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Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby Downs WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2010 This is the last edition of The Monitor for 2010. The office will be closed from Monday, December 13 until Monday, January 10, 2011 and the first edition for 2011 will be published on Wednesday, January 19. The staff at The Monitor wish all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Santa rides into the Outback


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Experts analyse OD EIS

Christmas Mass times for Saint Barbara’s Parish

Christmas Eve: 7.00 p.m. (Children’s Mass) Christmas Day: 9.00 a.m Woomera: 11.00 a.m. Sunday: 9.00 a.m. Roxby 11.30 a.m. Woomera Father Kevin

Technical experts will spend the next eight we ek s scr utinising more than 15,000 pages of data which address public and government concerns about the expansion of Olympic Dam. Mine owner BHP Billiton recently handed its draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement on the expansion to the state, NT and federal governments. “The handover is a major step towards establishing South Australia’s Olympic Dam as one of the world’s premier mining operations,” a BHP spokeswoman said. “For BHP Billiton, the

Christmas Services at RDCCC cnr. Tutop & Burgoyne Sts

Christmas Eve: 11.00 p.m. Christmas Day: 10.00 a.m.



project has the potential to become the company’s largest single investment within Australia, injecting billions of dollars into the SA economy for decades to come.” Acting Premier Paul Holloway said there was a huge amount of public interest in the development. “There is no project that’s more important for South Australians,” he said. “It is top priority as far as the Government is concerned.” The draft document must undergo an “adequacy test” by the three governments to determine whether it contains sufficient information to enable them to fully assess the project. Its 15,489

pages are BHP’s responses to issues raised by the three governments and in 4189 public submissions about BHP’s initial expansion plan, published in May 2009 and open for comment until August. Only after it passes the adequacy test - expected to be in late January - will the document be made public on the internet, libraries and via select government offices. Once public, the governments will begin to assess the statement. “Each of the three governments can either approve or reject the proposal, or provide an approval with conditions attached,” Mr Holloway said.

“It is anticipated that all governments will be in a position to make their decisions around mid-2011.” The process is not reopened for further public input unless there are significant changes to the original plan. Areas of concern include the desalination plant at Point Lowly, effects on the Great Artesian Basin, waste storage and energy use. BHP Billiton chief executive Marius Kloppers has said he hopes to take a proposal to the company’s board around the end of next year - if all the government approvals have been gained.

An aerial shot of the Olympic Dam site




millions of litres per day

Roxby Downs Water Consumption 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0

Actual Target

Have your say on Andamooka Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 09 10 10 10 10 10 10


hair of the O utback Communities Authority (OCA) Bill McIntosh is encouraging people who live or work in the Outback to have their say about a draft community engagement policy.

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov 10 10 10 10 10

(The target line is the average use over the past 2 years)

All domestic water in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Olympic Dam is supplied from the Great Artesian Basin. The water is desalinated and chlorinated. Use water wisely in an arid climate.

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Releasing ‘Community Engagement – Our Commitment’, Mr McIntosh says it outlines how the OCA is proposing to improve opportunities to involve the Outback community in decision-making. “People who live, work or own property in the Outback hold the greatest stake in our work to support communities to deliver infrastructure and services,” he says.

“Ensuring that people have convenient opportunities to contribute ideas and influence decisions, is going to be vitally important so this is one of the first things we have decided to address. “We know it’s a challenge to engage people in diverse and remote locations but we’re committed to finding ways to make it easier for people to play a part in shaping the future of the Outback.” A letter, as well as a feedback form, copy of the draft policy and a reply paid envelope, was sent to residents and land holders late last month. People in OCA areas can also provide their comments until 31

January 2011 by completing an online version of that feedback form, available on the OCA website at The OCA is also inviting people to register their details so they can keep in touch about issues relevant to them. Registration is online or by using the form provided by mail. The OCA is a statutory authority responsible for local governance in the South Australian Outback, where there are more than 30 Outback communities and numerous grazing and farming properties not serviced by local councils. For a full list of the communities it supports, please visit the OCA website.

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Far North stormed out By Celeste Lustosa


n December 6, 2010 Roxby Downs, Andamooka and Woomera were hit by a wild wind, rain and electrical storm which caused widespread damage to the three towns. With over 32mls of rain and winds recorded at 90km/hour, the residents were left with rubbish spread everywhere, no power for several hours and in some cases at Andamooka several days. There were reports of a lot of property damage, and a big damage bill. Once again, volunteers of the SES (State Emergency Services) and CFS (Country Fire Service) did an outstanding job, on a night that required lots of their skills and strength. In Roxby, the emergency services attended about 22 call outs and in Andamooka there were 13 emergency calls. SES Unit Manager for Andamooka Stephan Bilka said that “at the moment we are collecting water tanks pieces, roof pieces some of which that had invaded the next door properties. We’re looking after some people that were not so fortunate and literally lost some parts of their houses,” said Mr Bilka, who is counting on the assistance of his 18 volunteers. All the material from the damaged properties spread in the streets was collected just in case there were more storms as predicted by the weather bureau. Luckily, no one was seriously injured during the storm although the damages were numerous. Andamooka resident Kymberley Rowett is happy to say that her, her baby and her partner are all ok, even after seeing their roof literally fly off their recently completed lounge room section of their home.

“I was in the laundry room and when I heard the wind I decided to bring the puppy inside and let him in but then the damage began. We lost one of our tanks that flew into one of the cars. I walked through the lounge room holding my baby when the roof came off and one of our fans went through the roof. “Then I just sat in the hall and tried to secure all we could, calmed down a little bit, grabbed some clothes and went to a friend’s house who lives across the road to spend the night,” she said. The next day the family was still trying to clean up the mess and they had no idea of how much the damages were going to cost. “I have no idea how much it will cost us to get it all fixed, but it will sure be a lot. We haven’t lost many appliances though, the damage was mainly structural but our safety is the main thing and we are all ok,” she concluded. Andamooka Progress Opal Miners Association (APOMA) Chairperson Peter Allen said he is hoping to be able to assist families like Kimberly’s. “If it’s an issue with the roof or house structure, the first thing is to contact the Emergency Services. And for the disadvantaged people we will try to put something in place for them. Some of the people might need to be rehoused for a period of time, especially because we are in the middle of summer. “The clean up needs to start even with more predictions of storms because the roads are extremely dangerous at the moment with pieces of roof and metal that can hurt people flying around. I have some funding from OCA to assist with the cleanup, because of the danger of not doing it very quickly,” Mr Allen said. About a dozen houses in Andamooka lost their roofs. Part of the town has no power and the re-es-

