toddler Story Time in the afternoon. “We’ve got postcards and bookmarks so our library members can tell us what they love about the library, and what they’d love to see in the new library,” said Ms Hargrave. The Library also offered members some special Library Lovers’ Day bookmarks that they could use to let Roxby Downs know what they love to read from the Roxby Downs Community Library.

Opening Hours: Mon - Wed and Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm Thursday 9.30am to 5.00pm Saturday 9.30am to 12noon Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

RIGHT: Jemma and Memphis Sullivan writing what they love about the library at Library Lovers day last Thursday.

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email:


After hours emergency Mobile 0418 892 870


Page 10 -- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LIBRARY Opening hours 9.00 am to 5 pm Mon / Wed / Fri 9.30 am to 5 pm Thursday 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0660 • Fax 8671 1418 Email: Library membership is free. Wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities. Toddler Story Time Tuesdays 9.30 and Thursdays 2pm.



Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides transport services including: • Vehicle registration • Boat registrations • Licensing transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084.

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The voice of the community... JOINING FORUMS

Roxby to celebrate International Women’s Day


nternational Women’s Day is held annually on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. International Women’s Day events are held worldwide on March 8 and have taken place in Roxby Downs since 2011. For this year’s Roxby Downs International Women’s day event we have a very interesting guest speaker. She is a young woman who has gone against contemporary culture by turning her back on the pleasures pursued with such eagerness by other bright, attractive women … to pursue a life as a Mercy Nun. How she reached this point in her life is what makes her story quite unique. Elizabeth Young grew up in rural South Australia from a small town called Kalangadoo, near Penola. On finishing school she 'ran away with the circus', completing a Bachelor of Circus Arts in Melbourne. She was a childhood acrobat and gymnast and Elizabeth surprised herself by being ac-

cepted in to the Institute. She graduated in 2006 as an accomplished circus performer who clowned and juggled and specialised in handstands, acrobatics, trapeze and tightwire. Elizabeth then studied Theology and became a Catholic Sister of Mercy. Sister Elizabeth has a passion for interfaith understanding and dialogue, and asylum seekers placed in detention centres. At twenty-seven, she is currently working with young people in Port Augusta and the northern region of South Australia. According to the UN, there has been much progress made to protect and promote women’s rights in recent times. However, nowhere in the world can women claim to have all the same rights and opportunities as men. The majority of the world's 1.3 billion absolute poor are women. On average, women receive between 30 and 40 per cent less pay than men earn for the same work. Women also continue to be victims of violence, with rape and domestic violence listed as significant causes of disability and death among women worldwide.

Over time and distance, the equal rights of women have progressed. We celebrate the achievements of women while remaining vigilant and tenacious for further sustainable change. There is global momentum for championing women's equality. Each year around the world, International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day. Many groups around the world choose different themes each year relevant to global and local gender issues. Sister Elizabeth is an engaging speaker and will share on the radical life path she has chosen for herself. This year in Roxby, the International Women’s day event will be held at The Oasis, on Friday, March 8. The event will include a 3 course meal and a glass of champagne on arrival, for only $35. Tickets are now on sale at The Visitor Information Centre and the Hourglass Jewellers.

If you would like to join a forum and would like more information please contact the following people.

New members are always welcome.

ARTS and CULTURE FORUM Rachel Young 0428 671 000 Thursday, February 21 @ 7.30pm

BUSINESS FORUM Laura Trotta 0412 734 964 Tuesday, March 5 @ 6.15pm Council Boardroom

SPORTS and REC FORUM Damien Condon 0439 862 784 To be confirmed.

COMMUNITY GARDEN Patrick Ibele (08) 8671 0168 TBC Council Boardroom

ENVIRONMENT FORUM Bree Gailbraith 0448 168 167 Thursday, March 7 @ 7pm Council Boardroom

ROXBY ROADSAFE MEETING Michelle Hales 0418 833 818 Thursday, March 14 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

MULTICULTURAL FORUM Sasha Yantewo (08) 8671 0010 Wednesday, February 20 @ 11.30am Council Boardroom

WOMEN’S NETWORK Kath Messner 0438 871 153 Wednesday, February 20 8.30am in the Dunes Cafe