Monitor NEWS More storm photos on page 16

Richard Davis and Anthony Alcock were among a busy team of CFS and SES working to clear debris after the storm

tablishment of that could take a couple of days. The damage to the roads was the least of the problems this time for the town and the main thing, according to Mr Allen, is to help those who had their property badly damaged. “The members of the community have been very supportive of each other and people are helping with the cleaning,” he said. The air conditioner at the Community Hall was going to be kept on so the members of the community that are in an area with no power can spend sometime in the cool during the day. Things in Roxby were pretty tough as well, with the rain bringing hundreds of mice to the streets and the power going off right after the rain started at 7:10pm. “The most significant event was a tree down which collected a light pole and blocked off Alberrie St. The road was closed and the clean up left until daylight,” said Roxby SES volunteer Keri Moss. “Thanks to Roxby Downs Council, Stevens Hire and Roxby Pool and Yard for their assistance at the height of the storm, and to the

general public who looked after themselves and their neighbours, only requiring empty sand bags from the SES,” she said. If you think you are at risk from flooding, go to SES station and collect some sandbags to have on standby. Woomera wasn’t imune to storm damages. “Roxby CFS was called to back up Woomera CFS on the night of December 7. They got hit with a storm that ripped trees out of the ground took of the roof on the Eldo Hotel, and the school, said Brett Atkins from Roxby CFS. But according to Trevor Kroemer, from Roxby Council, the lightning and the wind were the main concern. “One of the things that made it hard for the emergency volunteers and Council contractors to work on the night was that many people were out and about driving which made it harder for the fire trucks and emergency vehicles to get everywhere with so many cars around. “We were really pleased with the way SES, CFS and contrac-

tors worked as a team to do the clean up and help people. Some of the contractors in town also helped around town and that was appreciated. People really jumped in to help out,” Mr Kroemer said. “It is hard to put a number on the damage loss because there are many individual losses and things like losing the big trees, which are over 20 years old is impossible to calculate. It will take a little bit longer to finish the clean up,” added Works Manager of Roxby Council Peter Keller. He also said that “there has been a lot of fence damage which cause two major problems – the fences keep the dogs in the houses and without them people will struggle to keep their pets inside, which can end up in many dogs wandering around. Also, many fences are safety fences around pools and we don’t have to say how dangerous an unfenced pool can be. People need to be vigiland,” he concluded.

Roxby youth nominated for Young Achiever Awards


he Roxby Downs Yo u t h H e a l t h Advisory Group (YHAG) was nominated in the 2010/2011 C h a n n e l 9 Yo u n g Achiever Awards. The nomination was made by Dr Andy Killcross in the following categories: RAA Driving Force Leadership Award, Coles Regional Initiative Award, Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award and the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award. The purpose of the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards is to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of young South Australians aged between 14 and 28 years of age. The Awards recognise the achievements of South Australia’s youth in ten categories, which are: Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award; The Coffee Club Arts Award; Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award; Flinders Ports Environment Award; Ru-

ral Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award; The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences Science & Technology Award; Coles Regional Initiative Award; Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award; RAA Driving Force Leadership Award and Harvey Norman Career Achievement Award. Roxby’s Youth & Social Services Coordinator Shane Hough was very happy with the nominations. “Things are just getting better and better in Roxby with the young people here. These nominations

just show how much work they are putting in throughout the year and it is awesome to see that they are getting recognition for it. “FliipSyde has been fully driven by the YHAG and they are truly making an impact in the community. These awards are a pretty big thing and I hope they bring a couple home with them,” he said. Premier of South Australia Mike Rann is patron of the Young Achiever Awards and he stated that “The Young Achiever Awards recognise and reward the enterprise and excellence of South

Australia’s vast array of talented young people.” The final judging will happen in February 2011 and the judges will choose three finalists in each of the ten categories, five of which YHAG is competing in. The awards close at the Gala Presentation Dinner held in Adelaide, on March 26, 2011. One of the ten category winners will also be chosen as the Premier’s/Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year. Fingers crossed Roxby Youth brings even more awards to our community.

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THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

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By Celeste Lustosa

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 – Page 3

Hombsch family says farewell to the outback By Millie Thomas


ue to national m e d i a c o v e rage about Jack Hombsch’s selection into AFL ranks, the name ‘Hombsch’ is associated with football, but for those readers in Roxby, it can be whole lot more. The Hombsch family – Von, Brian, Jack (17), Nick (16), Todd (13) and Meg (11) have lived in Roxby for either their entire lives

or 22 years – whichever comes first. For those living in obscurity, the earlier referral to football and new AFL team Greater Western Sydney is linked to Von and Brian’s eldest son’s recent acceptance of a position with the team. After living in Roxby for 22 years, it is time for the Hombsch family to move on, and Von tells The Monitor of their story. “Brian and I came up here on our own then Jack came along four years later,” she said. “We came from

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Carrieton and we moved here for work. I’m an accountant, so I had just finished Uni. I came up with public accountants visiting Roxby then I transferred to Western Mining as it was back then. Brian came up here when the processing plant was commissioned so he made the transition from a shearer/ council worker to that. “We’ve really enjoyed it up here; I mean we’ve been here 22 years! “We never put a limit on how long we would be here really, not at all,” she said. I don’t know how many people were here when we came up, I’m guessing it was probably about half the size it is now. “You did really know everyone at least by face if not by name. Working out at the mine where everyone worked I think, meant I knew most people too, and since I was involved in payroll as well. So it is a lot bigger now than it was back then. “I took 12 years out of the workforce until Meg was 5 and since then I’ve been working at the school (St Barbara’s), but Brian stayed in the processing plant, he’s still at the Mill / Hydromet area where he started.” Von and Brian’s youngest son Todd was born with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome, also called Trisomy 21, is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, both

Todd, Von and Meg Hombsch have enjoyed their time in Roxby Downs mentally and physically. It affects about 1 in every 800 babies. Von explained there are limited opportunities and facilities for Todd in Roxby. “We’re basically leaving really because Todd, who has Down syndrome, goes into high school and up here in Roxby there’s really nothing for kids like him especially when they leave school,” she said. “There’s no network or pathways through to jobs or anything like that and once you get out of the education system it’s really hard to get support for those sorts of things. “We decided a few years ago

that we would probably leave when he was in high school so that he can go to a school where all those pathways are in place and it will hopefully lead him to a job. “Plus it’s all of the other social benefits that he can get in Adelaide that you just don’t have up here,” Von went on to say that she hoped that following the expansion, the town would help better accommodate for children with disabilities. “It’s hard because I think in the future, if this place gets as big as they say it’s going to get, I think there will have to be some sort of structures put in place

because these kids sort of need something once they leave school. We’re really just looking ahead to try and make the most of the support,” The country atmosphere and convenience are some of the things that Von thinks she will miss most, making the move to the city. “I’ll probably miss the fact that it’s a country town and that everything is so close by,” she said. “The kids can be involved in a lot of things and it’s not a huge commitment in getting them to and from things. “I love the school (St Barbara’s) and the kids

have all really enjoyed their time there. I don’t know, you miss the people up here, the lifestyle – it’s sort of easy going. However, I won’t miss the travel! “I’ve really enjoyed living up here, so there’s been lots of good moments. I enjoyed going to the kid’s sport every weekend and especially when the town was younger - the Christmas shows and the Christmas pageant. “Enjoy your time here; it’s a great place to live. I don’t reckon you really leave the place, the people that matter you’ll catch up with anyway.”

APOMA’s annual meeting By Celeste Lustosa


he Andamooka Progress Opal Miners Association (APOMA) held its annual AGM on December 11 at the Andamooka Community Hall. All members of the community were welcome to attend the meeting and voice their opinion on what the community needs. At the AGM, APOMA aimed to gain provisional approval for the adoption of a community levy as well as to gain approval for the establishment of new office facilities and a youth drop in centre. APOMA’s Chairperson, Peter Allen said at the AGM the members of APOMA were asked to offer broad support to the adoption of a levy to enable the committee to progress the matter. “The Outback Communities Authority will then, on

our advice pursue the matter which will enable full community consultation by them followed by a voting procedure in line with their policy, yet to be established, which will include all residents - not just APOMA members. At the completion of this, the Minister will be advised of the outcome and at his/her discretion enact or not a community levy,” Mr Allen explained. Long term resident of Andamooka Bill Kapaklis said he believes all residents must have the right to vote on AGMs held by APOMA now and not only just members. “If we are paying taxes so OCA can run Andamooka, why would we have to pay APOMA membership to be able to vote on the AGM? I am a pensioner and I don’t have much money,” Mr Kapaklis said. He also said he was an APOMA member before but since he was going to pay taxes for OCA to run the town he stopped his membership.