CONTACTING THE BOARD For further information, advice or general questions please contact: Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818 Email:


Environment positives for 2013


hursday, February 7 saw eleven positive eco-minded community members gather to discuss plans for Roxby’s environmental initiatives for 2013. The Roxby Downs Environment Forum plan to initially focus on just a small number of environmental concerns, without losing sight of the large list that is developing – building up to some broader planning later in the year. The first action is to undertake a Community Environmental Survey to engage the people of Roxby Downs in the groups planning process. The survey was undertaken in person at last Saturday’s Market day and is still currently accessible via the Forum’s Facebook Page (Search for Roxby Downs Environment Forum – don’t forget to “Like” them). Jump online and have your say!

Education and awareness was identified as an important tool for influencing change and encouraging existing positive actions happening in Roxby Downs, and will be a regular method of achieving the forums goals during 2013. A number of issues were highlighted including the management of wildlife care, and the damage being caused by off-road driving around the town to name just a few. The forum meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in the Council Board Room and all are welcome to attend. Bring your eco-ideas, and willingness to help drive positive improvements or just lend a hand to help our precious environment. For more information please contact Bree, the Community Board support person for the Environment Forum on 0448 168 167.

BOARD VACANCY SPORT & RECREATION FOCUS The Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. is seeking nominations from people with a passion, interest and/ or involvement in sport and recreation to join the Community Board. The Community Board comprises 12 community members along with the Council Administrator and BHP Billiton representative. Each Board member acts as a Board representative on a forum and there is currently a gap in the sport and recreation area. If you are passionate about Roxby Downs and wish to become more actively involved in community life please contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 to find out more. To request a nomination form and information pack contact Kath Messner on 0438 871 153 or via email: Nominations close 22 March 2013

Teresa Baddeley • Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Mary Lewis • Liz Rogers • Cindy Harrichund • Chad Menzies • Heath Murry Bill Boehm • Kath Macalister

BOARD MEETINGS Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

NEW Roxby Downs Community Facebook Page To keep up to date on local community events and services visit and like our Facebook page!

Like us on Facebook

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 11


Escape to Tumby Bay … on us! L ong white beaches … pristine aqua seas … and great big whiting!

The tranquil seaside town of Tumby Bay has long been a favourite destination for desert dwellers and now you could be enjoying four days of fun … for FREE! Modra’s Apartments at Tumby Bay and Local Fishing Charter Company Mad Keen Fishin Carters has put together a special escape, especially for The Monitor’s new monthly travel section.

well-known King George Whiting spot, and Mad Keen Fishing are the people to get you there. The ‘group’ is home to a wide species of fish surrounding low-lying rocky islands. A full day fishing charter with Mad Keen will certainly ensure a good catch of fish, plus the unique opportunity to explore this largely untouched region. What to do: 1. Fish, fish, fish! 2. Explore the nearby

Over the next six months, local readers can enter a competition to win four nights accomodation for four people at the award-winning location, staying in a self-contained, two-bedroom apartment, plus a full day fishing and sight-seeing around the famous Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands. Tumby Bay is well-known to South Aussies as a picturesque holiday location. The small, rural community surrounds one of the State’s most beautiful bays, just 46 kilometres from Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. The town has always been known for its friendly locals and country hospitality and Modra’s Apartments are definitely one of the local gems. Run by Damian, Kristy, Norm and Jenny Modra – the family’s reputation extends far and wide, including dozens of posts on well-known travel website Trip Advisor. Tumby Bay’s clear, clean waters carry an abundance of marine life and seafood, and are a coastal playground for boating, fishing and beach activities. The famous Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands is a

Koppio Smith Museum. 3. Ramble along a footprint free beach. 4. Paddle board through Second Creek. 5. Dive with the Leafy Sea Dragon at Tumby Bay Jetty. 6. Hand feed and swim with Tuna at nearby Port Lincoln. 7. Jetty Jump or fish of the local jetty for squid, tommies, garfish and King George Whiting. 8. 4WD along a local beach. 9. Take a day trip to Port Lincoln or Coffin Bay National Parks. 10. Eat oysters! Taste test the region’s famous Coffin Bay and Cowell oysters.




Port Neill


Phone: 8688 9001 mobile: 0428 671 103 From

$85 per night

Semaphore Blue Apar tments offer luxury contemporary accommodation in the hear t of historic Semaphore

13 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA 5019

Booking Enquiries: 8242 3971

Departing Wallaroo & Lucky Bay Daily On board café, kids play area, tv, wireless internet Outdoor observation decks Book online & save Phone:

08 8823 0777


Ph: 8670 7880

Oodnadatta Track Via Port Augusta South Australia

$1500 Travel Package to Tumby Bay! Includes four nights Accommodation for four People in a two bedroom apartment at Modra's Apartments AND a full day fishing and sight-seeing charter to the famous Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands with Mad Keen Fishing Charters. Includes all fishing equipment, drinks and lunch.

Monitor The Th

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

To Enter simply fill in the details below and drop it to The Monitor’s office at 6 Richardson Place, or post it to PO Box 72, Roxby Downs, SA 5725, OR visit our facebook page by July 17, 2013 Name: Phone Number: C di i Conditions: Not N valid lid d during i school h lh holidays lid or EEaster. Subject to availability. Fishing charter is subject to weather conditions

Page 12 -- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The s itor ’ Mon

Your Hosts: Damian and Kristy Modra Address: 2 Yaringa Avenue, Tumby Bay, SA, 5605 Phone/Fax: (08) 8688 2087 THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

Classifieds The


CALL 8671 2683

PUBLIC NOTICES Gerryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Meat Store. Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices. NEW $230 Freezer pack (mix and match) 2kg Lamb Roast, 1kg Beef Schnitzel, 2kg Pork Roast, 1kg Chicken Schnitzel, 2kg Beef Roast, 1kg Budget Bacon, 2kg Roast Chicken, 2kg Marinated Wings, 1kg BBQ steak, 2kg Beef Sausages, 1kg Beef Mince, 20 Gourmet Patties, 1kg BBQ Lamb Chops, 1 Large Mettwurst, 1kg Pork Leg Chops, 1 Bottle Marinade, 1kg Diced Steak. Phone: (08) 8529 2229.



MOVIES transferred to DVD. VHS, slides and movie films. Cheap rates, excellent quality. Over 20 years experience. Phone 0403 744 666. HOME

PAINTING and Decorating. Residential and Commercial. Quality finish, sensible prices. Roxby based. Call Alex for a quote: 0430 495 544 BLD 238217.

WORK WANTED sharpening, $1 per cm, discount on multiple knives. Contact Rooster on 0408 366 621.


FOR RENT FOUR bedroom house. Main with ensuite and WIR. Bedrooms 2 and 3 with BIR. Swimming pool, outdoor entertainment area. Available now. $550 per week NEG. Phone 0427514572

Is pleased to announce it can now offer eftpos IDFLOLWLHVDWWKHRIĂ&#x20AC;FHRQ5LFKDUGVRQ3ODFH All cards except Diners International Club are DFFHSWHG%RRN\RXUDGYHUWLVHPHQWQRZDQG WDNHDGYDQWDJHRIWKLV



Roxby Downs Darts League


at the Golf club Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 7.30pm All positions are open/vacant.

For Sale by Tender 60 seats are available for sale by tender

Post OfÂżce & Motel

The purple seats are of modern design and great comfort. They are connected in rows of 10 seats. All tenders to be deposited in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tender Boxâ&#x20AC;? at the 5R[E\ 'RZQV &RXQFLO 2IĂ&#x20AC;FH 5LFKDUGVRQ E\ SP Monday 25th February 2013.

Behind the Famous Bottle House



Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Roxby Downs Council is not bound to accept WKHKLJKHVW lowest or any tender. The seats will be available for collection during business KRXUV RQ WKH WK )HEUXDU\  XSRQ FOHDUDQFH RI funds.

Without any support of the community, this League will become defunct & funds will be returned to the Roxby Downs Council who will hold the records & assets of the League in trust, as per constitution.