Plan what to take before a bushfire.

Page 4 – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you plan to leave early one of the first steps to being Bushfire Ready is to put together a relocation kit. As well as personal items, don’t forget to pack precious photos, insurance and bank papers, any medications and first aid kit. For your simple guide to bushfire planning visit

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Youngsters organise their own formal By Celeste Lustosa

Kayley Watkins is 13 and Centaine Casserly is just 15 years old and both have proved they can do anything they put their minds to. What they wanted was a school formal, which wasn’t going to be organised by the school, so not only did they organise it themselves, but they did it for students of both local schools – RDAS and St Barbara’s Parish School, gathering over 100 students for a formal event at the Oasis. “Everyone at school wanted a formal and we knew there wasn’t going to be one this year and we thought we could get everyone together and start planning one ourselves. We started collecting information about venues and what else we needed,” Kayley said. “We wanted to form a committee but it was mainly us two that did everything. We had help on some ideas on what we could do on the day and in selling tickets. “We also thought it would be unfair for students from St Barb’s not to get one if they are year 7 as well,” Centaine added. Kayley made posters on Facebook and sent the information to all her friends. The word was spread on the internet and to their friends at both schools. The success was immense and the night went smoothly. But it wasn’t all easy for the girls and they realised how much work an event takes from the start. “The hardest parts for me were the booking of it and supervisors. Other places were booked out and with only a week to go we made the deal with Oasis. I knew that you had to do tickets and you have to organise the places, but I didn’t know you would have that much stress on your shoulders,” Centaine said. The girls also thought it was hard having to work at school at the same time but they enjoyed the process. “The best thing for me was to see everyone dressing up especially for it, taking pictures, dancing. It was good to see everyone all happy and dressed up, girls with make up and their hair done.

“I think everything went better than we thought it would. We didn’t know if people were going to show or not. But then the feedback was that everyone thought it was amazing,” Kayley told The Monitor. Both Kayley and Centaine wanted to thank all the supervisors (which were mainly teachers) for taking the time to help at the event. Police were also present to make sure all the children got home safely and the girls wanted to thank them for that. “I would like to do it again but not to have as much stress as this time. To put it all together in a week was a lot of work,” Centaine said. Our brave ‘event planners’ realised the ideal is to start at the beginning of the term and to get more people involved in the whole process. Through the ticket selling, the girls were able to book the venue, buy platters of food that were served on the night, buy a thank you gift to every supervisor, and prizes for best dressed boy and girl. At the end of the night, the girls had a $500 insurance bond back plus a $331 profit from tickets selling. “We want to donate all this money to a charity during the Christmas celebrations. We want to donate that to kids who don’t have presents or food during Christmas. Salvation Army is one choice. “We want to do it for Christmas time and in an organisation that help children from all over the world, not just our community,” the girls said. Naomi Watkins, Kayley’s mother said that the feedback from parents was very positive. “It was only the last week before the event that I realised the amount of work these two girls had done. I was a bit worried about the fact they were walking around the streets with lots of money in a pink lunchbox, so I just kept tab of the money and made sure they were getting receipts for everything. All the rest was on them. I think these girls did a really good job,” the proud mum said.

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Kayley Watkins and Centaine Casserly planned their first event and gathered 100 students in a school formal


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To free up broadcast space for exciting new services • It’s costly and inefficient to broadcast both analog and digital signals • Turning off the analog signals will free up space for more wireless services

Want more information?

Contact the Digital Switchover Taskforce: 1800 20 10 13 Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 – Page 5

What you need to know about spiders

Local biologist Travis Gotch pictured with a false Funnel-web spider says Funnel-Webs aren’t found in our region because it is too dry


here are many animals native to Australia as well as a few spiders, snakes and bugs. The majority are not life threatening if you do get bitten but it is a good idea to know a bit about the spiders that you may come across in Roxby Downs and what they are capable of. Spiders are ancient animals with a history going back many millions of years. They have always been with us, an ancient source of fear and fascination. They are abundant and widespread and are natural controllers of insect populations. Wherever you live, you’re always close to a spider. According to South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management (SAAL NRM)

Board Biologist (and resident of Roxby Downs) Travis Gotch, there is a concern that some people in town believe they have seen Funnel-web spiders in Roxby. “We don’t have them in Roxby Downs. They can’t survive the dry here. What we do have are a couple of spiders that are very similar and class related, one of which its common names is the false Funnel-web and many other spiders that get confused with the Funnel-webs,” Mr Gotch said. He said people shouldn’t be worried about spiders; they should be respectful of them all. “All spiders, with the exception of a few, have venom. And they’ve got big fangs, so they going to hurt if they bite you and they are going to inject the venom. It’s not likely that the venom is going to be dangerous, but it’s potential that with any poisons someone could go into Ana-

phylactic shock; this can happen with any sort of insect bite, whether it’s an ant, a bee, or a spider.” The biologist said that for the majority of people, a spider bite is going to be painful and sore but it’s not going to progress much more from there. He also said that if you see a spider in your backyard, try to just leave it alone. “Spiders are doing good things for the environment and probably doing good things to your backyard as well. They will eat cockroaches and other large invertebrates that move around in the area so they are actually doing more benefit than harm in your life. “If they are in an area where there are kids and there are concerns just know they are quite sensitive to disturbance so it’s more likely that they will move away from people. The reality is

Roxby Downs Police ready for moving day By Celeste Lustosa

On Monday, December 13 2010, the Roxby Downs Police Station, located at Richardson Place was decommissioned as a Police Station. Local police moved in to the new Police Station, located at 711 Burgoyne Street, on that date. The project had an estimated cost of $10 million, and the building can accommodate approximately 36 policemen, including a forensic department. The building includes forensic labs and testing areas, cells, a courthouse, numerous offices as well as an administrative area, police training area and secure parking for police patrol vehicles, clients and including disabled parking and access. Candetti, who won

the contract, worked closely with architectural group Greenway Architects, as well as contracting companies from Adelaide and local contractors Integralign and Biancos. During the move there was interrupted service delivery at the front counter during the transfer of technical equipment from one station to the other on that day. Sergeant Stuart Paxton, Officer in Charge at Roxby Downs Police Station spoke to The Monitor about the new station. “The new station brings improved working spaces, safer work areas for staff and the public and extremely modern prisoner management facilities. “Staffing will remain the same for an unknown period of time. However, the building has been established

Page 6 – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

with the future in mind to allow for the addition of Criminal Justice Section, Crime Scene Examination officer and additional Criminal Investigation branch members,” Sgt Paxton stated. He also added that “increases in staffing are di-

rectly linked to Crime Stats within the community that is reported crimes of theft, assaults, break-ins etc. This also will be directly impacted by the expansion timing; with the new building ahead of the expansion it puts Police well ahead of all other agencies in rela-

tion to infrastructure for the expansion.” Police response was available as usual on “000” for an emergency and 131444 for Police Assistance. The Phone number of the new Police Station changed to 8671 4200 for local Administration matters only.

that they are quite harmless but some people don’t like spiders,” Mr Gotch added. He also told The Monitor, “with any spider bite, you must be careful with first aid because the majority of spiders haven’t been studied to see what type of toxin they have. “The only spiders in this area that are truly worthy of being concerned about are Redbacks and there hasn’t been a Redback fatality in a long time. But if you have a weak heart or a small child is bitten, there are definitely some issues there with a Redback bite. But it can be managed at the hospital as well.” If you need to get a spider out of the house, the easiest way is to get a glass on top of it and slide a sheet of paper underneath that and you get the spider trapped and take it outside.