Hornridge Netball Club 2013 Trials Outside Leisure Centre Netball Courts Tuesday March 5th Trials 7pm Tuesday March 12th Trials 7pm Tuesday March 19th Training 7pm All welcome Anyone interested in coaching, playing or helping out for Hornridge netball please contact Regina on 0428 174 408 or Lorry on 0488 908 582

LAND FOR SALE Maitland Large block overlooking Yorke Valley. $65,000 0412 646 124


Notice of Group Meeting #22 Kingoonya NRM District Group

THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper

SITUATIONS VACANT Smarter Recruitment

Join an Industry Leader WorkPac is Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest privately owned recruitment organisation. Our Roxby Downs business centre is now hiring for the following roles. Â&#x2021; 'XDO7UDGH(OHFWULFLDQ,QVWUXPHQWDWLRQ Â&#x2021; 'LHVHO)LWWHU

Thursday 7th March 2013


For an agenda and inquiries contact the Board on ph: (08) 8648 5300 or the Boardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website

3OHDVHFDOO$GDPRU-RVHSKRQLI\RXDUH LQWHUHVWHG ,I\RXDUHLQWHUHVWHGLQĂ&#x20AC;QGLQJRXWPRUH about job opportunities in the region call the business centre direct on the number below. 3497429

Olympic Dam Netball Trials

Phoenix Rose Thouvenot was born at Port Augusta Hospital on January 30, 2013 weighing 8lb1oz, to proud parents Phil and Holly Thouvenot. Phoenix is a sister to Layla and Olive Thouvenot.

Kingoonya Pub

New arrival




Tuesday, March 12 6:30-8pm (RDAS Hall) Monday, March 18, 6:30-8pm (Outside Courts) Monday, March 25, 6:30-8pm (Outside Courts) Monday, April 8 6:30-8pm (Outside Courts)

All new players welcome.

WorkPac Group

(08) 8671 4622

Stay on top and informed.

Check out the weekly lisiting of vacant positions in our employment classifieds.

Monitor The

Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs

For more information contact Ali on 0410 341 020 or Andrea 0427 867 115

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 13

Monitor SPORT The

Sporting car club back on track


he Roxby Downs Sporting Car Club’s 2013 season commenced on Saturday night.

With extensive track work being completed, the surface was new and unknown to many including three new drivers to the club. Carl Bartlett and Don McKinnon, who has returned after two years, provided high speed entertainment in the modifieds, which resulted in both cars leaving the track and a dust cloud. The half time enter-

tainment consisted of two burnouts, and the Roxby Rocket and jumping castle for the kids. Wi n n e r s f o r t h e evening were:

Street Stock

First - Chris Koning (Froggy) RD 99. Second - Wayne Dempsey RD 42 Third - Rob Hall RD 55


First - Carl Barlett RD 30 Second - Pete Davis RD 17 Third - Danni Best RD 38


First - Danny Wegner – RD 26 Second - Tom Spaeth – RD 87 Third - Wayne Dempsey – RD 42 The like to thank all the spectators for their support, the Rotary Club for working in the canteen and the gate, emergency services, and other volunteers who helped make the night possible. The next Sporting Car Club race meet will be held on the March 23. Practice starts at 6pm, racing at 7pm.

LEFT: Action from the track at Saturday nights RDSCC racing.

Headland boys find success in Alice By Millie Thomas ocal sidecar speedway racing team the Headland Brothers found success in their trip to the Alice Springs Red Centre Sidecar Masters on February 8 and 9.


Friday night was the main event for the weekend, while the Saturday night featured leading sidecar teams racing in ‘pairs’ with two teams culminating points at the end of the night to determine placegetters. “The competition was fast, it was good and the hospitality was even better,” said rider Trent Headland. Coming away with three firsts and two seconds in their first five competing heats, brothers Trent and Jesse Headland came second only to six time Australian champion Darrin Treloar and passenger Simon Cohrs in their second heat, and recently crowned South Australian champions Mark Plaisted and passenger Sam Gilbert in their fifth heat. Despite their success in the initial heats, the night wasn’t without mechanical issues. “On Friday night we struggled with the carburation set up due to the higher humidity,” Trent said. “It definitely inhibited the bike’s performance, but not so much that it put us out of the race. “We didn’t quite nail it the first night but the bike was still quick, but it could obviously have gone a bit


quicker.” In a first for the season, the Headland Brothers were the team closest to the event, and as a result were better prepared for the warm racing conditions. “The weather was similar to what we experience in Roxby,” Trent said. “Racing in those conditions was pretty normal for us I suppose, whereas the other teams might have become a bit drained from it.” Headland/Headland placed third overall for the night, following Treloar/Cohrs in first and Plaisted/ Gilbert in second. On the second night, the boys found similar success, after altering the bike slightly throughout the day. “We went back and changed a few things on the bike, changed the carbies (sic) a bit and went out and she went a lot better,” Trent said. Headland/Headland placed third again after a tied first place of Plaisted/Gilbert and Treloar/Cohrs and second place getters, South Australian team Justin Plaisted and Sam Harrison. Headland Brothers Racing would like to thank their sponsors MAITS, Outlaw Coatings and Conveyors, Ian and Janice Vallis and Mark and Stacey for accommodating them in Alice Springs.



ABOVE: Trent and Jesse competing at Gillman Speedway on the weekend. Race report to follow in next week’s edition of The Monitor.

Business Guide t o ser vices in

Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs Tuesday 5th March PM and Wednesday 6th March AM Tuesday 19th March PM and Wednesday 20th March AM

Times to accommodate shift workers Instant health fund rebates - Manual adjusting & Activator techniques 24/7 Booking & enquiry service PHONE 8645 0880

To advertise your business in The Monitor’s business directory contact Jody at The Monitor on 8671 2683. We can offer a schedule to suit your business needs.

Lic No. BLD248323, PGE247952


PGE 198058 AU20207

8671 1353

facsimile 08

8671 2229

PO Box 275 - Roxby Downs - South Australia 5725

Specialising in Residential Additions, Renovations and Building Maintenance Carpentry | Plumbing | Trade Labour Hire Plastering | Electrical & Communications

Call 0499 289 004

Email | PO Box 1012, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage Delivery Specialists

0427 716 173

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

Self Storage ,œÝLÞÊ œÜ˜Ã Roxby DownsÊÊ ÊÊÊÊ ,i…>LˆˆÌ>̈œ˜Ê

Physiotherapyi˜ÌÀi Autopro Roxby Downs

Phone: (08) 8671 2200 Fax: (08) 8671 2277 Shop 18-19 Richardson Place

Page 14 -- Wednesday, February 20, 2013

-VœÌÌÊՓ«…Àˆià °««°Ê-V­*…ÞȜ®ÊÊÀ>`°Ê ˆ«°Ê*…ÞȜÊÊ*


84 Stuart Road · Roxby Downs · SA 5725 ÕÀ}œÞ˜iÊ-ÌÀiiÌʱÊ,œÝLÞÊ œÜ˜ÃʱÊ-ÊxÇÓx Phone 08 8671 1444 · Fax 08 8671 2324 /ÊänÊnÈǣʣ{{{ʱ  änÊnÈÇ£ÊÓÎÓ{ Email


Irvine Self Storage Pty Ltd - Carlton Parade Westside Self Storage - Old Tarcoola Road

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Local Pink Stumps bowls over target


What’s ON

he Roxby Rogues Cricket Club and the Roxby Districts Cricket Association have smashed the fundraising target for Pink Stumps Day.

The target was $5000 but to date the association has collected $11,619.20. This includes $4140 from the auction on the night, with the biggest contributor being a one-off caricature of Glenn McGrath by Dave Kovac which was bought by Chris Pillar for $1600, $4000 in donations on the night by businesses and individuals and $920 from the cricket players of all clubs who competed on the night. The remainder came from canteen and bar sales by the Roxby Rogues Cricket Club and the Roxby Districts Cricket Association.

Across the Region

Upcoming Events and meetings

ABOVE: Olympic Dam’s bowler Jack Dalgleish. LEFT: Roxby Rogue’s batsman Sanjay Sahni about to hit the ball, while Olympic Dam’s wicket keeper Mark Dagleish looks on. BELOW: Roxby Rogue’s batsman Sanjay Sahni. PHOTOS BY DOY VELASCO.