Post Ofce & Motel

Behind the Famous Bottle House

Opal Creek Boulevard, Andamooka & after hours by appointment

Ph: (08) 8672 7007 Fax: (08) 8672 7062 Email:

Kingoonya NRM District Group

Notice of Group Meeting #13 • Woomera • 13th January 2011 For an agenda and inquiries contact the Board on ph: (08) 8648 5977 or the Board’s website.


By Celeste Lustosa

Senior Constable Darren McKenzie shows off the new police station, still under construction

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

The Board that provides a community voice locally

BOARD VACANCIES IN 2011 T he Community Board is seeking nominations from residents interested in joining the Board in 2011. People who are passionate about Roxby Downs and want to become more active in the community are urged to nominate. The Community Board was established in 2005 as an incorporated association. It receives resources from Council to operate but is independent. Up to 11 community members are permitted plus a representative from BHP Billiton and the Coun-

cil’s Administrator. “The Board provides an opportunity for residents to raise suggestions and ideas and voice concerns. With both a BHP Billiton representative and the Council Administrator in the room Board members have a direct link to community decision makers”. Michelle Hales Executive Officer said. “Through our various subcommittees (forums and partnerships) Board members can also get involved in projects and activities in their areas of interest. There are exciting times ahead in terms of the proposed expansion

of the mine and the Board is well placed to have an influencing role in what changes lay ahead for the Roxby Downs community. As an example, the Board prepared an extensive submission for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2009. We are eagerly awaiting news of the outcome of our work” Ms Hales said. In joining the Board, members gain experience in community leadership, running meetings, sharing ideas and looking for solutions and strategies to address issues. “We are looking for people who represent the views of the

broader community and who are open to considering other perspectives. These people need to have the interests of the whole community at heart. We are pleased that most of this year’s Board members have chosen to remain on the Board in 2011. This ensures stability and sustainability.” Ms Hales concluded. Nomination forms can be obtained from Tamara Clarence by emailing: If you would like to find out more about the Board contact Michelle Hales on 0418 833 818.

JOINING FORUMS If you are interested in joining a forum please contact the following people. New members are always welcome.


Michelle Hales 0418 833 818

Merry Christmas!


The Community Board wishes all residents a safe and relaxing Christmas holiday break. The Board also wishes to thank people who have participated in various forum activities, meetings and projects during the year. Your enthusiasm, dedication and energy is truly valued and appreciated by the whole community. Forum Chairpersons in particular are to be congratulated for your leadership, drive and passion. We look forward to working with you all in 2011.


Kaye Doyle 0419 935 316

Cherie Gaskin 8671 2924 HEALTH FORUM

Roxby Downs COMMUNITY PERSON OF THE MONTH The Volunteering Partnership is calling for nominations for Community person of the Month. These new awards will recognise people who have made a signifi cant contribution to the Roxby Downs Community. Nomination forms will be available from the Roxby Downs Council, The Monitor Newspaper and Big Sky Credit Union and must be received by the 15th of every month. For further information and nomination forms contact Michelle Hales (08) 8671 0010 or

Karen Russell 8671 9020


Green tip

The Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. is seeking nominations from people interested in joining the Board in 2011. These positions have become vacant due to the retirement of current Board members. If you are passionate about Roxby Downs and wish to become more actively involved in community life please contact Michelle Hales - Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 to find out more. To request a nomination form and information pack contact Tamara Clarence on 8671 0010 or via email: Nominations close 24 January 2011

Did you know?

Power smart ... cooking •

• •

Electric hot plates retain their heat even after you switch them off, so turn the element off shortly before you finish cooking to make the most of your energy use. Keep preheating times to a minimum. Many appliances in the kitchen are electrically operated. Why not use a normal can opener or pepper grinder instead of an electric one?

An initiative of the Environment Forum




Board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month.

Teresa Baddeley • Darren Smith

For further information, advice or general questions please contact:

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe.

Michelle Davis • George Giakoumis

Michelle Hales, Executive Officer Roxby Downs Community Board Inc. PO Box 85 Roxby Downs SA 5725 Mobile: 0418 833 818

If you would like to make a presentation or raise an issue, please contact the Executive Officer on 0418 833 818 so that you can be included on the agenda. Confidential discussions with the Board can be arranged if required.

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Vicki Mason • Gaylene Crane Jamie Love • Bill Hiscox Liz Rogers • Michael Esposito Bill Boehm • Amanda Hudson


Wednesday, December 15, 2010 – Page 7




WATER AND ELECTRICITY METER READS Meter reads for December quarterly billing will commence on 27th December. Please ensure that gates are unlocked and meters are accessible. Accounts will be issued approximately mid January. DUMP HOURS OVER CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEAR The dump will be closed on Christmas Day during the holiday season. The dump will open as usual from 1pm to 6pm every other day.

ouncil staff would like to wish everyone a relaxing, safe and enjoyable Christmas Holiday break and to thank residents for their contribution to community life during 2010. Particular thanks go to the residents who have made suggestions that have helped Council improve services and facilities and also to



Mobile: 0419 892 870 During this period all Service SA enquiries should be directed to 131 084.

COUNCIL OFFICE Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm weekdays Telephone 8671 0010 • Fax 8671 0452 Email: After hours emergency Mobile 0419 892 870 Web Page 8 – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

munity in 2011 particularly as we prepare for the challenges that lay ahead with the proposed expansion of the mine”. “At this time of the year, with such a transient population, there is much movement which can be a stressful time for those going and those staying. We are welcoming new residents and at the same “We look forward to time saying goodbye to old working with the com- ones. The one constant in

those residents who have alerted Council to potential problems that have required attention. These include lost dogs and stray cats, crows in rubbish bins, power failures and storm water issues to name just a few. Thanks also go to all of Council’s contractors and suppliers.

Roxby Downs is change and this is something we will all need to embrace in the years ahead.” Bill Boehm Council Administrator said. “We also wish to thank all volunteers who have worked tirelessly across the community and who have dedicated their time, skills, enthusiasm and energy to projects, programs and activities in health, events, environment,

The Roxby Roadsafe Committee pleads with all motorists to take care on the roads over the holiday period. In the rush to leave town and get to their destinations people speed, overtake large trucks when it is not safe, travel too close to other vehicles, disobey road signs and the double white lines, travel when they are tired or are distracted by excited children. These factors can all lead to disaster and fatal consequences. Some simple steps are required to ensure a safe journey. These include making sure seatbelts are worn by all passengers and that children are properly secured in approved child restraints. Luggage and equipment needs to be stored safely and securely in the boot. Stop and take a rest every two hours at designated rest areas and if possible swap drivers. Driver Reviver stations will be operating across the state during the holidays. Other strategies include packing the car the night before and getting a good night’s sleep before you leave, avoid leaving straight after work and driving at night. Kangaroos are at their most active at dawn and dusk. Ensure that fresh air is continu-

sport and the arts. Your involvement helps make Roxby Downs the vibrant and interesting place that it is to live and work and contributes to the quality of life that we all enjoy” Mr. Boehm said. Residents are reminded that the Council office will be closed from 12 noon on Friday 24 December 2010 and will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2011.


t’s that time of the year again. School’s out and people are making plans for the Christmas/New Year holiday break. The exodus from Roxby Downs will soon begin.

A er the new year, we will be back as normal on Wednesday 5 January 2011. The post can be a bit slower at Christmas me and all of our documents get posted to Port Augusta for processing, so when thinking about what you need to do before Christmas, please keep this in mind.

The contact number for council related a er-hours emergencies is:

Bill, Michelle, Dani, Tam, Pete, Margie, Graham, Trevor, Damien, Dave, Rob, Naomi, Tanya, Kerin, Maria, Trish, Sarah, Lisa, Marie & Elisabeth.


SERVICE SA As the Council office is closed between Christmas and New Year, please keep in mind that you will not be able to do any Service SA transac ons during this week. So start planning now - what are you doing over the holiday break? Do you need to register that boat or camper trailer? Is your licence due to run out – or expire? Service SA transac ons will be as normal the week before Christmas – 9am to 4.30pm Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 December.

Both the Council Office and Library will be closed from 12noon on Friday 24 December and will reopen for business on Tuesday 4 January 2011.

Seasons Greetings from the Council staff:

Take it easy on the roads this holiday season and take rests every two hours while driving.

ously flowing into the car from outside. Play a wide range of music to avoid monotony during the drive. Last and by no means least do not drink or drug drive. Co-drivers need to take a break from concentrating on the road as well. They can get just as tired from keeping children amused, watching the road for animals and reading a book. The RAA suggests that codrivers try and shut their eyes for 15 minutes or so while they are waiting to drive. According to Roxby

Roadsafe Chairperson Michelle Hales, “it’s frightening to realise that after 17 hours of being awake people suffer the same impairment as those that have been drinking and have registered 0.05. “ “We want everyone to arrive at their destinations safely and to return home in one piece. A road accident has lifelong consequences for the entire family and we don’t want anyone to have to go through that.” Ms Hales said.

Citizen of the year awards Nomina ons for the Australia Day Ci zen of the Year, Young Ci zen of the Year and Community Event of the Year close on 20 December 2010. Nomina on forms are available from the Council office and online from h p:// page215.asp.



Opening hours 8.30 to 5 pm weekdays 9.30 am to 12 noon Saturdays Telephone 8671 0660 • Fax 8671 1418 Email:

Opal Road Landfill Opening hours 1 pm to 6 pm every day Disposal of household rubbish is FREE Levies apply for businesses

Library membership is FREE wide range of resources are available including books, DVDs, magazines and internet facilities

Recycling can be taken either to the Opal Landfill or BSH Waste Solutions on Gosse Street All enquiries: 8671 1154

Opening hours Wednesdays and Thursdays only 9 am to 4.30 pm Council provides Transport Services including: • Vehicle Registration • Boat Registrations • Licensing Transactions • Learner written theory tests (test to begin before 4 pm) All enquiries 131 084


Toddler Story Time 9.30 am Tuesday & Thursday

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Apprentice role models take out award By Millie Thomas

Last Monday night, on November 29 CEG (Career Employment Group) the sole apprentice employer in Roxby Downs held their inaugural awards presentation at the Golf Club. The award night aims to recognise outstanding apprentices and supervisors both in the contracting and BHP Billiton communities and reward them for their efforts. This year, with Blackwoods as a major sponsor, the award recipients were given products equalling a total value of almost 3000. The winners of these widely recognised awards are as follows; Contractor Apprentice of the Year – 1st Year Diesel Mechanic apprentice, Daniel Inglis (Sandvik) Contractor Supervisor of the Year – Peter Dunkley (Monodelphous) BHP apprentice of the Year – 4th Year Electrical Apprentice Joshua Coombes BHP Supervisor of the Year – Brad Winter. The Monitor spoke with Tony

Place from CEG about what makes an Apprentice or Supervisor of the year, and what lead these worthy award recipients to success. “Probably some of the main things we look at are their attitude and motivation, and their safety is also a major consideration,” said Mr Place. “They are a good team person and we combine that with the skill levels that they have actually attained in a certain period. “Blackwoods have been a very valuable sponsor for us for a number of years now, and by the same token, we encourage our apprentices (who get paid a certain amount from the federal government to purchase the tools for their trade) to support the local company, because all of the Blackwoods people live in our community and are part of our community and they sponsor things for the apprentices. “All four of the award recipients are outstanding individuals,” said Mr Place. “They really show the way and are absolutely excellent role models for people in their fields of work, showing how it should be done. Mr Place pointed out that by winning this award, these apprentices have showcased their

Monitor NEWS Peter Dunkley (Monadelphous), Josh Coombes (BHP) Daniel Inglis (Sandvik) and Brett Winter (BHP)

skill and work ethic to the entire Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam community, and that this will be invaluable when it comes time for them to be employed as a tradesman. “Here in Roxby Downs, and any where else for that matter, they have an extremely bright future,” started Mr Place. “Bearing in mind that the major host employers such as BHPB Limited and all of the major contractors are all here tonight - they can now easily recognise that these two apprentices are absolutely top class and extremely employable. “These awards carry a lot of weight, it wouldn’t matter whether they worked in Whyalla, Port Pirie, Adelaide or wherever, it’s a recognition of excellence “Roxby Downs has an extremely good community spirit, which is evident at the awards every year,” said Mr Place. “We have a good roll up of both host employers, all different departments of BHPB and also from all of the major contractors and we also got a good turn out from all of the apprentices a well, so that is indicative of a harmonious working community.”

Training today’s youth for tomorrow’s work force Acknowledge J. Blackwood & Sons and Hitachi Power Tools for their generous sponsorship of the Apprentice and Supervisor of the Year Awards.

Annual Olympic Dam BALL Awards held

The Mine Team with the President’s Cup 2010 awarded for their work on RB17 - Raise Bore Fan Cleaning Project

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam held its annual BALL Awards on Tuesday, December 7 at the Roxby Downs Auditorium. BALL (Be Aware Live Longer) is Olympic Dam’s peer-onpeer safety observation program. It aims to identify and eliminate at risk behaviours and barriers to safe work. Awards were presented to the following; Mine Observer of

the Year - Clint Gow Smith; Surface Observer of the Year - Jake Gallina; Services Observer of the Year - Mark Heatlie (ODT Australis); Olympic Dam Observer of the Year Jake Gallina; Olympic Dam President’s Cup 2010 for the Best Barrier Removal - Mine (RB17 Raise Bore Fan Cleaning project).

CEG 78 Pioneer Drive Roxby Downs SA 5725 Phone (08) 8671 3033 Fax (08) 8671 3066

RoxFM would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who has helped make 2010 a great year at RoxFM and we look forward to what 2011 will bring! RoxFM is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. For more info call RoxFM on 8671 2545 Tune in to 105.5 RoxFM, check us out at or simply pop into the station on Richardson Place to find out why we’re

“LOCAL, LIVE & LOVIN IT” THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 – Page 9

BHP CHRISTMAS SHOW Cody Kenny, Steven Kaminski, Spencer Crafter and Tyson Hornhardt

BHP CHRISTMAS SHOW Sharon and Jason Lowe

BHP CHRISTMAS SHOW Rachel and Matt Richards

Christine Tolson and Vicki and Roger Hamblin



Alex and Emma Lowe and Julia Weltner

Wi Pitau and John Davis


Page 10 – Wednesday, December 15, 2010



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Married at Wallaroo Graham Wood and Belinda Petherick got married on November 20th, 2010 at 2:30pm at OceanView Reserve, North Beach, Wallaroo

Graham’s parents are Rodney and Leanne Wood of Hallett Cove, Adelaide. Belinda’s parents are Neville and Sue Petherick of Roxby Downs. Kathryn Dayman Photography


Alicja Brady held her baby shower at Chives with close family friends. She gave birth to baby Isaac (8lb, 2oz) on Tuesday December 7th. A healthy first baby for her and husband Adrian.