Arts & Culture Forum Thurs Feb 21 @ 7.30pm 38 Pioneer Drive

Community Garden Forum TBC Council Boardroom

Women’s Network Forum Wed Feb 20 @ 8.30am Dunes Café

Environment Forum Thurs Feb 7 @ 7pm Council Boardroom

Roxby Roadsafe Meeting Thurs March 14 @ 5.30pm Council Boardroom

Multicultural Forum Wed, Feb 20 @ 7.30pm Council Boardroom

Multicultural Forum Meeting Wed Feb 20 @ 11.30am Council Boardroom

Sports and Rec Forum Dates to be Confirmed

Parents Groups TODDLERS STORY TIME Tuesday 9.30am Thursday 2pm Fun for young children and mums Meet at the Roxby Downs Leisure Centre MULTICULTURAL GROUP Wed 9.30am to 11am at The Dunes Cafe TOY LIBRARY Auditorium - Tuesday 9am -11am NIPPY GYM Auditorium - Thursday - Two Sessions 9.15am - 10.30am or 10.45am to 12pm

COFFEE MORNINGS Thursday 9.30 - 11am Dunes Cafe PLAYGROUPS St. Barbara’s Parish School Wednesdays 9.30am Phone: 8671 3207 Roxby Downs Kindergarten Friday 1pm - 2.30pm DADS AND KIDS at the Lions Park Sunday Feb 24 @ 9.30am

HEALTH ROXBY DOWNS FAMILY PRACTICE Phone: 8671 3231 ROXBY DOWNS DENTAL Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.30pm Phone (08) 8671 9031 ROXBY DOWNS MEDICAL PRACTICE 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Saturday 2-5 Walk in Clinic. Phone: 8671 1900 VISITING ALLIED HEALTH SERVICE Self Referals Phone - 1300 760 177 Physiotherapist - March 7-8 Speech Pathologist - Feb 22 Occupational Therapist - Feb 22, March 7, 8 and 22 Pharmacist - March 7 and 8

Dietician - March 22 Podiatrist - Feb 22 and March 7-8 Diabetes Educator - Feb 22 Community Mental Health - Feb 22 and March 7-8-22 Child and Adolescent Mental Health March 7-8 Phone 1800 819 089 MOTHER AND INFANT THERAPIST Feb 21-22 and March 7-8-21-22 Phone: 8671 9020 Appt by Doctor Referal Services Mental Health Clinician Feb 20-22 and march 6-8-20-22 Psychiatrist - March dates to be confirmed Paediatrician - March 7

CHURCHES Maverick’s Luke Johnstone (12) runs down the court with the ball.

ABOVE: Everyone wants the ball! BELOW: Maverick’s Dante Newman (7) bringing down the ball for his team.

Roxby Downs Mixed Netball Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Ball Breakers (21) to Jiggy Jig (20) Rockhoppers (32) to Leisure Sun’s (9) Howzat (47) to The Grads (11) TMNT (35) to Low Rangers (18)

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ROXBY DOWNS LUTHERAN CHURCH 10:30am Saturday during school terms Sunday School 9.30am during school terms PH 86710300 New Life CHRISTIAN CHURCH An Assemblies Church meets every Sunday 5:00pm at Roxby Downs Christian Church Cnr of Burgoyne and and Tutop Streets SAINT BARBARAS PARISH CATHOLIC CHURCH St. Barbara’s Catholic Parish Roxby Downs Weekend Masses are held in the Roxby Downs Lutheran Church Saturday 6:00pm, Sunday 8:00am Andamooka Community Church Site 1st and 3rd Sundays 11:00am

St. Michael Catholic Church Woomera 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays 11:30am Contact Fr. John Folkman Phone 86 71 09 25 Mob. 0427 71 75 03 ROXBY DOWNS CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH Roxby Downs Christian Community Church, 2 Tutop St Sunday worship in Summer 9am, Last Sunday in the Month “Messy Church” - creative worship for all ages Saturdays at 4pm - Kids for Christ (Reception to Year 6) Fridays at 7.30pm - Community Youth group: Midweek small groups - contact for information. Contact: Rev Mary Lewis, m.lewis@ 0401 569 224.

UPCOMING EVENTS International Womens Day - Friday, March 8

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 -- Page 15

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OD Cricket Club celebrates 25 years By Millie Thomas fter 319 players, 14 of 24 premierships and winning three of the last four country carnivals, the Olympic Dam Cricket Club will celebrate its 25 year anniversary this weekend.


The celebrations will take place on Saturday, January 23 at the Olympic Dam Football Club with 136 ex-players able to be contacted by phone or email. The night will include dinner and the announcement of a ‘Team of the 25 Years’, which has been picked anonymously by the 40 most experienced cricketers that have represented the club. Club President, Mick Hoffmann, who has been involved with the club for 13 years, said the event will be more of a celebration about past and present players. “There’s been a lot of players go through the town and a lot of them are very passionate about their cricket club,” he said. He anticipated there to be approximately 80 past and present players attending the night. As in true Olympic Dam sporting clubs form, the celebrations will also include a recovery day on Sunday, with all drinks and a barbecue provided. The ODCC was founded in 1988 and is one of two clubs in the Roxby Downs Cricket Association to have competed in every season since inception. Not only did the club win 14 premierships of the 24 completed seasons, but it also boasts a record of nine premierships in a row during the 1990s. All past and present players and members are welcome, bus transport will be available on the night. For more information, contact Mick on 0408 827 296.

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er ~ Roxby Downs

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ting Ànish OD pips Wanderers in nail-bi

mistimed an off drive and tary run and Carroll (4) shade over 4 runs per over was caught by Bradyn McEvoy. the Swaggies needed a several chances as until a strong throw by The fielding side put down Nichols made eleven short of his ground at to win. threw the Botes and Nicholson him Selkirk and Wilson faced 47 runs were in the the pressure mounted while Wanderers By Gerard Secker Price to Arthur found began and the tally standing at 46. attempt to lift the scoring the keeper’s end with added 81 for the fourth as the run chase diving catch bat at everything in an latter fell to a fantastic Wanderers in a nail Woolford and Botes 75 runs book until the Olympic Dam defeated rate. took the score to Downs oval to take out wicket until Woolford great inning of Dunk to by Nichols to be out for 12. bowler and SelWatkins and Brett Thompson biting finish at Roxby Cricket Association came to an end when he edged Luke from 23 balls after Nicholson was the successful the run rate just 135 but 31 runs were needed the 2008-09 Roxby Districts with Smith by joined slip. and Nichols ran at kirk was Ryan Selkirk premiership. after eleven overs. for 25 when he holed Watkins (26) skied Woolford ve runs was the closest with the gloves. Botes followed soon afterbowling of Price with above what was required Wanderers appeared The final margin of fi in the 1988-89 season back for his fifth dismissalout well but Dunk was off the approached Wilson drinks As of Craig to out bowling striking result since cricket began steady the Thompson was run of five straight Grand the scoreline at 5/133. to shut up shop against of Hoffmann and at ever alert Nichols when and ended an agonising and seven overs to go, leg-spin run out for seven by the With five wickets in hand looked possible but Shinnick and the Final losses for the Devils. attempted a cheeky single. 1/65. 180 mark control of the match at The Swaggies looked in a total of 166 to win a score nearing the had other ideas and only 32 the break wereruns were added in seven overs up the batsmen needed 13 runs off the last over Wanderers Only three the Wanderers attack were all 1/62 after 14 overs chasing the as Botes at the souththe Olympic Dam bowling more runs were added and Olympic Dam to the 21 over mark and required run rate had with two wickets in hand but lost momentum as the last over of the of the brakes. Continues Page 19 runper over. ern end prepared to bowl out for 165 after 39 overs.Darren Leonard caught and fielding attack applied ve runs runs off the last over Jason Carroll who had McEvoy brothers dis- climbed to over fi Wanderers needed 13 approach was rewarded the match. Charl Botes held balls to start the over Olympic Dam’s patient by Dunk for 19 and the with He sent down three dot but Olympic Dam speedster Shinnick behind and Seloff the fourth prevailed to win their missed by good keeping from Briggs finished when Smith on 3 edged Nichols off the and Thompson cracked a boundary his nerve and the Devils brilliantly stumped by was a faint chance of victory kirk wickets. side his crown. three Wangive twelfth delivery to until he nicked Wayne Moroney won Hoffmann for 47. Nigel Shinnick made 15 Olympic Dam skipperbat in warm conditons to Briggs bowling of was not to be. in the balance as Arthur Damien Smith through The contest remained the tally to 99 before but it and three off the final delivery the toss and elected to trouble at 2/6 after he derer’s skipper lower order running between the ball dot took Another for Watkins and his side was in early Arthur and Ross Mill and the classical saw Joel Nicholson run out for a and Matt 14 departed to another stumping by gave the jubilant Olympic Dam players cause Tim Arthur on years. wickets mix-up edged Tyson Price to after along wait of six mann.. Hoff off celebration Briggs. duck. Ryan Nichols by shield the “diamond” over was bowled their grip on not out and an 19... Allan Woolford The Devil’s strengthened Mick Hoffmann was three but Olympic Dam for a soli- Continues Page Experienced finals campaigner trapped Briggs in front with Craig Nichols and been wasted came to wicket and along a revival that saw 121 of batting had the John Crane scoreboard and when Woolford had the runs on Charles Botes mounted runs added to the score.