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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 – Page 11

goes on holiday! This year, The Monitor staff are going global with their holiday destinations, and we thought it appropriate to gloat about the wonderful and exciting places we will be visting over Christmas and New Years Eve. Merry Christmas all, happy reading!

o s s o r G Mato il -Braz

Barossa A S , y e l l Va The Barossa has a rich food and wine culture that is reflected in its premium wine production, abundant seasonal produce and specialty food products which include artisan cheese and breads, unique smoked and cured meats. Come visit to experience our great premium wine, fabulous food, heritage architecture and warm, friendly community. Enjoy a wealth of diverse activities including festivals, special events, the arts, bushwalking, golf, cycling

A W , h t r Pe Rottnest Island

Famous for its laid back atmosphere and beautiful beaches, Rottnest Island lies just 18 kilometres offshore from Perth surrounded by the sparkling Indian Ocean. This is where the

and shopping amid a stunning Australian landscape of rolling hills, manicured vineyards and closely linked towns and villages. The Barossa is the only Australian destination to be listed on the New York Times list of ‘53 places To Go To in 2008’, and in October 2008 was listed as one of the world‘s top 10 wine destinations by the world ‘s largest online travel community, TripAdvisor, alongside Bordeaux and Tuscany.

locals go to swim, surf, snorkel, fish and relax. Surrounded by coral reefs and shipwrecks, the diving and snorkelling is out-of-this-world. Rotto is a car-free zone and hiring a bicycle is the best way to get around. There’s also the local Bayseeker bus that regularly runs around the island and can drop you at some of the more secluded beaches and surf breaks. There are 63 bays to choose from, meaning you can often find a stretch of sand all to yourself. Get to Rottnest on a 40 minute boat ride from Fremantle, Perth or Hillary’s Marina.

Alliance Airlines Timetable FLIGHT NO

QF2600 QF2601 QF2604 QF2605 QF2606 QF2607 QF2608 QF2609 QF2611 QF2614 QF2615 QF2616 QF2617 QF2616 QF2617



Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam

Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide Olympic Dam Adelaide

Page 12 – Wednesday, December 12, 2010

T T . . T T . . . T T . . . .

W W W W . . W W . W W . . . .

. . T T T . . . T T T T T . .

. . F F . . . . . F F . . F F

. . . . S S . . . . . . . . .

Chapada The Chapada Diamantina National Park is a 1,520 km² national park in the Chapada Diamantina region of Bahia state in the Northeast of Brazil. The park is located between 41º35’-41º15’W and 12º25’-13º20’S;

approximately 400 kilometres inland from Salvador, the capital city of Bahia. Chapada is a Brazilian word that means a region of steep cliffs, usually at the edge of a plateau. Diamantina refers to the diamonds found there in the mid-19th century. The park was created in the 1980s in response to growing ecotourism. The region is semi-arid, however it has no shortage of water, from the many rivers and streams. On average, the altitude of the park is between 800 and 1000 metres above sea level, although parts are as high as 2000 metres above. In this place is the highest point of state in Pico do Barbado with 2,036 metres. The park is typified by hills, mountains, valleys and monoliths, with few plains. Weekly flights by TRIP Linhas Aéreas links the gateway of Chapada Diamantina with Salvador, the capital of the state. There are buses leaving the Salvador Bus Station daily. Several of these rivers run red due to tannin in the water. Both gold and diamonds have been found there.

Effective 1st December 2010


. . M M . . M M . M M . . . .

Pantanal The Pantanal is a tropical wetland and the world’s largest wetland of any kind. It lies mostly within the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul but extends into Mato Grosso as well as into portions of Bolivia and Paraguay, sprawling over an area estimated at between 140,000 square kilometres and 195,000 square kilometres. Various sub-regional ecosystems exist, each with distinct hydrological, geological and ecological characteristics; up to twelve of them have been defined. 80% of the Pantanal floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons, nurturing an astonishing biologically diverse collection of aquatic plants and helping support a dense array of animal species.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . S S



5:50 8:00 6:30 8:30 7:00 9:00 10:30 12:30 12:15 15:00 17:00 15:30 17:30 16:00 18:00

7:20 9:30 8:00 10:00 8:30 10:30 12:00 14:00 13:45 16:30 18:30 17:00 19:00 17:30 19:30

Proudly supporting

ROXBY TRAVEL Tel: 08 8671 2222 THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper





GERRY’S DUBLIN MEATS Top quality, grain fed meat at affordable prices!! Great value, mix and match meat packs. PH: 8529 2229

CARRIETON Rodeo photo competition. Win $200 plus by taking a snapshot at the Rodeo on Dec 27. Entries close February 15, 2011.

ANNUAL AGM for the Roxby Downs Community Club to be held on Wednesday the 2nd of February 2011 at the Club Garden Bar at 6pm.



WASTE SERVICES BSH currently has a full time position available for a junior delivery driver. This role will include training in freight handling and recycling. The successful applicant must be: motivated, keen to learn, reliable, hardworking, a team player and well presented. The successful applicant will have a current driver’s licence, “P” plates or higher, and a good driving record. If you believe you are the right person for the job, please forward your resume to: Hand deliver or post to: BSH Waste Solutions 10-12 Gosse Street Roxby Downs SA 5725

HSSE Quality & Risk Advisor


• Fantastic career development opportunity • Based in Roxby Downs with Relocation Allowance provided • Work for a recognised name in Facilities Management The Opportunity Our client is a market leader, their head office is based in Melbourne and they operate globally. Their reputation has been built through the provision of specialist expertise, industry best practice and their commitment to a target of Zero Harm in Safety. They are currently experiencing incredible growth so an opportunity now exists for an experienced Safety Coordinator to join their team in Roxby Downs, South Australia. The Role This is a multi function role providing HSSE support to Management and employees. HSSE services are managed in line with corporate operations policies while ensuring client obligations and statutory requirements are also being met. This diverse role will include responsibility for continuously improving the existing HSSE systems and programs, contractor management, training and mentoring of employees and line management and continuous development of the safety culture. To be successful you will bring: • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage, influence and drive safety performance • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing and maintaining safety manage ment systems to client requirements • Relevant industry experience – mining/trades experience an advantage • Confidence to work autonomously • Appropriate tertiary qualifications in OH&S

Email to:

Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs

GOODS RECEIVALS/CUSTOMER SERVICE Looking for a change? This is a great opportunity to take on a new challenge with Mitre10 as Goods Receivals Officer/Customer Service. If you are passionate about your job and possess a positive and enthusiastic attitude, we are waiting to hear from you. •

You must be prepared to take responsibility to meet timelines and expectations

You will need to be efficient and exact with your work as you will be responsible for the receiving of incoming freight

You will need to have a high level of communication skills to liaise with staff, suppliers, freight companies and customers

You will work in a team environment with training and support provided

You must be able to work unsupervised

Basic computer skills are required

Fork lift license is not necessarily required

You must be reliable, punctual and physically fit

Some weekend roster hours may be required

Please email your application to or post to:

The Rewards This is a fantastic opportunity to work with an industry leader and gain exposure to a diverse and exciting range of responsibilities.