the What’s happening at Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct

roxb yleisu re phone 8671 2001

held at Roxby Leisure Youth Activities being All welcome! Saturday 4th April. more information. Phone 8671 2001 for mins. Rated PG Duration 99

LAST CHANCE HARVEY and everything in between. his first loves, last chances outbackcin ema

this week >

man finds It’s about wedding, a rumpled In London for his daughters his life. Stars Dustin by a new woman in Friday 3 romantic spirit lifted and Kathy Baker. Screens: 7 April @ 7pm. Hoffman, Emma Thompson 4 April @ 3pm, Tuesday April @ 7:30pm, Saturday


Pulse Combat: 6pm Tuesdays Step: 7pm Tuesdays Pulse Pump: 6pm Thursdays Stretch: 7pm Thursdays Spin: 6am Weds & 7pm Mondays


MA Duration 141 mins.

return home is her kidnapped son to the boy A mothers prayer for take long for her to suspect answered, though it doesn’t John Malkovich hers. Stars Angelina Jolie, who comes back is not and Gattlin Griffith. April @ 12noon. @ 7:30pm, Sunday 5 Screens: Saturday 4 April Community Newspaper THE MONITOR – Your

Left: ODCC’s last premiership winning team celebrating in 2009. The Monitor covered the story.

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Finey makes finals at Aussies


By Millie Thomas

oxby Downs boxer Stephen Finey competed in two rounds of the Australian Boxing Championships, before being beaten by the boxer who was later crowned Australian Champion, Sam Banney. The championships were held at the Magic Millions Sales Auditorium in Morphettville from February 10 – 16. Finey, who competed in the 75 kilogram middleweight division, fought on Tuesday and Thursday night, against Tyler Hein and Sam Banney. As previously reported in The Monitor, Finey peaked physically in time to win the South Australian Titles, so he and his coaches decided to use the Australian Titles to further his boxing experience. “We were just hoping to use it as a marking stone,” Finey said. “Obviously we wanted to do well, but how well wasn’t really certain. I was hoping to make the finals.” Finey exceeded his own expectations last week, defeating Queenslander Hein 19-16 in his first fight, only to be beaten by other Queenslander Banney 20 – 9 in his second fight on Thursday night. “It was really good,” Finey said. “The first guy I fought, he was very awkward. I haven’t fought someone like that before and then the guy that beat me, he was just unbelievable. I’ve never had anyone like that, he was just awesome.” Finey said he took a lot away from the competition, in particular, the importance of maintaining a competitive bodyweight for his class. “That was the hardest thing, my bodyweight,” he explained. “I was probably one of the lightest ones in the division, I weighed 72 kilos. “My opponent, Sam, his day weight was about 80 kilos, and he came out 75 kilos flat, so he was a lot bigger.” He also said Banney gauged Finey’s fighting style in his previous fight, and used that knowledge to overcome him. “The way my opponent sort of shut me down and wouldn’t let me fight the way I normally fight…he crowded me; he didn’t give me room to work.” Finey is now looking forward to a break – with his next fight not until April. “Thanks to everyone, and also to my coaches, especially Craig and Ruddy for putting the amount of time in they have. Massive thanks to everyone,” Finey finished.

RIGHT: Local Boxer Stephen Finey.

The Monitor Newspaper for 20th February 2013  
The Monitor Newspaper for 20th February 2013  

The Monitor Newspaper for 20th February 2013