The Manager Roxby Traders Mitre10 Arcoona Street, Roxby Downs SA 5725

Initial enquiries are welcome to Aaron Neilson on 03 9663 5513 quoting Reference No.SS1828. Alternatively, to apply online please visit or email supply your CV in Word format.

Applications close 30/12/2010


Woomera & Districts Football League Inc. Tender Opportunities

Tenders for the bar/gate taker and the canteen for the 2011 football season are now open. Interested parties should contact The Secretary at; woomeradistrictsfl@ or PO Box 330 Roxby Downs 5725 or email Tenders in by 31st December 2010

New Year’s Eve Party!! NOISY NEIGHBOURS Playing at the Andamooka Community Hall on New Year’s Eve. Band starts at 9.30pm tickets available from Mensland, Desert Edge, Desert Decor and Andamooka Post Office $20. At the door $25 free bus provided from Roxby Downs will leave Roxby (Lions Park) around 8.30pm and return around 1am Alcohol sales no BYO Major fundraiser for Andamooka Opal Girl Guides proudly sponsored by Greyhound Coaches, Andamooka Waste Management, Karpet Karer & KMJ Water Distribution All enquires phone Kristi 0427 072 710


The Council is seeking the services of an enthusiastic person with appropriate skills to perform the duties of Library Assistant. This is a part time position of 28 hours per week. This is an excellent opportunity to launch a career in libraries and become part of a dynamic work team with a focus on providing a high quality library service to the community and the Roxby Downs Area School. Ideally you will need to have excellent customer service, communication and computing skills. Library experience or qualification and knowledge of library services whilst not essential will be well regarded. Key areas of responsibility will include circulation desk duties such as issues, returns, customer enquiries, processing resources, shelving and general administration. Interested persons should obtain a copy of the position specification from the Council offices. Written applications addressed to the Administrator must be submitted by the closing date and consist of a formal application letter and a Resume. Applications may be sent by: Post to the Roxby Downs Council Office, PO Box 124 Richardson Place, Roxby Downs SA 5725 or Email: Further enquiries may be directed to Marie Trezise, Community Library Manager on 8671 0660. Applications close 12 noon Monday 10 January 2011. Bill Boehm Administrator

The Monitor Newspaper office will be closed until Monday, January 10, 2011. To place an advertisement for the edition of January 19, phone 86712683

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REGIONAL ADMINISTRATOR (OLYMPIC DAM) The Boart Longyear Group has been a leading provider of drilling services and products to the global minerals industry for over 120 years. Our Minerals Exploration drilling services business unit in South Australia operates a range of diamond drilling and reverse circulation drill fleets for clients. What sets us apart is the value we place on our drilling teams and support staff. If you join us you'll find that we truly appreciate the hard work you put in and we reward you accordingly. With an industry leading safety program, and the opportunity to develop within your field, this adds up to a great work experience. Presently we are seeking a Regional Administrator experienced in a wide range of office and accounting administration, to join our team at Olympic Dam SA. Providing support to key business stakeholders and clients, this role is responsible for administration of all Boart Longyear requirements at the Olympic Dam site. Your key duties will include co-ordination of associated documentation and travel required for site entry with clients, management of daily drill reports in respect to Payroll, ensuring timely document matching, allocation and processing of supplier invoices, as well as the day-to-day running of a dynamic and active office. Essential to your success for this role will be your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work with a high volume of data and your experience in office administration within a commercial environment. Advanced skills in Microsoft Office software will be an advantage, as well as exposure to MRP systems such as Oracle.

Interested? To apply for this role please go to the Boart Longyear website (Job ID 1714BR).


Community Library Assistant (Part Time)

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Historic society coming to Roxby





Bee Calm

Emma Offler Remedial Massage Therapist 0422 333 143

Dr Munib Waters Consults at 97 Pioneer Drive, Roxby Downs Tuesday 21st December PM and Wednesday 22nd December AM Tuesday 4th January PM and Wednesday 5th January AM Times to accommodate shift workers Instant health fund rebates - Manual adjusting & Activator techniques 24/7 Booking & enquiry service PHONE 8645 0880

Pt Pirie & Adelaide Depots

Antique & Household Removals Local, Interstate Phone: & Country Storage


0427 716 173

Roxby Downs • Pt Augusta • Pt Pirie

telephone 08

PGE 198058

8671 1353

facsimile 08



Roof Mount screens camera systems parking sensors roof racks 4x4 accessories

Contact Leah 08 8671 1339




UND • •


Specialising in the installation of automotive electronics and 4x4 accesories, full manufacturers warranty on all components, top name brands available, and a mobile service - we come to you!

8671 2229

PO Box 275 - Roxby Downs - South Australia 5725


Delivery Specialists

Massage: łRemedial ł Deep Tissue ł Sports ł Swedish ł Corporate ł Trigger Point Therapy Balms: ł Massage Balms ł Scented Candles ł Solid Perfumes ł Cold & Flu Rub

Jumping Castle Hire Birthday Cakes Themed Party Supplies & Setup For enquiries or a quote, contact:

Annarien Robbertse 0433 436 086 For a hassle free party with a budget to suit your pocket!


By Millie Thomas

here has been a lot of stigma surrounding the Freemason Society for a number of years – with no one really knowing what the supposed ‘secret society’ gets up to. It is widely known, that when an individual knows little about an object or group, they quickly become suspicious or cynical. However, Ray Nicholson, Director of Community Relations for the Freemasonry Society of South Australia and Northern Territory has quashed that suspicion in the wake of the Roxby Downs district’s own Freemasonry Society, Aurora Australis. Mr Nicholson told The Monitor a little about the history of the Freemason and what Roxby can expect. “Freemasonry spread globally through the military and exploration in the 1700/1800’s,” stated Mr Nicholson. “In 1802 Masonic meetings were first held on board the ships HMS “Glatton” and HMS “Buffalo” in Sydney Harbour. “On 22 October 1834, two years before the establishment of the Colony of South Australia, the South Australian Lodge of Friendship No. 613 was formed in London. In 1836 the Lodge Warrant or Charter was brought to South Australia by Bro. GS Kingston, on HMS Buffalo. “The earliest origins of the Freemasons are not entirely clear but according to the legends contained

in the rituals of Freemasonry, the fraternity dates back to the construction of the Temple of King Solomon dedicated in 953 BC. “The Freemasons adopted the Temple of Solomon for its symbol, because it was the most stable regime and the building was the most magnificent structure that existed. This led onto the stone-masons and architects of the Middle Ages, builders of the great cathedrals of England and Europe. “As their numbers and status grew, ‘modern’ Freemasonry was established in 1717 when Lodges began accepting honorary members who were not actually stone workers.” Over the many years since 1989 (when the charitable arm of the Society was formed), the Freemason Society has been a major fundraiser for numerous causes and catastrophes. These include a national Tsunami appeal in 2005, of which Freemasons Australia and New Zealandwide raised $450,000 to go towards building an orphanage for those left without parents and $100,000 towards the Lower Eyre Peninsula Bush Fire Appeal in 2005, amongst many others. So what can the Freemasons Society bring to Roxby Downs? “With outside support, a vital Lodge can be established, with the community links and a progressive organisation,” said Mr Nicholson. “The Freemasons decided to bring a Lodge to Roxby for a number of reasons including that personal contacts indicated a ‘need’, a desire to be involved with ‘active’ communities and research indicated that both locally and regionally there was a genuine interest. “Freemasons are deeply involved in helping other people. Their Lodge meetings share each other’s company and follow their pursuit of a better way of life.”

CFIT CFIT Company Profile of the Month Ron Gee Enterprises

Company Description Ron Gee Enterprises are specialists in the manufacture and installation of fibreglass reinforced plastic products including: • Corrosion Resistant Tanks and Vessels. • G a s S c r ubbing and Cleaning Equipment • Industrial Process Piping and Ducting Systems • Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant Linings

R G E h av e a l m o s t 4 0 years of experience as a major provider of Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance services to the Chemical Processing, Water, Waste Water, Mining and Aquaculture industries, Australia wide and overseas.

of the plant.The site crew also assists with installation of Fibreglass structures that are manufactured off site. When did you join CFIT? RGE joined CFIT in 2007 and have been an active participant since then.

What are the main benefits Activity (Services) At Olympic Dam RGE of being a CFIT member? provide Fibreglass maintenance Being part of the CFIT services to BHPB in all areas group allows companies that

have a small presence at the Olympic Dam site to have a forum to discuss issues with other Contractors and find out how other Contractors have handled such issues. The de velopment and support through the Safety Management framework is invaluable, and enables smaller companies to establish procedures and systems in line with BHPB requirements.

Has CFIT helped to improve your safety standards? CFIT has helped to improve safety standards by providing sound guidelines and standards to work to. It has also helped by enabling clarity regarding BHPB requirements. The safety framework has provided a plan by which we are able to work steadily to improve safety procedures.

company contribution to CFIT? Whilst it is difficult for a small company to allocate time to supporting CFIT committees, RGE have been keen to enthusiastically comply with CFIT initiatives. RGE have been diligent on supporting the CFIT organization by diligently attending meetings and actively complying with CFIT What has been your main KPI and KRA requirements.

Proud CFIT Member Supporting safety at Work, Home and Play Electrical – Instrumentation – Labour Hire We lead the way | We do what’s right | We take responsibility | We care for each other

Page 14 – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The RGE site crew

THE MONITOR – Your Community Newspaper


Monitor SPORT

Solid Digs!

Netball committee elected for 2011 R

Finals delayed due to storm The Grand finals of the Volleyball season were delayed for a week following the wild storm which brought down trees and cut power to the town on Monday, December 6. TOP LEFT: Erica Whitton dug the ball out from very low down as team mate Bec Hicks looks on. ABOVE: Shona Witana sends the ball back over the net while Emmie Mitchell prepares to assist.

ecently a new committee has been Jane Rogers, Megan Crawford, Tasha Bedding formed for the Roxby Downs Netball and Elna Edwards. Association. President Tony Weir said how important

After two AGM’s and some heavy advertising, finally a group of dedicated people raised their hands. With a slightly different approach this year, an executive committee, consisting of four people and two subcommittees, one junior and one senior the association is set to go forward into an exciting new era. The executive committee is headed by Tony Weir (President), Jodie Brind (Vice President), Tracey McKay (Secretary) and Kate Weir (Treasurer). This group of people will be supported by key people from the Senior and Junior Sub Committees, namely, Andrea Freeth, Kara Edmonds, Louise Reid, Rachel Young,

it was to get people involved, so the children of Roxby Downs get the same opportunities as their city counterparts. The 2011 season presents new challenges, once again getting coaches, umpires and this season an early registration day for both juniors and seniors. All the above will be advertised in early February next year. While the new executive committee is not overly experienced they can look forward to years of Roxby knowledge from the likes of Andrea, Jane and Louise, all of whom have had various roles within the association over many years.

Dear Roxby Leisure Patrons, On behalf of The Roxby Leisure Centre we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Over the 2010/2011 festive period The Roxby Leisure Centre will be reducing operating hours as per the following Pool and Customer Service 24/12/2010; 10am till 5pm 25/12/2010; Closed 26/12/2010 till 28/12/2010; 12pm till 5pm 29/12/2010 till 31/12/2010; 10pm till 8pm 01/01/2011 till 03/01/2011; 12pm till 5pm 04/01/2011; Resume normal trading hours Please note there is no 6am till 10am lap swimming from 25/12/2010 till 09/01/2011 Pulse Fitness 24/12/2010; 6am till 12pm & 2pm till 5pm 25/12/2010 till 01/01/2011; Closed 02/01/2011 till 03/01/2011; Open 12-5pm 04/01/2011; Resume normal trading hours Sports Centre 25/12/2010 till 09/01/2011; Closed 10/01/2011; resume normal trading hours Youth Centre 24/12/2010 till 09/01/2011; Closed 10/01/2011; resume normal trading hours

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Visitor Information Centre 20/12/2010 till 24/12/2010; 10am - 2pm 25/12/2010 till 03/01/2011; Closed 04/01/2011 till 9/01/2011; Open 10am-2pm 10/01/2011; resume normal trading hours Dunes Cafe 20/12/2010 till 24/12/2010; 10am till 2pm Cake & coffee only 25/12/2010 till 03/01/2011; Closed 04/01/2011 till 9/01/2011; 10am till 2pm Cake & coffee only 10/01/2011; resume normal trading hours Kids Club 25/12/2010 till 04/01/2011; Closed 05/01/2011; resume normal trading hours Outback Cinema 24/12/2010 till 09/01/2011; Closed 10/01/2011; resume normal trading hours as scheduled

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Wild weather sweeps in

TOP LEFT: A fallen tree blocks a driveway in Blanche Court. TOP RIGHT: Andamooka’s power went out as a result of the storm damaging the power lines. MIDDLE: The roof was torn off this property in Andamooka. ABOVE MIDDLE RIGHT: Jeremy Ducorne and Zachary Alpin make the most of the water in Andamooka. BOTTOM LEFT: A tree was uprooted outside the Youth Centre. MIDDLE LEFT: Kimberley Rowe assesses the damage to her loung room roof in Andamooka.

What’s happening at the Roxby Downs Cultural & Leisure Precinct



outbackcinema outback


roxbyleisure phone 8671 2001

POOL Xmas Eve > 10am-5pm Xmas Day > Closed 26th-28th > 12-5pm 29th-31st > 10am-8pm 1st-3rd > 12-5pm Resume Normal Trading hours 4th Jan No 6am lap swimming from 25th Dec- 9th Jan


this week >

GYM Xmas Eve > 6-12 & 2-5pm 25th-1st > closed 2nd-3rd > 12-5pm

CAFÉ 20th-24th > 10am – 2pm coffee & cake only 25th-3rd > closed 4th-9th > 10am-2pm coffee & cake only

Resume Normal Trading hours 4th Jan

Resume Normal Trading hours 10th Jan

Merry Christ mas & a Happy New Year!

DUE DATE Rated MA Duration 95 mins.

HARRY POTTER 7 PART 1 Rated M Duration 146 mins.

High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child’s birth on time. Stars Roberts Downey Jr, Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx. Screens: Friday 17th December @ 7.30pm, Saturday 18th December @ 7.30pm, Sunday 19th December @ 3.30pm, Tuesday 21st December @ 12noon & 7pm, Wednesday 22nd December @ 10am.

Harry is in a race against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the three most powerful objects in the wizard world: the Deathly Hallows. Stars Bill Nighy, Emma Watson, Richard Driffiths, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. Screens: Friday 17th December @ 3.30pm, Saturday 18th December @ 12noon & 3.30pm, Sunday 19th December @ 12noon, Tuesday 21st December @ 3.30pm.

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The Monitor Newspaper for 15th December 2010  

The Monitor Newspaper for 15th December 2010

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